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 Veny's Angel BY: Lois Lane

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PostSubject: Veny's Angel BY: Lois Lane   Tue Mar 24, 2009 12:45 pm

Veny’s Angel
Copyright Lois Terrans Bradbury

Edit: Eternita Library wants to thank Lois and Veny for permission to post this story on this site ........
It is a beautiful LOVE STORY and I know all who read it will enjoy it.......

Veny’s Angel
Written by Lois Terrans Bradbury
Copyright 17/01/2009

The sting that cut across her face as his hand connected with her cheek was the last straw.
No more excuses, no more giving him a second chance. The last ounce of love that she had left for him evaporated as he swung to hit her again.
Cornered, her options were limited and the force of his second hit was much more powerful than the first. So much so that it swung her around and she had to hold onto the edge of the kitchen sink to stop herself from falling. Through the tears of pain and anger she saw it, sitting in the sink. Wrapping her hands around the handle she pulled the frying pan up as she swung back around to face him. The malevolent, smug look on his face soon disappeared as the pan connected with the side of his head and he fell to the floor unconscious.
For a few moments Veny stood looking down at him, trembling, wondering just how much damage she had caused him. Had she killed him? Wanting to get closer but afraid he may just be playing possum she pushed him with her foot, nothing. Gaining courage she bent lower and it was then that she could see that he was breathing. Satisfied she dropped the frying pan next to him. Stepped over him and never looked back.

Veny took a look at herself in the hallway mirror near the front door. Her eyes were swollen and she knew from past experience that she would need to wear sun glasses for a long time while she waited for the bruising to disappear. She watched her image darken as she put her sun glasses on and adjusted the bag she had slung over her shoulder; it was only when she stepped over the threshold and onto the street that she let the tears fall.
She was still crying when she knocked on the door to her friend’s apartment. She waited for Terry to open the door knowing exactly what would happen, it was not the first time she had turned up after he had hit her, however in her heart she knew this time was different….she would not be going back.

Terry did open the door but the smile left her face as soon as she saw Veny. “**** Veny when the hell are you going to leave that creep.!!!!”
Veny just let herself be dragged into the apartment and into Terry’s arms for a hug. “I swear someone needs to cut his nuts off and feed em to him until he chokes.”
Terry’s words brought a slight smile to Veny’s face. Terry had never liked him from the very start, had told Veny in her usual blunt way and told him as well. It would be Terry and his first, last and only meeting.
Terry held Veny at arms length, and then took off her glasses. “Oh baby, why do you let him do this to you?”
In a weak voice Veny replied. “Not any more. Can I stay for a while until I find a place of my own?”
“Sure you can.” Terry’s expression changed. “Damn….. I have a friend coming to stay. I’ve got the room but HE will be here tonight. Are you going to be okay with that? I mean you’ll have your own rooms but …”
Veny touched Terry’s hand softly. “Yeah, he’s not the one who did this and besides I figure if you are letting him stay he can’t be all that bad.”
“Got that right… So do I need to make some calls and sort out that miscreant that called himself your boyfriend?”
“No, I think I gave him a headache.”
Terry looked at her friend puzzled.
“I hit him with a frying pan. Left him passed out on the kitchen floor.”
Terry was quiet for a few seconds then pulled Veny back into a hug. “Brilliant just brilliant.” She pushed her back a little so she had her at arms length again. “Now, do you want a cup of tea, or a stiff drink?”
Veny wiped the moistness from her cheeks. “Would you mind if I had a shower. I feel like I need to wash him off me.”
A very dark shadow crossed Terry’s face; the anger was evident in her voice. “He didn’t….”
Veny shook her head. “No Nooooo.. I just need to feel clean, rid of him.”
Terry smiled. “You do that. I’ll stick your stuff in your room.”

Terry watched Veny walk down the hall and into the bathroom before she did the same to put her bag in the bedroom. Just as she was about to step out of the lounge room she turned her head slightly sure that she had heard something behind her. But when she looked there was nothing, the room was empty. Terry closed her eyes and listened intently, taking a deep breath, there was that smell, a sweet yet not so sweet smell that brought a smile to her face. Terry came to her senses, shaking her head. “Jeez… Get a grip kiddo. It’s just Veny’s perfume. The same one she has been using for years.”

Standing in the corner of the room next to the front door, sensed by Terry but unseen was not one but two angels. Much the same way that Veny had wiped the tears from her own face one was doing the same. His partner standing with a comforting hand on his shoulder as they both watched her walk down the hall. “See, Gavreel my friend she is safe at last.”
“But he hurt her so much this time Tabris. I should have been there. I was not there to protect her like I promised. I know I cannot stop all the damage but at least I can shelter her, protect her from some of the blows he inflicts on her.”
“I know you cannot see it now Gavreel but there is a positive to all this. She is leaving him and you did get to her in time to suggest she picked up the frying pan and not the knife. This could have been so much worse for her if she had killed him.”
“Tabris I have to let her know I am still here for her. Let her know it was not my idea to leave her. I promised to look after her until she found true happiness and I have let her down. I have to make her feel better. ”
Tabris’ wings ruffled just a little as they both watched Terry go into the kitchen and put the kettle on and he gave his friend a stern look. “Do not do it. You know this is forbidden, you cannot make contact.”
Gavreel turned; looking Tabris squarely in the eyes, his resolve set and Tabris shuddered as he saw the tears escape down his friends face understanding that nothing he could say would deter him from actions that could have extreme consequences. “If you do this, I…None of us can help you. You understand this Gavreel? Do you really understand what could happen to you?”
Gavreel took a deep breath, stood to his full angelic height, pushed his shoulders back unfolded his wings to their full length seeming to take up most of the room. “I do my friend and if I can give her the happiness she deserves…. she needs, for but a moment it would be worth an eternity of exile.” A small shadow washed over his face. “Can you not hear her cries Tabris? Tonight tears carve unseen scars down her face but she has been silently crying for so many years her heart is all but consumed by the scars left by hurt and pain.”
“I understand Gavreel but they are human, they are very strong we know this. You know this. I think you are too sensitive when it comes to your charges Gavreel. This has been your undoing in the past and I fear that Veny will be a danger to you.”
It was time for Gavreel to place a reassuring hand on Tabris’ shoulder as he smiled at his friend. “Not a danger Tabris, a passion. What ever she needs, who ever she needs me to be I shall be that for her. I love her.”
Tabris could only watch in silence as Gavreel shimmered his wings and disappeared. “She needs you to be her angel Gavreel remember that.”
Tabris checked on Terry watching her make tea. Next he went to see how Veny was doing.

She stood in the bathroom looking at herself through the steamed up mirror, eyes still red, puffy and blood shot from the crying, swollen and dark from the abuse that had been inflicted on her. While he looked on her in that instant Tabris understood why his friend was willing to risk his own existence for his charge. She was breathtaking, a gentle beautiful soul that should to be held in your hand, caressed, encircled with your love. Tabris ruffled his feathers to shake the feeling from him. He was startled to hear Veny Speak.
“Is that you my sweet G Man. Come to make sure that I am alright?”
Tabris was stunned. Veny was looking through the mirror but if he had been visible to her she would have been looking straight into his eyes. Yes, he understood that humans had a connection with his kind, they always had and each angel could hear his own charge as they called for help or guidance, knew their thoughts, their dreams. He understood that many felt their Guardian angles presence and a few were so sensitive that they felt much more. He was not surprised that Veny had used her name for Gavreel. Many an angel had told their charges what to call them. Some of the outcomes had been amusing. His own charge for example called him Tabby or Tabby cat. Angels could guide, place thoughts but it was up to their charges to take hold of those thoughts and Veny’s thoughts had led her to calling her angel G Man.
Veny was still talking. “He hurt me really bad this time G Man, I am sorry if he hurt you so much as well.”
Tabris was overcome; she was more worried about Gavreel than herself. Against his better judgment he stepped closer, ran his hand gentle across her shoulders. “He is well little one.”
Veny sighed, closing her eyes. “Stay with me G Man.”
What she said made Tabris step back and then leave the room. “That is what I am afraid of little one. You have cast your spell.”

There was a gentle knock on the bathroom door. “You okay Veny? I made some tea.”
“I’ll be out in a minute.”
As she walked back down the hall Terry muttered to herself. “Tabby cat you think you could pop over to Veny’s place and teach that scum bag, low life, good for nothing son of …..”
Tabris shouted at her. “Terry your language!!!!”
Terry kept talking but did not continue to swear. “Well you get the idea Tabby. I can survive a little while without you.”
Tabris disappeared and Terry once again looked around thinking she had heard something.

Veny and Terry sat on the sofa for sometime talking about many other things when Veny broached the subject of the other house guest who had yet to arrive. “It’s okay Terry, if I really feel I cannot stay I’ll go to a hotel.”
“You will do no such thing, he can, he’s used to it. It’s just that when he is in town we like to catch up and he spends so much time in hotels it makes a nice change for him.”
Veny saw the look on Terry’s face. “And for you as well right?”
Terry blushed. “What can I say. If I could just get him to stay in one place long enough we could be more than ships that pass in the night.”
“Have you never thought of going with him? I mean if he is on the road so much…”
Terry laughed. “Be a kept woman…Yeah I can just see that. Besides I think he likes things the way they are.”
Not wanting to push the issue Veny asked a general question. “So what does he do?”
“Do…mmmm he is a technician in the music industry. Travels with groups setting up venues, that sort of thing. Calls himself a well paid roadie.”
“And he is in town with some group.”
Terry put up her hand. “Before you ask me who…. I have no idea.”
As if on cue Terry’s mobile phone chimed in her pocket, looking at the number she frowned a little. “Its work.” She got up, walking into the kitchen to take the call. When she return Veny could see the frown had grown. “ ****…. First day I have had off in twelve……..” She didn’t finish the rest of her statement. “Sorry Veny. I have to go into work for a bit. You be okay?”
“Sure. I’ll just get on your email and invite all your friends over for a party while you are gone.”
Both women laughed but as soon as Terry left Veny felt a little awkward, lonely, so she did fire up the computer but not to wreak havoc on Terry’s email just to troll through some of her favourite websites. Not something she got to so a lot of these days. It was nice just to be able to go and explore without looking over her shoulder or being s****ed at. Her travels were interrupted by the sound of the door bell.
Opening the door the first words out of her mouth made him smile. “Holy heaven you are a tall one. Terry never mentioned that about you.”
His smile disappeared, replaced by confusion all of which was noticed by Veny. “I’m sorry, that was rude of me. You just startled me a little. Terry was expecting you. Please come in.”
Gavreel stepped over the threshold and into the apartment. “I am pleased to come in but I do not think that Terry was expecting me.”
“Sure she was, said you would be in town for a little while.”
As Veny watched Gavreel shake his head the panic started to swell in her chest and take over her entire body. She had let a stranger into the apartment. A BIG, tall, very strong stranger.
Gavreel saw her panic and stepped closer which only made her step back and begin to tremble. She only panicked more when he spoke her name. “Veny, do you not know me?”
Veny shook her head as the tears began to flow.
“Veny. Please do not be afraid I only want to make you feel better. Please ...”
As he stepped closer Veny closed her eyes. Taking a deep breath, waiting to be attacked. In the silence she found something familiar, a smell. Still with her eyes closed she took another breath and there it was the sweet but not sweet smell. Like sandalwood and caramel. Opening her eyes she found that Gavreel had retreated a few steps but was still watching her. “Search your memory Veny, You know me to be a friend. I only want to heal your wounds, show you that you are deserving of love.”
Gavreel gave her the time to steady herself and her thoughts but her voice was a little shaky and only a whisper as she spoke. “Who are you? I feel like I should know you but…”


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PostSubject: Veny's Angel Chapter 1 Part 2   Tue Mar 24, 2009 12:48 pm

Gavreel stepped a little closer and took her hands in his, immediately Veny felt a warmth surge through her body the likes of which she had never felt before. She could not explain it but she felt safe, protected. “I only wish the best for you Veny.”
As Veny stared into his eyes wondering how this stranger could make her feel this way Gavreel began to unfold his wings. Veny gasped, stepping back and putting her hand over her mouth as the realisation of what he was struck her. “You’re and angel, a real angel.”
Gavreel bowed. “I am your angel Veny. I am sorry that I could not stop the hurt. I promise that I did everything that was allowed.”
Veny really did not hear most of what he had said she just kept staring at him. “You are my angel?”
Again Gavreel bowed then gently touched her check just below her eyes. Veny’s hand followed behind as she felt that same warmth tingle through her skin. The pain and ache she had been carrying since the attack had gone. “I only want to make you feel better.”
Ever so gently he touched her other cheek. This time Veny closed her eyes trying to absorb all the feelings that seemed to be traversing through her. When she opened them she found that she was holding his hand in both of hers. Looking up into his eyes she understood who he really was. His name washed over her lips. “G Man?”
Once again Gavreel bowed.
Veny began to cry, she really was safe. Gavreel pulled her to him, folding his wings around her as they stood in the middle of the room. Veny had no idea how long she had stood wrapped up in his wings, it felt like hours but in fact it was only a few moments. When finally they did uncurl from each other all her pain was gone, her ribs had healed. Every bruise that had threatened to blacken her skin had disappeared. Even the pain that had seemed to be crushing her heart was gone. Veny stroked her hand tenderly across his cheek and this time it was Gavreel that closed his eyes and sighed. “How did you do that G Man? How is it possible I can see you? You are real.”
Vey gasped as she saw a tear escape. “I wanted to make you feel better. I was not there to protect you. I…..”
Veny did something that surprised them both. First she brushed away his tears and then she stood on her tip toes and kissed him. Gavreel could have stayed standing and she would not have been able to reach but he didn’t, he bent over and took her lips to his.
Veny’s knees buckled as the surge of energy passed through her like nothing she had ever felt before.
Feeling her wobble Gavreel scooped her up in his arms and she immediately folded her own arms around his neck. He could sense all the thoughts rushing through her mind; feel all her emotions as she tried to keep some control over them. “Do not worry what you think Veny. It is not wrong for you to want to be loved by someone who will love you in a way that would make you feel complete instead of afraid. If you want you can make me look like someone you like, you trust. I know of your dreams Veny. I would be honoured if you would allow me to be part of those dreams.”
Veny blushed at the thought that anyone else, even her angel would know of her dreams. “All of them G Man?” The look on his face told her he knew everything. “And I can make you look like anyone I want? Have any dream I want?”
Gavreel nodded in silence as he felt his features change as Veny chose the person she wanted to see. Again her hand covered her mouth to stop a cry. She was looking into the face of the one man she thought of as kind and sweet. It was not Gavreel’s name that washed over her lips this time, it was his. “Urs.”
Gavreel smiled. “You have chosen well he is a thoughtful, sensitive man.”
Veny was a little surprised. “You know him.”
“Once I knew he consumed most of your dreams I made it a point to seek him out and make sure he was worthy of so much of your adoration.”
Now Veny was very nervous. “And…..”
“He is most worthy.”
Veny smiled and rested her head on Gavreel’s chest, in return Gavreel allowed himself the luxury of running his hand through her hair. He stopped when he felt his features start to change again, maybe he had been wrong and there was another she would rather be with. At her words, for the first time since he had been created Gavreel was unsure of what to do. “But this is not real. I am in the arms of my angel, you are not him.” Veny looked back into the face of her angel no longer the face of the man that lived in her dreams. “He maybe a real person Gee, and I may have had dreams and fantasies about him but that is all they where, foolish fantasies to help me through the dark.”
Gavreel went to speak but she stopped him by kissing him before she continued. “I would rather spend this short time in your arms knowing it was real than trying to live out a dream only to know deep in my heart that is was not.”
“But I thought by helping you have your dream this would make you happy. Make you feel better.”
Again Veny ran her hand tenderly across his cheek. “If you know my dreams as you say you do then you know deep down what I really want.”
“And you want me …….You want me to be that… to do that….. As myself?”
Veny smiled at him in such a way Gavreel thought his knees would buckle. “Yes…. I have never in my life felt this safe, this loved and all you have done is hold me. I want to feel that love as man and women.” It was then that a horrible thought struck her. “You can to this right. It is allowed?”
For the first time in his existence Gavreel lied. “Yes…. If this is what you so desire, it is allowed.”
Veny smiled and lent back in to kiss him once more but her kiss was full of a passion that he had not expected. As their lips parted Veny touched her forehead to his and asked him something that almost broke his heart. “Teach me how not to be afraid to be with a man.”
Gavreel pulled her closer and wrapped his wings around her as tight as he could.
Veny felt like she was being bathed in gentle sunlight, she simply relaxed into his arms as he carried her to where she did not know and did not care.

When Gavreel finally unfurled his wings and placed her gently on the floor they were no longer in Terry’s apartment. They were in a room that seemed to be bathed in that same sunlight she had felt, strange yet familiar, she smiled as her eyes took it all in. Gavreel had given her a room from her dreams, a place she felt safe yet it was different somehow. “You made this for me?”
He took her hand and gently guided her to the bed. “For us.”
Veny had expected to feel nervous, even afraid and Gavreel caught her thoughts. “We do not have to do this. I can take you back.”
Veny shook her head and squeezed his hand. “NO…back is not a place I want to go. You understand?”
Gavreel gave her a small bow and unfurled his wings to their full extent which brought a smile to her face and Veny giggled with the thought that raced through her mind so fast that Gavreel did not sense it before she spoke it. “My you are a big one aren’t you.”
It was his turn to laugh. Making his wings ruffle as he did.
Veny was overcome. To hear an angel laugh, truly laugh was overwhelming.
As Gavreel brought his hands down to rest softly on her shoulders his wings receded. In silence they stepped a little closer to each other and once more their lips touched but this time they did not part. As they kissed Gavreel gently ran his hands through her hair and down her back. As they reached her buttocks he gave them a gentle squeeze while at the same time ever so gently pushing his tongue over her teeth so they could both dance together. In return Veny had begun to run her hands down his arms and had not realised that she was now weaving the feathers of his wings through her fingers. She heard him groan which was the only reason she pulled away from his kiss. “I have hurt you?”
Gavreel took a breath and whispered in her ear as he pulled their bodies closer so they touched. “No my sweet just the opposite.”
Veny was about to say something when he placed small gentle kisses on her neck and she felt his manhood or should that be his angelhood pushing on her as it began to get harder and grow. As Gavreel continued to place delicate kisses upon her neck, his fingers traveled across one breast and then the other, Veny was not sure how much longer she could remain standing.
As soon as the thought settled in her mind Gavreel gathered her up, carrying her the few steps to the bed. His lips did not leave the nape of her neck as she felt herself being lowered on to the most luxuriously comfortable bed she had ever encountered.
For a moment Gavreel hovered over her, actually hovered, no part of him touched the bed or her. Only his hand touched her as it glided down her middle until he could run tender circles around her belly button with his fingers watching her stomach spasm as he did.
Veny wrapped her arms around him. Entwining her fingers through his feathers and once more making him groan as he lowered himself onto her, taking her mouth to his and again allowing their tongues to dance.
Veny groaned and shivered as she felt him push his hand up under her shirt, searching out her breasts one by one and bringing them to life with his velvety angelic touch. She could feel him bulging and wondered how he would look dressed in nothing more than his wings.
Gavreel broke off his kiss and took a step so he was now standing at the end of the bed. “Like this.”
Veny gasped, she had no idea how he had done it but his close just seemed to evaporate and before her stood the most magnificent specimen of a male body she had ever seen.
Gavreel stood with his arms stretched out to his side, his wings in full expanse as Veny let her eyes travel from top to almost the bottom. Stopping when she reached his penis. “Holy……. Gee..You need to come back to me.”
“With pleasure.”
Once more Gavreel hovered over her but this time as he played with her shirt to get to her body it disappeared, so did her bra once he touched it. Leaning in he took one of her breasts in his mouth and began to gently suck on it. Veny pushed her head back into the pillow, closing her eyes to take in all the sensations she was feeling. She had wrapped her arms around his waist and as much as she tried not to touch them she jut had to feel his wings in her hands. Caressing them gently with her fingers Gavreel groaned again as he moved from one breast to the other. Veny gasped; she was feeling things she had never felt before, was this how it was supposed to be, so gentle, yet so overpowering?
Gavreel was about to answer her thoughts when she opened her eyes and looked straight into his. ” I need to feel you. Body to body, no barriers.”
Gavreel kissed her softly on the tip of her nose. “As you wish.” His hand slip between them running down her middle much the same as he had done earlier. Veny settled back into the bed letting the sensation wash over her. He did not stop at her belly button this time but as his hand touched the top of her jeans he took one of her breast back into his mouth flicking his tongue across her nipple making Veny groan, making her tug on his wings a little and making Gavreel groan. She realised that all her own clothes had disappeared when he slipped his hand between her legs, slowly moving to her sweet spot which had been wet and humming since the moment they had kissed.
With the gentle ease of a master craftsman Gavreel played with her. First letting his fingers slide up and down the full length of the outside of her vagina teasing her sweet spot as he brushed over it. Veny’s body reacted to his touch by sending spasms out in every direction. Gavreel continued to feed on her breasts like a hungry child and Veny had to bite her lips to stop from making her groans of pleasure more audible. She could feel herself pulsing, getting ever closer to that orgasmic release that she had searched for, for so long. As Gavreel’s fingers began to dance on her set spot, Veny arched her back pushing herself on to them, pushing her own hand down between them and taking hold of Gavreel’s wrist so she would feel the rhythm as he moved.
He took a long sensual suck on her breast before releasing it so he could speak sending yet another wave of spasms thought her entire body. “Hold me Veny.”

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PostSubject: Veny's Angel Chapter 1 Part 3   Tue Mar 24, 2009 12:49 pm

Veny moved her hand further down to take him like he had asked all the time her muscles tightening as he continued to play with her sweet spot.
It was time for Gavreel to throw his head back as he felt her hands wrap around his penis and begin to rub and pull. As she increased her speed so did he, his fingers dancing faster over her sweet spot so that Veny had a very hard time concentrating on helping him to his own climax. Through it all she was unaware that she had bit her lip and was bleeding. With his hand between her legs playing out a silent tune on her engorged sweet spot and her hands making him feel things he never thought possible Gavreel lent in, licking the blood from her lips. The taste of her in his mouth just seemed to awaken the most primal urges he possessed. He pushed on her sweet spot harder, moving his fingers faster, wanting her to feel a release before he was driven to take her fully to him, before he had to release the power that was boiling inside of him.
Veny’s breathing became short and fast, she could no longer hold onto him and help him. The wave was coming, she could feel it building, arching her back, every part of her body ridged, waiting. Once more she bit on her lip to try and stop the scream birthing in her chest. As the waive hit Veny raised herself as high off the bed as she could, grasping at Gavreel’s back for leverage. She may have stopped pulling on his penis but as she griped hold of his wings, tugging on them each time she was hit with a wave of orgasmic bliss she sent her angel closer to the edge of something he thought he may never get back from. Then she let out that scream, a scream of such pure pleasure he had no choice but to take her. With her still writhing under him Gavreel entered her, pushing himself as far as he dared, beginning to thrust in and out of her. Once more he sucked the blood from her lips. Veny still under his erotic spell had felt him enter her and had expected the wave of her climax to dissipate but instead she felt it surging again, gaining strength and power and he pushed harder and faster into her. She wrapped her legs around him; some of his feathers getting trapped between her toes and her hand flew to his shoulders for support as she pushed herself to him. Gavreel arched his own back as she sent a new sensation ripping through him. As much as Veny wanted to tell him not to hold back she could not talk. Thankfully he had caught her thoughts. Even as he began to push himself further inside her he asked the questions “Are you sure?”
He got his answer when he felt the pressure on his back as her heals dug in pushing him further into her. “Thank you.” Was all he could say as he kept pushing sure that she would tell him to stop, that he was too much for her. But the more he gave her the more she took, matching his rhythm with her own. This only served to awaken the deeper animal instinct in him. He tilted himself just a little knowing that all of him, every single inch was now consumed by her. Also knowing that if she wanted him to stop he would not be able to. He was so close to something that thrilled and frightened him at the same time. So consumed by his own sexual tidal wave he did not notice that Veny was screaming below him. It was not a scream of terror or pain but again one of tormented bliss. He had pushed her beyond the barrier of pain, pushed her beyond anything she had expected to feel and he was still pushing her to the very edge and she did not care if she ever came back. She dug her fingers into his skin unable to stop the cries escaping over her lips and not caring if anyone heard her. In a way it was liberating to be able to be herself, so she just let it all happen. Just as her cries began to quiet Gavreel gave his last thrust into her. Stronger, harder and deeper and he too let out a shout of unbridled sexual rage. From where it came he had no idea but as he cried out and kept thrusting into Veny he could feel his energy entering her in a way he had never experienced before. Veny felt it, felt it crashing into the walls of her vagina and then seeming too exploded into the rest of her body. It took her over the edge and she screamed and screamed and screamed. Gavreel kept pushing but his rhythm began to slow. He may be exiled but in that very moment he did not care. She had given him something he had never had before. He wanted to make sure that she could experience the fullness of the pleasure she had given him so he continued to thrust in her as she writhed and twitched under him unable to control her body, not wanting to. Gently and slowly he rocked in her, leaning over and one more time drinking in the blood from her lips as he tried to regulate his own breathing and his body’s involuntary movements.
Veny had not seen it but as he had climaxed his wings had expanded and as much as he tried he could not get them to fold back up. He could feel her energy in each individual feather and wondered if it was anything close to what she had felt. He dared not intrude on her thoughts for fear that she would tumble him to a place he could not return from.
As her spasms slowed he withdrew from her placing tender kisses on she stomach working his way up to her mouth were he continued to kiss her gently, tenderly.
He smiled looking down into her face. A face that showed him that she was not afraid to be with him, not afraid to be loved at least by him, showed him that she had entered that place that had been so far out of reach for her before and he was happy for her. He drew little patterns on her stomach with his fingers as he gazed upon her face and waited for her to come back to him. He was not going to make her rush this journey, it was hers to take. Gavreel was just happy he had been able to travel some of it with her, made it possible.
Veny mumbled and he had to strain to hear what she said. “Gavreel, your name is Gavreel.”
Gavreel stopped his fingers travel across her stomach and just looked at her. She had yet to open her eyes but he could see the tiniest of tears escape from them. “You give up so much to be with me.”
Gavreel was not sure if it was the shock of her words but his wings began to fold, resting once again on his back. “How do you know this Veny?”
“Because you and I became one for a moment.” Veny opened her eyes letting her tears spill onto her face. “This was not allowed Gee. You gave up your life for a moment in time.”
Gavreel ran his fingers through her hair and lent in to kiss her. He could still taste the blood from the cut on her lip so he touched it gently with his finger and healed her. “I gave up nothing. I gained so much. I gained a moment in time with you, to feel what real love is. To be able to touch you as man and women not as charge and angel.”
Veny pulled him closer; she could smell his unique scent. “Hold me Gavreel. Hold me. I know that when you leave this time they will forbid us to be together.”
Gavreel lay behind her, gathering her into his arms and Veny held onto her angel.
“I promise I will find a way to get back to you Veny. I promise.”
And Gavreel’s tears fell.
The angle and his human lover lay cocooned together, wrapped in his wings not wanting to part, both knowing they would have to.

To be continued……….

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PostSubject: Veny's Angel Chapter 2 Part 1   Tue Mar 24, 2009 12:50 pm

Veny’s Angel
Part Two
Copyright Lois Terrans Bradbury

Veny woke to find herself back in Terry’s apartment for a moment she sighed and smiled expecting to find Gavreel’s arms still folded around her. But she was alone, curling herself up into a tight ball she cried. Not for self but for Gavreel. “I will always love you my sweet angel, take my love where ever they send you and find a way home.”
Veny cried herself to sleep.
Gavreel stood in the corner of her room letting his own tears cascade, only wanting to touch her one more time, to kiss her good bye but Tabris’ hand on his shoulder told him he was already a prisoner of his actions.
“We must leave my friend the tribunal awaits.”

Terry arrived home to find Ray waiting at her door. “Hey, you just get here?”
Ray nodded and lent in to give her a kiss as she got closer. “Yeah. After your text I figured I would hang with the guys for a while, wait for you to finish. Didn’t want to scare your friend. I can still go to a hotel.”
Terry shook her head as she let them into her apartment. “No you don’t.” putting on a playful pout. “Unless you don’t want to be with me.”
Ray pulled her into his arms and kissed her with passion and force, shutting the door on the world as he pushed Terry into it.
Terry took a breath as she broke their connections. “Well I guess I got my answer. Just let me go and check on Veny.”
Ray threw his bag on the sofa, his identification tag hanging from the side pocket… IL Divo: staff pass: Full access: He watched her walk down the hall. He had missed her so much. One of these days he was going to get the courage to ask her to be more than just his friend.
Terry walked back into the lounge and took him by the hand. “She’s out for the count. I think she may have taken a sleeping pill.”

Terry and Ray were enjoying coffee in the kitchen when Veny joined them the next morning. Terry was surprised to see that her bruises had disappeared, no black eyes. Ray stood as Veny walked in and Terry introduced them.
Terry handed Veny a coffee as they all sat around the kitchen bench. “You feeling better this morning Veny?”
Veny nodded. She did feel better but not for any reason she could tell them so she changed the topic, deflected. “Better thanks. So Ray you in town with some mega rock group?”
Ray laughed. “Not exactly. Mega and a group but not rock. Well at least not so far.”
Terry and Veny looked at each other then back at Ray who in turn looked to Terry.
“Remember last time we talked I told you I got hired to look after a group called Il Divo.”
At the mention of the name the cheekiest, biggest smile cut across Terry’s face and Veny bowed her head feeling the warmth in her cheeks as she blushed knowing what her friend was going to do. Embarrass her.
“You are kidding right Ray? I mean..... Have you any idea who you are sitting next to?”
Now it was Rays turn to look confused waiting for Terry to enlighten him. “Only their biggest fan.”
Ray shot a look to Veny but she refused to lift her head and Terry continued with her torment. “I swear she listens to nothing else. Go on ask her anything about them I bet she can tell you.”
Even from where he was sitting Ray could tell Veny was uncomfortable. “I am sure she could.” He surprised them both with his next statement. “So Veny. I can’t get you tickets to their concert.”
Veny finally raised her head. “Oh that is okay. I have my own thank you.”
Ray smiled back at her. “Yeah I guess being a fan you would have had your ticket a while. What I was going to say was if you are free I would be happy for you to tag along with me today.”
It had been the first time that Terry and seen Veny so happy. “Really?”
Ray put up his hand. “But be warned I cannot guarantee any Il Divo spotting.”
Veny laughed. “That’s okay It would just be nice to do something different today. Stop me from moping since I have two days off before I go back to work.”
“Oh I see how it is. Have your way with me and then leave with the first gal that comes along.”
Ray was going to tell Terry to stop teasing but did not get the chance.
“Oh I’m sorry Terry, you two had plans for the day.” Veny dropped her head again.
“No silly. I have to work and besides I think he needs to recharge after last night.”
Both Ray and Veny shouted at Terry which only made her laugh.
Ray touched Veny gently on the hand and Terry thought it interesting that she did not flinch. “So you interested on a behind the scene tour?”
Veny smiled. “Very much. Can I bring my camera?”
Everyone laughed and Tabris smiled approvingly from his vantage point in the corner. He had been given Veny as a temporary appointment considering her closeness to his own charge and his friendship with Gavreel but he had been given strict instruction not to tell his friend anything. This was forbidden. As yet there was still hope for his friend, Gavreel had been reassigned, not as a guardian angle but as a warrior.
Tabris made his exit just as Veny was about to leave the kitchen to get ready, she stopped and turned, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath.
“Veny, you okay?”
“I thought….Yeah I am okay. Be back in five Ray.”
Ray looked to Terry a little concerned. “She okay?”
Terry just shrugged her shoulders.

Veny was not sure what she expected a behind the scene tour to look like but she was amazed at the work that was being carried on. She knew the venue well. Atlantis Arena. It was the biggest entertainment centre in the state, used for just about every conceivable production and in a few days it would be her turn to sit and watch Il Divo. At the moment though she had to wonder how they would get it all together in time. Ray must have seen her expression answering her question. “It may look like organised chaos at the moment but trust me in 48 hours you won’t recognise the place.”
Veny took a couple of quick shots of the people working to bring it all together. “And you guys got in last night right?”
Ray nodded.
“And after the last concert?”
“We stay back and pull it all down. So by the time you get home and are comfy snug in your bed we are madly deconstructing what you see us constructing now.”
Ray introduces her to some more of the team as he showed her around, even allowing her to have a quick look into the dressing rooms. Each room had the names of Il Divo already on them so Veny took a photo. As she turned around she caught Ray smiling at her. “Okay I know it is ridiculous but gives us gals something to talk about besides make up and shoes.”
Ray laughed and took the camera from her. “Well how about I take a few shots of you so you can prove that you were here?”
Veny was going to protest but Ray had already backed her up against the first door. Sebastien’s then David’s, then Carlos’ and finally Urs’ door. After he had taken the last photo Veny ran her fingers across Urs’ name and sighed just a little.
“Oh so you have a soft spot for Urs I see. He will be pleased.”
Veny blushed and Ray laughed giving her back her camera. “It’s okay, he wont here it from me.”
Just then someone at the other end of the hall shouted at Ray as he approached the two men talked business. Although she did not understand what they were saying she could tell by Ray’s body language that something was not right. “Damn it. Okay Mike thanks I’ll sort it out.”
Mike left and it seemed to Veny that Ray had forgotten she was with him. “I can find my own way out Ray.”
He looked at her for a few second as he absorbed her words. “What?...No, no. You don’t have to leave. It’s just that this might take me a while and I will be up there.” He pointed to the ceiling. It was crisscrossed with walkways and lights and cables. “You can come half way with me, there is a technician’s booth but I can’t let you past that. And it is a hell of a hike up those stairs.”
“I’m part mountain goat does that help?”
Ray laughed. “Terry said I would like you. You sure you are not bored?”
“Very sure, this is all so interesting. I am sure I can find something in the booth to keep me occupied for hours.” She saw the serious look cross his face and could not contain her impish smile. “I promise I will not touch anything. Diva’s honour.”
Again Ray laughed. “Come on then, the entrance is just down here.”
Just as they got to the entrance a massive mountain of human arms and legs crashed into Veny with such force it sent her sliding across the floor only coming to rest when she hit her head on the opposite wall. Her hands flew to the back of her head. “****!!!!!”
Ray slid to her on his knees. “You alright Veny?”
She was not happy. “No I am not. I just got hit by a bloody truck.!!!”
Before she could say anymore Ray’s attention was now on the person who had caused the accident. The impact with Veny had been so sudden it had knocked him off balance and he was sitting on the stairs. “Jeez David where the hell is the fire.!!!! You could have hurt someone!!!!”
Veny had not looked up; she was still holding the back of her head with both hands.
“He did hurt someone. Idiot!!!! Oh I am so going to have a lump.”
Only when she heard the stranger’s voice did Veny look to see who it was.
“Ray, I’m sorry. I was…. I mean.. I……oh ****.”
David Miller looked from Ray to Veny, reaching them both in two long strides and helped Ray get Veny back on her feet. “I’m so, so sorry. Is anything broken?”
There was silence as Veny looked up into the face of a Divo, a real live Divo. She tried to say something but her voice had gone into hiding. All of a sudden she did not feel so well, her legs began to shake and things got a little blurry. The last thing she remembered was David asking her if she was okay before loosing consciousness and falling into David’s arms.
“Bloody hell David!!!! Now look what you did.”
David was about to give back as good as he got when he saw Veny’s palms. He adjusted Veny’s weight as he began to carry her down the hall. “She’s got blood on her hands; we need to get her seen to.”
Ray raced passed David as he dialled his mobile. There was a sick bay in the arena but he had a horrible feeling they were going to need more than a nurse. “Terry’s going to kill me.”
Ray held the door open and David rushed in surprising the nurse and placed Veny on one of the four beds in the room. “She hit her head, there’s blood, she fainted.” David just stood next to the bed looking down at Veny. The nurse had to ask him twice to move so she could get a better look. The nurse checked her over to satisfy herself she could move her head and check the wound without causing more damage. “This is not going to need stitches but I think she should go to the hospital for some observation considering she passed out and hasn’t come too as yet.” She ushered David out of the room so he was now standing next to Ray. “Shoo, you can come in later.” She left both men staring at a closed door.
“The paramedics are on the way. Look David, if you guys want the show to start on time I have to go. Stay with her. I want reports.” Ray started to rush back down the hall bringing up Terry’s number on his phone. This was one call he really didn’t want to make.

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PostSubject: Veny's Angel Chapter 2 Part 2   Tue Mar 24, 2009 12:52 pm

David paced very nervously in the waiting room of City Hospital wondering what kind of report he would have to give back to Ray. His own stomach in knots at the thought he had caused someone such an injury. All he could see was the blood on her hands. He was just about to head back to the nurses station for the third time to see if he could see her when a nurse stuck her head in the room. “Mr. Miller?”
Silently David Nodded.
“Come with me please.”
David followed the nurse down the hallway. “Is she alright? “
As they reached another door the nurse smiled up at him and pushed it open.
He saw Veny sitting up in bed looking out the window. David thought she went a little paler as she looked at him and recognized who he was.
Veny was just about to say something when David stepped further into the room and rushed his words in an attempt to apologise before he got his head bitten off. “I’m so very, very sorry I did this to you. If I could turn back time I would. I…….”
Veny gave him a smile. “It was an accident Mr. Miller. Not exactly the way I expected to meet a member from Il Divo. Don’t worry, I accept your apology.”
David stuck his hands into his pockets still feeling a little uncomfortable. “Thanks.”
“I’ll make a deal with you. If you let me call you David you can call me Veny.”
David moved a little closer to the bed and smiled his beaming smile. Veny saw the relief wash over his face. “Okay Veny. You Ray’s girlfriend?”
Veny laughed then frowned, her head still hurt. “No. That would be Terry and I think that you should stay out of her way. She’s going to be pissed when she finds out where I am. Once she is finished with Ray…” Veny let her words fall away.
“So maybe I should tell Ray you are okay before he gets into trouble.”
Again Veny smiled at him. “You can tell him but he will still be in trouble.” David gave her a concerned look. “Is there anything I can do for you?”
Veny looked back out the window. “Find my angel.”
It was David’s turn to frown. “Sorry?”
“Nothing. No. I have to stay over night.” She pulled on her hospital issue gown. “I guess this will do for that.”
“Please let me get you something to wear. I feel so useless.”
Once again she smiled at him. “It’s okay. As long as I get out of here for your concert I will be happy. Wouldn’t want you guys to see an empty seat.”

For the next twenty minutes David sat on her bed and they chatted. Veny explained why she was with Ray that day. Well the fact that she was staying with Terry but not the reason and David explained why he was running down the stairs in such a rush. Seemed that Sebastien had played a practical joke and told David his video camera was in the technician’s booth Ray had told her about. Of course when he got there all he found was a note, no camera, so he was on the way back down to wreak revenge on Sebastien.
Veny laughed frowning a little. Her head still hurt but not as much. David took her hand gently in his. “I really am sorry.”
“I know. Maybe you should head back and give Ray a personal report. I am fine really.” David began to shake his head. “David you can’t stay here all night.” Again David went to protest and Veny gave him a cheeky smile. “Come back with breakfast if you like and the other three quarters of the group.”

Terry had been busy so had not answered her phone when Ray rang; now that she was she was fuming. Her position as Communication Co-coordinator for State Traffic Emergency Services afforded her some privileges not available to civilians. By the time she walked out of the building she had all the information she needed. She was still fuming when she walked into Veny’s hospital room seeing David lean over to kiss her on the check. Terry was about to let loose with a verbal attack when she realised that Veny was sleeping.
David had no doubts as to whom she was or how angry she was and he tried to usher her back out the room as gently as he could. “Terry she’s okay. Just fell asleep. I am sorry it was an accident but she will be okay.”
David watched Terry pace up and down the hall wondering if she was going to cause a scene. Every time she walked passed him she would look at him. On her last pass without warning she hit him hard in the arm. “She’s been through so much. How could you hurt her like that?”
“I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry.”
It was then that Terry really looked into his eyes. She could tell he was truly sorry and her demeanour changed just a little. Terry sighed. “I know you are. It’s just. Awe… ****. Sorry. I feel like I should be able to help her more.”
“Well according to Veny you are the best friend she could ever have. Her words not mine.”
“I think I will sit with her a while.”
David smiled after her as she entered Veny’s room but he had to wonder at what he heard her say just before the door closed. “If anyone needs a guardian angel it’s you Veny my girl.”
Terry sat by Veny’s bed for a good half an hour before she began to stir, sensing a presence she mumbled. “G man?…”
Terry pushed forward in her chair. “Sorry, just me.”
Veny smiled. “Hey. Ray still alive?”
“Only because I haven’t seen him yet.”
“Don’t be too hard on him, it wasn’t his fault.” Just then Veny’s eyes fell on the gift bag sitting on her bedside table. “You shouldn’t have Terry.”
Terry shook her head. “Not me. Must have been that long stretch of a clumsy oaf that knocked you over. It’s the least he could do.”
As Veny opened the bag she looked back to her friend. “You saw David?”
“If that is his name. He was just leaving as I arrived.”
Both girls’ eyes fell on the nightgown that Veny had pulled from the bag. It was a very pale shade of blue with small multicoloured butterflies printed on it, silky satin and very soft. Veny pushed it against her cheek. “It’s so smooth.”
“Well at least he has good taste.”
Veny laughed at her friend. “You do know who David is don’t you?”
Terry shook her head. “The big oaf that put you in here.”
“He’s one of them. One of IL Divo.”
This time Terry just rolled her eyes. “Are you sure he knocked you over and you didn’t just plan this?”
Both girls were laughing when the doctor entered the room. “Well that is what I like to see. Happy people.”
Terry stood as the doctor went to have a look at Veny. “How is she doc?”
He spoke while he checked Veny’s blood pressure and then her head wound and lastly her eyes. “Good, Mind you a few millimetres more and you would have need stitches. You must have hit the wall pretty hard.”
Terry replied before Veny could stop her. “She had help.”
“Terry!!!! It was an accident Doctor. Someone fell down the stairs and collected me on the way.”
Finished with his exam the doctor stood at the foot of the bed. “Accident it may have been but I would still like you to stay in overnight just to make sure. I see your friend has supplied you with your own clothes for the night.”
Veny blushed as Terry explained who the nightgown was from. “Well the young man must have felt bad. I bought my wife one similar and it cost me a fortune.” The Doctor smiled at Veny. “I think it is time you got some rest.”
Terry understood that was her cue to leave. “Okay. You want me to swing by in the morning and pick up?”
“No and don’t be going and giving Ray a hard time either.”
The doctor and Terry left together, Veny looked at the nightgown she had in her hands wondering just how expensive it was before sitting on the side of the bed and changing into it.

The hospital staff had been around at about six that morning to deliver breakfast, although Veny had not eaten she was awake when David popped his head in the room a few hours later. “Wasn’t sure if you would still be here?”
Veny smiled at him happy for the company, blushing a little realising she had on the night gown he had given her. “Yep still here. Got to wait for the doc to give me the okay before I can leave.”
David pulled his whole body into the room and held a brown paper bag out in front of him. “I brought breakfast and….” He reached back and opened the door so that Sebastien and Carlos could enter her room. “Sorry but I could only manage three quarters. Hope that was okay.”
Veny smiled. “You guys didn’t have to come.” She looked at David. “Any of you.”
Sebastien stepped forward taking her hand in his. “I did Cherie. To apologise. When I heard what had happened because of my foolishness I could not let you think that I would mean you any harm.”
Veny smiled at him and squeezed his hand. “That is very sweet of you but not necessary.”
Carlos stepped forward. “I hope that you will be well soon Bella. We have a car waiting outside to take you home as soon as it is approved.”
Veny looked from one to the other. “Haven’t you guys got more important things to do?” She looked to the door as her heart sank just a little knowing that Urs would not be joining them. “I have no idea how long before the doctor will be doing his rounds.”
David began to open the bag that he had brought with him. “Then we shall have breakfast while we wait.” He began to place an assortment of baked goods on the table. Danish, muffins, croissants.
It seemed to Veny that she was going to be stuck with them until they were satisfied she was okay. Not that she minded in the least trying to think of a way to ask if she could have a photo with them all.
It seemed that only Sebastien had picked up on her disappointment that Urs was missing.
“If he had known about your accident Cherie I am sure that Urs would have joined us.”
Veny was a little taken back and tried to cover her shock. “Let me guess, he managed to get hold of a bike and has gone off exploring the wide open spaces of my fair state?”
David laughed. “Yours and about three others, he’s taking the scenic routed from our last concert.”
“Oh and David thank you for this.” She pulled on the neck of her nightgown.
David just bowed his head a little.

The next few days became a blur of activity as Veny returned to work and tried to look for a place of her own in any spare time she had. She hadn’t seen much of Ray or Terry in that time either. Seemed he was doing everything he could to make things up to her. Not that Veny thought he needed to and had told him so but Ray was happy to be able to spoil Terry for a change and it was Terry’s text message that drew her attention away from the for lease advertisements staring back at her from the computer screen. It read. ‘So big night tonight’…… Veny smiled. She had been lucky enough to have three of the four members of Il Divo all to herself for almost a day but to hear them all sing live was what she was waiting for. That was to happen in a few short hours when she attended her first Il Divo concert. Her shift at Mount William Hospital had actually finished about forty five minutes earlier but Veny wanted to check out any possible new apartment vacancies before heading back to Terry’s to pamper herself in a nice long bubble bath. Having most of the afternoon to relax before the concert Veny was going to take her time. She had practically bullied Terry into going with her and Veny had a sneaking suspicion the only reason she had said yes was because of Ray. But due to work Terry was going to have to meet her at the arena. It was thoughts of a nice glass of red wine and the soft soothing touch of bubbles that she left the hospital but she stopped jut as she was about to walk out the front entrance.
“G Man???”
Tabris had no idea how she could know that he was with her but she had sensed him. Technically he was not her guardian and they should not have had such a strong connection. He had to wonder if by being with Gavreel she was even more sensitive to their presence. He was about to speak a thought to her when she sighed and continued to walk down the street to the train station. “I wish I could talk to him just one more time.” Tabris stopped hovering above her as Veny stopped walking and did the same thing she had done in the bathroom. She looked right at him. “I know you can’t tell him but can you let me know that he is alright somehow.”
“Dear sweet Veny” Tabris dropped down to stand next to her and placed a gentle kiss on her cheek. “He is well. Do not grieve for him.”
Veny placed her hand on her cheek and closed her eyes taking a breath, she had felt it, she was sure and with her eyes closed she knew she had picked up on that sweet aroma. It was not Gavreel’s sandalwood and caramel but it was definitely there. Once again she surprised Tabris by turning to look at him. “Thank you.”
Tabris had stop his own tears from falling as he watched those that fell from Veny’s eyes and wondered if he would have had the courage to walk away from such a divine creature as Veny.

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PostSubject: Veny's Angel Chapter 3 Part 1   Tue Mar 24, 2009 12:53 pm

Veny’s Angel
Part Three

Veny stood at the main entrance to the Arena shifting from one foot to the other while she waited for Terry to arrive. Her text had said she was about five minutes away. They had about twenty minutes before the concert was due to start and after spending so much time with David, Carlos and Sebastien the other day Veny could not understand why she had butterflies in her stomach because of a concert. She smiled to herself, her smile widened as she saw Terry rushing towards her. The two women hugged. “So let’s do this shall we Veny.”
“You sound almost as excited as I feel. You sure you are not a closest Diva?”
Terry laughed. “Not a chance.”
“You might change your mind once you hear them sing.”
“I have heard them sing remember, I think I have heard everything you have of theirs. No, Ray promised a late dinner once he is finished.”
Veny let the subject dropped. She had heard the stories from other fans. Friends or family members had gone to a concert only to be transformed into a fan before the night was through, even though they would confess there was nothing special about the group. Seeing them live seemed to cast a powerful spell on those that attended. Veny felt the butterflies in her stomach take flight once more, as they were ushered closer and closer to the front of the venue. Terry was in front of her and kept looking back, a confused expression on her face. Veny was equally shocked when the usher showed them to their seats, second row from the front. As the usher handed the tickets back to Veny she looked from the stage and back to him. “Are you sure?”
“Yes Ma’am, very sure. These are your seats. Enjoy the show.”
Terry pulled Veny into her seat. “You had no idea you had such good seats did you?”
Veny shook her head in silence, they were so close. She had waited two years to see Il Divo live, even if they just came out and sang one song she would be happy.
Veny managed to carry on a general conversation with Terry until the lights dimmed and the concert started.

It was as if no one else existed, she was carried on a wave of harmony and magic through each and every song they sang but as hard as she tried to give each member of the group equal attention her eyes would always return to Urs. Oh when they had a solo, especially David and Carlos it was hard to look anywhere else but her eyes would always fall back on Urs. It was if her life was tuned into his voice, she heard every note he sang no matter how soft, his inflections were perfect and she could feel herself holding her breath when he sang a solo.
Why he held a place in her heart and her dreams she was never sure. Maybe because they had turned up right when she needed something to believe in, to give her hope. The first time she seen Urs he seemed so sad, distant. She knew it was ridiculous but she felt if she told him how she was feeling back then he would have understood. People had condemned him as aloof, carrying a chip on his shoulder. All she had seen was the hurt and sadness emanating from his soul. It was only when she found out that he had broken up with his long time girlfriend that she understood the reason for his sadness. Yet her own soul told her their was more to it than that.
But now….. listening, watching him sing, it was as if he was healing her soul, taking away her pain and hurt. Veny gasped and placed her hand over her chest as a lone tear escaped and she uttered one word. “Gavreel?”

It was not unusual for them to see some of their fans crying when they sang, even if they did not understand the words they seemed to catch the emotion of a song, so Urs was not surprised to see her tears when he looked down at Veny and gave her a winky blink. He was about to walk away when he stopped and looked back down at her, there was something different about her. Just as he pushed the thought out of his mind David met him and while Sebastien and Carlos sang their parts David point to Veny and told Urs that she was the one he had knocked over. He waved to her energetically and blew her a kiss much to the surprise of those around her. Although Sebastien and Carlos had been singing they had been watching David’s antics and recognised Veny. When they too walked over to Urs’ side of the stage, also waved and blew her kisses sending a ripple through the crowd. Veny felt her face flush but she did manage to smile and blow them a kiss back. Then she did something that caught Urs by surprise. Veny ever so slightly gave him a graceful bow, dipping her head to one side. He reciprocated sending the fans into another flurry of Divo worship. Il Divo was then pulled back into their performance and once more Veny was just another face in a sea of faces.

At the end of the concert, because they were sat so close to the front Veny and Terry elected to stay seated and let a lot of the crowd filter out before they tried. They had been talking for about ten minutes when Ray came dashing from back stage. He bent over and gave Terry a kiss. “Glad you decided to wait for the crowd to clear I would have had a devil of a time tracking you down otherwise.”
Terry pulled her mobile phone out of her pocket and held it up for him to see. Veny laughed. It was nice to see a male stuck in a blonde moment with no way out. “You’re not going to cancel dinner are you?”
“No. No Terry. But David asked if you two would mind coming back stage for a while.”
It was Veny who spoke. “What; so he can knock me over again?”
Ray looked mortified but Terry and Veny both laughed.

By the time Ray escorted both girls back stage all four members of Il Divo had changed into their casual clothes and were in idol conversation. David’s face lit up when he saw Veny, not so much when his eyes fell on Terry.
“Yeah nice to see you too big foot.”
Veny shot her friend a horrified look. “Terry!!!!!”
David pulled Veny into a hug and laughed. “It’s okay I guess I had that coming.”
Sebastien came forward. “Veny. You are well now?”
“Except for the lump on my head I am very well thank you Sebastien.” Veny turned her eyes to Carlos. “And you Carlos You are good?” Carlos nodded. “You have such a powerful voice.” Not wanting to leave the others out she washed her gaze over them all falling on Urs last. “You all have such amazing voices.”
David realised that Terry had not been introduced to the others so did the honours. leaving Veny’s introduction to Urs for last. Veny outstretched her hand for him to shake not sure if her words would get stuck in her throat. “Mr Buhler. Nice to meet you. Did you enjoy you ride through our state?”
Urs smiled, shook her hand. “I did very much so. Thank you for enquiring and I am glad that you survived being accosted by David the other day.”
Davis took hold of Veny’s hand, which shocked her a little. “We were heading back to the hotel for a late dinner. We would love it if you ladies would join us.”
Veny was not sure what to say. She felt a little awkward that it had been David to ask her but Terry saved her from any embarrassment. “Sure we would love too. But not too late. You might not have to get up until lunch time but we’ve got to be up with the sun.”
Urs had noticed that Veny had not spoken. “Please do not feel obligated. If you must leave we will understand.”
As Urs looked too Veny for her answer she felt a warmth rush over her entire body. Like being clothed in…….in the arms of an angel. Her thoughts shocked her and motivated her to respond. “No Mr Buhler I would be very honoured to join Il Divo for dinner.”
Urs took Veny’s other hand and folded her arm into his. It felt so natural that Veny let David’s hand drop as Urs continued to speak. “Then I would be honoured to escort you and please call me Urs.”
When Veny spoke it was almost a whisper. “I’d like that.”
David and Sebastien followed Veny and Urs down the hallway, David shaking his head.
“I don’t get it. How does he do that?”
Sebastien patted his friend on the back. “I don’t think he has any idea the affect he has.”
“But she was holding my hand right? I mean I remember taking it. I like her, I was thinking maybe…..Oh never mind.”
Carlos, Ray and Terry were walking behind David and Sebastien when Ray pipped up. “Don’t worry David, you never stood a chance, she is Uber through and through.”
Terry shot him a look. “And prey tell how do you know this???”
“You mean you didn’t?”
“Of course I did. I mean, you mean Urs is her favourite right?”
Ray nodded.
“Then yes.”
It was time for Carlos to slip his arm through Terry’s. “So Terry, you are not a fan?”
She replied impishly. “Oh I wouldn’t say that. I am rather partial to Spaniards with powerful voices.”
Ray just shook his head.

Dinner was surprisingly refreshing for Veny, she had not realised how much she had missed going out with her friends, having to cover up the bruises her so-called boyfriend would inflict on her or worried that he would get jealous she was out and come looking for her. She laughed at the stories unfolding, so much at times her sides hurt but when Terry began to tell them about why she was staying with her Veny felt like she just wanted to hide under the table. She lowered her head and stared at her wine glass not wanting to meet anyone’s gaze, knowing they were all looking at her, a small tear trickling down her cheek. Not a tear of anger or pain but of shame. Shame that she had not been able to stop him from doing the things he did to her, shame that now Il Divo, Ur knew. As it happened she was sat between David and Sebastien, if she had looked up she would be looking straight at Urs and Carlos. It was Carlos that could not hold back is passion any longer, the others had been shocked into silence wondering what to say but Carlos, first in a flurry of Spanish so fast that even Urs had a hard time understanding him then he switched to English.. “This is outrageous, how could a man treat such a beautiful woman like that. No!!!!! This swine needs to be taught a lesson.!!!” In a softer voice he continued. “Bella you must let me avenge your honour.”
Everyone, including Veny looked to Carlos not quite believing what he had said. It was then that Urs and Carlos saw her tears though it was Terry that spoke. “I think there has been enough avenging. Veny did a pretty good job of it herself thank you very much.”
This had them all intrigue so now all eyes were on Veny as she once again studied her wine glass.
David took hold of one of her hands. “Can you tell us what you did?”
Veny bit her lip and looked up into his eyes, then around the table and saw Terry nod. “I hit him on the side of the head with a frying pan.”
Veny kept looking at David not daring to look at anyone else as deathly silence fell on the group. Just as she thought it was a mistake both David and Carlos let loose with hearty laughs followed by Sebastien, Ray and Terry. David pulled her into a bear hug. “Way to go…”
The only two not laughing were Veny and Urs. No one else noticed but as their eyes met Urs gave her a small smile and she was almost sure his eyes were moist with unborn tears.

Although they had all laughed there was still a little tension among the group so Sebastien did his best to relieve it. “I think Veny’s bravery calls for a celebration.” He motioned for the waiter. “Champagne I think.”
“Oh no Sebastien. That is not necessary.” Urs could see by the look in her eyes that Veny was almost pleading and stepped in.
“Then may I suggest a night cap. A small glass of port maybe?”
By now the waiter was at the table so Veny nodded her acceptance. “Thank you.”
The others ordered varying drinks from brandy to schnapps.

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PostSubject: Veny's Angel Chapter 3 Part 2   Tue Mar 24, 2009 12:55 pm

Although she was tired, knowing she would have to be up in a few hours Veny did not sleep. Her heart seemed to be in some kind of turmoil. Though nothing had happened and it had been a dinner among friends somehow she felt that she had betrayed Gavreel. Yes she had a soft spot in her heart for Urs but so did thousands of other fans. But what she had shared with Gavreel had been so very special. She did not want to let that feeling go for anyone, not even Urs; as if that would ever happen. But having been connected with Gavreel she also knew that they would never see each other again. She cried the tears of someone with a broken heart. In the short time he had been with her he had given her so much, loved her so much. Even if Urs was the man for her could she give him the love he needed.
Tabris moved from his station in the corner of her room and gently stroked his and through her hair until she did fall asleep. He had intended to leave once he had made sure she was all right but decided to stay and keep watch while she slept. The sun would be up in a few hours and a new day would begin. Tabris hoped this would help Veny get on with her life.

After the concert that Veny and Terry had been to see Il Divo had four days to themselves, with the exception of a radio interview planned for the morning of the second day that had been thrown at them. Urs had gone off exploring on his bike and it was not unusual for two or three of the members to do the interviews at times but today Urs had not been to far from the city and agreed to meet them at the radio station.
Travelling on the freeway back into town Urs smiled to himself. He had made up his mind to head back to the city, as there was something he wanted to do. Veny had been playing on his mind since they’d had dinner the other night. She had invaded his dreams.
Urs flashed his lights and sped up so he could come along side the people mover he had recognised as the one they had been using. David rolled down the window and waved to Urs about to shout something to him when all of a sudden he vanished. David was about to ask the others what had happened when his world was turned upside down, literally. The car had been hit and after swerving while the driver tried to keep some control it hit another car giving it enough lift to roll over the barrier and down the small bank at the side of the freeway. Luckily it came to rest upright. Everyone inside the car was unconscious but once rescued by the paramedics it would be found that they had no major injuries, just sore heads, cuts and bruises. David was the first to come around on a stretcher at the side of the road and a paramedic pushed him back down as he tried to get up. “Urs. Where’s Urs.”
“Hey big fella take it easy you and your friends got shook up pretty bad.”
Davis focused on the paramedic. “My friends in the car???”
The paramedic pointed over David so he turned his head to see Carlos, Sebastien and the driver all in a similar situation to himself.
“They are okay but you all need to go to hospital, we just have to get the urgent cases sorted out first.”
“But Urs what happened to him.”
“There wasn’t anyone else in the car maybe he got out.”
David shook his head, which was not a good idea. “No….. not in the car on a bike. Where is he?”
The paramedic took a deep breath. There had been two motor cycles caught up in the carnage that had unfolded when an 18-wheeler had jack knifed causing the chaos that surrounded them. One of the riders was dead; the other was in a critical condition and not expected to make it. Either way the news he had for his patient was not going to be good.

Urs had seen the accident unfolding before them and had braked hard to try to get out of the traffic before the he became tangled up in it. That was why David has been him disappear so quickly, Unfortunately for Urs and several other people including the rest of the Divo’s it was not the main accident that had caused them to be entangled but a secondary one where a driver has panicked, over compensated and started a ricochet affect. Urs was hit from behind sending him flying over his bike and onto the road. His bike sliding behind him until it hit him and went over the top of him. Urs screamed in pain as a car wheel ran over his leg and he was flung against the safety barrier.

The warning alarm began to ring at Terry’s station even before the truck came to a stop. The accident had happened on a part of the freeway that was under surveillance 24 hours a day so as soon as the alarm sounded Terry had a bird’s eye view of what was going on “****….Get ready to pull in some over time boys and girls.”
Terry had a good team on and was glad of it. A big accident like this could get messy, so many people needed to be informed. As she listened to the phone conversations around her she knew that all emergency services would have been contacted even before anyone on the round, in the accident would call them. Straight away there were two things that made the accident scene into a bigger nightmare. The truck that jack knifed had rolled onto its side and it was blocking the tunnel into the city meaning that help would have to come from surrounding paramedic, fire and police stations and there was no access to City Hospital except by helicopter and that was not an option at the crash site.
Terry put in the call to Mount William Hospital, they were going to be hammered, every emergency was going to be coming through their doors.

Tabris stood at the side of the road looking over the scene before him. He had been called to attend and found himself standing shoulder to shoulder with is friend Gavreel. “I did not expect to find you at a car accident my Friend.”
Gavreel gave him a weary smile. “I wish you had not. My heart is heavy at the news I carry.”
Tabris looked around at the flurry of activity as people tried to help each other. “You are telling me that this was no accident.”
“Seems we are bound to run into each other my friend.”
Tabris looked at his friend shocked for a moment. “Terry??” If she had been in trouble why had they called him away from her?
Gavreel gave his friend a re assuring touch on the shoulder. “No. She is well. It seems that David’s fall down the stair was no accident either.”
Now Tabris looked to Gavreel with real concern. “Yes I know about it Tabris, I also know that if he had not fallen into Veny he would be dead now, broken neck. It seems that these four men are set to do something with far reaching effects and our adversary is non to pleased about it. Some time ago Sebastien had an accident and only broke his leg thanks to some intervention on our part. Carlos was almost killed in a speedboat accident last year, almost. But something different was going to happen today. We could not stop the truck but we did manage to stop some of those that would have been hurt from being involved.”
Tabris took a deep breath. “And the four men??”
Gavreel pointed to the line of ambulances waiting to move out. “Three are on the way to the hospital. They will be sore for a while but they are safe and alive. We kept them alive. Angus and his team managed to get the car over the barrier instead of it landing on it. Our job is to keep them alive whatever it takes.”
“Gavreel you said three, who? Is the other dead?”
“I am afraid that he will not last much longer if we do not intervene. If not for Caen he would be dead already.”
Tabris could tell by the look on his friends’ face who he was referring to. “No Gavreel, I know you wish to be with her but not like this. You have given up so much. She will remember you always no matter who she is with I know this. You cannot do this.”
“We have to keep him alive, whatever it takes Tabris.”
“Then let one of the others do this?”
“How can I. You, yourself know what must be done for him to live. I cannot ask that of another. If I can reach her in time she will understand and my hope is that some part of me will remain with him. I have to try Tabris. If not for me but for him and the others. For us to win this war Tabris those four men need to be together.”
Tabris sighed. “Then what would you have me do my friend?”
“Stay with Terry, get her to call Veny, she will need to be there when we get to the hospital.”
“I will be there when you arrive my friend. I promise.”

Terry was listening to all the radio chatter from the accident sight as well as to her own crew giving direction and watching the cameras. A call from a paramedic caught her attention.
“No… I said I got a guy here refusing to go to the hospital until we find his friend. They belong to the same group of singers or something. He was on a bike, a motor bike.”
Terry listened to the banter between the paramedic and dispatch while she took over the control of one of the cameras and began to search the site for motor bikes. Just as she saw an image of a mangled bike laying under a car the conversation she was listening to took a turn for the worst. “We have confirmed that two bike riders are on route to Mount William. One deceased, the other critical.”
“Can you tell me if one of them is the guy we are looking for dispatch? Name of Buhler, Erz Buhler.”
Terry stood motionless in the middle of the control room. Had she heard right?
“Confirmed. Critical patient Buhler.”
Terry did not hear the rest of the conversations; in fact it was as if the rest of the room had gone silent while she put a call through to Mount William Hospital and Veny in particular.
“Veny its Terry. Look things are pretty bad.”
“You are telling me we are just getting the first critical patients in. Did you need something?”
“Yes…Urs is on his way.”
Before she could finish Veny cut her off. “I can’t talk to him now Terry I….”
VENY!!!!!!! He’s a critical patient. He was in the accident, they all were.” Terry waited for Veny to react. “Veny you still there?”
“I have to go Terry. I have to go.”
Veny stood at the nurses station watching the stretchers coming in and being escorted to different emergency cubicles.
“Dear God let them be alright. Let him be alright.”

To be continued

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PostSubject: Veny's Angel Chapter 4 Part 1   Tue Mar 24, 2009 12:58 pm

Veny’s Angel
Part four

Veny had been pulled along in the surge of medical staff trying to assess the patients that were arriving. Unfortunately the first three had die en-route from the accident site. She did her job, all the time inspecting each new stretcher, looking for them, looking for him. When Urs was wheeled passed her it was not his face that she recognised, it was the jacket. That same jacket she had seen him wear in so many photos. It was ripped and torn but it was his. What no one saw where the angels that had come with him, Tabris and Gavreel where doing their best to keep him alive while other angels took care of their own charges. Tabris was straddled over him with his hand in his chest gently squeezing his heart while Gavreel placed his healing touch on other parts of Urs’ body, trying to help organs gain back their strength. “Gavreel, he can’t take much more of this. You won’t have time to get Veny’s attention. You need to help him now.”
Gavreel gave his friend a silent nod and Tabris jumped off the stretcher.

As Urs was wheeled into a cubicle Veny joined the rest of the emergency team. Even before one of the other nurses began to cut away at his jeans Veny knew his leg was a mess, several sharp ended bones exposed through his torn skin. She barely heard the doctor barking orders at them all. Urs was in a bad way. The paramedics had thought they had lost him a few times on the way in and once more the monitors began to chatter angrily as his life began to ebb away. The alarms had begun to sound because Tabris had stopped pumping Urs’ heart to allow Gavreel to take up his place with in Urs’ body. “Farewell my friend.”
Veny stepped closer and took Urs’ hand. “Urs its Veny.”
Her actions annoyed the doctor who was about to push her out of the way when all of a sudden the monitors stopped their mad ringing and Urs pushed the oxygen mask away from his face. The fact that their patient had enough medication inside to down an elephant and was conscious and not screaming in agony sent every other member of the team into stunned silence. The anaesthetist checked his gauges, making sure that medication was getting to Urs. It was and there was no reason he should be awake. Urs grabbed at Veny’s hand before he opened his eyes and looked at her. “Veny??”
It was when she looked into his eyes that Veny realised that something was different. His eyes, they were blue not hazel. The rest of the team watched in awe as the conversation took place between one of their own and a patient that should have been unconscious.
“Yes it is me.” Veny squeezed his hand. “Is that you? Really you?”
Urs spoke. “Yes my sweet it is I. I found a way back to you.”
Tears began to fall down Veny’s face. “Gavreel. Does this mean that Urs will die?”
Gavreel squeezed her hand. “Let him be your angel Veny. His is more than worthy of taking my place.”
Taking your place…… You came back….. What do you mean?”
“I have but little time to help him Veny. I will stay with him for as long as I can but then I will cease to exist. My prayer is that he will know part of me and show you the love that you should me.”
“There has to be another way Gavreel for both of you?”
She felt him squeeze her hand again. “A life force for a life force, a love to find love…. He must survive.”
Veny bit her lip. “I will never forget you.”
“And it is because of this I can do what needs to be done.”
In an instant he closed his eyes, let go of her hand and all the monitors began their clanging once again as the team scrambled back into action, each one giving Veny a curious look.
As Urs was wheeled down the hall to an operating room the doctor shot a look back at Veny. It made her shiver.
Tabris walked up behind her and as he touched her on the shoulders Veny sighed. “You need to help the others Veny. Keep working. You will see him soon enough. Keep working.”
Veny did not immediately feel his presence but as she turned to go back down the hall she stopped and took a breath. There it was…. that scent, not Gavreel’s but similar and once again she looked straight at Tabris as if she could really see him. “Promise me they will be alright?”
Tabris remained silent as every other angel in the emergency ward looked to him. What could he say to her? Gavreel could and would save Urs but in return he would be lost. He was giving up his eternal life as an angel so that a human would survive and live what were a few short years by Tabris’ standards.

For the better part of the next few hours Veny did her job but always on her mind was Urs. She knew by his injuries he would be in surgery a long time and that Gavreel would be with him but that did not help her. She needed to see him, make sure he was alive. As patients were sent to other wards or to surgery the Emergency Ward began to clear of humans as well as angles. That was until David burst through the doors with Carlos and Sebastien not far behind, each man surrounded by four angles. As the three Divos had not been critical they had been seen to in a different ward. It had taken Carlos and Sebastien a little time to come around and the first thing they had heard was David demanding to know where Urs was. He had not been aggressive, more frantic with worry knowing that Urs had been one of the first critical patients to get to the hospital. When Carlos and Sebastien also knew this the three of them had made up their minds to find him. You would think with four angels a piece they could keep their charges under control but at times it was just best to let humans do what they needed to do and this seemed to be one of those times.
David was about to start demanding answers from the first person he saw when his eyes fell on Veny, all the fight left him. He just walked straight up to her, folded his arms around her and pulled her to his chest. Carlos and Sebastien came to stand at their side.
David took a deep breath before pushing her back so he could look into her face. “You okay?”
Veny only nodded not daring to speak.
“Is he okay? It has been so long and no one will tell us anything.”
Veny moved from under David’s gentle touch and headed towards the nurses station. “I know. I was just about to call.” She reached over the desk and punched a few numbers into the pone while the three men looked on and listened. Only hearing one side of the conversation it was hard to gauge anything until Veny’s tone changed and absent- minded stared at them all while she continued to put the pieces together. “What do you mean he is in the ward, ICU right?” There was a pause while she listened. “But he was critical what happened.”
At these words David, Carlos and Sebastien stepped a little closer to Veny. “I see….. I have his friends with me can I bring them up to see him?” again another pause. “Okay. Thank You.”
As soon as she put the phone done David took her by the shoulders. “What’s wrong Veny? What happened?”
“He’s awake, he’s asking for you. They have him in a general ward.”
Sebastien shook his head as if to clear his mind. “But Cherie we were told his situation was very grave.”
Carlos confirmed Sebastien. “In fact that was all they would tell us. We expected the worst.”
David squeezed her shoulders a little. “Should we still expect the worst?”
Veny shook her head. How could she tell them she knew why he had survived…Because an angel had saved his life? “Let’s just go and see him.”
No one spoke on the elevator to the next floor, or as they walked to Urs’ room. Veny silently acknowledged the nurses on duty as she passed them but she could see the questions in their eyes. Something had happened they could not explain.
As the four entered his room Urs smiled but he was in the company of the doctor who had been in the Emergency Ward with him. The three men gathered around his bed but Veny hung back near the door all of a sudden feeling like she was intruding and all three men began to talk at once.
Urs smiled and held up his hand and the room fell silent. “Hey guys. Nice to see you are okay.” He ran his hand over the bandage on David’s arm.
David just shrugged. “Couple of stitches, no big deal.”
Urs looked to Sebastien and Carlos, except for a few scratches on their faces they seemed to be unharmed. Carlos answered his silent question. “We are well my friend. A little sore but in one piece but they told us you were in grave danger yet here you are awake, a miracle I think.”
Before Urs could answer the doctor stepped in. “He should be dead and you are right Sir. A miracle is the only way to explain your friend’s situation.”
David gave the doctor a concerned look. “Explain what exactly?”
“Look, I know what I am about to say does not make any sense and from a medical point of view I can’t explain it.”
Carlos puffed out his chest. “Doctor. What is it?”
The doctor looked to Urs. “You should never have made it to the hospital. You did. I have no idea how they kept you going but you made it to us. When I saw you I didn’t think you stood much of a chance and then when I saw your internal injuries I knew you didn’t but then you woke up. Not only did you wake up but he carried out a conversation with a nurse.” The doctor looked to Veny and all eyes followed his.
Urs gave her a weak smile. “Thought I was dreaming. I remember hearing your voice. You were with me when I came in. You and your friend.”
Veny held her breath and looked to the doctor who had begun to speak again. “No Mr Buhler, the only people with you was medical staff.”
Urs looked to the doctor. “He probably was. He was at the crash site, told me I had to hang on a little longer. Big guy.... pulled me to the side of the freeway and stopped me from getting hit by another car.”
The doctor shook his head and Veny bit her lip. Had Urs seen Gavreel? Or did he have an angel of his own?
At that moment it was not just the humans in the room that became uneasy, so did the angels….. All looking from one to the other. Caen ruffled his wings. “I did not think he would remember.”
Tabris spoke from his station next to Veny. “I have come to understand that this small group of humans are very special.” He put his hand on Veny’s shoulder. “I hope for her sake that Urs is special enough to take Gavreel’s love for her with him. She deserves to be loved.”
Every single angel took their own breath at Veny’s choice of words. “He is special.”
Again all human eyes were on her. “I can’t remember if he was there or not Urs, he could have been for a short time. Maybe he was one of the paramedics that came with you. That is who you saw.”
David jumped back into the conversation. “But that still does not explain why he is sitting up in bed…AWAKE.”
All eyes moved back onto the doctor. “As I said, Mr Buhler has some very significant internal injures but………but when we opened him up the damage was no where near as bad as we had been led to believe. In fact we had no need to open you up Mr Buhler. I really don’t know how we got such wrong information. All I can think is that your charts got mixed up with other rider.”
“I remember going over the top of my bike, I remember my bike going over the top of me, I remember the burning as the exhaust hit me, I remember being hit by a car, I remember getting my leg run over by another car, and…..” Urs trailed off as he saw the looks of horror on his friend’s faces.

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PostSubject: Veny's Angel Chapter 4 Part 2   Tue Mar 24, 2009 1:00 pm

Tabris looked to Caen. “You did a good job of keeping him out of trouble my friend.”
“I only wish I had been at his side sooner I may have been able to stop the damage to his leg. As it was I only managed to deflect the car enough so it did not run right across his middle. We would have surely lost him if that had happened.”

The doctor continued. “You have no burns Mr Buhler, You don’t have any bruising. Even your leg is not as badly damaged as first thought.”
David went to say something but the doctor stopped him. “Its broken and we have set it but I saw the mess it was in when you arrived and I felt for sure that we were going to have to amputate at your ankle.”
The doctor’s statement brought gasps of astonishment from everyone as Urs involuntary rubbed his leg. “Like I said Mr Buhler from a medical point of view I cannot explain your situation except to say you have extra ordinary healing powers. You should still be unconscious. I know I said that your charts may have gotten mixed up but I also know what I saw with my own two eyes when you were brought in. You should have lost your foot.”
Veny bit her lip once more as tears ran down her face as she spoke quietly under her breath. “Thank you.”
Urs looked passed the others straight at her and it was then that she saw the change in his eyes. They were blue again. Urs or rather Gavreel smiled. “Your thanks are received little one. All that I can do is almost complete. You understand what this means?”
Veny nodded her head, as the others just looked from her to Urs very perplexed. The doctor took his pulse and flashed a small pen light into his eyes. Veny saw them change back to their hazel colour and she new that Gavreel was gone.
Urs looked to David almost as puzzled as his friend. “What do you mean? Why did I say that to her. I didn’t say anything.”
It was evident by the reaction from everyone in his room that he must have said something. Urs turned to the doctor a little nervous. “Doctor??”
“Well you did speak to the nurse Mr Buhler but I am afraid I do not understand what you said to her.”
“Was I speaking my native tongue?”
Sebastien answered his question. “No, you spoke English but…”
Again all eyes were on Veny as she walked to the side of the bed and took Urs’ hand. “He said… Your thanks are received little one. All that I can do is almost complete. You understand what this means.” She bent over and kissed Urs on the cheek surprising him while squeezing his hand. “Don’t worry Urs I understood. It was for me to understand.”
Before anyone else could ask questions she stood back up. “I think the doctor would like you to rest for a while.”
The doctor took his cue. “Yes Mr Buhler and before you all ask…. he will be staying with us for a few more days at least. You can come back to visit tomorrow. I think you all need a good nights sleep.”
David, Sebastien and Carlos said their good byes and where in the hall with the doctor. Veny was just about to leave when Urs called her back. “Veny wait please.”
Veny turned to face him but stayed near the door. “Are you feeling okay Urs? Do you want me to get the doctor?”
Urs shook his head. “No. Please come closer I need to ask you something.”
He waited for her to reach the bed and this time he took her hand. “Who is Gavreel?”
Veny as well as the angels that had remained with him all gasped. “How do you know this name?”
Urs could feel her begin to tremble. He had no idea why he was about to tell her what he was about to tell her, nor why he felt sure she was the one person who would understand. “He told me I would be alright, said that you would look after me.”
“You mean the person you thought was my friend in the Emergency Ward?”
Again Urs shook his head. “No. that was different, he was different.” Urs let his gaze dropped to the bed and Veny began to panic just a little. “This Gavreel, he loves you very much Veny.”
At his words Veny pulled her hand from his. “How can you know this? No one knows this.”
Urs looked back at her. “I am right Veny. Please tell me I am right.”
As she began to cry again she nodded.
Urs went to take her hand again, this time he held on with both of his. “Then tell me how I would know this. Veny I never saw this Gavreel but it is as if I know him at least part of him. He adores you. I know he only wants the best for you.” Once more Urs’ eyes dropped so he was looking at the bed and not Veny. “He told me I was the one to make you happy. That in time I would come to understand you as he did. Who is he Veny? Tell me I am not going crazy. Tell me that the accident didn’t leave me crazy??? ”
Keeping a watch on his monitors, Veny knew she needed to reassure Urs or he would probably need sedating. “No Urs you are not going crazy but you probably will not believe what I have to tell you.”
“Tell me.”
“Gavreel…..” Veny stuttered a little as she thought she felt a presence. What she had sensed where the five angels tensing, all knowing what she was about to do. Tabris smiled down at her. “She is very special. Gavreel was right to love her.”
The other four angels looked at him as Veny continued.
“Gavreel is, was my guardian angel.”
The room was silent as Urs just stared at her and the angles held their collective breaths.
Veny sighed. “See…. you don’t believe it do you. Maybe I am the crazy one for trying to explain.”
Veny was about to leave when Urs took her hand again. “You have a guardian angel?”
Well at least he hadn’t called for security. “I think we all do Urs. I know for a fact that yours is here with us now.”
Again it was not Urs that got the biggest shock it was the angels.
Urs wasn’t sure why but he needed her to keep talking. “How do you know?”
Again Veny sighed and closed her eyes, taking in a deep slow breath. “They have their own special scent. I guess like aftershave.” She opened her eyes. “Now you think I am crazy.”
David stuck his head back in the door but Urs cut off any question he was going to ask. “Can you give us a minute David thanks?”
When he looked back at Veny she had stepped away from the bed. “I don’t know what to think Veny but someone or something made it very clear that as much as you were to take care of me. I was to take care of you.”
Veny gave him a weak smile. “That was just an angel’s wish Urs. I am sure that once you are out of hospital and back on your feet you will find that special person to love.”
Urs went to say something but what did you say to that?
Veny moved a little closer to the bed but not close enough so they could touch. “I would be very happy to look after you Urs and very much would like to remain your friend but I will understand if this is not possible.”
Once again the room fell silent, very silent, no angel or human spoke.
Urs did not realise that Veny had left until the doctor returned to sedate him like Veny had suggested. Before he fell into a drug induced slumber Urs asked the doctor if Veny could be his nurse while he was to remain in the hospital.

Gavreel was not completely gone as Veny had thought but he would not be with Urs for much longer. Now that he was sleeping Gavreel had a chance to communicate with him once more. Tabris and the others could sense that their friend was still with them so Tabris stood close to Urs and spoke to his friend. “He is confused Gavreel, you need to settle his mind, his heart and his soul.”
Gavreel had heard his friend and he did understand he needed to talk to Urs. He was hoping that in a dream state this would be possible.

Urs walked through a field of knee high lush green grass, feeling a light breeze on his face and the smell of snow in the air yet he was not cold. The field seemed to go on forever. As Urs circled he saw a tree off in the distance so he began to walk towards it. As he got closer he could see someone standing under it as if they were waiting for him.
The stranger smiled at Urs. “Welcome Urs.”
The stranger held out is hand for Urs to take. As he did he felt a warmth radiate through his injured leg. Urs looked down. He was walking, his leg looked fine. He had questions in his eyes as he looked back to the stranger. “You are feeling the healing that your body is doing Urs that is all.”
“Am I dreaming?”
“In a way. Do you know who I am?”
For a moment Urs stared at the stranger. “You are Gavreel?”
Gavreel smiled and bowed. “I am.”
“You are an angel, a guardian angel, Veny’s angel?”
Again Gavreel bowed.
“Why do you tell me that I must care for her?”
Gavreel placed his hands on Urs shoulders. “I do not have a great deal of time with you Urs. Do you trust me?”
Not sure why but Urs nodded and all of a sudden it was as if a movie was playing in his head, showing him things about himself, his past, his pain, his hurt and the love that he was searching for, showing him Veny’s life. Urs sank to his knees as Gavreel showed him just what Veny had endured through her life. Urs had thought that her boyfriend had inflicted the worst pain, he was wrong and yet she had found it with in her to forgive and to help people, to be that sweet loving person she was.
“I do not show you this so that you will feel obligated. I show you this so that you understand that if you let her she will love you as you have so desired all this time Urs.”
Gavreel helped Urs back to his feet. “You feel it do you not? The love that she offered me. I was supposed to heal her yet she is the one that gave and gave more than I deserved. You feel it?”
Urs nodded. “You are leaving?”
“I must.”
“Will Veny have another guardian?”
Gavreel smiled. “If she needs one, then yes. Urs she was right when she said your guardian was in the room with you. We do not understand how but some humans can sense us.”
“The after shave. She really does know about you? She….. I have a guardian angel?”
At his words Caen appeared at Gavreel’s side.
“It’s you. You where at the accident site, you pulled me off the freeway.”
Caen bowed.
Urs held out his hand for Caen to take. “How can I ever thank you?”
“No thanks necessary.”
“I am dreaming right? Will I remember all this?”
Gavreel and Caen looked at each other and Caen vanished. “It is my pray that you will remember much for a time Urs but then it will fade, seem like some very distant memory. You need to hold on for just a little longer Urs, Hold on to that feeling, to my words. Hold on Urs and your heart will also be healed.”

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PostSubject: Veny's Angel Chapter 5 Part 1   Tue Mar 24, 2009 1:02 pm

Veny’s Angel
Part Five

Veny tossed and turned as she wrestled through her own dreams. Trying to push aside visions of the patients she had been with that day but each time Urs came back to her. He was sitting on the edge of his hospital bed looking down at his legs, swinging one out then the other but he was missing a foot. He looked up as Veny entered his room, tears running down his face. “No one will love me like this.”
Veny went to him, wrapped him in her arms and held him tight. “Yes they will Urs.” She pushed him back and cupped his face gently in her hands. “I will, no matter what happens, no matter how you look, where you go. I will love you Urs.”
“Even if I looked like this?”
All of a sudden Veny was holding the face of a monster in her hands and it made her jump back. The rest of Urs had transformed into something hideous with flesh peeling from a body that was not human. Parts covered in scales, other parts oozing with blood and puss. After her initial shock she looked back in to the face and saw his eyes. They were Urs’ eyes, she would know them anywhere. She stepped closer and once more took the face in her hands. “Yes Urs even if you looked like this. I know your heart and soul to be pure. I will not abandon you because you may look different. Inside you are still the same.” Veny let her hand drop to his chest, as she touched it her hand sunk into the flesh. She could feel the warmth of his beating heart. beginning to tremble she started to take her hand back out.
The creature took her hand stopping her actions and Veny was not sure if she could stop herself from running when he pulled her hand from his chest. “How do you know I am not a monster all the way through?” He pulled her blood stained hand open to reveal tiny shimmering diamonds.
Veny gasped at what she saw knowing that she had to give them back to him but not understanding why. “The same why I know that these are yours, I cannot keep them.”
It was her turn to take the monsters hand and placed the diamonds back in his palm. As she did he transformed back into Urs.
He stood from his bed complete and whole and took her in his arms. “You did not run.”
“No. I will never run Urs unless it is by your side.”

Veny woke with a start and had to look around her room to remember where she was. It was her turn to swing her legs over the side of her bed and sit up for a while.
She heard a slight tapping on her door.
“Veny you okay?” It was Terry. “I heard you calling out.”
Veny opened the door and smiled weakly at her friend. “Bad dream, sorry if I woke you.”
Terry shook her head. “Nah, just got in. Been one hell of a day.” A frown covered her face. “Urs, he is okay right? I mean.”
“Yes he is doing very well. Seems the doctors are calling it a miracle.”
“That’s good. Look, go back to bed. We’ll catch up later.”
Veny shut her door but did no lay down straight away. Her dream had been unnerving yet it had ended happily enough. Just to make sure she looked at her hands, they were clean.

Veny may not have gone back to sleep that night if she had known that Urs was having a similar dream of his own only the sight of no foot and turning into a hideous monster had shocked him so much he was very restless and had set his monitors off bringing him to the attention of the nurses station. A nurse arrived in his room just in time so see Urs trying to swing his cast leg over the side of the bed. She rushed to his side to stop him.
“Mr Buhler, you’ll hurt yourself.”
Urs was breathing rapidly, his heat was pounding in his ears and he was sweating. He struggled with the nurse as she tried to get him to lie back down. “I have to see. Please!!!!!!”
“See what Mr Buhler?”
“My foot! I have to see, make sure.”
Understanding what he was trying to do she released her grip and let him sit up so he could see his foot. Urs wriggled the toes he could see sticking out of the end of the cast. “She didn’t run.”
“Excuse me?”
Urs looked back to the nurse. “I’m sorry I just….” He felt a little foolish.
The nurse gave him a knowing smile as she helped him back into bed. “It is alright Mr Buhler. I understand….. you have been through a lot today. I’ll check with the doctor to see if we can give you anything else to help you sleep.”
“No, please. I would rather try to get back to sleep on my own.”
Are you sure?”
Urs nodded.
“Alright…… but if you change your mind buzz.”

It took Urs quite some time to fall back asleep and all under the watchful eye of four angles including Caen. “He wrestles a great deal with his thoughts.”
Amos re-assured his friend. “Gavreel will have made him understand. You said yourself that Urs seemed to have a sense about you. This is good.”
“Will it be enough? There is much at stake and we have lost…..” Caen could not finish. The room fell silent as all the angels pondered his words. Humans had lost their lives and Gavreel was gone and they felt his absence very keenly.

Terry was up and gone before Veny had a shower and she did not expect to see much of her until the crisis was over. The accident site may have been cleared and people taken care of but there was still work to be done. However Veny did find a note from her friend on the kitchen bench asking if she was up to it to meet her for dinner after work. Veny smiled to herself as she got ready to leave for work. She knew that Terry would be putting in some long hours and would most likely go back to work after their dinner. She also knew it was a way for Terry to make sure she was alright. It was nice to have a friend like Terry, she had stuck by Veny through so very much, even when she disagreed with her she had stuck by her, been there through it all. Yes it was good to have such a friend and in her heart Veny hoped that Terry would find what she was looking for in Ray. Maybe she could do something to help that relationship along just a little.
On the ride into work Veny’s thoughts ran to just that as well as mentally ticking off a list of the patients from yesterday she wanted to check up on. So it was somewhat of a surprise when she was told she had been reassigned to Urs’ ward for the duration of his stay. Seemed he had requested that she look after him. A few of the nurses gave her some friendly ribbing as by now every staff member knew who he was. Veny could feel the colour rising in her cheeks as she entered the elevator to escape.

She stuck her head into Urs’ room and waited for a moment before entering, he was sleeping. Veny let her gaze fall across his face, his seemed at peace, the steady rise and fall of his chest as he breathed, rhythmical and calming. Veny took a deep breath of her own as she checked his monitors and then placed her hand on his wrist to check his pulse. Urs stirred, opened his eyes and smiled at her. “Hi.”
“Hey. How are you feeling?”
“A little sore and a little hungry.”
Veny smiled. “Hunger mmm. Did you eat your breakfast?”
Urs shook his head. “I think I might have slept through. Had a rough night”
Veny continued to check Urs’ charts. “I can get you something for the pain and see what I can scrounge up in the way of food.”
“No pain killers. I am okay. The leg aches a little but mostly I think I have been in the same position for too long.”
“If you feel up to it you can sit in the chair for a while.”
Urs nodded and Veny went about getting him out of bed and settled into the chair with his leg raised on a small stool. She put a pillow behind his back and covered him with a blanket. The whole time Urs’ eyes had never left her. He drank in her beauty, watching every single move she made. He felt a need in him he had not felt in a long, long time. How was it she could cast such a spell over him? Urs wondered how he could get her to see him as more than her patient, as more than a member of Il Divo. Then Gavreel’s words came back to him. ‘If you let her she will love you as you have so desired’. Veny finished finding Urs looking at her strangely. She gently placed her hand on his arm. “Urs are you okay? Did I hurt your leg?”
Urs shook his head and his words flowed as if someone else was speaking. “I had a dream last night Veny. I dreamt about your angel. He showed me things.”
Veny gasped as she saw a tear escape. “He showed me things about my life that no one knows.” Urs stopped himself before he told Veny he had seen things about her life as well. He could feel his emotions being released as tears and for the first time in his life he was not afraid for someone to see.
Veny knelt down beside him and looked up lovingly into his face. “Urs….. It’s alright. Whatever it is, whatever it was it’s alright.” It was as if she could feel his burden. “I am here, just let it out. Let me help you.”
Urs squeezed her hand tightly as more tears appeared. “You won’t run?”
His words surprised her as she remembered her dream. “Why would I run Urs? I am your friend. I will only run if it is by your side, with you.”
This time it was Urs’ turn to be surprised but his emotions had completely overpowered him and he could not speak. The only thing that escaped was the mournful cry of a man with a hurting heart.
Veny sat on the side of the chair and pulled him to her, wrapping him in her arms and rocking ever so gently allowing him to cry as he needed, allowing him to be released from the demons that had haunted him for so long.
Urs held on to her by the waist with his head resting on her chest, never wanting to let go.
Veny had no idea how long they had sat there but eventually he did stop crying and fell asleep. Rather than move him she left him in the chair, gently washing his face before she left, she had only just managed to keep her own tears from cascading. Now she needed an excuse to be someplace where she could cry, cry for him and going in search of some food would give her that escape.

Veny quickly told the other nurses she was going to find some food for Urs and disappeared into the staff lounge room, it was empty so Veny stood looking out the window and let her tears fall. Her thoughts much the same as Urs’ had been. Did he understand what she had meant by staying with him? Had he really heard her? How did she get him to see her as more than a friend? Then again, maybe that was all she was supposed to be to him. After washing her face Veny went in search of the food she had promised only to run straight into David as she came out of the lounge room.
“Watch out!!!!” was all David managed to shout as he came to a screeching holt holding a bag and what looked like a take away coffee above his head as Veny ploughed straight into his chest.
Veny looked up to see who she had run into and had to smile. “David! Once in a while it would be nice just to say hello.” He laughed bringing his hands back down in front of him.
“You bringing contraband into the hospital?”
David shrugged his shoulders. “You going to arrest me?”
“Mmm I might let you go just this once on one condition.”
David smiled such a disarming smile it made Veny’s heart flutter. “You already have my autograph. Should I be worried about what you want?”
It was Veny’s turn to smile and have a little fun so she stepped a little closer to David, resting her hands on his chest and saw the surprise in his eyes as he looked down at her. “Now David why should you be worried? As long as you tell me you have brought it in for Urs you are safe.”
David’s infectious laugh could be heard down the hallway as he joined Veny to walk to Urs’ room. “How is the patient?”
“He had a rough night but was sleeping when left him. Let me check on him before you come in okay?”

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PostSubject: Veny's Angel Chapter 5 Part 2   Tue Mar 24, 2009 1:04 pm

David nodded and waited outside Urs’ room.
Veny touched Urs gently on the arm and spoke softly to wake him. “ Urs…..Urs.”
He opened his eyes ands smiled.
“Hey. David is outside. You up for a visit?”
Urs adjusted himself in the chair and nodded so Veny let David in. She had never noticed it before but he seemed to take up the whole room with his height as well as his personality. “Hey Buddy, nice to see you out of bed. I brought bad things for you to eat.”
David handed the bag to Urs and waited as Urs looked inside and then to Veny.
“Don’t blame me if you don’t like it. I ran in to David while I was in search of hospital rations. But I can vouch for the coffee. You got it a Jaffa’s on the corner right?”
David nodded. “I wasn’t sure if you had eaten or if you would be ready for anything so got stuff I thought would last a little while.”
Urs pulled a chocolate muffin out of the bag and placed it on the table beside him, then a danish and then a bagel, then looked at the coffee still in David’s hand and swallowed. “I wouldn’t mind the coffee right now. Seems I missed breakfast around here.”
David handed over the coffee and after taking a sip Urs asked after the others.
“Sebastien and Carlos are back at the hotel going over the concert dates with management to see how many we will have to cancel and how many we can re schedule.”
Urs was just about to take a bite from the danish when he stopped. “Cancel…because of me? My legs is broken not my neck. I can still sing.”
“I know buddy but we have a couple of concerts due in the next few days….”
Urs cut him off. “And I will be there even if I have to wheel myself out of here I will be there. David make sure they don’t cancel anything!!!!”
David put his hands up in surrender. “Okay, okay.” David began to pull out his mobile phone when Veny stopped him. “I’ll go outside and call the others, then I will be back.”
Urs watched David leave before he spoke. “Veny they will let me leave wont they. I mean it is just my leg right?”
“As far as I know yes. Like the doctor said you are healing very fast. Mind you I am not sure what you are going to do about you stage clothes with a hunk of plaster attached to your leg. Maybe we could get you nice pair of Armani shorts. I am sure all your Ubers would be happy to line up around the block to sign you cast with that kind of wardrobe change. ”
The horrified look on Urs’ face made Veny laugh; as she did all the tension left Urs as he laughed.

They both became silent and serious as an orderly entered the room pushing a wheel chair. He nodded to Veny and smiled at Urs. “Time to take you to get an x ray of that leg Mr Buhler.”
Veny and the orderly helped Urs into the wheelchair and just as he was being wheeled passed the table he grabbed the muffin. Veny tapped him on the shoulder. “I’ll wait here for David and let him know where you are. I am sure he will be back soon.”
Urs squeezed her hand as he was wheeled away.
Knowing that David would have had to leave the hospital building to use his phone she took the chance to go in search of other patients she wanted to check up on. Leaving word at the nurses’ station in Urs’ ward to call her the moment he got back. Veny had only been gone about fifteen minutes when she got the call to say that David was waiting for her and looking a little anxious.
She had to smile as she approached him, he was pacing back and forth in front of the nurses counter. “David…You’ll wear out the floor at this rate. What is wrong?”
“Is Urs okay? He’s not in his room.”
Veny looked to the duty nurse. “I tried to tell him Mr Buhler has just gone for x rays but he seems to think we have kidnapped him.”
David was about to protest when Veny touched him on the arm. “He is fine David. If it will make you feel better we can wait for him in x ray.”
David nodded his approval.
As they walked Veny tried to change the subject. “So how did the phone call go?” Seeing how agitated David got maybe it had been the wrong question to ask but he did answer.
“Oh just peachy. Ray’s in a tailspin not knowing whether he has to tear down the stage or leave it up. He doesn’t like just waiting. Sebastien and Carlos had just about got things sorted with management when I called so now they are having to back track and make sure that nothing does get cancelled.”
Veny could sense that there was more to it than just tour logistics. “And you David? How are you coping?”
Just as they walked into the x ray department David stopped. “What do you mean coping? I am coping fine.”
Veny gave him a small caring smile and guided him to a sofa where they both could sit. “I think you have been running on adrenaline since the accident David. You need to stop and take a breath. What is it? What don’t you want to think about?”
At Veny’s words all the thoughts that David had been suppressing since they had been brought into the hospital raged to the surface. His voice changed; no longer did he speak like a man who was in control but like a child who was afraid and lost. “Dear God Veny we could have lost him. Really lost him. I saw the bike Veny, did you know that?”
Veny shook her head in silence letting him talk.
“It was a mess; I didn’t know what I was looking at first off but then.” David shivered and his eyes gleaned over with the start of tears.
Veny took his hands. “He is alive David, he survived, you all did. You know what… I can’t see God or fate giving the world Il Divo just to have you taken away. The four of you together are so very special; you make such a difference in the world.” David went to say something but she stoped him. “I know you think I am nuts but hear me out. I might be nuts but I believe that you were always destined to be together and my heart tells me that you haven’t yet spread all the magic you have to spread. So… Urs will get better, you will all get better and will all go on as Il Divo, the four of you and you will change the world.”
“Then why do I have this feeling that someone, something is out there trying to stop us? It’s eerie but we have had a few close calls.”
Veny took a deep breath before she spoke her words. “That maybe but I know with all my heart that there is a far greater someone or something out there to protect you, to guide you, to make sure that you succeed.”
David looked deep into her eyes to see if she was just spinning him some line but he could tell she believed every word she was saying. “You really do believe that don’t you?”
Veny lent into him as if she did not want anyone else to hear what she was saying, held him in her arms and whispered. “More than you could possibly know.”
Unseen by David Veny put her fingers to her lips and sent a kiss into the empty air as she mouthed the words. “Thank you.”
She knew they were with him. She had felt them arrive when he did; she had felt them leave when he did. She had also felt their presence with Urs. Since she had been with Gavreel it seemed that she was more able to sense when they were around. She also knew that none of them was Gavreel. The four angels that had been sent to guard David looked to each other. Mykka was a little unnerved. “She really does know we are here doesn’t she?”
He got no response all angels listening to David’s words.
David pulled her into a tighter hug. “God Veny you are an angel, you know that.”
Veny had to catch the cry in her throat at his words. Thankfully David did not notice. “Now where is that Swiss misfit?”

Urs was staring at the radiologist in disbelief. “What do you mean it’s not broken?”
“It’s not Mr Buhler. I’ve done the x rays three times. If I didn’t know you were one of the patients form the freeway accident I would think you were here for you last X ray before getting your cast off. The bone is completely sewn together. I need to talk to your doctor but I think we can take the cast off.”
“But I only had it put on yesterday and my leg still hurts like hell.”
“What can I say but miracle springs to mind.”
Urs lay back down on the x ray table while the radiologist contacted the doctor. Gavreel’s words about being healed once again spinning around in his head.

Veny caught the radiologist’s attention. “Mike…. our patient okay?”
Mike smiled when he saw Veny but then looked at David a little suspiciously. “It’s okay Mike, David is part of the team.”
“Veny I don’t know how to explain this, I really don’t.”
David started to get anxious. “Is something wrong?”
“Well, yes I mean no… I mean your friend is fine but.”
Like she had done to David, Veny placed her hand gently on Mike’s arm. “What is it Mike?”
Mike pulled the x rays from under his arms and held them up to the ceiling light. “See. Nothing, no break. I don’t even know why they put the pins in.”
David had no idea what he was looking at but he could see what looked like four screws in Urs’ leg and that was it. From the conversation he could tell that Veny understood very well. “Is see Mike. I guess you better go get his doctor. I am sure he would be interested in this development.”
“How do I explain this to him?” Mike shook the x rays.
Veny gave him a re assuring smile. “Trust me. I don’t think you will have to. Can we keep Urs company while you are gone?”
Mike waved them off as he headed down the hall and Veny and David headed for Urs’ room finding him asleep. David shook his head. “He can sleep anywhere.”
Urs stirred and looked up into David’s face. “Something is wrong David.”
Veny touched Urs on the arm. “No Urs nothing is wrong. You are fine. Better than fine in fact. Guess your Ubers won’t get to see you in those Armani shorts after all.”

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PostSubject: Veny's Angel Chapter 5 Part 3   Tue Mar 24, 2009 1:05 pm

David shot her a puzzled look but it had the desired effect on Urs, he laughed.
Urs sat himself up and swung his legs over the edge of the table as David took up the conversation. “According to Veny we are all better than fine. She reckons we have someone looking out us.”
Urs sighed and dropped his head. “Angels.”
David was stunned. “Urs… You believe….”
Urs cut him off. “How else do you explain why I am still alive? Why we are all still alive. I heard the nurses talking about the car you were in. David…none of us was supposed to make it out of that accident alive.”
Urs could see the colour drain from David’s face. “I am having a hard time getting my head around this and believe me I have thought about it a lot.” Urs looked to Veny and reached out for her hand. “But I believe what Veny has said. Someone IS looking after us. I also believe she can sense their presence.”
Again it was not just Veny and David that tensed at his words but the eight angels with them.
David looked at Veny. “You can see them? These angels?”
Veny shook her head. “ No. I…. It’s complicated. If you just tried you would be able to sense them as well. I bet you have already you just don’t know it.” Before David could stop her and before she lost her nerve Veny continued. “Did you have a special friend as a child David? I mean s p.. e c… i a l . The one that was with you all the time?”
Veny saw the recognition register in David’s eyes. “What was his name?”
Urs could not believe what she was asking and kept watching David thinking his friend would throw up his hands in disbelief and call her crazy. Exactly what he would have done if not for the dreams.
Instead David gave her his answer. “Myka.. I used to call him My Car.”
Mykka ruffled his feathers in the corner of the room making Veny look up. Urs caught her actions but David was still a little over whelmed. “You mean I have a guardian angel? I mean that was him and you are telling me he is still around?”
“I guess. Haven’t you ever felt like someone was with you, just when you needed them? That feeling that if you looked around you would see someone but when you did no one was there?”
Both Urs and David nodded.
“Your angel.”
David stepped a little closer to her. “And he is here right now?”
“With re enforcements I think.”
David looked shocked; he was even more shocked when it was Urs that answered his un-spoken question. “Yes David. I am sure they are the reason we survived.”
David put his hands on his hips. “Oh so you are going to tell me you know the name of your Angel?”
Urs took a breath before he answered while all the angels held theirs. “Cain….. I know that is not how it is said but it’s the closest I can get.”
In the corner of the room Caen smiled. “He always was a smart boy.”
David looked to Veny but again it was Urs who answered. “Her angels name was Gavreel.”
It was Veny’s turn to look shocked as David questioned Urs. “What do you mean was?”
Urs looked to Veny with compassion in his eyes and squeezed her hand. “I think he died to save me right?”
All Veny could do was nod as small tears began and all the angels in the room began to get concerned. Would her love for Gavreel undo all his work?
David looked from Urs to Veny. “Your angel died? Is that possible? You don’t have an angel anymore?”
Veny gave Urs a quick look that David did see this time. “I know that Gavreel has gone. I also know that another has been keeping a watch over me. Not all the time but I guess he pops in to see how I am doing. I think it is Terry’s angle. He has the same smell.”
Veny went on to explain how she knew the angels were around to the astonished looks of the two men and the surprise of the angles. Caen laughed. “Tabris was right. She understands a great deal.”
Before David could ask any more questions Mike returned with the doctor in tow.

Three hours later Veny, David and Urs left the hospital. The doctor had removed Urs’ cast and taken several more x rays of his leg. It had taken some fast-talking on Urs’ part to get the doctor to let him leave when he was happy that his leg had in fact healed. He still had pins inside this leg and needed a walking cane to help steady him due to the pain in his leg but he did leave under his own steam much to the amazement of those who were watching.

They had not contacted Carlos or Sebastien other than to tell them not to come to the hospital so when they got back to the hotel it was to be engulfed in a frenzy of high speed French and Spanish as their two friends voiced their own amazement. Their rapid speech turned into stunned silence when David explained the angel theory.
Carlos threw up his hands, then pulled Urs in to a tight hug. “I do not care it if were angels, God or the tooth fairy.” Carlos pushed Urs back but still kept hold of his shoulders. “A miracle stands before me and I am glad of it.”
Sebastien tapped on Urs’ cane. “Do you need to sit down my friend?”
“I guess but can we do it down it the bistro I’m hungry.”
Everyone laughed and Veny made her way back to the door. “Well I can see you are in good hands. I better get back to work.”
Urs was a little shocked; he had expected her to stay. “Please stay for lunch.”
Veny smiled. “I would like to but I have a dinner date with Terry later and even with extra staff things will be pretty hectic at work for a few days yet.” Veny could see the disappointment in Urs eyes. “I wouldn’t say no to breakfast, tomorrow…. If you are up to it?”
The words were out of Urs’ mouth in milliseconds. “You’re on Miss V.”
His three companions looked at him, knowing that Urs had found someone to whom he could give his heart.
Veny smiled sweetly, she liked what he had called her. Closing the distance between them she gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Don’t forget to rest your leg.”

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PostSubject: Veny's Angel Chapter 6 Part 1   Tue Mar 24, 2009 1:07 pm

Veny’s Angel
Part Six

Veny was in the nurses change room getting back into her civilian clothes when she got a call from Terry. “Hey I was expecting to leave a message. You done already?”
“Yep. We still on for a quick bite together?”
“Yeah but would you mind if we changed plans a little” Terry continued knowing that Veny would call a rain check if she got the chance. “Can we meet at the guys hotel; Ray said he would join us later. Is that okay?”
“Sure but why don’t you and Ray just have dinner together. I am fine Terry really.”
“No I still want to catch up. These past few days have been, well intense. See you in about forty minutes then?”
Veny sighed, if truth be told she really did not want to be on her own and dinner was a good excuse to spend some time with a friend. “You still there?” She closed her eyes and took a breath, smelling the sweet essence of an angel as it hung in the air.
Zephyr gave her a smile “Yes little one.” Not expecting her to answer he was surprised when she did.
“You are not one of the others, not the same. Tell me your name?” Veny took another breath and waited.
Zephyr spoke his name. “Zephyr. My name is Zephyr.”
Again Veny surprised him as she tried to sound it out. “ Zef er, Zef ee er, Zef eye er. Is that right? Your name is Zefer?”
Zephyr ruffled his wings. “Tabris said you were special. Close enough little one.”
Veny opened her eyes and smiled in his direction again surprising him. “Thank you Zefer. I really did not want to be all on my own. I…..”
Zephyr came to stand next to her and placed a gentle kiss on her cheek. “I will be with you until I am no longer needed little one. Do not fear.”
Veny touched her cheek. “Well I guess we have a dinner to get to.”

Veny stepped out of the hospital and headed to the train station. What she did not know was her ex had been waiting for her and was about to confront her. If not for the intervention of a few of Zephyr’s associates he would have caught up with her. This was the reason that Tabris had sent Zephyr to watch over Veny. He had been keeping an eye on the ex as well as Terry and when he realised what the ex was planning he called for backup. It had been his idea to change the dinner arrangements, planting the thought into Terry’s mind. He needed Veny to be around people she trusted and people who would keep her safe but having spent some time watching the ex he was still one worried angel.
Zephyr had planted his own thoughts into Veny’s mind and again was surprised at how quickly she picked up on them. “So Zef. Why am I rushing? I am not going to miss the train you know. We have plenty of time.” As she talked Veny picked up her pace just a little anyway thinking if an angel wants you to walk a little faster it was probably a good idea.
As they turned the corner where Jaffa’s Café was located Zephyr turned to see a scuffle break out back at the hospital entrance as several people tried to restrain the ex. He had to wonder how such a sweet person as Veny had been caught up with such a person. Again she surprised him by answering. “He wasn’t always like that.” As she heard the words come out of her mouth Veny stopped in her tracks. “You just asked me about him didn’t you? Gavreel used to do that. Now I know I am not crazy. Talking to myself for no reason.”
Zephyr nudged her and she began to walk again. “But he wasn’t, not in the beginning. Then it all changed and I was too scared to leave. He threatened my friends.” Again Veny stopped as the horrible thought surfaced. “He’s here, that’s way you are rushing me. Oh God Zefer.!!!”
Veny began to panic just a little. After all that had happened in just a few days, Gavreel, Il Divo, the accident. She had not thought of him. Now that surge of panic started to rise from her stomach and her eyes danced up and down the street trying to find him. Once again Zephyr nudged her and she began to walk but he lent in close and whispered to her. “Do not fear little one. I shall not leave your side.”
By the time Veny got to the hotel she had calmed down a little but not enough so that Terry would not notice. As soon and she locked eyes on her friend the smile disappeared from her face replaced with concern. “Veny!!! What is it? Has something happened to Urs, the others?”
Veny tried hard to hold back her tears. “No. He was at the hospital Terry.”
For a moment Terry did not understand what Veny was trying to tell her until Tabris whispered in her ear. “Him….That bastard, Wait till I get my hands on him.”
Zephyr and Tabris nodded to each other as Terry pulled Veny into the hotels bar. “I think we need a drink first.” Terry ordered from the bar tender. “Did he hurt you Veny? Did you see him?”
How could she tell her friend why she knew he was around? “No and no. Someone told me they had seen him hanging around.”
“Well you are safe now. If he comes anywhere near you I’ll rip his eyes out.”
Zephyr had to smile. “She’s a feisty one Tabris. Glad she is yours to look after.”
Tabris shook his head. “I don’t mind telling you she has given me a run for my money a few times and I have no doubt that when she meets him again she will try and rip his eyes out, whether it is tomorrow or ten thousand years from now. She has broken a few knuckles on the jaws of men who did not realise when Terry says no she means no.”
Zephyr looked to Tabris stunned. “Seriously?”
Tabris nodded. “Oh she has mellowed out over the years but back in her younger days I had my doubts about if she really needed a guardian.”
“But she does, they all do?”
“You and I know that Zephyr but you also know if we get rejected we cannot interfere. You know there comes a time in all their lives when they will either accept us or push us away. I really thought Terry would push me away but when that time came she surprised me as she always does.”
“She asked you to stay.”
Tabris smiled. “She told me to stay. Said if I was real I better stick close by and the only time I was allowed to leave her was to help a friend.”
“She said that?” Zephyr looked to the two women who were now seated in the restaurant. “I thought it was Veny that had the special connection to us because of…. Well you know.”
Tabris Sighed. “She does but she always had a deeper understanding of us and I think that is why Terry let me stay. Hedging her bets. These two have been friends for a long time. I asked Gavreel once how he would feel if Veny rejected him. You know he just smiled and said that would never happen. He was right. He hated being taken away from her especially when she was with…” Tabris ruffled his wings in anger. “Because of their friendship I have been around these two women most of their lives. I always teased Gavreel that he had the easy job but now I understand his was so much harder than mine. She doesn’t even know it but she manages to get under your wings.”
Zephyr nodded in confirmation. He had only been with her a short time yet she had woven her spell.

Ray had stuck his head into the restaurant seeing Veny and Terry then headed for his room for a quick shower and change of clothes. Although he was staying with Terry his room was still available for him and it made sense to use it.
Tabris had seen him and pointed him out to Zephyr. “I need to go have a chat to him.”
“No guardian?”
“No guardian but I think after all this he may change his mind.”
Zephyr watch Tabris leave and then moved a little closer to Terry and Veny.

While he showered Ray thought about Veny and Urs. Tabris saw the smile creep across his face a knew his job was done. Ray dried himself off and then made a call. “Hey Urs how you doing?....That’s good. Look, can I ask you a favour. I’m just getting ready to meet Terry and Veny for dinner but I don’t want Veny to think that she has to leave and I know Terry is a little worried about her soooo would you mind coming with me. Make it a foursome?”
Ray waited for what felt like an eternity for Urs to give his answer and when he did he did a little dance that made his towel drop from his waist to the floor. “Great. See you in about fifteen minutes in the lobby.”

Two men and five angels walked into the restaurant, Terry saw Ray and smiled. Veny had her back to the entrance and not expecting anyone she just sat where she was. “I see your man has arrived.”
Terry looked across the table. “That obvious is it?” Her smile grew just a little knowing what a surprise Urs would be. “Well looks like your man has arrived as well.”
Veny began to turn around just as the two men reached the table. Ray went to Terry and hugged her. Veny began to stand to greet Urs, her actions brining them closer than she had expected, they were almost touching. His warm breath washing over her face as he spoke, not bothering to step back. “I hope you don’t mind but Ray asked me to tag along.”
Veny shook her head then noticed his cane. “How is your leg?” She stepped back in the guise of taking a better look but only succeeding in bumping into her chair knocking her self off balance.
Urs grabbed her arm to steady her. “Well nice to see you bump into other things not just people and my leg is fine thank you.”
Terry laughed. “Urs you better sit her down before she breaks your other leg.”
Veny shot her friend a look of utter disbelief but all four took their place at the table, Urs making sure that Veny was comfortable before he took his seat beside her. “You don’t mind do you? That I tagged along.”
Veny gave him a mischievous look. “As long as it doesn’t mean you are cancelling breakfast?”
It was now Ray and Urs’ turn to be wearing a look of disbelief. Terry just shouted at her friend. “Veny!!!!!”
Veny tried to look sheepish, shrugging her shoulders but she shivered involuntarily as Urs took her hand, brought it to his lips and placed a gentle, tender kiss across her knuckles. “I would be happy to join you for breakfast.”
As their eyes locked Veny stopped breathing. Was she reading him right? His eyes saying so much more than his words. As he kissed her hand one more time before letting go Veny felt the velvet tip of his tongue dance across her flesh, setting her on fire. The arrival of the drink waiter gave her the distraction she needed.
Terry lent into Ray and whispered. “You did good. Brilliant idea getting Urs to come along.” Blowing in his ear before she order her drink Ray was left wondering if he would make it through dinner.

Dinner was a relaxing affair with no talk of accidents, tour logistics or ex boyfriends. Urs got to know a little more about Veny by listening to Terry’s very colourful tales of their times together. Stories that made Veny blush and the men laugh more than once. Every so often Urs would touch Veny’s hand, or arm and give it a squeeze and she found comfort in his touch, although her thoughts were starting to hover on the dreams she had of him. The laughter of her companions brought her back just as Zephyr lent in and whispered to her. Veny smiled. “Okay Terry …..My turn to tell a few tales I think.”
Terry began to shake her head. “Oh no you don’t Missy.”
Ray jumped in to defend Veny. “Aww Terry it’s only fair. Give Veny a chance. I am sure she will do her best to embarrass you.”
Terry thumped him hard in the arm. “I know she will.”
Again Veny felt Urs squeeze her hand gently.
So with Urs’ prompting, through dessert and coffee Veny had them all in stitches with a few stories of their younger days that even Terry had forgotten. Tears of happiness rolled down faces and sides ached as they laughed so much, a few times drawing glances from other patrons, happy jealous glances, seeing four people having such a good time.

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PostSubject: Veny's Angel Chapter 6 Part 2   Tue Mar 24, 2009 1:08 pm

As silence descended on the group Terry threw her napkin onto the table. “I really don’t feel like going back to work now.”
Urs and Ray both looked at their watches when Veny spoke up. “Terry it’s so late. Surely what ever you have to do can wait until tomorrow. You can get an early start rather than work through the night.”
Ray took her hand. “You can stay here tonight if you like. That way you will be closer to work.”
Terry nudged him. “Yeah and closer to you right?”
Ray winked at her. “Well there is that.”
Again everyone laughed but then Terry looked at Veny as a cloud crossed her face. “Veny, considering before I don’t like to leave you on your own, even at my place.”
Urs looked from Terry to Veny and back to Terry again. “What? What do you mean before?”
Both girls could tell by the change in his posture that he wanted an answer. Ray and Urs sat in stunned silence while Terry told them of the ex turning up at the hospital.
Once again Veny found her hands cocooned in Urs’ tender but strong grip. “Then there is nothing more of it. You shall stay here tonight.” Urs pulled her a little closer, resting both their hands on his chest. “Would you allow me to so this for you Veny? I would feel much better knowing you were not in harms way.”
“Yeah me too Veny.” Terry nodded her head with expectation shining from her eyes.
Ray said a silent pray that Veny would accept Urs’ offer as he knew if she did not that his night with Terry would be a non event. She would go home with her friend.
Again Veny found herself lost in Urs’ eyes, her voice almost a whisper when she spoke. “I would like that very much. Thank you Urs.”
It was as if everyone breathed at the same time. Urs smiled and bowed his head just a little. “You don’t have to be afraid. I will not leave you.”
Zephyr smiled at Tabris. “Gavreel knew didn’t he? He knew even before he made his choice that Urs was the one to be at her side.”
“That is why he fought so hard to connect with him before he left Zephyr. He needed Urs to understand just how special she is.”
“He knows Tabris, he knows.”
Tabris sighed. “As we all do.”

The two couples walked through the hotel to the elevators, Veny holding Urs back behind Terry and Ray. Urs sensed her hesitation. “I can get you your own room if you like Veny?”
Veny stretched her spine so she could kiss him on the cheek. “I don’t want to be alone.”
Her pleading eyes were all Urs needed to see and he returned her kiss but this time on the lips.
Ray grabbed hold of Urs and Terry grabbed hold of Veny as the elevator doors opened and pulled them in.

He paced up and down the footpath across from Terry’s apartment waiting for them to come home. He knew Veny would be here but it was getting late or rather early and neither one of them had shown up. Just as he was about to cross the street Tabris flew over him setting of several car alarms as he did. Several people and several angels stuck their heads out of windows up and down the street to check on their possessions. The humans checked their cars, the angels watched the ex leave the street with Tabris on his tail.

Veny dropped her bag on the sofa in the middle of the room. “Wow. I am guessing this is the compensation for having to be on the road half your life.”
“Yeah you get to be bored in two rooms instead of one.”
Veny turned to look at him seeing the sadness flicker across his eyes and was going to say something when Urs winced and grabbed at the top of his leg.
“Your leg hurts?”
Urs nodded. “A little. Get a few sharp pains now and then. Its funny but I think I can feel the pins they put in, they feel cold.”
Veny stepped closer. “Let me take a look.” Leaning she gently ran her hands down the side of his leg from his thigh all the way to his ankle and made him shudder. “I am sorry did I hurt you?”
Urs was stood with his eyes closed grasping onto his cane in fear that he would fall over at her touch. Her hand had glided so slowly down his leg it was all he could do to stop himself from pulling her back to her feet and take her then and there. He had not heard a word she had said.
“Urs??? Are you okay??”
He opened his eyes to look straight into hers, running his free hand tenderly across her cheek. “Perfect.”
Veny closed her eyes and pushed her face onto his hand, she felt him raise her head and then his lips brushed hers, ever so softly at first, it was her turn to shudder.
Urs moved his lips to kiss her on the forehead then asked. “Veny would you be with me tonight?”
Veny looked at him to make sure she understood his question and gave her answer with a silent nod.
Urs dropped his cane on the floor and swept her up into his arms, carrying her to his bed.
After he placed her on the bed Ur straddled her, looking down at her. “You take my breath away.” He bowed his head and once more kissed her tenderly letting his tongue brush softly across her teeth before Veny pushed him back a little.
“Urs, your leg, are you in pain?”
His smile was disarming. “If it meant that I could be with you I would spend the rest of my life in pain. But no my leg is fine.”
He went to kiss her again but once more she stopped him. Would you mind if I took a shower before we….. I kind of need to wash off the day.”
Urs pulled himself off the bed before reaching for Veny to help her stand. In return she hung her arms around his neck, pulling his face to hers and finished off the kiss he had started, this time Veny parted his lips and guided her tongue into his mouth so she could taste him. It was then that she realised that they were no completely alone. Breaking their kiss she stepped back a little. “I wont be long I promise.”

Veny left Urs in the middle of the room as she entered the bathroom. She knew he was there. “Zefer, it’s a little crowded…. you think you guys could give us some room for a little while. Urs is safe and I will be safe while I am with him.”
Zephyr bowed. “As you wish little one. We shall depart but rest assured we will return.”
Veny smiled and began to undress once she knew he was gone.
In the other room as the other angels departed with Zephyr, Urs was sure he heard something then he heard the shower running and his ache to be close to her grew.
To ask her to stay had seemed so natural, just holding her hand, watching her, he felt like he had known her all his life. Now visualising how the water must be running over her body he wanted to know her so much more, he could not wait and Urs advanced towards the bathroom. Once the door shut behind him he quickly undressed leaving his clothes in a pile on the floor. Gently he tapped on the steamy glass shower door wondering if she would reject him.
Veny slid the door open a little surprised to see him standing there in all this glory. She stepped back giving him room to join her. As Veny pulled him under the rain of water Urs’ body tingled and he let her take charge.
Veny’s hands ran down his chest until they reached his waist, then she let them walk around to his back and pulled him closer. His flesh against her flesh seemed to set her blood on fire. She could feel his penis growing as it pushed up against her leg.
Urs brought her mouth up to his. Water mixed with their own juices and while their tongues danced he kneaded her breasts between his fingers making her nipples harden.
Veny pushed herself to him, wanting to feel every single touch.
Urs stepped back finding himself against the shower wall and Veny guiding one of his hands down between their two bodies until his fingers rested on her sweet spot. He was about to break contact with his lips to ask her to do the same for him when he felt her fingers gently wrap around his penis and begin their slow pulling.
His own fingers rubbed across her sweet spot and Urs found that Veny had begun to play with him in the same rhythm. If he slowed down so did she.
Veny was not sure if it was the fact that his fingers were so close to being inside her or the fact that she had hold of him but the humming that had been washing through her body since he had kissed her in the lobby was now a buzz and it wanted to be set free. Their kissing became more powerful, their hands moved faster on each other and Veny felt as though her legs would give way. She pulled away from him and groaned making his fingers work even faster, maker her body tense even more waiting for the explosion to overpower her.
Urs felt Veny grasp him harder and faster, he wanted to be inside her, feel her warmth engulf him but he also wanted her to experience the pleasure he knew was not so far away. With great effort he lent in and began to suck on her nipples one after the other, feeling her body tense up yet again, he was sure he was going to have to pull her hand away from him before she was through but beginning to feel is own sexual energy mount he let her continue.
Thankfully as the orgasm hit Veny let go and pulled him to her, digging her nails into his shoulders as she let out a cry of pleasure, the water hitting her body seeming to intensify what she was feeling.
Urs could wait no longer, he needed, wanted his own release so drove himself inside her. Veny gasped still in a state of orgasmic bliss but then Urs felt her muscles tighten around him and he began to thrust in and out. It was his turn to push her up against the wall, holding himself up so he could enter her better, faster and harder.
Veny had expected her orgasm to finish and she would have been happy to wait for Urs to find his own pleasure but it did not. Each time he pushed himself into her the waves of lustful pleasure surged to claim every part of her, so much so she could not hold herself up anymore and sank to the floor, Urs followed, Veny wrapped her legs around his back as he pushed her into the corner to gain all the traction he could just before he exploded inside her. Veny’s second orgasm arrived at the same time. Urs’ body protected her from most of the water but some splashed her face, entering her mouth as she glided across the wet floor underneath him, her shoulder hitting the corner of the wall as Urs gave into his last covetous push, groaning and finally falling to the floor next to Veny, watching her body spasm, seeing the glow of pleasure radiate from her face as he regulated his own breathing.

Moments later Veny found herself wrapped in Urs’ arms as they both stood under the still raining shower, she could feel his hands as he gently massaged the soap into her skin. Her knees buckled a few times and each time Urs held her weight. Just as she could feel them about to give way again he scooped her up into his arms. Veny pushed the shower door open and Urs carried her to the bed where he wrapped her in the day cover and began to use it to dry her off while his own body dripped and glistened. Veny could do nothing but stare into his eyes and run her fingers across his chest pushing droplets of water aside as she did. “They look like tiny diamonds.”
Urs looked back at her curious.
“The water.” She leaned in and kissed him and in a whisper he almost missed she spoke the words that made his heart jump. “I think I love you.”
Urs gathered her to him, resting her head on his chest not believing what he had heard, not believing what he was about to do. He had known her for such a short time yet he knew he needed to spend the rest of his life with her. “I Think I love you to.”

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PostSubject: Veny's Angel Chapter 7 Part 1   Tue Mar 24, 2009 1:10 pm

Veny’s Angel
Part Seven

When Zephyr returned he found the two humans sleeping soundly. He smiled as his four companions took up their posts in each corner of the room as he knelt next to the bed and watched Veny sleep. She sighed, moving her body closer to Urs but opened her eyes just a little and unseeing looked right at Zephyr. “Welcome back.”
Her smile tugged at the angel’s heart as he ran his hands through her hair sending her back into a contented sleep. “Rest in his arms little one. Gavreel was right. His is worthy of your love.”

The sharp ringing of the phone next to the bed startled Urs and he swore trying to reach it before it screeched at him again. As he answered he reached across the bed with his other hand and finding it empty he panicked just a little. The voice at the other end of the phone told him it was the wake up call the room had ordered just a Veny stepped out of the bathroom. “You didn’t leave.”
Veny was showered and dressed as she came to lie back on the bed next to him, placing a small kiss on his lips. “No but I will have to soon. Work. So are you up for that breakfast you promised me or do I have to grab a take away from Jaffa’s?”
Urs pulled her a little closer, running his hand through her hair and returning her kiss just a little more passionately than she had expected. “Depends what you want for breakfast.”
Veny laughed and untangled herself from him, knowing if she stayed she would be very late for work indeed. “Mr Buhler!!!” Still smiling she threw a pillow at him. “Come on, get ready we can have a quick bite before I have to go.” Veny saw the mischievous twinkle in his eyes as he crawled across the bed towards her. “I meant bite to eat. Of food, not each other.”

They were still laughing like the happy couple they were when they entered the bistro to the smell of strong coffee, glad to be the only patrons. Urs looked at his watch, it was just six thirty in the morning and Veny teased him. “Aww you going to need a nanna knap today because I got you up so early?”
Urs looked a little indignant at her suggestion just for a second then that mischievous look was back as he pulled her into him. “Only if you take it with me.”
As they approached the breakfast buffet Veny became serious. “How are you really Urs? How is your leg? I am not sure you should have left your cane in the room.”
Until that moment Urs had thought he had gotten away with his little deception. “Did you think I wouldn’t notice?’ Veny laughed and kissed him on the cheek. “I can see that you are walking just fine without it but….”
Urs stopped her. “I am fine Veny. I need to see if I can do without.” Veny went to answer but he put his fingers gently to her lips. “I would rather go on stage without it if I can. You understand?”
Veny took his hand in hers but did not remove it from her lips, kissing it instead. “Yes but please don’t be too stubborn. I know you are healing fast but I would hate for you to hurt yourself for the sake of not taking your cane with you.”
Urs wrapped his arm around her shoulders. “I promise before I go anywhere I will make sure I have it with me. Now……. what shall we have for breakfast?”
Veny let her eyes glance across the offerings of fruit and Danish, cereals and croissants and the hot food then looked back at Urs. “I think I like your first idea better.” Then she tenderly ran her hand down his chest and surprised Urs as she continued until she stopped and squeezed his penis just a little. He stood stunned, quickly looking around the room to make sure no one else had seen what she had done or the results. By the time he had recovered his senses Veny was at the other end of the buffet spooning scrambled eggs onto a plate like she had been there the whole time.
Urs smiled and wondered how she had come into his life. How she had settled into his heart so quickly and so comfortably. He had to adjust himself before he joined her knowing that if it was going to be hours before he could be with her again he was going to need to take that nanna knap and not because he was tired.

Now that Urs was no longer a patient Veny found herself back in her own ward with another full day set before her. Even though she was busy every now and then she would steal a thought for Urs that would make her flush just a little. Sensing that Zephyr was with her she smiled and spoke softly into the air. “He is a good man Zefer. Maybe too good for me.”
Zephyr wore a little frown hearing her words and projected his own into her thoughts. “Do not ever say that about yourself little one. You are worthy of the adoration of the most noble of men. Do not let the wicked heart of one man make you doubt this. Gavreel would not have you thinking this, nor will I.”
Veny’s thoughts drifted back to Urs. “Maybe it is my time to be happy. Gavreel wanted me to go on.” As she spoke his name it caught in her throat and a small tear appeared and she bit her lip.
Zephyr lent in and kissed her on the cheek. “Yes he did little one, he wanted you and Urs to be as one.”
Veny sighed. “He wanted us to be together didn’t he Zefer. Urs and I.”
“Yes little one, very much so.”
Veny spent the rest of the day at work with the sense that she had the blessing of an angel and the protection of others to carry her through whatever life was to bring to her.
Little did she know before the day was out she would need their protection.

There was a radio station interview scheduled for ten o’clock that morning so by nine o’clock Urs found himself in the back of a people mover with a very quiet David, Sebastien and Carlos. Early morning starts never did find the members of Il Divo bright eyed and busy tailed but Urs sensed something different this morning. “Hey guys, what’s up?”
They all turned their attention to him but it was David that spoke. “Just a little eerie being back in the same kind of car, travelling down the same road as the accident. I will be glad when we get into town.”
Sebastien and Carlos nodded in agreement. Urs looked out the window just as David finished talking to see them pass into the tunnel, which meant they had passed the accident site. “Well we have managed to get further than we did the other day.”
This did not help his companions who remained quiet and sombre until they had reached the radio station and had their feet firmly planted on the footpath. Only then did they seem to shake off the darkness that had engulfed them. Urs wondered if he would have felt the same if he had been in the original car. Then wondered why driving passed the accident site had not bothered him so much. He smiled to himself as they entered the building and his thoughts drifted first to Veny and then to his dream of angles. He took a quick glance over his shoulder in the hopes of seeing one then shook his head.
Caen smiled. “We are still with you Urs.”
Even with questions about the accident the interview brought the men to life. Carlos asking if there where any ladies out there that could help him recuperate which sent the switchboard into overdrive.
David and Sebastien teased Urs about his cane saying he was just after the sympathy vote and Urs reciprocated by saying they were just jealous of all the attention he would get.
It was not until they got back to the concert arena that they all came to truly understand just how lucky they were to still be alive. David had seen a few photos of Urs’ bike and did not know how his friend had survived. It took a few comments from some of the roadies and other pictures that Ray gave them to make them fully understand just how lucky they had been. “According to the police report the van you guys were in should never have made it over the guard rail. The way it was travelling it should have been cut in two. They are still trying to figure out how it got over and then landed on its wheels.” Ray handed the photos around the group and gave Urs one of his bike. “As for you, you’re just a walking miracle.”
Urs was sure that his leg hurt just a little as he looked down at the wreckage that was his bike. It was almost unrecognisable.
Ray patted him on the back. “Somebody up there must be looking out for you guys. That is all I can say.”
Urs looked to his three companions. “Somebody is.”
David spoke one word. “Myka.”
Urs did the same. “Cain.” The irony not lost on him as he tightened his grip on the cane by his leg.
Carlos and Sebastien looked to each other then Carlos spoke. “You mean angels right? You really believe they are watching over us? ”
Urs looked very seriously at his friends. “I know this is hard to understand, to believe and I don’t know how I can get you to believe, I can’t explain why I do. its sounds crazy but I know that it is true.” Urs held the picture of his crumpled bike out for them all to see again. “When the believable cannot be explained that only leaves the unbelievable.”
Sebastien looked to David. “And you David, do you believe in angels?”
His reply shocked Sebastien. “Do you believe in heaven and hell?”
David just smiled but Sebastien would not release him. “This is what worries me David. When you came back from the hospital you tried to explain this angel theory. You said that we had re enforcements?” David nodded a little worried as to where Sebastien was taking his questions. “Why? Why do we need re enforcements? Is there something so malevolent after us that more than one guardian angel must project us?”
Sebastien’s questions had unnerved them all and Ray tried to make light of it all. “Hey guys. Look at it this way. You got some pretty heavy duty fire power on your side. I’d be glad to have that sort of back up. You might not be able to see them but just knowing they are around would be comforting. That’s what Terry says anyway.”
At Ray’s words all the angles in the arena, not just those around Il Divo sent up a cheer. His guardian angel would be by his side before the night was through.
Il Divo looked to Ray who smirked just a little. “What can I say? Veny’s angels seem to rubs off on people. Terry is convinced she has one that tries to keep her out of trouble, calls him Tabby, Tabby cat. Can you believe that? I am not going to argue, after seeing what happened to you guys. I am convinced.”
Sebastien brought them all back down to earth with a thud. “But what are they protecting us from?”
The angels that had been sent to look after Il Divo all looked at each other. They did not have the answer. Mykka lent over and gave David a suggestion; in return David smiled at his friends. “Well if we have that much protection I say why worry. Let’s get this sound check done. Right Ray?”
As they walked to the stage David put this arm around Rays shoulder. “She really calls him Tabby cat?”
Ray nodded.
David laughed. “Wonder what his real name is?”
Sixteen angels shouted out his name in union. “Tabris!!!!”

Veny had expected to be finished work by four o’clock but had stayed on until a replacement could be found for someone who had called in sick. This meant she did not finish until close to seven. Her first message was to Terry to see if she was home or still at work. Her second was to Urs, knowing they had a concert that started at eight o’clock she was not expecting a reply and just left a message to say she would be happy to join him for a late dinner if that is what he wanted. Her heart beat a little faster and a warm glow engulfed her body when he replied straight away. He was just about to switch off his phone as her message arrived. He sent his love and said he would call once they were through for the night.
Terry’s message came in while Veny was on her way home saying she had been and gone and was with Ray and they would both be home later.
Veny decided it would give her time to have a nice long soak in a bath and even if Urs changed his mind at least she could have a relaxing time at home.
Zephyr was a little uneasy about her being at Terry’s on her own and sent his thoughts to her. Veny smiled as they floated through her mind. “You know Zefer it seems to be getting easier to hear you, wonder what it would take to be able to see you as well.” She laughed a little. “But I will be fine. I’ll head back to Terry’s and will not leave again until Urs is ready and if it will make you feel any better I will call a cab okay?”
Zephyr ruffled his feathers and continued to walk at her side as they made it down the street to Terry’s. He did not let his guard down until she was safely inside and had locked the door.

Urs called Veny’s phone several times but all he got was her voice mail and he was becoming concerned. Carlos re-assured his friend. “You said she had a long shift today? Then maybe she has just fallen asleep.”
Urs looked to Carlos but he was not convinced. “Maybe. I think I will call Ray, Terry was with him maybe she knows.”
Carlos was about to say something but all of Urs’ attention was on waiting for Ray to answer the phone.
Ray informed Urs that he and Terry were heading back to her place and Terry was trying to get in touch with Veny as they spoke.
“I’ll meet you there. Call me if you get there first okay?” Urs had no idea why but he knew he needed to get to Veny.
Several angels ruffled their wings as Caen came to stand next to Urs. “Think it is time we sent word to Zephyr to be on his guard. Urs has felt the same shift in the air as we.”

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PostSubject: Veny's Angel Chapter 7 Part 2   Tue Mar 24, 2009 1:11 pm

Zephyr had also felt the change but he was so taken with Veny’s abilities to communicate with him he had been lax in his guardian duties and stayed with her while she fell asleep so he did not see or hear the ex enter Terry’s place until it was too late. It was Veny who became aware of something that brought her out of her slumber. She was sure she had heard her phone ring then remembered she had left it with her things in the lounge room. Her ex had grabbed it and switched it off before it could ring more than once and thrown it across the room. This is what Zephyr heard and went to investigate. He shouted a warning to Veny to stay in her room but it was too late, still a little groggy she was already walking down the hall as her ex charged up it to meet her. The next thing Veny knew was her body hitting the wall and she was on the ground. It took her a moment to realise it was the mad ranting of her ex shrieking in her ears as he pulled her up by the hair and dragged her down the hall to the lounge room. Zephyr had managed to get behind Veny to cushion her fall but he knew it would still have hurt her. Veny screamed out his name “Zefer!!!!! Help me!!!!”
Zephyr succeeded in prying the ex’s hands away from her hair so she fell to the floor. “Run Veny, run!!!”
Veny did what she was told; she got up and ran for the front door. Before she could get her fingers around the lock the ex was on her again. This time he slammed her face first into the door and pulled one of her arms around to her back while he pushed her face up against the door with his other hand. All she could feel was his hot alcohol soaked breath on her skin as he shouted obscenities at her. Zephyr again had managed to put himself between Veny and the door and it was his strength that helped her push the ex way. Once more she tried for the lock, then all went black when he hit her over the head with something and Zephyr had not been able to stop the full force of the blow.

For a few moments Veny was not sure where she was or what had happened, then she smelt his breath so close to her, struggling she realised he was on top of her and they were still in the lounge room. The whole time Veny had been unconscious Zephyr had been trying to convince the ex to leave her alone, to get him to leave. He could feel the evil that surrounded the man and was not sure if any of his words had penetrated his thoughts. At least he had taken his hands from around her neck. Zephyr was hoping that because Veny had passed out the ex was waiting for her to wake up before he continued, he also hoped it would give the others time to arrive, he knew they were on the way.
The ex pulled Veny to her feet by her hair once more but this time she managed to land a punch across his face. This had shocked him and he let go, giving Veny time to run to the only place left to her, the kitchen. All the horrible memories of the past seemed to flood back. Veny was bruised and battered with tears streaming down her face, her eyes looking frantically for something to defend herself against the mad man coming at her.
Zephyr rushed to her side. “I am with you little one. I want you to scream like you have never screamed before. Urs is here, he needs to know where you are. Scream Veny scream.”

Urs, Ray and Terry had met on the street and were just getting the hello’s out of the way as they walked up the stairs to Terry’s apartment when they all hear the most blood curdling scream of their lives. Ray and Urs raced up the stairs side by side and without hesitation both men put their shoulders to the front door and smashed it open. The momentum of their bodies sent them both reeling to the floor. Not so Terry, she had been hot on their heels, jumped over them both and ran straight at the ex climbing on his back and wrapping her legs around him, clawing at his eyes with her fingers. “You son of *****!!!!!!!”
The ex swung around trying to dislodge the mad creature attached to his back as it took a bite out of his ear only to come face to face with Urs and Ray. Ray was a little shocked to see Terry in such a rage, even more shocked to see that she had actually taken a piece of his ear and spat it out. The ex had cried in pain and sank to the floor; it was the only reason the Terry let him go. She stood next to him ready to give him a good hefty kick when Ray shouted at her. “Terry!!!!!” His voice had stopped her but he could see the blood lust in her eyes, she meant to do him a great deal of harm. “Terry, how is Veny?”
At the mention of Veny’s name Ray saw her eyes change and he was relieved. What he did not know was that Tabris had spoken as well. Begging Terry to leave the ex to the others and check on Veny. She nodded to Urs and Ray and walked in silence into the kitchen.
The ex thought wrong if he thought this was his chance to escape. One look at Urs was enough to see that maybe he would have been better off with Terry. Urs’ eyes had never left him. In silence he picked him up and put him on his feet, still holding his shirt, stared straight at him, Urs’ next actions were so fast and swift that no one saw them coming. He mustered all his rage and strength and focused on the ex. The punch was so hard it lifted the ex off his feet, broke his jaw and rendered him unconscious all at once. Urs let him drop to the floor, stepping over the body as Ray looked on dumfounded. The monotone of his voice unnerved Ray just a little. “Please call the police Ray.”
Ray could only nod his answer as he dug in his pocket for his phone and watched Urs enter the kitchen.
Urs did not speak; he just walked up to Veny, took her from Terry’s arms and pulled her to him.
As Terry left the kitchen so did Zephyr and Tabris neither angel expecting her to do what she did next. Terry smiled sweetly at Ray and walked right up to the ex planting her foot into his side. “I hope I bloody broke something you son of a *****!!!!”
Ray shouted at her. “Terry!!!”
“What!!! He deserves to be hung drawn and quartered.”
Ray could still see the wildness in her eyes and had no doubt that if the ex woke up it would not be for long. “I know but maybe you should go and clean up before the police get here.” He pointed to his own mouth.
Terry touched her fingers to her lips and it was only when she saw the blood that the fire left her eyes. “Okay.” She pushed herself against Ray and hugged him. “We’ll be okay wont we?” Terry was a little worried that her action would scare him off.
In return Ray hugged her back and placed a gentle kiss on the top of her head. “We’ll be just fine.”
Zephyr looked to Tabris. “I see what you mean by giving you a run for your money. Was she really that wild when she was younger?”
“Zephyr that was nothing compared to what she has done in the past.”

Back in the kitchen Urs still had hold of Veny, her clothes were torn, she was trembling, trying to control her crying and holding on to him so tight he was finding it hard to breathe. His voice washed over her like a cleansing breeze. “I have you Veny. It is over.”
As she moved her head from his chest to look into his face Veny’s legs gave way and Urs scooped her into his arms as if she was a doll. He carried her from the kitchen just looking at his friends as he took her down the hall to her room, placing her gently on the bed. “You need to rest for a while.”
Veny grabbed hold of his hand. “Don’t Leave me.”
Urs smiled down at her, and then lay by her side. “I shall never leave you.”

Ray was surveying the demolished front door with his phone to his ear once more but this time he was calling one of the roadies to ask a favour. He did not want Terry staying at her place that night but knew she would not even consider leaving with a gapping hole where her door should have been. He had just finished making arrangements when David, Sebastien and Carlos arrived, each man looking from the space where the front door should have been to where it was, to the unconscious body on the floor and then to Ray. David was the first to speak. “What the hell happened Ray? Is everyone alright?”
All eyes were diverted back to the ex as Ray explained but just as he was coming to the end of his explanation Sebastien shouted and looked passed Ray. “Terry what are you doing!!!”
Terry walked into the lounge room after cleaning herself up and surprised the four men by holding a gun in her hands and now she was pointing it at the ex with that same wildness in her eyes that Ray had seen before.
Ray put himself between her and the ex on the floor while the other three men tried to convince her to put the gun down.
She delivered her words with such icy lack of emotion it silenced the room. “Out of my way Ray. I told him what would happen if he every hurt Veny again.”
Tabris was now talking to her while another angel helped Ray find the words he needed. “I know Terry, I know and believe me if anyone deserves a bullet between the eyes he does but not from you. Please baby put the gun down, please.”
They all saw Terry’s eyes flicker just a little as she looked at Ray. She had heard nothing except that he had called her baby. “He doesn’t deserve to live.”
Ray smiled at her weakly. “I know babe but you do. I don’t see enough of you as it is, I don’t want the only way to see you to be through bars. Please for me Babe, give me the gun.”
The room fell silent again as they all waited and watched men and angels alike.
Ray stepped a little closer to her his voice soft and pleading. “For me Babe. Please Terry I don’t want to loose you.” Ray stepped just a little closer so that the barrel of the gun was touching his chest and his eyes met Terry’s. Gently he placed his hand over Terry’s and took the gun from her. As he pulled her into a hug he handed the gun behind him and David took it just as the police and paramedics arrived. Not wanting to have to answer anymore questions than necessary he slipped the gun into his pocket unnoticed.
The paramedics went straight to their patient while introductions were made to the police and they began to take Ray and Terry’s statements.

Veny had drifted off into a restless sleep waking with a start at the sound of Zephyr’s voice in her mind. Urs pulled her a little closer and kissed her on the top of her head. “Shhhh, I am still here.”
“The police are here, they want to talk to us.”
Urs was about to ask how she knew but as he got his own nudge from Caen he understood. Again he kissed her on the top of the head before helping her to her feet and escorting her back out to the lounge room, stoping just before they got there. “Let me check to make sure he is gone.”
Veny squeezed him on the arm. “He’s gone Urs. It will be okay.”
Urs and Veny saw the shock register on everyone’s face as they entered. The only ones that did not seem to react to her appearance was the police. Terry rushed to give her a hug as did David, Sebastien ands Carlos made their move to do the same before the police stopped them and began to ask Veny their questions. The first one being did she want the paramedics to take a look at her?
Veny declined saying she was a nurse and that she had not suffered any injuries that would need immediate attention. Urs held her hand the entire time she relayed her version of events to them, every now and then feeling her squeeze his hand just a little as if to make sure he was still there.
If only the humans could have seen into the spiritual world they would have seen just how crowded that lounge room had become. Angels occupied every space available. Zephyr stood next to Veny, Caen next to Urs with his other three angels close by, Tabris was whispering into Terry’s ear re-assuring her that things would work out with Ray, that she need not be afraid that he would think less of her. Mykka was with David’s other angels trying to get him to stop touching the gun in his pockets at least while the police were still there. Sebastien and Carlos were surrounded by their own team and it seemed that the two police officers had brought their own guardians. It certainly was a full house and everyone in the house gave a sigh of relief when the police left.
It was David that broke the silence. “Veny are you sure you don’t need to see a doctor?”
Veny gave him a weak smile as she pushed her body up against Urs and squeezed his hand again. “Thanks David but I have the best doctor I know right here.”
Urs smiled at her. “I think you should come and stay at the hotel for a few days.”
Veny nodded as Ray suggest that Terry do the same. Before he had a chance to explain about the door Terry had started to rant. “Oh I don’t think so. Look at my door. I am not going any where until it is fixed.” By now Ray had a big grin on his face and Terry had a funny feeling it was because of her. “What, did I say something funny?”
“No Babe but if you had let me finish I could have told you I have someone on the way to fix your door.”
Terry smiled; he had called her Babe again. “Oh, I see. Well then I guess if that is the case I will just have to wait for them to get here.” She took hold of Ray’s hand with an impish look in her eyes. “You wanna wait with me?”
Everyone was surprised to hear the sound of Veny’s laughter. “I think that is our cue to clear out fellas. Just give me five minutes to get a few things.”
It was Rays turn to laugh as he took Terry in a hug. “I knew I liked that girl.”

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PostSubject: Veny's Angel Chapter 7 Part 3   Tue Mar 24, 2009 1:12 pm

As they waited for Veny, Carlos took Urs aside in the kitchen. “My friend are you alright? This must have been very ….” Carlos could not find the words he wanted.
Urs smiled back at him. “I am alright Carlos. I am just sorry that I did not get here in time to stop him from hurting her.”
“But you did Urs. How much more could he have done to her if not for you and Ray?”
Urs shuddered a little at the thought. “I do not understand how a man can do such things to a woman.”
Carlos sighed heavily and shook his head. “The ladies, they are to be loved, caressed yes. They should be thought of as princesses, to be protected not harmed.”
Urs was just about to answer when Veny stuck her head in the kitchen. “I’m ready.” Once again she saw the sad look cloud their faces. “Maybe I should put some make up on if I look that bad.”
Carlos swooped at her, pulling her hands into his. “No, no Bella. It just grieves us that you have gone through so much, have to carry such injuries.”
Veny gave him a small kiss on the cheek. “I will heal Carlos. Might take a few days off though.”
Urs came up behind her and put his arms around her waist and kissed her on the neck. “Now that sounds like a good idea.”

Veny found herself back in Urs’ hotel room, closing her eyes she took a breath and smiled. She could sense him; feel him all over the room but the pain that had begun to make its self known brought her back to reality. Urs put her overnight back and his cane in the closet and was just about to embrace her in a hug when she stepped back and stopped his advances with a gentle push to his chest. “Urs would you mind if I take a shower. I need to…… I need to be rid of him. I know it is all psychological but I can still smell him, his breath.” She shuddered a little. “I want to be clean when…”
She did not finish, Urs took her hands in his, placing his lips over her knuckles while he gently squeezed her hands. “No need to explain. Would you like me to order you something to eat?”
“Thank you.”
Veny spent a long time just letting the hot water run across her body whishing it to heal her. Her ribs hurt a little but it was mostly her face and the back of her head that pained her the most. She felt for the lump and although it hurt she did find it a little amusing that her ex had managed to hit her on the same spot where she had hit her head when David had knocked her into the wall. “I am surprised I don’t need stitches.”
Veny stood a little straighter as she felt a slight warmth cross her head and it was not the water. “Zephyr?”
“I am here little one. Allow me to help you feel better.”
“Can you help Urs as well? I know his leg is hurting.”
“Have no fear he is being attended to.”

She was right. Although Urs had not mentioned it to anyone he was in more pain than he had been since the accident. He had taken off his shoes and socks and was rubbing his leg and ankle convinced he could feel the pins in his leg. Caen was trying to get him to lie on the bed so he could help him. “Urs just relax and lie down for a while, Veny is in the next room she is alright I promise.”
Urs sighed and fell back onto the bed, at first not feeling the warmth growing along the injury line in this leg. Caen ran his hands across Urs’ ankle and the other places on his leg where the breaks had been completing the task that Gavreel had started. “Those pins will give you no more trouble Urs. I think your leg may ache for a little while but it will be as strong as it ever was. No need to worry.”
Urs heard himself say “Thank You.” sitting up and looking down at his leg, it did feel better. He was wondering if he had really heard someone speak to him or if he had just fallen asleep. Urs stood with all thoughts of dreams and miracles and angels vanished as Veny entered the room. To Urs she looked like an angel dressed in one of the hotels white bathrobes. Not sure how she was feeling and not sure if he should ask Urs’ eyes glanced over at the tray that room service had brought up. “I wasn’t sure what you would want so I ordered some soup and sandwiches.”
Veny glided across the room and put her arms around his neck so she could kiss him. “I need to be loved by you first.”
Her words surprised him. “Are you sure? I mean how are you feeling?”
Veny pulled him closer to the bed. “I feel lonely Urs.” As she spoke Veny dropped her bathrobe to the floor to reveal her nakedness. “Will you make love to me Urs, bruises and all?”
Urs felt like he had to struggle to breathe. “Veny….Oh God…... I can’t see any bruises.” He stepped closer to her so they were touching and ran his fingers through her hair and then down her back until he could hug her around the waist. At his touch Veny arched her back and threw her head back letting out a small moan.
Her moans spurred him on and he began to place small kisses along her neck from her ear to the top of her shoulder. Veny moaned again but stepped back so she could undo his shirt, throwing it across the room. As she began to work on his belt and jeans there was a rustle of wings as angels made a discreet retreat.
In a single motion Urs stepped out of his clothes and Veny guided him to the bed so he was lying on top of her. She could feel his penis, large and solid against her leg and she smiled. “My, my Mr Buhler seems you are more than ready.”
Urs was about to reply when he felt her hand wrap around his penis and it was his turn to arch his back and moan as she stroked him gently.
Veny let out a little giggle as she felt him tremble just a little. “Lay beside me Urs, let me make you feel better.”
As Veny’s motions sped up he could do nothing but comply. “But I thought you wanted me to…Ohooooo.” He did not finish as Veny continued to pull and squeeze.
“I do my sweet, I do but I want to make you happy as well.”
All Urs could do was sink back into the bed and groan as he felt his body getting ready to release his juices. “God Veny I can’t hold on.”
Veny lent in and whispered into his ear as she increased her speed. “Then don’t.”
It was like she had given him permission to be free and as his release overpowered him Urs cried out in the sheer pleasure of it all. His body convulsed as Veny continued to help him on his way. He had never felt anything like it in his whole life; his entire body was gripped by an erotic wave of sexual bliss so powerful it scared him just a little. Even so he travelled with it to its very end, moaning as his body contorted with each new spasm of pleasure.

Veny lay at his side watching his chest rise and fall as Urs came back to her. Urs opened his eyes to see her smiling face looking back at him. He felt weak, exhilarated but weak. “My God Veny I never knew that could happen.” A small frown crossed his face. “But what about you. I mean…You asked me to make love to you and now I can’t. I mean not yet.”
Veny giggled just a little and kissed him. “Just seeing you like this is enough for now. Besides, maybe the show is not over.”
Urs gave her a curious look then his eyes began to follow the path of her hand as she slowly ran it through her breasts and down her stomach until she reached her sweet spot where she began to play with herself. Urs looked back up at her face to see her watching him with that impish look in her eyes and she giggled. He had never watched a woman like this before, it was making him even more horny if that was possible and it seemed to be speeding up his recovery. He watched as Veny closed her eyes and began to fondle her nipples one after the other making them hard.
As she pushed on her sweet spot she could feel the first small charges of pleasure waking up and she groaned.
Urs could take it no longer; he needed to touch her not just watch.
Veny had almost forgotten he was there until she felt his fingers replace her own while his mouth cupped over her breast. She pushed herself to him, edging herself closer to her own climax. Sensing what she wanted Urs moved his fingers faster and as he felt her body tense he pushed them inside her feeling for that place and hoping that he could carry her to heights she had never been before. Veny cried out as her whole body exploded, grabbing on to Urs and pulling him down onto her. All he could do was hold her until the sensation passed. Once she let her grip loosen Urs lay beside her and traced gentle patterns on her stomach with his fingers while he waited for her to open her eyes. As she did a tear escaped and he lent over and kissed it away. “What did you do to me Urs?”
He just laughed and kissed her.

Urs woke to feel her lips on his and her hand brushing across his penis. He was already hard. They had fallen asleep wrapped in each other’s arms but now it seemed that Veny had other ideas. He went to say something but she stopped him with another kiss, this time pushing her tongue between his teeth. Veny did not want to talk, did not want Urs to talk; she just wanted it to happen. Feeling that he was ready to take her she settled herself over him and guided him into her and began to rock. Her actions had stunned him a little but now that he could feel her wrapped around him, her tongue in his mouth he knew he could not get enough of her.
He took hold of her by the waist and helped her movement for a few moments then without warning flipped her on her back and took control. He had worried that she may object but instead Veny wrapped her legs around him and pushed each time he did. His thrusting was slow at first but Veny’s words drove him on. “I need you to make us one. Don’t be afraid.”
Urs increased his thrust driving himself as far as he could into her as he did he could feel his own surge rising up again. He knew he would not be able to wait for her if it happened and he kept pushing almost spitefully willing it to consume him. “Oh god yes….” And he pushed harder and faster until he was indeed overpowered as his juices surged into her. So much so that he had not realised that Veny had climaxed and was writhing beneath him having dug her fingernails into the flesh on his back but she had felt something else the instant her climax engulfed her. A warmth she had felt before, a warmth that travelled through her whole body like, like an angels healing touch.

Zephyr as well as many other angels felt the change that night. He had been sitting on the roof of the hotel and stood to his full height, put his arms out to his side and spread his wings to their full length. “It is done. The seed has been sown.”

Once more Veny and Urs lay side by side just looking at each other. Veny ran her hands through his hair. “Will you be my angel Urs?”
“I was always your angel my sweet?”
Veny gasped as she saw his eyes change from hazel to blue. “Gavreel?”
He nodded.
He placed a finger on her lips. “Our little secret my sweet. Urs is a good honourable man who deserves your complete love. Yes?” Veny Nodded. “I will never be too far from you I promise.”
His eyes changed back to hazel just as she spoke. “What did you say?”
Urs smiled back at her. “I said I will always be your angel Veny if you promise to be mine.” Urs then ran his finger gently across her cheek. “Your bruise has gone.”
The end.

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Veny's Angel BY: Lois Lane
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