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"We Came Here To Love".

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 Thank You By Lois

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Writers Group

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PostSubject: Thank You By Lois   Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:52 am

Thank You

Your laughter shines a light into my life.
Your smile melts my heart.
Your gentle touch washes away the pain
and your love carries me home.

Your presence in my life
makes the sun shine once more.
The wind no longer whips at my heals
as you shelter me from the storms.
My tears no longer flow
while your kindness covers me.
I can breathe when you are near.
For all these gifts,
For all that you give.
I have no thing of worth with which to re pay.
Only my life,
So uncertain,
So small,
Yet freely I would give it to you
in the hopes that it will be enough to say
Thank you

Copyright Lois Terrans Bradbury all rights reserved August 2007
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Thank You By Lois
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