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"We Came Here To Love".

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 ~*~ IL Divo Missing ~*~ By: Lois Lane

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PostSubject: ~*~ IL Divo Missing ~*~ By: Lois Lane   Fri Apr 10, 2009 10:15 am

By Lois Terrans Bradbury

The second project written for the Entertainment and Creativity thread of the
IL DIVO Official Web Site Forum.
Original Post April 2007


The news of the disappearance of Il Divos’ plane flashed around the world and almost caused a freeze on their web site. Sirens, Divas, Cuties and Uber Babes all wanted to know what had happened. The news was devastating. One fan had posted a copy of the early news show. The information gleaned from the show went something like this.

‘Early this morning it was reported that the plane carrying the singing group Il Divo did not arrive at its destination as schedule. The plane left St Thomas bound for Florida. After they were reported late and no radio contact could be made a rescue party was deployed along the flight path. At this time no other information is available.’
Only Il Divo knew what had happened.

The morning was bright and sunny, not a cloud in the sky and the members of Il Divo were happy and rested as they boarded the Lear jet which would take them to Florida for a special performance. It was to be their first show back after a long time away from their fans. After the world tours in 2006 and 2007 they had decided to take some well deserved time off from touring the globe. The tour had been torturous in its quest to have the group known across the world. The group sacrificed their own lives with only fleeting visits home to see family and friends so that they could journey the world for their fans.
They had been at the end of this respite having a small vacation before once again tackling another world tour. So it was a fit, healthy and energized David, Carlos, Urs and Sebastien that boarded the plane, never knowing just how much their lives would change in a few short hours.

They all settled back into the trip. The only other people on the plane were the pilots. All went well; nothing out of the ordinary for sometime until they all felt what they thought was turbulence. No need to worry, they had been on enough planes that turbulence had become second nature. Then the next one hit and they all knew it was something different. They all looked at each other; just then the co pilot came into the cabin and asked them to put their seat belts on. There was a hitch with one of the engines. Not to worry but things would be a little bumpy for a little while. The group did this in silence an unnerving feeling settling in their stomachs. The pilot returned to the cockpit. No sooner had he done this when things turned very, very bad in a hurry. They all heard the change in the engine noise. The plane began to loose altitude and gain speed, it pitched as the pilot tried to bring it under control without the help of engines that constantly spat and coughed seemingly not wanting to start. After a few terrifying minutes the pilot had the plane under control and levelled it off bringing the speed back to its proper place. The group looked at each other surprised but relieved, smiles appearing. Only to be exchanged for looks of horror as they heard and saw one of the engines burst into flames. Once again the plane began to act erratically as the pilots tried in vain to bring it under control. As they headed for the ground each member of Il Divo now clinging onto their chairs, eyes closed thinking they were going to die.

The pilots had radioed that they were having trouble the fist time they noticed the engines. “This is Paradise Flight Delta, India, Victor, October.”
What they did not know was that flight control had only received a small part of their message. Nor did they know that while they had been struggling to get the plane back under control their instruments had malfunctions and they had drifted slightly off course.

Steve Mathews in flight control happened to be a friend of Il Divos’ pilot and heard the small part of the distress call. What he heard pricked up his ears.
“Was that Mark?”
The controller checked and nodded his head.
“Then something is up. He never uses the right call sign October, never has. He always says Octopus. Get him back on the radio.”

Numerous calls went out to the flight but none returned. That last small message was the last time Steve would hear his friend’s voice. With no radio contact and no radar contact Steve put all the emergency protocols into place. There was nothing more he could do.

On the plane the pilots were fighting to keep the plane under control. By now they had realised that they had no radio contact to anyone. They had not realised that they were off course and becoming more so the further they travelled. They would never know.
They fought valiantly to keep the plane going. When the second engine died both pilots knew that they would be looking at ditching the plane in the ocean. They prepared their own emergency protocols hoping that it would make the water landing easier. Both knowing that even if they all survived the crash they more than likely would not survive much longer.
As the pilots went through their check list the co pilot stopped in mid sentence. He was looking out his window at something that should not have been there. The pilot barked orders at him but the co pilot cut him off. “We have land down there. It’s not on our flight path.”
Mark checked his instruments. Everything said that they were still right on track. As hard as he was fighting to keep the plane flying he managed to bank around and have a look, pushing the thought that they were off course out of his mind. If they landed, if they survived he would worry about that then. If they landed and if they survived.

Tamara, Tam to her friends was walking along the beach when she heard the unusual sound in the sky. She looked up into that same clear blue sky shielding her eyes from the sun.
Her heart sunk at the sight. A plane was in terrible trouble and headed for her island. It was coming in far to fast. Tam knew every inch of the island and there was no place that a plane could land safely even if it had been flying much slower. She kept her eyes on it as she continued up the beach. Her heart pounding when she realised it was going to crash. Watching its trajectory she began to run. The ground shook as the plane crashed.
The G forces of the descending plane had pinned the members of Il Divo to their seats. All four were terrified. David and Carlos had been sitting together on one side but Sebastien and Urs had sat on the other. Urs sitting in the window seat behind Sebastien, who was sitting in the isle seat. Everything else that had been loose in the cabin was now pressed up against the back wall, each man saying his own silent prayers. The impact when it hit was devastating, the sudden contact with the ground pitched them forward then back. The bolts on Carlos’ seat snapped, sending him and it down the plane. David instinctively went to grab his friend and got his arm broken by flying debris. He screamed in pain retracting his arm. Carlos was now entangled in the debris, still strapped to his chair, unconscious with a piece of metal poking out of his shoulder.
At the same time Urs had been flung around smacking his head very, very hard on the window. He was unconscious slumped in his seat being thrown around like a rag doll.
In front of him Sebastien was still holding on for dear life, eyes closed. The plane was still moving but not for long. It came to a sudden rest. Sebastien opened his eyes in time to see something heading towards him. He did not know what it was, only that it punched its way through the seat in front of him and impaled him through his leg. The scream he let out was much the same as the one David had yelled only seconds earlier. It did not last for long as one of the doors from the storage compartments above the seats came loose and hit him on the side of the head. David was also unconscious having had some part of the plane come loose and knock him into never, never land.

Tam raced towards the downed plane cutting her face and legs on the out stretched branches of trees, never feeling a thing. There were people on that plane and if they had survived she wanted to make damn sure they lived. She burst onto the crash site almost stumbling in her haste to stop. The plane had lost both its wings, the tail was still attached but only just, the cock pit windows were smashed. Tams’ heart sank; someone was half in and half out of the window, the lifeless body of the pilot. She only hoped that the rest of the plane did not hold the same story. As she approached she heard a noise from inside. Someone was trying to open the door. Tam hurried to help from the outside, just as she got to the door it flung open and Urs fell out, literally into her arms. They both ended up on the ground. Tam pushed Urs from on top of her and onto his back. He was bleeding badly from a nasty gash on his head. As she went to touch it, Urs grabbed her by the wrist.
“My friends.”
With that he passed out.
Tam scrambled onto the plane. It was a mess and smoke filled. She headed for the cock pit first. Once she got the door open she knew it was useless. They were both dead. The co pilot’s neck was broken and it looked like the pilot had died when he had hit the window. With a heavy heart she returned to the cabin. Her eyes fell on Sebastien. First on his face and then on the metal rod stuck in his leg. There was no way she was ever going to get him off the plane with that metal stuck in him. If he was alive. Tam bent over to check his pulse. Sebastien opened his eyes for a split second and she smiled at him before he passed out again. He was alive, so there was hope.
Next she checked David. It was obvious by the unusual angle of his arm that it was broken. Another wounded but live soldier.
Tam went back to the open hatch looking for the escape slide release. Finding it she released it. This was the only way she was going to get them off the plane without help. So one at a time she bundled them to the exit. First David, she would worry about his arm later. Next Sebastien but first she needed to get the metal out of his leg. Normally it would be better to leave it in but these were not normal circumstances. She was glad he was unconscious. As the rod had penetrated the seat and Sebastien, she needed to pull it through both. It took her two goes. She was definitely happy he was unconscious. Once the piece of offending debris was removed she bundled him to the exit and down the shoot.
Tam was about to take one last look at the cabin making a mental note of the things she would come back for when she spotted Carlos’ hand jutting out from under what she had thought was just a pile of debris.
Pulling the broken bits of plane off him she found him still attached to his chair, still with the metal in his shoulder. Taking a deep breath she removed the metal and then unbuckled him from his seat. Her third trip to the escape hatch with an unconscious body.
As Carlos slipped down to lay next to Sebastien, Tam made very sure that there was no one else on board and then followed them down. She had retrieved the first aid kit from the plane and with each man lying side by side she began to work on them the best she could. She put a splint on David’s arm and Sebastien’s leg. Padded the wound in Carlos’ shoulder and did her best to stop the blood from oozing out of the split in Urs’ head.

The journey back to her home would not normally have been a long one but now she had to get four unconscious people back there as well. One at a time was going to take too long. So Tam fashioned a crude slay out of bits and pieces from the plane and the forest around her. She placed the men two by two and then began to pull them through the forest. It was hard work, damn hard work and she stopped more than she had wanted to but eventually she made it home. Exhausted, sore, blisters on her hands and red welts on her body were the weight of her make shift slay had rubbed. But she made it home.

Tam’s home was a cave. It had been since she had been the only one to survive a plane crash 10 years before. Her hope of any rescue had faded a long, long time ago. With the arrival of her new house mates it had not resurfaced but if they recovered she would have company. How did she let them know that they to would never be found.
The afternoon had taken its toll on her but she wanted to get the men settled before it got too dark. She used the slay now as make shift beds for them pulling them into the cave. Over the years she had made a home for herself and it seemed she would have to do the same for them.
Tam rechecked their wounds, redressing Urs’ head and re packing Carlos’ shoulder and made sure they were comfortable before she finally put herself to bed. Once they came around they would all be in pain, some more than others. In the morning she wanted to return to the plane to gather supplies and bury the pilots. But now she needed rest.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 2   Fri Apr 10, 2009 10:16 am

It was the strange sensation that brought Urs out of his slumber. He opened his eyes and tried to focus on his surroundings, his mind rushing to put the pieces together. He remembered what had happened just as the pain in his head struck. Urs groaned, but remained lying on his back. He looked over to his right and saw his three friends still sleeping in much the same position as he was. However he did notice that their wounds had been attended to. Feeling his own head he realised that he too had been looked after.
His memories rested on the image of Tam at the plane. There was someone there, someone had taken care of them, but where was that someone now?

Tam had left as the sun had come up thinking that her four patients would still be sleeping until she returned. The plane had been good for restocking her supplies. She had made several trips back to the cave with parts that would be useful, even pulling apart some of the seats to make better beds.
While she was gone Urs did manage to get up a little at a time. He checked on his friends and then went outside to see where he was.
Urs was surrounded by a scene that seemed surreal. He was at the mouth of a cave with a view out to sea as far as the eye could see, the breeze gently washing his face. In another place and another time this would have been a good way to start the day. Urs looked around the entrance to the cave. Who ever lived here has tried very hard to make it a home. There was a large wooden table with five chairs that had been crafted out of the surrounding forest. Urs wonder if they would hold his weight. Gingerly he tired a chair. He was surprised to find it as comfortable as it was. Five chairs, were their more people he had not seen yet? Urs was contemplating their situation when Tam rounded the corner of the cave. She was surprised to see him up and out of the cave. Urs was equally surprised to see Tam, She was laden with supplies from the plane and dragging yet another make shift slay behind her with other items on it. Urs made a move towards her thinking he could help. Tam smiled at him but continued on into the cave dumping her load. Before Urs could say anything she met him at the entrance, slowly walking towards him and making Urs walk backwards until she had him seated on the same chair he had tried out only moments ago. Urs looked up into Tams’ face about to speak but she placed her hands gently over his mouth and began to check his bandage and wound.

It was not so much that she did not want him to talk. The words he had spoken at the crash site had been the first human words she had heard for 10 years and it was a shock to her, maybe more so than finding four men needing help. Tam was not sure she would cope with the extra noise. But she knew as soon as the others came around they would all have questions. Questions she could not answer, not because she didn’t want to but because she literally couldn’t. Tam had not talked to another human soul in ten years. She had stopped talking to herself after she had been on the island three years. She was not sure if she could and she was scared to try.
So she attended to Urs’ wound as he watched her patiently. Once she was finished she stepped back and braced herself for his questions.
In a quiet, gentle voice that was like honey to her ears Urs said “Thank you.”
Tam smiled and bowed just a little, holding her hand out for Urs to take. He did not push anymore questions on her even though he was bursting at the seams to know everything about this place he had found himself in. Urs followed Tam back into the cave, her touch was gentle but he could feel the calluses on her hands, see the injuries she had sustains at their rescue. Tam led him passed his sleeping friends further back in the cave and offered Urs a bowl of fruit gesturing that he should eat. He thanked her for it and was about to say something when they both heard groans come form one of his friends. Urs made a move that was too fast for his injured head and stumbled. Tam was under his arms like a shot giving him a chance to steady himself. Once she was happy that he was okay she went and knelt next to David. He was stirring and she did not want him to damage his arm. Urs came and knelt down beside her waiting for David to become fully conscious.
As David woke from what he had thought was a nightmare he moved his broken arm. Although Tam had secured it and re set the bone in the right place it still hurt. David screamed at the pain, that same pain shot him into full consciousness. Tam held him down making sure he did not move too much but it was the voice of his friend Urs he heard.
“Take it easy Dave. You got knocked around pretty badly. Don’t move so much.”

David, shaking with the shock of the pain; he opened his eyes which only seemed to make the ache in his head pound even more. Quickly he shut his eyes again.
“Oh God Urs what the hell happened?”
“Plane crashed.”
David ran this thought through his mind and went to sit up as he remembered all of it. Tam pushed him gently down onto his back. “The others, what about Sebastien and Carlos?”
Urs voice was kind and reassuring. Tam noticed the tenderness as he spoke. “It’s okay David. Both of them are here. Bit banged up but we are all alive.” Urs turned to Tam before he spoke his next words. “But I don’t think the pilots survived.”
David opened his eyes, squinting through the pain just in time to see Tam shake her head.
He stared at her, not knowing if she was real. Tam smiled softly at him as he heard Urs’ voice once again.
“She’s real David. Trust me. And I am guessing the only reason we got out of the plane. Your arm is busted, looks like Sebastien’s leg might be and Carlos has a nasty hole in his shoulder. I think we all got whacked on the head at some point because we were all unconscious.
David watched as Tam stood up and went to check on Sebastien and Carlos, he moved slightly and winced with the pain. “What I wouldn’t do for a couple of pain killers right now.”
“I hear you.” Urs smiled at his friend.
David moved to sit up and Urs helped him. They both watched Tam as she re bandaged Carlos’ wound and checked Sebastien.
David lowered his voice. “Where the hell are we and who is that?”
Urs sighed before he replied. “Where we are is a good question. On an island as far as I can figure and she is our guardian angel. I think I remember seeing her at the plane after we went down.”
“Does she talk?”
Urs smiled. “She hasn’t uttered a word, not one. I don’t think she can. But she seems to know what she is doing. Got us all bandaged up and out of the elements.”
David had a sudden thought. “So how far away is the plane? We need to get to the radio, call for help.”

Urs looked at his friend. “I don’t think you are going anywhere for a while do you?”
They both looked at David’s arm.
Tam began to walk back towards them. Urs stood up. “Can I ask you a question?”
Tam had no idea if or how she could answer him but she smiled and nodded her head. So far she was coping with all their chattered. She had heard most of their conversation.
Urs continued. “Was it you that got us out of the plane?”
Tam nodded.
“And you brought us here?”
Again Tam nodded.
“Did anyone help you?”
Tam shook her head.
David yelled. “Where the hell are we!!!!!”
The explosion of noise as he yelled frightened Tam and she jumped a little, a small tear running down her face..
Urs saw the reaction and spun around to chastise his friend, making his own head hurt in the process. “David! Take it easy man. It’s obvious she is not used to having people around. Take a good look at this place.”
Even though Urs had tried not to raise his voice in fear of scaring Tam again he saw her wince. He made a move towards her and she moved back. So Urs stood still. In a quieter voice and with compassion in his eyes he spoke to her. “I’m so sorry we didn’t mean to frighten you. It’s just all a bit much.”
Just then Urs’ world began to spin and he began to fall. David went to help his friend but just managed to cause more pain to himself and he yelled.
Tam ignored the noise around her and in a flash had cleared the distance between her and Urs, grabbing him with time to help him sit down rather than fall.
David was amazed at the strength she had. Urs was 5’10’’ and this girl was probably no more than 5’8’’ but she kept Urs balanced until he was on the ground.
Tam ran to the back of the cave and returned with something in her hands. She opened them and in her palm she had four white pills. She took two and handed them to Urs, pointing to his head and squinting. Then she turned to David and did the same thing only pointing to his arm. Both men came to the same conclusion at the same time.
Urs spoke first. “Pain killers. These are pain killers.”
Tam nodded.
David just threw his to the back of his throat and swallowed. “You are definitely and angel of mercy.”
Tam smiled and looked at Urs. He still had his pills in his hands. Tam gently tapped his hand in a gesture for him to take them. Urs smiled at her.
“I have never been able to do that. I’m sorry but I need a drink.” He was about to hand the pills back to her when she darted outside and returned with a cup of water for him. Urs beamed a smile at her and took the cup. After he had taken his pills he examined the cup. It must have come from the plane but it looked too old.
David spoke up. “I don’t suppose you have any more of those?”
Tam used her own sign language and with her fingers made the gesture that she only had a little and then pointed to Carlos and Sebastien.
Tam turned to Urs and got hold of his hand again and pulled him towards his bed.
David smiled. “I think she wants you the lay down before the pills take effect. I have a feeling they are going to work REAL good.”
Tam smiled and nodded and made Urs sit on his make shift bed.
“But we need to, I need to get back to the plane, call for help.”
Tam knelt beside him and gently pushed him so he was on his back again.
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PostSubject: Il divo Missing chapter 3   Fri Apr 10, 2009 10:01 pm

Urs could not remember falling asleep. Whether it was the pain killers or just the exhaustion of the trauma he would never know. What he did know was that it was the sound of his friends talking that brought him out of his slumber. Both Carlos and Sebastien were now conscious and David was getting them up to speed, well as much as he could tell them.
There was a cheer from his three friends as Urs sat up. He noticed that David’s arm was now in a sling, Sebastien had a set of forest crafted crutches beside him and Carlos’ shoulder wound had been rebound.
Urs’ head was still pounding but he felt better. The sound of his friends was refreshing, he smiled as Sebastien struggled to his feet while a one armed Carlos helped.
Sebastien winced a little as he used the crutches to steady himself. “You okay Urs? Looks like you got off better than the rest of us.”
“Yeah, bit of a pain in the head but okay.” He looked from David to the other two. “Did you see her?”
Carlos and Sebastien nodded but it was David who spoke. “They sure did. Scared her the same way we did. You are right Urs; I don’t think she is used to having anyone around. She took off a little while ago.”
Sebastien moved a little closer to Urs. “If she has been here long enough to forget how to talk where does that leave us?”
The cave fell silent. None of them wanted to think about the reality. Silently Tam stepped into the cave behind the men and tugged gently on Urs’ shirt. In her arms she had some of their clothes from the plane. Urs turned and smiled as Tam handed him the clothes. He quickly looked through the mound she had given him and realised she had managed to get a clean set of clothes for each of them, turning to his friends. “I guess we must look a sight.” He handed each one his clothes. “I for one wouldn’t mind getting cleaned up.”
Urs felt Tams’ hand slide inside his own and she began to guide him out the cave. Sebastien and Carlos started to move as well when she turned and stopped them by shaking her head and waving her hands and pointing to their wounds. Both men stopped.
“I guess that means you get to stay here” It was David. Tam looked at him sternly. “Its okay sister, I don’t plan on going anywhere.”
With that she led Urs out of the cave and a little ways into the bush. Urs asked her questions but all he got in reply was a shake or a nod of her head. Sebastien had assumed that she once could talk and had been on the island so long she had forgotten how. But what if she never had been able to talk. Somehow he needed to get answers.
“I really need to get back to the plane and the radio.”
Tam shook her head.
“We need to let someone know where we are.”
Tam did not respond to this question. She had no idea where they were.
Urs was just about to ask another question when they stopped walking. Before them was a magnificent waterfall. Tam pointed to it but Urs did not understand at first. That was until Tam began to unbutton what was left of his shirt. That took him a little by surprise.
He grabbed her hands to stop her. “I get it. You want me to have a shower.”
Tam smiled and nodded and began to unbutton his shirt again. Again Urs stopped her.
“I think I can do this bit on my own thanks.”
Tam stepped back and watched as he took off his shirt. Urs stood there for a few seconds wondering why she was looking at him and then realised she expected him to get fully undressed. His face got a little warm at the thought.
“As much as I would love to get under that water, not another piece of clothing is coming off until you go away.”
Tam smirked and let out a silent giggle only noticeable by the shuddering of her shoulders, but she did leave.
Urs stood exactly how he was until he was very, very sure that she had gone. Only then did he take the rest of his clothes off and wade into the cool crisp water that made a deep pool just under the waterfall. As much as he would have loved to dive in the pain in his head reminded him of why he was where he was. The water was a tonic to his body. He swam for a short time before deciding to stand under the waterfall and let its’ fingers massage him all over.
Tam by now had found herself a lovely little vantage spot just above and opposite the pool and the waterfall. She lay on her stomach with her chin in her hands watching as Urs bathed. This was not at all unpleasant, his muscles rippled and shone, almost danced in the sunlight, the water giving him a godly, magical aura. Tam smiled to herself. There might just be a few advantages to having her new guests around.
She sighed as Urs finished his shower and swam back to the shore were he had left his clothes.
By the time she got to him he was dried and dressed. Even though his fresh clothes were a little crumpled he looked divine. Urs turned around as he heard her approach.
Smiling. “Thank you so much. That was just what the doctor ordered.” He raised his arms in the air seeking her approval. “How do I look?”
Tam gave him the thumbs up. Little did he know she was not referring to his clothes.

When they got back to the cave they found the others outside seated around the table. David gave Urs a wolf whistle when he saw him. “Well you scrubbed up okay.”
The others laughed and Urs poked out his tongue.
Tam continued to where David was sitting and pulled him gently to his feet with his good arm.
Urs smiled. “I think that means it is your turn.”
As he followed Tam, David looked over his shoulder to his friends. “Where is she taking me?”
“To a far, far better place.” Was Urs’ reply.

This time Tam had David at the waterfall but unlike Urs he needed help getting undressed. She did not want him getting under the waterfall, the pressure of the water as it fell would more than likely hurt his broken arm. So they were at the pools edge and she began to take his trousers off. Just as Urs had done this was a bit of a shock to David but he figured out were it was heading and put a stop to it.
After Tam had gotten her point across about not going in the waterfall she left, heading for her vantage spot. This was turning into rather a good day, two more to go.

Next came Carlos, but unlike Urs and David he was not shy about undressing. Although he did need a little help due to his shoulder. He was quite happy for Tam to wait by his clothes until he was finished. She smiled as Carlos frolicked in the water for her benefit but scowled when he hurt his shoulder.

Back at the cave Tam stood over Sebastien, looking down at his leg. She did not want him to walk to far. Not just yet. She was almost sure it was not broken but did not want to risk making the injury worse. Sebastien could tell by the look on her face that he was not going to get to the waterfall. “She’s not going to let me go. Are you?” He looked up at her with pleading eyes.
Tam smiled and shook her head but at the same time bent over and kissed him on the forehead and made a motion for him to stay. They all watched as she darted out of site only to return a few moments later with a large bowl like looking object full of water and a cloth. As she had done with the others she began to unbutton Sebastien’s shirt. The others just watched on smiling, wondering how far he would let her go.
Sebastien just sat in his chair letting Tam take off his shirt somewhat awe struck. Gently she began to bathe him from head to waist, back and front. Sebastien was lost in a dream.
The others held their breath. As Tam began to unbuckle Sebastien’s belt his hands flew to the buckle to stop her. He smiled sweetly at her. “I think I can do the rest.”
The other three burst into laughter. Tam jumped a little but she was getting used to their noise. She smiled at Sebastien and playfully threw the cloth in his face.

Urs noticed the change in her face as the others ribbed Sebastien about being shy. Tam held out her hand for Urs and he took it. They were going somewhere else. Again they began to walk and Urs asked questions.
“We don’t even know your name.”
Tam stopped and looked for a clear flat patch of earth, moved the leaves away and with her finger wrote in the sandy dirt. T….A…..M.
Urs looked at what he had written. “Your name’s Tam?”
Tam smiled and began to walk again.
“So your name is Tam and you can write, well that is a bonus.”
Not knowing what to say to that she remained silent.
“I need you to take me to the plane. We have to let people know where we are. They must know something has gone wrong by now. We need to make sure they are searching in the right place.”

Tam walked in silence. His question had woken nightmares she had long put to rest. They would all go through the same ordeal as she had. The denial, the anger, the pain of knowing that no one was looking for you and then the decision as to whether you were gong to live or die.
Just as Urs smelt something unusual they broke through the bush, there was the plane. Tam waited for Urs to completely absorb the scene before him. The colour drained from his face. The plane, their plane was a crumpled mess. He took a few steps towards it then stopped. There were a few neat piles of equipment piled up beside the plane. This had been Tams’ doing. Things she had not made it back to the cave with.
Urs took a few more steps closer. Tam left him to confront the truth on his own. She had already tried the radio. It was the first thing she did after making sure they were all alive and not bleeding to death. She knew to make it real for him, he had to see it with his own eyes, feel it with his own hands.
Tam waited by the plane while Urs went in. A few minutes later she heard him cry out and something fly out the broken cock pit window. It was part the radio.
Urs came out of the plane, despondent. “It’s broken.”
Tam took his hand and pulled him down another path. She had a few more truths he needed to see before they went back to the cave.
Once again they stopped but Urs did not know why until he saw the two graves. It took him a few moments then he looked at Tam. “The pilots?”
Tam Nodded.
“Did they survive at all Tam?”
She shook her head.
Again she got hold of his hand to pull him away but this time Urs resisted. Tam looked at him. His eyes were so sad. “You’ve been here a long time haven’t you?”
Urs did not want her to answer. He already knew the answer, he didn’t want to think about the fact that they would never be found.
Tam pulled on his arm and he followed oblivious to where they were going.

A little further down the track they stopped. Urs could not see anything but more trees and vines. That was until Tam raised her hand and pointed her finger. Urs followed the line to a mound of green. His heart sank when he saw the glitter of metal underneath.
The bush had grown over it but there was a plane underneath all that. Tam walked on a little further and without realising it Urs had followed her. Just at the other side of the mound was a sight that really was his undoing, four smaller mounds with four crosses on them. Urs sank to his knees, bowing his head, his whole body shaking as he cried. He let out a blood chilling cry, reality had pierced his heart.
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PostSubject: Il divo Missing chapter 4   Sat Apr 11, 2009 9:04 am

Simon was not happy with the telephone conversation he was involved in, the people around him knew it, and so did the person on the other end of the phone.
“What do you mean MISSING??? They can’t go missing…” Simon was silent while he listened to the explanation. “So you are trying to tell me that Il Divos' plane has crashed somewhere in the ocean and no one can find them. Not good enough buddy. I don’t care how you do it but I want them found. Do you hear me?!!!!”
By this time Simon Cowell was yelling so hard his face had turned red. However he was quiet again obviously listening to who ever was trying to give him the bad news.
“I will be on the first plane out; you better have more information by the time I get there.”
With that Simon slammed the door to his office oblivious to all those around him, many of them had not known until his conversation that Il Divo was missing. Several ‘closet’ Divas headed for their computers to check the forum to see what was going on. What they saw was not good, every thread was buzzing with the news. It seemed like every member of the forum was on line. It was true, IL Divo was missing.

Steve met Simon at the flight centre which had been turned into the search and rescue command post. Steve was uneasy as they met; he had been the one to draw the short straw and given the job to call Simon. He was not looking forward to this meeting. He was probably more uneasy than he would have been, for outside awaited a new and unusual problem. For the past few hours fans of Il Divo had been turning up at the flight centre. There were more than a hundred females outside the building. No noise, no shouting, just quiet, some holding candles, others holding poster which said ….SAVE OUR DIVOS….. SAVE DAVID….. SAVE URS…..SAVE CARLOS…..SAVE SEBASTIEN. Other posters which Steve did not understand read BRING OUR SRG BACK……………. DIVAS WANT TO HELP……. .SIRENS WILL HELP……CUTIES WILL NOT GIVE UP…………..UBER BABES READY WILLING AND ABLE.
Steve would have been more concerned if he had realised that this was not just a local phenomenon. It was happening at airports, radio and TV stations all over the world. Fans had encamped outside Sony BMG offices in every city and they weren’t leaving until they got answers.
Simon had become used to the Il Divo fans. At first he had wonder about them but they were some of the nicest people you would want to meet. They were devoted to each and every member of the group. Today this is what worried him. He knew that their devotion would turn to devastation if anything had happened to Il Divo. In his heart he hoped that the group was still alive but even if they were dead he needed to get them home. It was the only way their fans would get closure. The only way he could think of stopping a tide of sorrow that could engulf the entire music world, such devotion had these fans.

Inside the command post the mood was subdued. People only spoke when they had to, everyone kept busy by their work. Simon took it all in very quickly and then placed his eyes back on Steve.
“So tell me. Tell me exactly what happened from the beginning.”
“All I know is that we got a mayday call from the plane that got cut short. It wasn’t showing on the radar and we never heard anything after that. They never arrived in Florida and we have the search teams out along the flight path looking for survivors.”
Steve had spoken with a flurry due to his nervousness and in the hopes that Simon would be happy with what was happening. He wasn’t.
“So we are only searching the flight path is that it. Did it ever occur to you that they may have gotten off course?”
Steve was about to answer when his supervisor a one Robert Ricker appeared in the command centre. “Yes it did occur to me Mr Cowell but we have to do things by the book. It would be no good running off in all direction and then missing them right in the place they should actually be.”
Before Simon could get a word in Robert Ricker continued. “We are in fact coordinating several task forces to cover a large part of the ocean but we only have a few hours of daylight left and they cannot do anything until dawn tomorrow.”
Simon lowered his voice a little. “I know you are doing everything you can but I need you to do more.” Simon pulled Mr Ricker away into a more private spot in the command centre. “I don’t mean to sound callous but dead or alive I need you to bring them home. Whatever it takes, how ever much it costs. I don’t care if you have to send out the whole seventh fleet and bring in the Air Force and Army for back up. I need this to happen. I don’t care if you have to sweep the entire ocean to find them but you have to find them.”

It was something in Simons’ voice that unnerved Mr Ricker. He had been for warned about Simon but this was not the man standing in front of him. This man was pleading with him, almost begging for help. “It’s a damn big ocean Mr Cowell.”
“Then we need a damn big search party.”
And this is exactly what they did. For years to come it would remain the biggest private search and rescue operation ever to be attempted.

While Simon and Robert Ricker worked in the command centre the fans of Il Divos who had flocked to Sony BMG sites continued to swell. In London, Sydney, New York and Tokyo the crowds had become so big that it had started to disrupt traffic. Police had been called to move them along. They did not have much success. Again the reaction of the fans puzzled them. They had been expecting trouble when they asked them to move on, instead they got silence. The fans tried to arrange themselves on footpaths and sidewalks so that traffic was not affected. Police in every city realised they were dealing with something unusual. In the end they helped the fans sort themselves out, directed traffic and in return were given smiles and kisses of thank you. It was obvious to the police that these fans were not going anywhere until they got what they wanted. What they had not understood was that many of the fans had organised between themselves to take it in shifts. Some replacing others as they had to leave to go to work or attend to other duties. Other fans came along with food and water and goodies to keep the spirits up. So in fact the numbers never went down, police ended up on duty for sometime longer than they had expected
In Sydney, Sony BMG had opened the doors to its building to allow fans into the foyer and use the amenities. It had taken the other cities a little longer to figure this plan out. And this was only after fans had been in communication with each other around the world by sms and mobile phone.
For some reason the fact that Il Divo were on their way to Florida had spurred the fans to head to the airports, especially the airport where they should have landed. As with the cities, the airports were becoming congested with Il Divos fans.
If devotion could keep someone alive then Il Divo would live forever.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 5 part 1   Sat Apr 11, 2009 9:07 am

Considering their current situation and their injuries David, Carlos and Sebastien were in a somewhat jovial mood. They had helped themselves to some fruit Carlos had found in the cave and sat around the table discussing what they were going to do once they were rescued. Sebastien had his injured leg up on an empty seat, as this seemed to ease the pain. He had come to the conclusion that it was not broken and once the hole in his leg healed he would be fine. The sling that Tam had made David did make his life a little more comfortable but the break in his arm hurt a great deal if he move in the wrong manner. Carlos was just happy that the metal rod that went through him had not gone through any vital organs and was looking forward to seeing what kind of scar it left.
This was what they were laughing about when Urs and Tam returned.
All eyes were on Urs as he returned but their smiles quickly faded as they saw him. He was shattered and pale, the pain on his face was heart wrenching.
David stood up to meet his friend. “Geez, Urs what the hell happened out there, you look like you have seen a ghost.”
Tam went into the cave, leaving the four men to come to terms with the ghastly truth.
Urs sat at the table with his head in his hands unable to bring himself to tell the others what he knew. Carlos came over and patted him on the shoulder. “Whatever it is it can’t be that bad.” He could feel Urs’ body tense up under his hand.
Urs shot him a look and almost jumped up from the table. “Oh Really!!!!!”
The other three were taken aback by his outburst. It was Sebastien who answered. “Yeah really. We just survived a plane crash.”
Urs was despondent. “Well how about the fact that we are never going to get off this god forsaken island. NEVER.” He almost spit out the last word as if it was poison.
David, Carlos and Sebastien looked from each other and then back to Urs.
David took a step closer to him. “What do you mean? What the hell happened?”
Urs eyes were inflamed in anger. “The radio is all busted up. It won’t work. I saw the graves of the pilots.”
“But we knew they were dead. She told us that much.” David pointed to the cave.
“Her name’s Tam. And I saw four other graves and another plane.” Urs waited for his words to embed themselves in their consciousness. He saw the flicker in each of their eyes as it did. He continued. “It was her plane, it was Tams’ plane and the grave markers date it back ten years. Do you get it? She’s been here TEN years!!!!! There is no one else on this piece of rock except us, no one and no one is coming to rescue us, ever.” Urs slumped back into a chair.
Sebastien had not moved, he had tears rolling down his face. The thought of being stuck on an island suddenly did not seem like so much fun anymore. “But things have changed in ten years Urs; surely someone will come for us?”
Urs was just shaking his head. “I don’t think so. Tam showed me the massive bone fire she made up on the high peak behind us. Once that thing was alight you could see it from the moon. No one came for her. That fire has not been lit in years and no one is coming for us.”
The four men sat in silence, each contemplating the gravity of their changed situation. They did not see what Tam saw as she stood at the entrance of the cave. Out on the horizon she could see the clouds forming. Clouds that would bring a storm: a storm that would be on the island by night fall. A storm that would suit the groups mood very well.

They were all settled into the cave and away from the storm that now lashed the island. The thunder outside seeming to ripple through them all. Tam offered them food but none ate. She had not expected them to. She could not help them now, not until they came to grips with and dealt with their situation. She did however know that those that had not been to the crash site would want to go, would need to go.
Sebastien sighed heavily. “There must be something we can do?” He had been toying with the idea of using their mobile phones, no idea how but it was a thought. His own mobile phone was still charged. “What about our mobile phones?”
He got his replies first from David. “Mines dead.”
Then Carlos. “Mine got smashed up.”
But nothing from Urs. He didn’t have to, he already knew the outcome. At the plane he had tried his own phone in the vain hope of picking up a signal. He had even managed to get one of their wireless laptops to work, still nothing. No signal, no sound at all. It was like they were in a void.
Urs just sat there slowly sinking into a depression. Quietly Tam went to sit next to him; she held his hand and squeezed it gently. Urs looked at her, what was she trying to tell him?
What Tam dearly wanted to tell him was that the island was not so bad and at least he was not alone.
Urs gave her a small kiss on the cheek, lay down and rolled over onto his side, closing his eyes and wishing it would all go away.
Tam went to check on her front door. A door she had crafted out of plane parts. She had managed to construct a sort of roller door with plastic and waterproof material. She would pull it down when the weather became too bad, like tonight and hold it in place with some large, heavy rocks. It worked. No rain had made it passed her front door.
Looking back into her home the others had also put themselves into sleeping positions. Tam watched them for a long time making sure that each and every one of them had gone to sleep. Only then did she retire to her own bed.

By morning the storm had passed leaving a fresh clean fragrance drifting over the island. Tam had been up for a while leaving her new housemates sleeping. She thought it best for their bodies as well as their souls if they slept as long as possible. Yesterday had been a very traumatic day for them all. She worried most about Urs. It seemed strange that she had only known them a few days yet it was their inner beings that she had honed in on. Tam worried about Urs because she felt he would be the one to give up, thinking that it was hopeless. She saw it in his eyes last night. David had too much fire in him; he would go unwillingly if that were the case. Carlos had so much passion for life she knew he would give it his best shot when it came to surviving. Sebastien was the other one she was a little worried about. His waters ran very, very deep. He could go either way, just decide to give up or determined to fight back. Tam hoped he decided to fight. At the moment she felt a little crowded with all these new people but deep down she was glad to have the company. Her mind had never touched on the issue that they would be rescued; she just assumed that when everything worked itself out her family would have grown and she would no longer be alone.
Tam stood at the entrance to the cave watching her four sleeping beauties. Her family might grow but first she had to get them through this first stage. In reality they had to get themselves through it.

Sebastien began to stir and let out a little cry as he moved his leg, reality returned, it had not been a dream. Sebastien woke up to the nightmare that was their life. Looking around the cave in the grim desperate hope that he was still asleep he saw Tam at the entrance, silhouetted by the morning glow of the sun, she looked like an angel. Sebastien smiled at her as he tried to sit up, again the pain shot through his leg and he let out a little cry, trying hard not to wake his friends. In silence Tam came and sat beside him and inspected the wound on his legs. She removed the bandage from last night; Sebastien grimaced but offered a weak smile as an apology. He saw a small frown appear on Tam’s face.
“What. What is it? What do you see?”
Tam pointed to an area of his wound that looked red and angry, it was infected. She had been worried that the wound had not been clean but had not expected the infection to arrive so soon.
Sebastien looked at his leg and back to Tam. “You see something that is not good?”
Tam nodded her head and placed her hand on Sebastien’s forehead, thankfully he did not have a fever. Maybe she could treat the infection before it got any worse.
“What is it? You think I am sick?” Sebastien looked at his leg again. “You think it is infected?”
Again Tam nodded. She took the old bandages completely off his leg and let the air get to it and then went to check on Carlos, worried that he may have suffered the same fate.
Kneeling down beside him she let her eyes fall on his sweet sleeping face for a moment then gently poked him on the arm.
Carlos murmured but did not wake. Again she poked him but a little harder this time. Again Carlos murmured but did not wake so Tam tried to have a look under his bandage.
This seemed to get his attention, before she knew what had happened Carlos had grabbed her and pulled her down on top of him. Instantly Carlos sat up yelling in pain. He had pulled her directly on to his injured shoulder; this meant that Tam went rolling to the cave floor as Sebastien yelled at Carlos. “Be careful Carlos she’s only trying to help”
Carlos was still dazed. “Help. Who’s trying to help?”
All the commotion had woken Urs and David. All four sets of eyes locked on Tam as she sat on the floor holding her arm where she had knocked it.
Urs and David were still at a loss to what had happened. And David was not at all happy about losing sleep. “What the hell is going on!!!.” He winced as he moved his arm. Being in the same position most of the night it hurt.
Sebastien decided he better let them in on Tams’ plan. “It’s ok. Tam was just trying to look at Carlos’ wound. She tried to wake him several times and when that didn’t work she tried to have a look at his shoulder. Carlos pulled her down on top of himself.”
Carlos cut him off. “I did no such thing.”
“Sorry but you did and now she is hurt.”
All eyes were back on Tam, who by now was standing. She had a long but shallow cut on her arm. Urs was by her side and tried to get hold of her arm to see. Tam pulled it away and stepped back.
Urs put up his hands in a sign of surrender. “It’s Ok, Just wanted to make sure you are alright.”

By now David had struggled to his feet. “How did this commotion get started in the first place?”
Sebastien took a deep breath before he began. “Tam thinks my leg is infected and I guess she wanted to make sure that Carlos was ok.”
Urs and David shot Sebastien a look and Carlos tried to pull the bandages off his shoulder. Tam stopped him by smacking his hand.
All Urs said was “Infected.” Both he and David lent over Sebastien to have a closer look, while Tam undid the bandages on Carlos’ shoulder. As the wound appeared so did the smile on her face. He was ok, no infection.
The smile was not lost on Carlos. “I gather by the smile on your face that I am in the clear my sweet?”
Tam nodded and left the cave.
“Now where is she going?” David was a little miffed. “It’s a little hard to get information out of someone who can’t talk.”
“I think we should be more worried about Sebastien.” It was Urs. “I am no doctor but that looks infected.” He pointed to Sebastien’s leg. “Are you sure you feel ok?”
“Apart from the fact that you are all starting to scare me, and I had a piece of metal in my leg, no I feel fine.” Sebastien began to pout.
David spoke up. “You’ll be fine. Might hurt for a bit but I am sure it will be okay…… I am going to see if I can find that girl..”
“And where do you expect to find her?” It was Urs
“No idea, but I figure head out the front door and hang a right and see what I come up with.”
“You hurt that arm of yours and she is not going to be happy.”
“Neither will I.” With that David walked out of the cave, leaving the other three staring after him.
Carlos was unconsciously rubbing his wound. “You think it is a good idea to let him go off on his own?”
Urs was still looking out the entrance. “He needs to blow off some steam, He’s angry and frustrated and it is my fault.”
Both Sebastien and Carlos looked at Urs for an explanation, Urs continued. “If I hadn’t told you about Tams’ plane or about the fire that has not been lit in years or….” He trailed off.
Carlos put a reassuring arm around Urs’ shoulder. “This is not your fault. We would have found out soon enough. I think deep down we already knew, we just didn’t want to accept it.”
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 5 part 2   Sat Apr 11, 2009 9:09 am

Simon was beside himself. Oh sure on the outside he looked all composed and business like but on the inside he was a mess. It had been two days and nothing. No sightings, not even with the expanded search and the weather was not being kind to them. It seemed that every quadrant of the search was having problems, whether it be wind, hail, thunder storms. It just seemed to Simon that the universe was conspiring to make their search so much harder. And the thought of them all floundering around in the ocean and maybe having to deal with the same kind of weather made his heart sink. He wanted so much to find them and find them alive. Simon had realised over the last few days just how much of a friendship he had made with the men from Il Divo. He did not know exactly when but they had gone form being just another musical group to the best friends he could have. Urs never took any of his crap and would stand toe to toe with him if he felt passionate enough about something. Simon liked that, the man was not afraid to stand up for what he believed in. David had managed to interest him in alternative music, something Simon never thought would happen. Carlos had shown him just how good life could be and how to live it and Sebastien had become that friend you call on when you needed advice and a shoulder. Il Divo certainly was a phenomenon, across the world and in his own life. How could he have guessed that just a few short years ago he would find such friends. Now he was aching inside at the thought of loosing them.
He had spent his time in the flight centre and after apologising to Steve for his initial outburst the two men were getting on well. Mr Riker was on a ship somewhere in the vastness of the ocean that had seemingly swallowed up Il Divo. Simon found out from Steve that he knew their pilot and he was the best they had. If anyone could bring that plane down in one piece it was Mark. He may have problems with the phonetic alphabet but he was a master when it came to planes. When Steve did find out that his friend had died it would be something that would take him a long time to get over. But right now they all watched the radars and kept their ears tuned to the broadcast coming in form all the search vessels, in the air and in the water. Simon was also getting updates from Sony BMG about the fans. Indeed the small group outside the flight centre had grown to over a thousand. They had been told to go home as there was nothing they could do, no one moved. Mr Riker had considered using the local army reserve to move the mostly female crowd off the property. Simon intervened, they had not caused any trouble, they were quiet and it showed everyone that Il Divo meant something to so many people. Simon himself had been outside to talk to the crowd. He had thanked them for their support and promised them they were doing everything possible to find Il Divo and they would be the first to know if anything changed.
He still did not know how he was going to tell all their fans if the news he had to deliver was bad. Simon really did not want to think that. He was sure they were still alive. They had to be.
The reports he had been given from Sony BMG were the same no matter what city. The crowds were growing, the website was buzzing to the point were it had overloaded and had to be shut down, more than once. This was not a good thing. Many fans had contact with each other via sms and e mail so the news or what little of it there was kept moving. But something had happened that no one expected. Sony had reported that money had started to arrive at there offices, money to help with the search. Fans from all over the world wanted to make sure that the authorities did not give up and had requested that if it looked like they would that Sony launch their own private search. Simon wanted to know where this had all started. He smiled when he found out. Australia…. People may think that Australia was at the ends of the earth. Maybe this was why her people where so tough, so good at adjusting to hardship. Australians always dug deep when it was required not just of their pockets but their hearts as well. This piece of news gave his heart a boost. The Aussies would settle for nothing less than getting their precious Il Divos back and he knew they would not give up the search. He had a new spark in his heart. They were still alive he just knew it. He knew all their fans would keep the pressure on until Il Divo returned. This was something he could use if it came to that.
Simon could not remember praying but he prayed this day.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 5 part 3   Sat Apr 11, 2009 9:10 am

David had followed a well worn path he had found to find Tam up to her waist in the sea holding what he thought was a stick. She was staring intently at the water, not moving, it seemed she was not breathing. Then in a flash so quick David almost missed it, she thrust the stick into the water. When she pulled it back out she had caught a fish, a very large fish. She turned to the shore and flicked the fish so it went flying through the air landing on the sand not far from David’s’ feet. Any closer and he may have been explaining to his friends how he was attacked by a flying fish.
Tams’ face changed from a look of pleasure at her catch to a look of surprise as the fish sailed through the air towards David.
David jumped back a little as it landed and Tam walked from the water collecting the other fish she had caught. Seven all up, she planned on cooking them for lunch for her new friends. Hoping it would help ease the pain they now shared.
David smiled at her for a time forgetting why he had come to seek her out.
“Pretty good fisherman aren’t you?”
Tam just shrugged her shoulders. She’d had to learn how to fish to supplement her diet. Before being stranded on the island she had never been much of a fruit and vegetable person. Happiest with a nice rare slab of meat on her plate and possibly a few roasted potatoes. She adored mashed potatoes, the kind made with cream, butter and eggs. But after weeks of nothing but fruit and no animals on the island worth killing for food she’d taught herself how to catch fish. Though she would admit at times even the fish got a bit much.
Tam handed David one of the fish as she passed him and he followed her back up the path to the cave.
“Are you planning on cooking all these, or do we get to eat sushi?”
Tam turned to look at him and scrunched up her nose. David got the idea.
“Ok, no sushi.”
Tam had also picked up some red seaweed, after his sushi remark David was not game enough to ask what the seaweed was for.
David was silent for a while and when he spoke it was with a slight tremor, Tam heard it and waited for the question. “You really have been here a long time, all by yourself.”
Tam nodded her head and kept walking.
“How do you cope, all alone for so long?”
Tam just kept walking, even if she could talk how could she tell him.
David’s frustration got the better of him and he went to stop her, forgetting that he had a fish in his good hand, instinctively tried to reach out with the other and yelled in pain. Pain that brought him to his knees, he dropped the fish and grabbed his arm.
”Stupid, stupid, stupid.” David chided himself.
Tam came to his aid; she had a little scowl on her face. Checking his sling and arm to make sure he had not done any new damage. Satisfied that he was okay she looked into his face for the first time seeing those deep, deep pools he had for eyes and the small tear that had escaped from them. David looked back at her, she mesmerised him. Tam smiled and gently brushed the tear way, then placing her index finger on her own lips and kissing it and placing it on David’s lips, much as you would do to a child. As she moved her hand away David caught her gently by the wrist.
Tam thinking he wanted to ask her a question waited, still looking into those deep grey blue eyes. What happened next surprised her. David, still holding her wrist lent in and kissed her.
Tam did not resist, did not move and as David pulled back she was still looking at him; the expression on her face had not changed.
David could not read her so he leaned in again. This time Tam pulled her hand away and stood up. David got to his feet as quickly as he could with his broken arm taking a step towards her. As he did Tam stepped backwards.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, I … it just……I thought….Oh god I am sorry Tam, please forgive me.”
Tam stood silent, David stood silent, it seemed the whole island had fallen silent and David was caught in a maze of awkwardness. He moved again and again Tam stepped back but this time all he did was pick up the fish that she had dropped and handed them to her. In an almost inaudible voice he spoke. “I am sorry.”
Again Tam found herself looking into those grey blue eyes; she could see the pain and sadness in them. Bending down she picked up the fish that David had dropped, handed it to him and gave him a small kiss on the check, stepping back she had a small smile on her face.
Still in an almost child like voice David spoke. “Does this mean I am forgiven?”
Tam nodded. His kiss had been a surprise and not a bad surprise, she had liked the feeling of another persons lips on hers but after being alone for so long she did not know what to do about it.
In silence they headed back to the cave. Although she had forgiven him, David still felt like he had wounded a gentle soul. He made himself a vow that he would make every effort to make Tam feel safe around him, around all of them.

Back at the cave they found the other three seated outside, Sebastien again with his leg on a chair for comfort. All were surprised to see David with a fish in his hand.
Carlos was amazed. “Don’t tell me you caught a fish and one handed at that?”
“No, just helping to bring the shopping home.”
Tam threw her fish on the table and caught Urs’ eye as she passed. He was silent and brooding about something. Tam had a pretty good idea what it was and she worried that it would be his undoing. Tam hoped that his friends could help him get passed the pain and find the strength he would need to survive. She gently squeezed his shoulder as she passed. Her action seemed to bring him back into the world. Urs looked up to see Tam enter the cave and then back at the fish on the table. “She’s not expecting us to eat that raw is she?”
Carlos and Sebastien looked at Urs, They had not thought of that.
David let out a good belly laugh. “No guys, no sushi today she plans on cooking. When I don’t know but at least we know it will get cooked.”
Sebastien spoke up. “Can she cook?”
The all laughed, including Urs.
Tam heard their combined laugh, it was a sweet melody and it made her smile. Maybe they would have the strength to continue to live.

Tam walked out of the cave with a large wooden bowl in her hands. It was filled with assorted bulb and potato like vegetables. She handed them to Urs who just stood there like a school boy waiting for orders. Tam was about to take her fish to clean and gut when she realised that Urs had no idea what she wanted him to do with the bowl. Coming back she pulled a small knife out from between the potatoes and proceeded to peel one of them.
“How come I get landed with KP duty?” Urs was rather indignant and the others did not help by laughing. That was until Tam pulled out a few more knives and handed them to both Carlos and Sebastien.
Carlos pointed his knife at David. “How come he doesn’t get one?”
“I did the shopping remember.”
Again they laughed.
Urs placed the bowl on the table and they all sat round. While they peeled and cut the vegetables Tam started on the fish. Her new friends talked for a little while about childhood experiences in the kitchen or around food. Tam had to smile at their stories; they had all been somewhat mischievous in their younger years.
As they got to the end of their chores the talk turned towards their current situation. Tam continued to work on the fish listening to see what they would decide to do.
Urs apologised again for his outburst the day before and the others all forgave him echoing Carlos’ words from earlier.
David wanted to make sure that his friend did not take the whole burden upon himself. “Hey Urs, we’ll deal with this together ok. We’ll figure it out.” David looked over to Tam. “Even if it means we have to stay.” David kept talking before Urs could cut him off. “Tams’ done it for ten years on her own. Surely the four of us can make a go if it. We have each other, we’re strong.” He looked at his arm. “Ok, well some stronger than others at the moment but we don’t have to do this alone and I am sure that Tam can teach us a few things.”
Sebastien’s voice was a little rough as he spoke. “Sounds like you have made up your mind that we are not getting rescued?”
Carlos nodded in agreement.
“No…Just trying to be realistic if that ends up being our only option. I intend to do whatever it takes to be rescued. But I can’t bury my head in the sand while we are surrounded by another reality.”
His words sunk deep into his friend’s conscious and subconscious stirring up the beginnings of the hope and determination they would need to draw on.
Tam smiled to herself. Their chances of surviving had just increased by the gentle coaxing of David’s own determination that he was not going to give up or give in.

By now Tam had finished with the fish and had started to prepare the small fire/bbq that sat to one side of the cave entrance. Both Urs and Carlos went over to help. Urs taking the small pieces of wood out of her hands, lingering just a little as he to was mesmerised by this woman.
“Let us help. It is the least we can do considering you brought lunch home.”
Tam smiled at them both and nodded heading for the table and the potatoes.
“So I am guessing that all these little white and orange things are ok to eat.” David had a cheeky smile on his face.
Sebastien shot him a look. “David… What do think, she’s going to try and poison us after she went to all that trouble to save us?”
He looked at Tam. “Mon Cheri... I apologise for my friend. He can be somewhat uncouth at times.”
David let a pretend pout cross is face and Tam gave him a playful smack.
The all laughed. Before taking the potatoes back to the fire she bent down and gave Sebastien a kiss on his forehead. Her smiled disappeared and Sebastien became nervous. “I‘ve seen that look Tam, What is the matter?”
Tam placed her hand on his head. He was warm, too warm for the time of day. It was not hot enough.
David came to their side and put his hand on her shoulder. “What is it?”
Tam took David’s hand and placed it on Sebastien’s head. “Your hot mate, you still feeling ok?”
By now Urs and Carlos had finished with the fire and were also standing in front of Sebastien. Urs did what David had done. “He’s right.”
Sebastien got a little upset. “I am fine. It’s nothing. I am just a little warm from being in the sun.”
Tam shook her head and bent down to have a look at the wound on his leg. Although she had left the bandage off the torn part of his jeans had covered the wound. What they all saw when she pulled it back was alarming. So much so that Sebastien squirmed in his seat.
His wound was red, angry red and swollen, hot to touch and looked like it had the beginnings of puss building up. Add to that the red, purple vein snaking its way up his leg and they all knew that it was infected.
“Sebastien. Are you sure you feel ok?” Carlos’ voice was strained with concern. “That looks pretty bad.”
Tam got hold of Urs’ hand and pulled him into the cave. He watched while she rummaged through things that had been rescued from their plane. She returned with some pain killers, showing them to Urs.
‘That’s fine Tam but what he is going to need is antibiotics and I don’t think we have any of those.”
Tam raised a small knife so that it was directly in front of Urs. When he realised what she planned do to the horror registered on his face. “Oh god Tam, you can’t cut bits out of his leg, he’ll never sit still and let you do that, and I wouldn’t sit still and let you do that.”
Tam poked Urs in the chest and then began to throw punches at him, close enough so he could feel the breeze as they passed and move his head so she did not actually hit him. Again it took him a few moments to realise what she was doing and again he was mortified. “You want me to knock him out so you can cut him up?”
Tam was hardly thrilled at the way he had worded his statement but that was pretty much what she wanted him to do. She figured it was best to get as much poison out of him as possible before more of it moved through his body.
Urs looked at the pain killers he had in his hands. “These are not for his leg are they?”
Tam shook her head and Urs went pale.
When they appeared back outside Urs went to the fire to heat up the blade of the knife, the others thinking he was checking the fire. Tam handed Sebastien the pills and a drink which he took gladly.
David had a questioning look on his face. “Antibiotics?”
Tam just looked at them all. It was Urs who spoke. “Sorry but no such luck. Pain killers”
Carlos entered the conversation. “But they won’t help the infection.”
Both Sebastien and David nodded in agreement.
Just then Tam showed them the knife. It was Sebastien who realised what she was going to do first and he tried to get out of his chair.
“No way lady, not in a million years!!!! You stay away from me, you hear.” Sebastien yelled as he tried to stand. The pitch of his voice making Tam wince but it was Urs who kept him seated by placing his hands on his shoulders.
Sebastien was at a loss. “Don’t tell me you agree with this. She’s going to chop my leg up.”
“Sebastien I don’t think you have a choice, if the poison keeps moving you’ll get sicker and sicker and we won’t be able to help you.”
It was David. “But there must be another way?”
Tam shook her head again and nodded to Urs.
They all saw it. “What was that for? What are you going to do?” Sebastien was pleading with his friend.
The torment on Urs’ face was evident as the words came out of his mouth. “I’m sorry.” and then he king hit Sebastien so hard in the face he knocked him of his chair. The other two screamed at him, Carlos pulling him away from Sebastien.
David yelled at him. “Geez, Urs what the hell was that for.”
Carlos went to help his friend but the job was done, he was out cold.
Urs stood holding and rubbing the hand he had used to hit Sebastien as David moved to confront him. Tam got between the two men.
David was furious. “You didn’t have to do that Urs!!!”
Urs went to say something but Tam stopped him by placing her hands over his mouth. Immediately after she did the same to David. Both men seemed to calm down. Tam turned to David and held both of his hands, staring into his eyes. Under her gaze David melted. It was if she had engulfed him, in that moment he would have done anything she asked him. Tam brushed her hand slowly and gently across his cheek. David closed his eyes and sighed as her touch tingled through his body.
“There is no other way is there.” David opened his eyes to see the answer in Tams’ eyes.
Tam got hold of one of Urs’ hands and brought the men together, making them shake hands. “Well if you to have kissed and made up can you help me with Sebastien.” Carlos was trying to move him with his good arm and not very successfully.
David looked at his own arm and then at Urs. “Sorry but I don’t think I am going to be much help either.”
Tam was already at Sebastien’s feet waiting for Urs. Between them they got him onto the table. David’s stomach began to knot. “I’m not sure if I can watch this.”
“Me neither.” replied Carlos.
Tam began to dig into Sebastien’s leg and to their credit David and Carlos did not move. The colour drained from their faces but they did not move. Their legs got a little weak but they did not move. Then in a flurry they both bolted as fast as they could, out of sight. By the noise it was obvious what had happened. Tam looked at Urs and he smiled and she continued to work on Sebastien.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 5 part 4   Sat Apr 11, 2009 9:11 am

Tam and Urs moved Sebastien into the cave and back onto his bed. Urs was grateful that he had not woken up. A few times during the procedure Sebastien had groaned, Urs wondered what kind of screaming that would have translated into if he had been conscious.
Tam had cleaned the wound as best she could, re dressing it and hoping that she had managed to dig out enough of the poison so that Sebastien would not get sick.
The side of Sebastien’s face was swollen and red, a bruise starting to show where Urs had hit him. Urs was hoping that his friend was still unconscious because of Tams little operation and not because of what he had done. He still felt awful, deep down he knew they were only trying to help him but that did not change the way he felt.

Once they were happy that he was resting comfortably both of them went back outside, finding David and Carlos waiting for them. Tam went to clean down the table. She took the boiling water off the fire, having placed the pot on it before getting Sebastien back to bed. Urs was not sure how his two friends would react.
“Are you two okay?”
Both were a little meek in their reply, feeling a little inadequate having had to bail on their friend.
“Yeah. Probably just as well he hadn’t had lunch.” David held out his hand to Urs. “Sorry I went off before, it just seemed so drastic.”
“Me too.” Carlos patted Urs on the back.
“If Tam had given me time I would have told you what was going to happen you know that, but we couldn’t let Sebastien know. It would have been much harder.”
“So, was there much nasty stuff to dig out?” David was curious in a morbid sort of way.
Urs shrugged his shoulders. “To be honest I kept my eyes shut most of the time.”
His comments made David and Carlos feel much better and the three men had a laugh.

David looked over at Tam. “She’s going to scrub all the wood away, the rate she is going there won’t be any table left.”
“Well I for one will be happier with a bit less table considering we are going to have to eat off it.” Carlos shuddered a little at the thought.
“How about we get the vegetables on the fire, help out a bit.” Urs picked up the bowl of vegetables that had been discarded previously and the others followed him to the fire.
The all stopped and looked down at the same time. There was another small pot on the fire. David thought he recognised the sea weed they had brought back from the beach but it was the smell that had their attention. It was not good, making their eyes water.
“Oh lord have mercy, she’s not going to make us eat that is she?” Carlos was rubbing his stomach.
Urs was trying to breath through his mouth to stop the smell. “I hope not.”
David turned to Tam. “Hey Tam, what kind of witches brew is this?”
Tam came over to the fire and stirred the witches brew putting some on a spoon. As she took it from the pot the three men backed away but she did not want them to eat it. As it cooled down she rubbed some on her own leg and then pointed to the cave.
“Oh thank god for that. We thought we were going to have to eat it.” David had a big smile on his face.
Tam scowled, she was not impressed that every one of them had thought this was her cooking skills at work. She had a good mind to let them fend for themselves. She still had the offending matter in her hands and moved towards Carlos. Urs had already figured out what was going to happen.
“I think she is going to use you as a live guinea pig Carlos.”
Before Carlo could react Tam had pulled aside part of the bandage on his shoulder and slapped the sea weed on his wound.
Carlos yelled and jumped back. “Hey!!! That stings… Arrrrr and it smells horrible. Why couldn’t I get wounded in the leg instead, at least it would away from my face.”
Tam kissed Carlos on the cheek and went back to getting lunch started. She had a smile on her face.
David and Carlos went to sit near the table and Urs joined Tam at the fire. “Does Carlos really need that gunk on his wound?”
The cheeky smile that he got in return was all Urs needed. “You sneak. He doesn’t does he? How long are you going to make him wear it?”
Tam smiled and made a sleeping gesture and Urs laughed. “You know he will not be happy when he finds out, don’t you. Mind you I am not going to tell him.”
Urs looked down at the fish and vegetables. “You want some help?”
Tam really didn’t but she said yes.

While the others prepared and ate lunch Sebastien slept, fitfully. Tam had indeed managed to extricate most of the poison form his wound but that which had already seeped into his system was taking hold. His fever was growing as his body tried to fight of the ever advancing invader. The salve that Tam had made from what she had boiled with the sea weed would help draw out the rest of the poison from his system but she had not expected it to take hold so quickly.
When she went to check on him she was stunned as to how fast Sebastien had succumbed to the poison. Feeling his head he was burning up, hotter than he had been only a few short hours before. Tam raced back outside and collected her witches brew and returned to Sebastien.
Urs had seen her do this and got up to follow her. David and Carlos did the same. By the time they were inside the cave Tam had put the salve on Sebastien’s leg and re bound the wound. They could see by his fitful sleep that he was in trouble. Urs bent down and touched his head much the same way as Tam had. Concern all over his face. “Tam, he is so very hot. Will he be okay?”
Tam just looked into Urs’ eyes and shrugged her shoulders. All she could do now was try and keep him cool and comfortable.

Her concoction had made the whole cave smell but no one left. They each took turns at cooling Sebastien down with a damp cloth. This went on all afternoon; each one sitting with their friend and silently praying that he would be okay.
Sebastien was desperately trying to fight off the demons that had come to torment him, his nightmares tore at him. Visions of the plane crash mixed with other traumas he had suffered in his life became too much. It seemed like he was watching a never ending movie, you know what is going to happen but you cannot stop it. As his temperature kept climbing his nightmares increased. When his mind could no longer contain the horror he was fighting Sebastien let out an ear splitting scream that seemed to rumble from the very depths of his soul.
Urs had been looking after him at the time and when he began to scream Sebastien had sat up throwing his arms around trying to fight the invisible monster that was devouring him. He managed to knock Urs over, Tam and Carlos ran to pin Sebastien back down, it was not working. Just the two of them would not be able to hold him. David had managed to get hold of his legs with his good arm and by this time Urs was back on his feet. He straddled Sebastien at his waist, pinning his arms down over his head. Their faces were so close that when Sebastien opened his eyes it was a shock to Urs. They were wild and inhuman, he was not looking into the eyes of his friend, these were not Sebastien’s eyes, these were the eyes of the demon that had control of him. At that very moment Urs knew if they did not do something he was going to loose a friend.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 5 part 5   Sat Apr 11, 2009 9:12 am

After several minutes Sebastien calmed down enough for Urs to get off him and the others to let go. They all sat on the floor around Sebastien looking concerned and afraid. No one else had seen Sebastien’s eyes and what Urs had seen had ripped his heart apart. He had never seen anything like it. His voice was shallow and trembling when he spoke. “We need to get his temperature down fast.” He picked up a wet cloth and threw it across the cave. “This is not working.”
“Well what do you suggest we do? Pitch him into the ocean!!” David’s uncertainty came out as rage and anger. He felt useless, even more so with a broken arm.
Carlos had withdrawn inside himself; he sat silent, brooding and worrying about his friend.
Many years ago he had seen a similar thing. A friend of the family had contracted a fever, He couldn’t remember how but he remembered the rest. The poor man was finally eaten up by the fever raging in his body. He remembered the doctors saying when he died it was for the best. If he had survived he would have had brain damage. Carlos did not want this for Sebastien; it was too cruel a fate.
Tam went back to Sebastien and began to do something with his bed. The others at first had on idea what she was doing, thinking that maybe she was going to move him. David was the first to see her plan begin to take shape.
“Tam I wasn’t serious when I said pitch him into the ocean. We’d never get him down the hill.”
Urs went over to help her. “No but we can get him back to the waterfall.” Their eyes met and Tam smiled at him.

This trip with an unconscious body was much easier than her last one. Tam and Urs took up much of the slack but Carlos had insisted he was well enough to help and David was not about to be left out. With his good arm he held onto one of the make shift poles they had tied to Sebastien’s bed. Tam and Carlos on the front and Urs and David at the back. David’s arm hurt like hell, he felt every movement but he was not about to say anything. His friend could be dying; he had to do this for him.
Once at the waterfall Tam jumped into the pool while the others lowered Sebastien down to her, she let him float on his back supporting him under the shoulders and head. Urs jumped in and took over. Tam pulled the bandage off his wound and let the clean water get to it. Their only hope now was that Sebastien’s body would cool down enough for him to survive.
David and Carlos sat on the bank. “What are we going to do if he dies David?”
David did not answer, he had no answer, and he did not want to think about it.

Urs and Tam kept Sebastien in the water for twenty minutes at a time. He seemed to sleep peacefully while he was emersed in the crisp, clear blue water. Every time they took him out his temperature would start to rise again and they would slide him back in. By this time both Tam and Urs were feeling the cold. They were chilled to the bone but neither one would give up their post. Both David and Carlos had volunteered to help but Tam would not come out and Urs refused to, still feeling guilty about hitting his friend in the first place. This went on for several hours until Sebastien managed to stay out of the water for an hour and his temperature did not spike. Happy that his fever maybe broken they took him back to the cave. Tam checked his leg again. The wound was clean and the nasty red lines that had snaked their way up into his groin had all but disappeared. Hopefully now he would recover none the worse for his trials. Her hands shook she was so cold, looking at Urs he was trembling all over. They needed to build a fire and get warm.
Carlos was way ahead of them. He was outside building up a huge fire for them to sit around and David had turned into a mother hen. “You two need to get out of those wet clothes or we will have more sick people to look after.”
Urs began to take off his shirt. Tam hadn’t moved, she just watched, staring at the tiny ripples that swam across his chest as he moved. Urs was about to take off the rest of his clothes when he realised he had an audience.
“Oh no. Do we have to have this conversation again? Nothing doing Tam, not another stitch comes off until you clear out.”
Tam pouted playfully and walked to the back of the cave. No one could see her. “I am not convinced; I can still hear you breathing.” Urs stood there with his hands on his hips.
David laughed “Never knew you were that shy Urs.”
Urs shot him a look. “Just go and make sure we have no peeking okay.”
“No peeking it is then.” And David headed for the back of the cave. “Hey Tam. Prince Bashful over there needs more…..sp. ay…ce….”
His words whispered off into the air and David swallowed hard. Tam was standing with her back to him fully naked, a perfect form in David’s eyes. She turned around when she heard his voice. For a split second David could not take his eyes off her then he remembered himself and spun around. “I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to interrupt.”
Tam remained silent but had a smile on her face. She continued to get dressed. She walked silently up behind David and gently placed her hands on his shoulders. He jumped a little, not willing to turn around. Wanting to so much, that when Tam began to pull him around to face her he closed his eyes. He opened them only when he felt the gentle kiss she placed on the tip of his nose. He dared not look anywhere else but her face. Her smile was beaming and just a little cheeky, she stepped back so that David could see she was dressed. He sighed, not sure if it was because he felt safe or because she was now dressed. He would carry the thought of her form with him the rest of his life. It was like looking at a work of art. No flaw, every curve crated perfectly by god.
Just then they heard Urs. “Ok I’m dressed.”
Tam gave David another peck on the nose and left him standing to watch after her. As she got to Urs she did the same thing and continued out the cave leaving both men powerless to move. It was only Carlos’ voice that broke the trance. “Hey you guys coming out? The fires very warm.”
David and Urs left the cave together. Tam was already warming herself by the fire.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 6 part 1   Tue Apr 14, 2009 4:13 am

Simon had not slept in 3 days; he paced around the flight centre not willing to leave it for a second in case there was news. He had received news but not of Il Divo, of their fans. It seemed that the money was still coming into all Sony BMG offices and the last total made it just over $10,000. They had also had offers from pilots willing to help, from people willing to donate boats and yachts for the search and rescue; someone had even offered to replace the Siempre plane if it came to that. The crowds that had gathered had increased and the mood had changed. Somehow each individual set of fans had begun to sing. Different songs but they were all hymns, Amazing Grace, even Ave Maria. It was no longer a quiet vigil but neither was it something that the authorities needed to be worried about. It did Simon’s heart good to know that so many people were behind them. He just wished he could give them some good news.
There had been chatter back and forth between the search vessels and flight centre but nothing. Absolutely nothing, no sign of them anywhere, no wreckage, Mr Riker had mention that if they had gone down in a deep part of the ocean they would never find them. This was not an option for Simon. He began looking into the possibility of a submarine search. They were coming back, they had to. A change in the chatter from the radio brought him back out of his thoughts. Simon listened as a pilot was calling in difficulties with his plane.
“I say again, instrument failure, engine stall, declaring an emergency.”
Simon’s heart sank. Not another one, how could a rescue plane go down while looking for another? The universe was being so cruel to them, first the weather and now this. Simon continued to listen to the conversation. The pilot was giving his co ordinates but the radar operator was shaking his head. “Say again India Delta 4.”
The pilot repeated his co ordinates and again the operator shook his head. By now Steve was standing behind him.
“What’s up Brad?”
“He keeps saying he is still on course but look.” Brad pointed to the radar. “He’s off course and by a long way.”
Steve bent down to talk to the pilot. “India Delta 4 this is Steve. Check your instruments we have you off course. Repeat you are off course check your readings.”
All this time the pilot was still trying to get his engine to fire. “Readings say we are still on course. Flight control, engine powered back up….Holy…..” There was silence from the pilot.
The radar operator called back “India Delta 4 acknowledge..”
“India Delta 4 acknowledge?”
There was a long silence then. “India Delta 4 here.”
Steve took the mike. “What the hell happened?”
“We lost everything; I mean everything, engines, and instruments. We had nothing for a few seconds then it all came back.”
“Check your readings.”
“India Delta 4 here. Readings say we are…….That can’t be right.”
Steve was getting a little nervous. “India Delta 4 your readings…”
“We’re off course flight control. Our readings say we are off course. We’ll need help with a new flight plan to get back. I have no idea where the hell we are.”
“No worries, Brad will help you with that.” Steve stood up as Brad continued to talk to the pilot and give him the correct co ordinates.
Steve looked into the worried eyes of Simon Cowell and smiled lamely. “I didn’t fancy loosing another plane on my watch.”
“Err Boss…” It was Brad. “By my calculations they will be coming home on fumes. I don’t think they have the fuel to get all the way back here. We need to send them somewhere closer to refuel.”
“You got a place in mind?”
“Yes sir”
“Can they reach it?
“With fuel to spare sir.
“Then do it.”
Brad smiled to himself. Steve was a tough boss but was always willing to listen to his team.
Just then the pilot of India Delta 4 radioed back in.
Simon looked at Steve and they all listened waiting for something else.
“Flight control we have found something, going in for a closer look.”
Simon checked his watch and Steve saw him do it. “Yeah Simon it is pitch black were they are I have no idea what they could see. We’ll just have to wait.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 6 part 2   Tue Apr 14, 2009 4:14 am

Every so often one of them would get up from the fire and go and check on Sebastien. It was while Urs was with his friend leaving David, Tam and Carlos by the fire that Tam tried to let Carlos know he did not need to keep the salve on his shoulder. It took many waving of arms and gestures before the penny dropped and it was not Carlos who figured it out. David’s laugh boomed out rattling Tam just a little and Carlos was miffed because he was not in on the joke.
“What, What is it David. What’s so funny?”
Between laughs David tried to talk. “You have to promise not to get mad okay.”
“Get mad at what? I don’t know what is going on.”
“You don’t need it.” David fell into another fit of laughter before he could let Carlos know. “You don’t need that smelly stuff on your shoulder. I don’t think you ever did.”
Again he collapsed in laughter.
Carlos just looked at Tam for an explanation. She just shrugged her shoulders and shook her head. Carlos was outraged. “You mean to tell me I have been putting up with the Un holy smell for nothing!!!!”
David had tears running down his face. “Apparently.” And he was off again.
And so was Carlos. “Not funny….” With that he left them muttering to himself in Spanish.
He passed Urs on the way. “If she wasn’t I women I swear!!!” Again he muttered in Spanish as he headed for the cave and some clean, sweet smelling clothes.
Urs joined Tam and David at the fire. “So I guess he knows?”
David couldn’t talk he just nodded his head.
“I think you have a very mischievous side to you I do Miss Tam.” Urs punched her playfully on the arm. Tam punched him back just a little harder than she needed to but Urs laughed. “Yes, very mischievous.”
David had gained control of himself by now. “Is Sebastien okay?”
Urs threw another piece of wood on the fire. “He seems to be. I guess we will know when he wakes up.”
Carlos came back to the fire, gave Tam a wounded look and she just put her head down. David tried very hard not to let a laugh slip out between his lips; so much so he had to cover his mouth with is hand.
Urs tried to console his friend. “No harm done Carlos. It was just a joke.”
Carlos was not happy. Tam thought that maybe he had taken it to much to heart. After all she did not know them very well; she was starting to have doubts about the trick she had played. So she decided to try and apologise.
She moved from her spot and went to sit down next to him but Carlos stopped her. “Please don’t. I am very mad at you this very moment, I think you should go away.”
Tam was very hurt by his remarks but thought that if he was so mad that she was the one who had hurt him. So she left, walking back into the cave.
Both Urs and David starred at him in amazement. The silence around him made Carlos look up. He could see the looks on his friend’s faces.
“What? What did I do?”
Urs’ voice was somewhat scathing. “Carlos! That was horrible. It was just a joke. We’ve done worse to each other in the past.”
David echoed in. “We sure have, so what gives. That was just nasty Carlos. Not like you at all.”
It was Urs’ turn. “It’s like you are blaming her because we are here. That’s not fair. She has done everything she can think of to help us. This must be hard for her you know. Being alone for so long and then all of a sudden four people. And not four healthy people either. She has looked after all of us much better than we could ourselves I dare say.”
Urs’ words sunk deep into Carlos. “I know my friend. It is just that every time I look at her I see our future and it scares me. I don’t think I am as strong as she is.”
They were all silent for a while. Carlos had just spoken out all their fears, everything that they had been holding onto, not wanting to bring to the surface for fear of having to deal with it. Now there it was.
David’s voice rang with compassion. “I know Carlos. But together we are strong. Together we will get through anything the world has to throw at us. You will never have to deal with anything alone I promise you that.”
“Me too” Urs smiled at his friends. But he had his doubts about how they would cope if Sebastien did not pull through. Even more doubts if he did and the fever had hurt him.
Carlos nodded. “I think I should apologise to our lovely lady Knight in shining armour.”
“How about we all go in. It’s been a big day.” Urs stood first and the others followed.
They got to the entrance of the cave Urs stopped; the others almost knocked each other over as they had not expected it. Before they could speak Urs put his hand up. “Listen”
David was frowning, listen to what, and then he heard it.
They all heard it. Tam was humming.
They all stood at the mouth of the cave for a little longer. Again it was Urs who spoke. “She’s humming a part from Chopin’s Heroic Polonaise.”
Both Carlos and David looked at Urs about ready to argue the point when Tam hummed a little more. He was right she was. They were astonished, standing still a few more moments to listen. It was such a sweet sound.
They walked into the cave to find Tam sitting near Sebastien’s bed with her back against the wall and Sebastien resting in her lap. She was gently stroking his hair and humming to him. He seemed so peaceful and serene. Tam had no idea that she had been humming but she stopped as soon as she saw them, particularly Carlos. When their eyes met she bowed her head. David pushed Carlos forward. He knew what he had to do.
Carlos bent down on one knee and cupped Tam’s chin in his hands bringing it up so he could see her face. There was a tear slowly weaving its way down a path from her eyes. “Oh, my sweet, sweet angle of light. Please tell me you do not cry for me. I could not bear to think that I should be the one to give you pain after all that you have done for us.” Carlos ever so tenderly wiped the tear from her face now taking both her hands in his own and holding them to his chest. “Please say you will forgive a man who should be whipped for allowing a single tear to fall from such heavenly eyes?”
Tam was taken back by his words, but looking into his eyes she could see that he was sincere. She nodded and Carlos sighed just a little. “Does this mean the angel forgives the brigand?”
Again Tam nodded and Carlos kissed her lovingly on the lips. Something she had not expected but all the same was happy to receive. In return Tam gently twisted his way ward curl around her finger and kissed him on the tip of his nose the same as she had done to both Urs and David.
In the background David had whispered to Urs. “How does he get away with that? Who speaks like that anymore?”
“Well it seems to work. Maybe you should try it sometime.”
Carlos stood back up and his friends came to stand next to him.
“He looks like he is doing much better.” Urs knelt down to take a closer look at Sebastien. “Your humming must be the medicine he needs.”
Tam gave them a perplexed look.
“You were humming. Rather nicely if I may say so.”
Tam looked to David and Carlos, they both nodded
Urs continued “Parts of Chopin’s Heroic Polonaise to be exact.”
Tam’s expression froze and they all saw it. Urs kept talking. “What is it Tam. We did not think that would scare you. You sounded so lovely. We all love classical. Please don’t be scared of us.”
Tam moved herself from under Sebastien and went to the back of the cave. The three friends just looked at each other. They could hear her doing something. When she came back she handed Urs pieces of sheet music. Sheet music for piano. Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart and more.
“You like music and this was on the plane with you wasn’t it?”
Tam nodded her head.
They all caught onto the reality of it all. She had been alone for ten years with no music. Each one wondering if they could have lived without it, knowing that they might have to. Tam herself had thought that she had forgotten all. Every now and then she would get the music out and try and remember how they all sounded. It got harder and harder each year to remember. But Chopin had been her favourite and if Urs was right she remembered a little. She had hummed it to keep it alive.
David spoke up next. “Did you play?”
Tears welled up in her eyes as she nodded. In silence Urs pulled her caringly towards him, wrapping a protective arm around her so she could rest her head on his chest. “I am so sorry we have managed to hurt you again. But if you will let us we will try and make it up to you.”
Tam looked up into his hazel eyes and Urs looked down sincerely into hers “Do you trust me?”
Tam nodded her head and Urs dried away her tears. Carlos and David had no idea what was going on. Urs held Tam’s hand and walked her back out to the fire and sat her down. The others followed. Urs gathered his friends. “What do you say we sing for her?”
Carlos piped up. “But the noise, wont it hurt her ears?”
“Only if you get carried away.”
The all laughed at that.
“All we have to do is be mindful that we do not sing to loud. If we see that she is getting uncomfortable just take it down a notch okay.”
The all nodded.
“So what do we sing? Odds are she’s never heard us sing?” David was right.
“Well she was humming Heroic Polonaise so why don’t we sing Hero?”
David wasn’t so sure. “But Sebastien starts that one off.”
“I can do his part.” Said Urs. He looked at his friends. “So we sing Hero for her?”
Without another word they stood in front of Tam.

When Urs opened his mouth and began to sing Tam was overwhelmed. God had sent her an angel. When the others joined in the joy she felt in her heart sprang free as tears. For so long had she been without this and now to hear such voices. A few times their singing had hurt her ears and she noticed that they tried to be soft. But nothing would stop her from listening to them. They were outstanding. Tam did not realise but she was swaying just a little and the smile on her face made the light from the moon pale and unimpressive. When they had finished she stood and walked to each one individually, kissing them and hugging them.
Urs spoke. “Are we forgiven?”
Tam frowned and shook her head. They were all dismayed. Leaving it up to Urs to find out why. “But I thought you liked it. Did it hurt your ears too much?”
Tam shook her head.
Urs was at a loss. “Then what is wrong?” He had become quite concerned.
Tam made a few signs with her hands and they all smiled.
“You want to hear more is that it?” The relief in Urs’ voice was evident.
Tam jumped up and down like a giddy school girl clapping her hands.
David spoke to both his friends. “I fear we may have just created another Diva my friends.”
Carlos and Urs smiled. Tam just looked at them with a quizzical expression on her face. “Its’ okay. You go sit down and we will sing for you. Would you like something in English?”
Tam nodded excitedly and took her seat. Little did she know how jealous all the Divas of the world would be right now to know she was getting her own private concert, all be it one Divo short.
David, Carlos and Urs tackled The Man You Love and then sang Rejoice.
But just as they finished Tam stood up looking right passed them out to sea.
For a few seconds she did not understand what she was seeing. All three turned to see what she was looking at. No one wanted to move dare they shatter the illusion before them. The sound of a planes engine began to tickle their ear drums. Tam was sure it was some hallucination and expected it to disappear but it kept getting closer.
“Oh my God it’s a plane.” David started to wave his good arm frantically and of course hurt his other one.
Carlos began to shout. Urs stood quiet, watching and waiting to see what happened. He was not about to get his hopes up having seen the other plane in the bush. But the blinking lights kept getting closer and closer until there was no doubt. It was a plane and it was real and it had seen them. Or had it? It got closer and closer then passed right over the top of them. Surely they had seen the fire.
They listened as the engine sound got further away and their hearts began to sink. Silently, crushed they began to walk back to the cave.
Carlos hung back at the entrance silently praying that it would come back. He had thought it was just his imagination when he heard the sound again but as it grew he realised that the plane was coming back. He shouted for the others. David and Urs came running back out. It had come back, as it passed overhead the pilot tipped his wings. They had seen them. David let out a great big whopping holler, Carlos did a little dance but as happy as he was that they had been found Urs looked back at the cave. Being rescued had just birthed a whole new set of problems.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 7 part 1   Thu Apr 16, 2009 7:39 am

Chapter 7
Simon had been outside the flight centre talking to the divas who had staged their vigil for Il Divo. He found out that many of them had called on their annual leave so that they could stay. Others had portable computers and were keeping updated with the web site, posting news and receiving information. As they were at ground central so to speak they were debunking any rumours that got started. In the background he could hear the familiar sound of mobile phone text messages. He knew he had a reputation as a bastard. It was true, but what was also true was that each and every one of these ladies had seen through that, they were genuinely worried about Il Divo and about him. They had offered him phones and computers to call home on, offered to share their food. They were willing to do anything to help. He had mentioned jokingly that they were in the middle of their own real life fan fic. First the fans were surprised that he even knew about them but what they told him next blew him away. Jacqui pointed to a girl sitting on the footpath with a laptop, well, on her lap. “You see her Simon?” He nodded that he did. “Well she is writing it as we live it. She was so upset nothing seemed to console her then we latched onto the idea of giving her a fan fic to write. She loves to write. Ask her what she is doing.”
Simon looked at Jacqui. “Go on. You’ll never guess.”
“What’s her name?”
“It’s Pip.”
Simon took a deep breath. “Excuse me Pip.”
She responded without taking her eyes off the screen “Yep.”
“What are you doing?”
“Writing a happy ending of course.”
Simon was speechless. Did they think that by writing a fictional story that everything was going to be ok?
Jacqui pulled him away from the crowd a little. “We will all be here for her if things turn bad Mr Cowell. Many of us are well aware that those fine men may not have survived. We deal in reality. But at the moment while things are so uncertain the fiction enables many of us to keep going. Pip wants a happy ending as we all do, so she is writing one. If reality gives her an unhappy one she will have us.” Jacqui waved her hand over the crowd. “All of us by her side.”
Just then Steve poked his head out the door and waved to Simon. Others saw him and a hush went over the crowd. As Simon got to the door he turned to address them. “I promise as soon as I know anything I will tell you.”
And with that he went back inside.
“You’ve been out there a while, everything okay?”
Simon looked at Steve as they entered the flight centre again. “I really don’t know. There is a girl out there writing a happy ending for all this. How do you get your head around something like that?”
Steve smiled. “Well she may know more than you think.”
Simon stopped in his tracks, grabbing hold of Steve’s arm. “What? Have they found them?”
“It looks like they have found them.”
“Looks like. What does that mean?” Then Simon had a horrible thought. “Are they…” he did not want to hear the word come out of his mouth but Steve stopped him.
“They are alive Simon. Alive. You can tell your girl out there she may just get her happy ending after all.”
“But how?”
Just then they got to the control room. All eyes were on Simon.
“How about we let the pilot tell you.” Steve bent over to talk into the radio. “India Delta 4, you ready to report. Mr Cowell is in the control room.”
The name of the plane had not gone unnoticed by Simon.
“India Delta 4 ready.”
With that the pilot launched into the events of the night before. Starting with the trouble. Then seeing something in the distance but Brad was telling them they would have to fly to an alternate airport to refuel. They made the choice to check it out; they had enough fuel to do it. What they had seen was Carlos’ fire. He had built it so big its blaze shone for miles. That is what the pilot had seen. An Island that was not where it was supposed to be. Well, it was the plane that wasn’t. So if they hadn’t been off course they would never have seen the fire and never gone to investigate and never found them.
They had given the co ordinates to a Navy vessel and it was heading to the area as they spoke. The pilot finished his report and Simon stood in silent bewilderment. Had he heard them right? They had found them and they were alive. He needed to get to that ship.
Steve spoke up. “There’s a long range chopper waiting for you.”
Simon shook Steve’s hand. “Thanks for everything.” Simon pushed the door and walked out into the fans. “Divas, Sirens, Cuties and Uber Babes. Il Divo have been found.”
The crowd was silent, no one moved, no one spoke.
“They are alive ladies, Alive.”
The roar that went up must surely have been detected on a Richter scale it was so massive. Text messages went into over drive, fingers flew over keyboards and Simon had no doubt that by the time he got to the chopper the news would be half way around the world. Who would have thought? An island, and all this time he’d had visions of them floating around in that massive ocean and all the time they were safe and dry on an island.

The scene was the same in every place that the fans had met. Once the news was out the cries of joy went up. It was deafening. There was hugging and kissing and laughing and crying. More hugging and more crying. Il Divo had been found.

It took Urs, Carlos and David quite some time to fall asleep that night. Firstly they had made sure that the fire would burn until daybreak, checked on Sebastien and then talked about how they had come to be found. They would not know the whole story until they were actually rescued but they wondered since Tam had been on the island ten years. Maybe Sebastien had been right, things had changed enough in ten years to boost their chances of being found. David and Carlos were equally excited about the fact that they could take Tam with them, finally she would get to go home. It seemed that Urs was the only one to consider the implications their rescue had for Tam.
Slowly the cave became quiet and one by one they drifted off to sleep. That is except for Urs and Tam. Urs had waited for his friends to fall asleep before going to sit next to Tam, who had taken up her place next to Sebastien. He smiled thoughtfully at her. “How are you handling all this? It must be a lot to take in all at once.”
Tam nodded her head. At first she had been excited that they had been found but the longer she had to think about it the more she wondered if she had a place in the world any more. She had been on her own for so long, she could be on her own again when they left. It pained her to know that she would loose four friends and four amazing men. She had found out from the others that Sebastien sang as well and who they all were back in the world, a group that sang opera, sort of. They seemed to find that part of their job hard to explain. They were all so excited about getting back and being able to do it all. She was happy for them and although she would not tell Urs that she had made up her mind to stay where she was she felt sad that she would never get to see him again.
“If you want when we get back we can help you get settled, you can stay with one of us.” Urs looked at her pensively. “Do you have family?”
Tam just shrugged her shoulders. She had no idea if anyone would remember her. Urs put his arm around her shoulders “That’s okay if you want to come back with us; I promise we will look after you until you are ready to take on the world on your own.” Lovingly he placed his chin on the top of her heard. “You are going to come with me aren’t you?”
He had said with me and not with us and wondered if Tam had heard. He also knew deep down that there was a very real chance she would not come with them.
Tam had indeed heard the word ME and wondered if there was a deeper meaning or if Urs had just made a mistake with his grammar. Either way she could not tell him she would not be there in the morning.
Urs sat with her, holding her for such a long time but in the end sleep took him. When it did Tam went to check on Sebastien one last time and then left the cave. They would not find her in the morning.
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PostSubject: Il Divo missing chapter 7 part 2   Thu Apr 16, 2009 7:39 am

Morning did come around but they had all woken up just before dawn. The fire was still going and looked like it had not long been attended to. Which it had, Tam had been close by all night, keeping watch over them and over the fire. When she heard them stir she left. Urs was first to leave the cave expecting to see her, then David and Carlos. Sebastien had not stirred all night but his fever had not returned either. They were a little concerned but if proper medical help was soon to arrive they would find out exactly how he was. They were getting ready to eat the fruit that Tam had left on the table when they all heard it... That low rumble of helicopter blades as they cut through the air. Sounding like distant thunder, getting closer and closer. Simon had made the chopper take off before daybreak so that they would be close to the island by the time the sun came up. He had argued with the Navy and won.
Urs, David and Carlos watched as the chopper got closer. It came in so close that they had to move back in fear of getting burnt by the cinders from the fire. The pilot was checking for a landing spot but was not happy about the fire and moved off. He checked the beach but pulled back up to the height of the ridge they were on. Someone opened the door to the chopper. They all saw Simon sitting inside and waved. He waved back and motioned for them to move back. Someone else came to the door and threw something out at them. It landed at Urs’ feet. It was a bundle with something in it. As he opened it a two way radio appeared and they could hear Simon. Looking to the chopper they could see him speaking into the one he had. “Sure as hell happy to see you three. The pilot said we can’t land so he is going to chuck us out on the beach and we will have to wait for the boat. Meet you down on the sand okay.”
The chopper had already started to descend so the three men made their way down to the beach. By the time they arrived the chopper was leaving but waiting for them with the biggest smile on his face was Simon and half a dozen other people.
There was a flurry of greeting all around, hugs and pats on the back. Simon looked at David. “You didn’t come off too good now did you?” He could also see the bandage on Carlos’ shoulder and the wound on Urs’ forehead that would eventually leave a scar to remind him of his days on the island. Then Simon’s stomach began to knot. There was only three, where was Sebastien? “Sebastien, where is Sebastien?”
“It’s okay Simon, he’s okay. He got pretty sick. He’s up in the cave.” Urs pointed back up the hill.
“Yeah, pretty nasty infection in his leg.” David also looked back up the hill to where his friend was.
“Then I suggest you show these gentlemen the way and they can have a look at all of you while we wait for the boat.

When Simon and the others got back to the cave he was flabbergasted. “Made yourselves a nice little home in just three days didn’t you.”
It was Carlos who spoke up while one of the medical team attended to his shoulder, “It was our angel of light. She lives here. Been looking after us, especially Sebastien.”
Simon was confused until Urs told him about Tam. “Someone lives on this island Simon. Has been here for the past ten years since her plane crashed. I don’t think we would have made it if she had not been here. Sebastien certainly would not have.”
The horror registered all over Simons face. “My God was he that ill?”
They all nodded.
“So where is he?”
Urs pointed to the cave and two medical technicians hurried passed them, hot on their heels was Simon.
They found Sebastien still unconscious on his bed, the technicians went to work on him, and his leg was much better than it had been but they gave him an injection and hooked him up to a drip. Simon went pale. “How bad is he?”
It was one of the technicians who answered. “Mr Cowell, right now he is doing alright but from what I have seen he is pretty lucky to be alive.” He directed his next question to Urs, David and Carlos. “He had a pretty nasty infection didn’t he and a raging fever to go with it?” All three men nodded. “You did well to keep him alive, he is lucky to have friends like you.”
David spoke up a little shocked at realising they could have indeed lost their friend. “It wasn’t us, it was Tam, she fixed him up. She fixed me up. Urs is right we would not have made it without her.”
Simon looked around the cave. “Then where is she?”
Urs swallowed hard before he spoke. “Simon, you have to understand she has been here on her own for a long time. Just having us four fall out of the sky was enough to deal with and now half the seventh fleet is on its way.”
All of a sudden Simon realised that there were two people missing. “Urs the pilots, where are they?”
Carlos’ voice was pained when he gave the answer. “They are dead. Died on impact as far as we can tell.”
Simon bowed his head. “We have to take them home.”
“Tam buried them next to the plane.” David pointed in the general direction of the crash site.
Simon took a deep breath and looked at Sebastien. “First things first. We need to get Sebastien to the beach ready for a ride back to the ship, and then we can deal with the rest.”
David let out a yell as the technician that was looking at his arm hurt him. “Hey, take it easy it’s broken.”
The technician looked at David. “It needs a proper cast sir.”
David rolled his eyes. “No kidding. And where do you propose I get one, the local pharmacy.” David saw the look his two friends were giving him. “Look, I am sorry, just be careful okay?”
There were enough people on hand to carry Sebastien back to the beach so that Simon and the others could follow and talk. David and Carlos filled in the gaps for him, Urs remained silent. Where was Tam? She could not possibly just let them leave, not now. Urs could not bear the thought of her living another ten years on the island alone.
Back on the beach the chopper had left other supplies including a proper stretcher which they now used for Sebastien. He had groaned a little while they had been transporting him and he groaned again when they moved him, but did not wake.
Simon was worried about Sebastien, looking out to sea to see if the boats were any closer. “I think David and Carlos should head back to the ship with Sebastien when the boat arrives, Urs can you stay, we need to find the plane. I promised I would bring everyone home.”
David and Carlos protested. They were not leaving until they knew what had happened to Tam. They were not going without her. Urs calmed them down and promised that he would find her for them. He never did promise that he would bring her back however, that would be up to her.

So when the boats arrived, all six of them, zodiacs, it was with some reluctance that David and Carlos left with Sebastien. They never would see the crash site.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 8 part 1   Thu Apr 16, 2009 7:40 am

By the time Simon and Urs got back to the cave there were people swarming all over it. Urs was dismayed. Tam would never show herself in all this activity and what must be to her a great deal of noise. He did check to see whether her sheet music was still in its place. It was.
Simon was curious as to what Urs was doing. “You loose something Urs?”
“No just checking. She is still around somewhere. She wouldn’t leave without her music. I know she wouldn’t.”
“Well these navy seals we have tagging along want to get their job done so do you think you could show us to the plane.”
In silence Urs walked out of the cave and into the bush following the same track as they had the other day.
Once they reached the crash sight Urs held back, Simon took a few steps closer and was immobilised with horror. The plane was a mess. The navy seals just continued on to do their job, no sounds except those of their feet on the ground. “My God Urs, what would have happened if you had landed in the water?”
“We’d all be dead Simon….” His voice trailed off. He did not like this place; it made him feel very, very mortal.
“You said you might know where this girl has gone?” Simon wanted to get away from the place as much as Urs did.
Urs nodded. “I think so.” With that Urs led Simon further into the bush to the site of the other plane and hopefully Tam. Once they got there Simon was the same as Urs had been, at first he did not see the plane and then.
“There are four graves at the other side Simon. As far as I can tell Tam is the only survivor.”
“Maybe we should take these people home to?”
“I think that should be Tam’s choice don’t you Simon?” Urs looked around. He had hoped that she would have been there. It was the only place he could think of that she would come. He called out her name over and over again but nothing.
“Well Urs, if this little lady doesn’t want to be found I don’t think we are going to find her.” Simon turned to leave.
“Simon wait!!!! Please.” Urs took a deep breath and began to sing ‘The Man You love’. It was his last hope. If Tam was in hearing range he was hoping that it would pull on her heart strings. His sweet, smooth voice echoed over the island, taking his prays with it.

Just when Urs thought he had been wrong, Tam silently stepped from behind the plane. At first Simon did not see her but Urs had, he kept singing as he walked closer to her. The closer he got the softer he sang until he had reached her and he finished.
She had been crying. Urs delicately brushed the tears from her face.
“Please come with me Tam, Don’t stay here any longer.”
Her eyes pleaded with him, she was so very afraid and she began to pull away from him. Urs caught her by the hands and pulled her back closer to him. She could feel his sweet breath on her face as he talked.
“Please come back with me, or ask me to stay with you.”
Tam was mortified that he would say such a thing, so was Simon.
“Now wait just a minute…” Simon was about to launch into all the reasons why that was not a good idea when Urs raised his hand to stop him.
Tam was shaking her head and trying to get free of Urs. He could not stay, he did not belong here. He belonged out there in the world. The place that she had long since given up any hope of ever seeing again, a place that now scared her most of all.
Again, tenderly Urs pulled her close. He spoke so, so softly. “I would give up everything the world has to offer to be with you. I don’t expect you to understand, why should you. You have only known me a few short days.”
Once again Tam found herself melting in his deep hazel eyes.
“If that is what you want Tam I will stay when the others leave. But I cannot bear to leave and let you stay. I need you to give me a chance to prove to you who I really am. I know the thought of going back scares you and if you find it all too much I will fly you back here myself that is a promise.”
While he had been talking Urs had felt all the tension leave her body. He so desperately wanted her to leave with him. He was afraid of how he would cope if she refused. At some point over the past few days she had spun a web and caught him in it. Urs had never been in love before and if this was it, it was going to hurt so badly if she refused his offer. His mind was racing to try and come up with a plan while he waited for Tam to do something. If he stayed like he had just told her so many other lives would be changed as well. But he had promised.
Tam moved a little closer to him and then began to guide him away from Simon and into the bush. Simon yelled at them.
Urs turned to his friend. “Simon, go back to the beach. I will be there soon…Please. For me, go back to the beach.”
Simon watched Urs and Tam disappear into the vegetation before he turned to go back.

They had only walked a short distance but the vegetation was thicker. Tam stopped at the trunk of a large tree and knelt down, pulling Urs to his knees.
She pointed to something that was carved into the tree. Urs ran his fingers over the letters as he read what was written and then looked at Tam. It was his turn to cry.
“I am so, so sorry Tam, you had to go through all that by yourself. She was only five days old when she died?”
Tam choked back the tears and bit her lip. Even now ten years later the death of her only child still ripped at her insides.

She had been three months pregnant when the plane crashed; she had haemorrhaged for two days fully expecting to loose the baby but when she didn’t it had been a comfort to know that soon, she would be a mum. Her labour had been long and painful and with no help Tam had no idea if she was doing things right but after 36 hours a little baby girl was born. Tam named her Nevet. It was her fathers name spelt backwards and missing the S (Steven). The first day had been fine. Tam was tired but the baby was doing well. Then she started to get weaker and weaker until on the fifth day she had died in her sleep. What Tam had shown Urs was her grave. It was the only really precious thing she would be leaving.
This man had convinced her to return to the world with him and she just wanted one last chance to say good bye to her daughter.

Urs pulled Tam to him and they sat under the tree for sometime. Urs gently rocked her in his arms, he felt so helpless. He was convinced that she would never leave. Now he had to decide whether he was man enough to make good on his promise and stay with her. They were both silent for along time except for their tears.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 8 part 2   Thu Apr 16, 2009 7:41 am

With Simon now out at sea and most likely heading the whole rescue mission it had been left up to Steve to inform the fans as to the progress of the mission. He had been somewhat nervous the first time he had stepped out of the door with hundreds of pairs of eyes focused on him. But Simon had been right, these fans were devoted, but they were kind and considerate. It had choked him up when they had asked about others on the plane. He had been told that his friend had not survived and he did tell the fans that neither pilot had survived. He did not tell them that he had lost his friend and had promised to handle himself in a professional manner. He would grieve later. But that is not what happened. As he told them about the deaths, Steve broke down. Those that were at the front of the crowd saw his reaction. Many of them began to cry, feeling his pain. Several of them came forward and hugged him. Steve was at a loss as to why strangers would be so kind to him. One of the matrons of the group, a woman in her late fifties stood in front of Steve, took his hands and smiled kindly.
Lillian’s voice was tender and sympathetic. “We are so very sorry for the loss of those pilots. Their families must be devastated.”
All Steve could do was nod his head. His tears still flowed.
Lillian continued. “And you lost a friend didn’t you?” She brushed a few tears away. “Honey, please remember that we are here for you as well. We may look like a bunch of crazy women but many of us have been to hell and back. You want anything you just let us know.” Lillian handed Steve a business card. “When this is over and the world closes in on you, and it will. You call me. I do understand what you are going through, what you will go through.” Lillian gave Steve a big bear hug, wiped away a few more tears. “Now. Take a deep breath, hold your head up and march back in there and do your job.”
Steve looked into this woman’s eyes, they were kind and a little sad, but he trusted her. Steve gave her a hug back and then went to work.

Months later when he was trying so hard to come to terms with his friend’s death Steve remembered Lillian and found her card. They spoke often and became fast friends. With her help he began to cope with his grief, by then Lillian had pretty much become his families adopted grandmother, His kids adored her. His wife was so grateful that someone had been able to pull him out of the depression the crash had put him in.

The fans at the flight centre were hot on the heels of any new information. As soon as they got it they posted it on the website. Fans all around the world were glued to their computers and mobile phones waiting for news. Their last flurry of information had told others that Il Divo had been found and a navy ship was on the way to pick them up. That Simon had gone with them, that Sebastien was ill but okay, that David had a broken arm, that Carlos’ shoulder had been hurt and Urs got hit on the head but he was okay.
The professional news broadcasters were hard pushed to keep up with these fans. One radio station going as far as asking any of their staff if they were fans to get on the web site and stay there. They found out just how many closet Diva’s worked for them that day and many Diva’s found each other as well.

A lot of the news seemed to be detailed but what they did not know was that David had managed to confiscate a computer on the ship. Well not so much as confiscate but given it to shut him up. He had badgered Simon to let him post something on the forum for the fans which meant he needed a computer. So Simon had spoken to the captain suggesting that if he wished a quiet voyage back to Base it would be a good idea. David was escorted to the communications room and allowed to use one of the computers, all the while under the watchful eye of the communications officer. Who was amused and bemused by all the fuss. But David’s plan worked, the fans were updated and it kept him away from sick bay and a rather over eager medic who wanted to set his arm. They would be on dry land in a few days and a fully equipped medical centre. David said he would take his chances with pain killers and wait.
Carlos had not been quite so lucky. The medics had decided that he needed stitches in his shoulder wound for it to heal properly. It obviously also need to be cleaned again. A painful process and Carlos told them so in several languages.
“Enough.!!!! You poke and you poke. The hole does not go all the way through but it will. STOP Poking!!!!. “Carlos tried to get off the examining table; Tam’s stinky paste did not seem so bad now.
“Mr Marin you need to let us finish.”
“No I don’t. You should be working on Sebastien.”
“We are Mr Marin. We are doing everything we can for him.”
“Then why is he still unconscious?”
Carlos stared back at the medics. They had no answer for him. If truth be told, Sebastien should have woken up. There was no longer any physical reason for his condition. All the poison was gone from his body, the antibiotics had done their job, he was re-hydrated, and everything said he should be awake. He would not feel too good but he should be awake.
The medics had gone over their treatment plan again and again just in case they had missed something but they were at a lose as to what. They would have to wait until they got ashore to do more in depth tests.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 8 part 3   Thu Apr 16, 2009 7:42 am

Hand in hand, Urs and Tam walked back to the cave in silence. Urs was running so many things through his mind he was starting to get a headache. How did he tell Simon and the others that he would not be going back with them? His whole life was about to change, no more world tours, fans, no more anything, no more Il Divo, at least for him. Maybe they could find someone to replace him? After all he was not the only tenor in the world. He was sure that Simon would have someone in mind. How would the fans take to that? A replacement. Not well he was guessing. But he was hoping in time they would show the new Divo as much love as they had shown him.
He did not want Tam to spend anymore time alone and if she was not willing to go back into the world then he needed to be here. He had resigned himself to the fact that people would know where they where and if need be he would be able to get in touch with others when necessary. But for the most part they would be alone. Urs was not convinced that he had what it would take to do it. But he had promised and he would never break a promise no matter what it meant to him.

Tam was also running things through her mind. How would she cope? Urs had promised to take care of her but there were so many things that would be unknown to her, so many things she would have to re learn. Tam was not even sure she would be able to get on the boat. She had watched the zodiacs land and even from her vantage spot the noise disturbed her. And so many people, her island already felt crowded, how would she cope with towns and cities. She remembered from her days in the world just how busy and noisy cities were. But she wanted to see the world that Urs and David and Sebastien and Carlos lived in. It could not be all bad, they sung like angels. It could not be all bad.

They reached the cave and Urs sat at the table while Tam went inside. Urs was gathering the courage to talk to Simon. He watched as technicians wandered around the site like so many ants. Tam was uneasy around these people but they did not speak to her. However, having them in her home and going through her things made her stomach knot. They had not asked. Urs was a little upset for the same reason, they had violated her home. He wondered if she would be happy to stay but then again he had thought about building a little cabin for them. Urs could hear the activity on the beach below them but it all seemed so surreal. Here he was being rescued from and island after a plane crash and he was preparing himself to stay.
Just then Tam walked out of her cave with the small tattered briefcase that held her music. Urs looked from her to the case and back again. He could not believe his eyes. Tam stood in front of him and placed the case in his lap. Urs took hold and looked at it again. “But I thought you wanted to stay?” Tam smiled pointing first to herself and then to Urs. “You want to stay with me?”
Tam nodded.
“But I will stay here Tam, I will be with you, I won’t leave you I promise.”
Tam shook her head and pulled Urs to his feet walking to the edge of the ridge and pointed out to sea, then back to him and then back to the sea. She did this several times and then took her case from him and began to walk to the path that would take them to the beach. Urs caught up to her and stopped her. “Are you very sure about this?”
Tam shook her head again and kept walking.
Under his breath Urs muttered “Neither am I.”

On the beach Simon waited for them, watching and waiting. He had the horrible feeling that he was going to have to fight with Urs to make him understand that he could not stay on the island and he knew it would be a tough fight. Urs could be very stubborn when he put his mind to it and situations that involved women always seemed so much more complicated. He had heard the way Urs had sung to her, even if Urs did not know it yet, Simon knew his heart already belonged to her. This indeed was not going to go well at all.
He saw them approached but Tam stopped just on the edge of the path and Urs walked up to Simon. Simon took a deep breath. She was waiting for him, this was not good.
Urs waved to Simon as he approached. “Simon can you do me a favour?”
Simon was not at all sure where this was going to go so he answered cautiously. “Maybe……. Why?”
“Can you see if you can get hold of some ear plugs or something like that for Tam? It is the only way we are ever going to get her near a boat let alone in one.”
The smile on Simons face was priceless. “She’s coming, she’s really coming? Sure you wait right here and I will find something.”
Simon took off down the beach and stopped at the first officer he saw. Urs could see a conversation happening between the two men then the officer opened a pocket in his uniform and gave something to Simon.
Simon waved it over his head as he tried to run back up the beach. Urs just smiled. By the time Simon reached Urs he was out of breath. Puffing he spoke. “Will these do?”
He dropped a small packet into Urs’ hand. “Perfect. Thanks Simon.”
Urs walked back to Tam and helped her put the small foam ear plugs in her ears. She was surprised at how much noise they kept out. Hand in hand they walked back to Simon. A very relieved Simon.

As they got closer to the zodiacs that were left on the beach Tam pushed herself closer to Urs. Those officers that were on the beach all stopped what they were doing as they approached. Her beauty had not gone unnoticed by the men. Her clothes may have been old and faded and mismatched and her sand shoes well worn but they were all captured by her natural beauty.
Urs felt Tam push against him and he folded his arm around her shoulder in a protective hug. He stared down every man he made eye contact with. He had given them a silent warning and they all knew it.

Simon, Urs and Tam left the Island with several other officers and headed out to sea to rendezvous with the ship. Tam kept looking back at the Island, the motion of the zodiac unnerved her and she sank further into Urs’ protective arms. Ten years and she was leaving her life. Urs held onto Tam. He realised just how over whelming everything was going to be for her. Trying to make a list in his mind as to what things she would come up against that she would need help with. As his mind wandered, Urs saw something begin to take shape on the horizon. It kept growing and growing. Becoming almost larger than life. It was the USS John F Kennedy. She had been on the way back to Mayport, Florida to be decommissioned when the call had come to help with the search and rescue of Il Divo. She was massive and impressive but to Tam she was unbelievably foreboding. If it was possible Tam shrunk even further into Urs’ Side.

They reached the flight deck to find David and Carlos as well as most of the ships crew waiting for them. Their friends beamed and rushed to them. David hugging Tam as best he could with his broken arm and Carlos ever the elegant gentleman took her hand and kissed it sweetly. Tam smiled slightly and shrank back behind Urs. There were so many people. She felt like she was in a human traffic jam. A vortex of human body parts waiting to swallow her up. Urs could feel her start to tremble.
“Can we leave the niceties until later guys? We need to get her somewhere quiet and away from all the people and the noise.”
Simon had already had words with the Captain and it was he who approached them. “Mr Buhler. Mr Cowell has informed me of the unusual situation in regards to your friend. At full speed we should be home in two days. If you follow me I will show you to your quarters.”
They all followed the Captain in silence. Off the flight deck, through a maze of passage ways and down stair cases. Urs wasn’t sure about anyone else but he was lost. They stopped at a door with a very large marine standing guard outside. The Captain opened the door. “This will be the ladies room. Please make sure that she does not leave unescorted and I would ask that she not associate with any of the crew.” The Captain looked Tam up and down, “I will send someone down with some clothes for her as well. Your room is just across the hall Mr Buhler.” With that the Captain and Simon left. David and Carlos were still hovering.
Urs guided Tam into her room. She was terrified. He could see it in her eyes; feel her body as it trembled. He sat her on the bunk and held her hands. “Do you trust me Tam?”
Tam nodded.
“I know this is hard but I will be just across the way and this nice marine is here to help if you want anything. Do you want to go and see Sebastien?”
Tam shook her head frantically. It was all she could do to hold herself together. She thought that once the door was shut and she was inside her room things would get better. The busyness and noise would be outside.
“Okay. You stay here and I will check on him. Let you know how he is alright?”
Again she nodded.
Urs kissed her on the tip of the nose as she liked to do to them and left, closing the door behind him. Urs looked up into the face of the marine who was guarding the door. There was not much room between the top of his head and the ceiling of the bulkhead. Certainly not someone you wanted to get on the wrong side of.
“Excuse me sir.” Urs waited for a reply.
The marine looked sternly down at Urs and then did something unexpected. He looked down the hallway. First one way and then the other. It almost looked like he was making sure they were not being watched. Just then the biggest smile erupted over his face and he spoke with the strongest southern accent any of them had ever heard. “Now you don’t fret non about your little lady. She’ll be just dandy with me and my boys. I’ll make right sure she don’t get to being lost on this creepy old boat. You gentlemen have your own minders.” He nodded towards the end of the hall way.
“You be wanting to see your sick friend, you best head that way. They’ll make sure you don’t go be getting lost neither.”
This large big teddy bear of a marine put his large hands on Urs’ shoulder. “My wife would be might upset if I was to let anything bad happen to you. She’s a big fan. Reckons she’s an Uber Babe. Whatever that is.”
David and Carlos laughed a little and Urs blushed just slightly.
David spoke up. “Well you tell your wife you had your hands on the shoulder of the Uber Lord himself and she’ll most likely do anything for you.”
Urs shot a look at David “DAVID. Please!!”
The Marine looked at Urs. “My little lady will know what you be saying?”
“Yes she will.” Urs said a little embarrassed.
It was Carlos’ turn to help Urs feel just a little more embarrassed. “You find a camera and when we get back take a few shots of the Uber King and she will be even more pleased with you.”
“You would let me take a photo?”
Urs smiled. “Of course we will.”
Fans came in all shapes and sizes.

Once they stepped over the threshold of the section they were in the three of them were joined by three officers.
“I don’t think these guys are too crazy about having to baby sit us but I am sure glad we got them. You get lost on this ship and it would take weeks to find you. Wouldn’t it?” David had addressed his question to the officers.
He got the short answer “Yes sir.”
They made some twists and turns, more stairs and they were at sick bay.
Urs was surprised at how well Sebastien looked, peaceful, serene. He looked to his friends. “Is he okay?”
Carlos spoke with a quiver in his voice. “They say there is no physical reason why he is still asleep.”
“So why hasn’t he woken up?”
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 8 part 4   Thu Apr 16, 2009 7:43 am

Back in her room Tam had been given regulation navy dungarees to wear. Basically they covered every inch of her body. Once changed she sat back on the bed. She had not taken the ear plugs out that Urs had given her. Even with them in she could hear and feel the ship, its vibration, the movement. Tam was on her way to sensory overload with no way of stopping the tidal wave of emotion that was about to consumer her. Her body and mind were in turmoil. Had she made the worst mistake of her life? Was she supposed to stay on the island?
Tam opened the door to find the teddy bear marine smiling sweetly at her. “Little miss. You be wanting something?” The marine could see that Tam was just holding on. She was still trembling, tears rolling down her face. He ever so gently brushed the tears away and spoke to her in a sweet and calming voice. “Oh you poor thing. Don’t be so much afraid. Your man, he be brave enough for both. I see that. You are safe. Is that what you be wanting, to see him?”
Tam nodded.
“Ok, then we seek him out for you.”
The marine gently took her hand and guided her out of the room. He did not speak to her while they walked but everyone they met moved out of the way. It would be sometime before Tam and Il Divo would discover that on this ship there were sailors, marines and seals and then there was Bear. Nobody messed with marines or navy seals and they didn’t mess with Bear. This was the marine that was looking after Tam. He certainly was intimidating but she could see the respect he gained from the other sailors as they passed.
Tam had only just made out what both he and Urs had said to her with the ear plugs in so she knew at some point she was going to have to take them out. Even if it was just to listen to conversation.
Urs had gone to find out how Sebastien was so Tam steeled herself, making ready to take them out.
Bear squeezed her hand as they reached sick bay. David. Urs and Carlos’ minders moved to one side to allow him and Tam to enter. In total silence Bear placed Tam’s hand into Urs’, turned to the other sailors and must have given a silent command as they all left. Turning back to them he smiled. “They will be just down the way if you need.” Then Bear looked sweetly at Tam. “Little Miss. I be right outside.” And he left.

Tam’s gaze had fallen on Sebastien. She went to the side of his bed and as the others watched she kissed him, first on the forehead, then on the nose and then on the lips.
Urs came up behind her, placing his hands gently on her shoulders and looking down at Sebastien. “He should be awake. No one can tell us why he isn’t. Do you think that maybe the fever was too much for him?”
Tam tuned to look at Urs tears in her eyes. She hoped not but the thought just made her ache. She pressed herself into Urs’ chest and he wrapped her up in his arms and let her cry.
Her emotion had affected them all. Three grown men were not afraid to cry for their friend.
Urs let Tam rest in his arms until she was ready. When she was he felt her body tense just a little. She looked at him and then went to take the ear plugs out. Urs stopped her.
“Are you sure? It’s a noisy ship.”

When they had come on board Urs had paid particular attention to the sounds around him. He was astounded at just how many things did make a noise. From the low base rumble of the engine which you could feel constantly, to the air conditioning system, then there were the people, so many of them. Urs had never had a reason to think about an aircraft carrier before but the USS John F Kennedy fully loaded had over 5000 personnel on board. What Urs would later find out was that due to the decommissioning most of the flight crew had already left. The ship was running skeleton crews in a few departments. So what Urs thought of as crowded, the sailors already thought of as a ghost ship.
Tam gave Urs her answer by taking the ear plugs out. At first she shut her eyes tight and put her hands over her ears. It was like a flood, a rushing of unusual sounds hitting her ears all at once. All she could feel was pain. Then little by little they began to separate. Opening her eyes she could see that Urs was talking to her but she could not hear him. His mouth was moving but his voice just melted into all the other sounds. Then…
“Tam….Tam are you ok?”
Tam nodded and Urs smiled. “You sure you don’t want to put them back in?”
Tam put the ear plugs in her pocket.
“Well I guess you got your answer Urs.” And David slapped him on the back.
They could all see that she was struggling to adjust.
Carlos came up to her and again kissed the back of her hand. “My sweet angel. You are indeed brave. You will triumph over this fiend of a thing that would try to take way the true beauty of the sounds of our world. I know you will.”
David rolled his eyes. “There he goes again… All flowery and stuff.”
“And like I said before you should try it some time. Look, she’s not shaking anymore.”
A little quieter David said something to Urs. “I know you have a sweet spot for her but if Carlos keeps that up I would start to worry.”
Urs shot David a look. He had not realised that his feelings towards Tam had been so obvious. David patted his friend on the back. “It’s okay Urs; you’re allowed to fall in love you know.”

While David and Urs were talking Tam had gone back to Sebastien, Carlos by her side. She began to run her fingers through his hair much the same as she had done in the cave. Unaware of what she was doing Tam began to hum her favourite Chopin piece again. Carlos smiled but his smile turned to unbelief at what he saw. Sebastien had not moved since they had brought him on board but Carlos caught a slight movement of his head. He grabbed Tams arm which scared her and she stopped humming. Looking at Carlos wondering what she had done. Carlos beckoned to his friends.
“He moved.”
David and Urs looked at Sebastien and waited. They all waited. Nothing.
“I swear I saw him move.” Carlos looked at Tam. “It was you, you need to hum again. It was the humming, the music.”
Tam shook her head.
“Please Tam. Your voice maybe the only thing that will bring him back.” Urs pleaded with her.
Uncertain Tam turned back to Sebastien, started to run her fingers through his hair again and did start to hum. They all watched and for a little while nothing. The Sebastien moved his head and let out a sigh.
They all smiled but it was short lived. It was apparent that Sebastien was not about to wake up. Tam continued to hum as Sebastien seemed to have some connection to it. It would have been so good if her signing could have woken him up. Tam felt sad for him.

About 30 minutes later the doctor came in a made them all leave. So in the presence of their minders they all went back to their rooms. The Captain had put them all in the same section. But it was only Tams’ room that was guarded. And it was Bear that did the guarding.
David and Carlos left Urs and Tam with Bear.
“You friend, he’s very ill?”
Urs answered the marine “Yes Sir I think he is.”
Bear smiled. “You don’t have to call me Sir. My name’s Ted but most folks call me Bear.”
This brought a smile to Tam’s face. It was a very appropriate name. She stood on her tip toes and kissed him on the cheek.
“Aw now little miss you be getting me in trouble with my own lady, you be doing things like that.” He turned to Urs. “You two need to be resting now. They will be sending the grub down soon enough.”
Tam stepped into her room and Urs watched while Bear shut the door before retiring to his own. He did not realise how tired he was, having no idea he had fallen asleep until the knock at his door woke him. Bear was at the door. “Don’t be meaning to disturb sir but I think your little miss needs you right about now.”
Urs jumped up so quickly he almost hit is head on the bulkhead. He was in Tams room in seconds. Tam was lying on the bed curled up with her hands over her ears, crying and rocking. Urs picked her up cradling her like a child.
Bear shut the door on this scene. The Captain may have said that Tam could not mingle with the crew; He never said anything about Urs.

When Tam had tried to sleep the cacophony of ships noises had consumed her, She couldn’t seem to separate them. The harder she tried the worse it got until she felt like her head was going to explode. Even Urs being so close could not bring the sound under control. Tam could feel it building within her, waiting for the right moment to explode. Urs could feel her trembling; the heat from her body had started to soak though his shirt.
He had no idea what to do for her. How to stop the pain. Seconds later Tam stopped the pain herself. It came from somewhere, so very, very deep that it rumbled over her lips like an avalanche. The scream that Tam gave birth to explode into the air and scared Urs half to death. Bear burst into the room to find Urs holding onto Tam as tight as he could and Tam screaming, just screaming. One long high pitched, gut wrenching scream. So loud that both David and Carlos had run from their rooms to see what was wrong, their minders not far behind. Tam continued to scream. Urs was sure that she had not taken a breath since she had started and was horrified at the sound she was making. Finally she stopped. Head still buried into Urs’ chest. Tam began to cry. Not the silent cry they were used to but an actual vocal cry, sobbing. Urs looked to his friends. “Its okay guy’s I’ll look after her.”
“You sure?” David was ashen.
Urs nodded.
Urs stayed with Tam for hours and not wanting to leave her on her own decided to stay with her overnight. She finally fell asleep in the early hours of the morning. Urs wondered if he would have to put her in the bed next to Sebastien. He prayed that she would wake up. For the rest of his life he would remember that scream. He would never hear anything else that would unnerve him as much as that scream had.

David and Carlos were at Tams door bright and early the next morning. There was another marine posted outside, equally as intimidating as Bear. For a few seconds they thought he was not going to let them in. But he knocked lightly on the door and stuck his head in to tell Urs they had guests. Tam was sleeping with her back to them so instead of Carlos and David entering the room, Urs decided they would be better off outside.
“Urs, have you been there all night?” Carlos raised an eyebrow as only he could.
“I couldn’t leave her. You heard that scream.”
Both men shuddered. “I still have chills.” David shuddered again. “I had no idea a person could make such a noise. Is she okay.”
“Seems to be but then again so does Sebastien.” Urs just looked at his friends. He did not need to say anymore.
“So you think we should take her to sick bay?” It was David again.
“Maybe later. Let’s see what happens. She may have just totally exhausted herself that is all.”
“So then, how about we head for the mess. I am starving.” Carlos was licking his lips at this point.
They were just about to head off and find their minders when Tams’ marine guard sent out a high pitched whistle and they appeared. David’s response was cheeky. “Nothing like five star service.”
The marine looked at Urs. “Your friend will be fine Mr Buhler. Bear would have my head if anything happened to her. He’s kinda taken a liking to your little lady.”
Urs thought this marine was approachable so decided to ask him a question. “Can I ask you something?”
“Yes sir.”
“Bear. He has a very strong accent but there is something else, I cannot put my finger on. It’s not all southern drawl. You know anything.”
The marine smiled. “Yeah, it takes a bit of getting used to when he slips into his unique way of speaking. He was brought up in the south but his parents died when he was young and his Haitian grandmother reared him. He tells everyone she was a witch doctor and most people laugh. I’m not so sure.”
Urs thanked the marine and they went to have breakfast. Urs thought about a few things, Sebastien still unconscious, Tam who couldn’t talk and now a Haitian marine with a witch doctor for a nanny. Urs was beginning to think he had led a very sheltered life.

While David, Urs and Carlos enjoyed a good hearty breakfast and the company of sailors, many of whom confessed to having wives or girlfriends who would just die when they knew that Il Divo had been on their ship. Tam did wake up. Her head was splitting but as she sat on the edge of her bed she noticed that the sounds that had caused her so much pain yesterday were not nearly as bad. They were still there but it seemed as though a barrier had gone up between the noise and herself. Her throat was sore and as she went to clear it she made a sound. Tam had wondered about her voice ever since she had discovered she had been humming her favourite piece of music all these years. She could not remember making any noise for so long and now. It was just the sound of her clearing her throat but that in itself was something she had not heard for so long. Maybe she could talk? Tam got up and looked at herself in the small mirror on the wall, almost willing the words to come out of her mouth. Nothing. She needed to get something to fix the headache so opened her door a little shocked to see a new marine at his post. He smiled at her but Tam began to shut the door again.
“It’s okay Ma’am. Bear sent me to look after you. He’ll be back soon. Do you need anything?”
Tam pointed to her head and squinted.
“You got a headache?
She nodded.
“Would you like me to escort you to sick bay?”
Tam was about to say no but then thought about Sebastien. This would give her a chance to see him again. This time her walk to sick bay was no where as disconcerting as the last time. There seemed to be the same amount of people and activity going on but she did not feel so unsettled. Entering sick bay a young medic greeted her. “Good morning Ma’am. What can I do for you?”
The marine answered for her. “She’s got a bad headache and I think she wants to see her friend.”
Tam looked at the marine. He smiled and winked at her.

Tam sat with Sebastien again stroking his hair. The medic and the marine looked at each other surprised when they heard her humming. A sweet, sweet sound that was honey to their ears.
Tam had been humming for a while and Sebastien stirred. The medic was at his side in an instant. Tam stopped humming.
“No please keep going. You sound wonderful. I think he can hear you. Will you please keep going.”
So Tam began to hum again and again Sebastien stirred, this time he said something. It was only one word but he said something. “Mama.”
They waited to see if anything else happened but alas it was if he had gone back to sleep.

David, Carlos and Urs walked in surprised to see Tam. Before they could enquire about anything her marine filled them in. “Your friend had a bad headache, But I think she may have just performed a miracle.”
They all looked at Tam who just stood at Sebastien’s bedside with a smile on her face. It was the medic that told them what happened.
Urs went over to Tam and kissed her on the nose. “Are you sure you are okay? You gave me one hell of a fright last night.”
Tam squeezed his hands and returned his kiss.
They all heard David say “Awww” So Tam walked up to him and kissed him on the nose then slapped him across the back of the head. The room exploded into laughter.
“Hey. I’m an injured man!!” David held up his broken arm and got a playful shove from Carlos.
They stopped laughing when the heard Sebastien speak again. Still only the one word “Mama” and he still did not wake up.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 8 part 5   Thu Apr 16, 2009 7:45 am

Simon joined Urs, David, Carlos and Tam on the flight deck. Tam had found the space left by the departed aircraft a comfort. She did not feel so confined and they seemed to be out of everyone’s way.
“The Captain tells me that Sebastien is making progress?” He threw the question out to all of them.
But Carlos answered. “I am not sure how much progress that would be, he is still unconscious. But our little angel here got him to speak.”
Simon looked at Tam. “What did you do?”
Urs put a protective arm around her before he answered. “She was humming to him. She hums and he said Mama. But that is all Simon.”
Simon could feel the under current of uneasiness in them all so he did not push for any more answers. “Well the Captain said we would be in Mayport by this afternoon. We may get some answers then.” Again he looked at Tam. “And how are you doing. Seems you had a bit of a rough night yourself?”
Tam smiled and Urs reassured Simon. “She’s fine Simon. Tough as nails.”
Tam felt Urs’ hold on her get just a little tighter. So close to him, beside him, knowing he would protect her from anything is where she felt safe, where she felt like nothing could happen to her. It had been along time since she had felt anything like this. Steven had been her rock and he had died in the crash. She had not thought about her husband in along time and a guilty thought passed through her mind. Was it alright for her to feel this way about someone else? She knew that Urs cared for her deeply but would all that change when they got back to his world. Would there be people waiting for him who would pull him away from her. Would he be lured by his life and leave her to find her own way? Tam was not sure if she wanted to find her way without his help. David and Carlos and even Sebastien where such wonderful men and in their own way would try and help her, She knew that but her spirit seemed to have chosen Urs as her guardian angel and she did not want to go anywhere without him. David’s shouts brought her out of her daydream. “Hey guys look what I found in the corner.”
David was in the rear of the flight deck pulling a sheet off something. That something happened to be a piano.
They were all amazed. Not the usual thing to find on an aircraft carrier, certainly not on the flight deck. One of their minders offered up and explanation.
“We inherited this thing about 5 years ago. Some VIP’s had a big gathering. You know, full on 5 star cocktails and dinner. Including the entertainment, which in this case was a classical pianist. Now not having a piano of our own what does the navy do? Goes and gets one but when it is all over and finished we still have this.” He pointed to the piano.
Urs brushed his fingers over the keys as he spoke. “Does it work?”
“Yep. One of the boys keeps it tuned and we have a few men that come down and play from time to time. It’s seen a few more parties since then and not all of them as lavish I can tell you.”
Urs began to paly a simple tune to check out the sound. It was sweet, surprising considering where it was.
Tam had been looking at the piano the whole time. Ten years and she had not had her hands on one. How she would love to play, almost feeling her fingers tingle with the excitement of being so close to this instrument.
Urs still playing a tune looked at her and beckoned for Tam to join him. She wanted so much to but was afraid to move. What if she had forgotten how to play like she had forgotten how to speak? She would be devastated.
Again Urs called for her, he stopped playing and held out his hand to her. “Trust me.”
Slowly Tam walked to him and the piano. Urs affectionately placed her fingers on the keys, leaving his own hands resting lovingly upon hers and waited. Tam was stood in front of Urs and he had his arms wrapped around her so he could reach the keys. Tam felt safe, safe enough to try to play. Slowly she moved her fingers across the keys tentatively striking the notes. When it looked like she was going to stop Urs gently pushed her fingers back on the keys. Tam gained confidence as she continued to paly. Urs stepped away and gave her the stool to sit on. It was if she had been transported to another world. The sound echoing through the flight deck was heavenly. Urs stood back with his friends in astonished amazement. Not only could Tam play the piano but even as rusty as she was she played better than anyone he had heard. Tam was playing her favourite piece of music Chopin’s Heroes Polonaise and playing well. Tam did not play the full piece but when she finished the flight deck was full of sailors applauding. Urs and his friends had big beaming smiles on their faces. Tam was a little shocked when she heard the clapping she had indeed been lost in a world of music and magic. She stood up sheepishly as Urs walked towards her. ”You play beautifully Tam; you were classically trained weren’t you?”
Tam Nodded. By now the others had joined them, surrounded them and congratulating her on her playing.
David was amazed. “Geez Tam, you got anymore surprises up your sleeve?”
Tam just smiled.
Carlos ever the gentleman gave her a kiss on the back of the hand. “Dear angel, God gave you a gift. Your playing warms my heart and shines light on my soul.”
Urs smacked David on the back of the head. “Hey, what was that for?”
“For what you were thinking about saying about Carlos’ little speech.”
Everyone laughed.
A young sailor approached their little group. “Excuse me.” He was timid and looking straight at Tam, fearing if he took his eyes of her she would vanish. He knew he was also disobeying orders by interacting with her but he couldn’t help himself. “Miss, would you mind playing something else.”
Tam looked from the young sailor to Urs who nodded his approval.
Tam sat down at the piano once more. By the time she had finished she had been sat at the piano for 40 minutes and the crowd on the flight deck had grown quiet considerably. She may not have remembered how to hum any of the music she had kept with her on the island but it seemed she had not forgotten how to play. Her fingers being the conduit allowing the spark in her memory to come alive.
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Simon had a few suspicions when Tam had first played and had made his way to the communications room to use a computer. Just as Tam finished he came back with the results of his research. As the sailors drifted back to their duties Simon approached Tam and the others. They were all still chatting about her playing. “Tam, that was wonderful. Can I ask you something?”
Tam waited for Simon’s question.
“Your last name wouldn’t be Teasdale would it?”
The others looked from Simon to Tam. She nodded her head.
Urs spoke up. “What is it Simon?”
“Gentleman I would like to introduce Tamara Teasdale famed concert pianist, missing presumed dead, now found.”
They were dumbstruck. Us took hold of her hands and looked deeply into her eyes. “Is that right Tam, You’re a concert pianist?”
Tam nodded and smiled weakly.
David jumped in breaking the tension. “That is so cool.”
“It sure is.” Simon’s brain was already ticking over as to how to milk this for everything it was worth. “There are a lot of people who will be very happy to know you are coming home Miss Teasdale.”
Urs caught Simon’s intentions and was not very happy about it. “No Simon. She needs time to adjust to her new life. You can not expect her to jump back on stage the very second we get back. That’s not fair.”
“Simon was caught a little off guard. “ Wait a minute Urs. I never said anything about a public appearance...”
Urs cut him off. “You didn’t have to. Let me guess, a few appearances on some very specific TV shows, then a couple of small appearance with other artists and then bang there she is on stage all alone. No Simon, Not until it is what she wants.”
“Who made you king. Urs?”
They could all see that this was not going to end well. Both Simon and Urs were getting very hot under the collar. David and Carlos were about to try and intervene when Tam stood herself between the two men. She turned to Urs and smiled lovingly. He was indeed intending to make sure nothing bad ever happened to her. However Simons little outburst had unnerved her. As much as she had like playing the piano that was a long way from ever playing a concert. So now Tam turned and looked at Simon. All but Urs saw the change on her face and in her eyes. It was as if a storm had consumed her. What she did next surprised them all, none the least Simon. Tam slapped him hard across the face and walked off leaving him stunned, leaving the others stunned.
“I guess you got your answer from Tam herself Simon.” Urs was still angry and followed Tam and her minder shadowed by his on minder as they left the fight deck.
Simon looked at David and Carlos. “It was just and idea.”
“Well Simon, next time you better think it through just a little longer.” David patted Simon the shoulder. “Don’t get me wrong I think it would be a great thing but Urs is right she’s going to need time. Have you ever considered she may not want to?”
It was Carlos’ turn to say something. “And if she is ever going to think about it Urs is the only one who will get her to do it. You know that don’t you. He’s fallen hard for her Simon. You need to tread very carefully.”
Simon looked at them both. “I just screwed that up big time didn’t I?”
In unison they replied.
“Oh Yeah.”

Urs followed Tam back to her room. She was crying, hurt and angry. Her world was changing so fast and Simon’s proposal had really unnerved her.
The soft, loving, gentle way that Urs had with her was the only thing that seemed real, what she could trust. So far Urs had not steered her wrong.
But would he be like that once they got back to Mayport?
Tam cradled herself in Urs’ ever protective arms. Through her crying she could hear his heart beating. Strong and slow, it gave her strength.
In response Urs pulled her tightly to his chest, gently swaying form side to side in an aid to comfort her. “I am so sorry Simon did that to you. You know I will make sure that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”
Tam just pushed herself closer to him.
As much as Urs wanted to give her a real kiss, a kiss that would show her just how much he had come to love her, Urs was hesitant. He did not want Tam to feel any pressure at all; he did not want to loose any chance he would have to take their relationship further. But he also worried that once they were back in the world it would swallow her up and he would loose her forever. And now that they knew who she was Urs felt even more insecure. How he longed just to tell her, show her, even knowing what little he did about her it felt so right to be with her. Even knowing she may never talk, he may never hear her utter his name, it felt so right. So instead Urs sighed and kissed her fondly on the forehead, wiped the tears from her face and continued to love her in silence waiting for the time that would be right.

The others had gone back to the sick bay to be with Sebastien. The medics were getting him ready to send to the base hospital. There should be an ambulance waiting as they docked. None of his friends could believe just how peaceful he looked. For all the world Sebastien looked like he was just sleeping and if you poked him he would wake up. Simon had joined them after going to lick his wounds. Not only did his face still hurt from were Tam had slapped him but he hurt inside as well. He truly had not thought before announcing his idea. Urs’ words had cut him deep and both David and Carlos had continued to berate him until he had escaped to the bridge with the Captain.
“The Captain said that you should come up to the bridge and watch us come into port.”
Simon looked to both David and Carlos. “Ok guys, I know I messed up. I am sorry ok. I’ll go and apologise to Tam right now.”
David spoke up. “Don’t think that would be such a good idea Simon. You are likely to run into Urs and he is not a happy little Swiss just now. I think he needs time to forgive you. I bet he can hit harder than Tam as well. You ready to take another crack across the face?”
“Urs wouldn’t do that David.”
The room fell silent. They all knew that when push came to shove Urs was not about to back down. He was a patient man but he was passionate and at the moment he was angry and upset, not a particularly good combination.
“How about we meet you on the bridge Simon.” Carlos did not want to have another altercation between the two men. “We’ll get them okay?”
Simon agreed and left them to collect their friends.
“Do you really think Urs would hit Simon, David? That seems extreme even for him.”
“I think he just might. I have never seen him this upset before and last time he got mad he put a dent in the fridge don’t you remember?”
“Yes I do but that was almost three years ago.”
“Let’s just see how he is first. Being on the bridge with Simon no matter how spectacular the view may not be a good option.”
Carlos nodded in agreement.

They reached Urs’ room but Bear was once again posted outside Tams’ and he motioned to them that Urs was inside. “I’ll be checking see if it be right for you to visit.”
David and Carlos waited for Bear to knock and open the door. Urs stepped out and Bear told his men to leave for a while, he did the same, posting himself just at the end of the hall. Urs was still simmering, they could see it in his eyes they were almost black. David swallowed hard. “Urs, Simon’s real sorry about what he said. He didn’t think it through. You know he would never intentionally hurt anyone.”
Urs shot him a look that made David’s blood turn cold. “Oh Really. When I went looking for her he was ready to give up at the first sign of failure. Now he has ideas of putting her back on stage. I have a good mind to quit…”
Urs’ words sent David and Carlos in to a flap. “Quit. Urs you can’t quit. If you feel like that I’ll hold Simon down while you thump him but you can’t quit. Not now, not when things are going so well.” David was so enraged that he went to grab hold of Urs and forgot he had a broken arm. The pain that shot though his body when he moved sent him to his knees screaming and holding his injured arm. Carlos followed him to the floor and shot an angry look at Urs. “See what your anger has done my friend. It is no good, it is a poison.”
Tam had come out of her room and their minders including Bear had come back. Urs helped David back to his feet, all the anger had gone form his eyes replaced by shame and remorse. His voice was soft and trembled slightly. “I am so, so sorry David. I never meant to hurt you, any of you.” He looked to Carlos and Tam.
Bear moved in to have a look at David. “You be do’ in a might good job of messing up your arm. I think we need to get you to the sick bay.”
David looked at Urs with pain in his eyes and it was not just from the broken arm.
“Promise me no mater what you wont quit…Promise Urs.”
Tam got hold of Urs arm and squeezed it.
Urs dropped his head in disgrace. “I promise David. I am sorry.”
Bear and his men took David off to the sick bay leaving one to look after Urs, Tam and Carlos.

Carlos put his hand on Urs’ arm making him look at him. “Urs, I know you are upset but would you think of leaving us?”
Before Urs could answer Tam began to shake her head violently grabbing both their hands and putting them together, cupping them in her own, tears rolling down her face once more. She could not bear the thought that she could be the reason for their undoing.
“I’m sorry Carlos. I guess it has been a rough few days.” Urs smiled at Tam and hugged her under his arm. “It’s okay. I’m not going anywhere and if I did it would be with you.”
“I think we better see how David is doing in sick bay.” Carlos had begun to walk to the end of the hallway.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 8 part 7   Thu Apr 16, 2009 7:47 am

They could hear David before they saw him. He was carrying on a treat, giving the medics a hard time. “Look. We are almost in port. Stop poking me. IT HURTS!!!. Get off Me.!! Don’t even think about trying to set it.”
Tam, Urs and Carlos with their minder entered the sick bay. Bear smiled at them. “He’s a big baby”
“Am not. OUWWW!!!! Someone please help.”
Carlos smirked and Urs had a hard time keeping the smile off his face. However Tam walked up to David who was sitting on an exam table. The medic stopped what he was doing and backed away.
“Thank you Tam. He was starting to make it worse.”
Tam smiled at him, got closer and gave him one of her kisses on the nose. Then began to look at his arm. David had pretty much undone all the work she had done on the island to get his bones aligned so they had a chance to heal in the right place. They were going to have to get it put back in the right place again and it was going to hurt without the aid of a sedative. She had no idea what the medic had been up to but this was never going to happen while David was awake. Tam looked into David’s eyes and frowned.
“I know Tam; I can tell by the way it hurts I have done something haven’t I?”
She nodded.
“You gonna hurt me too?”
She smiled and gave him another kiss. Tam turned to the medic and made the motion for sleeping and then pointed to David. It took the medic a few seconds to catch on. It didn’t take David that long.
“Yeah, if you are going to hurt me put me to sleep. I like that idea.”
The others laughed but not the medic. “I can’t do that.”
David was getting a little stressed. “Why the hell not?”
“I’m not qualified to sir. The other medic left with the doctor by chopper this morning. They were going to meet you at the Base hospital. We didn’t think there would be any more need for him as we are so close to the Base.”
David just groaned.
Bear came forward and the medic seemed to try and shrink into the corner. “Question. Do you have enough sleeping juice to help our friend?”
The medic nodded.
“But you can’t give?”
Again he nodded.
Bear looked at Tam. “Little Miss you can give right, you have the knowing?”
This time Tam nodded.
The medic was outraged. “You can’t do that. I’m going to call the Captain.”
Bear motioned to one of his men and before anyone knew what had happened the medic was on the floor unconscious. The marine had hit him.
David was nervous. “Please tell me you are going to give me a needle and that is not your way of knocking me out!!!”
Bear smiled “Well if we can’t find the stuff it might just have to be.”
David was flabbergasted. “No way!!! Can’t this boat go any faster?”
Bear began looking through the medical supplies. He did actually know what he was looking for and had given his men enough shots to know what to do but he also knew that he was far too heavy handed. They always complained.
“This is the one. You are of good luck. Little Miss will be more gentle than Bear.” Bear handed Tam the prepared needle. The room was silent except for their breathing. David had his eyes on the needle the whole time. Tam stood in front of David, leaned in still looking into his eyes and kissed him on the lips. At the same time she had given him the needle. Stepping back she smiled.
“Was that the sugar before the medicine?”
Tam shook her head and showed David the needle. It was empty.
“Wow. I like your bedside manner.” David was about to say something else when the drugs started to take effect. “Oh my. Think I better lay down.”
Bear helped David onto his back.
David turned his head to look at Tam. “Please be gentle.”
Tam bent over David and gave him another kiss on the nose. He was asleep.
Carlos suddenly realised that they were actually going to work on David not just keep him quiet. “Tam. You can’t set his arm.”
Urs put a hand on his friends shoulder.” Are you forgetting she did it once before and fixed you up pretty good as well.”
“Don’t fret none. Bear will help. I be setting a few bones before now. And in not so nice places.”
Urs looked at Tam and she smiled. She and Bear looked over David’s arm. Urs and Carlos stood back in concerned silence. The other marines had moved the unconscious medic to a separate bed and they also watched. One of them at least had been under Bears care out in the field. There was no question. Bear did know what he was doing.
Tam and Bear both pointed to the same part of David’s arm at the same time. “If you be holding it right little miss. I be pulling into place.”
Tam nodded.
“On three… One.. Two…Three.”
They all heard the noise as David’s arm was set back in place. Urs’ stomach turned and Carlos went pale. Bear and Tam set about re strapping David’s arm. It would still need a proper cast but at least now it was in the right place. Bear kissed Tam on the head and looked at the medic. “Expect we should be helping him.”
Then Bear pulled a small digital camera from one of his pockets and had a big smile on his face. “Can we now maybe do that picture for my own little lady?”
Urs and Carlos stood next to Bear as one of his men took the photo. Then Bear stood next to a sleeping David and had that photo taken as well. Both Carlos and Urs said that they better get a copy of that one. Tam gently kissed David on the cheek as he slept. Then looked over at Sebastien who had himself slept through everything.
Carlos pulled on Urs’ shirt sleeve as he saw Tam with Sebastien. She began to hum her song. They both watched for any sign and again Sebastien murmured “Mama”. They smiled but a few second later David did almost the same thing but he spoke Tams’ name. Carlos was amazed. “She certainly has a magic about her.”
Urs smiled. “That she does, that she does.”
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Chapter 9
Docking at a Naval Base had its advantages. No press. Although the USS John F Kennedy was being decommissioned, all the fan fare was to take place a week later. That is when the Navy would allow press onto the Base. But today the only ones to greet the ship where family of the sailors. Wives, kids, girlfriends, parents. Some had been a little concerned that ambulances were standing by. Some had heard the news of Il Divo’s rescue, a few being fans themselves. So it was with some relief that other families found out that the ambulances were not waiting for one of their loved ones.
The scene at the main entrance to the Base was totally different. Divas had been camped out almost as soon as the word was out as to where the ship was taking Il Divo. Mind you David’s little post on the forum had helped spread the news.
So Navy MP’s were on hand to make sure that the fans did not get out of control or worse yet tried to enter the Base. Through text and keeping an eye on all the threads a few fans who were navy wives had promised to see what they could do once allowed into the Base. Ketty and Monette had hooked up and as they lived off base had driven in together. They speculated as to how Sebastien was, surely he would be okay now. They wondered if David’s report had been a little exaggerated. How he had described his broken arm and the difficulty in typing with one hand was serious but so funny. Both of them would go into shock when they saw Sebastien and David being loaded into the back of the ambulance.
Both Diva’s were armed with mobile camera phones ready to text any news to others who had computers and could post the most current news on the forum. So there they stood among the crowd waiting for their loved ones to disembark. Ketty kept her eyes on the ambulances and Monette watched for their husbands. They were much closer to the ambulances, a ploy on their part but they were determined to do their best as members of the Diva sisterhood. It was only a matter of minutes and Ketty grabbed Monette by the arm. “Look here they come Mon. Lets see if we can get closer.”
The ladies moved through the crowd and managed to get to the barrier that separated them from the the ship.
“It is Sebastien. But he looks okay doesn’t he?’ Ketty was the younger of the ladies and looked to Monette for assurance.
Monette smiled at her young friend as they watched naval personnel carry Sebastien’s stretcher to the ambulance. “He’ll be fine. We have one of the finest hospitals in the Navy.”
Ketty took a photo with her phone that she would download onto the website once she was home. They both held their breath when they saw the other stretcher. There was no denying that it was David.
“Oh my God Mon what happened? All he had was a broken arm.”
Again she took a photo and Monette began to send a text message.
Ketty’s imagination would get the better of her if she did not find out what was going on. This time it was Monette’s turn to grab Ketty by the arm. She pointed to the ship. “Look who’s coming out now.”
Urs and Carlos appeared with Tam protected between them. Monette had a huge smile on her face as she saw the next person. It was Bear. She let out this ear piercing whistle and every one looked at her including Carlos, Urs and Tam. Bear just whistled back and made a hasty retreat to the barrier. He picked Monette up and hugged her. Bear was so happy to see his wife. He managed to raise her over the barrier and swung her around.
Putting her back down on the ground he got a serious look on his face. “We have bad business to fix Mon.” Bear looked to the ambulances. Urs, Carlos and Tam had stopped to watch the interaction between Bear and his wife.
Monette kissed her huge husband “Have you been looking after them?”
Bear nodded.
“It all looks so bad. What happened to David? He only had a broken arm?”
“He was …..”Bear did not want to tell his wife he had been angry. “He was foolish and be undoing all the work. We make him sleep to re do the work.”
Bear hugged his wife. “He be doing good once a proper plaster is on. He’s just resting now. Is the sleeping juice.”
Bear looked to Ketty with a more serious look on his face. “I am sorry little angel but Mitch is on duty. He will not be coming off till tomorrow.”
Ketty was pouting. “But why? He said he was due. I’m all ready to get him home and destroy another uniform to get at his body and now you are telling me I have to wait. That’s not fare.”
Bear smiled. “Would be ready to be in that tearing if we had docked on time. But our little side trip took us long way home.”
“Maybe this will help.” Bear turned and beckoned to Urs and Carlos. Both men began to walk towards them. Tam decided to stand near the ambulances. Monette could not believe her eyes. The second love of her life was walking towards her. Ketty was in much the same state. Two out of the four Divos were heading their way. She was dumbstruck forgetting to take a photo. So did Monette.
Bear introduced them. “My new friends, this be my own light of love and her friend Ketty.”
Carlos greeted both women by kissing their hands and Urs gave them both a sweet kiss on the cheek. He spoke to Ketty first.
“I am sorry that we have messed up your plans.” Ketty went red thinking that they had heard what she had said she wanted to do to her husband.
Monette smiled. “She wants to ravage the poor man and now she can’t’.”
“ MON!!!! Oh my God, Don’t tell them that Sheesh.”
But Urs and Carlos laughed. “Arr passion is good.” Carlos beamed a smile at Ketty. “I feel jealous of your husband.”
“And Bear tells me you hang out in the Den while he is at sea?” Urs shot this question to Monette but it was Ketty who answered for her, perfect time to get her back. “I’ll say she does. I swear while Bear it not home she is practically attached at the hip to the computer. I don’t know how she gets anything else done to be honest.”
Monette shot Ketty a look. “Time management. With five kids you need to be good at it.”
Bear spoke up “Yes. Time for us to be seeing my brood.” He looked to Urs and Carlos. “You be getting to the hospital. Doc wants to be checking you all over.”
Urs noticed the phone in Ketty’s hand. “Does that thing take photos?”
She nodded.
“Can we take a few with you?”
Ketty was overwhelmed and just handed the phone over in silence.
For the next few minutes Bear took numerous shots with both camera phones. These ladies now had some wonderful photos to post on the forum.
Carlos asked them a favour. “Would you ladies be good enough to post a message on the forum to let every one know we are okay? And that David is fine just a big baby and that Seb is doing okay.”
The whole time Monette had been looking at the healing gash on Urs’ forehead and unconsciously she reached out to touch it. Being the gentleman he was Urs allowed her to run her finger over his wound. “Does it hurt?”
Urs held her hand and kissed her on the knuckles. “Not anymore.”
Both women sighed.
With that Urs and Carlos said good bye and returned to the waiting ambulances.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 9 part 2   Sun Apr 19, 2009 9:45 pm

Once at the Naval hospital Sebastien and David were whisked off in one direction while Urs, Carlos and Tam went another. They followed yet another set of minders through hospital corridors until Carlos was sent down one corridor and Urs and Tam continued. All done with military precision. It was not until Urs found himself in an exam room by himself except for the marine posted INSIDE, that he realised that Tam was no longer with him. He went to leave to see what had happened to her but the marine just stood at the door eyeing him down. “You can’t leave sir. Orders. You need to see the doctor before we go anywhere else.”
“But you don’t understand. She’s not going to cope too well with all this I don’t think.”
“I’m sorry sir but I cannot let you leave.”
Urs knew it was no good. He just prayed that Tam would be okay. What he did not know was she was in the room right next door.

Carlos was in another exam room getting the full works by several doctors all rather impressed at the work that Tam had done on his shoulder.
“Who ever fixed you up stopped you from getting a nasty infection. This could have been very serious.”
“Seaweed.” Was all that Carlos said, he was thinking of Sebastien. He knew just how bad it could have been.

David had been taken to an operating room to have his arm set. His attending radiologist was amazed at how well the broken pieces of his arm were holding together when he saw the X rays. “I think we may just have to cast this boy and send him on his way. He’s a lucky guy. Must have one hell, sorry, heaven of a guardian angel.”

Sebastien had been sent for a CT scan after the ships doctor had confided in the hospitals neurologist that because Sebastien had not regained consciousness he feared he had suffered some brain damage due to his fever.
Simon waited outside neurology hoping and praying for good news. He had been keeping up with the flow of information through their official website. It unnerved him to know that so many fans were so worried about them all. It seemed they had people everywhere gaining inside information. He’d had a call on his mobile phone as they were arriving at the hospital to say that news of their arrival at Mayport had hit the forum. Sebastien and David on stretchers. Urs and Carlos walking wounded. He wasn’t even at the hospital and the news was already posted.

Simon stood as the neurologist approached. “I don’t know what to tell you Mr Cowell.”
Simon’s heart sunk. Not Sebastien, in some ways he was still so pure and untouched by the world. This was a cruel, cruel thing to happen to such an amazing young man and not just because of his singing. He was caring, kind, considerate, and passionate and fun loving. How much would all that change with the doctors next words?
The doctor kept speaking. “There is no physical or neurological reason for that young man in there to still be unconscious.”
The doctor waited for his words to connect with Simon. Simon seemed a little stunned.” So he’s okay?”
“Well yes, but he just hasn’t woken up. It has to be psychological Mr Cowell and that young man is the only one who has the answers as to why he has decided to stay where he is. It is not unusual in times of trauma for the mind to shut down while the person tries to deal with it. But until he wakes up we have no idea how much trauma he is trying to cope with.”
“Doc, he was in a plane crash, the pilots died, they were on an island and it looked like they were going to be stuck there for the rest of their lives. How much trauma do you think that would cause?”
The doctor was silent. Simon walked off in a huff. “Flippin’ medicos all trained up and still no use.”

Urs sat not so patiently waiting for someone to come and tell him what was going on when both he and the marine heard the ruckus from next door. Urs knew immediately that it was Tam. They could hear things being thrown about and then Urs heard her scream. Not as bad as the night on the ship, but still bad enough to unnerve him and send the marine out of his room and next door, giving Urs a chance to escape as well. They did not get far. Tam’s minder and a doctor were out in the corridor attempting to fend off fly objects being launched from inside the room. Urs had to smile to himself. Not even a marine seemed to be a match for that girl. He tapped his minder on the shoulder. “Do you mind if I try to calm her down?”
It was Tam’s minder that replied. “If you can tame that down be my guest.”
They backed away from the door but objects still came flying out. Urs called her name a few times. “Tam it’s me Urs, can I come in without getting hit?”
Tam stopped throwing and Urs walked into the room. She was livid. Urs had no idea what had set her off but she was not a happy woman.
He smiled and she gave him a weak smile back. “Are you trying to take on the whole US Navy by yourself?”
Tam shrugged her shoulders, scowling and pointing to the door.
“Okay. You don’t like the doctor. So we get a different one.”
Tam shook her head violently.
“Okay…. No doctors.”
Tam and Urs heard the doctor outside complain about that option so Tam picked up a bed pan and threw it out.
Urs shouted to the doctor, “Hey Doc. Yo want this hospital in one piece you better back off. She’s not happy. And she’s not sick.”
“But that is way we need to examine her. She’s been all alone for ten years, she could catch a cold and it could cripple her.”
Urs turned back to Tam. “Seems he just doesn’t get it. I am just going to talk to him. Don’t worry I’ll be right at the door.”
Urs stood at the door and beckoned the doctor, who edged slowly towards him watching for any more projectiles. “So doc if she does get a cold you cannot do anything until it happens right, and I am guessing if you were going to stick her with a needle for a flu shot that would be a bad idea for the same reason. She’s been away from the world for so long. You give her that you make things worse.”
This was exactly what the doctor had attempted to do when Tam decided it was a bad idea.
“So how about we just let it be and if she gets a cold we’ll deal with it then…..Unless you want to go back in there?”
The doctor backed off. “No, no. she’s all yours.”
Urs smiled as another bed pan flew over his head hitting the opposite wall.

It seemed like and eternity but eventually Carlos, Urs and Tam were escorted to a waiting room and found Simon. He looked like he had aged ten years. Tam took hold of Urs’ hand and squeezed.
“Simon. What’s wrong?” Urs was not sure he wanted to hear what he had to say.
“Apparently not a thing where Sebastien is concerned.”
“I don’t understand?” It was Carlos.
“The doctors say there is no reason for him to still be sleeping. No brain damage. They reckon he’s shut down because of the trauma. He should be awake.” Simon looked at them pleadingly. “Guys, what do I do? I feel so helpless. I can’t help him.”
Tam did something that Urs found intriguing considering what Simon had tried to do to her. She bent down and gave him one of her kisses on the nose.
Simon smiled weakly at her and a small tear fell from his eyes.
Urs and Carlos were mortified. This was Simon, he was tough and foreboding, and he scared people. He didn’t cry.
Just then a nurse came into the room. “You can all come and see your friends now.”
They all followed the nurse. This time they did not have the shadow of minders with them. After the exam rooms they seemed to have disappeared.
They walked into a large ward with one patient just near the entrance and empty except for Sebastien and David who was sitting up in bed with a smile from ear to ear and a brand new cast on his arm.
“Hey guys. Nice to see you.” They all stood around David’s bed. Tam knocked on his cast and they all laughed.
“You seem to be okay David. Urs shoved him in the shoulder playfully. Then a shadow came over his face. “Have you heard about Sebastien?”
David looked over to his friend sleeping in the next bed. “Yeah. The nurse told me. So what do we do just wait for him to decide to wake up?”
Just then Simon’s mobile phone went off and the nurse scowled at him. “Sir you will have to take that outside.
“I have to take this it is the office.” With that Simon left the four Divos and Tam.

As Simon left a doctor walked in and up to the group. “Hi I’m Doctor Parker. I have just spoken to the Base commander and they have organised accommodation for you here at the Base until such time as you need to leave. I would like to keep your friend.” He pointed to David “In over night, keep and eye on his arm just to be safe.”
Before he could finish Carlos jumped in. “But what about Sebastien?”
“I am sorry but apart from keeping a watch on his vitals and making sure his is comfortable, there is not a lot more we can do. However, I have appointed one of my finest nurses to look after him.”
As if on cue a nurse walked through the entrance to the ward but stopped at the first bed. She was addressing the patient and it seemed she was none too pleased with him. “Now look here Chief Petty Officer Muldoon, if you think you can keep sending nurses out of here in tears just because you don’t feel like doing what you are told forget it. I’m here now and things can go one of two ways. May way or badly” The petty officer had no chance to argue with this nurse. “You give me any grief and I will make sure that any injections you need are lodged in places they shouldn’t go starting with this one.” The nurse held up a rather large needle that made them all swallow hard. She was not possibly going to inject the poor man with that. It looked like it was for a horse. “Now Chief Petty Officer Muldoon do we understand each other? In this ward I am the boss”
She got a resounding “YES Ma’am.”
“Then be a dear and roll up your sleeve.”
The Petty Officer did what he was told and the nurse brought a much smaller needle out of her pocket, much to the relief of all. As she finished the doctor called her over. “Nurse Henderson do you have a moment.”
“I do now Doc.”
As she approached. Urs saw the change in her expression as she looked at them all and then at David and Sebastien in the bed. She knew exactly who they were and Urs knew she did. Before anyone could say another word Urs stepped in. “So. Nurse Henderson is it. Which one are you. Siren, Diva, Cutie or Uber?”
The nurse was shocked. She had known that they were in the hospital but no idea that she had been posted to their ward or rather they were in her ward.
“Can I say SCUD and leave it at that?”
The doctor was confused and said so.
“It’s ok Doc. I’ll explain later.” She looked at Urs who was still waiting for an answer, they all were. “OK. Siren if you have to know with UDC afflictions.”
They all smiled and Urs looked at the doctor. “You picked the perfect nurse Doc. Sebastien is in good hands now I am sure of it.”
They all laughed except for the doctor who was totally lost by now and Nurse Henderson who was a little pink in the face. “How did you know?”
Urs smiled. “They way you tried to cover up your surprise when you saw us. That was very sweet. What’s your name?”
Lea, Lea Henderson US NAVY, but known on the forum as Lea27.
Carlos took her hand and kissed it. “Our friend Sebastien is certainly in fine hands. A nurse and a Diva and Siren at that, who could ask for more.”
Again they all laughed but Lea more to hide her embarrassment than anything else had locked eyes on Tam. She held out her hand to shake Tam’s. “You must be Miss Tam? Nice to meet you. I’m happy to be looking after IL Divo but I think I might have my hands full with Baby Bear over there.” And she pointed to David.
“Hey. I’m no trouble.”
Lea just looked at David with this sort of don’t give me that, way about her.
“Ok I am trouble.”
Again they laughed but Lea’s attention was still on Tam. “See, so you reckon you can stick around and help out?”
Tam smiled and nodded.
Urs smiled as well, she was a good nurse. Under her wings resting in her professional care where, David, Sebastien and Tam.
Tam may not know it but Urs did.

Lea got herself back into her professional no nonsense mode. “Okay you two. Take a hike, go exploring or something, you can come back later. I have a ward to run.”
Urs and Carlos just looked at her. After what they had seen her do to the Petty Officer they were not about to try and argue.
Lea put and arm around Tam. “Mr Buhler, She’ll be just fine with me.”
Now how did she know to address that statement to him? She had not seen any interaction between the two of them that would suggest they were and item. He wondered if something had found its way onto the website. Exploring he would do but it would be internet exploring. What did their fans know exactly?
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 9 part 3   Sun Apr 19, 2009 9:45 pm

Urs had been escorted to the rec room and Carlos had taken the opportunity to have a look around the Base close to the hospital. He did not want to go too far just in case Sebastien woke up. In his heart he wished he could have changed places with his young friend. It hurt so much not being able to do anything. Even the smiles from the ladies as he passed them did not seem to cheer him up today.
Urs sat in front of a computer and sighed. How he so hated having to do battle with these things. He always seemed to get into strife. He knew their fans in the forum loved it when they posted pieces but David was so good at it and Sebastien’s posts were always so eloquent he just felt so inadequate. Plenty of his fans had written into tell him they felt the same way. He felt bad that he did not post very often but usually when he had sprung up the courage to do it the others had already covered what ever he was going to say. But this time he needed to see what was happening in the threads. What the fans knew, what the gossip was. It took him two goes to get to the website and then it shut down on him. So he tried again and succeeded in getting to the index page where he found a thread totally dedicated to their current ordeal. Urs had not logged on, effectively he was lurking not wishing for his presence to be known. Well at lest not just yet. He did notice that the moderators had dispensed with the 100 page limit, it would have been pointless. Posts were going in thick and fast. The photos of them with Ketty and Monette were already there as well as the ones that the girls had taken of Sebastien and David being loaded into the ambulance. Urs knew that the girls had the full story on Sebastien but Monette had been very tactful in what she had written to go with the photos. Urs guessed from the report that she had posted that Bear had filled her in on a few things but he was glad that she had not mentioned just how bad things were for Sebastien. Monette’s post sent ripples through the forum, fans wanting to know how they could help, how long before David’s arm would heal, questions about Tam. Urs had become concerned about this; he knew that if they thought she had hurt them in anyway it would not be good. But again Monette had answered questions with tact and diplomacy. She had explained to the forum that Tam had been the one to help save their lives. Without her they may not have seen their Divos alive again. From the minute Monette had posted this information Urs saw a change in the posts. They were all thanking Tam for what she had done, wanted to know if she needed anything. It was if in a split second Tam had gained a whole lot of sisters. It seemed that the fans had kept the press at arms length as well. Some posting that TV, radio and newspaper crews had turned up and asking questions. Also seemed that the divas had clammed up. There were reports of journalists lurking outside the Navy Base. Urs found himself frowning at that but then smiling when he read that several of their fans had given the reporters their marching orders, so much so that they had escorted the media all the way back into the town. So what he had heard about Divas was true. They were a very loyal bunch, incredibly protective of their Divos as they called the band and ready, willing and it seemed quite able to take on anyone or anything that looked like it would harm the band. This loyalty and dedication was overwhelming to Urs. He was not sure how the other band members felt but he just felt that he did not deserve all their attention and could never be good enough for them. So he sat at the computer almost willing himself to log on and post a message to the fans. It took him almost half and hour to write his message, changing this and changing that so it was just right. What Urs did not realise was that his fans would have been happy if he had just said hello.
His finger paused over the enter button for a few seconds and then it was off. Urs sighed. He never realised just what kind of ripple he had sent shivering through the forum.
The fans were happy to have the information but it was from Urs. He had not posted in over 12 months. Urs sat and watched in amazement as the posts came flying in from all over. Fans asking him how he was, was his head ok, would he have a scar, to send their love and prayers to the others, how long before they got to see them again.

Urs’ message had been.
Hello to all our fans and thank you so much for you kind words.
I am sorry that our current situation may have upset you but be assured that we are okay.
Everyone is healing nicely. David has stopped complaining about his arm and more worried about not having enough room on his cast to have it signed.
Carlos has gone shopping for new clothes and Sebastien is recovering.
He did have a very nasty infection and fever which has left him weak so he will be in hospital for a little while longer.
I would like to ask you all a favour. You have all been so kind so far but could I ask you not to tell the press anything you read on the forum. Not just yet. I feel this is a family thing and we need to keep it in the family for a little while longer. And if you know of any fans that may work in this area to keep their forum news to themselves. I know this is a hard thing to ask but for Sebastien’s sake I ask;
Your ever faithful servant Urs.

Urs had been nervous he had lied about Sebastien but he did not want to let the real information go, not just yet. He watched the forum for over an hour and was satisfied that their fans would indeed up hold his plea. He realised that the press would get hold of the information soon enough but he just wanted them to have a bit more breathing space.

Lea had checked on David a few times but he had been a good little patient and behaved. She had found him a portable DVD player and he was happy enough watching a movie. Not that he couldn’t get out of bed but Lea wanted him in view for very unprofessional reasons. He was a Divo and being this close to any one of them was just great. When was she ever going to get that chance again, so until the doctor said he was free to go David was staying right were he was.
Lea had watched Tam with Sebastien; she was caring and tender and seemed to know he was in some kind of inner turmoil; she gently brushed her fingers through his hair. But Lea wondered just how well Tam was doing.
“Honey, I know you have been through a lot in the past few days. How are you coping?”
Tam smiled at Lea and shrugged her shoulders. How could she tell her that she had lost the life she expected to live, she still found all the noise difficult to handle and she had a constant headache because of it, her heart had given itself to Urs and she had no idea what to do about it. She had lost but she had gained so much as well.
“I know you’re not into talking so I brought you a little gift I hope you don’t mind.”
Lea riffled through her pockets and pulled out a small note book with a pen attached and gave it to Tam.
Tam smiled and cried and wrote her first note to anyone in over ten years.
“Thank you Lea.”
“Lea hugged her.” You’re welcome sweetie. The fellas never think of these things. All that time on the ship and no one gave you anything to write with.”
They both laughed and this time Tam actually made a sound when she laughed. Lea did not want her to retreat back into her self but she knew this was a big step. “Well, you laugh and you hum. Not a bad combination.”
Sebastien stirred a little and they both looked at him. “Would you hum to him again Tam? He seems to like that.”
So Tam began to stroke Sebastien’s head has she had done before and hum her favourite piece of music.
Lea left her to check on her other patients. David, she checked his temperature for no other reason than she could.
“So Nurse Henderson am I doing okay?”
“Just fine Mr Miller.”
David took hold of her arm and Lea thought she would have to take her on temperature. “I’ll make you a deal. You call me David and I’ll call you Lea okay.”
“Okay.” Lea walked off to see how Chief Petty Officer Muldoon was doing; she could feel her heart racing under her skin. “Oh my” was all she could say.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 9 part 4   Sun Apr 19, 2009 9:46 pm

was worried about her new friend. She wanted Sebastien to wake up. To be well, to see his sweet smile and here him laugh again; even complain about something, anything. She knew these men were special and the more she found out the more she realised just how special there were to so many. He just had to come back. As if he had heard her thoughts Sebastien stirred a little and shouted “Mama” again.
This brought Lea back to his bedside. The last few times he had just spoken the word but this time he shouted and just as Lea got to him he shouted again. David stopped his movie, Tam stopped humming, Sebastien was restless, and Lea did not like that. Tam bent over him and gave him a kiss, one on the forehead, one on the nose and one on the lips. This seemed to settle him a little. Lea could not put her finger on it but something had changed. David felt like he was out of the loop. “Lea is he okay?”
“Yes, he’s just a little restless is all” Lea had not taken her eyes of him, nor had Tam. Lea noticed that Sebastien’s breathing had changed slightly so she took his wrist to check his pulse. Then it happened. Sebastien opened his eyes. Tam held her breath.
“Well hello bright eyes, welcome back.” Lea smiled at Sebastien as he turned his head towards her voice.
David jumped out of his bed and straight over to stand next to Tam.
“You’ve been lost a little while haven’t you?”
Sebastien tried to focus on her face. He could hear her talking but could not focus enough to know what she was saying. His body ached, his head hurt and his throat was sore. His eyes seemed to be the only thing that worked. He looked around the bed and saw David. “Hiya buddy. Sheesh you gave us all a scare. Glad you are back”
Then Sebastien looked at Tam. She smiled and waved at him. Sebastien heard Leas’ voice again but he couldn’t seem to figure out what she was saying. He had not understood what David had said. By the look of her he guessed that Lea was a nurse.
Leas asked him the question again. “Can I get you anything?”
Sebastien cleared his throat and pushed the words out. All he wanted was for the pain to go away and a drink of water. “Boisson”
Lea looked at him. “Say again sweetie?”
This time Sebastien looked at her. He could not understand her and it was obvious she was having trouble with what he had said so he motioned what he wanted by putting his hand to his face and making the sign for a drink.”
“Hey stop fooling around Sebastien, we’ve all been through enough as it is.”
“David, don’t.” Lea shot him a reprimanding look. “Just think about it will you. He’s been through the same trauma. Maybe more and he is French so he’s reverted back to his mother tongue. Look at it this way. When you reboot your computer all your defaults get reset to the original don’t they?”
David nodded.
“Well this is the same. Give him a little time to figure out were he is and he’ll be okay.”
Lea helped Sebastien sit up in bed. “Don’t suppose either of you speak French. I know just enough to get myself arrested.”
Both Tam and David smiled at that remark but their smiles soon disappeared when they realised that Sebastien had no idea what she had said. Lea gave Sebastien a drink from the jug on the bedside table.
“Urs speaks French.” David had remembered that Urs spoke a few languages. “How long will this last?”
Leas had no idea, could be a few minute or a few days. It all depended on his trauma and how Sebastien handled it. “I really can’t say, he could snap out of it in the next few minutes for all I know.”
Sebastien wanted some answers and was getting very nervous at the fact that these people seemed to know who he was but he had no idea who they were or where he was.
So he launched into a barrage of questions in French.
Qui sont ces gens-là ? et où suis-je ? et qu'est-il arrivé ? Je ne me souviens pas être allé à l'hôpital ! (1)

They all just looked at him and Sebastien stared back at them.
“Well when I took this job they never told me I would need a phrase book. You two stay with him I’m going to the nurses station to make a few calls, see if I can track down someone who speaks French.”
“Do we have a problem Lea.?”
Lea looked at David. “Huston we have a problem.” With that she dashed out of the ward heading to the nurses station at the other end of the corridor. Halfway down she saw Urs walking towards her. He waved and she shouted to him. “Hey Uber Lord get your Swiss behind down here in a hurry.”
If the tone in her voice had not been so urgent Urs may have thought she was trying to be funny. He ran the distance between them, thinking the worst had happened. “My God Lea what it is?”
They both walked quickly back to the ward.
“Sebastien’s awake.” Before Urs could say he thought that was good news Lea continued. “He can only speak French, he doesn’t understand us, David said you speak French.”
Urs stopped dead, making Lea do the same. “Well don’t just stand there with a silly look on your face; I need you to do some translation for me. Move it!”

They got back to Sebastien’s bed. By this time Tam, David and Sebastien were all a little upset. No one could understand anyone else. David had picked up a few words of French while he had been with Il Divo but this was way over his head. He sighed with relief when he saw Urs. “He doesn’t understand a word of English Urs, how can that be?”
Leas jumped in. “Let Urs talk to him and we will find out okay.”
Urs smiled at Sebastien and spoke in French
“Salut mon ami, comment te sens-tu ?” (2)
Sebastien was relieved to hear his own language; finally he would get some answers. “Ma tête me fait mal, j'ai mal sur tout le corps, et je ne sais pas qui je suis, ni ce qui est arrivé, et qui diable êtes-vous donc ? “ (3)
Something that Sebastien had said to Urs must as have unnerved him as the others heard the change in his voice. “Sebastien, tu ne sais pas qui je suis ? Tu ne sais pas qui sont ces gens ?” (4)
Urs and Sebastien continued to have a conversation in French and it seemed that Sebastien was getting very upset in deeded. Lea did not need to know French to know that enough was enough. She put a stop to it.
“Hey. That’s enough this is not an interrogation Urs, back off.”
Urs pulled away from the bed as he stopped talking.
“I want you to tell him I am going to give him a shot ok.”
Urs did what he was told. He also added that it was no use arguing with her. So Sebastien just sat there and waited for Lea to inject him. She made him lay back down. Within minutes he was asleep again. They all started talking to Urs at once until Lea put up her hands and the ward fell quiet.
“Urs, what was all that about?”
“He doesn’t remember a thing. Nothing, not us, not the plane crash, not Il Divo nothing. His last memory is of being on stage.”
David pipped up. “Well that is good.”
“But not as Il Divo, He remembers before that, He’s lost three years David. The last three years gone.”
They all fell silent. Tam had tears running down her face. They all looked at Sebastien. Now what did they do. Just then the door to the ward opened and Carlos arrived. The smile on his face was wiped off by the looks of his friends. Something terrible had happened.

French translation for those of us who need a little help.
(1)“Who are you people and where am I and what happened. I can’t remember coming to a hospital”

(2)Hi my friend, how are you feeling?”

(3) “My head hurts, I ache all over and I don’t know where I am or what happened and who the hell are you.”
(4)“Sebastien, you don’t know who I am, you don’t know who these people are?
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 10 part 1   Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:35 am

Chapter 10
Lea had taken them all back to the waiting room and closed the door.
Carlos had been jabbering away to himself in Spanish all the way down the corridor, he was still muttering when they got inside the waiting room. It was starting to get on David’s nerves. “Carlos will you stop that please.”
Lea could see that they were both about to get into a fight with each other. “Back off big boy!!!!! Or I’ll break your other arm!”
David went to protest but Tam pulled him down so he was sitting next to her. She frowned at him and wrote something on her pad then gave it to him.
David smiled a little when he read it. Urs asked him what was on the note.
“Tam said it was a bad idea.”
Tams ploy had given both men just enough time to regain their composer.
Carlos shuffled a little before he spoke. “Ladies.” He bowed at them. “Urs, David. Forgive me my transgression. I was upset, I apologise. David I am sorry.”
“That’s okay Carlos; I guess we are all in shock.”
Tam handed Lea a note.
“What do you do now indeed?” Lea read the note. “Well form a professional point of view I have to write a report and get a referral for a psych to come and see him for some counselling.” Lea paused just a little. “But I reckon I am looking at the best medicine there is for him.”
Lea took a deep breath. “Look, I have seen this before so I am going to be straight with you. This can be a temporary thing or it can be permanent.” She raised her hand to stop them from interrupting. “I think you can help him, I think if we do this right we will be able to find which one it will be. You guys willing to do whatever it takes?”
They all nodded.
“Okay. Time I got back to him, I didn’t give him very much, what did you say Bear called it.. Sleeping juice.” Lea looked at them all. “David. I guess I can let you off the hook. The doc told me ages ago you are free to leave, you might as well get dressed.”
“You mean to say you had me hostage.”
“Well you didn’t seem to mind.”
Tam let out an audible laugh and all three men looked at her. Urs had a big smile on his face. But Lea was not finished.
“Yeah okay, okay so the girl can laugh. Urs you are going to have to stay with Sebastien since I have appointed you translator. And Carlos…You need to take Tam shopping. The kind of shabby she is wearing is not so chic these days.”
Tam poked her tongue out at Lea and Lea returned the favour but both girls laughed. To Urs’ ears it was such a sweet sound. It made his heart light. Lea was certainly a good nurse, now only if she could work her magic on Sebastien.
“So after I get dressed do I get a job oh wise medical one?” David was being cheeky but not entirely sure he was going to get away with it. When he heard the job Lea had for him he wished he’d kept his mouth shut.
“Sure do. You get to tell Mr Cowell.”
Everyone looked at David. He had gone pale. “I wanna go back to bed now.”
“I need to make a phone call. See you back in the ward Urs. The rest of you scatter.” Lea left them in the waiting room all a little stunned. David was the first to speak.
“Did that just really happen? I mean, she’s. ……She said she would break my arm. Do you think she would have?”
Carlos and Urs answered together. “Yes.”
Urs looked at Tam. “You laughed.” Tam blew him a kiss. “And you have a note pad. Great idea.”
Tam wrote on it and gave it to Urs.
Carlos wanted to know what it said.
“She said why didn’t I think of it sooner?” Urs gave her the tenderest smile she had ever seen. “Because I liked watching how you tried to communicate with us. It seemed so much more intermit somehow.”
Tam went a little pink.
“Aww if you guys are going to get all mushy I’m going to get dressed. Better get this talk with Simon over with.”
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~*~ IL Divo Missing ~*~ By: Lois Lane
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