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"We Came Here To Love".

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 ~*~ IL Divo Missing ~*~ By: Lois Lane

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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 10 part 2   Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:36 am

Lea was on the phone at the nurses station when David walked passed. He waved and Lea absentmindedly blew him a kiss. “Yes Sheila I want you to find the Live at the Greek DVD and get one over here. You can put it on my account at the PX.”
Lea was talking to her friend who was the manager of the Bases PX among other things. She knew they had the DVD in stock she had just bought herself another one as her first copy was getting a little tired she played it so many times. What she wanted this one for was far, far different. When she hung up from Shelia, she realised what she had done to David.
“Lea, what will he think.”
Lea sat at the desk having a little time to herself. It was probably the wrong thing to do as she began to think of Sebastien not as a patient but as her French Prince. She began to think of him how a Siren would. He was one of the reasons she got up in the morning. Now there was the very real possibility that he had lost his memory. From a medical point of view it could be classified as minor as he could remember everything except the last three years. But from a fans point of view it was devastating. Lea knew how the others felt, she felt the same. As she sat there with her heart breaking for Sebastien she could no longer keep hiding her real feelings behind her profession. Lea let the tears fall and she cried and she cried and she cried. He had to remember, he just had to.

Each time she tried to compose herself she cried a little more. Looking at her watch Lea knew she had to get back to Sebastien. She was just about to head back to the ward when David appeared. He was in a bit of a mess. He had managed to get his jeans on and his shoes but they were not laced. However his shirt was a different story. He had been wearing a button shirt. It would have been much easier if he’d had a T shirt but there he stood. One arm in and the rest of his shirt just hanging. He was about to make a smart comment then he saw Lea.
“I was going to ask Urs to help but he just kept laughing at me…….” David’s voice changed, it was soft and tender. “Lea are you okay? You’ve been crying.”
With his words Lea’s tears began to fall again. David’s heart felt for her. “Oh dear you really are a Siren aren’t you. Not as tough as people think you are. Come here you poor wounded soldier.”
David moved to cradle Lea to his chest with his good arm. “He’ll be okay. With you to look after him I know he’ll be okay.”
David pulled her close and hugged her allowing the rest of her tears to fall. No matter how hard she tried Lea could not get the tears to stop. But she felt protected and safe enough to cry. She was in the arms of a Divo. It was not how she had seen herself but she was thankful that under his playful exterior David Miller had a heart of gold. He was tender, caring and compassionate.
Lea understood then just how much these four men had touched her life and in ways she would never have imagined. If it took everything she had, she was going to make sure that Sebastien would recover.

After a time Lea stopped crying. She apologised to David for being so unprofessional. David smiled ever so lovingly at her. “Lea, you don’t ever have to apologise. It is a great comfort to know that you care for Sebastien so. You are obviously a very caring and loving person. Probably why you are such a damn good nurse.”
This brought a little smile to Lea’s face.
“And I promise not to tell anyone about your soft spot okay. That stays between us. Lea I may joke around a lot but I do get just how serious all this is and I would never hurt you intentionally.”
“Awe you are just saying that because I said I would break your other arm.”
David’s booming laugh was like a tonic. He bent down and kissed her on the top of the head. “Now off you go and be that damn fine nurse I know you are.”
Lea fixed up David’s shirt and gave him a small peck on the cheek before she left him.
David allowed Lea to enter the ward first; he followed a few moments later. Lea was ever so thankful for that and was beginning to wonder if her Diva tendencies were beginning to overshadow her love for Sebastien. She thought about that for a few seconds. Nope, never happen.
Urs was standing by Sebastien’s bed with a worried look on his face. Lea came up beside him and gently squeezed his arm. “If I have anything to do with it your friend will be better in no time.”
Lea was not sure if she had said that to comfort Urs or to convince herself that everything would work out.
Urs had noticed her eyes were a little red. He knew she had been crying but did not push the issue. “You okay Lea?”
Just then David bounded into the ward putting on a happy act. “See Urs told you I could get her to help me get dressed” Just then David tripped over his laces and fell face first.
Urs and Lea rushed to help him
“My God David, If you want your other arm broken I said I could do it. Get up will you.”
Lea was about to launch into an attack when David winked at her. She realised he had done it on purpose all for her. How very sweet but he still could have hurt himself. “You pull another stunt like that and I’ll take you back to bed.”
David had the widest cheekiest grin on his face. “You promise?”
Urs shouted at him this time. “David!!!” And Lea gave him a playful shove in the chest. Their noise had woken Sebastien.
Urs went to his side and the two men conversed in French while Lea and David watched. When they had finished Urs walked back to Lea and David while Sebastien just sat in bed.
“He’s still very confused. I gave him the quick version of events and that seemed to have unsettled him a little more. Knowing he was in a plane crash and not being able to remember. He really dose not remember any of us. It’s like we have just met for the first time.”
Urs looked at Lea. “What do we do now.”
“I want to try something but he needs to see himself first. So I was going to get him to have a shower, if he can use his leg. That way he will have to look in a mirror.” She could see the puzzled looks on their faces.
“I know you don’t get it but you’ll understand. Urs can you tell him what I want to do, explain who I am and I want to see if he can put weight on his leg and walk.”
Urs nodded and went back to Sebastien.
It was obvious that Sebastien understood what was expected as he had swung his legs over the side of the bed. His wound was healing nicely. The medical team had put a few stitched in it but for the most part it did not look to bad. Sebastien checked the back of his leg as well. Urs had filled him in on how he had been injured and how Tam had nursed him. Urs continued to relay Leas’ instruction to Sebastien in French as she told him what she wanted him to do.
“Okay. Just put your foot gently on the floor and stand. Use me for balance if you need.”
Sebastien stood and did what she had asked. He grimaced a little as his leg took his full weight.
“You okay?”
Sebastien nodded his head.
“Now stand up straight. If it hurts too much sit back down.”
They watched as this happened and Urs continued to translate.
“Now take a few small steps and let me know how that feels.”
Again Sebastien obeyed.
“Bon.” was all he said and took a few more steps.
“I take it that means its okay.” Lea smiled and continued.” Do you feel strong enough to stand and have a shower or would you prefer a bath?”
Urs gave her his answer. “He wants a shower and to shave.”
“Okay. Follow me.”
They all made their way to the showers when Lea stopped and looked at David. “Don’t you have a call to make?”
Sheepishly David spoke. “No… I don’t think so.”
Lea just stared at him.
“Aww do I have to? Simon will have a cow.”
“Well you better wear your long gloves then.”
Urs bit his lip trying not to laugh and David just stared at Lea. He couldn’t believe what she had said. “Okay I am going. You know you are a bossy boots.”
After David left Urs saw the smile on her face. “You really like to tease him don’t you?”
Urs explained to Sebastien what had just happened as they walked to the showers. “Sebastien wants to know if you and David are an item.”
Lea shot Urs a look and it was his turn to smile. “No and don’t you dare tell him why not or you’ll find yourself in ICU.”
“Then you wouldn’t have a translator.”
“I’d manage…..Not a word!!!!”
“Okay.” Urs was still smiling and Lea was convinced that the conversation between the two men was going on a little too long. If she had realised she was right Urs would have indeed found himself in ICU.
He had told Sebastien that David and Lea were not an item but he also told him that she was rather fond of him.

Lea helped Sebastien into the shower recess and began to help him get undressed. Much the same way he had stopped Tam from undressing him on the island he did the same with Lea. His eyes pleading with Urs to translate very quickly.
“He says he can manage.”
Lea stepped back. “I don’t want him falling over.”
“He wants me to stay to help. You are going to have to leave before anything else happens.”
“Well a girl can only try.” Lea winked at Urs. “I will be right outside if you need me.”
While she waited outside she could hear the two of them having a conversation. She felt sorry for Urs it was a big responsibility. Sebastien was going to want to know a lot and Urs was going to have to shoulder the burden of explaining it all to his friend. As she waited she saw a familiar figure walking down the corridor. It was Sheila. She was delivering the DVD personally. Lea had not expected that, but then again she was a Siren herself. Both ladies hugged each other and Shelia handed over the DVD. “So you going to tell me why you want it?”
Lea swore Sheila to secrecy before she told her why. “Oh poor, dear, sweet Sebbie. That must be horrible. I feel terrible. So you are hoping that by watching the DVD it might jog his memory?”
“That’s the plan. I sure hope it helps.”
“What happens if he never gets his memory back? What happens to Il Divo?”
Both women were quiet neither one wanting to think about such an idea.
Sheila threw her shoulders back in a defiant stance. “Well there is nothing to it. He will just have to get better.”
She hugged Lea again before she left but all the way back to the PX a little cloud of doubt began to grow. It was just too horrid to think about. Il Divo without her Sebastien.

Urs appeared from the showers. “He’s doing ok. But wants to know if he can have some real clothes.”
Lea smiled. “Not just yet but I can get him some real PJ’s.” She saw Urs’ questioning look. “Pyjamas.”
“Oh. good I think he would like that.” Urs went back into Sebastien and Lea headed for the supply room. She knew exactly which set of pyjamas she would get for him. An Admiral had been in for surgery some weeks back and left them behind. They were silk, a soft shimmering dark blue and just Sebastien’s size. She smiled to herself. She did actually know what size he would wear. Besides he would look much better in the Admirals pyjamas than the hospital regulation ones. Back at the showers she knocked on the door and asked if she could come in. Both men shouted. One in English, one in French “NO!”
“I am a nurse. You haven’t got anything I haven’t seen you know.”
“Lea you stay right there I’m coming out.” Urs joined her again about to berate her for her comments when he saw the whimsical smile on her face as she stood there with the pyjamas held out like they were the clothes of kings.
All he could do was take them and shake his head.

While Urs was outside with Lea, Sebastien had a good look at himself in the mirror. It was his own reflection looking back at him but somehow it had changed. It was different. Maybe what this Urs person was telling him was true. He had a wound on his leg and he was in an American Naval Base with no memory of how he got there.

Lea heard one of them whistle when Urs went back in, she guest it was Sebastien. When he walked out of the showers it was Lea who whistled and for the first time saw a smile on Sebastien’s face. He took her hand and kissed it saying something in French.
“He thanks you for your appreciation and for the pyjamas.”
“No trouble. No trouble at all. Shall we get him back to bed?”
As they walked back to the ward Lea walked behind the two men for no particular reason than she could and the view was doubly divine.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 10 part 3   Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:37 am

David had tried to think of any way to get the message to Simon without actually talking to him. But without all his own pieces of 21st century techno equipment it was no use. He was going to have to suck it up and make the call. He dialled, holding his breath waiting for Simon to answer, David let out a happy yell as he got Simons’ voice mail. So he left a message and told Simon not to worry Sebastien was in good hands. He was off the hook for now.
Lea had settled Sebastien back into bed and took his pulse. He was doing well. Not long after Carlos and Tam arrived back laden down with bags. Tam was dressed in figure hugging jeans and a simple emerald green t shirt with new Colorado shoes. She was stunning and they all knew it.
“Hello. The happy shoppers are back. I think Tam made up for spending ten years with out a shopping centre.” Carlos held up all the bags he was holding.
“Way to go girl. Retail therapy, works every time.” Lea smiled at Tam.
Tam came over to Lea and pulled something out of the bag for her. It was a small box. Opening it Lea found a wonderful small photo frame with a picture of Sebastien already in it. “Tam this is lovely but you shouldn’t have.”
Carlos spoke up again. “She wanted to buy something for every one so I hope David doesn’t mind I gave her some money.”
Urs was so in awe of Tams transformation he had forgotten to translate for Sebastien. It was only when Sebastien pulled on his shirt he realised he was staring at her.
Tam walked up to Urs while he began to tell Sebastien what was going on. She gave Urs a small kiss on his nose and handed him a bag. Inside was a Harley Davidson T shirt.
Sebastien was a bit stunned when she came to him and did the same thing. Kissing him on the nose and handing him a small package. When he opened it there was a jumbo size bag of jelly babies. Sebastien looked at her asking how she knew. Urs translated and Tam wrote a note which he read to Sebastien in French.
Tam had said that Carlos had told him that he liked them along with red wine, good coffee and toblarone. It was true he did like them but it unnerved him that these strangers knew so much about him. Urs had told him as much as he could. He understood that they had been together for the past three years but when he tried to remember it seemed that those very memories were just out of reach. It seemed that there was a deep black nothingness where his memories should have been. It was as if someone had emptied the box. Other boxes where still full of thoughts and memories. He remembered his childhood, the names of his best friends while he grew up, the bands he was in at high school. He could remember everything except the last three years. What was it about this time that would not let him remember? Was there something in that three years that was so bad he did not want to remember and these so called friends of his would not tell him.
The conversation had continued around him while he was deep in thought and Urs had kept translating but Sebastien had not heard a word. Lea was curious to know what Tam had bought David. They all laughed when she pulled a teddy bear with a cast on his arm out of a bag.
“He’s going to go crazy when he sees that. He’ll love it but he’s going to go crazy.” Lea loved it.
As if on cue David came into the ward. He took one look at Tam and gave her the loudest wolf whistle they had ever heard. It actually hurt her ears just a little but she smiled and laughed. “My God girl you scrub up okay don’t you?”
Tam curtsied but David’s eyes had diverted to Sebastien. “And looks like you scrub up okay yourself there Seb. Who did you swipe the silky JP’S off?”
When Urs finished the translation Sebastien was about to reply when Lea cut him off. “Okay. We need to get down to some serious business: She looked straight at David piercing him with her eyes.
“Aw Man what did I do wrong this time?” David just shook his head.
Carlos spoke. “What makes you think you did anything wrong?”
“Didn’t you see the look she gave me? Same look I get off my mother when I am in trouble.”
“Actually I was going to ask you if you made that call yet.
“Yes I did so there.”
“And…..” Lea waited for his answer
“And what?”
“What did Simon say?”
There was no way he was going out get out of this. “Not much. I got his message bank.”
Urs, Carlos and Lea all shouted at him at the same time “DAVID!!!!”
Tam just laughed and Sebastien waited to catch up.
“Send a man to do a woman’s job and this is what happens.” Lea smirked, David was in his element. Someone who was willing to paly along with him but he had the sneaking suspicion that he was out gunned and Lea had not even come close to using all her ammunition.
Lea turned her attention to Sebastien and her demeanour changed.
“Sebastien, I know this is all so much for you to deal with but I want to help you try and regain some of your lost memories. I have an idea that might help. Are you willing to give it a go?”
Through Urs, Sebastien asked her what it was and Lea explained about the DVD. Sebastien thought about it for a few moments, took a deep breath and agreed to look at it.
“Okay, give me ten minutes to clear anyone out of the rec room and come on down.” With that she left them.
Tam beckoned for David and he came closer. As he moved she pulled the bear out of its hiding place and gave it to him. “Hey just what I always wanted a Minnie Me complete with broken arm. How did you know? I don’t think I am that hairy though do you?”
In a flash Tam had pulled his shirt up and looked at his chest, not that his body was a complete surprise to her but he didn’t know that. “Hey no fare. No sneak attacks.”
Tam laughed and to Urs it sounded like her laughter was getting stronger. Was there any hope that she would ever talk. He was so worried about Sebastien and his future if he could not remember but among all those emotions his heart ached for Tam. She seemed to be adapting to her new life well. Carlos had certainly found a partner in crime when it came to shopping. But would she overcome this hurdle?
Sebastien watched the interaction between these people. Even without understanding what they were saying it was apparent they were very fond of each other.
There was something familiar about Tam but like his memories he just couldn’t get it to come alive. He found himself smiling as she teased David. Looking to Urs as he too watched her, Sebastien knew he was in love with her. The smile on Urs’ face as he watched Tam was precious. It was gentle and kind, deep and everlasting, caring and compassionate. You could almost see it light up his whole body. Sebastien wondered if he had someone in is life that did that for him. He wanted so much to ask that question but at the same time was too scared to find out the answer. What if he did and he could not remember them.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 10 part 4   Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:38 am

Urs looked at his watched and announced that it was time to head for the rec room. Carlos, Tam and David pushed and jostled with each other down the corridor like three little kids while Urs and Sebastien walked behind like the ever watchful parents.
Lea had set up the TV and DVD player and moved the furniture around so that they could watch the TV as well as keep an eye on Sebastien. She smiled at them as they came in and ushered Sebastien to a chair where he could elevate his leg.
“Okay, Sebastien. I am going to show you different parts of this DVD.I don’t want you to make any comments or say anything until we are finished okay?” Lea waited for Urs to finish the translation.
Sebastien nodded.
“I don’t want anyone else saying anything either or I’ll turf you out.”
Sebastien smiled when he heard this in French. It seemed that this nurse would be a force to be reckoned with if you got on her wrong side.
“But Sebastien, if this gets too distressing you can tell me and I will stop it. I would like you to try and watch as much as possible.”
Again he nodded and Lea started the DVD.
They started to watch from the very beginning giving Sebastien the chance to cope with the fact that there he was on stage with his three friends and also see himself start a song. Admittedly it was not in English but Lea wanted him to see that they were telling him the truth. As the DVD played she kept a watchful eye on him to gauge any reaction. For the moment there was nothing. However when they got to the part were he introduces the members of Il Divo to the audience all eyes were on him. There was no mistaking the shock on his face. Sebastien sat bolt upright in his chair and looked first to David, then Carlos, then Urs who explained that this was what they were trying to tell him. He did know how to speak English. He even sang in English.
Lea fast forwarded the DVD to ‘Rejoice’ and Sebastien watch himself play the guitar and singing in English. Again Lea fast forwarded to ‘I believe’. Sebastien had tears running down his face and his friends were becoming concerned. Lea stood next to him and softly squeezed his shoulder. Tam came to sit next to him and she took hold of his hand. Lea was beginning to think that this maybe enough but she needed him to see a few more things. So again she moved the DVD to ‘Somewhere’. Sebastien got to see his fans and how they all interacted with him. Tam felt him squeeze her hand. He was shaking just a little.
After that Lea moved the DVD to the extras and showed Sebastien the interviews. He saw himself talking confidentially in English. Tam could feel the change in his body and she motioned for Lea to switch it off. All of them could see he was visibly shaken, Worried that he would go into shock again. Tam kissed him on the check and then folded her arms round him so he could settle under them. Sebastien had no time to be worried about being embarrassed he just cried. His weeping tore them all apart. As he cried he just said. “I don’t remember, I don’t remember.” Over and over in French.
Urs let the others know what he was saying.
While Sebastien was in her arms Tam began to rock a little and without knowing began to hum again. As she did Sebastien stop crying, he raised his head and looked straight into her eyes. In French he told her that he remembered hearing that tune. He thought it was his mother but now he realised it had been Tam. He asked her when she had hummed it to him before and through Urs, Tam told him about the island.
Lea decided it was time to take him back to the ward but Sebastien asked if he could stay and watch the DVD. Lea was a little hesitant but agreed.
However Sebastien did not want everyone to stay. They just all assumed that it would be Urs to stay with him but Sebastien wanted Tam to stay with him.
Well that was an odd sort of arrangement. One who can’t speak the other who can’t speak English. But Sebastien insisted. So Lea agreed. She took Tam aside.
“Look if you need me at all you just use the phone on the wall there to call me.” Lea took her pad and wrote down her pager number. “Punch in this number and it will get to me. Okay?”
Tam smiled.
“Here is the key to this room. I want you to lock it after we go. Don’t want anyone barging in on you. This is going to take all he has if he sits through it all. You call if things get curly okay.”
Again Tam nodded.
Urs came and put his arm around her. “You sure about this?”
Tam handed him a note.” If it will help Sebastien it is what I need to do.”
Urs kissed her for the first time on the lips on purposes not knowing what the reaction would be. He was surprised when Tam continued to kiss him back. Pressing in to make sure that their lips connected for just that little bit longer. Urs’ whole body tingled and glowed with new inner warmth. Had she just told him she felt the same way about him as he did about her.?

As the others left Tam locked the door and went to sit back next to Sebastien. Lea had given her the remote to the DVD player but she had no idea how to operate it. She was hoping this was not something that Sebastien had forgotten or Lea would be coming back in a hurry. Tam handed the remoter to Sebastien who played with it for a few moments before switching the DVD back on. This time they watched the whole thing from beginning to end. And for most of the time, Tam kept hold of his hands. Every now and then she would see the tears roll down his face.
Tam found herself in a curious place. She was watching these four men perform. Do what they do surrounded by thousands of adoring fans and finding herself smiling each time the camera rested on Urs. They were magnificent. The little mini concert they had done for her on the island was nothing compared to the music and magic she was watching right now. Her heart skipped a beat when she allowed herself to let her feelings for Urs sail free. But her heart also ached for Sebastien. To be involved in such a wonderful thing and not remember. She prayed that by the time they got to the end of the DVD that something would surface in his memories about the last three years.

The DVD finished and Sebastien just sat staring into space and Tam waited for a reaction. What came was not what she expected. From sitting quietly and reflectively Sebastien exploded in to a rage so violent that it scared Tam. He threw the remote across the room and began to scream and shout picking up anything he could find and throwing it in any direction that took his fancy. Tam had no idea what he was screaming, she didn’t have to, he was like a man possessed. His eyes had turned black and menacing; it was not the voice of the sweet Sebastien she knew, a demon had taken him over. She shrunk away from him as he paced around the room only thinking to get to the phone and call Lea. Sebastien was still raging as she made her move to the phone. In an instant he had knocked her viciously to the floor; he had knocked the wind out of her and didn’t seem to care. Tam was in tears and doubled up in pain but made it to the phone. Keeping one eye on the mad man who was in the room with her she called the number that Lea had given her. She heard Lea pick the phone up at the other end.
“Tam, I know it is you. I am on my way.” Lea could here the crashing and yelling in the background. “Tam hit the phone with something if that is Sebastien.”
Tam frantically hit the phone with her pen then it went dead.
It went dead because Sebastien had pulled it off the wall. Lea stood in stunned silence letting the call register. Then she turned to the others. “We need to get down there right now. Sebastien is tearing the place to pieces.”
Urs, Carlos and David never said a word they just followed Lea as she ran.

Tam was trying to stay out of Sebastien’s way. He was raging and then they locked eyes. Sebastien advanced toward Tam with such venom in his eyes she really thought he was going to kill her. He grabbed her by the arms and pulled her away from the wall. He raised his hand above his head with the intention of hitting her. Knowing this, Tam tried to protect herself, turning her face away from him and waiting for the blow to hit. It never came. Tam waited in her cringed position for a little while longer thinking that he was waiting for her to look at him before he delivered a fatal blow. But nothing. Slowly she turned her head to see Sebastien frozen, clenched fist raised above his head, wild eyes glaring. At the same time she could hear Lea trying to unlock the door and all three men shouting at her wanting to know if she was alright.
Suddenly there was a flash of recognition in Sebastien’s eyes; he understood what he was doing. Tam saw the menace leave him but it was too late. Urs burst into the room and all he saw was Sebastien’s raised hand ready to hit Tam. He hurled himself at Sebastien knocking him to the ground and away from Tam. Lea and David where at her side in seconds and Carlos had gone to help Urs. However he ended up stopping Urs from belting the life out of Sebastien. But not until Urs had landed several very heavy punches.
Carlos pulled him off “Urs stop it!!!! Stop!!! Enough!!” Carlos dragged Urs away from Sebastien but he was determined to get back to him.
“I don’t care if he doesn’t remember he can’t hurt Tam.!!!’ And Urs tried to get back to Sebastien who by now was curled up on the floor. Carlos dragged Urs away for the second time.
David yelled at then. “Stop it will you!!!!” Then turned his attention back to Tam who had slid to the floor as Lea looked her over. “Sweetie are you okay?”
Tam nodded but with shaking hands wrote a note.
Lea read it and then looked back at her. “What do you mean he was not going to hurt you? He already has.”
Urs pushed passed David and went to Tam, holding her hands. “Did he hurt you?”
How could she say he did not, he had but she knew it was not Sebastien. Urs waited for the answer glaring back at Sebastien who was still curled up on the floor.
“Tell me Tam. Did he hurt you?”
She wrote a note and Urs took it from her. “Of course it was Sebastien there was no one else in here.”
“What does she mean Urs?” David spoke still a little shocked at what he had seen.
But it was Lea that answered. “She means that Sebastien went into over load and his mind could not handle it. We may have given him too much stimulation. Give me a hand to get her on her feet.”
Tam winced a little as she stood and she could see the anger growing in Urs’ eyes. Gently she brushed her hand over his cheek.
“I swear if he has hurt you.” Urs trailed off as she kissed him to keep him quiet.
Carlos was still with Sebastien but he had not moved since Urs had hit him. Lea knew he was unconscious.
“Urs knocked him out cold.” Said Carlos. “That’s the second time since we crashed.”
Lea did not have time for explanations. “You’ll find a gurney in the hall go fetch it.”
Carlos came back in a flash and Lea shouted at Urs to give her a hand to get Sebastien onto it. “Well you knocked him out you can help pick him up. Move it!”
Reluctantly Urs obeyed and helped Carlos and Lea load Sebastien on the gurney. Lea checked him again then gave her full attention to the others. They could tell she was not happy. “I want you out of this hospital right now do you hear me.” Her eyes were fixed on Urs. “There was no need to do this Urs and you know it! All you had to do was restrain him not try and beat the hell out of him. Doesn’t he have enough to deal with!!!?”
Urs went to say something but she cut him off. “Don’t, not a word. It has been a long day so I think it best if you all just left for the evening.”
David went to say something, Lea just looked at him and he changed his mind. Lea began to push the gurney back up the corridor turning her back on the others. Tam came up and stopped her, giving her a note. Lea took it but she was still upset at what had taken place. “I will look after him Tam but considering what he tried to do to you I am surprised you can feel like that.”
Lea read another note. “I know you know it wasn’t the real Sebastien but that is not what they saw, you need to show them that. Can you do that?”
Tam nodded and then returned to the others who were waiting down the corridor.
Lea took Sebastien back to the ward. She was due to finish her shift but had decided to stay with him and prayed that they had not made things worse.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 10 part 5   Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:39 am

Once Lea had finished making sure that there were no other injuries to Sebastien she settled into the chair next to him. She was mad at Urs for hitting him, a little harder and a little higher and the force would have fractured his eye socket. As it was the bruise form Urs’ first punch on the island was only just starting to show signs of healing and now he had another one. His vital signs were good so Lea would just wait until he came around. As mad as she was at Urs, she was so much more with herself for allowing Sebastien to take on so much so soon. He had been under her care for less than twenty four hours and this is what had happened. Had she been so overwhelmed by her fondness for the French Divo that she had let her professionalism slide? Letting her heart take over and therefore putting her patient in jeopardy? Lea couldn’t honestly answer this question. Looking at the sleeping Sebastien her heart and her head were entwined and it hurt to know she may have harmed him.

Tam, Urs, David and Carlos walked out of the front entrance of the hospital; they all seemed to take a deep breath as they walked out into the air.
A young officer jumped to attention when he saw them and introduced himself to them. “Sirs’, Ma’am. I am Officer James Morris, Jimmy. I have been assigned as your liaison officer while you are on the base. Whatever you want you ask me.”
They all looked at him. He was young and looked like he could get blown over in a mild breeze but he was polite.
Urs made all their sentiments known. “I think we all just want to go to the hotel.”
“Okay Sir, You carriage awaits.” and Jimmy pointed to the mini bus he had also been assigned and handed each of them the keys to their rooms.
They were all in a sombre mood as Jimmy drove them to the Base Lodge. “Is there anything you want to do or get before we go to the Lodge? They have a kitchen and you can order room service.” Jimmy looked at his passengers. It did not take a genius to figure out something was wrong.
David and Carlos were staring out of the window on one side and Urs was doing the same on the other. Tam had seen Jimmy through the rear view mirror and smiled. He smiled back but when he did not get a reply just drove to the Lodge in silence. This assignment may not be as easy as he thought.

They all piled out of the van looking at key numbers and checking room numbers. Jimmy had parked in front of their rooms. They had been given five side by side.
“I am in the end room if you need anything, anytime.”
Again there was silence so Jimmy just left them to it and went to his own room to make a report to his superior.
Officer James Morris may have looked like a weakling but that was far from the truth. He was one of the Navy’s brightest and best to come up through the ranks in a long time and they knew it. Being one of the brightest Jimmy also knew it. This assignment had been one of many tests of his character. He knew the navy was grooming him for bigger and better things so he was willing to play along.

Tam did not want to spend time alone just yet so stood looking at the door to her room. The others were doing the same. David piped up. “How about we order room service and have a meal together before we hit the hay. What do you say?”
Urs was still simmering and it could be heard in his voice.” I guess. Meet in your room David.”
And with that it was decided. Urs and Carlos opened the doors to their rooms and went in. David watched and was about to do the same when he realised that Tam was not going to move. He called out to her. “You want to come in now, help me order the food?”
He got his answer as she walked towards him.
It seemed to David that she was a little pale. As he had done with Lea earlier that day he curled his good arm around Tams shoulders and gave her a squeeze. “You have been through a bit today haven’t you? I’d say do you want to talk about it but…” David let his words trail off and Tam gave him a gentle jab in the side but she did smile. “I truly am sorry that you got dragged into all this. There you were minding your own business and we lot come crashing in.” by this time David had unlocked the door and they were in his room. While he got the lay of the land Tam wrote him a note.
She handed it to him. David smiled as he read it; she really was a sweet girl. Looking into her eyes he could see that she really did care for them all but Sebastien’s little tirade had shaken her a little. It had shocked them all.
“You really don’t mind that we dropped out of the sky and happy to have four brothers all of a sudden?’ I am not sure that is the way Urs thinks of you or you think of him for that matter.”
Tam blushed and David let out one of his big booming laughs.
“How about we order that food?”

Urs was sitting on the end of his bed rubbing his knuckles. He had really hurt his hand when he hit Sebastien this time; he had let all his rage give power to his punch. He realised as he sat there that he could very well have killed Sebastien if Carlos had not managed to pull him off. He had only known Tam for such a short time but she consumed him. Urs found it hard to believe that he could feel this way for anyone. He knew very little about her and the expectation of finding out a great deal because she was not talking was not looking favourable. But every time he thought of her it brought a smile to his face, her gentle touch made him go weak at the knees. Not that he would let anyone else know that. When she was close he felt complete. His actions towards Sebastien when he thought she was in danger only confirmed what he already felt deep inside. He loved her but he was afraid that he would loose her once this was all over. He was having the same thoughts as before but this time he was going to make sure he did do everything to keep her. The world may want her but Urs wanted, needed her as well.

Lea kept vigil over Sebastien checking him when ever he was restless and taking a page out of Tams’ book. She began to hum to him. It was not Chopin, it was one of Il Divo’s songs, ‘Somewhere’. Every now and then stroking her hand through his hair. As with Tam this seemed to settle him down. With Chief Petty Officer Muldoon now back on duty, the ward was empty but for the two of them. The atmosphere seeming to close in on her, making sure she did not forget why she was taking on an extra shift.
Through the night Lea would hum to Sebastien, ever watchful for a change. She never did sleep that night.

The others had all got together in David’s room. Tam and he had ordered an assortment of food which now covered the table as they sat around it. Their sombre moods had not changed much. Tam reached over the table and took Urs’ hand and pulled him so he would stand up. She moved over to the sofa and they sat together. David and Carlos just watched in silence. Tam remembering what Urs had said about her note pad did not use it to make herself understood. She pulled his hands to her heart placing them gently on her chest and mouthed the words ‘thank you’. Urs was almost sure that he had heard her say them but considering his current state of mind just thought it was playing tricks on him.
“You’re welcome Tam. I don’t’ know what I would have done if Sebastien or anyone hurt you.” He paused for a moment before saying the next few words. Words that could bring his whole world undone if taken the wrong way. “I Love you.”
The room was silent, all waiting to see what Tam would do. She moved a little closer to Urs so they were face to face. She took is hands and kissed both of them before leaning forward and kissing Urs. A kiss he would never forget. She may have been on an island for ten years but at that moment in that kiss if she had asked Urs for his soul he would have given it to her.
Moving back Tam mouthed the words. ‘I love you to.’
Urs was stunned. “Say that again”
So Tam mouthed the words again.
“I did hear you. Tam you spoke.”
David and Carlos came to attention and Tam just shook her head thinking that because of what she had mouthed Urs had thought he had heard her.
It was Urs’ turn to take her hands. “No I did hear you I know it. Say it again but try to be louder.”
Tam was convinced that he was wrong but she tried anyway. What happened sent the three men into a tail spin. As she went to mouth the words Tam heard a strange voice say ‘I love you too.’ It was scratchy, like someone who smoked too much and it took her a few seconds to realise she had indeed spoken.
Urs grabbed her and squeezed her tight. ”Oh My God Tam. You can talk . You really can talk.”
David and Carlos did a little dance around the table and let out some whistles and shouts. Tam just smiled, it was all too much.
Urs urged her to say more. “Can you say something else.”
“Like what?” was her reply. A little quiet but she spoke.
Urs just beamed with joy and hugged her again. He stood up and picked Tam up off her feet and swung her around. Once he put her back down she laughed. David and Carlos came to join them giving her kisses and cuddles.
David was ecstatic. “I am so glad, no more sign language. I didn’t get half the things you were trying to say you know.”
They all laughed. Tam said Sorry.
Urs hugged her again. “Your voice is a sweet as your smile. Does it hurt to talk?”
“ A little, sounds strange in my own ears as well.”
They all just stood there listening. Tam smiled. She could see this was going to take some getting used to; for all of them.

There was a knock at the door and David went answer it. Jimmy stood in front of him. “Sir, I have a message for you.” he handed David the message and left.
Returning to the others he opened it and read it. “It’s from Simon. He’s been summoned back to London. He’s organised for new mobile phones for us all. Should be at the front desk. Said he will call. That’s it.”
They had expected more so in a way it was a relief.
David looked at Tam. “I know you just got your voice back and everything and probably want to spend the whole night talking but I am beat. Do you mind if I kick you all out so I can get some shut eye?”
Tam leant into David so she could whisper in his ear. He turned a very bright shade of red. She did not want to talk all night. She had other things on her mind. Before Urs or Carlos could say anything she turned to Urs. “I don’t want to be alone tonight. Can I stay with you?”
Urs was stunned. He had not expected that. So stunned he forgot to answer so Carlos answered for him. “Well if you are not going to take up her offer Urs, I am taking her back to my room.”
Tam shot Carlos a worried look but he winked. His comment was enough to bring Urs out of his trance. “What, no, no you don’t. She will be safer with me.”
David couldn’t help himself. “Are you sure about that.”
Tam smiled. “But will he be safe with me.” With that she pulled him towards the front door , Urs following like an obedient puppy.

Back in Urs’ room they did talk for a while. Tam’s voice was getting stronger and stronger. She tried to explain what Urs had seen in the rec room and what she had seen. The change in Sebastien just before Urs had hit him. Urs was thankful that Sebastien had never intended to her hurt but he felt awful about what he had done to him. If he had just waited a few more seconds. But it was done. For the second time in almost week he had hurt a good friend. Would Sebastien ever forgive him? He would not blame his friend if he did not.

David found it hard to sleep that night. His arm ached and the cast seemed to get so heavy all of a sudden. The medics had given him pain killers so eventually he got up and took some.

Carlos was having trouble settling down as well. His little tussle with Urs had made his shoulder hurt. He too had been given medication but he had fought the urge to get up and take it until he could not take the pain any longer.
About the same time David and Carls fell asleep.

Tam and Urs spent the night entwined in each others arms. Tam had gone to sleep listening to Urs gentle rhythmic breathing. She felt safe for the first time in many, many years. Safe, protected and loved.
Urs had stayed awake as long as his body would let him. He watched Tam and listened to her breathing change as she fell asleep. A small tear escaped from his eyes and nestled in her hair. Not a tear of pain or hurt but a tear of joy. He had found love and love had found him.
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Chapter 11
It was David’s gentle poking and his voice that woke Lea. “Hey sleeping beauty wake up. No laying down on the job.”
Lea sat up in the chair and looked at her watched. She had dosed off less than 20 minutes ago. It had been along night. “Morning.” She looked at Urs and her demeanour changed.
He could tell she was still not happy with him. Urs put on his best charm and pulled her out of the chair. “I am so very ,very sorry for what happened yesterday but you have to believe me I thought she was in serious trouble.”
“I know that Urs but you could have stopped at knocking him to the ground you didn’t have to belt him into another coma.”
Lea knew she had been cruel by the looks on all their faces, Urs went ashen. She took his hands and she smiled. “It’s okay, he’s just sleeping. He woke a few times through the night, I am sorry for saying that but you did some major damage to his face Urs, another one or two punches and he could have lost his eye. From a nurses point of view I have a good right to be mad at you. From a Siren’s point of view you’re lucky I didn’t put you in ICU myself.”
David spoke up trying to ease the tension. “I told you she is a hard one Urs. You’ll need to do some major grovelling to get you out of this one.”
Lea looked passed Urs to David. She could see that cheeky glint in his eyes and her heart softened. “Let’s just say I have some credits owing okay.”
Sebastien stirred so they all moved closer to his bed. They were all shocked at what they saw. Urs the most, knowing it was he who had caused it. Half of Sebastien’s face was black and blue and swollen. It was obvious that he would not be able to open his eye all the way when he did finally wake up.
Tam squeezed Urs’ hand as her tears fell. David and Carlos were silent. Even though they had both been there at the time, they had no idea that Urs had done so much damage. Urs reached out to hold Sebastien’s arm. ”Je suis si desole mon ami. So, so sorry.”
Sebastien stirred a little again and opened his eyes. He groaned and tried to sit up, holding his face. “Je ne me sens pas si bon.”
They all looked at Urs who was still looking at Sebastien. “He said that he doesn’t feel so good.”
Lea pulled a small container out from the draw in the bedside table and handed it to Sebastien just in time for him to throw up in it. He groaned again, his whole face hurt so much. He threw up once more and then collapsed back into his pillow.
Everyone was shocked. The bowl was filled with blood. The only one who seemed to be taking it all in her stride was Lea. She went about helping Sebastien get comfortable and she removed the bowl. Before taking it away she looked at them all. “It’s okay. Just all the blood he swallowed.”
Lea left them together. Sebastien looked from one to the other and his eyes fell on Tam. She stepped back pushing herself into Urs. She was still a little apprehensive about Sebastien even though she knew he had not been himself the day before. Urs put his hands on her shoulders in reassurance.
Through the bruises Tam could see that Sebastien was crying, he knew what he had done, she could see the realisation growing on his face. He began to tremble. “Mon Cher angel doux ce qui j’a fait a toi?”
Without thinking Urs translated. “ He said my sweet angle what did I do to you.”
Sebastien shuffled a little in the bed but his eyes were still on Tam and he was still crying. “ Je ne sais pas ce qui s’est produit , Je ne sais pas ce qui s’est produit , I don’t know what happened, Tam I don’t know what happened”
Urs was about to translate when they all heard him change from French to English.
Sebastien was waiting for Urs to translate as Lea came back. “My we are very quiet. What’s up?”
Lea was looking at Urs but it was Sebastien who spoke and brought a smile to her face. “I need Urs to translate.” Sebastien could not understand why they were all smiling at him.
“What ever for my sweet. You’re speaking English.”
Sebastien shot Lea a look. “No I am not.”
David jumped in. “Oh yes are. I sure know what you are saying.”
Sebastien looked at them all again. “How can this be?”
Lea checked his pulse. “I guess your brain re booted itself. You could always speak French and English Sebastien. It just had to figure out how.” Now for the big question. “Can you remember anything else?”
They could see him trying to push the memories forward. Sebastien nodded his head. “Only… Ombre…shadows.”
Lea squeezed his hand. “That’s okay. It hasn’t been very long.”
Urs walked from behind Tam . “Sebastien I am so very sorry. But I thought…”
Sebastien raised his hand to stop him. “Urs. If it had been you instead of me I would have done the same. No one hurts our guardian angel.”
“How did you know she is our guardian angel?” Carlos wanted to know.
Sebastien tried hard to remember but he couldn’t. “I don’t know. But I am right aren’t I?”
“Yes.” said Urs.
Sebastien was frustrated and he began to get cross with himself. “Merd. This is so frustrating. There are bits and pieces but they don’t fit together.” He smacked the bed with his hands.
“Take it easy. If you stress out it will only make it worse. Just try and relax.” Lea adjusted his pillows and covers.
“Hey oh mighty medical one. Can we take Seb out for a play date?” David winked at Lea.
She smiled at him. How could you stay mad at such a teddy bear? But she didn’t let him off too lightly. “Sheesh Miller, are you always this much trouble?”
David stood tall and proud and gave her a salute. “Yes Ma’am”.
“Before we go anywhere isn’t there something we should tell her.” Urs looked to Tam who smiled.
Lea picked up on the silent communication. “What happened?”
Tam walked over to Sebastien and kissed him on the nose like she had done the day before. Sebastien could yet used to that, it kind of tickled. But what he did remember was the look on Urs face when he was watching Tam the other day. He knew that Urs loved her. But her kiss still tickled. What came next was even better.
“It’s alright Sebastien. I know you didn’t mean to hurt me.”
Sebastien choked back tears while David, Urs and Carlos stood there with silly grins on their faces and Lea looked at her amazed. “Well kiddo. Looks like spending the night with the Uber Lord did you the world of good.”
Tam laughed so did David and Carlos but Urs was a bit taken aback.
Lea just looked at him with that underlying mischief that had not quite surfaced. “What? God strike me dead if I am wrong.”
There was silence. “Ok I must be right.” Lea turned her attention to Tam “So now you have a voice I think us girls need to do some serious bonding?”
Tam nodded her head.
“Hey what about my play date?” Sebastien shouted.
Lea looked at Sebastien. A play date with her French Prince how good would that be? But alas not to be. “ Sorry Sebastien but you are going to have to get along with out any female friends in the sand pit. You boys can toddle off and do that male bonding thing you seemed to like so much.”
“What are you talking about?” David had a feeling he should have kept his mouth shut….. again.
“Male bonding. Fishing, golf, anything that means you don’t have to talk to each other. You know, male bonding.”
Tam giggled, it was fun watching Lea wind David up. He took the bait every time. “I’ll have you know I am not quiet very often. I have things to say….”
“Yes we all know that Miller. And Usually you are getting yourself into deep water.,, How well can you swim?”
“ He’s got a pair of inflatable arm bands Lea. He’ll survive.” Carlos cracked everyone up with his comment.
Lea turned her attention to Sebastien. “You can go out for a while but you have to comeback for a check up or the doc will skin me alive.”
“Oh can we watch.” It was David again.
Lea just motioned with her finger and beckoned him to come closer and he did. It was like a moth to a flame. As soon as he was close enough she gave him a swipe up the side of his head. Everyone laughed while David rubbed the side of his head. Lea took Tam by the arm. “We girls will be back later. Once we have finished all the secret women’s business.”
Tam waved to them all. She still forgot to talk every now and then.
Once the girls were out of sight the four men seemed to be at a loss as to what to do next. “Well the first thing I need to do is find some clothes.”
As luck would have it the ever efficient Nurse Henderson had relocated someone else’s clothes to Sebastien’s draw. Which he found. His leg was still sore, his face ached and he looked like he had gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson and lost and his ribs hurt but Sebastien was determine to get out of the hospital. Urs helped him with his shoes and the four men left together finding Jimmy waiting at the entrance for them. Jimmy tried to hide his shock when he saw Sebastien. “Officer Henderson said the ladies would not need the van so I am at your service. Anywhere in particular you want to go?”
“I am in need if a good coffee.” Sebastien’s face hurt when he spoke but it was true he dearly wanted a quality coffee. Being on a Naval Base he did not get his hopes up.
Jimmy smiled. “I know just the place. They make damn good pancakes as well.”
They all piled into the van. Soon they were in the car park of the Base café called the Coffee Pot. Well it smelt good at least. Jimmy excused himself saying he had things to do but he would be just next door. Sebastien got some stares from people as they entered and took a seat. A young waitress came over to take their order. They had forgotten how they looked together. Especially David and Sebastien with cast and busted up face in public view.
“Oh my. You two tick off a navy seal or what?”
David spoke up “No a navy nurse actually.”
“That wouldn’t happen to have been Nurse Hendo would it?” The waitress saw they needed more of an explanation. “Lea Henderson. She’s a nurse but damn she’s tough. Most of the fellas round here pray she’s not on duty if they need to go to hospital.”
“You know Lea?” Carlos was curious.
“Sure do. She came to my rescue one night at the local night club. Couple of fellas got a little to.. Well shall we say I did not like what they thought they were going to do.”
Urs was even more curious than Carlos. “So what happened?”
“She put both of them in the hospital and then went off and signed in at work to make sure she got to attend to them…. It wasn’t pretty.”
All four of them smiled but it was a nervous, anxious smile. David realised that she could very well have broken his other arm. For some reason that thought made his arm ache just a little more. Carlos rubbed his shoulder and Urs shuffled in his seat. Sebastien was just glad that he had such a nurse taking care of him.
“So you fellas want coffee?”
They all said yes.
“We got the best damn barista in Florida working for us. You won’t get better coffee anywhere else.”
They all still had their doubts until it arrived. She had been right, it was marvellous.
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Tam and Lea ended up back at Leas’ place. She lived on the base. Being single it was the best idea and everything she needed was pretty much at her door. Lea gave Tam free reign to talk, only prompting now and then. Tam found it rather nice being in the company of another woman after such a long time. Lea found out about Tam being a concert pianist before, how she had come to be on the island even about her daughter. Tam found her so easy to talk to. They sat and talked over coffee for a little while when Lea asked Tam if there was anything she wanted to do?
“I have only heard my new friends sing on your TV. And the few songs they sang to me on the island. I would like to hear more if I could.”
Lea had a big smile on her face. “You have come to the right place.”
Getting up from the table she pulled out all her Il Divo Cd’s placing their very first release in the CD player and bringing the rest back to the table.
“I think you are going to like what you hear.”
Both girls listen in silence and Tam cried when they sang Mama. Lea acknowledges her tears. “I know it makes me cry as well.”
“They have such voices…”
Lea just nodded.
While listening to Il Divo Lea gave Tam and Il Divo history lesson from beginning to end.
“You know a lot about them Lea.”
“As every good fan should. But I adore their voices. I never listened to classical music let alone opera before they came along and now I have expanded my listening to both. I like some of it. But I like our Divo’s the best.”
Tam smiled. “You called yourself a Siren.”
Lea explained Sirens, Cuties, Divas and Uber Babes and SCUD’s to her. “And I think your are an Uber.” Said Lea with a cheeky smile.
Tam blushed just a little. “Urs has been very good to me. I think he knew from the start just how effected I was with their arrival. Through their own trauma he was worried about me.” Tam’s face changed and Lea knew she was thinking about something that worried her.
“What is it Tam?”
“I worry that it has been to quick and that when Simon has them back…”
Now it was time for Lea’s face to change. “Now don’t you go worrying about Simon. If he gives you any trouble there is a whole sisterhood of Diva’s out there that will come to your aid.”
“I worry about that too. I worry that they may hate me for taking one of their men away.”
“Oh dear Lord Tam, No. Yes we all adore them very much and we all want to be around them and fanaticise about being Mrs Miller or Marin.”
Tam jumped in. “Or Mrs Izambard?”
“Yeah or Izambard, but we also want them to be happy and find their true loves and live happily ever after. The fans would just want to make sure you both were happy and you weren’t going to hurt him. We would be so happy for him and you.”
Tam felt a little better after that. “But what do I do now Lea. I have been away for ten years. I have a lot to catch up on and my music.”
“Honey. One step at a time and I am sure that when you are ready to get back into your music that the fellas will be happy to help. They better or they’ll have one cranky naval nurse to deal with.!”
They girls laughed and continued to have a good day together. Lea started Tam’s learning by showing her some of the things she had missed. DVD’s, Cd’s. I pods, my space and U Tube on the net. Even down loading some Chopin for her to see and watch. And of course the Il Divo website. Tam was amazed that there was a thread dedicated to their rescue and even more amazed at the fans who posted. So sincere in their hopes that Il Divo were ok. Many had already had some idea that something was up with Sebastien and as they watched someone posted a picture of Il Divo in the Coffee Pot. Sebastien’s face looked terrible. Thankfully most fans thought it had happened in the crash. Tam and Lea wondered what would happen if they found out the truth.
“You know maybe later you can post something yourself.”
Tam looked at Lea. “No. I don’t think I am ready for that.”
Lea smiled “You and Urs are made for each other. He hates computers as well.”
--------------------------------------------------------------------------Jimmy had given the four Divos the tour of the base and they had found themselves on a small secluded beach. They walked for a while but Sebastien’s leg was beginning to give him trouble. “I need to sit for a while.”
They all moved a little closer to the scrub and found some large pieces of drift wood to sit on. As Lea had guessed they did not talk much. All lost in their own thoughts with the sea breeze washing over them. Jimmy had stayed with the van so it was just the four of them. Urs was thinking about Tam. David was thinking about the waterfall on the Island. What a great place to shoot a video. Carlos was thinking about a lady he had met while he had been shopping with Tam and Sebastien was trying to get the murky pieces of his mind to focus. His head began to ache and get a little uncomfortable. He rubbed his temples hoping it would help. The pain just kept getting worse so much so that he could no longer keep his eyes open. His stood up and shouted with his hands to his head but soon fell to his knees with the pain. Urs got to him first. “What is it Sebastien?”
“My head!!! Oh God the pain!!!!” He collapsed onto his side almost in a foetal position. David and Carlos watched on feeling helpless.
Sebastien let out a shrill shout. “Arrrrrrrr. Cesser!!!Cesser!!!”
When he went quiet Urs realised that he had fainted. “You better go and get Jimmy. We need to get him back to the hospital.”
David and Carlos made their way back up the beach as fast as they could while Urs stayed with Sebastien. A few moments later Sebastien moaned as he came too. Still holding his head.
“Are you okay my friend?”
Urs waited for an answer. But before he could say anything Sebastien threw up. “Merd.”
Sebastien looked at Urs in such a way that Urs could not get a handle on it. “Sebastien. Are you all right?!!!”
“You were on the island.”
Urs did not understand. “What do you mean? I know I was.”
“No .I mean, I remember being on the island with you. You hit me! The last thing I remember is you hit me! I thought you said we were friends. You hit me!!”
Urs could see this was not going to go well if he could not get Sebastien to understand. “I had to Sebastien. We needed to help you and you wouldn’t let us while you were conscious. I am so sorry but it was the only way.”
“You hit me!!!”
Urs sighed. “I know. Would it make you feel any better to hit me back?”
Without warning Sebastien punched Urs sending him reeling into the sand. “Yes. I feel better.”
David, Carlos and Jimmy had just got Sebastien and Urs into view when they saw the scene unfold. They all started to run together. “Oh God what now!!!!” David was mortified that Sebastien could have possibly turned again. Did this mean that he would no longer be able to speak English? And would he want to thrash out at them as well.
Jimmy was the first to reach them. They were sat in the sand just looking at each other. Urs had a bloodied nose, which he was attempting to control. Jimmy gave him a tissue which helped.
“You hit me.” Sebastien said again.
“And you hit me. Are we even now?”
Jimmy watched to make sure that Sebastien did not make any moves that looked like he was going to throw another punch. Instead he held out his hand for Urs to shake. “Even.”
They shook hands as David and Carlos reached them. “What the hell was that all about?”
“Sebastien remembered something.” Said Urs as he continued to wipe the blood from his nose.
Again Sebastien said. “He hit me.”
“Yeah we know.” This time it was Carlos.
“No, he means on the island. He remembers the island.”
Carlos and David looked at Sebastien. “I remember he hit me.”
Urs had just about had enough of the hitting. “All right already stop with the hitting me will you, I feel bad enough okay!!!”
“Is that all you remember?” David wanted so badly for him to remember everything.
“I remember humming….”
“Do you remember the crash?” Carlos wondered if he should have asked the question.
Sebastien was quiet for a while but he could not seem to pull those memories out from the darkness. He got flashes of Tam and his friends and memories of sounds but nothing of the plane. He had that vague familiar feeling that Urs, David and Carlos were his friends but apart from the flashes from the island he still did not remember them. No history.
Carlos spoke again. “Do you remember us?”
Sebastien shook his head. ”I just know you were there. I can’t seem to get hold of anything before that. Why can I remember my childhood but not remember this.”
Urs put his hand on his friends shoulder. “That’s okay Sebastien. You got a little bit out. Maybe that is how it will be. Just a bit at a time.”
“Well I sure as hell hope it doesn’t hurt this much every time.”
It was time for Jimmy to step in. “Sirs’ I think it is time we get you back to the hospital.”
He looked at Urs. “Nurse Henderson is not going to be happy at all.”
They all looked at Jimmy. Apparently her reputation was well known.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 11 part 3   Sun May 10, 2009 6:20 am

Nurse Henderson was not happy. Lea and Tam arrived at the entrance to the hospital just as Jimmy pulled up. Lea could see that Sebastien was pale and had probably done too much. But when she saw Urs she knew there was more to it. Tam had seen Urs’ face and rushed to him, gently running her fingers over his healing wound not wanting to touch his nose. “What happened?”
David jumped out of the van and answered. “Sebastien hit him.”
Like David, Lea initial reaction was that Sebastien had gone into another rage. Tam’s thoughts were that maybe she had not been as safe as she had thought the other day.
Urs spoke up. “It’s not what you think.”
“Oh really!!!!” was all Lea could say.
“Yes really. He remembered the island.”
Again David stepped in. “He remembered that Urs hit him.”
Lea looked to Sebastien. He knew what she was thinking. “I am sorry, nothing else.”
“Well I better get you back to bed.”
She took him by the hand and they began to walk into the hospital and the others followed. Lea stopped. “Nothing doing fellas. You lot clear off for the night. It might also be a good idea to check out your own website. Makes for some interesting reading.”
Tam nodded her head.
The three Divos wondered what the girls had seen and began to return to the van.
“Urs, you need to come with me.” Lea waited for him to join her, Tam and Sebastien.
“Oooooooo.” Was all that David said.
“Miller, do you want another smack up the side of the head?”
David’s hand went to his head remembering the last time. “No Ma’am.”
The others smiled. As Lea turned to walk into the hospital David poked out his tongue. She replied without turning back around. “I saw that Miller. You’ll keep.”
David and Carlos got back into the van. “How does she do that? She’s worse than my mother.” David just shook his head.
Tam asked Lea how she knew that David stuck out his tongue.
“Oh Sweetie. I didn’t but I figured he would be up to something cheeky.”
Tam, Sebastien and Urs all laughed. She was good, very good.
“You really do have fun making him squirm don’t you?” Urs said with a smile on his face.
“Might be your turn to squirm soon Urs.”
This time it was Sebastien who said “Oooooooooo”
Lea would have smacked him on the head if he had been ok. So instead she poked him lightly in the side. “Well don’t think you are off the hook either Seb.”
Both men walked ahead of the girls in silence, thinking about what the waitress had told them earlier. Sebastien was also thinking about the fact that his nurse had called him Seb for the first time. Well he thought it was the first time.
Tam took hold of Len’s arm as they walked. “How do you do that?”
“It’s a gift.”
Tam giggled. “You know you called him Seb don’t you?”
Lea was horrified. “I didn’t. Oh dear I did. Do you think I have done that before?”
Tam just shrugged her shoulders.
“Oh. That is so unprofessional. I promised myself I would keep my distance.”
“So calling him Seb was unprofessional but clocking David on the head wasn’t?”
The girls looked at each other and burst out laughing. Sebastien and Urs turned to see what at, but kept walking.

Lea made Sebastien get changed back into his pyjamas. So there was no way she was going to let him leave the hospital that night. He decided there was not point trying to argue with her he knew he would loose. And if truth be told he was more comfortable knowing he was near medical care, his head still hurt. Lea gave him medication to help with the headache and before long Sebastien was sleeping. Thinking it was time they could leave Urs made a move to go. “And where do you think you are going?” with one finger Lea pushed Urs back onto the bed he had been sitting on with Tam. “Not so fast mister. I need to have a look at the damage.”
“I am fine really. Just a bit sore.”
“mmmm” Lea examined Urs’ face to make sure he was right. “Your nose is going to be a bit tender for a few days.
Tam leant over and kissed him on the cheek. “Are you and Sebastien going to be okay?”
Urs shrugged his shoulders. “I hope so. He may have forgiven me but I am not sure I can forgive myself for what I have done to him.”
Lea finished cleaning Urs up. “Once he remembers everything I am sure you guys will be okay.”
“But will he remember. It must be so nerve wracking being told all this stuff about yourself and just not knowing.”
Lea took a deep breath. “So if I let you loose on the world again will you behave this time?”
Urs saw the small smile appear on her face. “You sent David back out.”
“Point taken. Well off you two go. See if you can keep Miller out of mischief, if that is at all possible.”
Tam hugged Lea. “Thank you for today. I had a wonderful time.”
“What do you say we get a few of the girls together tomorrow and you can meet a few more people?”
“Are they….” Tam didn’t finish her sentence.
“Navy yes, Divas most definitely.”
Urs Smiled as Tam answered.
“Then I would like that very much.”
Tam and Urs left the hospital hand in hand. It made Lea smile to see them together. Turning her attention to Sebastien, for a split second she let her guard down, it was enough to give her tears a chance to flow. Brushing a wayward lock of hair from his face Lea’s heart broke. He looked so battered, was the outside a reflection of the inside? He seemed to be such a tender and compassionate man with the sweetest smile and the most consuming eyes. They just seemed to draw you in and before you knew it, he had you.
Tears ran down her cheeks and a few dropped like tiny diamonds onto Sebastien’s face. Their silent presence woke him. Lea wiped them away, smiled at him hoping he had not realised what had woken him. “Your headache better?”
“Much, thank you. The others?”
“I sent them off. You need to rest.”
Sebastien could see that Lea had been crying, her attempt to hide it was ineffective. “Am I so ill that you need to cry for me Lea?”
“Oh Lord no Sebastien. Don’t think that.” Lea was embarrassed that he had caught her crying but devastated that he thought he was so sick. “No. Once you get your memories back you’ll be powering along like never before.”
Sebastien sat up in the bed. “I don’t feel much like powering along at the moment. More like puttering along.”
Lea smiled at his attempt to laugh at himself.
Sebastien took hold of her hands. “I am very glad that it was you who got assigned to look after us.” He took a deep breath before continuing. “I am so very scared Lea. So scared that I will not remember anything and scared that I will. My head hurts so much and it all seems so confusing. I wish I had never woken up.”
“Don’t say that Sebastien. You mean so much to a lot of people. They all want to help you.” Lea saw the tears at the corners of his eyes. “I want to help you Sebastien. More than you know.”
He kissed her hands. “I don’t know why but you seem to give me a feeling of stability. I don’t feel like I am free falling when you are around.”
“Aww that’s just cause I’ve got all the good medication.” Lea was trying to make light of the situation but Sebastien had other ideas.
“No Lea. You make me feel safe. Did I know you before?”
Here was her chance. She could say yes and weave such a plan that Sebastien would think they had been a couple before he lost his memory. But what would happen when he got it back and he found out she was lying. And that was no way to start a relationship no matter how badly you wanted it to be. “Alas my sweet prince, I was only one of many thousands of fans that watched you from a distance.”
“Was….. Does that mean you’re no longer are a fan?”
“No, no. Just means I get to watch you up close and personal for a while.” She smiled. “Now I think it is time you got some rest okay Sebastien.”
“Ok. But call me Seb. I like it when you say my name like that.”
Lea’s heart fluttered just a little, he had heard her. “I really don’t know which one of you would cause the most mischief. You or Miller”
And they both answered together. “David!!!”
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing Chapter 12 part 1   Sun May 17, 2009 5:27 am

Chapter 12
David and Carlos were wading through the hundreds of posts on the web site in an internet café that was not far form the Coffee Pot. They had sent Jimmy back to the hospital to wait for Urs and Tam. David was amazed at the traffic. It seemed that almost every single thread was alive. He found Urs’ post from the other day and that had set off a land slide of replies. The same with the photos that had been taken of them all at the Coffee Pot only yesterday. David frowned. Sebastien looked so much worse in the photo. He wondered who had taken it so decided to have a look at the profile page. All it gave was the forum name and the description read ‘Bored navy wife.’ David was tossing with the idea of sending a PM but decided not to.
Carlos was busy checking out the Spanish threads and the story was much the same. When any news came in people where translating it and sending it on. Their fans were so worried about them all. “Hey David. What do you think would happen if I logged on and sent a message?”
“You’ll send the whole forum into over drive.”
Carlos smiled. “I have to do it. I want to let my fans know I am okay.”
So while Carlos sent a message from one computer David watched the fall out from another. Even before Carlos’ message was posted they knew he was there. As soon as he logged on his name showed up and that was it. Carlos sent his first message then just sat back on watched for a while. The frenzy was amazing. He sent a joyful laugh through the café. “I love these fans, they are so amazing.” He sent off another message and David just shook his head.
“Hello to all the ladies…”
From then on messages bounced back and forward. Carlos was having a great time answering questions and sending his fans into a flutter. They asked how they were, when would they get to see them, who was hurt the most..
Without telling them why he did tell them that Sebastien had been hurt the most. By then every member of the forum would have seen the photos. He also said that once the doctors said that Sebastien could travel it was more than likely they would continue on. David looked up from his computer screen and over to Carlos when he read that,.. He had not thought of that. They still had some grace time before they were due to start another world tour. But what happened if Sebastien did not get better. Some fans asked questions about David and Carlos informed them that he was sitting right beside him. That of course sent another flurry through the forum. One fan wrote back wanting to know how Carlos could prove it. Before David could log on and speak for himself. They got their answer via ‘Bored Navy wife. The post read:
“He is telling the truth and I know because I am sitting right next to both of them.”
When the message hit the thread both David and Carlos turned around to see who was in the café with them. They were both stunned at who was smiling back at them. It was Chief Petty officer Muldoon. Neither one of them remembered having seen him yesterday. David was laughing. “Bored navy wife? Do tell.”
The Chief came over to shake their hands. “My wife’s on line name. after all the fuss you guys seemed to have made when you turned up I thought I would see for myself what the wife has been telling me all along. I sat here yesterday for hours just watching. When my rear end got numb I decided to pop next door for a java and who do I see but the four of you. Was an opportunity to good to miss. My wife is going to kill me I know but hey.
Hope you don’t mind?”
Both men laughed. David picked up the conversation. “You do realise that you are going to get caught. She’s a diva, with lots of diva sisters. One of them is going to figure out it wasn’t your wife that posted that message you know. You might have been better off staying in the hospital with Nurse Henderson.”
The chief shook his head. “No thank you. She’s a terror that one. I’ll take my chances with the missus when she gets back. She’s been up north with the kids.”
The chief pointed to the computers. I think you fellas better say something or the whole web site is going to explode. David and Carlos said goodbye to Chief Petty Officer Muldoon and wished him well with his wife and then they tagged teamed on the forum for a while. It was probably just as well Urs and Sebastien were not on as David and Carlos managed to send it into overload and the site crashed. They were enjoying a coffee back at the Coffee Pot when Urs and Tam joined them. Tam kissed them both on the top of the head and Urs gave David a gentle tap on the head. “That’s from Lea, she said to behave yourself.”
“Oh Man. Muldoon was right she is a terror.”
As Tam and Urs joined them David explained their little encounter with the Chief Petty Officer. Over coffee the talked about the future, mainly Sebastien’s future how would they go with the world tour. Would they have to cancel it? Would Simon think of replacing Sebastien? When they began to think along these lines Tam had to say something.
“He might have lost the last three years but he can still sing. You told me you guys got thrown together in the first place and had to figure it out. So you do the same again. This time you help him learn the songs. I know he can do it. You can’t replace him.” Urs could see that Tam was getting upset.
“Hey. We are not going to replace him. Tam. I promise as long as we are together we will watch out for each other. You trust me don’t you?”
Tam smiled at him and gave him a kiss.
“Besides I think all his fans would have something to say if we replaced him. I don’t think the rest of us would get very far at all.”
They all fell silent, in their own contemplation they all knew that replacing Sebastien was not an option.

“I am hungry.” It was Carlos. “How about we head back to the Lodge and have some dinner? And Jimmy can put his feet up at last.”
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PostSubject: il Divo Missing Chapter 12 part 2   Sun May 17, 2009 5:27 am

Lea stayed with Sebastien again that night. When ever he woke she was there. They would talk and he would drift back off to sleep in the comfort of her presence. A few times Sebastien had woken to find Lea sleeping. He would smile to himself, she looked so helpless, tame, so innocent… But he knew he could count on her to get him through this, to show him how to win this battle he was fighting. With Lea slowing tugging at his heart strings, Sebastien fell asleep once more and the world around him seemed peaceful for a time.
As Sebastien had done with Lea. She woke to find him sleeping. She would stroke his brow and check his pulse, and just watch him sleep. So close was the man that filled all of her dreams, she had to wonder if her feelings for him were real or just all her hopes and fantasies trying to escape into reality. She was happy that she gave him the courage to continue to fight to get his memory back, But she was under no illusion that once the medical crisis was over she would go back to being one of those many thousands of fans that watched from a distance.

In the early hours of the morning it was Sebastien who woke while Lea slept. Not wanting to disturb her but needing to go to the little boy’s room. Sebastien got out of bed as quietly as he could and just as quietly walked down the corridor. Once in the bathroom he looked at himself in the mirror.
“Well, that’s not a pretty sight.” He pushed on his bruised face with his fingers and grimaced. He really did look like he had gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson and lost… badly……
Just then his head began to hurt again. Sebastien thought it was because he was out of bed and needing a drink of water. However the pain got worse and he realised it was the same pain that had started on the beach. He gripped his head and caught his reflection in the mirror but it was not his face that he saw. It was mad dashing flashes. Like a movie that had been put together wrong. With each flash came more pain. Sebastien cried out just as the door to the bathroom opened.
“Who said you could get ……” Lea never finished her sentence as she saw Sebastien go crashing to the floor screaming. She hit the duress button on the wall and set off the alarm before dropping to the floor and holding him in her arms. Sebastien was cringing in pain, rocking and holding his head. “Make it stop! Cesser! Cesser!”
Then it stopped. Sebastien had fainted again. The pain was just too much for him.
Several male nurses rushed into the room and saw Lea on the floor with a patient. Not a word was spoken but they all knew what they had to do. Within minutes they had him back in his bed. Once satisfied that she would not need their assistance anymore Lea thanked her emergency helpers and they went back to their duties. Sebastien groaned as he came to.
“How you doing my prince?”
“Like I am going to throw up.” Sebastien rolled on his side and did just that. Lea had been ready with a bowl. After what Urs had told her about the beach she had expected as much.
Sebastien stayed on his side and curled up a little, keeping his eyes closed. Lea began to stroke his back. This seemed to release the tension somewhat from his body. As her hands gently washed over his back she could feel the shivers as he cried.
“Please Seb. I’m here, don’t cry. Please don’t cry.” Lea was choking back her own tears.
Sebastien turned to look at her. “The crash Lea. Oh God. I remember the crash. It was….” He never finished. “it’s too much, trop aussi.. Too much. Lea. Hold me. Oh God it’s too much!!”
Lea tucked herself between Sebastien and the bed and held him and he cried until he finally fell asleep.

The doctor was not impressed when he walked into the ward and saw Lea on a patient’s bed and the patient in her arms. If Sebastien had not been asleep the doctor would have yelled at her and Lea knew it. But she was not about to move, Sebastien was her main priority and she really didn’t care what the doctor had to say.
“What the hell are you doing Nurse Henderson??” he did not give her time to answer. “This is outrageous behaviour. I could have your rank for this!!!!”
Lea remained silent.
“Well speak up. What do you have to say for yourself?” The fact that Lea had not removed herself from the bed just infuriated the doctor.
Lea was ready to give the doctor a lesson in verbal warfare, not caring whether she lost her rank when Sebastien stirred.

He had spent the remainder of the night nestled in Lea’s embrace. He had cried and she had held him close, he had tried to make sense of the visions that had flashed though his mind and then exploded into reality and she held him closer, she had hummed for him, she had talked to him, she had let him know that nothing would take her away from him and Sebastien held onto her all night, afraid that if he let go he would slip back into the nightmares and no one would be able to rescue him.

“Back off Doc.” As Sebastien moved to sit up it forced Lea to stand but she still had hold of his hand. “She saved my life last night. I wanted her exactly where she has been. She’s done nothing wrong and I am grateful that the Navy has such nurses in its ranks.”
Sebastien stared at the doctor who was at a loss for words. He had been told about Sebastien’s injuries but had not expected him to look so bad. Or give him a dressing down in front of a nurse. “I don’t want anyone else looking after me. Is that understood doctor?”
“Yes Mr Izambard. Perfectly.” The doctor transferred his angry gaze to Lea expecting to at the very least let her know he was not happy but he lost that battle as well. Lea’s eyes just pierced right through him, she didn’t move, she didn’t blink but the ice cold savagery of her silent message could not be denied. The doctor left in silence and squeezing Lea’s hand Sebastien sank back into his pillow.
“I don’t want to stay here Lea. I feel trapped, both my mind and my body.”
Lea smiled sweetly at him. “You really should stay under medical supervision for a little while longer. I promise I will stay with you.”
Sebastien shook his head. “No.Please.” His gentle, pleading puppy dog eyes melted her heart. “Can’t you think of something to get me out of here? Why can’t you look after me on the outside? Somewhere else, anywhere else.”
“You’ll have to sign yourself out against medical advice and you’ll have to put on a spoilt pop star performance to get my boss to let you have me as a 24 hour on call nurse.” She smiled at him. Not believing she had just said what she had said. “You think you can do that?”
“If it means I can get out of here and have you all to myself, I would ride a horse naked through the streets of Paris on Bastille Day.”
Lea felt the warm flush cover her face and Sebastien winked at her with his good eye.
“And if that doesn’t work you can give them that look.”
Lea was confused. “What look, what do you mean Seb?”
“That look you have that says. Back off or get hurt. The look you gave the doc. That look that could actually freeze hell over.” Sebastien was smiling while he said that but Lea was horrified. She had no idea that she had such a look or that it was so menacing. “I don’t have a look!!!”
“Oh but you do and I think it is just wonderful. People think you are so tough and they are not willing to risk finding out if it is all just a mask.”
Lea went to say something but Sebastien continued. “I have no doubt that you can look after yourself Lea but I also know that you are a sweet, kind, sensitive and understanding woman, who may have been hurt badly in the past. Juste? I am right. That’s why you look so tough.”
Her French Prince was very perceptive and he was right but Lea was not ready to tell him about what. “I have a look…Way cool.”
They both smiled.
“So between your spoilt pop star tantrum and my look we should have no problem escaping.”
“Précis, exactly.” And Sebastien got himself out of bed.
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PostSubject: il Divo Missing Chapter 12 part 3   Sun May 17, 2009 5:29 am

Their plan went down pretty much they way they had thought it would. They had the initial argument with the nurse in admissions because Sebastien was signing himself out. They called the doctor, different to the one who had seen them earlier and Sebastien launch into the most fabulous performance of a spoilt pop star Lea had ever seen. Robbie Williams had nothing on Sebastien. If he ever stopped singing he could always go into acting. It was amazing to see, the bruised and battered face seeming to help. Leas’ supervisor had signed off on her looking after Sebastien. Making out this was the only way he was going to leave the hospital. Sebastien in his roll as a Rock brat told him otherwise. He was leaving with or without the doctor’s permission. So as they left the hospital Lea was now on detached duty 24/7 until such time as Mr Izambard no longer needed her medical services.
Once outside the hospital they got a few looks as people walked past. Looking first at Sebastien but it was when they looked at Lea that they either diverted their eyes or walked faster. “You know Lea you can turn that look off now .We escaped.”
“How do I turn it off when I don’t know how I switch it on in the first place?”
“Think happy thoughts maybe.”
Sebastien saw the change in her face and smiled. “What did you think about?”
“You, naked on the back of a horse.”
He blushed. “I think maybe I will live to regret ever saying that.”
“Yep I think you might just at that.” Lea had the biggest cheekiest grin on her face and such a twinkle in her eyes it made Sebastien laugh. A good life breathing laugh, he felt good and it seemed to be making his headache go away.
“So now that we have escaped I bet you want a decent cup of coffee and the best pancakes on the Florida seaboard?”
“Sounds like a plan to me.” Sebastien took hold of Len’s hand and kissed it. “Thank you.”

They found themselves back at the Coffee Pot and the same waitress as the other day served them. Her face brightened up when she saw Lea. “Hey Hendo, long time no see.” She flashed a look at Sebastien. “You babysitting our battered Divo, keeping him safe?”
Sebastien wondered just how many fans there were on this one Naval Base when Lea answered.
“Something like that. He didn’t want to stay in the hospital.”
“AH. A gaol break. Well that deserves a coffee and maybe a stack of pancakes on the house. What do you say?”
They both nodded.
As the waitress left David, Urs, Tam and Carlos walked in. They had decided the coffee at the Coffee Pot was indeed some of the best they had tasted and it was better than what was being touted as caffeine in their rooms. They were all surprised to see Sebastien. Happy but surprised. They pulled a table and extra chairs closer so they could all sit together. Tam kissed Sebastien on the nose and he smiled. “Merci my angel. And how is your voice today?”
It is very well Monsieur. I am happy that you would be concerned as too how am I as to your injuries.”
David rolled up is eyes. “OK. You guys. You keep this up and Sebastien might as well start speaking French again.”
Sebastien went to say something in French but David stopped him. “Oh no you don’t.”
They all laughed.
Lea squeezed Sebastien’s hand under the table. He needed to tell them he had remembered more. It was Urs who picked up on the slight change in his expression. “What is it Sebastien?”
Sebastien let his eyes fall on each of them before he spoke. “I remembered a little more. And before you all go asking a thousand questions. No I still don’t remember who you are. Nothing past the island.”
It was Carlos. “So what do you remember?”
Sebastien took a deep breathe. “The plane crash.”
Silence fell across the table and Lea squeezed his hand again.
“Well that’s got to suck. Of all the things you could remember and that is what you get. Sorry mate.” David shook his head.
Urs was concerned. “Did it hurt like last time?”
“So why are you out of the hospital Sebastien? Should you be out at all?” Tam reached across the table and took Sebastien’s other hand. “Does the doctor know you left?”
It was Lea that answered. “Yep. You are looking at Mr Izambard’s 24 hour medical assistant.”
Sebastien went on to explain their little gaol break bringing gales of laughter from them all. David loved it. “I wish I had been there. Sebastien as a spoilt pop star. I would have loved to see that, it’s so not you buddy.”
Sebastien smiled at David, his comment had hurt a little as he did not know what was him. Urs and Carlos had realised what David had said but it took a swipe on the side of the head from Tam for him to figure it out. “Hey…” David looked at Sebastien. “Oh God, I am so sorry Sebastien. I didn’t think.”
“That’s okay. This is going to take some getting used to. You all have memories of me I wish I had.”
“Give it some time Sebastien. It will happen.” Urs’ voice had such a positive tone to it Sebastien almost believed him.
David’s attention had gone to Tam. “What’s the big idea of smacking me on the head Tam. That’s Lea’s job.”
Without warning Lea reached across the table and did just that. David looked stunned but everyone else was in fits of laugher. “Why me. I ask, why me?”
“Cause you keep sticking your neck out Miller. It’s just too hard to resist.” Lea gave him a wicked smile and he gave her one of his booming laughs.
They all laughed, wiping tears from their eyes. It was a good morning.

Over a breakfast of pancakes and good coffee they talked about the island trying to help Sebastien put some of the pieces back together. They did not however talk about the crash. Sebastien may have had to remember but each of them in their own way was trying not to. Trying to push those images so far back in their subconscious that they would never surface.

Lea spoke to Tam “I know I said I would organise a girls day today Tam but I had not expected to be on a 24 hour watch so we might have to take a raincheck on that.”
“That’s okay.”
Sebastien realised he was the reason for the cancellation. “No it’s not. You are cancelling something because of me. There must be something we can do?”
Carlos thought he had an idea. “I know. Your friends Lea. They are all Diva yes?”
“Yes.. The ones I was going to call. Why?”
“Why don’t we make it a group thing? They would like to meet us no?”
Urs stepped in. “That would be a good idea but what about Sebastien? No one knows yet.”
“Trust me. They would not utter a word. I can vouch for that.” Lea was hoping they would agree. This way she could keep and eye on Sebastien and Tam could meet more people.
“Urs” Sebastien spoke up. “If she says they can keep a secret I believe her. No ones going to cross her. I am sure of it.”
The others remembered what the waitress had said and they were sure as well.
“Okay. Seems like we have another play date in the sand pit and this time with the ladies..” Carlos raised his eyebrows as only he could and they all laughed again. This time he got a swipe up the side of the head from both Tam and Lea.
David loved it…….
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PostSubject: il Divo Missing Chapter 12 part 4   Sun May 17, 2009 5:30 am

Lea set about calling in the troops. Top of her list was Sheila, luckily she was off duty and over the moon that she had been asked to join them. Then came Laura Elena, Chic, Cydalia and Sonja. All willing and able to join in the fun and all sworn to secrecy and none of them knew what the secret was. Not yet.
Next Lea called the Officers Club, reserving one of the larger rooms. Usually used for large gatherings and conferences and usually not available to the likes of her even if she was an officer. Sebastien had heard her on the phone to someone she obviously knew very well. Lea had complimented him on his acting abilities but what he heard rated an Oscar. She got exactly what she wanted.
“All sorted. The girls will meet us at the Officers Club at ten.” She looked at Tam. “You’ll like these girls, they are very sweet.”
Sebastien was all for them getting together but he was a little hesitant about his role in all this. The others had told him that the fans can be a little overwhelming sometimes and he was not at all sure he could cope considering he had no memory of them. David said he loved his fans as they all did. They got gifts and letters and each one had said that their birthdays since being in Il Divo had been outstanding. So many people wishing them all the best. But they all admitted that they had not been prepared for the devotion, dedication or size of their fan base. It had taken them a while to learn how to deal with it. And according to the feed back from their fans they had done well. They all seemed to be over joyed that the members of Il Divo always had time to sign autographs and have their pictures taken with fans. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble. They also liked knowing that the men form Il Divo lurked around the forum form time to time. Made them feel like a family. And for the most part the fans were a family. Helping each other out when need be. Il Divo had been responsible for quite a few romantic relationships blooming and blossoming. This was the family that Lea and her friends had found themselves in. She was sure that the sisterhood would keep Sebastien’s secret even if at the moment he could not understand why.

Jimmy drove them all to the Officers Club and had been invited to join them but he declined, giving Urs his phone number to call when they wanted picking up.
Tam and the guys were impressed with the Officers Club, Very elegant, very modern. A rather tall officer approached with a smile on his face and almost the same way that Bear had picked up his wife. He picked Lea up and kissed her. “Hey Hendo. You know how to make someone sit up and pay attention. Don’t hear from you for ages and then bang! You look great. You doing okay?”
“Will be when you put me down.” He kissed her one more time and put her back on the floor. “Rick these are my new friends.”
Rick shook their hands. “Glad to meet you all.” His eyes fell on Sebastien and then on Lea. “Please tell me you didn’t do that Lea.”
Lea slapped him on the arm. “Hey. I said they were friends. And no I didn’t.”
Urs was waiting for her to tell Rick he had made Sebastien’s face look the way it did but she didn’t.
“Well you guys follow me. I’ve put you in the Admirals Room. All yours for as long as you want it. The kitchen will be open at noon so I’ll get them to make some lunch for you all. Bars not open till four though.”
“No booze for this lot just yet Rick. All on pain medication.” Lea smiled at them all. “Yes I know who is taking what. Including you Urs.”
They all looked at him. Both David and Carlos knew about each others medication but no one had considered that Urs had needed to take any. He had never complained about pain. Tam hugged him. She knew just what he was struggling to cope with. He may have a small scar on his forehead but the headache had never gone away.
David wanted to know more. “Urs, how long have you been in pain and what hurts.”
“The pain has been there since I got knocked out. It feels like it is deep inside my head and I can’t get it out. But the pills help a lot” He looked at Tam. “And this angel helps even more.”
“I am so sorry my friend.” Carlos felt awful that his friend had been in so much pain and they had made him take on all the responsibility of helping Sebastien.
Urs smiled. “Come on guys. No time for moping, we have Divas, Sirens, Cuties and Uber Babes to meet.”
They all laughed as they walked to the Admirals Room to wait for the others.

They had only just got settled when through the door came Sheila, Laura, Chic, Cydalia and Sonja. The bar may have been closed but these girls had come armed with the intention of having a good time. Rick had obviously had a temporary bout of blindness.
There was baileys, red and white wine, port, and mixers. Cydalia let out a holler. “The Mama’s of Mayport have arrived the party can get started.”
David, Urs, Carlos and Sebastien were speechless, stunned, Tam had a beaming smile on her face. She was indeed going to like these ladies. Lea gave each of her friends a high five and introduced them to the others.
When Laura was introduced to Urs her eyes fell on his wound, then to his eyes. “Oh dear, you are going to have a scar. Would it be okay if I touched it?”
Urs was at a loss to why his scar was such a wonder to people, first Monette now Laura but he said she could. He closed his eyes as Laura gently ran her finger across the wound. Then she did something he did not expect. She kissed it tenderly. Urs opened his eyes a little shocked but the look on her face was nothing but love and concern. “I think you will wear this scar very well Mr Buhler. It will add to your mystique.”
“Aww .How come he has a little scar and gets all the attention and I got a broken arm and no one cares.” David gave them a devilish grin. Which was returned four fold. Each lady looking at the other in silent communication as only women can do and then made their move as the others all laughed. They surrounded David, cooing and fussing over him so much he actually asked for help.
“You’re on your own Miller” Lea couldn’t stop laughing.
“Ladies, ladies please….”
The others moved off to sit at the table leaving him to fend for himself. Before long they heard his big booming laugh. “Well at least I didn’t get slapped up the side of the head this time.”
“That can be arranged Miller.” Lea gave a whistle and poor David got attacked from all directions. “Oh man. You guys are too much.”
Chic got hold of his good arm and pulled him towards the table while everyone else just laughed. It was such a sight to see.
Cydalia went over to Carlos and as bold as could be asked if she could see his scar. Carlos being Carlos was ever so obliging, practically ripping his own shirt off to show all the ladies. Again this brought gales of laughter from his friends. Tam buried her head in her hands.
David laughed and shook his head. “Oh Carlos you are such a tease.”
“I say he is. Just look at those pecks.” Cydalia ran her hands down his chest and the other ladies cooed but Lea thought she better bring the whole thing under control.
“Cyd.. My God women! Put him down, and behave yourself.”
Cydalia made an audible noise that sounded very much like contentment sitting herself next to Carlos who was trying to put his shirt back on.
“Okay you lot, no more taking off clothes by anyone, understood?” Lea shot a look around the table but as was the case David could not help himself and had to say something.
“Yes Mum…”
Lea looked at Chic who was sitting next to David “Will you do the honours?”
In a flash Chic had slapped him on the side of the head. Everyone laughed.

This little group had a wonderful morning of laughter and stories but amongst it all Lea noticed that Sonja had taken a keen interest in Sebastien, they had a few quiet conversations and by the change on her face Lea knew he had told her he couldn’t remember anything. Sonja gave him a gentle kiss his on the forehead, she was crying. The others saw this and their conversations stopped. Urs, David, Carlos, Tam and Sheila knew but now it was time for the others to know as well.
Lea smiled at Sebastien. “Do you want me to tell them?”
All his body screamed that he did not want to say anything and his eyes pleaded with Lea. This would be the first time out of the little group he had come to know that anyone would hear about his memory loss. His friends waited nervously for his answer.
“No. It is okay. I can tell them.”
Because Sonja was crying the other ladies got a little edgy. It was Chic. “Oh My God you’re going to leave aren’t you?”
Everyone looked at Chic surprised.
“See, this is why you need to be upfront with us Divas.” It was Lea. “We have very active imaginations, Chic will have you split up and back in single careers before you can blink.”
With that Chic blinked.
Sebastien decided to put the record straight as his friends kept a watchful eye on him and Lea held his hand. “No, nothing like that my sweet Cherie. I was badly hurt in the accident.”
Laura cut in. “We know Sebastien but we decided we were not going to make a fuss about your injuries. We figured you had been stared at enough for all the wrong reasons lately.” And to give the ladies their due not one of them had done so. Sebastien smiled.
“You are very kind. I did think that maybe I looked a little better as you had not mentioned my face.” The reaction he got was a silent one but he understood that he still looked bad. Sebastien saw Urs shift in his chair. He knew his friend (all be it still unknown) was very uncomfortable with talk of his injuries as he had caused them but Sebastien understood why and he held no resentment towards Urs. “Urs. It is because of you I am alive. I thank you for that. I really do.”
Their new lady friends did not understand this part of Sebastien’s conversation but he continued. “I was hurt not just in my body but my mind also….”He took a deep breath. “I have no memory.” He let his words drift off. The rest of Il Divo watched for the reaction from the ladies. They sat in stunned silence for a while. It was Cydalia who spoke, choking back her tears. “How much Sebastien. How much memory did you loose?”
“The last three years.”
Again there was silence, tears in all the ladies eyes. “But Sebastien, that is all of your time with Il Divo.” Chic reached over to take his hand.” You don’t remember anything to do with Il Divo?”
Sebastien shook his head. He wasn’t sure if this had been such a good idea.
Sonja had something she wanted to know. “Sebastien…Can you still sing?”
All eyes were on Sebastien but it was Urs who answered.
“We haven’t tried yet. But he remembers everything from before so why not the singing.”

The room was silent for a while as everyone took in the whole story. For Il Divo the ladies had brought a thought to the surface that they had all been thinking.
Silently Tam left the table. Urs watching what she was doing.
Tam had noticed it the very second they had walked into the room. Sebastien was afraid to see if he could sing. He had no memory of singing with Il Divo and she was afraid to see if she could still play the piano as well as she remembered. Playing on the JFK had been a wonder but she had been so much better than that. So Tam walked over to the piano at the other end of the room and began to play.

The room resounded with the sweet melody of her Chopin favourite. Tam was lost in her world of sound. The others just listened amazed at what she was doing.
Sebastien began to cry as she got to the part of the piece that she had hummed to him on the island. Only Lea saw his tears, the others all with their eyes on Tam.
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PostSubject: il Divo Missing Chapter 12 part 5   Sun May 17, 2009 5:33 am

All the girls silently and slowly migrated to the piano where Tam was playing so wonderfully. The guys from Il Divo held back just a little but they too had started to move towards her most eloquent sounds. Urs had gone to stand beside Sebastien worried that her playing may bring on another episode. “You doing okay Sebastien?”
As he looked at Urs, Sebastien’s eyes showed the pain he was going through. Not the pain of a headache but the torment of the emotions he was trying to piece together. “If you mean any headache, no. I am, okay.”
“But there is something bothering you?”
“Her music. It stirs something, calls to something deep within me but I can’t seem to find it.”
“Maybe if you played. Maybe one of your own songs. You know….. From before.”
Sebastien just looked at Urs. He could remember this music, when he had tried to remember the songs of Il Divo this was the music that he heard in his head.
“I am sure that Tam wouldn’t mind you having a go when she is finished.”
Again Sebastien just looked at Urs, he was not so sure.
They drifted over to the others and Sebastien silently slipped his arms around Lea’s waist. The action did not go unnoticed by the other girls but Lea chose to ignore their looks concentrating on the music. She pressed her body subtly back into Sebastien and gave his hands a comforting squeeze.
Urs had gone to stand behind Tam, as she played he lay his hands casually on her shoulders and massaged them soothingly. It was as if he could feel the music as it released itself from her soul.
Everyone was mesmerised by Tams’ playing. She may have thought that she was not as good as she had once been but she was intense and beautifully superb.
As she finished she received a thundering round of applause from her small but very appreciative audience. David thumped his good hand on the top of the piano and Tam saw his big smile, she smiled back. Carols let out a high pitched whistle. Urs just bent over and kissed her on the top of the head and whispered in her ear. “You’re magnificent my angel, simply magnificent.”
Lea noticed that Sebastien was a little quiet and she squeezed his hands again. He did not release his hold on her but seemed to press into her just a little more.
The ladies on the other hand had gone completely well, shall we say troppo! They just loved Tam, pulling her form her seat at the piano and gathering her into the centre of them. It was like watching a scene from a teenage movie. Lea and Il Divo were left to watch as spectators.
“Tam, that was so wonderful. You must have been classically trained.” Laura had asked the question but before Tam could respond Chic jumped in with another one.
“My God girl you can’t be hiding out with such a talent. You need to let people hear what you can do.”
Cydalia and Sonja jumped in with their own ideas and questions and there was much giggling and laughing. Tam just had to smile as much as she was afraid that she had lost her touch. These crazy women had restored her faith in herself and somehow given her the strength to believe she could go out into the world with or without her music.
However the next suggestion raised a few eyebrows.
Cydalia had an idea brewing. “I have a great idea. Why don’t we get Tam to perform at the decommissioning next week?”
Tam shook her head. Urs was about to step in and protest but Lea held him back. In silence he obeyed and they just watched.
“I know Tam, all too big and scary but I promise it won’t be. We will all be there and it is not like there will be thousand of people. I know they are looking for someone to fill the hole left by a cancellation.”
Cydalia got some looks from the others. “What…. Okay, I am on the entertainment committee. So I didn’t tell you guys cause you would have just ribbed me about it wouldn’t you?”
There was a unanimous cry of YES from all the ladies. But Sheila piped up. “Well I am on the catering committee.”
This time the little gathering was quiet.
“Okay anyone else got any little secrets we need to share?” Chic looked at them all.
“Well…’ It was Sonja. “Yeah but not about the decommissioning.”
They all laughed. Sheila managed to speak. “Sounds to me like we are due for a girl’s night in. Catch up on all the goss. What do you say?
“Hey wait a minute. First things first.” By now Cydalia had her hands on her hips. The others knew she meant business. “Tam. It would be so great if you could play for us. Will you think about it?”
Tam looked over at Urs, his smile and nod was all she needed and she nodded as well.
The ladies all squealed.
Just then Rick came into the room followed by a few of the kitchen staff. They had done themselves proud. Lunch was served. Roast beef, whole fish, an assortment of vegetables and salad, including roast and mash potatoes, gravy and warm bread rolls.
Lea looked from the banquet to Rick for an explanation. She had been expecting sandwiches at the very best.
Rick gave her a devilish smile. “Well when one entertains in the Admirals Room one should eat like and Admiral.”
Lea gave Rick a big hug. “Oh sweet pea, you are so good to me. Thank you so much.”
Rick tweaked her on the nose “No problem Hendo.” And he and his troops left.
It was obvious to all that their friendship had been a long one.
They all sat back at the table mouths watering. But Urs held Sebastien back. “You want to try my friend?”
Sebastien looked at the empty piano. “Maybe after lunch.” He was going to put this off in the hopes that something else came up.
Again he sat next to Lea. “Urs wants you to play doesn’t he?”
Sebastien was surprised that she knew what they had talked about. He just gave her a weak smile and changed the topic.
“You and Rick have known each other a long time. Yes?”
“Yes.” Lea answered but Sebastien caught the shadow that crossed her face.
“I am sorry, I pried. Forgive me?”
‘No, it’s okay. It is just that. Well let’s say that he was there for me through some pretty rough times. He’s the big brother I never had.”
“I am glad that you had someone. It is good to have someone.”
Lea heard the sadness in his voice. “You worried that there is someone out there and you can’t remember?” It was not a subject that she wanted to raise but how could she continue to let her feelings grow for this man if there was anyone else that could possibly lay claim to him. “I am sure that the other guys would have told you. Would you like me to ask?”
Sebastien shook his head. ”No Cherie…I am afraid that if there is I will loose you. I cannot bear to think this would happen. In my heart I know there is no one.”
“Just like in your heart you know you belong to Il Divo?”
“Yes.” His answer was out before he realised what he had said. It shocked him.
Lea smiled and bent over to kiss him which brought ooos and cooing form the rest of them.
“Hey you two. You are supposed to be eating the food not each other.” It was David and as soon as he said it he put his hands up to protect his head which sent everyone into fits of laughter again. So much so that no one could get to him to give him a slap.
His remarks also eased the tension and again this group spent a happy afternoon in casual fun and conversation helped by the fact that they also opened the bottles of wine over lunch.
Il Divo were happy to sit back and find out about the ladies. They were all unique in their own ways and of course every bit as crazy as each other. Through them they could see the parts of Lea that she tried to hide. It was a breath of fresh air not to be the centre of attention. Not that the ladies did not pay them any attention but it was just like spending the afternoon with your mates. If anyone had looked in it could have been just a gathering of friends having fun.
Lea kept and eye on Sebastien and was pleased that the girls had taken to Tam. She seemed to be having as much fun as the others. And according to the girls the day was not over just yet. They had planed to have that girl’s night in, tonight, and Tam was coming along. The fellas where on their own.
Lea had declined saying she needed to keep an eye on Sebastien or had they forgotten she was on a 24/7 watch.
With help from David and Carlos, Urs convinced her that he would be safe with them and if any thing happened they would call her. Lea was still going to say no until Sebastien reassured her that he would be alright and he wanted to ask the others things he did not want anyone else to know.
So with approval from all, the ladies said their good byes to Il Divo having exchanged e mails and phone numbers and after giving a solemn promise not to speak of their little get together on the forum. Not just yet.
Tam gave Urs a wistful wave as she was dragged through the door by Sheila.
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PostSubject: il Divo Missing Chapter 12 part 6   Sun May 17, 2009 5:33 am

The room was silent once again.
“Well that is a bunch of ladies that could certainly wear you out in a hurry. Very nice but I am not sure there is anyone who could keep up with them and now they are off to continue that secret women’s business.” David shook his head in wonder. The others knowing what he was saying smiled in agreement. They had all had a great day but each one of them seemed worn out somehow.
Urs had noticed that Sebastien had glanced at the piano a few times so he decided to go over and play it. Quietly he played a few bars to get a feel for the piano and then launched into a song he knew that Sebastien knew seeing as it was one of his own. The other three were off in their own worlds and although they heard Urs start to play David and Carlos did not immediately register what was happening. However, as soon as Sebastien heard the first five or six bars he was on his feet and over to Urs in an instant. This brought David and Carlos out of their own thoughts.
“How do you know this?…” Sebastien was a little disturbed that Urs knew the song he was playing.
Still playing Urs replied. “I know this Sebastien because it is your song.”
“I know it is my song but how do you know this.”
“I know because not long after we all got together I went in search of your work. I also have seen Le Petit Prince. Do you remember that?”
Sebastien nodded.
“Can you remember the words to this song Sebastien?”
Sebastien took a deep breath and again nodded.
But it was David who spoke up. “Urs don’t you think this is a bit early?”
Urs ignored him and kept playing always going back to the place where the words to the song began. They all waited. Carlos and David were convinced that Sebastien would not sing, but just as Carlos was going to suggest that they call it a day Sebastien took a deep breath and sang the first words to ‘Dis Le Quand Meme’. Quiet and tentative at first with a little stutter in his voice. David and Carlos looked on has he continued to sing and his voice continued to improve. Sebastien winced a few times as his face still hurt but the further he got into the song the more confident he became. David and Carlos smiled. It was like watching their Sebastien, the Il Divo Sebastien. He was in there somewhere, they just knew it.
About two thirds of the way through the song Sebastien stood there with is eyes closed singing like he had never left the stage.
Urs trailed off as the song ended and Sebastien stood with his eyes closed for just a little while. He felt good, he felt cleansed. He may not be able to remember Il Divo but he could sing. Opening his eyes he saw the other three all smiling at him.
Maybe Urs had been right to push him into singing after all.
“Do you know any more of them Urs?”
Urs smiled and began to play ‘Dangereuse’ as best he could on the piano. Sebastien smiled and began to sing again. After this and without the aid of any accompaniment Sebastien sang ‘Libre’.
They were all smiles. He could still sing, which meant that even if he did not remember the last three years he could re learn the songs of Il Divo. None of them had said it but they had all thought it.

Sebastien went to say something but instead his hands flew to his head, he screamed in agony and collapsed to his knees.
“Dios moi! Oh God.” Was all that Carlos could say and he bent down near his friend.
Urs jumped from the piano stool and cradled Sebastien in his arms as he cried out. Still with his hands pressed against his head. “No more!!!!!, No More!!!! Cesser!!! Cesser!!!”
“Urs. What the hell happened?” David just glared at Urs as if to say this was all your fault.
The room went quiet and Sebastien went limp in Urs’ arms. He had fainted.
Urs kept hold of Sebastien not wanting to let go. He had never thought that playing some of his old songs would trigger an episode. He had not played any Il Divo songs for that reason. All he had wanted was for his friend to understand that he could still sing.
David pulled out his mobile phone and called Jimmy. They were going to need a ride.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Mission Chapter 13 part 1   Mon May 18, 2009 8:26 am

Chapter 13
The ladies had arrived at Leas’ place after stopping at the PX so that Sheila could use her employees discount to purchase lots of goodies. All very bad for you. They had bought things that Tam had not seen in a long time and others she knew nothing about.
It certainly was going to be a girl’s night. They got settled into the lounge room with drinks and munchies and before long they had convinced Tam to tell her story, the whole story from the very beginning. Tam had been a little shy about doing so but as she started to tell them she found it much easier than she had expected. Maybe because there was no judgement about things that she had done to survive, the ladies cried and they laughed and they held her when she found parts of her story hard to tell. She could see their genuine affection for her and it made her feel like she was safe with them. When she had told them about her daughter it was if each woman had been there to bury her. Tam was indeed part of a sisterhood that only weeks before she would never have imagined. They also said that she should get her story published. It was too good to keep to herself and what a finale. Il Divo dropping in!!!!!!
Once Tam had finished the topics moved to lighter things. Bringing Tam up to speed about the world, being enlisted in the Navy, more information on Il Divo if that was possible, and talk about the JFK’S decommissioning.
They made popcorn and drank things they should not have, played trivial pursuit and had intended to watch a DVD. But as the hours moved closer to morning they never did watch a movie.
Just passed 3am the ladies bid their farewells to Lea and Tam promising to catch up soon. They all wanted to take Tam into town and do some real shopping.
Tam and Lea sat on the lounge amongst the mess of empty glasses and bottles, chip papers, dip containers, lolly wrappers, half eaten chocolate bars and popcorn bits all over the floor.
“Your friends are a lot of fun Lea.”
“Yeah. Can you believe that we did not know each other three years ago. Il Divo got us together.”
“I am very happy that they did. It’s late; I think I better go back to the Lodge.”
“Nah. Better if you stay in the spare room tonight. We can leave Urs a text to let him know you are okay. But considering he hasn’t called I am thinking that the boys did a bit of hair letting down as well.”
Little did Lea know that Urs had spent most of the night with Sebastien and sworn Carlos and David to secrecy, not allowing them to call Lea.

Lea and Tam made their way to the bedrooms but before she could get to hers Tam raced into the bathroom and emptied the contents of her stomach into the toilet.
Lea stood at the door. “I was wondering how long that would take. I know you did not eat much at lunch but then having all that junk food and you being used to such a pure diet. You did well to keep it down this long.”
Tam stood and washed her hands and face. “I did throw up yesterday after we had coffee. But I thought I was okay. I guess not. Better take it easy.”
Lea smiled. “Just a little at a time. Keep to the fresh fruit and veg. You still want to go back to the lodge?”
Tam smiled. “Would you mind? I would feel better in my own bed.” She did not say anything but she really wanted to be back with Urs. Somehow at night she felt much safer sleeping in his arms than alone. But considering the time she may only get to spend a few hours curdled up beside him. Better than a few hours without him.
“I should look in on Sebastien as well. And more than likely give them a stern talking to about mixing alcohol and pain killers.”

Lea and Tam pulled up outside the rooms at the Lodge to find David and Carlos sitting on the footpath. At first Lea thought they must still be partying but one look at their faces told her otherwise. Her heart sank; instinctively she knew it was Sebastien.
Getting out of the car she stood in front of David and Carlos. “Where is he?”
David pointed behind him to Urs’ room. Without another word Lea marched in leaving Tam outside with the others. “David what happened?”
David looked up at her with such sad eyes; she had to choke back her tears. “Sebastien, He collapsed at the Officers Club. Just like the beach. Oh God Tam he was in so much pain.”
Tam sat down on the footpath between David and Carlos, wrapping her arms behind their backs and trying to give them a hug. “He is very strong, your friend. To have come so far in such a short time. I know he will get better. He is strong enough to do it.”
“But I don’t know if I am strong enough to watch Tam.” David lowered his head feeling like he had betrayed Sebastien because he didn’t think he could take much more of it.
“Tam whispered in his ear. “You are stronger than you think my singing prince.”
This brought a small smile to his face.
Carlos muttered something in Spanish and Tam lent over and whispered in his ear. But this time it brought a big laugh from him.
David wanted to know what she had said.
“She said next time I have the urge to rip my shirt of she wants to do it.”
David laughed and looked at Tam, she had broken their mood. Indeed she was their angel. David couldn’t resist. He slapped her gently on the back of the head.
Tam laughed and kissed him on the nose then went to stand up.
Carlos wanted to know where his kiss was, so she bent down and did the same to him.
After she left them David spoke to Carlos. “Urs is a lucky man. She has so much to give and she gives it so freely.”
Carlos just smiled. It was the truth.

Meanwhile in Urs’ room Lea had been firing questions at him faster than he could answer and he was getting frustrated with her.
“LOOK LEA!!! I’ve told you what happened. Everything. Jimmy brought him back here because he did not want to go back to the hospital. He woke up in the van. He’s been sleeping off and on since we got back and no, he hasn’t had another episode since.”
Lea realised by his reaction that she had been too hard on him, her own feelings for Sebastien getting in the way. “I’m sorry Urs. I didn’t mean to make you defensive. You did the right thing. But I wish you had called.”
Urs voice was softer as he replied. “That’s okay. But he seems to be in so much pain when it happens.”
Lea took hold of his hands. “I know. You look tired, why don’t you bunk with one of the others for what is left of the night and get some rest.”
Tam had been standing at the door listening. She walked passed Lea and took Urs’ hand. “He can stay with me.” With that she led him out the room and down to her own room.
Lea stuck her head out the door. “And you two do the same. Go and get some sleep.”
David and Carlos did not argue and went to their respective rooms in silence.

Tam sat Urs on the edge of the bed and began to massage his temples. He had been rubbing his head the whole time he had been talking to Lea. Tam knew his headache was back. He sighed and closed his eyes as she gently worked on him. First his temples, then his shoulders, working her way down his back. Urs seemed to be floating and found himself lying on the bed. Tam continued to knead his body until she felt him relax completely. He had fallen asleep.
She covered him, and then climbed in the bed next to him and they slept at peace for a while.

Lea stayed next to Sebastien’s bed all night. He woke a few times but when he saw her he seemed to be less restless. He had wanted to tell her what had happened but she said it could wait for a few more hours, he needed his rest.
So for the next few hours all Il Divo slept. David had intended to take some pain killers but never did. The day had worn him out and he did not remember falling asleep. Carlos had done much the same. It seemed to him that they had not done a great deal that day but he was very, very tired.

Tam woke a few hours later to the sound of Urs in the bathroom. He was moaning and trying to be quiet. He stood at the vanity rubbing his head where his wound was healing, eye closed, trying to wish the pain away. This headache was the worst yet.
Tam walked up behind him and put her arms around his waist. He turned round to look at her and the colour drained from her face as she backed away from him.
“Urs, you’re bleeding.”
He had blood all over the hand he had been using to rub his head. Tam showed him his hand and Urs rubbed his head with his other hand as he turned back around to look in the mirror. The blood was coming from the side of his wound as if it had opened up again.
Tam went to touch it and as she did Urs flinched. It hurt. It had not hurt when Monette or Laura had touched it but this time it hurt. Tam was worried; she thought she had felt something inside. A lump maybe. Her mind raced. The last thing they needed was another Sebastien. “I’m going to get Lea.”
Urs got hold of her hand. “No it’s okay. I’ll take a few more pain killers.” Urs touched his head and felt a searing pain shoot through his brain, it was like someone had jammed a knife through the side of his head and was trying to get it to come out the other side.
“Arrrrr. Mein Gott!!!! My God Tam it hurts.!!!” He fell to his knees. Tam fell to the floor with him.
“Hold on Urs I’ll get Lea.”
Tam ran from the room and began to bang violently on the door to Urs’ room. “Lea!!! Lea!! There is something wrong with Urs.”
Lea had opened the door but before she could say anything Tam was dragging her back to her room. “He’s bleeding Lea and his head hurts so much.”
Lea was horrified; she picked up her pace and flew through the door to the room almost skidding on her knees to reach Urs. He was crouched over trying to stop the pain and rocking a little. Lea touched his arm first so that he would know she was there. “Let me see Urs. Let me see.”
Urs raised his head but did not open his eyes, it hurt too much. “I am going to touch your wound okay?”
Lea gently ran her finger over his wound and Urs pulled away. It was enough; she had felt the same thing that Tam had. “There is something in there.”
“What!!!” was all Tam could say and she went to hold Urs hand.
“There must be a splinter of something in there. My guess is that is why you are getting the headaches. It might be moving. We need to get it out. We need to get you to the hospital.”
Lea looked at Tam. “Can you help him to the car I need to call ahead.”
Urs still could not open his eyes so Tam guided him to the car while Lea walked down to David and Carlos’ rooms as she spoke to someone on the phone. “That’s right. I don’t care if you have to get him out of bed. Make damn sure he’s there by the time we arrive.” Lea put away her phone and banged on David’s’ door. He opened it looking a little worse for wear.
“You need to stay with Sebastien; I have to take Urs to the hospital.”
This woke David up. “What! What the hell for!!!?”
“He’s got a foreign object in his head. We need to get it out. Stay here and look out for Seb.” She left him standing at the door dumfounded.
“Forget that…” David rushed next door, told Carlos what was going on and to get dressed they were going to the hospital.
Next he went to get Sebastien who was already sitting on the bed, dressed. “I heard.”
“Are you up to this?”
Sebastien nodded. “He needs you.”
David was sad that Sebastien had not said he needs us but had no time to dwell. He needed to wake up Jimmy.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Mission Chapter 13 part 2   Mon May 18, 2009 8:27 am

As Tam, Lea and Urs arrived at the hospital there was a pair of nurses with a stretcher waiting for them. Tam and Lea helped Urs onto the stretcher and he was rushed to x ray.

Lea turned to Tam. “If I know David he is on the way here right now with the others. Will you wait for them?”
Tam went to protest but Lea stopped her. “Sweetie, I can get places you can’t go. I will be back as soon as they know anything I promise.”
All Tam could do was nod her head and cry.
David, Sebastien and Carlos got out of the van to find Tam waiting at the entrance to the hospital for them. “Lea said you would come.”
David shook his head, he should have known. “Where’s Urs?”
They took him to x ray, Lea went with them. She’ll be back.”
David put his good arm around her and gave her a hug, pulling her close and kissing her on the top of the head. He felt so helpless.
Sebastien took her hand and kissed it. “Lea knows what she is doing Tam; she looks after me very well. She knows more than a nurse needs to. Urs will be fine.”
“But she is not looking after Urs yet. I am scared.”
Now it was Carlos. He kissed her on the nose as she had done so many times with them. “If Lea is with him, he will get what ever he needs; she will make sure of it.”
So the four of them waited for Lea to return, not knowing what was happening to Urs.

The Doctor was not happy. He explained to Lea that a long, very fine sliver of metal had somehow pierced through to Urs’ brain. It had been moving and this was what was causing the headache, it was stimulating certain parts of his brain. It needed to come out. They would need to put Urs under a general anaesthetic. The operation itself would be quick and of no real threat to Urs. But the doctor warned Lea that because of where the metal was if they moved it in the wrong way or it damaged parts of his brain he would loose his sight. The doctor stressed this to her again to make sure she had understood. It was a very real possibility due to the position of the metal. Urs could come out of the operation with temporary blindness or it could be permanent. The doctor made sure Lea had taken on board everything he had said. She had. As he walked away, Lea turned to walk back to the waiting room. How did she tell them this? How could she? How would they tell Urs if the worst happened and he lost his sight? He would be devastated.
Her whole body shook as reality hit and she burst into tears. This was one piece of news she did not want to deliver.
Tam saw Lea first as she walked down the corridor towards them. She could tell she had been crying. As she walked to meet her the others stood. Lea smiled weakly as Tam got closer.
“Are you okay Lea?”
Lea nodded her head but did not say anything until she had reached the others. This was not something she wanted to have to repeat.
“Hi guys. Urs has to have a small operation to remove a very thin fragment of metal from his brain.”
The sock wave registered on their faces one after another. Sebastien came forward and took her hands. “Cherie… He will be okay after this operation. Once they remove this metal yes?”
The tears welled up in her eyes. Lea was no longer able to hold them back. “He could be blind….” Lea let out a small cry.
Carlos swore in Spanish. Sebastien dropped her hands and just kept looking at her hoping he had not heard what she had just said, David was so mad and frustrated he took it out on the nearest wall ramming his good fist into it and actually knocking some of it loose. He got the attention of more than a few people. Hours later he would feel the pain but right now he was so furious. “Damn it.!!! How much more has to happen to us. Did we do something so bad that the universe needs to take out revenge or something!!!! This is not the way it is supposed to be!! Damn it, its not..” He went to punch the wall again but Lea screamed at him
“David don’t!!!!!”
Carlos moved to stop him but David put down his hand, fist still clenched but he had put it down.
No one had seen Tam go and sit down through all this, as soon as he did all the anger drained from him. All David could see was this lost little girl curled up in the corner of the seat sobbing so hard his heart broke. Because his attention had gone to her the others followed his gaze.
David walked up and sat down besides her not knowing what to do. Tam looked up into his face, her fear and pain and heartache falling in torrents as she cried. No words were spoken but Tam just gathered herself into David’s’ open arm and he closed in around her and she cried.
Sebastien had taken hold of Lea’s hand again; she had composed herself a little but only just. “The doctor said that Urs may just have temporary blindness, he may not have any at all but….” She did not finish the rest, she didn’t have to.
So there they waited for any news.

Somehow the Divas at the gate to the Naval Base had wind that one of the members of Il Divo had been admitted to hospital. At first they assumed that it was Sebastien but the message came through that it was Urs. He was in the operating theatre. The news had to be coming from someone in the hospital and as good little divas they wanted to make sure the news was correct before sending it on to the forum. If this was true it would send such a ripple around the world. First Sebastien being hurt so badly in the crash and now Urs.
Sheila had been at work, some what hung over but she was there when she heard a couple of ladies obviously fans discussing what they had heard at the gate. Considering what she knew she needed to make sure this was true. She went back to her office and called the hospital having Lea paged.
“Dear God Lea please tell me it is not true?” The fact that she had been able to page her in the hospital to start with made her heart sink.
Lea told her everything and she began to cry again.
“I am so sorry. I can’t get away for another couple of hours or I would be there. But we have a bigger problem. The fans at the gate know he’s in surgery; we need to get this story out and in the right way before it gets nasty. What should we do?”
Lea told her she had an idea and hung up and went back to the others explaining what Shelia had just told her.
“If they know he is here. Someone in the hospital is feeding them information. They still don’t know the whole story about Sebastien and if this leaks out the wrong way things are going to get bad. I have an idea if you are up to it?” And she looked straight at David.
Any other time David would have been cheeky but he was sombre and just waited to hear what she had to say.
“I need for you to go and talk to the fans David face to face. Tell them almost everything. Why Urs is in surgery, how he got the metal in his head, almost everything.”
“Almost. You mean not to tell them he could be blind when he wakes up?”
Lea’s tears began again.” Yes. If it happens then we tell them, no point sending them all into a frenzy.”
David put his good hand on her shoulder and looked down into her face and said with a voice that would have made angels swoon. “Officer Lea Henderson, no finer officer does the US Navy have and nowhere else did God make such a beautiful and loving human being. When I am all in one piece again I may have to fight Sebastien for your affections. I would be honoured to help you.” David kissed her on the forehead and then winked at Sebastien who was not entirely comfortable with David’s last statement.
David got Jimmy to drive him to the main entrance to the Base.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Mission Chapter 13 part 3   Mon May 18, 2009 8:28 am

When he stepped out of the van a hush went over the crowd. It was the first time the Divas had seen any of Il Divo up close since they had arrived. David looked tired and apprehensive. He put on his best smile but they all knew he was not himself.
A younger fan (Maybe twenty) in the front smiled at him as she caught his eye. “David are you okay? You look so tired?” There was a murmur of confirmation from the crowd behind her. Subconsciously David touched his cast.
“I am fine Ladies, just a bit of pain now and then. It hurts a little but I will be fine.”
From somewhere in the crowd the question came. “Are you here to tell us what is wrong with Urs?”
David could not see who had asked it but he responded. “Yes. Urs is in surgery.”
There was another murmur but this time David could tell they were upset. He continued.
“Somehow in the crash he got a very, very fine piece of metal stuck in his head, He has been getting bad headaches but because he didn’t tell anyone, we didn’t know and last night they got really bad. We have a very fine nurse looking after us and she got him to the hospital and arranged for tests. The doctors say the surgery is very easy and quick and once the metal is removed Urs’ headaches will go away. So although it sounds really bad, it really is a good thing.” David kept talking so no one could ask him anything else. “So if you sweet ladies could let the forum know everything is under control and I promise to get word to you as soon as Urs is out of surgery.”
David was about to leave when another fan asked him something “Excuse me David. I don’t mean to be pushy but how is Sebastien. I mean, didn’t he want to come with you?”
David hated lying to his fans so he tried hard not to. “Well, you all know his face is pretty banged up?”
He got murmurs and nods from them all. “Well. He really doesn’t want you to see him like that. Not until he looks a little better. He sends you all a kiss though so does Carlos, who by the way is parked outside the operating room as we speak, you couldn’t move him with a bomb.”
This got a few subdued laughs from the fans. Apart from the Carlos thing what David had said was true. Sebastien did not want anyone seeing him how he was and really Carlos was parked outside the operating theatre, so where the others.
After David had let a few of the fans sign his cast and they had passed on their wishes to the others and Jimmy in his own marine like way gave them the idea that David was leaving he got back into the van for the ride back to the hospital. He waved and smiled at them all as they drove off. The smile replaced by sorrow once they were on their way.

David arrived back at the hospital; his friends were not where he had left them. The nurse on duty at reception desk called him over. “You friend is out of surgery, the others have gone to be with him, He’s in the same ward you were in before.”
David smiled at her and she gave him a sad smile back putting her hand on his cast. “I am so sorry David.”
David looked at her thinking that he may have seen her around the hospital but thought it more likely she was a Diva and he was right. She answered his silent question. “I’m a Cutie myself but with very definite Diva tendencies.”
Again David smiled at her. “Thank you, that means a lot, especially now.” He was being very genuine. It did mean a lot. Their whole fan base meant a great deal to them all and knowing they were out there with all their love and best wishes did help. If Urs was blind it was going to take all they had to keep going.

David walked back into the same ward he had been in only days earlier and found them gathered around the same bed that Sebastien had been in only this time it was Urs. The universe certainly had a very warped sense of humour.
He smiled at them all. “Mission accomplished and David held up his cast to show them the messages from the fans. “They all send their best wishes but they wanted to know why Sebastien had not gone as well.”
Sebastien went pale for a minute; he thought David had told them. “It’s okay Sebastien. I told them it was because you weren’t pretty enough to go out in public yet. And I told them that Carlos had hijacked the operating theatre.”
He got smiles from his friend but not much more. David looked to Urs. He looked so peaceful as he slept. He had expected to see a large bandage on his head but there was only a small square gauze piece to cover over the incision the doctor had made. He didn’t look any different than when he had been taken to surgery. “How is he?”
Lea answered. “Still sleeping. We don’t know yet.”
Urs stirred as Lea finished her sentence, it was as if they all held their breath waiting to see the outcome of the surgery.
Urs was groggy and for a few moments did not know where he was. His eyes fell on Tam and he smiled.
Tams face was washed with tears and she was so drained emotionally she was very pale. Urs lifted his hands to touch her face. “My sweet angel, don’t be sad. I am here for you, I always will be”
There was such a shout of joy that the orderly who had been in the corridor came into see what all the fuss was about.
“He can see. May God he can see.” David was hollering and shouting and dancing all at the same time. Carlos joined in and they did a little jig around the bed.
Urs was at a loss
“What’s up guys?”
Lea took hold of his hand and told him why he was having the headaches and what had happened. Urs touched his wound but was a little disturbed when Lea told him that he could have been blind and they had to wait for him to wake up to find out. While all this had been going on Sebastien was standing at the foot of the bed. Urs looked at him remembering what had happened. “Are you alright my friend?”
Sebastien nodded. But Urs was not convinced. “And you headaches. The last one was very bad? Do you remember anymore?”
“Sorry, only flashes of images I cannot put together, it is like I am on the very edge of something but just can’t seem to push through.”
“I am sorry I made you sing Sebastien. I didn’t think your own songs would hurt you.”
“I don’t know if it was the songs Urs, My head had started to hurt before that.”
Lea walked over to her French Prince. “You sang?” She kissed him on the lips which brought ooo’s and arrr’s from the other three .
David was back to his playful self. “aww, if you to are going to get mushy find another room.”
The other three laughed. No one noticed that Tam had remained silent.
Lea spoke again” The doctor did give me an idea though. Sebastien I would like for you to have a CT scan and an MRI.”
He went to protest but she stopped him. “I want to make sure you don’t have a brain bleed causing your headaches. I would feel a lot better knowing you were clean on that count at least.”
The others all looked at her and then at Sebastien. Urs spoke. “It would be a good idea Sebastien. No need to end up worse than you are just for the sake of a little test.”
“I know you don’t want to be here, so if I can arrange them while we are still here will you go?”
Sebastien nodded and Lea kissed him again then went to see what she could do. But they all knew Lea being Lea she would get exactly what she wanted. So Sebastien resigned himself to the fact he was going to have a CT scan and an MRI before he left the hospital that day.

Lea was back ten minutes later and she had got exactly what she wanted. So she took Sebastien off for his tests. Urs was going to have to stay in the hospital over night at the very least and David’s stomach had been growling for a long time. He needed to get something to eat so he and Carlos headed back to the Coffee Pot promising to return with good coffee and pancakes for the patient. David asked Tam if she wanted anything. She just shook her head.
The ward fell silent as they left. Urs sank back into his pillow and closed his eyes. His head no longer hurt but the anaesthetic had made him feel rather nasty. He wasn’t sure if pancakes were such a good idea, but he would see how he felt when they arrived.
Tam had begun to gently brush her fingers through his hair and it felt good. The reality of his situation was sinking in. The fact that he could have woken up without his sight was very unsettling. He was thankful that the doctors had been able to remove the offending object without any permanent damage. His thoughts drifted to Sebastien. He wondered what would be worse. Losing your memory or your sight? As he drifted off to sleep he decided he could live without memories. He could make more but he could not live without his sight. Tams gentle touch sent him into a contented slumber.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Mission Chapter 13 part 4   Mon May 18, 2009 8:29 am

Sebastien had been having second thoughts about the tests as they walked down to the x ray rooms. He had tried to convince Lea that if he had one of them he didn’t need the other. But she was having none of it. She had threatened to find a few more tests they could do on him that were a little more invasive if he gave her anymore grief. Even when he put on his best charm all he got for it was a jab in the ribs and a sly smile. Sebastien had seen the way that Lea could get around just about anyone she wanted and he was not about to volunteer for extra tests. He was not going to give her the satisfaction. He knew he loved her. He had no idea how that had happened and wondered if it was that patient nurse thing and when he was all better she would no longer want him or he would no longer feel the same way about her. His heart rose up to tell him the truth. He did love her. She was kind and gentle but also very tough and domineering if the need be. He was sure it was because he had seen the soft side of her that had pulled him close to her. But he also knew that if this relationship continued there would be times when she would drive him absolutely mental. He found himself smiling at this thought. In a strange way he was looking forward to it.
He had not realised that the test had finished. Lea was looking down at him. “Why have you got such a cheeky look on your face Mr Izambard?”
“I was just thinking about you and me and a horse on Bastille Day.” If it was possible Sebastien’s smile grew even more inviting and the twinkle in his eye came straight from the stars.
“What. All I said was you, me and a horse.”
“I know what you said and I also know what you meant.” She gave him a gentle slap up the side of the head. But before he could complain she kissed him long and hard.
As Sebastien sat up on the bed all he could say was “O! Mon, Oh My” and he pulled Lea closer and kissed her back just as passionately, if not more so than she had kissed him.
“Oh Mercy” was all she said and continued to kiss her French Divo.

They did manage to separate themselves from each other while they waited for the results of the test. As the doctor approached Lea could not read his face, it was giving nothing away. Was it good news or bad?
“Nurse Henderson, Mr Izambard… The results show that you don’t have a brain bleed. After talking with my colleagues we think it is a case of your brain is repairing itself and in time you will recover all your memories.
“But what about the headaches Doc. He can’t live like this until he gets his memory back.” By the sound of her voice the doctor knew it would not be wise decision to dismiss or ignore her. He had been warned of her reputation by other doctors who had crossed her path and paid the price. She was not a person to be messed with.
He handed her a script.” If he takes these it will help with the pain. Keep it under control” Lea looked at the script while the doctor talked to Sebastien. “Mr Izambard, you may have a dull constant headache for some time but you should not get anymore of these episodes. I can’t tell you how long it will take to get your memories back or if they all will come back but considering the progress you have made in such a short time. Even though it has been painful. I think you have a very good chance of a full recovery.”

The doctor bid them good bye and left.
“Well I guess we had better head to the pharmacy and get you fixed up ASAP.”
“Not so fast Cherie.” Sebastien pulled her close, wrapped his arms around her and kissed her so ardently that it released a river of unbelievable sensations through her whole body, making her head spin and her knees weak. Every single molecule of her being seemed to cascade and collide engulfing her in this mans love and passion. Sebastien had gathered her into his arms and cast a spell and Lea had no desire for it to be broken, EVER…..
Tam had been so emotionally drained she had fallen asleep with her head resting on Urs’ bed. It was David’s gentle touch that woke her. Good to his word he had returned with coffee and pancakes but it was Carlos who was carrying the whole lot.
Tam looked at Urs. He was sleeping peacefully. She could not get her head around the fact that he had come so close to loosing his sight. What if they had never felt the metal? What if he had not been bleeding, what if none of the signs had shown up and that sliver of metal had dug deeper into his brain. What other damage could it have done?
People seemed to think that she was coping very well with her new environment but truth be told it was all starting to close in on her again. The noises did not bother her so much but it seemed that everything else was crowding her and she was not coping with this new crisis even though it had passed. Urs’ emergency was just the last straw for her. Right now, alone on her island seemed like a good place to be. She began to cry.
David saw this. “Hey. Our sweet angel. What is wrong? Urs is going to be okay.”
Carlos put his bundles on the table. “Oh why such tears my angel.” He knelt beside her and took her hands, looking up into her face.” You should not cry such tears. Your prince here is well. He will be all healthy very soon.” He got no response from her. Tam just kept crying. It was David that noticed she was not making any noise. He got down on his knees by Carlos.
“Its not just Urs is it Tam?”
She shook her head.
“It is everything. It is too much isn’t it? I am so sorry. You have been pushed to far to fast. What can we do?”
Tam remained silent and let her tears fall. Carlos let his own tears fall. “Oh dear sweet one, we have damaged and angel. This is not good. This is so wrong for us to be doing. We must keep you safe. Shall we take you away from here?”
Tam shook her head and took hold of Urs arm.
Both he and David knew she was not going to leave Urs, not in the state she was in.
Carlos kept talking to her, hoping she would answer but again they both had realised that she had shrunk back into the protection of her silence. “My angel. We will never leave you. I promise this as a gentleman and a Spaniard...I will not let anyone harm you.”
Tam gave Carlos a small smile; she looked at David and touched his face gently. David took her hands again. “I promise Tam. We will never let anyone hurt you; you will never have to do anything you don’t want to. Okay. Let us be your guardians for a while. You have helped us so much.” He looked up at Urs. “And that big hunk in the bed loves you so much. You have to know that. Tam, Urs is a very private and protected person, he doesn’t let people in to easily. He adores you, He may not have said that he loves you just yet but we all now he does. If nothing else you can hold onto that. Hold on to his love Tam. If there is one person in this world you can trust completely it is Urs. Now that he has given his love to you, he will always be there for you.” David dropped his head a little before he continued. “Tam, it is Urs I am worried about. If he gets hurt he will be crushed. It would be worse than being blind.”
Tam shook her head violently but David kept hold her hands.” I know, I know. You wouldn’t hurt him. But do you understand just how much this means. If you have any doubts you need to walk away now.”
Tam was furious that David could ever think that she would hurt Urs, why would she, why would she want to walk away from him. He made her feel safe, loved. She smacked him hard across the face.
David did not retaliate. “I deserved that. I’m sorry Tam, but this past week has been so tough on us all I don’t think any of us could take much more. I just had to be sure.”
By now David understood that she loved Urs as much as his Swiss friend loved her and had tears in his eyes.
Tam bit her lip, she felt so bad for what she had done.
Carlos had been silent through the whole thing. David had been right. They all knew Urs and if he gave his heart it would be whole and complete and he would need the same in return.
“Do not worry about this big brute Tam. He needs a good hit every now and then.” This brought a small smile to her face and a cry of protest from David, which made her smile grow a little bit.
“Oh. I get it. Hit David and everyone feels better.”
Tam moved to touch his face and David flinched just a little so she hesitated. When he realised she was not going to hurt him Tam gently ran her fingers over his cheek again and then hugged him.
She made his heart melt. With his good arm he hugged her back.
Carlos tried to put his arms around both of them. “We are family again yes?”

Urs stirred and saw their little group hug which made him smile. His head felt much better and so did he and he could smell the coffee. “I see that home delivery has arrived.”
They all smiled at him. Tam wiped the tears from her face and went to sit back next to him. Urs was worried about this. He had been asleep for a while and he wondered if she had been crying all that time. He shuffled himself up the bed and turned to look at her. “What is it Tam. I will be fine.”
Tam began to cry again. David touched her on the shoulder. “Would you like me to tell him?”
Urs looked at David confused. “Tam’s just going to be a little quiet for a while. Been a bit of a tough week for her. But she knows she has us.”
Urs looked into her sad, sad eyes, held her hand. “Did I do this? Did I stop you from talking?”
They all heard the anguish in his voice. Urs would be shattered beyond repair if he thought he had caused Tam’s relapse.
She squeezed his hand and shook her head. But it was David who answered again. “Urs. She just needs some time, some more time to get used to her new world. We need to give her that.”
Urs lent in close to her so their heads touched. “I will never leave you Tam. I will take you anywhere you want to go, where you feel safe. If you want to go back to the island we will go back.”
David and Carlos gave each other the same look. This was not something they had thought of but apparently Urs had. “If that is what you want Tam. Just let me know and that is where I will take you.”
Tam moved her head so that she could look into his face. He meant every thing he had said. But it would be too cruel of her to take him away from his life, his world. She loved him more than she could imagine or dream of and she loved the others. They had been so good to her. She had her taste of the world and she knew even if she went back to the island it would never be the same. The US Navy knew about it now. No, she needed to stay with Urs here in his world. She had to have the strength to live by his side in his reality, make a place for herself but at the moment it was all too much. She had found her voice once, she would find it again. But she had to let Urs know how she felt.
She kissed him and smiled. Pointed to herself and then to him and then to the others. Again it was David who had taken over the roll as her voice. “You saying you will stay with us?”
Tam nodded.
Urs chocked back tears. “I am so very, very glad Tam. I love you.”
She mouthed the words. “I know” but not a single sound left her lips.

Lea and Sebastien walked in all smiles until they saw their friends. Lea knew something was up as soon as she looked at Tam. She went straight to her ignoring the others.
“Sweet girl your world just came crashing in on you didn’t it?”
They others had no idea how Lea could have picked up on Tams’ problem so quickly but she had. “Fellas, I think we girls need a moment to ourselves okay.” Lea looked at Urs. “It’s okay. We will be back soon.”
Lea put her hand out for Tam to take and she did without argument and they left. Lea only took her into an interview room down the corridor and they sat together.
“You are finding this really hard aren’t you? All too, too much.”
Tam nodded. Lea understood that she was back in a place she felt safe while she did not speak but she had to let her know it was alright to talk. “I know you are hiding behind your voice, or the lack of one. It’s something you can control. I understand what you are doing Tam and that’s okay. I’m sorry I should have said something sooner but I really thought you were doing okay. I really did.”
Tam held her hands and squeezed them and smiled.
Lea smiled back. “I am guessing you don’t want to go to far from Urs right now either? The hospital has shut down the ward that Urs is in. It’s been shut down since the petty officer left. So in fact it is a Divo ward. If you are not a Divo you get to stay somewhere else. How would you like to stay? You’re practically a Divo.”
Tam nodded her head.
“And I think I should give you something to help you sleep. I do have some good news. Sebastien’s brain is all in one piece. His memories are in there somewhere and the doc says he should remember in time”
Tam gave her a hug.

By the time they got back to the ward Sebastien had told them of his test results and David had told him what had transpired while he had been away. Lea told them of the new accommodation arrangements.
“Hey, if Tam gets to stay then I think we should all get to stay.” It was David
“David have you forgotten that Sebastien does not want to stay in the hospital. Being so tall do you get deprived of oxygen up there sometimes?”
David shot her a wounded look followed by a devilish grin. “Weathers fine up here. Should come and check it out sometime shortie.”
Sebastien jumped into their little game of verbal ping pong.” It’s fine. If the other guys want to stay with Urs I will stay.”
“Are you sure?”
“As long as you stay with us.”
“All of you in one spot. So I can keep an eye on you. How could I refuse.”
So it was agreed. They would all bunk with Urs that night. However, night was a few hours off but instead of taking the chance to go out. They all stayed together. Watched TV and talked. Lea had settled Tam into the bed next to Urs and given her something to make her sleep and relax. Before long she had drifted off.
Lea went to sort out things and make sure only those who needed to know, knew what had happened. When she came back she locked the ward door from the inside.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Mission Chapter 13 part 5   Mon May 18, 2009 8:33 am

All the sleeping inhabitants of the ward were woken up with a start by the loud banging on the door. Lea was already on her way to open it. As she did a doctor, a rather furious doctor began screeching about having the door locked and then he saw them all. With that he just stopped mouth still open. He looked from one bed to the other and they all just stared back at him. David gave him a wave. “Hiya Doc. Trying to figure which one of us is your patient.” He pointed to Urs. “That would be the one with the band aid on his head.” This time Urs gave the doctor a wave. As Lea was behind the Doctor she let out a little smirk but it disappeared when he turned to talk to her. “You are on special duties aren’t you Nurse Henderson?”
“That would be correct Sir.”
It was as if the situation had just registered with the doctor. “I don’t really need to know who they are do I.”
“No Sir.”
“So I’ll just have a look at the patient then.”
“This way Sir.” And Lea escorted him to Urs. Again Urs gave him a wave. The others dared not move in fear of collapsing in heaps of laughter. It was all David could do to stop himself. Carlos was not much better off but when Lea pulled a funny face behind the doctor as she was looking at Sebastien he couldn’t help it. He dived under the sheets, shoving some of them into his mouth to stifle his noise. David and Carlos had not seen what Lea had done but both had seen Sebastien’s reaction and they too went into hiding. Both of them trying to stuff pillows into their faces. Tam had a grin on her face and Urs was shaking his head and trying to look very serious. As soon as the doctor had finished with him and turned to Lea you would have not known that just seconds earlier she was being mischievous. The doctor was about to say something then looked at Tam who in return blew him a kiss. This unnerved the doctor and sent David and Carlos looking for their pillows again. Sebastien was still hiding. He dare not come out until the coast was clear.
“Is she supposed to be here Nurse Henderson?”
“Yes Sir.” Was all she said, hoping he did not want more of an explanation.
“Very well. The patient is clear for discharge Nurse.”
And he left. As soon as the door shut behind him David and Carlos burst into shrieks of laughter, Sebastien came out from under his sheets like a little turtle popping out his head and joined them. Urs, smiling, shook his head, Tam smiled at them all and Lea thought that maybe next time she should keep her silly looks to herself.
David was trying to catch his breathe. “Oh God Lea that was so funny. I don’t know what you did to Sebastien but that was so funny. It was like watching a rabbit disappear down a hole.”
“Oh Cherie that was too cruel, you made my face hurt.” Sebastien rubbed his bruises.
Lea pulled a long face and pushed out her bottom lip as she went to his side. “Aww. Is my poor diddums in a little bit of pain?” Before he could answer Lea had bent over and kissed him.
“No fair. If I had said that she would have slapped me up the side of the head and he gets a kiss. I don’t like these rules.” David tried to fold his arms in a pretend tantrum but couldn’t because of his cast and this brought everyone undone again.
The laughter was good for them all, but Tam led them all into silence with what she did next. To her it was so natural that she had not realised what she had done. There were still things she had to remind herself she should not do and by the way the room fell silent this was going to be at the top of the list.
Urs gasped but it was Lea who got to her first. “Tam! Girl. What you trying to do? give them all early heart attacks.”
Tam had no idea what was wrong until Lea covered her naked body up with a sheet from her bed.
“Sweetie. Unfortunately on this island you can get arrested for doing stuff like that. I don’t suppose you thought of using the pyjamas I gave you last night did you?”
Tam just shook her head.
Lea looked around the room. She had to smile. Sebastien had dived back under his sheets, such a sweetheart was he. Carlos had his hands over his eyes and was trying to whistle but David was still looking at her.
“What, Whaaaaaht. Lea she’s gorgeous. I only peeked.”
“You’re still peeking. You’re a bad boy Miller.”
David answered with his most devilish grin yet. “Yeah I know!!!”
The look that David got from Urs brought him back to earth. “Sorry Urs but, you are one lucky man. She is perfect, a work of art.”
Just then an empty plastic water jug went sailing through the air missing David by centremetres and Tam stood with hands on hips, wrapped in a sheet.
Urs couldn’t help but laugh.
David shot a look at Tam; he couldn’t believe she had thrown it. “Missed me!!!”
Lea began to walk towards his bed and David knew what was coming and his friends were no help they were all still laughing. He was trying to untangle himself from the bed sheets and keep and eye on Lea as she got closer. “No hitting!!!! Aww Lea come on. I promise to behave.” Just then David got himself free of the sheets and Lea stopped dead in her tracks, spinning around to look back at the others. “What is it with you lot. Doesn’t anyone wear Pyjamas anymore?”
David looked at himself. He had been so worried about getting another slap on the head he had forgotten he never did use the hospital pyjamas that Lea had given them. Too scratchy. He dived for the sheets and covered himself. “You’re a nurse. You can’t tell me you haven’t seen a naked body before.”
Lea turned around hoping he was covered but really not caring if he was still naked. “That’s not the point Miller.” She kept moving towards him and as he had nowhere to go David just waited for it. As she got closer he closed his eyes wondering which side of his head she would abuse this time. He was so shocked when it happened he wasn’t sure it had. Lea had kissed him gently on the check. “Can’t say I don’t play fair.” She smiled at him a tweaked his nose and she walked back to Tam. David was speechless. Urs smiled “Well that is a first. David with nothing to say. Lea you are a magician.”
And still David was silent. Sebastien however was a little miffed about the kiss. After David’s remark about fighting him for Lea’s affections he was starting to feel a little over protective of her. He knew that David had been joking but it still made him nervous.
“Well that was certainly a different start to the morning. How about we all get dressed and head out into the sunshine since Urs has the okay.” Lea looked at them all. They were all looking at Tam
“Nothing doing fellas. She’s coming with me to get changed. You lot have the ward all to yourselves. We’ll be back in ten minutes BE DRESSED…”
Tam and Lea left them to get changed.
The four Divos got out of their beds. Sebastien and Carlos had pyjamas on, David and Urs did not. They all Smiled. David looked at Urs. “Too Scratchy?”
Sebastien was smiling, he was comfortable in the pyjamas that Lea had given him in the beginning but Carlos was trying hard not to scratch himself. “Very much too scratchy,”
They laughed again and got dressed. What they did not know was that Tam and Lea had stopped just outside the door and had peeked back in.
“Oh honey, that certainly is Swiss Bliss you have yourself there. Why I ever gave Seb back those pyjamas I will never know.”
Tam slapped her playfully on the arm and the women retreated.
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Chapter 14
Lea was more than a little worried about Tam and knew that she had pushed herself to hard to try and cope with everything . While she was getting dressed Lea suggested they all got away from the main part of the Base for a while.
“How about a nice picnic for the six of us. There’s a nice beach away from everyone. I think it would do you good. What do you say?”
Tam nodded.
“Okay. I’ll make a few calls, get a few supplies sorted and then we can head out. You think the fellas will be okay with that?” Lea answered her own questions. “Doesn’t really matter that is what we are doing. Shall we head back?”

When the girls got back to the ward they found the four Divos perched on the ends of their beds waiting like eager school boys. The girls smiled at them and then gave each other that knowing look. Both David and Urs saw it. “Hey, you guys, what was that look for.” David pretended to frown.
“Oh nothing just girl stuff that is all.” Lea said with a sly smile.
Urs was not completely convinced that something else was going on. “You two have been up to something I just know it.”
Again the girls smiled at each other and Tam went over to kiss Urs.
Lea did the same for Sebastien. “mmm now that is what I call a good breakfast.”
“Aww guys. Not so early.” It was David. Lea shot him a look. “Okay, Okay, I promise I’ll be a good little Divo. Happy?”
“For now.”
“Sebastien there is no pleasing her….” Before David could finish his sentence Sebastien kissed Lea again.
“Oh but David there is.”
Urs laughed and Carlos laughed, David shook his head and Lea gave Sebastien a little slap up the side of his head. This made David laugh and after the initial shock of getting clipped Sebastien laughed as well. It had all been in good humour.
“So, Tam and I decided that we are all going on a picnic. Sheila is packing up some treats for us to pick up on the way. So you fellas ready?”
“Oooo a picnic. I think I am going to like this day.” Carlos jumped off his bed and gave Lea a kiss on her hand.
Urs took hold of Tam’s hand and they walked out together. David and Sebastien walked out in front of Lea as she brought up the rear. Lea had to smile to herself. It did not matter from what angle but the view of all four Divos was always breath taking. She let out a sigh just a little louder than she had intended causing David and Sebastien to turn.
“How come you always walk behind us Cherie?”
Lea’s smile was disarming. “Because the view is just so wonderful.”
Sebastien blushed a little but David just let out one of his booming laughs and wiggled his behind at Lea.

Jimmy was waiting outside the hospital with the van and at first they thought he had been there all night. Thankfully it had been a call from Lea that had brought him back. They invited him to come on the picnic but he declined just asking to be dropped off at the Lodge. If they promised to look after the van and bring it back in one piece.
After picking up a very large picnic basket from Sheila at the PX they headed out and Il Divo found themselves on the same beach as the other day.
Sheila had thought of everything including the picnic blanket which they spread on the sand. Tam went and stood at the waters edge with her eyes closed feeling the sea breeze wash over her. It helped wash away the crowding she was feeling. The peace of being near the ocean settled her heart.
The others let her have her time and just sat and watched. Urs was worried about her, she was silent again and he wondered how long it would take for her to talk. Her voice was so sweet to his ears and it pained him to know that she was still in so much turmoil. Maybe it had been wrong to make her leave the island. He had thought hard and if it was the only way for her to be at peace he was willing to go back with her. He knew the others would protest but they would carry on without him. At this very moment in time his heart and soul belonged to Tam. For now he would wait and see what happened, give her time to make up her own mind. She had already said she would stay but had they given her a chance to really think about what she wanted. All Urs knew was that wherever she went he would follow.

As Urs watched Tam and thought of these things, Tam stood at the waters edge and tried to put everything in some kind of order. She was happy that Urs had found her, She was happy that she had played the piano again, she was happy to have made new friends. Lea had been an inspiration to her and deep down she knew she did not want to go back to the island. She knew she was just scared of the future, what it may hold for her but now she had one. Tam decided that she needed to be stronger and more determined to fit into this new world of hers.
As the sun beat down on her face she smiled. If every now and then she could find a place like this beach to come to and just feel the space she could cope with the rest. This was something she needed them to understand, not to crowd her for a while, and give her space.
She turned to see the others all sitting together. It seemed ironic to her that they had the entire beach and they were huddle together on that one blanket, while she wanted to feel the openness.
Urs smiled and Tam walked back to him, holding out her hand for him to take. He got to his feet and they walked off down the beach together.
“Lea will you stop that.” David said with some concern in his voice.
Sebastien and Carlos looked at him to see what was wrong. David had caught her watching Urs walking away. She had managed not to sigh this time but he had seen her do it. “And you say I am the wicked one.”
Sebastien had figured out was David was talking about and Lea saw his expression change. He looked a little hurt. Lea lent over and whispered something in his ear that made him blush.
David was not about to let this opportunity disappear. “Okay Sebastien. What did she say? Even through your bruises we can see how red you are.”
Carlos spoke up. “You know he is not going to let this go Sebastien. You might as well tell him.”
Sebastien looked to Lea for some help, she wasn’t about to give him any. “Tell him if you want Seb.”
“I knew I was going to live to regret every saying what I said to you.” Sebastien looked to his friends. “Really want to know what she said to me?”
“Okay. She said Urs had a nice walk but she was thinking about me and a horse on Bastille Day.”

Neither David nor Carlos understood this or why it could cause him to go red until Sebastien explained the whole thing.
David was in hysterics. “Oh Sebastien you didn’t did you?”
“Oh I am afraid I did.”
David just fell back onto the blanket and laughed. Carlos was chuckling to himself their navy nurse was full of surprises, however what Lea said next shut them both up in a hurry. “I also know which of you were wearing Pyjamas last night as well?
David sat back up and Carlos went a little red until he realised that he had been in those scratchy hospital pyjamas. He looked at David. “Well of course you do, you saw me.”
Lea stayed silent. It was Sebastien that spoke up. “No David I think you are missing the point. She knows it was you and Urs. She saw you both.”
“But how, he never got out of bed…” David’s eyes grew wide and he shook is head. “Well I never. A peeping tom. Now I understand what you and Tam where up to”
“Well its better than a peeping Miller.”
Carlos was a little shocked.” Tam saw as well.”
“Well I didn’t hear her complaining about the view any.”

The foursome spent sometime ribbing each other and generally giving each other a hard time but they had fun and being outside in the open away from everyone seemed to have helped them all.
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PostSubject: chapter 14 part 2   Thu May 21, 2009 5:47 am

Further down the beach Tam and Urs had found a place to sit. He cradled her in his arms as they both looked out to sea. “Tam, I know you said that you would stay with us, with me but if you want to go back to the island, I will come with you. I promised and I keep my promises.”
Tam turned so he could look into her eyes. And she spoke. “I am staying here with you Urs. I love you.”
Urs smiled and a single tear ran down his face. “You spoke…”
“I did. Now I want to say something.”
Urs waited for her to say whatever it was she wanted to say. Tam leaned in and kissed him. The passion and love behind her kiss was enough to melt his blood. If he had not already been sitting down Urs knew he would have fallen. He pulled her towards him and they both ended up lying in the sand, intertwined together as one, body to body, lips to lips, heart to heart and soul to soul.
Urs broke away from her kiss for a moment. “I really like what you have to say.”
Tam smiled and continued to engulf Urs in her love. This would be a moment in time that Urs would remember for the rest of his life. His whole body screamed in ecstasy, his muscles contracted, his skin tingled, his nerves seemed to fire off in every direction, his heart beat faster and there was a murmur in his ears that he realised was himself moaning in sheer delight and joy. In all of his wildest dreams Urs had never thought he could ever feel that way, never knew anyone could make him feel that way. And just when he thought he had reached his limit and that was as much pleasure as his body could consume, Tam took him just that little but further swallowing him up in her tender but powerful love.
The shrill noise of all three mobile phones going off together broke the serenity of the day and made everyone jump just a little. David, Carlos and Sebastien all pulled their phones out of their respective hiding places and almost in sync said the same thing “Simon”
Simon had sent a text to all of them.
David sighed. “Well I guess we were bound to hear from him sooner or later.”
Lea was a little upset that Simon had interrupted their rather nice day. “What does he want?” She had been resting in Sebastien’s arms until he had to get this phone.
David answered. “Phone conference with us all at three O’clock our time.”
“And where does he propose you have this conference. The phone outside the PX?”
Davis smiled; he knew Lea was not impressed. “No, he says here the Command Master Chief’s office.”
Lea raised her eyebrows. “Oh.” Was all she said but it was the way she said it that got their attention.
Carlos wanted to know what was wrong. “Is that a problem Lea?”
“Oh no. But I am betting he’s done that to make sure you all turn up. The chain of command on this base runs something like this. Commanding Officer, Executive Officer and then Command Master Chief. Get the idea. You really can’t get much higher. I wonder how he managed to pull this off. Does he say anything else?”
The all looked at their phones. Sebastien answered her. “No Cherie. Just three O’clock.”
Without another word Lea began to pack up what was left of their picnic. It was as if the world had invaded again and she did not want to stay.
Carlos pointed down the beach. Tam and Urs were walking back. Urs would have received the same text message.

There was something different about them. Lea looked from Urs to Tam and then smiled and under her breath said “Way to go girl”
Sebastien was just close enough to hear what she said so he also looked at them. At first he did not understand why Lea would have said what she did but he looked at Urs as he got closer. The sadness had gone form his eyes. What Sebastian did not realise was that it was not just the sadness of this past weeks but the sadness he had been carrying for so long. It was gone. His eyes shone like new stars in the sky. “Mon Dieu.”
Lea looked at Sebastien “You see it don’t you?”
Sebastien winked, took her hand and kissed it but said nothing. He knew what had happened and he was very, very happy for his friend.
David waved to Urs. “You get the message?”
Urs smiled but Tam answered “Yes we did.”
Lea smiled, Carlos ran over to her and gave her a hug. “You found your voice my angel.”
Sebastien gave her a bow. “Mon Cherie. My heart is happy for you” He dared not say anything else. He was happy that she had found her voice but he was also happy that she had found Urs.
David the big teddy bear that he was did a little dance. “ WOOO HOOO.. Now Tam, make sure you don’t loose it again okay.”
Tam smiled at David but it was the grin on Lea’s face that he saw. “Okay what, what have I done this time, why the cheesy grin Lea?”
“Miller, I didn’t know you could do the snoopy dance.”
This brought fits of laughter from the others. They had no idea what she was talking about but visions of David as snoopy flashed through all their minds.
“What snoopy dance, I don’t snoopy dance…”
“Oh yes you do. That little wiggle and the thing you did with your arm. That’s a snoopy dance if ever I saw one.” And Lea demonstrated for them.
David boomed out a laugh. “I look like that?”
The others just nodded and David started to snoopy dance all the way up the beach, Carlos thought it was too much fun to miss out on so he joined him, then Sebastien got pulled in. Lea, Tam and Urs watched then Tam pushed Urs out in front of her. He looked back at her a little confused. “Go on, Have some fun.”
And with a smile, off he went to join his friends which left Tam and Lea to watch this incredible performance. They maybe some of the most exceptional singers on the planet but the snoopy dancing was going to need some work. David was being silly enough to make it work; Sebastien’s dance was starting to look more like a salsa and Lea couldn’t quite figure out what Urs or Carlos were attempting to do. But they were having fun and it was certainly fun to watch.
The Master Chief was waiting for them when they arrived. Lea had made sure her uniform was presentable before they entered the building and she looked the others over as well. Not much she could do about that.
“Lea stop it, you make me feel like we are going to the principals office.”
“A place I am sure you have visited on many occasions Miller.”
David was about to reply when the receptionist opened the door to the Master Chief’s office.
The Master Chief stood up behind the desk and Lea saluted.
The Master Chief did the same “Officer Henderson...”
“Ma’am” Lea was so glad that David had not done anything silly, she had been nervous.
The Master Chief walked from behind her desk and approached each one of them shaking their hands.
“Well boys all I can say is this must be pretty important business. Not very often I get booted from my own office for a phone call.”
They all remained silent and she smiled as she started to close the door. “The link is all set up. Henderson, when Mr Cowell calls just hit that blue button.”
“Yes Ma’am.”
Once the door was closed they all let out a sigh of relief.
“My Cherie. The chief she is a Ma’am.” Sebastien had spoken what the others where thinking.
“Nothing wrong with that is there boys. We girls can get the job done just as well as you fellas...”
Urs took hold of Tams hand. “Sometimes much better.”

Just then the phone rang and Lea pushed the blue button.
Urs spoke first. “Hello Simon, you there?”
“Yes I am. How are you Urs? No more foreign objects to extract?”
“No everything is fine, headaches all gone. So why the call Simon? What’s so urgent that we had to kick a very important lady out of her office?”
“Is everyone there?”
They all shouted their hellos to Simon and he continued. “Anyone else in the room with you?”
Lea spoke up.” Officer Lea Henderson and Tam, Mr Cowell. Did you want us to leave?”
“No, no. Tam needs to hear this as well.”
They all looked at Tam. Her last encounter with Simon had not gone well. Urs pulled her into his embrace and David picked up the conversation. “So what is it Simon?”
“Well Lads we need to give the media something before the situation gets taken out of our control. People at high levels are asking questions and Tam’s name is creeping into the conversation more and more. People want to know about her, they want to know what happened, who she is; they want to know about you guys. They have a lot of questions and I am running out of time and excuses. We need to put together a press conference.”
They all started to protest and because Simon was at the other end of the phone he could not get their meeting under order. But he heard Lea’s high pitched whistle just as well as those of them that were in the room with her. It shut them all up. “That’s better. My goodness. Mr Cowell could I ask a question?”
“Yes Lea.”
“This press conference. Could we get permission to do it here on the Base? That way there would still be containment and only those who are invited will gain access. And if anything went wrong it would be easier to keep under control.”
There was silence for a few moments.
Lea had some very selfish reasons for wanting the conference at the Base. She knew once Il Divo left they would not return and she wanted Sebastien to stay as long a possible.
“I was going to fly them to New York but I can’t see why we couldn’t do it there. Let me talk to a few people. We need to do this pretty much straight away Lads.
Sebastien, how are you doing?”
“I am improving Mr Cowell.”
His answer worried Simon. It had been years since Sebastien had called him Mr Cowell. It had been Simon for such a long time, they were friends, they had coffee together, they laughed about the same things.
“No more new memories?”
“No Sir.”
David spoke up. “Simon I don’t think it’s a good idea to put Sebastien in front of a firing squad, not yet.”
“I agree. But people need to see all four of you or this wont work.”
Lea jumped in. “I think I can help there Mr Cowell.”
“Okay. Now Tam…”
There was silence from her. Urs still had hold of her and the others looked fearing the worst.
Urs spoke for her. “She is her Simon. What’s up?”
“People in the industry know who she is Urs. They want to hear from her as well.”
Tam was shaking her head and backing away from the phone. Urs pulled her closer and Lea went to help her. “Tam it’s okay.”
Urs looked deep into her fearful eyes. “Remember what I told you? I wouldn’t let anything hurt you? I promise Tam. Can you trust me to do that?”
Tam nodded her head but David spoke up as well.
“Tam, you remember what I said in the hospital don’t you?”
Again she nodded her head.
“Well you stick close to us and no one will get close to you.”
Simon was getting frustrated. “What the hell is going on over there?”
Carlos answered. “Simon we will work it out. You don’t worry about our angel ok.”
“But Carlos…” Simon did not get to finish.
Lea cut him off. “That’s enough! Mr Cowell if you want this press conference to go a head I suggest you let us handle this. I think it is time you hung up. I have a few patients here who don’t look so well. Good bye Mr Cowell.”
Before anyone could stop her and before Simon could protest Lea hung up on him.
The room was silent.

David took a deep breath. “Okay. I am guessing any minute now.”
Just as he finished speaking every one of their mobile phones went off.
“Give me that.” Lea ripped David’s phone out of his hand and read the text it said “Not happy.” Lea sent a text back while the whole time David protested saying Simon would think it was from him.
“I don’t think so. You’re safe.” But she would not give the phone back until she was done. Then and only then did she hand it back to David. He was livid and about to engage in a verbal war with Lea but he took one look at her and thought better of it and retreated. He hated to think what she had sent to Simon, she had deleted the message.
Lea was in the mood for a fight and she was very ready to take on David until she heard Sebastien call. “Cheri it’s back.” He sank to the floor with hands on his head.
Leas rushed to his side. “How bad Sebastien?”
“My head, souffrir, the pain,”
“Hold on Sebastien, stay with me.” Lea held on to his arms as he held on to his head. The others gathered round and prayed it would not be as bad as before.
Sebastien was on his knees with his head in his hands rocking back and forth.
It was Urs who spoke. “I thought the pills were supposed to help him Lea?”
“They do, he’s still conscious isn’t he and he isn’t’ screaming in pain. What do you want a miracle.”
They all answered together “YES”
“So do I guys, so do I.” Because she was facing Sebastien no one saw her tears.
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PostSubject: chapter 14 part 3   Thu May 21, 2009 5:49 am

Back at the Lodge, Lea got Sebastien to lie down and with help from a sedative he was soon asleep. The others had waited in the guest games/lounge room, Lea smiled weakly as she joined him. “He’s resting.”
“I know that was not as bad as the other times Lea but it still looks like it hurts a lot.” Between Simon and Sebastien the events seemed to have drained the joy out of David and you could hear it in his voice.
Carlos was not much better. “He seems so lost. Will he ever remember any of that which he lost?”
Hearing her own voice Lea realised how upset she had been. The nurse in her seemed to be slipping away. “The doctors say it just takes time, the headaches are a sign that the brain is sort of looking for those lost memories. He could wake up and have them all back; he could wake up with only a few more, he could wake up with no new memories. We just have to wait and see.”
Tam spoke for the first time since Simons call. “What do we do about the press conference? Lea I am so afraid for him.” Tam dropped her look. “And for me. I don’t think I can do it.”
“Well I vote we send David out to do the press conference all by himself.” Lea had a grin on her face.
“Hey! No more picking on David Okay.” The look on his face and the tone in his voice told Lea that she had pushed him just that bit too far. For all his bravado he was probably the most sensitive of them all and she had hurt him deeply. She knew it. All 6’ 4” of him seemed to be slouching in the chair he was sitting in. Lea guessed if he had been alone he may well have cried. She went to sit next to him.
“David. I am very sorry; I never meant to hurt you. I apologise. I have been so worried about Urs and Tam and Sebastien I have not paid you enough attention.”
David gave her a hurt look. “Okay I have, but all the wrong kind. I had no idea you were hurting so much and I should of. As a nurse I should have paid more attention to the signs.”
“What signs? I haven’t been giving any signs.”
Lea smiled warmly at him. “Yes you have. I just didn’t want to see them. I guess I wanted to believe that you were doing okay. Both you and Carlos have been telling us for days you are not doing so well.”
Carlos raised his head to look at her when she mentioned his name and Lea looked back at him. “I’m right aren’t I Carlos?”
He didn’t say anything, just lowered his head again. Tam went to sit next to him; she had tears in her eyes. Carlos looked at her and that was all it took. He broke down and sobbed, cried like he had never done before. Tam took him to her and let him rest his head on her shoulder, she cradled him like a child and rocked with him and began to hum. Urs smiled. David heard her and it made him feel a little better.
Lea looked over to Tam. “You okay sweetie?”
Tam nodded.
“I think David and I need to take a walk.”
“You guys go. We’ll keep and eye on Carlos.” Urs felt guilty that he had not realised that his friends where struggling so. “Go on David, you need to do this.” Urs gave his friend a smile, and then went to sit at the other side of Carlos. He listened to him cry and Tam humming to him. His heart broke and melted all at the same time. She was indeed and angel.

David and Lea left the lodge and found a deserted bike path to walk along. They walked in silence for a while and then found a bench to sit on. Lea left it up to David to start to talk.
“It’s not supposed to be like this.”
“Like what David?”
“Everyone is so hurt Lea, I think maybe we should have died in the crash and this is the universes way of paying us back because we survived.”
Lea was horrified that he felt that way. It meant that he was hurting much more than even she thought he was.
“David, don’t ever think that. You are not getting punished for surviving. If you had meant to die you would have. Yes I know things look pretty grim at the moment. But you need to know that you are supposed to be here.”
“But why? Why am I supposed to be here or anywhere? What have I done that is so important?” He looked at Lea with eyes so sad they splintered her heart.

She was afraid that he was going to give up and if he did that there would be nothing or no one who could bring him back. She had seen it before. People just stop living, they waist away no matter what medical intervention, the outcome is always the same, they died. She couldn’t bear the thought of David even considering taking this path.
“David, I am a nurse right?” He nodded. “And you would say that I have a hand in helping people right?” again he nodded. “Well I am telling you that you have helped far more people than I ever will.” David went to protest but she stopped him. “No I am serious. You just have to read the forum. No joke David. There are people out there still alive today because of you and the others. I’ve read their stories. People who listen to your music to get them through tough times, tragedies, lost loves, even the deaths of loved ones. If you don’t believe me go and read some of them. David, you have fans out there that write those fan fics more as therapy than anything else. You are their life line. You give them hope, a reason to smile, a reason to keep going. Please don’t think that you are not important. Most of us have a handful of people that we mean something to. You have hundreds if not thousand that you have helped. You are most definitely meant to be here...”
David smiled but Lea could see that he was not convinced. “I am sorry David. I talk too much. If you don’t think what I have just said makes any sense think about this. You have been given a wonderful gift. One of the most amazing voices I have ever heard and it is your job, your responsibility to share that with the rest of the world. That is important.” Lea was quiet, she had no idea what else to say to convince him that he was needed, loved, belonged. If he didn’t believe in himself they would loose him. She was beginning to think that when they got back she should put in a call to the psychologist.

While she had been thinking about all this David had been watching her. Lea did not realise that she was crying and trembling. The thought of loosing him had sent her emotions into overdrive. The world was so cruel. Those that deserved to stay were taken away and those that had no right to breath got to stay. It was wrong. David had every right to stay, his life meant something.
David gently took hold of her hand and squeezed it. “Lea, you are crying, why?”
“Because I am so angry that you think you are not important. That you are thinking about giving up and I don’t know what to do to stop you.” Lea’s tears streamed down her face, her chest hurt, she wanted to scream at him not to give up but she had no more answers for him, she had failed. He would die because she couldn’t make him believe.

David sighed, in a single tear Lea had shown him what he had been searching for most of his life. The answer to that question why? She was right though, over the past week he had been thinking some very dark thoughts and he never seemed to be able to come up with an answer that kept him alive. The plane crash had stirred up old nightmares that he thought had passed. All the old fears that he was never good enough would never be good enough. Even with all his success before and with Il Divo, David thought that he was not good enough to do the job. That any day someone would realise they had it wrong. He had walked through life feeling like he always had to look over his shoulder. Watching for the evil to catch up with him and take back everything he had. David could not remember when this fear had first appeared but now in this place it was trying to consume him and it was Lea’s tears that would save him. He understood that it wasn’t what he did, or how he did it, it was who he was and more importantly who he was for someone else. Lea had broken through all those years of pain, anger and darkness and shone a light right on the answer he needed. She was crying and her tears were for him. They were genuine, real and filled with sorrow. He meant something to her and if he meant something to her then he could mean something to others.
“Lea. Please don’t cry. You really would be hurt if anything happened to me wouldn’t you?”
Lea nodded. Her tough exterior was completely spent, there was nothing left. David knew it. It was the first time in his life he could remember anyone being so open and honest with him. “I have spent my whole life struggling with my existence and it has taken a feisty navy nurse to show me who I really am.”
Lea looked into his eyes and tried to smile. “Does that mean you’re going to stick around for a while?”
“I think so, thanks to you.”
David put his fingers to her lips to stop the words. “Those tears were for me. You don’t love me...”
Again Lea went to say something and he stopped her. “Not like you love Sebastien. Which is why your tears mean so much more. All I needed to know was that someone somewhere liked me and thought I was good enough just how I am.”
“Dear God David. You are more than good enough. So many would tell you.”
“But I needed to see it real and raw. You gave me that. Thank you. Sebastien is a lucky man.”
“David, I know she is out there for you, you won’t give up on that will you?”
“Up until today I never believed there was anyone,” he smiled. “But now I can handle the prospect that I may find someone.”
“You will David. You’re an absolute jewel and god is just making sure that the one he has picked out for you is as perfect as you are.”

David and Lea walked back to the Lodge intending to return to the lounge room but found Urs on the steps outside Carlos’ room. He stood up to greet them. He looked as worn out as David felt. He knew by the look of David and Lea that something had happened but he was not sure if he wanted to know. His time with Carlos had been traumatic, making him look at some of his own fears. Something he had not expected to do.
The trio all smiled at each other. It was Lea who spoke first. “How are the patients?”
“I checked on Sebastien about ten minutes ago He was still sleeping. Carlos...” Urs stopped for a moment. “It’s been a rough few hours guys.”
David looked at Urs and patted him on the shoulder. “Same here.”
Urs smiled weakly. “He’s terrified about getting back on a plane. Simons comment about flying us to New York seemed to have triggered everything he has been keeping inside. David he was so hurt, so confused. I’ve never seen him like that before. It was as if the plane crash was some kind of catalyst for everything he has been struggling with. He was a mess. Tam was great with him though. She didn’t say much but he seemed to know she understood.”
David gave Urs a knowing smile. “And how about you Urs? Are you alright?”
Urs shrugged his shoulders.” I would be lying if I said yes but spending time with Tam has helped and I didn’t realise that until today.”
“Is she with Carlos?” Lea needed to make sure that both of them were okay.
Urs nodded.
“I better go and see them, and then I will check on Sebastien. I think you two should head to the bar and have a drink don’t you.”
They both looked at her. “I’m not a total prude you know and besides neither of you is taking enough medication that a few beers will hurt.”
She stood between them and first kissed Urs on the cheek then David. “Go on, it will do you good.”
Lea watched them walk off before heading into Carlos’ room. She found Tam sitting on the edge of his bed while Carlos slept. She was running her fingers through his hair and humming to him. She smiled at Lea as she came in. “It seems to have settled him.”
“Urs said you have been great with him. Thanks Tam. I kinda had my hands full with David.”
She could see the concern in Tams eyes. “Is David alright?”
“He is going to be.”
Carlos stirred a little. “Orto Cielo, Another Angel.”
Lea smiled at him. “How you doing my sweet?”
“I feel like I was lost, so very lost and afraid, but God sent an angel to help.” Carlos smiled at Tam and took her hand. “I am not so brave as I think.”
”No Carlos that is not true. You are very brave. It takes a great deal of courage to face ones fear and even more to accept that you have any. No Carlos, you are a very brave man.”
Tam’s voice was sweet and tender as she spoke. “I think all of you are very brave and strong in ways you do not understand. I have seen this in all of you since we have met.”
Carlos smiled back at her. “I am not so sure my angel.”
Lea replied. “Well I am. Urs and David are at the bar. I think it would be good for you to join them, if you are up to it. You guys need this time together.”
Carlos sighed and sat up. “I think maybe I would like that.” He looked at both of them. “It seems that you have seen more than our nakedness. Those masks that we wear you have seen behind, looked into our souls, seen all that we have been hiding, our pain, our fears, our dreams and with your gentle ways you are helping us to heal. I think Il Divo was always meant to be here.”
With that he gave them both a kiss and left.
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PostSubject: chapter 14 part 4   Thu May 21, 2009 5:50 am

Lea sat on the bed with Tam. “So how are you coping with all this?”
“I think helping them has helped me. Does that sound strange?”
“No. It sounds to me like you are getting stronger as well.”
Tam smiled. “I feel like I can be there for them. I am not so sure about myself sometimes but I feel safe with them, even when things…”
“When things get a little screwy?”
Tam smiled. “Yes... I remember when I was younger, in school I used to help others, you know listen. I think this is something I can do, give them.”
“I think it is as well Tam and I am glad because I am going to have to rely on you to make sure they are okay very soon.”
Tam just looked at Lea with alarm written all over her face. “No. Why? They still need you and you and Sebastien. Are you leaving us?”
It would be the first time Lea would speak the words she had been dreading. So far she had been able to keep the thoughts buried. “No I am not leaving Tam, but they will, you will. I have to stay. I belong to the Navy for another 12 months and I want to make sure that someone is there to take my place.”
Tam grabbed Leas hands. “But I can’t take you place Lea, I wouldn’t know what to do. I’m not a nurse….I” Tam got flustered and her words got stuck in her throat.
“Tam…. It’s alright…. You don’t need to be a nurse. Soon they won’t need one but they will need someone like you who will listen, who sees things that others will not, who will know when they need help even if they don’t. I can’t go Tam, as much as I want to, not just yet. Will you do this for me? I know I am asking a lot, you still have a lot to deal with yourself.”
Tams voice trembled just a little. “My God Lea, You and Sebastien. He loves you so much, he will be crushed and you?” Tam saw the beginning of tears in Lea’s eyes and she cuddled her. “But you already knew you would have to let him go.”
“And I am sure Seb has given it some thought as well. He’s a smart man, speaking of which, I better go and check on him.” With this Lea got herself sorted, put on her nurses face and went next door to check on her French Prince. Tam went down to the bar to be with the others.

Sebastien was sleeping peacefully, a serene, content and almost angelic look on his face. Lea had to smile; even as he slept he swept away her heart. With the conversation she had just had with Tam still at the forefront of her mind Lea was finding it hard not to get all emotional. The plain truth was, Sebastien would have to leave and she would have to stay and if they did not survive that then their relationship was never supposed to be. She did not like it, did not want it but she was Navy and that was how it would be.

Sebastien opened his eyes to find her smiling down at him. “Hello my sweet, how are you feeling?”
Sebastien was a little groggy from the sedative she had given him. “Allo.”
“Hi yourself. You feeling okay?”
Sebastien sat up in bed looking straight a Lea with a very serious expression on his face spoke in French. None of which Lea under stood. What she did understand however was that somehow Sebastien had reverted back to an early stage. She was gutted.
She said his name “Sebastien.” And he nodded. At least he remembered that.
“Do you remember who I am?”
Sebastien remained silent and the tears welled up in her eyes. “No. this cant be happening.” Lea turned so he could not see her face. This was impossible. The headaches were supposed to bring back his memories not take them away. Lea was worried that she was going to have to let him go but he was already gone.
Lea just flopped into the chair. She had found the love of her life and this was how he would get ripped away from her.
“Boisson, S’il vous plait.”
Lea remembered the French word for drink from last time, so she went to the bar fridge and got Sebastien a bottle of water. Still in a daze she handed it to him.
“Thank you Lea, my mouth is very dry.”
Her heart stop beating, she stopped breathing. She did not want to startle Sebastien so she tried to keep her excitement under control. “What did you say?”
“My mouth is a bit dry.”
Leas smiled so hard it made her face hurt. “But you said it in English. Do you know who I am?”
“Of course I know who you are. Might not know who I am but you, I know.”
“My God Sebastien! What is the first thing you remember when you woke up?”
“You were sitting in the seat and I asked for some water.”
“Nothing before that?”
“Of course not I was asleep. Lea what is going on?”
Lea sat on the edge of his bed and told him what had just happened. Sebastien was stunned; he had no recollection of any of it. “And you are saying I said that in French. But I don’t remember any of it Lea.”
“But you haven’t lost any new memories either, you remember the last few weeks.”
“Only too well I am afraid.”
“Aw it hasn’t all been so bad has it?”
This brought a smile to his face and he pulled her closer. They kissed and Sebastien said something in French which made Lea sit backup and look at him. He smiled so alluringly Lea felt herself being swallowed up by those deep, deep ocean green eyes. “It’s okay Lea. I am still here.”
Lea really didn’t care that he spoke to her in French and she had no idea what he was saying. As long as her French Prince was beside her, he could have spoken Hindu and she would not have cared. How were they going to cope when it was time to part? But for now, they were wrapped in each others love, nestled in the knowledge that right at this moment, their souls belonged to each other, their hearts had melted into one and they sang the same melody.
They stayed entangled around each other until there was a knock at the door. Lea uncurled herself and went to answer it. David, Carlos and Urs where standing at the door with Tam looking very much like she was trying to keep Urs on his feet. David had a grin on his face. “We thought we better leave the bar before we got drunk.”
“From the looks of you I think you left it a bit late.” Lea had her hands on her hips and was tapping her foot. She was not so surprised at David or maybe Urs but Carlos.
“Carlos, I thought you didn’t drink.”
He was way passed the merry stage. “Apparently I do.” And he burst into fits of giggling joined by Urs and David.
Urs began to lean far too far over to the left and Tam had a hard time keeping up right.
David went to lean on the door frame and missed falling into Lea. “Oh for heavens sake. You three, back to your rooms right this minute.” Lea pushed David back onto his feet.
Carlos tried to salute. “Yes Ma’am.” And only ended up smacking Urs in the face.
“Hey, watch the aim there buddy.”
David made a smart comment to Lea. “Hey Mum you gonna tuck me in?”
Lea beckoned for David to get closer; as he moved in she slapped him on the side of the head, took hold of the collar of his shirt and made sure their faces were very close. “Miller, SHOOOO.”
They all giggled again and this time David gave Lea a salute and they staggered towards their rooms.
“Tam, you going to be okay?”
From underneath Urs’ arm she just waved and kept walking, making sure that Urs stayed on his feet until they got to the room.
Lea watched from the door as they all in some rather unusual ways entered their rooms. Tomorrow there would be some sore heads to contend with.
Sebastien came up behind Lea, putting his arms around her waist and resting his chin gently on her shoulder, he nuzzled her neck. “Now that the children have gone can we continue?”
Lea turned, smiled and closed the door without looking. “Sounds like a good idea to me.”
This time she giggled.
They spent the night in conversation but never spoke a word, they taught each other lessons with gentle love and compassion; they listened to the rhythm of each others body and found the same song to sing.
Lea and Sebastien became one that night, all fears and sadness lost for a few hours in their unified embrace.

Tam and Urs spent the night in the same room but once she had him in the bed, Tam took up her post in the chair next to the bed. She smiled. He was very silly when he was drunk but now he slept like a baby, innocent and pure.

David had struggled to get his shirt off over his cast and given up. Having the same trouble with his shoes he had fallen asleep on top of the bed and would stay there until morning.

Carlos had a little better luck. He managed to get his shirt and shoes off but passed out before he could do anything else.

The night would pass in a mist of murky dreams for the three tipsy Divos’. The morning only bringing with it regret.
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PostSubject: IL Divo Missing chapter 15 part 1   Sat May 23, 2009 5:12 am

Chapter 15
Sebastien and Lea were first to wake and had gone to the Lodge restaurant for breakfast, finished and enjoying that last lazy cup of coffee when in walked David, Urs, Carlos and Tam.
Tam smiled and waved, the other three, all wearing sunglasses sat at the table and mumbled their good mornings. Lea had to smile, she had no sympathy for self inflicted wounds but on the other hand she really did understand why they had done it. “I was going to order you their big breakfast fry up but Sebastien said that was too cruel.”
“Thanks Sebastien. What we did last night was not good.” Urs rubbed his head; he really did look like a lion this morning, hair wild and unkempt, unshaven.
Sebastien smiled at them all. He really thought his night had been much better than theirs. “You guys look worse than you did in Mexico when you got a little carried away with the tequila.”
All eyes were on Sebastien, each one of the Divos took his sunglasses off, and they were silent. Sebastien did not know what to think about their collective stare. “Did I say something in French again? I am sorry”
“No, No….Sebastien, you remembered, you remembered Mexico.” Lea took hold of his hand.
David lent over the table just a little. “Sebastien. Do you really remember Mexico?”
The others all sat up in their seats waiting for the answer. Sebastien looked around the table while he tried to place the memory he had spoken about. It came in flashes. Came with other images he still could not place but this one was very strong.
“Yes. We were all in a bar, the hotel bar and David was trying to get Carlos to taste the tequila. I think Urs may have had a head start as I recall he was already rather happy.”
Urs smiled. “Of all the things you could have remembered it had to be that.”
Lea was ecstatic. “Seb, you remembered. Is their anything else?”
Again they could see he was trying hard to catch hold of something, anything else. But he shook his head. “I am Sorry.”
Tam spoke up. “Don’t be sorry Sebastien; this is good news, your first break through.”
“Maybe last night had something to do with it.” Sebastien looked at Lea and she went a light pinkish colour. Thankfully being under the weather the others did not see it, but Tam did and she winked at her. However Sebastien was thinking about how he had not recalled his first waking moments. He told the others what had happened.
“So Lea what do you think.” David seemed to be better this morning even with the hang over.
“I don’t know. All I know is that it was very scary; I thought that he had lost all his memories there for a few moments. But maybe he is right. Now that he has taken hold of this one new memory the others will come back a little at a time.”

They all nodded in agreement as the waitress came over to serve them. Their breakfast consisted of coffee, toast and jam. Carlos had ventured out a little further and ordered scrambled eggs but he never touched them. Tam had her usual fruit salad. She had been very careful with what she ate and it seemed to be working.

They all ordered another round of coffee and began to discuss what kind of trouble they could get into for the day when they all jumped, reaching for their mobile phones to deaden the noise before their heads exploded. Tam, Lea and Sebastien smiled at the others. The coffee had done nothing to help their hang overs.
David looked at the message on his phone. “Simon. Press conference is tomorrow, in the Officers Club at ten A.M.”
Lea went to take David’s phone. “Oh no you don’t, not this time.” He put it on silent and back in his pocket. The others did the same, except for Sebastien, he handed his phone to Lea. David groaned and rolled his eyes. “Aww Sebastien why did you do that?”
Lea was busy sending a text back to Simon and Sebastien just shrugged his shoulders. “Seemed like the right thing to do.”
“But God only knows what she is telling Simon. I know he won’t be here tomorrow but we have to face him sometime.”
“I’ll have you know that I am telling him if he tries to feed Tam to the lions tomorrow I will bury him so deep he will never come up for air.”
Carlos spluttered out coffee and the others just looked at her amazed.
Lea gave the phone back to Sebastien and smiled cheekily at the others. “What…Just wanted him to know who he is dealing with... ….So I guess we better get prepared for tomorrow.” She looked at Sebastien. “I’m sorry but you are going to have to come back to the hospital with me, we need to do a few things before you face the press tomorrow.”
Then she turned her attention to Tam. “I was thinking Tam, How about we stick with the ‘she can’t talk’ scenario for now? That way the boys can field your questions.”
Tam loved the idea. “I’m not sure how I will cope with other people Lea, so this might be good.”
“Okay, you get to telling your life story to these three drunkards here and they can take notes.”
Urs, David and Carlos looked at Lea with such dopey expressions she had to smile. “You know, notes, pen, paper.”
Tam laughed as David went to say something but Lea gave him a look. “You going to say something Miller?”
“Me.. Never. What made you think I would ever say something?”
Lea made a slight move in her chair and David put up his arm to protect himself. “No hitting, my head hurts enough.”
The all laughed.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 15 part 2   Sat May 23, 2009 5:14 am

Back at the hospital Lea had Sebastien in one of the private outpatient rooms. She had a brace over his head and was fiddling with little pins and screws.
After Lea had told him what she proposed, he had been willing to go along with the idea but now trussed up in bits of metal he was not so sure.
What she wanted to do was make it look like he had broken his jaw and it was wired. This way he would be unable to speak and therefore not have to answer questions he knew nothing about.
It was going to take some re adjustment to get this piece of equipment to look authentic but not have to put holes in Sebastien’s face.
Sebastien liked the idea of no holes. He had enough bruises as it was.

Simon was dreading the fact that he would not be there for the press conference and even more so now that he had received not one but two messages from a certain Navy nurse who it seemed to Simon had become far too protective of Il Divo. There would be several executives from Sony BMG at the Naval Base, they where flying in from New York and the Base Commander had assured Simon that security was at the top of the list. He did feel a little better because the press conference was on the base but he also wanted Il Divo home and Tam was the wild card in the mix. He had no idea how people would react to her and that fact that she was alive. He had done some digging when he got back to London and found out that she had disappeared at the height of her career. No doubt if she had not gone missing she would have carved out a very lucrative career in the world of classical piano. What he read was pretty much what Tam had told Urs and was re telling the others. Simon knew her life up until she disappeared. Il Divo knew the rest.
Simon had organised for a telephone link up so he could at least listen to the conference. He also wished he knew what they planned to do about Sebastien?
Tomorrow would be a big day for them all. A big day indeed.
Although the press conference was set for 10.00am, Il Divo, Tam and Lea had been at the Officers Club since 8.00am. Thinking it wise to get there before anyone else. Due to the unusual nature of the event the navy had spared no expense when it came to security, who had been roaming in and outside the officers club well before Il Divo had turned up. They looked formidable. David wondered as they all did, what kind of security it would have been if something significant was happening, say like the presidents visit? Everywhere you looked there was a marine looking back. David smiled at a few and although they did acknowledge him they did not smile back. He had no doubts that if something out of the ordinary happened the reactions from the marines would be swift and punishing.
They also noticed that Lea seemed to know quite a few of the security team. They did not speak but there was a silent, intentional transaction between her and many of the marines.

Il Divo had been made comfortable in the kitchen, where they would stay until they were needed. The Sony BMG executives had arrived and after the usual Navy security checks, which were anything but usual to these people, they were allowed into the kitchen as well. An emergency evacuation plan was discussed in case things got out of hand. Lea took all this in her stride and the Sony executives did not seem to unnerve her at all. Il Divo were a little nervous about all the checks but it was when one of the marines came into the kitchen and announced that all the press had arrived that they really became uncomfortable.
“Okay Sebastien it’s time.”
Lea pulled out the contraption she had jerry rigged to fit on Sebastien’s face to look like his jaw was broken. No one else had seen it until them. Once fitted it really did look like Sebastien was all wired up. Lea tightened it so he could not talk and he found that it did actually pinch his face just a little. He was hoping this was not going to be a long conference. The others just stared but it was Carlos that said something they did not expect. “You think we could get one of those for David?”
The others laughed, so did David but Lea saw the change in his eyes. The comment had hurt him. She wondered how many times this wonderful man had been hurt and then hidden behind his laugh, hidden behind the characters he had played on stage. There was much, much more to him than many people understood. Lea wondered if it was not David that she should have been looking after instead of Sebastien, who had made it quite clear that even without his memories he was happy.
“There is a nice surprise out there for you guys as well. It’s not all press. Thought a few familiar faces may help.” Lea smiled at them as the executives ushered them through the door.
Just before he disappeared Lea grabbed David’s good arm. “David. How are you doing? You going to be okay with this?”
His smile was so sweet, so warm; it was hard to believe he was struggling with demons. “Yeah, it’s cool. I’ll be fine.” He touched her face gently and kissed her on the forehead. “I have a job to do and it will get done.”
“Miller.” This time Lea spoke his last name with compassion, concern and understanding. “You are not a job for me or them. Don’t forget that. I’ll be here for you no matter what.”
David smiled and Lea thought she saw a tear but he was pulled through the door and was gone.

As Il Divo and Tam waited in the wings the Commander of the Base pretty much read the riot act to all the press, who for the most part had just complained about the amount of security they had to go through to get on the base and the fight they had at the gate just to get through the fans. Some of whom had not been backward in explaining what might happen to them if they hurt Il Divo in anyway.
Standing next to Il Divo was Jimmy. “You guys say the word if you have had enough and we are outa here.”
They all thanked him as the Commander came to the end of his little speech and introduced them onto the platform. They all waved and said hello to the press as they sat behind a large table. That was except for Tam and Sebastien. The cameras started clicking as soon as they saw Sebastien. He really did look a sight. But as the boys and Tam looked through the crowd they smiled. Indeed there were some very familiar faces. Urs smiled when he saw Monette and Ketty and of all people Bear, just in front of them Lea’s group of crazy friends smiled back at them and waved. All of Il Divo smiled back at them. It was indeed nice to see them. This had obviously been Lea’s doing. David looked back off to the side of the stage. Lea was standing next to Jimmy and the Commander. He mouthed the words “Thank you” and Lea blew him a kiss back. This brought an uncertain look from her Commander but David saw her smile at him, she blew him a kiss as well and he had to laugh to himself. That woman was not afraid of anyone. He saw the biggest smile on the Commanders face before he got pulled back into the press conference by questions.

Tam was sitting between Urs and David, it had been staged that way and she felt very protected. However, even though she was still not comfortable with crowds Tam felt even more protected by the fact the there were marines posted all around the room, along every wall. Standing tall and poker faced, nothing was going to happen in that room they did not want to happen. She knew it and the press knew it. Maybe that is way the questions started off in a quiet fashion.
They each answered them as best they could. David and Urs fielded a lot of questions for Sebastien for which he was very pleased as many of them he could not answer. By listening to his friends he did find out a little more about the three years that were missing, a little more about the bond they had and a little more about himself. It saddened him that he had lost this and silently prayed he would get it all back, even the response from the press had made him realise he was involved in something very special.
Carlos lightened the feeling with his bravado and jokes about how many beautiful ladies the Navy had. His comments brought a laugh from many but it also gave them the chance to fire questions at Tam. She held Urs’ hand under the table at the first one and he squeezed it lightly to let her know he was there for her.
Urs was the one to explain that Tam did not speak, this sent a ripple though the reporters and again cameras went into overdrive. Except for Sebastien they all answered questions about and for her. Carlos even pulling down his shirt to show them how she had fixed his shoulder, David explained about his arm and how it was Tam who had made the decision to get Sebastien into the water to cool his fever. How it was Tam who had buried the pilots, how it was Tam who had looked after them, they were all sure that without her they would not have made it passed that first day.
A reporter shot a question at Sebastien asking if he thought he would be here if not for this person. No one needed to answer for him he just nodded his head and blew her a kiss.
Il Divo was given questions as to when they would start the next tour since things had changed and again they gave the best answers they could. Tam was asked about her career and David answered these questions for her. While he was answering a question from one reporter Tam wrote a note on the pad she had with her and gave it to David. He smiled while the reported wanted to know what she had written.

“Well, she says you are very cute and do you want to be her publicist if she decides to get back into the music business.”
This brought laugher from the other reporters but her target had gone red and was getting heckled by his co workers who were close by.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 15 part 3   Sat May 23, 2009 5:15 am

Il Divo and the Sony executives where happy about how the conference was going. Simon had been listening in and was also happy. That ulcer in his stomach had not grown. But the conference was one of the longest they had ever done.
Carlos had been at the opposite end of the table to Sebastien but he had seen him rub his head a few times, he got Urs and David’s attention and they too noticed. David motioned to the Commander who entered the platform and brought the questions to an end. As soon as he had stepped up a line of marines silently put themselves across the front of the platform effectively making a barrier between Il Divo and the press. Any reporter that looked a marine in the eye got a very cold and steely look back.
As they were being moved off the stage David asked the reporters to thank their fans for all their support and they were gone.

Back in the kitchen Carlos went straight to Sebastien. “Are you okay Sebastien? Does your head hurt?”
Sebastien was trying to get the metal cage off his head so Lea came to help. He had tears in his eyes and she was worried that he would collapse again. As soon as the cage was removed he grabbed his head but this time before he could fall to the floor, Carlos, Urs and Jimmy grabbed him and sat him on a chair. One of the Sony executives still had Simon on the phone and was giving him a point by point description of what was going on. Sebastien sat there with his head in his hands trying to make the pain go away. Lea knelt down beside him waiting for it to be over and wondering if the same thing would happen. Would he forget again, would he remember?
David took the phone and talked to Simon.” No Simon, he’ll be okay in a minute. It just hurts him so much.”
Everyone could hear David’s part of the conversation and it seemed that Simon had been talking for a while and David’s expression was getting grimmer and grimmer. All he said was “FINE” and hung up. Without any warning he hurled the phone at the wall and it smashed into pieces.
Urs got between David and the executives; he could see what was going to happen. “David!!!! That must have been one hell of a conversation.”
David looked at Urs, the pain and anger just under the surface. “Simon wants us in New York ASAP” he pointed to the executives. “These bozos are here to take us.”
Urs was stunned. “What. Today?”
It was one of the executives that spoke. “Yes. Today Mr Buhler.”
“But Sebastien can’t travel just yet. You can’t expect him to go not just yet.” Now Urs was as angry as David. He had no idea why, he knew that Tam would be going with them and eventually Sebastien would get better but the thought of leaving the Base just seemed to rattle him. He felt safe, it was like knowing that if they left they would be back into the world and everything would start to invade again. Being on the Base had given them all time to just be themselves and not worry about anything but getting better.
Again the same executive spoke. “We have been in communication with the Neuro surgeon and he has given Mr Izambard the all clear to fly. There is no reason for you to stay.”
Although Sebastien was trying to cope with his headache Lea had heard the whole conversation, so had Tam. Who had put her hands on Lea’s shoulders. She knew how hard this would affect her new friend. They knew it was coming but it did not make it any easier. But it was Carlos who spoke or rather yelled.
“No. No. No. I am not getting on any plane. The last one fell out of the sky. No. Prohibido!!” Carlos had gotten himself so worked up that a few of the marines had started to close in, David’s phone throwing had caught them off guard, nothing else would.
Urs shot a look at the executives. “Now look what you have done!!! For heavens sake didn’t anybody think about that? We’ve been in a plane crash. I’m with Carlos. No planes.”
Sebastien tried to stand and Lea helped him to his feet. “I’ll fly the plane.”
They all looked at him; he was pale and squinting, still holding the side of his head. His idea shot an arrow through Lea’s heart. He was giving them a way to leave.
David shook his head. “No way buddy. Put you in the pilot’s seat so you can have another attack and down we go. I don’t think so.”
“No listen. Co pilot, we find some else we trust, just in case but I can’t see Mr Cowell letting us stay here much longer. We need to find another pilot.”
Just them Monette, Ketty, Bear and the others came into the kitchen. But Carlos was still protesting about getting into a plane. “No way. I’m not getting into a plane.”
Bear walked over to Carlos and lifted him off the floor so he could look him straight in the eye. “Me be thinking you need to get back on the horse Mr Carlos. Or maybe Bear has to give you sleeping juice for the plane.” Bear put Carlos gently back down on the floor.
Carlos was speechless, so were the others. Lea just wished they would stop giving them help with the leaving part of this plan.
“So…” Urs was still reeling from Bears actions. “So… Carlos… How do you feel about Sebastien driving with some help?”
“I don’t want to get back in a plane.”
“I know Carlos. I don’t think any of us do. But we have to, or our careers are over. No planes, no world tours, no world tours, no live shows to keep the fans happy, no fans, no careers.”
Carlos looked at the others; Urs’ words had penetrated them all. They knew that Il Divo had no choice; they could get to New York Simons way or their own way.
“But who would the other pilot be? I want to know this person.” Carlos, although resigned to the fact he was going to have to get on the plane was holding out for a little bit of hope that he could give them some more time.
Bear spoke up. “I know of this person. You must be knowing this person and he must be fly boy yes.”
They all nodded.
A big beaming smile stretched across Bears face. “I be fly boy, I be your pilot.”
Everyone let out a collective gasp but Monette was very calm. “I will have you know my Bear is one of the finest pilots the Navy has. He can fly most anything blind folded.”

The conversation shifted from Carlos’ fear to Bears actual flying experience. Chic, Laura, Sheila, Cydalia and Sonya gathered around Carlos and the other Divos and no one noticed that Lea had left the kitchen except Tam, who followed her. She found her back in the room were the press conference had been held. It was deserted.
The tears streamed down Lea’s face, as hard as she tried not to cry was as hard as she cried. “Oh God Tam, he’ll be gone by tonight. It wasn’t supposed to happen so quickly, not so soon. I can’t do this; we didn’t get enough time together.”
Tam just let Lea pour her heart out and cry, she held her in her arms and her own tears fell.
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~*~ IL Divo Missing ~*~ By: Lois Lane
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