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"We Came Here To Love".

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 ~*~ IL Divo Missing ~*~ By: Lois Lane

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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 15 part 4   Sat May 23, 2009 5:16 am

David had noticed that Lea had gone as well as Tam and quietly he went to look for them. Lea saw him come into the room; She dried her eyes and tried to look professional, feeling anything but.
As he got closer David just smiled and held out his good arm. Lea started to cry again and fell into is arms. David hugged her. “You’re not loosing him forever Lea. just a little while. He loves you very much and I am guessing he is already trying to figure out ways to get back to you on his days off. I know I would be.”
David pulled her a little closer. “Of course we are going to have to figure out a way to get you to come see us. How am I going to manage without you slapping me on the head all the time to keep me in line?”
Lea stood up a little straighter. “I’m sorry David I shouldn’t be burdening you with this silly stuff.”
David put his hand under her chin and lifted her face so she had to look at him. “My sweet, sweet angel. This is not silly stuff. This is what everyone wished they had in their lives. You like Tam are part of us now. So no matter what happens or where we go you will always be with us I promise. We need you more than you probably know.”
Lea tried to make a joke. “That’s just cause I can get all the good medication.”
David smiled. “Lea, as far as I am concerned you are the medication. Sebastien loves you; you helped me see the truth.”
Lea went to say something but David stopped her. “I know I still have a few things to deal with but now I can deal with them, thanks to you. I so wish you could get on this plane with us.”
“When do you leave?” It was a question she did not want to ask.
“Well according to those bozos in there we will be gone before dark.”
Lea held back the tears. “David what if Sebastien forgets...” She couldn’t finish.
“I won’t let him forget you Lea. He seems to be handling his headaches a lot better. He is recovering from this one faster than the others.”
Tam tapped Lea on the shoulder and pointed to the door. Sebastien was standing there. Lea left David’s embrace and they walked to each other. Her tears rolled down her face again and they hugged each other, held each other wishing they would be bonded together to become one, never to be separated again.
Tam and David left them quietly alone.

It was not Sebastien’s head that hurt, it was his heart. It was being torn and ripped apart in ways he never thought possible. He couldn’t breath, his throat felt like it was swollen, he was trembling and tears fell hard and fast. The grief he felt was overwhelming and inconsolable. He felt like if he let go of Lea she would vanish and he would never find her again. He was afraid that if he left his mind would play tricks on him and he would forget her. He never wanted to forget her, he had found true love, real true love and the thought that he would loose it pained him to the very core of his being. He held on to her as tight as he could and their individual pain morphed and consumed them both.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 15 part 5   Sat May 23, 2009 5:17 am

Il Divo and Tam had said their good byes and Jimmy had dropped them off at the plane. Bear had already done the pre flight check. The only other person beside the Sony executives that would be flying to New York with them was Bear. No fans, no press , no marines, no Lea. Sebastien had kept a look out for her but he had told her not to come, Would this be the first time in her life she actually did what she was told without a fight of some kind. They were both emotionally drained by their separation and Sebastien had no idea his heart and soul could hurt so much, never before in his life had he experienced such feelings. If he could make a deal with the devil that meant loosing all his memories but staying with Lea he would have done it. How could a person affect him so in such a short space of time. He looked at Urs and Tam, it was possible, but they would be together. Sebastien boarded the plane without any thought that it was the first one he had been on since the crash.
The same could not be said for the others, they all stood outside looking, waiting for what, they did not know. Carlos was actually taking steps backwards away from the plane until Monette gave him a gently push back in the right direction. “Bear said you may need some help. Would you like me to help you on the plane Carlos?”
Carlos thought about her offer but declined. He really needed to do this on his own. He watched as David took a deep breathe and climbed the steps and disappeared inside only to re appear seconds later with a goofy look on his face. He was shaking like a leaf inside but he did not want the others to know that.
Urs started to move towards the plane and felt Tams grip on his hand get even tighter. It had been ten years for her but the feelings were the same. Her stomach was in knots and she was shaking.
“You up for this Tam?”
She smiled at her Swiss Prince. “Where you go I go.”
Well that was it. Even if Urs had wanted to back out he couldn’t. He did not feel very brave but he wanted Tam to feel safe so he took the first step and stood on it for a few seconds before walking up the rest.
Once Tam was on the plane she turned around and beckoned for Carlos. He smiled but he did not move.
Bear looked out the cockpit window to Carlos. “Your friend I don’t think he be coming. I think maybe Bear help him up the steps.”
Before Sebastien realised what Bear was going to do he was gone. He watched in awe as Bear got off the plane, walked over to Carlos, gave his wife a kiss, picked Carlos up like a rag doll and carried him onto the plane.
Once on the plane Bear put Carlos in a seat and fastened his seatbelt. Carlos was so shocked he hadn’t said a thing; the others were just as stunned and decided to buckle up just in case Bear thought they needed any help.
“We be in the air soon.” With that he closed the door with one last wave to his wife and went back to the cockpit.
Carlos still had not said a word. His was holding onto the armrests white knuckled, David would have been doing the same except one of his arms was in a cast. So he held on with his good arm and every muscle in his body tensed up.
Urs had tried to be very brave but was not succeeding. He to held his armrest tight with one hand and Tam with his other hand. They looked at each other and smile but never said a word.

In the cockpit Sebastien unconsciously rubbed his leg. Bear noticed but did not say anything about it. It was good that Sebastien was flying it meant his fears would be dealt with.
“Would you take her up Mr Sebastien? I would be honoured.”
Sebastien looked at Bear. He had not expected to handle the take off but was glad to be doing it.
He did his checks and took one last look out the window for Lea.
She was there next to Monette and she had a poster with her. Sebastien had to smile His last image of the woman he loved was of her standing on the edge of the run way with a poster that had one simple word on it but it meant the world to him. All it said was “THUD”
They taxied and took off but instead of just flying out Sebastien flew across the runway and tipped his wings at Lea. He knew she had seen them and he smiled. Being a Naval Base he figured it was probably not the best thing to do and that was evident from the radio chatter but what could they do? Give him a dishonourable discharge? He figured that Bear was too much of a valuable marine to get into serious trouble and he was right.
However his passengers were not too happy about his little fly and dip procedure. The take off itself had brought back flashes of the crash so Sebastien’s little manoeuvre had not helped ease their fears. None of them would completely relax until they were on the ground in New York.

The Il Divo fans had been busy posting on the web site. Ketty and Monette had both written reports as soon as they had left the Base. Those at the gate had given information about which media and press agents had arrived for the press conference and once the plane took off Monette text Ketty and she posted the message on the forum.
The fans at the Base entrance knew their vigil was over. Their Divos were headed for New York. Many of the fans had posted about how brave they had been to get back into a plane so early. If they had only known how their Divos where coping and who was flying the plane, the posts may have been different. Monette had thought it best not to let them know that Sebastien was flying. Except for the few fans on the base no others knew the real reason by Sebastien had not spoken at the conference.
Unbeknown to anyone Simon had been keeping an eye on the forum. Again he was amazed at how fast these fans got and posted information. The plane was hardly in the air and there were messages coming in. He wondered what would happen when the first photos of Il Divo found their way into the hands of these fans. As if on cue Simon watched as a photo of Sebastien in Lea’s little contraption appeared. The first news report had just broken in the USA and here was the photos staring back at him. Others soon followed of all the members as well as Tam. Divas placed their messages and information and fans from New York were ready and waiting to do what needed to be done.

Aaron Vaga watched the MTV special on Il Divo and their rescue but he sat forward in his chair when the cameras and the questions were on Tam.
“Tamara Teasdale, She’s Alive. Son of a ….”
Aaron had just switched off the TV when his phone rang.
”Aaron it’s Pete. Did you see the the MTV special. Wasn’t that the girl that used to go to the conservatorium with you?”
“Yeah, so.”
“She’s alive after ten years she’s alive.”
“Well you going to track her down?”
“Why would I do that? It’s not like we were friends or anything.”
Aaron hung up with an anger beginning to swell up inside. She had almost ruined his life ten years ago. She was not coming back to do it again
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 15 part 6   Sat May 23, 2009 5:18 am

It took sometime for David, Carlos, Urs and Tam to get a little more comfortable with their flight. Once through the take off and Sebastien’s little added extra and they levelled off, their bone cracking grips one the armrests loosened just a little but no one got our of their seats. Before the crash Carlos would have been asleep by now. That man could sleep on a clothes line but not this time. He was wide awake, memories of the crash playing over and over in his head. He was just glad that this was going to be a short trip and wondering if he should seriously thinking about taking up drinking.

David was a little better. Now that they were up in the air he was adjusting to he fact that they were flying and everything was okay. While he looked out the window his thoughts went to other things. His talk with Lea had shown him things in his life that he always knew were there but never had the courage or a reason to deal with them. He was lonely; he had been lonely for such a long time. He knew a lot of that was his own fault for not believing he was good enough for anyone, so therefore he never gave anyone a chance to get close enough to love him. Being with Il Divo just seemed to make his loneliness so much more valid. He loved the fans, he loved his fans, and they cared so much for them all. Even this he had found hard to cope with in the beginning. Found it hard to let them get as close as they did. One of the reasons he had started the video diaries. His way of letting people see into his life without having to get too close. But even that seemed to have made his loneliness even more apparent. He seemed to be out there on his own recording all for the fans. Alone behind the camera where no one could see him. The defence mechanisms he had put into place to protect himself were crumbling. David knew this was not all together a bad thing but he was not sure he was going to handle it very well. He had been shocked to discover Lea knew so much about his pain but even more shocked to hear himself talk to her about it. He was saddened by his own actions. Had he missed out on his soul mate because he was afraid to let anyone in? Maybe he would have been better off staying on the island? The rest of the flight gave David time to churn it all over and decide on a plan of action for his life. If he was meant to be alone then so be it but if not, he was going to try harder to allow people closer to him and understood that there was a price to be paid for such actions. He could get hurt.

Urs was talking calmly to Tam. She still had her eyes closed, tears of fear falling down her face, every muscle; every part of her body was wound so very tight Urs thought she would just snap. He could not get her to let go of the armrest. “Tam. I am here. I won’t let anything happen to you, I promise.” He was so worried about her that he had no time to contemplate his own feelings about being back on a plane. He had heard his oh so practical reasons for them to fly, when he had tried to get Carlos on the plane. All good reason but if he was honest with himself the only reason he had made it on was because of David. That big bear was not afraid of anything, well maybe a certain nurse on a Navy Base but he just walked straight onto the plane and that was it, fear conquered.
Urs admired David’s strength, he always had. He’d had some very deep reservations about joining Il Divo, he’d said yes but it was not until they had met and he had seen how David confronted everything with an inner strength that Urs just didn’t seem to be able to find in himself that he made his decision to stay. He really needed to tell David this one day. Right now Tam was his priority
“Tam. Look at me,… Please my angel, look at me.”
Slowly she opened her eyes and looked straight into his, daring not to look around her. She had dealt with a lot over the years on the island but this was far more than she bargained for. If the door had been open Tam really thought she would have just walked out. She was screaming but so silent.
Urs’ eyes were kind, soft and soothing. His touch was like the tender petals of a flower as they brushed her skin and his voice as sweet at the sweetest honey.
“I Love you Tam… I can’t believe that god put us together just to have us loose each other so soon. We will be together for such a long time.” Urs lent in and kissed her.
Tam drank in his fragrance with a hint of that cologne he liked so much; his lips seemed to transfer his strength to her. She let go of the armrests and wrapped her arms around his neck. His love melted, flowed over her and she gave in to its caress.
Urs felt her body relax; pulling back he looked into her eyes again. “Feel better?”
Tam nodded and Urs knew she had lost her voice again. “You’re going to be quiet for a while aren’t you?” He saw the change in her, the start of fear again so he quickly continued, placing his hands on her face and tenderly stroking her cheek with his fingers. “That’s Okay. We don’t need words do we?” Again he kissed her and again Tam felt herself drawn by his magic, nothing else existed in that moment, nothing but their love for each other.

Sebastien was nervous about piloting the plan, it had been so long for him but Bear seemed to be very happy to let him. He loved to fly, that much he did remember but had been worried that the crash would have such a traumatic affect on him that he would not be able to. He had no idea why he said he would fly them to New York; there was no logical reason for it. He was actually volunteering to leave Lea behind. But the words had been out of his mouth before he knew it. He hadn’t told any of them but his last headache had shown him some new memories. Well at least he thought it was, he would need to check to see if it was a memory or just something he had seen on one of the Il Divo videos. But he was pretty sure it was his own memory. It was just the flash of another interview, in another room, with press and fans alike but he had answered questions, made a joke and everyone laughed. But that was all. He still couldn’t get the pieces to fit. He wanted so much to remember these three men that obviously had become his friends. He had been grateful that they had continued to treat him like THEIR Sebastien, even knowing that he could not give back that same love and friendship not just yet. They were true friends that much he knew.
Sebastien and Bear talked about flying and Sebastien got to know this very tall, very big, Southern raised marine. Bear was incredibly bright and intuitive. He blamed that on his grandmother the witch doctor. So he talked a little strangely, again he blamed that on his grandmother but Sebastien liked him immensely. He was honest and open and obviously not afraid of a challenge with five children and a feisty wife like Monette.
Sebastien found out that Bear had served in both gulf wars, dessert storm and numerous other tours of duty that sent a shiver down Sebastien’s spine. He had seen so much and yet you could see the soft tenderness he had for his wife and others around him.
They were in deep conversation with about an hour before landing in New York when Bear saw Sebastien’s face change and he grabbed both sides of his head, letting go of the controls. Unfortunately as he did he sent the plan into a noise dive which shot fear through everyone in the plane. Bear got it under control with in seconds but by then Sebastien was writhing in pain in his seat. This headache was almost as bad as the first one. He felt like his head was gong to explode. No…. make it stop!!!! Lea make it stop. Cesser!! Cesser!!!” Sebastien continued to hold his head while Bear flew the plane and kept an eye on him. He knew that Sebastien had passed out when he went quiet and limp in his chair. Bear put the controls into auto pilot and unstrapped Sebastien. It would normally have taken two people to move him but Bear pulled him from his seat and managed to get him through the door of the cockpit. The others were horrified to see this. David was out of his seat in a second. “What the hell happened and who is flying the plane?”
Bear put Sebastien in the seat next to Carlos and strapped him back in. “Auto pilot Mr David. I must get back. You friend he much pain in his head.”
Bear left them to continue to fly the plane and call ahead.
“Geeezz. Sebastien. Could you have picked a better time to have a relapse? Just as well Bear came along for the ride.”
Tam and Urs had move from their seats as well. As the Sony executives went to get out of there’s Urs yelled at them. “You stay right were you are!! This is all your fault, we told you he wasn’t ready to fly but no!!! Don’t make another move or I swear I’ll open the door and throw you both out!!!”
They both sat back down in silence, by the looks they were getting from both Urs and David it was blaringly clear they may well have followed through on the threat.
Tam checked Sebastien’s head; he did not have a temperature which was good. So he had fainted from the pain.
David looked at Urs and smiled “Way to go tough Guy. So my Swiss friend can get all fired up after all.”
“Sorry everyone. I apologise.”
“No need to buddy, but I think we may have to help Carlos as well” David pointed to their friend who was sitting next to Sebastien, eyes shut tight and holding on to the arm rests once again. “At this rate we are never going to get him back on another plane without some serious medication.”
Urs and David just looked at each other but Tam lent over and kissed Carlos on the cheek and began to hum her song. It wasn’t long before he opened his eyes to see her wonderful face. “My angel of light. Forgive such as I for being a coward. You deserved to be surrounded by champions, I have failed you dear lady.”
Tam shook her head and smiled at him and gave him another kiss.
David looked at Urs. “There he goes again with all that flowery talk and he gets away with it every single time.”
Urs just smiled. It was part of Carlos’ charm and why the Ladies loved him so much.
Sebastien began to stir and Bear stuck his head out of the cockpit to tell them they would be landing soon and to get back to their seats.
Urs asked Carlos to keep and eye on Sebastien.
Sebastien moaned a little and Carlos prayed that he would not wake up until they had landed.

Bear was a very proficient pilot and the landing was very smooth but it still unnerved them all. They landed and Sebastien woke up, shouting and screaming that they were going to crash. Carlos tried to keep him in his seat. Urs and David got to him and tried to settle him down.
Urs speaking to him in French and David trying to convince him that they were not going to crash, they had landed. Tam climbed onto the seat in front of them and it was when he saw her face that he stopped shouting and just stared at her. His mind had thrown the images of the crash to the front of his thoughts and he was sure he was in the crash but then he was trying to place Tam in the mix match of his thoughts. She was on the island after they crashed not on the plane. Was he hallucinating? He looked around and saw Urs, scar on his head and David with his arm in a cast. It had already happened. Sebastien was so confused. “Where are we?”
David smiled at his friend. “In a plane on the ground in New York.”
“We did crash didn’t we?”
Urs answered this one “Yes we did Sebastien but we are okay. Don’t you remember flying this plane?”
Again Sebastien’s mind flooded with images and he squinted at the pain. The others thought he was going to have another episode but a fast as it started the pain left and the images made sense. He smiled just a little. “Bear, Bear is here.”
They all sighed with relief and Carlos hugged him.
The plane had come to a stop and Bear appeared from the cockpit. The two executives had stayed seated. Urs shot them a look that could have sent them up in flames. “There better be a car waiting for us out there and I am guessing the apartments have been arranged considering you knew we where coming before we did?”
One of the executives stood and answered Urs. “Yes Mr Buhler and Miss Teasdale has been booked into the hotel.”
He never finished, both David and Urs began to shout at him. They were not happy about these arrangements But Sebastien got up from his seat and let out an ear piercing whistle that silenced them all. “She stays with us.” He said nothing else just looked at them all one by one and then at Tam. “Mademoiselle, if you please I should like to get off this plane now.” He took her arm and they walked to the door. Bear hard started to open it.
Carlos followed them “I would like to get off too.”
David and Urs stared at the executives for a few moments longer and then they too left.
The executives stayed behind for a little while neither one wanting to have another confrontation with Il Divo. They had been told they were the nicest people you could meet but they were very aware that if they were crossed things could get very ugly in a hurry and the size of their marine friend did not help. “Well I guess we cancel the hotel room then.”
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 16 part 1   Sun May 24, 2009 10:04 pm

Chapter 16
By the time the car dropped them off at the apartments David, Carlos and Sebastien now knew that Tam had lost her voice again. The strain of the plane flight had been all too much. Carlos was glad to be on the ground and David had spent most of the trip congratulating Urs for his performance on the plane. Sebastien had text Lea several times as they drove and each reply he got made his heart hurt just that little bit more.
As they stepped from the car Tam was over come by the amount of noise, not that it hurt her ears anymore but there was just so much of it. Sounds upon sounds and none of them natural, no birds, nothing. Just noise on noise on noise. Tam just wanted to get inside away from it all.

Sony had set Il Divo up in their own apartments in several cities around the world. Their lives may have looked like that of rich rock stars but the real truth was they were not getting paid much more than when they had been individual artists. So the extra perks so to speak helped a lot and gave them there own places to retreat to instead of hotel rooms and room service. They got real private time, could sleep in if they wanted or party all night. All the apartments were on the same floor and all had the same floor plan. David and Urs on one side and Sebastien and Carlos on the other side of the hall and all had great views of New York. Il Divo thought nothing of getting into the lift but Tam had second thoughts. It has been a while. All four of them gently helped her into the small box. David and Urs held her hands while Sebastien and Carlos stood behind her with their hands on her shoulders. She smiled to herself, they kept calling her their angel but in reality she had four guardian angels to look after her. The most precious, most loving and most gentle angels in the world and one of them had given his heart to her. Tam felt so blessed, so lucky, so grateful she had been given a second chance at love and life.

They all said their goodnights in the hallway. The stress of the flight had worn them all out, and headed into their own places. But before they left Tam kissed each one.
David couldn’t help himself. “Urs, do you think Tam could kiss us goodnight every night?” His big booming laugh echoed down the hall. But got cut short when Sebastien slapped him on the head. “Hey.”
It was Sebastien’s turn to smile. “From Lea, she said you wouldn’t get through the day without needing one.”
They all laughed and then said good night.

Urs let Tam enter his apartment first, giving her a chance to take it all in. The rooms at the Base Lodge had been nice but they were rooms. The first thing she saw was the piano and next to it several guitars, one electric and one acoustic.
“Take your time, have a look around.” Urs closed the door behind him and watched Tam as she explored. She went over and ran her hands across the piano but did not play it. Next she had a good look in the kitchen, many things she remembered, a few had changed. It was certainly much better than gathering wood and building a fire to cook your food. Opening the fridge she made a funny face and then smiled while she pulled something rather peculiar from the inside, holding it up for Urs to see. “Oh… I think that may have been an orange in a past life.” He took it from her and without thinking threw it down the food waist disposal and turned in on. The noise was deafening and Tam covered her ears. Urs switched it off immediately. “I’m so sorry. Did that hurt?”
Tam shook her head and Urs pulled her hands away from her ears. “But it was a bit of a shock?” She nodded.
“You hungry?.. By the looks of my fridge we will have to order in. Might be fun to go shopping tomorrow. Anything you feel like, Pizza, Chinese?”
Tam shook her head pointing to the bedroom and gave Urs her hand signals for sleep.
“Yeah I am pretty tired myself, shall we call it a night?”
Before long Tam was curled up in Urs’ arms and they both slept peacefully.

Sebastien was not so lucky when it came to sleep. His friends seemed to have forgotten that he did not remember this apartment, it was all new, but somehow it felt familiar. The first thing he noticed and it made him smile was the key holder next to the front door. There where three keys already on it and above them where is friend’s names. He put his own keys under his own name and guessed that they must each have a key to the others apartment. He wondered if this was something they had done themselves or it had been done for them? The doorman who had given them their keys seemed to know them all very well.
He looked around, touching things as he moved and like Tam he had opened the fridge. Unlike Tam he did not find any science experiments growing in its recesses. The exact opposite. Apart from a few bottles of water it was empty, very clean but empty. The freezer however was full of microwave dinners and quick fix meals. It looked like breakfast was going to be a cheese burger or a frozen dinner. Either that or he would have to find the closest café. Sebastien opened cupboards and sighed when he found the coffee machine and better yet coffee to go in it. Pulling it out he went about making the coffee. All was not lost. While he waited for it to brew he continued his exploration. And again sighed and smiled as he saw the wine rack, full of his favourite French red wine and a few he was not so familiar with.
Someone knocked on his door, it was David. “Hi Sebastien. I just remembered that you wouldn’t remember this place. Are you doing okay?” David smiled as he smelt the coffee. “Well you found the important thing.”
“And the wine I found the wine. Do you want to come in?”
“No, as long as you are okay. Just come on down if you need anything.”
Sebastien thanked David for his concern; it seemed to him that David’s heart was the biggest out of them all. The others were all very special people, all willing to go that extra mile and all had hearts of gold but Sebastien thought that David was somehow different. Couldn’t put his finger on it and without his memories it was hard to understand why he would think that.
He finished his exploring in the bedroom where he found a guitar next to his bed and a curious oddity on the bedside table. A little blue pirate smurf, holding an Australian flag. Sebastien had no idea why he would have such a thing but it obviously meant something to him. He must remember to ask the others about it. The smell of brewing coffee made its way into the bedroom, as Sebastien turned to leave a surge of pain ricocheted through his head and he fell to the bed. “Merde….”
He did not faint this time but through the pain he caught flashes and images of someone handing him the little smurf. All he saw where the hands, they were female and had a gold ring on the little finger.
Sebastien slid to the floor and sat there for a while rubbing the side of his head and again trying to piece the images together. Those of the crash, the ones that had flooded his mind on the plane and now this. He knew it was the Australian flag but he could not remember ever being there. Maybe the little smurf was from a fan but why keep it here? The new images had been of him and the other members of Il Divo on a beach, it felt like it was not too long ago but again Sebastien could not get anything to stick or make sense. He looked at the little smurf and smiled. “And what mystery do you hold my little blue man?”
Tomorrow he would need to talk to the others.

Carlos was still very tense so he had decided the best thing to do was have a very hot shower. By the time he finished not only was the bathroom steamy so was his bedroom. He did feel much better. He had not gone exploring his apartment like the others; all he wanted to do now was sleep and get the images of the crash out of his head. Those and the feeling he had when Bear had picked him up and carried him to the plane. He felt ashamed that he did not have David’s or Urs’ strength and that flying again could unsettle him as much as it did. He knew he would have to get over this new fear or as Urs had said his career would be over. Carlos crawled into bed and unconsciously began to hum Tams song to himself. Before long he was asleep, no dreams, no nightmares, just sleep.

David sat on the window ledge and looked out to the New York skyline. Slowly and methodically he worked his way through everything that had happened over the past few weeks. Flashes of the crash kept appearing as they had done since it had happened; it stirred up fears and feelings that he would push back down each time. Like other parts of his life he had controlled his fear. Pushing it back, way back so he did not have to deal with it. That was the only way he had been able to get back on a plane. But now it seemed that he could not get these thoughts to go back far enough. All his emotions, all his feelings, his fear, his wants, his desires all surfaced together like a tidal wave ready to devour him. David tried so very hard not to let them have the power but he failed. He watched his reflection in the window as he let out the most sorrowful cry he had ever heard. He sank to his knees and allowed the torment to escape. He wailed more than cried, his whole body shaking and his sounds were so mournful, so terribly painful. David sounded so broken hearted, so grief stricken and he continued to cry, weeping unable to bear the pain as he let years of sorrow and sadness flow from his very soul.

Tam sat straight up in bed. She had no idea what had woken her, Urs was still sleeping peacefully. She looked around the room and listened to the noise of the night. Something had unsettled her. She had been alone on the island long enough to pay attention to this feeling. Getting out of bed she walked to the lounge room and stood, eyes closed and listened. She was about to leave the apartment when she remembered she was not wearing any pyjamas. She smiled and remembered what Lea had told her and went back into the bedroom and got dressed.
Tam stood at the front door for a few moments and then took the key to David’s apartment off its hook. Sebastien had been right; they all had each others keys. Tam quietly left and walked down the hall stopping outside David’s door. She listened with hands pressed against the door, eyes closed. She could hear his crying, he was alone and in so much pain. Her own tears began. Opening the door she found David underneath the window, he looked up at her when he heard the door, there was no hiding now, he took a deep breath and tried to talk but he couldn’t, he just sobbed more. Tam knelt down beside him and kissed him on the nose then sat so she could cradle him in her arms. David did not protest, Tam cradled and rocked him and let him cry. They stayed like that for several hours. Once David had shed all his tears he was so drained of strength that he fell asleep in her arms. Tam continued to rock him and hum to him and gently run her fingers through his hair. He had been in so much pain for so long Tam wondered how he managed to keep up such a happy veneer. She had cried the same when her baby had died and she knew that now David had released it he would get better, would cope better, and would be better.
The sun was rising when he finally woke up. He stretched and sat up and with some embarrassment looked at Tam. She smiled and placed her fingers on his lips so he would not talk. Standing she pulled him to his feet and led him to the bedroom, sat him on the edge of the bed and took of his shoes and shirt. Pulling back the sheets she made him lay down.
David settled himself into the bed and smiled weakly at her. Tam knelt next to the bed and again kissed him on the nose then leant over and whispered to him. “You are my guardian angel.” Without saying another word she left and went back to Urs, slipping herself back into is arms and letting her tears flow. She prayed that one day David would find the kind of love she had found with Urs.
The noise of a text message coming in on his phone woke Sebastien. It was from Lea. All it said was ‘Are you awake yet sleepy head.’
Sebastien smiled and dialled her number. “Yes I am awake. You at the hospital?”
“Yep, and Chief petty Officer Muldoon is back. Seems he managed to break his hand on someone else’s face.”
“Is he behaving?”
“Oh Yeah. He’s no trouble. I am just on a brake so I thought I would call. How are you doing? You had another attack didn’t you?”
Sebastien was stunned that she knew “How do you know?”
“I can hear it in your voice. Remember anything?”
“Yeah but I need to talk to the others about it. I think they might be able to tell me what it is that I remember.”
“Sebastien, can you keep an eye on David. I am worried about him.”
“Do I need to be jealous?”
“No. No, but you deserve a slap up the side of the head for thinking so.”
They both laughed.
“Serious Cherie. Should I be worried about David, is there anything I can do?”
“No. I think maybe Tam might have an idea on what to do if need be, just keep an eye on him okay. I woke up this morning with this feeling.”
“Oh. Females and their feelings. This is intuition yes. It is scary sometimes. So I will watch David for you.”
Sebastien heard some noise in the background and Lea had to go “I need to go my Prince. I love you.”
“I love you to Cherie. I will call soon.”
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 16 part 2   Sun May 24, 2009 10:05 pm

Carlos was woken by the rumbling of his own stomach. It was time for food and he knew just the place. About half a block from the apartment was a wonderful bakery owned by the nicest German couple who made the nicest breads, bagels, cakes, croissants and Carlos’ favourite, bear claws. He had discovered these tempting little morsels on their first trip to the States. Well, Sebastien had found the bakery and next door was a coffee house that met with their approval. Indeed, this fine New York morning Carlos was going to take a walk.

Urs woke to the sound of Tam playing the piano, softly and sweetly, it was the most exquisite way to be woken from slumber. He walked into the lounge room and just watched her play; she had showered and was wearing one of his old Harley t shirts. Walking over to her he kissed her on the top of the head, she smelt divine. Without a word he guided her to her feet, and lifted her into his arms, carrying her back to the bedroom.

David had not moved since Tam had left. His body was so exhausted he would sleep well into the morning. His did dream a little and for the first time in many years they were not tainted with sadness or shadows.

Sebastien was about to knock on David’s door when Carlos appeared. “Arr Sebastien. Care to join me for a walk to your favourite bakery?”
Sebastien had a quizzical look on his face and Carlos smacked himself in the head. “I am sorry I forget that you forget. Will you come with me for breakfast? I will show you.”
“I would like that Carlos. I need to talk to you about something and I think I need a good coffee.”
“Me too old friend. Me too.”
The two friends walked down the street to the bakery and got a few stares but not because of who they were but because of how Sebastien looked. His face was healing but he still looked a sight. Once inside the bakery they waited their turn. Once they got to the counter Sebastien was a bit surprised. The two elderly people who obviously ran the place shouted out their names and came from behind the counter to hug them both. Other customers just smiled. They all knew Mama Hilda and Papa Joseph; they were good down to earth people not afraid to show their love and happiness to others.
Mama Hilda was somewhat concerned about Sebastien’s face and Carlos not wanting them to ask Sebastien questions he could not answer fell back on Lea's decoy.
“Ar poor Sebastien, he is not allowed to talk just yet. His jaw it was damaged in the crash. You understand.”
Joseph and Hilda looked at Sebastien with sad eyes. Joseph put his hands on his shoulders. “Sebastien, we are so sorry. Does this mean you cannot enjoy your favourite?”
Sebastien had not thought of that. He was devastated that he may not get to eat whatever his favourite was because of their rouse. However Carlos came through for him.
“Papa Joseph. It may take my friend here sometime to eat his favourite but I assure you he will not be leaving with out it.” Sebastien smiled and the others laughed.
“Then I will fetch it for him.” Mama Hilda kissed Sebastien gently on the cheek. “And you Master Carlos, your bear claws yes.”
Carlos’ eyes got bigger and wider. “Oh yes please Mama Hilda, very much yes please.”

Mama Hilda and Papa Joseph chatted with the two Divos for a little while longer and gave them enough goodies for David, Urs and Tam with a promise that they all must come back soon. Walking back to the apartments with coffee and goodies in hand Sebastien just had to know. “So Carlos what is my favourite.”
Carlos smiled, opened the bag and showed Sebastien a blueberry bagel.
Sebastien looked at his friend. “Are you sure?”
Carlos laughed and they continued to walk.

The two Divos return to Carlos’ apartment to have their breakfast. Sebastien was curious about the bagel and Carlos reminded him that he usually had it toasted with melted butter. So that is how he tried it. Sebastien could see how he would have said this was his favourite and with coffee it was even better.
Mama Hilda had given Carlos and extra bear claw and he was happy to devour it while chatting with Sebastien. “So have you heard form Lea my friend?”
Yes, she called this morning and we talked for a little while. She said something curious though.”
Carlos raised his eye brow as he does and Sebastien continued. “Wanted me to keep an eye on David. Said she was worried about him.”
Again Carlos raised his eye brow and gave Sebastien one of his crooked smiles. “Yes our David, so tall, so big, and so brave but so very, very deep. I worry to sometimes. I catch him when he is thinking his deep thoughts and he looks so sad and lost.”
“I wish I could remember Carlos, so I could help.”
“You will my friend. Don’t struggle with it so and it will happen.”
“Carlos can I ask you something? I had a few new memories but I need help trying to figure out what they mean.”
Carlos was intrigued and listened as Sebastien recounted what he remembered. He became excited when he realised that he could indeed help his friend with his problem. What Sebastien had described was their last holiday, the place they had been before that fateful flight, Saint Thomas. Carlos helped Sebastien put some of the pieces together. It seemed like his brain was mending from the most resent memories as the interview which Sebastien described was also from just before that time, in fact it had been their last interview before they had flown to St Thomas.
Sebastien was happy to be able to pinpoint some of these memories and hoped by locking them into place others would be easier to remember.
He had some memories of them on stage but it was still too early to piece them together. He had no idea if they were from the same concert or all different ones.
Sebastien and Carlos chatted about the last few weeks, their injuries. Carlos was very pleased that he would have a scar to show for their ordeal. Sebastien told him that his leg still hurt even though he was no longer limping and his face did not hurt so much. Carlos became a little sombre remembering how Sebastien had ended up with his facial injuries. “I am so sorry my friend. I did not know that Urs was capable of such a thing. He caught me by surprise and he was very hard to pull away.”
Sebastien smiled at his friend. “It’s okay Carlos. I was not myself. I did not know I was capable of what I did either and Urs had every right to do what he did. He was only protecting Tam. I think if the situation had been reversed and it was Lea in danger I would have done the same thing.”
Just then both their mobile phones sprang into life. It was a text from Simon. Sony had organised for them to do a TV interview with one of the morning shows the next day.
Carlos looked at Sebastien. “Does this mean that you will have to wear that thing on your face again?”
Sebastien was already shaking his head. “No way. We will just have to deal with it as it comes. I wonder why Mr Cowell had done this so soon.”
“Suppose we better see what the others think about this.” Carlos grabbed the bag of goodies and they left.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 16 part 3   Sun May 24, 2009 10:07 pm

Urs’ phone had gone off as well but it was not the message that surprised him it was the other phone in the apartment that rang. He had his phone and Tam did not own one so there should not have been another one ringing. But it was.
Tam gave it to Urs. It was David’s phone. Urs looked from the phone to Tam somewhat confused. “How come you have David’s phone?”
Without warning Tam spoke. “I took it off him last night Urs. He needs to rest.”
Urs smiled because she was speaking again but he was concerned. “Is he okay? What is wrong?”
Tam nodded her head. “He was in a lot of pain last night Urs, so much pain.”
Urs was now very concerned. “His arm but I thought…”
“No, his heart and soul. Your friend was very broken inside Urs.”
Urs could not believe what he was hearing. All this time he had thought David to be the stronger of them all. The tough one, but it seemed this was not so. “But how do you know this Tam?”
“Same way that I know you love me, same way that I know you struggle with things. I woke up last night and thought that it was you. But it was David that needed someone. I spent some time with him last night.”
Now Urs was very perturbed, he’d had no idea that Tam had left the apartment let alone their bed. “You spent the night with David!”
Tam could see the hurt in his eyes and hear it in his voice. “Please don’t be angry Urs. David cried all night and I held him until he fell asleep. He needed not to be alone in his grief Urs. Surely you can understand that. I would have done the same for any of you.”
The tension left Urs’ body and he cuddled Tam in his arms. “You are such and angel. What can we do for David now?”
“Nothing, please don’t tell him I told you.”
“Okay. Between us.”
There was a knock at the door, Urs opened it to see Carlos and Sebastien with phones held up. He smiled. “Yep I know.”
The both entered the apartment and Carlos handed Urs the bag from the bakery. “Arr you’ve been to see Mama Hilda.” Urs rifled through the bag until he found what he wanted. A chocolate chip croissant, 6 seconds in the microwave and it would be perfect.
Tam had to smile at him; he was like a school boy. Urs handed her the bag. “I am sure there will be something in there you like Tam. That bakery is just amazing.”
Tam did look into the bag but was not very interested in eating. “No, that’s okay. Maybe later.”
Both Sebastien and Carlos smiled as she spoke. The bell on the microwave went and Urs had eaten half of his croissant before he got back to the others.
Sebastien asked about David. “Has David been in yet?”
Tam answered. “No, he’s very tired. I think we should let him sleep.”
No one questioned her but Lea’s words ran through Sebastien’s mind.
Again all their phones rang. It was Simon wanting a video conference in an hour.
Urs was busy texting back saying it was not going to happen. While Carlos explained to Tam and Sebastien that the only computer and web cam where in David’s apartment.
Urs was getting frustrated with the mobile phone. “This is ridiculous.” He headed to the land line phone in the kitchen. They all knew he was calling Simon.
“Simon…Urs…Yes I know but not today. Not after last night….No Simon. Didn’t your men in black explain what happened on the plane, what happened to Sebastien?”
There was silence while Urs listened to Simon.
“No… The web cam is with David and he is sleeping and no, I will not wake him up. Yes Simon we will do the TV interview tomorrow but you better not make any more appointments until you talk to us. ALL of us.” He hung up and turned to the others. “Those two suits on the plane told Simon I was ready to throw them off before we landed but never mentioned that Sebastien had been in trouble.” Urs was frustrated and needed to vent some of his anger. “I think I need to go to the gym.”
“I think I would like to go shopping for new clothes.” Carlos looked at Tam. “Would you like to join me?”
“No thank you Carlos. I don’t think I am ready for the Big Apple just yet. They do still call it that don’t they?”
They all smiled and Urs put his arm around her. “So what would you like to do?”
“I would like to stay here and play the piano.” Tam looked at Urs in a way that told him she was also going to keep an eye on David. He looked to Sebastien. “And you Sebastien, what do you feel like doing today?”
He new exactly what he wanted to do. He wanted to get back on a plane and fly back to Lea. That is what he wanted to do. But he just shrugged his shoulders.
Carlos spoke up. “Maybe you could look for a play mate for your little blue person.”
Tam and Urs looked at Carlos then at Sebastien. “I found a smurf in my room. It triggered a small memory but I don’t know why I would keep such a thing.”
Urs looked to Carlos. “You didn’t tell him?”
“No, I was hoping that David would be up he so loves to tell this one.”
Now it was Sebastien’s turn to get frustrated. “Tell me what guys?”
“Okay, I guess the gym can wait a little while longer. You better make yourself comfortable.” Urs waited for them all to get seated before he started... “This is the same little blue pirate thing with the Australian flag right?”
Sebastien nodded.
“And you don’t remember being in Australia in 2006?”
“No Urs, I don’t.” Sebastien’s voice was a little hurt.
“Okay. We had a day off in Sydney and were in Darling Harbour waiting to get a boat ride. We were just sitting relaxing having a cup of coffee and you noticed a little girl wandering around by herself. She was crying. You watched her for a little while and realised she was either lost or had lost her parents. So you went over to talk to her and before we knew it you had brought her back to the table. She would have been six maybe seven. She sat on your lap while we tried to figure out what to do with her. David managed to get the attention of one of the waitresses and she gave us direction to the closest police station. So off we went, ready to hand the child over and be on our way but no. As we left she began to cry again and Sebastien couldn’t leave her there. I must admit I was not about to let her stay there with all those strangers either but Sebastien seemed to have a connection with her and offered to stay until her parents could be found. Sebastien, you spent most of the day with that little girl. You missed the boat ride. After being at the police station for a few hours they decided you were an okay guy and allowed you to take her for lunch and then you went to the aquarium and to the I Max. “
Sebastien broke in. “But why didn’t they find her parents?”
“I’m getting to that. Her mother had been in an accident. She had fallen and was unconscious. No one noticed the little girl. He mother was taken to hospital and did not regain consciousness for some time. It was only then that anyone knew the girl was missing. Her husband had been called and when he got to the hospital his daughter was not there. So she spent the day with her Uncle Seb... Once the police got the information her father was told where she was. He arrived to find you singing nursery rhymes to her in French. Her father was very grateful that you had stayed with her all day and you offered them tickets to our concert the next night. No one expected them to come but they did. You sang a song to your little friend while she sat on your lap on stage. Sebastien you almost brought the house down with that little stunt. That is when she gave you her smurf. She had a whole set and that pirate one was her favourite. You promised to take him all over the world and you did. You kept sending her photos of that blue pirate where ever we went. Now he is retired and resting nicely in New York.”
Urs finished and the room fell silent.
Sebastien had tears in his eyes. He so wanted to remember this little girl. “What was her name?”
Neither Carlos nor Urs could remember her name.
“But I saw a female hand with a ring on the little finger give me the smurf?”
Urs smiled “That would have been her mother. The little girl dropped it just as she was going to hand it to you and her mother picked it up. That is what you saw Sebastien.”
Urs still needed to go to the gym. “Sure no one wants to work out with me?”
“No I still need to go shopping.” Carlos smiled.
“Sebastien, would you like to stay here with me.” Tam knew he was at a loss as to what to do with himself.
“If you are going to play the piano I would like that.”
So Urs headed to the gym on the next floor, Carlos went shopping and Tam and Sebastien stayed behind.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 16 part 4   Sun May 24, 2009 10:08 pm

Sebastien stood at the window and looked out at the world. A world that held memories for him he could not touch. He felt like he was in a prison with invisible bars, only able to go so far before being stopped He heard Tam start to play the piano, it was her favourite Chopin piece. If it were possible she played even more wonderfully than before. Sebastien turned to watch, it was if she had melded with the piano and they were one, she swayed, her body and hands seeming to glide with the music. Sebastien knew that Tam was much, much more than just a classical pianist, she was outstanding. The fact that she played this piece without the sheet music was testament to that. But the way she made the piano sound was other worldly, celestial, angelic and divine; it coated his heart with tenderness and peace. Sebastien went and sat on the sofa, closed his eyes and got lost in the almost euphoric atmosphere that Tam created while she played. He sat there for some time as she moved from one piece of music to another, each one more consuming, more powerful, more passionate and beautiful. Sebastien was so engulfed in her playing that he did not realise she had finished.
Tam had sat quietly next to Sebastien taking in every feature of his face... It was the first time she could say she had seen him totally and completely relaxed no frown or stress lines across his brow, even his breathing had changed. Softly and soothingly she combed her fingers through his hair, Sebastien sighed, he was in a place of pure contentment. His thoughts were happy, even when he thought of Lea he did not grieve at their separation, but smiled inside at the fact that they had found each other. His mind wandered aimlessly through his thoughts, much like a leaf gets carried on a gentle breeze just touching the edges of images as it passed. Settling on a few for a moment and then flying off again. This is when he remembered the little girl. That leaf had settled on this memory long enough for Sebastien to take hold of it all, whole and in tact, no headache, no pain, just a full piece of the puzzle. He opened his eyes and looked at Tam and in a calm, almost inaudible voice spoke. “Her name was Joanne, Jo Jo Morgan.”
“Who’s name Sebastien?”
He sat up a little straighter when he understood what he was doing. “The little girls name. Her name is Jo Jo Morgan, she was 6 and lives with her parents in a place called Baulkham Hills in Sydney. She has a dog named Fred; she likes Play School and the Wiggles and blue paint. Blue anything actually. That’s why she has the smurfs.”
Sebastien had the biggest smile on his face. “I remember everything I know about her Tam and it didn’t hurt to remember.” Sebastien thought about it. “That memory is from the tour of Australia in 2006. We were in Sydney in March then Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide. I sent her photos of her pirate back to her from all these places. I remember using David’s digital camera because mine was broken.”
Sebastien stopped, scared that if he said anymore it would all disappear. Then Sebastien’s shoulders sank, Tam knew he had thought something that did not make him happy. “What is it Sebastien, Something is wrong with your memory?”
His eyes were sad again, the happiness had diminished a little. “There are still pieces missing Tam. I remember everything about Jo Jo, but nothing about the concerts we did, nothing. I remember us sitting in Darling Harbour just before we went to the police station, I remember watching the others leave Jo Jo and I, I remember the aquarium and Imax, what we had for lunch, her father and the look of relief on his face when he found her. I remember the hug she gave him and the smile on her face and the sweet way she told her father I was her Uncle Seb from French, where the wiffle tour was. But nothing, not one thing about us together on stage.”
Tam felt so sorry for him, he wanted so much to remember and be a full part of Il Divo, a full friend to the others and he seemed so dismayed that he could not remember them. “Sebastien, I am sorry but what you have remembered today this is a good thing. It is a memory form further back, and like you said a whole one. Please don’t get so upset.
But Sebastien was upset; Tam saw his body tense up and the colour of his eyes change. Not as dark and evil as when he had gone into a rage at the Naval Base but they changed. It scared her and she was alone with him again. She stood up from the sofa and made her way back to the piano, standing at the other side. Urs had left David’s phone on top of it but Tam was at a loss as to how to use it to call for help.
Sebastien began to pace the room, she did the only thing she could think of, and she began to play again. Terrified and shaking, not knowing if Sebastien would confront her as he had before, but somewhere deep she understood that the music had soothed him and she was hoping that she could do the same again. She dared no look at Sebastien for fear that she would see what she dreaded, that demon that had consumed him before. So she kept her eyes on the keys and played a sweet gentle melody of her own composition, trying hard to control her urge to run from the room. She trembled but kept playing, she cried but kept playing, and Sebastien had not uttered a word, not found something to throw. He had gone to the window and had in fact picked up one of Urs’ guitars but then Tams playing found its way into his heart and soul. He had hold of the guitar so tightly his knuckles were white and he had cut the palm of his hand on the strings. He seemed to come back from some dark distance place and saw what he was about to do. It frightened him to know he had slipped back there, to know that somewhere inside him was a person capable of such destruction. He placed the guitar back on the rack, taking a deep breath turned to Tam. She was still playing. But he could see that she was crying.
“Tam…” He had to say her name again before she would look at him. “Tam.”
Hesitantly she stopped playing and turned to look at him. His eyes were clear and he had a weak, sorrowful smile on his face with his arms outstretched to her. “Thank you. Thank you for bringing me back.”
Tam Stood and Sebastien held her close, wrapping his arms around her. “Your music is so wonderful, so healing. Thank you.”
Tam looked up into his eyes and smiled. What happened next shocked them both. Sebastien kissed her and she kissed him. Tam pulled away from his embrace and Sebastien uttered one word. “Lea.”
Tam backed away. “Sebastien, I am not Lea.”
Sebastien was horrified at what he had done. “Oh My God Tam, I didn’t mean, I …. Oh Merd...” He said something in French she did not understand. “I am sorry, I thought…”
Tam could see his distress, she took his hands. “Sebastien, you thought for a moment I was Lea didn’t you?”
All he could do was nod his head, he felt so terrible.
“It’s okay. Between you and me alright. I understand. But I don’t think anyone else would.”
“Sebastien kissed her on the hand as a gentleman would. “ I thank you my angel and I apologise. I need to make it up to you somehow.”
She smiled. “Listen while I play some more.”
And he did, with a grateful heart that she was so understanding, so intuitive and so kind.

David sat on the edge of his bed. He had slept for a long time but every part of his body ached. How could that be? He had not done anything physical but he felt like he had run a marathon and still felt like he could sleep for another week. He was seriously considering just going back to bed but his throat was dry and he thought that if he had a shower it may make him feel better. Looking down at his half dressed body he remembered that Tam had taken off his shirt and shoes. He smiled. Well at least she had left the rest on.
So after having a drink of water David had a very hot, very long shower. He had done much the same as Carlos and fogged up both the bathroom and the bedroom. But unfortunately for David, Tam and Sebastien had not been standing in Carlos’ lounge room. They were however standing in David’s as he appeared from his bedroom stark naked. When Sebastien saw him coming out of his room he shouted. “David Stop!!!” But it was too late. There David stood looking at Tam and Sebastien and as calm as anything. “Aren’t you supposed to knock?”
Sebastien was still a little flustered. “We did David. Several times and loudly.”
Tam was biting her bottom lip trying not to smile. He was absolutely gorgeous. And aptly name DAVID. Michelangelo’s sculpture was great but then he hadn’t met the Divo David.
David smiled back at her. “And aren’t you supposed to turn around or something.”
Both David and Sebastien expected her to. They did not expect her to answer “Why, the view’s pretty good from here.”
David’s booming laugh rang out with a new crispness to it and he walked back into the bedroom while Sebastien shielded Tams eyes with his hand. Tam just giggled.
“I think my Lea has been a bad influence on you island girl.”
Tam pulled his hand away from her face. “He hasn’t got anything I haven’t already seen.”
Sebastien didn’t know what to say. “TAM!!!!!”
Again she giggled and smiled at him. “It’s okay Sebastien, if my memory serves me right you were still fully clothed when we got you into the water near the waterfall and you had your nice blue pyjama’s on in the hospital.”
He just looked at her speechless.
Tam kissed the stunned Sebastien on the nose.
David came back out of his room dressed in an old grey t shirt and boxer shorts. He still was not sure if he wanted to go back to bed but thought he better see what his friends wanted. “So, Tam. Tell me, just how many of us Divos have you seen naked?”
Sebastien couldn’t believe David had asked her that question. David winked at Sebastien thinking he was going to win this little game. How wrong he was.
“It might be easier to tell you how many I haven’t.” All she did was look at Sebastien.
It took both men a couple of seconds to realise what she was saying by looking at him. Funnily it was Sebastien that went red and again David just laughed. “So you saw me at the hospital but what about Carlos. I mean he was wearing those oh so comfortable navy issue pyjamas.”
However it was Sebastien who said some thing. “David I have a feeling you really don’t want to know the rest of this story.”
David smiled that cheeky smile. “I am intrigued Tam. Do tell.” David stood there waiting for her to say something.
Tam thought she would be embarrassed to tell her little story but now she understood why Lea liked to tease them so much. It felt good. “Well. Yes I did see you in the hospital but that was not the first time.”
David just raised his eyebrows; Sebastien shook his head and went to look out the window, he really didn’t want to hear this.
“I saw you at the waterfall. You and Urs and Carlos. You and Urs shooed me away but I think you forget it was my home for ten years, I know every inch of it and I had a very good lookout spot. Had to make sure you were okay and not going to drown.”
David smiled, why did he tangle with females, he always lost. “But you said that Carlos did not make you leave.”
Tam smiled. “No and he hurt his shoulder showing off.”
Again David’s booming laugh resounded around the apartment but Sebastien kept looking out the window. “So the only one of us you haven’t seen in his birthday suit is our shy French man? I think we may have to remedy that situation.”
Sebastien spun around from the window. “No we won’t David.”
Again David laughed and again Tam bit her bottom lip trying not to.
Sebastien tried to bring some order into the conversation. “So, David how are you today. I had a call from Lea this morning with instructions to make sure you are all right. Didn’t say anything else. So are you all right?”
David looked at Tam, smiled and sighed a little. “You can tell your crazy nurse that I am better than good.”
Tam smiled, she heard the words David had said but better still she could see that he had broken through.

There was a knock on the door and they heard Urs at the other side. “Anyone in there?”
David opened the door on a very steamy, sweaty Urs. Your key was missing from my place and so were these two.” He pointed to Tam and Sebastien. “You okay David?”
“Yeah I’m good.”
“Good. Did they tell you we have a TV appearance in the morning and Simon wanted a video conference today?” David frowned. “It’s okay I got Simon to call of the conference.”
“What about the TV?”
”No, still got to do that.”
Sebastien jumped in. “Don’t worry, Urs gave Mr Cowell a few things to think about.”
David looked at Urs. “Well, you seemed to have found your inner strength there Urs.”
Considering what he had been thinking about David only the day before it was curious that he should say that.
Tam got between David and Urs. “I think you need to have a shower.”
David smiled. “Urs I think Tam has a few things to tell you about a certain waterfall.”
Urs draped his arm over her shoulder and gave David a puzzled look.
Tam pulled him through the door. “I will tell you all about it while we have a shower.”
She looked back at David and Sebastien and winked.

This left Sebastien and David alone.
“David are you sure that you are okay? I seemed to have taken up so much of your time. Is there anything I can do for you?”
David smiled at his friend, he was grateful for his concern but he really did feel much better and happier about life. “Just want you to get you memory back, so we can be a team again.” David paused for a moment. “Sebastien would you mind if I went back to bed. I really am tired.”
“How rude of me, I am sorry, yes of course go back to bed. I was going to see if I could find the internet café that Carlos told me about.”
“Don’t do that. Use this computer. That’s what it is for. Just lock the door on your way out.”
“Are you sure?”
David nodded as he walked back to his room.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 16 part 5   Sun May 24, 2009 10:08 pm

Sebastien sat at the computer just looking at the screen without switching it on for a while. He really wasn’t sure if he wanted to do this but JoJo had stirred something in him. He really wanted to make contact with something or someone that belonged in the three years he could not remember. But how? Switching on the computer he did remember an email address, so he gave it a go. It was fine until it asked him for his password. Sebastien just stared at the blinking cursor and then he had a thought. If this was an old e mail from before he knew what the password was. He smiled, it couldn’t be that easy.
He typed it in English first and it threw it back at him. He had always written it in French.
And there were his e mails, quite a few to go through it looked like but he was looking to see if there has been any from Jo Jo, more to the point her mother.
Scrolling through he found a few recent ones from the Morgan’s so he opened them.
They had heard about the crash and were worried about him. Jo Jo had sent him a photo of her holding up a picture that she had drawn of him in hospital and her mum had helped her write Get well on it. Sebastien smiled. He read a few more and the sent a reply telling them were he was and that he was going to be okay. He told Jo Jo that her pirate smurf was making sure he was getting better.
Sebastien looked at the rest of his mail but except for a few names none of the others rang any bells. But rather than delete them he saved them just in case. Sebastien decided to go in search of a few things. The first one was Tam. He typed in her name and waited for anything to show up. There were a few pages on her so he started at the beginning. He read about her early life, how she had been a prodigy and by the time she was 16 could play better than most people on the planet. Sebastien could believe that. She had been given a very prestigious and sort after spot in the New York Philharmonic but had struck out on her own just before that crash that was thought to have claimed her life and that of her husband. As Sebastien read he noticed another name that kept popping up. Aaron Vaga. Tam and he had studied together, had worked together and when she had gone missing it seemed that this Aaron Vaga had stepped up to take her place.
Sebastien searched for a few more things and then went in search of the Il Divo site. He wasn’t sure if this was the right thing to do but he was curios. As it appeared he looked down all the different threads. The Questions and messages one seemed to be pulling him. So he opened it and went to Q&M for Sebastien. There were hundreds of questions for Sebastien. A Sebastien he did not know. They were asking questions he did not have the answers to. This had been a mistake. He went to leave but hit the off topic button and ended up on the front page, looking down at the different threads. This time he smiled as he saw Seb’s Sirens and clicked on to see what it was like. He smiled as his sirens chatted away. They mentioned what was being posted on the accident thread but he was pleased that these people had a genuine affection and concern for each other. The conversation he was following concerned one of them who had been having a hard time at work. The others all rallied around. He smiled as it seemed that they would post pictures of him to keep themselves happy and amused. They were all concerned about his face but he laughed. It seemed they were all willing to nurse him back to perfect health if they got half the chance. H decided to check out Urs, David and Carlos’ pages as well to find much the same. He did notice that there was some cross over of fans. He found himself getting a little jealous that some of the sirens liked the other guys as well. But then again some of the Uber Babes, Divas and Cuties liked him. So all seemed fair.
Seeing the Il Divo web site had not been as traumatic as he had expected. In fact it had left him with a warm fuzzy glow inside. Even if he could not remember anything. There were people out there that cared for him, cared for Il Divo with such a passion, and love it was amazing.

Sebastien switched off the computer and checked in on David before he left. The big bear was sleeping peacefully, cast arm draped on the outside of the sheets.
Sebastien went back to his own apartment, made coffee and watched some TV. While channel surfing he came across a show on the crash but this one was based on Tam so he watched. There was footage of her playing the piano from a very early age. He smiled, she had been a very cute girl, very serious but very cute. Again Aaron Vaga popped up but the narrator made it sound like these two had a difference of opinion as to who was the better. It didn’t look like Tam ever got nasty or even raised the issue but this Vaga person most certainly had a chip on his shoulder. As Sebastien continued to watch he got to see her wedding and her husband. They looked so happy together. Her hair was much shorter than she had it now and it suited her. He felt sad that she had lost him but happy that she and Urs had found each other but just a tinge of guilt at what he had done earlier. How could he have mistaken her for Lea. He wondered if he should explain to Urs and Lea. He touched his bruised face. Maybe not such a good idea.
The rest of the program centred on speculation about what she would do now she was back. Sebastien could see that very soon Tam would need to confront the public and tell her side of the story. Was she up to that just yet?
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 16 part 6   Sun May 24, 2009 10:09 pm

Tam had her second shower for the day, this time it was much more fun. While Urs stood under the running water letting it wash away the strain of his fist real work out in over 2 weeks Tam washed down his back and massaged his shoulders. As he turned around she ran her finger along the scar on his head, with waters coursing down both their bodies they kissed. Urs could feel himself slipping away into her passion and love but then she stopped and pulled back. Tam wanted to make sure that Urs knew everything; no secrets so she told him what had happened with Sebastien and waited for his reaction. Urs stood looking at her for a few moments. His initial reactive thoughts were to find Sebastien and finish the job he had started in the hospital but when he looked into those eyes of hers, saw the love and compassion Tam exuded, how could he be so mad. She had been honest with him knowing what may have happened and he admired her for that.
He held her head in his hands. “Do I need to be jealous? I couldn’t bear it if I lost you to someone else.”
Tam smiled at him “No my sweet, no mater what happens in this world from now until forever I shall be yours and yours only. Do you think you can handle that? Forever is along time?”
Urs kissed her passionately “Forever is not long enough.”
Again they held each other under the hot water, exploring each others bodies, soundlessly, simply and lusciously committing their lives to each other.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 17 part 1   Sun May 24, 2009 10:10 pm

Chapter 17
The next morning came around quickly for all of them. Each one had been woken by a telephone wake up call placed by Sony. Making sure they were all going to be on time and ready for their TV appearance.
They all met in the hallway and travelled down in the elevator together, all very quiet. It was just too early. Without talking to each other the four Divos had dressed in their so called interview clothes. As much as each one had wanted to remain casual they had all decided on a suit. Even Sebastien. Tam was wearing a very stunning dress that Carlos had bought for her the day before. He had come back to the apartments loaded down with shopping. He had intended to take Tam shopping but when she wanted to stay behind he spent the day picking out practically a whole new wardrobe for her. He certainly had a good eye for the ladies as everything he had purchased fit perfectly.
This morning Tam was wearing a very simple yet stunning red dress, with flowing long sleeves and a hem line that ended just about her ankles. It defined her figure with grace and class. Carlos had also bought her red shoes to match the dress; again they fit so well and were so comfortable, not too high that she had problems walking. Carlos had been very thoughtful. He had spent a good deal of time and money on his angel and Tam had been like a child at Christmas opening up all the things he had brought back. Her four Divos sat around with smiles on their faces and love in their hearts. She was so happy.

There was a hire car waiting for them at the entrance to the apartment so they all got in without saying a word to the chauffer. He had been one of the men on the plane. Urs was not sure whether he had been demoted or just sent to keep an eye on them all. Through the entire trip to the TV station Urs kept an eye on him through the rear view mirror. Tam had picked up on his uneasiness and held his hand. Slowly the others came to life. David was the first to speak. “When we get there can someone help me with my clothes? I’m a bit tangled up in here.”
They all looked at him as he tried to get his jacket off. He had not put his injured arm into the sleeve of his jacket but neither had he managed to get it into the sleeve of his shirt. And that was after using scissors on it to make it fit.
Tam smiled. “And I think you may need to consider wearing some of Urs’ boots for a while as well.”
His shoes were untied.
“Well I got my socks on didn’t I?”
They all laughed and this seemed to help the atmosphere.
“Cherie. I must say that you look most beautiful this early morning.”
David seconded Sebastien's thoughts by whistling and Carlos just smiled. But Urs had a flutter of jealousy trying to work its way up and tempt him. Sebastien saw Urs’ reaction and he knew that he had found out about him and Tam. He moved nervously in his seat not knowing what to do or say or even what was going to happen. He felt so bad about what had transpired but that would not help Urs any if he thought that he was trying to steal Tam away from him. Tam had picked up on the silent communication between the two men and in silence she took both their hands, placing Urs’ on top of Sebastien’s and then cupping hers around them both.
David and Carlos sat watching not understanding. “Did I miss something while I was sleeping?” David looked from Sebastien to Urs. Both men smiled at David and Urs squeezed Sebastien’s hand. “Just thanking a friend for being so understanding” Was all that Sebastien would say. Which meant that David and Carlos were none the wiser and that Urs and Sebastien understood completely and had kept their friendship in tact. Tam kissed them both on the nose which brought a protest from David and Carlos so she kissed them as well.
“You’re all like little children what one gets the others all want.”
That cheeky smile crept across David’s face. “Yes Mum.” Then he put his hand up to protect his head. “Oh that’s right Leas’ not here.”
They all laughed but Sebastien felt a twinge of sadness.

When they arrived at the TV station they were ushered in and down corridors to the makeup room. The smell of fresh brewed coffee greeted them. As they were seated and the make up artists got them ready a young intern came around to take their coffee orders. She obviously knew who they were but tried very hard not to show it. But when she got to Sebastien she let out a little cry. He smiled, took her hand and kissed it. “I am okay little one, it looks worse than it is. I would feel much better if I had a coffee though.”
The young girl smiled. “Yes Se,,, Mr Izambard, right away.” The poor girl was so overcome she forgot to ask Carlos or Tam what they would like. She came back with Sebastien’s coffee and placed it on the counter in front of him. Again he took her hands.
“Thank you. Now would it be too much trouble to get my friends a coffee as well. They very much need it right now.”
The young inter looked at the others, she was so embarrassed. “Oh I am so sorry. I promised myself I wouldn’t do this. My mum is going to be so disappointed.” As she moved away to get David’s coffee he caught hold of her hand. “Don’t worry about your mum. This is between you and Il Divo.”
The intern nodded.
“And can you bring Carlos a big mug and a bear claw and Tam a cup of tea.”
She smiled and left to get her order.
Carlos was grateful. “Thanks David. I thought for a minute we would have to go without.”
They all laughed and they all enjoyed their coffee when it did arrive. Carlos smiling the whole time he was eating his bear claw. Not as good as Mama Hilda’s but it would do.

A man stuck is head through the door and told them they had five minutes and someone else began to usher them up yet another corridor. Tam took hold of Urs’ hands and he felt her grip tighten so much it began to hurt. He stopped. “Tam it’s okay. We are together.” The others gathered around her, their minder not sure what was going on. “Gentlemen you need to keep moving.”
David put up his hand. “In a minute.”
Urs was talking to Tam again. “You’ve gone quiet again haven’t you?”
Tam nodded.
David smiled. “I’ve figured it out. Its nerves. She looses her voice in times of stress. That’s okay Tam. There are four of us. We can talk a lot, don’t worry.”
Tam looked from David to Seabstein. ”Cherie, I will cope. I am sure that David can cover for me. And if I get Carlos talking about the ladies we may just run out of time.”
Carlos laughed. “Yes, yes the ladies. Always good to talk about the ladies.”
They began to move off again much to the relief of their minder.

In the studio was a large sofa and several smaller ones. They were shown to the larger one. It was obvious that they were not all going to fit so Tam and Urs took the smaller one and the other three took the lager one. The TV presenter that was going to be doing the interview came out and introduced himself. They all got settled and someone from behind a camera counted down the time before they were on air.

“And welcome back ladies and gentleman.”
The presenter went into a spiel about Il Divo and Tam and the crash to give the audience a bit of back ground before he introduced them all. His first question was to Sebastien about his injuries. “So Sebastien. Your face looks pretty bad. Has it been difficult?”
There was a little silence and David was just about to jump in when Sebastien began. “I would like your audience to please forgive me. My face is still very sore and I have trouble talking. Yes it has been somewhat difficult. But I am much better, it looks worse that it is.”
This time David did jump n. “Don’t you believe him. It’s bad.”
This deflected the presenter’s questions to David. “We can see you didn’t get out of this without a few injuries yourself David. And I see you have your cast signed already.”
David was happy to talk about this. “Yeah. Some crazy ladies on the Navy Base.”
He looked straight at the camera and blew it a kiss. “Hi Girls. Sorry we had to leave in such a rush. They’ve got a mean nurse down there too that kept us all in line.” Again he looked at the camera. “Nurse Henderson. I promise that we are being good little boys.”
As Carlos was sitting next to him he gave him a slap up the side of the head. David shot him a cheeky look, the others all laughed and Carlos explained the slap.
The presenter continued. “This nurse must be a formidable person?”
Again David took the question. “Just mean. Brilliant nurse mind you, brilliant but she’s not going to take any rubbish from anyone.”
“I See. And Carlos you were injured also?”
Carlos smiled this was his que. He stood and began to take off his shirt. “I will show you.”
Before the presenter could stop him Carlos had his shirt down to his waist and was showing off his wound to the camera. “I have ointment I must apply. Any Ladies out there that would like to help me?”
You could hear David’s laugh ring through the studio. Several of the ladies working behind the camera put their hands up and Urs pointed to them. Sebastien just shook his head but it had the desired affect. The questions turned to Carlos and his love of the ladies, which he loved and milked for all it was worth. Women all over the country watching this breakfast show burnt toast, split milk, dropped eggs, burnt clothes with irons, had sinks over run with water and put on mismatched shoes.
The presenter tried several times to ask Tam a question and he got the feeling that these four men where protecting her for some reason so he asked Urs instead. “Urs, you did not manage to get out of this unscathed either did you. Had a piece of metal imbedded in your head?”
Urs smiled as only he could giving himself time to think. “Yes but the naval doctors were very good and got it out. Sorry to say ladies I only have a little scar.” He smiled at the camera and they gave him a close up of the scar on his forehead and all across the country more breakfasts were destroyed, more eggs got scrambled on kitchen floors and more coffee got spilt on husbands.
Tam lent over and whispered in Urs ear and the presenter took the opportunity. “What did she say Urs?”
“She would very much like to play the piano you have over there.”
“She’s very quiet.”
Tam looked at the presenter in such a way he was not going to confuse how she felt about him.
Urs took this question. “She been alone for ten years, It’s pretty daunting coming back into a world with so many people. But as you have seen she does talk.”
The presenter looked her straight in the eyes. “A little untrusting of strangers?”
David fielded this question before Urs could get upset. “Well, wouldn’t you. I know I would be. Got ten years to catch up on.”
Again he looked straight at Tam. “You seem to trust Il Divo.”
It was Carlos who answered this one. “She is our angel, she saved our lives. She knows that we will be there for her no matter what.”
Tam was worried that the questions would get to a point that her four Divos would get uncomfortable or worse yet have to lie, so without warning she got up from the sofa.
The presenter was a little stunned but the camera followed her. “Where’s she going?”
“To play the piano I expect.” Said Urs rather flatly. “Where did he think she was going?”
Tam walked over to the piano and sat down. For a few seconds nothing happened and then she began. Her magic seeped into every corner and people appeared from all over the building to watch her play, drawn by the beauty of her work. While she played a camera man paned back to David, Carlos, Sebastien and Urs, they were all smiling like proud fathers. Indeed this woman had cast a spell and Il Divo were well and truly caught in it.

As she finished playing Tam was given resounding applause from everyone. The presenter lent over to David “If she plays like that after ten years on an island, what is she going to sound like with some practice?”
All David said was “Heavenly.”

There was one person in the whole of the country that was not impressed with her playing. That was Aaron Vaga. The more she played the angrier he became. He would need to confront her and soon.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 17 part 2   Sun May 24, 2009 10:11 pm

The interview had ended with Tams impromptu performance which had stunned everyone. As they were heading back to the car the young inturn ran after them calling Tam’s name. “Miss Teasdale. Wait….I have messages for you.”
They all stopped and waited for the inturn to catch up. She handed Tam about 6 telephone notes. “These came in while you were playing.”
Tam smiled at the girl and Urs thanked her and they left.
Tam did not read the notes until she was in the back of the car and they were on their way.
David couldn’t wait any longer. “So who is the secret admirer then?
“Seems my former agent would like to catch up now that I am back... Tam looked at the next note “Also someone from a radio station, one from the orchestra I played with.”
Tam smiled at the next one and then gave it to Urs to read. He just shook his head. “Its’ from Simon. He says not to sign anything until he has talked to her.”
They others laughed and David spoke. “Well it seems he may want to have a chat about your future before anyone else gets their mitts on you. So why didn’t he just call?”
It was Carlos. “I think Urs’ last phone call may have something to do with that.”
Urs looked at Tam. “How do you feel about all this?”
“I suppose I should go back to work. I will need to support myself somehow but I don’t know if I can do this so soon.”
Sebastien leaned forward in his seat. “Tam, did you have any money, investments anything before your plane went down?”
“Oh yes. Steven and I had a savings account and an investment property in Chicago as well as the house we lived in here in New York.”
Sebastien smiled. “Then I think the first thing you need to do is find out what happened to it all. Then you can take your time deciding if you want to go back to work.”
The others nodded in agreement.
Urs took her hand. “You realise you are talking again don’t you?”
Tam smiled at them one by one. “I feel safe with you.”
The car pulled up outside the apartment building and they all stood on the footpath not really wanting to go in.
“Well. We have the whole day to ourselves now. Any ideas?” David looked to his friends.
Carlos smiled and headed in the direction of Mama Hilda and Papa Joseph. “I’m going to get some breakfast.”
David started to walk towards the door. “Well I think I will stir up the forum just a little bit and post something about our adventures these past weeks.” He had the cheekiest smile on his face and Tam really did feel the urge to take over Lea’s duties and slap him but Urs wanted to make sure that he didn’t post anything that would give them trouble.
David sighed. “It’s okay Urs. I’m not going to let any secrets out. Not just yet anyway.”
Urs turned his attention to Sebastien. “Would you like to join Tam and I for breakfast Sebastien?”
Sebastien was a little uncomfortable with the idea and was about to say no when Tam took hold of is hand.
“Please do Sebastien. I’ll cook.”
“No.” said Urs. “I’ll cook; you can keep us happy by playing okay.” He looked to Sebastien. “It’s alright my friend.”
Sebastien smiled and they all went up in the elevator together.
David headed to his own place and as the others got to Urs’ Sebastien had a thought. “Urs, do you have anything to cook in there?”
Tam looked at Urs and Urs looked at Sebastien and they all burst out laughing.
Urs put his arm around Tam. “Maybe we should follow Carlos’ lead and eat out.”
So back down the elevator they went.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 17 part 3   Sun May 24, 2009 10:11 pm

Aaron Vaga was getting a little fed up with all the chatter about Tam that was consuming just about everyone that came into the café he used on a regular basis. He had not enjoyed his breakfast and his coffee did not taste right and he had sent it back twice. The barista was less than impressed with Mr Vaga. He did not like the man and every time he came in he found something to complain about. If he wasn’t grumbling about the coffee being to hot or to cold. Not strong enough or too strong he was complaining about the staff. On more than one occasion the barista had sent the same coffee back out without doing a thing to it and Aaron would drink it.
He was pig headed, belligerent, self centred, egotistical, self absorbed and thought far more of himself than anyone else did. He was supposed to be some big shot classical musician but he did nothing to help the reputations of others in his field. It was a good day in the cafe when Vaga did not grace them with his presence. However this morning he was far worse than usual, something had got to him. Vaga left the café without finishing his coffee and as usual without leaving a tip. The staff were pleased to see him leave but just as he left and turned one way down the street. Urs, Sebastien and Tam walked in. The barista sighed. More stuck up entertainment types, this was not turning into a good morning. He had seen the early morning interview but never believed half of what he saw on TV or read. But as was his job requirement he smiled and asked them to take a seat and someone would be right with them.
Urs smiled back at him and thanked him as they took their seats at the table that Aaron Vaga had vacated.
A young waitress came over to take their orders; she smiled looking like she wished she was somewhere else. Sebastien asked her a few questions. “Are you still serving breakfast Cherie?”
His French accent and the fact that he had called her Cherie brought a sparkle to her eyes and she seemed to come to life. Her smile was delightful and changed her whole demeanour.
“Yes sir, we serve breakfast all day. Did you want the works special?”
Sebastien looked at Urs and he nodded. “That would be most agreeable. Two works please.”
The waitress looked at Tam. “And you Miss, what would you like?”
Tam whispered to Urs and the waitress was a little surprised at that but remained silent.
Urs gave her Tams order. “Fruit salad and yogurt please.”
The waitress looked around to see if she was being watched and the lent into the table. “Miss. It would be better if you didn’t have the fruit salad today if you were expecting fresh. We only have tinned. Order got screwed up.”
Tam smiled and again told Urs what she wanted and again he relayed her request. “Toast with peanut butter and coffee.”
The waitress smiled. “And you gentleman would you like any particular coffee. Tony does a mean mochacinno.”
Again Sebastien made her swoon with his accent and the gentle way in which he addressed her. “If that is your recommendation that would be lovely. Thank you.”
The waitress left and Urs smiled at his friend. “Sebastien, you may have lost some of your memory but you certainly have not lost you way with women.”

Their coffee arrived first and on top of the foam was the initials ID. They all looked over to Tony, who smiled at them.” On the house fellas. Anyone who can get Suzzie to smile deserves a medal.”
They were enjoying there breakfast and the extra attention that Suzzie had decided they need when they noticed that the couple behind them were having an argument and it was starting to get rather heated. Tony asked them more than once to keep it down but this time when he asked the man verbally abused Tony, and rose from his seat. Tony was about to come out from behind the counter when Urs stood up right in front of this not so agreeable person. “There is no need for that sir.”
“Who the hell do you think you are?” The man started to shove Urs backwards and as Urs did not want to fight he had his hands raised. “Look, just calm down.”
By now Tony was next to Urs and was giving the man a mouthful of his own demanding he leave the café. The man took a swing at Tony but Tony ducked and before he could react Urs caught the full force of his punch on the face. He fell to the floor and the man just laughed. Before Tony could retaliate with a punch of his own the man was screaming. Tam had jumped on him, she had her legs wrapped around his waist from the back and was tightening her grip while at the same time she was pulling his head back with his hair and biting his ear. She got him off balance and he hit the floor. Tam continued to deliver fully forced punched to the man’s midsection and all he could do was cover up his head.
Sebastien had never seen anything like it. She was wild, a wild animal, He was sure that if Tony had not pulled her off she would have punched the man until he was dead. Urs had picked himself up off the floor holding his face and Tony was shoving the offender back into a seat. Suzzie came over and told him she had called the police. The whole time the man's girlfriend had been cowering in the corner of the booth they had shared. Sebastien went over to see if she was all right. She nodded and looked over at Tam. “She knows how to look after herself.”
Sebastien smiled. “That she does miss. Will you be okay?”
She smiled gain. “Yeah. The jerk. He was going nuts because I wanted another cup of coffee.”
“Then you need to find yourself a man that will buy you the whole coffee plantation not argue over a trifle cup.”
She smiled, somehow Sebastien had made her feel much better.
Tam stood staring at the man and Urs could see that wildness in her eyes, she was like a tiger ready to strike, it was a part of her that none of them had ever seen. He was uncertain as to how she would react to his touch but he tried anyway.
Coming up along side her he gently touched her on the shoulder. Immediately all the tension left her body, she turned to him and smiled and the wildness had gone, replaced with love and concern. She gently touched the red mark on his face and then kissed him on the nose. “Are you okay Tam?”
She nodded and just then two police officers walked in and got applause from the other patrons. Urs took Tam back to their table and Sebastien joined them. Suzzie brought them all another coffee while Tony dealt with the police. They watched as he pointed to them and the police took notes. Before long they had taken both the man and his girlfriend with them.
Tony came over to their table. I am so sorry you got caught in the middle of that. He got me by surprise this time.”
Urs looked at Tony. “This time. You mean you know him.”
“Yeah, new girlfriend every six months or so and this happens. Don’t worry, the police know him as well. I told them you helped get things under control so that should be the last of it.” Tony looked to Tam “Little lady, you ever want a job as a bouncer you just let me know okay.” Again he looked at Urs and put out his hand. “Sorry you had to take that punch, I appreciate it.” The two men shook hands and Tony returned to his duties.
Urs sighed. “Would it be too much to ask for a very uneventful day once in a while?”
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 17 part 4   Sun May 24, 2009 10:12 pm

When the threesome got back to the apartments Tam wanted to make sure that David was okay. So they knocked and when they got no answer remembering what happened last time sent Urs in first. He gave them the all clear. Tam found David fast asleep on his bed. Sebastien and Urs watched as she knelt down beside the bed and gently kissed him. David stirred just a little but that was all.
Standing she walked to the other two. “Will you come back with us Sebastien I will play for you both.”
Urs nodded. “He will.”

As Tam began to play Sebastien sat in the sofa and Urs stood behind her with his hands on her shoulders. It was as if her playing transformed them into one. He could feel her passion, every note she played radiated out towards him making it impossible for him to pull away from her. His body and soul completely overpowered by the intensity of her love for the music and the sensitivity in which she played.

Sebastien had also succumbed to the exquisite melodies of her music it was like being enticed by the sirens of Greek mythology, beckoning you to sail away with them and you were completely powerless to resist. For Sebastien it was the catalysts that stirred those memories that had been so hard for him to find. Somehow, he slipped further and further away. He could feel the room, Urs and Tam drifting away from him or was he drifting from them. He did not feel afraid, all he could hear was Tams sweet music, it was a pool that surrounded him, and he swam in its mesmerising rhythm and finally gave in to its sweetness.

At first Urs thought that Sebastien was just sleeping but the more he watched his friend the more concerned he became. So concerned that he went over and poked him in the chest a lot harder than he really needed to and got no reaction. He pushed Sebastien again and this time Sebastien began to fall to one side. Urs grabbed him and shouted for Tam. She was still playing.
Urs laid Sebastien out and again tried to wake him by shaking him. Tam knelt beside him. “Sebastien… Sebastien.”
Nothing, he slept and Tams tears began. Had her music sank him back into unconsciousness?
How long would he sleep this time? And what would he remember when he, if he woke up.
Carlos came racing into Urs apartment as soon as he got his call. He could not believe what Urs had told him but there was Sebastien on the sofa, sleeping. Carlos did the same as Urs and poked him, but nothing. “But how can this be? Was he in pain again?”
Urs shook his head. “I don’t think so; he never said a word just drifted off to sleep.”
Tam had gone to stand near the window. “It’s all my fault. If I hadn’t played he would be okay.”
Both Divos went to stand next to her and Urs took her gently in his arms. “No. Don’t you ever think this was your fault? If it is the music why didn’t he have a reaction at the TV station?”
“But he was listening to me when he remembered Jo Jo Urs. I have hurt him.”
This time Carlos replied. “No my angel, you would never hurt anyone you loved. It is not in you.”
Both Tam and Urs thought about the café earlier and Carlos continued while he wiped the tears from her face. “You do not hurt Sebastien. I think you have helped him more than any other. You have given him a way to find his memories. This is a great gift Tam. Please do not be upset. Such a gift from God as you needs not to be afraid. God did not curse you my little one, he granted you the power to heal the world of its pain and suffering. Music is just sounds until someone touches it with love and you do such a thing and then send it out to others. Sebastien will be well again. I know this and it is because of you.”
Carlos kissed her on the nose and she smiled. Urs did the same and then they all looked over to Sebastien.
Urs sighed. “Well I suppose we better move him to his own room and call a doctor just to be on the safe side.”
The voice from the front door startled them all; Carlos had not fully closed it when he arrived. The three of them just stood speechless.
“I’ll say it again for the hard of hearing. Who needs a doctor?” It was Simon.
His question was answered when he saw Sebastien. “Oh God what has happened now?”
Simon was genuinely concerned for Sebastien. He had a reputation for being a bully, hard nosed and in a lot of cases this was true. He was not afraid to speak his mind and this tended to rub people the wrong way. But he loved these four men. They had worked so very, very hard to bring his dream to life. They had given up a lot, sacrificed more than people could imagine. Simon had thrown four strangers together, four very head strong strangers together and they had worked and compromised and Il Divo was born. Now he stood looking at Sebastien and wondered if it had all been worth it. He would have given up everything if it meant his friend would be alright.
Simon could see the cloud come across Urs face and decided he better mend a few bridges before it was too late. He had realised too late that his little manoeuvre with the TV show had been wrong, even if he had done it for the right reasons.
“Urs before you want to bite my head off please let me explain.”
Urs remand silent, so did the others.
“I may have had very good reasons for getting you onto the TV but I am sorry, I should have talked to you all first. But the big boys were pushing to have you bouncing all around the country doing interviews before the week was out. I had a look at the schedule, it was gruelling. One day they had you on four different flights.”
Carlos frowned hearing that. “I know Carlos. And I know I should have explained to you why I was doing what I was doing. I’m sorry but it was the only thing I could think off to keep them happy until we could talk this through together.” Simon took a deep breath. “Look, I know I don’t have much to do with you guys these days but I would like to help.” He looked at Tam. “All of you.” He looked at Sebastien and Urs thought he saw the start of a tear, Tam knew she had and her heart began to soften towards Simon. She heard his voice break just a little. “How bad is he?”
Urs stepped forward. “We can’t wake him. He’s back in a coma again. Help me get him back to his own bed Simon.”
This was Urs’ peace offering to Simon and both men knew it. Between the three men they got Sebastien settled. “Someone should stay with him.” Urs looked to Simon but Tam put herself on the edge of the bed and began to push her hands through Sebastien’s hair and hummed to him. Urs felt a pinch of jealousy and he was ashamed. He knew she loved him completely and totally, as he did her and was only being herself, helping a one she loved. He kissed her and was about to leave when she caught hold of his hand and pulled him down so she could whisper to him. Urs smiled. “I will, I promise.”
Carlos, Urs and Simon left Tam to look after Sebastien. Simon was curious to know what she said. “She reminded me that we need to call Lea.”
Simon looked at Urs with some concern. “The Navy nurse! Do you think that is a good idea?”
Urs did not know what kind of message Lea had sent to Simon but she had obviously left a mark. He smiled. “Well do you think it would be a good idea for her to find out some other way Simon? She’s not going to be happy if she finds out we kept this from her.”
“I suppose you are right Urs. You call her and I’ll make a few calls about a doctor. I want to make sure that Sebastien is going to be okay.” Simon was just about to use his mobile phone when he had a horrible feeling in the pit of his stomach. There was someone missing. “Please tell me David is all right.”
Carlos answered. “Baby Bear will be sleeping soundly.”
Urs nodded. “He’s fine Simon. Between that Navy Nurse and Tam they did a miracle.”
Simon wanted to know more but for now as long as David was okay he wanted to make sure that Sebastien was.
When he finally caught up with David, Simon would see the change in him. Like others, he would not be able to pin point it exactly but he would know that David had dealt with many of his demons, laying them to rest.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 17 part 5   Sun May 24, 2009 10:12 pm

The view from Urs window seemed to attract everyone. Simon was standing staring out, not really looking just thinking. If Sebastien was not going to recover he would need to change some of the plans he had been working on. Urs walked up beside him. “Sebastien will pull through this Simon.”
Simon looked at the man that fans called the Swiss rock god, Uber Lord among other things. But Simon knew a more complex person. Urs had not been easy to convince to join Il Divo, in fact he had thought he had lost him, somehow David had convinced Urs to give it a go. This was a man whose thoughts and feelings ran very, very deep, who took life and his work very seriously. He was sensitive and discerning and though Urs had never said anything Simon knew that in the past he must have been hurt very badly, you could see it in his eyes. Simon wondered if this was why he could sense others the way he did. He did not always let on as to how well he read people but Simon being in the business of people had seen it very early. So when Urs said that Sebastien would get better he believed him where as he would not have believed anyone else.
“Are you sure Urs? Really sure?”
Urs looked out the window as he answered with conviction in his words. “Yes I am Simon. Very sure. This is not his destiny. He has a life to live he has not seen yet.”
Simon sighed. “And the nurse?”
This brought a small smile to Urs’ face. “Lea will be here before night fall.”
“Oh. Does she know I am here?”
“Yes she does Simon.” Urs looked at Simon. “What did she say to you? She’s a tough nut Simon but she has a heart of gold.”
Simon shuffled uneasily.” Oh she just mentioned a few things she would do to me if I let anything happen to you or if I caused Tam any grief. She actually listed them. I got the impression that she would be very happy and capable of following through on her threats.”
Urs did not want Simon to feel to uneasy but he was right. Lea was very capable of following through. “She is Simon. She threatened to break David’s other arm if he didn’t behave. I am not convinced that she has always been a nurse. Too many little things at the Navy Base to show there is another side to her. She hides it very well mind you.”
Simon just looked at Urs Stunned, that had not been the answer he was expecting or wanting. “Urs, you are supposed to tell me I am imaging all this. Make me feel better. Not scare to stuffing out of me.”
Again Urs smiled. “Don’t worry Simon. Work on getting her to come over to your side and you’ll be fine.”
“But what if she won’t?”
Urs didn’t answer. He didn’t have to. Simon had gone pale.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 17 part 6   Sun May 24, 2009 10:13 pm

David had slept most of the day away and worried that now he would be up all night. He figured out what had woken him, his stomach. So he headed for the kitchen but stopped when he saw a bag on the table with a note attached. All it said was enjoy. Inside where some very nice delights from Mama Hilda and Pap Joseph. He smiled. “Nice one guys.”
Carlos had left the bag for him. While he polished off his second chocolate chip muffin he put on the kettle and turned on his computer while he waited for it to boil. He had certainly set the forum buzzing with his post and the in box for his Pm’s was full. The fans were so happy that he had posted such a long detailed message; he was overcome by their compassion and genuine willingness to do anything they could to help. Mind you he did read a few choice messages about what they would do to Simon or anyone else that hurt their Divos. So Nurse Lea was not alone. He was sure if Il Divo had called for it, they would have ended up with an army ready to defend them anywhere, anytime. This was the devotion that made their jobs worth while. Why the all strived to be exceptional. It was hard work but at the end of the day when you could looked down from the stage into the eyes of these wonderful people no other payment was necessary.

With two muffins, one bear claw and two croissants now filling the hole in his stomach David decided to change and go and see if anyone else was around. A T shirt, jeans and no shoes would keep him from having to ask for help.
He was just about to knock on Urs door when Carlos came back out of his own room.
“David, wait.”
“What’s up?” Something was, he could see it in Carlos’ eyes
“It’s Sebastien. David he has fallen into another coma.”
David was stunned; His poor friend had been through so much. “How Carlos?”
Carlos went on to describe what had transpired that afternoon and David’s heart went out to his friend and to Tam, why would she ever think it was her fault.
“But that is not all my friend.” Carlos paused. “Simon is here.”
This really did blow David away. “Oh Dear. Exactly where does here mean.”
Carlos pointed to Urs’ door.
David just shook his head. “Are there any survivors?”
Carlos continued. “Also…”
“Dear Lord Carlos there’s an also. You’re kill’in me. What. What is it?”
“Lea is on her way.
This did bring a smile to his face. “Okay. So I guess if we have survivors Simon won’t be one of them for long. Anything else?” David had not expected there to be but when Carlos went to say something else he rolled his eyes. When he found out what it was he was speechless.
“Tam and Urs got into a fight with a man in the café.” Again Carlos retold the story he had been told earlier.
“It that it? No more surprises. Why can’t we seem to get just a normal, boring, average day lately. Would that be too much to ask? I think I would like to check on Sebastien.”
Carlos smiled. “Tam is with him.”
The two men walked to Sebastien’s apartment, they knocked gently but the door was unlocked so in they went. Thy found Tam sitting on the floor with her legs pulled up under her chin, she was holding them with both hands and her head was on her knees. David gently tapped her shoulder and she woke with a start having no idea that she had ever fallen asleep. Her eyes were so very red and she began to cry again when she saw them. “I can’t wake him David. He needs Lea.”
David knelt beside her “She’s on her way my angel. But what makes you think she can get him to wake up?”
She shrugged her shoulders. How could she tell him that if Lea and Sebastien felt the same way that her and Urs did about each other, no one else would be able to wake him.
“I think you need to have a break. Carlos will you stay with Sebastien while I take Tam back to Urs?”
“Of course, of course my friend.”
Tam got to her feet and once again David put his good arm around her.

They did not knock on Urs’ door just walked straight in to find him and Simon sitting at the table discussing something. Not having been privy to the afternoon’s events David was a little on edge at seeing Simon.
Urs smiled and rose to his feet. “It’s okay David; we’ve sorted a few things out.”
David was still looking at Simon. “We did?” He felt Tam push against him just a little. Obviously she was still somewhat apprehensive about being with Simon. “Urs. I think you lovely lady here needs some of your attention, we left Carlos with Sebastien. Has a doctor been called?”
Urs took Tam from David but it was Simon who answered him. “Yes David been and gone. Not much we can do but wait.”
Again a voice from the front door startled them. It was Lea and she too had been crying. If truth be known, she had cried almost all the flight from Florida. She may have been crying but she was livid and only had eyes for Simon. Her steps were purposeful and left no one in any doubts as to whom she was talking to. “And we wouldn’t be JUST waiting if you had left them in Florida, where we could have kept an eye on things. Maybe Sebastien would not have relapsed. I warned you Simon what would happen if anyone hurt them. I warned you.”
Simon went to say something but all he got was a very, good hard slap across the face. The sound made the others cringe. Urs jumped between Lea and Simon before either one of them could do some serious damage. He had seen Lea clench her fist. The next one was going to be a full on punch, no girly slap this time. He was sure the slap had been just a warm up. Both he and David shouted at her together. “Lea Don’t!!!!”
David had seen the rage in her eyes. If he had been at the café he would have known it was the same look that Urs had seen in Tams’ eyes.
In silence Tam walked over to Lea and the two girls hugged. Lea shot another angry look at Simon who had remained silent the whole time. “I’ll deal with you later.”
Lea and Tam walked out of the apartment and down to see Sebastien leaving three very subdued men behind.
David was the first to speak. “So Simon, when was your flight back to the UK?”
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 17 part 7   Sun May 24, 2009 10:14 pm

Carlos smiled and gave Lea a big hug. “Oh I am so glad that you came.”
Lea hugged him back but her eyes were on Sebastien. “Any change Carlos?”
“No. He just sleeps.”
Lea went and knelt next to the bed and did almost the same thing that Tam had done earlier. She brushed her fingers gently through his hair and then kissed him on the cheek. “My sweet Prince. It is time to wake up. I am here Seb. I’m not going anywhere until you open your eyes.”
Tam spoke softly; in a way she was worried that she would disturb the atmosphere. “He didn’t even stir when I sang to him Lea. He always stirred before.”
Lea was holding back her tears but she managed a weak smile. “It’s okay Tam. He’s strong, he has shown us that.” She looked to Carlos. “The doctor said just to wait and see I expect?”
Carlos nodded. “How long can you stay Lea.? Will the Navy not be upset that you have left?”
“Took a leave of absence. I have a lot of leave accrued Carlos and no one was going to stop me from taking some.”
“You know Simon is here?”
The look that she gave him told him she already knew. “I’ll deal with him soon enough.”
Tam put her hand on Lea’s shoulder. “Simon is very worried about Sebastien, Lea. He knows he did the wrong thing and he apologised. I think he really is sorry that he did what he did.”
The anger had not left Lea, she knew it was unreasonable to blame Simon for Sebastien’s condition but she had to wonder if they had just stayed back in Florida if he would have been safe. No TV shows, no flying. “Simon maybe sorry but that does not change what happened. He had no right to make them leave Tam, no right.”
Lea burst into tears and Carlos hugged her. All her emotions had been bottled up as she tried to work her way through the days since Sebastien had left. Anyone who had been working with her would have been none the wiser. Would not have known the struggle she was going through. She had found her Prince and in an instant he had been taken away, ripped from her arms.
Now all that pain and anger flowed as tears. “Carlos I am so sorry. I shouldn’t be doing this.”
He smiled at her. “My sweet. You love this Frenchman very much do you not? So you have more right than anyone to cry. You are not so strong as you would like all to think. I know this is the wonder that Sebastien sees in you. He sees your gentleness, he feels your warmth. If for no other reason he will come back because of that.”
“I pray that you are right Carlos.”
Tam had been watching Sebastien through the conversation and now she pulled on Lea’s arm. “I think he is right Lea. Every time you talk I think Sebastien knows your voice.”
Lea dried her eyes and looked down at him. “How can you tell?” As she spoke the words there was a slight change in Sebastien’s expression. Not much, but enough to be of hope. Again she knelt down beside him and whispered in his ear. “I love you Sebastien, come back to me.”
Sebastien’s breathing altered just a little and Lea thought she saw his head move ever so slightly. She took hold of his hand. “Seb. You need to come home. We need you to come back. I need you to come back.”
As she spoke Sebastien squeezed her hand, again it was not much but she had felt it, it was real. The smile on her face said it all. “He’s in there. I felt him squeeze my hand.” She began to talk to him again. “I am here Seb. Please come home. Whatever it is that it scares you so much you feel safer in there. We will confront it together. Sebastien, come home.”
Again she felt a slight pressure on her hand as he squeezed. “No matter what Seb, we are all here. I am here.”
They watched and waited for a few moments but there was nothing more. It was as if he was telling her that he knew she was there.
Lea sat on the edge of his bed and gazed into his face. He looked so serene, peaceful. It was hard to believe that he was not just sleeping. “I’m going to stay with him for a while.”

Tam and Carlos left them together and returned to Urs’ room not sure what to expect, David had not been too happy to see Simon.
The three men where sat around the table having a discussion. Not heated but shall we say tropical. David was waving his good arm around while he made his point. “I know Simon but you need to ask Tam if that is what she wants.”
Carlos spoke up “Ask Tam what?”
Tam had gone to stand next to Urs. She may have seen a softer side to Simon but she still did not like being near him. Her actions had not gone unnoticed by Simon either.
He tried to smile at her. “Tam. I am sorry that I have frightened you. I get a little carried away sometimes and forget that I need to let people know what I am thinking. It’s just I get to seeing the big picture and forget that the rest of the world hasn’t caught up with me. My wife says it is the one thing that drives her crazy.”
David spoke up. “So what does she do about it?”
Simon had a rye smile. “Oh she gets my attention.”
The room was silent and Simon knew he was going to have to tell them how she got his attention. This is not a story he had told anyone before and really wished he wasn’t telling anyone now. “Well my sweet wife has her own ways of making me sit up and notice. She’s changed the password on all my computers so I am locked out, she’s changed the locks on the doors to the house, and again I get locked out. She has sent every pair of trousers I own to the second hand clothes shop, she’s put blonding agent in my shampoo and once she reported our car stolen while I was driving to London in it. I am getting better at picking up on her signals before she does anything sadistic”
Carlos had a grin form ear to ear. I think I like your wife very much. She would make a good Diva.”
‘Oh don’t worry Carlos, she already is. And if memory serves me right she’s a Cutie.”
“Then I really, really like her.”
Carlos had managed to lighten the moment. “But this does not explain what you need to ask Tam.”
It was not Simon but Urs who talked to her. He took her hands and smiled. “It’s really something that Sebastien said but Simon would like to help. He wants to see if he can find your investments, your money from before. See if he can’t track it down for you.”
Tam looked to Simon and he smiled. “I just want to help Tam, honest and If I get a bit carried away you can…” He stopped. He had no idea what she could do.
But David let out one of his big bear laughs. Tam you can do to Simon what Lea’s always doing to me. I could use the company.”
Carlos and Urs laughed and nodded their heads and Tam just silently walked up to a bemused Simon and slapped him up the side of the head.
This caught Simon by Surprise “Hey.”
The others were in fits of laughter and Tam was smiling. She liked the idea.
David pointed to Simon. “Welcome to the slap happy club Simon. Membership is free and life long.”
Simon rubbed the side of his head. “So I take that as a yes.”
Tam nodded.
Simon still had a few more things he wanted to discuss with her but he was not sure that he wanted to get another hit on the head either. “Tam I was talking to the boys about your playing.” Tam went to move “Here me out…Please Tam. At least wait until you think I deserve a hit.”
Carlos, Urs and David smiled, they knew what was coming. As quick as anything Tam had delivered another slap to the side of this head.
“You walked into that one Simon.” David winked at Tam and she blew him a kiss.
Simon began to realise that she was not about to do anything that Il Divo did not approve of, so not only did he have to win her over he had to win them over as well.
“As I was saying about your playing.”
Simon went on to discuss what he thought would be a good way for Tam to get herself known again with in the entertainment community. See if she wanted to go back to performing or if there was something else she would rather do. Depending on how Sebastien recovered Il Divo were supposed to be starting a new tour in four months. He wanted Tam to go with them, be their warm up.
The Divos wanted to know what would happen if Sebastien was not up to performing. Sony had a lot invested in them and Simon was up front with them. The powers that be would most likely want to replace Sebastien.
This did not go down well with the three Divos and they made it very clear that if there was no Sebastien then there would be no David, no Carlos and No Urs. Sony could find a whole new boy band to take their place.
Simon assured them that he was working on this and there were ways around it. He had no intention of them ever splitting the group up. If that ever happened it would be Il Divos’ decision, no one else.
If Tam did not want to perform solo. Simon suggested that she could become part of the orchestra. Tam whispered to Urs that she would think about it.
Simon smiled. “You don’t talk much.”
David joined in. “Oh she talks plenty, she just chooses who that is going to be with.”
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 17 part 8   Sun May 24, 2009 10:15 pm

It was late when Urs and Tam dropped in to see how Sebastien was doing; telling Lea that David and Carlos were hovering in the lounge room. She went to join them. David had the biggest grin on his face when he saw her. “Nurse Henderson. So good to see you.” He never got the chance to say his hello’s earlier.
Lea had to smile, he was big and he was silly and she loved him for it. She also could see the change in him. Giving him a hug she whispered. “I see you won the war Miller.”
David hugged her as hard as he could with his good arm and whispered back. “Thank you, you saved my life”
Lea took a deep breath. “Did Carlos tell you?”
Urs and David nodded. “About the reaction from Sebastien. Yes he did.” Urs smiled. “Is it enough to know if he will wake up?”
Lea sighed again. “Urs I just don’t know. He could stay in the comma for weeks or wake up tomorrow. Just like before. But he doesn’t seem to be to be in any pain. You said he just fell asleep?”
Tam answered he question. “Yes. While I was playing.”
It was as if they could all hear Lea’s mind ticking over and Carlos wanted to know what she was thinking. “What do you think my angel? You have perhaps come across a miracle to help your French prince?”
“The music maybe that is the way to bring him back. I know when he saw the DVD’s he well…” She did not have to finish, they all remembered what happened.
Lea looked to David. “Miller, do you still have that recording of Sebastien’s album you were telling me about?”
He smiled “Yes Ma’am I do. I can download it from the computer.”
Urs was not sure what she was planning on doing. “Lea what are you going to do.”
“We all know he remembers his past. So he will remember his music, so that should not be a shock to him. I want to play him his own music and then start to slip in some of your work between his own songs; See if that will bring him back. You think you can handle that Miller.”
Again David smiled. He had something to do. “I can.” With that he headed for his own apartment and work on his computer.
Tam was not too sure about it all. “But Lea, What if it has the wrong affect and he keeps sleeping?”
Lea did not want to think about that but it was a possibility. “Then we keep trying. Even if he never remembers the three years we need to get him to a point were he can live and get on with his life without fearing that he will slip back into another coma.”
She looked to Urs and Carlos. “In my heart I know this is the right thing to do.” She paused and frowned.” Is Simon still here?”
They all shook their heads and knowing that Lea was not happy with him Tam explained their conversation. It didn’t make Lea any less angry. “Tam, are you very sure this is what you want? Don’t let him push you around.”
She saw the smiles on both Carlos and Urs’ faces. “What did I say that was so entertaining?”
It was Carlos. “Oh. I think out little angel here can look after herself.” He was thinking about what they had told him about the café but he told Lea about Tam hitting Simon on the head.
“Way to go girl.” Lea smiled and they girls gave each other a high five.
Urs loved it so much when the two of them were together. It seemed like their connection was good for both of them. Tam relaxed more when she was with Lea and It seemed that Lea was willing to open up herself to Tam in ways she would not for anyone else. Except perhaps Sebastien.
He still marvelled at the fact that they had all known each other such a short time. This did unnerve him somewhat. Would their relationships crumble once the crisis was over?
For him and Tam he knew they would carry on, Sebastien and Lea looked as if they would also but he just did not know. But their group friendship, he wanted it so much to continue. It has been along time since anyone had come into all their lives with no agenda and had simply been their friend. Admittedly Lea could be a hand full and she was trying to look after them on a professional level but so many times she had gone above and beyond the call of duty and it had nothing to do with Sebastien. His French friend saw the true Lea, whole and complete. Something that the others could only catch glimpses of as she let her guard down. Urs was honoured that she felt safe enough with them to do just that.
He put his arms around both their shoulders. “God definitely has a sense of humour putting you two together.”
And there it was, from both sides he got his own slap up the side of the head and everyone laughed, Tam and Lea both kissed him on the cheek and Urs hugged them both again. “Ah it is a wonderful thing to be loved…” and he squeezed them both.

Carlos’ day was catching up with him and he felt the need to retire. “I will leave you two lovely ladies in Urs’ capable hands, it has been along day and I am very tired.” He kissed both their hands and left.

Urs decided that it was time they left Lea with Sebastien; he knew it was no use asking her to come and stay with them or even leaving him for a little while to eat something so he didn’t. “You know where we are if you need us Lea. The key to the door is just over there.”
She looked to see where he was pointing and smiled. How cute was that, all lined up in a row.
Tam took her hands. “Do you want me to come back later?”
Lea’s words said no but her eyes said yes and Tam understood this. “Okay, see you later; I’ll bring some of that hot chocolate you like so much, if I don’t burn it.”

As Urs and Tam got back to his apartment he asked her about going back. “I thought Lea said not to go back. Good that you are but didn’t she say not to?”

Tam kissed him on the nose. “For a very perceptive person you miss some of the signals sometimes Urs. But then I guess it can be said it is a girl thing.”
“Well if that is the case I do manage to get all those signals crossed. You females have a language all your own and it’s not one us mere males are going to understand in a hurry.”
“Exactly. So let me show you something you will understand.” And she pulled him into the room.
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Lea changed out of her uniform and into her navy issue track suit to get more comfortable. In her haste to leave she had packed as if she was going on assignment. There were not many civilian clothes in her bag. At first she had thought about trying to get a ride on a navy flight heading to New York but made the choice to do it by commercial airline. Less fuss. Sheila had been with her when the call had come in and it was Sheila who made the arrangements through her senior officer to get the time off she needed. At first they were only going to give her a week but as luck would have it the Base Commander was in the office trying to sort out his own leave and over heard the conversation. He signed off on Lea’s emergency leave and then signed off on the four months leave she had owing if she wanted to take it. If she wanted to split that up and come back to work that was okay. He was happy to make the arrangements. So the pressure was off her and she could stay as long as she liked.
Lea had asked Sheila why he had signed off and apparently his wife was a big Il Divo fan and if she found out he hadn’t done something to help he wouldn’t have needed his own leave.
So now she was sitting next to Sebastien praying that they did in fact have a miracle to give him. She kissed him once on the cheek then once on the lips and then lay beside him with her arm over his chest. She listened to the quiet soothing rhythm of his heart beat, the soft, rolling murmur of his breathing and felt the slight rise and fall as he let the air escape. Everything seemed so right, so peaceful, she wanted him to open his eyes, smile and be whole.
A spot on Sebastien’s shirt became damp from the tears it was silently catching. Carlos was right. She wasn’t at all as tough as people thought she was. While thinking about her Prince and her life over the past few weeks Lea fell asleep.
She did not dream, she did not move but sometime later something woke her. It took her a few moments to realise she was not dreaming, the fog of her little slumber confusing her thinking. She could hear a voice. Lea sat up but the room was empty and silent. Maybe she had been dreaming but then Sebastien said something, very quietly he spoke. Lea was hopeful but she could see he was still asleep. She waited to see if he would say anything else and when he did it was very hard to hear. She realised what she had heard before was while she had been resting on his chest. “I’m here Sebastien.”
Again he said something but this time she put her head back on his chest to see if this would help. Sebastien did not seem to be agitated or upset so Lea was hoping what ever he was dreaming was good and happy.
She still could not understand what he was saying. Smiling at him she once again stroked her fingers through his hair. “I love you Seb. Please don’t ever forget that.”
“Amoureux de Cherie.” His words had been a little louder and Lea heard them. She did not know very much French but enough to know that the word Sebastien had spoken was a word for love. She gathered that he had said ‘Love you Cherie’. She smiled but he was still asleep. “Amoureux Sebastien, my Prince. I will be here when you want to come home.”
This time Sebastien moved his head in the direction of her voice and Lea ran her fingers across his forehead, down his cheek and over his chin, bending over to kiss him again.
He seemed to settle back again and somehow Lea knew he was closer to waking up. She adjusted his bed clothes and made sure he was comfortable and then went to the kitchen to find something to eat.
Cupboards were pretty bare and not much in the fridge but when she opened the freezer she laughed a little. “We have a junk food junkie in the house. Thanks Seb.” She pulled out a microwave burger, read the instructions and got it going in the microwave.
There was a gentle knock at the door and Lea heard the key. Tam popped her head in and smiled. She was bearing gifts. A steaming hot mug of chocolate.
“You’re an angel Tam.”
“Not sure if Urs will think so. His kitchen is a mess and it took me three goes to get it right. It’s been a while.”
Lea took a sip “Perfect and I am not just saying that. This is good. Thanks. I have a burger in the oven but not sure if that is going to be any good.”
Just then the oven sounded and Lea retrieved her food. Both girls looked at the burger and then at each other. Lea sighed “Well I guess it is better than nothing.”
“Urs was telling me that he and the others used to head for that bakery in the wee hours of the morning. I can go and get you something if you like. They should be open by now.”
As much as Lea loved the thought of freshly baked anything instead of what she was looking at. She was not sure about Tam out on the New York streets by herself at this time of the morning. “No it’s okay… I’ve eaten worse.”
Tam gave her a look and Lea smiled. “I have, believe me I have.”
“I guess I have as well.
Both girls laughed and Lea ate her burger and finished off with Tams wonderful hot chocolate.
“How is Sebastien?”
Lea smiled at little. “Getting there, he said a few words”
Tam almost jumped out of her skin. “That’s good, great.”
“But he is till in the coma. I hope that my idea works Tam. I hope he gets all his memories back but if not.” She left it there.
Tam took hold of her hand. “He will, he has a strong spirit, like you.”

There was another knock on the door and David stuck his head in. “Are you girl’s early birds or night owls?”
They replied together but said different things.
Tam replied “Early Bird.”
And Lea said “Night Owl”
David laughed. “Well can one of you help me I’m stuck. Thought I better put some decent clothes on today.”
Lea went to help him with his shirt. “And shoes.”
“So you noticed that did you.”
All Lea said was “Mmmmmm.”
David pulled a CD out of his back pocket. “I finished the music for Seb. Put his own stuff on first then put ours in between. I figured considering what we are thinking of doing a CD was better than using his ipod.”
Lea took the CD. “I think I need something more than a nuked burger in my stomach before we start this.”
David laughed.” I see you found Sebastien’s stash. But I can head to the bakery if you like, they’ll be open.”
“Tam suggested that a little while ago.” Lea looked at Tam. “Would you mind keeping an eye on Sebastien? I would like some fresh air.”

Lea and David walked to the bakery in silence for a while. David not sure what he should say to her and Lea waiting for him to say something. But the silence was too much. “So Miller, How have you been doing?” Her voice was soft and full of concern; she was still worried about him even though he looked much better, younger even.
David smiled, if anyone else had called him Miller he would have taken offence. But Lea did it in such a way he couldn’t help but like it, even when she was giving him a hard time. “Lea, you really do understand a lot about people don’t you? How did you know I was struggling so much? Being around you and Tam is kinda scary. The both of you seem to see right through into the very soul of a person. Don’t get me wrong. Thanks to you both I feel so much better, like the weight of the universe has been lifted from my life.”
David stopped walking, so Lea did the same. His expression became very serious. “Lea. Do you really think I will ever find someone to love me like Tam loves Urs or like you...”

Lea put her fingers to his lips to silence him. “David, if Sebastien had not stolen my heart I would love you.”
David was taken aback by her statement. “ Lea…”
Again she stopped him. “You are a wonderful man David with so, so much to give the right person, she is out there. Don’t be in a rush. You have to promise me you will wait for the right one. It would break my heart if you got hurt.” She stretched and kissed him on the lips which sent him into a spin but she brought him right back down to earth with a gentle playful smack on the side of his head.

David folded her arm into his and they walked to the bakery in silence. He was overcome with what she had said. Had there been a chance that this crazy nurse would have given her heart to him had the situation been different. In one way his heart ached knowing he could have been the recipient of all the love she showed to Sebastien but in another it soared. In her own soulful way Lea had told him she was not the right person for him but she was out there. He sighed and just before they got to the bakery he said. “I promise Lea, I will wait.”
Lea and David arrived back at Sebastien’s apartment loaded down with fresh baked goodies for everyone. Tam met them in the lounge room. She looked from David to Lea and back again and smiled to herself. Something had happened while they had been away, something had been resolved. David seemed less high strung. Lea was harder to read but Tam knew that they must have talked. She walked over to David and kissed him on the cheek. This was the second time that morning he had been surprised. Tam whispered gently to him. “We love you David. Remember you are very special.”
David, stunned, smiled and very quietly said “Thanks.”
Lea came over to him kissed him on the cheek and said. “What she said.”
The girls walked back into Sebastien’s room leaving David alone in the lounge room not entirely sure he knew what had just happened. He felt happy, he felt free and he felt loved. He was actually allowing himself to feel all these things for perhaps the first time in his life. Not such bad things to feel.

There was a tap on the door and Urs came in. By the look of him he was NOT a morning person. Looked a little wild with his hair doing what ever it wanted, an old motorcycle t shirt and old jeans on. He smiled at David and rubbed his eyes. “My bed was empty. Tam in here?”
David smiled at his friend. “She certainly is my friend, she certainly is.”
Urs did not understand why David had said what he had said the way he had. “You okay David? Something wrong?”
“No. It is wonderful, I’m great, you’re great, and the world is great.”
Urs gave David a look as if to say ‘maybe I should order that white jacket’ “oooo kay. You sure you are all right?”
David put his good arm over Urs’ shoulder and kissed him on the top of the head. Now Urs was getting concerned. “DAVID!!! What has gotten into you?”
“I feel great for the first time in a long time.”
“Okay but do you have to do it so early in the morning.”
David’s booming laugh brought Tam out of the bedroom; she smiled when she saw Urs and gave him a very long kiss. David whistled. Urs was still trying to come to terms with all the happiness so early. “What have you guys been up to? It’s to damn early for all this, this.. Oh it’s just too early.”
David and Tam laughed. David offered Urs something from the bakery but Tam whispered something to him. Urs looked shocked. “What, for breakfast?”
Tam dragged him to the door, turned to David. “Save him a bear claw David he’s gonna need it.”
David whistled again. “Now that is some kinda breakfast.”

After they left David joined Lea in the bedroom. “He okay?”
“No change. I want to wait a while before we try anything. Wait for you all to be here just in case”
“Good idea. Just give a shout when you need us” He smiled. “But I would wait a while, Tam just dragged Urs back to his place for.” He cleared his throat. “For breakfast.”
Lea smiled. “She certainly has an appetite that one.”
They both knew she did not mean for eggs over easy.

Sebastien stirred a little at the sound of their voices, David smiled. “He can hear you Lea.”
But this time Sebastien stirred when David talked. Lea stood and looked down at Sebastien. “David say something else.”
“Like what. I have no idea what you…”
Sebastien stirred again at David’s voice. “David that is the first time he’s done that. Talk to him.”
David shrugged his shoulders.
Lea pushed him forward. “Miller talk to him.”
“Okay, Okay, bossy boots.” David stepped a little closer to Sebastien. “Hey buddy, how about getting back here so I don’t have to deal with these females all by myself. It’s not easy you know.”
Sebastien said something that neither one of the understood and Lea motioned to David to keep talking. “See. This crazy nurse is ordering me around. You need to help out Sebastien. When she’s with you she’s outa my hair.”
This remark brought a rather different reaction from Sebastien. It was almost as if he was telling David off in French.
Lea stepped in. “I don’t know what he said but I think you just got reprimanded.”
“That’s a good thing right?”
“To be honest, I don’t know. The fact that he recognised your voice is good. We will just have to wait and see.”

They waited for a little while and talked about general things but Sebastien did not react to either of them. “I guess he has gone back to sleep.” David looked at Lea.
“He’s okay David. Maybe we should try and get some rest before the others wake up.”
David hugged her and kissed her tenderly on the cheek. He was almost to the door when he turned round and walked back to her and planet a rather strong kiss on her lips. It was Lea’s turn to be stunned. “Thank you Lea. Sebastien is a lucky man.” And he was gone.
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The five of them were sitting in Sebastien’s lounge room finishing off cups of coffee and the last of the bakery delights. Urs didn’t get his bear claw, Carlos saw to that but he did end up with a blueberry muffin and Urs looked more human than he had a few hours earlier. Obviously Tams breakfast had agreed with him.
Over the last few minutes they had all become quiet, the task at hand weighing heavily on all of them.
Lea took a deep breathe. “Well I guess we should get this over with.”
They all stood and David carried the CD player into the bedroom and plugged it in. Lea sat on the edge of the bed while the others stood at the foot.
“Just like we discussed Miller, nice and quiet.”
David turned on the music and they all waited, the atmosphere in the room was electric, they were all on edge and watching Sebastien. Nothing, the third song was playing and there had been no reaction from Sebastien.
Tam had got hold of Urs’ hand and was squeezing it and Carlos said what the others were thinking. “It’s not going to work.”
“Give it some time guys.” Lea lent into Sebastien. “Come home Seb, I miss you very much.”
Her voice got a reaction from their sleeping friend; he said something in French but too quietly for Urs to know what it was. He just shook his head as the others looked at him.
“Turn the music up a little David would you.”
The CD played through two more songs but nothing. So Lea talked to Sebastien again and again she got a reaction. “David say something to him. He recognised your voice before, see if he will this time”
“Okay. Hey Buddy. How about getting back here, we’ve got stuff we need to do together.”
Sebastien moved a little and again said something in French. Urs had been waiting for it.
“All he said was together.”
They all took a collective breath as Sebastien spoke Urs’ Name. Lea was so hopeful this meant something good. “Say something else Urs. I want to make sure.”
Urs did but he said it all in French and got a reply from Sebastien in French. Urs smiled.
Carlos was about to burst out of his skin. “Well what did he say?
Even Carlos’ voice got a reaction from Sebastien.
Lea had an idea. “David, fast forward to the mixed music will you.”
“Sure thing boss.”
While they had been talking it was apparent that Sebastien knew they were there and again they waited for something to happen. The first song to play was Regresa a mi, still nothing, then came one of Sebastien’s, Danse and then Il Divo’s Passera. At this song Sebastien seemed to get restless, moving his head from side to side and shuffling in the bed but once Libre began he settle back down. Lea was beginning to think that their plan had failed. Libre finished and the next song to play puzzled them all, each one looking to David for an explanation. “Don’t ask, I have no idea why I put that in there but it felt right.”
The song they were listening to was, When a Child is Born from their Christmas album.
Lea was about to say change it but Sebastien began to stir, he was becoming more restless the longer the song played, seeming to be struggling with some invisible foe. Lea put her whole weight on his shoulders to keep him in the bed and stop him from hurting himself. Sebastien began to kick his legs; both Carlos and Urs grabbed them, holding them down. Sebastien was shouting but no one knew what. Lea looked at Tam and she went to help Lea hold Sebastien down.
Sebastien let out a blood chilling scream that went on for so long it was inhuman and it scared them all. He was struggling and fighting so much now that Lea had placed her whole body over his chest to keep him still and Tam had as much as she could put her upper body across his shoulders. Even with both of them pushing down he was so strong neither one was sure they could hold him.
Lea shouted at David “Turn it off Miller, Now!!!!”
In an instant the music was gone and all that was left was Sebastien’s screams.
“Cesser! Cesser! Blessure!”
Like Carlos, Urs was struggling to keep Sebastien’s legs under control. “He’s just saying to stop and it hurts.”
Suddenly Sebastien stopped screaming and then stopped moving, all four of them kept their hands on him for a few moments.
Lea moved first, apprehensively, ready to jump back on him should she need to, Then Tam moved. Carlos and Urs kept hold of his legs and watched. Sebastien mumbled something and began to cry. Tam looked at David, they both knew that sound. David knew what ever had a hold of Sebastien had been a demon with long talons. He felt ill at the thought that both of them had been struggling alone all this time and they could have helped each other. David moved to the side of the bed with tears in his eyes. “Let it go Buddy, just let it go. We’re here for you. Just let it go”
Sebastien’s cries where so heart wrenching everyone struggled with it. He turned himself over on his side and curled up.
Carlos and Urs let go of his legs, Tam began to hum to him, Lea brushed her hands through his air and David kept talking to him. “You need to come home now Sebastien, it’s time.”
Tam’s tears flowed her heart hurt so much. How could two friends have so much pain inside and no one could see. Urs saw the pain on her face and went to hold her. She collapsed into his arms and he understood what she had gone through with David. He worried that it would be too much for her.

Lea was also crying but trying hard to hold them back. “Come home my sweet.”
Slowly Sebastien stopped crying, taking some deep breathes it looked like he was going back to sleep.
Lea bit her lip; it had been a waist of time.
David spoke up. “No you don’t buddy, you got this far you take that next step, you hear me. You need to come home.”
In audible English Sebastien said these words. “I’m tired David.”
Lea put her hand over her mouth but everyone could see the shock in her eyes.”
David kept talking. “I know so was I, so very tired Sebastien but you can’t leave. We need you, we love you. Lea loves you; she needs you to come home.”
“Help Me.”
Lea spoke softly to her Prince. “I will my sweet. I’m here.” She kissed him on the forehead.
There was silence, no one dared to say anything else, all scared that he had slipped back into the darkness that has consumed him before.
Lea smiled at him as Sebastien opened his eyes and looked into hers. “Hi stranger.”
Urs and Tam hugged each other and David and Carlos gave each other a high five.
In a small tired voice Sebastien spoke his first waking words. Cherie, you are here”
With tears falling like a river down her face, Lea smiled and kissed him on the lips. “I love you Seb.”
Lea was so worried that he may not know who she was that when he looked at her and recognised her it was as if all her prayers had been answered. Yet there was more they all needed to now.
“How do you feel?”
Sebastien was still lying on his side. Tired, cold. Like I have been lost in the wilderness for so long.”
David swallowed hard when he heard his friend’s description. It was very, very close to his own experiences. In time these two men would come to understand each others pasts with a silent knowing that only they could share.
“What do you remember?”
Sebastien was silent for a moment, his expression changed and a single tear escaped. “No more than before. No IL Divo.”
They were all gutted. They had all pinned their hopes on this plan to bring Sebastien back whole.
As sad as she was to hear him Lea was pleased he was back. “That’s okay Sebastien.”
He sat up and looked into the faces of his friends; he had wanted so much to remember them. “I heard you. I heard you all. David, did you save me a bagel?”
David smiled. Sebastien had heard the conversation he’d had with Lea about making sure that there was a bagel left for Sebastien. “I sure did.”
Urs saw the change in Sebastien before anyone. “Are you okay? You’ve just gone very pale.”
Sebastien shook his head and started to get out of bed. “I think I am going to thrown up.”
He was a little unsteady on his feet so Urs gave him some help. Sebastien made it to the bathroom just in time to throw up in the sink.
Tam pushed Urs a little. “I think you should keep an eye on him.”
Urs looked at Lea and she nodded.
They could hear Sebastien and he was not having a good time of it at all.
David spoke up. “Well I guess the bagel will have to wait.”

Urs stood behind his friend gently rubbing him on the back as he emptied the contents of his stomach down the drain. Urs was amazed at how much Sebastien had inside. But he seemed to be coming to the end.
Sebastien rinsed out his mouth and washed his face turning to Urs to thank him. But instead his hands shot to his head, he screamed in pain and fell to the floor, Urs catching him in enough time to make sure he did not hurt himself. Urs sat on the floor with Sebastien cradled in front of him. He shouted for Lea.
The bathroom door burst open and Lea dropped to the floor in front of Sebastien. David and Carlos stood at the door.
Lea tried to pull Sebastien’s hands away from his head but he held on too tight. “Oh God Lea not again. Please make it stop, PLEASE.!!!!!”

Sebastien’s mind was so full of pictures and images it couldn’t settle on just one. On the inside he was spinning, it was like being on an out of control carnival ride. Every time he tried to concentrate on an image it would whisks away to be replaced by another and then another and then another. Sebastien heaved but this time did not throw up. He had nothing left. Urs kept hold of his friend, helpless, unable to do anything.
All Sebastien could see where flashes, pictures and colours, faces, the faces kept coming at him. Each face coming back again and gain, getting faster. They were the faces of his three friends. It was like someone had put a movie into high speed. He couldn’t make it stop.
Just when he thought his brain would explode everything vanished and Sebastien slumped into Urs arms, he went weak but this time he did not faint. What a cruel irony. The one time he wished he could is body refused to let him.
He struggled to sit up and again was looking into Lea’s loving eyes. She smiled but he could see the fear she was trying to hide.
Sebastien shuddered and gripped her hands. He felt more than saw a surge, pressure in his mind and then it was gone. “I remember.”
It was David. "What do you remember this time Sebastien?”
Sebastien took a deep breath. “Everything...”
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Chapter 18
Everyone was back in the lounge room and Sebastien was sat on the sofa between Tam and Lea. He looked pale but his friends were happy for him. At first Sebastien was afraid to even try and find the memories he had lost of the last three years. Each time he had done this before he had come up against dark empty places of nothingness but this time as he searched his mind for different things they appeared. Urs asked him to see if he could remember anything else about Australia other than Jo Jo Morgan. Sebastien settled on the memory and it was like cranking up an old car. First there were slow images, a lot of Jo Jo and then as if his mind had gone into overdrive everything he knew about Australia was there. The concerts, their days off, his time spent alone, the plane flights, the rehearsals, the problems with hotels rooms. He smiled at them all as he told them what he could remember. Everyone was over joyed. Each time one of the asked him a question he was able to respond like the Sebastien they all knew and loved.
Carlos was a little confused. “So, if you can remember everything what was stopping you before?”
Sebastien was about to answer he did not know when they heard a knock on the door and David went to answer it. Simon walked in, took one look at Sebastien and a big smile appeared crossed his face. “It’s great to see you up Sebastien. Is everything okay?”
Everyone was speechless at what happened next.

Sebastien began to shake, tears rolling down his face. He still had hold of Lea and Tam’s hands and they both felt him grip them even tighter. Both girls looked from Sebastien to Simon, whose smile slowly faded. The expression on Sebastien’s face was one of anger and pain and sorrow. He cried his words more than spoke them. “Why Simon? Why did they both have to die? You said a few more days would not make any difference but they did, When I got back they were both gone. You took me away from them and I never got to see them, I never got to see her Simon, She died before I could see her, I never got to see my daughter WHY?”
The shock wave that went around the room was almost audible, everyone dumbstruck just stared at Sebastien, this was something he had kept from all of them.

Suddenly Sebastien launched himself at Simon and it was all that Carlos and Urs could do to stop him. Sebastien waving his arms around trying to get to Simon. “Why Simon.?” All of a sudden it seemed that he had spent his last fragment of energy and slumped into Urs’ arms crying uncontrollably. David’s heart just shattered into a million pieces, of all of them he understood too well the pain he was going through. He took Sebastien from Urs and guided him back to his bedroom. David did not see what happened after that but he certainly heard everything.

Lea’s cold steal voice got their attention... “What the hell did you do Simon? Are you so thick that I will have to put you in ICU before you get it? I don’t make idol threats and I don’t break my promises and I told you what would happen if you hurt anyone of them!!!”
Simon had just about had enough and was about to give back just as good as he was getting. “Now hold on just a minute. I don’t take kindly to being threatened.”
Before he could finish Lea started again. “I’m surprised you are not used to them by now if this is the way you treat people.”
Urs and Carlos tried to stop them as Simon and Lea kept getting closer to each other.
“Hey. You don’t know anything about what happened so just shut it before you say or do something you will regret.”
No one saw it coming and Simon had reeled backwards before the others realised that Lea had punched him and she was getting ready to deliver a second one.
Simon was livid; he had never hit a woman before so this would be a first. He raised his hand, Carlos and Urs jumping in to stop him, forgetting that Lea had the same ideas of her own. Tam knew there was no way she would stop Lea. You just had to look in her eyes. They were cold, black, evil, almost possessed looking and Simon was her target. Tam put herself in front of Lea to slow her down and shouted for David.
He came running out of the bedroom and immediately saw what was about to happen. He raced to Tam, taking her place and making Lea stop by blocking her way with his body. He was the same darkness in her eyes and it scared him. He pushed her back a little with his good arm and shouted over his shoulder for the others to get Simon the hell out. Simon was still struggling to get to Lea. “She’s crazy!!”
Urs and Carlos managed to get Simon out of the apartment but it took them three goes to get him into Urs’. He wanted to go back and fight and Urs had half a mind to let him, deep down he knew that Simon wouldn’t win a mental or a physical fight with Lea the way she was.
Lea had not said a word and David could feel all the rage flowing through her body as she pushed against his, eyes fixed on the front door. He had to shout her name twice and shake her violently before she responded and looked at him. “Lea!!! Stop it for Gods sake.”
Lea looked into David’s eyes and he saw the darkness replaced by pain and sorrow, feeling the tension leave her body and seeing tears fall. “Sebastien has a daughter. David. He never said anything and Simon hurt him.” David could feel the tension coming back so he held her close. “We don’t know that Lea. We don’t know anything. Something triggered that memory when Simon came in that is all we know. Sebastien will have to tell us the rest. If he can.”
“I know Simon had something to so with it I just do.”
David stepped back so he could look straight into her eyes. “Promise me you won’t do anything until we find out what is going on. If Simon is responsible I’ll help you deliver your retribution.?”

In the bedroom Tam was cradling Sebastien much the same way she had David and her heart hurt just as much. She understood it was the one memory that he did not wish to ever remember that had stopped him from getting all the others back. He had spent three years suppressing it and now along with everything else he would have to try and deal with it.
David and Lea came in, Lea kneeling next to the bed. There was so much she did not know about this man she loved and maybe now that he remembered EVERYTHING he would not love her anymore.
She wiped a few tears from his face and Tam placed Sebastien back on the bed going to stand next to David. He put his arm around her, neither one of them knowing what to do next.
Lea spoke to Sebastien so softly and with such love David had a hard time believing this was the same women who was ready to rip out Simon’s throat. “Seb, it’s me Lea... Are you okay?”
Sebastien opened his eyes and the pain that penetrated through them besieged Lea, she had to bit her lip to stop her own pain form verbalising itself.
“Oh my Cherie, I had not remembered this horrible thing and now it feels like it was only yesterday. How can I go on? I have failed you.”
“No, no my sweet angel, you have failed no one. Don’t ever think that. “
“But if I had been there maybe things would have been different.”

Lea knew that if he had been wherever it was and these people had survived things would have been very different. They may have still met but their relationship would never have taken hold. But Lea still needed to know what happened and she guessed that Sebastien needed to tell his story to be ale to move forward. This was going to be difficult for all of them.
Again she bit her lip before asking her question. “What happened Seb?”

Sebastien sat up and through many tears and many pauses to gain his composure he told them the story.

He had been engaged to a young lady called Sarina, they had been friends for many years, seeing each other now and then and it was when he had been asked to write some songs for a new singer that they saw each other again. Sarina was that new singer. They became much more than friends and Sebastien had written songs for each of the four albums she had produced. After twelve months they had moved into together planning to get married at the end of her European tour. Sarina fell pregnant which they were both over the moon about but in her seventh month there had been a few complications, early labour. The doctors said plenty of bed rest and this is what she did. But four weeks later she had another earlier labour and doctors decided to keep her in hospital. This is when Sebastien had agreed to take part in the auditions for Il Divo. He was going to cancel but Sarina said it would be a great opportunity and she would be fine. More bed rest. And besides it was only going to be three days.
So Sebastien had gone to the auditions, Sarina was in hospital under the care of doctors so he felt better about leaving her.
The day that he got home he went straight from the airport to the hospital but when he got to her room it was empty. Thinking they may have moved her he called the nurse who in turn called Sarina’s doctor.
This was how he found out that there had been major complications and they had gone into emergency surgery. Sarina had died giving birth to their baby daughter. Sebastien was just comprehending that he had lost the love of his life when the doctor told him that the little girl had only survived a few hours. He had lost both and he had not been with them when it happened.
He buried them both and within weeks was rehearsing with Il Divo, he had not grieved properly, just sunk himself into the Il Divo world and worked and worked and worked.
Too many of his fans if they had known this story would have explained those times when he seemed lost and soulful on stage. These were the times when this memory was trying to claim him but he refused to remember.
When he finished Tam was sobbing into David’s chest and the big bear was only just holding onto his own emotions.
Lea could not say anything in fear that she would just crumble and never be able to get the pieces back together.

Sebastien brushed his hand or her cheek. “Do you still want to be with me Cherie, now that you know I have loved before?”
Leas answer was in the hug she gave him. “I don’t want to ever let you go. We can work through this together.”
Tam wanted to tell Sebastien she knew how he felt but this was not the right time.

Urs and Carlos where getting much the same story from Simon and sat in stunned silence. Simon had always thought that Sebastien had dealt with the situation very well all be it a little too quickly, how wrong he had been.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing Chapter 18 part 2   Thu May 28, 2009 6:02 am

David and Tam went back to Urs’ Apartment and left Lea with Sebastien for while. Simon, Urs and Carlos just looked up from the table in silence as they come in. David took up the empty chair Tam brushed her hands across Urs’ shoulders as she went to the bedroom. She was still a little uncomfortable around Simon. David was the first to speak. “So… I guess we all know.” Again the others just nodded in silence. “He didn’t tell any of us?”
It was Urs. “I don’t think he told himself David. He pushed it so far down he forgot, refused to remember until all this.”
Simon sighed. “I am really sorry but I thought everything was okay. He never mentioned it to me when he came back to rehearsals. I found out through one of the girls in the office. She’d read about Sarina in the paper. When I asked Sebastien about it he said he was handling it. If I had realised just how I might have been able to do something.”
Carlos got up to get himself a cup of coffee. “Well now we know why he struggled so much with that song for the Christmas album and was always pushing to sing something else.”
“Yeah.” Urs got up to refill his own coffee. “He may not have remembered but his subconscious was trying to get through to him.”
Simon was a little confused. “What song did he never want to sing?’
All three Divos answered together. “When a Child is Born.”
Simon just dropped his head. He had miss read Sebastien so badly in those early days and now he was struggling with the plane crash and the death of Sarina and his daughter.

Lea sat quietly by Sebastien’s bed, he was sleeping. At first she’d had a little panic thinking that he had slipped back into a coma but his breathing was okay and he did wake up and smiled at her before going back to sleep. He had remembered everything but had everything been too much. Being a nurse, Lea knew that eventually Sebastien would have to deal with this grief at the lose of his child or it would destroy him but so early after everything else. And him, feeling like the wound was so fresh and raw. She wondered if she would be able to help him and how it would change their relationship. Only time would tell.

Tam came out of the bedroom and whispered something to Urs. He smiled at her.
“Okay, sounds like a good idea, I’ll get ready.”
The other all looked at him. “She wants to get some fresh air.”
Simon spoke. “Well I did want to ask you guys about something but it can wait till tomorrow. I dare say I should probably leave before your nurse friend comes looking for me. But we needed to get a few things straightened out. I’ll come back in the morning.”
Simon left them and on his way back to the car made a few phone calls to reschedule a few things. With Sebastien now fully conscious things had changed.

Tam and the remaining Divos decided to take a walk through the park close to the Apartments. They all needed to do some thinking and the walking did them all good. They had their Sebastien back but what did this new situation mean for them all. If he could perform before while hiding it, did this mean he could perform now while he was trying to deal with it?
Carlos had this same thought on his mind as well as another he had not had to think about for a few days, flying. If Sebastien was better this could mean they would not have to postpone the tour which meant getting back on a plane. Carols was not sure he could do that without some serious intervention. Each time he thought about a plane all he could see and hear was the crash: It was waking him up at night and he doubted that Bear would be available just to drag him onto planes all over the country.
Tam had noticed Carlos’ deep thought and nudge him a little. “You okay Carlos.”
He smiled at her trying to shake off the cloud he was carrying. “Our precious angel of mercy. How could I be unhappy when the birds are singing, the sun is shining and you are by our sides. A man such as myself is honoured that he would be allowed to breath the same air as one such as yourself.”
Tam smiled and giggled, giving Carlos a kiss on the nose and then holding his hands. “Smooth words Mr Marin but any time you want to talk...” She let her sentence drift off in the breeze.
David smiled and shook is head at Carlos and Urs just smiled at them both. They were indeed a family. A quirky, family of brothers with all that implied.

Just as they rounded the corner and were headed back to the apartment David just happened to be looking in the right direction at the right time when a large rock came sailing silently through the air towards them. He shouted for everyone to get down but he could see that the rock was headed for Tam and she had no time to react. Urs had seen it as well but he was too far away to help her although he ran back. David dived through the air and shielded her with his cast arm just as the rock was about to hit her. They both fell to the ground heavily. David yelled at the pain that went though his arm. Carlos and Urs ran to them.
Urs got hold of Tam, She was dazed, winded and had a graze on her arm but other wise was alright.
Carlos checked to see if David was okay. He was holding is broken arm but the cast was still in tacked and he was mad. “Who the hell threw that!!! Damn it my arm hurts!!! I’m gonna kill someone.!!!”
Tam was cradled in Urs arms when a female in jogging clothes ran around the corner. She was shouting at them. “Are you guys alright? I’m sorry I tried to stop him but he threw a rock at me.”
She was at David’s side but it was Carlos that saw the blood on her face.
“Oh dear, you are hurt.”
She looked at Carlos and then touched her own face as Carlos pointed .She felt the wet sticky texture of the blood as is ran down the side of her face from the wound just below her temple. “Damn it!! I’m Okay.” It was then that she took a good look at Carlos, then at David and then at Urs. “Oh my, there’s one missing. The French one. You’re Il Divo aren’t you?”
They all just nodded. “Who the hell would want to hurt you guys? Is everyone okay?”
She looked at Tam who was still in Urs’ arms. “Is your lady friend alright Mr Buhler?”
Urs nodded. “Just shaken up. I think we should get back to the apartment.”
They all stood but Carlos went to the female and gently touched the side of her face, with very deep concerned etched in to his own. “I think you should get that looked after.”
“I’ll stick my head under the shower and slap a bandaid on it when I get home just as long as you guys are okay.”
They started to walk back to the apartment but Carlos was insistent. “No, my lady knight, you need to be attended to in the proper way.”
The lady smiled at Carlos and David moaned. “Lady, please just say yes or he will be insufferable.”
This brought a pout from Carlos and a smile from the lady. “We have a friend, who is a nurse, I am sure she would be most agreeable to making sure you have not suffered too much in your quest to save such as us.”
David rolled his eyes and the lady smiled. “Does he always talk like this?”
Again David rolled his eyes. She turned back to Carlos. “Well if it would make you feel better I would be happy for your nurse friend to check me out.” She held out her hand.
I’m Felicity. Most people call me flea.” Before anyone could say anything. “No wise cracks about flea powder or any other flea jokes or I go my own way.”
David shut is mouth; he could feel a slap up the side of the head coming….
Carlos kissed her hand and introduced himself and then the others. “And the lovely lady that Urs holds in his protective embrace is our Tam. She is a gift from the heavens.”
David just groaned. “Awww Carlos give it a rest.”
Flea smiled. “Well Mr Marin. I think you are kind of sweet.”
“Call me Carlos.”
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing Chapter 18 part 3   Thu May 28, 2009 6:02 am

They all entered Urs’ apartment but Carlos went to Sebastien’s to get Lea to check over their new friend. He had expected to find Sebastien still in bed but they were both sitting in the lounge room. It was obvious that Sebastien had been pouring out his heart to Lea and even more obvious they had both done a lot of crying. Carlos smiled, his heart felt heavy knowing what his friend must be going through but he was glad that Lea was the one he was talking to for both their sakes. “Sorry to disturb but Lea we need your medical assistance.”
Both Lea and Sebastien stood with concerned looks on their faces, Sebastien the first to speak. “Who Carlos, what happened”
As they headed back to Urs’ place he filled them in.
Lea was not impressed. “I swear, I leave you lot alone for five minutes and you manage to find trouble.” Lea was trying to put a little lightness into the situation knowing full well just how serious it could have been. Everyone was seated at the table when they arrived. All but Flea could see that Lea and Sebastien had been crying.

Well Flea could see just not understand why these two people looked like they had just been through the wringer together. She was beginning to wonder if she should have just gone home. Her head hurt but then a couple of mild pain killers would fix that. Her introduction to Il Divo had been through her younger sister, who was apparently besotted by these four men and had driven Flea insane for months before she relented and gave in to her sisters request to help her get to Canada for concerts, yes, concerts. Younger sister had bought tickets to every single concert they had done in Canada. Flea thought this was ludicrous but while her sister was engulfed in all things Il Divo she was happy so she had agreed to go with her to Canada. While her sister criss-crossed the country for Il Divo concerts Flea took herself off to see other sites and catch up on friends. So she did know what Il Divo looked like and apparently her sisters none stop ranting about them had sunk in enough for her to know who was who. But the French one did look somewhat beat up. Flea had not heard about the plane crash so her imagination got the better of her. Surely one of the others had not done this to him.

Lea walked over to Flea and introduced herself. Hi, I’m Lea the nurse. Do you mind if I take a look?”
Flea shook her head which was a bad idea.” No, but I think apart from the head ache I am okay. Names Felicity by the way.”
Lea smiled as she checked Flea out. “So what did you get stuck with, Fleece, Lizzy, Leece, Flea, Izz, Fee? Mmm you really should have a couple of stitches in that but I think a butterfly may do until you see your own doctor.”
The way that Lea looked at Felicity she knew that was not a simply suggestion, it was an order.” That would be great. And I got stuck with Flea by the way. Don’t mind so much. Felicity is such a girly name.”
Carlos raised his eyebrow at this statement, not entirely sure what it meant but he was sure that he liked the name and who it belonged to. “My fair lady, your name is a delight to my ears and honey to my tongue as it is spoken. Felicity.” Carlos said her name in such a way it took Flea by surprise. For the first time in her life someone had spoken her full name and she had not cringed. David rolled his eyes and Urs smiled but Carlos continued. “I shall be honoured to call you by your full name if you would so allow?” He took Fleas hand and kissed it.
“Oh my, I would so allow. Are you always like this?”
Everyone expect Tam answered in unison. “Yes” and they all laughed.
Lea with hands on hips looked around the room. “So who is the next patient?” Her eyes scanned them all and rested on Tam. Lea went to sit next to her. “You okay Tam.”
Tam shook her head but did not speak, they all knew she would not while Flea was with them and the trauma of the days events would not have helped any. “Let me look at your arm. Carlos said David squashed you.”
At this point David piped up. “I did no such thing. We just happened to fall pretty hard is all. I hurt my arm.”
While Lea was still looking over Tam she began to play with David. “AWW Big bear got a little boo boo?
The others all smiled. By now they were used to the rapid fire verbal assaults these two played on each other. To an outsider it may have looked like they were fighting but to those of them in this family it was comforting to see.
David fired back. “No, Baby bear had a BIG boo boo and needs some tender care and attention.” He turned and leaned over to Urs. “Urs can I have a hug?”
Urs pushed him away playfully. “David…. Please, we have a guest.”
This brought laughter from the all again, Flea smiled. “You guys are nuts you know that don’t you.”
David let out one of his booming laughs. “Oh but it is so much fun. So Flea, what are you Siren, Cutie, Uber or Diva?”
Lea gave him a look that said if she had been closer she would have smacked him. Urs saw her and before David figured it out he had slapped him up the side of the head. “Hey, no fare, you’re supposed to be on my side.”
Flea was a little perplexed at his question. “I’m sorry I’m not sure what you are asking me.”
This brought a surprised look from them all and David continued “So you’re not a fan then.”
“Oh, I see. That would be my sister Armani. She dragged me all over Canada while you were performing there. Didn’t want to go by herself. Now I understand. I think I heard her mention Siren. So what does that mean?”
Lea got in before the boys could explain all that. “I think you are about to get a quick education in IL Divo speak Flea. If it gets too confusing let me know. I can help you out.”
It was Sebastien’s turn. “Yeah. Lea’s a Siren. He came up and put his arms around her waist. “And a very beautiful one at that.”
While each one of Il Divo explained as best they could the differences, Lea did have a look at David’s arm. She was happy that the cast had stayed in tact but the indentation the rock had made was of some concern. As she moved his arm although he was talking at the time David yelled out in pain and pulled his arm back... “Easy on Boss, that hurt.”
“Miller, how many times are you going to break the same arm?
David just looked at her, “No, No, No. No more hospitals.”
This time Lea did slap him. “Yes, yes, yes. I need to have a look under that cast. I think you’ve stuffed it up AGAIN Miller.”
David just slumped into his chair. “O man!!!”
“Let me make a few calls. I might be able to pull a few Navy strings.”
Lea wandered up and down the hallway outside Urs’ apartment as she made calls and Sebastien was happy to watch her do so. Most of the calls were in Navy shorthand so most of the time he had no idea what was being said. But when Lea hung up she had a smile on her face. “If we get him to the VA Medical Centre in Brooklyn I’ve got a friend who can do the x rays”
“Do you think he will go?”
Sebastien knew by the look on her face he had asked a ridiculous question.
“Okay. He goes.”
They all looked at her when they came back into the apartment but she was already on the phone ordering a cab. “Yes please Bay Ridge Brooklyn, the VA Medical centre... Passengers. That would be two.”
David had figure out what was going on and he was waving his good hand frantically. “I’m not going anywhere alone with her. She’s mean.”
The others laughed and Flea found the whole thing very amusing. David was such a goof. Maybe her sister was right and there was something intrinsically magical about these men.
It was decided that Sebastien would accompany David to the hospital with Lea, Carlos had volunteered to escort Felicity back to her home and Urs had promised he would take care of Tam and dress her arm.

As Lea, Sebastien and David entered the cab in front of the apartment building. Aaron Vaga watched from across the street.
Felicity lived at the other side of the park so both she and Carlos took a nice leisurely stroll. Carlos explained why they were in New York. This helped Flea put some of her sisters more recent ramblings into perspective. “I am so sorry you had to go through all that. It must have been awful. How are you doing now?”
Carlos shrugged his shoulders. He did not want to admit he was struggling with the idea of getting back on a plane. “I have nightmares. I worry that when the time comes to travel again I will not be able to.”
Flea stopped walking. There was genuine concern in her eyes. “The others don’t know do they?”
Carlos nodded his head. “No. You are the first person I have told. We have had so much to deal with while Sebastien has been in and out of a coma, then Urs in surgery and not sure if he was every going to see again and Tam. Poor sweet Tam.”
Carlos told Felicity about Tam in the hopes of deflecting her from his own insecurities but she was much smarter than that.
They had started to walk again so she looped her arm through Carlos’. “But that has not given you any time to deal with your own worries Carlos. You are a good friend, I can see that but you need to help yourself as well. You need time to talk about all this, time to heal and time to get used to the idea of flying again.”
By the time Felicity had caught up on her Il Divo history they had come out of the park and were walking down the street. She stopped outside a five story apartment block. “Well this is me. Home sweet home.”
Carlos found it surprising that he did not want their time together to end. He felt comfortable with Felicity. “Then I shall bid you farewell my sweet maiden.” Carlos bowed from the waist as one would expect from a knight in King Arthur’s court.
Felicity smiled. “Well I was kind of hoping you would bid me upstairs for a cup of coffee.”
The full teethed smile he gave her was all the answer she needed.
“I must warn you I live on the top floor and there are no elevators.”
“Then I shall follow your lead my lady.”
She did so enjoy they way this Spaniard got his tongue around the English language. It had been a long time since she had found a man interesting enough to even consider spending time with.

David was still pouting when the cab dropped them back off at the apartments with a new cast on his arm. He had not re broken his arm but the cast had been damaged and needed to be replaced so that it did not cause any unnecessary trauma. He didn’t get to keep the old one so lost all the signatures he had colleted. Just as well he had taken photos.
Sebastien continued the conversation they were having in the cab all the way back to their floor. “I still think we should call the police.”
Lea agreed with him but David was not so sure. “Look guys. We have no description to give them except what Felicity saw and that was not much.”
Sebastien interjected. “Yes but if this has happened before then maybe they already know about him. We could be helping.”
David was still arguing the point when they were just about to enter Urs’ apartment as the door opened and Urs was showing a man out. All three stopped.
“Arr Detective these are my friends. David, Sebastien and Lea.”
The detective spoke to Urs but kept his eyes on David. “And this is the David who stopped the rock form hitting your friend, is that correct.”
“Yes Sir.”
“Okat. Well I know where you are if I have anymore questions.” And he left.
David gave Urs a look as they all went in.
“What was that all about?”
“I thought it best if we made a police report. We have no idea if this was a random attack of it was meant for one of us.”
Lea felt a shudder run down her body. She had pushed that thought away for the better part of the day but Urs was right. What if it was not a random attack? What if it had been a very specific attack on one of them?”
“I also called Simon.”
Lea did not like this news any more than David did. “Urs, what for, He’s going to come around clucking like a mother hen now. I think I liked it better when he didn’t feel the need to help.”
Urs saw the look on Lea’s face. “Lea, he really is trying to help. He’s not as bad as you think he is.”
Her expression did not change and Urs continued. “Will you promise not to try and knock his head off next time you are in the same room together?”
It took Lea longer than normal to answer and it was only with the prompting of Sebastien that she did. “Fine.”
David made a sound like a cat hissing but made sure he was far enough away from anyone so he did not get hit.
She changed the subject. “How is Tam?”
“She was pretty shook up, she’s resting.”
“I think it is time we girls had some timeout. Sebastien can we use your place for a while.”
Sebastien smiled that sweet, soft, heart melting smile he had. “Of course Cherie, for as long as you need.”

Lea went to the bedroom to find Tam not resting but sitting on the end of the bed rocking gently. Lea sat next to her. “Been one hell of a day.” She paused. “I think you and me need to get out of here. I’ve taken over Seb’s place for a while. Come on.”
Lea pulled Tam to her feet. They said good bye to the three Divos and left.
Once again sitting around Urs’ table, David asked. “Where’s Carlos?”

Carlos could not remember the last time he’d had so much fun in the company of such a lovely lady. She was smart and articulate, sensitive and funny and very, very fit.
Her three bedroom apartment was really two bedrooms and a gym. A very well equipped gym. Carlos found out that Felicity was a gym instructor and part time journalist. The second half of her job description unsettled him a little as Il Divo had already had some run ins with unscrupulous reporters that had caused great pain to innocent people. Facility explained that was why her writing career was only part time. She found it hard to compromise on her beliefs and ethics. She allowed Carlos to read some of her work. He was impressed. She was indeed good at her craft. So being a gym instructor paid the rent and put food on the table and kept her fit.
Felicity and Carlos spent the afternoon talking and laughing and generally enjoying each others company and as the shadows of night began to fall Carlos thought it best to say his farewells.
“It is getting late. I should be heading back, see if David escaped from Lea’s clutches unharmed.”
“Can I ask you something Carlos?”
“Yes of course, ask me anything.”
“David and Lea….”
He raised his eyebrows. “Arr. Yes. But no, not what you are thinking. Her heart is fully Sebastien’s as his is fully hers. But she understands David very much more than anyone I know. She sees who he really is and I think they now have a special bond.”
Felicity smiled. “Can I ask you one more question?”
Carlos nodded his head and waited for the question.
“Will you stay?”
This was not the question he was expecting.
Facility gently moved in towards Carlos and kissed him.
Every fibre of his body tingled, his heart raced just a little and he felt his ears get hot. Carlos embraced Felicity and returned her kiss with an even more passionate one.
He was going to stay.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing Chapter 19 part 1   Sun May 31, 2009 7:26 am

Chapter 19
Lea was wrapped up in Sebastien’s arms when a text message woke them up and the noise annoyed her so much that she was willing to give the mobile phone flying lessons. Sebastien woke just in time to stop her from throwing it across the room. “Nooooo Cherie.”
He playfully grabbed the phone and her hand, pulling her on top of him. “Not a morning person Cherie?”
“Not when I get woken up like that I’m not.”
She bent down and kissed him.
Sebastien checked the message. “It is Simon.”
Lea groaned and flopped back onto her side of the bed. “Doesn’t he ever sleep?”
Sebastien read out the message. “We have a meeting at Sony at ten.”
“Yeah I can only imagine about what.”
“Why don’t you come? I am still in need of medical attention and I am sure Simon would love to see you.”
Lea pulled the pillow out from under her head and hit Sebastien in the stomach. He in turn grabbed it off her and hit Lea in the head. Not to be out done Lea got hold of Sebastien’s pillow and phone. Finally throwing the phone to the floor and hitting him with his pillow. They wrestled like teenagers for a while finally following the phone to the floor. It was there that they made love; the bed abandoned and pillow less until next time.

Lea would have laughed if she had known that Tam had the same reaction to the text message only she did manage to throw Urs’ phone. Urs had to get out of bed to retrieve it. When he announced that it was from Simon. Tam stuck her head under her pillow.
Urs teased her by poking her gently in the ribs and kissing the nape of her neck until she showed her face. Urs laid his full length down her body kissing her all the time. Tam folded her arms around the man she loved so much and they greeted the morning in a must magnificent way.

Felicity lay on her side, head resting on her arms watching Carlos sleep. She was smiling. He was indeed a most amazing man and in one short day may quite possibly have stolen her heart. His mobile phone sounded and Carlos took in a deep breathe before waking. “Ar such a beautiful site to see upon waking.” He ran his fingers gently around Felicity’s face.
“Who called?”
Carlos checked his phone. “Simon. I shall have to leave soon.”
Felicity moved over and kissed Carlos. “Not just yet I would hope?”
Carlos dropped the phone and held her close.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing Chapter 19 part 2   Sun May 31, 2009 7:27 am

Simon was waiting in an office that New York Sony had given him to use. Carlos had met the others just outside the office building and by the time they got off the elevator on Sony’s floor David let out a huge whistle followed by his booming laugh. “So Carlos. You going to see her again?”
Carlos could not hide his smile. “I think for dinner tonight.”
Lea was uncomfortable knowing she was about to see Simon. She’d promised them all again she would behave and give Simon the benefit of the doubt but the closer she got to the office the harder it was getting to keep that promise.

Tam held Urs’ hand and was not about to let go. Simon had offered to help her and she understood that he would not hurt her. Her new friends would never allow it. Urs would never stand for it and she knew that Lea would just up and start throwing punches but she still felt a little uneasy around him.

Urs knocked on the door and they all waited. Simon did not shout a command to come in as he usually did. He got up from his desk and opened the door.
He smiled at them all but when his eyes fell on Lea it disappeared. This did not help Lea one little bit. “Yeah nice to see you to Simon.”
Urs and Sebastien had deliberately put themselves between the two of them but it was Carlos that spoke. “Please, please we have enough drama in this little family without you two adding to it. Play nice okay.”
Lea shocked them all and Simon the most with her next statement. “I’m sorry Simon. But you make me very uneasy. I apologise.”
They were all speechless for a few moments. No one could read her face. It sounded genuine, it looked genuine and Simon took it as being genuine as he asked them to come in.
As David got closer to Lea he bent over and whispered in her ear. “That was very smooth Boss, you should get an Oscar.”
Lea winked at him. “Thank you.”
They all settled into varying seats in Simon’s office as he went to sit back behind his desk. A safe place to be he thought as he knew what he was going to say would probably get some less than positive reactions form the all.
“I am glad you are feeling much better Sebastien. Have the headaches all gone?”
Sebastien nodded. His headaches had all gone but he was still struggling with the memories of Sarina and his daughter. Lea had been a rock and such a comfort and Sebastien thought so understanding to listen to him as he tried to work his way through it all. He would not have blamed her if she had wanted to leave. But she was still with him. He loved her even more. It had been Lea who had told him he would need to work through his feelings for Sarina before he could move on with their relationship, if that is what he wanted. The pain of just the thought that he may loose Lea was almost as bad as those that his old memories had dug up. He had begged Lea to stay with him, help him so that they both could move on in their relationship and she had said she would. Just knowing she would be there for him made the healing process so much easier.

Simon took a deep breath. “I need to talk to you all about the tour.” So far so good no one had moved. “Due to the accident I have managed to get the tour put back another 4 months.” This statement brought smiles to all the Divo faces. “However it has meant that Sony want you to do more publicity in the mean time to keep your faces out there.”
Still no reaction so Simon kept going. He handed them an appearance roster and that is when all the noise started. The four of them all started to yell and talk at the same time. No one was happy with the schedule.
Lea’s high pitched whistle brought the whole thing to a halt. “That’s better.” Simon went to say something but Lea held up her hand. “Not one word from anyone, not one.” She looked at Simon and held out her hand. “May I have a look at the roster please Simon?”
In silence he handed it over and Lea read it from top to bottom. She allowed herself to smile a little. Simon had made notes in the margin. It seemed he was even less impressed with schedule than the others. The timetable was gruelling and it had them all over the country in less than three weeks.
“This is never going to happen. Simon from a medical point of view I cannot authorise such a schedule. It’s crippling.”
“I agree Lea. This is what they gave me after I told them almost the same thing. You should have seen it before.”
“Well it seems I need to have a little talk to who ever seems to think this is a good plan.” She looked at Simon. “You going to point me in the right direction or do I just start knocking doors down until I found the right one?”
Simon stood stunned. He had never come across anyone quite like Lea. Lea took his silence to mean he was not going to help and she headed for the door.
“Wait! Lea Wait. Next floor, Joshua Metcalf. Turn left after you get off the elevator.”
Lea got to the door and turned back to Simon.” No phoning ahead to warn him I am coming.” Then she looked at Tam. “If it even looks like he is thinking of using the phone hurt him for me.” And she was gone.
The Divos looked from one another to Simon and Tam just stared at him. Simon had no illusions that Tam would hurt him.
Urs was still trying to process the last few minutes. “Simon. Are you going to let her go up there by herself?”
Simon Nodded. “Apparently.”
“But even you have said that the 8th floor is one step closer to hell. She’ll get eaten alive.”
David smiled. “Oh I don’t think so. So Simon, now that Nurse Lea is reading Sony the riot act where are we supposed to go first?”
“mmm Radio and TV day after tomorrow. After Tams impromptu performance the other day everyone wants to see her, interview her, they want to know her story, they want to know your stories.” Simon looked at the door. “Do you really think she will be okay up there?”
Sebastien spoke up. “Simon. There is more to Lea than just being a nurse. She will be just fine. I promise you.”
Simon had seen the frown appear on Tam’s face at the mention of telling her story. “Tam I know you don’t like to talk and I am not going to push you to. In fact I wish you wouldn’t. Give us a little leverage with the boys upstairs. Besides everyone seemed to think it was rather adorable the way you get Urs to speak for you.” He looked at Sebastien. “Are you up for this Sebastien?”
“Yes Simon. We won’t be doing as many appearances once Lea is finished with the schedule.”

Sebastien was right. Lea had marched straight into Joshua Metcalf’s slamming the door on his PA. Joshua was stunned at the intrusion but did not react quickly enough. Before he new it Lea was accosting him with every word that came out of her mouth. He had planned to stand and defend himself. That never happened. Lea gave him all the medical reason why his little schedule was never going to happen and then gave him a few other ideas of what would happen if he didn’t make it more agreeable.
By the time Lea had finished with Joshua Metcalf he was a changed man and so was the schedule. Radically changed allowing Il Divo plenty of rest between appearances.
Lea went back down to Simon’s office and placed the new and revised schedule on his desk. Simon looked at it and then looked at Lea. “What did you do, put a spell on him?”
Lea smiled as she went back to sit next to Sebastien.
“I am impressed Lea. If you every want a job after the Navy just give me a call. If you can sweet talk Joshua into this you can do anything.” Simon smiled.
Sebastien put his arm around her, it was only then that he felt her shaking just a little. She may have been a formidable woman but also needed reassurance. Which he gave her in the form of a kiss.

Il Divo left Simon’s office much happier for the changes in the schedule. They had two days before they needed to do their first interview. Two days to themselves. Two days to do what ever they wanted.

David had already decided he wanted to edit his videos so he could get them onto his web page for the fans.

Carlos was already texting Flea to see what time he could meet her. He was like a giddy school boy when her reply came back. She was free all day, no classes. He waved to his friends and that is the last they saw of him until the morning of the interviews.

Tam was just happy to go back to Urs’ place and Lea and Sebastien just wanted to spend some time together. So all but Carlos went back to the apartment building. As they entered Lea stopped. She had the feeling that she was being watched. She turned around and scanned the street from left to right and then looked across to the other side. Sebastien came back out to see where she had got to. “Are you ok my sweet?”
Lea smiled. “Guess I am just a little tired. You know early morning phone calls.”
Sebastien smiled and nuzzled her neck. “Can I make it up to you?”
“Oh yes please.”

Aaron Vaga had been standing across from the apartment, watching. When Lea had turned around he had moved back so she would not be able to see him. He was getting frustrated as it seemed that Tamara was never left on her own. He was going to have to change his tactics.

Urs and Tam planned on having an early lunch. Urs was becoming very comfortable having Tam in his life. Even in the kitchen. After her episode with the hot chocolate Urs had been happy to show her how the kitchen worked. However, lunch was not the only thing that got cooking in the kitchen... They never did get to the bedroom that afternoon.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing Chapter 20 part 1   Sun May 31, 2009 7:28 am

Chapter 20
IL Divo, Tam and Lea arrived at the TV Station to be greeted by a large crowd of fans all happy to be able to see their favourite group. Their appearance had not been advertised but David had made mention of it on the forum when he posted one of his videos. That was all it took. The Il Divo web site was better than any communication system they knew. It never took very long for information and news to get around the world.
Urs pushed David playfully as they waved to their fans and went inside. “This is all your doing you know.”
David smiled so cheekily that Urs could not help but laugh. “But Urs, they would be so disappointed if they had missed this, you know that. I was just trying to help out in my own little way.”
“Well your own little way might have just caused a traffic jam.”
All four of them gave their fans a last wave before disappearing inside. It would be a few more hours before they reappeared. However many fans had access to an assortment of portable devices that would allow them to watch the interview as it took place. Before Il Divo finished their interview pictures of them arriving would have been posted on several different threads in the forum.

Once again they had to endure the make up application. It was here that Carlos told them about Felicity. They all had to smile; they had never seen Carlos act like this about a woman. Yes he loved the ladies and was a constant flirt and had his girlfriends but this was different. He was besotted with her, he couldn’t keep the smile off his face and the make up artist was having a hard time keeping him in his seat.
Lea went over and kissed him on the top of the head. “I am so happy for you Carlos. She seems like a nice person.”
Carlos leaned over to Lea so the make up artist could not hear what he had to say. “She is incredible in bed, so fit, I never knew.”
This time Lea slapped him on the head. “Carlos!!! Way too much information!!!”
But she had a smile on her face when she went back over to be with Sebastien.

The interview went much the same as many they had done in the past and Urs did indeed speak for Tam as did the others. Many questions were fielded to Sebastien and he answered them with poise and humour. Lea watched from behind the camera and was very proud of how he handled himself. Question about his injuries he made a joke out of to help Urs come to terms with what he had done. Sebastien never did and never would hold Urs’ actions against him and he wanted him to know that, He wanted everyone to know.
David was as boisterous as always, his smile and laugh melting the hearts of many and Carlos was even more flirtatious if that was even possible.
The interview ended with Tam playing one of her own pieces of music and as before those that watched and heard were spell bound by the way she was able to bring the music to life. It was hypnotic and settled into your soul like an old friend. Il Divo had elected not to sing for two reasons. Sebastien’s face still hurt a little when he sang and they all agreed it was Tam’s time to shine and shine she did.
After the interview they were escorted to a large boardroom where they met other people, signed autographs and generally mingled with people from the studio that wished to see them. Tam stuck very close to Urs and Lea kept a very close eye on Tam.
Before long it was time to tackle their fans outside. Il Divo loved their fans and tried very hard to give them as much time as they could when ever they could. When they got rushed from interviews or concerts and did not get to see their fans they felt that they had somehow cheated them. But today they could stay as long as they wanted.
A cheer went out from the crowd as they stepped outside. Lea and Tam held back a little giving Il Divo the time they needed with their fans. The guys laughed and chatted with the fans. Several of Urs’ fans asked him about Tam and Urs asked them if they would like to meet her. They all said yes. Urs walked back to Tam and gently coaxed her to meet the fans. There were a few motherly ladies in the front row who smiled at her as she approached.
“Hi there hon. is our Urs treating you okay?”
Tam still had hold of his hand but she nodded her head. Another lady spoke to her.
“You play beautifully my girl. Do hope that you will consider playing again, maybe even with the guys.”
Tam smiled and the lady lent in a little. “Can I give you a hug?”
Urs watched to see what Tam would do; he smiled when she allowed the lady to give her a hug. He had been afraid that with all the people around she may feel out of her depth.
The lady smiled at Tam. “You’ll be okay, you stick with Urs and you’ll be okay.”
Urs heard this statement and smiled at the lady as Tam squeezed his hand. As they moved off to talk to other fans down the line there was a loud bang and someone screamed and someone shouted “Gun!!!” another shot rang out and people fell to the ground, someone else shouted. “Stop him, someone stop him.”
Aaron Vaga was stood in the middle of the fans, most of whom were now on the ground.
Il Divo, Tam and Lea had stopped in their tracks. Vaga had the gun pointed at them all. As he pulled the trigger a fan managed to grab him, he stumbled but the gun fired. Again people screamed. Everyone looked around. The fans tried to stop Vaga as he crashed his way through the crowd, pushing and shoving people to escape.
Lea was shocked but far more furious that someone would try and shoot a Divo. She scanned all her friends they were all looking around to each other, making sure they were all okay.
Urs stood with a stunned look on his face. He smiled strangely at Tam and then put his hand to his stomach and watched the blood run through his fingers. It seemed surreal to him. It did not hurt too much but there was blood all over his hand. Again he looked at Tam but this time Lea saw him and she shouted. “Urs!!!” She ran to him as his eyes focused on her face and he fell to his knees. Tam followed him down. By the time Lea got to him the other Divos had realised that something was wrong. Urs spoke to Tam who was now holding his head in her lap. “I think I got shot.” And then he lapsed into unconsciousness.
Tam’s cry was so shrill it sent a ripple through everyone and everything. She held onto Urs tightly, so much so that Lea could not get to his injuries. “Tam you have to let me see.”
David, Carlos and Sebastien were now at Urs’ side. David pulled Tam away from Urs so that Lea could see what had happened. They were all shocked at the amount of blood covering Urs’ front and running down his side.
Sebastien put his hand on Lea’s shoulder. “How is he?”
“He’s loosing a lot of blood. Too much. Seb, we need to get him to a hospital and quick.”
Carlos looked on “How bad it is Lea?”
Lea just looked at them all, her hands still putting pressure on Urs’ wound and tears welling up in her eyes.
No one needed to ask anymore questions.
Urs was bleeding to death.
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~*~ IL Divo Missing ~*~ By: Lois Lane
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