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"We Came Here To Love".

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 ~*~ IL Divo Missing ~*~ By: Lois Lane

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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing Chapter 20 part 2   Sun May 31, 2009 7:29 am

People were crying, people were shouting and people were just milling around stunned. Security guards from the TV studio had arrived at the scene. Lea was trying to stop Urs from bleeding out, stop the air from escaping. She shouted at Sebastien “Seb give me your t shirt now!!! I need to seal this wound!!”
Sebastien tore off his jacket and shirt giving it to Lea. She partially packed the wound. Looking around her eyes fell on one of the security guards. “Hey you got a first aid kit in there. “ She pointed to the studio. The guard said nothing just ran back to the studio and with in seconds was flying out the door with the first aid fit. He knelt down beside Lea and opened the lid. “He going to be okay, he looks kinda blue.”
Lea rummaged through the kit finding what she wanted. Pulling tape and bandaged out of the kit she began to work on Urs. “He’s lung collapsed, I have to stop the air from escaping this way. Damn where are the paramedics.” Lea continued to work on Urs. She sealed his wound with the tape and bandage on three sides to help with the pressure on the inside.
They could all see that Urs was having trouble breathing not just Lea. Tam was cradled in David’s arms shaking, tears running down her face. Carlos was stood next to them trying very hard not to loose his temper and Sebastien was kneeling next to Lea.
“He is going to make it Lea. Please tell me he is going to make it?”
Lea looked into his big sad eyes. “I’ll be damned if we go down without a fight.”
Just then they heard the sirens from the ambulance. Lea looked to the others. “They need to stick a tube in his chest or he’s not going to make it to the hospital.” She checked Urs again. His breathing was still very shallow and rapid. She was about to shout for the paramedics when they landed next to her pushing Sebastien out of the way. He went to stand next to his friends. It was only when six or seven security guards surrounded them that anyone thought they maybe still in danger. One of the guards spoke. “You all need to get back inside, right now.”
He tried to usher them form the scene but David was in no mood to be told what to do. “Look! We’re not going anywhere but the hospital with our friend. So back off!!!!”
The security guard stepped in so that only the 4 of them could hear what he had to stay.
“Look. I don’t want to start a panic and announce this to the whole world but you guys could still be in danger. We need to get you out of here. There is only one hospital your friend will be going to and we can get you there. But first we need to get you off the street.”
They all complied and the guards led them back to the studio.
Lea was still with Urs.
The paramedics looked him over as she told them what she knew.
“You must be a nurse.”
Lea nodded. “US Navy.”
“Well you did a damn good job Navy.”
Lea looked at Urs. “You going to tube him?”
“Looks that way.”
Lea relegated herself to spectator as the paramedics put a tube in Urs’ chest and an IV into his arm opening it full throttle. The paramedic checked his blood pressure and shook his head. “Its’ very low. Come on we need to move.”

They put Urs and his stretcher in the back of the ambulance and the other paramedic was going to argue that Lea would have to find another way to the hospital until he looked into her face. He held out his hand and helped her on board.

The trip to the hospital for the other Divos and Tam was done in solemn silence. Tam was still cuddled under David’s good arm; he in turn was looking out the window trying to stop his tears. He could not understand why anyone would want to shoot Urs, or any of them. The security guards had made it clear that Urs may not have been the main target. It seemed from the time they had all stepped on that plane their lives had been cursed.
Carlos was looking out the other window having many of the same thoughts when Felicity’s face jumped into his mind. He took out his mobile phone and sent her a text saying he would not be able to make it to dinner and why.
Sebastien turned when he heard the noise and took out his own phone. He called Simon and left a message. If he did not already know he would soon.
By the time they reached the hospital the news of the shooting had reached the forum. Once again it was overloaded with posts and once again it seemed that every diva on the planet had logged on. This time the news broke on the website before the media got a hold of it. The fans had even beaten the TV station were it happened to the punch. But they were the first to have a breaking news story. Simon however heard the radio report in his car just as he was pulling into his car space at Sony. He sat horrified at what he was hearing. Urs had been shot. He had to get to his office and make some calls. Just as he stepped out of his car Sebastien’s message came through. All it read was “Urs shot, going to hospital. Lea is with him. Seb”
Simon just sat back in his car. It was true, no need to try and verify the source. He put his car in reverse and headed to the hospital.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing Chapter 20 part 3   Sun May 31, 2009 7:34 am

Lea was standing outside the emergency room when the others arrived. She had not been able to weasel her way any closer and no one would tell her anything. But she had a pretty good idea what was going on and what would happen next.
She hugged Tam as they got closer and only managed to smile weakly at the others. Seb looked a bit of a sight dressed only in his suit jacket now he was t shirtless and she could tell every one of them had been crying. Dear, brave David spoke for them all. “How is he Lea? What happens next?”
Lea tried hard to put on her official nurse’s voice. “Well, they’ll more likely give him more blood, start more IV’s with antibiotics check to see if the bullet is still in there and then he will be off to surgery.”
Just then a doctor came through the door with a very serious look on his face. “Is Mr Buhler’s next of kin available?”
The room was silent, no one knowing what to do when Lea pushed Tam forward and announced that she was Urs’ wife. “She doesn’t talk doc. Well not to strangers. We kinda do that for her so if you want to ask her any questions one of us will be able to help her.”
The doctor smiled but really only told them what Lea had just told them.
“Can Tam see him Doc?”
“May be after the surgery but not now.”

So they all waited while Urs underwent emergency surgery to remove a bullet and repair his damaged lung. What they did not know was they had almost lost Urs on the table twice because of his blood pressure and oxygen levels. He may have had to deal with the trauma of possibly loosing his sight a little while ago but serious oxygen loss can lead to brain damage. Urs would never be the same again. But he did pull through the surgery and was taken to ICU for recovery.

The same doctor came to see them all again to let them know that Urs was out of surgery and Tam could see him for a short time.
Tam stood to leave with the doctor but she did not want to go alone so went over and pulled Lea from her seat. Lea could see the look in the doctor’s eyes and decided to sort the problem out before it became a problem. “Look doctor I know the procedures better than anyone but I also know this lady, she needs to see her husband but she wont go without support and I am not about to stand here and let you tell her she can’t see Urs” Lea pointed to Sebastien. “See him. That’s what happened last time some one said no to me. Do I make my self very, very clear doctor?”
The doctor had seen Sebastien up close before and wondered how he had got so messed up. Now he knew and did not want to suffer the same fate so he allowed both Tam and Lea it to the ICU.
Tam gripped Lea’s hand as she saw all the leads and tubes coming from Urs. There were a few machines in the room making beeping noises. Urs had a small tube running into his nose and Lea told Tam this was for his oxygen. He looked so peaceful, like an angel sleeping.
The doctor explained a few things to Tam. “You can only stay fifteen minutes.”
Tam nodded her head and Lea gave him one of her don’t mess with me looks.
They were alone with Urs. “Lea, Is he okay?”
“In a way he’s been lucky, these kind of wounds are non fatal. He’s going to be in a lot of pain when he wakes and for a while after but he’ll pull through. I know he will. He has got you to get back to doesn't he?”
All her medical and Navy experience told Lea that Urs would pull through, she had seen similar but worse gun shots wounds and they were all up and walking around. But her heart still hurt for him. He was going to need time to recover physically, how he did mentally and emotionally was another thing. Not many people thought about the emotional scars of being shot.
Tam bent over and kissed him sweetly, one of her tears dropping onto his cheek. “I love you.”
The nurse came back in and said it was time to leave. “I know this is hard. I promise I will take very good care of him.” She smiled. “I’m an Uber myself and I know a few other Divas around that will make sure he gets very well taken care of.” The nurse handed Lea a piece of paper. “My pager. Call anytime.”
Lea smiled at her. “Thank the other sisters for us will you.”
As they left Lea saw the nurse look over Urs vital signs and adjust his morphine drip.
Aaron Vaga was sitting back at his usual table in the café; Suzzie was on duty and not looking forward to serving him. She had seen him abuse someone just outside and he was in a foul mood.
From his position behind the counter Tony kept an eye on him. The last thing he needed was trouble from Vaga. News of the shooting had already made its way to the café via several of their regular customers who had been in the day that Urs had helped Tony with the unruly customer. It seemed that every other customer wanted to tell him about it. Tony was upset that someone as nice as Urs had been shot. And for the life of him he could not understand why anyone would want to. Looking over at Vaga he wished someone had shot him instead.
Suzzie did a commendable job of taking Vaga’s order without ramming her pen into his eye. Which is what she wanted to do after he had changed his mind three times and settled for the first thing he ordered?
Walking back to the counter she gave Tony the order. “I swear Tony, if I could get away with it I’d run him through with one of chef’s knives.”
Tony smiled; he’d had similar thoughts of his own. Suzzie watched as he prepared Vaga’s order and added a little something to help him on his way.
“Tony. You’ll get arrested if you get caught with that. You know that don’t you.”
“Naaa, Just tell the coppas that I took it off a customer. It’s under the counter here in plain sight so to speak.” He had the most devilish grin on his face. “Let’s see what he thinks of this order. Guaranteed not to come back.”
Suzzie took the order. “You’re a bad boy Tony. Knew there was a reason I liked working for you.”
Tony’s special order mellowed Vaga somewhat and it would be the first time Suzzie could remember him never sending anything back. Not even his coffee, no tip, no thank you but at least he was gone.

Vaga walked down the street to his apartment feeling a little unusual, thinking it was something to do with the adrenalin rush of shooting someone. It had felt good to fire the gun but he was so angry that he had missed his target, Tam. He smiled to himself; well he had shot that jerk she was always with. Then he frowned, thinking about the fan that had knocked him and tried to get the gun. As he got to the door of his apartment he rummaged in his pockets producing the gun. Well there was always next time. He stumbled up the steps and people passing thought he was drunk. It took him several goes to get his key into the lock and when he finally did he fell into his place. He only managed to shut the door before he passed out. Several hours later he would wake up with a powerful headache and a dangerous lust for more blood, Tam’s blood.

Simon was pacing back and forth in the Hospital administrators office after not being allowed to see Urs and just about demolishing the reception areas. Brian Patterson had been in his job for many years and had dealt with a great many people in many traumatic and emotional situations. He had found it best to just let people vent and get what ever it was off their chests then they were much easier to deal with. So while Simon ranted and raved Brian took mental notes for use later.
After about 7 minutes Brian could see that Simon was getting to the end of his little temper tantrum and indeed the energy to keep going. He smiled, now it was his turn.
“Mr Cowell, you may not think that I understand but I do completely, and I have a proposition for you.”
Simon remained silent waiting.
“This is obviously going to be a high profile case and you know a lot more about this young man that I do. I would appreciate if you would handle the press on behalf of the hospital.”
There it was, exactly what Simon was waiting for. “In exchange for what?”
Brian smiled, that had been easier than he had expected. Dangle the right carrot and the horse bites every time. “I’ll allow you the same privileges as his wife. Which at the moment means a 15 minute visit every few hours no more?”
Simon raised his eye brows at the mention of Urs’ wife but said nothing. This had Nurse Lea written all over it. She was good, damn good.
Simon stood in front of Brian, shook his hand and agreed to the terms. “You said you sent the others back home.”
“I’m afraid the security risk at the hospital is too great until you get something sorted. They need to be protected until this person is found. I don’t particularly want a shoot out in my hospital. I have our own security guards stationed on Urs’ floor and no one gets into his room without the right permission. But…”
Simon raised his hands. “No more need to be said. It was on the top of my list. So if you will organise the press conference for later.” Simon handed Brian his card. “Call me. I’ll be happy to have a nice little chat to them.”
Little did Simon know but protection was on the top of Lea’s list as well and she was a few steps ahead of Simon by the time they were all back at the apartments.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing Chapter 20 part 4   Sun May 31, 2009 7:35 am

Again they congregated in Urs’ place. Lea had given Tam a sedative and put her to bed. David was pacing like a hyperactive kid, Carlos was sitting solemnly on the sofa and Sebastien had busied himself making coffee for everyone.
Lea sighed as she sat next to Carlos. She looked at David who was still pacing. “Miller!!”
David stopped and looked at her; Lea patted the sofa next to her. “Take a seat.”
“Urs is in good hands. He’ll be fine. Bloody sore for a while but he will pull through.”
All three Divos seemed to sigh at the same time.
“Now we have to make sure that the rest of you get to stay in one peace.”
They all looked at her.
“I know, you don’t want to think about the fact that some nut job out there wants to put holes in you. I’m not too happy about it either.” She looked at Sebastien then David. “I just got you all back.”
David was still twitchy. “But who the hell have we ticked off enough to want to shoot us. I mean we sign for God sake. You don’t like the way we sing, don’t listen.!!!”
Lea had her own theories about that but kept them to herself. “David. We don’t know why but we have to make sure it goes not further.”
It was Sebastien that asked the next question. “So Lea, the calls you made?”
“Just seeing if a friend is available for some security work. They are the best in the business and I would feel much better knowing they have your backs until this is all sorted.”
Carlos’ voice was subdued. “How long before you find out?”
Just then Lea’s phone chimed and a text message came in. She smiled. “Seems I got my wish.”
David got up and began to pace again so Lea got up and walked beside him putting her arm around his good arm. “I know you’re angry David and you think this is a waist of time but I would rather waist time than loose one of you okay. Go along with this for me.”
David looked down at Lea, pulled her close and hugged her. “Okay, only for you Boss, only for you.”
Simon had gone back to Sony to try and organise some sort of security for Il Divo only to find a message waiting for him from Lea to say that she had already started the process. To say that Simon was angry would have been and understatement. This woman drove him insane. He was now convinced her little apology in his office the other day had been all a ploy. Yes she had gotten Metcalf to back down on the schedule, how, he did not know as Simon himself had given Joshua a few ultimatums but he never budged. What kind of hold did she have over people? He needed to find out more about her, find her weak spot and use it. He was tired of getting gazumped by a nurse. Yes, she had proven to be resourceful and helpful but she just so rubbed him up the wrong way. Now he was probably going to have to thank her for sorting out the security issues as well. What next?
Not wanting to rush into seeing Lea, Simon sent the Divos a text massage saying he would see them back at the hospital for the press conference. He wanted them there for Show. Mostly for the fans so they could see that at least the rest were okay.

David was not happy about having to go to a press conference. “Arggg Simon.!!!! What is it with the media? I don’t want to do a press conference not now. I can’t sit there and smile and look all happy.”
Lea had been in the kitchen helping Sebastien clean up after lunch. A lunch that they all picked at but none of them ate very much. “He’s only trying to do his job David.”
David shot her an angry look. “Now you are defending him?”
Lea cut him off before he said something he would regret. “No. All I am saying is this is the natural progression for a situation like this. Control the information and depending on what the security team says I am not sure you will be giving a press conference. We’ll just have to wait and see.”
Carlos and Sebastien had remained silent but both had similar thoughts. It was they way that Lea had worded her statement. ‘Natural progression’ and control of information’. Sounded more like intelligence talk than medical.
Sebastien wanted to ask but thought better of it. “Should we be getting back to the hospital?”
Lea smiled at him. “I want Tam to get as much rest as she can and make sure it is okay for you to go back.”
They all looked at her and again it was David with his pent up anger that let loose. “Oh for ….. No idiot is going to stop me from seeing my friend. I mean it Lea. Gun or no gun I’m am not going to be held hostage in here. Then he wins. No way!!! Enough is enough. I am sick of this crap.!!”
David raised his arms and it looked like he was going to thump the kitchen bench with both of them. Carlos shouted, Sebastien shouted and Lea flew around to his side of the bench. “Miller Don’t!!!”
David let out a yell and his arms came crashing down as Lea threw hers up to stop him from doing any more damage to his broken arm. She may have been smaller than David but she was strong. Her strength stopped him from hitting the bench but the force behind David’s actions sent her reeling to the floor, hitting her back and her head on the kitchen bench as she went down. Again Carlos and Sebastien yelled and ran to stop David but it was too late. Lea had fallen. Sebastien shot David such an angry hurt look and swore at him in French while Carlos pushed him away from Lea. “ David No, no more Please!!”
Carlos tried to push him a little further away but David held his ground just looking down at Lea and wondering what the hell he had just done.
Lea was sitting on the floor holding the back of her head. She was going to have a sizable lump to contend with very soon and no doubt a headache to go with it.
Sebastien began to wipe a small amount of blood from the side of her mouth were she had bitten her lip. “Cherie, are you okay?”
Lea nodded her head. “Just help me up.”
He did and as she stood David made a move towards her. Sebastien saw him and put himself between the two of them. Again flying off in French and very much in the mood to punch his friend.
Lea grabbed his arm. “Seb, it’s okay.” Even if Carlos and Sebastien did not understand why David had reacted like he did Lea had a pretty good idea. She had been waiting for signs of trauma to seep out not sure if it would take sometime. They had all been through so much over the past weeks and it was only natural that they may have pent up feelings and anxieties they had not dealt with. The plane crash was enough of a trauma on its own but now. Even though they had not been shot themselves, Urs had and they were still not sure if the gunman was out there just waiting for his next chance.
David’s veneer had cracked and now Lea had to make sure he did not carry the burden of what he had just done to her with him as well. She walked up to David who this time took a step back; he was trembling and feeling so guilty for what he had done. He could have done some serious damage to Lea with his cast and he had no idea where all the rage had come from.
Lea took hold of his hands and squeezed them softly. Her voice was tender, loving, sweet and caring. Not what David had expected. “Miller, it’s okay. I’m kind of glad you got that off your chest here and now and not somewhere else.”
David went to say something but she stopped him. “You don’t have to say you are sorry there is nothing to forgive.”
She pulled him over to the sofa and beckoned for the others to come and sit with her as well. She tried to explain to them about post traumatic stress in a way Tams inability to speak was one way this had happened. By the time she had finished explaining they all had an understanding that it could have happened to any one of them and there maybe still things to come. They had all promised to keep a watch on each other from now on for any signs and try and help each other the best they could.
David gently touched the side of her mouth “God Lea, I’m so sorry, I really I’m. I feel so ill knowing that I did this.
“It’s okay Miller Honest. We’ll get through this together. All of us.”
David looked to Carlos. “Thank you my friend”
Carlos just nodded his head and David looked at Sebastien. “Can you ever forgive me Sebastien? I never meant to hurt her. I don’t know what came over me. Can you ever forgive me?”
Sebastien was silent for a moment but looking into Lea’s eyes he knew she had forgiven David and it would be unjust for him not to. Having the information about being traumatised had helped with his decision. “It’s alright David. If I had thought that your anger was actually directed at Lea I don’t think we would be sitting here do you?”
David smile weakly and they shook hands.
Again David looked at Lea. “You’re pretty strong you know.”
Lea smiled. “Urs is not the only one that works out.”

Just then there was a knock at the door. Lea went to open it and the smile left her face. “Hi Simon. And you have friends. Aren’t you supposed to be at the hospital working on your speech?”
Simon ignored the innuendo. “I found these guys knocking on Carlos’ door they are detectives, want to talk to you all about what happened.”
“Then I guess you better come in them.”
Lea gave Simon a look that chilled his blood but she did manage to smile at the detectives as they entered.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing Chapter 20 part 5   Sun May 31, 2009 7:35 am

Lea’s phone chimed while the detectives had been questioning them all including Tam who they insisted that Lea wake up. And Lea being Lea woke her up when she was good and ready to. She made the detectives talk to everyone else first and David explained that Tam was not likely to talk to them on her own.
Lea woke Tam and made sure she was refreshed, had a change of clothes before they went to speak to the detectives. Looking at the strangers in the apartment Tam went over and sat on the sofa between David and Sebastien.
Lea smiled to herself as the detectives tried to question Tam and each time she would lean over to David to give her answer. She could see they were loosing their patience.
“Don’t even think about it Detective. She’s not going anywhere with you, she doesn’t have to and we are not about to let that happen. You want anymore answers you’ll have to get them here and now. By my count you have about three more questions to ask so please, ask away.”
The detective was about to argue when he thought better of it. There was something to this nurse that made him uneasy, on edge, like she knew far more than she should. He figured if he argued the point he would loose. So he finished his questions and they left.

Simon was still brooding and Lea could see it. The last thing she needed was to do battle with him after the day they had just had. “Well Simon looks like you got your wish. Security have given the okay for the guys to attend your little press conference at the hospital. There is a car ready and waiting downstairs.”
Simon frowned. “About the security.” He didn’t get to finish.
“You can thank me later. I think Tam would like to go and see Urs.”
Lea knew that Simon wanted to do anything but thank her. He hoped by bringing up the wife deception would help.
“And that is another thing. When did Urs get married? I suppose that was all a ploy just so you could to get into see him?”
“No actually. It was all a ploy so Tam could get into see him. She asked me along. She could have asked any of the others. So it didn’t matter to me as long as she got to see him. And Simon if you even think about blowing her cover I will make you life miserable for eternity.”
“Is that a threat?”
“No Simon. It’s a promise and I always keep my promises.”
David, Carlos and Sebastien were starting to get just a little uncomfortable with the conversation these two were having. Knowing them both, this could get very ugly and physical very quickly. But it was Tam who stopped it from escalating any further by pulling Lea away and saying she wanted to go to the hospital.
“Okay. Time to go.” Lea looked at them all. “Trust me fellas, that security team will not be to far away from us at all. I can guarantee it. We may not see them but they’ll know where we are from the moment we step outside”.
Simon’s phone went off as they were getting ready to leave. “The press conference has been booked for 4.30pm. I can meet you in the hospital lobby at 4.15?”
They all nodded and Simon left to get himself to the hospital with a stop via Sony on the way.

When they got down stairs there was a man waiting at the front door for them who escorted them to the car waiting at the kerb. It was a stretch limo with plenty of room inside for them all. The windows were very heavily tinted. So much so that no one could see inside the car. No one would know who was travelling in it. When they stopped at lights David waved at people outside to make sure. No one waved back. He could see people staring at the car. What none of them knew except for Lea was that the car was also bullet proof.
The trip to the hospital was uneventful but they did not stop at the front entrance as they had done before. They had been driven to the loading docks at the back and escorted through the workings of the hospital by yet another person until they reached the elevator, where they were met by yet another person who pushed the button for the floor. David noticed it was not the same floor as Urs had been on earlier. “Have they moved him?”
“Yes Mr. Miller. We thought it best; Mr.Buhler has been placed in a step down bed. He will have more privacy, still ICU care and we can contain the environment to a better degree.”
Nothing more was said, they travelled in silence.
The elevator doors opened and the man ushered them all out. “If you will just wait over by the nurse’s station the Boss wants a word with you all.”

So there they stood, waiting. David nudged Lea. “He knows someone named Boss as well. Wonder if he is a tough as you are?” David ducked but not far enough, he got the slap on the head he was expecting. His antics had lightened the atmosphere some what. But just then David stood tall and still, he was looking down the corridor. He poked Carlos and Sebastien. “Oh my. Now THAT should come with a THUD warning!!!”
Walking towards them was a very tall, very svelte, very toned and very red haired female. She was dressed completely in black. Her top hugging her body in all the right places in such a way to be teasing. Her jeans seemed to be painted onto her legs and her bright red, curly, long hair swayed behind her as she walked. What amazed David even more than her absolute beauty was the fact that she did not make a sound as she walked.
As she got closer David was sure that his heart had stop beating.
She put out her hand to shakes David’s but Sebastien had to nudge him to break his trance.
“Mr Miller.” That was it for David. He had died and gone to heaven, not only was she a beauty with alabaster skin but she spoke with a southern accent. David had always been in love with this accent. It brought him undone.
The words were out of his mouth before he could think. He shook her hand. “Marry me.”
She smiled. “Maybe later Sweet thing.”
The way she said ‘thing’ just buckled his knees. But by then she had gone to shake Carlos and Sebastien’s hands.
She introduced herself to Tam and then just stood in front of Lea and the two females looked at each other for what seemed forever. Long time Hendo?”
“Yep. Rica. How you been?”
“Busy. I see you took the care bear option when you left the squad.”
“Yeah and I can see you didn’t.”
“Corporate world. Pay is better and I get to pick the clients I want to work with. I see by the paper work you are still in.”
Lea nodded but they both heard Sebastien clear his throat. “Cherie, you know this divine looking woman?”
“Yes Seb I do. This is Rica, We go way back.”
Oh Hun don’t say it like that. Makes it sound like we are from the dark ages.”
“Fellas. I’m heading up this operation. Your body guard if you will.”
David let out a whistle. “You can guard my body anytime.”
Rica smiled. “Be careful there Miller, you may just get what you asked for.”

Lea smiled. It was good to see her old buddy again. She felt much safer knowing that Rica was in charge of the Divo security, much, much safer.
Rica explained to them that from now on where they went so did her team, they would be shadowed 24/7. “Most of the time you wont notice most of the team but they would be around.” She also told them that she had been in discussion with the Hospital administrator and the press conference would go ahead with a few changes.
“Now would one of you lovely boys mind taking Miss Teasdale to see her Husband?” She smiled at them. “There is nothing I don’t know boys, nothing. I need to talk to Hendo for a while.”
Carlos offered to go with Tam, Rica and Lea walked down the corridor leaving Sebastien and David to watch them.
“Damn if that doesn’t look as good leaving as it does arriving.”
This time Sebastien slapped David up the side of the head. But he was right, what a view, only he was watching Lea.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing Chapter 20 part 6   Sun May 31, 2009 7:36 am

Lea and Rica ended up in the Hospital canteen having a cup of coffee.
“I had no idea when I sent up a flare you would be taking the job.”
“Just keeping my eye out for any interesting prospects. Saw your name on the email from Tex and figured I’d see what was up. Just can’t keep out of trouble can you Hendo.”
“Well I was trying.”
“As a nurse. I know you have the quals Hun but you are so much more. I expected to see you back in the squads.”
Lea looked at her friend. “You left.”
“I know, but I was always going to Hun. Got what the Navy could give me and took it. But you were born to be Navy, Hendo, that’s what made you so good.”
“After, well you know. I just didn’t have it in me anymore. Nursing’s good, stable I’ve been at the Base 3 years now. No more chasing demons around the globe, no more wondering where the next assignment will take you and for how long, no more killing. No more having to lie about what you do. I’m settled Rica, I like my life.”
Rica saw the flash across Lea’s eyes. “What gives Hun? You like your life but?”
“Now I have met someone and I have 12 months to go before my discharge. It’s the first time in my life I ever considered leaving the Navy.”
“Sebastien right?”
Lea just stared at her friend stunned. “Is it that obvious?”
“My radars pretty good Baby. So He’s the one who will break your ties with the Navy then. I wondered what would be so strong that it could do that. You didn’t leave after, well we both know what. So I figured it would have to be something big. I guess you can’t get bigger than love.”
“But I am worried that after all this settles down, He will just vanish. I’ve been through a lot of dangerous stuff but this really scares me.”
Rica reached over the table and took Lea’s hands. “Love is scary Baby, but it is beautiful as well. For what it is worth, from what I saw between you, nothing is going to take him away from you.”
Lea smiled, that was all she needed. To hear that from someone she trusted. “I’m really glad you are looking after them Rica. Any of the old team come with you?”
“A few. Danny’s on fringe detail and Eric is off ferreting for information about the gunman.” Rica looked at Lea... “You got any theories?”
Lea smiled, if it had been anyone else asking she would have said no. “Someone has been watching them since I got to New York I know that for sure. Before then I can’t say. I thought I caught a glimpse of someone the other day across from the apartment block. You know about the rock throwing?”
Rica nodded. “What about the shooting?”
Not much help I am afraid. “Two shots, I was more focused on Urs than the environment. Sorry. I should have paid more attention.”
Again Rica smiled. “That’s okay Hun. Any idea if your stalker is male or female.”
Straight away Lea said male.
“See you do know something. We are just going to have to wiggle it out of your brain Hendo that is all.”
Just then one of her team entered the canteen and nodded. Rica looked at her watch. “Time to get ready for the press conference. I do really hate these things.”
Lea and Rica meet the others in a large conference room on the first floor of the hospital. No one got onto the floor let alone into the room without Rica’s team knowing about them. A few press personnel had tried to gain entry without their ID. The room was surrounded by security. It reminded them of the Navy Base. Rica had pulled all her team in for the conference. Lea nodded at Eric and Danny and they bowed their heads slightly to acknowledge her. Sebastien had been watching Lea’s interaction with these strangers. It was obvious that they knew each other well.
Simon, David, Carlos and Sebastien were seated at along table. Behind them stood some of Rica’s team and off to the side stood Rica with Lea and Tam. David looked over and Rica gave him a wink. He could feel himself melting into her eyes and again Sebastien had to nudge him. He’d been asked a question and not heard it.
Rica let Simon take control of most of the conference until she decided that the questions had started to invade on her space. That is when she put herself behind David and leaned over him to use the microphone, her long hair gently washing over his shoulder. “You all just be patient. This is an on going investigation and when those questions can be answered they will be. That’s all for now boys and girls.”
Rica motioned to her team and they escorted Simon, David, Carlos and Sebastien back out to Tam and Lea who had been waiting for them near the elevator.
Rica looked at Eric. “Time I think these boys got to see there friend.”
No more was said. They entered the lift leaving Rica to make sure that all their media guests had left.

Tam had already seen Urs twice but the others were still shocked at what they saw. Reality hit home hard.
David went to speak to him. “Hey Buddy. How you doing. You should see the security team they have for us. They got a lady boss. You think Lea’s tough. This one’s wicked I tell you but she’s drop dead gorgeous.”
Sebastien slapped him on the back. “Careful what you say David.”
He talked for a little while longer then the room went silent. Tam sat next to him holding his hand.
The nurse that had given Lea her pager number came in. She smiled at them all. This is not how she had expected to see her idols. Up on stage singing or a quick glimpse as they where going to or coming from a concert, but not like this.
She spoke to Tam. “He’s doing well; I should think he will be awake by breakfast if you want to come back then.

They all left using the same procedure as they had to get into the hospital. At the apartment building they noticed a few things that they may not have done before. One of the team across the road, A few in the lobby and now there were a few on their floor. Rica had said they may not see all of her team. They all wondered if this was not all then how many did she have covering them. But they all had to admit that they felt more secure knowing they were watching.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing Chapter 20 part 7   Sun May 31, 2009 7:37 am

Once on the floor to their apartments the Divos started to head toward their own places. Carlos had the key in his door and looked down the hall. Tam was just standing outside Urs’ place. Lea had seen this as well and pulled on Seb’s sleeve as he was also placing the key in the lock. It was Lea who spoke. “Tam do you want to stay with us tonight? there’s plenty of room.”
Tam would have loved to but she also knew that Lea and Sebastien needed to spend time together. She shook her head. As much as she did not want to be in Urs’ place without him she did not want to impose on her friends.
David walked up to her and took her chin gently in his hand tilting her head slightly so he could look into her eyes. “ Urs would never forgive me if I did not look after you.” He looked to the others. “She’s staying with me tonight.” David looked back to Tam and took her hand. “I promise not to snore.” With that he guided her dawn the hall.
The all said good night to each other leaving a lone security guard at the lift.

It had been a long and emotionally exhausting day for all of them but Sebastien was worried about his friends and Lea and Tam. “Cherie... Please tell me the truth. Will Urs be okay?”
Lea sat down next to Sebastien on the sofa and kissed him on the forehead. “The truth. In time he will be physically. He’s going to be in pain for a while. I’m guessing he’ll have trouble singing for a while, or holding a note. He’ll probably get short of breathe and pains in his chest when he does try to sing until he is completely recovered. But eventually he will get better.”
Sebastien sighed. “But that is not all is it?”
Lea smiled weakly. “I don’t know how he will cope emotionally Sebastien. It’s the psychological trauma that can be the most crippling but different people react in different ways. David’s outburst was an indication of what you are all dealing with. The plane crash, you memory loss, Tam having to come back into the world. Any one of these on its own could be enough to try and handle.” She kissed him. “I think you are handling things very well, you are much stronger than people give you credit.”
“But you worry about us all don’t you Cherie?”
“It’s my job. I just want to try and have things in place so that if anything does happen we can be ready and there for each other.”
“And what about you my Florence Nightingale? You were there at the shooting and you looked after Urs. How are you coping?”
“I’m Okay Seb Really. I was Tra…….”
Lea stopped herself. She did not want to tell Sebastien about her past. Eventually, but this was too soon. She did not want to scare him away.
Sebastien held her hands. “You were trained to deal with traumatic situations weren’t you and not as a nurse. You and Rica worked together in the Navy before did you not.”
All Lea could do was nod and hope he did not ask anymore question but in her heart she knew he would.
Sebastien continued. If Lea had asked him to stop he would have so he took the opportunity to confirm what he thought he already knew. “You were a security soldier, but for the Navy? You had to fight.”
Lea could feel her throat tighten and the pain in her head begin. She did not like talking about her past but if she did not it would always be a wall between her and Sebastien and she did not want that. If once he heard the story and he needed to walk away she would let him. It would tear her apart she knew that but she would have to let him walk away.
“Are you very sure you want to hear this Sebastien. It’s much darker than you think. I am much darker than you could possibly know.”
“No Cherie, you are no darker than the rest of us. I have seen, your sweetness, your love, your care. You could not be the nurse that you are if these things were not in you also. I think maybe you have been through a… do you say.. enorme……a huge struggle of your own. It is because you have seen this darkness that you can help others overcome it. What ever happened Lea, who you are now is made up of all those parts and I love who you are now.”
“But Sebastien, I had to kill people, I was trained to kill people, quietly and quickly, Is that dark enough for you?”
Sebastien had not expected that reply and he tried very hard to hide his shock but Lea caught the slight change. She pulled away from him and went and stood at the window.
Sebastien walked up behind her and placed his hands lightly on her shoulders. “Please do not shut me out Môn Cherie. You have been there for me through all this, more I could not ask of you. I should want to be this person for you. I do not care that this is what you had to do. I care that you still want to be with me.” He pulled her around so that she was facing him. “I want to be with you forever Lea. We need to be honest with each other, no secrets, no matter how bad okay.”
Sebastien took Lea back to the sofa and Lea began to tell him about her life in the Navy. She had started out as a nurse, that was true enough and she had worked her way up the ranks finding herself the medic for teams or squads because of her ability to work under extremes. At first she considered herself an add on to these teams not really a member until one day while they were on an operation things went very pear shaped and she found herself with a gun in her hand protecting those injured team members in her care. After this they had sent her off for intensive training which she found she had an aptitude for. She was now a fully fledged member of a team which is where she met Rica. They had been on many operations together both in and out of the country. Their last assignment together had been the last one for them both. Without going into the details Lea explained to Sebastien that they had been set up and only Rica and herself had survived. She had broken down and it had taken two years to get back on her feet. So she went back to what she knew, nursing.
“Now I try to help people Sebastien, not kill them.”
Sebastien pulled her close and kissed her tenderly. “Thank you my sweet for letting me into your life.”
“You are not scared of me?”
Sebastien smiled. “Scared that I may not be enough for you, scared that you may want to leave me but not of you my angel.”
Lea kissed Sebastien hard, strong and passionately to show him that she would not leave. Sebastien wrapped his arms around her and returned her kiss just a strong, slowly pushing her back on to the sofa.
Sebastien took off his shirt and helped Lea do the same. They spent several hours re affirming their commitment to each other. Sometime after midnight Sebastien carried Lea into the bedroom and they slept folded into each other until morning.
Carlos had spent the best part of fifteen minutes just staring out the window when he got home wondering whether he should call Felicity. He did not want to spend the night alone any more than Tam did. His mobile phone chimed and a text came in from Felicity. She wanted to know how he was doing, telling him to call if he wanted. Carlos smiled and called.
“Felicity my dear thank you for calling I am sorry that I had to cancel our dinner together.”
Carlos smiled as he listened to her sweet voice. His smile grew when she suggested that she would come over so they could spend time together.
Carlos asked her to call him when she got to the apartment building explaining their new security situation.
Carlos left his apartment to explain that Felicity would be coming to visit to the security guard at the elevator. “That is fine Mr Marin; we’ll make sure she arrives safe and sound.”
Carlos went back to his apartment to wait. He paced, he looked out the window even though he could not see if Felicity was coming or not and finally there was a knock at the door. Carlos bounded to the door but the smile disappeared from his face. It was only the security guard. “You guest has arrived Mr Marin.” He stepped aside and Felicity was outlined by the door frame. Carlos’ smile returned as he held out his hand for her to take. He pulled her inside and straight into his arms.
The security guard smiled as he heard Flea’s voice as the door began to close.
“Well, Carlos, you don’t waist any time do you.”

David sat with Tam on the sofa and tried to re assure her that Urs would be alright. He would pull through. She cried silently and his heart ached for her. He really did not know what more he could do. He put his arm around her and she laid her head on his chest. She had been there for him through his ordeal and he felt so inadequate, not strong enough to help her now when she needed someone.
David did not realise it but he had begun to hum one of the songs from La Boheme and stroke Tams hair. She finally fell asleep so David made her comfortable on the sofa, covering her with a blanket and took himself off to bed.
A few hours later Tam woke with a start at first not realising where she was. She took her blanket and went into David’s room, standing watching him sleep for a moment. He was so sweet and serene as he slept. She curled up next to him and instinctively David moved so she could sleep in his arm.
Tam did sleep curled up by David for a few hours until something woke her. At first she did not understand what it was but then she realised that David was trembling. He was dreaming and trembling and beginning to get restless. Tam sat up and watched him for a few seconds. She could tell that he was dreaming and it was not about something good. As David became more agitated she tried to shake him awake. It only seemed to make things worse and all of a sudden David sat bolt upright in bed and let out a scream.
He caught his breath and with wild eyes looked around the room. His gaze settled on Tam and David’s reality began to take shape and his breathing came back to normal.
Tam smiled at him. “You okay?”
David took hold of her hand. “Bad dream.”
“I can see that. You want to share?”
David shook his head and swung his legs out of the bed. “No, may be a hot chocolate.”
“I’ll make it for you”
They both went out into the lounge room, Tam moving into the kitchen to make the chocolate and David to the window to look out into then night. While the milk was simmering Tam went and stood next to him, taking his hand. “Was it about the crash?”
David just nodded and Tam gave him time to answer. “No matter how hard I try I can’t seem to shake this dream. It is always the same.”
Tam knew full well what he was trying to deal with, it had taken her a long time to dream about anything else after her own ordeal.
David looked down at her. “You had bad dreams too, didn’t you?”
Tam nodded.
“How long before they stopped?”
Tam bit her lip. David needed no other answer but she gave him one. “It was a while David, but you have to remember I was on my own, no one to talk to, in a strange place. You have us, you have me.”
David hugged her and she went back into the kitchen to finish the chocolate.
They stood at the window in silence drinking.
David put his mug on the table and turned to Tam who was still looking out the window. She watched his reflection as he spoke. “Tam, come back to bed with me. I don’t want to go back to sleep alone.”
Tam turned and put her on mug on the table next to David’s, taking his hand guided him back to his bed. She tucked him in as if he was her child and kissed him on the nose and then curled up beside him gently combing her hands through his hair. David drifted off into a peaceful sleep feeling Tam’s body up against his. He had wondered if it was so wrong of him to ask her to stay. He had feelings for her, not the same kind as Urs had for her but all the same he loved her in is own way. No lust, no sexual overtones just a pure love that she seemed to be able to pull out of him. He was not sure if it was because she had been with him the night he had taken that dark journey but for what it was worth he actually felt safe, he felt he belonged when she was around. He knew he would die for her. It was like she gave him a glimpse of what it could really be like when he did find that someone.

In the small hours of the morning Urs struggled to wake. The nurses who were also Diva had done a commendable job of re arranging the roster so that one of them was with him at all times.
Over the past few hours Urs had almost made it through to consciousness but as the nurses watched him struggle with the pain they had given him more morphine. He would be awake soon enough, having to deal with the pain and more. However this time the nurse let him wake wanting to make sure that he could cope. If not she could also give him more medication. The fog that had wrapped itself around his mind lifted slightly as he woke. Not completely, but enough for Urs to know where he was and what had happened. He moved and the pain shot through his body. He winced and the nurse touched his arm gently. “Hey, try not to move too much, it’s going to hurt.”
Urs went to pull the oxygen tubes out of his nose but again the nurse stopped him.
“No pulling anything out until I say so. That’s what I get paid for?”
Urs went to talk and coughed. This sent pain thundering thorough his chest and he groaned, grimacing and closing his eyes. He thought the pain in his head had been bad. This was so much worse.
“I can give you more pain killers Mr Buhler, You just say the word.”
Urs shook his head. He wanted some answers before they put him back to sleep. In a weak voice he spoke. “My friends.”
The nurse smiled. “They are all okay Mr Buhler. The Boss sent them home to get some rest. They’ll be back at breakfast as far as I know.”
He coughed and again the pain gripped his body. “Tam?”
The nurse was well aware of the charade in regards to Tam being Urs’ wife and was playing along with it. She did not want anyone finding out the truth. “You wife is just fine too. Mr Buhler. She’ll be back with the others.”
Urs was confused. “I don’t have a wife.”
“Yes you do. Now be a good boy and go back to sleep.”
Urs saw the nurse adjust his drip and felt the smooth warmth as the river of pain killers seeped into his blood. “No wait, I don’t want to get married. I want to, I have to.” The morphine was taking him back into a deep sleep. “I want Tam. Marry her.”
The nurse smiled. “And I am sure you will my Swiss Rock God. I am sure you will” With that she kissed him on the forehead and brushed some of his curls back behind his ears. She was a nurse but she was an Uber.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing Chapter 21 part 1   Wed Jun 03, 2009 1:50 am

Chapter 21
Simon had found himself back in his office having to deal with yet another forceful female. This time it was the leader of the security team Lea had arranged. Why had he not been surprised to find it was headed by a woman. Rica sat across from Simon having just finished explaining how her team operated and what she would expect from him.
“Now hold on a minute. I am not about to cancel every single one of their appearances. Yes Urs is in hospital but Sebastien is well enough and three Divas is better than none. We’ve cut back to the bare essentials. I need to keep their faces out there.”
Rica cut him off. “Honey, and I need to keep them alive. I am not saying cancel all their appearances just let me guide you to the safest options is all.”
Simon sighed, he knew he was not going to win this one and he would have to concede. “I’m not going to win am I?”
Rica smiled. “Honey, I maybe Southern but I ain’t slow. You were never going to win.”
By the time Rica left his office Simon was fully aware of who was in charge and it wasn’t him. Rica had given him what information they had so far and how she was dealing with Il Divo’s security. He had to admit that she was exceedingly professional and meticulous down to the last detail.

Rica wanted to question Flea but thought it best to leave that until morning. It wasn’t as if she did not know where she was. There was not much more she could do people-wise so she headed back to her office to catch up on reports and do some research of her own. Tomorrow would come soon enough.

Aaron Vaga was still fuming about having missed Tamara and plotting how to get to her again. He had managed to keep hold of his gun as he rad run through those crazy fans at the TV station and he was going to use it again. This time he would make sure he did not miss his target. He just needed to find a time. Now that he had taken her boyfriend out of the equation it should be easier. He was going to go back to the apartment block to see if anything had changed. It was only a few hours off dawn. He could wait that long.

Through the night Rica’s team changed shifts. Not that anyone would have noticed. Except for the one near the lift on the Divo’s floor all other personnel were hiding in plain sight. Seen but unseen by those who passed by. They had a job to do and every single member of the team took their assignment very, very seriously. Not one of them would flinch if it meant killing someone to get the job done. Il Divo were right to feel safe in their hands.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing Chapter 21 part 2   Wed Jun 03, 2009 1:51 am

Daylight shone through David’s bedroom window to find Tam already dressed and showered and in his kitchen making coffee. It was this smell that aroused him from his slumber. Absent minded he wandered out to the kitchen scratching his head and yawning. Tam had to smile he did look like a big cuddly teddy bear first thing in the morning. “Morning sleepy.”
“You stayed.”
“You asked me to.”
Tam handed him some coffee, there was no need to say anything else.

Much the same was happening in Sebastien’s apartment. Lea had been up before the sun. She to had made coffee for them and again it was this smell that woke Sebastien.
Lea was standing at the window looking out at the world when he came from behind and wrapped his arms around her. She turned around still encircled by his embrace, holding her coffee out so it would not spill, they kissed passionately and Lea almost dropped her mug. Every fibre of her being began to tingle; it seemed she could not get enough of this Frenchman that had stolen her heart.
Sebastien silently took her coffee from her and took a sip then placed the mug on the table and led her back into the bedroom. Lea was going to be taking a second shower that morning.

Felicity had managed to get as far as the shower enjoying the gentle caress of the water as it ran down her body. It was the noise of the shower that had woken Carlos. He smiled and went to the now steamy bathroom. Silently he opened the door to shower and watch as the water ran down the amazing body of his sweet lady. He went in and began to kiss the graze she had on her head from the rock, at the same time pulling her towards him. The gentle beating and the warmth of the water was sensual and only seemed to enflame their passion. As it danced over and around their bodies they made love until it ran cold.

Lea did have another shower as she left Sebastien again asleep in the bed or so she thought. As the water lapped over her, she felt his presence, his gentle touch as he washed her back, gently following his hands with his lips. The water seeming to magnify the sensation of his touch. Although the water was warm Lea had goose pumps. She dropped the soap and turned, holding his head in her hands and almost devouring him with her kiss. Sebastien groaned, his body groaned, his legs went weak. Lea pushed him up against the shower wall and for the second time that morning her body exploded with a forceful delight she hoped would never end.

Without knowing it the morning had brought each of them a little closer together and given them a few hours off from the trauma that had been their lives over the past weeks.

There was a knock at Carlos’ door. As he opened it Rica smiled at him. “Mornin’ Honey. Your lady friend decent yet?”
Carlos was a little taken back by her remarks but then remembered they knew that Felicity was with him. “Yes, please come in Rica. We were just discussing whether we should go to the cafe for breakfast.”
Rica plus one of her men entered the apartment. Flea was in the kitchen making another pot of coffee. She smiled at Rica. “You guys up for a cup of coffee?”
“Dang if that isn’t the best idea I have heard in nearly 12 hours. Thanks Honey.”
Flea handed Rica and her offsider a mug each and smiled as Rica closed her eyes to drink it. “If that ain’t better than sex.”
Carlos and Flea looked at each other and blushed just a little.
“So did you want to talk to me about something Miss Rica?” Carlos wanted so much to be thinking about anything else right now except what he was thinking. (Shower scenes) and he wasn’t thinking about Psycho the movie either.
“No actually Mr Marin. I need to talk to Felicity if you don’t mind.”
“Please call me Carlos.”
“Thanks Hun I will.”
Flea came to sit down on the sofa. “I am not sure how much help I can be. I didn’t see very much.”
Aw honey. People always say that and people always know more than they think. We’ll help ya’ll remember.”
“Ok, then fire away.”
Rica asked Flea questions as her offsider took notes.

While this was going on Tam and David had decided to head to the Bakery for some yummy breakfast supplies. Mama Hilda and Papa Joseph were so happy to see them. Mama Hilda gave David’s cheeks a big squeeze. David had given up trying to get her to stop ages ago and just went with it these days. He actually liked the attention. She was like a surrogate grandmother. As before she slipped some extras into their bag.
What David and Tam did not know was that Vaga had been watching and he was furious. How many boyfriends did that little witch have? What did they do, share her around. What ever it was she was never alone, not once had he seen her by herself. He felt the gun in his pocket and for a split second thought about using it then and there. But he did not have the advantage. He also noticed that the same person that had followed them down the street had followed them back again. What he didn’t notice was the man who had walked up behind him. “You planning on holding up the bakery mister or you just weird?”
Vaga almost jumped out of his skin but his anger took over. “What the hell you talking about. I got a right to stand on the street like everyone else. Who do you think you are buddy!!!!!!” Looking into this mans eyes Vaga knew that had been a mistake.
Danny flexed his muscles under his black t shirt. “I’m the person who is going to put you into a permanent state of rigor mortuus if you don’t bugger off.”
Vaga looked into Danny’s eyes again and knew he meant it. He had not raised his voice nor had the expression on his face changed. To anyone walking passed it would look like two people just talking.
“Okay, Okay I’m going.”
Danny watched Vaga until he was sure he was not going to come back. There was something about him that did not sit well. He called in and Rica told him to grab Eric and make up a composite picture of him just in case.
Rica had finished asking Flea questions when there was a knock at the door. David and Tam came in. Not expecting to find anyone but Carlos.
David knees gave way when he saw Rica and it seemed he had lost the ability to talk.
Rica smiled. “Aww Miller you sweet thing, you brought breakfast for us all, How adorable.”
David just stood there holding the bakery bag, that voice, her voice. Tam nudge him twice to bring him back to earth. “Oh yeah. Mama Hilda put some extras in, there should be enough.”
Rica took the bag off him and had a look for herself. “Dang Miller, how many do you plan on feeding with this? The whole seventh fleet.”
“Well. There’s us and then Urs.’
“What do you mean Honey, There’s us and then there’s us?”
“No all of us here and then OOORs in the hospital.”
Rica had a smile on her face. She was teasing him and it took David a minute to figure it out. “Oh Man. I want my baked goods back.”
Everyone laughed.
Rica riffled through the bag making sure that she took something there was more than one of. It happened to be a bear claw. She saw the look on Carlos’ face. “Aw. Bless your heart Carlos. Here.” She threw the other one at him.
Again everyone laughed.
As Rica gave the bag back to David she winked at him. “Honey bear, you’re such a sweet thing don’t you know”
David felt his face getting warm.
As Rica and her offsider left David saw her give him half the bear claw she had taken.
Closing the door and trying to regain his composure David asked Flea a question. “Been her long Flea?”
The look on her and Carlos’ face said it all. “Oh. So I guess you are ready for breakfast then.”
Flea nodded but Carlos was rather more vocal. “I’m starving.”
It was David’s turn to laugh.

Lea and Sebastien had caught Rica just as she was about to enter the elevator.
“Hendo. You sleep well?”
“I guess.”
Rica looked at Sebastien who had an impish look on his face. “Mmmm I can see that.” Turning her attention back to Lea. “I have a few things to do then we need to talk again. Ya’ll be at the hospital later?”
Again Rica smiled. “Sweet Thing in there has a bag full of goodies if you are interested.” With that she left.
Lea and Sebastien knocked on Carlos’ door and entered.
Lea smiled, she was glad that Flea was with Carlos and had no doubt that she had not just turned up for breakfast. “Rica said there was goodies in here.”
David held up the bakery bag and Lea smiled. “So you must the Sweet thing she was referring to?”
Again David felt his face get warm and again everyone laughed.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing Chapter 21 part 3   Wed Jun 03, 2009 1:51 am

Urs had been awake for a few hours. It had been a struggle to stay awake and cope with the pain and not ask for more morphine but he wanted to see his friends. Sometime before he had been fully awake the doctors had taken the tube out of his side. Urs had been glad they had done it without him knowing. He was already sore, even the slightest movement gave him great pain.
The nurse ducked her head into his room. “You up to having a few visitors precious?”
Urs nodded his head and kept watching the door. He smiled and tears crept down his face as he saw Tam.
She lent over the bed and kissed him. “Hi.”
Urs voice was still strained as he talked and Tam could hear him fighting through the pain. “You were on your own last night. I promised never to leave you. Tam, I am so sorry.”
Tam put her fingers and his slips. “Shhhhh. David looked after me and I was not alone. The others are always close and Rica’s team is there.”
Urs tried to smile. “But I promised.”
“I know Urs and you kept your promise through David. You have a great friend there.”
Urs had closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. Tam waited for him to wake up. When he did David was with her. David squeezed his hand as he opened his eyes again. “Hey Buddy. Don’t tell the nurse but we snuck you in some of Mama Hilda’s delights.”
Urs smiled weakly. He was so tired. “My wife. They said I had a wife.”
Both David and Tam smiled but it was David who answered. “Arr, well that was Lea’s idea. They weren’t going to let Tam see you any other way so Lea decided she was your wife.”
Urs looked to Tam. “Marry me.” Again he drifted off to sleep.
Tam’s heart jumped a little. She realised that he was heavily medicated but she would have so loved to give her answer to him. As David left so someone else could come and see him she did. “I’ll marry you Urs. Just remember to ask me again very soon.”

Carlos and Tam had been talking quietly when Urs woke again. He turned his head to see Carlos. He smiled and Carlos smiled back. “Hey, my friend. How are you feeling?”
“Tired and sore. Is everyone okay?”
Carlos knew that he had asked the nurse this question but he was glad to answer it again. “Yes my Swiss friend. Everyone is fine. You are the only one with a hole in you.”
As he drifted back off to sleep yet again Urs said. “ I want to go home.”
Carlos left and because Tam could see that he was struggling she also left so that Lea and Sebastien could see him together.
Lea had hold of his hand when he woke.
“Hi there SRG. You about ready to take on all those Uber Babes out there?”
Urs did not say anything just blinked slowly.
Lea whispered to Sebastien. “Go and get the nurse okay.” Then she lent over to talk to Urs. “You just concentrate on getting better. We’ll be back to see you later.”
The nurse came into the room and Lea pointed to the BP monitor.
“Thanks. He’s done enough for now. I know you know what to do. You could have just changed his morphine drip. Thanks for letting me know.”
“Well I know how I would feel if some other nurse came around and messed with my patients. You let us know when he comes too.”
“Sure. Thanks again Nurse Henderson.”
Lea smiled at the nurse as she left Urs’ room. The others were waiting for her. “Tam they will let you stay with him if you want. He’ll be a sleep for a while yet though.”
Tam smiled. “I don’t mind. I just want to be close.”
Tam hugged David. “Thank you for last night.”
The others watched her disappear into Urs’ room and Sebastien spoke. “It’s going to take an act of God to separate those two.”
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing Chapter 21 part 4   Wed Jun 03, 2009 1:52 am

Rica nodded to the team members she had on the hospital floor as she got off the elevator. She found everyone including Flea just outside Urs’ room, everyone except Tam. “Morin’ again all.” She looked at David. “Dang sweet thing, you just get better look’n every time I see you.”
David knew she was teasing him but he couldn’t help it. He was speechless yet again.
The others all smiled. It certainly was a sight to behold. David Miller speechless. Now that was an act of God.

“Gather around boys and girls. I have something I want to show ya’ll” Rica got out the composite picture that Danny had done and showed it to them all. “Anyone you know?”
Flea spoke up. “That’s him. That’s the guy that was pitching rocks at them. I’d swear on a stack of bibles that was the idiot.”
Rica saw the shadow come across Lea’s face. “You want to say something Hendo?”
The others all looked at her. “I know that face. I know I have seen him somewhere.”
David piped up. “Well that is just too much of a coincidence that you both have seen him.”
“Oh Hun this just gets better,” Rica patted David on the back. “This is the picture of the guy that Danny had a word with when you and Tam went to the bakery.”

They all just looked at her in silence. “Seems like we have made a connection. Now we just have to put the pieces together is all.”
Lea was a little astonished that Flea had been able to identify the man. “So do we know who he is?”
Rica smiled. “No, but considering where he was found we kinda narrowed down who he is after.” She looked at David and then everyone’s eyes fell on him as well.
David felt a shiver go down his spine. “Oh Man why me. I don’t even know who he is.”
“Well Sweet thing give me a couple of hours and I will find out who he is. Until then. Keep an eye out. My boys are all over this but it wouldn’t hurt to keep a low profile for the rest of the day.”
Rica was about to leave when David asked if he could have the picture. “Anything for you sweet thing.”
Lea looked at the others. “So how low profile are we supposed to be?”
Sebastien smiled and hugged her. “How about undercover?”
The others laughed but Carlos had much the same idea and Flea knew it. “Hold on there my Spanish stallion. I have to work this afternoon. But I would be glad to give you a re match later.”
Lea could feel David’s uneasiness with the conversation even if the others did not. She smiled at him. “David, would you mind terribly if I asked you to keep and eye on Tam. I know she said she wanted to stay but it could be a long day.”
David nodded. “Yeah, that’s a good idea.”

So as the others left David took up a position in a chair across from Urs’ room. He read the magazines, all old and out of date, he tried to do any of the crossword puzzles that had not been mutilated, then he began to pace up and down the corridor, then he got the fidgets. He decided he needed to see Urs.

Tam had pulled the chair up near Urs’ bed and had fallen asleep with her head on his bed holding his hand. David crept in silently, took off his jacket and put it over her shoulders. Tam stirred a little but did not wake. David sat in the other chair and watched them both for a long time wondering how they had got to this point. A few months ago their lives although very busy had been relatively simple. The most danger they had been in had been when a hotel bathroom flooded. But this: watching his friend recover from a gun shot. It was all too surreal; it belonged in one of fan fics on the forum not smack in the middle of their lives.
Urs stirred and David sat up a little straighter. Urs opened his eyes and they fell on Tam, he smiled and then drifted back to sleep. Tam must have sensed something as she woke. So as not to scare her, David cleared his throat quietly. “He’s just gone back to sleep. Was only awake for a moment.”
Tam smiled at him and felt his jacket over her shoulders. “The others have gone?”
David nodded.
“You didn’t have to stay.
“Well Rica said keep a low profile and I can’t think of a better place to do that than in here.”
“Has something happened?”
“They think they know who it was that was throwing the rocks and it looks like the rat bag is after me. Seems he followed us to the bakery.”
David could see the worry in her eyes. “It’s okay. So, see what I mean about keeping a low profile.”
“Does this person have a name?”
And David began to pull the picture out of his pocket. “But he has a face.” David handed Tam the picture.
She looked t it for a few moments then the look on her face changed and there was a shudder in her voice as she spoke. “I know this face David.”
David was thunder struck. “No way. How come all you females think you know this man.”
Tam looked at him. “I don’t just think I know him David. I know him. I have seen him, he looks a little different but I know him.”
David’s stomach had just turned into one big knot. “I think we better get a hold of Rica so you two can have a chat.”
David went to have a talk to the guard at the elevator, told him what he knew and then went back to Urs’ room. Tam was still looking at the picture. She knew this face but just couldn’t place it. It was so frustrating. And if she knew who this was, why were they after David? That meant that Urs had been a mistake and David was still in danger. She got up from her chair and hugged David. He was a little surprised. “Hey what’s all this about?”
“He’s still out there David, you are still in danger.”
He pulled Tam away and looked into her eyes. “I’m fine. I think we have the best damn security team on the planet looking after us. I have never felt safer. So don’t worry okay.”
The guard stuck his head in through the door. “The Boss wants you all back at the apartments pronto.”
“Then I guess we better go.” David held Tam’s hand as they walked out of Urs’ room just as Urs woke up. He tried to call out but he only croaked. They were gone before he got his voice back. He pushed the button for the nurse who soon arrived.
“What is it Mr Buhler? “
“Where did they go?”
The nurse was a little confused. She had not seen anyone. “Where did who go?”
“My friends.”
She smiled at him. “There is no one here. You go back to sleep now.”
Urs did just that. He found it hard to keep himself awake. But he was sure he had seen Tam and David. As the morphine took hold he said. “Who is Rica?”
The nurse smiled at Urs. “Sweet dreams my Swiss Prince.”
David and Tam found themselves back in Carlos’ room, the others all waiting including Rica and a few of her team. It seemed that out of their extended family Flea was the only one missing.
David ushered Tam to a spare seat next to Lea, they all made eye contact but no one said anything. David could tell by the atmosphere that they all had heard Tams news.
Rica got up and began to walk the floor passing David she gently brushed her hand across his shoulders as she walked behind him.
She was at a loss as to why this man unnerved her so. He had done nothing but be a gentleman, cheeky but still a gentleman. She had watched him with the others, with Tam and he was indeed a gentle man. Rica had done her homework once she had taken on the assignment which meant finding out everything there was to know about her clients. Lea she knew, but she was somewhat amazed at the Intel she had gathered on Il Divo. Lea had suggested that if she wanted to REALLY know them to check out the website. Rica had decided after reading several threads that all she needed to do to get this guy was post his picture and let the New York divas take it from there. But that did not explain how she felt every time she saw David. She teased him because her heart had opened. Somehow he had pried it open. Something she thought almost impossible. And if her feelings were real than she had another problem. She definitely did not date clients. But just because she had let her guard down did not mean that David had any feelings for her at all. He had not given any of the usual signs and it was not as if she was in a position to ask. Something that she would normally do., none of this waiting and wondering stuff.
So as she walked passed David it was as much a shock to her as it was to him to feel her squeeze his shoulders.
David felt every inch of his body heat up, he shuffled a little in his seat and hoped that no one else noticed. To cover what she thought was very unprofessional Rica teased him and started her briefing. “So Sweet thing. The nurses let you out of the hospital?”
Normally David would have a pretty good come back but he was again speechless, still tingling. It was then he noticed Lea looking at him in a peculiar way. But she covered for him.
“Nurses must have all been Ubers or he’d still be fighting his way out.”
The others laughed.
“Well boys and girls ya’ll know why we are here. Miss Tam here thinks she knows this rock throw’n gun tote’n piece of garbage. Hendo thinks she’s seen him and Miss Felicity is almost sure he is the one from the park.”
Rica took some documents off one of the other guards. “Well we’ve been doing our own digging. “Seems you have every right to know who he is Miss Tam.” Rica handed her a photo and then passed the same one around to the others. It was a group photo of Tams’ time as a concert pianist. “See any familiar faces?”
David couldn’t help himself. “I see Tam.” That got him a slap on the back of the head from Rica as she passed by.
“Hey! Are all you navy types trained to smack a fella on the back of the head or what?”
Rica back tracked and bent over so she could whisper in his ear. For a second David thought he was going to get hit again and flinched. “It’s the, or what you should be worried about Sweet thing.”
Again David’s whole body rippled.
Rica continued. “So Miss Tam. See anyone?” Rica handed the composite copy to Tam and it was then that she made the connection. She pointed to Vaga in the photo. Rica smiled. “Dang if it isn’t the same person.”
Everyone seemed to sit at attention and Lea lent over to look at both photos. She was right. Lea spoke for the rest of them. “Who is it Rica?”
“That piece of alligator food is Aaron Vaga. Apparently his career took off just as Tam here was crashing onto an Island. Seems he kinda stepped into your light when you never came back baby. You two ever had words?”
Tam remembered Vaga as a whiney kinda person, who was never happy with what he had. She never had much to do with him but they had been in a lot of the same classes and done a lot for the same concerts.
Tam shook her head and Rica smiled handing them all several pieces of paper. There were photo copies of concert posters, photos. The past ten years of Vaga’s life laid out for them to see, including a copy of a police file of an arrest for disorderly conduct at Tams’ very last concert appearance. This shocked them all but it was the realisation as to where Rica was headed with all this that stunned them the most. No one said it but the penny dropped and the responding shocked registered in their eyes. Rica saw it and knelt down in front of Tam. “He’s after you Honey, Not Urs, not David, not Il Divo. You.”
David got up and started to pace. “That’s crazy, she been stuck on and island for the past ten years for God sake. Why would he be after her?”
Sebastien swore in French and Carlos did the same in Spanish, Lea put her arm around Tam, she was shaking. All she could think was this was all her fault. Urs was in hospital because of her. She had brought this on them all.
Rica got hold of David’s’ hand and guided him back to his seat winking at him as she pushed him gently back down.
“We all got heaps of Intel about this fella and it seems he’s not very nice but plays a pretty damn good piano. From what we have pieced together, Tam if you had stayed around he would never have got the chance to be were he is today. He might play pretty good but according to everyone we talked to You, Honey were outstanding. My guess is he doesn’t want you around to spoil his fun.”

Everyone just looked at Rica. Then at Tam, the room was silent. Lea could feel Tam as she began to shake again and tears rolled down her face. David jumped from his chair and knelt next to Rica. He took one of Tams hands in his good one. “You’ll be okay Tam. We won’t let any thing happen to you, you know that don’t you? Just as we all promised. This doesn’t change anything. You’re one of us. Please don’t cry.”
Tam tried to smile at him. He was so sweet. Sebastien and Carlos came to stand next to her and Rica moved over to one of her guards watching the interaction between them all. They were indeed a family.
Tam wished she could tell them she was not crying because Vaga was after her but because she was the reason that Urs had been shot. Right now all she wanted was to be back on her island away from it all.
Lea spoke up. “Fellas. I think us girls need some time on our own okay.” She pulled Tam to her feet and left Carlos’ place for Urs’.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing Chapter 21 part 5   Wed Jun 03, 2009 1:53 am

Sitting on the sofa in Urs’ apartment, Lea had her suspicions that Tams tears were for other reasons.
“You’re too tough to be crying about Vaga, Tam what is it?”
Tam took a deep breathe. “It’s all my fault. The rocks, Urs is in hospital because of me. He could have died Lea. He could have died and it would have been my fault!!! I want to go back home.” Tam got up and began to pace the room and Lea got up after her. She got hold of Tam by the arms and looked right into her eyes determine that she was going to get through to her. “Tam. Look at me. This is not your fault. Don’t ever think that. Urs is in hospital because of Vaga not because of you.”
Tam went to say something but Lea stopped her. “Let me finish. Going back to your island, Vaga wins Tam, he wins. We can’t let that happen. If you want to help Urs we need to bury him so far down a black hole he’ll never see the light of day.”
“But he shot him. He could shoot the others as well.”
“If that is what he had wanted he would have shot David outside the bakery. We need to fix this Tam. For Urs, for you. I’ll be damned if I’m going to let some jumped up moron spoil your life. I’ll break his neck if I have to.”
After a while Lea got Tam settled into bed and she fell asleep emotionally drained. Lea went back to Carlos’. The room went silent when she came in but David was upon her like a flash. “Is she okay Lea?”
The others all waited for her response. “She thinks it’s all her fault. Urs being in the hospital. She’s devastated that you could all have been hurt because of her and she wants to go back to the island.”
David was halfway out the door with Sebastien and Carlos behind him before Lea stopped him. “Miller. It’s okay. We talked. She’s sleeping.” Her next statement was addressed to Rica. “We need to fix this.”
“Damn straight we do Hendo. These fellas of yours seem to be ready to take on anything for that little lady.”
Carlos spoke up. “No one hurts our angel, she is a gift from heaven…:”He didn’t finish. The tears in his eyes said the rest.
Sebastien wanted to say something but he was too choked up.
David however was fuming. “I’ll kill him with my own two hands if I have to. He can’t do this to her.”
Rica went over to him and in an unusually soft voice for her said. “Sweet thing, leave that to me hun. That’s what we get paid for.”
David looked into her eyes. The softness in her voice betrayed the steel cold of her eyes. David knew that very moment that Rica had indeed killed before. It sent a shiver through him. He looked over to Lea who was now comforting Sebastien wondering if she too had been a part of such things. Later that evening he would talk to Sebastien and find out just what their navy nurse was made of.

“Okay I want ya’ll in Simons’ office in the morning by ten am.” Rica walked over to Lea. “You up to putting your badge back on for a while?”
All Lea did was nod and Rica and her boys left.
Carlos and David just gazed after her but Sebastien wonder what she had meant, he didn’t want to think about it but his heart told him he already knew what it meant.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing Chapter 21 part 6   Wed Jun 03, 2009 1:53 am

Urs was sitting up in his room a few more tubes removed from his body. The only remaining pieces were the IV and the morphine drip. He so loved his morphine drip. But he was still having trouble trying to decide what had been real and what had been a dream. Somewhere in it all he had been married. Well that of course was a dream. Unfortunately the pain in his chest told him that being shot was oh so very real. The nurses had been wonderful. A little spitfire of a nurse called Tracie, who seemed more like a hyperactive child was making it her life’s quest to make sure he was okay. He’d found out that she had pulled double shifts and it was only when the NUM had ordered her home she had gone. He also found out about the roster changes and had to smile to himself, what news would they be posting on the forum? He imagined that if he looked he would see posts of his x rays. Then he shook his head. No, this would not be the work of their fans; they were devoted, enthusiastic, loyal but not callous. .
Urs was right. The nurses had posted reports on the forum but they had been discreet and more to reassure the fans that Urs was doing well and would recover. They reported that the other Divos had been into see him but not one of them mentioned Lea’s little marriage charade. Never knew who would read it.
Urs had a big smile on his face when Tam and Lea walked into his room. He knew they had been before but it was all a bit foggy. “Hello ladies, you are a sight for sore eyes” He paused “And a sore body.” It was then that he noticed Tam. She was not herself somehow.
He looked to Lea who smiled weakly. “I think you two need some time alone. The others are outside Urs but we have to be at Simons’ by ten.” She sighed. “You need to hear this from Tam as much as she is the one who needs to tell you.”
Tam turned to Lea and shook her head. Lea took her hands. “Tam, you and I are friends right? And I don’t want to loose you anymore than you want to loose Urs okoy. You know this is what you have to do.”
Urs was getting worried; as Lea left he asked Tam a question. “Why does Lea think you will loose me?”
Tam went to speak but her voice failed her. She had not spoken all morning. Urs guessed that it was something stressful to stop her from talking to him. “Would you feel better if you wrote it down?”
She nodded and Urs made a move to get some paper out of the draw of his bedside table but cried out in pain. Tam rushed to stop him with tears in her eyes, she had hurt him again. But she did find the pad and pen and began to write down the short version of what had happened while he had been in hospital, pulling off pages as she finished them. Urs read silently each page she gave him. On the last page Tam wrote in big letters ‘I am so sorry’ gave the page to Urs and began to leave the room. Urs made a quick move to stop her and once again the pain wracked his body. “Tam wait!!!” Urs slumped back into his chair with eyes closed tight trying to regulate his breathing and hit the button on his morphine drip.
Tam stopped more because she heard him cry out than anything else. Urs was sure she had left until he felt her gentle touch on his hand. He opened his eyes to see the tears in Tam’s eyes and the pained look on her face. He squeezed her hand. “Please don’t leave me Tam. I couldn’t bear it. If you leave I would rather die, nothing in this world would matter if you left.”
Tam shook her head and knelt down in front of him putting her head on his knees. Urs stroked her hair. “I don’t want you blaming yourself, not now, not ever. Promise me.”
Tam looked into his so sad eyes and spoke for the first time that day. “I promise Urs.” Then put her head back in his lap. In the future most days Tam could keep her promise but every now and then the guilt would surface causing the ache to return.
Urs’ morphine was taking hold and he fell asleep while he stroked her hair. This is how Lea found them when she stuck her head into the room to see how things were going. She smiled. She had asked Tam to do a hard thing but the sight before her told her it had been the right thing. Sebastien had been right. It would take an act of God to separate these two but it might take a few earthly angels to keep them together until they figured it out.
Lea gently tapped Tam on the shoulder. “We gotta go Tam.”
Tam stood and kissed Urs. “I’ll be back later.”
Urs let out a sigh and moved his head but he did not wake.
The spitfire of a Nurse, Tracie had the other Divos’ bailed up in the corridor firing questions at them faster than they could answer which in a way was good as they did not have to answer many of them. She did however make a very thorough check of David’s cast and told him to get himself down to the orthopaedic outpatients to have it looked at. It was rubbing on his skin and she did not like that. “You come back up here without at least an appointment and I’ll drag you down there myself.”
David gave her one of his biggest smiles. “That a promise?”
“Baby that’s the truth.” Leaving them all laughing she went to check on Urs.
David’s eyes fell on Tam. “You and Urs all good now. No more talk of leaving?”
Tam nodded just as one of their guards approached. Lea put up her hand and he returned to his station. “We need to leave.”
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing Chapter 21 part 7   Wed Jun 03, 2009 1:54 am

Simon’s office seemed all too crowded that morning and Simon was beginning to think he needed a bigger desk. Rica had pretty much commandeered it when she arrived, spreading her paper work across it to show Simon their plan of action. At first he was not so pleased with it but it did give him a chance to get Il Divo out there and into public view if nothing else. Not quite the way he would normally do things and he was sure that all four Divos would have something to say about it.
Lea took one look at the desk and it brought back memories of her time with the squads. Best to let Rica bring the guys around to her way of thinking.
“Good morning ya’ll. Glad to see you can be on time.”
David would normally give her a smart remark but this morning he was quiet. After talking to Sebastien last night about Lea and Rica he had done some very serious thinking. Wondering when their lives would ever be free of the whirlwind that had picked them up and played with them so mercilessly over the past month. Would getting this Vaga character out of their lives mean getting them back to some kind of normal or was this how it was going to be from now on. He had to smile a little at the thought of Rica looking after them, he had told Tam he felt safe and that was the truth. She was an amazing women and he had to admit that even knowing the little he did about her he was somewhat smitten. Sebastien’s little piece of information last night had not squashed that, if anything it had made that little smidge of desire grow just a little more.
Rica clicking her fingers in front of his face brought David back to reality. “Miller, we keeping you up?”
“Sorry Boss, just thinking.”
Lea smiled at his slip of the tongue, looked at Rica who had a cheeky look on her face. “Aw Sweet thing you don’t have to call me Boss, just grovelling at my feet should do.”
Everyone laughed except David and Rica knew he had taken it to heart and not as a joke the way it was intended. Again in a soft tone that betrayed her toughness she apologised. “David Hun. I’m sorry. That was hurtful of me. I never intended it to be. Sometimes my smart mouth gets carried away and the rest of me has to go along for the ride .I do really think you are very sweet. Can you forgive a rough southern girl?”
David smiled. It was her voice that got him every time. Rica had her hair in a pony tail but a small red wisp had escaped and David ran his fingers over it placing it behind her ear as he spoke. “I guess. Would you ever consider going out to dinner with a musician?”
His answer took her by surprise. It took everyone by surprise and they all waited for her to reply. Knowing this Rica leaned into David so only he could hear her answer. “Ask me after this assignment is over and we might be able to do better than dinner.”
David’s beaming smile is all the others needed but Rica was a little shocked at what she had said. She looked to Lea who had a questioning look on her face.
Simon wanted his office back. “So now that we have sorted out your dinner plans David can we get back to business.” Rica did just that. Explaining the plan and getting the barrage of disagreement she had expected from the four Divos.
Through it all Lea had remained silent. Sebastien looked at her. “Lea. Do you agree with all this?”
“If Tam is up to it yes I do. It makes the most sense and the most efficient way to bring him undone so that we can all get back on with our lives.”
They all looked from Lea to Tam, who had also remained quiet through it all. She would have done anything to stop this man from hurting anyone else, any of the Divos and if it meant being the bait in a trap so be it.
Sebastien asked Tam the question. “Tam. Do you understand what they are asking you to do? What they are asking us to do?”
She nodded.
It was David’s turn. “And you are okay with it?”
Again she nodded.
Carlos stood looking like a matador ready to fight the bull. “Then we shall all take our place at your side my sweet lady and triumph over this most heinous situation and be rid of the monster that would seek to harm you.”
Everyone smiled, Simon dropped his head and shook it and David gave Carlos a mouthful. “Man, Carlos can’t you just say we’re with her.”
Carlos looked at David. “I thought I just did.”
Again everyone laughed but Rica was pleased. She had what she wanted and it seemed that Carlos’ little speech had helped.
Tam went over to him and kissed him on both cheeks, whispering something in his ear that made him blush.
“So my intrepid new recruits it is settled. If Simon here can get your public appearances sorted for the next few weeks, as many as we can fit in and as many that will allow Tam time to paly the piano I think we have a plan. So go, scatter, do what ya’ll need to do. The boys will still be keeping an eye on you.”

They all left Simons office and were almost at the elevator when David stopped and started to rummage in his pockets. “Damn, my phone must have dropped out. I’ll meet you at the car.”
The others left and David walked back to Simon’s office, it was empty except for Rica who was gathering her papers. She smiled at him when he came in.
“Dropped my phone.” David began to search the sofa he had been siting on and sure enough there it was. Retrieving it he began to leave but stopped and turned to Rica. “Rica, can I ask you a question?”
She did not bother to look up from her papers to answer. “Sure thing Honey.”
David stepped a little closer. “Did you mean what you said about after the assignment?”
For the second time that morning he had surprised her. She stopped gathering her stuff and looked him straight in the eyes. David could almost feel the wave a rejection coming. It had been the first time he had really put himself out there with anyone and he was not sure how he would handle it.
Rica came to stand so close to him David could feel her breath on his skin. “I’m going to tell you something and I don’t want you to interrupt and then I will give you my answer sweet thing.”
David went to say something but she stopped him. “Shhhh. I have a few rules I have to live by in this job that have saved my life and my sanity more than once. One of those rules is that I don’t date clients.”
She saw the dismay in his eyes and his shoulders slump just a little. “However Miller, this assignment will not last forever.” With that she backed him up against the office door and kissed him and continued to kiss him. At first David was a little stunned but then he wrapped his arms round her and pulled her closer if that was at all possible and returned her kiss with passion and force. The world disappeared, no sound except that of his own heart beating, no light, nothing but the feel of her body close to his, the sweet fragrance of her perfume as it danced in the air, and his passion that exploded sending its fire to every single part of his body.
Their lips separated but David held onto her. He was breathless. “That was your answer?”
“Uh huh. Wait till the assignment is over Hun and there will be more where that came from.”
Rica left, forgetting her papers and leaving David speechless in Simon’s office. He never wanted an assignment to be over so quickly.

When he got back into the car the others all saw the smile on his face. Sebastien nudged him. “You okay David?”
“Perfect, just perfect.”
Lea frowned a little; she would need to talk to Rica about her rules.
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Chapter 22
The next few days flew by in a blur of meetings and preparations for the coming weeks. Rica was hoping that it would not take Vaga too long to show his head but she was preparing for the long haul if they needed to. Every thing would be choreographed down to the last detail. Rica’s men had the task of recon on every building that they would be in. Whether it was a TV station, radio station or shopping mall. Not that there was any shopping malls on Rica’s list. There had been on Simons but she had pulled it. Too many variables, too many places for Vaga to hide and too many innocents around for her liking. Towards the end of the week the Conservatorium had asked Tam if she would perform for their end of semester concert. Rica knew that if Vaga had not struck by then this would be the place.
Simon sent out press releases swamping the media with information about all of Il Divo and Tam’s appearances for the first week. He would do the same for the second week depending on what happened. If you lived in New York there was no way you would not know about Il Divo or Tam. The end of semester concert was being touted as the best yet considering that where Tam went so did Il Divo and they had graciously accepted to sing a few songs as well. The student body was buzzing and so was the Forum. All of a sudden Il Divo were active again. All be it without Urs who was still confined to hospital. Divas in every thread were trying to figure out ways to get tickets to their appearances. Some had been lucky enough to have friends or family at the conservatorium and managed to persuade them to get them tickets for the concert.
Rica had known that Il Divo fans would be arriving en mass at all their locations. Something she would have liked to avoid but she knew it was something she would have to work with. So she did, arranging for extra teams. Sony was going to end up with one hell of a bill for this little undertaking.
And it would be Sony. Simon had got them to accept Tam as part of their stable. She was going to be big once the word got out and they needed to be at the forefront to take advantage of it. Simon had discussed with Tam her signing with BMG but it was only with the encouragement of the men from Il Divo that she did. They had learnt a lot in the past three years and went over her contract with a fine tooth comb. It had gone back and forth a number of times until they were happy and only then did she sign it.

Tam spent a lot of the time at the hospital with Urs. He was doing much better and if the situation had been different most likely they would have let him go home at the end of the week. He had been determined that he was going with them to keep watch over Tam but Rica had made it very clear that he was to stay out of the way. So much so that if he did not volunteer to stay in the hospital she would make arrangement to have him restrained and handcuffed to his bed. So he volunteered rather reluctantly but he promised he would stay. Rica took advantage of the nurses who had been looking after him especially Tracie. Bringing them up to speed and enlisting their help to make sure that Urs did not try and leave. Tracie had promised that he would never get off the floor let alone out of the hospital until Rica gave the okay. Rica smiled as she thought about the fans. A few more members in her own teams with that much passion and dedication and she could retire. She knew that Urs would never escape. She had thought of pulling her men off guard duty at the hospital but had second thoughts. Her gut said no so she left them there.
Tam liked the time they spent together just the two of them. The morphine had an unusual effect on Urs. He seemed more laid back, more placid and definitely more amorous. Tam figured once it was all out of his system he would revert back to his old self. Not that there was anything wrong with that but at the moment he was showing his true colours, the real Urs that he guarded so well. That deepness that she already knew, the gentleness, the playfulness that he very rarely let out was running free. It was as if he had no fear, no reason to be trying to be better, to be prefect all the time. He was always striving, pushing himself. Whether it was for himself or for others to show he was worthy of their praise. If they could only see him now, relaxed, smiling. Even through the pain Urs was indeed the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.
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Urs was still struggling with the pain and the doctors had told him it would be with him for a while yet. They had also told him he would find it hard to sing. Urs had almost collapsed at this news thinking it was permanent but the doctors reassured him that once his lung was fully healed he would be as good as new. So Urs being the stubborn person that he was tried a few notes from his practice scales one morning. That had been a big mistake. Not only did the shock of the pain almost cripple him it sent him into a coughing fit which was excruciating. Nurse Tracie had found him doubled up on the floor only just holding onto consciousness.
She had managed to get him back into bed and set about telling him off, turned up his morphine drip and made him sleep for the next twelve hours. She was having none of that.
Once he woke up again Urs had decided that it was just a little early to try anymore singing but not too early to have his morphine drip removed, for two reasons. The first, to stop that crazy nurse from knocking him out and the second, he did not want to become dependant on it to help him overcome the pain. He didn’t use drugs. Sure, he had experimented in his youth but he had seen what it had done to some of his friends. And you couldn’t sing and perform like he was expected to using drugs. Your body needed to be healthy and clean and fit. Knowing he would more than likely have an all out fight with Nurse Tracie, he waited until her shift had finished and asked one of the others. Even then she had only agreed if he promised to tell her if it all got too much and she would give him a needle. Once he got rid of the morphine drip it also meant he had no more tubing hanging off his body, he felt a little freer.
However, more than once through the first twenty four hours without the medication Urs had almost asked to be hooked back up again. The nurse had given him some oral medication that seemed to take the edge off the side effects and it was this he was taking while he and Tam spent time together. Again ever mindful that he did not take too much.

The rest of the Divos popped in to check on him and get away from all their so called training. Always bearing gifts either from Mama Hilda or from his favourite Italian restaurant, even Tony at the café had sent him something as well as a copy of his new menu which now had Buhler buggers and Divo desserts added to the list.
They all told him about their training with Rica. If he thought Lea was a tough cookie then Rica was solid. She was a hard task master and a few times had forgotten that she was not training navy seals.
Carlos said there was so much to remember his head hurt constantly and wanted to know if he could share Urs’ bed for a while.

Urs loved his daily visits with the guys and the updates of their so called training but it just meant that the inevitable was getting closer. Lea had been obvious by her absence. Sebastien told Urs that Rica had her off doing extra training as she was a bit out of practise, needed toughening up. Urs wondered at that and Sebastien had ideas of what kind of training she was getting. But hopefully in a week it would all be over.
Urs would have jumped for joy if he could. He was ready to get out of the hospital and away from Nurse Tracie. But he worried so about Tam. The guys had convinced Lea to ask Rica if Urs could be hooked up to the communications system once things got moving so he could stay in touch. They all figured she had a much better chance of getting it than they did. If Carlos or Sebastien really had known how David and Rica felt about each other they would have sent him off to ask ‘The Boss’.
If it kept Urs in the hospital it was a request she could live with. So a few days before the operation was to start Rica sent Danny to the hospital supplied with all that Urs would need to keep in touch and a quick lesson on how to use everything. Well it would have been a quick lesson if it had been David. By the time Danny had taught Urs what he needed to know both men had had enough. Urs spent the next few days practising with the equipment just to make sure he didn’t stuff anything up. Oh how he hated all this technical stuff. He had enough trouble with a simple laptop.
Monday morning arrived none of them having slept very well at all. At some point during the dark hours of the night Tam had knocked on David’s door. She had not expected him to answer but he did and he was still fully clothed. He’d been watching his LOTR movies. All of it including the special features. He couldn’t sleep either. Rica had told them just to be themselves but he had a hard time believing he could do it knowing what they were going to be doing until they caught this guy. David sure hoped it was sooner rather than later. David smiled at Tam. “Bed’s all yours if you want.”
“Can I watch for a while? I’ve never seen those movies.”
“I am up to the third one it might not make sense.”
“That’s okay. I don’t feel much like sleeping and Urs’ place is too lonely without him.”
So David and Tam sat and watched the movie. Just before the end David turned to her to ask how she liked it. He smiled, she was sleeping. Tam had fallen asleep with visions of Aragorn and Legolas running through her head.
David covered her with the throw rug from the sofa and went to change the DVD. Someone had given him the full season of Firefly and the movie Serenity, neither of which he had seen or knew much about. So he decided to watch the movie first.
Well it was science fiction and he had a few more hours to kill until day break. He rested his hand gently on the sleeping Tam as he watched.

Carlos had been pacing his place on and off until giving in and calling Felicity. Rica had told them she wanted them to stay put but never said anything about having visitors. So once again Carlos informed their bodyguard that Felicity was on her way. He nodded and smiled at Carlos. He was a little envious. When he had first been given the assignment he expected to be looking after the spoilt rock star types that usually come with the trouble but this job had been anything but. They had all been very nice. Making sure they did not need anything, asking if they wanted coffee, bringing home extra food for who ever was on shift and generally all round nice people. It beat being used as a slave by some coked up has been. Though Carlos seemed to have a way with ‘the ladies’ as he called them. If only some of that charm would rub off on him.
The elevator door opened and Felicity walked out. She smiled at the guard. “I guess we both got called out for the graveyard shift.”
The guard nodded. “Ma’am. Mr Marin is expecting you.”
Flea smiled and handed the guard a thermos. “Thought you might like this. Hot chocolate.”
“Thank you Ma’am.”
The guard smiled after her as she entered Carlos’ apartment. Yep, nice people.

Carlos pulled Felicity towards him. “It’s been such a long week without you. I missed you my sweet.”
“Carlos, if you are like this in just a week what is going to happen when you go on tour.”
“I do not want to think of such things. Not tonight.”
“Then we shall have to get your mind onto something else.” With that Felicity dropped her coat to the floor to reveal that she was wearing nothing but suspender stockings and shoes.
Carlos growled, actually growled.
“I take it you like what you see?”
He growled again, pulling her close and kissing her passionately starting at her neck and working his way down her body.
They never made it to the bedroom nor did they sleep.

Sebastien lay next to the naked body of the woman he had fallen in love with back in Florida, gently washing his hands up and down the outline of her spine, feeling every ridge, every valley. Wondering how she had come by the scars he could see. Other parts of her body bore scars of healed wounds. He’d seen them, kissed them but never asked her about them. It seemed an intrusion somehow. He bent over and kissed the one on her shoulder. Lea stirred, turned and gazed into his eyes. She melted. Putting her arms around his neck she pulled him down further so she could kiss him. While she was kissing him she wrapped her legs around his body and pulled him on top of her. Sebastien groaned as he gave into her sensual seduction, unable to brake free, not wanting to. His body was hers to do with as she pleased, he had surrendered. What Lea did to him pleased him a great deal.

Simon was sleeping but not soundly and only with the help of sleeping pills. He dreamt and he tossed and turned. By the time morning arrived it was with some relief he switched off the alarm and took himself off to have a shower before meeting up with the rest of them at the TV studio.

Since Tam had arrived back on the scene Vaga had not slept much at all. Mostly he brooded. This night he had every press release he could get his hands on spread out across the table. All their faces smiling back at him. Those four lover boys and that witch. See if she ever got back on stage. He would show them. No one took his spotlight, no one. Vaga violently swiped the press releases off the table and began to play with the gun, throwing it from hand to hand and twirling it in the air. If he had ever been a reasonable man it was all gone. He was now a man possessed, he had one mission and that mission was to kill Tamara Teasdale.

Rica rousted them all by having her men go down the hall way banging on the doors while she stayed near the elevator. To their credit they were all ready. She had expected to hound them like children unwilling to get ready for school but there they were, quiet and subdued but ready. “Okay ya’ll let’s get this caravan mov’in shall we?”

When they got to the TV Studio David spotted at least a dozen security type persons and figured that was only what he could see. There would be others. He tried hard to see if he could pick them but they were good at their jobs. He felt sorry for their fans that had probably waited for hours outside just to get a glimpse at them and they had been brought through the delivery dock. A few wirily fans had taken the chance that this may happen and hidden themselves. Every one got a shock when they jumped out to see Il Divo and the next thing found themselves looking down the barrel of a gun, with the arms behind their backs about to get handcuffed. All of them. David, Sebastien and Carlos began to shout at the guards to let the ladies go.
David voice being the loudest. “Damn it Rica. Get them to let go!!! They are fans. Look.”
David pointed to the autograph books, teddy bears and other gifts that had fallen to the ground and the tears falling down the two fans faces. They were crying and scared to death. “Does that look like an assassin?”
Rica gave a silent command and her guards let them go. The two fans were in shock. Sebastien and Carlos went over to console them and dry their tears.
While they tried to console their obviously traumatised fans David went over to Rica. “Geez Rica was that necessary? I mean look at them.”
“David this is a serious business. You’re lucky they didn’t shoot and ask questions later.”
David went to say something but she stopped him. “I’m sorry David they obviously got in here somehow and that is not good. Not good at all” Rica’s team knew they were in for a very real dressing down once they were back in the office. For now they had two very scared Il Divo fans to worry about.
Lea spoke up. “May I make a suggestion?” David and Rica looked at her. “Let them come with us. I am sure they would be happy to and it may just stop any law suit headed our way.”
“Fair enough” Rica said as she motioned to her boys to move off.
David was already over to the fans each one now cradled in Sebastien and Carlos’ arms.
“I am so sorry ladies you had to go through that but security has been pretty tight since Urs got shot. You understand?”
Both ladies nodded, still trying to hold back tears.
“Would you like to join us in the studio while we do the interview?”
Hearing this they both sat up straight and looked from each other to David, then over to Rica who was waiting for them.
“Are you sure David she doesn’t look to friendly?”
David gave them one of the biggest smiles he could muster and held out his hand which they both took. “You’ll be okay with us ladies I promise.”
The two fans dried their eyes one taking hold of David’s’ good arm and the other gently taking hold of his cast.
“So ladies what are you. Uber, Siren?”
“Simultaneously they replied “DIVA”
David’s booming laugh echoed through the delivery dock

Sebastien and Carlos had picked up the gifts that had been dropped. Sebastien had a smile from ear to ear.
“Hey guys they brought us jelly babies and toblarone.”

Urs watch the live broadcast from the TV in his room as well has having the two way radio turned up and tuned into anything that was said. He smiled as Tam began to play. As usual one of the others had answered the questions for her, mostly David but when she played she captivated the world. Without sheet music she conquered some of the hardest pieces of classical music there was, making it look so effortless. She was a genius.

Vaga sat in his own apartment fuming as he watched the broadcast. He was so mad he actually shot the TV. Pity the bullet never ricocheted, it could have done Rica’s job for her.
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The rest of the week was much the same. Going from one interview to the next. TV, then radio then back to TV and then a whole afternoon spent in the offices of Sony so they could be interviewed by an assortment of magazines and print media.
There had never been a repeat of the first day. Rica had seen to that. She made allowances and accepted the fact that Il Divo would need to be seen by their fans. The two fans that had been caught in the middle of the security breech had posted their reports on the forum. They were a warning to others not to try and attempt anything even close. The security guys were very real, and very good at their job. They also reported that they had a fantastic time at the TV Studio posting pictures they had taken of them all. They were only sorry that Urs was not with them and mentioned that the other Divos felt the same.
The closer they got to the end of the week the more convinced Rica was that Vaga would strike at the conservatorium. She went back over the plan again and again making sure they had not missed anything.
Tam and the guys had been real troopers through it all making a difficult job just that little bit easier. Lea had found it a little harder to slip back into her old ways but to her credit she had not let the side down. But this afternoon’s concert would be the test. If he did not surface there, they would have to go through it all again next week.
Tam and Il Divo had a few hours off before they had to be at the conservatorium so they headed to Tony’s cafe for a quick bite to eat before going to the hospital to see Urs.
Tony was happy to see them and knew that Suzzie would be upset that she had missed them. It was her day off. He gave them their meals on the house and sent them off with something for Urs as well.
What no one knew was that Vaga had seen them come out of the café. HIS café, how dare they. He had not been back since Tony had changed the menu. That was not going to make him very happy at all. By the time he had finished arguing with Tony about the changes and why his name had never appeared on the menu after all he was a star. It had taken threats by Tony of calling the police before he would leave.

Urs was happy to see his friends. He looked even better today than he had the day before. The doctors had told him his recover was quicker because he was very fit and healthy. He was still itching to get out of the hospital and was sorry he was going to miss the concert tonight. He made them promise to get on a radio and tell him all about it since the hospital would not let him have a mobile phone. The hospital admin had just about had apoplexy when they found the radio but Nurse Tracie had sorted that out.
The three Divos and Tam spent a few good happy hours with Urs before they had to leave.
Tam kissed Urs and he held on as hard as he could without hurting himself. “I’ll be here when you are done.” He wiped a stray tear from her face and their foreheads connected. “Everything will work out you’ll see.”
His room seemed too quiet after they had gone.
The concert hall of the conservatorium was buzzing with expectation. Tam and Il Divo were scheduled to end the night at about 6.30pm giving the students a chance to shine. They were all amazed at the calibre of the performances the students had given. It was indeed a spectacular night filled with all the different genre of music. Even Urs would have been pleased. Nightwish was performed by a group of students that could have given them a run for their money. David had gotten on the radio to tell him about halfway through their performance and got himself a slap up the side of the head by Rica for his trouble.
Lea was no where to be seen, she had been very scares over the past week only turning up when they were back at the apartments. Sebastien had told the others that she had been very sombre and would not talk about what Rica had her doing. He missed her by his side.

Il Divo were guided onto the stage as thundering applause broke out all across the hall. They had not expected such a reception especially when Urs was missing. They smiled to each other and pointed to faces in the crowed when they realised that some of their die hard fans had gained access. There where a few placards above heads that made it hard not to see. The three of them waved and blew kisses before starting in on a few re arranged songs sharing Urs’ parts between them. They sang four songs and after the second one David made and announcement. “Thank you ladies and gentlemen. Thank you. As you can see we are one quarter short this evening.” A shout went up through the hall before he could continue. And someone shouts “We love you all.”
They all smiled and David replied. “And we love you all. But Urs wanted me to tell you he is very sorry he could not be here tonight but he has a very bossy nurse who won’t let him out of bed.”
Again shouts and laughter through the crowd and David continued. “But we are here to support our good friend Tamara Teasdale who will be performing on this wonderful piano you see behind us very shortly. So we shall sing a few more songs and would be grateful if you would give her a warm welcome.”

So Il Divo minus one sang another two songs. All the time Rica was searching for Vaga. She knew he was in the hall, he had to be. Her team were in vantage points all over the hall communicating with each other. She even had one of her own on the door checking ID and tickets as people began to arrive. But nothing.
Just as the last song was coming to a close Tam walked onto the stage behind Il Divo and took up her position seated at the piano waiting. Il Divo were given a standing ovation, a very noisy standing ovation with stamping of feet and shouting. They bowed several times and waved to the crowed and left the stage. Tam sat patiently at the piano waiting for the noise to die down and the crowd to take their seats. As things began to settle someone shouted and someone screamed and the people began to point and shout. Gun, Gun, she’s got a Gun.
Rica was up on the mezzanine level when she heard the commotion. Looking down she could see a lone women standing pointing a gun at the stage. The guard next to her was ready to take a shot when an over zealous civilian tried to take the gun away from her. They were pushed back over the seats. Rica’s men could not get a clear shot of the women due to the interference of civilians. But as she watched in horror the woman began to pull off her hair. It was a wig. It was Vaga.
Rica ran down the back stairs hoping against hope that one of her men could fire before Vaga did.
She stopped cold as a single shot rang out through the hall.

Vaga had pointed the gun back at the stage. By this time their eyes had met and the realisation that his journey was at its end settled within Vaga.
The single shot was fired. He gave a half smile, dropping the gun to the floor and he, himself collapsing with a single stream of blood oozing from the middle of his forehead.
Lea stood on the stage with her gun held out, no expression on her face, still, dark eyes watching Vaga as he realised he was going to die. She had made the kill shot; Lea had stood in for Tam.
David, Sebastien and Carlos stood just off stage dumbstruck by what they had just witnessed. What they were witnessing.
Lea slowly lowered her gun by her side, still watching Vaga as the crowd began to rush to get out of the hall. Rica rushed to Vaga and checked his vital signs. She had no doubt that if Lea had taken the shot he was dead but she needed to make sure. He was. She looked up at the stage and to Lea. Part of her team began to help with crowd control and part came to aid her. Rica left Vaga with them and bounded onto the stage. She came face to face with Lea and looked straight into her eyes. “Hendo. You good?”
Lea smiled weakly and handed Rica the gun. “All’s good Boss.” She turned and walked off the stage. Again she smiled weakly as she passed the Divos and went to sit on the back steps to the rear entrance to the stage.
Sebastien was about to go to her when Tam appeared and went to sit next to her. She put her arm around Lea. Sebastien got a little closer so he could hear what they were saying. Lea spoke first. “I don’t kill people Tam, not anymore. I’m a nurse; I’m supposed to save people.”
“But he would have killed you Lea. If it had been me up on that stage he would have killed me. You saved me Lea, you saved me. You just had to do it with a gun instead of and IV.”
Tears ran down Lea’s face. “What are they going to think of me now Tam? What is Sebastien going to think of me?”
Sebastien choked back his own tears as he walked up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. “Sebastien is going to think the same of you as he did this morning. He thinks he loves you very much and wants to spend the rest of his life with you. He thinks you are very brave to do what you did after making a new life for yourself.”
Sebastien sat at the other side of Lea. “I told you the other day I loved who you are now. The Lea I love is made up of all those parts of you.”
“But you had never seen that part of my life Seb. I…”
Sebastien stopped her by kissing her. “It only makes me realise just how much you have been through my angel. Nothing can take away from what we have together and together we have a future.”

David and Carlos had been standing behind them the whole time. David moved so he was standing in front of them. “Lea, tonight scared the stuffing out of me but I am sure glad that you were here for Tam, for us. You have become one of us. Like Sebastien said, we don’t think any different of you than we did this morning.” He gave her one of his smiles. “Never know we may just ask you for lessons.”
Sebastien was a little taken back by his comment but it did get a smile out of Lea. “I don’t think the state of New York is ready for a gun toting Divo just yet Miller.”
They all laughed a little. Rica could hear the conversation from where she was and she smiled. David was worth his wait in gold. What it would take weeks of therapy to do he had done with a smile and a wise crack. Lea would be safe and well in her new family.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 22 part 4   Thu Jun 11, 2009 2:56 am

Urs was frantic he had heard all the chatter on the com links but it only gave him part of the story. He knew that shots had been fired but for a few moments had no idea if anyone had been shot. Then the com links went quiet, nothing. Urs’ link had been rigged so he could receive but not send so there was no way he could ask anything. He decided he needed to find a phone. He pulled his belongings out of the cupboard and grabbed his own mobile but the battery was flat. Just as he was headed out his room to find a pay phone the chatter started up again. He listened. “Target secured. Operation complete. Island girl un harmed.” Urs smiled, that was all he needed to know. Island girl had been Tams name for the operation. He was happy to return to bed and listen to the rest of the chatter as he fell asleep. He had hurt himself with his mad flurry to find a phone. Now he could wait until he saw them all.

It would be a while before the rest of them could get to the hospital. Rica briefed them on what would happened next as her team began to mop up so to speak. The police arrived and as Boss, Rica did most of the talking. She had built up a pretty good relationship with the New York police department over the years and it was not very often that her team needed to use fatal tactics to resole a situation. So she was relieved when one of the detectives that arrived was one she had worked with before. Detective Belcher liked Rica. Liked her style, she was no nonsense, knew how to give a detailed and accurate report and had helped him out on more than one occasion with information she had come across he may find helpful. This had only been the second time he had known her team to use such drastic measures so he knew there would be a good reason for it. While he and Rica talked other police officers questioned the others. David, Carlos and Sebastien were amazed at the amount of detail that Lea could also give. They had been there but never saw half the things she reported. Of course when it came to questioning Tam the officers found this a little hard. At first thought she was just playing stubborn and not wanting to answer their questions. David stepped in and explained their unique situation. After the officer had asked Tam his very last question and got his answer Tam leaned over to David and said something else. David smiled and the officer asked if she had anything she would like to add. “Oh she just mentioned that she thought you were rather cute.”
The officer blushed a little and made the mistake of looking at Tam who blew him a kiss making him blush even more. He made some lame excuse and beat a hasty retreat. David nudged Tam. “You are a bad, bad girl. I knew I liked you.”

Before they left the concert hall Lea pulled Rica aside away from all the others. Rica thinking that Lea wanted to talk about the shooting. Lea’s expression was serious. “Rica, the assignment is over right?”
Rica nodded.
“I need you to be gentle with David.”
Rica was blown away. Had her intentions been so obvious? “Why do you say that Hendo?”
“Because I know you and I know him. I am not one hundred percent sure but it will be his first.” Lea let her words sink in.
“Oh, oooooooooH. I see.”
“If not, it has been a long while. Rica, promise.”
Rica smiled, got hold of Lea’s hands and squeezed them. “Honey, I’ll be so gentle he’ll think he is floating.”

It was close to midnight by the time they arrived at the hospital. Rica had made arrangements for them to see Urs if he was up to it. She had to stand down her team at the hospital anyway.
They all laughed as they entered Urs’ room. There he was, sitting on the edge of is bed, fully dressed, except for his shoes. “I’d like to go home now.”
Lea and Tam helped him on with his shoes and they all left together.
Walking was uncomfortable for Urs but he was so glad to be leaving the hospital he barely felt it.

Once they got back to the apartments the first thing they all noticed was the guard on their floor had left. Seems he had been recalled with all the others. Made sense, there was not more threat. They each peeled off into their own places. Carlos had said the he was going to use the gym to work off his nervous energy. Lea and Sebastien smiled at him, they had another way to work off theirs. Urs and Tam said their good nights as did David, thinking he would join Carlos in the gym. The hallway was silent and empty for the first time in over a week.

David heard a knock on his door, thinking it must be Carlos he began to talk before he opened it. “Hey Buddy. I’m…”
Rica not Carlos stood at his door. She smiled. “Sweet thing we need to talk.” She advanced making him walk backwards. “We do?”
Rica kept advancing but pulled David closer to her. Kissing him before he had the chance to say anything.
Again she had surprised him and again he felt every inch of his body unleash his pent up desires. “I’m guessing the assignments over?”
Rica remained silent, continuing to kiss David and removing his shirt as she pushed him down onto the sofa. She left his shirt hanging over his cast. David struggled with the feelings his was having as his body continue to erupt with sensations that sent his mind reeling.
By now Rica was straddled over the top of him, her long red hair draped over her shoulders. She pulled back and looked down into his eyes. In them she saw excitement but she also saw hesitation and remembered what Lea had said.
Rica gently guided David to his feet, pulling his shirt off his cast.
“This will never do honey. We need to make this special.”
David did not know what to say, he just followed her silently as she guided him toward his own bedroom. Rica sat him on the edge of the bed and then went and sat behind him. She began to massage his shoulders kissing him in the crook of his neck sending shivers all through his body. David closed his eyes and soaked up every new sensation to make itself known. As Rica felt him relax she made him lay on the bed. She took off his pants and her own clothes and continued to knead his chest, dropping down to kiss him. David could feel her soft silky form under his hands and dared not open his eyes for fear of chasing this dream away. For the first time in weeks he could not feel his cast arm.
Rica gently let her lips and tongue travel the full length of his body, down one side and then up the other as David inhaled her perfume and his body gave into his aching desire under Rica’s touch.
Every molecule of his being yearned to take her and Rica feeling that the time was right let him. David arched his back and groaned, pulling Rica closer. She in return arched her own back, tightened her pelvic muscles, moving in such a way that David was no longer able to hold on to reality. His experience was almost corporeal. Rica’s passion thundered through his body and when the crescendo arrived it was overwhelming, overpowering and unstoppable, so intense that David dug his fingers into her flesh, heightening Rica’s own experience. Neither one of them willing to let go of the other.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 22 part 5   Thu Jun 11, 2009 2:57 am

Morning brought sunlight that gently danced over David’s sweet gentle face as he slept. Rica sighed and smiled as she watched him. Rica had not been in a relationship for a very long time and if this had been David’s first he certainly had all the right moves last night. Her body still ached. David stirred and Rica ran her fingers through his hair. This seemed to settle him down. She did not want him to wake just yet. She just wanted to breathe in his presence, He had made her feel like no other man alive, she could not explain it, did not want to explain it. Could not explain how in such a few short hours he had stolen her heart and her soul so completely. Her head said it was impossible but her heart knew she was consumed by him. In an instant her life had changed. She wondered if David felt the same.

This time Lea found herself watching a sleeping Sebastien, resting her hand on his chest and watching it move to the regular motion of his breathing. Last night he had been her champion, helping to wash away all the thoughts of the day’s events. He had talked to her, he had listened to her, he had sung to her and he had made love to her.
The mobile phone rang and Lea grumbled a little. Sebastien in a semi conscious state mumbled. No throwing the phones Cherie in French and then sat bolt up right when he realised that his phone had actually rang. “No throwing phones! His eyes flashed around the room and fell on Lea who was sitting next to him with a cheeky smile on her face and his phone in her hand.
“You looking for this?”
Sebastien laughed, kissed her and took the phone. It was a text from Carlos wanting to know if they would like to go to breakfast at Tony’s. Lea nodded when she heard. She was hungry.

Tam had spent most of the night just watching Urs as he slept. He had been restless at times and she hummed to him. Each time she did he would settle again. He was still in pain and even in his sleep some movements caused him to wince and his breathing to change. But for the most part he slept well. His mobile went off but as it was on the table being charged Tam jumped off the bed to try and stop it before it woke him. She did not succeed.
As his eyes fell upon her, Urs smiled. She was a thing of beauty and he felt so undeserving of her., but he loved her. She had woven herself into his life, touched every part of him with her presence and he was compelled to give in to his heart.
“Morning my angel.”
Tam looked down at him and her smiled melted his soul. “Morning my Prince. How do you feel?”
“Better now that I am home with you.”
Tam waved the phone.
“Carlos wants us to join them for breakfast at Tony’s. You want to go?”
“Sounds good.”

David had text Sebastien, Carlos and Urs to make sure that they knew that Rica would be coming to breakfast. It seemed that neither Lea nor Tam was overly surprised by his text.

As they all walked to the café Lea noticed that Urs was having trouble with his breathing, He and Tam had dropped back so she dropped back to check on him.
“You okay Urs. Do we need to stop?”
He shook his head but by this time Sebastien was looking for Lea and the others had stopped.
Carlos was concerned for his friend. “Urs. My friend maybe we should have taken a cab.”
Again Urs shook his head. “I’m tired that’s all. Once we get there I’ll be okay.” He looked at Lea and patted her on the shoulder. “I’m alright. I promise.”
In return Lea gave him a kiss on the cheek and whispered in his ear “Liar.”

The four Divos dropped into sync with each other. It was funny, they could be together but people would not instantly recognise them until they actually all walked together and this is what happened. No sooner had they begun to walk side by side they saw the recognition on passers by. The three ladies were now walking in front of them Rica in the middle with her arms entwined with Tam’s and Lea’s.
David had a grin from ear to ear. “I said it before but THAT should come with a THUD warning. Oh lord have mercy if that is not perfection.”
The others laughed but Urs coughed a little and held his side. He did not want the others to fuss so he asked David a question. “And how much of a warning did she give you last night?”
David answered still with a grin on his face. “Not much my friend, not much.”
Sebastien shot him a look. “David you didn’t.”
“Uh Huh We did.”
“But you hardly know the women.”
“Oh I wouldn’t say that.”
Urs spoke up. “Be fair Sebastien. Each one of us has been smitten and we could all say we hardly know them. Even Carlos. Flea seems to have worked her magic on him.”
Carlos said something in Spanish and smiled. “She is unbelievable.”
So the four Divos walked behind three of their ladies and the rest of the world did not exist.

Tam, Rica and Lea were having a much more serious conversation than their male counter parts. Lea was worried about Urs. “He needs to do some serious physical therapy, walking and maybe with a respiratory therapist.”
Tam was worried. “He is not getting sick is he?”
“No. but he needs to build up his strength, regain the full capacity of his lungs if he wants to sing like we all know he can.”
Rica nodded her head. “And you all need to do some trauma counselling.” She could see the protest coming from the other two so she kept going. “I mean it ya’ll. Any one of the situations you have had to deal with would send most people over the edge. But each one of you has had multiple traumatic situations to deal with. If the side effects don’t seep out now, they will later.”
Lea sighed. “They are already seeping out. I’ve noticed.”
By the time they had reached Tony’s the girls had a plan.
By the time they reached Tony’s they saw Flea waiting for them.
Carlos bounded past them, picked her up and swung her around. Yes, definitely smitten.

Tony was delighted to see them. They were his first customers for the day. He was happy to see Urs and shook his hand just a little too hard making Urs wince. “Suzzie’s on this morning she’ll be so happy. Just let me pull these tables together so you can all sit.”
Suzzie came out of the kitchen and a very big smile crept across her face when she saw them. “Hey guys.” She looked at Urs. “How you doing? Maybe you should sit down.” She ushered them to their table. “To think that weasel Vaga was the one after your friend. I never did like him.”
They all looked at each other and Rica said what they were all thinking. “Hun, you knew him?”
“Yeah, was in here every other day making my life miserable don’t you know. You did the world a favour. “I’ll get you all coffee to start.”
Suzzie left them not realising what profound information she had given them.
They all enjoyed some general conversation when Lea noticed that Flea had gone very quiet. “Flea, you okay. Something wrong?”
The others all looked at Flea and she in return looked each one of them in the eyes before dropping her gaze to the table. “I have a confession to make.”
No one spoke. She turned to Carlos. “I will understand if you don’t ever want to see me again.”
Last time Carlos had heard those words his girlfriend had run off with his best friend and half his bank account. He was not looking forward to what was coming.
David shook his head. “This can’t be good”
Rica kicked him under the table. “You say what you got to Hun, just spill it all out.”
Flea took a deep breath. “It was not supposed to happen like this. Carlos you were not supposed to sweep me off my feet. You were all supposed to be such horrible people and you’re not. Scary sometimes but just such nice folk. Horrible would have made my job easier.”
David was about to say something when he felt Rica’s hand on his leg. No bets as to what her nails would do if he opened his mouth. Everyone else was in stunned silence. Waiting for the other shoe to drop.
Flea continued looking straight at Tam. “Tam, you remember that Mr Cowell said he would look into your finances for you. See if you had anything?”
Tam nodded.
“Well your case landed on my desk. Seems I get all the unusual ones. I work for a bank. Well I work for an insurance company who work for a bank. Seems like you have a bit of money stashed away but no one knew if you were who you claimed to be. That’s were I came in. Before we could let Mr Cowell know anything we needed to be sure this was not some scam. That’s how I know Vaga. I began to tail you and he was already doing some tailing of his own. I know most of the investigators around here and he is not one of them. That day in the park I was running late and saw him throw the first rock. He missed you but I shouted and he threw the next one at me and then just threw the last one in your direction. I don’t think he even knew if he had hit anyone. He just ran. I was so worried about you guys I broke protocol and came running to see if you were all right.”
Flea paused for a while and looked at Carlos again. “Can you forgive me for lying to you?”
It was Tam that spoke. She had not spoken in the presence of Flea before.” I have money?”
Flea smiled a little. “Yes. Do you remember a man named Parker?”
Tears welled up in Tams eyes and Urs held her hand. “He was my guardian. After my parents died.”
“Well seems he never gave up that you would come back. He drove everyone crazy with his insistence that you had not died, you would come home. He spent a lot of his own wealth searching for you. When he died.” Flea stopped as Tam let out a little cry and buried her head into Urs’ chest covering her mouth so as her cries could not escape.
Flea’s own eyes became moist. “Oh God I am so sorry I thought you knew.”
Rica stepped in. “You better finish up Hun.”
“He left you his estate Tam. He had a very meticulous will drawn up with some very specific instructions. Seems he expected you to live for 150 years. No one is allowed to touch his estate for 150 year except for you. His will states that you have the key to unlock it.”
Tam dried her eyes. “But I don’t have any keys.”
Will you guys come back to my office I have a copy of the will and other paper work maybe that will give us a clue.”
Flea looked at them all as they all looked back at her. She couldn’t read their faces but guessed that she had just lost some people who could have been great friends and the love of her life.
Their silence was too much for her. “I better go.” Flea began to push her chair back when Carlos caught hold of her hand. “Please, sit Felicity. My heart tells me that you are a kind and honest person. It tells me that you only had Mr Parker’s best interest at heart. I can do no other thing than forgive you.”
David smiled careful not to say anything for fear of a slap up the side of the head or nails in his thighs. But Tam spoke. “When did he die?”
Flea sat back down, not sure the others felt the same as Carlos. “Sorry Tam. I really did think you already knew. He died about three years ago, prostate cancer.”
Again Tam rested her head on Urs chest and let her tears role.
Rica spoke up. “Think ya’ll should take a look at those papers don’t you.”
The all nodded in agreement. It would seem that quietly and without words Flea had been forgiven.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 23 part 1   Thu Jun 11, 2009 2:58 am

Chapter 23
Simon had joined every one in Flea’s office that afternoon. Flea had not expected them to all turn up but they had, every one of them wanting to make sure that Tam was ok. Once everyone was settled Flea began to read Parkers will. Like she had said it made for very interesting reading. She read to the part where it mentioned that Tam had the key to his estate and again Tam told her she did not have any keys, had never had any keys. Flea kept reading.
“Tammy you caused me some grief when you came home all painted just before your 16th birthday and your idea of fixing it was to change the picture. You had the key to my heart that day.”
Flea looked at Tam. “Do you have any idea what he means?”
Tam choked back tears. “Pooh Bear.”
The all looked at her somewhat confused but Urs looked a little surprised. “Your tattoo?”
Now they all looked at Urs who was just looking at Tam.
“I called him Pooh Bear. I was a handful as a teenager and went and got a tattoo for my birthday. Parker was so upset at what I had done, I felt so bad I went to get it removed and found out just what would be left if I tried, so I had them tattoo over it. A Pooh Bear. He always said I had stolen the key to his heart that day.”
David was still confused. “So how does that help?’ He looked over at Tam. “You have a tattoo? I never saw it.” He had a cheeky smile on his face.
Tam blushed and Urs got a little defensive. “I should hope not.”
David had never told the others he had seen her naked in the back of the cave so deflected. “Urs get a grip, we all saw her at the hospital remember.”
Again Tam blushed wishing she could hide somewhere.
Lea cleared her throat. “Tattoo just on the top part of her right cheek.”
Sebastien smiled. “She has a tattoo?”
Urs gave Sebastien a look that needed no words, he was not impressed.
Rica brought the meeting back to where it needed to be by placing her fingers in her mouth and letting go with an ear piercing whistle. “Ya’ll need to get back with the program. Flea does this new information help.”
Flea smiled. “It is a password. A key to Parker’s accounts. There is a voice activated safe in his old house.
Tam smiled. “I remember when he had it put it. It was such a big deal. But he used to get mad when I broke the password. We used to play a game. Every time I broke the password I would put something in the safe.”
For the first time that afternoon Simon made himself heard. “So we need to get this little lady to the safe.”

Flea had no intention of letting the whole Il Divo clan into Parker’s house so it was decided that Tam, Urs and Simon would go. The others would all have to wait.
David, Sebastien and Carlos where like dejected children being told they could not go on a trip. Three grown men pouting can look rather sweet. At least Lea and Rica seemed to think so, happy to tease them. The pouting turned to grumbling when they heard the plan that the girls had been talking about on their way to Tony’s. Lea and Rica gave the reasons why they thought they all should get some trauma therapy. Urs was not going to be able to perform for a while and would need some physical therapy, so it was a good opportunity for them all to heal as well.
If he could have David would have folded his arms across his chest to show his displeasure but his cast kept getting in the way. “You girls have this all figured out don’t you? And there is not a damn thing us mere males can do to stop it from happening?”
Both Rica and Lea nodded and smiled. “Not a dang thing honey.” Rica winked at David and they all laughed.
“Seems like we are going to see the shrink whether we like it or not.” David stuck out his tongue and got the same response back from both Lea and Rica.
But Carlos was confused. “What is this shrink? I don’t want to be shrunk.”
Sebastien explained what it was.
“Ahhh. Then I think if our lovely ladies wish us to do this then we should.”
David shoved Carlos. “You’re not supposed to agree with them. Whose side are you on?”
Carlos looked from Sebastien and David to the girls, raised his eyebrow as only he could. “Well the ladies of course.”
--------------------------------------------------------------------------Tam stood on the front steps of Parkers house. The house she had spent so many years in, the house she had called home until she and Steven had been married. Her stomach knotted and she was trembling just a little.
Flea opened the door and waited for Tam to enter, Urs and Simon followed. Tam stood in the large entrance hall with her eyes closed, taking deep breathes and remembering past times. She could almost touch her memories. Opening her eyes she walked into a larger room off to the right. In it stood the most magnificent piano that Urs hade ever seen. Most professional pianist could wait their whole lives and never get to play an instrument such as the one he was looking at. And this is what Tam had to practice on.
Tam walked over to it and gently ran her fingers over the keys. It was out of tune but it still filled her with a sense of being home. Urs smiled. He could see that she had belonged here, it looked and felt right.
Tam wandered around the room and then moved onto the room directly opposite. It was a similar size but filled from floor to ceiling with books and Cd’s. Pictures adorned parts of the walls that had not been consumed by the library. There was a large picture in the centre of the opposite wall. Urs could see that it was Tam in her earlier years and the man must have been Parker. Tam too had seen the picture and she began to cry. She never thought she would see Parker again but now she was here and he was gone it hurt. Urs wrapped his arm around her and kissed her on the top of the head. “He must have loved you very much.”
“I loved him very much. He was my whole family.”
Simon and Flea felt like intruders so remained silent until the moment had passed.
Tam turned from the picture and washed her eyes over the room. It had not changed. Looking as it had the last time she’d been in it, only Parker was missing.
Flea cleared her throat. “Tam do you want to try the password?”
In a normal tone Tam said two words. “Pooh Bear.” There was a quiet beep and a click and a small panel below the picture they had just been looking at popped open. Tam pulled the door open and took out a small origami sculpture. She smiled. “I used to leave pieces of coloured paper in here for Parker and he would make me a sculpture for the next time.” She placed it in the palm of her had and showed it to the others. It was a bear.

Flea went to the safe. “According to Parker’s instructions, there should be papers in here.” She pulled them out and went to sit at the desk to look through them. Just before she sat down she asked Tam if it was ok. “Do you mind if I sit here Tam? I can do this some where else if you like.”
“No that’s okay. Parker would not have minded. He was not like that.”
So Flea sat down and went through the papers. “Okay, I see .mmm. Mr Cowell if you would be so kind to sign this I would be grateful. Flea handed Simon a pen and showed him where to sign. “Now Tam if you could sign here.” Simon passed the pen to Tam and she signed where Flea was pointing. “And again Mr Cowell if you could witness her signature that would be good.”
Flea had Tam sign several other documents and had given Simon a few of them to read.
“Okay we are all done. Give the bank about ten days to get through the red tape and she’s all yours.”
“What’s all mine?”
Flea smiled and spread her arms out. “This is. Tam, the house and the rest of Parkers estate.”
“Oh My. But I can’t afford to look after a house this big.”
Simon butted it. “I beg to differ little lady. If this paperwork is correct, if you leave Parker’s money where he put it, you can live off the interest rather nicely even after paying a ridiculous sum for the up keep of this house.”
Blankly Tam looked at Simon. He smiled at her. “Tam, you’re a multi millionaire several times over.”
As his words registered Tam’s knees went weak and Urs tried to steady her but hurt himself in the process, letting out a cry. In a second the tables had been reversed and Tam was helping Urs. “I’m sorry you hurt yourself? Come and sit down.”
Urs smiled and looked into her wonderful caring eyes. “Now that you have a little money behind you. Do you think you will want to be with just a poor singer?”
Tam kissed him. “Urs I will be with you no matter what. I plan to spend the rest of my life, loving you, caring for you, driving you nuts. Money does not make you rich, what is in your heart and what you give to others makes you rich. You have never been poor Urs. You may have been broke but never poor.”

As they were on their way back to the city Urs text the others.
“You are not going to believe it. C U Soon.”
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 23 part 2   Thu Jun 11, 2009 2:59 am

They all met back at Urs’ apartment minus Simon. They all sat dumfounded as Flea filled them in on the whole story while Tam sat cuddled into Urs not being able to wipe the surprised look off her face.
David was over the moon. “Damn Urs we got rescued by a millionaire. Does that mean we have to call you MmiiZZZ Teasdale now?”
Tam threw a cushion at him and because she was sitting next to him Rica clipped him on the side of the head. Other cushions followed and David’s big wonderful booming laugh danced around the room.
The conversation was reduced to laughter and giggles with references to Gilligan’s Island and the Beverly Hillbillies.
“You will all have to come and see the house. It is so big. I really don’t know what to do about it.”
Rica spoke up. “Honey, you just give yourself some time to adjust now you hear. You’ll figure it out.”
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PostSubject: Il Divo Missing chapter 24   Thu Jun 11, 2009 3:00 am

Chapter 24
After some persuasion from Rica and Lea the Divos had agreed to going on what the girls called a retreat to help Urs recover from his injuries and so they could get the help they needed
Simon had been instrumental in getting their schedule put on hold. Their best argument being that Urs would not be able to sing until he was fully healed. He had also sorted out a very exclusive and private resort for them. Lea made him book for six weeks. She wanted Urs to have the full attention of his therapist’s day in and day out for that six weeks.
So it was with a heavy heart and many tears from both that Sebastien and Lea said farewell at the airport before he left for the retreat and she return to her duties with the navy in Florida. Lea had forbid the others from coming to say goodbye. It was going to be hard enough as it was. She tried very hard to keep a stiff upper lip as people at the airport noticed them. Sebastien had given up trying. His tears rolled and his heart ached.
Lea hugged him. “I’ll be up to see you in three weeks. That’s not so long.”
Sebastien had no words, he just held on to her even tighter.
“Anyway Rica will be around to let me know if you guys are behaving while I am gone.”
Sebastien was happy to have something else to talk about. “David has really fallen for her. I have never seen him so happy.”
“You will keep and eye on him for me wont you Seb. He’s going to have doubts.”
Sebastien was a little shocked at her remark. “About Rica?”
“No, about himself. He’s not as self assured as he makes out.”
Sebastien smiled. “Are any of us?”
They both looked at the board when they heard the announcement for Lea’s flight and again without words their tears flowed. They walked hand in hand to the departure gate, Sebastien tightening his grip on Leas’ hand the whole time. He had never felt this way about anyone, even Sarina. Leaving her behind in Florida had been hard, this was utter torture. They hugged and kissed one last time and Lea walked slowly towards the gate. Lea turned and looked at Sebastien just before she lost sight of him as she rounded the corner and he blew her a kiss.
Sebastien did not see her break down and weep, holding herself up against the wall as other passengers walked passed. With head down and hands on her knees trying to control her breathing Lea saw the wheels of a security trolley stop in front of her. This she did not need.
The security guard tapped her on the shoulder. “Miss, are you okay. Do you need a doctor?”
Lea raised her head and it was all the guard needed to see. “Oh Dear. Show me your ticket.”
Lea handed the guard her ticket. “Okay. Hop on Miss I’ll take you to the plane. No sense in you walking and wailing.”
Lea did not argue she just sat in the cart next to the guard as he drove.

Sebastien was unable to move, it was as if his was made of stone, his whole body felt heavy and he just let the tears wash over his face. Through the haze he heard his name. He looked to see a woman about his age smiling sweetly at him. “I’m sorry to intrude Sebastien but...”
This was all he needed a fan. Not now. He was about to see if she wanted autographed but she continue. “I’ve been watching you and your lady friend. It’s hard the parting. And I’m sorry to say it doesn’t get any easier At least not for me. Just put my hubby on the plane. I’d like to offer you a lift home.”
Sebastien began to back away and shake his head. “No it’s okay thank you.”
She smiled again. “You look terrible Sebastien and my guess is you are getting a cab? Let me do a good deed for the day. Let me take you home.”
Sebastien did not have the strength to argue. “OKay.”
“Good. My names Louise.” They shook hands and began to walk. “I promise all I want to do is help you out. There have been times when I wished someone could have driven me home.”
They walked in silence to her car; once they were inside she looked over at Sebastien. He really must love that lady, he looked so helpless, so puppy dog sad, Louise’s heart hurt for him. “Answer one more question and I’ll leave you alone. Where too?”
Sebastien told her and looked out the window as more tears fell.
True to her word Louise left him alone to his thoughts and tears, he was very glad that he had not been in a cab.
About an hour later Louise let him know he was home. “We’re here.”
Sebastien looked out. They were parked right outside the apartment building. “How?”
Louise pointed to her sat nav on the dashboard. “Never leave home without it.”
Sebastien smiled. “You have been very sweet. How can I thank you?”
“Just look after yourself Sebastien. You guys have been through a lot.”
Sebastien lent over and kissed her on the cheek and then on the back of her hand. “You are an angel.”
Louise smiled. “Nar Just an Uber Babe helping out. You take care Sebastien.”
“I will.”
He got out of the car, waved and watched Louise drive off. If he had looked at the Uber Babes thread that night he would have found out that Louise lived in the opposite direction and her normal trip home of 40 minutes took her almost three hours. But she was so glad that she could help out and so were the other Divas in the thread.
Sebastien told the other Divos of his experience.
David was overwhelmed. “So who was she?”
“Her name was Louise, she had just put her husband on a plane and she’s an Uber. That’s all I know.”
Urs smiled.
Not wanting to dwell on the subject Sebastien changed it. “So you ready for this retreat?”
David tried to cheer him up. “Well it’s not as if we are in prison, we can leave if we want, we can have visitors and Simon says the place has everything... A Gym, pools, games room, internet access, day spa.”
Carlos lifted his eyebrow at that one. “And you think they are going to let us leave before the six weeks is up? Rica will have one of her boys posted at the front door.”
The room fell silent.

Urs spent the next six weeks in intensive physical therapy working on his deep breathing and walking to build up his strength. At first it hurt so much he never thought he would get better but then he could feel the improvement. His mood changed as he felt that he had a hope of being able to sing once more. He was also going through the trauma therapy with the others. Sometimes there were individual sessions, sometimes they had group sessions. They all got used to seeing each other weary and worn after a particular intensive session. And with the help of their therapists they all began to deal with their entire trauma, past and present.

Tam had been Urs’ constant companion for the first week and very unwilling to talk to any one but the Divos. Rica and Flea had convinced her to spend some time at the conservatorium. But she would return to the retreat each night to be with Urs. Sometimes between his physical and trauma therapy he would be so exhausted she would just hold him for hours as he slept.
Rica and Flea were regular visitors to the retreat spending time with their men. Helping them through, being there to listen and hold them.
Sebastien had almost worn his mobile phone out with calls and text to Lea. Their three week separation had been agony for both. So Lea had organised her roster to have the weekends off. So for the next several weekends she would leave Florida on the Friday night red eye, spend the weekend with Sebastien and fly back to Florida on the first flight Monday morning. This would be something she would continue to do until her discharge from the Navy.

Tam’s time at the conservatorium had been good for both her and the college. It was the best therapy she could have had. Playing the piano for hours on end if she wished. The students got used to hearing her music and would stop in and listen between classes. Some even coming in on their days off to listen to her. She was an inspiration to many and many students began to put more effort into their own work.
Spending time at the conservatorium had helped Tam work through her thoughts on the house. She had decided to keep it. Going so far as visiting on her own to allow the piano to be tuned. The day that happened she was absent from the college spending the entire afternoon playing the piano in the house. She cried and she laughed as memories flooded back as she played but she was home and she liked the way it felt. She had not told Urs or the others. She wanted to surprise them at the end of the six weeks.

The conservatorium had asked Tam if she and Il Divo would mind very much putting on a pre exam concert since she never did get a chance to play last time.
She ran the idea past the Divos and it seemed that their therapists agreed it would be a good idea. Back to the scene of the crime so to speak. It gave Urs something to aim for in regards to his signing and it would mean the end of therapy for the others.
So the last Saturday of their last week at the retreat the Divos got ready for their first official concert since the plane crash. Sebastien’s face was almost fully healed, Urs was confident that his voice could handle it, Carlos was just itching to show off his scar but poor David still had a cast on his arm. He had another two weeks to go before that would come off and he would be in physical therapy for a while. If he had behaved himself in the first place it would have been off and he could have taken advantage of the services of the retreat.

They were all back stage. The ladies Tam, Rica, Flea and Lea and Il Divo, David, Urs, Sebastien and Carlos. They all looked stunning. Il Divo of course as handsome and elegant as ever in their stage attire. The girls had gone out and bought matching long length flowing dresses in a deep burgundy that seemed to suit them all.
David could not resist. He took a photo of the four girls and called them the Divettes. This photo would take pride and place in their wallets and on their walls for years to come.
Tam went out to perform first and captured the universe with her playing. If it were possible Urs thought she was even better than the last time he had heard her play. Off stage they were all smiling as she played but this time it was not David with the biggest grin on his face it was Urs. She was defininately heaven sent and heaven had sent her to him.

When Il Divo took the stage they got a standing ovation before they even began to sing. They waved and blew kisses to the audience and then Sebastien spotted Louise in the second row. He tugged on Urs’ sleeve and showed him. David and Carlos moved closer to find out who he was pointing at. They all smiled and blew her a kiss but Sebastien did one better. He jumped off the stage and climbed over the first row to get to her. “Hi Sebastien this is my husband.”
Sebastien shook the man's hand. “You have an incredible wife sir.”
Louise’s husband smiled. “Don’t I know it.”
Sebastien kissed Louise on both cheeks and then jumped back on the stage.
Il Divo performed six songs that night and when Urs managed to hold the last long notes of ‘Somewhere’ he knew he was back.
After the concert Tam said that she had a surprise for them all. She had hired a limo and drove them out to her house. For David, Carlos and Sebastien it was the first time they had seen it.
Once they had all move into the main foyer she asked them to turn around and look at the front door. Next to it was a long key rack. It had 8 hooks with seven keys on it and each of their names written under the keys. She walked to the rack and placed her key above her own name. She had taken the idea form their apartments.
“I would like you to feel like this is your home too. To come and go as you please. To stay as long as you like. It is a big house and I would like to share it with you all.
If you go upstairs you’ll find a room each. I hope you like them. They all wandered up stairs in silence except for Urs. He had not taken his eyes off her. Tam smiled at him. “Don’t you want to see your room?”
He cradled her in his arms. “Only if it is the same one as yours.”
She smiled. “It is.”
Just then they heard David’s yell of joy.
Again Urs looked at the wonderful creature that had captured his heart. “What did you get him.”
“Oh just as many of those damn computer games as I could find. You know the ones he likes so much.”
“Tam, you are the water that quenches my thirst; you are the star that lights up my sky.” Urs bent down on one knee. “Tamara Teasdale will you marry me?”
“Yes Urs Buhler I will marry you.”
The End
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~*~ IL Divo Missing ~*~ By: Lois Lane
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