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"We Came Here To Love".

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 ~*Lessons In Love*~ By: Kazyjay (Kaz)

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PostSubject: ~*Lessons In Love*~ By: Kazyjay (Kaz)   Mon Jan 19, 2009 3:32 pm

Cast of characters

Ivelisse - Ivy.
Urs Buhler.
Sebastien Izambard.
Carlos Marin.
David Miller.
Joy - JJ.
Camy - Camille.
Ingrid - Ingrid.
Roberta - Roberta
Fara1903 - Fara

LESSONS IN LOVE fanfic by Kazyjay


‘I’ll get you for this!’ rang in Urs’ ear over and over again.
‘You OK mate?’ Carlos asked, laying a concerned hand on his shoulder.
‘Wha…?’ a puzzled Urs asked. Then he shook his head. Trying to clear everything out of it. ‘Sure.’ he spoke again, ‘sure, I’m fine.’ he nodded.
‘Sure?’ Carlos asked, still sounding concerned.
‘Sure. Sure.’ Urs nodded and forced a smile.
‘So, how about it then?’ Carlos then asked.
‘You weren’t listening before, were you?’
‘Ye…No.’ Urs admitted.
‘My girlfriend, Joy, her friend Ivy. She needs to date. I offered you.’ Carlos smiled.
‘You what?’ Urs asked, staring at his friend.
‘I offered you. To date Ivy.’
‘Why me?’
‘I thought it was time you dated again.’ Carlos said.
‘No. No. I swore never again.’ Urs shook his head.
‘Mate….I promised.’
‘No. You can just un-promise.’
‘She isn’t like Tania. I promise she isn’t.’
‘No one deserves to be that unlucky. Not even me.’
‘You can’t let one woman ruin if for the rest of them.’ Carlos told him.
‘I’m not. I’m just…sustaining from relationships. For a while.’ sighed Urs.
‘A while?’ Carlos asked, ‘mate, its been nearly two years.’
‘Yeah. Well, you can’t put a timeline on these things.’
‘But I promised JJ…’ Carlos tried.
‘Then you’d better un-promise her then.’
‘I can’t. You know what she’s like…’
‘I don’t believe it!’ Urs laughed, ‘Carlos Marin. Scared of a woman! A much younger woman too!’
‘I’m not. I’m not. I mean…OK.’ Carlos held his hands up, ‘OK.’ he said again, ‘I admit it. I am scared.’
‘I knew it!’ Urs smiled.
Carlos stared at him. ‘What?’ Urs asked.
‘Nothing. Just its nice to hear you laugh, and to see you smile again.’
‘Yeah. Well, its been a long time.’ Urs admitted.
‘Too long.’ Carlos carefully said.
‘OK what?’
‘OK. I’ll date…what is her name?’
‘Ivy. Well, Ivelisse.’
‘Nice name.’ Urs smiled.
‘You’ll like her. She’s…sweet.’
‘Sweet, how?’
‘How old is she…?’
‘Old enough.’ Carlos laughed.
‘Meaning…?’ Urs asked.
‘You’ll see.’
‘She better had be no school girl. I don’t do dating children.’ Urs warned.
‘She isn’t a child!’
‘What then…?’
‘Just…not used to dating.’
‘Dating who…?’
‘Anyone.’ Carlos said.
‘But she’s old enough?’
‘She’s…’ Carlos thought for a moment, ‘a little younger than you. 30 maybe.’
‘You’ll like her.’
‘Its one date.’
‘You’ll still like her.’ Carlos repeated.
‘Hmmm…we’ll see.’ Urs said, narrowing his eyes at his friend.
‘What is this…Urs like?’ Ivy asked Joy.
‘He’s great.’
‘You’ll like him.’
‘Why, because you think he’s good looking?’ Ivy asked.
‘No. Because he’s…kind.’
‘I was going more for gentleman.’ Joy corrected.
‘I’ll believe that, when I see it!’ Ivy laughed.
‘You have been told.’ smiled Joy.
‘Hmmm…’ replied Ivy, not sounding so sure.

Ivy hated dating. That’s why she refused to do it. Because of that she hadn’t dated anyone, at all, in well over ten years. No man she had met so far had been worth the hassle of dating. So when Joy had suggested she go on a date with, ‘A lovely gentleman.’ she knew Ivy’s first thoughts had been, ‘What is wrong with him?’
‘Nothing, nothing.’ Joy had laughed, ‘what do you mean?’
‘No man is a gentleman. No man as perfect as you’re making out.’ Ivy had laughed in return.
‘You haven’t met Urs yet.’
‘Nor, do I want to.’
‘Well, tough.’ Joy had said.
‘Tough…how?’ Ivy had carefully asked.
‘its already set up.’
‘What? JJ! No! No I can’t!’
‘Yes you can. Its time you dated again.’ Joy told her.
‘No. No.’
‘Yes. Yes.’
‘No.’ Ivy said as firmly as she could.
‘Yes.’ Joy completely overruled her with just one, rather firmly said word.
‘Oh JJ…’
‘Don’t you ‘Oh JJ’ me! Just be at the Italian restaurant on Valentines street at 8pm tomorrow night.’ Joy told her.
‘Nope. Can’t. I’m busy.’
‘No you’re not.’
‘Yes I am.’
‘You’re going, whether you like it, or not.’
‘I already told you. Don’t JJ me!’
‘Its not working Ivelisse.’ now Ivy knew she was in trouble. When her best friend started using her full length name. ‘You’re going. That, is my final word.’
Ivy stared at Joy. But didn’t speak. She shook her head.
Joy nodded back. Ivy shook her head again. Again, Joy nodded hers.
‘OK…’ Ivy finally sighed.
‘OK…what?’ Joy asked.
‘OK…I’ll be there.’ Ivy sighed again.
‘Great. Great. You’ll love Urs. Really you will. You’ll love him!’ Joy pulled Ivy into a hug. ‘And dress nicely or else.’
‘You choose the outfit then.’ Ivy sighed.
‘Great. I will.’ Joy smiled.
Ivy groaned after Joy had finished dressing her. She made Ivy wax her legs. Wash her red hair and wear a dress. A dress. Something Ivy hated. She was more of a trouser woman.
‘I look awful…’ Ivy moaned at her reflection.
‘No you don’t. You look wonderful.’
‘I look…like a woman.’
‘No! really?’ Joy sarcastically said.
‘I hate wearing dresses… showing my legs off.’
‘You have wonderful legs.’
‘The waxing hurt!’ Ivy complained.
‘Beauty does hurt.’
‘Never again.’
‘Yes. Well. Its for your date. Oops!’ Joy noticed the time, ‘right. Its time.’
‘For what…?’ Ivy asked, blinking.
‘Your date silly.’ Joy smiled.
Ivy groaned and let her friend push her out of the door. To her already waiting date. Surprise. Urs or whatever his name was, was actually early!
Urs greeted Ivy with a polite smile and a kiss on the back of her hand. He even held her chair out when she sat down. Talked to her and looked into her eyes during conversation. He even paid attention when she said something. He was, surprisingly all that Joy had said. A gentleman. An actual gentleman. Wow!
‘It was nice to meet you.’ Urs had smiled on meeting Ivy.
‘And you.’ Ivy agreed. He wasn’t actually bad looking. Rather cute actually. Sexy even. Which made Ivy think.
‘OK. I’ve something to ask.’ Ivy told Urs.
‘Oh, what?’ he asked.
‘This may sound…strange.’
‘Go on…?’ Urs asked.
‘I was wondering…’ Ivy started to say.
‘Would you…sleep with me?’
‘Pardon?’ Urs stared at her.
‘I mean…I’m a…a…’
‘A…virgin.’ Ivy eventually mumbled.
‘And…?’ he asked.
‘And I was wondering…would you…’
‘De-virgin me? If that is such a word.’
‘Why what?’
‘Why me?’ Urs asked.
‘Because you seem such a…a gentleman.’
‘And that makes you want me to be you…your first?’ Urs asked.
‘I’d like someone to…to teach me. All about sex.’
‘But me?’
‘Yes, please.’ Ivy nodded.
‘No.’ Urs shook his head.
‘Please…at least…think about it?’ Ivy felt like pleading.
‘O…K.’ he sighed.
‘Thank you. Thank you.’ Ivy smiled.
‘I’ll…think about it. Then let you know.’ Urs nodded.
‘Thank you. Thank you.’ Ivy repeated, smiling again.
‘You did what?’ Joy stared at Ivy like she had never seen her before.
‘I asked Urs. To be my first.’ Ivy shrugged.
‘Oh come on…you’re always telling me what I’m missing.’
‘I know…but…’
‘Well then.’ Ivy smiled.
‘What did…Urs say?’ Joy carefully asked.
‘He’s…thinking about it.’
‘I think he’s seriously considering it.’ Ivy smiled.
‘Right…OK.’ Joy repeated again.
‘She did what?’ Carlos laughed after Urs had told him.
‘Asked me…to de-flower her.’ Urs shrugged.
‘You’re not considering it, are you?’
‘God. No. No.’ Urs shook his head.
‘Good. Good.’
‘But then if I don’t..’
‘What?’ Carlos asked.
‘She’ll ask someone else. Who will. Someone who might not be…’
‘Might not be what?’
‘As gentle as I could.’ Urs shrugged.
‘So you’re going to do it?’ Carlos asked.
‘I don’t know. Might do. Might not.’
‘Right…OK.’ Carlos nodded.

Hope I've posted this in the right place......
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PostSubject: Chapter Two   Mon Jan 19, 2009 3:33 pm


Urs arranged to meet up with Ivy the next day to give her his answer.
From looking at him, Ivy couldn’t tell which way he was going to go. She held her breath. Waiting.
‘OK.’ he finally answered after a long pause, ‘Yes. I’ll do it.’ he nodded.
‘You’ll…?’ Ivy held her breath again, waiting to see if she had heard right. Or not.
‘I’ll sleep with you.’
‘You’ll be my first?’
‘Yes. I’ll be your first.’
‘Oh! Thank you!’ Ivy smiled, stopping herself from throwing her arms around his neck and hugging the life out of him.
‘But…we’ll do it in stages.’ Urs then told her.
‘Yes. Stages.’ he repeated.
‘Meaning I’m not going to rush you into bed. I think, for your first time it should be…special. Or at least as special as we can make it. Therefore - stages.’
‘So that means…?’ Ivy asked again.
‘Five stages. Or steps.’
‘You’ve obviously given this some thought.’ Ivy realised.
‘You did ask me. To teach you. About sex I’m assuming. So that’s what I intend to do.’
‘OK. Tell me, the stages then?’ Ivy asked.
‘Stage, or rather step one is kissing. And a little groping.’
‘Groping. OK.’ she nodded. She could cope with that. ‘Second?’
‘Masturbation.’ he smiled.
‘Excuse me?’ she exclaimed in shock.
‘Masturbation. Seeing how each of us work.’
‘Third step - mutual masturbation. Learning how each other…’
‘…Work.’ Ivy interrupted.
‘You got it.’ he smiled.
‘Forth step?’
‘Oral sex. Both giving, and receiving.’
Sounded fair Ivy thought. ‘Fifth is sex?’ she then asked.
‘So… all done in one night then I’m guessing.’
‘No.’ he surprised her by replying.
‘When then…?’
‘Over a period of time. Say, weeks.’
‘Weeks? Why?’
‘So when it comes to the actual sex you won’t feel embarrassed…or, scared.’
Ivy thought for a moment. Then nodded. ‘OK teacher.’ she said, ‘So….when is my first lesson?’
‘Tomorrow night.’ Urs told her.
‘Where…and when?’
‘In my hotel room. At 8pm.’
‘Oh, and Ivy?’ Urs then asked.
‘Start taking precautions if you aren’t already.’
‘Won’t…you be using condoms? for the sex?’ Ivy asked.
‘Yes. But they are only partly safe. I don’t know your sexual history…’
‘I don’t have one! that’s the whole point!’ Ivy interrupted, crying.
‘….And most importantly you don’t know mine either.’ he carried on.
‘Oh. Right….of…of course.’ Ivy nodded in realisation.
‘So, precautions?’
‘I’ll….go and see my doctor. Tomorrow.’
‘Good girl.’
‘What do I call you…?’ Ivy then asked.
‘Meaning?’ Urs asked in reply, raising an eyebrow.
‘Well…teacher? Sir?’
‘Urs will do fine.’
‘OK. Urs.’ she nodded.
‘Tomorrow then. At 8pm.’ he reminded her then.
‘At your hotel. OK. I’ll remember.’ then with that, Ivy walked away with a big smile on her face. No longer would she be a virgin. Not with Urs about to teach her all about sex and techniques on sex.
Urs waited until Ivy had left then sat himself down. Slightly wondering why he had agreed to be the one to teach her. He wasn’t going to. When Ivy had first asked him his initial thought had been, ‘What? No way. Find someone else.’ but then he had given himself time to think about it. And he had started to realise two things. One - he liked Ivy. Genuinely liked her. Thought she was an OK lady. Sweet. Kind. Gentle. And two - how number two had surprised him. He wanted, actually wanted to be the one to help her. He wanted to have sex with her. To be the first and so instead of hearing himself say no he had actually said. ‘OK I’ll do it’ and had nodded.
God. What had he gone and got himself in for? What had he done? He couldn’t teach her. He couldn’t. He didn’t think he had the capabilities to but he couldn’t turn her down now. So he had to go through with it now. Had to. Or loss his friendship he had started to make with her.
Urs decided not to tell Carlos what he had done. After all it had nothing to do with Carlos. It was Urs who was the one who was going to be doing the teaching in the end. It was no-one’s business. Just his, and Ivy’s of course. He was nervous. Thinking he had made a big mistake by agreeing to be the one but also happy at the same time. He needed to take it slowly. But, he also felt as though yes, he was up for it. For the job. He would do it. He could. He liked Ivy so sleeping with her would be no big deal. He was already partly attracted to her. Oh stuff that. He fancied her. She was rather gorgeous. Easy on the eye. It would be his pleasure. Plus, he wanted to see if that red short, not quite shoulder length hair was real or dyed.
Ivy almost skipped away. Yes! She was no longer going to be a virgin! At long last she had found the one she wanted, the one she felt comfortable enough to be around to trust, to sleep with. Yes! Result!
But on waking up the next day Ivy started to have doubts. What on earth had she gone and gotten herself in for? Propositioning practically a stranger, asking that stranger to sleep with her. No not just to sleep with her but to teach her, teach her how to have sex. To teach her everything she needed to know. To be a student to Urs’ teacher. Had she gone completely mad? Or just slightly? Ivy didn’t know. But she had a feeling she had.
She spent a nervous day not being able to concentrate on anything. Certainly not her job. Luckily she had the type of job where she could pick and choose when she worked. She was a short story writer. Writing romantic stories for various woman’s magazines. That was funny in itself. Her, Ivy, a romance writer. Especially as the type most people, women wanted to read were the racy sort. Not quite pornographic but almost. Erotica it was called. None of Ivy’s bosses knew she personally had absolutely no experience when it came to sex. Her experiences in the past had been limited to a little kissing. The odd fumble and that was it. Nothing else and certainly nothing more. Ivy certainly wasn’t easy nor was she that desperate to loss her virginity. But time was getting on. She didn’t want to die a virgin. She knew she and only she could do something about it. She had to be brave. To take matters into her own hands. To pluck up the courage. And so in asking Urs she had done. He seemed to be a nice guy. Not the type who would turn around and hurt her. He would take it slowly. Be kind and considerate to her feelings so although Ivy was nervous she was also glad that she had chosen Urs to be the one. It would work out in the end. Of that, now after thinking about it, Ivy was sure.
Urs was still wondering what he had agreed to do. What he was getting himself in for. He couldn’t teach someone else about how to have sex. How to make love. What did he know about teaching someone? It was hardly like he had tons of experience himself, sleeping with women. He had, in his time, had…five sexual partners. Hardly a lot. Considering Seb had boasted about, in the past, of having well over 15! And now Urs was expected to teach all that he knew to someone else! OK. But he’d start with the basics first. Kissing and a little groping. Taking it one step at a time. Hopefully, by the time they got past masturbation Ivy would have found someone else. Would have fallen in love with someone else who she liked much better than Urs and who she wanted to experience first time sex with.
A faint knock on his hotel room door alerted him to her presents.
‘Come in.’ he nodded at her.
‘H…I…’ Ivy smiled nervously as she made herself walk into the room. Feeling a little like a lamb going to the slaughter.
But she shouldn’t be feeling that way. It had been her choice to ask him to do this after all. She hadn’t been forced or pushed into doing this.
‘Right. How are you feeling?’ Urs asked.
‘OK I suppose.’ she shrugged.
‘Have you done anything about…taking precautions yet?’ he then asked.
‘Yes. I’ve….seen a doctor.’ Ivy nodded. She had done one thing today. Seen her doctor. Talked to him about needing the pill or precautions. He had started her on a light dose to see how they worked out.
‘Good. Good.’ Urs nodded too, ‘right, shall we get started then?’
‘First step, is kissing.’
‘Wha…?’ she stared at him.
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PostSubject: Re: ~*Lessons In Love*~ By: Kazyjay (Kaz)   Tue Jan 20, 2009 9:57 am

Hey Kaz,

Nice to see this story, loving it babe.

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PostSubject: Re: ~*Lessons In Love*~ By: Kazyjay (Kaz)   Fri Jan 23, 2009 3:46 pm

Urs's Uberbabe wrote:
Hey Kaz,

Nice to see this story, loving it babe.


Thanks Fara.
I'm loving your siggie by the way. It looks so Swiss!
Take care xxx
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PostSubject: Chapter Three   Mon Jan 26, 2009 3:27 pm


‘Right, you know how to kiss, don’t you?’ Urs shocked Ivy by asking her.
‘Of course I do!’ she laughed in response.
‘Show me?’ he asked.
‘Show me. Kiss me.’
‘O…K.’ Ivy swallowed. She looked at him.
‘Well? I’m waiting.’ he asked when she hadn’t made a move.
‘You’re too tall. I can’t reach.’ she complained.
‘Not good enough of an excuse.’ Urs pointed out.
Ivy swallowed again. Then she walked towards him. She stood on tiptoes, touched his face with her palms then placed her mouth on his.
Urs let her kiss him without responding.
Ivy pulled away, ‘What?’ she asked.
‘No, nothing.’
‘You didn’t kiss me back…’ she pointed out.
‘No, I didn’t, did I?’ he agreed.
‘Why not…?’
‘You didn’t give me a reason to.’
‘You’re saying…that I’m no good at kissing.’
‘No, I didn’t say that.’
‘What then…?’ Ivy asked.
‘Look, kiss me again.’
‘Why should I?’ she demanded.
‘You’ll never learn if you don’t…follow from my instructions.’ Urs pointed out.
‘OK…’ Ivy sighed. So she forced herself to try again. To kiss him again.
This time she sucked at his lower lip, biting it gently with her teeth.
‘You’re getting better.’ Urs announced after she had pulled away.
‘You still didn’t…’
‘No. But you’re learning.’
‘OK.’ she nodded, ‘again?’ she then asked.
‘Yes please.’
Again, Ivy kissed Urs. This time he actually responded. Again she sucked at his bottom lip, licking it this time too.
‘Good.’ he nodded.
‘I’m learning?’ she sarcastically asked.
‘You’re learning.’ he agreed, completely missing the sarcasm in her voice.
‘What’s next?’ she then asked.
‘OK.’ she nodded.
‘When I touch you, try not to flinch.’
‘I won’t!’ Ivy laughed.
‘OK.’ he nodded then reached out a hand and touched her breast.
Ivy bit her lip and tried not to flinch as asked. But it was hard.
He then found her nipple and rubbed it lightly with his thumb, ‘Urs…’
‘Look, when kissing someone they are going to want to touch you too. You’ll have to get used to this. Believe me, this touching is nothing compared to what most men like to get up to.’ Urs tried to explain.
‘But I’m not used to it…’ Ivy cried out.
‘OK.’ Urs stopped touching her, ‘OK., touch me.’ he offered.
‘What?’ she stared at him.
‘Touch me.’
‘So I could….touch your..’ Ivy looked down at his crotch.
‘Go ahead.’ he nodded.
‘No…no I couldn’t…’
‘Why not?’
‘I’d…I’d be too embarrassed….’
‘Look, when I’ve finished with you, you won’t be.’
‘Yeah, right.’ Ivy laughed, snorting a little.
‘No, really you won’t.’
‘Anyway, lets talk shall we?’ Urs then suggested.
‘Talk? About what?’ Ivy asked.
‘Why you…choose me to help you out.’
‘With my problem you mean?’ Ivy laughed.
‘If you think being a virgin is a problem, then you’ve asked the wrong person to help you.’ warned Urs.
‘No. Sorry. That, was a joke. A…a bad joke.’ Ivy attempted to look as sorry as she possibly could.
‘Why me then?’ Urs asked again.
‘Because you really are a gentleman that Joy made you out to be…you look at my face when I talk. You listen to me, and comment back. Also you don’t treat me like I’m stupid, or a silly little female, like some men I’ve known in the past have.’ Ivy explained.
‘That, is because I’ve been bought up to respect women.’
‘By whom…?’
‘My mother. I’ve one older sister and two younger. I was taught to respect all women. Treat them as equals. To get to know the inside as well as the outside. That what is inside, personality counts a lot more than just mere outside appearances.’
‘Those, are wise words.’ Ivy smiled.
‘Those, are true words. Personality counts. Appearances don’t always. Shouldn’t always.’ although, in saying this Urs did feel rather sexually attractive to the way Ivy looked. She had glorious hair for a start. Red in colour and short, showing of her cheekbones, making her eyes stand out and showing her neck off. Urs ached to reach out, to lick her neck. He coughed. Bringing himself back to the present. He needed to listen to Ivy. To pay attention to what she was saying like he had just boasted about doing.
‘Thank you.’ she nodded.
‘What for?’ he asked.
‘For….those kind words.’
‘They weren’t just kind words. I meant them. I mean them.’
‘Well…thank you anyway.’ Ivy repeated.
‘Now, back to the kissing.’
‘Oh…only I thought…’ she mumbled.
‘That we’d finished…’
‘No. We’ve only just got started.’
‘If you want me to teach you…’
‘I do.’
‘Well then.’ he looked at her.
‘OK…’ Ivy sighed.
‘Now, the art of kissing is to know what the person you’re kissing wants from you.’
‘Will it be a kiss between two friends? Or a get to know you kiss? Or…’ he paused, ‘or a much more intimate kiss?’
‘There are different types?’ a surprised Ivy asked.
‘Oh yes.’ Urs nodded.
‘Oh…I didn’t….I didn’t know that…’
‘French kissing for example…’
‘Kissing with tongues you mean?’ Ivy interrupted to ask.
‘Yes. Kissing with tongues. Now, you certainly wouldn’t kiss someone that way if you had no intention of taking the…of taking the relationship any further.’
‘You mean sleeping with them?’
‘Exactly.’ he nodded.
‘Like touching. Unless you want an intimate relationship you shouldn’t make a move to their crotch, or chest.’
‘Or they’d get the wrong idea…’ Ivy realised, catching onto what Urs was telling her.
‘Yes.’ he nodded, ‘now you’re getting it.’
‘So, I’m going to kiss you again now, OK?’ he asked.
Ivy nodded, ‘OK.’ she said.
Urs stood in front of her, close. He lent in, cupped her face with his hands and slowly lowered his head then he gently placed his lips on hers. Barely touching them. Then, slowly, but surely, the pressure grew. And the kiss deepened. Until Ivy found herself opening her mouth and returning the kiss. Then Urs moved his hands from her face down to cup one breast. Ivy gasped, partly in shock. But she forced herself to stay still. To not push him away. To do something with her hands she decided to reach up and touch his chest. Stroking the muscles she could feel underneath the material of his shirt. Urs’ thumb then started to rub back and forth over one nipple again. Ivy felt her nipple pucker up like she was cold. Only she wasn’t cold. She felt a strange tingling below her waist band as his thumb continued to rub at her nipple. She felt hot. Her palms felt sticky against his shirt. As Urs slipped his tongue inside Ivy’s partly opened mouth he moved his body a little closer to hers. Ivy automatically moved back. Urs moved closer again. His kissing Ivy was turning him on. And he wanted her to feel what she was doing to him. But she kept moving back, moving out of the way from his crotch. From the obvious bulge his jeans were starting to get. He hadn’t expected that to happen. He hadn’t expected to feel complete desire for Ivy but he did and he wanted her to feel the effect she was having on him but she still kept moving away. Kept wanting to push him away.
Finally Urs decided he had had enough kissing for one night and he pushed Ivy away. Letting go of her breast with a hidden groan of disappointment. He turned away from her so she wouldn’t notice his erection. He didn’t want to scare her away. Just yet. He took some deep breaths, trying to cool his desire.
‘Right.’ he finally turned back to face her once his erection had almost gone, ‘that’s enough for today.’
‘OK.’ Ivy nodded.
‘You OK?’ he then asked.
‘Sure. Sure.’ she nodded again.
‘You did good. For your first lesson.’ he told her.
‘I did…?’ she asked, surprised.
‘You did. Yes.’ he nodded.
‘Tha…thanks.’ Ivy lightly smiled.
‘Right. Next lesson will be…’
‘Tomorrow…?’ she asked.
‘No. Next week.’
‘We’ve…interviews and things to do.’ Urs explained.
‘Right. OK.’
‘So, next week, same time…’
‘…Same place.’ Ivy finished.
‘Yes. Same place.’ he agreed.
‘OK.’ she nodded, ‘any…’ she then asked, ‘any homework…?’
‘No. No.’ Urs didn’t like the idea of Ivy going around and kissing other men or he would have suggested something along those lines. But no. So he told her no, no homework. He hadn’t expected to feel so turned on, so horny while kissing, while touching Ivy. That had completely surprised him. Now he knew he could go through with all this. He could sleep with Ivy. He could easily sleep with her. He was looking forward to their next lesson. Seeing Ivy naked. She didn’t know yet what the next lesson would entail. Masturbation. Both watching each other and learning how each of them did it. Did Ivy ever masturbate? Urs certainly did. In fact he waited until Ivy had gone then got undressed to have a shower. Once in the shower he came. Rather quickly. Remembering how it had felt like to kiss Ivy. To touch her. To feel her breast in his hand. To feel her nipple against his thumb. In the end he came four times. So much pent up desire he felt inside of him. And even then he felt as though that wasn’t enough. But he needed to go to bed. Needed his sleep for tomorrow IL DIVO had a busy day and he needed to be alert. Couldn’t go falling asleep in the middle of a performance. That would hardly look professional now, would it?
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PostSubject: Chapter Four   Mon Jan 26, 2009 3:28 pm


Ivy spent the next week, trying rack her brain over whether or not Urs had told her what their next lesson would entail. She didn’t think he had told her. Or at least couldn’t remember if he had. He had of course. When he had told her he would teach her. But Ivy didn’t remember this of course. She wondered how Urs and the rest of IL DIVO were doing this week. Strangely, or not, she kind of missed Urs. She had even enjoyed his kissing in the first lesson. Not so much the touching part mind. Then again she had limited experience of men and being touched by them so it would take a long while to get used to having someone touch her. Ivy thought that the next lesson may be more kissing and touching. To get her used to having it happen.
So it came as quite a shock when on seeing Urs again he came out with the line, ‘I want you, to masturbate.’
Ivy stared at him like she had never seen him before and muttered, ‘You want me to do what…?’
‘Masturbate.’ Urs repeated.
‘So I know what you do, to turn yourself on.’
‘And you’ll do what? Watch me, like some….like some pervert?’ she almost spat.
‘For a while. Then I’d do it too.’
‘To whom…?’
‘Myself of course.’
‘So, what?’
‘So you can see how I come too.’ he shrugged.
‘Then what?’ she demanded.
‘Then we’ll take it from there.’
‘End of lesson two you mean?’
‘If you want. Yes.’ he nodded.
‘So, sex in stages then?’ she had forgotten.
‘I think that would be best. Yes.’ he nodded again.
‘Touching each other.’
‘Would I…would I have to be naked?’ she then asked, licking her lips.
‘It would help.’ Urs bite back a groan of desire.
‘To do what…?’ Ivy demanded.
‘To see you clearly.’
‘My fingers you mean.’ she corrected.
‘Yes.’ he nodded.
‘And you?’ Ivy then asked.
‘I’d be naked too.’
‘Oh…oh right.’ that, had surprised her slightly for some reason.
‘If it helps, alcohol can be involved.’ Urs then offered.
‘That would be…a great help.’ she gratefully admitted.
‘OK.’ he nodded.
‘You?’ she asked, holding up the bottle of wine she had just found on his table.
‘No thanks. I prefer to be sober.’
‘Suppose alcohol would…affect your performance.’ Ivy told him while taking a large sip.
‘Yeah. Something like that.’ Urs nodded.
Not that it would. Or had ever done before on the few times he had been drunk while having sex. His last partner, he had needed to get drunk every time or he couldn’t face sleeping with her. God knows how he had stayed with her for such a long time. Two years in the end. Two years of having to get drunk before making himself sleep with her. Tania. What a mistake that had been. But she had kept hanging on. Like a bad smell he couldn’t get rid of. Until, at last, he had plucked up the courage to tell her exactly what he thought of her. It hadn’t been nice. Telling the truth. She had made him feel sick. Violently yet alone mentally sick. To even look at her.
‘But you still stayed with me.’ she had cried.
‘Only because I thought I deserved it.’ he had spat back at her.
‘Ha!’ she had snorted.
‘But now I know. Now I understand. I deserve more. So much, much more.’
She had tried to slap him. Claw at his face with her extra sharp blood red fingernails. To mark him. Wound him but it didn’t matter. He still walked away. The scar on his thigh had almost healed now. But the memories still remained of her, that vicious look in her eyes as she had stuck the knife in. She had meant to chop of his penis but had missed. Luckily. Only by a couple of inches. He was lucky. She could have done a lot more damage. She had done but not physically. Mentally thought it was a different story. Those scared feelings would forever stay with him. Buried deep inside. Giving him regular nightmares. Making him wake up every night in a cold sweat. Scared she was going to come back and finish what she had started. He still limped, from time to time and the scar, it ached when it was going to rain. It would be a permanent reminder to him to not trust in women ever again.
That is why from now on he had decided to take every step of a relationship or potential relationship in steps. One step at a time. Easing himself in slowly like he should have done before. Well, he would learn from his past mistakes. He knew that now. He understood that now.
‘So…masturbation then.’ Ivy nervously coughed, bringing him back to the present.
‘Yes, masturbation.’ Urs agreed.
‘Right…OK.’ she took a large mouthful of her wine, looking for that little bit of courage she needed to start getting naked.
‘I’ll start.’ Urs smiled, sensing her hesitation.
‘OK.’ she nodded.
Urs smiled again then bent down and took of his shoes and socks. Then he looked at her.
Ivy nervously nodded and slipped out of her heels, showing off purple painted toenails.
‘Nice.’ he commented on the colour.
‘Well.’ she shrugged. ’I hate red. Or pink.’ plus red or pink tended to clash with her hair colour. Bright red almost. Ginger some people called it. Auburn others called it. Flaming red some of Ivy’s friends called it.
Then Urs noticed her fingernails were free of nail varnish.
‘I bite them too much.’ she explained the lack of colour.
Urs nodded then in one easy movement pulled of his t-shirt. It was black in colour with what looked to be a red bird of some sort on the front.
Ivy’s shaking fingers fumbled on the buttons that did her shirt up. With a little patience she managed to get her fingers to work and finally got them all undone.
‘Take it off now.’ Urs then gently ordered.
Ivy nodded then pulled it of. Standing in her bra, trousers and underwear feeling self-conscious. But her eyes were kept firmly on Urs. On his chest. He had a glorious chest. Defined muscles and a light covering of brown straight hair. She swallowed as her fingers itched to reach out and touch. To stroke the hair. To see if it was as soft as it looked or not. Plus where it went. Ivy swallowed as her eyes followed the think line of hair down to his waistband and below.
‘I like yours too.’ Urs noticed her looking.
‘Sor…sorry.’ she apologised, blushing. She blinked and forced herself to look away. Or to at least look at his face instead of focusing on his glorious chest. My what a body he had hidden under those clothes of his. Lucky, lucky clothing.
‘No.’ he corrected, ‘looking is good. It shows me that you are interested. That you…’ he paused, ‘desire me.’
‘I desire you?’ Ivy asked, surprised.
‘Yes. I can see it in your eyes.’
‘My…eyes.’ she mumbled.
‘Your pupils are huge.’ he told her. Normally Ivy had brown eyes but at the moment all Urs could see were her pupils. Large and black with desire.
‘Yours too.’ Ivy then noticed. His too were all pupil. None of his normally hazel coloured eyes were left.
‘That’s a good thing. Shows I desire you too.’
‘You want me…?’
‘Oh. Right.’ Ivy nodded in amazement.
Urs then slowly undid his belt. Then his buckle and zip on his jeans. Then he pushed them slowly down his legs until they pooled around his ankles. Then he stepped out of them. Now only dressed in his underpants. Then he looked at Ivy and waited. Now she had an idea of where his hair went to.
She nodded then slowly undid her button and zip. Her trousers fell down her legs easily. Thanking god she had recently suffered that agonising leg wax she too stepped out of her trousers.
‘Matching underwear.’ he noticed.
‘I like to match…’
‘Matching is good.’
‘Bra.’ he then said, smiling.
‘Do I have to?’ Ivy asked.
‘I’m assuming, when you masturbate you are naked, right?’
She nodded, ‘Well then.’ he said.
‘Can…could you?’ Ivy asked, ‘only my fingers….I seem to be all thumbs.’ she explained.
‘Sure.’ Urs nodded. ‘Turn around.’
Ivy did as she was told. He quickly undid her bra clasp, ‘Turn back around.’ he then ordered after he had pulled her bra away from her body.
She covered her now naked breast with her hands and turned back around to face him.
‘Let me see?’ it came out as a whisper.
Ivy sighed, swallowed and removed her hands.
‘Nice.’ he commented. She had decent sized breasts. Firm and not saggy. A handful each Urs noticed with medium sized nipples which were currently erect with red flowered buds. He ached to cup her breasts. To run his thumbs across her nipples. To take them into his mouth. To lick and suck at them. To see how they tasted. Would they taste as good as they looked? He thought they would. But he wasn’t going to do that. Not yet. At least not today. He didn’t want to scare Ivy of. Not yet. Not until he knew what it felt like to be buried so deep inside of her. How it felt to hear her moan in desire. See her skin flush with excitement. But he would. Soon. He would get to experience all that. And more. Oh so much more.
‘Right, underwear.’ Urs then announced.
‘You go first…’ Ivy swallowed.
‘We’ll do it together.’ he corrected.
‘O….OK.’ she swallowed again.
‘On three.’
‘OK.’ she nodded.
‘One…’ he stuck his thumbs into the waist band of his underwear then gestured to Ivy to do the same.
‘Two…’ she whispered and slowly started to pull her now damp knickers down her legs as did Urs.
‘Three..’ he announced now completely naked. As was Ivy now too.
‘Oh…I see you have pubic hair.’ Urs then noticed as Ivy stood, naked in front of him. ‘And… it looks natural too.’ he then added. She had a neatly, closely trimmed bush of red pubic hair.
‘So, does yours.’ Ivy replied, trying not to swallow too loudly. He had nicely thick looking dark brown hair around his….around his….
My god! Urs was huge! Talk about being well endowed! She swore it would never fit. No matter how turned on she would ever be.
‘Don’t worry. No need to panic. It will fit. When its time.’ Urs tried to reassure her after he had noticed her staring wide eyed at his penis. His now erect penis.
‘I doubt it…’ she laughed nervously.
‘It will. Trust me. That’s why we’re doing this in stages.’
‘OK…’ Ivy swallowed once again.
‘Relax. It’ll be fine.’ he tried again.
‘OK.’ she nodded.
‘Ready to move onto the next stage?’ Urs then gently asked.
‘What is the next stage?’ Ivy asked.
‘Getting comfortable, to masturbate.’
‘Finding the courage to do it, you mean.’
‘You’ve done the hard part. Getting naked.’ Urs told her.
‘My first time in front of a man.’ she confessed.
‘Well done.’ he smiled.
‘Thanks. Do I get a badge later?’ Ivy nervously joked.
‘Only, if I think you deserve one.’ he smiled.
‘Right…OK.’ she nodded, waiting. Wondering what was coming next.
‘Now,’ he said, ‘we get comfy.’
‘Where?’ Ivy asked.
‘Where do you usually do it?’
‘In bed.’
‘Then that’s where you should get comfy.’
‘What about you…?’ Ivy then asked.
‘I can stand. And watch you.’
‘When you…’
‘Yes, while I.’ Urs nodded, smiling.
‘OK.’ Ivy nodded back then walked towards the bed. She sat down, ‘I don’t have to….to lay down.’ she then said.
‘Up to you.’ he told her.
She wiggled back, making herself comfortable.
Urs looked at her, waiting.
‘I’m sorry.’ Ivy shook her head, ‘but I can’t…’
‘Yes you can.’ he encouraged.
‘No, I can’t.’ she shook her head again.
‘Why can’t you?’ he asked.
‘Because you’re here.’ she explained.
‘Then close your eyes. Block me out.’
‘OK…I’ll try.’ Ivy said after giving a long sigh. She closed her eyes. Trying to relax herself.
Urs waited. He tried to keep as quite as he possibly could. After what seemed like a lifetime had passed, Ivy reached up and started touching her breasts. Her thumbs rubbing at her already erect nipples. Urs waited and watched. Noticing her skin start to flush with arousal. Then slowly one hand, her right, moved from her breast down to her mid-riff then to the top of her thighs. Her legs slowly started to open.
Urs bit back a groan. He had never actually watched a woman masturbate before. He only hoped he wouldn’t come too soon. His penis was already rather hard. He lightly squeezed the tip of it. He knew it wouldn’t take him long once he started to touch himself. He then watched as two fingers slide inside Ivy. He could see her clitoris. It looked like a flower being to bud. She was wet now. Her fingers shone with it. Urs could smell her desire in the air. As one hand worked between her legs the other hand moved from breast to breast. Rubbing and pinching her nipples. She started to gasp slightly them moan as her fingers got more involved. Urs sensed she was at the beginning of the end now. Either he started masturbating himself now or it would be too later. With one hand he firmly gripped his penis. The other holding his balls. Slowly but surely he started to stroke himself up and down. Up and down. As the hand holding his balls started to squeeze then release. Squeeze then release.
‘Hmmm…’ he moaned as he continued to watch Ivy as her actions started to get quicker and quicker. She was coming now. Starting to pant and gasp, ‘Oh god…oh god…’ she muttered over and over again.
As it by magic they came at the same time. Her shouting. ‘Oh god.’ loudly as he groaned, ‘Y….eeesss….’ then shot all over her thighs.
Embarrassment flushed over her as she raised her head and looked at him. ‘Good shot.’ she commented.
‘Thanks…’ he coughed.
‘Sticky.’ Ivy touched her thigh.
‘Are you…?’ Urs asked.
‘A little. Yes.’
‘You’d better…have a shower then.’ he offered.
‘Thanks.’ she smiled, standing up. She gathered her clothes and practically ran to the bathroom, closing the door with a definite ‘Click.’
‘Well.’ Urs sank down onto the bed, ‘that went well.’ he muttered to the empty room.
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PostSubject: Chapter Five   Mon Feb 02, 2009 3:56 pm


While Ivy was taking a shower, singing while washing her body down he noticed, Urs sneaked in to take her clothes away. They hadn’t finished their second, ‘session’’ just yet. He had to bit back a groan at seeing Ivy touch herself all over. God, she had such a glorious naked wet body. Urs took the clothes. He hide them in the bedroom and waited for her to come complaining about them. It didn’t take her long to emerge from the bathroom, to have a moan.
‘Hey, my clothes are gone.’ she announced, coming out of the bathroom wrapped only in a towel which was tightly around her.
‘We’re not finished yet.’ Urs replied as coolly as he could manage. Ivy swallowed. He was still completely naked, ‘OK…’ she mumbled. While trying not to look at his currently flaccid penis. She knew it wouldn’t be that way for long. Even flaccid it looked too big to go anywhere near her small vagina.
‘That, was part one.’ he informed her.
‘What is…which is part two?’
‘Watching each other closely separately masturbate.’
‘I thought we’d just…’
‘Do we have to…?’ Ivy asked.
‘Yes. Its important. We need to know how to turn each other on. A big part of having sex with someone is knowing how to turn them on. Knowing that they are turned on because, ‘YOU’VE’ done it. That its ‘YOU’ they desire.’ Urs told her. Emphasising the ‘YOU’VE’ and ‘YOU’ to prove his point.
‘Wouldn’t I always know that…?’
‘Its always good to know for sure. Makes you 100% sure that they are there because its ‘YOU’ they are wanting, dreaming about and you’re not just somebody because you’re available for sex.’
‘Oh. Right. OK.’ Ivy nodded.
‘So, shall we?’
‘Who’s…going to go first?’ Ivy nervously licked her lips.
‘I shall if it would make you feel better.’ Urs offered.
‘It would.’ Ivy nodded.
‘OK. First, lose the towel.’
Ivy considered saying no. But then she nodded and dropped it. After all, Urs was already naked. It was only fair she was naked too.
‘Thank you.’ he smiled, ‘right, me first.’ she noticed one thing. As soon as she was naked again his penis started to come to life. As if by magic. She didn’t yet know that she herself was responsible. That Urs wanted her and so just seeing her naked once again could bring it to life as if he had just clicked his fingers.
‘OK.’ Ivy nodded. She sat back down on the bed and made herself comfortable again. She then watched as Urs gripped hold of his penis at the very tip.
‘It looks angry…’ Ivy noticed, leaning forward to take a closer look. It was rather red and growing in size as Urs started to work it.
Urs just smiled then slowly started to stroke it up and down, up and down. While his left hand squeezed then released his balls.
‘Doesn’t that hurt?’ she asked, watching his facial expressions as well as his hands work. Even though he had hair around his penis that didn’t seem to detect from the size of it. In fact the long brown hair around it just seemed to make it look even bigger and angrier.
‘Not…if you do it right.’ he replied, while groaning lightly.
Ivy watched in amazement as his hands worked. One stroking. The other squeezing. It literally seemed to grow in his hands. And turned almost purple in colour. She guessed, from the colour and the noises Urs was making that he was enjoying it. It wouldn’t take long now. Then, as if by magic he grunted and came. Spraying his come on the floor this time.
‘You missed.’ Ivy smiled as Urs reached for some tissues to clean himself up with.
‘I wasn’t actually aiming for you the last time.’ Urs told her. Lying. In actual fact he had always wanted to come over his partner while masturbating in front of them. Not something he had ever had the chance to do. Not with Tania as his partner. But of course she that thought that was disgusting. Not right she would moan when she spotted him seeing to himself. She thought him jacking off was bad and that having sex with her should be enough for him. She didn’t understand that a man masturbating himself didn’t make him mad or desperate for sex. Just a natural man with normal desires and urges.
‘Oh, right…’ she mumbled.
‘I mean, if next time you want me to, then I can…’
‘OK.’ she nodded, ‘I’d…I’d like that.’ she confessed, feeling slightly embarrassed telling him.
‘OK. Some like that. Some…don’t.’
‘Some? You mean women?’
‘Yes.’ Urs nodded.
‘Did your…did your last…?’
‘God. NO. NO.’ he laughed.
‘She thought most sexual acts were dirty…’
‘But you stayed with her, for such a long time.’ Ivy pointed out. She remembered Joy telling her. Not everything. Just that his last partner/girlfriend had lasted two or maybe more years.
‘Believe me, it wasn’t my choice to stay with her.’ Urs muttered.
‘Oh. Sorry…’ Ivy felt the need to apologise.
‘No. Its OK.’ he nodded, lighting his tone, ‘anyway, your turn now.’ he then looked straight at her.
‘OK.’ Ivy now nodded.
‘I’m waiting.’ he said when she didn’t move.
‘I’m….embarrassed.’ she admitted.
‘I’m the one who should be embarrassed. Considering I’ve just come…in front of a virtual stranger.’ Urs pointed out.
‘Fair point.’ Ivy realised, ‘OK.’ she opened her legs and slide a hand, her right, in between then slowly inserted two fingers inside. Urs knelt down to take a closer look and watched in fascination as her fingers got to work.
Rubbing either side of her clitoris. He watched as she started to become more and more wet. As her skin started to flush and her nipples pluck like they were suddenly cold. Then, as her fingers continued to work inside, Ivy used her left hand to rub and lightly pinch at her erect nipples.
‘Oh god…’ she moaned lightly, like when Urs had masturbated it didn’t take long to come herself. She was still feeling rather relaxed after the shower she had taken and so was still kind of semi-turned on.
‘Good. Good.’ Urs nodded as she finally took her fingers away. He handed her some tissues to clean herself up with.
Ivy looked up at him while taking the tissues and blushed.
‘Good…orgasm?’ he asked.
‘Yes. Thanks. Yours?’ she asked in reply.
‘Yes.’ he nodded, ‘right…you can get dressed now.’ he then said.
‘Our lesson, has finished for today then I’m guessing?’ Ivy then asked.
‘Yes. For today.’ he agreed.
‘Homework?’ she then sarcastically asked.
‘Yes. Masturbate at least once a day. And, come back to me with your most erotic fantasy.’
‘Eh…?’ Ivy stared at him like he was mad.
‘To give me an idea of what turns you on. Where your head is at during masturbation.’ Urs told her.
‘And what…? You’ll tell me yours too?’ Ivy asked.
‘Yes. You tell me yours. Then I’ll tell you mine.’ he nodded.
This time Ivy didn’t run to the bathroom to get dressed. She didn’t feel all that embarrassed anymore. After all they had just showed each other probably the most intimate thing you could possibly share with another person, without sex being involved. Masturbating with someone else watching and watching closely.
But once fully dressed Ivy did feel a little embarrassed once more. Thought god only knew why. Urs was clothed now to. Only in a pair of underpants and a t-shirt but still. Ivy could no longer gaze at his naked, hairy chest in awe. She had a major thing for hairy chests. And Urs had a rather amazing one.
‘When is our next….?’ Ivy asked, coughing.
‘Next week.’ Urs told her.
Ivy bit back a groan. ‘OK.’ she nodded.
‘Remember, practice.’ he reminded her.
‘I will.’
‘I’ll know if you haven’t.’
‘Oh…how?’ she asked.
‘Because next time it will be me, masturbating you. And you, doing the same to me.’
‘Yes, and…?’
‘If you haven’t been practicing, you’ll come much too soon, like I would when you’d start to touch me.’ he explained.
‘Right. OK.’ she nodded.
‘Until next week.’ he smiled, lightly kissing her cheek.
‘Yes, until next week.’ Ivy agreed, finally leaving.
Next week couldn’t come soon enough both Urs and Ivy thought. But they didn’t tell the other what they each were thinking. Urs didn’t want to scare Ivy away. And Ivy thought it was wrong to feel this way after just one, rather intimate evening.
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PostSubject: Chapter Six   Mon Feb 02, 2009 3:58 pm


The next few days went rather fast. Urs found he had little time to think let alone do anything else. IL DIVO were still doing daily interviews, talking about the new book they were bringing out soon, in which Urs had talked about his love for Tania. It had been two years in the writing and although he had tried to stop it being published it needed to come out soon. He wasn’t even allowed to go changing anything in it. Not that he had anything he wanted to put in place of writing about Tania. The accident, at least some of it, had been in the news so everyone who liked IL DIVO already knew that the relationship was already over and down with, and discussing the tour they were also trying to plan. This time they wanted to do a tour with a theme. But weren’t quite sure yet what the theme was going to be. Urs didn’t feel all that interested, which, considering he usually had an opinion on everything this was rather weird. Carlos in particular was rather concerned. He felt as though Urs wasn’t acting quite himself. Which in all fairness he wasn’t really. He was starting to miss Ivy. He wanted to several times call her but each time had talked himself out of doing it. But then he realised. He had a reason to call Ivy. To see if she were keeping up with the ‘’homework’’ Urs had set her. To masturbate daily. Urs certainly was. And not just once a day. Several times a day. In the morning, when he woke up, then again while having his shower plus at night time when he again had a shower before going to bed. Sometimes even waking up in the middle of the night to again bring himself to orgasm. Each time all he had to do was picture a naked Ivy in his head and away he went. Ready to go again. Up, hard and more than ready to go. Into action again. He couldn’t wait until their next session. Then finally one night about mid-way thought the week he picked up the phone and called her. Rang Ivy.
‘How are you?’ he asked on identifying himself.
‘You sound…flustered. Breathless.’ he remarked.
‘Well, I’ve just been mastur…doing my homework.’ Ivy told him.
‘Good. Good.’ so had he just now. In the shower. He had been thinking of her and just needed to hear her voice again. Just hearing her speak now was making him start to grow again in interest. He was laying, naked, on his bed, looking down at himself, watching it grow yet again.
‘And you…?’ Ivy then asked.
‘Yes Miss. I’ve also been doing my homework.’ he smiled down the phone.
‘Good. Good.’ Ivy sounded like him which made him laugh.
Then he came up with an idea. He swallowed to pluck up the courage to ask her then came out with, ‘Fancy having phone sex?’
‘Par…pardon?’ Ivy’s voice stammered down the phone.
‘Phone sex.’ he repeated.
‘Which is…?’ she asked.
‘Well, we both masturbate, while listening to the other.’ Urs explained. He had never had phone sex himself. Only had heard of it once. Carlos had asked him had he ever experienced it? Apparently Carlos and Joy were well into having phone sex when they were apart. But it wasn’t no-where near as good as the real thing ever was.
‘O….K.’ Ivy found herself saying. Nope. She had never had phone sex either.
‘Great. Great.’ Urs beamed down the phone.
‘How do we start…?’ she asked.
‘What, are you wearing?’ he asked.
‘Good. Me too. Are your…breasts, nipples…erect?’
Ivy glanced down at her naked breasts. ‘Oh yes.’ she replied.
‘Describe them to me?’ Urs asked.
‘You’ve already seen them once..’
‘Pretend, that I don’t know what they look like.’
‘OK.’ Ivy sighed, ‘well…they are…about over a handful each.’
‘Uh-ha.’ Urs said.
‘With…red, hard nipples.’
‘Are they soft to touch?’ Urs asked.
Ivy cupped one of her breasts, ‘Nice and soft. Quite heavy too.’
‘What are you doing to them?’ he then whispered.
‘Rubbing a nipple.’ she said, starting to do exactly that.
‘Bet its getting harder…’
‘Oh yes.’ she agreed.
‘Now move your other hand down between your legs.’ Urs asked.
He heard a noise, like the phone was being moved. Ivy now cradled the phone between her neck and face so she was ‘’hands free.’’
‘Hope you’re touching yourself too…’ Ivy then said.
‘Oh yes. I sure am.’ he agreed. He had one hand firmly wrapped around his penis. As Ivy had started to describe what she was doing he had started to move his hand slowly up and then down again. Stroking it. He was also now ‘’hands free.’’ as his other hand squeezed then released his balls.
‘I’m wet..’ Ivy gasped as she slipped two fingers inside herself.
‘Oh god…’ Urs moaned.
‘Not…going to…to take long…’ she panted, gasping as her fingers began to work faster and faster as her orgasm fast approached.
‘Me…neither.’ Urs panted back. He could hear her fingers work inside of her. Hear how wet she was. He was so hard now. Felt ready to burst at any moment. Then he let out a low grunt and came in his hand.
‘Oh…yeessss..’ Ivy moaned as her orgasm came a second later.
‘Sweet dreams Ivy.’ Urs yawned down the phone.
‘Mmm….you too.’ she agreed, feeling rather sleepy now. She cleaned her fingers after disconnecting the call then lay back, closed her eyes and dreamt of Urs. Next to her. She had such an erotic dream that by the time morning came and she woke to find herself very alone she felt disappointed that it hadn’t been real. That Urs hadn’t been beside her all night, making her come with his fingers inside of her instead of just her own. Oh well she thought. At least when it comes to step 3 I’ll be looking forward to it rather a lot.
Two days later the time came for Ivy to see Urs face to face. She didn’t feel at all scared on seeing him even thought she probably should have done. Considering how intimate they had recently got with each other.
‘How are you?’ Urs asked seeing her face.
‘Fine. Good.’ Ivy nodded.
‘I see you’ve bought your bag.’ he the noticed the bag Ivy was holding in her hand.
‘As requested.’ Urs had asked her to this time bring her stuff so she could stay overnight. He had even suggested him moving rooms so he’d have two single beds rather than one large double bed in his room but Ivy had laughed that idea off, saying, ‘We’re old enough. Plus, I wear pyjamas at night. Hardly sexy ones.’
Urs dare not tell her. That it wouldn’t matter what she wore he was already becoming very sexually attracted to her.
Every night he dreamt of her. Every night he ached to be buried inside of her. But he couldn’t. At least not yet. But oh how he dreamt of it. Waiting until the night he could make that happen.
‘Shall I…get undressed?’ Ivy asked, surprising him.
‘Err…yeah, sure, sure.’ he nodded.
‘OK.’ she smiled, placing her bag down on the floor.
Urs then watched in amazement as she undressed. He watched her take every piece of clothing of, holding his breath.
‘You too Ursy.’ she then laughed as she now stood naked and he was fully dressed.
‘Right…OK.’ he nodded. He was fascinated with her body. He hadn’t really taken much notice before but now he did. She was perfect. There really wasn’t any other way to describe her. She was absolutely perfect. Nice breasts. Small stomach. Longish legs. Curvy not too skinny nor too fat. Perfect.
‘Urs…?’ Ivy asked.
‘Right. Sorry.’ he shook his head, telling himself not to stare.
He coughed then quickly undressed himself.
Now it was Ivy’s turn to stare at his body. He too was perfect. A light covering of hair on his chest. He was muscular but not overly so. Firm looking thighs. The hair on his chest went all the way down to his belly button them past it to his penis. Ivy stared at his penis. She could swear it had grown since last time. As she stared she noticed it starting to grow. To lift and almost double in size.
‘Right, first things first…’ Urs coughed again.
Ivy focused on his face, ‘OK.’ she nodded.
‘Right. Fantasies.’ Ivy nodded again.
‘You have one?’ Urs asked.
‘I…I like reading erotic novels…to…to turn me on.’
‘OK. Good.’
Ivy reached into her bag and bought out a book by an author named Emma Holly. Called Cooking up a storm. The book was about a guy named Storm who was a chief. He kind of reminded Ivy of Urs, being that he had been described has having longish brown curly hair and muscles but he had a French accent.
‘Do you want me to read out a bit?’ she offered, waving the book around.
‘No. No.’
‘I use…images.’ Urs then said.
‘Of whatever gets me going.’
‘Currently it’s a red haired woman.’
‘Me?’ Ivy asked.
‘No.’ Urs lied.
‘Do you use…images?’ Urs then asked.
‘I do have one…’ Ivy admitted.
‘Of what?’
Ivy considered telling the truth. That she imaged him. Naked and aroused to get herself off but she couldn’t. So, instead, she made something up, saying, ‘I…fancy Keanu Reeves. I imagine him…naked.’
‘Keanu Reeves. Right.’ Urs nodded.
‘It…works for me.’ she lied.
‘Wouldn’t actually do it for me thought.’
‘Unless, you fancied Keanu Reeves too.’ Ivy smiled.
‘I don’t do fancying men.’ Urs pointed out.
‘No, obviously not.’ she remarked, looking down at his penis as it started to move again and grow yet again in size.
‘Right, so…shall we get started then?’ Urs then asked.
‘Yep. Sure.’ Ivy nodded. ‘Shall I…sit down?’
‘OK. Sure.’ Urs now nodded. He then sat himself down besides her.
He looked down at her nails. ‘You really do bite them.’ he commented.
‘Told you I did.’
‘I’ve also…I mean, cut mine.’ Urs then showed Ivy his hands. Before he had had nails. Medium sized nails but as Ivy now noticed they were now short, ‘I didn’t want to hurt you…when I…’ Urs explained.
‘Thank you. That’s very…thoughtful of you.’ Ivy smiled at his kindness.
‘I’ll be as gentle as I can be.’ he then told her.
‘Thank you.’ she said again. ‘and….so will I. unless you don’t want me too.’ she resisted the temptation to end that remark on a wink.
‘I like…different things… depending on how I feel.’ Urs confessed.
‘So if you’re…desperate…’ Ivy mumbled.
‘I tend to do it quicker, to come faster. Yes.’ he agreed, making her blush a little.
‘Right…OK.’ she nodded.
‘Nervous?’ he then asked.
‘Not really.’
‘What then?’
‘I’m actually….eager to get started.’ she so desperately wanted to start touching him. To feel her hands around him. To know, to learn if he would be soft or rough. Hot or cold. To see his eyes, his pupils darken with desire for her.
‘Right. I think we’ll start with kissing. OK? Then go from there.’ Urs suggested.
‘Fine by me.’ Ivy smiled.
Urs smiled back then gently cupped her face. He then placed his mouth over hers. Ivy found herself groaning lightly and opening her mouth to welcome his probing tongue into her mouth. She then lightly touched his chest. Running her fingertips then her palms across the muscle. Feeling the hair. It was smooth. Silky smooth. Urs let out a light groan and then moved his hands from her face, down her neck to her chest. His hand then gently cupped one breast. He ran his fingers across her nipple. It was already hard. Then this thumb started to move back and forth across her nipple as he continued to kiss her. His tongue seeking out her sweet mouth. Running his tongue over her lips. His free hand now again cupping her face, touching it.
Ivy’s hands moved down his chest, across his hard nipples, which surprised her and got a groan from Urs as she touched them with her fingertips down to his mid-riff. She wanted to venture further below but didn’t. Couldn’t. At least not yet.
Urs then started placing butterfly kisses all over Ivy’s face then moved down to her neck, doing the same then down to her shoulder. He lightly bit her shoulder. She groaned in light shock. Urs moved his head down to her chest then.
‘Urs…?’ Ivy asked, cupping his face in her palms.
‘Its OK. All part of the teaching…’ he reassured her before taking one erect nipple into his mouth. First he sucked gently at it. Tasting the sweetness of it. It tasted of such sweet pleasure. He wanted more. A lot, lot more. As he licked and sucked at one nipple his hand moved down to her other breast, rubbing the nipple as his hand moved down to her thighs. Ivy found herself parting her thighs for him. She ached like she had never ached before. Not even when she had masturbated did she feel this deep intense ache to be touched. To be rubbed to orgasm. She almost screamed out in frustration. But then Urs must have sensed her need for he finally touched her. Ivy ached up to meet his fingers as they found her wetness.
At first it felt strange, having someone else’s fingers inside her. Funny almost but then Urs found a rhythm and Ivy forgot about wanting to laugh and instead started moaning and groaning. Panting almost. She clutched at his head, still against her breast.
‘Oh god…’ she moaned as Urs continued to lick and suck at her nipple. Soon she could feel her orgasm start to build. She felt as thought she wanted to burst. On and on Urs kept his fingers inside her, massaging her clitoris. Ivy felt more wet then she had ever felt before.
‘I need to go to the bathroom…’ Ivy groaned as Urs continued to masturbate her on and on.
‘No you don’t.’ he said.
‘I do…’ she groaned.
‘No.’ he repeated, ‘its just your orgasm coming.’
‘Hope you’re…right…’ Ivy moaned as yes, her orgasm came. Flooding her like never before. Ivy had heard about the female orgasm being that powerful that you could actually ejaculate like a man but she had never experienced one before. Until that is today. My. Ivy came like a train. She reached her orgasm screaming, ‘Yes…’
As Urs took his head and fingers away he looked up at her flushed face, ‘Think I’ve wet myself.’ she lightly laughed.
‘No you haven’t. you’ve just orgasmed.’ he smiled, lightly kissing her mouth.
‘Wow….its never been like….not like that before.’
‘Then I am very pleased that I was the one to give you your first.’
‘Tha…thank you.’ Ivy blushed.
‘No, thank you.’ Urs corrected her, ‘for letting me give that to you.’
‘Your turn now…’
‘In a while.’
‘Oh?’ Ivy asked, looking at him.
‘Get your strength back first.’ Urs told her.
‘I am a little tired…now you mention it.’ she admitted.
‘A good orgasm will do that.’
‘Really?’ Ivy asked, ‘I never knew.’
‘Then I’m pleased to have taught you two things already tonight.’ Urs smiled. He pulled her close. Ivy lay her head on his naked shoulder, ‘Rest a while.’ he told her.
‘OK…’ Ivy yawned.

(Cooking up a storm, written by Emma Holly is actually a real book. It is rather good as erotic fiction goes. I’ve got a copy and the guy, Storm, does remind me of Urs)
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PostSubject: Chapter Seven   Mon Feb 09, 2009 3:34 pm


Ivy slept for a long time. Urs held her and watched her. She was rather fascinating. He wondered why she was still a virgin after all this time. It wasn’t that she was ugly, or unattractive to men. For she certainly turned Urs on. Without even having to try. She had a nice personality too. She was pleasant. Kind. Sweet. Beautiful. The men she knew must all be stupid not to want Ivy. Then again Urs was pleased that she had felt that comfortable that she could ask him to be the one. To be the first. But now, at only stage 3, Urs was starting to think. Starting to hope that he could be the first. The last. The only one. He wanted to teach Ivy then be her exclusive and only lover for ever more. He wondered if, she would ever allow that. He seriously doubted it though. Oh well. It was well worth a thought though.
Ivy woke up then, ‘God. Sorry.’ she apologised.
‘What for?’ Urs asked.
‘I fell asleep.’
‘That’s OK.’
‘But we haven’t done you yet..’ Ivy pointed out.
‘No, we haven’t, have we?’ he agreed. Actually, while Ivy had slept he had seen to himself. He had to. Holding her in his arms had made him exceptionally horny.
‘What do I do?’ she asked, blinking up at him.
‘Touch me.’ he whispered.
‘OK.’ she nodded. But first she reached up and kissed him.
Urs kissed her back. They Ivy lightly ran her hands over his chest. Her tongue found one of Urs’ nipples. Urs was like a woman where his nipples were concerned. Meaning they were also rather sensitive to touch. To licking and kissing too. He almost came when Ivy started licking at one of his nipples. He let out a low groan, ‘Oh Ivy..’ he whispered, ‘touch me…’ he almost begged.
Ivy lightly touched his penis, ‘Show me…?’ she asked.
‘Rub me….’ he groaned, closing his hand around hers. He then taught her how to stroke him.
‘I want to kiss you..’ Ivy groaned as she started to squeeze his balls now too.
‘God. Not yet….please.’
Ivy bit her tongue. She so wanted to kiss his penis. But she couldn’t. Urs wouldn’t let her, allow it. ‘Kiss my chest..’ Urs then asked.
Ivy resumed her kissing and occasionally licking of Urs’ nipples as her hands worked on him. As she touched him he started touching her again. Cupping her breasts. Rubbing at her nipples. As Ivy bought Urs to orgasm she gasped in surprise as he slipped his fingers inside her again. She was amazed at how wet she still was. Urs worked her wetness as he slipped two then three fingers inside. Ivy continued to work on Urs. Making him come. As he finally ejaculated in her hands she came too.
‘Wow..’ she said after the blood pounding in her ears had died down.
‘Exactly.’ Urs agreed.
‘You…did me again…’
‘I liked doing you.’ he told her.
‘You feel so good inside.’
‘You feel good too. All hot and smooth.’ Ivy smiled.
‘You weren’t expecting it…?’ Urs asked.
‘No. I mean…it looked so angry.’
‘It gets like that.’
‘I want to taste it..’ Ivy then admitted.
‘Not today.’ Urs told her.
‘Ow…’ she groaned.
‘Next lesson. Promise.’ yawned Urs.
‘Hope so..’ Ivy also found herself yawning too.
‘I…promise.’ Urs closed his eyes and pulled her close.
‘Hold you…to…’ Ivy muttered, closing her eyes.
Within minutes both were fast asleep.
During the night they woke, only to start masturbating each other again. Falling asleep only after they had both orgasmed. This happened several times. Ivy never did get around to wearing her pyjamas. Nor did they mention their fantasies either. Strange that. They again, without knowing it, they were actually each others fantasy. Urs just had to picture Ivy in his head and he started getting hard. And every time Ivy had masturbated she had a vision of Urs, naked and aroused in her head. She imagined him begging her for sex. Of covering him in chocolate and whipped cream and licking it slowly of. Of him kissing her. Using his tongue inside her mouth. Of him touching her breasts. That did it. Every time. Every single time. Ivy was becoming amazingly attracted to Urs. She had never felt this powerful about a man before. She really did want him so much. Was so sexually attracted to him. She felt so comfortable around him. That’s why she had wanted him and only him to teach her everything there was to know about sex. She knew he would be an excellent teacher. Which he was. Oh he so was.
The next morning Urs introduced a still sleepy Ivy to masturbating in the shower. He literally bough her to her knees with a powerful orgasm while helping to wash her down. She opened her eyes and groaned loudly, ‘Oh god…I’m coming.’ as she did indeed come. She then repaid the favour. Urs liked her touching him. She was gentle but firm. Not afraid to yank him about. She seemed to know exactly how to squeeze his balls and where to make him orgasm a powerful one too. Urs had never ejaculated quite so much before in his life and still he wanted more.
When Ivy had said she wanted to kiss him he had been sorely tempted to move onto the oral sex stage, but couldn’t. He wanted to savour this masturbation stage for as long as he possibly could. Plus, he was kind of addictive to the way Ivy sounded, the noises she made during orgasm to want to move on just yet. She sounded so good. Felt so good. She was just so wonderfully warm and wet. So delicious and he hadn’t even gotten around to tasting her yet. Not even tasting her on his fingers after masturbating her as good enough. At least not probably. He wanted to taste her on his tongue first. He had smelt his fingers. Tasted them even. On his fingers Ivy tasted so good. She would taste even better on his tongue he already knew. But he could wait, just a little longer to experience that taste for himself. At one time of Ivy masturbating him she had licked her hand afterwards, tasting his come. He couldn’t wait to have he gloriously beautiful mouth around his penis. He knew she would be good at it. If, she wanted to taste him on their next lesson. Urs knew that woman taking him into their mouths was an acquired taste. So he wouldn’t be surprised if, on the day, she refused to do it. He certainly wouldn’t make her if she didn’t want to do it.
After a lot, and I mean a lot of masturbating each other, Urs reluctantly let Ivy go. It wasn’t his fault he liked hearing her at the point of orgasm.
‘Any…homework, for next time?’ Ivy asked once she was dressed.
‘No, not that I can think of.’ Urs sighed.
‘What? Not even masturbating?’
‘Oh, you can do that.’ he nodded. And think of me like I’ll think of you while doing it he almost thought not quite added.
‘OK. I’ll do that.’ she smiled, ‘thought shouldn’t I…practice for next time?’ she then asked.
‘Practice how…?’ he asked in reply, blinking at her.
‘I…I don’t know.’ Ivy shrugged.
‘Well then.’ he nodded.
‘Same time, next week?’ Ivy then asked.
‘Certainly.’ he nodded again.
‘OK.’ Ivy walked up to him, kissed his cheek then picked up her bag and walked away.
Urs watched her go. Sighed then sat down on the bed. He had just sent the most interesting night he could remember having in such a long time. God how he had enjoyed himself. Touching Ivy. Kissing, sucking at her glorious breasts. Fingering her. Making he come. Feeling her tongue and hands on him. He shook his head. Trying to clear those images before he’d have to go and have another shower in order to relieve himself, yet again. Just the thought of Ivy had made him hard. He was sorely tempted to call her back for another session. He hadn’t meant to go on nearly all night. He hadn’t thought Ivy could be as addictive as…as…Urs couldn’t think of anything. But she was like a drug. A drug he needed around to be able to function.
The next day, Ivy met up with Joy.
‘Joy, what is it like to give someone a blowjob?’ she asked her as they sat in a local café, chatting.
‘Ivelisse!’ Joy hissed, ‘you can’t talk about things like that!’
‘Why not?’ Ivy demanded.
‘Well, at least not in a public place.’ Joy snorted.
‘But you and I only get to see each other in public place nowadays…’ Ivy pointed out. Joy, like Ivy was kept busy at her job. She was a presenter. That’s how she had met Carlos. While interviewing IL DIVO. They had been together now for nearly 3 years. Joy was hoping Carlos would start to talk about marriage soon. She wanted a permanent arrangement with him.
‘Point taken…’ Joy realised, ‘sorry.’ she shrugged.
‘I know you’re…busy.’ Ivy sighed.
‘But I shouldn’t be too busy to see my friends.’ Joy then said.
‘Anyway,’ Joy then said, ‘why do you want to know?’
‘For what reason?’
‘I…I…’ Ivy mumbled.
‘Go on?’ Joy probed.
‘I’ve…met someone.’
‘God. No.’ Ivy lied.
‘Right. OK. Shame.’
‘Well….I would.’ Joy shrugged.
‘Joy!’ Ivy exclaimed.
‘He’s gorgeous.’ Joy defended.
‘You’re dating Carlos. His friend.’
‘Doesn’t make me blind to Urs’ charms though. Or…that body.’ Joy let out a low whistle.
‘Joy!’ Ivy exclaimed again.
‘Who is it then…?’
‘Your new guy?’
‘Oh. Oh!’
‘Well?’ Joy asked.
‘And you want to know what its like…to give him a blowjob?’
‘Hard to explain really.’ Joy shrugged.
‘Interesting.’ Joy finally offered.
‘Anything else?’
‘So Carlos is…?’
‘Hairy. Oh yes. Is…Bryan?’
‘What?’ Ivy looked at her.
‘Bryan? Hairy?’
‘Yes.’ Ivy nodded, thinking of Urs’ naked chest as she answered.
‘You’ve seen him naked then?’
‘Y…I mean no.’
‘Oh. Right.’ Joy narrowed her eyes at Ivy.
‘What?’ she asked.
‘No. Nothing.’
‘What’s with the narrowed eyes then?’ Ivy asked.
‘Just thought that you and Urs…’
‘No. God. No.’ Ivy laughed.
‘But you asked him. To sleep with you. Right?’ Joy then reminded her.
‘He...turned me down.’ lied Ivy through her teeth.
‘Oh. Right. Shame.’
‘Guess he wasn’t up for the job.’ Ivy shrugged.
‘Shame. Shame.’
‘Why…would you?’ Ivy then asked.
‘God. Yes!’ Joy beamed.
‘What about Carlos?’
‘I still would.’
‘Even if Carlos found out?’
‘Hey, I love Carlos. I do. But I’m not blind. I certainly would. Given half the chance.’
That revelation was certainly an eye opener for Ivy. She hadn’t realised before. That Joy fancied Urs. And OK she shouldn’t have lied but then again neither had she or Urs talked about them telling anyone about what they were currently doing. After all they weren’t having a relationship or anything like that. Even though Ivy secretly wished that they were. No. They were just teacher and pupil. Urs was teaching Ivy something she wanted to know. Nothing more and nothing less. Just that. Even though Ivy did so wish that it was more. Oh so much more. She wished they were having a relationship. Proper dating. Proper kissing. Getting to know each other. But they weren’t. Sadly. Not for want of wishing on Ivy’s part. Oh well. Oh well.
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PostSubject: Chapter Eight   Mon Feb 09, 2009 3:36 pm


Ivy swore that the next week seemed to go very, very slowly. She knew that the next stage was oral sex. Something she was also nervous and looking forward to at the same time. How could you feel two very conflicting emotions at the same time completely surprised Ivy. She was scared that when the time came she would either accidentally bite him in an awkward and painful place or not be able to go through with it. Scared of gagging if he pushed his penis in too far. Could it choke her? Ivy didn’t want to die while attempting to perform her first ever blowjob! Then again, she thought smiling to herself, what a way to go! Choking on Urs’ penis! Imagine the headlines on that! Imagine her grave!!
Again walking into his hotel room she felt like a lamb going to the slaughter. The first thing she notice while walking in on shaking, nervous legs was a large bunch of bananas. A strange choice of fruit Ivy thought. She looked around. She could see no other food. Interesting. She wondered why Urs liked bananas. Sure she knew they were good energy food, but still.
She nervously got undressed without being asked to.
‘Should I have…shaved it away?’ Ivy asked as Urs stood staring at her neat triangle of red pubic hair.
‘No, no…’
‘I didn’t know if I should or not. I’ve bought a razor with me, just in case…’
‘No. Anyway.’ Urs smiled, focusing on her face now, ‘I’ll be licking the inside.’
‘I know, but…’ Ivy mumbled.
‘Inside.’ he repeated, ‘where my fingers were last time.’
‘Several times if I remember correctly…’ she blushed.
‘I…wanted you to experience me masturbating you to the fullest extent.’ Urs lied.
‘Oh. Right.’ Ivy nodded.
Plus, he had liked the way she felt. The noises she had made. But of course Urs didn’t tell Ivy any of this. He was too scared to. Just in case he still scared her away and he didn’t want to do that. Especially not now since they were almost at the beginning of the end. Almost at first prize. The main prize. Having sex. Soon Urs would know how it felt to experience being inside Ivy for the very first time. Something he had been looking forward to ever since the first time he had taken her in his arms and had kissed her. Had pushed his tongue inside her warm, wet, welcoming mouth. Hopefully the same wet, warm, welcoming sweet mouth he would soon have his penis in. For just one second he ached to know what it would feel like. For his penis to be in her mouth. To feel her tongue on his most intimate part. To experience, just for one sweet, never to be forgotten second.
‘So, hairs good then?’ Ivy asked.
‘Yes, yes, hairs good.’ Urs nodded in agreement.
‘So I don’t have to shave…’
‘Certainly not on my account. As I said, my tongue will be inside you.’
‘O…K.’ Ivy found herself blushing and squirming a little. But not in disgust. Oh no. Squirming in anticipation of what was about to come. Urs and his mouth. On…her most intimate part. Inside her. Deep inside her where she hoped his penis would soon be put. Ivy couldn’t wait for that day to come. Soon. It would come soon she told herself. Soon. But she refused to accept what would come soon after. Her having to say goodbye to Urs. Her no longer being able to spent time with him. For soon she would no longer be a virgin but a woman. A proper woman. Soon she would have no choice but to let him go. To start to find someone else she was supposed to form a long, lasting relationship with. Then she would have to watch him also do the same. To watch him fall in love with someone who wasn’t her. Life, sometimes, just wasn’t fair. She would sooner die then sit back and watch Urs romance the woman he was in love with. It would break her heart. Break her soul into a thousand or more pieces. Never to be fixed. She would be a broken woman. Damaged. Incomplete.
‘Right, should I go and have a shower?’ Ivy then surprised Urs by asking.
‘Whatever for?’ he asked.
‘So I don’t smell…’
‘Smell? Smell of what?’
‘Fish.’ Ivy shrugged.
‘Since when do you…?’
‘I thought I did.’
‘Open your legs.’ Urs demanded.
Ivy did as she was told. Urs then knelt down and sniffed. Ivy watched him do this and blushed with embarrassment.
Then Urs stood up again, ‘You don’t smell of anything.’ he reported, starting to now get undressed.
‘Oh. OK.’
‘Just your natural body smell.’ Urs then said.
‘Fishy then.’
‘No. Anyway,’ he shrugged, ‘it’s the smell that attracted my body, to you.’
‘Did it…?’ Ivy asked, sounding amazed.
‘Of course it did.’ Urs was naked now. And yes, Ivy could clearly see. His erection was already starting to fill and lift. My. She had almost, almost forgotten how huge it was. She could have sworn it had yet again grown in size.
‘Shall we…start now?’ Ivy then asked, swallowing slightly.
Urs nodded.
‘On me…or you?’ she asked.
‘Which would you like first?’ Urs asked.
‘I’d like…you.’
‘To what?’
‘To…to do it to you.’ Ivy blushed.
‘OK.’ Urs nodded, ‘but I’ve a few things to say first.’
‘Right. OK.’
‘Oral sex, is an acquired taste.’ he started by saying.
‘Right. OK.’ Ivy repeated.
‘I mean, not every woman likes doing it.’
‘Your last girlfriend…?’
‘Defiantly not. In actual fact I haven’t had a blowjob in well over five years.’ Urs confessed.
‘That long?’ Ivy gasped.
‘I mean, at one time I did consider paying someone to…but I couldn’t. So.’ he shrugged.
‘I’d like to learn.’
‘You don’t have to…’
‘No. I would.’ Ivy insisted.
‘OK. Well, the best way to teach you how to do it, is on a banana.’
‘A banana?’ Ivy exclaimed in asking.
‘Yes. A banana.’ Urs nodded.
Right. OK thought Ivy. Hardly the reply she had been expecting. But it did cure her curiosity as to why Urs had a large bunch of the fruit in his room when Ivy could see no other signs of food around.
So, Urs was planning on teaching her how to give a blowjob. On a banana. And there was Ivy thinking she was past being surprised by people. Wonders would never cease to amaze her. A banana. OK. Well Ivy was looking forward to this. She then wondered when would she get to practice on the real thing? Meaning Urs’ rather pleasant, as penis’ went, that Ivy knew in her short time of trying to have sex before now, there hadn’t been that many. Men or penis’ to look at. Oh well, his rather interesting looking attachment. OK, it was big. But Ivy was now certain she would manage to get at least part of her mouth around it without gagging too much. She tried not to act too disappointed as Urs selected a banana and started peeling it. He had picked, Ivy noticed, one of the smaller bananas. Considering the size of Urs the banana was hardly to scale of what he had in glorious competition. Ivy couldn’t wait to get her hands, or rather her mouth, on the real McCoy. Urs’ penis. Mmm. It looked rather tasty she thought licking her lips. Like a large sausage. Must remember, not to bite! Or it would hurt poor Urs and she didn’t want that. For him to have to explain why his penis had teeth marks in it! That would just be too embarrassing for words for both Urs, who would be in great pain, and for Ivy to explain!
‘That’s, hardly to scale.’ Ivy smiled at Urs as he handled the banana.
He blushed, ‘Yes. Well..’ he mumbled.
‘I mean, you’re….’ she took a good look at his penis, ‘…wider to start with.’ not to mention a lot, and I mean a lot longer she also thought but didn’t voice.
‘You’ll be….’ Urs coughed, ‘learning the technique first.’ he explained.
‘Right. OK.’ Ivy nodded.
‘First thing you have to remember, well two actually, are you must never bite it. No matter what.’ he started with.
‘OK. No biting.’
‘Second, although its called a blowjob that name is actually wrong. You don’t actually blow. You suck.’
‘Suck. OK.’ Ivy repeated.
‘Best to treat it like you are….licking an ice-lolly.’
‘Ice-lolly.’ Urs agreed.
‘OK.’ Ivy nodded.
‘You don’t have to take the whole penis, or rather in this case, banana into your mouth. Just the tip will do the job.’ he waved the penis, I mean banana around as he spoke.
‘So I wouldn’t gag?’
‘God. No!’
‘Good. Good.’
‘If a guy ever tries to make you gag, just pull at his balls. Hard. Dig your nails in. If you have any.’ he glanced down at her none existent nails, ‘That should stop him in a second.’ Urs advised.
‘OK. I’ll try and remember that.’ Ivy nodded.
‘Failing that, bite it.’ Urs then suggested.
‘But you just said…’ she mumbled.
‘If it’s a choice between gagging or biting it, I’d go for the biting.’
‘Biting. OK.’
‘Hopefully I….shouldn’t make you want to gag, but if I do, you have my permission to bite away.’
‘You mean if you…or they push at my head?’ Ivy asked.
‘Yes.’ Urs nodded.
‘Right. OK.’
‘Anyway,’ Urs then coughed, ‘back to the banana.’
Ivy looked at the banana in Urs’ hands and waited. He coughed again then handed it to Ivy. ‘Show me…what you think you should do.’
‘OK.’ Ivy held the banana firmly in her grasp. She then stuck out her tongue and licked the tip. The very end of the banana. Urs let out a groan. She looked at him.
‘Go…on.’ he coughed.
She then ran her tongue slowly up then slowly down the banana.
‘Go…good.’ Urs murmured. He then watched as her mouth closed over the end of the banana and he could see her tongue work at the end as her lips sucked then released. Sucked then released.
‘Right, that will do for now.’ Urs then announced.
Ivy stopped sucking the banana. ‘Now…show me what you did, to my finger.’ Urs held his forefinger on his right hand towards her mouth.
‘OK.’ Ivy blushed then held his wrist. She then closed her mouth around his finger. Licking the end then gently sucking. As she did this she looked up at Urs, into his eyes. She could see his pupils. They were huge. No longer could you see his hazel eyes, just two big black pupils. He was liking this. Then when Urs let out a groan Ivy knew. He was seriously turned on. Plus, to prove her point she could feel his rather full erection against her thigh. Could feel the end, the very tip, it felt wet. Like he was almost coming.
After Ivy had finished she continued to look at Urs. He then lent forward, cupped her face and kissed her rather passionately.
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PostSubject: Chapter Nine   Mon Feb 16, 2009 3:53 pm

OK, I have to admit my inspiration comes from one guy and one guy alone. The very sexy, horny and intelligent man (he can’t look that good and be thick now can he?). Urs Toni Buhler.


‘That…’ Urs eventually pulled his mouth away from Ivy’s, ‘was excellent.’
‘Tha….thanks.’ she blushed.
‘You’ve been practicing?’ he asked.
‘No. Just…reading.’ Ivy confessed.
‘My….erotic book had a little piece in it.’ Well, little piece would be exaggerating. It had a huge part in it. Ivy had read it, and thought and read some more. Wanting to practice as much as she could. Well, not practice as such. As Ivy hadn’t known what to practice on. Anyway. Or at least learn beforehand. Learning. Always learning.
‘WOW. OK.’ Urs nodded.
‘Can I now…?’ she gestured downwards.
‘Not yet.’ he told her.
‘I want to do you first.’
‘Do….?Oh! OK!’
‘Lay down on the bed.’ Urs instructed.
Ivy did as she was told. He then lay down besides her.
‘What now?’ she asked.
‘Now, we kiss and grope a little.
‘Followed by…masturbation, right?’
‘No. Followed by this time…oral sex.’
‘Right. OK.’ Ivy nodded. Pity. She had been looking forward to doing masturbating. Holding him in her hands. Feeling him pulsating and knowing that she was making him that hard, making him that ready. Her and only her.
Urs and Ivy then kissed. A passionate kiss. When Urs slipped his tongue into her mouth Ivy groaned in excitement. She started touching him. Stroking his chest. He then did the same to her. Cupping her breasts. His thumbs finding her already erect nipples. Urs then placed light kisses all over Ivy’s face and then chest. She clutched at his head as his tongue licked at one nipple.
‘Oh god..’ she moaned out loud. Urs then licked at her other nipple.
Then, as his hands resumed their rubbing and now light pinching of Ivy’s nipples he kissed his way down to her bellybutton. Ivy found herself opening her legs. She already felt wet and ready.
Then, when Urs’ tongue touched her deep inside, at first Ivy wanted to burst out laughing and push his head away but then she got into it. She felt herself groaning and moaning in surprise. She opened her legs even further to allow greater access. Urs’ tongue became more intimate in her now. Licking fast then slow as his fingers continued to lightly pinch then rub, pinch then rub at her nipples at the same speed. It didn’t take long to feel her orgasm start to come. She got so wet and felt so ready. Then she burst. Actually burst at the same time as she screamed out, ‘Oh god…oh yes…oh…yesss…’ as she clutched at the bedcovers with one hand and kept the other on Urs’ head.
When her orgasm had died down, Urs looked up at her from his position of between her open legs, ‘Good?’ he asked.
‘Oh yes. Yes. Yes.’ she smiled at him while blushing.
‘Thought so.’ he winked.
‘Did I…did I smell?’ she then asked.
‘God no. No.’ Urs shook his head, ‘you tasted good.’
‘I…tasted good did I?’
‘Oh yes.’
‘Tha…thank you.’ Ivy blushed again. She then yawned.
‘Have a little sleep.’ Urs casually suggested.
‘Oh no. No. I did that before, fell asleep on you.’ she shook herself awake. ‘I’m not doing that again.’ she smiled.
‘I’ll probably…on you.’ Urs then tried to reassure her.
‘Nope. Still doing you first.’ Ivy started moving down his body.
‘OK…’ Urs let her go.
When Ivy reached his thighs she noticed something on one of his thighs. A two inch scar on his right thigh.
‘How did you…?’ Ivy pointed to his thigh.
‘Oh. That. Its…nothing.’ Urs tried to shake her off.
‘It looks…new.’
‘Its…almost two years old.’ he sighed.
‘I’m guessing you lost a lot of blood… when receiving it.’ Ivy looked up at him.
‘I…I nearly died.’ he confessed.
‘Who did it? Who hurt you?’ she asked, looking concerned.
‘My…ex.’ Urs sighed.
‘She hurt you? But…why?’
‘She…Tania, was the….possessive type. I could never do anything without her say so. She hated what I did. Hated it. One night she accused me of cheating on her. Instead of my usual denying it until I was blue in the face, I decided, what the hell.’
‘So you admitted to what? Something you weren’t guilty of?’ Ivy asked.
‘Yes.’ he shrugged.
‘So she…’ Ivy looked at the scar.
‘I was lucky.’ he lightly laughed, ‘she was aiming for my penis at the time!’
‘Lucky escape.’
‘Not so when it came to phoning for an ambulance. I was naked at the time.’
‘And…where is….Tania, now?’ Ivy carefully asked.
‘In…hospital. A mental hospital.’
‘Thank god.’
‘She went a little mad.’ Urs shrugged.
‘More than a little I’m guessing.’ Ivy gently touched his scar.
Urs let out a groan, ‘I’m hurting you?’ she asked.
‘No. No. The opposite.’
‘I’ve….never shown my scar to anyone. Never had a woman…or anyone, touch it before.’ he admitted.
‘Sorry.’ Ivy apologised, thinking that was what he wanted to hear.
‘No. Don’t. I…I liked it.’ he confessed.
‘Can I…can I lick it?’ Ivy then asked.
‘I’d….I’d like that.’
Ivy smiled at him then bent her head and slowly ran her tongue over the scar lightly. Urs let out a groan. Ivy then gently kissed it. Stroking it. It looked angry. New. Like it had been done recently.
‘It…it makes me limp sometimes..’ Urs groaned as Ivy licked it again.
‘I wish I could make you better.’ Ivy whispered against his skin.
‘I’d…I’d like that.’ he groaned again.
‘I wish I could kiss your hurt away.’ she then said.
‘You’re…you’re doing a great job already…’
‘Hmmm…’ Ivy mumbled before taking his now rather erect penis into her mouth. Urs let out a low groan. ‘Ivy…’
‘Sssh…’ she whispered, running her tongue up and down his length. She then licked the end. The very tip. She tasted something wet and a little salty. A drop of pre-come. Ivy then gently started to suck his penis like she had doe to the banana and to his finger earlier that evening. Urs let out another groan. This time it was a loud one, ‘Oh god..’ he moaned, ‘oh god…Ivy…’
Ivy could sense he was on the point of coming. But she carried on sucking and occasionally licking. She wanted to know how it would feel, for him to come into her mouth so she kept on even when he tried to pull away.
‘No Ivy…please… you don’t have to..’ he muttered as he felt his orgasm approaching.
But Ivy ignored him. Then he let out a low long groan and came.
‘Mmmm...almonds.’ Ivy commented afterwards.
‘Almonds?’ Urs asked, yawning.
‘Your come. It tastes of almonds.’
‘Almonds. Right.’ he yawned again. He then held his arms out towards Ivy and smiled. She smiled back then settled herself besides him.
‘Thank you Ivy.’ he yawned.
‘What for?’ she asked.
‘For believing in me. For…for trusting me.’ he yawned again.
‘I should be thanking you. For trusting me.’ Ivy corrected.
‘You’re nothing like Tania. Thank god.’ Urs yawned one last time then closed his eyes. Moments later he was fast asleep.
Ivy lay and watched him sleep. She stroked his hair, wondering how this Tania could be so…so vicious to someone so kind as Urs was. Ivy couldn’t believe Urs would ever be so nasty, so hurtful towards anyone. She really must have been out of her mind to not trust him. Ivy trusted him. She trusted him 100%. Plus, she would never ever hurt him. She couldn’t hurt him. But she was glad he had told her about the scar instead of ignoring it. He could have just made something up. But he hadn’t. He had trusted in Ivy enough to tell her the whole truth and for that she would be forever grateful.
Ivy and Urs slept, snuggled up for quite a while. Then Urs woke Ivy in a glorious way. She woke to find him kissing and touching her breasts. Once he knew she was awake he moved down her slowly until his head was positioned between her legs. This time Ivy screamed out loudly when reaching her orgasm. She screamed so loudly that Carlos, walking past Urs’ room heard the screaming. He was curious. Just who did Urs have in his room? Since when had he met someone? Unless, no. No. He wouldn’t. He said he wouldn’t be the one to teach Ivy about sex. He practically promised Carlos he wouldn’t do it. So no. Carlos wouldn’t believe it. But he would ask Urs, just to check. Just to make complete sure anyway. Mmm. Carlos was interested what reply, at what answer Urs would come up to tell him.
Hmmm. Interesting.
A little while later. Carlos witnessed Ivy leave Urs’ room. He knew it was Ivy, not because he had met her, because he hadn’t. but because her hair gave her away. From talking to Joy, Carlos knew her best friend had red hair. He waited for a while then went to knock on Urs’ door.
‘Mate.’ Urs nodded on answering his door dressed in only a towel wrapped around his waist. As Carlos entered Urs’ room he noticed his friends rather messed up bed, complete with both sets of pillows dented. A give away that either Urs had had a rather messy night, moving about in bed a lot, or as Carlos had already suspected an overnight visitor. It still didn’t answer why there was also a bunch of bruised looking bananas on the bedside table.
‘I see you’ve had company.’ Carlos nodded towards the pillows.
‘Yeah, guess I have.’ Urs shrugged in reply.
‘Ivelisse.’ Carlos then said Ivy’s full name.
Urs didn’t speak. The look in his eyes told Carlos that he was right.
‘Are you crazy, or just completely mad?’ Carlos then asked him.
‘I don’t know.’ he shrugged, ‘maybe I am. Maybe I’m not.’
Carlos responded in a tutt.
‘What..?’ Urs demanded.
‘You said, that you wouldn’t.’ Carlos accused.
‘I changed my mind.’ Urs shrugged again.
‘Because I wanted to.’
‘You’re mad. Completely mad.’ Carlos tutted again.
‘Why am I…?’ Urs demanded.
‘This, is no way to go about things.’
‘Ivy asked me.’
‘You should have still turned her down.’
‘I don’t see why.’
‘She’ll never want you for a relationship.’ Carlos then said.
‘Who said I wanted her for a relationship anyway?’ Urs laughed.
‘But you do though, don’t you?’
‘That, is none of your business.’ Urs tried.
‘Ivy’s best friend, Joy, my girlfriend Joy. That makes it hers, and my business.’
‘Why? Why does it?’ Urs demanded.
‘When this all goes wrong, Joy will be the one who will have to pick up the pieces.’ Carlos sighed.
‘But you just told me. Ivy wouldn’t want a relationship with me.’
‘Yeah? Well maybe I was wrong.’
‘I don’t care. Ivy asked for my help. So that’s what I’m doing. Helping her as asked.’
‘But what does that make you though?’ Carlos asked.
‘A good friend maybe.’ Urs shrugged.
Carlos just shook his head at this. Nothing he could say would stop Urs. Well. He hoped Urs would learn soon enough. Hopefully. Before he, or Ivy, got themselves hurt. Carlos had warned him. It was up to Urs now to come to his senses. Hopefully soon.
Urs, personally couldn’t understand what Carlos’ problem was. After all, all he was doing was helping out a friend. And in doing so, getting to know that friend rather well. Kind of like what you would do when you wanted a relationship with someone. Like a member of the opposite sex.
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PostSubject: Chapter Ten   Mon Feb 16, 2009 3:56 pm


If, the next time Ivy met up with Urs she expected them to move onto the final stage of him teaching her - the sex stage - Ivy was to become sorely disappointed. Because the next time Urs arranged them to met up they didn’t move onto having sex. Or anywhere near that stage. In actual fact Urs arranged to met up with Ivy away from his hotel room. In a restaurant. If Ivy didn’t know otherwise she could have sworn them meeting up felt more like a date then anything else. She laughed at the very idea. A date! Honestly. She was only glad that she had kept her mouth shut. Fancy blurting that out only to look completely stupid when Urs turned around and laughed in her face!
Urs took Ivy to a rather fancy looking restaurant. It looked rather romantic too what with the low lighting, flowers and fairy lights around the place. Plus the food. Romantic looking food. Strawberries. Oysters. Interesting looking chocolate puddings. Ivy couldn’t help biting back a groan as she witnessed Urs licking at a spoon containing chocolate mousse. The way he stuck out his tongue to lick the chocolate. Was he doing it deliberately? Like he was trying to turn Ivy on? Because it was working whether she or he liked it, or not.
They made ‘’small’’ talk through out the meal. Urs kept reaching over to touch Ivy. Her hand. Brush some hair from her face. That kind of thing. It was almost as though he couldn’t keep his hands off her. Not that she was complaining.
Considering some of the looks she was getting from the other female diners. They all looked jealous. Like they were wishing they were in her seat. Ivy kept her cool and her eyes on Urs. Drinking him in. Trying to remember every part of him. Wishing that this evening could go on and on forever. Never wanting it to end.
Then, after the meal Urs took Ivy’s hand and they walked back to his hotel room. Ivy thought, ‘Well, tonight must be the night then.’
But once in Urs’ room, sure they kissed a lot and undressed themselves but he didn’t take it any further than oral sex. No full sex followed. At all. They kissed, groped, touched each other up, masturbated each other to an orgasm then a little while later performed oral sex on each other. But that was it. Ivy wanted to say something but couldn’t find the words. She didn’t know how to ask Urs after all this time they had spent together in which he had taught her, if they could move onto the final stage. Making love. Having sex. She just didn’t know how to ask.
She lay in his arms and waited. And waited. And waited. All night long. She watched him sleep, drinking him in. wondering if she should make the first move but not knowing how to. Eventually she fell asleep.
Urs watched Ivy sleep. He had woken up during the night to finally, finally find her asleep in his arms. He didn’t want to move onto the last step.. How come it had come around already? So quickly? He didn’t want to let her go. Didn’t want to see her walk away. He liked being with Ivy. Hell, he loved being with Ivy. He was in love with her now. He wanted to forever keep her around but didn’t know, couldn’t find what words he needed to say to keep her with him. He was afraid of saying the wrong thing. So instead of speaking he had decided to show her. To take her out to restaurants. To…to romance her into falling in love with him. To slowly seduce her. He needed to make her see, to make her feel the way he felt about her. He needed time. A lot of time.
Later Ivy woke to find Urs gone. She heard the shower going so she went to investigate. She found him, in the shower, seeing to himself. She slipped into the shower and dropped to her knees in front of him.
‘Ivy..’ he exclaimed on seeing her.
‘Let me?’ she asked.
Urs nodded. Ivy smiled and placed her mouth around his penis.
He let out a groan and stroked her hair as Ivy sucked, licked and tickled his balls to orgasm. Urs came, spraying himself all over her breasts.
‘Urs?’ she asked.
He just smiled then pulled her to her feet and kissed her passionately. Ivy groaned and returned the kiss then almost fainted in desire when she felt his fingers deep inside her. It didn’t take Ivy long to reach her orgasm. Urs was a master with his very able and capable fingertips.
Urs caught her in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. Once in the bedroom he carefully dried her body down. Becoming yet again acquainted with her interesting parts. Then Ivy watched in interest as he dried himself down. He had a glorious body. He was fit. With muscles in his chest. Across his back, in his arms and in his thighs. Ivy groaned with wanting. Urs smiled at her then knelt down between her open legs, placing a kiss on her mouth then buried his head inside her again. This time as he licked her to orgasm he also used his fingers too. Massaging her at the same time. The wonderful combination of both his tongue and fingers bringing her to orgasm made Ivy scream out loud, ‘Oh…oh…yesss.’ she screamed.
After Urs had finished he lay down besides her on the bed and said, ‘I like the way you come.’ to her, making her blush.
‘I like the way you make me come.’ she admitted.
‘Good.’ he smiled.
‘When are we…going to have sex?’ she then asked.
‘Soon…soon.’ he yawned.
‘Oh…good.’ Ivy now too yawned.
‘Sleep.’ he told her, pulling her close.
‘Hmmm…’ she lay her head on his shoulder and felt her eyes being to close. She was extremely tired again she realised. She never knew that having continuous powerful orgasms could take it out of you. But obviously they did.
In the morning, when Ivy finally woke she again found herself alone. With no sign of Urs to be found. She did find one thing though. Well - two. A red rose on his pillow. A single red rose and a note. Ivy smelt the rose. It actually had a scent. A wonderful flowery scent. Then she read the note.
‘I had to leave. But I couldn’t wake you as you looked so beautiful laying their sleeping. Please meet me, if you can, at the park opposite this hotel at 2pm today. Until then. U xx’
Ivy read the note four times. What did it mean? did it mean Urs liked her as much as she liked him? Well, liking Urs was an understatement. Ivy was in love with him. She loved every part of him. From the top of his head down to his toes and everything in between. Including all his interesting parts. And she loved his scar. Oh how she loved his scar. And the fact that he hadn’t lied about how he had come to get it. From his last mad ex-girlfriend. She really was mad. Not to be able to trust him and for being mad enough to let him slip away. If Urs was Ivy’s she would never let him go. She would treasure him. Treat him like a king. Worship the very ground he walked on. She would make all his wishes come true if only he would give her a chance. If only he would give her a sign. Just a sign. To let Ivy know if he was at all interested. Or was Ivy wasting her time? She had a sinking feeling that she was and she so wished it wasn’t true. Ivy didn’t want to end up broken hearted. Oh well. Only one thing for it. Go and see him today to find out. Pluck up the courage and go and see him.
Ivy went home to shower then change. She wanted to look her best. She had no idea what Urs wanted to see her about. Unless he was going to tell her exactly when they were going to have sex. She couldn’t wait until that night. She hoped it was soon. That she wouldn’t have long to wait. In the end, Ivy settled on a blue top which had spaghetti straps. She wore a matching bra with white short trousers and white knickers. It was summer after all. June time. The sun was out and shining. The sky was blue. No clouds were in the sky. It was warm if not overly hot. Ivy felt like getting a tan. Her skin looked so white. Too white. Even Urs looked darker that she was and he came from Switzerland! Whereas Ivy lived here, in England. She didn’t come originally from England. Her home was in America. But Ivy had moved to England at the start to be with a man. Who turned out to be gay! He, Stevie, was now her best male friend. He was the only man she had felt comfortable being around until she had met Urs. Although she hadn’t told either Stevie or Urs about the other one. For a while she wanted to keep her two favourite men in her life separate. For now at least.
Ivy walked to the park. It wasn’t that far from where her home was. Although Urs didn’t know this. He didn’t know where Ivy lived, or what she did for a living come to think of it. They had never talked about that. When they had talked it had been about their hobbies. Politics even. Ivy knew Urs was mad about anything to do with motorbikes and rock music. Because of that she had bought with her a present for him. It was a miniature motorbike with a biker teddy sitting on it. But the biker teddy was holding in his paws a guitar. As soon as Ivy had seen it she had realised it was perfect for Urs. She hoped he would love it as much as she did. As much as Ivy loved Urs.
Reaching the park Ivy was in for a surprise. She noticed the balloons first. Then noticed Urs, sitting on a rug placed on the ground dressed in jeans and a white t-shirt. The t-shirt showed of his muscles underneath and showed his rather hairy forearms. Ivy tried not to groan with desire. Then she noticed the picnic basket full of food.
‘Hope you haven’t eaten.’ Urs smiled as Ivy sat on the rug besides him.
‘No, not yet.’ she replied as her stomach grumbled loudly. She had been too nervous to want to eat earlier.
‘Good. Good.’ Urs handed her a plastic cup full of lemonade.
‘Thanks.’ Ivy took a sip then bit back a burp.
He held out a bowl of strawberries towards her. Ivy selected one and nibbled on it. Urs tried not to groan now as the juice from the red fruit dribbled down her chin a little. She stuck out her tongue and licked it away. Urs was just about to lean forward to kiss her when someone called out his, then Ivy’s names out.
‘Urs! Ivelisse!’ Joy called.
Urs and Ivy looked up.
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PostSubject: I'm pouting   Thu Feb 19, 2009 8:14 pm

Was hoping that you had posted another chapter so now I'm pouting...this story is captivating...I especially like the fact that you are broadening their contact...only the lessons, as interesting and hot as they are, would make for a very shaky relationship and of course that is what they both want now....but I still want another chapter...LOL..REE
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PostSubject: Chapter Eleven   Sun Feb 22, 2009 3:16 pm


Joy looked down at Ivy sitting with Urs. They looked rather cosy for two people who Ivy had claimed weren’t dating.
‘Urs! Ivelisse!’ she called out to them.
‘Joy.’ Ivy nodded at her friend.
‘So, this is Bryan then.’ Joy accused.
‘Err…’ Ivy stuttered.
‘Yep. I’m Bryan.’ Urs agreed while smiling. He winked at Ivy.
‘Ivy told me…that you and she weren’t dating…’ Joy looked at Urs.
‘We’re not. As such.’ he smiled.
‘I knew it!’ said Joy.
‘We wanted to make sure first. That we were serious, before we told anyone.’ Urs then carried on, surprising Joy. He reached across and squeezed Ivy’s hand.
‘So you are?’ Joy asked Ivy.
‘I…I…’ Ivy stammered again.
‘Sort of. Yes.’ shrugged Urs.
‘Carlos!’ Joy then called to her boyfriend, ‘come over here!’
‘I was just feeding the ducks..’ Carlos complained, coming over holding in his hands a bag of broken bread.
‘Urs, and Ivy, are dating.’ Joy told him.
‘Eh…what?’ Carlos stared at Urs and Ivy.
‘Dating.’ his girlfriend repeated.
‘Since when?’ he asked.
‘Oh, for ages.’ Urs lied.
‘Oh…?’ Carlos raised his eyebrows at this. He knew differently. After all the recent conversation he had had with Urs confirmed that. Just what was Urs and Ivy playing at he wondered.
‘Urs, he asked me out.’ Ivy finally spoke.
‘Urs? Asked you?’ Carlos laughed at this now. They were definitely lying now. Especially after hearing this piece of information. Ha. Caught out. But he’d go along with it. For now. Just so not to disappoint Joy who seemed rather happy if a little shocked at this news.
‘Yes.’ Ivy nodded.
‘I don’t believe it!’ he laughed again.
‘I did.’ Urs backed a lying Ivy up.
‘Oh. Right. OK.’ Carlos then nodded, ‘OK.’ he repeated.
‘Can we join you?’ Joy then asked.
‘Not really, no.’ Urs told her.
‘This,’ he swept his hand around, ‘is a romantic picnic.’ he paused, ‘for two.’ he eventually finished.
‘Ow…OK.’ Joy sighed.
‘Come on JJ,’ Carlos took his girlfriends hand, ‘lets leave these two lovebirds alone.’ then, with that, he dragged his girlfriend away.
‘Phew!’ Urs laughed once they’d gone, ‘thought they were staying all day!’
‘Mmm…’ Ivy muttered.
‘What?’ he asked.
‘Now, they think we’re dating!’ she cried.
‘I know we’re not, but…’
‘But what?’ Ivy demanded.
‘I could hardly tell them the truth, now could I?’ he asked.
‘No, but…’
‘Well then. Now, eat your food.’ and Urs handed Ivy a sandwich.
They sat in silence for quite a while, until Ivy asked, ‘When are we going to sleep together?’
‘Oh yes, that..’ Urs muttered.
‘Only I feel ready.’
‘You do?’ he asked.
‘Yes, I do.’ Ivy nodded.
‘Right…OK.’ he ranked a hand though his hair, messing it up slightly.
‘So, when then?’
‘Come on, we’ve come this far.’ Ivy pointed out.
‘OK.’ Urs sighed, ‘OK.’ he nodded, ‘tomorrow…?’ he eventually asked.
‘Tomorrow.’ Ivy nodded, ‘great. OK.’ she smiled.
‘I just thought you’d be…scared, nervous…’
‘I don’t see how. You’ve done, we’ve done it slowly enough.’
‘I know, but…’
‘But what Urs?’ Ivy asked.
‘No. Nothing.’ he sighed again.
‘Great. OK. Tomorrow.’ she smiled.
‘You’re not…nervous?’ he tried again, hoping this time she would say, actually yes I am nervous. And no I don’t really want to go through with this. I’m not ready yet. But Urs was unlucky. It was like Ivy wouldn’t sense what he was feeling. Which of course she couldn’t. She wasn’t a mind reader after all. Pity thought.
‘No. Why should I be?’ she smiled a beautiful smile at him.
‘Or scared?’ he then tried.
‘No. In actual fact, I’m looking forward to it.’ Ivy told him.
‘Looking forward to it. Right….OK.’
‘Why, shouldn’t I be?’ she then asked.
‘No. No. I mean…you should, yes.’ Urs sighed again.
‘Well then.’
‘It might…hurt though.’ he then tried again.
‘No it won’t.’ Ivy laughed.
‘It might do…’
‘I don’t see how.’
‘Your first time….you’re not used to…’
‘I know all that.’ Ivy dismissed this with a wave of her hand, ‘but I also know that you’ll go slowly.’ she had read a few books and did know what to expect in a round about manner. A slight stinging and a little blood. Hardly anything to get worried about. It wasn’t as thought Urs was going to deliberately hurt her or rape her! She did trust him enough to know he would be kind, gentle and go as slowly as she wanted him to go. She knew that she was in safe hands.
‘Yes, but…’
‘And that you’ll take it, one step at a time, making sure I’m more than ready.’
‘I will do, yes…’
‘Well then.’ she smiled.
‘You…you trust me?’ he asked.
‘Of course I trust you!’ Ivy laughed, ‘otherwise we’d have never got this far!’ she pointed out. Which, was true when you came to think about it. They never would have done. They wouldn’t have even got past the kissing part let alone doing anything else, like groping, masturbation. Oral sex. Oh how she had enjoyed that part. Oral sex. Urs really was amazing with his tongue.
‘Right. OK.’
‘Why, don’t you trust me now?’
‘Of course I do!’ Urs now laughed.
‘Well then. I don’t see a problem, do you?’ Ivy asked.
‘No. No.’
‘Well then. I’m ready. I know you’re ready.’
‘You do…?’
‘Yes.’ Ivy nodded.
‘How…?’ he asked.
‘I can see it, in your eyes.’
‘My eyes. Right. OK.’ he nodded.
‘You told me, taught me, to look in the eyes. I have done. I know you want me for I can see it, in your eyes.’ Ivy explained.
It was true. He had taught her to pay attention to a man’s eyes. They were the one thing that could never lie. No matter how much you could fool your body you could never fool your eyes.
‘Tomorrow then.’ Urs nodded.
‘Yes. Tomorrow.’ Ivy agreed happily.
‘Right. OK.’ and at the moment he couldn’t think of a decent enough reason why they couldn’t have sex come the next day. He had tried in delaying it but he couldn’t continue to do so or Ivy would start to wonder what was wrong with him? What was wrong with herself? And the answer would be that there was nothing wrong. Not with Urs and certainly not with Ivy. Urs desperately wanted to make love to Ivy. To see how she felt. And now, tomorrow he would finally get to know. He would be the first. Just a shame he couldn’t be her last and only one too. Oh well. Unless he opened his mouth and found the courage to actually tell her. Or Ivy would never know.
After having that conversation, Urs let Ivy go. He couldn’t think up a decent enough reason for her to stay any longer. Plus she said that she had ‘’women’s things’’ to prepare. Whatever that meant.
Urs only hoped she wouldn’t go shaving away any hair. He liked the fact Ivy was a natural redhead and wasn’t scared to show that of in her pubic hair. He liked touching and licking Ivy with pubic hair. Tania hated having hair anywhere on her body apart from her head. It had come as quite a surprise when he had discovered one day that Tania wasn’t a natural blonde. That she dyed her hair. He had walked in one day to find her waxing away her dark brown pubic hair. Dark brown! That had come as quite a shock. Why did women dye their hair he had wondered? What was wrong with being au natural? Urs liked natural. He went for the woman and not the hair colour but Tania wouldn’t be told. Thank god he was no longer with her anymore. Her seriously hurting him had done him a good favour. Probably the best ever. Now he was finally free to love someone else. Now he could love Ivy without having to live in fear of his life!!
Carlos Marin was in a bar. Being chatted up by a woman. Oh, no need to worry. He wasn’t cheating on his girlfriend. Far from it. They were actually doing a spot of role play. It kept the romance alive.
‘So, do you come her often?’ his girlfriend, pretending to be someone else asked.
‘No, not really.’ Carlos winked.
‘Fancy coming with me, to a dark corner?’ she winked back.
‘Yeah, sure. Lead the way.’
Joy took his hand and led him to the most darkest booth she could find. Once sat down she took a sip of her drink, winked at him sitting next to her then slide of her seat, under the table.
‘What are you…?’ Carlos asked.
‘OK.’ he whispered as she undid the buckle and zip on his trousers. He then gasped in surprise as Joy then took his becoming erect penis into her mouth. ‘Oooo…’ he groaned as JJ then proceeded to suck at him, ‘Owww…’ he groaned again as he felt his orgasm come. Once satisfied, JJ zipped him back up, wiped at her mouth and sat back down next to Carlos.
‘Wow..’ he whistled.
Joy whispered in his ear, ‘Not done yet.’
‘Oh…?’ he asked in surprise.
‘I’m not wearing any panties…’ she told him, to which Carlos groaned.
‘You’re not…?’ he squeaked.
‘Find out for yourself.’
‘OK.’ he nodded. He slowly slid a hand up her bare thigh. JJ opened her legs as he let his fingers find her middle.
‘Oh my…’ he groaned in glorious delight.
‘Keep going..’ she moaned into his ear as his fingers started working.
‘Oh…my…’ she groaned her orgasm.
‘Lets get out of here.’ Carlos then told her after she’d come, spurting herself over his fingers.
‘Great idea.’ she winked, taking his and and leading him out of the bar.
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PostSubject: Chapter Twelve   Sun Feb 22, 2009 3:17 pm


Urs waited in anticipation of what was going to come that evening. He was nervous. Worried about doing wrong. Worried that if it went wrong he could accidentally turn Ivy of sex forever more. Not something he wanted to do. Unless he could use it to his advantage. Like she would hate sex so much with other men and only want to sleep with him, Urs, forever more. Now, that would be an idea. If only he could make that happen somehow. He prepared himself and his hotel room the best he could. First he showered then shaved. Making sure he was as clean as he could possibly be. Next he prepared the room. Lightening candles. Chilling some champagne. Ordering strawberries and chocolate to be available. Placing the box of ten condoms next to the bed. Then he sorted the bathroom. Making sure that there was enough hot towels and warm water for afterwards. He had read once somewhere that having a hot bath could help a woman with her aches and pains after experiencing sex for the very first time. He hoped everything would be to Ivy’s liking. He wanted to more than impress her. He wanted to wow her so much that she would declare her undying love for him the moment they had finished having sex, to which Urs would then say, ‘I love you too Ivy.’ back to her. He crossed his fingers and hoped for the best. He hoped for the outcome he wished would happen. The one in which would leave him singing with happiness. Screaming his love for Ivy from the rooftops. When Urs was satisfied that everything was the way he wanted it, he then selected himself an outfit to wear. He found his best underwear. Decent socks. A clean shirt and trousers. No jeans this time. He wore a jacket too. A suit. And even a tie. Although personally he hated wearing ties. He always looked, in photographs, as though he was being chocked. But as he wanted to make a good impression on Ivy he was prepared to make the sacrifice. Urs even put on his best aftershave. To him he smelt good. He looked quite good too. Hmm. He would do. Then there was a knock on his hotel room door. He checked the time. 8pm. That, would be Ivy.
Urs opened the door to Ivy and gasped. She looked…beautiful.
Her red hair was shining. Her lips too. They looked so kissable. So lick able. He so wanted to suck her mouth. She was wearing a very sexy outfit. A bustier top that seemed to push her glorious handful breasts up. They looked so tempting. He ached to hold them in his hands. To take a little squeeze. He knew they were real. Thank god. Urs preferred real breasts to fake ones. Ivy was wearing a short-ish skirt. Showing off her rather long legs. They looked so smooth. So soft. So stroke able. Just looking at her was already turning him on.
‘I look OK then?’ she nervously asked.
‘You look…’ he let out a low whistle as she did a twirl.
‘You like?’ she smiled.
‘Oh I do. I do.’ he nodded.
‘I hope you haven’t…’ he then started to say.
‘Haven’t what?’ Ivy asked.
‘Shaved, waxed your…’
‘Your pubic hair away.’ Urs finally said.
‘Wait and see.’ Ivy smiled, teasing slightly.
‘Right.’ Urs then coughed, ‘champagne?’ he then asked.
‘Sure. Thanks.’
Urs poured the champagne. He then handed one to Ivy.
‘Cheers.’ he clinked glasses with her.
‘Cheers.’ she agreed, clinking back.
‘Lets try something.’ Urs then smiled.
‘Sure. OK.’ Ivy nodded.
Urs then linked the arm holding his champagne with Ivy’s.
‘Now, we drink.’ he smiled.
‘OK.’ at the same time they lifted their champagne glasses to their mouths and drank. It seemed a rather romantic thing to do thought Ivy. Was Urs planning on romancing her for her first time?
‘Here, have a strawberry.’ Urs then fed Ivy one.
‘Your turn.’ she then fed him one to which he ended up licking her fingers as the juice ran down them. Ivy coughed back a groan.
Urs swallowed the fruit then lend forward, placed one hand on Ivy’s cheek, then his mouth found hers. In her surprise, she dropped the champagne glass she had been holding and held onto his shirt, opening her mouth to allow his tongue now to start to probe inside her mouth. Urs continued his kissing then moved closer to Ivy. His body pressing into hers.
‘Feel that?’ he asked in between kisses, ‘that, is what you do to me.’
Ivy could feel his erection now, start to grow and feel, starting to push against one thigh. She gasped in part surprised.
‘I want you so much.’ Urs groaned against her mouth.
‘Oh Urs…’ Ivy groaned back. God. She wanted him too she suddenly realised. She wanted him to rip her clothes from her body, to thrust himself into her wetness and scream her name as he came. She wanted him to do all that and so much, much more. She was that desperate, that surprisingly turned on, that horny for him. For all of him.
Urs then pulled away from her. He placed his empty glass on the table then picked up Ivy’s. Then he shook his jacket of and undid his tie. Ivy pulled one end of the tie and pulled it free. She then started on his shirt, undoing each button as quick as she could. She was desperate to see his naked chest again. To stroke the hair and muscle. To kiss his chest. Lick it even. Urs then helped Ivy shrug his shirt off. She ran her palms up and down his chest, feeling the strong muscles underneath.
‘So strong.’ she smiled. ‘so smooth too.’ then she lent forward and licked at one of his nipples. Like hers, they were erect and rather sensitive. Urs groaned, then reached out to stroke her bare shoulder. Ivy shivered with desire.
‘Take it off.’ Urs tugged at her bustier top.
‘You do it.’ she smiled.
‘How…how does it undo?’ he asked.
‘Hooks, at the back.’ he was told.
Urs reached round to find the hooks. It came undone rather easily. Exposing Ivy’s naked breasts and very erect nipples. Urs’ eyes darkened with desire as he groaned at her breasts.
‘Beautiful.’ he whispered, stroking one breast.
Ivy gasped. He then bent and took a nipple in his mouth, lightly sucking and biting it. ‘Oh Urs…’ Ivy moaned.
Urs pulled his head away then started to undo his trousers. His zip was straining against his erection. But he managed to pull it down. Ivy watched him with obvious lust in her eyes. She then started on her own skirt. ‘No, let me…?’ Urs asked.
‘OK.’ she nodded.
Urs shrugged his trousers of then quickly pulled his socks and shoes off. Then he knelt before Ivy and undid her skirt. He groaned in delight when he noticed her underwear. Ivy was wearing a new pair of silky knickers. He stroked the crotch then groaned again as he noticed the damp patch of her desire showing though. Still kneeling he slowly peeled her damp underwear down her legs. He was pleased. Her pubic hair was still there.
‘Oh you want me..’ he smiled up at her.
‘Uh-ha.’ Ivy smiled back.
‘Good.’ he said, standing up. Then he pulled his underpants off.
‘Kiss me again…?’ Ivy asked.
‘Oh yes.’ he nodded, capturing her mouth with his.
She groaned in delight then gasped in excitement as Urs’ hands cupped her breasts. His thumbs rubbing at her erect nipples.
Ivy felt a deep tingle all the way from her breasts down to her crotch. Then she gasped again, in surprise, this time as his fingers moved from one breast down to reach between her legs. He combed his fingers through her silky damp pubic hair, making Ivy gasp yet again as they found her wetness. She reached to take him into her hand. Urs pulled away.
‘Please…let me?’ she asked. He nodded then resumed his kissing. Using his tongue once again. It probed her mouth as his fingers continued their probing deep inside of her. Ivy gently started to stroke his rather large and ready erection. Moving her hand in a grasp up then down, up then down. As Urs and she kissed she could hear him start to gasp and moan in delight as Ivy was also doing. As Urs’ fingers worked inside her and his mouth kissed her, Ivy felt his other hand lightly rub then pinch at her nipple. She gasped in utter delight then felt herself come. She continued to stroke his penis up and down then a second later he too came in her hand.
‘I want you Urs…’ she whispered against his mouth.
‘I want you too…’ he happily agreed.
‘Can we?’ she gestured towards the bed behind them.
He nodded then picked her easily up in his arms, laying her down on the bed then he climbed on top, almost trapping her. Ivy loved the feeling of being trapped by Urs. But suddenly he was gone. She almost groaned until she remembered. He needed a condom. She watched in amazement as he quickly rolled one on. He was already hard again. Then he rejoined Ivy on the bed, trapping her again. This time, she was able to wrap her legs around his waist and groaned as he easily slide himself into her ready wetness.
Urs and Ivy soon found their rhythm. It hurt Ivy a little. A short stinging but nothing more. She was ready to take Urs inside her. Hell, she was more than ready. Having him inside of her felt right. Natural. Like he was made to go inside her. They started kissing again as they thrust away. Then Ivy clutched at Urs’ shoulders and as she and he came she groaned out loud, ‘Oh…oh god…yesss.’
And Urs groaned, ‘I…..vvvvyyyy.’
After Ivy’s ears had stopped buzzing Urs disengaged, dispensed with the condom into a tissue but then pulled her back into his arms.
‘Hmmm…’ Ivy moaned, closing her eyes.
‘Don’t go to sleep yet.’ Urs warned.
‘Why not…?’ she yawned.
‘You need a bath.’ he told her.
‘I’m not dirty though…’
‘No, but your achy.’
‘No I’m not…’ she yawned again.
‘You will be, in the morning. Come on.’ Urs scooped her up in his arms.
‘Urs…’ Ivy tried complaining.
‘Bath time.’ he said.
Urs carried her to the bathroom then lay her gently in the bath. Then he ran the water. Hot water with a little cold. Ivy yawned and stretched.
‘Say awake on me.’ he stroked one breast, kneeling down besides the bath.
‘Come in with me?’ Ivy smiled at him.
‘Tempting. But no.’ he replied.
‘This, is to help combat your aches and pains.’
‘I don’t have any…’
‘No, and hopefully you won’t afterwards.’
‘Does that mean we can’t have sex again?’ Ivy then asked.
‘You mean to say I haven’t scared you of?’ Urs then asked in surprise.
‘No.’ she shook her head, ‘I liked it. And, want to do it again.’
‘Even though you’re tired?’
‘After a nap then…’ Ivy tried.
‘OK. After this bath, and a nap.’ Urs agreed. He was feeling a little tired himself too.
‘I’ll hold you to that.’ she warned.
‘No doubt you will.’
‘I’m not going anywhere else tonight.’ she then smiled.
‘Didn’t think you were.’ Urs smiled back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Thirteen   Mon Mar 02, 2009 3:34 pm


Seb was having a hell of a day. He had just broken up with who he thought was the love of his life. Ha! How wrong could you be. It had gone wrong. So terribly wrong. He had just found her, Charlotte, naked, performing a sex act on another man. To make matters worse it was one of them she always refused point blank to perform on Seb, saying it was dirty. She obviously had no problem sucking that bloke. In fact he had seemed to be enjoying it quite a lot as had Charlotte. Seb sighed a long, depressed sigh and reached his hotel room at long last.
Home sweet home. Not. He walked in, hearing the shower going. Strange he thought. He didn’t remember leaving it on earlier. Unless a cleaning lady had done it. Then he noticed a pair of knickers on the floor and a matching bra. A very sexy pair of knickers and matching bra. They looked to be silky. He itched to pick them up, to smell them. To rub them along his dick….he loved the feel of silk along his dick. It got him going more than most things in life he had found. Was he strange? Then again Seb didn’t care. Then his eyes then fell on a suitcase, open on the floor near the bed. It wasn’t Seb’s.
He was just about to pick up the phone and call down to reception when he heard singing. Someone, female, was singing in his shower. In his bathroom.
Seb groaned. Just what he needed now. Not. He pushed open the bathroom door, ready to moan at just whoever it was then stopped and stared. He whistled. She was a babe. A complete babe. Short in height but perfectly formed. Small neat breasts with perfect looking nipples. They looked like two raspberries he noticed, with long dark looking hair hanging down her back. Stopping just before her handful bottom. Seb had the greatest urge to bite that cute bottom. To sink his teeth into it. To slide his fingers into her wetness and ease himself in to all the pleasure he was sure was waiting for him. He got amazingly hard at the very thought. God. He so wanted to burst. Then he heard a scream. A loud, piercing scream. It took him a moment to work out where the noise was coming from. Then he realised it was coming from the shower girls beautiful and oh so kissable mouth.
‘Get out of my bathroom!’ she screamed at him, her blue eyes shining with what looked to be hatred in them but could also be lust. She had switched the shower off and had now the shower door open.
‘Your bathroom?’ Seb laughed.
‘Yes. My bathroom.’ she attempted to cover herself up with her hands.
Seb sighed and handed her a towel which she snatched off him and tried to cover her wet body up by wrapping it around but it wouldn’t fit. Seb had, either by design or accident, handed her a small hand towel. It just about covered her delightful breasts but stopped just over her lady bits. Her crotch area. Seb looked. Mmm. Interesting. He hadn’t noticed that before while he had been staring, no, make that perving at her. No hair. Did she shave or wax it away he wondered? Dare he ask her. But not at the moment. The look on her face was enough to let him know that she was angry. Fuming.
‘Get out!’ she shouted at him again.
‘What? Why?’ Seb demanded.
‘You’re in my room!’
‘Nope. I don’t think so.’ Seb smiled.
‘Stop it.’ she then demanded.
‘Stop what?’
‘Sorry, but I can’t help it.’ Seb winked.
‘Yes you can.’
‘Nope. Sorry. Can’t.’
‘Why not?’
‘Because you are one hell of a sexy woman.’ Seb whistled.
‘Yeah, because I’m naked.’
‘Nope. Not that.’
‘Oh. What then?’
‘I recognise you.’
‘You do? From where?’
‘Your most recent video.’ Seb winked.
‘Very good performance. Makes a man think you can actually enjoy…’
‘Yes. Well.’ she interrupted.
‘….Sucking dicks.’ Seb finished anyway.
She blushed. Scarlet.
‘What was your latest one called? Sarah sucks…?’
‘You obviously watch a lot of blue movies.’
‘Yeah. Well.’ Seb shrugged. He had watched a few in his time. He actually liked them. Especially the ones with Sarah in them. She was good. Very, very good. Made Seb very happy each and every time he watched one of them.
‘A man like you can’t get a girlfriend?’ she then asked.
‘Oh. I can. I can.’ Seb nodded at this.
‘What then…?’ she demanded.
‘Just not one who likes…’ he glanced down at his trouser area. At his rather prominent looking erection which was starting to peep through.
‘Well, not mine anyway.’ he sighed.
‘You…what? Caught her?’
‘Oh yes. Naked. Sucking some guys….’
‘Oh. Poor you.’ she sympathised.
‘Just now…’
‘Double bad.’
‘What does it…look like?’ she then asked.
‘What does what look like…?’ Seb blinked.
‘Oh. I don’t know.’
‘I mean, I’ve never been into comparing…’ he easily lied. He, Carlos, David and Urs had once, on a boring tour bus, decided to compare dicks. Needles to say Seb didn’t actually win. Urs did! He seemed to have the biggest out of the whole lot of them. Seb was convinced it was just that looking down at it and looking straight at one made the size change. At least that was what he kept telling himself. It worked. Mostly. Until he had caught Charlotte sucking that guys dick like it was a juicy sausage or ice cream. She had seemed to be enjoying it rather a lot. Like she had been starved of sex and penis’ for such a long time. Completely forgetting that the night before she and Seb had been at it like rabbits.
‘Show me?’ she asked.
‘Eh…?’ Seb stared at her.
‘Show me?’ she repeated.
‘No.’ he laughed.
‘You’ve already seen ME naked.’ she pointed out.
‘At least tell me your name first?’
‘So not Sarah then…?’
‘Hey, it rhymed with…’
‘Oh. OK.’
‘Hey, Sarah sucks Seb’s…’
‘But you’re not named Sarah.’ Seb pointed out.
‘Fair point. Go on then.’
‘OK.’ Seb sighed. He undid his jeans. And pulled them down and his underpants too.
Ingrid whistled.
‘What?’ Seb asked.
‘Nice.’ she nodded.
‘Thought it was horrible…’
‘Some women make things up. So not to do certain sex acts. But that shouldn’t put you of.’ Ingrid tried reassuring him.
‘Oh. OK.’
‘What are you doing?’ Ingrid then asked when Seb proceeded to pack himself away again.
‘Getting dressed.’
‘Oh no you don’t.’ she stopped him.
‘Take all your clothes off.’ she then lightly demanded.
‘What for…?’ Seb asked.
Ingrid dropped her towel. She now stood naked, ‘I need someone to help me wash my back.’ she winked.
‘Oh!’ Seb’s eyes light up.
‘Come on then big boy.’ Ingrid winked again.
Seb quickly stripped the rest of his clothes of.
Ingrid took his hand and led him into the shower. She closed the door, switched the shower back on then dropped to her knees.
‘Oh Ingrid…’ Seb groaned as she proceeded to take him into her mouth, to lick and suck him to orgasm. His first blowjob in what seemed like forever.
Afterwards they had fun shower sex. Soaping each other all over then Seb helped Ingrid to dry her hair and body, getting very intimate with both his fingers and his tongue. Before carrying her, yawning her head off to the bedroom. They then settled down to sleep. Seb snuggled up to Ingrid. Placing an arm around her. His hand lightly resting just under one breast.
Later, Seb woke happy to see Ingrid was still there. She was standing by the bed, staring at his wardrobe. Seb stretched and sat up, ‘What’s wrong?’ he asked.
‘I was just wondering..’ she turned and smiled at him.
‘Wondering, what…?’
‘Where I’m going to put my clothes. Your wardrobe is full.’
‘So, you’re staying then?’
‘Might as well.’ Ingrid shrugged.
‘Great. Great.’ Seb nodded.
‘It must have been fate, me being booked into your room.’
‘I love fate.’ he winked.
‘As much as or more then my mouth wrapped around..’ Seb caught her mouth with his and kissed her, pulling her back into the unmade bed.
‘I’m just glad you’re here with me.’ Seb smiled, pulling his mouth away from hers. He then reached out and stroked her hair. It had gone curly now. Forming around her face.
‘Me too.’ Ingrid smiled.
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PostSubject: Chapter Fourteen   Mon Mar 02, 2009 3:36 pm


Urs sat and watched Ivy sleep. Even when asleep she was stunning. Beautiful and still oh so sexy. She stretched in her sleep and moved about, dislodging the sheet covering her, exposing one perfect breast. The nipple instantly hardened when greeted with the cold night air. Urs reached out, kissing Ivy’s bare shoulder, his hand cupping her breast. She let out a light moan then opened her eyes.
‘I didn’t mean to wake you.’ Urs smiled down at her.
‘I’m glad you did.’ she pulled the sheet right off herself, ‘come?’ she asked, holding her arms out towards him.
‘We already have. Several times.’ he winked, making her blush.
‘I’m ready to go again.’ she opened her legs.
‘As, I can see.’
‘You too.’ Ivy winked, noticing his penis lift and harden.
Urs lay down besides her. Ivy gasped hold of him.
‘Oh Ivy…’ he moaned as his fingers found her centre.
‘That’s it Urs…that’s it..’ Ivy now moaned too.
Then Urs pulled his fingers out and took her hand away from him.
‘Urs…?’ Ivy looked puzzled at him.
‘I’ve been meaning to do something to you for ages.’ he winked.
‘Oh…?’ she asked.
‘Oh yes.’ he nodded, moving his head between her open legs.
‘Oh…?’ she asked again.
Urs then started licking her. Then, when Ivy wasn’t expecting it he put his fingers back inside too. The combination of his tongue working deep inside her and his fingers massaging her clitoris too made her clutch at the bed covers as she started to moan and pant in ecstasy. Then, as her orgasm finally over took her she screamed out as she violently came.
‘Wow.’ Urs smiled up at her as her orgasm still buzzed in her ears.
‘Wow exactly.’ she agreed.
‘I guess you liked that then?’ he asked.
‘I sure did.’ Ivy agreed as Urs moved to lay besides her once again. She then smiled as she climbed onto his erection.
‘Condom…’ he moaned.
Ivy grabbed one, slide herself off then pulled open the wrapper.
‘I’ll do it..’ Urs offered.
‘Let me, please?’ she asked.
‘OK.’ he nodded then watched in fascination as carefully and quickly Ivy rolled the condom on. ‘Wow. I’m impressed.’ he smiled.
‘Been…practicing.’ she winked as she climbed back onto him and eased herself slowly down. On a banana she almost added.
‘Easy..’ he groaned.
‘Oh, don’t you worry. I want to take my time.’
‘Aaahhhh…’ he groaned again, gripping hold of her hips.
‘Mmm….’ Ivy agreed, stroking his chest.
Urs then reached up to cup her breasts. He started lightly rubbing her erect nipples.
‘Harder…’ Ivy moaned, starting to thrust now in rhythm with him.
‘Oh boy…I’m….I’m…’ he groaned.
‘Me too…’ Ivy groaned too, thrusting harder now.
Then Urs moaned, ‘Oh…oh….Ivvvyyyy…’ and came then Ivy also groaned.
‘Uuuurrssss…’ and came too. She then flopped exhaustingly down onto him.
‘Good eh?’ he smiled.
‘Oh yes.’ she happily agreed.
Urs put his arms around her and stoked her hair. Moments later Ivy was fast asleep. Urs waited for a moment then slowly eased himself out of her. While taking the condom of he noticed something. It had a slight tear in it. Oh well he thought. I haven’t had unprotected sex for well over ten years and Ivy is on the pill. So, it should, should be OK this one time. He then threw the condom away then pulled Ivy close again, yawned and finally fell asleep. Holding in his arms the woman he loved. The wonderful Ivelisse.
Later, Ivy woke up. She took a long lingering look at the man she loved, the wonderful Urs Buhler then slowly and quietly eased herself out of bed, gathered up her clothes then went to the bathroom to dress. She had to leave before she was tempted to wake him up and blurt out, ‘I love you.’ when she knew these past few weeks he had only been doing as she had asked him - to teach her all about sex. But now she knew and it was time to finally say goodbye to someone who had been more than just a good teacher. But a teacher was all Urs thought he was to Ivy and she refused to tell him how she felt just in case he turned around and laughed in hr face. Laughed over her feelings. So no she had to leave, and now. With one last lingering look Ivy blew a still sleeping Urs a kiss, placed next to him on the pillow a letter she had written him then sadly turned and left. Walking away with tears in her eyes and a sharp stabbing pain deep in her heart.
Urs woke with a stretch. He immediately felt for Ivy. But she wasn’t there. Plus, her side of the bed felt cold. He listened out for any sound of the shower going but could hear nothing. He sat up. Something seemed to be missing. Then he realised what it was. No clothes. None of Ivy’s clothes were to be seen. His eyes scanned the room. No. No sign. He climbed out of bed and walked to the bathroom. Ivy wasn’t here. Not in the bath or in the shower. Urs was alone. He shook his head and walked back to the bedroom. Then he spotted an envelope on Ivy’s pillow. He sat down on the empty bed and snatched up the letter, tearing it open. He couldn’t believe what he was reading. In the letter Ivy was thanking him for teaching her everything she had ever wanted to know about sex. That she thought he had been a good, and rather interesting teacher. But now she had taken up too much of his time and would feel sad to leave him but she knew that she had to. That it was time she moved on and let Urs form a relationship with a proper woman. Someone who he could fall in love with. But thank you for ‘’All your time spend teaching me’’. Ivy had written. She had sighed it, ‘Ivelisse.’ making the letter sound so official. Like a business arrangement. Which, Urs supposed it had been. At first. But he hadn’t counted on falling in love with Ivy. Hadn’t dreamt that he wouldn’t want to ever let her go. That he wanted a permanent arrangement. He wanted now move. Marriage even. Hell, children too. Urs wanted it all but only with one person. Only with Ivy. He was deeply in love with her and determined to, somehow, make her love him too. He would romance her into loving him back. Yes. That’s what he would do. But first he needed his best friend, David, needed his help on what he could do. To win Ivy’s heart.
Urs rang David and arranged to meet up with him that night in a local bar. It had been a long time since Urs and David had really got together to talk. They used to do it every day but then the IL DIVO schedule had gotten too heavy, plus what with Urs continuously thinking about Ivy he had accidentally ignored his friend. But he knew now was the time to apologise to David and to make up to him.
‘Urs! Mate! Long time no see!’ David greeted Urs on seeing him while hugging him.
‘David! Mate!’ Urs hugged his best friend gratefully back.
‘How are you?’
‘OK…OK.’ Urs nodded.
‘Seems like its been forever since we last saw each other!’ David laughed.
‘Well…it has been a time.’ Urs agreed.
Urs hadn’t meant to neglect David, his best friend. But, from now on he was determined to make it up to him. Somehow!
‘Sorry about..’ Urs began to apologise.
‘No need.’ David cut him of, ‘just don’t do it again!’ he laughed.
‘I won’t. I won’t.’
‘Mate, what’s wrong?’ a concerned David asked after Urs had admitted a long, sad sigh.
‘I’m…in love.’ Urs finally admitted.
‘Eh? What?’
So Urs told him. All about Ivy. About him teaching her all about sex. About falling in love with her almost on first sight.
‘I know, that after Tania, I swore off women. But…’
‘Ivy’s different?’ David asked.
‘Yes. She is. That’s the point.’ Urs happily nodded.
‘Right. OK.’
‘You’re not…happy for me?’ Urs carefully asked on hearing this response.
‘No. No. I am. I am.’ David nodded.
‘But, be careful.’
‘Oh, don’t worry. I am being. I will be.’
‘So. Ivy feels the same then?’ David then asked.
‘What mate?’
‘I don’t know.’
‘But I’m determined to either win her love, or die trying.’
‘Not literally die I hope.’ David nervously laughed.
‘No. Just a figure of speech.’
‘Phew!’ David let out a huge sigh of relief.
‘Do you…have any ideas that could help me?’ Urs then asked his best friend.
‘I can only think of one thing.’
‘Which is…?’
‘Make her jealous.’ David laughed.
‘Would that work?’ Urs asked.
‘It has done, in the past.’ David shrugged.
‘OK. Thanks.’ Urs hugged his friend again and then left.
David sat at the bar, staring into space.
‘Would you like a drink Sir?’ the barman asked him.
‘Yes please. Something strong.’ David nodded.
The barman poured a double vodka. David picked up the glass, raised it, said, ‘Cheers.’ then knocked it back in one go.
‘Another please.’ he then asked the barman, ‘in fact, just leave the bottle please.’
‘OK.’ the barman nodded.
David sat and drank. It had taken until now for him to realise. After all this time, David was finally in love. But not with a woman. But, with Urs. His best friend. David had had an inkling that he felt more for him than just friendship when Urs had been attacked by mad Tania. David had been the one to find him, covered in only a towel, bleeding. Urs had almost died. But David had sprung into action. Phoning the ambulance, pulling Tania off Urs. She had been scratching and hitting him. David had seeped the flow of blood from Urs’ thigh wound. Seeing Urs injured, possibly dying had awoken something up in him. His feelings. But it had taken until just now for these feeling to click into place. For him to realise what it all meant. David was in love with Urs. It didn’t make him gay, or did it? Not that David had anything against gays but it would take some adjusting to if he were.
He sat and continued to drink slowly. Thought the vodka bottle. He was just about to order a second one when a hand on his arm stopped him. He looked up, hoping to see Urs. But he was disappointed. It wasn’t Urs. But a woman. A dark haired woman with light hazel eyes. Her eyes reminded David of Urs’.
‘Hi.’ she smiled at him.
‘Hi.’ he nodded back.
‘You look…upset.’
‘That, I am.’ David agreed.
‘Why?’ she asked him. ‘I’m Camy by the way.’ she introduced herself.
‘Hi David.’
‘Hi Camy. I’m in love.’ he sighed.
‘Ursula. I meant Ursula.’ David corrected, giving Urs a female name.
‘Ursula…loves someone else.’
‘I mean, for ages we were close.’
‘He…I mean she, she had an accident a while back.’
‘A thigh injury.’
‘Bad.’ Camy nodded.
‘I found her…bleeding.’
‘You saved her life?’
‘Yeah. Sort of.’
‘But you didn’t realise back then. That you loved her.’
‘No. Not until…recently.’
‘Then something happened.’
‘She’s…fallen in love with someone else.’
‘She’s just told you?’
‘So…that guy earlier, was who? Her boyfriend?’
‘Yeah, something like that.’ David agreed.
‘He seems like a nice guy.’ Camy smiled.
‘Oh. He is. He is. The best.’ David nodded.
‘Well then looks like this, Ursula, is in good hands then.’
‘Yeah. Suppose.’
‘Come on.’ Camy held her hand out.
‘Where, are we going?’ David placed his hand in hers and stood up.
‘My place.’ she smiled.
‘Oh…?’ he raised his eyebrows.
‘You need to sleep your alcohol of.’
‘Oh…’ he sighed.
‘Plus, you need to get over Ursula.’
‘By getting over me.’
‘Eh? By doing what?’
‘Sleeping with me David.’
‘Oh. OH! OK.’ David nodded and smiled.
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PostSubject: Chapter Fifteen   Sat Aug 08, 2009 10:01 pm


Camy watched David as he slept. He was gorgeous. Completely gorgeous. But with one fatal flaw. He had called out the name, ‘’Ursula’’ when he had come. Or rather, ‘Urs.’ He had moaned in his sleep, ‘Oh Urs…I love you.’
Camy had a sneaking feeling that this Urs was actually a man. But never mind. She had an open mind. Of sorts. Now all she needed was for David to admit that he was in love with another man and everything would be OK. Especially if that guy earlier had been Urs. He had been rather sexy Camy thought. What with those pecs of his and curly hair. But Camy was more attracted to David. She stroked his smooth chest and placed kisses on his chest, moving her head down to his waist.
David stirred in his sleep as she continued to kiss and now lick all the way down to his now wakening penis.
‘Eh…?’ he woke up just as Camy took him into her mouth. She looked up at him and smiled, ‘Oh…Camy.’ he groaned as she started to suck his then lightly cup and squeeze his balls until he groaned his orgasm. It didn’t take long. Morning erections usually didn’t take long to deal with. Oh well. Later Camy could suck him more slowly, bringing his orgasm on slowly so he felt as though he would burst than come in her mouth.
‘At least this time you got my name right.’ Camy said, wiping at her mouth.
‘Oh? Who did I call you…?’
‘Ursula.’ David nodded.
‘No. I mean Urs.’ she corrected, looking straight at him. Straight into his big blue eyes. He had rather amazing blue eyes. She noticed. She could easily drown in them if given half the chance. But not now. Now she had a talk to have with him.
‘Who I am assuming is actually a man.’
‘He is, isn’t he?’ Camy asked for confirmation.
‘Thought so.’ at least he hadn’t denied it which was what she had been expecting. At least he was honest. He had that going for him. Honesty. Camy liked a guy who was honest. It was a good feature for anyone to have.
‘Was he the guy who I saw earlier?’ Camy then asked.
‘Yes.’ David sighed.
‘He’s cute.’
‘So, you’ve been in love with Urs for how long?’
‘I don’t know.’ David shrugged.
‘Think so.’
‘How long have you know his? Urs?’
‘For…five years now.’
‘Wow. Five years.’
‘But its only since…since he fell in love…’ David sighed.
‘Which he told you yesterday.’
‘Yep. Yesterday.’
‘That you suddenly realised.’ Camy nodded.
‘Yep.’ David now nodded too.
‘I mean…I’m not gay.’
‘Of course you aren’t.’ Camy agreed.
‘Sleeping with you…’
‘Four times. Yep.’ Camy smiled.
‘We did it four times?’
‘Oh yes. Don’t you remember?’
‘Think I need reminding..’ David reached out and touched one of Camy’s bare breasts, lightly rubbing at her nipple. It puckered up like it was cold.
‘Not yet…’ Camy teased, batting his hand away and groaning slightly as she felt herself start to get wet again.
‘Oh…’ he tried to sulk.
‘I’ll make it up to you later.’ she winked.
‘I’ll hold you to that….’
‘Tell me, why do you love Urs then? Or at least think you do?’
‘He’s a great friend. Caring. Kind. Compassionate. He’s so nice he’s even helped the woman he loves discover her…sexuality.’
Camy bet he had but she didn’t say this, instead she said, ‘Go on?’
‘He’s never been angry with me, or with anyone…’
‘Sounds perfect.’
‘He’s straight.’
‘I kind of guessed that. So, no chance of him feeling the same about you then?’
‘Not even a little chance?’
‘No.’ David shook his head.
‘So, a case of unrequited love then.’
‘Yep. Looks that way.’ David sadly agreed.
‘Yep. Oh.’ he agreed.
‘I’m sorry.’ Camy said.
‘No, don’t be. Just be…’
‘Just be what?’ she asked.
‘The one to help me forget.’
‘Hey, if I hadn’t planned on helping you we would have never slept together.’ Camy surprised him by saying.
‘Oh. OK.’
‘Alright with you?’ she then asked.
‘Oh yes. Yes.’ he happily nodded, smiling broadly at her.
‘Well then.’ she held her arms out towards him, ‘come here.’ she smiled.
David manoeuvred his naked body into her welcoming arms. He laid his head on her shoulder and as she began to stroke his hair his thumbs found her nipples and started to rub them.
‘Mmmm…’ she groaned.
‘Mmm…exactly.’ he winked up at her.
Carlos and Joy were also having sex. Carlos had just surprised her with a proposal of marriage. A very sexual proposal of marriage. Which had included Carlos, laying naked on the bed wrapped with only a bow around his penis.
He had also tied the ring to the bow too.
‘Unwrap me.’ he had winked at Joy as she had walked in on him.
‘Give me one good reason…’ she had teased.
‘I’ve a surprise for you.’ he had winked.
‘I’ve one for you too.’
‘Come here…’
‘Nope. Mine first.’ Joy had then done a sexy strip. She stripped down to her brand new undies. As she stood with her legs apart Carlos let out a low whistle and his penis stood to attention. Joy was wearing crotchless knickers and for an added surprise had waxed her usually dark brown pubic hair away, ‘I see you like it.’ she winked.
‘I more than like it.’ he groaned, ‘come and unwrap me.’ he then almost pleaded.
Joy knelt by the bed and tugged at the bow around his penis.
Carlos let out a low groan as his penis leaked a bit in all the excitement.
‘Oh…wow.’ she gazed at the diamond engagement ring he had been concealing.
‘You like?’
‘I sure do.’
‘Marry me JJ?’
‘Thought you’d never ask.’ she smiled as Carlos undid the ring and slipped it onto her finger. She reached up, kissed his mouth then lowered her head and took him into her mouth. Carlos lay back and groaned in ecstasy as she worked him to orgasm. Joy then took her bra off, freeing her breasts and while still wearing the crotchless knickers climbed on her boyfriend, now fiancé. Carlos was hard again and more than ready to go.
Urs was searching through his phone book on his mobile phone. He needed to find a woman to date. Someone who would make Ivy so jealous that she would come to her senses and see how much she loved him. He only hoped that it would work. Aah. He found someone. Luckily someone who he had met after that incident with Tania. Someone Tania herself hadn’t met or even knew. Roberta. He had liked Roberta on meeting her but only that. She had persuaded him to take her number, just in case he ever ‘’changed his mind.’’ and fancied dating her. Urs’ palms felt strangely sweaty as he dialled her number. It didn’t take her long to answer.
‘Err…hi.’ he nervously coughed, ‘this, is Urs…’ he identified himself.
‘Urs! You finally called me!’ Roberta laughed down the phone.
‘Yes, at long last.’ he agreed.
‘So, how are you?’ she asked.
‘OK. Good.’
‘Fancy a date?’
‘I was just about to ask you that..’ Urs nervously laughed.
‘Will tomorrow be OK?’ Roberta asked.
‘Err…tomorrow. Sure. Sure. OK.’
‘Name the time, and place.’
So Urs named the restaurant he had first met Ivy at. The one in which she had asked him to take her virginity.
‘Ow…sounds romantic.’ Roberta swooned down the phone.
‘Well, that’s what I’m going for.’ Urs easily lied.
Now, all he had to do now was somehow get Ivy to be there too. To witness his date. He thought about asking her out. Getting her to turn up at the restaurant to find him with Roberta then decided against it. He was a gentleman. He could never make her turn up on a date by herself. He wasn’t even going to let Roberta turn up by herself. He had arranged, with Roberta, to meet her at her home first. Sometimes, he was just too much of a gentleman for his own good.
To let Ivy know what he was planning he rang up Joy and casually mentioned it to her. Knowing full well she would pass on the information.
‘But I thought you and Ivy were dating.’ Joy told him, sounding rather confused.
‘No. No.’
‘But you looked so…good together on that date in the park.’
‘You mean our second and last date.’ Urs said.
‘Don’t you like Ivy…?’ Joy asked him.
‘Of course I like her!’ he laughed.
‘So why aren’t you…’
‘Ivy, turned me down.’ Urs attempted to sulk down the phone.
‘Mad girl.’ Joy muttered.
‘Yeah. Well.’
‘I’ll talk to her. Make her see sense.’ she offered.
‘No. No. I’ll…I’ll cope.’
‘OK. If you are sure?’
‘Yeah. Yeah. I’m sure.’ Urs agreed.
Right. Plan one had been put into place! Now, he just had to wait and see if him talking to Joy got passed on. Or not. He hoped it would. He was working on the basics that Ivy and Joy were best friends or at least good friends and so talked. Told each other everything that happened. Urs would never do that with his friends. Then again, he was a man and used to keeping his thoughts and feelings to himself. He wished sometimes that he could open up and talk to his friend. That he’d talk a lot more to David, his best friend, about stuff that was bothering him. But he wasn’t. So he couldn’t. Oh well. Oh well.

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PostSubject: Chapter Sixteen   Sat Aug 08, 2009 10:02 pm


Ivy was regretting walking away from Urs. She shouldn’t have left him with that note. She should have waited until he had woken up and talked to him. She should have told him how she felt about him. But, she hadn’t. Instead she had taken the easy way out. She had left him a note. A note she now regretted writing. She so wanted to talk to someone about what she had done, and why she had but didn’t know who she could turn to. Who she could trust the most. Then she received a phone call from her best male friend. She and Stevie had met while in school. They had bonded over outfits and hairstyle tips. Stevie had been gay for as long as Ivy had known him. And she had been in love with him for as long as she had known him. Unrequited love really was a bummer sometimes.
‘Girl! I just had to call you!’ Stevie laughed down the phone.
‘Oh Stevie..’ Ivy sobbed.
‘Honey. Tell me everything.’ he asked on hearing her distress.
So Ivy did. All about meeting Urs. About asking him to teach her about sex, to be her first. Then the lessons that had followed concluding with them finally having sex. About Ivy’s growing feelings for Urs.
‘Oh honey…you love him.’ Stevie guessed, correctly.
‘I do.’ she admitted.
‘But you let him go…’
‘I had to. We’d come to the end of our teaching..’ Ivy sighed down the phone.
‘Without telling him.’
‘I couldn’t. I wasn’t my place to..’
‘Oh Ivelisse!’ Stevie now sighed down the phone, using his friends full name.
‘I couldn’t…’
‘But you love him.’
‘I know…’
‘You need him…’
‘I know.’ Ivy repeated.
‘You must win him back.’
‘No. I couldn’t…’
‘Yes, you could.’
‘No, I couldn’t…’
‘I’ll help you.’ Stevie offered, totally ignoring her.
‘Eh? How?’
‘By the usual means.’
‘Which are…?’
‘Make yourself look absolutely gorgeous, then make him jealous.’
‘Yeah. Like that would work…’ Ivy snorted.
‘With me helping you honey, it will.’
‘It will.’ Stevie insisted.
‘OK. Fine.’
‘I’m in your hands.’ Ivy told him.
‘I do so love a challenge!’ Stevie sang down the phone.
‘Mmm…’ Ivy could just picture him, rubbing his hands in glee at the prospect of the challenge. She just wished that she felt so sure they were about to do the right thing. She then told him about Urs’ date later that evening. Joy had indeed sadly past on the information after moaning slightly at Ivy. For some reason she was under the impression Ivy had pushed Urs away. That she had been the one to lose him. When she hadn’t. At least not completely. They had both pushed each other away. Urs hadn’t contacted Ivy since finding that letter so she guessed they no longer had anything. Not a friendship or an association of any sort. Or at least so it certainly seemed not. Oh well.
Stevie came to see Ivy later. He immediately made her take a shower and wash her hair. While she was doing that he searched though her wardrobe for something sexy and eye-catching to wear. For an outfit that would knock his guy Urs’ eyes out. Make them stand out on stalks so he could see what he had lost in letting Ivy go without a decent fight. Personally Stevie thought the man must be either stupid, blind, crazy, or all three. Ivy was a babe. If Stevie hadn’t been guy he would fancy her. She was every mans dream woman. Beautiful and intelligent. A complete babe. Once showered, Stevie styled Ivy’s hair and dressed her in a rather neck plunging sexy number. It was blue in colour which made her hair look even brighter and made her brown eyes look hazel. It showed of her long smooth legs. Her hair was piled onto her head, making her neck look extra long and so kissable. She looked and smelt gorgeous. Perfect. Stevie stood back to take in the overall affect. He had done a wonderful job even if he did say, or rather think so himself.
‘I look…amazing.’ Ivy stared at her reflection.
‘You sure do sweet cheeks.’ Stevie happily agreed.
‘But I’m still dateless..’
‘No you’re not.’
‘I am…unless.’ Ivy laughed, ‘you’re coming, as my date.’
‘That, I am.’
‘Look, does this Urs know I’m gay?’
‘Urs, doesn’t even know you exist.’
‘Perfect then. So I’ll come as your date. Flirt like mad with you. He’ll see this, become amazingly jealous, then confess his undying love for you.’ Stevie smiled.
‘Not all in one night…’
‘We can only hope.’ he winked at her.
‘Think positively sweet cheeks. Positively.’ Stevie pinched her cheek, in a kind caring gesture.
‘I’ll try…’ Ivy attempted a half smile.
Stevie acted like a complete, straight male. It took a lot of acting on his part to act completely straight. Helping Ivy to the table. Flirting with her. They had spotted Urs on entering the restaurant. Ivy had sadly pointed him out.
‘Cu…te.’ Stevie swooned on seeing him.
‘Behave.’ Ivy hissed, ‘you’re supposed to be straight. At least for tonight.’
‘Oh, don’t worry sweet cheeks, for tonight I am 100% male. No flirting with any cute man. I promise.’ Stevie crossed his heart, with a forefinger.
Stevie, had taken some changing. Ditching his usual clothing of skin tight jeans and vest top and eyeliner. Boy did he love wearing eyeliner. And lipstick sometimes too. Men never wore makeup, not ever he was told. Making him wear instead baggier jeans then changing them for a suit and tie. Brushing his hair. Getting rid of the grease he used in it to style it. Making him look maler. If there was such a word. Stevie was just too gay looking for his own good. Ivy even had to teach him how to walk like a man. Without wiggling his bum. Men didn’t wiggle their bums as they walked along she told him. They walked straight. Holding up their backs. Trying to make themselves look taller to impress unsuspecting females.
Urs had immediately spotted Ivy and her date as soon as they had walked into the restaurant. Roberta had been in the middle of talking about something when he had seen Ivy. He completely ignored his date and instead sat and stared at Ivy. He noticed the dress she was wearing. Her cleavage. He stared at it. He had the strangest urge to storm over there to her, to yank up her top. To cover it up so her ‘’boyfriend’’ could stop getting a right eyeful. He was perving at Urs’ property. Not that Ivy was, but still. Urs also wanted to punch the lights out of Ivy’s date. How dare he! Just how dare he Urs fumed. He clenched his fist and held his tongue. Just before he said something that he would later regret. He couldn’t concentrate on the rest of the evening with Roberta. He felt too angry. Too annoyed. Watching the woman he loved sit and flirt and touch and be touched. He sat and watched and fumed. Becoming more and more angrier as the evening went on. Then, when Ivy and her date finally left the restaurant Urs stood up, threw some money onto the table, muttered, ‘I’ve got to leave.’ to Roberta and followed Ivy and him all the way to her home. Trailing at a safe distance, or so he thought.
‘Your hunk is following us.’ Stevie whispered into Ivy’s ear.
‘I know.’ she smiled back.
‘I’ll come in for coffee, wait about an hour then leave.’ Stevie decided.
‘OK.’ she nodded, knowing that that hour should just about be long enough for Urs to come to the conclusion that Ivy and her date had sex in it. In reality, she and Stevie just sat and talked. About the evening. About their lives and what they had been doing in it so far. Cheering Ivy up. Making her smile and even laugh again.
Stevie really was a good friend and he did have some interesting stories to tell. Not always clean ones either. It gave Ivy a lot of new ideas for her new erotic stories she had to start writing sometime soon. In the end, Stevie stayed for almost three hours. Then, when he left Ivy got changed into her nightwear. It was a new nightdress. Silky material with thin straps. As usual Ivy wore no underwear underneath. She was just about to clean her teeth for bed when the doorbell rang. Thinking it was Stevie coming back for something she opened the door without either putting a robe on first or checking the caller. It was Urs her caller.
‘Urs…’ she exclaimed as he pushed his way into her home without speaking a word. She noticed his eyes, scanning the room for any signs of Stevie she guessed.
‘Where is he?’ he finally muttered.
‘At home, in his own bed I’m assuming.’ Ivy laughed.
‘Ha!’ Urs snorted. He started walking towards her. Ivy immediately started backing away.
Urs just smiled then reached out and tugged down a strap, exposing her bare breast and now erect nipple. He let out a low groan and then lowered his head and captured her nipple in his mouth. Ivy moaned in delight as Urs then yanked her nightgown down from her body. She was naked underneath he happily noticed.
‘Oh god Ivy..’ Urs groaned against her breast as his fingers started stroking her wetness between her legs. Then she gasped in pleasure as he plunged two fingers inside. Ivy grasped his head and hair, ‘Oh Urs..’ she groaned as his fingers worked deep inside of her. It didn’t take her long to orgasm. Urs then pulled his fingers out of her, raised his head and muttered, ‘Something for you to remember me by tonight.’ then without another word turned and walked away. Leaving Ivy standing there, now naked crying out, ‘Urs…?’
She didn’t understand why he had just done that then walked away when she could tell he was too very obviously turned on. She had felt it, pushing against her stomach. She waited. Hoping that he would come back. But a moment later she heard her front door open and then close with a definite slam. Nope. He had gone. Left her wanting more. Left her wanting him deep inside her once again. Ivy slide down the wall she had been leaning against, crawled herself up into a small ball and cried her heart out.

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PostSubject: Chapter Seventeen   Sat Aug 08, 2009 10:03 pm


Leaving Ivy, Urs walked for a while. Trying to cool down. He couldn’t believe what he had just done. He had almost assaulted her. For no reason what so ever. How could he ever learn to live with himself if he found out that he had hurt her. He just hoped and prayed he hadn’t. Then he dragged his mobile phone out of his pocket and tried calling Ivy. To apologise to her. But she just ignored his call. It went straight to answer phone. He tried several times. Each time he was unsuccessful. He sighed. A long sad sigh. Then he tried phoning David.
David almost answered straight away. Like he had been sitting on his phone, waiting Urs’ call or like he had been expecting to hear from him.
‘Meet me, at the usual place.’ Urs asked.
‘Sure. OK.’ David easily agreed without wanting to know why.
But by the time David met up with Urs at the local bar Urs was already drunk.
‘Mate, Urs…’ David laid a hand on his friends shoulder.
‘I love you David.’ Urs turned around and lunged at him.
‘No, you don’t.’ David held him by the shoulders.
‘I do.’ Urs insisted.
‘No. You love Ivy.’
‘But she doesn’t love me..’ Urs slurred, sighing.
‘She does.’
‘Just because we’ve had…had se….se…doesn’t mean.’
‘You slept together because Ivy loves you.’
‘No she doesn’t…’
‘A woman doesn’t go sleeping with someone when their feelings aren’t involved.’ David tried.
‘No. Ivy slept with me…because I made her.’
‘Did she ever push you away?’
‘I never let her…’ Urs slurred, hiccupping now.
‘You’re drunk.’ David suddenly realised.
‘I may be a little…intoxicated.’ Urs agreed.
‘Never seen you drunk.’
‘Oh, but I have been before. Many times. Many, many times.’ Urs nodded.
‘Yeah. Every time I had to…had to…with her.’
‘Tania?’ David helped out.
‘Yeah. Tania. That’s the one.’ Urs spat her name, ‘did you know…she dyes her hair?’ he then offered.
‘Does she?’
‘Yep. I once caught her…waxing that.’ Urs glanced down at his crotch.
‘Pubic hair you mean.’
‘That’s the one.’ Urs wobbled on his feet. David held his hands out to steady his friend, ‘I do love you though Dave..’ Urs lent towards him.
‘I love you too Urs.’
‘No, I mean really love you…’ Urs then attempted to kiss him.
‘I really wish you meant that. But you don’t.’ David easily, and carefully pushed his friend away.
‘Davey…’ Urs slurred.
‘Come on. Bedtime.’
‘Whey-hey!’ Urs attempted a slurred wink.
‘On your own.’
‘You’re drunk.’
‘I still love you…’
‘But not like you love Ivy.’ David wisely pointed out.
‘Suppose…’ his friend shrugged.
Camy then turned up. She had been close by. Listening to the conversation. And helped David lead Urs back to his hotel room and put him to bed. Alone.
‘Thanks. For helping me..’ David said to Camy afterwards as they sat and watched his friend sleep.
‘That’s OK.’
‘He doesn’t really love me.’
‘I know.’
‘If he did, then…’
‘Then you’d be happy. But he doesn’t so you aren’t.’
‘I should be unhappy. But….then I met you.’ David smiled.
‘And?’ Camy asked.
‘Now I kind of love…you.’
‘Thank you.’ she smiled then kissed him rather passionately.
Next morning, when Urs woke up he had the hangover from hell and wondered why David’s t-shirt was laying on his bedroom floor, along with a half naked David, covered by the looks of it a sheet or a bath towel. It was very strange. Very strange indeed. Urs groaned and rubbed his face. He hadn’t slept with him had he? He searched his brain but found he couldn’t remember. He carefully lifted up the bedcovers. And sighed in relief. He was still fully clothed. Thank god. Then he heard a sound coming from the bathroom and out walked, fully dressed was a rather gorgeous dark haired woman.
Urs sat up carefully. His head was pounding now, ‘Hi.’ he smiled at her.
‘Hi.’ she smiled back.
‘What is David doing on my bedroom floor?’ he asked.
‘You were drunk last night. David and I…’ she blushed, ‘rescued you from the bar. Don’t you remember?’ she asked back.
Actually, after putting Urs to bed that night Camy and David had started kissing which had then turned into touching then finally sex. All while a snoring Urs lay in bed. At one point Camy had screamed so loudly during orgasm that she had been quite surprised when he hadn’t woken up.
Camy nudged David. ‘David.’ she said, ‘Urs is awake.’
‘Camy…come back to bed.’ David groaned, half asleep, half awake, moving his arms about, like he was trying to catch hold of someone. Camy, Urs suspected.
‘David.’ she hissed now, ‘Urs is awake.’ she repeated a little louder.
‘Urs. Awake.’ she now almost shouted into his ear.
‘Oh. Oh right.’ David sat bolt upright.
‘Morning Dave.’ Urs waved from the bed.
‘Morning…’ David waved back, scratching at his bare chest.
‘Thanks, for coming to my rescue last night..’
‘That’s…that’s OK.’ David nodded.
‘If I said anything off…’
‘You were drunk. Its OK. I understand.’ David nodded again.
‘Thanks.’ Urs sighed a huge sigh of relief.
‘Anyway, now you’re awake…’ David reached for his t-shirt and pulled it on. He then shuffled into his jeans all under the cover of the sheet still covering him. Once fully dressed, or at least almost he threw the cover of him and stood up. Standing up, he zipped his jeans up then picked up his underwear and stuffed it into his pocket.
‘I’m Camy by the way.’ Camy introduced herself to Urs.
‘Urs.’ he nodded back. Still wondering why David had been naked under the bed sheet. Had he and Camy been up to something while Urs had laid in bed asleep last night? No. Urs thought. David wasn’t like that. He was like Urs. He could never have sex with someone while someone else completely different was in the same room. David, like Urs liked doing things in private. Liked having sex in private. So no. No. David and Camy hadn’t been having sex last night. They had been doing…something else. Something, that at this moment in time Urs couldn’t think of.
‘I know. David’s….told me so much about you.’
‘Nothing horrible I hope.’ Urs smiled.
‘No. No. All good.’
‘Well, it was nice meeting you.’ Camy smiled.
‘Yeah, you too.’ Urs smiled back.
Then Camy held David’s hand and together they left.
Urs waited until they had gone then flopped down on his bed. Thanking god he and David hadn’t slept together for he suddenly remembered. Telling David that he loved him. Thank god David had pushed him away before it had got too far. Thank god! Then he remembered the night before more clearer. Going on the date with Roberta. Seeing Ivy at the restaurant. Walking out on Roberta. Abandoning Roberta to follow Ivy. Following Ivy and her ‘’date’’ back to her place. Waiting outside for him to leave. Three hours! All the time torturing himself of thoughts and visions of him and Ivy. In bed. Having sex. Then almost forcing himself into Ivy’s home once her ‘’date’’ had left. And then…and then…his actions to her. Touching her. Bringing her to orgasm with his hands then walking out leaving her standing there, naked, wanting more. Walking out with a rock hard hard-on that he refused to let her, or anyone see to. He had been angry and jealous as hell. God. He had acted like such a bastard. Like such a complete and utter bastard. How could she ever forgive him after that? Why should she ever forgive him? He didn’t deserve to be forgiven. Not now. Not ever. Certainly not after the way he had treated her. His awful behaviour towards her. Surely he needed locking up too. Just like Tania. He was surely just as mad. He deserved everything that was coming to him. Every single thing.
Stevie had found Ivy last night. He had seen Urs visit her then leave a few moments later. From the look on his face, Stevie had sensed something was up. He had walked back into Ivy’s to find her, curled up into a small ball, naked and crying her heart out. He had immediately covered her up then had pulled her into his arms to comfort her. After she had calmed down he had as gently as possible asked her what was wrong. At first, on finding out he had felt angry. He had wanted to storm after Urs. To smack that pretty boys face. But Ivy had stopped him. She really did love him that much. So much so that she didn’t want to see him hurt. Not even a little. Even though he had hurt her. Ivy wouldn’t listen. She had made Stevie promise not to hurt him no matter what happened. Stevie had sighed but eventually promised to behave. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t secretly wish that gorgeously sexy man harm. For Stevie had a bit of a crush on Urs himself. Should he, Urs, ever decide that he were gay Stevie wished he could be the one to sleep with him. But no. Stevie knew that Urs was in love. With Ivy. He had seen that last night. But he couldn’t tell Ivy. She needed to see that, to learn that for herself in time. And hopefully soon she would. Stevie crossed his fingers and wished for the best. He could only hope her heartache would be over soon. Or he was planning on having serious words with that man. That damn sexy Urs Buhler.

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PostSubject: Chapter Eighteen   Sat Aug 08, 2009 10:05 pm


Urs decided to call an IL DIVO conference. He had a feeling that he needed his friends help to win the heart of Ivy.
They all agreed to meet up, and bring their partners along for added help.
Nearly everyone, apart from Urs seemed to recognise Seb’s partner, Ingrid, on meeting her.
‘So, Ingrid.’ Carlos wiggled his eyebrows at her.
‘That’s my name.’ she nodded at him.
‘Nice to meet you, face to face.’
‘You too Carlos.’ she smiled. Seb, it seemed like passing his porno collection of DVD’s around. Carlos especially had a fetish for watching them. To spice up his and Joy’s relationship. Urs wasn’t into that sort of thing so avoided them and David preferred male oriented videos as he was in love with Urs. Although no one, apart from David himself knew this little secret of his. And he hoped to keep it that way. Preferably forever if possible. He didn’t want his thoughts, fantasies and feelings for Urs to ruin the group. They worked good together. Having someone else bought in now just wouldn’t work. Just wouldn’t feel the same. So Urs was to never know how David felt about him.
‘Carlos, and I have an announcement to make.’ Joy smiled. She too had recognised Ingrid but didn’t want her to feel too self conscious of what she did for a living. Joy also enjoyed watching the DVD’s along with Carlos. They would watch them, then act out certain scenes afterwards. That is how they had got the idea of pretending to be other people to help spice up their sex life.
‘Go on?’ everyone smiled at Carlos and Joy.
‘We’re…getting married.’ Joy flashed her engagement ring.
‘WOW!’ Seb whistled, ‘interesting proposal was it?’ he winked.
‘We were naked at the time.’ Carlos winked back.
‘Carlos tied the ring, to his penis.’ Joy blushed, remembering the night before.
‘Interesting.’ David nodded.
‘Congratulations.’ Urs hugged Carlos then kissed Joy on the cheek followed by Seb. David, Camy and Ingrid.
‘So, what am I going to do?’ Urs asked then, sighing. Bringing them all back to the reason why they had meet up in the first place.
‘Tell us everything.’ Carlos advised.
Everyone sat opened mouthed as Urs recounted everything that had happened between him and Ivy. He ended it up on a loud, sad sigh.
‘You slept with Ivy?’ Carlos asked opened mouthed. So much for Urs denying it then until he was blue in the face. Carlos was right to trust his first feelings on Urs and Ivy’s ‘’relationship.’’
‘She asked me too.’ Urs sighed again.
‘And?’ Ingrid asked.
‘I did.’
‘And?’ Ingrid tried again.
‘And I forgot…to tell her how I feel.’ Urs sighed yet again.
‘Which is now…?’ Camy asked.
‘I love her.’
‘Oh mate…’ David gave his shoulder a consoling pat. He liked touching Urs. He wanted to pull him into his arms and hug him properly but couldn’t. He had promised Camy that he would behave. That he wanted her now and so was trying to forget about his love he felt deep inside for Urs. His friend Urs. His best friend.
‘I need to win her love.’
‘But you’ve treated her so badly.’ Joy pointed out.
‘I know. I know…’
‘I don’t think you deserve her forgiveness.’ Ingrid said.
‘I know I don’t.’ Urs sighed.
‘But we’ll help you anyway.’ Carlos surprised him by saying.
‘Tha…thank you.’
Urs then had to repeat everything he had already told them. Again.
‘Leaving absolutely nothing out. And I mean NOTHING out.’ as ordered by Ingrid. She was rather bossy Urs thought. Exactly the right woman for Seb. Seb needed someone to take him in hand. Maybe Ingrid and Seb were into spanking. That wouldn’t surprise anyone if they were. Urs could suddenly picture Ingrid, dressed all in a leather cat suit and spiked heals. With a whip in one hand and Seb naked at her feet, with a huge erection throbbing, begging to be whipped into submission. It was a funny picture. Urs smiled then shook his head. He then recounted the whole him meeting Ivy over again. Leaving nothing out. Including describing each sexual move they had made together. Just talking about Ivy gave Urs a huge, throbbing hard-on, and as he looked at his friends he noticed he wasn’t the only one. Seb and Carlos were shifting about in their seats at least. Looking slightly uncomfortable in the trouser department. Only David seemed to be unaffected. Although David seemed to be sitting there, staring at Urs. Watching his mouth almost. Or was Urs imagining that part? He couldn’t be completely sure he was or wasn’t. Then again, why would David be staring at Urs? Let alone at his mouth? Like he almost wanted to kiss him. No Urs shook that image from his head. The image of David kissing him. Using his tongue. Instead, Urs changed that image of David to one of Ivy. Of her sweet mouth, kissing him. The same sweet mouth which had sucked him to an amazing orgasm not that long ago. Urs let out a groan of deep frustration. It wasn’t fair. None of this was fair. He loved Ivy. Why had he been a complete bastard towards her? That was no way to treat anyone. Especially not the woman you were supposed to be madly, desperately, longingly in love with.
‘Well.’ Carlos declared, ‘after listening to you I can only come up with one solution.’
‘Which is?’ Urs asked, blinking at him.
‘Can’t you guess?’ Carlos laughed.
‘No.’ Urs shook his head and looked blankly at him.
Carlos tutted.
Urs then looked at Seb, then David, then Camy then Joy until finally Ingrid said something which ended up surprising Urs.
‘Ivy, is in love with you.’ she told him.
‘No she isn’t.’ he laughed at this.
‘Yes, she is.’ Ingrid insisted.
Urs laughed again.
‘Mate.’ Seb patted Urs’ shoulder, ‘9 times out of 10 a woman will only sleep with a man when…’ he paused, ‘when she is in love with him.’
‘But Ivy asked me…to teach her…about sex.’ mumbled a confused Urs.
‘Because she’s in love with you.’ Camy smiled.
‘No. No.’ he shook his head, not believing it.
‘Yes.’ Camy smiled again, nodding.
‘No.’ he repeated, still not believing her or anyone.
‘Urs, mate..’ David then tried.
‘Ivy asked me, to teach her. Nothing less. Certainly nothing more.’ Urs insisted.
‘Ivelisse, is my friend. Probably my best female friend.’ Joy said, ‘I know her well. Very well. She loves you Urs. She is in love with you.’ she told him.
‘Then I really have gone and blown it then.’ he sighed a sad, long sigh.
‘Not quite.’ Carlos smiled.
‘I have.’ he nodded.
‘Nope. We’ll help you.’ Seb then smiled.
‘I don’t deserve your help.’ Urs sighed again.
‘That, may be.’ Joy agreed, ‘but as I said Ivy is my friend and as my friend I want her to be happy.’ she looked directly at him. ‘If being with you makes her happy then that is what we will do.’
‘OK. Thanks.’ Urs lightly smiled at them all. Feeling a little lighter already.
‘So, we need a plan. A good plan.’ David then announced.
‘I’ve a few ideas.’ Carlos smiled at them all and they all moved closer to hear his ideas.

Meanwhile, as this conference was going on, Ivy was on a date. A real, proper date. While out local food shopping earlier that day she had bumped into Riley was his name. Riley Matthews. She had apologised only for him to turn around and immediately ask her out on a date. Having no reasonable excuse to turn him down, Ivy found herself accepting. Riley seemed like a nice guy. He had light brown, almost blonde hair and green eyes. He wasn’t exactly like Urs. A bit wimpy in the body department to be honest. Certainly no gentleman but Ivy thought he was just what she needed right now. Someone different. He liked Ivy. He showed he liked her. They were in a restaurant, eating Italian food. Rather fattening but nice. Riley had insisted on going to this particular restaurant even after Ivy had complained about wanting to lose some weight. Riley had just laughed this off. Telling her that yes, OK she was a little fat but nothing that couldn’t be solved with a decent diet and some exercise. He had winked rather suggestively when mentioning the exercise part. Making Ivy want to cringe for some reason and feeling a tat uncomfortable. He, Riley, had a habit of watching Ivy when she ate. Staring at her mouth. Then after the date had finished he asked to walk her home. Ivy said yes, that she would like that. That, was when the date ended badly. Riley went to kiss Ivy goodnight. A rather passionate kiss even though it was just their first date. A bit too soon to be making a come on. Not quite a problem in itself until Ivy accidentally muttered the wrong name. She moaned out, ‘Oh Urs..’
Riley immediately wrenched his mouth away.
‘What did you just call me?’ he ordered, grabbing hold of her wrist.
‘Err..’ Ivy mumbled, feeling her mouth with her finger. It felt all bruised and swollen.
‘Urs.’ Riley barked.
‘Who, is Urs? What is Urs?’ he demanded.
‘Urs, is a friend of mine.’ Ivy mumbled.
‘Male? Female?’
‘Well, thanks for the date. But certainly don’t expect another one.’ Riley spat.
‘Oh…?’ Ivy looked puzzled at him.
‘Calling me another mans name, while kissing me. I’m sorry but that’s not the way to go around. No wonder you haven’t had a proper date in years!’ Riley ended up on a cruel laugh.
Yep. She had made the mistake of telling him about her lack of dates in her life. Thinking that he was a nice guy. Someone she wanted to date more than once. She didn’t know that on telling him it would come back and bite her quite so soon. So much for letting herself trust in another man so soon after having her heart torn in two by the love of her life. By Urs Buhler. Not that he knew that he was the love of her life. But still.
‘I’m…sorry.’ Ivy attempted to apologise through the tears which were now streaming down her face. Thank god I’m not wearing mascara Ivy thought, sniffing.
‘No you’re not.’ Riley spat at her. He was staring too. He had a really cruel look in his eyes which Ivy couldn’t quite read.
‘I…I am…’ Ivy tried again.
‘No you’re not.’ Riley repeated, ‘women like you never are.’
‘What do you mean? wo…women like me?’ Ivy asked though her hiccups now.
‘Tarts. You’re a tart.’
‘N…o…no I’m not.’
‘Leading me on. Making me think you want me. When all the time playing little games with me.’ Riley spat again, ignoring her.
‘N…o….No I’m not.’ Ivy tried again, feeling a little uneasy now.
‘Pah! Yeah, well I don’t believe you.’ he grabbed hold of her arm, bruising her skin beneath the long sleeved top she was wearing. Ivy tried yanking away but he just held on tighter.
‘Oh no. No. You ain’t going anywhere.’ he then pulled her in the direction of her flat. Ivy began to get worried. What was he planning on doing to her? She dared not think. She tried pulling away but Riley was too strong. Too forceful. He tightened his grip. Making even more bruises Ivy could feel.

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PostSubject: Chapter Nineteen   Sat Aug 08, 2009 10:06 pm


Afterwards, Ivy lay crawled up into a small ball. She felt so dirty. Wanted to wash that man of her but she knew she couldn’t. Instead she forced herself to grab the phone. To dial the police. She needed to report this attack.
The policeman was nice. Kind. Caring. Named PC Fara Ismail. She helped Ivy by taking the photographs of all her cuts and bruises. She gently brushed Ivy’s hair and cleaned her nails. Searching for evidence. Then when Fara had everything she needed she helped Ivy to wash her bruised and scared body then change into a baggy t-shirt and matching jogging bottoms. Fara then sat with Ivy and held her as she cried. She told Ivy that she shouldn’t blame herself. That the rape hadn’t been her fault. That nothing she could have done would have prevented it. That she hadn’t caused it. Or made it happen. It didn’t matter how Ivy had dressed or how she had acted. That these things happen no matter what. She also reassured Ivy that they would catch Riley. That he would get what was coming to him. That from now on Ivy would be safe. Fara would make sure that she was at all times. Fara then rang and arranged for Stevie and Joy to come around.

Joy broke down in tears when she was told what had happened to Ivy. Attacked. Raped by some bastard named Riley while out on a date with him. She gently told Carlos but refused to tell Urs. After all as far as Joy was concerned it was partly Urs’ fault. If he had been honest with her from the start then she would have never needed to have met Riley let alone date him. Therefore Ivy would still be safe. Instead of upset, bruised and battered. On hearing the news Carlos steamed and fumed too. Angry because his fiancée’s best friend was hurt, injured and because in a round about way his own friend was partly responsible. If Urs had told Ivy how he had felt none of this would have happened. It could have been preventable. Very preventable. If only Urs had said something to Ivy. If only!!
After Joy had composed herself she rushed to be at Ivy’s side. Stevie was already there. She had met Stevie only twice in the whole time of knowing Ivy. She knew he was Ivy’s best male friend and was gay and that once Ivy had been in love with him.
‘Hi, I’m Joy.’ she nodded on seeing him.
‘Hi Joy. I remember you.’ he lightly smiled.
‘How is…Ivy?’
‘Sleeping.’ Stevie sighed.
‘I’d like to kill the bastard who did this to her!’ Joy fumed.
‘Hey, policewoman here.’ Fara reminded her. She had answered the door to both Stevie and Joy and had introduced herself.
‘Sorry.’ Joy nodded her apology.
‘I can understand how you are feeling.’ Fara sympathised.
‘But my talk isn’t helping…’
‘No, it isn’t.’
‘Do anyone of you know who Urs is by the way?’ Fara then asked.
‘Yes.’ Stevie nodded.
‘Yes.’ Joy agreed, ‘why?’
‘’Because Ivy is crying for him in her sleep.’ Fara told them. She then opened the door to Ivy’s bedroom where they could all see her fast asleep, wrapped up in her bed, moaning, ‘Oh Urs..’ in her sleep. Then they watched as Ivy reached out towards the empty space next to her in her double bed. Reaching out for Urs. When finding no-one there, Ivy woke up crying.
Joy ran to her. She sat on the bed, pulled her friend into her arms and started stroking her hair.
‘Oh Ivy..’ she tried soothing.
‘He’s not here…’ Ivy sobbed against her shoulder.
‘I’m sorry Ivy…’
‘I need him. I need him.’ Ivy sobbed.
‘Honey…’ Joy tried.
‘I love him so much. But he doesn’t love me…’ Ivy continued to sob, ignoring her friends attempts to console her. She didn’t want consoling. She wanted Urs here. To hold her in his arms. Only he could help. All the time Riley had been hurting her, hitting her, raping her, Ivy had just closed her eyes and had tried to block him out. Had pictured Urs’ face in her head instead. That blocking him out had saved Ivy from going completely mad. But now she was crying out for him. Joy looked up at Stevie. ‘Phone him.’ she mouthed.
Stevie nodded then went to find Ivy’s mobile phone to do exactly that.
It was a difficult phone call to make. Stevie had to explain who he was then just why he was calling Urs.
Urs seemed to take the news of Ivy’s attack rather well. Too well most probably. Stevie talked while Urs listened. Then he finally spoke, ‘I’ll be there as soon as I can.’
‘OK. Thanks.’
‘One thing, what did you say that guy’s name was again?’ Urs asked.
‘I didn’t. But he’s called Riley Matthews.’ Stevie told him.
‘Riley Matthews. Right. OK. See you soon.’ Urs repeated his name before the phone went dead.
Oh no. What had Stevie done? Telling Urs the full name of Ivy’s attacker! Bugger!!
‘Fara.’ he called, ‘I think I’ve just done something really stupid.’
‘Oh?’ she asked.
‘I told Urs…Ivy’s…friend,’ he decided on, ‘the full name of her attacker.’
‘Oh Stevie!’ she exclaimed.
‘Sorry.’ Stevie apologised.
Fara tutted then sighed. She picked up her mobile and rang her friend at the police station, telling them what Stevie had accidentally done. She then gave them Urs’ description from what Stevie could remember, which was surprisingly a lot so they knew who to look out for. They were currently keeping a close eye on Riley Matthews until the evidence they had collected from Ivy could be processed to them charging him with her attack.

Urs himself didn’t go and punch Riley Matthew’s lights out. Although he oh so wanted to. No, instead he rang up a detective friend of his he had called Michael Andrews and gave him Riley’s name, and told him what he had done and asked Michael to find out as much information as he could to help with the police investigation at a later date. Urs had a feeling it hadn’t been the first time Riley Matthews had hurt or attacked a woman and it certainly wouldn’t be his last unless something could be done about him and as soon as possible.
That done, Urs almost ran as fast as he could to Ivy’s flat.
The guy she had been out on her date with answered the door.
‘Hi.’ he winked at Urs, ‘I’m Stevie.’
‘Urs.’ he nodded. He took in the guy, Stevie’s appearance. His eyeliner. His painted nails. His greased back hair and his flamboyant clothes. Stevie was no threat. Stevie was gay by the looks of it although Urs couldn’t be sure.
‘Cute.’ Stevie winked again, batting his eyelids at the same time.
‘You’re…’ Urs finally realised.
‘What? Available?’
‘I was going more for gay.’
‘Oh that. Yeah. I’m gay.’ Stevie winked again.
‘Right. OK.’ Urs nodded. So, he had been right then. Phew! Thank god he hadn’t just come straight out with it. Being in a musical group you met a lot of flamboyant people. Didn’t make all of them gay. But Stevie was. He had admitted to being it too.
‘Ivy’s in her room.’ Stevie then reminded Urs the reason for his visit. ‘That way.’ he finally pointed after Urs had looked puzzled as to which way Ivy’s bedroom was. He nodded his thanks then rushed to her room. He met, coming out, a rather cute dark haired and light brown skinned woman dressed in a police outfit.
‘Fara Ismail.’ she introduced herself.
‘Urs Buhler.’ he offered.
‘I know.’ she blushed, ‘I recognised you.’
‘Oh. Right.’ he nodded then entered Ivy’s bedroom. Half wondering if Ivy was into dressing up. He now fancied trying it. Especially if Ivy would wear a policewoman’s outfit during sex one time. If, they still had a sex life of some sort.

Ivy’s bedroom wasn’t girly. But it was typical of her. A mixture of blues, greens and browns. It looked tidy but messy at the same time. She had two pictures on her wall. One of a teddy bear on a motorbike which made Urs smile and one with a beautiful looking baby complete with red hair holding a green flower. All of a sudden Urs could imagine holding in his arms a baby. A baby girl with red hair. One that looked like Ivy.
Urs then noticed Joy. She looked angry. Very angry. She stared at him, ‘So,’ she spat, ‘you’re here. At last.’
‘So I am.’ he nodded.
‘Urs…?’ Ivy then called from her bed.
‘I’m here.’ he wanted to add the word, ‘honey.’ but was scared too.
‘Please…’ she looked at him.
He walked towards the bed. She looked awful. Her eyes were all puffy. Her skin looked bruised and battered. Her red hair unkempt. But to Urs she just looked beautiful. He carefully sat down on the bed then moved her gently into his arms.
‘I’ll…I’ll leave you to it then.’ Joy muttered before stalking out the room. Oops. Joy was really angry with him.
‘Hold me, while I sleep?’ Ivy nervously asked.
‘Of course I will.’ Urs nodded.
He lay next to Ivy, she in the covers. Him laying on top.
He held her in his arms all night. Watching her sleep. She looked so small. So afraid. That bastard had hurt Ivy. He had taken away her spirit and instead had left half Ivy behind. Before she hadn’t been afraid of anything. But now she was. Urs could see it in the way she slept. Holding on oh so tightly to him.

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PostSubject: Chapter Twenty   Sat Aug 08, 2009 10:07 pm


The next morning Urs tried to leave Ivy before she woke up. But she was holding on so tightly that he couldn’t move her. He didn’t really have the heart to move her. So he just closed his eyes and tried to think cold thoughts. For sometime during the night he had fallen asleep. Only to dream of Ivy. A pure sexual dream. He had eventually woken up with a raging hard on in his jeans. Making him feel a little uncomfortable and tight.
‘Well, hello big boy.’ Stevie walked into the bedroom and immediately spotted Urs and his ‘little problem.’
‘Ha. Ha.’ he coughed while blushing.
‘I can see why Ivy asked you to teach her all about love.’ Stevie winked.
‘Oh, here.’ Stevie handed Urs a cushion to cover it. ‘Shame, and there was me…looking forward to seeing it for real.’
‘I’m not gay.’ Urs muttered.
‘Oh. Shame. Not even a little bi?’
‘Not even that.’
‘Shame. Shame.’ Stevie sighed. ‘In that case you’d better tell your friend.’
‘Eh? Which one?’ a puzzled Urs asked.
‘David, is his name?’
‘What about David?’ Urs asked.
‘Oh, not much. Just that he fancies you!’ Stevie smiled.
‘David, has a girlfriend.’
‘He’s bi then.’
‘He doesn’t fancy me.’ Urs then tried.
‘Oh no?’ Stevie challenged.
‘Oh. Must have got it wrong!’ Stevie shrugged.
‘That, you must have done.’ Urs agreed.
‘Mmm…’ Ivy stirred in her sleep and loosened her grip on Urs.
‘Morning.’ Urs smiled down at her.
‘Mmm….I thought I’d dreamt you.’ Ivy reached up to touch his face.
‘No. I’m real.’
‘Thank god.’ Ivy smiled lightly.
‘You OK now?’ Urs asked.
‘A….a little better.’
‘Please…don’t leave me yet though.’ Ivy then asked.
‘Don’t worry. I don’t plan on going anywhere.’ Urs reassured her.
‘Thank you Urs.’ she smiled again.
Urs smiled back.

Later, Ivy had a shower with Joy helping her. But only after Urs had promised not to go anywhere. In the end Stevie offered to sit on him to make extra sure which made Ivy want to laugh at the vision of it. She could just imagine. Urs, flat out on the floor. Probably naked. Stevie sitting on his chest. Gazing lustily into his eyes like a schoolgirl with her first ever crush while his hands roamed Urs’ body. Stroking it. Trying to turn poor Urs on. A lost cause. Urs wasn’t interested in Stevie. Urs was straight as straight could be. No man could ever tempt him to change his mind. He loved women too much. He loved Ivy too much to ever want to sleep with anyone else let alone a man. No. Men just didn’t do it for Urs.

Joy helped Ivy shower. Her whole body seemed to be bruised, battered and scratched to pieces. Riley had done a brilliant job on Ivy. Joy sarcastically thought. She now wanted to go out and personally hunt him down. To dish out what he had done. To see how he would like it. She bet, that when faced with someone his own size that Riley was a scardy cat. A frightened little mouse. Squeaking in distress. Good. Just what they little bastard deserved.
‘OK honey?’ Joy asked as she handed Ivy a towel to dry herself with.
‘I am now Urs is here.’ Ivy smiled.
‘Don’t blame him. It isn’t his fault. This would have happened no matter what.’
‘I doubt that.’
‘It would have done.’
‘Not, if you and Urs had dater. Properly dated I mean.’
‘Then it would have happened to someone else.’
‘It should have done.’
‘Someone else not as…as strong as me.’ Ivy offered. Remembering the words Fara had told her just after her attack. It wasn’t her fault. None of it had been her fault.
‘But you weren’t strong..’ Joy cried.
‘I’m still here.’
‘Yes, but…’
‘He threatened me. With a knife. He held it, to my throat. But I managed to block him and the knife out. I survived.’ Ivy pointed out.
‘Thank god you did.’ Joy pulled her into a hug.
‘And now I’ve Urs back in my life…’
‘Ivy.’ Joy interrupted.
‘I’ve missed him being around. Missed his friendship.’
‘He’ll hurt you again.’ Joy tried to warn her.
‘Not if I don’t let him hurt me.’ Ivy smiled.
‘Oh? By how? By doing what?’
‘By…by just being his friend I suppose.’
‘You can do that?’
‘I can certainly give it a try.’ Ivy shrugged.
But Joy wasn’t so sure. From lovers to friends? Was that even possible? She herself doubted it. She certainly wouldn’t be able to go from loving Carlos, sleeping with him, to…to not even being able to touch him when she wanted to. Because it wouldn’t be allowed. Let alone sit back and watch him fall in love with someone else who wasn’t her. Although in this case that wouldn’t happen. Urs was in love with Ivy. Joy could see that now. She had seen his love for Ivy with her own eyes. The way in which he had so tenderly held her as she had slept the night before. Urs, was a man desperately in love. Joy understood that now.

‘So Urs, what are your intentions towards Ivy then?’ Stevie asked as he gazed at him from across Ivy’s kitchen table.
Urs coughed, ‘Intentions…how?’ he asked as he played with his coffee cup.
‘What do you plan on doing now? Breaking Ivy’s heart?’ Stevie asked.
‘I never intended on breaking Ivy’s heart ever.’ Urs defended.
‘I didn’t. Honest.’ Urs held his hands up to try and defend himself against all these questions he was suddenly being bombarded with.
‘I mean, if I did, then I’m sorry. But I never meant… I never would…’ Urs muttered.
‘Chill mate.’ Stevie smiled, ‘its cool.’
‘Have I…?’ Urs asked.
‘Have you what?’ Stevie gazed back into Urs’ hazel eyes.
‘Broken her heart?’
‘Not that I know of.’ Stevie easily lied.
‘Right. OK.’ Urs nodded.
‘Sure you’re not gay?’
‘Not even a little bi?’ Stevie asked.
‘No.’ Urs shook his head.
‘Shame. Such a shame.’ Stevie sighed.
‘Sorry..’ Urs felt the need to apologise.
‘Couldn’t I just try…just a little?’
‘To do what?’ Urs asked.
‘To turn you on?’ Stevie hopefully asked.
‘Not even a little.’
‘Oh…shame.’ Stevie sighed.
‘Sorry.’ Urs apologised again.
‘Oh! Such a gentleman too!’ Stevie swooned.
‘Stevie! Behave!’ Joy hissed as she and Ivy now came into the kitchen. Urs sighed with relief on seeing them and immediately stood up. Ivy walked to sit in the seat he had just vacated.
‘Thanks.’ she smiled at him.
‘Anytime.’ he smiled back, helping her sit down slowly. She walked like an old person such as was her bruised body would let her.
‘So, what are we all doing today then?’ Stevie asked.
‘Ivy is staying here.’ Joy said.
‘What for?’ the woman in question asked.
‘You need your rest.’
‘I don’t…’
‘You do Ivy.’ Urs told her.
‘Oh. OK.’ she nodded.
‘So, box set of “Lost” and “Sex and the City” coming right up.’ Stevie smiled.
‘I’ll…I’ll leave you to it.’ Urs made a move to go.
‘No. Please, stay?’ Ivy looked at him.
‘OK.’ he nodded.

It was an interesting day. Urs sat on the sofa with Ivy one side, snuggled up to him and Stevie the other side. Stevie had sat on the sofa first then had looked at Urs and had patted it.
‘Come sit here big boy..’ he swooned at Urs.
‘Err…OK.’ he carefully sat down. Then Ivy wanted to sit on the sofa too.
‘Man in the middle.’ Stevie had smiled while Urs had attempted to move to one side. Neither Ivy, or Joy, who was almost laughing at Urs’ fate saved him. So. He was stuck. Not that being sat next to Ivy was hell. Oh no. It was heaven on earth. But Urs had to be careful where he put his hands where Stevie was concerned and most importantly where Stevie put HIS hands. Several times Urs could have sworn Stevie had tried to ‘’touch him up’’’ but each time he had looked at him all he had received was an innocent, almost sweet smile in return! Maybe he had been imagining it. But he seriously doubted it.
He was very, very relieved when after watching 2 hours of “Lost“, and having Stevie at least fawn all over a guy named Sawyer, and 2 episodes of “Sex and the City” in which one of the ladies had had a threesome with two identical men Ivy announced that she was tired. Thank god Urs secretly thought. It hadn’t been his idea of interesting viewing. He wasn’t into ‘Chick fics’ as Ivy, Joy and Stevie obviously were. Oh well. Urs preferred movies with story lines. Un-confusing storylines that is. Lost especially confused Urs beyond belief. All those flash backs and most annoyingly flash forwards the programme had.
‘OK sweetie.’ Joy stood up to help her to her room when Ivy turned to her friend and said, ‘Could Urs help me instead?’
Urs stood up, glad to be away from Stevie and his wandering hands.
‘Sure, OK honey.’ Joy sadly nodded.
Urs slowly helped Ivy. She seemed to be wincing slightly as she walked. He was careful not to hold her too tightly. He hadn’t seen the bruises for himself but he had certainly heard about them from PC Fara as well as from Joy and Stevie.

Once in her room, Ivy lay down on the bed. She felt tired and sick. Urs covered her with her duvet.
‘Sleep.’ he told her.
‘Stay with me?’ she asked before closing her eyes.
‘Of course I will.’ he nodded. Urs sat at Ivy’s dressing table and watched her sleep.

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PostSubject: Chapter Twenty-one   Sat Aug 08, 2009 10:09 pm


As Ivy slept Urs used his mobile phone and rang and told David, Seb and their partners what had happened to her. They were all shocked and horrified to hear about her rape. Urs left no detail out.
On hearing the news David and Camy rushed around to Ivy’s flat.
Stevie answered the door to them.
‘Oh David. The one who loves Urs.’ he winked at David.
‘I…I…’ David stammered.
‘I’m helping David to change his mind.’ Camy told him.
‘Well, I’ve tried myself with Ursy…but he’s definitely a no go where us gays are concerned. Shame though.’ Stevie sighed.
‘I’m sure you will find a nice man soon.’ Camy consoled him.
‘I don’t want a nice man…I want a naughty one!’ he winked.
‘Well, as I said, I am sure he’s out there.’
‘Yeah. Somewhere!’ Stevie sung as in the theme to the IL DIVO song ‘Somewhere‘.
‘Where is…Urs?’ David then asked.
‘In Ivy’s bedroom.’ Stevie pointed the way.
‘Thanks.’ David nodded. Then he and Camy went, hand in hand, to find Urs and of course Ivy.
On seeing Ivy for the first time David understood instantly why Urs was deeply in love with her. She looked bruised and battered, sure, but also had a radiance that was unmistakeable. She was beautiful and had amazing red hair. The sort of colour you could never find in a bottle. Natural red. In certain lights it looked strawberry blonde. In others auburn. Darker. But it was beautiful all the same. Just like its owner.
‘Urs?’ David laid a careful hand on his friends shoulder. Urs looked like he was brooding. His eyes looked empty and he looked very, very depressed.
‘David.’ he turned and nodded, ‘Camy.’ he then noticed her, standing behind David, holding in her arms a large teddy with the words, ‘Get Well Soon.’ stitched onto a small balloon it was holding.
‘Thanks. I’m sure…Ivy will love it.’ Urs murmured before watching her sleep again.
‘Its not your fault.’ David told him.
‘Oh no?’ he challenged.
‘No.’ David shook his head.
‘If I’d have said something…she wouldn’t have dated that, that bastard.’ Urs spat.
‘I know that, but…’ David tried.
‘No. No buts. Its my fault.’ Urs pointed a finger at himself, ‘my fault.’ he muttered again.
‘Oh Urs.’ Camy rushed to his side. She placed the teddy on the floor then flung her arms around him.
‘Thanks…’ Urs sighed, patting her head. Sure he wanted a hug, but he would have preferred to get one from Ivy and not Camy. Although it was nice that she cared about Urs enough to want to hug him. Still. It wasn’t quite the same thing.
Then Ivy started stirring in her sleep. Moving about. Thrashing and moaning. Like she was having a dream. Or rather a nightmare. She sat bolt up right, opened her eyes, screamed, ‘NO.’ then flopped back down and closed her eyes again.
Camy let Urs go who sat besides a still moaning Ivy on the bed.
‘Hey…’ he tried soothing, ‘I’m here..’ he stroked her hair.
‘No…’ Ivy moaned, moving her head.
‘Ivy…sshhh…’ Urs tried again, gently stroking her hair again. This time she didn’t move away. But she kept on moaning and moaning. Worrying Urs.
‘No Ivy.’ she moaned.
‘Eh?’ David asked.
‘Ivelisse.’ Urs then tried her full name.
‘No Ivelisse..’ Ivy moaned again.
‘She’s confused.’ Camy soothed.
‘She doesn’t know who she is…’ Urs sighed.
‘Ivy suffered from a great trauma.’ Camy pointed out.
‘But the doctors… they said she was OK.’
‘Physically probably. But certainly not mentally.’ Camy sighed.
She was a nurse by profession. So knew a little about what she was talking about. She had seen, in her time, rape victims act this way, usually when they were awake. Trying to blot out who they were so it wouldn’t hurt so bad. Ivy needed counselling Camy knew. She just needed to point that out now to Urs. She knew it wouldn’t be an easy thing for him to accept. He obviously wanted to help Ivy get through her attack single handily.

A little while later, when David and Camy had left Urs, Joy and Stevie to it, Ivy woke up. With bad news for Urs. Well, not right away but still.
Joy woke her friend up by bringing her breakfast in bed to her.
‘Morning sweetheart.’ she smiled at her friend as she placed the tray down on her desk.
‘Morning.’ Ivy yawned. She looked around the room. Looking at it like she had never seen it before. Taking in the pictures on the walls. The books on the bookshelves, her bulging wardrobe full of clothes, half she never wore and her dressing table, full of make up and other bits and pieces.
‘Oh, Urs is in the kitchen.’ Joy informed her.
‘Urs.’ Joy smiled.
‘Who?’ Ivy asked again, looking slightly puzzled.
‘Urs, your…friend.’
‘I don’t know any Urs.’ Ivy laughed.
‘Sounds like something you’d grunt anyway!’ Ivy laughed again.
‘Ivelisse!’ Joy scowled.
‘Don’t talk about Urs like that!’
‘Why can’t I? I mean…I don’t even know the…’ Ivy shrugged.
‘Man. Urs is a man.’
‘Oh. Right. I don’t even know the…man.’ Ivy repeated.
‘Yes you do.’
‘No, I don’t.’
‘Ivy….what do you remember?’ Joy then carefully asked.
‘I….why?’ she asked, blinking.
‘Just tell me. Humour me OK?’
‘OK.’ Ivy thought for a moment, ‘I remember…buying this flat.’
‘OK.’ Joy nodded.
‘Getting my job.’
‘OK. Anything else?’
‘No. Why, should I?’ Ivy asked.
Joy nodded, ‘Yes.’ she sighed.
‘My new job is recent.’ Ivy smiled.
‘No it isn’t honey.’ Joy sighed again.
‘Your new job is now over a year old.’
‘Eh…?’ Ivy repeated, blinking in confusion.
‘Hang on.’ Joy sighed, ‘URS!’ she then called.
‘Yeah?’ his head popped around the door.
‘Ivy, doesn’t remember the last year.’ Joy sighed to him.
‘Eh…?’ he asked.
‘Ivy…she doesn’t remember.’
‘Yeah. Right. Ivy, don’t lie.’ Urs came into the room.
‘Who…who are you?’ Ivy stared at Urs like she had never seen him before and clutched at her bedcovers to her chest tighter.
‘Ivy, its me, Urs.’
‘I…I don’t know you…’ Ivy continued to stare at Urs.
‘You really don’t remember…?’ he asked.
‘No.’ she shook her head.
‘Oh Ivy…’ he sighed a long, sad sigh.
‘You seem…nice though.’ she offered.
‘You do…or rather you did like me.’ Urs nodded.
‘You’re not…English, or American.’
‘No. I’m Swiss.’
‘Oh. I like Switzerland.’
‘You should…go there sometime.’ Urs sighed. He had been planning, when Ivy was better, on taking her to Switzerland. To see his home. But he couldn’t do that now. Not now that she couldn’t even remember who he was.
‘I’d like to.’ Ivy smiled.
‘Right. I’m phoning the doctor.’ Joy then announced.
‘Good idea.’ Urs nodded then sighed again.

The doctor didn’t have good news.
‘I’m afraid, the trauma of the rape has completely wiped out Ivy’s memory from the last year or so.’ she announced after doing several tests. The doctor was a woman in her late fifties early sixties, who wore glasses perched on the edge of her nose and had her hair up in a bum. Her hair was mostly grey. She was called Sheila Fletcher. Dr Sheila Fletcher.
‘So, she doesn’t remember me or anything we did together?’ Urs asked.
‘I’m afraid not. No.’ Dr Sheila Fletcher shook her head sadly.
Urs let out a long, sad sigh.
‘I’m sorry Mr Buhler.’ Sheila apologised.
‘Not your fault.’
‘Until we can find a way to trigger Ivy’s memory back, I’m afraid you’re stuck.’ Sheila sympathised.
‘OK. Thanks anyway.’ Urs sighed again.
‘Spent time with her. Talk to her. That, may be enough to help.’
‘And if it doesn’t? what then?’ Urs asked.
‘Shock therapy.’
‘Doesn’t sound very nice..’ Urs winced.
‘It isn’t.’ Sheila sighed, ‘but…if it helps..’
‘Think we’ll leave it, as a last resort.’ Urs decided.
‘Good idea. Wouldn’t want to hurt Ivy if is unnecessary.’ the doctor nodded.
Plus, it seemed a little drastic. Just to help someone regain their memory Urs thought. No way was he planning on helping anyone to hurt Ivy. Ever again. That bastard Riley had a lot of explaining to do. Shocking Ivy into completely losing her memory from the last year or so. So all that time she and Urs had spent, getting to know each other intimately she didn’t remember. All those glorious times Urs had held her in his arms close to his heart. All forgotten because of this trauma. Well, at least Urs could learn to get to know Ivy again. To learn from his mistakes. He loved her and now he was determined that he would show her that as well as tell her. Eventually. He didn’t want to go around scaring Ivy of. Certainly not now. From now on Urs planned to keep her safe and secure. From now until the day he died he vowed inside himself.
‘Come on Ivy, time to go home.’ Urs gently told her after Dr Sheila had finished all her tests.
‘Err…do I have to go with you?’ she nervously asked.
‘No. No.’ Urs sighed. ‘Joy and Stevie are here. You remember them, don’t you?’ he asked, sounding only a little sarcastic. He didn’t mean to sound sarcastic but he couldn’t help it. He was just too upset and angry to care anymore about being nice all the time.
‘Oh yes. I remember Joy and Stevie.’ Ivy smiled, completely ignoring the sarcasm. Or maybe she hadn’t heard it. Urs breathed a sigh of relief.
‘Good. Good. I’ll…go and get them then.’ Urs sighed again. He walked to find them.

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PostSubject: Chapter Twenty-Two   Sat Aug 08, 2009 10:10 pm


‘So, Ivy doesn’t remember you then eh?’ Seb asked a depressed Urs.
‘No.’ he sighed. He and Seb had met up in a café. Urs couldn’t risk going to another bar with a friend. Too scared he might get drunk and make a move on Seb like he had done with David. Oh yes. He remembered. Trying to kiss David. Almost throwing himself at his friend. God. Thank god David had turned him down. Had seen sense. Thank god he had pushed Urs away. Or god only knows what would have happened if he hadn’t.
‘Not even a little bit eh?’ Seb winked.
‘No.’ Urs sighed again.
‘Oh, poor you.’ Seb tried to sympathise, unsuccessfully.
‘I don’t know what to do…’ Urs ran a hand through his hair, messing it up slightly. But he didn’t care about his hair. He didn’t care about anything. Only Ivy. Only being with Ivy. Only making her happy. Helping her to regain her memory. The rest could go to hell as far as Urs was concerned. He couldn’t sleep. Couldn’t eat. He was depressed and only Ivy could help. The one woman who didn’t, couldn’t even remember him. Couldn’t remember them being together.
‘Kiss her.’ Seb laughed.
‘Eh?’ Urs blinked.
‘Kiss her. Kiss Ivy.’
‘That, won’t do the trick.’
‘I don’t see how.’ Seb shrugged.
‘It’ll only succeed in getting me slapped.’ Urs sighed again.
‘At least she’ll be touching you then!’ Seb laughed.
‘Seb. This isn’t helping.’
‘Oh. Right. Sorry.’ Seb apologised, ‘guess I’m just not the right person for this kind of thing.’ he shrugged.
‘I tried Carlos. But he’s….with Ivy and Joy.’ Urs pointed out.
‘Aah, yes, yes.’ Seb nodded.
‘While David is…tied up.’ Urs sighed.
‘Probably literally.’ Seb nudged him.
‘David. Tied up.’ Seb winked.
‘Eh…?’ Urs asked again, looking blankly at him.
‘David….he’s into kinky sex.’
‘No he’s not.’ Urs laughed at this.
‘Yes he is,’ Seb insisted.
‘No he’s not.’ Urs laughed once again.
‘Urs, David fancies you.’ Seb then revealed.
‘Eh…? But David’s dating Camy…’ Urs mumbled, vaguely remembering Stevie trying to tell him that too. No. It wasn’t true. David had a girlfriend. A rather sexy girlfriend Urs remembered. A guy couldn’t be gay with a girlfriend like Camy. What a waste. Having Camy and yet not having Camy. So no. No. David wasn’t gay. David was straight.
‘Yeah, and?’
‘And…and… he won’t be dating Camy, a woman, if he…if he.’ Urs swallowed, ‘if he liked me.’ he finished.
‘No, suppose not.’
‘Well then.’
‘OK.’ Seb held his hands up, ‘I apologise.’
‘Good, now…suggestions of winning Ivy back?’ Urs asked.
‘Don’t ask me! I’m all out of ideas.’ Seb shrugged.
‘Right. OK.’
‘Ask Carlos.’
‘But he’s…with Joy and Ivy.’
‘Phone Carlos.’
‘I’ll…try again.’ Urs sighed.
‘You’ll be OK.’
‘But I love Ivy…’
‘Then tell her that.’ Seb prompted.
‘I can’t…’
‘It might help Ivy get her memory back.’
‘I…I don’t know….’

Later, Urs relented and phoned Carlos, asking for his help.
‘Mate, I don’t know what you could do.’ he sighed after finally answering Urs‘ call. Urs had been trying for over an hour before Carlos had finally gotten around to answering. He had been with Joy at the time of Urs ringing him. Having sex while Ivy slept, watched over by Stevie. Carlos and Joy had had to be very, very quiet while having sex. Hardly them at all. Considering Joy at least loved to scream shout and let the whole world know what they were doing.
‘Seb, suggested kissing her.’ Urs laughed.
‘Not, such a bad idea.’
‘Familiar touch could help.’ Carlos said.
‘But forcing myself on Ivy…’
‘You wouldn’t be forcing yourself. Hopefully.’
‘It could seem like it…to her…’ Urs sighed.
‘Gentle persuasion I’m talking about here.’
‘I wouldn’t want to…to traumatise Ivy anymore.’ Urs sighed again.
‘You wouldn’t. You’re not like that.’ Carlos soothed.
‘Thanks, for your vote of confidence.’
‘You just need to believe in yourself now.’ Carlos then soothed.
‘Think positively.’
‘Positively, OK.’
‘Good luck mate.’
‘Thanks Carlos…thanks.’

Meanwhile Ivy was taking another kind of test. A pregnancy test. She had kept being sick. After much persuasion Joy had forced her to take it. She had even gone out and bought the test herself.
‘But I’m not pregnant…’ Ivy had laughed.
‘Honey, you could be.’
‘I’m still a virgin!’
‘No honey you’re not.’ so Joy had then filled her in on the details. About her sleeping with Urs which hadn’t surprised Ivy all that much. It made a little sense. Then Joy had told her about the rape.
‘I was…’ Ivy mumbled.
‘That’s what caused your memory loss.’
‘Right. OK.’
‘So, take the test.’ Joy insisted.
‘OK. I’ll do it.’
The test, turned out to be positive. Taking the test triggered something in Ivy. A part of her memory started coming back.
‘When I was raped…’ she told Joy, ‘he used a condom.’
‘You remember something?’ Joy carefully asked.
‘He had…green eyes.’
‘Anything else…?’
‘No.’ Ivy shook her head, ‘sorry.’
‘At least that’s something.’ Joy hugged her close.
‘But I’m still pregnant…’ Ivy then mumbled.
‘I’ll ask Urs. But I think you used condoms.’
‘I’ve a pack of pills….contraceptive pills in my bathroom cabinet…’
‘I need to talk to Urs.’ Joy repeated as the front doorbell rang.
Stevie called, ‘Urs is here!’
‘And I need a word with him.’ Joy muttered, going to find Urs.

‘You.’ she pointed a finger at Urs, ‘have some explaining to do.’
‘Meaning?’ he challenged.
‘Did you use condoms with Ivy?’
‘Of course I did!’ Urs laughed.
‘And…?’ Joy stared at him, waiting.
Urs stared back. Then blinked, ‘OK.’ he sighed, ‘one…broke.’
‘And what…?’
‘And what, what?’ Urs asked.
‘You forgot to tell Ivy.’ Joy accused.
‘She’s on the pill.’ he shrugged.
‘What? These?’ Joy shook a nearly full pill packet at him. Only one had been missing.
‘She only took one..’ Urs half muttered.
‘I talked to Ivy. She thought you’re only supposed to take them when you have sex.’ Joy informed him.
‘Which now explains to me perfectly why she is…’
‘Why she is what…?’ Urs asked.
‘No, I can’t say it.’ Joy shook her head.
‘Tell me JJ?’
‘No. I can’t.’
‘Why not?’ Urs prompted.
‘It isn’t for me to say.’
‘Tell me? Is it about Ivy? Is she sick?’ Urs looked worried and pale now.
‘Yes.’ Joy nodded.
‘Is she sick?’ Urs carefully repeated.
‘What then?’
‘She’s…she’s pregnant.’ Joy finally sighed.
‘That bastard…’ Urs fumed.
‘Used a condom.’
‘Oh my…that means…that means…’
‘Yep. Urs Buhler is going to be a daddy.’
‘I’ve always wanted children.’ Urs surprised Joy by saying.
‘Eh? But I thought you were an eternal bachelor.’
‘I love Ivy.’
‘That doesn’t mean…’
‘What? That I can’t change my mind?’ Urs asked.
‘No, but…OK.’ Joy sighed.
‘Can I see Ivy now?’ Urs then asked.
‘Err…OK. Go ahead.’ she nodded. After all she had a feeling that Urs and Ivy needed to have a talk. A long talk. About her pregnancy mostly. Like who the father was. Him. Urs Toni Buhler.

Urs walked into Ivy’s bedroom to find her crawled up in bed. Hugging a pillow to herself for protection or so he thought.
‘Hi.’ he nervously smiled at her.
‘Hi.’ she nodded but didn’t return the smile.
‘How are you…?’ he asked.
‘Pregnant apparently.’ she sighed.
‘Which, considering I don’t even remember having sex, is a little confusing. Well.’ she shrugged, ‘more than a little.’
‘Making love.’ Urs corrected.
‘You said having sex. It wasn’t. It was….making love.’
‘Making love. Right. Only I don’t remember who I ‘made love’ with.’ Ivy nervously laughed.
‘It was with…me.’ Urs whispered.
‘With me. You made love…with me.’
‘You?’ Ivy stared at him like he was a stranger. Which, I suppose to Ivy, Urs was a stranger.
‘Yes, with me.’ he nodded.
‘I don’t remember…I thought I was still a…’ she started to say then stopped.
‘Thought you were still a virgin?’ Urs offered.
‘Well…yes.’ Ivy nervously laughed.
‘You were, until you met me.’
‘Then you what…?’
‘We…you and I…we met and…and fell in love.’ Urs lied.
‘I fell in love? With you?’
‘Yes Ivy. With me.’
‘Oh, right…OK.’
‘Don’t you believe me?’ Urs asked.
‘I…that’s the thing. I do.’ Ivy then reached under the bed and bought out a box.
‘What’s that…?’ he asked, gesturing to it.
‘I think…I think I bought it for you.’ she handed it over.
Their hands briefly touched, Ivy breathed in sharply.
‘You OK?’ Urs, sounding concerned asked.
‘Yeah. Sure. Sure.’ she nodded. Ivy had remembered something. She and Urs together. Kissing. The image flashed into her head on him and she touching.
Urs opened the box. He smiled. It was the teddy, holding a guitar, sitting on the motorbike.
‘You like it?’ Ivy asked.
‘I sure do.’ he smiled at her.
‘I found it, wrapped in paper. Joy had to tell me she thought I’d bought it for you. Was it for your birthday?’ she asked him.
‘I don’t think so. My birthday was back in July.’
‘Did we know each other in July?’
‘Sadly, no.’
‘Why sadly?’ Ivy asked.
‘Because I would have had a wonderful birthday then.’
‘Oh. Right. So…my pregnancy, are you…are you the father?’ Ivy then nervously asked.
‘Yes, I’m the father.’
‘And I’d like to marry you.’
‘Sorry. But I can’t.’ Ivy shook her head.
‘Why not?’ a confused Urs asked.
‘Because I don’t remember you.’
‘Then lets get to know each other.’ he suggested.

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~*Lessons In Love*~ By: Kazyjay (Kaz)
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