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"We Came Here To Love".

"Timeless" New Il Divo CD released in August 2018.

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 ~*Lessons In Love*~ By: Kazyjay (Kaz)

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PostSubject: Chapter Twenty-Three   Sat Aug 08, 2009 10:11 pm


‘Eh what?’ Seb laughed at Urs.
‘Ivy and I…we’re going to try and be friends.’ Urs repeated.
‘Yeah I got that part. But, whatever for…?’ Seb laughed again.
‘To gain Ivy’s trust.’ Urs shrugged. He, Seb, Carlos and David had met up. To talk about him and Ivy. About what was happening to them. About what progress, if any, Urs had made with Ivy. They were in David’s hotel room. Camy wasn’t there. Urs had looked for her. He liked Camy. She was a nice, caring person. The sort of woman he knew he could trust without having to worry that she would go behind his back and say something or do something hurtful. She reminded Urs of Ivy in a way. Not because they looked alike because they didn’t. But both seemed to care about things without having to be asked. And showed that they cared. Urs liked that in a person. In a woman. Someone so totally different from what he had been used to with Tania. No. Better not think of Tania. Or Urs wanted to go and punch someone. He wasn’t into thumping women but if Tania suddenly turned up he would make an exception for her. Oh yes he would certainly hurt her like she had hurt him all those years ago.
‘Yeah, but it’s a lost cause.’ Seb snorted.
‘What is?’
‘Trying to be friends, with a woman!’ Seb laughed again.
‘I don’t see how…’ mumbled Urs.
‘Men and women aren’t meant to be friends!’
‘Seb.’ Carlos warned.
‘Well, they aren’t.’ Seb tried.
‘Obviously you’ve never tried it.’ Carlos sighed.
‘Why should I? women are here for one thing.’ Seb winked.
‘Seb, women aren’t put on this earth simply for sex.’ David then told him.
‘Yeah, right.’ Seb laughed.
‘You’re talking to someone who is dating a porn actress.’ Carlos sighed.
‘Eh..?’ Urs asked, looking puzzled. Who was a porn actress? Urs didn’t know.
‘Ingrid. She’s an actress, of porn films.’ Carlos told him.
‘I don’t watch those types of films.’ Urs explained.
‘Didn’t think you did.’ Carlos said.
‘Well, you should. You might learn something!’ Seb said.
‘I…respect women.’ Urs replied.
‘Yeah, right.’ Seb laughed.
‘I do.’ Urs insisted.
‘But you attacked Ivy!’ Seb snorted.
‘I didn’t actually attack her…I…I..’ Urs mumbled.
‘Its OK. We know Urs. We know.’ Carlos laid a comforting hand on his shoulder.
‘I’m only saying…’ Seb said.
‘Yes Seb. We know.’ Carlos nodded at him.
‘But friends, with a woman!’ Seb laughed again.
‘It is possible Seb. You should try it sometime.’ David told him.
‘Yeah, when I’m dead!’
‘Which will be soon if you keep this up.’ came Ingrid’s voice from behind.
‘Ingrid. Honey.’ Seb winked at her.
‘Just because you and I had sex before speaking, doesn’t mean everyone is the same.’ Ingrid told him. She had wandered into David’s room, searching for Camy and had heard the whole conversation. Especially the Seb part. Honestly. Some men!
‘We did speak. Just not a lot.’ Seb winked again.
‘Yes. Well.’ Ingrid blushed, ‘anyway Urs I think what you’re doing with Ivy is a good idea.’
‘Thanks Ingrid. I didn’t know…what your job was.’ Urs told her.
‘You mean me being an actress, of blue movies?’ she asked.
‘That’s OK.’
‘Are they…any good?’ Urs then asked.
‘I’ll lead you a movie, if you want?’ Ingrid replied in asking.
‘Err…OK. Sure.’ he nodded.
‘Urs, wouldn’t know what to do while watching a porn film!’ Seb laughed.
‘I guess you watch it…and err…masturbate.’ Urs coughed. He felt more than a little embarrassed, talking about masturbating in front of everyone. All his friends. Especially talking about it in front of a woman.
‘Yep. That you do.’ Carlos agreed.
‘If…the…acting turns you on.’ Urs then added.
‘You got it.’ Carlos agreed again. Well, not if the acting turned him on. But Urs had the idea of what to do. If only half. You were meant to watch it then masturbate if what you were seeing turned you on. Forget about the acting. What acting? It was a blue movie. Blue movies didn’t do acting, did they? Carlos couldn’t remember if they did. He would have to watch one sometime soon to check out if they ever did any acting. Acting. Ha! Very funny. Very funny indeed. Acting!
‘But not while Ivy is around.’ Ingrid then said, advising Urs, ‘not every woman likes watching them.’
‘No, of course not.’ Urs shook his head.
‘So, you and Ivy, being friends. What do you plan on…doing?’ David then asked him.
‘I don’t know. Talk a lot I suppose. Maybe date. Find out what we have in common.’ Urs shrugged.
‘A good start.’ David agreed.
‘Then…go from there.’
‘With a woman who has no memory of you. Who can’t even remember you and she sleeping together. Who, is also pregnant with that mans child.’ Seb pointed out. Yep. Urs had told them about Ivy being pregnant. It had come as a bit of a shock to most of them. All but Carlos seemed to be in shock. Seb had snorted with laugher on hearing the news, almost choking on his drink he had just taken a sip of when David had just sat and stared at Urs. Like he was seeing him for the very first time. It was rather strange to be stared at by David. David was normally the one who spoke first. So him being quiet worried Urs somewhat. After they had all got over the initial shock they had gathered themselves together to congratulate Urs on being a father soon. Hugging him almost to death. Well, Carlos and David had hugged him. Seb had just sat and laughed and laughed again. Like it was the most funniest thing he had ever heard in his life before.
‘There, is that. I do agree.’ Urs sadly agreed.
‘But Ivy will get her memory back.’ David soothed.
‘Soon I hope. Soon.’ Urs sighed.

Ivy was in bed. Dreaming. It was an erotic dream. About Urs. In it she and he were kissing on a bed. Ivy was almost naked, wearing a revealing outfit of skimpy knickers and bra that barely covered her up. Her nipples popped over the top of the bra. Her breasts seemed even larger now. Was that the pregnancy or something else making them look extra large Ivy wondered. Urs was laying on top of her. Dressed in only a pair of brief underpants. Blue ones. He was very turned on. The bulge in his blue underpants was threatening to burst free. He seemed so big. So hard. As they kissed, Ivy ran her hands over his bare hairy chest. Moving down to his waist as Urs cupped her breasts and his thumbs searched out her nipples. Rubbing them to hard, aching peeks. Ivy moaned in her sleep. Her hands rubbing at her own breasts as the dream continued. She could feel herself become wet. Wringing wet. She opened her legs, ready for Urs to thrust into her. Back in her dream, Urs continued to kiss Ivy, plunging his tongue deep inside her mouth, tasting her as his hands started to roam lower. Ivy felt like begging him now. Begging him to take her. She thrust her pelvis up to his hips, moaning with deep wanting. As Urs’ fingers found her wetness, Ivy’s own fingers slipped inside herself.
‘Oh Urs…’ she moaned in her dream, ‘take me now..’ she begged.
Now Urs was suddenly naked as was she. He thrust into her wetness with his hard, pulsating penis. Ivy moaned in pleasure and started to move with his thrusts. As Urs’ hands massaged her breasts and nipples they both reached their peek of orgasm.
Ivy groaned her orgasm, removed her fingers from between her own legs, sighed a sad, long sigh and turned over in her sleep. It had been the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced while alone. She had had dreams of a sexual nature before but never like this. Never this intense. Never this strong. It was certainly a new experience for her.

Urs was also having a dream. A wet dream. He was dreaming of Ivy. Imagining her in his bed, naked and ready for him. Urs was standing up, looking down on her, taking in her glorious nakedness. Her beautiful breasts. Her hard ripe nipples. Ready for sucking. Her pubic hair wet with her own desire, her clitoris already peeping out. His penis was so hard, so ready. It stood up, leaning up right against his stomach. He looked down and could easily see a bit of pre-come seep out of the tip. God. He felt so ready to burst. Ready to explode. He just needed Ivy’s warm, wet, welcoming vagina to burst into. He needed to be inside her and inside her now. This very moment. Before he came with wanting. With waiting too long.
Suddenly Urs woke up. Blast. He was alone. It had just been a very erotic dream. Nothing more. Just his imagination playing tricks on him. God. He was so hard. So ready. But with nowhere to go. He let out a loud, disappointed sigh, closed his eyes again, gripped his penis and saw to it himself. Masturbating wasn’t half as fun as having someone else to do it. Someone like Ivy here to help out. Or to have her glorious wetness to plunge into to bring himself and her to orgasm. Once done, he groaned, sighed and turned over. Going back to sleep. Sleeping alone just wasn’t the same as having someone to snuggle up to. Having Ivy to snuggle up to. Urs so missed holding her in his arms. He didn’t need to have sex with her. Well, he did, but he wasn’t desperate, desperate to have sex with her. He just needed, ached to hold her in his arms once again. Just to know that she was safe. Urs then dreamt of beating that little shit Riley Matthews to a bloody pulp.
He woke, in the morning to some rather good news. Riley Matthews, finally, had been charged with raping not only Ivy but with five other woman too. So there were 6 women out there, now afraid of men because of that bastard Riley Matthews. He had attacked them and made them feel worthless.
Urs learnt, from a brief phone call from PC Fara Ismail, who had somehow gotten hold of his mobile number. Strange that as Urs couldn’t remember giving her it, that because of all the evidence they had against him, Riley Matthews was looking at, at least 8 to 10 years in prison. And then he would be tagged. Good. The bastard would almost get what was coming to him. Urs so wished he could rush around to Ivy, to tell her the good news. But was unsure. Then he realised. They were friends and that was what a friend would do. Pass the information on. It might, in some way, help Ivy with her memory loss. So yes. He would go and see her he decided. Yes. He couldn’t wait to see her again even if he couldn’t reach out and touch her or hold her in his arms. His arms that missed her so much. That ached for her so very much.

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PostSubject: Chapter Twenty-Four   Sat Aug 08, 2009 10:12 pm


Ivy seemed to be pleased to see Urs, if a little confused when she answered the door to him that morning. In actual fact she was a little embarrassed. Especially after the erotic dream she had had of him the night before. She could still remember each and every part of it so vividly. She was sure he could tell from looking at her what she had dreamt. Like it was somehow written on her face for him to see in invisible ink that only him, being a man could read.
‘Its me. Urs.’ he introduced himself to her confused face when she opened the door to him, dressed. In clothing. Quite a lot of clothing he noticed. She seemed to be wearing her whole wardrobe for some reason.
‘I know who you are…I haven’t forgotten. Well, I mean I have forgotten, but I remember you from…’ Ivy muttered. She had worn the least sexiest clothes she could find so not to arouse suspicion to Urs. Seeming her dressed in her usual clothing might have given him ideas. Like she was interested in him. Which, she was but didn’t want him to know that. At least not yet. Especially not after the dream she had had of him the night before. That erotic, desperate dream. She was wearing baggy tracksuit bottoms and an oversized t-shirt. Hiding her curves from his prying eyes. From his beautiful searching eyes.
‘Its OK Ivy. You don’t have to explain.’
‘Oh. Right….sorry.’ she sighed.
‘Or, apologise.’ he corrected.
‘I don’t?’ she asked.
‘No. No. God. No.’
‘Right…OK.’ Ivy nodded.
‘Good.’ he nodded too.
‘So….you want to see me?’
‘I did. Yes.’ Urs nodded again.
‘For…?’ Ivy asked.
‘I…I…I’ve got some news, about your rape.’ Urs told her.
‘OK.’ Ivy led him into her main living room with her knees clinging together as she walked. Once gratefully seated, both him and Ivy, and after refusing drinks and food Urs told her why he had come round to see her.
‘The guy…he’s been charged.’ he sat across the room from her, on the sofa while Ivy sat in the chair. As far away as possible she could get without arousing suspicion. Being too close to him was driving her wild. Why did he have to be wearing such erotic aftershave? Did he not know what he was doing to her delicate senses. Making her imagine all sorts of naughty things. Making her imagine him naked, on the rug in front of the fire. Ivy bite back a groan and tried to concentrate on what he was trying to tell her. Something about the rape which obviously needed her to respond one way or another.
‘Right. OK.’
‘With…with the rape of 6 women.’ Urs said.
‘6?’ Ivy gasped. He had raped that many women? And gotten away from it for so long?
‘Well, 5 others. 6, including yours.’
‘Wow. OK.’
‘A private detective I hired, helped the police.’ he informed her. He had certainly got his money worth from the private detective. So much information he had found out. Wow. It was surprising what you could find if you knew where to dig and how far to dig into someone’s past. It was amazing the amount of secrets people hide from those they loved or liked..
‘PC Fara Ismail told you?’ Ivy asked, guessing. It was something in the way he had told her that gave it away. She tried not to look or sound too disappointed.
‘Yes. She…phoned me, this morning.’
‘She…likes you.’ Ivy then told Urs.
‘I like her too.’ he nodded.
‘I mean…I mean like, like.’
‘But I don’t like, like her.’ Urs corrected.
‘Right. Shame.’
‘Why?’ Urs asked.
‘You’d make….a good couple…’ Ivy smiled. Even though what she really wanted to do was cry. To roll herself up into a small ball and cry her heart out. She was jealous. She was jealous of someone else liking Urs.
‘But you are the one having my child.’ Urs then reminded her.
‘I know that, but…’
‘But what?’
‘Doesn’t mean you couldn’t date Fara…or any woman.’ Ivy shrugged.
‘I don’t want to date Fara, or any other woman.’
‘Why not?’ Ivy blinked at him.
‘Because I…I..’ Urs stumbled over the words.
‘You and I, we’re friends. Right?’ Ivy asked.
‘Right.’ Urs nodded.
‘Then you’re free, to date anyone you like.’
‘Am I?’
‘Of course you are.’ Ivy nodded. Isn’t that what friends told each other? Things like that, even though she herself was breaking down in the inside?
‘Right…OK. Tha…thanks.’ Urs sighed.

Seb was in trouble. Of a sort. He and Ingrid where in their hotel room. Ingrid was searching through her underwear drawer, looking for something.
‘Funny.’ she exclaimed, ‘its not here.’
‘What’s not here?’ Seb innocently asked, looking up from reading a magazine. Well, not reading it, looking at the pictures. It was the latest edition of ‘Porn monthly‘ in which Ingrid was the star of this month. He was checking out her pictures. Admiring her form in print. She had such a sexy body he happily noticed. And she was all this. All this. He smiled a happy smile.
‘My favourite pair of knickers. The red pair with lace on the waste…’ she explained.
‘Oh. Those ones.’ he nodded, the smile falling from his face.
‘And…some of these others, they seem to be…’ Ingrid picked up a pair of knickers to show Seb, ‘….stretchy.’ she pointed out.
‘Aren’t they supposed to be… stretchy?’ he innocently asked. Or at least he tried to act innocent.
‘Not silk knickers that cost £90 a pair.’
‘Eh…how much?’ his mouth fell over in surprise. She paid how much for underwear? Considering it was just a piece of lace with a bit of silk thrown in. £90 for a piece of material that was barely there? Did women really spent that much on it? Crikey. She must have more money then sense. Then again, Seb did like Ingrid wearing sexy knickers. They did help to get him going. Seeing her dressed in matching underwear. Just thinking about it now gave him the beginnings of a rather large hard-on. He shifted about, trying to get a little more comfortable.
‘They are La Perla.’ Ingrid named an expensive underwear designer.
Seb pulled a face, ‘Seb, do you know something?’ Ingrid looked at her boyfriend.
‘No.’ he laughed, ‘like what?’ he asked.
‘Has someone…been wearing my knickers?’
‘You.’ Seb smiled.
‘Other than me?’
‘Your other…women?’
‘I don’t have any other women!’ Seb laughed at this.
‘You don’t?’
‘No. Anyway, we live together…’
‘We share a hotel room.’ Ingrid corrected.
‘Same thing.’ Seb shrugged.
‘Is it?’
‘Of course it is!’
‘Doesn’t mean you won’t…cheat.’
‘I couldn’t. Even if I wanted to!’ Seb laughed.
‘Why not? Why couldn’t you?’ Ingrid asked.
‘Because I’m too tired!’
‘Oh. Right. OK.’ Ingrid and Seb did seem to have sex. Several times a day. They never seemed to be out of each others sight, ‘But that doesn’t explain my knickers going missing, or getting ruined.’
‘Maybe, one of the hotel staff…’ Seb muttered.
‘Mmm…’ Ingrid narrowed her eyes.
‘What? What?’
‘You do know you can tell me anything Seb. Anything.’
‘I do, yes.’ he nodded.
‘And I mean, anything. I am quite…open minded you know.’
‘I know you are.’
‘With my profession and all that…’
‘What, are you accusing me of?’ Seb demanded.
‘I’m not…’
‘Yes you are.’
‘OK.’ Ingrid sighed, ‘OK. Are you…wearing my underwear?’
‘Why would I…?’ Seb nervously laughed.
‘I’ve seen the way you…rub yourself with my knickers.’ when they had sex, Ingrid would take her underwear off then watch as Seb rubbed them along his erection before he and she had sex. At first she thought this was just a one off but then she realised. Every time they had sex Seb did the same thing. Rubbing his erection with the underwear he had just helped her to take off.
‘Well…they are rather…silky.’ Seb laughed again.
‘OK. OK.’ he held his hands up, ‘I have been…’
‘And my red pair?’ she asked.
Seb sighed. Then stood up and undid his jeans. Revealing Ingrid’s favourite pair of lace red underwear.
‘Oh Seb..’ she sighed, sounding disappointed.
‘I’ll….buy you some new ones.’
‘If you’d have told me…’
‘Sorry…’ he looked down at his feet.
‘There are specialist shops you know.’ Ingrid then surprised him by saying.
‘Eh…?’ Seb focused on her face again.
‘Shops for…transvestites…’
‘I’m not gay!’ he shouted almost, getting the complete wrong idea.
‘I didn’t say you were…you just like wearing…woman’s underwear.’
‘Its just that they feel so smooth… so sexy against my skin.’ Seb explained, rubbing the knickers as they hugged his crotch.
‘I know Seb. I know.’ Ingrid nodded.
‘Does that make me…dumped then?’ he then asked.
‘No. Why?’
‘Because before I’ve found myself…girlfriendless.’ Seb sadly shrugged.
‘Hey, you’re dating a porn star! I’m certainly not dumping you.’ Ingrid reassured him.
‘Promise?’ he asked.
‘Yes Seb. I promise.’ Ingrid hugged him.
‘Thank you…and I’ll…replace your underwear.’ Seb shyly smiled.
‘I’d like that. Thank you.’
Later, Seb made Ingrid promise that she wouldn’t tell anyone about his fetish. None of IL DIVO knew and Seb thought that they wouldn’t understand if they found out. Ingrid crossed her heart and promised she wouldn’t tell a soul. She also promised to take him to the specialist shop she knew that catered for men having a likeness for women’s clothing. She assured Seb that no-one would find out his secret. Unless he wanted to tell anyone himself. Which, at the moment, he certainly didn’t want to.

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PostSubject: Chapter Twenty-Five   Sat Aug 08, 2009 10:14 pm


Urs and Ivy were in hospital. Ivy was having her first scan to see the baby. Urs had asked if he could come along, as her friend as well as the baby’s father.
‘Err…yeah, sure, sure.’ Ivy had nodded. She still felt a little strange. Confused almost. Here she was, pregnant by a man she couldn’t even remember sleeping with. Although she so wished she could remember. She had a feeling that she had enjoyed the experience rather a lot.
‘You know when we…slept together, did I….did I enjoy it?’ she nervously asked Urs after a while of debating whether to ask or not. In the end, curiosity to know had got the better of her.
‘I think you did. Yes.’ Urs nodded.
‘Did you….?’
‘Oh yes. I certainly did.’
‘And you…taught me, about…having sex?’
‘Making love.’ he corrected, ‘and yes.’
‘But you’ve had so many, other, better lovers..’ Ivy tried.
‘No I haven’t.’
‘You were the one I most enjoyed being with.’ Urs told her.
‘Why was that?’
‘Because I was…because I am, in love, with you.’
‘I so wish I could remember..’ Ivy sighed.
‘You will. One day.’
‘Yeah, but hopefully before I have this baby!’
‘Then we’ve…seven months.’ Urs smiled.
The nurse came in then, to the hospital room. To rub some gel onto Ivy’s bare tummy. Ivy felt rather silly, lying there, tummy exposed, waiting for the nurse to come. Showing her skin to Urs. Skin that Urs had seen before but Ivy couldn’t remember her showing it to him. The nurse soon arrived, introduced herself then, after pressing some buttons on the computer she ran a hand monitor over Ivy‘s tummy, pressing hard but not too hard on her tummy. Suddenly Ivy and Urs could hear something.
‘That, is your baby’s heartbeat.’ the nurse, called Karen informed them.
‘Wow.’ Ivy smiled.
‘Wait, there’s more.’ Karen then pressed some buttons on the computer screen attached to the monitor. Then, a grainy image appeared on the screen, moving about.
‘Your baby.’ Karen told them.
Ivy gazed at the screen in awe. Her baby was on that screen. Her very own baby.
Urs grabbed hold of Ivy’s hand and gave it a little squeeze of courage, ‘Your baby.’ he whispered.
‘No Urs.’ Ivy corrected, smiling at him, ‘our baby.’
‘Yes, our baby.’ Urs smiled, wiping at an eye. He wanted to cry. Not because he was sad, but because he was happy. Oh so very happy. On that screen he could see his and Ivy’s child. Something he thought he’d never experience. He was going to be a father. Wow. How amazing was that? There, inside the woman he loved tummy, was an amazing thing growing. A miracle. His child. Their child.
‘Do you want to know what you are having?’ Karen then asked.
Ivy looked at Urs. He shook his head. Just as long as the baby and Ivy were OK and had nothing wrong with them Urs didn’t care what they were having. Just as long as they, both mother and child were healthy. That was all he asked for. ‘No. Thank you.’ Ivy told her, ‘we can wait.’
‘OK.’ Karen smiled and nodded. She made a note of the baby’s measurements then printed out the scan photo.
‘Baby’s first picture.’ she smiled at them, handing it to Urs. Karen noticed that both mother and father were rather good looking and expected a very good looking baby to arrive in about seven months time. Lucky baby. Having a father that sexy. Karen swooned slightly at the gorgeous father. She was sure that she had recognised him from somewhere but couldn’t quite place him. Music kept popping into her head whenever she looked at him.
‘Thanks.’ Urs gazed down at it. ‘wow. Our baby.’
‘Yes. Our baby.’ Ivy happily agreed.

After the scan, Urs asked Ivy as casually as he could if she would like to go for dinner somewhere.
‘Don’t you have a girlfriend waiting for you?’ Ivy surprised him by asking.
‘I told you, I don’t. Besides.’ he gazed into her eyes with his intense hazel eyes, making her blush slightly, ‘I’m in love with you.’
‘Doesn’t mean you’re not dating someone else.’ Ivy shrugged. Trying to forget just how lovely Urs’ eyes were. They really were rather sexy she noticed.
‘I’m not that type of guy Ivy.’
‘I wouldn’t know. I can’t remember.’
‘I wish you could.’ Urs sighed.
‘Then, I suppose I’d know why you limp sometimes.’
‘You would, yes. Intimately the reason.’ Urs smiled as he remembered when Ivy had seen his scar for the very first time. She had so wanted to kiss him better.
Ivy, for some reason then blushed, scared in colour. Almost like she could remember too what she had done on seeing it for the first time. When she had dropped to her knees, and had licked and kissed his scar. Making him groan with desire for her.
‘So, dinner with me?’ Urs asked.
‘Err…OK. Sure.’ Ivy nodded. She couldn’t think of a reason why she shouldn’t. Plus, she realised, spending time with him could help her memory come back. At least the part in which he starred it.

They found a secluded place which didn’t bring back nasty flashbacks for Ivy and somewhere where Urs wasn’t recognised. It wasn’t easy. Especially when Urs had the sort of face which was hard to forget. He was the most popular member of IL DIVO due to the fact that mostly he was a nice, kind guy as well as being extremely good looking and rather sexy to boot.
‘Nice…place.’ Ivy took in the atmosphere. They had settled on somewhere which was actually rather romantic.
‘It is, isn’t it?’ Urs smiled, helping her to her seat.
‘Oh. Such a gentleman.’ Ivy smiled back, ‘Hey, I remember calling you that once before. A gentleman.’
‘Well, I do try to be.’
‘I have to admit something…’ Ivy then blushed, ‘I keep having…err….erotic dreams. About you.’ she confessed, ‘thought it must be the pregnancy. My doctor did warn me… that some women do….suffer from them that is.’ thank god her doctor was female. Ivy wouldn’t have been able to talk about her dreams had her doctor been male. They were embarrassing enough as they were.
‘Oh. Right.’ Urs nodded.
‘What is it?’ Ivy, sensing something was up, asked.
‘I’ve also been having…dreaming about you too.’
‘You have? Oh. Right.’
‘Also…erotic dreams.’ Urs confessed.
‘Oh. Right.’
‘But I’m not…pregnant.’ he then, rather sensibly pointed out.
‘Hmm. So.’ Ivy agreed.
‘I shouldn’t have said anything.’
‘No. No. I’m…I’m glad that you did.’
‘Why?’ Urs asked.
‘Because…it triggered something. A memory.’ Ivy confessed then.
‘Of you and I…sleeping together. Kissing….touching.’
‘Right. OK.’ Urs nodded.
‘Sorry.’ Ivy suddenly felt the need to apologise.
‘No. Don’t apologise.’
‘Oh…but I thought I’d done something…or said something wrong.’
‘No. You haven’t. Just the opposite actually.’ Urs lightly smiled.
‘I wish I could tell you. But I don’t want to scare you away.’ Urs told her.
‘Oh…right. OK.’ Ivy sadly sighed.
‘Please don’t get worried. OK?’ Urs lightly touched her hand which lay on the table between them.
Urs’ touch made Ivy tingle all over. She felt her nipples get instantly hard and get wet down below. Her knickers went from dry to wringing wet in a second. She shifted about in her seat, feeling herself become stuck to the leather of the seat.
She searched Urs’ face. Looking to see if he had any idea of what his touch was doing to her. Ivy couldn’t find anything but now understood why she was pregnant with this man’s baby. He was incredibly sexy and made Ivy weak with desire.
‘Anything wrong?’ Urs innocently asked.
‘Err…no. No.’ Ivy coughed.
He could see in her eyes her desire. She wanted him. Or at least she wanted someone. Urs was scared to make a move on her just in case it bought back bad memories of her rape. He didn’t want to damage her fragile memory anymore than it already was. Of course had he talked to her he would have learnt that nothing he could have said would have caused that to happen.

During the meal they talked about what interested them. They had a few things in common. But not much. Urs told Ivy about his love of motorbikes and rock music. Whereas Ivy loved pop music and collecting teddies.
‘That’s why you bought me the biker teddy.’ Urs smiled.
‘Considering I bought it before I knew you liked motorbikes…’ Ivy returned the smile.
‘And I hadn’t told you before that I liked them.’
‘Guess it must have been a lucky guess.’
‘Yes, or something.’ Ivy agreed, blushing slightly, ‘so…what sort of rock music do you like then?’
‘Metallica. Night wish.’
‘Never heard of Night wish.’
‘What…musical artists do you like then?’ Urs asked.
‘Err…’ Ivy thought for a moment, ‘Kelly Clarkson. Back street boys. Mariah Carey.’
‘Poppy pop.’ Urs grimaced.
‘Hey, at least it has a tune.’ Ivy lightly smacked his hand.
‘True. True.’ he nodded, ‘point taken.’
‘Anyhow, I can’t do head banging.’
‘Hey, I’ve done some great head banging in my time.’ Urs shook his head backwards and forwards, head banging. Making Ivy laugh. His hair was flying everywhere.
‘You look so funny.’ she told him.
Urs stopped, looked at her then said, ‘It made you laugh.’
‘Guess, I’ve not had much to laugh at recently…’
‘No.’ Urs agreed.
‘But I’m moving on from that.’
‘You’re very…brave.’ Urs told her.
‘I don’t see how…’
‘What you went through.’
‘Considering I can’t really remember much of it.’ Ivy shrugged.
‘According to PC Fara we are very…resilient as humans. I just want to move on. To never remember.’
‘I liked….PC Fara’s outfit.’ Urs then confessed.
‘You’re into uniforms?’ Ivy asked.
‘No. Just…’ he shrugged.
‘You should get your girlfriend to…to dress up.’
‘I told you, I don’t have a girlfriend. Only you.’
‘Only me?’ Ivy asked.
‘You’re all I need.’ Urs smiled.
‘Even thought I’m useless. Here I am. Not remembering anything. Certainly not us…sleeping together.’
‘You enjoyed it.’
‘Only because you told me.’
‘The only way I can prove it….is to sleep with you, again.’
‘Its OK Ivy. Forget I said that.’
‘No…I mean I’d….I’d like to…but…’
‘But…?’ Urs asked.
‘But I’m scared.’ Ivy admitted.

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PostSubject: Chapter Twenty-Six   Sat Aug 08, 2009 10:15 pm


‘She’s scared?’ David asked Urs later that day.
‘That’s what she said.’ he shrugged. He and David had met up in a local café. Urs somehow felt safer in public with David nowadays although he couldn’t begin to tell himself or anyone else why that was the reason.
‘Oh mate..’ David patted his shoulder in a consoling manner. David had sat next to Urs in the booth, not across from him like was expected. David liked being close to Urs, even though he knew he shouldn’t. But he had a feeling that he wouldn’t get the chance to be close to Urs for very much longer. Urs was deeply in love and leaving David behind in his own fantasies. Fantasies that he knew now, sadly, would never become reality. Oh well. David could still dream thought.
‘More scared that she ever was before!’
‘Exactly.’ Urs agreed, sighing.
‘Maybe…maybe you and Ivy should….I mean need to sleep with each other. In steps again.’ David then suggested.
‘Like before?’ Urs asked.
‘Yes, like before.’
‘That, could be an idea…’
‘You should…suggest it, to Ivy.’
‘Might just do that.’
‘I’m sure, that just…that just kissing….Ivy, could help.’ David shrugged, focusing on anything but Urs’ delicious mouth and trying to get rid of the image he had in his head. Of him and Urs kissing. Holding Urs in his arms. Rubbing his erection against his stomach. No. No. That could never be. Remember Camy. Remember the lovely Camy who I like. Who I am falling in love with. Remember her. Her sweet mouth. Her rather wonderful breasts. Remember last night when you touched her breasts. Kissed them. Held them in your palms and buried your head between them as you plunged your penis into her wetness. Remember the look on her face as she groaned your name as she came. Remember all that David told himself. At least Camy wouldn’t turn you down. Wouldn’t reject you. Hell she found out your biggest, deepest secret and what had she done? Certainly not pushed you away. Oh no. No. She had opened her arms and had welcomed you into them. See, Camy loves you. Camy wants you. Like you want her. Like you love her.
‘Kiss Ivy.’ Urs mumbled.
‘Yes Urs, kiss Ivy.’
‘I liked doing that…’ Urs gave a soppy smile.
‘Like I…like I like kissing Camy.’ David then smiled. Surprised that his heart wasn’t breaking into too at the thought, at the idea of him losing Urs as his best friend. Then again David had Camy now to be his best friend and Urs, well Urs had Ivy to love and care for. For her to feel the same way about him.
‘Aah, yes, the lovely Camy.’ Urs nodded.
‘She…knows all my secrets yet still likes me. Still understands me.’
‘That, is love.’
‘I sure hope so.’
‘You should marry her David.’
‘Maybe I should.’
‘You obviously love her. Marry her David. Make yourself, and her, happy.’
‘Thanks Urs, for…for helping me.’ David smiled. Then he realised something. Urs hadn’t even asked what secrets he was hiding. Not, that David would have told of them. He didn’t want to shock his friend or lose his friendship just yet. He always wanted to be friends with Urs even if they couldn’t ever become anything more that just friends. Just to be near Urs would be enough for David. Now.

Urs decided to do just as David had suggested. Kiss Ivy. But he was, for some reason, rather nervous at that very prospect. What, if him kissing Ivy made her hate him? How would he live with that? If it happened. And what was a big if. One kiss, one simple kiss could either break or make their…what was it? Relationship? Friendship? Urs himself didn’t even know what it was. What he wanted was for Ivy to become his wife. She was already pregnant with his baby so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. Or would it? He was confused. Worried even. Ivy was in a delicate state. Not only because she was pregnant but because of her memory loss too. That made things even more trickier. Even more delicate. Urs didn’t even know the correct way to go about kissing Ivy. He couldn’t just lunge at her. Attack her almost with his mouth. His lips. He would have to do it slowly. Gently. Move in slowly. So slowly so she wouldn’t know what was coming until his mouth was finally on hers. That, was the plan at least. Now all Urs had to do was pluck up the courage to follow through with it. Probably the hardest part of all.

The opportunity came later that day. Ivy had mentioned to Urs about wanting to decorate her spare room into a nursery for the baby. He had offered to help out. He changed into an old pair of jeans which had tears in the knees and one on the bottom. Not designer tears either. And a vest top.
As soon as he arrived at Ivy’s, Urs knew the vest top was a mistake. Sure it showed of his muscular and rather hairy arms. Plus glimpses of his chest but Urs hadn’t contented on Stevie being there to help out.
‘Well, hellooo sexy…’ Stevie winked as he answered the door.
‘Oh! I make you nervous!’ Stevie winked again.
‘No.’ Urs lied, ‘I…I just wasn’t expecting you to be here.’
‘So I noticed. Lovely arms.’ Stevie stroked one of his bare arms. Trailing his fingers slowly up and down his arms.
‘Stevie!’ came Joy’s voice from behind him, ‘behave!’
‘Ow..’ he sulked, ‘I was only being friendly…’ he regrettably moved his hand away and sighed a long, sad sigh. It was typical of Joy to come along and ruin all his fun. Spoil sport her.
‘Touching up Urs isn’t being friendly. Its you, trying to come onto a lost cause.’ Joy scowled him.
‘He might be interested…’ Stevie tried.
‘Yeah, in your dreams.’ Joy tutted at this.
‘Whey-hey!’ Stevie purred. He had had some very, very interesting dreams about the gorgeous man. And who could blame him? Urs had a body to die for. Muscular in places, hairy in places too. With a rather large packaging if he remembered that morning in Ivy’s room when Stevie had walked in and caught him with a lovely morning erection. Mmm…. Stevie suppressed a groan and instead gave a dopey looking smile. Gazing at Urs like he was a bar of chocolate.
‘Hi Urs.’ Ivy then appeared, dressed in dungarees with her hair tied back. She still looked a little bruised but beautiful all the same.
‘I’ve…come to help.’ Urs nervously smiled.
‘Dressed, in such a wonderfully sexy outfit.’ Stevie swooned.
‘Err…’ Urs coughed a slightly embarrassed cough. He didn’t quite know how to take Stevie. He wasn’t used to men coming onto him. Women yes. Men? No. Not until he had met Stevie. Then again he was enough for anyone. Rather too touchy feely for his own good when Urs came into it.
‘You look…good.’ Ivy blushed, taking in his appearance. Yep. Stevie was right. Urs was dressed in a sexy outfit. She took him in. She sniffed. Oh! He smelt wonderful too! No wonder Ivy kept having such sexual, erotic dreams about this man. He was slowly driving her crazy. He licked his lips and Ivy had to stop herself from groaning out loud. She had the greatest urge to reach out, and kiss him. His mouth looked so tempting.
‘Err…right, decorating.’ Ivy mentally shook herself.
‘That’s what I’m here for.’ Urs nodded.
Yes. To help out. No other reason. Just to help out. Oh well. At least he was here. At least Ivy could...admire him from afar as he worked. She could watch his muscles move. She could…oh god. I need a cold shower she thought to herself. I need to cool down. Behave yourself Ivy. Behave yourself.

Urs and Ivy worked side by side. Painting. Ivy was determined to do as much work as possible. Being pregnant wouldn’t stop her from doing anything. Anything.
They painted, a rainbow of colours, Ivy wanted the nursery to be colourful and bright, which it was certainly turning out to be, in almost silence with only the radio and Stevie, attempting to sing along to it, badly I have to say it, Stevie was certainly no singer, breaking it. Until Stevie, of all people, started a paint fight. He flicked paint, blue, at Urs, who instead of ignoring him flicked some back. Urs was doing yellow.
‘Hey!’ Stevie laughed, now flicking paint at Ivy. She laughed then flicked paint at Urs. Ivy was painting in green.
‘It was him, not me…’ Urs laughed back.
‘Yeah, and?’ she teased.
Urs, flicked his paint brush at her, making her laugh again.
‘Oi!’ she complained, laughing, touching Urs’ arm with her paint brush. Urs, repaid by marking Ivy’s face lightly.
‘Thanks..’ she laughed.
‘Sorry.’ Urs reached out to touch her face, wiping the wet paint away, or rather spreading it.
Ivy trembled with his touch, ‘Urs…’ she whispered.
Urs smiled at her, then tenderly cupped her face and touched his lips ever so softly to hers then pulled away before Ivy could respond. Without thinking Ivy returned the kiss, pulling him closer to her then she pulled away.
Afterwards, Urs rubbed her mouth with his thumb, Ivy gasped with desire. Oh my god she thought. I want this man so much. I want him. Here. Now. Before I burst.
‘Err…hmm.’ came Stevie, coughing to alert them to his presents.
Urs and Ivy turned to face him.
‘Sorry….forgot you were there.’ Urs apologised to him, attempting to hide his now obvious desire for Ivy. God he so wanted her. He was dying inside for her.
‘Hey.’ Stevie held his hands up, ‘don’t mind me.’ he winked at Urs suggestively.
‘Yes, sorry Stevie.’ Ivy then apologised.
‘No, seriously, don’t mind me.’ Stevie repeated more seriously this time, ‘you love him. He loves you.’ he stated the obvious. Anyone could see it. Urs and Ivy loved each other. Madly loved each other.
‘Stevie…’ Ivy started to complain.
‘But you do Ivy. So does Urs.’ Stevie smiled.
‘I do love you Ivy.’ Urs smiled at her.
‘Do you?’ she blinked at this.
‘I do. Yes.’ he nodded.
‘And you love Urs too.’ Stevie helped her out.
‘No, I…I…’ Ivy mumbled.
‘Honey, we can all see it.’ Stevie smiled.
‘But I can’t….I don’t…feel it.’ Ivy sighed, lying only slightly. She was confused, not knowing what she felt, if what she felt was anything big, anything meaningful, ‘I can’t remember…’
‘You will honey. You will. In time..’ Stevie soothed.
‘That’s just it. In time. Yeah. But when?’ Ivy asked.
‘I…I don’t know honey. I don’t know.’ Stevie sadly sighed.

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PostSubject: Chapter Twenty-Seven   Sat Aug 08, 2009 10:18 pm


What Ivy hadn’t told anyone, although she should have, was that slowly, but surely, she was starting to regain her memory. Piece by piece. Like doing a puzzle almost it was slowly starting to come back to her. Each day a new piece slotted into place. Each day she remembered something new. It was exciting and scary all at the same time. Rather annoyingly the first initial piece of memory to come back was her rape. Ivy remembered every scary second. Of meeting Riley. The date. Then him attacking her. Holding the knife to her throat. Raping her. It was horrible to relive it all over again. But, at least her memory was coming back. Ivy supposed she should have told someone but she didn’t know who to tell. In the end, she ended up confiding in Ingrid. Seb and Ingrid came around to see her, probably hoping to see Urs who wasn’t there and when Seb, who obviously needed to talk to Urs urgently, went of to find him, Ingrid stayed and so talked to Ivy.
‘I’ve a feeling, that I should know you from somewhere.’ Ivy told her. Ingrid’s face striked a familiar cord within her. They were sitting in the front room, on the sofa together, Ivy had just made coffee for Ingrid.
‘Oh?’ Ingrid innocently asked. She liked playing innocent. After all you never knew how people would take you if you came straight out with what you did for a living. Some people could be rather funny about porn actresses. Like they had a strange disease or something.
‘You’re a…an actress, right?’
‘Of sorts. Yes I am.’ Ingrid agreed.
‘I think I’ve seen something you’ve been in..’ Ivy mumbled.
‘My job…I write…erotic stories.’
‘Probably then.’ Ingrid nodded.
‘To get my ideas…I seem to watch a lot of…videos.’ Ivy explained. She pointed to the cupboard where she kept all her research. It included porn movies. Girly magazines. Men magazines. In her time, Ivy had had to write a variety of stories for a variety of readers. Not always women reading the stories but men too. Gay men. Straight men. You could learn a lot from a person on what they liked to read. It could be a real eye opener.
‘Then you might have seen me.’ Ingrid agreed.
‘Sorry, if I’ve embarrassed you in any way..’ Ivy then apologised. She liked Ingrid and so didn’t want to ruin what could turn out to be the start of a great friendship. She didn’t want to open her mouth and say something and be shot down while trying to put things right.
‘No. Its OK. Seb knows. He…recognised me when we first met.’
‘Somehow, that doesn’t surprise me.’ Ivy smiled. On seeing Seb for the first time Ivy had got a feeling about him. Like he was hiding something. A big secret maybe. And maybe, his girlfriend being a porn actress was the secret that no-one else knew about. Then again, Ivy sensed that it could be something completely different. Something more.
‘Only Urs doesn’t seem to know who I am.’ Ingrid then said.
‘That, also doesn’t surprise me.’
‘He’s…very nice. Rather…innocent I think.’
‘Innocent, how?’ Ivy asked.
‘In how he is sometimes.’ Ingrid shrugged.
‘I think…I think that’s the reason I haven’t told him…that I am starting to remember…’
‘You are? Oh wow! Good for you!’ Ingrid hugged her.
‘Including…’ Ivy sighed, ‘my rape.’
‘Oh no. Honey…’
‘At least my memory is starting to come back!’ Ivy shrugged.
‘Yes, but the bad part first.’
‘Oh no. The first part was me remembering Urs and I…err.’ Ivy blushed.
‘Kissing?’ Ingrid asked.
‘No…err…mutually…masturbating each other.’ Ivy finally mumbled.
‘Wow. Interesting memory.’ Ingrid nodded.
‘I remember his hands…touching me.’
‘Lucky you.’ Ingrid sighed. As hands went Ingrid thought that Urs had rather nice ones. She could imagine him touching her. Stroking her. Rubbing her to orgasm. Lucky, lucky Ivy remembering that part first. Lucky girl.
‘Why am I…?’ Ivy asked.
‘Seb…he doesn’t…oh, he likes oral sex, even giving oral sex, but intimately touching? God. No.’ Ingrid shook her head.
‘Maybe you should…talk to him…’
‘Oh, believe me, I’ve tried. Several times. But no go.’
‘Then, maybe…I don’t know. Refuse oral sex for a few days.’ Ivy suggested.
‘What, like….blackmailing him into…?’ Ingrid asked.
‘Yes.’ Ivy nodded, ‘I would.’
‘OK.’ Ingrid decided, ‘I’ll give that a try.’ she nodded.
‘Good luck.’ Ivy hugged her.
‘Thanks, and good luck with regaining the memory.’ Ingrid returned the hug.
‘Thanks. Thanks.’ Ivy nodded.

Ivy was starting to get curious. All these memories coming back made her think. What would it be like to have sex with Urs? Oh she knew they had already but try as she might she couldn’t quite make herself remember which prompted her to wonder. Could she pluck up the courage to not only kiss Urs again but to move it onto something more? Like seeing him naked? Touching him. Intimately. Having him touch her too. She so wanted to experience that again. To…relive it over again. To hopefully help regain her memory. As well as making new, more exciting ones. After Ingrid had gone, Ivy picked up the phone and called Urs.
‘Can you…will you, come round?’ she nervously asked.
‘Sure. OK. I’ll be right round.’ Urs told her.
‘Great. Thanks.’ Ivy smiled down the phone. She then rushed into the bathroom. Once naked she looked herself over. Mmm. She had pubic hair. Now, did Urs like that? No, Ivy couldn’t remember. She’d leave it for now. But she’d wax her legs. Pluck her brows. Then she searched out for some ‘’interesting’’ underwear. Ivy found a matching set of balcony bra which pushed her breasts up and knickers in blue with lace. She looked good. Shame about her tummy though. The pregnancy was already starting to change her body. Making her breasts appear more fuller. Her nipples bigger and her tummy more rounder. Ivy only hoped that the look of her pregnant, with his child, didn’t put Urs of wanting to have sex with her. Ivy was already rather desperate for sex. Especially with Urs. Especially tonight. Then, when ready she prepared the flat. Lighting candles. Placing a rug down in front of the fire. Closing the curtains. Making it look cosy and romantic. Or so Ivy hoped. She then sat down and waited for Urs to come around.

It didn’t take Urs long to arrive at Ivy’s flat. Her phone call to him had worried him a little. He didn’t know what to expect when he turned up. So, to find her in her underwear was a surprise to say the least.
‘Have I…interrupted something?’ he nervously asked, trying to look at anything but Ivy. Her, standing here, in her brief underwear was doing crazy things for his senses. He could feel himself get hard. Plus, she smelt so delicious. He breathed in her smell. She smelt of strawberries. Urs ached to stick out his tongue and taste her. He wanted to lick her neck. Her chest. Her nipples. Her stomach. To stick his tongue deep inside of her and taste her most intimate parts. He suppressed a groan.
‘Anything wrong?’ Ivy innocently asked, blinking at him.
‘Have I…interrupted something?’ Urs asked again.
‘No.’ Ivy shook her head.
‘Only you’re…’ he coughed.
‘Only I’m what Urs?’
‘Naked…almost.’ Urs coughed again.
‘And that bothers you?’
‘No. No.’ he laughed, then he nodded. ‘Actually, it does.’ he admitted, at long last.
‘Why does it?’
‘Because I…I…want you.’ he murmured.
‘You want me?’ Ivy asked for confirmation.
‘I want you too.’
‘What Urs? You want me. I want you. I don’t see a problem. Do you?’
‘But your memory…’
‘I thought, considering I keep having all these erotic dreams about you, that I might see, what its like for myself. Again.’ Ivy told him.
‘I don’t want to…to…’ Urs mumbled.
‘To what?’
‘To…to make you remember your rape.’ he looked deep into her eyes.
‘I don’t see how. You didn’t rape me in the first place…’ Ivy sensibly pointed out.
‘I know that.’ he interrupted.
‘….And secondly, I trust you.’
‘You trust me?’
‘Yes Urs I trust you.’ Ivy repeated.
‘I might scare you away…’
‘I doubt it somehow. You didn’t at the beginning.’
‘You…remember?’ Urs asked.
‘I remember….little bits.’
‘Like you and I…masturbating each other.’
‘I…I liked that.’ he smiled.
‘Yes. I seem to remember, you doing it over and over again.’ Ivy smiled too.
‘I wanted you, to appreciate it…to the fullest extent.’ Urs smiled again.
Yep. Ivy remembered that. Urs. Masturbating her on and on that night. Her enjoying herself. Him also enjoying himself. ‘Well, then lets us experience it again..’ Ivy moved closer, placing her palms on his chest, feeling his silky shirt against her skin.
‘I’d like that….’ Urs admitted, touching her face. He slowly lowered his head, his beautiful lips just inches from hers.
‘Kiss me Urs..’ Ivy moaned.
‘Oh yes.’ he happily agreed, placing his mouth finally on hers.

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PostSubject: Chapter Twenty-Eight   Sat Aug 08, 2009 10:20 pm


Ivy kissed Urs back with all the passion she had deep inside for him. It was a lot of passion. Ivy so wanted Urs. She wanted him to rip her bra and knickers from her body and to thrust himself deep inside her welcoming wetness. She was desperate for him. Dying with wanting him so much. God. She felt so ready.
‘Oh Urs…’ she moaned as his hands started touching her. One hand cupped her breast, his thumb rubbing at her erect nipple. Making her gasp out in pleasure as his other hand touched her bottom. Pushing her against his growing erection. He was growing so hard for her. He wanted her and wanted her soon. He had waited so long to see her again. Too long. He wanted to be deep inside her soon. To burst his seed inside her. To come and to keep on coming. Then he felt Ivy’s hands, tearing at his shirt. To her moans he let go of her breast and bottom for a moment and yanked his shirt off. Popping the buttons on it as he did. Ivy smiled a wide, passionate smile and ran a hand over his chest, touching the hair on his chest. Stroking him.
‘Very nice.’ she groaned before Urs’ mouth found hers again.
Then his hands resumed their rubbing and caressing of her erect nipples. One hand slipped inside her bra. Ivy arched her back, pressing her breast into his hand, helping him. Touching her breast just wasn’t enough. Urs ached to taste it. As if sensing his need, Ivy reached behind and undid her bra, freeing her breasts. Urs let out a happy moan of deep desire. Her breasts were even better than he remembered. Pregnancy suited Ivy. It made her breasts, her glorious breasts bigger. Her nipples even more erect. He lowered his head and took a nipple into his mouth, tasting her. She tasted of heaven. Ivy clutched at his head, ‘Take me Urs…’ she begged.
‘But you’re not ready…’
‘Oh god I am. I am.’ Ivy took one of his hands and placed it on the crotch of her knickers. She was right. Urs could feel her wetness. He sniffed. Now he could smell her desire, her need for him.
Urs groaned and pulled at his jeans. Yanking down the zip and almost pulling the button of in his haste to be free. He jerked his jeans and underpants down his legs. His erection sprang free. Looking hard and glorious. Had he grown Ivy wondered? That triggered a memory. Then Ivy noticed his scar on his thigh. She knelt down to look at it.
‘Ivy…’ Urs moaned. She stuck out her tongue and licked it. Following the line. Urs moaned again. ‘Oh Ivy…’
‘I remember this scar..’ she carefully traced it with a finger tip. Then she stood up, pulling her knickers down her legs, ‘I didn’t know if you liked pubic hair or not…’ she said.
‘I love pubic hair. I love your pubic hair.’ Urs smiled.
‘Oh…good.’ she blushed back.
Urs then easily picked her up in his arms, and carried her to her bedroom. There, he lay her down on the bed then gently climbed on top, trapping her.
‘Make love to me Urs…?’ she happily asked, wrapping her legs around his waist and opening herself up to him.
Urs smiled back then slowly but surely eased himself into her warm, welcoming wetness. He plunged right in. In fully.
‘Oh god, yes Urs…yes…’ Ivy moaned, begging him. She began to move as he did too. Thrusting. Slowly at first then harder and harder until Urs could take no more. Then he felt himself come.
‘Oh god Ivy, I’m…’ he groaned as he began to kiss her. His hands massaging her breasts and nipples.
‘Harder Urs… harder….oh god….yes…yes…’ Ivy groaned too as she then felt herself come too.
Afterwards, Urs continued to hold her close. God, he had missed this so much. Had missed holding Ivy, the woman he loved, in his arms. Had missed her heart beating next to his. Before he had given himself the chance to think things over he heard himself groan, ‘Marry me Ivy?’
The woman in question raised her head, looked him straight in the eyes and replied, ‘Marry you?’
Urs nodded, ‘Yes.’
‘But I…I…’
‘I love you Ivy. I’ve always loved you. Only you. Only you.’ he shyly smiled at her.
‘I…I…’ Ivy mumbled.
‘I haven’t just asked you because its in the heat of the moment. Its something I’ve wanted to ask you for a long time.’ Urs tried to reassure her.
‘So you’re not going to regret asking me?’
‘I’d never regret asking you, anything.’
‘OK.’ Ivy smiled.
‘OK…?’ Urs nervously asked, holding his breath.
‘I’ll…marry you.’
‘You’ll…?’ still he held his breath, waiting.
‘Yes Urs. I’ll marry you.’ Ivy smiled.
‘Oh Ivy! Ivy! Ivelisse!’ Urs held her close and covered her neck, face and breasts in kisses, ‘I love you Ivy.’ he groaned as he felt himself become hard again in her.
‘And I…love you too Urs.’ Ivy happily replied. She remembered now. She remembered it all. Every single detail. Every memory. It had all come back as she and Urs had made love. Like the final piece of the puzzle slotting into place. She had also began to remember her love for Urs in the first place. That made her realise something. Ivy had been in love since the first time she had seen him. When he had come to collect her for their date. That first look was enough for Ivy to know that she loved this man. That she wanted him to be her first. To be the one to teach her all about love. From that first moment they had touched it had been love on Ivy’s part. Love and nothing else. Not lust. But love. Pure and simple. And now she had not only regained her memory but was pregnant and now engaged to the only man she had ever loved. The wonderful, the incredibly sexy Urs Buhler. What more could she ask for? What more could she ever want? Certainly nothing that she could think of while laying in his arms. Holding him close. Breathing him in. her fiancé. Her man. Her lover. Her Urs.

Later, they talked. Ivy told him what she remembered. Everything. Which then prompted Urs to apologise to her for the way he had treated her that night he had seen her out with Stevie. On their ‘’date.’’
‘The idea was, to make you jealous.’ Ivy admitted.
‘Well, it worked.’
‘A little too well we found out.’
‘I never meant to…to attack you.’
‘You didn’t actually attack me.’
‘I did I…I…’
‘You bought me to orgasm Urs, that is all.’
‘Then left you, I masturbated you, then I walked away…’
‘With a rather large hard on if I remember well.’ Ivy smiled.
‘Which took a while to cool of.’ Urs shyly smiled.
‘You mean you didn’t…’
‘No. I don’t like…by myself. I only like…when you’re there.’ Urs then admitted.
‘Me too. I hate coming alone.’ Ivy shyly smiled too.
‘Then maybe we should make a pact. To only ever come together from now on.’ Urs happily suggested.
‘I’d like that.’
‘Me too.’ Urs reached over and kissed her. Ivy happily returned the kiss then groaned with desire as she felt his tongue, probing her mouth.

‘Carlos…’ Joy gazed at her fiancé, ‘when are we getting married?’
‘When would you like us to get married?’ Carlos, the man in question happily gazed back. They were in their room, having just had sex. Made love. Carlos had just been holding the woman he loved most in his arms. Thanking god that she loved him too. Could life get any more better he wondered?
‘Soon…would be good.’
‘Oh? Soon? How soon?’
‘Oh…say, next week?’ Joy crossed her fingers.
‘I’ve a feeling there is a reason…’
‘Ivy, isn’t the only one who’s pregnant.’
‘JJ, tell me…?’ Carlos smiled at her happily.
‘In…say, six months time?’
‘Oh JJ. That’s wonderful!’ Carlos pulled his fiancée into his arms, picked her up and swung her around, ‘I’m going to be a daddy!’
‘You certainly are.’ Joy smiled, breathing a sigh of relief.

‘I’ve decided…before I can move on, I need to tell Urs…about me. About me once thinking I was in love with him…’ David carefully told Camy. They were also in their, well, David’s hotel room. Camy was reading. David was walking around the room, working things out in his head. Camy fidgeted a lot but not as much as David when he had something big on his mind.
‘OK. I agree.’ she surprised him by replying.
‘You do…?’
‘Sure. Why not?’
‘You don’t…object?’ David asked.
‘No. Why, should I?’
‘I just thought…’
‘Its OK David. I do trust you, you know.’ Camy smiled.
‘You do?’
‘Of course I do.’ she nodded.
‘I never thought…I mean I hoped, but I never thought.’ David mumbled.
‘David, sweetheart,’ Camy took his face between her palms, ‘ever since we met I trusted you.’
‘Even though I never gave you any reason to…’
‘But that’s just it. You have. You have.’
‘But I loved Urs…’
‘No David. You like Urs. You have just confused deep like for love. After everything that you went though, together, his injury, him nearly dying, you saving him. That made mark on you. A deep impact if you like.’ Camy reassured him.
‘So I don’t love Urs.’ David mumbled.
‘You love Urs. But not as a man loves another man. But as a man loves a friend. Only a friend David.’
David pulled Camy close, kissed her deeply then said, ‘Thank you, for understanding me. For believing in me. And, for most importantly, trusting in me. I love you Camy.’
‘I love you David.’ Camy smiled.
‘Marry me?’ he then asked.
‘Yes please. I’d like that.’
‘I’d like that too.’ he happily admitted.

One more chapter to go.....

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PostSubject: Chapter Twenty-Nine THE END   Sat Aug 08, 2009 10:22 pm

Last chapter....
Thank you to everyone who has been brave enough to let me borrow them for this story.
Especially a BIG Thank you to the wonderful Ivelisse. I really enjoyed writing this one for you.
Lots of love to you sweetie always.


A couple of days later Ingrid finally got Seb to go with her to the specialist underwear shop that sold women’s clothing for men to wear. She managed to persuade him by refusing oral sex or in deed any sex. Seb, never one to like to go without sex for very long, didn’t take a long time to come to his senses.
They were now standing in the shop, Ingrid was helping him pick out a few underpants, ladies ones, for him to try on.
‘Oh, I like those…’ he motioned towards a blue pair of silk knickers, which had a delicate lace trimming around the crotch area. He picked up a pair.
‘Mmm, just your colour Sir.’ the shop assistant, male, told him.
‘Do you think?’ Seb asked.
‘That, I do. That I do.’ the shop assistant nodded, ‘I am, Sir, Nicholas.’ he introduced himself to Seb and Ingrid.
‘Hi Nicholas, I’m Seb, and this is Ingrid, my…fiancée.’ Seb smiled.
‘Fiancée eh?’ Ingrid asked.
‘Well, sounds so much better than girlfriend. Plus, you do understand me rather well…’ Seb wisely pointed out.
‘OK. Fiancée it is.’ Ingrid happily smiled.
‘Sir…Seb, may I recommend these too?’ Nicholas then handed Seb a pair of underpants, sorry, knickers, in green, ‘they match your eyes.’ he added, blushing.
‘So they do.’ Ingrid noticed.
Seb then spent the next hour, having fun. Trying on the knickers. Learning about various clothing. He was surprised to learn how many other men also liked wearing woman’s clothing. None of them were gay. Liking clothing didn’t make anyone anything. Apart from unique. And there certainly was nothing wrong with being unique.
In the end, Seb bought quite a lot of underwear. He then went with Ingrid to a woman’s lingerie shop and bought her a whole new wardrobe of knickers, bras. In fact anything and everything underwear.
‘Wow…’ Ingrid smiled as Seb almost bought the whole shop.
‘Well, I do owe you a lot of replacements…’ he whispered into her ear, making her shiver with desire.
‘Maybe, when we get back, we could…have a fashion show…’ Ingrid suggested.
‘I’d like that..’
‘Both of us.’ she winked.
‘I’d definitely like that.’ Seb winked back, making Ingrid blush and squirm with wanting him. She desperately wanted Seb. She had missed sleeping with him. Just as much as he had missed it. ‘Tonight, I’ll make it up to you.’ he promised her.
‘I only hope that you do Sebbie. Or I’ll burst.’ she admitted.
‘You and me both.’ Seb also admitted.
Later, Seb and Ingrid had a lot of fun. They had their fashion show then had sex. To celebrate. Including oral sex. Seb dropped to his knees and worshiped Ingrid with his tongue and hands, making her groan out with pleasure. Later, Ingrid repaid the favour which then prompted Seb to do it again.
They only surfaced when David sent an SOS text.
‘We all need to meet. Usual place. Bring partner. I have news.’ he text.
‘Interesting.’ Ingrid commented on reading the text.
‘Maybe, he’s planning on coming out.’ Seb laughed.
‘David, isn’t gay.’
‘Oh no?’ he challenged.
‘No.’ Ingrid laughed, ‘he can’t be gay and date a woman like Camy. That, is a woman who needs sex. And a lot of it.’
‘Oh, she does, does she?’ Seb asked, surprised.
‘Oh yeah. I’ve seen the signs.’ Ingrid nodded.
‘Well, guess we’ll find out soon.’
‘We sure will.’ she agreed.

David, sat next to Camy, holding her hand and waited until al his friends were seated. All the other partners had been asked to wait outside, only until David had plucked up the courage to tell everyone what he wanted to say. He didn’t think he would be able to say it in front of a lot of strangers too. And his friends partners, even Joy to some respect were strangers to him if you think about it. Once ready, he nervously coughed, clearing his throat, ‘I’ve bought you all here today, for I need to tell you something…’
Everyone, that is Carlos, Seb and Urs plus Camy sat and waited.
‘Especially I need to tell you, Urs, something.’ David nervously smiled at his friend. Urs nodded and smiled back, ‘Go on?’ he asked.
‘Its…kinda hard.’ David shrugged.
Seb, resisted the need to snigger like a school boy.
‘Urs, what David needs to tell you, is that he loves you.’ Camy told him.
‘And I…love you too David.’ Urs replied.
‘No.’ David coughed, ‘Camy means….I mean, as in love, love you. Urs.’
‘Oh…?’ Urs asked.
‘Eh?’ Carlos asked.
‘I knew it!’ Seb laughed.
‘I’ve…been in love with you since your accident. Or so I thought I was…’ David said.
‘What accident?’ Seb asked, ‘Urs has never had any accident!’
‘Err, yes I have actually. It’s the reason I limp.’ Urs corrected.
‘You mean when you broke your foot..’ Carlos mumbled.
‘No.’ David shook his head, ‘it was more serious than that.’
‘It was the reason Tania and I split up.’ Urs said.
‘Because you broke your foot?’ Seb asked.
‘She knifed Urs, in the thigh.’ Ivy told him, sticking her head around the door after hearing what they were now discussing. She and the rest of the girls had heard David‘s confession. No-one was that surprised at what he had said. Those who knew David, which was Joy especially knew David and didn’t care. He was David. There loveable friend David. Cuddly big bear David.
‘Eh…? What?’ Seb nervously laughed.
‘I mean I knew Tania had done something… but knifing you…’ Carlos sounded rather shocked.
‘She went mad. Knifed me in the thigh. Thinking I’d cheated on her…’ sighed Urs.
‘And this, accident, made you love Urs, David?’ Carlos then asked.
‘I found Urs…bleeding. I thought he was going to die.’ David tried.
‘You love, love Urs?’ Seb asked.
‘I thought I did. Once.’ David nodded.
‘But why are you now telling me all this?’ Urs carefully asked his friend.
‘I thought that it was time. To come clean.’
‘Well…thank you. For..’ Urs nodded.
‘Has this ruined our friendship?’ David nervously asked.
‘Because I was once in love with you…’
‘David, you’re my friend. I don’t care. I love you too. As a friend, you understand?’ Urs hugged his friend.
‘I understand. And I, love you too Urs. As a friend.’ David gratefully returned the hug.
‘Anyone else with any more secrets?’ Carlos then asked as the rest of the girls, Joy, Ingrid and Ivy came into the room and sat by their partners. Ivy and Urs immediately held hands.
‘Err…I have one.’ Seb held his hands up.
‘Go on?’ Carlos asked him.
‘I…I like wearing women’s underwear.’ Seb confessed.
‘Yeah. Tell us something we don’t know.’ David surprised him by saying.
‘Eh? You mean to say you already knew?’ a stunned Seb asked.
‘There had to be a crazy reason why you kept losing all those nice looking women.’ Carlos whistled.
‘But I wear women’s underwear…I mean I’m wearing some now.’ Seb said.
‘What colour?’ Urs asked.
‘Match your eyes do they?’ David asked.
‘Err…yes they do actually.’ Seb nodded.
‘But Urs, back to you and Tania…’ Carlos then said, kind of ignoring poor Seb and his revelation.
‘What about her?’ Urs asked, shuddering at the thought.
‘You kept…what happened a secret.’ Carlos pointed out.
‘Not all of it..’ Urs shrugged.
‘Yeah, you told us you’d split.’ Seb then reminded Urs.
‘Which, we did.’ Urs nodded.
‘But forgot the part in which she knifed you, in the thigh.’ Carlos then reminded him.
‘I never found a…a good time to bring it up.’ Urs shrugged again.
‘You almost died.’ Carlos said.
‘That, was a bit of an exaggeration.’ Urs laughed.
‘Urs, you needed a blood transfusion.’ David then reminded him.
‘OK. OK. Sorry…’
‘Mate, next time you nearly die, tell us, OK? that’s all we ask.’ Carlos hugged Urs, glad that he was alive.
‘OK. Will do. Sorry.’ Urs apologised again.
‘Right, as we are here, telling secrets, who has any other?’ Seb asked the group.
‘Well, Joy and I are having a baby.’ Carlos smiled, holding his fiancée’s hand.
‘Whey-hey!’ Seb laughed.
‘Plus, getting married, in 2 days time.’ Carlos then confessed.
‘Eh?’ Seb’s mouth dropped open in surprise.
‘Well, we want to get married, before the baby.’ Joy smiled on telling them.
‘Speedy.’ David nodded, ‘Camy and I…are also getting married.’ he then confessed.
‘WOW!’ Seb whistled, ‘me too! I mean…to Ingrid.’ he quickly added. He smiled fondly at Ingrid. His love.
‘Ivy…has regained her memory.’ Urs then told them.
‘All of it?’ Carlos asked her.
‘All of it.’ Ivy nodded in agreement.
‘And…?’ David then asked.
‘And…she loves me.’ Urs smiled a broad smile.
Ivy also smiled, ‘I love him too.’ she added.
‘Congratulations!’ David hugged him then Ivy.
‘What for…?’ Urs asked.
‘For…for, aren’t you getting married too?’
‘I…I don’t know.’ Urs sighed.
‘But you’re having a child. Together.’ Carlos pointed out.
‘I mean, I know we’ve decided to, to say together, to get engaged even, but….’ Urs sighed again, not bringing himself to look at Ivy. The woman he loved most.
‘You’re scared.’ Ivy finally realised.
‘I am, yes.’ he admitted.
‘I’m not like Tania.’ Ivy tried telling him.
‘I know that…’
‘GOD. No.’ Seb shivered.
‘I thought you like Tania..’ Carlos said to him.
‘God no. She gave me the hebbe jebbes.’ Seb shivered again.
‘Oh, right OK.’ Carlos nodded.
‘Sorry Urs.’ Seb then apologised to his friend.
‘What for?’ he asked, blinking.
‘For telling the truth at long last? No need. Thanks, for saying it. You are so right.’ Urs nodded and smiled at Seb. ‘But I’m still scared. Of ruining things….of, of making changes.’
‘Ivy loves you, doesn’t she?’ Seb asked. Ivy nodded at this.
‘Yes.’ Urs smiled.
‘And you love her, right?’ again Seb asked.
‘Of course.’ Urs nodded a second time.
‘Well then.’
‘What I think Seb is trying to say, is.’ Carlos filled in the missing gap, ‘your love should be enough. To work out any difficulties.’
‘Right. OK.’ Urs nodded.
‘Love, should usually conquer everything. Even problems. Just as long as you remember to talk them thought and never, and I mean never, ever take each other for granted.’ said Carlos sounding extremely wise Urs noticed.
‘OK.’ Urs smiled happily.
‘So, you and Ivy then? Getting married, or what?’ Seb asked.
‘Oh, definitely getting married. Most definitely.’ Urs happily agreed, nodding, gazing at the love of his life.

Three months later Urs and Ivy got married. It had been after Carlos and Joy had finally married. It was about time. Carlos did love Joy as she loved him. It was just making the final step into commitment which had been a little scary one to make. But talking to Urs about his worries, about his relationship with Ivy had made Carlos open up his eyes and see. He loved Joy. He wanted to be with her. Forever. So, today was their wedding day. Then, afterwards, Urs and Ivy got married. Both Joy and Ivy had matching baby bumps but neither new husband cared. They were there’s. Stuff what anyone else thought.
The shire romance of the weddings made both Seb and David propose to their partners too. Ingrid squealed in delight of accepting Seb’s proposal.
‘You can even wear the sexy undies on the day.’ she whispered into his ear.
‘Stocking and suspenders too?’ he winked.
‘Of course.’ she winked back.
‘I am marrying the right woman!’ he beamed in happiness.
Camy had been pleasantly surprised when David had asked to her to marry him.
‘I know we don’t know each other well….but…’
‘I love you David.’ Camy beamed.
‘I love you too Camy.’ he agreed.
‘Well then. Isn’t that all we need? To be happy?’
‘But after everything I admitted too…’
‘David. Now, I know you inside, and out. And I love it all.’
‘Phew!’ David breathed a sigh of relief.
So. They were all happy. And who could ask for more?
It turned out, although Urs did teach Ivy all about making love, but, when it came down to it, in a funny way, she actually ended up teaching him. To love. To trust again. To be happy. As did Camy with David. Ingrid with Seb and even Joy with Carlos in a way.

Ps, Urs and Ivy had a baby girl, named Rosanna Laura.
Carlos and Joy had baby boy, named Victory Carlos Jnr.

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~*Lessons In Love*~ By: Kazyjay (Kaz)
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