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"We Came Here To Love".

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 ~*Holiday Romance*~ By: Kazyjay (Kaz)

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Urs's Uberbabe


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PostSubject: ~*Holiday Romance*~ By: Kazyjay (Kaz)   Thu Dec 25, 2008 9:15 pm

I'm posting this story on behalf of the author.

This story is based on a real holiday in which I have been on twice so far, in 2005 February and September, and am going back for a third time soon (in May 2008!!). I hope you all like it. This one is full of information about the trips and so I hope you don’t find it too boring because of this. The real holiday I went on was in a holiday brochure called ‘Distant Dreams’. Run by a tour company called ‘Cosmos’.

Cast of characters.
Urs Buhler
Sebastien Izambard
David Miller
Carlos Marin
Cydalia - Carlos fan 1
Rowi - Roberta
Dany - Diva number one
Fara - Fara1903
Special guest stars…- Linda - Lin_coffee_lover. (wedding guest when a certain someone gets married…Not URS!)
Camy - Camille
Patricia - Patricia Diva. (I know you’re not THAT old!) you’ll find out what I mean by the last

Chapter One

‘This holiday…do I have to come?’ Fara asked after Rowi had told her what she considered to be exciting news. She had won a holiday. For four people. All expenses paid. To Egypt. Sailing up the Nile for a week then a week in a posh hotel.
‘Of course you have to come!’ Rowi laughed, ‘it is for FOUR people!’ she pointed out.
‘I know that’ Fara sighed, ‘but…why me?’
‘Doh! You’re my best friend. You have to come!’
‘But…’ Fara tried. Then she sighed, knowing that she was defeated. Not wanting to disappoint her friends happy smiling face, ‘Ok’ she sighed again, ‘I’ll come’ she found herself saying.
‘I knew you would!’ Rowi flung her arms around her friend, ‘you’ll love it!’ she laughed, ‘it’ll be excellent. Just you wait and see. Excellent!’
Fara sighed. Scared as to what was going to come. She had never flown before and so was more then a little uncertain as to what she was letting herself in for.

‘Come on, you heard what our management said. We need this time. To re-bond’ Carlos told Urs on the phone.
‘But why Egypt? Why not a…a colder country?’
‘Seb booked it all. He thought it would be a good idea’ Carlos smiled.
‘But Egypt…?’ Urs moaned.
‘Mate’ Carlos sighed, ‘its all arranged now. So stop moaning and get packing!’ he laughed down the phone.
Urs sighed. Defeated. He begrudgingly packed his suitcase. Grumbling and moaning as he did it.
‘What’s wrong?’ Laura, his girlfriend asked.
‘We’re going on a…bonding holiday’ Urs grumbled.
‘Great. When do we go?’ Laura asked.
‘We don’t’ said Urs.
‘We…?’ she asked.
‘Men only. It’s a bonding us back together again…’ Urs muttered, folding a pair of jeans as he spoke.
‘So I’m not…what? Invited?’ Laura rudely asked.
‘No’ Urs shook his head, continuing to pack.
‘But I’m your girlfriend!’ Laura huffed.
‘Yes, that you may be. But you’re not a member of IL DIVO’
‘I’m your PA!’
‘As I already said’ Urs sighed, ‘not a member of IL DIVO’
‘But I count! I’m important!’
‘Not to us as a group, you’re not’
‘What?’ Laura screeched now.
‘Look, I didn’t make the rules’
‘Ha! But you could change them. If you really wanted to!’ Laura now moaned.
‘I could. Yes’ Urs sighed, not looking at her.
‘But you’re not going to…’ she realised then.
‘Right. That’s it’ Laura glared at Urs, ‘no more. I’m not having this anymore’
‘You’re…you’re…’ Laura glared.
‘I’m what?’ Urs challenged, now looking at her.
‘Dumped!’ she spat, ‘you’re dumped! We’re finished. FINISHED!’ she shouted before storming dramatically out of the bedroom.
‘Ok. Fine’ Urs sighed then continued with his packing.


‘We’re going on holiday! We’re going on holiday!’ Seb sung. Sounding like an excited schoolboy rather then the fully grown man that he actually was.
‘So we are…’ Urs sighed.
They were all currently in the airport waiting room in Gatwick. Waiting for their flight to be called.
‘Calm down mate. Or people will think you’ve been on the drink already!’ David laughed, patting Seb on his shoulder.
‘I can’t calm down! I’m excited!’ Seb laughed.
‘Mmm…’ said Urs.
‘Unlike our friend here, eh?’ Carlos asked Urs.
‘Hard to get excited. When you’ve just been dumped by your girlfriend…’ Urs moaned.
‘Oh. Mate!’ David hugged him, almost strangling him in the process.
‘Its ok’ Urs coughed, ‘I’ll get over it…’
‘This holiday, is exactly what you need then!’ Seb patted Urs on his shoulder.
‘Yes’ Carlos nodded, ‘a bit of bonding. Getting away from it all. An excellent idea Seb’
‘Mmm…’ Urs said again.

‘Come on Fara. Don’t want to be late!’ Cydalia laughed.
‘I’m coming…’ Fara muttered, pulling her suitcase.
‘The holiday starts here!’ laughed Dany.
‘But we’re not checked in yet…’ Fara said.
‘Hurry up! Then it can start!’ Rowi called.
‘Ok. Ok…’ Fara moaned, dragging her suitcase as she walked as quickly as she could to join her three friends in the check-in queue.

‘Right. Duty free’ Cydalia announced.
‘I’m going to have a look in WHSMITHS…’ Fara said.
‘Boring!’ Cydalia laughed.
‘I’ve not got a book to read…’ Fara defended herself.
‘You and your books. Honestly!’ Cydalia shook her head, ‘right, duty free for me’ and off she walked.
‘Come on, I’ll come with you’ Rowi linked her arm through Fara’s.
‘I’m going to get some sun cream’ said Dany, walking towards BOOTS.

‘Sorry…’ Fara apologised as she accidentally knocked into a man while waiting to get served.
‘Hmmm….’ he replied, noticing Fara’s books, ‘going away for long?’ he asked.
‘Two weeks. You?’ Fara surprised herself by answering.
‘Same’ he sighed.
‘Like me. Not looking forward to going’ she guessed by his reply and sigh that he gave.
‘Nope’ he shook his head, muttering.
‘Well. Have a good time anyway, if you can’ Fara said as the cashier shouted, ‘NEXT!’

‘Cute guy…’ Rowi followed the man Fara had just been talking to with her eyes.
‘You didn’t notice!’ Rowi realised.
‘I was reading..’ Fara replied.
‘But he was cute! Cute!’
Fara just looked at her friend and shrugged. She wasn’t interested. Hadn’t got time for romances or men so she never took a look at any man. No matter what.

Fara’s legs shook as they boarded the plane.
‘Come on, this way!’ Cydalia sang, dragging her friend in the direction of some seats, ‘Girls! Over here!’ she waved to the others, ‘right, bagsy the window seat for me!’ she laughed throwing herself into the seat.
‘Think I’ll sit in the isle..’ Fara muttered. They were nearer the toilets should her nerves start up again she thought.
‘Hey. Hey! Our holiday is starting!’ laughed Rowi as she and Dany sat down in the vacant seats between Cydalia in the window seat and Fara sitting in the isle seat.
‘Hmmm….’ said Fara, getting out her guide book.

Fara sat and read all the instructions on what to do should there be an accident on board or if it crashed. Her head filled with dread. I don’t want to die, at least not yet, I’m too young. I haven’t experienced what I want to experience yet she thought to herself now watching the safety video and noticing the air stewardess handle the life jacket.
‘Mate, it’ll be ok’ Rowi, sitting next to Fara covered her hand over her friends and gave it a gentle, reassuring squeeze.
‘I’m ok. Really. I am’ Fara nodded, biting her bottom lip.
She checked her seat belt three times. Before she was convinced that it was tight enough.
‘Hope you can still breathe!’ Dany laughed.
‘Stop it you. She’s never done this before. Unlike you’ Rowi told Dany off.
‘That’s what comes from having a jet-set job. Flying all over the world’ Dany was a PA to a very busy business man who took her everywhere he went. They usually flew 1st class so coming on this holiday and starting it on an aircraft in which the 1st class was completely sold out was a bit of a come down for her.

Meanwhile, in 1st class sat IL DIVO.
Urs was staring moodily out of the window. David sat stretching his long legs out and reading a guide book. Carlos was trying to chat up the stewardess and Seb was hunting in his MP3 player, trying to find the perfect track to get the holiday started on the right musical beat.
‘And we’re off!’ Seb laughed as the plane began to taxi down the runway.

Fara gripped the arms of her seat, closed her eyes and sent up a prayer to heaven. Her tummy felt awful as the plane started its taxi.
‘We’re going!’ Cydalia laughed, looking out the window.
‘It’ll be ok Fara’ Rowi tried to reassure her friend.
‘Hmmm…’ Fara bit her lip.
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Urs's Uberbabe


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PostSubject: ..Chapter 2..   Thu Dec 25, 2008 9:17 pm

Chapter Two

Luckily, the flight went without a hitch. Fara couldn’t eat the food they were given. She felt nervous and more then a little sick. Twice she rushed to the toilets only to bring up nothing. Not even a little phlegm.
She walked back to her seat.
‘Hey. Hey’ a guy called.
Fara turned around, ‘Yes?’ she asked.
‘You’re cute’ he winked.
Fara looked around her.
‘I mean you!’ he laughed.
‘Me?’ Fara asked.
‘Yep. You’ he winked again.
‘Um…err…thanks’ Fara blushed before continuing back to her seat.

Seb whistled all the way back to his seat, ‘There are some cute ladies on this plane’ he winked to Carlos.
‘Oh? Do tell?’ Carlos asked.
‘I just met one. Cute’ Seb let out a low whistle.
‘You didn’t chat her up, did you?’ David asked over his guide book.
‘Not yet. But I will!’ Seb laughed.
‘Seb’ Urs said, ‘leave the poor women on this plane alone’
‘Now, why would I want to do that then eh?’ Seb asked.
‘We’re going to bond. Not for you to work your way through every female there is!’ Urs said.
‘You’re just jealous my friend’ Seb laughed.
‘Humph!’ replied Urs.
‘Hey! The guys broken hearted’ David defended Urs.
‘Broken hearted? Is Urs’ heart even thawed out yet?’ Seb asked, laughing.
‘Meaning what?’ Urs demanded.
‘Oh’ Seb shrugged, ‘just that I thought you had an ice block and not a heart’
‘Boys’ Carlos warned.
‘For your information’ Urs growled through gritted teeth, ‘just because I don’t go giving my heart to everything in a skirt doesn’t mean I don’t have one’ and with that, he got up and stormed off.

On Fara’s third trip to the toilets she bumped into the guy from the queue in WHSMITHS.
‘Sorry…’ she apologised.
‘No. That’s ok’ he mumbled.
‘Hey. Its you’ Fara recognised him.
‘Eh? What?’ Urs asked.
‘You were buying a newspaper. Me two novels’ Fara reminded him.
‘Oh yeah. Yeah. I remember’ Urs nodded.
‘You ok?’ Fara asked, noticing the look of thunder on his face.
‘No’ he shook his head.
‘Want to tell me about it?’ she asked.
‘You haven’t got enough time, believe me’
‘That bad eh?’
‘Oh yes’ he nodded.
‘Join the club!’ Fara smiled lightly.
Urs returned the smile, ‘Thanks’ he said.
‘What for?’ Fara asked.
‘For being nice’ he smiled again, before turning and going back the way he had come.
‘Glad I could help’ Fara said to his departing back before going back to her own seat.

‘Who, was that?’ swooned Cydalia, as Karen reached her own seat.
‘Who?’ Fara asked, puzzled.
‘That cute guy you were talking to!’ Cydalia whistled.
‘What…?’ Fara, still puzzled, asked.
‘Don’t ask Fara stupid questions!’ laughed Dany, ‘she wouldn’t know a cute guy if he came up and bit her on the bum! Head in the clouds mostly our Fara does have’
‘I do not!’ huffed Fara.
‘Oh? Then who is Cydalia talking about then?’ Dany asked.
‘I bumped into that guy back at Gatwick. When I went to get some books. He’s also going to Egypt’ Fara replied.
‘You did notice him then!’ Cydalia laughed.
‘Of course I noticed…I also noticed another guy’ Fara then said.
‘Oh, where?’ Cydalia looked around.
‘He went, like that guy, in the direction of first class’ Fara told her.
‘Oohh! I’m going to ask for an upgrade!’ and Cydalia stood up and went to talk to a steward about changing her seat.
‘You can’t get one…’ Rowi called after her, joining in with the conversation now.
‘Let her try’ Fara sighed, ’or we’ll never get t hear the last of it’

‘I’ve just seen a cute girl too…’ Urs informed Seb, going back to his seat.
‘Oh yeah? Do tell!’ Seb winked.
‘Tell me about yours first’ Urs challenged.
‘Oh no. No. I ain’t telling you’ Seb tapped his nose.
‘Then I’m not telling you, about mine either’ Urs then replied.
‘Spoilsport’ Seb laughed.
‘Snap’ Urs smiled.
‘Nearly there’ Carlos then announced as the seatbelt sign pinged into life, ‘buckle up’
Urs did his seatbelt up. Tight.
Seb switched his MP3 player off and did his seatbelt up.

Cydalia slumped down into her seat, ‘I’m too late’ she moaned, ‘we’re about to land’
‘Oh god’ Fara groaned, doing up her seatbelt tight. She gripped the arm rest and closed her eyes. Praying for a safe landing. The plane began its decent, ‘Oh god. Please. I don’t want to die. At least not yet’ Fara muttered under her breathe, ‘not yet, I’m not ready. Not until I’m old. I’m too young to die’ she prayed.

‘Never again’ Fara said to Rowi once they had landed and were collecting their stuff, preparing to leave the plane, ‘never again’
‘It’ll get easier, next time’ Rowi tried to reassure her friend.
‘Oh no. No. That’s it. I’m done’ Fara replied.
‘So what, you’re not coming back home then?’ Cydalia laughed.
‘Not by plane if I can help it. No’ Fara seriously replied.
‘You are mad. Mad’ Dany laughed, hugging Fara.
‘I may just be’ Fara agreed, nodding.
‘Come on, time to begin our holiday’ Rowi took Fara’s hand.
‘We need to collect our suitcases and find our holiday rep’ Fara reminded Rowi.
‘Suitcases first then’ smiled Rowi.

‘Thank god that is over’ Urs announced once IL DIVO had got off the plane, ‘I hate flying’ he moaned.
‘Ha’ Seb laughed, ‘not me, I love it. Love it’ he smiled, looking around the airport.
‘Welcome to Luxor’ David said, reading the sign.
‘You can read Arabic?’ Seb asked.
‘Ha. I wish. No. Its got the English version written underneath’ David said, pointing it out.
‘Oh. So it does’ Seb shrugged.
‘Lovely ladies at six o’clock’ Carlos whistled, noticing Fara, Cydalia, Dany and Rowi.
‘There she goes’ Seb swooned.
‘Mine too’ Urs smiled.

‘Wonder where all the cute men went..’ Cydalia looked around.
‘Probably on a different boat to us’ Rowi said.
‘I saw one. Or two cuties’ Dany smiled.
‘Where? Where?’ Cydalia demanded.
‘They went in…that direction’ Dany pointed to were a few moments before stood Carlos, Seb, David and Urs had been.
‘Blast! Missed them again’ Cydalia let out a long sigh and pulled a face. She looked like a sad puppy Fara thought.
‘Come on, I’ve just seen our holiday rep’ said Rowi after spotting him, waving a clipboard around shouting, ‘DISTANT DREAMS!’ which was the name of the company they had won the holiday with.
Unknown to the girls, the guys were also with the same company.
The holiday rep, named Ahmed, had already collected them and their luggage and they were currently sat on a coach, awaiting the girls.
‘This way, this way’ Ahmed called once the girls had been reacquainted with their suitcases, ‘the coach is waiting, to take you to your boat’ he told them.
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PostSubject: ..Chapter 3..   Thu Dec 25, 2008 9:19 pm

Chapter Three

It was dark on the coach and Fara almost tripped over a foot.
‘Excuse me, sorry’ she apologised, finding a free seat.
David moved his foot in.
‘Move along, move along’ sung Ahmed as Cydalia climbed on board the coach, ‘sit down’ he sung. Cydalia, the last one on, flung herself down onto a seat just in time as the coach began to move.
‘Oops. Sorry’ Cydalia apologised, accidentally sitting on someone.
‘Well, hello’ a voice, male, spoke.
Cydalia moved to the next free seat.
‘You could have stayed. I won’t have minded’ the male voice laughed.
Luckily it was dark, for Cydalia blushed. Bright red.
‘Sorry…’ she mumbled, ‘didn’t see you there!’
‘No harm done’ he whispered, ‘Carlos’ he held out a hand.
‘Cydalia’ Cydalia took the hand. It felt warm in the darkness.
‘Pleased to meet you, or not’ Carlos laughed.
‘Or not’ Cydalia agreed, trying to work out what he looked like in the darkness.

Fara was looking out of the window, but it was no use. She couldn’t see anything. It was just too dark. And hot. As soon as they had climbed of the plane the heat had hit them. Even thought it was night time it was still hot. Muggy. She tried fanning herself. It was no use.
‘Its ok. I don’t like heat either’ a male voice spoke, ‘I prefer cooler places’
‘Me too’ Fara confessed, ‘where are you?’ she waved a hand around in the darkness.
‘Over here’ a hand touched hers, ‘hi’
‘Hi’ Fara replied.
‘Even thought you can’t see me, I’m Urs’ he said.
‘What?’ Fara asked.
‘Its my name. Urs’ Urs repeated his name.
‘Oers?’ said Fara.
‘Nearly. Spelt U.R.S’
‘Oh. Ok. My name is Fara’
‘Hi Fara’
‘Hi Oers, I mean…Urs’ she pronounced his name correctly, ‘sorry’ she apologised.
‘Its ok. It’s a difficult name’
‘You don’t sound English, if you don’t mind me saying’ Fara then said.
‘I’m not. I’m Swiss’
‘Oh. Right’ in the darkness, Fara nodded.

‘Ouch! Do you mind?’ Rowi complained as Seb kicked her foot.
‘Oops! Sorry pretty lady!’ Seb laughed.
‘How can you tell?’ Rowi asked, ‘that I’m a pretty lady? I might be ugly’ she pointed out.
‘Your voice sounds beautiful’ Seb replied.
‘Ha!’ Rowi snorted.
‘Hey, I’m French. I’m allowed’ Seb laughed.
‘Well Mr Frenchie, please keep your feet to yourself’
‘Do I have to?’ Seb asked.
‘My hands?’ Seb then tried.
‘At least until I can see you face, yes’ Rowi laughed despite herself.
‘I’ll win you over pretty lady… just wait and see!’ Seb winked in the darkness at Rowi. Not that it made any difference, it was too dark to see anything clearly.

‘Pity its too dark to see…’ muttered Dany, looking out into the darkness passing them by.
‘And Egypt’s supposed to be such a colourful country’ a voice interrupted.
‘You’ve been before?’ Dany asked, turning her head in the direction of the voice.
‘No. Just studied the guide book’ David waved his guide book around.
‘Oh…right’ Dany nodded.
‘I’m David, by the way’
‘Nice to meet you…but not see you Dany’
‘You too David’ Dany smiled in the darkness.

After what seemed like an incredibly long journey the coach finally pulled up at the harbour side.
‘If you would all like to follow me’ Ahmed waved his clipboard, ‘your suitcases will be along shortly’
Everyone gratefully climbed off the coach. It was slightly cooler standing by the harbour side.
‘This way’ Ahmed waved his clipboard. Blinking in the darkness everyone followed him. Ahmed pointed to a brightly light boat, ‘That’ he announced, ‘is the Lady Dream. Your home for the next week’
Everyone gasped. It looked amazing. The boat was huge. Nearly the size of the titanic thought Fara. Huge. They could see three floors and what looked like a sundeck.
‘This way’ Ahmed pointed to a long thin gangplank.
Fara swallowed, her legs shaking.
‘It’ll be ok. I’m here’ Urs’ voice whispered into her ear. He held out a hand. Fara took it, ‘Come on’ he said as they slowly walked down the gangplank to the boat.
The bright lights of the boat temporarily blinded Fara. She blinked. Trying to get rid of the lights in her eyes.
‘Wow…’ she gasped, taking in her surroundings. The foyer of the boat was huge. A large reception desk sat on a marble floor. A grand staircase stood not far from it. Urs let go of Fara’s hand.
‘Hi’ he smiled, looking at her.
‘You’ Fara recognised him.
‘Me’ he nodded.
‘Hi’ Fara finally smiled, ’pleased to see you at last. Urs’
‘Fara’ Urs smiled, touching his hair.
‘Snap’ Fara laughed. They both had short-ish, curly hair.
‘Mine’s a little longer’ Urs noticed.
‘So it is’ Fara replied, staring at him. He looked like something out of one of her dreams. Tall. Dark. Handsome didn’t quite cover it thought. Amazing. Sexy even did. She coughed, feeling slightly embarrassed now.
‘Great boat’ came Cydalia’s voice, ’hi’ she winked at Urs.
‘Hi’ Urs nodded at her.
‘Its…amazing. Cooer!’ said Rowi, staring at Urs.
‘Mate. Over here’ David waved at Urs.
‘Well…see you later then’ Urs smiled at Fara again and then was gone.
‘Who…is that?’ Dany said.
‘A guy’ Fara blushed.
‘Ladies. This way to sign it’ called Ahmed.

The girls were to share rooms. Fara was with Rowi. Cydalia and Dany together. A porter showed the girls to their cabins. They had single beds and a chair each. Plus wardrobe space and a desk. With a door opening onto a large bathroom which held a large shower.
‘Big enough for two’ Rowi nudged Fara on discovering the bathroom. Fara tried not to blush. But failed.
‘Mmm…’ she mumbled, embarrassed.

David and Urs were to share. Seb and Carlos together.
‘Nice girl’ David commented to Urs as Urs unpacked.
‘She was nice. Yes’ Urs agreed.
‘Seemed to like you’ David smiled.
‘Pity then I’m not looking for another girlfriend’ replied Urs.
‘Pity. She seemed like your type’
‘She did, didn’t she?’ Urs agreed, continuing to unpack.
‘I also met someone. On the coach’ David then confessed.
‘Oh. Who?’
‘Named Dany. She sounded nice’ David blushed.
‘Maybe you will see her again then, at dinner’
‘Hope so’ David happily nodded.

‘Lots of lovely ladies. So little time’ Seb winked to Carlos as he started him unpacking.
‘Mmm…I’ve already met one’ Carlos winked back.
‘Same here’ Seb beamed.
‘Named…Cydalia. She sat on me. In the coach’
‘I’ve no idea what mine is called’ Seb sulked.
‘You didn’t get that far?’ Carlos, amazed at this, asked.
‘Sadly, no’ Seb admitted.
‘Are you losing your touch?’
‘Must be…’ Seb muttered.
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Urs's Uberbabe


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PostSubject: ..Chapter 4..   Thu Dec 25, 2008 9:25 pm

Chapter Four

After everyone had unpacked they all met down in reception.
‘Restaurant this way’ shouted Ahmed, indicating another staircase. They all followed, stomachs growling as they walked.
‘As this is a Valentine’s cruise’ Ahmed told them, ‘we will be paring you all up’
Nearly everyone, apart from Seb, groaned. Seb had already winked at Fara, Rowi, Cydalia and Dany. But had only received one friendly nod back. From Dany. Could she be the one he tried to chat up on the coach he wondered?
‘You will be pared up…’ Ahmed carried on, squinting at his clipboard, ‘Mr…Carlos’ he called ‘with Ms… Cydalia’ Carlos and Cydalia walked towards him, ‘this table’ Ahmed indicated a table. Cydalia and Carlos sat down at it, ‘Hi’ Carlos winked.
‘Hi’ Cydalia blushed back.
‘Pleased to see you at long last’ Carlos beamed.
‘Sorry…about earlier’ Cydalia apologised again.
‘No need…you were light as a feather’
Cydalia blushed. Again.

‘Ms…Fara and Mr…’ Ahmed squinted at his clipboard.
‘Seb?’ offered Seb.
‘No Sir. You are with Ms…Rowi’
Rowi groaned. Seb beamed at her.
‘Ms Fara is with a Mr…’ Ahmed checked his clipboard, ‘I am sorry’ he apologised, ‘but I cannot pronounce the name’
Fara looked over Ahmed’s shoulder, ‘Its pronounced…Urs’ she told him, finding her name and Urs’ together on the list he had attached to his clipboard.
‘Mr Urs’ Ahmed smiled, ‘this way please’
Urs and Fara followed Ahmed to a free table.
Urs, ever the gentleman, held a chair out for Fara.
‘Thanks…’ Fara blushed, sitting down.
Carlos saw this, and tutted.
‘Next time’ Cydalia reassured him, touching his hand.

Seb and Rowi walked to their table.
Rowi sat down before Seb could react.
‘Hi’ Seb smiled, sitting opposite her.
Rowi glared at him.
‘My name is Seb’ offered Seb.
Still Rowi glared, ignoring him.
‘You do speak. I heard you back on the coach’ Seb smiled.
‘Yes, and?’ Rowi snapped.
‘Just thought we could try and get on, as we’ve the next week together’
‘Just don’t try anything. I’m not in the mood’ Rowi snapped.
Seb shrugged, ‘Only trying to be friendly’

Dany and David gazed at one another across their table.
‘Hi’ David smiled.
‘Hi’ Dany smiled back.
‘I wonder why they paired us up, as they did’ David said.
‘I’ve no idea’ Dany shrugged back.
‘Because I’d like to thank them, whoever they are’ David smiled.
‘Me too’ smiled back a happy Dany.

Just then Ahmed spoke, ‘Every mealtime you shall be sitting where you are now. I just need to say, on Friday night we have Gallabya night. Costumes can be bought from our onboard shop at a reasonable price. Everyone is welcome’ he smiled at all the tables. It was now Monday night, ‘The trip to Abu Simbel is included in your package as is the balloon ride on Sunday night. Have a wonderful dinner. Until tomorrow’ then with a bow he was gone.
‘Wow. Abu Simbel’ Dany smiled, ‘I mean I’ve seen the movie…Death on the Nile, but I never thought I would see it for real…’
‘I know. I’ve been reading, in my guide book about it. It sounds…amazing’ David searched for the right word to say.
‘I’m looking forward to going now’ Dany smiled.
‘Me too. Me too’ David nodded.

After dinner, the separate groups met up in the bar.
‘Flaming matchmaking’ Rowi complained to her friends as they sat together in the bar.
‘I like mine…’ smiled Dany, looking over to where David stood, chatting with his friends.
‘Me too’ admitted Cydalia, taking a sip of her drink as she spoke.
‘Maybe, you and Fara could change’ offered Dany to Rowi.
‘Great idea’ Rowi smiled.
‘Um…actually…’ Fara blushed, ‘I’d like to stay where I am’ she answered, looking at the floor.
‘Ow…’ Rowi sulked.
‘Its only for meal times’ Fara told her, looking at her friend now.
‘But he’s horrible…’ Rowi moaned, fiddling with a table mat.
‘Honey, three times a day, that’s all’ Cydalia soothed, patting her hand as she spoke.
‘Suppose…’ Rowi sulked again.
‘It’ll go quickly. Quickly’ Dany soothed now.

‘You’ Seb told Urs, ‘have my lovely lady that I met on the plane’
‘Oh? Do I?’ Urs asked, ‘then she must be cheating on you, because she is also my lovely lady’ he looked over to where the girls were all sitting together.
‘Your…?’ Seb asked.
‘Yes’ Urs nodded.
‘Oh. Better let you have her then’ Seb sighed.
‘What about her friend?’ David asked.
‘Rowi. Seems to hate me’ Seb sighed again.
‘Seb feels like he is losing his touch’ Carlos told David and Urs.
David snorted with laughter, ‘Wish I had as much luck with ladies as you do!’ he nudged Seb as he spoke.
‘Hey, what about your lovely lady?’ Carlos asked him.
‘Dany’ David smiled, ‘she’s…wonderful’
‘Mmm…’ Carlos wiggled his eyebrows. David blushed.

‘I’m going to bed’ Rowi sulked.
‘Ok. I’ll come with you’ said Fara.
‘See you girls in the morning’ Dany and Cydalia called to them as they walked away.

‘She’s gone…’ Seb sulked, watching Rowi and Fara leave the bar.
‘So she has…’ Urs noticed.
‘I was talking about Rowi…’ Seb sighed.
‘Oh. I was talking about Fara’ Urs admitted.
‘Oh? Is it a case of Laura who then?’ Seb nudged him.
‘No’ Urs replied rather sharply, ‘I’m thinking of her, Fara, as purely like a friend’
‘Hope that’s all she expects of you in return then. Or it’ll be heartbreak hotel time for the poor girl’ Carlos spoke now.
‘I’ll…I’ll talk to her. Make her understand’ Urs reassured Carlos.
‘Good. Good’ Carlos nodded, ‘now I really must go and talk to the lovely Cydalia’ and off he went, wiggling his eyebrows.

‘Are you sure we couldn’t change?’ Rowi asked Fara once they were undressed and laying in their separate single beds in the darkness.
‘I would, if I thought we could.. But I’m sure we were put together for a reason’ Fara replied.
‘Mmm…I wonder who did match make us?’
‘Ahmed. Probably’ in the darkness Fara shrugged.
‘Who were you sitting near, on the coach?’ Rowi asked.
‘Urs, I think. But Ahmed couldn’t have done it because of that. He didn’t know who any of us were’ Fara sensibly pointed out.
‘Hmm….so you would think’ Rowi replied, suspiciously.
‘Anyway’ Fara faked a yawn, ‘I’m tired. Good night’
‘What? Oh yeah. Yeah. Good night’ Rowi replied.
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PostSubject: ..Chapter 5..   Thu Dec 25, 2008 9:29 pm

Chapter Five


A grumpy Rowi woke up next morning. It was too early for her she thought while squinting at the travel alarm clock. Plus, she felt jetlagged from the time difference. Egypt was two hours in front of England and although it was now 8am here in Egypt, back home it was still only 6am and Rowi’s body clock was still asleep, snug and warm in her big, comfy double bed, snoring its eyes out instead of here in Egypt, standing now in the shower, yawning her head off.
‘Come on Row. Or we’ll be late for breakfast’ Fara banged on the bathroom door. She was already up and wide awake. Having had her shower long before and was currently getting dressed.
‘Where are we going today?’ Rowi yawned, coming out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around her.
‘First stop is…’ Fara checked the list Ahmed had presented them with the night before, ‘we are now in Esna. And so will be visiting Edfu Temple today’ she smiled at Rowi. The boat had travelled overnight, as everyone had slept, down the Nile from Luxor, where the main airport was, down to Esna where they were now berthed.
‘Edfu temple. Right’ Rowi yawned, ‘bikini, or shorts then?’ she asked Fara.
‘Don’t ask me. I’m a strictly three quarter length trouser kind of girl’ Fara patted her own legs. She was wearing three quarter length trousers, a t-shirt and sandals.
‘Shorts then’ Rowi sighed, getting dressed at last.
‘I’ll meet you downstairs’ Fara then announced.
‘Ok’ Rowi sighed, ‘get me some water, will you?’
‘Sure. Ok’ Fara nodded, leaving the room.

On the way downstairs, Fara bumped into Urs. He was wearing a pair of jeans, t-shirt and boots.
‘Won’t you be hot in those?’ Fara asked.
‘Suppose I could change into sandals I bought with me…’ he replied, not getting what Fara was meaning. ‘Here’ he then handed her a bottle of water. He had been carrying two.
‘Oh…thanks’ Fara tried not to blush.
‘Ahmed did say, last night…’
‘…To drink plenty of bottled water’ Fara interrupted, ‘I know. I remembered’
‘Oh…right. Right’ Urs nodded.
They reached the dining room then. Carlos and Cydalia, David and Dany as well as Seb were already there, eating. Seb looked at Fara as she sat down.
‘Rowi, will be down in a minute’ she told him.
‘Thanks. I got her water’ Seb wiggled a bottle.
Fara smiled at him.
‘He really likes Rowi’ Urs whispered to Fara, ‘thinks that he’s lost his touch’
‘Oh’ replied Fara, ‘its just that...Rowi, she doesn’t like flirts or men who try too hard. She thinks that makes them seem a bit…desperate’ she whispered back.
‘Right’ Urs nodded, ‘I’ll tell Seb that’
Fara found it hard to eat breakfast like she found it hard to eat the dinner the night before. Usually having a good appetite, she seemed to have temporarily lost it for some reason. Mind you, sitting opposite a gorgeous man it wasn’t hard to see why. Normally Fara never noticed cute men, but there was something about Urs that she liked. He seemed very nice as well as gorgeous. Like he had no idea what effect he had on women. Fara had already noticed several female staff members as well as her friends give Urs appreciative looks. It seemed as they would all happily exchange places with her given half the chance. And Fara would have let them. Especially if it made her friends happy but she knew Seb liked Rowi and even that Rowi liked Seb. She just needed to see it for herself first.
Rowi appeared in the dining room with moments to spare, ‘Sorry…sorry’ she apologised, grabbing a piece of toast.
‘No wonder you’re so skinny. You barely eat’ Seb commented.
‘I do eat’ Rowi huffed in reply.
‘Then you need more than one piece of toast…’
‘Look, for your information I’m not particularly hungry at the moment’ Rowi lied as her stomach loudly growled in protest.
‘Have it your way. But don’t come running to me if you faint’ Seb said, ‘here…’ he thrust a water bottle at her.
‘Come, come…’ then shouted Ahmed, ‘you are all ready, yes?’ he asked as everyone stood up and gathered around him, ‘you have water, yes?’ he then asked. Everyone raised their water bottles, ‘Right. Right’ he nodded, ‘then we go. The coach is waiting’ and everyone followed him out of the boat and into the bright hot, humid, Egyptian day.
They all scrambled onto the coach. Everyone sitting next to their dinner companions. Rowi reluctantly sat next to Seb as the coach only had a few seats and next to Seb was the only spare space she could find.

Rowi sat and refused to talk to Seb on the short coach trip to Edfu temple. She sat and watched Egyptian life go by.
‘Hot day isn’t it?’ Seb asked, fanning himself with his hat. He was wearing a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops. He had very hairy legs and thighs Rowi couldn’t help but notice. Although everyone thought she hated Seb, Rowi secretly liked him. He was just her type. Dark haired with those fascinating green eyes. Quite hypnotising she thought. And that French accent. Rowi was a sucker for foreign men. And France, at the moment, was her favourite country. She liked the culture of France. Not that she would confess any of this to anyone. She was a designer by trade and found other country’s rather inspiring.
‘Does that window open?’ Seb then nudged Rowi to ask.
‘It’s stuck. I already tried it’ Rowi replied.
‘Let me have a go’ Seb lent over her, she could smell his aftershave now. She breathed in. He smelt rather nice she noticed, ‘No, you’re right. Its stuck’ Seb said after a few minutes of pulling at the window catch.
‘See. I told you. But you wouldn’t believe me’ Rowi snapped.
‘Ok. Ok. Keep your hair on’ Seb winked.
Rowi glared at him.

‘Hot, isn’t it?’ Urs asked Fara.
‘Hmm…’ Fara mumbled, fanning herself with her hat. It wasn’t just the weather making her hot either.
‘Does that window open?’ Urs then asked.
‘No. I’ve tried it. Seems as thought its nailed shut’ Fara sighed.
‘Shame…’ Urs let out a sigh, ‘what do you do then? For a living?’
‘Me? Oh I’m a…I want to be an author’ Fara blushed.
‘Had anything published?’ Urs asked, sounding interested.
‘No books. But I’ve had an article or two published’
‘Oh. Right’ Urs nodded.
‘I write for a couple of woman’s magazines. I write…romances for them’
‘Good for you’ Urs smiled now.
‘Not that I’m any good at romances…’
‘No’ Fara looked away, ‘what do you do then?’ she then asked.
‘Me? I’m in a group. We all are’
‘Yes. David, Carlos, Seb and I’
‘But they aren’t Swiss…’
‘No. David’s American. Carlos is Spanish. And Seb is French’
‘How did you come together then? I thought you met at school like Rowi, Cydalia, Dany and I did’
‘Oh. Right’ Fara nodded.
‘We sing. Romantic songs in Italian, Spanish, French and English’
‘Oh. Wow’ Fara smiled, ‘you must be talented then’
‘We do ok’ Urs smiled.
‘Good for you then too’
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PostSubject: ..Chapter 6..   Thu Dec 25, 2008 9:56 pm

Chapter Six

‘So….Cydalia. What do you do then?’ Carlos winked.
‘I’m a model’ Cydalia replied, blushing slightly.
‘You have the legs for it’ Carlos gave Cydalia an appreciative once over.
‘And…and you?’ Cydalia stammered over the words.
‘I am a singer’ Carlos wiggled his eyebrows.
‘Oh? Any good?’ Cydalia wiggled her eyebrows back at him.
‘We are world known’
‘We?’ Cydalia asked.
‘My friends, David, Seb, Urs and I’
‘Oh. So you already know each other…?’
‘Like you and your friends already know each other’
‘We meet at school’
‘Modelling school?’ Carlos winked.
‘No. Normal school. Rowi is a designer. Fara writes for magazines - romantic stories mostly, not scandal and Dany is a PA for a jet setting boss’
‘Interesting professions you all have’ Carlos winked.
‘We do try’ Cydalia fluttered her eyelashes at him, smiling broadly as she did.

David and Dany were comparing guidebooks.
‘I’ve got this…’ David waved around his guidebook called, ‘Spiral Guide to Egypt’, ‘its great. Full of information, its written about Edfu temple, where we are going today…’ he searched for the right page, he coughed, ‘also known as the Temple of Khnum, located north of Aswan, the temple was rebuilt on an older structure. It was 24 columns topped with finely carved floral capitals to feel like a beautiful enclosed garden’
‘Wow’ Dany said, ‘mine is called, ‘Explorer Egypt’ which contains a fascinating map, has a picture of those floral topped columns, look’ she passed her guidebook to David.
‘Wow. It looks amazing’
‘Such hard work must have gone into making those’ agreed Dany.
‘Wish I could do something that great’ David admitted.
‘Why, what do you do then?’ Dany asked.
‘I’m in a group with the other guys. We sing pop songs in various languages’
‘Now, thanks amazing’ Dany smiled, ‘I can only speak English, and sometimes I have trouble with that!’
‘Hey, we all have our talents’ David winked then blushed.
‘Hmm…’ Dany said, joining him in on the blush.

‘We are here!’ Ahmed finally announced as the coach pulled up, ‘come…’ he waved his hand holding his clipboard.
Everyone climbed of the coach.
‘Cool air at last!’ smiled Seb.
Everyone, except Rowi, laughed.
‘Come on honey, sightseeing time’ Seb joked.
‘Never call me honey again!’ Rowi snapped, charging ahead.
‘This way!’ Ahmed called as Rowi went the wrong way.
‘She’ll warm up’ Cydalia reassured Seb.
‘Hope so’ Seb sighed, gazing at Rowi’s rear end in her tight shorts.
Dany and David held hands as they walked around Edfu Temple.
‘Oh…wow’ Dany exclaimed, gazing up at the floral carvings they had read about.
‘Amazing, isn’t it?’ David agreed.
‘Better then I expected’ Dany confessed.

Ahmed gathered them all together to talk about the carvings and building that they could see.
Fara got her camera out and took photos.
‘Here…stand there, and I’ll take your photo’ Urs offered.
‘Thanks’ Fara tried not to blush as she handed over her camera, their fingers briefly touching.
‘Let me…’ David took the camera off Urs. Dany gently pushed Urs towards Fara, ‘go and stand together’ David told him. Urs did as he was told.
‘Put your arm around her!’ Carlos called.
‘You don’t have to..’ Fara told Urs as he placed his arm around her shoulder.
‘Say…IL DIVO!’ Seb called.
‘Who’s…IL DIVO?’ Fara asked after the photo had been taken.
‘Our groups name’ Urs sighed.
‘Oh...right’ Fara nodded.
‘You don’t…recognise the name?’ Urs asked, realising this.
‘Should I?’ Fara asked.
‘No…no’ Urs shook his head, smiling.

‘Can I have my photo taken with you?’ Seb whispered in Rowi’s ear.
‘What?’ she turned around.
‘Photo. You. Me. Smile. Cheese’ Seb said.
‘Suppose’ Rowi sighed.
‘Gee, thanks’ Seb said, ‘hey, David! Take our photo!’
David took Seb’s digital camera, ‘Say…cheese’ he said.
Seb sneaked an arm around Rowi’s shoulder, moving her closer to him, ‘Cheese!’ he beamed.
‘Hmm…’ muttered Rowi, pushing him away.
Seb wobbled, ‘sorry…’ Rowi apologised after Seb had found his feet again.
‘That’s some right hook you have…’ Seb smiled.
‘Don’t know my own strength sometimes’ Rowi admitted.
‘And you do…?’ Seb asked.
‘I’m a designer’
‘That, should be builder’
‘I have been known to, when needed, been hands on’
‘Oh yes?’ Seb winked, raising his eyebrows.
Rowi turned away so Seb wouldn’t spot her blushing.
Blasted man. Embarrassing her like that.
‘Sorry…’ Seb whispered his apology into her ear.
Rowi shivered, then dropped her water bottle.
‘Here…’ Seb bent down to pick it up.
Rowi watched him, noticing his bottom. Nice she thought, then blushed scarlet again. Then it was Rowi’s turn to wobble on her feet. She stumbled, reaching out.
‘Wow there!’ Seb laughed, catching her in his arms.
‘Its…hot’ Rowi tried not to swoon.
‘Here’ Seb sat her down on a nearby wall, ‘have a sip of water’ he handed her the water bottle.
Rowi gratefully took a sip.
‘Better?’ Seb asked, sounding concerned.
‘Yes, thank you’ Rowi smiled, shading her eyes from the sun behind Seb’s head. He knelt down and looked into her eyes, ‘you really need more than one slice of toast you know’
‘I know…I know’ Rowi shrugged.

‘Rowi…are you ok?’ Fara rushed over to her friend.
‘I’m fine. Fine’ Rowi waved a hand around in an irritated fashion.
‘She fainted. Or at least tried to’ Seb informed Fara.
‘I didn’t…’ Rowi laughed.
‘You wobbled on your feet’ Seb reminded her.
‘Wobble-shmobble!’ Rowi laughed again, ‘its this heat’
‘Here…borrow my hat’ Fara handed Rowi her sunhat.
‘You need it…’ Rowi protested.
‘Fara, can borrow mine’ Urs spoke, handing Fara the hat he had been carrying around but not wearing.
‘Thanks. Urs’ Fara smiled.
‘Ever the gentleman eh, Urs?’ Seb laughed.
‘Nothing wrong with being a gentleman’ Rowi snapped.
‘Except when I try being one to you’ Seb sighed.
‘Ha! Is that what you’re calling it? Could have fooled me!’ Rowi crudely laughed at Seb.
‘Why are you so nasty to me?’ Seb demanded.
‘Because if I wasn’t, you would walk all over me’ Rowi snapped back.
‘I don’t do that…’ Seb defended himself.
‘I’m not looking for a holiday romance!’ Rowi barked.
‘Neither am I!’ Seb barked back.
‘Oh…’ Rowi mumbled.
‘I like you’ Seb then mumbled.
‘You…?’ a stunned Rowi asked.
‘Yes. I like you’
‘Is that all I’m getting? Oh?’ Seb asked.
‘I…I wasn’t expecting…’
‘No. Don’t suppose you were’ Seb then agreed.
‘Don’t apologise. Just let me know. Do I have a chance? Just a small one…?’
Rowi looked at him. Then nodded, she coughed, ‘Yes, you do. Have a chance I mean’
‘Thank you’ Seb smiled, holding her hand in his.

‘Come…come. This way!’ Ahmed called, waving around his clipboard around, ‘we still have sights to see’
Everyone followed. David and Dany walked together, holding hands. As did Carlos and Cydalia. And even Seb and Rowi now. Whereas Urs and Fara just walked together.
‘Look at the floral carvings’ Ahmed waved his hand at a pillar, ‘this’ he pointed to a big stone statue of a bird, ‘Is Horus. The falcon god. He, long ago fought his uncle, Seth, for control of the world’
‘Isn’t Seth the one who was cut, or did cut someone up and feed them to the fishes in the Nile?’ Dany asked.
‘It is rumoured, that his body parts, Seth’s, were cut up and spread all over Egypt, yes. Us Egyptians don’t eat the fish as his…was fed to them’ Ahmed coughed and then blushed, embarrassed at the subject matter.
‘His…?’ Fara asked.
‘Brains honey’ Cydalia laughed, making a cutting movement with two fingers and gesturing towards Seb’s, who was standing close to her, his middle section.
All the guys, including Ahmed, gulped. Feeling nervous.
‘Lovely…’ David laughed.
‘Moving on…’ Ahmed coughed again and the pointed to some more pillars.
‘Now, if that had been a man and woman fighting, I wouldn’t have blamed the woman for doing that, especially if her man had cheated on her’ Dany laughed.
‘Believe me…I’m warned!’ David nervously laughed again.
Dany beamed at David. David beamed back.
‘Aah! Young love!’ Carlos laughed, slapping David on his shoulder.
‘Leave them alone. They look cute together’ Cydalia smiled.
‘Like us…’ Carlos whispered into her ear.
‘Like us. Yes’ Cydalia nodded, smiling at him.
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PostSubject: ..Chapter 7..   Thu Dec 25, 2008 9:57 pm

Chapter Seven

Back on the coach, Rowi and Seb, despite the heat, sat and snuggled up. They sat in front of Fara and Urs and quite embarrassed Fara with their display of affection. All around her, her friends were getting along nicely with their partners. It was just Fara and Urs who were still friends and nothing else. Fara let out a sad sigh. Urs heard this, ‘You ok?’ he asked.
‘Yeah. Sure’ Fara shrugged her shoulders, looking away.
‘At least Seb’s now happy’ Urs smiled.
‘Lucky old Seb’ muttered Fara.
Urs looked quizzically at her. But Fara didn’t notice. She was now looking out the window of the coach, watching Egyptian life pass by as they journeyed back to the boat.

They arrived back on the boat in time for lunch. Again Fara couldn’t eat.
‘You ok?’ Urs, concerned asked.
‘I’m not feeling rather hungry’ this time, it was the truth.
‘You must eat something’ Urs urged.
‘Think I’ll just stick to a banana’ Fara replied, taking two, ‘I’m…going to the sundeck’ she muttered before disappearing.
‘Ok…’ but Fara had already gone.

‘Fara’s gone to the sundeck’ Urs told them when everyone asked where she had gone.
‘What a good idea’ smiled Cydalia, ‘come on Carlos, you can help me with my sun cream’ she winked.
‘Lead the way’ Carlos winked back, taking her hand.
They ran all the way up the three flights of stairs, laughing as they went.

The Lady Dream had five levels. Top level was the sundeck with a shaded area and a bar and a non shaded area where the sun loungers were with a small pool. The pool was just big enough to dip your feet into to have a paddle or to sit down in. It wasn’t deep enough for swimming. Next level down were where most of the cabins were situated. Third level, more cabins, including where Fara, Rowi, Cydalia, Dany and the boys were plus two shops. A jewellery shop and a shop that sold everything from perfume to key rings, to books, to ornaments, to the Gallabya outfits. The fourth level was the entrance to the boat including reception area, more cabins, and bar. Bottom level was the restaurant/dining room, staff cabins and engine room/kitchen area.

The group found Fara, sitting in the shaded area of the sundeck, near the bar, sitting at a table, containing a bottle of water and a glass of cola, reading a book. Carlos and Cydalia went to sit on the sunny part and covered themselves and each other in sun cream before laying to sunbathe. Rowi and Seb did the same. David and Dany sat at a separate table from Fara in the shaded part to talk and discuss their guidebooks. Urs walked over to Fara, ‘Can I sit?’ he asked.
‘Sure’ Fara nodded, not looking up from her book.
‘I’m not that keen on sunbathing’ Urs said.
‘Oh?’ Fara replied, still reading her book.
‘I find it boring. Plus, I don’t have anyone to apply the sun cream’
Fara looked up then. She swallowed. Urs had got changed. He was now wearing shorts and sandals. Minus his t-shirt.
‘I…’ Fara coughed, ‘I could help you…with the sun cream’ she tried not to blush.
‘You wouldn’t mind?’ Urs asked.
‘N…no’ Fara coughed again.
‘Great. I’ll just go and borrow some’ and Urs went to get the sun cream.
Fara breathed deeply, trying to control her beating heart. God. He was perfect she thought. Then he was back, ’If you could do my back?’ he asked, squeezing some sun cream into his hand. Fara watched spellbound as he rubbed it onto his chest, ’Fara, back?’ he reminded her when she didn’t respond.
‘What…? Oh yes. Sure. Sure’ she tore her eyes away from him and concentrated on getting sun cream onto her hand. Slowly, Fara applied the sun cream.
‘Thanks…could you help? With the backs of my legs?’ Urs then asked.
‘Sure…sure’ Fara coughed again, trying not to become too intimate with his body.

‘I think, Fara likes him’ Dany and David watched the sun cream application.
‘And Urs likes her too’ David replied, ’even though he told us he wasn’t interested’
‘Oh? Not interested eh?’ Dany laughed, ’look at his face then’
David and Dany watched as Fara massaged sun cream into Urs’ shoulders and back. He was pulling a strange face. Biting his lip, trying not to groan.
‘Either he really hates Fara…or really likes her’ Dany smiled.
‘That, is a look of like, more then like, lust’ David also smiled.
‘And yet he’s not said anything…’
‘Urs won’t. He probably expects Fara to be a mind reader’
‘Is he always like this?’ Dany asked.
‘Only with the ones he really likes’ David nodded.
‘Its like being back in school again’ Dany laughed.
‘It’ll be interesting, to watch them interact’
‘You mean you’re not going to say something?’
‘No. Its about time Urs learnt the hard way’
‘That what? Someone likes him, for him?’ Dany asked.
‘Exactly’ David smiled.
‘But we’ve only got a week…’
‘Are you booked into a hotel, after the cruise?’ David asked.
‘Which one?’
So Dany told him. ’Snap’ he smiled, ’we’re there too’
‘We might have to arrange…more rooms’
‘Then we can all double up’ David beamed.
‘That’s the idea’ Dany returned the beaming smile.

Fara watched as Urs went to the sunny part of the boat and laid down on a sun lounger. She tried to concentrate on her book but it was no use. She spent the next half an hour watching Urs sunbathe.
‘He won’t bite’ Carlos laughed as he past Fara carrying two bottles of water.
‘I wasn’t…’
‘Wasn’t looking at Urs?’ Carlos asked.
‘A bit like he’s not looking at you’
‘He’s not….’
‘Girl, why do you think he’s wearing his sunglasses?’
‘The sun’s in his eyes…’ offered Fara.
‘No’ Carlos smiled, ‘so he can watch people behind them’
‘Namely - you’
‘I wasn’t…’
‘That’s why you’ve been stuck on the same page for the last ten minutes’ Carlos smiled, and laughed a little.
Fara blushed, ‘Hot, isn’t it?’ she waved her book, fanning her face.
‘Whatever you say sweetie’ Carlos winked, before going back to Cydalia and sunbathing again.
After he had gone, Fara picked up her book and moved her seat so now she wasn’t facing Urs or any of the sunbathers and concentrated on reading the words before her eyes. This time, she managed to read three chapters before she was interrupted.
‘I need some more sun cream on my back’ Urs was back.
‘Come here then’ Fara sighed, putting her book down and picking up the sun cream again. Urs knelt down.
‘OOhhh…that feels good’ he told her as she rubbed it in, ‘lower…please’ so Fara moved her hands down his back.
‘Thanks, sweetie’ Urs said as Fara finished. He turned around, placed a quick kiss on her cheek and was gone. Back to more sunbathing. Fara watching him go. Then she watched as he started talking to a lady sunbathing next to his bed. He spoke to her then pointed in Fara’s direction and waved. Fara waved back. Then the woman went to the bar, ‘Water, please’ she asked the waiter, ‘nice boyfriend you have there’ she said to Fara.
‘Pardon…?’ Fara asked her.
‘I tried to chat him up, then he pointed you out’ the woman said.
‘Oh. Urs. Yes’ Fara nodded.
‘You have great taste in men’ she swooned.
Fara smiled then watched the woman walk back to her sun bed.
Boyfriend? Had Urs lied to the woman? Since when were he and Fara dating? Fara looked puzzling at Urs. He just smiled in response.
Was he playing with her?
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PostSubject: Chapter 8..   Thu Dec 25, 2008 9:58 pm

Chapter Eight

As Fara and Rowi got ready for dinner, Fara had to listen to Rowi tell her all about how wonderful Seb was.
‘Now we’re actually talking, I’ve realised that he’s wonderful’ Rowi swooned, while rubbing at her newly washed hair.
‘Good for you’ Fara muttered, pulling on her trousers and long sleeved top.
‘Saw you and Urs together too’ Rowi then winked, slightly changing the subject.
‘He needed someone to help apply his sun cream…’ Fara tried not to blush as she thought about Urs, and earlier that afternoon.
‘And he asked you? How sweet’ Rowi beamed.
‘You, Seb, Cydalia and Carlos were sleeping…’ Fara reminded her friend.
‘Hmm…’ Rowi blushed, remembering the dream she had had about Seb while sunbathing.
‘I only did it, helped him, to be friendly…’ Fara now defended herself and her blushes as innocent, friendly ones.
‘And I can guess you’d like to get friendly eh?’ Rowi laughed and nudged Fara in a knowingly manner, understanding the real reason for her friends blushes.
Fara didn’t speak. She knew it wouldn’t be worth defending herself. Rowi wasn’t in the mood to listen now that she was happy and falling in love with Seb.
‘Come on’ Fara sighed, ‘don’t want to be late for dinner’
‘I’m ready’ Rowi smiled, linking her arm with Fara and dragging her towards the door, smiling and laughing as they went.

At dinner Urs sat and tried to make conversation with Fara.
He kept reaching across and touching her. Touching her hand and occasionally her face. Fara who actually liked his touch, let him do it but she knew he was only acting like this because the woman he had been sunbathing near thought that they were dating.
‘I hear, that you have an admirer…’ Fara told him.
‘Admirer? Oh! You mean Marcia’ Urs smiled.
‘She seems to think…that you and I are dating’
‘Oh...she told you’ Urs mumbled.
‘Which is why you are suddenly all touchy feely with me’
‘Sorry…’ Urs moved his hand away.
‘I don’t mind. But I wish you had told me. I’m not here to be used. I’m here, to have a holiday, just like you are’ Fara reminded him.
‘Sorry….you…you’re right. I should have said something…’
‘I guess she was coming onto you?’ Fara then asked him.
‘She tried to chat me up’ Urs smiled a wye smile.
‘So you decided…on a diversion. Me’
‘Yes’ Urs nodded.
‘I don’t mind as I said. But next time, ask, ok?’
‘Ok. Sorry’ Urs let out a sigh.
‘If you want to me to pretend…?’ Fara asked.
‘You would?’ Urs asked, brightening up a little.
‘You do?’ Fara asked him.
‘It would help. Please’ Urs smiled.
‘I’ll…need time, to think about it’
‘Ok. How long will you need?’
‘Give me…until tomorrow morning’ she asked then.
‘Ok. And Fara?’ said Urs, looking at her.
‘Thank you’
‘I haven’t said I’ll do it yet’ she reminded him.
‘I know. But thanks anyway, for at least thinking about it’ he touched her hand, patting it slightly as he spoke. Fara looked at his hand then smiled at him.

After dinner, in the bar, Fara cornered Cydalia and Dany. She told them, about her dilemma.
‘Oh sweetie’ Cydalia hugged her, ‘but you like him’
‘Of course I like him. He’s a nice guy…’ Fara nervously laughed at this.
‘Not, as a friend’ Cydalia interrupted.
‘But that’s all he seems to see me as!’ Fara cried.
‘Not, according to David he doesn’t’ Dany told her.
‘Oh…?’ Fara asked.
‘Urs definitely likes you. More than just a friend’
‘But he hasn’t…’ Fara tried interrupting her.
‘David told me, earlier, Urs has recently had his heart broken, that he’s still rather…tender. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t interested in you. Because he is’ Dany smiled.
‘Then why ask me…?’ Fara felt puzzled now.
‘He likes you’ Cydalia smiled, ‘he’s probably trying you out first, using you as this…’
‘Shield’ Fara sighed, interrupting her friend.
‘Hey, at least it’s a start’ shrugged Cydalia.
‘Why isn’t Rowi here, joining in with this conversation?’ Dany then asked.
‘Because since this morning when she and Seb got together, there has been no talking to her’ Fara sighed again.
‘Ah. Young love!’ Cydalia smiled.
‘You can talk…Mrs Carlos…? What’s his name?’ Dany asked, laughing.
‘Marin’ Cydalia swooned.
‘Cydalia Marin. Cute’ Dany laughed.
‘Dany what then?’ Cydalia then asked in reply.
‘Miller. Dany Miller’
‘You?’ Cydalia then asked Fara.
‘I’ve no idea. Not that there is going to be an Urs and me. Because there isn’t’ Fara replied, convinced of that.
‘Wait and see. Wait and see!’ Cydalia hugged her friend again.

‘Nice up here, isn’t it?’ Rowi and Seb were on the sundeck, looking up at the stars, snuggled together on a sun lounger, arms wrapped around each other.
‘Uh-ah’ Seb nodded.
‘Mmm…’ Rowi snuggled closer, stroking Seb’s chest with her free hand. The other was wrapped around his waist.
Seb moved his head, holding Rowi’s head under her chin with a hand.
‘What?’ she asked, before his mouth met hers.
Rowi groaned in pleasure, kissing him back.
‘Wish we could spent tonight together..’ Rowi then whispered, after a lot of kissing.
‘We can’t….I’m sharing, with Carlos’
‘Same here. With Fara…’ Rowi sighed sadly at this.
‘Unless…’ Seb said, ‘we got Urs and Fara together…’
‘Then they could be together, like the rest of us’ Rowi smiled.
‘We should do that…’
‘It’ll take time thought. Fara isn’t the kind of girl to go sleeping with just anyone’
‘Sounds like Urs’ Seb smiled.
‘Nor am I…’ Rowi quickly added.
‘I already know that honey’ Seb kissed her again.
‘But it could be worth trying…’
‘Either that, or we spent it up here’ Seb laughed, holding her tightly to his body as he talked and laughed.
‘Its too cold!’ Rowi shivered.
Once the sun went down the Egyptian nights became cold rather quickly.
‘Come on, lets go in’ Seb then stood up, helping Rowi to her feet.
Rowi shivered with cold again. Seb took her hand and down the steps inside they went to the warm, brightness of the boat.
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PostSubject: ..Chapter 9..   Thu Dec 25, 2008 9:59 pm

Chapter Nine


Over night, the boat, the Lady Dream, sailed from Edfu to Aswan.
Further up the Nile. Today they were to visit, ‘The Unfinished Obelisk’ and ‘Philae Temple’
Fara found, walking around the ‘Unfinished Obelisk’ rather boring. It was basically, she noticed, just a block of granite still attached to the ground but shaped like a long, thin tower. Other Obelisks had been decorated with carvings and drawings.
‘Is that it?’ Urs asked as Ahmed gave a mini lecture on how the Egyptians had made and cut obelisks.
‘Yes, that’s it’ Fara shrugged.
‘Oh. Right’ Urs nodded, ‘have you thought…about what I asked, last night?’
Fara turned to look at him, ‘Yes’ she said.
‘Right’ he nodded again, ‘And?’ he asked.
‘I’ll do it. I’ll pretend…to be your girlfriend’
‘Thank you! Thank you!’ Urs quickly hugged her, ‘sorry’ he apologised.
‘If we’re supposed to be dating…even pretend, we’ll have to touch. Otherwise Marcia…will find it rather strange’ Fara pointed out.
‘So we will’ Urs smiled, taking hold of her hand.
‘You’ve got warm hands…’ Fara noticed.
‘You’ve got cold’ Urs replied, rubbing her hand.
Fara tried snatching her hand away, ‘No. Don’t’ Urs asked.
‘This way everyone!’ called Ahmed.
Fara attempted to move, to follow Ahmed, but Urs pulled her back, ‘I feel…as thought I need to thank you’ he said.
‘You already have..’ Fara protested.
‘I meant, without using words’ Urs moved his head near to hers.
‘You’ve no need, its not like we’re dating…for real’ Fara pulled at her hand again. This time, Urs let her go. He sighed. ‘We’re only pretending…remember?’ Fara reminded him.
‘I remember’ Urs sighed again.
‘Chop-chop!’ Ahmed called, ‘the coach is waiting!’

The next stop was Philae Temple. Philae Temple is on its own island. They all boarded a small boat which took them to the island. It was rather low in the water which Fara wasn’t keen on. She sat, trembling and wished for the short journey to be over soon. Urs, sitting next to her, noticed her tremble, ‘Can I…?’ he asked.
Fara nodded, not knowing what he meant. Urs took hold of her hand and held it in his. He made his fingers entwine with hers. She looked at their fingers then at Urs’ face. He smiled back. Then she looked around. Seb and Rowi were sitting together, snuggled up as were Carlos and Cydalia. David and Dany were laughing at something. David was holding his video camera. He had taken to filming everywhere they went. He noticed everything and no one was safe from his filming. Not that anyone knew. David was very discreet at his filming. He was currently filming Urs and Fara while having a conversation with Dany.
When the boat docked at the island, Urs helped Fara off and up the rather steep staircase. As they reached the top Urs kept hold of her hand.
‘You can let go now’ Fara told him.
‘Oh? Can I?’ he asked, seeing rather puzzled at this.
‘Yes. You can’ Fara nodded.
‘Ok’ he let out a sigh and let go.
It was strange, but after nearly half a day of pretending, Urs now liked the idea of Fara being his girlfriend. He liked holding her hand. Touching her. Liked it when she touched him. To him, it felt right. Natural. Like it was meant to be. But ever since Fara had agreed to be his girlfriend, even for pretend, she had been, he thought, rather funny with him. Strange almost. Like now she didn’t like him and that thought hurt Urs.
Ahmed, gathered the group around. He beamed at them then gave a little cough, ’Philae Temple’ he said, ’this whole temple was moved to his especially built island in the 1970’s when the new high dam was made. Each block is now in its original place’
‘They re-built it? Somewhere else?’ Carlos asked.
‘Yes’ Ahmed nodded.
‘But you can’t tell…’ Cydalia gasped in surprise. Looking at the delicate carvings and drawings on the blocks and pillars.
‘That’ Ahmed beamed, ’was the idea’
‘But...where was the original placed?’ Dany asked.
‘If you look across the lake you have just travelled across by boat, it was there’ Ahmed told them all.
Everyone looked towards the lake.
‘But you can’t see anything…’ mumbled Fara.
‘Because it is all submerged’ Ahmed replied.
‘Why is Egypt the only African country allowed a dam?’ Dany then asked Ahmed.
Ahmed shrugged, ‘I have no idea’ he answered, ‘ask the Egyptian government!’
Everyone laughed at that comment.

‘Its so peaceful here…’ Cydalia swooned to Carlos as they walked around the island.
‘It is so beautiful’ Carlos agreed, gazing at her.
Cydalia caught where he was looking, and blushed, ‘You…are beautiful’ Carlos told her, touching her face.
Cydalia smiled at him, ‘Let me kiss you?’ he asked.
‘Thought you would never ask’ Cydalia smiled, then swooned in pleasure as Carlos covered her mouth with his own. Cydalia put her hands around his neck and held on, feeling her knees go slightly weak. He was an excellent kisser she discovered. Cydalia liked a man who knew what he was doing. She groaned as he finally pulled away.
‘I am sorry’ Carlos spoke, ‘I should not have..’
‘But Carlos, I wanted you to’ Cydalia gazed up at him, ‘I like you’ she smiled.
‘Like I like you. But it cannot be anything more’
‘What? Why not?’
‘I am too old for you. We come from different parts of the world…’
‘I like older men…’
‘I am still too old’
‘I don’t care. I like older men’ Cydalia protested now.
‘But we come from such different worlds…’ Carlos tried.
‘I don’t see how. You sing. I model. We’re both in the public eye’ Cydalia pointed out.
‘But still…’
‘Anyway’ Cydalia shrugged, ‘this is a holiday romance. Who’s to say where its going…’ she sighed.
‘Hmm. You have a point there’
‘So lets just see, shall we? What harm can we do?’
‘Ok’ Carlos smiled, ‘lets see where it goes’ he agreed.

‘Great place this, isn’t it?’ David asked while holding his video camera to capture the area.
‘It is, isn’t it?’ Dany agreed, ‘and to think they moved it all…’
‘The Egyptians may lack talent in certain areas, but in others they are amazingly brilliant’ David smiled.
‘I know. I totally agree’ Dany nodded, looking around.

‘Hmmm….’ Seb snuggled up to Rowi, ‘lovely…’ he whispered kissing the back of her neck.
‘Seb…’ Rowi laughed, ‘you’re supposed to be looking at the scenery…’
‘Oh I am. I am…’ he kissed her ear now.
Rowi shivered, ‘Cold?’ he asked, sounding concerned.
‘Not with cold, no’ she replied, giggling.
‘Not with…?’ Seb asked, not understanding. The it clicked, ‘Aah!’ he smiled, ‘I see…’
‘Tonight?’ Rowi asked.
‘I’ll talk to Carlos…about letting us have the room’ Seb winked.
‘Go and ask him now’ Rowi winked back.
‘Ok, I’m going….’
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PostSubject: ..Chapter 10..   Thu Dec 25, 2008 10:00 pm

Chapter Ten

‘Carlos…mate’ Seb nervously coughed.
‘The answer, is no mate’ replied Carlos.
‘But I haven’t…’
‘You want the room tonight, right?’ Carlos asked.
Seb nodded.
‘That would mean David getting with Dany and Cydalia and I. Not to mention Urs and Fara, right?’
Again, Seb nodded.
‘Its not going to happen. You can’t force us to move our relationships on just because you fancy…’
‘Aah. Ok’ Seb nodded, looking down at his feet.
‘Don’t get me wrong, I like Cydalia. But even I need longer than two days to get to know the girl. The same goes for David. And don’t get me started on Urs’ Carlos then pointed out.
‘Ok. I understand’ Seb now sighed.
‘I suggest you don’t ask again. At least not for a while’ Carlos then warned.
‘I won’t. I won’t’ Seb sighed again.

‘He won’t, will he?’ Rowi asked Seb.
‘Nope’ Seb shook his head.
‘Thought not. I saw you talking’
‘He likes Cydalia but not enough yet to move their… romance on’
‘What about David and Dany?’
‘They probably would. But where would they sleep? Then there is Urs…’
‘He and Fara could…’
‘I don’t see that happening somehow’ Seb sighed.
‘No. suppose you are right’ Rowi sighed disappointedly.
‘We could…on the sundeck?’
‘Its too cold’ Rowi shivered.
‘Yes. You are right there’ Seb agreed, also feeling disappointed now, ‘we’ll think of something…’
‘Hope so. And soon’ Rowi gave Seb a long, lingering gaze which left him in no doubt what she wanted from him.
Never the type to hang around when she wanted something Rowi was impatient to get her and Seb’s romance of to a start. And soon.

Back on the boat after dinner Fara went straight to the bar and decided to get drunk. She felt that she needed something after the day she had had. Pretending to be someone’s partner was harder then it looked. And she had to keep reminding herself that it wasn’t real. That Urs wasn’t really in love with her like she was falling in love with him. It had come as a shock to realise that. That she was falling in love. Fara had never been in love before even though her profession - writing romantic short stories for several magazines and newspapers she was good at, she had written about something she herself had no experience in. Until now. And just when it wasn’t wanted Fara could feel herself falling. Sure, she had had the odd crush in her time but it had never turned into anything more. Urs wasn’t even her type. Not really. Sure he was intelligent and Fara liked intelligent men. Someone you could have a decent conversation with, but in the looks department before she had fancied men who had looked more like Seb. She had a thing for blue or green eyes being that she herself had brown eyes and thought that having a boyfriend/partner with different coloured eyes would be a good match. But at the moment all she could picture and kept dreaming about, was a pair of hazel eyes. Hazel eyes belonging to a certain Swiss named Urs. A man she was slowly getting to know.

‘Fara, is drunk!’ Rowi told a shocked Cydalia and Dany.
‘Eh, what?’ Cydalia laughed.
‘Its true. Come see…’ Rowi then took them to the toilets near to the bar. Fara was inside, knelt down, staring at the toilet bowl, groaning.
‘Oh Fara…honey…’ Dany knelt down besides her, ‘what have you done, eh?’
‘I’m…happy’ Fara burped, ‘oh god, I feel sick…’ she muttered.
‘Come on, up you come….’ Dany tried to make Fara stand, but it was no use. She couldn’t make her friend move.
‘I’ll go and get help…’ Cydalia announced.
A few minutes later she was back. With Urs and Carlos.
‘Up you come young lady’ Urs pulled Fara to her feet. She wobbled. He placed his arms around her.
‘Urs…’ Fara noticed.
‘Me’ he smiled.
‘You hate me..’ Fara mumbled.
‘No I don’t’ he held her up-right as she wobbled again.
‘You do. But I don’t hate you…’ Fara slurred.
‘Oh no?’ he asked.
‘No’ Fara shook her head, ‘I like you. A lot’ she wobbled again.
‘Come on, up you come’ Urs picked her up in his arms.
‘Put me down. I’m too heavy…’ Fara giggled now.
‘No you’re not. Come on’ Urs started carrying her towards the staircase, ‘time for bed’
‘But not with me…’ Fara sighed, resting her head against his shoulder now.
‘Oh I don’t know. Think I might stay with you tonight’
‘You don’t mean that like I wish you did…’ Fara mumbled again.
‘Lets go and find out, shall we?’ Urs asked.
Rowi led the way to their room.
‘You go back to Seb. I’ll stay with her’ Urs offered, laying Fara down on her bed.
‘Ok. I don’t know what’s wrong with her though. She’s normally the sensible one…’ Rowi laughed nervously.
‘Fara will be ok. Come the morning’ Urs soothed.
‘Ok…’ Rowi smiled then was gone before Urs could change his mind.

Luckily, Fara wasn’t sick that night. Urs stayed up all night, sitting by her bed, in a chair. Watching her sleep. Rowi got her wish to sleep with Seb as Carlos slept in Urs’ bed with David and Cydalia and was still sharing with Dany.
Rowi and Seb ended up sleeping on the floor in the space between the two beds as they found the beds weren’t quite big enough and fell out of it at one point. Dany and Cydalia spent the night talking, about Carlos and David and about Fara’s behaviour.
‘I blame Urs’ Cydalia decided, ‘if he hadn’t wanted a pretend girlfriend…’
‘But that’s just it. I don’t reckon Fara is a pretend’
‘Meaning?’ Cydalia asked.
‘David thinks Urs likes her’
‘Yes. Likes. Nothing else’
‘But you didn’t see his face, when he asked her to help apply the sun cream the other afternoon. Urs wants Fara’ Dany told her.
‘That’s just sex…’
‘According to David, Urs doesn’t do just sex. He does relationships. All or nothing’
‘Then I’d wish he’d tell Fara. To put the poor girl out of her misery’ Cydalia sighed.
‘But Fara doesn’t do love. She hasn’t before…’
‘Then there’s a first time for everyone’ Cydalia pointed out.
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PostSubject: ..Chapter 11..   Fri Jan 02, 2009 5:11 am

Chapter Eleven


The boat alarm woke everybody. As it was Thursday it was a 3am alarm call as they were due to visit Abu Simbel today and were needed at Aswan airport for the 5am fight. It was easier and quicker then going by coach. With the plane it would take them 30 minutes to get to Abu Simbel. On the coach it would take nearly 3 hours. The trip was designed so the group would arrive, get to look around and be able to see the sunrise at the same time.
Urs gently woke Fara up. She groaned and slowly opened her eyes, ‘What, are you doing here?’ she asked, not remembering the night before.
‘Long story. Come on, time for your shower’ Urs replied.
‘You’re staying here…?’ Fara asked, wiping the sleep out of her eyes.
‘No. I’m going back to my room’
‘Oh…right’ Fara nodded, yawning at this.
‘I’ll be back in ten minutes. I’ll expect you up and dressed, ok?’
‘Ok’ she yawned again.
‘Or I’ll come back and drag you in that shower myself’ Urs then warned.
‘Ok. I’m going…’ Fara dragged her tired body out of bed, blushing as she did. She was now dressed in her pyjamas. But had no memory of how she came to be wearing them.
Urs smiled then left her to it.
Fara was just getting dressed when Rowi turned up.
‘Morning’ a cheery Rowi smiled.
‘Morning’ Fara yawned, brushing her hair.
‘I had a fantastic night’ Rowi winked, getting changed as she spoke.
‘Oh? I can’t remember last night…’ Fara mumbled. Not even the getting undressed ready for bed part.
‘You can’t?’ Rowi amazed, asked.
‘Nope’ Fara shrugged as there came banging on the door.
‘Are you dressed yet?’ a voice shouted. It was Urs.
Fara opened the door, ‘Great, come on. Oh, morning Rowi’ Urs smiled.
‘Morning!’ Rowi winked back.
Urs was wearing a pair of shorts, t-shirt and sandals.
Fara in her usual three quarter length trousers and top complete with sandals.
‘Come on…’ Urs held out a hand.
Fara looked at the hand, then at Urs’ face. He smiled. She shrugged and took the offered hand.

On the short flight to Abu Simbel Rowi and Seb sat snuggled up. David and Dany read their guidebooks. Carlos and Cydalia sat together but didn’t speak and Fara napped. Resting her head on Urs’ shoulder. He had one arm around her. Marcia was on the flight to Abu Simbel. After a short coach ride everyone clambered off. The sun was still hidden and it was a little cold.
‘This way everyone!’ Ahmed, clipboard in hand, waved.
There was a rather steep, long hill to walk down. It seemed to go on for ages and ages.
‘Is it far?’ Cydalia called to Ahmed.
‘Just down here!’ Ahmed replied, ‘a little further’
‘Where is it?’ Rowi asked as the steep hill ended.
Ahmed turned a corner. The party all followed.
‘Oh…wow!’ David exclaimed as Abu Simbel came into view.
Everyone gasped. Stood in front of them was a building. It had four 21m high seated figures of Ramses II on it.
‘Like Death on the Nile…’ Dany gazed up at it.
‘Better then that’ David smiled.
‘This, is Abu Simbel’ Ahmed announced, ‘these figures are Ramses II. He was king during the New Kingdom Period. This statue building was built in the 13 century BC’
‘Before chocolate!’ Cydalia laughed.
‘Thought that it was before Cadbury!’ Carlos joined in with the laughter.
‘It took Ramses II 30 years to build this temple of Ramses as it is known’ Ahmed carried on.
‘30 years? Crikey…I would have given up after five!’ Seb laughed now.
‘In the late 1960’s’ Ahmed continued, ‘the whole temple was raised, block by block, each weighting up to 30 tonnes each, to higher ground as Lake Nasser threatened to drown it all’
Everyone was spellbound by this news.
‘But…who discovered it again though?’ Fara asked.
Ahmed coughed, ‘Abu Simbel had been, until 1813 covered by sand’ he paused, and consulted his clipboard, ‘then the Swiss explorer Jean Louis Burckhardt sailed past and took 20 days to uncover it again’
‘Flaming Swiss!’ Carlos winked at Urs.
‘Hey, we uncovered a gem’ Urs laughed as he gazed up at the huge building before them all.
‘Can we go inside now?’ Fara then asked.
‘In a minute’ Ahmed said, ‘that….’ he pointed to a smaller building to the Ramses II Temple at its right, ‘is the temple dedicated to Queen Nefertari, one of Ramses’ favourite wives’
‘He had many?’ Carlos asked.
‘A few’ Ahmed smiled.
Ramses actually had five or six wives in his time. A bit like Henry VIII. But Ramses didn’t have to wait until they died to marry again. As long as an Egyptian could afford it, they were, and some still are, allowed as many wives as they liked/like.
‘Lucky old him!’ Carlos waggled his eyebrows. Cydalia playfully smacked him as Ahmed told them all this news.
‘One wife at a time, would suit me. Just as long as she’s the right one’ David beamed at Dany. Dany blushed.
‘Something you’re wanting to tell us mate?’ Carlos laughed, nudging David.
‘No. No’ David coughed, embarrassed now.
‘I’m never getting married’ Fara then said.
‘Oh?’ Urs asked her.
‘Oh, its not like I don’t believe in it, because I do, I mean, my parents have been married for over 40 years. But that doesn’t mean I can vision myself with the same person all that time too’
‘You don’t have to marry someone, to be with them forever’ replied Urs.
‘So, what? You see yourself with the same person forever then?’ Fara asked.
‘Yes. I can’ he nodded.
‘Oh. Right’ Fara answered, looking away. She blinked. Trying to rid herself of the tears in her eyes now.
‘Still tired, eh?’ Urs asked, mistaking her tears for something else.
‘Yes’ Fara nodded. It wasn’t too much of a lie either.
‘Go. Explore the buildings!’ Ahmed then called, waving his hands at the building behind him, ‘when you come out, the sun will be up!’ he called.
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PostSubject: ..Chapter 12..   Fri Jan 02, 2009 5:12 am

Chapter Twelve

Inside the Temple of Ramses II the group discovered the stone sitting statues of the four priest gods. The sun always shone on three of them but only twice a year, in February and October, did the fourth priest get highlighted by the sun. The fourth priest was known as the priest or god of the night.
It was huge inside with great decorations. The walls and pillars were covered with symbols and drawings. Some of the drawings had Ramses II fighting and winning various battles. The bodies of the ones he had killed pictured at his feet, bleeding and some without their heads or limbs.
‘He liked a good fight…’ Urs noticed, looking around.
‘Its cold in here…’ Fara shivered.
‘Come here’ Urs pulled her into his arms, ‘hi…Marcia’ he smiled at the woman who had tried to chat him up on the boat.
‘Hi Urs’ she smiled back at him.
‘This, is Fara. My girlfriend’ Urs introduced Marcia to Fara.
‘We’ve met. Back on the boat’ Fara nodded.
‘The girl with excellent taste’ Marcia smiled.
‘Oh? In what?’ Urs innocently asked.
‘In men honey’ Marcia smiled at him.
Urs blushed and coughed, feeling embarrassed now.

Urs and Fara walked out of the temple with Urs’ arm still around Fara’s shoulder just in time to see the sunrise.
‘OOh! Almost as romantic as watching it set!’ Rowi laughed, hugging Seb.
‘Except, not as cold!’ Seb reminded her.
‘Hmm…’ Rowi beamed, gazing up at Seb.
‘Where did you see the sunset?’ Urs asked.
‘The sundeck. Tuesday night’ Seb replied.
‘Sundeck. Right’ Urs nodded.
‘Hi Urs…Fara’ Marcia called and waved then.
Urs and Fara waved back.
‘Secret admirer eh?’ Carlos laughed as he and Cydalia joined them.
‘We met on the sundeck, the other day’ Urs replied.
‘Oh yes?’ Carlos nudged Urs knowingly.
‘So I’m pretending to be…Urs’ girlfriend’ Fara said.
‘Pretending…?’ Carlos wiggled his eyebrows and winked, ‘is that what they are calling it nowadays?’ he laughed.
‘Carlos’ Cydalia warned him.
‘Sorry…’ Carlos apologised, trying and failing, to look serious for once.
Fara looked puzzlingly at Carlos. He beamed back and winked.
Fara shook her head. Carlos nodded. Then she looked at Cydalia. Cydalia was nodding now too. She looked at Rowi and Seb. At least they were two busy looking at each other to notice anything funny going on. Fara sighed.
‘Alright?’ Urs asked on hearing her sigh.
‘Yeah. Sure’ Fara replied, ‘lovely…sunrise’ she said.
‘It is, isn’t it?’ he agreed with her.

The group arrived back on the boat in time for breakfast.
‘You must eat something…’ Urs told Fara after she tried to claim not to be hungry again.
‘But I’m not…’ she protested.
‘For me, please?’ he asked.
‘Ok…’ Fara found herself replying and sighing.
‘Great. You stay here. I’ll go and get you something’ Urs smiled.
He came back with two platefuls of food.
‘I can’t…’ Fara protested.
‘Try’ he smiled, picking up a croissant.
In the end, Urs made Fara eat three croissants, with butter and jam on them, eat a banana, a yogurt and drink two cups of coffee and a glass of orange juice.
‘Well done’ he praised her afterwards.
‘I’m not a child…’
‘You still need someone to look out for you, to take care of you’
‘And who are you? That person?’ Fara laughed.
‘Yes. I am’ Urs nodded.
‘Can I go now?’
‘Where to?’ Urs asked.
‘To get my book. The others mentioned the sundeck’
‘Hang on. I’ll come with you’
‘To get my book?’ Fara asked.
‘To get your book’ Urs agreed.
Fara sighed, ‘Come on, you’re my personal sun cream applier’ Urs winked. Fara failed in hiding her blush.

‘Do you ever sunbathe?’ Urs asked Fara once they were on the sundeck.
‘Sometimes…’ she admitted.
‘Come on join me then?’
‘I’ll need sun cream…’
‘Here, let me help’ Urs said. Fara rolled her three quarter length trousers up. Urs helped apply the sun cream to her legs, ‘I can do it..’ she protested as Urs rubbed the cream in.
‘I know. But its always nice to have help’ Urs smiled up at her from his position at kneeling at her feet, ‘alright. All done. Come on’ he held his hand out, standing up now.
Fara took the hand and he led her to the sun loungers.
They lay side by side. Urs sunbathed. Fara lay and read her book. They were all up there, laying together with their partners.
A shadow leaning over Fara woke her up. She had long ago fallen asleep. Dropping her book. She felt someone sit on her sun lounger.
‘Wake up sleepyhead. Time for lunch’ Fara opened her eyes.
‘Urs…’ she blinked.
‘Hi’ he smiled down at her.
‘I must have fallen asleep…’ she attempted to sit up, but he stopped her.
‘You looked so peaceful laying there…’ he smiled.
‘Where is everyone else?’ Fara looked around.
‘They’ve all gone’
‘Oh. Right’ she looked up at him, ‘can I…get up?’ she then asked.
‘Not yet’ Urs smiled again, lowering his head. His mouth touched hers. Without thinking, Fara responded to the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck, her fingers touching the hair that lay there.
‘Oops. Sorry!’ it was Marcia. She coughed.
Fara pulled her head away from Urs’.
‘Its…lunchtime!’ Marcia smiled.
‘We’re…coming’ Urs let Fara go, ‘see you down there’
‘Ok’ Marcia laughed, leaving the sundeck at last.
‘You saw her coming…that’s why you kissed me…’ Fara muttered, feeling slightly angry as she spoke, standing up at last.
‘I didn’t…I swear, I didn’t’ Urs protested.
Fara started walking away, ‘Where are you going?’ Urs asked.
‘Its lunch time’ she reminded him.
‘I was thinking…after lunch, maybe we could go somewhere, to talk?’ Urs asked as they walked to the restaurant.
‘Go where? We’re on a boat..’ Fara pointed out.
‘One of our cabins…?’ Urs asked.
‘To do what?’
‘To talk’ Urs said again.
‘Ok’ Fara sighed.
As they reached the restaurant, Marcia waved and shouted, ‘Co-ee!’ at Urs and Fara. Fara waved back, trying to be friendly. Urs scowled at her.
‘OOps, someone is upset’ Carlos whispered to Cydalia, seeing Urs’ scowl.
‘Probably that Marcia coming onto his again’ Cydalia shrugged.
‘Which isn’t something he needs, when he’s trying to impress Fara’ Carlos smiled.
‘Urs and Fara?’ Cydalia asked.
‘You hadn’t noticed…?’
‘Yes I had. But I just thought…Urs liked Fara’
‘Liked? Oh no. No’ Carlos shook his head, ‘he’s a man, in love’ he winked.
‘In love…?’ asked Cydalia.
‘In love’ Carlos agreed.
‘Oh. Right’
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PostSubject: ..Chapter 13..   Fri Jan 02, 2009 5:13 am

Chapter Thirteen

After lunch Urs took Fara’s protesting hand and led her out of the restaurant dining room. He took her to his and David’s cabin.
‘Its very neat in here…’ Fara noticed, looking around, ‘unlike Rowi and mine…’
‘I guess that’s Rowi’s doing’ Urs smiled. He sat down on a bed. His bed Fara wondered. Probably was his. It looked neat. No bed clothes under the pillow like there were on the other bed. Fara sat on a chair.
‘So, you wanted to talk?’ she said.
‘Yes. I do’ Urs nodded, ‘about us…’
‘There isn’t an ‘us’. We are just pretending. Its ok. I do understand the word pretending. I’m not getting ideas about us becoming a real couple. You don’t have to worry about that’
‘That’s not why I wanted us to talk’ Urs said.
‘Oh. Right. Sorry’ Fara looked down her feet, feeling embarrassed after her speech.
‘Well’ Urs corrected himself, ‘it is. Slightly’
‘Oh?’ Fara looked up at him.
‘I like you’ he said, his eyes looking into hers.
‘I like you too’ she replied, blushing slightly at this.
‘I…’ Urs paused, searching for the words, ‘more than like you’
‘Earlier, when we kissed, I’ve been wanting to do that for quite a while’ he confessed.
‘I think, that you and I, could be good together’
‘But I don’t do love…romances. Relationships. I don’t do relationships’ Fara told him.
‘Oh’ Urs’ turn.
‘I can’t have a holiday romance. I can’t. I’m sorry but I’m not made that way…’
‘What about…long term?’ Urs asked.
‘I don’t know. I’ve never tried long term’
‘You’ve never…?’
‘No. No one has ever stuck around long enough to let me. I used to be great at short term. Holiday romances. But it never went past that. They seem to lose interest in me’
‘I wouldn’t…’
‘You don’t know that. You might do’
‘I wouldn’t’ Urs said again.
‘I like long term. Making a commitment’
‘Living together you mean?’ Fara asked.
‘What about…?’
‘I don’t know. I guess I’ve never found the right partner’
‘But when you do….?’
‘Then I guess that would come naturally’
‘Oh. Right’ Fara nodded.
‘So…?’ Urs then asked.
‘I don’t do sleeping together. Not until I really know someone’
‘Like me’ Urs smiled.
‘But…you’re a man…’
‘So? My heart still has to be involved’
‘Oh. Right’ that had surprised Fara. She hadn’t been expecting that.
‘So, can we? Date I mean?’ Urs then asked.
‘I…I don’t know…’
‘I’d like to. And I don’t just mean pretend. Or to fool that Marcia. I meant for real. You and I. Being together. Getting to know each other?’
‘If you need time to think, then you’ve got it. I’m not going anywhere and I don’t plan on changing my mind. I like you Fara. I more than like you. I’d like to, if we could, be together’
‘And if I say no? what then?’ Fara asked.
‘Then I would be upset, for a while, but then it would be like before. Us. Friends. Nothing else’
‘Nothing else?’ Fara nervously asked.
‘Nothing else. Just friends’ Urs agreed.
Fara looked at Urs. He was everything she had dreamt of, and more. Could she date him? She didn’t know. But what harm would it do? Trying? Fara coughed, clearing her throat, ‘Ok’ she said.
‘Ok what? That you will think about it?’ Urs asked.
‘Ok’ Fara said again, ‘I’ll…date you’ she shyly smiled.
Urs gazed at her. Then he too smiled, ‘Thank you’ he said as he reached out and kissed her. Fara returned the kiss as he pulled her onto his knee. She wrapped her arms around him and held on tight.
‘Oops. Sorry’ David apologised, coming into the room and catching his friend kissing the woman he liked - a lot. He knew this because Urs had confessed just how much he liked Fara the day before. It had come as a surprise to Urs, to realise his feelings for her. But now he had, he wanted to let Fara know and David was happy that it had gone good the news.
‘Come on’ Urs stood up, taking Fara’s hand, ‘lets go to the sundeck’ he looked at David, ‘Coming mate?’ he asked.
‘Yep. Just getting…’ David picked up his guidebook then followed Urs and a blushing Fara out of the room.

David sat himself down next to Dany on the sundeck. He smiled at her.
‘You’ll never guess what I just witnessed…’
‘Go on, tell me?’ Dany replied.
‘Urs and Fara. Kissing’
‘Doing what?’
‘Kissing. They were kissing’
‘Wow…’ mumbled a surprised Dany.
‘To be precise, Fara was sitting on Urs’ knee, kissing’
‘Good for Fara!’ Dany laughed, ‘its about time too!’
‘Exactly, what I was about to say’ David agreed, returning the laughter.

Fara and Urs sat on the sundeck, in the shaded part and talked. Fara asked,
‘The other night...when I got drunk, you were there, in the morning…’
‘Yes, I sat with you’
‘How did I...end up in my pyjamas?’
‘You don’t remember?’ Urs asked.
‘No’ Fara confirmed, shaking her head.
‘You undressed yourself’
‘I did?’ Fara asked, ‘where?’
‘In the bathroom. I stood outside’
‘Oh, right’
‘But…?’ Urs asked.
‘Only I thought, you and I had…’
‘Slept together?’
‘Yes’ Fara blushed.
‘No’ Urs smiled at her, ‘when we do, if we do, I’d prefer it if you can remember it the next day’
‘I’m sure I will….’
‘I hope so’ Urs reached out a hand and touched her face gently.
‘Fara…can I talk to you for a minute?’ it was Cydalia.
‘Sure’ Fara smiled at her friend, ‘sorry’ she apologised to Urs.
‘Its ok’ he smiled, ‘it’ll keep’

Fara and Cydalia walked to the bar on the second level.
After getting drinks of lemonade each they sat down in a quiet spot.
‘What’s wrong?’ Fara asked.
‘Its Carlos’ Cydalia sighed.
‘I thought you were getting on ok…’
‘He just wants a holiday romance’ Cydalia sighed again.
‘Whereas you want…’ Fara realised.
‘I like him. More than like him. But…he thinks he’s too old for me…’
‘But you like older men’ said Fara.
‘I know. And I have told him that. But Carlos, he isn’t convinced’
‘How old is he…?’ Fara asked.
‘Nearly 40’
‘That’s not old. God. He’s a spring chicken!’ Fara smiled.
‘Try telling him that then…’ Cydalia sighed, taking a sip of her drink.
Ok. To some people 40 might be old. But not to Cydalia. Cydalia had just turned 25 and she liked older people. Especially older men. And dating someone 15 years older than her wasn’t anything new. Her first boyfriend, when Cydalia had been 16 had been nearly 20 years older than her at 35. At 21 Cydalia was all set to marry Fernando, he had been nearly 30 years older than her until he had had second thoughts and had broken Cydalia’s heart. Now she had clearly fallen in love again. With another older man.
‘Have you told Carlos, all about your ex’s?’ Fara asked.
‘Should I…?’ Cydalia replied.
‘It may help him. Especially if you mention the age differences between you and them’ Fara suggested.
‘Ok’ Cydalia nodded, cheering up slightly now, ‘I’ll do that’ then she looked at Fara and smiled, ‘you and Urs eh?’
‘Me and Urs’ Fara returned the smile.
‘How did you…?’
‘We talked. Earlier. He told me that he likes me. Kind of asked me out. I found myself answering yes’
‘And about time too. But’ Cydalia paused, ‘if he ever thinks about hurting you, he’ll have me to deal with!’ she warned.
‘That’s what I usually say about yours, Rowi and Dany’s boyfriends!’ Fara laughed.
‘I know. And now I’m looking out for you’
‘Thanks’ Fara blushed.
‘Honey, I want you to be happy’ Cydalia and Fara stood up. Then Cydalia pulled Fara into a hug. Fara returned it.
‘Go get Carlos’ Fara winked.
‘I’m going…I’m going!’ Cydalia winked back before going to find him.
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Chapter Fourteen

That afternoon the group went on a tour of an Island named Kitcheners Island. It was like a giant garden. Full of exotic plants and trees from all over the world planted there. As the group wandered around they noticed just how peaceful the Island was as well as being very colourful and cool. It was like being in a library Fara noticed as everyone talked in whispers to each other. She and Urs walked around holding hands. Pointing out the various plants and flowers. Some looked very weird, some rather familiar. Fara was lucky she had taken a hay fever tablet or else she would have spent the afternoon sniffing and sneezing.
Cydalia walked around the Island with Carlos. But they didn’t touch. Cydalia hadn’t yet talked to him about her liking for older men. She was scared to mention it - just in case Carlos took it the wrong way.
‘Lovely…flower’ she pointed out a colourful bloom to him.
‘What…? Oh. Yes. Yes’ Carlos nodded.
‘Didn’t think that sort would grow here. I thought it would be too hot…’ Cydalia tried making conversation.
‘Too hot?’ Carlos asked, ‘yes I suppose it is…’
‘I meant the flowers growing here…’ but it was no good. Carlos wasn’t listening. He had wandered off somewhere else and had left Cydalia talking to herself.
Cydalia looked around for him. She couldn’t see him. She let out a sigh and sat down on a nearby bench.

David was filming the Island.
‘Such wonderful colours…’ he said to Dany as they walked around it together.
‘This, would make a great venue..’ Dany started to say then stopped herself.
‘For a wedding?’ David finished.
‘Hmm…’ Dany blushed, looking around.
David switched off his video camera, ‘Well’ he said, ‘we can’t do a wedding. But’ he knelt down in front of Dany. She stared up at him, ‘how about a proposal of marriage?’ he asked.
‘A…a….a….’ a stunned Dany stuttered.
‘Will you, Dany Jones, marry me?’ David asked, gazing up at her, one hand holding her hand in his.
‘Marry…’ Dany mumbled.
‘Yes. Marry me’ David smiled nervously.
‘But we don’t…’
‘It can be a long engagement’ David offered.
‘I…I don’t know what to say…’
‘Yes? Or No?’
‘I…’ Dany swallowed, ‘yes’ she nodded.
‘You will…?’ a nervous David carefully asked.
‘Yes. Please’ Dany smiled.
David stood up, dropping his video camera and pulled Dany into his arms, kissing her. Dany kissed back.
‘I don’t have a ring…’ David then confessed.
‘I don’t need one’ Dany smiled.
David picked up his video camera, ‘I’ll get you one. As soon as we get to the hotel’
‘Ok’ Dany beamed now at him, touching his face.

‘You’re what…?’ Carlos spluttered on hearing David and Dany’s surprise news once they were back on the boat again.
‘You heard. We’re getting married’ David smiled.
‘But you hardly know the girl…’ Carlos pointed out.
‘Yes. And?’ David asked.
‘You can’t marry someone after knowing them for just, what? Not even a week!’ Carlos shouted.
‘Four days’ Seb helpfully said.
‘Four days is not long enough!’ Carlos shouted again.
‘I love Dany’ David defended.
‘Love? Love? That’s not love. That’s…that’s…’ Carlos huffed.
‘Lust’ Seb laughed.
‘Thank you Seb. Yes. Lust’ Carlos agreed.
‘Its not lust. Its love’ replied David.
‘Urs, you’ve not said anything. He’s your best friend. Talk some sense into the man!’ Carlos asked Urs.
‘Sorry. No can do’ said Urs.
‘What?’ Carlos screeched now.
‘Its David’s life. Only he knows how he feels’ replied Urs.
‘Only…? Are you getting soft in your old age?’ Carlos asked Urs.
‘I might just be’ Urs shrugged, unmoved by this comment.
‘But marriage…’ Carlos shook his head, ‘you barely know the girl. You know nothing about her. Nothing. Not her motives. Nothing’
‘Dany, doesn’t have motives’ David told him.
‘Doesn’t have…?’ Carlos laughed, ‘mate’ he patted David’s shoulder, ‘you’re someone. She’s not. This, might be all a play. A show’ Carlos waved his arms around the room. They were all currently in David and Urs’ cabin.
‘None of them know who we are’ David said.
‘They’re playing us…’ Carlos laughed sarcastically.
‘Why would you want to think the worst?’ Urs then asked Carlos.
‘Because its been done before’ said Carlos.
‘Not, to us it hasn’t’ Seb pointed out.
‘There, is always a first time’ insisted Carlos.
‘Well’ Urs shrugged, ‘I don’t think this is it’
‘I do’ said Carlos.
‘Why? Has Cydalia said something to you? To suggest…?’ Seb asked.
‘No. In fact Cydalia and I…we aren’t…I mean we can’t. The age difference is too big’ Carlos sighed.
‘How old is Cydalia?’ Urs asked.
‘25. I’m almost 40. I’m 15 years older’
‘Do you know how old the others are?’ Urs then asked.
‘Dany is 24’ said David.
‘10 years younger than you’ Urs said.
‘Rowi is…26’ said Seb.
‘9 years younger’ Urs worked out.
‘And Fara?’ Carlos asked.
‘Dany told me, Fara is the oldest. She’s…’ David thought for a moment, ‘28’ he finally spoke.
‘8 years younger than me’ Urs smiled.
‘See…we all have younger…girlfriends’ Seb told Carlos.
‘Plus’ Urs added, ‘age, is just a number. If you like someone, really like then, them it doesn’t matter’
‘Suppose…’ Carlos sighed.
‘Talk to Cydalia’ said David.
‘I…I can’t’ Carlos shook his head.
‘You can. You like her. Anyone can see that’ said Urs to him.
‘Like you and Fara’ Carlos replied, turning the tables on him now.
‘We’re…dating’ Urs smiled.
‘Since when?’ Seb asked.
‘I asked her. Earlier this afternoon’ Urs admitted.
‘Good for you’ Seb slapped Urs on his shoulder. It made him cough.
‘So much for not liking her’ Carlos winked.
‘I liked Fara since the minute we met’ said Urs.
‘On the plane’ Seb winked.
‘Standing in the queue, at a shop back in Gatwick actually’ Urs sheepishly admitted.
‘You sneaky…’ Carlos laughed.
‘Talk to Cydalia’ Urs then changed the subject, ‘you like her then explain to her. Find a compromise. Whatever you do, don’t let her go without at least trying’
‘Ok. I’ll do that’ Carlos nodded, ‘but I still think you’re mad David. Getting married’
‘As Urs said, I’m not letting Dany go without at least trying. Who knows - it may end up in divorce. We may not get that far. But I’m prepared to give it a go whatever the outcome’ David shrugged.
‘Then good luck. And congratulations’ Carlos hugged David as did Urs and finally Seb.
‘Thanks, everyone’ David looked bashfully at them all.
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Chapter Fifteen

Meanwhile, the girls were in Dany and Cydalia’s cabin, having a similar conversation.
‘I’m…getting married. To David’ Dany told them all in a whisper. She was sitting on her bed, carefully watching out for her friends facial reactions to the news she had just told them all.
Cydalia stared at her, her mouth hanging open, then she burst out laughing, ‘For a moment…I could have sworn you said… you’re going to marry David!’ she laughed, clutching at her sides as she stood up from her bed and starting to pace the room as she talked.
‘I am’ nodded Dany.
‘You are…?’ Cydalia muttered, stopping in her tracks.
‘Yes’ Dany smiled at all her stunned friends.
‘Wow’ Fara smiled. She was sitting on a chair by Dany’s bed.
‘Hmm…’ Rowi agreed, sitting on the other spare chair.
‘You’re mad. Mad’ Cydalia laughed, tapping her forehead as she spoke.
‘I’m…in love’ Dany shrugged, looking down at her feet now.
‘After…four days?’ Cydalia asked.
‘Ever heard of love at first sight?’ Dany asked in reply, looking at Cydalia now as she spoke.
‘Yes, but…’ Cydalia muttered, shaking her head like she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.
‘You can talk’ said Rowi, defending Dany, ‘you and Carlos. I’ve seen you. Gazing at him…’ she winked.
‘Surprised you’ve noticed. What with Seb’ replied Cydalia, ‘do you ever keep your hands to yourselves now?’ she asked Rowi.
‘When we have to…’ Rowi sighed. It was true. Whenever you looked at Rowi and Seb they were touching, kissing, hugging. Constantly touching in one way or another.
‘I don’t blame you’ said Fara, ‘I also like…touching Urs’ she whispered the last part.
‘Oh yes? Do tell?’ Cydalia nudged Fara.
‘He…asked me out’ Fara admitted to them all.
‘Not pretend anymore?’ Rowi asked.
‘Not pretending anymore’ replied Fara, ‘for real’ she smiled as she said this.
‘And? What is it like?’ Dany asked, smiling at her friend.
‘Wonderful’ smiled Fara in return.
‘Ah-ha!’ Cydalia laughed, ‘anyway’ she coughed, now changing the subject again, ‘back to you and David, Dany’ she looked at Dany again.
‘Ok. I admit. It may not come to anything. But I want to try. I like David. I love him. I need to do this’ said Dany simply.
‘Just as long as you’re happy…?’ Fara asked.
‘I am. Oh, I am’ Dany smiled, nodding.
‘Then good luck and congratulations’ everyone hugged Dany.
‘Thank you’ she beamed back at them all.

After dinner that night they all met up in the bar, to celebrate David and Dany’s engagement. They all sat with their partners, snuggled up. Carlos raised a toast,
‘To the happy couple’ he announced, holding his glass up to David and Dany as he spoke.
They all cheered and clapped David and Dany while the happy couple in question blushed and looked bashful. After several drinks each, and several toast to the happy couple, Cydalia led Carlos up to the sundeck. She needed to be alone with him. She could put it off no more. She needed to talk to him before she let herself go completely crazy.
‘I like you Carlos. More than like you’ Cydalia started before he could speak as they reached the sundeck, ‘and I don’t care about our age difference. I’ve, in my time‘ she paused, ‘dated men with a larger age gap. And I don’t care. Love is love. When it hits you, you just have to admit it, like I’m doing here and now’ she took a deep breathe.
‘I like you too Cydalia’ Carlos spoke, before Cydalia could speak again.
‘But that’s just it’ Cydalia sighed, looking away from his face, ‘you don’t feel anything else…’ she guessed. Wrongly.
‘Actually’ Carlos lifted her face, ‘you’re wrong. For I do. I’m…crazy about you. But I’m also scared…’ he admitted. His eyes were shining in the moonlight Cydalia noticed.
‘Of what?’ Cydalia asked, her eyes searching his face for any sign.
‘Of…of this all ending. When we get home’ Carlos sighed, stroking her face gently.
‘Ok. I admit’ Cydalia agreed, ‘it might do. Then again it might not. I wish I could see into the future, but I can’t. I’m in love with you. I’m willing to give us a try, if you are?’ Cydalia carefully asked.
Carlos kissed her, holding her close to his body in reply.
‘Ok’ he finally spoke the words, after a lot of kissing, ‘lets do it’ he agreed at long last.
Cydalia squealed in delight and wrapped her arms around his waist, hugging him. Carlos laughed and hugged her back.

That night, David and Dany spent the night together as did Carlos and Cydalia. Seb and Urs shared a room. Urs had to sleep in Carlos’ bed and didn’t like the idea of sleeping in someone else’s bed at all. Even thought, every day, the bed sheets were changed and the beds completely remade. Urs still made sure he wore clothing just in case, something he never normally did while sleeping in his own bed at home, or in the room he was currently sharing with David. Plus, Urs found out that Seb didn’t snore, but he talked in his sleep. A lot. Muttering about Rowi and how much he liked her and wanted to be with her. It was irritating to have to listen to all the night. By the next morning Urs knew exactly what sort of relationship Seb and Rowi had. And more importantly, how far the relationship had gone. It embarrassed Urs. Knowing all this information about his friend and his friends new girlfriend/lover.
Although Carlos and Cydalia shared a room, they stayed up all the night - talking. Mostly about previous relationships they had both had. Carlos found out about Cydalia preferring older men and by the end of the night he no longer felt like a dirty old man for liking a much younger woman. He, in his time, had had relationships with older women. Cydalia would be his first younger relationship and the thought had had him nervous of what she was expecting of him from it.
‘You are wonderful’ he told Cydalia, as they sat propped up on one bed, talking. After Carlos had told her all his fears and how he had felt about the idea of them having a relationship of any sort, let alone a serious one which this now was. Carlos was alright now he knew how Cydalia felt. That she felt the same.
‘Right back at you’ Cydalia smiled and blushed slightly, stroking his face as she talked.
‘What, have I done, to deserve such a wonderful lady?’ Carlos asked, laughing as she lay in his arms, gazing up at him.
‘Been completely wonderful yourself’ Cydalia replied, her blush becoming deeper as she talked, returning the gaze with love in her eyes for this wonderful man she had met on this wonderful, exciting holiday that they were sharing together.
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Chapter Sixteen


Now it was Friday. Friday was the day the boat sailed all day. From Aswan back to Luxor. Friday was also Gallabya night. The night everyone had to dress up in traditional Egyptian wear. The Gallabya outfit was like a long dress that covered you from neck to ankle. From shoulder to wrist. Men and woman wore it. It came in different colours and designs. Everyone bought their Gallabya outfits from the onboard shop on the third level where the girls and the men’s cabins were situated.
‘We’ve got to wear what…?’ Seb laughed, asking the onboard shop keeper, a man named Said. Pronounced Sayeed. Said was dark skinned and typically Egyptian in his outlook on life and people. Laid back. He had worked on the Lady Dream for 10 years now. He had seen Seb’s type before. A man refusing to join in with the rest of them because wearing the Gallabya outfit was, to people like Seb, like wearing a dress and Seb was too male to want to be caught wearing a dress of any type or design.
‘It is a traditional Egyptian outfit’ Said smiled at Seb, holding a Gallabya outfit in red, up to show him.
‘I can’t wear…’ Seb nervously laughed, turning as red as the outfit in Said‘s hands.
‘Sir’ Said coughed, ‘everyone will be wearing one tonight. Including us staff’ Said was currently wearing a woollen jumper and jeans, looking very European in his dress, even wearing trainers on his feet, complete with thick woollen socks. He suffered from cold feet he told them all when they asked about his foot wear.
‘But…’ Seb mumbled.
‘It’ll be fun’ Carlos interrupted, ‘do you have any in black?’ he asked Said.
‘A perfect colour for you sir’ Said smiled, disappearing into the back of his shop. He re-appeared a moment later, carrying a beautiful outfit in black with a silver design on it. He presented it to Carlos who held it up against himself.
‘A perfect colour for you sir’ Said announced.
‘I’ll take it’ Carlos nodded.
‘And we have this, to go with it’ Said handed Carlos a piece of material in white.
‘Looks, like a tea-towel!’ Seb laughed.
‘It is a traditional headdress. To be worn wrapped around the head in the style of a turban’ Said informed them.
‘Great. I’ll take that too’ Carlos smiled at Said.
‘Two hundred Egyptian’ said Said.
‘How much?’ Seb spluttered as Carlos handed over the money.
‘Seb, its only…twenty pounds in English money’ this came from David.
Seb turned around. David was wearing his Gallabya outfit. He had just bought it. It was a deep blue. It actually matched his eyes rather well Seb noticed.
‘Thought I’d try it on’ David smiled, doing a twirl.
‘Great colour’ Carlos smiled.
‘Suits you sir’ Said beamed and nodded.
‘You can wear underwear…can’t you?’ Seb nervously asked.
‘Its not a kilt Seb!’ David laughed.
‘Yes sir’ Said nodded, ‘you can wear underwear’
Seb breathed a sigh of relief at this.
‘Hey, where’s Urs?’ Carlos then asked.
‘Sundeck’ replied David, ‘he bought his already’
‘Sir has his in a…maroon’ Said informed Carlos, ‘with a crown as a headpiece’
‘A crown?’ Seb asked.
‘Sir Urs’ hair looked better in a crown then a turban’ Said replied.
‘Suppose I’d better get one then…’ Seb sighed.
‘That’s the spirit’ Carlos patted his shoulder.
‘Which…colour do you suggest?’ Seb then asked Said.
‘Aah…’ Said studied Seb for a moment, then disappeared into the back of his shop.

The girls had already chosen their outfits. Cydalia was to wear a green Gallabya dress which matched her eyes. Fara in blue. A light blue to David’s, which also matched her skin colouring. Rowi picked a red dress and Dany a yellow outfit.
Dany and Cydalia were already getting ready for the night even though it was only midmorning and the celebrations weren’t meant to start until the sun went down at 6pm. Rowi was currently sunbathing and Urs and Fara were also on the sundeck, in the shaded part. Fara was reading her book. Urs was studying Fara, not that she knew this for he sat wearing his sunglasses.
‘Interesting book?’ he asked after a while of studying her without her notice.
‘Brilliant’ Fara replied.
‘Why don’t you write something like that?’
‘I couldn’t…’ Fara protested.
‘Why not?’ Urs asked, interrupting her.
‘I mean…I’ve tried, but it never seems to come out right’ Fara corrected herself.
‘Never say never’ Urs smiled.
‘I did bring some writing with me, but…’
‘Can I read it?’ Urs asked.
‘You want to?’
‘I wouldn’t ask, unless I did’ Urs confirmed.
‘Ok. Now?’
‘Yes please’ he smiled.
‘Ok. I’ll go and get it’ Fara replied.
Urs watched her go, smiling to himself.
‘Hello honey’ a voice called after Fara had gone.
Urs turned around and groaned slightly. It was Marcia.
‘Thought she’d never leave!’ Marcia laughed, sitting in the chair Fara had just vacated.
‘My girlfriend, will be back in a minute’
‘Girlfriend?’ Marcia laughed, ‘you mean to say, you’re still pretending…?’
‘We’re not pretending’ Urs spat.
Marcia cackled, ‘Honey, you need to dump her. For you deserve much, much better’ she reached out to touch his face, but Urs pulled the chair he was sitting on out of the way, just in time.
‘I’ve got the best’ he said.
‘Oh?’ Marcia laughed.
‘Yes’ he fumed now, ‘my girlfriend, is the best’
‘Oh? And tell me, how is she that then?’
‘I love her’ Urs shouted.
‘You love…?’ Marcia mumbled.
‘Yes’ Urs said, ‘I love Fara’
Coming back onto the sundeck then, Fara heard Urs’ declaration of love. She stopped in her tracks.
‘Humph!’ Marcia snorted, before standing up charging off.
Urs turned and watched her go, now noticing Fara walking towards him.
‘I’ve….got my manuscript’ Fara handed it over with trembling fingers.
‘Thanks’ Urs smiled, taking it.
Fara sat down. She could feel her legs shaking and hear her knees start to knock together at what she had just accidentally overheard.
‘You heard…?’ he asked.
‘Heard what?’ Fara innocently asked, blinking up at him.
‘I saw Marcia. She almost charged into me…’ Fara let out a nervous laugh.
‘But you didn’t hear…?’ Urs asked, searching her face for any giveaway sign that she had heard but wasn’t letting on.
‘No’ lied Fara.
‘Oh’ Urs sighed.
‘Was it anything important?’
‘No. No’ Urs shook his head.
For the next hour Urs read Fara’s half written manuscript, thinking it was the best thing he had ever read. Not that he read much, but still. While Fara tried to concentrate on her book. Surely, he had only said that, to rid himself of Marcia? That he didn’t actually mean it? He couldn’t mean it…
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Chapter Seventeen

While getting ready and changed into her Gallabya outfit later, Fara carefully told Rowi a version of what she had overheard. Changing the names as she went along.
‘You overheard a guy say that he loved this girl?’ Rowi asked in confirmation once Fara had carefully finished her practiced speech.
‘Yes’ Fara nodded carefully, looking away so her friend couldn’t tell that she was lying to her.
‘And she also overheard it, but pretended to him that she hadn’t…?’
‘That’s right’ Fara nodded again, inspecting her nails as she spoke.
‘I don’t kno…’
‘Why didn’t you tell him?’ Rowi interrupted.
Fara looked up at her friend, ‘We’re not talking about me’ she protested.
‘Pull the other one’ Rowi smiled.
‘We’re…’ Fara started to say then stopped.
‘Please Far. You are the worlds worst liar I have ever known’ Rowi shook her head, smiling.
‘Ok..’ Fara eventually sighed.
‘You overheard Urs, telling who?’
‘Marcia’ Fara sighed again.
‘’So, you overhear Urs telling Marcia that he loves you, then you go and act like you didn’t hear anything…?’ Rowi over capped the story.
‘He didn’t mean it. He can’t have. He doesn’t know me’
‘And? David doesn’t know Dany. But that hasn’t stopped them getting engaged’ Rowi pointed out.
‘That’s different…’ Fara tried protesting.
‘How?’ Rowi demanded her friend.
‘It just is’ Fara sighed, ‘I don’t do love. Urs knows that I don’t. I can’t. I can’t get my heart broken again’ she cried out.
‘Honey…’ Rowi soothed and hugged her, ‘he isn’t like Dan. He isn’t’
‘How can you be so sure?’ Fara sobbed into her friends shoulder.
‘I can’t’ Rowi sighed at this.
‘See?’ Fara said, looking at her friend.
‘And neither can you be sure he is’ Rowi wisely pointed out.
‘But…’ Fara started to say.
‘Do you like Urs?’ Rowi interrupted her friend to ask this.
‘Yes’ Fara sighed.
‘Then what’s stopping you, eh?’
‘I’m…scared’ Fara confessed, sighing a big sigh.
‘Hey, Urs has one thing up on Dan’ Rowi smiled.
‘Which is?’
‘He said that he loved you first’
‘He was just pretending…’ Fara protested again.
‘Honey, from what I know about Urs, is that he doesn’t do pretending very well. He’s a terrible liar, like you’
‘But it was Marcia…’
‘So? He wouldn’t have said it, if he didn’t feel that way. Believe me, I know. Men only say ‘I love you’ if they mean it truly and honestly’ Rowi hugged Fara again.
‘Suppose…’ Fara mumbled in response.
‘No supposing about it. He loves you. He means it’ Rowi nodded at her friend.
Fara shook her head. Rowi nodded again.
‘Admit it honey, he loves you’
‘But…’ Fara tried again.
‘Now, come on, or we’ll be late!’ Rowi smiled.
Fara gave a teary smile back, ‘Chin up honey. At least you know, whereas with Seb…’ Rowi gave a sigh, leaving the rest of the sentence unsaid.
‘If he doesn’t tell you by tonight, I’ll beat him up for you’ Fara gave a little laugh as she spoke.
‘That’s the spirit honey’ Rowi joined in with the laughter, pleased to see that her friend was finally cheering up.

‘I look an idiot…’ Seb moaned, looking down at himself.
‘No you don’t’ Carlos laughed, ‘you look like the rest of us!’
‘But this colour…it doesn’t suit me’ Seb grumbled now.
‘Mate. You look good. You do. Trust me’
‘Trust me. Come on, time to go and see the girls!’ Carlos winked at Seb’s still grumpy face and pulled him out of the cabin and down the stairs to the dining/restaurant room to await the girls.
On the way down to the dining room, Carlos and a still grumpy Seb met up with David and Urs.
Urs looked good in his maroon Gallabya outfit and crown.
‘You look…like that bloke…Ramses’ Seb told him.
‘I do? Thanks’ Urs smiled.
‘David. Great colour’ Seb then told David.
‘Thanks mate’ David beamed, gave a twirl and bowed.
‘Great design’ Urs noticed Seb’s outfit. He was wearing white with a beautiful stitched design of a bird.
‘Apparently, its Horus, the falcon god’ Seb said.
‘We saw him. On Tuesday’ David realised.
‘So we did’ Seb shrugged.
‘Isn’t he the one who fed his uncle to the fishes?’ Carlos asked, laughing.
‘His…brain parts’ Seb laughed along with him.

Just then something caught Carlos’ attention as he let out a low whistle. David looked at him, ‘Over there’ Carlos nodded towards the stairs. Coming down them were Rowi, Cydalia, Dany and Fara. Carlos held his hands out towards Cydalia. She smiled shyly at him and walked towards him.
‘You look…’ Carlos gazed at her, then whistled again.
Cydalia blushed, ‘…perfect’ he finished in a whisper.
‘You too’ Cydalia replied. Black really was Carlos’ colour. It made his skin look darker then normal and his brown eyes look like two chocolate buttons. They were eyes Cydalia could happily drown in forever. She could just see a curl sticking out of the end of Carlos’ turban. He looked - she thought, like an Arabic sheikh. Perfect.
David was gazing at Dany. Dressed in a long yellow Gallabya outfit. It matched David’s blue outfit almost perfectly. It had the same design on it.
‘You look…’ David gazed at Dany.
‘So do you’ Dany blushed, returning the gaze.
‘Beautiful’ David finished at last.
‘Handsome’ returned Dany.
David blushed bright red.
Seb, whistled and winked at Rowi. She in turn, whistled and winked back.
‘Come my princess…’ Seb swooned, taking her hand and leading her towards the dining room.
Urs was staring at Fara. She, in turn stared back.
‘Wow’ he whispered.
‘Wow back’ Fara shyly smiled.
‘Perfect colour’ Urs commented.
‘You too’ Fara nodded.
‘May I…?’ he offered his arm.
Fara nodded and held on.
They all walked to the dining room. It was decked out in traditional flags and rugs. Serving proper Egyptian food. All the staff were wearing deep purple Gallabya outfits. It all looked perfect.
‘Pity Valentine’s day night isn’t until Sunday’ Carlos sighed.
‘I think they’ve a party planned for then. I overheard Ahmed earlier on the sundeck’ David replied overhearing Carlos.
The couples sat at their tables. Candles flickered in a slight cooling breeze of the air-conditioning the boat had.
That night, Fara had no problem eating. She gazed at Urs, sitting opposite and he gazed back.
They saw Marcia. She waved. But both of them ignored her.
After dinner they all went to the bar to watch, and try and take part in traditional Egyptian dancing before the onboard DJ lowered the lights and changed the music to more English sounding artists.
Carlos held Cydalia in his arms as they moved around the room, swaying to the music.
Seb whispered sweet nothing in Rowi’s ear as they danced and moved together.
David and Dany also danced. Holding on tight. Glad to be together.
Fara and Urs sat and watched them.
‘Care to dance?’ Urs asked, standing up and holding out his hand to Fara.
‘I…I can’t dance’ Fara confessed, blushing slightly.
‘Come. Let me teach you’ Urs gently pulled her to her feet.
He manoeuvred her into his arms. ‘Its easy’ he whispered, as they slowly started to move. Fara rested her head on his shoulder and let him lead.
Urs started singing softly into Fara’s ear, along with the song playing. It was Toni Braxton’s Un-break my heart. He sang, ‘Un-break my heart. Say you’ll love me again. Undo this hurt that you caused when you walked out the door’
Fara listened to this. She gave a little cough. And moved her head away from his shoulder, ‘I…I need to tell you something’ she told him.
‘Oh?’ he asked, ‘is it important?’
‘Yes’ Fara shyly nodded.
‘Ok’ he sighed, ‘but I think I know what you’re going to say’
‘You do?’ Fara, stunned at this, asked.
‘Yes’ he sighed again, ‘you’ve realised that you don’t like me…’ he replied.
‘No. It isn’t that’ Fara interrupted.
‘Oh?’ he looked into her eyes.
‘I…I lied. Earlier’ Fara confessed to him.
‘About what?’
‘I…I did overhear you. With Marcia’
‘Oh. I see’ he sighed.
‘You telling her…that you…’
‘Loved you?’ he finished when she couldn’t.
‘Yes’ Fara nodded.
‘But you don’t’ he replied, moving away, out of her arms now.
‘No I…I…’ Fara stumbled over the words in her mouth.
‘Its ok Fara. You don’t have to pretend’ and with that, Urs turned and walked of the dance floor and out of the bar.
Fara, stunned, watched him go. Then she let out a small sob and rushed after him.
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Chapter Eighteen

Urs, was on the sundeck, standing, looking up at the stars when Fara reached it and found him at long last. She called out nervously, ‘Urs…’
Fara caught him wiping at his face before he answered without turning around, ‘What?’ he barked out to her.
‘You’ve…you’ve got me wrong’ Fara nervously told him.
‘How?’ he turned around, eyes glinting with anger at her.
‘I do’ Fara quietly said.
‘You do what?’ he demanded.
‘I…I feel the same’
‘I…’ Fara slowly moved closer towards him, ‘I…I love you’ she whispered so quietly.
‘You…?’ Urs asked, his voice softening now, his eyes becoming more friendlier.
‘I love you’ she repeated, more cleared and louder now.
‘You do…?’
‘Yes’ she nodded.
‘Oh Fara….Far’ Urs pulled her into his arms, kissing her and holding her close. Then he felt the tears on her face, ‘I made you cry..’ he said.
‘No’ she shook her head, ‘I made myself cry because I hurt you…’
‘No. No’ Urs’ turn to shake his head, ‘you could never hurt me. Not now that you love me too’ he smiled at her, his eyes gazing into hers. Fara blushed, ‘Come…sit’ he led her to a seat. They sat down, side by side, Urs had one arm around Fara’s waist, the other holding her hand. Their fingers entwining. Fara lend her head against Urs’ shoulder.
‘I wish we could stay like this forever’ she whispered.
‘We can’ he replied, kissing her forehead.
‘We can’t’ Fara let out a little laugh, ‘nothing, lasts forever’
‘Love does’ Urs corrected her.
‘Except for love’ Fara agreed.
‘And us. Together. Forever’ he moved her closer.
‘Meaning, what?’ Fara carefully asked, looking up at him.
‘Meaning’ he gave a little cough, then slid of the seat, but still one hand entwined with hers, ‘meaning’ he said again, looking up at her face, his free hand gently touching and cupping her face, ‘marry me?’ he whispered at last.
Fara stared at him, ‘I…I…’ she mumbled.
‘Marry me Fara?’ Urs said a little louder now.
‘Yes’ Fara found herself replying in almost a whisper.
Urs smiled at her then pulled her into his arms, covering her face in butterfly kisses, ‘Thank you’ he said before finally kissing her on the mouth, using his tongue.

‘I hope Fara is ok…’ Dany had watched her leave the dance floor of the bar in tear, following an angry Urs as he stalked out of the room.
‘Hmmm…Urs did look pretty angry’ David agreed.
‘I thought they were getting on ok…’
‘Might have been to do with earlier. While on the sundeck. Urs blurted out to that Marcia, that he loves Fara. He thinks Fara overheard this, even though she denied it’
‘But he doesn’t…does he?’ Dany then asked.
‘Urs, fell in love with Fara at first sight, but, has been fighting it ever since’ David smiled and shrugged.
‘Really? Wow!’ Dany returned the smile part.
‘Like you and I…I love you Dany’
‘I love you David’ Dany happily replied, touching his face gently and kissing him. Holding him close. Her wonderful fiancé. Her love. Her David.

‘I’m going to see if Fara is alright..’ Rowi had also seen Urs and Fara’s argument.
‘No. Stay here with me…’ Seb pulled a face and pouted.
‘Seb’ Rowi sighed, ‘Fara, is my friend. I’m worried about her’
‘Ok, I’ll come with you’ he smiled.
‘Ok…’ Rowi sighed again and off they went. To find Fara and most probably Urs too. Rowi wanted a word with him for upsetting her friend.

After a search of the boat, they eventually found Fara and Urs, sitting snuggled together, laughing, on the sundeck.
‘I was worried about you…’ Rowi rushed over to her friend.
‘Sorry’ Fara apologised.
‘You were upset…’ Rowi reminded her.
‘Its all sorted now’ Urs smiled at Rowi. Rowi, ignored him.
‘Sure?’ she asked Fara.
‘Sure’ Fara confirmed.
‘If you ever hurt Fara’ Rowi warned Urs then, ‘you’ll have me to deal with’ she glared at him as she spoke.
‘Consider me warned’ nodded Urs, his face looking all serious as the warning was.
‘Come on honey, lighten up’ Seb laughed.
‘Lighten up?’ Rowi asked, ‘lighten up? If someone hurt your friend would you be saying lighten up?’ she demanded.
‘No, but….’ Seb started to say.
‘Then don’t tell me to lighten up!’ Rowi interrupted him.
‘Ok. Ok. Sorry’ Seb apologised, holding his hands up in a defence manner.
‘Don’t ever, ever, tell me what to do again’ Rowi then told him, ‘no-one, no-one ever tells me. Do you understand?’
Seb nodded, ‘I understand’ he said.
‘We’ve got some news…’ Urs then told Rowi and Seb.
‘Oh? What?’ Rowi asked.
‘Fara and I’ Urs coughed and beamed at Fara, ‘are getting married’
‘Oh no! not you as well!’ Seb laughed.
‘Seb!’ Rowi warned. Seb stopped laughing.
‘Congratulations…’ Seb shrugged, patting Urs on his shoulder. Then he kissed Fara on her cheek.
‘Wow!’ Rowi smiled, hugging her friend and then Urs.
‘You don’t mind…?’ Fara then asked Rowi.
‘As long as you’re happy?’ Rowi asked in reply.
‘I am’ Fara nodded and beamed.
‘Then I’m happy too’ Rowi smiled back.
‘Thought…you didn’t do marriage?’ Seb then asked Urs.
‘Seb!’ Rowi warned him again.
‘No. Its ok. Go on Urs’ Fara hugged her fiancé.
‘I didn’t think I did either’ Urs admitted, ‘but the moment I saw Fara that kind of went out of the window’ he smiled and shrugged.
‘But…how….? Why?’ Seb asked.
‘Love. I fell in love’ Urs simply replied.
‘Is that it?’
‘As simple as that’ Urs admitted.
‘But…Laura?’ Seb then asked.
‘Who?’ Fara asked.
‘My ex’ Urs told her.
‘You lived with her’ Seb said.
‘I know. But I never felt about her like I feel about Fara. I never loved her. Sure, I lived with her, but that was it. Nothing more’
‘Oh…right’ Seb nodded, puzzled. Sure, he believed in love. But he didn’t understand how you could share a home with someone and not love them. And he thought Urs had been in love with Laura. He had been complaining about being broken hearted barely a week ago. How quick it had all changed. So much for being forever. Or was Urs using Fara to get over his broken heart? Seb hoped not. A woman jilted wasn’t a pretty sight at all. All that crying. Those tears. Seb hated tears. Never knew how to comfort someone, especially a female, who was uncontrollably crying. He felt helpless. He hoped that Rowi never cried or she would find out what a useless person he really was. Then she would be able to see right thought him. A sham of a person. Useless. At such a simple thing. Comforting a tearful female.
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Chapter Nineteen

‘Seb’ Rowi and he were now alone, ‘I need you to understand something very, VERY important to me’
‘Go on’ Seb smiled at her, his eyes twinkling and crinkling at the corners.
‘Nothing, is as important to me than my friends’ Rowi told Seb as plainly as she could so he would understand exactly what she meant first time of explaining it to him.
‘But…’ he started mumbling at her.
‘No Seb. Nothing’ Rowi interrupted him, ‘so don’t you ever, EVER tell me otherwise or try to change my mind. Because when you men are all gone, I’ll still have my friends around. They are my life. My reason for living. My support system’ she told him.
‘I’m sorry’ Seb attempted to form his features into a thoughtful, sensible face. And for someone who was forever smiling and winking that was a hard thing to do he was finding out. He hated acting serious. It was so boring. So dull. Much preferred to be smiling and laughing about things and of course doing his favourite, all time thing, winking. He was the best winker he had ever known. He could beat Carlos hands down in a contest. They had had one once, when on a coach travelling to a gig and had been bored. Urs had been useless and had come fourth. David had been ok. He had sneakily been practicing and Carlos came second, a close second or so their manager had told Seb but he had been the all out winner faced down.
‘Never, EVER, contradict me. For you will find out. You will be the one who loses out’ Rowi warned him, bringing him out of his daze. He quickly gave his brain a mental shake. Bringing himself back to the present.
Seb nodded, ‘Understood loud and clear’ his voice flat as he spoke.
‘Good. Glad we are clear on that’ Rowi nodded then smiled.
Seb smiled back, ‘Come on’ she took his hand, ‘lets go and dance’ she winked. Seb relieved that the lecture was now over smiled and winked back.

Later, while laying in Urs’ arms, Fara couldn’t believe she had answered yes to his marriage proposal. Not, that she didn’t love Urs, for she did with all her heart, but Fara had said, to Urs, that she wasn’t the marrying sort so even now she couldn’t work out why she had answered yes. All she knew, was that she had made Urs upset which had almost broken her heart and that she would have said anything, done anything, just to make him smile and look at her happily once again. And she had. She had told him how he made her feel. He made her feel happy and loved. Wanted. Needed. No man before had made her feel that way before and it was an exciting, butterflies, trembling when they touched kind of feeling. Fara felt safe and secure being with Urs. Before that kind of feeling had taken ages but with Urs the feeling had been instant. That made Fara smile.
‘I like seeing you smile’ Urs commented, looking down at her, his eyes shining into hers.
‘You, make me smile’ Fara truthfully told him.
‘And I hope that feeling lasts forever’ he pulled her close and placed a kiss on her lips. Fara returned the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck. They were on the sundeck, laying snuggled up together.
‘I love you Urs’ Fara smiled into his eyes.
‘I love you Fara’ he pulled her even closer, on feeling her shiver, ‘come on’ he whispered, standing up and holding out a hand, ‘time to go in’
Fara took his hand as he pulled her to her feet, ‘Could we…I mean, it would be only sleep, nothing else..’ Fara nervously asked, blushing.
‘I think that could be arranged’ Urs smiled, leading her inside the warm boat.
That night, all the couples shared cabins. Seb and Rowi slept in separate beds in Seb’s cabin.
Carlos and Cydalia snuggled on top of Cydalia’s bed.
David and Dany slept together in David’s room and Urs and Fara snuggled up in Fara’s single bed in her cabin. They held each other but didn’t do anything else. Fara wore her pyjamas, Urs in his underwear. Fara lay with her head on Urs’ chest and listened to him sleep, one hand tracing and touching the hair that lay on his chest. She eventually fell asleep just before dawn and then she dreamt. Of what, she couldn’t remember, but come the morning when she woke she had an uneasy feeling that she just couldn’t shake no matter how hard she tried.
‘You ok?’ Urs asked when she woke up in a bad sweat.
‘I…I think I had a bad dream. But I can’t remember what it was about..’ Fara admitted, shaking with unknown fear as she spoke.
‘I’m here now’ Urs soothed, holding her close, stroking her hair. A bit like a parent would to a frightened child on feeling Fara’s shaking.

Back in England, while Fara was having this bad dream someone was packing clothes into a suitcase in the process to get on a plane to travel to Egypt to surprise a member of IL DIVO. The person in question had accidentally discovered which hotel the man that they were after would be staying in after his trip down the Nile and thought they would book themselves into the same hotel. As a lovely surprise for him. They were hoping to get the same room - if that was at all possible too. They sung and danced around in their packing. Pleased that their little plan was working out wonderfully well as their mobile phone beeped with a confirmation text that yes, they would be allowed the same room too as one had become available and so Sir’s sharing companion would have his own room now. The person who had received this text, a woman to be precise, cackled with laughter and danced around the room again, singing, ‘He’s mine! He’s mine!’ before throwing herself down onto the bed and kicking her legs happily in the air with excitement and glee at what she was doing. Not thinking about all the hurt and upset she was about to cause in her doing this.
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Chapter Twenty


Now it was Saturday. And the boat was back in Luxor now after all day sailing the day before. Saturday meant visiting the Temple of Queen Hatshephut, the Valley of the Queens, and the Valley of the Kings.
First thought, was the Temple of Queen Hatshephut. Or as Ahmed pronounced it so everyone could understand, ‘Queen Hot Chicken Soap’ because it sounded like that. Hatshephut was the most famous of the female pharaohs. She was the only woman to reign over Egypt. To become a pharaoh she turned herself into a man, wearing a kilt and false beard. The temple she built, holds three gracefully proportioned and colonnaded terraces which are connected by sloping ramps. The whole temple is set against the cliff face of the Luxor hills. As Ahmed told the group all this, they all gasped and took photos.
Fara realised, while walking around the palace like temple, holding hands with Urs, that apart from Rowi and Seb, no one else knew about their recent engagement. She whispered this to Urs, ‘We can tell them all tomorrow. At the Valentine ball they are planning back on the boat’
‘That’ Fara smiled, ‘sounds like a great idea’
‘I was thinking, more along the lines of being more…romantic’ Urs pulled her close and kissed her. Fara responded. Yes she thought. It did sound rather romantic.
‘Hey! Hey!’ Seb called then, ‘you love birds are missing the scenery’ he swept his hand around.
‘He’s right’ said Fara, ‘no time in England can you get sky that blue and clear of clouds’
The sky was and had been all week, so far, a deep blue. No clouds spoiled the sky. It did rain in Egypt. Once every 2 or 3 years for barely 20 minutes. Rain, to an Egyptian, was a novelty.
‘Could you live out here?’ Urs asked Fara.
She thought for a moment, then shook her head, ‘Although’ she smiled, ‘it is perfect here, I’d miss the rain, the cold, even the snow, when it snows’ she replied.
‘Me too’ Urs agreed.
‘The freshness of the grass and earth has after a rainfall’ Fara smiled, feeling homesick all of a sudden.
‘Shivering as you go for an early morning walk’ Urs smiled.
‘Exactly’ Fara agreed, nodding. Then she said, ‘When we…’ she blushed.
‘Marry?’ he smiled.
‘Yes. When we marry, where will we live? England, or Switzerland?’
‘I’d quite like to live in England. When we’re not touring’
‘I could stay at home, keep the house going…’
‘Or’ Urs smiled, touching her face, ‘come along with us’
‘Is that allowed? Partners?’
‘Oh yes’ Urs’ smile became bigger at that reply.
‘I could I suppose’ Fara agreed, ‘I mean, my work…writing, I could do that anywhere’
‘Writing your novel’
‘Short stories and articles’ Fara corrected.
‘I need to finish it first, then find an agent, then a publisher…’
‘You’ll get them. I’m here now, to help you’ Urs smiled.
‘Do you know people like that then?’ Fara laughed.
‘Might do’ Urs tapped his nose in a knowing manner.
‘Oh?’ she asked.
‘Not telling’ he smiled.
‘Spoilsport…’ Fara pretended to sulk.
‘It’ll be my wedding present to you’ Urs winked.
Fara blushed, beaming with happiness then hugged Urs, then kissed him.
‘Come. Come’ Ahmed interrupted them, ‘the coach is waiting!’

The next stop was the Valley of the Queens. It wasn’t far from Queen Hatshephut’s temple. Just a short journey by coach.
The Valley of the Queens held the Queens plus their dead children and even the odd dead male high official. It holds 80 tombs as they are called. One of the tombs the group looked around was Queen Nefertari. She was Ramses II favourite wife. The one who had a building at Abu Simbel dedicated to her. It was, like the other tombs, decorated with pictures and symbols. They, Queen Nefertari’s tomb, had her pictured with gods and is beautifully decorated. The ceiling of the tomb is festooned with golden stars. When the Queen and Kings died, the bodies were ‘mummified’ and their organs removed and placed in jars. The bodies were then placed in a coffin like structure and left with all their possessions. The Egyptians believed that when you died if you were buried with what you owned they could go with you to the other side.
They also believed that you had to pass a test when you died. That your heart, which had already been removed, and placed in a jar, had to be weighted against a feather to deter where you would end up. Either being re-incarnated or in the underworld. Ahmed explained this to the group. They all winced with discomfort when he described how the brain was taken out of your body, with a large spoon which was stuck up the nose.
‘Glad you are dead at the time’ Carlos shivered.
‘If you weren’t before, you would be then!’ Seb nervously laughed. Ahmed was not at all amused with this comment. Seb was the look on his face, coughed and mumbled, ‘Sorry Ahmed’
Ahmed nodded and carried on speaking.
‘I don’t think, insulting Ahmed’s people is the way to go Seb’ Urs sensibly whispered into his ear.
Seb coughed, ‘Ahmed’ he called, ‘I…I would like to apologise, to you, and to your people…’ he spoke, looking embarrassed.
Ahmed nodded and said, ‘Apology accepted’ then he and Seb shook hands.
They all noticed, while looking around the tomb just how steep the steps that led down inside it were, how dark it was and hot and also how wonderfully decorated they were. With such vivid designs.
‘Makes me want to go and design something wonderful’ swooned Rowi looking around, ‘such…inspiration here’ she noticed.
‘Same here, with me. I feel like I could write a wonderful novel based on these tombs’ Fara agreed.
‘Then you should’ Urs whispered into her ear.
‘I might just do that then’ Fara smiled into Urs’ beautiful hazel eyes.

Next, and final stop was the Valley of the Kings. It was a much bigger area then the Queens Valley. Carlos noticed, and pointed out in the rocky mountains behind the Valley of the Kings a pyramid shaped top to one mountain.
‘Like in Cairo’ he said to Cydalia.
‘I’d like to go there. Cairo I mean’ Cydalia replied.
‘Maybe’ Carlos waggled his eyebrows, ‘we could arrange that’
‘Next week?’ Cydalia hopefully asked.
‘You are here another week?’ Carlos asked in reply.
‘We’re in a hotel, in Luxor’ Cydalia confirmed.
‘Us too’ Carlos winked.
‘Which one…?’ Cydalia then asked.
So Carlos told her, ‘Us too!’ Cydalia excitedly squealed.
‘Then we can most definitely visit Cairo’ Carlos smiled a broad smile, wiggling his eyebrows again.
Cydalia clapped her hands to her heart and gently swooned.
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Chapter Twenty One

Ahmed was explaining all about The Valley of the Kings.
‘Here’ he swept his hand containing his treasured clipboard containing all the information that he needed around, ‘in the Valley of the Kings, was intended as the ultimate insurance policy on life eternal’ he gave a little cough, ‘here was a secure place where mummies could rest eternally, ensuring the dec…the dead pharaohs a happy afterlife’
‘But, why here?’ David asked.
‘For the reason, I think, Mr Carlos pointed out. The pyramid shaped topped rocks over there’ Ahmed waved at where the pyramid topped rock was. ‘The Egyptians’ Ahmed coughed, ‘believed a triangular symbol was needed for the gateway to the next world, that is why the pyramids, in Cairo, are shaped that way’
‘Interesting’ David nodded, knowingly.
As most of the group looked around Ramses II tomb, Rowi cornered Ahmed.
‘Why, were we placed with our partners?’ she asked.
‘You don’t like…?’
‘No. No. I do. I was just wondering, that’s all’ Rowi shrugged.
‘I’ll let you guess first’ Ahmed smiled.
‘Nope. Sorry. I hate guessing games. I’m not very good at them’ Rowi replied.
‘Ok’ Ahmed coughed, ‘you were placed, put, with the partner you most look like’
‘Most look…?’ Rowi was puzzled at this explanation.
‘Mr David…he carries a guidebook. Like Ms Dany’
‘Ok’ Rowi nodded.
‘Mr Carlos…he is Spanish…Ms Cydalia, she has a Spanish name I am told’
‘Never knew that’
‘Mr Urs…he has the dark Ms Fara’
‘I noticed that’ Rowi nodded.
‘And you…and Mr Seb’ Ahmed smiled.
‘I get it’ Rowi smiled.
‘Look nothing like each other’ said Ahmed, ‘but you look…right together’
‘Thank you Ahmed’
‘I have upset you…’
‘No. No’ Rowi beamed, ‘you made wonderful pairings. Wonderful’ she hugged Ahmed.
Ahmed, embarrassed by this show of affection, blushed. Scarlet in colour. Even with his dark colouring you could still easily see it. He coughed then beamed and nodded. Glad, that that, was over at last.

Everyone queued to look around Tutankhamun’s tomb. He had been known as ‘The Boy King’. The youngest king to rule Egypt. He had one of the smallest tombs anyone had ever seen. Although nothing remained inside. Everything having been either stolen by thieves, or moved to the museum in Cairo. None of the walls had been decorated. It had been originally thought that the tomb had been intended for someone else when Tutankhamun died unrepentantly. The tomb had been discovered by Howard Carter way back in 1922. It took him 10 years to empty the tomb, leaving the pharaoh’s mummy in its inner sarcophagus.
‘Such a shame about the decoration, or lack of’ Dany whispered to David as they peered around the dusty tomb.
‘I know. And he deserved so much better’ David agreed.
‘And yet, even in death they don’t leave the poor boy alone. Always poking and prodding him, trying to find out what killed him’ Fara overhearing David and Dany added.
‘So much for respecting your dead’ Urs agreed.
‘Or not, as the case is sometimes’ David solemnly nodded in agreement.
‘Did…the Egyptians believe in reincarnation?’ Dany asked.
‘I think so. That’s why they were buried, entombed with all their possessions’ replied David.
‘So technically…you could be poking and prodding and dissecting your own body…’ Dany shivered at the thought of this.
‘In all theory…yes’ Urs nodded.
Fara shivered too, ‘Come here honey’ Urs pulled her into his arms, ‘I’m here now’ he said, sounding a bit like a parent Dany thought.
On the way back to the boat, they past, ‘The Colossi of Memmon’.
They are Amenophis III. They sit 19.5m high and overlook sugar cane fields. They once, guarded the gates of the mortuary temple of Amenohphis III. Over time they had been damaged with wind among other things and you can no longer see their facial features. As Ahmed told them all this, the group gazed and took photos as the coach slowed down.
‘We could stop…but then we would be late for lunch’ Ahmed told them as his stomach rumbled, loudly. Everyone laughed at this.

Back on the boat, everyone rushed to the dining room. It had seemed like a long time since they had had breakfast.
Going past the reception desk later, the man on duty, named Mohamed, called Urs over.
‘You have a message sir…’ Mohamed coughed and handed Urs a sealed envelope.
‘Thanks’ Urs looked puzzled at it in his hand. Who knew where they all were?
‘I’ll leave you to it, to read it in piece’ Fara told him.
‘Ok. I’ll be up to the sundeck soon’ Urs frowned, and walked to the stairs.

In his and David’s cabin, Urs read the note.
‘Christ’ he muttered, screwing the note into a tiny ball. It had been bad news. She was on her way a friend of Urs’ had found out and had decided to warn him.
‘Bloody woman!’ he shouted to the empty room, ‘why can’t she leave me alone? God. What am I going to do?’ he cried out, picking up a pillow and punching it. Still angry, Urs charged up to the sundeck.
‘I need a conference’ he told his friends.
Without a word, David, Seb and Carlos stood up, left what they were doing and followed Urs back down the stairs to find somewhere private that they could all talk. The girls all watched, spellbound, wondering what was going on.

‘Oh Christ’ Carlos agreed after hearing what Urs had to say.
‘Oops…’ Seb tried not to snigger at the news.
‘But she dumped you, right?’ David asked.
‘Yes’ Urs nodded.
‘Then why…?’ David asked.
‘I don’t know’ Urs sadly shrugged.
‘Bloody…’ Carlos fumed for his friend.
‘What am I going to do?’ Urs asked them all, running a hand through his hair as he spoke.
‘Tell Fara’ David suggested.
‘But we’re…’ Urs started to say then stopped.
‘Go on?’ Carlos prompted him.
‘….Getting married’ Urs finished.
‘Not now you aren’t’ Seb said.
‘I love Fara’ said Urs.
‘Laura, thought you loved her’ Seb reminded Urs.
‘How?’ Urs asked, ‘I mean, I never said’
‘You lived with a woman you never said the words, ‘I love you’ too?’ Carlos asked.
‘No’ Urs shook his head.
‘But…you were together for two years…’ Carlos replied.
‘I never loved her. Ever. Sure, she told me, but…I didn’t feel that way so I never lied’ Urs shrugged.
‘Oh mate. Mate’ Carlos patted his shoulder in a comforting manner.
‘I’m stuffed, aren’t I?’ Urs then asked.
‘No. Not quite’ Carlos replied.
‘But she’ll be there, at the hotel, when we get there…I’ll have to sleep with her…’ Urs sighed.
‘And Fara will be there too’ David said.
‘The girls, are booked into our hotel’ Carlos told Seb who was the only one now who hadn’t known of this fact.
‘Oh god…’ muttered Urs.
‘It’ll be ok’ David soothed.
‘How? How?’ a worried Urs asked.
‘He’s stuffed’ said Seb.
‘Seb!’ Carlos warned.
‘No. He’s right. I am stuffed’ Urs sighed loudly.
The guys tried all afternoon to come up with a solution. But none of them could honestly think of anything.
‘Change rooms?’ Seb asked.
‘No. She would find out…’ Urs sighed.
‘Hotels then?’ asked Carlos.
‘At this late a notice?’ Urs replied.
‘There, you have a point’ Carlos sighed now.
‘Go back home?’ said Seb, ‘with Fara’
‘Make her finish her holiday early, because of my problem? I couldn’t do that’ Urs sighed. Plus, Fara would have had to know why Urs had wanted to finish the holiday early. But no one said this out loud.
‘Anyway, Laura would only follow’ David said.
‘Tell Fara. Explain it to her’ said Carlos.
‘I’ll have to’ Urs groaned.
‘So much for being dumped, eh mate?’ Seb asked.
‘Hmmm….’ Urs replied, running his hands over his face.
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Chapter Twenty Two

It was a worried looking Urs who later went to find, and talk to, Fara. He sat her down, holding her hands in his to talk. They were in the cabin he shared with David. For some peace and quiet while Urs broke the bad news to her.
‘I’ve…had some news’ he carefully told her.
‘Oh? Good, or bad?’ Fara asked, looking at him.
‘Bad’ he sighed.
‘Ok’ she nodded, observing his face. She waited.
Urs cleared his throat in a nervous manner. ‘Laura…my ex…she’s…’
‘What?’ Fara asked, interrupting him.
‘I know about next week. The hotel you are in. Its ours too’ Urs briefly, for a moment, smiled at this as he carried on talking.
‘What, has that got to do with Laura?’ asked a now confused Fara.
‘She’s found out, which hotel we will be in….I’ll be in’ he mumbled the last part.
‘She’s coming?’ Fara asked, not believing her ears.
‘Yes’ Urs nodded at this.
‘You arranged for her…?’
‘God no. No’ Urs shook his head at this.
‘Then….’ Fara said, shaking her head as she spoke.
‘Before I came on this holiday, we, Laura and I, had an argument. In which she told me, I was dumped’
‘So you hadn’t been split up…’
‘We were. We were’ he insisted.
‘But obviously she’s changed her mind. And is now coming, to see you’ Fara sighed, pulling her hands away from Urs’ and not looking at him anymore.
‘Yes…’ Urs sighed.
‘To…to get you back…’ the words stuck in Fara’s throat and now she was finding it difficult to speak.
‘Yes’ he sighed again.
‘Because you want her too…’
‘No. God no. I love you’ Urs smiled at her, but Fara ignored it.
‘Ha!’ Fara snorted at this.
‘I do’ said Urs.
‘I don’t believe you’ Fara cried now.
‘I do Fara. I do. I love you’ Urs then insisted.
‘Then…’ Fara started to say, then stopped. The words once again stuck in her throat.
‘Fara…’ Urs reached out a hand to touch her.
‘No’ she moved out of the way, ‘no. I thought…I thought you were different…’ she cried, ‘I thought….for once, just once, that I wouldn’t get hurt. That I would be fine. I was wrong’ she laughed sarcastically.
‘No Fara you weren’t…’
‘But obviously I’m not a very good judge of character, because yet again I was proven wrong’ she cried out, shaking her hands around in a frustrated manner.
‘Fara, please….just listen to me…’ Urs now pleaded.
‘Why should I?’ she demanded, ‘why should I? you used me. You hurt me…’ Fara cried out before running away, leaving Urs call out after her, ‘Fara…Far…’ he called but she didn’t hear him. Didn’t want to.

That night, Fara missed dinner. She stayed in the cabin, sobbing. She cried her heart out. She lay in her bed, crawled up into a tight ball and wouldn’t move. Rowi tried talking to her. Asking what was wrong but Fara couldn’t answer. It hurt too much thinking about it let alone having to talk about it. She could feel and hear her heart breaking into two. It was an awful sound to hear.

Urs sat at the dinner table alone, moving the food around his plate, not noticing what was in front of him. Sulking. Rowi marched right up to him and slapped him across the face.
‘You….’ she spat as Seb and Carlos, noticing this assault on their friend jumped into action and pulled her away before she could slap Urs again, or do something much worse to him.
‘Hey, what’s wrong?’ Seb asked his angry girlfriend.
‘That….’ Rowi spat, ‘has hurt my friend’ she pointed an angry, shaking finger at Urs.
‘Eh?’ Seb asked Urs.
‘I told Fara. About Laura’ Urs sighed, touching gingerly at his now red face. It felt sore. It wasn’t anything more then he deserved he thought.
‘Oh’ Carlos nodded.
‘I don’t know what you said, but she’s up there, in our cabin, sobbing her heart out’ Rowi cried, glaring at Urs as she spoke.
‘I told Fara…everything’ Urs sighed again.
‘You could have lied!’ Seb laughed.
Rowi turned her glare to Seb. He saw this and immediately stopped laughing. ‘Sorry’ Seb lowered his eyes in apology.
‘Which is…?’ Carlos asked Urs. He obviously hadn’t told them the whole story earlier, after all none of them had got to read the note Urs had received.
‘Laura….’ Urs paused, ‘She told me, that we were finished. I thought that meant we were over. For good. But she obviously had other ideas…’ Urs let out a long sad sigh.
‘Oh mate…mate’ Carlos patted Urs should, ‘when will you ever understand women eh?’ he asked.
‘Probably never…’ Urs sighed again, ‘but Fara…I love her’
‘Have you told her that?’ Carlos asked.
‘She won’t believe me. Not now’ Urs wiped at an eye. It looked like he was crying. Carlos handed him a tissue. ‘Thanks’ he said, taking it, he blew his nose, then dapped at his eyes.
‘I’ll talk to her. Make her understand’ Carlos offered.
‘No. Its my mess. I’ll sort it out’ Urs lightly smiled at his friend for the kind suggestion.
‘You’d better do’ Rowi warned, ‘or you’ll have ME to deal with!’ she poked at her chest in an angry fashion. Her eyes glaring daggers at Urs as she spoke.
Urs nodded. To show that he understood.

‘He did what?’ Cydalia fumed later once Rowi had told her and Dany why Fara was so upset and refusing to leave the cabin,
‘Bloody man’ Dany agreed.
‘When us women claim its over, it doesn’t mean the man in question is dumped, dumped. It just means that we’re thinking about dumping him!’ Cydalia said, shaking her head.
‘And now she’s on her way, to the hotel, to see Urs?’ Dany asked. Rowi nodded.
‘Bloody…bloody…’ Dany now fumed.
‘Poor Fara. No wonder she doesn’t believe Urs when he told her he loves her. I wouldn’t believe him either’ Cydalia sighed.
‘She’s on her bed, with her heart breaking’ Rowi now sighed.
‘Come on, lets go and see if we can give her some comfort’ Cydalia decided.
‘We need alcohol and chocolate thought…’ said Rowi.
‘The alcohol we can get in the bar, the chocolate I’ll ask at reception’ Dany said.

Dany asked the nice man on reception, named Amur about the chocolate.
His eyes lit up and he nodded, ‘Cadburys?’ he asked.
‘Cadburys’ Dany agreed.
‘You are in cabin number?’ Amur asked. Dany told him.
‘It will be along shortly’ he informed her.
‘Thank you…Amur’ Dany said, noticing his name badge.
Amur blushed and looked bashful.

Ten minutes later, there was a knock on the door. It was a waiter, named Hani holding a large block of Cadbury’s chocolate. Dany accepted it, gave a tip then closed the door.
‘Chocolate is here’ she told the girls.
Fara was now sitting up in bed, her hair sticking up all over the place, her eyes all puffy and red from crying. Cydalia distributed the chocolate and alcohol, a mild vodka, the only decent thing the bar had to offer.
‘A toast’ Cydalia raised her glass.
‘To what?’ Dany asked.
‘To our best friend, Fara’ said Rowi.
‘To Fara’ Cydalia and Dany agreed.
Fara gave them all a watery smile, ‘Thanks’ she said.
‘Honey, you are the best friend we could all wish to have’ Cydalia lent over and gave her a hug.
‘Sorry…for ruining the holiday’ Fara sadly sighed.
‘You haven’t ruined it’ said Dany.
‘Not coming, now, that would have ruined it’ said Rowi.
‘But…if I hadn’t come…’ Fara sighed.
‘We would have missed you too much to enjoy ourselves’ Cydalia said, interrupting her.
‘I would have saved myself all this heartache…’ finished Fara.
‘There is that’ Dany sadly agreed.
‘But you would have missed all these wonderful sights’ Rowi reminded her.
‘I have had a wonderful time’ said Fara in agreement.
‘And its not over yet’ smiled Dany.
‘But I still have to see…’ Fara couldn’t bring herself to say Urs’ name without crying again.
‘We’ll do a swoop’ said Cydalia.
‘Yes’ agreed Dany, ‘you and I. He can stick with David’
‘You…you don’t mind?’ Fara asked.
‘Of course I don’t mind honey’ Dany hugged her.
The girls spent the next few hours getting slowly drunk, eating the chocolate and telling jokes to make Fara laugh again. They came up with some rather naught ones. Fara laughed. They all did.
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Chapter Twenty Three


Sunday came and all the girls woke up with nasty hangovers, and aches and pains from falling asleep in the chairs and laying awkwardly on the beds still in Fara and Rowi’s cabin. The men all had similar pains. Urs had spent the night in the bar, slowly and carefully getting drunk. Hoping that it would stop his heart from hurting so bad and help him come up with an idea that would both get Fara back and rid himself permanently of Laura. His annoying, clinging ex. All it did was give him a bad headache. He appeared at breakfast bleary eyed and wearing the darkest pair of sunglasses he owned.
Carlos, David and Seb hadn’t got drunk that night but had held a conference in Urs’ cabin, trying to come up with a solution to Urs’ unseen problems. They all came up empty handed. Fara and Dany sat together at breakfast and ignored Urs. He saw Fara and said, ‘Morning honey’ to her as if he was trying to act like the day before hadn’t happened. Fara turned her head and ignored him, blinking back the tears that came to her eyes.
‘It’ll all be over soon honey’ Dany soothed, patting her hand.
Fara couldn’t eat. ‘I feel sick’ she moaned. She hadn’t got that drunk the night before, and as soon as her friends had fallen asleep, Fara had strangely sobered up. Spending the night crying silent tears.
David sat with Urs. ‘She hates me…’ Urs sighed, gazing over to where Fara and Dany sat.
‘She doesn’t hate you’ replied David.
‘She does’ Urs insisted sadly.
‘If, if Fara hated you, believe me, you’d know it’ David told him.
‘I would?’ Urs asked.
‘You would. Believe me. You would’ David nodded.
That cheered Urs up. A little. He spent the rest of the breakfast gazing at Fara. Watching her not eat. He couldn’t eat either. Not being able to be near her made him seriously lose his appetite. He didn’t feel right, not without Fara near.
Today, Sunday, were the last trips. Tomorrow, Monday, all the holiday makers would either pack up and go home, or pack and move to their chosen hotels for another week in Egypt. Some hotels would be here, in Luxor. Others would travel to Cairo, to visit the pyramids and museum. A few would leave to visit Sharm El Sheikh, or Hurgaharda which were beach situated destinations in Egypt.

Today they were to visit Luxor and Karnak temples. First was Luxor temple. The temple is approached from the Avenue of Sphinxes. These are lion/dog like creatures. They were, Fara counted through blurry eyes, 20 each side of the walk way they walked down. Then you could look up and see Ramses II statue.
‘Here, you can see Ramses II. These two are the only ones left of the original 6 which used to be situated here’ Ahmed informed the group.
Fara looked up at Ramses II statue and realised he reminded her of someone. Then it came to her of who - Urs. For a statue of a man who once lived, Ramses II was very good looking.
‘I could quite fancy him, if he’d been alive today!’ Cydalia laughed, gazing up at the statue of Ramses.
‘Me too…’ Fara sniffed.
‘He reminds me of someone…’ Cydalia then said.
‘Urs’ whispered Fara.
‘Yes’ Cydalia nodded, ‘Urs’
‘Yes?’ asked Urs. He had been standing behind them, observing Fara.
‘We’re talking about the statue’ Cydalia told him, her tone a little abrupt.
‘I heard my name…’ said Urs.
‘Yes, and?’ Cydalia challenged.
‘Nothing’ Urs shrugged. He didn’t want to fight. He wanted to be friends with Cydalia, Dany and Rowi. And he mostly wanted was to be able to love Fara again. To hold her in his arms. Arms which ached for her.

Luxor temple was like a large, outdoor museum with various statues of past kings dotted around and markings and decorations on the walls which all showed and described their lives and what they did when they ruled Egypt.
One carving Ahmed, while blushing, pointed out was a god called Mim. He was the god of harvest and fertility. He was pictured, in the carving Ahmed pointed out, looking rather…happy as they all discovered.
All the men looked at the carving and sighed.
All the woman sighed and blushed.
‘Boy…the Egyptians do things well…’ Cydalia blushed taking several photographs.
‘Not all of us, are that…’ Carlos coughed, embarrassed.
‘I know honey, I know’ Cydalia patted his shoulder, ‘never mind’ she winked.
‘Why you…’ Carlos laughed then winked back.
‘Its not the size, its what you do with it that counts’ Cydalia replied.
‘Hmmm….I could answer that one, but I won’t’ said Carlos.
‘Spoilsport!’ Cydalia attempted to sulk.
‘You’ll see’ Carlos winked as Cydalia smiled at him.

Fara wondered around Luxor temple, not really taking in what she was seeing.
‘Fara’ she heard someone call her name. she let out a silent groan and then turned around. It was Marcia.
‘You ok honey?’ she asked.
‘I’m fine’ Fara plastered on a fake smile.
‘Have you had an argument…with Urs?’ Marcia asked.
‘No. Why?’
‘Only at breakfast time, you weren’t sitting together’ said Marcia.
‘My friend, Dany, needed me’ Fara lied.
‘Oh. Only…I thought you and Urs…had broken up’
‘No’ Fara lied again.
‘He’s not with you…’ Marcia looked around. Her eyes searching for Urs.
‘I’m here, actually’ said Urs, as he came into view. ‘I’ve just been taking some photos of Ramses’
‘Oh. Right’ Marcia nodded.
‘Hi honey’ Urs kissed Fara on her mouth.
‘Thought I’d lost you…’ Fara let out a little laugh.
‘Just taking photos. I know how much you like that Ramses statue’ Urs smiled at her.
Marcia glared at them, then stormed off.
‘You can leave me alone now’ Fara hissed.
‘Oh no. No. I’m not going anywhere’ Urs smiled, placing an arm around her waist and pulling her close.
‘Let me go…’ Fara hissed again.
‘Nope’ Urs whispered, ‘anyway’ he said, ‘Marcia’s still looking…give her a wave’
Fara did as she was told. ‘You can let me go now she’s gone’ she said.
‘Oh no. No. You’re mine’ Urs smiled.
‘No. I. Am. Not’ Fara hissed, ‘you used me’
‘I did not’
‘You did. Your real girlfriend is waiting for you. Somewhere out there’ Fara waved a hand at the desert.
‘She might be’ Urs agreed, ‘but the woman I love is right here. In my arms’ he moved her closer.
Fara tried to wiggle free, but it was no use. Urs was too strong. She reached out and slapped his face. He just laughed and claimed her mouth for a kiss. Fara tried to fight, but found herself responding, cupping his face, kissing him back. When Urs finally pulled away, Fara’s mouth felt all bruised and torn. He reached out a finger and gently traced her lips.
‘I hurt you…’ he noticed.
Fara didn’t reply. She didn’t have the chance.
‘Let her go’ Cydalia called out angrily.
Urs, did as he was told. Cydalia walked up and hugged Fara, ‘You ok?’ she asked. Fara nodded, ‘you’re hurt…’ she noticed her friends mouth, ‘did you do this?’ Cydalia accused Urs.
He was about to reply when Fara finally found her voice, ‘No’ she coughed, ‘I did it’
‘Oh?’ Cydalia suspiciously asked.
‘I bite my lip’ Fara shrugged.
‘Is this true?’ Cydalia asked Urs.
‘Yes’ Fara answered before Urs could.
‘Ok’ Cydalia nodded, seeming to be satisfied with that answer.
‘Come on Far’ she then pulled Fara away. Walking away, Fara caught Urs’ eyes and mouth, ‘I love you’ he mouthed at her. But Fara just shook her head.
Fara walked around the rest of the temple in a daze. In her mind she kept reliving how it felt again to be touched and kissed by Urs. Feeling those butterflies in her tummy. The buzz at his touch. The feeling of skin on skin. He mouth touching hers. It felt magical. Fara tried to deny it, but she couldn’t. She still loved Urs. Still wanted him. Oh how she wanted him. In her arms. In her head. In her bed. Then she made a decision. She would. Tonight. It would be her last chance. Her only chance before Urs went back to the one person he should really be with. His girlfriend. Laura.
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Chapter Twenty Four

Next, and final stop, was Karnak temple. Karnak temple was famous. Twice it had been featured in movies. For a James Bond movie in the 1960’s, then again for the Agatha Christie film, ‘Death on the Nile’. Karnak temple also had an Avenue of Sphinxes leading up to it. But these sphinxes looked like large rams crossed with dogs. Karnak translates into ‘Most beautiful of places’. It like Luxor temple was where people went to worship the people in power at the time. Each temple grew bigger and bigger as each god or king put their mark on the places. In the process, Karnak temple, was one of the largest and most magnificent temple complexes in the ancient world. The only way Luxor and Karnak temples were different, was that Karnak temple holds a lake. ‘A Sacred Lake’, as Ahmed, clipboard in hand told his group. Seb held his nose, ‘It…smells a little’ he whispered to Rowi.
‘Maybe it wasn’t built with a cleaning system’ Rowi, in reply, shrugged at this and sounded sarcastic.

Back on the boat, everyone prepared themselves for the ‘Valentines ball’ that the boat was holding that night. All the girls, including Fara took long showers. De-fluffing various body parts, washed hairs and prepared themselves. They had each bought along several outfits and tonight, was the first chance to dress up and impress whoever they wanted to impress.
The boys did similar preparations. Shaving. Washing their hairs. Showering.
Urs wanted to look his best. He wanted to impress Fara. He spent ages in the small bathroom, shaving, washing his skin, getting ready. Sorting his hair. Washing it, drying it carefully and then gelling the curls and straightening the top part. Then he put on his aftershave, best suit, shirt and even wore a tie. It was purple in colour.
‘Wow!’ David whistled at him once they were both ready, ‘you look great’
‘Thanks’ Urs smiled, blushing slightly at this compliment he had just received.
‘Hoping to impress lots of lovely ladies?’ David asked, sorting his hair so it looked perfect.
‘No. Only one. Fara’ came Urs’ honest answer.
‘Good luck mate’ David gave his friend a friendly, consoling pat on his back.
‘I won’t be needing it’ replied Urs, ‘I know Fara loves me. I found that out today’
‘Oh?’ asked David, looking surprised at his friend.
‘I’ll tell you about it one day’ Urs smiled.
‘Ok’ David nodded at last, as they made to leave the cabin and go find their friends and loved ones.

Fara looked at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. Rowi, looking over her friends shoulder whistled.
‘That’s a knock ‘em dead outfit’ Rowi commented.
‘That’s, the idea’ Fara whispered, a nervous hand applying a sheen to her lips to make them look shiny.
‘You should wear dresses more often’ Rowi smiled at her.
‘I don’t know what made me buy it, let alone bring it with me…’
‘I do. Its because you look beautiful in it’ Rowi whistled again and this time added a wink. She sounded, and acted like a female version of Seb at that moment.
‘Thanks…’ Fara blushed.
The dress Fara was wearing, was purple in colour. Spaghetti straps held up a tight bodice then flowered out to stop just before her knees. It was a perfect dress.
Rowi was wearing a sleeveless waistcoat in pink and matching skirt. Together, it looked like she was wearing a dress.
Cydalia was wearing her favourite colour. Green. Short sleeves that showed off her tan. The dress reached midway down her thighs. Slowing tanned thighs and extra long legs with matching high heeled dainty sandals. Later, standing next to Carlos she towered over him easily enough. Not that Carlos minded about this. Because he didn’t. She was his and no one else’s. She was nearly as tall as David in her footwear.
Dany was wearing yellow. A corset top with deeper yellow flowing skirt. Her glorious tan looking perfect.
All the men wore matching suits but with different shirts and ties.
Carlos was wearing his favourite black shirt with a green tie. David a white shirt with blue tie. Seb wore a black shirt with a red waistcoat. Urs, of course, was wearing a purple tie and white shirt. Without meaning to - all the couples matched each other perfectly.

As Fara walked down the stairs to the dining restaurant level she could feel a pair of eyes on her. She turned to see who it was and wasn’t surprised to find that it was Urs. She boldly walked down the stairs and walked right up to him. Urs braced himself for a slapping or for Fara to swear at him but he didn’t get anything. Instead, Fara smiled at him.
‘We match’ she noticed his tie.
‘So we do…’ he looked her up and down, ‘you look…beautiful’ he swooned.
‘Thanks’ Fara blushed.
‘I’m sorry about…’ Urs started to say.
Fara placed a finger on his lips, silencing him, ‘Ssshh’ she said.
‘But…’ Urs nervously licked at his lips. Fara tried not to groan as she watched this action.
‘Tell me tomorrow’ Fara smiled, ‘tonight its just you, and me. We have no past. No future. Only here, and now’ she said, offering her hand to him.
‘Ok’ Urs nodded, taking her hand and leading her into the dining area.

At dinner no one mentioned Urs and Fara being together.
The dining room was made out to be like a romantics dream. Heart shaped ornaments hung from the ceiling. Rose petals were laying on the floor. Candles flickered. The lights dim and romantic music playing softly in the background. After dinner of fish and a gorgeous chocolate mousse, the couples went to the bar to dance in each others arms.
Carlos pulled Cydalia close, ‘I…I love you’ he told her. He had spent the entire dinner gazing lustily at her, wishing he could sweep her up in his arms and take her somewhere much more private.
Cydalia looked at him, then smiled, ‘I love you Carlos’ she replied, holding him even closer.
David and Dany danced cheek to cheek, holding each other close. They were so glad to have found each other and wanted everyone to know it, stopped every few minutes to kiss before carrying on dancing again. So did Seb and Rowi. Seb held Rowi in his arms and wondered just how great he must have been in another life to get such a wonderful woman as Rowi. He silently thanked his lucky stars and swooned, holding her close and whispering sweet nothings into her ear as they danced.
‘Dance…with me?’ Urs nervously asked Fara after he had spent the last ten minutes watch his friends holding their loved ones close, not caring who saw them all.
‘Thought you’d never ask’ she smiled back.
‘I love you’ Urs told Fara once she was in his arms.
‘Don’t Urs. Don’t ruin this’ Fara whispered.
‘No’ Fara silenced him again, ‘come with me’ she said.
‘Where to?’ Urs asked.
‘To the sundeck. I want to see the stars’ Fara smiled.
So Urs took Fara’s hand and to the sundeck they went.
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Chapter Twenty Five

It was the knocking on the door that woke Rowi up. She dragged her tired body out of bed grumbling and moaning to open the door.
‘Fara’ Rowi exclaimed, seeing her friend.
‘Hi’ Fara smiled sheepishly, walking into the room, still dressed in the nights before clothes, in her hand she held a jacket. Not her own. It looked like, Rowi realised, the one Urs had been wearing the night before.
‘Where have you been all night?’
‘Sundeck’ came Fara’s reply.
‘But its cold up there’ Rowi yawned.
‘I know. We…I mean, I found out’ Fara lightly coughed.
‘You’ve been with Urs’ Rowi guessed.
‘Yes’ Fara nodded, blushing slightly.
‘You’re….back together?’
‘I just thought, I would see, what it was like’
‘What…? Oh!’ Rowi suddenly realised, ‘oh’ she blushed, ‘and?’ she asked.
‘It was…good’
‘Excellent then’
‘You and he…?’
‘Yes’ Fara confirmed.
‘And he’s…’
‘Excellent. Yes’ Fara nodded.
‘Oh…right’ Rowi nodded also.
‘Crikey…’ Fara then noticed the time, ‘we’re going to be late’ she dashed into the bathroom, pulling of her dress as she went.
Rowi noticed scratches on her friends shoulder as she closed the bathroom door behind her.

Ten minutes later, Fara and Rowi were ready. This morning the group were to have their balloon ride. Not that Fara was looking forward to it, because she wasn’t. Fara hated heights and dreaded doing this. She sat on the coach for the short journey next to Cydalia with her knees shaking. Her legs felt like two lumps of jelly.
‘Exciting, isn’t it?’ Cydalia asked, thinking Fara was shaking with happiness and not for fear which was actually the case.
‘Yeah, sure…’ Fara yawned.
‘You look tired…’ Cydalia noticed.
‘Didn’t sleep much last night’ replied Fara. It hadn’t been a lie either. She hadn’t. Nor had Urs. But he was wearing his dark sunglasses again so no one could see the dark circles under his eyes. He had enjoyed the night before with Fara. It had been like a dream come true until he had woken up cold and alone with no sign of her. It hadn’t occurred to him that she had used him.
‘Mate…you are hurt’ Carlos noticed a scratch on Urs’ neck.
‘A scratch, on your neck’ Carlos pointed out.
‘Oh. Can’t think how that happened’ Urs lied.
‘And some on your shoulder too…’ Carlos now also noticed.
Urs just shrugged in reply. He wasn’t going to tell Carlos how he had come to get them. Not that he wasn’t proud of them, because he was. He just wanted to keep something secret.
‘You’ll be seeing Laura soon…’ Carlos then commented.
‘Hmmm….’ Urs scowled at this. Like he had forgotten. He couldn’t. He wasn’t allowed to forget her coming.
‘What are you going to say to her?’
‘That I don’t want her around anymore’ Urs gave the simplest answer he had ever said before in his life. It was the truth.
‘She won’t like that’ Carlos lightly laughed.
‘Tough’ Urs shrugged at this comment.

Soon enough, too soon as far as Fara was concerned, the coach drove up to the balloon site. With dread in her heart she dragged herself of the coach to stand on the ground. They were in a field. Two large balloons with baskets attached awaited their passengers.
Ahmed called them all around. He coughed and looked at them. ‘You are to split unto two groups. The baskets can only carry four passengers and the balloon man. Please stick to your…partner that you have been with all week’ he waved his hands around as he spoke. He held no clipboard for once and felt almost naked without it.
Fara let out a groan at this news. Urs beamed.
He waited until Fara had climbed into a basket then jumped in besides her. Cydalia and Carlos climbed also into the basket Karen and now Urs were in.
Fara stood in the basket, shaking with fear. Urs reached out a hand and held one of hers, ‘I’m here’ he told her.
Fara looked at Urs, ‘No. Don’t’ he said when she tried to pull her hand away, ‘I won’t hurt you. I just want to hold your hand. I’m…scared too’ he lied. Ok. He was scared. But not about the balloon ride. No. He was scared about the idea of losing Fara. Of not ever seeing her again once today was over.
The balloon started to rise into the air. Apart from the noise coming from the hot air being let into the balloon to make it lift and move you couldn’t hear anything else. Once in the air it was almost peaceful floating about. There were no clouds in the sky to spoil the view. You could see for miles.
‘Its so peaceful…’ Fara mumbled. She was still scared. She hated heights and so was trying so badly not to look down. Not that she could. The height of the basket came up almost to her chest.
‘It is, isn’t it?’ Urs smiled.
‘You ok honey?’ Cydalia then asked Fara.
‘Fine. Fine’ Fara attempted to smile brightly at her friend.
As the balloon floated over the fields and houses the group discovered something interesting. None of the houses they floated over had any roofs on them.
The captain of the balloon told Carlos when he asked.
‘Here in Egypt, we have roof tax. So we don’t have roofs’
‘What about when it rains though?’ Carlos asked.
‘We build an extra level. Then cut it off from the rest of the house’ the balloon captain, named Hazem told him.
‘A bit like having a roof, but not’ Carlos got the idea.
‘Exactly my friend’ Hazem winked.
In reply, Carlos winked and laughed.

David filmed everything he could see, including the other balloon with Carlos, Cydalia, Urs and Fara in it.
‘Wow…what a view’ Dany gazed around.
‘I’ve always wanted to experience a balloon ride’ David confessed.
‘Now, you are’ Dany smiled.
‘The best one ever. For you are here with me. My fiancée’ David gazed at her. Dany lightly squeezed his hand briefly.
‘Hope Fara’s ok…’ Rowi gazed at the balloon Karen was in.
‘Is she scared of heights?’ Seb guessed, correctly for once.
‘Partly that’ Rowi agreed, ‘plus…Urs is there with her’
‘Hmmm…’ Seb seriously nodded.
‘Although’ Rowi whispered so Dany and David couldn’t hear, ‘she stayed out all last night…’
‘Oh?’ Seb asked.
‘Yes’ Rowi nodded.
‘With Urs?’ Seb whispered.
‘Think so’ Rowi replied, remembering the jacket her friend had bought back to the cabin with her.
‘They may be back on then…’
‘No. I know Fara’ Rowi shook her head, ‘she’s been done, badly. She doesn’t do forgiving THAT easily’
‘Nor would I. If I’d been treated that way’ Seb found himself agreeing now with Rowi.
‘Maybe… I should warn Urs…’ Rowi sighed.
‘What for? He hurt your friend’ Seb reminded her.
Rowi smiled. Seb was, at long last, learning about what was most important to her - her friends.
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~*Holiday Romance*~ By: Kazyjay (Kaz)
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