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 ~*Holiday Romance*~ By: Kazyjay (Kaz)

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PostSubject: Re: ~*Holiday Romance*~ By: Kazyjay (Kaz)   Thu Jan 29, 2009 4:58 am

I'm so enjoying this Very Happy More chapters please :farao:
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PostSubject: Chapter 26   Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:04 pm

Chapter Twenty Six

The balloon floated for nearly an hour, before landing back almost where they had started from. The landing was rather smooth. Hardly noticeable. Urs grabbed hold of Fara’s hand as they landed, his fingers linking with hers automatically like he had always done when holding her hand. It felt rather comforting for him to do this Fara realised, have annoyed with him for doing it anyway.
‘You can let go now’ she told him once the basket was safely back on solid land again.
‘Can I?’ he asked, watching her as he spoke.
Fara nodded, trying to look upset. She kept her eyes away from Urs‘, just in case he saw in her eyes what she really was thinking. Urs sighed and let reluctantly of her hand.
‘Thank you’ she muttered once her hand was free, breathing a sigh of relief that he hadn’t noticed anything was up with her.
‘It was my pleasure’ Urs smiled. Fara ignored the smile and looked away.
Two rather burly Egyptians helped lift all the passengers out of the balloon baskets. Then they were all presented with a t-shirt and a certificate. As Fara was handed her certificate, she noticed the surname which had been written. It wasn’t Fara Hollinshead which had been written. Her surname. But Fara Buhler.
‘Wrong surname’ she tried telling Hazem as he handed them out. She shook the certificate in front of his face.
‘No’ Hazem smiled, ‘I was told Buhler’ he nodded.
‘No. My surname is Hollinshead. Hollinshead’ insisted Fara.
‘I am sorry. But I cannot change it’ Hazem smiled then walked away.
‘What’s wrong honey?’ Cydalia asked, noticing her friends distress now.
‘I’ve got the wrong surname on my certificate’ Fara moaned.
‘It must be a man thing. Look’ Cydalia showed her certificate. She was down as Cydalia Marin. Not Cydalia Parks

‘Same here. Look’ Rowi showed hers. It read Rowi Izambard. Not Rowi Embregts.
‘Dany…?’ Cydalia asked.
Dany showed hers. Yep. It read Dany Miller. Not Dany Jones.
‘Buhler…?’ Rowi asked, reading Fara’s certificate, ‘thought Urs was Swiss’
‘He’s Swiss German’ replied Seb, overhearing this, ‘hey, great surname’ he beamed at Rowi’s certificate.
‘If you behave yourself, it may come true’ Rowi lightly teased.
‘Oh goodie’ Seb beamed and winked in reply. Rowi blushed.

The group were back in time on the boat for breakfast.
Fara couldn’t eat. She sat with Rowi which upset Urs and Seb for obvious reasons. Then it was time to pack. In a few hours they would be leaving the boat for the hotel. A coach, and Ahmed would be taking them.
It took Fara no time at all to pack her suitcase. Then she helped Rowi.
‘It won’t all fit in…’ Rowi complained.
‘Try packing, not scrunching. It’ll save you tons of time ironing it all at the hotel’ said Fara, completely repacking her friends suitcase so it was all folded and neat. Now, the suitcase closed without any problems.
‘Thanks mate’ Rowi hugged Fara.
‘That’s what I’m for’ Fara shrugged.

‘Bloody…bloody…’ Urs moaned, packing his suitcase.
‘I know mate. I know’ David consoled him.
‘By rights I should be looking forward to the hotel. Getting to spent some time with Fara. Going for walks…talking’
‘But instead your ex is waiting’ David finished.
‘Yes’ Urs sighed, ‘to ruin it all…’
‘Oh mate’ David sighed, feeling sorry for his friend.

‘I’m thinking, of taking Cydalia, this week, to Cairo’ Carlos told Seb as they packed their suitcases.
‘She wants to go, I overheard you’ Seb nodded.
‘I’m also thinking, of arranging…a little surprise for her’ Carlos smiled.
‘Oh?’ Seb asked.
‘I hear Cairo, has its own embassy. That do weddings…’
‘You’re not going to…?’ Seb squeaked in surprise at this.
‘Marry Cydalia? Oh yes’ Carlos nodded and smiled broadly.
‘But you gave David hell…’
‘Ok. Maybe I…overreacted. A little’ Carlos agreed.
‘Ha’ snorted Seb.
‘Ok. A lot. I agree. But, as David said, I am a man in love’
‘So Cydalia’s not playing you then?’ Seb asked.
‘I was a stupid, stupid man to ever think, let alone consider that’ Carlos replied.
‘I’m thinking, of taking Cydalia, this week, to Cairo’ Carlos told Seb as they packed their suitcases.
‘She wants to go, I overheard you’ Seb nodded.
‘I’m also thinking, of arranging…a little surprise for her’ Carlos smiled.
‘Oh?’ Seb asked.
‘I hear Cairo, has its own embassy. That do weddings…’
‘You’re not going to…?’ Seb squeaked in surprise at this.
‘Marry Cydalia? Oh yes’ Carlos nodded and smiled broadly.
‘But you gave David hell…’
‘Ok. Maybe I…overreacted. A little’ Carlos agreed.
‘Ha’ snorted Seb.
‘Ok. A lot. I agree. But, as David said, I am a man in love’
‘So Cydalia’s not playing you then?’ Seb asked.
‘I was a stupid, stupid man to ever think, let alone consider that’ Carlos replied.
‘She might…turn you down’ Seb carefully said.
‘She won’t’ Carlos smiled and winked.
‘You sound rather…confident, at that’

‘That’s, my friend, because I am. I am’ Carlos nodded.
‘Well…congratulations then’ Seb shook his friends hand.

Now it was time to leave the boat. Ahmed met them all in reception.
‘I hope’ he coughed, ‘that you have all enjoyed your time here…and of course your trips’
‘Its all been wonderful’ David smiled, holding Dany close.
‘Wonderful’ agreed Carlos, beaming at Cydalia.
‘Excellent’ Seb nodded.
‘Yes. Excellent’ Rowi agreed.
‘More than I thought it would be’ said Fara.

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PostSubject: Chapter 27   Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:25 pm

Chapter Twenty Seven

It took ten minutes to reach the hotel. It was called ‘The Sheraton Sonesta’.
It was a large hotel. With a large marble reception area and grand staircase. The Egyptians did like their marble and large open spaced buildings. An old fashioned elevator with porter included took Fara, her suitcase and Rowi, with her suitcase up to their rooms. Although they were meant to be sharing, David and co had managed to jiggle the booking around so that they all now had separate rooms. Fara and Rowi were to have rooms next door to each other. Although Fara found a connecting door in her room, it didn’t open up into Rowi’s. Fara tried the door. It was locked shut.
‘I’ve a connecting door too’ Rowi told Fara when she mentioned it to her friend, ‘mine, opens up into Seb’s’ she winked.
‘Mine had better not…’ Fara started fuming.
‘He wouldn’t‘ Rowi soothed, ‘Anyway, his…wouldn’t like that’ Rowi waved a hand about.
‘Hope so’ Fara sighed, sitting on her bed.
‘Hey, have you noticed the view?’ Rowi asked.
‘Yes’ Fara sighed again. The rooms looked out onto the Nile. On the opposite side you could just about make out The Valley of the Kings.
‘Hey’ Rowi said, investigating Fara’s bathroom, ‘you have a shower AND a bath’
‘Don’t you…?’ Fara asked.
‘Nope’ Rowi shook her head, ‘just a shower’
‘Wonder why…’ Rowi asked.
‘I don’t know’ Fara shrugged.
What had happened was, when David had found out the girls were staying in the same hotel as them, he had taken it upon himself to ‘upgrade’ the rooms and now each man was paying for their ladies rooms. Not, that the girls knew this of course.

Urs was shown to his room. He noticed the connecting door. He checked the wardrobes. Strange. No sign of Laura. He let out a sigh of relief then unlocked the connecting door. He slowly opened it and peered around the door. He could hear the sound of a shower going. He sneaked into the room and up to the bathroom door. He slowly opened it and looked inside. It was Fara, taking a shower. He noticed a scratch mark on her back and noticed the freckles on her shoulders. He smiled to himself then slowly and quietly went back to his own room, leaving the connecting door unlocked and had his own shower. A cold one. As he showered he whistled. Part of him wondering where Laura was. And glad that she wasn’t here and now with him.

Laura was actually in the right hotel. But in the wrong room.
It turned out that the hotel had put her in Carlos’ room by mistake.
She squealed in shock and dropped her towel when Carlos and not Urs walked into the room.
‘Hello Laura’ Carlos dryly said on seeing her.
‘Where…is Urs?’ she spat, covering herself up again.
‘Right number. Wrong floor’ Carlos laughed.
‘Which…floor?’ Laura demanded.
‘Sorry. Can’t remember’ Carlos easily lied.
‘Tell me!’ she demanded, stamping her foot.
‘Nope. Sorry. Its gone’
‘Why you…’ she reached out a hand.
‘Smack me, and I’ll have you done for assault’ Carlos laughed.
‘And I’ll do you for…for…’ words failed her.
‘Try anything, and I’ll back up Carlos’ Cydalia said, coming out of the connecting door.
‘Who….are you?’ Laura glared at her.
‘Cydalia. Friend of Carlos. And you?’
‘Urs’ fiancée!’ Laura laughed.
‘No. You can’t be that’ Cydalia replied.
‘I can. And I am!’ Laura stamped her foot again, clutching at her towel as it slipped a little.
‘Nope. Sorry. Don’t believe you’ Cydalia now laughed.
‘Stop laughing at me!’ now Laura sounded like a spoil child.
‘Why should I?’ Cydalia asked.
Laura snorted loudly then ran to the bathroom, closing the door with a loud slam behind her.

A moment later, Cydalia and Carlos could hear loud crying and the sounds of someone trying to destroy the room.
‘So, that’s Laura then’ said Cydalia to Carlos.
‘Yes’ he nodded.
‘That is why I am not surprised Urs fell in love with the lovely Fara’ Carlos agreed.

Laura dressed in the bathroom then stormed down to reception.
‘I am in the wrong room’ she shouted at the lady on the desk.
‘I am sorry…’
‘I hope you are!’ Laura interrupted.
‘…but I have no idea who you are’ the receptionist carried on. Her name badge read ‘Irena’
‘I am Laura Walker’ Laura snapped.
‘Ms Walker…’ Irena bought Laura’s room details up, ‘you are in room….48.…floor 5’ Irena said.
‘Wrong room!’ Laura snapped again.
‘Which is…your right room?’ Irena carefully asked.
‘Mr Buhler’s room’ came the angry reply.
‘Room 48. Floor 5 is Mr Buhler’s room’
‘No it isn’t! its Mr…Marin’s room!’
‘No’ Irena smiled, tapping at her keyboard, ‘Mr Marin has room number 48...floor 8’
‘Floor 8?’ Laura asked.
‘Floor 8’ Irena agreed.

Laura stormed up to floor 8. She knocked on door 48.
David’s head appeared out of the room. ‘Laura’ he exclaimed.
‘Where’s Urs?’ Laura barked.
‘Not here’
‘Its his room’
‘No it isn’t. Its mine’ replied David, smiling.
‘HA!’ Laura snorted.
‘It is. If you don’t believe me…come in and check’ David offered.
‘Humph!’ Laura moaned, charging into the room.
He was right. It was David’s room. All of his stuff, clothes and things were hanging in the wardrobe, and in the bathroom.

Laura charged back down to reception.
‘Mr…Izambard’s room?’ she asked Irena.
Irena tapped at her keyboard, ‘Room…46. Floor 6’ she said.
Up to floor 6, room 46. But that really did contain Seb. Laura went back down to reception. Little did she know. Right floor. Wrong room.
‘Mr…Miller’s room?’ Laura asked.
‘Mr Miller isn’t booked into this hotel Madame’ Irena replied.
‘God!’ Laura exclaimed. She stormed back up to Seb’s room.
She knocked and waited. No reply. But she could hear him inside. She knocked again. Still no reply.
‘SEBASTIEN IZAMBARD!’ she shouted as loud as she could. The door finally opened. It wasn’t Seb but a woman.
‘I’m afraid Seb is…unavailable at the moment’ giggled Rowi.
‘Isn’t…? Open this door! I demand to see him!’
‘Sorry, you can’t make me. You’re not the hotel manager’ Rowi replied.
‘I can get him’ Laura snorted.
‘Go on then’ challenged Rowi.
‘This room, was booked for one person!’
‘We have a connecting door’ Rowi coolly replied.
‘Connecting door’ Rowi repeated.
‘Humph!’ snorted Laura, charging off.

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PostSubject: Chapter 28   Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:31 pm

Chapter Twenty Eight

Back in reception, Laura slammed her hand down on the desk, making poor Irena jump.
‘Your booking system, is all wrong’ Laura shouted.
‘Pardon Madame?’ Irena asked, blinking at her.
‘Your computer’ Laura waved a hand about in an irritating fashion, ‘everyone, is in the wrong room!’
‘Excuse me Madame’ said an official looking man, ‘but I am afraid, if you are going to continue with this tone of questioning that I will have to remove you from this hotel’
‘What?’ Laura screeched at him.
‘I said Madame…’
‘But I’m a paying guest!’
‘In which room may I ask?’ the official looking man asked, named Mamdouh. He was the hotel manager the badge he wore read.
‘Room…’ Laura stuttered, ‘….48. Floor….5’
Irena tapped her computer keys, ‘I am sorry, but room 48, floor 5 is Mr Marin’s room’
‘Are you Mrs Marin?’ Mamdouh asked her.
‘No’ huffed Laura, ‘I’m Laura Walker’
Irena tapped some more keys on her keyboard, ‘I am sorry…’ she said, ‘but we have no Ms Walker booked into this hotel’
‘I booked under Buhler. Laura Buhler’ replied Laura.
Mamdouh walked around the desk to stand next to Irena. He took over the computer and started pressing keys.
‘Your passport please?’ he asked Laura. She delved into her handbag which she carried around with her wherever she went and bought it out. She handed it over with a large smile on her face.
Mamdouh looked at it, ‘This’ he shook her passport, ‘says Ms Laura Marie Walker. And yet you claim to have booked into this hotel under a Mrs Laura Buhler, is that right?’
Laura nodded, ‘Yes’ she smiled.
‘I am afraid, Ms Walker….but we can no longer have you staying here, in this hotel’ said Mamdouh.
‘What?’ Laura screeched at him.
‘You booked under a false name. That is, under Egyptian law, fraud’ Mamdouh looked coolly at a now shocked Laura.
‘I…I…’ Laura muttered, the smile falling from her face.
‘I am sorry. But you will have to leave’ Mamdouh indicated to a police guard on duty at the entrance to the hotel.
‘I…I…’ Laura muttered again as the police guard moved towards her, ‘my things…clothes…’ she managed to get out.

‘Will be removed. You can collect them in an hour’ Mamdouh said as the police guard now ushered Laura out of the hotel and into the street, ‘Good afternoon’ Mamdouh smiled before closing the door in Laura’s face. He then walked back to the reception desk and picking up a phone pressed in a number.
The phone rang then was answered, ‘It is done Sir’ he spoke into the receiver.
With a smile, David replaced the phone at the other end.

After her shower and unpacking, Fara met a giggly Rowi and Seb in the hotel bar.
‘I heard a lot of shouting earlier…’ Fara told them after they had sat down at a table with some drinks.
‘Oh?’ Seb asked, trying to sound surprised.
‘Yes’ Fara nodded, ‘some one calling out your name, Seb’
‘Oh’ said Seb.
‘It was Laura’ Rowi said, ‘looking for Urs’
‘I thought…she would be in his room…’ Fara mumbled.
‘No. There was a slight…mix-up over booking’ Seb smiled.
‘Oh. Right’ Fara nodded.
‘Can I join you?’ came a voice then. Fara turned around. It was Urs.
She stared at him.
‘Sure, mate’ Seb told him.
Urs sat in the spare space next to Fara. ‘Hi’ he smiled at her. Resisting the temptation to reach out and touch her. He slightly groaned to himself and kept his hands to himself.
‘Hi’ Fara mumbled in reply.
‘How’s your room?’ Rowi asked Urs.

Perfect’ Urs winked at her.
‘Oh?’ Fara asked on seeing his wink.
‘Seb and I, have connecting rooms’ Rowi told Urs.
‘So do David and Dany. Carlos and Cydalia’ added Seb.
‘My connecting door…’ Fara then mumbled.
‘Is connected to my room. Yes’ Urs told her.
‘Why?’ Fara asked.
‘I love you’ came Urs’ reply.
‘I asked why?’ Fara asked again, looking at him.
‘I wanted to be…to be near you’ Urs said.
‘You have Laura’
‘She’s not here’
‘Only because your friends fixed it, so she wouldn’t be’ Fara told him.
‘And that upsets you?’ Urs asked.
‘Its deceiving. To you’
‘I don’t see how’ Urs shrugged.
‘She’s your girlfriend. It should be you who decides if you see her, or not’
‘She’s my ex’ Urs corrected.
‘You were never officially split up’ Fara bit back.
‘I thought we were’ Urs sighed.
‘I think, you should go and find her’ Fara then said.
‘And say what? Do what?’ Urs asked.
‘Talk to her. Sort it all out’
‘I don’t want to sort it all out though’
‘She loves you’ said Fara.
‘I don’t care. I don’t love her’ replied Urs, sighing.
‘You lived with her. That must mean something’ Fara probed.
‘We were…flat mates’
‘Who shared a bed’
‘Not always, no’ Urs said.
‘Touring….or whatever you do doesn’t count’
‘If I loved her, and we were a proper couple, she would have come with me. She didn’t’
‘What job does she have?’ Fara asked.
‘PA’ Urs sighed.
‘For us. Among other artists’
‘So she did come with you then…’
‘No’ said Seb, ‘Laura was our PA mainly for our website. She never came with us on tour’
‘Oh…’ that surprised Fara. She hadn’t been expecting that.
‘She hated travelling’ Urs laughed.
‘Sounds like me’ Fara sighed.
‘Honey, you just hated flying because it was your first time’ Rowi patted her friends hand.

Like me’ Urs confessed, ‘first time I hated it. Hated it. Vowed never to do it again. And yet’ he laughed, ‘with my job, I have to do it. Constantly’ he shrugged.
‘I never knew that…’ Seb said.
‘There are a lot of things about me that you don’t know’ Urs told him in reply.
‘And me too’ Seb winked.
Urs smirked at Seb, ‘You’ he told Seb, ‘talk, in your sleep’
‘I don’t…’ Seb mumbled, blushing.
‘Oh. You do’ Rowi confirmed.
‘About?’ Seb asked.
‘The sort of relationship you and Rowi have’ Urs replied.
Seb and Rowi blushed scarlet at this.
‘Sorry…’ Seb mumbled in apology.
‘Don’t’ Urs laughed, ‘I learnt a few things listening to you’
‘So’ Fara coughed, changing the subject, ‘what are you going to do? About Laura?’
‘Nothing’ Urs shrugged.
‘Nothing?’ Fara asked.
‘No’ Urs confirmed.
Fara looked at him.
‘What would you do, if you were me?’ Urs sighing, asked her.
‘Find her. Talk to her. Make her understand’
‘You’d do that?’ Urs asked.
‘Yes’ Fara nodded.
‘Ok. Then that’s what I’ll do’ Urs decided. He thought - if doing this would make Fara happy then he would. If walking to the ends of the earth barefoot made Fara happy he would do it. Anything to make her smile at him again.

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PostSubject: Chapter 29   Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:36 pm

Chapter Twenty Nine

Urs nervously waited in reception. Laura was due back soon to collect her luggage. He looked at his watch, wanting to get it over and done with already. His palms felt sweaty and his legs wobbly. He hated waiting for anything. Always liked to be on time and have, if possible, people waiting for him. It was the waiting around that made him nervous and he hated feeling nervous. Especially over someone he had no feelings for anymore.
‘Ursy…’ came a voice. Female. Urs groaned and turned around. There she was. Laura. Striding towards him, a big smile on her face.
‘Laura…’ he nodded, backing away when she tried to kiss him. Her mouth looked greasy. As a rule Urs hated makeup. Not all makeup. Just too much and Laura loved piling it on with a trowel. He shuddered in disgust.
‘Ursy…?’ she asked in a wining voice.
‘What, are you doing here, in Egypt?’ Urs asked.
‘I came to see you…I thought you would be pleased…’ Laura pouted, gazing at him.
‘We split up’ Urs told her.
‘No we didn’t Ursy…’ she reached out a hand.
‘Yes. We did. Before I came away…’ Urs shrugged the hand away.
‘I changed my mind’ Laura attempted to touch him again.
‘I don’t want you here’ Urs coolly told his ex, backing even further away.
‘Why ever not?’ she asked, laughing at him as he hit the wall behind him with his shoe heel.
‘We’re finished’ Urs spat, reminding her.
‘You love me…’ Laura pouted at him.
‘I never told you’ he now pointed out.
‘You love me…’ Laura repeated.
‘As I said. I never told you’ Urs replied coolly. Staring unfeelingly at her.
‘I could feel your love…’ Laura tried.
‘Feel it, how?’ Urs challenged her.
‘I….I…’ she mumbled in reply. Lost for words temporarily.
‘Sleeping with someone doesn’t prove anything’ Urs told her.
‘Bu…’ Laura mumbled.
‘If you love someone you show it, in the way you speak to them, look at them, touch them..’ Urs interrupted her, not wanting to hear her speak any longer.
‘Oh…’ Laura mumbled.
‘So? I love you, do I?’ Urs challenged.
‘No’ Laura realised. Her tone dull.
‘Then I think we’ve said everything’ Urs turned and started walking away.
‘I’m…I’m pregnant’ Laura shouted out. It was a lie. But what the hell. Urs didn’t need to know that. Not at this moment in time.
Urs stopped in his tracks and turned around, ‘You may be. But not by me’ he said before continuing to walk away.

Fara heard all this exchange. And realised something. Two things really. One - Urs didn’t love Laura. That exchange she had witnessed confirmed that, and two - Urs did love, or at least he seemed to, love her. Fara Hollinshead. It was the way he always talked to her. The way he always asked if she was alright. Even in the way he looked at her. Right from the beginning when they had met at Gatwick airport before they had got to know each other. Urs always seemed to have a bit of a twinkle in his eyes when he looked at Fara.

That night everyone met up for dinner. Carlos made an announcement that even surprised Cydalia.
‘Tomorrow’ he smiled, holding her Cydalia’s hand as he spoke, ‘Cydalia and I are going to Cairo for a few days’
‘Cairo?’ Cydalia, stunned, asked, looking at him.
‘You said you wanted to go…’ Carlos replied. He felt pale.
‘Oh I do. I do’ Cydalia flung her arms around him, ‘I thought you’d forgotten’ she kissed him.
‘I have never forgotten a single thing you have ever told me’ Carlos said, kissing her back.
Everyone looked away at their show of affection.
It was only when Seb finally coughed did Carlos and Cydalia stop kissing.
‘Sorry everyone’ Carlos apologised as Cydalia blushed.
‘No harm done’ David smiled broadly at his friend.
‘So, Cairo then?’ Urs asked.
‘Yes’ Carlos nodded, ‘its all booked’
‘Lucky you!’ Dany stood up and hugged Cydalia.
‘Maybe we could go...another time’ David told Dany.
‘I’d like that’ Dany smiled happily at her fiancé at that suggestion. Patting his hand.
David then coughed, ‘Dany and I…’ he said, ‘have been shopping’
‘Oh?’ Rowi asked.
‘Yes’ Dany smiled, ‘we got this earlier’ she showed her left hand. On the correct finger of her left hand sat a beautiful engagement ring.
‘Wow’ Fara gazed at it, then hugged Dany.
‘Congratulations’ Rowi hugged Dany.
‘Beautiful’ Cydalia admired her friends ring.
‘Thank you’ Dany blushed.
‘Lucky you’ whispered Fara.
The men all admired the ring. Then patted David’s shoulder in a manly fashion.
‘Who picked…?’ Carlos asked David.
‘We chose it together’ David smiled.

It was white gold with three yellow diamonds. Perfect. It suited Dany’s hand like it had been especially made for her.
‘Where…was the jeweller?’ Urs whispered to David, his eyes on Fara as he spoke.
So David whispered back the reply. Urs nodded. Happy.

After dinner Fara excused herself and went to her room. She needed to think.
David and Dany also went to their room, to officially celebrate their engagement with a bottle of champagne, and a lot of chocolate. From the giggling and laughing that could be heard coming from the direction of their room they were having a wonderful time.
Cydalia and Carlos went to bed early. They had an early flight in the morning and needed to pack a few things. They spent the night in Carlos’ large hotel bed, sleeping.
Seb and Rowi went out to check out the local nightlife. They found an English speaking bar and danced all night.

When Urs reached his room after going for a walk to clear his head he was greeted with by a lovely sight. Fara. Sitting on his bed. His jacket she had temporarily taken that night they had spelt together on the sundeck resting on the back of a chair.
‘Fara…’ he said coming into the room and closing the door.
‘Hi Urs’ she smiled, patting the bed.
Atomically as if in a daze Urs walked to the bed and sat down. He reached out a hand, touching her face, ‘You’re real…’ he said.

‘Of course I’m real’ Fara touched Urs’ face in reply, smiling at him.
‘Thought I was dreaming…’ he mumbled.
‘No. Not tonight’ she smiled.
‘Why are you here?’ Urs found himself stupidly asking.
‘Should I go?’ she offered.
‘No. God no’ Urs shook his head, moving it closer to Fara’s.
She moved her head closer too until they were almost kissing.
‘Kiss me’ Fara asked now in a whisper.
Not needing asking twice, Urs most certainly did.

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PostSubject: Chapter 30   Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:44 pm

Chapter Thirty.

After Urs held Fara in his arms, afraid to let go to sleep and wake up alone again.
‘I’m not going anywhere’ Fara told him as if in reading her mind.
‘You did before’ Urs reminded her.
‘That was then. This’ she looked at him, and touched his face, stroking it gently, ‘is now’
‘You’ll stay?’ he nervously asked, gazing down into her eyes.
‘For as long as you want me to’ Fara replied, smiling.
‘Forever?’ he asked, sounding hopeful.
‘One night at a time. For now’
‘Ok’ he sighed, ‘for now’ he moved her even closer.
Fara lay her head on his chest and let herself fall asleep.
Urs listened to her breathing. Stroking her hair. Thanking his lucky stars to what had bought her to his room tonight. He let out a peaceful sigh and slowly fell asleep at long last.

Rowi and Seb made it back to the hotel just in time to see the sun come up. They stood in Rowi’s room, arms around each other, still slightly drunk, and watched it happen. Before climbing into bed to make love then fall asleep. Holding each other close. Rowi lay with her head on Seb’s chest and dreamed a peaceful sleep as did Seb.

Cydalia and Carlos were on the short flight going to Cairo.
Carlos was nervous. He was having second thoughts about asking Cydalia to marry him. Not because he didn’t want to, because he badly did. He was just scared about what her reaction to his asking would be. He had hoped it would be a yes but until he asked he wouldn’t know for sure and that scared him the most.
‘Oh wow’ Cydalia swooned pointing out the pyramids.
‘We can visit…them later’ Carlos said.
Cydalia turned around and looked at Carlos, ‘A lot later I hope’ she winked, touching his face.
‘Your wish, is my command’ Carlos smiled back, feeling a little happier now, grabbing hold of her hands in his.
‘Oh, I hope so’ Cydalia beamed back.
Carlos found himself blushing and returning the beam.

David and Dany were having breakfast in bed.
‘This, is the life’ Dany laughed as David fed her a strawberry covered in chocolate. She licked his finger.
‘Come here you…’ David pulled her to him, groaning.
‘My breakfast…’ Dany giggled as David placed the breakfast tray on the floor.
‘Later’ David promised, covering her body in tiny butterfly kisses.

Urs woke up with Fara still asleep in his arms. He watched her sleep for a while before climbing reluctantly out of bed. He had a surprise to prepare for her. First he ordered breakfast. Champagne, scrambled eggs and strawberries. Then he set the scene. Lighting candles. Scattering rose petals on the bed and floor and ran the bath with scented oils. Placing on the side of the bath a small box. Then, he woke Fara by kissing her.
Fara opened her eyes. Saw Urs looking down at her and smiled, ‘Morning’ she yawned, reaching up to stoke his beautiful face.

‘Morning sleepyhead’ he smiled back, ‘hungry?’ he asked as Fara’s stomach grumbled, loudly. ‘Come on’ he took her hand, helping her out of the bed.
‘Where, are we going?’ Fara asked.
‘Bathroom. I’ve prepared you a bath’ Urs picked her up in his arms as he spoke and carried her to where he wanted her.

Urs made Fara get into the bath. She lay back in the water, snuggling down to cover her nakedness. She felt a little self conscious now even thought Urs was still naked too.
‘Smells nice’ she commented, ‘joining me?’
‘Not yet. Now…breakfast’ Urs handed her a glass. He knelt down by the bath.
Fara took a sip, ‘Champagne?’ she asked.
‘Only the best for you’ Urs smiled, feeding her a strawberry.
He also spoon fed her the scrambled eggs. Once full, Urs handed Fara the small box, ‘This’ he nervously smiled, ‘comes with a question…’
‘Oh?’ Fara asked.
‘Yes’ he nodded. Fara waited, ‘I love you Fara’ he said.
‘I…I love you Urs’
‘Please…’ he gazed at her, ‘say you’ll marry me?’
‘Um…’ Fara dithered a little at this. She wasn’t expecting this. Not after the other day and everything that had happened. It was a surprise. And not one she was really prepared for.
‘Yes, or no?’ Urs prompted.
‘I only came to return your jacket…’ Fara nervously laughed.
She had delivered it, only to find the room empty. She hadn’t meant to stay but Urs had turned up and caught her.
‘Fara…’ Urs mumbled, feeling nervous now at not yet receiving a reply one way or another.
‘I wish…I wish I could say yes. I really wish I could’ Fara sighed, ‘but I can’t’ she finally said.
‘Why not?’ Urs stared at her, ‘you love me. You do. You told me’
‘I know, and I do. But…’ Fara sighed and looked away.
Urs cupped her chin and forced her to look at him again. She closed her eyes.
‘Open your eyes’ Urs whispered, his mouth close to her ear.
‘No’ whispered Fara.
‘Open your eyes’ Urs repeated, ‘and look at me’
‘I can’t’ she mumbled at him.
‘You can Fara. You can’
‘You love me. Say yes. I know you want to’ Urs then urged her.

I can’t marry you. I can’t be with you’ Fara sighed finally opening her eyes to look at him.
‘Why not?’ Urs found himself asking again, moving his head away at this answer.
‘I know…Laura’ Fara whispered.
‘You know…’ muttered Urs, letting go of her chin now.
‘I know Laura’ she repeated louder now.
‘How?’ he stared at her, asking.
‘She’s my sister’s best friend’
‘Your sister…’
‘Best friend. Yes’ she confirmed.
‘You didn’t tell me…’
‘I didn’t know it was the same person. Until…yesterday’
‘I saw you together. Talking. Then I recognised…’ Fara’s voice tailed off.
‘You played me..’ Urs muttered, standing up. He grabbed a towel to cover himself up.
‘No…’ Fara protested.
‘You played me. For a fool’ Urs spat now.
‘No. I didn’t…’
‘Get out’ he then muttered.
‘No. Urs. Please…’
‘Get out’ he demanded now, ‘now’ he shouted when she didn’t move.
Fara slowly climbed out of the bath, covering herself with a towel.
Urs looked away. Not wanting to see Fara anymore. She gave a sob and then rushed from the room and though the connecting door and into her own room. Throwing her towel covered body onto her bed.
Urs closed the connecting door with a loud bang and locked the door on a still crying Fara.

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PostSubject: Chapter 31   Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:49 pm

Chapter Thirty One

Carlos and Cydalia were sightseeing in Cairo. Cydalia was gazing up at the great sphinx in front of her.
‘Its amazing…’ she swooned. She turned to look at Carlos. He was kneeling at her feet. ‘What, are you doing?’ she asked.
‘Cydalia…’ Carlos was looking up at her. He smiled. Cydalia returned the smile, ‘I love you’ he told her.
‘I love you Carlos…’
‘Marry me?’ he asked, interrupting her.
‘I have the ring’ Carlos handed Cydalia a small box. It was open.
Cydalia gazed at it, ‘Wow…’ she looked at it. The box contained a beautiful engagement ring. A green diamond on a white band. It also held a matching wedding ring.
‘Marry me?’ Carlos asked again, ‘tomorrow?’ he nervously asked.
‘I…I…’ Cydalia swallowed. Then she smiled again, ‘Yes please’ she finally answered.
Carlos mentally breathed a sigh of relief. Then he stood up and pulled Cydalia into his arms, ‘Thank you’ he whispered, covering her face in kisses. Then he pulled away, picked up the engagement ring and slid it onto the correct finger.
‘Perfect’ he smiled.
‘It fits’ Cydalia was amazed.
‘Lucky guess’ Carlos winked.
‘That’s why Dany made me try hers on…’ Cydalia realised the night that Dany had got engaged and her making Cydalia try it on even thought Cydalia had protested that she didn’t need to. Now she understood why she had to. To see what size ring Carlos would need to get her.
‘Yep’ Carlos wiggled his eyebrows.
‘Sneaky’ Cydalia laughed, kissing her now fiancé.

Seb was dreaming. Rowi lay and listened to him.
‘Mmm…Rowi’ Seb murmured in his sleep.
‘I’m here’ Rowi reached out a hand and touched his face.
‘Come here…’ Seb manoeuvred her into his arms, ‘I love you’ he whispered.
‘I…I love you too Seb’ Rowi whispered back.
‘Marry me…’ Seb murmured now.
‘Ask me when you’re awake’ Rowi soothed.
‘Mmm…love you Rowi. Never leave me…’ he snuggled her closer.
‘I won’t, I promise’ Rowi stroked his hair.
‘Stay with me...forever’ he then whispered.

I don’t plan on going anywhere’ Rowi yawned. She closed her eyes and let herself fall asleep then.

Walking past Fara’s room, Dany heard her friends cries.
‘Honey…let me in’ she banged on the door.
No response. Dany banged again. ‘Fara…are you in there?’ she called. It went quiet inside. Then Dany heard a crash. It sounded like glass breaking. She then banged on Urs’ door, ‘Let me in’ she shouted.
Urs opened his door, ‘What?’ he asked on seeing Dany.
‘Where’s Fara?’ she demanded.
‘In her room I guess’ Urs shrugged.
Dany charged into Urs room.
‘Hey!’ he called, ‘what are you doing?’ he was dressed now.
Dany marched up to the connecting door. She unlocked it and yanked it open, ‘Fara…?’ she called out.
No response still. Then she noticed the bathroom door. She quickly walked up to it. ‘Oh my god…’ she exclaimed. ‘URS!’ she called.
‘What?’ he called back.
‘Get in here!’ Dany demanded him.
Urs tutted and walked into Fara’s room. ‘What is it?’ he asked.
Then he saw the blood, ‘Oh my…Fara’ he paled in colour.
Dany was on her knees, Fara lay on the floor.
Unconscious. Around one wrist was a towel. Covered in blood. A broken water glass was in the sink.

Urs felt his knees go.
‘Hold this. Tight’ Dany told him, indicating Fara’s wrist.
Urs grabbed Fara’s towel blood soaked wrist.
‘We need a doctor…’ Dany said, standing up. She ran into the main bedroom and picked up the phone.

David banging on Rowi and Seb’s door woke her and Seb up.
‘Its Fara. She’s…hurt’ he told them as soon as Seb had opened the door.
‘Where…is she?’ Rowi asked carefully, licking her lips nervously.
‘In her room. The doctor is with her’ David told them.
Rowi paled in colour at this.
Seb and Rowi quickly dressed and along with David rushed to Karen’s room.

The doctor muttered a lot in Arabic. He bandaged Fara’s wrist.
‘She need bed rest’ he told Dany and Urs in badly broken English.
‘Her wrist..’ Dany said.
‘She loose a lot of blood…’ the doctor nodded.
‘How?’ Urs asked. He was sitting on the bed, holding Fara in his arms. She hadn’t woken up yet and Urs was starting to get slightly worried now at this.
‘I not know how it happen’ the doctor shrugged, ‘accident’ he suggested.
‘But Fara fainted…’ Dany said.
‘Blood pressure too low’ replied the doctor.
David, Seb and Rowi turned up then.
‘Oh Far…’ Rowi cried, rushing to her friend.
Fara opened her eyes at long last, ‘Hi’ she lightly smiled. She was pale. Deathly pale almost.
‘You need…bed rest’ the doctor told her before bowing a lot and leaving the room.
‘Flaming doctor. Doesn’t know his job’ Urs muttered as soon as the doctor had gone.
‘Urs…’ David scowled.
‘Well’ replied Urs.
‘What happened honey?’ Rowi asked Fara, sitting on the bed and holding her friends hand.
‘I dropped a glass…in the bathroom’ Fara shrugged, ‘I don’t remember anything after that’
‘You need an English doctor’ Urs told her.
‘I’m fine. Stop fussing over me’ Fara tried to move out of his arms. But he held on tight.
‘I won’t stop. I love you’ Urs told her.
‘HA!’ Fara snorted.
‘Honey…?’ Dany asked.
‘We had a…fight’ Urs said.
‘Because I recognised Laura’ said Fara.
‘You know…?’ David asked.

‘She’s my sisters best friend’ Fara told them.
‘I bet Fara didn’t tell you it all’ said Rowi.
‘No’ Urs shook his head.
‘Rowi…’ Fara pleaded.
‘No. Its about time he knew the truth’ Rowi said.
Fara sighed, ‘Ok’ she struggled in Urs’ arms.
‘Not letting you go’ Urs whispered, kissing the top of her head.
‘Fara’s sister, Elsa, is a cow. A complete cow. Between her and Laura, they tried to ruin Fara’s life’ said Rowi.
‘Its not that bad…’ Fara laughed, embarrassed.
‘They, are the reason Fara doesn’t believe in love anymore’ Rowi carried on.
‘I do…’ Fara protested.
‘Between them, Elsa and Laura they broke up Fara and her fiancé’ Rowi said.
Urs gasped. ‘Fiancé?’ he asked.
‘Gavin. He was an actor’ Dany told Urs.
‘Elsa saw Gavin. And took him’ Rowi said, ‘Laura helped. Elsa’s always been jealous of Fara even thought Elsa’s older. What she wanted, she always got. Men. Clothes. Whatever. If they were Fara’s then so much for the better she thought’
‘I wasn’t in love with Gavin…’ Fara said.
‘You were heartbroken’ Dany told her.
‘I thought I was. But I know differently now…’ Fara tried.
‘Elsa still took Gavin’ Rowi pointed out.
‘That’s why you won’t…me’ Urs whispered.
‘If I did, Laura and Elsa would only break us up’ Fara told him.
‘No they wouldn’t. We wouldn’t let them’ Urs replied.
‘I thought that with Gavin. Elsa still got him’ Fara said, sighing.
‘Then he was weak. I’m not like that’ Urs told her.
‘She’ll still get you. Elsa wouldn’t give up, not ever’ Fara insisted.
‘She won’t. I love you’ Urs told her.
No. I can’t. I won’t. Not you’ Fara shook her head.

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PostSubject: Chapter 32   Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:54 pm

Chapter Thirty Two

‘Why not me? I though you loved me…’ Urs murmured, looking at Fara as he spoke.
‘I do. I do love you. That’s why I can’t. I can’t let Elsa take you. It would break my heart…’ Fara sobbed, wiping at her eyes as she started crying now.
‘Ssshhhh honey…’ Rowi tried soothing her friends tears. She sat, stroking her hair in a comforting manner.
Urs pulled Fara close, ‘I love you. I won’t let anything, anything’ he insisted, ‘happen to you. That I promise’
‘But you can’t promise. You can’t…’ Fara sobbed again now into his shoulder, making his t-shirt that he was wearing wet with her tears.
‘I can…I can…’Urs soothed, stroking her hair as Rowi had been doing.
‘We’d deal with her. Elsa’ Dany decided.
‘Why?’ Fara asked, looking up at her friend now.
‘Because we’re your friends’ Dany and Rowi said together.
‘We like you’ Seb said. He winked in what he thought was a friendly manner at Fara.
‘We want you to be happy’ added David.
‘I don’t deserve this…’ Fara mumbled.
‘Yes you do. You do’ David nodded.
‘We’re here…you can count on us. For everything. Anything’ Seb now nodded.
‘We should tell Cydalia and Carlos, about your accident…’ Rowi then said, slightly changing the subject.
‘No. Please don’t’ Fara asked her.
‘No’ agreed Dany.
‘But…’ said Rowi.
‘Carlos and Cydalia…’ said Seb, ‘are getting married. Today’ he told them all.
Everyone gasped at this news.
‘I know. It shocked me too’ Seb smiled.
‘Good for Cydalia, and Carlos’ Fara smiled.
‘Cheeky sod Carlos’ David laughed.
‘I know something was up’ admitted Dany, ‘when Carlos asked me to let Cydalia try on my ring’
‘Sneaky’ Rowi then laughed.
‘Good for Carlos’ said Urs.
‘Romantic…’ Rowi then sighed, gazing at Seb. Seb coughed, feeling slightly embarrassed by the look his girlfriend was giving him.
‘See, that could be us’ Urs then whispered to Fara, ‘just let me in?’ he asked.
‘You’re already in’ Fara admitted.
‘Then…’ Urs started to say.
‘Give me time’ Fara asked, interrupting him.
‘Ok’ he sadly sighed, ‘ok’

Seb and Rowi were in Seb’s part of their room. Seb was pacing the room as Rowi sat on Seb’s bed and watched him with interest.
‘I…I need to tell you something’ Seb nervously coughed. He finally stopped his pacing and was now standing in front of Rowi. One hand in his mouth, biting his nails. Something he tended to do when he was very, very nervous as he was now.
‘Ok’ Rowi smiled encouragingly at him.
‘I…I love you’ Seb mumbled.
‘I love you too Seb’ Rowi smiled. She made a move to touch him.
‘No’ he stopped her, ‘I…I haven’t finished’ he coughed again.
Rowi sat and waited. Seb nervously swallowed.

‘I’m…scared’ he finally said, ‘I’m not normally scared. Usually’ he laughed, ‘usually I’m a player. Any girl is game. I flirt. A lot. But…with you’ he paused, ‘with you I find myself not wanting to flirt. I don’t need to. But that makes me scared’
‘Why?’ Rowi asked him after he had finished speaking enough for her to ask.
‘I don’t know’ Seb shrugged.
‘Is it because this is an adult relationship?’
‘I’ve had adult relationships before!’ Seb laughed.
‘Serious ones?’ asked Rowi.
‘No’ he admitted.
‘See. Then that’s why’
‘Because this is serious’ Seb sighed.
‘And you don’t want…’
‘No. No. That’s just it. I do. I do’ Seb interrupted.
‘Then…what’s the problem?’ Rowi asked, staring at him.
‘I guess I’m scared. That I’m going to muck it all up. You and I’
‘You won’t’ Rowi smiled.
‘I might do’
‘No Seb. You won’t’
‘You sound very sure about that’ Seb said, gazing at her.
‘That’s because I am’
‘Oh good’ Seb finally smiled.
‘Come here’ Rowi held her arms out. Seb walked up to the bed and sat down, he pulled her into his arms.
‘I belong here’ he told her.
‘Yes, you do’ Rowi agreed, holding him close to her beating heart.

‘I’m worried, about Fara’ Dany admitted to David.
‘Her accident’ David nodded.
‘If, that’s what it was’ Dany sadly sighed.
‘She won’t have…’ David muttered.
‘I don’t know’ Dany shrugged, ‘she’s changing’
‘Fara?’ David asked.
‘Yes’ Dany sighed again.
‘Before she met Urs?’
‘A little’
‘But mostly since?’
‘I don’t know if her being with Urs is a good idea’ Dany sighed again.
‘But Urs is crazy about her. Anyone can see that’ David pointed out.
‘Apart from Fara herself’ Dany sighed.

‘Come here Mrs Marin’ Carlos laughed, picking up Cydalia in his arms.
Cydalia giggled, ‘I’m all yours…’ she laughed, placing her arms around his neck.
‘Yes, you are’ Carlos agreed, carrying her in the direction of the honeymoon suite bed.
They had just got married in the Egyptian embassy here in Cairo. It had been a simple wedding. Cydalia had worn a simple white knee length dress with small blue flowers all over it. Carlos a simple suit and blue tie. They had just had the embassy official who did the wedding and two witnesses. English tourists on holiday in Cairo, visiting the pyramids called Linda and Felix Lloyd. They were actually fans of IL DIVO and had been honoured to be the witnesses. It had been, Cydalia thought afterwards while laying in Carlos’ arms, perfect.
Simple and perfect. She reached out a hand and touched the single curl on Carlos’ forehead. He stirred in his sleep and moved closer.
‘You are a beautiful man Carlos Marin’ Cydalia whispered.
‘Hmm…’ Carlos groaned, pulling her into his arms.
‘I love you’ Cydalia smiled.
‘Love you Cydalia…’ Carlos whispered, waking up slightly. Then he fell back asleep with Cydalia’s head resting on his chest.

Fara was sleeping. Urs was sitting, watching her.

‘I love you Fara’ he whispered. He reached out and stroked a hair of her face. ‘Why can’t you see that?’ he asked.
Fara mumbled something in her sleep and turned over. On her wrist was the bandage. ‘I hope you didn’t deliberately hurt yourself’ Urs now whispered, looking at her bandaged injured wrist. ‘If I lost you…I couldn’t live’
He hadn’t expected to fall in love. Hadn’t meant to. But it had happened all the same. Being with Fara made him more happy then he had ever been in his life before. He didn’t want to ever lose her or he’d die, of a broken heart.

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PostSubject: Chapter 33   Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:58 pm

Chapter Thirty Three

Fara was dreaming. She was at home. Elsa was there. And Laura. Her sister and her sisters best friend were laughing at her.
‘You, are useless’ Elsa laughed, pointing cruelly at Fara as she cried.
‘Completely’ Laura agreed, also laughing, she was also pointing at Fara.
‘You could never keep a man’ Elsa carried on, ‘I just snap my fingers and he’s mine. MINE’ she laughed at Fara’s distressed face.
‘You’re not having him. Not this time’ Fara told her sister, trying to stand up for herself for once.
‘Oh no?’ Elsa challenged, her laugher sounding like a witches cackle now.
Then Urs appeared next to Fara. He smiled at her. Elsa saw the smile and snapped her fingers. Urs didn’t move. He stood his ground. Watching Elsa as she snapped her fingers again and again at him. Still he didn’t move an inch.
‘Sorry. I don’t respond to snapping’ he told Elsa, ‘I’m not a dog’ he replied, glaring at her.
‘Oh Ursy…’ Laura purred at him then.
Still he didn’t move an inch, ‘Nope. Sorry’ Urs replied, looking away.
‘You didn’t go…’ Fara murmured in her dream, gazing up at Urs. She reached out a hand, touching his face in a daze.
‘Told you I won’t’ he replied, gazing back at her.
‘But…this is just a dream…’ Fara mumbled, looking up at him.
‘Is it?’ Urs asked.

Fara woke up then. With a start. She sat up.
‘Where…am I?’ she asked, she asked, looking around. She didn’t remember anything.
‘Here, with me’ Urs smiled at her.
‘Who…who are you?’ Fara asked, staring at him. She didn’t recognise who he was. This strange man in her room. If it was her room. It didn’t look like her home. No. They were somewhere different.
Urs noticed the look of fright in her eyes.
‘I’m Urs…’ he told her, ‘your…’ he licked his lips, ‘fiancé’ he found himself saying.
‘My…?’ Fara asked, slightly shocked at this response.
‘Fiancé. Don’t you remember me?’ Urs asked.
‘No’ Fara shook her head. ‘Should I?’ she asked.
‘Yes’ he sighed.
‘Sorry’ Fara found herself mumbling her apologises to this strange man.
‘You hurt your head. I told that doctor you needed hospital treatment’ Urs muttered.
‘What doctor?’ Fara asked, scared now.
‘You hurt your wrist. Don’t you remember?’

‘No’ said Fara, looking at her bandaged wrist. She didn’t remember it happening. Her coming to have this bandage that now sat on her wrist. It was all new to her.
‘What do you remember?’ Urs then asked.
‘Rowi. Telling me about the holiday she had won’ said Fara, smiling lightly at the memory.
‘Nothing else? After that?’ Urs asked, his eyes searching her face for any sign that she recognised him. Knew who he was.
‘No’ Fara shook her head.
‘Oh…’ Urs sighed.
‘Where…where are we?’ she then asked. Noticing the heat she could feel over the noise of the air conditioning of the room.
‘In Egypt. Luxor’
‘Have I…known you for long?’ Fara then asked Urs.
‘Just over a week’
‘But you said…we’re engaged…’ Fara grasped at the bed covers covering her body.
‘It was love at first sight’ Urs slightly lied. Well. It had been. On his part anyway. So it was only really half a lie as far as he was concerned.
‘Where’s…Rowi? Dany? Cydalia?’
‘I’ll go and get Rowi and Dany’ Urs smiled.
Fara pulled her covers up to her chest. Not that she wasn’t fully clothed. Because she was. Dressed in sensible pyjamas.

The guy calling himself Urs was back barely five minutes later. With Rowi, Dany and two strange men Fara didn’t recognise.
‘Fara…sweetie’ Rowi rushed up to her, followed by Dany.
‘I…I can’t remember’ Fara sighed to her friend. At least she recognised her friends. That was some comfort at least she thought to herself, staring at the man calling himself her fiancé. Named Ooers? Did he say. No Urs. That was it. Urs. Strange name that. He couldn’t be English like she, Fara was. But he had no accent she could hear when he spoke to her.
‘Remember what honey?’ Dany asked.
‘Anything. I can remember Rowi winning that holiday…but nothing after that. Who, are they?’ Fara asked, pointing at David, Urs and Seb.
‘David’s my fiancé’ Dany smiled, pointing David out. He was the tallest of the men, with brown hair and friendly blue eyes Fara noticed.
‘Seb. My boyfriend’ Rowi pointed Seb out. Seb looked like a flirt. He winked at Fara. She ignored the wink.
‘And I told you. I’m Urs…your fiancé’ said Urs. Fara noticed his hair then. It was longish and curly. Long, like hers was. He had hazel coloured eyes thought she noticed. They seemed rather friendly she noticed, looking at him.
‘I don’t know you’ sighed Fara.
‘In your heart you do’ Urs told her.
‘I really wish I did remember…’ Fara sighed again.
‘You will…in time’ Urs then sighed.
‘Hey, I’ve an idea’ the guy calling himself David smiled.
‘What?’ Dany asked.
‘My video camera. Back in a minute’ David smiled again and then was gone.

Fara looked around. She didn’t remember any of it. Not the room she was in. Nor Urs. Nor Seb. Nor David. She did remember Rowi and Dany thought. Thank god they were here she thought.
‘Laura…was here’ Fara then remembered, sensing something strange.
‘Yes’ Urs sighed.
‘You know Laura?’ Fara asked.
‘I used to’ Urs admitted.
‘Oh, right’ Fara nodded, puzzled.

David was back then. ‘Here it is’ he smiled, attaching his video camera up to the television in the room. ‘I’m glad I filmed it all now’ he said as everyone sat down to watch the television.
Urs sat next to Fara. He held her hand. She let him. Him touching her felt right. Natural. Right, she realised.
Seb and Rowi sat snuggled up as did David and Dany.
Fara sat, opened mouthed and watched. David had caught everything. All the sights they had visited plus nearly every conversation or exchange between Fara and Urs. Even him telling Marcia that he loved Fara. At the end, Fara was spellbound. She didn’t remember any of it but felt a little better after seeing it. It seemed, from David’s video that she and Urs knew each other rather well. If only she could remember it for herself then that would help. A lot. But she didn’t. She couldn’t for some reason.

‘Well sweetie?’ Urs asked, turning to look at Fara.
‘I don’t remember’ Fara sighed, ‘but…it did help’
‘That’s good, isn’t it?’ Rowi asked.
‘I…I don’t know’ Fara admitted, shrugging.
‘But as you said, it helped’ said Seb.
‘Yes…’ Fara started to say.

‘Then that’s a start’ Urs interrupted, he had to stop himself from reaching out and touching Fara again, kissing her this time. Holding her in his arms. He so badly wanted to. But was afraid to just in case he scared her off.
‘Where is…Cydalia thought?’ Fara then asked.
‘On her honeymoon’ Dany replied.
‘With Carlos’ added David.
‘That…dark curly haired man?’ said Fara.
‘Yes’ Urs nodded.
‘He and Cydalia make a good match’ Fara smiled.
‘They do, don’t they?’ Urs agreed. Like us he slightly added in his head.
‘In Cairo?’ Fara then asked.
‘In Cairo’ Urs agreed.
‘Nice’ Fara nodded, smiling shyly at him.

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PostSubject: Chapter 34   Sun Aug 09, 2009 3:15 pm

Chapter Thirty Four

After much promising and promising that she would be alright with Urs, Rowi, Seb, David and Dany finally went, leaving Fara and Urs alone at long last.
‘They worry too much’ Fara laughed to Urs when her friends and their new partners had gone.
‘They care about you’ Urs told her, gazing at her as he spoke.
‘Like you do…’ replied Fara, staring back at him.
‘Yes, like I do’ Urs smiled at her. He reached out a hand then put it away again.
‘I don’t wear an engagement ring…’ Fara then said, looking down at her bare finger on her left hand. She hadn’t noticed him reaching out then changing his mind.
‘I’ve got it. I was going to…to give it to you later’ Urs lied. Well, partly lied. He did have the ring. He just wasn’t planning on giving it to her. Until now when the idea had suddenly come to him in a flash of inspiration.
‘Right. Ok’ Fara nodded shyly.
‘We’ve dinner planned. On the roof. To watch the sunset’ Urs smiled. He made a mental note to arrange that later with the hotel manager. It was the most romantic thing he could come up with at such short notice. Normally Urs liked to plan things well in advance. He crossed his fingers mentally, praying that that would be ok.
‘Sounds…romantic’ Fara blushed.
‘I do try’ he smiled, bowing. He thanked his lucky stars that she hadn’t noticed the panic in his voice.
‘And we fell in love, at first sight?’ Fara then asked, looking up at him again as she asked.
‘I did. With you’ Urs smiled again.
‘Here, in Luxor?’ Fara asked, sweeping her hand around the room as she spoke.
‘No. At the airport. Back in Gatwick’
‘Oh. Right’ Fara nodded, not knowing what else to say. She couldn’t remember Gatwick. Or the flight here. It felt so new, so strange to her.
‘We were in the queue, in WHSmiths, I was buying a newspaper, you two romance novels’ Urs reminded her.
‘I write…romances’ Fara smiled, remembering something. A distant memory? She didn’t know. It hurt her brain to try and remember.
‘Yes. You do’ Urs agreed with her, ‘I read your manuscript’ Urs then reminded her.
‘God. Poor you. You must love me!’ Fara laughed, feeling slightly embarrassed as she mentioned the ‘L’ word now.
‘Yes. I do’ Urs nodded.
‘Its awful, isn’t it?’
‘No. Its…brilliant. I don’t read much. But I really enjoyed that’
‘Thank you’ Fara lightly smiled and blushed again.
‘Do you…want to go for a walk?’ Urs then asked, smiling at her.

Ok. I would like that. I’d better get dressed first though’ Fara was still wearing her pyjamas. Still sitting up in the bed. I must look a mess she thought to herself. Fara always suffered from something known as ‘bed hair’ where her hair was a complete mess after laying on it for even a little while. And everyone had seen it! Embarrassing! Double embarrassing!
‘Ok’ Urs smiled, ‘I’ll be back in a minute, ok?’
‘Sure’ Fara agreed.

It didn’t take Fara long to get dressed. It actually took longer to sort out her hair. It was, as predicted a complete mess. She brushed it and tried to tame it. But it wouldn’t go as she had planned. Maybe love really was blind then as Urs seemed to love her no matter what she looked like. She then found a skirt amongst her things and a t-shirt to wear. The skirt couldn’t be hers but she put it on anyway after discovering that it fit her. That surprised her somewhat. Urs, seeing her in a skirt, stared at her legs.
‘What?’ Fara asked on noticing him staring at her.
‘You’re wearing a skirt…’ he mumbled, pointing.
‘Don’t I usually?’
‘You look…good’ Urs smiled. Resting the temptation to wink at her. He didn’t want to seem like Seb to Fara even though her in that skirt was a lovely sight to see. She really did have nice legs he thought, trying not to stare too much at them.
‘Thank you’ Fara lightly blushed at him.
I hope Fara will be ok…’ Rowi said to Seb as they walked along by the Nile hand in hand.
‘Her accident…’ Seb agreed.
‘Amnesia can be bad. Her memory may never come back’ Rowi sighed.
‘Which, may be good news, for Urs’ Seb smiled.
‘Hmmm…him calling himself her fiancé’ Rowi agreed.
‘He did ask her. Fara did except’ Seb reminded her.
‘Before they felt out’ Rowi reminded Seb then.
‘But they seem ok now…’ Seb said.
‘Until, or should that be, if, Fara regains her memory’ Rowi sighed again.
‘Then I hope she never does’ said Seb.
‘I actually hope Fara does’ confessed Rowi, ‘because it would be better then living a lie’ she sensibly pointed out that tiny little fact.
‘Hmmm…hadn’t thought of that’ Seb admitted, smiling at Rowi.

‘Maybe we should contact Cydalia and Carlos…tell them what has happened’ David said to Dany as they suntanned themselves by the hotel pool side. Not usually the sun tanning type they had both run out of Guidebooks to read and where now deciding to act like any other couple they could see around them also on holiday, and lay on sun loungers and sunbathe themselves.
‘No. Let them enjoy their honeymoon’ Dany replied, rubbing suntan cream into her arms as she spoke.
‘What sort of wedding are we going to have then?’ David then asked her. He was currently rubbing sun cream onto Dany’s back as he asked.
‘One at home. With all our friends and family around’ smiled Dany, turning her head to look at him.
‘That, would be nice’ David agreed.
‘With a best man for you and bridesmaids for me’ Dany added.
‘Urs, Rowi, Fara and Cydalia then’ David smiled.
‘Hmmm’ Dany agreed, gazing at her fiancé.
‘Urs, is the best man’ David quickly added.
‘I know honey. Although, he did look rather good in his Gallabya outfit’ Dany smiled at the memory.
‘Ramses II lived that night’ David agreed, also remembering.
‘Perfect casting by Said at the onboard shop’ Dany smiled.
‘With Fara as his Queen Nefertari’
‘Hmm. Exactly’ Dany nodded, touching David’s face as she spoke, and gazing at him with love in her eyes. David returned the loving gaze.
Fara and Urs were on their walk alongside the Nile.
‘I really wish you could remember me. Remember us’ Urs told her as they walked.
‘I wish I could remember too’ Fara sadly sighed, ‘but I can’t’
‘Not anything?’ Urs asked, looking at her. Wishing there was something he could do to help her get her memory back.
‘No’ Fara shook her head sadly.
‘What can I do? To help you remember?’ Urs then asked her.
‘I don’t know’ Fara sighed.
‘Would…would talking help?’ Urs then asked, licking his lips as he spoke.
‘Maybe’ Fara shrugged. She tried not to groan as she watched Urs lick his lips. Something in that action stirred her deep down inside. A feeling in her stomach. Butterflies or something.
‘Anything else? Anything?’ Urs then asked, running a hand through his hair.
‘There is something…’ Fara whispered.
‘Go on?’ Urs asked, sounding hopeful now.
‘Your touch…it seems….familiar somehow’ Fara eventually told him.
‘My touch?’ Urs asked, looking at her as he spoke.
‘Yes’ Fara shyly nodded, looking back at him.
‘Ok’ he smiled, holding out a hand to her.
Fara shyly smiled back and took his offered hand in hers. As their fingers touched she felt something. A spark of recognition. Then as suddenly as it came it went again. They carried on walking along the Nile, hand in hand. Heads almost touching.
Cydalia and Carlos had a wonderful three days before they had to leave Cairo and go back to Luxor to meet up with their friends again before leaving Egypt to go home. Cydalia wouldn’t be going home thought to England. No. She was going to go with Carlos and the rest of IL DIVO on to America. The group had a tour to plan and promote.
‘Then, after the tour we will go on to Spain’ Carlos told his new wife, ‘to show you my home’ he wiggled his eyebrows as he spoke and winked at her.
‘And I can look up a few relations that live there’ Cydalia replied.
‘Then we can have a big party to celebrate our wedding’ Carlos said, gazing at the beautiful woman he had married sitting before him.
‘I’d like that’ Cydalia smiled back, ‘I love you Carlos Marin’
‘I love you Cydalia Marin’ he smiled back.

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PostSubject: Chapter 35   Sun Aug 09, 2009 3:19 pm

Chapter Thirty Five

When Cydalia and Carlos finally got back to the hotel in Luxor after their wonderful wedding and short honeymoon, they were greeted by three surprises. First of all Seb and Rowi announced they were now engaged. That was a nice surprise. Seb had taken Rowi he told them all out on a boat ride and had proposed after much nerves in the middle of the Nile while Rowi was shading under an umbrella. He had placed the ring in Rowi’s glass of champagne.
‘It was so romantic…’ Rowi swooned, flashing her engagement ring about as she spoke and gazing at Seb with love and lust in her eyes.
‘It was rather…’ Seb agreed, coughing slightly at remembering how he had almost fallen into the Nile while climbing with nervous shaking legs into the boat in the first place. Lucky he hadn’t and Rowi had accepted his proposal. And she had survived accidentally nearly swallowing the engagement ring, she hadn’t noticed it was in her glass of champagne until Seb had coughed and told her about his proposal. He could now breathe easily, knowing that she loved him for him. Warts and all.
Next surprise was to do with Fara. As was the third.
‘Fara, had a slight…accident’ Urs told Cydalia mumbling as he spoke.
‘Oh? Accident how?’ Cydalia nervously asked him.
‘She hurt her wrist… and lost her memory’ Urs whispered the last part.
‘She’s what…?’ Cydalia asked, blinking. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing here. How had this happened?
‘Fara. She lost her memory’ David said, repeating what Urs had told her.
‘What? How?’ Cydalia screeched accidentally.
‘She banged her head when she injured her wrist. Knocking herself unconscious for a while’ Rowi said, informing them of what had happened.
‘Did you call a doctor?’ Carlos asked before his wife could.
‘An Egyptian one’ Seb sighed.
‘But she’s ok, right?’ Cydalia asked, looking around.
‘We think so’ Urs sighed now.
‘Then where is she then…?’ Cydalia looked around again. There was no sign of Fara anywhere. They were currently in the hotel bar, hearing this news. Everyone had been there to greet Cydalia and Carlos when they had arrived back. Everyone that is, except for Fara.
‘Back in England’ Rowi shrugged and replied.
‘What?’ Cydalia asked.
‘Fara…she regained her memory’ Urs sighed.
‘And?’ Carlos asked, holding Cydalia’s hand in his in comfort.
‘She regained her memory…we think, then realised Urs had lied to her. So she left Egypt. To go back to England, we think’ Seb said. No one knew for sure where Fara was. They were just guessing the in England part.
‘And you let her go?’ Cydalia accused Urs, glaring at him as she spoke.
‘I couldn’t stop her…I didn’t know she had gone…’ he mumbled in reply.
‘You didn’t know?’ Cydalia moaned.
‘Fara, we think, sneaked out during the night’ David sighed.
‘When?’ Carlos then asked.
‘Last night’ Urs sighed.
‘She left a note’ Seb helpfully said.
‘Give me…?’ Cydalia demanded, holding her hand out, waiting.
Urs sighed and reluctantly handed it over. The only link he had left to Fara.
Cydalia’s eyes scanned the note. ‘This’ she shook the note in her fist, ‘doesn’t make sense. Not any sense at all’
‘It does, to me’ Urs sighed again, slumping down into a nearby chair. He had stood up when Cydalia and Carlos had turned up and hadn’t had a chance to sit down yet, until now.
‘Have you called the airline? To find Fara?’ Carlos asked, looking around at all their friends.
‘We’ve phoned everyone we can think of’ David sighed.
‘We even used every name we could think of, that she may have used’ Dany finally spoke. She had been sitting in a chair, rocking herself backwards and forwards all the time. She was worried about Fara. Worried about what could have happened to her.
‘Hmmm…’ said Carlos, reading Fara’s note now.
‘You lied to Fara then I’m guessing?’ Cydalia then asked Urs.
‘Yes’ he sighed, running his hand through his hair as he spoke.
‘Why?’ Carlos asked.
‘I…I don’t know’ Urs sighed again, staring down at his feet as he spoke now.
‘You stupid… stupid man’ Cydalia told him.
‘Honey…’ Carlos said to her, warning her.
‘No. Cydalia is right. I am stupid’ Urs stopped Carlos, ‘I deserve it. I deserve it all’ he sighed again.
‘One day, my friend, you will learn. Hopefully’ Carlos said, consolingly, patting Urs’ shoulder.
‘Hmmm…’ groaned Urs.

What happened with Fara and Urs was this - Urs had proposed to Fara that night after their walking along the Nile on the roof at sunset as he had planned earlier that day. Fara had accepted. She and Urs had then celebrated their engagement at first kissing then the kissing turned into more and they ended up sleeping together. Making love. Holding each other in their arms. It had felt natural to Fara she had realised. Letting it happen. Sometime during that night Fara’s memory had started to come back. Piece by piece. By the next morning it was almost back to normal and it was then that she had realised, that he, Urs, had lied. They hadn’t been engaged when the accident had first happened. They hadn’t even been talking to each other. Fara had remembered the fight they had had, before she had dropped the glass in the sink after taking some painkillers to help and try mend her broken heart and cutting her wrist badly. That deception, if only small, had hurt Fara more then it really should have and she had come across the idea of making her escape early to go home. To put a stop to her and Urs before it got any more complicated or hurt anymore. It hadn’t been hard to change her air ticket and go home a day early. Not hard at all.

Now Fara was sitting on an airplane, shaking with nerves and crying her heart out on the way home. Back to her normal life. Back to being herself again. Back to being alone. She was better of alone she thought. Less chance of getting hurt that way. Not letting anyone in. But little did she know, for she wasn’t alone. At least not completely.

Cydalia and Carlos went with David, Seb and Urs onto America to prepare for the new American leg of their tour and to do the promotion needed for it. Dany and Rowi went to England to try and find Fara. They practically searched the whole country but came up empty handed. Fara wasn’t to be found anywhere. The magazine she worked for came up empty too.
‘She handed in her notice’ Fara’s boss, Valerie, told Rowi when asked, ‘we didn’t want her to leave. She was a good writer’ Valerie added. She had received Fara’s note and had tried to contact Fara, asking why she wanted to leave but like her friends had come up empty handed. Her phone calls and emails had gone unanswered. Even the police could find no sign of Fara when Valerie had contacted them.
‘Did she say where she was going?’ Dany asked.
‘No’ Valerie sighed.
‘Ok. Thank you’ Dany sadly smiled at Valerie before she and Rowi left Valerie to it.
After the search, they left England to join the boys and Cydalia on tour.
‘No sign’ Dany told them all when they asked.
‘Its like she has completely disappeared’ Rowi sadly added, noticing Urs’ sad face looking at her as she spoke.

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PostSubject: Chapter 36   Sun Aug 09, 2009 3:25 pm

Chapter Thirty Six

It was six months later when Rowi came across a brilliant novel by an exciting new author. She loved it so much that she read it twice before showing it around all her friends. She showed it to Seb who after glancing at it, showed it to Urs.
‘This…is Fara’s writing’ Urs told them after reading the book several times to check that he hadn’t been dreaming the first time on reading it.
‘But it isn’t Fara’s name…’ Rowi said, pointing to the book cover. It had been written by someone, a woman calling themselves Amelia Jane Taylor.
‘I read it. Six months ago. Well, at least part of it’ Urs insisted. It had been the manuscript he had remembered reading while with Fara on the sundeck that day in Egypt. The day Marcia had come onto him and he had told her that he loved Fara. The day Fara told him that yes, she had overheard him saying that. And that she loved him too. If only she was here now with him he thought to himself sadly. It must be her pseudonym.
‘The novel Fara always said she wanted to write one day’ Rowi then realised a conversation she had once had with Fara about her writing.
‘Exactly’ Urs nodded.
‘Contact the publisher’ David suggested when he, Dany, Cydalia and Carlos were told about the novel. All had read it too. All enjoyed it.
So Urs did. He sent an email and a long letter, asking about the author. He received no response. So Dany then tried. She also sent a long letter and email. It was what Urs had sent but under her name.
‘We are afraid but Ms Taylor wishes to remain unknown’ the publisher finally replied to Dany. She had been surprised to receive a response when Urs hadn’t.
‘Unknown my foot!’ Carlos laughed on reading the letter Dany had received.
‘Its because this, is Fara’ Cydalia said on reading the letter.
‘Do an internet search’ Seb then suggested.
David searched every website search engine he could find. David was a wiz with computers so all the technical stuff was left up to him to do.
No sign of a Amelia Jane Taylor. Nor a Fara Hollinshead David then searched. Fara Buhler or any surname they could think of that Fara may go under. They tried god knows how many names that everyone lost count of them in the end.
David did thought find an Amelia Jane. But she wasn’t a woman. But a baby. Just over a year old.
Fara had been missing nearly two years now by this time.
‘I wonder…’ David muttered to himself, searching a ‘Births, Deaths, and Marriages’ website without his friends knowledge. He came across a surprising thing.

A child. Amelia Jane Hollinshead. He contacted Fara’s family.
‘No. We’ve no Amelia Jane as a relation. Are you sure it’s the same spelling?’ her father, Robert, asked David.
‘Right spelling’ said David, spelling out the surname.
‘That’s ours’ said Robert.
‘Interesting’ replied David, ‘interesting’
It could have been a co-incident. Or not. David wanted to find out one way or another which it was. He was intrigued now in finding Fara.

In the time Fara had been gone missing, her friends had carried on, eventually, with their lives. Cydalia and Carlos had gone to Spain after the tour had finished to meet their relations and to have another honeymoon, and they had had a huge party to celebrate their wedding with all of Cydalia’s family and friends as well as Carlos’ there. Carlos’ special quests at the party had been Linda and Felix Lloyd. The witnesses to their actual wedding back in Cairo.
‘Linda! Felix!’ Cydalia had squealed on seeing them, throwing her arms around them to hug them both. It had been a wonderful surprise. One of the best Carlos had done for her in their marriage. Of course the best would have been Fara turning up but that seemed impossible now. She was gone for good. Or so everyone thought.
‘Cydalia!’ Linda had sniffed, admiring her new friend, ‘my, how you’ve grown…’ she laughed.
Cydalia giggled, patting her tummy, ‘I’m due in three months!’
‘Fast work!’ Felix had winked.
‘Honeymoon baby’ Cydalia had swooned.
Carlos wiggled his eyebrows at Felix and Linda, ‘I couldn’t keep my hands of my beautiful bride!’
‘Congratulations mate!’ Felix patted his new friends shoulder.

Seb and Rowi were having a long engagement. They hadn’t set the date for their wedding yet and Rowi wouldn’t. Not until her best friend Fara came back and could be chief bridesmaid. Seb had moaned and groaned but Rowi stuck fast.
‘You know how important my friends are to me Seb’ Rowi had to remind him.
‘I do. I do’ Seb insisted on reply, ‘but Fara’s been gone for over 2 years now’
‘So?’ Rowi challenged, ‘a long engagement is good. At least no one can say we’re rushing into it!’ she laughed.
‘That’s true’ Seb eventually agreed, sighing at the same time. But he was still eager to marry Rowi before she could change her mind and realise she deserved someone else, someone better. Not that Rowi would think that like. To her, Seb was the better person for her. He was the love of her life.

David and Dany were now married. It was the day they married, now over 2 years to the day that Fara had gone missing and they were in for a surprise. One none of them could have predicted in a million years. Urs had been best man. A grumpy, gorgeous looking best man in his suit, but still. David and Dany, after much deciding had decided to get married on the beach in Antigua. Cydalia and Carlos’ son, Colby, had been pageboy. He had toddled down the aisle on the beach following Rowi, Victoria, an old school friend of David’s and Camy, David’s cousin as bridesmaids.
Dany looked like a Disney princess in a long flowing white dress covered in small yellow roses. Her bouquet was a mixture of yellow and white miniature roses. After the ceremony Dany threw her bouquet and even though several ladies who all had made eyes at Urs during the wedding it was Urs himself who accidentally caught it.
‘I’m available…’ swooned one lady, named Rebecca to Urs. She batted her eyelashes at him, hoping it made her look sexy. It didn’t. It just made her look as thought she had something in her eye that she was trying to remove.
‘But I’m not’ Urs muttered back, stalking away from her.
‘Thought you were single…’ another lady named Leona asked him, catching up with him and grabbing hold of his sleeve as she spoke to him to stop him from stalking away from her.
‘I haven’t been single for years’ Urs sighed in reply.
‘Oh…where is your…?’ Leona asked.
‘My fiancée is missing in action’ Urs muttered, shaking of her grip before storming off.
Another woman heard Urs mutter this and said, ‘No I’m not’ she whispered, ‘I’m right here’ Fara had been at the beach wedding in disguise. It was amazing what a wig and make up could do. No one recognised her. At least not yet they hadn’t.

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PostSubject: Chapter 37   Sun Aug 09, 2009 3:36 pm

Chapter Thirty Seven

It took until the reception was almost over and the toasts to be done until Fara plucked up enough courage to finally reveal herself. With shaking legs she walked up to Urs, coughed slightly and tapped him on his shoulder then removed her blonde wig, revealing her long dark curly hair.
Urs, who had been about to tell this strange blonde haired lady to politely go away, or something along those lines, but not as nicely, he was fed up with strange woman trying to come onto him when he wasn’t in the mood for it, stared at her. He blinked. ‘Fara…’ he finally said as if in a daze, mumbling slightly.
‘Hello Urs’ Fara lightly smiled back at him.
‘You’re…back’ he mumbled, staring still. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Was he seeing things now? He wasn’t so sure she was real. A person he had dreamt about seeing all this time, and here she was, standing before him. She had changed he noticed. She seemed thinner somehow. Had she been sick he wondered.
‘I’m back’ Fara agreed, looking at her once lover standing before her wearing this suit. He looked handsome as ever she noticed, feeling all the old feeling coming rushing back now as she looked at him.
‘You went…’ he mumbled to her.
‘You lied’ she replied.
‘Only a little lie…’ Urs tried defending himself.
‘It still hurt me’ replied Fara.
‘I never meant to hurt you…’ Urs told her truthfully.
‘Oh no?’ Fara challenged him now.
‘No’ came the answer she wasn’t really expecting to get.
‘Sausage roll? Swiss roll?’ a waiter, walked up to Fara and Urs and asked them.
‘Already had one of those’ Fara whispered.
‘Not lately you haven’t’ Urs heard her and replied, resisting the temptation to wink at her.
Fara blushed. Beetroot in colour.
‘Mummy!’ a little girl then rushed up to Fara and flung herself into Fara’s welcoming arms.
‘Darling’ Fara picked her daughter up in her arms and held her close.
‘You’ve a child…a girl’ Urs realised.
‘Yes’ Fara nodded, holding her daughter close, hiding her face.
‘Cute curls…’ Urs reached out a hand and touched Fara’s daughters head gently. Stroking a curl as he spoke. Her daughter had the same colour hair, brown. Like Fara’s hair colour and Urs’.
‘Fara? Is that you?’ called Rowi, rushing up with Seb in tow now.
‘Its me’ Fara smiled at her friend.
‘Honey!’ Rowi hugged Fara and her daughter, ‘your child?’ she asked.
‘My daughter’ Fara smiled, kissing her daughters head.
‘She’s beautiful’ Rowi smiled at her friends child.
‘Cute’ Seb nodded, gazing at her too.
‘Fara!’ the bride, Dany then noticed her friend. She ran up to her, ‘you’re back!’ she exclaimed.

Hi Dany’ Fara smiled.
Then David appeared. ‘Fara!’ he smiled, ‘Amelia?’ he then asked, noticing the cute little girl in the pink flowery dress in Fara‘s arms.
‘Yes’ Fara nodded.
Amelia looked at them all. She was a little scared seeing all these strange faces looking at her.
‘Hi Amelia. I’m your uncle David’ David smiled gently at Amelia.
‘Uncle…David’ Amelia smiled a toothless grin. She smiled at David because he had a friendly face and pulled a funny face at her, making her smile at him.
‘I’m aunty Dany’ said Dany, next in line to introduce herself to this cute little girl.
‘Princess Bride!’ Amelia laughed, clapping her hands in excitement. Amelia had enjoyed watching the wedding and had loved seeing Dany dressed in her dress, walking down the aisle.
‘Seb’ Seb held out his hand to Amelia.
Amelia looked at it, not knowing what she should be doing with it.
‘Hello sweetie. I’m aunty Rowi’ Rowi smiled now at her.
‘Ro-Ro!’ Amelia laughed. She found Rowi’s name rather difficult to pronounce.
‘That’s right honey’ Rowi agreed.
Then Cydalia and Carlos and Colby appeared.
‘Fara!’ Cydalia hugged her.
‘Hello Miss’ Carlos smiled at Fara.

Fara smiled shyly at them both.
‘Meet Amelia’ David introduced Fara’s daughter to them.
‘You are beautiful’ Carlos told Amelia, wiggling his eyebrows at her, making her laugh.
Amelia giggled and tried to wiggle hers back.
‘This, is Colby’ Cydalia introduced her son to Fara and Amelia. Colby and Amelia looked at each other. Colby poked his tongue out at Amelia. She just looked coolly back at him, ignoring him.
‘He looks like Carlos’ Fara noticed the difference between father and son.
‘I was just about to say the same, about Amelia and Urs I mean’ Cydalia replied.
Urs, staring at Fara and Amelia coughed.
‘My…my daughter?’ he finally asked Fara.
Fara sighed, ‘Yes Urs’ she looking anywhere but at him now, afraid to what she would see in his eyes when she finally did look at him.
‘Daddy?’ Amelia asked, gazing at Urs. Her father.
‘Sweetie, meet your daddy’ Fara said to her daughter, making herself finally look Urs in the eye.
‘Hello’ Urs smiled at Amelia.
She shyly smiled back at her father.
‘Amelia Jane Taylor’ said David.
‘The author…?’ Seb gasped.
‘Fara’s alter ego’ David agreed.
‘You’re…married?’ Urs then asked.
‘No’ replied Fara.
‘Then…?’ he asked.
‘Amelia is Amelia Jane Hollinshead. I just borrowed Taylor’ Fara partly lied.
‘Buhler’ Urs corrected.
‘Hollinshead’ said Fara.
‘Buhler. Amelia Jane Buhler’
‘You may be her father but she’s not having your surname’
‘Because of Elsa?’ Urs asked.
‘Partly’ Fara admitted.
‘And?’ Urs then asked.
‘We’re not married’ replied Fara.
‘Then marry me’ said Urs.
‘I love you. You love me’
‘No I don’t’ Fara lied again.
‘If you didn’t love me…then Amelia wouldn’t be here’ Urs whispered the last part so Amelia couldn’t hear.
He had her at that.
‘What made you come back?’ Seb then asked Fara.
‘I knew Rowi wouldn’t get married until I did’ Fara replied.

‘So…you didn’t come back for us?’ Urs asked her.
‘I….no’ Fara sighed.
‘Right’ Urs nodded.
‘Sorry’ Fara found herself apologising for some reason.
‘No. Don’t’ Urs muttered before stalking away.
‘Urs!’ David called to him. But Urs didn’t listen.
‘You could have lied to him!’ Rowi hissed to Fara under her breathe.
‘Believe me, I just have’ Fara sighed in reply.

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PostSubject: Chapter 38   Sun Aug 09, 2009 3:37 pm

Chapter Thirty Eight

‘Not about Amelia’s parenting you haven’t’ Rowi nodded towards Amelia. She was now sitting on David’s knee, laughing at something. She so looked like Urs. The same colour eyes, curly hair like both her parents and had Urs’ nose.
‘Sweetie, why did you leave?’ Cydalia then carefully asked Fara. They were all sitting down at a table.
‘I lost my memory…then I got it back’ Fara shrugged, staring down at a place setting set at the table.
‘And that made you leave?’ Cydalia asked. She was confused at this response.
‘I came to realise, being with Urs was no good for me. Yes, I love him, but I felt myself changing…losing my identity’ Fara replied, letting out a long sigh, looking up at her friend.
‘That’s called falling in love honey’ Dany joined in on the conversation now.
‘I felt scared’ Fara admitted, shrugging.
‘But you’re back now’ Rowi smiled, hugging her friend.
‘I’m back’ Fara agreed, hugging her friend in return.
‘For?’ Cydalia asked.
‘I realised that Amelia needs to know her father’ replied Fara.
‘That’s it? Nothing else?’ Dany asked, watching David teach Amelia a trick he knew. He would make a great parent she thought, seeing how he was with Amelia.
‘Plus…I still love Urs’ Fara admitted, ‘I tried not to. I tried to ignore it. But it wouldn’t go away…’
‘You love him. Real love doesn’t go away’ Cydalia said.
‘But Urs now hates me…’ Fara then sighed.
‘No he doesn’t honey. He doesn’t’ Dany soothed, hugging her friend.
‘But I upset him…’ Fara gazed in the direction Urs had stormed off in.
‘You haven’t. Anyway, Carlos and Seb will find him’ Cydalia then soothed.
‘I hope so. I really, really hope so’ Fara replied, sadly.

Urs, was in a bar. Trying to get drunk when Carlos and Seb eventually found him. He hated alcohol and so wasn’t doing a very good job of succeeding.
‘She hates me…’ Urs muttered when Carlos and Seb had sat down next to him with drinks. Carlos had his usual Coke, Seb a beer. Urs was actually drinking Lemonade when they found him. He had tried the local beer and it had made him want to be sick on drinking it.
‘Fara doesn’t hate you!’ Seb laughed at him, taking a sip of his beer.
‘Amelia, as you said, is proof of that’ Carlos added as Urs snorted at Seb.
‘You must talk to Fara. Ask her, find out why she came back’ Seb said.
‘She already said. So Rowi would marry you’ Urs replied to Seb.
‘And you believe that?’ Carlos asked, picking up his drink.
‘I’ve no reason not to!’ Urs muttered, playing with a beer mat as he spoke.
‘Then you will never understand women’ replied Carlos.
‘Meaning?’ Urs asked, staring at his friend.
‘Fara, has come back for one reason, and one reason only’ said Carlos.
‘For Amelia’ Urs replied, sighing.
‘Amelia, isn’t the reason’ Carlos surprised Urs on this.
‘She isn’t?’ Urs asked.
‘No. Although I am sure she may be part of the reason’ Carlos then admitted.
‘The other part being?’ Urs then asked, looking at this friend.
‘Ask Fara that. Not me’ Carlos shook his head.
Urs looked at Seb, ‘As Carlos said. Ask Fara’ he told Urs.
‘Ok. Then I will’ Urs decided, nodding his head.

Urs, after a long search, finally found Fara and a now sleeping Amelia, in his hotel room.
‘I…I had nowhere else to go..’ Fara explained, ‘so Cydalia said I could use this room. I didn’t know it was yours until Amelia had fallen asleep’ she said, giving the reason for being in his room. ‘Shall I go?’ she asked after Urs hadn’t said anything to her.
‘No. No. Please stay’ he finally spoke, ‘she’s…beautiful’ he then said, gazing at Amelia as she lay sleeping in his bed, hugging a toy to her. A monkey it looked like.
‘Thank you’ Fara found herself blushing.
‘Was…was the birth difficult?’ Urs asked.
‘No. It was rather easy. I was dreading it, but…’ Fara lightly laughed and shrugged.
‘Oh. Right. That’s good then’ Urs smiled.
‘I didn’t know…when I left, that I was pregnant’
‘No?’ Urs asked.
‘I mean…I wasn’t on the pill when we…and I know we didn’t…use anything. But…oh I don’t know’ Fara sighed.
‘No, we didn’t did we?’
‘We should have…’
‘But I’m glad now that we didn’t. Otherwise our daughter wouldn’t be here now’ Urs smiled again.
‘That’s true’ Fara agreed.
‘The name…that you write under…’ Urs then said.
‘My…our daughters name. Amelia Jane’ Fara agreed.
‘Who is Taylor?’
‘The Taylor part…is my fiancé’s surname’ Fara answered in a low whisper.
‘Your…fiancé?’ Urs, amazed at this, asked carefully.
‘Yes’ Fara sighed, nodding.
‘You’re engaged….to another man?’ he now asked, as if to qualify what Fara had said.
‘Yes Urs. To another man’
‘You can’t be’
‘But I am’
‘You can’t be. You’re engaged to me’ Urs told her.
‘No I’m not’
‘You are’
‘No Urs, I’m not’
‘You have the ring I gave you’ he reminded her then.
‘But I don’t wear it’ Fara replied, flashing her hand about to prove the point.
‘Nor do you wear…his ring’ Urs almost spat, ’Taylor’
‘Marcus. His name is Marcus. Taylor is his surname’
‘He’s adopting Amelia?’ Urs asked.
‘Not yet. No’
‘That’s why I’m here…I need your permission’
‘What for?’
‘So Marcus can adopt Amelia. You see, when she was born, I…I put your name down on her birth certificate’ Fara confessed.
‘So you need me to say yes? That this Marcus can be her father?’ Urs asked for confirmation.
‘Yes’ Fara nodded.
‘No. Sorry. Not giving it’
‘Why not?’ Fara asked.
‘Because you still love me’
‘Of course I do’ Fara replied, ‘I always will. You are Amelia’s father after all’
‘And that’s it? Nothing else?’ Urs asked, feeling his heart sinking into his boots.
‘No’ lied Fara, ‘so…?’ she then asked.
‘Like I said before, no. That…Marcus can’t have my child’
‘Adopt her Urs that’s all we’re asking’
‘The answers still no’
‘Why not?’ Fara had to ask again.
‘Because you may not love me anymore…’
‘I never said that’ Fara interrupted.
‘…but I still love you’ Urs finished.
‘Why what?’
‘Why? Why do you still love me?’
‘Because I do’
‘That’s not an answer’
‘It is to me’ Urs replied.
‘I…we, Amelia and I…we should go…’ Fara made a move to collect her sleeping daughters things up.
‘Stay’ Urs asked.

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PostSubject: Chapter 39   Sun Aug 09, 2009 3:50 pm

Chapter Thirty Nine

‘I can’t. I should have never come…’ Fara then whispered, looking down at her feet as she spoke.
‘I’m glad that you did’ Urs smiled lightly at her.
‘Are you?’ Fara asked, looking up at him.
‘Yes’ Urs nodded, looking back at her.
‘Then let Marcus adopt Amelia’ Fara then tried.
‘As I’ve already said. No’ Urs sighed.
‘Why not?’ Fara then asked again.
‘I told you. I love you’ he told her, reaching out a hand.
‘But I don’t…’ Fara moved herself away, out of reach of his touch. It hurt her to do that. But she had to. She couldn’t let Urs touch her again. Or he would know. One touch would tell him everything he wanted to know.
‘Don’t lie Fara’ he interrupted her.
‘I’m not…’ she tried again.
‘Yes you are. I know you’ he interrupted her again.
‘No you don’t’
‘I do’ Urs insisted.
‘What? How can you? We spent what? Just over a week together? You can’t know someone after that short a space of time!’ Fara shouted a little, pacing the room as she spoke, waving her arms about in an angry manner.
‘Yes you can. And I do. I know you. You know me’ Urs replied, moving closer. He reached out a hand, touching her face, cupping it, running his thumb over her mouth, ‘I know you, you know me’ he repeated.

‘Let me go…’ Fara feebly mumbled, feeling herself tremble at his touch.
‘I’m not stopping you’ Urs whispered, lowering his head.
‘We can’t…’ Fara then mumbled as Urs’ wonderful mouth touched hers. She found herself returning the kiss. Moving closer. Wrapping her arms around him. She let out a groan as Urs continued to kiss her.
‘Come with me..’ Urs whispered, leading her towards the bed.
‘We can’t…’ Fara groaned, ‘Amelia’ she reminded Urs.
‘The floor then?’ Urs asked, looking intently into her eyes.
‘Yes’ Fara found herself agreeing, smiling lightly as she replied.

Afterwards, laying with her head on Urs’ shoulder and a blanket over them, Fara fell asleep. The first decent nights sleep she had experienced since last being with Urs. Laying in his arms she felt safe and needed. All the time being with Marcus she had never felt that way. They were engaged and yet Fara had never wanted to sleep with Marcus. They were waiting until the wedding she had told people. She didn’t love Marcus like she loved Urs. Not the way she loved Urs. Urs was her ‘the one’ and that feeling scared her. That feeling had always scared her. Giving herself completely to another person. It was scary. Trusting in someone else. Giving her heart to be used, abused and even broken by another person, someone she had trusted more then she trusted herself. More terrifying then giving birth alone or getting her novel finally published after all this time.

I’m glad Fara is back’ Cydalia and Carlos were talking. Their son, Colby, lay sleeping in the next room. They were sitting in bed, Carlos had been reading a novel as Cydalia applied hand cream to her hands.
‘Urs seemed happier earlier’ Carlos agreed, remembering the look on his friends face when Fara had turned up and revealed herself to them all.
‘And she’s a mum. Like me’ Cydalia smiled.
‘Urs. A father. Something I thought I’d never see’ Carlos laughed, putting his book down now on the bedside table and turning to look at his beautiful wife, the mother of his wonderful son.
‘Everything is possible honey’ Cydalia reached out a hand and gently touched her husbands face, ‘like Colby getting a brother or sister…’ she whispered the last part.
‘Eh?’ Carlos asked, staring at her.
‘I’m pregnant again’ Cydalia confessed.
‘Oh my darling!’ Carlos pulled her gently into his arms, ‘darling’ he exclaimed, holding her close and kissing her.

Come here Mrs Miller’ David playfully growled to Dany as he chased her around the honeymoon suite bedroom. They were still in their underwear when David had started tickling his new wife. She had picked up and thrown at him a pillow which had turned into a pillow fight and now they were running around the room, laughing at each other. Happy in love.
‘Oops!’ Dany giggled as she fell over, onto the bed behind her as David expertly managed to make her fall exactly where he wanted her.
‘You’re mine now!’ David growled, laying on top of her, trapping her. His wife.
‘I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else’ Dany swooned, cupping her husbands face as David started kissing her.

‘Marry me Rowi? Make me happy?’ Seb was on his knees, in his underpants, proposing again. He had been in the middle of getting undressed when the idea had suddenly come to him. He had part of it planned, just not the proposing again part. He was nervous. Again.
‘I already said yes’ Rowi sighed, she was sitting at the dressing table, in her underwear, brushing her hair.
‘I meant…tomorrow’ Seb said, licking his lips in a nervous manner.
‘What…?’ Rowi dropped her hairbrush, squeaked, turning to look at him.
‘Tomorrow’ Seb repeated.
‘Tomorr…?’ she asked, as if in a daze.
‘Yes Ro. Tomorrow’ he nodded, smiling lightly at her as he asked.
‘I…I…’ she stared at him.
Seb looked back and waited, daring not to breathe until he received an answer. The right answer he wanted. The only answer he was waiting for.
‘Of course I’ll marry you Seb’ after what seemed like forever Rowi finally answered.
Seb let out his breathe. ‘Thank you Ro. Thank you’ he whispered, pulling her into his arms and covering her face with kisses, ‘I love you’ he told her.
‘And I love you Seb’ Rowi whispered back, standing up now and leading her fiancé towards the bed behind them.

Amelia, crying in her sleep, woke Fara up. She stood up, stretching, feeling her whole body aching. Sleeping on the floor wasn’t a thing she was usually used to and it had hurt. She pulled on the nearest thing she could find, a t-shirt and went to her daughter, noticing the time. It was still early.
‘Ssshh…honey’ Fara soothed Amelia. Urs was still asleep. Laying on the floor, his head resting on a pillow. A blanket covering him, showing his naked chest.
After setting Amelia back down, Fara quickly used the bathroom then joined her daughter in the comfy big bed. She held her child close, and fell asleep again.
A few hours later, Urs woke up. He noticed Fara was missing.
Then relaxed slightly after finding her in the bed, holding their daughter. Both were asleep. Urs smiled as he recognised the t-shirt Fara was wearing. It was one of his own. He pulled on a pair of underpants and sat on the bed, watching his family sleep. He reached out a hand and gently started stroking Fara’s hair, ‘I love you’ he whispered, ‘and I know you love me too’
Fara stirred in her sleep, holding Amelia safe in her arms.

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PostSubject: Chapter 40   Sun Aug 09, 2009 4:01 pm

Chapter Forty

The sound of the shower going woke Fara up a second time. Amelia was still sleeping. Urs came out of the bathroom.
‘Morning darling’ he smiled, a towel wrapped around his waist, another he was using to rub at his wet hair, droplets of water falling onto his shoulder.
‘Morning…’ Fara yawned, ignoring the ‘darling’ part. She attempted to glare at him, but failed. Sleep was still in her eyes, blocking her vision properly.
‘What do you want to do today?’ Urs asked, sitting on the bed next to her.
‘Nothing’ Fara tried not to, but it came out as a spat.
‘Nothing?’ he asked, surprised at that response.
‘Apart from getting your permission, then we can go home’
‘Permission?’ Urs, puzzled, asked.
‘So Marcus can adopt Amelia’
‘But I thought…after last night…’
‘Last night, was a mistake’ Fara sighed, moving away, out of the bed, away from him. She grabbed her jeans from the floor and pulled them on, feeling better not being completely naked with Urs while they were having this argument.
‘A mistake?’
‘I was tired…weak’ Fara shrugged.

But I thought…’ Urs mumbled, staring at her.
‘That what?’ Fara asked.
‘That we were…back together’
‘Back together? We were never together in the first place’
‘But Amelia. She’s my child’
‘Yes, and?’
‘My child. My flesh and blood’
‘Yes, and?’ Fara asked again.
‘You and I…we made her. Together’ Urs reminded Fara.
‘I don’t see…’ Fara started to say.
‘Like last night. When we made her brother or sister’ Urs interrupted her.
‘We didn’t…’
‘You’re on the pill then?’ Urs asked, looking at her, interrupting her again, staring almost.
‘No, but…’
‘Because we didn’t use anything’
‘You might be pregnant again’
‘I won’t be’
‘You might….’
‘I won’t’ Fara interrupted him this time, ‘I…I can’t have any more children’ she lied then.
‘You can’t…?’
‘Prove it to me’
‘I said, prove it to me?’
‘But I can’t…’
‘Then you and Amelia will stay with me’
‘What? For how long?’ Fara, amazed at this, asked.
‘For a month at least’
‘What for?’
‘Until you can prove, that you’re not pregnant again, with my child’
‘You don’t believe me?’ Fara asked.
‘Of course I don’t believe you’
‘Why not?’
‘Because you’ve lied before’
‘I haven’t’ Fara huffed.
‘You have’
‘You lied, when you told me that you don’t love me’
‘I never….’
‘You did’ Urs interrupted.
‘How?’ Fara then challenged.

‘I know you love me. I can see that you love me’
‘No you can’t!’ Fara laughed.
‘Yes I can’ Urs coolly replied.
‘How? Prove it to me then?’ Fara challenged again.
‘Look at me’ Urs moved closer to her as he spoke.
‘That’s it?’
‘Look at me’ Urs repeated, ‘in my eyes’
‘Ok’ so Fara looked. Into Urs’ eyes. Deep into them.
‘You love me’ Urs told her.
‘I don’t…’
‘You do. Your eyes tell me’
‘They don’t…’
‘Oh yes they do. And your heart beat…’ Urs reached out a hand, placing it over Fara’s heart.
Fara’s heartbeat sounded too loud in her own ears.
‘Touch me..’ Urs whispered to her.
Fara found herself reaching out a hand, touching Urs’ heart now. It seemed to be beating fast. Too fast.
‘See?’ Urs asked, ‘you do that. You make my heart beat like that. Like yours is doing’ he added.
‘That…that doesn’t prove anything’ Fara whispered, her voice trembling as she spoke.
‘Oh no?’ he asked, moving his head closer. He was just about to kiss her when Amelia woke up.

‘Mummy…?’ Amelia asked, opening her eyes.
Urs groaned and let Fara go. Fara also let out a groan.
‘I’m here darling’ she told her daughter, turning to face her.
‘Daddy…?’ Amelia then asked, noting Urs standing next to her mother.
‘I’m here’ Urs nodded, smiling at her, his daughter.
Amelia smiled shyly back.
‘Come on sweetie, time to get up and go’ Fara told Amelia, picking her up out of the bed.
‘Go where?’ Urs asked.
‘England’ Fara replied, while in the process of dressing her daughter in yesterdays clothes.
‘Back to Marcus?’
‘He does live in England’
‘I’m not letting you go’ he whispered.
‘You can’t stop me. Us’ Fara had finished dressing her daughter now. She started brushing her hair.
‘As I said, you’re to stay with me. For a month’
‘You can’t be serious?’
‘Until I know one way or another’
‘You can’t make me. Us, stay with you’
‘Oh. But I can’ Urs smiled.
‘How?’ Fara challenged, dropping the hairbrush and now holding her daughter close in her arms.
‘Earlier, when you were asleep, I found your passport’ Urs slightly lied.
‘I removed it. Without it, you can’t leave’
‘But I have a deadline…’
‘We will be leaving here, but together’
‘To go where? England?’ Fara asked.
‘No. America’
‘Why there?’
‘We have a tour to do’
‘I have work!’ Fara complained.
‘You’re an author’ Urs reminded her.
‘I need my laptop. Amelia needs her toys...her things….’ Fara tried.
‘Those, can be arranged, to be delivered to us’
‘Amelia has nursery…’ Fara then tried.
‘Missing a month won’t hurt’
‘I’ll lose her place there…’
‘We’ll find a better nursery then’
‘I liked that one…Amelia like that one..’ Fara tried again.
‘Then I’ll pay them, to keep her place open’
‘They don’t do that’
They will for me’ Urs smiled.
‘So you can kidnap me? Us?’
‘So I know if our next child is on the way or not’
‘Why? Why are you doing this?’
‘I’ve already missed out on being a father once. You’re not letting me miss out again’
‘You could be a father, with someone else…’
‘Why not?’
‘I love you’ Urs sighed.
‘You might fall in love with someone else, in time’
‘You were gone for nearly three years. I met a lot of women in that time. But it never happened’
‘Why not?’ Fara asked again.
‘Because no one can match up, no one can compare to you’
‘What’s so special about me?’
‘I don’t know’ Urs admitted, ‘but I know I love you, that I need you here, with me…I can’t be me without you’
‘That, makes no sense’ said Fara.
‘I don’t care if it makes sense. Its how I feel. Deal with it’
Urs stared at Fara. Fara stared back at him.
‘Amelia and I…we still need our stuff’ Fara then spoke, reminding him. Was she actually agreeing with him? To stay with him? To her own ears it sounded like she was. What on earth was she doing? She should be objecting. Complaining. Fighting. Not agreeing with him! She didn’t want to stay with him. She had things to do back in England. People to see. A fiancé to be getting on with. A life. A purpose. She couldn’t just give it all up like this for a month so Urs would know one way or another if Fara was lying, about being pregnant or not. Fara didn’t even know yet herself if she was. It had been a long time since she had last seen Urs. That was her excuse for her sleeping with him again. Nothing else. No feelings involved. Not anymore. There couldn’t be any. It had been too long. Too long.
‘You’ll have whatever you need when we reach America’
‘And Amelia’s nursery placement…?’ Fara then asked.
‘I’ll deal with it’ Urs reassured her then.
‘Good’ she nodded.
‘Good’ Urs nodded back. Round one to him.

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PostSubject: Chapter 41   Sun Aug 09, 2009 4:10 pm

Chapter Forty One

‘You can’t kidnap the girl!’ Carlos laughed when he found out what Urs was about to do to Fara.
‘Fara, is a woman, and I already have’ he replied.
‘You still can’t…its not legal’ Carlos shook his head.
‘Its only for a month’
‘Why for a month?’ Carlos asked.
‘Until I know…whether Fara is pregnant, again, with my child…’ Urs replied.
‘Make her take a test now’
‘No’ Urs replied, shaking his head.
‘Why not?’
‘Because if she isn’t already…I intend to…by the end of the month’ Urs confessed.
‘Sneaky man!’ laughed Carlos, patting Urs’ shoulder.
‘I love her. I need to convince her, that she loves me too. This, is my chance. My one and only chance’ Urs let out a sad sigh.
‘Then good luck my friend’ Carlos consoled him.

David was as sceptical about Urs kidnapping Fara as Carlos had been joking.
‘She could easily sue you…’ David sensibly pointed out when Urs had told him what he had done.
‘But she won’t’ Urs smiled.
‘How can you be sure? Be so certain?’ David asked.
‘Because she, Fara, loves me’ Urs smiled at his friend.
‘Love, wouldn’t stop me’
‘Fara knows that she needs to be with me, to be happy’
‘But you’re still forcing her…making her do something she doesn’t want to do’
‘Only until she realises where and who is best to be with’ smiled Urs, nodding happily at his friend as he spoke.
‘Hmmm. We will see who wins this battle’ David sighed, thinking his friend had completely lost it and was on a losing side with his crazy way of thinking.

Urs, had made Fara make a pact with him. If, by the end of the month, after taking a pregnancy test, should that test turn out to be negative then she and Amelia were free to go. Urs would even sign the necessary papers saying that yes, Marcus could adopt Amelia. But, if the test turned out to be a positive one, then Fara and he were to marry. So Amelia and the new child could share the same surname - Buhler. And that it would then also be Fara’s too. She was also to change her author name from Amelia Jane Taylor to Fara Buhler. To be recognised as the author of her own work. After much grumbling and moaning, Fara finally agreed these terms. It didn’t seem such a small price to pay she realised. And anyway, pregnant or not she had been considering admitting to her own work. Thinking it would be nice - to see her own name in print rather than that of her daughters. As much as Fara did love her child. So she bit her tongue, and agreed Urs’ terms. Half scared, half hoping that yes, she was pregnant again. After all, it was possible. They had slept together and not used anything. Like the last time when Amelia had been created.

Now it was Seb and Rowi’s wedding day. Fara was to be chief bridesmaid. Amelia flower girl and Colby page boy again. Carlos was to be Seb’s best man. David’s cousin, Victoria and friend Camy were to be bridesmaids again. A nervous Rowi walked down the aisle on Urs’ arm who was acting in the part of her father who couldn’t make it to the wedding at such short notice. Urs looked rather dashing in his suit Fara couldn’t help but notice. Sexy. Handsome. And Rowi looked perfect in her simple white summer dress on his arm. Fara was wearing a dress of blue. Urs had told her that it her eyes look darker in colour.
‘But I have dull eyes’ Fara had returned. She hated receiving compliments. Never knew how to take them.
‘Brown’ Urs insisted.
‘Brown’ Urs insisted again, looking deep into them, ‘although’ he winked, ‘at this moment they look black. Full of desire’
‘Desire?’ Fara asked, ‘for who?’
‘For the man you’re looking at. Me’ he smirked.
‘Humph!’ Fara had replied.
‘Do, or say whatever you like. But you won’t convince me otherwise. You love me. You know it. I know it’
‘I love Marcus’ Fara tried.
‘Oh no. You may think you do, but you don’t’
‘I do’ Fara insisted.
‘Oh no. No. Or you wouldn’t have let me make love to you last night’ Urs replied.
Fara shut up then. He had her on that. As much as she tried to deny it, he was right. He was always right. Damn it! Round two to Urs. So far, he was winning hands down. It was too easy.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, well, beach as Seb and Rowi said their vows and declared their love for each other. Dany sat holding David’s hand, sobbing into a tissue. She loved weddings. They always made her cry. Even yesterday, at her own wedding she had secretly cried tears of joy as David and she were pronounced man and wife. She was just so happy. In love with a gorgeous man who loved her in return. What more could she want? Apart from a child. And she and David were most definitely working on that part.
Cydalia did the same. Crying into a hankie. Holding Carlos’ hand after he had preformed best man duties.
‘Hormones’ she blamed it on.
‘Honey?’ Carlos asked.
‘I tend to cry a lot’ she shrugged, ‘but I’ll be ok. As long as you are here’
‘For you, I will always be here’ Carlos replied, gazing lovingly at his wife. He reached out and wiped away a tear with a finger, ‘I love you Cydalia’ he told her.
‘I love you too Carlos’ Cydalia replied, gazing back at him as Seb and Rowi were finally pronounced ‘Man and wife’

I love you Rowi Izambard’ Seb swooned, and winked at his new bride.
‘I love you, Sebastien Izambard’ Rowi winked back. Then they kissed.
‘Us next’ whispered Urs to Fara as Seb and Rowi kissed.
‘Only, if I’m pregnant’ Fara hissed back.
‘Oh, you will be’ Urs smiled, winking at her.
‘I might not be’ Fara replied, missing what Urs had said and meant.
‘Give me time. Give me time’ Urs muttered so Fara couldn’t hear, taking her hand.
‘Let me go’ Fara hissed, trying to pull her hand away.
‘Oh no. Its traditional’ Urs smiled.
‘Best man and chief bridesmaid maybe, but you weren’t best man’ Fara pointed out.
‘I was yesterday’
‘I wasn’t chief bridesmaid yesterday’ Fara pulled at her hand.
‘But you are now’ Urs held tight.
‘Let. Me. Go’ Fara hissed again.
‘Oh no. No. Now, lets not ruin it shall we? Smile. You’re on video camera!’ Urs smiled and pointed to David. As usual, he was filming. Yesterday, at his own wedding David had reluctantly let his male cousin, named Daniel do the filming.

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PostSubject: Chapter 42   Sun Aug 09, 2009 4:21 pm

Chapter Forty Two

Now it was time for the reception. And first up, before the food was dished out, was the first dance. As Seb and Rowi had their first dance as husband and wife, best man Carlos and chief bridesmaid Fara also danced. As Carlos held Fara in his arms, he spoke to her as they danced around the flooring that had been placed on the sand, ‘Urs loves you’ he told her.
‘I know’ replied Fara, sighing, ‘he keeps telling me…’
‘Like you love him’ Carlos interrupted.
‘I don’t…’
‘Oh no?’
‘No’ Fara shook her head.
‘You’re lying’
‘I’m not’
‘You may be able to fool yourself, but you aren’t fooling anyone else’ Carlos smiled as he and Seb now changed partners.
‘Hi’ Seb winked at Fara as they now danced.
‘Seb’ Fara sighed.
‘Urs…’ Seb started to say.
‘Carlos, has already given me the lecture Seb’
‘I know Urs loves me. And apparently I love him in return’
‘You do’ smiled Seb.
‘And that I’m fooling no one but myself in saying that I don’t’
‘You are’ Seb agreed.
‘So I don’t need to hear it again, ok?’
‘Ok’ Seb shrugged, now handing Fara over to Urs.
‘Hi honey’ Urs smiled, pulling Fara into his arms.
‘Hi…’ Fara sighed.
‘Enjoying today?’ he asked.
‘It’s ok’ she sighed again, staring out to sea. It was a beautiful blue colour. Deep blue like the sky up above them was. It made Fara, in a way, feel home sick for the wind and rain of England.
‘Romantic, isn’t it?’
‘When we marry….’
‘If’ Fara interrupted

When we marry’ Urs carried on, ‘we’re getting married…in a forest’
‘A forest?’ Fara asked.
‘A forest’
‘Like you have to ask’ Urs smiled.
‘Who told you…?’
‘Who told you? About my fantasy?’ Fara asked.
‘Oh. Rowi. Cydalia. Dany’
‘Why? Because I asked them’
‘Because I want you to be happy’ Fara, long ago, had confessed to her friends that when, if she ever got married, she would love to marry not on a beach or in a church, but in a forest, surrounded by trees and greenery. The sun shining through the trees up above Fara and her husband. She had even found the perfect place. She loved Devon in England, and one place in particular was perfect, a place called Churston Cove in South Devon. You could stand under the trees and look out and see the sea. The best of both worlds.
‘Then let me go’ Fara hissed as she and Urs continued to dance.
‘No’ he whispered back, holding her even closer to his body. Now Fara could feel every part of him next to every part of her.
‘You want me to be happy thought’ Fara then reminded him.
‘I do. And you will be. Happy with me’
‘I’m happy, with Marcus’ she tried again.

‘Yes!’ she hissed back, trying to pull away, out of Urs’ arms. But he wouldn’t let her go. He held even tighter.
‘Then last night, must have been a dream’ Urs whispered into her ear.
‘Maybe it was’ Fara agreed, shivering as she heard his voice in her ear.
‘I enjoyed that dream. Enjoyed the kissing, touching you part. Of holding you in my arms…’ Urs pulled her closer again as they moved around the dance floor. Well, sand really, covered in a flooring.
‘I didn’t’ Fara lied.
‘Oh I know’ Urs agreed.
‘I hated every part of it…’ she lied again.
‘I know. If it makes you happy, telling yourself that, then do. But I know the truth. The real truth. I’ve felt it. Seen it. In your eyes. You enjoyed it just as much if not more’ Urs replied. Blast. He had her there.
‘I…I…’ Fara tried denying it.
‘Deny it, and see what I do’
‘Which is?’ Fara decided to challenge him, to see what he would do with people around. It couldn’t be much. He wouldn’t want to make a scene. He wasn’t that type of person. Preferring to do some things in private.
‘Try it, and see’ Urs smiled, moving his head so he could look Fara directly in her eyes. Fara shivered again. She bit her lip to stop herself from groaning out loud. ‘Ok’ Urs shrugged. Then he kissed her. Right in the middle of the dance floor. Placing his mouth on top of hers. Fara couldn’t help it. She tried not to. But she found herself responding. Her body wouldn’t listen to her brain as it cried out, ‘Don’t do this. Don’t’. STOP!!’
Everyone saw them kissing, and clapped.
‘Fara and Urs are next!’ Cydalia called out as she danced in Carlos’ arms.
Fara pulled her mouth away. She was embarrassed. She blushed.
‘You are so right’ Urs smiled at Cydalia, agreeing with her.
Fara itched to smack him but resisted the temptation. Not wanting to make a scene.

Fara told a happy Rowi, Dany and Cydalia about what Urs was planning to do after the wedding was finally over.
‘Well…its not actually kidnapping’ reasoned Cydalia after Fara had finished talking.
‘Not actually…?’ Fara stared at her friend. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing here. Where had it all changed? where had Fara herself obviously gone so wrong that everyone thought what Urs was doing was a good idea. So much for her friends sticking by her and being on her side. So much for that at all.
‘Kidnapping, is taking someone against their will’ Cydalia carried on talking.
‘Which Urs has!’ Fara interrupted.
‘Has he? Really?’ Cydalia asked.
‘But you agreed’ Cydalia pointed out.
‘I didn’t…’ Fara mumbled, ‘I gave in’ she muttered, sounding feeble now.
‘Same thing’ smiled Dany now.
‘It isn’t…’
‘Honey, I think you’ll find, it is’ Rowi now smiled.
‘I did it…for Amelia’ Fara then tried.
‘Mmm…and what does your…fiancé, Marcus think?’ Cydalia asked. Her friends had been more then surprised to find that Fara was now engaged to another man. She had shown them his photo. The response hadn’t been what Fara had been expecting. They had all hated him on first sight seeing the photo. Even though Fara knew, that in different circumstances they would all think he was a gorgeous looking man. Considering he was blonde haired and blue eyed and was considered what was known as ‘a hunk’. But not at the moment they didn’t think that.
‘He…he doesn’t know’ Fara sighed.
‘You’ve not been in touch with him?’ Dany asked.
‘No’ Fara confessed. Ok, she was lying again. She had tried contacting Marcus. It just seemed as though his phone was off every time she had tried ringing him. Like he was deliberately avoiding her. So much for being so badly in love with her. Out of sight, out of mind so it seemed.
‘Why not?’ Cydalia asked.
‘Because…’ Fara shrugged.
‘You don’t want to hurt Urs, contacting Marcus’ Rowi guessed.

Fara nodded.
‘And that doesn’t tell you anything?’ Dany asked Fara.
‘No. Why, should it?’ Fara asked in reply.
‘Yes’ Dany nodded.
Fara shrugged and looked at Cydalia then Rowi. They were, like Dany, nodding. Fara looked blankly at them all.
‘You’ll work it out’ Rowi hugged Fara.
‘Soon, I hope’ Cydalia added, now hugging Fara.
‘Then you can be happy. Really happy. Like us’ Dany smiled, hugging Fara.
‘I already am happy…’ Fara tried.
‘Whatever you say honey’ Cydalia patted Fara’s shoulder.

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PostSubject: Chapter 43   Sun Aug 09, 2009 4:30 pm

Chapter Forty Three

The next day, Seb took Rowi to Paris for a long weekend come honeymoon. David took Dany to Colorado for their honeymoon. Carlos took Cydalia and Colby to Disney world, Florida and Urs took Fara and Amelia onto America.
As they arrived at the hotel near New York’s Central Park Fara found all hers and Amelia’s things. Her laptop and writing instruments, Amelia’s toys and clothes plus a few new things.
‘I thought Amelia deserved a few new things’ Urs told Fara after she had questioned the parcels as Amelia ran around the room, hugging her Disney Princess Doll, dressed in her new Sleeping beauty dress.
‘You’re too generous’ Fara told him after seeing the price tags still attached to the gifts.
‘Hardly. Anyway, Amelia is my daughter, so its my responsibility to clothe and look after her’ Urs shrugged.
‘Mine’ Fara replied.
‘Ours’ Urs corrected.
‘Why have I got a pair of roller skates?’ Fara then asked after noticing them among her things.
‘Aah. That’s all part of my plan’ Urs smiled.
‘Which is?’ Fara asked.
‘To date you’
‘Date me?’
‘Yes. I’ve got it all arranged. First roller skating around Central Park. Then horse riding, followed by movie night and a trip to Disney world, Florida’
‘As I said, so I can date you’
‘I think it’s a bit too late for that’ Fara laughed.
‘It’s never too late to romance someone’ Urs winked.
‘I’m already engaged, to another man’
‘Engaged. Yes, I admit you are. But not married yet, so I’ve still time’
‘To do what?’
‘Make you…help you change your mind’
‘Not going to happen’
‘Oh I don’t know. I’ve a month’
‘Not going to happen’ Fara repeated.
‘I’m still going to try’ Urs smiled.
‘So, who is going to look after Amelia then, while we skate?’
‘Our lovely assistant, Camy’
‘David’s friend Camy?’
That’s the one. She lives here, in New York’
‘And she agreed?’
‘Oh. Right’
‘Relax. Camy is a childminder. She loves children. Amelia is in safe hands’ Urs reassured Fara.
‘It’s not Amelia I’m worried about. It’s me’
‘You’ll be ok too. You’re also in safe hands’ Urs winked.
‘That’s the part I’m worried about’ Fara glared at him.
Urs just smiled in reply.
------------------- It was arranged so Camy came the next day to look after Amelia.
‘You are so lucky, having Urs as a husband’ Camy swooned.
‘We’re not married’ Fara replied, looking puzzled at her.
‘You’re not?’
‘Oh. But I thought you…oh, never mind!’ Camy shrugged, smiling.
‘You’ll be ok won’t you? With Amelia I mean?’ Fara then asked.
‘We’ll have lots of fun, won’t we honey?’ Camy asked Amelia.
‘Yeah. Yeah Cam’ Amelia laughed, showing a toothless grin.
‘See? We’ll be fine. Go and have fun’ Camy smiled.
‘Hmmm…don’t know about the fun part’ Fara grumbled as Urs turned up.
‘Ready honey?’ he asked. He was dressed in jeans, a t-shirt and jumper. Wearing boots. In his hands a pair of roller skates.
‘Hmm…’ Fara grumbled again, picking up her skates.
Urs offered his hand. Fara ignored it.
‘Bye bye Mummy. Bye bye Daddy’ Amelia called as Urs and Fara finally left after a lot of hugging and kissing of Amelia.

Ok, roller skates might have four wheels on them, but that didn’t stop Fara from falling over.
‘Here, take my hand’ Urs offered, holding his hand out. Not wanting to end up with even more bruises on her bum then really necessary, Fara took his offered hand. ‘See, you can do it’ he said as they moved along together.
‘I told you before, I have no natural balance’ Fara reminded him.
‘But you do now. Look…you’re doing brilliantly’ Urs smiled.
‘Isn’t this fun?’ Urs then asked after a while of them skating together, still holding hands.
‘Come on, I can tell you’re enjoying it’
‘Ok. You’re right. I am’ Fara smiled a small smile.
‘Lots of fresh air, exercise, what’s not to love?’
‘My poor bruised bottom’ replied Fara.
‘I’ll make a deal with you’ smiled Urs.
‘Go on?’

Any bruises you find, I’ll personally attend to them’ he winked.
‘Hmmm…’ Fara narrowed her eyes at him at this.
‘Then you can do whatever you want to do to me, to get your own back’
‘I like the sound of that’ Fara brightened up at this.
‘Oh? Got anything in mind?’
‘Waxing’ Fara replied.
‘Waxing what?’
‘Oh, I’ll find something don’t you worry’ Fara winked then laughed at Urs’ worried face.

They skated for an hour in which during that time Fara fell over a total of four times and Urs once. It was when Urs was helping Fara to her feet for the third time that she pulled him over.
‘Hey!’ he complained, laying almost on top of her.
‘That’ll teach you!’ Fara laughed.
‘Oy…’ Urs laughed, attempting to tickle her.
‘I’m not ticklish…’ Fara laughed, returning the tickling.
‘Oh no?’ he challenged.
‘Nope’ Fara lied.
‘Urs? Fara? Is that you?’ called a voice then. Female.
Urs and Fara stopped their tickling and looked up. It was of all people - Marcia. From their trip up the Nile.
‘Hi’ she smiled down at them.
Urs groaned silently and stood up, ‘Marcia, fancy seeing you here’ he said to her as politely as he could.
‘Well honey…I am American!’ Marcia smiled.
‘Marcia’ Fara nodded as Urs pulled her to her feet.
‘Fara, honey…my, you’ve changed’ Marcia looked Fara up and down.

‘Have I?’ Fara asked.
‘You’re…thinner’ Marcia said.
‘Oh. I lost a lot of weight after having Amelia’ Fara smiled.
‘Amelia?’ Marcia asked.
‘Our daughter’ replied Urs, pulling Fara to him and placing an arm around her shoulders.
‘Oh. I see’ Marcia nodded, ‘so…you’re married then I’m guessing?’ she then asked.
‘Yes’ Urs lied, ‘two years…tomorrow’
‘Tomorrow? You married on Valentines day?’ Marcia noticed the date.
‘Oh yes. To be completely romantic’ Urs lied again, kissing Fara now to stop her from talking and telling the truth.
‘Wow…congratulations then’ Marcia smiled.
‘Thanks’ Urs nodded, beaming.
‘Thanks’ Fara found herself repeating what Urs had said.
‘Well…must dash. Things to do. Places to go and all that’ and with a brightly false smile, Marcia was finally gone.
‘You lied’ Fara whispered after Marcia had gone.
‘It was either lie, or have her stick around’
‘Thought you liked her…’
‘No, you’ve got it wrong’
‘But back in Egypt…’
‘Marcia liked me. I never returned it’
‘Marcia fancied you. She wanted you’
‘Tough. She never had me, and never will’
‘You broke her heart’ Fara said.
‘It’s not Marcia’s heart I’m interested in’
‘Why? Do you intent on breaking mine then?’
‘No’ Urs smiled, ‘only looking after it. Loving it and you until the end of time’
‘That’s a hell of a long time’ Fara replied.
‘I don’t intend on ever stopping’ Urs touched her face.
‘We’d better get back…Amelia and Camy’
‘Ok. Come on then’ Urs sighed as they set of in the direction of their hotel.

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PostSubject: Chapter 44   Sun Aug 09, 2009 4:38 pm

Chapter Forty Four

Later that night, once Camy had finally left and Amelia had been bathed and fed and was finally asleep, Fara carefully undressed down to her underwear and gently checked on her bruises in the bathroom. She found one rather large bruise on the back of her left leg, on her thigh. It looked the size of a dinner plate and was currently a lovely purple colour. It looked and felt horrible and painful. As she attempted to apply cream to the bruise, Urs walked into the bathroom and caught her in her non matching underwear, trying to see to it. Fara didn’t own a pair of matching underwear. She never had.
‘Need any help..?’ Urs coughed, seeing Fara, the woman he loved, in only her underwear. She looked so beautiful standing there, hair messed up, face full of pain for her bruise. A bruise he ached to reach out and kiss away.
‘I can’t reach to see what I’m doing without looking in the mirror…’ Fara complained.
‘Here, let me help’ he offered.
‘Ok’ Fara sighed, handing him the cream.
‘Then, when I’m done, you can do whatever you wish to me’ he then reminded her as he knelt down and started rubbing the cream onto her left thigh.
Fara bit her lip in an attempt to stop herself from groaning out loud. But not because she was in pain.
Urs seemed to take such a long time in applying the cream, massaging it in more than was really necessary, then finally he stood up, wiping his hands on a towel, ‘You’re all done’ he said.
‘Thanks…’ Fara blushed, turning her head away so he couldn’t see. But Urs caught the blush away. It made him smile inside. Maybe he wasn’t barking up the wrong tree after all in temporarily kidnapping the woman he loved.
‘Where do you want me?’ Urs then asked.
‘What for?’ Fara asked, looking blankly at him.
‘For my waxing?’ he reminded her.

I thought you were joking…’ Fara mumbled, staring at him.
‘I never joke’ Urs winked back.
‘Oh. Right’ Fara nodded.
She looked at him up and down, ‘I think, as I bruised my thigh, that I should wax your thigh’
‘Left, or right?’ Urs asked, undoing his jeans as he spoke.
‘Left. Same place as my bruise’
‘Ok’ he smiled, taking his jeans off. He stood in the bathroom in his underpants, socks and t-shirt and waited for her to be ready.
Fara prepared her waxing strips. With nervous fingers she applied two to Urs’ thigh, smoothing it on more then what was necessary.
‘Feel nice’ Urs smiled as she rubbed at the back of his thigh.
‘Wait until I pull it off’ Fara smiled back, looking up at him as she knelt at his feet.
‘It can’t hurt that badly, surely?’ he nervously asked now. Wondering what he had just got himself in for.
‘Its like giving birth, thought not as painful’ replied Fara.
‘Next time, I’ll be there, to hold your hand’ Urs winked.
‘Only, if I am pregnant’ Fara reminded him.
‘Oh, you are. You are’ he muttered so she couldn’t hear him.
‘Right. Hold onto something’ Fara said, picking at a wax strip.
‘I don’t need to…aaaahhhhh!’ Urs moaned loudly as Fara pulled one off, ‘oooooohhhh!’ he said, clutching at his thigh, limping around on his feet.
‘Next one’ Fara made a move to grab the second and last wax strip.
‘Oh no. No. That’s not coming off’ Urs shook his head, limping around the bathroom, avoiding Fara and her hands.
‘The longer we leave it, the worse it will be’ Fara warned, trying to corner him as she spoke. It was like trying to corner a frightened animal.
‘I’ll…I’ll have a bath, that’ll remove it’ Urs limped to the bath and started running it.
‘Don’t be silly, let me…’ Fara once again tried to remove the wax strip.
‘No. Oh no. No’
‘The longer we leave it…’
‘It hurts’ Urs complained.
‘Told you. Like giving birth, although not as painful!’
‘I’m glad I’m not a woman’ Urs muttered though gritted teeth as he finally let Fara remove the wax strip from his leg, ‘thank god that’s over!’ he sighed as his leg was finally free. He managed not to scream like a woman this time as Fara removed the source of the pain in one easy movement.

You’d better have that bath now, it will help, with the pain’ Fara tried not to laugh at Urs’ pained facial expression.
‘Bath? I can’t. I can’t pull my undies off! It will hurt too much!’ Urs then moaned.
‘Here…let me’ Fara pulled at Urs’ undies. One tug and they were down.
‘Oooouuuccchh!’ Urs moaned.
‘Bath. It’ll help’ Fara laughed, leaving Urs finally to it.
‘I’ll need my back washing…’ he called after her as he took his t-shirt and socks off.
‘I’m sure that you can manage’ Fara called back, closing the door on him.

Three days later, Carlos, Cydalia, Seb, Rowi, David and Dany turned up at the hotel in New York to find Urs limping around.
‘What happened?’ a concerned David asked him.
‘I…I had a slight accident…’ he lied.
‘With a waxing strip!’ Fara told them all.
‘Eh?’ Carlos asked.
‘Urs, took me roller skating, I fell over, as a get your own back for my bruised thigh, I waxed his thigh’ Fara informed them all.
‘You waxed…?’ Cydalia asked.
‘I only used two little wax strips’ Fara shrugged.
‘It hurt!’ Urs moaned.
‘Now you know the pain us girls go through!’ Rowi laughed. As the rest of the girls also sniggered at this.
‘It can’t be that bad…!’ Seb laughed at Urs, tapping him on his injured thigh.
‘Want a bet?’ Urs asked, wincing in pain. It was still a little sore. It hadn’t been the waxing that was the problem now, more how hot the water had actually been when he had lowered himself into it. It had been boiling. Talk about being boiled alive!
‘Come with me oh husband…I’ll show you’ said Rowi, leading Seb out of the room, holding his hand and smiling sweetly at him.

Five minutes later, they all heard Seb scream out in pain.
Twenty minutes later he limped out, to join Urs on the sofa, a towel wrapped tightly around his waist.
‘I apologise’ Seb said to Urs, ‘you are right. It does hurt’
‘Told you’ Urs nodded, wincing slightly.
‘Wimp’ Rowi laughed at her husband.
‘It hurts’ Seb moaned in complaint.
‘Wimp’ Rowi repeated, patting Seb on the head like he was a dog.

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PostSubject: Chapter 45   Sun Aug 09, 2009 4:46 pm

Chapter Forty Five

The next day, all the couples plus Amelia and Colby decided to have a picnic in Central Park, under some leafy trees.
Urs and Fara, like the other couples sat on small rugs on the ground and ate the food in the picnic hamper the hotel had kindly provided for them to eat.
‘Lets play a game’ Rowi suggested after everyone had eaten and Amelia and Colby were having an afternoon nap.
‘What sort of game?’ Carlos asked, raising his eyebrows.
‘Oh I don’t know…how about Truth or Dare?’ Rowi asked. She lovely playing games.
‘You have to go first then’ Cydalia said, sort of agreeing.
‘Ok’ Rowi nodded.
‘I’ve got one’ Seb smiled.
‘Go on?’ Rowi asked her husband, gazing lovingly at him.
‘Who…was the first man you ever slept with?’ Seb asked.
Rowi thought for a moment, ‘Ok. I’ll answer that one’ she smiled, not needing to know what the dare was, ‘he was called…Martin O’Flanagan. He was Irish. Had these amazing green eyes’
‘Sounds, like Seb’ Cydalia smiled.
‘Hmm…’ agreed Rowi, ‘the eye colour’
‘Why…thank you’ Seb winked and then blushed.
David went next, he decided to admit that he didn’t know what love was until he had met Dany. The guys all ooo‘d and arr‘d over that slushy, but romantic answer. Then Dany did a dare. She ran around Central Park shouting, ‘I love you David Miller‘ not that she didn’t want to tell everyone the truth that she too had never felt like being in love until meeting David, she just liked the sound of the dare much more. Cydalia blushed and mmm’d and arrr’d over telling everyone that child birth was much more harder then being a catwalk model.
‘Ok’ Rowi said, ‘now its…Carlos’ turn’
‘Go ahead’ Carlos smiled.
‘Was it love at first sight for you and Cydalia?’ Rowi asked.
‘Definitely’ Carlos beamed, ‘my turn…’ he looked around, ‘Urs…’ he said.
Urs groaned, ‘Name of first lovely lady you ever fell in love with please?’
‘What’s the dare?’ Urs asked.
‘Mmm…kissing Seb’ Carlos laughed.
‘Truth’ Urs decided, paling slighting in colour at the thought of having to kiss Seb. Sure he liked him, but not that much!, ‘Fara’ he answered, gazing at her as he told them all.
‘You mean you never…until Fara?’ David asked Urs.
‘No’ replied Urs, ‘my turn now’ he turned to Fara who had started blushing at Urs‘ answer, ‘which one of us did you fancy first?’ he asked.

Fara thought for a moment, ‘And the dare is?’ she then asked.
‘Shouting out how you feel about me. So everyone knows’ Urs replied.
‘Seb’ Fara finally admitted.
‘Why…thank you’ Seb winked at her.
‘And the way you feel about Urs?’ Rowi then asked Fara.
‘I told my truth..’ answered Fara.
‘She hates me’ Urs sighed.
‘No I don’t’ replied Fara.
‘Go on then? Tell everyone?’ Urs challenged.
‘I…I..’ Fara mumbled, ‘I…I like you. A lot’ she decided to say after a lot of thinking.
‘Gee, thanks’ Urs sighed.

Admit it woman!’ Carlos then demanded Fara. He sounded angry. He was the one person never guaranteed to get angry. Some times Carlos was even more laid back then Seb was and that was saying something.
‘Admit what?’ Fara asked.
‘Everyone can see’ Seb said.
‘You’re the only one who is pretending’ Cydalia then told Fara.
‘No I’m not…’ Fara defended herself. It was like they were all ganging up on her now. All having a go at her. It wasn’t fair. It hadn’t been her idea to start this stupid game playing in the start.
‘I think, then maybe we should tell her’ David said.
‘Do you think?’ Dany asked her husband.
‘You, are in love, with Urs’ Rowi told Fara. She put it as bluntly as she could.
‘No, I…I…’ Fara tried.
‘We can all see it. Can’t we?’ Cydalia asked, looking around the group.
Everyone nodded.
‘But…I don’t do love…’ Fara sighed.
‘No, probably not’ David agreed, ‘but you do…you are, in love with Urs’ he corrected himself.
‘Since when?’ Fara then asked, looking at them all.
‘Since the beginning’ Urs said. Like that was an answer Fara thought. Not!
‘Since…?’ she asked, still feeling puzzled and in the need for a decent, proper answer. She waited. Not being able to bring herself to look at Urs now.
‘I, fell in love with you, at first sight. Back in England. At Gatwick airport’ Urs smiled lightly at Fara. He resisted the temptation of reaching out and touching her face.
‘Gatwick?’ she asked, surprised at this answer. Sure, she remembered seeing him, bumping into him at Gatwick, but she was sure that she hadn’t made that much of an impression on him at first sight. She remembered looking and feeling a mess. She had spent the night before crying. Scared about flying for the first time and by the time the girls had arrived at Gatwick for their flight Fara had been tired and emotional. Having bags under her red eyes and feeling like death warmed up. He had fallen in love with her then? Fara couldn’t believe that. He must be lying. He must be! But no. He opened his mouth and confirmed it.

Gatwick’ he confirmed.
‘Oh’ Fara mumbled, looking down at her feet.
‘But you liked Seb’ Urs then said.
‘He…he seemed like my type’ Fara shrugged. He had. First impressions. Fara liked Seb’s type. Tall, dark haired and reasonably handsome. Then she had taken a good look at Urs had had realised, first impressions aren’t always the ones that count in the end. Urs had the part she needed to keep her attention. He had brains as well as beauty. Could you call a grown man beautiful? It certainly seemed appropriate in Urs’ case.
‘And yet, you and I…you told me, that you loved me’
‘I did, didn’t I?’ Fara then remembered. It had been the night of the Gallabya dressing up night. They had been on the sundeck. She had been crying she remembered. And he had been crying too. Seeing Urs upset had made Fara feel upset too and she wanted to do anything she could to make him smile again. Saying that she loved him hadn’t been a lie. She had felt it then like she thought that she felt it now. Only she wasn’t so sure anymore.
‘Was that a lie then?’ Urs then asked, ‘have I really spent all this time chasing after someone who doesn’t want me too? Who doesn’t love me? Am I wasting my time? Because I really need to know’ he looked at Fara, searching her face for any sign, any sign at all.
‘No’ Fara whispered, not being able to bring herself to look at him.
‘No what?’ Urs asked, moving her chin so she had no choice but to look him in the eyes.
‘You…’ Fara nervously licked her lips, ‘you haven’t been wasting your time’
‘I don’t know Urs. I really don’t know’ Fara shrugged.
‘What would help you? To know?’
‘I need…I need time. Time to think’ Fara shrugged again.
‘Ok’ Urs sighed, ‘ok".

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PostSubject: Chapter 46   Sun Aug 09, 2009 4:57 pm

Chapter Forty Six

‘Honey, what are you afraid of?’ Rowi asked Fara later that day. They were in Fara’s bedroom, talking.
‘I’m not!’ Fara laughed.
‘Then admit how you feel’ Rowi said.
‘I don’t know how I feel!’ Fara replied.
‘You’re lying’ said Rowi.
‘No I’m not….’
‘Oh honey. Honey’ Rowi consoled her friend.
‘I’m not lying…’ Fara shook her head.
‘Take a moment and think. Then tell me what you think of Urs. Really think I mean?’
‘What…how do you feel about Seb?’ Fara asked.
‘I love him. I think I would die if I could never see him, be near him or touch him ever again. Seeing him upset makes me unhappy. Him laughing and happy makes me what to laugh and smile’ Rowi replied in honesty.
‘Oh…’ Fara mumbled.
‘Go on? How do you feel about Urs then?’ Rowi then asked her.
‘I…I feel the same’ she admitted.
‘As I do, about Seb?’
‘Yes’ Fara nodded.
‘Then you love him. You’re in love with him’ Rowi corrected herself.
‘Am I? am I really?’ Fara, slightly stunned, asked.
‘Yes honey, you are’ Rowi reached out and patted Fara’s arm.
‘But I’m scared…’
‘About what?’
About him changing his mind and hating me. Breaking my heart…’
‘But you denying your love for him is breaking HIS heart’ Rowi then pointed out.
‘Is it?’ Fara asked.
‘Can’t you tell? Can’t you see it?’
‘He doesn’t seem to smile much…’ Fara then realised.
‘Give him something to smile about then. Tell him. Sit him down and tell him. Talk to him. Honestly and truthfully. Let him know. Only you can do that’ Rowi hugged her friend.
‘I’ll…I’ll go now…’ Fara decided.
‘Good luck honey, not that you will need it. Urs loves you. YOU!’
‘Ok…and thanks’ Fara smiled lightly at her friend.
‘Go on, make him smile again’ Rowi beamed back.

Fara went to find Urs. She came up empty handed after a detailed search of the hotel. She looked everywhere she could think of. Then she come across his friends.
‘I can’t find him…’ she explained to David, Carlos and Dany.
‘Urs and Cydalia have gone shopping’ Carlos wiggled his eyebrows.
‘For…?’ Fara asked.
‘They wouldn’t say. But Urs said it was important’ Dany added.
‘And Cydalia went with him?’ Fara asked for confirmation.
‘Urs said that he needed a female touch. Cydalia offered her expertise’ Carlos wiggled his eyebrows again and winked.
‘Oh. Right’ Fara nodded, puzzled.
‘Expect a surprise when they get back!’ David smiled at Fara.
‘Hmmm…’ replied Fara, sadly.

Two hours later, Urs and Cydalia returned laden down with bags.
‘I came to find you earlier…’ Fara told Urs as he and Cydalia arrived back. Cydalia had smiled and then disappeared, leaving them to it. She could sense a row coming on.
‘Oh? Is it serious?’ he asked, placing his bags down on the floor at his feet.
‘I…I need to talk to you, about something’ Fara decided to come straight to the point and tell him.
‘Is it important?’ Urs now asked, looking at her.
‘Yes’ Fara nodded.
‘Life or death serious?’

‘Then it can wait. I’m actually busy at the moment’ and with that, he picked up his bags and off he went, leaving Fara, standing there, opened mouthed wondering what she had suddenly done wrong for him to act this way towards her.

‘Well?’ Rowi asked Fara excitedly a little while later.
‘Well what?’ Fara asked.
‘You and Urs? All sorted?’
‘No’ Fara sighed.
‘Why ever not?’
‘I went to find him. He was out. Shopping. With Cydalia’
‘But he’s back now. I just saw him’
‘I know…I…tried talking to him. I did…’
‘Try again’ Rowi urged her friend.
‘But he just ignored me…’ Fara sighed.
‘I asked, if I could talk to him. He said no’
‘Doesn’t sound like Urs…’ Rowi realised.
‘I know. See? He’s gone off me…’
‘Maybe, he was busy’ Rowi offered by way of explanation.
‘Yeah. Shopping. With Cydalia’ Fara couldn’t keep the sound of jealousy out of her voice. She had hated the idea of him with another woman, especially one who was a friend. It hurt her more then she cared to tell anyone.
‘Try him again’ Rowi prompted.
‘I’ll try. But I doubt it will be worth it..’ Fara sighed.

Fara walked into Urs’ bedroom just in time to see him hide something in a bag.
‘You could have knocked first…’ Urs moaned. He sounded angry, really angry.
‘I did’
‘Right, are you ready?’ he then looked at her.
‘What for?’
‘Our horse riding’ Urs reminded her, he tutted.
‘I…I actually need to talk to you, about something’
‘Not now Fara. Come on, or we’ll be late’ his tone was cool, detached almost. It scared Fara.
‘Ok…’ Fara sighed, following Urs out of the room. She bit her tongue to stop herself from dissolving into a crying, hysterical woman.

As Rowi and Seb babysat Amelia, Urs and Fara went horse riding.
Urs loved horse riding and was amazed to see how well Fara could also handle a horse.
‘I’ve been riding a few times in my life’ she admitted as they rode along, side by side.
‘You’re a natural’ he said, sounding impressed.
‘Can we talk now?’ Fara then asked as their horses continued to trot along together.
‘Yes. I’ve been meaning to tell you something…’
‘Oh?’ Fara nervously asked, licking her lips.
‘I contacted Marcus. He’s…he’ll be there, when we get back’ came Urs reply, he wasn’t looking at her when he said this.
‘Because I’d like to meet him. The man who is going to be father to my child’ Urs replied, turning to look at her now. His eyes seemed funny somehow Fara thought. Like they weren’t quite all there.
‘But you said…’ Fara muttered.
‘I changed my mind’ he almost spat at her.
‘Because I realised. I can’t force you to feel something you can’t. So the kidnapping is over. You win. Marcus is coming to collect you’ Urs told her.
‘I…I don’t want to go’ Far sighed.
‘What…?’ Urs looked at her like he was seeing her for the first time.

‘I said, I don’t want to go’
‘Why not?’ he asked, staring at her as though she were a madwoman.
‘You know why not Urs’
‘But I’m letting you go. I’m letting you go and be happy’
‘You don’t need to let me go for me to be happy…’
‘I thought that was what you wanted? Freedom, from me?’ Urs asked.
‘Not anymore’
‘What changed?’
‘Rowi. She made me see. Made me realise. But of course…now I see that its too late’
‘Yes, its too late’ Urs agreed.
‘You’re letting me go. With Marcus’
‘It is what you wanted’ Urs reminded her.
‘I changed my mind’ replied Fara.
‘So did I’ came Urs’ response.
‘Could I…could I change it back?’ Fara asked.
‘Not now. No’
‘Oh. Right’ Fara sadly nodded, tears in her eyes. She blinked. Not wanting to show Urs just how upset she was at this point.

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PostSubject: Chapter 47   Sun Aug 09, 2009 5:06 pm

Chapter Forty Seven

Marcus, was already there, waiting when Fara and Urs got back to the hotel after their horse ride. Urs had gone to get changed when Fara found Marcus, already waiting.
‘Darling’ he hugged Fara. She didn’t hug him back, ‘You ok?’ he asked, sensing something was wrong.
‘I…I can’t marry you Marcus. Not anymore’ Fara honestly told him.
‘Why not?’ he asked.
‘I…I don’t love you’
‘That never stopped you before…’
‘I realised. That I can’t live without love’
‘You’re…in love with someone else then I’m guessing?’ Marcus asked.
‘Yes’ Fara nodded and sighed.
‘Him. Amelia’s father’ Marcus correctly guessed.
‘Urs’ Fara corrected, ‘but its too late’ she sighed again, ‘for he doesn’t love me anymore’
‘Oh?’ Marcus asked.
‘I…I tried talking to him. But he wouldn’t listen’
‘Crazy man’
‘No. Just sensible I guess’
‘Do you want me…to talk to him?’ Marcus then offered.
‘It wouldn’t make any difference. He’s made his mind up’
‘What are you going to do then?’
‘Go back to England I suppose. Start again somewhere new’
‘Good luck’ Marcus kissed Fara’s cheek.
‘Thanks…’ she sadly sighed.

Fara went to find Urs.
‘Are you going then?’ he asked her.
‘Where’s Marcus?’ he then asked, looking around for him.
‘He’s gone’
‘I wanted to meet him. To talk about Amelia’
‘He’s….we’re not…together anymore’
‘He dumped you?’ Urs asked.
‘No. I finished it with him’
‘I can’t live with someone I don’t love’

‘But I thought…’
‘So did I, but I was wrong’
‘So…you’re going to be a single mum then?’
‘I did it before, I can do it again’ said Fara.
‘You don’t have to be…’
‘I do Urs’ Fara sighed.
‘Just say the words’
‘I tried. Earlier. But you didn’t want to listen’
‘I did. I do’ Urs corrected himself.
‘You don’t Urs. You told me, that you’ve changed your mind’
‘Not about loving you I haven’t’
‘But I thought…?’ Fara asked.
‘I was going to ask you, one last time, to marry me, that’s what I meant’
‘Pity’ Fara sighed, ‘I would have said yes’
‘You would have?’ Urs asked, looking at her.
‘Yes Urs’
‘I love you’ Fara whispered.
‘I love you’ she repeated.
‘I guess, I’ve always loved you’
‘I told you. I talked to Rowi. She made me realise. Made me see, realise, that what I felt, that what I feel…is love’
‘I thought I’d lost you’ Urs mumbled.
‘No. You’ve won me’
‘Have I?’
‘You won me a long time ago. I just never realised’
‘Come here…’ Urs then asked, in a gruff voice.
‘Not yet. Earlier. Those shopping bags…?’
‘I’d bought you, a few things…’
Urs walked to his wardrobe. He got out a bag he had hidden in it.
‘These…’ he handed it over to Fara.
She looked inside.
‘I needed help…on sizes, colours… so Cydalia came with me’ Urs lightly smiled.
Fara bought out of the bag underwear. A matching set. Several matching sets. They were the right size.
‘I’ve always wanted matching underwear…’ Fara smiled, blushing slightly.
‘I guessed as much’ Urs smiled back, ‘do you like them?’ he asked.
‘I love them’ Fara replied, she looked up at him, ‘I love you Urs’
‘Marry me?’ he asked.
‘Yes please’
‘I’ve got you a ring…’ he reached into his jeans pocket and bought out a small box.
‘I’ve still got my old one..’ Fara then confessed.
‘I kept it. Here’ she put her hands into her pocket and bought it out, ‘it goes everywhere I go’ she confessed.
‘Then you can have two’ Urs smiled, slipping both rings onto her finger and pulling her close, ‘I love you’ he whispered before kissing her, holding her close.
Fara returned the kissing.

No one was surprised at their engagement or at Fara’s public confession of love for Urs. The public confession happened when IL DIVO did a private concert for some American politicians a week later. IL DIVO were on stage at the time, having just finished singing, ‘Every time I look at you’ when Fara appeared on stage, microphone in hand and walked straight up to a stunned, but happy Urs and said so everyone could hear, ‘I love this man. The wonderful Urs Toni Buhler. My fiancé’ then she kissed him.
The crowd all clapped and cheered.
‘And I love you Fara Jane Hollinshead’ Urs returned.

Six weeks later, they married. In Churston Cove, South Devon just as Fara had always dreamed of. Amelia again was flower girl. Colby page boy. Rowi and Camy bridesmaids. Cydalia sat next to Carlos with her pregnancy bump as did Dany. Dany was nearly three months pregnant. Rowi was sick before the ceremony also admitting to being pregnant, ‘I’m just gone two months’ she confessed. Linda and Felix were at the wedding too.
David was Urs’ best man.
Fara, and her bump, for yes, she was pregnant, walked down the aisle on her father, Robert’s arm, wearing a dress, yes, that’s right, a dress, of plain white with little blue flowers all over it. Her mother, Patricia sat next to Seb and cried into a tissue.
‘My little girl…getting married at last’ she sobbed over the tissue Seb had given her.
‘Its ok. Fara is in great hands. Urs loves her’ Seb reassured Patricia.
‘I know. I can see. And I can see Fara loves him’ Patricia sniffed.
‘It took her a little time, but she soon realised’ Seb smiled.
‘A man worth waiting for’ smiled Patricia.
‘Now marrying a woman worth waiting for’ Seb added, in agreement.

When Elsa found out about the wedding she tried her hardest to ruin it, but she didn’t succeed. Urs and Fara together were just too strong. They needed each other to be strong. Apart they were weak, but together they made sense. Perfect sense. This, was one holiday romance worth waiting for as they both found out.

Oh, for the honeymoon Urs took Fara and Amelia to Disney world, Florida.
So Fara could meet her favourite Donald Duck. Fara was mad about Donald Duck. She loved Donald Duck because when she was little, her father used to quack to her like Donald Duck does.
‘Don’t go running away with him now!’ Urs laughed as Fara hugged her idol - Donald Duck.
‘How could I? he’s not half as handsome as you!’ Fara returned the laughter.
‘Or…as intelligent!’ Urs added.
‘Plus, all that quacking…could drive a girl crazy!’ Fara agreed.
‘Oh, I do love you Fara Buhler’ Urs smiled, holding her close.
‘And I love you, Urs Buhler’ Fara kissed him, ‘nothing can compare to you’ she told him.
‘Or to you’ he agreed, feeling happy. His family were his now.
His beautiful, wonderful wife Fara and beautiful daughter Amelia and now their new child. Perfect. Complete.

Ps, Cydalia and Carlos had a girl, named Lucia Marin.
Dany and David had a little girl also named Camille.
Rowi and Seb had a little boy, named Stefan.
And Fara and Urs had a little boy, named Lars.


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~*Holiday Romance*~ By: Kazyjay (Kaz)
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