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 *From This Moment On* By: KazyJay

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PostSubject: *From This Moment On* By: KazyJay   Tue Aug 11, 2009 10:58 pm


This, I first posted it on IL DIVO’s official website but kind of got it taken off because I was a little unkind to one of the characters, (not any of the fans involved in this story, but she was based, is based on one of the guys real life girlfriends) those who know me know I would never be nasty to anyone but there is just something about this one particular woman that I HATE! When you read this story it will make sense who I mean although her name is something different.
So, that is why this story is here, in x-rated stories because of the subject matter. It gets a little nasty in places but I think (although I wrote this) that this is a good story. So, have a read and let me know what you all think. Am I nasty for no reason, or do you feel the same? I’ll let you read both the original chapter and the moderated version of the chapter when we get to it so you can see what you all think. Which do you prefer? OK thanks!
OK everyone. Up to you now.
Have fun reading it! Love Kaz xxx

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PostSubject: Re: *From This Moment On* By: KazyJay   Tue Aug 11, 2009 11:02 pm

From This Moment On

Cast of characters…

Karen - Kazyjay (Me. I’m in this one too!!)
Linda - Lin_loves_coffee
Cydalia - Carlos fan 1
Patricia - Patricia Diva
Dee - Deborah_UK
And not forgetting,…
Urs Buhler
Carlos Marin
David Miller
Sebastien Izambard
And Urs’ brother….oh, and David’s cousin….
(Sorry girls if I’ve got your user names wrong. Please forgive me!)

Special guest stars - Camy - Camille.
Fran - FranMillerIzmbard.


‘I…I want a divorce…’ Karen nervously coughed down the phone
‘Ok. Fine. Whatever’ her soon to be ex-husband sighed.
‘It…it was a mistake, after all’ Karen pointed out
‘I said ok Karen’ he snapped
‘So, I’ll need your address…’ Karen whispered now
‘What for?’ he asked
‘To send the papers to. The divorce papers’ Karen reminded him
‘Sure. Sure’ he sighed again, then reluctantly told her the address.
‘Thanks’ Karen said, after writing it down, ‘I’ll get my solicitor to send you them tomorrow’ she said sounding cheerful now
‘Whatever Karen. Whatever’ he sighed again before disconnecting the call.

'He agreed’ Karen said after the phone had gone dead.
‘Good. And about time too!’ her new fiancé complained.
‘We had to wait two years. That was the rule…’
‘Two years too long!’ he complained
‘Yes, well’ Karen sighed, ‘its done now’
‘Why did you marry him in the first place?’ he asked
‘It was a… a mistake. One of those things…’
‘Tell me?’
‘Because I want to know’
‘Is it important?’ Karen asked
‘Yes, I think it is’ her fiancé replied
‘Ok’ Karen sighed, ‘ok…’ she took a deep breath, then started, ‘we met…backstage. At a concert…’
‘His concert’ she was interrupted
‘Yes. Ok’ Karen sighed again, ‘at his concert…’
‘In which country?’
‘Aah! Yes, America. Las Vegas’
‘Yes. Las Vegas’
‘Go on…’ he prompted
‘I met him, backstage, at his groups concert, in Las Vegas. I guess, I guess it was lust, or something like that, at first sight’
‘Enough to marry him? Barely three hours after meeting him?’
‘Yes’ Karen sighed again, ‘I can’t remember who mentioned marriage. But at the time it seemed like such a great idea…’
‘Mm…’ said her fiancé, suspiciously
‘It did. I mean, here I was…’ Karen coughed, ‘holding his hand and it just…it just seemed right. At the time…’
‘Until a week later’
‘Yes, until a week later. Then I guess I realised that I’d actually made quite a mistake…’
‘But he didn’t…’ he interrupted

‘I…I don’t know’ Karen replied, ‘so I am quite surprised. That he said yes. To the divorce’
‘Unless he met someone else’
‘Yes, yes that could be the reason’ Karen, for some reason, felt really sad at that idea. She didn’t know why. Didn’t understand. But she did all the same. She sighed. Remembering their week together. At the time it had seemed so exciting. But now, now she realised just how blind she had been. How could she have married a guy she had just only met? What had possessed her to do it? And him? A member of her favourite group. A member of IL DIVO? It would have never worked. They were just too different to each other. Too far apart. It would have never worked. Never. Karen sighed and shook her head. Sadly.

Meanwhile the member of IL DIVO she had married, replaced the receiver with a large sigh.
‘Its all over’ he muttered to himself, ‘I’ve lost’ he shook his head. Dejected. He hadn’t been the type to believe in love. Not at first sight. Or at all. Until he had met Karen. Meeting her, seeing her face, had changed all that. He had taken one look and had fallen straight head over heels. Bam! Done. Love.
Marrying her three hours later had seemed like such a wonderful idea. He had wanted it. She had wanted it. It just seemed so right. So perfect. So they had. They had gone straight to the small chapel next to the concert venue and had been married. By an Elvis look-alike singing badly, ‘Every time I look at you’. At the time, it had seemed perfect. It was perfect. They had had a week together. A week of making love until he woke up one day and had found her gone. She later sent a note with one word written on it. ‘Sorry’ and containing her wedding ring. He had had no contact, no way of contacting her until today. Ironically today was his birthday. He had woken up thinking wonderful things. He was now 36. Then she had rung. Karen. And instead of asking if she could come back, which he would have gladly welcomed her with open arms, she had called - wanting a divorce. Breaking his already broken heart further into two.

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PostSubject: Re: *From This Moment On* By: KazyJay   Tue Aug 11, 2009 11:08 pm


How did this all start? Well, it started first with a concert. A concert that Karen didn’t actually want to go to. She was kind of forced into going by her friend.
‘It’ll be great’ Linda enthused
‘I can’t go…’ Karen had tried
‘Look, it’s holiday time. You’re coming. Its all booked’ Linda had ignored Karen
‘But going to Las Vegas…’ Karen had attempted again
‘The city of dreams!’
‘Thought that was Los Angeles?’
‘Nah. City of Angels is Los Angeles. Anyway, you’re coming. Here’ Linda handed Karen something, ‘your ticket’ Linda waved it about
‘Oh. Ok’ in a daze, Karen took it. She looked at the date on the ticket.
‘Next week?’ she noticed, squeaking.
‘Yep. Next week! Great, eh?’ Linda smiled
‘But I can’t…’ Karen mumbled

‘You can. Like I said, its already been all arranged!’ Linda laughed now
Karen looked at her. It was no use. She was stuck. There was no getting out of it now. The ticket was in her name. Karen Jones. Booked.

Karen sat on the plane and looked out of the window. Watching the clouds pass. Next to her sat Linda. Headphones in ears. Singing badly, and loudly along to her CD. Listening to IL DIVO Karen noticed. She was also gazing at the CD booklet at the same time. Swooning over all four guys. Karen and Linda had met on an IL DIVO forum. They had chatted to each other not realising that they lived in the same area until the first concert. Then they had met up and had been in touch ever since. The first concert they had been stuck at the back. Not being able to see the guys, but thankfully to the sound system, could hear them all perfectly well. They vowed then, that the next concert they would see them at would be one that they could actually see the guys up close. Now, going to Las Vegas, was that chance.

Karen looked out her hotel window,
‘Hey! Time to get ready!’ Linda told her
‘Sorry, I was miles away…’ Karen apologised
‘Yes. And I can guess where. Work, right?’
Karen nodded.
‘The new edition will get out on time!’ Linda tried to reassure Karen.
‘I know that. Its just that…’ Karen tried
‘No, they managed before. They will do it again’ Linda tutted.
Karen worked for a magazine. Called ‘Motorbike Monthly’
She was mad about them. Writing for the magazine was the closest she ever got to riding them.
She let out a sigh.
‘Come on! Chop, chop!’ Linda clapped her hands
‘Ok, ok, I’m going. I’m going…’ Karen walked towards the bathroom.

It didn’t take long for Karen to get ready. She quickly washed her already short hair and then let it dry naturally. It went all curly which Karen hated but she couldn’t be bothered with attempting to straighten it. Or do anything productive with it so she just left it alone.

‘What are you wearing?’ Linda asked once Karen had emerged out of the bathroom
‘Jeans and a t-shirt’ Karen replied
‘Oh…’ Linda said
‘Why? What are you wearing?’ Karen asked her friend
‘This dress…’ Linda showed Karen it. It was red in colour, low cut and showed of her legs.
‘Nice’ Karen nodded
‘Thought I might grab one, or two of the guys attentions!’ Linda winked seductively.
‘And which seats are we in again?’ Karen asked, pulling on her Harley t-shirt.
‘Front row!’ Linda giggled
‘Then I am sure one, or two of them will notice you in that’
‘Just as long its Seb…or Urs…’ Linda swooned, ‘who’s attention do you want?’ she then asked Karen
‘I don’t’ said Karen, ‘I just want to have a great time, and enjoy the concert’ she replied in honesty.
‘Oh….’ Linda looked at her, ‘bet you’ll catch Urs’ eye. With that t-shirt…’
‘Well, I’m not out to catch anyone’s eye. I promise’ Karen tried telling her friend.
‘We’ll see. We’ll see’ Linda sighed sadly.

Karen loved the concert. While Linda stood next to her and swooned over Seb and Urs, Karen stood and sung and danced and clapped along to every song. She loved Passera and sung as loudly as she could. And surprisingly, was completely in tune. The concert seemed to be over in a flash, when in reality it took over two hours. Then it was time to go.
A security guard stopped them from leaving. He came up to Karen and Linda, took hold of their arms and told them,
‘Excuse me ladies, but you are to come with me’
‘Why?’ Linda demanded, ‘we’ve done nothing wrong…’
‘That doesn’t matter. This way please’ and the security guard took them down a long, dark corridor to a room. A room with a table, a sofa and a TV in it.
‘Wait here please ladies’ he told them before leaving. When he had gone, Karen tried the door handle,
‘Its looked…’ she noticed.
‘Great! Not the ending to the concert I was expecting…’ Linda moaned, banging on the door with her fists.
Karen sighed and sat herself down on the sofa.
‘Hope we’re let out by tomorrow, or we’ll miss our flight!’ Linda attempted to laugh, before sitting down next to Karen.
Karen flicked through her tour booklet.
‘How can you look at that? We’re stuck in here and you’re…’ Linda shook her head, looking at Karen.
‘Moaning won’t get us out of here any quicker’ Karen tried telling her friend. But it was no use.
Linda stared at her phone, ‘Blast! Can’t get a signal…’ she waved her phone about, ‘how about you?’ she asked Karen.
‘I’ve not got mine with me’ Karen told her.
‘You’ve…? Where is it then?’ Linda asked
‘Back at the hotel’ Karen admitted.
‘Great! We’re stuck here. Without a signal…’
Then the girls heard a noise. Like someone was unlocking the door. Linda stood up. Karen stayed sitting. The door opened. In walked the security guard,
‘Please come with me’ he got hold of Linda’s arm,

‘Where… are you taking us?’ Linda demanded
‘Not both. Just you’ the security guard told her
‘Come with me. And you’ll see’ he told her.
‘Go on. You’ll be ok’ Karen told Linda
‘But…’ Linda muttered
‘Look, go with him ok?’ Karen told her.
‘Ok’ Linda sighed, ‘back soon!’ she sarcastically laughed before allowing the security guard to take her away, ‘don’t grab so hard! I bruise easily!’ Karen could hear Linda complain.
Karen watched her go. Then she looked down towards her feet. She let out a sigh. Then she noticed another pair of feet. She looked slowly up. Then a man’s shoes were attached to someone wearing a pair of jeans,
‘Nice thighs….’ Karen couldn’t help but notice. He was wearing a t-shirt. A black one, with a red eagle on it. Then Karen got to his face. He was smiling.
“Hi’ he smiled
‘H….hi’ Karen replied, staring.

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PostSubject: Re: *From This Moment On* By: KazyJay   Tue Aug 11, 2009 11:12 pm


‘Urs’ he held out a hand
‘Karen’ Karen placed her hand in his and let him pull her to her feet.
‘Pleased to meet you Karen at last’ he told her
‘Oh…?’ Karen asked
‘I noticed you. In the concert’ Urs told her
‘Nice t-shirt’ he nodded
‘Thanks’ Karen smiled
‘I’ve one similar…’
‘Oh? What, complete with oil stain?’ Karen laughed, then indicated the stain. It was just under her left arm.
‘No, mine is….stain free’ he laughed too, ‘So, Karen…’ he gazed at her. He was still holding her hand.
Karen tried to pull away.
‘No’ he told her, holding her more firmly
‘My friend…’ Karen asked
‘Is fine’
‘We thought…that we were in trouble…’
‘No. No trouble. I just wanted to meet you. That’s all’
‘Oh, I see….’ Karen replied, puzzled.
‘So, Karen….’ Urs said again
‘Yes?’ she asked
‘Marry me?’ he asked
‘Wha….what?’ Karen squeaked
‘I said’ Urs gazed at her, ‘marry me?’
‘But we don’t… I don’t…you don’t…’ Karen tried
‘Oh, I know, I know’ he nodded, ‘but I still want to’ he smiled
‘You still…’ Karen squeaked again
‘Yes. Yes I do’ he nodded again, ‘so?’ he asked
‘I…I don’t know what to say…’ Karen answered, truthfully.
‘Simple really’ he told her, ‘yes’ he smiled, ‘or no?’ he frowned. Karen found herself smiling.
‘Can I take that as a yes then?’ he asked, hopefully.
Karen gazed at him. This was mad she thought! I’ve just met the guy. I know absolutely nothing about him! Nothing! ‘Yes’ she found herself answering.
‘Yes?’ he asked
‘Yes. Yes, I’ll….I’ll marry you’ she repeated
‘Thank you’ he beamed at her, ‘thank you’

The chapel was next door to the concert hall. Karen married wearing her jeans and a white shirt Urs had lent her. They stood there, holding hands as the Elvis impersonator did their vows then pronounced them ‘Husband and wife’ then, as Karen and Urs kissed for the very first time he sang a bad version of ‘Every time I look at you’
Then Urs had picked Karen up in his arms and had taken her straight to his hotel, which was also Karen and Linda’s. To his room, to ‘Make love to my beautiful wife’ is how he put it.
It was a wonderful week. Karen and Urs barely left the room let alone the bed. She never told Linda about the marriage. But made up an excuse for not going home. No one knew. Not Karen’s friends and families. Nor Urs. No one. They were planning on telling them all. Eventually. Until one morning. Urs woke up alone. With no sign of Karen left anywhere. He tried to find her. But it was pointless. He knew absolutely nothing about his wife. Except her first name was Karen, that she had blue sparkly eyes, brown curly hair and loved motorbikes. Oh, and that she loved having her neck kissed. Barely nothing really.
Now the wife Urs knew nothing about had phoned him. To ask for a divorce. He wanted to tell someone but he couldn’t. No one knew. So he had to brood in silence.

‘Urs….mate? Anyone in there?’ David waved a hand in front of Urs; face.
‘Yeh. Sorry…’ Urs apologised.
‘What’s up mate? You’ve been weird ever since that phone call you received this morning’ David pointed out.
‘Oh, that…’
‘Was it bad news?’ David asked
‘Sort of’ Urs sighed
‘Tell me mate?’
‘I can’t…’ Urs sighed again
‘You can mate, you can’ David prompted
‘Ok’ Urs looked at David, ‘that phone call, it was from my wife’
‘Wha…?’ asked a stunned David
‘Two years ago. We were in Las Vegas….’
‘You’re married?’ David interrupted
‘Yes’ Urs nodded
‘But you said…that you’d never….’ David gazed at his friend. The friend he thought he knew. Obviously he was wrong. That he’d never really known Urs at all.
‘Well, I won’t be for much longer…’ Urs looked down
‘Meaning?’ David asked
‘She… Karen’ Urs smiled at her name, ‘wants a divorce’ he frowned as he said those words. ‘wants a divorce’
‘Oh mate…’ David attempted to sympathise, ‘so you’ve been married to…to Karen for two years?’
‘Yes’ Urs sighed
‘But we’ve never…met her…’ David pointed out
‘We managed a week. Then I woke up one morning and she was gone’ Urs sighed again, ‘then a month later she sent a note’ Urs reached into his pocket, and bought out the note, and Karen’s wedding ring. He handed it, the note to David. David looked at it.
‘Sorry?’ he asked reading the note, ‘nothing else?

‘She sent her ring’ Urs replied
‘Oh mate…’
‘I know we hadn’t known each other for long. But I loved her. I thought…I thought it would be forever…’
‘But she wants a divorce?’ David asked
‘Yes. She rang today’
‘And you didn’t object?’ David asked
‘How could I?’ Urs asked, puzzled
‘Mate, you love her. Of course you could object! Hell, I would!’ David replied
‘But…but…’ Urs muttered
‘Mate, wait for the papers to arrive, then arrange to met up with her. Then talk her out of it!’ David felt like shouting. Here he was, witnessing his friend about to give up without a fight. It certainly wasn’t the Urs he knew. Where had he gone? Giving up without a fight! Honestly! Urs!
‘If I thought knocking you head against the wall would help, hell, I would!’ David told Urs.
Urs looked at David. A blank, defeated look on his face. David sighed, and shook his head.

Urs wished he had the strength to fight. He really did. But he didn’t. He couldn’t. It wouldn’t be worth it. She left him. Walked out. He hadn’t seen Karen in nearly 2 years now, although every night he had dreamt of her. Every night. He had tried to get on with his life. But it had been hard. He had had a girlfriend since. But even then being with her, his heart really wasn’t where it should have been. She had made all the running. He had given in without a fight, knowing that he had to get on with his life. To try and forget Karen. But it had been hard. And now she had got back in contact. Asking for the one thing he most dreaded in his life. Wanting a divorce. Wanting to end it. End their knowledge to each other.

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PostSubject: Re: *From This Moment On* By: KazyJay   Tue Aug 11, 2009 11:13 pm


‘He’s what?’ Carlos, stunned asked David
‘Urs, is married’ David repeated himself.
‘For…for how long?’ Seb now asked David
‘Two years’
‘And yet…we just know about this now?’ Carlos asked
‘He kept it quiet’ David sighed
‘He most certainly did’ Seb agreed
‘But why? I mean, we’ve never met… what is her name?’ Carlos asked
‘Karen. Urs’ wife is named Karen. And you never met her’ David sighed, ‘because she left him. After a week of marriage’
‘Sensible girl!’ Seb laughed
‘Mad woman!’ Carlos remarked at the same time. He then glared at Seb, ‘Seb’ he said, ‘be nice’
‘’Sorry!’ Seb laughed again
‘Seb’ Carlos said
‘Sorry, sorry…’ Seb apologised properly this time
‘So, this girl, left Urs?’ Carlos asked David
‘Yes’ David nodded
‘Why?’ Carlos asked, ‘why?’
‘I don’t know. Neither, does Urs’ David sighed
‘Then we must find out the reason. We must. For Urs’ Carlos declared
‘But Urs…he doesn’t want to fight’ David tried
‘Then we must fight for him!’ Carlos declared again, ‘for our friend. We must’ he nodded definitely.

A month later, Urs received the divorce papers. He was just about to sign them when Carlos stopped him,
‘My friend, what are you doing?’ he asked
‘Signing my divorce papers’ Urs sighed
‘You’re signing them, without wanting to know why?’
‘Why what?’ Urs asked
‘Why she left you of course! If Cydalia left me, I’d want to know! I would demand to know!’ Carlos banged his fist on the table in part anger.
‘Well, I’m not like you’ Urs regarded Carlos
‘But mate…friend…’
‘Look, I’m scared ok?’ Urs snapped
‘Of what?’ Carlos asked
‘Of finding out…of…of everything…’ Urs sighed, dejected
‘Mate…mate…’ Carlos patted his shoulder, ‘we are here for you…every step of the way. Every step’ he calmly told Urs
‘Thanks…sorry’ Urs sighed again
‘No need to apologise my friend. No need’ Carlos reassured Urs, taking the divorce papers away from his hands.

Karen looked at the papers in stunned silence.
‘So, he’s signed them then?’ her fiancé, named Stuart beamed at her
‘Not…not quite’’ Karen muttered
‘Meaning?’ Stuart demanded
Karen handed him the divorce papers.
‘He’s refusing to sign…?’ Stuart spluttered, ‘under what grounds?’ he demanded
‘The letter said…’ Karen scanned Urs’ solicitors letter, ‘due to unforeseen circumstances Mr Buhler can not sign unless he receives a reasonable explanation as to why the divorce reciprocate wants the said divorce’ she read out.
‘He wants to know…’
‘The reason for the divorce. Yes’ Karen finished
‘Which you are going to tell him, right?’ Stuart asked
Karen shook her head. ‘I…I can’t’ she whispered
‘You can’t? what do you mean you can’t? you have to! You want to marry me, don’t you?’ Stuart demanded
‘Suppose…’ Karen shrugged
‘You want to marry me, don’t you?’ Stuart demanded again
‘Yes’ Karen replied. No her head was saying. No I don’t. You are a bully and I don’t love you. But she didn’t say any of this out loud. She dared not to. Too scared.
‘Then you have to tell him! it’s the only way!’ Stuart shouted now.
‘I’ll…I’ll arrange, to meet him…maybe we can…come to some arrangement..’ Karen replied
‘Hmm….’ Stuart glared at her.
‘We’ll have to meet up, sooner or later’ Karen pointed out
‘Then I am coming with you!’ Stuart said, shouting again.

‘Karen want to arrange a…a visit…’ Urs told Carlos while reading the letter he had just received from his solicitor that morning.
‘That’s good news my friend!’ Carlos smiled
‘But…she wants to meet on…mutual grounds’ Urs said
‘Mutual?’ Carlos asked
‘At her solicitors office’ Urs sighed
‘Hardly mutual. But Ok, at least that is progress, isn’t it, of a type?’ Carlos asked
‘Suppose’ Urs sighed again. ‘suppose’.

Karen sat in her solicitors office and waited. Her palms felt all sticky and her mouth dry. Karen took a mouthful of water and swallowed. She nervously patted her hair. It felt like she was on a blind date. She was nervous. Oh so very nervous. She swallowed again and watched the door. He would be here soon. It would be the first time in nearly 2 years that Karen had seen him. Her husband. Urs.

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PostSubject: Re: *From This Moment On* By: KazyJay   Tue Aug 11, 2009 11:17 pm


Urs was so nervous. He cut himself shaving three times and couldn’t keep his hand still while attempting to brush his hair. He looked a mess. Had bags under his eyes where he couldn’t sleep. He hadn’t been able to sleep since he had received confirmation of today’s meeting. He had spent too many nights, tossing and turning in bed. Wondering what was going to happen today. Wondering what he would find. He swallowed. Then wiped his sticky palms on his trouser legs.
‘Come on mate’ Carlos encouraged, opening the door while Urs just stood and looked at it, ‘in you go’ he nudged Urs.
‘Ok’ Urs cleared his throat, ‘co…coming’ and he made his legs walk into the room.
Stuart wasn’t with Karen. She had managed to trick him into letting her go by herself, telling him that the meeting had been cancelled and re-arranged for the next day. She knew, by doing this she was asking for trouble but at the moment she just didn’t care one way or another. She sat, and waited. Then the door opened, and in Urs walked, with a friend of his.
Karen attempted to smile. But failed.
Urs smiled at Karen. He was puzzled when he didn’t receive a smile back. Did she really hate him that much? He wondered. That much? What had happened to her? She had changed. Looked so much more thinner. Her hair shorter. Her blue eyes had lost their twinkle. Their sparkle Urs noticed. He frowned.
‘Hello Karen’ he spoke
‘Urs’ Karen gave a brief nod
‘Its been a long time…’ he said
‘Two years’ replied Karen
‘Hello, I’m Carlos, Urs’ friend’ Carlos held out a hand, Karen shook it. He and Urs sat opposite Karen.
‘Where is your…solicitor?’ Karen asked, looking around
‘He’s not coming’ said Urs
‘Not…? Why ever not?’ Karen asked
‘Because I just wanted to see you, the first time without any’ Urs explained
‘Fine’ Karen nodded
‘You’ve…changed’ Urs gazed at Karen, taking in her appearance
‘It has been two years’ Karen reminded Urs, again.
‘I know, but…’
‘Anyway, the reason we are here’ Karen said, changing the subject
‘Yes, that’ said Urs
‘Urs wants to know, the reason you left’ said Carlos
‘Yes, so I heard’ said Karen
‘And?’ Carlos asked as Urs just continued to gaze at Karen.
‘Its…personal’ said Karen
‘Personal, how?’ Carlos asked
‘I really wouldn’t like to say…’ Karen tried

‘I’m not going, until I know’ Urs finally spoke again.
Karen let out a large sigh. She then moved backwards, away from the desk she had been hiding behind all this time.
Urs gasped.
‘This, is the reason’ Karen indicated her wheelchair
‘You’re…’ Urs mumbled
‘Paralysed, yes’ Karen looked blankly at Urs.
‘When…?’ Urs asked
‘You don’t need to know. This is the reason’ said Karen
‘Its…its not…’ Urs mumbled
‘It is. I would like a divorce. And as soon as possible. Please’ Karen added as an afterthought.
‘I’m sorry…but I can’t…I can’t….not now’ Urs shook his head
‘Pardon?’ Karen asked
‘I’m not divorcing you Karen. Being stuck in a wheelchair isn’t a reason for you, or I to divorce. So no. I’m sorry. But no. No divorce’ Urs told her
‘But I don’t love you’ Karen stared at him.
‘No?’ he asked

‘Sorry. Don’t believe you’ he moved to kneel down in front of Karen’s chair. He touched her left hand, ‘you and I are married. And we are staying that way’ he then handed Karen her wedding ring. Karen looked at the ring. The looked at Urs. Then, with her right hand reached out and smacked him. Right across his face. Urs laughed then took the ring and placed it on Karen’s finger, ‘You are mine. Wheelchair or no wheelchair. We are married. And will be. Forever’ he made it sound like a warning.
‘I want a divorce’ Karen spat now.
‘Nope. Not getting one’ Urs smiled, touching her face
‘I hate you’ Karen spat
‘No you don’t’
‘I do’ Karen glared at him.
‘Love me’
‘Hate you’
‘Love me. You always have. You always will, like I love you’ he gazed at her.
‘I’m marrying someone else’
‘You can’t, until we divorce. And as that is never going to happen…’
‘It will’
‘It won’t’
‘It will’ Karen spat again
‘It won’t Karen, it won’t’ Urs sighed now, ‘come on’ he stood behind her now and started wheeling her chair,
‘Where… where are you taking me?’ Karen demanded
‘You are my wife. You are coming with me’ and Urs, with Carlos following behind, laughing, wheeled Karen out of her solicitors office.

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PostSubject: Re: *From This Moment On* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 3:37 am


Truth be told, Karen had never meant to leave Urs. When they had married she had every intention of staying with him, being married to him until the day she died. And she would have. Had she not had had her accident that fateful day. She had been married to Urs for a week when she decided, that they should celebrate the date, so she got up early. To go and buy him a surprise present. Karen was crossing the road at the time, when it happened. A truck, ignoring the lights charged at her. Even if Karen had seen it coming towards her she still wouldn’t have had enough time to get out of its way.
She woke up, a week later, in hospital after being in a coma. It was a hellish month. First Karen couldn’t remember who she was, then when she did remember, she remembered Urs. In a hotel room somewhere waiting for her to come back to him. Then the doctor informed her of the worst piece of news she would ever hear,
‘I’m sorry Ms Jones…but you are paralysed’
Karen cried heartfelt tears at the news. Then came to a decision. She couldn’t stay married. Not now. Not when she wasn’t the person Urs had married anymore. So she took her wedding ring off, placed it in an envelope, containing a note with one word on it,
‘Sorry’ and sent it to him. Hoping never to have contact with him again, or ever planning to divorce. And she wouldn’t have. Until she met Stuart. Bully Stuart. Then he had found out, that she was already married and so for him to be able to marry her, needed a divorce. Stuart had eventually bullied Karen into submission. Into giving up. So against her better judgement she had finally done the one thing she swore never to do. Contact Urs and ask for a divorce.
And now they had met up. It hadn’t gone how Karen had thought it would. She never expected for Urs to come along and kidnap her like he had!

‘You can’t do this’ Karen shouted to Urs
‘Do what?’ he asked, amused
‘Kidnap me!!’
‘Kidnap…? How can I do that? We are officially married!’ Urs laughed
‘Let me go!’ Karen demanded as Urs pushed her into his hotel now
‘Sorry. No can do’
‘You can!’
‘But I’m not going to’ Urs told her
‘I hate you!’ Karen shouted
‘Oh, I know. I know. You have already told me’
‘But you’re not LISTENING!’ Karen shouted louder.
Urs stopped pushing her wheelchair then, and came to kneel in front of her, ‘Oh believe me darling, I am listening’ he told her, touching her face ‘I am’
‘Then. Let. Me. GO!’
‘No Karen’ he smiled
Karen sighed. Then reached out a hand to smack him. But it was no use. He moved out of her reach, ‘You…you bastard’ she spat at him instead
‘That, Karen I may be. I just may be’ he smiled before continuing to push her wheelchair again.

To find out that not only was your boyfriend married, but married to someone in a wheelchair was the ultimate betrayal Lucinda came to find out. Then to bring her, to the hotel you were sharing with your boyfriend! Lucinda thought she knew Urs. Two years nearly they had been together. Sure, Lucinda had been the on to do all the running, but to think she knew her boyfriend. Then one day he disappears and re-appears later with the wife you never knew he had! Lucinda was more than a little upset. She was furious! Steaming! She glared at Urs as he introduced that woman in the wheelchair, as his wife! She almost choked on her lunch.
‘She’s your what…?’ Lucinda demanded
‘Wife. Karen is my wife’ Urs smiled, ignoring Lucinda’s tone and glaring.
‘Since when?’ she asked
‘We’ve been married for two years’ Urs smiled
‘Two…?’ Lucinda stuttered, stunned beyond belief.
‘Two years. Yes’ he nodded, happily
‘Two years? To that…that….’ she spat in Karen’s direction.
‘I may be in a wheelchair, but I’m not dumb, deaf, or stupid’ Karen informed Lucinda.
‘You tricked Urs…into…into….’
‘When we married, I could walk, run…’ Karen smiled fondly at the memory of being able to use her legs once upon a time.
‘Oh, I see…. ‘ Lucinda glared at her
‘So I’ll need either you, or I, to move rooms’ Urs told Lucinda
‘What….what for?’ Lucinda asked
‘So I can be with my wife’ Urs smiled
‘I’m not sleeping with you!’ Karen exclaimed
‘To do what?’ Lucinda screeched at the same time as Karen spoke
‘To be with Karen. My wife’ Urs answered Lucinda.
‘I’m not sleeping with you!’ Karen shouted this time
‘I heard you the first time. And you will be’ Urs told Karen, looking at her
‘I’m not!’ Karen shouted again
‘HA!’ Lucinda snorted, ‘you must be a first! Not wanting to sleep, with MY boyfriend!’
‘I’m not your boyfriend Lucinda’ Urs told her
‘You are. Well, you, you were…’ Lucinda stared at him
‘You were someone to sleep with. That is all I used you for’ Urs told Lucinda.
Lucinda glared at him, then spat, ‘Bastard!’ before hitting him and charging out of the room, sobbing.
‘You’ve upset her…’ Karen bit back a giggle.
‘Yes? Well, never mind. Right…now….’
‘I’m not staying here. I’m not!’ Karen said
‘You are’
‘I’m not!’
‘You are!’ Urs answered more forcefully this time
‘I’m not. I can’t. I need my clothes, and medication’ Karen pointed out
‘Carlos has gone to arrange all that’ Urs smiled
‘I need…need special stuff….toilets, baths, and that…ramps…’ Karen tried again
‘That’s ok. This is a hotel with lifts not steps. The bathroom is huge, big enough for a wheelchair. Come and see…’ Urs started wheeling Karen
‘I can do it myself’ she said
‘I know you can. But let me, please?’ he asked.
Karen sighed. And let him wheel her.

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Urs, annoying that he was, was right. The bathroom was huge. Room enough for Karen to manoeuvre her wheelchair,
‘The hotel is going to arrange a bath chair for you to use’ Urs told Karen.
‘I need to visit my physiotherapist every week….’ Karen told him
‘What for?’ he asked
‘I need regular massages. Apparently it helps’
‘I can do that. I am very good with my hands’ Urs winked at Karen.
‘You can forget about that. I am paralyzed. I have no feeling’ Karen told him.
‘Oh…?’ Urs knelt down in front of her, and touched a leg. He ran his hand up and down her leg.
‘I can’t feel that’ Karen told him
‘Ok. How about…this?’ he touched her thigh now, rubbing it gently. Trailing his fingers up and slowly down.
‘No’ Karen lied. Actually, for the first time in nearly 2 years Karen could feel something again. A slight something. Very faint.
‘Pity’ Urs sighed, gazing into her eyes.
‘See? For a wife, I am useless!’ Karen attempted to laugh
‘No Karen. You’re not’ he touched her face
‘I am useless. Not a woman. Half a one…’
‘To me you’re one’ he smiled
‘I’m not…’
‘A whole one’ Urs whispered, before his mouth gently touched Karen’s. He pulled away before Karen had the chance to respond. Not, that she wanted to. But if she had…she didn’t have the chance.
Karen groaned silently to herself, feeling disappointed for some reason.
‘Urs…?’ Karen whispered
‘Urs?’ someone, a male voice called at the same time
‘In here!’ Urs called back.

Karen looked around Urs’ bedroom. It looked all too neat. Everything was in its place. Every bottle had its lid on. Every piece of clothing was neatly folded and either hanging in the wardrobe, or in a drawer. Neatly placed. Nothing was out of place.
Karen looked for Lucinda’s stuff. But couldn’t find anything. No stray underwear in the bedroom or make-up in the bathroom. If they had been sleeping together, they had a strange relationship, for none of her stuff was to be found.
‘She kept all her stuff in her room’ Urs was back now, with a suitcase
‘I didn’t ask…’ Karen tried to point out
‘I know you didn’t. But I guessed you would be wondering, about Lucinda’s…possessions’
‘I kind of guess her biggest possession was you’ Karen told him
‘Yes, well’ Urs coughed, ‘not anymore’ he smiled rather shyly at Karen, ‘your stuff’ he indicated the suitcase
‘I thought I recognised it…’ Karen looked at it,
‘I’ll just go and get the rest of your stuff then I’ll help you to unpack…’
‘I am capable of unpacking myself’ Karen tried not to snap.
‘I know you are’ Urs sighed, before leaving the room.

‘Coming through, with a heavy box!’ a male voice laughed. Karen was unpacking her suitcase, ‘oh…’ the male voice, attached to its body, put the box down on the floor. He stared at Karen, in her wheelchair, ‘you’re…’ he muttered
‘In a wheelchair, yes’ Karen said
‘Sorry, sorry…’ he shook his head, ‘Seb’ he held out a hand
‘Karen’ Karen shook his hand
‘I know’ Seb smiled, ‘Urs’ wife…’
‘Apparently so’ said Karen
‘So, you’re…’ Seb indicated the wheelchair
‘Paralysed, yes’
‘You can’t catch it you know. I had an…an accident’ Karen told him
‘Urs married you…’
‘When I could walk’ Karen finished
‘Oh, I though…’ Seb mumbled
‘No, he didn’t marry me knowing I was in this’ Karen indicated her wheelchair, ‘when we married I could walk, run, work…’ Karen sighed
‘Oh, I’m sorry…’ Seb mumbled again
‘Don’t be. I’m used to it, now’ Karen shrugged
‘Anyway, this is yours…’ Seb indicated the box at his feet
‘Thanks’ Karen started manoeuvring towards it
‘Need…any help?’ Seb asked
‘Thanks. But no. I can manage’ Karen replied
‘Oh, ok…’ Seb smiled, then left the room.

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‘I’ve just met that…Karen’ Seb told David
‘Oh? What is she like?’ David asked
‘In a wheelchair…’
’Oh’ David shrugged
‘Did you hear what I just said?’ Seb asked
‘Yes Seb I did. Karen is in a wheelchair. And?’ David looked at Seb
‘Well, she’s….paralysed’
‘And? I assume she’s still pretty right?’ David asked
Seb nodded, ‘Yes’
‘And female?’ David asked
Again, Seb nodded, ‘Of course’
‘Well then, no reason to look so worried then mate’ David laughed
‘But she’s in a wheelchair…’ Seb muttered again
‘Yes, and?’
‘Well…wheelchair!’ Seb said
‘Seb, I don’t see a problem with that, do you?’ David asked
‘I…well….yes….no’ Seb quickly changed his mind
‘What is it then? Yes, or no?’ David asked
‘No, no’ Seb shook his head
‘Just as long as Urs loves Karen, and she loves him. And that they are happy together, I can’t personally see a problem’ David smiled
‘Thanks for that mate’ Urs’ voice came from behind them
‘Urs….mate…’ Seb looked at Urs nervously
‘Yes Seb?’ he regarded his friend
‘I’m….sorry’ Seb apologised
‘Why? You are allowed an opinion’ Urs told him
‘I know, but…’ Seb shrugged
‘But I wasn’t meant to hear that, right?’ Urs asked
‘Yes. No’ Seb sighed
‘But I have done’ Urs pointed out
‘I’ve ruined our friendship, haven’t I?’ Seb nervously asked
‘No, not quite’ Urs told him truthfully
‘I’m….I’m sorry’ Seb apologised again
‘Don’t be. Just don’t be too faced either ok?’ Urs asked
‘Ok mate’ Seb nodded.

Karen reached for her hairbrush, she had to stretch for it,
‘Blast…’ she moaned, then her chair wobbled and she fell, ‘aahhh!!’ she cried. Urs rushed into the room,
‘Karen?’ he asked, then he noticed her on the floor, ‘what are you doing?’ he asked
‘I reached for my hairbrush…’ Karen explained
‘Here let me…’ Urs made a move to pick Karen up
‘No, don’t. I can do it’ Karen told him
‘Ok’ Urs sighed
‘If you can just stand my wheelchair up, I can….’
‘Right, OK….’ Urs righted Karen’s wheelchair.
Then he watched in amazement as Karen pulled herself slowly but surely into her chair, then when seated, she lifted each leg and placed them on the foot stool
‘Blast’ she exclaimed, ‘hairbrush!’
‘Here’ Urs bent and picked it up. He then handed it to Karen
‘Thanks’ Karen snatched it,
‘Anything else I can do?’ he asked
‘Yes, make sure all my stuff is near the edge, so I can easily reach’ Karen snapped at him
‘OK’ Urs nodded
‘This, is why I shouldn’t be here’ she told him, ‘at my home all the furniture is at a height to which I can reach anything I want. No matter where it is!’
‘Yes, well. Sorry’ Urs apologised as Karen’s phone rang.
She looked at it, ‘Blast, Stuart’
‘Who?’ Urs asked
‘My fiancé’ said Karen
‘Ex’ Urs smiled
‘He’s angry with me…’ Karen looked at her phone
‘Here’ Urs held his hand out
‘What?’ Karen asked
‘I’ll answer it, I’ve a few things to say to him’
‘OK’ Karen sighed, and handed her phone to Urs.

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Karen couldn’t listen to the conversation. So she didn’t. Instead, she wheeled herself out of the room and away from the temptation of overhearing something awful. She wheeled herself away to find Carlos.
‘Well, hello!’ Carlos wiggled his eyebrows at her when she found him
‘I could sue you’ Karen told him
‘Oh…what for?’ Carlos asked
‘I didn’t….’
‘No, but you didn’t actually stop Urs either’ Karen reminded him
‘Ah, yes, you are right….sorry’ Carlos apologised
‘So now I’m trapped here’
‘You’re not trapped…’ Carlos laughed nervously
‘Oh? Oh no?’ Karen asked
‘No, no’ Carlos shook his head
Karen stared at him.
‘OK’ Carlos sighed, ‘maybe you are a little…but its for a good cause’ he tried
‘Good cause?’ Karen laughed, ‘what good cause?’ she asked
‘For Urs’ broken heart’
‘The man who was dating someone else? For the entire time I have been gone?’ Karen asked
‘She persuaded him…’ Carlos tried
‘HA!’ Karen snorted, ‘I bet she didn’t have to try very hard!’
‘Oh, but that’s just it. She did. She did’ Carlos nodded
‘Yeah, right!’ Karen laughed
Carlos was about to respond when Urs turned up,
‘That Stuart’ Urs told Karen, handing her her phone back, ‘is a bully’
‘This, coming from someone who resorts to kidnapping to get what he wants!’ Karen reminded him
‘I may have…kidnapped, but I don’t do bullying. Or swearing or use abusive language in any form’ Urs replied
‘No, that’s true’ Karen sighed
‘And you were going to…to marry this Stuart?’ Carlos asked Karen
‘He loves me…’ Karen tried
‘Oh no. No, love means protecting the people you love. Not hurting them’ Carlos pointed out
‘And’ Urs winked, ‘occasionally kidnapping them to save them from herself’ he laughed
‘HA!’ Karen snorted
‘You’ll thank me, one day’ Urs smiled
‘Not, in this lifetime!’ Karen spat again, trying to wheel herself away. But her wheelchair got stuck on the carpet, ‘bloody hell!’ she cried, ‘another reason why I can’t be here!’
‘Here, come with me’ Urs picked Karen up in his arms,
‘Put me down!’ Karen protested, trying to thump his chest.
‘Stop that’ Urs warned, ‘or I’ll drop you’ he whispered, his mouth close to her ear.
Karen couldn’t help it. She shivered.
‘Cold?’ Urs asked
‘Yes’ Karen lied, ‘put me down!’ she demanded
‘Never’ Urs growled
‘Put me down!’ Karen tried again, as Urs carried her to the bedroom, ‘or I’ll…’
‘You’ll what?’ Urs asked
‘I’ll….I’ll slap you!’
‘Try it, and see’ Urs warned
‘Fine!’ Karen spat, and slapped him. On his face again
‘Right, I did warn you’ Urs growled, almost throwing her on the bed. Karen attempted to roll away. But it was pointless. Urs quickly tapped her by laying himself over her.
Karen pounded her fists on his chest,
‘Ow, feisty aren’t you?’ Urs laughed, before his mouth touched hers. Karen groaned as she felt him tongue, inside her mouth. She stopped her pounding then. Instead, she moved her hands up to cup his head, holding it steady.
They lay there, kissing for what seemed like ages, then Urs pulled away and rolled himself off Karen and to the edge of the bed
‘Urs…?’ Karen asked, puzzled
‘I…I need a shower’ he mumbled
‘Why?’ she asked, still puzzled
Urs turned and looked at her, ‘Because I want you’ he told her
‘Oh, I see…’ Karen murmured
‘And…and we can’t, can we?’ he asked
‘I don’t know. I never asked the doctor that…’ Karen attempted to laugh, but failed
‘So you and Stuart…?’ he asked
‘No. It wasn’t that type of relationship. If he…felt the need, he went elsewhere’ Karen sighed
‘Elsewhere? Why?’ Urs asked
‘Because he couldn’t….with me. Because of the chair I think. I think he was ashamed, of me’ Karen looked at him
‘I’m not’ Urs told her
‘Oh? But you were going to have a shower…’ Karen reminded him
‘You said, that you had no feeling…’ Urs pointed out
‘I lied. I have no idea to whether I do or not. I’ve never tried. No one has ever wanted to…with me. Like Stuart…’
‘I’m not Stuart’ Urs reached out a hand, and touched her face
‘Oh no?’ Karen asked, whispering
‘No’ he whispered, ‘let us try, please?’ he asked
‘I may have forgotten… its been such a long time…’ Karen attempted to laugh
‘Then let me refresh your memory…’ Urs whispered again, now kissing Karen’s neck.
She groaned, ‘Mmm….’
‘See, I remembered…’ he told her, pulling her close.

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After, Urs held Karen close.
‘You know you mentioned you are good with your hands…’ Karen whispered
‘That, I am’ Urs winked
‘Could you, help me? I need a…a massage’
‘OK’ Urs nodded
‘My lower back and legs need regular massage. To help with the nerves and circulation…’ Karen explained.
‘Now?’ he asked
‘Yes, please. You’ll find some stuff, in that bag..’ Karen pointed to a bag by the bed.
Urs, still naked got out of bed.
‘Are you not getting dressed?’ Karen asked
‘No’ he smiled, ‘I thought after I’d done you, you could do me’ he winked
‘I won’t be able…’ Karen started
‘Oh, you will, you will’ Urs winked, suggestively.
‘OK’ Karen rolled onto her front, while Urs got the oil.
He then sat on the bed and slowly started his massage. Karen closed her eyes and tried to relax, but she couldn’t. Not because she was anxious, but because Urs really was good with his hands. She could feel her whole body tingling with excitement.
‘That…feels good’ she groaned, trying not to pant
‘And, I’m not even done yet’ Urs whispered into her ear. Karen shivered again, ‘now, top, or bottom?’ he asked
‘All of it’ Karen groaned as she felt Urs’ hands on the top of her thighs. She lay there, groaning into the pillow as Urs worked his magic.
‘Turn over’ Urs told her then. Karen rolled slowly, but surely onto her back. She made a move to cover her breasts, ‘no, don’t’ he stopped her, his hazel eyes looking darkly into her blue eyes, ‘can you feel that?’ he asked, whispering,
Karen groaned, ‘Ooohhh…..yes’ she replied in a half whisper
‘How does it feel?’ Urs asked
‘Go…good….’ Karen groaned again
‘Hmm….your turn’ he handed her the massage oil
Karen poured some onto her hand, ‘Where?’ she asked
‘Wherever you want’ Urs winked, as Karen started to rub the oil on his chest
‘So strong…’ she noticed, ‘and hairy…’ she followed the hair downwards.
Urs groaned, ‘Lower…’ he half asked, half moaned
‘I can’t….its not that type of stuff…’ Karen explained
‘Pity’ Urs groaned again
‘Hand me a tissue, and I’ll see what I can do’ Karen winked and blushed at him.
Urs handed Karen the tissue. She wiped her hands,
‘Now’ she told him, after throwing the tissue onto the floor, ‘where were we?’ she innocently asked.

Next morning, Urs helped Karen shower.
‘I can manage…’ she attempted to complain
‘I know’ he told her, whispering in her ear, ‘but let me help, this one time, please?’ he attempted to bat his eyelashes innocently at her
‘OK’ Karen laughed at the expression, ‘just this once…’
‘Thank you! Thank you!’ he swept her up into his arms, and covered her face in kisses.
Karen laughed again and kissed him back.

After, Urs watched Karen dress, he found it rather fascination the way she managed to do it, he wheeled her, now back in her wheelchair into the hotel’s main living area
‘Breakfast time’ he told her, ‘and for some reason I feel strangely hungry…’ he winked
‘Mmm… me too’ Karen blushed.
‘Come on then Mrs Buhler, food time….’

‘Good morning, good morning!’ Carlos winked at them both as they arrived at the breakfast table
‘Morning…’ Karen blushed. Then she noticed the lady sitting next to Carlos. She gave a friendly, welcoming smile when she noticed Karen. She didn’t turn her nose up at the wheelchair or seem at all shocked,
‘Hi, I’m Cydalia’ she introduced herself
‘Oh, hi, Karen’ Karen replied
‘Its finally nice to meet you, Urs; wife’ Cydalia gave a friendly smile
‘Yes, that’s me…’ Karen said
‘That, came as a nice surprise I can tell you. Urs being married made a lot of sense!’ Cydalia gave a friendly laugh, ‘especially’ she added, ‘with the way he acted around Lucinda’
‘Yes. His girlfriend’ Karen replied
‘Horrible person’ Cydalia gave a shiver of disgust
‘You didn’t like her…?’ Karen was shocked, surprised even.
‘None of us did. Except for Seb. Then again, he is a man, and French, and fancies anything female!’
‘Except’ said Karen, ‘for me’
‘Oh?’ Cydalia asked
‘He doesn’t like my wheelchair’
‘Being in that doesn’t make you any less of a person. Of a woman….’ Cydalia pointed out
‘Try telling Seb that’ Urs answered before Karen could,
‘Stupid man’ Cydalia shook her head
‘I don’t really care what Seb thinks’ said Urs. ‘Karen is my wife’ he lent across and kissed Karen. On the mouth. But pulled away before Karen could respond.
‘Young love! Still on the honeymoon period!’ Carlos laughed nervously.
‘Oh, let them be’ Cydalia lightly thumped her husband.

‘Morning, morning!’ a cheery David walked into the room then, ‘KJ!’ he laughed at Karen, ‘what are you doing here?’ he asked
‘David?’ Karen asked, blinking at him
‘Sure is!’ David laughed, ‘hang on!’ he finally twigged, ‘your…KJ! Karen! Urs’ Karen!’
‘That’s me’ Karen shrugged
‘How do you two…?’ Urs asked, suspiciously
‘Oh man. Relax!’ David laughed, ‘this is KJ. I told you all about KJ. Remember? Motorbike mad chick I once met while doing a charity thing in hospital?’
‘That, was you?’ Urs asked
‘Apparently so’ Karen replied, sarcastically

David, years ago had been head of a local charity who visited people in hospitals. He had met Karen when she was first admitted to the hospital. Now, even thought Karen had been a fan of IL DIVO, and had even seen them twice in concert, she had never really paid any attention to the men behind the voices of IL DIVO so had never remembered their faces, or their names. So when she had met David, at the hospital, he had just been nice, kind, loveable, laughable David. And she KJ. Karen Jones. KJ. They had kept in touch ever since the accident. Actually, ironically, he was the only one who knew the reason for her accident. About her deciding on buying her week old husband a gift when then accident had occurred. She had never told David her husbands name, nor had David ever asked for that information. If David had, he could have saved his friend a lot of heartache. But, that was all in the past now. This, was the future.

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‘So, you and David then…’ said Urs to Karen later
‘What about us?’ Karen asked
‘You meet him…’
‘Yes’ said Karen, ‘when I was in hospital…’
‘Not before that?’ Urs asked, suspiciously
‘No. Before that I had only…only met you’ Karen tried to reassure Urs
‘Promise me?’ he asked
‘I promise Urs. Really I do’ Karen promised.
Watching Urs, for some reason, he refused to maintain eye contact. Or in fact make eye contact at all. This bothered Karen. Although she couldn’t explain it, not even to herself why it did.
‘How did you have your accident?’ Urs then asked
‘I can’t…I can’t tell you that’ Karen whispered
‘Why not?’ Urs asked, looking at her now
‘Because I can’t’
‘Does David know? The reason?’ Urs half asked, half accused
‘Ask him’ Karen bit back
‘Oh, don’t worry, I will, I will’ Urs warned
‘Fine. Fine’ Karen replied now glaring at Urs.

Urs stormed out of the room then. Karen watched him go and sighed to herself. She wanted to tell Urs. Really she did. But she couldn’t. For she was afraid. Scared. Of what he would do and say when he found out the real reason why Karen was in her chair.

‘David, tell me about Karen’ Urs almost demanded his friend
‘Tell you what?’ David asked
‘What you know’
‘She’s your wife mate, you know more than I do…’ David laughed
‘I’m being serious here’ Urs almost snapped
‘So, am I’ replied David
‘Did…did Karen ever tell you?’
‘Tell me what?’ David innocently asked
‘About her accident? what caused it?’ Urs tried not to snap, but it was hard
‘No, no she didn’t’ David lied. He knew it wasn’t his secret to tell. So he didn’t. He kept quiet.
‘Oh…’ Urs mumbled
‘Look mate, if you have a problem, then I suggest you take it up with Karen. Ask her’ David told Urs
‘I did’ Urs mumbled again
‘Oh, and?’ David asked
‘She refused to tell me…’ Urs sulked then
‘She obviously has her reasons then’ David tried to sympathize
‘I don’t know why…’ Urs sulked again
‘Try being nice, then ask her again’
‘I am nice’ Urs spat
‘Nice when you don’t want something’ David chided Urs
‘I’m not like that…’
‘Oh? Prove it then. Prove it to Karen. Make her believe that’ David told him
‘I’ll….I’ll try…’ Urs tried not to sulk. He hated not getting his way. He really wasn’t used to it when someone turned him down or things didn’t go how he wanted them to.

‘Karen…’ Urs tried to sound as though he didn’t want anything
‘Yes Urs?’ Karen replied
Urs sighed, ‘I’d…I’d like to know’ he told her
‘Know what?’ Karen asked
‘About the accident’
‘Because what Urs?’ Karen asked, looking at him
‘Because you are my wife’
‘Yes, and?’
‘And because I need to know’
‘But why?’ Karen asked
‘You are my wife’ Urs repeated
‘And I should know’ Urs tried not to get angry.
‘But I don’t want to tell you’
‘Why not?’
‘I have my reasons’ Karen let out a sigh
‘Which are?’ Urs stupidly asked
‘I’m not telling you that’
‘Karen…’ Urs made a move to touch her
‘No Urs’
‘I said no Urs. Last night…last night was a mistake’
‘You weren’t telling me that last night…’
‘I was…curious. As to whether I still could…and now I know’
‘You used me?’ Urs asked
‘You, were the one who dragged ME into the bedroom’ Karen reminded him
‘Karen….’ Urs tried again
‘No Urs. No’ Karen wheeled herself away from him. She didn’t want to, but she had to.

Urs sat and drank. He hated alcohol. Hardly healthy for a start. But he was upset. Depressed almost. He couldn’t understand Karen. Oh, he tried. Tried to understand her. But he couldn’t. Why wouldn’t she tell him? Tell him one simple little thing? The reason she was in her wheelchair? That was all he wanted to know. The reason. One simple question. One simple answer he thought. Hardly a hard thing. Why wouldn’t she tell him? Why? Why? Why?

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As a special threat, here are the two versions of the chapters I wrote for this chapter. First the boring version...

11. (The sadly, boring, edited version…. DULL ain’t the word!)

He couldn’t remember it happening. One minute he was in a bar, drinking. The next he was wakening up in a strange bed, completely naked. Urs groaned and attempted to sit up.
Then he spotted something. It was a note. Addressed to him. He picked it up and gasped in reading it. It was Lucinda. His ex girlfriend. The note read, ‘Good morning honey. Had a nice sleep? I’m afraid your wife will be receiving an envelope this morning. Containing photographs of us. Dancing. Oppss! Hope this doesn’t ruin your marriage! Take care, love Lucinda’
Urs groaned out loud. He remembered dancing. Remembered Lucinda turning up. Remembering her pulling him onto the dance floor in a drunken haze. He groaned out loud again and muttered under his breath. He had gone and ruined it. Gone and blown it. Blast!

Karen opened the package addressed to her.
Addressed to a ‘Mrs K Buhler’
She opened it. It seemed rather bulky. She pulled out four photographs. Karen picked up a photograph. Then dropped it. It was of Urs. Urs and his ex Lucinda. She shivered. Then she felt the tears come. She sobbed her heart out.
Cydalia found her. Still crying. She took one look at the photographs and knew she had no reason to ask Karen why she was crying. For the answer was staring at her in the face. She picked the photographs up and stuffed them back into the envelope, shuddering to herself with disgust.
‘Come with me honey, come with me’ she then wheeled Karen out of the room she had been sharing with Urs, ‘come on, we’ll take you somewhere much, much nicer’ she soothed to the still crying Karen.

‘Carlos, honey?’ Cydalia was talking to her husband
‘Yes, sweetie?’ Carlos smiled at his wife
‘You know you were talking about going away. To Madrid?’
‘I do remember something, yes’ Carlos nodded
‘Could we go today?’ Cydalia asked
‘Sure, but that’s the rush?’ enquired Carlos
‘Well, Karen is coming with us’
Cydalia handed Carlos the envelope of the photographs. Carlos looked at them and knew no other questioning was needed. He nodded,
‘Ok, today’ he agreed.

This, is the chapter that got this story taken of the official website!
As you can read it is rather…interesting. So you can see I am also going to post the other version of this chapter so you can see the difference in between what I wrote and what I wanted to write! Such a difference. Which version do you all prefer? Let me know. Thanks.


He couldn’t remember it happening. One minute he was in a bar, drinking. The next he was waking up in a strange bed, completely naked.
Urs groaned and attempted to sit up.
‘Don’t go yet honey, we’ve only just got started.’ a hand appeared on his chest and a voice purred to him.
‘Where…where am I?’ Urs asked, looking around. But it was no use. It was dark. Too dark to see anything.
‘Why, you’re with me..’ the voice, purred, female, and laughed.
‘And you are…?’ Urs moved his face to the direction of the voice.
‘Its me honey.’ a light was switched on. A bright light, momentarily blinding Urs. He blinked. Trying to get rid of the lights in his eyes.
‘Hi…’ the voice purred again, moving closer. A mouth now touched Urs’. He recognised the voice now, and the kiss. It was Lucinda.
His ex. He was in bed…with his ex!
Urs pushed her away, groaned and pulled himself up and out of bed.
‘Ursy…’ Lucinda complained, ‘darling…’
‘I’m not your darling.’ he barked at her.
‘That’s, not what you are were saying a while ago…’ Lucinda pouted.
‘I…I was drunk…’ Urs muttered.
‘Not too drunk.’ Lucinda winked.
Urs shuddered.
‘I was good enough before, why can’t I be good enough now?’ she asked, ‘or have you gone off women who can use their legs?’ she snapped.
Urs glared at her,’ Where are my clothes?’ he ignored her and instead asked.
‘I seemed to have forgotten, where I put them…’ Lucinda pouted again, ‘come back to bed.’ she purred.
‘I need my clothes.’ Urs said again.
‘Why? Its not like you need them…I mean,’ Lucinda looked at the clock on her bedside table, ‘by now, she would have already received them…’ she let out a small laugh.
‘Received what? Who?’ Urs asked.
‘Oh, the photos of course…’ Lucinda laughed again.
‘Photos? Photos of what?’ Urs barked.
‘Of us of course. Silly.’
‘Doing…doing what?’
‘Making love of course.’ Lucinda laughed.
‘And you sent these…these photos?’
‘Yes, I did.’ Lucinda smiled.
‘To…to who?’
‘Your…wife.’ Lucinda spat.
‘To….my wife?’ Urs asked, paling in colour.
‘Carly?’ Lucinda asked.
‘Karen…’ Urs gripped the bedside cabinet.
‘That’s who. Karen. Silly me. To have forgotten.’ Lucinda smiled sweetly, ‘then again, I seen to remember my boyfriend forgetting to tell me, that he was ALREADY MARRIED!’ Lucinda shouted the last part.
‘So, you what? Set me up?’ Urs asked.
‘Set you up? Darling. I didn’t need to! No, you did that yourself. I just happened to find you. You always were a pathetic drunk.’ Lucinda spat at him.
‘My clothes. I need my clothes…’ Urs started searching the bedroom now.
‘You won’t find them!’ Lucinda laughed.
Urs searched the wardrobe. Under the bed. And every cupboard he could find. Then he remembered the bathroom. He walked towards the door.
‘You always were crap!’ Lucinda shouted at him.
He found them. In the bathroom. He quickly dressed.
‘She won’t want you! You’re mine. MINE!’ Lucinda shouted as Urs, now dressed at long last emerged out of the bathroom.
‘I don’t care if she doesn’t want me anymore.’ Urs told Lucinda, ‘but the thing is, I will never, NEVER come crawling back to you. Do you understand? NEVER!’ Urs spat before storming out, slamming the door behind him.
Lucinda watched him go. Then threw a lamp at the closing door.
‘BASTARD!’ she screamed at him. ‘BASTARD!’ before crawling up into a ball and crying.

Karen opened the package dressed to her.
Addressed to a ‘MRS K BUHLER.’
She opened it. It seemed rather bulky. She pulled out four photographs and a pair of woman’s underwear with a stain on them.
Karen picked up a photograph. Then dropped it. It was of Urs. Urs and his ex. Lucinda. In bed together. Of what Karen could see of them both they were obviously naked. Both of them. She shivered. Then she felt the tears come. She sobbed her heart out.
Cydalia found her. Still crying. She took one look at the photographs and knew she had no reason to ask Karen why she was crying. For the answer was staring at her in the face. She picked the photographs and the underwear up and stuffed them back into the envelope, shuddering herself with disgust.
‘Come on honey, come with me.’ she then wheeled Karen out of the room she had been sharing with Urs, ‘come on, we’ll take you somewhere much, much nicer.’ she soothed the still crying Karen.

‘Carlos, honey?’ Cydalia was talking to her husband.
‘Yes, sweetie?’ Carlos smiled at his wife.
‘You know you were talking about going away? To Madrid?’
‘I do remember something, yes.’ Carlos nodded.
‘Could we go, today?’ Cydalia asked.
‘Sure, but what’s the rush?’ enquired Carlos.
‘Well, Karen is coming with us.’
‘Cydalia handed Carlos the envelope of photos. Carlos looked at them and knew no other questioning was needed. He nodded, ‘OK, today.’ he agreed.

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‘If Urs comes back, and asks about Karen…’ Cydalia was talking to David and Seb
‘We have no idea where she’s gone’ David nodded
‘But….’ Seb started to say
‘No idea Seb’ David told him
‘Ok. No idea’ Seb finally understood.
‘Thank you. Thank you’ Cydalia told them both, hugging them, ‘thank you’

Karen was in a daze. She couldn’t remember anything that happened to her after the photographs had turned up. It was like she was living in a bubble. Cydalia and Carlos, kind people them, decided to protect her. From Urs. From further heartache. They took her away from England to Spain. To their home in Madrid. To their lovely flat. It seemed perfect. Wooden floors and furniture all at a height Karen could get to.
She spent the first week in Madrid, with Cydalia and Carlos mostly in the room they had given her. Sleeping and crying. It felt like when she had first had her accident again. But this time the pain she felt wasn’t in her legs and back. But in her heart. Karen so wished that her heart could be paralyzed too, so she wouldn’t have to had felt so much pain, so much heartache.

‘Sweetie…you have to get up sometime…’ Cydalia tried when Karen wouldn’t get out of bed three days running.
‘I…I can’t…’ Karen cried in response, ‘it hurts too much…’ she sobbed
‘Where? What hurts honey? Tell me, please?’ Cydalia kindly asked.
‘My…my heart…’ Karen sobbed.
‘Oh sweetie…sweetie’ Cydalia soothed her.

Urs was puzzled. He was back at the hotel now. But could find no trace of Karen. She, and all her things seemed to be missing, as did Carlos and Cydalia.
‘Have you see Karen?’ he asked Seb and David
‘No, sorry mate’ David replied. Seb shook his head
‘How about Carlos? And Cydalia?’ Urs then asked
‘Think they sad something about a holiday?’ Seb vaguely replied
‘Oh, where?’ Urs asked
‘Italy’ Seb lied.
Seb and David hated lying. But they too had seen the photographs. Cydalia had shown them them as a way of explanation. On seeing them, they had both agreed to lie for Karen. To protect her. They both thought they were doing what was best for Karen. To save her. From Urs. From heartache. Well, from further heartache that should be.
‘We start recording the new album soon…’ Urs reminded Seb and David.
‘We know. Carlos knows. He’ll be back in time’ David replied.
‘Hmm…’ said Urs, looking at Seb and David. But they just smiled back, ignoring the look in his eyes.

Being away from England, somewhere warm helped Karen. When she finally started leaving her bedroom she discovered that the warm sunshine made her feel more happier, and more alive. Then, when the tingling in her feet started, Cydalia suggested that they go and see a specialist.
Karen was half expecting bad news, but instead received only good news.
‘Hmmm….’ the doctor said, after reviewing Karen’s notes, ‘it seems as though the original diagnosis may be wrong…’
‘Wrong how?’ Karen nervously asked him
‘You haven’t got complete nerve damage as first thought, not if the tingling in your feet is anything to go by’ the doctor smiled at Karen.
‘So that means?’ Cydalia had to ask
‘You might, with some medication, and maybe a small operation, be able to walk again, in time Mrs Buhler’ the doctor replied
‘Its Ms Jones’ Karen told him
‘Oh, but your notes….I thought…’ said the doctor, puzzled
‘We’re getting a divorce’ Karen lied.
‘Oh, I see’ the doctor nodded.
‘So, operation then?’ Cydalia asked, holding Karen’s hand. It was hard to say who felt more nervous. Karen, on hearing that she may be able to walk again, or Cydalia, half happy, half scared for her friend on hearing this news.
‘We can do a minor one, check the nerve damage. I can’t say anymore until we’ve done some tests’ the doctor told them both.
‘Ok. Which can be done when?’ Karen asked
‘Next couple of weeks I suggest’ replied the doctor
‘Ok. Thank you’ Karen smiled at him at long last.

The operation was scheduled for the first week IL DIVO were meant to be in a recording studio, recording their next album.
‘We’ll…postpone…’ Carlos said on hearing the date
‘No, you can’t’ replied Cydalia
‘But Urs…will want to be there….’ Carlos tried
‘I don’t want him anywhere near me’ Karen spat on hearing Urs’ name.
‘So you can go ahead with the album. I’ll be here. To help Karen’ Cydalia told her husband.
‘Ok. Ok’ Carlos let out a low sigh.

Carlos met with the rest of the group a week later. When he was Urs he had to first bit his tongue to stop himself from blurting out Karen’s whereabouts and secondly stop himself from punching Urs and breaking his nose. He was angry with his friend for being such a stupid twat and for allowing his ex girlfriend to take photographs of them together. He tried to act friendly around Urs. But found it an immensely hard thing to do.
‘Mate, you’re back…’ Urs made a move to hug Carlos. Carlos didn’t return the hug, ‘mate?’ Urs asked, puzzled.
‘I saw the photographs’ Carlos snapped at him
‘Photo…? Oh, oh, I see…’ Urs paled in colour
‘I thought, we all thought, that you loved Karen. That you wanted your relationship, your marriage to work? Or were we all wrong?’ Carlos accused
‘I did…I mean, I…I…I do, but Karen…she’s gone. Disappeared’ Urs muttered
‘So what? You get with your ex? To get back at her?’ Carlos asked
‘I didn’t….I….I didn’t…’ Urs mumbled
‘You, disgust me!’ Carlos told him
‘I didn’t….I….I don’t remember…’ Urs tried again
‘You don’t remember? Honesty Urs…’ Carlos shook his head, really disgusted with his friend now
‘I was drunk’ Urs tried again, ‘and I woke up…in bed, alone…’ he shivered
‘And you wonder why Karen went?’ Carlos replied
‘She…she saw..?’ Urs half asked
‘We all did’ Carlos confirmed.
‘But I didn’t…’ Urs tried again.
‘Too late mate. You’re about two months too late’ Carlos shook his head again, disappointed.

Who else fancies lining up to slap Lucinda?
Feel free to do whatever you want to her.


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There was a strange atmosphere around the group in the recording studio. Urs had tried, and failed, several times, to defend himself and his actions, but strangely enough no-one believed him. He knew now, that they all knew. About the photographs. About the night he couldn’t completely remember having, with his ex. He knew, that he had treated her badly. Not telling her about his marital status and that he shouldn’t have kept it a secret, but that was done now. Over. Finished with or so he thought. Just how wrong had he been he now realised? How badly he had managed to completely misjudge the whole situation? If only he had a crystal ball, so he could have looked into the future. Then he could have changed it too. But then, instead of not marring Karen, he would have still done that, just not let her leave when she had done. He didn’t know exactly when Karen had had her accident, if it had been one, but he would have somehow, somehow prevented it. Stopped it from happening. If, it had been preventable. He would have done anything. Anything, to keep Karen with him. To not have become involved with Lucinda. His ex. That had been a disaster. A complete disaster. Preventable. Completely. She hadn’t even been his type. She had red hair and was more than a little thick. She cared more about her nails then current topics. She was a model who had thrown herself at him at a video shoot. Urs had still been down after his disastrous marriage and so because he felt lonely, had let her chase him. Had welcomed the attention and had, in a word, used her. For something to do. For someone to have regular, no strings attracted, sex with. She was someone who he didn’t need to talk to, didn’t need to be entertained. She was there, available and she wanted him. It wasn’t hard. But, when they had been together, in bed, he had had to image she was someone else. Someone with short dark brown curly hair and sparkly blue eyes before anything would work. He had to close his eyes and pretend Lucinda wasn’t Lucinda. But someone else. Pretend that she was instead, Karen. It had worked. Until Karen had contacted him. Wanting a divorce. Then he had his chance. His chance to talk to her again. To see her again. Wheelchair or no wheelchair from the moment he had seen Karen he had formed a plan in his head. To kidnap her. It had been so easy when he found that she couldn’t walk. He had taken control of her wheelchair and had taken back what was his. His wife. His Karen. But then she had refused to tell him. How she came to be in the wheelchair and he had got angry and had acted the only way he could have acted. He got drunk. So drunk that he couldn’t remember being with Lucinda again. Couldn’t remember anything, apart from him drinking, then waking up, in bed, naked. Knowing, in his heart of hearts that he had blown it with Karen. Blown it big time. For good. He had treated her badly and now, here, was his comeuppance. The revenge, for kidnapping her in the first place. Urs sighed and held his head in his hands. He had bought it all on himself. He understood that now, understood completely. So no wonder, Carlos, Seb and even David, his best friend hated him. Hell, he even hated himself. Who could blame them? He certainly didn’t. For he understood. Completely.

Karen was in hospital again. She hated them. Vowed, after her accident, never to visit one ever again if it could be at all avoided. But this couldn’t. She could be, soon, having an operation that might, just might mind, help her to regain the use of her legs. No longer would she be stuck in her wheelchair. So Karen bit her tongue and kept quite about her immense hatred of hospitals and all things medical. She looked around her room. Cydalia had insisted that she have a private room. But, although Karen was very grateful to Carlos and Cydalia for the private room, she felt so alone. So cut off from everyone else. She let out a sigh and gazed out of the window. She was back in England now. The specialist was here, and so was Karen.
Looking out the window Karen could see the entrance to the maternity part of the hospital. She let out a gasp. She could see Lucinda. Urs’ ex, emerge from the entrance, touching her stomach and holding in her hand something, a piece of paper with a picture on it. What would Lucinda be doing here? At the hospital? At the maternity part? Unless… unless she was pregnant? No. She wouldn’t. She couldn’t. Well, she could be. With Urs’ child. Karen let out a sob. That was it. Lucinda was pregnant. With Urs’ child. It all made sense now. Karen so wished she could crawl herself up into a little ball and hide herself away from this all. But she couldn’t. She couldn’t even run away again. She couldn’t. She needed to have this operation. Needed it more than anything else in the entire world. Well, not more than anything. She also needed to see Urs again. To be able to reach out and touch him one more time. But she couldn’t. Because she was scared. Scared of what she would do if she saw him again. Of how she would react. Of what she would say. So she couldn’t. She couldn’t. So she didn’t say anything. Just kept quiet.

Cydalia visited Karen just before she was due to have her operation, the day before.
‘Hi honey, how are you feeling?’ Cydalia asked, kissing Karen’s forehead and giving her a brief hug.
‘I’m…ok’ Karen sniffed
‘Honey, you’ve been crying’ Cydalia noticed
‘I saw Lucinda…’ Karen told her
‘She was here? But how?’ Cydalia asked
‘I saw her, coming out of the…of the maternity building…’ Karen let out a small sob.
‘Maternity…oh!’ Cydalia suddenly realised
‘Urs, is going to be a father’ Karen finally said those words. Out loud.
‘He hasn’t said anything, to Carlos…’ Cydalia told her
‘Maybe he doesn’t know…yet’ Karen suggested
‘Maybe’ Cydalia looked out the window at the maternity building opposite, ‘Hmmm….I wonder’ she said to herself, ‘oh, sorry Karen’ she then apologised, ‘I was miles away…’
‘I’m scared’ Karen find herself admitting.
‘Of what honey?’ Cydalia asked.
‘Of getting my hopes up. Of this operation not doing what I wish it will do’
‘But you heard the doctor…’ Cydalia reminded her.
The day before, they had met with the consultant, in charge of doing Karen’s operation and he had explained, that Karen had a 90% chance of being able to finally walk again after. But it was that 10% that Karen was scared off.
‘It all depends, on what they find’ Cydalia said.
‘Or don’t…’ Karen pointed out
‘Well, I plan on spending all day tomorrow praying for you when you’re being operated on’ Cydalia told her.
‘Thank you’ Karen smiled.

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Urs was staring at his mobile phone. Bloody private detective. It had been nearly four mouths now and still no sign of Karen. No trace. Not one little trace. It was like she had disappeared of the face of the earth. He couldn’t find any Karen Buhler, or Karen Jones. None. No trace. But she couldn’t have just disappeared. Someone, surely must have known, must know where she was. Someone. But, if they did, they weren’t telling and they were keeping Karen hidden well. Too well. Where was she?
Urs’ phone rang then. He answered it without checking who it was who was calling. If he had checked, he wouldn’t have answered. For it was Lucinda. His ex.
‘Hi honey’ Lucinda purred down the phone
‘What do you want?’ Urs rudely asked her.
‘You’ she laughed.
‘Not, funny’ Urs spat.
‘Ok then, how about…money?’
‘What? You’re blackmailing me now?’ Urs asked
‘Hardly’ Lucinda let out a laugh. It sounded like a witches cackle, ‘but you have a…a duty to me now’
‘Doing what?’ Urs asked
‘I’m having your baby’ Lucinda informed him.
‘You’re what?’ he shouted
‘Having, your child’ Lucinda repeated
‘But you told me…’ Urs mumbled.
‘I lied’ Lucinda laughed.
‘You….!’ Urs spat, muttering under his breathe.

When Urs and Lucinda first got together, she told him,
‘You’ve no need to use contraception. I’m infertile’
But Urs, being sensible, hadn’t believed her and still insisted on using condoms, as a ‘precaution’
‘I don’t need them…’ Lucinda told him
‘Don’t care. No condoms, no sex’ Urs had warned.
So every time they slept together, they had always, always used condoms. Every time.

‘How pregnant?’ Urs asked
‘Three months’ Lucinda laughed.
‘You tricked me…’ Urs muttered
‘Yes, I did’ Lucinda cackled, ‘I had too!’ she cruelly added.
Urs slammed down the phone on her then, muttering to himself,

‘Who is a bitch?’ David asked
‘Oh…’ David nodded
‘She’s pregnant. Three months’ Urs muttered
‘Its mine’
‘I don’t think so’ said David
‘How can you be so sure?’ Urs asked
‘Karen left you. Four months…’ David checked his watch, ‘today’
‘Yes, and?’ Urs asked
‘If Lucinda is pregnant, it won’t be yours. You slept together four months ago. So she’d be four months, not three months gone’ David pointed out, ‘if’ he added, ‘you haven’t slept with her since?’
‘No I haven’t’ Urs snapped, ‘so, its not mine then…?’ he then asked, sounding hopeful
‘I’d get it properly confirmed first, but, it doesn’t seem like it. No’ said David
‘Phew!’ Urs laughed, ‘what a relief! She is still a bitch though!’ he added
‘Of course Lucinda is a bitch. Could have told you that, years ago’ David pointed out
‘They why didn’t you?’ Urs asked
‘I did. Several times. But each time you ignored me. I tried. Carlos tried. Cydalia tried. But you didn’t listen. She is a trouble maker, always has been, always will be’ David told Urs
‘Sorry, for not listening’ Urs apologised
‘Hmm. Well, its all done now. Over. Finished’ replied David, ‘time to move on’
‘I have tried. I need Karen…’ Urs sulked.
‘It was you, being a stupid git in the first place, that made her leave’ David pointed out.
‘And I’ve regretted it ever since’ Urs let out a sad sigh.

Karen was dreaming. Dreaming that she could fly. She flew to Urs. But when she reached him, he wasn’t alone. He was in bed, with Lucinda again. Laying in her arms. Laughing at something she had just said. Karen fell to earth with a bump. When she eventually woke up, she was back in her hospital room. She moved her head. All she could see were flowers. Bunches and bunches of them. They were everywhere.
‘I know, it’s a bit like a florists in here, isn’t it?’ a voice spoke. Karen moved her head again, the voice came from a nurse, ‘hi Karen. I’m nurse Camy’ she smiled.
‘Hi’ Karen croaked
‘You have a lot of really nice friends’ Camy told her, ‘these’ she pointed to some flowers, ‘are from someone named Seb?’ she read the card, ‘he sends a wink. Whatever that means!’ Camy smiled, ‘these’ she then pointed to another bunch of flowers, ‘are from Cydalia and Carlos. Cydalia said she would be in later, to see you’
‘Ok’ Karen nodded, and croaked again.
‘And these’ Camy pointed to the largest bunch of flowers, ‘are from David. The card reads, “To KJ, with love, huggable David”’ Camy read out. Karen smiled, ‘Boyfriend?’ she asked.
‘No’ Karen croaked
‘Here, water…small sips’ Camy told her, helping her.
‘No’ Karen said again, this time more clearer, ‘just a friend. A very good friend’ she smiled.
‘Not husband?’ Camy asked
‘But you wear a wedding ring’ she nodded towards the ring Karen still wore, covered in tape to protect it.
‘I am married. But he won’t divorce me’ Karen said,
‘Oh?’ Camy asked
‘He thinks me being paralysed isn’t a good enough reason’
‘Well, who knows. After today, that might not be anymore’ Camy smiled a friendly smile
‘Here’s, to hoping’ Karen returned the smile.

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‘So, what you’re saying, is that I’m paying you good money, for someone you can’t find any trace of, at all?’ Urs was on the phone again. To his private detective, ‘And I assume’ he went on, ‘that you’ve looked for Karen Buhler, Jones, Izambard, Marin and Miller too?’ he asked
‘Actually’ the private detective nervously coughed, ‘there was a…a Karen Miller I found’ he coughed again.
‘Miller? Karen Miller?’ Urs asked
‘Yes, but it couldn’t…have been her’ the detective coughed again
‘Why ever not man?’ Urs asked, sounding strangely English all of a sudden.
‘Well’ the detective cleared his throat, ‘the Karen Miller I found…was in a hospital’
‘A hospital? A hospital where?’ Urs nervously asked
‘Local to you actually…’ said the detective, giving Urs the address.
With nervous shaking fingers, and hands, Urs wrote the address down. Then, without saying goodbye or anything, he disconnected the call.
‘Have I found you?’ he asked the address, ‘have I found you? Oh, I hope so. I hope I’m not too late…’

‘Sorry, sorry, sorry….’ Cydalia rushed into Karen’s hospital room with David close behind, ‘what have we missed?’ she asked, hugging Karen.
‘Not a lot. The specialist hasn’t been around yet’ Karen replied, returning the hug then hugging David.
David beamed at Karen, ‘Hi sweetie’ he said.
‘Aah! Here he comes…’ Cydalia gave a nervous laugh as the door opened and in walked the specialist.
‘Ms Jones’ he nodded towards Karen, ‘Mrs Marin’ he nodded at Cydalia who smiled at him, ‘and Mr Miller I see’ said the specialist
‘Doctor’ said Karen
‘Right, well’ the specialist coughed, ‘the operation went to plan…’ he checked his notes
‘And?’ Karen nervously asked
‘You’ll need physiotherapy, but I can’t seen why we won’t be able to see you up and walking in the next month or so’ the specialist smiled,
At the news, David beamed brightly at everyone, Cydalia gave a little gasp of happiness and Karen burst into tears.
‘Karen…?’ Cydalia asked her
‘I am happy. I am’ Karen smiled through her tears, ‘guess I’m just in shock…’
‘Understandable. Understandable’ the specialist nodded knowingly.
‘I never thought…’ said Karen
‘No, your first diagnosis was pretty bleak, I admit, but it seems we were wrong. Thankfully’ the specialist nodded happily.
‘Thank you doctor, thank you’ Karen smiled at him through her tears.
‘Don’t thank me. You did all the hard work!’ the specialist gave a little laugh then bowing, left the room.
Karen watched him go then said, ‘Miracles really do happen then’
‘Whatever it was, thank god!’ Cydalia agreed, hugging her friend.
‘Oh KJ! I’m so pleased for you!’ David then eloped Karen in a hug.

‘What do you mean I can’t see her? I’m her husband!’ Urs banged his fist down onto the reception desk
‘I’m sorry sir, but we don’t have a patient under the name of Karen Jones, Miller, or Karen Buhler’ the receptionist lied.
‘But I was told…informed. This hospital…’ Urs muttered
‘I’m sorry sir, but your information must be wrong’ replied the receptionist
‘But…’ Urs started
‘I’m sorry sir, but you have to leave’
‘I have a right…’ Urs tried again
‘Do I have to call security sir?’ the receptionist asked
‘No, no….’ Urs muttered, shaking his head, ‘I’ll go… I’ll go…’
‘Thank you sir. Goodbye’ the receptionist regarded Urs with unblinking eyes.
Urs sighed, ‘Ok’ he said, ‘I’m gone….I’m gone…’ then he turned, and sadly left the hospital.

At the same moment Urs was leaving, David and Cydalia appeared in reception…
David spotted a departing Urs.
‘Wait…’ he told Cydalia, pointing towards him.
They watched him go.
‘How did he find out?’ Cydalia asked
‘He couldn’t have…or we would have known. He would have been there…’ David replied
‘Hmmm…I wonder’ said Cydalia, walking towards the reception desk, ‘that man…?’ she asked the receptionist
‘He was asking about Ms Jones’ the receptionist confirmed.
‘But you didn’t…?’ Cydalia asked
‘As to your instructions Madame, I told him we didn’t have a patient named Jones, Miller or Buhler’
‘Miller?’ Cydalia asked
‘Yes. He asked for a Karen Miller’ the receptionist confirmed.
‘Hell David. He knows…’ Cydalia said to David
‘He doesn’t. He was probably just fishing…’ David offered by way of explanation.
‘Hmm….I’m not so sure’ replied Cydalia.

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PostSubject: Re: *From This Moment On* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 3:59 am


‘Urs, nearly found Karen today’ Cydalia told Carlos later that day
‘What?’ Carlos asked, shocked.
‘We saw him. At the hospital’ said Cydalia
‘But…that blasted private detective!’ Carlos then realised.
‘He’s got a what?’ Cydalia asked.
‘A private detective’ confirmed Carlos
‘How long has he had…?’
‘For about as long as Karen has been missing from him’ confirmed Carlos again
‘But up until now…’
‘He’s been unsuccessful, yes’ said Carlos
‘Until he asked for a Ms Karen Miller’ sighed Cydalia
‘The one surname we thought she would be safe under…’ muttered Carlos.
‘We were obviously wrong’ Cydalia sighed again.
‘Obviously’ Carlos nodded, ‘Christ!’ he added, annoyed with himself, with Urs and with Urs’ private detective.

‘I….I checked sir, but I think I got it wrong’ the private detective nervously told Urs.
‘You didn’t. I also checked. That…that receptionist was lying to me. I’m sure about it’ Urs replied.
‘But sir, even if she were, they’ve patient confidentiality to take notice of’ the detective tried.
‘Stuff patient confidentiality! She’s my wife they are hiding from me!’ Urs snapped.
‘I’m sorry sir, but there’s nothing more I can do’ the private detective calmly told Urs before for once in his life, disconnected the call on Urs, before Urs could do it.
‘AAAaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!’ moaned Urs to himself, ‘bloody…bloody…’ he muttered to himself now staring at the silent phone.

Seb couldn’t believe his ears. He shook his head, trying to clear some wax, ‘Say that again?’ he asked Lucinda, Urs’ ex Lucinda that is.
‘I said, I’m having your baby. I’m pregnant’ Lucinda repeated.
‘But…how?’ Seb stupidly asked
‘Oh, you know. The usual way’ Lucinda replied.
‘But…you said….’ Seb stared at her.
‘Yes, well. I lied’
‘Obviously’ Seb muttered.
‘So, what are you going to do about it?’ Lucinda asked
‘About…what?’ Seb asked, as if in a daze
‘About this baby!’ Lucinda almost shouted at him
‘How much?’ Seb asked
‘How much what?’
‘How much do you want?‘ Seb repeated, ‘For the abortion?’ Seb asked
‘I’m not…I’m not aborting it!’ Lucinda shrieked
‘But…’ Seb muttered
‘But what?’ Lucinda demanded
‘I don’t want you to have my child!’ Seb replied
‘Well, tough. Its done. I’m pregnant. You’re the father. Deal with it!’ Lucinda now laughed at Seb’s distressed face
‘But I….I…’ Seb muttered
‘I’ll expect marriage’ Lucinda said now.
‘Err, excuse me?’ Seb asked
‘I’m having your child. I’ll expect marriage’ Lucinda repeated again
‘I’m not….I’m not marrying you…’ Seb muttered
‘Oh no? well, tough. You are’ Lucinda sneered now
‘I don’t love you….’ Seb tried.
‘Who, said anything about love?’ Lucinda demanded
‘I can’t marry, without love…’
‘Well, tough. Because you will be’
‘No’ said Seb
‘Excuse me?’ Lucinda glared at him
‘I said no’ Seb repeated
‘Why ever not?’ Lucinda demanded
‘I told you. I don’t love you’
‘But I’m pregnant. With YOUR CHILD’ Lucinda screamed the last part, loudly.
‘I don’t care. I’m not marrying you’ Seb made a move to walk away
‘Don’t walk away on me!’ Lucinda shouted
‘Why not?’ Seb dared to ask.
‘I’m having YOUR CHILD!’ Lucinda screamed at him again
‘Yes, and? You tricked me’ Seb shook his head then walked away, leaving Lucinda standing there, watching him go.
‘BASTARD! BASTARD!’ Lucinda screamed at his departing back, ‘you’ll pay for this!’ she warned. But Seb just carried on walking. He shrugged. He didn’t really care. Not about Lucinda. It had been lust. That’s all. Just lust. Ok, he had been sleeping with his friends girlfriend for the last year when he really shouldn’t have. But she caught him at a low point. Seb had been venerable. Having just split up with the love of his life. The one women he was even prepared to ruin his reputation as a ladies man on and marry. The woman who had broken his heart. Patricia. Patty. Pat. She had been all his dreams come true. All wrapped up in one wonderful package. Then, her career had come between then and she had to make a choice. Career or love life? It had been a hard decision, but finally career had won. She was now a very successful lawyer, or so Seb had recently heard.
Lucinda had found Seb, drunk and crying the day Patricia had walked out after having made her hard decision. Lucinda, being a completely bitch, had tricked Seb into bed. It hadn’t been too hard. Then she had continued to persuade Seb. Cheating on Urs with him. Even sleeping with both of they on several occasions one after another. She would go from having sex with Seb straight into Urs’ bed. Urs didn’t know about Seb and Lucinda. For Lucinda had Seb well and truly wrapped around her little finger. It had worked so well for her for so long. Until now. Seb hadn’t acted at all how he should have done. By Lucinda’s reckoning, he should have immediately dropped to his knees and begged her to marry him. Not shrug and walk off like he had. It had gone wrong. So now, here was Lucinda. Pregnant with no man. It couldn’t happen. Hell, it shouldn’t have happened. By rights Urs and Seb should have been fighting over her. But they weren’t and Lucinda couldn’t understand why. What had gone wrong? It seriously puzzled her.

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PostSubject: Re: *From This Moment On* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 4:00 am


Karen was puzzled. She opened the parcel, and found - divorce papers. Signed. By Urs. He had, it seemed, finally, at long last, granted her her longed for divorce. Just at a time when she didn’t actually want it anymore. She had liked been married. Being married to Urs. It had been - interesting. Fun even. He had been a great husband and an even more fantastic lover. Karen actually missed him. Missed being able to reach out and touch him. Kiss him. Make love with him. She missed it all. She ached in places where she never knew she could ache in. She checked the divorce papers again. They had no contact address on them. No way of getting in touch with him. Karen sighed.
‘Hey, what’s wrong?’ David asked
Karen handed him the divorce papers. He looked them over,
‘He’s granting you the divorce…’ David realised
‘Yes’ Karen sighed again,
‘You’re not happy….’ David realised
‘I…I liked being married’ Karen looked at her left hand where her wedding ring still sat.
‘Then tell Urs that’ David replied.
‘How can I? I’ve not seen him for nearly 5 months…’ Karen sighed again
‘If you want to, you can’ David pointed out
‘But…’ Karen tried
‘Look, if you love him?’ he asked.
‘I do’ Karen found herself replying and nodding.
‘Then contact him. Tell him that’
‘But…its been too long…’
‘Karen, it hasn’t…’
‘It has’ Karen tried.
‘Look, send these back’ David indicated the signed divorce papers, ‘torn up. He’ll soon get the message’ David told her.
‘I’ve not got a return address….’
‘Tear them up. Stick them in an envelope. Address it to Urs and I’ll personally hand them to him’ David offered
‘You’d…do that?’ Karen asked
‘For you. Yes’ he nodded.
‘You are wonderful’ Karen gently touched his face.
‘But you don’t love me. I understand that now’ David’s turn to sigh sadly.
‘Its ok. I’ll get over it’ David smiled sadly at Karen and gave her a brief hug, ‘I’ll live!’ he let out a little laugh.
Slowly, but surely, Karen dragged her legs across the room and got an envelope. She did as David suggested then handed the now sealed envelope to him
‘Thank you, for doing this’ she told him
‘All apart of the service’ David gave a bow.
Karen smiled at him.

A week later, another set of signed divorce papers turned up. Karen tutted then did the same as the last lot. Tore them up, stuck them in an envelope and addressed them back to Urs. Five days later, more arrived. This time with a note attached,
‘Sign them Karen. I’m not playing these games with you anymore. I’ve had enough’ signed Urs.
Karen read the note twice. Then burst into floods of tears. Then, after blowing her nose, she finally, sadly, signed them and posted them back.

‘But…why?’ David asked when he found out what Karen had done. She sniffed and showed him the note that Urs had sent with the papers, ‘god, he’s an idiot’ David said after reading it,
‘No, just sensible’ Karen sighed, ‘its over with now. I have to forget now, and….and move on’ she sighed sadly again.
‘But you don’t want to…’ David tried.
‘I know. I know. But I have to take Urs’ feelings into account’ Karen sadly pointed out.
‘What, about your feelings?’ David asked.
‘They…they don’t count anymore’ Karen sobbed to herself.
‘Oh Karen…Karen’ David pulled her into a hug to soothe away her tears of unhappiness.

‘Karen, wants Urs back’ David told Carlos and Cydalia
‘But he sent her the divorce papers…’ Carlos replied, ‘signed’ he added.
‘I know. And Karen eventually sent them back, also signed’ David told them
‘Then, why are they playing this game?’ Cydalia asked
‘Urs is hurt, as is Karen. To them, its not a game. To them its their ego’s they are sadly protecting’ Carlos told Cydalia
‘Then we have to get them to see sense!’ Cydalia said
‘Urs won’t be fooled’ David told her
‘Then, we’ll just have to…to gently trick him. Into doing what we want!’ Cydalia replied.
‘Into doing what?’ Carlos asked his wife.
‘I don’t know! Yet. But give me a while. I’ll think of something’ Cydalia answered, certain that she could feel Urs into seeing Karen again.

‘It won’t work. It won’t’ Carlos shook his head after hearing Cydalia’s plan
‘You come up with something then!’ Cydalia replied
‘Believe me, I have tried, but its hard’ Carlos told his wife, winking.
‘Now, is not the time for jokes Carlos!’ Cydalia tried warning him.
David coughed, ‘Still here!’ he reminded them both, especially Carlos.
‘Sorry mate’ Carlos apologised as David blushed scarlet in colour.

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PostSubject: Re: *From This Moment On* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 4:01 am


Now Karen was slowly learning to walk again she was finally, at long last, back doing the job she loved. She worked on a magazine. A motorbike magazine. Well, she didn’t just work on it. She owned, ran and was editor of the magazine. Until meeting Urs, the magazine was her life. Her baby. Her everything. Then she had met Urs and all those feelings had changed. Then, after the accident she had had to reluctantly hand the running of her magazine over to someone else. But now, slowly but steadily, she was finally getting back control of doing what she loved best. Motorbikes were her life, and although the specialist had told her in no uncertain terms that she may never get back to riding one again, writing about them was the next best thing. It was her second day back in the office when she received Urs’ phone call,
‘I’m glad you finally saw sense, and signed the papers Karen’ he told her without bothering to say a simple ‘hi’ or ‘how are you?’
‘Yes, well…’ Karen sighed, unsure of what to say after finally hearing his voice after all this time
‘I wanted to congratulate you’ he interrupted her
‘Oh, for what?’ Karen asked, puzzled
‘On your engagement. To David’ he told her
‘My…?’ Karen asked, still puzzled
‘I heard all about it. Sorry if it was meant to be a secret’ Urs apologised
‘I’m not….’ Karen tried
‘Oh? Not meant to be out in the open yet? Ok. I won’t tell anyone else I promise, until it is’ Urs gave a sad laugh before disconnecting the call.
Karen stared at the phone. Urs had got it all wrong. Yes, sure, David was getting married. But not to her. Not to Karen. He was marrying Karen’s physiotherapist after a whirlwind romance. Well, after knowing her a month. Pretty tame after Karen and Urs’ romance really. Urs had obviously heard, that David was getting married but had, for some reason, jumped to a conclusion. The wrong one. Karen shook her head. Puzzled as to why.

Karen rang David,
‘He thinks what?’ David laughed after Karen had told him her and Urs’ weird conversation.
‘That you’re marrying me’ Karen repeated.
David laughed again. ‘Sorry Karen’ he apologised in between laugher.
‘That’s ok’ Karen sighed.
‘How, did he sound?’ David finally asked
‘Jealous’ Karen realised.
‘He still loves you’ David said
‘But he divorced me!’ Karen reminded him
‘I know Karen, I know…’ David sighed sadly.

‘I’m NOT having it!’ Lucinda screeched at Seb
‘Take the test, or no money when its born’ Seb repeated
‘You…you bastard!’ Lucinda spat at him
‘Call me what you like. But I’m not paying anything until I know that that baby is mine’ Seb nodded to Lucinda’s exceptionally flat stomach. And considering she was supposed to be what, four, five months pregnant was weird.
‘Ok. Ok’ Lucinda glared at Seb, ‘you win’
‘Good. I’ll arrange it then…’ Seb said
‘You can’t, there’s nothing to arrange. I’m not pregnant’ Lucinda finally admitted.
‘You’re not…?’ stunned, but amazingly happy, Seb gleefully asked
‘No’ Lucinda snapped
‘You played me…’ Seb shook his head
‘Yes I did’ Lucinda smiled proudly at him
‘But why? Why?’ Seb asked, ‘I…I don’t understand’ he muttered
‘Oh? No?’ she asked
‘No’ Seb shook his head
‘Tough!’ Lucinda spat before storming off.

Karen wrote Urs a letter. She couldn’t phone him. Hearing his voice before almost made her forget to do one simple thing. Like breathe. So she wrote it all down what she was feeling. Explaining about David, that yes, he was getting married. But not to her. That her relationship with David had always just been friendship. Nothing else. Nothing more. Just friends. Good friends. David had been there, when Karen needed someone to talk to. Someone who wouldn’t judge her or moan at her. When she needed a shoulder to cry on and just cry on. Nothing else. Never anything else. She wrote all this down then posted it to Urs. Half hoping, half dreading that she could get some sort of reply. And soon. Before she went completely out of her mind. But weeks past and no reply, or phone call came. Their divorce would be finalised soon. Soon it would be too late. They would no longer be married. Karen would no longer be Karen Buhler. But back to plan old Karen Jones. Karen was slowly becoming more and more depressed. What was the reason for her learning to walk, if she had no-one who she could walk, or run to? She wanted to be able to show Urs what she could do. But it seemed as though he was no longer interested. Karen had gone and blown it. Big time. She let out a sad sigh and placed her head in her hands and cried and cried again. Cried for herself. Cried for Urs. Cried for what they had lost. Cried for what they hadn’t learnt. Cried for what she had made herself miss by not being with him.

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PostSubject: Re: *From This Moment On* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 4:02 am


Urs was also depressed. He couldn’t summon up the energy to do anything. He lay in his bed and looked at the ceiling. He hadn’t washed, dressed or shaved for a month now. Ever since he had congratulated Karen on her engagement to David. He couldn’t remember the last time he had eaten, or closed his eyes. Hell, he couldn’t close his eyes. Every time he did, he kept picturing Karen. With David. Laying in his arms. Touching him. Kissing him. Making love with him. These images were slowly driving him completely and utterly stir crazy. He let out a groan and turned over onto his side. He could see all the post, pilling up by his door. All those bills. He groaned again. Then he noticed something. It looked like a hand written letter. He tried summoning up the energy to move, but he couldn’t. He reached out a hand towards the letter. No use. His door was just too far away from his bed and his arm just wouldn’t reach. He took a deep breathe and found the courage and energy to sit up. He breathed. Christ. It was hard. He tried getting his legs out of bed. It took four attempts before he finally managed it. Then, slowly and steadily, he heaved himself out of bed. He wobbled. Grabbing hold of a chair he dragged his body to the door. He bent down to pick up the hand written letter, and fell over.
‘Bloody hell’ he exclaimed while laying face down on the floor. He let out a groan again and then muttering to himself reached out again for the letter. He couldn’t summon the energy to move again so he lay on the floor, by the door, and read the letter. He blinked. He’d got it all wrong! The letter. The letter that had laid on his door step for three weeks was from Karen. Telling him everything he had wanted to know but was too scared to ask. Karen wasn’t getting married to David. Hell, she wasn’t getting married to anyone! He had got it all wrong! Completely and utterly wrong. He let out a delighted ‘Yippee!’ and suddenly found the energy he needed.
He sprung up from the floor, laughing. He ran, almost flying into the bathroom. For the first time in, how long it was, Urs couldn’t remember, he sung to himself, as he washed his body, and his hair and shaved. Amazingly he didn’t cut himself once, which, was surprising, considering how much his hands were shaking with happiness at the time. He couldn’t help it. Every time he thought of that letter he let out a little ‘Whoopee’ of delight and laughed. He was going to go and see Karen again. His Karen. Soon, soon they would be together. Again. At long last. Together. He felt his heart almost burst with happiness at the idea. He danced around his room, getting dressed, making the bed, opening the curtains to let the sunlight in. He felt alive. Happy. Wonderful! Nothing would destroy the way he was feeling now. Nothing in the world!

Truth be told, David had always loved Karen. From the very first moment he saw her, lying in that hospital bed looking pale and upset he had wanted to sweep her up in his arms and protect her. When he found out that Urs was married to her, it all made sense. He understood why Urs would have wanted to marry Karen on first meeting her. But then something strange happened. David meet Karen’s physiotherapist and forgot all about his love for Karen and fell head over heels in love with her. Her name was Deborah. Dee. It had taken him a week to pluck up the courage to just talk to her. But then when he did on first conversation he knew that she was the one. The one for him. The one he wanted to be with. For now until forever. It surprised him. But happily so. And now he and Dee were getting married. Making a life together. All he needed now, to make life completely complete was to get his best friend and the woman he thought he was in love with once upon a time back together. Then all would be perfect. All would be complete and where it should be. With who they should, were meant to be with.

Urs practically ran all the way to Karen’s home. He arrived there breathless but happy. He knocked on the door and waited. Then after a few minutes he knocked again. Still no response. By now he was getting worried. He tried looking thought the letterbox. It was on the bottom of the door. He lay down on the floor and lifted the flap. He couldn’t see anything.
‘Excuse me, are you alright down there?’ came a voice.
Urs looked up. It was an old-ish lady,
‘I’m looking for Karen…the lady who lives here?’ Urs asked
‘Oh. You mean young Karen Buhler’ the old lady replied. Urs smiled at the name.
‘Yes. Do you know where she is?’ Urs asked, now standing up and wiping himself down
‘At work I should think…’ the lady consulted her watch before replying. It was eleven am.
‘And, where is…?’ Urs asked, coughing slightly.
‘She works at some magazine. I’m sorry but I don’t know which one’ she apologised, shaking her head
‘Ok. Thanks anyway’ Urs smiled then walked away from Karen’s front door.
She worked at some magazine? There was so much Urs didn’t know about Karen and to find out that she worked came as quite a surprise. He immediately assumed she worked at some girlie magazine. Probably to do with knitting or flower arranging. They had never talked about jobs, or hobbies. Or in fact about anything. The attraction had been that instant that Urs felt he didn’t need to know all about Karen’s life. Or, as it turned out, learn about anything to do with her. He made a mental note to rectify that fact as soon as he and Karen were back together. He whistled to himself as he walked down the street.

Karen was in her office, working at the computer. Writing a review for the latest design in motorbikes when the phone rang.
‘Hello?’ she answered
‘Oh! Karen! This is Susanna, your neighbour…’ it was the old lady Urs had met.
‘Oh, hi Susanna…’ Karen replied
‘You had a visitor earlier…’ Susanna told her
‘Oh?’ asked Karen, not really paying attention. She carried on her typing. Correcting a word.
‘Yes, a gentlemen. A rather…handsome gentlemen’ Karen could imagine Susanna blushing down the phone.
‘Oh?’ Karen asked, ‘can you remember anything about this…this handsome gentleman?’ Karen asked.
Karen soon paid attention as Susanna clearly described Urs.
‘He had a…a lovely bottom’ Susanna added as Karen almost dropped the phone in shook.
‘Urs…’ Karen murmured
‘What did you say dear?’ Susanna asked, not hearing Karen.
‘Did he…did he leave a note?’ Karen asked, licking her lips
‘But he did ask where you were…I told him, that you work at your magazine’ Susanna offered.
‘Did you tell him where?’ Karen asked, hopefully
‘No, sorry…’ Susanna replied
‘Ok, thanks’ Karen sighed before disconnecting the call.

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PostSubject: Re: *From This Moment On* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 4:03 am


‘Err…yes, hello, I’m looking for a Karen Buhler?’ Urs was at the sixth office he had tried. He had so far checked every address of every ‘girlie’ magazine he could think of personally. Visiting each office in the hope of finding Karen.
The receptionist, named Fran on the head desk gazed at Urs. God he was so gorgeous she blushed. She took ages checking her computer for a name she knew didn’t work at that building.
‘I’m sorry…’ Fran finally answered after five minutes of checking Urs out without him knowing, ‘we have no-one under that name’
‘Ok, thanks’ Urs sighed, ‘what about Jones then?’ he asked
‘Yes, we have a Jones’
‘Great’ Urs smiled
‘But its Celia not Karen Jones…’
‘Oh, wrong woman. Thanks anyway…’ Urs sighed again then reluctantly walked away.
Fran, the receptionist, watched him go. Swooning to herself.

Meanwhile, Karen was in her office. Just opposite to where Urs had just visited. If she had looked out of her window at the right moment she would have seen Urs. But she didn’t. So she didn’t.

Urs had a brain storm. He rang David,
‘Hey, long time no hear…’ David said as soon as he recognised Urs’ voice.
‘Yeah, well….sorry mate’ Urs apologised
‘Did you hear my news?’ David then asked
‘What? Oh yeah, yeah. Congratulations…’
‘What a surprise eh?’ David laughed
‘Yeah, yeah’ Urs agreed, not really listening, ‘look…I’m actually ringing about…to ask about, about Karen’ he swallowed nervously.
‘She signed the divorce papers’ said David
‘I know that. I’m…I’m actually looking for her…’ Urs coughed
‘Oh?’ David asked
‘She’s…she’s not at her home. Do you…’ Urs coughed again, ‘do you know where she works?’
‘Yes’ said David
‘Can you…could you tell me the address? Please?’ Urs asked
‘What for?’ David asked
‘Please mate…please’ Urs tried again
‘Ok’ David sighed, then reluctantly told Urs the address.
‘Thanks mate’ Urs replied, ‘hang on…’ he remembered, ‘I tried there…’
‘What, at Motorbike Monthly?’ David asked
‘Which magazine did you think she worked on?’ David asked
Urs coughed.
‘You were married for how long? And yet, you never talked…about what she did?’ David was amazed
‘Yes, well…’ Urs coughed, embarrassed now.
‘If, and this is a big if, if Karen lets you back, can I suggest something?’ David asked
‘Yeah, sure, anything’
‘Talk. Learn something about her. Her interests. It does help you know’ David pointed out.
‘I will….I will’ Urs promised, ‘thanks mate’
‘Hmmm….’ replied David, before the phone went dead on Urs.

Seb was trying to pluck up some courage. He needed her back. The woman who chose her career over him. He needed her back. Back in his life. He tried her number. It just rang and rang. He tried her home number, work number and mobile. No answer. No response. It was like she had just disappeared. He then went round to her work place. It was closed. Abandoned by the looks of it.
‘No-one’s been here for over a year now’ Seb was told by an old security guard who used to work there, ‘the business closed, a year…no, two years ago’ he informed Seb.
‘But…that can’t be…’ Seb muttered
‘If you don’t believe me…’ replied the old security guard
‘Did they…did they leave an affording address?’ Seb asked
‘Yeah, sure…here’ Seb was then handed an old business card. He read the name on the card, ‘Patricia Langdon - lawyer’ and an address.
‘Thanks…I’ll…I’ll try there’ and Seb walked away, gazing at the business card.

‘I want a divorce’ Cydalia was glaring at Carlos
‘Whatever for?’ Carlos asked, laughing nervously
‘Because I am sick. Sick of you. Flirting with anything that moves and is female!’ Cydalia spat at him.
‘I…I don’t…’ Carlos tried defending himself.
‘You do! That…that girl…’ Cydalia waved her hand angrily at the door, ‘that delivery girl…’
‘She asked me for an autograph…’ Carlos tried
‘Oh? Then why did she give you HER phone number then?’ Cydalia demanded
‘Here….look’ Carlos took the piece of paper and tore it up.
Cydalia stared at him, ‘That’ she spat, ‘doesn’t mean a thing!’
Carlos sighed. He then picked up the piece of paper, lit a match and burned every piece.
‘Give me your phone’ Cydalia then demanded.
Carlos handed it over with a sigh.
Cydalia went through every phone number and every text message. All the texts Carlos had were mostly from her. Silly little messages telling him that she loved him or missed him. Ones even asking what he wanted for dinner? Each time the same answer would come back. You. Accompanied with a wink. Every time.
After checking it all she handed it back
‘Ok?’ Carlos nervously asked
‘No’ Cydalia snapped. She hadn’t been feeling at all well recently and couldn’t control her temper. Poor Carlos kept getting shouted at or getting the blame for silly little things. Cydalia sighed. She just couldn’t work out what it was that was wrong with herself just recently and it really bugged her.

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PostSubject: Re: *From This Moment On* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 4:04 am


Seb was nervous. Here she was now. Standing outside the address that that old security guard had given him. The one where now lived Patricia. His Patricia. He wiped his sweaty palms on his trouser legs and coughed, trying to pluck up the courage to do one simple thing. Knock on her door. Just as he was about to finally knock he heard a noise, coming from behind him. He turned. It was a woman, pushing a pushchair with a crying baby in it. Seb could swear he recognised the woman. But to be completely certain he hide behind a nearby bush and watched her. It was…it was Patricia he realised. Pushing the pushchair. Seb couldn’t see into the pushchair but he was almost certain that the baby was Patricia’s. He sighed sadly to himself. She had obviously gone and forgotten about him. Moved on. Had someone else’s baby. Without alerting attention to where he was, Seb sadly walked away. Shaking his head and muttering to himself.
If Patricia had moved on, then it was time he did too.
It would be hard thought. For he could have sworn that she was his ‘the one’. But not now. Not now that she was with someone else. Had had someone else’s baby. It wasn’t fair. It just wasn’t fair. Seb continued to mutter to himself as he walked away.
He didn’t see the man until he walked straight into him,
‘Oy you! Watch where you are going!’ the man barked, knocking Seb off his feet.
‘Seb…?’ a female voice called. Seb, now laying on the ground, shielded his eyes from the sun and looked up. Blast! His slinking away had failed. For it was Patricia. Looking down at him, ‘Here…’ she held out a hand to help him to his feet.
‘Thanks…Patricia!’ he attempted to act surprised to see her.
‘Seb’ Patricia nodded at him. Then the baby in the pushchair started crying again, ‘shhh….’ she started pushing the pushchair to and fro,
‘Yours?’ Seb asked, now brushing himself down
‘Mine’ Patricia replied
‘Oh…how, how old?’ Seb asked, licking his lips.
‘Four months’ Patricia told him
‘Oh, right….right’ Seb nodded, ‘nice….’ he peered at the crying bundle, ‘boy?’ he asked
‘Yes’ said Patricia. Great guess. The baby was dressed completely in blue.
‘Hmm…nice’ said Seb
‘So…’ said Patricia
‘I was…just passing. Didn’t know you lived around here’ Seb lied.
‘I haven’t been here for long. Just…six months’ replied Patricia
‘Right. I see. Ok’ Seb nodded, stuck for what to say.
‘Well, anyway, it was nice to see you Seb’ Patricia smiled at him.
‘Yes, and…and you too’ Seb agreed.
‘Bye then’ said Patricia, walking away.
‘Yes, bye’ Seb gave a little wave and watched her go.
‘Stupid prat!’ he told himself after she had gone. ‘I could have said something…why didn’t I?’ he asked himself, shaking his head again.

David was gazing at Deborah. He still couldn’t believe his luck. He was getting married. At first he had convinced himself, that he really was completely crazy about Karen. And, for a while, he had been. Until he went to visit Karen one day while she was in the middle of having her physiotherapy and had seen Dee. He had taken one look. The whole time while Dee had been doing her job, working on Karen’s muscles, David had been staring at Dee. She was…it was as almost as thought David had dreamt her up. His dream woman come true. He tried to speak to her but nothing would come out. For the first time in his entire life, David was speechless. So he just stood and tried not to stare. Tried not to gaze in awe at Dee. It had taken him a week. A week of visiting Karen everyday just to see Dee. To be able to pluck up the courage to speak to her. Then, when he finally did his first words to Dee were,
‘Can I date you?’ and luckily, instead of thinking David was completely mad, Dee had smiled and answered,
‘What took you so long?’
And so, the relationship had gone from there.
Looking back, David was amazed that it had taken quite so long. And now they were planning their wedding and the honeymoon.
‘How about…Italy?’ Dee suggested
‘Wonderful’ David replied, gazing at her.
‘Great’ he smiled
‘Outta Mongolia?’ Dee joked
‘Perfect’ he sighed happily.
Dee tutted.
David looked at her, ‘What?’ he asked
‘Honeymoon?’ Dee reminded him
‘You said, Italy? Australia? And…Outta Mongolia?’
‘You were listening then?’ Dee was surprised.
‘To you…I always do…’ David sighed happily at her.
Dee blushed.

Urs rang the bell and waited. In his hands were the biggest bunch of flowers he could find. He coughed and waited.
‘Ok…ok, I’m coming!’ shouted a female voice as Urs rang the bell for a third time, ‘hold your horses!’ she shouted again.
Urs waited. Then the door opened.
‘Who…are you?’ Urs asked
Linda looked him up and down, ‘Well, hi’ she fluttered her eyelashes.
‘I was…expecting Karen…’ Urs spoke
‘She’s out’ Linda smiled, ‘can I help?’ she asked, playing with a strand of hair, ‘do I know you?’ she asked, peering closely at him.
‘I…I don’t think so…’ Urs coughed
‘I’m sure I do…’ Linda stared at him, trying to focus.
She had forgotten her contact lenses and currently couldn’t see Urs clearly enough. Had she remembered to put them in, Linda would have been laying on the floor. After having fainted. But she hadn’t, so she didn’t.
‘When will…when will Karen be home?’ Urs asked
‘Soon…soon I think’ Linda tried to focus again
‘I tried her work, but they told me she had already left’ Urs volunteered.
‘Then, she should be home soon. Care to come in?’ Linda asked. From what she could see, this guy looked rather tasty. Lucky Karen.
‘Sure…thanks’ Linda moved to one side as Urs squeezed past.
‘You smell nice’ Linda sniffed him.
‘Tha…thanks’ Urs blushed.
‘Coffee…? Tea…?’ Linda asked
‘Coffee, thanks’
‘Sit yourself down, back soon!’ Linda winked at Urs then felt her way to the kitchen.

Urs looked around the room. He didn’t see any personal photographs. Just pictures and pictures of motorbikes. All in frames. Hanging on the wall. And books too. Motorbike manuals. It looked like his own home, back in France.
Linda came out of the kitchen then, holding two mugs. She handed one to Urs.
‘You didn’t tell me your name…’ she said
‘Nor you’ he replied
‘Linda’ Linda blushed, taking a sip of her coffee.
‘Urs’ replied Urs.
Linda spluttered her coffee, ‘Urs?’ she whispered
‘Yep’ he smiled.
‘Oh my god! Oh my god!’ Linda squealed, ‘Urs. URS!’ she said, ‘Urs!’
‘That’s, my name…’ Urs was feeling rather worried now. He was about to say something else, make his excuse and leave when the door slammed.
‘I’m home!’ came Karen’s voice.

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PostSubject: Re: *From This Moment On* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 4:05 am


‘The woman of my dreams is no longer available’ Seb sighed.
He was on the phone to Carlos.
‘Meaning, my friend?’ Carlos asked
‘She has a…a child’ Seb sighed again.
‘Recently born from what I saw of it. Him’ Seb quickly corrected himself.
‘Oh, mate, I am sorry’ Carlos consoled him.
‘I’ll live…I suppose’ Seb attempted to laugh, but failed.
‘You have to move on’ Carlos told him
‘I know…I know, but…’ Seb let out a long sigh, ‘but she was my ‘the one’’ he whispered,
‘Mate…mate…’ Carlos tried, tutting to himself.
Typical Seb. Never knew a good thing until he lost it. He had always been the same. Never learning from his mistakes. Always taking things and people, for granted. Thinking that they would always be there. Always be around. But they weren’t. People did go. Change. Leave. Carlos tutted again.

Cydalia was taking a test. She stared at it. How could this have happened? And now? To her? She was so careful. Always so careful. Always taking precautions. But now? The test had to be wrong. It just had to be. She couldn’t be pregnant. Not here. Not now. Not now her career was finally starting to take off. What could have happened, for it to go oh so wrong? Cydalia shook her head. No. It must be wrong. It must be. It had to be. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. False. A faulty test. Must be faulty. Completely. That was it. Now convinced that she wasn’t pregnant after all, Cydalia sighed a sigh of relief and threw the test into the bin. She washed her hands and face. Phew! Lucky escape! She thought to herself. Lucky, lucky escape.

‘What are you doing here?’ Karen glared at Urs.
Urs, stared back. God she was gorgeous. He was too busy staring at her face that he completely forgot to take in one little point. Karen was standing up. No longer stuck in a wheelchair.
‘I…I came, to see you…’ Urs whispered
‘You mean, you know Karen?’ Linda asked, surprised.
‘She’s my wife’ Urs replied, still gazing.
‘Ex’ Karen spat. She was in shock. Had wanted to see him for such a long time, but now she was here with him, she felt angry. More than a little angry. Furious at him. For turning up unannounced.
‘Ex, what?’ Linda asked, stunned. Karen had never told her. About marrying Urs. Or divorcing him. Nothing.
‘Wife’ Urs told her
‘But…Karen, she isn’t married!’ Linda laughed at the very idea.
‘Not now we aren’t’ Urs sighed, ‘we divorced’
‘But you never….’ Linda stared at her friend.
‘I…I forgot’ Karen gave a feeble excuse.
‘You forgot? How?’ Linda laughed again
‘Because she’s embarrassed, about me’ Urs sighed sadly.
‘I’m….I’m not’ Karen tried telling him
‘Hell’ Linda laughed, ‘if you were my husband, I would be shouting it, from the rooftops!’ she told Urs.
Urs blushed, ‘Thanks’
‘But I’m not…not like that’ Karen tried again.
‘No, you aren’t’ Urs replied to Karen, sadly, ‘You’re walking…’ he finally noticed.
‘So I am’ Karen said, sarcastically.
‘How long…?’ he asked, amazed
‘Four months now’
‘Con…congratulations…’ he gazed at her.
‘Thanks’ Karen sighed.
‘Married! Who’d have thought it! And to a hunk!’ Linda shook her head, in shock, ‘To…Urs. Of IL DIVO!’ she added, as an afterthought.
‘Sorry’ Karen apologised to her.
‘Oh, no need to apologise’ Linda patted Karen’s shoulder, ‘just don’t go keeping any more secrets, ok?’ she asked
‘Ok, promise’ Karen smiled at Linda
‘So…’ Urs spoke again.
‘I think, you should go’ Karen told him before he could say anything else.
‘But….’ Urs tried
‘Go’ Karen said again.
‘I don’t want to…’
‘I’d do as she asks. Karen can get pretty angry, when she wants to’ Linda advised Urs.
Urs stared at Karen. Karen stared unblinkingly at Urs.
Urs shook his head, and sighed. A loud, sad sigh.
‘Ok’ he whispered, ‘I’ll go…’ he made a move to hand Karen the flowers he had bought for her.
‘Take them with you. I’m allergic’ Karen liked
‘I’ll have them!’ Linda told him
‘Here…’ Urs handed them to Linda, ‘enjoy’ he told her, before going.
Linda watched him go. Sighing, ‘So wish I had my contact lens in…’ she murmured after Urs had gone.

‘Seb, could you…could you come, for a visit? Please?’
Seb could swear that he was dreaming. Dreaming that he was on the phone. Talking to Patricia after she had rang him. He pinched himself. Nope. Not a dream, ‘Seb? Seb? Are you still there?’ Patricia asked now, sounding worried down the phone.
‘What? Oh. Yes. Yes I’m still here’ Seb finally spoke
‘Could you…come then?’ Patricia asked, sounding nervous now.
‘Sure, sure. When?’ Seb asked
‘Tomorrow? If you are free?’
‘Yes, I’m free’
‘Thank you Seb. Thank you’ Patricia told him before hanging up.

‘I went to see Karen…’ Urs sighed
‘And about time too!’ Carlos laughed
‘But she seemed angry…to see me’ Urs sighed again.
Urs and Carlos were in Carlos’ London home, talking
‘Aah…’ Carlos replied, rather knowingly.
‘What do you know, that I don’t?’ Urs asked, suspiciously.
‘I don’t! I don’t!’ Carlos held his hands up in front of himself, ‘honestly, I don’t’ he said again.
‘Mmm….’ Urs replied, suspiciously again.
‘So’ Carlos coughed rather nervously, ‘you saw Karen then?’
‘Yes, I did’
‘And?’ Carlos asked
‘And she can walk’ Urs told him
‘Really? How?’ he asked, pretending that he had no idea as to the answer of that one question, when, in reality, he did know. He, Carlos, knew it all
‘I…I didn’t get around to asking, before she threw me out’ Urs sighed sadly
‘Maybe, next time, you should ring, before you visit’ Carlos recommended
‘Don’t think I’ll be visiting again…’ Urs sulked
‘Mate, you have to!’
‘I do? Why?’ Urs asked
‘If you want Karen back, you have to keep trying’
‘But do I want her back? I’m not so sure’ Urs replied
‘If you didn’t, you would have got with someone else by now’ Carlos sensibility pointed out.
‘Suppose’ Urs sighed.
‘Take it one step at a time. You’ve waited this long. You must think Karen is worth waiting for. Hang on in there mate. Hang on in there’ Carlos advised.
‘Ok, I will’ Urs finally smiled at long last.

‘You didn’t tell me! You were married to the worlds sexiest guy and you didn’t tell me!’ Linda tried not to be angry with Karen. Especially after everything she had gone thought these last two years. But it was hard keeping her cool when all she wanted to do was hit her friend. Knock some sense into her.
‘He’s not the worlds sexiest guy…’ Karen tried
‘No? well, he’s not far off from it’ Linda swooned
‘Anyway, we’re divorced now’
‘HA! How could you?’ Linda asked
‘I…I…’ Karen tried.
‘Letting him get away! Are you mad? You must be. Either that, or you need your head seeing to! God, if I were you, I’d still be married!’ Linda shook her head
‘We shouldn’t have married in the first place. I know nothing about him…’ Karen attempted to explain her actions.
‘That makes no difference! Hell, its Urs! What’s to know? He’s gorgeous. The worlds sexiest man, and he wanted you! Hell, I would be there in a flash if he wanted me! I still would…’ Linda gazed into space at the thought of her, and Urs together. Laying in bed. She gave a little, soppy smile and sighed.

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PostSubject: Re: *From This Moment On* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 4:06 am


‘Hi, come in’ Patricia opened the door to Seb. He was standing, looking nervous, on her doorstep. A bottle of wine in one hand, a bunch of roses in the other.
‘Tha…thanks’ Seb whispered, ‘here’ he handed her the wine and roses.
‘Thanks’ Patricia blushed, taking them.
Seb looked around, ‘No…husband? Boyfriend?’ he asked
‘No’ said Patricia, ‘I’m a…a single mother’ she replied
‘Oh…’ that reply stunned Seb. He gazed at Patricia. She was just too beautiful to be a single parent. What happened to the guy, where was he? Seb so wanted to ask, but didn’t. Instead he kept his mouth closed and for once bit his tongue
‘So…’ Patricia said
‘So…’ Seb said at the same time.
They stared at each other.
‘You’ve…changed’ Seb said
‘Its having…Stefan, that did it’ Patricia smiled
‘Stefan?’ Seb asked
‘My son’
‘Oh’ he considered this for a moment, then said, ‘nice name’
‘Thanks’ Patricia blushed
‘Named…after his father?’ Seb asked
‘No…well, sort of I suppose’
Seb gazed at her. Patricia blushed.
‘Which is it?’ Seb asked
‘Wine?’ Patricia asked, holding up the bottle Seb had bought with him
‘What…? Oh, yeah, sure’
Patricia opened the wine and poured two glasses. She handed one to Seb, taking a large sip of her own
‘Cheers’ she briefly raised her glass then finished the content.
‘Nervous?’ Seb asked
‘Yes’ Patricia replied
Seb was surprised. Not the answer he was expecting.
‘Its not every day you tell a guy he’s a father’ Patricia carried on
‘You told Stefan’s father today?’ Seb asked, ‘how did he take it?’
‘I don’t know’ Patricia shrugged, she looked at Seb, ‘how have you taken it?’ she asked
‘How have I…?’ Seb whispered in response
‘You’re…Stefan’s father’ Patricia told him
‘I’m…?’ Seb gazed at her, stunned.
‘His father’ Patricia repeated
‘I….I…’ Seb, still stunned, muttered.
‘Not, the reaction I was expecting….’ Patricia sighed sadly.

Seb gazed at Patricia. Was he dreaming? He wondered. He pinched his hand. Nope. Not a dream for that definitely hurt. He winced to himself, looking down at the bruise now forming on his hand.
‘I’m sorry. I know I should have told you earlier…’ Patricia mumbled, half to Seb, half to herself.
‘No…no, its ok’ Seb replied, ‘but…why didn’t you?’ he asked
‘I was going to. I was…then you told me, about the tour…and I didn’t want you to go and cancel it. Because of me’ Patricia explained.
It was true. Patricia had finished things with Seb at the same time as Seb had told her all about their new world tour. A tour that took over a year to do. If he had known Patricia was pregnant, he would have refused to do it. So he could have been close to her. Seb nodded,
‘You’re right’ he told her, ‘I would have wanted to cancel it’
‘You see? I knew you would’
‘But you never gave me the chance’ he said
‘To what? Help ruin your life?’ Patricia asked
‘You would have never…’
‘I might have done. You go telling the other guys you don’t want to tour. They might have said tour or leave the group’ Patricia tried.
‘They wouldn’t have…’
‘Yes, well, anyway, I coped’
‘So I can see’ Seb gazed at Patricia.

‘I still think you’re mad. Completely. Mad’ Linda told Karen after Karen had explained it all to her, ‘and letting him go…’ Linda shook her head
‘In the end, he let me go’ Karen tried pointing out
‘Yes’ Linda agreed, ‘but’ she carried on, ‘you’re the one who mentioned the ‘D’ word in the first place!’
‘D word?’ Karen asked
‘Divorce. DIVORCE!’ Linda explained.
‘I was going to marry Stuart that’s why’
‘That bullying little shit who wouldn’t sleep with you’ Linda reminded Karen.
‘I was paralyzed at the time’
‘Thank god you’re not now’ Linda hugged her friend, ‘and its all thanks to Urs. And his wonderful healing hands’ she winked suggestively to Karen.
Karen blushed, ‘Not quite…’ she tried to correct Linda.
‘Oh no? then when did the feeling start to come back? Oh yes, when Urs touched you. When he touched you. YOU!’ Linda attempted to point out again.
Karen couldn’t reply. For she knew Linda was right. Instead she just sighed.

Meanwhile, the man who had incredible ‘healing hands’ as pointed out by Linda, sat, feeling depressed in a bar again. He looked at his phone. Should be phone Karen? He wondered. Ask her out on a date. He didn’t know. For once in his life, Urs was unsure of what to do. He sighed a sad sigh.
‘Call her mate; the barman told Urs
‘But should I? I mean, when I went to see her she was rather angry…’
‘Did you turn up unannounced?’ the barman asked
Urs nodded, ‘Yes’
‘No wonder. Mate, women like plenty of notice. Believe me, I know. Been married three times already. You?’ he then asked Urs
‘Just the once’ he replied
‘Its her I want to get back with…’
‘Then try mate. Try. If she’s the one who makes you happy…?’
‘She is’ Urs smiled and nodded.
‘There’s your answer then’ the barman nodded back to Urs.

‘But I can’t be…’ Cydalia started at the doctor and shook her head, ‘I can’t be…’
‘I’m afraid, that you are. Nearly three months from what you told me’ Dr Fernando smiled at Cydalia
‘But….’ Cydalia tried again.
‘You were sick a while ago, yes?’ the doctor asked
‘Yes’ Cydalia nodded
‘And you took….antibiotics?’
Again, Cydalia nodded.
‘They tend to…cancel out all precautions’ the doctor informed Cydalia
‘Cancel out…?’
‘Oh god’ Cydalia muttered
‘There are several things you can do. If you’re not happy. Abortion. Adoption’
‘I’ll…I’ll think about it’ Cydalia mumbled, walking out of the doctors surgery in a daze.
Pregnant. Expecting. It had come as a shock. More than a shock. Cydalia was stunned. Stunned.

‘Stefan, is mine?’ Seb asked. He was still in shock.
‘Yes’ Patricia sighed.
‘But you left me…because of your job…’
‘I lied’
‘Because?’ Seb asked
‘We’ve been through this. Because of your career’ Patricia sighed again.
‘Stefan is mine…’
‘I’m a father…’
‘Yes’ Patricia sighed again.
‘Oh…wow!’ Seb finally smiled, ‘wow!’

‘When can we…start practice? For the honeymoon?’ David winked at Dee
‘On the honeymoon’
‘Not before?’
‘Why not?’
‘Because…I’m not that type of girl’
‘We are getting married’ David pointed out
‘I know that’ Dee sighed, ‘but not until’
‘No David. No’
‘Ok…ok’ David sighed sadly.

David couldn’t understand why he and Dee hadn’t got around to cementing their relationship yet. All they had done since getting engaged, had been to kiss. Short kisses. Nothing more passionate. It was like Dee was scared. Scared of moving the relationship on. Like she was holding something back. But what? David couldn’t work that part out.

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*From This Moment On* By: KazyJay
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