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 *From This Moment On* By: KazyJay

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PostSubject: Re: *From This Moment On* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 4:07 am


Urs, was on the phone. Trying to talk Karen into going our on a date with him
‘We’re divorced. Our dating days are over’ Karen kept on insisting.
‘I don’t think so. I think…no, I would like us to date. To go out on a date’ Urs told her
‘Yes, but why? We’re divorce…’ Karen said again
‘Forget about the divorce’
‘Forget’ Urs interrupted, ‘pretend like we don’t know each other’
‘That should be easy enough. As we don’t’ Karen pointed out
‘Ok. We don’t’ Urs sighed, ‘but please, please come out on a date with me. Please?’ Urs was pleading with her now.
‘I…I don’t know’ Karen tried
‘God sake woman! Go on a date with him. Or I will!’ Linda shouted in the background Urs could hear. He smiled at that.
‘I…I…’ Karen mumbled.
‘One date. That’s all I ask. One date’ Urs tried again
‘Do it. Or I will!’ Linda shouted again.
‘Ok’ Karen finally sighed, ‘one date’
‘Thank you. You won’t regret it. I promise’ Urs told her
‘I’d better not’ Karen warned.

Dee loved David. She really did. More than she really should. But she was still scared. Scared of letting herself be with him in a romantic way. For she still had cuts and bruises left being from her last relationship. Dee had dated Stuart. Karen’s Stuart. After Karen and Stuart had split up thanks to Urs kidnapping her. In kidnapping Karen he had actually saved her life. After losing Karen, Stuart had been angry. So angry. Too angry and meeting Dee on the rebound he had taken his anger out on her. Used her for a punch bag. Lowered her self-esteem with his cruel remarks. Blamed her for everything that went wrong. Even when it wasn’t her fault. Dee had only been saved when one punch too many landed her in hospital with injuries she just couldn’t explain. The police had been called and as a result, Stuart was now doing time in prison. Dee didn’t know how to go about explaining her last relationship to David and was ashamed. Ashamed of her bruises and scars. She knew David wasn’t like Stuart. But she was still scared of what his reaction would be, when he found out about her past life.

‘I am a father’ Seb announced when the guys all next met up to share news.
‘That’s great…hang on. You’re a what?’ David finally listened to what Seb had just said
‘I am a father’ Seb repeated
‘Who…?’ Urs asked
‘The wonderful Patricia’ Seb smiled
‘You mean, she’s pregnant…?’ Carlos now asked
‘No’ Seb beamed, ‘she already had him. Stefan. He is four months old’ Seb proudly showed them all his photograph.
‘God. And he looks like you…’ Urs noticed the very clear resemblance to father and son.
‘That, he does’ Seb winked
Urs handed back the photograph and let out a sigh,
‘Any joy mate?’ David asked, noticing the sigh.
‘Karen is allowing me to take her out on a date’ Urs replied
‘At least, that’s progress then’ David patted his friend on his shoulder.
‘Suppose’ Urs sighed again.
‘You want Karen back, you have to earn her respect. Earn her trust’ Carlos told Urs
‘I know that. I do’ Urs replied, looking at his feet.
‘So, mate, any luck with Dee?’ Seb then winked at David
‘No’ David’s turn to sigh.
‘She’ll come around. If she loves you’ Seb winked again.
‘I know she loves me’ David replied, ‘but I think, I think Dee is hiding something. From me. But I don’t know what it is…’ David sighed again.

Dee was massaging Karen. She always wore long sleeved tops. Even in the summer.
‘Mmm… that feels nice’ Karen mumbled.
‘When I’m gone, you’ll need someone else to do this to you regularly…’ Dee reminded Karen
‘I know. But I’ve plenty of time yet’
‘No Karen’ Dee stopped her massaging of Karen’s legs, ‘you haven’t. We’ve two sessions left’
‘Oh, I thought…we had lots of time’
‘No Karen. Two sessions’
‘I’ll find someone’
‘You need them soon. So they can observe me in what to do’ Dee said
‘Linda could…’ Karen replied thinking out loud.
‘Your partner would be ideal’ Dee interrupted Karen
‘I don’t have…’
‘Urs, Karen’
‘But we’re not…’ just then Karen noticed a mark on Dee’s arm. She had accidentally pulled up a sleeve of her top, ‘what’s that?’ Karen asked
‘Nothing’ Dee quickly pulled her sleeve down
‘It looked like a scar…’
‘It is’
‘From where? Did you hurt yourself?’ Karen asked, concerned for her friend.
‘No. I didn’t’
‘But it looks recent’ Karen looked at Dee, trying to catch her eye, ‘Did David…?’ Karen asked, worried for her friend.
‘No, no’ Dee laughed, ‘that was done long before I met David’
‘Then who…?’ Karen gently asked
‘My ex. Stuart. Stuart Lloyd’
‘Oh god…I know…I knew him…’ Karen mumbled
‘I know. I remember him telling me while he used to…’ Dee let out a sob.
‘Beat you’ said Karen
Dee nodded.
‘Oh Dee…’ Karen sobbed now, pulling her friend into a hug, ‘that’s why he’s in prison…’ Karen realised.
She knew all about Stuart being in prison. And why. The day she found out, she had given a whoop of delight to know that Stuart had finally received what was coming to him and a sob for the poor woman who had had to suffer at his expense. Karen never knew what the woman’s name was. She just hoped that now she could begin to start to get over the nightmare that had been Stuart Lloyd.
‘I’m sorry…’ Karen told Dee
‘Why? Its not your fault’
‘Oh, but it is. If I hadn’t got out when I had…’
Dee shook her head, ‘If you hadn’t got out, you could have been dead by now. At least I was…able to fight back’
‘That’s true’ Karen agreed, ‘that’s why you won’t with David’ Karen guessed then.
‘I’ve so many scars. I wouldn’t know how to explain them’ Dee gave a sad smile.
‘Then don’t’
‘What?’ Dee asked, shocked
‘David loves you. For you. He won’t need explanations. Trust him. It’ll be worth it. He loves you’ Karen told her
‘Thank you’ Dee replied
‘What for?’ Karen asked
‘For understanding’
‘Hey, we’re friends. What’s to understand?’ Karen gave a friendly shrug.

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PostSubject: Re: *From This Moment On* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 4:09 am


‘Carlos…?’ Cydalia nervously called her husband
‘Yes, sweetie?’ Carlos carefully replied, scared to say too much just in case his wife jumped down his throat again,
‘I’ve…I’ve something to tell you’ Cydalia couldn’t keep the nervousness out of her voice.
‘Go on?’ Carlos asked, ‘you’ve got me worried now!’ he added, laughing slightly,
‘I…I went to the doctors yesterday…’ Cydalia half mumbled to herself
‘Yes, and?’ Carlos coughed nervously
‘And he told me something. Something I wasn’t expecting. Something I wasn’t prepared for…’ Cydalia sat there, on the sofa, looking down at her feet nervously wringing her hands in her lap.
‘You’re sick? Dying?’ Carlos was scared now.
Cydalia looked up at him, ‘I’m not dying’
‘Phew!’ Carlos laughed.
‘But you won’t like it…’ she added
‘Go on?’
‘We’ve not talked about it…I mean, I was taking precautions. Which, worked, wonderfully. Until I had that bug…’ Cydalia nervously mumbled to herself.
‘You’re sick then…’ Carlos paled in colour at the thought of Cydalia losing all her wonderful hair, of thinning out. Of…of… Carlos couldn’t think anymore.
‘I’m….pregnant’ Cydalia whispered so quietly that, at first, Carlos was quite sure Cydalia hadn’t spoken. If he hadn’t seen her lips move he would have sworn that she hadn’t.
‘Say…say that again?’ he asked
‘Pregnant. I’m…pregnant’ Cydalia eventually said a little louder.
‘Phew!’ Carlos smiled, ‘at least you’re not sick’ he gave a little laugh.
‘Did you hear what I’ve just said?’ Cydalia asked
‘Yes, and?’ Carlos smiled
‘I’m pregnant’ she repeated, louder this time
‘I heard. I’m going to be a dad’ Carlos beamed at her.
‘My career…is over’ Cydalia announced
‘Its not over’ Carlos laughed
‘Yes, it is’ Cydalia almost spat
‘Being pregnant doesn’t signal the end of your career!’ Carlos laughed again.
‘Oh no? no?’
‘Not yours maybe. But mine? Mine is over. Done with. Finished’ Cydalia complained.
‘Honey…you’re being a bit…over dramatic!’ Carlos laughed again.
‘I’m not!’ Cydalia snapped, ‘its ok for men. They can have it all. Family and career. But me? As a woman? I…we, we have to choose what we want. We can’t have both. We’re not allowed’ Cydalia cried out, ‘we’re not allowed’ she repeated.
‘Cydalia…Cy…’ Carlos tried placating her
‘Don’t Cydalia me! Not in that sarcastic tone of yours!’ Cydalia snapped, before charging out of the room in a huff, crying loudly to herself.
‘Women!’ Carlos shrugged, ‘I don’t understand you. Really. I don’t’ before running after Cydalia.

‘Where would you like to go? On our date?’ Urs nervously asked Karen. He was sitting on her sofa, gazing up at her while Karen stood in front of him, arms crossed
‘Surprise me. Make me believe that we belong together, that you know me’ Karen replied
‘Ok. Ok I can do that. No problem’ Urs happily nodded.
‘HA! Lets see if you can’ Karen snapped at him, before leaving the room.
‘She’ll come around’ Linda reassured Urs, ‘and’ she added, ‘if she doesn’t…I’m always available’ she gazed at Urs, playing with her hair again
‘Err…thanks’ Urs coughed, feeling embarrassed, ‘I’ll…I’ll think about it’ he nervously replied, trying now to look anywhere but at Linda. He accidentally caught Linda’s eye. She winked.
‘Relax’ she said, ‘I was joking. I mean, I used to…to fancy you. But I am so over that now’ she winked again
‘Err…right. Ok. Ok’ Urs nodded, not knowing what to do, or what to think.
Linda laughed then. Then, after a moment or two, Urs did too.
Karen heard all this. She was just outside the room, leaning on the wall, trying to catch her breathe. Then, when she heard Linda, coming onto Urs, she let out a silent sob, covered her mouth with a hand, and ran, disappointed from the room. She had no idea as to why she felt so upset. All things considered, she shouldn’t have been. Or at least, not as upset as she felt here now. The emotion completely puzzled her. She shook her head. Trying to figure out the reason for her action, but could think of none.

‘David… I need, I need to talk to you’ Dee nervously coughed.
Oh no thought David. This is it. She’s going to dump me. I knew it was too good to be true. Oh god. Oh god. But I love her. So much that it hurts even just to do one simple action. Breathe. It hurts oh so much and now she’s going to go and tear my heart out. Snap it in two because she’s realised. That I’m no good for her. That she deserves better. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. David shook his head and took a deep breathe, waiting for those words. Those that would tear his whole being into two. He waited. And waited. But they never came. Instead, Dee said something else. Something he would have never ever guessed at. Not in a thousand years. Instead, slowly, but surely, and steadily, Dee explained it all about her last relationship. The one with bully Stuart. David sat stunned and listened to it all. Not saying a word. Just listening. He had no idea at all what to say. So he just kept quiet until Dee had told him it all. Then, he sat back and replied,
‘I don’t care about your past Dee. Its here and now that counts. Here, and now’
‘But…’ Dee tried, gazing at him
‘I said’ David gently took Dee’s hands in his and looked deeply into her eyes, ‘it doesn’t matter. That is all in the past. I’m not like that Stuart…’
‘I know that. I do’ Dee interrupted
‘And I will never, ever do anything, anything to ever, ever hurt you. That, I can promise’ David continued, still gazing at Dee
‘Thank you David. Thank you’ Dee reached over then and lightly kissed him on the lips.
‘We’ll take it as slowly as you want. I love you Dee. I have done since the moment we first met and I will forever feel the same’ David then told her
‘I love you David. I love you’ Dee kissed him again, more passionately this time.

‘I shouldn’t have come’ Karen muttered under her breathe. She was on the date. With Urs. He had taken her to a motorbike convention. Which, years ago, before her accident, Karen would have loved. But now, now she was no longer allowed, as told by her doctor, to ever sit on a motorbike again let alone ride the damn thing! She glared at Urs. He just smiled back.
‘See’ he said, ‘told you I knew you’
‘HA!’ Karen snorted, ‘that’s just it. You don’t!’ she snapped at him.
‘You love bikes…these are bikes…’ he waved his hand around the place,
‘Yeah. I can see that’ Karen snapped, ‘except by order of my doctors I am no longer allowed anywhere near them! Let alone sit on one!’ she shouted angrily
‘Oh…I didn’t know that…’ Urs eventually muttered
‘HA!’ Karen snorted again, ‘you mean to say, your little flirting session with Linda didn’t get around to discussing what I can and can’t do anymore?’
‘We…we didn’t flirt…’ Urs defended himself
‘You may not. But Linda?’
‘She wouldn’t…’ Urs muttered
‘Linda’ Karen pointed out, ‘fancied you and, and Seb, long before I ever did’
‘You fancied me?’ that surprised Urs, happily so.
‘No. No I didn’t’ Karen snapped
‘But you just said….’
‘No, I didn’t’ Karen barked this time.
‘Ok. Ok’ Urs held his hands up in defeat. Instead, he just stood and gazed at Karen. She started walking away,
‘Where…’ he licked his lips, ‘are you going?’ he asked
‘Ok’ Urs sighed. He didn’t want to fight anymore.
He watched her go. Feeling defeated.

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PostSubject: Re: *From This Moment On* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 4:10 am


‘If you want an abortion, I’ll be behind you a 100%’ Carlos sadly told Cydalia
‘So, you want me to have one then?’ Cydalia snapped back.
‘I…I didn’t say that’
‘But that’s what you’re implying…’
‘Its not’ Carlos defended himself, ‘if it were up to me…’
‘You’d do what?’ Cydalia interrupted him
‘I’d prevent you from getting rid of this child. It is, after all, half mine’ Carlos pointed out
‘There would be others…’
‘Not, with me as the father there won’t’ Carlos’ turn to interrupt Cydalia.
‘Meaning?’ Cydalia challenged
‘Exactly what I said’ Carlos replied.
Cydalia stared at Carlos. Not believing her ears.
‘Ok’ she finally spoke, ‘I’ll have this baby’
‘Just to let you know’ said Carlos, ‘I’m not blackmailing you into this decision. What I said I mean, no matter what the outcome is’
‘Ok Carlos, I know that’ Cydalia nodded at her husband, ‘I know that, and I understand’
‘Good. Glad we agree on some things’ Carlos now nodded at his wife.

‘David….’ Dee gazed at her fiancé
‘Yes, honey?’ he replied
‘Can we?’ Dee held her hand out to him
‘I don’t want to force you into anything…’ David answered
‘You’re not’ Dee smiled shyly at him
‘Its all my idea’
‘Is it?’ David asked
‘Oh yes’ Dee winked and kissed his mouth, ‘I want you David’ she whispered lightly into his ear.
David let out a low groan, ‘Oh Dee…’ he replied, returning the kiss.
‘Come with me….’ Dee took his hand and let him towards the bedroom.
David grinned from ear to ear and gladly went with her.

‘Marry me?’ Seb nervously coughed. He was with Patricia, kneeling in her sitting room, one hand holding her hand, in the other, holding a small box
‘Wha…?’ Patricia mumbled at him
‘I said’ Seb gazed up at he, she was so beautiful, ‘marry me?’ he repeated
‘Why?’ Patricia asked, trying to pull her hand away. But Seb held tight.
‘Why what?’ Seb asked
‘Just…why?’ Patricia asked again
‘I love you. You love me. We have a child together…’ Seb said
‘Yes, and?’
‘And…and I love you’ Seb said again
‘But why marriage, and why now?’ Patricia asked
‘If you hadn’t left me, I would have asked you to marry me long ago’ Seb sighed
‘Oh?’ Patricia asked, half sceptical
‘Yes, look…’ Seb put a hand into his pocket and bought out something. A piece of paper. It was the receipt for the engagement ring, ‘here…’ he handed it to her
‘What, does this prove?’ she asked
‘Look at the date’ Seb urged.
Patricia looked at the date, ‘Oh…’ she exclaimed. It was dated nearly a year before.
‘See?’ Seb asked, ‘I love you. Marry me, please?’ he asked again.
Patricia looked down on him. She reached out a hand and lightly touched his face. Soothing some hair away from his forehead then tracing a finger down his cheek to rest just above his mouth. She smiled, thinking. Then, swallowing, she replied….

‘Is everything ok?’ Urs turned around to where the voice had just come from,
‘Pardon?’ he asked, blinking
‘Is everything ok?’ the voice, female, asked again.
‘Yeah, sure…sure’ Urs nodded. Then he shook his head, ‘actually its not. Its not…’
‘Anything I can do?’ the woman asked
‘Shoot me?’ Urs asked
She laughed, ‘I’m not doing that. You’re too gorgeous to even contemplate killing’
‘Tha…thanks’ Urs blushed.
‘Janet’ she held out a hand.
‘Urs’ Urs blushed again, shaking her hand. He smiled.
‘You can smile then!’ Janet smiled
‘Sometimes’ Urs shrugged
‘Bad date?’ Janet asked
‘Most definitely’
‘She didn’t like you?’
‘No, nothing like that. Just wrong place’
‘Doesn’t like motorbikes then? Whereas I…’ Janet looked Urs up and down then slowly up again, ‘I love them’ she winked.
‘Me…me too’ Urs coughed nervously. He wasn’t sure. Was she trying to come onto him?
‘Fancy a drink?’ Janet asked, lightly touching his arm
‘Yeah. Err…sure. Love one’
‘Come with me then’ Janet winked again and taking his hand, led him towards to where she wanted to take him.

Karen was home now. Laying on her bed. Crying. Linda eventually found her,
‘Karen…?’ she asked, standing in the door way to Karen’s room, ‘I thought you were on the date, with Urs’
‘He…he took me to a…a motorbike convention’ Karen sobbed
‘Oh’ Linda replied
‘He thought he knew me…and…and yet he took me…’ Karen sobbed
‘Oh Karen…Kaz…’ Linda sat on Karen’s bed and tried to comfort her, ‘he was only doing what he thought he knew best…’ she tried telling Karen
‘But he doesn’t…he doesn’t…’ Karen sobbed harder now.
Linda knew now. No matter what Karen had tried telling herself. It was true. Karen did love Urs. Or she wouldn’t be this upset over one simple date. Over one simple misunderstanding. She nodded to herself. Positive that this was the reason. It had to be. There could be no other. Karen was too upset. She loved Urs. Linda knew that now. Loved him with all her heart and soul. True love. The type that hurt like hell until you understood it. Yes. Yes that was it. Love. Love.

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PostSubject: Re: *From This Moment On* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 4:11 am


Meanwhile, Urs was currently sitting in a bar, being chatted up by Janet,
‘So…Urs’ Janet lightly touched his thigh, ‘tell me…about yourself?’ she batted her eyelashes at him
‘There’s really nothing to tell….’ Urs coughed nervously.
He had no idea what had made him say yes when Janet had asked if he wanted a drink. Its not like he liked dating. He hated it. He preferred normally, to start out as friends and go from there. It had worked wonderfully. Until he had met Karen. Then that had gone out of the window. Completely.
‘Oh, I don’t know’ Janet laughed lightly, ‘what do you do, for a living?’ she asked
‘Oh, I’m a…a musician’ Urs replied
‘Which instrument do you play?’ Janet purred, ‘the piano?’ she asked, watching Urs’ hands and fingers as he played nervously with his full glass of wine. Twirling the stem between his fingertips.
‘No’ Urs coughed, ‘I’m a…a singer’
‘Oh?’ that answer surprised Janet, ‘would I know you then? What you’ve sung?’ she asked
‘I’m in a group. Called IL DIVO’ Urs coughed again.
‘Oh my!’ Janet bought a hand up to her mouth, ‘silly me!’ she laughed, ‘I knew you looked familiar!’ she lied.
She knew exactly who Urs was. She had been faintly surprised to see him at the bike convention. She had been watching him ever since he, and his disaster of a date had first turned up, wondering how she could make herself known to him. Then, when the date had stormed off, Janet had seen the perfect opportunity and had gladly taken hold of it with both hands. Grabbing at the chance to finally make her move on the poor, unsuspecting Urs Buhler. The sex bomb one out of IL DIVO. She had given a silent ‘whoop’ of delight, had shaken her long blonde hair and had wiggled her way across the room to make her move. It had been easy. Oh so easy. He was upset at being left. Now she had him where she wanted him. Wrapped around her little finger. Easy peasy. Probably too easy actually as normally Janet loved a challenge. She sat and watched him talk. Licking her lips in what she thought was a sexy proactive manor. When, in fact, it just looked damn silly. Not at all attractive.

‘Hmmm…’ Dee snuggled closer to David. She lay and watched him sleep. He looked oh so beautiful laying there. Dee stretched and thought about the night before. It had been perfect. Natural. David had been so gentle. So perfect. Really. Dee was pleased she had told David about her past. He had been so caring and understanding. So patient. Taking his time. Making sure Dee was completely ready before finally consummating the relationship. Kissing all her scars and bruises. Driving her insane. In a nice way, before Dee was almost begging David. Begging him to take her. Take all of her. Then after, after he had held her in his arms, and held her close to his heart. Making sure she was alright. Really, really alright before eventually yawning and falling asleep. Still holding her close to his beating heart. It had been better than Dee had expected. She was still a little scared. Stuart really had done a good job, messing with her head. Making her feel worthless. David had started to restore Dee’s faith in men. In relationships. Showing her that love didn’t have to hurt and come with strings. That love could be free. And mostly, the best part, be pain free. Dee knew David would never do anything to hurt her. At least not deliberately. She knew, while with him, that she was safe. Safe and secure. Free. Dee smiled at that then yawned. Suddenly feeling really tired. She closed her eyes and resting her head on David’s chest soon fell asleep. Into a peaceful, pain free, happy sleep. Dreaming of nice things. For once not having any bad dreams or nightmares. Dreaming of David and the sort of life they were going to have together instead of dreaming about Stuart, turning up on her doorstep, released early from prison to come and exact his revenge on her with his fists. Dee slept safe in the knowledge that she was protected. Protected and most of all safe.

Karen was dreaming. Dreaming that she was laying snuggled up in Urs’ arms. She opened her eyes. It wasn’t a dream. Urs really was here. Holding Karen in his arms,
‘What the…?’ Karen found herself saying
‘Oh, you’re awake’ Urs yawned and held Karen more firmly to him
‘How did you…?’ she asked
‘Linda let me in. You were asleep. Looking so peaceful’
‘That you thought what? That you’d join me?’ Karen rudely asked, trying to push him away
‘No, then you started dreaming. Thrashing about, calling out my name. I made a move to wake you… but you pulled me into bed’ Urs explained
‘Oh…’ mumbled Karen
‘It is nice here….’ Urs then murmured, snuggling up.
Karen let him do that for a few moments, then said,
‘I think you should go’ she told him
‘Go? Why?’ Urs asked
‘Because I don’t want you…’ Karen lied
‘Oh? You don’t eh?’ he asked, looking into her eyes
‘That’s not the message I was getting a few moments ago…’ Urs whispered into her ear,
Karen shivered, ‘I…I…’ she mumbled
‘Want me. I know’ Urs smiled, ‘like I want you’ he whispered again
‘Let me, please?’ Urs then asked
‘I’ll be gentle. I promise…’ he whispered, kissing her mouth. Karen couldn’t object. She groaned and kissed him back. She so wanted him too. And it felt nice. Being held in someone’s arms again. Being held in Urs’ arms again.

Now, you may be wondering, why Linda let Urs in?
Or, in fact, what Linda was doing there in the first place?
Well, Karen and Linda now lived together. Ever since Karen was able to walk again she had moved out of her old especially adapted apartment and back into a normal apartment with Linda. Karen, even thought now she could walk, still needed someone around for when times got hard. Learning to walk, and do stuff took time and patience, and could, sometimes, be rather frustrating. Especially when you were someone like Karen, who wanted to run before you could even walk.

Now, you may also be wondering what had happened between Urs and Janet back at the bar. Well, as soon as Urs had realised that Janet was trying to come onto him, he quickly, and as politely as possible, as he could, made his excuses and left Janet sitting there, still at the bar, wondering what she had done to lose an amazing catch like Urs. Urs had never wanted to be at the bar in the first place, and seeing couples everywhere he looked made him want to be with Karen whatever the eventual outcome would be. So he had made his excuses to go and see the woman who had his heart in the palm of her hands. And now here he was, laying in her arms once more. Touching her. Kissing her. Making love to her. Like a fantasy dream finally come true. Except this wasn’t a dream. It was real. It was really real.

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PostSubject: Re: *From This Moment On* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 4:12 am


Patricia groaned lightly and rolled over. She opened her eyes and blinked. Seb was here. In her bed. She blinked again. Nope. He was still here. She reached out a hand and touched him. Then she noticed something. On the hand she had touched him with, her left hand, she noticed it. The ring. The engagement ring Seb had placed on her finger the night before. The same ring she should have received over a year before but hadn’t. Due to Patricia prematurely finishing the relationship with Seb, because she thought she was doing the right thing. For the right reasons. How wrong she had been??!!
‘Hi’ Seb was awake now. Touching Patricia’s face
‘Hi’ Patricia whispered
‘Thought you were a dream’ Seb confessed
‘Same here’ Patricia agreed
‘But you’re not. Its not. Thank god!’ Seb laughed lightly and winked.
Patricia blushed then and made a move to get up,
‘Not yet’ Seb whispered
‘Stefan…’ said Patricia
‘I’ll go and get him’ Seb offered
‘Ok’ Patricia lay back in the bed and pulled the covers back over her.

David was also laying in bed. Watching Dee sleep. She looked so beautiful laying there like an angel with that long wavy blonde hair of hers. And when she was awake and smiling, David could happily almost drown in her eyes. Blue as the sky. Dee complained that they were grey. No David told her. Blue. As blue as the sky on a glorious hot summers day. David had it all planned. They would marry on a beach so the sky and Dee’s eyes would match, and if the sun was shining, behind her, Dee really would look like an angel sent straight down from heaven to be in David’s welcoming arms.

‘My scan is tomorrow…’ Cydalia calmly informed Carlos
‘Ok, I’ll be there’ Carlos replied
Ever since Cydalia had mentioned her pregnancy and Carlos had bought up the ‘abortion’ word their relationship hadn’t been the same since before any of them had said anything
‘You don’t have to…’ Cydalia told him
‘I do. Its my child after all’
‘I mean, I’m assuming its mine?’ Carlos asked
‘Considering you’re the only man I’ve ever slept with’ Cydalia snapped in reply, ‘it would be a miracle if you weren’t’
It was true. Until Cydalia had met Carlos she hadn’t really been into having a relationship. Having a boyfriend wasn’t high on her agenda. Until she met Carlos. It had been love at first sight. But Cydalia had had to convince Carlos that theirs was a relationship worth happening. Worth keeping. And being that Carlos was nearly 8 years older it had taken a lot of persuading him. But Cydalia had succeeded and never once, not once, had she ever regretted her and Carlos being together. Getting married, cementing the relationship had been the icing on the cake. It had been a wonderful wedding. Cydalia had felt like a princess marrying her prince charming. A perfect ending to a fairytale romance. It had been a perfect marriage. Until the pregnancy. Now it seemed like it was all suddenly going wrong. And not Cydalia, or Carlos knew what to do to fix their breaking relationship.

‘Marry me Karen?’ Urs murmured
‘I…I…’ Karen mumbled.
It was the morning after. Urs was still in Karen’s bed. Still holding her tight in his arms.
‘I said, marry me?’ he asked again.
‘We’ve only just got divorced…’ Karen laughingly pointed out
‘Yes we have’ Urs agreed, ‘but it was a mistake’
‘A mistake? You sent ME the signed divorce papers’ Karen reminded him, trying to move away. But it was no use. Urs held fast.
‘I’m not letting you go’ he told her, ‘yes I admit I did. But signing them was the second biggest mistake I ever made the mistake of making’
‘What was the first?’ Karen found herself asking, intrigued to know the answer
‘Letting you go in the first place’ Urs replied
‘If I remember, I left you’ Karen pointed out
‘No you didn’t’
‘Yes, I did’
‘No, you didn’t’ Urs insisted
‘What do you mean? I did….’ Karen replied
‘Your accident made you leave. You didn’t leave me because you wanted to. In fact you never wanted to leave me. Ever’
How did he know? How did he find out? Who had told him all this? David? For he was the only one who knew. Who knew the truth. The whole truth.
Karen looked blankly at Urs.
‘No one told me’ he replied, without Karen having to say a word, ‘no one had to. Well, you did’ he smiled
‘Me…? When…?’ Karen asked, licking her lips
‘Last night. After we’d…’ Urs replied
‘I did?’ that surprised Karen.
‘You were dreaming. You told me it all. Well, I’m guessing not all of it. But from what you said, I could easily work out the rest’
‘And what? You don’t care? What?’ Karen asked
‘I do care. I do. But I also understand. After an accident like that, I mean….I would have been the same. You were upset. Thinking that you were doing the right thing’
‘I was’ Karen insisted
‘For you, yes you were. But if I’d have known…’
‘You would have tried to make me change my mind’
‘Which is what you wouldn’t have wanted. I know that now. I understand that now’ Urs smiled down at her and gently touched her face with a hand. One finger tracing her mouth, ‘I love you Karen’ he told her, ‘I always have. And’ he reached down and kissed her, ‘I always will’ he whispered against her mouth.
‘But why? Why me? What is so special about me?’ Karen found herself asking. She had to ask. Had to know the answer and now.
‘You are beautiful’ Urs told her
‘That’s not an answer’ but Karen still blushed as she replied.
‘I looked down, into that audience and thought I was dreaming. There you were, my dream woman standing looking back at me. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. But when I closed my eyes then opened them again you were still there. You weren’t a dream. But real. I had to meet you. I just had to’ Urs gazed at her
‘But that doesn’t explain, why me?’ Karen told him
‘I can’t explain it. I just know. Knew that you were the one. That you were my ‘the one’ My other half. My missing piece. I had to be with you. Had to touch you. To kiss you. To be with you. I looked. Saw you. And I just knew. Know that I loved you. I loved you then. I love you now. I always have. I always will. I love you Karen. Marry me, please? Again?’ he quickly added.
Karen gazed back at him. She was in shock. He made it all sound so simple. So very simple. She swallowed. Then, quite surprised, found herself nodding and answering, ‘Yes’
‘Say that again?’ he asked
‘Yes. Yes Urs I’ll marry you’ Karen repeated
‘Thank you Karen. Thank you’ he covered her face in kisses, ‘I love you Karen, I love you’
‘I love you Urs’ Karen said at last. She had never said those words before. I love you. Not to Urs. Certainly not to Stuart. Not to anyone before. But it sounded so good. So very good. ‘I love you Urs’ she repeated. Liking, no loving the way the words sounded coming out of her mouth. ‘I love you’ she said a third time before finally returning his kiss. Pulling his head down to kiss him more deeply with her tongue.

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PostSubject: Re: *From This Moment On* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 4:14 am


Cydalia was laying on the table at the hospital, tummy part exposed, as the nurse began to rub jelly on her tummy to do the scan. Carlos was standing next to her, holding a hand. He gazed at the little screen as the nurse began her exploration,
‘What’s that noise?’ he asked, hearing a boom, boom noise.
‘Your baby’s heartbeat’ the nurse kindly informed him
‘Its so loud…’ he noticed
‘Strong heartbeat. A good sign of a healthy baby’ the nurse smiled.
‘Oh…wow!’ Cydalia was gazing at the small screen, she could see the fuzzy picture of her child. Hers, and Carlos’. It was amazing. A fuzzy grey picture that kept moving. That, was their child. A life they had created between them both. Cydalia felt tears in her eyes.
‘Honey…?’ Carlos asked, noticing the wetness in her eyes
‘That’s…our baby’ Cydalia whispered
‘I know honey. I know’ he gently squeezed a hand
‘Its…amazing’ Cydalia whispered again
‘That, it sure is’ Carlos agreed. He looked at Cydalia. Right in her eyes, ‘I love you Cydalia’ he told her.
‘I love you Carlos. About before…’
‘It doesn’t matter. That, is in the past, this, this, is now. Nothing is as important as our child’ Carlos smiled
‘That, you are right’ Cydalia agreed.
‘Here you go’ the nurse handed Cydalia a photo, ‘baby’s first picture’ she told her, ‘would you like to know the sex?’ she then asked.
Carlos and Cydalia looked at each other. Carlos beamed at his wife, then in unison they replied, ‘No, thank you’
‘Ok’ the nurse smiled, switching the machine off.

‘When, can we get married?’ Urs asked Karen. They were laying together, snuggled in Karen’s bed.
‘I…I don’t know’
‘Before’ Urs kissed her, ‘or after?’ he kissed her again, ‘the tour starts?’ he asked
‘When does the tour start?’ Karen asked
‘Next month’ Urs replied. IL DIVO were due to start their fourth world tour starting next month to help promote their new album which was due out at the same time. The new album having taken slightly longer than usual to record being that they guys personal lives kept getting in the way of recording schedules and such like.
‘It can’t be next month then’ said Karen
‘Why not?’ Urs asked
‘Even thought getting married in Las Vegas, wearing a shirt of yours was wonderful, it wasn’t my idea of an ideal wedding’ Karen confessed
‘Oh, and what is?’ Urs laughing asked
‘I always dreamed of a white wedding…’
‘Then that’ Urs pulled her close and kissed her on the mouth, ‘is what you shall have. Just as long’ he winked, ‘you wear a dress and lovely underwear’ he winked again, suggestively.
Karen blushed, then nodded, ‘Ok’ she said, ‘I can agree to that’
‘Oh goodie’ Urs winked a third time, pulling Karen back under the covers and making her laugh out loud in pleasure.

‘I’m coming to get you’ Stuart warned. Dee let out a small scream and the dropped the phone. It had been a nasty surprise, to answer the phone that afternoon after a wonderful morning with David to find Stuart on the other end. How had he got the number? Dee had changed all her phone numbers and address since Stuart had been in prison. But now, it seemed as thought he had managed to find her. He had been given a eight year sentence, but with good behaviour, could be out within six moths to a year. Just as Dee was starting to get her life back in some sort of order, here he was, coming to ruin it all over again. She shivered. Scared again.
‘Anything wrong honey?’ David asked, coming up behind Dee to nuzzle at her neck
‘No, no. Everything is fine’ Dee lied. She didn’t want to worry David so she kept her worries to herself
‘Ok’ David continued to nuzzle, ‘come with me’ he then whispered, taking hold of her hand and leading her towards the bedroom.
Dee sighed, contentedly happy and let him take her anywhere he wanted to go.

Now, it was time for everyone to meet up. IL DIVO had rehearsals for a tour and they all bought along their partners. Seb nearly chocked on his own tongue when he saw Karen.
‘You can walk…’ he gazed at Karen. Walking with Urs.
‘So I can’ Karen replied, sarcastically. Sure, Seb had known that Karen had to have an operation. But he never knew what it was for. No one trusted him enough to tell him everything. Just in case he blurted it all out to Urs.
‘And you’re with Urs…’ Seb carried on, oblivious to Karen’s sarcasm.
‘We’re getting married’ Urs informed him
‘Oh, right. Congratulations then…’ Seb replied, ‘so, am I!’ he eventually added
‘Patricia…?’ Urs asked
‘Yes’ Seb nodded
‘Patricia?’ Karen asked
‘My ex girlfriend. Mother of my child, Stefan and greatest love of my life’ Seb filled her in, smiling.
‘Double celebrations due then!’ Urs winked as Seb and Urs shook hands.
‘Triple’ David then joined in with the chat. He was holding hands with Dee. Karen kissed and hugged them both.
‘Quadruple!’ Carlos then winked
‘Hey?’ Seb looked puzzling at Carlos.
‘We’re pregnant!’ Carlos winked again.
‘We’re…? oh! Cydalia! Oh! that’s amazing! Mate!’ Seb hugged Carlos followed by Urs then eventually David.
‘Three weddings! And a baby!’ David laughed.
‘Sounds, like a film!’ Carlos replied.
‘Almost! Almost!’ Seb then laughed.

The girls all got together and introduced themselves,
‘I’m Karen’ Karen introduced herself to Patricia, ‘Urs’ once ex, now future wife’
‘WOW! And I thought Seb and I had a complicated past!’ Patricia laughed
‘Complicated? Pah!’ Cydalia then laughed, ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet!’ she warned.

‘You ok?’ Karen whispered to Dee
‘What? Oh yes! Sure, sure’ Dee nodded, smiling.
But Karen was unconvinced, ‘You can tell me you know’ she told Dee.
Dee sighed, ‘Its Stuart. He…he called me a few days ago…’
‘But, how did he get your number? isn’t he still in prison?’ Karen asked, worried now for her friend and for herself.
‘Yes, he’s still in prison’ Dee confirmed, ‘but with good behaviour…’ she left the rest of the sentence unsaid and shivered.
‘Its ok. You’re safe now’ Karen hugged her.
‘But I’m still scared…’
‘I know. I know’ Karen nodded.
‘Even thought I know David would protect me if Stuart showed up’ Dee smiled
‘With his life’ Karen agreed.
‘But I’m still…oh, I don’t know’ Dee shrugged
‘It’ll be ok. Trust me’
‘That’s, what I once told you’
‘Before giving me the scariest massage in my life!’ Karen laughed at the memory.

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PostSubject: Re: *From This Moment On* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 4:15 am


‘I’ve something to give you’ Urs winked at Karen. He was on bended knee, in front of Karen, holding her left hand
‘Oh…?’ Karen asked as innocently as she could.
‘Karen Jones’ Urs smiled up at her, ‘will you marry me?’ he nervously asked.
‘Oh Urs…’ Karen smiled back, ‘I love you’ she told him, ‘yes’ she added.
‘Thank you…thank you’ he kissed her, then placed a beautiful engagement ring on Karen’s finger. Karen first gazed at Urs. Then at the ring. It was perfect. A single diamond on a platinum band
‘Perfect’ Urs said, sliding it onto her finger, ‘just like you’ he added, kissing Karen again.
Karen blushed and returned the kiss.

‘Will you come travelling with me?’ David asked Dee
‘You know, I would love to’ Dee smiled
‘But…?’ David said, nervously
‘No buts. No buts at all. I’d love it. Thank you’ replied Dee, kissing David.
‘Phew!’ David laughed, returning the kiss.
Dee guessed she would be safer with David then apart from him. Especially now that Stuart had contacted her and had issued his threat.

‘Come on tour with me’ Seb asked, nuzzling Patricia’s neck
‘I…I can’t’ she panted as she felt his hands move on her.
‘You can. You can…’ he started kissing and nibbling now.
‘What about…what about Stefan?’ Patricia continued to pant.
‘He’s coming too. My family’ Seb growled playfully.
‘Ok…’ Patricia groaned, returning Seb’s kiss now.

‘Come with me?’ Urs was asking Karen,
‘I can’t’
‘Why not?’ Urs asked, trying not to sound too disappointed at Karen’s rejection of the idea of going with him on IL DIVO’s world tour.
‘I have physiotherapy still needed…’
‘I can do that’ Urs winked suggestively, interrupting Karen
‘And a job to do’ Karen finished. Urs’ face fell.
‘Couldn’t someone else…?’ he asked
‘No. It didn’t work before. The person I left in charge nearly completely ruined the magazine. I can’t leave it again. If I could…’
‘You would’ Urs finished, sighing.
‘I’d love to be with you. You know I would. But I can’t. I’ve responsibilities, like you have, I can’t just leave them’ Karen tried.
‘I understand’ Urs sighed, ‘I do’
‘Good. It won’t be for long. And I’ll still be able to come and see you’
‘You will?’ Urs brightened up then
‘I will. I need a holiday’ Karen smiled.
‘We’ll be able to practice…for the honeymoon’ Urs winked.
‘Hmm…I love practice…’ Karen replied, returning the wink.

‘Cyd…’ Carlos carefully asked
‘The doctor has already told me. I can travel up to…7 months’
‘You’ll come?’ Carlos asked
‘Yes Carlos. I’ll come with you on tour’
‘Thank you Cyd. Thank you’ Carlos finally kissed Cydalia who most definitely returned the kiss.

The tour started dreadfully. IL DIVO’s management had hired a new tour stage hand. One with no experience and who had a conviction. Stuart. Dee nearly screamed with fear when she was introduced to him by a smiling David.
‘Dee, meet my new friend’ David laughingly introduced him, ‘this, is Dean’
‘Hello Dean’ Dee nodded at Stuart/Dean
‘Well…hello’ Stuart rudely winked and attempted to touch Dee.
‘Hands off mate’ David told him, ‘this is my lovely fiancée’ David held her close.
‘Nice’ Stuart nodded
‘Dean, was in prison’ David told Dee
‘Oh? What for?’ Dee asked as if she didn’t already know.
‘I was framed’ Stuart spat, ‘some silly little b***h got me done for battery. As if!’ he laughed crudely.
‘Well mate, its all over and done with now’ David said
‘Eh? Yes, well. She’ll get her comeuppance. Just you wait and see’ Stuart warned.
Dee just stared at him.

Urs was missing Karen. Like mental. He text and phoned and emailed her everyday.
‘I miss you Kaz…’ he whispered down the phone
‘I miss you too’ Karen admitted, ‘but I’m coming to see you soon’ she told him
‘When?’ he asked
‘Next week’
‘Next week? Oh! I’ll die before then…’ Urs pouted
‘No you won’t. I’ve…sent you an email…’ Karen blushed down the phone.
‘Oh?’ Urs interestingly asked
‘Open the email, and see’ Karen replied before putting the phone down on him.
Urs opened up the email. Karen had sent him a photograph of Urs’ two favourite things. Karen and motorbikes. Karen was gingerly sitting on the motorbike, wearing nothing but a smile and holding a sign to cover her nakedness which read,
‘I love you Urs Buhler. Love Karen XXX’
Urs grinned from ear to ear. Then, setting up his printer to his laptop computer, printed the photograph. Gathering it close he placed a kiss on Karen’s head and whispered, ‘Oh and I do so love you too Karen Jones’

‘Told you I was coming to get you’ Stuart menacingly whispered close to Dee’s ear.
‘Are you sure that was wise?’ Dee replied, ‘considering the restrictions on you coming anywhere near me’
‘That, only counts in England’ Stuart snapped
‘Oh? Then I suggest you read the fine print again. Because I’m pretty sure that it mean in any country’ Dee crossed her fingers behind her back and prayed that she would be proven correct. One stipulation of letting Stuart free early was that he wasn’t allowed anywhere near Dee. As it was, at the moment he as breaking the rules and so by rights, he should have been back in prison by now. But they weren’t in England at this moment. They were currently in America.
Stuart glared at Dee, then stormed off.
Seb had witnessed this exchange,
‘You ok?’ he asked Dee once Stuart had gone.
‘I’m fine’
‘If he was troubling you…?’ Seb asked
‘Thanks. But I can handle myself. I’m a black belt in judo’ Dee laughed.
‘Oh, ok’ Seb shrugged.
Dee wasn’t. She wasn’t a black belt in anything but she was damned if she was going to let Stuart hurt her again. She had thicker skin now and the law behind her. And, if all things come to a head, she could just tell David exactly who Dean/Stuart was and get him fired. Dee sighed in relief. Knowing that she was, for once, safe from Stuart.

Karen kept being sick. At first, she thought it was because she was missing Urs. Then, when it kept happening regularly Linda suggested a trip to the doctors.
‘Its just a bug…’ Karen protested
‘Oh yeah? Strange bug. Only happens in the morning then mysteriously disappears! Pull the other one Karen. And go to the doctors!’ Linda told her friend.
‘Ok. Ok’ Karen held her hands up, ‘I’ll go. But its nothing. Nothing’
‘We’ll see’ Linda shook her head at her friend. She had a vague idea what it could be. Something, that come 9 or so months time would produce a baby.

Patricia, also kept being sick.
‘Please don’t die’ Seb nervously asked, seeing her pale face and feeling her cold and clammy forehead.
‘I’m not dying’ Patricia tried not to laugh.
‘Then what is…?’ Seb asked
‘It’s the same symptoms as last time’ Patricia told him
‘Last time?’ puzzled Seb asked
Patricia looked towards where their son was laying, sleeping in his cot, a thumb in his mouth
‘You mean you’re..?’
‘Yes’ Patricia nodded
‘Oh Patricia! Pat!’ Seb pulled her into his arms, ‘I do so love you’ he told her, covering her face and neck in kisses and grinning from ear to ear happily, ‘I’m going to be a father!’ he laughed.
‘Again’ said Patricia.
‘To the worlds most beautiful woman!’ he told her.
Patricia blushed. ‘Yes, well…’
‘You are! You are!’ Seb laughed, kissing her again.

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PostSubject: Re: *From This Moment On* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 4:18 am


‘I’m…I’m what?’ Karen asked her doctor. She was stunned.
‘Pregnant’ repeated the doctor.
‘But I can’t be! I mean…I was told…after my accident…’
It was true. Karen had been told that after her accident, she would have one chance in a thousand of ever becoming pregnant. So to receive this news, that not only could she have them, but that yes, she was already pregnant, was a miracle. A complete miracle.
Karen was stunned. Yes. But happily so. She was pregnant with Urs’ child.
‘We’re you trying?’ the doctor asked
‘No, we hadn’t even talked…’
‘If you need any information on deciding what to do…’ said the doctor.
‘Oh, I already know what I’m going to do’ Karen interrupted the doctor, ‘I’m keeping this baby. This amazing little miracle’ Karen crossed her hands protectively over her stomach, ‘I’m keeping it’ she said more determinedly now, ‘definitely’.

Karen walked out of her doctors surgery and felt like she was walking on air. Forget cloud 9. Karen was higher. Much, much higher than that. She smiled to herself. She was remarrying the man she loved and was having his child. What, could be more perfect? More special? Karen smiled to herself and thought of the expression Urs was sure to give when Karen told him in person the news the next few days. Nothing could destroy their happiness now. Nothing at all.

‘I checked my release papers, and they say nothing about any country, except for England’ Stuart cruelly taunted Dee.
‘Oh no? sure about that?’ Dee challenged
‘Quite sure’ spat Stuart
‘Oh? Well, if I were you…I’d watch out. I’m not afraid of you anymore. All I have to do, is open my mouth. I could get you fired as soon as doing this’ Dee clicked her fingers in front of Stuart’s face
‘Oh I see. The mouse has got a raw at long last!’ Stuart laughed
‘One snap Stuart’ Dee warned, ‘and it’ll be bye-bye job’

‘Ouch!’ Cydalia winced
‘Darling?’ Carlos nervously asked
‘Baby kicking. I think. Ouch!’
‘Can I…can I have a feel?’ Carlos asked, nervously licking his lips
‘Sure’ Cydalia took her husbands hand and held it to her tummy, ‘feel that?’ she asked
‘Oh…wow!’ Carlos gazed in awe at where his hand was resting on his wife’s stomach, ‘our daughter may be in there’ he whispered
‘Or son’ Cydalia smiled lovingly at her husband
‘If it’s a son, then we’ll just have to keep on practising, until we get a girl as beautiful as her mother’ Carlos jokily warned
‘Oh, promises, promises…’ Cydalia whispered, kissing him.

Karen had never felt so nervous. Here she was, sitting on an aircraft, travelling to America. To see Urs. To tell him, what she considered to be, happy news. She sat in her seat, hands placed protectively across her tummy and let herself dream. Fantasy’s of what the baby would look like. If it were a boy he’d look like Urs. If a girl she would look like Karen. Only with hazel eyes like her father and not blue like her mother. Karen gazed at the image in her head. Thinking wonderful brilliant things.

Urs was waiting nervously for Karen’s plane to arrive. He had it all planned. They would spend a day in bed, making up for lost time then they would marry. In a simple ceremony. Urs had it all planned. The wedding - the venue- the food - the outfits, and guests. Linda, Karen’s best friend was already here, having caught an earlier flight than Karen as to not set suspicion in that something was up. Another friend of Karen’s was also here. Camy. The nurse who had looked after her while in hospital. So was Lars. Urs’ older brother. Lars would be best man. David would give Karen away. David’s cousin, Dan, was also here. And it wasn’t until you looked closely that you could see the difference in David and Dan. Anyone who didn’t know them would swear blind that they were more like identical twins then cousins. Dan had already pulled too. He had taken one look at Camy and she at him and that was it. Love at first sight.
‘Oh Camy… you have such healing hands’ Dan whispered to her.
Camy blushing bright red had replied, ‘I have been told that a few times before…’
‘Oh? Then please lay them on me’ Dan winked.
Seeing Dan and Camy together was almost like when Urs had first met Karen. Dan was so sure that Camy was the girl for him that she never stood a chance. Not that Urs heard her complain. Far from it. It bought back happy memories for Urs, seeing them together. He wished them all the luck in the world.
Lars was also making friends. After coming out of a ten year relationship with his last love he was taking it easy. He and Linda also seemed to make a great pair. They could be, if they worked on it, be a match made in heaven.
‘So…tell me about yourself?’ Lars asked Linda
‘I…I don’t know where to start’ Linda blushed
‘At the beginning. We’ve got loads of time’ Lars replied
‘Oh?’ Linda asked
‘How about…the rest of our lives?’ Lars asked
‘Is that a…a proposal?’
‘Could be, yes’
‘Then I most certainly accept when it is’ Linda blushed in reply.

‘Urs looks nervous’ Carlos laughed to Seb
‘He’s planning on doing a you’ Seb replied
‘A me?’ Carlos asked, puzzled
‘Ask Karen to marry him, then marry tomorrow’ said Seb
‘Oh!’ Carlos winked
‘What do you think she’ll say?’ Seb asked
‘Yes, hopefully!’ Carlos laughed
‘And if she doesn’t?’ Seb had to ask the question.
‘Urs loves Karen. I’m quite sure Karen loves Urs. The answer, should be a yes’
‘And if it isn’t?’ Seb asked
Carlos wouldn’t answer that one.

Karen stepped of the plane to be greeted by Urs, looking more than a little nervous, Cydalia who looked radiant. Her little bump starting to show and by someone who looked like an older version of Urs. Urs introduced him as Lars, his older brother.
‘He’s the good looking one’ Urs laughed
‘Oh, I don’t know’ Karen replied, ‘you aren’t so bad yourself’
‘Gee, thanks!’ Urs battered his eyelashes at Karen, who burst into laughter, ‘I’ve missed you’ Urs pulled her close
‘And I, missed you’ Karen replied, kissing him.
‘We’ve a surprised for you!’ Cydalia whispered to Karen when they were in the car on the way to the hotel
‘Oh? What sort of surprise?’ Karen nervously asked
‘You’ll see!’ Cydalia tapped her nose, ‘you’ll see’ she smiled as Karen’s eyes narrowed, ‘relax. It will be fine. Fine!’

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PostSubject: Re: *From This Moment On* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 4:20 am


When they reached the hotel, Urs took Karen along to his room. He opened the door. The bed was completely covered with rose petals of all colours, the curtains at the windows closed and scented candles burning on every surface possible.
‘WOW!’ Karen exclaimed
‘I wanted us getting back together to be special’ Urs whispered into her ear,
Karen shivered, ‘Cold?’ Urs asked, as he stood behind her and started to nuzzle at her neck
‘Not now’ Karen groaned as Urs’ hands found her
‘Come with me…’ Urs pulled her towards the direction of the bed.

‘Marry me?’ Urs whispered later while Karen lay in his arms
‘I already said yes’ Karen stroked the hair on his chest. Drawing her hand up and down amongst the hair. Up and down. Up and down.
‘I meant’ Urs lightly groaned, ‘tomorrow…’
‘Tomorrow eh?’ Karen lay on her side and looked up into his eyes.
‘Tomorrow’ Urs nodded.
‘I’ve nothing to wear…’
‘Its all been sorted’
‘A wedding dress?’ Karen asked
‘Oh yes, and all the underwear to go with it’ Urs winked.
Karen blushed, ‘Tomorrow?’ she asked again.
Urs nervously nodded.
‘Ok. That would be nice’ Karen smiled.
‘Phew!’ Urs smiled at long last.
‘So that’s what Cydalia was on about eh?’ Karen asked.
Urs nodded.
‘And why your brother is here?’ she asked again.
Again, Urs nodded.
‘All planned eh?’ she then asked.
‘Yes’ Urs nodded a third time.
‘Bridesmaids?’ Karen asked
‘Linda, and a lady called, Camy?’
‘My nurse from when I was in hospital’ Karen said
‘Oh, and…Dee’ added Urs.
‘Perfect’ said Karen.
‘Perfect?’ asked Urs.
‘The three I would have wanted, had I had the chance’ Karen agreed.
‘Perfect then’ Urs agreed.
Later, Urs reluctantly let Karen go.
‘Its bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding’ Karen informed him.
‘That definitely must be a British tradition’ Urs groaned.
‘Well, I am British’ Karen smiled, touching his face.
‘Mmm…and I do love you’ Urs finally smiled.
‘I should hope so!’ Karen laughed.

Karen went to find Dee.
‘Honey!’ they hugged each other.
‘Missed you”’ Karen told Dee
‘Stuart’s here…’ Dee replied
‘What? Where?’
‘He’s a stage hand. But he changed his name;
‘Does David…?’
‘No. I haven’t told him’
‘Why ever not?’
‘Because I’m trying to not let Stuart get to me anymore’
‘Is it working?’ Karen asked
‘No’ Dee shook her head, ‘my nightmares are back’
‘Honey, we’ve got to tell someone…’
‘I can’t…I’m scared of what David would do’
‘Probably give Stuart the beating he deserves’
‘Yes, then end up in prison. I couldn’t live with that. I just couldn’t’ Dee shook now. She was scared. Visibly scared.
‘Oh honey. Honey…’ Karen hugged her friend and physiotherapist again, ‘honey…’

‘HA! Thought I recognised you…’ it was Stuart. Staring with pure evil in his eyes at Karen.
‘You can walk..’ he noticed.
‘So I can’ Karen snapped.
‘Never seen that before. Thought you were born in that wheelchair…’
‘Well, as you can se, you where wrong’
‘So I was. And now you’re here… why?’ Stuart asked
‘I’m getting married tomorrow’
‘Oh? To who?’ Stuart asked
‘What, again? Ha. Does the man never learn? Is he really that desperate I wonder?’ Stuart rudely said.
‘He loves me. He always loved me’ said Karen.
‘HA! I can’t believe that! You woman. You ain’t worthy of love. None of you are!’ Stuart snapped.
‘I haven’t come to argue with you Stuart. I’ve come to ask you to leave Dee alone’
‘How do you know…?’ Stuart was puzzled.
‘Dee was my physiotherapist’
‘Small world! And she’s getting married to that…David. I wonder if he knows, that she likes being beaten…’
‘No one likes being beaten’ said Karen.
‘Oh? And how would you know? Ever tried it?’ Stuart sneered now.
‘Want to try?’ Stuart menacingly asked
‘No’ said Karen again.
‘Oh, wrong answer!’ Stuart replied, then as he laughed loudly he hit Karen. Knocked her flying. Smacked her right in her tummy.
Karen lay in a ball on the floor, holding her tummy, ‘My baby…’ she sobbed quietly to herself.
‘See you around Karen’ Stuart laughed, giving her a quick kick in her back before leaving her, laying on the floor. Crying softly to herself.

Patricia found Karen an hour later.
‘Oh my god!’ she exclaimed, immediately calling an ambulance. She sat next to Karen in the ambulance and held her hand and prayed. And prayed.

Urs was having a great time. Laughing and joking in a bar surrounded by Lars, David, Seb, Carlos and Dan. Carlos was in the middle of telling the dirtiest joke he knew when the call came in. He almost dropped the phone in shock.
‘Karen is in hospital…’ he told Urs.
Urs laughed, ‘Is this some kind of joke?’ he asked.
The look on Carlos’ face told him that it wasn’t a joke.
‘Oh god…oh god…’ he muttered.
‘Come little brother’ Lars took control. Taking told of Urs who’s whole body sagged with shock and took him to the hospital, to see Karen.

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Karen looked so pale. Hooked up to a machine. Beep, beep, beep it went.
‘The kick to her back was severe. We don’t know what damage was done until the bruising goes down’ the doctor gravely informed Urs, ‘but’ he added, ‘we think the baby is fine’
‘Baby…?’ Urs mumbled.
‘Your fiancée is…’ the doctor consulted the chart, ‘just over two months pregnant’
‘Oh god…’ Urs paled again.
‘Easy mate’ Lars caught his brother.
‘I…I didn’t know…’ Urs mumbled again.
‘Well’ smiled Lars, ‘now you do’
‘Yes, now I do’ Urs nodded, still in shock.

‘How is she?’ Dee asked David after he had replaced the receiver.
‘The doctors don’t know’ David sadly shook his head
‘Stuart…’ Dee muttered.
‘What honey?’ David asked
‘She went to see Stuart’
‘But how could she? Stuart is in England. In prison…’
‘No he’s not’ Dee shook her head, ‘he’s here. In America’
‘Where?’ David asked
‘He’s…he’s a stage hand…pretending to be called…’
‘Dean’ David interrupted.
Dee nodded.
‘Why didn’t you tell me?’ David asked
‘I was trying to deal with it…by myself…’
‘Its ok honey. Its ok’ David soothed.
‘He hurt Karen….’
‘Its ok. We’ll deal with it…’
‘Don’t worry. We’ll deal with it. Urs and I’

‘Where, have you been? And what on earth happened to your hand Urs? And your face David?’ Cydalia asked them both.
‘We’ve been…dealing with things’ Urs replied
‘Dealing with things? What, does that mean?’ Carlos asked this time, taking in Urs’ bruised right hand and messy hair and David’s black left eye, ‘have you been fighting? With each other?’ he asked
‘Not with each other. No’ David said
‘What then?’ Cydalia asked again.
‘Put it this way, we need a new stage hand. The man calling himself Dean no longer works for us’ said Urs
‘Is he…is he dead?’ Cydalia asked, nervously licking her lips.
‘No, not dead. Just warned off. He will no longer be around to hurt De… to hurt anyone’ David replied
‘Oh?’ Cydalia asked
‘Its sorted. That’s all you need to know. Its sorted’ said Urs
‘Well, since you were out…sorting things, your fiancée has woken up and is now asking for you. I suggest you go and see her’ Cydalia coolly informed Urs.
‘Ok, thanks’ Urs smiled lightly before going into Karen’s hospital room.

Urs found Karen, laying on her hospital bed, looking all pale and warn out. Tears at her eyes from too much crying.
‘Honey…’ he soothed, rushing over to her.
‘Urs?’ Karen asked, through bleary eyes.
‘Its ok. I’m here now…’ he soothed, gently stroking her hair with his undamaged hand.
‘Stuart…it was Stuart…’ Karen sobbed, protectively rubbing at her tummy.
‘I know. I know. But its all sorted now’ he told her.
‘My…my…our…baby…’ Karen then sobbed
‘Is safe. Is safe’ Urs soothed.
‘I thought….when he kicked me..’ Karen shuddered, remembering.
‘No’ Urs shook his head, ‘everything is ok’
But Karen wasn’t so sure. To reassure her, Urs arranged for a nurse to do an ultrasound. It wasn’t until Karen saw her baby, looking all grey and blurry on the ultrasound screen that she finally relaxed. Urs gazed in awe a the life they had managed to create. He had never wanted children until now. Now he wanted his child, and Karen, to be ok. To live. To be fine. He closed his eyes and sent up a silent prayer up to heaven. Wishing for everything to be alright. For everything to go how it should. For Karen to walk again. For their child to be born perfectly fine and to be born at the right time.

That night was a tense one. Waiting to see if the swelling would go down and then, when it went down, what damage had been caused again.
They all sat in the hospital waiting room. In their coupled. Holding hands. Praying.
Even Lars was there. Holding Linda’s hand. Dan and Camy. Seb and Patricia. David and Dee. And Carlos with Cydalia. Cydalia rested her head on her husbands shoulder and prayed as hard as she could for her friend. For Karen. Urs sat with Karen. Holding her hand in his. She didn’t ask about his injured hand for she had already guessed how he had come about to get it. Fighting with Stuart. To avenge her and Dee’s injuries.
Then morning came. Today, Urs and Karen should have been getting married. Celebrating their union. But they couldn’t. Midmorning the doctor checked on Karen’s back,
‘Well…most of the swelling has gone down’ he noticed.
‘And?’ Urs asked before Karen could form the words.
‘And until Karen starts trying to walk, we won’t know the extent of her injuries’ said the doctor, called Dr Anthony.
‘Which can be when?’ Karen finally asked.
‘A few days I think. For now its back to the wheelchair I’m afraid’ Dr Anthony said.
‘Ok’ Karen sighed, feeling rejected.
‘Its for your own good. Not worth rushing it I’m afraid’ Dr Anthony kindly and carefully told Karen.
‘So we can’t get married today’ Urs noticed
‘Oh, you can. But if Karen plans on walking down the aisle…’
‘Which I certainly do’ Karen interrupted the doctor
‘Then I suggest you cancel. For a while’ Dr Anthony finished before leaving the room.

‘I’m sorry’ Karen said after Dr Anthony had gone
‘What for? Its not your fault…’
‘But I went to see Stuart…’
‘Only because you thought you could help your friend. You didn’t know what would happen’ said Urs
‘I knew he was a bully…’
‘Yes, but…’ Urs tried
‘So, no wedding then?’ Karen sighed.
‘Not today. No’
‘But when I can walk?’ Karen asked
‘As soon as you can walk again we will I promise’ Urs smiled.
‘Thank you’ Karen returned the smile and lightly kissed Urs’ cheek. Then, she came up with an idea, ‘Urs?’ she asked, ‘I’ve an idea…’
‘Oh? Do tell?’
‘Well, you know there’s a wedding planned for today…’
‘I do. I do’ Urs nodded
‘It needn’t go to waste…’ and Karen told Urs her idea.
He immediately agreed, ‘Ok. I’ll go and put it to them…’ he nodded.


Karen sat in her wheelchair and watched as Dee and David were married. Then, when the vicar had finished with them, he then married Seb and Patricia.
It was a perfect day in the end. With two happy couples celebrating. At the reception, Lars stood up and announced,
‘Linda and I are to marry’ which didn’t surprise anyone. Sure, they’d only know each other just over two days but they did seem rather perfect together. Karen knew that her best friend would be happy with Lars. He was exactly like Urs. In looks, only with short hair, and in personality. Kind and considerate and would only hurt someone if they first hurt him. He would defend Linda’s honour for ever more.
While Seb, Patricia, David and Dee went on honeymoon, although not to the same place, Karen reluctantly went back into hospital. But this time it was ok. Because this time, Urs was with her and Camy was her nurse. Between them, Camy and Urs got Karen better. 100% fit again. It took time and patience. Lots of patience but it was worth it.

Three weeks later, when Seb, Patricia, David and Dee were back from their separate honeymoons Karen was up and slowly, but surely walking again.
A day after Linda and Lars got married, in a simple ceremony, Karen finally had the ceremony she had long since dreamed of.
Slowly, but surely, walking leaning on David’s arm, Karen walked down the aisle, wearing the most wonderful wedding dress she had ever seen. Urs really had, with the help of Cydalia, picked the best dress possible. Karen felt like a princess gliding down the aisle to her prince charming. Urs stood there, in his morning suit, looking dashingly handsome. When Karen first saw him she swooned with such desire that David had to grab hold of her arm to stop her from sliding to the floor in shock.
‘Hi handsome’ she whispered as David handed her over safely to Urs.
‘My princess has come!’ Urs winked in response.
‘Told you I’d be here’ Karen laughed, gazing at him.
Behind them, Camy and Dan sat holding hands.
‘Marry me?’ Dan whispered to Camy
‘I…I….’ Camy mumbled.
‘Love me. I know’ Dan nodded, beaming. When he smiled he looked even more and more like his cousin, David. His blue eyes like David’s twinkling in the light.
‘Yes please’ Camy swooned, ‘I love you Dan’

Cydalia and Carlos sat hand in hand. One of Carlos’ hands resting on Cydalia’s bump.
‘My sweet. I love you’ he told her.
‘I love you too Carlos’ she replied.
‘We are together forever. I hope you know that’ Carlos winked at his wife, feeling their child kick beneath his hand.
‘I like the sound of that. Forever’ she smiled.

Urs was speaking his vows,
‘From the very first moment I saw you, I knew I loved you. You, Karen, have made me the happiest man. I love you. And will do forever’ he gazed into his wife’s’ eyes.
‘I love you Urs’ Karen replied as Urs wiped a tear of happiness away from her eye, cupped her face in his hands and gently kissed the life out of her.


Ps, Cydalia and Carlos had a girl, named Katrina Rebekah Marin.
Karen and Urs had a girl too, named Camille Deborah Buhler after her two best friends who had helped her so much in her time of need.
Camy and Dan had children too, a boy named David Daniel Miller.
Deborah and David had a girl, named Selina Anna Miller.
Linda and Lars had twins, a boy named Felix and a girl named Ursula.
Seb and Patricia had another boy, a brother for Stefan, named Sebastian Jnr. Spelt that way, (just in case you think it’s a spelling mistake!)

From this moment on I will love you
I promise you this.
There is nothing I wouldn’t give
From this moment on.

(From this moment on, sung by Shania Twain.
Written by Shania Twain and Robert ‘Mutt’ Lange.
Published by Sony BMG.)

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*From This Moment On* By: KazyJay
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