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 *Hand On Your Heart* By: KazyJay

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PostSubject: *Hand On Your Heart* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:08 am


Hand on your heart fan fic.Characters

Auds - Audrey.
West Diva - Lorna.
FranMillerIzambard - Fran.
Angie_swe - Angie.
Urs Buhler.
Sebastien Izambard.
David Miller.
Carlos Marin.

Guest stars -
Super cutie - Cydalia.
Fara1903 - Fara.
Urs’ siren - Roberta.


Aud stared at her reflection one last time. She looked…OK she thought. Wearing, for once in her life a dress with her hair up. Contacts in. Make up on. Well, it was a special night. Tonight was a very special night. Tonight was HER special night. A conclusion of a lot of very hard work.
‘Its time to go honey.’ he said from behind.
Aud turned around and nodded. ‘OK.’ she whispered.
‘Here.’ he held out his hand. Aud took it. He squeezed it lightly.
‘I’m ready.’ she finally managed.
‘Come then. Your public await.’ he beamed.
‘Our public.’ Aud corrected.
‘Tonight, it all for you.’ he returned and together they walked out of Auds flat and to the waiting limo.
It was time. It was her Showtime.

10 months before

Audrey was in a bar with her friends. Normally she hated bars, hated drinking but tonight she needed it. She had had a crap week at work and to top it all had had an argument with her boyfriend to boot. It wasn’t a very happy week for her.
‘Another round girls?’ Audrey asked, getting to her feet.
‘Yes please.’ her two friends, Lily and Angela chorused.
‘OK.’ Audrey nodded, picked up her empty wine glass and walked towards the bar.
It took a while to get served. It was Friday night and the bar was crowded. Audrey looked around the place. Her eyes fell on a couple who seemed to be arguing. She especially noticed the man. He was gorgeous. She noticed his sad eyes mostly. Something in them hypnotised her. It trigged something inside of Audrey. A spark of something exciting. Brilliant even. All of a sudden she had an overwhelming desire to write. But write what she didn’t know. But something was happening deep down inside of her.
Audrey finally got served. ‘Two white wines and one red, please?’ she smiled at the barman.
‘Sure.’ he nodded, not even returning her eye contact. Audrey wasn’t bothered. That happened a lot of the time. People, men, especially, ignoring her. She put it down to a mixture of lack of self confidence, self esteem, and her looks. She had dark blonde hair which she kept up in a bum and wore glasses. She looked like a secretary. Even to herself, Audrey thought she looked boring. Dully. It was no wonder no one noticed her. Especially the male sex.
Audrey look her friends drinks back to their table.
‘Thanks mate.’ Lily took her drink, picked it up and sipped, ‘where’s yours?’ she then asked.
‘Oh, I didn’t want one.’ Audrey had cancelled her order after her idea had come to her, ‘in fact.’ she faked a yawn, ‘I’m going home.’
‘What? Now?’ Angela noticed the time. It was barely 10 o’clock.
‘I’m tired. I’ve had a…knackering week.’ replied Audrey.
‘OK. But phone me, OK?’ Angela asked, standing to hug her.
‘OK. Will do.’ Audrey nodded. She had a headache too now.

Luckily Audrey only lived 5 minutes away. When she got home she pulled of her heels, rubbed her aching feet and put the kettle, and the heating on. While waiting for the kettle to boil she took of her glasses, and rubbed the bridge of her nose, trying to remember something.
Sitting down at her desk in her main living area with her hot cup of chocolate, Audrey found a note pad and pen. She turned to a clean page and began to write.
She wrote and wrote. Until she ran out of note paper then she noticed the time. It was 8am. In the morning! Audrey had been up all night long writing. But she had enjoyed it so much that she hadn’t noticed the time or her aching back and neck. Audrey removed her glasses, rubbed the bridge of her nose then rubbed her neck, attempting to give herself a massage. She stood. Stretched.
‘Need more paper.’ she muttered to herself, standing up straight.
Audrey grabbed her keys and purse. She noticed her answer phone light blinking but didn’t care. She had shopping to do.

The man in the newspaper shop must have thought Audrey mad. She bought nearly all the notepaper and pens he stocked, along with a king size bar of chocolate. Then she dragged them all back to her flat.
Audrey liked living alone. She had no one to complain when the dishes piled up in the sink or when she didn’t feel like cooking. Her flat was small but it was all her. A small bedroom - big enough for a moderate size double bed. Built in wardrobes and a chest of drawers. Bathroom with toilet, sink and a bath which had a shower attachment and shower curtain over it. Mini kitchen with washer/drier. Sink. Cooker. Fridge. Microwave and small preparing area. Then the main room. Television in the corner. Mini sofa. Desk against the window and shelves. Shelves and shelves stacked with books of all types. Audrey loved to read. Magazines. Books. She had a CD collection. She had a varied taste in everything from pop to classical, rock to dance music. DVD’s too. Romantic movies. Oldies - including her Audrey Hepburn collection. Her parents had loved Audrey Hepburn so much so that when Audrey had been born her name had already been chosen for her. It didn’t help that her surname was - Hepburn! But Audrey loved her namesake movies. The romance of it all. Old fashioned.
After unpacking her shopping, Audrey changed her outfit. Taking her working clothes off. Her pencil skirt. Shirt and tights off. Instead she pulled on a baggy t-shirt and track suit bottoms. She let her hair down from its bum, brushed it. Pulled it into a ponytail, splashed some water on her face then sat back down at her desk again and began to write.
It took a while for Audrey to realise just what she was writing. At first it was just a bunch of words. Then those words turned into a story. A love story she noticed reading though it. About a man who doesn’t believe in love at first sight until it happens to him. Then he needs the help of his three friends to convince her that he does love her.
Every night Audrey sat at her desk, and wrote. She forgot to contact her friends. Ignored her phone calls and answer phone messages. She would work then rush home to sit at her desk to write even more. She forgot how much she hated her job. Forgot about her boyfriend troubles. Nothing mattered. Just her writing. Just getting down this story which was bubbling up inside of her. It took three months of late nights and occasionally cramp in her hands to completely complete it. Then, and only then she got out her laptop computer and typed it all up. Changing words and phrases. Editing. Adding as she went along.
Then, when completely all done she printed it all out. Twice. Looking in her local library she came across a book entitled, ‘Artists and writers yearbook.’ She checked it out. And looked thought it. Finding two agents she nervously sent out her two copies to them. Not expecting to hear from them, let along expecting anything more.
Only then, when she had sent her manuscript, her crazy ideas off did she contact her friends again. And her boyfriend.
Angela and Lily were understanding. Especially after she explained about her mad, crazy idea of writing. They were excited for it. Proud. Her boyfriend on the other hand, wasn’t.
‘You’re dumped.’ he muttered without listening to a word Audrey had to say.
‘But I’ve been busy, with work and all that…’ she tried.
‘Sorry. Not good enough. Anyway,’ he spat, ‘I’ve found someone else.’
On hearing that, Audrey had expected herself to cry. Or even beg him. But suddenly she didn’t care.
‘Right. Fine.’ she told him, ‘I’m sure I can find someone else.’
‘Yeah, right. Whatever.’ he jeered at her, smirking. Like that would ever happen. He’d give it a week. She’d be back.

it. About a man who doesn’t believe in love at first sight until it happens to him. Then he needs the help of his three friends to convince her that he does love her.
Every night Audrey sat at her desk, and wrote. She forgot to contact her friends. Ignored her phone calls and answer phone messages. She would work then rush home to sit at her desk to write even more. She forgot how much she hated her job. Forgot about her boyfriend troubles. Nothing mattered. Just her writing. Just getting down this story which was bubbling up inside of her. It took three months of late nights and occasionally cramp in her hands to completely complete it. Then, and only then she got out her laptop computer and typed it all up. Changing words and phrases. Editing. Adding as she went along.
Then, when completely all done she printed it all out. Twice. Looking in her local library she came across a book entitled, ‘Artists and writers yearbook.’ She checked it out. And looked thought it. Finding two agents she nervously sent out her two copies to them. Not expecting to hear from them, let along expecting anything more.
Only then, when she had sent her manuscript, her crazy ideas off did she contact her friends again. And her boyfriend.
Angela and Lily were understanding. Especially after she explained about her mad, crazy idea of writing. They were excited for it. Proud. Her boyfriend on the other hand, wasn’t.
‘You’re dumped.’ he muttered without listening to a word Audrey had to say.
‘But I’ve been busy, with work and all that…’ she tried.
‘Sorry. Not good enough. Anyway,’ he spat, ‘I’ve found someone else.’
On hearing that, Audrey had expected herself to cry. Or even beg him. But suddenly she didn’t care.
‘Right. Fine.’ she told him, ‘I’m sure I can find someone else.’
‘Yeah, right. Whatever.’ he jeered at her, smirking. Like that would ever happen. He’d give it a week. She’d be back.

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PostSubject: Re: *Hand On Your Heart* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:12 am


Audrey didn’t expect anyone to take her writing seriously. She especially didn’t expect a bidding war between the two agents she had posted her writing, her manuscript of to. And eventually, after that, another bidding war between actual publishers! But that was what happened. Two weeks later Audrey received two official looking letters from the agents. It took a day of continuous nerves before she finally talked herself into opening them. They were in her bag all the time she was at work, burning a hole in it. She tried extra hard that day to concentrate on her work but found it really hard. For some reason. When she got home that night, she poured herself a big glass of her favourite red wine, sat down and expected rejection. Bad news. Not what she did find. Both agents wanted her work. One even had already had a publisher read her writing. They both sounded really positive. The agent who had already found a publisher she ignored. Not because she didn’t want her stuff published but because by the sounds of it they wanted her to completely re-write it. And change it from a man not believing in love to a woman. But in Audrey’s mind that wouldn’t work. She liked her writing just as it was. And wasn’t about to go changing it just so she could get it published. So she rang the other agent. A man named Henry Evans.

Mr Evans seemed to be a happy, laughing man.
‘I love your work. LOVE it.’ he laughed down the phone after Audrey had rang him. He sat in his office, a big cuddly looking man. In his late 60’s. His office was a typical publishing agents office. Manuscripts and bits of paper littered his desk. Coffee cup stains too. Pens and pencils in a pot. An answer phone machine buzzing with un-listened to messages from authors and publishers alike.
‘Err…OK. Great.’ Audrey replied.
‘Now, we need to find you a publisher.’ Mr Evans said.
‘I’ve already sent it to four.’
‘Four? Wow!’ he was fast. Really fast Audrey thought. Four publishers already had received and read her work! Talk about fast moving. OK. She took a deep breath and listened to what Henry Evans had to say to her.
‘Well, we’ve Catherine Lovell at Penguin. Lucinda James at Headline. Jessica Adams at Orion. And Caroline Fletcher at Arrow.’ he told her.
‘OK. OK. Great.’ Audrey was surprised. Wow. All those publishers. Some she had already heard of. Others she hadn’t. She read a wide variety of authors so at least knew that each publisher mentioned was real enough. Wow. OK.
‘So, I’ll contact you with news, OK my lovely?’
‘OK. OK.’ Audrey repeated, still a little stunned.
‘It may take a while thought.’ Mr Evans, Henry warned, ‘most times it takes anything from…..5 months.’ he informed her. Telling her what other authors had considered to hear as bad news. They thought you sent in a manuscript one day and by the end of the week you were already a published author. If only it did work that fast Henry thought.
That long? OK. Audrey was prepared to wait. Why not. She had nothing to lose. But quite a few things to gain. People reading her work. So. She could wait.

But, in the end, Audrey didn’t have to wait. It took less than a week. Then Henry Evans rang her with the news that there had been a bidding war over publishing her novel. A first as far as he personally could remember in all his years of being an agent to authors wanting to get published.
‘A bidding war?’ she asked, stunned at what she had heard.
‘Yes my lovely. They love it. Love it!’ Henry happily laughed down the phone.
‘Oh wow. Its OK then…’
‘No honey.’ Henry corrected, ‘its brilliant. Wonderful. The best thing I’ve personally read in ages.’ as he had. He had spent an evening gripped by the writing. This girl had such vision. Such imagination. For a romance author.
‘And they don’t want to change any of it?’ Audrey asked.
‘Not a single word.’ Henry reassured her.
‘Phew!’ Audrey breathed a sigh of relief. She liked her ‘’novel’’ as Henry had called it being exactly how it was. Every words she had sweated over. Each phrase. Each sentence. Writing down only what she considered to be her best work. And thank god she didn’t have to go and rewrite any of it. Thank god for that small mercy.
‘Now, you’re probably wondering what they are offering you?’ Henry asked.
‘Err…yeah. Sure.’ Audrey hadn’t thought of the money part.
‘Well, Lucinda James, at Headline, is now your publisher, is offering a contact around the half mill mark.’

‘Excuse me?’ Audrey mumbled. How much had he said? She shook her head. Clearing her hearing.
‘Half a million. Namely, £500,000 my lovely.’
‘Oh…wow!’ suddenly Audrey felt speechless. Her mad writing was going to make her so much! Wow!
‘But, that’s for a 3 novel contract.’ Henry told her.
‘3 more…?’
‘No honey. 2 more.’ he corrected.
‘Can you write another two?’
‘I think I can.’
‘You’ve got…3 years to write them in.’ Henry told her.
‘I can do that.’ Audrey decided. She certainly would give it a try. She certainly at least another story buzzing around in her head. In fact she wanted to start writing now. Her palms itched to get started. Her brain was in overdrive. Buzzing with ideas and names and possible story lines. Buzzing.
‘So, I’ll send you the contact. Look it over. Sign it. Send it back. OK darling?’ Henry asked.
‘Err…sure. OK.’ Audrey agreed.
She put the phone down. Took her glasses off. Rubbed the bridge of her nose, replaced her glasses then caught the sight of her reflection in the window. She covered her mouth with her hands and screamed loudly, ‘YEEESSSSSSSSSS!’ feeling like a mad woman. But what the heck. She didn’t care! She was going to be an author! Wow! What an amazing thing! Her, Audrey Hepburn, 33, an author! Who would have thought of it!

Receiving her contract, Audrey noticed one thing her publisher wanted to change. OK, it was only a minor thing. But still. Audrey had named her novel, ‘The Promise.’ but now they wanted to change it. To, ‘Hand on your heart.’ OK. Suppose calling it, ‘Hand on your heart.’ did make more sense. OK. She could live with that. She got Lily, who was a lawyer to look the contract over. Then, when she was satisfied Audrey signed the contract on the dotted line.
‘Whey-hey! My good friend. Best selling author!’ Lily hugged Audrey after she’d signed the contract.

Published author. Hardly best selling.’ she corrected.
‘Just you wait. I’ll buy it!’ Lily smiled.
‘No need. Apparently I get several free copies. You and Angela can have one each.’ Audrey offered.
‘No. I’m buying one!’
‘But I can give you one for free…’
‘Sign it for me. As a compromise.’ Lily smiled.
‘OK. Of course I’ll sign it.’ Audrey happily agreed.

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PostSubject: Re: *Hand On Your Heart* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:16 am


On receiving Audrey’s novel, Lucinda James at Headline had realised. That this was just what she had been looking for. It made perfect reading. Plus, it was also suitable for something else. After getting confirmation that yes, Audrey had signed her contract, Lucinda picked up the phone and called someone.
‘I’ve found the perfect one for you.’ she told her friend.
‘Great. Send it to me.’ her friend, male, asked.
‘I’ve already emailed you a copy.’ she told him.
That friend, was none other than Simon Cowell. Yes. Simon Cowell. Uber music producer. Uber extraordinary everything. Everything he put his hand to, everything he touched seemed to turn to gold. With little exception.
Now, he was looking for a new project. Oh, not for him to do but for one of his groups to put their hands to. About 6 years ago he had become bored with what was on the music scene. So he put his ideas, hands and name towards looking for something new. That idea turned out to be IL DIVO. They were a mixture of classical music and pop combined. It had been an excellent idea. IL DIVO were loved by all sorts of music fans. Young. Old. Male. Female.
Many since had tried to imitate them. Namely G4 and just recently a new group named Blake but none had that magic touch to make them ‘’THE’’ group of the moment. None had Simon Cowell’s backing. Now he wanted to forward their careers. Make them even better than before. He wanted IL DIVO to be an ‘’UBER’’ group. Bigger than all the rest. A name which would be talked about for years, decades to come. So, he was looking for a new project. A new outcome for them to do. Then the idea came to him. Films. Acting. He could do it. He was after all, Simon Cowell, and therefore could make anything he liked possible, happen. All he needed was now an ‘’UBER’’ script to complete the task. To do this he put out feelers. He knew people everywhere. In every profession. He contacted his friends in movies and his friends in publishing. Asked them both to keep an eye out for anything that seemed interesting. Anything that a group of 4 men could do. Then he just sat back and waited.

That, is where Lucinda James came in. Emailing him Audrey’s novel. Now called, ‘Hand on your heart.’

A few days later, Audrey met face to face with her publisher, Lucinda James at Headline. Whatever Audrey had imagined Lucinda to look like wasn’t how she turned out to be. Audrey had imagined Lucinda to be young. Beautiful. She wasn’t. Lucinda reminded Audrey of an old aunt. Lucinda was in her mid to late 50’s. Greying hair kept short. Glasses and wrinkles. Lots and lots of wrinkles. On her neck. Face and hands. Her office was packed with manuscripts. Shelve loads of books - mostly published books. Her desk littered with coffee cups. Pens and notebooks. Screwed up bits of paper, several files and a closed laptop also sat on the desk. Behind Lucinda, on the walls, there were awards and photographs and framed book covers.
She greeted Audrey with a hug.
‘Our star author.’ she beamed at her.
‘Not yet, but I can only hope.’ Audrey smiled a shy smile.
‘Aah, we have great plans for you. Wonderful plans.’ Lucinda sat at her desk then motioned Audrey to sit on the spare chair facing the desk. ‘Right, first things first.’ Lucinda smiled then reached for something in one of the desk drawers. She handed it across to Audrey. Audrey gasped in pleasant surprise. It was a book cover. But not any ordinary book cover. Oh no. No. This, was Audrey’s book cover. It had the words, ‘Audrey Hepburn,’ at the top. In the middle a simple blue flower.

. At the bottom ‘Hand on your heart.’ was written. Around the word hand was a heart. Around the heart was a hand.
‘Wow.’ Audrey nodded, gazing at it.
‘You like?’ Lucinda asked.
‘Oh I do. I do.’ she smiled.
‘Perfect. Right,’ Lucinda rifled through some papers on her desk, ‘we’re going straight to paperback.’ she told Audrey.
‘Not hardback?’ Audrey asked. Didn’t most authors come out in hardback first?
‘No. With new authors we like selling as many copies as possible. Hence the paperback. Maybe, in time, we’ll do hardback.’
‘Right. OK.’ Audrey nodded.
‘The book is out in a month.’ Lucinda then told her.
Audrey gasped in surprise, ‘So soon?’ she asked. ‘Wow!’
‘Well, we want it out before the film.’
Audrey’s mouth fell open. ‘Film?’ she muttered in asking.
‘Yes. Film.’
‘You’re down to write the screenplay honey.’ Lucinda then told her.
‘I’ve got to re-write it?’ Audrey asked, slightly dismayed at the idea.
‘No honey. Just, certain parts.’
‘Right. OK.’ she nodded. Feeling stunned.
‘You’ll be on set. With the director. Making changes if and when necessary.’ Lucinda smiled.
‘Who’s….the lead?’ Audrey asked, having visions of Keanu Reeves, or Johnny Depp, or even Hugh Jackman as the lead, playing Nathaniel.
‘We don’t know yet. Casting is next week.’ Lucinda partly lied. Anyway, it wasn’t really a lie. Sure she knew IL DIVO were going to be in it but that didn’t mean she knew which one was going to be playing Nathaniel, the lead role.

All but one of IL DIVO strongly objected when they found out about Simon Cowell’s plans to make them do a film.
‘But we’re not actors, we’re singers. Singers.’ Carlos especially objected during the meeting with Simon.
‘It will be good for you all. Broaden your horizons.’ Simon told them.
‘We don’t want our horizons..’ Urs muttered at this.
‘Well, tough.’ Simon cut him off, ‘the contracts have already been drawn up. And signed. By you all.’
‘I don’t remember signing anything..’ complained Seb.
‘Nor me.’ agreed Carlos.
‘Or, me.’ Urs added.
‘Hang on.’ David realised, ‘we did.’ he nodded.
‘Our tour details..’ Carlos muttered.
‘We signed two papers instead of the usual one.’ Urs now muttered in realisation.
‘Yes you did.’ Simon smiled broadly at them all, ‘your acting contracts.’
‘Bugger.’ Seb moaned.
‘We’re stuck.’ Carlos agreed.
‘You’ll like it. Its an excellent story.’ Simon told them all.
He had spent a whole day. Reading it. ‘Hand on your heart.’ It was good. Excellent even.
‘Don’t care.’ Urs muttered.
‘Well, then I suggest you start to. You start filming in…’ Simon looked at the calendar on the wall behind Seb’s head, ‘in…2 weeks.’ he told them all.
‘2 weeks?’ Seb gasped.
‘So soon?’ Carlos enquired.
‘Yes. 2 weeks.’ Simon nodded in agreement.
He smiled at them all. Clapped his hands once and said, ‘Right. We’re done.’
Meaning - in Simon speak, ‘end of conversation. Move on.’
Carlos, Seb and Urs sighed a disappointed sigh between then whereas David, who in his career had done singing and acting and had rather enjoyed the acting, nodded and gave a light smile. He was actually looking forward to acting again. But this time it would be in front of a camera and not on stage. Still. The principle of the thing was still the same. They would be telling a story. Just filming it you were allowed to make mistakes. Have a 2nd or even 3rd take if you mucked up your lines. So yes, David was looking forward to doing some acting again. It would certainly be an adventure.
Later, after the others had walked off, muttering and moaning to themselves and to each other, David went to see Simon. To see if he could read a copy of the script, or novel they would be filming from.
He spent the next day, in his hotel room. Reading it.
Even though it was what people called a ‘Chick lit.’ book, it was rather good he found. Interesting. A page turner. Reading it he thought Urs would be ideal for the lead male role. The way the author named, Audrey Hepburn, described the lead, Nathaniel, as having a floppy hairstyle and big brown sad eyes sounded like him.

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PostSubject: Re: *Hand On Your Heart* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:22 am


Lorna was a successful actress. She hadn’t always wanted to act. In fact she, when younger, had wanted to be a lawyer. To fight for people with causes. To be the best she could possibly be. She had only got into acting by accident. She had been in college, working towards getting the grades she needed to be able to go onto further education - university when she realised that she needed money. Money for books and equipment for being a lawyer. Seeing auditions for Romeo and Juliet advertised at a local theatre, and noting down just how much they would be paying caught her eye. She went along. For a laugh. Not to audition herself but to see who was auditioning. One of the people in charge of employing the actors saw Lorna. The main casting director on the project. Thought she was there to audition and asked her to read out some lines. He was impressed with Lorna. Stunned at her ability. He wanted to sign her up on the spot for the lead. Juliet. But Lorna refused.
‘I’m not into acting.’ she tried telling him.

Maybe not.’ he agreed, ‘but you’re the best damn thing I’ve seen in years.’
Feeling flattered, and slightly embarrassed Lorna let him sign her up. The rest, you could say, is history. Sure, it was a struggle. Becoming an actress but nearly everything Lorna stared in was a box office smash.
Giving up her dreams of becoming a lawyer was the hardest part. But Lorna decided. Not to completely give it up, but to put it on the back burner for when the acting jobs dried up. Something she could do when she got older.
Her agent, the casting director who had persuaded her to act in the first place then turned agent, came to her with the script of ‘Hand on your heart.’
‘This.’ he shook the script, ‘will make you a Hollywood star.’ he told her.
‘OK. I’ll audition.’ she smiled, glancing through the manuscript. On first glance it looked OK. Brilliant even. Lorna crossed her fingers and prayed that she would get a part in it, even if it wasn’t to be Katie, the lead female role.

Before main auditions started, although she wouldn’t be attending them herself, Audrey was sent to school. Screenwriting school. She spent a week learning how to turn her manuscript, her novel, into a successful screenplay.
She learnt how to structure words and phrases. How to put her words into visual experiences. She learnt such a lot.
It made her fingers itch to get started. She bought herself a new laptop computer and wireless printer with her first payment. Such a lot of money was now in her bank account. Audrey was still amazed about how much they were paying her. Just to do a bit of writing. Something she now enjoyed. She wrote daily. Making notes. Coming up with story lines and ideas for future books. She also bought, with her money, a load of notebooks, pens and pencils and started working. She had a week. A week to start to turn her novel into a screenplay. Then, she would have to carry on working on it while on location.
Even though Audrey had written her novel based on the London area, the location manager assigned to her film felt that London wouldn’t be viable to film in and around of. So that left two options - change the main base of the book to somewhere else or film somewhere else which looked similar to London, but wasn’t. As the main female character, Katie was supposed to work in publishing Audrey felt that she couldn’t change the location. So that meant finding somewhere in the world similar looking to London but wasn’t actually London. For some crazy reason the location director, named Malcolm settled on filming in Canada! Somewhere near Vancouver.
So that meant all the actors and actresses plus everyone else involved in filming a major blockbuster, including Audrey, the writer and screenplay writer, relocating for the filming. The fact that Audrey had never left England ever before scared the very being out of her. She hated the idea of flying. But she would have to fight her fear. Somehow. It was for a good reason she tried telling herself. But it was no good. She was still scared. Still petrified. Still dreading having to pack up all her stuff and get on an airplane. To go somewhere which wasn’t England. Oh lovely wet, cold England.

The auditions went well. Lorna got the main part. Of Katie. The woman Nathaniel falls in love at first sight with after not believing such things exist. She was so excited. Plus, added bonus they would be filming in Canada. A place she had so longed to visit. She didn’t think it weird. A novel based in London being filmed in another country. Producers did it all the time. It saved on location costs. Budgets were a major thing on a movie. Plus, filming anywhere but the place expected helped the actors, and actresses keep filming a secret. Less chance of someone being photographed when on location, or being photographed somewhere they weren’t meant to be when working. It happened all the time. Scandal on the film set. Romances happening between actors and actresses. Not that that had ever happened to Lorna. Or did she expect it to either. Or even want it to happen to her. She didn’t do dating actors. Their egos were bad enough on a film set. So when she found out that the guy who would be playing Nathaniel, plus his three friends weren’t actually and had never been actors, Lorna was quite surprised. They were all singers. In group she had never heard of. Called IL DIVO.
‘But can they act?’ Lorna asked the casting director of ‘Hand on your heart.’
‘I certainly hope they can. Apparently, in their careers, before the group came along they had each done a little acting. But nothing as major as a film.’ the casting director, female, named Tanya said.
‘Then lets hope they can handle the film.’ Lorna smiled.
And they had done acting. In their careers. A lot time ago. David in Romeo and Juliet on the American stage, among others. Carlos in Beauty and the beast. Seb in ‘The little prince.’ French version. And Urs in the Mikado. Among others. But only David had remembered. Acting and enjoying it.
The others, while being cast in the various roles were still grumbling and complaining. They weren’t actors. They were singers. Singers. Singing was what they did best. Not acting. Whatever it meant to act. Honesty!

For some reason, the casting director, Tanya, cast Seb in the lead role. Of Nathaniel. Even though, when described, in Audrey’s novel he sounded more like Urs.
Maybe Seb came over as a better actor. Who knew how a casting directors mind worked! Certainly not David who having read the novel was most surprised. Not that he let on. That he was either surprised or had read the book.

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PostSubject: Re: *Hand On Your Heart* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 2:41 pm


Angie was a film director. Which, strangely enough in this day and age was still an unusual job for a woman to want to do. Each directorial job she had done she had had to fight, tooth and nail, just to be even considered for the job. It was such a male dominated field. But saying that - Angie was good at her job. Excellent. The best in fact. Better than most men doing the job. On each project she had a vision which she managed to show no matter what the budget, or how difficult the actors and actresses involved insisted on being. Nothing would stop her. Nothing.
So when she heard about the new film project, ‘Hand on your heart.’ she jumped, literately, at the chance to get her hands on the manuscript. It was the best thing she had read, in her opinion, in years. She was excited. So pumped up. This, was hers. She would fight to be the director. Just you wait and see.
And now she had the job. She couldn’t wait to get started. Plus, added bonus she learnt that while on location she would have the writer of, ‘Hand on your heart.’ there too. Writing and re-writing the screenplay.
Angie knew - to make a good film an excellent film to keep the writer happy. Bond with the writer. Learn what vision they had for their work then make that vision 100 times better. Let them see it come to life. It had worked before. Angie had won awards when she had done that. Oh to win another award. To win ‘’the award.’’ The one all film directors ached to win. The wholly grail of awards. A star on Hollywood hills. It would happen. One day to Angie. That, she was certain of. She had the drive to do it. All she needed was the right project to make it happen. And now she felt inside that, ‘Hand on your heart.’ was that project. She sensed something magical could happen. That something magical was going to happen. To her. To the writer. To the actors. To everyone.

Urs Buhler, singer, gorgeous man, all round Mr Nice Guy, was stuck in a relationship he didn’t want to be in. With a woman he didn’t even like. He had been blackmailed into being with her. Jessica Carey her name was. She was an actress. Not a very good one mind. He had met her when he had been at his lowest ebb. Urs had just had his heart broken for the 2nd time in his life. He had fallen in love with a woman who had preferred his own, older brother, named Lukas. Jessica had met Urs in a bar, as he had attempted to get drunk, to drown his sorrows. She had flirted, come on to him. Flattered of all the attention he had received from her he had, eventually, reciprocated. Barely a week later, just when Urs had been beginning to come to his senses she had announced that she was pregnant. Shocked and scared, Urs had muttered, ‘Marry me?’ not meaning it. Not because he wanted to, but because he felt it was the right thing to do. He didn’t want children. Not ever. Not with Jessica. Not with anyone. Or to be stuck with her but he was too much of a gentleman to say any of this to her so he didn’t. Instead he did what was obviously expected of him. As a gentleman he was. Even thought a month later Jessica had, ‘’mysteriously.’’ lost the child. By accident or design Urs didn’t know but their engagement still stood.
‘Either marry me, or I’ll kill myself.’ she demanded, dramatically. And ever the actress she was, of him.
Not wanting a death on his hands, Us was stuck. Sure, she might not have been serious about killing herself but he couldn’t take the chance. He had been, well, not happy, to carry on with the relationship, but OK with it. Not expecting anything, or anyone, to come along to change his mind.
Until one fateful day. When his eyes had fallen upon a beautiful sight. He didn’t know her name. Or even what the sound of her voice sounded like. But he knew he loved her. He had been in a bar, at the time. In the middle of yet another argument with Jessica. He’d just been about to walk up to his dream woman when she had disappeared into thin air. Where had she gone? Urs hadn’t of known. But at least he now knew one thing. He was so with the wrong woman no matter what she threatened to do if he walked away from her. Now he just needed to do two things.
One - get Jessica to dump him. Therefore stop her threat of killing herself over him. And two - find the woman of his dreams. Probably the hardest part of all.
Find her. Talk to her. Make her then fall in love with him like he already knew he loved her. Tricky. Make the first move. Not something Urs was used to doing. He was used to being chatted up. Not doing the chatting himself. But - he could do it. If he wanted to be with ‘’HER.’’ he would do it. Or lose her forever. Only one thing stopped him from looking for her. Having to travel all the way to Canada to do this stupid filming. Acting. Honestly. Was Simon Cowell going mad? What on earth would he come up with next? Urs couldn’t act. Neither could Seb. Carlos or even David. This would turn out to be the most stupidest thing they would ever have to do. Ever. They would be turned into big stupid laughing stocks.
The lot of them. Of that Urs was almost certain of. But they had to do it. There was no getting out of it. The contract Simon had tricked them into signing was locked solid. Even suing Simon wouldn’t get Urs out of having to do this stupid thing. Acting. Honestly. What would he come up with next? So. It was off to Canada.
Urs was in the middle of packing when Jessica surprised him.
Or what she called a surprise anyway.
‘I’m coming too!’ she laughed, cackling.
‘Eh?’ Urs stared at her. Coming where he wondered?
‘I’ve got a job. On the movie too!’
‘I am an actress Ursy.’ she purred at him, touching his face with a blood red sharp fingernail.
‘I hadn’t forgotten…’
‘Not the lead though. Some…Laura has that.’ she sulked.
‘Which part then…?’ Urs carefully asked.
‘Her…friend. I think.’ Jessica waved a manicured hand around in an impatient manner.
‘Her friend?’
‘Yes Ursy. Your girlfriend!’
‘I’m playing your girlfriend!’ Jessica laughed. Well, make that cackled again.
Oh god. That was all Urs needed. His real life partner playing his girlfriend on set. So much for having time away from her. Whatever next? He wondered. Feeling the worse. Feeling the loose start to tighten around his neck.
He groaned silently to himself. And prayed for anything, anything to stop the filming from taking place. Or from stopping Jessica from being there. That would be better. But no. Urs, so it seemed, was stuck.

So, now they were here, in location. In Canada. To start the filming. Each member of IL DIVO had been assigned their very own apartment turned cabin place to call their own during filming. Which, was lucky. But Jessica was upset. As she had been given somewhere different to Urs.
‘Don’t they know we’re dating?’ she had tried complaining.
‘Obviously not.’ Urs had replied.
‘I mean I’d move in with you, but their just isn’t enough wardrobe space.’ Jessica muttered, looking at the small bedrooms they had been given. Each cabin was hardly big enough for one person let alone two. Urs had been pleased. He didn’t want Jessica sharing his space. He actually liked being alone. Spending time by himself. Having his own space. It was the one reason he hadn’t let Jessica move into his home yet. He had his place just how he liked it. With guitars and motorbike photographs on the wall. Bike parts in the main living area. The spare bedroom housed a full motorbike plus another in four parts. In which Urs was slowly putting together. He didn’t want anyone moving in - messing up and touching his stuff.
After he had managed to rid himself of Jessica, telling her, ‘I’ve lines to read.’ she huffed and puffed and moaned but eventually left. Anyway, Urs hadn’t been completely lying. He did. Have lines to learn. They had received a preview of the script before leaving England for Canada. Hot of the press.
At first glance it looked OK Urs supposed. Not that he was into reading. Unless it was a motorbike magazine. He loved motorbike magazines. He collected them. Kept them in a special box. He had the very first issue of the magazine framed. And signed actually, by the publisher of the magazine.
After changing into jeans and a baggy t-shirt, Urs sat down with a nice cup of coffee to look the script over. It seemed….OK he noticed. At least his character, Marcus, didn’t have to do any kissing with Jessica’s character, Miranda.
What he did realise thought, while reading the script, was that Jessica’s character, Miranda, was rather a bitch. She wasn’t Katie, the main character’s friend at all. But someone who tried to work her way thought all Katie’s male friends. Nathaniel, Marcus, Urs’ character, plus Andrew, David’s character and Jack who Carlos was playing.
Urs made several notes in the margin of the script. Nothing too major. Just ideas on how his character, Marcus, could act in various situations and scenes. Then he noticed something. Along with the script they had been given a copy of the actual novel, ‘Hand on your heart.’ It was a paperback. Published earlier that year Urs noticed. He flicked through the book, reaching the back page. Oh, the publisher had included the author, named Audrey Hepburn, familiar name Urs thought, but he couldn’t remember from where. Urs stared at the photograph. Oh my god. It was her! Her. His ‘’HER’’. But she wasn’t wearing glasses. He’d been sure, in the bar, she’d been wearing glasses. Maybe she was wearing contact lens. Yes, that had to be it. Urs gazed at her. My. She was a beauty he thought. Big blue eyes. Dark blonde hair. She looked, to him, perfect. Amazing. But now of course he was stuck. A nasty quirk of fate had bought his girlfriend along with him. He needed to rid himself of Jessica first. Before he could begin to even think about talking to Audrey even let alone do anything else. His magical woman.

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PostSubject: Re: *Hand On Your Heart* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 2:43 pm


Filming started very early the next morning. Too early for some. The make-up lady, and her part time assistant today, Fran, had to work overtime, covering up the bags under Seb’s eyes especially. He looked like he had been up all night. Doing what, no-one was quite sure of.
‘You’re a magic worker.’ Seb told the make-up lady, named Cydalia, making her blush in embarrassment as he studied his reflection. Gone were the bags and red lines. She really was a miracle worker.
She then set about the easier task of covering up Urs’ blemishes. His skin wasn’t perfect but at least he didn’t need too much concealment under his eyes as Seb did.
Carlos and David were even easier.
‘I use face creams. To keep young!’ Carlos winked at Cydalia.
‘You have…lovely skin.’ she told him, trying to remember her husband Jose. He was the sound director on the film so flirting with an actor was out of the question.

In the first scenes filmed that morning, Seb and company had to film a party scene. Filming was never done in order. These scenes would be shown about half way into the actual film. This particular party scene meant costumes. It was supposed to be a Halloween party scene. Seb was dressed up to look like a mad professor, complete with crazy looking hair and contact lenses to give him red eyes. Urs was Count Dracula. Fangs in his mouth. Fake blood on his face. Slicked back hair and a cloak. He looked rather dashing. All the film crew, male and female gazed adoringly at him as he sat around, scowling at something or someone. David was an Egyptian Mummy. Bandages covered him from neck to toe. Fake screws coming out of his head. He was a Mummy with a twist. White make-up on his face. Carlos had been let off. He was dressed as Prince Charming. With a ruffled collar and long flowing top coat. Only the fangs coming out of his mouth was a sign he wasn’t a nice Prince Charming. Rather a count Dracula Prince Charming kind of thing.
Lorna was wearing a Cinderella dress and Jessica, bitchy side-kick, as Little Bo-Peep.
‘Right. Places please.’ the director, Angie, sat in her directorial chair near a camera screen where no-one could see her face shouted, ‘And…ACTION!’
That scene took two takes. Only slightly ruined by Jessica, trying to flirt with Urs, that wasn’t in the script. At least no script Angie had in her hands.
‘And….CUT!’ Angie finally shouted.
The crew gave a collective sigh of relief. And the odd crew member drooled in appreciation of Urs, looking charming as Prince Charming.
Angie checked the play back. Closely watching the actors. Making sure they said the right lines on cue. She was feeling slightly nervous as tomorrow Audrey, the author of this work, would be here. Angie was looking forward to meeting her. To sharing ideas. It would certainly be an experience she thought.

Fran was a wardrobe expert extra-ordinare. What she didn’t know about clothes just wasn’t worth knowing. She was the best in her profession. Having worked on some of the best recent day movies ever made. She loved costume dramas the most. Old fashioned clothing was her favourite. Coming up with old, yet modern practical clothing. She had sailed thought fashion college. With honours. Doing make-up, on set, when needed to, was only a sideshow. Fran loved to be involved from the start. Designing an outfit to completion. Making it up herself. She would even do the measuring of the actor or actress to make it a perfect fit. When she got the call to work on, ‘Hand on your heart.’ she was interested, excited to be working on a new story by a brilliant new author who had taken the publishing world by storm. She couldn’t wait to get started. Get her hands dirty so to speak. To start measuring up the actors and actresses involved on the film. So to sit and watch the first scene take place knowing that the actors and actresses were wearing her work made Fran beam with happiness. With such pride.
She especially liked watching one actor in particular. The guy playing Nathaniel. He had such a twinkle in his eyes. He seemed like such a lot of fun and Fran needed someone in her life to bring out the fun part in her. Then he could stop her from spending all her time in her little flat, sketch book in hand, thinking up new outfits. Designing new clothes. Fran dreamt of clothes. She dreamt of being her own boss. Of being a world class designer.

Audrey was in Canada now. Her first time on a plane had been an experience to say the least. She couldn’t decide which had been worse - take off or landing. Take off she had clutched at the arm rest of her seat, seat belt down up tightly as possible, eyes closed shut, praying to herself. Out the window she was seated near, she could, if she looked, see the engine. She was thrown back in her seat as the plane rose into the air. No. She didn’t like flying at all. Then on landing she went deaf. She had been supposed to do some work on the flight, making notes, editing the script, but she had been too scared to concentrate. Feeling restless. She couldn’t sleep. Couldn’t eat. Couldn’t read her book she had bought along or watch the plane’s television, the movie they were playing. Instead she spent the whole flight chewing on her non-existent nails, trying not to stare out of the window at that horrible engine she could see.
Landing in Canada, feet once again on solid ground, Audrey breathed several sighs of relief and thanked god over and over again. Collecting her suitcase caused no problems neither did going through customs. In fact the guy on the desk smiled broadly at her and wished her, ‘A big welcome to Canada!’
Audrey wondered why he seemed so friendly. Then spotted a copy of her book, ‘Hand on your heart.’ complete with a big photograph of herself standing next to it in the airport shop. He, the customs man, must have thought she was famous or something. Which, I suppose, in a way, in the writing, author world Audrey was slightly. Her paperback had been recently released to excellent reviews. It was currently at number 6 in the ‘The Times Top 10.’ Not bad going Audrey thought. Number 6. On debut. Who could ask for more? Her publishers were so happy with her. Her first check had just been processed. Heck, even her bank manager, for once, loved Audrey. The only person who didn’t was her boss at work. Audrey, had been until the filming had started, had been a private secretary to a lawyer. But what with her literary commitments she had had to give up her job. Anyway, as Lucinda had told her, by the end of the year she would have earned enough for 5 years hard work at being a lawyers secretary. Audrey had been pleased to leave.
Her boss and she hadn’t got on. Not after he had tried it on with her one Christmas at the firms party. Single at the time, Audrey had still turned him down. He had been married then. His wife hadn’t divorced him because of Audrey, but because she had found him, trousers around his underpants, with the nanny. To make matters worse the nanny had been male!
Anyway, so now Audrey was in Canada.
She had been assigned a cabin near to where the actors, actresses, film crew and management were situated. Also, it was barely 5 minutes walk to the filming location. Reaching the cabin she took in the view. It was in a rather photogenic location. She unlocked her door to her cabin and stepped inside. It was compact but warm. Perfect for all her needs.
Audrey unpacked her things. She placed her clothes in the small wardrobe and drawers. Set out her laptop, stack of paper, notebooks and pens, and wireless printer on the small desk the cabin had and her books she had bought along with her, her favourite namesakes DVD’s, her Audrey Hepburn collection, which included her favourite all time movie, ‘Breakfasts at Tiffany’s‘. She loved George Peppard, on the shelve system next to the small desk. When done, Audrey made herself a coffee, sat down at her desk and started writing.
She still had half a script to write and edit. When she got stuck, Audrey chewed the end of her pen, searching for inspiration and ideas. She had just got her inspiration back when there came a loud knock at the door. Audrey groaned. Threw down her pen and went to investigate who it was and what they wanted.
It was a woman. A woman who had dark brown hair and rather friendly, sparkling dark brown eyes.
‘Hi, I’m Angie.’ she introduced herself.
‘Audrey.’ Audrey nodded.
‘I’m the film director on this production.’ Angie explained who she was.
‘Author.’ Audrey smiled, letting her in.
‘Oh, sorry, was I interrupting your work?’ Angie noticed the desk full of used paper.
‘Not now, no.’
‘Great. Great. Red, or white?’ she held up two bottles of wine to Audrey.
‘Red, please.’ Audrey indicated the small kitchen.
As Audrey tied up her writing, Angie searched for a cork screw and wine glasses.
‘To your brilliant, awesome writing.’ Angie made a toast.
‘Thanks.’ Audrey blushed, ‘and to your…directing.’ she added.
‘May together we make a wonderful team.’ Angie smiled, taking a mouthful of her wine.
The rest of the evening they sat, drinking wine, talking about Audrey and Angie’s vision for the film. Together they came up with some great, wonderful idea. Ideas which inspired Audrey. When Angie left later that night, Audrey sat at her laptop and typed. Making the screenplay even better than it already was. When done, she crawled into bed and slept like a baby, hardly moving all night. She was exhausted. A mixture of the travel, alcohol and inspiration having wiped her out. At least for today.

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PostSubject: Re: *Hand On Your Heart* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 2:44 pm


Urs considered several times to contact Audrey. He knew she was here, in Canada now for he had seen her arrive. But no. He couldn’t. He had to rid himself of, somehow, of Jessica first before he could pluck up the courage to make his move. So instead he gazed in the direction Audrey’s cabin was in and waited. That night he dreamt of her. He didn’t usually do dreams. But he did that night. He dreamt that he was holding her in his arms. Covering her face and neck in kisses. He woke in the morning, feeling horny and not knowing what he could do about it. He refused to go and find Jessica. He no longer wanted to sleep with her. So instead he was left with one only option. Self love. It wasn’t quite the same as sleeping with a living breathing wonderful woman.

The next morning Audrey woke early. She felt slightly nervous for today she would meet the actors and actresses in charge of bringing her imagination, her characters, to life. They would be saying the words she had written. Acting out the scenes she had written. It was rather scary but also exciting too.
Angie met her outside her cabin and walked to her to the set personally. Angie herself hadn’t yet met the actors and actresses face to face yet either. She preferred to watch them act first before learning their personalities. That way they couldn’t influence her on the ideas she had and she couldn’t be turned of. She preferred to see talent first then work from that.
Audrey was in awed amazement. The actress playing Katie, named Lorna in real life was exactly as she had imagined her to be. It was like looking at her actual imaginative character come to life. Living and breathing. Even the lady playing Miranda, named Jessica was as bitchy as Audrey had imagined her to be. Nathaniel on the other hand wasn’t.
‘I wrote Nathaniel as having floppy hair and big brown eyes.’ she explained to Angie, ‘but the actor playing him has short brown hair and green eyes.’ she noticed.
‘Our casting director, Tanya, she, for some reason, thought the actor, Seb, was better for Nathaniel.’ Angie shrugged.
‘Just as long as he can act.’ Audrey smiled.
Angie didn’t make a comment. She hadn’t seen enough of Seb acting to know either way. Yet. But she hoped so. She had been rather surprised when she had learnt that none of these four men who were playing the lead parts had any acting lessons or experience between them. Sure, stage acting was OK, but acting in front of a camera was totally different.
‘Actually.’ Audrey suddenly realised something, ‘the actress playing Miranda looks rather familiar…’
‘Does she? Jessica is her name.’ Angie supplied Miranda’s ‘’real’’ name.
Then Audrey noticed Miranda, sorry, Jessica, walk up to one of the actors, the one playing Marcus and kiss him. Rather passionately.
‘That’s her boyfriend in real life.’ Angie told her.
Audrey nodded. Her eyes on the guy. All of a sudden she remembered why Jessica looked so familiar. It wasn’t because she had seen her act, but had seen her before. In a bar. At the same time as Audrey had come up with the idea of, ‘Hand on your heart.’ Then Audrey took another look at the guy playing Marcus, Jessica’s real life boyfriend. She squinted. Took of her glasses, rubbed the bridge of her nose then her eyes. Replaced her glasses and blinked. Several times. It was him. Mr sad eyes. From the bar. Her inspiration. The reason she had written her novel. Her Nathaniel. Mr floppy haired and big brown eyes. He was here. In the flesh. Acting in her own film!
Audrey was amazed. She blinked again.
‘Who is he?’ Audrey asked, pointing at Mr inspirational.
Angie followed her finger. A rather shaking finger. ‘He.’ she smiled, ‘is named Urs. Urs Buhler.’
‘Urs?’ Audrey questioned the usual name.
‘He’s Swiss German, apparently.’
‘He’s…’ the reason I wrote the film. My inspiration Audrey wanted to say. But kept quiet.
‘I know. Cute isn’t he?’ Angie gave a wink.
Well, he was. Cute. Angie had certainly got that right. He was also….Gorgeous. Sex on legs. ‘Mmm…’ lost for words, Audrey nodded and blushed.
‘Want to meet him?’ Angie asked.
‘No I…I couldn’t…’
‘Why not? Without you there’d be no film.’
‘Err….OK. Why not?’ Audrey attempted to act as cool as she certainly didn’t feel inside. She coughed. Nodded.
Angie took her arm and led her over to where Urs was now standing, thankfully alone, head down, reading his script.

‘He won’t bite.’ Angie told Audrey in a whisper as they finally reached Urs. Angie gave Audrey an encouraging smile, let go of her arm and quickly disappeared. Leaving Audrey, with a worried look on her face and Urs, head down, still reading his script.
‘Um…’ Audrey nervously coughed, wondering where to start.
Urs looked up and nearly dropped his script in surprise. It was her. He was finally face to face with her. His dream woman.
‘Hi.’ he nervously smiled.
‘Hi.’ Audrey returned the nervous smile, ‘I’m…Audrey. The writer.’ she explained.
‘I know. I saw your photo.’ Urs nodded, trying to act cool. His heart was beating so crazily loud in his chest. Ever since he had seen the book the film was based on. Had seen Audrey’s photo his heart had been acting up like something crazy. It was her. His dream woman. He was finally, finally going to meet her, face to face. Oh my god! Her…. Audrey.
‘You’re an…an actor.’
‘Yeah. Well. Sort of.’ he shrugged, ‘I’m Urs.’ he held his hand out.
Audrey placed her hand, briefly, in his then quickly removed it, after experiencing, feeling a weird spark. Like electricity flowing quickly through her body. Weird. That feeling scared her.
‘Its...a good scrip.’ Urs gestured to his hands in which he held the script. The script, written by his dream woman. Her. Audrey.
‘I’m still working on it. I mean I’ve written the book, but…’
When she was nervous, occasionally, not every time, Audrey would rush words out or mumble them. Or in this case, do both. At the same time.
Before Urs could respond, for he so wanted to, Jessica marched over to where they were standing. She placed a possessive hand on Urs’ chest, the sort that read, ‘Hands off. He’s mine!’ kissed his mouth, leaving behind a blood red mark of lipstick and spat in Audrey’s direction, ‘No autographs. We’re busy.’ and before either Urs, or Audrey could respond, answer, dragged Urs away by the jacket he was wearing. She had such a grip on it, that it was either him go with her or be strangled. Urs, reluctantly, took the go with her choice. This time.
Audrey watched Urs be dragged away. Oh well she sighed. That made a lot of sense. Urs was such a good looking guy. It was no wonder he had a girlfriend. A man like that never stayed single for long. Oh well. At least I’ve met him now. At least I’ve touched his hand, briefly. Looked into his, beautiful big brown eyes. Well, brown with a little green eyes. I’ve heard his voice. Know his name now. Urs. Admittedly a weird name but certainly not attached to a weird guy. Nope. He wasn’t that. Audrey sighed again.
She walked back to her cabin then. She had work to do. A script to finish plus she now had an idea for her second book. She opened her laptop, started a new document and set about typing up a plan. For this one she was planning to plan every word so she knew where it was going to take her. The last one, ‘Hand on your heart.’ had been a surprise. A nice surprise but this one, this idea felt different somehow. She set to work.

Fran was in the middle of sewing up an outfit when her next actor came for his measuring. Fran had already measured up the difficult Jessica this morning. She couldn’t stand still. Kept moving about. Sending text messages. Receiving phone calls then kept complaining, when, accidentally, Fran stuck a pin in her leg.
‘Be careful…’ Jessica had spat, ‘or I’ll have you thrown off set.’ she had tried threatening.
But Fran wasn’t worried. She had already read the book this movie was based on. And Jessica’s character didn’t have a large part in it so in reality she had no clout about who worked on this movie or not. Anyway, actresses came and went whereas good costume designers where hard to find.
‘Hello? Anyone in?’ came a voice as Fran sewed. It came accompanied with a brief knock.
‘Its open.’ Fran called out.
The door opened. A head then a body appeared. Fran blushed scarlet. It was him. The guy playing Nathaniel. Mr crinkly eyes man.
‘Hi, I’m Seb.’ he smiled, ‘I’ve come for my measuring.’ he winked.
‘Right. OK.’ Fran got to her feet. She grabbed the tape measure. ‘If you could…take your trousers off? Please?’ she asked. Hoping he was wearing underwear. Earlier, after Jessica, she had had to measure a guy called David. Who, at the time, was wearing jeans. Great. But when asked to take his trousers off, so Fran could get an accurate measurement he had revealed that he didn’t actually wear underwear. Unless he was wearing a suit. Fran had had to give him a piece of material, to cover up his err…privates. It had been rather embarrassing. Measuring an almost naked man. Not that David hadn’t been good looking. For he was. But still.
Seb dropped his trousers. To reveal underwear, blue and silky looking, thankfully. And a nice pair of rather hairy legs. Fran did like hairy men.
She set about. Measuring Seb’s legs and waist. Then, after he had pulled his trousers, well, jeans, back on, she measured his chest and stomach.
‘Are you single Fran?’ Seb asked after she had put her tape measure away.
‘Err, yes. I am.’ she nodded, blushing again.
‘Me too.’ he smiled, ‘Fran, fancy a date?’ he surprised her with.
‘A…a date?’ she asked, squeaking a little.
‘Yes. You know, going out somewhere so we can talk. Get to know each other, that kind of thing?’ Seb winked, his eyes twinkling.
‘Is that allowed?’ Fran asked. She had known, on other film sets that dating wasn’t allowed. If you dated, they broke up insider arguments could damage the filming.
‘I think so.’ Seb nodded.
‘I’d better check…’
‘OK. You do that. Then…get back to me…?’ Seb asked.
‘OK will do. And…thanks.’ Fran blushed again.
‘No probs. Just as long as it’s a yes.’ he winked again.
‘If we can…then its definitely a yes.’ she blushed again.
Seb beamed. Nodded. Then left Fran to it.
Fran secretly swooned. Cleared her head then got to work.

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PostSubject: Re: *Hand On Your Heart* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 2:45 pm


Audrey was in her cabin, working. Writing and typing when she received a phone call on her mobile. Without looking at caller ID, Audrey answered.
‘Hello?’ she said.
‘You’re number 1!’ there was a pause, ‘in the book charts!’
It was Lucinda. Audrey’s publisher. She excitedly sung down the phone to Audrey who was so surprised that she temporally dropped the phone. She hadn’t been expecting that! ‘Hello! Hello! Anyone there?’ Lucinda asked.
Audrey wiped her now sweaty palms on her thighs and retrieved the phone, ‘Yes.’ she coughed nervously, I’m here.’
‘Number 1!’ Lucinda excitedly repeated.
‘Wow.’ Audrey spoke. This, was certainly beyond her wildest dreams. Audrey. Best selling author. It was a fact. They loved her writing. People loved her stuff. Wow! But somehow even that expression didn’t quite sum up what she was feeling inside. Nothing could top it. Well, one thing could. But it was no use in thinking about that. That was never going to happen. Ever. Urs had a girlfriend. He loved her. Audrey wasn’t going to win his heart. Not now. Not ever. Oh well. So she just tried to feel excited that at least her writing career was going to plan. Even if her heart was breaking into pieces inside her body and she wanted to burst into tears at the drop of a hat. Think happy thoughts. Audrey told herself. Forget Urs. Forget your heart. Ignore your feelings. Move on. Move on. However hard that felt.
‘So, how do you feel honey?’ Lucinda asked.
‘Err…stunned.’ Audrey admitted.
‘Well, I suggest you get excited honey. This, is amazing!’ Lucinda squealed. Obviously sounding excited enough for the both of them.

Angie hadn’t actually met any of the actors she was directing yet face to face. She decided. Today was the day she would meet them. She wanted individual meetings so went to find them doing whatever they were doing to introduce herself. So far she had introduced herself to David. In his cabin. Reading the script. Seb, coming out of Fran’s cabin with a big smile on his face after having been measured by Fran, after successfully chatting her up. Urs, also in his cabin, with Jessica. They had been in the middle of a rather heated argument. Not the first time either Angie guessed from the look of poor anger Jessica had given her when she had introduced herself. Here, was an actress who was very possessive when it came to her partners. Shame really. Possessive women never kept their men for long. Lorna had been checking out the scenery, and as an actress, she was lovely to talk to. Very intelligent. Interesting. You could hold a conversation with Lorna and she would understand every word you said to her. Surprising when it came to many actresses nowadays who just liked relying on their looks. Now, it was Carlos’ turn. He had asked the PA they had bought along, named, Rebekka, to arrange a massage for him. In his cabin. Angie found him. In his cabin. Laying on a massage table. Face down. With only a towel around his waist. She coughed. To alert him to her presents. But Carlos, thinking she must be the masseur, didn’t turn to even look at her. Instead he said, ‘Ready when you are.’ and settled down.
Right. I’ll show him Angie thought. She wiped her hands on a towel and reached for the massage oil. Pouring some on to her hands, she prepared herself to touch him. Ever since she had first seen him act on the screen, Angie had had a little crush on him. She fancied him. There was something about him that spoke to her deep down inside.
Slowly, but surely she started her massage. Rubbing at Carlos’ bare shoulders, moving slowly down his back. Ending at his waist.
‘Shall I turn over now?’ it came out as a groan. This masseur had rather magical hands Carlos thought. He was also, rather surprisingly, turned on. He felt a little embarrassed. But he assumed this kind of thing happened all time. Every day to masseurs.
‘Err…OK.’ she coughed.
Carlos turned over. He stared at his masseur.
‘You’re not… her.’ he had briefly met his masseur before he had got undressed. She had had to go and get something after setting up.
‘No, I’m not.’ Angie smiled. Carlos swooned. She was beautiful. Dark brown hair. With red bits catching the light. She had dark brown eyes. They looked like deep pools of chocolate.
‘Who…are you?’ Carlos asked. He prayed. Please. Don’t let her be some crazy fan. Please let her be a normal, wonderful lady.
‘I’m Angie.’ she held out her hand towards him.
‘Carlos.’ he blushed. Yes. Blushed. He rearranged his towel.
‘I’m the director on this project.’ Angie explained who she was.
Thank god Carlos breathed a sigh of relief. She wasn’t a crazy fan or nutter after all. Thank god.
‘Why haven’t I…we.’ he corrected, ‘met you before now?’ he asked.
‘I like to watch actors and actress act, before I learn their personalities.’ Angie explained.
‘And how is my…acting?’ Carlos wiggled his eyebrows.
‘Just…interesting?’ he asked.
‘You’ve…acted before?’
‘In stage shows. Yes.’
‘Which ones?’ Angie asked.
‘I was the beast. In beauty and the beast.’
‘Shame.’ she surprised him by saying.
‘Why?’ Carlos asked.
‘You’re rather…beautiful.’ Angie blushed. She had a thing for the Spanish man. And this man was Spanish, tall, dark haired and handsome. She could feel herself melting under his beautiful deep brown gaze.
‘Why, thank you.’ Carlos blushed again at this compliment.
‘I’m back.’ announced the masseur. The proper one. She was in her early forties. Fake blonde hair. And scary sharp, red nails. She batted her eyelids at Carlos. He looked at her and swallowed. Loudly. He should have known. The proper masseur giving him a massage wouldn’t have, at any time, given him anything let alone an erection. This masseur would have been more likely to scare Carlos.
‘Err…actually, I’ve changed my mind.’ he told her.
‘Oh….OK.’ she nodded, glancing at Angie like Angie was her rival. Which, to her, Angie probably was.
After the masseur had been dismissed and had collected up all her equipment and Carlos had got dressed he and Angie sat down to talk. Carlos wanted to chat her up. They sat, drank tea, of which Carlos quite liked even though it was definitely an English thing and they talked. Well, Angie talked. Carlos tried chatting her up. He succeeded. At the end of their chat Carlos and Angie had a date already planned.

Lorna, was going though her lines. Acting out scenes. Which, was a little difficult to do when you were alone and the scene she was currently reading thought needed another actor. She was outside. In the fresh air. Wondering around, script in hand when she came across a fellow actor. David his name was. Lorna had a little crush on David. Every time she was near him she couldn’t stop herself from blushing or feeling a little self-conscious.
‘Hi.’ he smiled at her.
‘Hi.’ Lorna nervously smiled back.
‘Need any help?’ David gestured to the script she was holding.
‘Err…OK. Thanks.’ Lorna blushed and nodded.
‘Which part were you on?’ David asked.
‘The…um…kissing scene.’ Lorna mumbled.
‘Right. OK.’ he found the page. ‘Shall we…?’ he asked.
‘Err…sure. OK.’ Lorna coughed.
Several times Lorna got her lines wrong. Which was so not like her. Then, when it came to the actual kissing, instead of skipping that part, David did. Kiss Lorna. He placed his script on the ground, cupped her face between his hands and gently touched her mouth to his. Lorna uttered a groan and just as she was about to return the kiss, David pulled away.
‘The script mentions a brief kiss.’ David told her, ‘in which, Katie, your character, doesn’t respond.’
‘Oh. I must have missed that part…’ Lorna glanced at her script.
‘Shall we…go though the lines again?’ David then asked.
‘Err…Sure. OK.’ Lorna nodded. Inside she was going, ‘Yes. Yes. YES!’
Would they repeat the kissing scene again? She surely hoped so.
David had so much enjoyed that particular scene. Even though it was word perfect first time. After kissing Lorna, David so wished he could be in Seb’s part. The lucky bloke would get to kiss Lorna. On screen.
‘I…I like you.’ David found himself telling her.
‘I like you too.’ Lorna smiled.
‘Do you…date actors?’ he asked.
‘As a rule, no.’ she shook her head.
‘Oh. Right.’ he sighed.
‘But then again, from what I’ve heard you’re not really an actor.’
‘No. No I’m not.’ David agreed.
‘So in this case, I wouldn’t be.’ Lorna smiled again.
‘So…we can?’ he asked for confirmation.
‘Oh, yes please.’ Lorna now beamed and nodded happily.

Audrey was back on set, watching the actors act out a scene. She had already had two shocks. The first being Jessica who had tried to get her thrown of the film set until a combination of Urs and a security guard had pointed out that Audrey was hardly a mad fan but the author of the script in which they were currently filming. Jessica had huffed and puffed, moaned and complained. But Audrey had a right to be here. More so than Jessica. Actresses came and went but without writers there would be no films or Television dramas made.
Audrey’s second shock had been seen Bryan. Her ex boyfriend on set.
‘What are you doing here?’ she had asked her or what she thought was ex-boyfriend on discovering him.
His name was Bryan. With a ‘’Y’’. Woe betide you ever wrote it with an ‘’I.’’
‘Acting.’ Bryan with a ‘’Y’’ and not an ‘’I’’ laughed at her.
‘But you can’t act…can you?’ Audrey asked.
‘The casting director thought I could.’ he winked a suggestive wink.
‘Female, was she?’ Audrey made an educated guess.
‘Of course.’ Bryan smirked.
Oh yes. Casting director Tanya. She who thought Seb was better for the part of Nathaniel instead of Urs.
‘Thought so.’ Audrey suppressed a groan of disappointment.
All throughout their relationship Bryan had insisted on flirting with any woman he liked. Be them available. Or not as the case was several times. That didn’t stop Bryan. Nor if Audrey happened to be with him at the time or not. He would ignore her and flirt. Never caring if he hurt Audrey’s feelings or not. In fact most of the time he would deliberately go out of his way to hurt her. Like seeing Audrey in floods of tears gave Bryan some kind of perverted thrill. But no more.
Audrey had had enough. She also thought she had seen the last of Bryan back in England. So much for hoping eh?
Now he was here. In Canada. To try and make her life a complete misery once again by the looks of it.
‘Anyway, our…still stands.’ Bryan then told her.
‘Oh?’ Audrey asked, raising her eyebrows in question.
‘You’re still dumped.’ Bryan smirked. Besides he had met someone else. Someone a lot better. Someone, a woman so much more sexier. More giving. Better in bed that she.
Phew! Audrey thought. ‘OK.’ she nodded.
‘What?’ he was amazed. ‘You mean you’re not even going to cry, or whatever?’
‘No.’ Audrey shook her head. ‘I’ve already done my crying.’ Only, it hadn’t been over you she added in her head.
It had been over someone else. Someone a lot nicer. The man who had actually inspired her to write this novel, this book they were currently filming. Only Audrey had only just recently met him. Urs. The man she had seen back in the bar all those weeks ago. Nearly three months before or so it had been now.

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Audrey then had to sit and watch Bryan try to act. Act. Ha! That was a laugh. God, he was so dreadful even she could see that from her limited experience of watching the actors act. Or in Bryan’s case, not act.
‘Cut. CUT!’ Angie shouted. It was no use. Whatever Tanya, the casting director had been thinking of when giving this…this Bryan person an acting job on this project just didn’t bare thinking about. He was useless. Completely useless. Dreadful too. All he had to do was say one line. One line. Consisting of three words, ‘Your coffee, madam.’ and that was it. But no. He couldn’t even do that without ruining it. They were currently on the fifth, yes fifth take. For such a simple, one line. Fifth take! It didn’t bare thinking about. Really it didn’t. And Angie was getting frustrated. God only knew what Urs and Seb who were also in the scene with Jessica thought. Although Jessica, it seemed didn’t care. In fact she kept trying to flirt. Varying between Urs and Bryan. The strange this is, although Angie knew that Urs and Jessica were an item, she had only just recently found out after overhearing Jessica herself boast about it to another actress who had made the mistake of commenting on how lovely Urs was, and having Jessica spit at her, ‘Keep your sticky fingers off him. He’s mine!‘ Urs, he didn’t seem to care what his girlfriend was doing. In fact several times Angie had caught Urs, gazing in the direction of Audrey. So, he liked her did he? Well Angie wished he’d stop gazing at Audrey and just talk to her. Audrey needed someone. She seemed to spend every waking moment either on set, making notes, or in her cabin, doing - yes, you’ve guessed it. Making notes. Or typing on her laptop. Angie had seen her, though the window a couple of times. Head down chewing at her pencil. Poor Audrey. It wasn’t something Angie ever wanted to be herself - an author.
‘Lets do it again.’ Angie then asked the actors. She had tried several times. To talk to Bryan. She was determined - give him one last chance, then, if he did it again, went wrong, she would either get someone else to stand in to say the lines or politely ask Audrey, to change the scene. Audrey had already done that twice already. Each time when the scene concerned Jessica as the main spotlight. God only knew how she had managed to come this far in her career. She was a dreadful, dreadful actress.
Thankfully, this time, the scene went perfectly. Bryan must have sensed he was so close to being chucked of the set for he behaved and acted like a professional. Almost. Apart from one slight problem. He still flirted with Jessica.
‘OK. Cut.’ Angie thankfully shouted. As she checked playback she breathed a sigh of relief. With a slight editing it was as perfect as you could get.

After filming, Jessica sneaked away from the set, dragging Bryan along with her. Ever since he had turned up at the auditions, Jessica had fancied him. They had played a game of leading each other on. Making each other crazy with lust. Now she was determined they would sleep together. She took him to Urs’ cabin. It was nearer than hers. And Bryan was having to share with another actor as he was only a bit actor on this project. OK, so was Jessica, but she had made sure her agent had asked for, and been provided with a private cabin all to herself.

Urs considered trying to talk to Audrey. But he didn’t know what to say. So in the end he didn’t. He read his script over, checking for lines to learn then decided to go back to his cabin. The schedule was as such that he didn’t have any more scenes for today. But the next day he would almost be in every scene being shot. His character was Seb’s character Nathaniel’s best friend and so nearly every scene Seb was in Urs had to be in too. Except for about 6 key scenes in which it would just be Seb and Lorna together. Urs still thought that weird. He knew David and Lorna were starting to date now and wondered how David felt - having to watch his new girlfriend pretend to be in love and kiss someone else. Urs doubted he could watch the woman he loved/liked pretending to love someone else who wasn’t him. Oh well.

He knew something was wrong even before he opened the door to his cabin. Seeing a woman’s bra on his front step was an indication. It was bright pink. Hot pink they called it. With flowers on the strap. He opened the door and walked in. To be greeted by the naked form of his girlfriend, Jessica, sitting astride another man, obviously in the act of having sex.
‘Oh god. Yes. Yes. YES!’ she screamed as she pounded away on Bryan. Thrusting backwards and forwards until they both came. Then she sensed a presence behind her. She turned her head and screamed, ‘URS!’ for yes, there stood in the doorway was her boyfriend. He stared at her naked form, mouth hanging open.
‘Its not how it seems…’ Jessica pathetically tried, pulling herself up and away from Bryan. She didn’t attempt to cover her naked sweating body though.
‘Oh, you must be the boyfriend.’ Bryan laughed. He lay on the floor, still naked, his penis now limp as a soggy biscuit.
‘Not anymore.’ Urs spat. He glared at Jessica, ‘We’re finished.’ he told her before walking away. A secret smile playing on his lips. YES! He was finally free. Thank you Bryan. And his cheating, slimy ways. He had noticed the flirting between Jessica and Bryan. He hadn’t stopped it. He had been, in a way, interested to see just how far both she and Bryan were going to take it. And it had gone this far. He wanted Jessica out of his life. And now, thanks to the revolting Bryan she was. And finally, added bonus - no-one had had to die. Jessica couldn’t threaten to kill herself now. Not after what she had done to make Urs ‘’dump’’ her! She had bought it on herself. So, thank you to Bryan.
Urs walked around for a long time. Waiting until Jessica and Bryan had vacated his cabin. Thank god they hadn’t been ‘’doing it’’ on Urs’ bed. Or he would have had to burn the bedding and the actual bed. No. They had been on the floor. On a rug. All Urs needed to do was get rid of the rug. That would be easy enough to do. Simple. Thank god.

Urs walked around the set. He bumped into David and they found a quiet spot to sit and talk.
‘I found Jessica, with someone else.’ Urs confessed to David.
‘Oh man. I’m so sorry.’ David laid a comforting hand on his friends shoulder.
‘In my cabin. Just now.’ Urs smiled.
‘Then why aren’t you…upset?’ a confused David asked. This didn’t make any sense. Urs’ relationship had just gone down the pan, ended rather badly with finding her, with someone else, and yet…and yet Urs was smiling. Smiling. Like he was happy. Happy that the relationship was finally over. What was going on? David asked the question.
‘I wanted out of that relationship.’ Urs smiled, ‘long ago. And now, I am.’ he beamed.
‘But I thought, we all thought, that you loved Jessica.’ David was still confused.
‘No. God no.’ Urs laughed.
‘Right. OK.’
‘Us dating, was such a mistake. I knew that. But Jessica refused to let me go.’
‘Now you’ve got proof of her cheating…’
‘Proof? Oh yes I’ve got proof.’ Urs laughed.
‘Which she can’t wheedle out of.’ David smiled.
‘I caught her, them, in the act of…err…act.’ Urs blushed, embarrassed at what he was telling his friend. He didn’t really like talking about sex. Not really. He loved doing it. Having sex. But talking about it was embarrassing. Talking about anything personal was embarrassing for Urs. It wasn’t the way he had been bought up. He had been bought up to think private meant private.
‘Having sex you mean?’ David, filling in the gap, was stunned.
‘Yes.’ Urs nodded. ‘In my cabin for some reason.’
‘Who with?’ David, interested to know, asked. She had cheated on him? Was the woman crazy? Everyone loved Urs. Everyone. He had the biggest fan base out of all of them. Not that he, Seb or Carlos were jealous of the fact. But still. Someone, a woman, had had the nerve to cheat on his best friend. Urs was probably the friendliest guy he had ever known. Urs was way too friendly. Way too kind. Gentle. Caring.
‘With some extra called.. Bert?’
‘Bryan.’ David corrected.
‘Yes, that’s right. Bryan.’ Urs confirmed.
‘Oh no. No.’ David covered his hand over his mouth.
‘What’s wrong…?’
‘Last I heard, Bryan, was dating Audrey.’ David told him.
‘You mean our Audrey?’ Urs let out a gasp.
‘Author Audrey. Yes.’ he agreed.
‘Oh no. Poor Audrey…’
‘You like her, don’t you?’ David suddenly realised. It was the way he had said, ‘Our Audrey.’ that was a big indication. Urs, his friend, was probably in love. Sweet.
‘As a friend. Yes.’ Urs blushed a little.
‘More than a friend.’ David corrected.
‘I’m hardly going to make a move. I mean her boyfriend has just been caught, by me, cheating on her…’
‘I know, but….’ David smiled.
‘Oh no. No. I’m not that insensitive.’ Urs frowned at this.
‘OK mate. OK.’ David patted his friends shoulder again and nodded.

Later, David called an emergency, private, conference. He got Seb and Carlos together. To talk to them.
‘Urs needs a bit of cheering up.’ he declared to them.
‘OK.’ Carlos nodded. ‘Why though?’ he asked, raising his eyebrows as he asked the question.
‘He caught Jessica. Cheating.’ supplied David.
‘Oh!’ exclaimed Seb, ‘I always rather liked her…’ he sighed, looking slightly downcast at this revelation.
‘Yes, well.’ said David. ‘Apparently he’s wanted out of the relationship since the start.’
‘She’s THAT bad?’ Carlos asked, empathising the word in astonished amazement.
‘Worse.’ nodded David, sighing to himself. ‘She threatened to kill herself should Urs dump her. Or rather, attempt to.’
‘Drama queen.’ Seb declared, tutting.
‘So I was thinking, we should have a dinner party. Let Urs know he was our full support.’ David told them.
‘OK.’ Carlos nodded, ‘I’ll arrange that.’ if he didn’t, god knows what sort of food they would end up with.
‘What about though?’ Seb wondered, ‘our partners?’ he asked.
‘You have one?’ David asked him.
‘I do.’ Seb nodded.
‘Me too.’ Carlos agreed.
‘As I do.’ David then told them both.
‘Oh?’ Carlos asked, wiggling his eyebrows.
‘The lovely Lorna. Our lead actress.’ David blushed.
‘She is rather…’ Seb whistled. ‘Me.’ he beamed, ‘I’m with Fran.’
‘Who?’ Carlos asked.
‘Our wonderful wardrobe mistress.’ Seb winked.
‘I’m dating Angie.’ Carlos smiled, ‘Our…’
‘Director.’ Seb interrupted.
‘Yes.’ Carlos agreed nodding. ‘Our director.’
‘Nice.’ David smiled.
‘Hey, I have noticed one thing.’ Seb then said.
‘Go on?’ Carlos asked.
‘Urs, gazing at our cute writer.’ Seb winked.
‘Audrey.’ David smiled. He liked Audrey. Although she was quiet. She didn’t moan or complain when he had a problem with the words he had to say. Other writers he had worked with had been more stuck in their ways. Unwilling to change with the times.
‘So, Urs likes young Audrey eh?’ Carlos wiggled his eyebrows.
‘Oh no. No Carlos. We can’t.’ David tried.
‘It would only be dinner.’ he smiled.
‘Matchmaking.’ David corrected.
‘No my friend. A simple food.’ oh no. Once Carlos got an idea in his head there was just no stopping him. David just crossed his fingers and hoped that Carlos wouldn’t make what he was planning to do much too obvious. He felt sorry for Urs and Audrey. They might not want to be match made.
Anyway, Jessica might have been caught cheating, but she’d been caught with Audrey’s boyfriend. If she knew about her boyfriend she might not want to even think about getting with someone so soon. That’s if, she knew. About Bryan. Being caught. Pants down. Inside someone who wasn’t her.

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When Carlos told Angie about the dinner party she immediately offered to help out.
‘Is Urs invited?’ she asked.
‘Of course.’ Carlos smiled.
‘Good, for I’ve an idea…’
‘To set Urs and Audrey up?’ he guessed.
‘How did you know?’ she gasped in surprise.
‘I’ve had the exact same idea.’ he winked.
‘Great minds think alike.’ Angie beamed.
‘I knew there was a reason we’re together.’ Carlos winked again, pulling Angie into his arms for a very passionate kiss which ended in them having sex. Their first time. They were in Angie’s cabin. For an oldie Angie thought Carlos certainly had a lot of stamina. She had been surprised to discover he was in his early 40’s. He looked so much longer.
‘I use face creams.’ he hadn’t been at all ashamed to tell her.
‘Which keeps you young, obviously.’ Angie had smiled at this.
As well as being a female director she was also rather young for her age. Having just recently celebrated her 25th birthday before the film shoot had begun.
Angie lay in Carlos’ arms afterwards and thanked her lucky stars.
She had known something special would be happening on this film set but hadn’t guessed on falling in love with an actor she had met while on set. Meeting Carlos had been an extra bonus. Now she was determined to make, ‘Hand on your heart.’ an Oscar winning film. Because of what she had learnt so far.

David and Lorna were in his cabin, supposed to be practicing lines. In actual fact they were sitting on the sofa, holding hands, gazing lovingly into each others eyes.
‘I’m thinking of putting on a dinner party.’ David told Lorna.
‘Oh?’ she asked.
‘To which you’re invited.’ he smiled.
‘I so hope so.’ Lorna returned the smile.
‘But I think Carlos is planning on matchmaking…’
‘Urs and Audrey.’ Lorna interrupted.
‘How did you guess?’ he gasped in surprise.
‘I’ve seen the way Urs gazes at Audrey, while on set.’
‘He’s that obvious?’ David gasped again.
‘Only when he thinks no one is looking.’
‘So, the dinner party is good idea then?’
‘Oh yes.’ Lorna nodded.
‘And the matchmaking?’ David then asked.
‘Only, if you think Urs and Audrey want to be match made.’
‘I’m not sure Urs would like us, interfering in his love life.’
‘Then I wouldn’t, if I were you.’ Lorna warned.
‘Plus, there is the little fact that he and Jessica have just split.’ David sighed, ‘after he caught her, in the act, with Audrey’s boyfriend.’
‘Urs and Jessica were dating?’ Lorna gasped in surprise.
‘They were, yes.’
‘I never knew that.’
‘Urs never wanted the relationship. Not really.’
‘I don’t blame him. Jessica is a bitch. The amount of time we’ve had to re-shot a scene…’ Lorna shook her head.
‘He is so much better out of that then.’ David smiled.
‘Mind you, I’ve heard one thing..’ Lorna then said.
‘Oh?’ he asked.
‘I don’t think Audrey is dating her boyfriend anymore.’
‘Bryan? She isn’t?’
‘No.’ Lorna shook her head, ‘from what I’ve heard he was a bit of a shit to her, and they split long before they came to Canada.’ Lorna had actually heard this piece of information straight from Audrey’s mouth. They had been talking earlier and Lorna had mentioned casually about rumours and Bryan being involved, and Audrey had said, that although they had been dating before they had come to Canada, that they had split long before coming here. Thank god.
‘So Audrey’s better out of that relationship too.’ David realised.
‘Oh yes.’ Lorna nodded.
‘But we still can’t match make..’ he sighed.
‘Not unless you don’t want to be friends with Urs anymore.’
‘OK. I’ll try and talk Carlos out of it…’
‘Good idea.’ Lorna nodded, kissing her amazingly gorgeous and oh so kissable boyfriend. The wonderful David Miller.

Seb and Fran were in her cabin. Seb was currently half naked, top half naked, not bottom half! as Fran pinned an outfit onto him. An outfit actually earmarked for David but at least Seb was tall enough.
‘So, David’s putting on this dinner party, in which we’re all invited. Partners too, and I was wondering…will you come?’ Seb asked Fran as casually as he could. He felt nervous. His palms were sweating. He liked Fran, really liked her. He didn’t want to mess this relationship up, like he had done with his last one. Oh Roberta. He had liked her so much. Until he had lost her. To his best friend. Because Antoine, his best friend had made a move when Seb had been too slow. He still wanted to go slow with Fran. But he also didn’t want to scare her away. With Fran he could see, feel this relationship going places. Maybe Fran could be his, ‘THE ONE’. and at least this time, there was no Antoine around to steal her away. His friends who were around already had someone. Carlos with Angie, the cute film director. David with Lorna, the beautiful actress, his character would soon have to kiss and then there was Urs. Who kept giving Audrey the shy, but intelligent author and screenplay writer of this film dopey soulful looks. Seb just wished that Urs would get a move on and make a move on Audrey. Preferably before she met someone else who would make a move on her.

Carlos loved cooking. He picked only the best recipes and ingredients.
‘Wow…you really do like to cook.’ Angie exclaimed, watching him in awe move about the small compact kitchen with ease. He really did look like he knew exactly what he was doing. It really wasn’t just all an act to impress Angie. Which, in a way did still impress her.
‘I do like to put on a show.’ Carlos wiggled his eyebrows. He was currently wearing an apron, with the words, ‘The worlds greatest chef.’ written on it.
‘Smells good.’ she breathed in deeply.
‘Is the table set?’ he asked.
‘All done.’ Angie nodded. They had had to completely re-arrange the furniture to fit in a table which would seat them all. 8 people. Including 2 people who didn’t know they were about to be set up. Oops. In fact one of the party involved still thought the other was dating his girlfriend still.
It had been rumoured that when Audrey had found out about Bryan’s ‘’fling’’ with Jessica, that she had screamed and cried and immediately dumped him. In actual fact she had done nothing of the sort. She had been pleased. To finally have Bryan out of her life for once and for all.
Bryan had been sacked from the film set. His scenes re-shot with an extra standing in for him and Jessica had been given a warming - behave or lose your job. All by Angie who was in charge. She had so liked telling Jessica where to go so to speak. She couldn’t wait to fire her awful stupid arse. Jessica was such a crap actress. Even a blank piece of wood could do so much better than she had been doing just recently. Believe me - Angie had seen all the films and adverts she had been in. just to check.

Audrey was in her cabin. Looking at her clothes hanging in her wardrobe, trying to find something to wear. For later on she would be going to Carlos’ cabin, to have dinner with him and Angie. Angie had issued the invitation earlier that day as Angie had been on set, directing the filming and Audrey had been sat besides her, working on the script. Doing the final bits of editing which had needed doing. Mostly changing Jessica’s words to the other actors and actresses involved in the film.
She decided, after a long time of thinking, to settle on a pair of jeans and a blue top with a star on the front. The blue of the top made her eyes look bluer and her blonde hair lighter. Audrey was a natural blonde. Her eyebrows and other hair matched up. She brushed her hair and put it up in a ponytail. She washed her face and put her glasses on. Although Audrey did own contact lenses she preferred to wear them only for special occasions. Like her photo shoot for her author picture, in which the photographer had insisted she wear her contacts for. She hadn’t wanted to. But they gave her a better look or so her publisher and photographer had told her. Several times. But privately Audrey still loved wearing her glasses. Less hassle to wear them. They didn’t make her eyes itch if she wore them for too long like her lenses tended to do occasionally.
Taking a quick glance in the mirror, Audrey lightly smiled at her reflection and left to go to the dinner.

Urs was getting ready. Carlos had invited him to dinner with him and Angie. Although he knew that Seb and David had also been invited. He didn’t mind. In fact he was looking forward to seeing his friends all under one roof. Acting with them didn’t give them a lot of time to talk or to catch up. He dressed in jeans and a tight t-shirt. Not that he knew it was tight. Urs liked clothes. Fitted clothing. He had the right body for them. Not that he did showing off, for he wouldn’t. He didn’t even know how to. He put on a little gel in his hair, to make it curly, sprayed a little aftershave and he was done. It was time to go.

Seb and Fran were first to turn up. Seb handed over several bottles of champagne.
‘For later.’ he winked, ‘after the matchmaking has gone well.’
‘Matchmaking?’ Fran asked, ‘who….with who?’
‘Urs and Audrey.’ Seb winked.
‘But does Urs and Audrey want to be match made?’ she asked the most sensible question no-one really had thought about asking. Yet.
‘We’re hoping.’ Carlos smiled.
‘I thought Urs and that Jessica were..’ Fran had heard things on the grapevine. People on set talked. Gossip especially was easy to spread. Nasty gossip easier to spread then nice stuff.
‘No. No.’ Angie shook her head, ‘Jessica was caught, with someone else.’
‘Right. OK.’ Fran nodded.
By the time David and Lorna turned up, holding hands, Seb had already opened up one of the bottles of champagne.
He was just about to propose a toast when there was a knock at the door. It was Audrey. She was most surprised to find Seb, Fran, David and Lorna. She had been under the impression it was just going to be Angie, Carlos and her.
‘Am I…interrupting something?’ she asked Angie on entering the cabin.
‘No.’ Angie smiled.
‘I thought it was just going to be you, and Carlos..’ Audrey mumbled.
‘Sorry. Last minute.’ Carlos lied, on hearing Audrey’s mumble.
Then there came another knock on the door. Urs had finally arrived.

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PostSubject: Re: *Hand On Your Heart* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 2:48 pm


‘You’ve set me up…I mean, us, up.’ Urs exclaimed, correcting himself. He was just inside the doorway to the cabin, gazing, staring almost at Audrey. She looked so beautiful he thought. A star wearing a star he noticed on her chest.
‘We didn’t mean to…’ Seb tried. He spoke first as he was nearest Urs at the time.
‘Who thought this would be a good idea?’ Urs demanded, glaring at his friends.
‘I did.’ Carlos eventually admitted after a long, rather uncomfortable silence.
‘Urs, really, its OK…I….I don’t mind.’ Audrey tried.
‘You do.’ he corrected, ‘I can see it in your eyes, you’re embarrassed.’ he paused, ‘like me.’ he lied. Secretly he was flattered that his friends cared so much for his happiness. He just wished that he had been told about this matchmaking plan beforehand. So he’d been warned about what they were planning to do so he could have at least been prepared for what was to come instead of being stuck in at the deep end so to speak. Poor Audrey. Urs felt sorry for her in a way. But he did like her ever so much. Love her it could be said. It certainly felt like love. Or what he had experienced before in the past. When he had loved her. Fara. The woman who had ran of with his own brother Lucas. Oh well. These things were sent to try us. To teach us. And Urs had just recently learnt a hell of a lot.
‘If you had told me..’ Urs hissed after a crying and still slightly embarrassed Audrey had ran away. Followed by Lorna and Angie. Only Fran, out of the girls remained.
‘We didn’t think you’d take it well..’ Carlos shrugged.
‘No.’ Urs shouted, ‘and who would have…blamed me?’
He didn’t mean to be angry. But he felt he had Audrey to defend.
‘Sorry mate.’ David sadly apologised.
‘No, no its OK.’ Urs sighed.
‘Won’t do it again.’ Seb attempted to look apologetic. Not that anyone believed him. The twinkle in his eyes kind of gave it away that he wasn’t 100% sorry. Typical of Seb everyone thought.
‘Oh Seb,’ Fran muttered, looking at her boyfriend while shaking her head in a disappointed manner.

As all this was going on, Audrey rushed back to her cabin. Closely followed by Angie and Lorna. Audrey was upset. Destitute.
Urs acting as he had done he had, surprised her. His anger especially. He liked her she realised. A lot. But he had a partner. Then again why hadn’t she turned up tonight? Audrey knew there had been problems with her, Jessica, on set. Angie had told her. Plus Audrey had seen some of them with her very own eyes but all that shouldn’t have prevented her, Jessica, from being here tonight, should it? Audrey was confused. She sat on her sofa, feet tucked up under her, hugging a cushion to her chest, trying to work out all her conflicting emotions as Angie and Lorna fussed around her. Angie handed Audrey a large glass of red wine and placed a box of tissues nearby for Audrey’s tears. Tears which wouldn’t make an appearance yet. Lorna raided the fridge in the kitchen, looking for chocolate. She found a pack of biscuits covered in chocolate. Swiss chocolate!
Audrey, Angie and Lorna sat in almost silence, drinking the wine and eating the biscuits.
Angie and Lorna were waiting for a reaction from Audrey.
‘If you’re waiting for me to cry, I don’t think I can.’ she sniffed, ‘I’m…confused.’ she confessed.
‘You like Urs.’ Lorna guessed.
‘Yes, I do.’ Audrey nodded. It was no use in denying it. The evidence was written all over her face for them all to see.
‘Thought so.’ Angie now nodded in acknowledgement.
‘But its no use.’ Audrey sniffed, ‘he has someone…’ then, before the girls could disagree, the tears finally came. Big wrecking sobs. They made Audrey’s whole body shake as she cried and cried. Audrey eventually fell asleep on the sofa. Lorna covered her up with a blanket as Angie tried to make her more comfortable.
Then Lorna and Angie left her to it. Sleeping.
‘Poor Audrey.’ Angie sadly commented.
‘I know.’ Lorna agreed, ‘in love with Urs.’
‘And, thinking he is still taken.’ Angie nodded.
‘We should tell her.’ said Lorna.
‘No.’ Angie shook her head, ‘Urs should.’ she corrected.
Lorna nodded in agreement.
Urs should be the one to tell her. After all it was so obvious they both liked each other. Urs and Audrey. Even a blind man could spot that. It radiated out of them. Like a big, flashing beacon. These two were so destined to be together. So obviously attracted to each other. It would be a crying shame if they never got together. A travesty. These two were perfect, perfect for each other. Perfect.

Urs needed, no, wanted to apologise to Audrey for the set up. He came up with the idea of going to see her, in her cabin.
Without giving himself the chance to think, and therefore be able to change his mind he walked straight to her cabin. He knocked on her door and waited. A few moments later the door opened and a bleary and slightly puffy eyed Audrey appeared. Her face was red. Her hair had escaped its ponytail but to Urs she had never looked more beautiful.
‘Hi.’ he smiled at her, ‘can I come in?’ he asked.
‘Err…sure.’ Audrey let him in. She was no reason not to.
Although she did think she looked a complete mess. But in saying that, Urs didn’t seem put off.
He walked into her living room. The place looked a bit of a mess he thought. But, then again she was an author and he guessed that being an author you couldn’t be too tidy when you needed important pieces of information. Although he did itch to tidy them all up for her. He spotted her laptop open on the desk. Bits of paper all over the floor. A half cup of coffee sat by the sofa with a blanket on it. A lot of used tissues littered up the floor by the sofa. After Lorna and Angie had left, Audrey had woken up feeling sore and still tired, and still crying slightly to herself, but with an overwhelming urge to do some work. To write on her new novel. She had been busy at work ever since, until Urs had interrupted her, mid flow of her inspiration.
‘What do you want?’ Audrey asked.
‘I need to apologise, to you.’ Urs told her.
‘For…?’ she blinked.
‘For my crazy friends and their ideas, at trying to match make us.’
‘Oh. That.’ Audrey nodded in a distracted manner.
‘If I’d have known…I wouldn’t have let them…’ he said.
‘Oh. OK.’ she nodded again. She wanted him gone. She had an inspiration to write down. Why couldn’t he see that he was actually interrupting her? Over something rather major too. Bloody man. Bloody, bloody gorgeous, amazingly sexy man.
‘I mean, its not because I don’t like you, for I do, its just…’ he trailed off.
‘You have someone. I know.’
‘So I’m….sorry.’ Urs apologised again.
‘That’s OK.’ Audrey sighed.
‘It won’t happen again.’
‘I hope not.’ she snapped.
Urs glared at her. What was her problem he wondered?
He had come to apologise but she didn’t seem that bothered to accept it. He was trying. Trying to understand her. And hang on, a moment. What had she said? Yes, that was it. ‘I know you have someone.’ or words along that line.
Didn’t she know? hadn’t she heard? He was a free agent at long last. No longer was he attached to Jessica. But Audrey still thought he was. Right. He’d show her. He walked up to her, lightly grabbed hold of her face and before Audrey could say more than, ‘What the…?’ he was kissing her. His lips on hers. Probing. He eased her mouth open and in went his tongue. Aah! Heaven.
Just as it felt like Audrey was about to respond she came to her senses and pushed him away.
‘No.’ she snapped, wrenching her mouth away, ‘I can’t… we can’t do this.’ she turned away from him.
‘Audrey…’ Urs pleaded.
‘I’ll….I’ll go then.’ he let out a disappointed sigh and made himself walk away.
He had ruined that he realised once back in his own cabin.
But he couldn’t have stopped it. He thought, that kissing Audrey was probably the best thing he could ever do. Such a wonderful experience. Kissing the woman of his dreams.

Audrey was in shock. What on earth had Urs thought he was doing? Kissing her? And him. A man with a partner. Honestly. Just what did he think she was? The sort that liked helping a man to cheat on his partner? In that case he didn’t know Audrey. At all. I mean, he didn’t know her anyway. But still. Audrey didn’t do cheating. Or dumping come to that. She was the one who got dumped not did the dumping. She put it down to her mousey looks. Dull blonde hair and lack of self-esteem. Of course all she saw and felt were her negative points. Whereas Urs saw all her positive points. Her shining blue eyes. Her angelic looking blonde hair with even lighter honey blonde highlights. Her beautiful smile. Her radiant personality. Urs saw all that and more. So, so much more. Not that Audrey knew.

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PostSubject: Re: *Hand On Your Heart* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 2:49 pm


The next day, Simon Cowell, IL DIVO’s record producer, label manager turned up on set for a flying visit. He breezed on to the set with his high waist trousers, dressed all in black, smoking like a chimney and nearly turned Audrey’s life upside down by making a revelation which came as in a simple comment. Which was, ‘How are my award winning musical singers today?’ he had laughed on seeing them all. He greeted them all differently. He patted Seb’s back. Hugged Carlos. Smiled at David. And shook Urs’ hand heartedly.
Audrey, standing near the set, notebook and pen in hand overheard this and said, ‘Pardon?’ almost dropping her notebook in surprise.
Simon smiled at her and winked, ‘The cute author?’ he guessed.
Audrey blushed at him. ‘I am the one who wrote…’ she mumbled.
‘Very cute.’ Simon looked her over, making her blush even deeper than she already was.
‘You said…musical singers?’ she asked when he didn’t elaborate. He was too busy. Admiring her. For a talented author she was rather pretty too. Beautiful face. Lovely blonde looking hair. Shiny blue eyes. Fabulous figure. Nice bum too. Simon didn’t do flattery if he didn’t like someone.
‘Yes.’ he smiled at her.
‘Who are…?’ Audrey asked.
‘Well, Carlos, David, Seb and Urs of course.’
‘In a group called…?’
‘IL DIVO.’ Simon told her.
‘I’ve never heard of…’ Audrey mumbled.
‘Worry no more.’ from out of nowhere, or so it seemed, Simon produced a CD. He handed it over.
‘Thanks…’ she took the CD and looked at it. Yes. It was them. She looked at Urs in the picture. Siempre the CD was called by IL DIVO as Simon had said. There was Seb. Smiling straight at the camera, showing a gap in his teeth. Top front tooth. Weird. He didn’t have that anymore. In a slightly open white shirt showing a hint of chest hair. David next to him. But also behind. That’s what they tended to do, with the tall ones Audrey noticed. Looking like he was squinting at something in a suit. Then came Urs. Looking a mix between sad and moody also in a suit. Actually, Audrey took a closer look. It looked like he was getting strangled in that tie. Not a look that suited him she thought. Ties didn’t suit a lot of men. Didn’t their wardrobe person know that? Then, last, but not least was Carlos. Grinning at something in a cheeky way. Audrey had seen him do that before. While on set. Mostly he had been looking in the direction of Angie at the time.
Audrey turned the CD over. Made in 2006. So it was a recent CD then. It was only 2009 now. She looked at the songs listed. Bonus track was Somewhere. Audrey rather liked that song. The theme from West side story if she remembered rightly.
Mmm she thought. Must listen to it. Sometime.
Simon then took his group out to eat. They had been down to film a complicated outdoor shot today but it was raining so it would have to be cancelled until later. Audrey had been asked to go along. But she turned it down. Saying, ‘I’ve…rewrites to do.’ which was and wasn’t completely true. She did have rewrites to do but they weren’t urgent so she could have gone out. But she didn’t want to. Not today. Not with Urs. She thought keeping herself away from him, away from temptation would be best. She had enjoyed their kiss the night before a bit too much. Must remember she told herself - he’s got a girlfriend. He doesn’t want you. Last nights kiss, although more than rather nice shouldn’t have happened and won’t happen again. I won’t let it happen again Audrey vowed. I’m not here to get my heart broken. I need to be sensible. I need to get on with my work. I’m here to work. Remember that. Audrey told herself. Or rather tried to tell herself that. She swallowed back the tears and went to her cabin to try and lose herself in her work. At least now she was doing something she liked, no, loved doing. Writing.

While having lunch, Simon probed his people as he liked to call them.
‘So, how’s it all going?‘ he asked while constantly smoking.
‘Fine.’ Urs sighed.
‘Great.’ Seb beamed.
‘Brilliant.’ Carlos said.
‘The best.’ David agreed.
‘OK, confess.’ Simon winked at them, ‘who fancies the cute Audrey?’ he asked.
Carlos, Seb and David looked straight at Urs.
‘Good choice.’ Simon nodded at this.
‘But she seems to think I’ve a girlfriend…’ sighed a now depressed Urs.
‘Aah, yeah. I heard about Jessica. Naughty girl.’ said Simon, nodding, ‘didn’t see her thought…’ he then noticed.
‘No. Angie.’ Carlos blushed, ‘kind of rushed her scenes. She’s back in England now.’
‘Angie eh?’ Simon winked, ‘our esteemed director.’
‘We’re…dating.’ Carlos confessed.
‘Brave man.’ Simon surprised him by saying.
‘Eh?’ Carlos asked.
‘She can be fierce. From what I’ve heard.’
‘She is a little…scary.’ David confessed, ‘at times.’
‘But I like that, in a woman. Feistiness.’ Carlos winked.
‘Well, she’s a strong woman. She needs a strong man.’ Simon nodded.
‘I’m…with Fran.’ Seb then offered.
‘Who…?’ Simon asked.
‘Our costume designer.’ Seb blushed.
‘Thought they were rather excellent. From the previews I’ve seen.’ Simon had seen parts of the film already. To check on IL DIVO’s progress. So far it seemed OK. It was a good storyline. The guys could actually act. It was turning out to be a rather genius marriage so to speak. IL DIVO and acting in Audrey’s work. A match, made in heaven.
‘So, you’re all in love.’ Simon beamed proudly at them like a proud father looking at his four sons.
‘Unfortunately.’ Urs sighed, looking downcast.
‘Oh Urs. It’ll be fine.’ Simon soothed.
‘She doesn’t like me…’
‘You haven’t even tried with Audrey.’ Carlos said.
‘I have…and it all went wrong.’ Urs sighed loudly.
‘Go on?’ Seb asked, winking, perking up. When had this happened? Had he missed something somewhere along the line? He hated when that happened.
‘I…I went to see Audrey.’ Urs informed them.
‘OK. When?’ Carlos asked.
‘Last night…’
‘What happened?’ Seb asked, interested to know.
‘I…I kind of kissed her.’ Urs said.
‘You did what?’ Carlos was amazed. Had he heard right? Urs had done what?
‘Say again?’ David asked. He also wasn’t quite sure if he had heard right too.
‘I…I kissed Audrey.’ Urs repeated.
‘Thought that’s what I heard. What you said.’ Carlos nodded knowingly.
‘But it all went wrong.’
‘How?’ Simon asked.
‘She pushed me away. Then said about my girlfriend…’
‘Which you don’t have anymore.’ David nodded.
‘What do I do?’ Urs asked.
‘Err, hello, put her right!’ Seb spoke.
‘I know that. But how?’ Urs asked again.
‘The usual way.’ Seb said, sounding slightly sarcastic.
‘Come straight out with it.’ Carlos offered.
‘Yes, but how?’ Urs repeated.
‘The usual way.’ Seb repeated, still sounding sarcastic.
‘I think Seb means, carefully.’ Simon spoke, blowing smoke at them all.
‘I don’t know how though..’ Urs sighed, trying not to cough. He hated the fact that Simon smoke so much. And him always going on about them protecting their voices. Breathing in smoke certainly wasn’t helping right now.
‘Hang on, who asked Jessica out?’ Seb winked suggestively.
‘She, asked me out.’ Urs corrected.
‘Eh, what?’ Seb stared at him in amazement. ‘She asked you?’
‘Yes.’ Urs nodded.
‘She was a babe.’ Seb whistled. Well, before Fran, Jessica had been a babe.
‘A psycho.’ David corrected
‘Eh?’ Seb asked.
‘I told you didn’t I?’ David asked him, ‘about Jessica? Threatening to kill herself should Urs ever dump her?’
‘Oh yeah. That. Yeah. Yeah. I remember.’ Seb nodded.
He actually hadn’t remembered. Not since he’d met Fran. Since before Fran he didn’t exist. OK, it had been after he’d met Fran that David had told him, and Carlos, about Jessica’s threat. But still. Who was going to pick hairs?
‘So, that don’t count then?’ Jessica threatening to kill herself anymore?’ Seb asked for confirmation.
‘She was caught. In the act. With another man. She deserved to be dumped.’ Carlos tutted. He had felt sick at this. When he had found out. That stupid little bitch. Cheating on Urs. One of the nicest men Carlos had ever met.
‘What I suggest, is that you try and be friends first, with Audrey.’ David suggested to Urs.
Urs nodded, ‘OK.’ he said.
‘I’d suggest that too.’ Simon confirmed.
‘OK.’ Urs repeated, ‘I’ll do that.’ at this point the would try anything. Anything. Just to get close to Audrey. He liked her oh so much. More that liked her. Was love a big enough word? He didn’t know. He only hoped it was. For Urs did love Audrey. Oh so very much. Deeply loved her. Forever and ever more.

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PostSubject: Re: *Hand On Your Heart* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 2:50 pm


Audrey was in her cabin. Trying to work. But she was suffering from a temporary loss of inspiration. For someone like Audrey that was a strange thing. That didn’t happen. Ever. But it was happening today for some unknown reason. Her head was currently all over the place. She was confused. Mostly about Urs. Heck. All about Urs.
Audrey longed to be able to trust him. But she had been hurt too much in the past by Bryan and by others before him to let her heart or her feelings for someone show that easily. A broken heart was the last thing to ever recover from. So instead she tried to keep her heart protected. Away from danger. Sure she knew she liked Urs. More than liked him if truth be told. But she refused to let it show. She didn’t know how he felt anyway. Not really. Sure they had shared that one brief kiss but he was a man. They could do that kind of stuff. Kissing and sex, without their feelings being involved. That didn’t mean anything. Just because he was now single. Fran had told her that earlier, and so was she, didn’t mean that they had to be together. Just the opposite in fact. He was still getting over Jessica anyway. wasn’t he? Fran had informed her, that Urs had walked in on Jessica, with another man, she didn’t say who, having noisy sex in Urs’ cabin. It hadn’t been quite a nice break up. Discovering your partner, having sex with someone else . Audrey doubted it would be a piece of cake.
Then again Audrey thought - men dealt with their feelings, and emotions, differently from women. They were better at hiding things. Unlike women. Audrey was a typical woman or so she thought. She had a tendency to wear her heart on her sleeve. Not that she liked doing that. But it happened whether she liked it, or not. Her eyes were like windows to her soul. They showed everything. So no. No. Audrey wouldn’t let Urs get to her. She refused to. She couldn’t really afford to let him to. It was too painful already. She already liked him much more than she really should. It wasn’t right. It wasn’t Audrey. She needed to be stronger. She needed to be her for once. To find out just who Audrey Hepburn, author, really was. So she could move on. Get on with her life. Become more than she already was.
Audrey gave herself a mental shake and tried to focus on the words on the page in front of her. She had work to do. She couldn’t lose it now. She refused to let herself lose it now. Come on. She told herself. Only another two months then you’ll be away from here. Away from Urs. The man of your dreams. No. No. Concentrate. Focus. Focus.

For the first time in her life, Lorna, was in love. But she was also rather scared too. She had never felt this way before about anyone. It was a new feeling. Meeting David had been like her finding the missing piece of her soul that had been missing. Now Lorna felt complete. Whole. But she didn’t know how David felt about her. Did he feel the same? Or was it too soon for him? After all Lorna and David had only known each other for three weeks. Had only been dating for over a week. Lorna didn’t want to come over too clingy or possessive. She didn’t want to scare him off. She wanted to take this relationship slowly. She wanted it to last. Forever. Plus she had her career to worry about. She couldn’t afford to get married or have children just yet. She was barely half way through her career. She liked doing this. Acting. Sure it wasn’t as good as her being a lawyer would have been. But still. It certainly didn’t tax her brain or make her more intelligent but the pay was 100% better. Then again, there was more to life than money. Sure, it was a help. But still. Right. Concentrate Lorna told herself. She was in the middle of filming a key scene. In which she comes to the conclusion she was in love. With the character Seb was playing. He wasn’t here for this shot. In fact he, David, Urs and Carlos, the other main actors were all together somewhere. With their manager. Music guru Simon Cowell. Lorna had already done her research. She had all of IL DIVO’s four albums. She had already listened to them more than once. For good actors, IL DIVO were exceptionally brilliant singers. Lorna might not completely understand what they were singing, but it sure sounded good. Full of emotion. Passion. Love. Lost. Longing. Like Lorna felt for David. She gave a dopey smile.
‘Right…and, cut.’ announced Angie.
Lorna looked straight at her director and friend.
‘Was that OK?’ she asked.
‘Brilliant. Perfect.’ Angie smiled, ‘whatever you were thinking about, keep it in mind. That look on your face, that smile, is just what we’re looking for in the love shot.’
Lorna blushed. So, if she kept thinking about David that would be good. Right. She could certainly do that. Think about David. The love of her life. If only she knew how he felt too. Then that would be perfect. Perfect. Oh well.

Angie watched playback. Whatever or whoever Lorna had been thinking about in that shot had been perfect. She looked so happy. Obviously her dating David was doing her a world of good. It was the same look that Angie got every time she herself looked in the mirror when she thought about Carlos. He was turning out to be a revelation. They got on so well. Like a house on fire. He made her laugh. Made her smile. But could also be sensible when needed. He had introduced her to his group, IL DIVO. Wow. Carlos was amazing. He could act. He could make her laugh. He could certainly sing. Wow.
That had been an eye opener. Or, in this case, an ear opener if there was such a thing. Carlos had such a powerful voice. IL DIVO were amazing. Brilliant. A talented group. They, in Angie’s opinion, certainly deserved to be as popular as they were. Angie had checked out their website. They had some crazy fans but dedicated ones too. Now, those fans included Angie. She had signed herself up as a crazy fan.

Fran was also thinking that she was in love. It certainly felt like love. All the signs were there. Fran couldn’t concentrate on anything. Her work was starting to suffer as a result. She couldn’t eat either and was losing weight. Couldn’t sleep. It wasn’t good. Not good at all. Fran had vowed, years ago to never let her work suffer over a man. That no man was good enough to lose either sleep, or a job over. But it was starting to slowly happen. It wasn’t good. Not good at all. It had to stop. As soon as possible. Before Fran went completely mad. She already knew. That Seb didn’t feel the same way. She and he hadn’t known each other long enough for a start. So no. No. Seb didn’t love her in return. Which was a shame. As Fran felt, if she let things go on for any longer, he could have been her ‘’THE ONE’’. The one she could imagine being with. Forever and ever more. But no. Seb didn’t love her so it was no use in crying over what would never be. It would be a lost cause. Fran let out a long, rather disappointed sigh and attempted to concentrate on her work. She had a wedding dress to design for the film. In it, Lorna has to wear a wedding dress in a key scene in which Seb’s character declares his love. Fran got to work. Designing the sort of wedding dress she herself could imagine wearing. At her wedding. The groom? Seb of course or so she dreamt of. Then, when done, Fran started on Seb’s characters suit. His was much easier. A simple suit. Then Fran had to do a bridesmaid’s dress. This dress should have been worn by Jessica’s character, but, due to filming commitments or so she had been told, Jessica had now done all her filming and had left Canada. Her role, as bridesmaid, was now going to be played by Audrey. Not that Audrey herself knew this yet. Angie had decided. To give Audrey a cameo role in her own movie as a surprise. Considering Urs would be playing best man… it seemed as thought Angie was planning on playing matchmaker. Again. Fran only hoped this time the matchmaking would go to plan. Audrey needed someone to love. And although Fran did say so herself she and Urs did make a rather striking pair. Audrey with her bright blue eyes and blonde hair. She looked like an angel. And Urs with his striking good looks. Marvellous bone structure. Even when he was moody, and Urs did do the moody look rather well, he looked even more devastatingly handsome. Not that Fran was interested. No. She preferred Seb’s looks. Dark hair. Blue eyes not hazel coloured.

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PostSubject: Re: *Hand On Your Heart* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 2:51 pm


Audrey was on the phone. To Simon Cowell. A rather excited Simon Cowell. She had received a surprised phone call from him. Not expecting to see or hear from him again.
‘Christina Aguilera.’ Simon laughed down the phone, ‘is going to be recording the soundtrack!’ he told a rather surprised Audrey.
They had met. Briefly. The other day when he had flown into Canada to check how IL DIVO, his group, were doing with the acting. Audrey was surprised. Did he say Christina? Christina Aguilera? Not IL DIVO themselves? Then again, until yesterday Audrey herself hadn’t known who IL DIVO were. Let alone known that Urs was one of them. A member. He could sing? Well, now Audrey had a CD, courtesy of Simon to listen to. Must get around to listening to it she thought. In between writing the rest of the screenplay changes, my new novel and trying to get over my heartbreak over loving Urs. Even thought that is so much a lost cause.
Audrey sighed. Put the phone down on Simon. Picked up the CD and put it in her CD player. She pressed play. Sat down, rubbed her tired eyes, replaced her glasses, closed her eyes and listened to the music.
It was rather good. Audrey discovered. Urs had such a beautiful voice. Another thing to love him for she thought. Was there anything, anything about Urs that was awful? If so, Audrey was yet to discover it. There had to be something. didn’t there? Or….or not. Audrey sighed and let the music sweep her in. OK, she didn’t understand everything they were singing, it was in Italian and Spanish mostly and Audrey was a bit naff when it came to foreign languages and understanding them, but that didn’t count. It was still beautiful. Full of passion. Love. Emotion. Suddenly Audrey had the overwhelming urge to start writing again. She sat at her desk. Switched on her laptop, and as if in a daze like trance typed like her life depended on it. When the CD had finished, Audrey read thought what she had typed. It was good. More than good. This writing contained everything the original, ‘Hand on your heart.’ contained. Love. Passion. Hate. Emotion. It was full of emotion. It was….perfect. This, is what had been missing from the script rewrites Audrey realised. It had been missing passion. But now it was back. Back with a vengeance. Audrey smiled then printed it out. She wanted Angie to read it as soon as possible. Just in case any changes would be necessary. Now Audrey knew what she had to do. Just to listen to IL DIVO again to get her lost inspiration back. Perfect. Perfect.

Urs was in a mood. It suited the scene they were currently shooting perfectly, for in it, his character, Marcus had just had a major fall out with Seb’s character Nathaniel. If Urs did one thing well, it was acting moody. But in this case he was feeling it in real life too. He still didn’t know what he could do to even get Audrey to like him let alone anything else. He wanted, no, he needed her in his life to feel complete. It had been a long while since he had found someone who made him feel that way. The last time it had been with Fara. She who was now engaged to be married to Lucas. His own brother. It hadn’t always been like that. He had met Fara first. Backstage at a concert. She had been a fan of the group and a caterer. For Urs it had been love at first sight. He had immediately made his move. He and Fara, or so he had thought, had been happy together. They had slept together that very night. Two days later he had moved her in to his London based flat. A week later the eternal bachelor in him had been looking at engagement rings. Thinking of marriage and children with her. Urs had thought they would be together forever. Until he had made one fatal mistake. Introducing Fara to his older, better looking brother. Lucas. So much for forever. That fatal mistake had cost Urs the one love of his life. Fara hadn’t meant it to happen. Even Urs understood that. But he guessed Lucas could give Fara the one thing he just couldn’t do with his career as it stood. To always be around when she needed him.
So he did the gallant thing. He let her go.
‘We’ll always be friends, won’t we?’ Fara had asked him.
‘I hope so.’ he had nodded over the sound of his very own heart breaking into two, hoping they could.
But of course they couldn’t. Seeing Fara with someone else hurt Urs. He couldn’t stand the pain of not being able to reach out and touched her. To be able to pull her into his arms for a kiss. To make love to her. But he couldn’t anymore. She was no longer his to do any of that with. And now he had received a text from her.
‘Lucas and I are engaged.’ Fara had text.
Urs had rung her up. To congratulate her. It had been a short phone call. Hearing her voice, oh so happy with love and excitement for his own brother still made Urs’ heart hurt. Was it possible, to love two women at the same time? Urs didn’t know but he thought it could. Looks wise Fara and Audrey were so totally different. Fara had been his height. 5 ft 10. Short black hair. Big brown eyes. Whereas Audrey was shorter. 5ft 5. Medium length blonde hair. Blue eyes. Different. But in his own way, Urs loved them both. He guessed he would always love Fara in his own way. Even though she would soon be his sister-in-law.
So. He needed Audrey. He needed to be friends with her at least. How unlucky would he look if he lost both the women he loved? So. He needed to do something about this situation. Something that would benefit him.
He came to a decision. After the filming was over he went to look for her. It was unusual. Normally she would be on set. Sitting in a chair. Head down, note book in hand, writing. Constantly writing. But not today. Weird.
Urs eventually found Audrey in her cabin. By the looks of it she had been writing before he had interrupted her. A music CD played in the background. It sounded familiar Urs thought. Then he realised who it was. His group. IL DIVO. Their second album. Interesting. So Audrey liked his music did she? Well, that was an unexpected pleasure.
‘Oh, its you.’ Audrey said on answering the door to Urs.
‘Yes, its me.’ he agreed, nodding slightly. ‘Can I come in?’ he asked.
‘If you must…’ Audrey let him in all the same.
Urs walked into her cabin. He coughed.
‘Yes?’ Audrey asked.
‘Can we be friends? Please?’ Urs found himself asking, in an almost pleading voice. Audrey, in return, looked straight at him, unblinkingly and nodded, ‘OK. I can do that.’ she agreed, surprising herself.
‘Thank you.’ he breathed a sigh of relief. She had agreed! Without a fight! Phew!
‘But, on one condition,’ Audrey then warned.
‘Oh?’ Urs raised an eyebrow. On what? A condition? What? This was unsuspected.
‘Friends don’t do kissing.’ she pointed out.
Urs let out a groan at this. No kissing? But he had so enjoyed doing it. Kissing her. It had felt like heaven to him. He thought for a moment. Surely he could find a way around this condition. In time. Given a good thinking. Mmm.
‘OK.’ he eventually said, sighing.
Right. Now he knew that he needed his friends help. David’s certainly. To find a way around this.
He left her to it then. He could see that Audrey was in the middle of writing. But not the screenplay of, ‘Hand on your heart.’ No. By the looks of it, it was something new. Urs wondered where Audrey got her inspiration from. It would be interesting to find out. He made a mental note to ask her sometime. Probably the next time he saw her. Yes. That would be a good conversation opener. He just had to find a way now how to work a kiss into it too. Then it would be perfect. Perfect.

After Urs had left after his surprise question, Audrey sat down to write again. Who in their right mind would actually go around asking if they could be friends with someone? Honestly. Was Urs mad or something? Should that be a flaw Audrey was looking for? Then again, asking to be friends she supposed wasn’t that a mad thing to ask. Considering their previous meeting. Audrey hadn’t quite hit him but she had considered it at the time of him kissing her. Instead she had just pushed him away. Then once he had gone had regretted doing it. What mad woman pushed the man of her dreams, her main inspiration away when he kissed her? How stupid had she been? But of course that had been when she still thought he was dating that Jessica. Then again, if he liked Jessica’s type he certainly would never be interested in a mousey little thing like her. Jessica was so glamorous. Just like a model rather than an actress should be. So - if friendship was all that Urs had to offer her Audrey could cope with that. She could handle that. Getting to know Mr Dream Man without getting too involved. She had never done anything like this before. But, there was always a first time. So. Friendship. With Urs. Bring it on. After all lovers came and went, but friends, good friends stayed forever. Didn’t they? The ones Audrey had did. And now with Lily and Angela, Audrey could add Lorna, Angie, Fran and Urs to the count. Hey. Get her! Being friends with a guy. Albeit a gorgeous sexy, currently single man. Or was he still single? A man who looked like Urs certainly wouldn’t stay single for long. They never did. But, Audrey was contented. She had to be. He wasn’t offering anything more. To be Urs’ friend. At least it was a start. A way in so to speak. A beginning. And every…relationship, for you could call it that, had to start somewhere. Somewhere. So yes. Urs and Audrey’s friendship was just beginning.

Seb, in a break during filming, was currently shopping. For a present. A rather special present. For Fran. He was in love. And planning to do something rather spectacular about it. He wanted Fran in his life. Forever more. And so hence the shopping trip. He knew exactly what he was looking for. It was a piece of jewellery. A rather special piece. The sort that would, hopefully, say to Fran, ’I love you forever.’ Seb had often thought about the type he’d like before, but hadn’t yet, until Fran, come close to buying it. Sure he’d come near before. With Roberta. But hadn’t done. But now Roberta was with someone else. A nice guy called Joey. Roberta and Joey suited each other in a way Seb and Roberta never suited each other. Their relationship would have never worked anyway. Not really. Seb had been too immature. Even thought he had been nearly 10 years older than Roberta. He hadn’t been ready to take the last step. That final one had scared him. But now she was with Joey. Happy. Married. Expecting their second child already. Seb was god father to their first, a little girl named Sabrina. Seb had joked after him. But it had been because Roberta had liked some old film - called Sabrina Fayre. Actually, now Seb came to think of it. Some actress named Audrey Hepburn had been in the version Roberta had liked the most. He wondered. Was author Audrey been named after her? They did share the same name. Was she a relative? Was that even possible? Author Audrey and film star Audrey being from the same family? It could be he supposed. Right. Back to the shopping. Seb gazed at all the pretty things. So many colours. So many designs. He thought of Fran. Of what she would like. Then he spotted it. It, to Seb, looked perfect. This one was Fran.
He pointed it out to the sales woman then tried not to faint as he signed his credit card slip. So much money for such a little thing. But it was worth it. Fran, more to the point, was worth it. He slipped the box into his pocket and walked out the shop, a big smile on his face, whistling to himself. He couldn’t wait to see Fran’s face as he gave it to her. He pictured her in his head crying with joy. Kisses. A lot of passionate kisses. Followed by them making love. Seb couldn’t wait. He wanted to rush back now, to give it to her. But no. He couldn’t. He had to do it properly. Work up to it. Set the scene. He needed romance. Roses. Music. Soft lights. Romance. Then to ask ‘’IT.’’
To get the right answer. Mmm. Food too. Chocolates. Strawberries. Seb got out his phone and called Rebekka, IL DIVO’s PA. They had such a lot to arrange.

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PostSubject: Re: *Hand On Your Heart* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 2:52 pm


David was also out shopping. But not for any jewellery. Yet. Although he loved and wanted to be with Lorna, preferably forever he didn’t yet think he was ready to settle down. So instead he was looking for an outfit. For himself and for Lorna.
He had been invited to a film premier and wanted Lorna as his ‘’special guest’’ as issued on the invitation. As he had absolutely no fashion experience what so ever he was currently with a personal shopper. A slightly mad personal shopper who was a fan of both IL DIVO, David was her favourite, after Urs, and she loved Lorna’s acting too. She was called Dany. Dany was dark haired and eyed. She kept fluttering false eyelashes at David in an attempt to seduce him. It so wasn’t working. David just kept thinking that she had something in her eyes. But she did have rather excellent tastes in clothing. Both male and female. For David she had chosen a suit. In dark blue with a lighter blue shirt. Telling him, ‘It matches your eyes.’ while for Lorna she had chosen a dress. Simple design. Also in blue. With her blonde hair and blue eyes she would look like an angel. A perfect look for her. Actually, David realised something. From the back, and from a distance, Lorna and Audrey looked alike. They could be twins from a distance. David had almost made the mistake, several times, of going up to who he thought at the time was Lorna and placing his hands over her eyes only to discover when he got close enough to find it was actually Audrey. But when you were up close you could tell them apart. For a start, an obvious one, Audrey wore glasses. She preferred them to contact lenses.
So. With the outfits sorted David made him was home. Well, home to the cabin. He now had to ask Lorna to come with him. He just hoped she would attend the premier with him. He would like to spend some time with her. The love of his life. For he did love Lorna. More than he had ever thought had been possible.

Carlos was having a great time. He and Angie were spending time together. Angie was in the editing room, editing the film so far and Carlos, who was supposed to be learning his lines, but wasn’t. He was too busy. Staring at Angie. Watching her work. He was in love. Forget lust. Carlos was in love. Crazily in love. With such a gorgeous woman. She was beautiful. Intelligent too. Talented. What more could Carlos want?
‘I hope you’re learning your lines.’ Angie smiled at him.
‘Of course.’ he winked.
‘And not, staring at me…’ she blushed, feeling bashful. In her whole life, Angie had never received so much attention. She was flattered. It felt good to feel so…so wanted. So needed. To feel so loved. For she did feel loved. By Carlos.
‘I am trying…but you’re too distracting..’ Carlos winked again.
By rights, Angie should have sent him away. But she didn’t want to. She liked Carlos being here. She missed him when he wasn’t.
‘What is the first line, on your script then?’ Angie asked.
‘I love you.’ Carlos said without looking at it.
‘Really?’ she asked.
‘Really.’ he smiled.
‘Your character has to…’ Angie was slightly confused.
‘No. I mean I love you.’ Carlos repeated.
‘It said that…’
‘I’m not talking about the script.’
‘You’re not…?’ Angie asked.
‘No I’m not.’ Carlos smiled.
‘So you really do…’
‘Love you? Oh yes. Yes. I love you Angie.’
‘Oh. Right.’
‘Its too soon. I know. But I wanted to tell you.. All the same.’ Carlos smiled.
‘No. No. I….I feel it too. But I didn’t know if it was real, or…’ Angie mumbled.
‘Its real.’ Carlos beamed, touching her face.
‘Good.’ she leaned forward and kissed him.
The editing was soon forgotten as the kissing continued. Angie and Carlos then ended up making love on the editing rooms floor. Thank god for plush rugs Carlos thought as he smiled up at Angie sitting on top of him.
‘I love you Angie.’ he groaned out as he came.
‘I love you Carlos.’ she happily agreed, flopping down on to him. She snuggled into his neck. Smelling the scent of him. Carlos always smelt beautiful after having sex Angie thought. God she felt so horny again.
‘I’m ready to go again.’ Carlos whispered into Angie’s ear.
‘Oh goodie.’ she whispered back.

Seb, with his surprise present was looking for Fran. First he checked her cabin. Weird. No sign. Normally she would be there, sketch book in hand, designing or maybe sat at her small sewing machine, either making an outfit or altering one. But today there was no sign. Seb went to find Rebekka.
Everything he had arranged with her was ready.
‘We’re all set Mr Izambard.’ she blushed at him. She had such a crush on him. He was her dream man. If only he’d notice her. But no. He liked that Fran woman. Even though she was so no good for him. She didn’t like Seb like Rebekka did. She didn’t understand him like he deserved to be understood. That Fran didn’t know any French. Unlike Rebekka who had taken several lessons in French after getting the job of IL DIVO’s PA. She could also speak a little Spanish and German. Just in case she needed to communicate with Seb, Carlos or Urs.
Not that she had to. But still. She had made the effort. Whereas that Fran couldn’t even be bothered.
‘Rebekka, do you know where Fran could be?’ Seb surprised her by asking.
‘No Sir. I don’t.’ she easily lied. Of course she did. She had seen Fran only a few moments ago before Seb had arrived, going towards the film set, carrying what looked to be a wedding outfit. Rebekka could only hope. That Fran wasn’t planning on thinking about marrying Seb. She wouldn’t let that happen. Over her dead body she thought, muttering under her breath.
‘Pardon, what was that Rebekka?’ Seb asked, hearing her muttering.
Rebekka swallowed her heartbreak down and said, ‘I think I did see her Sir. Going towards the film set. Carrying a…a wedding dress.’ she ended on a sigh.
‘Great. Thanks.’ Seb beamed and before Rebekka could ask about the outfit he had dashed off.
Oh well. At least she had done the right thing. In the end. It had been either lie, or rather continue to lie, or lose her job. And Rebekka liked her job. Loved it. So she had chosen well. Oh well she sighed again. There is still Urs who is single. She decided to go and find him. Oh, not to talk to, but just to gaze at him. He was very good looking.

David was feeling nervous. He had the invitation, had the outfits, now all he needed was Lorna to agree to go to the premier with him. The hardest part. He coughed, several times, wiped his sweaty palms on his thighs and walked up to her. Lorna was outside her cabin, getting some fresh air. Taking in the sights. And what a sight there was to see. Mountains in the distance with what looked to be covered in a light dusting of snow on the tips of them. Then, in front of them where the buildings and outhouses the production team were using for the films various locations.
‘Hi.’ David smiled nervously at his girlfriend.
Lorna turned, kissed him on the mouth and returned the, ‘Hi.’
‘I’ve….um…’ he stumbled over the words.
‘What is it? What is wrong?’ Lorna asked, sounding worried.
‘I’vegottwoticketsforapremiertonight,willyoucomewithme?’ he rushed out in one continuous sentence.
‘Say again? Slower this time, please.’ Lorna asked.
‘I’ve received two tickets, for a film premier.’ David said more slower this time, ‘will you come with me?’ he asked.
‘Sure I will.’ Lorna smiled, ‘when is it?’
‘OK.’ Lorna nodded.
‘I’ve already got your that OK?’
‘I hope you’ve picked something good.’
‘Come to my cabin, and I’ll show you.’ David smiled.
‘Lead the way…’ Lorna winked, taking his offered hand.
Phew! David breathed a sigh of relief. Part one…had gone to plan.
But, what would she think of the dress he had chosen? That would be a test of their relationship. Their individual tastes in clothing.

Lorna gushed and swooned over the dress. To say she loved it would be an understatement.
‘Oh David!’ she gazed at him, tears of happiness in her eyes, ‘its so, so very beautiful.’
‘You like it then?’ David smiled.
‘I love it.’
‘Good. Good.’ he nodded.
‘Like I….I love you.’ Lorna then told him. Oops! She hadn’t meant to tell him. Not yet. What would he do? Apart from think that she obviously needed locking up. They barely knew each other and yet, here she was, confessing her love for him already. Wrong thing to do. Completely wrong thing to do.
But, instead of running away and screaming loudly, ‘You’re mad woman.’ at her, David smiled and replied, ‘I love you too Lorna.’
‘You do?’ she asked, not quite believing her ears.
‘I do. I most certainly do.’ he cupped her face in his hands and kissed her. A lovers kiss. Them being together felt so right. Felt oh so right. They both felt this. And now they loved each other. Perfect. Perfect.

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Now they had decided to be friends, and only friends, (although secretly they both wanted more, oh so much, much more, but both were afraid of asking the question) Audrey and Urs were getting on brilliantly. Like a house on fire. They discovered, after talking quite a lot, about various hobbies and all that, that they had so much in common. Apart from their choice in films. Urs liked action movies, when he got the time to watch them, which wasn’t very often what with IL DIVO being in such demand as they were. Audrey preferred old movies. Romances. Black and white films. That kind of thing. They were currently, in Audrey’s cabin, during a break in filming, it was raining and all major shots needed doing that day was outdoor shots, watching Audrey’s favourite all time film, ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s.’ Which included her namesake Audrey Hepburn as the main character, Holly. She had suggested watching it as a laugh. Until Urs had happily agreed. He wanted to spent some time with Audrey. So was happy to watch whatever she wanted to watch. Up to a point. Certain films he wouldn’t watch with her. Extra mushy ones for a start. Just in case they gave HIM the wrong idea, or at least some ideas, (ideas of like being with Audrey. Forever) let alone give Audrey any ideas at all.
As the film got to Audrey’s favourite part and Audrey the actresses character started to sing to, ‘Moon River.’ Audrey, the author sang along. Even Urs found himself humming the tune under his breath. He hated to admit it. But, as films went, ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s.’ was rather good. For a ‘’chick flick.’’
Urs could imagine being that George Peppard’s character, kissing his own Audrey Hepburn. The one sitting next to him. Not the one on the screen. Although both were rather beautiful. But Urs was only in love with one of them. The real, living, breathing one he could reach out and touch. So he did. As casually as he could. He reached out and made contact. His hand lightly brushing her bare shoulder. Audrey was wearing an over-sized jumper in dark pink, which kept slipping down to reveal one smooth white shoulder and of course her bra strap, and jogging bottoms. As his hand made contact, Audrey turned her head and looked quizzically at him. He took hold of the material of the top and pulled it up, to cover her shoulder. He didn’t want her thinking he was some kind of mad man, needing to constantly touch her. Which, of course he was.
‘Oh…thanks.’ Audrey blushed, feeling the butterflies in her stomach start to flutter and move about. They happened every time either she or Urs, ‘’accidentally’’ touched each other. She wasn’t complaining. Oh no. Just the opposite. She liked that feeling. Liked the butterflies movement. But she felt sad. Didn’t he, Urs, like seeing her skin? Did her bare shoulder offend him? Did he dislike her that much that he couldn’t even bare a glimpse at her shoulder? At her naked shoulder? In that case what would he do should he see her naked? Not that she was about to strip naked in front of him. But still.
Audrey sighed a sad, disappointing sigh and tried to concentrate on the film again. She tried to block Urs out. But it was hard. She was attracted to him. Why couldn’t he see that? Or could he but he didn’t like the idea of her liking him so much? Was Audrey that revolting to him? Was she OK enough to be his friend but nothing else? Not that she would admit, to him about wanting more than just friendship but the principle of the thing still stood. She was upset but she refused, absolutely refused to show it. At least not on her face. Right. She told herself. Concentrate on the film. Your favourite, all time film. Forget everything else. Forget Urs. He is so not, not worth it. Well he was. But anyway.
So Audrey turned her attention, with great difficulty back to the film. She cried where she always cried while watching it. Laughed during others and cheered her namesake on when she thought it was needed. Like always. When she got to the crying part, Urs surprised her. First of all he handed her a tissue, then, when the crying continued he pulled her into his arms, to comfort her. Rather like a partner would do than a friend. Male friends that is. Male friends patted your shoulder in a concerned manner. None of Audrey’s male friends, not even the gay ones, had ever hugged her before while she had cried. Too scared that she would misinterpret the touch for something a bit more and meaningful. Even the odd gay one! But not Urs. He held her in his arms. Long after she had finished crying. Then he kissed the top of her forehead before letting her go.
Audrey thought it was a fluke. The long hug and kiss. But no. It happened again when she cried during the film. Just what sort of weird game was Urs playing at exactly? His actions were confusing Audrey. Sending her mixed signals. Was he even aware of what he was doing to her? Did he even care? Again, Audrey wanted to ask him but decided not to. At least not until the film had finished. Then she would have some serious words with Mr Urs Buhler.

Urs was confused himself. He liked Audrey and as much as he tried, and believe me he was trying so hard, to be just her friend, he couldn’t do it. It just wasn’t happening. His body wouldn’t let it work. His body wouldn’t listen to his head. It wouldn’t, or rather to be more precise couldn’t begin to behave when it came to Audrey. His private parts especially wouldn’t behave and it was getting embarrassing to say the least as it kept on happening. He had taken to, when sitting with Audrey, next to Audrey, like he was doing now, watching, or rather trying to watch a film, to sitting with a cushion on his lap. To hide his excitement. But, added bonus he supposed, Audrey didn’t seem to notice. Thank god. It seemed as though she was oblivious to his feelings. Whether that was a good thing or bad thing, Urs didn’t quite know. Yet. Oh well. At least she wasn’t about to start slapping him. Then again Urs was starting to crave for any kind of skin on skin contact with Audrey. Being near her but not being able to touch her, at least not ’’accidentally’’ touching or to be touched by her was driving him slowly round the bend. With desire for her. He ached to pull her into his arms. To hold her. To touch her. To kiss her. Feel skin on skin. To make mad passionate love to her. With her. He wanted her so much. He was dying for her. Inside. Slowly. God help him.

Seb was upset. It had gone so wrong. All his plans, all his hopes had been dashed. Down the drain so to speak. He had pledged his undying love for Fran, only to be turned down. He hadn’t even gotten to the main question before she had pre-empted him. Laughing, ‘I hope you’re not planning on proposing to be Sebbie.’
He had frowned, ‘And if I was going to?’ he had asked.
‘You’re not though, are you?’ she had giggled nervously.
Seb had pulled a disappointed face and had placed the ring box on the table.
‘Oh no. Seb. No…’
‘I know this would be a bad idea…’ he sighed, looking downcast, sniffing back the tears in his eyes. He loved Fran so much and now he had gone and ruined it. She hated him. He knew that now. So much for happy ever after. So much for his happy ending.
‘Oh Seb. I’m so sorry.’ Fran had sobbed, running away. Tears blurring her vision. She had been in shock. She hadn’t, not in a hundred lifetimes had expected that. Marriage? As much as Fran would have loved to say yes, had be been allowed to get around to actually proposing, she couldn’t. She just couldn’t. She had her career to think of. It was just starting. Beginning. She couldn’t give it all up now. She couldn’t get married. Marriage meant commitment. Children. Making a home. Yes Fran wanted them all but not now. It was too soon. Far too soon. So she had done the one thing guaranteed to break her and Seb’s hearts. She had turned him down.
Fran reached her room. She walked in. Walked to her bedroom and threw herself down onto her bed. She hugged her pillow close and cried her heart out.

It hadn’t gone to plan. At all. Seb contemplated following Fran, but in the end decided against it. Instead he chose to go to his own cabin, to see if he had any decent alcohol in. He planned to get as drunk as he possibly could. To drown his sorrows at being unexpectedly dumped in the worst way possible. Just as he was about to propose marriage. And him, a Frenchman. He feared he would never live it down. If anyone ever found out of course. God he was depressed. His heart ached. He loved Fran. He needed Fran. He decided. To try and come up with a plan. To win her back. He needed Fran in his life to feel complete. Without her he was nothing. Nothing. He sighed and reached for the whiskey bottle. Not a drink he liked but still. Alcohol was alcohol. He swallowed it down, straight from the bottle. Then he sank down onto his sofa, bottle in one hand, tissue in the other and between sobs of crying he drank the whole liquid.
In the morning he turned up on set, red eyed and very tired. He had had no sleep. Every time he had tried to fall asleep he had ended up dreaming of Fran. Those dreams just made him feel more upset and depressed. Would he ever get over his heartache and win back the woman he loved? He sincerely hoped so. Preferably before he died a lonely old man.

David was laying in bed. Snuggled up next to Lorna. Tonight had gone perfectly. And to top it all they had made front page. A local newspaper had photographed David and Lorna, holding hands on the red carpet. The headline which ran along side the photograph of them looking deeply in love, which they were, read, ‘IL DIVO star David Miller, pictured at local premier with girlfriend and actress Lorna Lewis.’
The article had gone on to explain that David and Lorna were currently in Canada, in a secret location, filming the movie, ‘Hand on your heart.’ based on the novel by the new acclaimed best selling author Audrey Hepburn, who was currently number 1 in the Times Book charts.
‘Her novel is number one?’ Lorna had read a preview of the article online before she and David had gone to bed. ‘Audrey never told me…’ she lightly sulked.
‘I’m guessing Audrey is like Urs.’ David said, ‘and he loves, loves, keeping his private life just that. So much so that sometimes getting anything out of him is like getting blood out of a stone.’ he ended on a sigh.
‘But Audrey should be proud of her success, I know I would be.’ Lorna also sighed.
‘If I was Audrey, I’d be screaming from the rooftops.’ David agreed, ‘I mean first time IL DIVO got to number one in the album charts I did. I screamed like a baby.’ he blushed with slight embarrassment.
‘You were proud. Hey, that’s nothing.’ Lorna smiled, ‘I ran around the room, waving my hands and screaming at the top of my voice when my first movie even made a decent review.’
‘I’d have loved to have been there..’ David smiled at this.
‘My neighbours called the police. I was screaming so loud. They thought I was being murdered!’ Lorna now blushed with embarrassment.
‘We should celebrate for Audrey.’ David then decided.
‘Throw a party for her.’ Lorna smiled, liking the idea.
‘One she knows about this time.’
‘Yes. Especially after her tears last time.’ Lorna nodded.
She didn’t tell David they had been over Urs. She didn’t think she should be the one to tell that to anyone. So she didn’t.

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Urs and Audrey were in the middle of having an argument.
Sometime during the film Audrey had fallen asleep. On Urs’ shoulder. Not a problem. But when she had woken up, Urs had greeted her with a kiss. A rather passionate, lusty kiss. And friends, as they were, or at least trying to be, didn’t do kissing. Not as a rule. It had happened like this ;
After Audrey had woken up Urs had smiled at her, then had asked, strange thing to ask, considering what had happened before hand, her sleeping on his shoulder, that kind of thing, ‘Why won’t you touch me?’ it had come out as a hoarse sounding rasp. Not like him at all.
‘I have touched you.’ Audrey had nervously laughed, moving away, wondering where all this had suddenly come from.
‘No you haven’t. Not really.’ Urs had moaned.
‘I have. We’ve….shaken hands. That sort of thing.’ she was still rather puzzled.
‘I mean, real touch. Skin to skin.’ he had corrected.
‘Our hands were skin to skin….you’ve touched my shoulder too…’
‘I mean.’ Urs had grabbed hold of her hand and had placed it on his chest, ‘here.’ he had told her. He had a shirt on. In which all of a sudden, since Audrey had fallen asleep, had had the top three bottoms undone. To reveal a hint of chest hair. Urs had placed her hand on the bare skin part.
‘You’ve….got someone.’ Audrey had sighed, trying to move her hand away from temptation. Sure Fran had told her something. But she hadn’t heard it from Urs’ own mouth.
‘I don’t care. I want you.’ he had pleaded with her.
‘You can’t have me…’ she had tried to move herself away. But even her hand wouldn’t have moved.
‘No, not yet.’ he had pleaded, his eyes darkening with desire.
‘Urs, please.’ Audrey had cried, becoming worried all of a sudden.
‘Please what?’ he had misinterpreted her words, ‘please touch me? Please kiss me?’ he had asked.
‘No. I mean yes. No.’ Audrey had tried.
‘Yes.’ he had nodded, pulling her close to him.
‘No.’ Audrey had replied.
‘Yes.’ he had whispered again as his mouth, his beautiful kissable lips had captured hers finally.
Audrey knew it was wrong. Oh so wrong. But she still couldn’t help it. Returning the kiss. Kissing him back.
Opening her mouth to allow his tongue to probe. Her fingers explored his skin. Finding their way inside the shirt he was wearing. Finding smooth silky hair on his chest and warm skin. Urs had groaned. Which, had bought Audrey finally to her senses. What was she doing? Kissing, touching a taken man?
She had muttered a sad disappointed groan and had yanked both her mouth and her hand finally away. She had bought her hand up to her mouth and said, ‘I think you’d better go.’ before turning away from further temptation.
Urs had muttered something under his breath and then a moment later he had slammed the door.
Audrey had thrown herself down at her desk. She had sat down, picked up her pen and had started chewing the end. Searching her brain, and her feelings, for inspiration. She had some major re-writes to do and a deadline to meet. Now wasn’t the time to lose it. She had written for a long while. Until Urs had stormed back into her cabin.
‘I am not bloody with anyone.’ he had shouted at her.
‘Yes you are.’ Audrey had shouted back.
‘Who? Tell me who?’ he had demanded.
‘Jessica. Your girlfriend.’
‘We’re not together anymore.’ he had surprised her.
‘Eh? Say again?’ Audrey had mumbled, not quite believing her ears.
‘We split up.’ Urs told her.
‘When…?’ Audrey had asked.
‘Over a week ago.’
‘Is that why she left?’
‘She left because she’s a crap actress.’
‘I mean, I know there had been a bit of trouble on set with her, but…’ Audrey had mumbled.
‘She’s crap.’ Urs repeated.
‘That, is no way to talk about a lover…’ Audrey had mumbled again.
‘She’s not my lover!’
‘Not now she isn’t.’ But she was before obviously…’
‘Oh Audrey. Audrey. Why won’t you listen to me?’ Urs had asked.
‘I am listening to you…’
‘No you’re not.’ he had laughed in a slightly patronising way, not completely meaning to.
‘I am.’ Audrey had spat.
‘Don’t Auds me! Only my friends call me Auds.’ it was a nickname only used by real, close friends.
‘I thought I was your friend..’ Urs had tried.
‘Friends don’t do kissing, I told you that before!’
‘Some friends do.’ Urs had snapped.
‘Not you and I.’ Audrey had snapped back.
‘Yes we do.’
‘No we don’t!’
‘Auds…’ Urs had tried, unsuccessfully.
‘I said don’t call me Auds!’
‘Its no use in denying it. You like me…like I like you.’
‘Yes. Like. Like. Nothing else.’ Audrey had snapped again.
‘You more than like me…’
‘No I don’t!’
‘Why won’t you admit it?’ Urs had challenged.
‘There’s nothing to admit. Now, if you’ll excuse me…’ Audrey had glared at him.
‘I’m not going.’ Urs had challenged again.
‘Either you leave, or I do.’
‘OK. Fine.’
‘And this film stops production.’
‘You can’t do that..’ Urs had sighed.
‘I can. And I will.’ Audrey had glared at him, looking more angrier by the second.
‘Right. Fine. OK. I’ll leave. On one condition.’
‘Which is?’ Audrey had snapped.
‘You won’t leave Canada. At least not until filming is completed.’ Urs couldn’t let her go now. He needed her around. To try and win her over. Again.
‘OK. Fine.’ Audrey had finally said. She couldn’t go anyway. Not really. She was needed here. Just in case re-writes were needed. She was stuck. Until the end of filming. Here, in Canada, watching the man she loved. Watching her heart go and slowly break into pieces. Again. Oh god. Audrey was sure come the end of filming she would be driven completely insane. Round the bend. She would need to go into an asylum. Just to get over him. Did Urs know what he was doing to her? She doubted he did. Would he, did he even care? Again Audrey doubted as much. He was a man after all. And they were usually only interested in one thing. Themselves. Or at least some of the men Audrey knew. Take Bryan for example. He was a prime example of selfishness. Ungrateful, hurtful man. Then again, not all men were the same. But you never knew. Not with the male of the species.
Audrey waited until Urs had gone. Then she got back to her writing. Placing all her love, all her anger, all her hatred, all her feelings into her work. She had learnt, over the last few months that she had, that she did work best when connected to her emotions. She wrote all her best stuff. So work she did. Writing and writing. Until she could write no more. Then, and only then did she fall into bed. Too tired to want to do anything more than sleep. She certainly slept well that night.

Urs, in one of the worlds grumpiest moods, after storming out of Audrey’s cabin for the second time that night had met up with a drunken Seb. Together they sat in Seb’s cabin, drinking Seb’s alcohol and attempted to try and console one another in the way only friends do. By comparing their heartbreaks.
‘The love of my life.’ Seb sniffed, ‘refuses to marry me.’ he sighed, taking a large sip of his whiskey and trying not to cough too much as the liquid went down the wrong way.
‘Lucky you. Managing to get that far..’ Urs sighed.
‘Eh?’ Seb blinked.
‘For the second time in my life, I’ve managed to lose the woman I love.’ Urs explained.
‘But I thought you and Jessica and split up long ago…’ Seb, as well as being drunk was also rather confused.
‘I don’t mean Jessica.’ Urs corrected, ‘I was talking about Audrey. Audrey.’
‘Oh. Yeah. Audrey.’ Seb nodded. He remembered Audrey. Vaguely. Author wasn’t she?
‘I love her. I’m in love with her.’
‘So who’s this other bird then?’ Seb squinted at Urs.
‘Bird. Woman.’ Seb corrected himself. Typical Urs. Not knowing who, or what in his case what bird was. Honestly!
‘Her name, is Fara…’ Urs sighed.
‘Nice name.’ Seb nodded, ‘what happened?’ he asked. He did know. But he had forgotten. Obviously. Asking again.
‘She met Lucas.’
‘Aah. Yeah. Lucas. Your brother.’
‘You remember Fara, don’t you?’ Urs asked.
‘Describe her?’ Seb asked in reply.
‘Short dark hair. Big brown eyes. My height. Light brown skin.’
‘Oh yeah. The cute caterer.’ Seb nodded. He had rather fancied Fara in his time.
‘That’s the one.’ Urs sighed.
‘Wondered what had happened to her.’
‘She preferred Lucas. He could give her what I couldn’t. Not with her career as it stood.’
‘Needing a firm base.’ Seb nodded.
‘She could hardly fulfil her dream, following me about. From country to country. City to city.’
‘Yeah. Although I love my job, it ain’t that great for relationships.’ Seb nodded and sighed. Remembering his problems with Roberta in the past.
‘What about you then?’ Urs then asked, taking a gulp of his own drink. Seb wondered how he managed to do it. Drinking whiskey without coughing. What was the trick to it?
‘I had it all planned. All set.’ Seb sighed, ‘I was going to ask Fran, to marry me…’
‘She turned you down?’ Urs asked in guessing.
‘Yeah.’ his friend nodded, ‘before I even managed to ask the question.’
‘She guessed. Suppose I made it too obvious…I even picked a beautiful ring.’
‘But why? Why did she turn you down? I thought you and Fran were doing great.’ said Urs.
‘I did too.’
‘Then why did she…?’
‘Don’t know.’ Seb shrugged, ‘didn’t ask.’
‘Why ever not?’
‘I don’t know how.’ Seb shrugged again.
‘You should ask her.’ Urs suggested.
‘Would you?’ Seb asked.
‘Yes.’ Urs nodded, ‘and I….I did.’ he confessed.
‘Eh? When?’
‘When I…when I asked Fara, to marry me.’ Urs sighed. That was something he had never, ever told anyone before.
‘You asked Fara to…?’ Seb stared at his friend.
‘I did. Yes.’ he nodded.
‘And she still turned you down?’
‘She had fallen in love with Lucas then.’
‘She turned you down?’ Seb repeated.
‘It does happen you know. Being turned down.’
‘But you?’ Seb was amazed. Urs. Being turned down? There was a god after all he thought to himself. Even god like creatures like Urs got dumped. Sometimes.
‘Why not me?’ Urs asked.
‘Mad woman.’ Seb tutted.
‘No. Just honest and brave. For…for following her heart.’
‘And, breaking yours along the way.’ Seb pointed out.
‘But mine….mended.’ only to meet Audrey. And to be broken again. Oh well.
‘Oh man.’ Seb sympathised.
‘So. I know how you feel, at being…’ dumped? Turned down?
Urs didn’t know the right expression. So he just left the sentence unfinished. That was best. Especially in the circumstances. Urs didn’t want to end up with a fight on his hands. For the way he was feeling at the moment he knew, that Seb would win easily. And that was certainly so not like him.

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Fran had had enough of crying. She could cry no more. She would cry no more. Now she needed someone to talk to about her heartbreak. Of all the people she could talk to, she decided to confide in, it was rather ironic this, that she chose Audrey. Mostly for the fact that as Audrey was a writer she could, Fran thought, understand exactly what she was going through. How she was feeling. Fran found Audrey in her cabin. It looked as though Audrey had been in the middle of alternatively crying and writing by the amount of used paper and tissues Fran spotted lying around the place.
‘Hope I’m not interrupting anything. Fran apologised.
‘No, its OK. I could do with the distraction.’ plus, Audrey was all written out. For the moment. She tried tidying up all her stuff and switched off the music she had been playing. IL DIVO. Their second album. Audrey loved the song ‘’Estro dentro mi‘’. Every time the CD got to that song she had taken to singing along with it. Even thought at the moment Audrey was trying to hate Urs, listening to his voice singing helped her concentrate. Up to a point. Then it just drove her completely crazy.
‘Got anything to drink?’ Fran asked, searching thought Audrey’s kitchen cupboards.
‘Coffee. Hot chocolate.’ Audrey said.
‘Nothing alcoholic?’ Fran asked, sighing.
‘Sorry, not at the moment.’
‘OK. Coffee will have to do.’
Audrey made the coffee, ‘So.’ she handed Fran her cup of coffee, ‘how’s it going, with Seb?’
‘Its…not.’ Fran sighed, as she flopped down onto Audrey’s sofa.
‘Oh, but I thought you two were…’ Audrey sat besides her and looked at her friend.
‘Dating? Oh, we were, but…’ Fran sighed again.
Audrey waited. She sat with her coffee and waited for Fran to speak.
‘Its my career.’ Fran eventually said, ‘I can’t….give it up.’
‘Who said you’d have to?’ Audrey asked.
‘Seb, he wanted….well, he was going to ask me, to marry him, but I can’t…I…’ Fran sighed, staring into space.
‘But surely, with Seb being what he is…you could still…’
‘Sure. He’s a singer. But that doesn’t mean…’ Fran sighed again.
‘Does it have to be costumes, for the movies that you design for?’ Audrey asked.
‘No, suppose not…’
‘So, say if Seb and co went on tour…you could…as their costume designer.’ Audrey told her.
‘But do they were costumes?’ Fran asked.
‘Every artist wears clothes, of some sort…’
‘But that’s if you want to, I mean, you might not even love Seb…’
‘No I do. I do.’ Fran interrupted.
‘Well then.’
‘You make it sound so easy, so simple.’ Fran realised.
‘Isn’t it? I thought love was supposed to be simple.’ Audrey smiled.
‘What about you then? How are you and Urs?’ Fran then asked.
‘God. No. Don’t ask.’
‘That bad eh?’
‘I wouldn’t know where to start.’ Audrey admitted.
‘Try me?’ Fran asked.
‘Urs and I…we tried being friends. But it all went wrong.’ Audrey sighed.
‘Well, it started out OK. We were watching my favourite all time movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Then he tried to kiss me…’
‘What’s wrong with that?’ Fran asked, puzzled.
‘Friends, don’t do kissing.’ Audrey pointed out.
‘Some friends do.’ Fran tried sticking up for Urs.
‘Not the ones I’ve know in the past.’
‘Oh. Right.’ Fran nodded.
‘So, what do we do?’ Audrey asked.
‘Talk to him?’ Fran offered.
‘You’re friends, right?’
‘I thought so. Up until he kissed me.’ Audrey sighed.
‘Then you’ll find a way.’ of that, Fran was sure.
But Audrey forgot to tell her one little, tiny fact. She didn’t want to be Urs’ friend. She wanted to be his…lover. She wanted his love. She wanted to wake up each and every day in his arms. But she didn’t know how to go about that, asking that. Did you ask for that? Or did it just happen naturally? Audrey didn’t know. Not anymore. She was confused. It had been a long time since she had wanted that. Even with Bryan. Well, she didn’t want to think about that. Not now. It would only upset her. Make her angry. And Audrey didn’t feel like being angry. At least not today. So instead she thought of something much more nicer. She thought of her writing. Of her dream man she had written about in her writing. Of Urs. As he was the reason she had written her novel in the first place.

Audrey had come to a decision. She would go and see Urs. Try and talk to him. See if they could at least be friends again if nothing else. Even though Audrey wanted more. A lot more. But she didn’t know, as strange as it may seem, didn’t know how to go about getting anything more than friendship. At least in being Urs’ friend she could keep him close. Therefore, keep her secret inspirational man close. Not something she was ever going to tell him though. That the only reason she had started writing in the first place was because she had seen him, his face, in a bar and the idea had suddenly come to her. She thought, should he ever know, that he would laugh at her. It was possible. For Urs to find it so funny, so stupid that he could laugh. So, that was at least one secret she was determined to keep to herself. Forever more. Never to be told. At least not to Urs anyway. For Audrey wouldn’t be able to stand the humiliation should he turn around and laugh in her face. So no. No. Under the pain of death only would she leek that little bit of information out. Death and death alone.
Audrey walked to Urs’ cabin. Hoping he would be in. Good. He was she noticed. But not alone. Someone was with him. She could hear voices. Audrey took a deep breath and knocked on his door. Rebekka, the PA answered the door.
‘Oh, its you.’ she announced on seeing Audrey.
‘I’ve come…to see Urs.’ Audrey told her.
‘Yes. Well.’
‘Is he in?’
‘In? Yes. Awake? Doubt it!’ and with a rather cruel laugh, Rebekka walked away.
Audrey decided. To go in anyway.
She found Urs. Half naked. Sat on the sofa. Eyes closed but not asleep. She couldn’t help but stare at his bare chest. My. He was perfect Audrey thought. She could see muscles. Covered by hair. Brown hair. The hair went down to his belly button and beyond. Audrey swallowed. Trying desperately not to think about where the hair went. Or to look at it too much. Or she would give her secret away.
Urs, on hearing a noise, his eyes popped open. He blinked.
‘Audrey?’ he asked.
‘I’m here.’ she nodded, tearing her eyes away from the wrong place and looking him straight in the face instead.
‘I’ve been…sick.’ he sighed.
‘Yeah, too much alcohol. Not used to it.’ he explained, scratching his bare chest in a lazy manner.
‘Oh. Right.’ she nodded again, not knowing what else to say.
‘So, you’re here.’ he squinted up at her.
‘Yes. I am.’
‘I needed…I wanted to talk to you…’
‘Yeah, about my behaviour. Sorry.’ he interrupted.
‘Can we still….be friends?’ Audrey asked.
‘Sure. OK. Why not.’ he let out a rather sad, sounding sigh.
‘Great. Great.’
‘Yeah….great.’ he agreed.
‘So I’d….better go then.’
‘See you later.’ Audrey smiled.
‘Hang on.’ he stopped her, ‘….don’t you want to know why Rebekka was here?’ he asked.
‘She’s your groups…PA. I assume she was doing…stuff for you.’ Audrey shrugged.
‘And the reason I’m topless?’ he asked.
‘You said, that you’ve been sick…’
‘Yeah. I have.’
‘Well then.’
‘OK. If you’re happy with that explanation.’
‘Why? What other would there be…?’ Audrey asked.
‘No. No other.’
‘Well then.’ and with that, Audrey turned and left.

It was only later, a lot later that Audrey started to wonder what Urs had been trying to get at. Had Jessica been suspicious in her time over Urs? Then again, Audrey could understand why she would be. A man like that. With a body like that. It was no wonder Urs was the most popular member of IL DIVO. Audrey had done her research on the group. On Urs in particular. Wanting to know about his background. She had discovered their website by accident. But finding it had been a real eye opener. She had learnt so many things. About Urs. About all of IL DIVO. Their musical career. Audrey now owned all their CD’s. Purely for research of course. Not for anything more. She had also been tempted to buy their DVD’s too. But thought that would be a step too far into being a mad stalker.

Urs was amazed. Audrey wasn’t at all suspicious. She really did believe him when he told the truth. Unlike Jessica who would have screamed and shouted and complained and who would have accused Urs of cheating on her. Urs and Rebekka hadn’t been doing anything. He really had been sick. Down his top. He had been in the middle of cleaning himself up when Rebekka had turned up. With a message from Simon Cowell. Not an important one. Just telling him that Christina Aguilera had signed up to do the song title. Nothing very important. It could have waited. But Rebekka, being Rebekka, didn’t like to keep things waiting. Just in case they did turn out to be important. Urs knew that Rebekka liked him but he wasn’t interested. Not in Rebekka. She was a nice enough girl but Urs was too in love with Audrey to even want to look at another girl let alone do anything with her. Although he did think about playing on Rebekka’s crush. Of using it to his own advantage. Just to see how Audrey would react. But he had dismissed it without too much thought. He wouldn’t want to lead Rebekka on. Let her think she was in with a chance. That would be cruel. So he dismissed the idea. He had been used himself in the past. It wasn’t a very nice thing to do. So he refused to do it to anyone else. No. No. He would find another idea to try and win Audrey over. At least she wanted to be friends again. That was a start. Wasn’t it? Progress? Urs certainly hoped so.

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Rebekka was furious. Annoyed. She had tried to come onto Urs. Only to be turned down. In the most humiliating way. She had tried every trick in the book, well, as many as she could possibly do without looking too much of a complete fool in front of one of the worlds most sexiest men. Only to be ignored. How embarrassing. How humiliating. How very irritating. And the one guy Rebekka least expected would do such a thing. She thought he was interested. Why the hell wasn’t he interested in her? It wasn’t as thought she was revolting looking or at all ugly. In fact just the opposite. Rebekka thought she was, personally, beautiful. Urs had let her on. He had used her. Well she fumed. I’ll get you back for this. Somehow. I’ll make you pay. You complete and utter bastard you.
Rebekka had been thinking about permanency. Forever. Marriage. Thinking about her wedding dress. Urs as the groom. But now all her dreams, her hopes, her desires had been dashed in the most unpleasant, upsetting way. Bastard!
She let out a frustrated scream. Aaahh!
No more would she let a man make a fool of herself. Oh no. No. Once bitten. Twice shy. Never, ever again. Over her dead body. Or, in this case, Urs’. She was that upset. That angry. Of course had Rebekka been thinking properly none of these thoughts would have entered her mind. But she wasn’t. So they did. It is to say, Rebekka was more than just a little tiny bit crazy. She needed locking up really. She was slowly losing her marbles. Imagining her and Urs together. Something that would never, could ever be. Urs didn’t think of Rebekka as anything but as a PA. He certainly didn’t see her as a woman. It wasn’t really his fault. None of IL DIVO saw Rebekka was a woman. To them, she was just doing her job. Well, Rebekka wanted to put them all right. Starting with Urs first. Then she would move on to Seb. Then, well, Rebekka wasn’t interested in Carlos or David and so didn’t really care about them. But so. Anyway.
She stormed around the cabin she was currently sharing with Amelia, part time actress. Huffing and puffing. Muttering under her breath. Fuming silently.

Urs was with Lorna. Trying to talk to her. He needed some advice. And thought, as Lorna was dating his best friend, David, that she was the perfect woman to go to.
‘I…err, need your help.’ Urs confided in to Lorna.
‘Oh?’ she asked, looking up from her scrip. They were on set. In between filming.
‘How do I get Audrey, to like me?’ he asked, wondering where to start.
‘Like you, how?’ Lorna asked. She thought he and Audrey were getting on fine. Weren’t they?
‘Because I love her.’ Urs simply said.
‘But its only been…three, four weeks. Since you split with Jessica.’ Lorna pointed out.
‘Yeah, and?’
‘What’s the longest you’ve been single?’
‘3 weeks.’ Urs sighed.
‘Before that?’ she asked.
‘A week. Around about.’
‘What? How long?’ it came out like a strangled cry.
‘I don’t seem to stay single for long.’ Urs shrugged.
‘And I wonder why that is.’ Lorna grumbled.
‘Someone asks me out, so I date them.’ he shrugged again.
‘You don’t ask them?’
‘No.’ Urs shook his head, accidentally messing up his hair in which the on-set hairdresser had just taken a good 20 minutes to place into the style needed for the film. Roberto, the hairdresser tutted. Loudly. Picked up his hairbrush and started on Urs’ hair. Again. Roberto was Italian. Flamboyant and very, very gay. He had a miniature crush on Urs.
‘What? Never ever?’ Lorna accidentally screeched, again.
‘Oh, I have done…in the past.’
‘What happened?’
‘I met Fara, backstage. At a concert. She was a caterer…is a caterer. We dated. Then it ended.’ Urs sighed.
‘How? Considering you sound like you really loved this Fara.’ Lorna could tell. By the way Urs had spoken of her. His whole face and eyes had light up at the mere mention of her name.
‘I did. I guess…I guess I still do. In a way.’
‘Why did it end?’ Lorna asked.
‘She met Lucas. My brother.’
‘Your brother stole your girl?’ David had told Lorna, about Urs’ older but almost identical brother. How, sometimes they had been mistaken. For each other.
‘Sort of. I guess.’ Urs shrugged.
‘Anyway, Audrey?’ Urs asked.
‘Who are you Urs?’ Lorna asked in reply.
‘I said, who are you?’ she repeated the question.
‘You know who I am.’ he nervously laughed at this.
‘I suggest you do something first.’ Lorna advised.
‘Which is?’ Urs asked.
‘Take a good look at who you are first. Before you start dating Audrey.’
‘But why should I?’ he asked, rather puzzled.
‘Then you’ll know how to get Audrey. Plus, I can guarantee then your relationships will last for a lot longer than previous ones.’
‘Really? Will they?’
‘Oh yes.’ Lorna nodded.
It was, Urs realised, rather good advice. More than good advice. Urs thought about his past previous relationships. About how long they had lasted mostly. Before Fara, they had lasted years. 2 or 3. Then after Fara, weeks mostly. In between relationships this had been the longest he had ever been single. In a way, he missed having a relationship. The obvious one came to mind first of all - lack of sex. Urs liked sex. Loved sex. Then, having someone to talk to. To confide in. Urs loved women. They were easier to talk to than most men. They shared their emotions better. Men didn’t do that. Urs wanted to be Audrey’s friend but he also wanted to sleep with her. At the moment he didn’t know which he wanted more from her. Friendship or sex. Preferably both. But he knew. That until he got to know Audrey a lot better, sex would be out of the question. Sadly. Oh well. It would do him good he thought. Not to have sex for a while. But he doubted he’d be able to last for long. For he hated masturbating. Not half as much fun as having a real life woman to sleep with. Having Audrey. He wanted Audrey. Badly. Oh well. Patience he told himself. Patience.

Seb had had enough. Enough of crying. Enough of being upset. Enough of wondering why Fran had rejected him. Now he needed answers. Fast. He needed to know why. After filming had finished he stormed round to her cabin. Fran’s. He angrily knocked on the door with a clenched fist.
‘What?’ Fran spat angrily at him on answering the door. She looked a mess and felt awful. Her usually perfect brown wavy shoulder length hair, which she normally kept up in a ponytail was down and looking wild. Her big brown eyes, Seb noticed looked red and a little blotchy. Like she had been crying or up all night. Seb hadn’t been able to sleep either since his split with Fran. The amazing make-up lady, Cydalia, had had to work exceptionally hard these last few days to make him look even half way acceptable.
‘I’ve had enough.’ Seb stormed into the cabin. ‘I need answers, I need them, and I need them now.’ he threw himself down onto the sofa, cupped his hands and looked up, pleadingly at Fran.
She glared back. ‘I’m trying to work.’ she tutted, a pair of sharp scissors in one hand.
‘I don’t care. I need answers.’ Seb repeated.
‘Answers, for what?’ she demanded.
‘For why you don’t….’ he swallowed the lump in his throat, ‘why you don’t want me.’ he managed to finish.
‘Oh Seb. I do. I do.’ Fran cried.
‘You turned my…me down.’ he sighed.
‘I can’t marry. Not now.’
‘But why not?’ he asked.
‘My career, its…’
‘Its what?’ he interrupted.
‘Important to me.’ Fran finished.
‘More important…than me?’
‘Fine. Fine.’ Seb stood up.
‘No, please Seb…’
‘Its OK Fran. Really it is.’ he started walking towards the door.
Fran threw her scissors down and grabbed at his arm. ‘Seb, please don’t go.’ it came out as a plea. Fran knew - should she let Seb go then it would be the worst mistake she would make, ever, in her life.
Seb stopped. He turned around. He sniffed.
He’s crying Fran noticed. ‘I…I love you Seb.’ she told him.
‘But you won’t marry me.’ he sniffed, wiping away a tear.
‘I can’t…’ Fran sighed.
‘I love you Fran.’ Seb smiled, ‘but I can’t be with you if you won’t marry me.’
‘But my career…’ Fran tried.
‘Is more important. I know.’ he sighed, ‘you’ve already told me.’
‘That doesn’t mean I don’t love you. That I don’t want to be with you. For I do. Oh so very much.’
‘But where does that leave us though?’ Seb asked.
‘Finding a compromise I suppose.’ Fran shrugged.
‘Go on?’ he asked.
‘I was thinking…of, of maybe…becoming a fashion designer.’ it was, after all, one of Fran’s ultimate dreams. Designing clothes everyone could wear not just actors and actresses in films. But real people too.
‘Where does that leave us thought? You and I?’
‘I could…design your clothing. IL DIVO’s, when you go on tour. And that…’ said Fran.
‘OK.’ Seb nodded at this, ‘and my proposal?’ he asked.
‘Ask me, and see.’ Fran lightly teased.
‘You’d better say yes Miss Francesca Miller.’
Yep. Francesca Miller. But sadly no relation to a certain David Miller. Fran had recently done her family tree. Only to find that her greatest wish, to be related to David in some way was sadly not to be. They weren’t even distant cousins. Oh well.
So. Seb and Fran were back together. And thank god for that.
No more sleepless nights crying alone for these two. From now on they were determined to spend every possible moment of the day together. They were meant to be together. These last few days apart had shown them that. Apart they couldn’t function. Together they made sense. A lot of sense.

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PostSubject: Re: *Hand On Your Heart* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 2:56 pm


Audrey was feeling depressed. She liked Urs so much but just didn’t know what to do. How to get his attention to be able to tell him even something close to what she was feeling for him. So she decided. To do the one thing she knew would give her courage. She drank. Oh, not enough to get completely drunk. She didn’t want that. But, she felt as thought she needed something. Something to help her out a little bit. She found some white wine. She drank some. Only a little mind for she knew that when it came to alcohol the only wine she could drink and not lose it completely over was red wine. Everything else alcoholic, too much of it just made her too drunk too quickly and eventually sick. Not a good look Audrey thought.
After she had drunk a lot, but hopefully not too much, she made her way to Urs’ cabin.
With a nervous, shaking hand, she knocked on Urs’ cabin door. A few moments later he appeared. Audrey swallowed. My. He was looking rather sexy today. Dressed in a shirt and tight jeans. The shirt was slightly unbuttoned. Showing a hint of chest hair. Audrey liked chest hair. She loved chest hair. Especially Urs’ chest hair.
‘Audrey..’ Urs smiled on seeing her.
‘Can I come in…?’ she asked.
‘Err…sure. OK.’ he nodded, letting her into his cabin.
Audrey walked in. My. His cabin was amazing. So neat. So tidy. Unlike Audrey’s own. It was the first time she had been in Urs’ place. Although it was the same size as Audrey’s, because it was so neat, so clean, so tidy, it looked bigger. A lot bigger.
Audrey sat herself down on Urs’ sofa, before she fell down, and patted the space next to her.
Completely surprised, Urs sat down in the place indicated.
‘What did you want then?’ Urs asked, ‘not that its not nice to see you, but…’
‘I thought I’d…’ Audrey started to say. Then she stopped. For a little courage she grabbed hold of one of Urs’ hands in both of hers. She really wanted to touch him. To kiss him. And thought this would be the best way to work up to it. Touching Urs. Intimately. She gazed into his eyes and he looked back.
‘What?’ he asked.
‘I…I just felt like holding your hand. Is that OK?’ Audrey nervously asked.
‘Sure, its fine.’ he smiled, a dimple she had never seen before appearing on his left cheek. Audrey loved that dimple. She loved that cheek. She returned the smile then let go of his hand with her right and reached out and touched his face. Then she leant forward and slowly touched her lips to his. Urs, feeling slightly surprised, found himself returning the kiss and touching back. He wrestled his hand free from Audrey’s other hand and cupped her face. Pulling her close to his body.
Audrey and Urs kissed. Intently. Becoming more and more passionate. Somehow, given that Audrey was rather skinny and only 5ft 5 she managed to manoeuvre Urs. So much so that when she was finished she was laying on the sofa, on top of him.
Audrey lightly bit at Urs’ lip in what she thought, and oh so hoped was in a sexy way. He had such a kissable, biteable mouth that she couldn’t help but do it.
Urs omitted a groan at this.
Thinking she had done the wrong thing, Audrey pulled her head away, ‘Did I hurt you?’ she nervously asked, biting her own lip in worriment.
‘No.’ he shook his head, ‘just the opposite.’ and, with that he pulled her closer again and started kissing her passionately again.
As they continued their kissing, Audrey started to unbutton Urs’ shirt. She then moved down, placing kisses and light bites from his mouth, down his neck and onto his chest. Urs groaned. He could feel himself becoming aroused. Here, he was, in his cabin, kissing the woman he loved. Holding the woman he loved in his arms. As Audrey started kissing his chest, Urs stroked her hair. Beautiful blonde hair. She had hair like an angel. Then, Urs noticed that the kissing had stopped.
‘Audrey?’ he asked.
No answer.
‘Auds?’ he tried again.
Again, no answer.
Then he looked down at her. She was asleep. Snoring lightly.
Urs considered waking her but then thought better of it. He moved slowly, manoeuvring Audrey carefully into his arms then with her, in his arms, he stood up.
‘Come on sleepyhead.’ he whispered, carrying her into his bedroom.
There, he carefully laid her down. He pulled off her shoes. Undid her jeans and pulled them down, taking care not to remove her underwear then after making sure she was comfortable he pulled the duvet over her. He placed a kiss on her forehead, whispered, ‘I love you Auds.’ then walked back into the main room. There he pulled of his own shoes, sat on the sofa, laid down onto it and used the throw over to cover himself up. It was late. Audrey was already asleep. He just needed to get some sleep now too.

Audrey was having a dream. She dreamt that she was laying in a bed, although not her own, snuggled up. She dreamt that Urs was there with her. Holding her close. Making her feel safe. It was a nice dream. A comforting dream. Then something woke her up. OK, she wasn’t in her own bed in her cabin. But somewhere else. But where? Then Audrey remembered. She remembered being with Urs. Kissing Urs. Then, after that the whole thing was a blur. She couldn’t remember anything else. She realised something. Audrey was naked. Well, not completely naked. But certainly without her jeans. Why had they been removed? Who had removed them? Audrey searcher her brain. But it was no use. She just couldn’t remember. Had she and Urs had sex? She didn’t think so. It didn’t feel like they had. Audrey hoped - if she and Urs ever did have sex, that she would at leas remember it the day after. That it would be memorable. Unforgettable. Like the man himself. Urs Buhler.

‘Aah, I see you’re awake…’ Urs stuck his head around the bedroom door.
‘Err, what am I doing here?’ Audrey clutched the bedcovers to her chest even thought there was no need. Her t-shirt was still intact if a little creased.
‘You can’t remember?’ Urs asked, partly upset at this.
‘Err….no. No I can’t.’ she shook her head.
‘You fell asleep on me…’ he paused, ‘while we were in the middle of kissing.’ he told her.
‘Oh. Sorry.’ Audrey apologised, blushing.
‘It was rather nice kissing too.’ he smiled.
‘You liked it…?’
‘I did. Yes.’
‘Um….anything else happen?’ Audrey then asked.
‘But I’m not wearing my jeans…’ Audrey pointed out.
‘I thought you’d be…more comfortable, without them.’ Urs explained.
‘I mean, I didn’t do anything else…’ he then told her.
‘Right…thanks.’ Audrey nodded again.
‘So, anyway…’
‘Yes, anyway. Thanks for… this.’ she smiled, gesturing to the bed.
‘Do you want a drink, or something to eat?’ Urs asked.
‘I’d love a cup of coffee, thanks.’
‘OK. Well, you do whatever you need to do, and I’ll…go make coffee.’ and with a smile that revealed Urs’ dimple, he disappeared to go and make Audrey a cup of coffee.

Audrey used the bathroom. Only taking a sneaky look in Urs’ cupboards. She sniffed his aftershave. Quickly used his hair brush. Nicked a little toothpaste, he used the same as Audrey did. She squeezed a little onto her finger and used that as a toothbrush. She pulled on her jeans and walked back into Urs’ main room, hoping she didn’t smell too much. She nervously sat on the sofa and drank the coffee. Not completely remembering the night before. She must have drunk a little too much white wine she thought. What a bad thing to do. But, it had worked. In a way. No longer did Audrey feel self conscious or nervous around Urs. At least not completely so.
‘Thanks for…last night. Even if I did fall asleep on you.’ Audrey apologised again.
‘That’s OK. Maybe, we could, try again. Tonight?’ Urs asked.
‘Which part? The falling asleep on you?’ Audrey smiled.
‘Or…the kissing part.’ Urs smiled back.
‘I’d…I’d like that.’ she blushed.
‘Me too.’ Urs now blushed too.
So. It had started out wrong. But it had ended right. Obviously a little courage went a long, long way.

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In the middle of filming, Urs discovered that spending the night on a sofa wasn’t the thing to do when you were as tall as he was. At 5ft 10 and on a small sofa without much room wasn’t ideal at the best of times.
‘Ouch.’ he winced slightly in a break between filming.
‘What’s wrong mate?’ David asked, watching his friend stretch and roll his shoulders.
‘I slept on the sofa all night.’ Urs explained.
‘Oh? Why?’ Carlos asked, hearing this comment.
‘Err…Audrey was there last night.’ Urs whispered.
‘Whey-hey!’ Carlos whistled, loudly, and winked.
‘No, nothing like that.’ Urs tried in vain while blushing.
‘Why ever not man? You love her, don’t you?’ he was asked.
‘Yes. Yes I do.’ Urs agreed, ‘but…I also respect her.’
‘So you’re telling me, you didn’t even…?’ Carlos asked, sounding rather shocked.
‘No. No I didn’t.’
‘Crikey. Even Angie and I have… Carlos nudged him and winked.
‘Yes, but Audrey and I….we’re…’ Urs sighed.
‘Slow. Yeah. I know.’ Carlos nodded, getting completely the wrong end of the stick.
‘No. No. we’re…’ he tried again.
‘Ignore him Urs. No-one is like Carlos. Well, except for Seb.’ said David, coming to his friends rescue.
‘Not anymore I’m not.’ Seb beamed.
‘Oh?’ Urs asked.
‘I’m an engaged man. Sort of.’ blushed Seb, looking rather proud.
‘Eh? Since when…?’ Carlos stared at his friend.
‘Since I kind of asked Fran…’
‘What happened?’ David asked.
‘Well, I haven’t yet, but I’m going to.’ Seb stumbled.
‘So, she could still turn you down then?’ Carlos realised.
‘But Fran won’t.’
‘Why not? She might do.’
‘No. She won’t.’ Seb repeated.
‘You seem rather sure…’ Urs realised at this.
‘I…well, lets just say, I’m confident.’ Seb shyly smiled.
‘Well, good luck when you do.’ Urs nodded and smiled at his friend, hoping for the best.

Audrey was on set. She was supposed to be making notes. But today she couldn’t concentrate. So instead she was gazing. Gazing at Urs. Looking at him almost as though she had never seen him before but had all of a sudden come to the conclusion that he was worth staring at. That he was gorgeous. Like a chocolate cake that Audrey was surely desperate to take a big bite out of. She tried not to drool. At least not too much.
‘You’ve realised then.’ Angie smiled at Audrey.
‘Realised what?’ Audrey blinked in confusion.
‘That he’s cute…’
‘Who is…?’ Audrey attempted to act dump, blushing too much at the same time which she swore was giving her away.
‘Urs of course!’
‘Oh. Yes. I thought you meant Carlos…’ Audrey explained.
‘No. No. Urs. I’ve spotted you both, at times, gazing at each other when you think the other isn’t looking.’ Angie smiled.
‘He doesn’t gaze at me….’ Audrey blushed.
‘Oh yes he does.’ Angie corrected, ‘I’ve got it on film. Urs gazing at you…’
‘Really…?’ Audrey was surprised at this. Really? He liked her?
‘Ask him. He’ll tell you.’
‘I…I like him too.’ Audrey blushed.
‘I know honey.’
‘Last night, I kind of got drunk and…and came onto him.’ Audrey confessed.
‘Oh, how did it go?’ Angie asked.
‘I fell asleep…in the middle of kissing him.’ she blushed.
‘Then what?’ Angie asked.
‘I woke up, this morning, in Urs’ bed.’
‘He took advantage of you?’ Angie gasped.
‘No. No. I was alone.’
‘He could have still….when you were asleep.’
‘No.’ Audrey shook her head. ‘He didn’t. I would have known.’
‘You’re that positive?’ Angie asked, not at all convinced.
‘I would have ached…plus, there would have been blood…’ Audrey mumbled, with embarrassment.
‘You mean you’re still a…?’ Angie gasped.
‘Err…yes.’ Audrey confirmed.
‘But you were with that Bryan…’
‘We never…’
‘Oh. Right.’
‘He’s kind of been my only boyfriend. I’m not the type to…attract men.’ Audrey sighed.
‘Why aren’t you?’
‘Look at me.’
‘Yes, and?’
‘I mean, I’m…dull. Mousey.’ Audrey sighed again.
‘No, you’re not. You’re beautiful.’
‘No I’m not…’ Audrey blushed in embarrassment again.
‘Urs likes you.’ Angie tried.
‘He dated Jessica.’
‘Yes, and?’
‘She’s beautiful. A model. And an actress, whereas I’m….’
‘A bloody excellent author and screenwriter.’ Angie told her.
‘I meant to say dull.’
‘Intelligent.’ Angie corrected.
‘Dull.’ Audrey tried again.
‘A little lacking in confidence for some reason, but apart from that.’
‘Urs may like me, but he certainly doesn’t like, like me…’
‘You don’t do gazing at someone you just like.’ Angie tried to point out.
‘You might do…occasionally.’ Audrey tried.
‘Oh honey. Honey.’ Angie hugged her, ‘talk to Urs.’
‘I….I will.’
‘Without alcohol being involved this time.’
‘I will. I promise.’
‘Good. Because if you don’t, I will.’ Angie warned.
‘And tell Urs what…?’ Audrey asked.
‘That you love him too.’
Audrey blushed. Scarlet in colour. She couldn’t deny this. For it was true. She did. Love him. Urs.

‘I love her…’ David sighed, gazing in the direction of Lorna. She was on set, being fussed over by Cydalia the hair and make-up lady. Cydalia was currently styling Lorna’s beautiful long blonde hair into a bun. They were about to start filming the wedding scene. The guys, David, Seb, Urs and Carlos were already dressed in morning suits.
‘Hey, that’s my line.’ Seb winked, taking one last glance at the script in his hands.
‘No, I mean in real life.’ David sighed.
‘Oh mate, you’ve got it bad.’ Seb realised.
‘I do. I admit. I do.’ he nodded.
‘Then do something about it.’ Seb suggested.
‘Like what?’ David asked.
‘Marry her.’ he said.
‘You know what, I think I just might do.’ David nodded with confidence.

Angie had a surprise for Audrey.
‘No, I can’t. I’m no actress…’ Audrey tried complaining.
‘Aah, but that’s just it. You wrote it so the bridesmaid doesn’t have any words to say, therefore, no acting necessary really.’ Angie pointed out.
‘Bugger.’ Audrey muttered, ‘had I known what you had in store for me, I would have changed the scene….’
‘Well, its too late now. Come on, Fran will help you dress.’
‘It won’t fit.’ Audrey tried one final time.
‘Oh yes it will. Fran designed it in just your size.’
‘Bugger.’ Audrey moaned again as Fran dragged her to the cabin to change.
And yep, it fitted. Fran also made Audrey wear her contacts. Something she didn’t like doing. At all. They itched her eyes if worn for too long. Plus she had to wear make-up too. Eye make-up and a little bit of lipstick. Applied by Cydalia’s steady hand.

The wedding scene went wonderfully well first time. Even thought Lorna gazed lovingly at David instead of Seb, the bride and groom. Oh, and best man Urs looked like the cat that had got the cream as he gazed at Audrey, playing the bridesmaid in place of Jessica. She looked so beautiful in the bridesmaid dress, her hair styled in a bun to make Lorna’s, wearing make-up and contact lenses Urs noticed. The contact lenses made Audrey’s eyes stand out. They looked even more bluer than they had done before.
‘Hey, you two could be twins.’ Carlos noticed how similar Lorna and Audrey looked. They both had blonde hair and blue eyes. Similar in height and complexion too.
‘I think that’s why I was picked, to play Katie.’ Lorna smiled. Audrey had written Katie to be similar in looks to herself. Katie also had all Audrey’s flaws and habits. The only thing she didn’t have was bad eyesight. Audrey had made the character of Katie to have perfect eyesight like she so wished she had.
‘Yeah, but Seb don’t look like how you described Nathaniel.’ Carlos then said. He had, briefly flicked thought the book one night when with Angie. It had been a rather interesting read he had found.
‘No he doesn’t. I agree there.’ Audrey nodded.
‘From what I read, the character Nathaniel sounds more like Urs.’ Lorna agreed.
This comment turned Audrey into an interestingly red colour.
‘You wrote Nathaniel based on Urs?’ Carlos asked her.
‘I…I wrote Nathaniel based on a guy I once saw, in a bar.’ Audrey said in a mumble, which, was true. OK. It had been Urs. But still.
‘Which bar…?’ Urs asked, ‘when?’
‘Err…I can’t remember.’ Audrey lied before rushing off the set.

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PostSubject: Re: *Hand On Your Heart* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 3:03 pm


Bugger. Bugger. Bugger.
Audrey stormed around her cabin.
The truth had almost come out.
She had had to lie. She didn’t want Urs now thinking she was some crazed fan who had used his face to write a story. How embarrassing would that be had it come out? Audrey thought she would never live the embarrassment down. Ever. So she had lied. Partly. Not a whole lie. But still. Even though that was no way to base a friendship on. The lie was bound to come out sooner, or later.
Audrey came to a decision. She would finish her relationship with Urs before it could develop anymore. Before it came too much. Better than them let it carry on and end up hurting Urs as well as just Audrey.
She got changed first. Out of her bridesmaid outfit and into jeans and a grey t-shirt. She brushed her hair. Put her glasses back on. Cydalia had made her wear her contact lenses for the wedding scene. Then she went to find Urs.
As soon as it was done the better.

Seb was proposing to Fran. After they had finished the wedding scene he had dropped to his knees, got the ring out, and with one hand holding Fran’s, gazed up at her.
‘I love you Fran.’ he smiled at her, ‘marry me?’
Fran gazed at the beauty of the ring. ‘Oh Seb.’ she sniffed, coming over all emotional.
‘Marry me?’ Seb repeated, feeling suddenly rather nervous.
‘I love you Seb.’ she said, then, after what seemed like a long period of time had passed nodded and smiled, ‘Yes.’ she spoke.
Seb exhaled the breath he had been holding and beamed.
He stood up, placed the ring onto the correct finger and captured her mouth in a kiss.
The whole film crew applauded. Several of the camera men wolf-whistled.
Rebekka, watching all this fumed. Stupid man she thought. He barely knew her. It will never last. She was so tempted to tell Seb this but was stopped by Michael, one of the camera men.
‘Great, isn’t it?’ he beamed at her.
‘Err, yeah. Sure. Whatever.’ she shrugged.
‘Fancy a date?’ he asked.
‘Pardon?’ she spat.
‘Fancy a date?’ Michael repeated the question. He fancied Rebekka. Had wanted to ask her out ever since he had first seen her. But she never seemed to notice him.
‘Why should I?’ she asked.
‘Because I like you. And I thought maybe…we could give it a try.’
‘You’re not my type.’ she tried putting him off.
‘I could be, given the chance.’ he replied.
‘OK. Suppose so.’ Rebekka sighed. Stuff Seb and Urs she thought. At least this Michael seemed to notice that she was alive and female. And not just someone doing a job.
‘You will? Great!’ Michael beamed, pulling Rebekka into his arms for a kiss.
Mmm Rebekka thought. He was a good kisser. She returned the kiss then made a mental note to go back to the cabin later and throw away all her Seb and Urs pictures. She didn’t need them now. She had a real life man. Someone who liked her for her.

While all this was going on, Angie and Carlos had disappeared.
Hand in hand. They had a secret wedding to attend.
Their own! Carlos had popped the question the night before to which Angie had happily accepted. Not wanting to wait, Carlos had got a special licence and now they were on their way to be married.
They were both excited. And happy. In love. They didn’t want to wait until they got back to England so they went. To do it now. Today.

Urs didn’t feel like joining in with all the engagement celebrations. Besides he was worried. Audrey rushing of after filming had got him worried. He considered going to find her but thought it would be best to sit and wait. She would come to him soon. He really hoped.
He didn’t have long to wait. For soon there came a knock on his cabin door. He had also got changed. Into jeans and his favourite figure hugging Harley Davidson blue t-shirt.
‘Come in.’ he nervously smiled at Audrey.
Without speaking, she walked in.
Urs sat on the sofa and waited.
‘You and me.’ Audrey finally spoke, ‘can’t be friends.’ she told him.
‘Oh. OK.’ he sighed.
‘It would never work.’
‘So you say.’
‘I’ve….too many secrets. We’re not meant to…to be.’
‘We’ve all secrets.’ Urs pointed out.
‘I’ve got two big ones you’d certainly hate me for.’
‘Try me?’ Urs asked.
‘You’ll think I’m mad….or something.’ Audrey sighed. She flopped down onto a nearby chair.
‘As I said, try me?’ Urs repeated.
‘First of all…my writing.’ Audrey decided on.
‘Go on….?’
‘My inspiration really.’
‘OK.’ Urs sat and waited.
‘As I said, I based it, my book, on a guy I once saw in a bar…’
‘I saw you too.’ he interrupted.
‘I noticed you too. In the bar.’
‘How did you know…?’
‘I guessed.’ he shrugged.
‘And you’re not…angry?’ Audrey asked.
‘Why should I be…?’
‘But I wrote it, the whole thing, based on….based on you.’
‘I’m certainly flattered.’ Urs smiled.
‘But I’m mad….or crazy…a loony. I need locking up.’
‘No you don’t.’
‘I do. I do. I’m a crazy…stalker like fan.’
‘Hardly.’ Urs laughed, ‘until last week you didn’t even know I could sing, let alone in a group.’
‘I could have been lying…faking.’ Audrey tried.
‘No. I saw your face. You were well and truly shocked.’
‘Oh. OK.’ she sighed.
‘Go on?’ Urs then asked.
‘What?’ Audrey asked in reply.
‘You said two things. If I’m your…inspiration, what is your second thing?’
‘Oh. That. No. Its OK. You don’t need to know.’
‘I’d like too…’
‘No. You don’t.’
‘Oh, but I do.’ Urs insisted.
‘No. Really. Urs. You don’t.’ Audrey insisted in reply.
‘Try me?’
‘Why should I?’
‘If we’re to have a relationship, it doesn’t do to have secrets. Keep secrets.’
‘Who said we’re having a relationship…?’
‘We did.’ Urs smiled.
‘When?’ Audrey asked.
‘Last…this morning.’
‘You won’t like it.’
‘Try me?’
‘You’ll think I’m weird, or…or something.’ Audrey shrugged.
She stood up. Urs did too.
‘Try me?’ he repeated.
‘You won’t like it.’ she said again.
‘Tell me. Let me decide?’
Audrey sighed. A loud sigh. ‘OK.’ she said, ‘I’m still a virgin.’ she finally said.
‘I already know.’ Urs surprised her with.
‘I guessed.’
‘Last night.’
‘But I fell asleep…’
‘I’m guessing you drank a little alcohol, to pluck up the courage. Yes?’ he asked.
‘Yes…’ Audrey mumbled.
‘Thought so.’
‘And that told you…?’
‘Oh. Sorry.’
‘No, its OK. I did. My first time.’ Urs confessed.
‘How did it go?’ she asked.
‘OK. Well, we were together over a year.’
‘Good for you.’
‘So, you and I…?’ he asked.
‘Do we have a relationship?’
‘Have I put you off?’ Audrey asked.
‘Nope.’ Urs shook his head.
‘What? Not at all?’
‘Even though I’m a mad stalker like virgin?’
‘I don’t care what you are. I love you Auds.’
‘No you don’t…’ she blushed at the intimate sounding of her name. She liked the way it sounded coming of his tongue. Auds.
‘Yes I do.’ he moved closer.
‘We hardly know each other….’ she tried.
‘Ever heard of love at first sight?’ he asked, pulling her into his arms. It sounded like a line from one of the books Audrey loved to read, but one look into his eyes and she knew that this was no come on. That this was real. He meant every word he said to her.
‘Yes, but…’
‘I fell in love with you, at first sight.’
‘Really?’ Audrey sounded, well, surprised. He really meant it? He loved her? Really?
‘Really.’ Urs smiled, finally kissing her.
Audrey wrapped her arms around Urs’ neck and returned the kiss.
When he picked her up in his arms and carried her towards the bedroom, Audrey certainly didn’t object.
Urs was so careful. So gentle with her. Taking his time. Making completely sure she was ready. Using his mouth, his tongue, his fingers on her. Kissing. Touching. Tasting. Feeling her. Audrey thought she would die with wanting. But it was oh so worth the wait.
‘Oh Auds. I love you.’ he groaned into her mouth as they came.
‘I love you Urs.’ she gasped back. Meaning and feeling every word. She never knew making love could be this intense. This passionate. Audrey wanted the feeling to never end. When it did, it felt weird not to have Urs inside her. He held her close. Whispering his love, kissing her head, face and neck until she fell asleep. Safe in his arms.

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PostSubject: Re: *Hand On Your Heart* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 3:09 pm


David and Lorna were laying in bed. On Lorna’s ring finger hand sat a gorgeous diamond ring. David had surprised her earlier with a proposal. She had been in mini shock. Marriage? To David? But not once had a rejection crossed her mind. OK, Lorna and David may have not known each other for very long, but both of them knew. That them being together was a forever thing. They connected on so many levels. They were meant to be. So, marriage was the next obvious step. Lorna happily accepted David’s proposal and they celebrated by making love. It was, both David and Lorna thought, a perfect end to a perfect day. The filming was almost done. They were in love. Happy. What more could they wish for?

Carlos and Angie were also in bed. Celebrating their quick, but rather happy marriage. On Angie’s wedding finger sat a simple but oh so very special wedding ring. It meant the world to Angie. Because it had been given to her with so much love. When Angie had started on this movie she hadn’t expected to find love. But it had happened. Angie was in love. Carlos was in love. Angie loved Carlos. Carlos loved Angie. To them, it was perfect. Magical. Now Angie had to work all this love magic on the film. To make it a success. Although, she had a feeling that it would already be a complete success.
Love really was in the air. Love was all around.

Urs couldn’t believe his luck. Here, is his arms he held the love of his life. The woman of his dreams. After Fara he doubted he would ever find love again. But then he had been fortunate to meet the beautiful Audrey. And now he had her, in his heart. In his life. In his bed. He held her even more close. Sniffing her beautiful smelling hair. Everything about her smelt beautiful. Wonderful. Amazing. Thank god for being in that bar that night. For making such an impression to become Audrey’s inspiration. For Simon too. For deciding that he, Carlos, Seb and David should do a film. For whoever it was who had chosen Audrey’s novel to be above all anyone else’s. Thank you to them all Urs thought.
Audrey murmured something in her sleep and moved even closer. Urs had been slightly scared and shocked to find out that Audrey had been a virgin. Why had she stayed one for so long? Then again, Urs had been pleased. To be the very first. He secretly hoped to be the last one too.
He hoped he hadn’t hurt her when they had had sex. He had been a little worried, about hurting her. But Audrey had seemed to like it. She had certainly moaned and groaned enough. Had sounded like she had liked it. It had certainly felt like she had liked it. Now he just hoped it hadn’t been that awful that he had put her off men, of him especially, for life. Then again, they had made love a total of three times so far. Each time Urs had been careful. Making sure she was completely ready. He loved performing oral sex on Audrey. She tasted so good. She felt so good. Mmm. Urs was in Audrey heaven. Should there be such a place. Urs had just discovered it.

The next morning, after a night of rather passionate love making, it was photo shoot time for the film. The official photographer, who had been taking photos each time a scene was shot, now had to photograph some main ones for advertising. He, John Mac, first of all took a cast photograph. Then individual ones. Now he needed to take one with Audrey, the author and screenwriter of the film in attendance. John placed a beaming Audrey and Urs next to each other. They secretly held hands.
Carlos was placed next to director Angie. Seb with Audrey one side and Lorna the other. Next to Lorna stood a beaming David. Everyone looked so happy.
‘And…smile.’ John automatically told them, even thought in this group of people there really was no need to say it.
Seb beamed. Looking straight at Fran his fiancée, who stood behind John as he photographed them all. Fran returned the beam. Then they received two surprise visits. First visit was a pleasant one. Christina Aguilera. She turned up to have her picture taken as she had just written and sung the official theme for, ‘Hand on your heart.’ It was a love song with a slightly rocker chorus.
She seemed very nice. Friendly and down to earth. Talking to everyone. Especially Audrey, telling her, ‘I loved the book.’ then she surprised her by hugging her.
Wow! Audrey thought. Christina Aguilera likes my work!
Wow. Audrey loved Christina Aguilera. She had all her albums.
Then, Jessica turned up. She floated in on a cloud of overwhelming perfume, stalked up to Urs, pushed Christina Aguilera, who had been standing, talking to him, to one side, placed her arms possessively around his neck and kissed him rather passionately. Or at least attempted to. Urs didn’t respond. She left a blood red lipstick stain on his mouth.
‘Urs, darling.’ she purred, ‘you’re mine. All mine.’ she staked her claim while glaring at Audrey, making her feel like she was something to be scrapped of the bottom of someone’s shoe. Like dog muck.
‘No Jessica.’ Urs shook her off, ‘not anymore.’ he took a step back, grabbed hold of Audrey’s hand again and pulled her close, ‘I’m with someone else. Someone I love.’ he made the mistake of telling her.
Jessica gasped, ‘Love?’ she spat. ‘Love? Since when?’ she demanded.
‘Since I met Audrey.’ he told her, smiling at his new girlfriend.
‘HA! You don’t do love. At least not…not after Fara.’ Jessica spat again.
‘Fara…?’ Audrey asked, paling in colour at this name.
Who was Fara? What did she mean to Urs? Why wasn’t she with Urs? Why weren’t they together? So many questions.
Audrey tried to pull her hand away from Urs’, but he just held on tighter.
‘Yes, I should have told you about her.’ Urs nodded, ‘I was going to…’
‘Who is Fara…?’ Audrey asked him.
‘My brother, Lucas’ fiancée.’
‘But you love her…’
‘I love you.’ Urs corrected.
‘Jessica said…’
‘Fara and I met first.’ Urs sighed, ‘then I introduced her to Lucas.’
‘Your brother stole your love?’ Audrey gasped.
‘No. Lucas gave Fara what I couldn’t.’
‘Which is…?’
‘Time. Being there when I couldn’t. She was…is, a caterer. I sing. I go on tour. Hardly conductive for a relationship.’
‘But you love…d her. Couldn’t you have made it work?’ Audrey asked.
‘No, not really.’ Urs shook his head sadly.
‘So you lost her…’
‘I let her go. I let her be happy.’
‘But you love…d her…’ Audrey repeated.
‘So I let her go.’
‘Like you’ll do with me…’ Audrey then sighed.
‘No. I won’t do that with you.’
‘You might do.’
‘No I won’t.’ Urs insisted, shaking his head defensively.
‘Why not?’
‘Because this time I know it will last.’
‘Will it?’
‘Oh yes.’ Urs smiled.
‘You sound rather…confident.’
‘I love you. I am confident.’
‘Mmm…we’ll see.’ was all Audrey could say in response.
Hearing this seriously irritated Jessica. She stamped her foot. Shook her head from side to side, moving her hair. Pouted. Glared. Muttered under her breath. All to be ignored. It wasn’t until Christina Aguilera spoke in a stage whisper into her ear, ‘Give it up girl. He isn’t interested in you.’ that she finally stormed off.
How humiliating Jessica thought. Being…dumped. Turned down. Rejected. By Urs! And in front of a superstar like Christina Aguilera. Just how very embarrassing.
That wasn’t supposed to have happened. Her, actress and oh so talented model Jessica Jackson. Getting dumped! And for what? A mousey thing like that Audrey!
Had Urs lost it completely? He must have. OK, that Audrey did have one thing going for her. Even Jessica hated to admit it, but her novel was good. Not that Jessica personally had read it. She had had it read to her. By Bryan. Oh yes. Bryan. Audrey’s ex. He had been bitter about that. That Audrey had been inspired to write such a wonderful stuff, - about another man! Even Bryan had figured that out. But he hadn’t worked out who the man had been. Jessica had only just realised. It had been Urs. The bloody little author had written, ‘Hand on your heart.’ about Urs! Such nerve! Well Jessica thought. It won’t last. Either he’ll soon get bored or she’ll write something else, about someone else. Then who would have the last laugh? Oh yes. Jessica would. When he comes crawling back she thought, I’ll make him suffer then tell him where to go. Yes. Ha. Ha. Ha. She laughed.

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PostSubject: Re: *Hand On Your Heart* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 3:15 pm


After the photo shoot had finished, and Audrey had recovered from her mini shock of both meeting Christina Aguilera face to face, and finding out that she was a lovely lady, and of seeing Jessica again and her trying to, unsuccessfully ruin her and Urs‘ relationship about mentioning Fara, Carlos and Angie sat them all down. To tell them their news. Christina had gone now. Back to America. It had only been a flying visit. Mostly for the photo shoot. She had a brand new album to write, a husband missing her and a little boy to take care of.
‘We’re…married.’ Angie announced as she and Carlos sat, side by side, holding hands.
‘Oh….wow.’ everyone spoke at once. They were all shocked a little. And surprised. But it seemed to make a lot of sense.
‘We know its probably miles too soon, but….’ Carlos attempted to explain their sudden marriage.
‘You’re in love. There’s nothing to explain.’ Audrey smiled. She wrote romances. She understood. Love did happen. Suddenly. Almost like a cold. One day you were fine. The next day you were under the weather with the bug. If you could call love a bug.
‘Exactly how we feel.’ Angie nodded, smiling.
‘This movie, it cast a spell on us.’ Lorna said, gazing at David.
‘You’re not…?’ Angie gasped.
‘We’re engaged.’ Lorna held her left hand up. Her right was encased in David’s, in her fiancé’s hand.
‘Fran…?’ Angie then asked looking at one of the brilliant new friends she had recently made on this film.
‘Me too.’ Fran beamed, holding up her engagement ring. ‘Seb proposed. Right after filming yesterday.’
‘Which, we missed. What with our secret wedding.’ Carlos nodded.
‘You honey…?’ Lorna then asked Audrey.
‘Err…no. No engagement.’ Audrey said.
‘But we are in love.’ Urs smiled, while gazing intently at her. He ached to reach out and hold her hand. To touch her. To pull her onto his lap and kiss her beautiful mouth. He loved her so, so much.
‘To which Jessica almost ruined…’ David fumed.
‘Yes, almost being the word.’ Urs pointed out.
‘Thank god she didn’t.’ Seb smiled.
‘We wouldn’t let her.’ Audrey smiled, ‘after our little…misunderstanding.’
‘Yes. About Fara.’ David nodded, knowingly.
‘Who?’ Fran asked.
‘Urs’ brother’s new fiancée. Used to date Urs.’ David explained.
‘She dumped you….for your brother?’ Angie was amazed at this. Urs. Being dumped? For his own brother? Surely he wasn’t that good looking? Or was he?
‘Err…sort of.’ Urs shrugged, not really caring anymore.
‘Strange woman.’ Angie muttered.
‘Fara fell in love with Lucas.’ Urs shrugged again. It didn’t hurt anymore. Didn’t tug on his heart like it had done in the past. Wow. You really could get over someone. Urs was amazed. Then again meeting Audrey had helped. A lot. He loved Audrey now. He wanted to be with Audrey forever. If he could come up with the courage and ask the question. Again. And not be turned down this time. Fingers crossed. But, that was for another day.
‘Still.’ said Angie.
Urs was cute. It was the one thing Angie, Lorna and Fran had agreed on. Gorgeous. And he had been dumped. For his own brother? This Lucas had better be something special then they all thought. Although they all secretly doubted it. Crazy woman. Fara. Leaving Urs. Mad, crazy woman. Oh well. Each to their own.
‘So, we have, to recap.’ Angie smiled, ‘one surprise marriage. Two engagements, one love….and…a hit movie on our hands.’
‘Hopefully.’ Lorna nodded.
‘Oh, believe me, we do have one hit, one spectacular hit movie on our hands.’ Angie smiled confidently.
‘Like we have a best selling author here.’ David smiled at Audrey. She blushed. ‘Number one in the book charts.’ he told everyone.
‘Number one?’ Fran gasped.
‘Yes, apparently the book shops keep selling out faster than new copies can be printed.’ an embarrassed Audrey told them. Her publisher, Lucinda, had contacted her earlier with the information. The book version of ‘Hand on your heart’ was currently in its eighth print run! Eighth! No debut author had managed that. Until now. People really did love Audrey’s writing. And not because of the film. For no-one knew that they were doing a film version of the book. The secret hadn’t leaked out yet.
‘This, calls for a celebration!’ Carlos declared.
‘You read my mind.’ agreed David suddenly. As if out of nowhere, a huge cake, champagne, people and balloons appeared.
Once everyone held a glass of champagne in their hands Audrey was called upon to make a speech.
‘Well…’ she blushed, ‘thank you everyone. For believing in me. In my writing…and thank you also to my inspiration.’ she looked straight at Urs, ‘Urs Buhler.’ (the man in question blushed at this praise), she said, raising her glass, ‘and to the film.’ she added.
‘To the film.’ everyone agreed in a huge toast.

After the toasts had been done, the champagne drunk, the cake eaten it was back to filming. They had a few key scenes to do before Angie and her editor could get to work. Cutting and pasting. Turning all the scenes into a movie. Putting them in order. That would take two, three weeks at least. They had about a month or so left until the film was due to make its debut in the cinemas. Quick for a film. But then again with Simon Cowell behind it, he didn’t want to wait too long to make an impact. Simon hated waiting for anything major. He lived in the here and now. So, the film wouldn’t be long in coming out he had decided before the start of filming had even begun.
The final pieces finally done, everyone left.
Lorna and David to plan their wedding.
Seb and Fran to also plan their wedding. Believe me, planning a wedding took time. A lot of time. Arranging everything. The girls paired up and planned together. Not that they were going to have a joint wedding. But, every little thing helped in something this major.
Urs and Audrey. Them to move in together. Urs had recently bought a house. Funnily enough not that far from where Audrey’s original flat was in London. He had decorating to do. He liked doing it himself. Getting his hands dirty. Knowing that the place was how it was because he personally had done it. Audrey had a few more bits on her second novel to finish of. Urs and Audrey’s new home, included a library come study which Urs felt would just be perfect for his love to sit, write and compose in. It also included four bedrooms. Urs was hoping, to have children one day. Children with Audrey. Before he had never wanted children. To be with someone long enough to have them. But with Audrey it all felt different. Perfect. Like she really was his ‘’the one’’. The one he had searched for his whole life, and now, thankfully, had finally found her. Found her in Audrey Hepburn. Author.
Only Angie and Carlos were left in Canada. Carlos was happy enough just to sit back and watch his new wife work.
She was so fierce as she and the editor made the movie make sense. She cut most of Jessica’s scenes out of the film. Her awful acting had made it unwatchable. Luckily they had managed to re-shoot most her of scenes with other actors saying her parts thanks to Audrey’s fantastic rewriting. At the end Angie could feel a definite box office smash coming on. All they had to do now was wait until the release. To see what the public thought about it all. Fingers crossed for the best. Angie’s directing career, Lorna’s acting career and Audrey’s screenwriting career all depended on it.
Be it a hit. Or a miss.
They would all soon find out.
One way. Or another.
Fingers crossed.

Last chapter next week.....

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PostSubject: Re: *Hand On Your Heart* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 3:20 pm


Now today, well, tonight was the premier. The make or break of Audrey’s screenwriting career if not her whole writing career.
To say she was nervous would be a slight understatement.
She was petrified. Scared. On nervous tender hooks.
All her hard work would make its debut tonight. Be on show.
Would the public like or hate the movie? It was OK with her writing. But the movie… Then again if they did hate it, then all that would mean was no more books she wrote would be made into films. No big deal. Not really. It would mean less work for her that’s all. No more screenwriting. Although Audrey had enjoyed that. Being completely involved from start to finish. Anyway, no use in worrying about that now. Audrey just had to concentrate on today. Here and now. She tried to slow down her breathing. Tried to relax. She swallowed down her nerves then had to rush to the toilet anyhow to be sick. Bloody nerves Audrey thought.

Lorna was also nervous. She was dressed early. Having already got changed several times into several different outfits, not knowing what would suit the best. To make the right impression.
‘Relax honey, you look fine. Wonderful.’ David tried. But he had been the same too. Feeling nervous. Not knowing what to wear to make the right impression to impress not only the public at the premier but for Lorna too. He didn’t want to let her down.
‘You look good too.’ Lorna returned the compliment.
‘How’s the….?’ David gestured to her stomach.
‘Fine. We’re fine.’ she patted her tummy.
Yes. Lorna was pregnant. Just under six weeks. Not quite the first time they had made love but still. It was certainly a baby made with love. Lorna had been slightly shocked to discover that she was pregnant. But after it had sunk in she had been over the moon. Like David had been. They had rushed the wedding forward and had had a simple ceremony only a week ago. With only Audrey and Urs in attendance as bridesmaid and best man.
Lorna would still be able to act. Should she want to once the baby had been born. She would work her career around David’s. Only filming when David wasn’t on tour so one of them could be with the baby at all times. They’d have to have a nanny. But only to help out occasionally. Both Lorna and David wanted to be hands on parents.

Fran wasn’t nervous. Although Seb was. He had come out in a slight outbreak of spots only a few days before. They had had to have Cydalia, the make-up artist on the film to come around, to teach Seb how to apply foundation to cover the spots. Cydalia was amazing at her job. She deserved an Oscar all of her own for the work she did on Seb. Cydalia was also going to the premier with her husband, Jose.
Everyone involved on the film had been invited. It was only right. They had all worked damn hard on the film and deserved all the credit they got.

Neither Carlos or Angie were nervous. They had no need to be. Angie was convinced, convinced the movie would go down a storm. That it would be a success. Everyone had worked so hard on the movie. It was a brilliant, brilliant movie. From a brilliant, intelligent, talented author. Directed by a rather brilliant director even if Angie did think so herself. So. It would do wonderfully well. There really was no need to worry. Angie crossed her fingers and sent up a prayer, hoping for the best. Just in case.

Now it was night time. The night. Audrey’s big night. And OK yes, the woman in question was nervous. She couldn’t stand still for too long. It was slightly irritating Urs. The fact that Audrey couldn’t stand still. And Urs had an important question to ask her too. He had the ring. Just needed Audrey to stay still long enough to do the asking. He coughed.
‘Is it time to go?’ Audrey asked, misinterpret ting the cough.
‘Err….no. Not yet.’ he took a quick glance at his watch. He still had time. ‘I’d…I’d like to ask you a question first.’ he smiled. The dimple appearing on his left cheek.
‘OK.’ Audrey gazed up at him. She still couldn’t believe that someone as gorgeous as Urs loved her. She waited for him to speak. She didn’t have long to wait. And what he had to say surprised her. Pleasantly surprised her. Left her gob smacked in amazed awe. She hadn’t been expecting that. Wow!
‘You want to do what?’ she asked, not quite believing her ears.
‘I’d like to marry you.’ Urs repeated.
‘I thought that was what you said…’ she mumbled, still in surprise.
‘Not quite the response I was looking for…’ Urs now sounded disappointed.
‘Sorry. Guess I was…n’t expecting that.’ she apologised.
‘I’ve been thinking about it for a while.’ he admitted.
‘Yes.’ he nodded, ‘since we first kissed.’
‘Since when…?’
‘Sorry. Guess I’ve…shocked you.’
‘Sort of.’ Audrey agreed.
‘So I’m guessing you don’t want to…’
‘No. No. I do. I do.’
‘So?’ Urs asked.
‘Repeat the question. Please?’ Audrey asked in reply.
Urs took her hand in his, ‘I love you Audrey. Please, will you marry me?’ he gazed lovingly at her.
‘Oh Urs. Yes please.’ Audrey gazed lovingly back.
He cupped her face and kissed her. Then he pulled away, took the ring out of his pocket, to which Audrey gasped at, and placed it onto her ring finger. It was such a beautiful engagement ring. A blue diamond with a white diamond on each side on a white platinum band. Blue because it matched Audrey’s beautiful blue eyes perfectly. It had taken Urs a long time to find the right ring. But once he had seen this one, he knew. That he had found the right one.
‘Oh Urs…its beautiful.’ Audrey gazed at it.
‘Just like you then.’ he replied, kissing her.
Then the car waiting outside beeped.
‘Come on.’ he took her hand, ‘your public await.’ he whispered.
‘Our public.’ Audrey corrected.
‘Tonight, its all for you.’ he returned and then, together, they walked out of their new home, and to the waiting limo.
It was time. It was Aud’s Showtime.

The movie was an overwhelming success.
Everyone loved it at its very own screening.
‘I knew the movie would be a success. Angie beamed at Carlos as they walked down the red carpet holding hands to screams and applauds.
‘See. Its all for you.’ Urs whispered into Aud’s ear as they also walked down the red carpet holding hands.
‘For us.’ Aud corrected her brand new fiancé.
‘You.’ he corrected her.
‘Us.’ Aud smiled.
‘OK. Us.’ Urs finally agreed.
‘After all, we are a partnership, aren’t we?’ she smiled.
‘Yes, we certainly are that.’ he beamed, nodding.

At the premier, Urs’ brother Lucas and his fiancé Fara turned up.
And OK. Lucas did look a little like Urs. But Angie, Lorna and Fran still thought Fara must have been mad. To prefer the older version to the young, fit, gorgeous Urs one. Oh well. Each to their own. And anyway, had Lucas not ended up with Fara, she and Urs would have still been together and therefore Urs and Audrey would have never met. Would have never fallen in love. Got together. Urs might have never become Audrey’s inspiration. She might have never written such a wonderful best seller and block buster such as, ‘Hand on your heart.’ It was funny how life turned out to be. Angela and Lily, Audrey’s two best friends also turned up to the screening, to show their support. They thought the film was the best thing they had ever seen in years. Forget Sex and the City. Hand on your heart was the film to watch out for. It was a film that was going to go places. Big places.
So. Angie was right. Hand on your heart was a success.
A box office smash. Thanks to a mixture of Audrey’s brilliant writing, the wonderful acting of Lorna and all of IL DIVO and of course Angie’s insider directing had come together, mixed and that is what they ended up with.
Something all of them could be proud of.
It made IL DIVO’s career better than before. They were singers who could act. Amazing talent.
Lorna was turned into an even better actress. An in demand actress. She won awards. Oscars. The lot. In between having David’s children. Three girls and a boy.
Named Camille Jane. Rebecca Louise. Amelia Anne and Nathaniel James.
Angie’s directing career went from strength to strength.
Each film she directed were box office smash’s.
Her and Carlos’ only child, a son, followed in her footsteps. Carlos Jose II.
Fran, with Seb’s help, turned into such a wonderful fashion designer. She ended up with a collection of shops all around the world. In places such as New York. Paris. London and of course Canada. Toronto. She and Seb had two children. Stefan Lukas and Rose May.
Audrey, everything she wrote was an instant best seller.
A number one smash. Urs continued to be her inspiration. Two other books she wrote were also turned into films. Urs even stared in one. As the main character. Lorna was his leading lady. She, Aud and Urs continued to love each other more and more everyday. They had five children.
Named Keisha Jane. Daniel James. Robert Oliver. Catherine Winter and Emily Audrey.

Hand on your heart was, as I’ve already said, was a box office smash and, when released onto Blue-ray and DVD, it sold out in hours. A bit like IL DIVO on tour!

The end…

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the wonderful Audrey, Lorna, Angie and Fran who all were brave enough to agree to be in this story.
You are all wonderful. Brilliant. Amazingly brave people.
Thank you!
Also, thank you to Urs, Seb, David and Carlos who without them none of this would have happened. Well, without Urs none of this would have happened.
Its safe to say, if I am a little crazy, that Urs is my inspiration! Well, he was until I ended up falling in love with a wonderful man named Kall....
That gorgeous man. That amazing talent. That gorgeous body.
Wow. Wow. Wow!!!

Thank you everyone for reading this work.
Hoped you liked it…
I know I enjoyed writing it.
Thanks again…..
Until the next one….!!!

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*Hand On Your Heart* By: KazyJay
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