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"We Came Here To Love".

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 *Head Over Heels* By: KazyJay

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PostSubject: *Head Over Heels* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:25 am


This is a special story I wrote for my friend Camy. I hope you like it my friend. You have David. The love of your life in this one.
To everyone else, if you like my writing, feel free to comment and if you want me to write you a story, just let me know. I love writing and so if I can write something for you I will. All I need to know is who you like the most and I’ll see what I can do. Thank you again everyone for reading this story. I hope you all like it. That is all I ask for. For you all to like my writing.
Thanks xxx

Head over heels

Starring - Urs Buhler.
David Miller.
Carlos Marin.
Sebastien Izambard.
Camille - Camy
Roberta - Roberta.
Ingrid - Ingrid.
Super Cutie - Cydalia.

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PostSubject: Re: *Head Over Heels* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:30 am


David was in a bar. Trying to get blind drunk. He had just been dumped. Again. The fourth time in as many weeks. He wondered what he was doing so wrong that no woman seemed to want to stay around him. All he wanted was to meet his ‘’the one’’, to hopefully, fall in love with her. For her to fall in love with him. To them to get on wonderfully well. So well in fact that they eventually married. Had children. A family and eventually, in the end, have a happy life together until the end of time. Just how hard was that? David didn’t know. He was beginning to lose hope. Beginning to think that he just wasn’t meant to be with anyone. Just didn’t deserve to love and to be loved. He sighed. A long, desperate sigh. Then his mobile rang. With a shaky hand he dragged it out of his pocket. He looked at the caller ID. Aah. It was Urs.
‘Ursy!’ he answered the phone with, ‘how are you matie?’
‘Wondering…where you are.’ Urs replied.
‘I’m in…where am I?’ he asked the bartender, David repeated his location back to Urs, ‘Come…and get me!’
‘I’ll be there soon. Try not to get too drunk Dave.’
‘Too late Ursy.’ David hiccupped down the phone before disconnecting the call. He then accidentally dropped the phone. ‘Oops!’ he laughed, wobbling on his feet as he bent to retrieve the phone.
In no time at all, Urs appeared in the bar.
‘There you are mate! What took you so long!’ David hugged him, almost strangling him in the process.
‘Obviously I should have arrived earlier…’ Urs took in the state his friend was in.
‘Join me?’ David held his empty glass up.
‘OK, I’ll have one.’ Urs sighed.
‘Yeah, one more bottle than me!’
David and Urs proceeded to drink. David got even more drunker. Urs, it seemed, didn’t. He watched his friend steadily damage his liver.
‘I’m guessing, you were dumped, again?’ Urs came straight out with it.
‘Yep. Again.’ David nodded, sighing.
‘Oh mate…’
‘Guess I should try being you… the love ‘em and leave ‘em type, eh?’ David nudged his friend.
‘Yeah, maybe you should.’ Urs nodded. If only you knew he thought, watching David. If only you knew the truth about me.
‘Come on mate, time to go..’ he then said, helping David to stand.
‘But I’m not drunk enough..’ David slurred.
‘Oh, I disagree. Come on…’
‘Promise you’ll stay my friend forever Ursy?’
‘You know I always will.’ Urs nodded.
‘I love you Ursy..’ David then slurred.
‘I know Dave, I love you too.’
‘No, I mean really, really love, love you!’
‘I know mate.’ Urs nodded.
‘Kiss me Ursy?’ David then surprised him by asking.
‘Eh…?’ Urs stopped in his tracks.
‘Kiss me Ursy?’ David repeated.
‘You’re drunk…’
‘I know you want to. I’ve seen the way you look at me…’
‘Kiss me. It’ll be your only chance.’
‘OK. I will do.’ so Urs leaned forward, placed his mouth on David’s, and kissed him. David returned the kiss. Using his tongue. Urs groaned and deepened it.
‘Come with me..’ David then whispered, pulling away and taking Urs’ hand.
Once in David’s bedroom, he and Urs resumed their kissing. Then, when David started undressing Urs he didn’t stop him, or reject him. Just returned the kiss. Returned the touching. Urs was quite interested to see David naked. It was something he had kept dreaming about for quite a long time. Kissing David. Touching him was like a dream come true for Urs. For as long as Urs could remember he had been in love with David. Urs wasn’t a ladies man. Far from it. Oh, he had pretended that he was interested in women, for appearances sake, but that was all. It was appearances that mattered when you were in a popular musical group. In the public eye all the time. He could hardly come out as being gay or at least interested in men when you had hundreds of women imagining they were in love with you daily. So, for appearances sake Urs lied. To everyone. About his true feelings. So when his dream came true of course he was going to act on it. I mean, who wouldn’t?
So Urs kissed David. Touched David. Made love to him with his mouth. David repaid the gesture. Each did the other, several times. Oral sex. Touching. Kissing. Intimately touching and kissing. They did everything but have full sex. After all David was drunk at the time. And Urs didn’t want to have full sex with him while he couldn’t remember it in the morning. He wanted his first time with David to be remembered. By David. He didn’t want regrets or recriminations in the morning. So instead, after oral sex, they snuggled up together and slept. Urs held David in his arms and thanked god he had had the chance to finally get this far with him. Plus, Urs himself had never actually had sex with another man. Or with a woman come to that. He didn’t like women. He didn’t want to sleep with a woman. To have sex with one. He wouldn’t know what to do with one anyway, or would he? Anyway, he was waiting. For the right man. (Or woman. You never know. Urs might not be completely gay or gay at all) Waiting for the love of his life. David maybe.

The next morning David woke up first. His immediate thought was, ‘Hey, Natalie and I are back together.’ for he found himself snuggled up to someone with brown curly hair. Without thinking he started snuggling up to their neck. His hands began to wander. He reached for their breast. Only to find a flat, rather hairy chest. David blinked and shook himself awake. He moved his hands slowly, carefully away and sat up.
‘Urs…’ he finally recognised his bedfellow. What was he doing in bed, with Urs? What had happened to Natalie? Then he suddenly remembered. Well, the Natalie part anyway. He sighed to himself over that. Losing her.
‘Wha…?’ Urs stretched in his sleep.
‘Urs.’ David muttered, poking him in the shoulder with a finger.
‘URS.’ David finally shouted.
‘Where’s the fire?’ Urs sat up, looking bewildered.
‘’You’re in my bed…’
‘Oh. David. Hi.’ Urs turned and blinked at him.
‘….Naked.’ David then realised, he looked down at himself, ‘as, am I…’
‘Oh. That. Yeah.’ Urs nodded then stretched.
‘Why are you…in my bed?’
‘You don’t remember last night?’
‘No.’ David shook his head, ‘why…what happened?’
‘You….I mean, we…we got drunk.’
‘Natalie dumped me…’
‘I called you…from a bar…’
‘Yep. Err….anything else? Urs then asked.
David shook his head, ‘Not…that I can remember. Why?’
‘Oh. No reason.’ he sounded, disappointed David thought. But why would Urs be disappointed? No. No. It was first thing in the morning and David’s ears were playing tricks on him. They had to be.
‘Phew!’ David breathed a sigh of relief. Thanking his lucky stars nothing had happened between himself and his best friend. His best male, MALE friend. Phew!
‘Why?’ Urs asked again.
‘Because we’re…well, in bed. Naked.’
‘So I’ve noticed.’
‘Naked.’ David repeated.
‘I know. I heard you the first time.’
‘Why…?’ David then asked.
‘Why what?’ Urs blinked.
‘Why are you…why are we both naked?’
‘I don’t know.’ Urs lied, ‘I can’t remember, can you?’
‘Err…no. No I can’t.’ David shook his head.
‘Then don’t worry about it.’
‘You’re not…gay are you Urs?’
‘Eh? What?’ he nervously laughed, moving himself away from temptation.
‘Gay?’ David repeated.
‘Whatever has given you that idea?’
‘Nothing. Its just that…’
‘Just what?’ Urs asked, almost demanding.
‘Well….you don’t seem to date.’
‘I do.’
‘When? When?’
‘I…I….OK, tell you what I’ll show you.’
‘Show me? Show me how?’ David asked.
‘Tonight. Tonight we’ll go out. And you can watch me. Pick up a woman.’ Urs decided.
‘OK. We’ll do that.’ David agreed.
Urs sighed a silent sigh. What had he let himself in for? First of all he had lied. To his best friend. And all because he was scared. Of what would happen should David find out the truth. That he, Urs Toni Buhler, had been secretly in love with him ever since they had met, four years ago. That Urs didn’t want to date women when they weren’t what did it for him. David did it for him. David and only David. Did that make Urs gay? Being in love with a man. Only one man mind. Only David. He didn’t seem, didn’t feel attracted to other men like he did with, like he did to David. Well, Urs wasn’t going to start labelling himself just yet. So instead he had set himself this stupid challenge. To try and pull a woman. To prove to David exactly what he wasn’t, even thought he felt that he was. Gay…or…or whatever.


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PostSubject: Re: *Head Over Heels* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:33 am


As a cheat, you could call it, but considering his luck with women, he had to do something, something drastic, or so he thought, Urs rang one of his best female friends. Luckily it was a friend David had never met before, thankfully, to help him. Or so he hoped she would. He was desperate. Desperate.. Somehow, don’t ask how, but somehow he had managed, somehow, as I said before, to keep his two best friends away from each other. Luckily he had or he would be really and truly stuck. Trying to prove that he was something he wasn’t. Whatever that was.
‘Camy, I’m in need of some help…’ he admitted to her after announcing it was him calling her. He didn’t bother with the hellos, how are you kind of thing. He just went straight to the point. He was like, ‘Camy, its Urs. I need help.’ why bother with being nice when getting straight to the point saved a hell of a lot of time.
‘Tell me?’ she sighed down the phone.
‘I…I kind of promised, that I’d chat someone up, tonight.’
‘Yes, and?’
‘And…and I was wondering…’ he started to say.
‘Oh no. No.’
‘No Urs. No.’
‘Camille…’ he used her full name.
‘OK.’ she relented, feeling herself melt, ‘what do I have to do?’
‘Pretend…that you and I don’t know each other..’
‘So you can chat me up, right?’ she guessed the rest of his sentence.
‘Who is he?’
‘Your friend David?’ Camy gasped down the phone.
‘That’s the one.’
‘You’re in love…’
‘I don’t know.’
‘What then…?’ Camy asked.
‘We…kind of got drunk…’ Urs started to say.
‘OK. Go on…?’
‘And…and ended up in bed, together.’
‘You slept with him?’ Camy gasped.
‘Not really…’ Urs sighed.
‘What then?’
‘We…had oral sex.’
OK.’ Camy could well imagine that. Urs, naked and aroused. Lucky, lucky David seeing that.
‘Only…now David can’t remember…’
‘And you didn’t tell him.’
‘I couldn’t…’
‘And now I’m guessing, correct me if I’m wrong, he called you gay and you want to prove him wrong?’
‘I knew there was a reason you were my best female friend.’
‘So you want to…to deceive him…’
‘I don’t Camy, I don’t.’ Urs interrupted.
‘OK. You want to lie to him.’ she then corrected. Deceive. Lie. It meant the same thing. Only Urs being a Swiss didn’t know that bit. Not that he was thick. Because he most certainly wasn’t. He just didn’t understand the meaning of some words. They needed to be simple for him to understand. Not every word. Just a few. Like lying and such like. Cheat Camy!
‘Only because…’
‘OK. You don’t have to explain.’ Camy let out a long sigh, ‘I must be mad. Crazy.’ she muttered, ‘but I’ll do it.’ she then told him.
‘Oh Camy! I love you!’ Urs smiled down the phone.
‘If only you did…’ she sighed again.
‘If I did love a woman…you would be it.
‘Yeah. Yeah. I know. I know.’
‘Thank you.’
‘OK. Say it again.’ Camy then asked.
‘Camille.’ he said her full name again. Each time he called her Camille, by her full name, it made her shiver in complete pleasure. At the same time Urs and Camy had met, at least two years ago, she had fallen in love with him on sight. At the precise moment he had opened his mouth and admitted to her that he thought he might be gay or at least bi-sexual. Camy thought, that a man looking like Urs it was such a shame. Such a waste. He was gorgeous. And he was possibly wasting away fancying completely the wrong sex. There just wasn’t any justice in this world. Urs had women throwing themselves daily at him wherever he went. But he just wasn’t interested. Camy hoped, that soon he would come to realise, that him liking men was just a faze. Not because she herself wanted him. She just wanted him to be happy within himself. To be settled down with the love of his life. Hopefully that would be with a woman. He needed to be with a woman rather than a man. She just needed him to come to his senses now and realise that for himself. If only he would. All those women, missing out, because he was convinced, convinced that he liked men better. What a waste. What a complete waste he was becoming.

Urs took great care with his appearance that night. He knew he would have to at least pretend to be interested in who he would be flirting with. Camy. And knew so he would need to make a good impression. He took time. Shaving. He preferred to grow a beard when not doing IL DIVO things so had quite a beard to shave away. Also, it helped him being not recognised. No-one, apart from the odd woman, tended to look twice at him when he was scruffy. It was his way of hiding himself away from the world. Then he bathed. Showering, washing himself all over. Making sure he smelt good. Then he searched his wardrobe. Looking for the right outfit to ‘’impress’’ Camy with. He finally settled on a pair of designer jeans and a figure hugging t-shirt. Practically the only t-shirt he owned which didn’t advertise his most favourite thing in the whole world - motorbikes. He styled his hair. Making it look curly. To his own eyes he looked OK. To everyone else that night who saw him, both female and the odd gay male, which there were a few in the bar he and David went to, he looked like sex on legs. Horny. Desirable. Handsome. Sexy. Fanciable.
Even David had to suppress a whistle on seeing Urs. He looked good. Heck. He looked more than good.
‘Looking…good.’ he told him on seeing Urs.
‘Thought I’d make an impression, if I pulled out all the stops.’ Urs blushed.
‘You’re sure to pull tonight.’ David winked and nudged him.
‘I’m hoping. Hey, you might to.’ Urs replied, trying not to sound too upset at the very idea. Of David. Dating. A woman.

As David liked women. He wasn’t interested in men no matter how much Urs so wished that he was. He wished, that one day he, David, would wake up and realise. That he was in love. With a man. With Urs. But that was just a dream, a fantasy on Urs’ part for it was never going to happen. Not with his luck when it came to men and dating them. Zero chance. Zero. Oh well.
‘So, where shall we go then?’ David asked, ignoring the remark about him pulling tonight. It was the last thing he wanted to do. He was still upset about Natalie dumping him.
‘How about the bar you were in last night?’
‘Err…OK.’ David nodded.
Urs breathed a sigh of relief. That was where he had arranged to meet up, and flirt with, Camy.
‘Lets go then.’ Urs beamed.


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PostSubject: Re: *Head Over Heels* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:34 am


As soon as Urs and David walked into the place, the bar in which David had got completely drunk in the night before and had kissed Urs in, he spotted Camy right away. She looked good tonight Urs happily noticed. She was wearing jeans. And a tight t-shirt. Showing her figure off. He gave her a shy smile. Then noticed she was with someone. Another woman. He groaned inwardly. She wouldn’t, would she? No. Camy wouldn’t dare. At least not tonight.
‘Hey, you’ve pulled already.’ David smiled, noticing the cute woman Urs had just smiled at. She was beautiful David noticed. Long black curly looking hair. She was currently fiddling with an earring. A big hooped one. At first he thought it had come undone, then David noticed that she kept doing it. Here was a woman who couldn’t stay still. Not for a second. But that didn’t put him of her. It was just a shame, in a sad way, that she seemed to be interested in Urs and not him. Oh well. If she liked Urs then Urs it was. He wouldn’t go competing with his friend for a woman’s affections. He wasn’t that type of friend. If she liked Urs and Urs liked her then that is who would get the pleasure of knowing her. Oh well. But she was exceptionally sexy David thought in those tight jeans and matching tight t-shirt. Showing of her curves. Her figure. Her glorious looking body. Oh well.
Urs ordered two drinks and sent them over to Camy and her friend. He included a note which luckily David didn’t notice him writing. He was too busy staring at Camy at the time of writing, ‘I thought you were coming alone.’ he wrote.
As soon as Camy read the note she got out her mobile and sent Urs a text back, ‘I never promised that I would. C xx.’ Urs read it. Sighed. Then deleted the text.
‘Problem?’ David commented on the sigh.
‘Ex-girlfriend problem.’ he lied.
‘Yeah. Err…Antonia.’ Urs nodded.
‘Never heard of..’
‘We broke up. A long time ago. Every now and again she sends me a text.’
‘Begging to get back with you eh?’ David playfully nudged him.
‘Yeah, something like that.’
Then Camy and her friend came over.
‘Hi.’ Camy smiled at Urs. Pretending not to know who he was.
‘Hi.’ he smiled back.
‘Thanks for the…’ she raised her glass.
‘That’s OK.’
‘I’m Camy, this, is Roberta.’ Camy introduced herself and her friend.
‘Hi, I’m Urs, David.’
‘Hi.’ David smiled.
‘Hi.’ Camy smiled back.
Urs coughed, loudly. He could start to sense that introducing Camy and David was suddenly a bad thing to do. A bad thing indeed. He could feel something in the air when they looked at each other. Something like lust or love maybe.
‘Hi Urs, I’m Roberta.’ she, Camy’s unwanted friend held out a hand towards a now scowling Urs.
‘Hi Roberta.’ Urs shook her hand, without looking at her.
‘Want to dance?’ Roberta asked him all the same. She was gazing at him Camy noticed. Oh how sweet. Roberta liked Urs. If only he could pay the same amount of interest in her. Oh well.
‘I don’t do dancing.’ he replied.
‘Camy, would you like to dance?’ David then asked.
‘Err…sure. OK.’ she blushed.
Urs fumed. So much for Camy flirting with him tonight.
Roberta stood besides him, tapping her foot.
‘I don’t do dancing.’ Urs repeated.
‘I know. Camy told me.’ she replied.
‘Eh…what?’ he turned to finally look at her. To stare at her.
‘Camy. She told me.’
‘Told you what?’
‘That you wanted her, to come tonight, so you could pretend to pick her up.’
‘Oh. I see… did she, tell you the reason why?’
‘She said, that you were shy.’ Roberta smiled.
‘Oh. Right. OK.’
‘Are you?’
‘What do you think?’
‘I think not.’
‘OK, anything else?’
‘No, that’s it.’ Roberta shook her head.
‘Right. OK.’ Urs narrowed his eyes at her.
Roberta just smiled back.
Urs thought, she reminded him of someone.
‘You look familiar.’ he told her.
‘Oh? Do I?’
‘Yes. You do.’
‘Are you…famous?’
‘No. Don’t think so.’
‘I’ve seen you before then. Somewhere.’
‘No. Don’t think so.’
‘Sure?’ Urs asked.
‘Unless, you’ve spent a lot of time in Holland.’
‘You’re Dutch..?’
‘How do you know Camy then?’
‘We work together.’
‘Right. OK.’ Urs nodded.
‘We’re both designers, in case you didn’t know what Camy did.’ Roberta offered.
‘I did, actually.’ he lied. Actually, he had no idea what Camy did for a living until Roberta had told him. But he wasn’t about to admit to that. Not in front of Roberta.
‘Where did you and Camy meet?’ Roberta then asked.
‘At a concert.’
‘Oh. What sort of concert?’
‘Eh?’ Roberta blinked.
‘David, two other friends and I, are in an opera group.’
‘Oh. So it was your concert then…’
‘Any good?’
‘We’re called IL DIVO.’ Urs told her.
‘Nope.’ Roberta shook her head, ‘never heard of them.’
‘Sorry to disappoint.’
‘No, no its OK.’
‘What sort do you…do?’
‘We sing pop songs in the form of opera.’ he told her.
‘Interesting…’ Roberta nodded.
‘We’re quite good. Apparently.’
‘Must check out a CD sometime then.’
‘Yes, do that.’ he almost snapped. Still feeling rather angry with Camy. With himself too. For putting her and himself in this position.
‘But at this…concert, Camy never met David.’ Roberta then said.
‘No. She didn’t.’
‘Why not?’
‘We….Camy and I…met after, in a bar.’
‘You picked her up.’
‘She picked you up then?’ Roberta asked.
‘No.’ Urs said again.
‘What then?’
‘We…became friends.’
‘Nothing else?’
‘Why not?’
‘You ask a lot of questions.’
‘I like asking questions.’
‘You’re nosey.’
‘I’ve been called that before.’ Roberta smiled.
‘Very nosey.’
‘Wow! That was fun!’ Camy and David were back now, from their very, very long dance.
‘Camy, would you like to dance?’ Urs asked her.
‘Err…OK.’ she smiled.

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PostSubject: Re: *Head Over Heels* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:35 am


‘I am not going to pretend to flirt with her.’ Urs hissed into Camy’s ear as they danced. Or at least Camy danced. Urs followed her lead. As dancing went Urs had no rhythm whatsoever. He would make a useless dancer Camy thought leading him around the dance floor. Other couples managed OK. Dancing. It was just Camy, having to lead Urs around the floor which made the dance floor look a little untidy. Also Camy had to watch as all the gay men in the place check Urs out as they past. Most of them stared longingly at his bottom. Not that Urs was seeing any of this. He was too angry with her to notice anything. Silly man. Probably missing the man of his dreams out on this dance floor. Oh well. More fool him.
‘You don’t have to…’
‘You ran of. With David!’ Urs hissed.
‘We had a dance!’ Camy cried.
‘You’re supposed to be flirting with me.’ Urs tried again.
‘He asked me to dance. I could hardly turn him down!’
‘You had a long dance.’
‘It was a long song.’
‘It was two long songs Camy.’ Urs pointed out.
‘Oh…sorry.’ she apologised.
‘You’re here, so I can pretend to flirt with you.’ Urs then reminded her the reason they were here, in this bar, dancing. Or at least trying to dance.
‘I know Urs. And I’m sorry..’ she sighed.
‘Not half as sorry as I am.’ he muttered in reply.
‘I’ll…I’ll make it up to you.’
‘And bringing your friend along. Whatever possessed you?’ he carried on, practically ignoring her.
‘Rob was lonely..’
‘She reminds me of someone.’
‘Oh? Does she?’ Camy asked, looking him straight in the eyes.
‘Yes. But I can’t remember who…’
‘You like Rob then.’
‘I didn’t say that.’ Urs muttered.
‘No. I know.’ Camy agreed, ‘but still.’
‘Who, does she look like to you?’ he then asked.
Her reply surprised him. ‘David.’ she said.
‘Eh…what?’ he laughed.
‘David.’ she repeated.
‘No she doesn’t!’ he laughed louder.
‘Same colour hair and eyes.’ Camy pointed out.
She was right. Roberta did look like David. A female David. Same colour eyes. Grey blue in colour. Same hair colour too. Even same style, although Roberta’s was longer. A lot longer. Shoulder length long.
Urs searched her out. She was currently talking to David. Laughing at something he had said. Urs blinked. She even laughed like David. Head thrown back, showing her throat. He blinked again. Yep. Camy was right. Roberta reminded Urs of David. Of the one man he loved. Roberta was a female version of David.
‘Weird…’ he muttered.
‘See, I told you.’ Camy smiled.
‘Doesn’t mean anything thought.’ he then quickly snapped.
‘No, of course not. I know that.’
‘She’s your friend. Not mine.’
‘I know that Urs.’
‘Yours. Not mine.’ he reminded her again like she was stupid, or something.
‘She could be your friend…’
‘Oh no. No.’
‘You were supposed to help me tonight. You.’
‘I know that, but I…’
‘What? You what?’
‘I kind of said, I’d…date David.’ he had asked her while they had been dancing. Seeing David up close and gazing into his eyes, Camy had completely forgotten the reason they were here, in this bar tonight. She could only see David. Hear David. She ached to touch him. To kiss him. To be alone with him and only him. She missed not being near him as she danced around the dance floor with the wrong man. Urs not David. Urs. The wrong man.
‘Camille!’ he squeaked. Oh poor Urs. Bringing along Camy, his friend to help out. Only for her and his love, or rather the man he loved to end up getting along so well that they wanted to date each other not long after just meeting up for the first time. Oh well. Oops.
‘You were here. For me. Me.’
‘I know. And I am.’
‘So I could flirt with you.’
‘I know. I do remember.’
‘You. You. No one else. You.’
‘I know, but…’
‘Oh no. No.’
‘Urs…’ Camy tried.
‘I said NO.’ he emphasised the word.
‘She won’t bite you.’
‘I don’t care if she did.’
‘Well then…’
‘I told you. I don’t do women.’
‘I know.’
‘And Roberta…is a woman.’
‘You noticed.’ Camy tried to keep the sarcasm out of her voice.
‘And she’d want…’
‘Touching. Kissing.’ he shuddered or so Camy thought.
‘No she wouldn’t.’
‘Eh? Why not?’
‘I told Rob…’
‘Oh Camy!’ he interrupted.
‘….that your heart is broken, and so need time, a lot of time, to get over…her.’ she finished.
‘Oh. Right.’
‘You know I would never tell your secret Urs.’
‘I know you wouldn’t. Sorry.’ he apologised in a sigh, ‘but she told me you said I was shy.’
‘Well, you are, aren’t you?’
‘Around women I am. Yes.’ he nodded. And around some men. Like the one man he mostly wanted. David. Lovely, gorgeous David. Oh well.
‘Well then.’
‘Sorry.’ he apologised again.
‘That’s OK.’
‘You know I love you, don’t you?’ he asked.
‘I know Urs. You love me.’ she sighed then added ‘As friends.’ and nodded.
‘If I could…’
‘I’d be the one. I know.’ Camy nodded again.
‘We’d better…’
‘Go teach you how to flirt with Roberta.’
‘If I have to.’ he sighed.
‘As I already said. She won’t bite.’
‘I know. I know.’
‘She’s nice Urs. You’ll like her.’
‘Just as long as she knows friendship is all that she’s getting…Nothing else.’
‘Nothing else. I promise.’ but Camy crossed her fingers behind her back. She wanted her friend Urs to be happy. And to be happy with a woman. Hopefully, that woman would soon be the lovely Roberta.

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Urs then had to watch Camy go back and flirt with David. While he was stuck with Roberta. As a woman went she was actually OK. Funny. Witty even. She made him laugh. Plus, she knew thing or to about rock music and motorbikes.
‘Camy told you about me…’ he said.
‘Eh? What?’ she asked.
‘Camy. She told you, about my interests.’
‘No, she didn’t.’
‘OK then, tell me, what is your favourite motorbike?’
‘I love Harleys.’
‘Yeah. But I bet you couldn’t spot one from the sound.’
‘OK. Lets go outside and test the theory.’ Roberta smiled.
‘You’re on.’
‘I do love a challenge.’
Outside, Urs and Roberta walked around for a while. Until they reached the parking lot where several cars and bikes were parked, waiting for their owners. Roberta per piously walked up to one particular bike. It was a Harley Urs noticed. His eyes widened as he looked it over.
‘This.’ Roberta placed a hand on the handle bar, ‘is a Harley.’
‘A nice one too.’ Urs whistled. Then he noticed the number plate, ‘Its…yours.’
‘Yep. This little baby is all mine.’ Roberta smiled.
The number plate read, ‘ROBERTA28.’
‘Your…age?’ he remarked on the number plate.
‘It…was a birthday present, from an ex.’ Roberta blushed.
‘You still love him…’
‘God no. No.’ she laughed, ‘especially not after what he did.’
‘Which was….? No, sorry. Didn’t mean to be so nosey.’ Urs apologised.
‘Its OK. I don’t mind talking about it.’
‘Go on….?’
‘He stole a lot of money from me.’ Roberta told him.
‘Not nice.’
‘No. That’s why I find it hard to trust, especially men nowadays.’ she sighed.
‘But I’m not a man.’ Urs surprised her by saying.
‘I mean I am. Of course I am. But not at this moment, here, now I am a friend. And only a friend.’ he explained.
‘Thanks. I need a friend. A good friend.’ Roberta smiled.
‘I’m good at being friends.’
‘I know. Camy told me.’
‘And only friends.’ he then said.
‘I know.’ Roberta repeated, ’Camy told me.’
‘So, no misunderstandings OK.’
‘OK.’ she nodded.
‘I don’t do love. I don’t do relationships.’
‘I know Urs. I understand. Friendship and only friendship.’
‘Yes. Exactly.’
‘Except for tonight…’
‘You need me, to pretend to be your…’
‘Flirting partner. Yes.’
‘OK. Will do.’ Roberta nodded and smiled.
‘Shall we go back inside then?’ Urs asked.
‘You mean to say, you don’t want a ride?’ she gestured to the bike.
‘Later.’ Urs nodded.
‘Later.’ she agreed.

Inside David and Camy were getting on like a house on fire.
Laughing and joking. Like they had known each other all their lives. They looked good together Urs noticed. They matched. He felt happy and sad all at the same time. Happy that both David and Camy seemed to have found each others’ perfect partner. And sad that that perfect partner couldn’t be Urs, at least for David. Had, while accidentally introducing these two people, his two best friends, had Urs completely lost his chance with David forever? He knew, deep inside, that he and David could never be together. Not truly. But still. Oh well. At least seeing David happy with the right woman would have to do. He supposed. But it still wasn’t fair. Not really and truthfully. Not fair at all. He sighed to himself.
‘They do make a good pair, don’t they?’ Roberta, completely misreading the sigh, asked.
‘Yeah. Suppose.
‘Unless of course you love Camy yourself…’
‘You could say that.’ Urs agreed.
‘Then go and tell her.’ Roberta urged.
‘No. No I can’t.’
‘I hope you don’t mind pining from afar then..’
‘I’m used to it. By now.’ Urs sighed again.
‘That’s what happens. When you’re shy.’
‘I’ll get over it…’
‘I don’t mind, helping you..’ Roberta offered.
‘No. No. Its OK. Anyway, as you said, they do make a good pair.’
‘But if Camy knew how you felt…’
‘She doesn’t.’
‘Then you should…’
‘No.’ Urs interrupted her, ‘no. Leave it.’
‘But Urs….’
‘I said leave it.’ he barked this time.
‘OK.’ Roberta sighed. When he wasn’t looking she sadly shook her head. It was a waste. Urs mooning over the woman he loved when he could, with a few simple words, be with her. Be holding her in his arms. Kissing her. Touching her. Making her his. Such a shame. Roberta sighed again. Such a waste. Urs was rather tasty she couldn’t help but notice. And here he was, wasting away loving someone who didn’t even know. Well, Roberta was determined to do all she could to help him. He was, after all, now one of her friends.
If only she knew the truth thought Urs. I don’t fancy Camy. I don’t want Camy. I want, I fancy the man she is with. David. But that is a relationship, a fantasy that can never be. So instead here I am, pretending to moon over the wrong person. For sympathy. And it works! She has the very nerve to feel sorry for me. Like I’m a sad sap. Which, I suppose I am. But all the same. I don’t need sympathy. Not from her. Not from anyone. Well, apart from David. But there I need something a lot more. I need his love. His attention. Oh well. Urs let out a loud, sad, sigh.
‘Come on, lets dance…and flirt.’ he told Roberta.
‘OK. I’m all yours.’ she winked.
Urs scowled back. ‘Sorry.’ she apologised.

‘Urs, seems to be enjoying himself.’ David smiled fondly at his friend. Urs and Roberta were dancing. Or at least Roberta was dancing. Urs was trying, badly, to copy her as she moved about. Urs might be a man with a beautiful voice but when it came to dancing, expressing himself in music, he had no rhythm. At all.
‘So he does,’ Camy smiled.
‘I think, that could be the start of a wonderful relationship.’ David nodded in the direction of his friend and Roberta.
‘That’s what I’m hoping.’
‘Roberta, seems to be a female Urs.’ David laughed.
‘Just what I was thinking too.’ Camy admitted.
‘He needs someone nice.’
‘Roberta, is certainly nice.’
‘Out going.’
‘Rob is that too.’ Camy agreed.
‘Urs needs…looking after.’
‘You’re…worried about him.’ Camy suddenly realised.
‘That, I am.’ David sadly agreed.
‘Why…?’ she asked.
‘For a long time, I thought he might be…well, gay!’
‘Gay? Urs?’
‘Why…I mean, what gave you that idea?’ Camy was rather interested to find out the answer. She looked closely at David and waited for an explanation. She didn’t have long to wait.
‘A few things. The fact he hasn’t dated any woman, for well, years.’
‘He could be looking for the right woman.’ Camy offered.
‘Except, he never looked. Not ever.’
‘Oh. Right.’ she nodded.
‘Plus, the other night we got drunk.’
‘Nothing to worry with that. Occasionally.’
‘But in the morning, when we woke up…’
‘Go on?’ Camy urged.
‘We woke up…in the same bed.’ David sighed.
‘OK. That can happen…’
‘Naked.’ he interrupted.
‘Naked?’ she asked.
‘Yes.’ he nodded.
‘And even though Urs claims we didn’t do anything…I’ve a feeling we did.’ he sighed again.
‘What gives you that idea…?’
‘I found semen stains. In the bed.’
‘And my jaw ached.’
‘Why would it ache?’ he asked.
‘I don’t know…’
‘Unless I’d…we’d…’
‘Had oral sex?’ Camy offered.
‘Well…yes.’ he nodded.
‘Doesn’t mean that you did.’
‘Urs’ jaw…also looked…achy.’
‘There could have been a hundred…a thousand, reasons why…’
‘No. We had…oral sex.’
‘And you’re…uncomfortable with that?’ Camy asked.
‘But you can’t be certain that you did…’
‘Nor, can I be certain that we didn’t.’ David pointed out.
‘True. True.’ Camy nodded.
‘And if we did…’
‘What? Would it change your friendship?’
‘I…I don’t think so…’
‘If you’re worried, you’ve one simple solution. Ask Urs.’
‘I did, already.’
‘And…?’ Camy asked, even though she already knew the answer.
‘He denied it.
‘Well then.’
‘But I think…that he…that he…’
‘That he what David?’ Camy probed.
‘That he…’ he swallowed, ‘fancies me…’
‘If, and that is a big if, if Urs is attracted to men, to you, wouldn’t he be currently chatting up you, or another man?’
‘Because look.’
David looked at Urs. He was currently laughing with Roberta.
‘He’s flirting with her David. Roberta. A woman.’
‘I know…’
‘Not pretending. But flirting. For real. He likes her. You can see that.’
Anyone could see that. Urs’ body language, and Roberta’s, showed that they did like each other. They were standing close. Closer than just two friends really should stand next to each other. Not touching but almost.
‘I know that..’ David muttered.
‘Not something, I think you’ll agree, that you could fake easily.’ Camy sensibly pointed out.
‘No. No you’re right. Of course.’ David finally agreed.
‘Unless of course, you’re jealous.’
‘Eh? What?’ he laughed.
‘Jealous.’ Camy repeated.
‘Of what…?’ he asked.
‘Urs’ interest in a woman.’
‘No. No.’ he laughed.
‘Well then…’
‘I’m just glad he’s found someone.’ David quickly said.
‘Right. OK.’ Camy nodded.
‘I am. I am.’ he insisted.
‘Its OK David. I believe you.’
‘Good. Good.’ he nodded and smiled.
Camy returned the smile. Interesting she thought. Very interesting. Maybe, just maybe, Urs wasn’t barking up the wrong tree there after all in his liking David. Maybe, just maybe, somewhere inside, David felt it too. The attraction. The love. It wouldn’t be too surprising. These two men had worked closely for years. It was possible for love to develop over time. Not at all surprising. But it signalled bad news for Camy. For she liked David. Really liked him. Had fallen in love with him on first sight. Oh well. If she could make him happy then that would have to do. To see her best male friend, Urs and the man she now loved, David, happy. Together if need be. Oh well. Oh well. She sighed a silent sigh. Oh well.

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The night progressed. Urs and Roberta continued to get on, as friends only, rather well. So did David and Camy. Then Camy got an idea. She and Roberta disappeared into the ladies, leaving Urs and David so they could talk in private.
‘I need you to leave.’ Camy told Roberta, coming straight to the point.
‘Eh? Leave? Why?’ she asked in confusion.
‘I need to test a theory I have, about Urs and David.’
‘Oh? Do tell?’ Roberta asked, sounding interested.
‘I think…David likes Urs. And I don’t mean as just a friend.’
‘Oh Camy…I’m so sorry.’
‘Its OK.’ she faked a bright sunny, smile. ‘I’ll get over it. If.’ she paused, ‘my theory is right.’
‘OK. I’ll go.’ Roberta nodded.
‘Thanks Rob.’ Camy hugged her, ‘call you tomorrow OK?’
‘If you don’t, I certainly will.’ she replied, regrettably walking away. Leaving her friend upset, if her theory was correct about David and Urs and the nature of their relationship.

‘Where’s…Roberta gone?’ Urs asked once Camy had emerged from the ladies, alone.
‘Home.’ she told him.
‘Oh…is everything OK?’
‘She….had a headache.’ Camy lied.
‘Should she be going alone, riding her motorbike then?’ Urs enquired.
‘Oh, she said she’d take a taxi.’ Camy lied again.
‘Right. OK.’ Urs nodded, seeming satisfied with her explanation. ‘Anyway, I thought you both would like, to continue this, at my place?’ Camy smiled at them.
‘Eh…?’ Urs stared.
Camy stared back. Then nodded towards David.
‘Oh…OK.’ he smiled a wide smile, getting her meaning or so Camy hoped he did.
David just smiled. He would get to be with Camy. OK, not alone, with her. But he could easily lose Urs, couldn’t he? He would certainly have a good try.

The next morning a hazy David woke up. In bed. With Camy laying one side. Good. Result. And…and Urs the other. Eh? David blinked. Yep. It was Urs. All three of them were naked. In bed. The night before started coming back to David. He remembered going back to Camy’s flat. Drinking. Drinking a lot. Then Camy suggesting sex. She had always wanted a threesome, or so she claimed. And as she liked both David and Urs. And as they were both single…would they fancy it too? David was just pleased to be with Camy so he agreed. Urs, although seemed to be a little confused, also agreed. They undressed. Completely. Urs was rather hairy so David found out. And rather well endowed. Whereas, although also rather hung, David had no hair. Apart from on his head. He could only grow a few hairs on his chest so had taken to waxing. Not just the few chest hairs but his pubic hair too. Camy didn’t seem to mind. In fact he remembered her dropping to her knees and sucking him to a mind blowing orgasm. Then, she turned to Urs, who, rather surprisingly pushed her away.
‘No. Sorry. I can’t do this.’ he had declared.
‘You might not. But I can.’ David had winked at Camy.
He and Camy had then proceeded to have rather mind blowing sex. As Urs looked on. Or not as it turned out. They had been in the bedroom, moaning and groaning in ecstasy as Urs sat, naked in the living room. Trying to block them out.
That reaction had surprised Camy. There he had been, a perfect excuse to sleep with David and he had turned it down. Well, Camy wasn’t about to let this experience pass her by.
Thank god nothing had happened between him and Urs, David thought. Sure, I like Urs. He’s my best friend. But sleeping with him? No. David could never do that. And thank god they hadn’t.
Urs had only come to sleep in the bed, after David and Camy had finished having sex. Camy had hidden his clothing so he couldn’t leave until she woke up and told him where they were. That didn’t mean he had to take part in her and David having sex. Or getting jiggy with it. Or whatever they kept calling it. Urs couldn’t. Not with Camy or David. Strange that. And he thought he could. But no. It just wouldn’t work. It just didn’t feel right. Not anymore. Not with a woman being around. And not with David anymore either.

Camy was pleased that her little experience had not turned out the way she had planned. Thank god. Sure, David liked Urs. But not enough to sleep with him. And Urs turning down the opportunity to have David. Well. That had completely surprised her. She hadn’t expected that to happen. That had certainly surprised Camy in a most pleasant way.
After Urs and David had finally left Camy’s flat, she phoned Urs.
‘About last night..’ she started with.
‘You mean your ploy, to get David and I together…’
‘You turned it down.’
‘I had to. I mean…David doesn’t want me. I’m not going to force myself, on someone who doesn’t want me..’ Urs sighed down the phone.
‘Oh Urs..’
‘I still like him. But I think I’ll find someone…who likes me too.’
‘Male, or female?’ Camy asked.
‘Whoever likes me…’ Urs sighed again.
‘Oh Urs…’
‘Its OK Camy. I’ll get over him, in time.’
‘Well, I’m here, to help. Don’t forget that.’ Camy told him.
‘I won’t…and thanks.’ Urs sighed again before disconnecting the call.
Camy next phoned Roberta. And told her the good news about her little plan.
‘Urs turned his chance down? Wow!’ Roberta was quite surprised.
‘Yeah, I was surprised too.’
‘At least now you know.’
‘Yes. David likes Urs. But that’s it. Where as David…’
‘Likes you a hell of a lot more.’ Roberta offered.
‘Oh yes…’ Camy swooned down the phone, remembering the night before with David. Touching him. Kissing him. Making love with him. Feeling him deep inside of her. Oh how wonderful it had been. Being with David. To Camy he was like her dream come true. A perfect match for her. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.
‘Congratulations girlfriend.’ Roberta laughed down the phone now.
‘Thanks. Thanks.’ she happily laughed back.

David and Camy’s relationship, from that moment on, went from strength to strength. So much so that, in less than 2 months later, when David proposed to Camy she happily accepted.
‘I’m in love with you Camy. And I know that although I know we don’t know each other all that well, I don’t care. Marry me Camy? Make me happy?’ he asked, gazing into her beautiful big hazel eyes.
‘Oh David. Yes please.’ she happily gazed back.
David then slipped the most perfect ring onto her finger. The diamond on the band was a green colour. It matched the flecks of green in Camy’s hazel eyes perfectly. He had chosen well.

Neither Carlos, or Seb were surprised when David announced at an IL DIVO meeting that he was getting married. Only Urs seemed to be. He also seemed to be rather unhappy. But he hide his heartache well.
‘Welcome to the club!’ Carlos laughed. He was already engaged. To Rebecca. They had met, fallen in madly in love, or so Carlos though and had become engaged to be married all within the space of 5 months. On meeting Rebecca, Carlos had been instantly sure he had found the one he wanted to spent the rest of his life with. Luckily, Rebecca hadn’t taken much persuading. She felt the same. Or so she had told him.
‘What took you so long?’ she had laughed as he had proposed, down on one knee, only ruined by the fact she had to stare at his naked body at the time.
‘I like to take my time.’ he had winked back, making her laugh and cringe a little at the same time. Now she was pregnant. Just 4 months gone. It certainly hadn’t been the reason they had become engaged. Carlos was so looking forward to being a father. He couldn’t wait to hold his child in his arms. Every day he loved Rebecca more and more. He thought he would burst with his love for her. And luckily, or so Carlos thought, she felt the same.
‘When’s the wedding?’ Carlos asked David.
‘In a months time.’
‘So soon?’ Urs gasped in surprise.
‘Well, Camy loves me. I love her.’ David shrugged.
‘Oh…OK.’ Urs sighed at his friends explanation.
‘That’s fast.’ Seb offered.
‘There’s no need to wait. We plan on having a party to celebrate. We’ve booked a house in the country for us all.’ David told them all.
‘Well, count us all in.’ Carlos smiled.
‘You’re all to bring your partners.’ David then said.
‘But I…’ Urs started to mutter.
‘What’s that Urs…?’ Seb asked.
‘No…nothing.’ he muttered.
‘Why don’t you bring your new girlfriend along Urs?’ David then asked.
‘Eh…what’s that?’ Seb laughed.
‘Roberta is her name, isn’t it?’ David asked Urs for confirmation.
‘That’s right…’ Urs nodded.
‘You’re dating? Way to go mate!’ Seb hugged Urs.
‘We meet…at the same time Camy and David met.’ Urs found himself answering.
‘She’s a lovely girl.’ David smiled.
‘Err…yeah, she is. She is.’ Urs nodded.
‘Well, Lucinda and I are coming.’ Seb then laughed, mentioning the name of his current girlfriend/sex partner.
‘When, are you going to marry her Seb?’ Carlos asked him.
‘Err…’ Seb paled in colour at this comment.
‘Well, you have been dating her longer than Rebecca and I have been together.’ Carlos reminded him.
‘I know…’ Seb mumbled. She was like a clinging thing he couldn’t get rid of. No matter how hard he tried.
‘You should marry her Seb. She’s a great girl.’ David nodded.
‘I just might do…’ he surprised them all by saying, knowing that was what they were expecting. Not that it was what he wanted to do. Ever. At least not with Lucinda.

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Urs rang Roberta.
‘I need your help… as a beard.’ he told her.
‘As a what?’ she gasped.
‘A beard.’ Urs repeated.
‘Which is…?’
‘Someone, you in this case, to pretend, to be my girlfriend.’ Urs sighed down the phone.
‘OK…and what’s in it for me?’ Roberta asked.
‘Eh…?’ he mumbled.
‘What do I get out of it?’ she repeated.
‘She’s marrying David.’
‘I know, that’s why I need someone…you, to help me.’
‘She loves David.’
‘I know. I know.’ Urs sighed.
‘OK, I’ll do it.’ Roberta decided, ‘but.’ she said, ‘not for you. I’m doing it for Camy. For her happiness.’
‘OK. Thanks.’
‘And besides, I’m invited too.’
‘You are…?’ Urs asked.
‘Well, I am Camy’s best friend, and her bridesmaid to be.’
‘Oh right….of course you are.’
‘So, I’ll see you there.’ Roberta announced.
‘No. No. That won’t do.’
‘You’re supposed to be my…girlfriend.’
‘Yeah. I get that.’
‘They’ll expect me to arrive with my girlfriend.’ Urs pointed out.
‘Why?’ Roberta asked.
‘Because I’m a gentleman. And that’s what gentlemen do.’
‘OK. We’ll arrive together.’ she sighed.
‘Thank you.’ Urs and Roberta then made arrangements.

Urs then spent the next few days having panic attacks.
What on earth was he doing? What was he getting himself in for? Going with Roberta to this wedding thing. Pretending that he and she were involved. Intimately involved. Oh god. Oh god. What was he doing? Was he crazy? Had he gone mad? Could they pull it off? Pretending to be romantically involved with someone he didn’t know that well. With someone he hadn’t even touched yet let alone kissed. Not that he wanted to kiss Roberta. Or rather he did in a way. But only because she reminded him of David. Every time he looked at Roberta he was instantly reminded of David. Of the man he loved. Not that Urs could tell either Roberta or David that. So he was stuck. Well and truly stuck. What was he doing? Urs didn’t know anymore. He was confused. Worried. Stuck. Completely.

Roberta was also having similar thoughts. She liked Urs. That was the main problem. She more than liked him. But she knew that she would never have the slightest chance for he was in love with someone else. Camy. Or was it David? Roberta’s best friend Camy. Camy who loved David. Seriously loved David. So she had agreed to help Urs. Only to save Camy from finding out the truth. That was the only reason she was admitting to. Nothing else. So Roberta took great care in her packing. She went shopping before hand to buy a whole new outfit. She wanted to at least try and impress Urs. If only a little. Give herself a chance to at least half win Urs’ affections. What she wouldn’t give to have him touch her. Skin to skin let alone hold out for a kiss. Even a kiss on the cheek would satisfy her. One look was all it had taken for Roberta to fall in love. To fall in unrequited love. The hardest love of all. But she was determined not to go down without least a fight. Without at least trying. You couldn’t blame the girl for trying. So she picked her best outfits. The ones that suited her best. Including her favourite pair of jeans. She loved her jeans. They hugged her legs and thighs like a second skin. Making them appear longer and thinner. Those jeans did wonders for Roberta’s self consciousness. Wearing them she felt like a model. So into the suitcase they went. Along with several figure hugging t-shirts. New matching underwear. A new dress in blue which defined her eyes rather well. And a sexy nightie. Also in blue. Silk and lace. It had spaghetti straps and stopped mid-thigh. She also packed a matching bathrobe. Before the weekend came she made sure her longish blonde/brown hair was professionally cut to rid of all the dead ends and conditioned.
Her legs and thighs were waxed. Painful that. Waxing. It wasn’t something Roberta liked to do. But it lasted a lot longer than shaving them. She even painted her toenails. The nails on her hands she didn’t bother with. She liked biting them too much. Camy might like to fiddle a lot but Roberta wasn’t that far behind. When she was worried about anything she just bite her nails. If she could reach them, she was sure she would have done her toenails too. If only she were that bendy. Although Roberta was fit she certainly wasn’t double joined. Pity though. It could have come in handy with Urs. If she got her chance with him of course. But that was doubtful. Roberta was lucky in a lot of things. But not when it came to love. She could count on one hand, on one finger come to that, the amount of boyfriends she had ever had. Yep, that’s right. One. And even he hadn’t stuck around for long. Plus, they had never got past kissing. So Roberta seducing Urs was out of the question. On seeing him naked for the first time she would be more prone to run screaming rather than faint in desire. That certainly wouldn’t look good. At all. Oh well.

Seb was having an argument.
‘You can’t leave me!’ he cried at his girlfriend. Well, now ex. Until a few moments ago they were still together. Still in love. Or so Seb had thought. My, how time and things could easily change within such a short period of time. A few moments.
‘I can. And I am.’ Seb’s ex continued her packing.
‘But I love you..’ Seb desperately tried, ‘and…I thought you loved me.’ he then added.
‘Not anymore I don’t.’ she cruelly laughed.
‘Don’t Lucy me.’ she snapped, ‘it won’t work anymore. Not with me.’
‘Its him, isn’t it?’ Seb suddenly realised.
‘At least Marcus is prepared to make a commitment to me. Unlike you.’ Lucy or to give her full name, Lucinda, turned and glared at him.
‘I thought Marcus was married…’
‘He’s leaving his wife for me.’ Lucinda gave a cruel, triumphant smile of victory.
‘Why? Why?’ Seb cried.
‘Why what?’
‘Why him and not me?’ he asked.
‘He’s better in bed.’ she cruelly snapped.
Seb let out a strangled cry, turned and walked away. Leaving his ex-girlfriend to her packing. Tears blinding his vision. That last, final comment had been the nastiest, most cruellest she had ever said. What a great way to wound a man. Shoot down his performance in between the bed sheets. It worked every time. And the worst part? Even though it so wasn’t true, Seb believed every word she had spoken. He was depressed. Heartbroken and to top it all, dumped. He was feeling that sorry for himself that he doubted he wanted to do this ever again. Give his heart to someone just for them to tear it into two. To bruise it then give it back to him after they had finished giving him even more pain. More heartbreak. More desperately sad tears to cry. For he did cry. He found a nice, quiet bar, got completely drunk and cried his heart out.

The next day he woke up, completely naked, in a strange bedroom with a nasty hangover and a rotten headache.
‘So, you’re awake at last.’ came a woman’s voice after Seb had let out a strangled groan of despair.
‘Where…am I?’ he croaked.
‘Here.’ the woman, who had blue eyes, handed him a glass and a tablet.
‘Wha…?’ he tried raising his head.
‘Water and paracetamol.’ she explained.
‘Oh…’ he gladly swallowed the tablet and gulped down the glass full of water then slumped back on the bed. He closed his eyes.
‘Yes. Good idea. Sleep.’ she told him.
Seb opened a eye, ‘Who are you?’ he croaked.
‘Call me Nurse Noble.’ she smiled.
‘Oh…how…Noble of you.’ he tried, unsuccessfully, to make a joke out of her name.
‘Ha. Ha. Now sleep.’ she told him after a sarcastic laugh.
Seb closed his eye again, ‘Thanks..’ he mumbled before falling asleep.
This time he began to lightly snore.
‘Hmm. Figures.’ Nurse Noble, not her real name muttered, ‘my ideal man snores. Knew he couldn’t be completely perfect.’ she then pulled up the covers to cover his bare, and rather hairy chest she had been pleased to discover, placed a brief kiss on his head then left the room.

‘How is he?’ her friend, who had green eyes, asked.
‘Snoring.’ Miss Blue eyed smiled.
‘He snores?’ green eyed gasped.
‘Yep my friend. Our perfect man snores.’ blue eyed agreed.
‘So not fair.’ green eyed gasped a weird kind of sigh.
‘Well, there had to be a catch.’
‘Yeah, a snoring gorgeously sexy Frenchman.’
‘Yep. You got it.’ blue eyed now sighed too.

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Carlos was packing for the weekend away. David’s engagement come wedding party. Not that anyone knew yet about the wedding part. Although Carlos loved a good party, he also hated being single at times like these. For he was single. Sadly single. He hadn’t always been so. Until recently he had been happy. Or so he thought. In a relationship with who he thought was a beautiful woman. Named Rebecca. Until she started making noises. The ‘’lets get married’’ noises. The type that scared a party loving Carlos. Sure, he liked the woman. He liked lots of women. But he wasn’t ready to settle down. At least not yet. So after he had refused to set a date for Rebecca to marry him she had given him an ultimatum. Give me a wedding ring or we’re finished. Fine Carlos thought. His answer had surprised Rebecca. ‘You’re dumping me?’ she had exclaimed, flashing her long blonde, fake blonde that is, hair about in an angry manner.
‘Yes I am.’ he had nodded.
‘I’m the best thing that ever happened to you!’ she snapped, trying to provoke a reaction.
‘Yeah, whatever.’ he had snapped back.
Rebecca had tried glaring. But it didn’t work. Carlos had just smiled back.
‘You’ll regret this.’ she had then tried. After laughing that he wasn’t even the father of her unborn baby. That she had tricked him into thinking he was because, ‘it suited me’ for you to think you were the father. When asked she snapped, ‘I don’t know who the father is. Some guy I slept with. But not you. I may have been willing to want to marry you. But have your child? You have got to be joking.’
‘I doubt it.’ he had shouted about him regretting dumping her, as she had turned and stormed away. Heels clicking. Hair swinging. Good riddance to bad rubbish Carlos thought watching her go. Thanking his lucky stars that he had got a break. A lucky break in letting her go.
So. Now Carlos was single. And having to go and celebrate one of his friends forthcoming marriage on his own.
He could do it. He wouldn’t like it. But he could do it.
He was sure he’d find someone new soon. Soon.

Urs was all set. He had met up with Roberta. To learn a few things about her so they could act like they were a proper partners and not just two strangers, which they were. Roberta, Urs discovered, was quite easy to talk to. They also had rather a lot in common. They both liked rock music. Roberta loved horse riding. She liked motorbikes too. Although had never ridden on one. Even thought she owned one.
‘I could teach you.’ Urs offered.
‘Err…yeah. OK.’ she nodded after having to confess that the motorbike she owned she had never ridden it. Not once. That she had actually lent it to a friend the night they had first met and that is how it had come to be at the bar.
‘They aren’t scary.’ he smiled.
‘Says the worlds best biker.’ Roberta lightly laughed.
‘Eh…?’ he blinked in confusion.
‘Your t-shirt.’ she pointed out.
Urs looked down, ‘Oh. Right. Yeah. Forgot.’ he nodded. He only wore the t-shit because David had bought it for him on his most recent birthday and he wanted to feel closer to him. He smiled to himself.
‘Camy bought it you?’ Roberta asked, noticing the smile.
‘Err...yeah.’ he lied.
‘Nice.’ she nodded.
‘Tha…nks.’ he found himself blushing. He gazed into her blue eyes. Eyes that still seemed familiar although he was yet to remember where from. That still bugged him. Her feeling familiar to him for some reason. He refused to believe it was because she reminded him of David. There had to be another reason. Had to be.

A groggy Seb dragged his naked body out of the bed.
‘I need a shower.’ he muttered to himself, scratching his naked hairy chest.
‘Oh. I see you’re awake.’ a female voice, different from the night before spoke.
Seb looked into a pair of lovely blue eyes. ‘You’re not…or are you? From before…’
‘Sort of. I’m Ingrid. Before was Cydalia.’ she smiled.
‘No. I’m Ingrid.’
‘You look…familiar…’
‘Yep. Sure am.’ she smiled.
‘From…?’ he asked, raising his eyebrows in asking.
‘The bar.’ she told him, smiling at his naked body.’ he was almost perfect.
‘Oh. Right. Sure. OK.’ he nodded, scratching again.
‘You want a shower?’ Ingrid asked.
‘Come this way.’ she winked, leading him to the bathroom.
There, she handed him a towel. ‘Want me to wash your back?’ she offered.
‘Sure. OK.’ he nodded.
‘Great. You look really…dirty.’ she winked, stripping naked.
‘Do I?’ he asked, groaning slightly at the sight of her lovely naked body.
‘Oh yes.’ she pushed him into the shower and dropped to her knees.
‘Oh…oh..’ he groaned as she started sucking him to an orgasm.
After he had come, and Ingrid had finished swallowing, he pulled her to her feet and started kissing her.
Ingrid happily returned the kiss, feeling his hands touch and fondle her breasts and nipples. She felt wet and ready. Seb picked Ingrid up. She wrapped her legs around his waist. Then she groaned in delight as his penis slipped into her wetness. Seb pushed Ingrid up against the shower wall as he started to thrust. It didn’t take either of them long to reach their orgasm. Ingrid was most surprised. It was the first time she had ever come, during sex alone. Usually it took oral sex or masturbation to reach orgasm. Even then it wasn’t this intense. This right. For having sew with Seb felt oh so right no matter that she didn’t know anything about him apart from his name. He had been way too drunk back in the bar to give out a lot of information if any at all. She knew his name. First name. Seb. And that he had been celebrating/commiserating being dumped. That was all either she, or Cydalia knew. Oh, they both quite fancied Seb. That was the one thing they had agreed on. That he was rather sexy for a drunk man. Now sober he was even more gorgeous then before.
After, Ingrid and Seb had had sex for a second time, including Seb giving her oral, and them washing each other they stepped out of the shower to be greeted by a naked Cydalia.
‘My turn.’ she smiled seductively at Seb.
‘Oh?’ he asked.
‘We decided. Ing and I. To both have you.’ Cydalia winked.
‘Oh. I see.’ Seb winked back then groaned as now Cydalia sucked him to orgasm as Ingrid slowly dried down his chest. Seb reached out and pulled Ingrid to him, kissing her. After Cydalia had finished, she spat into the sink, ‘I don’t do swallowing. For anyone.’ she explained.
Shame thought Seb. He had actually liked the way Ingrid had swallowed his come. It had seemed rather sexy to watch. Not even his ex, Lucinda had swallowed so finding someone who did really did it for him.
Cydalia then reached over a surprised Seb to kiss Ingrid on the mouth. While cupping her breasts. Seb let out a groan and found himself getting hard again.
‘Oh girls..’ he groaned.
‘Take me Seb.’ Cydalia then demanded, leaning back against him. She lent forward then let out a groan of pleasure as Seb slid himself in from behind. As Seb and Cydalia had sex, Cydalia and Ingrid touched and fondled and masturbated each other to orgasm.
After they had finished in the bathroom, Ingrid and Cydalia led Seb to the bedroom to start all over again.
Contended and feeling like it had all been a dream, Seb let out a sigh of complete pleasure and fell asleep. Cydalia sleeping one side. Ingrid the other. Having two women at once had been a dream come true. Seb, slept with Ingrid stroking his chest. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.
In the morning, Seb told Ingrid and Cydalia about his invitation to David and Camy’s wedding engagement party. And him needing a partner.
‘Just one?’ Cydalia asked.
‘Just one.’ he agreed.
‘So, pick one of us.’ Ingrid offered.
‘Err…OK.’ he nodded.
‘Well?’ Cydalia asked.
He was just about to reply when his mobile phone beeped.
‘Excuse me.’ he apologised, seeing who it was. It was Carlos.
‘I’m dateless for the wedding do.’ he sent Seb.
‘Not anymore.’ Seb replied, ‘fancy dating a green eyed lady?’
To Cydalia he asked, ‘Fancy coming to the wedding thing with a Spanish guy?’
‘But you’re not Spanish…’ she pointed out.
‘No. I’m not. But my friend Carlos is.’
‘Carlos eh?’ Cydalia asked.
‘Yes. Carlos Marin.’ Seb nodded.
‘Sounds…vaguely familiar…’ she realised.
‘We’re in a group. IL DIVO.’
‘Oh! I love you guys!’ Cydalia swooned.
‘Never heard of them..’ Ingrid muttered.
‘They’re great.’ Cydalia smiled.
‘Right. OK.’ Ingrid nodded.
‘So. You’ll be Carlos’ date then?’ Seb asked Cydalia.
‘I’d love to.’ she swooned.
‘And me…?’ Ingrid asked.
‘You’ll be mine.’ Seb smiled at her.
‘Oh. I’d like that.’ she told him.
‘I’d like that too.’ he happily agreed.

Later that day, Seb arranged for Carlos and Cydalia to meet up. They got on wonderfully well. So much so that they ended up having sex barely two hours after meeting. Not like Cydalia at all. She was usually sensible. Needing to know about a guy’s past before even getting past second base. She had put it down as a fluke meeting and sleeping with Seb barely even knowing his name, but knowing he looked familiar from somewhere although it had only been when Seb had mentioned IL DIVO that she worked out where from.

So. The stage was set. And only David and Camy knew each other almost inside and out. The others had only really just met their partners they were taking along. It would be interesting to see how it all worked out. Especially interesting to see them all interact with each other under a roof for little over a weekend. From Thursday to Monday morning. 4 nights.

David and Camy were both excited. In just a few days time everyone would gather to wish them both well and then, as an extra surprise, be guests at their wedding. David and Camy were deeply in love and saw no reason to wait any longer to be together in the only way they knew would cement their relationship, their love. In marriage. So they were both excited and happy.

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Today was the day when everyone was due to meet up, at the county house for David and Camy’s wedding engagement marriage party weekend.
David and Camy arrived first. Camy went to check the bedrooms. As asked for there were exactly four bedrooms. Each with its own double bed and private bathroom. The country house was, as expected in the middle of the countryside without another house or neighbour for miles and miles. There was no way their peace would be disturbed this weekend. Well, not until Sunday when the vicar was due to arrive along with the caters for the wedding. But, until then it would just be them. Perfect. Private. Each bedroom had been made up. Complete with a single rose on the middle of each bed.
As a special surprise Camy had left each guest a gift. For the women a beautiful negligee. For the men a pair of underpants which matched the colour of their partners gift. Camy knew, that although Urs didn’t think he liked women that by the end of this weekend, she hoped, he would be happily in love. With a woman. With Roberta she hoped. That, was her plan.
As asked, each pair of guests arrived separately. First to arrive was Carlos. But not with Rebecca, his pregnant girlfriend, but with a rather beautiful green eyed, brown haired lady who went by the name of Cydalia.
‘Where is Rebecca?’ Camy carefully asked. She and Rebecca had met. Twice. It hadn’t been a very pleasant meeting.
‘Rebecca, dumped me.’ Carlos supplied.
‘Oh…what about the baby?’ David asked.
‘Not mine apparently.’
‘Oh. Sorry mate.’ David patted his shoulder in a sympathetic nature.
‘No, don’t be. I’m certainly not. Not since I’ve met the beautiful Cydalia here.’ Carlos winked towards his new partner.
‘Well.’ Camy coughed, ‘pleased to meet you Cydalia.’ she smiled at her.
‘Thanks. Thanks.’ Cydalia returned the friendly smile.
‘You have the…green room.’ David then told them.
‘Green?’ Cydalia asked.
‘Yes. Each room has been…colour co-ordinated towards flag colours. Carlos, Spanish, so he get the green room.’ he explained.
‘Green it is then.’ Carlos smiled after taking directions took Cydalia’s hand and together, carrying their suitcases, went to unpack. In the green room.
Next to arrive was Urs and Roberta.
Camy greeted Roberta with a hug, ‘Honey.’ she smiled.
‘Camy.’ Roberta hugged back.
Camy then hugged Urs. ‘Hi.’ he smiled back.
‘You, are in the…red room.’ David informed them.
‘Red, right.’ Urs nodded, ‘and Roberta?’ he then asked.
‘Together.’ Camy told him.
‘Too…’ he mumbled in surprise.
‘You are together, aren’t you?’ David asked his friends confused face.
‘Err…yeah. Sure. Sure.’ he nodded.
‘Well then.’ David smiled at Roberta.
‘Red room then?’ Roberta confirmed in asking.
‘Yes. Red. For…the Swiss flag.’
‘Come on honey.’ Roberta grabbed hold of Urs’ hand and pulled him towards the stairs and to the red room as directed by David.
‘I’m not sleeping with you.’ Urs hissed at Roberta.
‘OK. OK. Calm down. I’m sure we’ll sort something out.’ she hissed back.
‘Like what?’
‘One of us…can sleep, in the bath or something.’ Roberta shrugged.
Which, would have been fine. Except that the room didn’t have a bath in it. Just a sink, toilet, and shower. No bath. No room to sleep on the floor either. Unless you could sleep standing up. They were stuffed. Big time. Oops!
‘I don’t do sleeping standing up.’ Urs complained, motioning towards the shower.
‘No, neither do I.’ Roberta replied.
‘We’re stuffed.’ he muttered.
‘No we’re not.’ she told him.
‘Oh? So, what do you suggest then?’
‘It’s a…biggish bed…’
‘It’s a double. Not king size. Double.’ Urs pointed out.
‘We’ll still manage.’ Roberta tried.
‘How?’ he snapped.
‘Stop moaning. I mean its not like you fancy me, or I fancy you.’ she lied.
‘I know that, but….’
‘There is no but. Relax. You’ll be fine.’ she soothed him.
‘We’d better be.’ he moaned.
‘Oh. Shhh.’ she tutted, ‘all your complaining.’
‘Why should I?’ he demanded.
‘Or someone will start to wonder why you don’t want to be with me.’ Roberta, wisely, pointed out.
‘OK.’ he sighed, ‘there, you have a point.’
‘So relax. Unpack. And relax. OK?’
‘OK…’ he sighed again.

Last, but not least to arrive was Seb and Ingrid.
For a couple who barely knew each other they looked like a young couple happily in love. Which, I suppose, they were.
‘Seb.’ David exclaimed on seeing him, ‘no…Lucinda?’
‘Nah. She dumped me.’ Seb smiled.
‘Oh…sorry.’ David apologised.
‘Nah, don’t. I’ve got Ingrid.’ he introduced her.
On seeing Ingrid and not Lucinda, Camy breathed another sigh of relief. She hadn’t gotten on with Lucinda either.
‘Hi, I’m Camy.’ she introduced herself to Seb’s lovely new partner.
‘I’m Ingrid.’ she smiled back.
‘Welcome. Welcome.’
‘Thanks…Oh, and congratulations, on your engagement.’
‘Thanks.’ Camy beamed and blushed.
‘You, are both in the…blue room.’ David then told them.
‘Blue, eh?’ Seb winked.
‘For the…French flag.’ David explained.
‘OK.’ Seb nodded, taking Ingrid’s hand.

‘So, three new partners then.’ David smiled at Camy once they were in their own room.
‘So it seems.’ she agreed, nodding while tending to her and David’s unpacking.
‘You didn’t like Rebecca or Lucinda did you?’ he realised.
‘No. But I like Cydalia and Ingrid.’
‘Perfect matches for Carlos and Seb or so it seems.’ David agreed, helping now with the unpacking. Placing his and Camy’s underwear in the same drawer.
‘Perfect matches all round.’ Camy smiled.
‘Yes. Roberta and Urs.’ he nodded, ‘lets hope this weekend goes OK now.’
‘Oh honey. It will. It will.’ she told him.
‘I hope so.’ he smiled, pulling her into his arms, the unpacking forgotten as they started to kiss and ended up making love amongst the unpacked clothes on the bed.

Camy had made up a rota. Well, four couples staying in one house needed some kind of rules. After they had all settled in and unpacked, she called them into the dining room and gave them the duty rota she had worked out.
Each couple were to do a job. Be it cooking or washing up afterwards to hovering and housework duties. First up was David and herself to cook. Carlos and Cydalia were on washing up duties afterwards with Roberta and Urs setting the table. Whereas Camy had given Seb and Ingrid the job of entertainment for the night.
After dinner of spaghetti and Carlos and Cydalia had washed up, it was time for entertainment.
‘Ingrid and I thought we should play a few games.’ Seb informed them.
Suppressing a groan, Urs asked, ‘What kinds of games?’
‘Spin the bottle.’ Seb winked.
‘No Seb..’ he tried complaining.
‘Why not?’ Seb asked.
‘Because…’ then Urs noticed Roberta. Her face. She had such a strange, rather puzzled look on her face, ‘OK. Spin the bottle.’ he agreed.
‘Great. Great.’ Seb beamed.
Ingrid produced an empty wine bottle. They had drunk out of it with their dinner. As instructed by Seb, everyone sat on the floor, in a circle. He then placed the wine bottle in the middle.
‘Instructions?’ David asked.
‘Simple ones.’ Seb smiled, ‘whoever spins it, the person it lands on, they have to either kiss that person, or, tell a secret.’ he winked.
Everyone nodded. Urs bit back a groan. Half hoping, half dreading when it was his turn it would land on David.
‘I’ll go first.’ Seb beamed. He gave the bottle a good spin.
It twisted and span. Eventually coming to rest pointing to Carlos.
‘Kiss, or secret?’ Ingrid asked.
Carlos smiled, ‘Secret I think. Although I do like Seb, I don’t think I could stand kissing him. Sorry mate.’ he apologised.
‘Tell us a secret then Seb.’ Cydalia smiled.
‘OK…’ he thought for a moment, ‘Carlos once wanted a threesome.’ he then told them all. Telling Carlos’ secret and not as he should have done, one of his own.
Carlos blushed in embarrassment at the telling of his secret.
‘With who?’ Camy smiled.
‘One woman, and one man.’ Carlos admitted.
‘Oh mate.’ David laughed.
‘Thought it would be interesting.’ he blushed in embarrassment again.
Then, it was Roberta’s turn. The bottle landed on Urs.
‘A kiss I think.’ Seb interrupted Urs before he had even had a chance to speak. ‘Stand in the middle.’ Seb instructed.
Roberta and Urs did as they were told. ‘No cheating now.’ Seb then laughed at them.
Roberta stood and waited. Looking at Urs. He nervously nodded then placed his hands on her face. He lent forward, and touched his lips ever so lightly to hers. Before Roberta could respond, Urs moved away.
‘Oh. Sweet. A perfect lovers kiss.’ Carlos smiled, making Roberta and Urs a little too, blush.
The night and the game went on. Urs didn’t get to kiss David in the end. In fact none of the men kissed each other, whereas several of the girls did. Cydalia and Ingrid shared a kiss. Bringing back memories for Seb of their one night all together. Roberta and Cydalia kissed too. Roberta even kissed David. Urs felt angry at that. But at who he felt angry most at he couldn’t work out. He assumed he felt angry at Roberta, getting to kiss David when he couldn’t but even then it felt wrong somehow.
Later, he found himself in the kitchen with Camy.
‘How was it?’ she asked.
‘Eh?’ he blinked in confusion.
‘Kissing a woman?’ she smiled.
‘Weird..’ he admitted.
‘Oh. Weird, bad, or weird good?’
‘I…Good.’ he surprised himself by saying. ‘She felt…soft.’
‘Us girls normally do.’
‘Sweet too.’
‘Roberta doesn’t wear lipstick.’
‘Her natural taste then.’ Camy decided, ‘did you like it?’ she then asked.
‘I…I guess so.’ he shrugged.
‘Would you do it again?’ she asked.
‘Err…sure. Suppose so.’ he shrugged again.
‘That’s good then.’
‘But I still….love David.’
‘I know honey.’ Camy hugged him.
‘Take care of him for me.’ Urs asked.
‘I will honey. I will.’

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Now it was bedtime. Carlos carried a giggling Cydalia to bed then proceeded to ravish her after she had modelled the negligee she had found earlier while unpacking.
Seb, on seeing Ingrid in her negligee immediately started worshipping her so much so that she screamed her orgasm so loud that the whole house heard.
David and Camy snuggled up in bed together. Pleased that their first night with their friends had gone better than expected.
Whereas Urs and Roberta weren’t doing so well. While Urs had taken such a long time in the bathroom, Roberta had managed to unpack her bag plus rearrange the room. Then, when he finally emerged, wrapped in a large towel tightly around his underarms like a woman would do with his hair also wrapped in a towel, she tutted at him.
‘You took longer than I do in the bathroom, and I’m a girl!’ she pointed out, tutting at him again.
‘I…I needed to wash my hair..’ he explained, indicating the towel turban on his head covering his brown curly hair.
‘And take off your make-up.’ she snapped.
‘I don’t wear make-up…’ but he had used skin cream. All the members of IL DIVO did. It combated spots. Apparently. Although Urs still suffered badly with them when he was stressed. Which, at the precise moment he most definitely was feeling. It wasn’t a good feeling.
‘No. Sorry. I forgot. You’re a man.’
‘Oh. OK. Sorry.’
‘Hope you left some hot water…’ she started walking towards the bathroom.
‘I did. I did.’ he nodded.
‘Good. Won’t be long.’ and with that, Roberta disappeared into the now rather steamy bathroom. She closed the door, not completely, then almost gasped in surprise as she watched Urs through the gap she had left, watch him drop his towel. My. He had a glorious body. Perfectly formed muscles. Hair on chest. He was a god. Perfect in every way. She then had to have a long, cold shower to cool herself down. Even then that wasn’t enough. She felt horny. She had to masturbate at least once. Then she had to bit her lip to stop herself from screaming out Urs’ name as she came.
She emerged, looking rather flushed, still in her towel, to find Urs sitting up in bed, dressed in his nightwear, his hair looking soft and dry and curly, reading a book.
‘Water OK?’ he asked.
‘Sure. Sure.’ she nodded, dropping her towel.
On seeing her naked body, Urs coughed. Loudly.
‘What?’ she innocently asked.
‘You’re…naked.’ he mumbled.
‘Oh. So I am.’ she stretched.
‘Naked.’ he repeated.
‘Why are you so bothered?’ she asked.
‘Naked.’ he said yet again.
‘Yeah, and?’
‘You’re gay.’ Roberta surprised him by saying.
‘You know…’ he mumbled.
‘Or at least you think you’re gay.’ she corrected herself, finally reaching for her nightshirt. Well, it was a long, baggy t-shirt. It covered her from neck to the top of her thighs. Urs couldn’t help but notice. She had nice looking breasts. Firm. Interesting nipples. They stood out. Like she was cold. Or turned on. Seeing her breasts made Urs want to groan. He shifted slightly under the covers. He could feel himself start to grow hard at the sight of her naked breasts. She also had curves. Firm looking thighs. Pubic hair too. It matched her head hair.
‘Who told you I was…’ Urs coughed.
‘No one. But I know the signs.’
‘Which are…?’ he coughed again.
‘The way you look at David mostly.’ she sighed, ‘like you want to either eat him up and kiss him…or beat him up.’
‘Oh. Sorry.’
‘Don’t apologise. Just don’t lie to me ever again.’
‘Sorry…’ Urs apologised again.
‘Friends don’t lie Urs. Remember that.’
‘I will. I promise….’
‘Anything else I need to know?’ Roberta then asked.
‘I don’t think so.’
‘Does Camy know? That you want her fiancé?’
‘Is that why she set us up for this weekend?’
‘Yes…’ Urs sighed.
‘I should have known.’ Roberta fumed.
‘It wasn’t your fault. I asked you here this weekend.’
‘Which, Camy in in on.’
‘Mostly my fault thought.’
‘Please, don’t blame Camy. She never meant you any harm.’
‘But…’ Roberta tried.
‘No. Please. She and David are happy. Please don’t ruin it. At least not this weekend.’ Urs pleaded.
‘OK.’ she sighed, ‘I won’t.’
‘Thank you.’ he breathed a sigh of relief.
‘But once this weekend is up…’ she warned.
‘OK. Thank you.’ he smiled.
‘So us sleeping together, shouldn’t be a problem then.’
‘Err….no. Probably not.’
‘Probably not?’ Roberta asked, staring at him.
‘Seeing you naked…’
‘Yes?’ she interrupted.
‘Kind of made me…’ he paused.
‘What?’ she interrupted again.
‘….Horny.’ he finally admitted.
‘Horny?’ she asked.
‘Yes. Horny.’ he nodded.
‘I’ve an…erection.’
‘You’ve still got it?’
‘Yes.’ Urs blushed.
‘Show me?’ she asked.
‘Pardon?’ he squeaked in surprise.
‘Show me?’ she repeated.
‘No, later.’ she sarcastically said, ‘of course now!’
‘Err….OK.’ Urs nervously threw of the bed covers and sure enough, he had an erection poking out of his pyjama bottoms he was wearing. He was also wearing the matching top too.
Roberta looked at it. ‘Interesting.’ she nodded. It was actually the first erection she had ever seen. Not that she was planning on telling him. He didn’t need to know that she was a virgin with no sexual experience of men. Ever. Until now and what a way to start. Interesting wasn’t quite the word. Big was. Wow was too.
‘Err…thanks.’ he blushed.
‘You’re rather big.’ she then told him.
Urs blush got deeper, ‘Thanks.’ he said again.
‘What, are you going to do about it?’ she then asked.
‘Meaning…?’ he asked in reply.
‘I mean, masturbating.’ she rephrased it, ‘or?’
‘Or…?’ Urs asked.
‘Or…whatever else you guys do.’
‘Normally peeing does the job.’
‘Then I suggest you go pee.’ Roberta advised.
‘Err…right. OK.’ he got out of the bed and went to use the bathroom.
Roberta was just climbing into bed when she heard the toilet flush. A moment later he reappeared. Still with an erection.
‘It didn’t go away?’ she asked.
‘No, it did…’
‘But you’ve still…’ she motioned towards his pyjama bottoms.
‘I peed. Then I thought of something and…’ he blushed.
‘What did you think of?’ Roberta asked.
‘Your…breasts.’ he blushed again.
‘These.’ Roberta flashed her breasts.
On seeing them, Urs’ erection grew bigger. Fuller.
Urs’ blush got deeper.
‘Interesting.’ she nodded.
‘I need to go pee again..’ he muttered.
‘Or. You could masturbate.’ she smiled.
‘I’ll go and…’ he turned towards the bathroom.
‘Here.’ she was interested to see what he would do. How he would handle his ‘’equipment.’’
He turned around again and stared at her, ‘Pardon?’
‘Here.’ Roberta repeated.
‘I…I can’t…’
‘Why not?’
‘Because…’ he mumbled.
‘OK.’ she sighed, relenting. This time.
‘So, bathroom then..’ and he dashed to the bathroom.
It took Urs masturbating a total of six times before he could go back to the bedroom. Even then he had to train himself not to think about Roberta’s…interesting parts. Her breasts. He firm full breasts and interesting looking nipples. He kind of wanted to ask what had made her nipples stand out. Cold or attraction to him? He had heard that a woman’s nipples did tend to get hard with attraction. Mmm. Was Roberta sexually attracted to him?
Also another more confusing question. Did this mean he wasn’t gay anymore? Or just confused. It was the first ever time he had seen a naked woman. Well, in the flesh. He’d seen them in magazines. Newspapers and on the television screen plenty of times. But not in the flesh before. Sure he had three sisters but he’d never seen them naked. Plus, they were his sisters and hardly sex objects. But still. Now he was confused. Worried. He crept back into the bedroom, luckily Roberta was asleep. He laid down next to her and attempted to sleep. Only when he did he ended up dreaming. Of naked breasts. All belonging to Roberta. He woke up in the morning with a hellish erection, feeling embarrassed. Feeling even more confused then he had been before.

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The next morning, three, happy, contented couples woke up to sex.
David woke snuggled up to Camy, feeling himself grow hard. She smiled a sleepy smile at him and let him slid himself in, from behind, into her wetness. They had a leisurely early morning sex session. A perfect way to wake up for the lovely romantic couple.
Seb woke to Ingrid slowly sucking him to orgasm. When finished, he pulled her up, whispered, ‘Good morning sexy.’ and eased himself in.
‘Oh….oh Se…b..’ she groaned her orgasm.
‘What a wonderful way to wake up.’ Seb yawned a happy grin.
Carlos and Cydalia woke up still engaged from the night before. She wrapped her legs around his waist and they came together, quickly, but satisfied.
Whereas Roberta woke up to find Urs in the shower. Masturbating again. He was a big boy she noticed as he pulled and manhandled himself about to orgasm. So, that was how they did it was it? Pulling and squeezing? Interesting. Well, she certain learned something this morning. She knocked on the glass, ‘Need any help?’ she winked.
Urs turned around, looking startled. Roberta beamed at him. Luckily, she was wearing her nightclothes still but even so Urs could still see her breasts and nipples. He groaned, ‘Err…no, thanks.’ he squeezed himself tighter.
‘OK.’ Roberta shrugged. She winked again then left him to it.
He took even longer this time in the shower. Roberta guessed he had a lot of masturbating to do. Poor sod she thought. Thinking he was gay until he’d seen her, naked, for the first time.

Urs and Roberta were first down that morning. They had to be for they were down to do breakfast. While Urs warmed up the croissants and grilled bacon, Roberta set about squeezing the oranges for orange juice.
‘You had another exceptionally long shower this morning Ursy.’ she winked at his embarrassed face.
‘I…um….err…felt dirty.’ he stammered, watching the croissants under the grill burn and turn a light brown in colour.
‘What, everywhere?’
‘Yes…um…’ he coughed, ‘you won’t…tell anyone will you?’ he then asked.
‘What? About masturbating in the shower?’ Roberta smiled.
‘No, I meant about me…’ he stammered again.
‘Being confused about your sexuality?’ she interrupted.
‘I’m not confused.’ he snorted, glaring at her.
‘No?’ she challenged, ‘then what are you?’
‘I’m….I’m…’ he mumbled.
‘What? Gay?’
‘No. No.’ he laughed.
‘Straight then?’ she asked.
‘I…I….I don’t know.’
‘Bi-sexual then?’
‘I thought…I thought I liked men…’ he flipped the bacon in the pan.
‘Gay then.’
‘But now I’m not so sure.’
‘Because you got an erection, seeing me naked?’
‘Ever seen a naked woman before?’ Roberta asked.
‘I….err…no. Not really.’
‘Well then. It was just a fluke.’
‘So I am gay then.’
‘Not necessarily.’
‘What then?’ Urs asked.
‘It all depends.’ Roberta gave a shrug.
‘On what?’
‘On if other naked women make you horny.’
‘I wasn’t horny!’ Urs snorted.
‘Oh no?’
‘Then what were you doing, in the bathroom, last night, and…this morning?’
‘I was, err…’
‘Masturbating.’ Roberta interrupted.
‘It’s a natural thing to do.’ Urs snapped.
‘I know that. But, over the thought of my naked body?’ she asked, ‘is that natural? For you I mean?’
‘In my experience….no.’ he sighed.
‘Well then.’
‘But…’ Urs shrugged, ‘oh, I’m confused.’
‘You’re telling me.’
‘Morning!’ Camy breezed into the kitchen then.
‘Mor….ning.’ Urs blushed.
‘Am I interrupting something?’ she asked, looking from Urs to Roberta and back to Urs again.
‘No. No. Not now.’ Roberta smiled.
‘OK.’ Camy nodded.

There was a funny atmosphere around the breakfast table. Especially where Urs and Roberta were concerned. Everyone else was in their own little love bubble. But not them. Glaring. Staring. Urs and Roberta sat opposite, glaring at each other.
‘Lovely…breakfast.’ Camy tried to break the silence.
‘Hmm….interesting coloured…croissants.’ David agreed.
‘They’re burnt.’ Seb moaned, poking at a burnt croissant with his knife.
‘The bacon too.’ Carlos agreed.
During their ‘’discussion’’, you couldn’t really call it an argument as such, Urs and Roberta had kind of forgotten about the food. Hence the burnt croissants and bacon. The orange juice tasted great though.
‘I noticed there is a swimming pool around here.’ Ingrid then spoke.
‘Yes. Yes. Heated.’ Camy nodded.
‘Could we…use it?’ Cydalia asked.
‘Of course we can.’ Camy nodded again.
‘Great. I’ll go for a swim after breakfast.’ Cydalia smiled.
‘Count me in.’ Carlos winked.
‘You should go for a swim too Urs.’ Roberta then told him.
‘No thanks. I don’t do swimming.’ he snapped.
‘You can borrow a pair of my trunks.’ Seb offered.
‘I don’t do swimming.’ Urs repeated.
Roberta glared at him.

Later, she corned him. He was coming out of their ‘’bedroom’’ as she was going into it. Going to change for the swimming.
‘What?’ he demanded.
‘You should do swimming.’ she told him.
‘No thanks.’ he snapped.
‘To test the theory.’
‘What theory?’
‘The naked women theory.’
‘Everyone will be wearing a swim suit.’ he snapped.
‘Still. Us women do wear some revealing outfits.’ she winked at him.
‘I am not attracted to women.’ he hissed.
‘Then show me. Prove it. Go swimming.’ Roberta challenged.
‘I….I…OK.’ he snapped, ‘I’ll do it. I’ll prove it to you.’
‘Great. Here.’ she handed him something.
‘I asked Seb for the swimming trunks.’
Urs held them up. He looked at them. They were rather…brief trunks. He gulped. Swallowed.
‘What’s wrong? Won’t they fit?’ Roberta winked, grabbing hold of them and holding them against his trousers.
‘Of course they will.’ he snapped. He snatched the trunks out of her hand and stalked away to change.

Urs changed into the trunks. They fit. Just about. They were a little…snug. Either they had shrunk in the wash last time Seb had worn them, or…Urs was a bigger fit in a certain area then Seb. He tried shifting himself about a little. OK. He’d have to do. He grabbed a bath towel, pulled on the towelling bathrobe he had found and went down to the swimming pool. Luckily, the heated swimming pool was inside as the weather was early spring and so still a little cold at times. Today it was slightly frosty. If you breathed out you could see your breath.
Urs rushed to the pool. Carlos, Cydalia, Ingrid and Seb were already there. Seb and Ingrid were swimming. Carlos and Cydalia were splashing about. Both the girls were wearing rather revealing swim suits. But they didn’t affect Urs. Nor seeing Camy in her two piece bikini set either. Nor seeing David in his tight fitting swimming trucks. Whereas, Roberta - she was another matter. She was wearing a sensible swimming suit. It covered more than it revealed. But for some reason the sight of Roberta made Urs feel horny. Attracted to her. He suddenly wanted her. He pulled of his robe, dropped his towel and dived into the pool. Needing to cool off. He swam several lengths. Trying to relieve the tightness in his extra tight trunks. Up and down he swam. Up and down. Willing his excitement on seeing Roberta to go away. It was not good. Not good at all. He really was confused now. He should be having these desires over David or even Seb or Carlos. Not Roberta. Never Roberta. This wasn’t meant to happen. Not at all. How worrying. How confusing. How…how weird.

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PostSubject: Re: *Head Over Heels* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 5:09 pm


Urs stayed in the swimming pool for such a long time. Waiting until the feeling past. Hoping it would pass. He could feel himself get wrinkly. Even though the water was warm it still made him seem like a wrinkly prune.
‘Urs, mate, you can’t stay in there all day.’ Seb laughed as he continued to swim about.
‘Just you watch me.’ Urs muttered under his breath, swimming past Seb, splashing him as he went in an angry mood.
‘You OK mate?’ David then tried.
‘I’m fine.’ he continued to swim.
‘Urs, what’s wrong?’ Camy then asked, sliding into the pool to reach her friend in need.
‘Nothing.’ he snapped.
‘Then stop swimming. Tell me?’
‘I’m…confused OK.’ he finally stopped.
‘About?’ Camy carefully asked.
‘Naked breasts.’
‘Naked…breasts.’ Urs repeated.
‘Right. OK.’ she nodded.
‘Or rather…Roberta’s…body.’ he finally admitted as he and Camy climbed out of the pool and sat on the sidelines, watching everyone else have fun. Urs pulled on his robe to cover himself up from the cold Camy thought.
‘OK.’ Camy nodded again.
‘I…I kind of got an….an erection.’
‘That’s…to be expected.’
‘Never happened before.’
‘Oh…oh I see.’
‘I thought…I thought I was gay.’ he sighed.
‘What about…other women’s….body’s?’ Camy asked.
‘It just seems to be…Roberta’s.’
‘OK.’ she nodded, trying to understand what her friend was telling her.
‘I mean, even wearing her swim suit I…’
Camy looked at Roberta’s suit. It was the least revealing on show. It covered her from chest to top of thigh. Roberta was standing on the sidelines, opposite to wear Camy and Urs sat, stretching. Doing warm up exercises before her swim.
Cydalia’s swim suit was way more revealing. It had a V shape which showed the valley of her breasts. Even Camy’s own bikini showed more skin. More shape. Urs did have it bad.
‘Oh Urs…’ Camy consoled, placing a concerned hand on his arm. His rather hairy arm Camy noticed. He was more hairier than David was.
‘What does this mean?’ he asked.
‘I don’t know honey. I don’t know.’
‘I thought I was gay…I thought…I thought..’ he sighed and shrugged.
‘Its OK honey.’
‘I’m…confused.’ he admitted.

Meanwhile, Seb and Ingrid were getting friendly in the pool. A little too friendly. They were kissing. Ingrid had her chest pushed up against Seb’s. Her erect nipples were pushing against his chest hair, turning him on. They were at the other end of the swimming pool, with no-one around near them when Seb came up with an idea.
‘Fancy having a water sport.’ he winked against her ear.
‘Meaning?’ she whispered back.
‘Move your swim suit aside.’ he winked again.
Seb slipped his erect and ready penis out of his swim trunks and into Ingrid in one swift movement. Like he had done this before. Not that he had. He had never had the chance to have sex in a swimming pool before. But it had been one of his greatest wishes. To have sex in a public swimming pool and even though it wasn’t in a public place there were still people around, to give him the ultimate thrill. Ingrid wrapped her legs around his waist.
‘People…can see us.’ she groaned as he started to move inside her.
‘Oh….I….I don’t care…’ he groaned as he quickly came.
‘No screwing in the pool Seb!’ Carlos called to his friend.
‘We’re not….we’re just…kissing.’ Seb bit back a groan.
‘Yeah. I’ve seen that face before.’ Carlos winked.
‘So, have I.’ Cydalia winked, whispering into his ear.
‘Eh…what?’ his yaw dropped open in surprise.
‘When Seb met Ingrid. And I…’ she winked again.
‘Oh, do tell?’ he enquired.
‘We had a sexual threesome.’
‘No?’ Carlos gasped in surprise.
‘Oh yes.’ she nodded.
‘Seb! You didn’t.’ he called to his friend.
‘Wasn’t me!’ Seb called back.
‘Oh yes it was. This time.’ Cydalia called to him then.
Seb blushed. As did Ingrid.
‘Cyd!’ Ingrid hissed to her friend.
‘What? We’re all friends here, aren’t we?’ Cydalia smiled sweetly at her friend.
‘Yeah. Some more than others.’ Carlos wiggled his eyebrows.
‘We are not having a foursome.’ Ingrid then told them both.
‘Oh…’ Carlos sulked.
‘Nope. Sorry mate.’ said Seb. ‘Ingrid, is all mine now.’
‘Pity. She is rather…cute.’ Carlos whistled at Ingrid who blushed again.

Roberta was in the pool now. Swimming. Urs sat, with Camy, and watched. Closely. God. She was beautiful he thought. Then he realised something. ‘I think I…I’m in love.’ he whispered to Camy.
‘Oh? Who with?’ she asked.
‘What makes you think…?’
‘She’s beautiful.’
‘You’ve noticed.’
‘Plus…I’m still horny.’
‘What are you going to do then, about it?’ Camy asked.
‘Ask Roberta, to…to sleep with me.’ he decided.
‘Oh Urs. You can’t.’
‘I can….Why not?’
‘You have to be…subtle.’
‘Subtle, how?’ Urs asked.
‘Romance her.’ Camy suggested.
‘Romancing her won’t get rid of my..’ he gestured to his crotch. Even though he was now out of the pool, wearing his rather thick bathrobe Camy could still se the tell-tale bump of his erection.
‘Then go wank.’ Camy hissed.
‘I tried that. Several times. Last night then again this morning. But it didn’t work.’ Urs hissed back.
‘Obviously it did. Otherwise you wouldn’t have been walking around this morning.’
‘It goes, then it comes back.’ he told her.
‘Erections tend to do that.’
‘I need help.’
‘Then talk to David.’ Camy advised.
‘No. No. I can’t….’ Urs shook his head rather violently.
‘Then try Carlos, or Seb.’
‘No. Still can’t. Or they’d know I’m still a…’
‘There is nothing wrong with being a virgin.’ Camy told him.
‘There is, if you’re a man. Like I am.’ Urs pointed out.
‘I’m male. 37. And a virgin. I mean, come on! They’d know I’m not…right.’
‘Oh Urs.’ Camy exasperated.
‘Well. I’m not. Am I?’ he hissed.
‘You are right.’ Camy tried.
‘I’m a virgin!’ Urs repeated.
‘So. You were just…’
‘What?’ he interrupted.
‘Searching for the right woman.’ Camy offered.
‘Yeah. Right. Whatever.’
‘Oh Urs..’ she tried again.
‘I guess I’ll just have to…to stay a virgin forever.’ he sadly sighed.
‘Oh Urs…’
‘I’d be a laughing stock. They all think I’m a ladies man.’ he waved an angry hand in the direction of his friends.
‘No you wouldn’t. David, Seb and Carlos are your friends. They’d understand. They would.’ Camy tried again.
‘Yeah. Right. Whatever.’ Urs gave a snort, stood and as quickly as he could, without being noticed too much he stormed away, muttering to himself as he went.
Camy shook her head in despair. If only he could learn to trust and confide in his friends. But of course Urs couldn’t. He was a man and therefore thought he would get laughed down if he revealed his secret. Stupid, silly man. Honestly. Some men. Camy shook her head again. Stupid, stupid. Men. Ha. Who’d have them. Honestly.

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PostSubject: Re: *Head Over Heels* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 5:10 pm


After Roberta had finished her swim she noticed that Urs was missing. Her eyes searched the pool house. She realised that his bathrobe and towel was missing. After carefully drying herself down with her towel she went to talk to Camy about it. She found her friend at one end of the pool, staring into space. Like she was thinking of something. Or something was bothering her. Roberta assumed it was Urs who was bothering her. Typical man.
‘Do you know where Urs has gone?’ she asked, sitting down next to her friend.
‘We had words. He ended up storming off.’ Camy told her, sighing.
‘Oh. Bad.’ Roberta realised.
‘Yep.’ Camy nodded.
‘What was said?’ she then asked.
‘That, I can’t stay.’
‘Oh. OK.’
‘Sorry.’ Camy apologised.
‘No. Don’t. I’ll go and find him..’ Roberta decided, standing up.
‘Good luck. He may be in a fool mood.’ her friend warned, also standing up.
‘I can deal with that.’
‘Good luck anyway.’ Camy gave a friendly, concerned smile and a quick hug.
‘Thanks.’ Roberta smiled back. She then went to find a possibly grumpy Urs.
She eventually found him in their room. He was now fully dressed in jeans, and a white t-shirt. The t-shirt showed of his arm and chest muscles perfectly. Roberta tried not to swoon. At least not too much. But it was hard. She bit her tongue and swallowed back a groan of sudden desire. Or at least she thought it was of desire. She didn’t know. She had never experienced this feeling before. It was a new, interesting feeling. Sure, she had read, in books, about feeling desire for someone. But the real feeling felt even more better. More…intense.
‘Camy, told you were…upset.’ Roberta carefully told him.
‘I’m not upset. I’m fine.’ he snorted in reply.
‘Don’t go anywhere. I need to talk to you after I’ve had a shower.’ she told him.
‘Sure. Fine. I’ll wait.’ he sat down on the bed.
Roberta was quick in the bathroom. Showering herself down. Washing her hair. She took ten minutes and emerged from the bathroom wrapped in a towel with a bathrobe over the top. Her hair wrapped turban style in a towel too.
‘You waited.’ she exclaimed, surprised at finding him still sat on the bed where she had left him. In his hand was a book Roberta had been reading the night before. It was a murder mystery novel. The lead detective in the book wore a leather jacket and drove a motorbike. Roberta was already half way thought. It was quite a good book.
‘Of course I waited.’ he smiled at her, placing the book down on the bed, ‘you did ask me too.’
‘Doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have disappeared on me.’ she pointed out.
‘I never walk out on a woman…a lady.’ he winked.
What about a man Roberta was tempted to ask. But instead she bit her lip.
‘So, what did you want me for?’ he asked.
‘Camy said you were…upset at something.’
‘Like I said before, I’m not.’ he snorted.
‘Then why did you leave the pool?’
‘I got tired of swimming.’
‘Yeah, and?’
‘And my…erection thing kind of happened again.’ Urs admitted.
‘So you came back to masturbate.’ Roberta nodded.
‘Not this time. No.’
‘OK….what then?’ she asked.
‘I worked out what keeps giving me the…’ he gestured down to his crotch.
‘OK. Good.’
‘Do you want to know?’ he asked.
‘Do you want to tell me?’ Roberta asked in reply.
‘Yes, I do.’ he nodded.
‘Go on then?’ she sighed, braising herself for some bad news. Really bad news considering she was now in love with him.
‘You.’ he smiled.
‘You. You keep giving me erections.’
‘I want to have sex with you.’ Urs then surprised her again by saying.
‘Do you now?’ she snapped.
‘Yes. I do.’ he nodded.
‘Yes, and?’ she raised her eyebrows in an enquiry.
‘Now, would be a good time for me.’ he smiled, looking her over.
‘Pardon?’ she gasped.
‘I said now would be…’
‘I heard you the first time.’ she snapped interrupting him.
‘Then what’s the problem?’
‘You mean to say you don’t know?’
‘Err…no.’ he shook his head.
‘You’ve got the nerve to…to…’ she fumed.
‘Its seems you turn me on.’ he smiled.
‘Yeah, and?’
‘And, I want to have sex with you.’ he repeated.
‘You can’t just come straight out with it though!’
‘I don’t see why not..’ he mumbled in confusion.
‘You don’t?’
‘No.’ he shook his head.
‘You really don’t?’ she asked again.
‘No.’ he repeated.
‘Ever heard of…of romancing someone?’
‘Well, Camy did mention something…’ he mumbled, nodding.
‘And what? You decided against taking her advice?’
‘Well I….um. OK, yeah.’ he admitted.
‘Next time Camy offers any advice, I suggest you take it.’ Roberta snapped.
‘I…I…err, OK.’ he agreed, ‘so?’ he then asked.
‘So what?’ she demanded.
‘Will you have sex with me?’ he had the nerve to ask her again.
‘What? NO!’
‘Why not?’
‘You can’t just come straight out with it!’ Roberta exclaimed yet again.
‘I don’t see why not…’
‘What is wrong with you?’
‘I…I didn’t think anything was wrong with me…’ he mumbled.
‘Obviously there is though.’
‘Eh? What? Why?’ Urs squeaked in surprise.
‘You really need to work on your chat up lines for a start.’
‘I don’t do chat up lines.’ he admitted.
‘Obviously you don’t.’
‘Well then.’
‘You need to work on them.’ Roberta shook her head.
‘Would you….help me?’ Urs asked.
‘What? So you can use them on me?’
‘Well…err…yes.’ he nodded.
‘No. No I won’t.’
‘A woman needs romancing. You can’t just expect any one, female….or male, to jump straight into bed with you just because you come out with it and ask!’ Roberta tried to explain. Yet again.
‘Sorry.’ Urs apologised. ‘I guess I…I didn’t know.’ he shrugged.
‘What do you mean, you didn’t know?’ she asked him.
‘Just that. I didn’t know.’
‘You’ll laugh at me…or think I’m weird.’ he muttered.
‘No I won’t.’
‘You will.’
‘Try me?’ she asked.
‘No.’ he shook his head.
‘Try me?’ Roberta repeated.
‘No!’ he hissed.
‘If you don’t, then I can’t help you.’
‘You’ll laugh.’
‘Try me, and see!’
‘OK.’ Urs let out a long sigh, ‘I’m…’
‘You’re what?’
‘I’m….’ he tried again.
Roberta looked at him. And waited.
‘OK.’ he sighed, ‘I’m a…a virgin.’

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PostSubject: Re: *Head Over Heels* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 5:11 pm


Roberta blinked at his revelation.
‘See, knew you’d laugh.’ Urs sighed again.
‘I’m not laughing.’ Roberta pointed out.
‘But you want to,’ he accused her.
‘No I don’t.’
‘I don’t see why not.’
‘I’m a virgin too.’ Roberta then admitted.
‘No you’re not.’ Urs let out a snort.
‘Oh yes I am.’
‘But you seem so….so….confident.’
‘I’ve learn to hide a lot of things behind false confidence.’
‘All you need to do, is pretend to be someone else.’ Roberta smiled.
‘Who?’ Urs asked.
‘Whoever you admire the most.’
‘Who do you admire the most?’ he asked.
‘Camy.’ she told him.
‘Camy? Why?’ he asked.
‘She’s….outgoing. Brilliant. Not afraid to be who she wants to be. Or get whatever she wants. To me, she’s my perfect role model.’
‘Oh. OK.’ he nodded.
‘Who is yours then…?’
His answer surprised her. ‘You.’ he told her.
‘Pardon?’ Roberta gasped.
‘You. I admire you most.’
‘Not David?’
‘No.’ he shook his head.
‘Yep. You.’
‘What about Camy even?’ she then tried.
‘No. You.’ he smiled.
‘Is there a problem with that?’ Urs asked.
‘No. No.’
‘There is, isn’t there?’
‘Not really.’
‘What then?’
‘It would have helped, if you’d liked a man.’
‘OK….Why though?’
‘Then you could have…asked them, for tips.’
‘Romancing a partner, into bed.’
‘A woman.’ Urs smiled at her.
‘Yes.’ Roberta nodded.
‘You.’ he smiled again.
‘If…you want me.’ she shrugged.
‘I do. Oh yes. I do.’ he nodded, still smiling.
‘Not Camy?’
‘No. Anyway, she’s with David.’
‘Or…Cydalia. Or Ingrid?’
‘I’m only attracted to you.’
‘Why is it?’ Urs asked, sounding confused.
‘I look like David.’
‘No you don’t!’ he nervously laughed.
‘I do. Camy told me.’ plus, she’d seen it for herself.
‘Oh…right.’ he sighed.
‘That’s why you want me. Because I remind you. I look like David.’
‘That isn’t the reason.’
‘Oh no?’
‘What then?’ Roberta asked.
‘Its because of…’ he mumbled.
‘Go on?’ Roberta prompted, interested to hear his explanation.
‘Oh I don’t know!’ he exclaimed, throwing up his hands in surrender.
Roberta looked him straight in the eyes. Urs looked back.
He then sighed, turned and walked out of the bedroom, slamming the door, hard, behind him.
‘Aaahh!’ Roberta exclaimed, throwing herself down onto the empty bed, ‘bloody….bloody!’

Urs stormed around the house. He felt angry. Upset.
Roberta had had such a stupid idea. What a suggestion. I mean, hello. Couldn’t he just like her for her? I mean, when he looked at her all he saw was her. Not David. Never David. That had never entered his head. Honestly. Just who did she think he was? OK, for a while he had thought he was gay. Had thought he was in love with David. But now he never thought of David constantly like he had done. No. Now he couldn’t get Roberta out of his head. He thought about her every minute of every day. When she wasn’t there he missed her. Just one look at her made him hard. Made him horny. Even her smell did it now. He decided. I’m going to make her understand. I need to make her understand. He turned and walked quickly back to their room.
Luckily, she was still there. She was dressed now. Her hair dry and looking shiny. Urs inhaled her scent and felt himself start to grow hard. She was sat on the bed, reading her motorbike novel. She seemed really interested in her book.
Urs coughed. To alert her to his presents. She looked up at him.
‘I need to talk to you.’ he nervously coughed again.
‘I bet you do.’ she snapped, going back to her reading.
‘You don’t remind me of anyone. Let alone David.’
‘Yeah, right. Whatever.’
‘I like you, for you.’ he tried.
‘Don’t believe you.’ she carried on reading.
‘I do.’
‘Yeah, whatever.’
‘I’m…attracted to you, for you.’ Urs looked intensely at her.
‘Still don’t believe you.’
‘Then give me a chance, to prove it. To you.’
‘It’ll take a long time.’ she muttered, placing her book down on the bed to look at him now.
‘So, you’re letting me try?’ he asked, sounding hopeful.
‘Suppose.’ Roberta shrugged.
‘Great. Great.’ he smiled brightly at her then made a move to touch her.
‘What, are you doing?’ she asked.
‘Touching you…’ he sat besides her on the bed and reached out a hand towards her.
‘Because I’d like to know, what its like.’
‘You touched me last night.’ she reminded him.
‘No. I kissed you.’ he corrected, ‘there is a difference.’ his hand finally made contact with her skin.
‘I don’t see one.’ she tried not to tremble too much with desire for this man.
‘No?’ he asked, his hand touching her face. He then trailed his thumb over her mouth. Rubbing it.
Roberta parted her lips in surprise. Then she stuck out her tongue, and licked his thumb. She so wanted to lick something else too. But refused to let herself do it.
Urs let out a groan of desire. His pupils dark with need.
‘Rob…’ he moaned.
‘Oh no.’ she batted his hand away, as if finally coming to her senses at long last, ‘not that.’ she tried not to groan as she did so.
‘It would only be one little kiss…’
‘Oh no. No.’
‘One kiss.’ he repeated.
‘Which would then turn into touching then oral sex. Then sex.’
‘Maybe.’ he shrugged. Not that he had ever done any of those things before. At least not on a woman.
‘No. Not until you’ve convinced me. That you want me, for me. Not because I remind you of the man you love.’
‘I don’t love David…’
‘You thought you did. A few days ago.’
‘That was before I first saw you naked…’
‘Gee. Thanks.’
‘Well. At least I’m being honest.’ Urs shrugged.
‘Yes. Well.’ Roberta coughed like all of a sudden she was…embarrassed. Hang on. No. She wasn’t embarrassed. As such. More like…flattered at Urs’ version of a compliment. For she was sure that was what it was. A compliment in a weird kind of way.
‘Sorry. I won’t do it again.’ he suddenly apologised.
‘Do what again…?’ she blinked in confusion.
‘Try to kiss you again.’
‘Oh. OK.’ she nodded.
‘Unless….you want me to?’ he asked.
‘Of course I won’t.’ she nervously laughed.
‘Oh…right. Shame.’ he nodded, ‘right, so I’m…’ and with that he left the room again. Not slamming the door this time but the feeling was still there for him to do it.

Well. He’d kind of made a mess of that then. And it had been going so great too. Up until he had decided to touch her. From that moment on it had all gone wrong. Haywire. Blast. Why had he done it he wondered? Oh yes. Because she looked so soft. Her lips had looked, they looked, so touchable. So kissable. He had ached. Physically ached. To reach out and touch her. So he had. And it had felt like….like heaven. Like he had come home. Not even when he had been kissing David, touching David, had he ever felt like that. But with Roberta he did. With Roberta he felt complete. Like he really was home. Whereas touching David, kissing David had just made him feel…nervous was the feeling. Nervous. How weird really. Should have being with David felt that way? Urs didn’t know but he had the feeling the answer would be no. Weird. Confusing. So. He did like Roberta. Love her even. Whereas with David he had…liked him as a friend. OK, now, that was sorted out. Sort of! He just needed to tell Roberta this now. The hardest part of all he guessed it was going to be. Then again, when wasn’t telling people the truth the hardest part? Err…never Urs guessed. Not that he had ever had to do it before. Admit to someone his true feelings. Where his heart lie. With the person he was going to tell!

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David and Camy were making secret arrangements for their wedding which was to be in a few days time. They already had their outfits, hidden in the wardrobe, along with Roberta’s bridesmaid outfit and Urs’ best man outfit. Not that either Roberta or Urs knew the wedding was taking place so soon. Nor did Urs even know yet that he was down as best man to David as David had yet to ask him officially. Anyway, they were making arrangements. Finalising details. David was on his mobile phone to the vicar while Camy was also on a mobile phone, talking to the caterer about last minute details to do with the wedding cake. They were both excited. Looking forward to finally being Mr and Mrs David Miller. All this time Camy had never dreamt that she would ever meet the man for her. But, thanks to her wonderful friend Urs she had. It had been love at first sight. Instant attraction for Camy. The same for David. Them meeting had been like a match made in heaven and soon they would be able to cement their relationship, their love once and for all. Nothing could come between them and ruin it. They wouldn’t let anyone or anything ruin it. Not the wrong arrangements. The weather or even their friends. Which, could happen. Most especially the friends part. Sure, them marrying so soon would come as a shock, but surely not too much of a big shock that it would badly affect their forthcoming wedding on Sunday.

After their exciting morning swimming, Carlos and Cydalia were now…relaxing in their room. Or rather, they were in their room, testing the bed springs again. Cydalia was starting to learn, that for an old guy Carlos did have a lot of stammer when it came to sex. He liked it. And a lot of it. Not that Cydalia was complaining. Oh no. No. She was rather highly sexed herself so loved having sex at any opportunity. After going back to their room they had stripped off their wet swim wear and straight into the shower. ‘’To wash each other down.’’ Carlos had winked, peeling Cydalia’s revealing swimming suit from her body and dropping to his knees to lick and finger her to a rather orgasmic screaming orgasm. Cydalia, after regaining the use of her legs repaid the compliment to Carlos. Sucking his dick. Carlos loved the way she spat his come out after. To him, to seemed so incredibly sexy. Each time after Cydalia had spat she would lick her delicious looking full lips.
‘Shower time…’ Carlos then led a giggling Cydalia into the shower where they then proceeded to get hot and steamy. Washing each other. Soaping each other only to finish by having sex. Cydalia let Carlos pick her up, she wrapped her legs around his waist and there they went. Thrusting themselves to orgasm. Again.

Seb and Ingrid were also in their room.
Ingrid was laying in Seb’s arms. Contented. They had just had sex. Again. And again Ingrid had had an orgasm during sex. It wasn’t a fluke after all she was starting to realise. She could orgasm during sex. Seb could make her orgasm. Seb could make Ingrid scream from the rooftops with her orgasms. They were that intense. That pleasing.
‘I love you Ingrid.’ Seb sighed afterwards.
‘Oh?’ she blinked in surprise.
‘Hope that’s….OK.’ he mumbled, blushing.
‘I didn’t think…’
‘I mean, I know we’ve only known each other a few days, but…’
‘I thought you preferred Cydalia.’ she interrupted.
‘God. No.’ he laughed, ‘whatever gave you that idea?’ he asked.
‘You…when you first told us, Cyd and I. about your invitation…’
‘No. No.’ Seb shook his head, ‘No. I was actually trying to find a way of…turning Cydalia down, without upsetting her.’ he explained.
‘Oh. Right….’
‘Have I said the wrong thing?’ a nervous Seb asked.
‘No.’ Ingrid looked at him and smiled, ‘not at all.’
‘So, I…I haven’t scared you?’
‘About what….?’
‘Admitting my feelings too soon?’
‘No. No. You could never do that. In fact,’ Ingrid paused, ‘I too….am feeling the same way.’ she admitted.
‘You’re….?’ he asked, holding his breath.
‘I love you too Seb.’ she told him.
‘I love you Ingrid.’ Seb finally exhaled, happily.
‘Good.’ she smiled and nodded.
‘Very good.’ he winked suggestively.
Ingrid blushed. Bright red. It had to be love. Just had to. The way she was feeling. This happy. This contented. Even her powerful orgasms had to be a sign. Had to. Ingrid was happy. Seb was happy. Both in love with each other. Wasn’t it a great world? They thought as they lay in bed. Snuggled up. Laying in the after glow.

Roberta sat in the living room. The empty living room. Well, almost empty room. It had one other person in it with her. And read her book. Or at least tried to. It was a little difficult to do what with Urs sitting opposite. Glaring almost at her. He sat, muttering something under his breath, tapping his foot on the floor and his hand on the chair arm. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap they went.
‘Would you stop doing that?’ Roberta snapped, having had enough of the irritating noise.
‘Nope. Sorry. Not going to.’ Urs smiled brightly at her.
‘AAahhh!’ she moaned, slamming her book down on her lap in a foul mood now.
‘Where are they all?’ he gestured to the empty room.
‘Probably in bed.’ she snapped.
‘Doing what?’ he laughed.
‘Having sex. Like any normal couple in love does on a wet afternoon.’ she supplied.
‘Is that what you’d be doing?’ he asked, looking out the window where, yes, it was raining. It looked cold and damp and nasty out there. Not an afternoon for afternoon sports or indeed any sports at all. Unless they were in inside kind of games.
‘I don’t know. I’m a virgin too, remember?’ Roberta had to remind him. Had he forgotten already that she was in the same boat as him? Not that she believed that a man looking as tasty as Urs looked was a virgin. Surely, surely some woman, or man had dispensed with that years ago and he was just playing some sort of game with her by pretending to still be one. A virgin.
‘But….if you weren’t?’ he probed.
‘Probably.’ Roberta finally admitted, ‘with the right man.’
‘The right man?’
‘The man I loved.’
‘Oh. So, you’d have to…to love someone, before you could…sleep with them then?’ he then asked.
‘Guess so. Yes.’ she shrugged.
‘Like me.’ he admitted.
‘Is that why you’re still one, a virgin I mean?’
‘Guess so.’ Urs shrugged.
‘Interesting to find that. In a man.’
‘I know. Most men….OK, every man can have sex just because they’re….horny.’
‘Like you were. With me.’
‘You were.’ she accused.
‘No.’ he corrected, ‘I wanted…sex, with you, because I…I like you.’ he blushed.
‘Like me?’ Roberta asked, surprised.
‘No. I don’t like you…’
‘Oh. Gee. Thanks.’ she interrupted.
‘…I love you.’
‘You…?’ she stared at him, open mouthed.
‘I love you.’ he repeated, blushing again.
‘No you don’t.’ she laughed.
‘Yes, I do.’ he nodded.
‘No you don’t.’ Roberta repeated.
‘I do.’ he insisted.
‘Yeah, right.’ she snorted a laugh.
‘Why can’t I?’ he asked.
‘Because…we don’t know each other.’
‘Then that is where you, are wrong.’
‘No I’m not.’ Roberta laughed.
‘I know you. Like you, know me. Inside, and out.’ Urs smiled.
‘No I don’t.’ she laughed again, not believing him.
‘I can prove it.’ he challenged.
‘Yeah, whatever.’
‘I can.’ he challenged again.
‘I don’t think so.’
‘Don’t believe me? Fine. OK.’ he shrugged.
‘Good. Good.’ Roberta nodded.
Urs beamed brightly at her. She stared back, wondering just what sort of game he was playing with her. It annoyed her. Stupid, silly man. Claiming he knew all about her when it was so not true. No man knew Roberta inside and out. Mostly because she refused to let them. That was the greatest way to hurting her. And she refused, refused to let that happen. At all.

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That night it was Carlos and Cydalia’s turn to do the cooking. They produced a Spanish dish between them. Although, Carlos was the only one fully Spanish. Only Cydalia’s name was Spanish. She herself was American. She and Ingrid had met while at work. They were both fashion designers. They got on so well that not only had they shared Seb that one time but had done it before. To other boyfriends no matter who’s. If the other fancied them then they would share. Have a threesome. On the odd occasion the man in question hadn’t liked the idea, Ingrid and Cydalia had just carried on. Enjoying each other while the man sat, in shock and watched with great interest. Of course afterwards he had wanted to join in. Standing there, looking at them with a hard-on, moaning about feeling horny now.
‘Go do it yourself.’ Ingrid had laughed at him.
‘Yeah, go fuck yourself.’ Cydalia had put it more crudely.
Even though Cydalia had bought him home. The minute he hadn’t wanted to join in on their threesome she had lost interest in him.
But now she was thinking. About having another threesome. This time with Carlos and another man. To make Carlos’ wishes come true.
‘I’ve been thinking honey.’ she smiled sweetly at Carlos as they stood in the kitchen, preparing the dinner for that night.
‘Of what my sweet?’ he gazed back, wiggling his eyebrows in question. He was wearing an apron which read, ‘Kiss the chief’’. Cydalia had already done. Several times. She just couldn’t get enough of kissing Carlos. He really was a good kisser. An expert with his mouth and tongue. Oh that tongue could do some amazing things. Just thinking about it made Cydalia wet and ready for him.
‘Of making your…fantasy come true.’
‘My…threesome fantasy?’ he asked.
‘Yes.’ she nodded.
‘But I’d want…another man too…’
‘I know that.’ she nodded again.
‘For me…to experience with.’
‘I know honey.’ she smiled.
‘And you’re….OK with that?’ he asked.
‘I did suggest it honey.’ Cydalia pointed out.
‘I know, but…’
‘Its OK. I’d like to experience it too.’
‘But you’ve had them…’ Carlos mumbled.
‘I’ve had threesomes, with Ingrid and a man. But never with two men.’
‘Oh. OK.’
‘But we’d need to find either an open-minded man, or…’ Cydalia paused.
‘Or?’ Carlos asked.
‘A gay man.’ she winked.
‘I could live with both of those.’ Carlos wiggled his eyebrows again in excitement.
‘I bet you could.’ Cydalia wiggled her eyebrows back at him.
‘So, we could…’
‘Oh yes. We could.’ she agreed, nodding.
‘Great. Great. I’d love that.’ Carlos winked.
‘Me too. Me too.’ Cydalia winked in agreement.
‘But, who could we ask?’ Carlos then asked the most important question.
‘Who, would you like to join us?’
He thought for a moment before saying, ‘Urs?’
Cydalia’s eyes light up. ‘Urs eh?’
‘Well, as men go, he is rather…nice.’ he blushed.
‘Hmm.’ Cydalia agreed, ‘he is certainly that.’ she swooned. Urs had a figure to die for. He took care of himself she could tell. Firm muscles, firm thighs. Oh to get a hand on him. She would show him a thing or too about making love.
‘Do you think he would be…up for it?’ Carlos then asked.
‘Oh most definitely.’ she nodded, ‘and…if he wasn’t…well, I am sure I could…persuade him.’ she winked suggestively.
‘Oh goodie.’ Carlos returned the wink.

Before dinner, Cydalia cornered Urs.
‘Ursy. Just the man I wanted to see.’ she winked at him.
‘Oh…?’ he blinked in surprise.
‘Yes. I was wondering…if you would be…up for a little private game.’ she fluttered her eyelashes at him.
‘Game? Eh…what?’ he muttered.
‘Yes. Ursy. A game.’ she nodded.
‘What sort of…game?’
‘A threesome.’ she beamed.
Urs swallowed. Loudly. He was nervous. Heck, he was more than nervous. Scared. Petrified be more nearer the mark.
‘A…a threesome?’ he mumbled, ‘err…who with?’ he coughed.
‘Me.’ Cydalia beamed.
‘Par…don?’ he coughed again.
‘Carlos.’ she repeated.
‘Yes, honey?’
‘Carlos…he isn’t gay, is he?’ Urs asked.
‘No.’ she shook her head, ‘neither are you. But.’
‘But what?’
‘It’s fantasy of Carlos’. I want to help him….achieve that fantasy.‘ Cydalia explained.
‘But….but why…with me?’
‘Carlos suggested you.’
‘I’m not…I’m not….’
‘Relax. Relax.’ Cydalia soothed, ‘all you’d have to do, is…’ she winked, ‘service me.’
‘Service you?’ he gulped at her.
‘And maybe…kiss, touch, each other..’
‘Service you, how?’ he nervously asked.
‘Sex honey. Sex.’ she reached out and touched his face gently.
‘Oh…right.’ he nodded.
‘Then…?’ she smiled.
‘I…err…’ he mumbled.
‘Sorry. Excuse me.’ Roberta suddenly, coming into the room discovered Urs and Cydalia. She had him up against the wall. Trapping him almost. Urs, looked nervous. Worried. Scared. Roberta bit her lip, to stop herself from laughing out loud. Poor confused Urs. Being propositioned. By a woman by the looks of it. ‘Am I interrupting anything?’ she asked.
‘No. No.’ Cydalia smiled.
‘Cydalia was just…err, asking me, to join her and Carlos, in a game.’ Urs told her.
‘Oh? A game?’ Roberta asked, looking from Urs to Cydalia and back to Urs again.
‘Yes, a….a sex game.’ Urs nodded.
‘Oh Ursy.’ Cydalia groaned, she moved away from him, disappointed in him now.
‘Sorry. Didn’t think you wanted to err…keep it a secret.’ he shrugged, grabbing hold of Roberta‘s hand for support.
‘I didn’t think Roberta would want to know. Considering you and she are…’ Cydalia explained.
‘No. No.’ Roberta smiled, ‘its OK. Urs and I have an…open relationship. We’ve no secrets. In fact, we tell each other everything.’
‘Oh. Right.’ Cydalia nodded.
Then the dinner bell rang. ‘The food is ready.’ Carlos called.
‘Come on Urs. Lets go eat.’ Roberta took his arm, rescuing him.
‘Thanks.’ he whispered to her once they had walked away from Cydalia.
‘You looked in need of rescuing.’ she smiled.
‘Oh, I sure did.’ he nodded.
‘Fancy that eh, a threesome.’
‘You overhead…’ he realised from her comment.
‘Oh yes. You….Cydalia, and Carlos.’ she giggled.
‘Carlos.’ she giggled again.
‘And I don’t even fancy him.’ Urs hissed.
‘Now, if it were David…you’d jump at the chance.’
‘Not quite jump at the chance..’
‘OK. Just rub your hands with glee.’ Roberta corrected.
‘I’m turning her down.’ Urs decided.
‘Good idea. I would suggest so.’ she nodded.
‘I mean, please. A threesome.’ he nervously laughed, ‘me, a virgin. Being offered a sexual threesome.’
‘Certainly one way to lose your virginity.’
‘Yeah. Embarrass myself. In front of a woman, as well as a man!’
‘Just think, if you…came too quickly, you could have put it down to nervous excitement!’
‘Not going to happen.’
‘I know. I know.’ Roberta nodded.
‘Anyway….I still want to have sex with you.’ Urs reminded her.
‘What, me….and David?’ she asked.
‘No. Just you.’
‘Even though I too am also a virgin?’ she asked him, amazed.
‘Yes. Why not?’ he asked, blinking at her.
‘But I might be awful…’
‘So, might I.’ he pointed out.
‘We’d be useless. Losing it together.’ she tried.
‘I don’t see how.’
‘Anyway,’ Roberta shook her head, ‘not going to happen.’
‘It could do.’ he smiled.
‘No Urs. Not going to happen.’ Roberta repeated a little more firmly this time.
‘Oh. Spoilsport.’
‘Never mind. You’ll get over it.’
‘I might not do…’ he tried sulking.
‘You will.’
‘Not unless I can have you.’ he smiled, still trying.
‘Oh no. No.’
‘Don’t ‘‘Robbie’’ me. Its not going to happen.’
‘It might do…’
‘It wouldn’t Urs. And that, is a fact.’ and with that, Roberta walked off to the dinner room, leaving him shaking his head, wondering what he could do to change her mind.

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PostSubject: Re: *Head Over Heels* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 5:13 pm


Dinner, that night was an interesting affair.
Cydalia sat opposite Urs and kept winking at him. Making him turn a lovely scarlet colour in embarrassment. Not that he could tell Seb, Ingrid, David or Camy what had made him feel embarrassed. He was too, well, embarrassed to mention Cydalia and Carlos’ proposition on them. Half ashamed, half wondering what they would say when, or rather should, they find out. That he, Urs Toni Buhler, 37, and still a confused virgin had been offered a threesome. And had turned it down. Almost without even considering it in the first place. Even if it had been Camy and to think of it, Camy had offered him a threesome with her and David when they had first got together. It had taken until now for Urs to realise what she had been trying to do. His best female friend. Before Roberta had come along. Offering him the dream of a lifetime. Sleeping with David. Even then he had turned it down. His once chance to sleep with David. And he, Urs, had turned it down. Sleeping with David. A dream come true. Oh well. Anyway, now all Urs wanted to do was, was to have sex, sleep with, make love with and too, with Roberta. No one else. Just Roberta. He wanted her and her alone. And he would. Somehow. He had to. Preferably before he burst with wanting her so much. He loved Roberta too. He dreamt of her. He ached to hold her. To touch her. To breathe in her scent. Unique to her. To taste her again. Taste her lips. Taste her secret scent. To be able to make her come with him deep inside of her. Oh how he ached. His whole body ached. His soul too. And his heart. And all for her. One woman. Roberta. It had to be her, or no one. Not Cydalia. Not Carlos. Not Camy. Not David. Not even Seb or Ingrid. But Roberta. Roberta. Roberta. Sweet, wonderful, beautiful Roberta.
‘So, anything interesting happen before dinner?’ Camy asked as she tucked into the Spanish rice dish Carlos and Cydalia had prepared earlier.
‘Yes.’ Urs nodded. He had come to a decision. He would mention the threesome.
‘No.’ Cydalia shouted at the same time, trying to drown him out.
‘So, which one is it?’ Seb asked, lightly laughing.
‘Yes.’ Urs repeated.
‘No.’ Cydalia interrupted.
‘Cydalia, please be quiet. Just for a moment.’ Carlos asked his girlfriend, ‘Urs, go ahead?’ he asked his friend, not realising just what Urs planned on telling everyone.
‘Cydalia.’ Urs nervously coughed, ‘well….I think she…propositioned me tonight…’ he blushed.
‘Cyd.’ Carlos winked, ‘whatever for?’
‘For that…you know, what we talked about earlier.’ she said.
‘My fantasy you mean?’ he asked, wiggling his eyebrows.
‘Yes.’ she nodded.
‘Oh. OK.’ he now nodded too, ‘and Urs? How do you feel….about it?’
‘No, thanks.’ he said.
‘Eh…?’ Carlos blinked in surprise. Was he hearing it right? Here was Urs, turning down the chance to sleep with the wonderful, the amazing Cydalia. But she was the sexiest thing Carlos had ever had the pleasure of sleeping with. Of meeting. Of being with. And Urs, and Urs was turning it down! Mad man!
‘I can’t sleep with you Cydalia, nor you Carlos. I’m sorry. But I can’t.’ Urs sighed.
‘Eh? Cydalia and Carlos??’ Seb gulped, open mouthed. Had he missed something? Obviously he had. Urs being offered a threesome? Being offered and turning down a chance nearly even man Seb knew would, in their right minds jump at. The chance to experience a sexual threesome! Crazy man! Crazy!!!
‘A threesome? You’re turning down a threesome?’ Ingrid, amazed, asked Urs.
‘Yes. Yes I am.’ Urs nodded, ‘I’m turning them down…for Roberta.’ he looked at her and smiled.
‘Me?’ the woman in question gasped, staring at him like he was…crazy. Mad. Mental!
‘Yes. For you. Roberta.’ Urs smiled at her.
‘Whatever for?’ she asked.
‘I’m in love with you.’
‘Sweet.’ Seb smiled.
‘Oh, right…’ Roberta blushed, seemingly a little embarrassed.
I mean. Please. She thought. Does he have to say this now?
In front of everyone else? Embarrassing me like this! And all because of what? Because he won’t admit his true self to them? That, he is a sexually confused virgin.
He is so obviously ashamed of himself. But why? Urs had no need to be. They were his friends. They would forgive him, in time, if only he was honest with them all. Typical man thought Roberta. Hiding himself behind lies and fake ness and deceit.
‘Is that all you’re going to say?’ Camy asked her friend, ‘Urs, has just confessed his love for you and all you can say is, ‘Oh. Right.’’
‘I guess, I’m a little…shocked.’ Roberta shrugged, having to say something.
‘Even thought its not my first time telling you I love you?’ asked Urs, looking her straight in the eyes. It was rather…unnerving to be stared at by him Roberta thought.
‘I…I didn’t think you meant it before. She shrugged again, letting out a nervous laugh.
‘I never say things I don’t mean.’ he said.
‘Oh….OK. Sorry.’
‘So, no threesome for you then Ursy.’ Seb smiled at him.
‘Err…no. No threesome for me.’ he agreed.
‘Just a twosome eh?’ Seb suggestively winked.
‘Err…that’s right. Just a twosome.’ Urs blushed in agreement.
‘Sweet. Sweet.’ Carlos nodded.
‘OK. So, Seb, fancy a threesome then?’ Cydalia then asked him.
Seb looked straight at Ingrid. And said, ‘As much as I’d love to take you up on your offer Cydalia,’ he smiled at the lady in question, ‘I’m actually taking up the Urs school.’
‘Eh?’ Cydalia blinked.
‘I’m also not doing it. Because I’m in love too.’ Seb smiled lovingly at Ingrid. ‘With Ingrid. Not Roberta. Although, she is rather…cute.’ he whistled in Roberta’s direction before winking at his girlfriend, Ingrid.
‘I love you too Seb.’ Ingrid beamed back at him, and winked.
‘Right, moving on.’ Camy then coughed.

That night, after food, it was Urs and Roberta’s turn to do the entertainment. Urs suggested playing cards.
‘Gambling eh?’ Seb winked at the suggestion.
‘No. Playing cards.’ Urs repeated.
‘So, no playing for money then?’ Seb asked, raising an eyebrow in enquiry.
‘No. I don’t believe in gambling.’ Urs replied.
‘Oh…spoilsport.’ sulked Seb, ‘anyway, Ingrid and I are more into…exercise sports.’
‘Eh? What sort of…?’ Urs asked.
‘Sex.’ Seb winked, talking Ingrid’s hand and leading her away from a very embarrassed and blushing Urs.
‘Right. OK. Err….anyone else for cards?’ Urs nervously coughed.
‘Not for us. Thanks.’ Carlos and Cydalia smiled before also disappearing up to their room to have, like Seb and Ingrid rather were going to do, rather noisy sex. And believe me, both couples were noisy. Both women screamed their delight as they reached orgasm. Not together though. Together would have been OK, well, at the same time I mean. But no. Just as Ingrid finished, Cydalia started. Then, when Cydalia had reached her climax, Ingrid and Seb started up again.
David took Camy for a romantic moonlight stroll, and ended up having sex in the indoor heated swimming pool while Urs and Roberta sat in the front room, by the fire. Urs listened to his MP3 player, turned up loud to block out the sex noises while Roberta attempted to read. Feeling horny. She was seriously starting to regret turning down Urs’ weird offer of sex. She was in the middle of reading a rather erotic sex scene in her novel when Urs tapped her on the shoulder. She looked up. Startled.
‘Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.’ he smiled.
‘I was….just reading.’ she coughed to cover her embarrassment of imagining Urs, naked and aroused and her too.
‘I’m….going to bed.’ he told her.
‘Err….OK.’ she nodded, closing her book.
‘Coming?’ he asked.
I was a moment ago and so were you. Out loud she asked, ‘The noises have stopped then?’
‘Yes, thank god.’ Urs nodded.
‘OK. Might as well. I am tired.’ Roberta stretched and got to her feet.
Together they walked to their room.
This time, Roberta made sure Urs didn’t see her naked. She had no wish to hear him masturbating in the shower again when she so wished that she could be the one. The one to touch him. To kiss him. To hold him in her arms. Oh well.
That night, in bed, Roberta slept next to Urs and dreamt. An erotic dream. About Urs. In her dream she dreamt that she and Urs were kissing. Touching. Holding each other close. Rubbing and caressing each other to orgasm. An explosive mind blowing orgasm. She had masturbated herself to come when in his arms. When she eventually woke in the morning, Roberta woke snuggled up in Urs’ arms. She tried to move out of his arms. But he was holding her tightly. Roberta nudged him awake.
‘Urs, wake up.’ she told him.
‘Wha…?’ he opened his eyes.
‘You can let me go.’ she said.
‘I’m not…’
‘Yes you are.’
‘No I’m not. You’re snuggled up, to me.’ he pointed out.
‘Oh….OK. Sorry.’ Roberta blushed in realisation, moving away, ‘sorry.’ she apologised again.
‘That’s…fine.’ Urs nodded. Shouldn’t blame her he thought.
It had been partly his fault too. When she had turned to face him during the night, and snuggled up he hadn’t moved away or pushed her away. In fact he had done the opposite. He had pulled her nearer to him. Had breathed in the smell of her. Had held her soft and interesting body close next to his. He had been in heaven. It had been wonderful. He had dreamt of her too. An erotic dream. A dream of them kissing. Touching. Rubbing and caressing each other to an explosive, mind blowing orgasm. He too, had masturbated himself to orgasm while holding Roberta in his arms while asleep. Only realising it hadn’t all been a dream when he had woken up, holding her in his arms, feeling slightly sticky. Roberta had felt slightly sticky too. Like she too had masturbated herself. But of course she wouldn’t have done, would she? No. Women didn’t do that. Did they? Urs didn’t know. He just assumed they had no reason to. Masturbate. Anyway, it had been amazing. A perfect dream. A perfect dream to dream.

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Next morning, David and Camy were first down to breakfast. Even though it was actually Seb and Ingrid’s turn to make it. Feeling hungry, David and Camy decided to make their own food. Camy toasted the bread after David had sliced it. He then squeezed oranges while Camy laid the table.
Camy sat, at the breakfast table and started eating. David sat besides her, ‘Mmm…beefy.’ he commented after giving his fiancée a loving kiss. ‘What is that taste?’ he licked his lips.
Camy had a brown spread on her toast. It did smell slightly beefy too.
‘Marmite.’ she indicated the piece of toast she was holding. She had just taken a bite of her marmite on toast. She did love marmite. ‘Like it do you?’ she asked her handsome husband to be.
‘I do. I do.’ he smiled, pinching a piece of her toast.
‘Hey!’ she exclaimed.
‘Great stuff.’ he smiled, munching on the stolen piece of toast, laden with marmite.
‘Glad you like it.’ Camy blushed.
‘Sure do.’ he nodded, chewing another mouthful.
‘Good, because I don’t intend to ever stop eating it.’ she told him.
‘No, don’t.’ he agreed, ‘just in the future, make more.’ he winked.
‘Hey, make your own.’ she playfully slapped him when he attempted, and managed successfully, to nick another piece of Camy’s breakfast.
‘Oh, sweet.’ Seb smiled, coming into the breakfast room and seeing David and Camy sat together, holding hands while sharing Camy’s last piece of marmite and toast.
‘Don’t worry, it’ll happen to you one day.’ Camy smiled.
‘What will?’ Seb asked, sitting down with a plate laden down with food. There was bacon, sausage, 3 eggs as well as black pudding.
‘The lurvve bug.’ Carlos answered, hearing Seb’s question.
He sat down, and started eating what looked to be some bales of hay.
‘What, is that?’ Seb gestured to his friends bowl.
‘A healthy alternative to that heart attack on a plate you are eating.’ Carlos replied, grimacing at his friends plate in return.
‘Ah, but this, it tasty, whereas…’ Seb said.
‘I, intend living to a healthy age my friend, how about you?’ Carlos replied.
‘Point taken. Suppose.’ Seb shrugged in defence, ‘and anyway, I’ve already been taken over by the lurve bug.’ he winked.
‘Mmm, with the lovely Ingrid.’ Carlos winked back.
‘So, where are you this morning?’ David asked Seb.
‘Sleeping.’ he replied, yawing while scratching his head.
‘You were down for breakfast.’ Camy told him.
‘Oh, sorry. Ingrid, kind of….tired me out last night.’ Seb winked again at Camy.
‘Kind of like Cydalia and I.’ Carlos winked.
‘You were very loud last night.’ a tired looking Urs now came into the breakfast room. He was carrying, in his hand, a very strong looking and smelling cup of coffee.
‘Sorry mate, but you know what its like….’ Seb blushed.
‘You too Carlos.’ Urs then said to him.
‘Surprised you and Roberta weren’t making noise too!’ Carlos nudged him.
‘If we were, its doubtful anyone would hear it over you lot.’ Roberta now came into the room. At least she looked refreshed. Bright. Sunny almost. Even though she had had an interesting erotic dream about Urs she had still managed to sleep rather well.
A little while later Ingrid and Cydalia turned up for breakfast. Looking suspiciously like they had been together somewhere, whispering about something. Possibly Carlos’ fantasy. Ingrid had a thought that Seb may be up for it after all. She just had to approach the subject with him now. And that wouldn’t be too hard now, would it? Or would it?
‘Fancy going horse riding today?’ Camy asked them all once they were all sat around the table, eating and drinking their breakfasts.
‘You’ve horses?’ Urs asked. He loved horse riding. It gave him the feeling of complete freedom while out riding.
‘We’ve horses.’ Camy agreed.
‘I’m in.’ he nodded.
‘Me too.’ Roberta also nodded.
‘Me three.’ David smiled.
‘No thanks. Not too keen on horses.’ Cydalia declined.
‘Me neither.’ said Ingrid.
‘Seb, Carlos?’ Camy asked them.
‘I’ll be….here, with Ingrid.’ said Seb.
‘Same here, with Cydalia I mean.’ Carlos agreed with Seb and Cydalia.
‘OK. You guys go get ready.’ Camy smiled at her fiancé, Urs and Roberta. ‘And I’ll go and fetch the horses.’ she nodded.
‘See you at the stables.’ David winked as a blushing Camy disappeared.
Roberta and Urs went to their room to change. Roberta was already wearing jeans but they were white and she wanted to change into a black pair. Urs sat and watched her change. She was wearing rather interesting knickers he noticed. They looked to be bikini briefs. Like Camy was so fond of wearing. Christ, now even seeing Roberta in her underwear, in her knickers as girls called them was enough to do it. Turn him on slightly. He could feel himself getting hard as he sat and watched her getting changed into her black pair of skin-tight jeans. She had a nice bum he noticed too. Very…kissable.
He coughed, Roberta looked up at him.
‘Err….interesting underwear.’ he coughed again.
‘Comfortable.’ she turned to look at him while zipping herself up.
‘Camy wears the…same.’
‘I know.’ she nodded.
‘Camy, David and I…err…kind of almost had a threesome once.’
‘I know.’ Roberta nodded again.
‘You do?’ he asked in surprise.
‘The night we met.’ she nodded.
‘Camy told you….?’
‘She had an idea. Which obviously didn’t work out the way she thought.’
‘Hey, you liked David. She wanted to at least give you a chance, with him.’
‘Which, I turned down.’
‘Yes. Why, is that?’ Roberta asked, looking directly at him.
‘I….I don’t know.’ he shrugged.
‘You must do.’
‘Guess I was…scared. Of David finding out, that I….that I liked him.’
‘But you turned your one chance down. To sleep with the man you love.’ Roberta pointed out to him.
‘I know. Crazy eh?’ he lightly smiled.
‘Or, not quite sure that you do like men after all.’
‘There, is that. Urs nodded in confirmation. ‘Come on, or we’ll be late.’ he held his hand out towards her.
‘Lets go.’ Roberta took his hand and together they walked to find Camy and David at the stables David had instructed them to.

‘So, what are we going to do then?’ Seb winked at Ingrid then smiled broadly at Cydalia and Carlos after Camy, David, Urs and Roberta had finally left, for their horse ride.
‘Well.’ Cydalia winked, ‘Ingrid and I were thinking…’
‘No. No foursomes.’ Seb interrupted.
‘How about a threesome then?’ Cydalia asked.
‘Who…who with?’ he asked.
‘You, me…and Carlos.’ Cydalia smiled.
‘And you’re….OK with this?’ Seb asked Ingrid.
‘If you are.’ she nodded.
‘Carlos?’ Seb then asked his friend.
‘I’m up for it.’ he beamed, wiggling his eyebrows.
‘And if I’m not?’ Seb then asked.
‘Then that’s OK too.’ Carlos smiled again.
He thought for a moment, then nodded, ‘OK.’ he said.
‘OK….?’ Carlos asked while Cydalia held her breath, waiting.
‘OK.’ Seb agreed, ‘but on one condition.’
‘Anything.’ Cydalia nodded, smiling.
‘Ingrid joins in. but…she doesn’t sleep with Carlos.’ Seb said.
‘OK. I can live with that.’ Carlos nodded.
Seb looked at Cydalia. She also nodded. He then looked at Ingrid. She looked directly at him, ‘OK. I can do that.’ she agreed.
‘Great. Great.’ Carlos beamed, ‘when?’ he then asked.
‘I was thinking, now.’ Cydalia suggested.
‘Great now. OK.’ Seb agreed. Ingrid nodded too.
Then they walked up, hand in hand to Seb and Ingrid’s room.

In their room everyone undressed.
‘Why Seb.’ Cydalia trailed a hand down his naked chest, ‘you’re as hairy as Carlos is.’ she winked.
‘Sure am.’ he agreed, feeling proud.
‘And..’ she looked at his crotch, ‘almost as well-endowed.’
‘Oh, I don’t do.’ Ingrid said, ‘he does me well enough.’
‘Thanks honey.’ Seb blushed with pride at his girlfriend.
It was an orgy of naked sweating bodies. It was hard to tell at one point where one person ended and the other began. Cydalia started by sucking Seb to an orgasm while her hands worked on Carlos. Both men came at the same time. She then, after spitting Seb’s come out, touched and kissed Ingrid while the men watched.
‘Touch each other.’ she winked at them.
‘OK…’ Seb, feeling nervous started touching Carlos’ chest while Carlos kissed Seb. It was weird, being kissed by a man Seb realised. Not completely unpleasant but still.
As Cydalia and Ingrid touched and kissed each other Seb came to his senses. He stopped touching Carlos, coughed and said, ‘I’m sorry, but I can’t do this.’
Carlos looked up at him, ‘You can’t?’ he asked his friend.
‘No. Sorry. I’m not….bi-sexual. Sorry and all that.’
Cydalia looked at Seb. She seemed disappointed. ‘Seb, couldn’t you just…this once?’ she asked him.
‘No. Sorry.’ he shook his head.
‘OK.’ Cydalia nodded, ‘how about us just sleeping with our own partners then?’ she suggested, not wanting this to end so soon.
‘Great. Come honey.’ Seb held his hand out to Ingrid.
‘How about…us staying here?’ Cydalia winked.
‘But that would mean a foursome…’ Seb mumbled.
‘No Sebbie. You and Ingrid. Me and Carlos. Only we can….watch each other.’ she winked again.
‘Watch eh?’ Carlos raised and eyebrow along with his penis at this idea.
‘Watch.’ she nodded, ‘Ingrid?’ she asked her best friend.
‘So no sex with each other?’ Ingrid asked for confirmation.
‘No. Just with our partners.’
‘OK.’ Ingrid nodded, ‘Seb?’
‘I’m…certainly up for that.’ he nodded.
‘As.’ Ingrid looked him up and down. ‘I can see.’
Seb was up and ready to burst by the looks of it now. He might not have liked the idea of sleeping with Carlos, but having sex with Ingrid while Carlos was looking on certainly made him more then excited.

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PostSubject: Re: *Head Over Heels* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 5:17 pm


Meanwhile, as the sex fest was going on, Camy, David, Roberta and Urs were out. Horse riding. Urs did look rather like a sexy cowboy on his horse Roberta noticed. He was wearing blue jeans, a white t-shit, denim jacket, helmet and cowboy boots. With his longish hair flying under the helmet and him sitting strong and upright he was a glorious sight to see. It went straight down to her crotch, making her want him. Here. Now.
They were out riding in the fields. Between trees. They came to a crossroad.
‘We’re going this way.’ David told Urs and Roberta. ‘Meet you back at the stables in about an hour.’ and with a wink, David and Camy rode of, leaving Urs and Roberta alone.
‘Race you to that tree.’ Roberta pointed to a tree in the distance.
‘Fine, you’re on.’ Urs agreed. ‘After three.’
‘You count then.’ she told him.
‘OK.’ he nodded, ‘One…two…’ before he could get ‘Three.’ out Roberta and her horse were off. ‘Oi!’ he called in vain to her. Then pulled on his horses rains and off he went, chasing after her.
Roberta reached the tree easily. Then she sat and waited for Urs to catch up. She looked around for his horse. Aah, there he was. No. Hang on. There was his horse. But without a rider. Where was Urs? What had happened to him? Roberta waited for any sign. She eased herself up out of her saddle to get a better look. Then she spotted something. A helmet. On the ground. Roberta rushed her horse over. It was Urs. Lying on the ground. Unconscious by the looks of it. She dismounted her horse, ‘Urs?’ she dropped to her knees by his side. No response. Oh god. Please don’t let him be dead she prayed. OK. She started checking him over. Trailing her hands over his arms, body and legs, checking for broken bones or any signs of blood. She could find none.
‘Oh god. Please don’t be dead.’ she whispered, now gently touching his face and head.
Suddenly his arms came up, grabbed hold of her, he managed to roll her under him. His eyes popped open but before Roberta could speak his mouth touched hers. Kissing her. His tongue exploring her mouth. In shock, or it could have been intense desire, Roberta kissed him back. Feeling herself respond to him. Feeling herself start to melt under his touch. Under his caress. Under his kiss.
When she started to feel his hands touch her breasts, Roberta came, regrettably to her senses. She groaned, pulled her mouth away and pushed out of his grasp.
‘Robbie…?’ he asked.
‘I thought you were dead.’ she thumped his chest. Pounding it in anger.
‘Hey, I bruise easily…’ he nervously laughed.
‘You scared me. Don’t ever do that again.’ she snapped.
‘OK. OK. I won’t.’ he finally managed to capture her wrists.
‘Promise me?’ she asked, blinking back the tears in her eyes.
‘I promise.’ he agreed.
‘Good. Good.’ she wrestled her wrists free then did something which completely surprised Urs in a nice way. She cupped his face in her palms and started kissing him. After he was sure she meant what she was doing he finally responded. Kissing her back. Holding her close. His hands once again finding her breasts. Searching out her nipples. Roberta pushed her hands under his t-shirt, exploring the skin and hair she found with her fingertips. Feeling the strength in his muscles. He was so strong. So smooth. So…so manly.
‘I want you…’ Urs whispered against her mouth.
‘I want you too.’ Roberta admitted.
‘Here?’ he asked, pulling back to look into her eyes.
‘Tonight. In bed.’ she suggested.
‘OK. I can wait.’ he nodded.
‘Hope so.’ she smiled, feeling his desire, hard, against her leg.
‘Come on, lets go.’ Urs stood up and pulled Roberta to her feet before he was tempted to forget about bed, forget everything but being inside her. Here. Now.
Then she realised something, ‘You didn’t fall…’ she murmured.
‘Err….no, no I didn’t.’ he agreed.
‘You tricked me…’ she smiled.
‘Err…sort of.’ he shrugged.
‘At least it worked.’ she told him.
‘It sure did.’ he nodded.
‘I know.’ he nodded again, ‘sorry.’ he apologised. He held out his hand. She placed her hand in it. ‘Our horses?’ she asked.
‘Lets walk back.’ he smiled.
‘OK.’ she smiled back. They took their horses rains and walked, hand in hand, back to the stables. Both smiling. Both wondering what the night would bring. When they finally would get to make love. Have sex. Whatever.

David and Camy rode their horses until they found a quiet spot. Then they dismounted. David produced a blanket which he placed on the ground under a tree then he and Camy lay down on it. Watching the clouds. Trying to make pictures out of them in between bouts of intense kissing. Well, kissing and groping each others interesting parts.
‘Its much too cold for outdoor sex..’ Camy shivered.
‘Come on then, lets get back.’ David winked. He stood up. Helped his fiancée to her feet, kissed her rather passionately then scooped up the blanket, climbed back onto their horses and rode back to the stables where they found Urs and Roberta, holding hands. Looking like a happy couple. After unsaddling their horses and brushing them down they all walked back to the warmth of the house to find what the rest of the guys had done in their absence.
They found two very satisfied couples. It really did seem like the love bug was well and truly around these guys. Not that anyone was complaining. For once Urs and Roberta looked happy. Camy noticed. They sat that afternoon together, holding hands, whispering into each others ears as they all watched a movie. One Seb had found. It actually turned out to be a blue movie Camy realised once they were half way through. About two women who met and work their way though four men.
It was actually rather a turn on in a funny way. Funny to watch too. Some actress having to fake an orgasm. It had to be fake for no-one moaned and groaned and screamed that loudly. Surely. Unless you were Carlos and Cydalia having sex. They were definitely the loudest when it came to love making. Camy had learnt that her most intense orgasms, which she had only ever had with David, were her quietest ones. The sort that started at her toes and slowly worked their way up her body. Making her tingle inside and out. Those lasted for hours. They had only started happening since she had met David. They were the sort that needed love to be involved. The best kind she though.
‘Seb, where did you find this DVD?’ Carlos asked once it had finished.
‘Err…I bought it with me.’ he admitted, blushing.
‘Thought so.’ Carlos nodded, not at all surprised.
‘From my…collection.’ Seb then said.
‘You collect porno DVD’s?’ Cydalia asked.
‘Its my hobby.’ he winked.
‘Can sex be a hobby?’ David asked.
‘It can be, if with the right partner.’ Seb winked again.
‘Knew you’d say something like that.’ Carlos beamed at him.
‘Got any more with you?’ Roberta then asked.
‘’Might do.’ Seb winked, ‘what are you interested in?’
‘One on one.’ Urs spoke. Blushing slightly.
‘Male and female. Two males, or…’ Seb winked, ‘two females?’ he asked.
‘Male and female.’ Roberta and Urs answered in unison.
‘OK. Can do that.’ he nodded.
Luckily, each room, bedroom, had a small television and DVD player in it. So after getting the DVD from Seb, Urs and Roberta, both feeling embarrassed and blushing like beacons disappeared to their room. To check it out.
‘As if Urs needs to watch a porno!’ Carlos snorted with laugher after they had gone.
‘I didn’t think he was into that sort of thing.’ a surprised David commented.
‘You can never tell with Ursy.’ Seb winked suggestively.
‘Well, could be worse.’ said Ingrid, ‘he could have been disgusted.’
‘True, true.’ Carlos nodded in realisation.
‘I’d love to be a fly on their wall.’ Cydalia then commented.
‘If only this place did fly holes…’ Seb winked.
‘Thank god they don’t.’ Camy shuddered, ‘I mean, I like you all, but being able to spy on you all naked? Certainly not for me.’
‘True. Then again, you might go off David then. Seeing …say me naked.’ Carlos winked at her.
‘Thanks. But David’s all the man I need.’ Camy blushed.
‘Thanks honey.’ David gazed at his fiancée and smiled a big, rather dopey smile at her.

Urs and Roberta sat and watched the porno DVD Seb had lent them with interest. Urs found himself getting turned on. Especially when he watched the woman in the DVD and imagined it was Roberta. So that’s what’s supposed to happen he learnt. Interesting. It looked so easy. So perfect. He doubted it would be like that in real life. Well, he’d find out later with Roberta. Tonight. He couldn’t wait.
Roberta also found it rather interesting. She knew the basics of course. What went where. But it was still good to watch for a few ideas. While watching the porno DVD she learnt how to perform oral sex. That you didn’t have to swallow it all. Just the tip would be enough to give him the blowjob of a lifetime. She wondered. Had Urs ever had a blowjob? If not, it would be rather…interesting to see how he would react while Roberta gave him one. For she wanted to try. Certainly now she knew how to do it without choking. Or worse - gagging.

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After watching the porno DVD let from Seb, Urs and Roberta went down for dinner.
‘And how was the…?’ Seb nudged Urs and winked suggestively at him.
‘Err….OK.’ he blushed scarlet in colour. It suited him Seb thought, sniggering slightly at his friends obvious discomfort.
‘Did you come?’ Seb tried again, trying to embarrass him further.
‘Err…’ Urs coughed.
‘Seb, don’t be so nosey.’ Roberta scowled him.
‘OK. Sorry.’ he apologised, looking sheepish and not at all sorry. For anything.
‘Or we’ll start asking you did you come.’ she told him, making him think.
‘Point taken. Sorry.’ he apologised again, meaning it this time.
As it was Saturday evening, Camy and David decided. That tonight would be a good time to tell everyone what was going to happen tomorrow. Their wedding day.
They waited until everyone was sat down with food and drink in front of them before David, and Camy both stood up to make their speech.
‘Tonight, we thought would be the perfect time, to tell you all the reason you are all gathered here tonight. This weekend.’ David smiled.
‘For your engagement.’ Seb shouted out.
‘Yes. Partly.’ Camy agreed, nodding, ‘but also for our wedding.’ she told them.
Someone gasped. Possibly Cydalia in excited surprise. Oh how she loved weddings. The romance of it all. She had already planned her wedding. Down to the last detail. All she needed now was to find someone to be the groom. The hardest part of all she was finding it to be.
‘Which, is happening tomorrow morning, at 11 am.’ David smiled.
‘Tomorrow?’ Carlos asked, his eyebrows widening in surprise.
‘We didn’t see any need in waiting.’ Camy smiled at her fiancé.
‘But you need a best man…bridesmaid.’ Urs spoke.
‘Urs, I want you to be my best man.’ David told him.
‘I haven’t a suit…’ he mumbled.
‘Its upstairs. Waiting for you.’ David smiled.
‘OK. In that case, I except. I’ll be your best man.’ Urs stood up.
‘Thanks mate.’ Urs and David hugged each other in a manly way.
‘And Robbie, honey, will you be my bridesmaid?’ Camy then asked her friend. Her best female friend after Urs was her best male friend.
‘Sure. Love to.’ Roberta nodded then hugged her.
‘Your outfit is also upstairs.’ Camy then informed her.
‘Right. OK. Great.’ Roberta nodded again.
‘So, every things sorted. Wonderful.’ Camy beamed happily.
‘Err...what about your hen night?’ Ingrid asked.
‘And, David’s bucks night.’ Seb winked. He was thinking strippers. Naked women dancing in front of his very face. And imagining the look on Urs’ face too at the naked women!
‘That’s why we had this weekend. To have a joint one.’ David explained.
‘Oh. So no naked girls then…?’ Carlos asked, obviously having the same thought as Seb.
‘Not in the flesh. No.’ David smiled, ‘but thanks to Seb’s….interesting DVD watching this afternoon….’
‘Right. OK.’ Carlos nodded, feeling slightly disappointed.
‘Sorry and all that but it was what Camy and I wanted.’ David told them all.
‘No. No. Its OK….just as long as you’re both happy.’ Seb smiled.
‘We are. We are.’ David and Camy replied in unison. They stood, together, holding hands. Looking very much like a couple in love. Which, they were. Obviously. Their marriage tomorrow would cement that.
‘What do I suggest though.’ Camy smiled at them all, ‘is a good nights sleep. As tomorrow it’ll be a busy day.’
‘Yes, of course.’ Roberta nodded. She looked at Urs. He also nodded then faked a yawn. ‘An early night sounds good to me.’ he and Roberta then stood up. ‘See you all tomorrow morning.’ he smiled and with Roberta walked out of the room, up the stairs and to their room.
After they’d gone, everyone else eventually decided to get an early nights sleep too. Carlos and Cydalia cleared the table, did the washing up then went to bed. To sleep.

When Urs and Roberta reached their room they looked at each other, ‘We’re supposed to be having a good nights sleep then.’ Roberta said.
Urs nodded, ‘I know. We did tell Camy.’
‘So we can’t really…’ she gazed at the big double bed.
‘Not really. No.’
‘Shame.’ Roberta sighed.
‘And I found condoms earlier too.’ Urs held up the packet he had kept in his jeans pocket ever since he had discovered them earlier, in a bathroom cabinet of all places.
‘It would be a shame…to waste them…’
‘That was what I was thinking too.’ he agreed.
‘So, shall we?’ Roberta asked.
‘I think so.’ Urs nodded.
It was hard to say who was the most nervous. Urs, or Roberta.
Both were virgins. Both about to experience sex for the very first time. Neither of them had come this far before with a member of the opposite sex. Or as in Urs’ case, with a member of the same sex ( he had been too drunk/scared/nervous to remember completely how far and what he had done with David) Roberta was trembling with first time nervous. She was interested to see Urs naked and aroused. She’d seen both. But not at the same time. Tonight would be the first. Urs was petrified. What it he came too quick, too soon and couldn’t get it up again to perform full sex with Roberta? What if it all went horribly wrong? What if it was that nasty that they both went right of sex? So many what ifs.
‘I’m nervous too.’ Roberta spoke, seeing the look in Urs’ eyes. Not only were they dilated in excitement but also showing signs of nervousness too.
‘Thought it was just me..’ he nervously laughed.
‘Oh no. No. 1st time nervous.’ Roberta lightly joined in with the nervous laughter, ‘so shall we get started?’ she then asked.
‘Err…OK. Sure. Why not?’ he shrugged, not moving.
‘What first? Kissing, or undressing?’ she suggested.
‘Err…kissing first I think.’ he nodded.
Plus, Roberta undressing was enough in itself to make him hard and excited. Way too hard.
‘OK.’ Roberta returned the nodding. She then walked to stand in front of Urs.
He reached out a nervous, trembling hand and lightly touched her face. His thumb rubbing over her bottom lip.
‘Oh Robbie..’ he groaned as his lips finally touched hers.
Roberta placed her hands on Urs’ waist, and pulled him against her. As their mouths explored and tongues probed she could feel every inch of him. Every hard inch. Every muscle. Even his penis. It was starting to become interested. Lifting and filling.
‘You can touch me..’ Roberta whispered against Urs’ mouth.
When he didn’t move, she grabbed hold of one of his hands and placed it on her breast. Urs let out a groan. ’Rub it.’ she pleaded.
As if in a daze, Urs’ thumb found her nipple. It had began to harden as soon as he had touched her. He moved his thumb back and forth over her nipple. Roberta now groaned a groan of desire, pushing her breast, and nipple, further into his palm. She could feel herself start to become wet. Not even when she masturbated did she get this wet. She wanted Urs. Desperately wanted him. But she also wanted to take it slowly. So not to scare Urs, or even herself.
After a long while of kissing, Roberta pulled away. She needed to move this on or they’d never make it past the 1st stage.
‘I’ve an idea.’ she told a surprised Urs.
‘Oh?’ he raised his eyebrows, ’what?’ he asked.
‘Wait and see.’ she winked as she dropped to her knees.
Urs watched her with interest, until she started undoing his jeans, ’No Rob…’ he tried to stop her.
‘Let me?’ she smiled up at him, now starting to pull out his interested looking penis.
‘OK.’ he groaned as she slowly started licking him. He closed his eyes and prayed he wouldn’t come too soon.
‘Oh….oh god…’ he groaned as Roberta now started sucking him. For someone who had never given a blowjob before, Roberta was rather good at it. Then again, Urs had never experienced having a blowjob before. What he had done to and with David had been something totally different to this. This was definitely his first time. The first of many he hoped. It was a rather strange sensation. But wonderful too. He could feel his orgasm approach. It wouldn’t take long he realised. It felt more powerful being sucked to orgasm then when he masturbated. He came. Almost like a bullet. Roberta swallowed it all down.
‘I doubt I’ll be able to come again…’ he nervously laughed.
‘Oh yes you will.’ Roberta winked.
‘Wish I was so…positive.’
‘When the time comes, just think of these.’ she placed his hands back on her breasts.
‘Only…if you’re naked.’ he blushed.
‘Oh Urs. We’ll both be naked. Completely naked.’
‘Good.’ he nodded and smiled, ‘when?’ he asked.
‘I think…now be good for you?’
‘Oh. Yes please.’ he nodded, smiling again.
‘OK. I’ll undress you…’
‘….And I’ll undress you.’ he interrupted.
‘That’s the plan.’ Roberta smiled.
First of all, Roberta pulled his t-shirt off. She touched his naked chest. Trailing her palms over the smooth hair. Then she placed butterfly kisses all over his chest and nipples. On his face and neck too. Down to his belly button. His penis started to raise its head as if to say,’ What about me?’ but, this time, Roberta ignored it. She placed kisses and touches down his thighs and legs, pulling his jeans and underpants down as she went.
When Urs was completely naked she stood up again and admired his naked form.
She smiled and nodded at him as if to say, ‘Your turn.’
Urs returned the smile, kissed her quickly on the mouth then knelt at her feet, ‘Urs?’ she asked, puzzled.
‘Wait.’ he whispered, undoing her jeans. He then gently pulled them down and off her legs. Then got to his feet and started on her top.
‘Sorry, I don’t do matching.’ Roberta apologised as she now stood in her underwear. She had a blue bra on that matched her top but black knickers on.
‘That’s OK.’ he breathed, taking in the sight of her, ‘you’re beautiful.’ he told her.
‘No I’m not…’ she blushed.
‘Yes, you are.’ he insisted.
‘OK…thanks.’ she took his compliment.
He then reached out and touched her bra strap.
‘It undoes, at the back.’ she told him.
‘Right. OK.’ he nodded.
‘Shall I…turn around?’ she asked.
‘Yes, please.’ he nodded again.
Roberta turned around and indicated to her bra’s fastenings. But before he undid it. Urs kissed her neck, moving aside her hair to lick at an ear. Roberta shivered in pleasure.
‘Oh god..’ she whispered as Urs finally undid her bra. He then gently and slowly pulled her straps down her arms.
Before he let her turn around to face him again he cupped her breasts, feeling the weight in his hands. His thumbs finding her nipples. Her erect nipples. ‘Oh Urs…’ she groaned as he began to rub then again. He let go.
‘Turn around.’ he demanded in a gruff voice.
Roberta did as she was told.
‘Perfect.’ he gazed at her breasts.’ so perfect.’

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Roberta blushed again.
Urs then kissed her while holding and touching and rubbing her naked breasts and nipples. Roberta opened her mouth to allow his tongue to probe. He slowly started to manoeuvre her backwards. Towards the bed behind her. When Roberta’s heels made contact with the bed, Urs whispered, ‘Lay down on it.’ pulled his mouth away from hers and gently pushed her down. Roberta sat on the bed and looked up at him. He smiled then knelt down. ‘Lay back.’ he smiled, starting to tug down her knickers. Roberta felt a little embarrassed as her knickers were rather wet with her obvious desire. He pulled them away and of her then Urs parted her legs.
‘What…?’ she asked.
‘My turn, to pleasure you.’ he smiled.
‘Oh….OK.’ she smiled, as Urs bent his head. He then proceeded to lick and finger her to an orgasm. Roberta was already wet with desire and thought she couldn’t get any wetter, but she did. Then, when her orgasm came she couldn’t help but groan out her need loud and clear. Still feeling waves of her orgasm Urs reached for a condom. In a daze, Roberta watched him carefully roll it on down his length. It was really interesting to watch how he covered his erect penis quickly and efficiently. So, that was how they did it Roberta noticed. Smiling all the while to herself. Urs was hard again too now. Harder then he had been before. She squirmed with desire then groaned again as Urs eased himself slowly, but surely inside her.
‘Oh god…’ Roberta started to pant. Wrapping her legs around his waist for deeper access and clawing at his back. She had learnt this from watching the porno DVD earlier. It really had been a real eye opener. Thank you to Seb she thought. For bringing it along for her to learn from. And for Urs to learn from too. Especially the oral sex part. The man on the DVD had done that to the woman they had watched. It had felt funny at first. Then just so orgasmic. Roberta came like she had never thought it was possible to come. She felt so wet, so ready. Now Urs was inside of her. A place she had so long dreamed of him being. Deep inside. Touching her very soul it felt like.
‘Robbie..’ Urs moaned as they found a rhythm and started to move together. Started to thrust themselves to orgasm. To completion.
Roberta didn’t think she could come again but she was wrong. Her second orgasm with Urs buried deep inside her was more powerful then her first.
Roberta came first then a moment later Urs. He came with a powerful grunt and flopped down on top of her when he had finished.
‘That..’ Urs panted with exhaustion, ‘was amazing.’
‘You’re telling me.’ Roberta smiled a tired smile.
He then let out a groan and carefully pulled out of her, ‘Need to…take it off.’ he gestured to the condom. It had to come off before his penis went completely limp otherwise he would have stayed buried inside of her all night.
‘Sure. OK.’ Roberta rolled onto her side.
Urs popped the condom into a tissue then got back into bed. He pulled the covers over him and Roberta then pulled her into his arms.
‘After a sleep we can go again, if you like.’ he whispered into her ear.
‘I’d…I’d like that.’ she lightly smiled at him.
‘Good. Good.’ Urs yawned.
Roberta closed her eyes. Feeling sleepy. A little sore too but contented. It had been an experience. A really good experience. One she certainly wanted to try again. With Urs. And luckily, he wanted to try it with her again too. Result.
Later, Roberta woke up to find Urs kissing and touching her.
This time, when they had sex, Urs took her from behind. While cupping her breasts and masturbating her to orgasm at the same time. This time, they came together.
Afterwards, they shared a shower. Soaping each other down. Getting acquainted with the others interesting parts. Roberta sucked Urs to orgasm then he repaid the favour.
When they woke next morning, on Camy and David’s wedding day as it was now Sunday they were slightly tired but happy.
Camy knocked on their bedroom door, ‘Your outfit honey.’ she handed over Roberta’s bridesmaid outfit to her.
‘Thanks.’ Roberta beamed.
‘You’re happy.’ Camy noticed the happy glint in her friends eye.
‘Sure am.’ she happily agreed.
‘Morning Urs.’ Camy then noticed a certain twinkle on her other friends eyes.
‘Morning.’ he beamed back.
Then David turned up. ‘Oh Urs, there you are. Here you go.’ he handed over his friends suit.
‘Thanks.’ Urs smiled.
‘Right, I’ll leave you both to get ready. Be downstairs, in an hour.’ Camy told them before she, and David left them to it.
‘Time to get changed then.’ Urs winked at Roberta.
‘Sure is.’ she agreed.
‘Need…another shower?’ he winked again.
‘Well…we do have time.’ she winked back.
This time, they took even longer in the shower. Washing each other down again. Then they dried each other. Then helped to get dressed. Urs whistled several times as Roberta put her underwear on. His eyes almost popping out of his head as she pulled on stockings and suspenders.
‘Err…interesting underwear.’ he gazed at her.
‘Thanks.’ she winked at the look on his face.
‘Need, err…any help?’ he asked.
‘Zip me up?’ she asked once she had on her dress. Roberta had to admit it. Camy had picked her bridesmaid outfit well. It was lilac in colour. Spaghetti straps. Went in at the waist. Showed Roberta’s figure of perfectly.
‘Wow….you look beautiful.’ Urs swooned at the overall finished effect once Roberta had swept her hair up and lightly done her make up. A little light blusher. Some lip gloss. Nothing more. Roberta didn’t do wearing make up as a rule. She hated the stuff. Made her come out in spots.
‘You look…too.’ Roberta swooned back at Urs.
He also looked perfect. His suit wasn’t black, neither was it blue but something in between. His tie matched Roberta’s dress. His hair had been made to look curly. It looked so soft and adorable and touchable.
‘Time to go witness a wedding.’ Urs winked, taking her hand.
‘Come on then honey.’ Roberta winked back.
Hand in hand they went to find Camy, David, Carlos, Cydalia, Seb and Ingrid.

The wedding went to plan.
Camy looked absolutely gorgeous in her wedding gown. She had chosen well. She looked like a proper princess gliding down the aisle on Carlos’ arm. David stood next to Urs and looked proud in his gorgeous morning wedding suit.
The vows Camy and David said were simple but so appropriate. They held hands, gazed into each others eyes and looked so much like a young couple perfectly in love. Which, they were. When they kissed there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. Urs turned and gazed at Roberta, who was looking right back at him. Carlos, after walking Camy down the aisle had sat next to Cydalia and held her hand. Ingrid and Seb were also holding hands. Fingers entwined.
It was a perfect wedding. With love in the air wherever you looked.
Afterwards they had a small party to celebrate. With dancing. Even Urs, who hated dancing danced. With Roberta. He held her in his arms, resting his head on her shoulder and breathed in the delicious scent of her.
‘Lets go to bed.’ he whispered a while after dancing.
‘We can’t.’ she told him, ‘at least not until Camy and David have gone.’
‘Ow…’ he attempted to sulk.
‘Its tradition. The married couple goes first.’
‘To do what?’ Urs asked.
‘To…consummate the marriage.’ Roberta blushed as she told him.
‘Mmm. My favourite part after last night.’ he winked.
‘I…I like it too.’ she admitted, blushing again.
‘Then can we, again tonight?’ he nervously asked.
‘Oh, yes please.’ Roberta nodded and smiled at him.
It took almost forever for Camy and David to leave their wedding reception. They had been having such a good time. Feeding each other wedding cake and champagne. Dancing. Smooching. Kissing. Turning each other on. When they finally left, to make such a noise while making love everyone else breathed a sigh of relief. Like Roberta and Urs, Ingrid and Seb, along with Carlos and Cydalia they had been waiting until the newly married couple had left before they could also retire to bed. To also make love.
That night it was a right old sex fest. Each couple made love. Some quietly. Others, loudly. All contented. And believing in love for the first time in their lives. Until one man made the mistake of commenting on how his partner had done a certain thing. But more of that later. First here is Camy and David’s wedding night….

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Camy and David retired to their bedroom as husband and wife. He actually carried her over the threshold like a proper newly wed husband would do to his newly wed bride after their honeymoon and they had got home again.
‘I love you Mrs Camille Miller.’ David whispered into her ear, making her blush with love for him.
‘And I, love you Mr David Miller.’ Camy happily returned.
‘I’ve waited so long to find you. Now I’m glad you’re mine.’ David kissed her, his tongue probing her mouth.
Camy held on to his shoulders, holding on for support as she felt her knees weakening under his expert mouth and tongue. She groaned with happy desire when she felt his hands on her dress, at the back, trying to undo the fastenings. Then, when it was finally free and the wedding dress started to slip down David pulled his mouth reluctantly away from his new brides and gazed at her, standing before him, in her glorious matching underwear, stocking and suspenders.
‘I like very much.’ he breathed, his eyes looking her appreciatively over.
‘Your turn.’ Camy smiled.
‘OK.’ he whispered nodding, pulling at his tie. He yanked it free then started at his shirt. His jacket, he had dispensed with that long ago, somewhere between feeding cake and champagne to his new bride and dancing with her.
As David’s fingers fumbled on his shirt buttons, Camy’s expert hands took over. When his shirt was undone, Camy slid her palms over his smooth, hairless chest and slowly downwards to the waist band of his trousers.
‘Let me.’ David winked as he dispensed with his belt buckle, zip and trouser buckle. He pushed ins trousers down his legs and shook them off then quickly pulled his shoes and socks off too. Now he stood before Camy, his new wife, in only his underpants. Silk boxers which she had bought and given him only that morning. Already his erection was beginning to show. He had an impressive bump Camy happily noticed.
‘You want me.’ she smiled.
‘Oh I sure do.’ he winked.
‘Good. Good.’ she nodded, kneeling down at his feet.
‘Camy…?’ he asked.
‘I want you in my mouth.’ she winked.
‘Oh. OK.’ he, David loved Camy sucking him to an orgasm. She slipped his penis out of his boxers and started sucking. It bought back memories, of someone else doing it to him. But for the life of him, David couldn’t, or wouldn’t, remember who it was. For he had a sneaking suspicion it wasn’t a woman who had given him that memory. But a man. Urs maybe. That night they had….well, woken up in the morning in the same bed together, naked, the morning after David had been dumped. He kept remembering to ask Urs once and for all if they had…done anything but could never find the right time to ask, or the right words. What if they had done? Had oral sex with each other? What would that mean for them? For their friendship? David was married now. Happy. He wasn’t interested in men like that. Then again, there was Urs to consider. He was with Roberta. He was in love with her. Anyone could see that. He wasn’t interested in men either. So. There was nothing to worry about. Nothing to ask Urs. It was OK. Fine. They were cool. David looked down at Camy and concentrated on what she was doing. Sucking him to a glorious orgasm. Her hands working on his balls. David felt his orgasm approaching. Suddenly he came. Camy swallowed it down. Licking her lips. She reminded David of when he ate ice cream. Taking it all down like it was a forbidden food.
‘My turn to turn you on now.’ David smiled, pulling her to her feet.
‘Oh goodie.’ Camy winked a happy smile.
First, David undid her bra. Holding her breasts in his hands. Fondling her nipples. He bent his head, sucking at one erect nipple. Camy arched against him, clutching at his head, ‘Oh David..’ she moaned in delight.
Then he did the other nipple. Cupping the breast. Licking and sucking at the nipple. Making Camy’s legs go weak with desire again. David placed butterfly kisses and licks down to her belly button. He got to his knees and sniffed. On Camy was so ready. So wet. But not yet. David, like Camy loved giving oral sex. Loved giving her, his new wife, Camy, her oral sex. He tugged her wet knickers down her legs, past her stocking and suspenders. He planned to keep them on. He parted her legs a little further then he buried his head between them.
When his tongue made contact with her clitoris Camy screamed with pleasure.
‘Oh god…’ she panted, clutching at his head.
But David wasn’t going to go anywhere. Not until he could feel her come on his tongue. It didn’t take long. As she sagged with the force of her orgasm, David got to his feet, swooped her up in his arms, and laid her on the bed. Still in her stockings and suspenders, David pulled his boxers off and laid between her open legs. He was up and ready to go again now. Slowly and surely he eased himself into Camy’s welcoming body. Once firmly inside, she wrapped her legs around his waist and as they started to kiss and David’s hands cup and stoke her breasts they found a rhythm and thrust themselves to orgasm. Coming together.
Afterwards, Camy lay snuggled up in David’s arms.
Much later they woke, so David could remove Camy’s stockings and suspenders. Making love again. Coming together again. It was a perfect honeymoon. A perfect wedding night.

Meanwhile, as Camy and David were enjoying their first ever night as Mr and Mrs Miller, Urs and Roberta weren’t getting on quite so well. In fact they were arguing. It had started over something so silly. Roberta had asked Urs if they were going to keep in touch after this weekend.
‘Why shouldn’t we?’ he asked, surprised at her question.
‘Just checking. Thought this weekend was a one off.’
‘I don’t do sleeping around.’ Urs snapped at this.
‘Neither, do I.’ Roberta pointed out.
‘Yeah, right.’
‘What does that mean?’ she asked.
‘No. Go on?’
‘OK. Your giving me…oral sex.’
‘You were rather good at it.’
‘Yeah, and?’ she challenged.
‘You’ve done it before.’
‘No I haven’t.’ Roberta laughed.
‘You have.’
‘No I haven’t.’ she repeated.
‘You must have. You were good.’
‘I watched that DVD closely.’
‘Yeah, right.’
‘Anyway, you’ve obviously…with someone to know then.’ Roberta suddenly realised.
‘Might have.’ Urs shrugged.
‘Who?’ she asked.
He stared at her. Not saying a word.
‘Who? Camy?’ Roberta asked.
Still nothing came from Urs. Not a sound.
‘David then?’ she tried.
‘I…’ squeaked Urs.
‘What? When?’
‘When?’ she snapped at him, feeling a little sick.
‘The night before I met you..’ he finally said.
‘Does Camy know?’
‘Yes.’ he sighed.
‘Oh god…’ Roberta covered her mouth with a hand, trying to swallow down the bile she felt at the back of her throat at this discovery.
‘She was fine about it.’ he shrugged, not seeing that anything was wrong with this revelation.
‘I don’t care. You still…with David.’ she muttered.
‘You knew I was…confused about my sexuality.’
‘But I didn’t know you’d…with David.’
‘Oh. Right.’
‘You should have told me…’
‘I’m telling you now.’
‘I meant before!’
‘We used protection.’
‘I hope you did.’
‘So did you and I.’ he reminded her.
‘Still…it would have been…to know.’
‘You do know.’
‘Yeah, now.’
‘Does this change anything?’ Urs asked.
‘God yes.’ Roberta let out a strange laugh.
‘But why though…?’
‘It just does.’
‘Robbie..’ he made an attempt to touch her.
‘No. Don’t.’ she snapped angrily at him.
‘Robbie..’ he tried again.
‘I need to go.’ she grabbed her suitcase and started throwing her stuff into it.
‘You can’t leave…’
‘Why not? We are all tomorrow. I’m just going early.’
‘What will you tell Camy?’ Urs asked.
‘Nothing. I’m leaving that up to you.’ Roberta continued with her packing. She was still wearing her bridesmaid outfit but refused to change. Not now. Not here. She needed to go. Now. Before she was sick. She felt violently sick. Why had he mentioned doing that? With…with David of all people? It had been OK up until then. Then he had gone and opened his mouth and ruined it all. Roberta couldn’t stay a minute longer around Urs. She had to go before she did something she could later in life live to regret. Hurt him. Most probably. So she packed up her stuff and left. Walking to the nearest house to call a taxi to take her away from here. As when packing she had discovered she had forgotten to bring her mobile phone with her this weekend.

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Two months later….

Roberta was feeling dizzy again. Unwell. She had no reason to feel this way, or so she thought. Just to be sure she decided to check her diary. It wasn’t a detailed diary. She didn’t believe in writing down her day to day woes. Just things like birthday dates and when she was due on her period. It was those dates which worried her the most. The period dates. She double checked then triple checked her diary. She remembered writing down having a period before she and Urs had had sex. But anything after that? She searched twice. Three times. No little red star was down. She counted the dates since her last period until now. Too many days had past for it to be a forgotten thing. Plus, with the way she was feeling - dizzy. Sick at odd times. Sore boobs. The smell of coffee made her want to hurl. But she had a strange craving for gherkins. Weird. Gherkins and onions mixed with chocolate sauce to be precise.
There was only one thing to be done. Roberta would need to go shopping. For a pregnancy test.
The result of the pregnancy test shocked the life out of her. She hadn’t really been expecting a positive result. But, that was what she got. Thinking it was a faulty test, Roberta took the other three tests she had also bought. Just in case. The same result showed up on each test. Positive. Roberta had to face the obvious. The results were staring her in the face. All 4 of them. She was pregnant. After having, thank god, protective sex with Urs. Yes. Pregnant after having protective sex. Pregnant. With a baby. A new life growing inside of her. After being so careful. After using precautions. So much for the condom being safe. Ha. That was a laugh in its self. Ha. Pregnant. Bugger. Damn. Damnation. Just what she didn’t need. To have a child. To be a single parent. For a single parent is what she would be. Since that first and last night she and Urs hadn’t slept together since. In fact since Camy and David’s wedding weekend she hadn’t seen him. Heard from him either. Sure she knew IL DIVO, Urs’ and David’s group were currently on tour but still. It was almost as thought Urs had got what he had wanted from her and now wasn’t interested anymore. So much for her fantasies of them being together. Dating. Living together even. None of that had come to reality. Real life was such a disappointment.
Sure, her walking out after finding out about Urs and David hadn’t actually helped her much. But still. So Roberta came to a decision. She couldn’t be a single parent. She couldn’t. She felt that she would never be able to cope. So that left exactly one option. Abortion. Getting rid of her child. Her growing and developing baby. Before she would let herself talk herself out of her decision she grabbed hold of her phone and the phone book. She searched through the phone book until she found what she was looking for. A local abortion clinic. She dialled the number with lightly shaking fingers.
‘I need an appointment. As soon as possible.’ she explained to the nurse, receptionist who had answered her call.
An appointment was made for the next day.
Roberta replaced the receiver with a sigh. Why did she feel so uneasy? She wondered. Wasn’t she doing the right thing? Making the right decision? It was the only thing she could do. Wasn’t it? Of course it was. Of course it was. Yes. Yes. She nodded to herself.
Later, Roberta received a phone call from Camy. Her friend laughed down the phone, ‘I’m pregnant.’ she giggled.
‘Err…wow.’ Roberta replied, faking happiness she just didn’t feel inside. Couldn’t feel inside.
‘I know. Honeymoon baby too!’ Camy carried on, obvious to her friends distress.
‘Thanks. David’s over the moon.’ Camy giggled again with happiness.
‘Not surprising….’
‘I mean, we did talk about children. So.’ before Camy and David had married they had had a long conversation. Each so wanted children. So theirs was a perfect relationship.
‘Just as long as you’re …excited.’ Roberta sighed.
‘Oh I am. I am. We both are.’
‘Then I’m happy for you both.’
‘Thanks hon.’ Camy sighed happily down the phone.
‘Err…how’s Urs?’ Roberta then found herself asking, asked as casually as she could.
‘Don’t you know…?’ Camy asked in reply.
‘No. Why should I?’
‘I thought you two were…dating.’
‘Hardly.’ Roberta laughed, ‘I haven’t seen, or heard from him since your wedding weekend.’ since she’d walked out on them.
‘I mean, so much for him and I being friends.’
‘He’s probably…busy.’ Camy tried.
‘Yeah, with someone else.’
‘Oh sweetie…’
‘Its OK. I’ll...get over it.’
‘And there was me, thinking you were so perfect for each other.’ her friend sighed.
‘Yeah, well.’
‘I’m sorry.’ Camy then apologised.
‘Not your fault.’ Roberta told her.
‘But it is. I mean…I introduced you both.’
‘You weren’t to know. Anyway, I’m getting on with my life.’ Roberta attempted to sound cheerful.
‘OK honey. Well, I’ll…phone you tomorrow, after my scan.’
‘Err…not too early.’ Roberta asked.
‘Oh?’ Camy asked.
‘I’ve an…appointment at 9am.’ Roberta told her.
‘To see….about getting an…abortion.’ she sighed.
‘Oh honey. You’re pregnant too?’ Camy gasped in surprise.
‘Apparently so.’ Roberta agreed.
‘Who is….URS!’ Camy suddenly realised.
‘Yep. Urs.’ there was no use in hiding or denying it. After all Camy did know Roberta well. Too well sometimes. But, that’s what friends were for. In the end. To know you. Inside and out.
‘Oh honey…’ Camy sympathised.
‘I can’t keep it. I can’t.’
‘So you’re…’ Camy swallowed deeply, ‘tomorrow.’
‘Tomorrow, is my examination. The actual…will probably will in a day or two.’ Roberta explained what the abortion nurse, receptionist had told her on the phone while ringing about an appointment.
So. There was still time. Camy crossed her fingers, ‘Let me know…when the time comes.’ she asked.
‘Why?’ Roberta asked in surprise.
‘So I can…be there, to help you. Support you.’
‘OK. Thanks Cam.’
‘That’s what friends are for.’
‘I know, but….you’re pregnant too.’
‘I’m also married to the father. And in love with him. And he loves me too.’
‘Whereas, I’m not and I don’t.’ Roberta lied. At least about part of that. OK, sure, she wasn’t married to Urs. But she still loved him. He haunted her dreams. Night after night. She so regretted walking away when she did. Leaving them. Hanging like she had. She’d been stupid. She knew that now. Stupid. Silly. A fool. No wonder he, Urs, hadn’t gotten in touch with her. And who could blame him? Certainly not she. For she would have done the same. Had the tables been reversed.
‘So, I’ll be here. For you.’ Camy told her.
‘Thanks Cam.’ Roberta repeated before putting the phone down on her friend. She then crawled herself up into a small ball and felt the tears finally come. It had all been bubbling up inside of her and now the flood gates had finally opened and out they poured. Roberta thought they would never stop. But, they eventually did. She certainly slept well that night. She was so very tired. So worn out.

Now, Camy faced a dilemma. What would she do? She had two choices. Keep her friends confidence and keep quiet. Let Roberta go thought with her abortion and be there to help her though it. Or stop her. Stop her, or not as the case may be by telling Urs the news that Roberta was pregnant. With his child. And see what he would do. If anything. He may not care. After all he hadn’t been in contact with Roberta since the wedding weekend which had been nearly 2 months before. Then again Roberta had left suddenly without a word to anyone. What had happened between her and Urs? None of them were telling. Camy had tried. Several times. Since the wedding. To ask them both. But Urs refused to speak and Roberta kept changing the subject every time she had been asked. So. What could she, Camy, do? Break a confidence and possibly save an innocent life. The new created life Roberta was carrying inside of her. Or stay truthful to a very good friend. What to do? Camy was at a crossroads. Which way should she jump? Which way would she jump? Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

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IL DIVO were currently on tour. Seb loved being on tour. Visiting different countries. Or as in this case, different cities. They were touring England. There was so much of it they had yet to discover. Today was a special day for Seb. For today, tonight was the night that he was due to meet the parents. Ingrid’s parents. They had flown over specially. Just for the occasion. Seb had decided. That tonight he would ask Ingrid’s father, ‘’the question.’’
The, ‘Can I have your daughter’s hand in marriage.’ one.
He was nervous. Ingrid had no idea he intended to ask her father anything let alone that ‘’BIG’’ question. So he was doubly nervous. Would Ingrid’s father let him marry his daughter? Then, when asked, would Ingrid even agree to marry him? He had no idea but he so hoped so. He couldn’t resist. He already had the ring. He just needed everything to go right now. Seb crossed his fingers and sent up a silent prayer to heaven. Hoping for the best.

Urs was depressed. There really was no other reason for it. He felt awful. He couldn’t sleep. Couldn’t concentrate. Couldn’t eat. Nothing tasted right or felt right. And all because of one thing. Well, one person. Roberta. He had been so stupid. Letting her go, walking out without a fight. He should have stopped her. Should have said something. Anything. But he hadn’t. And now it was too late. He had lost her. Oh, he had come close several times to contacting her. But each time he had tried he just couldn’t go thought with it. It was no use. He’d let her go. She didn’t want to have anything to do with him and who could really blame her? Why oh why had he had to go and open his mouth? Why couldn’t he have kept quiet? But no. He’d been stupid. Silly. Pathetic. Arguing with her. Over one stupid silly thing. What an idiot. If only all the fans knew what an idiot he had been. Letting the best thing in his life go. Without a proper fight. Of course he wasn’t gay. He realised that now. He wasn’t even bi-sexual. He’d just been…confused. Living with another man, spending 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with someone you did tend to form attractions with them. It was, after all, only natural. But Urs being Urs had blown it all out of contrast. Typical of him really. Now he had no idea what he could do to win Roberta back. To get her in his life again. He was stuck. Bugger.

Carlos was having a great time. Since Camy and David’s wedding weekend his relationship with Cydalia had come on in leaps and bounds. So much so that the day after the wedding he had proposed marriage to her. He had also confessed all to her about his previous partner. About thinking he had been in love with her. Her pregnancy. Which he wasn’t even the cause of right up to her. ‘Marry me or lose me.’ demands.
‘I really thought I loved her. But I obviously didn’t.’ he told Cydalia.
‘Because you wouldn’t marry her.’ she nodded in realisation.
‘But I knew I love you.’ he smiled at her, a big dopey smile.
‘So you want to marry me.’ Cydalia returned the dopey smile.
‘I most certainly do.’ he nodded.
‘And the child?’ she asked.
‘Not mine.’
‘Might be…’
‘No. The dates are all wrong. I realise that now.’
‘Marriage. To me.’ Cydalia repeated as if in a daze.
‘Yes please. If, that is of course you’ll have me…’ he winked.
‘Me?’ she asked for confirmation, ‘marry you.’
‘I most certainly will Ms Cydalia Harris.’
‘Oi! Cydalia Marin to be don’t you mean?’ she giggled with pleasure.
‘I most certainly do.’ he nodded, ‘Cydalia Marin to be.’ he corrected himself.
‘Good. I like that name.’’ Cydalia pulled him in for a kiss.
‘Me too.’ Carlos agreed, returning the kiss, deepening it.

Camy had finally come to a decision. She only hoped she had made the right one. Today was Roberta’s appointment. She would do what was necessary once she knew the outcome of her friends appointment. After all, Roberta might have decided to keep her child.
Camy and David were at the hospital. Having the first scan.
It was an amazing sight to see. A fuzzy sight. But you could still make out the baby. David excitedly pointed out arms, legs, even the head. They gazed at the picture of their child with awe. And to think Roberta was thinking of getting rid of this wonderful miracle. Considering how hard it was for a woman to fall pregnant in the first place. What a little sperm had to go thought, just to try and reach the egg let alone fertilise it. An amazing struggle. Camy had recently watched a documentary on the subject. It had been watching that which had given her the idea that she might have actually been pregnant herself. Now she certainly was. She could already see the signs. Bigger breasts. A slight swelling around her stomach. Not forgetting the morning sickness. That had been the worse. She had gone off her beloved marmite! At the moment she couldn’t stand the stuff. Not the taste or the smell. Such a tragedy.
When she reached the hotel after having had the scan, Camy rang Roberta.
‘They are…doing to tomorrow morning.’ Roberta told her.
‘So soon.’ Camy gasped in surprise.
‘Well, I am 28. I know what I want, or rather, don’t want. So.’ she explained.
‘Right. OK.’
‘How did the scan go?’ Roberta then asked her friend.
‘Err…fine. Great.’
‘Do you know what you are having yet?’
‘No. We didn’t want to find out.’
‘Oh. Right.’ Roberta nodded down the phone.
‘Do you want me…tomorrow?’ Camy asked.
‘No. Thanks. But I can…manage.’
‘I’m sure.’
‘OK. But remember, I’m here, if you…’
‘I’ll be fine. It’ll….be fine.’ Roberta reassured her.
‘OK. Great.’
‘What…time tomorrow?’ Camy then asked.
‘10am.’ Roberta told her.
‘At a local clinic.’
‘The…Lincoln clinic.’ Roberta replied, ‘why?’
‘Oh…thought I’d…send you some flowers.’ Camy crossed her fingers.
‘Oh. Right. Thanks.’
‘Take care honey.’ Camy sighed.
‘Thanks. You too…’ Roberta said then put the phone down on her friend.

Right. Camy knew what she was going to do now. First she found the phone book. She needed a proper address for this Lincoln clinic. That done, she rang Urs’ mobile. No answer.
‘Bloody…’ she moaned to herself, trying his hotel room next.
No answer their either. ‘Right. David.’ she muttered, calling his mobile.
‘Sweetie. Nothing’s wrong I hope.’ he answered the phone with.
‘No. No.’ she reassured him, ‘I’m just…looking for Urs.’
‘Oh. Sorry. Haven’t seen him.’ David told her.
‘But I thought you had practice…’
‘He didn’t turn up.’
‘Not like Urs.’ Camy realised.
‘No, you’re right. Its not.’
‘Where can he be then?’ she asked.
‘No idea.’ David sighed. ‘Is it important?’ he asked.
YES! ‘No.’ Camy lied. She put the phone down then, then tried Urs’ mobile again. Still no answer. Damn it! She needed to find him now! They were quite a way from the clinic where Roberta was planning to have her abortion the next day and if Camy didn’t get hold of Urs soon it would all be too late. Bloody, bloody man! She came to a decision. She’d personally go and look for Urs herself. First she’d try his room she decided.

Camy stormed round to Urs’ room. She banged on the door. Then she spotted a maid. A white lie and a little bit of money later she gained access. What she found wasn’t a very nice thing to see. Urs’ hotel room was a mess. There were clothes, bottles and rubbish everywhere. So unlike Urs. He was the cleanest person Camy knew. Something was definitely up. She looked around the room. Then she noticed him. On the floor. Under a pile of bedcovers next to a half full bottle of what looked to be whiskey. Urs was out cold. Drunk as a skunk. Covered in grime and sick by the looks and smell of his clothing and bedding.
‘Urs, wake up.’ she kicked his leg. He groaned but didn’t move.
‘Come on. Wake up.’ she tried again. Still no movement.
‘Right. Only one thing for it.’ Camy muttered. She stormed into the bathroom, grabbed the largest container she could find, filled it up with cold water then carried it back into the bedroom, where, after pulling the covers and duvet off him, threw the cold water on Urs.
‘What the hell…’ a half naked and now extremely wet and grumpy Urs sat up.
‘You’re not dead then.’ Camy snapped.
‘Not quite..’ he made move to grab the whiskey bottle. But Camy was too quick.
‘Oh no you don’t.’ she kicked it over.
‘Look what you’ve done…’ Urs grumbled as the whiskey soaked into the carpet.
‘I’m trying to save a life here.’ Camy moaned at him.
‘I don’t want my life saving..’ Urs moaned back.
‘I don’t mean yours. I mean your babies.’ she snapped, slapping his now just because she felt like it.
Urs stared at her. Mouth open.
‘That’s, if you want to save them.’ Camy muttered, glaring right back at him.

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*Head Over Heels* By: KazyJay
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