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 *Head Over Heels* By: KazyJay

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PostSubject: Re: *Head Over Heels* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 5:24 pm


‘What did you say?’ Urs finally muttered as if in a daze.
‘I said…I said.’ Camy mumbled.
‘Who….is pregnant?’ Urs had the stupidity to ask!
‘Roberta.’ DOH! She secretly added.
‘Roberta…is having my child??’
‘Oh. Right.’
‘Well.’ Camy corrected, ‘in…’ she looked at her watch, ‘in 8 hours there will be no baby.’
‘But you just said…’ Urs mumbled, running a hand through his hair.
‘Roberta…is having an abortion.’ she told him, sighing as she spoke those dreadful words. Abortion.
‘But she can’t…’
‘She can. And she is.’
‘But she never told me…’
‘Roberta was under the stupid impression that you don’t care. For some stupid reason.’
‘I do. I do..’ Urs muttered.
‘Then do something about it!’ Camy tried at him.
‘Like what?’ he stupidly asked.
‘Stop her. From doing it!’
‘Doing what?’
‘Go and find her. Stop her!’
‘I don’t even know where Roberta is…’
‘Here.’ Camy thrust a piece of paper at him.
Urs looked at it. ‘This, is where Roberta is having her…abortion.’ she told him after he looked strangely at her. Wondering why she had handed him the paper.
‘Right. OK.’ he nodded, handing the paper back. But he didn’t make a move. Not to stand up. Not to do anything.
‘Get moving then!’ Camy tried urging.
‘Right. OK.’ Urs finally, finally, got to his feet, unsteadily.
‘You go shower. I’ll order some coffee.’ she told him.
‘Shower. Right.’ he went towards the bathroom.
‘Oh, and Urs?’ she called to him.
‘Yeah?’ he turned and looked at her in the middle of taking his t-shirt off.
‘Get a move on, before its too late.’

Urs showered quickly. He shaved too. Washing his hair. When he came out of the bathroom, Camy had a strong cup of coffee waiting for him. He pulled on some clothes Camy had laid out for him. A clean plain t-shirt. Jeans. Socks. Even underwear. Urs drank down the coffee, took the piece of paper again from Camy and left the room. He had just 7 hours to get to where Roberta was. Not so much a problem. But it would take nearly 6 hours by the fastest transport available to even get to the area Roberta was in. Let alone find the clinic. Force his way inside. Make her change her mind. Would Urs have time before the operation? He so hoped so. He wanted this child. He wanted him and Roberta to be together again. To be happy. To make a go of it. As a couple.

Roberta was already in the clinic. Looking out the window. It was raining. 2 hours to go. She was troubled. Was she making the right decision? At first she had thought so. But now, now she was having second, third thoughts too. That wasn’t a good sign. Not at all. What was happening to her? Plus, she kept thinking suddenly of Urs. Remembering their time together. What they had done. What they had said to each other. It was all getting mixed up in her head. Confusing herself. Should she not have told Urs about the baby? At least have given him a chance. But a chance to do what? To say what? She didn’t even know if he ever wanted children. A family. If he wanted her even anymore. Not after how she had left things. Walking out on him over such a stupid, silly thing. Like how she did, or didn’t do oral sex.

Camy was nervous. Worried. What had she done? She had thought the right thing but all of a sudden was having serious doubts.
She nervously stalked around her and David’s hotel room. Wringing her hands as she paced. ‘I think…I’ve done something rather…stupid.’ she confessed to her husband as she paced. Wringing her hands. Only stopping to fiddle with an earring.
‘Oh?’ David looked up from the book he had been reading. It was a book on names and their meanings. He had been searching out the perfect name for their forthcoming child.
‘I broke a confidence…’ more fiddling. More pacing.
‘Tell me?’
‘Urs, is on his way, to see Roberta.’
‘OK. But I don’t see a problem…’
‘I told him, something about her. Something I…I kind of swore I wouldn’t tell…’
‘Go on?’ David asked.
‘Roberta…is pregnant.’
‘That’s good news, isn’t it?’
‘Not really. No.’
‘Today, she’s…having an abortion.’ Camy sighed.
‘Oh honey…’ David attempted to comfort his newly pregnant wife.
‘And I told Urs.’
‘Well, he is the father I’m guessing.’
‘Yes. But still… Roberta is my friend.’
‘And so is Urs.’ David reminded her.
‘Yes, but…’
‘You obviously thought, that telling Urs you thought you were doing the right thing.’
‘Yes. Yes I did.’ Camy nodded.
‘In saving the child, yes?’
‘Well then.’
‘But Robbie will still hate me…’
‘Or, she might thank you.’
‘Whatever for?’
‘For saving her from making the worst mistake of her life. By getting rid of her child’s life.’ David pointed out.
‘Yes, but…’
‘Honey. Listen. Relax.’ David forcefully made her sit down. He grabbed hold of her hands, to try to stop her from fiddling. ‘It’ll be OK. You’ve done the right thing.’
‘I might not have…’
‘You have. You have.’ David soothed.

Roberta was just about to be given her local anaesthetic when there came a sudden commotion from outside her private room. Someone, male, by the sounds of it, was shouting something. It sounded like, Roberta suddenly realised, like her name the person, male, was shouting. But that wasn’t possible. No one knew where she was. Apart, from, that is, Camy and she’d hardly tell anyone. Besides, who would she tell? So no. No. Roberta was imagining it. It wasn’t her name being called. But then again she shook her head. Cleaning her hearing. That voice did sound familiar.
‘ROBERTA!’ the voice shouted again. Louder this time. More clearer too. It sounded like he was just outside her door.
‘I’ll go and…’ the nurse who had been about to give Roberta the injection decided to go and check. She put down the injection, with a very long, sharp needle attached, wiped her hands and opened the door. The guy was right outside her room. And it was…
‘Urs.’ Roberta murmured.
Hearing his name, Urs turned around and looked at her. ‘There you are.’ he nodded, his face looking blank. He looked like he’d been…
‘You’ve been crying.’ Roberta realised, speaking the words out loud.
‘Just a little.’ he shrugged.
‘Why…?’ she asked.
‘You dare ask me why?’ he muttered.
‘I don’t under…stand.’
‘You’re about to rid yourself of my child. Our baby. And you ask me why.’ he sounded sarcastic now as well as upset.
‘You know…’ Roberta suddenly realised why he was here.
‘Yes.’ he nodded.
‘Camy told you…’
‘And thank god she did.’ he muttered, walking into her room now.
‘She shouldn’t have…’
‘Yeah, well.’ he shrugged.
‘I told her…in confidence.’
‘Yeah, well.’ he repeated, ‘its done now.’
‘I’m still…going through with it.’
‘Nothing you can do, or say, will talk me out of it.’
‘No, don’t suppose it would.’ he agreed.
‘What? You mean to say you’ve come all this way, and for what? Nothing?’
‘I guess, I needed to see you again. One last time.’
‘Oh…right.’ Roberta was stunned at this. Floored by his reaction. He wasn’t even going to stop her? Then why come all this way and now? To see her? It didn’t make any sense.
‘You’ve…obviously made your…decision.’ Urs slumped down into a nearby chair.
‘Yes. I have.’ Roberta nodded, ‘it is my body after all.’
‘Yes. I agree. Your body. But that child is half mine.’ he pointed out.
‘You didn’t want to have anything to do with me..’ she tried.
‘You’re the one who walked out.’ he reminded her.
‘You didn’t try and stop me.’ she snapped back.
‘I didn’t know what to say then.’
‘But you do all the sudden now, is that it?’ she asked.
‘I didn’t say that.’ he muttered.
‘Oh. Right.’
‘I still don’t know what to say. What to do.’ Urs sighed.
‘How..’ Roberta licked her lips, ‘how do you feel?’ she asked.
‘About what?’ he looked directly at her.
‘About me. I guess.’ she shrugged.
‘You know how I feel about you.’
‘No I don’t.’
‘I love you.’ he told her.
‘Yes Robbie. I love you.’
‘I guess you don’t…me then.’ he sighed a long sigh.
‘No I…I mean…’
‘Its OK.’ he stood up.
‘Where…where are you going?’ she nervously asked.
‘I’m going back.’
‘Oh. Right.’ Roberta nodded.
‘Have a nice life.’ he smiled a half smile which didn’t meet his eyes, sighed again and then left. Leaving her watching him go.
‘Right.’ the nurse was back again now. She picked up the needle, ‘injection time.’

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PostSubject: Re: *Head Over Heels* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 5:25 pm


Urs walked away. He had no words. No feelings in the matter. What did it matter anyway? He was only the father. So he walked away and left Roberta sat on that bed, in that private hospital room in that clinic, wondering why he had come. He had no idea himself. He went to find the nearest bar. Luckily it was opening time now. He slumped down onto the bar seat with what little energy he had left and ordered the strongest thing he could think of. He wanted to get drunk. To forget. To pretend that today had never happened. To blot out all the pain, all the hurt he felt deep inside.
‘Bad day eh?’ the barman, pouring Urs’ drink guessed. Taking in his grumpy face and appearance. He looked like thunder. It wasn’t a good look on the best of people. But on Urs it just looked even worse. Here was a man in need of serious cheering up.
‘Yep. The worst.’ he agreed, sadly nodding.
‘What happened?’
‘The woman I love.’ he paused, ‘The only woman I’ve ever loved.’ he added, ‘She…she decided to…to abort our child.’ Urs sighed.
‘Oh. Bummer.’ the barman nodded.
‘Why don’t you go and stop her then?’ he asked.
‘I did. I tried to. I failed.’ Urs sighed.
‘Oh man….’
‘So now I’m drinking, to try and forget.’
‘I’ll get you another.’ the barman nodded to Urs empty glass. He had downed the content, whiskey in one go, and without coughing like people usually did when drinking whiskey. This was a man in serious need to get drunk. And fast.
‘Thanks. I need it. Keep them coming.’
‘Will do. And, for what its worth mate, I’m sorry. About the…’
‘Thanks.’ Urs sighed, nodding.

Roberta sat on her sofa in her flat. Curled up into a ball. Staring at the walls. She felt so cold even though the heating was turned up to the maximum and she was wearing a big woolly jumper, tracksuit bottoms, thick socks and had a blanket over her knees. An untouched cup of hot chocolate sat on the small coffee table in front of her which was littered with used tissues and sweet wrappers. Roberta had already eaten every piece of chocolate her flat held. Her mobile phone kept buzzing. Her home phone answer phone light blinking too. But Roberta didn’t feel up to listening to them, all the messages the machine said she had to listen to. All six of them, or answering her phone. Then her mobile phone buzzed with a message. Roberta picked it up. And looked at it. It was from Camy. She sighed a long sad sigh and pressed the “answer” button.
‘How did it go? Call me. Please. Camy xx.’ the message read.
Roberta sighed again then dialled Camy’s mobile from her mobile phone.
‘Honey, how did it go?’ Camy asked on answering her phone almost immediately.
‘It didn’t.’ she admitted.
‘Oh?’ her friend asked.
‘I…I couldn’t go through with it.’
‘Oh sweetie…’
‘When the time came…I just couldn’t’
‘That’s good, isn’t it?’ Camy carefully asked.
‘No. Yes. No. Oh I don’t know!’ Roberta cried down the phone.
‘I’m going to be a single parent!’ Roberta cried, sounding like it was the worst thing ever to happen to her. Like her whole world had just collapsed.
‘I’ll be here for you…to help. For support.’ Camy told her.
‘I might get it adopted…’ Roberta murmured.
‘Oh. OK. You could do that.’
‘I can’t be a single parent. I just can’t.’
‘What about…Urs?’ Camy carefully asked.
‘What about him?’
‘Are you going to tell him?’
‘Suppose I’ll have to.’ Roberta sighed.
‘Maybe you could…come up with a solution.’
‘Yeah. Like what?’
‘Him, adopting your child.’
‘He’d need….to be in a relationship though…’
‘Yes, he would that.’ Camy agreed.
‘Who with though?’
‘Someone, who loves him.’
But I love him! Roberta almost cried out.
‘He’s a gorgeous man. I’m sure he’d have no problem in finding someone.’ Camy carried on.
‘Yeah, sure…’
‘Then again, he might not do.’
‘Oh?’ Roberta asked.
‘Considering he’s already in love with someone.’
‘Me.’ Roberta mumbled.
‘Yes. You.’ her friend agreed.
‘I’ve been stupid, haven’t I?’ Roberta suddenly realised.
‘No honey you haven’t.’ Camy tried reassuring her.
‘No. I have. I’ve been so stupid.’
‘Only, because you were scared.’
‘He told me something you see. Something that I….I didn’t like hearing.’
‘I guessed as much.’
‘I didn’t know about him and David you see…’
‘They were drunk.’
‘But Urs and David still…’
‘David doesn’t remember though.’
‘Doesn’t it make you sick? Knowing what happened?’ Roberta asked.
‘Look honey, what happened…happened before David and I met.’
‘So you don’t care…?’
‘That’s not what I said. I do care. Before I met David, Urs thought he was in love with him and Urs is my best male friend. I wanted him to be happy. I thought he was happy. But then he met you…’ Camy explained.
‘And everything changed.’ Roberta realised.
‘Yes, and everything changed. David and I met. Fell in love. You and Urs met.’
‘And fell in love.’ said Roberta, finishing the sentence.
‘So tell him.’ her friend urged.
‘I can’t…’
‘Honey you can. You can.’
‘I hurt him…’
‘Tell him you love him. That will make all the difference.’
‘I’ll…I’ll try.’ Roberta sighed down the phone.
‘That’s all I ask honey.’ Camy agreed.
‘OK. Wish me luck…’
‘Good luck honey. Good luck.’
Roberta put the phone down. She picked up a tissue, blew her nose. Twice. Then picked up her mobile phone again. She had a man to confess her love to. She needed to talk to him. She loved him. Urs.
Roberta dialled Urs’ number with a nervous feeling inside and slightly sweating palms. The phone rang and rang. In the end she had to leave an answer phone message.
‘Err…its me. Roberta. Call me. Please? I…I kind of need to talk to you. Right. Thanks.’
Then she sat back and waited. And waited. And waited some more.
It was no use. She picked up her mobile phone again and sent a text this time.
‘Please contact me Urs. I need to talk to you.’ she text with nervous shaking fingers.

Urs, still in the bar, looked with bleary eyes at his mobile phone. Then he noticed he had received a text. From Roberta.
‘What do you want?’ he muttered to the text. He opened the message and said, ‘Yeah. Right. Like you’ve got anything I need to hear.’ he dropped the phone back onto the bar.
‘Anything interesting mate?’ the barman, who Urs had found out was named Andrew, asked.
‘Just the love of my life. Wanting to speak to me for some reason.’ he replied.
‘Oh? But I thought you said she was in hospital, having her…’
‘Yeah. She was.’ Urs nodded in confirmation.
‘They don’t usually allow mobile phones in those places. In case they mix with the machines and all that.’ Andrew said.
‘But she text…and oh, and phoned me.’ Urs noticed the miss calls and waiting answer phone message.
‘Maybe, she isn’t in the…place then.’
‘Yeah, maybe.’
‘But they usually keep them in. Just in case of complications.’ Andrew said.
‘You know a lot about these things…’ Urs realised.
‘My sister had one. After she got raped.’
‘Bummer. Sorry mate.’
‘Anyway, she stayed in for a week at least.’
‘But Roberta’s text and phoned me…’
‘Which could mean one thing.’ Andrew smiled.
‘Which is?’ Urs asked, wanting, no, needing to hear the words.
‘She’s not in hospital anymore.’
‘But you said when they do abortions…’
‘I don’t reckon she’s had it..’ Andrew beamed now.
‘I should….go and find out.’ Urs realised.
‘Yes, you should.’ Andrew nodded.
‘Right. OK.’ Urs stood up on unsteady feet.
‘Good luck mate.’
‘Err…thanks.’ Urs nodded, picked up his phone and finally walked out the bar to go and find Roberta. To find out the truth once and for all.

Roberta had almost given up hope when her doorbell rang.
The place looked a mess. There were used tissues everywhere plus coffee cups and chocolate wrappers. Not forgetting magazines on the floor. She stood up and had a quick look in the mirror. She thought she looked a complete mess. Her hair needed a good washing and brushing. She had spots on her face. But, if that was Urs at the door then there was no time to do anything about it yet. He, if it were him, it might not be, would just have to take her as she was. Spotty. Messy dirty hair. The lot. She coughed. Attempted to smooth down her hair and went to finally, answer the door. It had already rang several times. Whoever it was, Urs or someone completely different, was rather instant she answer the door. Now. This instant. So Roberta finally went to do just that. Answer her front door.

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PostSubject: Re: *Head Over Heels* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 5:26 pm


It was Urs at the door. Looking worse for wear.
‘You look…dreadful.’ Roberta told him. Well, he did and he didn’t. He looked tired. Like he had been crying. Then again he also looked amazingly gorgeous. Like sex on legs. Dressed in tight fitting jeans and t-shirt. The same clothes he had been wearing earlier, only Roberta had been too surprised to see him at the clinic to take in his appearance. But she was now. Now she was drinking in the sight of him. Every glorious, wonderful inch of the man she loved oh so very much.
‘I’ve been…drinking.’ he told her.
‘To try and drown my sorrows of course.’ he shrugged then wobbled on his feet slightly.
‘Come in…’ Roberta let him in. She walked into the kitchen, switching on the kettle after filling it up and set about making coffee.
‘I don’t need a drink.‘ Urs told her, standing in the doorway to the kitchen, one hand holding onto the door frame for support, the other scratching his chin.
‘You might not do. But I do.’ she told him, making it exactly the way Urs liked his coffee made. A little coffee. A little sugar. Hot water but not too hot. Adding the milk just before stirring it. Once. No more no less. Just as Urs himself had made it hundreds of times before.
‘What did you…want to see me for?’ he asked.
‘I…I didn’t…go through with it.’ she looked at him.
‘It?’ he asked.
‘So you’re still…’ he stared at her flat stomach.
‘Pregnant. Yes.’
‘Right. OK.’
‘Here.’ she handed him a cup of newly made coffee.
‘Err…thanks.’ he took a long sip. Taking in the information she had just told him. Digesting it.
‘So.’ Roberta said.
‘Yes. So.’ Urs agreed.
‘You’re….going to be a father.’
‘You’re going to be a mother.’
‘But I might still…give it up for adoption.’ she then told him.
‘Why…? I don’t understand….’ he muttered.
‘I can’t be a single parent. I can’t. That’s not me.’
‘You don’t have to be one…’ Urs tried.
‘Oh no?’ she challenged.
‘No.’ he shook his head.
‘Why? Will you be around?’ Roberta asked, taking a sip of her drink, her eyes constantly on him.
‘Yes. I can be. If you’ll…let me be.’
‘What about your job? Touring and all that?’
‘We can…work around it.’ he said.
‘How?’ she asked.
‘You can both come with me.’ he decided.
‘That wouldn’t work.’ Roberta shook her head.
‘I don’t see why not. Camy’s coming with the baby.’ he told her.
‘Yes, but Camy is married to David.’
‘So? You can be too.’
‘What? Married to David?’ Roberta sarcastically laughed.
‘No. To me.’ Urs surprised her with. He had thought of asking Roberta this several times since he had learnt that he was in love with her. Imagining it in his head how he would say the words. Usually, in his imagination he was naked, as was Roberta. After having had made mad passionate love. Still glowing with love for each other.
‘Eh….what?’ she stared, open mouthed at him.
‘I said you can be too. Married to me.’
‘You’re asking me to…’
‘But…’ Roberta mumbled in shock.
‘I love you.’
‘Yeah, but…’
‘I love you Roberta. I want to be with you.’
‘You can’t mean that…’
‘Oh, but I do. Only you don’t seem to believe in it. In me.’ Urs sighed.
‘I do…I do…’
‘’You don’t. You wanted to get rid of our child.’ he pointed out.
‘But I didn’t though…in the end.’ she reminded him.
‘Only because you were what? Scared?’ he asked.
‘No.’ Roberta violently shook her head. ‘It was because I…I…’
‘Because what?’ Urs interrupted.
‘Because I realised something. Something I guess I’ve known for a long time. But I just wouldn’t admit it to myself.’
‘Which is?’
‘That I love you.’ Roberta finally voiced the words. Those words. It had taken for Urs to turn up at the abortion clinic for Roberta to finally come to her senses. She loved him. This man standing before her. She loved him more than she loved life itself. She felt so many emotions for this man. She had to be with him to be really and truly happy.
‘You…’ now it was Urs’ turn to be…surprised. Stunned.
‘I love you Urs.’ she repeated.
‘Marry me?’ Urs asked.
‘Why?’ she asked in reply.
‘Because I love you and you love me.’
‘Not because I’m pregnant?’ she had to ask. Had to know.
‘No. Because I love you.’
‘But I’m pregnant too though…’
‘If you do…give our child up for adoption I’ll still love you. I still want to be with you.’ Urs told her.
‘So if I had aborted it…’
‘I love you Roberta. You.’ he emphasised the word, ‘why can’t you understand that?’
‘I do. I mean…I’m starting to.’ she lightly smiled.
‘So?’ he asked. He put his coffee cup down and walked towards her.
‘So?’ she asked in return.
Urs sighed. He then took her cup out of her hands, put it down. Got on one knee and took her hand. Her left hand. He gazed intensely into her blue eyes. ‘I love you Roberta.’ he told her, ‘Marry me, please?’ he asked.
Roberta gazed back. ‘Yes.’ she finally spoke.
‘Thank you.’ he smiled, kissed her hand and stood up. He then gently manoeuvred her into his arms and kissed her again. But this time on the mouth. Roberta wrapped her arms around his waist, grabbed hold of his delicious bum and returned the kiss. Urs gently pushed her up against the wall, pushing his obvious desire for her into her stomach. Roberta groaned and deepened the kiss. Oh how she had missed this. Missed this man. This man she loved so very much.

Later they made love in Roberta‘s bedroom. In the small bed she had in her room. It was just big enough to lay side by side. Then again Urs preferred Roberta to be laying on top of him or under him. Touching him somehow so he didn’t care how big or not the bed was. All he cared was that he was with Roberta. Laying in her arms. Knowing that she loved him and he loved her in return. Then, laying in each others arms they made plans.
‘I’d…actually like to keep our baby.’ Roberta told Urs, while stroking his naked chest.
‘I’d like that too.’ he admitted.
‘I’ve even got a name for her…’
‘Her eh? What about if he is a boy?’ Urs lightly teased.
‘Then you can name him.’ she smiled.
‘OK. Deal. Tell me?’
‘Amber.’ Roberta smiled.
‘Amber eh?’ Urs considered the name.
‘Yep.’ she nodded, kissing his chest.
‘Mmm….I like the name.’ he lightly groaned as Roberta’s hands started to wander downwards.
‘Glad you do.’ she winked, moving down the bed they were laying in.
‘What, are you doing?’ he asked.
‘I want to kiss you.’ Roberta winked again.
‘Kiss me eh? Oh, you mean…’
‘Can I?’
‘Yes please. You are rather good at it..’ Urs admitted.
‘I learnt it all from an interesting DVD…’ Roberta winked again.
‘Mmm….must get some more sometime… see what else you can…ahhh…’ he groaned as she finally took him into her mouth.
Urs came quickly. With a dopey look on his face. He so loved Roberta. He was glad he had finally got her back in his life. He had missed this. Missed Roberta. Missed being with her. But now they would be forever be together. Oh, wasn’t life just so great? Urs Buhler was in love. With the wonderful amazingly sexy Roberta Jane Evans. The love of his life. His perfect woman. The only woman for him. Until he had met Roberta he hadn’t been alive. Not fully. But now he was. Now his eyes were fully open and taking in the sights. Oh such wonderful sights to see they were as well.
Thank god he had waited for Roberta.

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PostSubject: Re: *Head Over Heels* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 5:28 pm


‘Eh? Say again?’ a surprised Seb gulped at Urs and Roberta after they had made their announcement. They were all together. With their partners. All sitting, holding hands the next day. After the concert. After Urs and Roberta had, finally, got back together. Even though only Camy and David had known that Roberta had been the reason Urs had been pining. He was a man in love. You could see it in his face. He glowed with happiness. It was a nice sight to see. Especially if you knew Urs before he had found love. Grumpy wasn’t the word. Moody. Yes! But now when he was singing and smiling and being happy it shone out of his very soul.
‘Roberta and I.’ Urs repeated, ‘are getting married. And.’ he paused, gazing lovingly at his new fiancée, giving her hand a gentle squeeze, ‘having a baby.’ he finally finished.
‘Thought that’s what you said.’ Seb nodded, ‘only I wanted to be completely sure I really wasn’t hearing things.’
‘I know.’ Urs agreed, ‘it’s a lot to take in. Us, getting married. Having a child.’ he nodded.
‘Yeah. Especially you. The love ‘em and leave ‘em type!’ Carlos nudged Urs.
Urs had just said the two words everyone, before Roberta had come along would be guaranteed never to say. Getting married. Having a child. The forever bachelor was going to be one no more! He really was in love.
‘Yes. Well. Things…change.’ he blushed, shrugging. He also remembered, clearing stating that he would never, ever, get married. Or have children. That he hated, well, not quite, but disliked the idea of being tied to one woman. Having a child with that one woman. Having to be forever with that one woman. Oh how times had changed everyone thought.
‘How many ladies have you dated?’ Carlos asked.
‘Err….a few.’ Urs lied.
‘But he only loves me.’ Roberta told them.
They had agreed. That no one needed to know. About him being a virgin until he had met Roberta. Anyway, what good would it have done? Would they have even believed Urs when he had told them that until he had met Roberta he had been a sexually confused virgin. Him. Looking like he did!
‘Aah. Sweet.’ Seb commented, trying not to sound sarcastic for once.
Or at least not too sarcastic lets put it that way. It was hard. Seb loved sounding sarcastic. Sarcastic was Seb. But not anymore. Ingrid was trying to teach him to be nice to people. To give them a change before being sarcastic took over his life and ruined it completely. He was trying.
‘So, when’s the wedding then?’ David then asked.
‘We haven’t thought of dates..’ Roberta answered.
‘But we’d like it to be soon.’ Urs smiled.
‘Can I help organise it?’ Camy asked. As her husband gave her a funny look.
‘We’d love you to do it.’ Roberta smiled at her friend.
‘Great. Great.’ Camy nodded. Ideas already buzzing around in her head. She reached for a notebook and pen and started making notes. With her pregnancy Camy found it easy to forget things just recently. So worked around it by carrying a notebook and pen with her at all times. Which meant her, or rather David carrying around a large bag with everything in it she could possibly want at any given moment.
‘Who’s going to be best man?’ David then asked, smiling at Urs.
‘Err…I was thinking of…’ Urs mumbled.
‘David.’ Roberta interrupted her fiancé, ‘we would love for you to do the honours.’ she told him.
‘Oh! I’d be honoured. Thanks mate!’ David pulled Urs into his arms for a hug. Over David’s shoulder, Urs looked at Roberta enquiringly.
‘Its OK.’ she mouthed at him. She kind of understood now. Kind of believed that Urs did love her for her and for no other reason. No matter who she was or wasn’t supposed to look like. Urs loved Roberta. Roberta loved Urs.
‘Bridesmaids?’ Camy asked, making a note in her notebook.
‘I don’t know..’ Roberta sighed.
‘What about.’ Camy suggested, ‘Ingrid?’
‘Not you?’ Roberta asked her friend.
‘No thanks. But I’m kind of…having a slight difficult pregnancy.’ Camy sighed.
‘Oh no!’ Roberta gasped in sympathy.
‘Its OK. But the doctors told me to take it easy.’
‘No stress he said.’ David reminded her.
‘But I can still, I’m still doing your planning though.’
‘I’d…love to be bridesmaid.’ Ingrid smiled.
‘OK. That’s settled then. Ingrid as my bridesmaid.’ Roberta agreed.
‘It’ll be…good practice, for when its my turn.’ Ingrid blushed.
Everyone turned and looked at Seb. He beamed at them all.
‘Do tell?’ Carlos asked him, eyebrows wiggling.
‘I asked Ingrid’s father. Last night. After the concert. For her hand. He said yes.’ Seb blushed with happiness and gazed lovingly at his brand new fiancée.
‘Then that, just leaves Carlos and Cydalia.’ David realised.
‘Err…actually.’ Carlos coughed. ‘Cydalia and I are already engaged.’
Cydalia held up her left hand. Sure enough on the fourth finger sat a beautiful engagement ring.
‘And this time, I will be marrying!’ Carlos laughed.
He’d been engaged before but nothing more than that. Until now. Until he had met, and fallen in love with Cydalia.
So. Now IL DIVO were happy. One already a married man. And three happily engaged men. Plus, with at least two babies on the way.

After IL DIVO had finished their mini tour, Urs and Roberta got married. In a simple but oh so romantic ceremony.
Followed by Seb and Ingrid then a few days later Carlos and Cydalia tied the knot.
Everyone was happy. In love. Content at long last.
Urs and David never did talk about their night together they had had. In the end, it was just a distant memory for Urs and an odd dream for David. Never to be talked about. They had no need to talk about it. David loved Camy. His beautiful wife and mother of his newborn son named Charlie William Miller.
And Urs in love with Roberta and the mother of his daughter, Amelia Davina(Roberta’s way of forgiving Urs of sleeping with David in the first place) Buhler.
Seb and Ingrid were happily married as were Carlos and Cydalia.
So. The title of this story was, ‘Head over heels.’ which, I suppose, in a way, a funny way, each member of IL DIVO were, with their partner.
Urs wasn’t gay after all. Just a little confused. Now he was with the right person as Camy had so wanted him to be. In love. Happily married and a father to boot. Who would have seen that coming at the start of this story?
Certainly not me. See, even I’m surprised!!

The end….

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*Head Over Heels* By: KazyJay
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