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 *Marriage Of Convenience* By: KazyJay

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PostSubject: *Marriage Of Convenience* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:44 am

Marriage of ConvenienceCast of characters,
Urs Buhler
Sebastien Izambard
David Miller
Carlos Marin
Joy - Camejj
Victoria - Vixtor 1970
And Charlie, who is named after my niece Charlotte.

Chapter One

“Pardon? Do what?” asked Charlie
“Marry me I said” came Urs’ reply
“I thought that’s what you said, only I couldn’t be sure. Why on earth would I want to do that then?” Charlie spat out
“So Rhea doesn’t find out about you and Seb”
“Like I’m going to tell her!”
“She wouldn’t have to ask. Just seeing you two together would be enough. You’re too close”
“I love him! Charlie cried
“Yes, well. That maybe so. But he’s made his choice”
“She’s pregnant. It was hardly a hard choice to make. He’s too much of a gentleman,” Charlie pointed out
“He’s doing what is right. It is his child after all”
“Can you be sure of that?”
“Charlie! She’s not like that!”
“What do you know?”
“I know enough. So?” said Urs
“What?” asked Charlie
“Marry me?” Urs asked again
“Why not?”
“Why not? Because I. DON’T. LOVE. YOU!” Charlie told him
“Who said anything about love?”
“But I…”
“I was talking about a marriage of convenience”
“So Rhea won’t get suspicious”
“She will. I hate you. Anyone can see that!”
“Hidden passion” Urs laughed
“Hardly! Mutual hate actually”
“Nope. I’m actually a good actor. I’ve managed to convince everyone that I’m madly in love with you”
“What? And they believe that?”
“Oh yes. Everyone of them!”
“Including Seb?” Charlie had to ask
“Yes, well. Maybe not him. But, you never know!”
“No” said Charlie again
“I said no”
“We will be getting married, if you like it or not. Now, I’m planning on proposing later”
“Excuse me?” asked Charlie
“We’ll wait until Seb and Rhea are around to do it I think. It’ll work better with an audience”
“What? Me turning you down?” Charlie laughed
“But that’s just it, you won’t”
“Wait and see!”
“I mean it” he grabbed hold of her wrist
“Let me go!”
“You will say yes”
“No I won’t. Ouch! That hurts!”
“Say yes, and I’ll let you go” he promised, a glint in his eyes.
“A marriage of convenience?” Charlie asked
“So, not a real proper then?”
“If you’re asking about sex…”
“I am” Charlie interrupted him
“There will be it”
“Oh no. Ouch!”
“We will be consummating it,” he warned
“To make it legal. I don’t wish the divorce papers to state that we never slept together as the reason”
“But I hate you. And you hate me!” said Charlie
“Ah, but that’s it. A man doesn’t have to be in love to want to have sex,” Urs told her
“Maybe not. But a woman does. I do”
“Then you’ll just have to pretend that I’m someone else at the time”
“Does that mean I can call you Seb then?” Charlie joked
“You do that and see what reaction you get. You won’t like it,” warned Urs
“Oh promises, promises…”
“Charlie!” Urs warned again
“Let. Go. Of. Me!”
“Say yes then”
”Say yes or I’ll get you sacked”
“You wouldn’t…”
“Want a bet? I am one of your bosses, remember?”
“One of them. I’m sure Seb, Carlos and David would stop you from firing me!”
“You don’t know how persuasive I can be when I want to”
“Then I’d sue you”
“Just you try,” he warned again
“I’m not scared” Charlie told him
“No? Well maybe you should be”
“I hate you”
“I don’t care if you do” Urs shrugged
“I won’t sleep with you”
“Look, we only have to do it once. To make the marriage legal, how bad could that be?” Urs asked, sighing
“Probably the worst night of my life!”
“I don’t care. One night. That’s it”
“Yes!” he sounded angry now
“Let me go” Charlie asked, again
“Say yes then and I will”
“Ok. Ok. Yes” Charlie finally said, reluctantly
“God. Right, now lets seal it with a kiss shall we?”
“Pardon?” she asked, rubbing her now free wrist
“We’re getting married. People will expect us to kiss. A lot” Urs warned
“Do I have to?”
“YES! When I ask you later Rhea, if not Seb will expect you to seal the deal with a kiss. That’s what couples do”
“Do I have a choice?” Charlie asked
“Oh damn!”
“I’m not a bad kisser”
“I don’t really care. I don’t want to have to find out”
“Tough” said Urs before his lips briefly touched Charlie’s. Charlie barely had time to respond before he ended the kiss. Not that she wanted to respond. Because she didn’t. Nor did she pay much attention to the ‘zing’ that she got from Urs’ touch. It’s nothing. Nothing she told herself. I hate him. Hate him.

Just how Charlie had got herself into this mess was rather laughable. She had been Il Divo’s PA for a year now. One woman and four men! It had been interesting to say the least. She hadn’t expected to fall in love with one of them on first sight, but that’s what had happened. She’d seen Seb and bingo. Love. Of course he hadn’t returned it. He already had a girlfriend. The lovely Rhea. Not. She’d been a complete bitch to Charlie right from the moment they had met. So when, three months ago she and Seb had split Charlie had secretly jumped for joy. Then she had offered to console Seb. She’d been exceptionally surprised when he had actually more than returned her advances. Charlie had thought it was a dream come true. He’d even confessed on the first, and only night they had spent together that yes, he loved Charlie too. Had done for such a long time. Charlie had been over the moon with happiness. She should have realised it wouldn’t last long. And it hadn’t. A week later Rhea had turned back up and told Seb the news he had always longed to hear “You’re going to be a father” she had told him. So he had apologised to Charlie and explained to her, “I need to do the right thing”
“But you don’t love Rhea. You love me,” Charlie had cried
“I know, but I have responsibilities…”
Charlie had run out the room crying then. He had managed to break her heart with that one word ‘responsibilities’. Ha! Who cared about love? Didn’t that count? Obviously not.
Then today, two days later, Urs had dropped his proposal. A marriage of convenience. Did those actually happen anymore? And what about his feelings? Wasn’t he in love with anyone he wanted to marry? Unless, unless he himself loved Rhea! Yes, that all made sense now. He’d settle for second best because he couldn’t have his first choice!

This is a repost as after I've finished posting this I've got the follow up to post called A Convenient Marriage. I hope those of you who have already read this enjoy reading it again and those of you who haven't read it yet enjoy it. Please leave a comment. All comments good, and bad help us writers to improve.
So, enjoy the story and let me know what you think. Thanks everyone.

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PostSubject: Re: *Marriage Of Convenience* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:46 am

Chapter Two
“You’re in love with Rhea, aren’t you?” Charlie just had to ask him
“Excuse me?” he laughed
“You love Rhea” Charlie said again
“No I don’t”
“That’s why you’re marring me! Because you can’t have her!”
“I don’t want Rhea. I never have. I told you why we’re getting married,” Urs said
“But it makes no sense!”
“It does to me. To me it makes perfect sense. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an engagement ring to buy”
“I don’t need one”
“I don’t care, you’re getting one anyway”
“I won’t wear it”
“Yes you will”
“No I won’t” Charlie told him
“You’ll wear it, or you’re out of a job” Urs warned again
“Right. Fine. I’ll leave”
“You won’t get a reference. Not from us”
“But I need one!”
“Then learn to behave”
“I’m not a child!”
“Stop acting like one then” Urs told her
“Or you’ll do what? Smack me?”
“Don’t tempt me!” he warned
“I’m not scared” Charlie said again
“Oh no?” he asked, “You should be. Very”
“You wouldn’t…”
“Just you try it and see!” he warned again, before leaving.

Little…! Just what did he think he was? Making decisions about things he had no need. Little…!
Charlie wanted to smack him. Wipe that smile of his face for once and for all. Smack him so hard that it would leave a mark on that rather beautiful face of his. And ok, he may have a face that was worth looking at, but it was such a pity that his personality didn’t match. He was all right to talk to, very intelligent but could also be rather hurtful too. He had never seemed to like Charlie. Right from the start he had seemed to have taken an instant dislike to her. Not that Charlie cared. Because she didn’t.

Two hours later he returned with a smug look on his face. Charlie had been on her laptop computer working when he came back. Entering important data when he suggested taking a walk.
“I’m rather busy…” Charlie tried complaining
“That can wait” Urs replied, closing the computer
“If I’ve lost any work…” she warned
“It’s fine” Urs interrupted Charlie
“I’ll make you pay for it!” she snapped at him
“Come on” he grabbed hold of her hand, “let’s go and find Seb and Rhea” and he dragged a reluctant Charlie from the room.

“Hi guys. Fancy a walk?” Urs asked Seb and Rhea once they’d found them
“What a wonderful idea!” crooned Rhea, “I could do with some fresh air darling” she batted her eyelids at Seb
“Great, come on then” Urs winked at the couple.

“Here should do it” they were in the hotel’s garden, under a large tree there was a bench, “Sit here, Charlie…darling” Urs pushed Charlie onto the seat, grabbing hold of her hand.
“OH!” squealed Rhea, “I know what’s coming next!”
Urs got down on one knee in front of Charlie. He smiled at her and held her hand even tighter, “Charlie,” he said, “I’ve been wanting to ask you an important question for ages now. So, here goes…” he faked a nervous cough,
Charlie glared at him.
“Will you, Charlie” he smiled again, “Marry me?” he asked,
“Why?” Charlie asked
“Because I love you,” Urs answered, laughing
“No…” Urs squeezed Charlie’s hand harder, “I mean…” her eyes started to water, “Yes” she whispered
“Say that again a little louder, darling” Urs looked at Charlie
“Yes” Charlie reluctantly repeated a little louder
“Oh Wow!” said Rhea, “Congratulations!” she pulled Urs into a hug, “Oh, the ring! Sorry!” she let him go
“Yes, thank you Rhea, I almost forgot. Hope it fits!” Urs reached into his jean pocket and bought out a box. He opened it, “Oh wow! It’s amazing….” Rhea gushed
“Here…” Urs slid it onto Charlie’s finger. And, as rings go it wasn’t actually bad. He had quite good taste. It was simple, but elegant, “It fits!” Urs said.
“So it does,” muttered Charlie
“Kiss.. kiss” Rhea crooned
“Do we have to?” Charlie asked
“She’s embarrassed!” Urs laughed
“We won’t look!” Rhea offered
“Come on, we’ll leave them to it…” Seb finally spoke, moving away
“No, darling” Rhea stopped him
“Come here…” Urs told Charlie
Charlie glared at him, “I said…” she tried to explain before his mouth touched hers. ‘Zing’ went again.
“Oh wow! Congratulations. Its so wonderful!” Rhea said as Urs broke away. Charlie resisted the temptation to wipe her mouth with the back of her hand
“Isn’t it just?” Seb agreed, looking at Charlie, “I never knew…”
“Oh darling!” Rhea laughed, “You must have been the only one! They’ve been mad about each other since the beginning! Well, at least Urs has!” she laughed again
“Now I’ve finally got my girl!” Urs agreed, “It took time. But Charlie has definitely been worth the long wait” he laughed
“And you Charlie! Playing hard to get!” said Rhea, tutting playfully,
“I’ve got my job to worry about…” Charlie replied
“No need to worry now. Marrying one of the bosses! Hidden extra’s and all that!” Rhea nudged Charlie. Charlie cringed, and felt herself shiver.
“Come on, time to go in” Urs pulled Charlie into an unwelcome hug, “Don’t want my fiancée getting sick on me now!” he added.
“Let me go!” Charlie whispered
“Let me go” she said again
“I said no”
“Why the hell not?” she asked
“We’ve appearances to keep up,” he whispered back
“I hate you”
“I know you do. Never mind eh?”
“You’re a…a…”
“I’m a what?” Urs asked, laughing slightly
“A bastard!” Charlie spat
“No I’m not. My parents were definitely married long before I was born”
“I didn’t mean that kind of bastard”
“I don’t care what kind you meant. You’re stuck with me now whether you like it or not”
“As soon as it’s possible I’m divorcing you!”
“Tut, tut. We’re not even married yet, and already you’re on about divorce!” he laughed gently.
“So, when are you getting married then?” Seb suddenly asked Urs and Charlie
“As soon as possible mate” Urs told Seb
“Wish I could have been bridesmaid, but what with this…” Rhea patted her non-existent bump, “…its not possible”
“Oh, shame” Charlie said, sounding sarcastic
“Never mind eh?” Seb said

“You’re what? Oh Charlie, that’s wonderful” Victoria, David’s girlfriend, pulled Charlie into a big hug, “I’m so pleased for you!”
“Thanks” Charlie muttered
“It’s a…surprise” Joy, Carlos’ fiancée admitted
“You’re not the only one” Charlie felt like laughing, and crying at the same time.
“You mean, you mean you never knew? About Urs?” Joy asked Charlie
“Obviously not” said Charlie
“He’s been pinning for you since the start!” Victoria told her
“Well, well, well…welcome to the family!” Carlos’ time to congratulate Charlie.
“Yes, exactly. You old devil! Keeping this from me!” David hugged Urs
“I wanted it to be a surprise” Urs really was a good actor
“You could win an award!” Charlie whispered to him
“I aim to please!” he winked
“Not me you don’t” Charlie replied, sweetly
“Oh no? Is that a threat I wonder…?”
“Just you try it mate”
“Oh, I can’t wait!” Urs laughed, “Just wait till we’re alone!”
“But we won’t be” Charlie said
“Oh no? But now we’re engaged they’ll all expect you to change rooms…”
“Oh? And go where?” she had to ask!
“To mine!” he winked, he was enjoying this Charlie could tell.
“I’m sleeping on the sofa then”
“My room hasn’t got a sofa. Just a very big, comfortable bed!”
Charlie glared at him again; “I’m not moving” she spat out.

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PostSubject: Re: *Marriage Of Convenience* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:47 am

Chapter Three

“Come on Charlie, I’ll help you move your stuff, that’s if, you haven’t already moved them all?” Victoria asked
“Move stuff? Why?” Charlie stupidly asked
Victoria laughed, “So you can sleep with Urs of course!”
“I’m not…sleeping with him” Charlie shivered again
“It’s allowed! Come on, you are marrying him” replied Victoria, dragging Charlie to her room.

“Do you need my help to unpack as well?” Victoria winked once they were standing in Urs’ room, Charlie’s clothes in suitcases and bags at their feet,
“No, that’s ok. Thanks” Charlie replied
“Ok. See you later then!” and Victoria was gone.

“You’re here then” Urs walked into the room, “haven’t you unpacked yet?” he asked, seeing the bags
“Oh right. Well, let me help” he picked up a suitcase and laid it on the bed and started to unzip it, “Every drawer has space, and the wardrobe”
“You mean I’ve got to put my stuff with yours?” Charlie asked,
“Where else would they go?” Urs laughed, “right…”
“I can do it by myself, thank you” Charlie snatched the top he had picked up out of his hands
“Ok, suit yourself” and he sat down on the bed
“I said I could do it,” she said again
“I’m still not going anywhere!”
“You’re going to watch me unpack?” Charlie asked
“I most certainly am Charlotte,” he answered, using her full name.
“Fine. But you’ll be bored”
“Only until you get to your underwear” he winked
“What, you mean my nice, sensible underwear? Like this?” she chucked a pair of knickers at him
“Mmm, sensible. Boring” he said, holding them up
“I don’t care. They are sensible and comfortable”
“But hardly sexy”
“I don’t care. I don’t need sexy”
“You do now”
“I don’t” said Charlie
“I’ll buy you some”
“I won’t wear it”
“Oh you will”
“I won’t” Charlie told him
“You will”
“I won’t,” she said again
“You will” Urs said again, “Because you’ll have no other underwear to wear”
“I will”
“You won’t, because I’ll burn your sensible, boring…”
“Comfortable” she butted in,
“…Dull underwear” he finished
“You do” Charlie warned, “and I’ll smack you”
“Oh? You will, will you? And how do you plan to do that then eh? Without the use of your hands?”
“I’ll have my hands” Charlie waved then about in front of Urs’ face, without any effort at all, he captured her hands and pulled her roughly towards him. He then trapped her hands behind her back, “See, that was just too easy” he breathed at her. His face inched from hers.
“I could bite you instead,” Charlie whispered, looking at his mouth
“Mmm…interesting. Try it” and his mouth touched hers again. Charlie found herself groaning and opening her mouth. Bite his tongue her brain told herself. It would be easy. It’s in your mouth. But she didn’t. Instead she welcomed the warm invasion into her mouth and moved closer.
“See, I knew you’d like my kissing” Urs told her when he eventually pulled away
“I…I didn’t” Charlie lied
“That’s not what I was feeling just then”
“Appearances, can be deceptive. And anyway, I’m not Rhea!”
“What about Rhea?” Urs asked
“Considering its her you want, and not me”
“That maybe true. But she’s not here, and you are”
“If you want her so much why not ask her to marry you? And not me?” Charlie asked
“Because she’s with Seb. Having HIS baby”
“It could be yours…”
“Its not”
“Could be”
“Its not” Urs said again, “we’ve never slept together…”
“Unlike me and Seb you mean”
“Exactly!” he bit back
“Then you missed out,” Charlie said
“Maybe, maybe not. I’ll never know. Anyway, underwear”
“What about it?”
“I need your sizes”
“I told you, I’m not wearing any you buy”
“Fine. Then you’ll have to go without. Because you’re definitely not wearing those,” he gestured to Charlie’s underwear.
“I don’t do indecent!”
“Neither do I! I was thinking sexy, not pornographic”
“Really? Now that would be a surprise!” Charlie laughed
“You can even be there when I choose them”
“Really? How considerate. Considering I’ll be the one wearing them!” said Charlie sarcastically.
“Yes you most certainly will” Urs agreed
“You wouldn’t like it if I did that to you”
“Do what to me?”
“Make you wear something you hated”
“Oh you won’t hate this underwear. In fact you’ll love it”
“Ha! That’s it!”
“What’s it?” Urs asked Charlie
“You’ve a fetish for woman’s underwear!” Charlie laughed
“I do not!”
“Is that what gets you going then? All that silk and lace?”
“Don’t worry you’ll find out soon enough what ‘gets me going’ how you put it”
“Ooohh! I can’t wait!” Charlie muttered sarcastically
“Do you want a taster?” Urs warned
“No. No, I can wait”
“I don’t mind”
“I’m sure you don’t”
“Come on then” said Urs
“What?” said Charlie, puzzled
“We’re going shopping” he held out a hand
“I’m not holding that!” she nodded towards the hand, “I’ve enough bruises for one day, thank you very much” Charlie rubbed at her wrist Urs had bruised earlier.
“Suit yourself” he replied.

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Age : 62
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PostSubject: Re: *Marriage Of Convenience* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:48 am

Chapter Four

“I’m not wearing that!” Charlie pointed towards a lacy number
“Oh? And there was me looking forward to seeing you in it on our wedding night” Urs winked in response
“Over my dead body”
“Mmm, I would say ok, but having a live body is so much more fun” Urs winked again.
Charlie glared at him, “This isn’t going to happen,” she told him, “I may be engaged to you, but we’re NEVER getting married!”
“Oh I think you’ll find we are”
“You’ve not set a date,” Charlie pointed out
“But that’s just it. I already did!” Urs smugly replied,
“When?” Charlie asked, crossing her fingers
“Yesterday” came the reply,
“But that was before…” Charlie stumbled over the words,
“Yes before I asked you. Sneaky that I know!” Urs laughed,
“Why you…you…” Charlie lifted her hand to smack him
“Oh no you don’t” he caught hold of it, “I don’t mind punishing you here if I have to” he warned
“You wouldn’t!”
“Want a bet?” he dared
“Everyone would see” Charlie pointed out,
“Why do you think they have changing rooms here?” he started pulling her in the direction of them,
“Don’t worry, you’ll like my brand of punishment”
“I’ll be good…I promise.” Charlie told him
“You’d better…” he warned
“I will” Charlie sighed
“Ok” he let her go
“Thanks. Another bruise” Charlie inspected her wrist
“Want me to kiss it better?” he asked
“No thank you” Charlie rubbed at the mark
“Come here…” he caught hold of her wrist and started rubbing it himself. ‘Zing’ went again
“I’m…I’m…fine” Charlie said, sounding breathless
“Sure?” he looked into her eyes
“Sure” Charlie replied. His eyes were hazel. When he got angry Charlie noticed they went green. When interested black. At the moment they looked more black then hazel. Brown. Mmm!

“Right, so we’ll have those, and that, and that” Urs pointed to several items that the shop assistant had shown him.
“Is that it sir?” she asked, gazing at him
“For now I think. Yes” Urs smiled at her.
The shop assistant swooned. Charlie tutted.
“She’d happily give you a night to remember” Charlie told him
“Pity. She’s not my type” Urs replied
“Type? You have a type?” Charlie was surprised
“Yes I do. And blondes just don’t do it for me. Especially dyed blondes”
“She may be natural”
“Oh believe me, she’s not!”
“How…?” Charlie asked, confused
“She came onto me earlier when you disappeared to the ladies”
“Oh? What did she do?” Charlie laughed
“You don’t want to know. That’s why I know she’s not natural!” Urs shivered and pulled a face,
“Oh poor you! Maybe I should suggest to her that she needs a waxing…”
“To wax what?” Urs asked
“Her bikini line of course!” Charlie tutted at him
“That’s not natural” he shivered
“Maybe, but some girls prefer it”
“Do you?” he whispered
“You won’t ever get to find out”
“Oh yes I will. I’ve already told you, several times. I most certainly will” he winked
“You won’t”
“I will. Because everyday you’ll be wearing this new underwear I will expect you to show me that you’re wearing it”
“Then you’ll pick me out a set every morning?”
“Oh I will. Then I’ll expect to see you in it”
“I’m not doing that,” said Charlie
“Oh you will. Every morning” Urs warned
“You’ll love that then. Because I have the hairiest legs ever! And I’m certainly not shaving or waxing them!” Charlie told him
“That’s ok. I actually prefer hairy legs. More sexier…”
“What are you? Gay? Bi-sexual or just plain weird?”
“You know I’m not gay, I’m certainly not bi-sexual either”
“Then you’re just plan weird then!” Charlie said
“Maybe. But then again isn’t everyone in their own way?” Urs asked
“Yes, but you seem exceptionally weird!” Charlie laughed
“Yes, well. Come on” said Urs, bringing an end to that subject of conversation.

“Right, so tonight…” Urs said as they were standing in his bedroom back at the hotel
“I’ll be sleeping on the floor,” said Charlie
“No you won’t. You’ll be in that bed” Urs pointed to the bed, “with me”
“Oh no. No way”
“Why? Nobody will know if we’ve not slept together…”
“Yes they will. The hotel maid”
“Then you’ll just have to move about a lot tonight,” suggested Charlie
“You’ll be sleeping here with me. It’s a big bed”
“I’ll only sleep in that” Charlie pointed to the bed, “with you if I can put some pillows down the middle or something…”
“A load of pillow won’t stop me”
“No, probably not. But my knee in your groin may do”
“Ouch!” Urs winced, “Ok, ok. I promise I’ll keep my hands to myself, for now”
“You’d better” Charlie warned
“I will. I will” Urs promised smiling, “now tonight, I thought you could wear this…” he handed Charlie a nightshirt thing. It wasn’t any old nightshirt though. This, looked rather sexy. Purple in colour with lace made out of silk,
“You do like lace and silk don’t you!” Charlie commented
“Yes I do” Urs admitted
“I’m not wearing it though”
“You’ll be naked then. That should make tonight a lot more interesting then” Urs winked at Charlie.
She glared back, “I already have a very good nightshirt and several pairs of pyjamas. I think I’ll wear one of those…” she started searching through her clothes, “where are they?” she asked him
“Victoria was kind enough to remove them all earlier”
“But…I have nothing to wear! Apart from my trouser suits…no casual stuff! Where are they?” Charlie asked again
“I already told you. Victoria was kind enough to help earlier”
“Then I’ll go and ask Victoria…”
“That would seem a little strange. When I actually told her that, well, that you had asked for them to go,” Urs admitted
“Did she ask why I wanted to get rid of them all?” Charlie asked,
“I told her, that I was planning on up dating your wardrobe. To make it more fitting, as you are now dating me” Urs smirked.
Charlie would have happily smacked him then but she resisted the temptation. Instead she stood there starring at him, clenching and unclenching her hands whispering under her breath.
“Pardon? I didn’t quite catch that” Urs smirked at her again
“I said, I’d wear this. For tonight” she glared at him
“I knew you would. There’s a good girl” Urs smiled, “do you know” he said, “if you smiled a bit more it would make you look so much more pretty”
“I’m not here to ‘look pretty’. I believe you employed me because I’m good at my job” Charlie bit back
“Oh that you are. You most certainly are. Plus, no better not”
“Plus what?” Charlie asked
“No, better not” Urs smiled
“Tell me!” Charlie almost shouted at him
“Ok. Ok. Calm down. I was just thinking, why do you always wear trousers? Why not skirts?”
“Because, trousers are more professional. Especially around men”
“Why’s that then?” Urs asked
“I’m here to do a job, not so you call all stare at my legs”
“We wouldn’t!” Urs sounded shocked
“Oh no?” asked Charlie
“No. Well, maybe. Depends on how good they look”
“That doesn’t matter, you’ll never get to see them!”
“Oh? And why not? Seb’s seen then I presume?”
“Yes he has” said Charlie
“Then I want to see them too”
“I have horrible hairy legs”
“Let me be the judge of that. Go on, I’m waiting”
“I need to have a shower…”
“Ok. Go on. Bathroom’s free” Urs winked, “take as long as you like. I’m not going anywhere”
“Can I…” Charlie indicated the purple silky nightwear.
“Ow! I thought you’d get dressed out here…”
“No? Ok. This time I’ll let you off. Here…” he passed her the nightwear.
“I’ll never get dressed or undressed with you watching!” Charlie told him
“Pity. I was planning on doing the same. Never mind eh?” Urs winked rather suggestively
“Right…” Charlie blushed and rushed into the bathroom.

Charlie took her time. Washing her hair, and shaving. Her legs, underarms and bikini area. Although not all of it. Just enough to tidy it up a bit. Charlie really was a natural brunette. No bleaching or dying needed. Although why she was actually doing all of this she had no idea at all. Then she put on the nightshirt thing. Boy was is short, and rather revealing. It only came down to her thighs. She pulled it down. No use. It wouldn’t stretch any further. Underwear thought Charlie. I need underwear! She opened the bathroom door slowly. Urs was standing with a towel round his waist, rubbing his hair.
“Urs?” she called through the crack she’d opened
“Yes darling?” he called
Charlie glared at him. “I need underwear,” she said
“Because I wear underwear in bed. Knickers” she explained
“Ok…” he rummaged in one of the bags, “here…” he handed her something purple looking
“Thanks” Charlie snatched them then slammed the door in his face.

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PostSubject: Re: *Marriage Of Convenience* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:49 am

Chapter Five

“They call these knickers?” Charlie said to herself, “If I get a cold because of these I’m definitely suing you Mr Buhler!” Charlie shouted to the bathroom door,
“You coming out or what?” Urs shouted, “You’ve taken long enough I had to use your old room to shower in!” he explained
“Alright, alright. Keep your hair on! I’m coming….” Charlie opened the bathroom door. She crossed her arms over her chest and walked out.
“Oh wow! You were worth waiting for!” Urs whistled
“Do you want a smack or something?” Charlie warned
“If you do, you’d have to uncross your arms!” Urs laughingly pointed out
“Which side?” Charlie asked, ignored him she pointed to the bed,
“The middle” he winked
“HA, ha! Very funny. Not. Which side?” she asked again
“Which side do you sleep on?” he asked
“Right” Charlie answered
“Good answer. I sleep on the left”
Charlie walked to the bed, and without removing her arms she somehow managed to lift the sheets and climbed into the bed. She snuggled down and closed her eyes.
“Hope you don’t snore” Urs whispered into her ear
Charlie opened her eyes, “Do you have to be this close?” she asked, Urs’ face was right next to hers.
“You smell nice,” he told her, “do I?” he asked
“I don’t know”
“Smell me…” he offered
“Will you move away then?” Charlie asked
“If I have to,” Urs sighed
“You do”
“Smell me then…” he moved closer
Charlie sniffed.
“Well?” he asked
“You smell ok”
“Just ok? Nothing else?”
“Why? Is it important?” Charlie asked, starting to get annoyed now
“Yes it is”
“Ok! Charlie sniffed again, “you smell…of musk”
“It’s a new aftershave, I only bought it yesterday. Does it suit me?”
“Yes, I suppose it does” Charlie admitted
“Why, thank you” he attempted to bat his eyes at her
“Can I go to sleep now?” Charlie asked
“Hang on…” Urs dropped the towel he was wearing and stretched, “just put this in the bathroom…” and he walked naked from the room carrying the towel.
Charlie swallowed. God, he may be a complete swine she thought, but at least he was a very fit swine.
She tried not to stare when he walked back into the room a few minutes later, still naked.
“Right…” he came towards the bed
“You’re going to sleep…naked?” Charlie asked
“I always do” he replied, getting into bed
“Oh…I see….”
“You have a problem with that?” he asked
‘YES’ Charlie thought, “No, no, not at all” Charlie swallowed, spitting out the words.
“Good…” he snuggled down
“Shall I do the lights?” Charlie asked
“No, I’ll do it…there…” he flicked the switch, “mmm….”, he moved closer
“What…what are you doing?” Charlie asked as she felt his hand moving over her shoulder,
“Just seeing where you are…mmm, this does feel rather silky doesn’t it? I thought it would” one hand now touched Charlie’s thigh
“My…my nightshirt isn’t there…” Charlie stuttered
“I know…” he murmured
“That’s…m.. eeee” she pointed out, squeaking
“I know,” he said again
“Then why are you touching me?” she asked, whispering
“Because I can…here…” he grabbed hold of her hand, “touch me too…” he whispered. He placed Charlie’s hand on his chest. She could feel the hair on his chest; it felt warm and rather smooth. She kept her hand still. Whereas Urs had started to move his hand slowly from Charlie’s thigh upwards.
Charlie sucked in a deep breath, “Stop it” she whispered
“Pardon? I can’t hear you…” he moved closer, his hand continuing its journey upwards
“I said, stop it” Charlie said again, more loudly this time
“Why should I?” he asked
“Because I’m not playing games like you are”
“Who said anything about playing games?” he asked
“That’s what you’re doing. I’m not Rhea…” Charlie pointed out
“I’m glad you’re not”
“And you’re not Seb” that stopped him. He suddenly moved his hand away and rolled over, away from her
“Goodnight” he said, sounding slightly upset
“Goodnight Urs” Charlie replied, closing her eyes again.

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PostSubject: Re: *Marriage Of Convenience* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:50 am

Chapter Six

When Charlie woke in the morning she found herself snuggled up to Urs. She tried to move away but found herself trapped by his arm, which was lying across her waist. She moved away from him, but he just moved her back again. She moved towards him. Big mistake. Huge. He must be having an interesting dream thought Charlie. Judging by what she could see. Either that, or he and the sheet that was covering them both had decided to play a game of tents!
Charlie nudged at his shoulder. Another big mistake. For he just groaned and turned towards her,
“Wake up!” she said into his ear
“Wha…?” Urs opened his eyes, “morning” he smiled
“Let me go, please” she tried smiling at him
“Why? I’m enjoying this…” he snuggled even closer
“So I can see”, Charlie pointed out, “good dream was it?” she innocently asked.
“Oh it was wonderful. I was making love…”
“Yes, well” Charlie interrupted him
“…to you” he finished anyway
“Yes, well…” Charlie said again
“I’d love to make that fantasy a reality,” he whispered
“Would you? Pity that I don’t!”
“Let me go, please” Charlie asked again
“If I have to,” he asked
“Yes you do”
“Ok. But one day, you’ll be asking me” Urs warned
“Not in this lifetime” Charlie replied, gritting her teeth
“Oh you will. One day soon” he said, letting her go at last
“I’m going to have a shower, unless you want a cold one first?” Charlie offered
“No, thanks, you go. Cold showers never work!” he smirked
“Suit yourself then” Charlie got out of bed
“I’ll leave your clothes on the bed”
“My clothes?” Charlie asked, puzzled
“Yes. The one’s you’re going to wear today” he replied
“Do you intend on doing this EVERY time?” Charlie asked
“Oh yes” Urs replied, winking at her

Bloody annoying man. Aaahhhh!! Charlie felt like screaming but it would be no use. He had everyone fooled. It wouldn’t make any difference.
Charlie found a set of underwear waiting on the bed for her when she returned from the bathroom. That and a top she’d never seen before and a skirt. A bloody skirt! And a short one at that! Just what did Urs think he was doing?
“You can’t really expect me to wear this!” Charlie complained once she was dressed in the offending outfit.
“Mmm…I don’t know. It makes you look rather sexy,” he told her
“That’s what I mean!”
“What’s wrong with being and looking sexy?” Urs had the nerve to ask Charlie
“Nothing. But I mean it’s hardly practical”
“Practical for what? You sit down all day”
“I know, and that’s the problem. I sit down” Charlie sat down, “and the skirt moves up” she pointed out
“Mmm…so it does” he noticed, “sexy legs by the way” he winked
“I thought you preferred hairy legs…”
“I was lying, and I can see it worked a treat!”
“Why you…” she threatened to smack him
“Now, now, calm down. What a nasty temper you have there. We really must do something about that”
“Why? This makes it fun for me” Charlie bit back at him
“But I can think of much more fun things to do” he winked
“And I bet they all include being naked eh?” Charlie asked
“Oh I don’t know…you wouldn’t have to be completely naked…” he smirked at her
“Don’t tempt me!” Charlie threatened again
“I’m not the one who would be scared,” he laughed
“Nor would I!”
“But you were last night. When I touched you. Or was your shaking fake?” he asked
And he was right. From the moment Charlie has seen Urs naked she had been shaking. But not with fright. And that blasted ‘Zing’ had happened again when he had touched her. In fact it happened every, and I mean, every time he had touched her so far. It had never happened with Seb. Seb who Charlie was in love with. He had never affected her the way Urs was doing. Never.
“You know it wasn’t fake. I can’t do faking” Charlie told him
“I didn’t think so. Come on, breakfast time”

“Good morning everyone!” Urs greeted them all with
“My, my, you’re actually happy for once!” David laughed
“I’m in love. I’m getting married to a wonderful woman, why shouldn’t I be happy?” Urs replied, also laughing
“Oh wow! Charlie-ow-ho!” Carlos whistled at Charlie
“You’ve got legs” Joy remarked
“What a figure! I never knew! Love must be great!” Victoria hugged Charlie
Charlie blushed, “Thanks” she said
Seb starred at her.
“Darling, its rude to stare!” Rhea laughed, “You’d think he’s never seen Charlie before!” she thumped her boyfriend.
“I haven’t, at least…not like that” Seb swallowed
“Quite a transformation isn’t she?” Urs said
“Yes” Seb agreed, “Quite”
“And she’s all mine” Urs winked at Seb
“Yes, well…when’s the marriage then?” Seb asked, again
“As soon as possible. We were thinking…March” Urs told him
“That’s quick. Its only February now” said Seb, sounding upset
“Short engagement” agreed Rhea
“Not worth waiting when you find the right one. Besides, its not like we don’t know each other” Urs pointed out
“That’s right. You’ve know each other for how long now?” Rhea asked
“Since April last year” Urs told Rhea
“That long. And how long have you been in love with Charlie then?” Rhea next asked
“Since May last year” Urs answered, smiling
“A month to fall in love. Sweet. But hang on, weren’t you still dating Verity then?” Rhea asked
“Why do you think we broke up?” Urs laughed, trying to sound embarrassed
“We did wonder why you two split. Especially when you seemed like such a great couple together,” Victoria told Urs
“Yes, well. Now you know,” he laughed
“So mate” David slapped Seb on his back, “will it be a double wedding then?”
Seb visibly paled in colour, “We’ve no plans…” he muttered
“Oh darling! That would be wonderful” Rhea gazed at her boyfriend
“Yes, then your baby could have your surname” Victoria agreed with David
“Oh Seb, just think about it. Our won little family” Rhea smiled at him
“We’ll have that without having to get married…’’
‘’But darling, being married would make it all official, legal. It would make us complete..’’ Rhea batted her eyes at Seb
“Yes, well. Maybe we should think about it then I suppose’’
“Oh Seb, that would be so wonderful…’’ Rhea hugged him.

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PostSubject: Re: *Marriage Of Convenience* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:51 am

Chapter Seven

After breakfast Charlie tried to get some work done, but it was no use. Urs just wouldn’t leave her alone. He kept starring at her for a start.
“Stop starring at me” Charlie complained
“Sorry, no can do. I’m playing the part of a besotted fiancé” he smiled
“Can’t you go and do that somewhere else? I’m trying to do some work!”
“I’m not stopping you”
“You’re annoying me,” Charlie told him
“Thanks” he smiled
“That wasn’t a compliment”
“I know, but you made it seem like one”
“No I didn’t” Charlie told him
“You’re angry again. We really must do something about that temper of yours…”
“I’m angry” Charlie told him, “because you’ve pushed me into, into this stupid arrangement, which is bad enough without you deciding to dictate which clothes I can and cannot wear!”
“I’m trying to improve you”
“I don’t need improving! I’m fine as I am!” Charlie shouted at him
“But the others agreed, that you look better now too” he pointed out
“They also liked me how I was before!” Charlie shouted at him,
“Ok, ok, calm down! Or someone may hear us” he said
“Calm down? I don’t feel like calming down. I’m angry. You annoy me. I…I hate you!” Charlie reached out and this time actually managed to do what she’d wished to do for ages. She slapped him. Hard. Across his face.
“Why you…” he yanked her roughly to him
“Ouch! You’re hurting me!” Charlie complained
“And what? You didn’t just now hurt me?” Urs asked
“You deserved it” Charlie told him
“You’ve left a mark…”
“So? I’ve bruises too!”
“Yes, well. I never meant…”
“But that’s just it. Every time you do”
“What Urs?” Charlie asked
“I’m sorry” he muttered
“Ha! I don’t believe that!”
“But I am”
“Then let me go” Charlie asked
“No?” Charlie asked
“No. You deserve to be taught a lesson…”
“Oh no you don’t” Charlie protested
“Oh yes I do…” he pulled her closer to his body
“Let me go!” Charlie said again
“No. You want this too” and then he kissed her.
Charlie tried not to groan but it was too hard. She opened her mouth to allow him to kiss deeper. Then she heard him groan too.
“Sorry…didn’t mean to interrupt!” said Rhea from behind them
Urs let Charlie go then and she moved quickly away as possible from him.
“I was looking for Seb” Rhea spoke again
“Well, as you can see, he’s not here” Urs said rather rudely
“Yes, I can see that. Sorry” and with that Rhea was gone.
Charlie looked at Urs then, “You’ve a mark…” she pointed out to his cheek
“Yes, well. Apparently my fiancée thinks I deserve it” he remarked in reply
“Shall I get you a damp cloth?” Charlie asked
“No, no. I can do it. Don’t want another slap” and with that Urs left the room.
Charlie sat down. She starred at her computer screen. Just what was happening to her? She had deliberately caused an argument then. Just to see what reaction she would receive! And what a reaction. If that were Urs’ idea of punishment then she would certainly look forward to more of it!
“I need to work!” Charlie told herself. One finger touching her lips. She could still feel Urs’ lips and his tongue like he was still kissing her. “Concentrate!” Charlie angrily told herself and began to type.

“Who’s Carol Martin?” Joy asked later, looking over Charlie’s shoulder at the computer screen, “And Steven Ickham?”
“Wha…? Oh I see. I wasn’t thinking…” Charlie said
“So I can see” Joy smiled at her
“What is Carlos like as a fiancé?” Charlie asked
“He’s wonderful, caring, and completely annoying at the best of time. Why?”
“I was just wondering…”
“Having second thoughts about marrying Urs?”
“Second, third, forth…do you believe in marriages of conveniences still exist? Charlie asked
“No, why do you ask?” Joy asked
“Because…” Charlie swallowed, “Urs and I…its not a proper marriage…”
“It isn’t? Why ever not?”
“Because we don’t love each other…”
“I can’t believe that” Joy said, “Urs most definitely loves you…”
“But I don’t love him”
“You’re nervous. It’s expected…”
“I’m not nervous. I don’t”
“But you said yes…you’re getting married…”
“It’s a marriage of convenience,” Charlie told her
“But…I don’t understand” said Joy, puzzled
“Urs and I are getting married to hide the fact that we both love other people,” Charlie explained to her.
“Why don’t you just marry the people you love…?”
“Because Rhea is having Seb’s baby” Charlie told her
“Urs is in love with Rhea?” Joy asked
“And me with Seb, yes”
“Urs doesn’t love Rhea”
“Yes he does”
“He doesn’t” Joy laughed, “but he is in love”
“With Rhea…”
“No Charlie. Not with Rhea. Most definitely not”
“With who then?” Charlie asked
“You haven’t guessed?”
“No. Seb?”
“God. No. Urs is definitely NOT gay. None of them are”
“Victoria then?” Charlie guessed again
“No silly” Joy laughed, “with you”
“Not me…”
“Why not?”
“Because its not possible…”
“Isn’t it? Why isn’t it?”
“Because, because it just isn’t”
“But it is Charlie, he does. Anyone can see that”
“I can’t” said Charlie
“Yes you can. You just have to open your eyes and see”
“But…he’s marrying me…”
“That’s why. He loves you”
“He’s marrying me because I love Seb”
“Yes, and it’s killing him. He probably thinks he’s doing the right thing”
“What? Being a knight in shining armour?” Charlie asked
“Yes. Trying to save you from heartache”
“But he can’t. My heart is already broken”
“Oh Charlie, give him a chance…”
“To do what?”
“To help mend it again,” Joy asked
“But I don’t want him!”
“Don’t you?” she asked
“No” Charlie said
“Then you’ve a lot to learn,” said Joy before she left the room.

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Chapter Eight

Charlie read through all that she had typed then found she had to delete it all. It was full of spelling mistakes and made absolutely no sense what so ever.
“Blast! A morning wasted!” she groaned
“Talking to yourself? That’s a sign of madness” Urs was back
“You wouldn’t want to marry me then, if I’m going mad”
“Oh no, you don’t get out of it THAT easy” he smiled
“Where have you been then?” Charlie asked
“Why? Missed me?”
“I was just wondering…”
“I’ve been making arrangements”
“Need I ask for what?” Charlie asked
“Our wedding” Urs smiled at her
“Thought so” Charlie said, grimly
“We’re getting married…” Urs looked at the piece of paper in his hand, “in two weeks”
“Two weeks?” Charlie asked, shocked
“2nd March. It’s a Thursday”
“Why so soon? What’s the rush?”
“It’s the only available date we have. Our schedule is pretty packed if you’ve looked at it recently until Christmas”
“Yes I know that. Christmas would be ok”
“No, sorry. It’s in two weeks. Its all arranged”
“What, everything?” Charlie asked
“Yes, everything Charlotte”
“I presume I’ll need an outfit…”
“It’s all taken care of, all been arranged” he smiled at her
“Are you planning on doing that for the rest of my life?” Charlie asked
“Doing what?” he innocently asked
“Choosing what I’m to wear, everyday!”
“If I have to, yes”
“Why?” Charlie angrily asked
“Because, you need it. I’m sick of seeing you in frumpy…”
“Comfortable” Charlie interrupted him
“…clothes that hide your figure” Urs finished
“I told you, I’m here to work. Not to look good!”
“You’re about to be my wife, we’ve an image to show. You’ll get used to that,” Urs said
“I hate it. It makes me feel uncomfortable”
“Then don’t wear them then!”
“You’ve left me with no comfortable clothing. If I didn’t wear these” Charlie picked at her short skirt, “I’d be naked,” she pointed out
“You wouldn’t find me complaining…” Urs winked. Charlie glared at him,
“Don’t tempt me to smack you again,” she warned
“If you did I’d just kiss you again”
“Oh really? Fancy having no tongue then do you?”
“I don’t know, I’ve kissed you what? Three times so far and yet still I’ve my tongue intact” he wiggled his tongue at her.
“One more time…”
“And you’ll do what? Come on then” he stuck his tongue out
“And do what?” Charlie asked
“Bite it” Urs said, “come on, I’ll even help you” he moved closer to Charlie, “do it, or are you scared?”
“I’m…I’m not scared” Charlie shivered
“Come on then…” Urs said again
Charlie looked at him
“Kiss me, that’ll help, if you’re at all stuck…” Urs told her
“I’m not going to kiss you,” she said
“Oh yes you are…” and Urs kissed her
Charlie found herself moaning gently then wind her arms around his neck. Into his hair her fingers went. Urs groaned and gently slide his tongue into her welcoming open mouth.
“Oh…Charlie…” he groaned into her mouth, moving his body even closer to hers. Charlie could now feel every part of him against every part of her.
“Do it?” he whispered between kisses
“No” she whispered back
“You know you want to” he said.
In response Charlie slid her tongue into his mouth.
“That’s better…much...much better” Urs moaned
“Is this like when you kissed Seb?” Urs suddenly asked.
That bought Charlie to her senses. She pulled herself out of his grasp,
“Wha…?” Urs asked
“You want me to compare you?” Charlie asked
“No, I…”
“Then why did you ask?”
“I…I…don’t know. Honestly”
“You must do” Charlie said, “you asked after all!”
“It must have been on my mind” Urs said
“I’m not going to compare you. Not in any thing. I…I wouldn’t do that. You’re both so totally different” Charlie told him
“Thank you”
“I’m not that type of girl”
“I know. I should have realised. I’m sorry”
“Is that what this is? A get at Seb? Show him who’s better at things?” Charlie asked
“No, no” said Urs
“Will you want marks out of ten on our wedding night? Mark you both on performance and foreplay?” Charlie asked, glaring at Urs now
“God no. I wouldn’t want to be…”
“To be what?” Charlie asked him
“To be compared. To find that I’m crap”
“Why? Has someone else ever told you that you’re crap?” Charlie asked
“Yes” Urs sighed, “Verity”
“But you were together for three years…”
“When we broke up she happily informed me that for the whole time in our relationship she had to fake it. Every single time we slept together”
“Then that doesn’t say much about her then” said Charlie
“What do you mean?” Urs asked
“She should have said earlier. Tried to change certain things. Told you what she wanted”
“Will you?”
“Will I what?” Charlie replied
“Will you tell me what you want, and how?” he asked
“We’re spending one night…”
“It could be more”
“One night. You promised” Charlie told him
“I’ve changed my mind”
“You can’t…”
“Oh but I can. We never signed anything”
He had her there, “And do what then?” Charlie asked
“Well I’ve decided…” Urs looked at Charlie and smiled, “…considering how well you wear your underwear, that if I say, leave you new underwear out everyday that I do I’ll expect thanks is how I shall put it”
“That means everyday…”
“No, not EVERY day. If the underwear still has its tags on I’ll expect a night to remember…”
Charlie glared at him, “Am I allowed any night off?” she asked.
“How long does your period normally last for? Oh, and I wouldn’t consider lying if I were you, because I can always check later”
“Four days in all” Charlie found herself saying
“Right then, you’ll have four days a month you can object”
“Gee, thanks” Charlie replied, sarcastically
“If you’re not careful I’ll insist on it every night, no matter what” Urs warned
“It would get a bit messy” Charlie said
“That’s what showers and baths are for” he winked
“Do I have ANY say in the matter at all?” she asked
“You can always object. But I’m guessing from your reactions every time I kiss and touch you, you won’t be objecting for very long…”
“You really are a bastard aren’t you?”
“I may just be. But there are worst things I could do to you”
“Oh? Like what?” Charlie asked
“Just hope you’ll never have to find out” was all Urs would answer, smiling to himself, “oh, and by the way…” Urs looked at Charlie, “I expect our first…round tonight”
“You said after we were married…”
“I lied. Again. I’m in need of a taster as this morning you found out. But don’t worry, we’ll still be getting married”
“I can’t tonight…” Charlie lied
“Oh, why’s that then?” he asked
“Because of my…”
“Come on then, prove it to me”
“I said, prove it to me”
“I need to see evidence”
Charlie looked at him, “You’re not serious?” she asked
“Oh, but I am” he smiled back
“No, its ok” Charlie sighed
“No?” he asked
“Not yet then?” Urs asked
“No. Tonight should be…ok”
“Good. I look forward to it”
“I bet you do”
“Want a taster?” he asked
“No, no. I’m sure I can wait”
“Sure?” he asked again
“Quite sure” said Charlie

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PostSubject: Re: *Marriage Of Convenience* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:53 am

Chapter Nine

“I can’t do this, I just can’t” Charlie said to her reflection in the bathroom mirror that night, “I can’t. I don’t love him. I don’t even want him…ok, maybe I do but…”
“Hurry up!” Urs shouted, “Or I’ll start without you”
“Go ahead” Charlie shouted back
“Oh no you don’t” Urs yanked open the bathroom door, “you’re ready then I see? Nice…very nice” he looked her slowly up and down and up again, Charlie was wearing another matching set of underwear, blue this time, the same colour as her eyes,
“You’re still dressed…” Charlie realised
“I thought you could have the honour tonight” he told her
“I’m c…c…old!” Charlie shivered
“You may be shivering, but not because you’re cold” Urs told her, “come on…” he took her hand and moved her into the room
“You’ve lit candles…” that surprised Charlie
“It apparently makes the atmosphere more ‘romantic’ or so Joy kindly informed me earlier” he smiled
“Is this about romance though?” Charlie asked
“For you girls it has to be, so yes”
“Do you have…anything else?”
“What do you mean?” asked Urs
“Candles help but…”
“Oh, you mean these…” Urs pointed to the table beside the bed. On it sat a bottle in a bucket, two glasses, a bowl of strawberries, a selection of condoms and some oil.
“Oil?” Charlie asked
“Yes, its…massage oil”
“Oh, I see”
“I’ve even got condoms, I didn’t know which sort you prefer…”
“It’s not me who has to wear them,” Charlie said
“I know, but you’ll get the…err…benefit”
“Usually its just plain old normal ones” Charlie told him
“Well, if you want to try any other out…”
“Shall we start?” Charlie asked, feeling nervous
“Sure, champagne?”
“Thanks” Urs handed Charlie a full glass
“Cheers” the glasses touched as in a toast
Charlie gulped it down in one go,
“Hey…slow down. Don’t want you getting drunk…”
“Why not? I may be more fun when I’m pissed”
“I’d prefer, if for at least our first time we could both be sober,” Urs told Charlie
“Ok. Sorry. I’ll remember that. Think I need something to eat” Charlie wobbled on her feet,
“Sure. Strawberry?”
“So…” said Urs
“So…” Charlie replied, nibbling on a strawberry
“Nervous?” he asked
“Yes. You?”
“Why?” Charlie asked
“Because I’ve wanted this for so long”
“I may be a disappointment…” Charlie said
“You won’t be”
“I may be. After all, Seb didn’t stick around”
“His loss. My gain” Urs smiled
“I used to think you could never smile” Charlie told him
“Gee, thanks!”
“Now its me thinking the same thing about you” said Urs
“I can smile”
“Then do it”
“Give me something to smile about then”
“Ok, how about a joke?” he asked
“You tell jokes?” Charlie was surprised
“I do…lets see, ok, knock, knock”
“Who’s there?” Charlie asked
“Doctor” came Urs’ reply
“Doctor who? Oh, that’s dreadful!” Charlie smiled
“I know, but it made you smile all the same”
“So it did!” she smiled again, “got anything else?”
“Only me naked. But that’s more likely to make you laugh than smile” Urs told her
“Oh I don’t know. I didn’t laugh last night…”
“No, just blushed” Urs remembered
“I was, unprepared…”
“Is that what you call it? I was wondering” Urs smiled
“You’re not that bad I suppose”
“Gee, thanks!” Urs laughed
“Maybe I need a…refresher…”
“I’m still nervous…” Urs’ time to blush now
“I’m sure I could find a way, to make you un-nervous”
“Mmm…I’m sure you could” he took off his t-shirt then started on his jeans
“I’ll…I’ll do that…” Charlie offered
“I’m all yours then”
“These buttons are a bit…stiff…”
“Strangely enough, that’s not the only thing stiff now…”
“So I can see. Nerves gone eh?”
“They have now”
“I must have magical hands…”
“Oh…I’m sure…you…do,” he groaned, breathing harder
“Mmm, impressive” Charlie looked him up and down
“Now, what should I do?” Charlie asked
“Anything you want. I’m in your hands”
“So I can see,” Charlie remarked
“Can I…undress you?” Urs asked
“Sure” Charlie blushed
“Cold?” he asked
“Oh, no” she replied
“Kiss me…” Urs asked
“Where? Here…or here?” Charlie pointed to two places, “oh I see…” she said when he smiled
“Is that ok?” he asked
“Your wish is my command…”
“Oh Char….lie…” he groaned

“Your turn now” Urs said a while later
“No, its ok”
“It won’t hurt, I promise”
“Ok…mmm…” Charlie’s turn to groan now.

“Come and sit here now” Urs asked Charlie, pulling her onto his lap, “which one would you like?” he pointed to the condoms
“You choose…” said Charlie, nuzzling at his neck
“This one…”
“Shall I?”
“You’d better not”

“How does that feel?” Urs asked
“You’re not uncomfortable?”
“No…it’s rather…” Charlie moaned lightly
They were sitting up facing each other; legs wrapped around each other’s waists
“I’ve always wanted to…try this…” Urs whispered, sounding breathless
“Mmm…I…I…like it”
“Glad to pleaseeeeee”
Charlie stroked his chest
“I like you doing that” Urs kissed her, “you taste so good…”
“Mmm…you too…”

Later they slept, Charlie had her head on Urs’ chest and listened to him breathe. It had never felt like that before she realised. Not even with Seb.
When Urs woke he couldn’t believe his luck. She’s still here he noticed. I haven’t scared her away. But he wanted to know. Had she been faking, or was it really that good? Urs really hoped they had been that good.

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PostSubject: Re: *Marriage Of Convenience* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:55 am

Chapter Ten

Charlie woke to find Urs already up and dressed, sitting on the bed, watching her.
“Hi” she whispered, smiling at him
“Hi” he replied, not returning the smile
“What’s wrong?” she asked, sensing something was up
“I need to know something…”
“Sure” Charlie yawned and the sheet fell down. Urs immediately yanked it back up to cover her. “What?” Charlie asked.
“Last night…”
“I enjoyed it, I didn’t think I would…”
“Were you faking?”
“Faking what?”
“Your…your…reactions…” Urs looked away
“No, I wasn’t” Charlie said, “I’m not the actor in this relationship” she pointed out
“But last night…”
“Look, I don’t lie, I have no need to”
“You don’t believe me?” Charlie asked
“I want to…”
“HA! You don’t. You know, not everyone’s the same. Not everyone has to spend their time lying”
“I know that, it’s just that…”
“Look, either you believe me, or not. I don’t particularly care ok?” Charlie told him, “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to take a shower…”
“I’ll…I’ll be back soon” and with that Urs got up and walked out of the room.

Charlie was surprised not to find any clothes waiting for her when she came out of the bathroom. She looked in the wardrobe and was doubly surprised to find that an actual tracksuit hanging in it. A decent item of clothing at last! She searched for a t-shirt. Couldn’t find one so she nicked one of Urs’. Underwear she had to wear what he’d bought her. Another matching set. He did like her clothes to match Charlie had realised.
“Good, you’re dressed…” Urs said when he returned
“I couldn’t find a t-shirt…”
“So you borrowed one of mine”
“I’ll take it off…” Charlie started removing it,
“No, no. It actually suits you. I bought you something…” he handed Charlie a carrier bag
“Nice” it was a dressing gown. A terry towelling one,
“I bought it because I don’t want you getting cold…”
“I wouldn’t…”
“I tried to find you a sensible pair of pyjamas, but they didn’t seem to have any” he told her
“Oh, I see…”
“Our deal still stands. But I thought for nights when we…when we don’t, you might like to wear something…comfortable”
“Thank you. That’s nice of you” Charlie told him
“I’m not a complete bastard. At least, not all of the time”
“I’m sorry I called you that…”
“Are you?” Urs looked at her
“Well, no. Because you still are, sometimes”
“I’m glad I’m only one sometimes” he finally smiled
“Me too” Charlie smiled back
“I’m sorry, about earlier. I was out of line”
“Yes you were”
“I just needed to know…”
“I know you do. You’ll soon realise if I am sooner or later”
“Will I?”
“If I’m lying I’ll soon slip up”
“So, there will be a next time?” Urs asked
“You said every time you give me brand new underwear…”
“So I did. Here…” he handed her another carrier bag
“Aahh!” said Charlie
“For to…” he cleared his throat, “tonight” he looked at her
“Ok” Charlie said
“If you ever want to object…”
“I’m abiding by your rules”
“But as you pointed out, we didn’t sign a contract”
“If you want me to, I will” Charlie told him
“No, no. That’s ok…breakfast?” he asked
“Mmm, please. I’m rather hungry”
“Me too” Urs agreed, holding out his hand. Charlie took his offered hand and together they walked to find the others.

“We’re getting married too!” Rhea greeted them with
“That’s…great” Charlie said
“Wonderful” Urs agreed, squeezing Charlie’s hand in reassurance
“We could make it a double wedding!” squealed Rhea
“Although, that is a lovely thought” said Urs, “I’m afraid no can do”
“Owwww!” Rhea moaned
“Every thing is already booked and arranged” Urs told her
“I thought Seb could be your best man…” offered Rhea
“Sorry, but I’ve already asked David, haven’t I mate?” Urs looked at David
“Oh, yes, yes you have” lied David, nodding his head
“You never told me…” Victoria said to David
“I was going to, last night” David apologised
“Well then” said Rhea, “I can be Charlie’s bridesmaid instead…”
“I was actually going to ask Victoria” Charlie said
“Oh, I see…” Rhea sulked
“I know Victoria you see”
“You know me too!” Rhea sulked at Charlie
“Yes, but…”
“What Charlie is trying to say is” Victoria said, “is that she and I have shared the odd secret over time and so are, sort of I suppose, best friends”
“Secrets? What secrets?” Rhea asked
“If I told you that, then they wouldn’t be secrets anymore” Victoria told her
“So, mate…best man duties” David asked Urs
“Yes, you’ve got, less than two weeks to compose a speech” Urs told David
“Two weeks? Ok, I can do that. No problem” David nodded,
“Charlie, we need to get you a dress” Victoria told Charlie
“Mmm, Urs has already got it” Charlie told her
“Strange” said Victoria
“I know, but I wanted Charlie to show off her figure, and I saw this one dress, and well. You’ll understand when you see it” Urs told Victoria
“When can we?” asked Charlie
“It’s being delivered today, along with my suit” Urs told her
“Ohhh! I can’t wait to see it!” said Rhea
“And you won’t. Not until the actual date” Urs told her,
“But, I’m not the groom!” Rhea pointed out
“I don’t care. You’re still not seeing it. Just Charlie and Victoria are allowed”
“Seb! Tell him!” Rhea moaned at her now fiancé
“Sorry, but it’s his wedding” Seb told his sulking fiancée.

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PostSubject: Re: *Marriage Of Convenience* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:56 am

Chapter Eleven

Later that day, before the dress arrived Seb managed to catch Charlie alone,
“You don’t have to marry him,” he told her, holding her hand
“Don’t I?” Charlie asked
“Who should I marry then?”
“Wha…what do you mean?”
“I said, who should I marry then? You?”
“No, I…I didn’t mean that” stuttered Seb
“What then Seb?”
“I thought you loved me?”
“I did. I do. But you’re with Rhea”
“I have to be. She’s having my child…”
“And what am I supposed to do? Stay single all my life, pining for you?”
“Or just not marry Urs?” Charlie asked
“Marry someone you love” Seb said
“Oh? That easy eh? Apart from the man I love happens to already be ‘attached’. So I’m marrying someone else”
“But you don’t love him…” Seb replied
“So? People marry for all sorts of reasons now days, and anyway, apparently he loves me”
“Yes. He does. But you need to be honest. With Urs, if not with yourself”
“Urs already knows I don’t love him. But that didn’t stop him asking me”
“He, already knows?” that shocked Seb
“He’s well aware of my feelings, and is quite happy with our arrangement”
“But you once told me, that you can’t sleep with someone you don’t love. Or will it be a marriage in name only?” Seb asked
“Oh no. It’ll be a proper marriage. And as I found out last night, I can actually have sex with someone I don’t love”
“But…I don’t understand” said Seb, sounding puzzled
“Neither do I! Now, if you’ll excise me, I have work to do…”
Charlie yanked her hand free and walked away, leaving Seb standing there, with his mouth open.

Charlie actually managed to get some work done that day. She was quite surprised. As she worked, Urs came to join her.
“I need you to do me a favour,” he asked
“Sure” she sighed
“I’d like you to check my messages, and decide which ones you think I should answer”
“Why?” Charlie asked
“Because I value your opinion…”
“You never used to” they had often had rows in the past about his private messages he received. The others had no problems in checking them regularly, sending replies. Posting things. But Urs had. He hated doing it.
“What’s your password” Charlie asked, bringing up the forum web pages up on her laptop,
“Can’t you guess?” he asked, smiling at her
“No. Should I?” Charlie asked
“It’s ‘Charlie”, he whispered in her ear
Charlie shivered. Not with the cold, but with lust.
“Charlie” Charlie repeated
“Yes, Charlie” Urs whispered again, kissing her cheek
“Stop that…” Charlie batted his face away
“Do you want my help or not?” she asked him, smiling
“You know I do” he smiled back
“Right…” Charlie logged in. immediately Urs’ in box was full of messages, “Crikey! You ARE popular…I wonder why…”
“I have no idea” he whispered into her ear again, Charlie turned her head to complain and instead was greeted by a kiss.
“Kiss me, and I’ll leave you alone, I promise,” he told her. Charlie returned the kiss.
“Come here…” he pulled her out of her own seat and onto his lap,
“Your emails…” Charlie tried complaining
“Later…” he started to nuzzle at her neck,
“If you don’t do this now” Charlie said in between kisses, “you’ll never get it done”
“Ok. Ok. If I have too…”
“You did ask” Charlie reminded him
“I know I did. Hey, don’t move away…” Urs said as Charlie attempted to move off his lap,
“I’m too heavy…”
“No you’re not. You’re just right…oh look, that one,” he pointed to a message, “just what is the fascination with my Harley t-shirt?” Urs asked after reading a few messages, plus they’d checked out his chat and gallery pages.
“It fits you” Charlie pointed out,
“Of course it does! It’s my size…” he replied
“No, I mean it FITS you” Charlie said again
“I still don’t understand”
“I’ll explain it to you sometime”
“Explain it to me now, please?” Urs asked
“Look” said Charlie clicking back a few pages, “read that one” she pointed to the screen. Urs read it. His eyes widening as he did,
“Oh…I see” he blushed
“Yes I suppose you do. Now” Charlie laughed
“Look you…” he started to tickle her.
“Let me go!” Charlie laughed
“Say the magic word”
“Please” she laughed
“That’s not the magic word”
“What is then…?” Charlie asked, between laughter
“I love you”, said Urs, gazing into Charlie’s eyes
Charlie looked at him. He stopped his tickling.
“I didn’t mean to say that…I’m sorry” he apologised
“Is that the magic word, or something else?” Charlie asked after starring at him
“It’s…it’s…” he pushed Charlie of his lap and stood up, “I need…I need to go…” and with that he walked away from a stunned Charlie.
Charlie shook her head and went after him.
She found him in their room, sitting on the bed, head in hands, muttering to himself.
“Urs…” Charlie asked
“Go away” he muttered looking at his feet
“Urs…” she tried again
“I said, leave me alone!” he looked up at her
“You’re…crying…” Charlie noticed
“No I’m not!” he rubbed at his eyes, “I just have something in my eyes, that’s all!”
“Let me help…” Charlie knelt down at his feet and reached out a hand
“I said, leave me alone!” he yanked backwards away from her hand. Like he’d just been burnt or electrocuted.
“I’m only trying to help…” replied Charlie
“Yeah? Well, you’re not ok. You’re making it harder”
“I…I don’t understand…” Charlie whispered
“No, I don’t suppose you do. Now, if you don’t mind” he looked at her, his eyes were green. He looked really angry, “I’d like to be left alone…”
“Ok” Charlie stood up, sighing, “I’m going. If you need me…”
“I won’t” he replied rudely
“I’ll be on the computer,” she said before leaving him.

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PostSubject: Re: *Marriage Of Convenience* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:57 am

Chapter Twelve

“Where’s Urs?” Victoria asked Charlie later
“He’s sulking in our room”
“But, why?”
“Who knows!” Charlie said
“You know, this is rather spectacular” Victoria nodded towards the wedding dress. It was simple looking, but elegant in white with beads scattered all over it. It was beautiful.
“Don’t think it’ll fit me though…” Charlie replied
“Only one way to know…come on. Lets try it on” Victoria started undoing the cellophane that was covering the dress, “Come on” she looked at Charlie, “get undressed”
“Ok, ok…” Charlie replied, taking off her tracksuit
“Nice t-shirt” Victoria noticed Urs’ t-shirt
“I couldn’t find one of my own”
“Its ok, you don’t have to explain. I often wear David’s t-shirts when I want to feel close to him” smiled Victoria, “Right…”

“Oh, wow! You look…” Victoria gazed at Charlie in the dress,
“Horrible, I know” Charlie said
“…like a princess I was going to say” Victoria finished
“And who’s my prince then?” Charlie laughed
“Urs of course! Your prince charming, and knight in shining armour all rolled into one” Victoria corrected Charlie
“Coming to sweep me off my feet no doubt…”
“Given half the chance, yes” Victoria agreed
“Then why did I manage to upset him earlier?” Charlie finally decided to ask, biting at a nail
“Doing what?” Victoria asked
“He was tickling me and wouldn’t stop until I said ‘the magic word’”
“Which was?”
“I love you” Charlie said
“And did you?”
“Why ever not?” Victoria asked
“Because I don’t”
“Oh, I see”
“He cried” Charlie said; “only he hadn’t, that it was ‘something in my eye’. I made him upset”
“Because he does”
“But I don’t”
“He knows I don’t”
“Oh” said Victoria again
“I didn’t think he did either”
“He does though”
“Yes, so I’ve been told”
“Joy, right?” Victoria asked
“She knows as I do, because one night not so long ago Urs got so drunk and told us, he told David and Carlos too. But wouldn’t tell Seb. Said it had to be ‘our little secret’”
“I’ve never seen Urs drunk” Charlie said
“Nor had I, until that night. Then he cried too,” Victoria said
“But, why?”
“Because the man is completely crazy about you. He thought he hadn’t a chance in hell of actually getting you. Then when he announced your engagement…”
“You thought he had told me, and that I accepted because I felt the same way,” said Charlie
“Only we’re marrying for a totally different reason altogether”
“Which is?” Victoria asked
“Because I thought I was in love with someone else. With Seb”
“Only thought?”
“I mean, I was. I am! But, but now I’m not so sure” Charlie sighed,
“Why not?”
“Because of Urs” said Charlie
“Oh” said Victoria
“Oh what?” asked Charlie
“I could tell you, but I’d rather you work that out for yourself” was all Victoria would say
“I’d better go and find him…” Charlie started walking towards the door,
“Best get changed first” Victoria advised. Charlie was still wearing the dress
“Yes, you’re right…”

“Good luck” Victoria hugged Charlie once she was dressed back in her tracksuit,
“Thanks…” Charlie replied, feeling puzzled.

Charlie found Urs lying on their bed, apparently asleep.
She sat next to him and reached out a hand to smooth some hair away from his face. He looked rather peaceful and beautiful lying there. He really did have marvellous bone structure Charlie realised. And, this shocked her, rather kissable lips. She itched to trace his mouth with a fingertip but managed to resist the temptation. For now, anyway.
He stirred in his sleep and reached out a hand, making contact with Charlie’s arm he somehow managed to pull her into his arms.
“Oh Charlie…” he groaned, sleepily into her hair
“What are you doing to me Urs?” Charlie asked him, “Why can’t I imagine Seb in my arms anymore? Why can I only see you? Feel you…?”
“Mmmm….” Urs murmured, pulling her even nearer to his body.
Charlie felt one of his hands move then. From her shoulder downwards until he reached her hips, then he snuggled up behind her, pushing her bottom into his groin. He was having another erotic dream Charlie noticed. Or rather felt.
“Mmm…” he groaned again, his head now starting to nuzzle her neck
“Urs…” Charlie said
“Urs” Charlie said a little louder
“I am awake, I’ve been awake ever since you first touched me” he told her
“No, don’t” Charlie tried to wiggle away, “I like this” he whispered into her hair
“I know you do” Charlie felt herself blush
“You feel so good” he kissed her neck
“Let me turn around” Charlie asked
“Not yet. I like you like this, mmm…” his hand started to wonder, “cold?” he asked, innocently.
“No” Charlie whispered
“Mmm…me neither…”
“Let me turn around, please?” Charlie asked again
“Ok” he reluctantly let her go. Charlie turned to face him
“You’ve been crying again,” she noticed
“It’s ok. Really” Charlie tried soothing,
“See, you’re marrying a real big baby. Not a man”
“Why did you cry?”
“I shocked you”
“Because you said…”
“Yes. And I know I didn’t expect you to reply…”
“I thought that was the magic word…”
“Ok. Sorry” she apologised, “you kind of took me by surprise” Charlie admitted
“I thought you already knew…”
“I know what Joy told me, and just now Victoria, yes. But I hadn’t heard it from you”
“We don’t have to marry…” said Urs
“I thought it was supposed to be a marriage of convenience…” Charlie asked
“It still it. Was, just not on my part”
“You don’t want to marry me now” said Charlie
“I’m giving you the option,” said Urs
“I tried on my wedding dress”
“Victoria said I look like a princess, waiting for my prince”
“Oh” said Urs
“Or, should that be, my knight in shining armour”
“Oh” said Urs, again
“Don’t you want to be my knight anymore?”
“You know I do”
“Then, marry me” words Charlie thought she’d never hear herself say, especially not to Urs anyway.
“You’re asking me now eh?” Urs asked
“If I have to”
“Yes” he whispered,
“Yes what?” Charlie asked
“Yes, I’ll marry you. I…” he started to say, then stopped himself,
“You what?” Charlie asked, “go on” she said
“I love you,” he said
“One day I hope I’ll be able to say those words to you. Just give me time, ok?” Charlie asked Urs
“Ok. I think you’ll be worth waiting for”
“You do eh?” Charlie laughed
“I do” Urs laughed in reply, “No, where were we…”
“I was going to kiss you” Charlie told him
“You were, were you? Ok, go ahead!”

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Chapter Thirteen

“I’ve got to tell my parents…” Charlie told Urs later as they lay together in bed
“You mean you haven’t already?” he looked at her
“Do you want me to be there when you do?”
“Please. If you don’t mind. I’ll do the same”
“You don’t have to. I’ve already told mine”
“Oh?” that surprised Charlie, “When?” she asked
“About…three months ago”
“But Rhea wasn’t…”
“I know”
“Why then?”
“Because as I ready told you, I love you,” he said
“You couldn’t have been sure I’d accept”
“That’s why I had a back up plan!”
“A what?” Charlie asked
“A back up plan” Urs said again
“To do what?”
“I was going to trick you…”
“Into doing what?” Charlie asked again
“You won’t like it” he warned
“I probably won’t. But I’d like to hear it anyway”
“I was going…to get you pregnant”
“How exactly?”
“Oh, the usual way” Urs smirked
Charlie glared at him, “Ok, sorry” he said, “I was going to, oh I don’t know, somehow get you to sleep with me, and get you, pregnant”
“We used condoms”
“I know. I was planning on, doctoring a few…”
“And, did you?”
“No, no. I had no need to”
“Oh, I see” Charlie said
“See? I told you, you wouldn’t like it”
“That’s true you did, didn’t you? I was warned. Your plan may not have worked…”
“It probably wouldn’t have”
“Then, you would have had to tell your parents that it had been a mistake”
“I didn’t think of that…” Urs confessed, “sorry” he apologised
“Anyway” Charlie said, “I still need to tell MY parents. God, they’ll be shocked…”
“Will they?”
“I’ve been ‘fraternizing with my bosses’” Charlie pointed out
“Not all of them”
“Enough of them” said Charlie
“You can’t just expect me to forget about Seb. At least not like that. Not that quickly”
“I know, and I don’t”
“But it still hurts you?” Charlie asked
“Yes it did. I keep wondering…”
“I’m not telling you what we did or when or how many times” Charlie told him
“I don’t expect you too…” said Urs
“Then stop wondering. Or it will drive you mad”
“Ok. At least I know one thing…”
“Oh, what’s that then?” Charlie asked
“You were right, when you said you hadn’t faked anything”
“See, I told you I hadn’t”
“I still needed to find out, for myself,” said Urs
“And now you have”
“Yes, and now I have. Thank you” said Urs
“Right, parents…” Charlie reminded him
“Yes, parents. Tell me about them”
“Ok. My dad’s called Douglas, he’s retired and my mum’s called Nadine. She still works part time. Both love IL Divo”
“That’ll help then” Urs smiled
“Mum loves Carlos, and dad thinks Carlos, and you, are both wonderful”
“See? They are already half way to liking me!”
“Mmm…” said Charlie, sounding sceptical
“What? What?” Urs asked
“When I…when Seb and I…I kind of told my mum, before we did, that I was in love with him…”
“How long ago was that?”
“Three months, give or take”
“Ok. We can work around that”
“How though?” asked Charlie
“Ever heard of ‘love at first sight’?” Urs asked
“I’ve known all of you for a year…”
“Yes, but you never really noticed us. Like we didn’t you until recently. So it is possible”
“And what?” asked Charlie
“We just tell your mum, Nadine, that you and Seb didn’t work out so I asked you out, and with my wonderful charm and wit, managed to make you fall in love with me instead”
“Will she believe you or I?”
“As you already know, I’m a wonderful actor” he batted his eyelashes at Charlie
“You weren’t acting though…”
“You thought I was”
“Mmm, suppose”
“Then all you have to do” Urs looked at Charlie, “Is pretend that I’m Seb. Especially the way you feel about him and we’ll be ok”
“Ok, I’ll try, but it will be hard”
“I know it will” Urs moved away
“I mean that…you and Seb are so unalike…I mean, I do, I do like you”
“You do?” asked Urs
“Yes I do. Maybe instead I could just work on that, and see where it goes. It would be less…hassle in the end”
“Is that ok?” Charlie asked
“Yes. That’ll be…good” Urs smiled a little
“Good” Charlie returned the smile, “I’ll call and arrange a visit for later”
“Could they come here?” Urs asked Charlie
“It might be easier. Then Nadine could meet Carlos” Urs suggested
“Ok. I’ll do that”
“Help soften the blow…” Urs added, smiling a little more.

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PostSubject: Re: *Marriage Of Convenience* By: KazyJay   Tue Aug 25, 2009 5:27 pm

Chapter Fourteen

“Hi mum, dad. Great to see you” Charlie hugged her parents
“My, how you’ve grown in a year” Nadine noticed her daughter, “I never knew you had a figure…” she commented
Charlie was wearing another skirt and top, picked out by Urs. He was even wearing a shirt practically the same colour as Charlie’s top.
“Urs helped me find it” Charlie said to her mother
“Urs? I thought you liked Se…”
“Urs, mum. Remember? I told you” Charlie lied
“Oh yes, yes. I forgot” Nadine laughed, “so where is…Urs then?”
“I’m here,” said Urs
“Oh, hello” Nadine shook his hand, “and Carlos” she smiled
“Hello, I’m Douglas, Charlotte’s father” Doug introduced himself to Urs and then Carlos, “It’s a pleasure to meet you both…” he added
“And you too, you too” Carlos replied, “its always nice to meet the parents of such a wonderful girl like Charlie” Carlos added
“Its an honour” Doug practically blushed
“So…who’s getting married then?” Nadine asked
“I actually meant to ask you Doug,” said Urs, “if I could have your daughters hand?”
“And all the rest of her!” Carlos added, laughing
“You may, you may” Doug and Urs shook hands again
“I’ll take good care of her” Urs assured Doug
“When’s the wedding?” Nadine asked
“In less than two weeks” said Charlie
“Two weeks? What’s the rush?” Nadine asked
“No reason” said Urs
“You’re pregnant…?” Nadine guessed, wrongly
“No, mum. I’m not,” Charlie laughed
“Why then?”
“Scheduling. It was either now, or in December, and I didn’t want to wait. Didn’t want to give Charlie the chance to change her mind!” Urs laughed
“Oh, I’m sure she wouldn’t do that” Nadine said, “Anyone can see my daughter is in love with you”
“That’s nice to know,” said Urs, smiling. He grabbed hold of Charlie’s hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. ‘Zing’ went again. As it did every time. Every time Urs touched Charlie, looked at her and now when he said her name. It was getting worse. Not better. Worse. What did it mean?
“So, I’m actually getting a son-in-law at last!” Nadine laughed, “and here was me thinking Charlie would never fall in love. Miracles do happen after all!” she laughed again
“Yes they do,” said Urs, looking at Charlie. Charlie smiled back.
Hmm, Hmm. Charlie silently agreed. Maybe. In response she squeezed Urs’ hand.
He looked puzzled at her
“What?” asked Charlie
“No, nothing…”
“You’re a great actress,” he whispered in her ear
“Who said anything about acting?” Charlie teased, smiling.
“Hmm…exactly” was all he would say.

“So…you and Urs then” Nadine said to Charlie
“Yes, mum?”
“I thought you weren’t allowed to fraternize with each other…”
“Actually, I’m not allowed with them” said Charlie
“Ah-Ha!” said Nadine
“But he came onto me first” Charlie pointed out. And it had been true. Both times. Seb first, then Urs. Both making their move first.
“Oh I see…”
“Mum, you don’t approve do you?” Charlie asked her mum
“If you have a problem, you can always complain. Here…”
Charlie opened up her diary, “This…” she scribbled down several phone numbers, “is their contact numbers for management AND record company” Charlie handed her mother the piece of paper
“Darling…” said Nadine
“If you need to complain do ok? I have no problem with that”
“What’s this?” asked Urs noticing the paper in Nadine’s hand
“Nothing” said Nadine
“My mother intends to complain to your manager and record company,” Charlie told him
“About what?” asked Urs, looking puzzled
“Our relationship” said Charlie
“Oh? What’s the problem thought?” he asked
“Charlie has been…unprofessional,” said Nadine
“No she hasn’t” Urs defended
“I think she has…” complained Nadine
“No, she hasn’t” Urs said again, “because I sorted that all out before I made a move on your daughter”
“Oh, I see…”
“I asked for permission. So you see, you can complain as much as you like, but our relationship always has been all above board” Urs told a shocked Nadine, hugging Charlie for comfort.
“Oh, I see…I’m sorry darling, I was only thinking about your…reputation” Nadine apologised to her daughter
“My reputation is fine mum. It always has been” Charlie told her.
“I know that now. Forgive me?”
“Of course I do mum”

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PostSubject: Re: *Marriage Of Convenience* By: KazyJay   Mon Aug 31, 2009 3:52 pm

Chapter Fifteen

“Your mother is a cow,” Urs told Charlie once she and Charlie’s father had left
“I know, she’s always been the same. Sorry”
“You’ve no need to apologise. It’s HER that should apologise to YOU. Not the other way around”
“I know, still…” said Charlie
“You’re nothing like your mother. Thank god”
“And there was me thinking you thought I was”
“I never thought that. Ever” Urs told Charlie
“No” said Urs
“What, not ever?”
“I already said…”
“Charlie!” Urs warned
“Are we having a fight?” Charlie asked
“Yes. No. Why? Do you want one?”
“No. Not really…I just like your brand of punishment…” whispered Charlie
“If you want me to kiss you…”
“I do,” said Charlie
“All you have to do, is ask,” said Urs
“Please, kiss me” Charlie whispered
“Again” he asked
“Please Urs, kiss me…” Charlie whispered into his ear
“Ok” he groaned, before sitting down and pulling her onto his lap. He then bought his lips down on hers,
“Hmm…nice” Charlie moaned between kisses
“Just nice?” he murmured
“More than nice…”
“That’s…much, much…better,” he whispered in between kisses
“Hmm…” Charlie snuggled deeper onto his lap
“Hmm…” agreed Urs
“Take me to bed…” Charlie asked
“I…I can’t”
“What do you mean? You want to, I can feel it…”
“I know, it’s not that…”
“Then, what?” asked Charlie
“Not until our wedding night…”
“But earlier…what was that?”
“I’ve decided. Not until our wedding night now”
“But, why? I don’t understand,” said Charlie
“No, I don’t suppose you do. But I have my reasons”
Charlie got off his lap, “Is it something I’ve done? Something I’ve said?” she asked him
“Nothing like that”
“Then what then?”
“I want you to love me”
“And?” Charlie asked, puzzled
“I want, I want you to fall in love with me. For me. I don’t want you to confuse love with sex” Urs told Charlie
“I won’t…” Charlie started to say
“You might do. I need to romance you” Urs interrupted her,
“I don’t need romancing…” Charlie complained
“But you do”
“We’re getting married in less than two weeks!” Charlie pointed out
“I know, but I’m still going to romance you” he said,
“I don’t need romancing…” Charlie said again
“No? Well, tough. Because that’s exactly what you’re getting” Urs warned
“If I complain enough, will you punish me again?” Charlie asked
“Not how you’d like to be punished, no”
“So, no kissing” asked Charlie
“Or touching”
“No” said Urs again
“What about our…sleeping arrangements?”
“I’m sure I’ll be able to control myself,” said Urs
“But I’m not sure I’ll be able to”
“Then I’ll move rooms…”
“No. No, I’ll be ok”
“I can go…”
“No, please don’t,” pleaded Charlie
“Ok, but we’ll see”
“Ok” said Charlie, “I’m…I’m going to bed…”
“But its only early” Urs pointed out
“I need a shower, a cold shower,” Charlie muttered
“Charli….” But it was no use. She hadn’t heard him.

Charlie wore the sexiest item of underwear she could find to bed, in the hopes of tempting Urs to change his mind. But she fell asleep on top of the covers long before he eventually came to bed.
“Oh Charlie…” he said when he found her asleep, “its for your own good” he pulled the covers over her, “you’re almost there, but I need you to be sure”
Then HE had a cold shower, “Think horrible thoughts” he told himself. “Stop thinking about Charlie, waiting in bed for you in that sexy outfit…”
In the end he had the longest cold shower in history, and as that didn’t work he ended up in Charlie’s old bedroom in the end, trying to sleep.

Charlie woke in the morning to find herself alone in bed with no sign of anyone else having shared with her,
“Oh Urs…where are you?” she said out loud to the empty bedroom. She checked all the drawers and wardrobe. All of his stuff was still there.
“So, you haven’t left me…yet” she said

After another cold shower Charlie joined the rest of them in the breakfast room. There she received a shock. Everyone was there she noticed, doing a double shock. Only Urs didn’t look like Urs at all. He looked, well; he looked like a nerd was the only way to describe his look.
Hair tied back, wearing glasses and a baggy suit he greeted Charlie with a rather sheepish smile,
“Hi” he said
“Hi…I barely recognised you” Charlie told him
“I know, I saw you looking as you came in”
“What’s this all in aid of then?” Charlie had to ask
“I told you, I want you to fall in love, with me. This,” he pointed to himself, “is the real me”
“Oh, ok. Quite a transformation then!”
“Yes” Urs agreed
“So…” said Charlie
“Yes, right” Urs coughed nervously, “after breakfast we are going out…”
“As in a date?”
“Should I change then?” asked Charlie. She was wearing another short skirt.
Urs looked Charlie up, and then down then blushed and coughed, “No,” he coughed again, “no, you should be…ok”
“Where are we going then, for our ‘date’?” Charlie asked
“Best wait and see” Urs answered, smiling.

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PostSubject: Re: *Marriage Of Convenience* By: KazyJay   Tue Sep 15, 2009 4:20 pm

Chapter Sixteen

“I should have worn trousers,” muttered Charlie as she sat on the blanket
“Why?” Urs asked
“Because everyone is looking at my legs!” hissed Charlie
“They may be…”
Charlie glared at him
“…but I bet they all wish they were me” he finished, “anyway, lemonade?” he asked
“Lemonade? You’ve nothing stronger?” Charlie asked
“It’s…eleven in the morning, so no”
“Oh. Ok. Lemonade then, please” Charlie smiled sweetly at Urs.
They were in a park, having a picnic, in the middle of February!
“Isn’t this nice?” Urs asked
“Aren’t you at all hot in that suit?” Charlie asked, the sun was out, and for February was quite warm.
“A little…”
“Then at least take your jacket off…”
“Ok” he took his jacket off
“Tie?” asked Charlie
“Need any help?” she asked
“Yes, please”.
So Charlie sat on his knee, “Charlie…” he said
“It’s the only way I know how to help you,” she answered undoing his tie, “See?” she asked once she’d finished, getting off his lap.
“Yes, so I see…” he smiled
“So…” said Charlie
“Here…I got you this” Urs handed Charlie a book, “its my favourite. I thought you might like to read it too,” he explained.
“Then we could may be discuss it”
“Like a book club?” Charlie asked
“Well, yes” he replied
“I like your glasses” said Charlie
“They suit you”
“Thanks” said Urs again
“Makes you look rather…bookish” she smiled
“Thanks” he smiled back
“But also rather sexy too”
“Rather Superman-ish!” Charlie told him
“Superman?” asked Urs
“Mr Nerdy in the suit and glasses, but remove them and Clark Kent turns into Superman”
“This look isn’t working is it?” Urs asked
“I thought it would…”
“Not as I already know what lies beneath” Charlie winked at Urs.
Urs blushed.
“Changing your look doesn’t make any difference to what lies beneath” Charlie told him, “not to me anyway”
“Nor me” agreed Urs
“And yet you still changed me” Charlie pointed out
“I only bought out the woman in you”
“Even though I wasn’t, and still am not completely comfortable with this all…”
“I’m sorry. I’ll…I’ll get all your old clothes back” said Urs
“People will start to think, you only want me for my body” Charlie laughed
“They all know that isn’t true”
“Isn’t it?”
“No. I like your personality too, and your annoying ways” Urs smiled
“You have annoying ways too,” Charlie told him
“See? Something in common” Urs laughed
“So, this book” said Charlie
“You’ll like it. Murder mystery…”
“Romance?” asked Charlie
“…and romance, oh, and some rather…err…interesting love scenes too”
“Interesting how?”
“You’ll find out” Urs blushed.

Later Charlie found Joy and Carlos to ask for their help and advice.
“I need some tips, on seduction,” she told them
“To seduce who?” Joy asked
“Well, there’s the obvious one,” laughed Carlos
“I mean, without having to get on my knees!” Charlie told him, blushing slightly.
Carlos laughed nervously, “You know me too well” he blushed too.
“You’ll want subtle seduction techniques,” Joy said
“Yes please,” said Charlie, “I want to be able to seduce him without actually having to touch him”
“Ah-HA! I have just the thing. Come with me” said Joy
“Can I come too?” asked Carlos, winking
“No” said Joy and Charlie in unison.
“Ooww! Spoilsports!” Carlos complained, laughing to himself.

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PostSubject: Re: *Marriage Of Convenience* By: KazyJay   Tue Sep 15, 2009 4:22 pm

Chapter Seventeen

Later Charlie put into practice what Joy had taught her. She waited until Urs decided to take a shower before she started her campaign. Then she went into the bathroom and while he was in the shower started to shave her legs, wearing the briefest of underwear she could find,
“What…what are you doing?” Urs asked, coughing
“My legs” Charlie replied
She could feel his eyes on her as she bent over to do a leg,
“Need…need any help?” he asked
“Don’t think that would be a very good idea, do you?” she innocently asked, opening the shower door, “I think you need another cold shower” she noticed, winking at him.
“They don’t really help…”
“Need a hand then?” Charlie decided to ask, as innocently as she could,
“Mmm, no, thanks”
“Sure?” asked Charlie
“Best not”
“Ok. But I did offer” and winking at him again, Charlie cleaned her leg and then left the bathroom.

It took ages for Urs to finish in the bathroom. Charlie could only guess what he had been doing.
“Had fun?” she asked him when he finally emerged,
“Not as much as if you’d been there,” he replied
“Oh, but you’re the one who decided…”
“Yes, I know” he sighed
“Wish you hadn’t now eh?” Charlie asked
“Sort of…”
“Only ‘sort of’?”
“Yes” said Urs
“Oh I see, so, you’d like to change the rules again then?”
“I didn’t think we had any”
“Oh we do. Only, only you know what they are oh ‘Clark Kent’” Charlie said
“Which part of me do you prefer?” Urs asked
“Clark Kent or Superman?” Charlie asked him
“Oh definitely both”
“Which part do you love?” Urs then asked
“Which part of me do you love? Normal girl, or super sexy woman?” Charlie asked in reply
“Both. Because they’re both you”
“Which part attracted you first?” Charlie then asked him
“Normal girl” came Urs’ reply
“Yet you still changed ‘Normal girl’”
“Yes, I did. I just wanted to show you, that you could be attractive, that you deserve love”
“Even though the man I loved didn’t love me?”
“Yes. Even that” said Urs
“Oh, I see…”
“Hang on a minute” said Urs, “what do you mean, the man you loved?”
“Just what I mean”
“But you still love Seb though…”
“No I don’t. Not anymore” Charlie started to cry then
“Oh honey, don’t cry” Urs pulled her into his arms and rested his head on top of hers, “Sssshhhh….ssshhhh…”
He rubbed her back.
“See…I’m a…. a big…baby too” Charlie said in between sobs
“No you’re not. You’re just heart broken” he whispered into her hair
“No I’m…I’m…I’m not!” she cried into his chest
“It’s ok. I understand. Really I do”
“No you don’t. How, how can you?” Charlie tried to pull away, but he wouldn’t let her go.
“Sssshhh….” He said again, “its ok. Really”
“Let me go, please” Charlie asked
“I’m trying to help,” he said
“But that’s just it. You’re, you’re not” Charlie told him
“Oh, I see…” he released her then
“Urs…” said Charlie, looking at him
“No, its ok. Go. As you told me, I’m not helping” he looked hurt
Charlie stood there, still looking at him,
“Ok, I’ll go then…” and with that Urs walked out, banging the door behind him as he went.

Charlie threw herself onto the bed and cried her heart out. She couldn’t understand just why she was crying. It made absolutely no sense whatever to her. She managed to somehow cry herself to sleep. She lay on the bed, curled up into a tight little ball.
It was the stroking of her hair that eventually woke her up.
“Urs?” Charlie opened her bleary tear streamed eyes
“No, its me” said Seb, smiling at her
“Where’s Urs?” Charlie asked
“He asked me to come and see you. Said you were crying and that you needed me” Seb told her, smiling
Charlie looked at Seb and said, “Yes, well, he was wrong. I don’t need you. Not now, not ever”
“Urs said you were upset, that he tried to help, but he just made it worse…”
“Go away” Charlie told him
“Charlie…” said Seb
“I said go away” Charlie said again
“You’re upset…I’m here to help”
“Yes, well. I don’t need your help”
“Don’t be like that” said Seb
“Why not? You don’t care anymore. You’re with Rhea. You’re marrying HER!” said Charlie
“You know why. I have to. Besides, you’re marrying Urs”
“Ever wondered why?” Charlie asked
“I guessed its because you loved him, like he loves you…”
said Seb
“Its because of you” Charlie told him, “he’s being my knight in shining armour, trying to save me from heartache and humiliation”
“Oh. I didn’t know…”
“No? I don’t suppose you did”
“I’m sorry, I never meant…”
“To what? Make me love you, then break my heart? Well, tough, you did. But don’t worry, I’m over you now” Charlie glared at Seb
“What do you mean?” asked Seb
“I don’t love YOU anymore. I doubt I ever did. Not properly. Not real love”
“Why were you crying then?” Seb asked, “if you don’t love me?”
“Because…because” the Charlie suddenly realised it,
“You love him, don’t you?” said Seb, “HA! You love Urs!” he pointed out
Charlie looked at Seb; “Go away” she told him again
“Oh don’t worry, I’m going…and don’t worry. I won’t tell him. Your secrets safe with me”
Seb left then. A few minutes later Urs came back,
“Feel any better?” he asked
“I didn’t need Seb”
“I thought he could help”
“I don’t need Seb” Charlie said again
“I’m sorry. I got that wrong” Urs apologised
“I don’t love Seb,” said Charlie
“No? Not anymore maybe…”
“I doubt I ever did”
“But…” Urs looked puzzled at Charlie
“But what?” Charlie asked him
“I’m cancelling our wedding,” said Urs
“Cancelling…but why?” Charlie’s turn to look puzzled
“I’ve changed my mind. I’m letting you off our arrangement. It was a stupid idea anyway”
“Urs?” asked Charlie
“No Charlie. I shouldn’t have suggested it in the first place. It was…stupid. I’m sorry” Urs apologised
Charlie looked down at her hands. At her engagement ring. Then she took it off and held it out to Urs,
“Here, you’d better have this back then”
“I can’t. Its yours” said Urs
“You can take it back to the shop…”
“I can’t do that. Its…it’s inscribed…”
“Its what?” Charlie asked
“Inscribed. Look, here…” he turned it over, and sure enough on the band on the underside was an inscription. It read ‘My heart is forever yours’.
“Oh Urs…” said Charlie, reading it, tears in her eyes again
“See? I can’t take it back. You keep it, here” he handed it back to Charlie
“Why can’t we get married?” Charlie asked
“I’ve already told you…”
“Explain it to me, make me understand. Please” Charlie pleaded
“I can’t…”
“You can. If you really want to”
“You don’t love me, I’ve realised that now”
“That never stopped you before…” said Charlie
“But now it has. I can’t marry someone who I love who doesn’t love me in return,” said Urs
“Who said I don’t?”
“I need love in my life. I need you to love me”
“Who said I don’t?” Charlie said again
“But I thought…” Urs looked at Charlie with a stunned look on his face,
“What?” asked Charlie
“Earlier, when you were upset…”
“You were heartbroken…”
“I didn’t say that. You thought that”
“But I…” said Urs
“Earlier I said I used to love Seb, but not anymore”
“You see, it’s almost impossible to love two people at once. That’s why I don’t. I only love one man”
“Oh, I see,” said Urs, looking down at his feet
“My own Superman is enough for me”
“Your own Super…” Urs looked up at Charlie
“Superman, yes”
“But, you called me Superman earlier…”
“I know I did” Charlie smiled at Urs
“That means…” Urs took off his glasses and rubbed at his eyes, “that means” he said again, “you love me…” he gazed at Charlie, “I’m dreaming, I must be…”
“No Urs, you’re not dreaming. Unless you want to think this is all a dream?”
“Why would I want to think that then?” asked Urs
“I have no idea. I’m just giving you an option…”
“Charlie, I don’t need an option. I just need you to be sure,” Urs asked
“I am sure”
“When…” he asked
“I think when you decided to romance me into sleeping with you that first time” Charlie told him
“I suddenly realised how sweet and considerate you were being”
“I didn’t want to force myself on you. I needed to give you the option of saying ‘no’” Urs told Charlie
“Only thing being” Charlie smiled at him, “I find it very hard to say the word ‘no’ around you”
“I never noticed…”
“Oh really?” Charlie asked, raising her eyebrows
“Ok, maybe I did” he admitted
“So…” said Charlie
“So…” said Urs
“What are we going to do now?” she asked
“What I should have done when you first started crying. I’m going to kiss all your tears away”
“But I’m not crying now…” Charlie pointed out
“I don’t care. I’m going to kiss you all the same. Any objections?” Urs asked
“No. Well, actually, I do have one…”
“Which is?” Urs asked, looking worried
“Well, two actually…”
“Go on?”
“One, can we still get married please?” Charlie asked
“Most certainly, yes”
“Number two, oh stuff number two. Kiss me Urs”
“Your wish is my command” Urs whispered, before doing exactly that.
Charlie most definitely kissed him back. With all the passion she could sum up,
“Oh Charlie…” he groaned
“Come to bed…” Charlie whispered in his ear
“I thought you’d never ask…”

That night felt different. More passionate, more natural. Afterwards Charlie laid her head on Urs’ chest and slept happily and contented. He’d put the ring back on her finger and had told her that she’d never have to remove it ever again. Charlie believed him. She didn’t want to. She loved Urs, she wanted to marry him. Who, or what could destroy their happiness?

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PostSubject: Re: *Marriage Of Convenience* By: KazyJay   Mon Sep 21, 2009 3:17 pm

Chapter Eighteen

Next morning it was the banging on their bedroom door that woke both Charlie and Urs up.
“I’ll go and see who it is” Urs said yawning, kissing Charlie he then got out of bed, pulling on his jeans and a t-shirt.
“Open up…you…you bitch” someone shouted at the closed door. Urs opened it,
“What the…Rhea”
“Where is she?” Rhea demanded
“Who?” Urs asked, hand in hair
“That bitch…Charlie” came Rhea’s reply
“I’m here,” said Charlie, now dressed, “What’s wrong?” she asked Rhea
“Wrong? Wrong? She asks what’s wrong! HA” Rhea laughed, sounding evil, “I’ll tell you what’s wrong, because of you” she pointed a finger at Charlie, “I’ve gone and lost the one man who made me happy, who understood me!”
“I…I don’t understand” said Charlie
“Seb!” shouted Rhea, “Seb” she said again, “He’s…he’s…dumped me! ME! The mother of his child…”
“Bu…” said Charlie
“Because, apparently he doesn’t love me. Has never loved me. Oh no. Apparently he loves YOU!” Rhea shouted again
“But I don’t…” Charlie tried to explain
“You don’t what? Don’t care you’ve gone and ruined 3 lives? No, I bet you don’t” Rhea glared at Charlie
“That’s not what I meant” Charlie tried again to explain
“Its not worth it” said Urs, “she’s not listening”
“But I…I haven’t done anything…”
“I know you haven’t. I think one of us needs to talk to Seb though”
“You go,” said Charlie
“No, I’ll stay here with Rhea. Its best if you go” Urs told Charlie,
“Ok. Wish me luck”
“And me” said Urs

Charlie found Seb in his room, packing Rhea’s stuff up,
“Rhea’s in our room” Charlie told him
“I wondered where she’d gone”
“She says I’ve ruined her life. Which, considering I haven’t done anything is quite an amazing thing I think”
“I told her. About us”
“Who’s ‘us’ are you on about?” Charlie asked
“Us. As in ‘you and me’” said Seb
“But there’s not an us. Never should have been”
“But there was”
“Then you decided to stop us,” said Charlie
“I made a wrong decision”
“No you didn’t”
“I did,” said Seb
“You only think you made a wrong decision because of what I told you last night”
“You love ME,” said Seb
“I did. Once. But not now” Charlie told him
“You still do”
“No I don’t”
“When…when did it all change Charlie? When did I lose you?” he asked
“From the moment Urs touched me”
“When he touched you?” Seb asked
“Yes. It went ‘zing’. That never happened with you”
“’Zing’ doesn’t mean anything…”
“Oh, but that’s where you’re wrong. You see ‘zing’ means everything. Just ask Victoria and David, or Joy and Carlos, and they’ll tell you” Charlie told him
“Oh…I…I…see” said Seb, not really seeing at all.
“I think you need to come with me and get Rhea. You need to apologise to her. Say you had a slight scare or something. Anything. She’s having YOUR baby after all”
“She won’t listen”
“Yes she will Seb. Because you’ll make her listen”
“Ok…ok…” he sighed
“Come on” ordered Charlie

Charlie and Seb found Rhea trying to kiss Urs when they returned,
“Oh Urs…you need me” Rhea was saying
“No I don’t” he shrugged her arms away from his neck
“Oh Urs…” Rhea said again
“Rhea?” called Seb
She turned around and glared at him, “What?” she asked
“I’ve come to apologise…” said Seb
“Too late. I’ve decided we should change partners”
“But…you’re having my baby” said Seb, looking at Rhea
“Am I? I think you’ll find I’m not actually,” Rhea laughed
“But you told me…”
“I lied. I wanted you back, oh and it worked a treat”
“But…” said Seb
“I was going to wait until we were married and then fake a miscarriage, but guess what? I don’t have to anymore. You’ve saved me the trouble!” Rhea boasted
“Then the wedding’s off” Seb told her
“I don’t care anymore. I’m with Urs now…”
“No you’re not,” Urs sounded disgusted, “I don’t do cast-offs”
“HA! But you already have!” Rhea laughed
“No I haven’t. A one night stand doesn’t count as anything” Urs replied
“A one night stand?” Rhea asked Seb, “You…you made it sound like a real affair…”
“Yes, well I lied. We can both do it” Seb replied
“Oh Seb…” Rhea sobbed
“Sorry, but our relationship is still over” Seb told Rhea
“Please Seb, don’t do this…” Rhea now pleaded
“My decision still stands” and Seb left.
Rhea gave out a large sob, shouted “SEB!” and then rushed out the room to follow him.

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PostSubject: Re: *Marriage Of Convenience* By: KazyJay   Mon Sep 21, 2009 3:19 pm

Chapter Nineteen

Charlie looked at Urs,
“What?” he asked
“Did you mean that?” she asked
“What? About a one night stand?”
“Well, that’s what it was, wasn’t it?” he asked
“Yes” said Charlie again
“Well then”
“You thought I was angry?” Urs asked
“No…well, yes” said Charlie
“I always knew what you and Seb had, or rather, didn’t have. I was never jealous. After all, I’ve got you, he had you once. That doesn’t compare”
“I need to tell you something…” said Charlie, not daring to look at Urs
“What is it?” he asked
“When Seb and I…that one and only time, I was…I mean I’d never…”
“He was your first,” said Urs
“I’ve upset you…” said Charlie, now looking at him
“No, no” said Urs
“Then you’re shocked…”
“No?” asked Charlie
“You just confirmed my suspicions I had”
“Which were?”
Urs looked at Charlie and smiled, “Certain things we did that first time made me kind of wonder I guess. Your reactions”
“Because I’d never…”
“You mean Seb…?”
“No” said Charlie
“Had he…to you?”
“Not like that, no”
“Then I’m pleased”
“You are?” asked Charlie
“Yes. Because you being with Seb really doesn’t count as your first time” Urs smiled at Charlie
“It doesn’t?” asked Charlie, stunned
“No, it doesn’t”
“When was it then? My first time?”
“When you and I slept together, for the first time”
“So, you realise then that I never faked my reactions…”
“I always knew you never. But I had to open my big mouth and ask all the same. I’m sorry for that” Urs apologised
“Its ok. I understand”
“You do?” he asked
“Yes I do. No-one should ever tell another person they’re crap, at anything”
“No. She, Verity, should have just tried to improve your relationship. Given you ideas on what worked. That’s what I would have done,” Charlie told him.
“Charlie?” asked Urs
“If you never…before, why did you, to me?” he asked
“Because I wanted to”
“But not to…not to Seb?”
“No” said Charlie
“Why not?” Urs asked
“Because I didn’t want to. Not to Seb. It was, it IS different with you. With you, I feel more…comfortable”
“Thank you”
“No, thank you,” said Charlie
“So, we’re getting married then…” said Urs
“So it seems,” agreed Charlie
“A proper marriage”
“Yes” said Charlie
“With a honeymoon” said Urs
“And with…children?”
“Do you want children?” Charlie asked
“I do. And, you?” Urs asked in reply
“Yes, I want them”
“I thought, four would be a good number…”
“Oh, you do, do you?” Charlie asked, smiling
“Oh yes” Urs smiled in agreement
“That’ll mean practice…”
“Oh yes. Plenty of practice” winked Urs
“When do you want to start? On the practice, I mean?”
“I think now, but proper practice on our wedding night”
“So, until then we’ll still use protection”
“Yes. Is that ok, until then?”
“That’s fine,” said Charlie
“We’ve only another week or so,” said Urs
“I know. And now I can’t wait” Charlie kissed him.

“We’re getting married!” Charlie said to Victoria and Joy much later that day,
“Yes, we already know,” said Victoria
“I mean for all the RIGHT reasons now!” Charlie smiled
“You worked it out at long last!” Victoria hugged her
“We could have told you,” said Joy, “but you needed to see it for yourself!”
“But, its only just happened recently…” said Charlie confused
“No it hasn’t” said Victoria
“Most definitely not!” agreed Joy
“When then?” Charlie asked, still confused
“When you first met!” said Victoria, smiling broadly
“I fell for Seb…” said Charlie
“Nope. You just confused it for Seb” Joy smiled
“So I never…Seb?”
“Whatever you felt for Seb, it wasn’t love. If it were you’d still feel something for him” said Victoria
“Which I don’t” said Charlie
“Which you don’t” agreed Joy
“So, all along it was Urs, not Seb then” Charlie asked
“That’s right,” confirmed Victoria
“So, he already knew…”
“But that’s just it, Urs was too worried about showing you HIS feelings to notice YOURS!” Joy smiled
“But everyone else…” said Charlie
“Nope. Just Victoria and I noticed. It was the way you always acted around him. Like you were forcing yourself to hate him!” Joy said
“But I did” said Charlie
“No you didn’t!” said Victoria, “think about it” she smiled
“But he…he irritated me…” said Charlie
“When he, ‘irritated’ you, how did that make you feel?” Victoria asked
“Angry enough to do what?” Joy asked
“To hit him mostly,” said Charlie
“And then do what?” Victoria winked
Charlie thought about it for a moment, “Then” she said, “and then kiss him…oh! I see…” Charlie suddenly realised
“See? That wasn’t hate. Not real hate. That,” smiled Joy, “was hidden passion”
“Hidden passion?” said Charlie, “Well, I never knew!”
“But we did. Oh yes!” Victoria told Charlie
“Well, thank you girls, for making me see this, and realise it. Thank you” said Charlie, hugging them both.

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PostSubject: Re: *Marriage Of Convenience* By: KazyJay   Mon Sep 28, 2009 3:24 pm

Chapter Twenty

“Joy and Victoria both reckon I’ve always had a ‘hidden passion’ for you!” Charlie told Urs later that day.
“Oh yes?” said Urs, “care to show me?” he winked
“Ha, ha. I already have!”
“I need a reminder…”
“You’re very forgetful then…” said Charlie
“Come here anyway” Urs held his arms out,
“Ok” Charlie went to him
“Sit here” he sat down and pulled Charlie onto his lap, “So..” he said, “tell me?”
“When we first met…”
“I remember, great day that was” he interrupted
“Yes, well, I remember seeing you and feeling rather annoyed”
“Gee, thanks!”
“It was almost like you hated me on sight, the look you gave me and I felt the same. I had second, and third thought about taking the job I can tell you”
“But, why?” Urs asked
“Because here I was, being offered the job of a lifetime. Not only would I get the chance to travel around the world with…four gorgeous men” Urs smiled at the words, ‘four gorgeous men’, “…but also I was a huge fan of the four men’s music”
“That’s a bonus” smiled Urs
“Mmm…anyway, I dared to tell my mum that I was thinking of rejecting the job and she asked me if I was just crazy if not completely crazy to even consider turning it down. After all I thought I wouldn’t even have a hope in hell of actually getting the job in the first place, let alone having to actually accept, or reject the job” said Charlie
“Yes, because my experience up to that point had all been to do with childcare. I didn’t know a thing about being a PA, or what was expected of the job. So when I got an interview I was completely amazed”
“It was because of your music tastes we decided to interview you. You seemed to like a bit of everyone’s favourite”
“Really? I did wonder why the application form asked to state every type of music and bands we liked. At the time I thought it was a weird thing to want to know. I didn’t know then, that the job involved you. Until the actual interview…” Charlie remembered
“Shock, horror then eh?” Urs asked
“Sort of! It was like meeting my favourite group rather than having an interview. I can’t remember what I said at it at all” Charlie confessed.
“You said, I remember that you’d do whatever you could to work to your best opportunities. I remember because it was the kind of thing I myself may say at an interview”
“Really?” that surprised Charlie
“Yes, really” admitted Urs
“Then I got the job…”
“We all voted on it. Out of the three applicants we interviewed you won hands down”
“Well, thank you”
“Plus, you had the added bonus of making one of us fall in love with you at first sight” Urs smiled at Charlie
“Oh, I did? Which one?” she laughed
“Me of course!” Urs tickled her
“Oy!” she complained, laughing
“Magic word then I’ll stop” he continued to tickle
“Remind me…” Charlie laughed
“I love you,” said Urs
“I love you,” said Charlie
Urs stopped his tickling, “Thank you,” he whispered
“So…you all decided eh?” Charlie asked, sounding rather breathless now
“Yes, we all decided”
“And I won…”
“Hands down”
“Because of my music tastes?” she asked
“Among other things…”
“Which were?” Charlie asked
“You seemed to be the most sane. Normal”
“That’s because I was in shock”
“You still seem to be the most sane, even now you seem sane and normal. Not fazed at all”
“Not now I’m not. How can you be crazy when you’ve seen you lot first thing in the morning? Seen you all dribbling, heard the snoring? That’s enough to wake up any fan!” Charlie laughed
“Do I snore?” Urs asked
“Do I?” Charlie asked
“I just catch flies eh? It’s ok. It’s an inherited thing. My dad also sleeps with his mouth open!”
“You don’t do that!”
“I don’t?” that surprised Charlie
“No you don’t. So, do I snore?” Urs asked again
”Do I do anything annoying?” Urs asked, smiling
Charlie thought for a minute before answering, “You hug me in your sleep” she told him
“Is that a bad thing?”
“Oh no. Most definitely not. I like it. The first time I thought it was a one off, but you do it every time”
“I remember my first time…”
“Yes, well. I woke up to find myself in your arms and to see that you were having an interesting dream” Charlie blushed with remembering
“I was dreaming, about you” Urs whispered into her ear
“Were you?”
“Oh yes. I dreamt that you’d let me kiss you”
“Just kiss me?” Charlie asked
“I didn’t say where!” Urs replied, winking
“Oh…” Urs’ eyes widened, “Oh, yes I see!” Charlie blushed again
“Now you know”
“Yes, so I do!”
“When I first saw you” said Urs, “I thought all my dreams had been answered”
“You did? But you were still with Verity…”
“But we weren’t happy. Hadn’t been for nearly a year. We were just going through the motions then. Pretending to everyone else that we were still happy. But we hadn’t. Not for a long time”
“When you split, Verity talked to me. What she said at the time seemed rather strange. Of course it all makes sense now” said Charlie
“What did she say to you?” Urs asked
“She told me to be careful, to not try and rest all my hopes on you. For you always, always disappoint in the end”
“Did you ever wonder why she told you that?” asked Urs
“No” said Charlie
“Because she knew how I felt about you. I had to tell her why I was suddenly acting happy. Why I was pleased when we decided to split up. She said she kind of understood. That you seemed like a really nice girl. That she was pleased I’d met someone able enough to give as good as I got!” Urs laughed
“Because I managed to resist your non-existent advances for a long time!”
“Oh they were there. But you never noticed them”
“Oh I did notice. But I thought they were for someone else”
“Rhea?” Urs asked
“Yes. I thought you were making a play for her” admitted Charlie
“NEVER! Never!” Urs shivered
“Cold?” asked Charlie
“Not when you’re here to hold me I’m not”
“That’s a really sweet thing to say” Charlie felt flattered
“Its how I feel,” Urs told Charlie.

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PostSubject: Re: *Marriage Of Convenience* By: KazyJay   Tue Oct 06, 2009 5:15 pm

Chapter Twenty One

“WOW! You look wonderful,” said Joy to Charlie. It was the day of the wedding and Charlie was looking at her reflection in the mirror. She was wearing her dress already.
“Nervous?” asked Victoria
“A little” admitted Charlie
“You’ll be fine” Victoria gave her a quick hug
“He won’t know what’s hit him!” Joy told Charlie
“He will. He picked it,” said Charlie
“That might be. But, he’s never seen you in it” Joy replied.
“That’s true!” smiled Charlie
“Come on” said Victoria, noticing the time, “don’t want to keep Urs waiting too long!” she said laughing.

“What do you mean? He’s not here?” Victoria wanted to shout at David, “it was YOUR responsibility to get HIM HERE!” she finally shouted
“He’s disappeared,” said David, “all his clothes…”
“When? When did this happen?” Victoria asked
“Last night…”
“What? Why the hell didn’t you tell me? Us?” she demanded
“We tried to find him. Really we did. We looked everywhere, phoned everyone. I’m sorry Vick…”
“Its not ME you should be apologising to. Its Charlie” Victoria shouted at her boyfriend
“Then I will…” he made a move to go
“NO! No” Victoria stopped him, “I think it’ll be best coming from me, or Joy”
“He did leave something” David reached into his pocket, “this” he handed Victoria a piece of paper
“Oh great. Just what we need!” cried Victoria, “a dear John note. Well thank you very much Urs. This won’t help!” she cried to no one in particular.

“Where is he?” Charlie looked towards the door, “are we too early?” she laughed to Victoria. Then she noticed Victoria’s face, “what is it?” she asked, “Where…where is he?”
She licked her lips, feeling nervous all of a sudden.
“He’s not here,” said Victoria
“Not here? Where is he? We’re getting married today…”
“Oh Charlie” said Victoria, sounding sad
“He’s stood me up, hasn’t he?” Charlie asked
“Yes” Victoria couldn’t lie
“I thought, I thought he loved me” Charlie could start to feel the tears come, “he loves me” she sobbed, “and I love him…” she wiped angrily at her eyes.
“Your make-up…” said Victoria
“Stuff the make-up” Charlie cried
“He left this” Victoria held out the note
“Thanks” said Charlie, taking the note. She slumped down into a chair behind her.
“Hi” said Seb coming into the room, “what’s wrong?” he noticed Victoria’s sad face and Charlie, sitting on the chair, head in her hands crying, “Where’s Urs?” he asked
“That’s the problem,” said Victoria, “no one seems to know”
“Oh…” said Seb, “Charlie?” he asked
Charlie couldn’t answer. She just cried.
“Oh Charlie…” he got on his knees in front of her and held out a hand, “I’m sorry” he touched her arm. Charlie let out a sob; “Come here…” and Seb pulled Charlie up from the chair and into his arms.
“Sssshhh…” he rubbed her back. Charlie sniffed into Seb’s shirt and carried on crying. One hand rolled into a fist, which she kept banging against Seb’s chest, the other hand tightly holding onto the note Urs had left.
“Why did he do such a thing?” Seb asked Victoria, looking over Charlie’s head at her
“We have no idea!” Victoria replied
“Did he leave a note? Or anything?” Seb asked
“No” lied Victoria
“If I ever see him again, I’m going to punch him!” said Seb
“Join the line. You’ve me, Joy, David and Carlos to bet to that!” said Victoria
“He deserves it!”
“That he might,” agreed Victoria
“I need…I need to go…” Charlie cried, pulling out of Seb’s arms
“Go where?” Seb asked
“I need to find him…” Charlie cried
“You don’t know where he is” Victoria said, “none of us know…”
“I still need to look…”
“I’ll come,” offered Victoria
“No. You stay here. I’ll be fine”
“Sure?” Victoria asked Charlie
“I’m not about to do something stupid” Charlie told her, “I need to go. By myself”
“Ok” said Victoria, sighing, “no Seb” she said as he made a move to follow Charlie, “let her go”
“She’ll be ok. She needs to do this” Victoria told Seb.

Charlie waited until she was completely alone before she got to read the note Urs had left.
With trembling fingers she opened the note and with tears blearing her vision she read:
“I’m sorry I had to go, I have my reasons. One day you’ll understand. Forgive me Charlie. I love you. Urs”
Charlie read over and over again.
“Understand what Urs? If you loved me you’d be here!” she cried out loud to the empty room, “How can I understand? You’ve broken my heart” then she had to rush to the bathroom to be sick.
“Oh shit!” she noticed the stain on her dress. Then she pulled the dress off and chucked it on the floor, “oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!” she cried. “Why me? Why me?” she asked her reflection. “What did I do to deserve this?”

It was the knocking on the door that eventually woke Charlie, “Wha…? Urs?” she called
“Its me. Seb” called Seb, “can I come in?”
“What do you want?” Charlie demanded wrenching open the door
“Rhea’s left too” he said,
“I think she’s gone with Urs” and thought he and Rhea had split up, she hadn’t left the hotel yet, until now that is.
“He wouldn’t…” said Charlie
“Wouldn’t he?” Seb asked
“Oh, I don’t know anymore” Charlie threw her hands in the air in annoyance.
“I wouldn’t have put this past Rhea. You know I’m sure she’s put him up to something”
“You know what Seb? I don’t care anymore. I…excuse me,” she muttered before rushing from the room to the bathroom. She threw up. Again.
“You ok in there?” Seb shouted to the closed door
“I’m…” said Charlie, before she was sick again
“I’m ok,” she said, opening the door
“You look really pale” Seb commented
“Gee, thanks. You try being sick and looking peachy at the same time” Charlie answered, sarcastically
“What’s making you sick?” Seb asked
“I have no idea. Maybe its food poisoning”
“Or you’re pregnant…”
“No. Not that” Charlie laughed, “I mean we used…we used condoms”
“They’re not always a 100% safe” said Seb
“Now someone tells me!” Charlie said, looking puzzled, throwing her hands up in the air at the very idea of being pregnant.
“I think you should take a test anyway, to be sure”
“Great. Thanks. Then I’ll be known as the unmarried mother who was left at the alter. It just gets better and better”
“I’ll marry you” Seb offered
“Oh no. No” said Charlie
“It wouldn’t be a proper one. We’d sign contracts”
“Really?” asked Charlie
“Really. It would be all above board. I promise”
“No sex?” Charlie asked
“No. Unless you wanted…”
“No. Thank you, but no”
“Ok. Marriage in name only”
“Only, if I’m pregnant…” Charlie told Seb
“Only if you’re pregnant,” he agreed.

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Chapter Twenty-Two

“I’m pregnant” Charlie looked at the test in her hands, “its positive…” she looked at Seb
“Right, ok. I’ll get the contracts drawn up then” he replied, “then we’ll set a date”
“Ok” sighed Charlie, “only if Urs turns up…”
“You’ll be hidden away in France. He’ll have no need to know where you are. Unless you want him to know…”
“And our marriage…” said Charlie
“Will just be between us, as promised. No one else will find out,” said Seb
“Ok. Thanks”

Charlie, with Seb’s help had decided to disappear, for good. It would be the only way Charlie had decided that she’d be able to cope with having a child by someone who didn’t want to know about her anymore.
Charlie would hate not being able to see Victoria or Joy again. But it would have to be done. She didn’t want to see pity in their eyes every time they looked at her. No, complete disappearance would be best. And luckily, Seb was happy to go along with her plans. Not too many questions asked.

Seb really was a brilliant actor Charlie decided one day while on the phone to him. He made it sound as though he were talking to a friend of his about some chickens,
“So Jacques” he said, “all the guys say hi, including Urs” he left a breather, “I was wondering” he carried on, “how the chicken was going? Did that test go ok?”
He was actually asking Charlie about her latest scan,
“Baby’s going great” Charlie told him, “developing nicely says the doctor”
“Good, good. So all going to plan? The hatching should happen on time then?” he asked
“Yes Seb” Charlie told him, “in 8 weeks time”
“Good, good. Well, take care. I’ll phone again soon”
“Bye, bye Seb” Charlie said before putting the phone down.

Seb was on tour with IL Divo. Urs had turned back up just in time for the tour. He had refused to give a reason for why he had stood up Charlie. Just saying that it was ‘for the best’ which annoyed the hell out of everyone.
“In case you’re wondering,” Victoria had told Urs, “Charlie has gone. She disappeared two weeks ago. None of us know where she is”
“As I already said, its for the best” Urs had repeated. Victoria had glared at him. Everyone had shouted at him. It made no difference though. He refused to budge. At least he hadn’t turned up with Rhea. Seb had informed Charlie, that he was pleased to say, he had got that wrong. Spectacularly so.

It just so happened that the tour had reached France at the same time Charlie was due to give birth. And it was that, that accidentally alerted Urs to where she was.
The contractions woke Charlie up, “Ouch!!” she cried.
It was early. She wasn’t due to give birth for another week or so. Seb was staying in a hotel in Paris. Charlie was at home in Lille, “Bloody, bloody, aaahhhh!!” Charlie cried again as she dialled Seb’s number, “Come on, answer the damn phone you stupid Frenchman!” she cried as it rang, and rang, and rang.
“Hello?” answered a voice at last. Not Seb’s.
“Where is Seb?” Charlie asked, trying to disguise her voice,
“I don’t know. This is Urs” Blast! Thought Charlie, “you must have rung the wrong number by mistake”
“Oh, sssshhhhhiiiiittttttttttttt!!!” Charlie cried as another contraction hit her, “Sorry” she apologised,
“Charlie? Is that you?” Urs asked
“Yes, yes it is” she whispered
“Are you ok?” he asked
“No, I’m nnnnoooooooottttttttt!!!!!!!!”
“I’ll get Seb,” said Urs, sounding puzzled
“Thanks” said Charlie, breathing deeply.

“I’m sorry Charlie, but I can’t seem to find Seb. What did you want him for? Is it important?” Urs asked, coming back on the phone
“Yes it is. Aaaahhhhh!!!!! That hurt!” Charlie cried again, “I need him here…”
“For what?” asked Urs
“I need,” said Charlie, licking her lips nervously, “I need my husband to hold my hand while I have our baby” she cringed as she said those words
“Oh, I see…” Urs sounded disappointed at that
“It’s coming now!” Charlie pointed out
“Where” he coughed, “are you?” he asked
“I’m in France, Lille”
“Ok, ok. If I can’t find Seb, I’ll be with you in 20 minutes ok? What’s your address?”
Charlie was too stunned to complain as she told Urs the address.

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Chapter Twenty-Three

20 minutes later Charlie heard a helicopter, and looking out the window was surprised to see just Urs emerge out of it alone. He hadn’t changed thought Charlie. Just got even more gorgeous.
“Hi” he banged on the front door, “let me in!”
Charlie opened the door, “Wow! You’re…big!” he noticed her stomach,
“Gee thanks! I am pregnant. Ouch!”
“Here, hold my hand” Urs offered his hand to Charlie, she took it and squeezed, “Come on” he said, “your chariot awaits…”
“Hang on, we’re going in that?” Charlie pointed to the helicopter,
“Quickest way I know!” he smiled, “this your bag?” he noticed the suitcase by the door
“Yes” said Charlie
“Come on then…”

“Where’s Seb?” Charlie asked once in the helicopter on the way to the hospital,
“I have no idea. But I’ve left messages” Urs told her,
“Ok, thanks,” sighed Charlie
“So, you and Seb” said Urs a while later,
“Yes?” asked Charlie
“I’m surprised, that’s all”
“I don’t know why. You left ME at the alter I think you’ll remember” Charlie rudely reminded him.
“Yes, well. I had my reasons”
“HA! Reasons only known to you. Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!”
“Hang on” he squeezed her hand, “we’re almost there….”

“Where’s Seb” Charlie screamed, “he promised me!”
“I’m here,” offered Urs
“You’ll stay?” Charlie asked him
“Of course I will. If you want me to?”
“Yes please. Aaaahhhhh!!”
“She’s nearly here,” the nurse said, looking up at Urs and Charlie, “another push…”
“Aaaaahhhhh!!!” screamed Charlie
“That’s it, nearly here, nearly here…”
“You’re doing great” said Urs
“Where’s Seb?” Charlie asked through the pain
“I’ll go and phone him again…” offered Urs
“No, please. Aaaahhhh!”
“Here she comes,” said the nurse, “aahh! She’s a beauty. Like her parents. Here you go proud father” and the nurse, after cleaning up the baby handed her straight to Urs.
“I can’t…” he said
“Please?” Charlie asked
“Ok. Here you go. Oh, she’s beautiful…” he said, gazing at the small bundle in his arms, “she really is”
He looked at Charlie and smiled,
“Have you thought of a name?” the nurse asked, looking at Charlie and Urs
“Not yet” said Charlie
“Oh well, plenty of time for that. I’ll leave you to it” and with that, the nurse left.

“Why did you stand me up?” Charlie asked Urs,
“If I’d stayed, you’d have never had one of these,” he gestured to the baby in his arms
“Hi. Here at last!” Seb laughed, bursting through the doors just then.
“You missed it!” Charlie told him
“You have a daughter, here…” Urs handed the baby to Seb, “hold her, she is yours after all…”
“Thanks mate” Seb smiled at a not at all smiling Urs
“You…you never told us, that you were married” Urs said to Seb, “or having a baby…”
“We were…keeping it a secret. For now anyway” Seb said
“How…long?” asked Urs,
“9 months” Seb told him
“Honeymoon baby then. I see you forgot me rather quickly then…” Urs said, accusingly to Charlie
“Don’t forget who left who first” Charlie bit back
“I had my reasons” he replied
“Oh don’t make me laugh. Excuses, excuses!” Charlie glared at him
“Yes, well, I think I’ll go now…as you obviously don’t need me” Urs looked at Charlie and then left.

“Sorry, sorry” said Seb after Urs had gone, “guess our secrets out then eh?” he smiled
“Thanks to you!”
“I was, occupied…”
“I hope she was worth it” Charlie told him
“I’d marry her if I could”
“Well now the secret it out, we should get a divorce then” said Charlie
“Yes, maybe we should. I’ll talk to my lawyer,” offered Seb
“Good idea”
“What shall we call her then?” asked Seb
“Oh I don’t know. Something that goes with Martin I think, considering she won’t get to be an Izambard now”
“It could be Buhler, her surname”
“Urs made his choice long ago, before we even knew about her” Charlie said
“But he still loves you…”
“He thinks I’m married to you…”
“You are!” said Seb
“…and that she’s yours!” Charlie finished,
“Oh, I see your problem,” Seb smiled, “I could always talk to him…” he offered
“I doubt he’d listen, or even care now!” said Charlie sadly.

“We thought you’d disappeared forever!” Victoria cried, hugging Charlie.
“That had been the idea,” said Charlie
“But you married Seb, and had his baby” said Victoria
“I married Seb, yes,” Charlie admitted
“And had his baby” Victoria said again, “right?” she asked
“He knew. That’s why we got married. To give Lucy a dad”
“But he’s not…oh! I see…Urs? Right?”
Charlie couldn’t deny it, “Yes” she whispered
“Then why didn’t you tell him?”
“Because he left me, remember?” cried Charlie
“Oh Charlie…” Victoria hugged her again, “its ok. I’m here now”

“You’re back? Oh Charlie…” Joy came through the door carrying a huge teddy bear,
“Hi” said Charlie, “nice teddy”
“It’s for you. From Urs actually”
“Why didn’t he…?”
“Bring it himself?” asked Joy, “because of Seb. Where is he anyway?”
“Talking to his lawyer”
“About what?” Joy asked, before Victoria could
“Getting a divorce”
“A divorce? But the man’s just become a father!”
“No he hasn’t” Victoria told Joy
“Oh hang on, I know I recognised that nose!” Joy smiled, “She’s Urs’ right?”
Charlie and Victoria both nodded, “But he doesn’t know?” she asked
“No” said Charlie, “he doesn’t” she sighed.

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Chapter Twenty-Four

“Charlie! Good to see you!” Carlos hugged Charlie, “cute” he noticed baby Lucy, “doesn’t look like Seb though” he smiled
“I should hope not!” said David, “I just heard the news. How could he do such a thing? Petition a divorce the day his daughter is born! Stupid man!” David shook his head in disgust
“He’s doing what?” Carlos asked
“Divorcing me” said Charlie
“But why?” he asked
“Because he’s met someone he wants to marry,” said Charlie
“He’s married to you, and a father. Does that not count?” asked Carlos
“We had a…marriage of convenience,” Charlie told him and David.
“A what?” asked Carlos, “but I don’t understand…”
“To give Lucy a father,” Charlie sighed
“But her real father…oh, I see” said Carlos
“He walked out and left you,” said David, “so he doesn’t know?”
“No. And it’s not up to anyone of you to tell him. It’s my responsibility ok? Understand?” Charlie asked them both
“Understood,” said Carlos and David in unison.

“Come and stay at the hotel when you get out, ok?” said Victoria to Charlie,
“Is that wise?” Charlie asked
“That way little Lucy will get to spend some time with her father without him realising it” Victoria pointed out
“That’s if he’ll let me be there”
“He will. We’ve already discussed it. Anyway, at the moment he’s angry with Seb for divorcing you!” Victoria added laughing.
“If only he knew the reason!” Charlie then laughed too,
“Mmm, exactly!”

The next day Charlie and Lucy were allowed to leave the hospital. Urs arrived to collect them.
“We drew straws” he told Charlie, “and I won!”
“Oh, I see…”
“You both ready?”
“Yes, thanks”
“Come on then little one” he picked up Lucy’s carry seat
“She’s called Lucy,” said Charlie
“Nice name. Little Lucy” Urs smiled
“Come on then” said Charlie, desperate to leave the hospital at long last,
“Nice of your husband to collect you” said the nurse, wheeling Charlie’s wheelchair
“He’s not my husband…” she told the nurse
“That may be, but anyone can see he’s that little darlings father” said the nurse.

“That’s strange,” said Urs to Charlie a few days later while he sat playing with Lucy, “Lucy has brown eyes, I thought she’d have blue”
“Does she? I hadn’t really noticed” Charlie lied
“I always thought a child would get its eye colour from a parent, and as both you and Seb have blue eyes…” he said
“She might get them from another relative” said Charlie
“Both your parents have blue eyes too…” he said
“An aunt had brown” Charlie lied
“Oh, I see,” said Urs
Urs was quiet for a moment and then said, “So, you and Seb”
“Yes. We’re getting a divorce”
“That’s, what I don’t understand” said Urs, “You’ve only been married 9 months…and now he’s a father…”
“Yes, well. Who am I to know what Seb thinks?”
“I still think its weird,” said Urs
“There were…other factors involved,” said Charlie
“You mean he cheated on you? If you were married to me I’d never cheat”
“Yes, well. You had your chance,” said Charlie
“As I said before, if you’d married me, you’d never have had Lucy. I can’t have children”
“Who…who told you that, that you can’t?” Charlie had to know
“Verity informed me” Urs replied
“And I’m sure you got it all checked out?” Charlie asked. She could tell from Urs’ face that he hadn’t, “then” she told him, “I suggest you do”
“I’ll…I’ll do it tomorrow…”
“I’ll come with you, if you want?” Charlie offered,
“That’s more than I deserve” he replied, “considering how badly I treated you”
“You made it up. You were there when Lucy came into the world. That’s enough to scare any man away, and yet, hey, you’re still here,” said Charlie
“It was an amazing experience, one I’ll never forget. If Lucy has godparents, can I be one?” Urs asked. Her father!
“Err, yeh. Sure” Charlie replied

“Victoria has offered to look after Lucy” Charlie told Urs the next day,
“It’ll make her clucky!” Urs laughed
“Actually I think she and David will make great parents one day”
“Soon hopefully” Urs smiled
“Come on” said Charlie, holding out a hand.
Urs took the hand, “I’m nervous,” he told her
“It’ll be ok” Charlie soothed.

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Chapter Twenty-Five

“Right” said the doctor, “I’ll just need you to provide a sample, in here” he handed Urs a small pot,
“Ok doctor” Urs replied, nervously
“Need a hand?” Charlie offered
“I should say no. But yes please” Urs told her
“Come on then…”

“I haven’t done this in ages” Urs admitted
“Me neither” said Charlie, “not for oh, about 9 months”
“Same here”
“What shall I do?” Charlie asked
“Hold me” Urs asked, smiling
“Is that it?”
“That should do it,” he admitted

“Good, good, a full sample” the doctor smiled when Urs returned the pot. Urs smiled and then blushed,
“I thought there was too much…”
“No, no. The more the better. Results should be back, tomorrow? Ok?” asked the doctor
“Yes, thank you,” replied Urs.

“Results back tomorrow” Urs told Charlie, “thank you, for err…helping me”
“I was glad to be able to help. To lend a hand”
“Yes, well” Urs blushed, “thank you”
“So, you didn’t meet anyone else?” Charlie asked
“No, I couldn’t. I mean, I tried, but they weren’t…they weren’t you” Urs looked at Charlie
“Whereas you and Seb…”
“We didn’t sleep together, I mean, of course we did!” Charlie quickly corrected herself, “But just once” she felt the need to add.
“Once?” asked Urs, suspiciously
“Yes. Just once. He wasn’t, he wasn’t you” Charlie told him, “it just felt weird, sleeping with him. And anyway, once was all it took!”
“And now you’re getting a divorce”
“Yes now we are. We shouldn’t have got married in the first place”
“Why did you?” Urs asked
“Because after you left me, at the alter, I thought no one would ever want to marry me. But then Seb offered” Charlie told him
“So you thought you’d take him up on his offer?”
“Yes. After all, I was a free woman, remember?”
“Yes, well…” said Urs
“Plus we both thought you’d run off with Rhea as she left at the same time”
“I’d already told you, I didn’t want Rhea,” said Urs
“Or me, as it turned out” Charlie replied
“You know that isn’t true. I thought earlier back at the clinic would have told you that”
“You’re a man. How do I know any woman couldn’t have done the same thing?”
“Because they can’t. Hell, Charlie. I felt dead from the waist down since I left you. Nothing, no one has interested me. You’re the only one I want. It’s always been you”
“Always?” Charlie asked
“Ever since we first met,” Urs admitted
“And yet, you never made your move…”
“I was too scared that you’d reject me. Rhea being pregnant gave me the perfect excuse for me to be able to make a move on you”
“I could have still rejected you”
“But you didn’t, and I thanked my lucky stars for that. It was like all my dreams had suddenly come true” Urs smiled
“Oh, really?” Charlie asked
“Yes, really. When Seb and your divorce is finally through” said Urs, “will you marry me?”
“Would you leave me at the alter again?” Charlie asked
“I was mad enough to do it once, I won’t do it again, that I promise. Hand on heart. I love you Charlie, I’d like to be a dad to Lucy”
“Would you?” Charlie asked him
“Yes I would”
“We’ll see” was all Charlie would say.

“Are you coming with me, to get my results tomorrow” Urs asked Charlie later.
“If you want me too” Charlie replied
“I do. Please. Oh and, I was wondering would you and Lucy like to move into my room?”
“Is that wise?” Charlie asked
“I don’t care if it isn’t. I’d like you both here”
“Ok, we’ll come. But on one condition”
“Anything” said Urs
“We’ll come, but I’m not sleeping with you. I’ll share the bed but that’s it”
“Ok. Deal” Urs smiled, “I’ll take that. Just as long as I can at least hold you”
“Will you wear clothes?” Charlie asked
“If I have to, yes”
“Ok. I’ll agree to that”
“Great. Right, you get Lucy, I’ll go and get he cot” and off Urs went, whistling to himself as he went.

“You’re moving rooms eh?” asked Victoria to Charlie later
“Yes, to Urs’”
“He knows?”
“But…” said Victoria
“He wants to marry me again after I’ve divorced Seb”
“He still loves you”
“I’m trying to tell him, about Lucy. But I don’t want to ruin things” said Charlie
“That’s ok. I understand. Just take things one step at a time, and remember, I’m here to help, ok? As is David, Joy and Carlos”
“Thanks. I may need your help soon!”
“Right” said Urs, coming into the room, “that’s the cot all sorted. Clothes?” he asked
“I’ll just go and get them,” said Charlie
“Ok, I’ll take Lucy” he offered who was in Charlie’s arms
“Here you go then” she handed Lucy over
“Come on little Lucy, I’ve a new room to show you” and off Urs went again, Lucy in his arms to show her the room
“He makes a great father” Victoria commented
“I know he does” Charlie agreed.

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*Marriage Of Convenience* By: KazyJay
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