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 *Marriage Of Convenience* By: KazyJay

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PostSubject: Re: *Marriage Of Convenience* By: KazyJay   Mon Nov 02, 2009 10:34 pm

Chapter Twenty-Six

“Every drawer is free, and there’s space in the wardrobe” said Urs as Charlie unpacked
“Thanks. We tend to take up a lot of room!”
“I thought maybe later, I could help feed Lucy…”
“That’s great. Thanks. But she’s not being bottle fed yet”
“Not being…oh, I see!” Urs’ eyes lit up, “could I watch then?” he asked
“You’ve a secret fetish…” laughed Charlie
“No. Just curious” he replied, smiling
“Ok. Do you want to learn how to change her nappy too?”
“Yes please, and change and bath Lucy. In fact, I’d like to learn everything. I’d like to be a hands on dad, if that’s ok with you?” he asked
“I haven’t said I’d marry you yet…”
“I know, but I’d still like to learn. Just in case any of my sisters ever have children” he smiled
“The test results…”
“I’m not crossing my fingers Charlie”
“Well you should be. You may just get a nice surprise” Charlie replied, smiling
“Mmm, all the same” he said

“What time is it?” Charlie asked when Lucy’s crying woke her up,
“Late. It’s ok, you stay here, I’ll get her” Urs offered getting out of bed, “hey little one” he said to the baby, “you hungry again eh? Come here then” he carefully picked Lucy up, “here you go mum” he handed her to Charlie
“Thanks” yawned Charlie
“Does that hurt?” he asked as Lucy fed,
“Sometimes. I know she hasn’t got teeth yet, but it sure feels like she has sometimes. Ouch!”
“Here, I’ll burp her, you go back to sleep” said Urs once Lucy had finished.
“Thanks” Charlie yawned again
She felt Urs get back into bed, “Come here” he said, pulling her into his arms, “Sleep” he whispered as Charlie finally closed her eyes and fell asleep again.

Charlie woke in the morning to find herself in Urs’ arms,
“Mmmm…” she murmured
“Mummy’s awake at last,” he whispered
Charlie opened her eyes to find Lucy was lying next to them,
“She woke and I didn’t want to disturb you,” he explained
“That’s ok, you don’t have to explain” Charlie smiled
“You know,” he said, looking at Lucy, “she reminds me of someone”
“Oh?” said Charlie, “who?”
“I don’t know. Just someone. Certainly not Seb though, I can see you in her but not him” Urs told Charlie
“I wonder whom then?” asked Charlie, as innocently as she could
“I’ll work it out. You go and have your shower. I’ll be ok with this little one”
“Ok, won’t be long” said Charlie.

Charlie came back from her shower to find Urs taking Lucy’s photo with his phone,
“I wanted to send my sister a photo of Lucy,” he explained
“Oh, I see,” said Charlie
“I hope that’s ok?” he asked
“Yes, sure” said Charlie. SHIT she thought to herself!
“Right” said Urs, “that’s sent. Going for my shower, back soon” he said, briefly kissing Charlie on the mouth. SHIT, SHIT, SHIT Charlie thought again. I’m done for! His sister will realise and then he’ll hate me. Damn! I should have told him. But how? Oh Urs, guess what? I know you can father children because here’s the proof! You want to be a father to a child that’s already yours! No adoption needed!

“Right, come on. Time to get the results” said Urs a little later, “where’s Lucy?” he asked
“Victoria is looking after her again,” said Charlie
“Ok, right!”
“Did your, sister send you a reply?” Charlie decided to ask.
“Not yet. Why?” asked Urs
“Oh, just wondered”

“Right Mr Buhler, your results are fine. Plenty of healthy sperm there” smiled the doctor
“Phew!” Urs smiled back, “that’s a relief!”
“See, I knew you’d be ok” Charlie said
“So you did. Sorry” Urs apologised as his phone went off, “thank you doctor” he shook the doctor’s hand
“Don’t thank me. Its you who did all the hard work!” the doctor laughed

“My sister” said Urs, reading the text he had received, “says Lucy looks just like our dad!” he laughed
“Really?” Charlie laughed, “your dad? How extraordinary!”
“Mmm!” said Urs; “Quite” he looked at Charlie, enquiringly. They were back at the hotel now. In Urs’ room.
“I actually need to tell you something…” said Charlie
“Oh, what’s that then?” he asked
“Its about Lucy…”
“She’s ok, isn’t she?” Urs asked, sounding worried
“She’s fine. Its about…her parentage…”
“Well, I know you’re her mother. I was there when she was born!” Urs laughed
“Seb isn’t her father,” said Charlie
“Who then…?”
Charlie looked at Urs, “You are,” she said
“I am…? That’s why you knew, that I could father children…”
“Yes” sighed Charlie
“But you didn’t tell me…all this time, and you never said. Why Charlie? Why pretend Seb was her father?” Urs asked
“Because” said Charlie, “you weren’t there. You left me, I couldn’t find you. I looked, but…I was upset, in shock and Seb, well, Seb offered to be the dad, in name only. Not since before you have Seb and I slept together. I couldn’t. He wasn’t you”
“You could have still told me…”
“Would you have listened? Would you have cared?”
“I don’t know. I don’t know,” said Urs
“See? You left me, without a word. You never tried to find me!”
“I thought it would be no use. I thought I wouldn’t be able to give you children”
“Oh Urs!” Charlie cried, “I love you! Not what you can, or can’t give me. I was marrying you because I love you”
“Love? Don’t you mean loved?” Urs asked
“No, I mean love. I’ll always love you Urs, even though you tried to break my heart. It still belongs to you” Charlie told Urs, smiling at him
“Did I break your heart?” he asked
“You couldn’t. Because even though I didn’t have you, I still had a piece of you inside me”
“My daughter” said Urs
“Yes, your daughter” agreed Charlie
“I love you Charlie” he said, “marry me? Please?” he asked,
“I don’t know…”
“I won’t leave you, not this time. I promise,” he said
“You promise?” Charlie asked
“I do”
“Ok then, I’ll marry you Urs”
“Thank you” Urs said
“Will it be a proper…?”
“Of course it’ll be a proper marriage” Urs laughed, “after all, we’ve brothers and sisters to give Lucy” he replied, holding Charlie close.
“Wish we could start now…” Charlie complained
“Well we can’t. Doctors orders” said Urs
“But I could still…kiss you” said Charlie
“Kiss eh?”
Charlie nodded
“Good idea” Urs whispered, as his mouth touched Charlie’s. Charlie groaned in pleasure and kissed him back, moving even closer to Urs’ body,
“Oh Urs…” she moaned
“Oh no” he pulled away, “no” he said again,
“I could help…” Charlie started moving lower
“No Charlie” he said, pulling her back up, “no”
“But Urs…”
“It’s not sex…” she tried to convince him,
“You know it is, and I said no. Not until the doctor gives his say so”
“Spoilsport!” said Charlie
“You’re worth the wait for. And I can wait for as long as it takes” Urs told her
“Do I have to sleep on my own tonight?” Charlie asked
“No, but we’re both wearing sensible nightwear”
“I don’t own any sensible nightwear…” Charlie told him.

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Posts : 5216
Join date : 2008-12-13
Age : 62
Location : Urs Buhler, The man of my dreams!!
Humor : I found it and as always the joke is on me!!

PostSubject: Re: *Marriage Of Convenience* By: KazyJay   Mon Nov 02, 2009 10:37 pm

Chapter Twenty-Seven

“But you slept with Seb…” Urs said
“No I didn’t. We had separate rooms the whole time” Charlie told him,
“Good” said Urs, nodding his head, “good” he said again
“What shall I wear then tonight?” Charlie asked
“I’ll lend you a t-shirt,” replied Urs, “and” he added, “you’ll wear knickers”
“I always do”
“Mmm, I remember,” said Urs, smiling at the memory, “here” he handed Charlie a t-shirt, “for tonight”
Charlie held it up against her. It came way down past her knees,
“Thanks honey” Charlie replied, gazing at Urs.

“On second thoughts…” said Urs when Charlie put it on,
“What?” asked Charlie
“I think, you should wear a tracksuit instead…”
“Because” he coughed, “you look too sexy in that”
“In your t-shirt?”
“Yes” he coughed again
“Anything wrong?” Charlie asked
“I think” he replied, “I think I need a cold shower…”
“Thought they don’t work?”
“They don’t” Urs admitted, “but I need one anyway…” and off he went to the bathroom.

Charlie dialled her doctor’s number,
“Hello doctor?” she said, “how soon after giving birth can I, resume relations?”
“How old is your child?”
“Five weeks now”
“Any complications at the birth for you?”
“No, none” Charlie told the doctor.
“Then, you should be fine. Just remember, precautions. Unless you want another baby in 9 months time!” the doctor laughed
“Thank you doctor” Charlie told him before putting the phone down.
Charlie walked into the bathroom. Urs was in the shower, shivering under the cold water.
She undressed, and opened the door,
“Hi” she said, stepping inside
“Wha…?” he asked
“Hang on, lets warm up the water first…” Charlie changed the dial from ‘cold’ to ‘warm’, “that’s better” she moved towards Urs
“You shouldn’t be in here!” he said, backing away from her
“I can. I phoned my doctor. He’s given me the all clear,” Charlie informed him
“Oh…I see” his eyes widened, moving closer again,
“Here” Charlie handed him a condom,
“Unless, you want Lucy to get a brother or sister in 9 months time!” Charlie laughed
“That wouldn’t be a bad idea” Urs replied, pulling Charlie close to him, “if” he added, “you’re up for it?”
“I am” Charlie looked him up and down, “and so I see” she winked, “are you”
“Only for you. Come here…”
“I love you Urs,” said Charlie
“And I” he picked her up, “love you”

“If you stand Charlie up this time” David warned Urs, “I will personally beat you to a pulp!”
“I won’t. I promise” Urs replied
“You’d better not”
“I won’t” Urs said again, “Victoria has already threatened me with a blunt spoon!”
“Doesn’t sound too bad…” laughed David
“Oh no?” Urs asked, “she said she’d cut ‘my brains’ out with one!”
“Your brains?” asked David, “oh, I see!” he winced, “Ouch!” he muttered, attempting to cross his legs at the same time!
“Exactly!” Urs agreed, also wincing, “anyway I was mad enough to do it once. I won’t do it again”
“You missed how beautiful Charlie looked as well,” said David.
“Oh, I saw that. I was watching when she arrived. I thought if I never get to see Charlie again then at least I’d remember how beautiful she looked on our wedding day” Urs smiled at the memory. He had second thought when he had seen her that day, but he’d still gone through with it, and broken her heart, or so he thought. Luckily little Lucy, his beautiful daughter had stopped that from happening. Luckily. Or he would have never been getting this second chance.
“I’m still planning on keeping both eyes on you until tomorrow!” David said, “The wrath of Victoria was enough the first time!”
“I know. I remember when I came back” smiled Urs. Good old Victoria. She’d stuck up for her friend. Trying to find out the reason Urs had done what he’d done. Badgering him about Charlie. Never letting him forget her. Not that he’d ever want to. All that time he’d never stopped loving Charlie. He couldn’t. She had his heart, his soul. His life in her hands.
“I’ll be there tomorrow” Urs reassured everyone who had asked him, “I did it before, I won’t be a fool again”

“Right, David has just phoned,” said Victoria, “he and Urs are already at the church” she told Charlie
“They’re early…” said Charlie
“We put him under church arrest this time” Victoria laughed
“We also threatened him with several breakages” agreed Joy
“Breaking what?” Charlie asked
“Oh, just about every bone in his body should he try and stand you up again” Joy told Charlie
“And who would…?”
“We’d take it in turns” said Victoria
“The face?” asked Charlie
“We’d leave that to you!” Victoria replied, laughing, “right” she said, “ready?”
“As I’ll ever be” said Charlie
“Oh wow! You look amazing…” Victoria and Joy both agreed
“Thanks girls. It’s all down to you” Charlie said
“And that fantastic dress, thanks to Urs” said Victoria
“He really does have a fabulous taste in clothes,” Joy agreed.

Charlie walked down the aisle on her father’s arm. He took her and presented her to her very own Clark Kent,
“Hi” Urs smiled, behind his glasses
“Hi Superman” Charlie replied. Urs winked and removed the glasses
“That’s better” she remarked
“You look…stunning” he whispered
“You too!” Charlie agreed
“Why, thanks!” he battered his eyelashes. Charlie laughed. She couldn’t help it. She was just so happy.
“So Mr Buhler” she whispered, “I’ve got you at last”
“Yes Mrs Buhler” Urs agreed, “so you have”
“No escaping me now…”
“I was a fool to do it before”
“You had your reasons” Charlie reminded him,
“Unfounded ones” Urs replied
“That’s all behind us now”
“You, and I’m glad it is”
“I love you Urs “ Charlie told him
“I love you Charlie” Urs whispered, and then when the vicar announced,
“You may now kiss the bride” Urs most certainly did.
“I’m yours forever” he whispered
“I hope so. I don’t intend on returning you” Charlie laughed as everyone clapped, “Congratulations!”.


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*Marriage Of Convenience* By: KazyJay
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