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 *Remember Me* By: KazyJay

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PostSubject: *Remember Me* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 1:02 am

Remember Me
Cast listUrs Buhler.
Sebastien Izambard.
David Miller.
Carlos Marin.
Ingie_J - Ingie
FranMillerIzambard - Fran.
Carlos’ cutie - Cydalia.
Angie_swe - Angie.


He was having that dream again. She was here. He could smell her. Taste her. He remembered holding her in his arms. Kissing her. Touching her. Making love to her, with her. He remembered everything except two things - what she looked like and her name. He could never remember them. Try as hard as he might to remember. They always slipped away. Like a dream. Was it a dream? He couldn’t remember. It seemed so real. He tried to hold onto her. But no. She was slipping away again. He reached out towards her.
‘No. Stay. Please.’ he tried pleading. But then he made the mistake of blinking and she was gone. He groaned out loud, waking himself up.
Where was he? Seb woke up in a strange, confusing place. He couldn’t remember. It looked to be a hospital room. He was laying in a metal bed. The surroundings looked clean, white, plain, dull, cold.
He tried to move his head from the pillow but it hurt just damn too much. Made him wince out loud. Thank god he was alone with just an annoying machine which kept beeping for company. It wouldn’t do to show any type of emotion or pain in company. Especially not in female company. He had an image to uphold. Or at least he thought he did. And that just wouldn’t do for his reputation. Then he heard what sounded like a door opening. Then a voice. Male.
‘Aah, Mr Izambard, I see you’re awake.’ the male voice said.
‘Yeah.’ he croaked, his throat feeling sore, very dry and itchy for some reason.
‘I’ll get you a nurse.’ the male voice, obviously a doctor of some kind said. He pressed a button and, as if by magic, a woman in uniform appeared, holding a glass with a straw sticking out of it. She held it to Seb’s lips. He sucked. Aah. Cold water. Perfect. He drank it down like a victim once lost in the desert. While doing so, he looked at the woman. The nurse. Although she was wearing a sexy nurses uniform the woman in question was actually rather ugly. He winced to himself. Then the straw, empty glass and nurse was gone.
Seb yawned. Feeling extremely tired all of a sudden.
He felt his eyelids growing heavy.
‘Yes, you sleep again.’ the doctor advised. He pushed some buttons, checked a chart, wrote something down, and as Seb feel asleep again, left the room.

The next time Seb woke, it was dark. But he wasn’t alone. Someone, a man by the looks of it , sat in a nearby chair, reading something. A magazine. Seb let out a groan.
‘Seb?’ the guy in the chair asked, looking up from his magazine towards the bed.
‘Yeah.’ he managed.
‘I’ll get the doctor.’ he stood up, placed the magazine down and left the room. Before he had left, Seb had noticed his hair. It was longish in length. Curly. Who was this man? How did he know Seb? He tried to think. Nope. It was too hard. His brain actually hurt. He lifted his hand to his head. Weird. He felt a bandage on his head. How had that happened? Nope. Again it was too hard. He couldn’t remember. He looked down at himself. He was covered by some sheets but he could just make out something on one leg. Had he broken his leg? But he couldn’t have done. Seb didn’t remember breaking anything. Or at least he thought he hadn’t done. Again it was weird. Too weird for words.
The door opened again then. The doctor from before was back, along with the curly haired guy and two others. A tall one who looked rather thin and a dark skinned guy. The dark skinned guy one winked at him. Seb didn’t wink back. Who was he? Winking at Seb like he knew him. Honestly.
Someone switched the lights on. Seb noticed flowers. A lot of them. And balloons too. ‘Get well soon.’ the balloon’s read.
‘How are you feeling Mr Izambard?’ the doctor asked while shining a bright light into his eyes to check his pupils. No damage. Thank god.
‘Almost blind.’ Seb grumbled.
‘Thank god.’ Mr winker laughed, ‘he’s OK.’
‘Of course I’m OK.’ Seb snapped.
‘You OK Seb?’ the tall, thin guy asked.
‘Yeah. Sure. Whoever you are.’
‘Seb, its me. David.’ tall one smiled.
‘Nope. Have we met?’ Seb asked. He felt confused. Just who was this David? And these other two guys too? Seb didn’t know them. Should he know them? He didn’t think so.
‘Right, Mr Izambard. I’m going to ask you a few questions, OK?’ the doctor smiled.
‘OK.’ he didn’t want to nod. His head still hurt too much.
‘What date is today?’ the doctor asked.
‘Err….28th November.’
‘Its…’ Seb was useless on years. He thought for a moment, ‘its….1998.’ he finally told the doctor.
‘Aah.’ the doctor nodded, ‘it seems as thought you have amnesia.’ he was told.
‘What? Why?’ Seb asked.
‘Its 2008 Seb. Not 1998.’ curly haired one said.
‘And who are you…?’ he asked.
‘Urs.’ he smiled.
‘Urs.’ he repeated.
‘Urs.’ Seb said.
‘That’s it. Urs.’ he nodded.
‘And…how do I know you…?’ Seb asked.
‘We’re in a group together.’ Urs smiled.
‘Group…? What sort of…?’
‘We’re called IL DIVO.’ dark skinned spoke.
‘And you’re…?’ Seb asked.
‘Carlos.’ he wiggled his eyebrows.
‘IL DIVO?’ Seb repeated.
‘Yes.’ David nodded.
‘And what sort of group is…IL DIVO?’
‘We sing.’ Urs said.
‘Opera.’ David nodded.
‘We sing. In Italian. Spanish. French. Operatic style.’ offered Carlos.
‘I don’t remember…’ Seb attempted to shake his head then silently winced in pain. He had forgotten his head hurt.
‘You will. You will.’ Urs soothed.
‘Hope so.’ he sighed.
‘So do we all.’ Carlos also sighed. ‘So do we all.’ he repeated.
The doctor made Urs, David and Carlos leave then. Seb needed his rest he told them all.
But after they had left, rest was the last thing Seb felt like doing. What had happened? All of a sudden, for some crazy reason he had managed to lose what…10 years of his life? 10 years! Crikey. It was a lot to take in. 10 years. Gone. Just like that.
Seb tried to think. What had he been doing for this to happen? The last thing he could remember was…falling. But down what and how? Nope. It wouldn’t come to him. He sighed. Loudly. Then closed his eyes. He wouldn’t sleep. He knew he wouldn’t.
But he did. And he dreamt again. About HER. Just who was she? She seemed oh so familiar. But then again she didn’t. He could remember holding her in his arms. Kissing her. Tasting her. Being inside her. But he couldn’t remember her name or even the sound of her voice. But Seb was sure he loved her.
He called out to her in his sleep. But it was no use. She still slipped away. Again. That kept happening.

When he woke, Carlos was there again in his room.
‘Hi mate.’ he wiggled his eyebrows in a friendly manner.
‘You still don’t remember.’ Carlos sighed.
‘Um…no. No. I don’t.’
‘OK, well, the doctor did say we could tell you stuff, things. To help you remember.’
Seb was in shock. What had this man Carlos just said? That he, Seb, was a ladies man? No. No. He couldn’t be. Seb couldn’t remember ever being that. No. Not him. Carlos must have got the wrong man. Seb couldn’t even remember Carlos let alone what he either was, or wasn’t supposed to have been since the accident. It was rather laughable in a way. That such a minor accident could have caused such a major thing. Major memory loss. Amnesia the doctor had said. And all because Seb had tripped down a flight of stairs while being chased by some fans. Fans of what, Seb didn’t know. Who was this IL DIVO group he kept hearing about? Nope. It was no good. Seb just couldn’t remember anything. All he remembered was being 25 and hungry for fame. Success. Now he was suddenly 35 and successful at what he did. 10 years he had lost. 10 years. Over one, simple, pathetic little accident. Wow. Oops!

While Carlos was with Seb, trying to help him regain his memory and fast, David and Urs were with Simon Cowell. Having an emergency meeting. It was no good. They were stuck. Without Seb being in the group there was no IL DIVO. But he couldn’t remember. It was a disaster. They really were stuck. So much for their tour. The accident had happened on the very first night of their world tour. Some fans had gone a little crazy. Chasing them all. Seb had slipped down a flight of stairs to get away from them. Not only did he have what looked to be major memory loss but also a broken left leg and a sprained right wrist. The broken leg by itself would have been OK. But there was just no way around the lack of memory. Sure, songs could be re-learnt. But it was a lot to ask. Especially as the doctors didn’t even want to let Seb out of hospital for at least another week. Two at most.
‘We’ll have to postpone.’ Simon sighed after a long time thinking various things over. There was just no other way around it. Postpone thee tour or cancel? At least postponing meant that they were still hopeful it could go ahead, at a later date.
‘Sorry.’ Urs felt the need to apologise.
‘Unless you personally caused Sebastien’s accident, don’t apologise. These things…happen. Occasionally.’ Simon shrugged.
‘We’ve insurance, right?’ David asked.
‘Oh yes.’ Simon nodded.
‘Phew.’ David breathed a sigh of relief.
‘Right, according t the doctors report, it should take Sebastien….at least six weeks to recover.’ Simon looked at the doctors report on the desk in front of him.
‘His memory?’ Urs asked.
‘His memory, and the use of his leg again.’ Simon nodded.
‘What are we going to do…in that time?’ David asked.
‘Help Sebastien regain his memory. Its in your best interests he does, and as quickly as possible.’ Simon advised.
‘Right. OK.’ Urs and David nodded in unison.
But how? That is one thing they didn’t know. How they were going to help him. But it needed to be done. For the sake of their career. For the sake of IL DIVO. For the sake of their friendship too as a group.

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PostSubject: Re: *Remember Me* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 1:03 am


Urs was glad Seb was in this particular hospital. Not that he wanted his friend to be in hospital. But to be in this particular, private hospital, made it easier. Easier for Urs. He could visit Seb and then go and visit her.
He was with her now. She looked so fragile. So delicate.
He ached to reach out a hand, to touch her. But he was afraid of waking her up. So instead he sat back and just watched her sleep. She didn’t move about a lot. At least not as much as Urs thought she might. She looked so peaceful Urs noticed. She had a dimple on her cheek. It looked kissable. But again he resisted the temptation.
‘Visiting time is almost over Sir.’ the friendly nurse informed him.
Urs checked his watch and groaned a silent groan. He had to go. He stood up.
‘I’ll be back tomorrow.’ he whispered to her before regrettably leaving. He hated leaving her. He vowed - once all this was over that he would never leave her side again. Urs sighed and walked away. Head down. This was the hardest part he had come to learn. But he’d be back. Tomorrow. For that he was certain. He’d be back. Tomorrow. Early tomorrow.
‘How is she…?’ David asked. He had been waiting outside, in the corridor.
‘No change.’ Urs sighed.
‘But the nurse said that’s a good thing.’ Urs attempted to think only positive thoughts.
‘OK.’ David nodded.
‘So, Seb then.’ Urs said.
‘Yes, memory loss.’
‘Simon wasn’t very happy…’
‘I know, but at least we’re insured.’ David said.
‘I know, but…’
‘And Seb being…well, it gives you a little more time with…’ David gestured to the room Urs had just been in.
‘Yes. Yes it does that, doesn’t it.’ Urs agreed.
‘So there is an upside.’ David smiled.
‘Yes. An upside.’ Urs agreed again.
They went back to the hotel then. To their own rooms. To think. Both had things to think about. Both had secrets.

Carlos was compiling a list for Seb. To help him remember. It was a list of all the women Carlos could remember Seb dating since Carlos had known him. Which, in four years, was quite a list. Carlos’ wife, Cydalia, was helping. It was quite funny in a way. Considering how Carlos and Cydalia had met. She, herself had been an ex of Seb’s. They had dated for two weeks. Then Seb had introduced Carlos and Cydalia to each other. He did that occasionally. When Seb liked a woman but didn’t want to date them anymore but wanted them to be happy with someone else. Seb had even been best man at their wedding.
Cydalia had been a great girl. But not quite his type. She had been miles too nice. Probably much too nice for Carlos too. But…he had still fixed them up. Done his matchmaking. Carlos and Cydalia had been married for nearly three years now. Three years. They had been trying for a baby for two. Unsuccessfully so far. Had both had the tests. Both were fine. They just needed time now. To conceive. Time and no stress. Easier said then done. Carlos had been considering asking Seb for help. To lend his sperm. But he could hardly ask that now. Especially not with Seb’s memory loss. Carlos could hardly go around asking his best friend something that personal when the man in question couldn’t remember them even being friends. Let alone anything else. Besides, Cydalia didn’t know what her husband had been thinking either.
Anyway, back to the list with Cydalia’s help there was a total of eight names down. Eight. Fara. Roberta. Jenny. Karen. Rebecca. Amelia. Lucinda. Angie. All, as women went totally different to each other.
Carlos had Seb’s mobile phone. He, with Cydalia’s help, decided to ring each lady. To get them to go and visit Seb while he was in hospital. To, hopefully, help Seb regain his memory. Cydalia rang each lady. She outlined Seb’s memory loss problem and managed to convince each of them, somehow, to come and visit Seb.
Carlos had wanted to do it. But he knew that when it came to women, Cydalia had the magic touch. Being that she herself was also a woman and so could easily sympathise with what they could be going though.
That, successfully done, he and Cydalia sat back and waited.

David was making a phone call. A rather difficult one.
Something bad had happened. David had committed a sin.
Now it was confession time. He had to confess. All this guilt was slowly driving him insane.
‘Err…Janet?’ he asked his girlfriend down the phone.
‘David, darling.’ she smiled down the phone on answering.
‘I…I need to tell you something.’ he told her.
‘I heard about Seb. If its about that.’ Janet said.
‘No. No….its not about Seb. Its about Fran…’
‘Oh? Have you heard from her?’
‘Why….?’ David asked.
‘She’s gone missing.’ Janet sighed.
‘I’m really worried about her David…’
‘She’s old enough. And…’
‘Yes, she’s my big sister, but I’m still worried. I mean, anything could have happened.’ Janet sighed.
‘You don’t need to worry….’
‘Oh David. But that’s just it. I do!’ she interrupted.
‘….because I know where Fran is.’ David continued.
‘Oh?’ she asked.
‘It’s the reason I’m calling…’
‘David. Tell me!’ his soon to be ex-girlfriend demanded. David could just picture her. Stamping her foot. Lips formed into a pout. Waiting. Waiting.
David took a deep breath. ‘Fran…is here, with me.’ he finally said.
‘What? What do you mean? with you? But why?’
‘She’s….I’m….’ David tried to say the words. Words which were sure to break Janet’s heart. But it couldn’t be avoided. Not anymore. It needed to be said. Needed to be told. ‘Fran and I are in love, with each other.’ David finally managed to speak the words.
He received silence first. Then, after the words had suck in, laughter. Cruel sounding laughter.
‘Stop joking with me David!’ Janet laughed at him.
‘I’m not joking.’
‘You, and Fran. Together! Honestly!’ she laughed again.
David looked towards where Fran sat, on the bed besides him. Chewing at her nails. Looking worried.
He lightly smiled at her then handed the phone over.
‘Hello Janet.’ Fran nervously spoke down the phone to her sister.
Suddenly the laughter stopped.
‘You bastard. You BITCH!’ David head Janet scream down the phone before it went dead.
Fran threw down the phone and started crying.
‘Honey.’ David gathered her into his arms. ‘Honey.’ he started rocking her back and forth. ‘Honey.’ he soothed as she continued crying.
‘She hates me…’ Fran sobbed, ‘hates me…’
‘We shouldn’t have…I shouldn’t have…’
‘I should have never…oh god. What have I done?’ Fran cried, trying to push David away. But he held on tight. He loved Fran so much. He refused to let her go ever again. It had been a mistake, dating Janet in the first place. He had always loved Fran. Had always wanted to be with Fran. Ever since the start. But Janet had made her move, and being asked, by Fran, to be nice to her sister, David had gone along with it. He had been nice to Janet. But only because he had wanted to get close to Fran. Except it had gone a little wrong. Janet had grabbed hold of David and wouldn’t let go. So David had gone along with it. Until it had become too much. He couldn’t let this continue.
Being with one sister while he was in love with the other. Sure Janet was nice. But Fran was everything he had ever dreamt of. She was only 5 foot tall. David could pick her up in his arms easily. He could imagine going for long walks with Fran. Walking along the beach. Fran tucked up under his arm. She had big brown eyes. They looked like chocolate. With long flowing shoulder length brown hair. For David it had been love at first sight. But he had thought she wasn’t interested in him. Because of her sister. But the opposite had been true. Fran had loved David at first sight too. But she had cared too much for her sister. Fran and David had been friends. Nothing more. Nothing less. Until one fateful day. When Fran had been sick. Janet had supposed to be her nurse maid until she had got too bored. She had gone out to have some fun. Leaving Fran alone. Fran, suffering from the flu had fallen down. Luckily David had come to her rescue. He had picked her up. Had acted like nursemaid. Had taken care of her. She had been dozing, or so David had thought, when he had confessed his love for her. Fran had heard this and had replied, ‘I love you too David.’ which had pleasantly surprised him. They hadn’t done anything about it. They couldn’t do. Not while David was dating Janet. It wouldn’t be fair. Cheating behind her back. So instead they had made a plan. Fran would join David on tour. He could confess all to Janet before they went. But then Urs had needed David and so telling Janet had been the last thing on his mind. But, as planned, Fran had joined David. Hence the phone call now to Janet. Not a great way to tell her. But, it was done now.
All he had to care about now was looking after Fran.
Making her happy. Cheering her up. Making her see they had done the right thing. Finally. They were free. There was nothing now in their way to stop them from being happy.
David pulled Fran further into his arms. He held her as close as he could. Soothing her all the while.
It was done now. Janet may hate him and Fran. But at least they were no longer lying about their feelings. They were no longer living a lie. It was all out in the open now. Janet would get over it. David and Fran could be together.

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PostSubject: Re: *Remember Me* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 1:05 am


It was early. Probably too early. But Urs didn’t care. He was back at the hospital again. He needed to be with her. He missed her like crazy when he wasn’t here. He couldn’t eat. Couldn’t sleep. Couldn’t concentrate on anything. Couldn’t relax until he was with her again. He had never felt like this with anyone before. It was amazing how someone so small could evoke all these emotions from him. Quite amazing. He gazed in awe at her tiny form. God. She was so perfect. So delicate. So completely amazing. He reached out a hand. Made contact with her hand. She grabbed hold of one of his fingers. Wow. She had such small hands. His little finger barely fitted in her grasp.
‘Isn’t she amazing?’ he asked the nurse.
‘She sure is Mr Buhler.’ she agreed. Her name was Ingela. But she liked being called Ingie. She was rather cute Urs had noticed that first time. 5 ft 2ins tall. Auburn coloured hair and brilliant green eyes. She was left handed Urs had noticed. He wondered if Catie would be a leftie. Or right handed. He wondered what colour her eyes were. She hadn’t yet opened them. She had dark hair. A small patch. But it was definitely going to be dark. Like his was.
But Urs shouldn’t be thinking about that yet. They had tons of time before he had to worry whether Catie would be right, or left handed. He gazed at her again. To watch her breath. Watch her chest lift up. Then down. Then up again.
‘I’ll leave you to it now Mr Buhler.’ Ingie gently touched his shoulder before leaving him to it. Alone at last. With his daughter. It was funny that. To think he had a daughter. A wife too come to think of it. Not something he had ever wanted in his life. To be tide down to just one woman. But it had happened. And all because she had uttered those fateful words one day not that long ago.
‘I’m pregnant.’
Urs had visibly shaken at that. God. She had been pregnant. Expecting his child. Well. He really was now well and truly stuck. Married to someone he didn’t even like let alone love. But he couldn’t leave. He had a child to look after. His daughter. Named Catherine after his favourite actress, Catherine Zeta Jones. He had named her. He had had to. Because ever since she had been born, Elizabeth, known as Beth, his wife, and daughter’s mother, hadn’t cared. Catie had been premature. Born by caesarean. She was currently in an incubator. Fighting for her life. Urs was worried. But Beth didn’t care. Not at all. It was like Catie didn’t exist to her. Bitch. Urs was with Catie now. Touching her through the incubator she was laying in. to Urs, she was the most perfect thing he had ever seen. Small but perfectly formed except from her lungs. But they were getting bigger every day. Developing. Urs had taken to praying. It was working. At least he was convinced it was working. Fingers crossed.

Cydalia was taking a test. A pregnancy test. Every time she and Carlos had sex she took one. Just to check. She had a secret stash in her underwear drawer. She bought them in bulk over the internet. Yet again she received another negative result. She sighed a loud, disappointed sigh and threw the test in the bin. Then she thought better of it. She gathered the test and packaging up, placed them into an old used carrier bag and took them to the hotel incinerator. Cydalia hated staying in hotels. But she loved being with Carlos. So everywhere he went, she went too. The things you do for love she thought. Postponing all her hopes, her dreams, for Carlos. But it was worth it. Or she used to think it was. But her fingers still itched to do the one thing she had trained at college for. To be a reporter. Not a job she could really do while married to someone famous. Especially as she wanted to investigate stories and reports on people like George Clooney. Brad Pitt. Angelina Jolie. Oh well. She’d do it. One day. She had made a pact with herself. One more year of trying to have a baby then it if didn’t happen she’d divorce Carlos and go and pursue her dreams of being what she wanted for once. It would be hard - leaving Carlos. But that was the only way she could see herself doing her dream job. Being single at the same time. Oh well.

Seb still couldn’t believe who he was supposed to be. A ladies man of some kind. He couldn’t see it himself. He stared in the mirror of the private bathroom. He had limped here, on crutches. His left leg was still in a cast. Seb stared at his reflection. He noticed lines around his eyes that he could swear hadn’t been there before. Then again, the last time he had looked at himself in the mirror, he had been 25. Now he was 35. So many missed years. Where had they all gone to? Wait a minute. Was that a grey hair he had just spotted? Right at the temple on his right side? Or just a trick of the light? He couldn’t be sure. He squinted. Yep. Definitely grey hair. God. No. He needed some hair dye and quick. Before it all became all too much. Before anyone else noticed.
‘Seb, you in there?’ Carlos called out to him.
‘Yeah, I’m here.’ he murmured.
The bathroom door opened and Carlos’ head appeared, ‘Found a grey hair eh?’ he smiled.
‘I’ll give you Lucy’s number. She is fabulous with hair dye.’ Carlos said.
‘Right…OK. Thanks.’ Seb carefully nodded. Yep. His head still hurt sometimes. Although he was taking pain killers for it regularly now. The ugly nurse bought them in every four hours. Seb had given up that this hospital employed cute nurses. Certainly none of the ones he had seen had been anything but bug ugly. Oh well. He wasn’t at the hospital for the nurses. But to get well again. To regain his memory somehow.
Leaning on his crutches, he hobbled back into his room. Carlos had disappeared but in his place was a woman. A rather cute looking woman.
‘Hello Seb.’ she said on seeing him.
Whoever she was, she obviously knew him. OK. Pity he didn’t know her thought.
‘Err…hi.’ he smiled lightly.
‘Carlos told me you were…in here.’ she gestured to the room.
‘So I am.’ he shrugged, sitting down on the bed. Glad to be off his feet once again.
‘Don’t you remember me Seb?’ she asked.
‘Err…no. No. Sorry. I don’t.’
‘I’m Rebecca.’
‘Well, hello Rebecca.’
‘I’m your…well, one of your ex-girlfriends.’ she explained.
‘Err, OK.’ he nodded, ‘How long did we…date for?’ he asked.
‘In all…three months.’
‘Not long.’ Seb realised.
‘No. You don’t like dating for too long.’
‘Oh. OK….why?’ Seb asked.
‘Just in case we get the wrong idea.’ Rebecca snapped.
‘Wrong idea?’
‘Permanency ideas.’
‘You mean…’
‘Yes. Seb. Marriage.’
‘I don’t do…?’ he asked.
‘You’re looking for ‘’THE ONE’’ which…’
‘I’ve not found yet.’
‘So you don’t do dating for long. For fear of missing…her.’
‘Sorry.’ Seb apologised.
‘Don’t. I got over you a long time ago.’
‘Oh….OK.’ he shrugged.
‘I’m married now anyway.’ Rebecca held up her left hand. Showing a wedding ring and engagement ring on the forth finger. They looked new. Shiny.
‘Do I know him….?’ Seb asked.
‘You introduced Toby and I.’ Rebecca smiled.
‘Toby?’ the name sounded…familiar somehow. Like he had heard it before.
‘Toby is one of IL DIVO’s musicians.’
‘Oh. Right. IL DIVO.’ Seb nodded. Them again he thought.
‘You’re a member of…’
‘I know.’ he interrupted, ‘they told me.’
‘So, do you remember me? At all?’ Rebecca asked.
‘No. Sorry.’
‘Right. OK.’
‘Sorry.’ Seb apologised again.
Rebecca nodded then walked away. She left Seb wondering why she had come. For what reason? Who had asked her to come here? Was it a test? To help Seb remember who he was? Because except the name Toby nothing else had triggered a bell or a memory. Oh well. Seb sighed to himself. Slightly disappointed. He so wished he could remember. It would solve a lot of unanswered questions. Like who was that woman he kept dreaming about? Would he ever meet her face to face? He so hopped so. She was bugging the life out of him. Who was she?

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PostSubject: Re: *Remember Me* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 1:06 am


Ingela Muller, Ingie to her friends and those who loved her, loved children. But she was determined never to have any of her own. She loved looking after people too. So she had chosen a career in which she could combine both in her life. Hence her being a children’s nurse. She loved her job. Thought it was the best job in the world. But also heartbreaking occasionally. She became so attached to the children and babies she looked after that when the few unfortunate ones died or they were lucky enough to leave the hospital she often found herself in floods of tears over their loss. Be it happy or sad. It was the only downside of her job. Attachment. But it also made her perfect at what she did. Many of her patients parents thought she should win awards for what she did. But Ingie never felt like she deserved any rewards. Especially when a child she had personally been looking after died while on her watch. That is why she was wary of getting too attached to Catie Buhler. That sweet, beautiful premature baby. Ingie felt that she wouldn’t bare losing her.
That is why, when Urs Buhler, Catie’s father came to her with a proposition she seriously considered it.
He needed, he explained, someone to look after Catie. Someone he trusted. And he liked and trusted Ingie.
‘But what about your wife…Catie’s mother?’ Ingie asked, feeling rather puzzled. Catie had a mother. Didn’t she? She was bound to have one. But where was she? In all this time Ingie had been looking after Catie, since she was born, Ingie had never seen or heard no sign of a mother.
‘What about her?’ Urs asked in return.
‘Catie does have one, a mother, doesn’t she?’
Urs sighed, ‘Yes.’
Ingie waited. She wasn’t going to pry. Urs would tell her. Sooner or later.
Urs took a deep breath. He looked down at the floor. It was time to tell someone he felt. What he had to say wasn’t nice nor pretty. But, if Ingie was going to come and work for Catie and him, she had to know it all.
‘Catie’s mother, Elizabeth, Beth, she…she doesn’t want to know about her. About Catie.’ Urs sighed.
‘What? Why not?’ Ingie gasped in surprise.
‘As you know, Catie was premature…’
‘Lots of babies are.’
‘She was born by caesarean…’
‘Some are, yes.’ Ingie nodded in acknowledgement at this.
‘Beth never bounded with Catie…’
‘That’s no excuse. There is still time.’
‘Let me put it another way.’ Urs sighed.
‘Your wife never wanted your child.’ Ingie guessed.
‘Yes.’ he nodded sadly.
‘Then why get pregnant in the first place?’ she asked.
‘To trap me I guess, into marriage.’
‘Which of course, you did. Marry her.’
‘I had to. It was my duty.’ Urs sighed again.
‘Mmm.’ was all the comment Ingie could make. She could hardly say what she really wanted to say. After all she had a job offer to consider.
‘So, the job offer?’ Urs asked, looking straight at her.
‘You still want me to work for you…?’ Ingie, slightly surprised, asked.
‘Of course I do. Like I said, I need someone I trust, to look after Catie. And I trust you.’ he lightly smiled.
Ingie considered this for a moment. Then she nodded, ‘OK.’
‘OK?’ Urs asked, sounding hopeful.
‘OK. I’ll take the job.’ she confirmed.
‘Thank you.’ Urs smiled, breathing a sigh of relief.
‘When do I start work?’ Ingie asked.
‘As soon as Catie is well enough to leave the hospital.’
‘And if her mother turns up, and decides she wants in on her daughters life?’
‘We’ll handle that, if it ever happens.’ Urs decided.
Not that she would.
‘When it happens.’ replied Ingie.
‘If.’ he corrected.
‘OK.’ she nodded, ‘if that happens.’ she nodded again.
Right. OK. Now Ingie had to try and act professionally.
She was going to be employed by a gorgeous guy. But, she was only going to be there, to do her job. No other reason. She wasn’t there to fancy her boss. To fall in love with her boss. But to look after his very beautiful baby daughter. And that was it. To look after Catie. Nothing else. Remember that Ingie. Remember that and only that. She was a beautiful child. She looked just like her daddy. Ingie wondered what coloured eyes she had. Brown? Hazel like her daddy’s? Ingie hoped, she, Catie would open her eyes soon. She would. Soon. Every day Catie was getting stronger. Her lungs developing. It was good to be able to see Catie grow and develop under her own watchful gaze. Ingie vowed to protect this little miracle baby girl with her life.

Fran was having second thoughts. Third thoughts. Forth thoughts even. What had she done? Was she completely mad? Or just slightly crazy? In one fateful moment she had gone and done the one thing she once vowed never to do. Break her little sister Janet’s heart. And all over a man.
OK, the man in question was rather special. But still.
It shouldn’t have happened. Fran shouldn’t have let herself fall in love with the wonderful man who was David Miller.
Then again, how could she have prevented it? David was just her type. Tall. Well over 6 foot tall. Blue eyed. Brown hair. He had such a beautiful smile. Just one look melted Fran’s heart. Made her heart beat a hell of a lot faster. Her legs wobbled. When David was around Fran couldn’t think. Couldn’t concentrate. She had tried to live without him. But she just couldn’t. Without David she couldn’t breath. But them being together might make sense, but it also was breaking Janet’s heart. When Fran was a youngster she had always wished for a little sister. Janet was born when Fran was 3. From that moment on she had made a vow - to protect Janet from heartache and pain. No matter what. And Fran had stuck to it. Until David had come along. He had been the only man to come between Fran and Janet. He was something special.
Fran had fallen in love with David on first sight but she had taken a step back once she had noticed Janet’s interest also in him. Fran would have rather died of a secret heartbreak over David then hurt Janet. And she would have done. Until Fran had got sick and David had come to her rescue like a night in shining armour. From that moment on, when David had uttered those magical words, ‘I love you Fran.’ and she had returned, ‘I love you too David.’ instead of keeping her mouth shut and denying it everything had changed. Now her secret love was out and he felt the same way there was no way of hiding it. At first they had tried seeing each other behind Janet’s back, but then the guilt had become too much. So David had mentioned the tour. About them running away together. At first the idea had seen rather crazy. Then it had grown on them. OK, at least then they wouldn’t have to lie anymore. But in telling Janet had seriously upset Fran more than she had thought it would do. It had all gone wrong. Seriously wrong. She now needed to find a way to put it all right before it went too far.
But it was hard. Trying to resist David. The man of her dreams. The love of her life. He was temptation himself. He and Fran had already done the one thing she could never take back. They had slept together. OK, even Janet had never gotten that far with David. But still. The damage was done.
It had been like a dream. Being in David’s arms. Kissing. Touching. Being kissed. Being touched. Making love. Like a wonderful dream come true.
‘Sweetie.’ David groaned in his sleep. He reached out. Pulling Fran back into his arms.
‘I love you so much David.’ Fran whispered.
‘I love you too.’ he murmured, snuggling her even closer.
How could she even be considering giving this man up? And for what? Oh yes. For love. For the love of her sister. Or, to be more precise, to win her sister’s love back again. If Fran could win Janet’s love back. But she would certainly give it a try.

Janet was fuming. How could such a thing have happened? And to her of all people! And, to make it even worse, done by her own sister! Betrayed by her own flesh and blood. By Fran. Who would have thought. Of all the people? Fran. Janet charged around the apartment she shared with Fran. Looking for something of her sisters to destroy. But she found nothing. No clothes. No possessions of Fran’s at all were to be found. She hadn’t noticed it before. Strange. It was almost as though Fran had planned this beforehand. The little…BITCH! Janet swore in her head. She clenched her fists. She wanted to extract revenge and to extract it now. She didn’t want to have to wait. Bloody, bloody….aaah! Then she had an idea. She decided to go and pay David, and Fran, a visit. OK, she didn’t know exactly where he was in the world as his group, IL DIVO, were currently on tour. But she knew the tour company. She made one phone call and a few moments later had all the information that she needed. Dates and locations where David was going to be at any given minute. That done, she phoned a local airline and made reservations. She was off to England. A country she had never visited before now and had no intention of visiting. Oh well. The things you did for love Janet thought as she started packing.
She packed only her best stuff. Her sexiest underwear. Her expensive, most glamorous designer outfits. Janet wanted to look her best for David. To show him what he had given up. And what, if he was very lucky, could win back with a lot of care and attention. Janet wasn’t going to give up without a decent enough fight. Here I come David Miller she thought. The best thing you could ever want to be with. Here I come. And you had better watch out.

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PostSubject: Re: *Remember Me* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 1:09 am


Seb was reading a letter someone named Fara had sent him. He had been rather surprised to receive anything. Let alone a letter. It was surprising that people knew where he was. And who he was when he couldn’t even remember himself.
She, Fara, seemed to know him, from what he could read. Although, Seb had no idea at all who she was. He read though the letter again. This Fara wanted to come and see him. OK, he could do that. He found his mobile phone. He scrolled thought it. It seemed as though Seb already had Fara’s mobile number. OK. Weird but OK. He pressed the ‘’Call’’ button. Feeling surprisingly slightly nervous.
Fara answered on the second ring, ‘Seb, I’m guessing you got my letter then.’ she said after he had identified himself to her, which, he guessed from the way she reacted to his voice he had no need to do really.
‘Err…yes, yes I did.’ he replied.
‘So, can I come to see you then?’ Fara asked.
‘You do know that I don’t actually remember you, don’t you?’ he felt the need to tell her. To point that little fact out to her.
‘I know.’ she replied, ‘Carlos did tell me, along with Cydalia.’
‘Err…who is Cydalia?’
‘Carlos’ wife.’ said Fara.
‘Carlos, is married?’ Seb asked, sounding more than a little surprised at this development. Carlos certainly had never come across as being married. A womaniser certainly. Married? Err, no.
‘Yes. Didn’t he tell you?’
‘Err…apparently not. No.’
‘Strange. Considering who actually introduced them.’ Fara said.
‘Who did…?’ Seb asked.
‘You of course.’ Fara laughed down the phone.
‘Right…OK.’ he slowly said, digesting the information.
‘So, I’m coming to see you then.’ Fara then said.
‘Yes, I’ll….probably still be in hospital though.’ Seb warned.
‘That’s OK. I don’t mind hospitals.’
‘OK, so, I’ll…see you soon then.’ Seb said before cancelling the call.
OK. So this Fara was coming to see him then. Whoever she was. How did Seb and she know each other? Suppose he would find out soon enough. Whoever she was. However she knew Seb. He wondered what she looked like this Fara? Would she be cute? Would she be that woman he kept dreaming about? He hoped he would find her soon. Before she completely bugged the life out of him.

Cydalia and Carlos were in bed. Having sex. Sometimes, but not always, Cydalia fantasised. While in bed with Carlos. About having sex with other men. Oh, not on her own. But with Carlos there too at the same time. It helped. To get Cydalia in the mood. Not that Carlos didn’t do a good job of it. But still. Every relationship needed a little help along the way. Occasionally.
In this particular fantasy, Cydalia was wearing a very sexy negligee. While being kissed by an almost naked Urs. Yes. Urs. Secretly Cydalia fancied him. Although she would never let that out. Cydalia was happily married, sort of. To Carlos. And Urs, well, Urs had Elizabeth. Bitchy Elizabeth. But Urs seemed to love her. Cydalia remembered being at the wedding. The rather rushed wedding. Anyway, back to the fantasy. Urs was topless, covered in what looked to be baby oil. His hairy chest looked all wet with sweat or something…He was wearing a brief pair of trunks. Which were straining at the front with his erection. My. Even in Cydalia’s fantasies Urs was a big boy. But not as big as Carlos was. Carlos was there too. Completely naked. Laying on the bed. One hand touching his penis. Pulling and rubbing it. Masturbating while watching Cydalia and Urs kiss.
As Urs kissed Cydalia he fondled her breasts. Rubbing her already hard nipples. Making her crazy with lust and wanting.
‘Oh Cyd…’ Carlos let out a moan as the hand at his penis got faster. He was near orgasm Cydalia knew. She clawed at Urs’ naked chest as he pulled his mouth away.
‘Go for it.’ Carlos groaned as he watched his friend cover a breast with his mouth. Cydalia clutched at his head as Urs pulled his well fitted trunks down. His erection sprang free. Cydalia opened her legs and then gasped in utter surprise as Urs slipped himself into her wetness.
‘Yes, yes, that’s it. Yes.’ Cydalia moaned out loud, closing her eyes in ecstasy.
She opened her eyes. To find Urs gone and Carlos in his place. He was deep inside her. Moving in and out as he covered Cydalia’s neck and face in kisses.
She looked around for Urs. But could see no sign of him. Oh well. Fantasy over. Back to reality.
‘Oh god…yes Cyd. Yes.’ Carlos groaned as he came.
A moment later Cydalia came too.
‘That, was so good.’ Carlos snuggled into Cydalia’s neck.
‘Mmm….it was, wasn’t it?’ she agreed. She had come rather fast this time. Those fantasies sure did help her sex life Cydalia thought. It was only a pity she couldn’t make the fantasy a reality. Oh well. At least with fantasy you couldn’t get hurt or hurt anyone. Carlos had no need to know about Cydalia’s….preferences for other men. Not that Cydalia would ever cheat on Carlos. But still. And certainly not with Urs. Although, given half the chance…then again. No. No. Urs had Elizabeth. They were happy. Weren’t they? Or were they? Then again, since their quickie marriage Cydalia hadn’t seen Elizabeth. Which, was strange when you thought about it. Cydalia had thought that she and Elizabeth were friends. Cydalia decided to give Elizabeth a call. To see how she was. But not now. Later. Now she was with Carlos. Laying in his arms. A place she so loved to be.

Urs was thinking back to when he had first met Elizabeth. He was back in his lonely hotel room now. Visiting time having been over for a while now. He hated leaving Catie there, all alone in that incubator. He couldn’t wait for the day when he could take her home with him. Then he would never have to leave her ever again. Oh well. Back to Elizabeth he thought. She had been, at the time, a model. Was still a model as much as he knew. They had met backstage at an IL DIVO concert. It was lust at first sight. Certainly not love. Never love. Elizabeth had been rather stunning to look at. Tall. Blonde haired. Blue eyed. Long legs. She was taller in stocking feet when she stood next to him. She wiggled when she walked. Fluttered her eyelashes when she talked. Licked her lips constantly. To moisturise her mouth or lips whatever Urs had never found out. At first it looked sexy. Then it just irritated him. Her little giggles after every sentence irritated him too after a while. So did her hair flicking. But at first it turned him on. It was like being hypnotised. Like he had been under some kind of spell.
Not that they had had anything in common. At all. Except of course for sex. They had had a great sex life. At been at it every minute of the day. Up until Elizabeth had dropped her, ‘I’m pregnant.’ bombshell. That had woken him up. But he had done the honest, gentlemanly thing. He had asked her to marry him.
‘Oh, really?’ she had squealed, fluttering her eyelashes.
‘Err, yes.’ he had stood by the decision.
‘OK, I’ll marry you.’ she had agreed.
But she hadn’t been too keen on keeping the baby. She had wanted to abort it straight away. Urs had taken everything he could to persuade her to keep it. It was either keep the baby or the marriage was off.
‘If I have to.’ Elizabeth had moaned.
Marriage and a child it was then.
Urs had almost rushed the wedding. He had made Elizabeth sign a contract too. Only David ever learnt the reason for the marriage. Everyone else had been under the impression that it had been a love at first sight thing.
Cydalia had been bridesmaid. Urs and Elizabeth had married a few weeks later. The earliest they could fit it in. They had to be married before the bump had started to show. Then Elizabeth had almost disappeared. She had hated being pregnant. Hated it. She had kept moaning and groaning about being fat and bloated. Being a model, Elizabeth never carried any excess weight. She had had to for the baby. Not that she had eaten well. That is why when Catie was born she was premature. Elizabeth had almost been starving her own baby. The doctors had just got her out on time. By caesarean. Leaving an unfortunate scar. A small one. But still a scar.
Since Catie had been born, Elizabeth hadn’t visited her daughter once. Not once. She didn’t care. On the day Catie had been born she had served Urs with divorce papers. She was now no longer pregnant. So had no need to be married anymore to Urs.
He had taken it surprisingly well all things considered. ‘Divorce?’ he had asked, ‘OK. Just as long as I can keep Catie.’
‘Who?’ Elizabeth, Beth, had looked at him blankly. She didn’t even know her daughters own name.
‘Your daughter.’ Urs had informed her, sighing a big disappointed sigh at the same time.
‘Oh. Her. Yeah. Sure. She’s all yours. Besides I have my career.’ she hadn’t even cared. Not at all.
Urs had gotten his lawyer to write up an agreement. Soon he would be a divorced father. OK, he could handle that. No problem. Anyway, now he had Ingie working for him. Lovely Ingie. He fancied her. He knew he shouldn’t. But he couldn’t help it. She was rather cute. Everything Elizabeth wasn’t and had never been. Which, was a lot considering.

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Ingie was telling her friend about her new job choice. They were sitting in Ingie’s small flat, talking over a cup of coffee. Amy and Ingie had known each other for three years so far. They had met while working at the hospital. Amy worked with older patients. She was actually only working while waiting for the man of her dreams, the rich man of her dreams to come and rescue her from the boring thing she called her life. Amy was rather stunning to look at. Whereas Ingie was auburn haired, Amy was blonde. A natural blonde. She had short spiky blonde hair and deep brown eyes. Legs up to her armpits and a spiky attitude to match her sharp false blood red nails. Every man Ingie knew fancied Amy. She attracted the men like flies around a honey pot. Not that Ingie was ever jealous of all the attention Amy received. In fact Ingie was just glad that she didn’t receive the same. She liked being the type not many men noticed. Well, not that she knew noticed her anyway.
‘You’ve done what?’ her friend, Amy, exclaimed on hearing the news.
‘I’m going to be a private nanny, to a really cute little baby.’ Ingie smiled, repeating for a second time what she had just announced.
‘Yeah, I’ve heard that part. But why for gods sake?’ Amy stared at Ingie like she had never seen her before.
‘It’s a job of a lifetime. My dream job.’ Ingie tried to explain.
‘Still. I thought you loved the hospital.’ Amy tried again.
‘I do, but…’ Ingie shrugged.
‘You are mad. Mad. Do you know that? Completely mad.’ Amy declared, flexing her cat like fingernails.
‘My dream job.’ Ingie tried again, being to lose patience with her friend now.
‘OK. What’s the catch then?’ Amy asked.
‘The…the what…?’
‘The catch?’
‘There is no catch.’ Ingie nervously laughed.
‘Oh no? so why the nervous laugh then?’
‘I….I didn’t.’ Ingie tried to defend herself.
‘Yes you did.’ Amy accused.
‘OK, so what if I did? I’ve nothing to hide.’ Ingie shrugged.
‘OK, what’s the father like then?’ Amy tried.
‘He’s….nice.’ Ingie fiddled with the spoon she had used to spoon sugar into her coffee cup.
‘Nice?’ Amy narrowed her eyes at her friend. Nice? Nice? What did that mean? what was Ingie hiding? She must be hiding something. Hmm.
‘Cute I suppose.
‘Name?’ Amy asked.
‘Urs.’ she said without thinking.
‘Oh my god!’ Amy squealed, ‘URS?’ she screamed now.
‘Surname…’ Amy swallowed then uttered the name, ‘Buhler?’
‘How did you know…?’ Ingie gasped in surprise.
‘Lucky guess. I love, LOVE his group!’ Amy squealed again. Oh my god! Urs Buhler? That sex god? And Ingie was going to be working for him? Oh my god! It was like a dream come true for Amy. Her dream man. He was here, somewhere in the hospital. Oh my god! Why hadn’t I ever practiced in childcare Amy thought? Then I could have won his heart….bloody, bloody…aaahhh!
‘Eh…what group?’ Ingie stared at Amy like she was talking rubbish. Or something like that.
‘IL DIVO!’ Amy squealed for a third time.
‘You mean that group you like…’
‘I’ve seen them in concert. Three times! Oh my! To be able to work with Urs Buhler…’ Amy swooned, holding her hands to her chest, hands clasped together. She fluttered her eyelashes. Amy had everything. CD’s. DVD’s. Calendars. Books. Magazines which had featured IL DIVO in them at one time. Posters. Had scarves. T-shirts. Every television programme they had ever appeared on stored on DVD. You name it, Amy had it, or wanted it. She was a crazy, crazy fan.
Ingie was just about to ask her friend, did she have something in her eyes, when the fluttering stopped. ‘Can I meet him?’ Amy suddenly asked.
‘Meet who…?’ Ingie blinked.
‘Urs!’ it came out like an excited squeal.
‘My boss…?’ Ingie blinked again.
‘Err….no. I don’t think so.’
‘Why the hell ever not?’ Amy spat.
‘Because he’s going to be my boss, and I need to act professionally.’
‘Spoilsport.’ Amy sulked.
‘Do you want me to lose my job before I’ve even started it?’ Ingie asked the most sensible question she had ever asked her friend before.
‘Of course I don’t!’ Amy laughed.
‘Well then…’
‘All I want is just one little meeting…’
‘No Amy. No.’
‘Oh…’ she tried sulking again.
‘No Amy. No.’ Ingie now said in a more stern voice.
‘But…’ her friend tried.
‘I’m not going to….to jeopardise my job before its even got started.’ Ingie said in a voice that meant business.
Amy sighed. A big sigh. But Ingie refused to be moved.
‘OK. OK.’ Amy held her hands up in surrender, ‘I understand.’ she sighed again.
‘If I could I would, but…’
‘You’ve got to act professional.’ Amy nodded and sighed, ‘Eh, wait a minute…if you’re looking after Urs Buhler’s child, then that means….he has a wife, or a partner of some sort.’
‘Yes he does.’ Ingie nodded.
‘Which is it then?’
‘Professionalism stops me from answering that question.’
‘Oh…’ Amy sulked again.
‘Not bugging.’ Ingie warned.
‘OK. OK.’ Amy sighed once again and then, finally shut up.

Carlos was worried. More than a little worried if truth be told. He was starting to be convinced that Cydalia was either cheating on him or starting to cheat on him. He came up with this crazy idea because every night after they had had sex, just recently, she would curl up away from him and hug herself. Like she was hiding something from him. He doubted to think what. Plus, she would sleep with a rather dopey happy looking smile on her face. Like she knew something he didn’t. Like a secret. Why would she suddenly start hiding things from Carlos? Didn’t she love him anymore? So Carlos was worried. He didn’t want to lose Cydalia. He loved her more than life itself. He would rather die than lose her. She held his heart in her hands. Carlos loved Cydalia more than he loved life. Without her he wasn’t anything. He needed her to breath. But if she was either cheating or thinking of cheating on him he didn’t know what he could do to stop her. To make her stay. What could he do? What could he say? All words had deserted him. All logic too. He, Carlos Marin, was besides himself with deep, intent worry. He had tried. Several times. To try and talk to Cydalia. But he just couldn’t. It all seemed crazy. He wanted to talk to Seb, his best friend about the way he felt, but, he couldn’t even do that now. For Seb didn’t remember. But, Carlos, decided to give it a try anyhow. Who knew, talking to Seb may jog his memory. It was worth a go.
‘Seb, I need your help.’ Carlos spoke on entering Seb’s hospital room. He was dressed today. In a t-shirt and jeans. The last few times Carlos had been with Seb he had been wearing either a hospital gown or pyjamas. Borrowed pyjamas. Seb wasn’t the type to sleep in anything, apart from his bare skin. David had provided the pyjamas. They had fit but had been a little big in the leg.
‘What’s your problem?’ Seb asked. He had been sitting on top of his bed, looking over IL DIVO’s official website on this new fangled laptop he seemed to own. It looked complicated. All these buttons and gadgets to press, seeing if anything would cause a memory to help him remember. So far nothing was working. Technically Seb wasn’t actually allowed to access the internet while at the hospital, but he was in a private room and so such things were allowed. At certain times during the day.
‘I think Cydalia is cheating on me…’ Carlos sighed.
‘Eh? Who is…Cydalia?’ Seb blinked, closing his laptop and looking at this man in front of him who was supposed to be his friend. Not that Seb could remember. Yet. But he hoped to. One day. Oh well. It would come to him. Everything would come back. Sooner, or later…he hoped so. Before he went completely mad.
‘My wife.’
‘You’re married?’ Seb was having a temporary problem with his short term memory at the moment. But it was only a temporary problem which would soon sort itself out. He hoped.
‘Yes, we’ve been married for a few years. You introduced us.’ Carlos told him.
‘Oh. Yeah. I think I remember that Rebecca saying something…’ Seb mumbled to himself. Carlos, it seemed, wasn’t listening to what he had to say.
‘Anyway, I think she’s cheating on me….’ Carlos repeated, sighing to himself.
‘What gives you that idea?’ Seb asked.
‘Oh, little things….’
‘When she sleeps. She sleeps with a smile on her face. Like she’s….she’s hiding something from me…’
‘That doesn’t mean thought…’ Seb tried.
‘But I think she is.’ Carlos defended.
‘Any other evidence then…?’ Seb then asked.
‘Little things…’
‘Like….?’ Seb asked again.
‘Oh I don’t know.’ Carlos shrugged.
‘You need evidence. Solid evidence. Before you confront…’
‘Cydalia.’ Carlos provided his wife’s name.
‘Yes, before you confront Cydalia.’
‘But I don’t want to confront her…I don’t want to lose her.’
‘Then forget all this stupid cheating thing.’ Seb suggested.
‘I can’t…’ Carlos sighed.
‘You have two options. Confront her….or…’
‘Or…?’ Carlos asked.
‘Or…forget about all this.’
‘But I can’t just forget…’
‘Then confront her then man!’ Seb exclaimed.
‘I’m stuck, aren’t I…?’ Carlos finally realised.
‘Err…yeah.’ Seb answered, sarcastically.
‘Um….thanks for the…advice.’ Carlos smiled.
‘Do you usually come to me for…?’ Seb asked.
‘No. Normally it’s the other way around.’ Carlos gave a little laugh.
‘I come to you…?’
‘Several times.’ Carlos nodded.
‘Oh….when?’ Seb asked, interested to know.
‘When you’ve been caught…double dating shall we call it?’
‘Double dating….?’
‘OK. Cheating would be a better word.’
‘Oh. I was that bad…?’ Seb blinked in disbelieve at this. He cheated? On who? With who? Why? Why? So many questions and only he could answer them. All he had to do was unlock the secrets hidden inside his brain. Before he went completely mad. Chance would be a fine thing he thought sarcastically to himself.
‘Seb, mate, you were worse.’
‘God. Sorry.’ he apologised. ‘I promise I’m a changed man.’
‘I’ll believe that, when I see it!’ Carlos smiled.
‘Oh I am. I am. This amnesia, it’s a whole new start for me.’ Seb nodded.
‘As I said, I’ll believe that, when I see it.’ Carlos repeated.

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PostSubject: Re: *Remember Me* By: KazyJay   Tue Sep 08, 2009 10:39 pm


The next day Seb was allowed to get dressed all by himself. For the very first time. Before the rather ugly nurse had helped him to dress and undress as Seb wasn’t still a 100% while standing on his own two feet by himself. It had been rather humiliating. Having someone else, especially a woman, help him change.
‘You’re old enough to be my son Mr Izambard.’ the ugly nurse had told Seb. She was called Nurse Susan Newby. She was in her late 60’s. Grey blonde hair. Small brown eyes. Short but stout looking. She had a habit of wrinkling up her nose when she was helping Seb do anything. At first Seb thought it was because she didn’t like him but then he realised she did it no matter what she was doing. Helping him wash. Dress. Or even to change clothes. Or his bed sheets.
‘Can I go for a walk?’ Seb asked Susan once she had supervised, but for once not helped him to dress.
‘Suppose it would be OK. Just as long as you use your crutches.’ Susan warned.
‘Yes Madame.’ Seb saluted.
Susan actually blushed at that.
Crikey Seb thought. She is real after all. Amazing!

Seb hobbled on his crutches down the corridors. He had no particular place to go. Just fancied a walk and a little fresh air. As he walked he noticed the ‘Special care baby unit.’ He decided to stop and have a look. Just for something to do. To pass the time. Not that Seb was bored. Well, he was bored. Stiff bored.
One baby caught his eye. He blinked twice at seeing the name. Buhler. That name was familiar. Catherine Buhler the baby was called. He noticed the name badge attached to her cot thing she was in. She looked rather cute. Dark looking hair. Seb took a closer look.
‘Sir, you know Catie?’ a rather beautiful nurse, with the name tag reading, ‘Ingela Muller.’ appeared as if by magic.
‘No, but the name sounds familiar…’ Seb gazed as Catie’s chest moved slowly up then down. Up then down.
‘You’re Mr Izambard.?’ Ingie asked.
‘I am. Yes.’ he carefully nodded. ‘How do you know me?’
‘Your friend Mr Buhler mentioned you.’ she smiled.
‘Who?’ he looked blankly.
‘Mr Buhler.’ Ingie repeated, ‘Mr Urs Buhler.’ still Seb gave a blank look, then Ingie said, ’Urs.’
‘Oh. Urs. Yes.’ Seb nodded, ‘So that means Urs is… Catie’s father.’
‘Yes, Sir.’
‘I didn’t know Urs was a father…’
‘Little Catie was born a week before your accident, Sir.’
Urs had told Ingie. All about Seb. About his accident. The amnesia he was currently suffering from.
‘Wow….she’s so small.’
‘She was premature.’
‘Is that why she’s in…there?’ Seb asked, gesturing to the incubator Catie was still in.
‘Her lungs are a little…underdeveloped.’
‘Oh no.’ Seb interrupted.
‘But, she’s getting stronger every day.’ Ingie smiled.
‘So she won’t die….?’
‘No. She won’t die.’
‘Thank god. She is beautiful.’
‘Yes, she is, isn’t she?’ Ingie asked.
‘Does she…take after her mother?’ Seb asked.
‘I don’t know Sir.’
‘You don’t…?’
‘No Sir.’
‘Why not…? She didn’t die, did she?’ Seb carefully asked.
‘No Sir. Catie’s mother didn’t die.’
‘Phew.’ he breathed a sigh of relief.
Seb spent the next half hour gazing at Catie in her incubator. He sang softly to her. Nursery rhymes he could vaguely remember someone once singing to him when had been younger. A baby. When Ingie said he could touch her he did without hesitation. He placed a finger in her hand which she grasped hold of.
‘You have such a strong grip little one.’ Seb smiled, ‘keep that up.’ he whispered to her.
As Seb sat touching Catie he got a flashback. An image came to his mind. Not of a baby. But of…of being on a stage. Looking at someone. Music playing in the background. Then, suddenly as the image came, it was gone again. But at least it was something. Seb felt his eyes go fuzzy. He felt really tired all of a sudden. He yawned.
‘Mr Izambard, there you are.’ came Nurse Susan’s voice.
Seb yawned again. ‘Come on sir. Time for your nap.’ Susan helped Seb into a wheelchair and pushed him away from baby Catie. Before they reached his room he was fast asleep. Snoring softly to himself, mouth slightly open.
An orderly helped Susan place Seb in to his bed. He looked rather peaceful, when he slept. Susan smoothed Seb’s hair and tucked him in. It was like looking after her own son, not that she had one. She had two daughters. Both with no inclination of ever wanting to get married. Oh well. Mustn’t grumble she thought. At least both her children could remember clearly everything. Unlike poor Seb. Suffering badly from amnesia.

Seb dreamt again. Of her. He could swear she was haunting him. In his dream she said her name. But when he woke it was like she hadn’t told him. Because he couldn’t remember. Again. It was driving him crazy. He could swear that he was starting to lose it. Whatever ‘’IT’’ was!
When Seb woke he realised something. Just how much he had missed. Urs was married? And had a small baby? Wow! If only I could remember Seb thought. If only I could remember. But try as hard as he might he couldn’t. Just couldn’t. Every time he tried to remember it just hurt way too much. He would get a searing pain just behind his eyes. Suppose I need an eye test Seb thought as he squinted at the newspaper in front of him.
He was in the process, or rather trying, to read a local newspaper. They had a section in it about IL DIVO. Seb was learning a lot of new things about this group. That still seemed weird. To think he had a group. That he was a member of a group. A successful group at that. Wow. How times had changed he thought.
‘Hello Seb.’ came a voice. A female voice.
Seb looked up from the newspaper. He blinked. Wow. Cute he thought.
‘Err…hi.’ he smiled.
‘Fara.’ she said, ‘I wrote to you…’
‘Oh yeah. Yeah I got the letter. You’re here…’
‘I did ask to come. Your did phone me…’
‘I do remember. I do.’ Seb nodded.
‘Great. Great. So…how are you then?’ Fara asked.
‘Um….OK, I think.’
‘Great.’ she smiled. Wow. This Fara had such a lovely smile he noticed. When she smiled it was like someone had suddenly turned on a brilliant bright light. Wow.
‘But I don’t recognise you…I mean, I know you wrote to me and all that, but, but…’ Seb mumbled. God. He realised that she was rather tall. And skinny. And beautiful. Can’t forget beautiful.
‘We used to date.’ Fara supplied how she knew Seb.
‘We did…?’ he blinked in surprise. This cute woman, dated him? Wow. OK. Wow. ‘Err….how long did we date for…?’
‘Three…‘ Fara stalled, ‘no,’ she thought again, ‘four…weeks.’ she ended with.
‘Weeks? Not months?’ he asked, slightly disappointed. You mean to say Seb thought to himself that he let this gorgeous sexy looking girl go after just four weeks? What on earth was wrong with you man?
‘No. Weeks.’
‘But you’re…cute.’
‘I obviously wasn’t that cute Seb. You dumped me for someone else.’
‘Oh…sorry.’ Seb apologised. ‘Um….who did I dump you for?’ he asked.
‘Roberta.’ Fara sighed.
‘And that lasted…how long?’ who was Roberta? Seb couldn’t remember any Roberta. Oops. Obviously another one from his past. He wondered just how long he had dated Roberta for? Long? Weeks? Months? Years?
‘Two months.’
‘Oh….sorry.’ not long then. Oops! Maybe Carlos was right. Maybe Seb really was a ladies man! Oops! It was certainly turning out to be that way.
‘No. Don’t apologise. It because of you that I met Felix.’ Fara smiled.
‘Felix…?’ Seb asked. Sounded like a cat name he thought.
‘Urs’ brother.’
‘Felix…is Urs’ brother?’
‘Older brother. Yes.’
‘And I…introduced you to…to Felix?’ Seb asked.
‘You sure did.’ Fara smiled again.
‘Oh. Right. OK.’ he nodded.
‘We’ve been married for a year now.’ Fara gently touched her stomach, as if she were protecting something.
‘Wow. OK. Married. OK.’ he nodded again.
‘You were the guy you gave me away.’
‘Rebecca said I was her best man..’ Seb mumbled.
‘You’ve seen Rebecca again?’ Fara asked, sounding surprised.
‘Yes, she came to see me…’
‘Surprising.’ Fara nodded.
‘Why?’ Seb asked.
‘Oh, nothing.’
‘No. Please. Tell me?’
‘Rebecca cheated on you, with Toby.’
‘Her husband Toby…?’
‘That’s the one.’ Fara nodded.
‘Mm. She never told me..’ he mumbled.
‘No I didn’t think she would do either. So, now, do you remember anything? Like….like me?’ Fara asked.
Seb gazed at her for a moment. Then sighed, ‘No. Sorry. Nothing.’
‘Oh. OK.’
‘Sorry.’ he repeated.
‘No, its OK.’
‘Yes, Seb?’
‘Have a nice life with…with Felix.’ Seb smiled.
‘Thanks Seb. You too. I hope you get your memory back soon.’
‘Yeah, me too.’ he lightly shrugged and smiled.
Fara returned the smile then turned and walked away.
So. That had been Fara then. Cute Seb thought again. Really cute.
And in looks wise she had been totally different to Rebecca. Rebecca had been blonde haired. Blue eyed. Whereas Fara was beautiful. Brown haired and eyed. Light brown skin. Very, very cute. No wonder that Felix had wanted to marry her. Seb wondered if Felix and Urs looked anything like each other. He decided to get out his laptop and look Felix Buhler up. Not that he found him but still. What he did find was Urs though. And Urs’ wife. Or rather, as he read, squinting at the screen, Urs’ soon to be ex-wife. But, strangely enough Seb could find nothing on Urs’ daughter. He looked up Catherine Buhler and Catie Buhler. No matches found. Strange. Weird. Oh well he shrugged. No big deal. Catie obviously wasn’t old enough to be news worthy. Yet. Oh well.

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PostSubject: Re: *Remember Me* By: KazyJay   Tue Sep 08, 2009 10:40 pm


Janet was in England now. Without realising it, she booked into the very same hotel that IL DIVO themselves were staying in. On the same floor as David and Fran were. In fact her room was right next door. But Janet didn’t know this. When she had booked in, she had had a vague idea that David might be staying in this very hotel and had tried to find out which room he was booked in. But David hadn’t booked in his own name so the reception girl had no idea that a David Miller was staying here at this particular hotel.
After unpacking her clothes, which Janet personally hated doing herself, she had a bath, washing her hair, waxing her legs and bikini line. Pampering herself in preparation to win back her man. Or as she had started calling it, ‘Operation David.’ Her mission - to get David and to rid him of Fran whether he wanted riding of her, or not. Janet didn’t particularly care. She wanted David and nothing was going to stop or prevent that. After her long pampering session she got out her laptop to search for any information which could come in handy. She found a newspaper notice which mentioned Seb’s accident and the actual hospital he was at. Perfect Janet thought. Perfect. Just what I need. A way back in to David. She contacted the hospital. To find out which private room Seb was in. Then she ordered a big basket of stuff for him. Kind of like a ‘’Get well soon basket.’’ The only thing the website didn’t mention was what Seb was in hospital for. Well, he already knew Janet so that wouldn’t be so hard. Then she dressed to impress. Choosing the right outfit. Mini skirt. Tight top. Sexy underwear. Janet knew Seb was a ladies man. A flirt. And she was going for maximum impact. She wanted to knock his eyes out. Easier to wheedle information out of him then that way. Once he was wrapped around Janet’s little finger he would be putty in her hands. It would be much too easy. Oh well. Janet put her hair up - showing of her long neck. She applied make-up. Painting it on. When done she sprayed perfume on herself, winked at her reflection then left to go and wow Seb.

As Janet wiggled her way out of the hotel she almost bumped into Fran walking into it. Luckily Fran spotted her first and hid out of the way. Fran blinked in surprise. Had she been making it up? Or was Janet really here? Then again, how had she found them and what was she doing here? Did David know? No. Fran doubted that. She knew David. She trusted David. He would tell her if Janet had contacted him. Wouldn’t he have? Fran hugged her little package to herself. Oh god. Oh god. Janet being here was like her worst nightmare come true. No. No. Fran must have been seeing things. She blinked. Took a deep breath and walked to the elevator. She had a test to take and she didn’t need the added stress of imagining that her sister had come to stalk her and David.

Every time Cydalia and Carlos had sex, she took a pregnancy test the next day. Each time she received the same result. Negative. Until today. She looked at it. Blinked. Then threw it away thinking it was faulty. But it wasn’t. Not that Cydalia was to know. Until she started feeling sick at odd moments.
The next time she took a test she started to believe that the result was right. Oh my god! She was pregnant. At long last she was actually pregnant! Miracles did happen. Amazing. Bloody amazing! Then again, the last few times she and Carlos had had sex she had been thinking about someone else. Urs Buhler. Maybe that was all she had needed. Was to imagine someone else, and… BINGO! Instant pregnancy! Easy peasy. Now, she just had to keep her little secret from Carlos, her husband. Oh, not about the pregnancy, but the fantasy part. He must never find out. Never. Ever. Or it really would signal the end of their marriage. Oops!

Urs was back at the hospital. Watching in amazement as Ingie fed Catie. Normally a baby would be fed on expressed breast milk, but Elizabeth who had completely washed her hands off her own child had refused to do anything like that. So, instead Catie was on a mixed formula. Ingie was having to feed Catie while she was still in her incubator. Being fed through a small tube. It was still rather fascinating to watch. Ingie was so caring and gently towards Catie. And not just to Catie. But to other babies too. Urs had personally witnessed her, earlier, looking after another small baby. This one was about 8 or 9 months old. The child, a little boy, was in hospital with a broken leg. He had been in a car accident in which a drunk driver had smashed into his mothers car. His mother was currently in a coma. But getting better every day.
It was good to see someone else take care of Catie. To know that she was loved.
‘Oh, your friend was in here earlier.’ Ingie smiled up at Urs.
‘My friend…?’ he blinked.
‘The amnesia guy. Seb?’
‘Oh. Right.’
‘He was surprised, to find Catie.’
‘Yeah, well, guess I never got around to telling him, or Carlos.’ Urs sadly nodded.
‘Carlos?’ Ingie innocently asked.
‘Err...yeah. David, Seb, Carlos and I. We’re kind of…in a group together. Named IL DIVO.’
‘Never heard of them.’ replied Ingie. Which, wasn’t a complete lie. She hadn’t. Not really. OK, Amy her friend had kept going on about them, but that didn’t mean Ingie had been listening at the time.
‘Anyway.’ Urs shrugged, ‘we sing. Songs. In Italian. English. Spanish. French.’
‘Oh. OK.’
‘So, Seb met Catie then…’
‘Yes. He seemed rather taken with her.’
‘Oh. How?’ Ingie asked.
‘Before the accident, Seb hated children.’
‘Maybe, the accident has changed him somehow.’
‘Might have done.’ Urs nodded in realisation. It was possible. Anything was possible after all.
‘It is possible. For people to change.’
‘Yes, you’re right. It is.’ Urs nodded.
‘Have you ever…?’ Ingie asked.
‘Oh yes. Yes I have.’ Urs nodded again.
‘Before Catie was born. I didn’t want children. Couldn’t see myself with them at all. Too much responsibility. Then…then Elizabeth told me she was pregnant.’
‘And you changed your mind.’ Ingie smiled.
‘Not really. Catie was a mistake. A beautiful mistake but a mistake nonetheless. It wasn’t until I held her in my arms that I started to change my mind.’ he had been allowed, a quick hug before Catie had been taken away and placed in the incubator. It was a private hospital they were in after all, and they liked to do things differently. Usually it was the mother who was allowed the hug, but being that the mother involved was Elizabeth and she hated her child, Urs instead had taken that privilege. ‘Now I couldn’t live without her.’ Urs gazed down at his beautiful daughter who was clutching at his finger. Holding on for dear life.
‘I don’t want children.’ Ingie whispered.
‘You might do. One day.’ Urs looked up at her.
‘No. No.’
‘You might change your mind.’ he tried again.
‘I doubt it. But thanks for the…’ she shrugged.
‘When you meet the right man.’
‘Not going to happen.’
‘You never know what is around the corner.’
‘That, I can agree with you.’ Ingie finally agreed.
‘Glad we agree on something.’ Urs sighed.
‘Hey, you’re my boss, not my boyfriend. We don’t have to agree on everything, do we?’ she asked.
‘No. Suppose you’re right.’

Seb was checking out a website. An unofficial IL DIVO website it was. It was quite an eye-opener what he came across. Pictures. A lot of pictures. Well, photographs really, of him. With ladies. A lot of ladies. Fans he assumed. Sirens he had learnt they were called. He was in various poses with these ladies. Fans. Arms wrapped around some of them. Kissing others. He looked so very…cosy with them all. But none of these photographs either rang a bell or caused a memory. He sighed to himself. He rubbed at his eyes. God they hurt a little. Think I need glasses he thought to himself. Then he heard a voice. He looked up.
‘Oh, hello.’ he smiled lightly at the woman who had suddenly appeared in his room. A rather tarty looking woman Seb thought to himself. Surely her skirt was miles too short. And her top too tight. The bra showing through the material. Bright pink the bra was under a white shirt. She looked like she was on the game. Probably touting for business. Oh no! don’t tell me Seb thought. I don’t use prostitutes do I?
‘Hi Seb.’ she beamed back.
‘Do I know you?’ Seb asked. She did look a little…familiar he realised.
‘Oh Seb! You are so funny!’ she laughed, fluttering her eyelashes at him.
‘No, really do I?’ he asked again.
‘I’ve had an accident you see. I’ve got amnesia.’ he shrugged with explanation.
‘You’re not serious….’ she laughed again.
‘I am. Really.’ he nodded with a straight, serious face.
‘Oh. Right…..OK.’ she now nodded in realisation.
‘So, who are you then…?’ Seb asked, blinking.
‘I’m Janet.’
‘You look…familiar.’ he checked his memory bank for recognition.
‘I date David.’
OK she was a friends girlfriend then. Not a prostitute. Phew! That would explain the fact that he knew her, vaguely. ‘Oh, but I thought David was with…’
‘Yes, well.’ she interrupted.
‘Fran.’ Seb smiled, suddenly remembering the name.
‘Yes, well…’
‘Who is Fran then?’
‘She’s my…sister.’ Janet spat out the words.
‘You don’t like her…?’
‘God. No.’ she shrugged.
‘But…why not?’ Seb asked.
‘She stole my man.’
‘But I thought that you said you were dating…David.’
‘I am. I was.’ Janet waved her hand about angrily.
‘Right. OK.’
‘’So, I need your help.’ Janet smiled.
‘Oh…how?’ Seb asked.
‘I want David back.’
‘Oh. Right. OK.’
‘You’re going to help me.’
‘But how…? I mean, I don’t even remember David, not really. Let alone you…’ Seb pointed out.
‘That, is a little problem, I admit, but still.’ Janet shrugged, ‘you’re still going to help me.’
‘Err…how?’ Seb asked.
‘You’re going to pretend, to be my boyfriend.’
‘I thought you said you wanted David back thought…’
‘I do. Of course I do.’
‘Then how will that help? You pretending to be with me…?’
‘To make David jealous of course.’ Janet let out a dramatic sigh.
‘’So, Seb, honey…’ Janet fluttered her eyelids at him.
‘ Sorry. But I can’t.’
‘Eh…? What? Why not?’ Janet let out a screech. She sounded like a strangled cat.
‘Because I don’t know you…’
‘That doesn’t matter. You don’t have to know me…’ she tried.
‘I do. But I do.’
‘Why the hell do you…?’ she screeched again.
‘The doctor…he told me, that I need to surround myself with only people I know well, or recognise.’ Seb lied.
‘Oh. Right. OK.’ Janet let out anther dramatic sigh. She would make a good actress Seb thought. All that sighing and eye rolling.
‘Sorry.’ Seb apologised.
‘No. No. Its…OK.’ she sighed dramatically again. Tutted. Loudly. Then turned and stormed out of Seb’s room. Banging the door as she went.

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PostSubject: Re: *Remember Me* By: KazyJay   Tue Sep 08, 2009 10:42 pm


Carlos was on the phone. Trying to find a private detective. The very thought of Cydalia cheating on him was slowly driving him insane. He needed to know. If she was, or even wasn’t. So he was looking through a phone book, calling private detectives. So far none of them seemed to do marriage guidance. Or the equivalent of that. Following someone. Carlos needed someone who dealt in marriage but he was having no such luck. He was talking to his eighth hope.
‘I’m sorry Sir. But we don’t do tailing partners.’ the detective told Carlos.
‘She’s not my partner. She’s my wife.’ Carlos sighed.
‘Same thing to us Sir.’ he was told.
‘But its driving me crazy…’
‘Then I suggest you take the normal route Sir.’
‘Which is…?’ Carlos asked, hoping for a miracle.
‘Try talking to your partner…’
‘Wife.’ he interrupted.
‘It’ll save a lot of money, and hassle, in the long run.’
‘Thanks.’ Carlos sighed disappointedly and put the phone down.
‘Aaaggh!’ he moaned. What on earth was a private detective for? If not for following partners? What did they do then? Carlos was at a loss to discover the reason for them then.
‘Anything wrong honey?’ Cydalia asked, coming into the room. She had been out shopping. Well, that’s what she had told Carlos. Not that he knew if it was the truth, or not. That’s why he wanted to know. The truth. It was driving him crazy. Not knowing. At least she was carrying some carrier bags. Bags which had no indication of which shop they came from. Weird he thought.
‘No. No.’ he smiled at her.
‘Anyway, buy anything…nice?’ he asked as casually as he could, gesturing to the carrier bags his wife had just placed down on the floor at her feet.
‘Oh, you know. The usual.’ she shrugged.
‘Woman’s stuff.’ Cydalia smiled brightly.
‘Can I see?’ he asked.
‘What? Why?’
‘Well, I’m…interested.’ he smiled.
Cydalia let out a silent sigh. Then handed barrier bags over. Wondering why all of a sudden he was being like this. Nosey almost.
Carlos looked into the bags. He noticed facial cream. Lipstick. Eye make-up. hand cream. Panty liners. Cream for leg waxing and some kind of tablets. Vitamins. Nothing that would indicate his wife was having an affair. Not that he knew what he was looking for. He hadn’t seen any new underwear recently.
Carlos sighed and handed back the carrier bags.
‘Thanks.’ Cydalia also let out a sigh.
‘What?’ he asked.
‘Well, I was wondering why the sudden interest in my shopping.’
‘I’ve always been interested…’ he nervously laughed.
‘No you haven’t.’ Cydalia accused.
‘I have. I’ve always…’
‘No Carlos you haven’t.’ she narrowed her eyes. ‘You’re not checking up on me, are you?’ she asked.
‘Of course I’m not!’ he nervously laughed again.
Cydalia narrowed her eyes even more at him.
‘I’m not!’ he attempted to defend himself.
‘I’m not!’ he repeated.
‘Then why the sudden interest…?’ she asked.
‘I’m just curious.’
‘Seb’s accident, has got me thinking…’ he quickly said.
‘About…?’ Cydalia asked.
‘About our relationship. Our marriage.’
‘Yes, and…?’
‘Its just made me appreciate, what we have.’
‘And that made you want to be nosey?’
‘No. Well, yes…sort of I guess.’ Carlos shrugged.
‘You’re crazy, do you know that?’ Cydalia smiled.
‘I know. But isn’t that why you love me eh?’ he pulled her into his arms.
‘Mm, but sometimes I do wonder why.’
‘Yeah, me too.’ he admitted, kissing her.
Carlos and Cydalia ended up making love. Rather passionate, forceful lovemaking it was. This time Cydalia came without having to fantasise about someone else. She came rather quickly. The force of her orgasm surprised her. Afterwards, she lay in Carlos’ arms, feeling contented and happy.
Carlos held her close and thanked his lucky stars that he hadn’t mentioned her supposed cheating. Maybe she wasn’t actually cheating after all. Maybe it had been all in Carlos’ imagination. But he couldn’t be completely sure. Then again, after having sex, Cydalia was doing that dopey smile thing again. It could be because they had just had rather pleasant sex. But then again. Carlos couldn’t be sure. He didn’t want to ruin it. So for now he held his tongue. And settled for holding her close instead.

David had come to a decision. He wanted to make Fran his. Forever his. He wanted living together. Marriage. Children. The works. He wanted it all. But first of all he needed to find the right time to ask her to be his. Plus, he needed a ring. The right ring. He decided to go shopping. For an engagement ring. He looked in the phone book, looking to see the best jewellers in the area. He found one near to the hotel and decided to go and have a look to see if that could be the right place where he could find the perfect ring for Fran. He needed the right one. David was only planning on getting married once. To Fran. And so wanted to do it right first time. He decided - no regrets. To go for it. He loved Fran more than he loved life itself. Without Fran he couldn’t feel whole. She was his everything. She held his heart in the palm of her hands. Meeting her was probably the best thing he had ever done in his life. The most sensible thing he had ever done. It was Fran. Or no one. He really couldn’t bare to think what living without her would feel like. He planned never to find out. So. Marriage. Engagement ring. Right. Sorted.
As David left the hotel he could swear he was seeing things. He got a glimpse of someone. A woman. Who looked suspiciously like…Janet. But no. No. It couldn’t be her. It couldn’t be. She didn’t know where he was. Or so he hoped. No. No. It wasn’t Janet. Just someone who looked a lot like her. Spookily like her. He blinked. Shook his head, clearing his mind. No. His mind was playing tricks on him. David shook his head again and carried on his way.

Seb was having physiotherapy. He needed it. To be able to walk unaided and even thought, technically he was still in plaster, he needed it to help him balance. The young lady giving him the physiotherapy was rather cute Seb had noticed. Her name was Amelia. She seemed familiar he thought.
‘I know you, don’t I?’ Seb asked as Amelia taught him how to walk in a straight line for the third time that morning.
‘Yes Seb, you know me.’ she nodded. She had bright green eyes and strange looking yellow hair. Not blonde. Yellow. It was obviously dyed as her eyebrows were black in colour. Her accent also wasn’t quite English. English with a French tint to it Seb detected.
‘And not just from the hospital.’ Seb added.
‘We dated. Once.’
‘Oh. Dated. OK.’ he nodded. Really? Strange. He couldn’t even begin to imagine them once dating. ‘Err…how long did we, for?’ he asked in slight shock.
‘Oh, only for a week.’ Amelia shrugged.
‘Did I…’ Seb nervously swallowed, ‘dump you?’
‘God. No.’ she laughed, ‘I dumped you!’
‘Over five years ago.’
‘Did you have…yellow hair back then?’ he nervously asked.
‘No.’ she paused, ‘I had blue.’ she laughed.
‘Eh….what?’ he blinked.
‘It was dark brown Seb.’ she reassured him.
‘Oh. OK. Phew.’ he breathed a sigh of relief.
‘Anyway, I’m married now.’ Amelia brightly smiled, flashing about her left hand to indicate her wedding and engagement rings. They didn’t look new. But they did look rather flashy.
‘Oh…um…did I…introduce you at all?’ Seb asked.
‘Yeah, sort of. You could say that.’ she nodded.
‘And was I best man…or something?’
‘God. No Seb. You were on tour at the time.’ she laughed.
‘On tour…five years ago? But our….my…the group just started up four years ago…’
‘You were in a show. The French version of ‘’The Little Prince.’’’ Amelia told him.
Amelia and Franco had met, via Seb, and had married barely a week later. It was a quick thing but solid. They had just recently celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary. Amelia had also just found out that she was pregnant. Three months pregnant. Barely showing. Yet.
‘I think I remember…something…’ Seb mumbled.
‘You do…? What?’
‘Me, singing, on a stage…with a young actor.’
‘Yes, that would be, ‘’The Little Prince.’’ I told you just now.’
‘No. No. Before that. Last night I remembered…’
‘You’re getting your memory back then.’ Amelia smiled.
‘Yeah, probably. Piece by piece.’
‘Like doing a puzzle.’ she agreed.
‘A very large…slightly annoying puzzle.’ Seb nodded in agreement.

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PostSubject: Re: *Remember Me* By: KazyJay   Tue Sep 15, 2009 4:14 pm


Fran was taking a test. A pregnancy test. For the last few days she had kept being sick. Throwing up. She had to know. What did it all mean? So, she forced herself to take the test. She had been carrying it around for a while. Hiding it from David. She carefully followed the test. Then stared in shock at the result. Oh my god. It was real. It was a fact. Fran, was pregnant. She was having a baby. David’s baby. OK. Wow! Now what was she going to do? She had to tell him. Just had to. She couldn’t hide a major thing like this. So. To pluck up the courage and tell David. Just how hard could it be? How would he react? Fran crossed her fingers, took a deep breath and went to find him. To tell him the news.
Only she couldn’t find him anywhere. He wasn’t in the hotel room. Nor in the hotel of what she could see. Fran was starting to get worried. Just where was he? Just to make sure that he hadn’t gone and left her, Fran checked the wardrobes. Phew. His clothes were still there. Fran breathed a sigh of relief. Then sat down to wait for his eventual return.

So. Janet’s plan hadn’t exactly gone to plan. Because she hadn’t bothered to learn the reason why Seb was in the hospital for. Bugger! Who would have thought it though, out of all the things Seb could be in hospital for. It just had to go and be amnesia. Typical Seb she thought sarcastically. Tutting. Loudly. Now she needed another way to get David back. Because that hadn’t changed. She did still want him back. More than ever. He was hers and no-one else’s. Hers. David Miller was Janet’s always and forever thank you very much. Whether he liked it or not. She had made a decision and was planning on sticking by it. So. David Miller was hers. Forever! Ha. Ha. Ha!!

David was visiting Seb. He wanted someone to talk to. Someone he could trust. OK. He knew, that in the past, he and Seb hadn’t been close. At all. But he wanted that to change. He could hardly talk to Urs. Not with everything that was going on with his friend. With little Catie being in hospital, and Beth with the divorce and everything so instead he chose Seb to talk to.
‘You’re getting married?’ Seb asked.
‘Yep. Well, as soon as I ask Fran.’ David proudly nodded. He beamed a big, beaming, happy smile.
‘And yet your ex…Janet, is here.’
‘Eh….what?’ David blinked, his beaming smile suddenly disappearing and a clouded look appearing in its place. Oops! He obviously didn’t know then. Sorry mate Seb thought.
‘She came to visit me…’ Seb nodded.
‘What….? When…?’
‘Yesterday I think it was.’
‘When I was engagement ring shopping…’ David mumbled.
‘Haven’t you seen her yet…?’ Seb asked.
‘No, no I haven’t…’
‘Oh no!’ David suddenly exclaimed.
‘What…? What…?’ Seb asked.
‘Does she know…?’
‘If I don’t know, then I doubt she would know.’
‘Yeah, I kind of got that. Janet and Fran don’t get on.’ Seb carefully nodded. For some reason the headaches were back. When Seb nodded. Or even read. His eyes hurt. A hell of a lot. Plus, he got a flash of blinding light. Whatever that meant! Not that he had told anyone. Like the doctors, about these….headache things. Whatever they were!
‘So, Janet came to see you then.’ said David.
‘Yeah, she, Janet, wanted me to help her.’
‘Do what?’ David asked, feeling puzzled.
‘Win you back. Didn’t know you were such a catch!’ Seb laughed.
‘No, neither did I.’ David agreed.
‘So, I’m guessing trouble is on the horizon then.’ said Seb, stating the obvious. David smiled at that. It was like having his friend back with that one, simple, comment. Not that he was. Not really. The wink wasn’t there yet. Nor was the twinkle. But it would come. Hopefully. Sooner or later. David hoped.
‘Mm..’ David sighed. Just what he didn’t need. His ex back. Not that Janet was an ex. At least not really. Could you call a woman that you had never slept with and had hardly kissed, an ex? David wasn’t so certain.
‘Whatya gonna do?’ Seb asked.
‘Wait and see what she does first.’ David decided.
‘Good luck. I’ve a feeling you’ll need it.’ Seb lightly smiled, wishing this guy, his friend, well.

Urs was making plans. He had already contacted his lawyer. Arranging to have Elizabeth, Beth, erased from his life. A rather cruel thing to do. But necessary he thought. Considering what she had done to him in the beginning of their relationship. All the hurt. Lies and bruises she had caused. But that was another story for another day. Then he contacted an estate agent. He needed, for once in his life, to own a home. Before he had just moved from place to place, occasionally living with his partner. Staying in hotels at other times. But now he had responsibilities and needed firm base. His daughter needed someplace stable to live in. He owed it to her to be prepared for when she was finally ready to come out of hospital.
Urs decided to contact IL DIVO’s PA. She was a lovely lady. Named Angie. He carefully explained the situation to her. Which, without needing to explaining to, agreed to look for the best house she could find. It surprised him as it didn’t take Angie long to find the perfect place. He was visiting Seb in hospital when Angie called Urs.
‘I’ve some details for you.’ she told him.
‘OK. I’m at the hospital, with Seb.’ he replied.
‘Shall I come to you…?’ she asked.
‘Yes please Angie.’

‘Who’s….Angie?’ Seb asked after overhearing his friends conversation.
‘Our PA.’ Urs said.
‘Have I ever met…Angie?’
‘Yes Seb, you were…’
‘Oh no.’ Seb exclaimed, ‘not another ex, please!’ he pleaded, interrupting.
‘No Seb. You were friends.’ Urs finished.
‘Friends? I was friends with a woman…?’ Seb asked.
‘You know, we thought that was strange too. You, being just friends with a woman.’ Urs admitted.
‘I’m guessing I’m not one for friends…’ Seb mumbled.
‘Not female friends, no.’
‘Oh. OK.’ Seb carefully nodded.
He partly wondered was she ugly? Was that the reason they were just friends and nothing else? Well, he would soon find out as Angie was due to come and visit them at any minute.

It didn’t take Angie long to reach the hospital. Oh, sure she knew Seb was in hospital, and for what reason. But she hadn’t managed to come up with a good enough excuse to go and visit him with. She had missed Seb so much. She had never realised just how much until now. It was quite surprising. Quite an eye opener really. But now Angie had an excuse. A real live reason to go and visit hi, she was nervous. But, she had a job to do. A purpose to finally visit the hospital. House details for Urs to see straight away.

Seb was in for a shock. He stared at the vision in front of him. She was real. She was here. The woman who had haunted his dreams for all this time. Seb blinked. She didn’t disappear or go away when he did. Thank god.
‘Hi.’ he smiled a rather dopey smile at her.
‘Err, hi, Seb.’ she nervously smiled back. ‘Your files Urs.’ she handed over some papers.
‘You’re….Angie.’ Seb realised who she was.
‘Yes I am.’ she nodded.
‘Yes, I am.’ Angie repeated.
‘And my….friend.’
‘You know who I am…?’ Angie asked.
‘Um…’ Seb stalled.
‘I told Seb who you were, and your…relationship.’ Urs answered when Seb found he couldn’t speak.
Suddenly an image came to Seb’s mind. Of him and Angie. He was holding her in his arms. They were both naked. The image made Seb smile. They weren’t just friends. But lovers too. Seb was sure of that connection. Lovers.
‘We’re…’ Seb started to say.
‘Good friends. Yes. I know.’ Angie interrupted.
Seb looked at her. Angie stared straight back.
‘Friends?’ he challenged.
‘Yes, Seb. Friends.’ she agreed.
‘Right. OK. Well, now I have these.’ Urs indicated the pages in his hands Angie had handed to him, ‘think I’ll go and see Catie, and Ingie.’ he smiled, nodded and left.
‘Ingie?’ Angie asked Seb after Urs had gone.
‘Catie’s nanny. You know Catie..?’ he asked in return.
‘Yes. Urs did tell me about Catie.’ she nodded.
‘So, we’re just friends then…?’ Seb challenged her again.
‘Yes. Just friends.’
‘Only, I keep getting flash backs, of you… and me.’ he told her.
‘You remember…’ Angie mumbled.
‘You keep haunting me.’ he smiled.
‘No, its OK. I’m just glad that you’re real…after all.’
‘I meant to come before….only…’
‘I guess we were keeping our….a secret…?’ Seb asked.
‘Yes.’ Angie nodded and sighed.
‘But why…?’
‘Because of all your…previous…’
‘You mean my short term relationships.’ Seb sighed.
‘Err. Yes. That.’
‘But how long have you and I been…together?’
‘Oh no.’ Seb sighed, interrupting her.
‘Six.’ Angie repeated, ‘months.’
‘Wow! That long…?’ he asked, happily surprised.
‘Yep.’ she smiled.
‘Wow. You must really lov…I mean, like me…’
‘I love you Seb, like you…’ she paused, ‘love me.’
‘That’s why I keep dreaming about you.’ Seb suddenly realised.
‘Might be an indication, yes.’ Angie agreed.
Seb beamed, then reached out a hand, Angie placed her hand in his and allowed him to pull her close. She had so missed touching Seb. Being near Seb.
‘Kiss me Angie?’ he asked.
Without replying, Angie moved closer, placed her arms lightly around Seb’s neck, and touched her lips to his. Seb held on tight. Kissing her back. He never wanted to let her go. Ever. Now, if only he could regain his memory. Then everything would be fine. Wonderful.

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PostSubject: Re: *Remember Me* By: KazyJay   Tue Sep 22, 2009 7:49 pm


Seb was having a brain scan. The pain he had kept getting had recently gotten so bad that he had finally been persuaded, by the actual pain he received every time his head hurt to tell someone about them. He had finally told Nurse Susan who had then immediately passed on this information to the doctor in charge of Seb’s case.
‘I think we’ll need to do a brain scan. Just to make completely sure its nothing serious.’ the doctor, male, called Dr Hudson informed Seb. He reminded Seb of an old professor type. Dr Hudson had a mad looking hairstyle and big bushy eyebrows which were actually joined together. Seb was scared. But he refused to either show it or admit it. He didn’t want to come over as being a wimp, just in case SHE turned up and saw him crying. At least he knew her name now. Angie. Angie, IL DIVO’s very own PA. Who would have thought it. Out of all the women in the world. She turned out to be their PA! wow! Talk about your dream woman being right under your very own nose. Wow! Angie. Just her name made Seb swoon. He gazed at the cage like machine he was in, as the thing did its work, x-raying his brain, and remembered the dream he had had about her the night before. It was a naughty one. The type he liked the best. Mm!
Everyone was here. Carlos. Cydalia. David. Fran. Urs. Ingie and even Angie sat outside, in the corridor as Seb had his brain x-rayed. None of them spoke. They were all scared in their own ways.
Carlos and Cydalia sat, holding hands.
Fran sat and looked at the floor. She was feeling particularly sick. She still hadn’t gotten around to telling David about the baby yet. Every time she tried - the words just refused to come out.
David sat next to Fran. He wanted to hold her hand but couldn’t. He felt more than a little guilty that he hadn’t told her about Andrea being around. Although he himself hadn’t seen her, thankfully, yet.
Urs sat near Ingie. He wanted to touch her but couldn’t think up a good enough reason why he should. So instead he settled to just glancing at her every few minutes.
Angie alternated between pacing and sitting. She felt that she had no right to be here. No one knew about her relationship with Seb but saying that, no one questioned her being there. She supposed they thought she was here, at the hospital, doing her job as IL DIVO’s PA.
She hadn’t expected to fall in love with Seb. Or with anyone come to that. She had been employed to do a job. At first she had tried to fight the attraction she had felt towards Seb. Thinking it was her imagination. But it hadn’t gone away. In fact the more she had refused to acknowledge whatever it was, the stronger it had become. Seb had felt the same way.
‘We shouldn’t fight this anymore.’ he had told her one evening.
‘Whatever this is.’ Angie had nervously laughed.
‘I’m guessing, this, is love.’ he had surprised her with.
From that moment on they had been together. But hiding their relationship. They wanted to know if it was going to last before they announced it to the world. The funny thing being - was that they had just been about to tell everyone about them being together when Seb’s accident had occurred. Maybe, Angie had come to the conclusion, that it was fate’s way of saying that she and Seb shouldn’t be together. Then again, maybe it really was just one of those things. Who was to know?

Fran could stand it no more. She felt really sick. She stood up, muttered, ‘Sorry.’ to David and rushed off in the direction of the toilets.
‘Fran…?’ David called after her. He stood up.
‘I’ll go.’ offered Ingie. She had an inclination what could be wrong. She had seen the signs many times before.
Ingie found Fran, face down, kneeling by a toilet, after just having been sick.
‘You OK honey?’ Ingie carefully asked, brushing Fran’s long curly brown hair away from her forehead.
‘No.’ Fran sobbed, ‘I’m sick….and I’m pregnant.’ she stood up and washed her face.
‘Oh honey… does David know?’ Ingie asked, her face full of concern.
‘No, not yet.’
‘But….why not honey?’ Ingie asked.
‘I…I don’t know how to tell him.’ Fran admitted.
‘Have you had your first scan yet?’
‘No. Its…too soon.’
‘Its never too soon.’
‘Would you…’ Fran nervously licked her lips, ‘come with me?’ she asked.
‘Of course I will.’ Ingie smiled, ‘shall we do it now?’
‘You could…arrange that?’
‘I have connections.’
‘OK. Thanks.’ Fran breathed a sigh of relief.

‘it’ll be OK you know.’ Urs smiled lightly at Angie.
‘Eh….?’ she blinked.
‘Seb. He’ll be OK.’
‘I’m not…’ Angie attempted to lie.
‘Worried?’ Urs offered.
‘No.’ she shook her head.
‘Its OK. I know about you and Seb.’ Urs whispered.
‘He told you….?’ Angie stared at him.
‘I guessed.’
‘Yesterday. How long have you been…in love with him?’ Urs asked.
‘We’ve been in a relationship, for 6 months.’ Angie sighed.
‘Wow. The longest one for Seb.’
‘We…wanted to keep it a secret, to see where it was going, before we came clean..’ Angie explained.
‘Understandable.’ Urs nodded.
‘We were going to tell everyone, then..’ she sighed.
‘Seb had his accident.’ he nodded again.
‘Yes…’ Angie sighed again.
‘If we had known, then you could have come to visit him.’
‘I wanted to…but I was scared just in case you all started asking questions…’
‘Oh Angie. We wouldn’t have.’ Urs tried to reassure her. He briefly held her hand then let go.
‘I’m only here today because Seb asked me to be…’
‘You don’t have to explain, ever, OK?’
‘OK. And…thank Urs.’ Angie smiled at him.
‘No, thank you to you. Seb needs someone special.’ Urs returned the smile.
‘You all do.’ she replied.
‘I’m working on it.’ he admitted.
‘Ingie seems nice.’
Urs blushed, ‘Am I that obvious?’ he whispered.
‘Only a little.’ Angie lied.
‘I mean…I know I shouldn’t be looking so soon after Beth, but…’
‘Its not like Beth died Urs. She left you.’
‘No, I finally left her.’
‘Good for you. I mean…after everything she did…’
‘Ingie, she doesn’t know….’ Urs sighed.
‘Its not for anyone but you to tell her.’ Angie reassured him.
‘Thank you.’ he breathed a sigh of relief, ‘I mean….it could have been because of the pregnancy..’ he then added.
‘You know that isn’t true. It started long before that.’
‘Well, before we knew she was pregnant…’
‘What Beth did to you is inexcusable.’ Angie pointed out.
‘It might be. Then again, it might not be.’ Urs defended.
‘Yes, well, in my option, if you don’t mind me saying, I think you and little Catie are both better without her. She might… she might have done it to her too.’ Angie then sensibly said.
‘That, is true.’ Urs realised.
‘Well then.’
‘Yes. Exactly.’ he agreed.
When the name, ‘Catie.’ was whispered by Angie, Carlos and Cydalia turned to look at Urs and Angie. They still didn’t know about her. Urs decided, that now would be an excellent time to tell them about her. To show them her.
‘Cydalia, Carlos.’ Urs stood up, ‘can I… have a word, please?’ he asked them.
‘Sure mate.’ Carlos nodded. He and Cydalia stood up and followed Urs.
‘Where….are we going?’ Cydalia asked as they walked to the special care baby unit.
‘I want you, to meet Catie.’ Urs told them.
‘Who…?’ Carlos asked.
‘Oh Urs!’ Cydalia exclaimed on seeing Catie, ‘she’s beautiful.’ she gazed at the tiny bundle. The tiny bundle with eyes the colour of her daddy’s. Catie had finally opened her eyes a few days before. She had also the beginnings of dark curly hair too.
‘Who’s her parents?’ Carlos asked.
‘I’m her father.’ Urs announced rather proudly.
‘Elizabeth…Beth, is her mother.’ Cydalia guessed.
‘Yes.’ Urs sighed.
‘But Elizabeth hates children..’ Cydalia had been the one to introduce her and Urs. They had been….distant friends for years.
‘That’s why I married her..’ Urs sighed again.
‘Oh mate!’ Carlos exclaimed, ‘after everything she did to you…’
‘We did wonder, why the wedding took place.’ Cydalia said.
‘Now you know…’
‘Because she was pregnant with…’ Carlos gestured to the crib Catie was now in. Not an incubator anymore. Crib. Her lungs were OK now. She was almost ready to leave the hospital. Almost ready.
‘Is that why Beth disappeared?’ Cydalia asked, lightly stroking little Catie’s hair.
‘She hated being pregnant. Hated it. I…I bribed her. To have Catie.’ Urs told them.
‘Where is Beth though…?’ Cydalia suddenly noticed her lack of appearance.
‘She doesn’t want anything to do with Catie.’
‘Because of your…relationship with Ingie?’ Carlos asked.
‘I don’t have a relationship with Ingie!’ Urs almost snapped.
‘OK. Whatever it is you do have.’ replied Carlos.
‘I’m employing Ingie, to look after Catie.’
‘But what about Beth?’ Cydalia carefully asked.
‘Elizabeth was washed her hands of Catie. So I’ve done the same to her. Our divorce will be finalised in a month.’ Urs spoke calmly as he could. Even if it wasn’t what he was feeling deep inside himself.
‘Good for you.’ Cydalia declared, giving Urs a quick hug.

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PostSubject: Re: *Remember Me* By: KazyJay   Mon Sep 28, 2009 7:14 pm


Fran was nervous. But thankfully Ingie was with her to offer her support as Fran’s stomach was scanned. Ingie sat besides Fran, who was laying on the hospital bed, holding her hand.
‘Here you go.’ the nurse switched on the ultra sound machine and suddenly the room was filled with the sound of a heartbeat. A strong heartbeat.
Both Fran and Ingie gasped in amazement at the sound. Then the machine was twigged a bit and a grainy imagine appeared on the TV screen.
‘Oh…wow.’ Fran gasped again, seeing her baby for the very first time moving about inside her.
‘Exactly. Ingie agreed.
It was amazing. Simply amazing. Nature really was something to be pleasantly surprised at.
The nurse doing the scan, named Grace, checked the baby’s measurements. Everything was growing well. She printed out the scan photograph and handed it to Fran. ‘Here you go Mummy. Baby’s first picture.’ she smiled.
‘Are you going to tell David then honey?’ Ingie asked Fran as they walked back to where David and co were waiting for Seb’s brain scan to be finished.
‘Yes.’ Fran nodded, ‘I thought I could give him this.’ she indicated the scan photograph she was hugging to her heart in a protective manner.
‘What a great idea.’ Ingie gave her a hug, for support.
It had been quite an eye opener for Ingie. Before seeing the scan she had never ever wanted to get pregnant or to have a baby. But now, suddenly. That was all changed. Now she liked the idea of having a baby. But with who? She had no boyfriend. No chance of getting a boyfriend. So. She would have to just forget about the baby idea. I mean, it wasn’t like she could just ask Urs to father her child. Could she? Or….could she? No. No of course she couldn’t. He was her boss. She could hardly sleep with him. It wouldn’t be right. It wouldn’t be professional. It could lose her the job before it had even got started properly. So no. No. Forget that idea.
Fran and Ingie could back in time to see Seb wheeled out of the scan room. Followed by Dr Hudson, carrying some x-rays.
‘So, Dr Hudson., what’s the deal?’ Seb asked once everyone was pilled into his room. Angie stood next to Seb as he sat propped up on the bed holding her hand. Fingers entwined. Fran had temporarily hidden the scan photograph. For now.
‘I’m afraid, it isn’t good.’ Dr Hudson sighed.
‘Go on?’ Seb prompted, wanting this all over and done.
‘You have a shadow…’
‘What?’ David exclaimed.
‘We think, that this shadow is causing your amnesia.’
‘Kind of like a symptom?’ Carlos asked.
‘Well…yes.’ Dr Hudson nodded.
‘So I don’t have amnesia then..’ Seb mumbled.
‘No. Well, you do have a kind of amnesia.’ Dr Hudson sighed.
‘Can it be fixed?’ Seb asked.
‘Yes.’ Dr Hudson nodded.
‘OK…’ Seb waited.
‘You’ll need an operation.’ he was told.
‘An operation…?’ Urs asked, gasping in shock.
‘Um…what sort of operation?’ Seb asked before anyone else could.
‘When?’ Angie nervously asked.
‘The operation is to remove the growth we found growing on your brain.’ Dr Hudson said, ‘it will be a long, complicated procedure but should be successful.’
‘Should be….?’ Angie mumbled.
‘Should be.’ Dr Hudson repeated, ‘we’ve done it before. The success rate is round about 90%.’ he informed them.
90%? What about the other 10%? But no one asked that question. Too scared what the answer would be…
‘And…and when will the operation take place?’ Urs asked the other most difficult question to ask.
‘In about a months time.’
‘A month?’ Carlos exclaimed.
‘We’ll start Mr Izambard on a course of medication first, before the actual operation.’
‘Medication?’ Seb asked. He hated taking medicine. Of any kind. Hated hospitals too come to that. But stuck in one he was, until the foreseeable future so it seemed.
‘Yes. It…err, might have a few side effects.’ Dr Hudson warned.
‘Side effects?’ Angie squeezed Seb’s hand tighter.
‘Yes…hair loss…memory loss, of course with you already suffering from amnesia that shouldn’t be too bad a thing for you.’ Dr Hudson lightly smiled at Seb.
Seb clutched at his hair. ‘Will it…grow back?’ he asked.
‘Of course it will. Its only temporary.’ Dr Hudson reassured him, nodding.
‘Phew!’ Seb breathed a sigh of relief. Thank god for that.
‘I’ll love you, no matter what.’ Angie whispered into his ear so that no one else could hear them.
Dr Hudson left them to it then. So they could all digest the information he had delivered, plus he had rounds. He was a rather busy Dr. Always on call or so it seemed sometimes. No wonder he was still single at his age. He never had enough time away from the hospital to even think about dating let alone get it done. It was a lot to take in. operation? Medication? All this to make Seb better? Just as long as it worked. Fingers crossed.

David and Fran walked back to the hotel in stunned silence. Poor Seb. Now he had to have an operation. This, was big. Massive. Huge. They both felt completely sad for Seb. And, for Angie. Although it hadn’t been made official by either Seb or Angie both David and Fran had got the impression that they were together in a romantic way. All that hand holding and worried glances they had kept giving each other while Dr Hudson had announced the diagnosis had kind of given them away. In a weird kind of way Seb and Angie being together kind of made sense. They completed each other.
When they reached their room, they were in for a shock. And not a very nice on either.
David and Fran, holding hands, were about to enter their hotel room when a female voice called out, ‘David.’
They both turned around, thinking it could be a fan who had spotted David and wanted an autograph or a photograph taken with him. But no such luck. For it was Janet.
She gazed adoringly at David, ‘Honey…’ she rushed over to where he stood, open mouthed in complete shock.
‘Janet…’ he murmured.
‘Janet.’ Fran whispered, seeing her sister.
‘Yes, me.’ Janet proudly smirked at them both.
David stared un-blinkingly at her. ‘What are you doing here?’ he asked in a rather nasty tone.
‘Why, darling. I’ve come to rescue you.’ she smirked while gazing adoringly at him again.
‘Rescue me….? I don’t need rescuing.’ he snapped back at her.
‘Don’t be so silly darling, of course you need rescuing.’ Janet laughed rather cruelly.
On hearing this, Fran wrenched her hand free from David’s grasp, let out a sob, and rushed from the room.
She had been, before Janet had turned up, about to tell David about the baby she was expecting. She had already had the scan. Ingie had been kind enough to go with her. It was waiting in her pocket, all ready to be shown.
Unbeknown to Fran, as she ran away, the scan photograph fell out of her pocket and onto the ground.
As David watched the love of his life rush away in a flood of blinding tears, Janet noticed the photograph on the ground and picked it up. She stuffed it into her bag without looking at it, feeling whatever it was would come in handy sooner or later as it had come from Fran, her sister, and now her enemy.

‘How did you find me?’ David spat at Janet after Fran had disappeared.
‘It was easy. I have my contacts.’ she shrugged.
David turned and stormed into his room. Janet followed.
‘Why are you here?’ he demanded.
‘Like I’ve already said my darling. I’ve come to rescue you.’ she laughed a rather evil laugh.
David glared at her. ’I don’t need rescuing. Not from you. Not from anyone.’
‘Oh, but I think you do my darling.’ she reached out a hand and attempted to touch him.
‘Don’t touch me.’ David snapped, slapping her hand rudely away.
‘Don’t be like this darling…I know you’ve missed me.’ Janet purred.
‘HA! Missed you? I was pleased to be rid of you!’
‘David, darling, please…’
‘No Andrea. No. Can’t you see? I don’t want you. I don’t love you!’ he barked at her now.
‘Yes you do…you must do…’ she desperately tried.
‘No. Never.’
‘But David…’
‘I love Fran. Always Fran. Never you. Got that? Never you. NEVER!’ he barked again, his eyes blazing with anger. He had never realised until now. Just how easy it was to hate someone so much. Like he hated Janet. He had never loved her. Hadn’t even liked her if truth be known. Had only pretended to like her because Fran had asked him to. But now he didn’t have to pretend anymore. So he let his hatred for his spiteful little girl show in all its glory.
‘Fran? You love Fran do you?’ she demanded.
‘Then why do I have this in me then?’ Janet pulled out the scan photograph and thrust it at David.
‘That.’ David spat at the scan, ‘isn’t mine.’
‘Oh yes it is!’ which, was true. Just that Janet wasn’t the one who was pregnant with David’s child. Fran was though.
‘You’re pregnant….?’ he mumbled.
‘Yes. Yes I am.’ Janet proudly nodded, ‘with your child.’
‘But we never…’ he tried, paling in colour.
‘Oh yes we did. This.’ Janet shook the scan photograph at him, ‘is the proof.’
‘Oh god. Oh dear god. NO!’ David sank down into the nearest chair, held his head in his hands. Oh no! what had he gone and done? God. No. Janet was pregnant. With HIS child? It was the worst thing to have ever happened. Now he would be tide to Janet for the rest of his life. Forever more. NO. NO!
He loved Fran. Not Janet. Fran!

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PostSubject: Re: *Remember Me* By: KazyJay   Tue Oct 06, 2009 5:47 pm


Fran rushed out of the hotel. Tears blinding her vision. She had no idea where she was running to. She just ran and ran. Wanting to get as far as possible away from everyone. From everything. From Janet. From David even.
She ended up back at the hospital. There, she bumped into Cydalia, coming out of the ultrasound department.
Cydalia had a glow about her.
‘Fran, you OK honey?’ she asked.
‘I’m…’ Fran sobbed.
‘Here, sit down.’ Cydalia glided her to a chair. She handed Fran a tissue and waited.
‘I thought David and I were…then she turns up…’
‘Who honey?’ Cydalia carefully asked.
‘My sister…’ Fran sobbed.
In between tears, Fran explained everything to Cydalia. There was an awful lot she didn’t know.
‘And now I’m pregnant…’ Fran exhaled, ‘but Janet is back…’
‘David doesn’t love this Janet.’ said Cydalia.
‘But how do you know…? How can you be so sure?’ Fran asked, wiping at her eyes.
‘He’s with you.’ Cydalia pointed out.
‘That doesn’t mean anything…’
‘If David loved Janet, he wouldn’t have fallen for you.’ Cydalia smiled.
‘But I bewitched him…I must have….’
‘No honey. No. David is a strong character. I’ve known him for rather a long time. I know him. He is his own person. David is with you, because he loves you and only you.’ Cydalia smiled at her new found friend.
Fran nodded. But it was no good. Although she showed that she believed everything Cydalia was telling her she didn’t. Not really. Not inside where it really counted. She couldn’t make herself trust David. Not now. Not while Janet was here.

Urs was showing Ingie around the house that he had just bought. It was a rather big and spacious house. With lots of room. It had four bedrooms plus a library, galley kitchen and main living area. Double garage and a rather huge garden. Big enough for several children to run around in let alone just Catie.
‘Wow…’ Ingie exclaimed several times while walking around the master bedroom. It had an en-suite bathroom, walk-in-wardrobe and looked out towards the garden.
Ingie could imagine herself, laying in the spacious sunken bath, looking out the window, watching the sun set on the horizon. Of course it wouldn’t be her having this room and bathroom but Urs and whoever he ended up with. Ingie let out a sigh and turned to face Urs.
‘When I’m away…on tour, I’d like you to sleep in here.’ Urs gestured to the bedroom.
‘Eh….why?’ she asked.
‘Its nearest to the room in which I’d like Catie to have.’
‘Um….OK.’ she murmured.
‘If that’s OK with you?’ Urs smiled.
‘Well…wouldn’t it make more sense, if I had Catie, in the other set of rooms?’
‘Otherwise your bed.’ Ingie blushed, ‘will constantly be in use.’
‘You’ll be able to keep it warm for me.’ he smiled.
‘I’d change the sheets, when we swooped…’
‘Pity.’ Urs murmured.
Ingie looked at him. Well, stared unblinkley at him.
‘I like you.’ he told her.
‘I like you too.’
‘Then maybe we could…’
‘What? Date?’
‘I don’t do dating.’ Urs tried to explain.
‘What? Why not?’
‘Because it never turns out right…’
‘You’ve obviously not dated the right people.’ Ingie tried.
‘But I don’t do dating.’ Urs stated.
‘Yes, I kind of get that. But, I don’t do whatever this is, without dating. You need to date, to get to know someone.’ she replied.
‘Then we obviously don’t have a…a whatever then.’ Urs sighed.
‘Well, we do have one thing.’ Ingie smiled.
‘Which is?’ he asked.
‘You’re my boss. I’m your employee.’
‘But I like you.’ Urs tried.
‘And I, like you.’ Ingie replied.
‘But you don’t do dating.’ Ingie pointed out to him. Again. ‘Then the whole point of dating, is to get to know someone.’ she said. They were going round in circles. Not for the first time she feared. Or, for the last time she supposed.
‘Then whatever are we going to do?’ Urs asked.
‘Depends, on what you want from me.’ Ingie shrugged.
‘Boss and employee, or…lovers.’
‘Lovers.’ he answered without having to think.
‘You want me to be a…a parent to Catie?’
‘Yes.’ he nodded.
‘Then learn to date.’
‘But I don’t do…’
‘You want me. Learn to date me.’ Ingie interrupted.
‘OK…I’ll…give it a try.’ Urs decided, nodding after a while of thinking this time.
So. Urs was going to try dating. But, if he wanted to be with Ingie then he was prepared to at least try if nothing else. If he didn’t try, he would never know if he could concur his fear. At least he already knew one thing - that Ingie liked him. That was one problem sort of solved. Sort of. Oh well. It would work itself out, in the end.

Fran didn’t want to go back to her and David’s room, but Cydalia persuaded her to.
‘You need to get things sorted.’ Cydalia told her.
‘OK. But will you come with me?’ Fran asked, biting her lip.
‘Of course I will honey. You don’t have to ask.’ Cydalia reassured her new friend.
They found, unfortunately, Janet, sitting in their room, looking rather smug. Fran had a sudden urge to slap her sister but somehow found the effort to resist.
‘Fran, you’re back.’ she gave her sister such a dirty look. Like it was something she had just stepped in. Fran felt like breaking down but bit her lip. She refused to show just how hurt she was.
‘What are you doing here?’ Fran asked.
‘I have a right to be here.’ Janet snapped.
‘No you don’t.’ said Cydalia.
‘Yeah, like you know.’ Janet glared at Cydalia who bunched her fists, ready to fight. Janet deserved a good slapping. And Cydalia so wanted to be the one to do it.
‘I meant….’ Fran nervously licked her lips, ‘in our…David’s room?’ she hastily corrected herself.
‘Our room now. David and mine.’ Janet announced.
David appeared then from the bathroom. He had been throwing up rather violently from the thought of having to be stuck with Janet forever thanks to her rather nasty announcement. Janet pregnant. With apparently his baby. OK, she had a scan photograph, but that could be anyone’s. Could mean anything.
‘Your room….’ Fran mumbled.
‘Fran, honey.’ David smiled at the one sister he did love.
‘David.’ Fran replied.
‘Our room. Yes. David and I, are together.’ Janet purred.
‘Together..’ Fran murmured.
‘I’m expecting David’s child.’ Janet dropped her bombshell. She flashed the scan photograph at Fran.
‘Oh god.’ Fran muttered, clutching at her mouth. She felt sick. She turned and fled from the room.
‘You bitch.’ Cydalia had had enough. She reached out and slapped Janet. Spat at her then turned and followed her friend out of the room, muttering under her breath. Cursing David and Janet. How could David do this to Fran? So much for loving her. Getting her sister pregnant too. What a complete and utter Pratt. Stupid, stupid! If only men could learn to keep it in their pant! But no. Lust had a lot to answer for.
David called out to Fran as she and Cydalia ran away. But she just ignored him. He wondered what he could do to make her believe in him again. Of course he wasn’t the father of Janet’s child. He had never slept with her. Never. Ever. He had never wanted to. Just the thought of Janet anywhere near him made him want to be sick. Again.

Cydalia took Fran back to hers and Carlos’ hotel room.
Luckily it was on a different floor to David’s room.
None of IL DIVO shared the same floor. They liked to be separate to keep their friendship fresh.
‘Sit, honey.’ Cydalia made Fran sit down. She handed her a box of tissues.
Fran blew her nose then dissolved into tears again. She cried for a long time. Then fell into an exhausted sleep. Cydalia covered her up then quietly walked away. She knew that Fran needed her rest. Needed her sleep. But Cydalia didn’t feel like resting herself. She felt like shouting at someone. Like shouting at David. So she stormed back to his room. Only David wasn’t there. Janet was though, looking even more smug then she had done before.
‘Oh, you’re back.’ Janet spat at her.
‘So I am.’ Cydalia replied in a sarcastic tone.
‘Good.’ Janet glared, ‘you can have these.’ she indicated some suitcases.
‘Oh? You’re leaving?’ Cydalia asked, hopefully.
‘No, but that tart is.’ Janet spat.
‘Oh. I thought you meant yourself.’ Cydalia sneered.
‘Ha. Ha. Very funny.’
‘Does David want her to leave?’ Cydalia asked.
‘I don’t care what David wants. I want her out.’ Janet stamped her foot in a childish manner.
‘OK. Fine.’ Cydalia snapped, ‘but I warn you…you’ll get your comeuppance. Sooner or later.’
‘My what…?’ Janet laughed.
‘I know you’re lying about this baby.’
‘No I’m not. I’m pregnant!’
‘Yeah, whatever.’ Cydalia snapped.
‘Take her stuff or I’ll throw it out with the rubbish.’ Janet cruelly warned.
‘Fine. Fine.’ Cydalia grabbed hold of Fran’s stuff and walked away, thinking that Janet really was a complete and utter bitch. She had a deep suspicion. That Janet wasn’t pregnant. That somehow she had got hold of a scan photograph from somewhere. Cydalia checked her pocket. She still had hers. It might be Fran’s then. Did Janet know her sister was pregnant? Was she using the scan photograph to her own advance? Most probably. Knowing the little bitch that was Janet. Ever since Cydalia had met Janet, she hadn’t liked nor trusted her. There was something about Janet that just wasn’t right. David had introduced Janet and Fran at the same time to Cydalia, Carlos, Seb and Urs. They had been at some awards show. None of the guys had liked Janet if truth be told. But they had instantly liked Fran. Fran was lovely. Sweet. Sincere. There was nothing fake about Fran. Unlike Janet. Now Cydalia knew why she hadn’t liked Janet. She liked being proven right, for once.

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PostSubject: Re: *Remember Me* By: KazyJay   Tue Oct 13, 2009 1:50 am


David was searching for Fran. Again. She had gone missing. Completely missing. All her stuff had gone too. He was worried and all because Janet had turned up unannounced and had wrecked their dreams apart with her revelation. Fran hadn’t believed it was a lie. For it was. David had never slept with Janet. For all he could remember. Had never wanted to sleep with her. But, for some reason Fran hadn’t believed David when he had tried telling her the truth. He didn’t love Janet. He loved Fran and only her. His Fran.
He had tried phoning her mobile. He had left countless messages and texts, pleading with her but to no result. Fran was just ignoring him. And he couldn’t blame her. Not really. David was now getting really depressed. He needed Fran back. He needed her near. But didn’t know what he could do or say to get her back where she belonged - in his arms. He sighed a loud, disappointed sigh and felt the tears appear at his eyes. This time he couldn’t really be bothered to fight them. He sank down the wall he had been leaning against and sobbed his heart out. Crying for his lost love.

Urs found David. He pulled his friend to his feet and took him to his hotel room. There, he broke open the mini bar and poured David a stiff needed drink of whiskey.
David downed the alcohol in one go and then continued with his crying.
‘Mate, tell me what’s wrong?’ Urs asked as he watched his best friend cry his heart out.
‘Fran…..she’s….left….me.’ he told him between great big heart wrenching sobs.
‘Oh mate….’
‘Janet.’ David spat, ‘turned up.’
‘What does she want?’ Urs didn’t like Janet. Not after she had tried to come onto him when he had been just about to get married. They had been in the actual church at the time, waiting for Beth to turn up. And what a waste of time that had been. The wedding and all that had happened since.
‘She says I’m about to be a father.’ David threw the scan photograph down. He had been carrying it around, in an attempt to work out how it could be his child.
Urs picked it up and looked at it. He read the information on it then smiled in acknowledgement. He knew who was pregnant. And it certainly wasn’t Janet. Urs had become interested in scan photographs once Beth had gotten pregnant with Catie. They made interesting reading. This one especially did.
‘This baby.’ Urs told David, ‘is yours.’
‘No its not. I never slept with Janet.’ David cried, head in his hands.
‘I never said Janet was the mother.’
‘Eh….?’ David blinked at his friend in astonishment, ‘what do you mean then…?’ he slowly asked.
‘I got interested in these scans when Beth was pregnant with Catie. They have writing on them. See.’ Urs pointed it out. Plus, he had been amazed with the things themselves. It was amazing what technology could do nowadays. Wow.
‘Yeah, but that’s just a bunch of numbers. Doesn’t mean anything.’ David dismissed them.
‘Oh, but they do. That they do my friend.’ Urs nodded.
‘Go on…?’ David asked.
‘This baby, is yours.’ Urs told him. Again.
‘Because of these….numbers?’
‘Yes.’ Urs nodded again.
‘But I never….with Janet.’ David shuddered in disgust. He felt sick again.
‘Andrea, isn’t the mother.’ Urs announced.
‘Then who is…?’ David stupidly asked.
Urs smiled brightly at him.
‘Fran….’ David finally gasped in realisation.
‘Yep.’ Urs nodded, still smiling.
‘But how did Janet get hold of….’ David clutched the scan photograph to his heart now.
‘Fran must have dropped it.’ Urs supplied.
‘Oh god…I’m going to be a daddy.’ swooned an extremely happy David.
‘Yes you most certainly are.’ Urs happily agreed.
‘Fran….oh Fran. I love you.’
‘Then go and tell her that.’ Urs urged.
‘I would, if I knew where she was.’ David sighed.
Urs picked up the phone.
‘Who are you calling?’ David asked.
‘Wait and see my friend.’ he replied, tapping his nose.
Urs made one phone call. In under a minute he had an answer for David.
‘Fran, is with Cydalia in hers and Carlos’ room.’ Urs informed him.
‘Right. OK.’ David stood up, he ran his hands through his hair, trying to make himself presentable. Then he wiped at his eyes. ‘I’m going to see my love. Wish me luck.’ and with a spring in his step, David went to claim back the right woman. His Fran.

‘She’s sleeping.’ Cydalia hissed when she answered the door to a smiling David.
‘Can’t I come in anyway?’ he asked.
‘No you can not.’ Cydalia snapped.
‘Don’t you Cyd me!’ she cut David off. ‘Fran is heartbroken. She needs her rest.’
‘But she’s no need to be heartbroken….’ he tried.
‘Oh no? so her sister being pregnant with Fran’s love of her life’s child is no reason is it?’
‘Janet isn’t pregnant.’ David smiled.
‘How the hell do you know that…?’ Cydalia demanded.
‘Urs told me.’
‘Yeah, like he knows!’ Cydalia snapped.
‘Actually, he would.’
‘Scan photographs have information on them.’ David smiled.
‘Yeah, information like what?’ she demanded.
‘Baby measurements.’
‘Oh, right. OK.’
‘This baby, is mine…’
‘I knew it!’ Cydalia interrupted.
‘….and Fran’s.’ David finished.
‘Oh…’ Cydalia realised.
‘You know, that Fran’s pregnant, don’t you?’ David asked.
‘Yes, yes I do.’ she nodded.
‘This.’ David showed her the scan photograph, ‘is our child. Ours. Fran’s and mine.’ he proudly announced.
‘Fran must have dropped it.’ Cydalia suddenly realised.
‘And Janet picked it up. To use it against us.’ David sighed.
‘Fran won’t take you back. Not until Andrea is gone though.’ Cydalia then informed him.
‘I know.’ he nodded, ‘give me half an hour, then wake Fran. I’ll be back.’ he smiled then disappeared.
‘Good luck.’ Cydalia whispered to the space that had been a moment ago her friend, David. ‘Good luck.’ she repeated, ‘I’ve a feeling you’ll need it.’ especially, in getting rid of the bitch that was also known as Janet.

David charged back to his room where he found Janet, in the middle of unpacking her clothes. She had moved them from her room earlier when David had been out, doing whatever he had to do.
‘Good, glad you’ve got your suitcase.’ David sweetly smiled.
‘Oh, why is that then honey….?’ she innocently asked, fluttering her eyelashes at him.
‘Because….we’re moving.’ he said.
‘Moving? Hotels?’ she asked.
‘No, countries. Pack up again, would you?’
‘OK darling.’ she purred.
David watched as she repacked her clothes up.
‘Aren’t you going to do yours darling?’ she asked when he hadn’t started his own packing.
‘I thought you could do it, when yours are all done.’ he lied.
‘OK honey.’ she nodded and continued with her stuff, smiling to herself. Her little plan had worked! And oh so easily thanks to that scan photograph. Whoever it belonged to. OK, so now she had to pretend to be pregnant. No big deal. Then, in about a weeks time conveniently “lose” the baby. Job done!
When completely packed, she looked at David, ‘Pass us your suitcase darling.’ she smiled sweetly at him.
‘Whatever for?’ he asked.
‘So I can pack for you.’
‘Pack? Oh, but I’m not going anywhere.’
‘Oh? But I thought you said…’ Janet paled in colour. What was going on?
‘No. I’m not going anywhere. But you are.’ said David.
‘What…? But why….?’ she squeaked.
‘I found you out.’
‘Eh…?’ Janet nervously laughed.
‘That baby you’re carrying…’
‘Is yours.’
‘But you’re not the mother.’
‘Eh….?’ Janet blinked.
‘You found my child’s scan, but you’re not the mother.’
‘Then….? FRAN!’ she screamed, ‘that BITCH!’
‘Who are you calling a bitch?’ David demanded.
‘She’s playing you….’
‘Its not Fran stood here, in front of me, claiming to be something that she isn’t.’ David pointed out.
‘I could be pregnant…!’ Janet snapped. She wasn’t. But…
‘Not by me you aren’t.’ David snapped back.
‘You bastard.’ she cried, slapping him around the face.
‘Yeah, whatever.’ David grabbed hold of her wrist and dragged her towards the door. In his other hand he carried her packed suitcase. David then dragged Janet and all her stuff out of his room, down the stairs and into the lobby of the hotel entrance.
‘This woman has been annoying me.’ he told the hotel guard, ‘please arrange to have her band.’ and with that, he let go of her wrist, turned and walked away.
‘David!’ Janet cried out to him, ‘come back! I love you! Fran doesn’t. You need me! ME!’
But it was no use. David just carried on walking. He had the love of his life to convince that he loved her. He had a fiancée in the making to make and a baby to look forward to being born.

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PostSubject: Re: *Remember Me* By: KazyJay   Mon Oct 19, 2009 8:46 pm


Elizabeth Buhler, Beth to her friends and enemies, was fuming. She had had second thoughts on her child. Well, she had come to realise that being a model and a parent did have its advantages when it came to modelling assignments. Model mothers were all the range at the moment. But she was still fuming. Urs was a bastard. Really he was. A complete bastard. Not only had he pushed her out of her own babies life but he had employed the most dreadful woman who knew absolutely nothing about looking after children. He had also refused her access to her own child. So had the nanny. Urs had obviously employed her, the nanny, because he fancied her. There really could be no other explanation. She was useless. Completely useless with the baby whatever her name was. What had Urs called her? Catherine? Catie? What sort of crap name was that? Honestly! Beth tutted to herself. She placed her hands over her ears as the baby, whatever her name was, continued to cry. Scream almost.
‘Shut up!’ Beth screamed as she sat and watched it cry. ‘Shut up!’ she screamed a second time as Urs finally walked into the room. He picked his daughter up, and just like that, she stopped crying. As if by magic. ‘Thank god for that!’ she exclaimed.
‘And you wonder why I won’t let you have Catie.’ Urs spoke.
‘Eh….who?’ Beth blinked. Who? Did he mean the baby, or the nanny?
‘Catie. Your daughter.’ Urs tutted, holding his child close, protecting her.
‘Oh. Her. That’s her name, is it?’
‘Yes. Catherine.’ Urs nodded.
‘You named her…after that actress you….’
‘Someone had to name Catie.’ Urs defended.
‘Yeah, but after someone you fancy?’ Beth spat.
‘It’s a good name. Catherine. Some of the best people were called Catherine.’
‘Yeah, but Catherine?’ she spat again.
Besides, Catherine meant pure. And Urs’ daughter was pure. She needed protecting. Looking after. From her own mother. Urs now realised. How could she be so cruel to her own flesh and blood? That was the one thing he would never be able to start to understand.
‘Anyway,’ Urs snapped, ‘what my daughter is named isn’t the issue here.’
‘Our.’ Beth corrected.
‘Eh?’ he blinked.
‘You said my. She’s not. She’s ours.’
‘Yeah, like you care.’ Urs answered in a cold voice.
‘I do care. I do…’ Beth tried.
‘Catie is now two months old. This is the first time you have bothered to see her in that time.’ Urs pointed out.
‘I was…busy before now.’ Beth waved a hand around.
‘She’s your child. Your flesh and blood. Whatever could have kept you busy? Whatever could be more important than your own child?’
‘I was working.’ Beth snapped.
‘Working?’ he laughed in question. ‘Doing what?’
‘I am a successful model don’t you know.’
‘Not if I told them all your little secrets.’ Urs warned.
‘You wouldn’t?’ Beth gasped.
‘Just you wait and see…’
‘Then they’d find out about you too.’ she nastily replied.
‘I don’t care. Not anymore.’
‘It would be the end of your career.’ she sneered.
‘Yours too Beth, don’t forget that.’
‘Yeah. Whatever.’ Beth snapped before flouncing out of the room. A moment later the door slammed with such force that several pictures hanging on the wall shook. One even fell down, smashing the glass to pieces.
‘What did she mean?’ Ingie came out of her hiding place of the master bedroom. They were still staying at the hotel. Even though Urs had bought the house they still needed furniture as well as the house carpeted and decorated. Parts of it needed mending. Nothing major. Just a bit of tender loving care to get it fit to live in. It had been empty for a while until Urs had purchased it.
‘By what?’ Urs asked, laying his precious daughter in her Moses basket, watching her sleep in peace, unaware of the anger her parents felt for each other.
‘Your little secret? That they’d find out about you too?’
‘Oh, that.’ Urs sighed.
‘I mean its OK. You don’t have to tell me. I don’t need to know…’ Ingie muttered.
‘If we’re going to be together, then you do need to know.’
Urs sat down. Well, flopped down really. He ran a hand through his hair, took a deep breath and said, ‘I guess…I guess you could call me a battered man.’ he shrugged.
Ingie bit back a gasp. She hadn’t been expecting this.
Drugs abuse? Alcoholic? Yes. Battered man? Err….no.
‘Guess I’ve shocked you.’ Urs shrugged on her silence.
‘A little…yes.’ Ingie admitted.
‘I never meant to be…I mean I’m a gentleman, or at least I try to be one. So when she started hitting me…’
‘You never slapped back.’
‘God. No. No. I couldn’t. That, isn’t me.’
‘So Beth hit you….’
‘And continued to, yes.’ he nodded.
‘Not always with her fists either.’ he then said. ‘I’ve…marks.’
‘Scares?’ Ingie asked.
‘Yes. Quite amazing just how sharp a pair of nail scissors and a nail file can be.’ Urs sarcastically laughed.
‘Oh god…’ Ingie exclaimed, covering her mouth. She felt sick. It was no wonder she didn’t either like or trust that Beth, and now she finally understood the reason why. Beth was a controlling nasty bitch. She didn’t deserve to be with someone who seemed as nice as Urs was. Ingie was just pleased. Pleased that Urs had finally managed to get her out of his life.
‘No, please don’t feel sorry for me.’ said Urs, ‘I guess, that in a way I deserved it.’ he shrugged.
‘How…?’ Ingie gasped. Isn’t that what most abused people thought? That they had somehow bought the abuse on themselves? But it wasn’t true. No one who got abused deserved it. No matter whatever they personally thought. It was never, ever their fault. Ever.
‘I was too soft…too, oh I don’t know.’ Urs shrugged again.
Ingie gasped hold of his hand and forced him to make eye contact with her. ‘Look, listen to me.’ she said, ‘you never deserved any of it. Understand? Never!’
‘Not even if I pushed her to do it?’ he asked.
‘Never Urs. Never. You could have done nothing and still have ended up with the same result.’ Ingie attempted to reassure him.
‘You really think that?’ he blinked in asking.
Ingie nodded. ‘My friend, she works with people who have been…abused. Its the person who is doing the abusing who is at fault. Never the abused person. You have to believe that, or she really would have won.’
‘OK. OK.’ Urs finally nodded. ‘Does this change anything?’ he then asked.
‘About what?’ Ingie blinked.
‘You. Me. Us. Us….dating?’
‘God no. No.’ she reassured him. ‘One thing though…’
‘Oh?’ Urs held his breath, waiting for the punch line.
‘I’m nothing like Beth. I promise.’ Ingie smiled.
‘Oh, don’t worry. I know that.’ Urs returned the smile, ‘That’s why I like you. Why I trust you with Catie. You’re kind, caring….loving.’
‘Thank you. For trusting in me.’ Ingie smiled brighter.
‘And thank you, for….for understanding.’ Urs touched her face. Then he slowly leant forward and captured her lips with his, kissing her.
Ingie returned the kiss. It then turned into more intense kissing. Then love making.
Ingie tried not to gasp too loudly when Urs undressed. Oh my god. He had scars everywhere on his body. On his chest, thighs and stomach. None on his arms or legs where they could easily be seen. Like most abusers Beth had been careful where she had marked, wounded Urs. Ingie kissed every scar. Wanting to take the pain away. Kissing them better.
Afterwards she held him in her arms. Holding him close. Protecting him in his sleep.

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PostSubject: Re: *Remember Me* By: KazyJay   Mon Oct 26, 2009 10:39 pm


Carlos and Cydalia were having an argument. It had all started over one simple thing. Cydalia had received a package, containing some sexy revealing underwear she had ordered from a website a while ago.
‘You’re cheating on me!’ a distraught Carlos cried out after Cydalia had tried unsuccessfully to hide the underwear. She had wanted it to be a surprise for her husband.
‘What?’ she replied, slightly shocked.
‘I know all about it.’ he said.
‘About what?’
‘Of course I’m not cheating!’ Cydalia laughed.
‘Yes, you are!’
‘Whatever gives you that idea?’
‘You’re distant….hiding things from me.’
‘I’m pregnant! Not cheating!’
Oops! She hadn’t meant to announce it quite like that!
‘You’re….you’re what?’ Carlos mumbled.
‘Pregnant. I’m pregnant.’ Cydalia sighed. So much for making it special she thought. So much for being prepared with the scan photograph and all that.
‘Oh. I thought you were…’
‘So much for trusting me!’ Cydalia snapped.
‘I do trust you….’
‘No you don’t.’
‘I do…’
‘A minute ago you were accusing me of….of cheating. Of having an affair!’
‘Well, I was suspicious…’
‘Carlos you’ve been the only man I’ve ever slept with. Give me a break!’
‘Sorry honey…’ he tried.
‘No. Don’t.’ she snapped.
‘Don’t… what?’ he blinked.
‘Don’t patronise me. Don’t treat me like I’m stupid!’
‘I’m not. I’m….’
‘You’re what…?’
‘I just love you so much.’ Carlos sighed.
‘Love? Love? You’ve a funny way of showing it!’ Cydalia snapped, eyes blazing with so much anger.
‘Forgive me….I never meant to…’ he tried again.
‘No, but I’m sorry. That’s it. We’re finished.’
‘What…? Why…? Why….?’
‘You don’t trust me that’s why.’ she pointed out.
‘I do…I do…’ Carlos tried.
‘No. You. Don’t.’ Cydalia said, rather slowly and more than a little patronisingly.
‘Cyd….please….give me a chance…’ Carlos pleaded as she stormed around the hotel room in a rage, packing her suitcase. Throwing her clothes into it instead of her usual careful packing, folding each item neatly. Today she scrunched them all up. Chucking them into the suitcase any old way. Not caring. In too much of a hurry. Wanting to get away from this man as fast as it was possible to do so.
‘Cyd, please….please don’t leave me…’ Carlos pleaded as he watched his wife storm angrily around the room.
‘No Carlos. No. I’ve had enough.’ she glared at him, fire blazing in her eyes. Carlos felt scared now. Shocked. What had he done? Oh yes, only gone and pushed away the one woman he truly loved, who had, up until now loved him too.
Bugger! Bugger! Bugger it!

Seb hated the medication he was on. It made him sick and feel really cranky. He wanted to shout at everyone. Well, everyone except Angie. At least she understood. At least she cared. Every time Seb had to have the treatment Angie was there, holding his hand. Soothing his brow.
‘I really fancy you…’ he groaned as he felt the sickness come again.
‘And I, fancy you.’ Angie smiled, smoothing his forehead.
‘But I’m kind of…not in right working order at the moment.’ he lightly laughed. Another sidekick. His sex drive had disappeared. And at a time he had just re-discovered it again after meeting up with Angie.
‘That’s OK Seb. I’ll still be here you know, afterwards.’ she tried to reassure him.
‘Hope you will…’
‘Seb, I love you. Nothing will change that. Ever.’ Angie tried again.
‘Promise me Angie…promise?’ he asked.
‘I promise.’ she nodded.
‘Love you.’ he smiled.
‘Love you Seb.’ Angie returned the smile.

David searched for Fran. But he could still not find her anywhere. It was like she had disappeared. Again. But this time he was determined not to give up. This time, he had a reason. He had a baby on the way. He was going to be a father. Wow! That was big. Huge. Amazing. Beautiful, beautiful Fran was having his child. Wow!

Fran was hiding out in Ingie’s flat. Well, what would be her flat until she could sell it. Ingie herself had moved into the hotel, into a connecting room to be with Catie and of course her rather cute father. Fran had actually done some baby sitting for Urs when he had taken Ingie out on their very first, rather successful date.
Urs had left Ingie a note and a single white rose on her pillow the next morning after their first night sleeping together. He had asked her to have a picnic. It had been a romantic picnic. With strawberries, fresh cream, finger food and a non alcoholic wine. Urs and Ingie had sat under a big leafy tree, on a rug, feeding each other the food and drink.
‘Mmm….delicious.’ Urs had whispered as he had licked away the sticky strawberry juice from Ingie’s neck. She had giggled like a nervous girl and blushed a light pink.
‘Your turn.’ she had then fed him a strawberry and had blushed again as Urs had started sucking her fingers. Only a bunch of photographers turning up to try and take their picture had slightly ruined the afternoon.
But they had walked hand in hand back to the hotel in a happy contented mood. It had been a great first date. The first great date Ingie had ever had. Her past boyfriends had just had one agenda on their minds. Getting her into bed whatever the cost. At least Urs had cared about her. Really cared. Ingie knew that. She had known that long before they had slept together. Urs was a nice guy. He was worth keeping. Possibly forever. Ingie could imagine growing old with him. Having his child…watching Catie grow up, watching her turn into a beautiful young woman. She was already a beautiful baby and getting more beautiful each and every day. It was such a pleasure to look after her. When they were having the picnic, Ingie had missed Catie not being there. She had told Urs this.
He had replied, ‘I miss her too.’
‘Next time, can she come?’ Ingie had asked.
‘I’d like that. My two favourite ladies together.’ Urs had replied, making Ingie to want to almost burst with joy.

Fran hadn’t meant to completely hide from David. But she was still feeling upset over what had happened between her, him and her sister Janet. OK, she had heard from Cydalia that Janet was no longer staying at the hotel. But that didn’t meant anything, did it? Fran was confused. She didn’t know anymore. It was all getting jumbled up inside. She missed David like crazy but didn’t know what she could do, if anything, to change her feelings or to make David love her again. She didn’t know if he still loved her. How could he? Janet was having his child. OK, Fran was too. But David didn’t know about that. Fran didn’t want to confuse him anymore. She didn’t want to burden him anymore than was necessary. She knew one thing though - she was sick of crying. Sick of feeling so awful over something she couldn’t have prevented happening in the first place. Fran stared out of the window, watching it rain. She hugged her stomach, protecting her unborn child.
The door to the flat entrance slammed then.
‘Only me.’ called out Cydalia. She had moved in the day before after having a dreadful argument with Carlos, her husband. He had accused her of hiding things. Of cheating. When all Cydalia had been guilty of was being pregnant. Of having, occasionally, the odd fantasy while in bed with Carlos having sex. Nothing too major. Not that Carlos knew about the fantasies. But they didn’t mean anything. It wasn’t like Cydalia was cheating on him. She would never do that. Ever. She was like Fran. Cydalia loved Carlos way too much. Fran loved David way to much for her own good.
‘How did it go?’ Fran asked Cydalia.
‘Don’t ask.’ Cydalia grabbed a pillow and sat down on the sofa.
‘That bad eh?’ Fran sympathised.
‘I can’t file for divorce until we’ve been separated for two years.’ Cydalia sighed loudly.
‘But he accused you of cheating!’
‘Makes no difference, according to the lawyer.’
‘What are you going to do then?’ Fran asked, handing her a weak cup of coffee.
‘Stay out of his way until I can divorce him.’ Cydalia had walked out on Carlos, moved in with Fran then had gone to see a lawyer about divorcing Carlos. But, as you can see, she hadn’t received any good news. Cydalia hated waiting around for things to happen. She was a more of a do it here and now kind of woman. Waiting long periods just irritated the absolute hell out of her.
‘Oh Cyd….’ Fran gave her a light hug.
‘I mean, like I would cheat on Carlos!’ she wiped an angry tear from her eyes.
‘Here.’ Fran handed her a tissue.
Cydalia took the tissue, blew her nose then had a really good heart wrenching cry.

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PostSubject: Re: *Remember Me* By: KazyJay   Mon Nov 02, 2009 10:10 pm


Carlos was trying to get drunk. He wanted to forget. Forget what he had personally gone and done. Pushed the best thing in his life away. And all because he had been feeling jealous. What a pratt. A complete pratt.
And it was all his fault. Cydalia was gone. He doubted that he would ever get her back again. He didn’t deserve her back again. Cydalia. Oh Cydalia. He sighed loudly, to himself. You stupid, stupid….!!
Carlos silently fumed. If only he had kept his mouth shut. If only!
‘Another, please.’ Carlos indicated his empty glass.
‘Sure. The same?’ the barman asked, raising his eyebrows in asking.
‘Fill it up.’ Carlos sighed. ‘More.’ he said when the barman had only half filled the glass with the disgusting tasting whiskey.
‘There you go.’ the barman, named Will topped up the glass completely.
‘Thanks.’ Carlos drank his full glass down in one.
‘I’m sensing relationship problems.’ said Will, hitting the nail on the head as he stood behind the bar, cleaning glasses.
‘How did you guess?’ Carlos sadly sighed, staring moodily into space as a single tear slide down his cheek.
‘What did you do?’ Will asked.
‘I accused my beautiful wife, of cheating…’
‘When she wasn’t, eh?’ Will finished.
‘No. No she wasn’t.’
‘What was it then?’ Will asked.
‘She was just hiding her pregnancy…’
‘Are you….?’
‘Yes, I’m the father.’
‘Then why hide….?’
‘I guess she was waiting until it was safe to do so.’
‘But you jumped to the wrong conclusions.’ Will sighed.
Carlos nodded, his face grim.
‘It can be fixed, can’t it?’ Will asked him.
‘God. I’m hoping.’ Carlos sighed.
‘Hey, look on the bright side.’ Will smiled.
‘Which is…?’ Carlos asked, looking straight at him.
‘You’re going to be a father. A daddy.’ Will reminded him.
‘Yes, I am, aren’t I?’ Carlos realised, smiling lightly for the first time in this whole conversation. ‘Yes. Me, a father.’ he smiled, nodding. Liking the idea. Loving the idea.
‘Another drink?’ Will then asked.
‘Actually, no thanks.’ Carlos got unsteadily to his feet, he pulled out his wallet, got some money out, placed it on the bar top and walked out of the bar, whistling to himself under his breath as he went.

But Cydalia refused to let Carlos see her or even talk to her. Fran answered the door when Carlos knocked.
Cydalia hid in her room, with the door locked.
‘Is Cydalia in?’ Carlos asked, looking over Fran’s shoulder for any sign of his wife but none was to be found anywhere.
‘No.’ Fran lied.
‘Is she out?’ Carlos tried.
‘Err…yeah.’ she replied, rather sarcastically.
‘When will she be back?’
‘I don’t know. I’m not Cydalia’s keeper.’ Fran said, sticking up for her newly pregnant friend.
‘Right…..O….kay.’ Carlos sadly nodded. He sighed. Once. Rather loudly then turned and walked away with his head down.
Cydalia waited until she saw her soon to be ex-husband completely leave the building before she emerged from the safety of her new bedroom.
‘He’s gone.’ Fran smiled at her friend.
‘How did he look?’ Cydalia asked.
Fran thought for a moment. ‘Kind of dreadful.’ she decided on telling the truth.
‘Blood shot eyes. Crazy looking unwashed hair. Slurring his words.’
‘Sounds more drunk then anything else.’ Cydalia commented on. She had seen Carlos drunk. Once. The night before their wedding day. He had turned up on Cydalia’s doorstep, drunk out of his mind with worry that she might change her mind and leave him standing at the alter. Cydalia had had to persuade Carlos that nothing would have made that happen. Nothing. She loved him. Had loved him since the very first time she had met him.
‘Thought he looked more depressed than drunk.’ Fran tried.
‘Not that I care. Not really.’ Cydalia tried to act as though she didn’t care. But deep down inside she did. Not that she would let it be shown or known. Oh no. No.
‘Need a hug?’ Fran asked.
‘Yes please.’ Cydalia admitted.
Fran gave her a hug. Cydalia gratefully returned the hug.
She needed all the friends she could get at this moment in time.

‘What am I going to do?’ Carlos sighed at Seb.
He had gone to see his friend, his best friend after needing someone to talk to. He had stormed into Seb’s hospital room not ten minutes before, head in hands looking an absolute wreck Seb had thought before blurting out this question.
‘About what?’ Seb enquired, having no idea as to what Carlos was referring to.
‘Cydalia and I.’ Carlos quickly filled his friend in with all the details. Seb’s short term memory loss was still rather dicey. One minute he could remember everything. The next it was like someone had wiped it clean. A blank. Not good.
Seb thought for a moment then answered, ‘Communication, is the key in any relationship.’ he sounded rather knowledgeable, for once, ‘If you don’t talk to Cydalia, then you’ll never sort all this out.’ he spread his arms wide in explanation.
Carlos now thought for a moment, then nodded in acknowledgement. It was actually rather surprisingly good advice, all things considered and considering who was the one giving the advice. Seb was useful for a lot of things. Giving advice wasn’t normally one of the things. Carlos nodded again then came to a decision.
He would go and see Cydalia. Again. And try and sort all this out. He needed to know if she planned on keeping the baby for one thing.

Carlos tried calling Cydalia on his mobile phone. But her phone just kept ringing and ringing and eventually went to voicemail. Carlos sighed. And finally left a message after several times trying in vain to connect to his wife.
‘Um, its me…Carlos. I….I need to see you. To talk to you. We need to discuss….the baby. Err….OK. Bye. Love you.’ He hated talking on answer phones. Hated leaving messages. Leaving answer phone messages were no guarantee that the person who was being called would ever listen to the message, let alone respond to it. It wasn’t good. And Carlos was feeling especially rejected at the moment. He knew that he had no one to blame but himself, but still.

With a heavy heart, Cydalia listened to Carlos’s phone message. What the hell did he mean when he had mentioned needing to discuss the baby? Didn’t he want it now? Well, tough. Cydalia was pregnant and she was so not going to be doing anything. Except having her child. This baby was precious. Her so longed for child. If Carlos was thinking otherwise then he could forget it. Forget being with her ever again. She wasn’t going to have an abortion. Not for anyone. Not for any reason. She was youngish, in her early 30’s and healthy. She had had all the tests. The baby was as perfect as you could get. Growing well. Developing on time. So Carlos could stick all thoughts of her having an abortion where the sun didn’t shine. Up his arse.

Elizabeth was at her lawyers office. She had come up with the idea of taking Urs to court. He had her child and she wanted….it back. Having the child would be good for her career her manager, Tania, had told her. It was all the range now. Model Mum’s. Big money to be earned. Even more if the child was photogenic. Which, Beth immediately assumed….Catie, that’s what its name was, was. She had to be. With Beth as her Mother. And even Urs wasn’t too bad looking. That was that had first attracted Beth to Urs. Well, along with his money, his rather interesting looks. Cheek bones. Cat like eyes. Fabulous torso. Muscles everywhere. Here was a guy who took care of himself. Beth had liked that in Urs. Only one thing had put her off him. He was too much of a pushover. Such a gentleman. The first time she had hit him she had been expecting…something. But he hadn’t responded. No hitting back. No shouting at her. Nothing. It was like she had never hit him in the first place. Once she knew she could hit and get away with it she had kept doing it. When she had been feeling pissed off she had taken it out on Urs. Too easy. Miles too easy. Hitting him. Then punching. Then occasionally attacking him with a pair of scissors. Ha. She had enjoyed it. Watching his surprise. His shock. Trying to work out what he had done wrong. How could he fix it? Change it? Ha. Such a laugh. Maybe Urs wasn’t a gentleman but a wimp. Afraid to hit back. Too much of a pushover. But by then Beth hadn’t cared. But she did now. She was going to use the attacking against him. As she had told her lawyer.
‘He used to hit me. When he was angry.’ she sobbed.
I’d make such a brilliant actress Beth secretly sniggered.
‘Do you have any proof?’ the lawyer asked, making a note on his legal pad.
‘I…I have defensive wounds.’ she lied. Well, a little make-up could be used to fake the bruises.
‘And your ex….? Mr Buhler?’
‘Meaning….?’ she demanded.
‘Did you ever….defend yourself?’
‘Of course I did!’ she nervously laughed.
‘Then Mr Buhler should also have…scars.’ the lawyer said, consulting his legal pad in front of him.
‘Oh. That.’
‘Well….?’ he raised his eyebrows at her, tapping his pen as he spoke.
‘One time…he attacked me….with a knife…He has a scar, on his stomach.’ which, he did. Only it had been her, Beth, attacking him at the time and not the other way around.
‘Great. Great.’ her lawyer beamed, noting down the information. ‘Right…now we’ll need photographs.’ he told her.
‘Of what….?’ Beth asked.
‘Your….bruises, marks…’
‘Oh. OK.’
‘So I’ll arrange for a photographer to come and visit you.’ he said, making a note.
‘Then we’ll go from there.’ he looked up at his client, expectantly.
‘And….Catie?’ Beth asked.
‘I’m sorry, but until the investigation is complete your daughter will stay in the care of her father.’
‘What? But she’s at risk!’ Beth snapped a hand on the desk in anger.
‘Oh don’t worry, Ms….Walker, your child will now be kept an eye on….’
‘But I need her!’ she interrupted.
‘Your child will be safe Ms Walker. Please…trust me. I know what I’m doing.’ he attempted to soothe her.
‘Right. Fine.’ and with that, Beth stood up and stormed out of her lawyers office in a right mood. Her designer high heels, red to match what she was wearing, clicking violently as she walked away, muttering to herself. It hadn’t gone well. Not at all.

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PostSubject: Re: *Remember Me* By: KazyJay   Mon Nov 09, 2009 7:14 pm


Urs was covered in bruises. Again. It was like being back in his relationship with Beth he sarcastically thought as he lay in his solitary hospital room in his uncomfortable bed. Only this time it really had been his fault. He had been driving too fast when the accident which had ended him up in hospital had happened. He had taken the corner quicker than he thought. But he was lucky. This time the bruises and scars would mend. Unlike last time. Then again he didn’t want to think about last time. It still hurt way too much. Urs still carried the scars. The one on his stomach would probably never completely leave him. But hey, he couldn’t complain. At least he was still alive.
He groaned and tried to turn over. But the cast on his ankle prevented him from doing so. He also had a cut over his left eye and bruising on his cheekbone. He probably looked quite a picture he mused to himself while groaning lightly again.
‘I see you’re awake.’ Ingie announced. She had been sitting in his hospital room ever since she had found out where he was. Her hands twisting in worry over this special man.
‘You’re here….’ Urs mumbled, gazing at her. He hadn’t noticed her before she had spoken. Too busy feeling slightly sorry for himself. The vision of her was like seeing an angel. His very own angel.
‘So I am.’ she held onto his hand and gave it a faint squeeze.
‘Where’s….Catie?’ he asked, licking his dry lips.
‘Fran is looking after her.’ he was told as she played nurse and helped him drink water via a plastic straw.
‘OK….’ he carefully nodded swallowing gratefully. God. His head did half hurt.
‘She knows about Beth. Oh, not everything. Just enough to know not to let her in, should she turn up.’ Ingie reassured him as he paled slightly in colour at the thought of his ex partner.
‘Thanks.’ Urs breathed a sigh of relief.
‘How are you….?’ she then asked him.
‘OK….I think.’
‘What were you doing?’
‘Eh, yeah. I know. Too fast.’
‘I took a corner…’
‘Aren’t you used to driving in England?’
‘I am….yes.’ he carefully nodded again.
‘Then….?’ Ingie asked.
‘I thought I was being followed….’ he mumbled, looking down at her hand holding his tightly. She had grabbed hold of it once he had drunk enough to satisfy his thirst.
‘Who by….?’
‘Beth.’ he muttered.
‘Oh Urs.’ she exclaimed.
‘I’m probably being stupid.’ he shrugged. Ouch. Even shrugging hurt he realised.
‘No….no.’ Ingie shook her head.
‘I mean….why would she be, following me?’ he asked, swallowing.
Because she has a screw lose Ingie thought. Not that she spoke the words out loud. Instead she just said, ‘I don’t know why honey. I don’t know.’
‘I think I’m going mad.’ he nervously confessed, laughing slightly.
‘Oh honey, you’re not. You’re not.’ she squeezed his hand a little tighter in reassurance.
‘Thanks. For having faith in me.’ he smiled.
‘Why wouldn’t I?’ she asked, gazing puzzlingly at him.
‘I….I don’t know.’ he carefully shrugged again.
‘I love you. Of course I have faith in you.’ Ingie smiled.
Urs gasped and stared open-mouthed at her.
‘I….I mean, I know its too soon….but…’ she mumbled in slight embarrassment at the silence that had greeted her confession of love.
‘No. No….I….I love you too.’ Urs smiled, finally breaking the silence.
‘You do…?’ it was Ingie’s turn to now stare at him. Slightly open-mouthed. Was she hearing things? Things she had so longed to hear?
‘I do. Yes.’ he happily nodded.
‘Phew.’ Ingie breathed a sigh of relief. He loved her too!
‘Exactly.’ Urs agreed. ‘Phew.’ he also breathed a sigh of relief. He then, somehow, managed to manoeuvre her close to him and kiss her, rather passionately, cupping her chin, his tongue probing. Ingie happily and gratefully returned the kiss. Letting him in deep.
‘Uh….um.’ came a cough from behind some time later.
Urs pulled his mouth regrettably away from Ingie’s, let out a groan and looked round. It was Seb. Leaning against the door frame, looking tired and drawn.
‘Oh. Hi Seb.’ Urs nodded, shifting slighting in his bed.
Ingie coughed, re-arranged her top and turned around, blushing.
‘Err, hi Seb.’ she mumbled.
‘Heard about your accident.’ said Seb to Urs.
‘Err, yeah. Me, crazy driving.’ Urs shrugged.
‘You gotta be careful. Can’t go killing yourself now. Especially when I might already be about to die.’ Seb gave an ironic smile.
‘You’re not going to die Seb.’ Urs tried.
‘Might do.’ he replied, looking downcast.
‘You won’t.’ said Ingie, ‘Dr Hudson did say 80% success rate.’ she reminded him.
‘Yeah, but the other 20%. They died.’ Seb pointed out sadly. He couldn’t help but look on the downside. He didn’t want to die. Not now. Not when things had seemed to be going oh so well just recently.
‘What…?’ a stunned Urs gasped.
‘Yeah. I asked Dr Hudson. He said, that the other 20% either died straight away, or…ended up a vegetable.’ Seb sadly sighed while delivering this information.
‘But that won’t happen to you.’ said a voice from behind him.
Seb slowly turned around. It was Angie who had spoken.
‘How can you be so sure?’ he asked her.
‘Because I know you. You.’ she lightly touched his face, ‘are a fighter. Get that. A fighter.’ she repeated more determinedly.
‘You seem to have a lot of faith, in me…’ Seb realised.
‘I do. Because I love you.’ Angie smiled.
‘I love you too Angie.’ Seb slowly smiled back.
‘Come on.’ she gently took his arm, ‘chemo time.’
‘God.’ Seb groaned, ‘I hate that.’ he shuddered.
‘Not long now, until your operation.’ Ingie told him.
‘Until my death….’ the voice of doom was back by the sounds of it. Back, with vengeance.
‘Now Seb. No talk of that.’ Urs told him. He didn’t like hearing his friend sound so sad. Sound so desperately unhappy.
‘OK. OK.’ he nodded, ‘see you guys later.’ he gave a brief smile then left hand in hand with Angie to go and be sick again. He had two more treatments before the operation was to take place. The chemo was to help reduce the size of the mass on his brain. So far it was working. So far. Thank god. But Seb’s memories weren’t back yet. They wouldn’t be back until the operation took place. Hopefully. And only then with a bit of luck. But Seb wasn’t feeling all that lucky. All that positive. Not now. Not with the operation fast approaching. He was becoming more and more worried each day. Not that he would admit that to anyone. Even though they would and did understand exactly how he was feeling. Or at least tried to understand.
Urs, David and Carlos were also worried for him. They didn’t want to lose their friend. They had already decided - should anything bad happen to Seb, then that would signal the end of IL DIVO. They couldn’t carry on without him. It would be like having a piece of themselves missing. A major missing part. They wouldn’t be able to function without Seb.

Fran had come to a decision. She needed to see David. To talk to him. She needed to tell him about her pregnancy. Before he found out about it from someone else. OK. She already knew he was going to be a father, with Janet’s child, but. So Fran picked up the phone and called him. She ended up having to leave an answer phone message, asking him to meet her in the coffee shop next to the hospital. Fran had heard about Urs’ unfortunate accident, and knew that David wouldn’t want to be too far away from his best friend while he was injured. Ingie had told Fran about Urs after asking her to baby sit Catie for a while. Fran had enjoyed looking after Catie. She was such a sweetie. A pleasant little thing. A darling. Fran couldn’t wait to hold her own little baby in her arms. She had another seven months to wait but all was going well. She was just starting to show. Being small in height and skinny, her pregnancy easily showed once you knew she was pregnant. But Fran didn’t care. She was proud of her developing baby and growing figure, finding something new everyday out about her body.

David was visiting Urs when Fran phoned. As soon as he listened to her message, asking him to meet her, he rushed to the coffee shop even thought he still had an hour until the meeting was to take place. He had the engagement ring in his pocket, and the proposal all ready and waiting. He had decided to make the proposal as simple as possible. He knew what he wanted. Who he wanted. He wanted Fran. And their child. Whatever the cost. He loved Fran. Here. Now. Forever. Without her he couldn’t breathe or be himself. He needed Fran to be himself if that made any sense at all. And, he didn’t care how dramatic that sounded to anyone. No one else mattered. Only him and Fran and now their child.

Beth was with the photographer. Her friend, Tania, had done a brilliant job with her make-up skills. All the bruises and scars looked real. They were even water proof as an added bonus. Beth would need a special cream to remove the make-up when she was finally done.
The photographer gasped in shock at Beth’s body. It looked awful. He felt sorry for her. Really, really sorry for her. Beth secretly smirked to herself. Ha. Job well done. The bruises were everywhere. It had taken a lot of hard work for Tania and make-up, but, it looked real. Painful too. Beth noticed the photographer wince several times while snapping away.
‘Do you want me to turn around?’ Beth sweetly asked him.
‘Err, yeah. OK.’ the photographer, named Thomas nervously coughed. Not that Beth had been bothered enough to even ask him what his name was he thought as he clicked away, taking photograph after photograph. God he thought. Her ex partner must be a complete monster. These bruises looked nasty. Fresh too. Like they had been received only a few days ago. ‘Um, who is your ex?’ Thomas decided to ask. He had a right mind to find this bastard and to inflict these wounds on him. See how he liked it.
‘Urs Buhler.’ Beth snapped the name rather more violently then was necessary.
‘Err…OK.’ Thomas breathed in sharply. He knew this guy. His wife was a big fan of the guy’s group. He had thought that this Urs Buhler was a nice guy. Obviously not. Or so it seemed now.
‘And, he did it without provocation.’ Beth easily lied, smiling as sweetly as she could while batting her eyelids.
‘God, he’s a….a monster.’ Thomas spat as he clicked away, taking photograph after photograph.
‘That’s why I had to leave him.’ Beth gave a little sob, and dapped at the fake tears in her eyes with the tissue she had clasped in her hand. Tears, Tania had told her, would give her bruises added effect to anyone who wasn’t completely cold hearted.
‘But I heard you haven’t custody, of your child.’ Thomas reminded her.
He had heard about the custody battle that was currently planning to take place. His wife had spies who knew things. Information. Especially when it concerned her favourite band, also Urs Buhler’s band, IL DIVO.
‘That’s why I’m doing this. To get custody, of….it.’
‘Girl, or boy?’ Thomas asked, thinking it strange that Beth would call her child, her own flesh and blood an “it”.
‘Nice name.’ Thomas smiled. He had once known a Catherine. Beautiful girl she had been. His first crush. He remembered her long curly brown hair and big brown eyes. He swooned.
‘Named, after HIS favourite actress.’ Beth spat, bringing Thomas back to the present.
‘Oh, who?’ he asked, wondering which actress this would be. What sort of taste in women did this Urs Buhler have?
‘Catherine Zeta Jones.’ Beth spat again.
‘Oh. I quite….like her.’ Thomas made the mistake of saying. Like? Err. No. He fancied Catherine Zeta Jones. She was beautiful. Pity he was married and she had such crap taste in older men or he’d be in there like a flash.
Beth shuddered.
‘Right.’ he finally announced, ‘I think we’re done now.’
‘Already?’ Beth gasped. Had he taken enough photographs? She couldn’t remember how many he had taken. Blast him entering her into conversation!
‘Yep.’ Harry nodded, starting to pack up his camera and all the equipment he had needed in order to take the required photographs.
‘And, when should I find out?’
‘About what?’ Thomas asked, blinking in surprise.
‘Oh. These pictures will go to the court first. I’m just the photographer. Its nothing to do with me. Not really.’ he finally informed her something he had been trying to tell her ever since he had appeared at her door, ready to take the photos.
‘But, I thought…’ Beth muttered.
‘No. Sorry.’ he apologised.
‘Oh….’ Beth tried pouting. Now, normally doing this, pouting, got her everything she wanted. When she wanted. But, not this time. She glared at poor Thomas.
‘You’ll have to wait, like everyone else I’m afraid Mrs.’
‘Ms.’ Beth snapped, tutting loudly.
Thomas ignored her and continued his packing up of his equipment.
After he had left, Beth took a shower. Scrubbing at the make-up until it had all gone. She was furious. It wasn’t at all working out like it should be doing. It was all going horribly wrong.

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PostSubject: Re: *Remember Me* By: KazyJay   Tue Nov 17, 2009 4:53 pm


It took until developing the photographs that the photographer, named Thomas Bridgeton, that he noticed something a but shall we say odd about the bruises and marks he had taken pictures of. Like they didn’t look real. At all. In fact taking a closer look via a strong magnifying glass proved his theory. They weren’t real. They were….make-up. Thomas loved a lot of films. He could tell, at a glance, if the bruises were real or not. For some reason this Beth woman had been lying. At least about the nature of the bruises she had been sporting if not about that guy Thomas’ wife liked, Urs Buhler. Maybe his first thoughts of Urs Buhler being a nice guy hadn’t been so wrong after all. But why then would this Beth woman have lied? For revenge? Thomas didn’t know. But he decided - to make a note anyway. To tell those involved, somehow, what he had discovered. He picked up the phone and made a phone call. To the woman who had bought his serves. That Beth woman’s lawyer, to tell the information he had found. She didn’t even seem all that surprised. Not really. It was almost as thought she had been expecting it. Weird that in itself. Very weird. Just what was Beth playing at? And for what motive?

Fran met up with David in a local café. She had decided on a public place for her safety. She had no idea how David was going to react to the news about her pregnancy and so, to be on the safe side, had chosen somewhere public. Just in case. She arrived early. After several visits to the ladies to calm her nerves, she sat hands out in front of her, ideally playing with a bangle David had given her one time, to celebrate an anniversary, she suddenly remembered. She didn’t see him enter the café until he sat down in front of her. He looked pale. Nervous she noticed. He reached out a hand.
‘Hello Fran.’ he smiled, seeming nervous too.
‘Hi.’ Fran smiled lightly back.
‘I’ve….I’ve missed you.’ he swallowed, his eyes looking intensely into hers.
‘Oh David….’
‘I know I’ve no right to, but I….Oh Fran. Please. I love you.’
‘I….’ Fran tried to speak.
‘I love you.’ David repeated.
‘I’m….’ she nervously swallowed, ‘I’m pregnant.’ she finally managed to say the words out loud.
‘Oh Fran.’ David grasped her hand tighter.
‘I know.’ he nodded, beaming but with tears in his eyes.
‘You’re….sad.’ Fran noticed the tears.
‘No.’ he shook his head, ‘I’m happy.’
‘But your tears….’ she murmured.
‘Tears of happiness. Oh Fran. You’ve made me so happy. I love you….’ he paused, and looked at her intently, ‘marry me Fran?’
In surprise at what she was hearing, the woman in question gasped and felt a little light headed.
‘Marry me?’ David nervously repeated.
‘I….I can’t.’ Fran finally mumbled after what had seemed to be a very long silence when really, in reality, it had only been a few moments. A minute at the least.
‘Eh? What?’ David asked, surprised. He hadn’t been expecting this, being turned down. He loved Fran. Thought she loved him too. What on earth had happened for him to receive that? That single one word he hated more than any other. No.
‘I can’t.’ Fran repeated.
‘But why….? I….I don’t understand.’
‘Janet.’ Fran uttered one simple word. The name of her sister, pulling her hand regrettably away from the man she loved most in the world. Doing this hurt her more that she would ever admit to. But she had too.
‘Janet.’ Fran repeated.
‘She’s pregnant.’
‘No, she’s not.’ sighed David.
‘Yes, she is.’ Fran insisted.
‘OK, maybe she is. Maybe she isn’t. But I’m not the father.’
‘You’re….’ Fran murmured, gazing at him.
‘I’m not the father.’ David gave a wry smile.
‘You’re not….’
‘How can….how can you be so sure?’ Fran asked, swallowing.
‘When she and I….we never slept together. I never wanted to. Ever.’
David felt sick talking about Janet. Just the thought of her made him want to be violently sick.
‘But you were together for such a long time…’ Fran murmured again.
‘She’s not you. Never you.’ David made a move to grasp her hand again.
‘Oh David…’ Fran gave a sob.
‘Fran, marry me? Please?’ he then pleaded. He would do anything, anything, to make Fran his. Completely. And forever. He loved her with all his heart and soul.
‘But after everything that’s happened…’
‘What about it?’ David asked.
‘Doesn’t that matter?’ Fran’s turn to ask.
‘I love you. You love me. You’re having my child. I need you in my life. Forever. I love you Fran. Please let me be the one to make you happy. The past doesn’t matter. It’s the here and now that matters. You. Our baby. Me. Us.’ he tried, lightly squeezing her hand as he spoke, his eyes pleading with hers. Showing her all the love he felt inside for her. Fran listened to his words. She gazed back into his eyes. She knew he was telling the truth. She loved him, and trusted him. She nodded. Then, finally finding her voice she said, ‘Ask me again David.’
‘I love you Fran. Marry me?’ he nervously asked again.
‘Yes.’ she nodded, ‘Yes please.’ she smiled, beaming at him.
David let go of her hand, jumped out of his seat, dropped to his knees in front of her and pulled out the ring in its fetching yellow jewellery box. He flipped the lid open, making Fran gasp in awe at the shear beauty of her engagement ring. It was perfect. Completely and utterly perfect. Small. Delicate. Like Fran. David took hold of Fran’s left hand and with slightly trembling fingers slid the ring into its rightful place.
‘I love you.’ he whispered against her lips, then with all the passion bubbling up inside of him almost kissed the life out of his new fiancée. God. He had so missed her.

Today was the day. It had finally come. Today, was Seb’s operation. To say he was nervous was an understatement. The understatement of the year. He was petrified. Would he survive the operation? And, if he did, would he ever get his memories back? He didn’t fancy either dying or ending up a vegetable. Unable to do anything for himself. He didn’t want to remain memory less or any longer either. He wanted to remember. Remember it all. The bad as well as the good memories. He wanted to remember all his ex partners. He wanted to remember Angie especially. To be the man she fell in love with. To remember the first time they had ever kissed. Ever made love.
Currently he was laying in his hospital bed, wearing a gown that was open at the back, ready to go to his doom, why having to wear this gown was necessary he didn’t know, having already had his pre-operation injection. Angie was by his side, holding his hand. Not that Seb could feel her holding it. The injection was slowly numbing his whole body which he thought was strange, considering all was needed numbing was his head.
‘It’ll be OK.’ Angie attempted to reassure Seb.
‘Humph!’ he muttered.
‘I’ll be here, when you wake.’ she placed a kiss on his head, squeezing his hand then regrettably let go, and stood there, tissue in hand, sending up a silent prayer as she watched the hospital orderly and nurse wheel Seb away for his operation.
‘Come on honey, come and sit down.’ Ingie placed a comforting arm around Angie’s shoulder and led her to the private waiting room where Urs, and his crutches, David, Fran and Carlos already sat and waited. The operation was scheduled to last two hours. It was a delicate area they would be operating in. In a small area in Seb’s head just near the brain. One false move and it could be all over. The surgeon doing to operation needed to be careful and take as much time as he needed to do the job and do it properly. He didn’t fancy having a law suit filled against him for wrongful death during surgery.

There was an eerie silence in that waiting room.
No one spoke. Or barely breathed. All sending up silent prayers to heaven. Wishing Seb well. Wishing and hoping and praying that he would pull through the surgery without any major hiccups or problems afterwards.
Angie sat, tissue clasped in one hand, silently sobbing. Her other hand was held by Ingie who held on so tightly. She in turn was also holding hands with Urs, her love. Urs was also praying for Seb. He was one of his best friends and didn’t want to lose him. Anyway, Urs had plans for Seb. He had decided, after he had come clean about Catie’s existence, to have her christened and he, Urs, wanted Seb for one of her godfathers. Catie was to have three godfathers. Seb. Carlos and David. And four godmothers. Ingie, of course, along with Angie, Fran and Cydalia. Urs was also hoping Ingie would become a little something more to Catie too. Her parent.
Seb being sick had made Urs realise what was precious in his life. His family. And Urs wanted to marry Ingie, to make her his wife. For her to adopt Catie. Then, when Seb being healthy and OK again, god willing, life really would be rather perfect he thought.
David and Fran sat together. Snuggled up. Hands clasped together. Again, holding on tight. They hadn’t told anyone about their engagement yet, too scared to celebrate their happy news while everyone was worried about one of their closest friends.
Carlos, meanwhile, sat starring into space. He didn’t have anyone’s hand to hold. Well, not the one person’s hand he wanted to hold. Cydalia’s. His wife.
He wondered where she could be. He wondered if she was OK. Safe? He didn’t know but really wished that he did. He missed Cydalia. She was his best friend after Seb and by the looks of it he was going to lose the both of them. Life, sometimes, just wasn’t fair. He started muttering, in Spanish, a prayer he had learnt long ago while in pre-school. Suddenly his mobile phone burst into life.
‘Sorry.’ he apologised, pulling it out of his jeans pocket. He was about to dismiss the call when he noticed just who it was who was calling him. Cydalia. His wife. Thank god he thought, answering the call.
‘Cydalia.’ he breathed her name into his mobile.
But it wasn’t her who answered, instead a strange voice asked, ‘Mr Marin?’
‘Who, are you?’ Carlos barked into the phone.
‘Mr Marin, I’m Dr Chopra, I’m currently with your wife….’ the caller identified himself.
‘Oh god. Cydalia.’ Carlos stood up, ‘Where is she?’ he asked, making Fran sit up straighter and look directly at him.
‘Cyd…?’ she asked.
‘Your wife, Mr Marin, is in the maternity ward…’
‘Eh…? What….?’ Carlos interrupted.
‘Oh floor 4.…’ Dr Chopra continued.
‘She’s pregnant….’
‘Five months Mr Marin.’
‘I’m…I’m on my way….’ Carlos mumbled, coming over all pale. He cancelled the call, muttered, ‘Excuse me…’ to all his friends and ran as fast as his legs would take him to the maternity part of the hospital they were in.

As he ran to the maternity reception he didn’t take in the lovely, calm surroundings or the happy pregnant women or happy families. All he could see was Cydalia. Laying in a bed somewhere in this part of the hospital, in pain.
‘My wife, Cydalia Marin…’ Carlos rudely interrupted the dyed blonde on reception, who had been, up until Carlos had interrupted her, on the phone to her friend, while chewing gum. Carlos had reached over the reception area, pulled the phone out of her hand and had demanded to know where his wife could be.
Before Blondie had a chance to complain, or indeed to tell Carlos what he wanted to know someone tapped Carlos on his shoulder. He wheeled around to be greeted by rather pleasant looking Indian Doctor wearing a name badge which read, ‘Dr Kulvinder Chopra.’
‘Where is she?’ Carlos demanded of him.
‘This way please Mr Marin.’ Dr Chopra smiled.
As they walked to the room, Carlos muttered, ‘I didn’t even believe that she was pregnant….’
‘Yes, I know. Mr Marin told me.’
‘Is she…OK? And the….the baby?’ Carlos felt rather nervous.
‘Mrs Marin, and the baby are fine. Now.’ Dr Chopra nodded.
‘Why is she…here?’ Carlos felt the need to ask.
‘Your wife was suffering from light stomach pains. Early labour. Which, can occasionally happen, but, we’ve given her an injection which stopped the contractions. Now the baby should arrive on time, in 4 months time.’
As Dr Kulvinder Chopra talked, Carlos found it hard to take in. Cydalia was pregnant. Five months pregnant. With his child. And he’d been so stupid. Accusing her of cheating on him when all she had been trying to do was hide her pregnancy until it had been safe to tell him about it.
You see, when Carlos and Cydalia had first been married, Cydalia had gotten pregnant. Almost while on honeymoon. She had been two months pregnant when the pain had happened. They had celebrated her being pregnant. Told all their family and friends. Had even started buying baby clothes and equipment when she had lost it. So it was no surprise Cydalia had wanted to hide her pregnancy until it had been safe to do so. They had been told that, up until 5 months was a danger point. Now, she was 5 months and still she had almost lost it. Their child. But, thankfully to Dr Chopra and his team the baby, and Cydalia were now safe.
Carlos sent up another thanks. This time to all the wonderful people who had been born and then had chosen nursing in all its various forms as their profession. People like Dr Kulvinder Chopra. That wonderful, wonderful Indian doctor. Even thought, he had a weird accent.
‘Where, are you from?’ Carlos asked him as they finally reached Cydalia’s room.
‘Wolverhampton. Although, my parents originate from India.’ Dr Chopra smiled.
‘Aah.’ Carlos nodded, ‘thought your accent was rather strange.’
Dr Chopra didn’t reply. He just opened Cydalia’s hospital room door and ushered him in.

This chapter was for a special "friend" of mine.....
I can't say any more.....
(He is a character in this chapter)

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PostSubject: Re: *Remember Me* By: KazyJay   Mon Nov 23, 2009 11:32 pm


Cydalia lay propped up, against a pillow assortment of rainbow colours. To Carlos he had never seen a more beautiful sight in his entire life. She looked so radiant. He swore she was glowing. He could just make out her pregnancy bump hidden under the covers and blankets she was laying under.
‘My darling….’ Carlos exclaimed, rushing to her side. He so wished he had something to give her. Some flowers or a toy of some sort for the baby perhaps instead of being empty handed.
‘Carlos.’ Cydalia coolly replied on seeing her husband. That was the problem. The hospital had Carlos down as her next of kin. So when her pain had taken her to hospital they had done their duty by calling him and informing him.
‘How are you?’ Carlos asked, ignoring the coldness he suddenly felt in her presence.
‘Pregnant too.’ he beamed at her.
‘Yeah….err.’ she sarcastically replied, glaring at him.
‘I understand now. Why you were acting like you did.’
‘And you thought I was cheating…’ she snapped.
‘I’m sorry.’ Carlos apologised.
‘I am.’ he defended.
‘And you obviously think that makes all the difference.’ Cydalia glared, tutting at her husband. She didn’t mean to act so cold but she couldn’t help it. Inside she was a waterfall of emotions. Hurting herself as well as hurting him. Her pride needed something. She refused to go crawling back to him or let him say sorry and forgive because of it.
‘I’ll….I’ll go then.’ Carlos sighed. He was about to turn and leave when Cydalia let out a sob.’ Cyd…honey?’ he asked tenderly.
‘Give me your hand.’ she demanded.
Carlos was amazed as Cydalia placed his hand on her belly. It felt so strong. So…so amazing.
‘Oh…WOW!’ Carlos gasped.
‘That….’ Cydalia finally smiled, ‘is our daughter.’
‘Our….?’ he gazed at her.
‘Daughter Carlos. Our daughter.’
‘Lucinda Maria….’ Carlos mumbled.
‘You remembered.’ Cydalia gasped in amazement.
‘I remember everything you say.’ Carlos told her.
‘Oh yes. Including the name you wanted to call our first born daughter.’ Carlos nodded.
‘Along with….’
‘Marco Lucas.’ Carlos interrupted.
‘Our son, too.’ Cydalia nodded.
‘Told you I listened to you.’
‘I’m sorry about…’
‘You’ve no need to apologise. I’m the one who should be apologising to you.’
At the same time as this was going on, yet again Beth was being furious. She was currently glaring at a newspaper which had her photograph splashed on the front page along with a pack of lies about her. Someone had leaked the story about her planning to take her ex, Urs, to court and how she was planning to do it. By lying about how she got her injuries the picture on the front of the newspaper showed. OK, they were faked injuries but still. Beth snatched up her silver Nokia mobile phone and stabbed in Tania’s number. She was the only person who could have possibly sold the story to the paper.
‘You are dead, bitch.’ Beth sneered as Tania finally answered her mobile.
‘Excuse me?’ Tania asked.
‘You leaked my fake bruises to the paper.’
‘No I didn’t.’ Tania defended herself.
‘Then how come I’m splashed all over them they eh? Like some….some liar?’ Beth demanded.
‘I….I honestly don’t know.’ came Tania’s reply. ‘Could your mobile phone be possibly bugged?’ she asked.
‘Eh? But they can’t do that…’
‘You are fam….a celebrity. It has been done before.’
Just a month before there had been a huge scandal in the press, over certain famous faces having their mobile and landline phones tapped. And OK, Beth wasn’t quite a celebrity as such, just a two-bit model, but it could still be possible that her phone conversations had been recorded and therefore leaked to the press. They loved a juicy scandal. Ruining someone’s reputation. This story could damage Beth’s modelling career for life. True or not. It didn’t matter. A scandal was a scandal. Mud stuck.
‘I’m ruined….’ Beth realised, partly muttering to herself.
‘Yeah.’ Tania agreed, absentminded, ‘but who would leak….?’
‘I thought it was you.’ Beth interrupted her.
‘God. No. Why would I do such a thing….?’ her former friend and make-up artist demanded in asking.
‘Because you’re jealous. Of my success.’ Beth snapped.
Tania bit her lip in order to stop herself from bursting out loud with laughter. Success? What success? Beth had never been that successful. Ever.
‘I, too am successful.’ Tania decided to remind her instead.
‘I know that, but….’
‘The photographer…’ Tania interrupted.
‘I’ve just seen one of the photos. The only person who could have leaked them was the actual photographer.’
‘But…..why?’ Beth stupidly asked.
‘For money? More recognition?’ Tania supplied.
‘I thought he liked me… he sympathised with me.’ Beth pouted down the phone.
‘Did he? Surprising….’
‘Why?’ Beth demanded, snapping at her.
‘Oh, nothing. I was just thinking out loud.’
‘Go on?’ Beth demanded yet again.
‘Its just that I heard something…’ Tania mumbled.
‘I’m listening.’
‘Well, the photographer, his wife…runs a website.’
‘Yeah, and? What has that to do with me?’
‘An unofficial website. IL DIVO website. Or so I heard.’
‘I….I don’t understand…’ said Beth.
‘He must have shown his wife the pictures he took of you…’
‘Which accuses Urs, an ‘IL DIVO’ of abusing me!’ Beth snapped, interrupting.
‘Then they should be on MY side!’ Beth shouted down the phone.
‘Except….Urs is the ultimate favourite of the group…’ Tania tried, trying her hardest not to swoon too much. She fancied Urs so much but knew he‘d never look twice at her. She just wasn‘t his type. He preferred prettier women she had come to learn after seeing a picture of him, little Catie and Ingie in a newspaper article a few days before. They did make, she happened to notice, a rather good looking family.
‘Which should make it worse!’ Beth didn’t understand, muttering her way through Tania‘s thoughts about her ex partner.
‘But all the fans think they know him…’
‘Ha! They don’t!’
‘His…character.’ Tania corrected. ‘And they believe he’s not capable, of what you’re trying to accuse him of…’ plus, not even Tania herself really believed Urs could do half the things Beth had accused him off. OK, she had helped with the make-up, but only where Beth had told her he used to hit her. Only putting back evidence she was made to believe had been there once before.
‘SO they believe him, instead of me?’ at long last, Beth was beginning to get it, finally, what Tania was trying to explain.
‘In a word….Yes.’ Tania agreed.
‘HA! OK, I’ll sue.’ Beth decided.
‘Sue who?’ Tania asked.
‘The photographer. His wife…’ she was told.
‘What for?’
‘For….for leaking these private photographs!’
‘But they’re not private.’
‘They are! They’re for use in court!’
‘Which, means they aren’t private.’
‘What?’ Beth snapped. ‘I don’t understand!’
‘It’s the rule of the court. To make all evidence public knowledge nowadays. To save…mistakes from being made.’
‘I can still sue thought.’ Beth muttered.
‘I wouldn’t, if I were you.’ Tania warned.
‘Eh? Why not?’ a now angry Beth now demanded.
‘Suing, would suggest you’ve something to hide…’
‘Which I’ve not!’ she snapped, interrupting again.
‘But then that would beg the question. Why try to hide these photos? If they’re supposed to be real, wouldn’t you want people to know what you went through…?’ Tania carefully asked.
‘Oh damn!’ Beth snapped. ‘I’m done.’ she moaned.
‘Most probably, yes.’ Tania agreed.
‘Well, thanks for nothing.’ Beth moaned again before slamming down her mobile phone. Bloody. Bloody fans! She thought. They’ve gone and ruined me. I’m done. That’s it. The end of my career. So much for being a famous model. Now I’ll end up a nobody. Well, thank god for one thing. At least I won’t have to put up with that blasted child after all. Thank god for that. She thought while charging around her apartment, packing. She couldn’t stay here now. She’d go away for a while. Hide. At least until all the fuss had died down. However long that would take. Be it a couple of weeks, months. Years. Whatever. But, before she disappeared for good she sent Urs one final text.
‘You’ve won. Bastard.’ she sent before taking out her SIM card, cutting it up and throwing it away.

When Urs finally received the text message a few hours later, he didn’t understand just what Beth meant. Until he came across a newspaper with the story of her ‘supposed bruises’ on the front page. And the evidence inside that the bruises had been faked with a lot of expert make-up. There was even, in one paper, a photo of Beth taken before the ‘evidence’ photos and shortly after. None of these showed the bruises. Adding to further evidence Beth had been lying about the marks and from who she had gotten them from. Certainly not from Urs. But from make-up.
Then Urs understood the text from her. It seemed as though yes, he had won. Won the true custody of Catie. At long last it seemed he was free, as was Catie. Free for them to both be able to live their lives. And Urs knew exactly what he wanted. To be married again. But this time for the right reasons - love. And to the right woman. Ingie. The second love of his life after Catie, his beautiful, amazing little daughter.
All he had to do now was to find the right moment and to pluck up the courage to make his life very, very happy.

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Seb was dreaming. Was this heaven? Was he finally dead?
It looked so colourful did heaven. Bright too. He looked around him. He could see people he remembered. People from his past. Grandparents. Cousins. Uncles. Aunts. Were they all dead too? Impossible. Or was he actually dreaming? Possible. Quite possible. Suddenly there was a flash of light and the sound of someone dropping something. Something rather heavy. Seb jolted awake. The first thing he saw was a balloon with the words ‘Get well soon’ written on it. And flowers. Lots and lots of flowers. Brightly coloured flowers. They were everywhere.
‘You’re awake…’ a female voice spoke.
Seb looked towards the voice. ‘He’s awake.’ she called out to someone as doctor appeared.
‘Mr Izambard. How are you feeling?’ a man in a white coat, most probably the doctor asked while shining a light in his eyes.
‘Blinded….’ he moaned, blinking.
‘Pupils responsive. Patient alert.’ the doctor noticed.
‘Oh Seb. I was so worried about you. We were so worried.’ the woman who had first alerted the doctor said to him. She grasped his hand.
Seb looked at the woman. She seemed….familiar.
Then she smiled and Seb suddenly knew who she was. She was Angie. The love of his life. He remembered now. Everything. All his memories. They were all back. Filling up his empty space in his brain. It was like someone had suddenly turned on a light switch in his head.
‘Angie….’ he smiled up at her.
‘You remember who I am…’ she gasped, wiping tenderly at his forehead.
‘I remember you. Of course I remember you.’ he winked.
‘Yes, Angie?’
‘You winked…’ she gasped in surprise at this action.
‘I tend to, if you’ve ever noticed…’
‘But you hadn’t been, just recently…’
‘I have been sick….’ he joked, pulling a puppy dog look.
‘You lost all your memories.’
‘I had, hadn’t I?’ he agreed.
‘What do you….remember?’ Angie nervously asked.
Seb kept quiet.
‘Anything? Nothing?’ Angie asked.
‘I remember….’ Seb paused, ‘I remember….’ another frustrating pause for Angie. She held her breath. Waiting. Hoping. Praying. Oh god. He didn’t remember. The operation hadn’t worked. No!
Seb beamed and grasped her hand, ‘I remember.’ he said again, ‘…..everything.’
‘Every….thing?’ Angie gasped.
‘Everything.’ Seb nodded.
‘Refine, everything?’ she demanded.
‘How we met. Our first kiss.’ it was hardly romantic. Backstage after a concert. Seb had practically knocked Angie over in his excitement. He had apologised then finished the apology of with a kiss. An unforgettable kiss. ‘The first time we made love…’ that had been more romantic. Seb had set the mood. With a romantic dinner. Candles. Flowers. Well, roses. It had been perfect. Both had come at the same time. The first of many, many times. Angie loved making love with Seb. He was a rather perfect, caring, tender lover but also rough and ready when she wanted that type of sex. He always seemed to know exactly what type of sex she wanted and when she wanted it.
Seb winked. His eyes twinkling. Making Angie blush in happy embarrassment.
‘Oh Seb.’ she gasped. ‘I love you so very much.’
‘I love you Angie.’ he replied.
Now, of course Seb had all his memories back he realised something. It was what he had been planning to ask Angie just before he had had his unfortunate accident. Asking her here, while still in hospital hadn’t been part of his plan, but it would do. He wanted to ask her as soon as possible. Just in case the most awful thing happened and he went and lost his memories again. God willing that would never happen. But still.
‘Angie…’ he grasped hold of her hands, his eyes gazing deeply into hers.
‘What Seb? What is it?’ she asked, suddenly worried.
Was he OK? Had he something really awful to tell her? She so hoped not. She held her breath for a second time and waited for him to speak. Thinking, and fearing the worst.
‘I love you Angie.’ Seb repeated.
‘I love you Seb.’ Angie smiled.
‘I didn’t want to say this hear, I mean its hardly idea. But I need to, just in case I forget again….’
Oh god Angie thought. That’s it. He’s dumping me. Now his memories are back we’re finished. Finally over. No chance of a happy ending for me. So long the idea of us marrying. Having children. Living happily ever after. Now he’s remembered what a ladies man he used to be he wants to be one again. And who can blame him? Angie swallowed the tears she felt in the back of her throat. Blinked several times to stop her eyes from watering and tried to concentrate again on what Seb was saying.
‘…..So, will you?’ Seb asked, smiling brightly at her.
‘Err. Yeah. OK.’ Angie sighed, distracted.
‘Yeah. OK?’ Seb repeated.
‘Sure.’ she nodded.
‘OK.’ he nodded. ‘Not quite the reaction I was expecting. But.’ he paused. ‘I guess it will have to do.’ he sighed.
‘You’re dumping me. What more of a reaction do you need Seb?’ Angie asked., her throat feeling sore.
‘Of course I’m not dumping you!’ Seb let out a surprised laugh. ‘I’m trying to ask you., unsuccessfully, as it turns out, to marry me!’
‘Eh….What?’ Angie stared open-mouthed at him.
‘I said, I’m trying to ask you, to marry me.’
‘I….I thought that was what you said…’ she mumbled, as if in a daze.

Before David and Fran could announce their engagement, to everyone that mattered in their lives, there was something they needed to sort out first. Janet. The biggest obstacle in their lives. Janet. And her claim to be pregnant with David’s child. An impossibility.
David rang Janet to arrange a meeting. They, or rather he and Fran chose a public meeting place.
It was, as it turned out to be, the same meeting place in which David had proposed to Fran in. the café near the hospital in which Seb was still in. recovering from his thankfully, successful operation. Everyone had been so very pleased when he had received the all clear. All their prayers had been answered. Or so it had seemed. Thanks to a very competent surgeon and all his staff at the hospital.
Janet breezed into the café, like she owned the place. She sat down next to David, placed her hand on his thigh and purred, ‘Darling. You’ve come to your senses at long last.’ while battering her eyelashes and swooning. David swallowed down the bile he felt and tasted in the back of his throat, resisted the temptation to shake off her hand and forced a smile on his face, ‘Well, you know how it is. Us men.’ he shrugged, ‘we don’t know a good thing until its gone.’
‘But you’re here now. Thank god.’ Janet’s hand started stroking his thigh in what she thought was a suggestive manner.
‘We should…celebrate our reunion.’ David waved a hand at the waitress passing by their table. Out of what seemed to be nowhere she produced a champagne bottle and two flutes.
David poured the champagne and handed Janet a glass. She swallowed the alcohol down like a thirsty woman.
‘What about the….the baby?’ David asked, watching her.
‘Eh….?’ Janet stared at him, ‘the what?’ she laughed.
‘The….the baby.’ David repeated slowly.
‘Oh, that…’
‘You claimed to be pregnant….’ he reminded her.
‘Yeah, I did, didn’t I?’ she gave a cackle.
‘Well?’ David demanded.
‘There isn’t one, darling.’ she finally said.
‘But you said….’
‘Why on earth would I want to have a baby? Ruining my figure? And for what? Some screaming brat? God. No.’ she gave a shudder.
‘You showed me a scan…’ David reminded her, moving away from her, feeling repulsed.
‘Yeah. I found that.’
‘Where?’ he asked.
‘Oh, on the floor, after Fran….’
‘After Fran left in a rush you mean?’ David asked.
‘Well, you might not want a child, but Fran does. She’s having my child.’ David proudly announced, standing up. Suddenly Fran appeared at his side. She looked radiant. Like she was glowing.
‘You!’ Janet spat, ‘You’re….you’re….’
‘David’s fiancée, yes.’ Fran smiled, holding out her left hand, showing her beautifully suited engagement ring.
‘Since….since when?’ Janet demanded, spitting at her sister in vengeance.
‘Since before you turned up.’ David told her, bending the truth, just a little.
‘Why you….you bastard!’ Janet stood up, slapped David, hard, around the face, let out a sod then flounced off in a huff.
‘Well.’ David grinned after Janet had stormed off, ‘I think that sorts her out, for once and for all, don’t you?’ he pulled his fiancée easily into his arms.
‘Do you really think so?’ Fran asked, lacing her arms around his neck while nervously biting her lip.
‘Oh my darling fiancée.’ David smiled, ‘I know so. I know so.’ he replied, kissing her senselessly, pleased that for once and for all, Janet was finally, finally out of their hair and that they could now be together. Like David had always wanted them. Together and happy. Making a family. In his eyes, and in Fran‘s, perfect. Absolutely and completely perfect.

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PostSubject: Re: *Remember Me* By: KazyJay   Sun Dec 06, 2009 4:04 pm


Urs was nervous. Now Seb was fit again, David, Fran, Seb and Angie had decided to have a joint engagement party to celebrate them getting engaged and to celebrate in a round about way Seb being better now thank you to his operation and the wonderful staff who had helped him in his recovery. And so Urs now knew this was now the time for him to come clean to his friends and reveal his daughter to them and to, probably the more scary part, also ask Ingie to marry him. In all he was more worried about asking Ingie to marry him then letting Carlos at least meet Catie. His nervous were so apparent on the days following up to the party that nearly everyone around him started guessing what was up with him.
Now Cydalia was out of hospital she and Carlos also had a bit of a surprise to announce to them all.
It wasn’t a party as such. No loud music was playing or any alcohol being served. Nor was much food being served. It was more of a get together than anything else. Seb was still a little weak and sat in a wheelchair, holding a bottle of Coke in one hand and Angie’s hand in the other. Angie looked radiant. She beamed with such pride, such love for her man. On her left hand sat a brilliant diamond on a white gold band. It was an old heirloom of Seb’s grandmothers. It looked perfect on Angie’s finger. Like she was made to wear it.
Next to them stood David with his arms around Fran. The real, true love of his life. She was glowing. Pregnancy so suited her. As did love. David’s love. Urs was pleased that David had finally won back the right woman. Fran. They looked so very right for each other. Perfect. And added that no one had even liked Janet, Fran’s sister. No one had ever trusted her. She had been the sort of woman everyone was immediately suspicious of.
Then there was Carlos and Cydalia. Together. Like they should be. They were two pieces of the same puzzle. They needed each other to be whole. It had come as no surprise to learn Cydalia was pregnant. And with twins. Two in one go. What more could they ask for? Plus, having a family would suit Carlos. It was just what he needed to be able to grow up. To be a family man. The scan when Cydalia had had her scare had confirmed twins. One of each. One girl. One boy.
Then there was the wonderful Ingie. The woman who had made Urs believe that true love really did exist. She had accepted him. The whole him. Trusted him. Believed in him. It was no wonder her loved her so very, very much. In her arms lay Catie, peacefully asleep, unaware of the fuss everyone had made of her once Urs had admitted to being her father. It hadn’t come as a surprise to anyone that this little miracle was Urs’ daughter. They had all learnt about her existence in various forms. At various times since Seb had been admitted to hospital with the initial accident of him falling down the stairs and his amnesia that followed that. Urs had even confessed to all the whole Beth affair. Their marriage and reason for - Catie. Her abuse of him. They all accepted and understood that he, Urs, and only he could have dealt with it all. That some things were private and difficult but he knew that he always, always had his friends support no matter what. They too believed in him. Loved him. Cared about him. He had no need to be afraid anymore.
Even, as it turned out when asking Ingie to marry him. For she asked him in the end. That morning as they had been laying in bed, snuggled up with Catie when she had asked him.
‘This, is perfect.’ Urs had realised as they lay there, as a family. A proper family as it should be. As it was. ‘My two favourite ladies together. What more could a man ask for?’ he had asked.
‘To be a proper family.’ Ingie had smiled.
‘There is that, yes I agree.’ he had nodded.
‘Marry me Urs?’ she had then asked.
Urs had blinked in surprise.
‘I mean, I know I’m not supposed to be the one to do the asking…’ Ingie had mumbled in the silence, wondering what on earth had she done to receive this silence. OK. The man should have been the one doing the asking. But still.
‘Yes.’ Urs had broken the quietness after what had seemed to be such a long time.
‘Its just that, I love you. And OK I know you’ve been there, done that. But I think we can make it work. I know we can make it work.’ Ingie had carried on, not hearing him. Too scared. Her loud beating heart drowning out Urs‘ response temporarily.
‘Yes.’ he had repeated.
Now it was Ingie’s turn to blink in surprise.
‘Yes, I’ll marry you Ingie. My darling. My love.’ Urs had smiled lovingly at her.
‘Yes….?’ she had asked.
‘Yes.’ he had agreed, ‘only answer me one question….’
‘Anything. Anything.’
‘You once said you never wanted children….’ he reminded her of when they had first met.
‘Because I never thought I’d find someone special enough to have them with.’ she admitted, then decided to tell the whole truth. The real reason. She took a deep breath and carried on, ‘Plus, I didn’t want to lose contact with Catie. Being a children’s nurse is hard.’ she gazed down at the peacefully sleeping beautiful infant laying in her arms, ‘I fall in love with a child. Develop an attachment then have to watch them go when they are, thankfully, well enough to leave the hospital.’ Ingie finally admitted it all to him.
‘And now you won’t have to let Catie go.’ he paused, ‘Or me.’ he smiled.
‘And, plus, added bonus, now I have found someone special to have children with.’ she smiled back.
‘Have you?’ he winked.
‘Most definitely.’ she agreed, nodding with happiness.
‘Good. Good.’ Urs too nodded, ‘because I want a whole football team of children. Catie needs a lot of brothers and sisters.’
Ingie laughed at that. So did Urs. A football team of children? Ingie was certainly up for that. Now she had Urs to have them with. Her lover. Her perfect man.

So. There you have it. Remember me. A love story.
David and Fran married. In a simple ceremony with only those who mattered most around them. That, surprisingly enough everyone didn’t include Janet. Lucky Fran’s parents understood that David and Fran had to be together to be happy and hadn’t minded attending minus a daughter. It was a perfect day. Just what Fran and David had always wanted. They, when it was time had a daughter named Amelia. She looked exactly like Fran David realised while gazing at his precious new daughter. A daughter he was lucky to have with a wife he was lucky enough to be able to love forever more.
Carlos and Cydalia renewed their wedding vows a little while before Fran and David got married. Twins Lucinda Maria and Marco Lucas were born a day later. Dr Kulvinder Chopra became a godparent. After he and Carlos developed a friendship. Carlos thought Dr Chopra was something special. He had saved his beautiful children. What more could he do then take Dr Chopra into his heart and make him a part of their new family. Cydalia later confessed her fantasies to Carlos while love making. Carlos learnt to understand. It didn’t mean she didn’t love him or wanted to cheat on him. It just meant she had a rather vivid imagination that’s all.
Urs and Ingie married, also in a rather simple ceremony. They didn’t need fancy to be happy. They just needed each other and Catie to be a family. Ingie adopted Catie as her own a few days after the wedding, then went on to give Urs four children. Beth’s modelling career went down the pan. No one liked a liar. No matter what business you were in. She later disappeared. Not that anyone ever cared about Beth.
Seb regained all his memories you’ll be pleased to learn. In losing them he learnt a vital message. You never know what you’ve got until its gone. So make those memories everyone. Then hold onto them. For you never know when a freak accident might make you lose them. If only temporarily.


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*Remember Me* By: KazyJay
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