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 *Turbulence* By: KazyJay

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PostSubject: *Turbulence* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 1:33 am

Cast of characters

Karen, kazyjay
Patricia, Patricia Diva
Camy, Camille
Amanda, Amandajuh
Urs Buhler
Sebastien Izambard
David Miller
Carlos Marin.


‘Aaahh! Not again!’ Karen threw her hands up in the air as her suitcase burst open. Again. And right in the middle of the airport lounge as well. Humiliation. Double humiliation as her underwear went flying everywhere. Usually a cool headed woman, Karen screamed again, in frustration.
‘Need any help?’ came a smirking voice from behind a now crouching Karen. Karen looked around. Standing with a right smug look on his face, stood the most gorgeous man Karen had ever seen. He had wonderful cheekbones Karen noticed. Almost model looks. But those eyes… just glancing at them made Karen shiver. What with she didn’t know. Anger? Lust? Cold? Who knew…
‘Need any help?’ Mr smug asked again, holding in his hand out to her a pair of her knickers. It would have had to be the lacy red ones she noticed. Not a sensible, decent pair.
‘No, thanks’ Karen snapped in irritation.
‘Ok’ he smirked, waving her knickers about in his hand
‘Could I…?’ she indicated them
‘What?’ he asked, eyebrows raised in amusement
‘Have them back?’ she asked
‘What? Oh, these…’ he waved them about. Karen tried to grab them, but missed
‘Yes’ she scowled at him
‘Oh, and there was me, planning on keeping them!’ he smirked again
‘Oh? You a…transvestite or something then?’ Karen laughed at him. He scowled back and immediately dropped them, right into Karen’s open suitcase,
‘Thank yo…’ she started to say, before he turned and stalked off, ‘touché man…’ she laughed at his departing back.

‘Oh no, not you!’ Karen was sitting on the plane now. Sitting in a window seat, when her fellow traveller joined her in the seat next to her. It was him. Her almost knickers snatcher!
‘Oh…’ he opened up his eyes wide in recognition of Karen, ‘how’s your…suitcase?’ he smirked
‘Fine!’ replied Karen. She had had to fork out for a new one. Not, an expense she needed right now.
‘Only asking’ he tutted at Karen, shrugging his shoulders.
‘Sor…’ Karen had to stop herself from apologising. Why should she? She hadn’t done anything wrong.
‘Urs’ he held out a hand,
‘Pardon?’ Karen asked
’My name, its Urs’
’And yours?’ he asked
’Why?’ Karen asked
’So I can place a name to the knickers’ he smirked. Karen itched to slap him. Wipe that smirk from his face. Bloody irritation annoying man! ’Aaah!’ Karen thought to herself,
’So?’ he asked
Karen glared at him. Then slowly counted to ten.
’Are you deaf?’ he asked when Karen didn’t answer
’No I am NOT deaf’ she snapped at him
’So?’ he asked, ’name?’
’Karen-Jane’ said Karen
’Hi Karen-Jane’ smiled Urs, still offering his hand
’Karen’ said Karen
’But I thought…?’
’I prefer Karen’
’Oh, so. Hi Karen’
’Urs’ Karen nodded at him, ignoring his hand
‘I always thought’ he moved his head so he could whisper into Karen’s ear, ‘that it was always polite to shake hands, or kiss when you are introduced’
Karen shivered again, ‘Well’ she spat, ‘I’m certainly NOT kissing you’
‘Shame’ smiled Urs, ‘shake hands then’
‘Ok’ Karen sighed, finally taking the offered hand. She felt it then. Then electric shock of his touch. The ‘Zing’ she tried snatching her hand away, but Urs gripped tight.
‘Can I, can I have my hand back now?’ Karen eventually asked
‘Suppose so’ he sighed, letting go at last.
‘Thank you’
‘So, Karen, why are you going to England? Business’ he smiled at her, ‘or pleasure?’ he winked
‘I’m going home’ said Karen
‘Oh? Been on holiday?’ he asked
‘No’ said Karen again
‘Oh? What then?’ Urs asked
Karen glared at him, ‘Not telling me eh?’ he realised
‘Ok. Want to know why I’m going to England?’ he asked
‘Not really’
‘To record our third album’ Urs told her anyway
‘And?’ she asked, she wasn’t impressed, or bothered.
‘Yep, third album’ he smiled at her
‘And? I don’t know who you are, so sorry. But you can’t impress me’
‘Oh, I bet I could…’ he reached out a hand and gently traced a finger down her cheek.
Karen snapped her head back, out of the way of his touch, and banged her head on her headrest,
‘Ouch!’ she exclaimed
‘You ok?’ he asked
‘Need any help?’
‘Just leave me alone, ok?’ she rudely asked
‘If I have to’ he sighed
‘Yes!’ Karen barked
‘Ok’ he sighed, turning away from Karen now.

Now he wasn’t looking anymore, Karen touched her face where his finger had been. She could still feel it. Like he was still touching her.
It was a long flight. From Canada to England.
Karen fell asleep during it, and woke up with a start when the plane hit a spot of turbulence. She opened her eyes and found her head was on Urs’ shoulder. She quickly removed her head away.
‘Sorry…’ she apologised when she realised he was watching her, ‘wha…’ she grabbed at her arm rest,
‘Just a spot of turbulence’ Urs told her, ‘here…’ he held out his hand, ‘its ok, I don’t like it either..’ he wiggled his fingers. Karen grabbed his fingers.
‘Ouch!’ he winced when Karen grabbed a little too hard.
‘Sorry…’ she loosened her grip
‘That’s ok’ he smiled.
Karen couldn’t help it. She smiled back.
‘You can smile!’ he said
‘Of course I ca…’ Karen tensed up
‘Its ok, nearly done’ he reassured her
‘I hate flying’ Karen told him
‘Me too’ he smiled
‘What? And you a…recording star?’ she asked
‘Wrong job then!’ Karen laughed
‘Hmm…’ he agreed, ‘so, why were you in Canada then?’ he asked again
‘I was…seeing someone’ Karen blushed
‘Oh? Boyfriend?’
‘I thought he was’
‘What happened?’ Urs asked
‘He turned out to be a two-timing rotten Frenchman!’ Karen replied
‘Worse sort’ Urs agreed
‘What are you then?’ Karen asked
‘Don’t you get rotten Swiss then?’
‘Probably. I’m just not one of them’ he replied
‘Aah! But I’ve only your say so for that!’ Karen pointed out
‘True, true’ he agreed, ‘but I’m not like that’
‘I wouldn’t know’ said Karen
‘Maybe, you should…try me out then’ he whispered into her ear. Karen shivered again, ‘cold?’ he asked, looking into her eyes now. Karen blinked.
‘No’ she whispered back, just before Urs’ mouth touched hers. Karen groaned in protest as he pulled away before she had the chance to respond.
‘More?’ he asked, his hands now cupping her face.
Karen nodded.
‘Speak’ he asked
‘Yes, pleas…’ she started to say, before he cut her off with his mouth. This time, Karen had the chance to respond. She kissed back, reaching out to touch his chest. A finger finding the way into the shirt he was wearing so she could touch his skin. Touch his chest.
‘Hmm…’ Urs groaned in pleasure
The turbulence had stopped now. At least the one outside the aircraft. The insides of Karen’s tummy was going now. It never felt like this when she ever kissed him, touched him. Kissed, touched her two-timing Frenchie. Never. The man she thought she was in love with. Thought she had wanted to marry. To spend the rest of her life with. Never.
The seat belt sign pinged then. Not, that everyone didn’t already have them on. But it was the indication that the plane was beginning to land now.
Urs reluctantly pulled his mouth away from Karen’s,
‘We’re landing…’ he told her
‘Oh…’ said Karen, sounding disappointed
‘When we land…’ he looked at her
‘Yes?’ Karen asked
‘Would you like…’ he began to say
‘Are you attached?’ she asked
‘No’ he shook his head
‘Then’ Karen smiled at him, ‘I would like to..’
‘Ok’ he smiled, ‘ok’.

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PostSubject: Re: *Turbulence* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 1:34 am


When the plane eventually landed, and they could all leave the aircraft, Urs put on his sunglasses, picked up his hand luggage in one hand and held Karen’s hand tight in the other.
‘Come with me’ he told her, leading her off the aircraft and to their waiting luggage.
They quickly collected their luggage,
‘I had to buy a new one’ Karen told Urs when her suitcase turned up.
‘I have one request…’ Urs whispered in Karen’s ear once they were in a taxi, on the way to a hotel,
‘Which is?’ she asked
‘Wear the red…knickers’ he told her, smiling.
‘Ok’ Karen blushed. She had bought them to wear for him, her two-timing Frenchie, but as that had never happened, Karen saw no reason why she should waste them.

Urs booked them into the hotel under ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’.
Karen could have taken him to her flat which was near by, but didn’t suggest it to him. Anyway, he’d see pictures of ‘him’ there, and it might have put him off.
When they were in the room, Karen quickly unpacked her red knickers, and matching bra and with a smile, disappeared into the bathroom to change.
She had a quick wash. Luckily her legs looked ok. The wax she had had was about to come into use after all she realised. Along with the underwear.
Karen walked nervously out of the bathroom. Urs was sitting, still fully dressed on the bed,
‘Very…nice’ he coughed
‘Thanks’ Karen blushed
‘Come here’ he stood up. Karen walked over to him,
‘You’re still dressed…’ she told him
‘No, I’m not. I took my shoes off’ he smiled
‘I’m useless with buttons…’ he lied
‘Your shirt has poppers on it…’ Karen noticed
‘So it has’
‘Shall I?’ Karen asked
‘Yes, please’ he winked, his pupils dilated.
Karen reached out and with a gentle tug undid all the poppers. She then helped Urs take the shirt completely off.
‘Nice’ she ran a hand over his chest, touching the smooth hair and silken skin underneath her fingertips.
Urs groaned and pulled her close. Karen giggled. Then he cut her off with his mouth. Karen groaned now as his tongue found its way into her mouth.
‘Touch me…’ Karen whispered into his mouth.
Urs reached out a hand and touched her face,
‘Lower’ she pleaded, pushing her breasts against his chest. She wanted him to touch her there. To touch her everywhere, not just on her face.
‘Where? Tell me?’ he groaned
Karen took one of his hands and placed it on a breast. Urs groaned as his finger touched her nipple. He gently started rubbing it.
‘Harder…’ Karen pleaded, placing his other hand on her other breast now. Urs pulled his hands and mouth away, he looked right at Karen. Then just as Karen was convinced he was going to turn her down, he reached behind her, and undid the clasp on her bra. As the straps slid down her arms, Urs pulled it free. He then lowered his head and took a nipple in his mouth. Licking it with his tongue. Gently scrapping it with his teeth. Karen groaned out in pleasure and held his head with her hands.
‘Shhh…’ he whispered, now doing the same to the other one.
‘Oh…oh god…’ Karen moaned out.
He then stopped what he was doing and picked Karen up in his arms. She touched his face. He lay her on the bed, kissing her mouth. She held out her arms to him. Urs shook his head. Karen looked at him, a puzzled look on her face. He knelt down at the bottom of the bed, and pulled her towards him. Karen sat up.
‘Lay down’ he commanded
Karen lay down and pulled a pillow to rest her head on, so she could still see him. Urs then kissed her belly button and trailed kisses from there to the top of her thighs.
‘Nice’ he stroked the material of her knickers.
Karen groaned as she felt his fingers. But instead of doing what she thought he was going to do, he pulled at the material until he could pull them off and away from her body. Then he placed his head between her now open legs and Karen could feel his oh so clever tongue now deep inside of her. Karen reached down and touched his hair, holding his head.
‘Oh…Urs…’ she groaned, ‘Hmmm…’ she sighed in contentment as she felt herself come.
He looked up at her then, ‘Now you…’ she whispered,
‘Not yet’ he told herm undoing his trousers and pulling them and his underpants off.
‘Ok’ she sighed, ‘need any help?’ she asked as he opened a condom
‘Better not’ he replied, rolling it on. Karen watched him and squirmed in excitement of what was to come.
He lay down next to her then, and pulled her into his arms,
‘Hi’ he kissed her.
‘Hi’ Karen returned the kiss, then gasped as she felt him slid himself inside her, ‘ooohhh…’
‘Wider…’ he asked, as Karen lifted her leg, ‘that’s… better’ he groaned, starting to move now. Karen matched his thrusts.
‘Oohhh….’ she groaned
‘Hmm…’ Urs agreed, looking into her eyes.
She felt herself come again then, and then Urs came. They came kissing.
‘Now you…’ she whispered
‘Not yet’ he groaned into her ear, holding her tight against his body.
‘Ok…’ she yawned, and closed her eyes.

Karen woke to the sounds of the shower going.
‘Care to help me wash my back?’ Urs asked, coming out of the bathroom naked,
‘Yes please’ Karen answered, climbing out of the bed to follow Urs into the bathroom.

‘In you go…’ he opened the shower door and Karen walked in, Urs followed.
‘Its cold…’ Karen shivered
‘Hmm….’ Urs snuggled up to the back of Karen and nuzzled her neck, his hands cupping her breasts,
‘Let me turn around…’ Karen asked
‘Not yet…’ one hand slipped lower.
‘Ohh…’ Karen groaned.
‘Hmm…’ Urs agreed, kissing her neck now.
‘Oh…oh god…’ Karen moaned as Urs’ expert fingers did their job.
‘Now…’ after Karen had regained the use of her legs, Urs turned her around, ‘hi…’ he whispered kissing her mouth.
Karen reached down to cup him.
‘Oh, not yet…’ he stopped her, ‘not yet…’
Karen meant to protest. But she didn’t. Urs knelt in front of her and grabbed the soap. Karen groaned out in pleasure as he started soaping her up.
‘Now you… Karen asked. Urs handed her the soap.
She rubbed it into his chest.
‘Hmm…’ he groaned, ‘come here…’ and he pulled her down so she was now sitting on his lap in the shower. Karen groaned as she felt him inside of her.
‘Oh…oh god…’ she groaned.
Urs kissed her mouth as Karen felt herself come again, then Urs let out a low groan,
‘Never had so much fun in the shower before’ he laughed.
‘Me neither’ Karen laughed. It was true. Two-timing Frenchie had actually been a rather boring lover all things considered. Preferring the bed every time. And the same position. Him on top. Never anything different. And foreplay. Well, a bit of kissing and the odd fumble and that was it. In and out. Flash Gordon could have been his name. But Karen wasn’t that cruel. At least, not to his face anyway. But, secretly, and to herself, now, that was another matter altogether.

After the shower, Urs and Karen went back to bed. Supposedly to sleep, but Urs had other things on his mind and he and Karen had sex again. Then, laying in his arms they both fell asleep.
It was dark when Karen woke up. Urs slept on. Good thought Karen. It’ll make it easier. She quickly slid herself out of bed, dressed and collected her stuff together. Taking one last look at a still sleeping Urs, she stroked his head, placed a kiss on his cheek and left. Thinking that it was sad how she would never see him again. It had been a good two days. The best of her life. But now Karen needed to go. Needed to leave. To get back to her real life now. So she walked away. Leaving her perfect fantasy man still sleeping.

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PostSubject: Re: *Turbulence* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 1:48 am


Two years later....

‘Do you have that manuscript ready yet?’ asked Rose, Karen’s agent on the phone
‘I was just about to email it to you’ Karen confirmed
‘Good, good. On target. Well done’ Rose congratulated Karen
‘Aren’t they always?’ Karen asked
‘Not always’ said Rose
‘Hey, you try concentrating on writing while you’re in labour! And see how it feels!’ Karen laughed
‘Darling, I’m NEVER having children!’
‘That’s what I said, remember’ Karen replied
‘So, you’d rewind time then? And not have Jack?’ Rose asked
‘Oh no. No. I’d still have him. He gives me a reason to write now’
‘Your inspiration?’ Rose asked
‘Partly. But mostly because he keeps growing so fast!’ Karen laughed again
‘Well, darling, if this does as well as your last one, I can see top five best seller coming, again’ Rose laughed this time.
‘Hope so. I’ve a mortgage payment to make’
‘Well, I’ll read it and let you know what I think. Oh, don’t forget, your book tour next week’
‘Yes, about that…’
‘Yes, darling?’ Rose asked
‘I’ll have to bring Jack’
‘But, darling…’
‘I know, but Rob won’t take him’
Karen was currently having problems with her ex. Mostly over childcare. Who’s turn it was to look after Jack.
‘I thought it was his turn…?’ said Rose
‘Oh, it was. It was. But now he’s dating his new… girlfriend…’
‘Bloody Frenchmen”!’ Rose said
‘Having a child doesn’t set a very good example apparently’ said Karen, ‘anyway, Rob is only Jack’s step father…’
‘I know darling, but he understood all this, years ago…’
‘I know’ Karen sighed, ‘but now times have changed. and I do kind of understand…’
‘So, childcare on the book tour. Ok’ Rose’s turn to sigh, ‘I’ll arrange it…’
‘Oh, thank you Rose. You are a star’
‘I know darling. I know. Take care’ and with that, the phone went dead.

It was now over two years since Karen’s one night of passion. A night Karen would never regret. Hell, she couldn’t. For that night gave her Jack.
Karen had been more than a little surprised to find out that she was pregnant. But she had refused to get rid of the baby. Why should she? It wasn’t the baby’s fault. No. Karen had become a single mother. And she had coped wonderfully well. All her friends thought so. They had all asked who was the father? But Karen refused to say.
Partly because all she knew about the father was his first name, and his nationality. Hardly much. That, and he had been a fantastic lover. Not, a detail she wanted to tell anyone. It was no ones business after all. Except, hers, and his. Wherever he was now.
Karen had no idea. Had no way of contacting him. Not, that she wanted to. The only reason she’d want to contact him was for another wonderful night, or two, of passion. Not for any other reason. Certainly not to tell him that he was a father. That he had, in some way, responsibilities. No, Karen didn’t need him for that. She could quite provide everything needed herself. She was a best selling author after all. Had had three books in the best sellers chart all at the same time at one point. Not many authors had ever managed that before. Or, at all since.
And ok, as Karen was a romance author, all her leading men did just happen to be dark haired, and be of a nationality that was never English. Mostly Swiss. Like he had been. Or German. It, in a way, reminded her of him. Every time she wrote that way.
If Karen had known him, it wouldn’t have made any difference. She would have still written about him. He would have still, in a way, been part of her inspiration. Her reason to write. Like Jack was now becoming.

Karen hated book tours. But it was standard practice for authors. It helped publicise the author and bring in new, as well as old, fans. And the more books an author sold, the more the publishing company showed just how pleased they were that the author in question was on their label and not some rival one. That meant, sometimes bigger payments. Not always. Just sometimes. And Karen really needed the money. So she had to bite her tongue and go along with what her publisher wanted.
The first book tour went ok. Nothing to write home about. Except that Karen almost got writers cramp, signing her name over and over again. She never put anymore than her name. Could never think of anything at all witty or at all interesting to add so she never did. Just wrote over and over again her name. ‘Karen Sullivan‘. Over and over again.
It was the second day of the book tour that turned out in the end to be the most interesting. The tour moved from Birmingham down to London. To a posh book store in the middle of London.
Nothing too interesting in that. But the person she meet their was. Eventually.
A new fan. Called Rebecca. She almost gushed all over Karen when she got round to signing her book,
‘And could you put…’ Rebecca sweetly asked, ‘told you I’d meet her Urs!’ she smiled at Karen.
Karen looked up at Rebecca, and almost dropped her pen. That name… could it be? No, no. It couldn’t. But, then again…
‘Interesting name…’ Karen remarked as casually as she could
‘He’s Swiss’ Rebecca gushed
The same man? Karen wondered.
‘Its spelt…U…R…S’ Rebecca helpfully pointed out.
Karen, in a daze, wrote what Rebecca wanted.
‘Oh, thank you! He’ll love it…’
‘He reads?’ Karen asked
‘Urs reading? God. No, no’ Rebecca laughed, ‘if you wrote motorbike manuals, maybe. But romance…’ Rebecca laughed again.
‘Harley Davidson’ Karen mumbled
‘He’s mad about them! Glad I’m not the jealous type!’ Rebecca laughed
‘Does he… wear…?’ Karen half asked
‘He has every t-shirt, and shirt going!’ Rebecca confirmed.
It could be the same guy. He was wearing a Harley shirt that day. But he mentioned recording an album.
‘He’s in an opera group’ Rebecca confirmed. Had Karen spoken? She couldn’t remember doing so.
‘Look…’ Rebecca fished in her handbag and bought out a cd. She handed it to Karen.
Karen almost dropped the cd in shock, there, on the cover of the cd, IL Divo,
‘That’s his group’ Rebecca proudly announced. On the cover of the cd was Karen’s guy.
Karen reached out a finger and traced his face,
‘Isn’t he gorgeous?’ Rebecca gushed again
‘Hmm…’ Karen mumbled
‘Hey’ said Rose, peering over Karen’s shoulder at the cd, ‘looks like Jack’ she laughed.
‘Jack?’ asked Rebecca
‘My son’ said Karen
‘Right, time to move on…’ Rose interrupted thankfully then
‘Can I…I mean, could we meet up later?’ Karen found herself asking Rebecca, handing back her cd.
‘Sure. I’d love that…’ Rebecca scribbled down her number down.
‘Thanks’ Karen smiled, taking the piece of paper.
‘Next!’ Rose called out.

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PostSubject: Re: *Turbulence* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 1:49 am

The rest of the signing went in a daze. Karen was in shock. She couldn’t remember anything after that.
‘Well’ Rose smiled once it had finished, ‘that went well, eh?’ she looked at Karen
‘Um…? What? Oh, yes…yes’
‘Kaz, are you ok? You look a little pale…’ Rose laughed nervously
‘So would you be, if you’d just meet the girlfriend of your son’s father…’ Karen found herself replying
‘If I’d just what?’ Rose asked, stunned
So Karen told Rose. Everything…
‘Oh, wow!’ said Rose once Karen had finished, ‘so.. This guy…Urs, is Jack’s father?’
Karen nodded, ‘Your one night stand?’
Karen nodded again, ‘Who you haven’t seen in…what 2 years?’
Karen nodded for a third time.
‘Oh, wow!’ Rose said again
‘Hmm…’ Karen half agreed
‘So, he doesn’t…?’ Rose asked
‘We had one night. Had sex…3 times. Then I left’
‘No exchange of numbers then?’
‘Not of numbers, no’ Karen blushed at the memory.
‘Hmm, interesting’
‘Tricky you mean’ said Karen
‘And interesting’ Rose said again
‘What do I do?’ Karen asked
‘Meet up with Rebecca’
‘And then what?’
‘Arrange to see Urs’
‘And then what?’ Karen asked again
‘Then, you can tell him’
‘The nasty surprise…’
‘He might be happy’
‘He might love children’
‘But he and Rebecca…’
‘You don’t know how long they’ve been together…’ Rose sensibly pointed out.
‘Suppose’ Karen sighed.
‘Phone Rebecca. She’ll be expecting you call now’
‘Ok’ Karen sighed again. She rang the number Rebecca had given her. But Rebecca herself didn’t answer. A man did. A voice, Karen instantly remembered. It was him. Urs.
‘Um…yes, hello, is Rebecca there?’ Karen asked
‘Who’s calling?’ Urs asked
‘Its Ka…Karen’ said Karen
‘Hold on, I’ll just get her for you…Rebecca?’ Urs shouted, ‘phone’
‘Honey, I told you about answering my phone…’
Rebecca scolded her boyfriend, ‘its almost as you don’t trust me..’ she laughed
‘But you asked me…’ Karen could hear Urs reply before Rebecca cut him off
‘Hello?’ Rebecca spoke
‘Yes, hello Rebecca. Its Karen here…’
‘Karen! I’m so pleased you phoned…’ Rebecca laughed
‘I was wondering…would you like to meet up, for a drink, or something?’ Karen asked
‘Sure. That would be wonderful…’
‘Your…your boyfriend could come too…’ Karen found herself adding
‘Could he? Oh! That would be…wonderful’ Rebecca replied
‘I’m not going…’ Karen could hear Urs in the background saying
‘We’d love that!’ Rebecca ignored him, ‘when?’ she asked Karen.
They set a date for the next day. Karen put the phone down and breathed out. Thank god that was over. And Urs won’t be there! An added bonus.

The next day started out disastrous for Karen. Jack was sick so she couldn’t leave him with anyone. She phoned Rebecca, hoping to put the drinks off, only Rebecca had other ideas,
‘We’ll meet earlier!’ she announced, ‘its ok, the place is a family friendly place’ Rebecca cheerfully informed Karen.
‘You have…?’ Karen asked
‘God. No! No! Urs likes children, but he certainly doesn’t want his own. No, neither do I!’ Rebecca laughed.
Tough thought Karen. Urs is already a father.
‘Oh’ Karen said out loud, ‘but its ok for Jack…?’
‘Sure. Sure. It’ll make Urs think he’s back home in Switzerland! He has tons, and I mean tons, of nieces and nephews’ Rebecca laughed again.
‘Oh, ok…’ replied Karen.
Blast! Damn! This day was just getting worse and worse!

Karen and Jack were early. Jack was fast asleep in his pushchair. When he slept he reminded Karen oh so much of what she remembered Urs looking like when he slept. Would he remember her? Karen thought. If, he turned up. And, if he did turn up, would he know who Jack’s father was? Him? Or would he not notice? Karen didn’t know which she was most scared about. Urs recognising her, or finding out that he was a father. It was a tricky one.
Surely, surely he wouldn’t remember. It was only one long night, and a day after all that they had spent together. A one night stand. Nothing else. Just sex. Not, all that important. He might have had tons before, and since. No. No. He wouldn’t remember. He won’t Karen managed to convince herself of that.

Unknown to Karen, Urs was also having a similar conversation with himself. For yes, he did remember Karen. He could never forget her. It had, he realised, been one of the best nights of his life. Meeting Karen. It had been…. And then he’d gone and blown it. He’d fallen asleep and once he’d woken he knew, in an instant, that she wasn’t there anymore. That he’d managed to lose her. Then, in a rebound he’d meet Rebecca. Sure, Rebecca was great. But she wasn’t Karen. You couldn’t compare them. Karen had been like a dream. An angel. Soft, welcoming, kind. Whereas Rebecca… Rebecca was the opposite. Hard. Brittle. But he’d made it work. And it had worked. Until Rebecca had bought home that book. That book that changed everything. Karen’s novel. Rebecca had read it, then had proudly shown Urs the author picture.
Urs remembered that day. He had looked at Karen’s picture, on the cover of the book and had instantly remembered. Remembered the day they had meet. Remembered her touch, her smell, her sent. It was like a sweet torture. His dream was real. And an author. He’d had to stop himself from saying,
‘I know her’ but he had managed it. Managed to bite his tongue and keep quiet. But it had been hard. Oh so very hard. And now, now thanks to Rebecca he had to go and see her. See his Karen. Of course, she wasn’t his. She had a child. Probably a boyfriend, or husband somewhere too. The father of her child. Oh how he had wished. But it wasn’t to be true. It couldn’t. Not now. Not anymore. She was somebody else’s now. Like he had someone. He had Rebecca. He would have to keep reminding himself that. He had Rebecca. Karen had someone. It could never be. Never. Ever.

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PostSubject: Re: *Turbulence* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 1:52 am


Karen was holding Jack in her arms when Rebecca walked in to the restaurant. Karen looked over Rebecca’s shoulder, expecting to see Urs. He wasn’t there. Karen breathed a sigh of relief,
‘Urs is just parking the car’ Rebecca interrupted Karen’s sigh of relief. Blast! He had come.
‘Oh…?’ Karen innocently asked
‘What a sweetie’ Rebecca commented on Jack, ‘how old?’ she asked
‘Just over a year’ Karen replied
‘He reminds me of someone…’ Rebecca said
‘Oh? Who?’ Karen asked as innocently as she could
‘Don’t know, but I’m sure it will come to me. Oh! Here he comes!’ Rebecca spotted Urs, ‘over here!’ she waved her arms about to get his attention.
‘Hi, hi’ Urs came over. Rebecca offered her mouth for a kiss. Urs ignored her, ‘hi…I’m Urs…’ he tried to sound as cool as he could. He held out a trembling hand.
‘Hi’ after much jiggling about with Jack, Karen shook Urs’ hand. ‘Zing’ went again, ‘I’m…Karen’ she replied
‘I know’ he looked at her, ‘Rebecca told me’
‘Oh…’ he didn’t remember her then. Good. But for some reason, Karen still felt more than a little disappointed at this. Although why, she wasn’t sure.
‘Cute’ Urs remarked after Jack
‘Thanks’ replied Karen
‘How old?’ he asked
‘Just over a year’ Rebecca answered before Karen could. Urs’ eyes widened at that.
‘I was just telling Karen darling, that Jack reminds me of someone…’ Rebecca let out a small laugh.
Urs studied Jack, asleep in Karen’s arms.
‘He’s mine’ the thought suddenly came to him. He has to be. The dates add up. Plus, he looks like…
‘Felix!’ Rebecca announced
‘Excuse me?’ Karen asked her
‘He looks like Felix! Urs’ older brother!’ Rebecca said
‘But that’s impossible…’ Urs replied
‘I know darling! But he does!’ Rebecca laughed
Karen paled in colour.
‘Rebecca, I’d hardly think Jack looks like Felix! I mean, Karen doesn’t know him…’ Urs said
‘You could be related… somehow’ Rebecca smiled
‘How?’ Karen half asked, half whispered
‘Cousins! Or something… who’s Jack’s father?’ Rebecca then asked Karen.
‘I don’t…remember’ she lied
‘Oh?’ asked Rebecca
‘It was a…one night stand’ said Karen, not looking at Urs. She refused to look at him. Her one night stand.
‘Darling, what’s wrong?’ Rebecca asked Urs, ‘you’ve gone such a strange colour…’
‘Its…its hot in here…’ Urs lied, touching his collar.
‘And there was me, thinking it was a little cold in here!’ Rebecca faked a shiver.
‘So, anyway’ said Urs, ‘Rebecca tells me you’re an author?’ he asked Karen
‘Yes, that’s right’ said Karen
‘What sort of…books do you write?’ he asked
‘Romance’ replied Karen
‘Most of Karen’s leading men are usually Swiss…or German!’ Rebecca told Urs
‘Oh?’ he asked
‘Yes. I…I love Switzerland’ Karen lied
‘Ever visited?’ Urs asked
‘No’ said Karen
‘Know any Swiss men?’ Rebecca asked
Yes, one thought Karen. Aloud she answered, ‘No’
‘So, Jack’s father couldn’t be…?’ asked Rebecca
‘Swiss?’ Karen asked, ‘no’ she lied
‘German then?’ Rebecca tried again
‘No’ said Karen again, ‘I just like giving my…books, an…an international feel’
‘So, you plan on having…’ asked Rebecca
‘French, Spanish, Italian leading men too? Yes, I’ll probably work my way through the atlas’
‘You’ve that many ideas?’ Urs asked
‘Oh yes, probably’ Karen made the mistake of looking up them, into Urs’ eyes. She swallowed. Jack woke up then,
‘Can, I have a hold?’ Urs asked
Karen blinked, ‘Sure…’ she replied, handing over her son to his father.
‘Hello little one’ Urs said to Jack. Jack looked up at him and smiled, ‘Dadda…’ he mumbled.
Karen laughed a nervous laugh.
‘Right, drinks…’ said Rebecca
‘I’ll help…’ offered Karen
‘No, no. You stay here’ said Rebecca before disappearing.

‘So, Jack’s father….’ said Urs, after Rebecca had gone.
‘Yes?’ Karen innocently asked
‘I’d…I’d like to see Jack again’ Urs told her
‘You know why’
‘Tell me’ said Karen
‘I’m Jack’s father’ said Urs
‘No you’re not’
‘A DNA test would say otherwise…’
‘Fine. We’ll do that then’ said Karen, ‘but I wouldn’t want to be you when you tell Rebecca…about our past’
‘You do remember me then?’ Urs asked
‘How could I forget?’
‘You left…’
‘What else was I supposed to do? It was a one night stand!’ Karen felt like shouting at him
‘It wasn’t’ said Urs
‘You weren’t meant to go!’ he told her
‘You never said…’
‘I had…we had, other things on our minds I think you’ll remember…’
‘Yes, I remember’ Karen couldn’t help it. She blushed.
‘You were supposed to still be there. When I woke up and you’d gone I…’ Urs started to say
‘I’m back!’ Rebecca announced rather loudly, placing a tray down on the table in front of them, ‘I got…coffee, oh and orange juice’
‘Thanks’ said Karen
‘Oh, Urs, you’re still holding…’ Rebecca noticed Jack, still in Urs’ arms, ‘you know, he does look exactly like you! If I didn’t know better’ Rebecca paused, ‘I’d swear you were his father!’ she gave a little laugh, ‘which’ she carried on, ‘I know is impossible!’
‘Why…why is that?’ Karen asked
‘Oh Urs loves children alright. Just not his own! He’d double up on condoms if he could!’ Rebecca laughed again, ‘and’ she added, ‘he makes me take the pill, AND’ she almost shouted, ‘use the coil!’
‘Err…’ Karen didn’t know what to say at that.
‘You’re being a bit…drastic. I’m not THAT bad!’ Urs gave a nervous laugh now
‘No darling. Not quite. But still…’ Rebecca looked pointedly at Urs as if in making a statement.
‘But’ Rebecca then looked at Karen, ‘Jack does look uncannily like Urs. The similarities are amazing. Anyone would think…’ she paled in colour
‘Of course Urs isn’t Jack’s father!’ Karen lied, ‘we’ve only just met…’
‘So you say’ replied Rebecca, ‘Urs?’ she looked at her boyfriend.
‘Jack is mine’ Urs finally told Rebecca
‘Urs…’ said a stunned Karen
‘Its no good. We shouldn’t lie’ he told Karen
‘You mean…’ Rebecca laughed nervously
‘Its true’ Karen finally admitted
‘You’ve been…you’ve been having an affair…’ Rebecca accused Urs and Karen.
‘No’ said Karen, truthfully
‘Urs?’ Rebecca asked
‘No’ confirmed Urs
‘But…I don’t understand…’ Rebecca sank into a chair
‘We had a night. Years ago. We hadn’t seen each other since today’ Karen told her
‘But Urs…he saw your photo…’ mumbled Rebecca
‘I didn’t tell you. I couldn’t. It was one night. That’s all. Just one night’ Urs told Rebecca this time.
‘Was it?’ she asked Urs
‘Yes’ said Urs
‘Well’ she looked straight at him, ‘I don’t believe you’ she told him
‘What? Why not?’ Urs asked, sounding puzzled
‘She’s the one, isn’t she?’ Rebecca asked him
‘Isn’t she?’ Rebecca asked again
‘I asked you a question’ Rebecca reminded him, ‘I think, I think, you at least owe me an answer…’
‘Bec…’ Urs sighed, ‘ok’ he answered, ‘yes’ he whispered
‘Louder’ said Rebecca
‘Yes’ Urs said again
‘Louder’ Rebecca demanded this time
‘YES!’ Urs almost shouted this time, ‘sorry little one’ he apologised to Jack, rocking him gently
‘Dada’ mumbled Jack, gazing up at Urs
‘You…you bastard!’ Rebecca lashed out then. And smacked Urs. Right across his face.
‘I think’ Urs smiled a wye smile, ‘that I deserved that!’ he laughed lightly
‘I suggest’ Rebecca said, ‘that you come and collect your stuff as soon as possible. Before I’m tempted to destroy it all!’ and with that, she stalked off. Her long blonde hair swinging as she went.
‘Never liked blondes anyway!’ Urs remarked.
Karen sat there and looked at him,
‘I’m not a complete bastard you know’ Urs told Karen ‘Oh? Oh no?’ she asked
‘Just a regular one then eh?’
‘Suppose I deserve that too!’ he smiled
‘What did she mean?’ Karen eventually asked
‘When?’ Urs asked innocently
‘When Rebecca said about being the ‘one’’ Karen asked
‘Oh’ Urs replied, ‘that…’
‘Yes, that’ Karen agreed
‘Well…’ Urs started to say, then paused
‘Go on? I’m listening’ Karen encouraged.

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Urs gazed intently at Karen. It was such a look that it made Karen shiver. With lust.
‘I’m…I’m waiting’ Karen managed to say, once she had pulled her eyes away from Urs’
‘Ok’ Urs sighed, he looked down at Jack in his arms. Jack had fallen asleep now, ‘when I first met Rebecca I told her, that I had met, and lost someone…’
‘Go on’
‘That I had lost you’
‘I didn’t name you, I wouldn’t. I refused to. It really annoyed Becci that, refusing to name you’ he smiled
‘Go on’ Karen said for a third time
‘I told her, that I’d lost someone…someone who had…who had stolen my heart’
‘You see, you were never meant to leave. It wasn’t a one night stand. Not to me. To me it was more’
‘What was it then?’ Karen asked
‘Love. On my part. First time too’
‘But you never said…’ Karen was stunned, again.
‘I know, and I should have done. Sorry’
‘Then I went’
‘Yes’ he sighed, ‘then you went’
‘And you met Rebecca…’
‘Yes’ he sighed again
‘And told her…?’
‘Sort of. Yes’
‘But…why?’ Karen had to ask
‘I had to…she wanted…commitment. Something I can’t…couldn’t give…’
‘And yet, you made a commitment. You live together’
‘We share…shared an apartment. Separate rooms mostly. Nothing else’
‘Well, if I were you, I’d go and apologise’
‘Why?’ Urs asked
‘Because she deserves better’
‘No, she doesn’t’
‘Yes, she does’
‘She…tricked me. Into sleeping with her’
‘And yet, you’ve been doing that for…how long?’ Karen asked
‘Six months’ Urs sighed
‘And yet, for six months you were fine. Content even. Now for some reason its all changed’
‘Yes’ he sighed again
‘What changed? because if you can’t tell me, you won’t be able to put Rebecca out of her misery. And I’m sure she loves you’
‘Oh, believe me, she doesn’t. Rebecca doesn’t do love’
‘Maybe she lied’
‘Oh no. Rebecca is…well, you don’t need to know, but she isn’t what you think she is’
‘Which is?’ Karen asked
‘You think she’s a nice, kind, gentle person, right?’
‘Yes’ Karen nodded
‘She’s a bitch. Always has been. Always will be’
‘I doubt that…’ Karen laughed
‘Oh, believe me, she is’
‘Well, bitch or not, she still deserves an explanation. A decent one. Not a cop-out’
‘Its all changed…because of you’
‘Now I’m a father. I have…responsibilities’
‘I’ve never asked you…for anything’
‘I know you’ve not. And I know you wouldn’t. But it doesn’t matter. Now I know. I want to be a part of Jack’s life. To be there…’
‘I’m sure, we can arrange something…’
‘I want to be a permanent fixture. A proper father…’
‘You can be…’
‘I want Jack to have my name…’
‘No’ said Karen
‘Why not?’ Urs asked.
‘You’re not adopting him. He’s mine’
‘I meant, marriage’
‘No. No I won’t’
‘Why not?’
‘Because it doesn’t work!’
‘It will’
‘It doesn’t. It won’t. It didn’t last time’
‘Last time?’ Urs asked
‘When I…found out that I was pregnant, my ex…’
‘The two timing frenchie’ said Urs
‘Yes, you remembered…’
‘Of course I did’
‘He asked me, to marry him’
‘He thought it was his?’
‘No. No he knew it wasn’t’
‘Ok, go on’ said Urs
‘So we married. At first it was ok. Then we started fighting. Arguing over such stupid things. We thought, that staying together for Jack would make a difference. It didn’t. So we divorced. When Jack was born’
‘When he was born…’
‘The day he was born the divorce came thought. We managed six months. Six months of arguments. The worse six months of my life. I swore then, never again’
‘You married for the wrong reasons’
‘For Jack’
‘We wouldn’t’
‘We would’
‘No Karen, we wouldn’t’
‘I love Jack, ok, maybe he does deserve two parents, but not if they’re only together because of him. There has to be another reason too. A more…concrete reason’ Karen tried to explain to Urs.
Urs was just about to respond to that when his phone went. He looked at the number, ‘Damn’ he commented before pressing the answer button, ‘hello…’ he spoke, ‘ok, yep. I’ll come now. I’m bringing someone with me. No. No. I’ll need 2...ok, sure. Ok. Bye’
‘You’ve got to go’ Karen remarked
‘You’re coming with me. You and Jack’ Urs stood up, Jack still in his arms.
‘I…I can’t…’ stuttered Karen ‘Yes, you can’ Urs replied
‘But I…’
Urs looked at Karen, then started walking away.
‘Hey!’ Karen called
‘Come on’ Urs shouted back.
‘Ok’ Karen sighed, standing up. She grabbed Jack’s pushchair and pushed it towards Urs.

Urs took Karen and Jack back to his flat, the one he shared with Rebecca,
‘Wait here’ he told Karen, Jack was now back in his pushchair, ‘I’ve one thing to collect’ and with a quick kiss to Karen’s cheek he disappeared inside.

Karen and Jack didn’t have long to wait. Barely a minute later Urs appeared, dragging a suitcase,
‘Right, the car should be here soon… ah, here it is’ he commented as a car pulled up alongside where they were standing. The driver of the car got out and took Urs’ suitcase, placing it in the boot of the car. Urs undid Jack from his pushchair. Without a word, the driver collapsed the pushchair and that too, along with Karen’s bag which was on the pushchair he placed into the boot of the car next to Urs’ suitcase.
‘In you go’ Urs told Karen. Too stunned to speak, she found herself doing as she was told.
Karen was most surprised to find a car seat for Jack in the back of the car.
Urs got into the car, and placed Jack into it. Then the car door was closed and the car drove off.
‘Where…where are we going?’ Karen asked
‘To you house’ Urs told her
‘We know where to go, you’ll need your passport, and clothes’ Urs told her
‘My hotel…’
‘That’s already been taken care of. It’s in the boot’
‘My book tour…’ Karen said, still in a daze
‘Has been…put on hold’
‘Rose will kill me’ Karen muttered
‘No, she won’t’ Urs sighed
‘She will’
‘She won’t’ he replied more forcefully this time, ‘she knows the situation’ he looked at Karen, ‘and understands’ he added
‘What situation?’ Karen asked
‘This’ he waved a hand about, ‘us’
‘Us?’ Karen asked
‘Us, you, Jack and I. Us’ he said again.
‘Oh’ Karen said. But she didn’t understand. Not any of it. What had happened? Karen wasn’t sure. It had all been a daze. Like a dream, what had happened? Karen shook her head. Nope. It hurt to think. So she just sat back, closed her eyes and tried not to think anymore.
Karen hadn’t realised she’d been asleep. Until Urs woke her up. He woke her up by whispering in her ear, and tracing a finger down her face.
‘Karen…Karen’ he whispered, ‘time to wake up’
Karen opened her eyes. She could see Urs. He was close to her. She stretched.
‘Where…where am I?’ she asked. They were no longer in the car. In fact Karen was in a bed. She peeled back the covers and looked down, ‘I’m…I’m naked…’ she realised.
‘I didn’t know if you slept in anything…’ Urs told her
‘You…you undressed me?’ she asked
‘No, no’ he smiled, ‘Patricia and Camy did’
‘Who?’ Karen asked
‘Friends’ Urs told her
‘Oh’ she relaxed. Then she realised, ‘Jack?’ she asked
‘He’s fine. He’s in the other room. Patricia is looking after him’
‘Do they…’ Karen tried to ask
‘What?’ know that he’s mine?’ Urs asked
‘I think they guessed that. He does look like me’
‘Sorry’ Karen felt the need to apologised
‘What for?’ Urs asked
‘I…I don’t know’ Karen admitted
‘Then don’t apologise’
‘You must hate me’ said Karen
‘No, I don’t. I don’t. you’ve given me Jack’
‘Even thought you hate children’
‘I don’t’
‘Rebecca told me’
‘It was an…excuse. I didn’t want them with her’
‘Hence the double condoms…’
‘Almost. Yes’ Urs admitted
‘So…’ said Karen
‘Yes, so’ agreed Urs
‘I should get up…’
‘I need to dress…’
‘I’ll…I’ll leave you to it then’ Urs smiled and stood up
‘Thanks’ said Karen
‘Ok, back soon’ and with that Urs left the room.

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Karen quickly showered and dressed. It seemed she noticed as thought all her clothes were there, hanging in the wardrobe. Hanging alongside Urs’ clothes she noticed. That made her shiver. She found all of Jack’s things too. And his toys, in a connecting room. Weird. For some reason the discovery puzzled Karen beyond imagination.
When she was dressed, Karen took a deep breathe and walked out of the bedroom, the way she had watched Urs go earlier.
She spotted Jack first. He was playing with a brunette haired lady who noticed Karen and said to her,
‘Hi. Glad you’re awake at last!’
Then Urs noticed Karen,
‘Hi’ he came to greet her, kissing her briefly on the mouth, ‘good shower?’ he asked
‘Yes, thanks’ Karen replied.
‘Good. Good’ he gazed briefly at her, ‘lets introduce you then…’
The brunette lady waved, ‘Hi’ she said, ‘I’m Patricia’ she smiled kindly at Karen.
Karen found herself returning the smile.
Then Urs pointed out two men sitting together on the sofa,
‘Meet Carlos and David’ he introduced them
‘Hi’ the guy introduced as Carlos winked then wiggled his eyebrows at Karen in a friendly manner.
‘Hi’ said the guy next to him, ‘I’m David’ he smiled a warm, broad smile.
Then a door opened up and in walked three people. Two woman and a man. Karen couldn’t help it. She gasped.
‘You ok?’ Urs asked, puzzled
‘Rob…’ Karen said, pointing to the man,
‘No, that’s Seb’ Urs smiled.
Rob/Seb noticed Karen then and paled in colour,
‘Karen…’ he muttered
‘You two know each other?’ Urs asked, puzzled
‘Yes’ said Karen
‘No’ said Seb/Rob at the same time.
‘Yes’ said Karen again
‘Yes’ Seb/Rob finally admitted, looking sheepishly at Urs, ‘Karen, is my…ex’ he admitted.
‘I never knew…’ said Karen, stunned, again, ‘you never…’
‘No, sorry’ Seb/Rob apologised.
‘I mean, I knew you were…in a group, but…’ Karen sounded puzzled, ‘you lied’ she realised
‘Yep, I did’ Seb/Rob laughed.
‘So, what is your real name then?’ Karen managed to ask him
‘Seb’ said Seb
‘Not Rob?’
‘Oh, that’s still the same. Izambard’
‘Why did you…? All this time?’
‘It started out as a joke’
‘I’m not laughing’
‘No, don’t suppose you are’ said Seb
‘A joke that’s on me…’ said Karen
‘No. As it turns out, on me! Jack’s father! All this time! I never noticed, never realised. Urs!’ said Seb
‘Yes’ Karen replied
‘All this time…’
‘Yes’ Karen said again
‘You played me…’ Seb said
‘No I didn’t. I didn’t know. Until just now’
‘Its true’ said Urs. He was standing next to Karen now, one hand on her waist,
‘But you had a baby…Jack’ Seb pointed out
‘We met on a plane. Coming back from Canada’ said Urs
‘Coming back from being dumped, by you’ Karen said to Seb
‘I took you back…’ said Seb
‘Only because I was pregnant, and you got to be a father without the hassle’ Karen reminded Seb
‘You two know each other…?’ one of the women Karen hadn’t been introduced to yet spoke
‘Yes’ said Karen
‘Well’ she spoke, ‘you can’t have him back. He’s mine now’ and she placed a possessive hand on Seb’s chest, as to say, ‘He’s mine. Hands off’ not, that Karen had any intention of ever touching Rob, she shook her head, of Seb, of touching Seb ever again. It would be weird. Calling a man she knew for two years by a different name now.
‘I don’t want him back’ Karen told her
‘Good. Because WE’RE getting married!’ and she flashed her left hand. On her engagement finger stood a rather large, and ugly looking ring. It looked more tacky than expensive.
‘Oh…Miranda!’ the girl next to Seb’s fiancée exclaimed,
‘Look, isn’t it wonderful?’ Miranda crooned.
No thought Karen. Its tacky and revolting. But instead she kept quiet.
‘Camy’ said Miranda to the unknown named woman, ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’
‘Oh…I’d love to’ Camy replied
‘Patricia?’ Miranda asked
‘Sorry Miranda, but I can’t’
‘Ow…’ Miranda sulked
‘I’ll be busy that day’ and with that, she picked Jack up, ‘nappy change’ she explained to Karen and carried him off towards a door.
‘But you don’t…’ Miranda stammered, ‘Seb, darling…’ she turned towards her now fiancé
‘You can’t force Patricia to like you’ Seb told her
‘But…I don’t understand…’ Miranda sulked again
‘Hi, I’m Camy’ Camy now introduced herself to Karen
‘Karen’ said Karen
‘Jack’s mum. He’s such a cutie’ smiled Camy
‘Hardly! He’s noisy….and messy!’ Miranda complained, kicking a toy on the floor
‘He’s just a year old…’ Karen protested
‘Ignore her. She hates children, of any kind’ smiled David, now kissing Camy, ‘hi honey’ he told her.
‘Hi’ Camy blushed
‘Pleased to meet you, at last!’ David shook Karen’s hand. Karen looked puzzled at David.
‘Urs’ explained Camy, ‘told us all about you’
‘All good’ Urs whispered in Karen’s ear.
‘Hope so’ Karen smiled nervously.
Patricia and Jack were back then.
‘Shall I…?’ Karen offered
‘Its ok, I don’t mind. He’s so cute’ Patricia blew a raspberry at Jack, who giggled.
‘Burrr…’ he laughed
‘Seb, come’ Miranda demanded of her fiancé. Seb without a word, followed Miranda out of the room,
‘Heel!’ said Patricia to their departing backs.
‘Yes, Sir!’ Camy added, laughing.
‘Bossy ain’t the word!’ said Urs
‘Just glad its not me!’ David laughed
‘And there was me, thinking he’d come to his senses!’ said Carlos
‘Seb doesn’t have any senses’ Patricia pointed out
‘Obviously not. Or he wouldn’t have dumped Karen’ smiled Carlos
‘I think, in the end’ said Karen, ‘I dumped him’
‘Glad you did’ smiled Camy
‘No need to worry now. You’re with me now’ said Urs
‘Am I?’ Karen asked him
‘Of course you are’ he replied, ‘I am Jack’s father’
‘I know that, but…but that doesn’t mean…that you and I…’ said Karen
‘Oh, it does. It does’ said Urs
‘I think we should definitely get married. I’ve decided’ Urs told Karen
‘You’ve what?’ she asked him
‘Decided. We’ll get married’
‘I don’t think so’ said Karen
‘You could have a double wedding!’ David joked, sarcastically.
‘I don’t think so’ said Urs
‘Definitely not’ agreed Karen
‘Because I’m not getting married. Not again’ said Karen
‘Again?’ asked Carlos
‘Yes, I was married to Ro…I mean Seb’ said Karen
‘God!’ exclaimed David, ‘he kept THAT quiet too!’
‘How long were you…?’ asked Carlos
‘Six months’ said Karen
‘And he was…stepfather to Jack?’ said Camy
‘Yes’ Karen told them, ‘with proper access and…everything’
‘Why Seb, you sneaky Frenchman!’ Carlos laughed
‘I suppose, it went with his double life’ said Karen
‘Married! And with a child! I never knew Seb could lie so brilliantly!’ Carlos laughed again.
‘But as I already told you, I don’t lie. Or cheat’ Urs told Karen
‘You told me that, over eighteen months ago! Things have changed!’ said Karen, feeling angry.
‘I haven’t changed. What I told you then still stands now’ Urs tried to reassure Karen
‘How can I…trust you?’ Karen asked
‘Oh believe me, Urs is the one guy you CAN trust’ David told Karen. Karen looked at them all. They were all nodding in agreement.
‘I need time…’ muttered Karen
‘Ok, I understand that’ said Urs
‘I need…to think’ she told him
‘Ok, you’ve got that’
Karen looked at Urs. He was smiling at her. Then she turned and walked back into the bedroom.

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Karen lay on the bed, faced down, head buried in the pillows. She had started crying when she had walked away from Urs and hadn’t stopped since. She had no idea, no idea at all just why she was crying. But in some strange way it seemed to be helping.
She must have fallen asleep. For when she came too again someone was lightly stroking her hair. Karen turned her head. It was Urs.
‘Hi’ he smiled at her
‘Hi’ Karen replied, not returning the smile
‘I was…worried. About you’ Urs explained
‘I fell asleep’ said Karen
‘I know’
‘I keep doing that’
‘And I don’t know why’
‘Maybe, maybe you’re coming down with something…’ Urs offered by way of explanation.
‘Maybe’ Karen replied
‘I’ll get the doctor, to come and see you’
‘No. I can go to him…’
‘It’ll be easier, if he comes here’
‘Why?’ Karen asked
‘Our doctor, will be…more…private’ said Urs
‘I’ll ring him now’ Urs smiled again
‘Ok’ Karen sighed.

‘We’ll do a scan today’ the doctor, Dr Lewis announced to Karen and Urs after examining Karen.
‘What sort of scan?’ Urs asked, sounding worried, before Karen could form the words to ask herself.
‘Just a …routine one. Nothing to worry about’ replied Dr Lewis.
Urs paled in colour at that.
‘Routine one?’ he asked at last.
‘Yes, I’ll arrange it…’ the doctor got out his mobile.
Karen looked at Urs.
‘Its ok, I’m here…’ Urs squeezed Karen’s hand in reassurance. Karen squeezed back. Her hand felt cold, whereas Urs’ was warm. It felt somehow comforting.
‘Right, all arranged’ smiled Dr Lewis.
‘For…when?’ Karen finally managed to ask
‘Today. In…half an hours time’ Dr Lewis consulted his watch as he spoke.
‘Right…’ said Urs
‘You’ll need an overnight bag’ Dr Lewis told Karen
‘I’ve got to…’ said Karen
‘Yes’ said Dr Lewis
‘But…’ Karen mumbled
‘Routine procedure I’m afraid. You’ll need a drug before the scan and may have…side affects’ Dr Lewis explained.
‘Right…ok’ said Urs
‘I should…I should pack a bag’ mumbled Karen. She was in shock. In a daze. What was happening? Karen didn’t know anymore. She was too confused.
Like in a trance, Karen packed a bag.
‘Right…ready’ she said when she had finished.
The doctor nodded, ‘Right, come along then’
‘I’m coming too’ said Urs
‘What about…Jack?’ Karen asked
‘Patricia is looking after him. She won’t mind doing it for a little while longer’ Urs reassured Karen.
Karen nodded. She couldn’t speak now. She was too afraid. To scared. Too nervous.

No one talked in the car on the way to the hospital.
Karen just sat there. One hand in Urs’ looking out the window. Hoping, praying. That it wasn’t serious. That they wouldn’t find anything. She didn’t really want to make Jack parentless. Of course he wouldn’t be now. Now he had a father. A proper father. His own one. His own flesh and blood.
‘It’ll be ok, I’m certain at that’ Urs whispered then into Karen’s ear.
Karen looked at Urs. He did look so sure. So certain. Pity Karen couldn’t feel the same way.
‘We’re here!’ the doctor cheerfully announced as the car drew up at the hospital a few minutes later.

Karen hated hospitals. Hated the strong smell of disinfectant they always, always seemed to smell of. Hated the fact that no one seemed to talk properly while at hospital. They all seemed to whisper for some reason.
She had a room to herself, that surprised Karen,
‘Right, I’ll leave you to get changed’ Dr Lewis cheerfully told Karen and Urs.
‘I’ll go too…’ said Urs, after Dr Lewis had disappeared.
‘You don’t…you don’t have to…’ Karen licked her lips, her mouth suddenly feeling all too dry.
‘If you want me to stay…’ Urs looked at Karen.
‘I do’ she told him, ‘I’m…I’m scared’ she admitted.
‘You’ve no need to be’ he pulled her into his arms, for a hug, ‘I should let you get changed’ he said after a minute.
‘Suppose’ said Karen. She had liked that hug. It had been the first real touch from Urs in over two years. Karen realised, that she had missed it. Missed the close contact she had briefly shared with him. She needed him she suddenly realised.
‘Here…’ Urs had unpacked Karen’s bag now, and had handed her her night shirt.
‘Thanks’ replied Karen
Karen found herself all fingers and thumbs. In the end, Urs helped her change.
‘Thanks; she told him afterwards, ‘I guess I really am nervous’ she laughed lightly.
‘You don’t have to explain. I understand’ Urs replied.
The doctor was back then, with a wheelchair.
‘In you go Mrs Buhler’ he told Karen, helping her into it,
‘Its…Sullivan’ replied Karen
‘Sorry’ the doctor apologised, ‘I thought you were married’
‘No’ said Karen
‘Just engaged’ said Urs
Karen looked at Urs. He smiled in reply.
‘Right, and away we go!’ Dr Lewis said, pushing the wheelchair, with Karen sitting in it.

Karen lay in the scanner and let it take photos of her brain. The drug the nurse had given her made it so even if Karen had really wanted to move, she couldn’t.
‘You’ll need to be paralysed while its going on, so we can get an accurate reading’ the nurse explained as she administered the injection.
Karen knew Urs was holding her hand, because she could see him holding it, but she couldn’t feel it being held. It felt like such a weird feeling. Karen couldn’t even blink, or for a little while talk. It felt like she had completely lost all control of her body.
‘Right, nearly done…’ the nurse who had administered Karen’s injection told her, ‘there, all finished’ she announced a minute later.
‘When will we…?’ Urs asked Karen could hear.
‘I’ll get the doctor to come and talk to you once Mrs Buhler is settled back in her room’ the nurse replied.
‘Its Sullivan’ Karen wanted to say. But couldn’t.

‘Right…right’ in breezed Dr Lewis ten minutes later once Karen was settled back into her hospital bed, he was waving around some x-rays.
‘Doctor’ said Urs. He was sitting next to Karen’s bed, still holding her hand.
‘It looks as thought…’ started the doctor
‘Yes?’ Urs asked, sounding rather impatient.
‘As thought’ the doctor repeated, ‘as thought Mrs Buhler has an operable brain tumour’
‘A what? Brain tumour?’
‘Operable one’ repeated Dr Lewis
‘I’m…going to die’ Karen managed to slur.
‘No, no’ Dr Lewis laughed, ‘nothing like that!’
‘I hope not’ said Urs
‘We’ll take it out tomorrow, you’ll have a small scar. But nothing too major’ Dr Lewis smiled at Karen.
‘Tomorrow?’ Urs asked, ‘why not today?’
‘Young man’ replied Dr Lewis, ‘if it were possible, to remove it today, it would be done’
‘Then why…?’ asked Urs
‘The drugs your wife was given need time to wear off before we do the operation. Otherwise, we could accidentally kill her. And’ he laughed nervously, ‘none of use what that now, do we?’ asked Dr Lewis
‘No. Certainly not’ Urs almost barked in reply.
‘Right, so. I’ll leave you to it’ and with that, Dr Lewis was gone.

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‘I’m…I’m going to die’ Karen mumbled after the doctor had left.
‘No, you’re not’ said Urs
‘I am. I know I am’ Karen insisted
‘No, you won’t. I won’t let you die’
‘Oh? And how are you going to stop it then? From happening?’ Karen asked him
‘I don’t know’ Urs sighed, ‘I just know that I won’t let it happen…I…’ he looked at Karen
‘Yes?’ she asked
‘I…I love you’ he told her
‘No you don’t’
‘Oh, I do’ Urs insisted
‘You don’t know me’ said Karen
‘So? That doesn’t make any difference. It’s true. I do’
‘Could you…get me a piece of paper, and a pen?’ Karen asked, changing the subject.
‘Sure’ Urs sighed, ‘here…’ he handed Karen a writing pad and a pen, ‘what are you doing?’ he asked as Karen started writing,
‘My will’ she told him
‘Don’t’ said Urs
‘It needs to be done’
‘It doesn’t… you won’t die!’
‘You don’t know that’
‘I do’
‘You don’t’ said Karen, ‘anyway’ she added, ‘I would like to be prepared. Just in case’
‘Ok’ Urs sighed a big sigh.
‘Will you…will you look after Jack? If anything happens?’ Karen asked, biting her lip, looking up at him
‘You know I will. You don’t have to ask’ said Urs
‘And I’ll understand, if after I’m gone, if you want to do a DNA test, to be sure’
‘I don’t need to do that…’
‘You might do’
‘I don’t. Anyone can tell. Just by looking at him. Jack is mine’
‘He has your nose…’ smiled Karen
‘Your smile’ Urs told her
‘Your…eyes’ said Karen
‘And, my seriousness’ Urs smiled
‘Yes, that too! And’ Karen said, ‘he loves bikes too’
‘Just like his dad’ Urs replied
‘Yes, just like you’ Karen admitted, ‘right, that’s done’ she said, folding the bit of paper, ‘here’ she handed it to Urs.
‘Can I…?’ he asked
‘Sure’ said Karen.
So Urs unfolded it. The last will and testament of Karen Marie Sullivan he read. He didn’t read it all. He couldn’t. Not because he didn’t want to. But because he couldn’t. His vision suddenly became strangely clouded. Then he realised. He was crying.
‘Back…back in a minute’ Urs muttered, walking out the room, keeping his face away from Karen.

Urs stumbled out of Karen’s room. The will still in his hands. Crumbled now. He wanted to hit something. Someone. He felt so angry. So scared. Why? Why did this have to happen? And why now? To Karen? He had only just found her again, and already there was a chance he could lose her. He didn’t want that. He wanted to be able to be with Karen forever. To marry her. To be a proper father to Jack. To be able to give Jack brothers and sisters. To die, with Karen in his arms when they were both old and grey with all their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren even all around them. To be with Karen forever and ever. Not to lose her so soon, it wasn’t fair. It just wasn’t fair. Urs reached out a fist and punched the nearest wall. God it hurt. But it felt good too. He would do anything. If it could guarantee to take that thing, that tumour in Karen’s head away. For Karen to be ok again. He would even change places he thought as he now cradled his injured hand. God, how it hurt. He looked at his hand. It looked bruised. Broken probably. But doing it had made him feel oh so good. He would do it again. If he could. But at the moment he couldn’t stand the pain.
Urs lent against the wall and slowly slid down it. He felt sick now. Wanting to throw up sick. He attempted to cradle his head in his hands but his damaged wrist and hand made that impossible. Then he felt himself crying. He heard himself first. Wondering where that strange noise was coming from. Then he realised. It was coming from him. He was crying. The second time in his entire life. The first being when his favourite grandmother had died.
The nurse who had treated Karen found Urs crying. She bandaged his injured wrist without a word and gave him some painkillers,
‘You’re only allow two’ she told him, ‘I don’t fancy pumping your stomach later because you’ve taken an overdose’ she scowled.
‘I wouldn’t…’ Urs muttered
‘Oh no?’ she asked
‘Ok, probably’ he admitted
‘She will be ok’ said the nurse, called Amanda
‘I hope so. I love her so much’
‘I’m sure she knows that’ smiled Amanda
‘She does. But she doesn’t believe it’
‘Then I suggest you tell her exactly how you injured your hand then. That will make her understand I’m sure’
‘Wish I was as sure as you are’ Urs smiled wearily at Amanda.
Amanda smiled back, but didn’t respond.

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Karen was asleep when Urs got back to her room. He lay next to her on her bed and held her in his arms,
‘I love you’ he whispered into her hair,
Karen murmured in her sleep but didn’t wake up.
‘When all this is over, we’re getting married’ Urs then whispered, ‘because I love you, and you love me’
Karen reached out a hand. It rested on Urs’ chest. On his heart.
‘See, that beats for you. For you’ he whispered before he closed his eyes and let himself relax.

It was Amanda, the nurse who woke Urs,
‘Hey, time to get up’ she told him
Urs reached out for Karen, she wasn’t there.
‘Wha…Karen?’ he asked
‘Its ok, she’s gone for some tests. Should be back soon’ reassured Amanda the nurse.
‘Why didn’t anyone wake me?’ Urs asked
‘Karen asked us not it. She thought you’d be needing the sleep’
‘Did she…’ Urs gestured to his injured bandaged wrist
‘If she noticed, she didn’t say’ replied Amanda
‘Oh…’ Urs was a little disappointed at that.
He would have liked to say more, but Karen was back then. Another nurse pushed her in her wheelchair. She looked, Urs noticed, really thin and pale. His heart went out to her.
‘Hi’ Karen smiled lightly, when she saw Urs was awake,
‘I missed you earlier…’ Urs told her. He wanted to go and kiss her. But was scared. She looked too frail.
‘I had to go for some more tests’ Karen explained, ‘now’ she tried to smile, ‘I feel like a pincushion!’ she held out her hand. It was bandaged, ‘hey’ she noticed Urs’ wrist, ‘we’ve matching…’ she stopped and looked, ‘how did you…?’ she then asked
‘I had…I had a bit of an accident’ Urs replied
‘Yes. With a wall’ he added
‘A wall? You hit it?’
‘But…why?’ Karen asked
‘I was a little…angry’
Urs shrugged.
‘You’re not…telling me?’ Karen half asked, half realised.
‘No’ he replied
‘Ok’ Karen sighed
‘Time to go!’ Amanda the nurse came then. She smiled happily at Urs and Karen.
‘I’ll…I’ll see you later then’ Urs told Karen. He gave her one last look and then left the room.
Karen watched him go. A puzzled look on her face. She then shrugged.
‘He’ll be back’ Amanda reassured
‘I’m not sure he will’ said Karen
‘Oh, he will’
‘You sound very sure…’ said Karen
‘Do I? I suppose, that’s because I am’ Amanda smiled.
Karen looked at Amanda. Still feeling puzzled. In fact, if truth be known, she felt even more puzzled now. Something was up. But Karen couldn’t work out what it was. She shook her head,
‘I’m sure it’ll come to me’ she muttered to herself.

Karen was dreaming. Dreaming that it was her wedding day. There she went. Walking up the aisle. Walking to her fiancé. But the aisle seemed to be long. Oh so long. Too long Karen realised. She seemed to be walking and walking forever. Then, at last, she reached the end. At last Karen thought. But when she reached the end Karen realised something. It wasn’t her wedding day. It was someone else’s. Ok, sure, Urs was the bridegroom, that, for some reason surprised Karen but the bride was…the bride was…Karen looked. She couldn’t see a face. But she could hear the bride. Hear her laughing. Cackling, not laughing. She sounded, whoever she was, like a wicked witch, like something out of ‘The wizard of oz’.
Whoever she was, this bride of Urs’, he seemed to be gazing rather lovingly at her. Then he reached out and pulled back the veil.
Karen heard a gasp. Then she noticed. It was her who had gasped. For Urs’ bride was none other than Rebecca.
Urs was marrying Rebecca! His ex love. Ok, suppose that did make sense, in a way. He did know her. Did used to like her. But then Karen noticed Jack. Her son. He was pageboy. He looked very handsome. Dressed in his little suit. It was when Jack reached out his arms and called Rebecca ‘Mama’ that Karen screamed. She screamed so loud. She could hear herself. But it seemed no one else could. Then Urs, Jack and Rebecca turned, and hand in hand walked not only towards Karen, but also walked straight through her too. It was almost as thought she wasn’t there. Like she was a ghost.
‘What’s…what’s going on?’ Karen tried to ask. But it was no use. Just like when she had screamed, no one had heard her. Am I dead? Karen wondered to herself. I don’t want to be dead. I want to be alive. To live to see Jack grow up. To be able to see Urs again. To be able to touch him again. No. No. I don’t want to be dead. I can’t be dead!
Then, Karen woke up. She opened her eyes. She was, she noticed, attached to a lot of tubes. She opened her mouth, trying to speak, but no words would come out.
Then a nurse noticed she was awake. The nurse smiled kindly at Karen then pressed a button by her bed.

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After a doctor had been in, and had unattached some, although not all of the tubes, Karen finally found her voice. The nurse helped her take some sips of water,
‘Where…where am I?’ Karen croaked.
‘You’re in hospital honey’ the nurse, called Marie told her
‘Intensive care’ Marie said
‘Urs…where is he?’ Karen asked
‘Who honey?’ Marie asked her
‘My…my…he’s…a friend’ Karen settled on
‘I’ll go and see, if I can contact your family. Would you like that?’ Marie asked
Karen nodded, ‘Yes, please’ she spoke
‘Ok, won’t be long’ and with another friendly smile, Marie was gone.

‘They’ll be here soon’ Marie was back, ‘no…honey, stay laying down’ she scolded Karen, who had attempted to sit up,
‘I need…I need to be ready…’ Karen whispered. Just the simple movement of attempting to sit up had made her feel strangely breathless.
‘You need to rest’ Marie told her
‘I need…I need…’
‘To rest. You’ve been through a lot’ Marie pointed out
‘Ok’ Karen sighed, defeated.

Karen was so looking forward to seeing Urs again. But was sadly disappointed when he didn’t turn up. Instead, Seb, Camy and Patricia turned up,
‘Where’s…where’s Urs? And Jack?’ Karen asked sounding puzzled. What was wrong? Where were they?
‘Hi Karen, glad to see you awake!’ Patricia lightly attempted to hug Karen, but the tubes still got in her way
‘Where are they?’ Karen asked again
‘They are…away’ Camy told Karen, ‘well, she had to know!’ she told Patricia as Patricia glared at her.
‘Where…?’ Karen asked, fearing the worst.
‘On…oh honeymoon’ Patricia eventually told her
‘Where…?’ Karen squeaked
‘He married…Rebecca’ confirmed Camy
‘How long have I…?’ Karen was confused
‘Nearly two…’ Camy started to say
‘Two what? Months? Weeks? What?’ Karen asked
‘Years. Two years’ Seb said
‘Two…?’ squeaked Karen again
‘The doctors not…?’ asked Camy
Karen shook her head. She felt like crying now.
‘I’ll go and…’ Camy offered, then she disappeared.

It took time. But the doctor eventually explained to Karen what had happened to her,
‘When we removed the tumour…there were…complications’ explained the doctor, ‘and we needed to place you into a coma. Unfortunately…’ he paused, ‘once we’d put you into it, we had trouble waking you up’
Karen couldn’t speak. She was stunned. She had been in a coma. For two years?
‘So we thought, we would leave you. To wake up naturally. Which’ the doctor smiled, ‘you have’
‘Yeah’ croaked Karen, ‘two years too late’ she felt the tears come then. Big fat tears.
‘Sorry…’ sobbed Karen after a few minutes of uncontrollable crying, ‘I’m a little upset’ she told the doctor, sarcastically.
‘That’s understandable’ the doctor replied, not understanding Karen’s sarcasm
‘So, what happens now then?’ Karen asked
‘Now, you are all better. So I suppose, we get you ready to go home. At last!’ the doctor smiled.
‘Except’ said Karen, ‘I don’t have a home anymore’
The doctor didn’t reply to that. He couldn’t really. His job was done now. Karen was awake. His job, now concerning her was over. At last.
The doctor left then. Karen was still crying.

‘Urs and Rebecca are back tomorrow’ Camy informed Karen later. She had managed to stop crying now.
‘That’s nice for him. Did they go anywhere nice?’ Karen found herself asking
‘They took…they took Jack, to Switzerland. To meet…Urs’ family’ Camy said
‘I bet he liked that’ Karen smiled. She had no idea if her son would have liked that. She didn’t even know what he looked like anymore, ‘do…I mean, does Urs know… that I’m awake?’ Karen asked
‘No. Not yet. David will meet them, from the airport’
‘And break the happy news no doubt’ replied Karen sarcastically, ‘its ok’ she looked at Camy, ‘I don’t…blame him. He needed to get on with his life…’
‘He only…he only did it for Jack’ replied Camy
‘He needed…a mother’
‘One, that was awake, you mean’
‘Yes’ Camy sighed
‘And as no one knew, when I would…’ Karen left the rest of the sentence unsaid. It hurt. Her heart hurt. That surprised her. She didn’t expect to feel this way. Didn’t expect anything to hurt. She didn’t have the right she thought. It’s my fault. I’m the one who was in the coma. The one who wouldn’t wake up for two years.
‘I don’t blame him’ Karen said out loud, sobbing, ‘I…I don’t blame him…’ she cried
‘Oh Karen’ Camy tried to hug her
‘I…I love him’ Karen sobbed
‘He loves you’ Camy told her
‘Loved you mean’ Karen tried correcting her
‘No Karen. He loves you’
‘But…but he married someone else. He…he married…Rebecca’
‘Everyday and I mean everyday, up until, and including his wedding day he has spent in this room. Sitting here, like I am now. Holding your hand. Everyday. He even made the hospital chapel hold his wedding here. So he could be here. With you’ Camy told her
‘But he…’ Karen was puzzled. Confused.
‘He loves you! Ok, he married Rebecca. But only for Jack. To give him a mother. Not because he loves her. Because he doesn’t. The only woman he loves is you. But he couldn’t be with you so…’
‘So he married for Jack’ said Karen
‘Yes. For Jack. No other reason’
‘And now I’m awake…’
‘Yes, you are’
‘I hope…I hope I can see Jack…’
‘Of course you can! No one could stop you. You are his mother’
‘But he doesn’t know me! He’s nearly 3. And he doesn’t know me. Nor I know him…’
‘But you can get to know him again’
‘I hope I have that chance’
‘Oh Karen, you will. You will. Believe me’
‘I’ll believe it, when I see it’ said Karen. Not believing it at all.

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Karen was sitting up in bed the next day when Urs, Jack and Rebecca turned up at the hospital.
David had met them, and had told them, what he considered to be, excellent news. That Karen was finally, at long last, awake. But taking the look of Rebecca’s face when he delivered the news, she at least, considered it to be dreadful news. Not that Urs noticed the look of horror on her face. For she quickly changed it to a fake look of pleasure. But David, for one, knew the truth. Rebecca hated Karen. And no amount of faking would convince him otherwise.
Urs, the other hand, was over the moon. His face immediately lit up at the news and he hugged Jack tight to him and clearly said,
‘Mummy’s awake at last Jack’ before kissing his son. He was so happy, so pleased. quite a contrast thought David.
‘I’d like to go straight to the hospital…’ Urs beamed at David
‘But darling’ Rebecca interrupted, ‘I’m tired…’ she complained.
‘Then you go home’ Urs told her, ‘but Jack and I have someone to see’
Rebecca looked upset, ‘Ok’ she announced, ‘I’ll come too…’
‘If you’re tired, go home’ said Urs, ‘Jack and I will be ok’
‘No, no, darling. I’ll come. I am your wife after all’ Rebecca smirked at the word ‘wife’
It had taken time. But she had finally got her man. Finally got her claws into him. At long last. And then, and then, like a bad smell, she, she, the bane of Rebecca’s life, the wonderful Karen had to go and wake up. Well thought Rebecca. Too late! He’s mine now. Married to me. And you’re never, ever having him back. Oh no. You lose! I won! Ha, ha, ha, ha!
That jolted Urs. The word wife. He had forgotten. He was no longer free. He was married. Married to completely the wrong woman! He should have waited. Oh why, oh why didn’t he wait? Then he could have done what he wanted to do in the first place. Marry the woman he loved. Marry Karen. But he hadn’t waited. Hadn’t waited long enough. He had married the wrong person at completely the wrong time! He had gone and blown it. Again. Blast! Damn! What crap timing I have he thought to himself. I should have waited. Should have held on. But I didn’t. I rushed it. And now, now I’m stuck with a woman I don’t like, don’t love. Have absolutely nothing at all in common with. Oh crap! Oh crap. Oh crap. Oh crap! Urs wanted to scream. Hell, forget screaming. He wanted to hit something, someone again. To release all that built up tension. That would help. He actually wanted to hit Rebecca. For she really, really annoyed the hell out of him. She irritated him. Made him feel angry. He’s nearly thrown up on his wedding day. When the vicar had announced,
‘You may now kiss your bride’ Urs had to stop himself. From being physically sick. From throwing up then and there. Rebecca wore far too much make-up. She felt so greasy. So slimy.
It had been her idea. To honeymoon in Switzerland. To boast, to his family that they were together. All his family had thought he had lost it. Completely lost it. They all hated her. Wondered what the hell he had done? God only knows Urs had replied.
Felix, Urs’ brother had pointed out,
‘You don’t love her. You married her for all the wrong reasons. Mate’ he told Urs, ‘you have made the biggest mistake in your entire life! Boy, you need a bloody good shake. Need you head seeing too!’
At that, Urs had nodded his head. He oh so much agreed.
‘I needed a mother, for Jack..’ he attempted to explain.
‘Yeh, sure. A mother. Maybe. But her? Honestly mate…’ Felix had shook his head, in disgust.
‘I was thinking, of my son…’ said Urs
‘If you were, you wouldn’t have married her!’ Felix had tutted.
‘I made a mistake…’ Urs admitted
‘That’ replied Felix, ‘you sure did. You sure did’ he agreed with his little brother.
Felix, like the rest of the family had seen pictures of Karen, or ‘Lovely Karen’ as she was known as. And she looked it. If, if Urs had married her, his family would have been cheering. From the rooftops. With glee, but he hadn’t. He had married someone totally, totally unsuitable. The horrible Rebecca. Yurk. Yurk. Yurk!
Urs really had gone and lost it this time. Completely and utterly. And meeting Rebecca didn’t change anyone’s opinion of her. She really was vial.
‘He must have lost his head’ Urs heard his family mutter between them. He had to agree. He had. There really was no other explanation for it. None at all.

And now, at long last Karen was awake. And he was about to see her. He was oh so happy. Oh so excited. couldn’t wait. To see Karen. See his Karen again. It seemed as thought David was driving exceptionally slow to the hospital to Urs. When in reality, he was driving the speed he could drive.
Then, at last, they were here. At last. At the hospital. Urs picked Jack up in his arms and nearly ran as fast as he could to Karen’s room.
‘Hey, slow down. What’s the rush?’ Rebecca complained, running to keep up with him.
‘Mummy’ said Jack
‘That’s right mate. Mummy. We’re going to see mummy’ Urs told his son with pride.
‘Ha!’ Rebecca snorted to herself, ‘we’ll see about that!’ she thought.

The first thing Karen saw, or rather that should be heard, was Jack, shouting.
‘Mummy!’ he shouted loudly. Holding his arms out to Karen when Urs, with Jack in his arms, literately burst through the doors of her hospital room
‘Mummy!’ Jack said again, gazing at Karen
‘Jack…’ Karen sobbed. Jack held out his arms to Karen. Karen held hers out to him. Urs placed Jack down on the bed and Jack immediately scrambled into Karen’s welcoming arms.
‘Oh honey…’ Karen sobbed, holding her son close to her, stroking his hair, ‘its gone curly…’ she noticed
‘Yes’ Urs smiled, ‘like yours…and mine’
‘Thank you’ Karen whispered in between sobs, ‘thank you’
‘No need to thank me’ said Urs, ‘I didn’t do anything…’
‘You bought him to see me…’ said Karen
‘We come in everyday’ said Urs
‘I thought…I thought he would forget me…’
‘How could he? I made sure, everyday, that I reminded him, who his mummy us’ Urs smiled at Karen.
‘Thank you…thank you’ Karen cried.
The door opened again then. It was Rebecca.
‘Honey, there you are!’ she announced to Urs, touching him possessively as if to say, ‘he’s mine, hand’s off’
‘How are you…Karen?’ she eventually asked
‘I’m ok’ said Karen, still holding Jack
‘Jack honey, mind…Karen’s tubes’ Rebecca said to her stepson.
‘Not Karen’ said Jack looking at Rebecca, ‘Mummy’ he announced. Urs couldn’t help it. He let out a laugh. Rebecca glared at Urs. Urs just looked back. Not smiling.
‘So…Karen, you’re awake. At last’ Rebecca said.
‘Yes’ Karen smiled lightly, ‘at last’
‘Mummy had sleep. Long sleep’ Jack told Rebecca
‘Yes honey, big sleep. But I’m awake now’ Karen smiled at her son. Jack beamed back. He oh so looked like Urs, Karen noticed.
‘Shall I…take him?’ Rebecca asked
‘Not yet, please’ said Karen
‘But you look tired…’ Rebecca tried to sound concerned. But failed.
‘Rebecca’ Urs spoke, ‘Karen hasn’t seen Jack in two years. At least let her spend some time with him now’
Rebecca tutted, ‘Fine, but I’m going for a coffee…’
And with a quick glare at Urs, Rebecca charged out of the room.
‘So….you’re married then’ Karen said to Urs
‘Yes’ he sighed in response
‘You…love her?’ Karen asked
‘Daddy love mummy’ Jack helpfully pointed out.
Karen looked at Urs, ‘Its true, I do’ he said.
‘But…you married Rebecca…’ stuttered Karen
‘I did. Yes’ he sighed again
‘I…I don’t understand’
‘Mummy and daddy kiss’ smiled Jack, looking at his parents.
Karen laughed, feeling slightly embarrassed.
‘Mummy, Daddy, kiss’ Jack repeated.
‘I think’ said Urs, ‘that we shouldn’t disappoint our son’
‘Oh…?’ said Karen
Urs reached out then. And kissed Karen. On her cheek.
Karen felt so disappointed.
‘Mouth. Mummy, daddy, kiss. On mouth. MWAH!’ Jack said
Karen laughed nervously again.
‘Kiss. Kiss’ demanded Jack, ‘MWAH!’
‘Ok’ Karen said, nervously.
Urs lent towards Karen, and kissed her again. This time, on the mouth. Briefly. Karen barely had time to enjoy it, when he pulled away again.
‘Again! Again!’ Jack excitedly clapped his hands at them.
‘Ok’ Urs said this time.
This time, he took longer kissing Karen. It felt like, he realised, like he had died and gone to heaven. Being able to touch Karen. Kiss Karen. Hold her close. Like a dream. A wonderful, wonderful dream.

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‘What are you doing?’ came the screech from behind them. Oh oh! Rebecca was back
‘We were just…’ said Karen, once Urs had reluctantly pulled away
‘I know exactly what you were doing!’ Rebecca snapped, ‘but I want to know…why?’ she demanded
‘Jack’ Urs told her. He may have stopped kissing Karen now, but he was still sitting on her bed, holding her close. Holding, Rebecca noticed her had. Their fingers entwined
‘Jack?’ Rebecca asked
‘Mummy and daddy kissed’ Jack helpfully told her
‘I know that!’ Rebecca snapped at him.
That made Jack cry. He buried his head in Karen’s shoulder, hiding his face away from his stepmother.
‘Jack wanted us to kiss’ Karen told Rebecca, holding her son close to her, stroking his hair again.
‘And you always do what he asks then?’ Rebecca sneered
‘Rebecca!’ Urs warned
‘Yes? What?’ she demanded, ‘I think, you’ll find, that I have a right to be upset’ Rebecca told Urs, ‘after all, seeing MY husband kiss another woman…’ she scorned, ‘and so…so passionately’ she added.
‘Sor…’ Karen started to apologise
‘No Karen, don’t’ Urs interrupted her, ‘we’ve done nothing wrong’
‘Oh, I think you’ll find that you have!’ Rebecca spat
‘Oh? How is that then?’ Urs asked
‘You’re MY husband!’ Rebecca shouted the MY bit, and very, very loudly.
‘And?’ Urs asked
‘And? And?’ Rebecca repeated
‘I don’t love you’ Urs told Rebecca
‘You’re married. To me!’
‘I married you because of Jack’ Urs replied
‘You…you love me…’ Rebecca muttered
‘No, I don’t’ came Urs’ answer
‘You…you…why…you…’ Rebecca reached out a hand then, and smacked Urs. Right across his cheek. She then let out a loud sob and ran from the room,
‘A touch of déjà vu!’ Urs laughed once she had gone.
Karen couldn’t help it. She laughed then too,
‘Oh how I love you’ Urs told Karen, still laughing.
Karen stopped laughing, ‘You…you what?’ she asked, not believing her own ears.
‘I love you’ Urs repeated, not laughing now.
‘I…I love you’ Karen found herself answering in response
‘Marry me?’ Urs asked
‘I can’t. You’re already married…’ Karen reminded him
‘Yes, but to the wrong woman’ Urs sighed
‘Yes, well…’ said Karen
‘I’ll get a divorce…’
‘You can’t’
‘I can’
‘You can’t’ Karen protested again
‘I can. And I will’ Urs insisted
‘Rebecca won’t let you’ said Karen
‘She will…we’ve, we’ve not…consummated it’ Urs admitted
‘You’ve not…?’ Karen asked
‘Why ever not?’
‘Pardon?’ Karen asked
‘He…sleeps with me’
‘Oh’ said Karen
‘Mummy and daddy sleep together’ said Jack, listening to the conversation, ‘not’ he added with determination, ‘daddy and…and her!’ he nodded his head towards the direction Rebecca had gone.
Urs smiled at Jack. Good boy he thought. He had remembered well.
‘Oh…’ said Karen again
‘See…?’ asked Urs
‘No, no I don’t’ Karen replied, ‘so…you and her…’
‘Because of Jack’ said Urs
‘But…why…why her in particular?’
‘Oh. Oh I see!’ he realised
‘Well? Why her?’ Karen asked him
‘After…after you wouldn’t wake up’ Urs attempted to explain, ‘Rebecca turned up here one day, here, and…and she seemed to understand’
‘Understand what?’ Karen asked
‘Understand how I felt’ said Urs
‘Go on…’ Karen prompted him
‘She helped, with Jack…looking after him’
‘I hate nasty Becci…’ Jack interrupted
‘Although’ Urs smiled at his son, ‘obviously not as well as I once thought…’ he stopped for a breathe, ‘and I…I thought that Jack needed…needed a mother’
‘Who was awake’ Karen provided when Urs didn’t say the words.
‘Yes’ Urs sighed, sounding sad.
‘So, you thought Rebecca would do’
‘Yes’ Urs sighed again
‘Well, you had known her for a long time’ Karen pointed out
‘Yes, but I made a mistake’
‘You didn’t think that at the time’
‘Oh, I did. I did’ replied Urs, ‘I tried, and tried, to get out of it, but…she wouldn’t let me’
‘Rebecca forced you?’ Karen asked
‘Yes, she did’
‘But…but how?’ Karen asked, puzzled
‘She told me, marry her, or she would make sure that I…that I lost Jack…’
‘When you…when you first wouldn’t wake up, I…I guess I kind of lost it. Went a bit mad’ Urs smiled at the memory
‘Mad? Mad how?’
‘Drinking, mostly’
‘But you don’t…’ Karen knew that from the short time she had spent with Urs. Sure, he would drink, to be social, but never more than a couple of glasses. And never, never enough to render himself uncontrollably drunk.
‘And I did…a few times’ Urs confessed to Karen
‘So Rebecca…’
‘Yes’ he sighed
‘So, you married her’
‘Yes, I married her’ Urs confirmed
‘But you never…because of Jack’ Karen then said
‘I kind of…kind of trained Jack’ Urs confessed, ‘into pretending that he couldn’t sleep on his own. That he needed me…’
‘And Rebecca believed this excuse?’ that, Karen found was hard to believe.
‘After a long period of time she did. Yes’
‘But you’ve only just got married…’
‘No’ Urs sighed yet again, ‘we’ve been married for over a year’
‘But…honeymoon…’ muttered Karen, confused again
‘We’ve only just been on it’ said Urs
‘Over a year after you married…’
‘Oh…’ Karen was disappointed now. As well as being angry, and upset. So angry. So upset. She wanted to scream. Loudly. To scream and shout. She had lost it. Lost it all. And before she really knew she had a chance. It wasn’t fair. Life, wasn’t fair.
‘But now we’re getting a divorce’ Urs said
‘No, no…you can’t’ Karen sobbed
‘I can’ Urs insisted
‘You can’t’ Karen said again
‘Why not? Why can’t I?’ Urs asked
‘Because’ said Karen, ‘Rebecca won’t let you’
Hadn’t they already had this conversation?
Didn’t Urs understand? Why couldn’t he just understand? But he didn’t. He couldn’t.
Urs, was confused. Why couldn’t he and Rebecca get a divorce he wondered? Sure. He had never wanted to marry Rebecca in the first place. And now, now a divorce seemed like a wonderful idea. Like a weight suddenly being lifted from his shoulders Urs suddenly felt free. Free again from those chains Rebecca had placed on him. Free, and most importantly, happy. Karen was awake now. His Karen. At long last. His prayer had been answered. At last. He would divorce Rebecca. He would put that in motion as soon as possible. Now? Urs studied his watch. Blast. It was too late to do that today. But tomorrow. Yes. First thing tomorrow he would. He would pay his solicitor a visit and get it all moving. He had Karen now. He didn’t need Rebecca anymore. Had never needed Rebecca. Had never wanted her. Not like he wanted Karen. His Karen.
‘I love you’ he told her, ‘and I will be divorcing Rebecca. And when that’s done, I will’ he smiled at her, ‘I will’ he repeated more forcefully this time. ‘be marrying you’ then he leaned forwards and kissed her again. On the mouth. Jack clapped. Karen was stunned. Speechless.
‘Come on little man’ Urs told his son who was now yawning, ‘time to go. But’ he looked at Karen, ‘we will be back. First thing tomorrow’ and with another kiss to Karen, Urs picked up Jack and carried him away.
‘Bye bye mummy’ Jack yawned and waved, ‘see you tomorrow…’ he added sleepily.

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PostSubject: Re: *Turbulence* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 2:19 am


‘I need to get out of here…’ Karen tried explaining to the nurse currently on duty
‘Honey, now you know as well as I do, that is impossible’ the nurse replied, smiling at her
‘But I have to go…I have to stop him from making a mistake’ Karen tried again
‘A mistake? What sort of mistake?’ the nurse asked, it was Amanda. The nurse who had over two years ago bandaged Urs’ hand for him when he had hurt it,
‘He’s getting a divorce. And he shouldn’t’ said Karen
‘Tell me?’ Amanda asked.
So Karen explained it. All of it.
After Karen had finished speaking, Amanda had a good long look at her, ‘You love him’ she said
‘I…I…’ muttered Karen
‘If you didn’t, you wouldn’t care so much about him. You wouldn’t have had Jack…’ Amanda pointed out before Karen could respond, or protest.
Karen, with tears in her eyes found herself nodding her head.
‘And’ Amanda said, ‘from what I know of your young man, of Urs, he loves you just the same’
‘You love him. He loves you. I don’t see a problem in that. Sure, he could have waited a little longer than he did. But hell, he is a man honey. They make mistakes. And now, now he wants to put it right. So, if I were you, I’d let him. Because protesting, or not, he’s going to do exactly that’ Amanda’s wise words sunk in.
Karen leaned back on her pillows and let them do exactly that.
‘Ok’ Karen eventually sighed, ‘ok’
‘Alright now?’ Amanda kindly asked
‘Yes, thank you’ Karen replied. And it was true. She did fell ok. Now. It would be ok. It would. She was sure of that now. Now that she had managed to talk it over. She felt more calm now.
Karen slept then. She still felt really tired. But that was to be expected, or so she had been told. Being in a coma for so long was rather a draining process all things considered. So Karen slept. Not dreaming. She was glad about that. For she had remembered the dream she had while in the coma. The one about Urs and Rebecca getting married. Of course, as it had turned out, that hadn’t really been a dream. For it had happened. They had got married. Were still married. But not for much longer. Not now that Urs was most determined to get a divorce. So he could marry Karen.

Urs didn’t bother phoning his solicitor next morning. No, instead he, and Jack went to see them personally.
‘Well…good morning Mr Buhler…’ Urs’ solicitor said
‘Good morning Mr Willis’ Urs smiled at him
‘And how can I help you this morning?’ Mr Willis asked
‘I want a divorce’ Urs came to the point
‘Yes, ok…’ Mr Willis looked carefully at Urs
‘It should be straight forward’ Urs told him, ‘as the marriage was never consummated’
‘Never…?’ Mr Willis asked
‘No’ Urs smiled at him
‘Oh. I see…any reason…?’ Mr Willis asked, coughing nervously.
‘I don’t love my wife. I never have’
‘And that would be Mrs…’ Mr Willis checked his file, ‘ah! I see!’ he coughed again, ‘Mrs Rebecca Buhler, nee Rodney?’ Mr Willis asked
‘Yes, that’s correct’ Urs smiled at him
‘And the….err, reason?’
‘I want to marry someone else’
‘Someone you do…love?’
‘Yes Mr Willis. Someone I love’
‘I’ll need the name, for the papers…’ Mr Willis asked nervously again
‘Karen’ Urs smiled, ‘Karen Sullivan’
‘Your son’s…mother’ Mr Willis noticed the name
‘That’s right. Yes’
‘But I thought…that Ms Sullivan was in a coma?’
‘Yes, she was. But she woke up’
‘Mummy awake now’ Jack helped. He had been sitting on his fathers lap, colouring in a picture.
‘Great picture there…’ Mr Willis noticed Jack’s drawing. It was of three people. Two adults, kissing and a smaller person.
‘That’s me’ Jack pointed out, ‘and mummy and daddy. Kissing’ he smiled at Mr Willis
‘Great…great’ Mr Willis smiled nervously at Jack. He wasn’t all that keen on children in general. Found them messy. But they came in pretty handy when divorce cases came along.
‘How long do you think you can…start the papers?’ Urs asked
‘Oh, oh as soon as possible. Today?’ Mr Willis asked
‘That will be wonderful. Thank you’
‘Right…right. Anything else?’ Mr Willis asked
‘No. I don’t think so. Thank you Mr Willis. Thank you’ and with that, Urs, and Jack stood up and Urs shook Mr Willis’ hand and then they were gone.
Jack, being a neat child that he was, took his drawing with him. Mr Willis curst that. He could have used that picture as evidence. Damn the child he muttered to himself later after searching in vain for it.
Jack kept the picture. He wanted to give it to his mummy.

‘Its all done. I started the ball rolling this morning’ were the first words Urs said to Karen when he turned up at her hospital room later that day.
‘I did wonder where you were…’ Karen confessed
‘Here mummy, for you…’ Jack handed Karen his picture.
‘Oh darling. Its wonderful’ Karen truthfully told her son
‘Its you and daddy’ said Jack
‘I can see that. And there’s you’ Karen pointed to the picture
‘Can I have a brother?’ Jack asked
‘Well I…’ said Karen
‘Or a sister’ Jack quickly added
Karen looked at Urs.
‘I’d like more children’ Urs smiled
‘You…you would?’ Karen asked
‘Yes. I come from a large family. So I would like one of my own. With you’ he told her.
That made Karen blush.
‘We wouldn’t have to wait until we were married’ he added
‘The doctor is coming to see me later…to see if I can leave yet..’ Karen told him
‘Well, I’ll be here’
‘I’ve nowhere to go’ Karen told him
‘You do. You’ll come home with me’ Urs told her
‘You can sleep in my bedroom mummy’ Jack offered
‘Or…mine’ Urs smiled at Karen
‘I…I don’t know about that’ said Karen.

The doctor came in later.
‘And how are you feeling Mrs Buhler?’ he asked Karen
‘I feel…good. Good’ Karen answered truthfully
‘That’s good’ the doctor smiled, checking her notes, ‘well’ he looked at Karen, ‘I think you should be able to go home. Possibly later today’ he told Karen the good news
‘Oh, thank you, thank you doctor’ Karen smiled at him
‘Don’t thank me. It’s you who did all the hard work after all’ the doctor replied
‘Today. Good. Good’ Urs nodded
‘You have…somewhere to go?’ the doctor asked Karen
‘Yes’ said Karen, hugging her son
‘She’s coming with me’ Urs told him
‘Mummy is going to sleep with daddy’ said Jack, smiling up at them all.
Karen blushed. Urs coughed.
‘Yes, well…’ said the doctor rather nervously, ‘I’ll…l’ll leave you to it then’ and with that, he was gone.

‘Karen! You’re back!‘ Camy hugged her friend, ‘we’ve missed you’ she added
‘But you hardly know me…’ Karen pointed out
‘Doesn’t matter, or make a difference. We like you’ this, came from David.
‘Anyway’ Seb smiled, ‘some of us know you’ he winked at Karen. Karen glared at him.
‘Now, now Seb. Behave’ Carlos patted Seb on his back, ‘great to see you. Out of hospital’ Carlos told Karen.
‘It feels so weird…I mean, I’ve missed so much’ said Karen
‘Only a little’ smiled Patricia
‘What?’ Karen asked.

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PostSubject: Re: *Turbulence* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 2:19 am


So Patricia and Camy sat Karen down and told her.
Told her about Seb and Miranda. About their breaking up shortly after Karen had gone into hospital. About putting the band on hold. Because of illness they explained to everyone. About Camy and David getting married. Patricia and Carlos having their daughter, Katie, named after Karen. About Jack. Luckily they had managed to film all his important bits. Like first step, birthdays and even first day at nursery.
‘He hated it’ Camy told Karen, ‘he cried all day. We later found out it was because he missed seeing you’
‘So we had to send him in with a photo. That’s the only way he would go’ Patricia told Karen.

They even told her about Urs. About him everyday going in to see Karen. How he would sit at her bedside and pray. Pray that she would wake up. That he missed her. Everyday. That he oh so loved her. That it was Rebecca who had got back in contact with Urs. About her pursuing him. Hounding him. How it was her idea, and not Urs to get married. To give Jack a mother. She had even arranged the wedding day. Bought her own engagement and wedding rings. Forced Urs to marry her. Then had insisted on finally having the honeymoon. That they just had to go to Switzerland. To meet his family. That, as his wife, she had a right to know her relatives. Urs had hated the idea. Hadn’t wanted to go but that Rebecca had forced and demanded so much that the only way to shut her up was to go. He had hated it so much. Had rung everyday to see how Karen was. To make sure Jack could speak to his mummy everyday. That, by doing that, Urs felt that, in some way, he was doing his bit. Trying to wake her up. And that when Karen did eventually wake up he was so happy. That he could have happily flown all the way from the airport to the hospital by himself. On his own laughter. That he had insisted that David take them right there. That he had.
‘And now’ Karen said once they had told her everything, ‘he’s getting a divorce’
‘So he can marry you!’ smiled Camy
‘The woman he loves’ Patricia added
‘Yes’ Karen sighed
‘And you love him’ Patricia told her
‘Yes, I do’ Karen admitted
‘We know!’ Camy smiled, ‘every time they did tests on you, they always, and I mean always improved when Urs was there. Talking to you!’ she laughed
‘Did they?’ Karen was amazed at that.
‘Oh yes! every time!’ Patricia hugged her.
That made Karen smile. Then laugh.
Laugh oh so very much. And her laughing made Patricia and Camy eventually laugh too.
‘Oh Karen. I’m so please you’re awake at last!’ Camy told her again.
‘Me too. Believe me. Me too!’ Karen agreed.

‘You bitch! You…you bitch!’ Rebecca came barging into the room half an hour later. In her hand was a sheet of papers. She glared angrily at Karen.
‘What?’ Camy glared back at Rebecca, standing up for Karen.
‘She…she has ruined, ruined my life!’ Rebecca pointed an unsteady finger at Karen and sneered.
‘How? Tell me that’ Camy answered before Karen had the chance to speak up
‘That bitch!’ Rebecca shouted this time, ‘woke up and stole Urs. MY, MY’ she shouted as loud as she could, ‘husband’ she thumped her own chest with her left hand.
‘I…I didn’t…’ Karen finally found her voice and spoke
‘Oh, no?’ Rebecca glared at her
‘No’ said Karen in defence of herself
‘Ha! Well I DON’T BELIEVE YOU!’ Rebecca shouted again
‘Be quiet. You’re scaring Katie!’ Patricia spoke this time. Her daughter had been sleeping peacefully in her carry cot. Now, because of Rebecca had charged in, and had started shouting, she had woken Katie up.
‘I don’t bloody care about that bloody baby! She’s stolen my man! My man!’ Rebecca carried on
‘Karen hasn’t stolen anything’ Patricia told her, holding her crying daughter in her arms now
‘Oh no? are you all blind? You must be!’ Rebecca shook her head in disgust.
‘No, we’re not blind. Urs was. But now, at long last, he’s finally come to his senses!’ Camy told Rebecca
‘Why…why you…’ Rebecca lashed out and smacked Camy. Right across her cheek.
Karen would have loved to smack Rebecca in Camy’s defence, but she couldn’t. Although she was finally out of hospital, she was still stuck in a damn wheelchair. Feeling like a cripple.
‘I didn’t steal anything’ Karen told Rebecca, ‘and I’m sorry if you think I did. I never meant to’
‘Ha! Like you care!’
‘I do…’ Karen tried
‘You won before I even knew I had lost. Because of that…that child’ Rebecca snapped
‘Jack?’ Karen asked
‘You’ve given him the one thing I refuse to. And Urs is too much of a gentlemen to tell you where to stick it. He only wants you because of Jack. No other reason. I mean’ Rebecca laughed, ‘its not like he loves you! Ha, ha, ha’ she laughed, ‘he doesn’t do love!’
‘Yes he does…’ Karen muttered
‘Oh no. NO!’ Rebecca shook her head, ‘no’ she said again
‘He told me…’ Karen tried again
‘He’s playing with you! If he thinks it will win him…that child, he’ll do it’
‘I…I don’t believe you…’ Karen cried now
‘Its true! Ask anyone!’ Rebecca laughed. Now she had completed her task, and had made Karen upset it was finally time to go. With one last look, Rebecca turned and left.

‘Karen…Karen…’ Patricia tried to comfort her. But it was no use.
‘He’s…he’s using me…’ Karen sobbed
‘No…no…’ Camy this time tried
‘You don’t know that’ said Patricia
‘And…and you don’t know that it isn’t true’ Karen sobbed
‘Oh honey…’ Patricia tried again
‘She…Rebecca knows Urs. I…I don’t’ Karen sobbed again.
‘Karen…’ Camy tried
‘You don’t, you don’t…’ Karen cried. She had known it would be too good to be true. That she and Urs could be together, and be happy. Something was sure to get in the way. And yes, something had. And that something was called Rebecca. The one person who knew Urs. Really knew him. Knew him inside and out. His wife.
‘If…if Urs comes, I…I don’t want to see him…’ Karen told Patricia and Camy. It hurt oh so much to say those words. But she had to say them. They needed to be said.
‘Oh honey…’ Camy tried.
‘No. Don’t, please’ Karen replied, trying to move out of the way but the blasted wheelchair had got stuck in the carpet. So instead of moving Karen gave up and buried her head in her hands and cried. She cried for everything she had lost. For everything she could have been but now would never be. She cried for herself. Cried for Jack, and yes, she even cried for Urs. Between them they had managed to have gone and ruined their lives.

Urs was back later that day. He tried to see Karen, but between them, Camy and Patricia managed to stop him,
‘She doesn’t want to see you’ Camy told him
‘Oh? Why not?’ Urs asked, feeling puzzled
‘Rebecca has been here’ Patricia told him
‘Oh’ Urs sighed, ‘she’d rather believe that bitches lies then me, is that the way?’ he asked
Camy nor Patricia answered him. They didn’t have to. The look on both of their faces gave the answer away.
‘Ok’ he sighed again, ‘ok, ‘I’ll go’
‘We’re sorry Urs’ Patricia apologised
‘Its ok, I understand. Karen is still venerable, but she’ll soon realise, that whatever…she’ he spat, ‘told her was the lie’ and Urs left, shaking his head in anger.

Not only is Jack intelligent, but he looks like his father too. I picture him looking like a mini Urs!
That sweet!

Thank you everyone for loving this story You are all wonderful.

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‘Aahh! If I thought bashing their heads together would work, I’d gladly do it!’ Patricia told Carlos later
’And there was me, thinking that was all in the past!’ Carlos smiled
’Urs marrying Rebecca didn’t exactly help!’
’No, there I agree with you’ replied Carlos
’It was going so well as well…’ Patricia shook her head
’Until the lovely Rebecca turned up and stuck her ore in. NOT!’ Carlos grimaced
’What are we going to do?’ Patricia asked her husband
’I don’t know darling. I don’t know’ Carlos replied, shaking his head now.

‘I need to collect my stuff. Then I’ll be gone’ Urs told Karen, standing on the doorstep
’It should be me going…’ Karen replied
’No. You stay here. This is Jack’s home after all’
’He…he misses you…’ Karen told Urs
’I miss him too’ Urs smiled slightly, ’could I…can I see him? For a minute?’ he asked
’Sure…’ Karen replied, letting Urs in. She was up and walking now. It took time, but Karen was determined to walk again.
‘You’re walking well’ Urs commented
‘Thanks, but it hurts’ Karen admitted
‘The doctor did say it would take time. Remember, you’ve not used your legs for two years’
‘Like I could ever forget’ Karen replied, not looking at Urs
‘Right, well…’ said Urs, changing the subject.
‘Yes, your stuff’
‘Yes’ Urs sighed.

Urs was in the middle of packing when he heard a noise.
‘Karen…?’ he called out.
He eventually found her, in the lounge, lying on the floor, crying
‘I…I fell over…’ she cried
‘Oh Karen…’ he made an attempt to move towards her
‘No, don’t, please’
‘Don’t Urs. I’m ok. Ouch’ she winced
‘You’re bleeding…’ he noticed
‘I dropped a cd’ said Karen, ‘I think the casing’s broken’
‘Let me help, please?’ he asked
‘Ok’ Karen eventually sighed.
Urs bent down and picked Karen up in his arms. She felt as light as a feather. Karen grabbed his arm for support, and placed her other hand on his face. Karen gazed into his eyes. He looked back.
‘I’ve missed you..’ he told her, it had now been two weeks since she had kicked him out of his own home.
‘I know, I know. But I do’ he told her.
Karen gazed at him. Her tummy was going crazy. It had been such a long time since that had happened. Well over 3 years now. Ever since she and Urs had last slept together.
‘I miss you too…’ Karen found herself replying
‘I should put you down…’ Urs told her
‘Please Urs…’ she gazed at his mouth, ‘don’t’ she whispered
‘Please don’t what?’ he asked
‘Put me down’ Karen told him
‘No? what should I do with you then?’ he then asked
‘Kiss me, please’ Karen whispered
‘Kiss you?’ he asked, not believing his ears
‘Yes, kiss me’ Karen repeated
‘Oh Karen…’ Urs groaned, before doing exactly what she had asked.
Oh it felt oh so good. So right. So perfect. Being in Urs’ arms, touching him, kissing him. Being touched, being kissed in return.
‘Take me to bed…’ Karen told him, in between kisses
‘Karen…’ Urs groaned again
‘Please Urs, please’ Karen pleaded now
‘Ok, ok…’ he couldn’t turn that down. He wanted Karen oh so very much. Had wanted her for such a long time. It may end up being for only one night, but what the hell. Urs didn’t care. He would have Karen again. Have her in his arms, in his bed.
Without stopping to really think it though, Urs carried Karen to the bedroom. He lay her down on the bed and pulled at his clothes, while Karen took hers off.
Then, she held out her arms and Urs joined her on the bed, pulling her into his arms.
‘Oh god, I’ve missed you…’ he told her again, covering her face, neck and breasts in kisses.
‘Oh Urs…I’m…I’m ready’ Karen moaned as he felt his way in, ‘oh…oh god…’
‘Don’t…don’t want to hurt you…’ Urs panted
‘No, no…you’re not…more, please’ Karen groaned
‘Oh…oh god…’ Urs started to thrust now. Karen clung onto his shoulders and matched his thrusts.
‘I’m…I’m…’ Karen groaned. Feeling herself start to come
‘Oh god…oh…me….me…too’ Urs could feel it now too, ‘can’t…can’t…hold on…’ he groaned.
They both came then. Together. Looking deep into each others eyes, kissing.
Afterwards, Urs held her close and they both fell asleep. Still in each others arms. They stayed like that all night.

In the morning, Jack found them still asleep in each other arms,
‘Aah! Mummy! Daddy!’ he exclaimed.
Urs opened his eyes and held out his arms, smiling at his son, ‘daddy!’ Jack laughed
‘Jack!’ Urs replied, holding him close
Karen woke up then.
‘You missed breakfast’ Jack laughed, ‘hungry’
‘Oh Jack…’ Karen made a move to get up
‘No, you stay here. I’ll do it’ Urs told Karen, giving her a quick kiss on the mouth, ‘come on Jack’ he climbed out of bed
‘Daddy’s naked!’ Jack laughed.
Karen couldn’t help it. She blushed. Watching.
‘So I am. Come on mate’ Urs pulled on his jeans and a t-shirt and led Jack out of the room.

Karen lay there, after they had gone. She stretched. It had been a good night she realised. Most probably a mistake. But a good night nonetheless.
The phone rang then. Karen reached out and answered it,
‘Hello…?’ she said
‘Um...yes. Hello. Is that Karen?’ the voice, male, asked
‘Yes, it is’ confirmed Karen
‘Hello. This is Felix, Urs’ brother’ the voice identified itself
‘Do you want Urs?’ Karen asked
‘He’s there…?’ Felix asked
‘Yes’ confirmed Karen
‘Oh. Well maybe I don’t need to be ringing then…’ said Felix
‘Oh?’ asked Karen, puzzled
‘I’ Felix coughed, ‘heard about you and Urs, breaking up…’
‘We were never together, to break up’ said Karen
‘Yes, well. That is a shame’ Felix replied
‘He’s with Rebecca’
‘Yes, well. He made a mistake. Marrying Rebecca. He’s regretted it ever since it happened’
‘Yes, well…’ said Karen
‘I suppose she told you then? That he only wants you for Jack?’ Felix suddenly asked
‘How did you…?’ Karen asked, stunned
‘It’s the sort of thing I thought she would try. He told us, all about the divorce. I tell you, we all cheered when we heard. Such a stupid thing to do in the first place. But, I suppose that’s what happens, when you are blackmailed by someone’ said Felix
‘Pardon? Blackmail?’ Karen asked
‘That Rebecca. She blackmailed Urs. He was low. What with you being in hospital and so she saw her chance, and took it’
‘Oh. I didn’t know…’ said Karen
‘No, you wouldn’t. Urs didn’t want you to know. But then I heard it was her, Rebecca’s fault why you split…and I thought, that it was about time, that you knew the truth. The whole truth’ Felix told Karen
It was amazing what a conversation with Carlos and Patricia could do.
‘So, he doesn’t just want Jack’ Karen muttered, half to herself.
‘God no. No. Having Jack is wonderful, but…well, he loves you. Urs does. Real love. First time too. He doesn’t do love apparently. Then you come along…and that was it. Bam! Done for. Love at first sight. You caused such an up roar when you went and walked out! Drove the guy stir crazy! Please, don’t let anyone make you go again. I don’t think Urs could handle it again!’ Felix told Karen. That, wasn’t a lie. It had happened.
‘Its ok Felix, I don’t intent on doing anything like that again, I promise’ Karen promised Felix
‘Good. Good. Aah, one thing…’
‘Its ok Felix. I won’t tell Urs I know’
‘Thank you Karen’ Felix breathed a sigh of relief.
They said goodbye and put the phone down then. None of them heard the click. Of the phone being put down in the kitchen. For yes, Urs had heard the whole conversation. He wasn’t angry. He knew Felix was only trying to help after all.

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Karen dressed before going into the kitchen to see how Jack, and Urs were getting along with breakfast.
Jack was in the middle of making a bit of a mess with his coco-pops when Karen arrived into the kitchen. She couldn’t help it. She smiled. It looked oh so homily, so natural. So domesticated, Urs being there, in the kitchen helping his son.
‘I’d…I’d like you to move back in’ Karen found herself telling Urs
‘Oh…?’ he asked
‘It seems, as thought, Jack and I…that, well, we need your help’
‘Ok’ Urs replied
‘I mean, Jack…he misses you…’
‘Its ok Karen, you don’t have to explain. I’ll come back’
‘Ok. Thank you’
‘And’ he looked straight at her, ‘I’ll even move into the spare room again’
Urs had moved into the spare room the first time. When Karen had first moved in. He liked the idea of her, sleeping in his bed. Even if he couldn’t sleep there with her.
‘No, I…I don’t…’ Karen mumbled
‘It’s ok. I know. I’m not about to assume that last night was anything else but a one-off. A nice one-off though’
‘Oh…’ Karen was disappointed. Did he not want her anymore then? Was last night really that awful? That dreadful? Karen so much wanted to ask him. But was too afraid of what response he may give. She couldn’t take rejection. Not now. She didn’t feel strong enough. So, instead she kept quiet. Kept her mouth shut.

‘I hear…Urs has moved back in!’ Patricia gently nudged Karen when they meet up a few days later,
‘Yes’ Karen sighed, ‘he has…’
‘Hey, what’s wrong?’ Patricia asked
‘He’s moved back into the spare room’
‘I thought that was good…’
‘I wanted….I wanted him to…but, oh Patricia!’ Karen let out a sob, ‘I think he hates me!’ she told her friend
‘What? Why?’ Patricia asked
‘Because…we slept together’ Karen almost whispered, ‘and now, now’ she sobbed, ‘he won’t touch me again. He hates me. I’m sure he does…’
‘Oh Karen, Karen…’ Patricia hugged her friend
‘He…he hates me…’ Karen sobbed again, ‘and its hurting me’
‘You should talk to him…’ Patricia suggested
‘I can’t! I can’t! I’ve tried, but…he keeps changing the subject’ Karen sobbed
‘Oh Karen…Karen…’ Patricia soothed her
And Karen had tried talking to Urs. She had. Many times. But each time he just changed the subject. Karen felt like he was embarrassed. Because it had been her who had thrown herself at him.
‘I…I threw myself at him…’ Karen confessed
‘Yes, and…?’ Patricia asked
‘I think I did the wrong thing’ Karen sobbed, ‘I made my move on him…’
‘That’s ok. Equal opportunities and all that…’ Patricia pointed out
‘But…but from what I know of Urs…he…he hates that…’ Karen sobbed again
‘Oh Karen…’
‘Its…its ok’ Karen tried
‘I’ll live. I will’
‘Ok’ Patricia sighed.

Meanwhile, Urs was having a similar conversation with David,
‘I love her’ Urs told him
‘Then…’ David asked
‘She’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of, and more. And yet…’
‘And yet what? What is the problem then?’ David asked, feeling puzzled
‘I feel…I feel as thought I’ve blown it…’ Urs shook his head
‘How?’ David asked
‘We slept together…I caught her at a low point, and then, next morning I told her, that it didn’t matter. That, that the night before was basically a mistake’ Urs sighed
‘But why?’
‘The look on her face the next morning. It was like…like she regretted it. Regretted us’
‘I’m sure she doesn’t…’ David tried to reassure Urs.
But from the look on Urs’ face, it was no use.
‘She does…she does’ repeated Urs
‘Oh mate…’ David placed a comforting hand on Urs’ shoulder
‘Its ok, I’ll live’ Urs attempted to smile. But failed. Miserably.
‘Oh mate…mate’ David gave Urs a quick hug.
Urs sighed a large sigh and shook his head again.

Patricia and Camy were talking,
‘Urs talked to David…’ Camy told Patricia
‘About him, and Karen’ Camy said
‘Oh. And Karen talked to me…’ admitted Patricia
‘Oh?’ said Camy
‘About the…night they got back together’ said Patricia
‘Yep. Urs and David too’
‘Karen thinks Urs regrets it’ said Patricia
‘That’s almost what Urs said to David, but the other way around…’ Camy replied
‘HA! Honestly! Those two…’ Patricia tutted
‘Communication! Why can’t they just communicate?’ Camy asked
‘Carlos once suggested banging their heads together!’
‘If I thought that would work…’ Camy shook her head
‘We’ll have to do something. Or they’ll end up in misery’
‘They so deserve to be together. They are so right for each other’ Camy said
‘Why can’t they see that though?’ Patricia asked
‘We’ll just have to make them see it’ Camy smiled
‘I don’t know. But I’m sure together we’ll come up with an idea’ Camy confidently told Patricia.
‘I hope you’ve got some. Because I’m completely stumped!’ Patricia admitted to her friend.

‘Karen…you ok in there?’ Camy called out to her, ‘god, you look really pale…’ she commented on when Karen finally made an appearance from the bathroom
‘I’ve been sick’ Karen admitted
‘I…I keep being sick…’
‘Oh’ said Camy again, ‘do you know…’ she coughed ‘what could be wrong?’
‘Yes’ Karen replied, sadly
‘What?’ Camy asked
‘I’m…’ Karen sobbed, ‘I’m pregnant’
‘Yes. It’s Urs’’
‘I knew that’
‘It seems, being on the pill has no affect! It didn’t last time…’ Karen admitted
‘You mean to say you were…when you got pregnant with Jack?’ Camy asked
‘Yes’ Karen sighed and nodded
‘Either’ Karen smiled slightly, ‘I’m very fertile…’
‘Or Urs is…’ Camy finished the sentence
‘Yes’ Karen sighed again.
‘What are you going to do?’ Camy asked
‘I’ve no idea!’ Karen admitted
‘You going to tell Urs?’
‘Yes. I have to. I can’t not’
‘No, that’s true’
‘He’ll hate me’
‘He might not’
‘Do you think?’ Karen asked
‘Think? Honey, I already know. He won’t’
‘How can you be so…so sure?’
‘Because he loves you’ Camy told Karen
‘But…he regretted us sleeping together…’
‘No honey he didn’t’
‘But…’ Karen shook her head, confused
‘He thinks you regret it’ Camy told her
‘But I…I don’t’
‘That’s what he told David’
‘Oh Urs!’
‘Oh men don’t you mean?’ Camy asked
‘Urs! Men! All the same. I don’t! I don’t!’
‘The tell Urs that’
‘I will’
‘Not yet, I can’t’
‘Why not?’
‘I’ll need…to tell him, about the baby…’
‘Then afterwards?’ Camy asked
‘Most definitely. Afterwards’ Karen agreed
‘Ok’ replied Camy, ‘ok’.

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PostSubject: Re: *Turbulence* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 2:21 am


Karen decided, in the end, to try a bit of seduction. Not that she’d ever done it before. Because she hadn’t. Underwear she decided would be the key to the seduction. So Karen went underwear shopping for only the second time in her life. The first time had been for Rob. No, sorry, for Seb. But in the end, Urs had received the benefit of that.
This time, this time it was just for Urs. All for him.
She picked a colour she knew he liked her wearing best. Blue. It matched her eyes or so Urs once had told her. She bought matching bra and knickers and a matching dressing gown. Well, not really a dressing gown. It was actually just a piece of material to be worn over the underwear. Not the sort to be worn in company other than with those you were sleeping with at the time. And that, was exactly what Karen was planning on doing. Sleeping with Urs again. Having him so close yet so far away was driving her crazy. Completely and utterly crazy. Crazy with lust. Crazy with longing. Crazy with love. For Urs. Karen loved Urs. Urs and Jack. And it was slowly driving her insane, not being able to tell Urs how she felt about him. It needed to be said. And said soon. It was like being back in her coma Karen realised. Not being able to say what she wanted. When she wanted.
So tonight. Tonight it would all be said. At last. Tonight Karen would know one way or the other how Urs really felt. She would received the information she needed straight from the horses mouth so to speak. She would know. At long last. She would know.

Karen was nervous. Oh so nervous. She cut her legs four times while shaving them. Her hands kept shaking. She almost burnt the dinner and nearly forgot to get the strawberries prepared.
Luckily, getting rid of Jack for the night was easier. Camy gladly offered to baby-sit,
‘It’ll give David and I some great practice’ she winked. So, that was easy enough then.
Now, Karen was all ready. Ready and waiting. She looked at the clock. Urs would be here soon. Then…then the seduction could begin.

She was in the kitchen, checking on dinner when he finally arrived home,
‘Hi, I’m home…’ he called out.
Without speaking, Karen walked out of the kitchen.
‘Hi…’ he gazed at her, ‘wow!’ he whistled. Karen was wearing the underwear. Just the underwear.
‘Am I…interrupting something?’ he asked, coughing, looking around
‘No’ Karen told him
‘No?’ he asked
‘No’ Karen shook her head, moving towards him
‘Oh…oh!’ he realised.
Karen gazed at him.
‘I feel…a little over dressed…’ he whispered
‘Care to…’ he coughed again, ‘help?’ he finished.
‘Oh yes, please…’ Karen replied, reaching out to help undo Urs’ shirt buttons.
Urs impatiently shrugged his shirt off and made a move towards undoing his trousers.
‘Let me…’ Karen whispered, kissing his chest. She knelt down before him.
‘Kar…’ Urs looked down at her
‘Let me, please?’ she asked
Urs nodded, ‘Please’ he groaned slightly.
Karen undid Urs’ trousers and pulled them down, then she gently pulled at his underpants until they too fell down. Then, Karen reached out a hand and stroked him. Urs let out a low groan.
‘Please…’ he groaned at Karen’s mouth closed around him. It didn’t take long.
Then Urs was pulling himself free and was pulling Karen up to kiss her mouth. As he slipped his tongue inside it was Karen’s turn to moan out in delight.
‘Oh Karen…Karen…’ he whispered in between kisses, ‘I love you…I love you…’ he told her
‘Oh Urs’ Karen let out a sob.
‘What? What is it?’ he asked, looking at her. His eyes searching her face. He looked worried.
‘I…I love you too’ Karen sobbed
‘You do?’ he asked, holding her face in his hands
‘I do…I do’ Karen nodded, blinking back the tears
‘Oh thank god, thank god…’ he replied, covering her face in light kisses.
‘I thought…I thought that you hated me…?’ Karen asked
‘How can I hate you? I love you too much. Too much. I always have done’ Urs told her
‘But Rebecca…’
‘Yes, well. I was kind of horrible to her. I can only…could only with her, if I…imagined it was you’ Urs confessed to Karen
‘You mean…?’ she asked
‘It wouldn’t, it doesn’t work otherwise. Only with you I feel alive. Feel complete’
‘Oh…’ Karen was stunned. Shocked even.
‘When I met you I was oh so happy. Then you left, and I could have gladly joined a monastery and become a monk because without you I don’t feel right. I don’t feel whole’
‘Oh Urs…I love you, so, so much’
‘Marry me Karen, please?’ he asked
‘We can’t…’
‘We can. We can. I got my divorce. It came thought yesterday’
‘But Rebecca…’
‘I threatened to tell everyone, about her blackmailing. That made her change her mind for some reason’ Urs smiled a wye smile
‘Oh Urs…’
‘Marry me?’ Urs asked again
‘I’m…pregnant’ Karen told him
‘Marry me? Then Jack, our new baby, you and I can all have the same surname’
It sounded so simple. Oh so simple. Then, Karen found herself replying,
‘Yes please’ and nodding
‘Say that again?’ Urs asked
‘Yes please Urs. I’ll marry you’ Karen repeated
‘Thank you, thank you’ he covered her face in kisses again. Then he picked her up in his arms, kicked off his trousers and underpants which were still hanging around his ankles and carried her up to bed.
‘You look lovely in that’ Urs remarked on Karen’s outfit,
‘Why, thank you’ she blushed, fluttering her eyelashes.
‘But’ he gazed down at her, ‘I’d rather see it all laying on the floor’ his eyes darkened, ‘and to see you naked’
‘Help me?’ Karen asked
‘It would be my pleasure’ Urs replied, pulling at the material. Then he accidentally ripped the outfit, ‘I’ll buy you a new one’ he told her when she was completely naked.
‘I don’t care’ Karen laughed, ‘come here…’
Urs lay down besides Karen,
‘I love you’ he told her easing himself gently in.
‘And I love you’ Karen replied, gazing lovingly at him.

‘Karen and I, we’re getting married!’ Urs announced to David, Camy, Carlos and Patricia the next morning once he and Karen had got them all gathered together. He and Karen were sitting, holding hands and Urs made the announcement while gazing deeply into Karen’s eyes.
‘Oh…wow!’ Camy exclaimed
‘Mate! Congratulations!’ David lightly thumped Urs on his back
‘Thanks’ Urs coughed lightly at the thumping
‘Karen!’ Patricia pulled her into a hug, ‘at long last!’ she added, winking at Camy over Karen’s shoulder.
Camy looked back and shrugged her shoulders,
‘I didn’t do anything!’ she tried to mime back.
‘At long last!’ Carlos announced, ‘what took you two so long?’ he asked them.
‘I have no idea’ Urs replied, ‘all I know, is that you’re right. It was too long!’ he smiled at Carlos, ‘but now we’re finally doing to do it there’s no stopping us!’ he winked at Carlos.
Camy hugged Karen then. ‘You told him?’ she asked.
Karen nodded, ‘Yes, I did’
‘Good. Good’
‘I love Urs. He loves me’
‘We always knew that’ said Camy
‘But I didn’t know it for sure. Until last night’ Karen smiled
‘Girl, the man is completely crazy about you! Always has been!’
‘I know that now’ Karen laughed
‘Well girl, congratulations at long last!’ Camy happily told Karen.

Sob, sob, sob....Last chapter coming up next...
Now, do you want to read, From this moment on which got deleted from IL DIVO's offical pages for being a little bit too nasty (IHATE one of their girlfriends and kind of took it out in this story....)
Or the new one I am writing called Lessons in love?
It is up to you to decide.
I will happily go with whichever you want to read the most!

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PostSubject: Re: *Turbulence* By: KazyJay   Wed Aug 12, 2009 2:22 am


‘You’re getting married…again’ Seb said to Karen later
‘Yes I am. To the man I love’ replied Karen
‘I thought you once loved me…’
‘Seb, whatever that was, it wasn’t love. At least, with Urs I know he’s not lying’
‘Ouch!’ Seb smiled
‘Was any part of our relationship ever not a lie?’ Karen asked
‘Look…I never meant to. But I wanted to hide. Hide my identity’
‘Yes, to someone who had no idea who you ever where!’
‘You mean…you weren’t lying? When we first met?’ Seb asked, sounding amazed
‘Seb, it was never me doing the lying!’ Karen pointed out
‘Ok. Sorry. Forgive me?’ Seb asked
‘I should say no. But I’m happy. Going to marry the man of my dreams, the right man. So instead, and god forgive me, I’m saying yes’ Karen finally answered
‘Thank you. Kiss?’ Seb asked
‘I don’t think so. No’
‘Ok’ Seb shrugged, ‘can’t blame a guy for trying!’ he smiled and winked at Karen.
Karen ignored him.

‘It won’t fit!’ Karen cried
‘Here…’ Patricia undid the buttons, ‘try again’
‘Thanks, I knew it was a wrong idea getting married before the baby…’ Karen laughed
‘Hey, look, you’re barely showing’ Patricia made Karen look at her reflection in the mirror
‘But I feel so fat…’ Karen moaned
‘Who cares! You’re marrying the man you love. Who loves you. You’re carrying his baby’ Patricia pointed out
‘That’s true. I do. I am. Sorry. Hormones I guess…’ Karen apologised
‘Its ok, I understand. Hey, I’ve been there!’
‘And me. And here I am, again’
‘But this time Urs is here. Every step of the way’
‘That’s true’ Karen said again, smiling. Patricia returned the smile.
‘That’s better!’ she told her friend.

‘Here she comes…’ David said to Urs.
Urs turned around. Floating down the aisle came his woman. His Karen. Looking such a wonderful, beautiful vision in white and blue coming towards him. He closed his eyes.
‘I’m dreaming’ he told himself. Then he opened his eyes. No. He wasn’t dreaming. She was real. This was happening. At long last. His Karen would be his at long, long last. His Karen. No longer Karen Sullivan, or briefly Karen Izambard. No. Now she really would be Karen Buhler.
‘Hi’ he whispered once Karen had reached Urs on Carlos’ arm
‘Hi’ Karen whispered back, smiling at him.
Jack was standing between his parents. Dressed in his pageboy outfit.
‘Jack has a surprise for you, don’t you mate?’ Urs asked his son,
‘Here mummy’ Jack held up the cushion he was holding. Laying on the cushion was the most beautiful ring Karen had ever seen.
‘Its…its beautiful’ she gazed at it.
Urs picked it up, ‘Its your engagement ring’ he told her, slipping it onto her finger
‘Thank you. I love it’ Karen told him
‘Jack helped me make it’ Urs smiled
‘I picked the colour mummy’ Jack told Karen
It was a platinum band with a brilliant blue diamond on it.
‘Jack told me, the colour matched your eyes’ Urs told Karen, gazing into her eyes, ‘and he was right’.
Karen was speechless.
‘I love you Mrs Karen Buhler’ Urs told her as the vicar announced them man and wife.
‘And I love you Mr Urs Buhler’ Karen said, tears in her eyes, ‘I love you so much’

Six months later their family was complete when Karen gave birth to Urs’ daughter, and Jack’s longed for baby sister, Stephanie Buhler.


I am starting to hate the official forum. Its soooo slow!
Can't get in to post my story on there as it takes so long to even log in yet alone do anything else!

Anyway, thank you to everyone who enjoyed reading this story.
What I will do, is post both From this moment on, the version they wouldn't let me post on the official one and Lessons in Love.
Ivelisse, you and Urs are coming up!

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*Turbulence* By: KazyJay
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