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"We Came Here To Love".

"Timeless" New Il Divo CD released in August 2018.

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PostSubject: *LOVE WILL FIND A WAY* By: KazyJay   Sat Aug 15, 2009 2:41 pm


Cast of characters.
Urs Buhler.
Sebastien Izambard.
David Miller.
Carlos Marin.
Amandatjuh - Amanda.
Rebekka - Rebekka.
Ana_mkd - Ana.
G ANITA - Anita.

Special guest stars - Carmejj - Joy.
Carlos Fan 1 - Cydalia.
Yenny.F.Domingo - Jenny. (a small, but important part!)
Roberta - Rowi. (another small, but important part!!!)

Chapter One

‘Hello, earth to Amanda. Anyone in there?’ a hand waved about in front of Amanda’s face.
‘Yes. Sorry. Did I miss something?’ coming out of her daydream Amanda blinked and looked up at the conductor of the orchestra standing in front of her, an unhappy, disappointed look on his face.
‘Only your cue, for the second time’ he tutted at her.
‘Sorry. Sorry…’ Amanda apologized, blushing. She tried to focus on the music notes on the stand in front of her.
‘Ok. And taking it from the top. Again’ the conductor tapped his batten in his hand.
The music started up. The opening lines of ‘Regress a mi’
This time, Amanda remembered her cue. She kept her eyes focused on the music notes and not the man standing in front of her, Urs Buhler of IL DIVO.

Amanda had just won the job of a lifetime. Lead violinist in the orchestra for IL DIVO. Many had applied. Only Amanda had been successful after a hard lot of interviews. Today was her first day on the job. And her last if she wasn’t careful. It wasn’t strictly her fault that she kept missing her turn to play. Oh no. It was the man standing in front of hers fault. Urs Buhler or that’s what she kept telling herself.
Sure, Amanda had known what he looked like. She had seen plenty of photographs of the man. Video clips. But nothing had prepared her for seeing the man in person. The man was gorgeous. Standing 5ft 10ins of pure sexiness. And his back was just as lovely as his front. Amanda kept gazing, no, make that staring. Staring at his perfect bottom. She wasn’t the only woman who had noticed. Rebekka and Joy, Amanda’s friends in the orchestra had also noticed and commented on it.
This time, keeping her head clear and her eyes away from the distraction they made it thought ‘Regress a mi’ without any further mishaps. Luckily.
‘Well done everyone’ the conductor, named Michael praised his orchestra, ‘five minutes break’ he then announced.
Amanda gratefully put her violin and bow carefully on the floor at her feet. She then stood up and stretched, flexing her fingers as she did. It felt good to hold her violin again she realized. Now her fingers were growing stronger every day and the scars almost nearly, although not quite, gone. She had been lucky. Very lucky to still be able to do the job she loved. Making music.
‘Thank god’ Joy lay her violin down, ‘who’s for a drink?’ she asked, turning to look at Amanda and Rebekka.
‘I’ll get them’ Amanda smiled.
‘Oh! I bet you will!’ Joy playfully nudged her.
‘Eh, what?’ Amanda looked at her friend.
‘Planning on chatting him up then are you?’ Joy winked.
‘Who?’ Amanda asked, playing dump.
‘Urs Buhler of course!’ Joy said that so loud that Urs himself turned around and looked at the girls, ‘Hi’ she smiled sweetly at him.
‘Hi’ Urs nodded then turned back to what he was doing.
‘No I am not’ Amanda hissed, feeling embarrassed now.
‘Why ever not?’ Rebekka asked, slightly puzzled.
‘I don’t think Lukas would like it’ Amanda sighed.
‘Aah. Forgot him for a moment’ Rebekka nodded in a knowing manner.
‘Well I hadn’t’ Amanda sighed again.
Lukas, was Amanda’s on off boyfriend. It was hard to say which he was currently. They argued. A lot. Then Lukas would apologize and for some reason Amanda would accept and take him back. After all, it wasn’t Lukas’ fault Amanda had had her accident. He hadn’t meant to crash the car.
Amanda walked over to the drinks table. She picked up three water bottles.
‘Hi’ a voice whispered in her ear, surprising her and making her drop a bottle in her bad hand. She bent to pick it up.
‘Sorry. Didn’t meant to scare you!’ Seb winked as Amanda stood up again, holding the bottle more firmly now.
‘Didn’t see you there’ Amanda explained.
‘Pity. I noticed you’ Seb winked and gave her the once over, ‘fancy a date?’ he asked.
‘A…a what?’
‘A date’ Seb smiled.
‘Sorry. But no’ Amanda shook her head and started walking away.
‘Why not?’ a confused Seb asked.
‘I’ve already got a boyfriend’ Amanda turned around and told him.
‘Ow. Pity’ Seb pouted.
‘What’s her name?’ Urs asked, watching Amanda walk away, with her three water bottles.
‘Don’t know’ Seb sighed and shrugged.
‘Oh. Right’
‘Why? Fancy her do ya?’ Seb playfully nudged Urs.
Urs, blushed. Scarlet.
‘You do!’ Seb laughed.
‘I…I…’ Urs tried to speak, words failing him.
‘Ha. Who’d have thought it? Urs Buhler! In love!’
‘Hardly’ Urs laughed at this.
‘Aah. But you ain’t far off!’ Seb nudged him again.
‘Ready Sirs?’ Michael then asked before Urs could retaliate to Seb.
Not that he knew how to. But still.
‘Yes. Sure’ Urs nodded at Michael instead.
‘Always Mickey!’ Seb winked at Michael, making him blush slightly.

The next hour the orchestra and IL DIVO went over all the songs for the new tour. Rehearsing them over and over again. By the end, everyone was tired and more than a little grumpy. Amanda felt grateful to be able to pack her violin away in its case. As usual, she was the last one to leave. Although she had no problems playing it, packing it away afterwards was a bit of an awkward job. Fiddling with the catch on the carrying case was always an awkward thing. Such a small, fiddly job which needed a lot of concentration from Amanda to be able to make her fingers do what she wanted them to do.
‘Need any help?’ a male voice asked.
Amanda groaned before looking up, thinking that it was Seb. It wasn’t. It was Urs.
‘No, thanks’ Amanda found herself blushing. She tried her hardest not to stare, opened mouthed, looking like a fish at him. God. He was gorgeous. Even better up close. Amanda felt her heart beat loudly in her chest being this near.
‘Urs’ Urs held his hand out towards her.
‘Amanda’ Amanda held her hand out. They touched. It felt like a firework going off.
Urs’ fingers wrapped themselves around Amanda’s.
‘I liked your playing earlier’ he told her.
‘I doubt you could have heard me’ Amanda lightly laughed.
‘Oh. I heard. I heard perfectly’ he smiled.
Amanda noticed a dimple appear on his left cheek. It was rather…endearing she thought.
‘I’ve a boyfriend’ Amanda then heard herself mutter.
‘Pity’ Urs let go of her hand. All of a sudden, Amanda felt cold. She shivered.
‘Yes. It is cold in here, isn’t it?’ Urs commented on noticing her shiver.
‘Sorry’ Amanda apologized.
‘What for?’ Urs asked.
‘For having a…’
‘That’s ok. I’ve a…girlfriend’ Urs found himself lying.
‘Oh. Right’ Amanda nodded, feeling slightly upset at this information.
‘I’d better..’ Urs looked at his watch.
‘Yes. Me too’ Amanda smiled brightly at him.
‘See you tomorrow then’ Urs nodded and then walked away.
Blast! Amanda thought. Why mention the boyfriend? Why oh why, oh why? She wasn’t even sure if they were currently on or off again. Damn and bugger!
Urs was also upset. A boyfriend. She had a boyfriend. Typical. Just typical. The first time he had felt attracted to a woman in ages and she was already taken. It wasn’t fair. Urs sighed. Amanda. Just a wonderful name too. It meant, ‘Fit to be loved’ her name. But she was already was loved. By her boyfriend. Whoever he was. Lucky sod Urs thought. Him being able to gaze into her extraordinary colored eyes. Not quite brown eyes. Black almost. They reminded him of chocolate. The kind of chocolate he could happily drown in. Oh well.
Another time maybe.

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PostSubject: Re: *LOVE WILL FIND A WAY* By: KazyJay   Sat Aug 15, 2009 2:45 pm

Chapter Two

That night, Amanda met up with Joy and Rebekka. They had asked her to go for a drink with them and as Amanda knew no one in the area they were currently staying in she happily accepted their invitation. Lukas would be arriving later, or so Amanda had hoped at first. But after earlier, with Urs, she wasn’t so sure that she wanted her boyfriend to come and join her now. Strange, how such a simple conversation could suddenly change almost everything. Oh well!
‘Hi girls’ Amanda smiled at Joy and Rebekka as she sat down at their table, drink of lemonade in hand.
Joy sniffed the glass, ‘No alcohol?’ she asked.
‘No. No alcohol’ Amanda replied.
‘Oh. Only Bex and I had you down as a proper drinking type of girl’ Joy explained.
‘I used to be. But not now’ Amanda shrugged. Joy and Rebekka didn’t know about the accident or about the drugs and pills she still needed to take regularly. Some she would forever have to take. The pills together with alcohol was a lethal combination. One, Amanda didn’t need quite now.
‘Seen the light then eh?’ Rebekka tried guessing.
‘Something like that’ Amanda nodded.
‘So, what happened earlier then?’ Joy then asked, taking a sip of her drink. A blue concoction. It came with an umbrella and smelt rather disgusting.
‘When?’ Amanda innocently asked.
‘We saw you and Urs. Talking’ Joy winked.
Amanda blushed, ‘I…I don’t know what you mean’ she said, trying to act as innocent as possible.
‘After practice when you were putting your violin away’ Rebekka now said, smiling brightly at Amanda. A twinkle in her eyes.
‘Oh. Then’ Amanda nodded at this.
‘Well, what happened?’ Joy eagerly asked.
‘He…asked if I needed any help’ Amanda shrugged, sipping her lemonade and trying not to sneeze as the bubbles went up her nose. They always did that. Went up her nose.
‘Oh yeah?’ Joy winked.
‘Nothing else’ Amanda wasn’t going to tell them what had really happened. Anyway - they would just think that she was mad. Mentioning already having a boyfriend while talking to Urs. The gorgeous guy that he was.
‘But we saw Urs afterwards. He looked upset’ Rebekka sighed.
‘He always looks upset’ Amanda smiled at this. Urs had been known, to be called ‘’Grumpy’’ rather than Urs at times. He hardly ever smiled. Even in photographs Amanda could barely remember him smiling in them. Oh well.
‘Yeah. But sadder then usual’ said Joy.
‘He needs someone to make him smile’ Rebekka sighed, wishing that she could be the one to do the job. Oh how she could enjoy doing that. She sighed at the thought. A happy sigh. A rather dreamy sigh.

Or, to be able to make Seb smile. Both were gorgeous. Both she liked. A lot. It was a toss up which one she liked the most. But, if she had to make a decision, the answer would be….Seb. No Urs. No Seb. God. Luckily Rebekka thought that she would never have to decide which one, for none would be hers. A sad thought. But a true one. She sighed.
‘Ask him out then’ Amanda suggested to her.
‘No. No. I couldn’t’ Rebekka shook her head at this and pulled a face.
‘Why not?’ Amanda asked.
‘He’s already got a girlfriend’ Rebekka sighed again.
‘They broke up’ said Joy.
‘No they didn’t’ Rebekka lightly laughed.
‘Yes, they did’ Joy insisted.
Amanda sat and listened to this. Urs had told her that he had a girlfriend. If he hadn’t - then why did he lie? For what reason? Amanda was puzzled at this. But she didn’t voice this. She couldn’t or it would have given away that she had lied about the sort of weird, there really wasn’t any other word for it, conversation they had almost had. She wanted to say about what touching Urs had caused. Those fireworks. But again she couldn’t. Amanda sighed and listened to Joy and Rebekka continue to argue over whether Urs was single or not.
‘Only one way to decide who is right, and who is wrong’ Joy said after the argument continued for quite a while.
‘Which is?’ Rebekka asked.
‘One of us will have to ask Urs’ Joy replied.
‘Ask Urs…’ Rebekka gasped at this suggestion.
‘Yep’ Joy nodded.
‘Talk to…’ Rebekka now swooned.
‘Flip a coin’ Joy produced a coin. A ten pence piece.
‘No. You ask’ Rebekka blushed.
‘You’re the one who fancies him’ Joy pointed out to her.
‘Of course I do! He’s gorgeous’ Rebekka swooned again, now fanning herself with a beer mat.
‘Well then. Heads, or tails?’ Joy asked.
Heads. No. Tails’ Rebekka said.
‘Make your mind up’ Joy sighed at her.
‘Heads. Yes. Heads’ Rebekka finally decided.
Joy flipped the coin.
Rebekka held her breath.
The coin landed in front of Amanda.
‘Well?’ Rebekka asked, one hand in front of her eyes.
Amanda looked, ‘Heads’ she said.
‘Oh god’ Rebekka groaned, pulling such a funny face that made Amanda and Joy laugh out loud at it.
‘Good luck girl!’ Joy patted her shoulder.
‘I’ll die’ Rebekka mumbled.
‘No you won’t’ Amanda soothed her.
‘I will. I will’ Rebekka nodded.
‘Why?’ Joy asked.
‘Urs, is gorgeous’ Rebekka said.
‘We know. We’ve seen him’ Joy smiled.
‘A god…’ Rebekka swooned.
‘A man’ Amanda corrected.
‘A sex god’ Rebekka swooned now.
‘Still a man’ Amanda corrected again.
‘A. Sex. God’ Rebekka repeated.
‘A man. Not an alien’ Joy laughed.
‘I’ll still die’ Rebekka mumbled.
‘No you won’t’ Amanda soothed Rebekka, again.
‘I will’ Rebekka nodded, now convinced of the fact.
‘You’ll be fine’ Joy smiled.
‘Will you both…be there?’ Rebekka then asked.
‘Right behind you’ Amanda nodded.
‘Holding me up?’ Rebekka smiled.
‘Oh yes’ Joy agreed, laughing a little.

Amanda went back to her hotel room soon after. She asked on reception about Lukas. But they didn’t know where he was. He wasn’t waiting in her room. Then Amanda checked her mobile. She had left it behind before. Not wanting it to go off in rehearsals. Aah, yes. One text message received, and a missed call. Both from Lukas. Amanda read the text message.
‘Sorry, but we’re finished’ Amanda read. Hardly surprising really. It was amazing they had lasted this long. Oh well. Then her mobile rang. Caller id informed her that it was Lukas. Amanda considered not answering but eventually pressed the ‘answer’ button as the phone continued to ring and ring. He wasn’t going to give up, at least not without talking Amanda realized.
‘Hello Lukas’ she said.
‘Amanda. Hi’ he slurred down the phone.
‘I got your text’
‘Aah. Right’
‘Not really a surprise’
‘I thought you’d be upset…’ Lukas sounded disappointed that Amanda wasn’t.
‘No Lukas. Disappointment would mean that I cared’
‘When you don’t…’ Lukas suddenly realized.
‘No’ said Amanda.
‘You and I…were a dis….disaster from the start’ Lukas now hiccupped down the phone.
‘You said it. Goodbye Lukas’
‘About the accident…’ Lukas suddenly said.
‘Its ok. No one will ever know what really happened’
‘Thanks Mandy’
Amanda put the phone down then. She hated being called Mandy and Lukas knew it.
So. That was that then. Finally done. Over. At long last. Amanda felt strangely….relieved. Now she could learn from her mistake and move on at long last. Start healing those emotional scars she had. The ones you couldn’t see.

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PostSubject: Re: *LOVE WILL FIND A WAY* By: KazyJay   Sat Aug 15, 2009 3:09 pm

Chapter Three

The next morning, a slightly red eyed Amanda went down for breakfast early. She had been up all night, crying. She was surprised to find that she was rather upset over the break up of her and Lukas. Even though she had wanted it for quite a while. She supposed she had been crying in relief of what could have happened. They had been through a lot. Too much some might say. The accident being one of them. People had expected them to marry. Amanda was glad that they had never got that far. What a disaster that would have turned up to be. She had had a lucky escape in more than one way.
In the dining room of the hotel she was greeted by with a surprise. Sat, at a table, eating breakfast, was Urs. She hadn’t expected any of them to be at the same hotel which was a surprise in seeing Urs. But a nice surprise. As Amanda walked into the dining room, he looked up and on seeing her, waved and smiled. Amanda found herself waving and smiling back. She collected her breakfast of cereal and orange juice and looked to see if she could find a free table. None were available. The place was full of couples. Couples looking like they were in love. What a depressing thought Amanda thought. Considering now she was no longer in love or loved.
‘Come join me?’ Urs offered as Amanda passed by his table.
‘Thank you’ she found herself blushing slightly as she sat down opposite him.
‘No…boyfriend with you?’ Urs asked, looking around as if he expected to see one suddenly pop up from out of nowhere.
‘Err, no, he’s…been delayed’ Amanda found herself lying. Yeah. Delayed forever. Thank god. What a lucky escape.
‘Oh. Right’ he nodded at that explanation.
They sat in silence, eating. Amanda noticed that Urs liked eating healthy. On his plate was full of good food, it was a slightly depressing sight to see. Then, just as Amanda had finished Seb from IL DIVO appeared at their table.
‘Morning all!’ he winked at Amanda and Urs.
‘Morning’ Urs nodded, ignoring Seb’s wink.
‘Morning’ Amanda blushed at him.
‘And who are you…oh lovely lady?’ Seb asked, looking straight at Amanda.
‘I’m Amanda’ said Amanda.
‘You look…familiar’ Seb winked again at her.
‘I’m, in your orchestra’ Amanda told him.
‘Amanda’s head violinist’ Urs told Seb.
‘Oh. Right. Right’ Seb nodded.
‘We meet yesterday’ Amanda then told Seb.
‘We did?’ Seb asked, looking blackly at her like he didn’t remember the meeting.
‘You asked me out. On a date’ Amanda then reminded him.
‘The lady who turned me down’ Seb suddenly realized. He had forgotten the face. He did that when he got turned down, which was offend. Depressing in itself. Being turned down by such lovely ladies. Oh well Seb sighed.
‘Yes’ Amanda nodded.
‘And yet, you’re here, with Urs…’ Seb said.
‘Amanda, is sharing my table’ Urs told him.
‘You’re not…dating then?’ Seb asked, smiling brightly at Amanda.
‘Amanda already has a boyfriend’ Urs said before Amanda herself had a chance to speak.
‘Oh. Pity. Shame’ said Seb, ‘she seems your type’ he then nudged Urs. Urs, blushed at this.
‘Urs already has a girlfriend’ said Amanda.
‘Do you?’ Seb asked, looking strangely at Urs, ‘news to me’ he shrugged.
‘Oh?’ Amanda asked, looking from Urs to Seb and back to Urs.
‘I don’t tell you everything that is happening in my life Seb’ Urs told him before getting up from the table and walking away, leaving the dining room.
‘Touché!’ Seb laughed, watching his band mate leave the room.
Amanda watched Urs go. She had the strangest urge to go after him but somehow managed to resist. Instead, she sat on her hands.
Seb turned and winked at her, ‘So…Amanda’ he said.
‘Yes?’ she asked him.
‘Tell me about yourself?’
‘I’m…interested to know’ Seb smiled.
Amanda cleared her throat, ‘Well…I’m your lead violinist’
‘Apart from that? Tell me about you?’ Seb interrupted to ask.
‘Like?’ Amanda asked.
‘Your history of how you came to be here’
‘I auditioned’ Amanda replied, not giving anything away.
‘Yes? And?’ Seb probed.
‘And what?’ so many questions. And it was only breakfast time.
‘How old are you?’ Seb asked.
‘How old are you?’ Amanda asked back.
‘I’m 35’ Seb winked, ‘you?’
‘28’ replied Amanda.
‘And you’re…?’ Seb asked.
‘But you talk perfect English’
‘I had a good teacher. Plus, I liked learning’
‘You were a perfect student then?’ Seb asked.
‘Hardly perfect. Just some subject I liked. Others, I hated’ Amanda shrugged.
‘And you came to be a musician, how?’
‘My grandmother played violin. I thought it was the most beautiful sound an instrument could make when I was younger’ Amanda smiled at the memory of her grandmother teaching her how to hold and handle a violin correctly. It had been her grandmother who had bought her lessons, given her first violin. Then Amanda sighed. Remembering how the violin had ended up. In pieces being in the crash. Broken beyond repair.
‘Sad thought?’ Seb asked, hearing Amanda’s sigh.
‘Not really. Now, if you’d excuse me…’ Amanda stood up.
‘Hey, what’s the rush?’ Seb asked, ‘we’ve got plenty of time’ he looked at his expensive watch on his wrist.
‘You may have, but I don’t’ and with that, Amanda was gone. She needed to collect her violin. Take her pills. Do her finger exercises then get to the hall before anyone else got there so they didn’t have to witness Amanda fighting with her case, trying to open the fiddly catch. Something, that was a breeze to do if you had undamaged fingers but of which Amanda was still too a little scared to let anyone see just in case if affected her job and they decided she wasn’t up to it and let her go. Not something Amanda wanted. Especially not now she now had her dream job. It was just a pity her dream man was already taken. Oh well. You couldn’t have everything. That really would be too much to ask for. A complete dream come true when Amanda knew that most dreams and desires had catches. Urs having a girlfriend, was hers.

But, Amanda wasn’t early. Well, she was. But she got to the hall only to find Urs already there. He was pacing the hall, warming his up his voice. Amanda stood in the doorway and watched him for a while. Then Urs’ mobile went off and as he reached into his rather well fitting jeans, Amanda gave a little cough and finally walked in whispering, ‘Morning, again’
Urs smiled, ‘Morning, again’ he replied, then he pressed answer, ‘hello?’ he spoke into the phone.
‘Should I…?’ Amanda asked, placing her violin case on the floor.
‘No, no’ he shook his head as he listened to whoever it was who was calling him, ‘ok Michael’ he spoke into the phone, ‘I’ll tell everyone. Thanks’ and he put his mobile away.
‘That’ he looked at Amanda, ‘was Michael’
‘Our conductor Michael?’ Amanda asked.
‘That’s the one’
‘Oh. Right. Ok’
‘Our…session for today, has been cancelled’ Urs told her.
‘Oh. Ok’ Amanda nodded at this.
‘Michael managed to let everyone know, except you, me and….Joy?’ Urs said.
Oh. Right’ Amanda nodded again.
‘Do you have Joy’s mobile number?’ Urs then asked.
‘No I don’t’ Amanda now shook her head.
Just then, a door slammed and in breezed in Joy, ‘Morning’ she winked on seeing Urs and Amanda. They were standing close. Very, very close Joy noted.
‘Our session has been cancelled, for today’ Urs told Joy.
‘Oh good’ she smiled, ‘back to bed then for me’ and away she went.

Chapter Four

Amanda picked up her violin case and started walking towards the door.
‘What are you going to be doing today then?’ Urs suddenly asked, ‘that’s, if you don’t mind me asking?’ he smiled at her.
‘I…I don’t know’ Amanda stopped, turned around to face him and shrugged.
‘Fancy, doing a spot of sightseeing?, with me?’ Urs then asked.
‘What about your…girlfriend?’ Amanda found herself replying. She had to ask the question even thought the answer would hurt her. Thankfully, Urs didn’t give Amanda the answer she was expecting. Thankfully!
‘She’s…not with me, at the moment. You?’ he had to ask. He had forgotten what she had said earlier, in the dining room. He had been too busy gazing into her beautiful chocolate colored eyes to notice her talking or to notice what she was saying. Urs wasn’t normally like that. Usually he heard everything people said to him. Strange how this woman, this girl, was affecting him. Very strange. What did it mean? Urs didn’t know but he wanted to find out. Oh so very much to find out.
‘Oh Lukas…we’ve, I mean, he’s not here either’ Amanda quickly corrected herself before she told him the truth. Not that she didn’t want to. For she did. But not just yet.
Well then’ Urs smiled, distracting her momentarily.
‘I’ll need to take my violin back to the hotel first’ Amanda indicated the violin case in her hand. She held it in her left hand, just in case Urs noticed the scaring on the back of her right hand. Amanda was still self-conscious about people seeing and asking. She hated talking about herself and so kept her hand to herself, at least for now.
‘We can do that’ Urs nodded.
‘Come on then’ Amanda found herself smiling back at him.

They walked in silence back to the hotel. Urs so wanted to reach out and touch Amanda but was afraid. She thought he had a girlfriend, which he hadn’t. What he wanted to do was make Amanda his girlfriend. But he doubted that would ever be possible. She had someone. Named Lukas. At least now Urs knew the name of the man with the excellent taste in women. Lucky, lucky Lukas. Even though, Urs secretly wanted to punch the man for leaving Amanda all alone. If she was his, he would never leave her alone. Not for a second.
Amanda was having similar thoughts. But she didn’t know the name of Urs’ girlfriend. Lucky woman. The woman who’s eyes she wanted to scratch out. Whoever she was. It was so not fair. Then again, Amanda couldn’t really complain. Urs still thought she had a boyfriend and up until last night that she had done. Oh well.
They reached the hotel in no time. Urs took the same lift as Amanda. When it reached her floor, he followed her.
‘We can meet downstairs’ Amanda said.
‘Sure’ he nodded, still following her.
Amanda walked to her room, wondering why he was still following her. Was he a gentleman, wanting to make sure she got to her room ok? Amanda didn’t know.
‘Hey, I’m next door’ Urs smiled, opening his door which was next door to Amanda’s room.
‘Thought you’d be upstairs’ Amanda admitted.
‘What, in the penthouse suites?’ Urs asked.
‘Well…yes’ she nodded.
‘No. Not me. The hotel rooms come out of our own pockets, and I can’t see the fuss in wasting my money. Especially when all the rooms are basically the same. Somewhere to lay your head, somewhere to wash’ Urs said, shrugging.
‘Oh. Right’ Amanda nodded.
‘I’ll knock, shall I?’ Urs then asked.
‘Sure. Sure’ Amanda replied as coolly as she could.
She walked into her room. Closing the door behind.
Urs was in the room next door! Next door! The voice in Amanda’s head screamed. Oh god. Urs Buhler. The worlds most gorgeous man. In the room NEXT DOOR!!
She put her violin case down on the chair then ran into the bathroom to check her face. She looked a little flustered. Then again, who wouldn’t be? Amanda tried to cool herself down, running her wrists under the cold tap. A trick that usually worked, until today. Then she could hear singing coming from somewhere. She leaned her head on the wall. Yep. Someone was singing. Hang on - it was coming from the side where Urs was. Could he be in his bathroom, singing to himself? It was quite possible. Then the singing stopped. A moment later there came a knock on Amanda’s door. Urs, was ready.

Amanda swallowed. She quickly sprayed herself with deodorant, checked to see if her hair looked ok in its ponytail, then grabbed her bag and jacket. She took a deep breath and opened the door. Yep. It was Urs.
‘Ready?’ he asked, smiling at her.
‘As I’ll ever be’ Amanda nervously returned the smile.

In the lift down, they bumped into Carlos and David. Urs introduced Amanda to them. He made it sound, to them, as thought they were great friends and not two people who barely knew each other. That feeling, that Urs already thought Amanda as a friend, made Amanda feel at ease.
‘Pleased to meet you’ she smiled as Carlos kissed her cheek and then David hugged her hello. That made Amanda blush.
‘Amanda and I, are going sightseeing’ Urs explained.
‘Great’ David nodded, ‘lots to see’
‘Know anywhere good to go?’ Amanda asked.
‘Not really’ David shrugged.
‘Our friend here is nervous’ Carlos tapped David’s shoulder.
‘Oh, why?’ Amanda asked, smiling kindly at David.
‘I’m off to meet someone…’ David attempted to smile back. He did look nervous. Very nervous. Shaky almost.
‘Oh yes. Ana’ Urs nodded.
‘Who?’ Amanda looked blankly at him.
‘David, has an…email friend. They arranged to meet up sometime’ Carlos wiggled his eyebrows.
‘Sometime, today’ David nervously coughed.
‘Oh. Good luck then’ Amanda smiled as the lift reached ground floor and the doors opened to reveal the busy reception desk of the hotel.
They went their separate ways then. Urs and Amanda together. David to a different direction to Carlos. Carlos walked out of the hotel, whistling to himself. David went to the café the hotel had on its ground floor. It was next to a book shop. Amanda actually noticed that the book shop had a display in its window, advertising IL DIVO’s most recent book. A book, she had a copy of in her hotel room. It was on her bedside table. Gazing at the pictures of Urs that was in it, bought about some pleasant dreams every night for her. And not always clean ones either.
‘Right, come on, I’ve an idea where we can go first’ Urs smiled, bringing Amanda out of her daze. She blushed and asked him, ‘Where?’
‘Come with me, and I’ll take you’ Urs held his hand out to her.
‘Ok’ Amanda smiled, putting her hand into his. Again, the fireworks started. Nice to know they weren’t a one off then.
From a distance, Amanda and Urs walking along hand in hand looked like a couple in love. Even close up they looked like a couple in love. Who’s to say the were, then again, who is to say they weren’t? Only time would tell one way, or another for them and everyone else to find out which would come true.

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PostSubject: Re: *LOVE WILL FIND A WAY* By: KazyJay   Sat Aug 15, 2009 3:12 pm

Chapter Five

David sat in the coffee/café shop, a cup of coffee sat on the table in front of him, nervously playing with a spoon. Every few minutes he would look up, hoping to see Ana. Not that he had any idea of what she looked like but she had sounded nice in the communication David had had with her. In those precious emails and letters he had come to know her, or so he felt. In his head he imagined a beautiful looking woman. He hoped he wouldn’t be disappointed when they finally met face to face in a few moments. Then David noticed the time. Oh no. She was late. Then a rather pretty lady, with light brown hair and dark brown eyes, pushing a pram came into the café. The baby in the pram looked to be young. Barely a year or so old David noticed. He knew from his older sister, Deana, who had three children. David loved being an uncle. Then the lovely lady came towards him. She was smiling David noticed. A rather beautiful smile.
‘Hello’ she stopped at his table, still smiling.
‘Hello’ David smiled back.
‘Sorry I’m late’ she apologized, pulling out a chair and sitting down, ‘I’m Ana’ she held her hand out.
‘David’ he shook her hand. It felt nice to touch her he thought.
‘I know. I recognized you!’ Ana lightly laughed.
‘Of course. Of course’ David nodded, ‘baby sitting today?’ he then asked, pointing to the pram.
‘Something like that’ Ana nodded, not giving anything away.
The baby, a boy by the looks of it, looked like Ana David noticed. A sisters child?
‘So, we meet at last’ David smiled, not knowing what else to say.
‘At long last’ Ana nodded again.
‘I’m….pleased’ David nodded.
‘Me too’ Ana nodded yet again.
‘Can I get you a…tea, coffee?’
‘No. Thanks. I can’t stay long’
‘Oh. Right. Ok’ David nodded.
‘Ana. Hurry up!’ a man’s voice then called.
David and Ana looked up. David noticed a man. A blonde haired man. He looked angry.
‘I’m coming’ Ana sighed and stood up.
‘Do you have to go?’ David asked, sounding disappointed now.
‘I do. Yes’ Ana nodded, sighing.
‘Can I…can I see you again?’ David hopefully asked.
‘I don’t…’ Ana started to say.
‘Please?’ David asked, gazing into her dark brown eyes.
‘Ok. Sure. I’d…I’d like that’ Ana finally admitted.
‘Come on!’ the boyfriend shouted from the door way.
‘Sorry, I’d better go…’ Ana said.
‘Ok. Sure. Bye’ David smiled.
‘Bye’ Ana smiled, walking away, pushing the pram.
David watched her go. He sighed. She was beautiful. Probably already taken but beautiful nonetheless. He hoped that he would get to see her again for he certainly liked her and he hoped that she liked him. Sure, she liked him for being David Miller of IL DIVO. But he wanted her to like him for being David. David the man and not just David the musician. The singer. Oh well. He crossed his fingers and prayed for the best. Only time, and seeing Ana again would tell.

Carlos, was walking down the local street, whistling as he went. He was following someone. A cute woman he had noticed. She had dark curly shoulder length hair. He loved how curly it looked. Was it naturally curly or not? He hoped naturally like his was in places, noticeably his Fernando curl as certain fans had started calling it. The one on his forehead. She had caught his eye and he was intrigued to introduce himself. And although Carlos loved woman and loved to flirt, he was still a little nervous about making the first move. He had first noticed her working at the hotel they were staying at. She worked on the reception desk. She looked to be going home he thought as she was wearing her uniform of dull black skirt and white shirt along with the hotels regulation blue flowery tie. Carlos had witnessed her having an argument with the hotel manager, then collecting her stuff and running off. Luckily, she hadn’t run far. Carlos hated exercise as a rule and vowed never to run - not for anyone. It was just lucky that on leaving the hotels grounds she had stopped running and was now walking purposely along the street. She seemed to be crying, or wiping her nose Carlos noticed. He secretly longed to stop her, pull her into his arms and take her tears away but first of all he had to reach her. The hardest part of all. But Carlos was determined to do it. She would be his he thought to himself. Somehow. Somewhere. Someday! No, sorry, that was a song. But Carlos would make it happen. Somehow. All he had to do was, apart from catch up with her, was arrange a convenient meeting. Maybe accidentally ‘bump’ into her. Somehow. That word again. Annoying word. Meaning - by one means or another. Carlos knew this for he had taken to reading a dictionary someone had left in his hotel room at night. Normally, Carlos hated reading but reading a dictionary was giving him a whole new vocabulary. He was that bored in his hotel at night.

The opportunity to do something came a little while later. By now, Carlos had been following his ‘lovely lady’ as he had, in his head, started to call her, for nearly 30 minutes now. Gratefully, she decided to stop at a café. Carlos had never felt more relived in his life. He sat at a nearby table, ordered a coffee, even though he hated the stuff, and tried to pluck up the courage to walk up to her table and talk to her. How hard could it be? Carlos sighed. Then, like magic, she appeared at his table.
‘Darling’ she called, reaching to briefly kiss his mouth.
‘Hi’ he smiled, thinking that he was dreaming. He looked down at himself. He was fully clothed. Normally, in dreams, Carlos was naked in them, but no, he was fully clothed sitting here. Not a dream then. He decided to test himself, by pinching. He pinched himself, ‘Ouch!’ he exclaimed.
‘You ok honey?’ she asked, sitting down opposite him now.
‘Yes. Sure. Sure’ he nodded, noticing now her rather lovely green grey eyes. Such a wonderful color they looked to be.
‘Sorry I was late’ she smiled.
‘That’s ok’ Carlos beamed back, still thinking he was having a dream. A really good one at that.
His ‘lovely lady’ looked around, then she suddenly stood up, ‘Thanks, for that’ she said to Carlos.
‘Sure. No problem’ he nodded.
‘Only, I thought I was being followed earlier. By an ex’ she explained.
‘So you used me…’ Carlos sighed.
‘Yes. Sorry. Thank you for…playing along’ she smiled.
‘Do I… know you from somewhere?’ Carlos then asked, wanting her to stay for longer.
‘I don’t think…hang on’ she nodded, smiling again, ‘the hotel’
‘The hotel’ Carlos agreed.
‘You’re a customer’
‘I am. You…you work on…reception, right?’ Carlos asked, trying to act cool.
‘That’s right’ she nodded.
Carlos expected her to add, ‘Not anymore’ but she didn’t.
‘See you around then’ Carlos smiled.
‘Yes, at the hotel’ she nodded again.
‘Carlos’ he held his hand out.
‘See you later, Carlos. And thanks, again’ she took his hand, held it then kissed his cheek and walked away without telling Carlos what her name was. Bugger! The one piece of information he really wanted to know. Her name. Carlos sighed and hoped that she hadn’t lost her job. Oh well. He would find out next time she was due to work. Tomorrow morning. She only seemed to work mornings. He wondered why that was.

Chapter Six

Sebastien was dreaming. He loved sleeping and dreaming. Anytime IL DIVO didn’t have to be rehearsing, recording, touring or doing interviews or traveling, Seb slept. It was his favorite all time hobby. That’s if, sleeping, could be called a hobby. Seb was currently laying in his bed, having a wonderful dream. About a woman. His ideal woman. She had sea green eyes. The color of his Seb noticed. Short brown straight hair. In the dream Seb was holding her hand while she blushed at him. She was so beautiful he swooned. A perfect fit under his arm. If only she were real Seb thought, still dreaming.
‘What’s your name?’ he asked the lovely lady in his dream.
‘Its Reb…’ she started to say then disappeared, turning now into a door. Far in the distance, Seb could hear knocking. He woke up with a start. The knocking wasn’t a dream for someone really was knocking on his door. Well, banging really. He dragged himself out of bed, pulling on the hotel provided bathrobe. Done up it barely reached his rather hairy knees. Seb, sleep still in his eyes, muttered and groaned all the way to the door. He yawned and opened the door.
‘Am I still dreaming…?’ Seb asked, his mouth hanging half open at his visitor.
‘I so hope not’ his dream smiled.
‘Come in…’ Seb winked.
She walked into his room.
‘Are you real?’ Seb asked, staring at her now.
‘Touch me, and see’ his dream said.
Seb reached out a hand, gently touching her face.
‘I’m not dreaming then’ he said as if in a daze.
‘You sound disappointed…’ she sighed.
‘Oh no. No. Just the opposite in fact’ Seb beamed at her now.
‘I’m Rebekka’ she held her hand out.
‘Rebekka’ Seb mumbled. Just like his dream. Spooky or what!
‘Do you have Urs Buhler’s mobile number?’ Rebekka asked.
Inwards Seb groaned. Another fan who preferred Urs. Bloody, bloody…aahhhh!
‘What for?’ he asked out loud.
‘Only my friend, Amanda, is out with him at the moment, and I need to get in contact with her’ Rebekka explained.
‘Amanda?’ Seb asked, looking puzzled.
‘We’re members of your orchestra’ Rebekka then said.
‘Aah. Yes Amanda’ Seb nodded, remembering now the Dutch girl. The one who had turned him down.
‘So, do you?’ Rebekka asked.
‘Do I…?’ Seb looked blankly at her.
‘Have his number?’
‘To contact Amanda?’ Seb asked.
‘Yes. They went out together this morning, sightseeing. Amanda and Urs’ Rebekka sighed, feeling a little impatient now.
‘Oh. Right’ Seb nodded.
‘Or, could you call Urs?’ Rebekka then asked.
‘I could, yes’ Seb nodded, not moving.
‘Its very important’ Rebekka told him.
‘Important?’ Seb asked.
‘Her…boyfriend’ Rebekka nodded, not wanting to say more just yet.
‘Ok’ Seb finally picked up his mobile phone. He switched it on, then after it had got a signal and warmed up, he dialed Urs’ mobile.
It rang and rang and rang.
‘He’s not answering’ Seb told Rebekka.
‘Can you leave a message?’ she asked.
‘Err, hi Urs, this is Seb. Could you please get Amanda to call Rebekka, at the hotel as soon as possible. Please. Thanks’ Seb spoke to the answer phone on Urs’ mobile. Then he pressed ‘cancel’.
‘It is done’ he told Rebekka.
‘Thanks’ she smiled.
‘Fancy a drink?’ Seb then asked, not wanting Rebekka to leave just yet.
‘Can we have a stiff one?’ she asked in reply.
‘Sure. Of course we can, I’d…better get dressed first’ Seb looked down at himself, in just his bathrobe.
‘I’ll wait downstairs’ Rebekka smiled.
‘Be down in….5 minutes, ok?’ Seb asked.
‘Sure. Meet you in the bar’ Rebekka nodded, before leaving Seb to it.
Rebekka had grave news to tell Amanda and wasn’t looking forward to it, at all. It was the worst possible news you could tell a friend. She sighed. If only she hadn’t answered her phone that morning. Poor Amanda. She deserved to be happy. Rebekka didn’t know Amanda that well but from what she did know, she knew that Amanda hid sadness behind her eyes and Rebekka had noticed tiny scars on her right hand and arm like Amanda had once been in an accident, or something. Rebekka hadn’t bought attention to these scars for she knew that if Amanda wanted anyone to know about them that she would tell in her own time. Pushing things would only push Amanda away and Rebekka didn’t want to do that. She liked Amanda and wanted them to become friends. Good friends. Best friends if that was possible. She had learnt that Amanda was with Urs thought Joy who had seen them last together. Going to Seb’s room had been a nerve raking thing for Rebekka to do, but it needed doing because she really, really needed to get in touch with Amanda and knew no other way of doing it. She had known exactly which room was Seb’s and which was Urs’ for her friend, who ran the hotel had let Rebekka know that information when she had first arrived at the hotel.

‘You can answer it, if you like’ Amanda told Urs as he held his mobile in his hand and groaned while looking at it.
‘No, its just Seb. It can wait’ Urs smiled, switching his phone off and squeezing it back into his jeans pocket.
‘Ok’ Amanda returned the smile.
‘Right, ice creams’ Urs then said. They were standing right next to an ice cream seller and Urs had been trying to persuade Amanda before his phone started ringing to have an ice cream as he really, really fancied one. It would play havoc with his diet, but at the moment Urs didn’t care about diets and eating sensibly. He wanted to have fun, that’s why he was out with Amanda today, to try and have some fun. He roughly remembered what having fun felt like and being with Amanda it was slowly coming back to him.
‘I can’t’ Amanda sighed.
‘Why not?’ Urs asked, looking at her.
‘I’m on a diet’ replied Amanda, sighing again, looking, or at least trying to look anywhere but at him, but her eyes kept finding him, like they were magnetic and attracted to only him. Not a bad thing to be Amanda slightly thought. Being attracted to this wonderful man. It wasn’t hard to see why he was popular among certain females. He was certainly very, very popular with Amanda. Here now, and before she had even met him.
‘A diet?’ Urs asked, looking her over, ‘there’s nothing of you’ he tutted.
Amanda blushed at this.
‘Two double chocolate chip cones please, with flakes’ Urs told the ice cream seller, handing over some money, ‘here you go’ he then handed a full cone, with flake to Amanda.
‘Thanks’ she blushed.
‘Hmmm, a proper ice cream’ Urs licked his ice cream.
Amanda tried not to groan as she watched his tongue lick at the ice cream in his cone.
They were on the local seafront. Somewhere on the south coast of England. Amanda couldn’t remember the towns name even though she kept seeing signs telling them where they were. Spending time with Urs was making Amanda forget the most simplest things. She even had to keep telling herself to breathe. If she died here and now she would die happy. Lost in Urs’ beautiful haze eyes. Hypnotizing eyes Amanda noticed. What a wonderful way to go.
‘Come on, lets walk’ Urs reached for Amanda’s free hand.
Yep. There went the fireworks again. She happily let him take her. She was willing to go almost anywhere with this man. He did wonderful, amazing things to her senses. They walked along the seafront. Holding hands. Licking their ice creams.

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PostSubject: Re: *LOVE WILL FIND A WAY* By: KazyJay   Sat Aug 15, 2009 3:17 pm

Chapter Seven

Seb, now dressed, met Rebekka in the hotel bar. He discovered that she had already started drinking by the time he had arrived. By the looks of the empty glasses sat in front of her, she had drunk quite a lot by even his standards.
‘Hey, slow down!’ he laughed on finding her.
‘Nope’ she half slurred, taking a sip of her drink.
‘What’s the rush?’ Seb asked.
‘Life. Its too short’ Rebekka hiccupped now.
‘Oh, I don’t know’ Seb smiled, looking at her appreciatively.
‘It is’ Rebekka insisted, ‘you could get snuffed out, just like…’ she tried clicking her fingers but couldn’t. Her coordination skills had already temporarily gone.
‘Like this’ Seb clicked his fingers for her.
‘Exactly’ Rebekka nodded, wobbling now on her stool.

‘Oops. Careful’ Seb steadied Rebekka’s stool.
‘Thanks’ she winked.
‘My pleasure’ Seb winked back.
‘If only…’ Rebekka pouted, looking at him now.
‘Ask me, when you’re sober’ Seb said, trying to act as a gentleman for once in his life.
‘Ow…’ Rebekka pouted again.
‘Don’t do that’ Seb told her, ‘you are much too beautiful to pout’
‘I’m not beautiful…’ Rebekka blushed and looked bashful, and tried not to pout again. She wished he would kiss her. He had such a kissable mouth she thought, leaning closer for a good look.
‘Oh, yes you are’ Seb nodded.
‘Thanks, handsome man’ Rebekka replied, gazing at Seb.
Now, it was Seb’s turn to blush.

Urs and Amanda were kissing. They hadn’t meant to kiss. It had all started with ice cream. Amanda had left a bit on her top lip, Urs had told her.
‘Oh, I need a tissue…’ she had then said, searching her pockets then bag for a tissue.
‘No you don’t’ Urs had told her, taking her bag away from her.
‘Oh?’ Amanda had asked, blinking up at him.
‘No’ he had groaned, his hands cupping her face, before licking away the ice cream.
Then Amanda had groaned and they had ended up kissing.
Minutes later, they were still kissing. Arms wrapped around each other, standing close. Very close. Touching close. From lips down to mid-thigh close. They shouldn’t have been kissing. At least not this intensely. Especially as they both thought that the other was taken. Oh well. Then a friendly seagull dropping its load all over Amanda broke them, reluctantly, apart. It had been a wonderful thing to do. Kiss Urs. He had been such an excellent kisser Amanda happily noticed.
‘Its meant to be lucky’ Urs said as he and Amanda stood and laughed.
‘So much for my nice new jacket!’ Amanda laughed, touching the damaged spot.
‘I’ll buy you another one’ Urs laughed.
‘Oh no. No’ Amanda stopped laughing.
‘Why ever not?’ Urs asked. He had also stopped laughing now.
‘Because…that’s something a boyfriend would do’ Amanda sighed.
‘And I’m not…’ Urs sighed back.
‘No’ Amanda looked away from his disappointed face. He had someone and so had she. It was bad enough they had kissed without him now buying her clothes as well. They weren’t together. They couldn’t act like they were. They weren’t and they never would be together. Inside Amanda sighed a disappointed sigh. Life was so NOT fair!!
‘Ok’ he nodded. But inside he was thinking, ‘I want to be…I so much want to be’ he didn’t voice this. Just nodded again and kept quiet.
‘We’d better…get back’ Amanda then said.
‘Yes. Ok’ Urs agreed, sadly.

They didn’t hold hands back to the hotel. It wasn’t right. Not anymore. In Urs’ arms he held a large Tigger that they had won at a local pier amusements. He had had to throw darts at a board. Very simple.
They reached the hotel in no time.
‘Here…’ Urs handed Amanda, Tigger.
‘I can’t…’ she tried to protest.
‘Please. It’ll make me feel better, about the seagull…’ Urs gestured to her damaged shoulder.
‘Ok’ Amanda sighed, taking Tigger, their fingers briefly touching.
‘See you later’ Urs sighed as Amanda started walking towards the hotel lifts.
‘Ok’ she tried to smile, but couldn’t. Inside she felt like crying.

Urs went to the hotel bar. There, he found Seb and a sleeping lady who Urs vaguely recognized.
‘You got my message?’ Seb asked on seeing him.
‘What message?’ Urs looked blankly at him.
‘Check your mobile’ Seb told him.
Urs switched on his mobile phone.
‘Answer phone’ he said to Seb.
‘Listen to it’ Seb told him.
So Urs did. ‘Ok, what then?’ he then asked Seb.
‘That lovely lady’ Seb pointed to the sleeping lady, ‘is Rebekka’
‘We’d better wake her up then’ Urs sighed.
‘I’ll do it’ Seb winked. He walked over to where Rebekka lay sleeping and started to touch her face. Running a finger up then down one side of Rebekka’s face. She stirred, trying to push Seb’s finger away.
‘Wake up sleepyhead’ Seb then whispered into her ear.
‘What the….?’ Rebekka finally opened her eyes.
‘Amanda’s back’ Seb told her.
‘Oh god’ Rebekka groaned, ‘where is she?’ she asked, looking around.
‘In her room’ said Urs.
‘I must go to her…’ Rebekka stood up, wiping sleep out of her eyes.
‘I’ll come with you’ said Urs.
‘No. Yes. No. Ok’ Rebekka eventually settled on.
Seb went to too. He was interested to know what Rebekka had to say to Amanda.
He secretly had visions, in his head, of a naked mud fight. That would be nice he thought. Not thinking it could be anything serious. Which, it was. Very, very serious.

A slightly red eyed Amanda opened her door. ‘Oh hi’ she tired to smile brightly on seeing Rebekka. Then she noticed Urs and Seb standing behind her, ‘what is it?’ she asked, feeling worried. She had been crying, over Urs and the kiss they had shared. Seeing him again had been a surprise. A nice surprise though. Then she had noticed the look on her friend, Rebekka’s face and every thought had gone out of her mind.
‘Its Lukas’ Rebekka told her.
‘Oh?’ Amanda asked.
‘Oh honey, I’m so sorry…’ Rebekka sniffed.
‘Sorry, for what?’ Amanda worriedly asked, sensing something was wrong now.
‘You weren’t here, so I got the call…’ Rebekka sniffed again.
‘Tell me? Please?’ Amanda asked.
‘Oh sweetie…sweetie, he’s…he’s…’ Rebekka sniffed again.
She had been dreading telling Amanda this, ‘He’s…dead’ she finally managed to say.
Amanda fainted. Luckily, into Urs’ quick thinking arms so she didn’t hurt herself.

The next couple of hours went with a blur. Amanda learnt that Lukas had died in a car crash. He had been on the way to see Amanda when it happened, on his mobile phone, trying to call her. When later, Amanda switched on her mobile she heard his last ever message to her, ‘I’m sorry Maz’ he had whispered into the handset, ‘please forgive me…’ then a loud crash sound was heard. After the police had heard the message, and recorded their own copy, Urs had deleted it. He had stayed by Amanda’s side thought out the whole ordeal. Amanda had even had to identify Lukas’ body. After seeing it, she had turned and sobbed into his arms. Urs vowed then, to do everything possible to make her smile, to make her happy once again. Ok, now she was free but that didn’t mean Urs was going to start to push Amanda. He wasn’t that cruel. But he would be there, should, when she needed him. That, he was determined of.

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PostSubject: Re: *LOVE WILL FIND A WAY* By: KazyJay   Sat Aug 15, 2009 3:21 pm

Chapter Eight

After a night of constant crying, but no sleep, Amanda insisted on going to practice next morning. Urs, who had been up all night with her tried in vain to talk her out of going.
‘If I don’t turn up at practice, I’ll get sacked’ Amanda told him, she was still wearing the clothes from the day before, not finding the energy to want to go and change her clothes. She hoped that she didn’t stink, or at least didn’t stink too bad. Would Urs tell her if she smelt? She doubted he would somehow for some reason.
‘No you won’t. If we explain…’ Urs started to say. He too was still wearing yesterday’s clothing. He hadn’t wanted to leave Amanda not for a moment. Too scared at what he would find if he did. Who knew what she would do to herself? After all she had lost the one person she loved. Her boyfriend.
‘Oh no. No. I’m not telling everyone’ Amanda interrupted him mid speech.
‘Why ever not?’ Urs asked, looking straight at her.
‘I’m not a charity case. I don’t need people to feel sorry for me’ Amanda shook her head, her ponytail flying around as she did. God, it needed a good wash she thought to herself. It felt all horrible and greasy.
‘No one is…’ Urs started to say before again, Amanda interrupted him.
‘Oh no?’ she asked, staring at him, a funny look on her face.
‘No’ he shook his head.
‘But you’re here’ she then pointed out.
‘Not because I feel sorry for you I’m not’ Urs told her.
‘You’re not…?’ she looked right at him then like she had never seen him before.
‘Then why are you…?’ Amanda then demanded.
‘I’m here, because I like you’ Urs smiled.
‘Ha!’ snorted Amanda.
‘I do’ Urs insisted.
‘Why?’ Amanda then demanded again.
‘Why what…?’ Urs asked.
‘Why do you like me?’
‘Why shouldn’t I?’ Urs asked in reply.
‘You don’t know me’ Amanda pointed out.
‘No, maybe I don’t…’
‘See?’ Amanda interrupted him for a third time.
‘…but I’d like to get to know you’ Urs finally finished.
‘I’ve just lost my boyfriend’
‘I know’ Urs nodded.
‘A man I loved’
‘I know’ Urs repeated, nodding again.
‘And yet, here you are, trying it on’
‘I’m not. I mean, I would never…’ Urs tried.
‘No, of course you wouldn’t. I mean why would you?’ Amanda asked, looking right at him.
‘What do you mean?’ Urs, puzzled at this, asked her.
‘Oh, ignore me’ Amanda sighed, ‘anyway, I’d forgotten’
‘Forgotten what?’ Urs, still puzzled, asked.

‘You already have a girlfriend’ Amanda looked away now and sighed to herself.
‘So I have’ Urs sadly nodded.
‘She’s a lucky woman’ Amanda whispered.
‘Who is?’ Urs asked.
‘Your…girlfriend’ sighed Amanda.
‘Oh yes. Her’ he nodded.
‘What’s her…mane?’ Amanda then asked, wanting to torture herself.
Urs looked around the room, searching for inspiration in a female name that would be suitable. He could hardly name her, his fictional girlfriend, after one of his three sisters, especially, if, in time, he hoped to introduce Amanda to his family. Instead he settled on calling her…his eyes landed on the bed Amanda was sitting on, ‘Belinda. She’s named Belinda’ he finally said.
Lucky Belinda Amanda thought inside. Out loud she said, ‘Right. Belinda. Nice name’ and nodded, ‘how long have you known Belinda?’ Amanda asked, deciding to torture herself further.
‘Just….sex… I mean….six months’ Urs coughed, and shook his head, trying to clear his brain. His mouth said something, his brain said another. Confusing.
‘Right. Ok’ Amanda nodded again.
‘How long had you known….Lukas?’ Urs then asked.
He’d remembered Amanda thought. That surprised her.
That he had remembered Lukas’ name. Inside she let herself smile, a little.
‘Four years’ she told him.
‘A long time’ Urs nodded, then he looked at Amanda’s hands, she didn’t wear an engagement ring or a ring of any type, ‘Did you never want to….marry Lukas?’ he then asked.
‘We did get engaged’ Amanda surprised him by saying.
‘Oh. Only…you don’t wear a ring’ Urs pointed out.
‘We….split up’ Amanda shrugged. She and Lukas had been engaged. Lukas had proposed one sunny day while on a boat ride. It had seemed so romantic, at the time. Then, a few weeks later they had had their accident and had broken up. Amanda had given him back the ring. Even thought, months later they had reunited, Lukas nor Amanda had mentioned getting re-engaged or their union being permanent.
Amanda wiped at her eyes, ‘We, split up’ she repeated, ‘then got back together’
‘But your ring…’ or lack of one Urs added in his head.
‘Lukas…was getting it engraved’ Amanda lied.
‘Oh. Right. Nice’ Urs sadly nodded. He sounded rather romantic he thought. Who could compare to that? To that romantic, now dead fiancé? Urs didn’t think he would ever match up. He had lost before he even had a chance to start. A chance to try and win Amanda’s heart. For he wanted to win it. He liked her. A lot. A hell of a lot. Maybe more then like if truth be told. Love maybe.
‘Anyway, practice’ Amanda then announced, standing up.
‘Yes. Practice’ Urs nodded, also standing up. He held his hand out to Amanda. She ignored it and instead, picked up her violin case in her good hand, her left one. Her right hand hurt. She hadn’t been able to take any pills or do any finger exercises with Urs hanging around in her room all night. It would be a painful day for Amanda.

Rebekka, woke, not in her room. She groaned and turned over.
‘Where am I…?’ she muttered, noticing a man, sitting on the bed, looking at her.
‘Safe’ the man told her.
‘Eh?’ Rebekka sat up. God, her head hurt something bad.
Morning’ Seb smiled from across the other side of the bed.
‘We…oh god!’ Rebekka groaned, clutching at the duvet covering her.
‘Relax. Nothing happened last night’ Seb told her.
‘Oh?’ a suspicious Rebekka asked.
‘You’re still fully dressed’
‘How do I know you didn’t…redress me afterwards?’ Rebekka asked.
‘Believe me, if you and I had…you’d remember next morning’ Seb winked at her.
‘You’re that good then, or bad?’ Rebekka smiled at this.
‘Something like that, yes’ Seb sighed, nodding.
‘Crikey! Practice!’ Rebekka then remembered, noticing the time on the bedside cabinet.
‘Relax. We’ve time’ Seb soothed her.
‘I need a shower…’ Rebekka carefully climbed out of bed.
‘Can I join you?’ Seb winked.
‘In my own room. Thanks, for err….’ Rebekka gestured towards the bed.
‘No problem. Anytime’ Seb winked, smiling.
Walking very carefully, and concentrating Rebekka left Seb’s room. She went to her own room. Then she remembered, poor Amanda and that horrible news Rebekka had had to tell her. After telling her,

Amanda hadn’t cried. She had just sat in silence, hugging herself. Rebekka had tried to help but she didn’t know how to. In the end, she had regrettably left Amanda in ‘Urs’ capable hands’ Seb’s words, and had gone back to the hotel bar, with Seb. Luckily Seb had told her, that the bar tab was on him for Rebekka had drunk like never before. She didn’t really remember much that had happened after that. Until she had woken up, thankfully fully clothed, in Seb’s hotel room and not in her own. Now, she was on her way back to her room, to shower, change and collect her violin. She had rehearsals to attend and she couldn’t be late, thought, she doubted Amanda, lead violin would be attending today. And who would blame her after what had happened last night? Certainly not Rebekka.

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PostSubject: Re: *LOVE WILL FIND A WAY* By: KazyJay   Sat Aug 15, 2009 3:25 pm

Chapter Nine

But, Amanda was there when Rebekka arrived at the rehearsals. She looked red eyed but smiled as she saw Rebekka. Rebekka waved back.
‘Strange, didn’t think she’d be here’ Seb whispered into Rebekka’s ear, slightly making her jump at hearing his voice so close to her ear.
‘No, me neither’ Rebekka replied.
‘Morning’ Amanda walked up to Rebekka.
‘Morning’ Rebekka hugged her.
‘I had to come’ Amanda explained, ‘wouldn’t want to lose my job too’ she shrugged.
‘Michael, and Gary our musical director would understand’ Urs told her.
‘Yes, well. I’m here now’ Amanda tried to smile.
‘Places please’ Michael’s voice then announced.
Urs watched Amanda walk to her seat. He sighed to himself.

For the next 30 minutes, Amanda played like her life depended on it. She made no mistakes today. Missed not one cue. Her fingers hurt like hell but she gritted her teeth and played on, trying to ignore the pain. It was only when Urs walked over to her and removed her bow and violin easily from her fingers that she realized she was crying. He then pulled her, easily, into his arms.
‘That’s right. Let it all out’ he soothed, one hand stroking her hair.
All Amanda could think was, ‘God, I must smell, and I’ve dirty hair, but he’s still holding me’. She was that confused that she didn’t even know what she was crying for anymore. For Lukas? For herself? For Urs even? Amanda didn’t know and that slightly scared her.
Come on, lets go back to the hotel’ Urs then made Amanda stand.
‘I…I can’t…’ she muttered, shaking her head at this suggestion.
‘Yes, you can’ Urs told her.
‘No, no’ Amanda kept shaking her head.
‘Yes’ Urs now ordered. His tone sounded abrupt. As though he was angry with her.
Amanda looked at him through tearful eyes. She blinked.
‘Come on’ Urs demanded, taking her firmly under an arm.
‘You can’t make me’ Amanda hissed.
‘Just you try’ he warned, almost glaring at her.
‘Fine. But if I lose my job, I’ll…’
‘You’ll do what?’ Urs interrupted Amanda mid-rant.
‘I’ll sue you’ she finished.
‘Fine. Ok. Whatever’ Urs shrugged, now almost pulling her.
‘My violin…’ Amanda said.
‘David, could you?’ Urs asked, looking at his friend.
‘Sure’ David nodded, collecting Amanda’s violin and bow. He placed them into the case, then taking Amanda’s bag followed Urs, still nearly dragging Amanda back to the hotel in the short walk.
Earlier, Urs had informed Michael and Gary about Amanda’s sad news and they had told him that they quite understood if should Amanda not feel up to practicing for the next few days. After all, they, IL DIVO, did have a month to get it all right and practiced as much as they needed to and so could afford a few days, a few weeks, if needed, off to sort out any personal details that needed sorted or seeing too.

After Urs had dragged Amanda away with David following, Michael and Gary turned to the rest of the orchestra and band, and to Carlos and explained that Amanda was in mourning for her fiancé and so needed time, and space, to get over the death. They weren’t to let on, to Amanda, that they knew, until,
or rather if, she decided to tell anyone of it. Everyone agreed immediately to keep her secret. Then, they were allowed to go. It would be no use in practicing without Urs or David being there to do what they do best - sing.

Back in Amanda’s hotel room, Urs made her get undressed.
‘I need a shower’ Amanda moaned, wobbling slightly.
‘Not until you’ve had a sleep’ Urs tutted at her.
‘I smell’ Amanda moaned.
‘No you don’t’ replied Urs, handing her pajamas.
‘You, are horrible’ Amanda said, snatching her clothes from him.
‘I know, I’ve been told before’ Urs nodded.
‘Probably by your girlfriend’ Amanda walked towards the bathroom.
‘Where, are you going?’ Urs asked.
‘To get changed’ Amanda wiggled her pajamas about.
‘Oh, ok’ he nodded.
I’m not getting changed in front of you’ Amanda said to him, closing the bathroom door as she spoke.

In the bathroom, after getting changed, Amanda took her pills and applied the cream she needed to her hand.
‘Hey, what’s taking you so long?’ Urs called through the door.
‘Keep your hair on, I’m coming’ Amanda called back.
Suddenly, the door opened. Urs immediately spotted the pills.
‘What are these?’ he asked, grabbing them and shaking them in front of Amanda’s face.
‘What do they look like?’ she bravely replied.
‘How many have you taken?’ Urs demanded, looking worried.
‘How many? Tell me?’
He thinks I’ve taken an overdose! Amanda laughed out loud.
‘Tell me?’ Urs demanded again.
‘The usual amount’ Amanda continued to laugh.
‘Meaning?’ Urs’ eyes scan the label, ‘wait here’ he then demanded before disappearing, still holding Amanda’s tablets.
She then heard him call to David, asking him to check something. Amanda walked out of the bathroom just in time to see Urs close the door. She was just about to get into the bed when he asked, ‘What are you doing?’
‘Following your orders by going to sleep’ Amanda yawned.
‘Oh no. Not until I know what exactly you’ve taken’ Urs replied.
‘Ok. Fine’ Amanda sat down on the bed and watched Urs pace the room. Then he stopped, ‘Come on’ he pulled her up to her feet. He then made Amanda walk the room with him, ‘don’t want you going to sleep on me’ he muttered, dragging her up and then down the room. All this walking was making Amanda tired. She kept yawning. A lot.

‘Not until I know what you’ve taken’ Urs muttered, nudging her awake when Amanda’s eyes kept closing on her.
What seemed like hours later, David appeared in Amanda’s room.
‘Its ok’ he told Urs, ‘they weren’t drugs. Just pain killers’
‘Christ’ Urs muttered.
‘A low dosage. The doctor told me, even if Amanda took the whole bottle they couldn’t possibly kill her’ David said.
‘Oh. Thank god’ Urs and Amanda stopped walking.
‘Now, can I sleep?’ Amanda asked him, yawning again.
‘What?’ Urs looked blankly at her, ‘oh sure, yeah’ he finally nodded, letting Amanda go at long last.
‘Thank you’ Amanda said, climbing into bed. She settled down and closed her eyes.
‘What are they for?’ Urs asked. But Amanda didn’t answer for she was already asleep.
David said, ‘Apparently, they were prescribed for an injury’
‘Injury?’ Urs asked, looking pale, ‘what type of…?’
‘The doctor didn’t know. He’s not Amanda’s doctor you see. And so couldn’t tell me’ David shrugged.
‘Oh god’ Urs sank down on the bed. He reached across and took Amanda’s hand, her right hand, in his. He looked at it, ‘Scars’ he muttered, noticing Amanda’s scars on her hand and arm.
‘Eh?’ a puzzled David asked.
‘Scars. Look, here on Amanda’s hand, and arm’ he pointed them out to David.
‘Aah. I see’ David nodded, seeing them, ‘she’s been in an accident’
‘A bad one’ Urs said, seeing a spare pot of cream. He picked it up, reading the label.
‘Crikey’ said David.
‘Exactly’ Urs nodded.
‘I wonder how…’ David started to say then stopped.
‘I don’t know. But I’m determined to find out’ Urs replied. He would too. He would find out. He needed to know. He was in love with Amanda and so wanted to know everything there was possible to know about her. Everything. All the good, and bad and everything in between. Like he wanted her to know him. Even the reason for him lying about his ‘’fake girlfriend’’. Belinda he had called her.

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PostSubject: Re: *LOVE WILL FIND A WAY* By: KazyJay   Sat Aug 15, 2009 3:31 pm

Chapter Ten

After being let off from rehearsals for the second day running, Carlos dashed back to the hotel as quickly as he could without running. He was eager to see his receptionist. Entering the hotel his eyes searched for her on reception. Then she appeared from a side office. Carlos smiled to himself, thanking his lucky stars. He walked up to the desk as casually as he could, even though he could hear his heart beating loudly in his chest at seeing her again. She hadn’t got sacked. He sent up a silent ’thank you’ up to heaven. ‘Good morning…Anita’ he noticed the name badge she was wearing on her uniform. It wasn’t a very flattering uniform at all. The skirt was too long Carlos had discovered while following her the day before. It didn’t show as much leg as Carlos would have liked it to show. He was, among other things, a leg man.
‘Carlos’ Anita smiled back at him.
‘You remembered’ he replied, feeling rather honored at this.
‘Of course I remembered’
‘Its your job’ Carlos sadly nodded.
‘No. You never forget a gorgeous, excellent kisser’ Anita corrected, blushing slightly.
‘Why…thank you’ Carlos winked, brightening up a lot at that.
‘Do you…fancy a coffee?’ Anita then surprised him by asking.
‘I’d love to’ Carlos beamed.
‘Great. Ok. Five minutes in the café?’ Anita asked, pointing to the hotels own café.
‘Five minutes’ Carlos agreed.
‘Great. Great’ Anita nodded.
‘I’ll be waiting’ winked Carlos, walking towards the café.
After helping Urs, a slightly depressed David was in his hotel room, staring at his laptop. He had logged onto his email as soon as he’d got to his room. But had received no word from Ana, even though he had sent her two messages. He so wanted her to reply. He liked her. He wanted them to be at least friends if nothing else even though he wanted more. So, so much more. He sighed. Then his email pinged, ‘One message received’ his email announced, not expecting it to be Ana anymore he clicked on ‘Open message’. But it was. He eagerly read through her message. Twice. Then keyed into his mobile her phone number. She had sent it in the message. Without needing to think things through, he pressed, ‘Dial’. It barely rang before she answered.
‘That was quick’ she said on answering the phone.
‘I wanted to let you know…’ David started to say.
‘I know. I know’ Ana sighed down the phone, ‘get lost Ana. You’re not interested anymore’ she interrupted.
‘God. No. No’ David said.
‘What then?’ Ana asked.
‘I like you’ David told her.
‘I have a child’ Ana sighed.
‘So you already told me, in the email’ David replied.
‘I need…I need to think of him’
‘Ok, I understand that’
‘If I…if we, start a…a relationship, you have to…understand…’ Ana tried.
‘That your son comes first. I understand that. I have nieces and nephews’
‘That’s a little different to…being a father, even a surrogate one to a woman you don’t know too well’ said Ana.
‘Then let’s get to know each other’ David said to her.
‘And my son…?’ Ana asked.
‘I love children. Really I do’ David smiled down the phone.
‘Ok, lets try’ Ana finally agreed.
‘Great. Wonderful’ David was happy now. You could tell it in his voice, in the way he sounded and in what he said.
So what if Ana was a mother? David didn’t care. He liked Ana. He liked children. He wanted children. Having a girlfriend who already had a child was, to him, an added bonus. David was at long last, happy at last. Very happy and in love. What more could he ask for?

Seb, insisted on walking Rebekka back to the hotel. He even carried her violin case in one hand while holding her hand in the other. ‘What a wonderful day’ he smiled. The sun was out, shining down on them.
‘Yes, it is’ Rebekka sighed.
‘Oh god! Forgive me’ Seb then apologized.
‘It’s ok’ Rebekka tried to smile.
‘I know you’re….worried about your friend and I never meant to be….well, you know’ Seb shrugged.
‘I know’ Rebekka nodded.
Do you want to go and see her? Amanda?’ Seb asked, remembering her name.
‘No, its ok. It seems Urs has decided to take care of her’
‘Yes. Yes’ Seb nodded.
‘Though I hope he has a very…understanding girlfriend’ Rebekka then said.
‘Yes, about that…’
‘Yes?’ Rebekka asked.
‘Urs, doesn’t have a girlfriend’ Seb said.
‘Oh, but I thought…’ Rebekka muttered.
‘Although’ Seb carried on, ‘yesterday he did claim, to Amanda, that he did have’
‘So, he’s single?’ Rebekka asked.
‘Yes’ Seb nodded.
‘Thought so’
‘Interested?’ Seb then asked.
‘In Urs?’ Rebekka asked in reply.
‘Yes. In Urs’ Seb nodded again.
‘No. God no’ Rebekka snorted. She was only slightly lying at this reply. Only slightly.
‘Because Urs likes, a lot, Amanda’ Seb smiled.
‘Oh. Right’ sighed Rebekka.
‘And I, like you. A lot’ Seb looked at Rebekka.
She blushed, ‘You do?’ she asked.
‘I do’ Seb nodded.
‘Thank you’ Rebekka blushed some more, turning a deeper red.
‘Do you…?’ Seb then hopefully asked her.
‘I do. Yes. Very much’ Rebekka nodded, staring at Seb.
‘Oh goodie’ Seb winked.
Rebekka blushed. Again.

Carlos only had to wait for a few minutes before Anita joined him in the café. She sat opposite him with a cup of coffee in her hand.
‘So, Carlos…’ she smiled at him.
‘So, Anita…’ Carlos smiled back.
‘I know it was you, following me yesterday’ Anita came straight out and told him.
‘Oh. Right. Ok’ he nodded, feeling sad.
‘I was right. I knew it’ Anita nodded at Carlos’ unspoken confirmation.
‘Sorry…’ Carlos apologized, lowering his eyes.
‘No, don’t apologize. I’m actually…rather flattered’ Anita surprised him by saying.
‘Oh. Really?’ Carlos asked, looking up at her again.
‘Yes. Really’ she nodded.
‘But I’m no ex..’ Carlos then said, remembering her excuse for sitting at his table the day before.

Escaping an ex-partner. He wasn’t anything ex. At least not yet.
‘No, you’re not’ Anita agreed.
‘Or a current…’ Carlos sighed.
‘Oh, I don’t know about that’ Anita smiled.
‘Eh?’ Carlos stared at her.
‘I like you’ Anita told him.
‘And I, like you’ Carlos actually, for the first time in his life, found himself blushing.
‘Good. Good. Then I think we can have something’ Anita now beamed at him.
Carlos was about to reply when someone called out, ‘Ms Hamilton?’ he knew the name, Hamilton was the same name of the hotel they, IL DIVO were staying currently in. This hotel.
Anita looked up at the person who had called out, ‘Ms Hamilton’ and smiled, ‘Yes, Joshua?’ she said.
‘Problem on reception Ms Hamilton’ Joshua told her, blushing slightly. Here, was a young man with a crush Carlos noticed the signs very well. He remembered being young and having a huge crush on an old school teacher of his, named Cydalia Lopez-Martinez. He remembered liking her because of her long, brown curly hair. Oh how he remembered. She was a babe when he was younger. A babe.
‘Your…family own this hotel?’ Carlos asked Anita.
‘No’ Anita shook her head.
‘Oh, right’
‘My dead husband did’ Anita then surprised him by saying.
‘Your dead…?’ Carlos asked.
‘I married young’ Anita shrugged.
‘How old were you…?’ Carlos asked, forgetting that old saying, ‘Never ask a lady her age’.
‘Twenty-five’ Anita replied.
‘And you’re…how old now?’ Carlos then asked.
‘How old, are you?’ Anita asked him in reply.
‘I know, I look it’ Carlos nodded, sadly.
‘No, actually I was just about to say you don’t look that old’
‘Thanks’ Carlos winked, brightening up at Anita’s flattery.
‘I’m 36’ Anita then said.
‘How long…did, have you been….widowed?’ Carlos asked, coughing slightly on such a sensitive subject.
‘Nathaniel died when I was 30’
‘Oh, sorry’
‘No, its ok. I mean I still miss him, but I guess I’m learning to live with it’ Anita shrugged.
‘Ms Hamilton?’ Joshua was back, calling for Anita again.
‘I’d better…’ Anita stood up.
‘Ok’ Carlos nodded.
‘Come with me…?’ Anita then asked.
‘I’d love to’ smiled Carlos, standing up. He followed her to the reception desk.

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PostSubject: Re: *LOVE WILL FIND A WAY* By: KazyJay   Sat Aug 15, 2009 3:37 pm

Chapter Eleven

Carlos followed Anita. He looked like a lovesick puppy with the sweet, but dopey look on his face. It was a rather sweet thing to see. Carlos Marin - in love at long last. It had taken time. But it had finally happened. The so-called confirmed bachelor no longer wanted to be one. A bachelor that is. For once in his life he wanted to be brave enough to go after what he wanted. Sure, he’d done it before. Gone after what he wanted - to be a professional singer, which he was. Even thought many of his friends, and a few family members had thought him mad. Singing for a living! But Carlos was convinced he could do it and had proven all the doubters wrong. Now he just had to pluck up enough courage to go for what else he wanted. Anita. Quite surprising her name really. It meant, ‘Grace’ and was originally from a Spanish meaning. Quite fitting considering Carlos himself was Spanish. But Carlos was scared. He had fallen in love before and had got burned. Got his fingers caught, and his heart torn to pieces confessing the way he felt about someone to that someone. Long ago there had been this one woman. A lady. Named Gabriella. She had had long blonde hair and brilliant green eyes. Eyes the color of the sea after a storm so Carlos once thought. One look at Gabriella and Carlos had fallen head over heels. Bam. Love. He had tried everything he could to get Gabby to notice him but it had all been in vain. She hadn’t been interested. Not seriously interested. Just enough interest to lead Carlos on, to make him think he was in with a chance. She had been the one to take his virginity. He had been 19. A slow starter in Spain. She had used him. Taken his virginity then had dumped him - claiming that he had been lousy. Sure, Carlos had, eventually, gotten over her and had slept with a few women since then. Women who didn’t think he was lousy. Carlos had come to realize, it had been Gabby’s way of ruining his confidence because she thought she could. It hadn’t happened. Not completely. Carlos still believed in love. He was just a lot more careful about who he loved nowadays. He was learning to be kind to his heart. At long last.

David was making plans. He wanted Ana and her son to come and stay at the hotel. It was him who had wanted to talk to Anita in reception when Joshua had called her about a problem on reception. Ignoring Carlos, who kept winking at him and nodding towards Anita, David explained his situation as clearly as he could to Anita. He wanted to get it all sorted first before putting his idea to Ana. He just hoped she would accept once it was finally all sorted.
‘Ok’ Anita nodded, after David had finished his well practiced speech. Well, well practiced in his head at least, then tapped at some keys on the reception desk computer, ‘aah, yes, we’ve a family room available’ she told David, looking up at him.
‘Oh, great. Perfect. Thank you’ David smiled at Anita.
‘Your partners name please Mr. Miller?’ Anita asked, acting professional. She knew exactly who David and Carlos were. She was a fan of IL DIVO. Had even bought tickets for their first concert which was being held up in London soon.
‘Her name, is Ana Wilson’ David said.
‘Ana?’ Anita asked.
‘Yes’ David nodded.
‘I know Ana’ Anita smiled, ‘she’s a lovely girl’
‘I’m her new boyfriend’ David proudly beamed.
‘Take care of her’ Anita warned, ‘she’s been let down by men in the past’
‘David’s not like that. He’s one of the good guys’ Carlos finally spoke, his words making David blush and feel slightly embarrassed.
‘Thanks, mate’ David coughed.
‘That’s ok mate’ Carlos smiled back.
‘Hmm. Anyway, consider yourself warned’ Anita said, looking at David.
He nodded, to show that he did.
‘As Ana is almost family, you can have the room for the same amount as you’re paying now’ Anita then announced, tapping at her keyboard. She printed out a page, wrote something on it then handed it to David with his new rooms key card.
‘Thank you’ David said to Anita, smiling shyly at her.
‘It’s my pleasure’ Anita nodded.

‘Almost family eh?’ Carlos winked to Anita after David had left to change rooms and to tell Ana what he had done.
‘I didn’t mean us!’ Anita laughed.
‘Oh’ Carlos mumbled.
‘No, Ana was once nearly going to be my sister-in-law’ Anita said.
‘Sister-in-law?’ Carlos asked.
‘She was going to marry Nathaniel’s younger brother, Lukas’
‘Oh, Lukas’ Carlos nodded.
‘He’s…Robert’s, Bobby’s dad’
‘Ana’s son?’ Carlos asked.
‘Yes’ Anita nodded.
‘What happened to them? Ana and Lukas?’
‘Lukas was a bit of a playboy. Playing with hearts like they were toys. Two years ago he was involved in a car crash. He caused some poor girl to have a cruel injury. She almost lost some fingers, among other injuries. She was a musician. Anyway, he was toying with both Ana and this girl at the same time.

Engaged to both of them. After the accident, Ana found out and dumped him, not realizing that she was pregnant’ Anita ended with a sigh.
‘I think, Ana and this other girl are better off without Lukas’ Carlos decided.
‘They are, yes. I agree. And now they always will’ Anita nodded.
‘Oh, why is that?’ Carlos asked.
‘Lukas died in a car crash…’
‘….a day ago’ Carlos finished, interrupting.
‘How did you…?’ Anita stared at Carlos.
‘Our friend, Urs, is upstairs comforting Lukas’ girlfriend’ sighed Carlos.
‘Is she…was she, a musician?’ Anita asked.
‘Her name is Amanda, and she’s our lead violinist’
‘Oh, thank goodness! I mean, that she can play again now’
‘After what you described as a horrific injury I’m pleased too’ Carlos nodded.
‘I must see her…’ Anita then decided.
‘Would that be wise?’ Carlos asked.
‘I don’t see why not. After all I feel partly responsible. I knew Lukas was no good. I should have tried to stop him’ Anita said, looking worried.
‘It wasn’t your fault’ Carlos tried to soothe.
‘He was my brother-in-law…’ Anita pointed out.
‘Who was old enough to take care of himself’ Carlos then reminded her.
‘Ok. Go and see Amanda. I can’t stop you. Hell, I don’t want to stop you, but don’t pity her. No. Celebrate with her just how lucky you, she and even Ana are without Lukas in your lives’ Carlos sounded very sensible. He even surprised himself with that advice. It sounded, to his ears, like good advice.
‘Ok. I’ll do that, and thanks Carlos’ Anita kissed his cheek.
‘Anytime’ he winked.
Anita winked back, making him blush for the second time in his life.

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PostSubject: Re: *LOVE WILL FIND A WAY* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 6:51 pm

Chapter Twelve

It took some convincing for Ana to agree to move into the hotel with David. It was only after he had suggested that they have separate rooms that Ana finally agreed.
‘I want you to be with me, but that doesn’t mean we have to sleep together. I like you. I want to be with you. If we never sleep together then that will be ok. I know it will take time, for you, and for I, to learn to trust each other’ David had told her, holding his breath and hoping for the best. He liked Ana. More then liked her. Please let him have said the right thing. Please, oh please, oh please.
‘I knew there was a reason why I liked you’ Ana relaxed and sounded like she was smiling down the phone at him.
‘So, will you?’ David gently asked.
‘Bobby and I have already started packing’ Ana lightly laughed.
‘Let me know where you are, and I’ll be along to help’ David joined in with the laughter, finally breathing much easier now. Thank god she had said yes.
Ten minutes later, a much happier David put the phone down. He was off to collect his family he smiled happily to himself.

Seb and Rebekka were out. On a date. They were at a local restaurant, sitting at a table, looking at the menus. Rebekka had noticed a lot of women. Staring at Seb. A few, had rushed up to him, asking for autographs. But Seb had sent them away empty handed.
‘You could have signed their autographs’ Rebekka told him.
‘On no. No. Two autographs would have turned into twenty, then they’d expect pictures. No. I’m on a date. The only woman who I want to have a signed autograph or pose in a picture with, is sitting opposite me now’ Seb beamed, winking at Rebekka. She blushed at this.
‘Are you ready to eat Sir, Madame?’ a waiter, male, appeared at their table.
‘Err….I think I’ll have…’ Rebekka coughed and said.

Amanda slept almost all day. When she woke, Urs was still in her room. He was wearing different clothing now she noticed. A different pair of jeans then the day before, still well fitting jeans, and another t-shirt. A blue one. Harley Davidson the writing read. His hair was loose. Earlier, it had been like Amanda’s, in a ponytail. But he hadn’t shaved she noticed. He had a fair bit of stubble starting to grow. He looked good with stubble. One of Amanda’s favourite photographs of Urs had been the one with him having a goatee beard and long sideburns. He looked like something from the sixties but the look had suited him. He had the sort of face, the sort of bone structure for any look to look good on him.
‘You’re…still here’ Amanda eventually stopped staring at him long enough to say.
‘So I am’ he smiled.
Amanda sat up, ‘Where, are you going?’ Urs asked as she made an attempt to get out of bed.
‘I need a shower, to wash my hair’ Amanda scratched at her ponytail. She wobbled slightly on her feet.
‘Careful’ Urs said, catching her.
‘I’m fine. Fine’ Amanda pushed him away.
‘You’re weak’ he told her.
‘Hardly! You make me sound like I’m…like I’m ill!’
Maybe, you are’ Urs nodded.
‘I’m upset. In mourning. Its hardly the same thing’ Amanda shrugged.
‘You’ve not eaten for over a day’ Urs reminded her.
‘I’m not hungry’ Amanda lied as her stomach growled. Loudly.
‘Even I heard that’ Urs lightly smiled.
‘Ok, maybe I am a little’ Amanda shrugged again.
‘Sit down and I’ll order you something’ Urs made a move to pick up the phone.
‘I don’t need room service. I can go downstairs to the restaurant’ snapped Amanda now.
‘Ok, lets go then’ Urs said, replacing the phone.
‘I need a bath first’ she started walking towards the bathroom.
‘Ok’ Urs nodded, starting to follow her.
‘Where, are you going?’ Amanda asked, staring at him.
‘Helping you’
‘Oh no. No. I can manage to bath myself thank you very much’ Amanda now glared at him.
‘Ok’ Urs sighed, ‘but don’t lock the door’
‘Why ever not?’
‘Just in case you faint’

‘I won’t…’ Amanda started to say, staring at him, ‘ok’ she eventually sighed, ‘I’ll leave the door unlocked’
‘Thank you’ Urs smiled.

Amanda had a lovely, warm, relaxing bath. She even managed to wash her hair. She was just about to lay back and close her eyes when Urs knocked on the door.
‘You ok in here?’ his head appeared around the door.
‘Do you mind?’ Amanda covered herself up with her hands, thanking her lucky stars she had put a lot of bubbles in the bath that were still hanging around.
‘It’s ok, I can’t see you’ Urs said, lying through his teeth. He couldn’t see all of her but he could see enough to know what she was doing, covering her chest up from his prying eyes. His lustful prying eyes. He wanted her. He knew that know for a fact. He wanted Amanda. Oh so very much. That feeling hadn’t happened in a long time. Too long if truth be told. Ever since…her. His ‘The one’.
‘Good. Hope you can’t’
‘I was….worried about you’ Urs said.
‘I was having a bath’ Amanda snapped.
‘Dinner is here’ Urs then told her.
‘I told you, I’d go down to the restaurant!’
‘Yeah, well, the foods here now’
‘Ok, ok, I’m coming’
‘Need any help?’ Urs then asked.
‘No thank you, think I can manage’
‘Ok. I did offer’ and away Urs finally went, closing the door again as his head disappeared.
Amanda dried herself, rubbing at her hair. Then she wrapped a towel turban style around her hair, pulling on the hotels bathrobe, tying the belt as tightly as she could and walked out of the bathroom.
‘Something smells nice’ she said, sniffing in the aroma.
‘Roast pork’ Urs smiled as Amanda sat at the table that hadn’t been there before. A table, set for two with candles burning. Her stomach grumbled again.
‘Good choice’ she said, picking up her knife and fork and beginning to eat.

‘Pudding?’ Urs asked Amanda ten minutes later after she had completely cleared her plate.
‘What is it?’ Amanda asked, wiping her mouth with her napkin.
‘Chocolate’ Urs smiled, dishing it out.
He made a great waiter Amanda thought. She could suddenly picture him in a kitchen, wearing an apron, stirring at something in a pan. In Amanda’s mind he wasn’t wearing anything under the apron. She let out a giggle.
‘Something funny?’ Urs asked, looking up from his pudding.
‘No. No. Nothing’ she lied, pushing that thought away.
She was supposed to be upset. Not picking and having fantasies about a man she barely knew. Ok, she wanted to get to know but that was hardly the point. She felt guilty. For not missing Lukas. At all. Upset at herself for feeling absolutely nothing towards him anymore. If truth be told, she hadn’t felt anything for Lukas in a while. For over a year really. Since her accident. He had almost destroyed her life let alone ruin her career. The one thing she cared most about. It was only with luck, and a brilliant surgeon that Amanda still had her fingers at all. It was his hard work which had got them working again. They would never be 100% again, but at least she could still use them. She had had to learn how to play the violin again, using her left hand but she had managed it. Had achieved the goal she had set herself.

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PostSubject: Re: *LOVE WILL FIND A WAY* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 7:03 pm

Chapter Thirteen

Amanda enjoyed her food, and the company which quite surprised even her. Even though she and Urs didn’t talk, it didn’t feel like an uncomfortable or awkward silence. In fact Amanda felt so relaxed around Urs. In all her time with Lukas, she had never felt like this. Relaxed. Not having to worry about lack of conversation or what he thought about her as they sat in silence. She observed him. He looked comfortable in the silence too. She had the urge to tell Urs all about her accident but was partly scared about what he would say once he knew. What would he say once he knew all of it? Once he knew the truth? Amanda was scared of telling him and frightening him away because of it.
Finishing her pudding, she reached for her hand cream which was in reach and started massaging it into her hand. A little at a time. Concentrating, or at least, trying to concentrate on what she was doing and not what Urs was looking at. Her, rather intensely she noticed, swallowing.
‘Smells interesting’ Urs commented on the smell the hand cream had. It smelt like strawberries. Amanda hadn’t noticed the smell until Urs had just pointed out. It was a rather nice smell as hand cream went.
‘Hand cream’ Amanda said, wanting something to say. Anything. So she stuck with the simple thing. Telling him what it was. Dumb really. But then again…

Which you only rub into one hand’ he said, watching her with interest.
‘Yes’ she tried her best to concentrate rubbing it in, not looking at him.
‘Can I borrow some?’ Urs then asked.
‘Its not…actually hand cream’ Amanda said.
‘Oh?’ Urs asked, raising an eyebrow in an inquiring manner.
‘Its…for my hand’ Amanda finally looked up at him.
‘You’ve said that’
‘Especially prescribed hand cream’
‘Right. Ok’ Urs nodded.
‘From the doctor’ Amanda then added.
‘I’d guessed that’ smiled Urs.
He watched her to continue to massage it in, ‘Need any help?’ he then asked.
‘No, thanks’ Amanda blushed.
‘Here, let me’ Urs knelt in front of her, he scooped out a little of the hand cream then gently rubbed in into Amanda’s fingers and slowly up her arm, pushing the sleeve of the bathrobe out of the way as he rubbed getting higher and higher.
He was good Amanda noticed. He had a firm touch. He certainly knew what he was doing. His touch was making those fireworks happen again now. Amanda could feel her whole body tingle at his tender touch. She looked up at his face. He was concentrating on what he was doing.
‘There’ he finally smiled.
‘Thanks’ Amanda found herself blushing.
He looked right at her, ‘Its an…interesting scar’
‘I had an accident’ Amanda shrugged.
‘I’d guessed that’ Urs nodded.
‘It wasn’t a nice one’
‘No, I doubt it would have been’
‘Don’t you want to know what happened?’ Amanda then asked.

Only if you want to tell me’ Urs looked at her.
‘Which I don’t’ Amanda lied.
‘No I guessed as much’ Urs’ hand touched her face.
‘What are you doing?’ Amanda asked.
‘I’m going to kiss you’
‘I don’t wa…’ Amanda started to protest just before Urs’ beautiful, sensuous mouth touched hers. She groaned, and let Urs pull her to her feet. Then she felt her bathrobe come undone and Urs’ arms sneak around her waist, under the bathrobe, touching her bare skin. Amanda was naked under the bathrobe. It now being open she should have felt cold and although she did shiver it wasn’t a shiver of cold. Oh no. No. It was a shiver of desire. She wanted this man. She kissed him back, pushing her tongue into his warm, wet, welcoming mouth. She could feel his hands touch her skin. Touch her bare warm skin.
‘Oh Mannie…’ Urs moaned.
Mannie. Amanda liked that name. It sounded intimate. Permanent. Like they were meant to be. As strange as that sounded.
They continued to kiss. Then Urs lifted her off her feet and lowered her onto the bed behind them, still kissing. God knows what would have happened had someone not knocked on Amanda’s door then. She and Urs groaned. He stood up, pulling his mouth regretfully away from hers. Amanda pulled her bathrobe closed and did up the tie. Now she shivered with cold. She sat up, one hand touching her hair, trying to smooth it out. Urs went to answer the door. It was Rebekka and Seb.
‘Honey…’ Rebekka rushed into the room to hug Amanda.
Amanda hugged her back. Glad for the interruption. She liked Urs. More than liked him. But she wasn’t ready to sleep with him. Not just yet. Anyway, Urs had a girlfriend. Belinda she was called.
‘Rebekka was worried, about Amanda’ Seb explained to Urs their reason for the visit.
‘I guessed that’ Urs nodded, trying to be nice. God. He wished Seb and Rebekka would just go away so he could get back to kissing Amanda. To touching Amanda. God. She had felt so good. So very, very good. It had been a long time since he had last kissed someone. Kissed a woman. Too long now.

Long ago, or so it seemed now, Urs had been in love. With a woman he thought he would always be by his side. He loved her. Had loved her. Still loved her even now. Jenny. They would have been together forever had she not been killed. In an accident. Killed by a drunk driver. He, the drunk driver hadn’t been alone in the car. His partner, girlfriend, had been injured. Jenny had died instantly. His, the drunk drivers girlfriend, seriously injured. He, the driver, had on the other hand had walked away without a scratch on him. Funny that really. The one person who had deserved to die. Or at least been injured ended up with not even a mark on him. Urs didn’t remember his first name, the drunk driver, just the surname - Hamilton. Surprisingly the same name as the hotel they were currently in. It couldn’t be the same people. No. Just a co-incidence. Urs didn’t think after that he would ever be able to love again. And he hadn’t. Sure, many women had tried but they weren’t Jenny. He thought he would die alone. He had been quite prepared to. Until Amanda. In some way Amanda reminded him of Jenny. Sure, they had the same hair colouring and eyes. But it was more than that. He felt a link between them. Jenny and Amanda. A link which was pulling him in too. It intrigued him.
‘I’m ok’ Amanda’s voice bought Urs back then to the present.
‘But honey…’ Rebekka tried.
‘Look, I’ve Urs looking after me’ Amanda then told her.
Urs smiled on hearing Amanda say his name. He liked the way she pronounced it. He never thought that his name, Urs, could sound so sexy but Amanda made it sound that way. Not even Jenny had made Urs’ name sound anything but normal.
‘But is he?’ Rebekka asked Amanda, looking at Urs.
‘He’s made me sleep, made me eat…’ Amanda sighed. Made love to me almost Amanda silently added in her head. Almost. Oh so close. Too close.
‘Helped you to wash’ Seb winked.
‘N…’ Amanda started to say.
‘I’m a good nurse’ Urs interrupted her.
‘Ok’ Rebekka sighed.
Amanda faked a yawn.
‘Come on, time to leave’ Seb smiled, taking Rebekka’s hand and moving her away.
‘I’ll be back, tomorrow ok?’ Rebekka told Amanda.
Amanda nodded, ‘Ok’ she said, faking another yawn.
Seb pulled Rebekka away. Urs closed the door on them with a definite click. He then turned to Amanda, ‘I’d…better let you sleep’ he said.
‘Ok’ Amanda sighed and nodded.
‘I’ll be right next door, should you need me, ok?’ he said, nodding towards his room.
‘Ok’ Amanda smiled a fake smile, ‘thanks’ she added.
‘My pleasure’ Urs nodded, leaving Amanda alone.
Part of Amanda ached to call him back, to finish what he had started. But she couldn’t. It wasn’t right. He already had someone. Lucky, lucky Belinda. Amanda removed her bathrobe and then climbed naked into bed. She couldn’t be bothered with putting her pyjamas on. Not tonight anyway. She settled down, closing her eyes thinking that she wouldn’t sleep. Not tonight. But she was wrong.

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PostSubject: Re: *LOVE WILL FIND A WAY* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 7:07 pm

Chapter Fourteen

Carlos stretched, yawned and turned over. He then pulled Anita closer to him. He hadn’t meant for them to end up in bed together and it wouldn’t have happened, except for a new staff member Anita was in the middle of training had managed to somehow double book two rooms. As Anita lived in the hotel as well as helped to run it, she had cleared her stuff out of her room for the extra guests to stay in. Which, meant technically for the time being, she was homeless with nowhere to sleep. She had thought about sleeping in her office, but the reception desk, which was right behind the office was open 24 hours a day and so always in use by various staff members on duty at the time. Too much distraction would prevent Anita from having a good nights sleep. Which she really, really needed. She had, rather sensibly, confessed this problem to Carlos who had then done the gallant thing by offering Anita his room.
‘I can’t do that’ Anita had laughed at the suggestion after Carlos had told her what he was thinking of doing for her.
‘Why ever not?’ Carlos had asked, smiling at her.
‘It’s your room. You’ve paid to stay here’ Anita pointed out to him.
‘Yes, and?’ had come Carlos’ reply.
‘Thank you, for the kind offer, but no. I can’t accept’ Anita had smiled.
‘Ok, but how about…sharing?’ Carlos had then asked.
‘Sharing?’ Anita had blinked at him.
‘My room is big enough. You could have the bed, me the sofa’ Carlos had suggested. Every room had a small sofa in it. It barely sat two people let alone have enough room for a man of Carlos’ height, 5ft 10, to be able to sleep comfortably on it. It was worth a thought though.

You, on the sofa?’ Anita had replied.
‘Its been done before. It can be done again’ Carlos had beamed.
After much thinking and deciding, Anita had finally agreed. She liked Carlos so sharing anything with him wouldn’t be too big an awful thing to do. She had eventually nodded her agreement, ‘On one condition’ she had smiled.
‘Which is?’ Carlos had carefully asked.
‘I have the sofa to sleep on’
‘But…’ Carlos had tried to argue.
‘Oh no. No’ Anita had interrupted, ‘no arguing or I find somewhere else’
‘Ok’ Carlos had finally sighed, nodding.
It had started out ok. Carlos laying in the spacious double king sized almost sized bed. Anita looking cramped on the sofa. After half an hour Carlos had got up.
‘Ok’ he had said, ‘we’re both adults. That bed is plenty big enough’ he had bent down and picked her up in his arms.
‘Oh Carlos’ she had smiled, not protesting, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and letting him take her to the bed like a sensible person would do.
He’d placed her on the bed and had covered her up.
‘Such a gentleman’ Anita had whispered as Carlos had climbed back into the bed. She had snuggled up to lay in his arms. Carlos hadn’t objected. Just helped her into his welcoming arms. It had been a wonderful surprise on Carlos’ part. Holding the woman he had dreamt about for quite a while safe in his arms. A dream, come true.
Amanda was dreaming. Well, it was more of a nightmare really. Ever since the accident she had suffered from devastating nightmares in which she relived the accident. She didn’t, thankfully, suffer every night from these nightmares. No. They only seemed to haunt her when the day before something nice had happened or she had experienced great pleasure. Kissing Urs again must have bought it on this time. Laying tangled up in her bed covers, Amanda lived out every turn the car had taken. Every bump as it had fallen down the hill. Every tumble. She felt every injury again. Reliving feeling the pain in her stomach as she lost her baby. Feeling her chest collapse. Seeing her fingers of her right hand almost hanging off. Amanda tossed and turned. Sweating. She screamed and called out Lukas’ name.
Urs, hearing Amanda scream charged into her room. He ran to her bedroom. Then he realised. She wasn’t being attacked as he had first thought. She was having a nightmare. He sat near her on her bed, reaching out to smooth some hair from her face.
‘Hey, hey…’ he gently soothed as she carried on moving about in the bed, moaning in her sleep.
‘No. No. NO!’ Amanda screamed. She sat up. Opening her eyes at long last. ‘Urs’ she said on seeing him sitting on her bed.
‘Bad dream?’ he asked, covering up her top part with the sheet. Amanda was, after all, naked in the bed.
‘I…I can’t remember’ Amanda lied.
‘Oh. Ok. Sounded like one though’

Sorry to wake you’ Amanda snapped, laying down again. Then she noticed, Urs was topless, if not naked too. God. He had a wonderful body Amanda thought, staring at his chest hair.
‘I forgot my clothes’ Urs blushed, feeling slightly embarrassed, ‘I thought you were being attacked’ he explained his nakedness.
‘So you rushed in, forgetting clothing’
‘I was worried’ Urs smiled.
‘I’m sure, should I have been attacked, seeing you, like that, would have certainly scared them off!’ Amanda found herself giggling now.
‘Gee, thanks’ Urs replied. But he was smiling as he said it, ‘I’d better get back to bed then’ he made a move to stand up.
‘Stay?’ Amanda asked, the words slipping out before she had given herself time to think about what she was saying. About what she was asking.
‘Is that wise?’ Urs sensibly asked.
‘I don’t know’ Amanda shrugged, ‘but I don’t care’ she added.
‘I’ll need clothes…’
‘No you don’t Urs’ Amanda smiled, opening the bed to him.
‘What are you saying Amanda?’ Urs asked, thinking he was dreaming now.
‘I’m asking you to sleep with me’ Amanda bluntly told him.
‘Sleep…’ Urs mumbled.
‘Yes Urs, sleep’
‘Right. Ok’ Urs nodded, not moving.
‘I’m getting cold here’ Amanda shivered.
‘Oh. Ok’ mumbled Urs.
Amanda sighed. Then Urs made a decision. He could either turn her down and risk never being near her ever again or he could do something that would make all his fantasies come true. The same fantasies he had been having ever since meeting Amanda. He climbed into the bed, hoping against hope that he was making the right choice.

I’ve wanted to do this ever since we first met’ Urs mumbled, starting to kiss and touch, and make love with Amanda.
It had been such a long time since he had last held someone in his arms. Too long. Amanda wasn’t Jenny but she sure tasted and felt like her. Luckily he didn’t groan out the wrong name at the right point. Instead he called out, ‘Mannie’ a name he had called Amanda earlier that night while kissing her. It felt good. Touching, kissing, making love. Perfect. He hadn’t forgotten. Being out of practice Urs was scared he wouldn’t remember what to do. But he did. He remembered it all. Afterwards, Urs held Amanda close, feeling his heart beat. They ended up sleeping, still locked in each others arms all night long.

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PostSubject: Re: *LOVE WILL FIND A WAY* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 7:09 pm

Chapter Fifteen

Seb was upset. He liked Rebekka. A lot. He had, in Rebekka’s words, ‘tried it on’ with her. Unsuccessfully. She had rebuffed his advances, turning him down. Pushing him away when he had started getting more than a little friendly with her.
‘I’m not ready Seb. I need more then just one date’ Rebekka had, sensibly told him before walking away, leaving Seb watching her go. Wondering what he had done wrong when it was all going so right for once. Seb, after a lot of thinking and soul searching, knew she was right but that hadn’t made any difference. His pride still felt dented, damaged. He was French and not used to getting turned down. Usually a smile and a wink worked wonders where all the words in the world seamed to fail. But not this time. Seb was wounded and what made him feel worse was that he knew, deep down inside, that he had been wrong and Rebekka had been right to turn him down. If only to prove a point.

Rebekka was in her room. Having seconds, thirds and even forth thoughts about what she had done to Seb. Turning him down. She had had to do it. She needed to know, in her own heart if it was Seb she wanted or not. Sure, barely a week ago she had been considering asking Urs out but now it felt like it had all changed. Rebekka felt differently now. She liked Urs. Hell, who wouldn’t? He was a gorgeous, well turned out man. Nice to look at. The kind of guy who took, or who seemed to, take care of their appearance. He certainly worked out. Seeing Urs, in his tight t-shirt and jeans was evidence enough of that. But lusting someone from afar and knowing them was two different things and anyway, Rebekka doubted if she was ever Urs’ type. Now, he was looking after Amanda. A thing, Rebekka knew a man only did if he really cared for the one he was taking care of. Earlier, seeing Urs and Amanda together had confirmed it for Rebekka. Urs was a man with the look of love about him. It shone out of his eyes so brightly. Making it so obvious. Rebekka wasn’t upset at this. No. She was happy for him. Happy for Amanda too. Amanda deserved to be happy and if Urs was the one to do the job, then good luck to the both of them.
But that still didn’t solve Rebekka’s problem. The ‘How did she feel about Seb?’ problem. The biggie. And until she worked that out, she couldn’t take their relationship any further. If it was a relationship rather then just a friendship they were having. A friendship which included a lot, and I mean a lot, of kissing and touching and groping. A hell of a lot. For Rebekka knew - that Seb liked Amanda. Were they getting together a rebound thing? Deep inside, Rebekka hoped not.

Ana and David were in bed. Together. After David had acted as quite a gentlemen in completely impressing Ana she had made a decision. She liked David. More than liked him. And she wanted to get to know him every way it was possible to know someone. For a woman to know a man. She already knew he could be serious, and sensible by the way he had handed the information she was a mother. He had been reliable. Turning up at her place on time to collect hers and Bobby’s things. Now she knew he could be funny too. While making Bobby, and her laugh during Bobby’s bath time. Plus, he hadn’t even lost his temper or moaned or complained or screamed at her like other men had done in the past when Bobby had suddenly started screaming or had been sick, or ruined/damaged their belongings. No. David had just scooped Bobby up in his arms and had laughed. ‘I can always buy another one’ when he had chewed David’s favourite belt. Then Bobby had found a pen and had scribbled all over a book of David’s. He had said, ‘Great design mate’ then had gently replaced the book with some paper.
‘I’m sorry’ Ana had apologised, holding her breath, waiting for the complaint to come. Waiting for an argument to come. An argument which would mean Ana and Bobby had to go. Again. Just like the last time. Just like every time Ana had hoped she had found someone. She had always, always been wrong.

‘Hey, no need to apologise’ David had leaned over and had kissed her cheek, ‘no harm done’ he had smiled. Ana was surprised. She had been expecting a slap. Or something like that. Not a kiss. A kiss that said he didn’t mind. That he wasn’t angry with her. Ana breathed a sigh of relief and hoped. Could this man be the one? The one who wanted Ana and all her baggage? Who wouldn’t turn her away when things got too messy or involved?
‘You’re….you’re not angry’ Ana had replied.
‘For what?’ David had asked, sounding puzzled.
‘For Bobby, ruining things…’
‘He’s young. Its not his fault. Anyway, its just stuff. Nothing important. Nothing that can’t be replaced’ David had shrugged.
‘I expected you to be angry. Upset’ Ana had mumbled.
‘No. Not me’
‘Others have’
‘I’m not like the other men’ David had sensibly pointed out to her. He wondered what these other men had done to her. He wanted to ask but was scared to, just in case she pushed him away for asking too much, much too soon. David needed to be careful and tread carefully. He wanted this relationship to succeed. He needed to bay his time where Ana was concerned.
‘No, you’re not. You’re nice’ Ana had smiled.
‘Too nice, sometimes’ David had sighed.
‘Nice doesn’t get the lady’ David had shrugged, sadly.
‘No? well, in this case, it does’ Ana had smiled back at him.
‘Oh?’ David had carefully asked.
‘I like you David. I like you a lot’
‘I like you too Ana’
‘I was wondering. Tonight, can I change my mind?’ Ana had then asked.
‘You want to go?’ David had asked, sighing. He knew this was too good to be true.
‘No. I want to be with you. Sleep with you’ Ana had surprised him by saying instead.
‘I’d like that’ David had smiled, he had been surprised, happily, surprised by that reply.
‘Me too’ Ana had smiled back.
Originally, this being a family room David, Ana and Bobby were in, David was going to let Ana and Bobby sleep in the big king sized bed while he slept in the single bed made up in the other part which had a door dividing the rooms.
Now, as Ana wanted David to be with her, Bobby would sleep in the bed that he was going to first sleep in. the single bed. In the end, David, Ana and Bobby shared the king sized bed. All snuggled up together. Looking like one big happy family. David didn’t mind Bobby being there. In fact, it had been his suggestion when Bobby had started crying during the night.

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PostSubject: Re: *LOVE WILL FIND A WAY* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 7:13 pm

Chapter Sixteen

Amanda woke with dread in her heart. She knew something was different but couldn’t remember what it was until she finally opened her eyes. She wasn’t alone. Another person was sharing her bed. Then it all came flooding back. The nightmare. Urs rushing in, thinking she was being attacked. Then her asking him to stay the night. Holding him in her arms. Kissing him. Touching him all over. It had been wonderful until this morning. Then Amanda remembered Belinda. Urs’ girlfriend. Amanda had done the one thing she swore never to do. Sleep with a taken man. It was no good. Amanda was now officially ‘the other woman’. Something she had sworn would never happen to her. Amanda wasn’t the type who could have an affair with an already taken man and feel a 100% happy about it. She wasn’t made that way no matter how much she really wished she could be.
God. No. It couldn’t continue. Amanda couldn’t have an affair. She wouldn’t. Not now. Not ever. It had been a magical night but not one that could ever be repeated. It couldn’t be repeated. Not ever. Amanda wouldn’t let it be repeated. It was bad enough it had happened in the first place. And why had it happened? Amanda didn’t know what had come over her the night before on seeing Urs. She just knew, that she had to have him no matter what and she had. She had had him and had enjoyed it. More than she thought she would. Especially after Lukas. It had been too soon after him. Amanda must have been in shock that is the only explanation she could possibly come up with. Yes. She was in shock still over losing Lukas. That made sense. That made a lot of sense. Being in shock over losing her loved one. Not that she loved Lukas. She doubted that she had ever really loved him in the way she was meant to love him. Amanda sat up, forcing herself to get out of the bed, and leaving Urs still sleeping, the covers covering his chest as he breathed in and out, in and out. She ran into the bathroom. She needed to wash her sins away. She took a long shower. A hot shower. The hottest she could stand, wanting to burn away her skin almost. Cleaning herself. Washing all of her. Scrubbing at her skin. Trying to rid her skin of all the bruises and scratches she had received last night during their lovemaking. Amanda felt ashamed of what they had done. She couldn’t, no matter how she tried, to get last night out of her head. Every time she closed her eyes the memory came flooding back in glorious Technicolor. Amanda groaned out loud and opened her eyes. Urs was standing in the bathroom, naked, looking at her. Smiling at her. He made a move to open the shower door. Amanda held it firmly closed. He couldn’t join her. She wouldn’t let him. Then she saw him shake his head and finally get the message and leave the bathroom.
By the time Amanda finally left the bathroom she expected to find Urs gone. To be alone. But no. Urs was still there, sitting on the bed, dressed in a hotel bathrobe now, hands on his knees, his hair all messed up.
‘You’re still here…’ Amanda said on seeing him.
‘Yes, I am’ he agreed, looking up at her.
‘Why?’ Amanda asked, clutching at her bathrobe, holding it tightly closed.
‘I’ve a feeling you’re regretting last night’ Urs sighed.
‘It was a…a mistake’
‘A mistake?’ he asked.
‘Should have never happened’ Amanda added.
‘Why not?’
‘Oh yes. Her’ Urs nodded. He suddenly remembered Belinda now. His fictional girlfriend. Oh why oh why had he lied about having someone? Why couldn’t he have just said, ‘Hey, actually I don’t have a girlfriend. But I want you to be it’. But no. No. He had to go along and pretend. Bloody, bloody pretend girlfriend Belinda!!
‘I can’t…I won’t let myself become the other woman. I can’t. That’s not me’ Amanda told him.
‘Ok’ Urs sighed, standing up now.
‘No, don’t apologise’ Urs sighed again, walking towards the door now, then he turned around. He looked straight at Amanda. Then he was gone. Closing the door behind him with a definite ‘’click’’. Amanda sat herself down on the now empty bed, picked up a pillow Urs had used the night before and cried her heart out. What had she done? Sending him away? But she had to. She had to. It was the right thing to do. The right thing. Or was it? Amanda didn’t know anymore.
Urs, was working his frustrations and anger out in the hotel’s gym. He did that occasionally. Not only was it good for muscle building and developing but when he wanted to rid himself of his anger to the gym he went. It saved him taking his anger out on his friends. It was he who had the problem usually not them. He used the punch bag, running machine and weights. David found Urs on the work bench, lifting weights.
‘You’re angry again’ David immediately guessed by the look on Urs’ face.
‘Yes, I am’ Urs said. He had that knack. Of being able to lift weights and talk at the same time without sounding like he was out of breath. Not something David had ever learnt how to do no matter how he had tried.
‘Why mate?’ David asked.
Urs sighed, ‘I’m…in love’ he confessed.
‘You are allowed’ David smiled.
‘But I feel guilty…’
‘You loved Jenny. We all loved her. But I’m sure she would want you to move on with your life. To be with someone new’ David interrupted his friend.
‘Someone who thinks I’ve just cheated on my girlfriend with her’ Urs sighed again.
‘She knew about Jenny?’ David asked. If Urs had told her his new love about Jenny then it was definitely progress on Urs’ part.
‘No’ Urs sighed, ‘I lied. I made up a name’
‘But…why?’ David was puzzled at this.
‘I love Amanda’
‘Aah’ David nodded. David recognised the name. Amanda. The lead violinist in their orchestra. She was lovely David thought. He remembered her because he thought she would be perfect for Urs. And now they had a relationship. Great.
‘She has…had, a boyfriend’
‘So you lied’
‘To save face’ David nodded again.
‘Yes’ Urs let out a long sigh now.
‘Oh mate…’
‘I was going to…ask her out…’
‘Then she mentioned the boyfriend’ David realised.
‘So I made Belinda up…’
‘Amanda was sitting on her bed at the time’
‘Aah. Yes. Bed. Belinda’ David nodded.
‘Now she thinks I’ve cheated on…Belinda’ Urs sighed a long, sad sigh this time.
‘Oh mate…’
‘I love her. And I’ve ruined it all. I’ve blown it’ Urs shook his head.
‘No you haven’t’ David tried.
‘I have’ Urs insisted, ‘first time since Jenny and I’ve blown it’
‘Why don’t you tell Amanda about Jenny?’ David then suggested.
‘Tell her what?’ Urs asked, putting his weights down now. He was barely sweating David noticed. Dressed in a pair of short shorts and a vest top.
‘What happened? Why you’ve lied…about this fictional girlfriend. This…Belinda’
‘She’d think I’m a head case’ Urs picked up a towel, starting to rub at his chest with it.
‘You’re not’ David defended Urs from himself.
You think?’ Urs asked.
‘I know you’re not’ David smiled. But Urs wasn’t convinced. Not one bit.

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Chapter Seventeen

Amanda needed to talk to someone. Someone who would understand just how confused she was feeling over Urs. Over Lukas. Over everything that had happened to her just recently. But the question was who? Amanda had lost all her really good friends when she had got together with Lukas. They had all warned her about him. To be wary of him breaking her heart but Amanda hadn’t listened. She had thought what she and Lukas had was it. Forever. She hadn’t to know that she would be wrong and her friends all right. But they weren’t her friends anymore. They had all left her. While wondering who could she possibly trust enough to talk to she came across Rebekka.
Rebekka was sitting in the hotel’s café, nursing a cold cup of coffee while softly crying to herself.
‘Oh honey, what’s wrong?’ Amanda carefully asked, while gently touching her shoulder as not to scare or frighten her away.
Rebekka blinked and looked up, she sniffed, ‘I’m ok. Really’
Amanda sat down opposite her, ‘You can tell me. I don’t mind’
‘No, really’ Rebekka smiled, blowing her nose and wiping at her eyes.
‘Ok. But I’ve been told, I’m a good listener’ said Amanda.
‘Thanks’ Rebekka nodded, ‘how are…how are you anyway?’ she then asked.
‘Confused’ sighed Amanda.
‘Confused?’ a puzzled Rebekka asked in reply.
‘Urs and I…we did something. Something we shouldn’t have’
‘Oh?’ Rebekka asked, looking up at Amanda, ‘like what?’ she asked.
‘We…’ Amanda sighed, ‘we slept together’ she whispered.
‘You….? Oh!’
‘And we shouldn’t have’
‘Because of Lukas?’ Rebekka asked.
‘No. Because he, Urs…has a girlfriend’
‘No he hasn’t’
‘Eh, what?’ Amanda asked.
‘Urs, is single’
‘Seb told me. Urs is single’ Rebekka repeated.
‘Then who is Belinda?’
‘Belinda. The name Urs told me his girlfriend was called’
‘I don’t know. I don’t know’ Rebekka shook her head in slight confusion.
‘Hmmm…I wonder’ Amanda muttered.
‘I’ve…a problem too’ Rebekka then confessed to Amanda.
‘Go on?’
‘Seb and I…we’ve been dating’
‘Ok. That’s good, isn’t it?’
‘Yes. No. Oh, I don’t know’ sighed Rebekka.
‘Don’t you like him?’ Amanda asked.
‘I do. I do. Oh I do. So much’ Rebekka smiled a little smile.
‘But…?’ Amanda sensibly asked, sensing one coming.
‘But I like Urs too…’ Rebekka sighed.
‘Oh. Ok’ Amanda nodded. Surprised at this.
‘But I know he doesn’t like me. At least not in that way’
‘He might do’ Amanda offered.
‘Oh Amanda. He’s crazy about you’ Rebekka interrupted her.
‘Sor…’ Crazy. About her? Was Rebekka having a joke with Amanda? Amanda didn’t know. Part of her hoped that she was. Part of her hoped that she wasn’t.
‘Which is great. Wonderful. But I’m still confused’ again, Rebekka interrupted Amanda. This time her apology. Although why she was apologising she didn’t know. But she felt like she should be doing. So she did.
Who, do you like most?’ Amanda asked.
Without thinking, Rebekka answered, ‘Seb’
‘There’s your answer then’
‘Hey. You’re right’ smiled Rebekka, ‘but I still turned him down’ she sighed.
‘When?’ Amanda asked.
‘Last night’ Rebekka sighed again.
‘He wanted us to….but I turned him down’
‘You were confused’ Amanda soothed.
‘I wanted to’ admitted Rebekka.
‘Aah…’ Amanda nodded.
‘I should go and see him’ Rebekka then decided, standing up.
‘Ok. Good luck’
‘Thanks’ Rebekka smiled, then she said, ‘you should go and see Urs too’
‘I can’t…’ sighed Amanda.
‘Why not?’
‘He and I…we shouldn’t have…’
‘Why not?’ Rebekka asked her again.
‘I was upset. I’m missing Lukas…’
‘But are you thought?’
‘No, not really’ Amanda admitted to someone at long last.
‘Well then’
‘He was….Urs, he was…he only….because I was upset and needed comforting’ Amanda sighed.
‘I hardly think so’
‘But he did’
‘No one sleeps with someone just because they are upset’
‘Urs might have done..’ Amanda tried.
‘No. Not even Urs’
‘Go and see him. Ask him’ Rebekka then sensibly suggested.
‘Ok, I’ll go’ Amanda sighed again, standing up.
‘Good. And good luck to you too’ Rebekka pulled Amanda into a hug.
Amanda gratefully hugged back. Then she watched a much happier and brighter Rebekka walk away to find Seb. The guy she did like. Sure, she liked Urs too. But Amanda could see that Rebekka more than liked Seb. She loved him. Every time Rebekka mentioned Seb her whole face would light up like someone had flipped a switch on a light bulb. It was that obvious to see. Amanda wondered if what she felt for Urs was like that too. That people could tell just by looking at her. She didn’t know. Too afraid to take a good look at herself in the mirror to see or to ask anyone else. Amanda didn’t want to get hurt. Not again. Not after what happened last time. Amanda automatically reached for her stomach in protection. But of course there was nothing there anymore to protect. Hadn’t been for a long time. The car crash had seen to that ‘little problem’ as Lukas had used. The ‘little problem’ being her baby. Their baby. The one Amanda had wanted but Lukas hadn’t. Well, there never would be a baby now. Not now that he was gone and Amanda was left all alone without anyone to care about, without anyone to love or to love her. She would be alone for the rest of her life. Unloved and alone. Like she always thought she would be. Oh well.
With legs that were shaking with nerves for some reason, Amanda went to find Urs. After an extensive search of the hotel she eventually found him in the hotel’s gym, which was situated in the basement next to the swimming pool. For a few moments Amanda stood and watched Urs. He was on the treadmill. Hair tied back in a ponytail, wearing shorts that showed his thighs and a vest top. Amanda swallowed, taking in the beauty of the man. He was awe inspiring to look at. Amanda tried and failed not to drool. At least not that much that it was obviously noticeable. Then Urs turned and saw her. His face changed from a smile to a frown.
‘Err…hi’ Amanda nervously coughed.
‘Amanda’ Urs nodded.
‘I need….I think we need…to…to talk’ Amanda coughed again, walking over to where he was.
‘About what?’ Urs asked, looking away.
‘About…last night’ Amanda mumbled.
‘You’ve already told me. It was a mistake’
‘Yes, it was’ Amanda nodded in agreement.
‘What then?’ Urs asked, switching off the treadmill. He looked at her.
‘We need to…to talk’ Amanda nervously licked at her lips. Something she did when she was really, really nervous.
‘Don’t’ Urs groaned, his eyes on her mouth.
‘Don’t what…?’ Amanda innocently asked, she had not one idea what she did to Urs. What she was doing to him at this precise moment.
‘Just don’t’ Urs said. He started to walk towards her.
Amanda automatically backed away. Urs walked towards her again. Amanda backed away again. Then she hit the wall behind her. Urs reached out, placing a hand either side of her face, trapping her. Then he started lowering his face towards hers.
‘Don’t’ whispered Amanda.
‘Oh no. No. This I have to do’ muttered Urs, placing his mouth on hers. Amanda groaned and found herself kissing him back. She was just about to put her arms around him when she remembered Belinda. Urs’ girlfriend. Fake or otherwise. She made a decision and regrettably pushed him away.
‘What the…?’ Urs asked, looking puzzled at her.
‘Belinda’ Amanda reminded him.
‘What about her?’
‘She’s your girlfriend’ Amanda sighed.
‘No she isn’t’ Urs surprised her by saying.
‘Meaning?’ Amanda asked, heart in her mouth.
‘We…we split up’ lied Urs.
‘When?’ Amanda suspiciously asked.
‘Before you and I met’
‘I don’t believe you’ Amanda sighed at him.
‘Why not?’ Urs asked.
‘Give me one reason, why I should?’ Amanda asked in reply.
‘Learn to trust me and you’ll see plenty of reasons to believe me’
‘No’ Amanda shook her head.
‘Why not?’ Urs asked again.
‘Because you’ll do what all the other men do. Make me love you then leave me’ Amanda held back a sob. She didn’t, no, she wouldn’t let another man ever again hurt her. Make her cry. She had wasted enough tears over Lukas and look how that had turned out? He had almost killed her.
‘I’m not like Lukas’ Urs told her.
‘Oh no?’ Amanda challenged.
‘No’ Urs shook his head.
‘Then tell me, who is Jenny?’ Amanda then surprised him by asking.
Urs sighed and moved away. He turned his face away and whispered so quietly that Amanda almost, almost, didn’t hear him say with tears rolling down his face she noticed, ‘She’s my dead fiancée’.

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Chapter Eighteen

Rebekka nervously knocked on Seb’s room door. He opened it only wearing a bathrobe. Experiencing a touch of déjà vu, Rebekka walked into the room.
‘You’re back’ he said on seeing her.
‘I am. Yes’ Rebekka nodded, surprised at herself for being able to speak. She was staring at his hairy knees. She loved hairy knees. Hairy anything if it was Seb.
‘I thought I’d lost you, forever’ Seb sighed at her.
‘Oh Seb…’ Rebekka whispered, finally looking him in the eyes now.
Seb looked up at her, What?’ he asked.
‘You didn’t lose me’
‘Because I never had you in the first place…’ Seb again sighed.
‘No, not that’
‘What then?’ Seb nervously asked.
‘I was confused…puzzled’
‘About?’ Seb asked. He had to know.
‘At first‘ Rebekka took a breath, trying to make the words come out slowly. She didn’t want to rush this and ruin it, ‘I did like Urs as well as you’

‘I knew it’ muttered Seb under his breath.
‘And ok, I lied and I shouldn’t have’
‘Its ok. I understand’ Seb sadly sighed, fearing the worst.
‘But now I know how I feel’
‘And it isn’t me’ Seb jumped to a conclusion. The wrong one.
‘And it is YOU’ Rebekka corrected him.
‘Eh?’ Seb stared at her now like he was seeing her for the first time.
‘I like you Seb. I more than like you’ Rebekka lightly smiled at him.
‘I’ Rebekka coughed now, ‘love you’ she finished in a whisper.
‘Oh Bekka…’ Seb pulled her into his arms, ‘I love you too’ he happily smiled.
‘Take me to bed?’ Rebekka then asked. She liked the way he called her Bekka. Made her boring name, for Rebekka thought she had a boring name, sound much more interesting. Much more wonderful. Much more intimate. And she liked that thought. Being intimate with Seb. It felt nice that thought.
‘Are you sure…?’
‘I’m sure Seb. I’m more than sure’ Rebekka smiled up at him.
‘Then yes please’ Seb beamed, sweeping her easily into his arms.
Seb had spent years searching for his ‘’the one’’ and just as he was going to give up looking and be forever alone he had finally found someone extra special. His Bekka. Rebekka. It had taken a long time but at last Seb was hopeful. Since he had been a little boy he had wanted to be a prince, ready and waiting to sweep his fairytale princess off her feet, but she had never come. He had looked and looked. Had met some wonderful ladies, but none of them were right. Sure, he had dated. Fallen in love. Had his heart broken. Broken more than his fair share of hearts along the way, searching, but he hadn’t believed that he would find the one woman he was beyond compatible with. The woman he would be perfect with. He had looked and now, just before he was going to give up all hope along had come Rebekka. Wonderful, beautiful Rebekka. A woman just like him. Gazing into her eyes was just like looking into his own. Not that he had ever gazed into his own eyes. But still. Anyway, Rebekka’s eyes seemed to be more passionate, more expressive then his could ever be. He had taken one, ok, he had taken two looks and had fallen head over heels for her. His perfect woman. And now she loved him back. Perfect. What more could be ask for? Seb was happy. Ecstatic. Over the moon. He felt wonderful, like nothing could ever come along and destroy the happiness he now felt at this moment in time. He held Rebekka in his arms, kissing, touching, making gentle, sweet, passionate love to her. With her. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.

Carlos spent the day acting like Anita’s second in command. He didn’t want to leave her side. Not even for a moment. Every now and again they would sneak into the office for a quick kiss. Well, nothing in Carlos’ world could ever be quick. A quick kiss meant five minutes of doing nothing but kissing and touching each other. Whispering promises of what was to come that night. In the really busy moments Carlos would feel like he was dying - not being able to reach out and touch Anita. With her he felt complete. Without her he felt as though a part of him was missing. Nothing made sense until Anita was near him again, touching him again. Touching her again. And Anita felt the same.

The more time she spent with Carlos, the more in love she could feel herself fall. it was scary. After Nathaniel had died Anita had sworn never to fall in love again, but it was still happening. Anita’s heart was opening up and welcoming Carlos in. And nothing she could do would stop it from happening. Anita didn’t want it to stop. She liked the feeling. Of loving someone again. Of learning to trust in someone again. She knew, that no matter what ever happened, without asking, that Carlos would never, ever let her down or break her heart. That he would be around for as long as Anita wanted him around. And, at the moment Anita never wanted to ever have to let him go. She felt that certain, that sure of him. Working along side by side they made a good team. They fitted in every way. It felt nice. It felt more than nice. Right. They were perfect for each other.

David, Ana and Bobby were at a local zoo. David had already bought Bobby a very large tiger toy plus a bag full of plastic spiders as Bobby loved spiders. David and Bobby were now at the zoo’s adventure playground, David was standing at the bottom of the baby slide while Bobby climbed the steps. He would slide down, David catch him, swing him up in the air and listen to Bobby giggle. He made a good father Ana noticed as she watched David and Bobby interact. David could make Bobby laugh, no matter what. When Bobby cried David was there, tickling him, pulling funny faces. Taking Bobby’s tears, and pain, away.
‘They look good together’ one mum had commented to Ana.
‘They do, don’t they?’ Ana had smiled back.
‘Wish my husband was like that around our children’ another mum had said.
‘You can see the resemblance’ commented a third mother, watching David and Bobby together.
Ana didn’t correct any of the mum’s. For looking at David he and Bobby did look like each other. Bobby had never looked like his father. Like Lukas. Well, Ana thought Lukas was Bobby’s father. She wouldn’t know for sure. You see, Bobby wasn’t actually Ana’s but her identical twin sisters child.

Named Roberta. Roberta had died while giving birth to Bobby. Ana had stepped in, to become Bobby’s mother. A job she had never regretted taking on. Now she hoped she and David could make things work between them so she could finally become a mother herself. Ana was in love with David. But didn’t know if he loved her. Sure, he liked her but he seemed to prefer Bobby more. And Ana was worried, that David only wanted her so he could have an already made family. She needed to find the courage from somewhere to ask him. But was scared about what his reaction would be when she finally did. Would it have a positive, or a negative outcome? And that scared Ana the most. Not knowing how it would turn out.
‘Come on sweetie, time to go’ David picked up a giggling Bobby.
‘Sleepy eh?’ Ana asked Bobby, stroking his head.
Bobby yawned, ‘No’ he lied.
‘I am’ David told him, faking a yawn.
‘Night-time’ Bobby then decided.
David carried him back to the hotel, while Ana pushed the empty buggy. Well, empty of child. It had the large tiger toy and bag of spiders in it plus a large balloon tide to a handle. One that read, ‘I love my Mummy’ which David had insisted he buy for Ana. Little did he know. If only Bobby was Ana’s son. If only.

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Chapter Nineteen

‘Your….your dead fiancée…?’ Amanda asked, sounding shocked as she stared at Urs.
‘Yes’ he sighed.
‘You were….you were…’ she mumbled back at him.
‘Yes, I was engaged’
‘But she…died’ Amanda swallowed.
‘Yes. She died’ Urs agreed sadly.
‘How…?’ Amanda asked, licking her lips.
Urs groaned, ‘In a car crash’ he muttered, looking away. She was doing that thing again. That licking her lips thing. God. He wanted to kiss her again. But he couldn’t. Not while she was asking about Jenny. His dead fiancée. The woman he had loved oh so very much. The woman he still loved. Would always love.
‘Oh. Right. Sorry’ Amanda felt the need to apologise.
‘No, don’t. It was…it was a while ago…’
‘How long?’
‘Two years almost’ Urs sighed.
Amanda held her breath, ‘Where….?’ she nervously asked. Dreading the answer.
‘In Denmark’
Oh god. Oh god. Oh god! Oh no! Lukas! Lukas had killed her! The accident, their accident, the one that almost ended Amanda’s career. That night Lukas hit someone, killing them as the car had crashed. A woman. Amanda had remembered. A pregnant woman she had later found out.
‘Oh god…’ Amanda muttered, feeling her legs turn to jelly. Urs caught her just before she completely collapsed.
‘I’m sorry’ Urs apologised. ‘I shouldn’t have…’ he thought it was his fault.
‘Why not?’ a puzzled Amanda asked.
‘Because your…died the same way’
Then Amanda realised. He had no idea. No idea at all as to who had killer her. His Jenny. The woman who’s name he had whispered in his sleep as he held Amanda tight. His dead fiancée. He didn’t know who had killed her. Amanda and Lukas. If only they hadn’t had that fight. Then Jenny would still be alive. Urs would be a father. Amanda would be a mother. But it was that part which had caused the fight in the first place. Amanda being pregnant. She had wanted the baby. Lukas hadn’t. He had tried to get her to get rid of it, the baby, but Amanda had held fast. She wouldn’t get rid of a life. It wasn’t fair. The baby had a right to live. She had a right to have her child. It had caused a huge argument in which had ended up with Lukas not looking where he was driving. Killing Jenny who had been crossing the road at the time and causing Amanda to be seriously injured and lose her longed for baby. Lukas had never mentioned the baby after that. Amanda hadn’t either. She couldn’t bring herself to think about her dead child for it always made her angry. Angry enough to want to hit someone and to break down and cry. And Amanda was scared - should she start crying she may never have stopped.

So she kept it all bottled up inside of her. Like a wound she was afraid to pick at in case it bled and never stopped bleeding. Amanda turned and ran then. She couldn’t stay near Urs a moment longer. She was afraid that if she did, she would end up blurting it all out what she knew and end up breaking Urs’ heart in the process. So she ran as fast as her legs could take her.

David, Ana and Bobby walked back into the hotel just in time to see Amanda in floods of tears run towards them. David set Bobby down and caught Amanda in his arms.
‘Hey there, hey…’ he said, holding her by her arms.
‘Let me go, please’ Amanda pleaded, sniffing.
‘Oh no, not until you tell me what’s wrong?’ David asked, sounding concerned for her.
‘I…I can’t’ Amanda sobbed.
Bobby toddled up to Amanda then. She saw him and sank to her knees. He reminded her of someone. But she couldn’t place who.
‘Lo’ Bobby smiled, holding his arms out towards her.
‘Lo’ Amanda gave a watery smile, pulling Bobby into her arms.
She knelt there, tears running down her face, hugging Bobby to her.
David explained to Ana who Amanda was. She tried not to gasp when he mentioned Lukas being her dead boyfriend.
Then Urs came rushing around the corner, still dressed in his gym outfit of shorts and vest. Passing two woman who gasped and gazed at Urs he called out,
Amanda looked up at him. She looked puzzled to see him.
‘Wish my name was Amanda’ one of the woman swooned, staring at Urs.
‘Go away’ Amanda cried. He was the last person she wanted to see.
‘No’ Urs told her, ‘I won’t. I can’t’

‘But you have to’ Amanda pulled herself away from Bobby and stood up on shaky feet.
‘I don’t understand’ Urs muttered, sounding puzzled.
‘Go away before I completely ruin your life’ Amanda sobbed, rushing away, out of the hotel.
Urs made a move to stop her, ‘No mate, let her go. For now’ David advised, standing in his way.
‘But I don’t understand…’ Urs muttered, looking in the direction Amanda had gone. Crying. She was upset and it was all his fault. He knew that but he couldn’t understand why. The why part puzzled him more then he could say. What had he done? He needed to find Amanda, to ask her, but he couldn’t. At least not yet he couldn’t. But he would. He needed to get things sorted. He needed to know why Amanda was so upset and what he could do to make her feel better again. He would die if he couldn’t make Amanda smile again. He needed her more than his body needed air, food or water to be able to live. Without Amanda his reason for living would be no more. She was more that essential to him. She was everything to him. Everything.

Amanda ran and ran. Tears blurring her vision. She knew where she was going without thinking. To the pier where Urs and she had had their first ice cream tasting kiss. That one sensuous kiss had started it all. When Amanda reached the pier she sank down on a near by bench, buried her face in her hands and let the tears come. And come they did. She and Urs weren’t meant to be. Not now. Not ever. They couldn’t be. It was her fault he had never got to marry the woman he loved. Her arguing with Lukas in the car had killed his one chance at happiness. Amanda would never again be able to look him in the eye knowing what she had done. He would have to know. Eventually. She realised that now. He wouldn’t leave her alone until she told him then he would hate her. He would see that it was her fault he was heartbroken and would hate her. Amanda wouldn’t blame him. She already didn’t. For she knew it was only what she deserved. Urs hating her until the day she died. Amanda wanted to die now but was too chicken to do it. For she knew - if she died today she would kill not only herself but the baby she knew she and Urs had created which she could already feel inside her, moving about. Slowing making its presents known in her body. Minute by minute developing, growing, coming to life and she couldn’t do that again. Lose another baby. Not again.

David finally let Urs go - once he thought he wouldn’t go running after Amanda, trying to find her. But of course David was wrong. For Urs did go and find Amanda. He had to. He knew where she would be too without having to think. At the pier where they had had shared their first ice cream tasting kiss. Urs was right. For there she was. Sitting with her head in her hands, crying her eyes out. He sat down besides her, placing a hand on her shoulder but Amanda shrugged it away.
‘Don’t touch me’ she cried.
‘Why not?’ he asked.
‘You hate me…’ Amanda sobbed.
‘No I don’t’ Urs tried touching her again. Again she shrugged him off.
‘I hate myself’ Amanda then cried.
‘What? Why?’

‘I…I killed your fiancée’ Amanda sobbed.
‘You…what?’ a stunned Urs asked.
‘I…’ Amanda made herself look up at him, ‘I killed your fiancée’ she repeated, watching for his reaction. She waited, holding her breath. Waited for anger. Tears even. Or to be smacked. Nothing came. Nothing. Just a stunned expression on Urs’ face. His jaw dropped open in shock at her words.
‘I killed your fiancée’ Amanda repeated, in a clearer voice now.

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Chapter Twenty

’You did what…?’ Urs finally asked, staring at Amanda.
‘It was me. I killed her. Jenny’ Amanda started crying again.
‘You were driving the car…?’ asked Urs.
‘Well then’ Urs interrupted.
‘But I caused it’ Amanda sobbed.
‘How? Tell me how?’ Urs asked. His voice was softer now. Calmer than it had been before. Before he had been shouting almost. Rude in his tone. Then again he had just found out the worst possible thing to hear. Who could blame him? Amanda didn’t.
‘I…I can’t’ Amanda shook her head. She couldn’t look at him. Just couldn’t.
Urs reached out a hand, touching her face. Cupping her chin. Forcing her to move her head towards him. Amanda closed her eyes.

‘Look at me…’ Urs whispered, his voice next to her ear.
‘No…’ Amanda sobbed, squeezing her eyes shut, blocking out any light.
Then Urs’ mouth touched hers. Without meaning to, Amanda found herself returning the kiss. Responding to him.
‘Oh Mannie…’ Urs then whispered. That nickname bought her to her senses. Amanda pulled away. Forcing herself to move away. She so didn’t want to but she had to. She was responsible for Urs’ broken heart. They couldn’t kiss anymore. It wasn’t right. It wasn’t. Even if it did feel so right. But it was wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.
‘NO. STOP IT!’ Amanda shouted, pushing him away at last.
‘But I can’t’ Urs sighed, trying to touch her again.
Amanda opened her eyes, ‘We have to stop. We have to’
‘No. I don’t want to’ Urs replied, reaching out a hand.
‘Don’t’ Amanda warned, snapping his hand away.
‘I can’t’ Urs said again, ‘I love you’
‘Oh god’ Amanda cried out.
‘I love you’ Urs repeated.
‘No. Please don’t’ sobbed Amanda.
‘I love you’ Urs said a third time, pulling a protesting Amanda into his arms. She started beating his chest with her fist. But Urs still held her.
‘Let me go’ Amanda struggled as Urs held her even tighter.
‘No’ Urs muttered.
‘You don’t need me’
‘I don’t care, about needing you. I love you’
‘Please, don’t say that. You don’t mean it. You…you can’t mean it’ Amanda sobbed against his shoulder.
‘Oh but I do. I do’ Urs soothed, rubbing her back.
‘No. NO’ Amanda insisted.

You love me too’ Urs then realised.
‘I don’t. I can’t. Its my fault. My fault’ Amanda sobbed, trying to pull away. She had to get away. To leave. She couldn’t stay. Not anymore. It wasn’t right. Not anymore. Not now. She couldn’t love Urs. She couldn’t. But she did. From the very first moment she had seen him she had fallen. But now he knew the truth. Or almost the truth and still he loved Amanda back. It wasn’t right. By rights he should be hating her. He should be screaming at her. Glaring at her. Not holding her in his arms so gently. So close. Rubbing her back. Still acting like a man in love. How could be love her still? It wasn’t right. He wasn’t playing along with the rules. The rules that say he should hate her. These rules made sense. This, none of this, made sense to Amanda. None of it.
‘It isn’t your fault’ Urs told her.
‘It is. It is’ Amanda sobbed, again trying to push him away, but Urs still held fast.
‘Tell me then’ Urs then asked.
‘I can’t….I can’t’ Amanda shook her head.
‘Tell me, make me understand, and I’ll let you go’ Urs then told her.
Amanda sighed. Loudly.
‘Tell me, and I’ll let you go’ Urs repeated, hearing Amanda’s sigh.
She blinked. ‘The night of the accident…I didn’t find out until later that we’d…that we’d…killed someone’

We?’ Urs, puzzled asked.
‘Lukas, and I’
‘He was driving the car’ Amanda sighed again.
‘I knew it’ Urs muttered on hearing Amanda’s confirmation.
‘We were…arguing, Lukas didn’t look where he was going…’
‘Arguing, about what?’ Urs then interrupted.
‘I was…I was…pregnant. Lukas didn’t want me to have it. The baby’
‘Oh god’ muttered Urs, ‘because of your career?’ he then asked.
‘No. He hated children. But I wanted it. The baby’ Amanda sobbed.
‘So he crashed the car?’
‘He grabbed my hand, my right hand…’
‘He broke it?’ Urs interrupted to ask.
‘Yes. He broke it’ Amanda confirmed.
‘To make you change your mind?’
‘Partly’ Amanda shrugged.
‘But you…stayed with him. You got back with him…’ Urs was puzzled. He had hurt her and still Amanda had stayed with Lukas. He couldn’t work out why she would do that.
‘He said it was my fault…that I cause the accident’ Amanda let out a sob.
‘He was driving’ Urs said.
‘But I distracted him…’ Amanda emphasised the ‘I’ part.
‘How?’ still Urs was puzzled as to why.
‘Because I told him, about the baby’ Amanda cried out, trying to make Urs understand.
‘A baby he didn’t want’ said Urs.
‘Yes’ sighed Amanda.
‘But you did?’ Urs then asked.
‘I lost a child too’ Urs then cried, letting Amanda go. It was her chance to run away but she didn’t. She couldn’t anymore. So she stayed.
‘I know…’ Amanda made a move to touch him, but Urs shrugged her away.
‘We were so happy. So right. We were getting married. Jenny was pregnant. We were making a go of it. Then’ Urs turned to glare at Amanda, ‘Then’ he spat, ‘your boyfriend ruined it all. Destroyed it all. And all because he was selfish’ Urs spat, ‘if he hadn’t already been dead by now, he would have been once I’d got my hands on him’ Urs fumed.
‘See, I knew you would hate me’ Amanda nodded after listening to Urs talk. He looked angry. Like he wanted to hit something. Someone.
Then his face softened.
‘I don’t hate you. How can I hate you?’ Urs suddenly asked.
‘Its my fault. You were happy and I destroyed it all. All your happiness’ Amanda sobbed.
‘No. No’ Urs pulled her into his arms, ‘no’ he started rocking her to and fro, soothing her now.
‘I ruined it all’ Amanda insisted.
‘No. No. Do you hear me? No. Its not your fault’ Urs soothed.
‘Hate me, please hate me’ Amanda asked.
‘No, I can’t. I love you’
‘No. Hate me, please’
‘Never. I can never hate you, I love you’ Urs held her even tighter in his arms.
‘But…why?’ Amanda asked, looking up at him.
‘Because I just do’ Urs smiled.
Ok. He should have been angry. And he was. Just not with Amanda. Never with Amanda. He had heard possibly the worst thing you could ever hear and still Urs didn’t hate her. It wasn’t Amanda’s fault. It was Lukas’. Psycho Lukas by the sounds of it. It was his fault. He had deliberately hurt Amanda because she had told him a wonderful thing. That he was going to be a father. Urs hadn’t known for sure that he was going to be a father until they had had autopsied on Jenny.

He had found out at the worst possible time. That she had been pregnant like she had thought. They had had no one to blame at the time of Jenny’s death. Sure. They all knew how she had died but had had no evidence to convict anyone. To convict Lukas. Ironic really. Considering how he had now died. In a car crash. Poetic justice Urs thought. He had got what he had deserved in the end. Finally.
Urs took Amanda back to the hotel then. They called a doctor to give Amanda something to calm her down. She kept crying. She needed to rest. Urs vowed to never leave her side again. He couldn’t. Hell, he didn’t want to. And now they had a connection. A reason to be together. Urs felt that it was Jenny - telling him to be with her. That Amanda needed him now more than ever before.

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PostSubject: Re: *LOVE WILL FIND A WAY* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 7:59 pm

Chapter Twenty One

The next day, IL DIVO had a meeting to decide what they should do with the tour.
While at the meeting, Urs asked Rebekka to look after Amanda. Or as Amanda put it when she later found out, ‘To baby sit’ her. Urs was afraid that Amanda would either run away or do something very stupid like hurt herself. Not that Amanda would. She couldn’t. Not with what was growing inside of her. Something very special.
At the meeting, only Urs had news to tell.
Urs talked. He had decided to tell his friends what connection Amanda had to him. He told them it all. Or as much as he could tell without wanting to break down and cry tears. Which, would have embarrassed his friends. Or so Urs thought they would should he have done. No. He couldn’t cry. Not yet. Maybe when he was next alone he would be able to do it. But not around friends. As he talked they all listened. Taking it all in. Everyone was amazed. Urs could tell. By the shocked looks on their faces. The way they kept quiet. Urs had never made his friends so speechless before in his life. The whole time he had known them and this was the first time it had ever happened.

So the injury Amanda received, was caused by the car crash? The one this Lukas made happen?’ David asked after Urs had told them it all. Yes. He had mentioned the crash too. Nearly all of it. What he knew from listening to Amanda.
‘Yes’ sighed Urs, running a hand through his hair.
‘Lukas, he’s…Anita’s dead brother-in-law’ Carlos then said.
‘I knew it’ muttered Urs, ‘the name of the hotel…’
‘If we’d known it had been more that just a coincidence we wouldn’t have booked here’ Carlos told Urs.
‘No, its ok. I mean, I should be over all this by now’ Urs shook his head.
‘You lost the woman you love in the worst possible way. That takes time to learn to live with, let alone get over it fully’ David soothed, laying a reassuring hand on Urs’ shoulder.
‘And now I feel guilty’ Urs sighed.
‘Because you love Amanda’ Carlos nodded in a knowing way. Carlos had guessed in the way Urs had talked about Amanda. His voice had become softer when he mentioned her name. His face lightening up at the thought of her. Like Carlos when Anita was around.
‘I knew it!’ Seb laughed.
Carlos gave Seb a look. Gave him the ‘’look’’. The sort of look that said, ‘Don’t be insensitive or cruel. Be nice, for once’.
Seb sighed, ‘Sorry…’ he apologised to Urs.
‘Its ok’ Urs shrugged, ‘its quite funny really. When you think about it’ he lightly laughed.
‘Like you were destined to meet’ Carlos agreed.
‘Yeah, something like that’ Urs nodded in agreement at this.
‘Maybe, its Jen’s way of making you move on’ David offered.
‘Yeah, right’ snorted Seb.
‘Actually, you may have a point there’ Urs nodded at David.
David believed in the afterlife. In signs pointing you in the right direction to go. And it wasn’t all ‘Mumbo jumbo’ either. Some things had been proven, as fact. Maybe, just maybe it was Jenny’s way of making Urs move on. Maybe she did think Urs and Amanda were well suited to each other.

Needed each other. Who knew after all? Anything was possible.
‘I can’t believe you actually believe in this all’ Seb snorted again.
‘Believe, in what?’ Carlos asked him.
‘Destiny and all that. All that…stuff…’ Seb waved a hand around.
‘So you obviously don’t then?’ Carlos challenged.
‘Like you do!’ Seb laughed.
‘I do, actually’ Carlos replied.
‘Oh. You…you do?’ Seb asked.
‘Yes, I do’ Carlos nodded.
‘Oh. Ok. Sorry’ Seb apologised again.
‘Look Seb, we all have our own opinions, but really, sometimes you have to keep them to yourself’ Carlos told him.
‘It’s a free world’ Seb pointed out.
‘Yes, it is’ Carlos agreed, ‘but careless comments cost friendships’ he warned.
‘Oh. I see. Ok’ Seb nodded.
‘So, the concerts then?’ Carlos then reminded Seb, David and Urs why they were all there together.
‘Yes. Do we go ahead?’ David asked.

‘I think we should’ Carlos nodded.
‘We’ll need a new lead violinist’ said Seb.
‘Why?’ Urs asked, looking at him.
‘Because…Amanda’s….’ Seb started to say.
‘She’s upset that’s all. Not sick’ Urs defended Amanda.
‘What did the doctor say?’ Carlos then asked Urs.
‘He said, as long as Amanda is fine, she can carry on’ Urs replied.
‘So, we can carry on’ Carlos smiled.
‘Won’t she need….psychiatric help though?’ Seb asked.
‘Amanda, is not mad’ Urs barked back.
‘Oh. Ok. Sorry’ Seb held his hands up in a defence manner in apology.
‘Amanda’s just a little…confused’ David offered.
‘I don’t blame her. It’s a lot to take in’ Carlos nodded.
‘Yes’ David agreed, ‘losing her boyfriend then meeting Urs who’s girlfriend her boyfriend killed while seriously injuring her’
‘Actually’ Urs sighed, ‘Jenny was my fiancée’
‘Your…what?’ David’s mouth dropped open in shock.
‘We were going to announce it...then’ Urs shrugged.
‘Oh mate’ David gave Urs a consoling hug.
Urs still couldn’t bring himself to tell them the other part of the news just yet. The ‘I was going to be a father’ news. Only Urs had attended Jenny’s autopsy hearing. None of the others knew. He had kept that to himself. But he hadn’t then he realised. He had told Amanda. Maybe he was finally learning to live with Jenny’s death at long last. Maybe. Then again, being with Amanda, being around her helped him. A lot.

The group finished their conference chat then. Only one thing that been sorted. The concerts. The tours would still go ahead, with Amanda still keeping her job as lead violinist. Like it should be. Urs wouldn’t feel right without her now being around. He needed her close.

Urs almost ran back to Amanda’s side. He found her still in bed, asleep.
‘She hasn’t woken up yet’ Rebekka informed him when he asked.
‘It was a strong sedative the doctor had to give her’ Urs nodded.
‘What made her so upset thought?’ Rebekka asked.
You don’t know’ Urs realised by this statement.
‘No. Until this tour came up I’d never met Amanda before’
‘Oh. I thought you were great friends’ said Urs.
‘No. I mean, I want Amanda and I to be friends’ Rebekka smiled.
‘You will be. She needs friends’ Urs smiled back.
‘And someone to love her’ Rebekka then added.
‘I already do’ Urs nodded, gazing at Amanda as she lay in her bed, sleeping, ‘I already do’ he murmured softly.

‘And whatever she says, I know Amanda loves you too’ Rebekka told him, hearing this.
‘Oh, I doubt that’ Urs lightly laughed. He sounded so sad.
‘Oh. She does. She does’ Rebekka insisted, ‘she may not want to admit it yet, but she does. Amanda loves you’ and with that comment, Rebekka left Urs and a sleeping Amanda to it.

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PostSubject: Re: *LOVE WILL FIND A WAY* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 8:04 pm

Chapter Twenty Two

Ana had come to a decision. She needed to tell David everything about her past. About Bobby’s parentage. About that it wasn’t her but her twin sister, Roberta, who was his mother. Her much loved missed sister. Ana was scared about how David would take the information. Would he understand what she had done, and most importantly, why she had done it? She needed to get it off her chest. To confess for once and for all. First of all, Ana settled Bobby down. It would work best without any interruptions from him. Ana needed to be able to concentrate. To get the story out right first time. She couldn’t afford any mistakes or to miss anything out. Certainly not miss anything important out.
David arrived back in time for dinner. He had been out all day, doing something for Urs. Something important that needed a lot of planning. Ana didn’t ask what. She didn’t know if she had any right to ask David was he was doing. She didn’t even know really where she stood in his life. Ana had already ordered the dinner to be delivered to their room. She sat him down.
‘I need to tell you something’ she then confessed once David had eaten. Ana couldn’t. Until she told him she couldn’t stomach food. To afraid that she might be sick or lose her nerve completely. She had sat, nervously pushing the food around her plate, watching David eat it all. All the dinner plus pudding.

Ana felt hungry but couldn’t bring herself to eat. Not just yet anyway.
‘Go on…you’ve got me worried’ David nervously laughed. Ana looked so serious.
‘I’m not Bobby’s mother’ Ana said, starting it finally.
‘You’re not…?’
‘No’ she shook her head.
‘But he looks like you…’ David was puzzled. Bobby looked like Ana. Had she kidnapped him then? David hoped not. He waited, for an explanation. Any explanation she came up with.
‘Bobby’s….my nephew’ Ana finally said after what had seemed like a long pause. Too long a pause.
‘Nephew…’ David repeated. Ok, that made sense he realised.
‘My twin sister, Roberta…he’s her son’
‘But Bobby calls you Mummy….’
‘Roberta died. In childbirth’ Ana sighed, fighting back the tears.
‘So you look after him’
‘I have to. Bobby’s my flesh and blood. I’m his only living relative’
‘He has a father…’ David pointed out.
‘A father who didn’t want him. Who tried to kill Rowi…’
‘He killed…?’ David mumbled.
‘He, Lukas, hated it when Row told him she was pregnant. He tried to stop her from having Bobby. But Row wouldn’t budge. She was stronger than that…’
‘So she, Row, had Bobby’ David smiled.
‘Not before Lukas found out. It was him pushing her down the stairs which bought on Bobby and killed her. I know it. I’m sure of it’ Ana felt like crying but she couldn’t. She had to be strong. For Bobby she had to keep it together.
‘This Lukas, he sounds like a nasty piece of work’ David said.
‘He was. He still is’ Ana sighed.
‘Not anymore’
‘What…?’ Ana gave David a puzzled look.

‘If it’s the same man, he died. In a car crash’
‘A few days ago’
‘Oh, thank god!’ Ana sagged. David reached out and gently pulled her into his arms.
‘Its ok, I’ve got you. You’re safe now’ David soothed.
‘Am I?’ Ana asked. She still felt unsure. Scared.
‘Yes. You are. I promise you’ David smiled down at her.
‘And Bobby?’
‘What about him?’ David asked.
‘Can I…can we still stay?’ Ana nervously asked.
‘Of course you can’
‘I thought…after you knew…you wouldn’t want me…wouldn’t want Bobby around anymore’
‘When I asked you to move in…’ David said, ‘I meant move in forever. Permanently. Nothing you’ve just told me has changed anything’

‘Promise?’ Ana asked, looking up at him.
‘I promise’ David smiled, ‘I love you. I love Bobby. You came as a team’
‘You…you love me?’ a happily stunned Ana asked.
‘I love you Ana’ David confirmed.
‘Oh David…’
‘I know you don’t…love me’ David interrupted.
‘But that’s where you’re wrong. I do. I do. Oh David. I love you too’ Ana reached out and touched his face gently.
‘Oh Ana…Ana…’ David murmured, kissing her.
Ana kissed back. She loved David. How could she not? He was everything she had ever dreamed of. And more. Oh so much more. Her David. Her knight in shining armour he was to her. He had saved her. He loved her and he had saved her.

Amanda woke up with a start. She found Urs, sitting near her on the bed, staring at her.
‘Wha…what are you doing?’ she asked him. She blinked. Trying to get the sleep out of her eyes. She still felt a little groggy. A little like something wasn’t quite right yet.
‘Watching you’ Urs replied.
‘Why?’ Amanda asked, clutching at her covers, holding them tightly to her chest.
‘Because you’re interesting to look at’
‘Well, don’t’ Amanda snapped. No one had ever called her interesting before. They had called her a lot of words. A lot of nasty words. Just never interesting. And quite frankly she didn’t want Urs to think of her as interesting. Interesting meant boring.
‘Why not?’ Urs asked, sounding puzzled.
‘I don’t like it’ Amanda lied. Ok. She liked having Urs’ attention. How ever strange that sounded. She let out a loud sigh.
‘We’re going ahead with the concerts’ Urs then told her.

‘Oh. Ok’
‘You’re still our lead violinist’
‘Oh. Only I thought…’
‘What?’ Urs asked, interrupting her.
‘I thought you wouldn’t want me around anymore’ Amanda finished.
‘Why not?’
‘Because of what I’ve done’
‘You haven’t done anything’
‘Yes I have’ Amanda sighed.
‘No you haven’t!’ Urs wanted to get hold of Amanda and to shake her. Shake some sense into her. But he held back. Somehow. Instead, he said, ‘The doctor should be here soon’ as he checked his watch.
‘I don’t need to see a doctor’ Amanda replied. She hated doctors. They reminded her of hospitals. Of being sick. Of being trapped in hospital after her accident. Of bad news. Of horrible smells.
‘Yes you do’
‘No, I don’t. I’m fine. Fine. Perfectly fine’
‘Then let the doctor see that’ Urs told her.

‘I don’t need…’ Amanda clenched her fist. She itched to lash out. To smack Urs. To smack someone. To help with all the pain that she was feeling deep down inside. But she held fast. Held her temper. Didn’t want to end up in hospital again. In a psychic ward. Not now.
‘Prove that, to the doctor’ Urs said, interrupting her again.
‘Ok. I will’ Amanda decided, nodding.
‘Good’ Urs nodded.
‘Then will you leave me alone?’ Amanda then asked.
‘Why not?’
‘You know why not’
‘Because you feel…sorry for me’ said Amanda.
‘No. Because I love you’ came Urs’ reply.
‘I killed your fiancée!’ Amanda cried out.
‘No, you didn’t!’
‘Ok. I helped kill your fiancée’ Amanda reminded him.
‘You were as much as a victim as Jenny was in all this!’ Urs cried.
That shut Amanda up. She had never felt like a victim before. Was she? Maybe she was. Amanda didn’t know. She wasn’t sure of anything anymore.

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Chapter Twenty Three

Next morning, after the doctor had declared Amanda fit, and the rehearsals continued. Amanda was glad to be able to get back to doing what she loved most, making music. Urs had helped her, without asking if she needed any help, with the catch on her violin case and even with doing her hand exercises and applying her hand cream. He even kept a close eye on her as she played. So much an eye that a couple of times he missed his own cue to start singing at the correct time.
Afterwards when most of the orchestra had packed up and left for the day, Rebekka handed Amanda a card and a gift wrapped box, saying, ‘Happy Birthday’ while hugging her.
‘How did you know…?’ Amanda gasped in surprise.
‘A friend of a friend saw your passport’ Rebekka smiled.
‘What’s all this?’ Carlos asked, walking over to them.
‘Its Amanda’s birthday today’ Rebekka smiled.
‘Aah-ha!’ Carlos nodded.
Then David appeared, carrying a cake with candles on it.
Seb was behind. Gift wrapped packages in his hands.
Then Urs arrived with a small box in his hand. He walked right up to Amanda, kissed her on the mouth, whispered, ‘Happy Birthday my darling’ and handed her the parcel.
‘Ooh! Open it!’ Rebekka clapped her hands together.

Amanda took a deep breath, and opened Urs’ present. Inside was a ring. A platinum ring with diamonds placed deep into the band. It looked like an eternity ring but wasn’t. Or was it??
She gasped.
‘Ooh!’ Rebekka squealed.
‘Something you want to tell us eh?’ Seb nudged Urs.
Urs blushed, ‘No’ he coughed.
‘Oh, shame’ said Carlos.
‘Its…for your right hand’ Urs told Amanda.
‘Oh. Ok. Thanks’ she lightly smiled.
When she didn’t move to put it on, Urs took the ring from the box and placed it onto Amanda’s right hand. The ring finger, finger.
‘Its beautiful’ Amanda smiled.
‘Amazing’ Rebekka nodded, ‘mine now’
Amanda opened Rebekka’s present. It was earrings.
‘Wow…thank you’ Amanda hugged her friend, fixing them in. They were heart shaped earrings in what looked to be silver. It wasn’t. It was platinum like the ring she wore now.
Then Carlos handed Amanda a present.
‘Thank you’ Amanda smiled at him.
‘Its from all of us…’ Carlos wiggled his eyebrows.
Amanda opened it to reveal a beautiful heart on a necklace.
‘Lets put it on, shall we?’ Urs asked, picking it up.
Amanda tried to protest, ‘No…’
But Urs carried on, ignoring her. As his fingers touched her neck, Amanda felt the fireworks again. He did up the clasp, but his fingers lingered, lightly caressing her. Amanda trembled.
‘Cold…?’ Urs asked, whispering into her ear.
‘Yes’ lied Amanda.
‘Cake!’ David then said, breaking the tension that had sprung up now around Urs and Amanda.

‘Make a wish’ Seb laughed.
Amanda closed her eyes then blew out the candles. She opened them to find Urs staring right at her with a strange look on his face.
Then Amanda wobbled on her feet.
‘Careful’ Urs warned, catching her easily.
‘You ok honey?’ Rebekka asked.
‘I’m fine. Fine’ Amanda smiled.
‘Here, sit down’ Carlos offered.
Amanda sat down, ‘This isn’t the first time its happened’ Rebekka then told Urs.
‘Oh…?’ he asked.
‘No. It happened yesterday. When you were out’ she said.
‘I’m fine. Fine’ Amanda insisted.
She and Rebekka had made a pact. A pact not to tell Urs that she had woken up while he was out. But she had gone and broken it. By telling him. So much for being her friend Amanda thought, grumbling under her breath at her friend.
‘We’d better call that doctor back’ David said.
‘No. I’m fine’ Amanda tried.

‘I’ll go and call him’ said Seb.
‘Ok. Thanks’ Urs smiled, ignoring Amanda.
‘I’m fine’ said Amanda again. But they all ignored her. Again.

The doctor was called. He checked Amanda over.
‘Really, I’m fine’ she told him when he asked for a urine sample.
‘We need to check, all the same’ the doctor smiled.
‘When will you know…what’s wrong?’ Urs asked. He had been there during the whole examination.
‘Up to a couple of days I should think, depending on the results’ smiled the doctor.
He had also taken blood tests and done various other tests.
Including internal ones. Urs had seen it all. He refused to leave even for a second. Amanda found it all quite embarrassing having everything on show for Urs as well as the doctor.
‘Do I still get my party?’ Amanda asked after the doctor had left.
Rebekka had let it slip earlier about the party they had planned.
‘Yes, you still get your party’ Urs sighed.
‘Good. Something to look forward to’ nodded Amanda.
‘Everyone will be there’ Urs told her.
‘David’s partner, Carlos’ partner, Rebekka…’
‘Seb’s partner?’ Amanda asked.
‘That’s Rebekka’ Urs said.
‘Oh good!’ Amanda smiled.
‘Eh…?’ Urs asked.
‘Rebekka loves Seb. She was a little…unsure at first, but I’m glad they worked through it’ Amanda filled Urs in on it all.
‘Why…? What made Rebekka unsure?’

Rebekka liked you too’
‘I didn’t know that’ Urs said, blushing slightly.
‘At one of our rehearsals…she was going to ask you out’
‘It would have never worked’ said Urs.
‘Oh? Why not?’ Amanda asked.
‘Because I’ve only ever liked you’ Urs smiled at her.
‘Oh. Right’ Amanda nodded, feeling slightly embarrassed for some reason.
‘Anyway, the party..’ Urs then reminded Amanda.
‘Yes, I’d better…get changed into something’
‘Ok. I’ll be back…soon, ok?’ Urs smiled.
‘Ok’ she sighed in reply. Sometimes, she, Amanda felt more like a project then a…then a….? what was she? His partner? Lover? Girlfriend? Friend? What?? Were they just friends? Or…two people connected in a sad way?

‘Are you sure I should be coming, to this party?’ Ana nervously asked David when he had told her about Amanda’s birthday party.
‘I don’t see why not’ David smiled.

But…Amanda and I…have a connection’ Ana reminded him.
‘Yes, and?’ David asked.
‘A connection…’ Ana repeated.
‘One, which only you know about’ David pointed out.
‘But I’m sure the more time Amanda spends with Bobby…that she’ll work it out’ Ana sighed.
‘Bobby looks like you’ David smiled.
‘He looks like Lukas…’
‘Bobby, has your smile. Your eyes’
‘Do you think…?’ Ana asked.
‘I know so’ David smiled at her.
‘Thank you’ Ana blushed.
‘No, thank you’
‘For…?’ Ana asked, feeling slightly puzzled.
‘For being here. For loving me’ David kissed Ana’s cheek.
‘Its not a hard thing. To love you’ Ana replied, kissing David on his mouth. David groaned and returned the kiss. Holding Ana tight in his arms.

Carlos and Anita were having a similar conversation to Ana and David’s.
‘I can’t go…’ Anita tried.
‘No. Don’t say that. You have to come’ Carlos said.
‘But I can’t…’
‘Why not?’ Carlos asked.
‘Amanda and I…we have a…a connection’
‘One, which only you know about’ Carlos reminded her.
‘But still…’ Anita tried.
‘Oh no. No. You aren’t getting out of this’ Carlos pulled her into his arm, ‘if you don’t go, then neither do I’ he warned, trying a spot of emotional blackmail.
‘But then you’d disappoint Urs…’ Anita pointed out to him.
‘Then come with me…?’
‘Ok. I’ll come’ Anita smiled.
‘Thank you honey. Thank you’ Carlos thanked Anita with the only actions he liked doing the best - by holding her close and kissing her. Anita returned the kiss. Carlos was, in all Anita’s years of experience, an excellent kisser. Most possibly the best kisser she had ever had the pleasure to come across. She loved, loved, kissing Carlos. And Carlos loved kissing Anita. She tasted, he thought, of strawberries. Strawberries and cream. A wonderful taste. An excellent taste.

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PostSubject: Re: *LOVE WILL FIND A WAY* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 8:13 pm

Chapter Twenty Four

Amanda found a new dress in her wardrobe while searching through it trying to find something suitable to wear to her birthday party. It was purple in colour.
‘Do you like it?’ Urs asked once she had discovered it. He had been there, when Amanda had complained that she had nothing to wear and that she needed to go shopping but didn’t have the time.
‘I do, yes’ Amanda nodded, gazing in awe at the dress.
‘Its my…birthday gift to you’ Urs smiled.
‘But you gave me this ring…’ Amanda held up her right hand.
‘Now I’ve given you another present’
Amanda tried it on. It fitted perfectly.
‘Wear your hair up’ Urs asked.
‘Ok’ Amanda nodded, fixing her hair up in a chignon style with tendrils hanging down.
‘You look perfect’ Urs whispered into her ear, as Amanda gazed at her reflection. Urs kissed her neck, ‘perfect’ he repeated.
Off went the fireworks in Amanda body making all of her tingle. It was a nice feeling. She let out a groan.
‘Come…’ Urs held his hand out, ignoring the groan. He had to. Or they would never get to the party in time for everything to happen.
Amanda placed her hand into his and let him lead her.
They made a striking couple. Urs in his dark coloured suit with light purple tie even though he hated wearing ties. They made him feel as though he was being strangled but he wore one anyway to match Amanda’s dress. With her long dark hair, almost black looking eyes and purple dress she looked like a chocolate bar. Good enough to eat. He sniffed her skin. He knew she used strawberry shower gel. She smelt like strawberry chocolate. Urs ached to take a taste. To stick out his tongue and lick at her neck but he held fast. He would do that later, once they were alone again after he had asked Amanda a question. A very special question. One, he didn’t quite know what the, what her response would be. He crossed his fingers and hoped for the best. It would end up a perfect evening if it all ended up the way he hoped it would.

The party was being held in the hotel’s grand ballroom. The room had been decorated with balloons, streamers and a sign which read, ‘Congratulations Amanda’ well, it read that and something else but part of it was yet to be revealed. It was still bunched up like they hadn’t put the sign up right and part of it was missing.
Everyone was there. Seb and Rebekka holding hands. David and Ana. Amanda vaguely recognised Ana from somewhere but she couldn’t place where. And Carlos was standing next to Anita. Amanda also recognised Anita from somewhere There were also members of the orchestra and band. Amanda spotted Joy, standing talking to Alex who played guitar. Toby from the band with his fiancée, Sheila. Chris with his wife, Camy. Plus Gary, the musical director and his wife, Christine.
Amanda was amazed that so many people had wanted to come and help her celebrate her birthday. Unlike the year before she thought to herself when there had only been her and a big bottle of cheap wine. One which had a screw top and she had had to get the neighbour from upstairs in her block of flats to open the bottle. Someone she had never meet before. That had been embarrassing. Having to pretend about not knowing how bottles undid before her neighbour had finally undone it for her. Her ‘acting blonde’ period as Amanda referred that too. Not that blondes were thick. Just a little dizzy sometimes. Amanda had offered wished she was blonde, so she could act dizzy and have a good reason for being the way that she was.
As Amanda looked around the room, various orchestra members waved back. She noticed Linda, Stephanie, Esther, Dany, Naomi, Cathy and Karen and Gemma from the string quartet and violin orchestra part. Plus Michael, conductor, Andrew, Paul, Barry, Nate and James from the rest of the orchestra. Amanda felt like crying as they all came up to her, hugged and kissed her, wished her a wonderful birthday and handed over gifts.
‘Hey, no crying’ Urs whispered, wiping away a teardrop. He stayed by her side throughout it all. Amanda sipped at her non alcoholic champagne and smiled back. Urs obviously had read the side effects alcohol and her pills mixed did to her. The last time Amanda had got completely drunk had been at her lonesome last birthday where she had ended up in hospital after being taken violently sick. Not something she wished to ever repeat. It hadn’t been fun - having to have her stomach washed out. Then the doctor had had to up Amanda’s dosage of pills as she had temporarily neglected to take them or to do her hand exercises. She had suffered from a bout of depression, which, was to ‘be expected’ or so the doctor had told her. Amanda felt, that for a time she could do nothing right and everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Her hospital visit, Lukas making a re-appearance in her life - making her feel guilty for the accident - again. But now she was free. Free from Lukas. But she still felt her depression come now and again.
‘Honey’ Rebekka hugged Amanda, bringing her back to the present day.
‘Hi’ Amanda smiled.
‘Seb’s just told me!’ Rebekka giggled.
‘Oh…?’ Amanda, feeling more than a little puzzled asked.

Yes! Oh! Congratulations!’ Rebekka almost squealed now while attempting to squeeze the life out of Amanda.
‘Oh. Right. Thanks’ Amanda nodded, having no idea what her friend was talking about. She looked at Urs. He smiled innocently back at her. Then she looked at Seb standing next to Rebekka. He winked. Twice.
Then Carlos walked over to them, he coughed, ‘I’d like to introduce you to Anita’ he smiled.
‘Hi’ Urs kissed Anita’s cheek.
‘Hello’ Amanda smiled.
‘Hello’ Anita smiled back.
‘I…recognise you from somewhere…’ Amanda told Anita.
‘Anita, works on reception’ Carlos said before Anita had the chance to talk.
She looked at Carlos, ‘Yes, that’s it. I work on reception’ she found herself confirming.
‘Oh. Right. Ok’ Amanda nodded.
Then David appeared, with Ana.
‘Hi everyone’ David smiled brightly at them all.
Amanda stared at Ana. Ana stared back.
‘I know you..’ Amanda said to Ana.
‘Yes’ Ana nodded.
‘You were…Lukas’…’ Amanda mumbled.
‘Not me. My twin, Roberta was’ Ana said.
‘Your twin…’
‘She died’
‘Oh’ nodded Amanda.
‘While…giving birth’ Ana sighed.
‘Your little boy…’ said Amanda.
‘Is Roberta’s’ Ana smiled.
‘Lukas’…child’ Amanda suddenly realised.
‘Yes’ Ana sighed.
‘Poor child’ Amanda said.
‘He’s gone now’ Ana replied.
‘Thank god’ Amanda smiled.
‘Thank god’ Ana repeated, also now smiling.
Then Amanda reached out and hugged Ana. Ana hugged back.
Urs’ phone rang then. ‘Excuse me’ he smiled, walking away to answer it. He had to answer it. It was the doctor who had done those tests on Amanda earlier. He must have had the results back on what was wrong with her.

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PostSubject: Re: *LOVE WILL FIND A WAY* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 8:22 pm

Chapter Twenty Five

‘She’s what…?’ Urs asked down the phone to the doctor. He needed to ask. He wasn’t so sure that he had heard quite right first time around. He waited until the doctor repeated what he had said already twice.
The doctor repeated, for the third time now, ‘Pregnant sir’
‘How long…?’ Urs then asked. His palms felt sticky. He felt like he wanted to faint. Pregnant. Amanda was pregnant. Who was the father? He wanted to know. Hell. He needed to know and know soon. So he asked the doctor.
‘Recently’ replied the doctor, named Dr Filan. He was in his fifties. Grey haired and stooped a little, ‘I would say a couple of weeks. Maybe up to a month‘ he told Urs.
‘Ok. Thanks’ Urs mumbled, in a daze he disconnected the call. He was in shock. Recently. Recently. A couple of weeks up to a month. That meant it was his child.
Amanda was pregnant. With his child. He was going to be a father. Again. Urs was worried. Nervous.

Excited. And at the same time dreading it all. He was going to be a father. Something, after Jenny had died, he had given up hope of it ever happening. Creating a life again. Even had given up hope of falling in love again. But then along had come Amanda. Sweet, lovely, wonderful Amanda. Making him rethink his life. But it had happened. With Amanda. In a daze he walked back into the ballroom. Amanda was dancing now he noticed, watching her move around the room in some guy’s arms. A member of the orchestra. He had the strongest urge to rush up to her, to place her in cotton wool for the next nine or so months. To keep her cocooned. Protected. But he couldn’t do that. Instead, he calmly as possible walked up to her.
‘Can I…have this dance?’ he asked, manoeuvring her out of Barry, the guy was called, out of Barry, Urs now remembered, out of Barry’s arms and into his own.
‘Yeah, sure’ Barry smiled, handling Amanda over.
Urs held her close. She rested her head on his shoulder.
Slowly, but surely he moved her out of the ballroom.
‘Where, are we going…?’ Amanda asked, sounding puzzled.
‘Somewhere we can talk’ Urs told her.
‘Oh. Ok’

It was cool outside. Amanda shivered in the night air.
‘Here…’ Urs took his jacket of and placed it onto her shoulders.
‘Thanks’ Amanda smiled as his fingers lightly touched her skin.
‘The doctor called me’
‘Oh. Right. Ok’ Amanda nodded.
‘Why weren’t you…on something when we…slept together?’ Urs asked, coming straight to the point. He could see no point in talking around the subject. That wouldn’t solve anything. But then again, was Amanda being pregnant with his child a problem? Urs didn’t know. Yet.
‘On something…?’ Amanda asked, puzzled at this line of questioning.

The pill’
‘It…interferes with my tablets’ it had. Amanda had suffered with terrible side effects. Which had included bloating, wind and loss of balance.
‘But you and Lukas…?’ Urs asked.
‘We used to use condoms. Why?’
‘Because you’re pregnant’
‘I’m….I’m…’ mumbled Amanda. Ok. She was stunned. She hadn’t been expecting to hear Urs say that. Not that.
‘You’re pregnant’ Urs repeated, ‘with my child’
‘I’m not getting rid of it’ Amanda told him.
‘I never said…’
‘I can’t. Not now. Not ever’ she interrupted him.
‘Its just that…’ Urs sighed, ‘I never thought…after Jen, that I’d…again’
‘Sorry’ Amanda apologised.
‘No. Don’t’
‘We should have…’
‘Yes. We should have’ Urs agreed.
‘But I wasn’t exactly planning on…that night’

‘What? Seducing me?’ Urs asked.
‘Seducing you?’ Amanda asked back, ‘I wouldn’t know where to start’ she lightly laughed.
‘Strange. Because I know where I’d start’ Urs muttered. From the start he had fantasised about it. Seducing Amanda. Making her his. He had dreamt about it. He knew exactly what he would have done had that night have never happened.
‘Another time maybe’
‘I’m still not…’ Amanda placed her hands protectively over her stomach in a defensive manner.
‘Its ok. I mean…I’d never ask you…anyone to…’
‘But we need to…to talk’
‘Things?’ Amanda asked.
‘Arrangements and…that’
‘Oh. Right. Ok’ Amanda nodded.
‘It needs to be done’ said Urs.
‘Yes. Suppose it does’ Amanda sighed in agreement.

As Urs and Amanda walked back into the ballroom, a huge cheer went up and everyone started clapping.
Amanda could see all of the banner now. It read, ‘Congratulations Amanda and Urs…on your engagement’
She read it and gasped. Looking at Urs. He looked away. He looked embarrassed Amanda noticed.
‘Speech!’ Seb called then someone rushed up to Urs and handed him a microphone.
Urs nervously coughed, ‘Well, err….’ he stumbled.

Amanda grabbed the microphone, ‘We’re not engaged’ she shouted.
‘Boooo!’ went around the room.
‘How could you have turned him down?’ a female voice shouted.
‘Turn him down?’ Amanda asked, ‘how can I turn him down? He hasn’t ASKED ME!’ she shouted the last part.
‘Oh Urs!’ Carlos groaned at him.
‘Sorry everyone!’ Urs apologised.
‘You were meant to ask her when you took her outside!’ David reminded Urs, ‘that was the plan!!’
‘I know. I know’ Urs sighed.
‘Mate…’ David shook his head in a disappointing manner.
‘Sorry’ Urs apologised again.
‘What happened then…?’ Carlos demanded.
Everyone moved closer, listening.
‘We err…got sidetracked’ Urs shrugged.
‘Sidetracked how?’ Seb winked suggestively.
‘He received a phone call’ said Amanda.
‘Everything ok I hope?’ Seb winked again.
‘Err…yeah. Great’ Urs nodded.

Urs, is going to be a father’ Amanda told everyone.
‘Woo-hoo!’ Seb laughed.
‘Who’s the mother…?’ someone shouted.
‘I am’ Amanda sighed before she managed to faint.

‘Urs, a father! Who’d have thought it!’ Seb laughed once alone with Rebekka.
‘It is possible Seb’ Rebekka defended Urs.
‘But Urs…a father!’ Seb shook his head, laughing.
‘If you make love, it can happen’
‘But Urs…I can’t see it!’
‘I can’ Rebekka smiled.
‘Well, that’s one way of getting over your dead fiancée!’ Seb laughed.
‘Of…what?’ Rebekka, stunned, asked.
‘Urs, was engaged’
‘What happened?’ Rebekka asked.
‘She died’
‘In a car crash’
‘She was…driving?’
‘No. She got run over. It was a hit and run almost’
‘Oh god. Poor Urs’
‘By…Amanda’s dead boyfriend’ Seb then said.
‘Oh god. Poor Urs. Poor Amanda’
‘She was in the car, at the time’

Yep’ Seb nodded.
‘Oh god!’
‘That’s one way of getting over someone. Getting the woman who was in the car at the time your fiancée gets killed, by sleeping with her and, AND getting her pregnant!’
‘Life…is strange sometimes’ Rebekka nodded.
‘That’s one way of putting it!’ Seb agreed.

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PostSubject: Re: *LOVE WILL FIND A WAY* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 8:33 pm

Chapter Twenty Six

Anita was in shock. Carlos had just told her the whole story. All of it. Everything that had happened to Urs with Jenny and with Amanda. About the car crash. Sure, Anita knew some of it. But not the Lukas killed Urs’ fiancée part. That part had completely surprised her. Sure, she knew about the accident, but thought the only person who had been injured had been Amanda. Not that Lukas had killed an innocent person along the way too.
‘Oh god. Poor Urs’ Anita muttered when Carlos had finished. Lukas really had been a complete little b*****d in his time she realised. Killing someone as well as seriously injuring Amanda along the way. She was glad he was dead now. Good riddance to bad rubbish she thought to herself.
‘He, Urs, loved Jenny’ said Carlos.
‘And now Amanda and him…’
‘Having a child. Yes. Its strange I know’ Carlos nodded.
‘Not really. When you’re…broken hearted it can be… weird in the way and in the places we find comfort’ Anita knew this from experience, when in the past she had sorted comfort from a friend of Nathaniel’s. That relationship hadn’t lasted long. And thank god it hadn’t. He had just been someone she had needed to be with to provide a shoulder to cry on. He had been completely unsuitable for a long term relationship. Not her type at all. She was glad now that she had dumped him in the end, or she would have never meet, would have never got together with Carlos. Thank god for Carlos Anita thought, smiling to herself.
‘Urs, says he loves Amanda’
‘Its quite possible’ Anita nodded.
‘That maybe Jenny…wanted him and Amanda to be together’
‘Also, quite possible. I’ve had a…similar experience’ Anita confessed.
‘Eh…how?’ Carlos asked.

‘You might think I need locking up…’
‘No I won’t’ Carlos gave Anita an encouraging smile.
‘When…when Nathaniel died…I found something’
‘What?’ Carlos asked.
‘A postcard. It was in his pocket’
‘A postcard…of Spain’ Anita lightly smiled.
‘Were you…planning on going to Spain, for a holiday?’ Carlos asked.
‘What then…?’
‘Before Nathaniel died, he kept having…dreams. Visions I suppose…of Spain. Of a….of a dark eyed, dark curly haired Spanish man’ Anita smiled.
‘Weird’ Carlos nodded.
‘I think…I mean, I don’t know for sure, but I think, that it was…it was his way of telling me…to move on’
‘To move on?’ Carlos asked.
‘To…who would love me next’
‘A dark eyed and curly haired Spanish man?’

Well…yes’ Anita nodded.
‘He was right’ Carlos smiled.
‘For I do, love you that is’
‘I’m pleased’
‘But he was wrong about one thing’
‘Oh?’ Anita frowned.
‘I’m not just the next man to love you’ Carlos smiled.
‘What then?’
‘I’m the last man’ Carlos beamed.
‘Last? That sounds…official’
‘It is’ Carlos nodded.
‘Meaning?’ Anita asked.
Carlos coughed, and bent down on one knee, he took hold of Anita’s left hand. He kissed it, ‘Marry me Anita?’ he asked.
Anita gasped, looking down at him and smiled, ‘Yes please’
Carlos stood up again, thankful that this proposal had gone right. Unlike Urs’ earlier. He beamed at Anita, pulling her into his arms, he kissed her.
‘I love you Anita’ he whispered against her mouth.
‘I love you Carlos’ she whispered back, kissing him again.

Well…yes’ Anita nodded.
‘He was right’ Carlos smiled.
‘For I do, love you that is’
‘I’m pleased’
‘But he was wrong about one thing’
‘Oh?’ Anita frowned.
‘I’m not just the next man to love you’ Carlos smiled.
‘What then?’
‘I’m the last man’ Carlos beamed.
‘Last? That sounds…official’
‘It is’ Carlos nodded.
‘Meaning?’ Anita asked.
Carlos coughed, and bent down on one knee, he took hold of Anita’s left hand. He kissed it, ‘Marry me Anita?’ he asked.
Anita gasped, looking down at him and smiled, ‘Yes please’
Carlos stood up again, thankful that this proposal had gone right. Unlike Urs’ earlier. He beamed at Anita, pulling her into his arms, he kissed her.
‘I love you Anita’ he whispered against her mouth.
‘I love you Carlos’ she whispered back, kissing him again.

Amanda and Urs were back in ‘’their’’ room now. Urs had moved into Amanda’s room a few days ago and although they hadn’t made love recently Urs spent every night holding Amanda in his arms whether she wanted him to or not.
‘I can’t sleep without you’ Urs had told her.
‘Yeah? Well I’ve no problems sleeping alone’ Amanda had retorted.
‘Yeah?’ Urs had challenged, ‘well tough. Because I’m not going anywhere’
Amanda had glared at Urs. He had just smiled brightly back, ignoring her glaring and grumbling. Then he had pulled her close and had stopped her grumbling with a kiss. Urs certainly knew how to treat Amanda. After that she was too spellbound to protest and had even found herself helping Urs to unpack his clothes next to hers.
Now it was confirmed Amanda was pregnant. She wanted her baby. Wouldn’t consider not even for a moment getting rid of it. Not ever. But Urs suddenly became protected around her. He wouldn’t let Amanda pick up anything. Not even the lightest object. When she dressed in her jeans Urs tutted at her, ‘You can’t wear them’ he told her.
‘Why ever not?’ Amanda asked.
‘You’re pregnant’ he tutted.
‘Yes, and?’
‘And well’ Urs shook his head.
‘I’ll wear what I want. And anyway, they still fit. For now’
‘Its my baby you’re carrying’ Urs reminded her.
‘As if I’d ever be allowed to forget’ Amanda sighed.
‘You need to be careful’ Urs told her.
‘I am being careful’ Amanda tutted this time.
‘I can’t go through…’ Urs started to say then stopped.
‘Go on…go through what?’
‘Losing another child’ Urs sighed.
‘You won’t’
‘Or another…’ he stopped again.
‘Or another what?’ Amanda asked.
‘Or lose another fiancée’
‘But I’m not your fiancée’ Amanda pointed out.
‘Oh yes you are’ Urs corrected.
‘Oh? How? I’ve not got a ring’
‘Yes you have’ Urs sighed.
‘Where is it then?’ Amanda asked.
‘You’re wearing it’ Urs said.
‘I’m…’ the she remembered. She looked down at her right hand. ‘This’ she said, looking at the ring Urs had given her on her birthday, ‘but its on the wrong finger’
‘No it isn’t’

‘Yes it is…oh’ oh of course! She and Urs were both Europeans. Europeans wore their engagement rings on their RIGHT hands! Or at least some did. Then others copied the other tradition, of wearing it on the left hand.
‘See?’ Urs asked.
‘But you never asked me…I never accepted’ mumbled Amanda.
‘You did. You let me place the ring onto your finger’ Urs then reminded her.
‘So my birthday party wasn’t only just…’ Amanda mumbled again.
‘It was your birthday party and our engagement party’ Urs sighed.
‘I still need you to ask me the question’ Amanda told him.
‘And what would the answer be?’ Urs asked.
‘Ask me, and find out’ Amanda challenged.
‘Ok. I might do that...sometime’ Urs nodded.
‘Sometime? Sometime?’ Amanda repeated.
‘Yes, sometime’ Urs agreed.
Amanda fumed. She glared at Urs. He just looked back at her.

Challenging her in that way he had. He could be very annoying sometimes. Heck. Stuff sometimes. Most of the time he could be very, very annoying. Mr, ‘I’m always right’ attitude about him. He was…commanding. And ok, Amanda secretly liked commanding men, especially after Lukas. Lukas had been too dominating. Jealous if Amanda even thought let alone looked at another man. But that wouldn’t happen anymore. Amanda was safe from Lukas now. It was his funeral tomorrow. Amanda was going. If only just to make sure he really was dead then she would be able to finally close that chapter once and for all. It would be done with. Closed. Forever. Thank god.

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PostSubject: Re: *LOVE WILL FIND A WAY* By: KazyJay   Sun Aug 23, 2009 8:41 pm

Chapter Twenty Seven

Amanda hated funerals. She had already had to attend her mother’s funeral before she had met Lukas. Going to Lukas’ funeral just bought back bad memories. Urs was there, at her side. Holding her hand. Giving her support. Giving her someone to lean on. A shoulder. That helped to comfort her. A little.
At the funeral, Amanda spotted Ana and David. That made sense - them being there considering Ana’s sister’s history with Lukas. He was Bobby’s father. Amanda had found that out during a brief conversation with Ana on the day of her birthday. But seeing Carlos and his partner, Anita confused Amanda a little. Then during the funeral Anita stood up and made a speech that gave away why she was there - at Lukas’ funeral.
‘Lukas, was my brother-in-law’ Anita told the congregation, ’my husband…my dead husband, Nathaniel, was his older brother’ she said, ’and I know when someone dies you’re supposed to feel…upset, sorry even for them. But I’m sorry. I can’t’ everyone gasped at this, ’Lukas was nothing but trouble. He caused misery and destruction wherever he went. Hurting innocent people. Even killing two people. So I’m sorry, but I’m glad he’s gone’ Anita finished to more gasps.
‘Two people?’ someone asked.
‘Yes, two people’ Anita agreed.

Urs stood up, he coughed, ’Three…actually’
‘Three…?’ Carlos asked his friend.
‘My fiancée, Jenny, our baby and Amanda’s baby’ Urs sadly told them all.
‘Oh god’ someone cried out, Anita maybe.
Everyone gasped again. Someone tutted. Loudly.
‘Urs…’ Amanda stood up. She reached out a hand, touching his arm.
‘I’m sorry to say this all now, but I agree with Anita. I’m glad Lukas is dead. If he hadn’t already been…he would have been by now’ Urs muttered.
‘Here, here’ someone, possibly Carlos called out.
The rest of the funeral went without further comment.
Urs had made a break through. He had finally told someone else apart from Amanda about the child, about the baby he had lost when he had lost Jenny. But, in a funny way, in losing Jenny and the baby he had gained too. He had met, and fallen in love, with Amanda and now he was going to be a father again. He was going to have a family at long last.

Back at the hotel they were greeted with a surprise. A surprise to do with Seb. With Rebekka and Seb.
‘We’re married!’ Rebekka happily announced.
She was greeted with surprise, shock and stunned faces.
No one spoke for a few moments. Then Carlos coughed.
‘Well…congratulations’ Carlos finally spoke, breaking the silence.
‘Thanks. Thanks’ Seb beamed as Carlos patted his shoulder in congratulations.
Amanda hugged Rebekka. Followed by Anita then Ana.
‘Wow!’ Amanda spoke.
‘I know. Great isn’t it?’ Rebekka giggled.
‘Well done Seb’ Urs awkwardly hugged his friend.
‘Thanks’ Seb beamed back.
‘Seb! Married first!’ David laughed, hugging Seb.
‘What can I say? I fell in love!’ Seb winked.
‘It felt right’ Rebekka beamed.
‘It’ll save on hotel costs!’ Carlos laughed then.
‘Hey! didn’t think it like that!’ Seb laughed back.
‘That’s two lots of rooms we’ll save on’ Urs said.
‘Oh?’ David asked.
‘Amanda and I…we’re…sharing’ Urs blushed.
‘So that’s how Amanda got pregnant!’ Carlos playfully nudged Urs.
Urs’ blush got deeper. Amanda blushed now too.
‘Well, after everything that’s happened, I’m glad you’re…happy’ David smiled at Urs.
‘That I am. Happy’ Urs nodded.
‘Oh?’ Amanda asked him.
‘You’re not…?’ Urs asked her.
‘No. I’m not’ Amanda replied.
‘But…’ Urs mumbled. He was shocked by this.

‘But what?’ demanded Amanda.
‘But we’re together…’ Urs tried again.
‘Yes, and?’ Amanda glared at him.
‘I love you. We’re…having a baby together…’
‘I killed your fiancée!’ Amanda shouted at him.
‘I don’t care!’ Urs replied, also now shouting.
‘You…you what?’ Amanda, now shocked asked.
‘I don’t care’ Urs repeated, ‘not anymore’
‘But…’ Amanda mumbled.
‘I love you. I want to be with you’
‘But you love Jenny…’
‘Of course I do. I always will’
‘You call her name out, in your sleep’ Amanda said.
‘Do I?’ Urs asked, surprised at this.

‘Yes. Ever since…our night…’ Amanda sighed.
‘I didn’t know that’ Urs admitted.
‘Well, you do’
‘You love her. Not me’ Amanda cried.
‘Tell me, why are you so upset?’ Urs demanded, grabbing hold of Amanda by her arms now.
‘I’m not upset’ Amanda tried to lie, badly.
‘Tell me!’ Urs barked.
‘I LOVE YOU!’ Amanda sobbed, ‘I love you, and it…it hurts’
‘Now you know how I feel. Loving you. Not knowing if you love me too’ Urs said, his voice much softer now.
‘Oh god…I’m…I’m sorry…’ Amanda cried.
Urs pulled her into his arms and held her without speaking. He couldn’t speak. Amanda was upset. Again. And again it was his fault. God. He had never meant to be…to be that horrible to her. Not ever. But he kept hurting her. No wonder she kept pushing him away. It all made sense now. He held her close, feeling Amanda sag in his arms. Then he picked her up in his arms and carried her to their room. He liked saying, ‘’their’’ when it concerned him and Amanda. It made him feel like he’d finally come home.

‘Poor Urs’ David sighed after they had gone.
‘Poor Amanda’ said Carlos.
‘They love each other’ Anita sighed.
‘But Amanda’s…confused’ sighed Rebekka.
‘Urs, mentioned his dead fiancée as he slept doesn’t help’ Seb, sounding rather sensible, for once, said.
‘Anita does that’ Carlos said.
‘I do?’ Anita asked.

Yes. Every now and again you say, ‘’Nathaniel’’’ Carlos smiled.
‘I dream about him. Sometimes’ Anita sighed.
‘Do you still love him thought?’ Ana asked.
‘A little. I mean, I guess that I always will. He was a part of my life for such a long time’ Anita explained.
‘But…if he came back to life…then what would you do?’ David asked.
‘I’d tell him, Nathaniel, that although I love him, its Carlos who make me happy now’ Anita smiled at Carlos.
‘Then that’s what Urs should say to Amanda’ Ana nodded.
‘If, he feels that same though. That Anita does about Carlos’ said Seb.
‘Oh he does. He does’ Carlos nodded.

Amanda slept. For such a long time. When she woke, Urs wasn’t around for once. She got up, searching the room. All his things were still around. Then she heard the shower going. Amanda walked into the bathroom. She could see Urs, in the shower, softly crying to himself. Amanda made a move then he looked and saw her. He opened the shower door.
‘Join me?’ he asked.
Amanda found herself nodding. She took her pyjama’s off and climbed in. Urs pulled her into his arms, kissing her. Amanda kissed back. Holding him.
‘I love you’ she whispered.
‘I love you’ Urs replied.

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