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 DOAD (Death Of A Divo) By: Lois Lane

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PostSubject: DOAD (Death Of A Divo) By: Lois Lane   Sat Aug 29, 2009 8:29 am

I would like to thank Ursybabe for her most magnificent artwork. Your talents have brought this little adventure to life.
Death of a Divo
Lois Terrans Bradbury
fourth project written for the Entertainment and Creativity thread of the
IL DIVO Official Web Site Forum.
Original Post October 2007 as A Dream Goes on Forever

This book is a work of fiction. The names, places, characters and incidents are either the products of the author’s imaginations or are used fictitiously.
All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form without the permission of the Author or the members of IL Divo. © October 2007
Bradbury Imaging
PO BOX 609
Charlestown NSW
Australia 2290





Lois Terrans Bradbury

Declan’s face and arms were covered in cuts and the dirt of the battlefield but the mortal wound had been thrust into his side. He could feel the life slipping away from him as blood oozed from the hole made by the enemy’s sword. His thoughts turned to Beth-Elena. He did not want the last memories before he died to be those of battle, he wanted them to be of her sweet smile, he wanted to look into her loving eyes and this was the last earthly picture he wanted to see.
Declan struggled to move, his good friend Uri was at his side. “Don’t Declan.”
Declan tried to open his eyes but he was so tired. His words where soft, almost inaudible “Beth-Elena,”
Uri squeezed his arm. “Yes. I’ll get you home Declan. I promise.” He sighed. He knew his friend wanted to get back to his lady but he was not sure if he would be alive when he did.
With the help of a few of his fellow soldiers Uri got Declan onto a horse for the trip back to the castle. It was a silent trip, sombre; every one of the men travelling with him understood the consequence of this battle. They had won but they had lost so much. Declan had not been the only one to be wounded or die that day but his death would be felt by many, none the least Beth-Elena.

As they rode back to the castle Declan drifted in and out of consciousness and his thoughts ran to Beth-Elena, he had promised to marry her after this conflict, now he would never get the chance.
He had been blessed when she had arrived in his life. She, the niece of the king, he just a common man, trying to earn an honest living in his fathers blacksmiths shop.
He had been in the market one day when a thief had run off with her change bag and knocked her to the ground. He had run after the thief and retrieved her money and gone back to help her. In the process of being knocked over she had sprained her ankle so Declan had carried her back to his family home and his mother had wrapped it for her. It was then he found out who she was when his mother suggested that he took her back to the King.
Declan and Beth-Elena formed a good friendship but as time passed the King became aware of it and was going to forbid it to continue when Beth-Elena had intervened. She had pleaded with her uncle to let Declan prove he was worthy to be her friend. The King had agreed and given Declan a place in his army. Declan’s family, indeed the town were shocked. This was unheard of. The King’s soldiers were picked from some of the finest families in the land not the common folk. Declan knew he had to prove himself not only to the King but to his family and his people and he did. He worked hard, learnt fast and was a formidable soldier, earning the respect of his fellow soldiers and his tutors alike. Declan softened the heart of the King. It seemed he had also woven a spell over Beth-Elena as their friendship had developed into so much more.
The King was pleased for his niece. Declan was indeed worthy of her friendship and her hand in marriage so when he had asked for his approval he gladly gave it. After the battle there was to be a wedding.

As the horse hooves clattered on the cobbled stones of the courtyard to the castle everyone stood silent. They all knew who was on the horse. Declan was a hero to so many. He had worked his way up and was going to marry a princess. But now as Uri lowered him from his horse and laid him at the steps of the entrance to the castle they all knew he was dying. All eyes were on Beth-Elena as she ran from the castle, not realising what was going on. She had seen the men returning from a distance and was running to greet the love of her life. First she looked at the man on the ground not understanding then she looked at Uri. His eyes and the tears etching marks down his still battle soiled face told her all. She looked again at the man at her feet and let out a cry that gripped the hearts of all who had gathered. Beth-Elena sank to her knees and held Declan to her.
Almost breathless Declan spoke her name. “Beth-Elena?”
“Yes. You are home my sweet.”
He opened his eyes, looked upon her face and smiled weakly. “I’m sorry.”
Beth-Elena bit her lip and tried to smile back. “I love you Declan.”
Declan coughed and a small trickle of blood escaped from his lips. “I have always loved you my Princess. I do not want to leave you.”
In a swift movement that caught Uri off guard. Beth-Elena took his knife from its holster on his hip and sliced a line through the palm of her hand. She did the same to Declan before clasping their hands together. “I will love you until we meet again my love. I will search eternity to find you I promise.” She bent down and kissed him.

Declan died with the wonderful image of Beth-Elena in his memory and her sweet taste on his lips.

The years passed and the land was at peace. Uri had married, had children and become a stable figure in the court of the King. His wife and Beth-Elena had become friends. From the day of the death of his friend Declan, Uri had taken upon himself to keep watch over Beth-Elena. It was if a part of her soul had died, taken to travel with Declan as he passed from this world to the next. She had never married though she had many a suitor over the years. As he watched her walk the castle grounds once again his heart saddened to know that she had spent so much of her life alone. She had so completely loved Declan, it was as if she saw no other, could love no other, not that she did not know how to love. Over the years she had been Aunt and advisor to his own children. All now in adulthood. She was gentle and kind to all she met but still there was that sadness. A sadness that people could sense, even if they did not know what it was. He worried about her more these days as she seemed to have decided that she had done all she could do and it was time for her to take that journey and look for her lost love.
Uri would have been even more concerned that day if he had realised just how close to loosing her they were. She was slipping from them, slowly, silently and there was nothing he could do to stop her. A few short weeks later she was dead. In her elegance she had slipped away in her sleep one night, found by her hand maiden the next morning, a peaceful look on her face.
Uri was the first to see her. His tears rolled as he looked down upon her. She looked like the princess she was. As he bent to kiss her and touching her hand he pulled a small silver object from her grip. It was a small silver dragon that Declan had made for her so many years ago. Smiling he kissed her again. “I truly hope you have found each other.”

Chapter 2
Danny looked upon the photo of his true love stuck to the window of his plane. The smiling face of Elizabeth, Bethie as he called her looking back at him like a guardian angel.
They had literally run into each other one day when a thief had knocked her off her bike and run off with her purse. It had been just outside the entrance to the RAF Base and Danny had caught her just before she hit the ground. He had smiled to himself hearing the language escape from her lips as she yelled at her assailant what she intended to do to him next time they met.
Danny had taken her to the Base hospital to attend to a few cuts and scraps but Bethie was far more upset about the nylons that had been ruined. Danny did not see her again for a few weeks and in that time he had used all his charm to procure some nylons for her.
When they did meet she was overwhelmed by his generosity knowing how much he would have had to spend. Their friendship blossomed form then on. It was if they had known each other all their lives, they were so comfortable with each other. They joked that they must have been friends in a past life. Danny would joke if that was the case then they were bound to be friends in the next life as well. Danny had introduced Bethie to his good friend Urian not long after and it wouldn’t be unusual to see the three of them out and about together.

The sound of anti aircraft artillery brought him back to reality as they crossed the coast into Europe. His co pilot, Urian a little miffed that Danny could drifted off in his own thoughts as they were about to be engaged in battle. “Geez Danny, You married the girl okay, she’ll be waiting for you when we get back. Mind you I don’t know why you didn’t wait until this damn war is over before taking the plunge.”
Danny looked at his friend and smiled. “It is because of this damn war I had to marry her. What if something happens? I wanted her to know how much I love her, how much I want to spend the rest of my life with her.”
“And if you leave her a widow, what then?”
“Then you have to promise me to look out for her Urian.”
Urian was about to answer when the plane was hit by a barrage of flack and both men concentrated on keeping it flying. The attack was brutal and Urian saw other planes hit and fall out of the sky. They had been hit as well. He did not have time to look but he could tell by the way the plane was reacting they were going to have to turn around. No battle for them that day.

Once the danger was over Urian turned back to Danny but the colour drained from his face. His friend was dead, so quiet and so silent, no cry, nothing. Urian struggled with the plane until he was shot down and had to ditch. He should have just left the plane and made for safety but he was not going to leave his friend. So Urian dug the best grave he could and placed Danny in it, next to their injured plane before leaving.
It took him weeks to get back to England and everyone had assumed that they had both died. His commanding officer giving his condolences when hearing of what had happened.
Urian’s next stop would be even harder. Although Bethie had been told her husband had been killed in action she refused to believe it. Would not accept he was dead. That was until she found Urian on her front stoop. The look in his eyes said it all and the picture he held in his hands was the final straw. He held the small photo of Elizabeth that Danny had carried with him everywhere. “I’m sorry Bethie.”
Bethie just let the tears roll as the pain covered her face. Urian lunging to catch her as she fainted.

As time went on some of the pain healed but none of the sadness left Bethie's face. Urian had retired from the air force after the War but continued to work with planes and he had stayed close to Bethie just as Danny had asked.
Neither one of them ever married, supporting each other through times of difficulty. Urian never finding the right person to settle down with even with Bethie’s match making. But he had worried about her for so many years; she had loved Danny so much.
One summer afternoon as they walked along the river she had told Urian that her love for Danny had been so complete she would not find it in her to love anyone else. She had hugged Urian and smiled saying that she would meet Danny again.
Not long after the Vietnam War broke out Urian was asked back into the air force as a consultant to help the United States. He was killed only weeks later. Soon after Bethie also died.
She was found one morning by a friend who had noticed that she had not opened the curtains, passing away peacefully in her sleep. As they went to cover her with a sheet a small object fell out of her hand. It was a small silver dragon. A silly little gift that Danny had bought for her one afternoon saying he would be her Saint George and slay any dragon that came to harm her.
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PostSubject: DOAD chapter 3   Sat Aug 29, 2009 8:31 am

Chapter 3
David woke with a start, lying still while his breathing got under control. He looked around the room for a flicker of recognition realising where he was. Another hotel room, another city. Sitting up he ran his fingers through his sweat drenched hair. They had started again. The dreams. Dreams that danced in his sleep. Dreams that he thought he had finished with so many years ago. Dreams that felt so very real.
David put it down to the gruelling schedule and lack of sleep for their re appearance. But for what ever reason they were back and he knew there was no point in fighting them, they would stay for as long as they liked.
As a child his parents had put it down to an over active imagination When they returned as a teenager, he rarely spoke of them. They had visited him a few more times over his life and now it seemed they had come back. Always the same two dreams. The feeling was always the same. The feeling that he knew these people, he had a connection to these people.
David shook his head making for the shower in the hopes that the calming fingers of the water would wash away his thoughts.

Il Divo had a promotional meet and greet the fans at a large shopping centre that morning then the day was theirs until the a sound check and concert that night. David was in the hotel lobby having arrived a few moments before the others. As Urs, Carlos and Sebastien got out of the lift David smiled at them but Urs picked up on his inner mood. As Carlos and Sebastien got into the car Urs held David back. “You ok David?”
David smiled weakly. “Rough night.”
“Those dreams?”
David nodded in silence and they all got in the car. He had told Urs about his dreams one night while they were discussing some of the weird things that had happened to them.
They arrived at the shopping centre and all thoughts of his dreams forgotten as they walked into the crowd to greet their fans.
Little did he know that his life would change very drastically and he would begin to wonder what was a dream and what was real?

After singing a song for their fans the group got down to the business of signing autographs and as always receiving gifts. Each member of Il Divo had been overwhelmed by the response of fans from the very beginning. Many of the gifts they received were hand made and they knew they would have taken hours of tender preparation. Others where expensive and they worried that their fans could afford such things.
David was happily signing away when a fan handed him a small book to sign. As he took it from her he smiled and touched one of her fingers. They both jumped as they both received an electric shock. David looked up at her as she dropped the book. “Wow!!! You must be supercharged.”
David’s expression changed from one of surprise and cheek to concern and apprehension when he really looked at her face. He stood, gaining the attention of his fellow Divos.
The woman looked at David a little puzzled.”
“Bethie, is your name Bethie?”
Urs had been sitting next to David and was concerned about the change in his friend.
“David sit down.” Urs looked to the women who seemed to have gone a little pale. “I’m sorry are you ok?”
She turned her attention to Urs and smiled. “Yes thank you.” then looked back at David. “My name is Elizabeth. Only my Grandmother ever called me Bethie.”
Elizabeth was shuffled along the table by other fans and was gone. David continued to sign but he did so in a daze, having no idea who was passing in front of him or what he had said.

Once they had finished and were walking back to wait for the car Urs got hold of David’s arm. “What was that all about back there?”
“Urs that was her.”
“Who was her?”
“That was the girl in my dreams. Beth- Elena, Bethie.”
“But I thought your dreams were about two different times, two different women.”
“They are; but it is the same face I see, she has that face. I have to find her.”
Urs gave his friend a shocked look. “David listened to what you are saying. She’s a fan. You’ll probably never see her again.”
David smiled back at him and patted Urs on the pack. “No. We will meet again I just know it.”

Elizabeth had organised to meet a friend at a café outside the shopping centre. They had both gone to see Il Divo but had been separated. She ordered a latte just as her friend arrived. Kimberly smiled as she sat. “Did you get all their autographs?”
Elizabeth nodded remaining quiet, thinking about what David had called her.
Kimberly was a little worried about her friend. “Hey Lizzie, you ok? Did something happen?”
Again Elizabeth smiled weakly. “He called me Bethie.”
“Who? Why?”
“David called me Bethie. The only person in my life to ever call me Bethie was my Grandmother and she has been gone along time.”
“Oh I wouldn’t worry Lizzie, You probably just remind him of someone. They must see heaps of people.”
“But that is just it Kimber. As I was standing there in line waiting, I expected him to say it. I knew he was going to say it.”
Kimberly had a puzzled look on her face. “Don’t tell me you think just because you have been dreaming of this guy you think you have some kind of celestial connection. God Lizzie, give me a break. You’re obsessed. I know you like these guys and we are all entitled to our fantasies but get a grip girl. It was just a coincidence, nothing more.”
Elizabeth took a sip of her coffee looking out the window. Kimberly was right. It was just all the emotion of getting to see them.
As the waitress took Kimberly’s order Elizabeth continued to stare out the window. Not watching anything or anyone in particular when she saw David and Urs step onto the footpath followed by Sebastien and Carlos. She just stared at David .What he had said had unnerved her a little. How had he known her Grandmothers name for her? As she continued to watch a car pulled up and they all started to get in. Just before he was about to David stopped, looked up and down the street and then across at the café. His eyes fixed on hers for a moment. He couldn’t shake the feeling that he knew her. Elizabeth dared not to move, they watched each other for a little longer when Sebastien pushed David from behind to hurry him up.
Kimberly clicked her fingers in front of Elizabeth’s face. “Hey, Hey Lizzie. You day dreaming about your knight in shining armour again?”
Elizabeth pulled a face at her friend and their conversation turned to other things but her thoughts were still on David, her dreams and how he had called her Bethie.
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PostSubject: DOAD Chapter 4   Sat Aug 29, 2009 8:32 am

Chapter 4
One more restless night for David as he again woke with a start. However his dreams had been so much more intense, so very real. He made a move to get out of bed and noticed a drop of blood hit his chest. Reaching for his nose and brushing it gently with his fingers, they were covered in blood. Heading for the bathroom to have a look at himself, David was shocked to see just how much his nose was bleeding. Not only that, he could see a bruise on his upper arm, like he had been hit with something.
After a few minutes of holding his nose it stopped bleeding. Pushing on the bruise he winced at the pain. “God what the hell did I do to myself last night?!!”
He turned the water on in the shower and adjusted the temperature. As he was about to get in he swung around convinced that he had heard someone call his name. “Hey who’s in my room?”
David went back out into the main part of the room but it was empty. He checked in the hallway to make sure and it too was empty. Shaking his head he returned to the bathroom and his shower. Eyes closed, letting the water soothe his body David jumped and opened his eyes as again he heard a voice but this time he heard what it had said. “Declan.”
David had heard it; sure he had felt a presence in the room as well.
“Who’s out there?”
Apart from the sound of the running water and his own breathing there were no other sounds. David listened intently for a few moments but nothing. Unnerved he never finished the shower instead choosing to get dressed. Maybe the room, the hotel was haunted. But then, why had he heard the name of the man in his dreams? David was in need of a good hit of caffeine so headed for the hotel bistro.

As his coffee arrived Urs also arrived, smiled and joined him. “You’re not going to believe what happened?”
“You got ghosts in your room.”
“No, No!!” Urs looked at his friend puzzled. “What made you say that?”
David just shrugged his shoulders and drank his coffee.
Urs motioned for the waiter and continued. “I think I had one of your dreams last night.”
David swallowed hard and went a little pale. “That’s not even close to being funny Urs. How could you!!! I didn’t think you could be that mean.”
Urs sat a little straighter in his seat. “No David. I am very serious. Creeped me out when I woke up. I had a dream about your knight and his lady. Tell me, does he die in your dreams.”
Again David swallowed hard. Was it possible that Urs had actually dreamt about the same people? He had never actually told him how his dreams ended but he was right. David always woke up just as this knight was about to die.
Urs saw the expression on David’s face change. “He does doesn’t he? The knight dies in your dream as well.”
David was more than a little unnerved. “Urs, we can’t have the same dream. You just had a similar one because of our conversation yesterday that is all. Apart from there being a knight in your dreams I bet it has nothing in common with mine. “
Urs had a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach and hoped for both their sakes that David was right. “Well there is one way to find out.”
Urs proceeded to tell David about his dream, every little detail he could remember and considering the dream had been so very vivid it was not hard.
Throughout Urs’ depiction David remained quiet and on the outside looked calm. On the inside however he was anything but. He could feel his chest tightening and the pounding of his heart increasing, his anxiety raising. He was listening to Urs describe his dream exactly, right down to the dress that Beth-Elena was wearing.
There was a silence between the two men as Urs finished. “David. Do you know what the knight in your dream looks like?”
Urs question brought David out of his stunned silence. “Yes of course I do. He’s….He.”
David couldn’t describe the knight, he could see his face, yet it was a mystery to him. He had been dreaming about this person for years but when it came down to it he could not describe him, not his features. David looked at Urs. “He’s got hair the same colour as mine, he’s tall. But it’s like I can’t really see his face. I never realised until now.”
Urs took a good swallow of his own coffee. “He’s you David.”
David shook his head. “I don’t understand. What do you mean?”
“In my dream, the knight. It’s you.”
“So you put my face in your dream, I can understand that.”
“No I don’t think you understand.” Urs paused and looked at his friend. “My dream, it is exactly the same as yours isn’t it?”
David took a few moments to answer but Urs already knew. “David. This is so twilight zone and I can’t believe I am going to say this….. But I think it was real.”
“The dream. I think it may have happened. In history. They were real people.”
“Now you are really starting to creep me out Urs. It, they are just dreams, that is all and somehow we managed to have the same one.” David saw Urs get ready to speak. “Don’t ask me how, I haven’t got a clue but that is all they are. Dreams.”
“Then how do you explain this?”
Urs pulled up the side of his shirt to reveal a large angry bruise about the size of a grapefruit. David rubbed his own injured arm involuntarily. “I woke up like this and I sure as hell didn’t have a bruise when I went to bed last night.”
David was becoming more agitated. “So you fell out of bed.”
Urs gave David a condescending look. “Hardly.”
Neither man knowing what to say they fell into silence, both having similar thoughts.
How could they have had the same dream? Why did Urs think they were real people who had lived before? Why did the knight in his dream look like David? And why couldn’t David see the face of the knight in his own dream? Why had Urs ended up with a bruise on his side?
David’s voice was a little apprehensive as he spoke. He really didn’t want to hear the answer to his question. “Urs… How do you think you got that bruise?”
“In the battle. I got knocked around pretty bad. Go hit in the side with a shield.”
“You say that like you were there.”
Again Urs raised his shirt and they both looked at his bruise. “I think I was.”
What colour was left on David’s face disappeared. “And the knight dies? In your dream I die?”
“Not on the battle field.”
“Yeah I know. In Beth-Elena’s arms. Urs this is …. I don’t know what this is.”
Urs looked at his friend. “And I do.”

The rest of the day was spent at interviews and TV appearances. Both Sebastien and Carlos had noticed that David and Urs where out of sorts. Thinking that they may have had a fight.
Sebastien confronted them as they entered the car for yet another trip to another radio station. “Ok you two. What the hell was the fight about?”
David and Urs looked from Sebastien to Carlos. It was David who spoke. “We haven’t had a fight.”
“Then what is it? You’ve been mopping around all day. Something’s up.”
Urs could see that Sebastien was not about to let the subject drop and Carlos would soon throw his hat into the ring. “We both had a bad night that’s all. Didn’t sleep well. We haven’t been fighting.”
Urs shifted his weight feeling the bruise on his side and again David rubbed his arm. Seems they had been fighting but not with each other.
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PostSubject: DOAD Chapter 5   Sat Aug 29, 2009 8:33 am

Chapter 5
Unbeknown to either, both David and Urs had made the same decision. Not to sleep that night. David happily submerged himself in a few x box games for a number of hours while Urs caught up on his correspondence and checked his e mails. Each man had tried to occupy their minds in the hopes of making it through the night and each man had consumed a large quantity of caffeine but just before sunrise each man’s body gave in to the need for sleep. It was not too long before both Urs and David had slipped in to REM sleep and their dreams began.
This night it was not Declan that David dreamed about but Danny, everything seemed the same as always. The picture he carried, the plane, the battle, talking to his friend. But now his friend had Urs’ face. David would wake up trying to remember what Urian had looked like before but like Declan, couldn’t find his face. Up to this point David’s dream was the same. Danny died but instead of waking up in a cold sweat, David continued to dream. Almost like he was standing outside looking in. He stood next to Urian as he buried Danny, a Danny that now looked like David.
If anyone had been watching David sleep they would have seen him squirm, tossing and turning as he watched the new scenes unfold. He wandered through his dream as Urian fought to get home to England. He watched as he told Bethie that Danny was dead. He raced to reach her as she fainted but watched as Urian carried her into the house. It was like his dream was on fast forward and he could see Bethie and Urian’s lives after Danny had died. Although he was asleep and dreaming David was reacting to this change in his dreams. Never before had he seen this. He had always woken up as Danny had been killed. David was shouting, screaming, trying to get someone’s attention but no one would acknowledge him. This was how he woke up, shouting. He jumped out of bed confused and disorientated, twisting in one direction and then another, his eyes wild, dancing across the room until they landed on a program for the tour. David walked over to the table, picked up the book, flicking through its pages. “My name is David Miller. I am David Miller.” It was as if he needed to hear his own voice, telling him who he was to make his mind focus on reality.
David looked at himself in the mirror and gasped, dropping the book. Danny was staring back at him. Dressed in his flight jacket, holding his injured face with his hand. David looked at himself. His hands were still on the table. He shook his head to clear it and then looked back into the mirror. This time he put his own hand to his face to reflect what Danny was doing. Danny simply stared back at him and his image began to fade, shimmering, being pulled back into history.
David stood looking into the mirror, his own reflection now looking back at him.
Dream and reality collided, sending David for the bathroom to throw up.

Urs had dreams, he had dreamt all his life but until a few weeks ago it was not very often that he would remember his dreams. Oh he did remember a few but most times it was just a feeling left when he woke, like a faded painting unable to make it our clearly. But now, now his dreams were so very vivid, he remembered every single one over the past few weeks and they all involved David. At first Urs has put it down to the stress of the tour but after David had told him about his dreams Urs had been a little uneasy about his own and more than a little concerned. At the time he had not told David he had been in his dreams but waking up the other morning with bruises on his body he knew it was time to say something, even if he didn’t believe it himself. As David had, Urs had succumbed to sleep after a long night of fighting the urge and his dreams had taken over. Restless, he fought his way through the battles with Declan, not waking up but finding himself along side the plane ready to bury Danny. Urs tossed and turned as the dreams played out in his mind like a movie. His heart pounded in his chest while the dream continued much further than it had ever done before. Normally Urs would wake just after he had finished burying Danny but this time it seemed he had a much bigger part to play.
Urs dreamed of Urian and his fight to get back to England. He dreamt of Bethie and Urian as they lived after the war and he struggled with the bed sheets as he watched Urian die, then saw Bethie laying in her bed, he knew she was dead. It was all too much for Urs; he woke up shouting, dripping in sweat with a blinding headache. So rattled was he by his dream he collapsed on his hands and knees beside the bed trying to get his breathing back under control. Slowly he rose, taking himself off to the bathroom to throw cold water onto his face. As he straightened up the face looking back at him in the mirror was not his own. It was Urian. However what happened next sent his mind into over drive. His reflection spoke. “Help him.”
Urs gasped, Urian shimmered and the image disappeared leaving Urs to stand staring at himself in the mirror wondering what had just happened, praying he was still asleep. The throbbing of his head and the pain of the bruise on his side told him he was very much awake. Slapping cold water on his face was not going to stop his growing anxiety.
David’s words came back to him “Ghosts in your room.”
Was this what David had meant? Had he seen something like this? Urs needed to talk to David.

He stopped at David’s room hoping to find him but when no one answered Urs made his way down to the hotel restaurant. His heart sunk a little when he saw Carlos, Sebastien and David sitting together. Carlos motioned for him to join them and David gave him a tired half smile. Concern clouded Sebastien’s face. “Urs you look dreadful. You must have had a very rough night my friend.”
Urs slumped rather than sat in his chair. “You could say that.” He shot a look at David.
Carlos patted him on the shoulder. “We have just been through this with David. He doesn’t look much better than you do. What it is? Something about the tour got you both anxious?”
Both David and Urs shook their heads.
Carlos continued. “Then what. David refuses to tell us.”
David jumped to his own defence. “I did tell you!!! I’m not sleeping!”
Sebastien gave David a worried look. “David this is more than just not being able to sleep. Look at you, at both of you. It’s only going to take one photo to start the conspiracy theories amongst the fans.” Sebastien looked at Urs. “So are you going to tell us what is going on?”
“It’s like David said. I’m having trouble sleeping. Can’t settle. Last night was the worst.” Again he looked at David.
Carlos was not about to let it go. “Maybe you should think about changing rooms, that might help.”
Both David and Urs knew that changing rooms was not going to help but to appease their friends they agreed to look into it after breakfast. A breakfast that both picked at, something that did not go unnoticed by the others.

Standing at reception waiting for the clerk to see if he could find them alternative rooms for the rest of their stay Urs shifted from one leg to the other but remained silent. As much as he wanted to find out what was going on he was equally hoping that it would all go away.
David sighed heavily. “Okay Urs spit it out. What happened last night?”
Slowly Urs began to tell David about his dream right up to the point where Urian spoke. Urs looked at the clerk and then looked back at David.
David understood his silence and knew he had not finished. They waited to get the keys to their new rooms and then headed for the lift. In its confined safety Urs finished his story.
David was shaken. “What the hell is going on Urs!!!?”
Urs shook his head as David relayed his own story of the evening’s events.
So intent in their conversation that when the lift opened they did not see the person waiting to get in and David walked straight into her, knocking her completely off her feet.
Both men rushed to help her back up.
“Geez I am so sorry. I feel terrible.I’m sor….” David did not finish as he looked into her face. “Bethie?”
Urs shot his friend a look.
“Elizabeth. I told you only my Grandmother ever called me Bethie. You know if you had wanted to see me again you could have just called. I’ve heard of sweeping a girl off her feet but guys.”
Urs was very concerned. “Are you alright. I mean…”
Elizabeth smiled warmly at him. “It’s okay. Nothing broken.” She looked at David who had been stunned into silence. “Well are you going to just stand there or are you going to help me reclaim my papers?”
David didn’t’ move, continuing to stare at Elizabeth. Urs pushed him lightly. “David! The lady asked for some help.”
“Uh, oh yeah. I’m sorry.”
Both men bent down and picked up Elizabeth’s folders and the papers that had fallen from them. David handed them back to her. “I really am very sorry. Are you sure we have never met before?”
Again Elizabeth smiled but this time it affected both men. It was Bethie, it was her smile and it was Beth-Elena. Urs’ mind whirled with a flurry of visions from his dreams. Elizabeth noticed that he had gone a little pale. ”Mr Buhler are you okay. You don’t look so good?”
Urs regained his composure. “Sorry, just tired. Not sleeping very well.”
“I’m sorry to hear that. You guys have been working so hard, I’m not surprised.”
Elizabeth went to touch him on the arm to reassure him and a spark of electricity jumped between them. Urs flinched a little and David laughed.
“See I told you she was super charged. She gave me a shock at the autograph signing.”
It was time for Elizabeth to apologise. “Ohhh I’m sorry. Did that hurt?”
Urs rubbed his arm. “Not really just a surprise.”
Elizabeth moved to push the button on the lift. “Well nice to see you again. Maybe you should think of having a nanna knap catch up on that sleep.”
Both men laughed at the thought of having a nanna knap.
The lift doors opened and Elizabeth stepped in. Just as the doors were about to close David stopped them with his hand. “Would you like to join us for morning tea?”
Again Elizabeth gave them one of her warm smiles. “As much as my Diva heart would love to. I am on the clock. Have to get back to the office.” She rummaged around in her papers and pulled out a small card. “Maybe some other time.”
As David took the card the doors closed and she was gone.
Urs just stood looking at the doors. He could not believe that he had seen her. He had chided David the other day but he had to admit that he had not paid much attention to her at the signing. She was definitely similar to both Beth-Elena and Bethie. So similar they could have been sisters, very, very close sisters.
David looked at his friend. “Now do you believe me?”
All Urs could do was nod his head.

Elizabeth took a deep breath as she rode the lift to the lobby. They had met again. It was as if the universe was conspiring to make sure that they did meet. She had not dared tell them that since the signing she had also had trouble sleeping. Her dreams of Il Divo had changed a little. Being a Diva she dreamt of David the most so she was not surprised when his face popped into her dreams even when they weren’t about Il Divo. But lately he had been invading the dream she had been having since she was a child. Elizabeth smiled to herself and put that down to the fact that the man in her dreams had similar features to David so it was not a big leap for her mind at all. Declan now looked like David but he was still Declan. But now when she woke up crying at his death it seemed to hurt so much more. Elizabeth shivered a little trying to shake the feeling and get on with the rest of the day. After all it was just a dream.
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PostSubject: Il Divo Chapter 6   Tue Sep 01, 2009 7:22 am

Chapter 6
Over the next few days Carlos and Sebastien became increasingly concerned with David and Urs as did many of the crew that worked with them. As they had predicted talk of them had made it onto the website. Fans who had been to the concerts had remarked on their appearance. They both looked exhausted, drawn and strained. They gave all they had on stage but it was obvious that something was wrong. They had a few days off before the next concert and Carlos hoped the move to a new city would help but he had his doubts.

The revelation that they were both having the same dreams had so unnerved Urs and David that they had decided the best thing to do was stay awake. Not the thought patterns of a rational person but both men had already started to suffer the effects of sleep deprivation. They joined forces helping each other to stay awake. They talked, watched DVD’s, drank coffee and other caffeine boosted drinks and they did stay awake. No dreams for two days but their health was suffering, their tempers were short and their concentration had been affected so much so that Urs was making mistakes that he had never made before then blaming others.
At their sound check Sebastien lost his temper. He’d had enough. “Damn it Urs give it a rest will you. There is no use blaming the orchestra for your own mistakes. Just chill out.”
Without warning Urs threw a punch and hit Sebastien across the face sending him reeling to the ground. Then stood looking down at him unable to comprehend that he had just hit him. Carlos shouted at Urs and went to help Sebastien while David looked on dazed and confused. The stage manager had seen everything from his vantage point down in the first row of seats and bounded up onto the stage pulling Urs around to look at him. “What the hell was that all about??” He didn’t let Urs answer. “Get yourself off the stage and get sorted and don’t come back until you are.” He looked over at David. “You go with him. Last thing I need is for you to blow your top as well.”
Urs did not move just watching Sebastien as he stood holding his cheek with a hurt and sad look on his face.
The stage manager shoved Urs towards the exit. “MOVE!!!”
Urs did move but just as he was about to leave the stage he turned back to look at Sebastien. “I’m sorry Sebastien. I...... I’m sorry.”
With shoulders slumped he and David left the stage together.
“Hey buddy where did that come from?”
Urs looked at David. “I can’t think straight anymore David. I need to sleep. We can’t keep going on like this. I’ve just hit Sebastien, for no reason, he’s the last person on the planet I would want to hurt and I just hit him.”
David nodded in confirmation and then smiled. “Maybe Bethie, emm, Elizabeth was right. We need to take a nanna knap.”
The men headed back to the hotel both knowing they needed to sleep and both hoping that they would not dream.
David text Carlos to let him know where they were going.

Not long after they had left the stage manager called it quits for the day so Carlos and Sebastien were also headed back to the hotel for a few hours of relaxation before the concert. As they rode in the back of the car Sebastien looked at Carlos’ phone as it beeped. “So what does he have to say for himself them?”
Carlos smiled weakly. “It’s from David. Seems they are both going to try and get some sleep before tonight.”
Sebastien sighed. “Finally.”
“You do realise that there is so much more going on than them just not sleeping? You do know that they have been deliberately staying awake don’t you?”
“Yeah, it’s as if they are afraid to go to sleep but I can’t get either one of them to say anything about it.”
Carlos looked out the window. “I think it is time we did.”

Back at the hotel David and Urs parted ways, each to his own room, each trying to come to terms with the consequences of what they were about to do. Both men desperately needed to sleep, they needed to sleep but not dream. However they both knew the likelihood of that happening after the last few weeks was very slim. Urs had reconciled himself to the fact that he was better off dealing with his dreams than hitting his friends in the face and making inexcusable mistakes in his performance.
David had come to much the same conclusion. He had only just been able to restrain himself from doing something unthinkable at the sound check when Urs had hit Sebastien and as much as it scared him he wanted to get to the bottom of all the weirdness that seemed to have filtered into his life. He wanted to find out why Declan had shown himself in his mirror but most of all he wanted it to end.
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Chapter 7
Urs sat on the edge of his bed for what seemed the longest time before finally giving in by lying down. No sooner had his head hit the pillow, he was asleep. Anyone looking at him would have thought he was resting peacefully and for a short time that had been the case. However, it did not take long for his mind to open up the cage that held his dreams and now his worst nightmares. This time it started further back, this time he was with Declan, this time they were preparing to leave for battle. Urs shifted restlessly in his bed as he dreamt. The feeling was different this time, before he had seemed to be detached, as if he was watching a movie. Now it was more like he was in the movie, it seemed so very, very real. He was even thinking as Uri as he looked around him. Seated on a horse riding out to the battlefield, surrounded by other knights. He was willing himself to wake up; he could hear his own thoughts. Then he heard his name, well, not his name exactly but Uri’s. Someone was calling Uri’s name. “Uri….Master Uri…”
Urs turned to see who was speaking to find another knight riding at his side.
“I expect the King is most pleased that you have accepted to be his nieces champion at the wedding games.”
Urs was a little taken back as he realised this man expected him to answer. What did he say? It was like he had replaced Uri. The words that he spoke also seemed so unfamiliar yet familiar to him. “I except he does my good man.”
“You will be able to give Declan the news soon enough.”
“Declan, he’s not with us.”
The other knight laughed. “Being champion has surely caused you some memory lose sir. Your good friend Declan was one of the first to leave. He has been gone for the past two days now.”
Again as he spoke Urs’ words felt strange as they passed over his tongue. “Then I shall be well pleased to give him the news.”
Urs and the knight settled into a quiet ride. Urs searching his mind for a way to get back home, to wake up. The realisation that they had not entered into the battle was unsettling. Urs had never lifted a sword let alone fought a battle and here he was riding into one. Not only that, if his dream played out the way it always did he would be taking Declan back to die. Urs spoke to himself. “Wake up damn it! Wake up.”
The knight looked at him? “You spoke Master Uri?”
“A prayer Sir, a prayer.”
The knight nodded his head.
“A good thing Sir.”
Once again they rode in silence and with each step of his horse Urs got closer to the battle.

It was just on sun set as they reached the camp site. Urs dismounted slowly, not sure as to what he was expected to do next. He was saved from embarrassment by the shouts of Uri’s friend Declan as he strode across the campsite to meet him. Urs held his ground watching David walk towards him and smiled weakly. Declan took hold of his arm and shook it hard while patting him on the back. “ Glad you have arrived my friend. What news of home do you bring?”
Urs was still coming to terms with the fact that he was living this mans life, he was looking into his friend David’s face but yet it was not David. Somehow the eyes were a little different. “What news of home would you have me bring David?”
Declan looked at him curiously. “You call me by a strange name Uri. Has the King decreed that I should change my name as to marry his niece?”
“I beg your forgiveness Declan. It has been a hard and tiring day.”
Again Declan slapped him on the back. “Then you shall accompany me to my tent and eat and rest. But you must also tell of your news.”
Urs had no idea what he was going to tell Declan. The only thing he did know was that Uri was to be Beth-Elena’s champion at some ceremony.
“I have news of the impending wedding. Seems I am to be her ladies champion at the games.”
The smile that crossed Declan’s face was bright and full of love. He looked so much like David it unnerved Urs.
“No better news could you have brought me Uri. Once we return home. I think you and I shall be rather busy for a time.”
At the mention of going home Urs expression changed. Declan became concerned. “Uri, are you ill? Is there some other news you have not told. Grave news perhaps?”
Urs looked at the man before him and sighed. “What if we do not return?”
Declan laughed. “Not return. Ha! I have a wedding to attend and I intend to be present for it. Come Uri take your leave and rest, for tomorrow we do battle.”
Urs accepted Declan’s offer and drifted off to sleep and woke up with a start back in his hotel room. Slowly he sat up holding his head. It was pounding, his throat was dry and his body was lathered in sweat.

David had suffered the same fate as he had fallen asleep. His dreams had transported him back into Declan’s time. He had not found himself on the battlefield or dying in the arms of Beth-Elena. Instead he had found himself in the middle of some sort of exercise routine. And like Urs, he seemed to be taking part in this dream rather than just observing.
David stood holding something rather heavy. As he looked down he could see a sword in his hands. It felt strange, he felt strange and had no idea what he was supposed to be doing.
A booming voice rang out from behind and David spun around just in time to see a large man coming towards him with his own sword raised. Taken by surprise David stepped back and lost his balance. All he could see was the maniac bearing down on him. David thought he was dead. The man raised his sword to strike David and in return David closed his eyes and prepared for the blow. Nothing happened. David waited for a few moments then looked back to see the man standing over him with a smile on his face, sword now at his side.
“Declan. Day dreaming of your fair lady yet again?” The man held out his hand for David to take and helped him back to his feet. “Mind that you do not let Marcus see you in such a state. He will be far less kind.”
“Marcus?” Like Urs, David’s voice in his ears sounded strange.
His companion laughed. “Yes, Marcus our fearless leader and trainer. The Kings trusted guard. Declan….It will be good when you marry then maybe your mind will stay in one place.”
Still confused David spoke. “Married?”
Again his companion laughed. “Surely you are not having doubts about marrying the fair maiden Beth-Elena. After all the commotion you two lovebirds have caused the King will not be amused.”
David just stared at this man unable to comprehend his situation. The other knight took it as a sign that Declan was getting cold feet. “Not to worry Young Declan. Your good friend Uri will be with us soon. I am sure his presence will settle your nerves.” The knight put his arm around David’s shoulder. “Ah that every man should have a friendship as yours.”
Uri’s name brought with it a thousand images from David’s past dreams. His stomach ached as he realised he was actually living Declan’s life. He had no idea how or why but this was real. It was no longer a dream and if it were no longer a dream how did he get out of it? His steps faltered. “I just want to go home.”
The other knight stopped walking and looked at Declan curiously. “Young Declan. Are you not feeling well? It is unlike you to speak in such a way.”
David smiled at his companion. “Wedding jitters.”
He got a puzzled look from the knight.” You were right. Nerves.”
The knight laughed. “Then perhaps you should rest for a time.”
They stopped outside a tent and the knight left David. “I bid you leave Declan. I shall return with word of Uri’s arrival.”
For a moment David looked at the tent and then went in. Just like he knew he was no longer dreaming he knew this was his tent. Everything looked strange and different but he knew it was his. He lay on the bed and soon drifted off to sleep. Like Urs, he woke with a start in the hotel room. As his mind took hold of reality he began to shake. He took several deep breaths trying to get his thoughts and emotions under control and heard a knock at his door.
Standing at his door was Urs looking pale and drawn. The two men looked each other up and down before Urs spoke. “You to?”
David opened his mouth to say something but was silent, he was still shaking. Urs stepped into his room and shut the door. “David what the hell is happening to us? That was too damn real and I dreamt about things I have never dreamt about before.”
David sat back on his bed. “What things?”
Urs began to tell David but the further into the story he got the paler David got. Worried about him Urs stopped. “What is it David?”
This time as David spoke of his dream it was Urs’ turn to go even paler if that was possible. He looked around the room thinking to sit but headed straight for the bathroom. David heard his friend throw up and knew exactly how he felt, He was only just holding on himself.
He looked up at Urs as he slowly came out of the bathroom. “Urs, are we going insane? How can this be? I mean. How can we fall asleep and end up living another life? It’s impossible.”
Urs joined David on the edge of the bed. “Apparently not.”
David shot his friend a startled look.
“What!! Like I’m supposed to know. Damn it David!!! I don’t even know where to look for help do you?!!!”
David dropped his head and both men were silent for a while. “Well Urs I guess this means we make sure we don’t sleep.”
Urs stood raising his voice. “Yeah like that was a resounding success last time.”
David stood with an angry look on his face. “Hey!!Don’t shout at me!! I was just thinking out loud.”
“Well don’t until you’ve got a better idea!!!.”
“Oh for gods sake grow up Urs!!”
That was enough for Urs, he was angry, he was tired and even if he wasn’t going to admit it he was scared and he threw a punch at David which landed squarely on his chin. David lost his balance but did not fall, instead spinning around and throwing a punch of his own sending Urs backwards into the wall. Urs wiped his hand across his face catching the blood from his nose and giving David the wildest look he had ever seen. David knew he had two choices, either to stop and surrender or fight Urs and surely loose. He was the taller of the two but the look in Urs’ eyes told him he was never going to win and could very well loose a friend in the process so David took the chance on surrender. He held up his hands and backed away from an advancing Urs.
Urs Stop!!!! I’m sorry. I over reacted.”
Urs continued to advance as David continued to walk backwards only stopping when he reached the bed. “Urs please! I don’t know what the hell is going on!!!! I’m scared ok.”
There was no change in Urs’ expression and David conceded, lowering his hands and waiting for the blow to be delivered.
Urs looked at David for a few seconds then looked wildly around the room. He needed to vent his rage and had come to his senses enough to know he didn’t want to hurt David. But he still needed to get it out of his system. His eyes fell on a vase of flowers innocently residing on the table. Picking it up, he threw it at the wall with all the force of his anger.
David flinched a little as the vase smashed against the wall. He looked at Urs wondering if he was going to be next. He saw his friends eyes soften and in a soft voice David spoke.” I’m sorry Urs.”
Urs looked back at David and sighed. What did he say? He had almost made the second biggest mistake of his life.
David held out his hand. “Friends.”
Again Urs looked at David and slowly raised his own hand to meet his. “Are you sure?”
David gave a laugh. “Of course I am sure,” He grabbed Urs’ hand and pulled him into a bear hug. David knew his friend found shows of affection difficult and uncomfortable but he needed to let him know that things were okay between them. As they broke their embrace David spoke again. “So I guess it is time we tell the others.”
Urs raised an eyebrow and scowled a little.
“Face it. We are going to need some help with this. It is either tell them or those two are going to order a couple of straight jackets for us.”
“And you think by telling them they won’t?”
David shrugged his shoulders, patted Urs on the back and laughed a little. “You might have a point there. But at least we have a few more concerts to do so we have a little more time of freedom.”

There was a knock at the door and David opened it. There stood Carlos and Sebastien. The smiles left their faces as they saw Urs and David. Urs with a swollen and bloody nose and David with a large red patch on his chin.
Sebastien swore in French, Carlos did the same in Spanish and they both started to shout at Urs and David.
Patiently Urs and David waited for the barrage to finish, giving their friends the time they needed to get their feelings out.
In some warped way David found it amusing and a smile began to appear on his face. Sebastien was incredulous. “What the hell are you smiling about!!!?”
“You are right. You were both right. This is so much more than not being able to sleep.”
Carlos slapped Sebastien on the chest. ‘”See I told you, they’ve been fighting.”
Urs spoke up. “No, we haven’t.”
It was Carlos’ turn to raise an eyebrow looking at Urs’ bloody face.
Urs went to touch his now painful nose. “Well not until just now anyway. But we can explain.”
David opened the door wider so their friends could come in. “Have I got a story to tell you.”
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Chapter 8
While Urs went to the bathroom to attend to his bloody face and nose David launched into his tale of knights and battles and wars and planes and of Bethie and Beth-Elena and of how he and Urs had somehow ended up in these dreams.
As David finished Carlos and Sebastien looked at each other then at Urs who was now standing in the door way to the bathroom and back at David. There was a scowl on Carlos’ face when he spoke. “Ok. So you don’t want to tell us what is going on but David, Really.”
Sebastien’s voice had a tinge of hurt in it. “I thought you trusted us more than this. Whatever it is we can help, we want to help don’t you know that?”
David sighed looking to Urs for help. “They don’t believe us.”
Urs let out his own little sigh before stepping fully into the room. “Did you expect them to??”
Carlos shot Urs a look. “Urs. You can’t tell me that you are going along with this ridiculous story?”
It was more in the way that Urs spoke than the words he said that unsettled both Carlos and Sebastien. They both knew that Urs could pull a practical joke now and then. They also knew when he was being deadly serious and in that very moment both men understood that he was being sincere and honest. This was no joke. What ever was happening, both Urs and David were convinced that it was real.
Sebastien rose from his seat on the lounge and met Urs in the middle of the room. “Tell me honestly Urs. What David is saying…”
“Its’ true. Don’t ask me how. I don’t know. Don’t ask me why I got pulled into it. I don’t know. All I know is that I woke up the other morning with a hell of a bruise on my side, some world war pilot was looking back at me through the mirror and today I find myself riding a damn horse to a battle that King Arthur should be fighting.”
“But Urs. They are just dreams. Very vivid dreams but dreams all the same.”
Urs looked at Sebastien with sorrow, pain and heaviness in his eyes. “I thought so to but they are not. Maybe this will convince you.”
With that Urs pulled the neck of his shirt down his arm to reveal a nasty bite on the top of his shoulder. This got everyone’s attention even David’s, who spoke for them all. “My God Urs what the hell happened.”
“Seems Uri’s horse was none to pleased about having a new master. It bit me.”
Urs replaced his shirt and went to sit down. “Guys I know this is hard to take in believe me I know. But this is happening and we can’t seem to stop it. Every time we fall asleep it starts all over again and it is all connected to David somehow.” He looked to David. “And now me.”
Sebastien began to pace the room and rattled something off so fast in French that no one caught what he said.
Carlos was silent, he had no words. He did not know if he was to believe his friends. The thought that whatever was happening could be very real did not sit well with him. But it was Carlos that spoke first. “And you say that in your dreams that David always dies?”
David shot Carlos a look and Sebastien stopped pacing. Carlos gave David a weak smile. “Sorry but this is true is it not?”
Urs and David looked at each other before they both nodded.
“So maybe your dreams are trying to keep you from danger. Did you ever think of that?”
David smiled a little. “So you believe me?”
“I believe that what ever is happening is causing you both great distress and we need to help you get to the bottom of it for all our sakes.” Carlos went over to David and put both his hands on his shoulders. “David I may not be able to believe this story of yours but I believe in you and that is all that matters.” He looked over at Urs. “You to my Swiss friend.”
Urs looked over at Sebastien. “And you Sebastien? Can you forgive me for what I did? I will regret my actions for the rest of my life.”
Without changing the expression on his face Sebastien walked over to Urs, stood very close and looked at him very seriously. “You know you hit like a girl.”
This brought a booming laugh from David, something they had not heard him do for a while, Carlos whistled and Sebastien gave Urs the cheekiest smile he could muster pulling him into a bear hug. “All is forgiven.”
It was the second time that day Urs found himself on the receiving end of a hug.

The four men did not have much time to discuss the matter further with a sound check and a concert to attend to. But David and Urs did manage to fill in a few of the blank spots for the other two, including Elizabeth. David was convinced she had a part to play in their little situation.
Over the next few days it was decided that Carlos would bunk with David and Sebastien would bunk with Urs until they returned to London.
It was four very weary Divos that returned to London. Two because of their dreams and two because they had watched their friends do battle in their sleep and there was nothing they could do to help.
By the time they arrived in London both Sebastien and Carlos where convinced. Not only had they witnessed their friends sleeping torment but they had been privy to some of the after effects. More than once had Uri and Danny appeared as reflections in the mirrors and both Sebastien and Carlos had heard the voices. They may not know what was happening, they may have believed that it was all a dream but there was no denying what they saw and heard.
It was also very obvious to them all that if they did not sort it out David and Urs would end up two very sick men.
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Chapter 9
Because the dreams had started while they were on tour it was hoped that by coming home they would stop.
Apprehensively David and Urs told Carlos and Sebastien to go home. They had things they needed to do. Carlos’ wife was flying in from Spain to spend some time with him and Sebastien’s fiancé would be waiting no doubt with open arms for his return. Although the tour had kept them in England for the last few months they had not made it home. So both David and Urs found themselves standing just inside their respective homes not sure if they wanted to go in or not. Both men hoped that the others had been right and the dreams would stop. Hauntingly, deep down they knew they would not.
Urs was still coming to terms with the information they had found. Carlos had suggested a Google search of the names and places they could remember. At first they all joked about it but when they found information about Urian it quickly changed their moods.
It had taken a bit of research and not wanting to sleep both David and Urs had taken on the responsibility of tracking down what ever they could. Through computer searches and phone calls they had found a genealogist willing to help with tracking down anything they could find on Declan and Beth-Elena and Uri as well as Danny and Bethie and Urian.
As they knew Urian was a real person they had all had the same thoughts about the other characters in the dreams. However none of the members of the group had spoken of it to the others. Someway hoping that by keeping silent history would not launch itself into the twenty first century. Hoping that the other dreams were just that, dreams.

Urs threw his bags into the corner as he walked into the house. Normally he would have gone straight to his room and unpacked. Today was different, he wasn’t even sure if he wanted to be home. He certainly knew he did not want to fall asleep and be caught up in the nightmares that hounded him. This is how he had come to see his dreams. Nightmares and they had become so real and intense he was having a hard time holding on to reality. He had not spoken to the others but he was not sure how much more he could take. No sleep, and when he did sleep no rest. When he was awake he had a constant headache, his nerves were beginning to unravel and he had to try so very hard to keep his temper under control. It seemed that the littlest things annoyed him.
He had been glad that Sebastien and Carlos now knew, at least they understood. He worried that if the situation kept going he was going to come undone. With these thoughts he headed for the kitchen and poured himself a large stiff drink. Why had he been thrust into David’s dreams? Mores the question, why had David’s dreams invaded his life?
Thanks to the alcohol in his system Urs drifted off to sleep on the sofa. Soon enough he would find out why and how he and David were connected. Urs dreamt as he knew he would.

David was having similar thoughts to Urs as he walked through his home. He stopped at the bedroom door and just threw his bags onto the bed before walking back down to the lounge room and setting up his laptop, letting it come to life. As Urs had done David headed to the fridge and at first pulled out a beer but then replaced it with a coke. As much as he wanted a drink he didn’t want to fall asleep any sooner than necessary. His dreams had become so real to him it was like he was living three lives and it was exhausting. In the large mirror that hung on the lounge room wall David lifted up his shirt to see the bruises left by the last dream. He and Urs (Uri) had been in battle together and David had suffered some heavy blows by their opponents. The bruises on his front and back, proof of his other life.
In his last dream David had called Uri, Urs in the hopes that Urs was really there but it was not to be. So far it seemed that they were locked in their own dreams never to cross. When David was in his dream, although Urian had Urs features he was still Urian. Like wise when Urs was in his dream Declan was still Declan. By comparing their dreams they did know that they were dreaming much the same thing. David knew if he had dreamt about Danny and Bethie so had Urs.
He had intended to check his e mails but even without the help of a beer he found himself asleep. His mind tugging at reality as the vision of Beth–Elena appeared to David. She had tears in her eyes and a pained look on her face. David could feel he was resting in her arms. Suddenly, he realised where he was. The pain of the wound in his side was overwhelming. He went to speak but only coughed. Beth-Elena stroked his cheek with her tender hand. David tried to smile.
“I love you Declan.”
David was finding it hard to handle the pain that racked his body. If this was dying he didn’t want to go this way. He tried to move which only made the pain worse. Somewhere in his mind he knew he was dreaming but it felt so very real it scared him. He did not want to die. “I want to go home.”
“You’re home my sweet.”
David looked in to her face as he felt himself slipping away from her. It was Beth-Elena but it was also Bethie and Elizabeth he saw. ‘I’m sorry.” Was all he could say.
What happened next seemed so surreal to him. He watched as Beth-Elena took Uri’s knife and sliced her own hand and then his, clasping them together and declaring her eternal love for him. David felt himself die but as he did he heard Beth-Elena’s wails of anguish and sorrow.
He found himself standing next to Uri, looking down on Declan and Beth-Elena. Her total sadness broke his heart. “I am so sorry Lizzie.”
Uri turned to where David was standing and spoke one word. “Declan?”
David gasped thinking that Uri could see him. Uri was looking straight at David. “Uri… can you see me Uri?” David saw the recognition in Uri’s eyes just as his dream flung him back into reality and he woke up shouting. ‘Nooooooooooo.”
David had stood up but no sooner had he done so he doubled over in pain clutching at his side. He lifted his shirt to see the bruise. This time it was much, much worse. Red and angry. David looked like he had just finished a fight and it was weeping blood. He had trouble standing straight, again clutching his side. This time he noticed that his hand hurt as well. Looking at it he was amazed to see the cut that Beth-Elena has made. It was fresh, no bruise this time. The gash on the palm of his hand was bleeding. Any deeper and David thought he would have needed stitches. Walking tentatively to the kitchen he grabbed a tea towel and wrapped up his hand to stop the flow of blood. Once this was done he headed for the bathroom and took several painkillers. Looking up at himself in the mirror he wished he hadn’t. Staring back at him was Declan. David held on to the basin for fear that he would pass out with the combination of pain and shock. Declan looked back at him in silence as small tear escaping and running down his cheek.
David closed his eyes and shook his head but when he looked, Declan was still there. This time he spoke. “We need you David.”
The disbelief registered all over David’s face. He moved his injured hand to touch the mirror. As he did Declan copied his moves only his hand was not wrapped and David could see the gash. David’s voice was a little shaky as he spoke. “You know me, my name?”
As their hands touched David was given such a shock it sent him reeling backwards. He groaned but when he looked back in the mirror Declan was gone only his words lingering in the air. “Help us David, help yourself.”
David looked at himself in the mirror. “What the ……”
His mobile phone rang so he returned to the lounge room to answer it.
It was Urs.
Urs’ voice was rough and scratchy as he spoke. He cleared his throat several times. “You just finished sleeping.”
David’s voice was not much better, his voice peppered with pain. “Sleep, what’s that.”
“David are you okay?”
“Yeah just got a hole in my side, a nasty slice in my hand and oh yeah a ghost who knows my name.”
“What? You’re not making sense.”
“Urs none of this makes sense. I just felt myself die in Beth-Elena’s arms and then stood next to Uri and watched her cry for Declan. He saw me, Uri saw me.” David sucked in his breath as he moved and the pain from his side shot thought his body. “Urs I have to go. I need to…..” He was going to say rest but didn’t.
“David how much pain are you in?”
“Urs. I feel like. ..Oh god I feel ill. I feel like I am going to pass out.” David’s words slipped over his lips as he slid to the floor unconscious, his phone falling from his hand.
Urs kept shouting down the phone for his friend. “David!!!!! David answer me!!!!!”
When David did not answer Urs ended the call and called the paramedics giving them David’s address and all the information he had which wasn’t much. Then he called Sebastien and Carlos. Within minutes all three were on the way to the hospital.
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Chapter 10
Sebastien and Carlos were already at the reception desk of the emergency unit of the hospital as Urs arrived to hear a nurse say she could not give them any other information about David expect that he had also arrived. Urs nodded to his friends but looked straight at the nurse. “I am the one that called the ambulance for my brother miss. If we can’t see him could you at least tell us how he is?”
As three of the four members of Il Divo stood in front of the nurse it jogged her memory. She wasn’t a fan but she knew of the group. She stood and smiled at them. “I’m sorry I just realised who you all are.”
They all thought that would be it. They would have no hope of getting any information or even seeing David as they were not family.
“Look. I am not supposed to do this but if you wait I’ll make a call and see what I can find out ok.” As she picked up the phone and dialled an internal number she looked back at Urs. “You’re not really brothers are you?”
Urs took hold of her hand. “We are as close as you can be without being brothers. Please see what you can find out.”
The nurse held up her hand indicating she had a connection. “Yes, Front desk here. I am enquiring about a Mr David Miller for his brothers.
Sebastien, Carlos and Urs looked at each other when she said this but remained silent.
“Yes they are with me at the moment…. Yes…..ok……yes.”
The three men listened intently but were none the wiser as the nurse hung up, except that her expression was grave.
She looked at each one of them. “He’s in a very bad way. The doctor informed me that it looks like he has lost a lot of blood.”
She looked to each of them. “I don’t suppose one of you ‘BROTHERS’ is the same blood type?”
Sebastien and Carlos shook their heads and answered “No.”
Urs surprised them all. “I am.”
The nurse looked back at him with the same surprise as the other two. Looking down at the paper where she had scribbled her note she looked back at Urs.” You mean to tell me you are both RH negative?”
“Yes miss I......... we are.”
“Do you know that is a rare blood type?”
Urs nodded his head and the others just looked at him.
Sebastien said something in French then English. “Urs. I don’t even know what blood type I am how could you know about David?”
Urs shrugged his shoulders. “It came up in conversation not to long after we got together. We both were amazed at the fact that we had the same blood type.” Urs looked back at the nurse. “Does this mean I get to see him?”
She smiled. “Sounds to me like they want you to give him some of your blood.” She handed him a form. “Fill this out while I double check. Sure going to be much easier passing you off as brothers with this little piece of information.”
Again the nurse got on the phone and before she had hung up another person came through the security doors to the trauma ward. “Janice you said we have a donor?”
“Yes. Seems that Mr Miller and one of his brothers have the same blood type.”
The trauma nurse took the forms from Urs and looked them over then looked back at Urs. “Buhler, your last name is Buhler?”
“Yes Ma’am.”
“And you are Mr Miller’s brother?”
Before Urs could answer Janice stepped in. “Adopted. Don’t ask just be grateful he is the right blood type.”
The trauma nurse looked at each of them and then back at Urs. “Are you willing to undergo the test to make sure this information is correct and if so then give.” She paused just a little. “Your brother blood?”
Urs pulled his shoulders back and stood as straight as he could. “You just tell me where and how much.”
“Then come with me.” With that the trauma nurse began to walk back to the security doors with Urs following.
Carlos shouted after them. “Tell David we will be there as soon as we can.”
Janice’s voice was caring as she spoke to the two concerned men. “Your friend, mmmm your brother is in the best care.” Again she handed them forms. “Fill these out and I can put you on the system as family. As soon as he is out of danger you will be able to see him.”
Both men took her hands and kissed her, thanking her for everything. Carlos kept hold of her hand for a little longer. “Thank you Bella. We really are more like brothers you know.”
Urs sat quietly but a little nervous in a small cubicle while yet another nurse all be it a male nurse placed a needle in his arm and took a quantity of blood. Once the vile was full the nurse smiled, placed a small band aid on Urs’ arm. “This must be some special blood. I’ve never been summoned from the lab before.”
Urs sighed. “How long before you know if I can give David my blood?”
“Not long but I am guessing they will start him on plasma in the mean time to keep his volume up.” The nurse left and Urs wondered what he was supposed to do. He was just about to leave the cubicle when the first nurse came back.
“The doctor wants to have a word with you Mr. Buhler.”
“Can I see David? How is he? Is he awake?”
“Come with me, the Doctor is the one to answer those questions.”
Urs followed the nurse down a corridor and into a private room. He stopped in his tracks just inside the door. David lay in the bed looking so very pale. Urs swallowed hard. How could his friend possibly have ended up like this because of a dream? The Doctors voice broke Urs’ thoughts.
“Mr. Buhler, I’m Doctor Horton.”
Urs shook Dr Horton’s hand in silence, staring at him not sure what or if he should say something.
The Doctor gave him a weak smile. “Your brother was in a bad way.”
Urs was surprised at the Doctors words. “Was, you mean he is ok?” Urs looked back at David in the bed as the Doctor continued.
“Well. I’m not exactly sure. See all his signs point to the fact that he has lost a lot of blood. But when we checked again seems he hasn’t lost any at all.”
Urs looked at the Doctor speechless waiting for an explanation.
“He has a nasty cut on his hand which we have dressed but he did not loose enough blood from that wound to make us think he needed a transfusion and the bruise on his side. All be it a nasty one is not the cause. Frankly I don’t know why they told us he had lost a lot of blood. We don’t need you to give him any, he is fine.”
Again Urs looked from David to the Doctor. “But he looks terrible. What’s wrong?”
The Doctor sighed.” Like I said the results keep coming back as if he needs a transfusion but he doesn’t. He has enough blood. I can’t figure it out. The other thing is his brain activity.”
Urs shot the doctor a horrified look. “What do you mean? He’s in a coma or something?”
The doctor shook his head. “No that is just it. His brain is so active. It’s like watching the brain of a person awake and.”
The realisation of David’s situation hit Urs like a thunder bolt and he grabbed hold of the Doctors arms. “You have to wake him. NOW, before it is too late. You have to wake him.!!!!!”
The Doctor pulled himself away from Urs. “Young man what your friend needs now is to rest and regain his strength.”
Urs pulled his hand through his hair. How did he make the Doctor understand that was exactly what he didn’t need? His eyes were wild and his body language showed all in the room he was agitated and worried. “Doc, I know you have no reason to believe me but if you want to save your patient you need to wake him up and now. You said yourself you don’t understand. Trust me, you need to wake him.”
Again Urs looked from David to the doctor. “Please!!!! Do something.”
Dr Horton stood at the side of David’s bed looking from the man to the monitors. Nothing made sense. He should be giving him a blood transfusion but he couldn’t, his patient already had enough blood. His brain patterns should have been much, much slower, he should have been near death but he wasn’t. Dr Horton looked back at Urs.
“I promise Doc. You wake him up you save his life.”
The Doctor took a deep breath. “You better be right. Nurse hand me the adrenalin.”
The nurse looked at Dr Horton confused. He had his hand out waiting. “Now nurse.”
The nurse did as she was told and they all waited as the Doctor pushed the needled into David’s IV.

They did not have to wait long. David took in a large gulp of air, sat bolt up right in the bed and shouted. “Uri!!!!! Urian!!!!!! No, I can’t No!!!!!”
Urs was at his friend’s side in an instant. “David!!!!! It’s me Urs. David!!!”
David’s eyes fell on his friend. “Urs.” He gripped his hand. “God Urs I can’t do this anymore. I can’t. They’re dead, they are all dead. We are all dead.!!!”
The doctor was now at David’s side. “Knew this was a mistake. I need to put him back under.”
Both Urs and David shouted at once “NO!!!” And Urs grabbed the Doctor with his free hand. “No. Just give him a minute to figure out where he is ok. Let me help him.”
The Doctor nodded and Urs turned his attention back to David.
“David, look at me. It’s Urs. You’re back its ok, you’re back.”
David’s eyes settled on Urs and some of the fright left him. “Urs?”
Urs smiled weakly. “Yes it is me David.”
David looked around the room. “Where am I?”
“In hospital. Do you remember what happened?”
David looked at his friend. “The phone. I was talking to you on the phone.”
Urs smiled at him. “Yeah and then you passed out. I had to call an ambulance.”
David looked from Urs to the Doctor.
“You gave us all a bit of a scare young man. Seems you have a very strange body.”
David looked from Urs to the doctor again not sure if he understood but the doctor continued. “We were all set to have your brother here give you some blood but your body seemed to think that wasn’t such a good idea.”
Again David looked at Urs. “Your blood?”
Urs nodded. “I guess I get to keep it for a little longer.”
“I don’t understand.” David looked back at the doctor.
“Frankly Mr Miller neither do I. Right now you should be recovering from a blood transfusion and close to being in a coma. Your brother here convinced me the best thing to do was wake you up. That goes against everything I have learnt but then again I have never come across anyone like you.”
Again David looked at Urs. “You got them to wake me up?”
Urs nodded and David squeezed his hand. “Thank you. Now all I have to do is stay awake”
The doctor shuffled a little uneasily at David’s comments. “Mr Miller is there something I should know?”
David and Urs looked at each other and then back at the Doctor.
Urs sighed. “Yes there is Doc but I think it best if we told you in private.”
Dr Horton didn’t like the sound of that. He had been around for a while and was pretty good a picking people. That is why he had taken Urs at his word that waking up David was the right thing to do, even when it went against everything he knew. He looked at the nurse. “Ok. Nurse could you leave us please. I’ll call if I need you.”
The nurse left in silence.
Once she had gone Dr Horton turned his attention back to Urs and David. “Ok. What is it that you want to tell me?”
David went to speak but Urs cut him off. “I think the rest of the family need to be here for this as well.”
Both David and the Doctor gave Urs a bewildered look. “Our two brothers are out in the waiting room. Dr Horton. You need to hear it from them as well.”
Dr Horton dialled the reception from the phone on the wall, looking at Urs the whole time. “Janice do you have Mr Millers two brothers in reception? I see…Can you send them down to his room please.”
David looked at Urs. “Sebastien and Carlos are here?”
Urs nodded. “I called them as soon as I called the ambulance. They got here before I did.”
Dr Horton was about to say something when in a flurry of French and Spanish Sebastien and Carlos burst into the room heading straight for David’s bed. David had to smile at his friends. “Nice to see you too.”
Carlos was the first to get his English under control. “You scared us. Are you alright David?”
Before David could answer Sebastien spoke up. “Yes David this talk of blood transfusions.”
“I am fine, no blood transfusion.”
Dr Horton cleared his throat. “Gentlemen, now that all of you are here there was something you wanted to tell me?”
Carlos and Sebastien looked at Urs suspiciously.
“We need to explain to the good doctor about David’s condition”
Carlos raised an eyebrow. “Do you think that is wise?”
“Probably not, that is why I wanted you to be here. You have seen what happens; you didn’t believe us in the beginning. I want the doctor to release David, not send us all to the psych ward.”
At the mention of the psychiatric ward the Doctors interest was peaked.
Both Sebastien and Carlos sighed and the four Divos looked at each other and the doctor waited for them to tell him what was going on. He was not prepared for what he heard.
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Chapter 11
By the time Dr Horton had heard their story he was thinking very seriously about having them all certified. Urs did not strike him as the kind of person who would willingly go along with such a story just to cover up anything. He also had to remember how his patient, David had presented to him. Never in his life had he seen symptoms like those he had encountered with David. But what really nudged the Doctor into thinking that these men were actually telling the truth were Carlos and Sebastien. He listened as they told their side of the story.

The room was silent for a while as the four men waited for Dr Horton’s reaction. The Doctor in returned looked from one man to the other. He sighed and let his gaze fall on David. “So you are telling me every time you fall asleep you dream about these people?”
In silence David nodded and then Dr Horton looked at Urs. “You to?”
But it was Sebastien that answered. “They both do and like we said it is scary. How can a dream put you in hospital?”
Dr Horton sighed again and shrugged his shoulders. “I have no idea. There is no explanation. But from what you have said things are getting dangerous.” Once again the Doctor looked at David. “You can’t stay awake forever and you said that you have had these dreams all your life. Maybe they will just stop like they did before.”
David shook his head. “I don’t think so Doc. Don’t ask me how I know but I think we have to fix something, do something before they will stop. I know it sounds crazy.” David let his words trail off. David had not had a chance to tell the others what he had dreamt after he had passed out, what he had seen but he was convinced that if he did not figure it out his own life would be shorter than he expected or even wanted.
Dr Horton’s words rippled through the room. “I really don’t know how I can help you. There is no reason to keep you. From a medical stand point you are free to go if you feel up to it. I am worried about what will happen if these episodes escalate. It is obvious that you would not have died even though your initial tests showed you had lost a lot of blood. But I am worried that your body won’t know the difference between real and imagination and it will shut down.” He looked very seriously at David and then at Urs. “I am at a lose as how I can help you but I will be available if you need me.” Dr Horton pulled out his wallet and gave each man his card. “Anytime day or night. If I don’t answer it usually means I am at the hospital.” Again he looked at David. “I’m sorry Mr Miller I wish there was more I could do.”
David gave the doctor a smile. “That’s ok doc. At least you didn’t order the straight jackets. I appreciate that. Thanks.”

As the Doctor left Carlos looked very seriously at David. “I don’t think either of you should be left alone from now on.” He looked at Urs before continuing. “How do we get to the bottom of this and make it all go away?”
Urs had no answer for his friend but he did know that he was right about not being left alone. “Carlos is right. Maybe we should hire out a hotel suite until this is all over.”
Sebastien’s voice was tempered with anguish and uncertainty. “What if it is never over?”
David shot him a look that bordered on sheer horror. “It has to be Sebastien. We can’t spend the rest of our lives like this. I don’t want to die!”
At David’s last words his friends looked at him stunned. Urs stepped closer to the bed. “What did you see David? What would make you say that?”
“Urs. Like I told the Doc. I can’t seem to get my head around this but I know if we don’t fix it, like Declan, like Danny, I will die. I don’t want to die.”
Again Urs pushed his friend for an answer. “David. What did you see? You have to tell us if we are going to help.”
David lowered his eyes so he was looking down at the bed. “It’s what I heard.” He looked at Urs. “Remember I said that Uri saw me.” All his friends nodded. “Well this last time he talked to me. It’s like he is living a dream as well. He knows who I am, who I really am.” David looked to Urs, his face pale. “He said he had been waiting for me, he knew I would come back. He’d seen me earlier in his life. Thought I was some ghost.” David took a deep breathe. “Every time these dreams start up he has seen me.”
Sebastien was shaking his head. “How can that be? He is long since dead and you keep dreaming about the same thing. How can he possibly have lived the same moment over and over?”
“He didn’t Sebastien. It seems I get to live the same moments over and over but he has seen me through out his life and always when some important event was about to happen in Declan’s life. That’s why he knew his friend was going to die. He saw me.”
Urs could see that David was having trouble but he still hadn’t answered his question. “Then why did you say you are going to die. It seems you are the one that turns up when others are fated to do so.”
Again David looked at his friends with sorrow and pain in his eyes. “I dreamt about Danny as well. Seems that Declan had been invading Danny’s dreams. Kept telling him he had to change things, that is why he married Bethie and didn’t wait until after the war.” David could see that Urs was getting frustrated. “Can’t you see? I have to change things or I will die. That is the reason for the dreams.”
It was Carlos that exploded with all his Latin temper and passion. “No! What do you have to change? What is there to change? This is not right. David this is not your destiny. I do not believe it. I will not believe it. We find a way to stop these dreams and you will be alright.”
In such a quiet, calm voice it unnerved the others Urs spoke. “And what about me Carlos? How do you explain my part in all this?” Urs waited for someone to answer him knowing that they could not. “There is no explanation. For what ever reason this has happened and it seems to me that we must continue on this journey until the end if we are to have any hope of regaining control of our own lives.”
Under his breathe David spoke. “And saving mine.”
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Chapter 12
Elizabeth sat waiting for Kimberly to join her for a late lunch. For the last few weeks she had been battling to keep her sanity and after talking to Kimberly over the phone she decided to meet her, talk to her, see if she could make sense of what was happening to her.
As Kimberly entered the restaurant and saw her best friend her heart sank. She looked awful, her skin was pale, almost opaque, and she had dark rings under her eyes. It even seemed that her eyes themselves had lost their colour. “My God Lizzie. I know you said you were having trouble sleeping but you look dreadful. Have you seen a doctor?”
All Elizabeth could do was shake her head as a small tear escaped and ran down her face. Maybe seeing Kimberly was not such a good idea.
Kimberly reached over the table and took her friends hands as she saw her tears. “Lizzie…What the hell is the matter?”
“I think I am going crazy Kimber.”
This had not been the answer Kimberly was expecting. Not from her friend. Elizabeth was the tough one; she was the one who people called on in times of trouble. As long as they had known each other Kimberly had never seen Elizabeth in such a state and it scared her. She squeezed her hand. “Whatever it is Lizzie we’ll figure it out together. I’m here for you.”
They ordered lunch but neither one ate as Elizabeth told Kimberly the reason she was not sleeping and Kimberly became more and more stunned.
Elizabeth felt totally exhausted after she had finished her story. “See I told you. You don’t believe me. I hear my own words and it sounds crazy but I swear to you Kimber. It has all happened. I feel like I am being pulled into a life that is not mine. Two lives actually.”
Kimberly swallowed hard before she answered. She needed to be very careful about how and what she said. She did not want her friend to shut her out, afraid that if she did she would stop talking to her. “You say that David from Il Divo is in all your dreams.”
Elizabeth nodded her head. “Yes. He has replaced Danny and Declan. No that’s not right. He is Danny and Declan. Oh God this is so hard to explain.” Elizabeth looked at her friend with wild anxious eyes. “I’m afraid to go to sleep Kimber.”
Again Kimberly squeezed her hand. “But they are just dreams, no matter how real they feel. You can’t stay awake forever Lizzie. They are just dreams.”
“Then tell me how a dream explains this.”
Elizabeth opened her hand to show the gash in her palm. It was angry and red but healing.
Kimberly gasped. “How the hell did you do that?” She knew the story behind Elizabeth’s dream but did not want to believe what she was seeing.
“Kimber, it’s me in those dreams and I don’t wake up when Danny or Declan die anymore. I keep dreaming, keep living until I die.” By now Elizabeth’s face was washed in tears. “Oh God Kimber. She loved them so much, she was so sad for so long.”
“She loved who? I don’t understand.”
“Beth-Elena and Bethie. They loved Declan and Danny so completely. The hurt of having to live without them is overwhelming.”
Elizabeth’s words were starting to scare Kimberly; she kept slipping into describing things like she had been there. “Lizzie…. I am trying so very hard to understand all this but how could you know how these women felt?”
Again with tears running down her face Elizabeth opened her hand to reveal the gash. “Because it is me.” Pleadingly she looked at Kimberly. “Help me.”
Kimberly gathered their things, left money on the table for the uneaten lunch and guided her friend from the restaurant. They rode back to Elizabeth’s home in silence in the back of a cab. Kimberly trying to think of ways to help her friend. Dream or no dream what ever was going on was affecting her friend badly.
Elizabeth was just trying to keep her mind empty. Trying not to think of anything at all.
By the time they arrived Kimberly had decided that she was going to move in for a while. Keep an eye on her friend.
“Lizzie. I am going to go home and collect a few things then I am coming right back. I think I need to stay with you for a while. Will you be ok for an hour or so?”
Standing on the footpath looking into Kimberly’s eyes Elizabeth nodded and in a weak voice said. “Thank you.”
As she shut the cab door Kimberly rolled down the window. “An hour tops and I will be back. Make yourself some tea ok.”
Elizabeth stood watching the cab drive out of sight. She did not notice the other cab that went passed. The one carrying David and his friends to the hotel just down the street from her home.
Urs had been looking absentmindedly out the window when he had seen her. His heart raced and little beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. It was Bethie and it was Beth-Elena. Standing there looking so forlorn, looking like they had in his dreams. He could almost hear Beth-Elena’s cry as Declan died. He could feel Bethie’s sorrow and pain when she knew that Danny was dead. A small panic started to rise in him as they passed Elizabeth. Was she somehow involved? Urs tried to suppress his thoughts. It was just a coincidence. But how had she come to be in London when they had last seen her in the north of the country? Urs turned to look at David who thankfully was sitting on the other side of the cab looking out the other window.

Elizabeth went into her apartment but instead of making tea she went to sit next to the window, being exhausted she was soon asleep, asleep and dreaming.

The men from Il Divo busied themselves with checking out the hotel and the services it had available. Urs was happy to see that they had a fully equipped gym including a swimming pool. David was happily plugging in his Ipod and x box and smiled when he found the list of DVD’s available. Considering he did not plan on doing much sleeping the DVD’s would come in handy.
Sebastien was very impressed with the 24 hour room service menu and when Carlos found out that the hotel had a night club he was equally pleased. They were all trying to divert their attention to anything but the real reason they had chosen to spend more time together.

David had managed to check his emails and when he read the one from the genealogists he text his friends. Ten minutes later they were all gathered in David’s room.
“I got an e mail from Angus. You know the history guy who was trying to track down information for us.”
The other three all nodded so David continued giving Urs a curious look as he did. “Seems that you and I were fated to be together Urs.”
“What? What do you mean?”
David pointed to his laptop. “There are reams and reams of information from Angus but the summary he did pretty much explains it all.”
Urs was feeling a little uneasy. “Spit it out David.”
“Seems Declan, Danny and I are related.” David watched as the expressions of his friends changed.
Carlos spoke up. “But they died did they not?”
David nodded. “Yes. As far as I can figure out I am related to Declan through his brothers line and that line is connected to Danny and through some cousin or someone Danny is connected to me. They are my ancestors. We are family.”
Sebastien was already sitting down shaking his head and Carlos was muttering to himself in Spanish. Urs looked at David. “But how does that mean we were fated to be together?”
David took a deep breathe. “I guess it doesn’t but Urs. It is the same for you and Uri and Urian. You are all related.”
Silence gripped the room as the four men digested the information they had just been given.
Urs continued to stare at David dumfounded. He had not expected Angus to come up with anything more than some back ground information on Urian. He certainly had not expected to find out he was related to the men in his dreams, both men. He was even more surprised to find out that his family and David’s had been connected through history. “David this has to be a mistake. Angus has made a mistake. I don’t recall any knights or Vikings in my family’s history.”
David smiled wearily at his friend. “Like I do! We need to check this out a bit more.” With that David began to send a text. “I’m going to see if Angus can meet us. We really need to make sure this is one hundred percent right.”
Urs went to stand next to the window. He already knew what Angus would tell them. Deep down the pit of his stomach shifted, his blood seemed to grow cold and his chest constricted. Angus would tell them there had been no mistake. He began to leave the room when Sebastien put a hand on his arm. “Urs….”
“I am fine. Going to the gym. I need to work some of this stress off.” Without another word Urs left them to their own silence.
It seemed that dreams and reality were being woven together and the line between the two would be forever blurred.
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Chapter 13
Elizabeth found herself on her knees with Declan in her arms once again. Part of her mind willing her to wake up the other part retaining all of Beth-Elena’s memories. She hugged Declan with tears rolling down her face then looked at Uri. “Why Uri? I can’t do this again.”
Uri did not understand her question but did not get the chance to ask her anything as she pulled his knife from his side and cut her own hand then cut Declan’s. As Elizabeth cut Declan’s hand her words reached Uri. “I promise she will find you.” She kissed Declan and felt the life leave him.
Uri was about to go to her when he saw Declan appear at his side and called his name. But instead of Declan he called out David. Elizabeth looked to him. “Where is David?”
Uri looked back at Beth-Elena and realised that it wasn’t her. “You have to go. Help him.”
With his words Elizabeth found herself back in her apartment with Kimberly shaking her.
“Elizabeth….Elizabeth…. Damn it wake up!!!!!”
Elizabeth woke with a start for a moment not knowing where she was except that Kimberly was shouting at her.
“You’re bleeding. Your hand is bleeding.”
Kimberly rushed to the bathroom to get some bandages as Elizabeth work up and began to cry. She was over come with grief, Beth-Elena’s grief.
Kimberly rushed back in and put a rolled up bandage in Elizabeth’s hand.” Hold this to stop the bleeding.” She looked into her friends eyes. “Lizzie. What happened? You were crying, calling someone in your sleep. Your hand.”
Elizabeth looked at her hand. “It’s ok Kimber. It will heal. It always does.”
Kimberly had to stop herself from stumbling as she felt her knees go weak at her friend’s words. “It always heals? How many times has this happened? Lizzie….”
Elizabeth looked at her friend. “A few times over the last few weeks. It never happened before, but now. It’s like I am part of her, I am her when I dream, and I feel everything.”
Kimberly rubbed her head as if trying to get her thoughts to stick. She had listened to Elizabeth in the restaurant but had not really believed her, thinking that maybe she was actually coming unglued for some reason. But seeing her hand bleeding and not being able to find any evidence that Elizabeth had done it herself she was beginning to think that her friend was telling the truth and if that was the case she had no idea how she was going to help her.
Kimberly pulled the bandage away from Elizabeth’s palm; it had stopped bleeding and looked much the same as it had when she had shown her in the restaurant. Kimberly sat next to her friend. “Lizzie, this is scaring me. Every fibre of my body is telling me this is not possible but I look at you.” Her words trailed off.
“I know Kimber. Somehow the past and present have collided and I am stuck. Every time I sleep I get pulled back into their lives.” Elizabeth looked seriously at her friend before she continued. “I know this sounds crazy but David from Il Divo is involved. I just know it.”
Kimberly could not speak but her mind raced and Elizabeth squeezed her hand. “Please believe me. Without you I will go crazy. I need you to believe me.”
Kimberly could see the tears welling up in Elizabeth’s eyes again. “Lizzie. I might not understand what is happening to you but I do believe you. What can I do? I have no idea how to help you.”
Elizabeth smiled. “You already have. You believe me.”
The two women hugged then Kimberly got up top make tea more to try and keep her wits about her than anything else. As she waited for the water to boil they continued their conversation.
“So Lizzie. I guess it is impossible to stay awake for the rest of your life right.”
Elizabeth gave her friend a weak smile.
“So we have to figure this out. Maybe your dreams are trying to tell you something, give you a message.”
“Uri said I had to come back and help him.”
Kimberly stopped pouring the tea in mid stream. “Help who?”
“David I think.”
“Il Divo David, Help him do what exactly?”
Elizabeth shrugged her shoulders and moved to put another cup under the tea pot so Kimberly would not spill the tea. “Well it’s not to stop him spilling the tea.”
They both laughed a little.
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Chapter 14
Urs had spent the good part of two hours in the gym pushing himself as if the devil was after him. As he finished on the treadmill he was drenched in sweat and physically exhausted. But for all his work it had not settled his mind. It still raced, trying to put the pieces together in some sort of cohesive plan that made sense to him. As he rested his head in his hands covered with a towel he could have sworn that he heard someone. Urs looked around the gym, he was alone. “Get a grip Urs.” He shook his head and began to walk to the exit. As he passed the large mirror on the wall he stopped dead, dropped his towel and fixed his eyes on the mirror. “This can’t be.”
As he walked closer the image in the mirror did the same but it was not his own reflection, it was Uri and standing next to him was Urian.
Urs’ words caught in this throat. “What do you want?”
Uri spoke. “You have to help him.”
Urs couldn’t believe he was having this conversation. “Help who?”
“Your friend sir, will die.”
These words shook Urs to his core but before he could confirm what he was thinking Urian began to speak.
“We were too late. We could not save Danny. You have to save them or your friend will die.”
Again Urs shook his head. “Save them, who?” He looked at Uri. “Declan is dead, you’re all dead. How do you know my friend will die?”
Urian stepped forward as if to make his point clearer and the mirror shimmered a little making Urs step back. “I have seen it. I have been with you. Like you have been with us. So many times have we tried to reach you?”
Uri continued. “I too have seen strange things I cannot explain. In my dreams I travel to strange lands, strange people but always you are there, always Master Declan is there and always he dies.”
Urs held up his hands. “This is crazy. What do you men you tried to reach me? I don’t get it.”
Again Urian stepped forward and again the mirror shimmered. “Have you not had dreams about me before?”
Urs shook his head. “I don’t remember my dreams.” He looked at the reflections. “Not until recently.”
Uri also moved forward and again the mirror shimmered. “Not until you met your friend, the one I know as Declan.”
Urs shot Uri a concerned and frightened look. “How can you know him?”
“I see him in my dreams but he is not as Declan but as you, dressed like you. For many years I did not understand.”
Urian jumped in “I still don’t get it.” He looked at Urs. “All I know is that we are connected somehow. Right now in my time I am alive but Uri here is also alive and seems that you are to.”
“I still don’t know what you want me to do.” Unconsciously Urs took a step closer to the mirror and it shimmered again making him step back again.
Urian continued. “Look, all I know is from the time that Danny died things have been strange. My dreams, Uri here seems intent on invading my life and know it seems we are to invade yours. I have seen your friend die.”
Uri nodded his head. “Now that you have met you must help him.”
Urs was getting more and more frustrated. “This is ridiculous. David is fine. Except for lack of sleep and if you would stop harassing him in his dreams he would be ok.” He began to shout. “Leave us alone and we will be fine!!!”
All three men moved forward at the same time and the mirror shimmered before shattering into a million pieces.
Urs jumped, moving to protect his face. When he looked around he found himself still on the bench, the mirror still in tact. He had fallen asleep. He swore under his breath in several languages and got up to leave. As he passed the mirror he gave it a sideways glance. It shimmered and he saw both Uri and Urian. He also heard their voices as he left the gym. “Help us.”
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Chapter 15
By the time Urs had showered and changed and made it back to David’s room Angus had arrived. They all looked at him as he walked in. Sebastien made a sarcastic comment. “Well if working out makes you look like that remind me not to visit the gym any time soon.”
Carlos patted Urs on the shoulder. “Are you ok? You look paler than you did when you left.”
Urs looked from one to the other and his eyes fell on David. “Fell asleep.”
His three friends understood immediately but as they had not told Angus the real reason for wanting his help no one commented.
David introduced Angus to Urs and the men shook hands. Angus gave him a genuine smile. “Glad to meet you. I must say your little project has been quite interesting. The others have been telling me how you all met and I am surprised at your history with each other. I come across a lot of strange things in my line of work but this has been the strangest in a while.” Angus looked at David and continued. “David tells me you want an explanation.” Angus moved over to the large bag he had brought with him. “These days a lot of my work and research is done electronically but I did print off a time line of your families so you can get an understanding of your lineage.”
He unfolded what to the others looked like very large maps and stuck them on the wall after taking down several pictures.
The other four men got closer to inspect the new wall hangings as Angus stepped back and let them take it all in.
Angus began a commentary as they all inspected his work. “If you have a look you will see little boxes with some explanation of how I think you have been connected. As I had information on Urian I worked from there. Thankfully the defence records were in good order; I even found a private diary he kept. That is were I found Danny.” The others all looked at Angus but said nothing. “It took some doing but I back tracked both families. Without boring you with the details we ended up with Uri. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I found out that Danny’s line ran all the way back to Declan. As you can imagine there is not always a lot of information going back that far unless it’s about conflicts or government. But someone thought Declan’s betrothal to the King’s niece was worth writing about. That’s were I found mention of Uri. I found some other small snippets of information and as far as I can tell your families have been bumping into each other for a very long time.”
Urs traced his fingers along the lines of names and information amazed at how much Angus had found out about his family. Angus smiled as he watched. “Your Italian heritage threw a spanner in the works for a while Mr Buhler. I thought I had the wrong family for a while.
Urs remained silent just taking in all that he saw.
However David pipped up. “This says I have relatives in South Africa. I never knew that. This is cool.” He turned and gave Angus a big smile. “We can’t thank you enough for this Angus.”
David and Angus shook hands and Angus began to gather up his things. “Oh I did find another family that seemed to be entwined with yours David a few times but I did not do a full scale search.” Angus pulled a small MAP out of his bag. “Could be fun to have a look at.”
Angus discarded the new map on the coffee table. “Thanks again Angus.” With that Angus left and David went back to his family tree. The others had remained silent as they study the trees.
Carlos went to sit down. “I wonder if Simon had never gone on a search for his new band would you two have met anyway, some how?” Everyone turned to look at Carlos. “Well, it could have happened.” His eyes fell on Urs. “So Urs, care to tell us what was in your dream that made you look so very pale?”
It was Urs’ turn to be the centre of attention as he told of what had happened.
When he finished it was David that was pale. “You mean we have to save someone who is already dead or I die?”
Urs was getting angry; he knew he shouldn’t have told them. “No David that doesn’t make sense!!! Dead is dead. They were talking in riddles. You are not going to die.”
The room fell silent again, no one knowing what to say.
David got up and headed for the door. “I need a drink, a big one. Anyone else coming?”
The other three followed him.

Elizabeth and Kimberly had spent hours going over everything and although Kimberly was overwhelmed by it all she had a better understanding of what her friend had been going through. She hugged her and at the same time her stomach rumbled making both of them laugh.
“Seems my stomach wants to be fed.”
Elizabeth scrunched up her nose as she walked to the kitchen and the fridge. “I haven’t done much shopping. Not sure if there is anything to eat in here.”
Kimberly peered over her shoulder. “MMM you could be right. What do you think we could make with milk, mouldy cheese, and what’s this?”
Elizabeth picked up what her friend was pointing to. “I think it used to be an orange.”
They shut the fridge and Kimberly smiled. “Well how about we head to the hotel, my treat. We can shop in the morning.”
“Sounds good to me. Just let me freshen up a bit.”

Elizabeth and Kimberly were walking past the lift in the hotel lobby heading for the restaurant as the door opened and yet again David managed to bump into her. Thankfully this time he did not knock her off her feet but hit her hard enough to get off balance. He was at her side in an instant. “I am so sorry miss. Totally my fault.”
It was Kimberly that spoke up not Elizabeth. “Sheesh why in such a rush? You’re a danger.”
It was then that Kimberly saw the rest of the group as they got out of the lift. Urs looking to David as he helped Elizabeth steady herself. David had not as yet recognised who it was but Urs was appalled at how she looked. “Elizabeth?” It was a question more than a statement but it had the desired effect. Both Elizabeth and David looked to Urs and then back at each other. Elizabeth smiled weakly at David. “Seems you are intent on trying to knock me off my feet.”
David stared into her face. “Bethie? It is you. My god.”
Elizabeth gave a big sigh and dropped her shoulders and David realised what he had said. “Gosh I am sorry. I mean Elizabeth. What are you doing here?”
Again it was Kimberly that spoke up. “Going for dinner if you must know.” She had not meant to sound rude but after spending the afternoon with Elizabeth and listening to her stories she had been a little rattled to see the four men.
The men looked at her a little shocked and so did Elizabeth, rebuking her friend. “Kimber that was uncalled for.”
David smiled at them both and Kimberly felt a little exposed dropping her head as she apologised. “Sorry.”
David took her hand so she would look at him. “That’s ok. I am sorry to have upset you.” David looked back at Elizabeth. “Elizabeth, would you and your friend like to join us for dinner?”
Urs had not taken his eyes off Elizabeth and Carlos nudged Sebastien slightly realising who she was.
Elizabeth smiled. In her heart she knew she wanted to talk to David about her dreams, in a way needed to be close to him. In a strange way she was thinking that dinner could be the first step. “That would be lovely if your friends don’t mind.”
Carlos stepped forward with a big smile on his face, took her hand and kissed it. “I for one would be happy to have the company of two beautiful ladies. You are certainly much nicer to look at than these three.”
His statement brought laughs from the two woman and shoves of playful disapproval from his friends.
Sebastien stepped forward and took Kimberly’s hand and as Carlos had done he kissed it.
“It would be an honour to escort you to dinner.”
If Kimberly had been upset with David, all those thoughts were forgotten. She felt her knees go a little weak at Sebastien’s touch. Weeks earlier she had just been happy to get his autograph and now she was being asked to dinner. She hoped that Elizabeth would not change her mind.
Urs who had not taken his eyes off Elizabeth as he spoke. “If you would rather have dinner alone with your friend Elizabeth we will understand. Being accosted by four men can be a bit daunting.”
David gave his friend a sideways glance and was about to protest but Elizabeth smiled sweetly. “If you promise not to try and knock me off my feet we would love to join you for dinner.”
They all laughed and began to walk towards the restaurant. David took Elizabeth by the arm and Sebastien did the same for Kimberly.
Carlos made a few jokes but Urs walked behind them in silence. It seemed that his fellow Divos had forgotten why they had come down from their rooms. In a way he was happy for David but he knew it would not last long.
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Chapter 16
The little group was settled at a table in a corner of the restaurant away from prying eyes. Kimberly and Elizabeth managing to sit next to each other, flanked on either side by the four men. David was beside Elizabeth and Sebastien had sat next to Kimberly. After the waiter had taken their drink order David asked Elizabeth a question. “So B e…..Elizabeth what are you doing in London?”
She smiled. “I live here, just down the street actually.” That got a surprised look from all the men.
None the least David. “Oh.. So what where you doing up north?”
“Besides attending one of your concerts… Working. The boss figured I was going to be there anyway so gave me a few things to do. But it is nice to be home.”
She saw the expression on their faces change and she felt a little sad. If anyone could understand being homesick it was these men. “Do you get to stay in London for a while now?”
All the men nodded but David answered for them. “Yeah. Like you said it will be nice. I hate waking up and not knowing where I am.”
Only his friends knew the hidden meaning to David’s words and they had nothing to do with strange hotel rooms.
Carlos wanted to move the conversation along before it got to sombre. “So do you ladies come here for dinner every night?”
Both Elizabeth and Kimberly giggled just a little and Kimberly nudged her friend. “No, this one didn’t do any shopping. All I could find in the fridge was mouldy cheese and an orange in desperate need of help.”
Just then the waiter came back with their drinks and they all scrambled to look at the food menu.
With dinner ordered Urs felt he could ask his own questions. “Elizabeth have you been ill. You look rather pale.”
Everyone waited for her answer. “Seems your not sleeping bug is catching.”
David took her hand across the table. “I’m sorry. It’s the pits when you can’t sleep. How long?”
Elizabeth removed her hand from David’s pretending to take a drink. How did she tell them it had been since they had done the meet and greet. “Oh a little while now but I am sure it will get better.” She looked from Urs to David. “Have you found anything to help? I’ve tried everything from warm milk to sleeping pills and nothing seems to work.”
All the men shifted uneasily in their seats and thankfully Urs answered. “Sorry Elizabeth but we haven’t found anything.”
David drank almost half of his drink in one gulp placing the empty glass back on the table. “But I was thinking of giving a few of these a go tonight see if they work.”
Urs gave him a disapproving look and was about to chastise David when Elizabeth put her hand back on his. “David, do you think that would be wise? You’ll just end up with a horrible headache in the morning and feel worse than you would if you had not slept.”
David was mesmerised, lost in her words as they floated passed him. She sounded so much like Beth–Elena it made his heart hurt.
Carlos’ words broke his trance. “She is right David. Better that we eat rather than drink”
David sighed. “I guess. I would just like to have one night where I slept right through.”

Knowing what she did about Elizabeth’s situation Kimberly was curious to know about Il Divos. “So you are all finding it hard to sleep?”
Sebastien started to shake his head and became very animated. “No, No Cherie only these two.” Pointing to David and Urs. “We sleep just fine.”
Again she asked a question. “How long? How long have you been without sleep?”
This time Urs and David looked at each other as Sebastien and Carlos wondered what they would tell her.
“It seems like it has been for ever.” David gave them all a weak smile. “But I guess since just after the tour started.”
Elizabeth squeezed his hand, David not realising they still were holding hands. “That’s a long time to go without sleep David. Have you seen a doctor?”
He nodded his head. “Sure but there is nothing they can do. And it is not like we don’t sleep. It is just the dreams seem to be so real when I am asleep, I am exhausted when I wake up.”
Urs nodded his head in agreement.
Again Elizabeth squeezed his hand. “How real?”
Elizabeth’s eyes were on David but all other eyes were on her. While David was thinking how to answer her question she asked again. “How real David. How real are your dreams? Do you feel like you are there, really there? Like it is not a dream at all?”
The whole table went silent and David searched her eyes, looking for a reason to tell her the truth. Then he saw it, a slight flicker, and a change. Ask him what it was and he wouldn’t be able to tell you but he saw it. His words stunned the others.
“You know don’t you?”
David saw a small tear pool in the corner of her eye.
Carlos was at a loss as to how she could possibly know. “I don’t understand David. How could she know? We haven’t told anyone.”
David had not taken his eyes off Elizabeth. “You do know. You knew something that first day we met. The day I called you Bethie.”
The small tear escaped from her eyes and in an almost soundless tone Elizabeth spoke the word that would shock them all. “Yes.”
Sebastien looked from David to Urs to Carlos and back to David. “How?”
Again without taking his eyes off Elizabeth, he took hold of her hand in both of his. “Because she was there. She has seen the same things. You have haven’t you? You know who Beth-Elena…..” David never finished.
“Declan.” This statement from Elizabeth brought gasps from Kimberly, Carlos and Sebastien.
David squeezed her hand. “And Bethie?”
She replied with one word. “Danny.” And then broke down sobbing, falling into David’s arms. “It’s all real. I’m not going crazy. They are real.”
David held her close as he looked over to his friends. “I told you she was part of this. We need to help her.”
Urs gave him a surprised look. “Help. David we can’t even help ourselves.”
Sebastien muttered something in French.
“Amen to that brother.” Kimberly had no idea what he had said but her reply seemed to please him.
David held Elizabeth close. “It’s ok Elizabeth. We’ll figure this out together.”
Again Urs stared him down but stayed silent.
Carlos was the next to ask her a question. “How real do you think your dreams were Elizabeth?”
“Go on, show them Lizzie.”
David looked at Kimberly. “What do you mean show us? Show us what?”
Elizabeth sat up and put her hand on the table, palm up but with a clenched fist. Slowly she opened it to show the gash in her hand.
David gently took her hand and ran his finger down the length of the cut. “Beth-Elena.”
He pulled up his shirt to show the scar on his side and Elizabeth ran her fingers across it. “Declan.”
Kimberley groaned. “Oh Man this is just way to freaky.”
“Amen to that sister.” Murmured Sebastien without a smile on his face.
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Chapter 17
As the waiter arrived with their food he could sense that the mood at the table had changed. He had noted that one of the females had looked very pale when they had arrived and now it seemed she had been crying. He did not enquire if they needed anything else, just placed the dishes on the table and left.
Elizabeth sat up and looked at her plate. The last thing she wanted to do now was eat.
The rest of the group did a similar thing. David pushed at his chips with his folk, Sebastien turned his plate in an almost 360 degree circle, Carlos just stared down at his dinner, Kimberly just sighed and Urs looked at each of them. “We need to eat”. As much as he felt the same as the others, he picked up his knife and folk and cut a small piece off his steak and began to eat.
One by one the others followed his lead. It was a very quiet meal indeed but they did eat and all except Elizabeth finished what was on their plates. By now everyone seemed a little on edge, no one was willing to speak.
The waiter came over to clear the plates and ask if anyone wanted to see the desert menu. In silence everyone shook their heads. Urs’ was the only voice to be heard. “Can we just have the cheque please.” He looked around the table as the waiter left. “I think we all need to get together and sort all this out. It has obviously been worrying Elizabeth as much as us.” Urs turned his attention to the two women. “Would you ladies mind coming back to the room with us? We have something to show you.”
Kimberley looked at Elizabeth as she spoke. “What is it Urs? What do you need to show us?”
David once again took Elizabeth’s hand. “I promise it might help.”
Urs stood as the waiter gave him the bill. “It seems that we have been brought together for some inexplicable reason. Maybe now that we are together things will make sense. Elizabeth, I would be honoured if you would take the time to see what we have.”
He let his words settle on the others as he walked to the cashier hoping that she would accept their offer.
Urs smiled to himself as he heard the others getting up from the table. Elizabeth voiced her reservations but she was willing to come with them. He waited for them at the lift which they all rode up to their floor in silence.

Everyone entered the room in silence. Sebastien and Carlos sitting themselves down on the lounge not really sure what to do. David guided Elizabeth over to the wall which held Angus’ work with Kimberly not far behind. Both women looked not really knowing what they were looking at when Urs launched into a description pointing to important places on the family trees.
Hearing Urs re tell their story just made it all the more real for David and it unnerved him. It sounded so ridiculous he wondered how Elizabeth was ever going to believe them.
As it was she just stared at the wall hangings. Kimberly put her hand on Elizabeth’s arm. “Lizzie you ok?”
“I guess.” She looked at Urs and then at David. Her voice strained yet quiet. “They were real. I mean these people in my dream, in our dreams they really lived.”
David nodded. “And apparently we have to stop them from dying or it seems I will.”
“DAVID!!!” Urs shouted. “We don’t know that.”
Elizabeth gave David a look that told everyone she was upset and horrified at what he had said.
“Hey correct me if I am wrong but aren’t these guys already dead?” Kimberly had her hands on her hips waiting for an answer.
All David’s emotions seemed to ride to the surface. “Yes they are but that doesn’t help when they keep turning up and having a little chat now does it.!!!”
Kimberly matched David’s bitterness with some of her own. “Hey don’t jump down my throat because you are being stalked by a ghost. Take a bloody sleeping pill!!!”
David went to shout back at her but Elizabeth beat him to it. “Kimberly!!!!”
Urs came to her aid “ENOUGH!!!!” He stood between Kimberly and David silently boring holes into them with his eyes. “Enough.”
Sebastien rose and took hold of Kimberly’s hand. “Cherie, Please. I know how hard this is.” He guided her to the lounge and she sat between him and Carlos.
Urs gave David another look before turning his attention to Elizabeth. “I can’t tell you that I understand all this Elizabeth. All I know is that it has engulfed my life and until we can figure out how to stop it nothing is going to change.” He flashed a look to David knowing he would want to say something. David was all too aware of the look that Urs was giving him so remained quiet.
Elizabeth sighed trying to keep her tears from flowing. “It’s just. Oh Urs I’m so scared. What if….”
Urs stepped a littler closer meaning to take her in a hug but just as their arms touched there was a loud crackle and everyone in the room saw the flash of electricity zap between them. Urs grabbed his arm and fell to the floor crying in pain.
Elizabeth cried out and fell to her knees holding her own arm.
David and Kimberly dived to her side as the others gathered around Urs.
Sebastien swore in French and Carlos did the same in Spanish both helping Urs to his feet.
“Are you alright?” Sebastien was almost as pale as Urs was.
With Kimberly’s help David lifted Elizabeth to her feet. “What the hell was that? Are you ok?”
Elizabeth nodded her head as she rubbed her arm and looked at Urs. “Are you alright Urs?”
He gave her a weak smile. “You’ve got one hell of a hand shake. How come it didn’t hurt like that last time we touched.”
Elizabeth shrugged her shoulders. “Maybe because we only just touched. It didn’t seem to hurt David very much at the signing and he has touched me since and it hasn’t happened.”
“It did so hurt. My arm ached for days after.”
Carlos got himself into the conversation. “So why did it happen?” He looked at Elizabeth. “Have you shocked anyone else like that?”
She shook her head. As she did, Carlos stepped forward and reached out to touch her on the shoulder bringing cries from the rest of them but it was too late, his hand rested on the top of her shoulder. Nothing happened.
Everyone took a collective breathe and Carlos smiled. “Seems I am safe. I think maybe Sebastien will be safe as well.”
Sebastien shot his friend a look. “I don’t want to get shocked.”
While they were trying to get Sebastien to touch Elizabeth, Urs quietly walked over to her, nodded and then touched her hand. Again nothing happened. As they others saw them the room fell silent. Urs smiled and without taking his eyes off her spoke. “I think we are all safe now. Seems the charge has been exhausted.” He could see that Elizabeth was about to cry again and this time he did take her in a hug. She nestled into his chest feeling safe just wanting to be engulfed by his presence. “We’ll sort this out Elizabeth I promise.”
David tapped him on the shoulder and Urs moved aside so he could hug Elizabeth.
She nestled into him and as safe and comfortable as she felt in Urs’ arms it was nothing compared to the feeling she had resting in David’s embrace. She felt like she had been there before, like she belonged. As she breathed in his scent, it was an aroma she knew. It was old but it was new. It was like she was remembering being with someone a long time ago. She knew him, knew the contours of his body, his smell, even the way he rested his chin on her head.
That’s what David had done, pulled her a little closer, and resting his chin on the top of her head. “We’ll be alright Elizabeth. It will be alright.”
She heaved a sigh and looked up into David’s eyes. “Lizzie.”
David looked at her confused.
“Call me Lizzie.”
She had wanted to tell him call her Bethie but she was not ready for that. Only her Grandmother had ever called her Bethie and now fully aware of her dreams Elizabeth wondered if her Grandmother had known about her link with the past.
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Chapter 18
Once they were satisfied that Elizabeth and Kimberly where okay it was David and Sebastien that escorted them back to Elizabeth’s apartment.
Back in the hotel room once Urs had gone over his own family tree his interest moved to the third one that Angus had left with them. Sitting on the lounge with it unfolded in front of him Urs’ heart raced a little and he felt a slight tremor in his hands. “Carlos come and have a look at this.”
Carlos sat down next to him and let his eyes move across the paper that was set before him. At first the information it contained did not sink in but when it did he swore in Spanish. “This cannot be my friend. How can this be?”
“I don’t think we should tell David.”
Carlos looked to his friend. “I don’t think we should tell Elizabeth. She is having a hard enough time dealing with all this strangeness as it is.” He looked back at the paper. “So it is her family that has been crossing your paths. Very strange, very strange.”
Urs remained silent. It was very strange, their whole situation was very strange and Urs did not like the fact that he had no way of making it right. He had almost promised Elizabeth he would and he did not normally make promises he could not keep. Maybe this would be the first and he did not like that one bit. “I’m going to bed.”
Again Carlos shot his friend a look. “You think that is wise?”
Urs gave him a sad almost defeated smile. “Wise, no, but I am tired and I will fall asleep on my feet if I don’t rest.” Urs rubbed his arm. “Besides whatever she did to me has made my whole body hurt. I need to rest for a bit.” Urs paused. “Stick close Carlos, you know, just in case.”
Carlos nodded. “I will be here my friend.”

As had become his custom Urs sat on the edge of the bed for a while before lying down. Almost afraid of what sleep may bring. That evenings unfolding events had done nothing to ease his mind. If anything they had convinced him that David was in real danger. Now that Elizabeth was part of their lives it seemed more urgent that they try and resolve their problem. While she was still a stranger Urs could keep everything at arms length but now and having seen the third family tree. He fell asleep thinking he needed to ask his visiting apparitions if they had seen his and David’s future. If he only knew what was to happen and when maybe he could prevent it.

As they walked back to the hotel David’s mood became increasingly sombre.
Sebastien questioned him about it. “What is it David?”
At first David did not answer and Sebastien was content to leave him in his silence. Then slowly David began to talk. “I’m scared Sebastien. I feel like I have known Lizzie all my life, yet we only just met. It seems that in the past we have been more than friends” he looked at Sebastien. “Much more than friends and I die, I leave her. I can’t do that to her.”
Sebastien was horrified at his friend’s remarks. “David!!! That was not you.” They stopped walking and he grabbed David by the arms. “That was not you! None of it was you. Your future is not set. We cannot know what is to happen.”
“What if it is set? What then? Am I destined to die? Having found my true love I am to die without being able experience life with her. I am to die so young.”
Sebastien could see the fear in David’s eyes. “Sebastien I don’t understand all this but I do know that somehow I have to save the others to save myself. Don’t ask me how I know I just do.”
It was Sebastien’s turn to walk in silence. What could he say to his friend? How did he help? He had no explanation as to why things were happening how they were. Life was not supposed to be like this. He worried that he would indeed loose his friend but not in death as David seemed to think but loose him because his mind could not hold on to reality anymore. If that were the case maybe death would be a kinder end. For now he would support David and Urs the best he could.

Back at the hotel David just nodded to Carlos as he went to his own room. Carlos in return waiting for Sebastien to give him an explanation. Sebastien sighed and sunk his hands into his jeans pockets. “He’s so afraid he is going to die Carlos. He seems to think that now he has met Elizabeth his future has been predetermined.”
Carlos looked at Elizabeth’s family tree. “Maybe it has.”
Carlos picked up the paper. “You need to have a look at this.” Sebastien came to sit next to him. “This is Elizabeth’s family tree. What do you see?”
Carlos let Sebastien work his way through the information much as he had done. It did not take his friend long to connect the dots. “This cannot be.” Sebastien looked at Carlos. “Does he know?”
Carlos shook his head. “No….. Urs does but we think it best not to tell David or Elizabeth. Not yet.”
“Considering his current state of mind I think you are right. How is Urs doing? I feel for him. It just seems he has been thrown into the middle of a storm with no way out.”
Carlos shrugged his shoulders. “I fear there is something else my friend.”
“I think he may have feelings for Elizabeth.”
Sebastien just looked at Carlos astounded. “But. How do you know? No that cannot be true.”
“I think you may find it is.”
“What will he do?”
Again Carlos Sighed. “About his feelings for her, nothing. He knows that it is David she is drawn to. He will remain forever silent, keeping his torment to himself. That is Urs.”
Sebastien shook his head. What could he say? Carlos was right. If Urs did have feelings for Elizabeth he would never utter a word of it to anyone and would be mortified if he knew that they even suspected such a thing. Suddenly Sebastien thought of something.
Carlos, maybe this is way they are linked. Maybe in the past after Declan and Danny died Elizabeth, I mean Beth-Elena and Bethie were supposed to be with Uri and Urian. That is why it has comeback to haunt them.”
“No” Carlos shook his head. Uri was married remember.”
“Thought I was onto something there.”
“Well I am glad you are not. It would mean that David would have to die for Elizabeth and Urs to be together. No matter how he felt about her Urs would never do that. You know he wouldn’t. ”
Both men fell silent their eyes resting back on Elizabeth’s family tree.
Sebastien was not sure how much of this he could take. He felt like he was living in a nightmare and could not wake up. Was this how his friends felt?
“So what now Carlos?”
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Chapter 19
Urs could feel the now familiar cobbled stones of the castle court under his feet. Feeling his body being carried forward by some unseen force. People smiled and nodded at him as he walked, some even calling his name. But yet it was Uri’s name that passed their lips.
He was walking but to where? So strange yet so familiar. All at once he looked at things as if he was seeing them for the first time but instantly he knew where he was. As he approached the door to the Kings private chambers Urs knew, its textured familiar to him. He knocked and was given the command to enter. As he pushed open the doors he wondered where Uri was. Had he taken over his body? Was he residing in Uri as all this was unfolding? But when Urs looked at himself he saw himself, he felt himself. If that was the case where was Uri? Would he walk around the next corner and come face to face with his past? An audience with the King would give him the answer. Urs was sure that if the King saw any other but Uri he would have questions.
The King waved him in and smiled just a little. “Uri, good of you to take the time to see me.”
Urs bowed just a little. “Always Sire.”
“Come in, come in. How have you been?”
“I am of good health Sire?”
“Why so formal Uri? Have we not known each other for some time and yet you are always so formal.”
“As you are my King, Sire I think it only proper.”
The King smiled and put his arm around Urs’ shoulder and guided him out to a small private courtyard. “It is because of your deep sense of propriety I need to ask you to do something for me Uri.”
Urs looked at the King in silence not sure what he was going to say, letting him continue.
The King paced back and forth as he spoke. “I know this has not been easy for you Uri and I commend you for your strength but I fear what I am about to ask will be even harder for you.”
“You only have to ask Sire, you know that I am loyal.”
The King gave him a fragile smile. “I know Uri that is what makes this so hard.” The King paused for a moment before continuing. “You have feelings for my niece have you not?”
Urs was taken aback. How could the King possibly know this? How could Uri have feelings for Beth-Elena, she was betrothed to Declan. How did he know that Uri had feelings for her? The same way he had feelings for Elizabeth. It was as if his mind was split.
The King continued. “This is the truth is it not Uri?”
Urs nodded without saying anything.
Again the King gave Urs a jaded smile. “Even now you remain silent. Not uttering a word. I do not envy your torment. You wonder how I know your heart my friend? I too had feelings like this for another. I see it in your eyes every time she enters the room.”
The King could see the horrified look on Urs’ face. “Do not be alarmed my friend, No other knows of your inner conflict, not even Beth-Elena. But I would ask that you keep to your own counsel on this matter. For the happiness of my niece, for your friend Declan.”
It took Urs sometime to answer. “As you wish my Lord.”
The King was overcome with remorse at how well Uri could hide his pain. “You understand why I ask this of you?”
Urs nodded his head. “I do my Lord. It being the reason I have kept my feelings to myself. I would do nothing to hinder their love. I will do everything in my power to protect them. As long as either one is alive I shall swear to protect.”
Again the King put his arms around Urs shoulders. “I am so sorry Uri. Asking my knights to fight in battle is much easier than this.”
“Battles are easy my Lord. Love is hard.”
“You will find another who will love you Uri and in time you will love her.”
Just then the door to the Kings chambers opened and Beth-Elena glided in like an angel. Both men smiled at her, it could not be helped.
She stopped. “Oh sorry Uncle you are busy.”
The King held out his hand to her. “No, no child please enter.”
It was then the Beth-Elena realised who the King was with and her face lit up. “Uri, you have returned.” As she reached him she stretched to give him a gentle kiss on the cheek and took his hand in hers. “The news of your family it is of happiness and good health?”
“Yes my lady, they are well.” Urs looked at the King. “By your leave Sire I shall let you visit.”
Beth-Elena squeezed Urs hand. “Sir do not leave on my account. It is good to see you home.”
Before Urs had to try and make an excuse the King helped him out by taking his nieces hands from his and guiding her away. “Uri has duties that he must attend.”
In silence Urs nodded and depart catching a little of their conversation before he closed the door. “You like Uri my sweet?”
“Uncle he is so kind and considerate, so generous. I feel safe when he is around. I hope he finds true love as I have. He deserves the love of a good woman.”

Urs woke, tears dampening his face, pain etching his heart, sorrow consuming his soul. Had this always been his destiny? To love someone he could never have. Yet he knew that Uri had indeed married. Maybe he had found true love. As he turned over and curled up Urs thought about Uri’s words. He would have much rather woken to find himself battered and bruised from the battlefield, not this unseen pain. Maybe he should tell David how he felt?
He was wondering if he should just lie there the rest of the night when he heard shouts from outside his room. He could hear someone calling Uri’s name. He rushed to his door just in time to see David come out of his own room and collapse into Sebastien’s arms. He had scratches on his face, blood running down his arms, bruises appearing all over his body as they watched. David had gone to bed in just his pyjama bottoms and they could see nasty cuts across the length of his stomach. He called Uri’s name again before he completely collapsed. Carlos and Urs reached him together; Sebastien had cradled his head in his lap as they had slid to the floor. “Dear God, he looks like he has been tortured.”
Carlos jumped from jabbering in Spanish to English he was so upset. “Hospicio. We need to get him to hospital.”
Urs looked from one to the other. “And what are they going to do for him?”
Sebastien and Carlos looked at him, disbelief sweeping across both their faces. It was Sebastien’s turn to swear in French while Carlos tried to make Urs see reason. “Urs we cannot leave him like this!!!!!”
Urs stood up. “I don’t intend to. Get him back into bed. I will call Dr Horton see if he is available. But you know what happened last time. His body healed itself. That is what is going to happen.”
As they struggled to get David back into his room Sebastien shouted at Urs. “Damn it Urs what the hell happens if it doesn’t?!!!”
Urs already had his phone to his ear only then did he look at his watch and realised it was three in the morning. “Doctor Horton this is Urs Buhler, David Millers brother. Sorry to wake you. You said to call.”
Carlos and Sebastien listened to Urs’ side of the conversation.
“Yes that’s right.. No, different but he is in a bad way.”
The others heard Urs give the doctor the name of the hotel and the room number before he hung up. “He is on his way. Said about twenty minutes.”
All they could do now was wait.

Fifteen minutes later Carlos showed the doctor into David’s room. He was still unconscious, the cuts and abrasion still very evident but the bleeding had stopped. Dr Horton just stared down at the man in the bed, he was a mess. “Are you telling me this is all from a dream?” The doctor went to check over David. The others said nothing just nodded. As Dr Horton moved his hands over David’s body he groaned a little and moved his head. “I would have thought that gash on his stomach would have needed stitches but it seems to be closing on its own. He’s been bleeding again.”
Urs stepped forward. “That stopped a little while ago.”
David groaned again. “Well I guess this time I don’t have to try and wake him up, seems to be coming around.” The doctor looked at the others. “Guys. I know his body looks to be healing itself but I am not sure how much more of this it can take. The body has a funny way of working and if it thinks this is real it will react the way it should to the real thing. I am thinking he will get weaker and weaker with each episode even though he looks ok. His body will believe it has gone through all this and shut down.”
There was a little urgency in Urs’ voice. “His body has been through all this.”
The doctor looked at Urs. “I know Urs. That is why I am so concerned, for both of you.”
David groaned again and opened his eyes. “Uri….Urs did we escape?”
Urs was at David’s side. “From where David?”
As David came too a little more he realised where he was. His eyes landed on the doctor. “Hey Doc.” His voice was strained. “Making house calls these days I see.”
Dr Horton smiled feebly but it was Urs’ voice that got David’s attention. “David you asked if we had escaped. Escaped from where?”
David went to sit up but thought better of it as he felt the pain rush through his body. “I got captured, beaten up for information. I thought I was a goner but you got me out.” David stopped and he did try and sit up all too quickly and cried out in pain. The doctor made him lay back down and Urs questioned him. “What is it David? What’s so important? You are back, you are ok.”
David flashed them all a crazed look. Uri, he’s back there. He got me out but they caught him. I have to go back!!”
Urs rested his hands on David’s shoulders getting him to lie back completely. “Back where David? Listen to what you are saying. You can’t go back. You know the history. What ever happened Uri survived remember.”
Urs words seemed to soothe David’s thoughts. He sunk back into the bed wincing as he relaxed.
“I can give you something for the pain.” Dr Horton waited for a reply.
“Yeah thanks doc. This body is feeling a bit sore just about now.”
Sebastien pipped in. “Can you take away the pain but make sure he wont go back to sleep?”
The doctor nodded and gave David an injection.
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Chapter 20
As the doctor had predicted it took David longer to recover from this little episode. They were all grateful that not all of his dreams included battles.
Urs had not told them of his dream the same night as David’s battle, neither man had dreamt for the past two days as neither one had gone to sleep. They all knew that the inevitable would happen and they would have to sleep. While they were awake they tried to make a plan. It sounded ridiculous but David was convinced that they had to save Declan for his own life to be spared. Urs did not know if that was how it was going to happen, he still needed to talk to Uri and Urian. They had seen David’s death, they could tell him how and when. But how did he get back to them. Even when he was dreaming as Uri or Urian he could not get his mind to find the answers he sought. It frustrated him to understand that in his dreams people saw him as the others and he could tap into many of their memories but not this. The one piece that might help his friend and it was kept from him. The more he thought about it the more Urs realised he needed to be able to talk to them like they had in the gym. He also realised the reason he could not see David’s death was the fact that to Uri and Urian it was not a memory.

The four men had been silent for a while, all sitting in separate parts of the lounge, all in their own thoughts when Urs stood in utter frustration and shouted. “Where are you Uri? I need answers damn it!”
His actions surprised the others. David gave him a tired smile understanding how he felt.
“I don’t think calling to the heavens is going to help there buddy.”
Urs shoved his hands into his jeans pockets. “I hate not being able to do anything.”
David got out of his seat and went to his friend. “But you have done something. Something special. You believed me, even when you did not understand, you believed me. No matter how this turns out I will always remember you did that for me. No one could ask for more or for a better friend.”
Carlos and Sebastien came to join them, patting Urs on the back to show their support.
Sebastien smiled at him. “Urs, this is so strange, so surreal yet you have been so strong through it all. Taken it all in your stride. You have helped me hold on when I thought…” Sebastien was going to say when he could not hold on but changed his mind. “You have helped me see that even in the darkest moments a true friend is worth so much.” Carlos patted his back in agreement.
Urs tried to smile. Would a true friend keep his feelings for Elizabeth to himself?
David was about to say something when they all heard what sounded like distant thunder. Carlos was about to comment when the lights in the room flickered and the mirror on the wall shimmered as it had in the gym. They all looked at each other when they heard the voice. Urs looked at David. “You heard that right?”
But it was Sebastien that spoke. “We all did.”
Again there was a voice. “Urs.”
This time they all looked at the mirror as Uri appeared, he looked straight at Urs. “I have called you so many times and you did not hear. Yet now you call me and your voice is like a loud bell in my ears.”
All four men just stood looking at the mirror.
“Urs can you not hear me?”
“I hear you Uri.”
As Carlos spoke Uri’s eyes locked onto him. “We all do.”
Urs stepped a little closer to the mirror. “How?”
Uri shrugged his shoulders a little. “My friend. I have seen the most strangest of things in my dreams these past years. I kept to myself for fear I was going insane. I have come to accept them. I have yet to understand but I accept.”
“When did your dreams begin?” Urs was curious as to how he would answer.
Uri smiled. “As yours did my friend. When Declan entered my life.” His eyes fell on David.
Everyone looked at Urs as Uri continued. “Have you not been seeing things, strange things since you met, D a v i d.” David’s name did not roll off Uri’s tongue with ease. He bowed a little and looked back at David. “I beg your forgiveness good sir but your name is strange to me. Although you are not.”
David was a little taken back. “You know me?”
Uri nodded. “That I do sir. As Declan and as yourself. I have seen you. You appeared the day.” Uri stopped. “The day my good friend Declan died. I have dreamt of you.” He looked to Urs. “And you.”
Urs stepped a little closer to the mirror. “Uri, how long has Declan been gone?”
Uri’s eyes dropped just a little. “Too long. A good ten years.”
The others gasped as Urs asked him another question. “Then why do you keep telling us we need to help, need to save him.”
“Because you can go back, you can help us. Stop the curse and stop others from dying.”
“What curse?” this had been the first time Urs has known anything about a curse.
David rubbed the palm of his hand as it began to tingle and Uri looked at him. “You are right my friend. Her love for Declan was so overpowering. She promised to travel eternity to find him. I think she is still. By swearing such an oath she has cursed your blood line. I have seen it and it grieves me.” Uri looked back to Urs. “I had hoped that Urian may have stopped the curse but it was only in his grief at the loss of his friend D a n n y that he was able to connect. It was too late.”
David’s voice was urgent and a little gruff. “But I am not dead!”
Uri gave David a painful smile. “I have seen worlds that I know to be so far into my future I cannot believe but I know this is where you are. There have been others; their lives all end the same.”
“What do you mean?” David stepped closer to the mirror so he was standing shoulder to shoulder with Urs.
“I apologise my friends but for me this has been a long journey. I have seen too much death while awake and while asleep. They die each one, as they find their soul mates.”
Her name escaped David’s lips before he knew what he had said. “Beth- Elena.”
“Yes my friend. Seems no other is allowed to be at peace if she cannot be with Declan.”
The room was silent as all took in what they had heard.
It was Urs who spoke first. “If what you say is right I do not understand how we can help. You have seen the future Uri. Help us save David.”
David shot Urs a look of surprise and pain and Uri shook his head. “It will not help. Fate has decided. Soon David will meet his soul mate and it will start all over again.”
Sebastien’s voice quivered. “He already has.”
Uri sighed. “Then sadly it has begun. Help me stop this curse and help your friend Urs.”
With that Uri disappeared and Urs shouted at the mirror, banging at it so violently that it shattered. “NO!!!!!!!!”
Sebastien and Carlos pulled him back from the breaking glass but David just stood looking at where the mirror had been. He turned to the others as they attended to the cuts in Urs’ hands. “I won’t see Lizzie anymore.”
The others looked at David.
“If we don’t see each other then fate cannot win.” He smiled at his friends. “See easy fixed.” David went to his room.
“Somehow I don’t think it is going to be that easy.” Carlos was over come with all they had just been through, sitting dejected and lost.
Sebastien wrapped a small towel around Urs’ hand before he went to his own room. He had seen so much yet his mind refused to accept it. He needed some sanity in his life so decided to call his fiancé.
Urs stood looking at his hand wondering if David’s plan would work. If it did, would he have a chance with Elizabeth? Would she understand how he felt about her? Would she feel the same?
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Chapter 21
David prowled his room like an injured animal. What had he said? He had not known Elizabeth very long. If truth be told he really did not know her at all. What he knew was Bethie, was Beth-Elena. His head told him that walking away from Elizabeth was the right thing to do but his heart would not let go of the feeling that they were meant to be together. Even his dreams had come to life speaking about their love. A love that had not happened yet, a love he already knew. David kicked the wall frustrated “Arrrrrrrrrrrrr.”
Slumping on the bed he put his head in his hands.
The room was silent then again “David.”
David raised his head still angry and frustrated. “What Urs!!!” His eyes widened and he jumped to his feet when he saw who was before him. “What the …..Urian!”
Urian smiled as David stepped a little closer wondering if he was again dreaming. He could not remember falling asleep. “How, you know me?”
“Seems that I do.”
“How this is possible?”
Urian shrugged his shoulders.
David was still having trouble understanding if he was dreaming. “I am dreaming again.”
“No David,”
David looked at Urian. “No.”
Urian shook his head. “No. And before you ask I have no idea how. All I know is that you have been in my dreams for years. I saw you the day Danny died. I have spent nights wandering in my dreams trying to reach you so that I could quieten the torment in my own life.”
David looked at him puzzled.
“Uri. He turned up when Danny died as well.”
David moved to touch Urian but his hand just washed through his arm and Urian shimmered a little but he smiled. “My time to dream David.”
“You’ve seen my future haven’t you?”
A cloud covered Urian’s face and he put up his hand. “I have seen one future David.” Urian paused. “Do you understand why we have come together?”
“We are supposed to save Declan or Danny, so….” He could not finish his words.
Urian’s eyes showed his sorrow. “You have to David. To me Danny is already gone.”
David ran his hands through his hair. “They are dead to me as well. How the hell am I supposed to save someone who lived and died before I was even born? Why can’t you?”
“Uri seems to think that it has to be you. You are the link between Danny and Declan. It is your life we are trying to save.”
“Then tell me how I die so I can stop it.!!”
“David, no I can’t do that. You would spend all your time trying to stay out of situations that may lead to your death. No. You would go insane.”
“I’ll go insane knowing I am going to die.”
“We all die David. You know how I die don’t you?” Urian had a sad smile on his face.
David realised that he was right; he had seen Urian’s death. He shivered just a little. “Did you want me to tell you?” David was hoping he did not. Telling someone of their fate seemed unnatural and he thought that he may have a small grasp as to why Urian did not want to tell him about his own.
“No David. I will live and die like everyone else, not knowing the time or place. But even what you have seen could change. You could change everything.”
David shook his head. “How? How do I get back to Uri and Declan? Tell me that?”
“I don’t have the answer I just know you will. Just like you know you love her.”
David was shocked at his remark. “Who?”
“You’re Beth-Elena, your Bethie.”
Almost in a whisper David let her name escape across his lips. “Lizzie” and felt the sensation that gripped him when he thought of her. A soft, warm wave of love, of happiness. A feeling of peace and belonging that cocooned him.
Urian’s voice broke through his thoughts. “I see that you have already met her.”
“I guess, but we do not know each other very well. I can just stay away from her. Not see her again and then things cannot get out of hand.”
“Do you really believe you can do that? David you forget I saw the effect Bethie had on Danny. It was like a spell.” He looked at David with very serious eyes. “They were always going to be together. She found you and neither one of you was looking for the other didn’t she? You feel like you have known her all your life. Danny felt the same. I understand how you feel David. I just don’t want your love to end the same way Danny’s did.”
David sat on the bed. “It’s hopeless.”
“No. Like I said I don’t know how but I know you have a chance.”
Both men were quiet for a while and David ran everything through his mind. Sitting up straight he looked at Urian. “You’ve seen it haven’t you. You’ve seen something different.”
Urian shimmered a little. “In my dreams. It’s only there.”
“Damn it Urian!!!. It’s in those dreams that everything is happening. What did you see?”
Urian sighed. “It was a life much different. But only if you change things.”

There was a knock on David’s door and Urs walked in. “David I was….” He stopped dead in his tracks as he saw Urian.
Both men stood silent, looking at each other. Urs’ heart pounding in his chest, not sure if his eyes were deceiving him. “Urian?”
Urian nodded and Urs looked at David. “Don’t look at me Urs. I have no idea how he turned up but he did.”
Urian and Urs looked at each other. It was a little unnerving looking into your own eyes knowing they belonged to someone else.
“How are you Urs?” Urian smiled a little.
Urs rubbed his injured hand and said a little gruffly. “Fine.”
“I understand how you feel Urs.”
Urs was about to answer sarcastically but hearing his own voice coming from Urian stopped him.
Urian looked back at David. “You need to stop her David. For all of us.”
With that he vanished, no thunder, no lighting, and no shimmer, just vanished.
Urs swore in German and began to leave.
“Where are you going?”
“For a drink.”
“Wait for me.”
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Chapter 22
Kimberley found herself running to Elizabeth’s room as she heard her call out. She shook her lightly. “Lizzie wake up, wake up Lizzie.”
Elizabeth shouted and sat bolt up right “DAVID!!!” her eyes were wild and frantic as they bounced around the room until they landed on Kimberly’s face. Her tears started as she realised where she was. “Oh god Kimber. He was so badly hurt.”
“Who? Declan, Danny?”
“Declan, no it was David, I swear it was David and he was mumbling about Uri being captured.”
At least with Elizabeth speaking Uri’s name Kimberly knew which dream she had been in. She sat on the edge of the bed. “So he did not die in your arms this time?”
Elizabeth shook her head and dried her eyes. “No, this was different, something I have not seen before. He was a mess Kimber, a mess. He was all cut up. He’d been beaten. Some of the men brought him back to the castle. They found him wandering back to the camp.”
“He said something about Uri, what was it?”
“Uri saved him. Got him out of the enemy camp but got himself captured. He was frantic about it. He wanted to go back and find him but he was so bad Kimber he could hardly move. My Uncle.” Elizabeth stopped as she heard her words and Kimberly gave her a worried look.
Elizabeth continued. “The King sent others back to find Uri once he understood that Declan had not given them any information.”
Elizabeth got hold of her friend’s hands; she was cold and still shaking. “Kimberly it was so real. I can still feel all the emotion running through my body. How can I keep going like this? I can feel her love and torment as if it were my own.”
Kimberly took a deep breath. “I am so sorry Lizzie, I really wish there was something I could do but there is one good thing. We know that Uri survived. Remember what the others told us, he lived. You have seen him yourself when….” She didn’t finish, they both knew when she meant.
“Come on have a cup of tea with me ok?”
Elizabeth nodded and followed Kimberly out into the kitchen picking up her mobile phone as she did.
“Who are you calling at this hour?”
Elizabeth began to text. “I just need to leave David a message. I need to make sure he is alright.”

As David and Urs entered the lounge room they found Sebastien and Carlos waiting. They had let Urs check on David and stood expectantly as they came out of his room headed for the door. Urs gave them a sideways glance and kept moving. “Going to the bar.”
“That bad?” Sebastien was looking at David not Urs and all David did was nod.
Carlos and Sebastien fell into step and they all made their way to the lift and down to the bar.
On the ride down David had explained what had transpired in his room so by the time they did get to the bar all four of them were ready for a drink.
They were thankful that it was quiet when David’s phone rang. “It’s from Lizzie. She wants to know if I am alright.”
Urs flashed him a look he could not read as he emptied his glass and ordered another drink. “You gave her your number?”
David shrugged his shoulders. “Seemed like the right thing to do. She’s caught up in all this as well.”
He was about to text her back when Carlos put his hand on his arm. “If you call her back now, no matter what you say she will know you are not alright. Wait until a decent hour and then call.”
David thought about his friend’s advice and decided to follow it putting the phone back in his pocket and emptying his own glass.

Kimberly smiled at her friend. “See, you are worried about nothing. If he had been awake he would have called back. He’s ok. We can go and check later in the morning if you like.”
Elizabeth nodded over her cup of tea. “I would like that.”

By the time Sebastien and Carlos had convinced the other two that they’d, had enough to drink they’d had far too much to drink. It was almost six in the morning so they moved from the bar to the restaurant and ordered breakfast. It took some doing but they did manage to get Urs and David to eat and consume several cups of strong black coffee each. Unfortunately it was not enough. Both men needed to be helped back to the lift.
Carlos was not pleased. “And how are we supposed to keep you awake now?”
Urs hugged him a little too hard. “Don’t worry. I’m so drunk I couldn’t dream even if I wanted to and I don’t but if I did I won’t remember anything anyway it will be ok. If this works I might have to stay drunk.”
Sebastien and Carlos looked at each other as they helped their friends to their room. The thought of having two drunken friends to cope with was not a happy thought.
David’s phone rang and he struggled to get to it, almost falling over in the process so Carlos took it off him getting a puppy dog hurt look form David which he ignored.
“It’s Elizabeth.”
It was not David that lunged for the phone but Urs and he did manage to sprawl himself on the floor. Sebastien struggled to get him back on his feet. “Don’t care if you dream or not you’re going to bed.”
Completely forgetting about the phone call Urs draped his arm over Sebastien’s shoulder giving him a stupid look. “Ok Buddy.”
As Carlos moved David towards his own room he began to complain and reach for the phone. “But Lizzie what did she say.”
“She’s fine David. We will call her later ok.”
“Ok dad.” Was all he said before he laughed and Carlos placed him on the bed.

Carlos and Sebastien regrouped in the lounge. Carlos sending a message back to Elizabeth. “Seems she wants to meet us for breakfast.” He looked at Sebastien. “I know we said we would not leave those two alone but I think we should meet her. We can have a civilized coffee while they have breakfast. Find out why she called so early this morning. Something must have spooked her. ”
Sebastien nodded in agreement.

It wasn’t long before Elizabeth and Kimberly joined Carlos and Sebastien back in the hotel restaurant. The women ordered breakfast while Carlos explained what had happened over night. Elizabeth’s hand trembled a little as she drank her orange juice. Carlos looked at Sebastien and then back to Elizabeth. “Are you ok?”
“Just a little shocked that we would be dreaming of the very same thing. David is alright isn’t he?”
It was Sebastien’s turn to speak. “He is a bit battered and bruised but I think he will be suffering more from a hang over than anything else when he does wake up. Urs as well. I have never seen him drink so much.”
Kimberly was feeling little guilty and ashamed. “When I told him to take a sleeping pill that’s not what I meant.” She looked at the men. “Do you think they will be alright? I mean, left alone.”
Carlos shrugged his shoulders. “I am not sure, but we are not very far away if anything does happen. Would you like to see David after breakfast?”
Both women nodded just as the waiter arrived with their food.
Back in the hotel room David and Urs had gone to sleep and they had not dreamt. Technically they did dream but it was not like the dreams they were used to. These dreams were malevolent, dark with a tinge of horror to them. Images flashed across their minds, images of Declan and Uri, Danny and Urian, Beth-Elena and Bethie, even themselves. But the images were sinister and evil, cloaked in oppression, terrifying visions of all their friends being tortured and dying in the most gruesome of ways. David and Urs each struggled in their slumber, fighting to ward off the demons that seemed to be following them, always unseen but felt. As they watched their friends die they knew their turn was getting closer, like a bear breathing down your neck they could feel it getting closer. A dark figure closing in, grabbing at them, tearing their flesh.
David struggled so much with the bed clothes that he fell to the floor with a thud, this is what woke him. For a few moments he was disorientated, scared, pulling at his clothes to make sure he was still in one piece. Calming down, his hands went to his head and he groaned. David might not remember a lot about the night before but he did remember that he drank too much, way too much.

Urs’ dreams had been similar but unlike David he did not fall out of bed. The images had been so bloody, so brutal it was the shock that woke him. Urs cried out as he woke, he was covered in sweat, breathing hard like he had been running. Which he had been, running to his friends to try and save them but it seemed the faster he ran the further away he got. Then a hand on his shoulder, pulling him back and the feeling of cold steel as it sliced through his stomach. Urs pulled at his shirt so he could see his stomach, nothing, not even a bruise. He swung his legs over the side of the bed and sat with his head down regulating his breathing, his whole body shaking, tears appearing. Urs had never felt so scared in all his life and it had been a dream. His head hurt but curiously he was not suffering from a hangover, it had been scared out of him. Urs tried to stand, sitting back down as his legs gave way and holding on to the edge of the bed. “This has to end.”

Urs heard Carlos and Sebastien return, there was a gentle knock on his door and Sebastien stuck his head in the room surprised to see that Urs was up. “Are you ok Urs?”
Sebastien gasped as Urs lifted his head. He could tell that he had been crying and looked deathly pale. “Urs!! Do you want me to call the doctor?”
Urs shook his head and smiled unconvincingly. “No.” his voice hushed. “Just a bad dream.”
“Do you want to talk about it?”
At Sebastien’s suggestion images flashed through Urs’ mind making him shiver. “No.”
Sebastien was at a loss as to what to do. “Ok then. Elizabeth and Kimberly are here if you want to come out.”
Urs ran his hand through his hair as he looked at Sebastien. “Give me a minute ok.”
Sebastien gave his friend an assuring smile and left him to his thoughts.

Back out in the lounge David had joined them happy to be getting a ribbing from Kimberly for getting drunk. Her teasing brought a light back into his thoughts chasing away the foreboding feeling his dream had left him with.
Elizabeth hugged him putting her hands around his middle and resting her head on his chest. “I was so worried about you.”
David wrapped is arm around her, it felt so natural, so right. “Apart from a blinding headache I am ok.”
Carlos had been on the phone ordering coffee from room service when Urs joined them. Everyone was stunned at how he looked. With his hands shoved in his jeans pocket and shoulders slightly slumped he looked like a man defeated.
The crushed man that stood before her shattered Kimberly’s heart. She bit her bottom lip to stop her tears. Standing in front of Urs she pulled one of his hands out of his pockets, Urs did not resist just looking into her eyes. “Don’t give up yet Urs.” She lent in and kissed him on the cheek.
Urs closed his eyes as she did letting her gentle touch soak through him.
“Don’t give up Urs; you are much stronger than you know. We might not be able to stop your dreams but we are all here for you. You know that don’t you?”
Urs looked around the room at the others then back at Kimberley. “I do.”
Instinctively David knew that Urs and he had been having the same dream and as frightening as it has been he seemed to have been able to shake it off a little better than his friend. “Don’t fold on me now Urs, I cant do this without you. You are much stronger than me.” David stood next to Kimberly who still had hold of Urs’ hand. “Urs, I would have gone crazy long before now if not for you. I need you.”
Urs felt Kimberly squeeze his hand “We all need you.” Again she lent in and gave him a kiss, this time gently on the lips and whispered. “I need you.” And her cheeks coloured just a little.
Urs looked into her eyes, did this mean she had feelings for him and he had not noticed because of his own feelings towards Elizabeth. He was not sure how he felt about her but it was nice to know that someone did actually have feelings for him. He smiled back at her and sighed. All he could think to say was “Thank You.”
The other three men smiled seeing the transaction between the two. Elizabeth hugged her friend when she came back to stand next to her. She was happy that she had let Urs know how she felt. It has been along time since Kimberly had let anyone into her life. Elizabeth liked Urs; he would be good for her. She smiled at her own thoughts. Urs would be good for anyone. Her own feelings towards Urs did not so much trouble her but bemused her. If she had not met David then maybe Kimberly would have had competition for Urs’ affection.
As David kissed her on the top of the head all thoughts of Urs were lost and her heart sang its song for David.
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Chapter 23
The previous night having been draining on all of them, they decided that a day in the fresh air would do them good. So a picnic was organised. Sebastien called his fiancé and Carlos called his wife. Before long the little group found themselves in the country enjoying each others company. The women had got on famously, bonding quickly. This fact always amazed the men. It seemed that women had a sixth sense about each other. Renee and Geraldine had know each other for sometime but Elizabeth and Kimberly were new but they had taken them into the fold and were now talking like they had been friends for years.
The group’s conversation drifted across many topics but not one touched on their current situation much to the relief of them all. Kimberly had continued to rib David about his hang over and as the other ladies had seen him they too had joined in the banter. He had found the darkest pair of sun glasses he could and was going to wear a hat but it hurt his head. He spent much of the day lying under a tree with Elizabeth at his side.
Carlos and Sebastien were very happy to be spending time with their partners but Urs had been so very quiet. So quiet that Geraldine and Renee had noticed. Kimberly had tried to draw him out but had not been successful.
When she got the opportunity Geraldine asked him about it. “Urs is the burden you carry so heavy that it tires you so you have no voice?”
Urs was not upset by her remark, he was tired and he did try and smile at her. “I am sorry but yes the last few months have been a little wearing. I don’t mean to dampen your spirits.”
Kimberly made some remark about David having enough spirits last night for all of them making him groan and opening the door for Sebastien and Carlos to tease him just a little more.
Geraldine reached over and gave Urs’ hand a gentle squeeze. He was glad that she was happy with his explanation and that teasing David had distracted the others. He did smile a little at this.

The day ended much too quickly and David, Carlos, Sebastien, Urs, Elizabeth and Kimberly found themselves once again back in the hotel room. The atmosphere was lighter, even David admitted that he felt better. “We are like the four musketeers.”
Kimberly giggled. “Except there are six of us.”
The others all laughed and Sebastien stuck his hand out in front oh him. “All for one.”
Next Carlos put his hand on top of Sebastien’s. “And one for all.” Next came Kimberly’s hand, then David’s on top of hers, then Elizabeth’s. Slowly and with a little reservation Urs placed his hand on top of Elizabeth’s. David was about to say something when there was a mighty clap of what sounded like thunder, a bright flash of lightening and a force almost like an explosion that threw them all backwards.
Carlos was a little disorientated as he dragged himself from the floor asking the general question as he checked himself out to make sure he was still in one piece. “Is everyone ok?”
He heard Kimberly groan and went to help her; it was then that he saw Sebastien at the other side of the room. He had hit his head on the table and was bleeding from a nasty gash. He groaned a little as Carlos moved his face. “This is going to need Stitches.”
Kimberly’s voice was tempered with panic. “Carlos where are the others? Where’s Lizzie?”
Carlos’ gaze swept the room, they were gone. Before he could say anything Kimberly had run to each bedroom door and flung it open. “They’re gone. Carlos where are they?”
He could hear the panic building in her voice and he needed her to stay calm. “Kimberly come and help me.”
She did come to kneel next to him. “But where are they? They can’t have just vanished.”
Carlos took her hand and made her put pressure on Sebastien’s wound with his handkerchief. “Hold this while I get something better.” He made to get up but she pulled at his shirt with her free hand. “Tell me they did not just vanish.”
Carlos looked at her with sad eyes. How could he. That is exactly what had happened. How could he explain that? He couldn’t but his friends had gone. He had a pretty good idea where but he just did not understand how. Right now his first priority was to get Sebastien to hospital then he could worry about where the others had gone, how and would they ever get back.

Dr Horton had seen Sebastien’s name on the emergency list and made it his business to see what had brought him to the hospital. He was pleased to find out that Sebastien had not suffered his injuries while dreaming and was more concerned for Kimberley who was displaying all the signs of shock. When Carlos told him how Sebastien had been hurt the Doctor understood Kimberly’s emotional state giving her something to help. As for their three missing comrades he was just dumbstruck. Being a doctor and a scientist his head told him this kind of thing was not possible, impossible. However, he had been privy to the after effects that David’s dreams left. He had seen David recover from injuries that should have killed him but instead healed on their own. Meeting IL Divo had turned his nice, practical, neat and tidy, organised world upside down. Science could not explain what he had seen, what he had been told.

Sebastien had been drifting in and out of consciousness while Dr Horton attended to his stitches and he had given him a mild sedative, so Sebastien was still somewhat groggy as he woke up.
“I am here my friend.”
“What happened? Was there a bomb?”
Carlos shook his head. “No.”
Carlos looked around the room seeing Kimberly and Dr Horton. Seeing the doctor Sebastien began to panic. “The others!! Are they alright?!! Did they get hurt?”
“I don’t know if they are hurt. They disappeared.”
Sebastien found it hard to concentrate and thought it was because of his head injury. “Disappeared? You mean they left.”
It was then that Kimberly got up from her seat. “No. They vanished. Poof gone. One minute we were all there, the next they were gone.”
Now Sebastien thought that maybe she had been affected by the explosion and looked to Carlos for an explanation. “She is right. They are gone.”
Carlos went on to explain what he thought had happened and where he thought their friends had gone.
Kimberly let out a stifled cry as he finished and Carlos wrapped his arm around her.
Dr Horton checked her over. “Maybe you two should stay in overnight.”
Sebastien shook his head which was a mistake. He groaned and closed his eyes. “I want to go home.”
Carlos looked to the doctor. “Is it alright for them to come back with me?”
Dr Horton looked from Sebastien to Kimberly. He could have pulled rank so to speak and kept them in the hospital but he realised that Carlos would not leave them. “Only if you promise to get back here if you don’t feel well. Sebastien will need his stitches out in ten to twelve days as well.” He wrote out a prescription and handed it to Carlos. “Pain killers, if he needs them.”
Carlos shook the doctor’s hand. “I promise to keep an eye on both of them.”
Dr Horton nodded and left the room.
Carlos put is arm around Kimberly’s shoulders and pulled her close, kissing her gently on the top of the head as they waited for Sebastien to get his land legs.
He had thrown his legs over the side of the bed and was sitting waiting for the pain in his head to subside. “Why didn’t we all disappear?” He looked at Carlos. “Have they really gone?”
The tears that rolled down Kimberly’s face was all the answer that he needed.
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Chapter 24
David’s head was pounding and when he tried to open his eyes shafts of pain attacked his brain. With eyes closed and hands on his head he tried to listen to the sounds around him, nothing sounded familiar, nothing sounded right. He was trying to remember what had happened when he heard a groan. He listened a little more intently. “Urs is that you?”
There was another groan and Urs said something in Swiss. David had no idea what it was he was just glad to hear it. He tried to open his eyes again but the pain was too much. “Urs I can’t see.”
There was no answer.
“Urs are you there?”
Urs’ voice was strained. “Yes.” He coughed and sucked in air as his ribs told him they were not happy with the treatment they had just received. Like David his head hurt but his eyes were not affected as much.
“Urs, what happened? It doesn’t feel right, where are we?”
Gingerly Urs stood, holding his side. Looking around his surroundings Urs was finding it hard to take it in when he saw Elizabeth. She was in the corner, looking like a discarded rag doll.
Hearing her name David moved his head and tried to open his eyes. Where is she Urs? Is she alright?” David could hear Urs moving around. “Urs!!!!”
Urs lent next to her, checked her pulse and let out a sigh. He allowed a small smile to cover his face when she moaned. “She’s got a nasty bump on her head but I think she is ok.”
David was about to say something when they heard Elizabeth. “I’m not ok. God my head hurts.” She began to sit up. Urs tried to help but he winced as his ribs bit into him.
Elizabeth looked into his eyes as she touched his side. “You’re hurt.”
Urs took her hand and guided her over to David without answering. “He can’t see.”
David could hear how close they were but still could not see them. “Lizzie you ok?”
She knelt beside him and put her hands on his shoulders. “Head hurts but I am ok. Can you see anything?”
David tried to open his eyes again but grimaced. “Its like I am looking right at the sun. It’s so bright. Where are we?”
Elizabeth looked around then looked at Urs who shrugged his shoulders. “Well we’re not in Kansas anymore Toto.”
David shuddered a little. “What do you mean Lizzie?”
It was Urs’ voice he heard. “We’re not in the hotel room anymore that is for sure.”
They all fell silent until David realised he had not heard the others. “Carlos, Seb…”
Urs cut him off. “They’re not here, neither is Kimberly.”
“And where is here exactly?”
They all looked up as they heard the roar of several planes passing over head.
Urs went to look out the only door he could see. “Seems we are in some sort of storage facility.”
David and Elizabeth answered at the same time. “What?!!”
Urs was not sure how he was going to tell the others what he could see. He could hardly believe it himself. Spread out before him was a runway, several runways. Parked on the side of one were several old war planes. He looked up seeing the planes they had heard a few moments before. They too were old war planes. He watched as they came into land one after the other. While he watched he told the others what he could see. Elizabeth came to stand with him. She had a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach as she pointed to one of the planes that taxied passed them. “I know that plane.”
Urs just stared at the plane. He knew it to.
They both watched as the planes came to rest and their occupants disembarked.
Elizabeth squeezed Urs’ hand. “Danny.”
Behind Danny walked Urian.
Urs squeezed her hand back as he watched Danny and Urian walk across the runway with other pilots.
David was frustrated that he could not see anything and they had stopped talking. “Urs what the hell is going on out there? Where are we?”
In a voice that was almost too calm Urs answered him. “Seems we have joined the war effort, the Second World War. Danny and Urian have just gotten out of a plane.”
David struggled to his feet and groped his way towards them until Elizabeth realised what he was trying to do and went to help. Holding him around the middle she guided him to the door. “Can you see any better?”
“A little, things are still blurry but not as bright. My headache is easing as well.”
David tried to strain his eyes to see something, anything but it was useless. Not being able to see his ears and nose seemed to have gone into overdrive. “It all smells so different, it sounds all wrong. We’re not in London anymore are we?”
Urs sighed. “We’re not in our own time anymore.”
David rested his back to the wall and slid to a sitting position. “I don’t get it. If we are supposed to stop the curse then way didn’t we go all the way back to Declan and Uri’s time?”
Urs and Elizabeth looked at each other. How could they answer him? WHY was a very big question none of them could answer. Seeming to sense his friend’s apprehension David continued. “Besides isn’t there some scientific formula that says that the same body cannot occupy the same space and time. Some quirk that keeps the universe in order.”
Urs looked at his friend. “Well if there was I think we just disproved it. We are here and so are Danny and Urian.”
Urs looked back out the door to see the pilots disappear into a building at the other side of the runways before looking back at David. “No matter where we are, we can’t go anywhere else until you can see properly. How’s your head?”
David blinked hard a few times and then opened his eyes letting them roam around the room before they rested on Elizabeth. “Still blurry but better. I can actually see you.”
Elizabeth smiled a little but David still couldn’t see it.
Urs shut the door to the store room. “I guess we stay here for a while and then figure out how to get off this Base.”
Elizabeth shot him a look. “Get off the Base, how about getting home? And why did the others get left behind?”
Without knowing Urs had been tumbling his thoughts around in his mind so the words he spoke seemed so natural and again his calm delivery unnerved the others. It was as if he was already resigned to the fact that they would not be getting back to their own time before they fixed what ever it was they were supposed to fix. “The others didn’t come as they are not part of this. They did not dream. This is for us and us alone to deal with.” He paused for a little. “And we shall deal with it.”
He looked from Elizabeth to David. Neither spoke.
The three waited for almost another hour before David’s sight fully returned and they could put a plan into place to see what their new world had in store for them.
Having taken another look outside it was decided to keep as close to the buildings as they could until they made it out of the Base. Good plan in theory. In practise it unravelled rather quickly. Just as they could see what they thought was the exit to the Base they were confronted by a man in uniform as he came out of one of the buildings almost running into David. He looked straight at David, looked him up and down as the others waited to see what happened. “What the hell do you think you are playing at solider!!!”
David went to say something but never got the chance as this man continued to berate him. “Pulling a bloody stunt like this just to get Bethie on the Base. How many times do you have to be told? I have a good mind to pull your wings. And don’t think dressing in such, such….inappropriate clothes is going to help you.” He looked from David to Urs. “I am disappointed into Ian. You have always managed to keep this larrikin out of trouble but this time it seems he has dragged you with him.” His eyes focused on Elizabeth. “Miss Beth. I would be grateful if you would not dress in such a manner when visiting this Base.”
Elizabeth rubbed her hands down her clothes self consciously.
Once again the man turned his attention back to David. David could feel his breath on his face as he shouted his orders at them. “Now your three get off my Base before I have you all charged. Bloody three musketeers alright. I’ve never know three people to give me so much grief.”
The three friends just stood still not sure what to do.
“For God’s sake go. But you two men better be back here for duty by five am.”
Urs, David and Elizabeth just headed for the gate of the Base. Outside it seemed they all sighed with relief.
David was a little excited. “He thought I was Danny.”
Elizabeth gave him a slap across the arm. “You think! And he called me Beth. So why did he call Urs Ian? And who was he?”
“By the looks of those little shinny bits on his uniform I am guessing he is a colonel.”
David was shocked that Urs would know. “How do you know what rank he is?”
To be honest Urs wasn’t sure he was right. “Doesn’t really matter does it. He made his point and I get the impression he’s in charge don’t you?”

As the colonel walked into the Base mess hall, he walked straight into Danny and Urian. “How the hell did you two get back here so fast and where is Miss Beth and those clothes?”
The men looked at each other and in unison said “Sir.”
The colonel was a little flustered. “Danny if this is one of your silly games.”
Danny cut him off. “Sir I have no idea what you are talking about. We’ve been here since we got back from the run. I haven’t seen Bethie since last night.”
“I just saw you three outside……” He trailed off and looked at Urian.
“Ian. You swear that you have not set foot outside since you returned.”
Urian stood a little straighter as if to make his point. “I swear Sir. We went to debriefing, to the showers and then here. We were just about to eat before heading out.”
The colonel looked at both of them. “I don’t know how you did it Danny but I will find out.” And he walked off shaking his head.
Urian looked at his friend. “Like to let me on in what ever it is you have cooked up this time to send his blood pressure through the roof?”
Danny gave him his usually big cheeky grin. “I swear, I would gladly take credit for it but it wasn’t me. I really have no idea what he is going on about. Hey and how come he always asks you for the truth and not me?”
Urian slapped his friend on the back. “Because he never knows when you are telling the truth Danny. You do realise that one of these days you are going to go too far and he really will pull you out of the sky.”
Danny laughed. “Never. I’m too damn good of a pilot and he knows it.”
Urian shook his head and replied sarcastically. “You are, are you?”
Both men laughed as they made their way to am empty table.
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Chapter 25
Elizabeth, David and Urs walked down the street getting a few odd looks from people as they did. Elizabeth pulled on her clothes knowing that it was their appearance that brought the stares. She was dressed casually in a pale blue t shirt with a vee neck, a pair of jeans and Reeboks. David was dressed in jeans and a t –shirt under a white long sleeved shirt but he was also wearing beads around his neck, on his wrist and two gold earrings, one in each ear. Urs was dressed in figure hugging dark blue jeans, a new black Harley Davidson t shirt and black cowboy boots that had been polished to within an inch of their life.
Elizabeth tried to make her self smaller by walking between the two men. “I think we need to change our clothes before we get arrested.”
David was about to answer when Elizabeth stopped walking. Both men looked back at her. “I know this place. Bethie lives down here.”
Urs and David looked to where she was pointing. Urs taking a step forward. “Number 35 Chatham Road. Left down here and then right. It’s the fourth door on the right.”
David was amazed. “How do you know the number? How could you possibly know where we are?”
Urs looked at David. “You mean you don’t know. All the times I have walked down these streets in my dreams. They look exactly the same. Don’t you recognise anything David?”
David looked down the street. He did and things were far more vivid than he wanted them to be. It scared him. “Yes I do Urs, it’s just.”
Urs knew how his friend felt; there was no need for him to finish his sentence.
“Well maybe Bethie can give me some clothes to wear.” Elizabeth’s idea got their attention.
David put his hands on his hips. “And what do you expect to do just walk up and knock on the door and introduce ourselves?”
Elizabeth began to walk. “Got a better idea?”
Both men looked at each other and then looked at Elizabeth as she walked off and ran the short distance to catch up with her.

Standing at the front door to Bethie’s house Elizabeth was not so sure about her little plan.
“Well we can’t just stand here.” Urs went to knock on the door when David stopped him.
“Wait!!” He began to take off his beads and earrings stuffing them into his pocket. “What are we going to say?”
“Hello.” With that Urs did knock on the door, Elizabeth gasped and shrunk behind the two men and David just stared at his friend not believing he had actually said what he had said.
As the door opened they were looking at Bethie, she was the spitting image of Elizabeth. Shoulder to shoulder both men had been rendered numb.
She smiled and her whole face lit up. “Danny, what a nice surprise. I wasn’t expecting you two until later.”
Before David could stop her she lent in and gave him a kiss. After a few seconds she pulled back with a strange look on her face. His kiss had felt wrong. “What’s the matter Danny?”
David went to answer but they all heard Elizabeth from behind them. “Maybe I should explain.” She stepped between the two men placing herself in front of Bethie. It was a shock for both women, like looking into a mirror. They could all see the horror in Bethie’s eyes and the colour drain from her face.
Elizabeth held out her hand. “My name’s Elizabeth. I think we might be related.”
That was all Bethie heard before she collapsed. Urs jumping forward to catch her before she fell all the way to the ground. He swept her up in his arms and walked into the house like he knew where he was going. And indeed he did, they all did. He took her into the lounge room and placed her on the sofa. Kneeling beside her and brushing the hair away from her face as Elizabeth ran to the kitchen to get a damp cloth. David could not take his eyes off her. She was real, until this point he had been trying to convince himself that he had got it all wrong, he was still dreaming. But she was real, which meant everything else was real. His voice was quiet when he spoke. “They could be twins. Urs, they look so much alike.”
Urs remained silent just looking down into Bethie’s face. Seeing her only made his heart hurt even more. He was looking into the face of the woman he loved, yet this was not the same person. He was looking into the face of the women Urian loved and neither one of them could ever let it be known. Urs knew this was the truth. Uri’s king had told him as much about Uri’s love for Beth-Elena. Urs knew this was the connection he had with his kin. A love that could never be spoken of. He wondered if Urian felt the same way about Bethie as he did about Elizabeth.

Elizabeth returned with a damp cloth. As she placed it on Bethie’s forehead she moaned a little and began to come to. “Danny?”
Urs spoke. “No it’s...” He did not get to finish
Bethie spoke as she opened her eyes and swore that she was looking into the face of her dear friend Urian but something was not right. “Urian?”
Urs smiled softly and helped her sit up. “No, my name is Urs.”
Her eyes flew to David. “You’re not Danny!!!”
All David could do was shake his head.
They could see that she was getting up set when Elizabeth sat next to her and took her hand. “I know this is all very scary. Trust me I know. I am sitting here next to you and I can hardly believe it. But I promise we are not here to hurt you.”
Bethie’s voice was a little shaky. “I’m not dreaming this time am I?”
The all looked at each other a little shocked as Elizabeth continued. “You dream. I mean.”
Bethie gave her a small smile and squeezed her hand. “I have dreamt of you. All of you. I just thought it was my mind. You know Danny and David. I just thought you were the same person. I was just dreaming but.” Elizabeth could feel her start to tremble again. “Why are you here? How did you get here?”
David came to kneel next to Urs and took Bethie’s other hand. “We are not here to hurt you Bethie.”
She smiled a little. “You sound different. You don’t sound like my Danny. You look like him but you don’t sound like him.” She turned her attention to Urs. “You sound like Urian though and you look like him” Then she looked at Elizabeth. “We are related?”
“Seems that way. Now how about a nice cup of tea for you?”
Bethie nodded.

The four had been sitting around the kitchen table having consumed several cups of tea each as they tried to explain their appearance to Bethie and she explained what she had been dreaming. Her dreams had not started until she had married Danny three months before. Urs and David had an uncomfortable feeling, giving each other a knowing look. It meant that they had little time to fix things. According to the information they had found Bethie and Danny had only been married four months before he died.
Bethie sighed. “I really don’t understand. If this is a curse and you have to stop it from ever starting why you are here and not back when it all first began? Don’t get me wrong; knowing you are here to save my Danny. It scares the hell out of me but I am glad that you came. Those dreams were beginning to worry me. I thought I was going to have to tell Danny.”
Again David and Urs and Elizabeth shuffled a little in their seats but it was Elizabeth who took up the challenge to see just how much Bethie actually knew of the whole situation. “So Danny knows nothing of your dreams?”
Bethie shook her head.
“And I am guessing he has not told you about his own?”
The stunned look that Bethie gave them all was their answer and again she went a little pale. Both David and Urs where ready to jump into action should she faint again. Her voice quaked as she spoke. “You mean that Danny has dreamt about you as well?”
They all nodded and Urs took her hand across the table. “He dreams about us and we dream about him.” He wanted so much to tell her everything they knew about each other but he pulled back. “Urian dreams as well.” He felt her grip get tighter. “They haven’t told you anything have they?” Bethie shook her head and he saw a tear appear. “I guess if I was here I would probably want to protect you also. I am sorry we have invaded your life like this Bethie truly I am.”
“Can you stop it? I mean. I don’t want to loose Danny.”
David watched the interaction between Urs and Bethie and if he didn’t know better he would have thought that Urs had feelings for her that ran much deeper than just being worried about her. He reached out his hand to Elizabeth and smiled at her. “We will do everything we can.”
Elizabeth squeezed his hand just as they heard the front door open and someone call.
Bethie rose from the table. “Well this is certainly going to be interesting. That will be Danny and Urian.”
She left the others not sure how she was going to explain her guests to her husband and his best friend.
Danny greeted her with one of his big smiles and a kiss, a kiss that Bethie was familiar with. As much as these two men looked like each other, they were different. This was her Danny. She gave him an extra hug before receiving her normal kiss on the cheek from Urian.
Danny was excited about something. “You’re never going to guess what happened on the base today.”
Bethie smiled as she tried to slow their pace giving her a chance to think of how to introduce the others. “Mmm let me see, you caused that poor colonel of yours more grief?”
Urian laughed. “She knows you too well.”
Danny laughed. “Well I certainly got into enough trouble but it wasn’t me this time. Someone else got to the old man, stole my thunder. But the colonel swears it was me.”
Urian cleared his throat. “Excuse me. He thinks it was us.” He pointed to Bethie. “All of us.”
“Oh.” Bethie looked at them just before they walked into the kitchen. “I think I may know the answer to that.”
Danny and Urian stopped dead at the Kitchen door as they saw Bethie’s guests.
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Chapter 26
David, Urs and Elizabeth rose as Bethie stepped closer to the table. “According to David you already know each other.”
The four men stood staring, speechless. Elizabeth sighed and rolled her eyes. “Well someone says something.”
Both Urs and Urian swore in Swiss at the same time making Danny and David laugh. They just looked at each other and then began to talk all at once. After a few moments of listening to the cacophony of male voices Elizabeth and Bethie looked at each other, smiled and they both sent out a very loud whistle. Bethie put her fingers to her lips and let fly while Elizabeth pursed her lips and did the same. The room fell silent as the four men looked at the two women who were now pointing to the chairs around the table. In unison they both said “Sit.”
The four men did as they were told and it was David who spoke first. “Seems our females have a lot in common.”
Danny smiled back at them. “Too right there.”
Urs and Urian continued to stare at each other, both wanting to say something, neither one knowing how to approach the other.
Bethie stood behind David and Urs and looked over at her Danny and Urian and Elizabeth stood behind Danny and Urian looking over at David and Urs, a hand on each mans shoulder. Both Ladies smiled at each other seeming to have forged a bond that only females understood.
Bethie looked at Elizabeth. “Lizzie would you like to take this little meeting in hand?”
“It would be my pleasure Beth.”
The men remained silent, overwhelmed at the hidden strength of the women that seemed to have bubbled to the surface.
“It would seem we have a few things to discuss.” Elizabeth could see that David was going to say something so raised her hand to stop him. Bethie just looked at Danny, giving a silent instruction he understood as Elizabeth continued. “We are in a situation that should not exist but we are and we need to come up with a plan. I for one would like to go home.” She looked around the table at the men. “I am sure you four have a lot to talk about.”
Bethie jumped in. “And I think the Fox and Hound down the road would be just the place.”
Each man protested and both women smiled at just how similar they were. Danny’s voice rose above the rest. “The four of us in public? Ladies.”
“Boys. Just think. Get you all out there so David and Urs don’t have to slink around.”
Both David and Urs looked at Elizabeth amused at the word she had used.
Bethie went to stand between Danny and Urian and slipped her arms thought theirs. “You can introduce them to the others as your cousins. As soon as we change their clothes. We need to be able to move around freely. Who knows how long they will be with us.”
Again the men were silent. Bethie pushed Danny and Urian to the door. “Go on then. Help your cousins get ready. Danny you can lend David some clothes and I am sure Urs will fit into the spare clothes you have left in the guest room Urian.”
Elizabeth gave David and Urs a little shove. “Shooo.”

Alone in the kitchen both women sighed. “Lizzie do you think sending them out there is a good idea?”
“To be honest I have no idea but having them all in the same room was doing my head in.”
Bethie gave her a puzzled look.
“Sorry, making me crazy. I was starting to feel like I could not breathe.”
“Me to. But what do we do now?”
Elizabeth took Bethie’s hand and pulled her to the table. “You and I need to talk, find out exactly what each of us knows and fill in the gaps.”
Bethie got a serious look to her face. “I’m scared Lizzie.”
“Me to Beth, me to.”

As the four men entered the pub it immediately fell silent, all eyes fell on them and Danny spoke for all. “This was a mistake. Why did we listen to those two?”
David patted him on the back. “Because we love them.”
They all heard a gruff voice from the other end of the bar. It was the colonel. “Why so quite, who D I ED?” The colonel’s voice trailed off as his eyes fell on the four.
Urian and Danny nodded. “Colonel.”
The Colonel just looked from one to the other. “Blimey.”
“Sir, I would like to introduce you to my cousin David.”
David held out his hand. “Colonel.”
The Colonel shook his hand and then looked at Urs. “Ian?”
Urs shook his head and Urian spoke. “No sir, this is Urs. I am Ian.”
This time Urs put out his hand and the Colonel took it. “Another cousin right? It was you two I saw earlier with Bethie wasn’t it?”
Both David and Urs nodded.
“Should have known, hair’s to long for the RAF.” The colonel locked Urs into a stare that made him feel very uncomfortable and David tried to hide his smirk.
What happened next surprised them all. The colonel broke into a big grin and threw his arm around Danny’s shoulder. “Your best attempt yet my boy. Brilliant, just brilliant. Using the family to get to your old colonel. Outstanding.” His booming laugh echoed through the still silent pub as he pulled Danny with him to the other end of the bar. The other three just followed trying not to be intimidated by the looks they received.

Within ten minutes the atmosphere in the pub was back to normal but every now and then someone would look over at the unusual group. The colonel wanted all the details. Of course they could not give him any but the story they wove about David and Urs turning up at the same time seemed to plicate him.
After the colonel had consumed a few more pints of beer Danny decided to see if he could get him to agree to giving both he and Urian some leave. Since their COUSINS had turned up so unexpectedly.
“I am not so drunk as to not know my mind their young Danny but, but….. why not. I can’t give you leave. I can put you on call. Say a week. But if I give the word you’re back on duty.”
Danny shot his hand across the table to shake the colonels before he could change his mind. “Deal.”
The colonel finished his drink as he stood to leave. “Gentleman.” He looked over the patrons of the pub. “Maybe it is a good thing you have some time off. I have a feeling the base will be all a buzz come dawn.” He nodded. “Danny, Ian.” Then looked to David and Urs. “Cousins.”

After the colonel left their talk turned to more serious things. Talk of how they had come to be together in real life, talk of each of their dreams and who knew what. Talk of why David and Urs had arrived. The talk of Danny’s impending death rattled not just Danny but Urian as well. In their time, neither one had seen this. Only David and Urs knew the outcome of history as it now stood. But they needed to discuss it as it was the very reason they had been flung back in time.
David and Urs tried to describe what they had seen as gently as possible. But listening to how you are going to die was almost suffocating. Even so, Danny tried to make light of it. “You couldn’t have told me it was as simple as stopping me from getting hit by a bus.”
No one said a thing; all eyes were on the table. Danny played with his glass. “So….How much time do I have.”
Again no one spoke. “David. How long?”
David looked Danny in the eye but it was Urs who told him. “A month. May be a month.”
Urian and Danny just stared at Urs. Danny’s voice was grave. “How do you know?”
David’s voice was almost as grave. “The information we have. We know when you got married and we know when you…..”
“When I die.”
“Danny it’s hard for me as well.”
Danny shot David a look. “How could it be? You don’t know when you are going to die.”
“No but Urian does, Uri does. They have both seen it.’
At his words Urian shuffled uneasily in his seat and Danny gave him a questioning look. “Is that true Urian? You know?”
Urian opened his mouth to speak but again it was Urs who spoke up. “They have seen one outcome. What is to happen if we do not change things? If we changes things all our futures will be different.” Urs caught David’s questioning gaze. “You want to know how I know David? I have talked to them as well remember.” Urs could have left it at that and he knew that David would be satisfied but he needed to be honest with his friend. “I have also seen it.”
David was dumfounded.
Urian swore in Swiss and looked at Urs. “We have more in common do we not cousin?”

David’s emotions were in turmoil. How long had Urs known about his death? Would he tell him if he asked? Did he really want to know? Was it possible that by changing the past they could change the future and save his life? If they changed the past then how much of the future would change with it?
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DOAD (Death Of A Divo) By: Lois Lane
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