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"We Came Here To Love".

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 DOAD (Death Of A Divo) By: Lois Lane

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PostSubject: DOAD chapter 27   Sat Sep 19, 2009 5:54 am

Chapter 27
As surreal as their situation was the two women had bonded very quickly seeming to take strength from each others experiences. Elizabeth was awed that Bethie was living in the midst of a war. Something she had only read about. But now first hand she got to see how it really was.
Bethie was herself in shock at the things that Elizabeth told her of her own time. She pulled her mobile phone out of her pocket and Bethie took great delight in pushing the buttons. “You mean this little thing is your telephone?”
Elizabeth smiled. “Uh Huh.”
“But it has no mouth piece, no ear piece.”
Elizabeth took the phone back and showed her how it was used before putting it back in her pocket.
Bethie sighed. “It is nice to know that the world will be at peace again. “She looked at Elizabeth. “I don’t think I could go on if I lost Danny.”
The room was silent. Elizabeth had no words of comfort for her. She had no idea how things were going to turn out. No idea how they would possibly sort it all out and make it all go away.
After a while Bethie spoke up. “How exactly did you get here by the way?”
Elizabeth explained what had happened and Bethie smiled. “Musketeers eh. Seems to run in the family. That’s what the Colonel calls us. The three musketeers. I think it was the linking of the hands that did it.”
“If that is the case then why did the others get left behind?”
“Can you remember whose hands rested on whose?”
Elizabeth closed her eyes to think back. She opened them as she remembered. “I know that I put my hand on David’s and then Urs put is hand on mine. Then it was like the room exploded.” She paused. “Do you think if we did it again it would work in reverse? You know take us home?”
“I’d be more worried about it taking me further away.”

The noise as the men returned put an end to their conversation. It was still a shock to see them all together. David and Danny walked in together making the most noise as Urs and Urian followed them, quietly and with a heaviness that engulfed them all.
Bethie tried to shake the foreboding feeling from her. “Urian you’ve got room to put Urs and Elizabeth up for the night don’t you. We can fit David in here but the place is too small for everyone.”
Elizabeth went to protest but Urian put up his hand. “I guess we had a few of the same thoughts. We thought you girls would like to stay together so we decided that we would all bunk back at my place.”
Now Bethie was not sure if she liked that idea either but she could see the sense in it. Smiling she went to Danny, draped her arms over his shoulders and pulled him close, kissing him passionately. “You’ve been gone two days and I have to wait another night. I am not sure if I can.”
Danny blushed a little as he pulled her arms from his neck. He could see David’s cheeky smile. “You’ll just have to be strong.”
He would have to be strong. He had not intended spending the night without her but it seemed that he was. So trying to make it easier he clapped his hands. “Ok boys lets get this show on the road.” He gave Bethie another quick kiss. “We’ll be back for breakfast.”
David nodded his good byes to both ladies as Urs and Urian walked forward and did the same thing. Urs kissed Elizabeth on the check while Urian kissed Bethie in the same manner. Neither spoke, just kissed them. Seeing this David decided he needed to give Elizabeth a kiss. He took her hands after he kissed her and held them to his chest. “Urian’s place is just around the corner. I won’t be far if you need me.”

Urian’s house was bigger than Danny and Bethie’s. It had been his parent’s house and with four other siblings it needed to be big. It had seven bedrooms upstairs and the downstairs was well appointed with a large kitchen, dinning room, family room and study. David and Urs were surprised. Urs was more surprised at that fact that Urian had such an accent if he had lived in England all his life.
Urian explained. “My parents love this country but they wanted me to know who I was, where I came from so I have been back to my home country many times. I studied there, I work there but when war broke out I came back to help defend the country that I also love.”
Urs was curious about the rest of his family. “Your brothers and sisters?”
Urian sighed but had a small smile on his face. “Thankfully they have all returned to England. They are safe.”
Danny patted Urian on the back. “Yeah this big house gets a little lonely all by yourself doesn’t it Urian? That’s why he spends so much time at my place.”
Urian showed them to their rooms without answering but Urs had seen that look in his eyes. He knew how he felt. He knew because he felt the same way about Elizabeth.
With David and Danny settled Urian was headed down the hall to his own room when he stopped outside Urs’ as he heard him humming. He did not know the tune but it was nice, he liked it. He knocked on the door and Urs opened. Urian smiled at him. “You sing?”
Urs had a bit of a shocked look on his face but he had forgotten that Urian really had no idea who he was or what he did. So he answered with a smile “Yes. A little.”
“I liked the tune you were humming what was it?”
Urs had to think before he answered. He had been humming parts of Regresa a Mi. “Just a song a friend wrote. Do you sing?”
Urian smiled. “Not for a long time.”
The men fell silent then Urs asked Urian a question that almost stopped him from breathing. “You love Bethie don’t you?”
Urian just stared at him. Had this man from the future seen something? Had he done something in the future that would let him know how he felt about Bethie? Urian’s mind raced from one thought to the other. He had vowed never to tell anyone of his feelings for Bethie and he had never let them be known to anyone. “How do you know this?”
Urs could sense his pain. “Because I suffer from the same affliction.” Urs let his eyes drop a little then looked back up at Urian. “Our friend Uri also suffered as we do. In silence, in torment, to be so close, never able to show her our love. She has bewitched us all. I understand how you feel Urian. It is the way I feel about Elizabeth.”
“You would not tell David how you feel?”
Urs looked at Urian with eyes that held so much love for Elizabeth yet so much sorrow. “Would you tell Danny?”
Urian’s silence was Urs’ answer.

That night was the first night in months that Urs could not remember having a dream. If he had dreamt he did not remember.
David woke the next morning after sleeping all through the night for the first time in so long he thought it was never going to happen again. Their dreams had been one of the reasons the men had decided to sleep away from the women. If they had all dreamt that night no one knew how it would turn out.
As it turned out it was the best nights sleep David and Urs could remember having since it all started.
It was a relief but it was also a concern. With no dreams did this mean they were stuck in the time they were now in. That really would mess up history. David smiled to himself as he thought about it. “What a way to tick Simon off.” But then again he had not been born yet so if they got stuck did that mean he would still be born like he had and exist in two different time lines. And if so how did he know that he was not the one from a different future. David shook his head as it started to hurt. He was sitting in Urian’s kitchen waiting for the others to get ready to go back to Bethie’s when Urs walked in. “Bad Dream?”
David smiled. “No dreams.”
“But you are shaking your head like you have a headache.”
“I do. I was just trying to figure out this whole time line thing. You know if we are here now and can’t get home does that mean I never exist in the future or does it mean I had to come back here for me to exist. But then…”
Urs raised his hand. “David stop. As smart as we are we are never going to figure this out. If you look at it logically you’ll just go nuts. Science cannot give you the answers.”
Urs was a little wary at the cheeky smile that David gave him. “When we get back maybe we could tell the scientists a thing or two.”
“Just trying to explain to Simon where we have been is going to be bad enough.”
David frowned a little. “Wonder where Urian keeps the coffee?”
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PostSubject: DOAD chapter 28   Sat Sep 19, 2009 5:55 am

Chapter 28
The smell of cooking bacon invited the men back into Danny’s house. Bethie and Elizabeth were busy in the kitchen with breakfast ready for the four men. Urs was surprised to see fresh eggs, milk, bread as well as the bacon on the table. “Thought all these things were hard to come by during the war?”
Danny laughed. “Just need to know the right people.”
“Yeah.” Urian said. “ And have the right amount to money.”
Bethie could see that David and Urs were a little uncomfortable, thinking that they had put them out. She smiled sweetly as she ushered them all to sit at the table. “It’s alright. My Danny is a good businessman.”
They all saw the expression on Urian’s face. Businessman is probably not what he would have called it.

Over breakfast Danny and Bethie compared notes on what they both had been dreaming but not told each other. Danny was devastated that Bethie had been struggling with her dreams since they had been married. Elizabeth had talked to Bethie for a long time the night before and she was well aware of what the others and her husband had seen. As a group they laid all the cards on the table. By the time they were through there were no secrets. Almost no secrets, Urs and Urian as was their way kept very quiet about one particular aspect of their lives that tormented them.
The antics of David and Danny managed to change the sombre mood of the meal until they all saw Bethie go very, very pale. She was looking straight passed Danny who was sitting opposite her. Everyone turned to see what she was looking at and they all stood and backed up so they were standing with her. David put his arms around Elizabeth’s waist as Urs took hold of her hand. Danny and Urian did much the same with Bethie as they all stood and watch unbelieving.
They stood in combined silence watching a battle unfold before them. It was if the doorway and wall had disappeared to be replaced by a wide movie screen. They could hear the cries of men, the crash of metal as sword hit shield. They watched knights fall to their death at the hands of others. Urs felt Elizabeth squeeze his hand and David felt her tense up. What they did not see were the tears.
Bethie could not watch, turning to bury her face into Danny’s chest. Urian placed his hand on her shoulder in reassurance but could not pull his own eyes from the scene unfolding before him. It was gruesome, it was bloodthirsty and it was Uri they could see walking towards them. His hands were covered in blood and it took them a few moments to realise it was not his own. His face was strained and streaked with dirt and blood and he carried his sword heavy at his side, his eyes fixed on Urs.
It looked like he was going to walk right into the kitchen but stopped at some invisible barrier. “You have come” Uri looked at them all. “You have all come. There is hope for Declan.” Uri looked at Urs. “Why did you bring the women folk? Battle is not a place for them.”
“Uri. We aren’t with you. We are in a different time, a different place. With Danny.”
Urs words seemed to worry Uri. “But you are here. I see you.”
Urs was about to explain when Elizabeth screamed and pointed. Uri turned to see another knight coming to him intent on causing some serious damage. He readied himself for the attack. Instinctively Declan rushed to help pushing Bethie into Urian’s arms. Bethie shouted after him and the others tried to stop him but he was passed the table before anyone would get to him. Bethie screamed again “DANNY!!!!!!”.
The all watched horrified as Danny ran into the battle field and vanished.
Instantaneously there was a blast that sent a wave of wind rushing into the room making them all turn away to protect themselves. When they turned back Danny was lying on the floor near the table and the battlefield had disappeared. Bethie ran to his side. Urian was behind her. He knelt down to check Danny as the rest gathered around. ‘He’s alive. Its ok Bethie he’s alive.”
Elizabeth went to Bethie and helped her to her feet while the others took Danny to the bedroom on the first floor.
David stood at the foot of the bed with Urian on one side and Urs on the other. “What the hell was he thinking?”
Urs looked at David. “Probably the same as you only he was faster.”
David shot his friend a shocked look but he was right. A split second later and he would have been right behind Danny. David felt a shiver cover his body at the thought of just how similar they were to each other.
Danny’s groans interrupted his thoughts. “Oooooh. What happened?”
Urian bent over his friend. “You tried to be a hero you idiot.”
Danny opened his eyes. “I love you to.”
Urs shook his head and David smirked. Yes they were very similar.
As Danny sat up on the bed he winced, pulled up his shirt and stared disbelieving at the cut in his side.
Urs pulled up his own shirt to show his scars. “Welcome to the club.”
Urian helped Danny to his feet. “You up to going back downstairs?”
“As long as my kitchen doesn’t look like the battle of Trafalgar.”

Back in the kitchen the ladies had cleared away the breakfast dishes and where sitting quietly at the table looking at the only item on it, a sword. Its blade was sharp but chipped and the blood that clung to it was still damp. Both ladies looked to the men as they entered the room. David and Danny whistled when they saw the sword. As was there way Urs and Urian hung back, absorbing all, working it out, filing the information safely. They looked at each other and without a word understood each other.
Elizabeth sighed. “You ok Danny?”
He nodded while he took Bethie’s hands and pulled her to her feet. “I am sorry.”
“Danny. I am married to a pilot. A pilot in the middle of a war. There is always the chance I may loose you in battle but not like that.” Tears ran down her face. “I can’t loose you Danny. We have to make sure that Beth-Elena does not loose Declan.”
Danny put his hands on her shoulders and looked into her eyes. “We will be alright. And with all this extra help. Well. We really are the four musketeers.”
Danny put his hand out and almost as if they were one David did the same putting his hand on top of Danny’s.
Urs and Urian realised what they were doing and jumped to stop them. Unfortunately by doing so they all locked hands. Bethie and Elizabeth shouted as the thunder cracked through the house.
When they opened their eyes again it was to a sight they had not expected.
Standing with them was Urs and Danny. David and Urian were missing.
The room had changed as well. At first they did not understand. It was the same room, but it felt different. Urs was the first one to notice. “We have moved in time.” The others looked at him stunned. “Look at the shadows on the walls, the hour has changed for sure. Bethie do you keep your calendar up to date?”
She nodded and they all turned to look at the small calendar pinned to the wall next to the kitchen sink. Urs spoke the words none of them wanted to hear. “Not only has the hour changed but so has the day by the looks of things.” He walked over to the calendar and pulled it off the wall. “We have lost over a month.”
Danny took the calendar from him. “But that means.”
Elizabeth let a cry escape from her lips. “My god David!! What if he swapped places with you. That means…” She could not finish.
Urs walked to her pulling her into his arms trying to hold back his own pain. Was this how it was always going to be? The only time he could be close to her was to comfort her.
Danny could see the tears starting in his wife’s eyes so he too went to hold her. “We don’t know that is what happened. They may still be back there, in time. We may be the ones that moved. They could be standing in the same place wondering the same thing. Wondering where we went.”
Holding the two women Urs and Danny looked at each other. Each hoping that David and Urian were safe. The choices were unfathomable. They could have gone further back in time to Uri and Declan, they could have stayed where they were, and they could have gone into the future to David’s time. Or they could be anywhere in-between.
The house was so very quiet that the knock at the front door made them all jump a little.
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PostSubject: DOAD chapter 29   Sat Sep 19, 2009 5:55 am

Chapter 29
David let loose with a flurry of swear words that had yet to make it into the vocabulary of Urian’s time as he tried to comprehend what had happened and where he was. The noise was deafening, the vibration rippled through his body making his teeth chatter so much he had to keep his mouth open for fear that he would chip them. It was all he could do to stop the contents of his stomach escaping. Instinctively he had taken hold of the controls and it was Urian’s shouting that brought David out of his shocked state. “DAVID!!! Let go of the stick damn it. Let me fly the plane.!!!!!.David!!!!”
Still holding the controls David looked to Urian as he shouted and pointed to his hands. “The stick! David let go!!!”
David looked at his hands immediately jerking them away from the controls holding them out in front oh him. Straight away he felt the plane lurch unexpectedly as Urian gained control. It was then that David realised that all the noise he could hear was not just the plane but sounds from outside. They were being buffeted by anti aircraft artillery and David was more than a little scared, he was terrified. “Urian get us the hell out of here!!!”
Urian struggled with the plane “What do you think I am trying to do.”
All at once the plane was buffeted again; David yelled and put his hands to his face as the canopy was breached by enemy fire and shards of breaking, flying glass cut into him. Urian had no time to worry about David or think of his own injuries. He to had been hit in the face with the flying debris of the cockpit window but was struggling to turn the plane around and fly them out of trouble. His arms ached as he struggled with the injured plane only hoping that they could limp all the way back to the base. It seemed like it took a lifetime to turn the plane, Urian was just about to relax when they were hit again. Once more David yelled this time grabbing onto his leg.
The plane began to dive fast and erratically, all the while Urian fought with it. He fought and he prayed knowing that there was no way they would make it back to England in the condition they were in. Making it down in one piece was going to be a miracle in itself.
While Urian struggled David tried to calm himself. He had yelled and sworn, feeling the pain and intense heat as the shrapnel had bitten into his leg just above his knee, tearing flesh as it did. His hands were covered in blood as he held his leg, as blood still ran from the wound. The sting in his face had eased. Or perhaps it seemed to have eased because the pain in his leg was so much worse. He had no chance to try and stem the flow of blood the as the plane plunged to the ground. His thoughts seemed ridiculous. Here he was thinking he could stop his leg from bleeding when they were heading to the ground at a million miles an hour surely to die a crumpled heap of metal and body parts. David looked over at Urian. The man had a severe, intense look about him. His breathing was controlled, his body tense yet strangely enough it gave David a feeling that maybe they would get out of their situation alive.
Urian did gain some control over the plane. It slowed a little but they were still going to crash. He looked over at David. “Hold on, this is going to get rough.”
David pushed himself back into his seat and closed his eyes. “Rough, if it was going to get rough what was it now?” He waited and listened and waited. Then he felt it when they hit the ground, heard the screeching of metal as it broke off the plane. The last thing he remembered was something hitting him in the chest making it impossible for him to breath.

Urian had no idea how long he had been unconscious but his face still throbbed and blood trickled from a fresh cut on his arm. So he guessed it had not been too long. Looking over he saw that David’s seat was empty and swore, he struggled to get out of his own seat and out of the plane. As he walked around the front he could see David’s legs and one of his arms protruding from part of the plane that had broken off. He must have been flung through the broken window and the plane part must have fallen on top of him. Kneeling next to it he checked David’s pulse first. He was still alive. Urian winced with his own pain as he heaved the metal off David. His trousers were soaked in blood from the leg wound and Urian knew he would need to tend to this first before anything else if he expected David to survive. At least it had not broken any bones, mostly soft tissue and muscle damage. Once he was satisfied that he had done all he could, he set about making a rudimentary sled. They needed to get to cover away from the plane and he could not carry an unconscious David. Nor could they wait until he did wake up. If the enemy had seen the plane go down and were close enough they would come looking. Urian did not plan to be around when they did.

It was dark, Urian was exhausted when David made signs he was waking. He woke with a start, tried to sit up but yelled in pain grabbing his leg, swearing and pulling his body into a foetal position.
“You have an interesting choice of words there my friend.”
David grimaced. “Oh god what the hell happened?”
“We got shot down.”
David opened his eyes slowly and looked at Urian. “Damn it. I was hoping it was all another dream.” He sucked in air and groaned as the pain in his leg registered again. “Where are we?”
“Looks like an abandoned shed on and empty farm. We should be safe for the night then we can make our way at first light.”
Controlling his urge to yell at the pain David got to a sitting position with his back against the shed wall. “Make our way where?”
“By my reckoning Switzerland is maybe a week in that direction.” Urian pointed across the shed. “But with your leg the way it is I think it will take us a little longer.”
“Nobody knows what happened to us do they?”
“The other boys will have reported that they saw us go down, if they saw us go down. But they will most likely write us off as dead. Well me and Danny.”
David glared at him.
“It is Danny they would expect. You do not exist for them. Yet in your dreams you say that it is only I that survived and make it back to England. But now there are two.”
Urian was quiet for a while and seeing the look on his face David left him to his thoughts. It was the same look that Urs got when he was processing something, trying to work something out. If Urian was anything like Urs and David guessed he was, he would tell him when he was ready.
“Maybe this has broken the curse. Danny did not die. You did not die.”
David had been doing a bit of his own processing. “We don’t know that Danny did not die. We just know he did not die like he was supposed to. What happened to the others Urian? Did they get left behind? Did they get thrown somewhere else in time? Did we all get thrown to different places? Are we the only two that travelled together? Why did the two of us get here and the rest did not?”
Urian remained silent, he had no answer for David but he had to believe there was a reason for them being together and that reason was so that Danny survived. It had to be.
David sighed. “Urian, if we are to stop the curse why didn’t we just go all the way back so we could stop Beth-Elena? That would make sense.”

It took Urian and David just over two weeks to make it to Switzerland. By the time they got there David was near death. His leg was infected, he had a fever, slipping in and out of consciousness, even when they had found food or been given food by friendly farmers and villagers he had refused to eat. Urian was worried for his new friend. Worried that if he died the curse would not have been broken, worried that if he returned without him that his other friends, Urs and Elizabeth would not be able to make it back to their own time. Over the past few weeks Urian had many hours to ponder over their dilemma and he was convinced that the connection between them all was the reason for their situation. He was also convinced that the physical touch between them all was of equal importance. Maybe there was a set combination that triggered certain events. He and David had been in close contact since the plane crash and nothing had been triggered. Did that mean their part in this unnatural phenomenon was over? Or was it just not yet the right time?

Urian had made it to the farm of his aunt and uncle and they took them both in, ordering Urian to take a bath and eat while they tended to David. Their own son was off fighting in the war and these lovely people hoped that if he needed help someone would do the same for him.
Once he had done as he was told and feeling better for it Urian checked on David, How did he tell them who he was if they asked? He thought it best to keep it simple and hoped that when; if David woke he would understand.
He looked so pale lying in the bed under fresh clean sheets.
The lady of the house smiled at Urian and squeezed his hand. “Your mother would have been so proud of you Urian; you are a strong fine man. Your friend Danny is alive because of you. He is very sick but he is alive.”
Urian pulled the elderly woman into a hug. “Thank you Aunt Helga. I did not know where else to go. You have always been here for me.”
Helga hugged him around the middle. “Soon this nightmare will be over and the world will be a good place again and families can be families again, you will see. Now off you go. You know where your old room is. Sleep. Your friend will not be going anywhere for a while. Go, Sleep.” She practically pushed him out the door.
Urian turned to her. “I need to contact my commander.”
Helga pushed him gently in the stomach backing him out of the room. “It is all in hand my sweet. Your Uncle has taken care of it. You sleep. We will talk more of this later.”
Urian knew his Aunt well enough to know he was not going to win this argument so again like a dutiful child he did what he was told. He slept.

Aunt Helga made it her mission to see the two men brought back to good health. It took several days for David’s fever to break and a few more weeks to gain his strength but under her care both men were almost as fit has they had been before the crash. Helga worried about David, he would cry out in his sleep most nights. He was tormented by the demons of the night. Helga thinking it was the plane crash. One afternoon as she and Urian had time to themselves she voiced her concerns.
“He struggles with such a burden Aunt, I fear that it wears at him more than the physical wounds you healed him of.”
Helga touched his arm gently. “And you must travel with him for some reason.”
Urian looked into her eyes. She was a wise woman. Again she smiled at him. “Tomorrow I think would be a good time for you and your friend to return home.”
Urian was perplexed. “I need to make arrangements Aunt.” As she stared, Urian sighed. “But then you know that?”
“There is passage for you both to England. A few friends of your uncles will travel with you as far as the coast. From there you will set sail and God be with you.”
Urian hugged her.
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PostSubject: DOAD Chapter 30   Sat Sep 19, 2009 5:56 am

Chapter 30
Bethie dried her eyes and went to answer the door. Standing in front of her with cap in hand was the colonel. He gave her a little smile. “Afternoon Beth. I know these passed weeks have been tough on you and I know we, I should have believed you when you told us you knew that Danny and Ian were still alive but.”
Bethie had only heard half of the colonel’s words and she was beginning to fear the worst. “What is it Colonel?”
He gave a big sigh and she steeled herself to hear of Urian and David’s death. “Maybe this will explain better.”
The Colonel stepped aside and Urian took his place. It took Bethie a couple of seconds to realise who he was. Although they had been cleaned up at the Base Urian had kept the beard he had grown as they recuperated. Bethie squealed and jumped into his arms. “You’re okay!!” Hugging him hard before releasing her grip. “We were so worried. We had no idea what had happened to you.” Her mood changed and a frown crept across her face.” Where’s D..”
Urian did not let her finish as the Colonel was under the impression that David was Danny. “Danny is fine just a little battle sore.”
With his words David stepped forward. Aunt Helga had done a wonderful job of healing him but he was walking with the aid of a cane. Bethie gasped when she saw it. “How? I don’t understand? I mean?”
The Colonel made his presence known. “I’m sure Urian can fill in all the blank spaces for you Beth.” He patted David on the back gently. “Seems Danny here has gone a little shy. Hasn’t said much.”
Bethie’s eyes grew wide as the colonel tried to explain as best he could that Danny had not talked in a while. She understood that it was David standing in front of her but she still bit her lip to squash the cry in her throat as she took his hand and guided him inside.
Urian said their goodbyes to the colonel and followed them down the hall to the kitchen to the stunned looks of his companions.
Urs was amazed at how much Urian looked like Uri and rubbed his own face subconsciously. It would seem that although it had only been moments in time for them, it had been a lot longer for Urian and David. As amazed as he was at the sight of Urian he was shocked when he saw David. He was limping, holding himself up with a cane. Urs could not put his finger on it but something had changed.
Elizabeth ran around the table and hugged David. “Something happened to you. What? I don’t get it. You only just left.”
David shot a look to Urian who looked to Urs for an answer but it was Danny who did the talking. “She’s right. How long do you think you have been gone Urian?”
“Almost two months.”
Bethie and Elizabeth gasped and Urs picked up the conversation. “We have only just had time to discuss what we thought may have happened? We moved through time but stayed in the same place. It seems that you two moved through time and space. Where have you been?”
David had placed his arm around Elizabeth’s shoulders and Bethie had gone back to stand with Danny. Urian looked to David who shook his head remaining silent. Urs thought he had the look of a defeated man. He was about to ask him when Urian relayed their story to them.
By the time he had finished both the woman where crying again. Danny threw a cheeky smile at David. “We’ll make a fighter pilot out of you yet cousin.”
David gave Danny a horrified look as the memories of the plane crash invaded his thoughts.
Urian’s voice was tinged with sadness. “The colonel told Bethie that David hasn’t talked for a while.” The others all looked to David. “That is true. He has not spoken a word since we got to Switzerland. Except when he dreams.”
Elizabeth looked into the eyes of the man she loved. The pain and sadness she saw in them made her heart ache. Kissing him on the cheek she whispered in his ear. “It will be ok. You just take your time. We don’t need words.”
Bethie came over and kissed him on the other cheek. “I am so sorry David. It must have been horrible. Are you ok? Would you like to rest for a while?”
David nodded. His leg ached a little but he was not really tired. Meeting back up with his friends had been harder than he thought. He’d been hoping that if he got back to some kind of familiar ground he would get his voice back. But it just seemed harder to talk now than it had before. He felt so lost, all he wanted to do was go home where his biggest gripe had been how many public appearances they had to do.
Danny’s voice broke through his thought. “I’m sure that Urian would not mind if you borrowed his room for a while. “
Urian smiled a little. “I think it would be a good idea David. It has been along few days since we got back.”
David nodded his head, turning to walk to the stairs. Elizabeth let her hand drop from his when he stopped and took hold of it again. They made their way to the bedroom in silence.
Once there David placed his cane in the corner of the room and lay on the bed with his back to Elizabeth. She stood watching him for a while before lying down behind him. When she draped her hand over his side he took hold of it and squeezed. She did not see his tears.

Back in the kitchen the others sat at the table trying to digest all that had happened as they drank the tea Bethie had made for them. Danny shook his head. “I can’t believe you have been through so much yet no time at all has passed for us. Where do we go from here?”
Urs looked to Danny. “Don’t you mean when.”
Urian could see that the conversation was not going to get them anywhere. “I have had a long time to think about all this. Try and make sense of it all.” He could see the protests coming so held up his hand.” I know. None of it makes sense. I know, but amongst all this chaos we need to find something that we can hold onto.”
Urs voice was peppered with scepticism. “And you think you found it?”
Urian heard the indignation in Urs’ voice and normally would have retaliated but he understood he was worried about David and in his own way trying to come up with explanations for their situation. “Maybe. Urs just hear me out please.”
Urs gave Urian a crooked smile back. “On one condition.”
Knowing full well what the smile meant Urian played along while Bethie and Danny just watched the little game. “Oh and what would that be cousin?”
“Loose the beard COUSIN. You look to damn much like Uri. It’s just spooky.”
That brought laughs and smiles all around the table.

Urian got down to the task of explaining his theory to them. He had been mulling it over in his head for weeks but never actually spoke of it. Only briefly mentioned it to David. But now, trying to explain what he meant was so much harder. He wished he could just plug each one of them into his head. By the time he had finished he wasn’t entirely sure he had not confused himself even more.
The room was quiet for a while when Urs spoke. “So what you are saying is that we came here first because to save Declan the plan needs all of us, not just David and I?”
Urian nodded.
“Urs continued.” And you think that the physical touching of the hands has a lot to do with it?’
Again Urian nodded.
“And the only reason that you and David travelled was because you where the only ones needed to solve this part of the puzzle?”
Danny chipped in. “Hang on a minute. Why David, why not me and Urian. We are the pilots.”
Urian as about the try and explain but Urs picked up for him. “Because the first time round you died. This time they must have done something different. If you had gone back what is to say that the same thing wouldn’t have happened again.” Urs looked at Urian. “You did something different didn’t you?”
Again Urian Nodded. “As soon as I realised where we were and who was with me I started back for base.”
“And if Danny had been with you?”
“We probably would have gone to the fight.”
Again the room fell silent.
Bethie had not spoken the whole time just trying to absorb it all. “So what happens now?”
The three men could see the anxiety and apprehension in her eyes. Danny took hold of her hand over the table. “If Urian is right maybe we should try and get to Uri.”
Urs shuffled in his seat uneasily. “Maybe we should give David time to heal.”
Bethie squeezed Danny’s hand. “What if he doesn’t? I mean you guys are singers aren’t you from what Lizzie said. It must have been terrible for him.”
Urs had been thinking the same thing since finding out that David had lost his voice. Singing was his life, was all he ever wanted to do, much the same as Urs. Urs was hoping it would be David’s passion for his singing that would help him heal and regain his voice. He also knew if David did not regain his voice and he could no longer sing it would send him into such a downward spiral of depression he may never recover. This was something that Urs never wanted to see.
Urs picked up on Danny’s conversation part way through. “Even so we need to make plans. The fact that you are all still here tells me that things are not finished.”
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Chapter 31
David, Elizabeth and Urs moved in with Urian so that Danny and Bethie could have their house back.
Elizabeth had stayed close to David but he had spent a good deal of time just sleeping. At least he spent a good deal of time trying to sleep. It was the only time any of them ever heard him utter anything. Most times he would be shouting or yelling and it seemed that he was the only one who was still dreaming.
Since their return Urian’s dreams had stopped, so had Danny’s and Bethie’s. Elizabeth’s dreams although not stopped completely, she was having very few and finding them harder to remember.
Urs was still dreaming but like Elizabeth his were fewer and no more waking up scarred, bruised or in pain. As much as the others were relieved that they were not dreaming any more, Urs was concerned that the lack of dreams meant that the decision had been made for them. Did this mean that David was still in danger? Had Declan been saved by the actions of Urian and David? Urs could not see how. Was this a sign that David was far sicker than they had thought? Had he been so traumatised that he had given up and indeed was destined to die? Was that why they had stopped dreaming? Not because the curse has been broken but because once again it had been fulfilled. He brooded for a long time and made the decision that he needed to find out for sure.
Just as he was ready to make his thoughts known Urian broached the subject with him. “We need to do some research cousin?”
It was eerie how they thought so much alike. Urs was not sure whether to be alarmed or comforted by it. “I need to see if history has changed. I need…” Urs did not finish.
Urian was well aware of his concerns. “You are worried for your friend. You don’t dream. If you don’t dream then maybe the journey is over. Maybe we loose David and all this would have been for nothing.”
Urs cringed, hearing his own thoughts spoken back to him almost in his own voice. “We saved Danny, Urian. We did that and Bethie will be happy.”
Both men sighed knowing how each one felt in their hearts.
“Then we should go and find out how to save David as well. The library here is too small we shall have to travel to the city. Shall I tell David and Elizabeth where we are going?”
Urs shook his head. “Not the details but maybe we can get Bethie and Danny to look in on them if we are to be gone a while.”

As much time as Urs spent in music shops at home was apparently as much time as Urian spent in the library, he was well known by all the librarians. Urs had to smile as it was very evident that a few of them were smitten by his cousin. As not to cause a disturbance Urs has placed himself behind Urian and dropped his head a little. But once they stood side by side it caused some what of a commotion.
This time it was Urian who smiled. “Do you think we should ask for one of the private reading rooms? I feel like I am being undressed by every female in here.”
Because of his work with Il Divo Urs was a lot more accustomed to being stared at and being stared at by adoring females. It came with the job. But once Urian mentioned it, it seemed to make him a little uncomfortable. “Just smile back at them Urian, you’ll make their day.”
Urian shot a look at Urs. “I don’t think so, that would not be proper.”
“Watch and learn cousin.”
Urs walked passed a few females and put on his best smile and winked at a few. By the time he had walked the entire length of one of the book shelves women all over the library were swooning. Urian was amazed and the grin on his face showed his delight as he tried to imitate Urs and got the same results.
“Cousin. I think I could get used to this.”
They both laughed as a somewhat smitten librarian showed them to a room where they could access the microfiche archives. “You boys just let me know if there is anything I can help you with. ANYTHING.”
Urian felt a little self conscious and said “Yes Ma’am.”
Urs smiled back at her and gave her a wink gaining the response he had come to know as she seemed to float back to her station with a dreamy look in her eyes.
“How do you do that with just a look? I mean…”
Urs smiled. He really didn’t know. “A gift or a curse.”
At his last words the two men looked at each other and got down to the business of looking back in time.

While Urs and Urian were busy at the library Elizabeth had convinced David to spend sometime out on the small garden attached to Urian’s house and had busied herself in the kitchen. A daunting task for someone whose claim to fame was the amount of micro-waved meals she could prepare. At first she had thought to make a cake to cheer David up and have ready for the others when they returned but looking at all the raw ingredients and not a cook book insight gave up on the idea very quickly. The only thing she could think that she could make without the aid of a modern kitchen was pikelets. The first batch was a disaster but the second and third were perfectly golden after she got used to the stove. There was real butter and real home made jam in the larder. She smiled as she saw the jam, knowing it was not Urian who had been the cook. Probably Bethie or maybe this was how it was bought. Elizabeth could not resist and stuck her finger in to taste. It was delicious like nothing she had ever tasted. Something could be said for home made.
Letting the pikelets cool a little she placed four on a plate lightly covered in butter and jam and took them to David with a cup of tea. Elizabeth knew that David would have preferred coffee but it seemed to be in less supply than tea and she did not want to leave Urian short. So David got a cup of tea.
He was dozing in the chair, sun hitting his face and seeming to bounce off the small scar that the broken glass had made. Elizabeth just stood and looked down at his peaceful face until he felt her presence. David opened his eyes and smiled, sitting himself up. He looked at the pikelets in her hand and then back at Elizabeth. “Don’t look so surprised I can cook.”
David had to smile, he had heard about her kitchen adventures from Kimberley.
Elizabeth sighed as she handed them to him. “Ok. Well I can cook these and I promise they won’t give you food poisoning.”
David placed his cup of tea on the ground beside him and took a tentative bite of a pikelet. His eyes light up and he devoured the rest in one swallow giving Elizabeth a beaming smile before he took another. They were great.
Elizabeth smiled back satisfied and placed herself on the ground next to his chair.
Except for crying out in his sleep David had not uttered a word to anyone. They all knew that his voice was there, most nights he would wake them as he shouted out. But in his waking moments nothing seemed to stir him into speaking. Elizabeth had tried not to push him for fear that it would drive him further into himself.
Urian had described their journey to Switzerland, the crash and the time they had spent in the air so vividly Elizabeth had been shaking as she listened. How much more terrifying had it been for David? One minute sitting in a kitchen the next minute in a plane being fired upon by the enemy.
She rested her head on the corner of David’s leg and sighed a little as she felt him run his hands through her hair wondering how much time they would get together? How long would they stay with Bethie, Danny and Urian? She shuddered a little wondering what would happen next.

Not sure as to how long she had been sitting next to David she noticed that his hand had dropped to his side as he had gone back to sleep. She worried when he slept never knowing if he was going to have to fight through his dreams. Some days he just slept, peaceful, normal, at other times........
Urian’s voice rang out from the front of the house as he and Urs returned. She gave David a small kiss on the cheek and returned to the house meeting Urian and Urs in the kitchen giving each man a hug. “So you find anything interesting?” Elizabeth smiled at the look Urs gave her. “I wasn’t born yesterday Urs.” They all smiled at her choice of words “You two have been trying to unravel this mess haven’t you?”
Urs nodded his head but Urian’s eyes were on the pikelets on the table. He had to smile. Bethie was always dropping off little food parcels for him and it seemed she had been visiting while they had been out. His eyes fell on Elizabeth. “Bethie?”
She smiled a little sheepishly. “No me as a matter of fact. I can cook you know.” Her attention went back to Urs. “What did you find?”
“Nothing that we did not already know.”
Elizabeth sighed. “But I thought ......” She never finished her sentence. It was too hard to contemplate their situation. In the back of her mind she had hope they would have found a way for them to get home.
Urs gently took her to him and hugged her. “I am sorry Lizzie. I wish I could fix all this for you.”
Again Elizabeth sighed but it was Urian that noticed Urs has called her Lizzie and that David was standing silently at the door.
“David. How are you feeling?”
David gave a small smile and on hearing Urian Elizabeth lifted her head from Urs’ chest and went to him. “Did you sleep?”
All David did was nod. This meant he had slept and not dreamt.
Urian could not read the look in David’s eyes and wondered if he understood how his friend felt about Elizabeth. Urs has also seen the look but was at a lose as to how to take it. Wanting to move on he changed the subject. “I think we need to get hold of Danny and Bethie. There are a few things we need to discuss.”

Once again the clan were seated around the kitchen table in Danny and Bethie’s house after another great meal. They had not talked about their situation the whole way through dinner deciding to compare notes on each others lives and the differences. Urs, David and Elizabeth each had their mobile phones on them when they first arrived and the other three were playing with them. David’s had the camera component so he showed them some of the photos he had stored.
As Danny looked at a photo of a London well into his future he brought them all back to reality. “So I guess you two genius’ have figured out a way to get to the bottom of all this?”
Everyone looked at Urs and Urian as they looked at each other and with a silent signal undetected by the others they made the choice for Urs to tell them what they thought.
“If by our actions we had fixed everything that needed to be fixed we should have gone home. At least that is what we think should happen. But the fact is, we are still here. We cannot see that there is anything else felt for us to do here.” He looked at David. “Except for you to get better. Even so, we feel that fate is waiting for us to take the next step.”
Elizabeth and Bethie locked hands across the table. Everyone knowing what Urs was about to say but no one really wanting to hear it.
“Damn I really hope this doesn’t hurt.” Danny held his hand out over the table. The others just looked at him. “Well we might as well get it over with. I’d like to get on with my life, my real life.”
Next Urian placed his hand over Danny’s. “You know this might all be for nothing if there is some sort of special sequence we are supposed to do, or only certain ones are supposed to do this.”
Next came Urs’ hand. “One way to find out.” Nothing happened.
They all looked to Elizabeth who had tears in her eyes. She squeezed Bethie’s hand before she let go and placed hers on top of the pile. Nothing happened.
Now all eyes were on David. He was just staring at the outstretched hands before him. He was terrified, all the visions from his time in the plane coming back in a torrent. He was slowly shaking his head.
Elizabeth bit her lip but before anyone could do anything or stop her, Bethie grabbed David’s hand and placed it on the pile.

The room trembled and thunder crashed and once again an explosion sent them all reeling.

The kitchen was silent, silent and empty.
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Chapter 32
Uri looked to the skies as he heard the sound of distant thunder. They were clear and blue. A foreboding settled over his soul as he looked around the men, none of them seemed too disturbed by the sound. He excused himself and began to walk the length of the court yard, through the castle and to the King’s private chambers.
His dreams of late had been frequent and unnerving. Those dreams that he had come to understand were connected with Declan and himself. Unsettling dreams of strange events and of Declan’s ghost, David. His feet carried him to the King’s chambers, Uri instinctively knowing he would find an answer there. What he saw could have been enough to drive him insane.

Elizabeth swore as she hit something hard, Bethie yelled out as she landed awkwardly and fell and there was a flurry of expletives from the men in several languages. All except for David who had remained silent, holding his head and squinting.
Elizabeth was rubbing her arm but her eyes were on David. “David can you see?”
He nodded, by this time Elizabeth was at his side. “How well? Can you see me properly?”
Urs understanding what Elizabeth was trying to do called out to David and then moved. David’s eyes went to where Urs had been but they did not track him as he moved. Only when Urs spoke again did he seem to be looking at him. “You can’t see me can you David?”
David shook his head as Elizabeth hugged him.
Danny’s voice rang out from where he had landed. “David’s not the only one with a sight problem. God my head hurts.”
Immediately Bethie went to him, kneeling down in front of him, holding his hands. “Danny, can you open your eyes?
He tried and groaned as the light seemed to pierce all the way through his brain. His voice was strained and anxious. “I can’t see, the light, it’s too bright, it hurts too much.” He squeezed Bethie’s hand. “You okay?”
She nodded. “I think so. No broken bones.” She helped Danny to his feet as she looked around.
“What happened?”
In a mater of fact way Urs answered her question. “Seems this little trek through time affects Danny the same way it does David. You’ll be able to see again Danny, it will just take time. We better stay here until they can both see again.”
It was time for Urian to speak up. “Where are we?”
Everyone looked around. Urs’ words shocked them all. “It is the Kings private chambers.” He smiled weakly at them. “I have been here before.”
They all looked at him dumbfounded, all turning at once as they heard the door open and Uri stepped inside.
Bethie told Danny what was happening, Elizabeth did the same for David.
Uri’s eyes danced around the room and landed on Urs and then Urian as his hand tightened on the hilt of his sword. Uri was overwhelmed by the sight. Not only was he looking at himself twice over but he was also looking at Declan. Clean shaven and different hair cuts but it was him. His eyes went back to Urs and Urian and he began to draw his sword.
Urs and Urian stepped forward with their hands out, each speaking in German.
“Uri, we are friends.”
Uri looked from one to the other, he had not replaced his sword but he had stopped pulling it out.
Urs stepped a little closer to him. “Uri, it’s me Urs.”
Again Uri looked from Urs to Urian. He re sheathed his sword. “You came. But why so many?”
Urian shrugged his shoulders and frowned a little, his own head still hurt. “Why indeed.”
Uri looked to Danny and David. “You friends they have taken ill perhaps?”
Danny felt a little self conscious. “Ill. I can’t bloody see mate!!”
Hearing voices in the corridor Uri shut the door before turning back to the group. “My dreams. I knew you would come someday but I am uncertain as to why there are two of you.” Uri bowed to the women. “Ladies, a pleasure, your beauty is only surpassed by my surprise at your presence.”
Both women smiled and understood why the men had wanted Urian to shave off his beard when he had returned. It was as if they were the same person. They were sure if Uri had been clean shaven that all three men would have looked alike.
Uri looked back to David and Danny and then to Urs and Urian. “I think it best that you remain here until I can make ready to escort you to a safe place where your friends can heal.”
Uri made a move to the door and Urs stepped forward. “What if someone finds us?”
“I shall lock this door and place a man outside.”
“But isn’t this the King’s chambers Uri?”
“Yes, however his Highness is not residing at the castle at present. He is expected to return in several days. Do not worry my friends I shall return shortly.” He looked at them all. “With new attire for you I think.”
It was not until Uri left that they realised they had all been holding their breath.
Elizabeth and Bethie guided their charges to chairs, Urian looked to Danny. “Can you see any better Danny?”
Again he tried to open his eyes and frowned at the pain. “No.”
Elizabeth squeezed David’s hand. “How about you David?”
David just shook his head.
Urs and Urian had gone to check the door. Urs could see the concern written on Urian’s face. “What is it Urian?”
“I don’t understand why we all came. I mean if this has to do with David. Why not just him and Declan. Seeing you was bad enough but Uri. Different time, different place that could have been you or me.”
Urs smiled at the irony of Urian’s words. “What makes you think it is not. We are related after all and we are here in this time and this place. What is to say that we do not have a part to play in our own futures?”
Urs’ words made Urian’s stomach knot. “Does your head hurt when you think of what is happening to us?”
Urs gave him a weak smile. “It has never stopped hurting.”
Danny’s voice interrupted their conversation. “I think I can see a little better. It’s not so bright and you all look like shadows. How long did it take David to get his sight back before Urs?”
“Not long but we still need to be careful.” Urs looked to David. “David you any better?”
David smiled at Urs and then at Elizabeth. The smile he got from her warmed his heart.
She hugged him. “You see me, you really see me.”
Urs did what he had done before but this time David’s eyes followed him. He did not speak just nodded and smiled back at his friend.
Elizabeth as overjoyed. “David you got better faster this time. How is your head?”
David wrinkled up his nose letting everyone know it still hurt.
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Chapter 33
Uri had gone in search of Declan the only other person that would understand and possibly comprehend what had happened. He had also enlisted the help of a page he trusted to gather up appropriate clothing for their newly arrived guests. Sending him to Beth-Elena’s rooms to collect clothing for Elizabeth and Bethie. The sight of them had overwhelmed him. Stirring up all the feelings he had for Beth-Elena. Uri had not expected to find their new guests but he certainly had not expected to feel the way he did when he saw the two women. If Declan and Beth-Elena had not been so much in love he may have told her how he felt. Even now with the King’s request that he keep to his own council, seeing the new arrivals he struggled with the thoughts. Seeing the women beside Danny and David it was obvious to him that if the future pairing was to be as he had seen, then Declan and Beth-Elena were supposed to be together. If he had any doubt before, the arrival of the little group had well and truly made it clear that he would never be able to love Beth-Elena any other way than from a distance. His chest may be ready to burst with his unrequited love and he may have felt like he could not breathe. Uri now understood that he would have to live with this pain for the rest of his life. It would be the reason people could see that little tinge of sadness in his eyes.

Uri found Declan being chased out of the kitchen by an angry cook, a stolen piece of chicken in his hand and a cheeky smile on his face. “Declan I shall find you trussed up like a slaughtered pig one of theses days.”
Declan sent a booming laugh through the halls. “Never my good friend, she adores me.” He offered Uri some of his chicken but he declined. “Why do you seek me out? You have a serious look on your face. Has the King returned with grave news?”
Uri shook his head. “No, though we must return to the King’s chambers.”
Declan gave his friend a curious look as he continued to devour the chicken. His interest was even more aroused when they met up with the page, who by now was weighed down with and assortment of clothing. No one spoke until they reached the door to the King’s chambers, at which time Uri dismissed the guard and took the clothes off the page waiting for them both to leave before he opened the door.
“Why all the secrecy my friend?”
Uri just opened the door allowing Declan to go in first.
They all stood looking at each other. Declan doing much the same as Uri had done except he did not draw his sword. Danny could still not see very well. “What is it Bethie?”
Before she could answer Declan did it for her. “It is I.” his attention returned to Bethie and Elizabeth. “If I had not seen you dressed so, I would have thought you to be my Beth-Elena good ladies.” He bowed a little. “You indeed take my breath away.”
As they had done with Uri, Elizabeth and Bethie smiled and Bethie thanked him. “Thank you for your kind words Declan. I am sure that Beth-Elena is an enchanting woman.”
Declan looked to Danny and then to David while he decided who was who. He gave David a smile that made Elizabeth gasp they looked so much like each other as he did, even with a full facial beard. “You are David are you not? How do you come to be here? And you have brought friends.”
David looked to Urs for help and his friend explained the best he could to Declan. Finishing off by telling him why David did not speak.
Declan’s face clouded with sadness and he went and put his hand on David’s shoulder. “I am truly grieved that you suffer so. If it is in my power to help you heal than I shall do all I can.”
Uri stepped forward. “I have clothes for you to wear. It would not do well for people to see you dressed as you are. I fear if they see us together it will be enough of a shock.”
Declan let out a laugh to rival any that Danny or David could have mustered. “I can hear whispers of sorcery even now.” A mischievous look crossed Declan’s face as Uri handed out the clothes. “Declan, what ever you be thinking. Do not test my patience; any angry cook is one thing. This is a serious situation.”
Elizabeth caught Urs and Urian smiling. It seemed that the Miller family trait for mischief was hereditary.

The group quietly got on with changing their clothes. Uri had guided the two women into another room for privacy. Once he was dressed David helped Danny. It was a sight to behold, a room of twins. It was unnerving how much one looked like the other. As much as the men where taken by their own appearance when the two women re entered the room they were astounded. Each male heart pounding just a little faster. While the others were still under the spell the woman had cast Uri stepped forward and took hold of their hands. First he kissed Elizabeth’s and then Bethie’s. “It is as if God has sent his angels to earth to watch over us. To be in your presence is to know real beauty.”
Both women blushed not sure what to say when they all heard Danny whistle and saw the smile on his face. Urian looked at him. “I take it that means you can see.”
“Yes Sir!!! Bethie you look amazing in that dress, just amazing.”
Elizabeth looked to David and he smiled but it was Urs’ words she heard. “I think I can speak for David when I say you look exquisite, simply divine. Uri is right, you look like an angel.”
David had heard Urs’ words but he wasn’t entirely sure that he was just speaking for him. Again he wondered if Urs’ feelings for Elizabeth ran deeper than he was letting on. He looked around the room. No one else seemed to have noticed and they were all laughing about how they looked in their new clothes. Danny complaining that he was itchy. If David had been watching Urian as Urs made his little speech he would have seen the concern flicker across his eyes. Concern for Urs as he had said exactly how he had felt about Elizabeth. It was exactly what Urian was thinking about Bethie. The pain was almost too much to bear.
Uri’s voice brought him back to reality. “I suggest that we make ready to get you to a safe place. Here in the castle you will bring to many questions.” He looked them all up and down and satisfied himself that if they did not speak they would not raise any suspicion. “I think clothed as you are we can leave.”
“Exactly where do you intend to take them my friend?” Declan raised his eyebrows just a little.
“I intend to take them to my home Declan. Would you not agree that this would be a good place? It is far enough away from here yet close enough should we be required. They will be safe behind its walls. My staff are loyal and they will be seen by few.”
Declan nodded his head. “It will be night soon.” He looked at their new arrivals. “You can all ride can you not?”
Elizabeth coughed a little. “Like a horse you mean? Not since I was ten.” She looked at Bethie.
“Me, it’s been a while but I think I could manage.”
Declan looked to the men not giving them a chance to say if they could ride or not. “Then we are agreed. I shall take my leave and make preparations at the stables. Uri can bring you.” Declan looked back to Uri. “Through the maze Beth-Elana played in as a child.”
Uri nodded and Declan left.

The room was silent while they contemplated their situation and Urian caught Uri staring at the women. Is something wrong Uri?”
Uri had not realised he was staring until that moment and was a little embarrassed. “No. I am just overcome by their likeness to each other and to Beth-Elena. It certainly seems like sorcery. If I had not been disturbed by dreams I would think I had indeed been bewitched, enchanted.” He stepped closer to Elizabeth and took her hand. “As a single beauty you have the power to melt a man’s heart.” He then took Bethie’s hand. “As a dual flower your magic could way lay an entire army.” Uri stepped back. “And I think as three, nations would fall at your feet.”
Danny whistled. “That’s some power you girls have.”
Immediately Uri felt like he had overstepped his bounds. He bowed and stepped back. “I beg your forgiveness dear ladies. I did not mean to call any disrespect to your good names.”
Both Elizabeth and Bethie were quick to make sure that he realised he had done nothing of the sort. They approached him from either side and each gave him a tender kiss on the cheek. Elizabeth took his hand. “You are a dear sweet man Uri; you words are poetic and make a woman feel like she is indeed a princess. There are many men of my time who could take a few lessons from you. You don’t need to be forgiven for anything.” Again she kissed his cheek.
Bethie smiled at him. “She’s right Uri. Please don’t feel bad. No one has ever spoken words like that to me.”
Danny coughed. “Hey!!”
Bethie blushed a little and went to him, giving him his own kiss. “Well you have to admit that words are not your strong point are they Danny? But you show me your love in other ways.”
Her words brought smiles and laughter from Danny, Elizabeth and David but while all this had been going on Urs and Urian had been gripped by their own torment. It seemed that Uri had laid bare their feelings towards Elizabeth and Bethie. Each man knowing just how much Uri must have loved Beth-Elena for him to speak in such a way.
Urs needed to shake his thoughts. “What is this maze that Declan spoke of Uri?”
Uri smiled glad for the distraction. “I shall show you. It is not a maze in the true sense of the word.” He began to walk to the opposite side of the room to the door pulling back a large tapestry on the wall and kicking something close to the floor. All at once the wall moved back to reveal a cavity. Uri smiled back at his companions. “They are passages but as a child Beth-Elena was a constant concern to her uncle as she would become lost. Now it seems she knows these tunnels better than any other person alive. Please, if you would follow me I shall escort you to the stable.”
The others all stepped into the tunnel. Urs being the last to do so. “You do know your way around in here don’t you Uri? I would rather not be a concern for Beth-Elena’s uncle.”
Uri patted him on the back. “I know these passages as well as her Highness. She is a good tutor and I would like to think that Declan and I were good scholars.”

After walking for a short time but seeming to feel like they had doubled back from where they had come, the little group appeared from hiding in the stable. A horse’s whiney gave them away and Declan smiled as he saw them appear from behind the bails of hay in the corner. “Uri you did not take a wrong turn?”
Uri remained silent but gave Declan a look that brought a grin to his face. “I have taken the liberty to choose a horse for each.” Declan reached for Elizabeth and gently guided her to the first stall. “For the ladies I thought maybe the smaller of our horses.” He gave Elizabeth the reigns to the horse now seeming to tower over her as he went to get Bethie, showing her to the next stall.
The women just stood daring not to move looking at the massive beast in front of them as Declan showed the men to their charges.
“Elizabeth, how are we supposed to get on these monsters dressed like this?” Bethie’s voice quivered a little as she spoke.
As if on cue Uri entered the stall with a small step stool. Bethie looked from it to Uri to the horse, handed the reigns to Uri who was a little surprised by her actions but stood silent. Bethie gathered up the skirt of the long dress she was wearing, pulled the back through to the front and secured it at her waist. By the time she was finished she looked like she was wearing a rather over sized nappy (diaper). Satisfied that her modesty was protected she took the reigns back off Uri and mounted the horse swinging her legs down either side. She smiled down at Uri who was somewhat amazed. He had expected her to ride side saddle.
He took the small stool and entered Elizabeth’s stall. He smiled seeing she had done much the same with her clothing.
“This is a big horse Uri. I don’t suppose you have anything in pony size.”
Uri helped her onto the stepping stool. “I assure you sweet Elizabeth; Jester is as gentle as a feather in the wind.”
“Then why the name Jester?”
“I must confess for an animal he can be mischievous at times but he will look after you.”
As if to drive his point home Uri stood in front of the horse, pulling its head down so he could look it in the eye. “That is right is it not Jester. You look after this sweet lady.”
The horse nudged Uri gently with its nose and got a pat for its troubles.
They both heard Bethie from the other stall. “Can you come and talk to my horse to Uri.”
Everyone laughed but then they heard a yell from Danny as he was unceremoniously dumped from the back of his horse. Everyone else was mounted except for Uri who looked none to happy about the situation. As he helped Danny to his feet he threw a look to Declan who was still laughing. “Declan, why did you give him my horse? You know Nightwish will not let anyone else ride him.”
Urs rubbed his shoulder remembering the bite he had received from the horse.
Danny shot Declan a look and shook his head. Seems his knightly relative was not passed a few practical jokes of his own.
Urian was smiling. “Seems you two like to play the same kind of games.”
Uri handed Danny the reigns to another horse and mounted his own. “I think it is time we departed.”
With his words the small group left the stables, wound their way around some cobbled streets and soon found themselves on the dark road past the castle walls.
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Chapter 34
Early the next morning Beth-Elena’s hand maiden woke her but seemed a little excited.
“Mary what has you so anxious this morning?”
Beth-Elena and Mary were more like friends than princess and helper. So Mary sat on her bed and unfolded the story she had been told by the page Uri had enlisted to help him the night before. By the time she was finished Beth-Elena was intrigued. “And you say that Declan and Uri where part of this?”
“Yes Miss.”
Beth-Elena bounded out of bed in a flurry. “Well I think it is time I found out who these people are and where they went.”
As Mary helped her get dressed they continued to talk. “The stable hand said they were going to Uri’s. I expect you will find them there Miss.”
“Excellent. Hurry to the stables Mary and inform them that I will need my horse immediately.”
Mary smiled. “Yes Miss.” Scurrying off to the stables.

The stable hand had tried to persuade Beth-Elena to wait for a travel companion but it was no use. He knew she would go, walking if she had to and he did not want to be having that conversation with her Uncle upon his return.
So Beth-Elena left to make the trip to Uri’s home. A much quicker trip during the light of day than it had been for the group that had made the trip through the darkness of the night.

It was unusual for the gates of Uri’s property to be closed but this morning they were and a gate keeper had been posted. Something was definitely out of the ordinary and Beth-Elena approached the gate a little cautiously but put on her best smile for the gate keeper. As not to appear too threatening she dismounted. “Good morning sir. My friend Uri is expecting me.”
The gate keeper realising who was addressing him bowed before he spoke. “Beg for forgiveness your Highness but Master Uri gave strict instructions that none was to pass through these gates without his permission.”
Beth-Elena sighed but continued to smile. “I am sure he did, but he is expecting me after all.”
“Yes your Highness but I will still have to make enquiries. I beg your leave. I shall return.”
The gate keeper disappeared through a small door at the side of the gate leaving Beth-Elena to stand and wait. He rushed to the main house almost knocking over one of the maids in a rush to find his master. “Master Uri!!!!.’ The gate keeper called a few more times as he made his way through the building finally coming upon Uri not far from his study.
“Slow down my good man. Why are you in such a rush?”
“Your instructions where not to let anyone pass is that not correct Sir?”
“Yes.” Uri was a little curious by the question and the man’s current breathless state. “Has someone arrived wanting entry?”
“Indeed Sir. The Lady Beth-Elena.”
“Where is she now?”
“I left her at the gate Sir.”
A half smile crept across Uri’s face. “Oh dear. She will be none to pleased about that I am sure. How she found out so quickly is a mystery as well.” Uri looked at the gatekeeper and slapped him on the shoulder. “Well you better let her in before she decides to scale the walls.”
The gatekeeper departed in much the same way as he arrived while Uri went to find the others. Beth-Elena’s arrival, although not a total surprise was a little disconcerting so early. Uri had expected a little more time to think of a plan as to how he was hoping to introduce their new friends to the court and to Beth-Elena. He was not at all sure what kind of reaction they would get when she came face to face with Elizabeth and Bethie.

He found the group in the dinning hall eating breakfast. Elizabeth and Bethie had played it safe and eaten the fruit that was on offer. Declan was happily working his way through a rather large plate of food and after an initial hesitation it seemed that Danny and David were happy to follow his lead. It looked like Urs and Urian were going to do the same as the women. Although they both had plates of food in front of them both men had chosen not to risk aggravating their digestive tracts by imbibing in food they could not identify. They both poked at what seemed to be some kind of meat substance, two rather large eggs that could not have come from a chicken and if they had neither man wanted to see the chicken. They both took small bites of what they thought to be dark bread and both decided not to swallow. The milk they had been given was warm and nothing like they had ever tasted before. So that left the fruit and an understanding as to why Uri’s men drank so much mead as the water was almost as bad as the milk.
Declan greeted his friend with a half mouth full of food. “Joining us for a meal Uri?”
“Afraid not. Beth -Elena has arrived.”
At his words everyone stopped eating, Declan swallowing hard on his last piece of food. “She must have risen before the sun to have arrived at such a time. I think I shall meet her.”
Uri smiled at Declan as he left to find the princess then turned his attention to the rest. “I am unsure as to how Beth-Elena will take to seeing you all. It may be best to introduce you one at a time.”
Elizabeth stood. “Uri it will be a shock no mater how we do it. May I make a suggestion?”
He nodded and waited for her to continue.
“Introduce myself and Bethie to her first.” When she saw the uncertainty on his face she touched his arm gently. “It’s a girl thing. I think once she gets over the shock of seeing us then she will be glad to have us at her side when you introduce the others.”
Uri was still not sure but agreed to go along with it once he saw Urian, Danny and Urs nodding in approval.
He could not gage from David’s expression whether he agreed or not.
Uri worried about David. As he had been told by the others, David did not utter a single word on their trip the night before. Urs had confided in him that he was also worried about his friend, not knowing what to do to help him, concerned as the change had been so dramatic. Urs explained that Danny and David were very much alike. This shocked Uri because all he could see was the vast contrast. To him Declan and Danny were more alike and David seemed to be the odd one out.
It was evident that Urs and David’s friendship was as deep and as strong as his and Declan’s. He had spoken words of comfort to Urs but they had seemed weak in his ears.
Looking at David leaving with the other men, still limping slightly he wondered if the trauma of travelling through time had already marked David with irreversible damage. Uri wondered if it was because under all that bravado he was so sensitive that he had been so affected. If he was indeed like Declan, Uri could well understand. Declan had made a fine solider but he also had a soft sensitive side that not many people saw.

Elizabeth had noticed Uri’s distraction, her voice tender. “He will be alright Uri. He is much stronger than people give him credit.”
Uri smiled back at her and she was overcome with just how much the three men were alike, Uri, Urian and Urs. Each managing to engulf you with their eyes, drawing you silently towards a heart full of love and compassion yet guarded. Again Elizabeth found herself wondering if she had met Urs first would things have been different.
Uri’s tender touch as he took her hand sent a shiver up her spine. “Master David does well to have such a fine women by his side.”
They all turned hearing Declan and Beth-Elena as they entered the hall. Both Elizabeth and Bethie smiled as they listened to Beth-Elena. “But Declan, why the secrecy, we have no secrets from each other.”
“Not a secret, more of a surprise. You will see. We have some very special visitors who have come from lands far away.”
“So why then has Uri locked his gates?”
Beth-Elena’s eyes fell on Uri and she smiled. Elizabeth and Bethie had gone to stand behind him. “Uri, please tell me what is this game that my beloved insists on playing.”
She looked from Uri to catch a glimpse of the women behind him, her face clouded with concern. “Uri why do your guests hide?”
Uri sighed. “I think it best if they explained. Ladies if you would.”
Uri stepped back allowing Elizabeth and Bethie to take their places in front of him.
Immediately the smile left Beth-Elena’s face. She looked from the women to Uri and to Declan who had come to stand beside her back to the women. “How, how is this possible?”
Bethie took a small step forward. “It is a shock; it was for me when I saw Elizabeth.”
Beth-Elena grew a little pale. “Your name. Lizbeth?”
“Elizabeth and this is Beth, Bethie.” Elizabeth held out her hand. “Seems we are related.”
Beth-Elena looked straight passed the two women into the soulful eyes of her friend. “Oh Uri, How.. I don’t…” And with that she fainted. Uri jumped forward but luckily she had collapsed into Declan’s arms.
Declan scooped her up, laying her on a sofa near the large fire place. Both men knelt down beside her as Elizabeth and Bethie looked on. Uri brushed her hair from her face and Declan put her arms on her chest. “I think she should remain seated when we introduce the others.”
Uri looked to his friend to see if he was joking but the concern etched on his face told him he was being very serious.

After several minutes Beth-Elena came to, sitting up with a bit of a start. “You are not a dream, you are real?”
Elizabeth smiled. “Very real I am afraid.”
It was Bethie’s turn to talk. “We have another surprise for you.”
Uri gave her a look. “Do you think it wise so soon?”
Bethie shrugged her shoulders. “Might as well get it over with. She is going to need to know sooner or later.”
Declan got up and began to walk to one of the doors at the other end of the hall. “I expect that you are right my lady.”
Beth-Elena could feel her stomach tighten and she took hold of Uri’s hand. “Where is he going? What is happening?”
“He is not going far. For what is happening… I do not have the words to describe it adequately.”
Once again they all turned as they heard Declan returning with the others. As they got closer they walked shoulder to shoulder. Declan, Danny, David, Urian and Urs. The sight of them all together still gave Elizabeth the chills.
Beth-Elena gasped as the vision before her registered. She stood and Uri stayed close making sure she was not going to faint before he joined his brothers. As he did Bethie took hold of Elizabeth’s hands not sure she was not going to faint.
Beth-Elena walked down the row of men looking at them intently, taking the time to peer deeply into their eyes. Each man’s eyes were ever so slightly different but not so much that one would normally notice. Beth-Elena sighed. “If this is not some trickery how can it be explained? I see three men.” She pointed to Danny, David and Declan. All different yet all the same and I see three more men.” This time she pointed to Uri, Urian and Urs. “All different yet all the same.” Then she turned to Elizabeth and Bethie. “And we three, you say we are related?”
Both Elizabeth and Bethie nodded.
Uri stepped out of the line up. “It can all be explained. As surely as I would give my life for you, I promise it will be clear.”
Urian and Urs held their breath at Uri’s words. It may have just been a knight’s pledge to a princess but to them it said so, so much more.
David had also caught the meaning behind Uri’s words and wondered if he was right in assuming that he loved Beth-Elena more than he was willing or allowed to show. He took a quick glance at Urs and wondered the same about his relationship with Elizabeth. He had heard him call her Lizzie and couldn’t remember if he had ever heard Urs call her that before. Between his dreams and the interaction he saw between Urs and Elizabeth, David wondered if this had all been a mistake. Could it have been as simple as getting Urs and Elizabeth together? Would this have saved them from the trauma they were now living? But then, why would he have dreamt about Bethie and Beth-Elana and everything else if it had been so simple. He had lost is voice and he wanted so much to tell the others about the dreams, the nightmares he was now having. Some nights the plane crash came to torture him but most nights he saw a battle and in this battle they all had a part to play. He also had seen new deaths, one of the reasons he did not want to put his hand out back in the kitchen. He had seen the outcome of these deaths all through history and his heart shattered into so many pieces he could hardly breathe most days. He fought in his dreams to change the outcome but it never worked. He fought in real life to keep himself together but he seemed to be loosing this battle as well.

As Uri explained their situation to Beth-Elena Urs saw the change in David’s expression. He knew his friend well enough to know he was thinking deep and hard about something. He only hoped he was revisiting their recent trip and not traumatised by his dreams unable to talk about them or worse, he had come to realise how he felt about Elizabeth. Urs knew he would never hurt David in such a way, he would never step in and take Elizabeth away from him no matter how much it hurt him not to be able to tell her how much he felt for her. He had no idea of her feelings towards him and from what he had seen she had no idea how he felt. Like Urian and Uri he was doomed to watch from the side lines as her life unfolded with David by her side and not with him.

The more Uri explained to Beth-Elena the more shock registered on her face and the tears began to slowly roll down her cheeks. She began to shake a little so Elizabeth and Bethie took her to sit back down. Elizabeth sighed. “I know this is a lot to take in but we are here to do what ever we can to make it right. I promise. Somehow we are connected and we need to help each other. Sister to sister” Elizabeth took hold of both Bethie and Beth-Elena’s hands.
Beth-Elena smiled weakly. “I never had a sister.”
Bethie squeezed her hand. “You do now Bea.”
Everyone looked at Bethie as she gave Beth-Elena a nick name. “What, like this isn’t confusing enough with Eliz a BETH.” She made the emphasis on the Beth. “And me and now a Beth-Elena.” She turned back to Beth-Elena. “You don’t mind us calling you Bea do you?”
Beth-Elena was a little shocked at Bethie but she had to smile. “No, after all it is the name my Uncle has called me since I was a child.”
Her statement brought a look of surprise from both Uri and Declan. Neither one had known about this.
Beth-Elana gave them a precious smile that charmed all the men in the room. “A lady has to have some secrets.”
Elizabeth smiled as well. “Sounds like your Uncle and my Grandmother had similar ideas. She is the only one who ever called me Bethie.” She looked to David. “Except for David.”
The smile she gave him wiped away all the doubts that he had that she did not love him. Maybe he was wrong about Urs?
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Chapter 35
The now enlarged family of cousins spent the next few days behind the walls of Uri’s home. It was a castle in its own right. A smaller castle than that of the King’s but in everyone’s eyes a castle all the same.
They had all been given separate rooms. The ladies all together and the men at the other end of the hall.
As had been the case with Elizabeth and Bethie, the three women seemed to have an intrinsic knowledge of each other that surpassed anything that the men could understand; it was as if they really were sisters. There was a natural way about them as they bonded with each other. Danny and David, Urian and Urs came to see that it was not just their modern women who could have a conversation and seem to know what they were talking about without ever finishing a whole sentence. It was definitely a female quirk that went back centuries. After listening to the three women for over an hour Urs gave up, he was completely lost as to what conversation they were having. One moment it was about mobile phones the next it seemed they were talking cooking and he couldn’t figure out when they had changed topic. Their whole conversation had been like this. His male companions had retreated much earlier and as Urs wandered around the castle looking for them he thought they had been right to leave when they did. Time travel may have given him a headache but females?.....The world would never change; women were a constant enigma and apparently never supposed to be solved.

Urs found the other men in a small court yard not far from the outside entrance to the kitchen. He smiled as he could hear some woman screeching as he saw Declan and Danny appear hastily from inside followed by a rather fast flying object that turned out to be a heavy pan. Thankfully the cooks aim was not so good and it missed both men. Each of whom had the same cheeky grin on their faces and stolen food in their hands. Uri was just shaking his head as Urs came to stand with him, David and Urian. “I see that Danny found the kitchen alright then.”
Urian looked at Urs with a twinkle in his eye. “Was there ever any doubt. It’s like he was born with radar to seek out food. That is one man I know will never starve.”
Urs caught the little smile that appeared at the side of David’s mouth but it was gone as quickly as it appeared. They should have been standing there watching all three, Declan, Danny and David getting into trouble and Urs’ heart saddened as he wondered how long it would be before he had is friend back whole and complete. Would he ever get him back?
Danny and Declan’s laughs and cheers drew his attention not to mention Uri’s. “Declan. How many times are you going to aggravate my cook before I find you wearing one of her cooking pots as a permanent decoration?”
Declan’s broad smile was just the same as his cousins. Big and bright and cheeky. “Uri you need not worry yourself so, she loves me. And she knows I only steal from the best cooks. She would be so heartbroken if I did not try at least once every visit.”
That made them all laugh; it even got a small smile out of David.

In a way the men were very happy to be with each other. They had spent the past few days swapping stories about their lives, Declan and Uri in constant amazement. However when David had shown them his mobile phone with the photos of London, it took all of the other four to convince them it was not some spell or witchcraft. The battery was low but David did mange to take a photo of the two knights and show it back to them to prove that their souls had not been snatched away nor were they being held captive in a tiny prison.
Declan and Uri announced that the future was an amazing place but also a very dangerous place to which the others all replied that their time was far more dangerous with battles being fought by sword wheelding knights.

The talk of battle brought their conversation back to the reason for them being there in the first place. It was Urian that brought them back to earth with a thud. “So my knightly cousins how do we find out which battle we are to stop Declan from taking part in?”
“There has been an uneasy treaty between us and the western borders. I fear on the King’s return he will be asking his knights to once again unite and fight for the sake of their country.” Uri sighed heavily. “This may well in fact be the battle you have been called to my friend.”
Declan had become quite offended that he had been told he could not take part in the battle. “As for me not being there. Have you forgotten Uri that the King has promised Beth-Elena’s hand to me in marriage after the next conflict? No battle no bride. I am going” Declan stood with his arms across his chest defiant.
Everyone went to say something except David who had started to walk away but Danny’s voice came through loud and clear. “Steady on there old chap. We didn’t travel through time and space to watch you get carved up if we can stop it. I am sure the King will understand.”
Everyone started to talk at once until a high pitched whistle cut through the air and they all turned to see the three women standing at the entry to the court yard. Urs guessed that it had been Elizabeth who had whistled but he was wrong it had been Bethie.
Elizabeth’s eyes were darting all over the court yard. “Where’s David?”
No one spoke while they all did the same thing and she asked again with a little panic in her voice. “Where is he?”
She was standing in the middle of Bethie and Beth-Elena and both ladies took hold of her hands. Uri stepped forward. “I am sure he is unharmed.”
Urs stepped closer not really believing his own words but hoping that Elizabeth did. “He probably just wanted some time on his own Lizzie that is all.”
The other women felt her tense up “He doesn’t need time on his own, He is already alone, he needs us and he needs help.”
Uri had already made a move to pull a long tasselled cord that fell down the wall. As he did it sent a deep chime through the castle. Moments later a young boy of about eleven or twelve ran into the room. “Yes Sire.”
“Geoffrey, I need you and your young friends to look for my friend David and tell me where he is.”
The young boy nodded and was about to race back out the room when he stopped and looked back at Uri. “Is this your friend that does not speak sire?”
Uri nodded and the boy smiled. “He is in the garden, near the elm tree.”
Uri patted the boy on the shoulder. “Good lad. I knew I could count on your skills.”
“Did you want me to fetch him?”
“No, we shall go to him. You can go back to spying on the cook.”
The boy’s cheeks turned a little red before he darted out of the room.
Urian leaned over to Uri. “Seems you have a spy in the making.”
Uri smiled. He liked Geoffrey. Nothing happened in his home that Geoffrey did not know about. “Already made I would think cousin, already made.” He held out his hand to Elizabeth. “I think it best if I escorted you to David.” Taking her hand he looked to Declan. “Will you escort Urs shortly after? I think David is in need of familiar faces.”
Declan gave a silent signal that he would .
As Uri led Elizabeth through the court yard he wrapped his arm around hers. “Your David, he is hurting very much.”
Elizabeth sighed. “Yes and I don’t know how to fix it. He has seen so much he was never supposed to see.”
“As have you all.”
“I know Uri but the plane crash, being fired upon, just listening to Urian tell the story scared me. No wonder David cannot talk.”
“But did he not dream of such things before?”
Yes, but dreaming and then really being there, being shot, nearly being killed.” She let her words trail off.
Uri squeezed her hand. He understood. His own dreams had unnerved him and he also wondered how he would have coped if he had been flung into a future world that was so alien to his own. There was another subject he wanted to broach with Elizabeth. “Do you love him Elizabeth?”
She stopped walking and looked straight into his eyes, instantly Uri knew he had made a mistake. “Of course I love him. We were meant to be together. Just like Declan and Bea, just like Danny and Bethie. Why would you ask me such a question? Of course I love him.” Elizabeth swallowed hard and her chest tightened. “Has he spoken Uri? Has he said that he does not love me?”
Uri shook his head. “No my sweet lady he does not speak, I see the love for you in his eyes. You need not worry of his love for you.”
Uri hesitated and Elizabeth acknowledged his hesitation. “But what is it Uri? Is there a question you want to ask me?”
They had started to walk again so he looked straight ahead and wondered what the outcome would be. “Urs.” was all he said.
Elizabeth frowned not really understanding. “What do you mean Urs?”
“Do you love Urs also?”
His words brought her to a stop in a hurry, she untangled her arm from his and glared at him. “NO I most certainly do not!!!” Elizabeth was not sure her outburst was because of her own feelings for Urs or the fact that Uri could possibly know. She loved David, she knew she did but she also knew that if things had been different that Urs would have been in with a chance. “David is my soul mate. Destiny has made sure that we were meant to be even before we were born. Just look around Uri. Look at me. I belong in the 21st Century. Why would you think I did not love David?”
How did he tell her that Urs had feelings for her, that he had feelings for Beth-Elena and that Urian had feelings for Bethie? How did he take back his words? “It is possible that destiny is wrong.”
Elizabeth began to shake her head. She did not even want to contemplate that destiny was wrong when they had staked so much on it already. “Uri, what do you know?” she was about to ask another question when she gasped. “Oh my God…Uri, you’re in love with Bea!!!!”
The excruciatingly pained and shocked look on his face was all the answer she needed. Instantly she went form being defensive to wanting to hold him in her arms and comfort him. “I am so sorry. You have never told anyone have you? Never told Bea? How long have you loved her Uri?”
It took Uri a few moments to clear the lump in this throat. Not for a minute did he think she would work out his love for Beth-Elena. But she had and he wondered why she could not see that Urs loved her with an equal passion and torment. “I have loved her since the first day I set foot in her uncle’s castle.”
“She was already with Declan?”
Uri shook his head. “No.”
“No, then why did you not tell her?”
“I feared that she would think me a fool, not worthy of her love. She is after all a princess and I…..” he could not finish his words.
Elizabeth took hold of both his hands. “Uri, you are a sweet, kind, thoughtful man who keeps far too much of himself hidden behind armour and silence. Bea would have not thought you a fool.”
Elizabeth broke off as her thoughts turned to Urs. She trembled a little. If he had been standing there instead of Uri she would have said the same thing. “Uri. Does Urs love me like you love Bea?”
He did not answer, he didn’t have to.
She stretched up a little and kissed him on the cheek and a tear fell from her eyes.
Uri pulled her close to him and hugged her wishing that it was Beth-Elena in his arms and Elizabeth wrestled with her own feelings about the two men who had become very important to her.
“My sweet lady please don’t tell Urs you know of his love for you, it would surely kill him as it would kill I, if Beth-Elena was to know of my love for her.”
Uri seemed to have to wait an eternity for her answer but he was relieved when it came.
“I understand.”
Elizabeth really wondered if she did understand.
They rounded a corner and she could see David sitting under the elm tree.
“Thank you for telling me Uri.”
With that she walked off to join David leaving Uri to deal with feelings he had kept so tightly sealed and secure for such a long time he wondered if he could ever get them back under control.
He did not return to the others but instead went to the stable, saddled up Nightwish and took himself off for a very, very long ride.
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Chapter 36
While they waited the others had paired off. Danny and Bethie had gone to sit by themselves, Declan and Beth-Elena had done the same. And though his attention was on his princess Declan kept and eye on Urs knowing he would have to take him to David soon enough. Urian and Urs walked as they talked, discussing their knightly cousin. Both men concerned that the appearance of Elizabeth and Bethie had been too much for Uri. Their appearance seemed to have brought his feelings for Beth-Elena closer to the surface and they were worried about his emotional state. Had they known what he had told Elizabeth they would have been far more concerned. If they had known what the women were going to discus later that evening they probably would have grasped hands and hoped to get transported somewhere else, anywhere else.

Elizabeth knelt down in front of David and he opened his eyes. Although she was smiling he could see that she had been crying. He opened his mouth but shut it again defeated as the words stuck deep in his throat. Elizabeth leant in and kissed him gently. Her lips washing over his like a feather. “I love you David, don’t ever think that I don’t.” She rested back on her haunches and took his hands in hers but dropped her gaze to look at the ground as she spoke. “I need to tell you something before anything else happens. Uri told me that Urs has feelings for me, deep feelings.” She felt David try to pull his hands away but she held on. “I need to tell you that I have feelings for him.” This time David did succeed in freeing his hands and the hurt look she could see on his face broke her heart into a million pieces. Elizabeth needed to get it all out before she lost her nerve so she stumbled on. “I need to tell you the truth David. If I had met Urs first I think maybe we may have had something.” She could see every fibre of David’s body tense up as he looked at her with disbelieving eyes. “But I met you David, you are the one that is in my dreams, you are the one that my heart pounds in my ears for. You are the one I want to be with and not because destiny or fate brought us together but because I liked you from the very first moment I saw you. If you didn’t exist then maybe Urs and I may have got together who knows; but you do exist and my heart, my soul, everything that is me belongs to you. If you’ll still have me.” She took a deep breath and waited not sure what would happen, she could very well loose the man she loved. In those moments as she was speaking those words she knew it was David that she loved. Not Urs. Yes she had feelings for Urs but nothing like those she felt for David. Urs was a great and true friend, her heart ached for him knowing what he felt for her but she could not give him what he desired. That precious gift belonged to David, IF…. He still wanted her in his life.

When she got no reaction from David she began to leave, thinking the one man she probably should not go to was the one man who would understand, who could comfort her. In Urs’ arms she would find refuge from the pain for a while. Elizabeth was not sure if her legs would carry her, they felt so weak. And it seemed that they had failed her. As she got up to leave she began to feel like she was being pulled back down. She was… but it was not because of her legs. It was David. He had taken hold do her hand and was pulling her back towards him.
Once more she found herself on her knees looking into his deep, deep, sad eyes. David moved a little closer and rested his forehead on hers. It happened so suddenly and in such a whisper she almost missed it. David spoke the first words to flow across his lips in such a long time were. “Lizzie I love you too.”
She gasped, pulling her head back to once again look into his eyes. “David you spoke.”
The smile that crept across her face warmed his heart. She squeezed his hands. “Say it again, say my name again.”
She felt his breath wash over her face as he spoke. “Elizabeth.”

Urs and Declan stopped as they saw David and Elizabeth kiss. Declan patted Urs on the back not realising the impact of what they were witnessing had on Urs. “It seems your friend is in good hands.”
Once again Urs’ heart cracked just a little bit more knowing he would never be able to give Elizabeth the love he had for her.
Declan had already started to return to the house as Urs watched and listened to David and Elizabeth. Standing alone he allowed a small tear to escape. “Good bye Lizzie, good bye.”
He turned towards the house vowing never to have his heart broken ever again. He would be a friend, confidant, guardian, even a lover but he would never love. It hurt so much to love.
It was then that he realised they had not passed Uri on the way to see David. Urs wondered if he had also seen their love, was Uri dealing with the same feelings because of Beth-Elena.
He made it back to the court yard not long after Declan to hear young Geoffrey declare he had seen Uri riding out.
Urian frowned when he saw Urs, immediately understanding that his friend was suffering so very much. He had no idea what had transpired but something had happened. Looking around the group it seemed that he was the only one to pick up on it. Urs caught him looking and gave him a slight shrug of his shoulders, continuing to walk through the court yard intent on going back to his room.
Urian followed catching up and walking by Urs’ side. “What is it cousin? You have seen them together before. Why is this time any different?”
“She loves him Urian.”
“You already knew that, as I know that Bethie loves Danny.”
Urs stopped. “No… She really loves him.” He paused for a moment. “He spoke Urian, David spoke to her.”
Urian was shocked at what he heard, the implication not lost on him. David had spoken and it was to the woman he loved. His own heart began to ache in his chest as he thought of Bethie. If they had just stayed in their own time he could have coped, he would have been allowed to live his life next to her but now, here, like this it all seemed to be closing in on him, on them. Urs’ voice speared through his thoughts. “I need to get out of here.”
Urian did not answer, both men looking around them until their eyes fell on the stable. No words were spoken but each man took purposeful steps towards the building. A little while later with the aid of the stable hand two more horses could be heard riding out and young Geoffrey was running to the court yard to divulge his latest piece of information.

Beth-Elena had hold of Declan’s hand, she had only let go when he had escorted Urs to see David but now he was back so too was her hand back in his. She felt safe as he held onto her. The sight of their visitors had unsettled her far more than she was letting on. After fainting at the site of Elizabeth and Bethie she had determined it was not proper for a princess to be so weak and decided that whatever was to come she would not be so feeble. On seeing the men however, she very nearly did faint again and now sitting with Declan as she tried hard to put on a brave face she felt so overwhelmed. Declan had picked up on her uneasiness but did not realise just how much the situation had perturbed her. “Beth-Elena, Bea.” Declan smiled as he spoke her new name, he rather liked it. Beth-Elena gave him a small smile but remained silent. “Bea. Do you understand what has happened? What has been happening to us?”
She nodded and he felt her give his hand a squeeze. “I understand full well my love. Though it is hard for me to say that I am at ease with our new situation.” She looked at him, her resolve disappearing as her tears appeared. “Declan, they come to us because they have seen things, things that have yet to happen. I don’t want to loose you.”
Declan hugged her. “You will not my sweet. Don’t you see that with our new friends the future will be changed. They can change it, did you not hear Urian speak of how they changed Danny’s future. He did not die as he was supposed to. So I have great faith that they can also do this for us.”
Once again she squeezed his hand. “What if they cannot Declan?”
“Then I shall be forever grateful for the time that I have with you. I was not borne of noble blood but yet I sit here at the side of the woman I am to marry and she is a princess.” He lent in and kissed her. “The gods have given us this time together and I am honoured to have found true love, to know how it feels, to have been given the chance to love one such as you.” Declan looked sincerely into her eyes. “If the gods deem that I should leave you this very night then I go with your love in my heart. It is the only thing I need.”
Beth-Elena bit her lip and Declan wiped away her tears just as Geoffrey, David and Elizabeth entered the court yard.

David was disappointed not to see Urs, Uri or Urian. He had not told Elizabeth about his dreams, he wanted to talk to the other men first, those that they involved.
Declan and Danny waved to him, however the ladies just looked at each other as they saw Elizabeth. They knew something had happened, something good but what? Bethie and Beth-Elena made a move to greet their sister but everyone’s actions came to a stop as Geoffrey ran into the court yard. He looked around the grown ups wondering who he should direct his attention to. He decided on Declan. “Master Declan, The new master Uri’s have taken horses. They have left.”
His words confused them all for a few moments as Declan put his hands on the young boy’s shoulders. “Now young Geoffrey, say this news again.”
The boy took a deep breathe and again announced his news, a little slower this time. He could not understand why they did not comprehend what he had said but then again they were grown ups and sometimes you had to explain things a few times to them. “My Master Uri, he left on a horse not long ago.” This was news to Elizabeth and David and it showed as Geoffrey continued. “Just now the other two masters, they have gone also, taken horses.”
Declan smiled at the young boy. “Thank you young man, Uri is right; you are a wealth of information. You will indeed make a fine soldier one of these days.”
Geoffrey left the group with a beaming smile. Declan his hero; his idol had said that he would make a fine soldier.
Danny looked to David and Elizabeth. “What happened out there? Uri never came back and Urs never stopped when he did.” Danny looked right at Elizabeth. “Do you know what happened?”
Elizabeth felt her stomach tighten, she was almost sure her conversation with Uri had been the reason he did not return but as for Urs she had not seen him since she left the court yard. How did she tell them what she knew? She felt David squeeze her hand and what happened next surprised the others. He spoke. “Nothing happened, except I found out that Elizabeth loves me, truly loves me.”
The ladies gasped with amazement and the men smiled and went to slap David on the back.
Once the congratulations were over their focus was back on the absent ones of their group. David had a pretty good idea why Uri had gone riding. He may not have told Elizabeth about his dreams but she had told him about her conversation with Uri, all of the conversation. He was well aware that Uri had feelings for Beth-Elena as Urs had feelings for Elizabeth. He had vowed he would not divulge the information until Elizabeth had time to talk to the other women. David looked at Danny but his words betrayed his thoughts. “I am sure that Urian and Urs have just gone looking for Uri.” David was trying to convince himself as much as the others. He had wondered after Elizabeth told him about Urs and Uri whether Urian had a similar turmoil in regards to Bethie. What Declan said next concerned him a great deal.
“David, you did not see Urs before you came back. I left him in the garden. He was going to make sure that you were not ill.” Declan smiled at Elizabeth. “But seeing you with your lady it was obvious you had all you needed.”
Elizabeth’s chest tightened even more, so did her grip on David. Had Urs heard what she had said to David? Did he now know that she knew about his love for her? If he did what was he going to do?
David was wondering the same thing. “He did not comeback with you Declan?”
Declan shook his head but it was Bethie who answered. “He did return but did not stop, Urian went after him then that young boy told us they had ridden out.” She looked from Danny, to Declan and back to David. “What happened?”
David did not want to divulge what he knew or what he thought he knew so chose his words every carefully, something Elizabeth was grateful for. “I don’t know about you guys but this has all been a lot for me. Too much. I lost my voice for god sake. I know Urs, he will have kept a lot of things close to his chest but sooner or later he needs to let them out. He doesn’t always talk. At home he goes for a ride on his bike. I am sure that is all it is. If Urs and Urian and Uri are so much alike it would make sense that they chose the same way to deal with things.”
Declan and Danny were nodding and Danny spoke up. Yeah you are right. At home Urian heads out on his triumph when he needs to clear his head.”
They all looked to Declan. “Yes. This is true of Uri also. It would seem that Nightwish is his escape. I am not so concerned for Uri; this is his home but as for the others? This is a strange land.”
Danny piped up again. “I am sure they will stick to the road.”
“Even so, in these restless times the road is not as safe as it once was my friend and as night falls it is less so.”
The serious expression etched on Declan’s face was all the others needed for their own concerns to change from a gentle hum to a blaring ringing in their ears.
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Chapter 37
Uri had pushed Nightwish to his very limits, the horse sensing his master’s emotions and giving all that he had. Only in the heat of battle had the horse felt such a surge of adrenalin, it understood that what they were doing was very important.
Uri rode and rode until he could ride no longer. Dismounting he let the horse loose and just collapsed to the ground, kneeling with his head down. A first just breathing heavily as his mind danced from one painful memory to another. Elizabeth’s words had unlocked years of unreleased feelings, passion that he had kept buried and controlled for so long and now they willed to be free. Seeming to be clawing their way up his throat and escaping in such a howl even Nightwish shuddered. Uri threw his head back, hands clenched, body ridged with sorrow and just howled until he had no breath left. Then he lowered his head and cried like he had never cried before. With his horse as the only witness he cried, tears streaking his face, shoulders rumbling under the weight of his despair, he cried.

As Nightwish nudged his master gently Uri had no idea how long he had been there but darkness had fallen. Standing he pulled in the horses reigns, giving Nightwish a tender pat and resting his head on the horses shoulder for a moment before he climbed on his back. “Shall we go home old friend.”

Urian and Urs had done much the same as Uri and ridden hard and fast in the beginning but did not get as far. If they had ridden only a short distance further they would have come upon the place where Uri had left the road. As it was they sat just off the road discussing their shared plight. Urs had heard Elizabeth when she was talking to David. He was mortified that she knew of his love for her. He was grateful that he had Urian to talk to and likewise Urian was grateful that Urs understood how he was feeling. As neither Danny nor Bethie had said anything he was not sure if his secret was still a secret.
Urs gave him a weak smile. “I have a feeling none of our secrets will be hidden for much longer cousin.”
Urian frowned. “What makes you say that?”
“We have three females, one of which has some very serious information about the others. How long do you think it will be before she feels a need to tell her sisters? She will surely tell them about her own situation.”
Urian sighed. “I don’t suppose there is anyway to keep them apart?”
Urs just looked at him and shook his head. Both men realised the futility of such a quest.

Both men held their breath as they heard a twig snap off in the distance. Until then they had not realised it had became dark, the night only lit by a full moon. As another twig snapped, the men looked at each other. Urian stood. “Think it is time we headed back cousin.”
Urs stood and was about to answer when both of them were shoved heavily to the ground. “You wont be going anywhere tonight gentlemen until you empty your pockets.”
Urian and Urs looked up to see two rather scruffy but mean looking men standing over them with swords pointed at their chests. Urian was the first to speak. “We don’t have anything.”
The two robbers looked at each other and laughed pulling Urs and Urian roughly to their feet. “With horses like that I doubt that very much, show us what you have.”
As he went to empty his pockets Urs spoke. “We don’t have anything of value, we are strangers here.”
Urs became a little tenser as his hand touched his mobile phone. When they had changed clothes he had automatically put it in his pocket. He had no idea how these men would react when they saw it and did not want to show it to them but it was too late, the robbers had seen his hesitation. One of the robbers pushed Urs around. “You have something don’t you?” Without warning he grabbed Urs’ hand and pulled it from his pocket, the phone fell to the ground and beeped as it did. It was as if time had stopped. Both robbers looking to the strange object that had fallen. One of them pushing it with his sword, again it beeped. He bent down to pick it up, turning it over in his hands and looking at Urs. “Curious object sir. What is its purposes?”
Urs swallowed hard. “No purpose, it is broken.”
The robber continued to push buttons and the phone continued to beep until somehow he pushed the right combination and a female voice announced that Urs had no new voice mail. This unnerved both robbers who immediately brought their swords closer to Urian and Urs’ necks. “This is some witchery! You have stolen someone’s voice and imprisoned it in this little box!!!!”
The robber dropped the phone and stepped back a little looking at Urs then at Urian. “You have no belongings as you have no cause to need them, you conjure anything you require.” He looked over at their horses. “Are those real horses or a conjuring of your doing?”
Urian could see they were in much more trouble. “I assure you they are very real.”
Both Urian and Urs saw the change in the robbers, if they had any chance of getting out of the situation alive it had just gone.
“I don’t care for the conjuring of witches, tricks the mind.” With those words the robber lifted his sword to take a swing at Urs meaning to run him through. Urian shouted unable to help as the other robber still had his sword against his stomach. Urs reeled back shouting but then the robber stopped, just stopped, his eyes staring at Urs. His partner looking to see why he had not killed Urs. They all understood when his head fell from his shoulders and his body crumpled and dropped to the ground. His partner swung around just in time to come face to face with Uri before he dispatched with his head in one single, almost silent sweep with his blade.
Urs and Urian stood stunned as Uri stepped over the bodies of the decapitated robbers. “These roads are dangerous for strangers. I think it best if we went back.”
Uri turned to go back to his horse as Urs and Urian followed staring at the bodies as they went past. Urs swallowed hard feeling the bile raise up in his throat. “He’s just going to leave them here…. Like that?”
Urian shrugged his shoulders. “I guess.”

The men rode back to the castle in silence for a while all lost in thought. The visions of the two decapitated robbers would be with Urian and Urs for a long time. Uri finally found his voice. “I do not understand why Declan did not come in search of me, why did they send you?”
Urs and Urian looked at each other before Urs answered for them both. “He didn’t, we did not come for you Uri, we left.” Urs paused looking Uri straight in the eye. “As you did my friend.”
Uri was not sure what to say, they each knew of each others love, they each knew how the other felt but he wondered if his new friends really understood just how much the arrival of Elizabeth and Bethie had affected him. “I may not bleed but I fear I have been dealt a mortal wound. I fear I shall not be able to keep to my own counsel if Beth-Elena should learn of my affection for her.” He saw the silent exchange between Urs and Urian. “Something has happened.”
Urian took a breath. “Urs heard Elizabeth talking to David, she told him about Urs’ love for her. He knows now Uri, Elizabeth knows, I don’t think it will be long before they put the whole story together.” He let his words sink in before he continued. “David spoke to her.”
Uri was surprised at this news. “Your friend has his voice back?” He looked to Urs. “And Lady Elizabeth stands at his side?”
Urs just nodded confirming Uri’s thoughts.
Uri looked to Urian. “Your friend Danny, he knows of your love for Lady Beth?”
Urian again looked at Urs. “I have no idea but as with most females I am sure that it will not be long before she is aware of my feelings.”
Uri locked him with a strong look. “And what will you do Master Urian?”
No one spoke, they didn’t have to.
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Chapter 38
Declan had dispatched several men to locate Urs and Urian. He was not so worried about his friend Uri, a formidable soldier well equipped to take care of himself. However the others, that was another matter. He had no idea how well they could defend or protect themselves if they should come up against adversity. He understood that Urian was some kind of warrior in his own time, he fought in the skies. This to Declan seemed a little surreal even after Urian had explained the concept of planes and flight.
He and David and Danny had remained in the dinning hall after the group had taken a meal together and the women had retired to their rooms. Beth-Elena had invited her new sisters to her own rooms; she wanted to hear more of their stories, more about where they had come from, how they lived.
Bethie turned out to be somewhat of a story teller and had Beth-Elena mesmerised with stories of her life in World War 2. Elizabeth had been quiet, listening; being drawn in herself but her mind kept shifting back onto more serious matters. Matters that concerned Urs, Uri and Urian, matters which she knew she had to talk to Bethie and Beth-Elena about even though she had told Uri she would not. Her emotions were split, she felt warmed and grateful that she had the love of two wonderful men. She also felt a great sorrow for one of those men as she could not give him the love he so deserved. Looking at Bethie and Beth-Elena she wondered what would become of their friendships once they knew the whole truth. Would they save Declan and David only to destroy the bond each trio seemed to have at its very core? It seemed to Elizabeth that this was the real curse.
Bethie’s gentle tug on her sleeve brought her back to reality. “Hey Lizzie, you okay, you seemed to be lost somewhere.”
Elizabeth took a deep breath and looked at them both. “I have something I need to tell you.” She bit her bottom lip and clenched her fists a little. The other women understanding that whatever she had to tell it was important. They gave her time to gather her thoughts, silently apprehensive.
“Oh God, Bea, Beth this is so hard for me. I promised Uri I wouldn’t but now I think Urs knows as well…….”
Bethie was just a little confused. “Urs knows what Lizzie, what are you trying to tell us?”
“They love us.”
Bethie and Beth-Elena looked at each other and Bethie took Elizabeth’s hands in her own. “You’re not making sense. Who loves us?”
Elizabeth pulled her hands away from Bethie and stood starting to pace around the room; she was making the others very nervous. They were still no closer to knowing what she was trying to tell them but it was obvious it was not going to be good.
“Urs knows that I know the he loves me. Uri told me he loves you.” She pointed at Beth-Elena. “And I am almost certain that Urian loves you Bethie. I have seen the way he looks at you, looks after you.”
The room fell silent, no one spoke, no one moved. Bethie was the first to recover. “What do you mean Urian loves me? Of course he does, he’s like a brother to me. He and Danny and I are friends.”
Elizabeth shook her head and went to sit back next to Bethie. “No, He really loves you Bethie. If Danny had not been his best friend he may have told you. But like Urs he has remained silent.”
Bethie began to cry. “But I love Danny, I always have.”
The small quivering voice of Beth-Elena entered the conversation. “As I love Declan. Uri declared his love for me?”
Elizabeth nodded. Then she saw a little flicker of recognition dance across Beth-Elena’s face. “Bea, if you had not met Declan would Uri have more of you heart than he already does.”
This brought a gasp from Bethie who just looked from one to the other. It also brought tears of truth from Beth-Elena. As her tears fell she declared the love she had for Uri. “I must confess that I have always had feelings for Uri….. but Declan. He consumes me, I would surely die if I was to loose him. It is he I shall marry.”
“But you do love Uri don’t you?”
Beth-Elena could see that there was no way out other than the truth. For years she had denied the feelings she had for Uri, thinking them to be some fanciful thoughts as he was Declan’s dearest friend and they got on so well together. “Yes I do.” Beth-Elena broke down and cried.
Beth-Elena’s revelation had the opposite effect for Bethie. She just exploded with anger, furious at Elizabeth for suggestion that Urian could be in love with her. Arms flying, Bethie raged. “How can you say such a thing!!!!! I am a married women!!!!! I married Danny!!!!! Not Urian. You’re insane Lizzie, insane!!!!!”
Elizabeth sat with Beth-Elena cradled in her arms, she was still crying. Bethie’s over the top ranting had only made it worse but Elizabeth let it run its course. She could see by the way that Bethie was behaving that it had triggered something deep inside. It seemed that Bethie for the first time was facing the truth. She loved Urian. Her eyes settled on Elizabeth and Beth-Elena. “Oh God Lizzie!!!!What do I do!!!!!!?”

Indeed what did they do?
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Chapter 39
David sat quietly next to the fire, it wasn’t a particularly cold night but his leg ached and the warmth seemed to help the pain. Danny had been doing laps of the large room and initially had been interested in the wall hangings and the day to day artefacts that lived in the room, which only months before he had seen as museum pieces when he had taken Bethie to an exhibition. Now he was just pacing for the sake of something to do. Declan sat opposite David deep in thought. He was at a loss as to what must have happened to send Uri out for one of his therapeutic rides. He had looked at David a few times but he had not been forthcoming with any answers. Though Declan was almost sure he knew why. If he didn’t know better he would have thought that David had lost his voice again.

All three men were concerned for the others. The danger of being a stranger travelling in such a strange land without the experience of a guide worried David and Danny. David and Urs were friends and David knew that Urs was very fit but having to deal with knights, he was not sure if Urs could handle himself in a way that would not get him hurt or killed.
Danny was less worried about Urian but not by much, He was having similar thoughts. He was not so much worried that Urian could not take care of himself, he was sure that if it came down to it Urian would not go quietly. He was worried however that he was not physically able to fight. Danny was acutely aware that Urian had not fully recovered from his little adventure through Europe after they had crashed. All the focus had been on David’s injuries but Urian had suffered his own. He had sworn both David and Danny to secrecy; he did not want a fuss. He was healing nicely but Danny knew he was still very tired.

While Danny, David and Declan waited, Urs and Urian and Uri rode at a gentle pace trying to come to terms with their situation and the possibility of what would happen when they got back to the castle.
Between them they discussed possible outcomes if the woman confronted them. The three men all being liked minded had come to the same conclusion. It was hard and heart breaking but as Urs has decided before their little trek Uri and Urian also chose to step back into the shadows and allow the loves of theirs lives to be with another. What made it even harder was that each man knew if he fought for her he would win her. But each man felt it would have been a hollow victory as another would be devastated.
Urian felt that it was his only options as Bethie was already married to Danny.
Uri had watched Beth-Elena’s love for Declan grow and blossom and now that she was betrothed to his friend he also felt he had no choice but to step back, be there for them both, be their friend but he would have to step back.
Neither one of them was looking forwarded to having the conversation with Danny, Declan or David.
Urs had heard Elizabeth declare her undying love for David, sure that David believed her and sure that they would remain together. He was not sure if David and his friendship would or could survive such a relationship.

All three men reigned in their horses and Uri drew his sword when they heard the noise of other horses approaching, giving each other an apprehensive look they waited, seeing the light of the torches before they saw the riders coming towards them.
As a group of about 6 riders came upon the three men they came to an abrupt halt. Uri smiled and lowered his sword and moved forward a few paces. “John, I fear that your wife will be none to please with me upon our return.”
The knight smiled and bowed his head a little. “She was none to pleased with you when I left Sire; I expect her temper will not have appeased any on our return. I would suggest that you make yourself scares until she is more amicable. The battlefield will be a safer place than facing the wrath of a woman. ”
All the knights laughed and then Uri introduced them to Urs and Urian. Even by the light of the torches the similarities of the three men was very apparent. Urs and Urian could almost feel the atmosphere change as their appearance registered making them uncomfortable. John looked to Uri and then back to Urs and Urian. “I if I had met you alone I would surely have mistaken you for Uri. Your likeness is remarkable. More like brothers than cousins. You have come to help in the conflict, yes?”
Uri shuffled a little uneasily in his saddle. “Such talk should be left for the safety of the castle walls not on the open road.”
John taking his cue from Uri turned his horse around and ordered the other men to flank Urs, Urian and Uri and they returned to the castle.

Once back inside the castle grounds Uri, Urs and Urian left their horse with John and his men.
Uri clasped hands with John. “I do apologise to your wife my friend.”
John smiled. “I think I will have cause to smile once I have shown her how I want to apologise for you.”
Uri laughed, Urs and Urian gave each other a sardonic look. Seems the art of making up had not changed over the centuries.

The three men grew tense as they crossed the courtyard, their very souls seeming to weigh them down. Not knowing what to expect they uneasily entered the hall where Danny, Declan and David still sat.
It took a few moments for their arrival to be noticed by the others but when it was they greeted them with smiles, shakes of the hands and pats on the back.
Declan was grateful that Uri had returned even more grateful that he had brought the others back with him. “I see that John found you. You where together?”
Uri shook his head. “Not at first. I found my cousins entertaining a small raiding party.”
Every one looked to Urs and Urian as Declan continued. “They do not look too distressed by their encounter.”
Urian smiled. “It was necessary to dispatch of two rather unsavoury characters.”
Urs almost coughed out his words. “Dispatch! Uri, you cut off their heads!” At his words Urs’ hands went to his pocket and a grave look crossed his face. He looked at David who was standing in front of him. “My phone. It’s still out there.”
“What! You left your phone.” David was shocked.
Urian came to Urs’ aid. “Take it easy David it’s not like he did it on purpose. He tried to keep it hidden but those robbers were intent on making sure they got every little thing we had. And I have no doubt that if Uri had not come upon us we would have been the ones being dispatched. They had no intention of leaving us alive. I bet you still have your phone on you?”
David’s hand went to his own pocket feeling the outline of his phone as he looked back at Urs. “I’m sorry; I guess I was just worried about you guys. It’s not like you went for a walk down the street. You are ok though aren’t you?”
Urs took a deep breath; it seemed he was going to get the answer to the question he needed sooner rather than later. He nodded. “Are we okay David?”
David looked at his friend a little stunned but immediately understood. “You heard, you heard Elizabeth in the garden didn’t you?”
Urs gave his friend a subtle nod while the others looked on in silence wondering where this was going to go. “I have no intention of interfering David. I…..”
David cut him off. “Urs. Stop….. I know how hard this is for you. I know how I felt when Elizabeth told me of her feelings and I thought I had lost her to you. I am sorry, you must hurt so much. But I do love her, more than I thought possible. I would like to think we could still be friends. I want to remain friends but I will understand if that it too hard for you. As far as I am concerned we are good.” David held out his hand for Urs to shake.
He held onto Urs hand tight. “Just promise me this Urs. If anything should happen to me you will look after her.” Urs went to speak but again David stopped him. “I know I ask a hard thing Urs but I also know if anything did happen to me that you are the one person who I trust to look after her. Promise me this Urs.”
Urs was not sure that it was such a good promise to make but he could see the pleading in David’s eyes and knew his request was genuine. “If that is what you want David. Then I promise to look after her, but I don’t think you have to worry about it.”
David let go of Urs’ hand. “Look where we are Urs. Nothing is certain. I don’t even know if we are ever going to get back home.”

“Well, for someone who hasn’t spoken in a while you certainly know how to make up for it David.” Urian smacked him on the back.
David was not sure how Danny and Urian’s situation was, not wanting to cause any undue trouble he changed the subject. A small frown appeared on his face. “Are any of you still dreaming?”
David’s change of topic did nothing to change the level of anxiety in the air. If anything he had made it more intense.
Declan shock his head as did Danny and Urian but Urs and Uri just looked at him.
Urian was first to speak. “I have not dreamt since we left London, left my time.” He looked to Danny who replied with a similar answer.
They all looked at Declan. “I dream but not as I did before. My dreams are not of us, they are just dreams. I stopped dreaming about us when you arrived, which is why I have faith that the curse will be lifted.” Declan paused and his face began to wear the same frown as David’s had. “But my friend, are you saying you are still dreaming of such things?” Declan looked from David to Urs and Uri. “All three of you are still tormented by such things?”
It was Urs’ turn. “Yes Declan, I still dream.” He could see, almost feel the static as the others reacted to his words. “I do not dream every night like before. I am not afraid to go to sleep. My dreams are not as vivid, not as long but yes I still dream about us.”
Uri spoke up before anyone had a chance to ask him. “I too must confess to still being disturbed by dreams. But Urs speaks the truth, not so many and not so, not so traumatic. This is how I knew of your where abouts in the forest this very night. I had seen you, before in my dreams not so many weeks past. ”
Uri’s revelation shocked them all.
As it was David who had asked the initial question all eyes focused on him. They had all heard him call out, shouting and sometimes screaming in his sleep, so they all knew that David’s dreams were far worse than their own.
Urs voice was soft and compassionate. “David, how bad, how bad have they been? We hear you calling out as you sleep. I can only think that you dreams have not subsided as mine have.”
David pulled up his shirt so they could all see the scars and bruises on his body. “They don’t hurt anymore.”
The others came closer to take a look. Uri was overwhelmed by the damage to David. He was black and blue from the waist to the hip. Scars of healing wounds showing through the darkened flesh. Declan came to stand next to David and pulled up his own tunic to show his real life battle scars. They mirrored David’s……Almost. What troubled them all was the fact that David had more scars than Declan. Uri came to stand a little closer to Urs and pulled on his tunic to reveal his own scars. Urs reciprocated, their scars matched until Urs pulled down the shoulder of his tunic for them to see the bite that Nightwish had left him. Uri tilted his head as he looked at the marks on Urs’ shoulder. “Seems my horse knows the difference between us my friend.”

The six men silently looked from one to the other but it was Urs who spoke. “Do you have something to tell us David?”
“I don’t think this journey is over for any of us just yet.”
Danny gave a nervous laugh. “Well if those extra scars are anything to go by we are in for some heavy weather. You want to shed some light David?”
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Chapter 40
Beth-Elena had cried herself to sleep, Mary her hand maiden had been summoned and she looked after her as well as the others. She had been silent in her duties but once she was satisfied that Beth-Elena was settled she turned to Elizabeth and curtsied a little. “Lady Elizabeth I do not wish to speak out of turn but I am worried about my Lady. You are all so sad. Lady Elizabeth is there a way in which I can help?”
Elizabeth and Bethie smiled at her and Bethie took her hands. “Do you understand why we are so sad?”
Mary nodded. “To love a man is a wondrous thing. To have a man’s love is a joy. To be loved by more than one can be traumatic but to love more than one man is heartbreaking. I do understand my lady. I understand that my Lady is so very much in love with Master Declan but I also understand that Master Uri has been in love with her since the first day he saw her. Yet he remains silent. My Lady, she was not aware of this or her own feelings. But I know that Master Declan has her heart. Now her heart breaks as she does not want to hurt Master Uri. My ladies, you suffer the same fate?”
Elizabeth and Bethie looked at each other amazed at how neatly Mary had wrapped everything up. From their silence Mary took it as a sign that she had said too much. She bowed a little. “I am sorry, I spoke out of turn.”
She began to leave but Bethie would not let her hand go. “Mary, no please don’t go. You know who we are don’t you?”
Mary looked at them both. Elizabeth smiled. “It’s ok Mary. Us girl have to stick together. You are a lot smarter than people give you credit.”
Again Mary bowed. “I know that you are not sisters, or cousins. You come from a far place, speak strangely, your intentions are noble yet pain and sorrow travel with you.”
Beth-Elena stirred so they moved closer to the door. Elizabeth gave Mary a warm smile. “Bea is lucky to have such a friend as you Mary and I do mean friend. What ever the outcome she will need someone she can trust and talk to about it all.”
One more time Mary bowed. “I shall be that person for her Lady Elizabeth you need not fear for her.”
They all looked at each other and Elizabeth voiced all their thoughts. “I fear for us all Mary. David still dreams of battles not yet fought and we still need to talk to the men about…..” She did not finish.
Mary opened the door. “I shall stay with my lady this evening. I think it best if you retired and slept also. Tomorrow shall be soon enough to talk.”

Outside in the hallway Elizabeth and Bethie walked slowly to their own rooms with heavy hearts and equally heavy thoughts.
“Lizzie how are we going to tell the men? How do we do this without hurting anyone, without loosing anyone?”
“Mary is right. Maybe a good nights sleep will reveal a plan.”
“I hope so Lizzie. I don’t want to loose Danny because he does not understand. I don’t want him to loose Urian as a friend because of me. I could not live with that. I really couldn’t Lizzie.”
Elizabeth hugged her friend one last time before they parted for the night. A night of restless sleep.

Sometime later Declan went in search of Beth-Elena. He smiled as he saw Mary sleeping by her side. Soon that would be his place and he could not wait for the day.
David had gone in search of Elizabeth before he retired for the night. He knocked gently on her door but when there was no response he opened it to find her sleeping. A cloud of concern covered his face, she was restless, tossing and turning, mumbling. He stood watching her for a few moments and decided to see if he could help her calm down. He quietly slipped onto the bed beside her and pulled her into his arms allowing her to rest her head on his chest. He kissed her on the forehead and immediately felt the tension leave her body. She spoke one word. “David.”
David smiled down at her. “Yes my sweet. Sleep, I am here.”

Danny had gone in search of his wife. Although they had been given separate rooms he wanted to, needed to be with her. Like David he knocked on the door but unlike David he got a response.
“Who is it?”
“Me Bethie, can I come in?”
Bethie opened the door and Danny’s smile faded when he saw her. “My god Bethie what is wrong?”
Bethie’s face was red and streaked with tears, her eyes puffy, she practically threw herself into Danny’s arms. “Oh god Danny it’s Urian.”
Shocked, Danny hugged her then pushed her back a little so he could see her face. “What. Has something happened to Urian? I only left him a little while ago.”
Bethie cried even more trying to talk between her sobs of despair. “Oh Danny I love you so much. But, but…..Oh God. Urian loves me!!!!! Danny. Oh Danny, I am sorry. I….’ She didn’t finish and Danny’s reaction caught her off guard. He laughed. He laughed so heartily she was almost angry pulling back from him but he continued to laugh. “Oh my sweet is that all. Of course he loves you; the poor man was besotted by you the first time he laid eyes on you.”
Bethie just looked at her husband amazed, her tears now taken over by pure bewilderment. “You knew. All this time you have known? Why didn’t you say something?”
Danny pulled her close and looked deep into her eyes. “Because you proved your love to me when you married me and he proved his friendship to me by letting you marry me. Bethie, Urian could have courted you away from me but he is a bigger man than that. He saw our love and stepped aside. I have said nothing because it would surely hurt and embarrass him if he knew. He is my best friend, staying quiet was the only way I could think of to make sure I did not loose a friend or hurt him more than he already hurts.”
“But Danny. He still loves me. I mean, how do you feel about that? He is your constant companion. It must be awkward for you.”
“I guess when I first realised how much he adored you yes it was. But he would never do anything to hurt you, to hurt us and I know if I asked him to leave he would. Bethie in his shoes I am not sure I could be as strong. I admire his courage but am a little sad the he may never find another to love.”
Bethie buried her head into his chest again. “Oh Danny what do we do?”
Danny held her tight and closed his own eyes against the tears. He had wondered when this day would come. Wondered how it would end. He was not worried about Urian, he had proved himself over and over again but he had worried about Bethie. As he knew about Urian’s feelings for her, he also knew she had a place in her heart for him and he had worried that she would be so torn he would have lost her to Urian anyway. Holding her in his arms he realised that his best friend and his wife where stronger people than he would ever be. A temptation had presented itself to them each and every day and they had overcome it each and every day. It may seem strange but he was comforted by the fact that he had been blessed with them both. Now he just needed to make sure that Urian was not devastated by the situation. He had to make sure that he did not loose his best friend but ultimately it would be Urian’s choice.
Danny comforted Bethie and finally she fell asleep in his arms.

Uri, Urs and Urian had also retired to their rooms but none slept. Each man finally realising that sleep would not come to them had made their way to different parts of the castle. Uri had gone back to the stable to be with Nightwish. His four legged companion always a source of comfort.

Urian had found his way into a library and browsed the books trying to find one that he could read. He found books in Latin and French, German and Greek none in English. He decided on a book in German but even this was hard to read it was so different to the German language of his own time. He persevered in the hopes that he would exhaust himself.

Urs found himself in what looked like a music room. He recognised some of the instruments, some he did not. Smiling to himself and remembering the old instruments that had pride and place in the conservatorium where he had learnt his craft. Running his hands over the cool, polished wood of a harpsichord he began to hum. It was a tune form his childhood. Urs did not know the words only the tune, his grandmother and mother had both sang it to him and he found comfort in hearing it again. Sitting down, touching the keys with gentle fingers not daring to bring them to life at first. Slowly he touched a few keys and the sound danced through the empty room. In the dead of night it seemed much louder than it was. Urs tapped a few more keys getting used to their tension and began to play the tune he had been humming.
With eyes closed, lost in thought and music Urs jumped, startled to hear Uri’s voice. “You play well Cousin. How do you know this music?”
Urs was a little puzzled. “You know this tune?”
Uri smiled and lent over Urs to play. It was indeed the same tune, different, the tempo a little different but it was the same tune. But what Uri did next surprised Urs even more. He began to sing. The tune had words, it was a song. Uri sang a few bars then stopped, his voice was exquisite, standing back up he looked at Urs. “Again Cousin, I shall ask how you come to know this music?”
“My mother, my grandmother, they used to hum it to me as a child. I never knew it had any words.”
Uri smiled. “My mother also sang this to me.”
Urs stood up from the harpsichord and offered the seat to Uri. “Please, I would be honoured if you could teach me.”
So as the night slowly weaved its way into dawn Uri played and sang while Urs listened and learnt.
After they had both sang the song through a number of times they heard someone coughing at the door. It was Urian, his face awash in admiration and astonishment. “Urs I didn’t know you knew that song, my mother used to sing it to me. Words are a little different in German, you are singing in French aren’t you?”
Both Uri and Urs nodded but Urs answered, his stomach a little tight at the realisation that they had all been taught the same song. “French yes. But I did not know the words, I never did. Not until Uri taught them to me.”
Urian looked to Uri. ‘He’s joking right?”
Uri shook his head. “No cousin, He is an excellent student. But I am somewhat bewildered as to how this song has survived so many, many years.”
Urian came to stand next to the harpsichord. “Seems the women folk in our family have kept it alive. Could you teach me the words in French?”
Uri smiled back at him. He liked being able to share this with them. “I shall, if you will agree to teach us the words in German.”
Urian smiled and nodded, once more music and voices filled the room. Three magnificent voices, voices that echoed through the castle like angel song. Sweet harmonies blending so effortlessly with each other it was if the men had been singing together all their lives.
The castle staff rising early for work followed the sweet sounds to the music room, captured by its beauty. Silently a small crowd of kitchen and housekeeping staff gathered many stunned at what they saw, even more than at what they heard. It was special; they could all sense it, many of them covering themselves with the sign of the cross. It was not men they listened to, surely these were angels.

David stirred in his sleep, his ear picking up at the faint sound of music drifting on the first wisps of morning. As the music stopped, David sank back into slumber his mind touching a memory, the music was familiar.
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Chapter 41
Morning came to find Urs, Uri and Urian back in the hall for breakfast before the others. Uri noticing the attention they were getting from the staff, female staff in particular unusually busy. Through their singing the three men had cast a spell over their audience. Urs knew the look that transformed the faces of the women that served them. He had seen it at concerts all over the world. He had been witness to the exact moment that many females of all ages had been captured by the Il Divo magic. The transformation was immediate and they wore the same look as the females in Uri’s time.
Urian smiled at Urs, he had seen some of this magic work in the library when Urs had given him some lessons as how to make women swoon but Uri was at a loss. “I apologise my friends. I do not know what has bewitched my staff so. They are usually very good.”
Urs gave him a small smile but Urian laughed. “It is alright cousin. Believe it or not we are responsible. Urs here sees this kind of thing all the time.”
Uri raised and eyebrow. “Is this true cousin? The females of your time are so afflicted?”
Urian laughed before Urs could answer. “Not just of his time, any time. You should have seen what happened when we visited the library in my time and we didn’t even have to sing.”
Urs flashed an embarrassed look at Urian. “Urian!!!!” Looking at Uri he continued. “Hazards of my trade. Seems the ladies like what they see and hear. Last night they were privy to a triple dose. I think you may get more requests to sing cousin Uri. I have found women to be rather determined in this matter.”
Urian laughed.
Uri was a little uncomfortable. He had never sung in public and even though he was a formidable knight he was intrinsically a very shy, complex and private person. As far as he was aware the only people who had ever heard him sing were his family. “I do not think that will be necessary.”
Urs smiled as he looked around the room at the females still lingering. “Oh Uri I think it will be very necessary.” Next Urs addressed the servants. “Ladies would you like to hear Uri sing again?”
There was a collective sigh from all the females present and Uri was about to protest very heartily until he heard a sweat voice from the doorway. It was Beth-Elena. “I would like to hear that very much Master Urs.” Although her words were for Urs, her eyes were fixed on Uri.
A formidable knight he may have been but Uri melted under her gaze. He would deliver the stars into the very palms of her hands if she so desired but sing, sing to her and sing in the presence of others. Delivering stars would have been easier. He began to shake his head as he stood but Bethie-Elena’s smile disarmed him more easily than any enemy he had encountered. She glided forward and touched him gently on the arm. “Lady Elizabeth tells me that Master Urs has an enchanting voice. I am sure that you are so blessed. Please Uri; I would be most humbled if you would do this for me.”
Uri took both of her hands in his and kissed the top of her knuckles. “I do not wish to make you humble my Lady, I will engage in your request, though I think I shall disappoint.”
Beth-Elena lent in a kissed him on the cheek. “You do me a great honour.”
Uri stepped back a little, looking to Urs and Urian for support, the other men sensing his trepidation stood and moved to his side. Urian patted him on the shoulder. “How about we sing together first until you find your feet?”
Uri looked down at his feet, he had not lost them.
Urs smiled. “How about we just sing ok.”
Once more the men weaved their magic and each man saw the change come across Beth-Elena’s face as she watched Uri sing. As they sang the song from the night before more people entered the room including the rest of their little group. Urs acknowledged David and Elizabeth by a small dip of his head. David had his arm around her shoulder as they entered but Urs could see that something was not right with Elizabeth. Next entered Danny and Bethie and if it was possible she looked worse than Elizabeth. Urian had seen Bethie and his heart ached. He did not like to see her so troubled. Again Danny had a protective arm around her shoulder. Declan was not too far behind.
Urs may have picked up on something in the women but everyone else stood astounded at what they heard. Even David who was well versed in how excellent Urs could sing was taken aback by the trio. He wondered if Danny and Declan could also sing given that he to was a singer.
As the trio came to the end of the song Urs and Urian stepped back and Uri sang a solo. For someone who had no training his voice was impeccable. Uri had sung about two verses when everyone turned to Declan, it was obviously a song they both knew as he began to sing and David got his answer. As Declan sang he moved over to Beth-Elena and took her hand. As he did Elizabeth squeezed David’s hand just a little too hard. She had been watching Uri and saw the light dim in his eyes. Bethie had squeezed Danny’s hand unconsciously so he pulled her closer to him. It seemed that the time was fast approaching and they would have to resolve their unique situation once and for all.
Elizabeth and Beth-Elena did not know of Danny and Bethie’s conversation of the night before.
As Uri and Declan finished their song all thoughts of their situation where pushed to the side as the room exploded in applause to the shock of both Uri and Declan. Beth-Elena pulled Declan by the hand over to Uri giving them both a kiss on the cheek. “How is it that I know you both, yet you keep this joy hidden?”
Trying to deflect Uri pointed to Urs and David. “I think it only fair that our friends share with us as well.” again the room exploded in applause.
Wiping tears from her eyes Elizabeth pushed David towards Urs. “Go on. Show them how you do it in the 21st century.”
Turning back David looked at Danny. “Your turn next cousin.”
David and Urs discussed what they should sing, Urs being very uncomfortable with David’s choice. ‘The man you love’.
“How about Por Ti Sere, You Raise Me Up?”
David smiled and they began to sing. Once again the audience was stunned into silence. Even without Carlos and Sebastien, this one half of Il Divo was amazing. As they sang David got lost in the music, for the first time since their little adventure had started he felt normal. He had been so worried when he lost his voice that he would never be able to sing that he put his whole heart and soul into the performance. Urs sensing this travelled with David taking the song to heights they had never gone with it before.
During the song the three women had gone to stand next to each other, all had tears in their eyes and the men marvelled as they listened to the two professionals.
When David and Urs finished the room was silent for a little while then again exploded in thunderous applause. The crowd had grown, Uri smiled and bekond Danny and Urian to take centre stage. Danny slapped Urian on the shoulder. “Come on. We can’t let the relatives have all the fun.”
Bethie had never heard her husband sing anything but rowdy beer hall songs so she smiled wondering what they would choose to sing just hoping it was nothing to lurid.
What they all heard was yet again surprising. Danny and Urian had chosen to sing Ava Maria and David got his full answer. They could all sing very, very well.
Bethie was so very proud of her husband; he too had kept his talent hidden. As she pulled him into her arms he could see the love in her eyes. “Why did you never sing to me like that Danny, it was so beautiful?”

Uri, Urian and Urs had gone to stand together as Uri tried to usher the crowd out of he room.
Elizabeth gave David a small kiss. “I need to talk to Urs David; he needs to know that we have spoken.”
Silently David nodded and let her go. As Elizabeth reached the trio she smiled and spoke to them all. “That was wonderful gentleman, such passion, such talent. You must promise not to keep it hidden.” Leaning in she gave Uri a kiss on the cheek and then Urian. When she got to Urs she hesitated a little before she kissed him then took his hand. “Urs can we talk?”
Urs said nothing just followed her out of the room finding himself back in the court yard.
Taking their cue from Urs and Elizabeth, Danny and Bethie went to Urian; they all sat at the other end of the large table. This only left Declan and Beth-Elena. Declan had been standing behind her so he engulfed her in his arms, bringing his head to rest gently on her shoulder. “This is about Uri’s love for you isn’t it?”
Beth-Elena shocked turned to look at him, no malice, no hatred in his eyes just sadness and compassion.
Her own tears flowed. “Declan I had no idea. I don’t know what to do.”
They each looked over at the man of the manor as he talked to a few of his staff. “We need to talk to him Bea, together so that he knows we both love him and I have no ill feelings towards him.”
Once more he pulled her close to him and looked deep into her eyes. “You still want to marry me Bea?”
Beth-Elena bit her lip. “As the sun rises every morning. I do very much still wish to marry you.”
Declan hugged her. “That is all I need to know my love.”
They walked over to Uri and left together.
David smiled as he too departed in search of Elizabeth and Urs. He knew that she wanted time alone with Urs but he also wanted to make sure that his friend did not suffer to badly. He hoped that none of them suffered. Suddenly being shot at didn’t seem so bad after all.
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Chapter 42
Urs stood motionless unable to take his eyes off Elizabeth or remove his hands from hers. Some small part of him had hoped they would never speak of his love for her. It had been hard enough being confronted by David. But to have the woman you love so very close, to feel her tender touch, catch a hint of her perfume in the air and know that she did not love you in the way you so desperately wanted her to was pure torture. Elizabeth had been kind and gentle in her explanation of her feelings towards him. She did love him but it was David who had her heart. She bit her lip and a small tear escaped from the corner of her eye as she tried to stop herself from trembling. Urs’ silence was more than she could bare. His expression was unreadable; it was as if he had been turned to stone.
“Urs please say something…..”
There was a slight flicker in his eyes as he began to look at her, really look at her. He could feel her trembling and see her apprehension. As much as he hurt, as much as he wanted to scream that it wasn’t fare, he understood how hard it had been for her to talk to him about their situation.
Elizabeth’s eyes begged him to say something but he couldn’t, not without releasing his own tormented emotions. His chest rose slightly as he sighed, pulling Elizabeth into a hug, completely cocooning her with his arms.
Without hesitation Elizabeth allowed him to hold her, she felt safe, his silence still worried her, not sure if it would have been better if he had exploded into a rage.
She did not see the pain and anguish painted on his face as he rested his chin on the top of her head and hugged her for what he knew would be the last time but David had and it gripped at his own heart. He stood a little ways off in the court yard watching, ready to make a move if Urs had become violent. David never doubted that his friend would ever hurt Elizabeth but their situation was so strange he wanted to make sure. What he saw was a man broken by the loss of a love so deep it griped his very soul.
Like Elizabeth he worried at Urs’ silence. He had known Urs longer than Elizabeth and understood that he was a person who internalized a great deal. David wondered if this was too much for him to keep buried.
As David moved towards them Urs pushed Elizabeth back a little, lent in and gave her the gentlest kiss on the lips she had ever received. The first real kiss Urs had given her and as gentle as it was it sent a ripple through her.
Urs looked at David taking Elizabeth’s hand and placing it in his before he walked off still having said nothing.

Elizabeth pushed herself into David as he put his arm around her shoulder. “I’m so worried David. Maybe we should have just let it be. I had know idea just how much he….Oh David. I really have hurt him but I love you. I needed him to understand that.”
David pulled her closer. “He does Lizzie, more than you will ever know.”
Part of him felt for his friend but part of David was glad that he had not lost Elizabeth. Watching Urs disappear back into the castle he wondered if their friendship would survive, if their working relationship would survive. Then again, that all depended on if they survived. His dreams had made it clear that they still had a job to do.

Like Urs, Urian sat in silence looking at his two best friends. Danny had tried to make light of the situation at first then realised his mistake. Urian was mortified to know that Danny had known since the very beginning about his feelings for Bethie. Even Danny’s reasoning for not telling him did not dispel the embarrassment he felt, thinking that he had done a good job of hiding his feelings for Bethie all these years.
Bethie had been her sweet caring self and her tears still flowed, Like Elizabeth she was trembling not sure what to do now they had spoken.
“Urian, please for give me. If I had known earlier I would have said something. I do love you but..”
Urian smiled, although it be defeatedly at her words and took her hands across the table. “It seems that destiny was already written, you and Danny were meant to be together. No other man was going to take his place. I am grateful you have a small place in your heart for me.”
Bethie began to cry again. “Oh Urian.”
He stopped her from saying anything else and placed her hands into Danny’s. “You know I love you both dearly.”
He began to get up to leave when Danny went to say something but Urian cut him off. His voice was soft and calm but strong. “No Danny. We have made our peace, there is nothing more to be said.”
Urian left them hoping he could hold himself together until he was alone. He had thought that talking to Uri and Urs about their plight would have made it easier. It had not.

Bethie put her hand to her mouth trying to stop her sobs. She felt like she had just killed her best friend. Her own feelings for Urian had run much, much deeper than she had expected and talking about them had been very traumatic and exhausting. If she had not been married to Danny she wondered if she would have been so strong. Mary was right; to love two men was cruel.
Danny wiped the tears away from her face. “We’ll be ok Beth.” He looked to were Urian had gone. “We’ll all be ok.”

Uri and Declan and Beth-Elena had found themselves in the garden not far from were David and Elizabeth had been. Like his two companions Uri was speechless. He was overcome by Declan’s compassion to his plight, by his understanding of how hard it had been for him. For the most part it was the two men that spoke and in an odd sort of way coming to an agreement.
Uri took Beth-Elena’s hands and held them to his chest. “My dear sweet Bea.. I cannot promise that I can love you any less. I do not know how to stop loving you but I promise I shall be forever your champion.” He looked at Declan. “Forever friends. I would be most honoured if you would still allow me to attend your wedding.”
Declan smiled. “We would have it no other way my friend.”
Uri kissed Beth-Elena almost as tenderly as Urs had kissed Elizabeth, bowed to Declan and bid them leave.
He was a knight who had fought many battles and he did not cry but this day he cried. The pain he felt so deep inside could be released no other way.

Once again Uri, Urian and Urs searched for solitude. Uri had found himself back in the stable with Nightwish. He was contemplating taking him out for a ride when Urian and Urs stepped into the stables. Uri nodded to them both, their appearance telling him they all felt the same. “Battle can not come soon enough.”
Sensing his agitation Nightwish pulled his head back and whinnied.
Urs allowed himself a smile. “Seems your horse agrees with you.”
“Life isn’t supposed to be this hard.” Urian shifted uneasily as he looked at the other two not really believing his own words.
All three turned to face the entrance to the stables as they heard young Geoffrey shouting and running towards them. The boy came to a screaming halt almost knocking Urs off his feet. As Urs steady the boy, Geoffrey began to deliver his news. “Master Uri, the King’s guard is approaching. Maybe we should open the gates.”
The boy’s words sent Uri into action walking fast and with purpose leaving everyone to catch up with him. “Geoffrey get down to the gate and make sure old Ted opens them before the King’s guard rides them down.”
The young boy scampered off without a word. Urs and Urian looked at each other as they followed Uri back into the castle.

It seemed no sooner had they entered the hall that the rumble of horses hoofs on the court yard washed through them. Uri had wanted to meet the King’s guard on his own but seeing that all were gathered in the hall he knew he would not have time to ask them to leave. The atmosphere as Uri, Urs and Urian walked in was restless, that would all change with the arrival of the horsemen.
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Chapter 43
As the King’s guard rode through the gate Geoffrey and old Tom looked at each other before the young boy tried in vain to reach the castle before the guards. Heading the column of a dozen or so knights on horse back was none other than the King himself. Geoffrey wanted so much to warn Uri but he knew he would never get to him in time, still he kept running at full pace he did not want to miss out on whatever was going to happen. A visit by the King was not unusual as Uri and the King seemed to be friends but for the King to arrive with his guard this was official and most likely very serious.

After deciding that it was no use trying to hide his unusual guests Uri, Declan and Beth-Elena made their way to the steps of the court yard to wait for the King’s guard. Uri and Declan recognised the figure at the front of the column almost as soon as he was in sight. Both men surprised to see the King as no word of his return had reached them.
They all waited for him to pull up and dismount before bowing and Beth-Elena curtsied. Being the head of the household Uri spoke first. “Your Highness, news of your return had not reached my humble home, I trust all is well.”
The King looked from Uri to his niece and gave her a tired smile before looking back at Uri. “I must give you the news that all is not well Master Uri.” Again his eyes fell on Beth-Elena and then to Declan “But tell me, has some unpleasantness happened in my absence for my niece to have left the sanctuary of my home unescorted?”
Before Uri or Declan could defend Beth-Elena she stepped forward to defend herself. “I am sorry that I worried you so Uncle, I am quite well.” She lent in and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. “My curiosity led me to Uri. I do hope that you did not bring your guards just because of me?”
The King took the hands of his niece resigned to the fact that she was forever going to cause him grief and know that each time she did he would forgive her as he did now, as he always did. “You must be more mindful Bea; it is not safe for any to travel these roads alone.”
Declan and Uri looked at each other remembering Urs and Urian’s encounter the other night and the King continued. “Though I am happy to see that you have safe haven with Master Uri.”
Uri bowed slightly. “Sire, the Lady Beth-Elena shall always have a safe haven while I have breath.”
Uri looked past the King to his guard still seated on their horses. “Maybe your men would like to take advantage of my stable and possibly the kitchen. I take it that your visit is not because of the Lady Beth-Elena.”
The King nodded to Uri and gave a silent command to his men who in return rode in silence to the stables. “Master Uri, Master Declan, it seems that our neighbours feel that I am no longer worthy to be called their King. I fear we will have to settle this disagreement on the field of battle.”
The three men entered the castle as Beth-Elena followed quietly behind. Declan looked to Uri as they walked down the hallway. It was customary for all guests to be shown to the great hall; the King knew this and his steps were purposeful. However Uri and Declan wondered what his reaction would be when they did get there.

They all slowed a little as they heard the sound of singing. The King looked to Uri. “You have other guests Uri? And talented ones I think.” He looked to his niece. “This is what brought you out on your own my dear?”
Beth-Elena just nodded. They all stood at the unopened door listening to David and Urs as they entertained some of Uri’s staff who had snuck back in and pleaded for another song.
Beth-Elena stood between her Uncle and the door, blocking his path. “Uncle before you go inside you have to promise me something.”
The King raised an eye brow. “If I can my dear.”
“Keep your hand off your sword and be nice.”
Now the King wore a frown wondering why on earth she would ask such a thing of him.
As Beth-Elena pushed the door open two things happened. Uri’s staff scattered and David and Urs stopped singing.
It was as if the room fell silent and cold at the same time, smiles disappeared. Urs, David, Elizabeth, Danny, Urian and Bethie all came together, standing waiting in the silence.
It was the ladies that the King recognised first. He looked from them to his niece not believing his eyes. “This is some kind of trickery.” As he spoke the Kings hand went to the hilt of his sword. Declan and Uri stepped forward but it was Beth-Elena that stopped him by gently placing her hand on his and talking sweetly. “Uncle. This is no trickery of witches or wizards; I speak the truth, though at first I did not believe myself.”
Talking his hand from his sword she pulled him closer to the little group. “They have come a great distance to help us Uncle.”
The King looked to his niece, as yet he had not made the connection between Danny and David and Declan or Urs and Urian and Uri but it was not far off. “How is this possible, I have three nieces, two of whom are strangers to me?”
Beth-Elena smiled and made the introductions. “Uncle this is Elizabeth and Bethie.”
To their credit both ladies curtsied and acknowledge the King in the appropriate manor.
Beth–Elena took a deep breath and then introduced the men.
The King looked from Danny to David and then from Urs to Urian about to say something when he turned, walked back to Uri and Declan and stared. He took in their features and then looked back at the others. “Surly not. How can you all look the same?”
“I can explain Sire but it will take some time. Time I fear we do not have if your news is as grave as you have us believing.”
Uri’s words sobered the King’s thoughts; he was indeed there on a mission of some importance. “As always Master Uri pragmatic and precise. But I shall want to hear of this story once we have concluded our business.”

Uri ushered the group out of the hall promising to come and get them as soon as it was practical, returning to sit at the table with the King and Declan while his staff served food and drink.
The news that the King delivered was grave indeed. It seemed that the enemy was on the march already and the King and his men had ridden hard and fast to return. He relayed stories of ambushes and small skirmishes on their journey, each attack intent on taking the King’s life.
“So it would seem I am in need of raising an army once more.”
Uri tried to boost the Kings spirits. “I am sure that your people will heed your call as they have done in the past my Lord. We shall despatch riders this very day.”
“You are a good man Uri and I have no fear that my people will come to my aid. I fear that this will be a bloody battle and many a good man will not return.”
It seemed to Uri and Declan that the King aged right before their eyes. As if trying to shake off the demons of battle he sighed. “So tell me Uri, Tell me of these strangers that look alike, that look like you.”

Uri and Declan took it in turns to tell the tale as the King listened intently not speaking until the whole story had been woven. “And you say this is not some sorcery at work. They come from the future, yet you say you have had vision of them and they know how our lives are to end. If this is true, sorcery or not, I would wish that they help in our plans to defeat the enemy.” The King looked from Uri to Declan. “Or do they have dim news of a battle not won and many a widow I shall make if I take up this fight.”
Declan looked to Uri. “Maybe David should be the one to explain this to His Highness?”
“David? He is the dream master, the keeper of dreams is he not?”
Both Uri and Declan were a little surprised at what the King had called David but it did fit very well.
They both nodded their heads.
“Then I would like to meet the man who holds my future and the future of my people in his hands. I pray that he has the power to stop the carnage. For we will surly need the magic of a wizard on our side.”
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Chapter 44
Declan had been sent to collect David and found young Geoffrey skulking just outside the hall door. “I expect you can lead me to our new friends?”
Geoffrey tried to stand taller, proud to be of service and not getting into trouble for loitering. “I can Master Declan.”
Declan and the young boy walked the length of the hallway, Geoffrey taking the opportunity to ask Declan about his new friends. “Master Declan, the strangers, they come from a world not yet made don’t they?”
Declan stopped and looked down at the boy, who was indeed very intuitive. “Do you understand what you say?
Geoffrey nodded and bit his lip trying to think of a way to explain to Declan so he would understand. “Yes Sire. They have not been born yet. I mean they are here but they are born in the future and somehow come back into the past before they were born. One of your cousins fights in the skies, the other…..” Geoffrey struggled to find the words to describe what David did. A smile crossed his face when he figured it out. “The other, he makes dreams come true.”
Declan was not sure if the young boy understood the duality of his statement.
“And Master Uri’s cousin the one that is so serious all the time he also fights in the skies and the other he also makes dreams come true. The cook is most upset at the distraction they have caused in the kitchen.”
Declan let out a booming laugh as they continued along the hallway. “Then maybe we should visit the kitchen and check on Master Uri’s staff……. And of course the food.”
Geoffrey liked Declan, he wanted to grow up to be just like him one day and maybe he too could marry a princess.

As they entered the garden they found the group settled under the same tree that David had picked the first time. That particular part of the estate seemed to call to them, Declan wondered if their new friends did bring some magic with them.
As he reached them they all stood. Declan’s eyes rested on David. “Seems that you have an audience with the King my friend.”
David shuffled a little uneasily. “Why does the King want to see me?”
Declan used the King’s own words to answer David. “You are the keeper of the dreams David. The King wants you to tell him how this battle will be won or lost.”
David looked around the others shocked. “I can’t do that Declan. I have no idea how the battle will end.”
“You are from a future we will not see my friend, you have already told us that you know how the battle ends, how our lives will end.”
Declan’s words settled a deep dark foreboding over the group and David got even more distressed. “But that was before we got here Declan, I have no idea how we have changed things by just being here. My dreams have changed. I see different things.”
Elizabeth took hold of David’s hand to reassure him as Declan continued. “Then this is what you should tell the King. Be honest with him David, share all that you know.”
Urs stepped forward so he was standing shoulder to shoulder with David. “I’m coming with you.”
As Declan was going to protest Urian, Danny and Bethie stepped forward to join their three companions. Declan knew there was no point in trying to fight their silent solidarity. He just hoped the King understood. He knew if it came down to it he would stand by their side as well.

By the time the group got back to the main hall Geoffrey was nowhere to be seen, however Declan knew he would not be to far away, he had a knack for being in the right place at the right time or was that the wrong place at the right time.

Uri and the King stood as the group entered the room and they all saw the look of disbelief on the King’s face. He had not yet come to terms with the fact that they all looked so much alike and were from a future that bewildered him.
David stepped forward and bowed. “Your highness wanted to see me?”
The King was impressed with David’s manners as he was with the others, all of whom bowed or curtsied. “I see you brought re enforcements.”
David was far more nervous than he had expected to be. He had met many a dignitary as a member of Il Divo but this was different. This man, this King expected him to give him the answer to solve a problem that dealt with the lives of so many. “Willing volunteers your Highness.”
No one moved until the King beckoned them all to join him at the table. “I fear that my request has caused you some grief?”
David thinking that was the understatement of the century, any century but he was polite in his answer. “Yes sir. I’m not sure that I can help you the way you want me to. I don’t want to let anyone down.”
“Any information you have will be worthy of consideration. You have seen things with fresh eyes. You have seen a battle we have yet to fight.”
David went to say something but the look he got from Uri told him to keep his silence until the King had finished.
“I understand from Uri that your dreams have changed. I would consider it a great help if you would recall all your dreams for me Master David and allow me to take what information I can to help my people.”
David sighed; it was turning into a long day, an emotionally exhausting day. First, their talk with Urs and now this. “As you wish Sir. I will do my best.”
The King smiled and slapped David a little too hard on the back. “That is all I ask of any man Master David.”
As the group settled around the table Uri sent one of his staff back to the kitchen for drink and food. He had assumed rightly that they would not be going anywhere for some time.

As David told his story by recounting his dreams it was the first time that any of them had heard them all. Even Urs, who had been dreaming almost the same dreams was shocked at just how many more David had struggled with on his owns. Tears dampened the cheeks of all three ladies.
David did not mention what he had seen as a child but he did tell them of his teenage years and that he now understood that if they had all met sooner things may have been very different. As he was telling of one of his dreams he mentioned where he was living at the time and Elizabeth let out a shocked gasp. “David where did you say you were living?”
They all looked from Elizabeth to David, not sure of the significance of her question. Within minutes they would all be stunned by the implication.
“Schriever Air Base. Why?”
They all saw Elizabeth go deathly pale. “Colorado Springs right?”
David nodded.
“And that is when your dreams started again?”
Again David nodded.
“David…. I was there.”
The stunned disbelief of her friends reverberated around the table, registering in their eyes. “My father, he spent two years teaching. I was there for two years David.”
“But I never saw you. I mean. How, I never saw you at school.”
“We lived off base, I didn’t visited the Base much and I was home schooled. My parents wanted me to continue with my studies from England knowing we would be going back.”
She looked at David. “If we had met then?” She left her words to fade.
David looked to Urs. “Please tell me you were not on the base at the same time. I don’t think I could take it.”
Urs shook his head. “Nowhere close, I was still in Switzerland.”
The King had followed most of their conversation and thought it best to bring them back to where he needed them to be. It was obvious that these strangers had much to discuss, but later.
“It seems that destiny was having her way with you many years past my friend. I am sorry if I have opened hurtful wounds but my people are very important to me.”
No one missed the implication in the King’s words and David continued. “I am sorry your Highness. Forgive me it was such a shock.”
The King tilted his head slightly but remained silent waiting to hear what else this stranger had to say.
The others all waited as well but for other reasons. How many more surprises would come out of the retelling of his dreams.

Again David’s retelling brought the females to tears and the men to the understanding that although their dreams had been vivid they had not been subject to the same intensity as David or for the same amount of time. For most, their dreams had come and gone until recently and only Urs seemed to have suffered almost as much as David over the recent months. The King asked to see Urs’ scars when it was explained to him what had been happening. Uri lifted up his shirt as well to show his King the identical scars on his own body, then Urs showed him the horse bite. The King marvelled at what he saw but a cloud crossed his face. “You talk of such scars and wounds yourself Master David. May I see?”
Both David and Declan raised their shirts at the same time to gasps of pain from the women. The King was a little shocked at the rawness of the most recent scars. Scars that Declan did not posses. He had a lifetime of battlefield fighting experience and he instantly knew which weapon had caused the wounds on David’s body. The King stood, walking over to David still looking at the scars. As he got closer he touched them gently with his fingers. “How do you come to still be alive after being injured by such a weapon?” The King looked at David with eyes full of concern. “You say you feel these injuries as though they were real but yet you dream?”
David nodded about to put his shirt back down when the King stopped him, making him turn around so he could look at his whole body. The King himself had many a battle scar but David was covered with what looked like old wounds. There were so many more than what Declan had. Yes they had identical scars but on closer inspection the King understood that each time David dreamt, even if it was the same dream, if he was in battle and injured he would wear the scar of that injury. Were as Declan had one or two sword wounds David had many, the King pulled David’s shirt down for him and placed his hands on his shoulders. “You have suffered far greater than any man I know my friend. Your most wicked torment has been to survive, to live, to keep living only to be inflicted with so much pain over and over again. No man deserves such a curse. A curse that has been borne so many years before your time.” The King took a deep breath. “We must undo this curse for the sake of all.”
As he was returning to his seat the King stopped at Urs and pointed to his torso. He wanted to see if Urs had also suffered so much. In silence Urs lifted his shirt and the Kings heart ached for the young man. Like his friend Urs had multiple scars, old wounds. “I am sorry my friend. You have suffered so much.”
Elizabeth stood between Urs and David taking both their hands. How much more would they have to suffer before this was all over?

The King looked to Beth-Elena, Bethie and Elizabeth. “My dear ladies what we have to discuss now is not for the ears of such fair maidens. War should not pass over the lips or be seen by the eyes of ones who hold so much beauty between them.”

Elizabeth and Bethie were about to protest at being dismissed but Beth-Elena saved them from embarrassment. “As you wish Uncle.” She looked to Elizabeth and Bethie who still had somewhat stunned looks on their face. “Ladies we have much to discuss ourselves. If you will follow me.”
As they got up to leave Elizabeth and Bethie looked back to the men. Danny and David, Urs and Urian shrugged their shoulders in unison, secretly wishing they could leave with the women.
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Chapter 45
Elizabeth let her disgust be known. “Well, it has been a long time since I have been treated in such a way just because I am a woman. Really does he think we would not understand what they are talking about? I have a good mind to walk right back in there and tell him so.”
Bethie could see the worried look on Beth-Elena’s face. “Lizzie wait. Leave it be ok. It is just the way things work here.” She looked at Beth-Elena. “Right?”
“Yes but that does not mean that we females do not know what is to be discussed.” She looked over their shoulders making them both look behind. Both smiled as they saw Geoffrey. “Geoffrey will be our ears ladies.”
The young boy smiled. “Shall I come and find you once they have finished my Lady?”
Beth-Elena shook her head. “Only if they ask it of you. Otherwise leave it for them to find us. We shall be in the court yard or garden.”
Geoffrey scampered off and the three women walked to the court yard. They had forgotten about the King’s guards and their entrance caused quite a stir among the men, many of whom had been relaxing, sitting, enjoying the hard work of the kitchen staff. On seeing the three women every man that was eating stopped chewing his food, every man that was seated stood, every single man bowed, unable to take his eyes off the sight before him.
Beth-Elena curtsied; Elizabeth and Bethie followed her example, the attention from the men making them very uncomfortable. They had forgotten what the sight of all three of them together did to people. Beth-Elena looked at her two companions. “Maybe we should retire to the garden, leave these fine gentlemen to their meal.”
In silent agreement Elizabeth and Bethie followed her feeling the stares of the men on them as they left.

They all relaxed a little once they were in the garden. Elizabeth still a little miffed at being left out of the loop so to speak. “I still don’t understand why we couldn’t just stay. We might have been able to help. What on earth are they going to talk about anyway?”
A shadow crossed Beth-Elena’s face. She knew all to well what the men would be discussing. “I expect that with Master David’s help my uncle will be re evaluating his battle strategies, new ways to ensure that he is not defeated, ways to protect as many of his men as he can. A King’s responsibility is a heavy burden to carry in such times.”
“And it is the woman’s job to stay behind and do nothing?” Elizabeth’s words came out with a bit more venom than she had expected which shocked Bethie and Beth-Elena.
Beth-Elena understood it must have been hard for her companions, not being familiar with how she lived. She smiled. “Far from it my sister. We give them strength and courage to fight, we give them a reason to fight, a reason, a need to come back to us. We must make sure that households still run while our men are away; continue with the daily chores, the business of living so that they need not worry about such things on the battlefield. We make it so that all the strength they have goes to the job at hand, fighting and winning. We are never idle and our prayers never cease.”

Elizabeth was ashamed of her attitude now that Beth-Elena had explained it. “I guess I just feel useless. I am sorry Bea. I didn’t mean to degrade your life. It must be so hard for you to watch them all leave never knowing if they are coming back.” At her words she turned to Bethie and gave her a hug. “You too. How many times have Danny and Urian gone on a mission leaving you to worry.”
Bethie sighed. “Too many”

While the ladies waited in the garden the men sat around the large table as the King questioned David about some finer points of his dreams, getting him to describe in detail the locations. Amount of men he saw in battle, how the battles were fought. It was obvious to all that the King was intent on not only arming himself with sword and shield but the best weapon he had, information.
To David it seemed that he had been talking for hours, his throat was dry and his head began to throb with the beginnings of a headache. He rubbed his temples. “I don’t think I have anything else I can tell you.”
Urs smiled at his friend. David had done well but he wondered why he had left out those dreams that involved the deaths of those so close to them. Urs has not mentioned his dreams to anyone. Only told them that he had been having few and they were less traumatic but he had still dreamt the same as David on a few occasions. He had seen what David had seen.
With the Kings next words everyone seated at the table would come to understand what David had seen.
“Your dreams have been such a burden for you Master David but I will need to ask more of you.”
David went to reply but the King put up his hand. “You have surely helped saved the lives of many with this information. Though I would ask that you tell us all that you know.”
David was a little puzzled at first. He had given the King so much information it took him a little while to realise what he was asking. When he did realise he began to shake his head. “Sir, that is too much of a burden for me to ask anyone else to carry. Those things I have seen may not come true now.”
“That may be but I wish to know of whose deaths you have seen so that I am prepared to stop it from happening. If it is to happen on the field of battle then I need to know. David, to stop this curse we need to know.”
Urian, Danny, Declan and Uri all sat up a little straighter but Urs could see the doubt in David’s eyes. He was trying to find a way not to tell them what he had seen. Urs understood how hard it would be to tell someone you had seen them die. Dreaming of such things ,no matter how real was one thing but having become friends with those that have to die, having to tell them how they were to die was an entirely different matter. Urs cleared his throat. “David, do you want me to tell them?”
The others looked to Urs in surprise. David was stunned. “You know? You’ve seen it?”
Urs’ voice was calm, compassionate, it resounded with understanding. “Yes I have. Do you want me to tell them?”
Relief spread over David’s face, the others thinking he was going to leave the story telling up to Urs. But that was not why he was relieved. He had someone to share his burden with. Just knowing that Urs had dreamt of the same things helped. And that was what he was going to do, ask Urs to help. He gave Urs a small smile. “I can’t ask you to do that Urs but I will ask you to help me.”
Urs just gave him a slight nod of the head, David took a deep breath and began to tell them of what he had seen.
The room was silent as he told the King of what he had dreamt, a few times David would look over at Urs for confirmation and Urs would simply nod, silently re assuring his friend. David explained to them that he had seen Declan die but his dream had changed, he no longer died in Beth-Elena’s arms but in the battle itself, he never made it back to the castle.
The King declared if that was the case them he would forbid Declan from taking part. Hearing this Declan was about to protest rather furiously when Urs raised his hand and stood. “Don’t you see that this will not work? If Declan was not to enter the battle then David would not have seen him die there. So whether or not you forbid him from going it seems that somehow he will still end up on the battle field. I think it would be better if we made contingency plans for Declan’s safety through the battle. If destiny wants to play with us then we shall give her a mighty game.” Urs looked from Declan to the King. “Do you understand?”
Everyone nodded.
Uri had been quiet for sometime and there was a quiver in his voice. He did not like the idea of knowing that his friend may die. He had thought that once their friends from the future had arrived that the curse would have been lifted. The fact that they were still with them left him with a heavy heart. As David spoke the feeling of dread that had plagued Uri for so long began to grow again. “David is there anything else you need to tell us? Anyone else we need to protect?”
David looked to Urs wondering if he should continue. His friend smiled, sat back down and took up the telling. “The dreams have shown many things, things that I would rather have not seen, rather not talk about because I am not certain of the future anymore.
Maybe the simple act of telling you will be enough to change David’s dreams and change the future….. I hope so. It doesn’t make the telling any easier though.” Urs looked from Declan to Uri. “Not only have we seen the death of Declan change, we have also seen the death you Uri, change. Before you lived long after Declan was killed, now it seems that your life is so much shorter. You die in this coming battle.” Urs let his words trail off and watched Uri for any sign. The others were shocked; David seemed to become more withdrawn as he heard Urs’ words. He felt like the grim reaper and it was a job he didn’t like at all.
Danny spoke up trying to shake the ominous cloud that had settled on the group. “Hey it’s not so bad. Now we know, we can stop it right. We can do this. Watch each others backs.”
Uri, Declan and the King gave Danny a confused look not familiar with the slang. David, Urs and Urian gave him confused looks for other reason. Up until that point none of them had considered that they would be involved in the battle but it seemed to Danny it was a foregone collusion. “Don’t look at me like that. You know we are going to end up there. How else would David know how all this stuff happens if he is not there. Both you and Urs have seen the battles before.”
David was incredulous. “In our dreams Danny. In our dreams, as real as they may have been they were still dreams. This is real!!!!”
The King could see that this group of men would soon dissolve into a none productive argument and he needed to say a few more things. The idea he had brewed would certainly mean that they would be on the battlefield. They may not be knights but they would be needed. “Gentlemen……. Gentlemen. I fear that what I propose is the reason that you will find yourselves on the field of battle. Not as knights, but as….”
The King struggled to find the words when Urs spoke. “As wizards, you want us to stand shoulder to shoulder so the enemy can see the three of us.” He pointed to Danny, Declan and David. “The six of us. You want them to think you have some magical power.”
The rest just looked to the King, waiting for his reply.
The King looked at Urs stunned wondering how he had known. Then again it was very likely that he had known all along. He had dreamt of such a thing but not spoken of it.
The King was right. Urs had dreamt of such a plan but he had spoken to no one about it. The fact that David had not mentioned it and was now more than a little agitated about being on a battlefield. Told him that he had not dreamt about it.
The King needed to know just how much Urs had seen. “My friend, have you seen this plan? Do you know what I am proposing?”
Urs nodded and as before began to describe what he had seen. By the time he had finished both Uri and Declan were rubbing their faces. It would seem that these knights would have to be clean shaven for the first time in many a year.
The idea brought a hearty but nervous laugh from the King and a cheeky look form David and Danny. Urs, Uri and Urian just looked at each other in silence.

Not long after the King departed. Uri and his guests would follow to his castle within the day so Uri left to make arrangements with his stable hands, organised to send out riders to all corners of the land that the King protected and to make ready for their trip. Danny, Urian and Declan went in search of the women with Geoffrey’s help of course but David and Urs went a separate way finding themselves back in David’s room.
“Urs, you really did see the King’s plan in your dream?”
“How long ago?”
“The first night we arrived at Danny’s”
David was shocked. “And you never said anything.”
“David, how? Why would I? You never said anything so I assumed that you had not dreamt about it. I’m right aren’t I? You never saw that, it was just me. Then you and Urian got……” Urs did not finish his sentence seeing the change in David’s eyes. It seemed that his little trip in to WW2 still unsettled him. “I had no idea what was going to happen; now we are here. I don’t know why but I expected things to be different.” What Urs said next startled David? “You never told them about seeing Danny’s death either.”
“You’ve seen that as well? Urs I can’t tell them. I mean they think the curse has been broken for them. How do I tell them that he still dies just in a different way.”
Again Urs voice was tempered with understanding and kindness. “I know David. It is cruel and I do agree with you that we should not tell them. It would just be a shadow over any happiness they have. They would spend all their time waiting, trying to get ready for it, trying to stop it. No… the right thing to do is not tell them.”
David nodded glad that Urs had come to the same conclusion as he had. “I am glad you think that way Urs. Now….. How do we tell the ladies in our lives that we are going into battle?”
Urs raised one eye brow in a good impersonation of Carlos. “I think the King should get to tell them.”
David laughed and slapped his friend on the back. “Brilliant idea but he’s already left.”
“Then I think Uri should get to tell them.”
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Chapter 46
Declan, Urian and Danny came upon the women, once again seated under that same tree. They had fallen into relaxed conversation once the talk of battles was concluded. The men could hear their gentle laughter as it was carried on the breeze and it brought a smile to all their faces lifting the heaviness from their hearts. Declan was overcome by the beauty of the three. “Aren’t they the most divine and beautiful creatures you have ever seen? It is surely a miracle that brought them together.” Declan’s tone changed as sadness crept back into his voice. “How do I tell my sweet Beth-Elena that she will have to live without me? That we shall never marry.”
Urian and Danny looked at each other before looking at Declan; they could see the heartache written all over his face. Danny patted him on the shoulder as they got closer to the ladies. “Don’t tell her Declan. If we had not arrived neither one of you would have known when you were to die. It could all change as well, the King will see to that. So it would be better not to say anything. Have her worry about something that may not happen. I for one will do my best to make sure it doesn’t.”
Declan smiled at Danny. “You are wise cousin. But I fear that no one can stop what destiny has started.”
Urian smiled. “But we have. Danny is still alive. We have changed destiny and we will change it again if we have to. You will see.”

They saw Elizabeth wave to them and Bethie jumped to her feet, running to Danny, throwing herself into his arms. He laughed as he hugged her. “My, My I could get used to that kind of reception. You alright Bethie?’
She nodded and kissed him tenderly on the lips. “I am now.”
Beth-Elena and Declan’s meeting was more sedate, she curtsied and he bowed to her but everyone could feel the electricity between them.
Elizabeth rolled her eyes and sighed. “Oh for heavens sake…” With that she pushed Beth-Elena towards Declan. Urian realising what she was doing pushed Declan from behind so the two had no choice but to hug each other. When they did not move into kiss Elizabeth pushed Beth-Elena gently closer to Declan. “Well kiss her already will you Declan.”
Declan looked to his companions, Danny and Urian smiling, Bethie now snuggled under Danny’s arm stifled a giggle. Beth-Elena blushed. “Not in public, it would not be proper.”
Again Elizabeth let out an exasperated sigh. “What public, you are with friends. Kiss him or I will.”
Hearing Elizabeth’s words and seeing her take a step forward Declan decided he better kiss Beth-Elena or forever feel her wrath. He pulled her closer, giving her a very long, deep, passionate kiss that left her totally breathless, weak at the knees, light headed and in no doubt that Declan was the man she loved.
Danny and Urian whistled, while Elizabeth and Bethie smiled knowingly.
Once she had regained her voice but feeling rather hot, Beth-Elena smiled at Declan. “Oh my. That was, I mean, You….Oh my.”
Declan let out a hearty laugh pulling Beth-Elena under his arm and kissing her on top of the head as the others cheered. It seemed there was no mistaking that these two people were very much in love and very ready to become man and wife.
Elizabeth was not sure but she thought she saw a shadow flicker across Declan’s eyes just for a second. She wondered if their discussion with the King had worried him somehow. Looking around it was then that she noticed that David and Urs had not joined them. “Declan, are the others not joining us?”
He shook his head as he pulled Beth-Elena a little closer. “Uri went to the stable to make arrangements for our travel back to the King’s castle. I think David and Urs have some things that they need to discus.”
Elizabeth looked to Urian and he obliged her with an answer. “Seems that although they both have had many of the same dreams, they have also had dreams quite separate from each other.”
Elizabeth looked at him with curiosity in her eyes. “Is there a problem?”
Urian shook his head. “No, I think they just need to compare notes make sure we have all the information we need for….” He stopped not wanting to talk about the up coming battle. Not wanting to involve the women.
Elizabeth stepped a little closer and took his hands in hers as the others watched. “You have been enlisted to fight another war haven’t you?”
Urian looked to Danny and Declan but it was Elizabeth’s soft voice that he heard. “We always knew that it may come down to this, with David’s dreams of battle it was always a possibility. The King asked for David’s help, he will have asked you as well.”
Knowing that he shouldn’t but doing it anyway Urian pulled Elizabeth into a hug as he looked to his male companions. “Seems we have nothing to worry about gentlemen. Our women are far more aware than we give them credit.” He hugged Elizabeth a little tighter. “Maybe you should go and find David.”
Elizabeth looked into Urian’s eyes and saw his compassion and concern, squeezing his hand before she departed leaving the others to contemplate what was about to happen, what they were all involved in.

Walking along the hallway Elizabeth heard Urs and David before she saw them, still in David’s room they were talking about the battle. Her smile turned to a frown as she hesitated at the door, listening to their conversation.
“But Urs you have to tell them. If the King intends to use the girls as well as us in this battle they need to be prepared.”
Elizabeth couldn’t see him but Urs was shaking his head and pacing the room. “No David we have to find a way to keep them away from all that. It’s not right.”
“But Urs you’ve seen it and……”
Urs cut him off getting very frustrated and angry. “I don’t care. If I have seen it I should be able to stop it.!!! We stopped Danny from dying!!!! We can stop Declan from dying again!!!!!! We can stop the girls from going into battle, We….”
The door opened to reveal Elizabeth. “Declan still dies?” She looked from Urs to David. “But I thought that was why we are here to stop that. What did you see?” Again she looked at the two men. “And what about me and the other girls going into battle? You have to tell me. One of you has to tell me.” Her eyes danced from Urs to David waiting for one of them to talk to her.
Urs wanted so much to hold her and tell her everything would be alright but he just stood, silent, not sure if he should when David took a step forward. “Lizzie, it’s not that simple.”
They both saw Elizabeth put her hands on her hips and knew that David had said the wrong thing and before he could rectify his mistake Elizabeth fired at them. “Simple!!!!Simple!!!!David!!!! What part of this has ever been simple!!!” Her hands began to fly as Elizabeth paced back and forth between the two bewildered men. “Typical. We’ve travelled back in time …TWICE. We’ve seen things we should never have seen! For god’s sake, I’m comparing notes with my ancestors. We might never get home and you are worried about a battle. I want this over and I want to go home!!!! So if we have to fight the whole damn country to be able to do it then bring it on!!!”
The room was silent for a few seconds until Elizabeth’s resolve deserted her and she broke down sobbing.
Immediately David pulled her into his arms neither he nor Urs had realised just how hard their situation had been on her. She always seemed to be so strong, so assured, always there with a smile or a hug when they needed her. Now her tears soaked into David’s tunic and her sobs wracked Urs’ heart. “I want to go home David. I can’t do this anymore.” With those words Elizabeth collapsed into his arms taking him by surprise. Urs came to their rescue and helped David carry her to the bed. As David placed her on the bed Urs gently pushed the hair from her face. She looked so small, so frail. David knelt by her, taking her hand and putting it to his cheek. “We’ll get home Lizzie. I promise.”
Urs placed his hand on David’s shoulder wondering if it was a promise he would not be able to keep. Looking down at Elizabeth he wondered just how much their travels had affected them all. His own resolve had threatened to dessert him on more than one occasion. He squeezed David’s shoulder. “Maybe we should get Bethie and Bea?”
David shook his head. “No Urs. I’ll stay with her.” David looked up at Urs. “What if she doesn’t wake up?”
Urs knew there was no point in explaining why he knew she would. “She will David, just give her some time ok. She always knew you would talk again, told us all to give you time. Just give her time David and she’ll be back.”

Down in the great hall just as Elizabeth collapsed Bethie and Beth-Elena looked at each other, tensing up and holding hands. They both began to walk out without saying a word when Declan called after them. “Where are you going?”
Bethie-Elena turned. “Something is wrong with Elizabeth.”
At her words all the men stood and followed them. Declan looked to the others. “How do they know there is something amiss with the Lady Elizabeth?”
Urian answered. “Because they are connected as only females can be. We may have dreams but I fear their connection is much stronger and goes much deeper. If they say something is wrong then I believe them.”

They all came upon Urs as he was leaving David’s room, their presence surprised him a little, the serious look on Bethie and Beth-Elena’s face worried him.
Bethie stood in front of him. “What’s wrong with Elizabeth?”
Ur’s eyes darted from one to the other as they all waited to hear what he had to say. “She collapsed.”
Bethie and Beth-Elena went to move passed him but he stopped them. “David is with her, give them some time.”
Danny put his arm around Bethie and Declan put his arm around Beth-Elena as Urs continued. He didn’t want to tell them about the girl’s involvement afraid that they would have a repeat of Elizabeth’s collapse but he also knew they had to be informed. Once more the females of this little group surprised the men by their reaction to the news.
Urs marvelled at the fact that both women took up the same stance that Elizabeth had done, hands on hips. Beth-Elena looked to Bethie. “Seems we have some work to do Sister.”
Bethie smiled. “Seems we do.”

That night David held Elizabeth in his arms, Declan slept with Beth-Elena and Danny slept with Bethie. No man wanting to let them out of his sight. Once again Urs, Urian and even Uri found themselves alone and sleepless.
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Chapter 47
The King sat in his own great hall with his most senior and most trusted knights gathered at his table. Each man wore a grave look. Uri may have sent word to the far reaches of the land but even before the King had returned he had sent messengers to those knights that had not ridden with him.
The King had pondered long and hard as to how he was going to explain what he had seen and heard. It would not be easy to convince his men of what he wished to do, this much he knew but he was hoping that their loyalty and respect for him would go a long way to sway them. He was still trying to come to terms with what he had been told, what he had seen with his own eyes. If he had not seen is own niece as he had with Elizabeth and Bethie he may not have believed anything. As King he had formulated a plan that he thought would give them an advantage but it involved his niece. As an uncle he wished he had never thought of it. Now he had to tell his knights and then he would have to tell his niece when she arrived that he had put her life in danger, the lives of her new sisters in danger.

With a heavy heart the King laid out his plan for the up coming battle and waited for the reaction he was sure would be forthcoming as he had changed his tactics. It was not out of the ordinary to adjust ones plans for each new battle but he had radically changed the way they were to enter this one. The King had yet to let his knights know of his plans for the girls but he had just finished explaining that he was going to use Uri and his cousins as a diversion.
A very sturdy Knight who looked like he had seen more battles than he would have liked to stood at the other end of the table. The King smiled to himself, he had expected as much. Oliver and he were of similar age, had fought similar battles. Oliver probably knew more about warfare then any other man at the table including the King and the King valued his input.
“Sire, these seem like drastic changes to plans that we have known to work time and time again. Does the appearance of Uri’s cousins change so much. When did you start to take the council of strangers before your own trusted men?”
The King saw the other knights’ shuffle a little uneasily in their seats. There were not many men alive that could speak to the King so. One of those men was Uri, the other was Oliver. “You are correct Oliver. They are strangers but they are not.” The King put up his hand to stop Oliver from cutting him off. “Oliver, You trust Uri do you not?”
Oliver bowed his head a little in confirmation. He did indeed trust Uri, trusted him with his life and had wondered why he was not seated in his rightful place at the table. “You know your words to be true Sire. Uri is as a brother to me. I worry that he is not present.”
“You need not worry Oliver. Uri has not come to any harm or ill health. Though I think the last few days have taken their toll on our good friend. More than he cares to admit. I am not sure I could have handled myself as well as he.”
Again the knights around the table became restless. What hadn’t the King told them?
Oliver frowned just a little. “Master Uri has come to be very much involved in this next battle. I fear he has information that keeps him absent. His cousins perhaps? As you say Sire I trust Uri as many at this table trust but I fear his absence causes me to think there is more that you would wish to explain.”
Oliver sat down and waited for the King’s reply. No man at the table expected to hear what they did and it stunned them all. This time the King went into great detail as to why and how he was going to use Uri and his cousins. He could see his men’s restlessness as he explained the sorcery that had brought the cousins’ to Uri. He could see the doubt grow on their faces when he told them about Declan, Danny and David and the utter contempt when he explained how he wanted to use Elizabeth, Bethie and Beth-Elena.
Again it was Oliver who spoke. “Sire, it cannot be possible that you consider females on the battle field. Your own Niece. I was not aware that you held to witchcraft and sorcery as tactical responses. I cannot see that Uri would agree to this.”
For the first time the King stood. “Oliver your apprehension and doubt are well founded. As you say I am not usually taken in by such foolish things but we live in times were many do, even our own men, our own countrymen believe in the power of wizards, talismans and the like. It is my intent to use these superstitions to our advantage. Uri is not a man to be fooled Oliver, this much you know. After talking to him, seeing what I saw I can tell you I understand very little but I understand this. These people have our victory in their hands.” The King pulled something out of his pocket as he spoke. “It may not be witchcraft but it is indeed a strange place they come from. Uri will be here soon enough, if then you are not agreeable we shall make other plans.”
He placed David’s mobile phone on the table in front of him and his men all leaned in to look at this curious object. Oliver stood and moved around the table to take a closer look. Standing next to the King he looked from the phone to the King and back to the phone.
The King picked up the phone and switched it on. The beep it gave sent a shock wave through the knights. David had shown the King how to access the voice mail which he did. All those seated at the table heard a message from someone called Reg asking David to call him about a new x box game. And then they heard the voice stating there were no more messages. The phone beeped, the entire room was quiet. The King switched off the phone and handed it to Oliver who took it very wryly. He looked the phone over and then looked at the other knights at the table. Some had become very pale and all looked stunned, staggered and possibly bewildered. Oliver handed the phone back to his King. “Maybe this battle will be won by wizards and witches.”
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Chapter 48
Just before dawn Elizabeth stirred. As she turned on her side she realised she was in David’s arms. Leaning in she kissed him gently on the cheek making him cuddle up to her a little more. She smiled and kissed him again. “I think I love you my knight.”
David sighed opening his eyes to see her smiling up at him. “Hey you woke up. How are you feeling?”
Elizabeth could see the concern in his eyes. “I’m okay. Just a bit of a wobble is all.” She paused knowing what she had to say would cause him more concern. “David…..I had a dream.”
David shuffled himself into a sitting position and Elizabeth mirrored his moves. Before he could say anything she continued. “I know what the King wants us to do. I know what he wants us girls to do.” She ran her hands through her hair. “Means I will have to cut my hair. We all need to look the same.”
The look that David gave her was full of love, love and concern. “Lizzie, what ever it is its too dangerous. I am scared to death about having to go into battle. I know the King does not want us to fight but so far all my dreams say we will. I don’t want you to get hurt. There has to be another way.”
Again she lent over and kissed him. “I don’t think we do get hurt David. I think my dream was the same as Urs’. We are in a time where people can be very suppositious and the King is going to use this to his advantage. You will see.”

Elizabeth went on to explain what she had seen in her dream. In a way David felt cheated. He had not dreamt at all the night before. He felt like his friends now had to take up the burden. He wondered who else had dreamt that night.
He would find out as they gathered for breakfast that Beth-Elena and Bethie had also had the same dream as Elizabeth and the women had set their minds to doing whatever they could to get them all back home and keep their men alive.

It was a sombre group that sat around Uri’s table that morning. Elizabeth had decided that after her little episode of weakness she was going to be strong, she was not going to be the weak link that let them down, no matter what happened. So with this new found determination she slapped her hands on the table and stood. “Ok ladies seems we are in need of some beauty treatment.” They all looked at her. “Uri and Declan need a shave.”
At her words both men put their hands to their faces. “Do I have any volunteers?”
With a smile and a giggle Beth-Elena put up her hand.
Uri grunted not at all sure he wanted that kind of attention. “I can attend to myself well enough thank you.” again he rubbed his face, they all laughed and Beth-Elena pouted. Declan got hold of her hand. “I would be honoured if you would assist me.”
His words brought a cheeky smile to Beth-Elena’s face and a booming laugh from David. “You may regret saying that Declan.”
Beth-Elena had moved to stand next to Declan so he pulled her into his lap and hugged her. “How could I regret any attention from such a beauty.”
Beth-Elena ran her hands through her hair. “Sister Elizabeth it would seem that we will be in need of assistance also.”
Before anyone could answer David shouted. “I’ll volunteer.”
Elizabeth shot him a look not sure if he was being serious or just playing. “David have you ever cut anyone’s hair?”
Urs answered emphatically for him with a resounding “NO!!!!” Making everyone laugh and giving Elizabeth the chance to swipe him gently across the back of the head.
David took her hand and kissed it.
Uri rose from the table. “We shall meet back here at the noon hour. I have made arrangements for us to leave at this time.”
Once again the room fell silent as they watched him leave.

Once back in his own room Uri stood looking at himself in the mirror, again rubbing his hands over his face. His whole body shivered at the thought of Beth-Elena being that close, her hands touching his face, her breath on his skin. “No, it is best this way.”

The others had stayed in the hall and when Beth-Elena had finished shaving Declan he, Danny and David just stood looking at each other. They were indeed the same, very, very much the same. So much so it had brought them all too stunned silence. Just as they were getting used to this Uri walked in. He had pulled his hair back into a ponytail. They all gasped. Urian and Urs rose and went to stand next to him. Uri could feel the tension in the air and again rubbed his hand over he now clean shaven face. “You do not approve?”
Elizabeth took a deep breath and walked over to the three men. She took Uri’s hands and kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you. We most certainly do approve.” She looked from him to Urs and Urian. “I think the King’s plan will work looking at you three. No one is going to believe it is not sorcery.” She looked over to David, Declan and Danny. “Yes, two wizards that can replicate themselves. Surely this will put the fear of God into the enemy.” Elizabeth went to stand with her sisters. “And a sorceress who can do the same. All we need to do is get word to the other side that the King has some great magic at his disposal and we may have a very real advantage. Come on ladies we have a few changes of our own to make.”

So it was that the ladies left their men to ponder Elizabeth’s words. Uri speaking first.“Master David, the Lady Elizabeth, she is well recovered?”
David nodded. “Seems so Uri. She is far stronger than she gives herself credit. They all are.”
Declan nodded in agreement. “Maybe we should let our females fight these battles.”
Urs had a grave look on his face as he spoke. “In our time they do Declan, they fight and they die along side the men.”
Uri looked to Urs a little shocked. “And your Kings they approve of this?”
Urs only nodded. His thoughts had turned to his dreams and Elizabeth. He had hoped that she would stay asleep a little longer, hoping to change destiny. His own dreams the night before showed him that was not the case. They would be going into battle, all of them. The only thing his dream did not show him was the outcome. All the other times he had seen the deaths of his friends. This time nothing, it was his hope that this meant that they had changed destiny but his heart grieved for them all. “David did you dream last night?”
David shook his head. “Sorry Urs, no. I guess it was the ladies turn.” He paused looking at Urs understanding why he had asked the question. “But you did. Anything new?”
Urs just shook his head; he did not want to give them any false hope. “No, same as they have been.”
David knew his friend well enough to know he was not telling them all but figured if it was important he would have let them know. Uri and Urian being connected to Urs so closely also understood he was not saying all wondering what he was holding back.

“Do you think Elizabeth is right? I mean about all this sorcery stuff.” Danny’s eyes danced from one man to the other as he waited for a reply.
Again it was Uri that gave him his answer. “Many of my countrymen are very much affected by such things. What they do not understand or cannot explain they will blame on the black arts.”
“And you Uri. How do you feel about such things?” Danny’s question had them all listening intently for Uri’s answer.
Uri smiled. “I have been dreaming about Master David for many years. And yes at first I thought I had been bewitched even though I did not believe in such things. I may not understand things but with study many can be explained. Those that we call wizards and sorcerers are just men and women who have studied Mother Nature and what she has to offer. I have seen the potions they brew work for good and evil. But that is all they are, potions made from elements available to us all if we so desired.” Uri looked at them hoping his answer would be enough when David spoke up.
“But Uri, how do you explain us, how we got here. I mean I don’t go in for all that witches and goblin stuff myself but I can’t explain what has happened to us. I am here because of a curse. I don’t believe in such things”
“Yet you are here. Master David, if someone from your future was to visit you like you have come to us they may have the answers. There is much in this world we have yet to learn. Your presence has shown us that. It seems no matter what time we are from we are all still learning.”
Urian gave them all a resounding “AMEN”

Elizabeth, Beth-Elena and Bethie emerged from Beth-Elena’s room to run into young Geoffrey. He gasped and came to a sudden stop as he saw the three women approaching, they looked identical. Hair cut in the same short style as Bethie and Beth-Elena had dressed them in identical clothes. The only difference being the colour of their dresses. His eyes darted from one to the other as his heart raced. “Lady Beth-Elena?”
Each woman smiled at him remaining silent. Geoffrey knew that if they did not speak he would not be able to tell who was who. “Please your ladies one of you speak. I am afraid I do not know who my Lady Beth-Elena is.”
The three ladies could see the insecurity and fright beginning to well up in the young boy so Beth-Elena steeped forward. As soon as she spoke all his fear disappeared. “Do not fret young Geoffrey it is I.”
At her words the young boy threw his arms around her waist. “Lady Beth.”
The other ladies smiled as Beth-Elena untangled the young boy from around her, kneeling down so she could look him in the eyes. “I am still your Lady Beth.”
Geoffrey touched her hair gently. “I think Masters Uri and Declan will be surprised.”
Elizabeth spoke up. “You think?”
The young boy nodded. “If you do not speak, they will not know of which one you are.”
Beth-Elena placed her finger to her lips. “We shall keep this surprise to ourselves Master Geoffrey.”
The young boy smiled. “I shall not tell.” And he kissed Beth-Elena on the cheek before running down the hall.
Bethie smiled. “Ladies we could have some fun with our new look. Shall we see what mischief we can get into?”

Beth-Elena entered the hall first with Elizabeth and Bethie right behind her out of sight of the others. All the men smiled but as Elizabeth and Bethie stepped out to stand next to Beth-Elena their smiles disappeared. It was impossible to tell the women apart.
David and Danny whistled and Declan’s jaw dropped. How was it possible that he could not tell which one of the beauties that stood before him was his Beth-Elena? Uri, Urian and Urs smiled all having similar thoughts. That their females where not above having a little fun at their expense.
Declan took a few steps forward still looking from one woman to the other, looking for some small clue that would show him who was who. Taking a deep breath he took the hand of the woman to the right. “Beth-Elena?”
This was in fact Elizabeth and there was something in the way that she shook her head that alerted David to this. He jumped forward as Declan was trying to figure out where his Beth-Elena was.
“That’s Elizabeth Declan!”
Declan shot him a look. “But how can you know this, they are all the same.”
David took Elizabeth’s hand. “I am right aren’t I?”
As soon as she spoke they all knew he had been right and he hugged her.
Meanwhile Bethie and Beth-Elena waited for Declan and Danny to choose. With both men standing side by side the ladies knew if they had been dressed in the same clothes it would have been very hard for them to distinguish between them.
Declan did not want to choose again and be wrong and Danny was trembling inside. “David how did you do that. These girls are identical.”
From behind them Urs spoke up. “Maybe I can help.”
Walking between Declan and Danny Urs stood in front of Beth-Elena, took her hand and kissed the back of it then guided her over to Declan. “I believe that you will find this is you Lady Beth-Elena.”
Declan looked from Urs to the woman now standing in front of him. “Beth-Elena?”
“Yes Declan it is I.”
Declan hugged her to him and Danny went to hug his wife while David asked the question that was on all their lips. “Urs how could you possibly have known. It was only because of the way Lizzie shook her head I had any clue it was her.”
Urs smiled. “My dreams. I saw them in my dreams dressed exactly as they are now.”
They all laughed and for a few moments the atmosphere was light, all thoughts of battles lost in the sounds of laughter.
Young Geoffrey bolted from his vantage point to tell his friends of what he had seen.
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Chapter 49
Many of the King’s guard had seen Elizabeth, Bethie and Beth-Elena when they had escorted the King to Uri’s but even they were dumbstruck at the sight of the three women riding into the courtyard. They were even more taken aback when David, Danny and Declan rode in behind them. The crowd was larger than normal as most of the castles people had gotten wind that Uri was bringing something special with him. People from the surrounding village had come to see what it was and those that had stayed behind soon made their minds up to make the trip to the castle once this little group passed through the village.
A murmur surfed its way through the crowd. As Uri had done the day before Declan had tied his hair back. But the crowd saved their most audible expression of shock for when Uri, Urian and Urs rode in. Again Uri had his hair tied back, so had Urs making them look even more like Urian. Following Uri was the rest of his men but no one seemed to notice.
The King had been standing on the steps with Oliver by his side. His knight lent in to whisper to the King. “Sire are you sure that sorcery is not afoot? Your niece, she has become three.”
The King slapped Oliver on the back before descending the steps and wondering how he was going to tell these women apart. It did not help that Beth-Elena was riding her horse in the unusual manner of her companions.
To save her Uncle, her King any embarrassment in front of his people. Beth-Elena dismounted and greeted him. She curtsied before taking his hands and kissing him on the cheek. “You are well Uncle?”
The King gave a sigh of relief glad that his niece had been so intuitive. “All the more for seeing you. Your journey was uneventful?”

The murmurs of the crowd still weaved around the court yard and the King beckoned his guests to join him inside.
As they mounted the stairs Uri and Oliver’s eyes met as they acknowledge each other. “This is a curious and strange thing you have us involved in Uri. The presence of you and your friends on the battle field will surely make our enemies nervous.”
“Nervous enough to give up the fight Oliver?”
Neither man spoke but they both wondered the same thing.

As the King showed his guests into the great hall once again a ripple of astonishment washed over the men who had been waiting. Those same knights who had been seated at the table not a day before; the same men that had involved themselves in heated discussions about their situation once the King had left. These same men stood rocked to their very core at the sight of the three women and then at the men who entered. Many of them putting their hands to the hilts of their swords nervously clasping and unclasping their fingers.
Seeing Oliver with his arm around the man they presumed to be Uri did nothing to dispel their nervousness.
Feeling the eyes of all the knights on them each lady moved closer to her man for reassurance. This simple act was the one thing to ease the knight’s tension. Hands loosened over swords but still none spoke all eyes on the King.
“Now that you have seen what I have seen do you not agree that we have an advantage?”
With a communal nod the knights gave their King his answer and he stood back and watched as these battle hardened man came under the spell of three very special women.
The King was sure what they had arranged would give them the time to deploy their plan.

It was Uri’s trusted knight John that had the courage to speak up. “Sire, I, like those around me am captivated by their beauty. Though I do not see how this will help in our campaign.”
The King took a breath ready to let his men know what he had planned, at the same time letting the ladies know what he would expect of them. Little did he know the three women already knew. Everyone was a little surprised when it was Urs they heard speak not the King and it seemed he had picked up the lilt in the way the locals spoke. “Sire, I beg you forgiveness for being so bold.” Urs walked over to the ladies and took Elizabeth’s hand as he continued. “I would be most humbled if the King would allow a stranger such as I, such as we to show your fine men what is expected.”
Every eye was on the King except David’s his were firmly planted on his friend, shocked firstly because he had spoken and secondly because of the way he had. It was almost impossible to know who was Uri and who was Urs. He understood what Urs was trying to do, he was not at all sure that the King would see it that way. David would not have been surprised if the King had taken offence thinking that Urs was making fun of him and his people.
Maybe it was because it was not until Urs was half way through his speech that the King realised it was not Uri but he smiled and nodded. “Proceed, But I fear you will stumble not knowing my plans.”
With the Kings words the entire little group smiled including Bethie and Beth-Elena as they went to stand with Elizabeth. The King also smiled, looked at David. “Seems the master of dreams has acquired more knowledge.”
David shook his head and pointed to Urs. “Not me this time your Majesty. I never saw this one coming. But Urs and the ladies have seen, have dreamt of your plan.”
“Seems I have no secrets.” The King looked to his niece. “Bea, you know what I was to ask of you?”
Beth-Elena nodded.
“And you and your friends are willing to do this for me?”
“For all of us Uncle. For our people and for our new friends.”
If it was possible the room was more silent as the King took Beth-Elena’s hands in his. “I dare say that Declan is to marry a formidable women.” He kissed her on the forehead and backed away nodding to the other women.
Urs kissed Elizabeth on the cheek. “I know you can do this.”

Bethie-Elena went and stood in front of Elizabeth and Bethie went and stood behind her. For those that were facing Bethie-Elena it looked like the other women had disappeared.
Beth-Elena began to sing. Her voice was sweet, angelic and a surprise to many in the room who had no idea that she could sing.
With Beth-Elena’s help the three women had picked a song to sing in French that depicted the demise of knights who fought against and army backed by the power of a mighty sorceress.
As Beth-Elena finished singing the first verse Bethie and Elizabeth stepped out to stand by her side and began to sing the chorus with her.
A definite gasp shuddered around the room. David and Danny’s ears pricked up as their women began to sing, neither one of them knowing that their female counterparts could sing and sing so divinely.
Urs smiled to himself, he had heard Elizabeth sing in his dreams and her voice had torn at his heart. He was trained to sing but her pure tones were something to behold.
Urian also smiled. On occasion he had caught Bethie singing to herself and had told her she had a lovely voice which she used to fob off with a nervous laugh. But now listening to that same voice threefold it was enchanting.
Uri smiled as well, he and Beth-Elena had sung together on a few occasions and like Urian he had told Beth-Elena she had an exquisite voice.
Even as the women sang together they were sure it was the sight of them all, not their voices that had stunned their audience.
The silence in the room as they finished was unnerving. What happened next was disquieting for the three women but filled their male companions with pride.
Every single knight in the room knelt down, bowing before the three singers.
Seeing what was going on David, Danny, Urian and Urs did the same thing. David lent into Urs. “How come our fans never did that?”
Urs would have slapped him if he could but he just kept his head down until Beth-Elena spoke.
“Please Gentlemen rise, we are but humble women wishing to help not Gods to be honoured. Please rise. We do not deserve such as this.”
All the knights looked to the King and waited for him to release them. As he did they stood but the room remained silent.

The King went to the three stunned ladies, taking the hands of his niece who was now trembling. Once again he kissed her on the forehead and then opened his arms so he could enfold the other two women to him. He hugged them to him. “The god’s have surely smiled on us this day.”
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Chapter 50
The King knew that it would not be long before they would go into battle, days. It only gave his new guests a short time to come to terms with what they would be getting into. His heart heavy, knowing what he asked of them and the very real fact that they could be killed.
While the King remained behind he had sent a contingent of his knights on a mission, he expected them to bring back valuable information on the enemy. Little did he know as to how they would gain their information.

The King’s knights had indeed infiltrated the enemy’s camp but not in the way they had planned. Along their journey young Geoffrey had been found hiding amongst them. They had travelled too far to return him to the castle. Uri’s trusted knight John was part of the team and he had no idea that Geoffrey had travelled with them to the King’s castle let alone how he had managed to stay hidden and travel with them now. Because John knew the young boy it had been left to him to decide what to do with Geoffrey.

Geoffrey sat on a large rock trying not to fidget, watching John as he paced up and down in front of him. Every so often the knight would throw a look the young boy’s way. It was no use asking the boy to behave himself and stay out of trouble so he did the next best thing. John decided to involve the boy so much in their plans that it would either give him what he would need to grow into a man or scare him so much he would never leave the safety of Uri’s home again. John gave him a task. An important and very dangerous task for one of such a tender age. . Geoffrey was to pass himself off as one of the page boys they had seen working around the enemy’s camp.
The young boy had jumped at the chance to help, grinning from ear to ear though John was not sure that he fully understood the danger he would be in.
“Geoffrey do you understand what I have asked you to undertake?”
Geoffrey nodded.
“Do you understand the danger you shall be in?”
Again he nodded. “I fear not nearly as much as when I have to explain to Lady Beth-Elena where I have been.”
John laughed and slapped the young boy on the shoulders. He may have been young but he was far wiser than men three times his age.
John escorted Geoffrey to the edge of their own hidden camp, stopping to look down at the enemy. “We will be right here. Don’t be a hero Master Geoffrey. Only stay as long as required, no more.”
Still looking out in front of him once again John squeezed the young man on the shoulder. “You can change your mind; no one will think less of you.”
Geoffrey gave him his answer by stepping out and walking purposefully towards the enemy’s camp.

Young Geoffrey spent three days working inside enemy territory; no one seemed to pay him any attention except to shout orders at him. He worked, he listened, he watched, he remembered and not long before he decided that it was time for him to return to his own kinsmen he came upon a group of knights discussing the subject of a powerful sorceress that Geoffrey’s King had enlisted to help with the fight. The young boy smiled, he had mentioned something about the ‘sorceress’ on his first night in the camp hoping that the rumour would spread. Seems that it had. The men were sitting around a camp fire trying to come up with ideas as to how powerful this sorceress was. Geoffrey decided that as a parting gift he would help them out. He cleared his throat. “Begging your pardon good sirs but I have heard it told that she is indeed very powerful. So powerful that she can become three. Making her even more powerful.”
Many of the knights laughed at him but Geoffrey could tell by the look in the eyes of the others that he had sown the seed. He made like he was going to leave when one of the men stopped him. “Young page. How did you come by this knowledge?”
Before turning back to face the knights Geoffrey smiled to himself and then launched into the most fantastic story about Beth-Elena, Elizabeth and Bethie he could think off. Weaving a tale of spells and potions, of how this sorceress had conquered large armies in far off lands just by singing. The more of this story he wove the more the knights were taken in.
As Geoffrey walked out of the enemy’s camp and back to his own he knew that by the time each army faced off in battle that the rumour of this powerful Sorceress would have done its work.

When the reconesense party arrived back at the castle the first thing to happen was Geoffrey’s reprimand. Not from the King but from Beth-Elena, Elizabeth and Bethie. All three women had been worried sick about the boy when they had found him missing. While the women fussed over the boy the King was privy to the news wondering what the women would do when they found out just how involved Geoffrey had been. It did not take them long to find out and the poor boy could see no escape until Declan came to his rescue.
“Ladies, Ladies. I beg thee. Has the boy not been punished enough? Would it not be wiser to let him take his leave to rest after having to suffer such an arduous situation?”
Declan looked straight at the young boy. “I think it best you see what cook has for you to eat and then possibly a bath. Off with you.”
Geoffrey needed no second invitation and bolted from the hall before any of the women could start a counter attack.
David and Declan had almost the same silly grins on their faces, Urian, Uri and Urs frowned just a little and all three women glared at Declan. That was until he wore the same silly grin as David and Danny and all they could do was laugh.
Their sweet sound filled the air and rested on the hearts of each man who heard it. Even the King smiled. As the shadow of war loomed larger the King saw a gentleness and love he hoped would survive.
He saw friendships that had been birthed across time, people who had connected with each other in a way that was a wonder to him and he saw a love between souls that was eternal. For all their sakes he hoped the battle went in their favour. No more was it a fight for just his land and his people, it was now a fight for souls and the survival of love. No greater battle would the King ever face again.
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Chapter 51
It had only been a few days but to the small group of time travellers it seemed like so much longer. The waiting brought on sleepless nights for most. In a way David was thankful as this meant that he did not dream. Being as close as they were to going into battle he did not want to see more than he already had. Urs and he had talked about the dreams that Urs had seen the last few times he had slept and the fact that neither one of them had dreamt about the outcome of the battle had them unnerved. David was not sure that he wanted to go to sleep and find out; Urs reasoned they had not seen the end because it had not been set. Somehow they had changed destiny. Before the end had been so definite, now like everyone else they did not know what was to happen.

The King’s plan was to deploy almost two thirds of his men to come up behind the enemy in a surprise attack as Beth-Elena, Bethie and Elizabeth captivated them with their song. The rest of his men would be waiting behind the women, a show of force with Uri, Urian, Urs, Declan Danny and David taking up their position at the very front of this army.

With the time they had to spare Uri, Declan and a few of their men had given the intrepid travellers a short course in how to handle themselves on the battlefield. Marcus, the knight that the King trusted with the training of all his men had been sceptical about the King’s plan and even more uncertain as to how the strangers would learn enough to protect themselves should they find themselves in a situation of such dire consequence. They could not spare the manpower to baby sit what Marcus thought of as a chain around his neck.
After putting the strangers through hours of gruelling training that would have sent better men looking for respite, Marcus was pleasantly surprised. They had learnt quickly and well. Not enough to save their lives if they came up against a knight determined to relieve them of their souls but enough so they would not be a hindrance to others.
Uri had promised Marcus that once the show was over the strangers would be relegated to the rank of spectator.

The fact that they were learning how to fight settled a shadow in the hearts of the four men. Danny and Urian had fought battles of their own but from what now seemed like the relative safety of a plane. David’s closest encounter with anything resembling a battle, apart from his dreams was the play station sitting in his lounge room and Urs, although the strong, brooding type had only used his hands in anger a few times, the most recent being to hit his friend. As he remembered Sebastien Urs wondered how they were doing back in their own time. Had time passed the same for them? Had they to live through days of not knowing what had happened? Did Sebastien and Carlos think they were dead? Was their something now written in history to show of their travels? Or were they still in the hotel room the instant they had disappeared still wondering what had happened? Or had they indeed been flung into the unknown of time travel. Another dimension to face their own battles?
The ringing of sword against sword brought Urs back to reality and the end of their training session. He was bathed in sweat sporting new bruises to accompany the ones he already had but in a strange way he felt good. He felt like he had completed a good work out session in the gym. His companions had suffered the same fate, battered and bruised but happy that none of Marcus’ men had done any real damage and relieved that they now stood a chance of defending themselves if it came to that.
David slapped Urs on the back just a little too hard. “I think I am getting the hang of this you know.”
Urs just smiled as did the others. It seemed that David’s inner child had found release.

Uri and Declan parted company saying that they would return later to have a meal with their friends. Marcus and his men made a silent retreat leaving Urian, Danny, David and Urs to walk back to the castle with David talking of how a spa and sauna would work wonders right about now and the others agreed. Danny pulled on his tunic. “I would settle for some clothes that did not itch so much.”
David smirked. “Maybe Bethie can loan you one of her dresses.”
They all laughed when Danny and David decided to have a playful mock sword fight. Urs was just about to tell them to stop in case someone got hurt when the tip of Danny’s sword caught David on the arm. David winced a little looking at his arm. The cut was not very deep but it had drawn blood.
What proceeded gave them all cause for concern. Danny was also holding his arm and a small amount of blood was seeping though his fingers. David could not remember cutting him. “Geez I am sorry Danny I had no idea I hurt you.”
Danny looked from David to the others. “You didn’t.”
“But you are cut.”
Danny nodded his head. “Yes in exactly the same place I cut you.” Danny looked to Urian. “Can I borrow your pen knife I want to try something.”
In silence Urian gave his friend the knife and before anyone knew what was going on Danny had cut himself across the palm of his hand. David yelled and grabbed at his own had seeing the cut and blood appear.
Urian and Urs stepped closer as Danny and David put their bleeding hands side by side.
David clenched his fist. “This cant be good. I wonder if Declan got hurt”
Just as David finished his sentence Declan and Uri re joined the small group. Declan was wrapping his hand with a small cloth. They could all see the bloodstain as it seeped through from the cut on his arm.
Urs sighed. “I think that is your answer.”
Declan was a little shaken. “My friends it would seem that once more we can feel each others pain.”
They all looked from one to the other when Uri asked the question that was on all their minds. “Is it just you three my friends or are we also afflicted.”
Without thinking Danny cut Urs slightly on the top of his arm. As soon as he did all three men Urs, Urian and Uri put their hands to the injured spot. Each one had the same cut, on the same arm in the same place.
David shook his head not wanting to speak what he was thinking. “Does this mean that if one of us dies we all die?”
The gentle tones of the ladies laughter as they entered the court yard soon stopped as their eyes fell upon the men. By the expression on their faces they knew that something was very wrong.
Instinctively each woman went to her man. Elizabeth asking the question as she looked into David’s eyes and saw his trepidation.
“What happened? Did you all get hurt in training?”
Urs explained to them what had just happened and each woman got paler as he told his story. “So it would seem we will need to be very careful. We have no idea if this is like the dreams and we just get the injuries or…” Urs let is words trail off.
Danny coughed. “Have you ladies sensed anything similar?”
All three women shook their heads as Danny looked down at the pen knife in his hand, turning it over as he turned a thought over in his mind.
All of a sudden Bethie realised what he was thinking. “DANIEL!!! Don’t be so barbaric. I have a better way of finding out whether we ladies have been touched in the same way.”
Bethie leaned into Danny and gave him a very passionate kiss. While she did Elizabeth and Beth-Elena let out a gasp as they touched their fingers to their own lips. Feeling everything Bethie was doing as if they were actually doing it. David and Declan also got a surprise as they too could feel the sensation of her kiss.
Uri, Urian and Urs looked on dumfounded and a little nervous knowing that the others would want to see if they were also connected. The thought had already grown in Elizabeth’s brain and she walked over to Urs, holding his hands gently. “Do you mind?”
Urs could not trust himself to speak. She was going to kiss him, the woman that had stolen his heart was going to kiss him and he did not have the strength to turn her down. Urs looked to David for a way out, hoping that his friend would be jealous enough to stop her. But David shrugged his shoulders. “Considering the situation Urs I think it is a good idea. Better than these lovely ladies being butchered by Danny over here.”
Danny pouted. “Hey, it would have only been a little nick.”
Without speaking Urs looked back into Elizabeth’s eyes, she smiled at him. Leaned in and kissed him, pressing her lips against his. Urs felt his legs go weak, his blood beginning to surge through his body and a strange tingle come over him. He wanted so much to pull her to him, to embrace her as a lover should, to sweep her off her feet. It took all his will power and as much as he wanted that very moment to last a life time he managed to pull away from her, hearing the gasps from the others. It was true, they could all feel the touch of these women and they could feel each others pain. As the others gathered around Urs looked back at Elizabeth as she now rested in David’s arms. As much as her kiss had almost made him crumble he had felt something else. Or rather, not felt something. There was something missing from the kiss, that something that told you the person you were kissing loved you, was yours forever, that you were their one and only. That was missing. That little piece of magic between two people had not been born. Elizabeth’s magic was for David alone. Urs understood that, now more than ever he wanted to head to the battle so he could release his torment and rage and be free of the pain that had broken his heart.
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