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 DOAD (Death Of A Divo) By: Lois Lane

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PostSubject: DOAD Chapter 52   Sat Oct 31, 2009 4:01 am

Chapter 52
Urs got his wish. The King had ordered his army to move out and the little band of travellers was at the front riding with the King. The ladies had dressed the same, in the same dress and same colour. It was very difficult to tell them apart. It had also become increasingly difficult for them to tell the men apart as they had dressed in similar clothes. Each woman had to look into the eyes of the men to know who was who. It was through their eyes they could tell them apart. Elizabeth’s heart went out to Urs, his eyes were so full of sadness, full of a pain she knew she was responsible for.
As they rode towards their destiny she had the chance to ride beside him for a while. “Are you okay Urs?”
Urs gave her a small, sad smile. “I’m tired Lizzie, I just want this to be over so we can go home. I want my life back. I…..” Urs never finished just staring out at the road ahead.
Elizabeth wondered if Urs had realised he had called her Lizzie, it was not something he did very often and she liked the way her name rolled off his tongue. Leaning into him a little meaning to take his hand to let him know he was not alone they were both shocked at what happened next. As Elizabeth’s hand brushed across the top of Urs’ sparks flew and electricity bounced between them making them both jump and cry out in pain. Unfortunately the noise and the sparks had also upset their horses. Both of which reared up and took off in a gallop with Elizabeth and Urs still on board. Having some experience with a horse Urs managed to pull his under control rather quickly, however Elizabeth was now hanging on for dear life as her horse charged away from the rest of them. As Urs was about to kick his horse into action several knights flew passed him. Declan and Uri among them.
David pulled up next to Urs. “What the hell happened?”
By the time Urs answered Danny, Urian, Bethie and Beth-Elena had joined him.
Urs was rubbing the back of his hand. “She shocked me again David. It spooked the horses.” Urs looked into his friends eyes. “Have you been shocked since we left the hotel?”
David shook his head. “No, not by Lizzie but you know when we all held hands.”
Bethie gasped. “Oh god Urs you two could have ended up anywhere. I mean…”
Urs shook his head. “I don’t think so. We are meant to be here. We all know we are meant to be here. I think it has something to do with the fact that we are getting closer to fulfilling this destiny we are tangled in.”

They all looked down the road and saw Uri guiding Elizabeth’s horse back to them with Declan on the other side and the rest of the knights riding around her like a protective halo. David split from the rest and once he was close enough dismounted and ran to help Elizabeth off her horse. She flung herself into his arms. “Oh David what is wrong? Why did that happen and why now?”
David pulled her a little closer and rested his chin on the top of her head. “It’s ok Lizzie. Are you hurt?”
Elizabeth rubbed her face against his chest as she shook her head. “No I am ok.” Pulling away from David, Elizabeth looked up at the King who was still mounted on his horse. “I’m sorry Sire. We have delayed you.”
The King smiled and dismounted along with Uri and Declan. All the men coming to stand next to her. The King took her hand and kissed it. “I am just happy that you have not been injured. Seems that destiny still holds a few cards none of us have seen.”

As many of the knights organised themselves back into formation the little group gathered to discuss the reason for such and event. What they did not realise was that they were being watched.
Watched by a spy form the enemy camp. A spy who had thought he had been found out when Elizabeth’s horse bolted. He had been sent out to track down the King’s party and then report back to his own general as to how big the contingent was. What he saw and witnessed next would send him scurrying back amazed and afraid. He could see Elizabeth but he could only see pieces of the others around her. He heard speech that was unfamiliar to him and decided he needed a new vantage point as to be able to see as much as possible. Upon changing his position the spy had to muffle a gasp. For not only was the lady beautiful she was also three. Standing silently beside her Bethie and Beth-Elena cast a spell over the man without even knowing it. However the witchcraft was not over. As the small group discussed what had happened the others came into view and the spy got to see all of them. Uri, Urian, Urs, Declan, Danny and David. His mind raced, his legs wanting to do the same but he was planted to the spot by fear and shock. The stories he had heard drifting around the camp had been true. This King indeed did have the help of a powerful sorceress but it seemed he also had the help of some powerful sorcerers as well. They would be fighting a battle that had the protection of these special creatures. Regaining the feeling in his legs the spy was about to make his way back to his own camp but continued to watch as the small group did something that would scar the man so much he would never forget it as long as he lived.

Because Elizabeth and Urs had made sparks fly and because they could feel each others presence so to speak and with assurance from Urs that they would not be transported somewhere else in time they formed a circle. Standing side by side. Uri, Beth-Elena, Declan, Urian, Bethie, Danny, Urs, Elizabeth and David. They all took a deep breath and with the King and his men watching they completed the links in the circle by joining hands. David’s voice trembled as he spoke. “We do this together okay on the count of three.”
Everyone nodded.
David counted off. “One…..Two……Three.”
As they clasped hands thunder rumbled, shaking the ground as lightening seemed to exploded from the middle of the circle pushing a wind outwards, knocking many an unaware knight off his feet as well as spooking many of the horses.
The explosion sent shivers of terror through the spy as he buried his face behind a tree.
As all became quiet again the little group stood and looked at each other, they were not harmed, and they had not travelled in time, so what had happened?

As his men tried to gain control of the horses the King approached. “That is some wizardry you have my friends. Does it have a purpose other than to shock my horses?”
The King was looking at Uri so it was Uri who answered. “Sire I….” Uri stopped and looked to Urs, rubbing his temple “Your voice Urs. It resides in my head.”
As Uri spoke the others all gasped, looking form one to the other. It seemed they were connected to each other much, much closer than before. Each one could hear the voice of the others. They could talk to each other with out being heard by anyone else. Eyes danced from one face to the other as they all tried to sort out whose voice was whose as everyone was talking at one. David shouted for everyone to be quiet, no one but the little group heard him.
The King eyes once again fell on Uri. “You have something you want to tell me Master Uri?”
Uri looked to his companions before answering. “It seems that we have been given the power to speak without words Sire.”
It seemed that they could hear what they would normally have spoken but could not read each others thoughts. Urs considered this a good thing bearing in mind where his thoughts had been lately.

While the small group explained to the King what had happened the spy bolted back to his own camp to report on what he had seen. His return unnerved many who came into contact with him before he got to the General. He was rambling about witches and wizards commanding the heavens to open up and delivering retribution to them all. It did not take long for news of his return and the tale he had to tell to spread through the camp. The General had been sceptical about the story of a great sorceress until the spy had returned. Now he wondered if they had any hope of winning.

The groups little show had shocked the King’s men as well but unlike the enemy whose doubts of victory had well and truly been shaken, it had given them a new found courage and strength.

As they travelled to the battlefield the King kept an eye on his niece and the others as they practiced with their new found talent. Silently practiced.
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Writers Group

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PostSubject: DOAD Chapter 53   Sat Oct 31, 2009 4:02 am

Chapter 53
It was only when the King and his army arrived at the battle ground camp site that any of the now newly afflicted members of the group realised that many of the men were no longer with them. They had left to take up their positions at the rear of the enemy. Although the size of the battalion that stayed with the King was considered small, for the travellers from the future it was still an intimidating force. As night was falling and they did not want to be a nuisance the little group took themselves off to sit by a fire. It was an unusual gathering. No sound, no conversation to speak of, at least to those that looked on. It was as if they all sat in silence contemplating their future. They were indeed doing just that but not silently. Elizabeth was still a little unnerved at what had happened and could not understand why this time they had not been flung into time somewhere like the times before. As she touched David on the arm she wanted to know why this did not cause the reaction? Had it just been timing? If she had touched David out on the road instead of Urs would it still have happened? No one could answer her questions; they had enough un-answered questions of their own to deal with.
Urs, Urian and Uri at different times tried to put the others at ease. It was no use looking at their situation logically as much as this point wearied the three men the most; they also understood it was a futile waist of time and energy. What they needed to do now was concentrate on the job at hand. Not getting themselves killed.
The King was captivated at what he saw unfold while he watched them. He began to understand who was talking by watching the eyes of the others. It amused him to see the expressions on their faces change as the conversation carried them along. Shaking heads and waving hands, shoulder shrugs and those looks that females give to each other. It seemed they could carry out a conversation in silence but when it came to singing they just could not hold themselves in. The King as well as his men where a little startled when the group exploded into song. Loud, crisp voices rang out over the night. Somewhere along the line this group he now watched had decided a new song was needed. David had suggested a song he had heard the Irish rugby team sing at the beginning of a game he had gone to see with a friend. The passion of the fans combined with the passion of the song had stuck with him so much so that he had remembered the words. Words he had taught to this little band of warriors. They changed a few words to make it fit with where they were but as they sang the song echoed over the forest and each one was convinced that this song had the power to help them.

Irelands Call
Come the day
And come the hour
Come the power and the glory
We have come to answer
Our country's call...
From the four proud provinces of Ireland (changed to Briton)


Ireland, Ireland(changed to Briton)
Together standing tall
Shoulder to shoulder
We'll answer Ireland's(Britons) call.

From the mighty
Glens of Antrim
From the rugged hills of Galway
From the walls of Limerick
And Dublin Bay
From the four proud provinces of Ireland

(our singers do not sing this verse)


Hearts of steel
And heads unbowing
Vowing never to be broken
We will fight, until
We can fight no more...
For the four proud provinces of Ireland.(Briton)


Getting further into the song, more confident they stood, the powerful voices of the men and the sweet sounds of the women all blending into a magical veil that covered the forest. A veil that became thick with hundreds of voices as the knights began to sing the chorus with them.

Briton, Briton
Together standing tall
Shoulder to shoulder
We'll answer Britons call.

The King stood proud watching and listening to his men sing. His wish was that the enemy could hear them. Their strength, their courage.

The King’s wish had been granted. The wind was in their favour and the sound of the army singing rumbled into the enemy camp. As the sound and the words fell on their ears, fear herself made a home in their hearts, chilled them to the bone, for on the wind not only did they hear the sound of the men, they heard the voices of Elizabeth, Bethie and Beth-Elena. It was this sounds that crumbled many a man’s resolve that night.
The King’s rear guard hiding in the forest had also heard their fellow knights, they also saw many an enemy knight creep away in the darkness, sometimes passing within a few feet of their hiding places. It would have been so easy to thrust a dagger into the sides of the retreating men but somehow this did not seem right. They were leaving, all the fight, all the courage had left them. They would not return. It was best to leave them to their journey home and take with them a tale that would surely have more of an effect than any battle.

As the song began to fade the King went down to stand next to his newly appointed knights, his niece among them and began to sing the chorus again taking Beth-Elena’s hand as he did. The others took their cue from him and continued to sing and once again they joined hands. One at a time they grasped hands around the circle until the final pair met, this being Elizabeth and the King. It was as if they had been spurred on by the sound of the knights and the song, each one feeling a new power, a new strength growing inside, a defiance. It was as if by holding hands they were saying we are here and we are ready for anything.
Elizabeth grasped the Kings hand just as they began to sing the chorus again. As she did a blinding bolt of lightening cracked and exploded from the middle of the circle upward into the sky. Once above the tree tops this single bolt sent fingers of electricity out across the night sky in every direction, lighting the forest as if it was day for a split second. In the circle hands tightened around hands, voices of knights rose to a new level, thunder rolled across the heavens and they all continued to sing.
More of the enemy lost their individual battles with fear and retreated, watching the sky as if the stars were jeering at their cowardice.
And the King, still singing with his knights began to birth a new plan. Dawn would surely bring with her a victory.
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Writers Group

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PostSubject: DOAD Chapter 54   Sat Oct 31, 2009 4:03 am

Chapter 54
As Elizabeth had taken hold of David’s hand Declan and Danny had felt it, so too had the other ladies. Beth-Elena had taken hold of Uri’s had and the sensation had been the same for Urs and Urian. It was as if they could all feel the electricity as it raced through them before escaping into the night sky. They had all been stunned by the fact that they had not traveled in time. Even Urs, his own thoughts as they had held hands had griped him with a little panic. What if they did travel? What then? But it seemed he had been right all along. They were exactly where they were supposed to be. Why the night had exploded into day was a question he was still trying to answer. Why did they have this energy between them? And what use was it to them?

Now that everyone had stopped singing the night seemed far too quiet. The King bade his guests a good night and went in search of his most senior men. The group headed back to a tent that they had been given. From the outside it seemed as though the evening’s quietness had consumed the group but with their newly acquired powers a conversation was going on all the same.
Danny was still rubbing his hand and his head. “Not sure if I want to go through that again. Gives me a cracker of a headache.” He looked at David who seemed to be squinting just a bit. “You okay David?”
“How come this stuff hurts my head and my eyes so much?”
Elizabeth put her hands in his as she stood in front of him looking into his eyes. She gasped a little at what she saw. “David can you see me? How much do your eyes hurt?”
David did look at her and smiled. “This time I can see you Lizzie but I must admit just after the sky exploded I thought I was in trouble again. Everything got dark and blurry but just as quickly it all came back. My eyes are sore and my head hurts but I am ok.” He could see the concern on her face “Why do you ask?”
“Because the whites of your eyes are completely blood shot. I mean they are completely red.”
At her words Bethie went to look at Danny’s eyes. “Same here Lizzie Danny’s eyes are the same.”
Everyone looked to Declan making him feel a little uncomfortable. “My friends apart from a small headache I am well.”
Both Uri and Beth-Elena looked at him. Beth-Elena gave him a kiss on the cheek making Elizabeth and Bethie touch their own lips and Uri shook his head. “I am sorry to tell you this Declan but your eyes are to no longer white.”
Declan was about to answer when they all saw Urs point to Elizabeth and David. “Look. Look at your hands.”
Every eye was on them. David and Elizabeth were still holding hands but as they did they could see a small shimmer of light between their palms. It was like they had caught a fire fly. Immediately they broke contacted and the light vanished. Danny whistled. “Did you guys feel that?”
David and Elizabeth shook their heads but were rubbing their hands.
Without warning Bethie took hold of Danny’s hand, he shouted as he did feel a bit of a bite “Hey!!!!” pulling his hand back and then slowly reaching back out for Bethie’s hand again. As their palms got closer the electricity jumped between them and a smile crept across Danny’s face. “This is ……”
He didn’t finish before Declan jumped in. He and Beth-Elena had done the same thing. “Look my friends seems we can do the same.”
Elizabeth looked to Uri. “Take her hand Uri; take Bea’s hand I want to see if this works for you as well.”
Slowly Uri walked over to Declan and Beth-Elena and took one of her hands. Immediately the same thing happened.
Elizabeth smiled and nodded to Urian who in turn took Bethie’s hand, again the same. Elizabeth already knew if she took Urs’ hand they would see the charge between them but she stepped over to him and did it anyway. Again Danny whistled. “Blimey.”
Once more in his calm, controlled manner Urs asked them all to switch. He wanted to see if the configuration of people made any difference. By the time everyone had finished shaking hands it was evident that it did not mater who held whose hand the sparks would fly. The women were giggling and the men smiled at the lightness that they seemed to be able to bring to such a dark moment.

For those watching from the outside it was a sight to behold. They could not hear the conversation going on, could not hear the women’s laughter, all they could see was the crackles of light as they touched and the shadows that played on the wall of the tent.
Many knights very glad that these people, these strange travelers were on their side.

The little group spent the night trying to figure out why they could do what they could do and why Danny, David and Declan’s eyes were so red and why they could speak to each other without words. An exhausting exercise that ended with each women falling asleep in the arms of her man and Uri, Urian and Urs watching over the sleeping couples until dawn showed herself.

As the day broke, the camp site came alive with pre battle activity; it also found Uri, Urian and Urs seated around the fire once more. They had been discussing their unique situation, their new talents. They had also been playing with their new talents. Harnessing them, almost controlling them. As they sat around the fire each man would clench his hand into a fist and when he opened his hand a small brilliant ball of energy would be resting on his palm. With a gentle flick of the wrist the small balls of energy were thrown into the fire causing small explosions as they did. Some of the knights had seen this little game and had become nervous, one of them informing the King.
David and the King arrived at the fire together just in time to see Urs throw another ball into it. David was speechless looking down at his own hands. The King, although a little shocked at what he saw had come to accept that these visitors brought with them strange gifts. The three men stood as the King spoke. “Uri, it would seem that you are a sorcerer after all.”
Uri did not speak just bowed a little.
David looked to Urs “How Urs? I can’t seem to do the same thing.”
Like Uri, Urs remind silent only shrugged his shoulders. How could he answer David? He had no idea. He did notice however that David’s eyes were even darker than they had been the night before.
The others had also noticed but it was the King who spoke. “My friend. Your eyes, do they hurt?”
David shook his head. “A little itchy your Majesty.”
Urs stepped closer to David. “They are very, very dark David. You have no white left at all. It is almost like your eyes are all one colour. Are you sure you can see alright?”
As David answered the others stepped from the tent, all stood a little shocked as for the first time they saw Danny and Declan’s eyes.
They too had become so much darker.
Danny began to say something then remembered that he had not actually spoken so said it again out loud. “Sure hope my eyes don’t look like yours David.”
He heard their replies in his head before he heard the King’s words. “My friend. You also bear the same darkness in your eyes. Does this mean you also have some new power like my dear friend Uri?”
They all looked to Uri not understanding at first then Urs tilted his head and all three of them showed the rest what they could do.
Danny whistled, Declan put his hand on the hilt of his sword, the women gasped and they all looked at their own hands. For now it seemed only Uri, Urian and Urs could make the little balls of light. But while the three men had been sitting around the fire they had come up with a plan, a theory they wanted to test. It was left up to Urs to explain to the rest including the King.
“Somehow I feel that we have been given these different things so that we can help. I think we can all conjure up this power but I think if we are all together it might work better, like it did last night only if we concentrate we might be able to control it. I want us to all hold hands again and try and control the outcome.”
At his words everyone seemed to get a little restless. Without thinking Urs began to speak to his friends through their minds. Quickly explaining what he wanted them to do and he hoped gaining their trust.
As they all started to make a circle he knew they would try what he had asked. He asked Danny and David and Declan to take up a position in the circle that would form a triangle. He did not know why but he was sure that they held the key to what ever it was they were to do.
The King and his knights stood and watched as the little group silently practiced. They held hands and like the night before the thunder and lighting shot up into the sky but this time as Danny, Declan and David followed the shaft of light with there eyes it changed. It seemed to stop, to become solid. David moved his eyes off the shaft off light to look at Urs, as he did it seemed that a piece of lightening followed his stare barely missing Urs and striking the ground. All the women shouted and broke the circle as they pulled away their hands. The shaft of light disappeared.
Everyone was concerned for Urs, Elizabeth making sure he was alright.
Urs smiled at her. “I am okay.” He turned his attention to David as he opened his hand to reveal the small ball of power resting in his palm. “David I want you to look at this and then try and move it, try and get it into the fire if you can.”
David had not taken his eyes of Urs’ face afraid of what might happen if he did.
In their own silent speech Urs re assured him that it would be alright.
Elizabeth took hold of David’s hand and slowly he pulled his eyes away from Urs’ face and onto the ball of light shimmering in his hand.
“Just use your eyes to move it into the fire David.” Urs’ voice was calm and commanding.
The King could see that he had what it would take to be a great knight.
As David moved his eyes everyone gasped as the ball of power moved as well. Slowly, almost gracefully through the air. David placing it gently in the middle of the fire where it seemed to hover for a few seconds before exploding sending a small wave of wind and thunder outwards.
Again all eyes were on Urs yet it was the King who spoke. “How did you know such a thing would happen?”
Urs bowed a little. “I had no idea what might happen only that something should.”
David was rubbing his temples. “You mean no dreams about this? I thought that is why you asked because you had seen something.”
Urs shook his head. “Only a feeling.”
Declan patted Urs on the back. “I think that maybe you are a wizard Master Urs. What do we do now?”

Declan Danny and David practiced their new gift, refining it with the help of Urs, Urian and Uri. It was indeed a sight to behold. It seemed they had mastered the control of this power, this lightening and could move it where and when they wanted. Gently so it was hardly visible or in a raging surge that would destroy anything in its path.

The King’s plan would change once more before they entered the battle field.
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PostSubject: DOAD Chapter 55   Sat Oct 31, 2009 4:04 am

Chapter 55
Scouts had returned to tell the King that the enemy was on the move. It had been decided to place the women in the centre of the tallest hill surrounding the valley that would soon become a battle field. Form there they would sing. From there the battle would be won or lost the King had no doubt about that. Many a good man on either side would loose his life in the hours to come. The King’s heart weighed heavy with the thought. He would rather fight an unknown enemy from far off lands who had ideas of over throwing countries than to fight with those who had once been his kinsmen.

He worried for his niece. He had tried so hard to protect her from the darkness of the world and now it seemed with her new found friends she was to do the protecting. His smile was pained with sorrow as he saw the ladies walk from the tent. They were indeed enchanting. They had dressed the same and the King had to smile at the accessories they had chosen to wear. Breastplates. He had no idea that his blacksmith had made any so small. They would have fit none of his men. If the King had realised that they all belonged to Beth-Elena and that Declan had made them for her he may have had some reservations about sending them onto the battle field. It would be sometime before he was privy to that piece of information.
He gave each of the ladies a kiss on the check. “With all my heart I wish there was another way. It is not right for such beauty to be scarred by the horror of battle.”
Beth-Elena lent in and kissed her Uncle again. “We are honoured that we can be of service Uncle. It would be much more of a horror if we denied you victory, knowing we have the power to help.”
All the women turned to look back at the tent and Bethie spoke with a little smile on her face. “Seems Danny’s clothes still itch.”
The six men came out of the tent, Danny pulling at anything he could and not looking too happy about the way he was dressed. In that moment they all realised why they may have been given the power of their silent speech. The men looked so much the same it was almost impossible to tell them apart. The men’s reaction to the ladies had been the same.
It was the voices in their heads that helped them separated them, know who was who.
To the knights around them it was a sight so surreal. Once again these strangers had seemed to give them a new hope that they could win this battle. A hope that would swell as the ladies began to sing.

As a young page arrived to give the King the news that they enemy was approaching the valley they could all feel the earth beneath their feet begin to rumble with the force of horses hooves.
The King looked to them all. “Time my friends.”
Silently they all walked to the top of the hill and waited. The six men looked formidable all dressed in armour, standing behind the women. Danny was still fidgeting and got a reprimand from Bethie as well as his male counter parts. The rest of the King’s army was held up just out of site of the valley. The King off to the side, seated on his horse. He was in full view of the valley and would be seen by the first lines of the enemy as it approached. In normal battle strategy this would have been seen as a vulnerable place for the King but soldiers on both sides knew that this day would be anything but normal.

So they waited and listened to the thunder of the horses getting closer and closer until they could see the dust cloud at the edge of the valley. They waited for the full contingent of the enemy to fill the valley, for horsemen and infantry alike to form their ranks and for that unearthly silence to fall, which it did.
The King waited for the General to come forward with his ultimatum, sending half a dozen of his own men into the valley to receive the message. Once these men had returned the King looked to the women. “Seems we are in need of a song.”
The three women bowed to the King but just before they began to sing the six men set the stage. Uri, Urian and Urs harnessed their little balls of light, David, Declan and Danny moved the balls up, above and hovering over the heads of the women for a few moments. What happened to the small bright, crackling balls surprised Uri, Urs and Urian. They had heard David, Declan and Danny talking about doing something but until it happened they had no idea what it was they were to do. As everyone watched the small balls changed shape. Now hovering above the women were three shinning halos. Danny, David and Declan smiled as their gaze kept the halos aloft and the women began to sing.
The three men kept the halos hovering the entire time that the ladies sang. To the enemy in the valley it looked like Beth-Elena had three halos above her as at first they could not see Bethie or Elizabeth but once they got to the part of the song where the other two stepped out you could almost feel the shock that ran through the enemy soldiers.
The King smiled, these wonderful, talented females had indeed bewitched the enemy. He had no doubt many men may have wished they had retreated the night before.
He was right, there was an uneasiness stirring in the ranks of the enemy, a stirring that the General was finding hard to control. He was riding up and down the line of horseman shouting commands when all of a sudden the women stopped singing. Every eye was on the hill. Watching, waiting. Then it happened. Danny, Declan and David thrust the halos higher into the air, changing their shape yet again. This time into spears of light. Three spears that rained down from the sky to pierce into the ground right in front of the General before exploding. The Kings trumpeter blew his horn long and hard and the knights who had been hidden tumbled over the hill and down into the valley. Unfortunately for the enemy so did those who had been hiding in the forest. All morning they had been following the enemy, behind, waiting for the signal to attack.
Horses raced down the hill as infantry fought a battle at the rear and all the while the three women stood where every eye could see them.
The attack from the rear had confused many knights and many men lost their lives. But as the King had known those harden knights would be the ones to come through and survive. Those on horse back trampled through, killing men under hooves as they fought sword to sword with the enemy’s horseman. Beth-Elena, Bethie and Elizabeth began to cry as the awesomeness of the horror that was unfolding beneath them took hold. Uri and Declan were frustrated as they were not where they should be, on the battlefield shoulder to shoulder with the others, fighting for their King. The other men could sense their agitation and Urs took it upon himself to speak to the King. “Sire, you have two gifted knights, soldiers here, who could do more for you down there if you would only release them.”
Before the King could answer Urs unfolded his hand to reveal a ball of energy. “We have weapons that will aid them Sire. We may not be able to handle a sword but we will fight side by side if that is your wish.”
The King looked from Urs to Uri and Declan. He had no desire to send any man into battle least of all these strangers but he understood the need for Uri and Declan to be apart of the battle not parted from it. The King frowned a little. “You would put yourself at risk? “ He looked to Danny, David and Urian. “You would all put your lives in my hands.”
The four men bowed.
With a sigh the King gave his command. “So be it.”
Uri and Declan bowed to their King and grabbed the reigns of their horses from the pages hands. Holding out their hands once they had mounted Urian swung himself up behind Uri; Danny did the same to Declan. This left Urs and David watching their friend’s race down the side of the hill. How would they help their friends?
The King answered by handing them the reigns to his own horse. “He will see you safe into battle and the gods willing a safe return.”
As the two men mounted the horse they could here the silent pleading of the women for them not to go. But go they did.
Beth-Elena, Elizabeth and Bethie held hands to comfort each other as they watch all six men ride into a destiny they were no longer sure of. They also felt the tingle of the energy between them grow. Looking at their hands they could see the tell tale sign of the small energy balls. Even though they had practised, the men had seemed to be able to master the art of working with these little creatures better than the women. They could bring them to life but it seemed they never grew very powerful. The three of them looked at each other and decided to try and help. Holding their hands out in front of them palms up so the balls of light danced over their fingers, the women thrust them out down the hill almost willing them to be carried far enough to aid their friends. No one would be sure if it was the fact that the three women were so emotional or they had just simply been late bloomers but the first three little balls flew down into the battle and dispatched three of the enemy.
The King was stunned, so to the three women all looking down at their hands, all thinking the same thing and then all looking at the King. When he realised what their look meant his demeanour changed and he began to shake his head. “I am sorry my ladies but I will not permit you to be any closer.” He raised his hand to stop their protest and then placed them over his heart. “No braver ladies has god made. Your willingness to fight for me overwhelms me. But I would grieve for eternity should you be lost to us at the hands of such as those.” And he looked down the hill. “You have fought this battle in a way no other could. You have given my men strength, a will and determination to overcome. I could ask no more of you. Please hear the cry of your King. We shall be in need of your sweet songs soon enough.”
All three women resigned themselves to the fact that they would have to do as the King commanded.
Turning back to see the battle unfold they did however keep sending out little balls of destruction picking off the enemy as they kept a close eye on their men. All their men. Uri, Declan, Urian, Danny, Urs and David.
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Chapter 56
David had his hands wrapped around Urs’ waisted as they thundered down the hill. “What the hell are we doing?!!!”
In the natural Urs would not have been able to hear David’s shouts but thanks to their new gift he was very well aware of what his friend was saying.
“Saving your life David. Saving your life.”
By the time they reached the fringes of the fight Urs and David had to dismount, immediately being set upon by several enemy knights. Without thinking they both drew their swords and put up a valiant fight. Having fought in so many dreams seemed to have paid off. David, although more terrified than he had ever been in his entire life was also pleased with himself. That was until he lost his sword when struck in the arm. The force of the strike sent him to his knees and his hand to the wound. It was then that David realised he was not the one who had been injured. The shouts in his head told him Declan had suffered the first blow. Unfortunately this had made David vulnerable to the strikes of the knight he had been fighting. Looking up all he could see was the sword ready to fall. Just as he went to shield himself from what was surely a blow of death the knight disappeared. At the same time David heard Elizabeth’s voice shouting in his ears. At first he thought she was on the battlefield, looking up towards the hill he knew she had not moved. “David!! Use your powers!”
David watched as Elizabeth sent another energy ball rolling down the hill and straight at yet another knight who was heading his way. David looked at his own hands but before he could conjure up an energy ball of his own he was struck again. Not by a blow from a knight but from an unseen attack. This time he knew it was Danny who had been hit and he heard Bethie’s voice. As he was recovering Urs fell to his knees next to him gasping for breath and cringing in pain, holding his side. Uri had been struck and Urs had felt the pain. Both men looked up as several balls of light washed passed their faces and into the stomachs of several knights. Again they vanished. Both men could hear Elizabeth; they could also hear the other women as they shouted out.
As Elizabeth had kept a close watch on David and Urs, Bethie had been keeping an eye on Danny and Urian and Beth-Elena was watching over Uri and Declan. All three were sending energy balls down the hill but it wasn’t enough to keep the men they loved from harm.
Urs looked to David as they stood, calling to the others at the same time. “We need to be together. We need to get to the others.”
All the men agreed on the plan and tried to get to each other. Not an easy feat. But with the urging of the women they had begun to use their powers to fight instead of a sword. David, Urs, Danny and Urian that was, Uri and Declan were still fighting sword and shield.
Several times David, Urs, Danny and Urian were ensnared, gripped in pain that was not their own as Uri and Declan were cut and hit by enemy swords. Their unwanted pain sent the men to their knees more than once, draining them of much needed energy and again making them vulnerable to enemy attack. This is how Uri and Declan found them. As all the men gathered together they all heard the women shout at them in unison. “Behind you!!!!” As they shouted they had sent yet another three energy balls down the hill knowing that they would not reach the injured men in time. David, Urs, Danny and Urian stood taking their places in the circle with Uri and Declan. Now the four men shot energy balls out into the fight. Each time one hit a knight they vanished but the six men could feel the suffocating fact that too many of the enemy were closing in on them.
Somehow through the flying energy balls and Uri and Declan’s attempts to sleigh the enemy a knight got through and thrust a sword into Declan’s side bringing him, David and Danny to their knees shouting in pain. Urian, Urs and Uri fought on but all they could hear was the screams and shouts of Elizabeth, Bethie and Beth-Elena as they saw the three men drop to the ground and remain there.
Uri’s rage, knowing that the blow that Declan had suffered was serious soared through his body, releasing in a flurry of intense sword swings. In one such swing Uri thrust his sword through two men at once. His mind raced, Declan was supposed to be safe, not supposed to die, how was destiny supposed to be rectified if he died?
One more time Uri raised his sword as Urs and Urian sent more energy balls into the wave of advancing knights.
Uri fought with sword in one hand sending streaks of energy out with the other. Not balls of light and power, the force that Uri sent looked like lightening. He would cut a knight down with his sword and release the lightening to take care of others, killing several at a time as the spears of light pierced not one, not two but up to six knights at a time. All Uri could see was his friend lying on the battlefield motionless, blood oozing form his side and his rage grew.
Urian and Urs continued to send their weapons of energy into the enemy knights, seeing what Uri had done they too changed the shape of the energy balls. Unlike Uri who continued to fight with long spears of lightening Urs and Urian had decided on something a little different. Standing side by side, both hands held out in front of them with their palms pointed outward towards the enemy they began to shoot hundreds of arrows at the still advancing army. The arrows crackled but no sooner had they been dispatched when they turned back into balls once again, Urian and Urs could not direct their path and now with no swords to fight with, their plight did indeed looked grim.
All the while the two men had been talking to each other, David and Danny aware of the conversation and both men struggled to their feet. Danny putting his hands on Urian’s shoulders for support and David doing the same to Urs, neither man being able to stand up to his full height. In silent conversation they told them to send the arrows out again. Both Urs and Urian hesitated for a few seconds until Uri and all the women’s voices shouted in their heads.
Once more Urs and Urian fashioned the balls into arrows, this time Uri joined them and this time as they left their hands Danny and David directed not hundreds but thousands of small, brilliant, crackling arrows up into the air to rain down on the enemy. They also sent them straight out to attack the army that was advancing on them. Knights began to disappear all over the battlefield. The five men had no idea how they did it but not one of the King’s knights succumbed to the attack. The five men had given the army the advantage they needed.
Urs looked to David thinking to get him away from the rest of the fighting when he saw his eyes revert back to their natural colour and he collapsed into his arms. Instantaneously Danny collapsed almost pulling Urian to the ground with him.
Again they were lying next to Declan who had not moved.
David looked to Urs and in silence spoke the words that sent waves of remorse and anger through the little banned of future warriors. “I don’t feel so good.” David grimaced and closed his eyes. “Look after Lizzie Urs.”
With those words David passed out.
With those words Uri, Urian and Urs felt themselves being pushed to the ground by some invisible force.

On top of the hill Elizabeth, Bethie and Beth-Elena had been over come with remorse as they watched and listened to the scene unfold below them. Instinctively they held hands, all their anger and rage focused on the battlefield. Connected physically and mentally the three women raised their linked hands above their heads, a shimmering, intense cloud of energy gathered above them, crackling, rumbling as it grew. In a combined shout of pain and anguish the women sent the cloud down the hill and into the battle, its energy so intense that every single man belonging to the enemy that was left vanished, leaving bewildered knights all over the valley and sending three women running down the hill. Down to where Declan, David and Danny lay dying.
The King shouted after them and beckoned for a few of his men who had remained behind to protect him to hand over their horses. This time neither woman took the time to lift up skirts, they all just mounted a horse saddle forward and made for the men, unheard shouts of pain echoing through the valley.
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Chapter 57
Nightwish came along side Uri as he knelt beside Declan, the horse nuzzling the injured knight gently with his nose. Uri winced, his own injuries gnawing at him as he pushed Declan onto his back, pulling off his armour and checking his wound, all he could hear were Beth-Elena’s cries, so loud, so painful, so very tortured, so grief stricken they cut him deeper than any blade.
Declan coughed and opened his eyes just a little focusing on his friend. “Bea…” coughing again he grimaced at the pain, blood trickling from his mouth.
“She is coming my friend. Hold on.”
Uri looked over to the others, Urian was knelt beside Danny watching unbelieving as his wounds stopped bleeding, beginning to heal yet Danny remained unconscious. Urian felt so helpless, so unsure of what to do for Danny, for any of them. Urian’s own pain travelled through his veins as his heart melted for his friend, wishing he was in the cockpit of his plane.
Urs shook David several times unable to wake him, like Danny his wounds had stopped bleeding but they were not healing, he looked so very pale, so much worse than he had ever looked before and Urs was afraid that they were going to loose him. Their travels to the past had been for nothing.
The sound of galloping horses and the very audible cries of Elizabeth, Bethie and Beth-Elena jolted Urs form his dark thoughts. As she knelt beside him looking down at David, Elizabeth squeezed Urs’ arm. “Tell me he is going to live Urs. We were supposed the save them, all of them.”
Bethie was now kneeling beside Danny sobbing and pulling on Urian’s arm as she did. “We saved him once Urian, he has to live!!!! I can’t go back without him!!!.”
At her words Urian wondered if they actually got back what would be waiting for them, with or without Danny. He pulled Bethie into his arms and held her, she cried and all he could do was hold her.
Beth-Elena’s cries gripped everyone as she pulled Declan into her lap. Her tears rolling down her own cheeks to rest on Declan’s. Looking at Uri all the pain and hurt in her eyes shot an arrow into his heart. Beth-Elena bit her lip trying to hold back her sobs as she desperately tried to smile down at Declan. “I love you Declan.”
Declan opened his eyes, looked into her face and smiled weakly. “I’m sorry.” Coughing, pushing his words over his lips. “I have always loved you my Princess. I do not want to leave you.”
Beth-Elena lent down and kissed him. “Then do not leave me my Prince.”
Declan died with the image of Beth-Elena in his memory and her sweet taste on his lips. As she felt his life essences leave him it was as if all of Beth-Elena’s soul travelled on the primal, blood chilling cry that left her lips. She hugged Declan’s limp body to her own and Uri pulled her to his.
As Declan died both Elizabeth and Bethie let out cries of pure grief watching the life leave David and Danny. Urs and Urian looked at each other pushing their own grief down so they did not have to deal with it. What they did come to realise was that as soon as Declan, Danny and David died they had lost the power to hear each other. Again both men looked at each other and then down at the palm of their hands trying to bring the little balls of energy to life. It was useless, the power was gone, their friends were gone and all they could do was hold the women that they loved, feel the anguish of their loss encase them; feel them tremble as they succumbed to the grief.
Their cries stopped every man on the battlefield; to some it was all too much. They had won the battle yes, but many a man fell to his knees in despair knowing what the death of these strangers meant. There was not one knight in the valley that day that did not know of Declan and Beth-Elena’s love.

The King had ridden down the hill after the women and he now knelt by his niece, she was still in Uri’s arms her face hidden as Uri held her head gently and she rested on his armour covered chest. In silence the King took her from Uri, cradling her in his own arms. Looking up to see her uncle just made her cry even more, her voice almost unrecognisable as she spoke. “Why Uncle? This is not right. We are to be married.” Beth-Elena broke down again and buried her face into his chest much the same as she had done to Uri.
The valley was quiet except for the grieving song that Elizabeth, Bethie and Beth-Elena sang.
At a loss as what to do Uri gathered Nightwish and with the help of a few knights got Declan on to the horses back. Patting the horse gently on the neck. “Be gently in your stride my friend for your hold a noble warrior on your saddle.” Uri would walk by Declan all the way back to the castle refusing to ride a horse himself.

Bethie’s grief was boiling, simmering and turning into rage as she shook Danny trying to wake him. “You can’t die!!!! You can’t leave me!!!! You hear me Danny!!!!! You can’t leave me!!!!”
Just as Urian was about to wrap his arms around her again she pushed him off not wanting to feel his touch and a cry the likes of which no one had ever heard before escaped from her lips. Bethie flung her arms out open at either side of her, lifted her head to the sky and let out such a mournful cry it seemed to chill the very air. That’s not all that happened, the earth trembled, thunder rumbled above and the atmosphere crackled with electricity. Everyone but Elizabeth looked to Bethie to see shafts of light escape form her eyes and mouth up into the sky. As she lowered her head and placed her hands on Danny once more the lightening struck. It struck Danny underneath Bethie’s hands. Everyone heard it, everyone saw it. Bethie screamed. “DANIEL!!!!” Thinking that Danny would vanish. Instead he coughed and began to breath, everyone else held their breath. Danny coughed again, opened his eyes and looked into the face of the woman he loved. “Beth.”
Bethie smiled at him, leaning down and kissed him. “Yes it is me.”
He coughed and winced. “What happened?”
Bethie did not want to tell him he had died. Sensing her trepidation Urian stepped in. “You tried to be a hero again.”
Urian’s words made Danny laugh, again wincing. Danny twisted his head trying to see the others. “David, Declan?”
Bethie sucked in her breath and squeezed his hand as Urian looked over to Urs, as their eyes met he knew the answer even before Urs shook his head.
Danny looked to his friend. “Both of them?”
Urian just nodded incapable of speaking the words.

Elizabeth had done much the same as Beth-Elena and was cradling David in her lap rocking gently, eyes closed, humming quietly as the tears rolled down her face. Bethie’s powers had been lost as Danny took his first renewing breath but Elizabeth’s had been engulfed in her mourning, dying with David. All she had for him were tears, the pain of a future lost and the anguish of a love that would not get to grow.

With Beth-Elena riding back up the hill with Declan and a few of the King’s favoured knights, John and Marcus among them and Bethie holding a living breathing Danny in her arms, Urian and Uri joined Urs at Elizabeth’s side.
Her humming grew in volume; the murmur changing to words and Elizabeth began to sing a Hymn her Grandmother had sung at memorial services when she had been younger.

God of out fathers, Known of old,
Lord of our far flung battle line.
Beneath whose awful hand we hold
Dominion over palm and pine;
Lord of hosts be with us yet
lest we forget, lest we forget

As her words trailed off forevermore to settle into the hearts of every knight who heard them, grief-stricken Elizabeth let out a tortured cry. “D A V I D !!!!!!!” In a swift move, so swift that Uri never saw it coming Elizabeth grabbed the knife from his side and sliced it across the palm of her hand. Urian and Urs realising what she was about to do both rushed her, pulling the small dagger from her hands before she could make the fateful cut on David’s hand. They had been to slow to stop her from cutting herself.
Urs held her as she struggled to be free while Urian gave the dagger back to Uri. “Let me go!!!! Urs let me go!!!!”
Instead of releasing her Urs held her as she continued to struggle while she stood. “He’s gone Lizzie, He’s gone.”
“Let me go!!!! He was supposed to live!!!!” Urs held her until he felt her relax a little. As she did he stood back and looked into her eyes. The change he saw worried him, the light, the life had gone. “Let’s take him home.”
Elizabeth looked to Urs, tears streaming down her face, bitting her lip. “Home? Home does not exist.”
Her eyes darted around and rested on an arrow near her feet as Bethie and Danny came to join their friends.
Bending down, with blood dripping from the cut in her hand, Elizabeth picked up the arrow, turning it over in her hands a few times. When she looked back at Urs he was mortified. Her eyes were dead, no life, no tears. “No Lizzie, please no. David would not want this, I don’t want this. Please don’t.”
As he took a step closer to her Elizabeth put the arrow to her neck. “I don’t want to live without him, I can’t.”
Her words and actions sent a ripple of panic through the little group and until he spoke they had forgotten that the King was still with them. “Dear Lady. Only those that have lost can know your pain.” He swept his hand through the air to take in the others. “But we have lost and the pain is unbearable. Do not ask us to carry the pain of your death as well.”
Elizabeth looked from the King to the others one by one. Once her eyes rested on Bethie her tears began to flow again, her chin quivered and she shook her head.
Bethie walked to her with compassion and sisterly love covering her face. “Please Lizzie…” Still looking Elizabeth squarely in the eyes she gently took the arrow from her blood stained hands and gave it to Urs. Bethie tore a piece off her dress and began to wrap Elizabeth’s injured hand. As she did several droplets of blood ran down Elizabeth’s arm reaching her elbow and falling to the ground. Three small droplets, tiny unseen red tears fell, all three silently splashing onto David’s cheek.

Urs’ eyes never left Elizabeth as Bethie tended to her. They had lost Declan and David, he did not want to loose Elizabeth as well but her eyes spoke volumes. She was already gone. He had seen the same look in Beth-Elena’s eyes in his dreams. She maybe breathing but her soul had already started its journey through eternity in search of David. Urs knew they would need a miracle to save her. Danny, Bethie and Urian also understood that this time the curse had taken both men for her payment. As Elizabeth nestled under Urs’ protective arms the others prayed in silence.

Bethie let out a little gasp and grabbed onto Danny. “He moved. Danny, David moved.”
Thinking that she was traumatised by grief Danny was about to console her when he saw David’s right hand twitch just a little. Again Bethie grabbed his arm. “You saw that. Please tell me you saw that?”
Danny nodded not daring to take his eyes off David. Urian and Urs and the King looked to Bethie. “As god is my witness I swear he moved.”
Urs was about to explain the scientific reason for a bodies involuntary movements after death not wanting anyone to get their hopes up when David breathed in hard and then let out a groan.
They all watched as his chest rose and fell with each new breath. The King knelt by David’s side. “Master David?”
They all waited a few moments and the King spoke David’s name once more. This time he got a response. David opened his eyes and looked directly at the King. In a voice so weak it was as if death still had a hold of him, David spoke. “I don’t feel so good.”
Everyone smiled, they had not heard his words but they had heard him. All except Elizabeth, with Urs’ arm still around her she stared off into some unseen place, no emotion, no recognition that she understood that David was alive.
Urs turned her to him so he could once again look into her eyes and once again pain gripped his heart. She was fading and faster than he had expected. Placing both of his hands on her shoulders he shook her a little. “Lizzie, Lizzie. He’s alive. David’s not dead. Do you hear me?”
Nothing, she was not staring at him or past him, it was like she was staring through him. Again he tried to reach her. “Lizzie, please!!!!”
The King beckoned to Urs. “Bring her here Master Urs.”
As Urs guided Elizabeth to the King and David, the King pulled David to a sitting position, letting him rest on his knees. “Master David, it is your voice that will bring her back from the shadows between life and death. Yours and yours alone.”
Urs pulled Elizabeth down to her knees; it was like she was in a trance just staring off into nothing.
While he struggled with the physical pain that gripped his body David also struggled with the sudden fear that gripped his heart as he looked into Elizabeth’s eyes. Urs was right, she was leaving them. David’s voice was barely above a whisper. “Elizabeth……Lizzie……I am right here. Don’t leave me.”
Nothing, she just stared off into the distance. Bethie began to cry and Danny held her. Urs and Urian once again saying a silent pray.
“Lizzie………” David took her uninjured hand in his own and squeezed it every so gently. She blinked, he was sure off it. To make certain he spoke her name again. “Lizzie….”
Again Elizabeth blinked, her zombie like stare disappeared and she looked at David. He squeezed her hand once more. “Hi.”
She smiled weakly. “You came back.”
“Yes I did”
Elizabeth’s tears began to flow once again, tears of life, a relief to all.
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Chapter 58
The trip back to the castle was sombre and quiet, the sound of horses and the footsteps of knights the only sound to ring through the countryside. Uri held Nightwish’s reins guiding the horse with Declan having been secured to its back and covered. Beth-Elena and the King rode behind, dry streaks of tears etched on Beth-Elena’s face, a shadow of lament resting heavy on the King’s face. Behind them rode Danny and Bethie. Every now and then Bethie would reach out and take Danny’s hand. He was alive but he had not spoken much since leaving the battlefield. He mourned for the loss of Declan, as well as for those he had not known who had lost their lives. He had seen war and carnage up close and it had disturbed him. Danny had lost friends during the war he had been involved in back in his own time but the suffering he had seen this day would live with him forever and it kept his words buried deep in his throat for now.

Urian rode behind Danny and Bethie, happy that his friend was alive, happy that Bethie would not have to mourn his death and yet so very tormented at knowing he would never be able to give her the love he held for her. He felt like he had aged a lifetime. As they rode back to the castle Urian made up his mind to find a way to distance himself from his two most precious friends once they returned home, if they returned home. He had no strength left to be so close to Bethie and be able to remain impartial.

Elizabeth rode on one side of David with Urs on the other. David slumped more than sat in his saddle, his wounds were raw, he was weak and kept drifting in and out of consciousness. Urs rode close making sure that David did not fall, every now and then leaning over to help his friend. Elizabeth had not taken her eyes off him afraid that if she did he would leave again. No one spoke but their thoughts travelled the same road. Would David fully recover? Would they get home? Why had Declan died? What would be waiting for them if they got home? How did they get home?
Urs looked over to Elizabeth giving her a weak smile of assurance as his heart broke just a little more.

They all seemed to give a little sigh of relief as the castle walls loomed into sight, even the horses sensed that home was now with in reach. People from the village came to meet the returning knights many a wife reunited with their husbands, children with their fathers and in silent reverence others took Declan’s horse from Uri. Mary, Beth-Elena’s hand maiden along with several other ladies of the court guided her through the castle grounds.
Urs dismounted and helped several villages take David from his horse and place him onto a stretcher. Urs followed them into the castle with Elizabeth by his side, holding her hand.

Bethie tucked her arm around Danny as he walked slowly with the aid of other villagers. He smiled his thanks at them and gave Bethie a gentle kiss on the top of her head.
Silently with all three horses in his charge Urian followed. He smiled a little as young Geoffrey darted from some unseen hiding place and took hold of one of the reins. The young boy uttered no words just walked side by side with Urian understanding far more that he should at such a tender age.

Declan had been taken to be prepared for his funeral, while Mary had taken Beth-Elena back to her room. She held her while she cried herself to sleep. Danny had insisted that he was much better but he too fell asleep. In the arms of his wife, Bethie.
Bethie on the other hand lay awake watching her husband sleep, listening to his gentle breathing and let her tears of relief flow. More than once she bent over kissing him gently on the forehead and whispering in his ear.” I love you Danny. I will love you until the end of time.”
David’s condition had not improved. Although his wounds had stopped bleeding, his body was covered in bruises, cuts and welts. He was so very pale and the last time he had slipped into unconsciousness he had not woken up. Elizabeth had begged to stay with him but she had been taken away. Taken care of, cleaned up so when she was once again by David’s side she really did look like a princess.
David had also been cleaned up making him look even paler. Elizabeth knelt by his bed, gently stroking her fingers over his brow, bending over to kiss him lightly on the lips. Waiting, praying and waiting.

Uri, Urian and Urs once again found themselves in the King’s great hall. Food had been provided but no one ate. Heavy souls, tortured thoughts and broken hearts weighed them down.
Uri looked to the others. “What are we to do now my friends?”
He did not get a reply, the ominous presence of the uncertain cloaking them.
Urs had expected them to be transported forward in time when the curse had been lifted, when they had finished the job they had been sent to do. “Is there more for us to do?”
His eyes darted from Uri to Urian, each man shrugging his shoulders sitting in silence a few moments longer before Urian spoke.
“Maybe destiny is being kind and giving Danny and David the time they need to heal.”
Urs’ eyes coloured with doubt. “Maybe she is being cruel and has captured us here, never to return.”
Uri’s stare did not leave the table as he spoke. “Would that be so unbearable?” Slowly he looked to his friends.
Again Urs spoke. “We don’t belong. How much of the future have we already changed. How much more would we change if we stayed?”
“Did you ever consider that you are supposed to remain? That you are your own history?”
Urs and Urian both looked at Uri, not wanting to consider he maybe right.
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Chapter 59
For three days Elizabeth stayed at David’s side. Either watching from the chair next to his bed or sleeping at his side but he never stirred. She talked to him, she cried for him, she even tried to see if she had any power left in her hands to help him but nothing worked. David was lost in a deep, deep sleep and only David knew where he was.
Danny and Bethie dropped in on them several times a day as did Uri, Urian and Urs.
Urs had tried to persuade Elizabeth to eat but for the first few days she would not. It was only by his gentle coaxing that he managed to get her to eat on the third day. He had hoped to be able to take her outside for some fresh air but she would not leave David. So Urs spent many hours silently watching his best friend and the woman that had bewitched his heart. Watching and praying for them all.

Beth-Elena was so consumed by the loss off Declan that the King was very concerned for her health. She would not leave her room, would not eat, did not speak to anyone not even Mary. Beth-Elena just lay in her bed as her life force slowly began to slip away.
Uri had caught Mary running form her room several times in tears. That was why he now found himself seated in the small house of Declan’s parents looking into the grief-stricken face of his mother. She tried to smile at Uri but it only brought back her tears. He had come to see her with a specific purpose in mind. Now he was not sure he could ask her. His own grief and torment escaping down his face as his tears rolled for the first time. Declan’s mother came to her sons friend and held him as if he had been her own. Uri’s shoulders rumbled as he released his agony and cried like he had never cried before. He cried for his friend and he cried for Beth-Elena and Declan’s mother held him in her arms. Suddenly the resilient knight, the man had turned into a little child in need of love and comfort.
In a way Declan’s mother found comfort in his grief, she had someone, something to focus on instead of her own heavy heart.
Uri held her around the waist and let his tears flow. “I couldn’t keep him safe. Now he is gone, now Bea is ….. She is….” He could not speak the words, he did not want to hear them carried on his own voice, as if saying she was dying would make it all the more real.
Declan’s mother held him a little longer, gently running her hands through his hair trying to soothe his heart and soul. “We all grieve at his loss Uri, it hurts but it is what we shall do. The princess is no different. They loved each other very much she will grieve more than most.”
Uri looked up into her eyes. “She does but she has also given up. I fear we will loose her also, her heart is so broken.”
Declan’s mother pulled Uri to his feet. Concern etched on her face. “Are you sure of your words Master Uri?”
Uri nodded.
“Then I think it is a mother’s touch she is missing. I shall go to her.” She squeezed Uri’s hands. “You shall take me to her Uri before this nonsense is allowed to continue.”
Uri was amazed at the determination that seemed to creep into the woman standing before him. He had come to ask her that very thing, now he watched as she gathered her cloak and a few small bags of herbs and spices from her kitchen. In creating women God had been so very right, they were such gentle creatures but so, so much stronger than any man he knew. He wanted to see that strength in Beth-Elena once again.

As they entered the castle the King came upon Uri and Declan’s mother. He bowed meaning to welcome her to his home but he did not get the chance.
“I have come to see your niece Your Highness.”
The King could tell by the look on her face and the way she held herself that it did not matter he was the King, she was going to see his niece with or without his approval. Silently he was very glad that she had come, grateful that Uri had the foresight to call on her. Once again the King bowed and escorted her to Beth-Elena’s room by interlocking his arm into hers. In hushed tones he gave her his condolences at the loss of her son and he felt her hand squeeze his arm gently but she said nothing.
She entered the room alone leaving Uri and the King in the hallway not sure if they should stay of leave. As they were making up their minds she reappeared with Mary in her arms, the hand -maiden was crying again. She tucked the girl into the King’s arms much to his surprise. “This child needs to rest and be cared for.” Declan’s mother turned her attention to Uri, holding two small silk bags for him to take. “Take these to Mim in the kitchen; she will know what to do with them. Wait for them Uri and bring them to me as soon as they are done.”
In silence Uri hurried to the kitchen while the King ushered Mary towards the great hall. He would need to find her friends. Declan’s mother watched them both leave before she went back to be with Beth-Elena.
Sitting next to the bed taking the Princesses hands in her own she could feel how very cold they were. Leaning in she kissed her gently on the brow. “Don’t leave us little one. I have lost a son; I do not want to loose a daughter also.”
Declan’s mother talked to Beth-Elena in that sweet tone mothers are gifted with, sometimes lapsing into song. The same song that Uri, Urian and Urs had sung together. She was humming to the sleeping Princess when Uri returned, a small copper pot in one hand, a wooden bowl and spoon in the other, being careful not to spill the hot concoction that Mim had cooked up.
He smiled weakly at Declan’s mother, placing the pot near the fireplace handing her the bowl and spoon. “How are you going to get her to drink this? She seems so far away?”
Once again Uri found himself being hugged by the matronly woman. “You let me worry about that. You need to rest.” She could see he was about to argue the point. “The King does not argue with me Master Uri. What makes you think you can?”
He gave her a genuine smile and kissed her on the top of the head. “I shall return later.”
As he left she turned back to Beth-Elena, a small knot of emotion stuck in her throat. Declan and Uri were the only two people who kissed her like that.

With a little help from Bethie, Urs had managed to get Elizabeth out in the court yard but only after Danny had promised he would stay by David’s side and come and get them the moment anything changed.
Urs did not expect anything to change but at least Elizabeth was outside. She seemed so fragile cradled under his arm as they allowed the afternoon sun to warm their bodies.
Bethie sat at the other side of Elizabeth, holding her hand.
She watched the coming and goings of the people absentmindedly and with sudden anguish realised they were preparing for Declan’s funeral. Looking over to Elizabeth, who had her eyes closed, hoping her friend had not noticed. Looking up to Urs, she knew he had, the small trickle of tears she could see winding it’s way down his cheek was all the confirmation she needed.
Urs looked at Bethie giving her a deep sigh. What could he say?

Young Geoffrey had been very concerned about Princess Beth-Elena, unknown too many he had not left her side but for brief moments. As Declan’s mother fussed over Beth-Elena she shocked the young boy. “You can come out of hiding young man. I will not give away your secrets.”
Sheepishly Geoffrey appeared out of the shadows to stand next to the bed, looking down at his princess, letting a small tear drop on to the sheets. “Is she going to die?”
Declan’s mother pulled the young boy to her, letting him fold his arms around her and bury his head into the folds of her skirt. “She will be back with us, when she knows she is needed.”
Geoffrey’s eyes, big, dark, misty and pleading looked up into her face. “I need her. I promise to look after her always. I promise to help Master Uri look after her. She is very special. Declan would not want her to die.”
As Uri had done to her she kissed the boy on the top of the head. “No he would not. You want to help me?”
Geoffrey nodded.
Declan’s mother rolled his words around in her mind. It seemed that Uri’s love for the princess was not as much of a secret as he had hoped. It had been obvious to her the first time she had seen Uri, Declan and Beth-Elena together he had deep feelings for her. But to his credit he had never uttered a word. She had lost her son but she hoped that Uri’s love for the princess would be enough to keep her alive.
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Chapter 60
Urs held Elizabeth in his arms feeling her weight as she had drifted off to sleep. The suns warmth helping to heal his own hurts just a little. Both Urs and Bethie stiffened at what they saw. Standing at the entrance to the court yard was David, pale, stooped over just a little, one arm resting on Danny’s shoulder for support. David’s body was covered in scars and bruises but the wound that caused him the most trouble was not the ones that had been inflicted on the battlefield but the one he had sustained in the plane. His leg ached and he limped badly as he walked, more pronounced than it had been in sometime. With a crutch under one arm and Danny supporting him on the other David took slow painful steps towards the others, his eyes never leaving Elizabeth as he did. His mind had gone into overdrive when he had seen her in Urs’ arms but the silent nod he had received from Urs dispelled any thoughts he may have had that he had lost her to him. As David laboured to walk Urs bent over and whispered into Elizabeth’s ear. Stirring, she stretched looked at Bethie who had a wonderful smile on her face as she turned to look back in the direction of Danny and David. Waking, it took Elizabeth a few seconds to realise what Bethie was looking at. When she did she leapt from Urs arms over to David only stopping when she saw the crutch. David gave her a tired smile and pushed off Danny trying to hold himself up.
Elizabeth had no idea if David had reverted back to not speaking, so smiling with a small tear appearing in the corner of her eye she walked the short distance between them and kissed him gently on the lips. Her sweet touch was like a tonic to him, washing over him, coursing through his body. David used his free arm to pull her towards him, letting her rest on his chest. He dropped his head so his chin rested on the top of hers and he drank in her perfume. David had to hold back his own tears as he spoke the few words that filled Elizabeth, filled all of them with hope. “I want to go home.”
Elizabeth hugged him as Urs and Bethie came to join the small group. Urs shook David’s hand. “Welcome back my friend.”
David held Urs hand tight and nodded.
Bethie looked at Danny. “Maybe we should go back inside so David can sit down.”
David smiled but his eyes searched the court yard. “Where are Declan, Beth-Elena and Uri?”
As they all walked back to the great hall Urs explained what had happened while David had been unconscious, all that was except Declan. They had all assumed that David knew he was dead.
Elizabeth helped David into a chair as the others took up their own seats. David looked from one to the other. The room silent, it was the pained look on Bethie’s face and the touch of Elizabeth’s hand on his arm that told him. “Declan is dead? But …. Why? Weren’t we sent to save him?” David looked to Urs.
“We were sent to stop a curse. We are still here David; does that give you your answer?”
David could hear the pain in his friend’s voice. Knowing Urs as he did he was aware he would have dissected their situation right down to its raw bones to find an answer. He also understood that the fact that he had not found one would have been tearing him up inside.
“Urs. We’ll figure this out. Look what we have all gone through so far. I can’t believe this is it. Something else has to happen that is all.”
Elizabeth squeezed his arm a little tighter, Bethie pushed herself closer to Danny, Urs sighed. “I hope so David.”
“Uri. How is Uri?” David sent his question out to no one in particular and no one answered. Just as he was about to ask another Mary entered the room. “He spends most of his time with my Lady, Master David. Master Declan’s mother is also her constant companion as to is young Master Geoffrey.”
Bethie and Elizabeth went to the hand-maiden and hugged her. Mary spoke again. “My Lady will be in good health soon I believe this.”
Once more the room fell silent.

Along the hall in Beth-Elena’s room Uri had settled into the shadows watching Declan’s mother work her magic on Beth-Elena. The princess had stirred a little over the past few hours, opening her eyes once but she had slipped back into her dark world without acknowledging anyone.
Young Geoffrey had placed himself at Uri’s feet, only leaving his princess when Uri left. He had been the knight’s constant, silent, companion. Uri had brooded in his own silence but was glad of the boys company. His presence reminding Uri why they had gone to battle, for their children’s futures. A future he knew to existed, a future he had glimpsed at through his dreams, a future his cousins had to get back to. Like David. Uri wondered why they had not travelled back to their own times. Declan had stilled died but now things had changed. His heart ached hoping it was not the passing of Beth-Elena that would seal their fate in this new reality. Last time it had been her actions, this time would it be her death?

With Geoffrey by his side Uri found himself walking the halls of the castle, wishing he was home. His journey had taken them to the great hall. He was shocked to see David, thinking that he was still recovering. Uri’s smile was almost invisible, over shadowed by his grief. He found it hard to be around the others. David and Danny reminded him of Declan, Elizabeth and Bethie only helped stir the love he had for Beth-Elena and Uri could hardly breathe.
He looked to his cousins for help but it was Bethie who came to his aid. Coming to him and gently touching his hand she pulled him to the table to sit with the others. Uri complied in silence afraid to speak lest he crumble under the weight of the sorrow and heartache he harboured. “She will be alright Uri, in my heart I know she will. She just needs a little time.” Again Bethie touched his arm. “Are you strong enough to be there for her when the time comes Uri? Are you strong enough to give her the time to grieve so she can love you?” Bethie smiled at the shock in his face, the others had gone silent. They all knew the love Uri had for Beth-Elena. David knew of Urs’ love for Elizabeth and Danny understood Urian’s love for his wife but Uri’s love for Beth-Elena was so much deeper.
It was in that moment while they were all silent, while Uri struggled to find the words to answer Bethie, they realised what they had been sent to do. If truth be told they had all known for some time. It was to make sure that the union of Uri and Beth-Elena became a reality.
Uri’s voice trembled as he spoke. “I promised Declan that I would protect her. I shall not break that promise. I shall continue to be her champion.”
Elizabeth came to stand next to Bethie. “Uri, she will need you to be more than that in time.” Elizabeth bent in and whispered into his hear. “You need to be brave enough to allow yourself to love her Uri. Really love her. Show her just how much you do love her.” Standing back up Elizabeth kissed him gently on the lips shocking Uri just a little. “Show her and you will have a future together.”
Young Geoffrey came and stood next to Uri. “I want to go back.”
Standing Uri left them as silently as he had entered.
Elizabeth went back to David but on passing Urs she took his hand for a fleeting moment. “I’m sorry Urs.” Then settled next to David. “My heart, my soul belong to you David, they always will.”
Bethie did the same to Urian. “Please forgive me if I have ever hurt you Ian.” She went to her husband and kissed Danny. “Forever Daniel, forever I am yours.”

Both Urs and Urian understood what Elizabeth and Bethie were trying to do. Help them move on with their own lives. Listening to them speak to Uri had almost brought each of them undone. In a way they were both jealous. It seemed that destiny would allow Uri the chance to love the woman that had consumed him. It also seemed that destiny’s cruel joke was that neither Urs nor Urian would get that chance. The girls knew this and were trying to let them go.
All of a sudden the room seemed far too small for the two men. Looking at each other they both began to walk out at the same time.
David tried to get out of his chair as Urs passed him but thought better of it as the pain shot through him. “Urs…..” David’s eyes pleaded with him.
Turning Urs looked at Elizabeth and then at David. “It is ok my friend. We will be fine. I promise no more horseback adventures.” Urs lowered his voice just a little. “I was thinking of checking on…”
He did not have to finish, they all knew he meant the arrangements for Declan’s funeral.
Danny placed his hand on Urian’s shoulders. “And you?”
“I will go with Urs. Don’t worry Danny.”
With that the two men left the great hall.
Elizabeth and Bethie were crying knowing they were responsible for the pain they suffered.
Bethie chocked back her tears. “When we get home I have to find someone who will love him as much as he deserves.”
Elizabeth’s thoughts had run to the same, a picture of Kimberly flashed into her mind and she smiled.
David and Danny knew it was no use trying to persuade any woman not to meddle in the affairs of the heart, it was what they did.
Danny kissed his wife and David pulled Elizabeth into a hug. “I am glad you picked me.”
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Chapter 61
Geoffrey lent over Beth-Elena’s bed and kissed her on the forehead and the princess stirred just a little making the young man stiffen, stand up straight, shooting a worried look at Declan’s mother. The woman smiled at him. “Seems you have a healing touch Master Geoffrey, talk to her.”
Geoffrey hesitated and looked to Uri who had gone back to sit in the shadows. Uri only nodded at the boy while Elizabeth and Bethie’s words tugged at his heart. He prayed that Beth-Elena would come back to them but he was not sure what he would do when she did.
Once more Geoffrey lent in and kissed his princess and again she stirred a little. Not sure what he should talk about the young boy began to tell of his adventures around the castle as well as with the knights, even his kitchen raids with Declan. Many of his exploits news to both Uri and Declan’s mother. The woman having a small tear in her eye, seemed her son and this boy had a lot in common. In time she would take Geoffrey under her wing and with her tutelage he would grow into a fine man, exhibiting many of the qualities that Declan had been blessed with.
But for now he talked to his sleeping Princess, waiting and watching for her to awake.

Uri was aware that the room had fallen silent, He had no idea how long since Geoffrey has ceased his banter, now the young boy sat next to Beth-Elena’s bed with is head resting on her stomach sleeping. Rising quietly from his own chair Uri gave Declan’s mother a gentle squeeze on the shoulder as he passed. Looking down into Beth-Elena’s face, so serene, so beautiful he gently took her hand and kissed it. “Come back to us my princess. Declan would not want you to wander eternity alone. Seeking what cannot be found. Come back and I will offer my heart, my soul, my love to you for such an eternity. Do not be afraid my dear sweet princess, for alone you shall never be, without love you shall never be.” Uri sighed. “The world would be so dark without your beauty to look upon each day.” Leaning over he kissed her gently on the forehead.
Beth-Elena stirred just a little and Uri took her hand and kissed it one more time. He dared not breathe as her eyes opened and her gaze fell on him. He felt her squeeze his hand, watching as tiny tears escaped down her face.
Geoffrey woke and the young man cried seeing that his princess was awake, darting from the room so quickly it shocked Declan’s mother but then she saw the princess and smiled.
Beth-Elena sought out Uri’s face for a sign that what she knew to be true was just a nightmare. Her tears flowed faster seeing the pain, the compassion as well as the dark circles that he carried under his eyes. As she spoke the name of her love it was as if she had released all her own grief in that single moment. “ Declan…… We have lost him…”
Uri just nodded, feeling her begin to tremble under his touch.
Beth-Elena looked to Declan’s mother so much sorrow emanating from her look it took the older woman all her strength to keep her own sorrow under control. “He’s gone?”
Declan’s mother nodded. It was Beth-Elena’s single; the cry that escaped from her lips tore Uri apart. He had thought the wails of the woman on the battlefield had been devastating but this was so much more. Without thinking he sat on the bed and pulled her to him, holding her tight as she cried like he had never seen anyone cry before. Closing his eyes and rocking her gently as Beth-Elena expelled all her sorrow, all her grief, all her love for Declan, Uri wondered if he was indeed strong enough to help her.
The tormented cries of the princess were too much for Declan’s mother. She knew it was what Beth-Elena needed to do; she also knew that it was Uri she needed to be with to do it. But she could no longer watch. Leaving the room she broke down. Only then did she allow herself to cry so completely for her son. This was how the others found her, sitting on the floor outside Beth-Elena’s room. Knees curled up to her chest, and her head buried in her hands.
Danny raced to her, kneeling down and touching her gently on the hands as the others gathered around, all thinking the worst. As their eyes met she gasped. “Declan?”
Danny was taken back but understood that he looked so much like her son it was not such a stretch that she may have thought he was Declan. He shook his head. It was then that they all heard Beth-Elena’s cries. Bethie had been standing next to Urian so she pushed herself a little closer to him on hearing the heart wrenching sounds. Elizabeth took hold of David’s free hand, also pushing herself closer to him.
Geoffrey had walked slowly to the door unable to will himself to go in.
Danny pulled Declan’s mother to her feet and hugged her. “He was a brave man and a good friend.” Looking to his friends and then to the door to the room. “Uri must be gutted. Maybe we should leave, give Declan’s mum a rest.”
Hearing Danny’s words Declan’s mother took control of her emotions ran her hands through her hair and then pushed them down the front of her dress. Pushing back her shoulders she looked from one to the other. “No kind Master Daniel. My work is not finished. Uri will need his friends.” She looked from Urian to Urs. “He will need you and you know of the reasons why.”
In unison Urs and Urian nodded.
Elizabeth called to Geoffrey and held her hand out for the young boy to take. “She is in pain now but she is awake. Uri is with her. We’ll come back and see her later ok?” Elizabeth had been speaking to the young boy however all but Urs and Urian went back down the hallway.
David looked back over his shoulder to Urs and nodded his support. He felt for his friend.

Before they got back to the great hall Geoffrey had darted away to some unknown place. They all knew he had gone to cry. Just as they all entered the King entered from the opposite direction. There was no need of words. He had been told that his niece was now awake but the looks on their faces told him the situation was still grave. “Bea, she is still with us?”
They all nodded but it was Bethie who went to him. “Yes, Sire, Uri is with her.”
The King looked around the room. “Your friends Urs and Urian?”
Again Bethie spoke for them all. “They have stayed to help him Sire. Declan’s mother is still with your niece.” Bethie squeezed the King’s hand. “Go to her Sire. She will need to see you.”
The King nodded to the others and left, his heart tearing at his chest with each step he took.
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Chapter 62
As young Geoffrey had done the King stood for a moment at the door to his niece’s room. All seemed quiet, taking a breath he walked in to find Beth-Elena nestled under Uri’s arm and Declan’s mother sitting on the other side of the bed. He nodded to Urs and Urian who stood like silent guardians. The King steeled himself against the sight of his niece; she looked so small, so frail. He had the power to send an army to defend his country but he did not have the power to mend her broken heart. He felt helpless.
Uri made a motion to stand but the King shook his head. It was then that Beth-Elena looked up and saw her uncle. She made no sound but her tears began to flow once more.
Declan’s mother washed her brow with a cool damp cloth and gave the King a weak smile. “It is good that you came Sire.”
“I do not know as to how I can assist her. I….”
Declan’s mother rose and took the King by the hand guiding him to take her place. Then she looked to Uri who in return gently passed Beth-Elena from his care into the arms of the King.
Uri and Declan’s mother followed by Urs and Urian left the small family in peace, only the sound of the King humming to his niece as he rocked and cradled her like the fragile bird she was.

Once outside the room Uri’s resolve left him. He pushed himself against the wall, head back, eyes closed, arms hung limply by his side. Urs looked to Urian seeing the same questions in his eyes. What did they do for their friend?
Declan’s mother took Uri’s hand in hers. “She will be strong again Master Uri.” Looking at the men that surrounded her. “You shall all be strong again.”
Uri dropped his head a little, looking into her eyes. “How can you be so strong when we ready to bury your son?”
“Because it is what Declan would want. Because I know he did not die alone.” Again she looked at the men. “Because through you he will always live.” Stretching so she could reach Uri’s face she kissed him on the cheek. She surprised Urs and Urian when she kissed them in the same way before she left.

The three men were silent for a time, not knowing what to say to each other. Uri took a deep breath. “The arrangements?”
“They have been attended to Uri we only wait for Beth-Elena and then the funeral will go ahead.” Urs’ voice trembled.
“And then what my friend?” Uri’s eyes pleaded for an answer.
It was Urs who took a deep breath this time. “We go forward. We go forward.”

Back in the room the King held his niece knowing in his heart how she felt about the loss of Declan. “He loved you very much Bea, It was there for all to see.”
Beth-Elena kept her head on his chest, eyes closed, tears still falling. “As I love him uncle. I have no strength to live or love. Though my Love would be displeased that I should surrender, so I shall continue for him.”
The King pulled her a little closer. “You will be a light in the darkness for many sweet Beth, a strength for those whose resolve is failing. You are indeed of noble blood.”
“Thank you uncle.”
They were quiet for a time, the silence coating their hearts with healing.
Beth-Elena let a small sigh escape. “The others uncle? David?”
“Master David has risen from his bed but I fear he still carries many a wound and not all can be seen.”
“His friends?”
The King sighed. “Master Danny is well, Master Urian and Master Urs.”
At the sound of their names Beth-Elena took hold of the King’s arm a little tighter and looked into his face. “Their wounds are also unseen.”
The King kissed her gently on the brow holding her face in his hands. “Indeed they are my sweet Bea, as Uri hides his, they so hide.”
“Why are they still with us uncle? Should they not have been sent home?”
“Maybe destiny is allowing them to say their farewells to Declan. This would be fitting.”
Beth-Elena sat a little straighter. “Then we shall make this possible. My Love deserves this as well.” Beth-Elena stood pulling the King to his feet as she did.
“My heart hurts so very much. But Declan needs me and I shall be his princess.”
The King hugged his niece, she was indeed a formidable woman, though he did worry that her strength would dessert her without the love of another in her life. His thoughts went to Uri; in time maybe there was a chance that she would allow him to love her. Walking back to the great hall he wondered if Uri would allow himself to show others the love he had for her. The King understood wounds were raw and would need time to heal but he also hoped that when they did heal his niece and his most trusted knight would form a bond that his heart told him was right.

As they walked Beth-Elena’s thoughts went to Elizabeth and Bethie. She did not know how much longer she would have their company but was grateful they had not been spirited away to leave her to deal with the upcoming funeral on her own. Somehow she knew she could draw on their inner strength, they understood, she would have no need to explain. Would need no words and still they would be her strength. Knowing this birthed in Beth-Elena a resolve and determination that surprised her. She finally understood that even though she had lost Declan, she would never be alone, never be forgotten. In the future she would be remembered because of her time travelling sisters. Which meant in the future Declan would also live as he was remembered. She would not find him in eternity because his spirit lived in the future.
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Chapter 63
Declan’s funeral was somewhat of an unusual affair. He was not of noble blood, nor had he been knighted. Yet he would be given a state funeral and a place of rest in the King’s family crypt.
Gathered in the church on the grounds of the castle were many whose lives Declan had touched. All of the men he had fought side by side with in many a battle, Almost all of the people from his own village, children including Geoffrey, for who Declan had been their hero and their friend, All those that worked in the King’s castle and many who worked for Uri had also travelled to be at the funeral. Then of course there was Declan’s mother, the King, Beth-Elena, Uri, Danny, Urian, Bethie, David, Urs and Elizabeth. As always the appearance of them all together sent ripples through the crowd. Knowing this would happen the small group had tried to arrange themselves so that Danny and David were not together, nor were Uri, Urian or Urs. The girls however had banded and no power on earth was going to separate them.
There were still many in the crowd that did not know of the likeness of the travellers to their own Princess, or Uri. But it was David and Danny that drew the most attention.
Everyone could hear the whispers as they took flight around the church. Some wondering if Declan was really dead. Even in the hallowed sanctuary of the church talk of witchcraft and sorcery murmured from lips.

Elizabeth and Bethie stood by Beth-Elena, the three women stunning in their attire, dresses of regal beauty flowing in shades of green, aqua and violet. In quiet reverence they cast a spell over the crowd and the church soon fell silent. All eyes on the triplets waiting, watching and wondering. The three women held hands. They had discussed singing a song for Declan earlier and Beth-Elena insisted that she take part. Now standing off to the side not far from were her beloved lay in his casket, Beth-Elena took strength from the other two as they sang of their love for him in sweet angelic tones that brought many to tears that day. The words they sang spoke of love that would never fade, dreams that would live on in their hearts, of a place in heaven. As they sang Elizabeth’s eyes sought out David. In return he gave her a warm, gentle smile of encouragement and love. When she looked to Urs, he also gave her a smile, she almost forgot to sing seeing the sadness in his eyes and knowing it was not only for Declan that he grieved.
Bethie did much the same and held Danny’s gaze for a moment before looking to Urian. She saw the tears just before he bowed his head and how her heart hurt for him.
As the last notes of their song melted into the atmosphere, once again the church was shrouded in silence making the King’s baritone voice resonate so much louder as he took his place at the front of the church.
“Thank you my friends for sharing this sad time with us. Declan was indeed a man that meant so much to so many. His smile, his laugh, his playful nature.” At these words he looked to his kitchen staff and Uri looked to the staff that had come from his home. They all understood about Declan’s playful nature. “But Master Declan was much more than this. He proved himself worthy of my niece’s hand in marriage.”
Beth-Elena squeezed the other women’s hands and bit the inside of her cheek to stop a cry from escaping. The King gave her a small nod of recognition. “Sadly we farewell a man of honour, dignity and integrity instead of celebrating a wedding. True this is sad but we can celebrate Declan’s life. He would want us to continue, to go forward.”
Uri, Urs and Urian looked at each other at the Kings words.
The King continued. “To celebrate Declan’s life I would like him to be known as the true knight he was for all eternity.”
Stepping closer to the casket the King drew his sword and bestowed on Declan the knighthood he would have been given on his wedding day. “From this day forward you shall be known as Sir Declan De’Milluer.” The King bowed, everyone else in the church following his lead.
Hearing Declan’s full name had surprised David. He had seen it on the charts that Angus had given them but until he had heard it spoken he did not truly understand just how connected they were.

The King got the attention of Uri. He had a part to play in the days events, as did Urian and Urs. As the three men stood together next to the King a murmur rang out across the church. Dressed in equally noble and majestic garments their likeness was undeniable, their handsome presence unquestionable. When they began to sing it was as if God had given their voices wings, wanting them to reach to heaven so that angels could hear the passion, love and pure splendour of a human voice. They sang the song they all knew, the one they had sung that night at Uri’s home. After the first verse Danny and David joined them, Danny helping David to the front of the church. He was still having problems with his leg but there was nothing wrong with his voice. As the five men sang it seemed to shift the very air they breathed. Husbands took wives under their arms, children stood closer to their parents, Geoffrey went to stand next to Declan’s mother and she pulled him close, young ones at the beginning of their lovers journey held hands and every heart was touched, everyone moved as the five men sang for Declan. Everyone knowing Declan would be with them forever.
The King had once again cradled Beth-Elena under his arm but as the men finished their song he moved to the front of the church. He looked down at the casket. “We will always remember you Sir Declan.”
The King sent his gaze over the crowd and held his hand out for Beth-Elena to come and stand beside him, which she obediently did. “I have thought about my next duty for some many long hours and feel that Sir Declan would approve of my decision. Declan’s cousins have put themselves in great danger to help us.” The King looked to Urs, David, Danny and Urian and beckoned them to come to him. Slowly they walked to the front of the church. “Please kneel before me.”
In silence the four men knelt down, Urs helping David. It was obvious by the strained look on his face he was in pain and for a moment the King had thought to ask him to keep standing. He may have only known this little band of travellers for a short time but he knew enough that David would insist he kneel with his friends.
As the King took his sword from the top of Declan’s caskets Beth-Elena gasped understanding what her uncle was about to do. A few seconds later the rest of the congregation also understood. It seemed the four kneeling men were the last to comprehend.
The King stood in front of each man, placing his sword first on their right shoulder, then the left, then the right again. Going down the line he did this four times, speaking the words that would embed the men in history forever. He knighted them all. He stopped in front of Urs. “Rise Sir Urs.”
At the Kings words Urs stood to his feet and bowed just a little, still bemused at what had just happened.
The King stepped in front of David. “Rise Sir David.”
David began to struggle and again Urs helped his friend. David bowed to the King.
Next it was Danny’s turn and then Urian. Both men overcome at the enormity of what had just happened.
Beth-Elena followed her uncle along the line of men and kissed each one on the cheek.
“You have done this land great honour by your presence. Your names shall dance on the lips of children for many a generation.”
Beth-Elena had a wonderful smile on her face as did Elizabeth and Bethie. But the King had one more task to perform.
His eyes fixed on Uri. “Uri, you have been a good friend and good counsel in times of darkness. You have held steadfast when all others thought it foley. You have proven your loyalty to your King and country in ways no King should have to ask and yet I did so asked and you obeyed without question. ”
As the King pulled a medallion from around his neck everyone in the church gasped. He approached Uri and placed the same medallion on over his neck resting it gently on his chest. By giving Uri the crest the King was effectively making him an heir.
Beth-Elena whispered these facts to Elizabeth who in turn told Bethie. Once all the men understood what had just happened they understood just how unusual the scene before them was.

“Master Uri, Sir Uri. I can think of no greater man to bestow this honour on. Accept the seal of your King with his humble thanks.”
Once again the crowd gasped as the King bowed to Uri, the King bowed to no man.
Uri was horrified that his King would do such a thing, gently touching him on the arm so he would once again be standing. “Sire you give me unjust praise. I am but a humble servant who deserves far less.” He touched the medallion. “I am unworthy to wear such as this.”
The King’s hand fell on Uri’s shoulder. “Uri it is because you think you are unworthy which makes you even more so.”
Uri bowed to the King. He had no idea what else to say. He caught Beth-Elena smiling at him and again he bowed.

The King gave the command and the congregation began to leave, he had given several of his high ranking knights the official job of transporting Declan to the family crypt just behind the church.
As people filtered out of the church the small band of friends gathered around Uri. The ladies giving him kisses and the men, slaps on the back.
Seeing that it was only them left in the church Uri turned to Beth-Elena. “It was not right for your uncle to do this.”
Beth-Elena took his hand. “It was the choice of a King Uri. A choice well thought out. An honour given to a man who deserves so much more.” She stretched and kissed him tenderly on the lips.
Thunder rumbled, the ground shook, lightening crackled and the explosion was so forceful it shattered many of the stain glass windows.
Uri pulled Beth-Elena to him to protect her, safeguarding them both with his ceremonial shield. As the church fell silent once more they were both stunned at what they found.
David, Urs, Elizabeth, Danny, Urian and Beth were gone.
No trace of them.
Uri pulled Beth-Elena closer “God’s speed my friends.”
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Chapter 64
“I found her!!!! She’s alive!!!” The colonel’s voice rose above the sound of all others. People began to scramble over the debris to where he was now trying to pull Bethie free from her tomb.
The house had been destroyed, there was nothing left but broken brick and glass.
Many hands began to dig away around Bethie so that the colonel could get her free. He pulled at her and with the help of other air force pilots they carried her to the footpath and lay her next to Danny and Urian the medics already attending to the unconscious men.
One of the medics looked at Bethie as she was put on a stretcher as his hands quickly moved over her to make sure there was no immediate danger to her life he smiled. She looked like a princess. Even with her dress torn, she still looked beautiful, a sleeping beauty. “How come they are all dressed like this?”
The colonel was now standing watching as the medics worked on his three favourite people “How the hell should I know. Maybe they had been to a party.”
As the medic placed a bandage around Bethie’s head he replied. “Would have been better if they had stayed. The bomb may have still destroyed the house but at least they would have been safe.”
Someone else came to stand next to the colonel looking down at the three patience.
“They going to be alright Colonel?”
The Colonel looked to the medic for his answer. “Yes sir. Got a few nasty cuts and bruised but nothing major. I should get them back to the base hospital.” With that the medic signalled to the ambulance. Bethie and Danny were loaded into one and Urian into another.
The colonel watched in silence as the ambulances slowly made their way down the devastated street before turning back to continue with the search and rescue. He was overjoyed that his friends had survived the bombing, not many had, the street certainly had not. There was not a house that had not been affected in some way.

Danny groaned trying to open his eyes immediately shut them again, the light was so bright and his hands flew to his head. “Oh god my head. What the hell happened?”
“Seems we got hit by a house.”
Danny felt her soft lips on his as Bethie lent in to kiss him and the gentle touch of her hand as it brushed across his brow. “How are you doing Danny?”
Again he tried to open his eyes without success. “Where are we?”
“Home… We made it back Danny; we’re at the base hospital. Seems just as we arrived the Germans decided it would be a good time to bomb our street.”
Danny tried to sit but Bethie pushed him back down. It was like she had given him too much information to process all at once. “We got back. Back where we belong?”
Bethie had small tears running down her face that Danny could not see as she answered.
“But how did we get here?”
Bethie went on to explain what the Colonel had told her only a few hours earlier.
Danny went ashen. “You mean the out of the whole street only ten people survived.”
Again Bethie squeezed his hand.
Danny’s voice was urgent. “Urian. What about him, where is he? Is he all right?”
“It’s ok Danny he is in the bed next to you. He is still sleeping but he is ok. How are your eyes?”
Again Danny tried to open them, he squinted, the light was still very bright but he could make out some shapes. He shook his head. “Nothing yet. Just shapes. Beth. What day is it? I mean when did we get back? How much time?”
Bethie took a deep breath. “None.”
Although he could not see her Danny looked in her direction. “What do you mean none?”
“We came home the same day we left Danny. A few hours different but that is about it.”

They both heard Urian groan as he woke and Bethie went to put her hand on his for assurance. “We are here Urian. We are both here.”
Urian struggled to sit up in his bed. He had a splitting headache, his body ached all over but he opened his eyes and looked right at Bethie. “But where is here Beth?”
Her smile gave him his answer. “You can see me Urian?”
“Yes and even with that bandage on your head you look lovely.”
Danny was a little miffed. “Hey, how come your eyes are ok?”
Urian gave Bethie a melancholy smile as he got out of bed. He grabbed his side as he did and pulled up the hospital issue pyjama shirt he was wearing. Both he and Bethie gasped. The wounds that he had suffered on the battlefield were still very raw, healing but many of them still held anger and pain. Bethie’s soft touch as she swept her hand gently over a few of his bruises made Urian’s skin tingle and his heart race. He took her hand and gently removed it form his body. “I will be as good as new in no time. Don’t worry Bethie.” Kissing her on top of the head he moved so he could sit next to Danny. “So Danny, you a little sore and sorry as well?”
“Too right I am. I hurt all over and I don’t think it has anything to do with the house caving in on us.”
Urian looked to Bethie for an explanation and one more time she told of how they had come to be in the base hospital.
One she finished she could see the pain and anguish on his face. “Will this world ever learn?”
Again she took his hand. “Don’t give up on us just yet Urian. Remember that David and Urs and Elizabeth are living in the future, a brighter future. We know this war will end. You heard their stories. Promise not to give up.”
Urian nodded but his heart was clothed in a darkness that would take sometime to lessen its grip on him.
The trio sat in silence for a time lost in their own thoughts, trying to come to terms with what had happened to them, where they had been and what they had done.
Bethie’s thoughts went to Beth-Elena, wondering how she was coping. Bethie stopped her thoughts in mid stream. “Urian…When you and Danny are feeling up to it do you think you could take me to the library?”
Again Urian gave her that melancholy smile. “You want to know what happened to Beth-Elena?”
Bethie nodded. “I need to know.”
Again a small tear escaped, just as Urian was about to wipe it away Danny spoke. “Hey don’t cry Bethie.”
She smiled. “You can see me?”
Danny gave her a beaming smile. “The prettiest sight. But I’m not sure Urian was right. I think that clump of cotton you have on your head does nothing for you.”
Bethie shouted playfully and slapped him on the arm and the trio fell into happy jibing for a while.

The Colonel stood at the entrance to the hospital ward with a smile on his face. It was nice to see the three friends laughing. After seeing the wounds on Danny and Declan once they had been cleaned up and knowing full well they had not been caused by the bombing the Colonel wondered if they would ever tell him the truth. Looking down at the small object he was turning over in his hand and then back at Bethie, Danny and Urian the Colonel took purposeful steps towards them wondering if his questions would be answered when they saw what he had.
Elizabeth’s mobile phone.
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Chapter 65
Sebastien was resting on his bed hoping against hope that his headache would ease sometime soon. The pain killers that Dr Horton had given him had taken the edge off and he had slept for a little while but he had been so worried about his friends he was once again awake.
He could hear Carlos in the next room trying to console Kimberly. Although they had all known what had happened. Well that was not exactly true. They understood little of what had been going on around them and had come to the conclusion that David, Urs and Elizabeth had been spirited away into the past. Carlos’ conversation was based on trying to explain to Kimberly that they would all be back because that was how it was before they left. The more he tried to explain this to her, the more confused he got himself. Sebastien smiled as he walked into the lounge room. “Carlos, does you head hurt as much as mine. Urs was right, there is no logical way to explain this and if our Swiss friend says there is no logic in it then there is no logic.”
Sebastien deflected his look to Kimberly before Carlos could get another word in. “Cherie, Your friend, our friends they are well, they will return.”
Kimberly smiled weekly. “I hope so Sebastien but I feel so useless. How long do we have to wait before we know? How long before they come back. Days, weeks, years?”
Carlos and Sebastien looked at each other at her last words. Both knowing that they could hold off any questions from the outside for days, weeks was an impossibility. After that people would became curious, suspicious. What did they do then?
Carlos frowned at the thoughts running through his mind. “Will they come back to the place they left from? I mean if they are gone for a while what do we do? Do we keep the hotel room? Should we stay?”
Kimberly started to get anxious again. “I’m not going anywhere without Lizzie.”
Carlos pulled her into his arms. “Shhhhhhh Bella. Sebastien is right, they will return and we will be waiting for them.”
Both men looked at each other and raised their eyebrows. How they would do this was yet to be discovered.
Carlos was just about to ask Sebastien how his head was when they were all once again thrown to different parts of the room by an explosion of light and thunder. Sebastien clung to his head and swore. Carlos had landed a little awkward as he had tried not to hurt Kimberly and shouted out in pain as his shoulder dislocated.
Kimberly was thrown against the wall but managed to escape relatively unscathed and it was Kimberly that recovered first. Her shouts alerting the others. “Lizzie, my god Lizzie!!!!!”
Kimberly scrambled across the floor to where her friend was lying unconscious.
Carlos tried to move but succumbed to the pain in his shoulder. “Sebastien. Look. David and Urs. See, if they are alright.”
It took a few seconds for the sight before him to register and Sebastien moved. Kneeling between the two men he shook them both. “They breathe but Carlos. David does not look well. He is very beaten.”
Once more Carlos tried to move and once more he cried in pain clinging to his arm. It was then that Sebastien realised her was hurt. “Carlos. You need help.”
As Sebastien made a move to help him Carlos stopped him. “No!!! I can wait you help them. How is Urs?”
Sebastien checked his friend. “He is also bad but no so bad as David I think.” He looked to Kimberly who had been stroking Elizabeth’s brow. “Elizabeth, she is alright?”
Kimberly nodded. “She just looks like she is sleeping.”
Carlos had rested his head against the wall and had his eyes closed trying to ignore the pain throbbing down his arm. “Sebastien call Doctor Horton. I think we may need his help.”
Sebastien squinted as he stood and the pain in his own head surged, pulling his mobile phone from his pocket the beeping as he punched in the number seemed to arouse Elizabeth. She groaned.
Kimberly gasped. “ Lizzie…….”
“Bethie….” Elizabeth’s voice was weak.
“It’s Kimber. Lizzie, open your eyes.”
Slowly Elizabeth opened her eyes and focused on Kimberly’s face. “The others?”
Kimberly smiled. “David and Urs are here.”
Elizabeth tried to turn her head but Sebastien knelt beside her blocking the view. He smiled sweetly at her. “Welcome home Cherie. How do you feel?”
Elizabeth began to sit up so both Kimberly and Sebastien helped her. “We got back. We really got back.”
Kimberly hugged her friend. “Sure you did Lizzie but what happened to your clothes?”
Elizabeth looked down at her dress, looked back at Kimberly and then burst into tears. “Oh god Kimber we couldn’t save him, He died, Declan still died.” Elizabeth sobbed as Kimberly held her tight and the others looked on helpless.

Carlos had been looking with intent to the clothes that David and Urs had been wearing and with Elizabeth’s words he thought he knew where they had been. He cleared his throat. “Bella, you have been with Declan and Uri?”
Elizabeth only nodded not willing to talk for fear of breaking down again.
Carlos continues. “You arrived too late to save Declan?”
This time Elizabeth shook her head. Sebastien had gone back to Urs and David and was trying to make them more comfortable by placing several cushions under their heads. He stopped when he heard Elizabeth’s frail voice. “No. We arrived in plenty of time. They still had to go into battle. I thought we had lost David and Danny as well.”
Kimberly looked at her stunned. “Lizzie how long do you think you have been gone?”
Elizabeth looked from Kimberly to Carlos to Sebastien. “How long do you think we have been gone?”
It was Carlos who answered. “Six hours, maybe seven.”
They all saw the shocked look on Elizabeth’s face and her tears started again. Sebastien came back to her side and pulled her to her feet, hugging her. “You have been gone so much longer have you not Cherie? Come I think you should rest.”
As Sebastien started to guide her to the bedroom she stopped and knelt down between David and Urs. First she kissed David. “Wake up David we are home.”
Looking over to Urs, Elizabeth did not say anything, just kissed him on the forehead, letting a tear fall on his face.
Kimberly came to stand next to her. “I’ll look after them Lizzie. They will be okay.”
Elizabeth hugged her friend one more time. “Look after Urs Kimber. He’s so hurt.”
“I will.”
Sebastien silently led Elizabeth to the bedroom while Kimberly went to kneel between the two unconscious men. She looked to Carlos. “What did she mean Carlos? Urs doesn’t look as bad as David?”
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Chapter 66
Doctor Horton arrived with several paramedics in tow only nodding briefly at Kimberly, Carlos and Sebastien as his attention was focused on the still two unconscious bodies on the floor. Sebastien and Kimberly had tried to move them but their efforts had been futile.
Dr Horton quickly assessed the state of the two. “We need to get them to hospital.” Standing he made way for the two paramedics. As they made ready to transport David by stretcher one of them called for assistance. “M.E.U zero, zero two to M.E.U zero four nine. Request second stretcher.”
Dr Horton then looked to Carlos who had not moved from the couch. “You’ve not escaped this mess have you Mr Marin?”
The doctor pushed on Carlos’ shoulder and he winced.
“I can put this back in for you but I still want you to come to the hospital for x rays to make sure there is no ligament damage.”
Silently Carlos nodded.
The doctor looked Carlos straight in the eyes. “This is going to hurt like hell.”
Carlos went to nod but yelled in pain as the doctor relocated his shoulder. Kimberly shouted and Sebastien swore under his breath.
The two paramedics just went about their business having got David onto the stretcher. “We’re ready to transport this one Doc.”
Dr Horton nodded but Sebastien went to stand next to David. “I am going with my friend.”
Dr Horton nodded his approval and Sebastien left with the paramedics just as two more arrived with the other stretcher for Urs.
Kimberly had gone to kneel next to him while the doctor put a sling on Carlos’ arm to help ease his pain.
Her voice was strained. “He is going to be alright isn’t he?”
Dr Horton looked from Urs to Kimberly and gave her a small smile. “We’ll get him to the hospital then we will know more.”
“I want to go with him.”
The doctor was about to give his approval when Carlos mentioned the fact that Elizabeth was still sleeping in the other room.
The Doctor shot him a worried look as he began to walk to the bedroom. “Is she alright?”
Carlos nodded. “Yes, she was awake, we spoke. She was just very upset.”
Carlos and Kimberly followed the doctor into Elizabeth’s room. He checked her over and she only stirred a little. “Everything seems to be okay. I would rather not leave her on her own though.”
“I will stay with her.” Kimberly’s voice was choked with her own tears.
Dr Horton smiled and placed his hands gently on her shoulders. “I will take good care of your friends. I promise.”

Kimberly sat on the side of Elizabeth’s bed and watched the doctor guide Carlos out of the hotel room. “Please be okay.”

The sight of two ambulances parked outside the hotel had sent the whole place buzzing so when the stretchers appeared in the lobby everyone was curious as to whom it was. Carlos and the doctor had ridden down in the lift with Urs and this may have been the end of it but someone had recognised Carlos and shouted out his name.
He looked to see a women coming towards him and tried to smile but kept walking. She fell in step beside him and was about to ask how he was when her eyes fell on Urs. “Oh Carlos what happened to you all? Are you all hurt?”
She was beginning to cry.
“Arr Bella, It was a little accident we shall be alright. Just a precaution, you shall see.”
Once again she looked at Urs as he was loaded into the back of the ambulance. “But Carlos, Urs, he’s….:”
Carlos stopped her by putting his hand on her arm and giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Urs is a strong man. He will be okay.”
Carlos got into the back of the ambulance and watched the woman out the back window as they drove off. She already had her mobile phone out.
Carlos sighed. It was obvious she was a fan, how long would it take for the news of their little mishap to spread? Did she know that David and Sebastien were also on the way to the hospital? Would anyone on the hotel staff leak the news?
As it was the management had sent someone up to the room to check on the rest of the occupants. Cautiously Kimberly opened the door to the room. Smiling down at her was a very large African American porter. “Afternoon Miss. The hotel has sent me to see that you have everything you need.”
Kimberley was about to answer when the porter’s eyes scanned across the room behind her and a little frown appeared. “I think I best get to making this room ship shape.” Again he smiled down at her. “Would you mind if I came in and tidied up a little?”
Kimberly made room for him and he entered. The porter bowed a little and carried on talking while he made the room presentable. “Is there anything you need Miss. I am more than happy to do anything for you. The hotel has assigned me as your personal valet for the time being.”
It was Kimberly’s turn to have a small frown on her face. “I don’t understand.”
“Seems they want to make sure that the hotel does not get a bad name out of all this.”
“Why would they. I mean it was not their fault.” Kimberly was still confused.
“I think it has to do with who was involved not what happened.”
Kimberly smiled. “I don’t think the hotel has anything to worry about. But it was nice of them to volunteer you to be our valet.”
The porter smiled at her words. “I like that…. volunteered. My name is Henry by the way.”
He held out his large hand for her to shake.
“Mine’s Kimberly. Henry you are so tall. How tall are you?”
Henry smiled. “Just on 7 foot.”
Again Kimberley smiled. “I like your Henry.”
Henry smiled and bowed a little. “Now is there anything I can do for you? “
Kimberly looked to the bedroom. She desperately wanted to go to the hospital but worried about Elizabeth.
“You are worried about your friend?”
“I think she is just exhausted but my other friends have gone to the hospital. I don’t know how they are.”
“I would be happy to stay with your friend here if you like.”
Kimberly shook her head. “No, she would not know who you are when she wakes up and after what she has been through that might not be a good thing.”
“If we wake her and she knew who I was then surely that would be ok.”
Kimberly thought for a moment when Henry continued. “If she does not want you to go then you do not go but at least let her make a choice.”

Gently Kimberly nudged Elizabeth and waited for her to wake. “Hi Lizzie. How are you feeling?”
“Better. I heard voices before, are David and Urs alright?”
Kimberly bit her lip and the tears she had been holding back began to flow. “Dr Horton has been, he took them all to the hospital.”
Elizabeth was shocked, pushing herself up the bed and trying to get out.
“Where are you going Lizzie?”
Elizabeth looked at her friend as she stood. “Where do you think? We’re going to the hospital.”
Kimberly was a little taken back. “But…. Are you okay? I mean shouldn’t you rest.”
Elizabeth gave her a hug. “Kimber, I can’t explain now but I have been through so much lately. We’ve all been through so much. I have to be with David.”
It was then that Elizabeth pushed her hands down her dress to straighten it and she realised what she was wearing. “Oh dear. I guess I better find something else to wear. Maybe I should go home. ”
Kimberley smiled and took hold of Elizabeth’s hand. “Come with me. I think we can fix that.”
Henry turned and smiled at the two women as they entered the lounge. “Miss Kimberly. Miss Elizabeth.”
Elizabeth stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Henry and Kimberly laughed. “Yeah he’s a big fella. Lizzie this is our Valet courtesy of the hotel.”
Elizabeth smiled and gave Henry a small wave as Kimberley continued. “Henry do you think the hotels hospitality would stretch to a new set of clothes for my friend. She wants to go to the hospital and I’m not about to take her looking like that.”
Elizabeth went to protest but Henry only smiled, holding up his hand. “I think that is a brilliant suggestion Miss Kimberly. Just give me a moment to call the Hotel boutique, let them know to expect you.”
Elizabeth whispered to Kimberly. “I have perfectly good clothes at home you know.”
“So. When are we ever going to get the chance to shop in a place like this again? Have you seen the prices in that shop downstairs and the clothes?”
“Yes I have.”
Henry put the phone down. “All arranged ladies. If you would like to follow me it would be my pleasure to escort you.” He gave Elizabeth a concerned look. “Are you up to this Miss Elizabeth? I can have something brought up for you to try on if you like.”
Elizabeth shook her head as she began to head for the door. “I’ve just stood on a battle field and watched men get hurt and injured and die. I’ve had to suffer the loss of great friends, I can get myself to a shop and to a hospital I think.”
Henry watched as Elizabeth took off down the hallway to the elevators. Walking next to Kimberly he bent down and whispered to her. “Feisty that one but she talked of strange things. Are you sure she is alright.”
Kimberly took hold of Henry’s hand. “Promise me not to ask about that Henry. From what I can gather they have all been through a great deal.”
She felt him squeeze her hand. “Your secret is safe with me.”
For some reason Kimberly knew that it was, knew that Henry held many secrets close to his heart and it made her feel safe.
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Chapter 67
After the looks and stares that she had been given as she had walked through the hotel lobby Elizabeth was grateful she had not opted to walk home. Her medieval attire would be the topic of many a conversation in the hotel coffee shop that day. While she was trying on several outfits Elizabeth had mentioned to Kimberly that maybe Urs and David would need a change of clothes for when they were discharged. By the time she had chosen an outfit Henry had returned with a small bag packed for both men. Elizabeth smiled at the ever efficient valet but wondered what he had packed and if indeed it was the right clothes. If not she could always come back to the hotel and change them.

There was a sleek, black sedan with tinted windows waiting for them at the front of the hotel. Henry opened the back door for both ladies to enter and then got into the front passenger seat giving the driver the direction to the hospital. Elizabeth patted Henry on the shoulder. “This is very nice Henry but very unnecessary. We could have caught a cab.”
“No Miss Elizabeth. You are in my care for now and the hotel has given me permission to use any of its services that you may require. I think a lady who has been through so much requires the very best.”
Elizabeth looked at Kimberly. “Did you tell him?”
Kimberly shook her head. “Not a thing…… but Lizzie, he’s not brain dead. Who do you think fixed up the room? He would have seen Urs and David. He may not know exactly what is going on but he knows it has been traumatic. Besides how can I tell him anything? I don’t have a clue what the hell is going on except my new friends are hurt. My best friend has been back in time and came back looking like thirteenth century royalty. And I am not sure I want to hear what you have to tell me.”
Henry had been listening to their conversation but kept his eyes on the road. He had smiled when Kimberly had mentioned he was not brain dead. Indeed he was not, having successfully completing a double degree in law and bio engineering, fluent in Spanish, Italian, French and Japanese, well versed in the arts and an avid reader. Once he had finished his study he was in such desperate need of human contact that he put his career on hold just wanting to interact with people for the sake of interacting. Hence the job as a porter. He loved what he was doing and he got to meet so many people who had no idea who he really was. Some were arrogant and rude towards him thinking his status as a porter was beneath them, others polite. His height did intimidate many and he knew it was this fact that had gained him the job. But the people he liked the most were those that treated him as an equal and those special people like the two fragile flowers that now sat in the back of the car. People who were kind, considerate, had that special something about them.
So it was with interest and concern that he listened as Elizabeth tried to explain to Kimberly what had happened, where they had all been for much, much longer than the eight hours Kimberly said they had been gone. Kimberley cried and held Elizabeth’s hand as she retold their story. Henry’s own heart was gripped with pain. When Elizabeth had first begun to tell her tale he thought it fanciful and she had been telling it for his benefit to see if he was listening but then he realised Elizabeth was so lost in the telling she had forgotten where she was. As she described Declan’s funeral he wanted so much to turn around and hold her, hearing the pain and anguish in her voice but also the pride when she spoke of the King when he had knighted them all.
Kimberly let out a little gasp as she brushed the tears away from her face. “Oh my gosh Urs and David are knights. Real honest to goodness King Arthur type knights. Does that mean we have to call them Sir David Miller and Sir Urs Buhler?”
Kimberly’s comment gave Elizabeth a reason to laugh a little and the atmosphere in the car lightened.
Henry smiled to himself. Maybe Miss Elizabeth was strong enough to make it through all that she had spoken of, but he still wondered at what point she may break down, what thing would trigger all the emotions she had yet to release.
He cleared his throat before he turned to let them know they had arrived at the hospital.
Elizabeth caught his gaze and Henry nodded slightly. In that moment she comprehended that he had heard all she had said and that he understood.
Henry got out of the car and opened the door for them to alight. Guiding Kimberly to the footpath first. Then taking Elizabeth’s hand. “I believe you Miss Elizabeth. You worry for your friends but remember to look after yourself as well. You have been through more than one human should ever have to endure.”
Elisabeth was a little stunned but Henry just stood smiling down at her.
“Thank you Henry it means a lot to know you don’t think I am a fruit cake.”
“Far from it Miss Elizabeth. A courageous women. But even the most courageous need time to heal when they have been wounded so.”
Elizabeth squeezed his hand, sometimes when he talked he reminded her of Uri, of the King.

Dr Horton had admitted David and Urs into the same room and had initially hoped that he would have to do nothing more than wait for the two men to wake up. They were not unconscious in the true meaning of the word but once again he found himself with patients that presented him with a quandary. Their brain functions danced around so wildly he was amazed that they were not awake. He had even gone as far as trying to wake them the same way he had done with David when Urs had begged him to help his friend. But it had not worked.
Dr Horton was now standing with paddles in his hands after having to shock Urs’ heart back into working order for the second time. Standing between the beds surrounded by his team of nurses the doctor looked to David, waiting, checking his monitors. If he had to shock him again it would be number three for David. It seemed that each time David went into cardiac arrest Urs followed. His staff looked on stunned at what was happening to the two men. Not only did the monitors sound out shrill alarms each time their hearts failed but cuts, bruises and even open wounds seemed to instantly appear. One nurse gasped when she saw what looked like an impression of teeth marks appear on Urs’ shoulder.
Dr Horton had no time to explain to his staff, nor did he really want to try, just ordering them to take care of the wounds as they showed up.
His eyes darted to David as one more time the alarms sounded and his heart failed. Ready with the paddles he barked orders at his staff and one more time cold steel connected with David’s chest, his body jerking as the electricity was sent surging through it.
This was the scene that greeted Elizabeth, Henry and Kimberly as they walked into the room. Both women shouted, Dr Horton about to tell them to leave when Urs’ monitors shrieked into life. Again Elizabeth and Kimberly cried out.
As he worked on Urs, Dr Horton did order them out of the room and before either one could protest Henry gathered them into his arms and pulled them back out into the hallway. He could feel both of them struggling to be released from his hold protesting to go back.
Henry’s voice was calm and smooth as he spoke. “There are enough people in there already. The doctor will do all he can. I know this.”
Elizabeth went to protest again. “What the hell is going on? How come they need to start their hearts?”
Henry stood both women in front of him. “I don’t know but I am sure that they will let us know something as soon as they can.” He looked up and down the hall seeing the sign for the waiting room. “Let’s go and wait. We can do nothing but pray at the moment.”
Both women went to protest and both thought better of it, allowing Henry to guide them to the waiting room.
As the three of them walked in Sebastien and Carlos stood, a cloud of concern crossing both their faces as they saw Elizabeth and Kimberly. Instinctively both men opened their arms, well Sebastien did, Carlos injured shoulder had been x rayed and strapped as a precaution. However their invitation was taken up by both women, Elizabeth going to Carlos and Kimberly tucking herself into Sebastien’s embrace. Both men looked to Henry for answers.
Henry bowed a little, introduced himself and then explained what they had just seen.
In unison both Carlos and Sebastien swore in their respective languages.
Sebastien could feel Kimberly’s body trembling. “How can this be? What can have happened to cause this? Elizabeth came back to us unscathed.”

Back in the room Dr Horton was shocking David for the fifth time. As his heart rate returned to normal he turned waiting to do the same to Urs, he was not disappointed.
If the Doctor had really known what was happening, it may have gone some way to explaining why both David and Urs’ bodies were reacting as they did.

They were dreaming, intense, and overwhelming dreams. They were dreaming of everything that had happened. Not only to them but to Uri, Declan, Danny and Urian. Dreams that neither man had ever had before, dreams that went back into history. Dreams that found them in each battle that Declan and Uri had fought up until the very last one they had all fought together. Dreams that had them living Danny and Urian’s lives from the day they met until the day of Declan’s funeral. They saw, they felt, they lived everything. In their dreams David and Urs recognised each other, understood that they were living lives that were not their own. The one thing that they did not know was the fact that they were dreaming. Each man thinking he was on a roller coaster of time travel, somehow having been thrust into the lives of their ancestors and not able to get out. To those around them they were Uri and Declan or Danny and Urian. But trapped inside was David and Urs with no way home or so they thought.

While in their dream state they had decided that they could not go on any longer, confused and exhausted both men gave up their fight. Each time this happened their hearts would fail and Dr Horton would shock them back to life, each time they would start to dream all over again from the very beginning.
In their dream state neither man understood why it happened, all they wanted was for it to be over.

Just as Dr Horton was about to shock David for the sixth time he stopped. Paddles poised above his chest, listening to the monitor as it screeched in his ear. He waited, his team got nervous and then Urs’ monitor began sounding out its warning. Several nurses came to help but Dr Horton stopped them. “No, no more. If they can’t keep going on their own, we can’t keep doing this. No more.”
Watched by horrified nurses, Dr Horton placed the paddles back on the cart and stood motionless as David and Urs went into cardiac arrest, their hearts failed and the monitors flat lined. Several nurses moved over to the monitors; switched them off, the room fell silent.
David and Urs were dead.
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Chapter 68
Elizabeth grabbed at her hand as she felt the tingle begin; rubbing it with her other hand she looked to the others. “Something is wrong.”
Her words stirred them all from their individual thoughts.
Henry had been standing at the door making sure that no one left and more importantly no one else felt the need to use the waiting room. He stepped in front of Elizabeth. “Do you need a doctor Miss Elizabeth?”
She shook her head. “No it’s not me…” Suddenly flashes of images raced through her mind, the panic and fear that contorted her face worried the others as they all closed in around her. “My god. NO!!!!!!, their dead!!!!!!Noooooo!!!!!”
They all saw the crack of electricity as it left her hand and Elizabeth collapsed into Henry’s arms. In turn Henry swept her up like a doll meaning to take her to a doctor when Sebastien took hold of her arm. “Who is dead Cherie?”
Elizabeth did not open her eyes just uttered one word that sent them all rushing from the room “David…….”
Henry followed them still with her in his arms to be confronted by Dr Horton who was on his way to give them the news. This was the one part of his job he did not like at all. Before he knew it he was surrounded by Kimberly, Sebastien and Carlos all talking at once so he did not see Elizabeth in Henry’s arms immediately. He was just about to let them know that he had not been able to save their friends when he did see her and his focus changed. Looking at Henry. “What happened?’
“She collapsed.”
The Doctor beckoned for Henry to follow him to the room next to David and Urs. Kimberly grabbed him by the arm. “Doc she said that David was dead. What was she talking about?”
Trying not to show the truth on his face Dr Horton busied getting Elizabeth comfortable on the bed with Henry’s help. He then called for a nurse. By this time everyone was in the same room, all looking to the doctor, all waiting for his answer. Dr Horton checked her vital signs, the science said that she had just fainted but because of what he had witnessed next door he was no longer sure if he could put his faith in the science where these people were concerned.
The door opened and a nurse who had been with him earlier walked in. “Keep an eye on her nurse. Call me if there is any change.”
The doctor walked to the door and the others followed him back outside. Sebastien stopped him by pulling on his arm. She will be alright yes? David will be alright?”
Dr Horton sighed a little and Henry stood a little closer to Kimberly having a sixth sense as to what was about to happen.
“Your lady friend has fainted, she is very exhausted but yes I think she will be all right.”
They all smiled then Carlos asked about David. “And our friend David, he…”
The look on the doctor’s face stopped him.
“I’m sorry, we did everything we could but in the end it was not enough, we lost them.”
Kimberly let out a stifled shout as she covered her mouth with her hand.
Sebastien swore in French.
Carlos was so dumfounded he could not find any words to speak.
It was Henry who asked the doctor what had happened.
With a heavy heart Dr Horton explained. “I am sorry. I want to be very honest with you. I have no idea why they died.”
Again Kimberly stifled a cry and Henry placed his hands on her shoulders.
The doctor continued. “We tried to revive them more than once but each time they seemed to slip away.” He looked around at all of them. “I know this sounds strange and if I was with anyone else I would not say it. But it was almost like they were connected somehow. If Mr Miller went into arrest so did Mr Buhler.”
Hearing these words Kimberly could not hold back her grief any longer, letting out a mournful cry, collapsing into Henry’s arms.
One more time he found himself carrying someone in need of aid. Dr Horton guided them back to the room that Elizabeth was in to the surprise of the nurse.
No one noticed that Carlos had not followed them. He had gone to David and Urs’ room. The two nurses that had been left to release David and Urs from the machines they had been hooked up to smiled silently at him.
Carlos stood at the foot of the beds looking down at his friends. To Carlos it looked like they were just sleeping. “What happened my friends? Que te ha passado? What happened?”
A small tear escaped, running silently down his face.
Carlos felt a hand on his shoulder. Sebastien stood in silence behind him, his own grief overtaking him. He wanted to shout, to scream yet it was as if his voice had frozen. So it was Carlos that spoke again. “She was right, she knew, Elizabeth was right. They are gone.”
Feeling like the two men needed time on their own the nurses left. Carlos went to stand at the side of David’s bed and Sebastien stood next to Urs. At first he was not sure if he was seeing things just right. As he watched Urs’ wounds and bruises were disappearing. “Carlos do you see this?’
In a dejected tone Carlos answered. “See what Sebastien?”
Sebastien pointed to Urs and pulled back the sheets. “Look.!!!”
Carols watched in awe as the bruises on Urs’ chest and stomach began to clear. He pulled back the sheet that covered David and the same thing was happening. He sighed. “Only now, in death are they free from the torment that caused them so much pain.”
Sebastien looked to Carlos, then back down to Urs, placing his hand on his arm. “I am so sorry my Swiss friend. Je vous plains.”

Next door Elizabeth was coming round, groaning she looked up to see the Doctor and then Henry. Her tears flowed as pain gripped her heart. “It’s true they are gone, they are both gone.”
Dr Horton nodded knowing there was nothing he could say and all of Elizabeth’s grief left her on a wave of such heart wrenching sorrow the doctor thought he would have to sedate her. “Noooooooo. They were supposed to live, this is not right.”
Henry sat on the edge of the bed and gathered her into his arms letting her cry, his own heart being overwhelmed by an all consuming anguish with each new wail that escaped from so deep with in her.
Elizabeth held onto him for fear that she would loose herself in the torment that engulfed her soul. Now she understood how Beth-Elena had felt, why she had ended up cursing them in her quest to be with Declan for eternity. Between the sorrow and the grief, somewhere through the physical and emotional pain she understood, she understood and she needed to be with David.
Pulling back from Henry, drying her eyes and taking a deep breath in the hopes that her resolve would return Elizabeth looked at the doctor. “I need to see them.”
A small voice came from the other bed as Kimberly sat herself up. “I want to see them as well.”
Kimberly’s resolve was not as strong as Elizabeth’s and her tears began to flow once more, her chin trembling as she fought to hold them back.
Elizabeth went to her and gathered her friend into her arms. “We’ll do this together shall we?”
Dr Horton and Henry watched in silenced sorrow.

Sebastien and Carlos tried to smile at the two women as they entered the room and again Elizabeth went to stand nestled under Carlos’ arm as Sebastien gathered Kimberly into his embrace and gave her a small kiss on the top of her head.
Looking down into David’s face Elizabeth sighed, taking his hand in hers. “I will love you for always and forever my sweet knight.” She took a breath. “Why did you have to leave? What did you dream that would make you leave?”
Elizabeth choked back a cry.
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Chapter 69
To say that the colonel was stunned by the story he had been told would have been an understatement. To say that he had a hard time believing what he was being told would have been true. But as he kept turning the mobile phone over in his hand he came to the conclusion that it was not one of Danny’s far fetched practical jokes, it was very ,very real and he did believe them. The two men that sat in the hospital beds before him had changed. He could see it in their eyes, it was the same look he had seen in other battle weary soldiers, a look that told him they had seen and done things that would live with them forever. What had convinced him of the truth of the matter and what worried him the most was he could see the same change in Bethie. There was an innocence that had left her and it had nothing to do with the war they were fighting.
The colonel handed the phone back to Urian as the three travellers waited to hear what he had to say. “I could say this was all a bunch of malarkey and that would settle much better in me. I could but I can’t. I know what you are telling me is the truth. I wish it wasn’t for all our sakes but I do believe you.”
All three sighed and the Colonel looked to Bethie. “I’m so sorry you had to go through all that.” He took her hand and squeezed it “These lads are trained to handle dangerous situations. You are a very strong woman Beth.” The colonel leaned in and gave her a small kiss on the cheek, whispering to her at the same time. “Trained they maybe but I think they will need your strength in the months to come.”
Stepping back, he looked from each one and then back to Bethie. “I have no idea how I can help you but I am here for you, all of you. You have my word.”

The hospital ward was silent as they watched the colonel leave. Trying to lighten the mood Danny was a little flippant. “Well that went better than expected. How the hell did we end up with Elizabeth’s phone?”
Bethie sighed. “Her dress, it didn’t have a pocket; she gave it to me for safe keeping.” Bethie began to cry as she looked at both men. “You died didn’t you, you both died, in the house I saw it.”
Danny and Urian looked at each other knowing full well what she was talking about. If they had been able to speak to Urs and David they would have understood that all four had suffered the same fate on their return to their own time.
Danny swung himself from his bed and went to his wife, pulling her into his arms. “Maybe we did my sweet but I always knew we would not be gone forever. I also know that David, Elizabeth and Urs are safe.”
Bethie looked at him.
“If they were not we would never have gone on this journey. They are safe in the future.”
This time she looked to Urian, he nodded and smiled weakly at her. “My heart tells me that my cousin is safe and well Bethie. Do not fret for them.”
Bethie smiled. “Did your dreams tell you this?”
Again Urian smiled but sadness crossed his face. “I’m not sure if I can call it a dream but I do know he is safe, David is alive.” He saw the question about to leave her lips “So is sweet Lizzie. The curse seems to have been broken.”
Again Bethie saw the sadness cloud his eyes, her heart ached that she could not love him the way he wanted or needed to be loved.
Urian sank back into the bed, closing his eyes and wondering if the curse really had been lifted. For the others maybe; but would he ever find true love? Would his heart allow him to love another as he did Bethie? Turning Elizabeth’s phone over in his hand much the same way as the colonel had Urian let the small tears of heartache escape.

As their house had been destroyed Bethie and Danny lived with Urian until the end of the war. Bethie worried every time they went on a mission, she worried that neither of them spoke of their adventures. She had tried on several occasions to engage them but neither man would open up. It was their silence that was almost the undoing of Bethie and Danny’s marriage and the friendship all three had with each other. Although the war had been over for months Bethie sought out the colonel and it was with his intervention that they managed to get Danny and Urian to see what they were doing to themselves and Bethie.
While the men found solace and closure with each other Bethie had found her own outlet in the most curious of places; Urian’s sister. As smart and as intelligent as her older brother she was also very, very intuitive and managed to tease the story out of Bethie over the time they had become friends. It was when they came to the issue of her brother’s love for Bethie that she broke down. And it was while talking with Urian’s sister that Bethie finally accepted she could do nothing to heal his hurt.
It was also with the aid of his sister that they hatched a plan as only females can to see if they could help find that someone who would love him and that Urian may love in turn. A plan that failed for many reason, one being the fact that after the war Urian went back to Switzerland never thinking to return to England but work and the love of the country did bring him back. Back and into the arms of Bethie’s sister.
A meeting at a dinner party put on by Bethie for his return and slowly the years of pain began to erode as her sisters love for Urian worked its way through the wall he had built to protect himself and into his heart.
Bethie was overcome with emotion the day she saw Urian return her sisters love. She was proud of her sister for not giving up on him and when they announced they were to be married she was over the moon.
She finally felt as though the curse had left them; now the future was in the hands of those who had not yet been born.
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Chapter 70
Elizabeth brushed her hand through David’s hair as her tears fell and Kimberly lent over and kissed Urs tenderly on the lips. She gasped and touched her own lips a little shocked. Sebastien put his hand on her shoulder. “Are you alright Cherie? Is something wrong?”
“It tingled.”
Elizabeth looked at her a little confused. “What did?”
“When I kissed him. It tingled.”
Again Elizabeth had to choke back tears so she could speak, she dared not hope that what she was thinking could possibly be true. “Kimber you have to be very, very honest with me. It’s important. Do you love him, really love him?”
The room was silent; all eyes on Kimberly who just looked back at Elizabeth mortified. “Please Kimber. I saw the way you looked at him the first time you met. I need to know.”
“I haven’t known him long. Not long enough anyway.”
Elizabeth cut her off. “But what does your heart tell you?”
Kimberly bit her lip. She already knew what her heart spoke. It had been thundering in her ears since the first time their eyes met. Her answer brought gasps of shock from Sebastien and Carlos. “Yes……….. I love him.”
Elizabeth continued. “Can you, will you love him even if he cannot return your love?”
Kimberly’s tears flowed ever faster washing her face with the realisation that Urs may never love her. “How can I not love him; he stole my heart and my soul the first time he walked into the room.”
Elizabeth gave her a weak smile. “Then kiss him like you mean it. Kiss him and show him how much you love him.”
Sebastien and Carlos looked from Elizabeth to Kimberly witnessing some unspoken communication between the two as Henry and Dr Horton joined them.

Much the same way as Elizabeth had, Kimberly brushed her hand through Urs’ hair. “I do love you; I will love you even if it means never having your love in return.”
Slowly she bent down to kiss him.
Dr Horton was about to protest when Henry stopped him with a less than gentle grip on his arm.
As her lips touched Urs’ Kimberly felt the tingle again but this time instead of pulling away she continued to kiss him. The tingle from her lips permeated through her whole body and she wondered if she would pass out; then it happened. Urs’ lips felt warmer and then he began to kiss her back.
Elizabeth saw first as she had been watching for it; the small rise of his chest as he took that first breath of life.
The others were all stunned, astounded into silence when they saw him raise his arms to hold her.
Urs gently pushed Kimberly back to see her tears and her smile. “Welcome back.”
He was a little confused, uncertain of where he was when he heard Sebastien’s voice as his friend rattled off his amazement in a flurry of French that made Henry smile. Urs coughed and replied to his friends’ questions also in French. He then looked back to Kimberly as the doctor came over to check his vital sings. He spoke to her in French at first then in English. “You did this?”
Kimberly nodded.
Urs was overwhelmed by the implication of her actions. “You love me?”
Again all Kimberly could do was nod her head and squeeze his hand.
Urs felt like he had been hit by lightening again, his love for Elizabeth still very raw and real. He had no idea if he could ever love anyone again, had never expected anyone to love him. He did however understand that it was Kimberly’s love for him that had brought him back from the darkness that had taken him. In a strained, weak voice he spoke. “Thank you.”
Urs followed Kimberly’s gaze as she looked to Elizabeth. “It worked Lizzie, it has to work for David, it just has to…….”
All eyes were on Elizabeth as she bent over to kiss David.
As their lips touched everyone else tensed hearing the rumble of thunder ricochet around the room. Carlos crossed himself while Sebastien swore in French and touched his still throbbing head wound. Kimberly felt like cowering in the corner of the room but instead threw herself over Urs to protect him.
Henry slapped his hand on the doctor’s shoulders. “I think you are in for a surprise doc. Hold on, this is going to be one hell of a ride.”
As Elizabeth continued to kiss David she could feel the heat from his lips invade her own, only vaguely aware of what was happening around her. All her thoughts, her prayers were focused on David and getting him back.
The thunder intensified, the room began to tremble like it was in the throws of an earth tremor, electricity crackled making all but Henry ducked in the fear they would be struck.
Urs wrapped his arms around Kimberly but kept his eyes on David. David needed to be alive. Urs was not sure he could continue to live if David did not. It was David’s life they had gone back to save.

The thunder kept rumbling around the room and just as everyone thought there was no more to come Elizabeth yelled, standing straight and tense with her hands on David’s chest and her head tilted upwards. She was shaking but she was ridged. Everyone saw the electricity rushing down her arms into David’s chest. Dr Horton rushed to her side and in a move much too fast for Henry to stop he touched her and was flung across the room. As Henry attended to the doctor there was a roaring explosion of light and sound as Elizabeth was also flung away from David landing heavily against the wall. Kimberly screamed but she was drowned out by the sound of the lightening that now seemed to be striking out at every corner of the room, leaving scorch marks as it travelled, striking out from David’s chest.
Dr Horton came to just in time to see David sit bolt upright and shout. “ELIZABETH!!!!”
As David slumped back into his bed the room suddenly became eerily quiet. No one moved. Then Dr Horton gained his senses and hurried to check on David as everyone waited. Henry had Elizabeth in his arms, she was unconscious but breathing.
Carlos could not contain himself any longer. “Well Doctor?......”
“He’s alive.”
As if to reassure his friends David spoke. His voice was quiet and a little breathless. “Urs, where’s Urs.”
“I am here my friend.”
Every part of David’s body ached, he was so tired he could not even open his eyes and like Urs he was confused and not sure if he was still dreaming. “Where are we Urs, this feels different”
Kimberly squeezed Urs’ hand as he gave David his answer. “We are home.” Urs coughed and winced at the pain still humming through his own body. “Home David, back in our own time.”
David slowly turned his head and opened his eyes to see Urs smiling at him from the other bed. “Home?”
Although Urs smiled at David it was Sebastien who spoke. “Yes my friend you are home.”
Again David turned his head but instead of seeing Sebastien he saw Elizabeth in Henry’s arms. Shocked at the sight David tried to move but yelled as he grabbed his leg in pain. Again he fell back gasping for breath. “Lizzie!!!! Is she alright?! Someone tell me, is she all right!!!!!!!”
Henry’s voice rose above all others. “Yes David she is alright, just concussed when she hit the wall.”
David gasped again in pain as Dr Horton pulled back the sheets and looked at his leg. It looked perfect, no bruises, no scars, and no open wounds. “David what does your leg feel like.”
“It hurts Doc,” He tried to move it and sucked in his breath. “Like it’s broken. Lizzie, look after Elizabeth.”
The all looked to Henry who was still holding Elizabeth in his arms like she weighed nothing. He also had his back up against the door stopping anyone from coming in.
Henry smiled at David although he still had his eyes closed. “She will be looked after David.” Henry looked to Dr Horton. “I shall take her back to the other room Doc. You come and see her when you get this sorted.”
Henry left to the stares of the nurses outside the room who had been trying to get in.
Dr Horton ushered everyone else out of the room stating that his two patients needed to rest.
David had drifted back off to sleep but Urs coughed as Kimberly was about to leave. “Can she stay?”
Urs was looking straight at Kimberly as the Doctor gently pushed her back into the room.
She stood between David and his bed. “Are you sure?”
Urs took hold of her hand. “No. I need this to be real. If you are here then it is real.”
Urs drifted off to sleep still holding her hand and Kimberly cried wondering if he would ever love her. She dried her eyes watching the doctor as he looked over David. “He going to be ok Doc?”
Not taking his eyes of his work Dr Horton answered her “ I think they are both exhausted but I don’t understand why David’s leg hurts him so much there is nothing wrong with it.”
“It’s not broken?”
Kimberly took a deep breath. “Doc Lizzie told me what happened to him in…..”
She wasn’t sure how much she should tell the doctor.
“It’s alright. They told me all about the dreams.”
“No doc, it was more than dreams. You heard Urs say they were back. Well they left; they really did travel back in time. That’s when David hurt his leg. He almost died. He got shot down in a plane in world war two. It took them weeks to get back to England.”
Dr Horton looked at Kimberly a little confused. “Weeks but?”
She cut him off. “Yeah I know. But Elizabeth said he never really recovered from …”She didn’t finish as she felt Urs squeeze her hand.
“He is here Urs. It is okay you made it home.” She felt him Squeeze her again as he once more drifted back to sleep. A sleep that for the first time contained no dreams. A sleep that was quiet and healing.
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Chapter 71
With Dr Horton’s permission Elizabeth went back to be with David. Carlos and Sebastien were hovering at the door but before they could give their argument for getting back in to see Urs and David the doctor stopped them. “I know gentleman, but give me a few minutes with the patients and I will decide whether they can have more visitors.”
Elizabeth hugged them both. “They will be alright; we’ll all be together again soon.”
Just before she entered the room Henry touched her on the shoulder. “Miss Elizabeth. I need to attend to something.” He handed her his mobile phone. I will not be long but if you need anything call me.”
Elizabeth had a quizzical look on her face. “But this is your phone Henry, how am I supposed to call you?”
Smiling Henry pulled yet another phone from his pocket. “On this. Just hit the number one and it will connect.”
“Thank you Henry, you have been a great help.”
Elizabeth took a deep breath before following Dr Horton into the room. Kimberly had been sitting next to Urs holding his hand the whole time he slept. She smiled at her friend. “You okay Lizzie?”
“Yeah, just a bump on the head. How is Urs?”
Kimberly stole a quick look at him. He looks so peaceful; it’s hard to imagine that you have all just gone through so much.”
David stirred as the Doctor checked his vital signs and his leg, drawing Elizabeth’s attention. She smiled down at him waiting for his eyes to open. As David focused on her face a small tear escaped down her cheek. “Don’t cry Lizzie.” His hand reached up to gently brush it away. “Are you hurt?”
Elizabeth shook her head. “No just a headache.”
David looked to the doctor. “And me Doc what’s the verdict?”
Dr Horton sighed; he really had no idea what he was going to tell them. “How does your leg feel?”
David moved his leg and winced, he took hold of Elizabeth’s hand when he saw the pain and concern on her face. “Still hurts Doc but not as bad.”
“Well considering how you have recovered from your other errr, injuries. I am hoping you will recover from this one very quickly as well. But you both need some rest. So I want to keep you here for a few days just to be on the safe side.”
A glint of cheekiness washed over David’s face. “Make sure we don’t have a relapse more like it. Right Doc?”
Dr Horton looked from David to Urs then to Elizabeth. “Let’s just say I want to make sure you are well enough to go home.”
He began to leave when Elizabeth stopped him. “The others, can they come in now?”
Dr Horton nodded his approval and left. With in seconds Carlos and Sebastien were in the room fussing over David while trying to keep quiet so they did not wake Urs. Kimberly kept shushing them which made Elizabeth smile; she really was taken with Urs. She only hoped that Urs had some feelings for Kimberly.
David was glad to have the playful antics of his friends to distract him for a while. His sides actually started to hurt from laughter as Carlos and Sebastien told their own story. Unlike Urs, when David had fallen back to sleep he had dreamt and it was of the plane crash. Deep down he knew that as long as he kept the images with him his leg would hurt but he had no idea how to stop them. He also worried that because he was still dreaming there was a chance he would get bounced back in time. This was not something he wanted to do. Every so often he would steel a look at Urs sleeping peacefully and wonder if he was also dreaming.
In their attempts to make David feel better Carlos and Sebastien got a little over rambunctious and Urs did stir. Kimberly reprimanded them both as she smiled back at Urs. “Hi.”
Urs looked from her then around the room to see all his friends. As his eyes fell on David he took a deep breath. “Is this real David? We are home?”
Kimberly squeezed his hand as David answered. “Yes Urs, we made it home.”
Urs caught the shadow that crossed David’s face. “Yet you still dream don’t you?”
His question shocked everyone, the implication very real to them all.
David just nodded.
Elizabeth’s tears flowed again. “But David…… It is over. We did everything we had to. What are you dreaming about?”
David was just about to answer when Henry entered the room with an older gentleman at his side.
The old man looked at Urs and bowed then looked to David. “Dreams are just that sometimes, only dreams.”
Elizabeth gasped and dropped David’s hand as she moved over to the older man engulfing him in a hug much to the surprise of the others. “Dar what are you doing here? How did you get here?” Elizabeth threw Henry an ‘I want answers look’ as she continued to hug the old man.
Pulling back she looped her arm through his, smiled and introduced him to the others. “Everyone this is my Grandfather. My Dar…… Ian.”
Ian nodded to everyone and once again his eyes fell on Urs. He smiled that worn out smile of a man who had seen many years pass by and waited. Urs pulled himself to a sitting position never letting his gaze drift. His words sent a shock wave around the room. “Urian.”
Ian nodded. “The one and the same. You are just how I remember you Urs.” He looked to David. “Exactly the same.”
Elizabeth put her hand over her mouth, looking at her Grandfather with new eyes. “Dar….you’re Urian. But….. All this time you never said anything. Why? How?”
By now David had also pulled himself up the bed. “Urian, you’re Lizzie’s grandfather? I think we all need to hear this story.”
Still with Elizabeth at his side Urian slowly walked over to the side of David’s bed. “All in good time, young David.” Urian sighed. “You and Danny look so much alike.”
David looked expectantly at the door. “Danny is with you?”
Urian shook his head but it was Elizabeth who spoke. “No…He passed away before I was born. Didn’t he Dar? I get it now. I remember it was always you and Nana Anna and Great Aunt Bea.”
The room seemed to tense at her words. “Danny, he was married to Aunt Bea.?” Elizabeth began to shake and cry as the reality hit her, the pain she felt cracking her voice. “Aunt Bea… she was Bethie. Why didn’t you tell me???? Why Dar??”
Elizabeth took a quick look at everyone before she ran from the room. David and Urs yelling after her, both men trying to get out of bed. Kimberly stopped Urs; the pain in David’s leg stopped him.
Henry took off after Elizabeth as Carlos helped Urian to a chair. The old man shaking his head. “This was a mistake. I should not have tried to find you. She will never forgive me.”
Under the cautious stare of Kimberly Urs did get out of bed and went to sit next to Urian. “You have been keeping this secret all this time?”
Urian smiled weakly, it was unnerving looking at someone who reminded you of yourself so many years ago. “Do you think she would have understood if we had tried to tell her before you took your trip?”
“No Urian, I don’t think any of us would have. For what it is worth I think you did the right thing.”
Sebastien cleared his throat. “Maybe with more time. You have only just got back.”
Urian looked to Sebastien. “I should have waited longer. But with only me left to tell the tale.” He stopped and looked into Urs’ sad eyes, knowing the young man understood what he was about to say. “Danny died in an aircraft accident in the sixties. Bethie died when Beth, when Elizabeth was in her teens. My Anna, my sweet dear Anna passed too many years ago.” Urian looked to David and then back to Urs. “I needed to see this through to the end. I needed to tell Beth who she is, what happened.”
Urs has been making silent calculations while Urian was talking. “Bethie and Anna?”
“They were sisters.” Again Urian looked from David to Urs. “I married Bethie’s sister.
Danny and Bethie never had any children and knowing what we did about the future and the past, when my daughter Elena gave birth to Elizabeth I knew she was the one. As soon as Bethie held her for the first time we all knew she was the one.”
David was intrigued. “How did you know?”
Carlos and Sebastien got closer waiting for the answer.
“The spark. At less than a day old Elizabeth gave her aunt an electric shock. After that day Bethie had no more dreams of….” Urian stopped. “All her life I have watched and waited. Now I am not sure I should have come.”
Urs stood looking at the door. “Yes you should Urian. Elizabeth is a strong woman. She will want to know.”
Kimberly put her hand in Urs’. “I will go and see if she is alright.”
Without thinking Urs kissed her on the top off the head before she left.
Urs kept watching the door as it closed. “We are related. Elizabeth and I are related.”
Urian coughed. “You are son. Our line goes all the way back to Uri.”
Everyone turned to look at Urian.
David Whistled.

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Chapter 72
As Henry returned to the room Urian guided himself to his feet and walked slowly over to David. “There was another reason why I wanted to find you. All his life Danny kept having a dream about you David.” Urian could see the questions in David’s eyes. “He dreamt about this future time, it was always the same. He dreamt about this meeting. You see in a way I already knew I had to come.”
David was curious to see what secrets Danny’s dreams had held. “What did he dream Urian?”
Urian smiled. “It is strange hearing that name again. It has been a long time, everyone calls me Ian.” Urian realised he had drifted, picking up his train of thought he continued. “Yes the dream. He knew of your leg David, of the pain it gives you. He described everything right down to the last detail, the scorch marks on the walls, the clothes you are wearing.” Urian looked around him. “Even who would be in the room to see what is to happen.”
David tried to sit a little straighter in his bed and Urs inched a little closer to them all giving the old man a hesitant look. “What has to happen Urian? What is it that you have to do?”
This time everyone looked at Urs as he continued. “You have something you need to do don’t you?”
Urian nodded, sighed and looked directly at David. “I know how to help you, how to fix your leg.”
“Now that is news I can handle.”
Before David could say anymore Urs had rested his hand gently on Urian’s arm. The old man smiled and patted Urs’ hand. “It is all well son, I have been preparing for this moment for over fifty years.”
Only Urian and Urs had understood the silent communication between them. For Urs it has only been hours since he had seen his cousin. It seemed he could still feel his thoughts, know him as he knew himself. “Are you sure?”
Sebastien and Carlos tensed, knowing that something was about to happen and having just witnessed the effects of Elizabeth’s kiss they were more than a little edgy.
Henry quietly and seemingly unnoticed took up a position behind Urian. David ran his hands through his hair nervously. “Hey guys you are beginning to make me nervous.”
Urian smiled at his young friend. “You will be fine David. Danny told me so.”
David was just about to question Urian when the old man placed his hand on David’s leg. Again the room rumbled, Carlos and Sebastien looked to each other and swore at the same time and like Elizabeth the surge of energy could be seen leaving Urian’s arm into David’s leg. Urian looked like he was being electrocuted; David fell back screaming in pain. It was all too much for Urs and he went to pull Urian away but Henry stopped him. Urs tried to pull out of Henry’s grip but it was impossible. As the two men’s eyes met Urs knew that if he tried to break free Henry would certainly cause him some serious damage. The tone of Henry’s voice did nothing to belay Urs’ concerns. “Let him finish.”
David cried out. “Urian stop!! Damn it stop!!!”
As if the universe had heard his plea the charge between the two men ceased, flinging Urian back into Henry’s arms as he discarded Urs in one swift elegant move.
The room fell silent, Carlos and Sebastien each rushed to David’s side, again they both swore. David was pale and covered in sweat, a frown on his face and gritting his teeth.
Henry placed a weak and trembling Urian back into the chair.

The look that Urs gave the large man was enough to freeze time itself. “You have a hell of a lot of explaining to do Henry!!” Without deflecting his stare from Henry, Urs asked David if he was alright.
“Give me a minute. I feel like I just got hit by a truck.”
Urs knelt down in front of Urian and looked up into his face. “You knew this would happen yet you still did it.”
Urian gave Urs a soft smile. “It was the right thing to do.”
“It could have killed you.”
Again Urs saw the weary smile cross Urian’s face. “That it could have son, that it could have.” He patted Urs on the hand. “You understand don’t you?”
Urs nodded as David’s voice took all their attention. “Something’s wrong with my leg…It feels different.”
Carlos and Sebastien helped David back into a sitting position. This time everyone noticed that he did not wince in pain.
Urs looked into Urian’s eyes for permission to move and Urian gave it with a slight tilt of his head. Urs stood next to Carlos looking down at the sheet that covered David’s leg. Without warning he pulled it back and before David could get the shout of protest out Urs grabbed the leg. David closed his mouth, stunned, looking down in disbelief. “It doesn’t hurt” David looked to Urian. “You fixed it.”
Urian smiled. “I can only assume the reason I could was the fact that we were in the plane together. Any other explanations I came up with did not make sense.” Urian looked to Henry giving him another tilt of the head.
“I shall be taking Master Ian back to the hotel.”
Urian could see the protest rising from them all and put a stopped to it. “I am not as young as I used to be. I will see you all soon. We need to finish this.”
Urs turned to the old man as Henry began to guide him out of the room. “Elizabeth?”
“I will see her tomorrow. I will see you all tomorrow. I haven’t had this much adventure…….” He paused looking from Urs to David. “Since we were together.” Urian tipped his head and they left.

Urs took up the seat vacated by Urian, he may not have been in as much pain as David but his body was protesting at having to move. He was still so very tired but his mind raced as he tried to reason his way through all that he had learnt in such a short space of time. Seeing Urian as such an old man had shocked him. He thought of Urian as his fellow traveller last seen at Declan’s funeral only the day before. Logic told him this was not the case but he just could not get his mind to accept the reality. Then there was the fact that he and Elizabeth were related. The cogs of his brain had been working overtime and he had deduced the he was also related to David, in fact they were all related to each other in a small way. Bethie had been married to Danny who was part of David’s family tree. Urian had married Anna, Bethie’s sister so that connected them to David’s line through the marriage. Urs was himself part of Urian and Uri’s family tree on another branch. So Elizabeth and Urs and David were related.
David had been talking to Carlos and Sebastien about the miracle he had been given when he drew their attention to Urs, head and shoulders dropped, arms resting on his knees and his hands dangling between his legs. “Hey buddy you okay?”
They got no reply so Sebastien walked over and touched Urs on the shoulder. “My friend, you do not feel well perhaps?”
Urs sat up and smiled just a little. “A little tired, thinking about things.”
David gave out a bit of a laugh. “Urs thinking about all this would tire anyone out.”
Sebastien gave David a reprimanding look before turning his attention back to Urs. “I think that the doctor was right. You need more rest.” He guided Urs to his feet without any resistance from his Swiss friend. “I think you need to go back to bed.”
Walking back to his bed Urs wondered if David had made the connection their families had. “We are related David.”
David smiled. “Yeah that’s cool, you and Lizzie. Bit scary as well though.”
They all knew what David was implying by his comment but Urs choose to ignore it. “No I mean you and me.”
The confused look that appeared on David’s face told Urs he had not made the connection so he explained how he had come to the conclusion. As he finished the blood drained from David’s face. But I love her Urs. We can’t be related I mean, I ….”
As Urs rested his head on his pillow and closed his eyes. “It will be alright David. You are very, very, very distant relations. When she asks you to marry her say yes.”
They all looked at Urs shocked at his last statement but he had fallen asleep.
It was as if a switched had been flicked in Carlos’s brain and he began to jabber in Spanish until he realised his friends had no idea what he was saying. “David!!That explains the blood.”
It was Sebastien and David’s turn to look at Carlos confused. “The blood in the hospital before. The transfusion. You have the same rare blood type yes. This is why, your family shrub.”
Both Sebastien and David smiled at Carlos’ attempt to translate. “You mean our family tree?”
Carlos nodded feverishly. “Si, Si this is why Urs could give you blood. Do you know what blood type is Elizabeth?”
David shook his head before lying back on his pillow. “This is just too much.” He lifted his head a little and looked to both his friends. “Find her and make sure she is alright.”
David fell back, his little miracle had been exhausting, he drifted off to sleep as his two friends went in search of the women that he loved.
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PostSubject: DOAD Chapter 73   Sat Oct 31, 2009 4:20 am

Chapter 73
Kimberly and Elizabeth were once again sitting in the waiting room. It was obvious to Kimberly that her friend had been shocked to find out that her grandfather was Urian. “Why didn’t he tell me Kimber?”
Kimberly sighed. “Tell you what Lizzie? Would you have believed him?” Elizabeth went to answer but she stopped her. “ No….Be honest.. You wouldn’t, how could you? He’s had to keep this with him all this time, watching you grow up, knowing what you would have to go through and not being able to do anything. Think how hard this has been for him….and your grandmother and Aunt. But Elizabeth this doesn’t change who he is.”
Elizabeth looked into her friends sincere eyes for a long time, her own emotions battling with each other. Ian was her Grandfather, her Dar and always had been. But now it was Urian that was her Dar and she had just run out on him. “Oh Kimberly, He must think the worst of me, I jut ran out. I have to go back.”
They both stood to leave the room when the phone that Henry had given Elizabeth rang. Elizabeth answered it tentatively. “Hello….”
“Miss Elizabeth it is Henry. I just want to let you know that I am taking your Grandfather back to the hotel for a rest.”
Kimberley saw the worried look cross her face. “Is he alright Henry?”
“Yes, just a long day.”
“Can I talk to him?” There was a silence then she heard the familiar voice that had been with her throughout her whole life, guiding, caring for her. “Hello Dar. I am sorry I ran out.”
“That’s alright. After all this time and I still could not soften the blow. I expect it was a shock. But I am still your Dar.”
Elizabeth’s tears began to flow again. “I don’t understand all this. For me it has just happened. Oh Dar…. I’m coming over.”
“No my sweet you need to spend time with your David. We will have time enough when he and Urs are out of hospital.”
Elizabeth took a deep breath. “Promise me you are alright Dar.”
She could almost see Urian smile as he answered. “Yes Beth, I promise.”
“I love you Dar.” With that she ended the call and replaced the phone in her pocket and they both walked back to David and Urs’ room to find them both still sleeping, Carlos and Sebastien keeping watch like sentinels. The men had returned to the room after looking in on the two women earlier, thinking it best to leave them be for a while.
In a whispered tone Sebastien spoke. “They both sleep.” As he moved to be closer to Elizabeth he patted Urs on the arm. “They are both very tired but.” A smile crossed his face but Elizabeth was worried as she took up her position next to Carlos by David’s bed.
“But what Sebastien? Did something happen?”
Carlos gave Sebastien a knowing look and pulled Elizabeth to him. “Yes Bella, something happened.”
Carlos could see the apprehension rising in both women so continued. “Something wonderful. Urian, he fixed David’s leg.”
Elizabeth looked from Carlos to Sebastien; they were both nodding and smiling; Sebastien relaying the story to his stunned audience.
Elizabeth sighed, smiling looking down at David. “He is all right, his leg is all right?”

Kimberly looked into Urs’ sweet, tranquil face. Happy for David but wondering what inner wounds they both may have to deal with that had not yet healed. Brushing her hand gently through his hair he sighed a little but his expression did not change.
If Kimberly had known at that very moment Urs was dreaming and known what he was dreaming it may have helped her anxiety.

Urs had fallen asleep still struggling with the fact that he did not want to dream in case their journey was not over. His body, soul and mind had been so tortured in ways he could not comprehend and he was afraid it was not over. Afraid enough not to want to go back to sleep but so very tired he had no choice. If his friends had not been with him he may have fought the urge to sleep a little harder but once again he found himself dreaming. Only this time it was so very different, everything about his dream was different, the feeling he had as he dreamt; a peaceful assurance about the future, even the colours as he dreamt seemed so much more vibrant and alive. But it was the content of his dream that settled a calmness in Urs, gave back his hope. He dreamt about the future, he had seen things that had not yet come to pass.
As he continued to dream Kimberly did see a change in his face, he smiled a little. He was smiling because he was watching David and Elizabeth’s Wedding. In his hospital room Kimberley had hold of his hand; in the dream the same was true. Urs looked at the women standing next to him and smiled again, squeezing her hand. Kimberly felt him squeeze her hand so she lent over and kissed him ever so tenderly on the lips. “I am here Urs. I will never be too far from your side, I promise.”
Urs sighed again, he had heard her words, he continued to dream and he knew that she loved him. His heart melted with the realisation that someone did love him, for him even if he had not shown that love in return. Maybe his future did hold the love he was searching for? Maybe his future had already started.
A small tear escaped from the side of his closed eyes and Kimberly sucked in her breath. “Something’s wrong, he’s crying.”
Everyone looked to her then to Urs, but instead of looks of concern Elizabeth, Carlos and Sebastien had smiles on their faces. Elizabeth shook her head. “I don’t think so Kimber look.”
Kimberly looked back at Urs as she felt him squeeze her hand once more. He was awake, his deep hazel eyes pulling her in as he looked at her, they had changed. Softer somehow, the shadow of longing had disappeared replaced by a warmth that silently cocooned her.
She also heard in his voice a new tenderness. “Thank you.”
Kimberly smiled down at him. “For what Urs?”
“For following your heart.”
This time it was Kimberly’s turn to let a small tear escape as Urs drifted back off to sleep giving her hand one more squeeze as he did. She looked to Elizabeth but it was Carlos that spoke the words that gripped her heart. “I think our Swiss friend has just declared his love for you Bella.”
Sebastien confirmed Carlos’ statement. “Yes, Urs is not one for showing his true emotions; he holds things very close to his chest. But yes what Carlos says is true. He loves you Cherie. But you must give his head time to understand his heart. He will need time to be comfortable with the choice he has made.”
Kimberly bit her lip and once again looked down at the man she knew she loved. “I can give him all the time he needs.”
Leaning over she kissed him once more and whispered in his ear. “All the time you need.”

Urian gave Henry back his phone as he rested back into his chair. “This has been a long journey.”
Henry looked a little concerned. “If you wish I can take you home Master Ian.”
Urian sat forward, smiled wearily and placed his hand on Henry’s arm. “You are a good man Henry. God was looking after me the day we met. But I am fine. A small knap is all I need. Home can wait a while longer.”
Urian sat back in his chair again and closed his eyes. “I am not entirely sure the others will understand when we tell them about you.”
Henry smiled down at the old man as he drifted off to sleep. “It will be alright Ian, Miss Elizabeth will understand.”
Henry picked Urian up and placed him on the bed, covering him with a blanket while he slept. “Your journey is almost over my friend.”

As Urian slept Henry pulled a small case out of the wardrobe and out of that a small carved, wooden box that looked like it had seen better days, it was very old. Sitting at the table in the room he opened the box taking from it a small object that was wrapped in paper then several pieces of old cloth. Gently Henry unwrapped each piece, what he held in his hands was something that had come into his possession several years before. Not so curious really except for the fact of the letters and the way in which he had acquired the object. It was a phone, a mobile phone; it was the phone that Urs had lost that night when Uri had dispatched the two robbers intent on killing him and Urian. This was the phone that Henry held in his hands. This is what had led him to Urian, what had convinced him of Urian’s story once they did met, convinced him that what he held in his hand was not some joke but actually had belonged to his ancestors. Convinced Urian of Henry’s genuine search for the truth about his family. Now having met Elizabeth and the others and witnessing what he had seen if he had any doubts they had all vanished.

Henry had moved back to England after the discovery of the little wooden box in his grandfather’s house after he had died and the house had gone up for sale. The contents of the box had fed his curiosity. The box that had held the phone had been in another larger box that he presumed his grandfather had sealed with the intention it was never to be opened. Henry always wondered about that. Why had his grandfather not just thrown it out if he wished no one to see it? Along with the phone were letters, one very old letter that his great, great grandfather had translated. This was the letter that spoke of the very unusual history of the phone. It was a letter from Geoffrey, a letter he had written in his latter years in the hopes that someday the phone would find its way back to its rightful owner. It seemed that after hearing about Urs and Urian’s escape from the highway men young Geoffrey had gone looking and found the phone. The letter went on to explain how Geoffrey’s life had turned out. Declan’s mother had indeed taken him under her wing, so too had the King, Beth-Elena and Uri. Once they found out about the phone he had been reprimanded but then given the responsibility to keep it safe for the future. He had handed it down to his own son, along with the story to go with it. A story that at the time was still told among the clans of the area. Indeed the tale of the battle won by wizards and sorceresses lasted for many generations.
The little box had been passed from generation to generation with each one leaving a new letter for the next until it had made it to Henry’s grandfather. Henry had read the letter from his great grandfather many times in the passed few years. The rift between his great grandfather and grandfather the only reason he could think of that his own father had not known about the box. Maybe it was the stern warning from Geoffrey that he would come back from the grave if his wishes were not carried out that had stopped his grandfather from throwing out the box. For what ever reason, Henry now held a part of his history in his hands, a history that had been made in the future.
Hearing Urian stir he replaced the phone back into its centuries old resting place, knowing it would not be long before he would have to give it back to its rightful owner as Geoffrey had wished.
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Chapter 74
It was true that Henry wanted a break after his studies but it was also true that he had acquired the job at the hotel for the sole purpose of being in the right place at the right time. In his role as porter and valet he was now making sure that things would be ready for the return of Urs and David, he also made provision for Elizabeth and Kimberly to be given rooms on the same floor. Urian was already on the same floor as Il Divo and the logistics of keeping him unseen by Elizabeth had been an unexpected one when they realised she had turned up at the hotel for dinner. Knowing the time line as he did Urian knew it would not be long before his granddaughter was swept back in time.

Henry now stood outside the hospital once more. He had a place in his heart for Elizabeth, listening to Urian’s stories over the past few years and realising just what a role young Geoffrey had played in all their lives he felt part of this small clan. Riding the hospital lift gave him time to ponder on whether the others would accept him, he knew they would understand but accepting him may take a bit more than understanding.
He knocked on the door to the room softly before entering.
As soon as she saw him Elizabeth was out of her seat. “Dar!!!! Nothing is wrong is it Henry?”
Henry gave her a sweet smile. “No Miss Elizabeth, he is sleeping. Which is why I have returned. You all need your rest.” Henry stopped her protest by putting his finger gently to her lips. “Dar’s orders. His words exactly. Make sure that spit fire of a grand daughter does as she is told.”
Elizabeth had to smile. “Okay Henry. I guess we have our orders. Give us a few minutes okay.”
Henry nodded. “I shall wait outside.”
Just as he was about to leave Elizabeth called him back. “Henry, here” She handed him back his phone. “Why do you have two phones?”
Henry smiled. “Easier this way Miss Elizabeth, just easier.”
Elizabeth watched him leave when Kimberly’s voice broke her thoughts. “What is it Lizzie, you’ve got that look. I like Henry, don’t tell me your sixth sense is giving you the willies.”
“No, nothing like that. It’s just, oh I don’t know………Like, oh…... I trust him but it is more than that.”
“Your Grandfather seems to like him.”
Elizabeth smiled at her friend and then to Carlos and Sebastien. “Yeah I could always trust Dar, now I know why. Come on we better go.” Elizabeth went back over to David and kissed him on the lips. Carlos and Sebastien held their breath until they were sure no more lightening would strike. Kimberly had to giggle at them both. “I think the kick has gone out of her kiss guys, you are safe.” Having said that she leant over and kissed Urs. “Sweet dreams my sweet knight.”
Urs sighed and turned his head just a little but continued to sleep.
Elizabeth ran her hand through David’s hair and gently down his check. “Sweet dreams for you to my prince. We’ll be back in the morning.”

Back at the hotel Henry had organised for food to be available in all their rooms. He allowed Carlos and Sebastien to make their own way to their rooms while he escorted Elizabeth and Kimberly. The room was not dissimilar to the one that the men had, only there were two bedrooms off the main lounge room instead of four.
Both Elizabeth and Kimberly gasped as they walked in. A table of food awaited them, the smell of fresh brewed coffee. Just as they were about to make a comment a maid came out of the bath room. “I’ve drawn a bath as you requested.” She nodded and left without saying anything else.
Elizabeth looked at Henry. “This is far too much Henry; we could have gone back to my place.”
Henry smiled at her but his eyes were on Kimberly who had already attacked a stack of sandwiches. “I think Miss Kimberly would rather stay.”
Kimberly nodded her head and swallowed. “Didn’t realise how hungry I was. You have the bath Lizzie; I’ll save some of the food for you.”
Elizabeth turned back to Henry. “Thank you Henry, I appreciate all you have done for us and Dar.”
“I will see you tomorrow unless there is anything else?”
Elizabeth shook her head and then gave Henry a hug which surprised him. “See you tomorrow.”
Henry left, shutting the door hearing Kimberly screech knowing she had gone into her bedroom.
Elizabeth rushed to Kimberley only to stop at the door to the bedroom to see her friend holding up the new clothes that Henry had organised. “I told you I liked Henry. I bet there is something in your room as well.”
Smiling Elizabeth walked to her own room wondering what Henry had thought she would like. The shock at what she saw almost stopped her heart. Laid out across the bed was the dress that she has last seen Bethie in. Her Aunt Bea’s and along side it was the one she had worn, cleaned and pressed. There was a small envelope attached to Bethie’s dress, with shaking hands Elizabeth opened it.

Dear Elizabeth
I will have to wait a long time before I can give you this dress. That sounds so strange as it was only a few short weeks ago that I last saw you but you have not been born yet.
I promised myself that I would keep it safe. How it will ever get to you I do not know. But it shall remain in my care until I can pass it on to you.
All my love Bethie.

There was a second piece of paper this one was from Elizabeth’s Grandmother.

Dear Beth
My sister, your travel companion so long ago passed away this week.
We spoke often of your journey. It not for you Ian and I may never have met. We love each other very much but he still has a place in his heart for Bethie. They share a bond and I fully understand. He has loved me more than I had ever expected, he is a deep and passionate man of little words at times but in his silence he says so very much. As now. He mourns for my sister and has asked me to pen this letter to you my sweet.
She wished you to have this dress and I have promised to keep it in safe keeping until such a time as you will understand why this is the way it will be.
Love your David with all your heart my sweet princess and you will always be happy.
Love Nanna Anna
Written at the bottom of the second page was a not from Urian.
Bethie and Anna both gone, how the world seems so lonely now. But in you they live on. I have that and as promised I have delivered the dress. From Princess to Princess to Princess. As it should be.
Love Dar.
Elizabeth had tears streaming down her face when Kimberly came in to see what clothes she had been given.
“Lizzie what the ….” Kimberly saw the dresses as Elizabeth handed her the letters to read.
As she finished reading them Kimberly was close to tears herself but she took Elizabeth by the hand and guided her into the bathroom. “You need this and then a good nights rest.”
Elizabeth got undressed and slipped into the warm scented bath water, rested her head against the small bath pillow and let the water coax her tears, her pain, her emotions out. Elizabeth soaked in the bath until the waters chill told her it was time to get out. Weary, exhausted but feeling a little better she dried herself off and dressed in the night dress that Henry had supplied. She was surprised not to find Kimberly in the lounge room coveting all the food that had arrived; instead she found a note telling her that she had gone to see Carlos and Sebastien. Walking past the table of food Elizabeth picked up a small wedge of a sandwich, she was more tired than hungry. Stoping at the door she had also expected to find the dresses still on the bed. She smiled; Kimberly had hung them up in the wardrobe.
Climbing between the sheets Elizabeth drifted off to sleep, not waking until morning.
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Chapter 75
Carlos and Sebastien had also been stunned at the transformation of their room. It was spotless, not a thing out of place, broken mirrors replaced, broken furniture replaced and the food. Sebastien’s stomach rumbled as his eyes swept across the table.
However Carlos’ attention had been drawn to the genealogy charts which had been placed neatly back on the walls. At first he could not put his finger on what had caught his attention, thinking it was just because every thing in the room was so neat and tidy. But on a closer look he realised, they had changed; the information on them had changed. He remembered what he had read before his friends had disappeared and now things were different. He looked from one to the other while Sebastien happily tucked into an apricot danish and a nice cup of coffee oblivious to his Spanish friends unusual find. It was not until Carlos sat down at the small coffee table and picked up Elizabeth’s chart that Sebastien’s attention waned from the food. “Carlos, you are frowning. What is wrong?”
Carlos shook his head. “Not wrong just different.” He held up the chart. “They have all changed.”
Sebastien stopped in mid chew and swallowed while sitting next to Carlos to look at Elizabeth’s chart. “Are you sure? I mean maybe Henry just gave us new ones?”
Carlos shook his head. “No, No. Look at the others. Urs and David’s lines. Look they are so different.” Carlos took a deep breath. “They did change the future, so many lives. If they had not gone back would we have ever met?”
It was Sebastien’s turn to shake his head. “Don’t start that again I still have a rotten headache. Who knows? I was more worried about what would happen if they didn’t come back.”
Carlos nodded in silent confirmation when there was a knock at the door.
“It’s Kimberly. Can I come in?”
Sebastien went to answer the door while finishing off the last piece of danish.
Kimberly smiled. “I see Henry’s home delivery has been here as well.”
Sebastien smiled as he let her into the room but it was soon replaced by a look of concern. “Is everything okay Cherie. Elizabeth?”
“I left her soaking in the bath. She’s had a rough day.”
Sebastien and Carlos looked to each other then back at Kimberly who realised her fumble. “Okay bad choice of words but you know what I mean.”
She went on to tell them about the dresses and Carlos showed her the charts. The trio were silent for a while when Kimberly got up to leave. “I really just came down to check to make sure you guys were okay.”
Both men stood, thanking her and kissing her on the back of the hand and Sebastien showed her to the door. “We are here if you need us Cherie, anytime.”
Kimberly gave him a cheeky look before leaving. “Curious choice of words Sebastien. See you in the morning.”

After checking on Elizabeth, Kimberly made a phone call to the hospital and was more than a little nervous when the nurse told her she would put her thorough to the doctor, surprised to hear Doctor Horton on the other end of the phone. “Hey doc, don’t you ever go home?”
Dr Horton was equally surprised as Kimberly had failed to introduce herself. “Who is this?’
“Sorry Doc, Kimberly Wade. You were looking after my friends Urs and David. Are they all right? The nurse put me straight to you.”
Yes, yes sleeping comfortably. Are you alright Miss Wade? You have been through some trauma yourself.”
Yeah Doc. I am okay. I just wanted to check on the guys before going to bed. You think they will be able to be discharged tomorrow?”
“I can’t see why not. Then maybe I can go home as well.”
Kimberly laughed a little. “You’re a champion Doc. Others would not have been as open minded about all this.”
“Thank you I think. I will be here for a few more hours if you need anything.”
Terminating the call Kimberly felt a wave of exhaustion wash over her. It was time for bed.

All but one had dreams that night, dreams not of past times and battles and lost loves but dreams that soothed the heart and soul.
Carlos dreamt of walking though meadows of waist high flowers of every colour you could imagine with little children playing and laughing all around him.

Sebastien’s dreams were full of animated food. Scones and cakes all dancing on a stage, loosing their fillings or their toppings. When he woke he would put it down to the fact that he had over indulged the night before, eating far too much but he would be smiling.

Kimberly dreamt of walking along the edge of a lake under a moon lit sky. Alone at first but as she walked someone else was walking towards her. As they got closer she realised it was Urs. He wore a smile the likes of which she had never seen on his face before and it warmed her heart. He stopped in front of her, took her hands and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. She felt the tingle all the way to her toes.

Elizabeth’s dreams were full of music. Music she had listen to her Dar play as she had grown up and spent weekends and holidays with them, the Music of IL Divo as she watched the scenes unfold in her dreams. Like Carlos she was walking in a meadow but it was a meadow of gently swaying grass and she was wearing her dress. The sky was a brilliant blue, the air smelt sweet and bird song could be heard. Yet there was another sound off in the distance that made her heart light. It was the sound of David singing as he came to her. As she watched him all other things faded. He too was wearing the clothes that Uri had given him. Elizabeth smiled, he looked so much like Declan, he could have been a knight. As he got to her there was silence. David looking into her eyes before he kissed her.
As their lips parted two simple words escaped from Elizabeth. “Marry me.”

As Dr Horton kept a watch on David and Urs they rested peacefully, stirring just ever so slightly now and then. This gave Dr Horton some relief. The scorch marks on the walls of the room were testament to what could happen around these people. He watched as David stirred again, he was dreaming but seemed peaceful enough and indeed he was. His dreams had taken him to a place were he had always felt safe and loved. His family home. He was sitting in the back yard gently swinging back and forth on the two seater chair as he watched Elizabeth walk out of the back of the house carrying two glasses of lemonade. He stopped swinging so she could sit next to him. As she handed him his glass she turned and smiled. “Marry me David.”
David smiled, taking her hand. “We already are my sweet Princess.”
Elizabeth looked at her hand to see the wedding band.

It would be sometime before Urs and Kimberly put the pieces of their dreams together but eventually they would find out that they had been having the same dream on this night. Urs stirred as he took her hand on the shore of the lake and walked her into the future. His dreams would help him understand the feelings he was having for Kimberly and make him realise just how very much she did love him.
That night Urs’ dreams changed. Or was it Urs who had changed? Before their little adventure, before he had begun to get pulled into David’s tortured dream world, he had never remembered many of his dreams. Now it seemed he could remember everyone but then again now he always dreamt of the future. Urs would come to accept his new gift. Never talk to anyone about it but he would be comfortable knowing he could get glimpses of things that COULD happen and maybe in some small way change them for the better if need be. At first he had been surprised that it was not David who had been given this gift as it had been Danny who had dreamt of their future. Then again Urs had seen David’ death before they changed the curse. Maybe he had been gifted all along and not wanting to know about it just pushed it so far down he never did remember his dreams.
Yes: this night as he slept in the hospital a lot changed for Urs.

Urian was the only one who did not dream that night. He slept peacefully for the first time in years. His dreams had invaded his sleep for so many years it was hard to comprehend a night without any at all. It was blissful. In his heart Urian knew that his journey was coming to an end. He was an old man and grateful he had lived long enough to see it to its completion. Just a few more things to put to rest and he would be content.
The morning found them all back at the hospital except for Urian and Henry. Elizabeth was eager to talk to her Dar but also wanted to make sure that David and Urs were recovering. Torn between whether to stay at the hotel or go the decision had been made for her by Henry. Whether or not Urs and David were discharged lunch with Urian had been arranged.
So Elizabeth found herself by David’s bedside once more as Kimberly found herself by Urs’. If it was possible Kimberly felt like her love for Urs had grown overnight. But so to had the apprehension that he may never love her, he may not be able to love her.
Sebastien and Carlos sat and waited. Dr Horton had given the two men the all clear to be discharged if they felt up to it. Knowing their two friends as they did, they did not think that Urs or David would take too much persuasion to leave.
In unison Elizabeth and Kimberly lent over the sleeping men and kissed them lightly on the lips. It had the desired effect, David woke first, smiling as his eyes fell on Elizabeth. “Hi princess.”
“Hi yourself. How are you feeling?”
To answer her question David shuffled himself up the bed so he could pull her into a hug. “Better now. How are you doing?”
Elizabeth sighed. “Okay. So much has happened, with us, with my Dar.”
David’s eyes darted around the room smiling at Sebastien and Carlos. “He is not here, Is Urian alright?”
Elizabeth was about to answer when they all heard Urs as he sat up. “Urian is waiting at the hotel. He is well.”
Kimberly gasped as the rest of the room fell into stunned silence. Urs looked from one to the other until his eyes fell back on Kimberly. “Did I say something wrong?”
Kimberly shook her head “No but how did you know Urian is waiting back at the hotel?”
Urs could feel the tension building in the room. “Well he is, isn’t he?”
Sebastien stood to his feet as he answered. “Yes my friend he is, we have lunch with him later if you are up to it. The doctor says you can both leave.”
Before the words were out of Sebastien’s mouth David flung the sheets back and was on his feet, draping his arms around Elizabeth shoulders. “Well I have everything I need let’s go.”
They all laughed but Carlos was a little concerned. “Are you sure David, how is your leg?”
“It’s great, I am great. I need to get out of here.”
He looked over to Urs who was only just making his way out of bed. “How about you Urs, You ready to go?”
His tone was a little more serious. “Yes I am David but I would like to get dressed first.” He looked around the room. “In private.”
Everyone laughed again as Kimberly went to the small wardrobe and pulled out the clothes that Henry has brought for them. Holding two hangers full of folded clothes out in front of her she tried to make the decision of whose clothes were whose when Urs stepped forward and took his. “Thank you Kimberly, I was not looking forward to leaving the hospital in the clothes they brought me in.”
She smiled but did not answer him only moving so she could pass David’s clothes to him.
Sebastien clapped his hands together. “Well I guess we will wait outside for you two.”
Urs nodded his appreciation, David kissed Elizabeth tenderly and they all left.
While they waited Elizabeth took Kimberly aside. “How are you holding up?”
Kimberly smiled. “I should be asking you that. You had a rough time of it yesterday.”
“Thanks Kimber. I am still trying to get my head around all this. Urian being my Dar and……..Well you know.”
“Kimber give Urs some time. I know he will love you as much as you already love him. I think he already does, Sebastien seems to think so.”
Sebastien had heard some of their conversation and came to put his arm around Kimberly. “Cherie, do not doubt that he loves you, he does, but…”
Kimberly finished off Sebastien’s words for him. “Give him time. I will Sebastien promise; I will walk at his pace.” Kimberly’s thoughts drifted off to her dream the night before as Sebastien pulled her into a hug and kissed her on top of the head.
“Then you shall have his love forever.”

David and Urs appeared from the room looking better but still in need of a shave. Urs had pushed his hands into the pockets of his jeans, not sure how to approach Kimberly now he was out of bed. Feeling his awkwardness she smiled. “You guys want to get back to the hotel and get really freshened up before lunch.”
Urs nodded but David had a cheeky glint in his eyes. “Aww you think I need some freshening up do you?”
Elizabeth slapped him playfully on the stomach. “That would be a yes. Come on lets go.”
As they walked to the elevator David threw out another question. “What happened to the clothes we were in? My phone was still in the pocked.”
Carlos gave him the answer. “Henry took them back to the hotel David. Your phone is safe. Why…… did you take some time travel photos?”
David threw him a look that they all took to mean he had.
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Chapter 76
Henry had organised a private function room for their lunch time meeting. This is where Urian waited for them all to join him.
Sebastien and Carlos entered the room first, followed by Elizabeth and David hand in hand, next came Kimberly as Urs held the door open for her to enter. They sat themselves around the large table. David and Urs looked much better after availing themselves of the facilities of the hotel, showered, shaved and hair styled it was as if the dust of history had been washed away.
Elizabeth went to Urian and gave him a hug. “Can you forgive me Dar?”
Urian squeezed her hand. “Of course my dear, there is nothing to forgive.”
As she sat next to her Grandfather, Elizabeth gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you for the dress Dar it means so very much.”
Before anyone could ask anymore questions the restaurant staff brought in the prepared food and the banter centred around trading stories. David, Urs and Elizabeth finding out what had happened to Sebastien, Carlos and Kimberly after they had left. Urian happy to listen and fill in gaps where he could, giving his own account of the years after World War 2. His life with Anna, Danny and Bethie’s time together.
David changed the direction of the conversation. “Urs said that we are all related. Me, Lizzie, Urs. “
Urian launched into an explanation of their family trees, the marriages, the different branches down through the ages. By the time Urian had finished David was a little more settled with his relationship with Elizabeth. The thought that he would have to give her up after all they had gone through because they were related had been swimming in the back of his mind since Urs has mentioned the connection.
Urian along with interpretations from Carlos and Sebastien told Elizabeth and Kimberly about healing David’s leg.

Just as Urian finished Henry arrived carrying the antique box. He placed it on the table in front of Urian and then took something out of his pocket and handed it to David. “Your phone David. I found it with your other clothes.”
David took his phone and smiled. “Cool, hey Henry you charged it, thank you.”
David fiddled with his phone while all eyes were on the box on the table.
Elizabeth took hold of Urian’s hand. “Dar do you have something to show us?”
Urian looked to Henry. “We have something to show you, something to tell you.”
Now all eyes were on Henry as he moved around the table and placed the box in front if Urs. “This belongs to you.”
Urs looked down at the old box not sure what he should do, he looked to Urian. “Go on son open it.”
It seemed like everyone was holding their breath waiting for him to move. Slowly Urs placed his hands on the box letting them rest on the top for a few moments before he opened it. Again he paused just looking inside, his fingers hovering again before he took the small paper covered object out and allowed the paper to roll off revealing the cloth casing. Again Urs let the cloth roll away from the object to the gasps of everyone at the table when it revealed the phone. A mobile phone that looked like it has been tenderly protected for many years. Which it had.
Again Urs looked to Urian but it was Henry who spoke. “It is your phone Urs. The one that you left in the forest. My….Geoffrey found it. If you read the letters you will understand.”
David whistled, looking down at his own phone. “Seems your phone has been on a bit of a journey of it’s own to get back to you Urs.”
Urs took the oldest looking letter from the box and unfolded it, his hands trembling a little as he read the first few lines to himself. Then again he looked to Urian.
“This is part of your story Urs. Go on read it out, read them all son.”
Slowly Urs read the letters, everyone sensing their importance did not interrupt him until he had finished.
Carlos asked the question that was on their lips. “Henry, you have been given this phone?”
Henry nodded. “Yes sir I was, passed down through my family.” Henry looked to Urs. “With instructions to return it to its rightful owner. I am sorry Urs but it no longer works.”
Elizabeth and Kimberly gasped at the same time and Urian knew they had made the connection through history to Henry. “Yes ladies. Henry is Young Geoffrey’s descendant.”
Carlos and Sebastien sat in stunned silence, so too did Urs, David whistled again and Henry waited to see what the reaction would be now they knew who he really was.
Elizabeth stood to face him. Her voice was a little strained. “Henry, you knew, all this time you knew who we were.” He was about to answer when Urian spoke up.
“Now don’t go jumping down his throat Beth, he’s been a great help to me. He was on a journey to find his past. I was on my journey to help you and well. Once more destiny has had a hand in our lives.”
Elizabeth smiled and the expression on her face softened as she stood on her tip toes so she could reach up and kiss Henry on the cheek. “Thank you Henry, for helping Dar. Welcome to this weird little clan.”
Henry looked around the table to all the smiles shining back at him. He had been so worried that they would not understand. His eyes went to Urs who had not said a word, quietly looking at the phone. Somehow holding this piece of technology had sent Urs’ mind into overdrive, thrusting all that had happened up to confront him. Visions of young Geoffrey, the battle, the beheaded robbers. The phone told him it had been centuries but to him it had only been days. Standing he dropped the phone back into its box. “I can’t do this.”
That was all he said as he walked out of the room leaving his friends dumfounded.
Henry was about to go after him when Urian called him back. “No Henry, he needs someone else right now.”
Everyone was still watching the door, shocked and bewildered at Urs’ reaction to the phone when Urian’s comment seemed to register with them. They all looked back at him and then to the person he was staring at: Kimberly.
“Go to him my dear. He is so very unsure about who he is right now. Help him understand that it is alright to feel the way he does.”
Kimberly looked to Elizabeth who nodded and without a word she went after Urs.

David had leaned over the table and picked up Urs’ phone, placing it beside his own. They were the same make and model but looked so different. As David did this, Henry placed another phone on the table in front of Elizabeth. “I did manage to get this one working again Miss Elizabeth.”
Elizabeth gasped. “My phone!!!! Bethie had this when, when we got separated, when we left, I remember giving it to her because my dress didn’t have a pocket. She looked at Urian. “You have kept it all this time Dar. It looks almost the same. I mean for me it has only been days since I saw it last.”
Urian smiled at his grand daughter. “Well actually Beth, you had it in your hands yesterday.”
Elizabeth as well as Carlos, Sebastien and David looked to Urian but it was Henry who spoke. “It was the phone I gave you the other day Miss Elizabeth. I was hoping you would recognise it. But then you gave it back to me I did not know what to say.”
Elizabeth turned the phone over in her hand and began to cry which made all the men in the room a little uneasy thinking she was about to do the same as Urs.
David reached over the table and took her hand. “You okay Lizzie?”
She looked at him with anguish in her eyes. “It’s real, really real. It all happened. We travelled back in time, It happened. So long ago but it was only yesterday. I mean. Oh god I don’t know what I mean.” Her face was awash with tears and Henry was a little perturbed that he may have caused them.
“I am sorry Miss Elizabeth; I did not mean to upset you. I just thought.”
Urian cut him off. “I thought you would like your phone back Beth.”
Elizabeth felt David squeeze her hand as she looked from her grandfather to Henry. “I’m sorry Henry. It was very sweet of you to get it working again. It’s just……. I think I have all this sorted in my head then it all seems to unravel again. Realising that this is the phone I gave Bethie. My head swims.”
Carlos nodded and Sebastien said something in French then repeated it in English for the benefit of his friends. “I said I didn’t go anywhere and it makes my head hurt to think about it.”
His comment lightened the mood a little as everyone laughed.
Elizabeth smiled at Henry. “You’ve been keeping my Dar company for the past two years and I have never seen you.”
Urian smiled. “Well it’s not just you women who have secrets you know. Though I do have a confession to make.” All eyes were back on Urian. “I asked Henry to keep an eye on you as well.” Urian looked to David Sebastien and Carlos. “And when I heard Il Divo’s name pop up I asked him to check you out.” He could see the startled looks on their faces. “Well I did know about your group a long time before you even got together. At first I was hoping that maybe Beth and David would not meet.” He put up his hand to stop their objections and questions. “I know, I know, a futile exercise since fate had already stepped in so many years ago.” He smiled at them. “Your meeting was always supposed to be. As I suppose all our meetings were supposed to be. The future, the past and the present all mixing to bring us to this very moment in time. Who knows how our lives would have been if Beth-Elena had not spoken those words over Declan. I have had a lot of years to ponder over our fate, all the what ifs.” Urian sighed and sat a little straighter in his chair. “I want you to promise me you won’t do that. Don’t spend the rest of your lives trying to figure out the what ifs.” He took hold of David and Elizabeth’s hands. “Promise me you will live your lives from this day forward, not back. We took a journey together; we have come to the end. You need to start a new journey. Promise me you will.”
Again Elizabeth had tears in her eyes, giving Urian a silent promise by nodding her head.
David understood what Urian was trying to say but he was not sure if he could make that kind of promise, he still had so many questions. It was as if Urian could sense his trepidation. “David. We were all given a second chance; you no longer have the cloud of a curse hanging over you. Uri was the first of us to be released, I was blessed with the love of a most splendid woman and you have been given time, time to live.” He looked to Elizabeth. “Time to love. Time to write your own chapters in the book. Can you do that David? You have been back in time, are you brave enough to move forward in time?”
David squared his shoulders and took up Urian’s challenge. “Yes Urian. I am. I will make sure that I continue to live and do my best for all of us. Those that have gone before us and those that are yet to come.”
Urian settled back into his chair satisfied.

Kimberly had caught up with Urs just in time to see him disappear into the lift. As the doors closed their eyes met briefly, the pain and confusion she saw in his broke her heart. Pushing the button and waiting for the other lift to descend she whispered to herself. “Please let me help you Urs. Don’t think you have to do this alone.”
She had expected to have to get him to open the door to his room but instead Kimberly found Urs standing in the hallway staring at the door with his key in his hand motionless.
He’d had every intention of getting into his room until the moment he was ready to put the key in the lock. Behind the doors were more questions Urs did not want to deal with. He had seen the new genealogy charts when they had come back from the hospital and made the mistake of taking on board all the new information they had to reveal. Just being back in his own time had unsettled him. He knew it was irrational but he felt that if he opened the door and stepped in he would step back in time and once again be lost.

Kimberly quietly walked up to him, placing her hand gently on his arm. Urs turned his head to look at her. “I can’t.” He was shaking.
She gave him a small smile, running her hand down his arm and taking his keys out of his hand, replacing them with her own hand and guided him down the hall to her room. She sat him on the sofa and gave him a few moments to himself before she sat next to him and again took his hands. “Urs I can’t even start to understand what you have been through but I want you to know I will be here for you, no matter what and no matter how long it takes you to do what ever it is you need to do. I might not be able to give you any answers but I will help you look for them. I cannot heal the hurts that have already wounded you but I promise I will do my best to make sure you are hurt no more.”
Kimberly had no idea what else to say to him to make him understand she would never leave him. She was worried that although physically he would be all right emotionally he would never be the same.
In a way she was right, emotionally, Urs would never be the same again but it was not in a way that Kimberly was dreading. Through his journey and his dreams Urs would allow himself to open up that part of him that had been closed for so many years. Sitting next to Kimberly he understood this, although his mind was still in turmoil his heart had set a new path. He looked into her deep, caring eyes knowing without a doubt that she loved him and sighed. His voice was so soft when he spoke if Kimberly had not been looking into his sad, tender face she would not have heard him. All he said was “Hold me.”
In silence Kimberly allowed him to rest his head on her shoulder as she folded her arm around him protectively and in silence they remained together, connected.

Kimberly gently ran her fingers through Urs’ hair and waited. Slowly he did begin to talk to her, never opening his eyes, seeming to feel safer that way. But all the while pouring out his heart and soul to her, giving her a glimpse into the things that so troubled him. Trying to explain the inner turmoil of his mind as well as the uncertainty of his heart.
Kimberly listened, all the while her love for him growing. He was indeed a man capable of deep, deep thoughts. A paradox; as this was his strength as well as his weakness and what he was struggling with.
Urs had stopped talking for a while then without lifting his head from her shoulder or opening his eyes he asked her a question that shocked and delighted her at the same time.
“Kimberly……… do you love me?”
She swallowed hard before answering not sure what his reaction would be “Yes.”
“And can you wait for me to understand how to love you the way you deserve?”
Biting her lip with tears rolling down her face she answered. “Yes.”
“Thank you.”
Kimberly felt Urs relax a little and waited until she heard his breathing change thinking he had fallen asleep before she spoke. “I love you my sweet prince.”
Urs sighed and drowsily spoke the words that would never leave her heart. “I love you.”
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