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 *A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience

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PostSubject: *A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience   Tue Nov 24, 2009 11:56 am

A Convenient Relationship

Cast of Characters,

Urs Buhler,
Sebastien Izambard,
David Miller,
Carlos Marin,
Stephanie - Songbird 198
Charlie - named after my niece Charlotte.
Joy - Carmejj
Victoria - Vixter 1970
Cydalia - Carlos Fan 1,
Patricia - Patricia Diva,
Rowi - Roberta.
Linda - Lin_coffee_lover.
And all the other wonderful IL DIVO fans who consented to let me use their names. Thank you all…. Including Cathie, Daria and Camy.
(apologies for if you have changed your name since I last posted!!!!)

Chapter 1

‘So, Seb my friend’ Carlos laughed, patting his friend on his shoulder, ‘tomorrow comes the day I never thought I would ever live to see!’
‘Yes’ Seb nodded, beaming, ‘my wedding day’
‘Are you sure now? That you’ve finally found the one?’
‘Oh yes’ Seb nodded again.
‘Quite sure?’ Carlos asked.
‘Oh yes. She’s the one. Most definitely’ Seb beamed.
‘So, not…now, lets name them’ Carlos said, ‘oh yes. First we had Rebecca, then Tania, Kelly, Sarah, Mandy, Laura, Alicia, Camy, Patricia, Renee, Geraldine, Karen, Felicity, Roberta, Annie, Valerie, Catherine, then who? Oh yes’ Carlos nodded, ‘Lucinda. All of which you were convinced were ‘the one’’
‘Yes, well. That was then. This, is now’ Seb blushed.
‘Mmm…’ Carlos murmured.
‘I mean it. Tomorrow is the start of a whole new me’ Seb tried to convince Carlos, unsuccessfully.
‘So, what was wrong with all those other lovely ladies then?’ Carlos asked.
‘They weren’t right’ said Seb.
‘Oh? Shame. Shame. I quite liked Patricia’ Carlos winked.
‘Careful now’ said Seb, ‘or I’ll tell Joy’
‘Oh. She already knows’ Carlos winked again.
‘Oh?’ Seb asked.
‘Another time my friend’ Carlos replied, tapping his nose.
Five years now had past and tomorrow, at long last, after years and years of being convinced of finding ‘the one’ Seb was finally all set to marry. Everyone had doubted that this day it would actually come. But, it was here at last. At long last.

Charlie and Urs were still married. Just. They had had their fair share of arguments these past years. At one point Charlie was almost convinced that Urs was going to leave. Leave her, their daughter Lucy who was nearly six and their son Nathan. Known as Nate who had been born four years ago. Lucy so looked like Urs now, her father. Had his nose. His seriousness and hardly ever, ever smiled. Whereas Nate looked like Charlie but with his fathers dark eye colouring.
Charlie was now a children’s author. IL DIVO had a new personal assistant now. Not that Charlie knew anything about her. Or even what her name was.

‘Are you coming tomorrow?’ Urs asked his wife as Charlie stood at the mirror brushing her hair.
‘Well, I am invited’ replied Charlie, turning to look at him, indicating the wedding outfit ready for her to wear the next day, hanging up by the wardrobe.
‘Oh…’ Ur mumbled.
‘Why? Should I not go?’ Charlie suspiciously asked.
‘No. I mean yes. Won’t it be strange?’ Urs asked, running a hand through his hair as he spoke.
‘Strange? What strange?’ Charlie was puzzled.
‘Seeing Seb marry’
‘Why should it be…?’
‘He’s your ex-husband’
‘He’s been my ex for over five years now. Why should tomorrow make any difference?’ Charlie asked him.
‘I just thought’ Urs shrugged.
‘I’ve been married to you for longer than Seb and I were ever married, or together’ Charlie reminded him.
‘I was just thinking. That’s all’
‘If it’s a problem, I won’t go’ Charlie challenged him.
‘No. No problem’ Urs smiled.
‘Sure?’ Charlie asked.
‘Sure. Sure’ Urs smiled again at his wife. Charlie didn’t return the smile.

Meanwhile, Seb and Carlos were still trailing through Seb’s long line of ex girlfriends.
‘Oh, I remember the lovely Monica’ said Carlos.
‘Yes, Monica’ Seb smiled at the memory.
‘What happened with her then? Remind me?’
‘She was lovely. But…well, she wanted children right away’
‘Which, with your past scared you’ replied Carlos.
‘Yes’ Seb agreed.
‘Rowi?’ Carlos then asked.
‘Aah, yes’
‘Remind me?’
‘Alex liked her’ said Seb.
‘So you played matchmaker. Even though you were rather keen I seem to remember?’
‘Aah. Yes’ Seb blushed.
‘Buying an engagement ring’
‘Which I never gave…’
‘You kept it?’ Carlos asked.
‘No. No. The jeweller was rather kind. Buying it back’ Seb replied.
‘Cydalia’ Carlos said next.
‘She liked you’ Seb reminded Carlos.
‘Aah. Yes. I remember. Lovely Cydalia’ Carlos whistled, ‘so, what’s so special about the lovely lady who did get not only a ring, but a date too?’
‘Well, she’s…’ Seb blushed, and winked, ‘completely wonderful’
‘I never believed. In love at first sight. Until I met her…’
‘Yes, the lovely Stephanie’ Carlos agreed.

Stephanie, Seb’s future wife, had met him during an interview. Stephanie had been sent to interview IL DIVO. A group she knew nothing about. She had instantly got on with them all. All that is, expect for Seb. She had great difficulty maintaining eye contact with him. The few time she did, she found herself drowning in his eyes. Those wonderful green eyes completely hypnotised her. One look and she forgot everything. So, in the end, she conducted the whole interview with Seb’s chest.
Seb thought she hated him, when in fact it was exactly the opposite. At the end of the interview, he corned her and asked.
‘What have I done, to make you not like me? I mean, you don’t even know me’ he told her, complaining.
‘I do like you’ Stephanie told Seb’s chest.
‘Lack of eye contact suggests otherwise’ Seb moaned.
‘If I look into your eyes, I can’t speak’ Stephanie found herself telling him.
‘Oh?’ Seb smiled, his eyes all crinkly.
‘Yes’ Stephanie had nodded, raising her eyes to his.
‘Hi’ Seb smiled at her.
‘H…I…’ Stephanie replied.
And that, was it. The start of their relationship. It had taken three months. Before Seb had asked Stephanie to marry him.
‘But we don’t know each other…’ Stephanie had mumbled.
‘Oh, but we do’ Seb had nodded.
‘I. Love. You’ Seb made it sound so simple.
‘You love…?’ Stephanie had lifted her eyes to Seb’s. Seb’s eyes were smiling. Laughter lines crinkling at the corners.
‘I love you Stephanie’
‘Love you. Yes’
‘Marry me?’ Seb asked again.
Stephanie had smiled, ‘Yes please’ she had finally managed to speak. To which, Seb had dropped to his knees and had asked her again. Stephanie had said yes a second time before Seb had produced the ring. It had been perfect. A simple diamond on a platinum band. Perfect for Stephanie’s small fingers. Now, six months later, they were finally getting married.


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PostSubject: Re: *A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience   Tue Nov 24, 2009 11:58 am

Chapter Two

‘Cathie’ Carlos carried on going though Seb’s long line of ex girlfriends.
‘Aah, yes Cathie…’ Seb smiled.
‘The dog lover’ added Carlos.
‘Yes, Shadow and Lightening, her two chocolate Labradors’
‘What happened there then?’ Carlos asked.
‘She refused to put them into quarantine for too long to move from America to Paris, to move in with me’ Seb sighed.
‘She loved me, but I guess she loved her dogs more’
‘Never cross with a dog lover!’ Carlos warned.
‘I learnt my lesson’ Seb sighed again.

‘I’ve been thinking. And I think we should divorce’ Charlie told Urs.
‘What??’ Urs asked, puzzled at where this was coming from.
‘We aren’t working anymore. You don’t trust me…’ Charlie started saying.
‘I do. I do’
‘You don’t Urs’
‘Is this about Seb’s wedding?’ Urs asked.
‘You don’t want me there. You don’t trust me’
‘I do’ he insisted.
‘HA!’ Charlie snorted at her husband.
‘I don’t want a divorce’ Urs tried, ‘I love you’
‘Then trust me’ replied Charlie, glaring at him.

‘Aah!’ Victoria moaned.
‘Victoria, honey?’ David held her hand tightly in his.
‘Guess I’ll miss Seb’s wedding tomorrow after all!’ she joked, ‘aaahhhh!’
‘Nearly there honey. Nearly there’ David rubbed at his wife’s back.
Victoria was in the middle of labour.
‘Aaaahhhh!’ she screamed.
‘One more push Mrs Miller. One more’ the nurse encouraged her. Victoria pushed. Then came a ‘Waa!’ as the baby emerged.
‘Well done. Well done’ the nurse congratulated Victoria, ‘you’ve a daughter’ she announced.
‘Oh…wow!’ David gazed proudly at his new born daughter. She looked exactly like him. Scary he thought.

Now, the day had come. Seb’s wedding day. Carlos was to be the best man. Seb woke early, unable to sleep for much longer.
‘This time tomorrow’ he announced to Carlos, ‘I’ll be waking up in the arms of my wonderful, beautiful wife’ he beamed.
‘Yeah’ Carlos laughed, ‘somewhere over the Atlantic!’ he reminded Seb.
‘The start of our honeymoon’ Seb winked at Carlos, who coughed on swallowing his morning cup of coffee.

Stephanie, was nervous. She stared long and hard at her reflection in the full length mirror. It was no use. She looked pregnant. She let out a sigh.
‘Honey, what’s wrong?’ Joy asked her.
‘I look pregnant…’ Stephanie moaned in response.
‘Oh honey, you don’t. Not compared to me!’ Joy patted her large tummy. She was six months pregnant, ‘here, let me do the dress up, there. Much better’ she said after doing up Stephanie.
‘Thanks’ Stephanie wobbled on her feet.
‘Steady honey’ Joy caught her.
‘I’m scared. I couldn’t eat anything last night’ Stephanie lied. She was more than scared. She was pregnant. Just hadn’t managed to find the courage to tell Seb yet that he was going to be a father in seven months time. She gasped. Breathing in air. The one subject they hadn’t talked about. Children. She had no idea as to how he felt about them. Sure, he liked Urs’ children. But with Lucy and Nate he could hand them back at the end of the day. With his own he wouldn’t be able to do that. No. Just walk out and leave Stephanie holding the baby. The one thing she most dreaded. Being a single parent. Like her Mother had been. Not what she wanted for her own child. To have stepparents. And half brothers and sisters. She wanted all her children to have the same father. To marry once. Enough to last a lifetime. That’s what Stephanie wanted. To marry Seb and be married to him forever. She hoped it would be possible. She sighed again.

Charlie and Urs weren’t even talking now. Not since Charlie had mentioned waiting a divorce the night before. It had been hell too. Being in the same bed as him but not touching or making love with him. It had been the first night Charlie could remember that they hadn’t done anything or at least held each other as they slept. It didn’t feel right. Now they were in the car, driving to Seb’s wedding with Lucy and Nate. Lucy was due to be bridesmaid and looked rather adorable in her dress with a white rose in her curly hair. She looked so much like Urs. Everyone told Charlie so. There was certainly no mistaking in who was her father now that Lucy was getting older.
‘Please, don’t tell anyone’ Urs suddenly said, breaking the silence as they drove along.
‘Tell anyone what?’ Charlie asked.
‘About the…the divorce’ Urs whispered the word divorce so neither Lucy or Nate could hear it then accidentally repeat it later on.
‘I won’t’ Charlie replied.
‘At least not…not until its been decided…’ added Urs.
‘I’ve already…’
‘But I’ve not consented to it’ Urs interrupted Charlie.
Charlie scowled at him thought the mirror. Urs noticed the scowl but just smiled in response back at her.

The wedding went without a hitch. Seb, nervous as he was didn’t stumble over Stephanie’s name which was Stephanie Louse Rebecca Smith. At least Stephanie had an easier name to remember. Sebastien Izambard. Simple. Lucy was a complete angel in her job of bridesmaid and behaved and acted like a little princess and was even nice to her little brother Nate. Helping him to his seat. David appeared just in time to see Stephanie and Seb walk hand in hand down the aisle after getting married to announce to the whole church, ‘Victoria’s had the baby. A girl. Named Roberta May Miller. 8lbs 3oz’ to which the men patted his shoulder in a manly fashion and the women all hugged him in congratulations.

At the reception afterwards, Urs kept a close eye on Charlie. He had come to realise these last few months that he was jealous. Jealous of the relationship Charlie had had with Seb. Not that he knew what sort of relationship they had had. But still. It was enough to drive him crazy all the same. And now, now Charlie wanted a divorce. Urs could feel his heart slowly breaking into two at the very thought. And he had absolutely no idea at all on how to stop it happening.
‘Dance with me?’ he asked Charlie at the reception.
‘If you don’t it will look suspicious’
‘Ok’ Charlie sighed, letting her husband lead her to the dance floor.
Urs pulled her into his arms, holding her close. Charlie rested her head on his shoulder and let him lead her.
The song playing was a favourite of Charlie’s. The original Toni Braxton version of ‘Un-break my heart’
Charlie felt the tears start to come as they danced slowly around the room.
‘Don’t leave me Charlie…’ Urs whispered into her ear.
‘I…I…’ Charlie mumbled.
‘I love you Charlie’ Urs told her.
‘But you don’t trust me…’ Charlie replied.
‘I do. I do’ Urs moved his head to be able to look at Charlie in her eyes, ‘I do Charlie’
‘Urs…’ Charlie tried.
He moved her back to lean her against his shoulder, ‘I love you Charlie’ he repeated, whispering into her ear again.
Then the song finished. Charlie pulled herself out of his arms, ‘No Urs’ she hissed, ‘I can’t do this anymore. I…I just can’t’ and with that, walked away from him.
‘Urs…mate…?’ Carlos asked, coming up to him then.
‘I’ve lost her…’ Urs mumbled in reply.
‘Come on mate. This way…’ and Carlos led Urs off the dance floor and outside into the fresh air.

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PostSubject: Re: *A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience   Tue Nov 24, 2009 11:59 am

Chapter Three

Meanwhile, as all this was going on, Seb was having a wonderful time. Dancing cheek to cheek with the love of his life. His wonderful wife Stephanie, as they danced the wedding waltz around the room.
‘I thought this day would never come’ he confessed to her, whispering in her ear, holding her close to his body as they danced.
‘Me neither…’ Stephanie surprised him by replying.
‘Oh?’ he asked, his eyes wrinkling at the corners as he gazed at this wonderful beautiful wife he had somehow managed to persuade to marry him.
‘I mean…I didn’t believe in love, until I met you…’ Stephanie blushed.
‘Aah! My wonderful woman. But we did met, and thank god we did!’ Seb laughed, pulling her now even closer, ‘I’m lost…every time I look at you…’ he sung into her ear. Words from one of their own songs. But what the hell. It seemed appropriate at this time.
‘Oh Seb…’ Stephanie whispered back, crying softly to herself.

Carlos and Urs were outside now. Urs sat on a bench with his head held in his hands, crying. Carlos sat besides him, occasionally patting his shoulder.
‘Mate….mate…’ he attempted to console his friend.
‘I’ve lost her…I’ve lost her… and its all my own stupid, STUPID!’ he hit his knee in anger, ‘fault!’ Urs cried.
‘Urs…Urs…’ Carlos tried again.
‘All because I’m jealous!’ Urs cried then.
‘Jealous? Jealous of what? Who?’ Carlos asked, he was puzzled. Urs and Charlie seemed to him, to have a strong marriage. How had it all gone wrong? Where, had it all gone wrong?
‘Seb’ Urs muttered.
‘Seb?’ Carlos asked, still puzzled.
‘She…Charlie…never told me. About her…relationship, with Seb…and I’m jealous…’ Urs sighed.
‘But mate…that was years ago. Years ago’ Carlos wisely pointed out.
‘I know…’ Urs sighed sadly again.
‘What, bought all this up?’ Carlos felt the need to ask his friend this question.
‘Seb. Getting married I suppose’ Urs shrugged, attempting to explain it all.
‘To someone else. Not to Charlie’ said Carlos, pointing out the obvious again to his friend.
‘I know…’ Urs now muttered, shaking his head.
‘Mate. You need to do some thinking. And soul searching. This is crazy. Completely. Do you know that?’ Carlos asked him.
‘I do…I do…’ Urs muttered again.
‘Then think mate. Think’ said Carlos before he left his friend, tears rolling down his eyes to go and find his own wife, to give her a hug and to tell her that he loved her. Oh so much. So very, very much.

Stephanie was in the honeymoon suite of the hotel, in the bathroom, throwing up. Again.
‘Honey?’ Seb called to her. They had been in the process of undressing each other when Stephanie had suddenly clutched at her mouth and had made a dash for the bathroom.
‘Dodgy prawn…’ Stephanie lied, finally coming out of the bathroom, wearing only her underwear now.
‘Ok now?’ Seb looked worryingly at his new wife.
‘I’m fine. Fine’ Stephanie lied. Again.
‘Like to lay down?’ he asked, concerned.
‘Only, if you’re there with me…’ Stephanie winked at him.
‘Of course. Where else would I be?’ Seb winked back, taking her hand and leading her towards the bed.

Urs looked for Charlie and their children to drive them home. But could find no sign. He sighed, loudly. Then got into the car and drove home. Having to keep stopping to wipe at his eyes and nose. His eyes kept going bleary and his vision cloudy. He finally made it home to find the place deserted. No sign of Charlie or the children could be found. He searched the wardrobes. Most of Charlie’s clothes, Lucy’s, and Nate’s were missing as were Lucy‘s and Nate‘ favourite toys he had noticed. Charlie had left him. Taking the children. He broke down again and sobbed his heart out. Because of his own stupid jealousy he had lost his family.
‘Oh Charlie…’ he cried, sliding down the wall as he did, ‘I love you…’ he sobbed, grabbing a pillow and bashing it. He then hugged the pillow to his chest and cried loud, noisy tears. He could hear his heart breaking into two now as he sat and looked around the empty room. Bare of everything and everyone he loved.

‘Thanks, for this…’ Charlie said as Carlos helped her settle the now sleeping children down into the spare bedroom of Carlos and Joy’s home. It wasn’t ideal, but it would do, for now.
‘Charlie…do you think you should have? Left Urs, I mean?’ Carlos carefully asked.
‘Oh Carlos. I had to’ Charlie wiped a tear away from her eye, ‘I can’t go on being with someone who doesn’t trust me anymore’ she gazed at her sleeping children as she said this to him.
‘Ok’ Carlos sighed, ‘I understand’ he sadly nodded at her.

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PostSubject: Re: *A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience   Mon Nov 30, 2009 7:23 pm

Chapter Four

‘Its been a month now, surely Charlie should at least let Urs know where they all are…’ Carlos moaned to Joy.
‘Darling, Charlie has her reasons’ Joy soothed.
‘But he’s going crazy. He has a right. Surely. To at least see his own children?’ Carlos asked his wife.
‘Maybe. Maybe’ Joy agreed. She had already had a similar conversation with Charlie about this. Trying to convince her to let Urs see his children. Charlie had cried and had eventually relented. Tomorrow Charlie agreed. Joy told Carlos, ‘I’m taking them; she added.
‘But darling…’
‘Someone has to go. Charlie doesn’t want to see him. Anyway’ Joy smiled, ‘I did offer’
‘But the baby…’ Carlos tried again.
‘Honey’ Joy soothed, ‘I’m nearly seven months pregnant, both baby and I are doing fine. Its only for a visit. A couple of hours at the most’ she smiled.
‘Ok’ Carlos sighed, relenting at last, ‘Ok’

Urs was happy. He would, tomorrow, after what had seemed like a year and not just a simple month, he would be finally get to see his children. Lucy and Nate, and hopefully, Charlie, his wife, again. He missed them. Oh so much. It was like being on tour again. Being apart from them except this time it was worse. For this time he hadn’t even heard from them. Having no contact was slowly driving Urs mad. He couldn’t handle not seeing them. Didn’t want to handle it. He wanted his family back home. To hold. To touch. To make him whole again. He hadn’t been sleeping at all recently. He couldn’t relax. Couldn’t concentrate. If he could have rewound time he would have. But he couldn’t.
‘’Christ…I need a shave’ Urs muttered, peering at his reflection. He had unwashed hair. Bags under his eyes. A large beard growing. He looked a complete mess, ‘like a madman…’ he told himself. Hardly a great impression. He wanted to win Charlie back. Not scare her away even more. He had an extra long shower, washing his hair then he shaved. Cleaning away the hair from his face. He gazed at his reflection again then, ‘That’ll do I suppose…’ he said to himself, feeling a little, but not a lot better now.
Then he tackled his house. Putting all the dirty clothes in the washing machine. The dirty plates and cups in the dishwasher. He located the Hoover and cleaned up all the crumbs that had somehow appeared out of nowhere. Getting rid of the mountain of rubbish mail and a few overfriendly fan mail that arrived weekly. He didn’t stop until he was completely satisfied with his work. Then Urs stood back and admired his handiwork. It looked ok. It would have to do he decided. Then he sat down and waited. He still had another…eight hours he noticed but it was no use trying to do anything. He wouldn’t be able to concentrate. He felt nervous now. He sat and watched the clock hands slowly tick by. Second by second. Minute by minute. Hour by hour he watched it. Waiting. Nervous. Scared. Excited. Waiting to see his family again at long last.

‘Be good for aunty Joy’ Charlie tearfully hugged and kissed her children goodbye for their visit.
‘You not coming to see Daddy, Mummy?’ Lucy asked her.
‘No honey. Just you and Nate’ Charlie smiled at her daughter.
‘But Daddy wants to see you too…’ Lucy told her.
‘Daddy!’ Nate cried excitedly.
‘Honey…not today...I’m…busy’ Charlie lied.
‘Oh…’ Lucy sulked.
‘Come on darling, don’t want to be late for Daddy’ Joy told Lucy, taking hold of her and Nate’s hands.
‘Thank you… for doing this’ Charlie told her friend.
‘No problem. See you later. Say bye bye to Mummy’ Joy said to Lucy and Nate as they all walked towards Joy’s car.
Charlie turned around. Not wanting to watch them go. She knew she would miss them, even thought they were only going for half a day at most. Charlie loved her children. Was very protective of them. She would defend them until the very end. Nothing she wouldn’t do for them. It was just a shame that they had to witness their parents relationship breaking down. Charlie had never wanted to be a divorced parent. But that’s what she was going to end up being. It wasn’t fair. Nor was it preventable she thought. She couldn’t stay with someone, love someone who didn’t trust her. Charlie saw love and trust as the same thing. You couldn’t have one without the other. It just wasn’t on. It wasn’t possible. Love. Trust. The same thing in her eyes. Completely. The same thing.

Urs tried so hard not to act too disappointed when Joy’s car drove up and only she and his children emerged from it. He looked around.
‘Charlie’s not here’ Joy told him.
‘Oh, I thought…’ he muttered, hugging his children close.
‘Charlie should have told you’ Joy tutted.
‘Maybe she did…’ Urs shrugged.
‘Missed you Daddy’ Lucy then told Urs.
‘You too honey’ he agreed.
‘My Daddy!’ Nate cried, hugging his father.
‘Natie’ Urs hugged him back.
‘I’ll collect them later. About eight?’ Joy asked.
‘Ok’ Urs sadly sighed, ‘what do you want to do?’ he asked his children.
‘Park!’ they cried in unison.
‘Ok’ Urs nodded, ‘park it is’
‘And ice cream!’ Nate added hopefully.
‘In March?’ Urs asked.
‘Yep! Yep!’ Lucy said now.
‘Ok. Park and ice cream coming up’ Urs agreed.
Joy left them to it then. Leaving them all laughing and hugging. Urs really was a great father she noticed. He loved his children.

‘Honey…is there something I should know?’ Seb nervously asked Stephanie. It was now a month now since their wedding, ‘are you sick?’ he carefully asked.
‘Yes’ Stephanie nodded. She had just been sick again.
‘Tell me…’ Seb paled in colour. Fearing the worst.
‘I’m pregnant..’ Stephanie whispered.
‘Whatever it is, we can cope. I can cope’ Seb carried on, not hearing Stephanie speak.
‘I’m pregnant’ she said again, a little louder this time.
‘Whatever…’ Seb started to say. Then he stared at her.
‘Pregnant. I’m…’
‘Oh Honey!’ Seb pulled her into his arms.
‘I’m…I’m sorry…’ Stephanie cried.
‘Hey! Why the tears?’ Seb asked.
‘Because I’m…and we never talked. About children. I’ve…I’ve ruined it…’
‘Hey!’ Seb cupped her face in his hands, ‘don’t talk like that’ he told her.
‘But I’ve…’ Stephanie started to say.
‘No’ Seb interrupted her with a kiss, ‘you’ he told her, gazing into her eyes, ‘have made me so happy. So very, very happy. I love you Stephanie’
‘I thought…that you would think. That it was too soon..’
‘Its never too soon to start a family. To start out family’ he gazed at her.
‘I…I love you Seb’ Stephanie whispered.
‘I should hope so. You ARE married to me!’ Seb winked.
‘So I am. Mr Izambard’
‘Mrs Izambard’ Seb replied, kissing her.
Stephanie relaxed in his arms and returned the kiss.

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PostSubject: Re: *A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience   Thu Dec 10, 2009 3:24 pm

Chapter Five

‘AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!’ Victoria cried, ‘its no flaming use!’
‘Honey, what’s wrong?’ David asked, rushing into their bedroom.
‘Nothing will fit anymore!’ Victoria complained, ‘all my maternity clothes are too big. My normal clothes too small!’ she moaned, glaring at her wardrobe packed full of clothes, nothing was suitable anymore not since having Roberta.
‘Then we’ll have to go shopping’ David suggested.
‘Yeah. Great’ Victoria sarcastically said, ‘and when we’re shopping, who is going to look after Roberta while we do? Our daughter? Or have you forgotten?’
‘I haven’t forgotten. How can I? beautiful Roberta. She looks exactly like her mother’ David beamed at his wife.
‘Humph!’ Victoria replied, glaring at her husband. She didn’t mean to, just that she was slightly depressed and annoyed at the state of her wardrobe and lack of wearable clothes she owned now.
‘You are beautiful’ David insisted.
‘No I’m not’ Victoria cried, ‘I feel fat and frumpy!’
‘Hey, you are not’ David made her look at herself in the bedroom mirror, ‘what do you see?’ he asked.
‘A fat, frumpy, bad haired, lack of sleep monster’ came Victoria’s reply, taking a good look at all the bags she could see under her eyes. Could her husband not see what she could? Obviously not. He must have been blind she thought.
‘You know what I see?’ David asked.
‘Surprise me’ Victoria sighed, sounding sarcastic again.
‘I see a wonderful woman. The same wonderful woman who married me, three years ago. The same wonderful woman who gave birth to my daughter over a month ago’ David told her.
‘Oh…’ Victoria mumbled.
‘I see you. I love you’ David simply told her.
‘Oh…’ Victoria said again.
‘Ok now?’ he then asked.
‘Yes’ she nodded, ‘you know one thing?’
‘No’ David replied, scared at what Victoria would come out with. He loved his wife. Thought she was the most wonderful person he had ever known. He was honoured that she was with him. Every day he woke up thanking his lucky stars that she was there, loving him like he loved her.
‘You, David Miller, really are something special’ Victoria reached out and kissed him.
‘Just like you are Victoria Miller’ he returned the kiss, sighing with relief. She did love him after all. He had said the right thing.

‘Higher Daddy. Push me higher!’ Lucy laughed as she sat on the swing with Urs gently pushing her. Urs had taken his children where they had wanted to go, to the park and even thought it was cold they were still enjoying being there, with their father. Spending time together. Having fun. Something Urs had missed recently.
‘Watch me Daddy!’ Nate called. He stood at the top of the slide.
‘Be careful Nate’ Urs called out to his son as Nate slid down the slide.
‘Yippee!’ Nate called as he went down, hands in the air.
‘Higher now Daddy’ Lucy said again.
‘Ok. But hold on tight’ he told his daughter.
‘Did you see me Daddy?’ Nate asked Urs, running over to be where his father was standing, pushing his big sister Lucy on the swing.
‘Yes I did’ Urs nodded, smiling at his son, ‘you were very brave’
‘I’m a big boy now!’ Nate laughed.
‘So you are’ Urs laughed.
‘Higher!’ Lucy called as Urs continued to push her.
‘Ok’ Urs said, giving Lucy one more push.
Lucy couldn’t have been holding on tight enough. Or Urs had pushed too hard because the next moment Lucy was on the ground in a small heap, crying.
Urs rushed to her, ‘Daddy’ she cried as he carefully pulled her into his arms, ‘my arm hurts..’ she cried.
‘Come on darling, Nate’ he called as he stood up, his daughter in his arms, ‘hospital time’

Charlie was staring at her laptop. Trying to write when the call came. She listened to Urs’ voice on the phone. Gave a small sob and dropped the phone. She grabbed her car keys and drove like a madwoman to the hospital, not knowing what she would find. Her heart in her mouth. Beating like crazy. Her palms were sweaty. Tears blurring her vision.

‘What?’ Joy gripped the phone tighter, her palms sweaty, ‘ok, hang on, we’re coming’ she said.
‘Darling?’ Carlos asked, looking up from the magazine that he had been reading.
‘There’s been an accident…Lucy’ Joy mumbled the words, paling in colour as she told Carlos about the phone call she had just received from Urs.
‘Come on, hospital’ Carlos stood up, collected his keys and directed his wife towards the car waiting outside.

Charlie and Urs sat in the hospital waiting room, not talking or touching. Charlie felt so angry at Urs. It was all his fault. The first time he had seen his children in ages and this happened. One of them injured. Luckily, Carlos and Joy had arrived at the same time as Charlie and had taken Nate to their home. Urs sat and stared into space. Not knowing what to say to Charlie. How could he make it better? He was sure it was only a broken arm, so what was taking so long? Surely it didn’t take hours and hours to x-ray and bandage a broken arm? He stood up, unable to sit any longer. He started to pace the room.
‘Sit down Urs’ Charlie told him.
‘No’ he shook his head, ‘I can’t…’
‘What’s wrong? Feeling guilty?’ Charlie accused.
‘Yes’ Urs admitted.
‘So you should’ Charlie spat.
‘Charlie…’ Urs tried talking to his wife.
‘No Urs. No’ Charlie spat again.
The door opened then and a man dressed in a white coat came into the room. He smiled at Charlie and Urs. ‘Hello’ he said, ‘I’m Doctor Harrington’ he shook Urs’ hand, ‘Mr Buhler. Mrs Buhler’ he nodded in Charlie’s direction.
‘Doctor’ said Urs. Charlie stared at the doctor.
‘We’ve had to do some tests on your daughter’ the doctor told them.
‘Tests…?’ Urs asked, worried.
‘Standard tests. Nothing to be worried about. But I’m afraid we found something…’
‘Lucy…’ Charlie cried out, covering her mouth, afraid what was going to come next.
‘She had a broken arm, which we have dealt with, but I’m afraid Lucy will need to stay here, for a few weeks’ Dr Harrington said.
‘Why…?’ Urs asked.
‘One of these tests…came back with something. I don’t want to say too much at the moment until I know more..’ the doctor looked at Charlie and Urs.
‘What is it?’ Charlie asked.
‘I’m afraid I can’t stay at the mo…’ started the doctor.
‘Tell me!’ Charlie demanded, interrupting the doctor.
‘We think…’ Dr Harrington sighed, ‘that Lucy has leukaemia’
‘Luke…’ Charlie let out a sob.
‘God’ Urs cried, pulling his wife into his arms. Charlie sagged against Urs, he held her close.
‘We’ll need to do some more tests’ the doctor told them, ‘possibly we will need to, if Lucy needs it, blood. Are you willing, to be checked?’ he asked.
‘Of course’ Urs answered for himself and for Charlie, ‘of course’ he nodded.
‘We will keep you informed..’ the doctor smiled lightly then made his exit. He hated breaking difficult news.

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PostSubject: Re: *A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience   Mon Dec 14, 2009 5:09 pm

Chapter Six

As Charlie sat besides Lucy’s bed, holding her daughters hand and watching her sleep, Urs made several phone calls to everyone.
Joy immediately agreed to look after Nate for as long as was necessary, and to help in any way that was possible, towards helping Lucy. As did Carlos, David and Victoria.
Urs then rang Seb. ‘Your daughter has been involved in an accident’ Urs told him as soon as Seb answered the phone.
‘Daughter? I don’t have a daughter!’ Seb laughed.
‘Lucy’ Urs reminded him, tutting down the phone now.
‘Nope. Not mine. Lucy is yours mate’ Seb said.
‘She might need blood’ Urs told him.
‘If you want mine, you can have it, but Lucy ain’t mine!’ Seb laughed again at Urs.
‘Have it your way’ Urs muttered, disconnecting the call.

‘Stupid man’ Seb said as the phone went dead.
‘Who’s stupid?’ Stephanie asked, coming up behind Seb to give him a hug.
‘Urs. He thinks Lucy’s mine!’ Seb laughed.
‘But anyone can see, Lucy is Urs’’ said Stephanie.
‘I know, but…’ Seb shook his head.
‘Is it because you and Charlie were once married?’
‘How…?’ Seb asked.
‘I was a reporter at one time remember?’ Stephanie reminded him.
‘You don’t mind…?’ Seb was amazed at this. She already knew!
‘Why should I? you were trying to help Charlie out’
‘Lucy’s not mine’ said Seb, ‘Charlie was already pregnant, when she and I married. We never…’ Seb coughed, ‘consummated the marriage’ he mumbled the words.
‘Its ok. I know’ Stephanie smiled, lightly touching his face in reassurance.
‘But…’ Seb mumbled.
‘I asked. Joy told me’ Stephanie informed her husband of how she had found out all this.
‘Oh’ Seb mumbled.
‘But Urs…still thinks’
‘Yes’ Seb sighed.
‘He’ll soon find out’ Stephanie reassured Seb.
‘Unless my blood turns out to be a perfect match’ Seb sighed again.
‘There is that’ Stephanie agreed.
‘Christ’ Seb muttered now.
‘Exactly honey’ Stephanie patted her husbands shoulder.

‘You need to rest…’ Urs tried telling Charlie. She was sitting by her daughters bed, a familiar seen to anyone who knew Charlie now.
‘Rest? How can I rest? My daughter is sick!’ Charlie cried.
‘Charlie…’ Urs tried again. He ached to reach out and touch Charlie but he was too afraid that she would push him away, again.
‘Don’t you care Urs?’ Charlie accused.
‘Of course I do’ Urs replied.
‘Then you should know - that I can’t leave Lucy. Not now’
‘Ok Charlie’ Urs sighed.
It had been two days now since Lucy’s accident in which Charlie had refused to go home and change or even sleep. In case she missed something. They were waiting for the results of Lucy’s blood test. Which would determined whether or not she had leukaemia or something else wrong with her. Charlie would only eat when Lucy did which was not good as Lucy had managed to lose her appetite now and it was coming to a point in which if she didn’t start eating soon she would have to be placed on a drip. Urs thought Charlie needed the same treatment. But was too scared to mention it just in case Charlie turned around and bit his head off again. He didn’t know what was killing him more. The state Lucy was in or the state in which Charlie was letting herself get into. He was scared for both of them. And powerless as to how to stop it from happening.

‘How’s Lucy?’ David asked on phoning Urs’ mobile. He was standing outside the hospital, talking to his friend. Urs needed someone to talk to.
‘Sick. It seems as though she’s getting worse. And we don’t even know what is wrong yet. The doctors are still waiting on the results’ Urs sighed down the phone.
‘And Charlie?’ David asked.
‘She won’t sleep. Eat or relax, let alone leave Lucy’s bedside. Not even for a moment. If I dare to speak to her she bite my head off’ Urs sighed again.
‘Oh mate…I wish there was something we could do to help’ David told him.
‘No, its ok. You’ve Roberta to take care off’
‘Well, we are here, whenever you need Victoria and I’ David then reassured Urs.
‘Thanks mate. I’ll keep that in mind’ Urs sadly sighed down the phone again at his friend.
‘Take care mate. And make you sure you look after yourself’ David told Urs.
‘I’ll…I’ll try’ Urs sighed down the phone again before disconnecting the call on his friend.
Urs wasn’t looking after himself. He couldn’t relax. Sleep or eat either. His beard was coming back now. His hair needed a wash. He, like Charlie was still wearing the same clothes as the day Lucy had had her accident. Urs’ t-shirt had dirt and grit on it from holding Lucy in his arms. If he closed his eyes, he could still see it happening. Lucy flying through the air and landing with a sickening bang on the gravelled playground. At first he had thought the worst. Fearing that she was dead until she had called out to him, ‘Daddy’ and he had been able to breathe again and his heart had continued to beat. Thank god she was alive. Oh, thank god. And now -now she was sick. In hospital with a possible deadly disease. And again he was finding it difficult to breathe. He was again powerless to prevent it from happening.

‘How’s it all going?’ Joy asked on phoning Urs’ mobile, after David had rung off.
‘No results yet’ Urs sighed.
‘How’s Charlie?’ Joy then asked him.
‘Missing Nate. Like we all are’
‘He misses you all too’
‘Thank you, for looking after him, and all that…’ Urs then told her.
‘It’s a pleasure. Nate is a wonderful little boy’
‘I’m…scared’ Urs then found himself confessing to Joy.
‘It’ll be ok’ Joy soothed.
‘I’ve lost Charlie…and now I’m losing Lucy’ Urs let out a sob.
‘Urs…’ Joy tried. She knew he needed consoling but she couldn’t be the one to do it even if he would let her.
‘And its all my own fault’ Urs muttered before disconnecting the call.

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PostSubject: Re: *A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience   Mon Dec 21, 2009 4:54 pm

Chapter Seven

‘That, was Urs’ Joy told Carlos as he sat playing with Nate and Nate’s toy cars, Joy told her husband after replacing the receiver on her friend.
‘Daddy!’ Nate cried, looking up at Joy, smiling at her.
‘Yes honey. Daddy’ Joy agreed.
‘How’s it all…?’ Carlos whispered.
‘No results yet. Urs…is worried’
‘Oh?’ Carlos lightly asked.
‘He’s scared. He thinks he’s lost Charlie and is about to lose Lucy now too’
‘Mummy’ Nate smiled on hearing Charlie’s name now.
‘Yes honey. Mummy’ said Joy, stroking the silky hair on his head.
‘Well’ Carlos whispered, ‘can’t say I didn’t see it coming’ he shrugged.
‘Meaning?’ Joy asked her husband.
‘Urs is jealous’ Carlos whispered.
‘Of what?’ Joy asked, surprised at this information her husband had just told her.
‘Of Seb and Charlie’ Carlos whispered their names, not wanting Nate to hear any of this as he sat quietly playing with his cars and other toys.
‘But there never was a Seb and Charlie…’ Joy shook her head at this.
‘I think Urs knows that, but he won’t let it go’ Carlos shrugged.
‘Stupid man’ Joy muttered.
‘Bash!’ Nate said as he made his car crash into Carlos’
‘I also think…that Urs still thinks that Lucy, isn’t his’ Carlos then told Joy.
‘Not his? Is he blind?’ Joy now asked her husband.
‘Might be’ Carlos agreed.
‘Lucy looks so much like him…’ Joy shook her head. Men! Why did they act so stupid sometimes? Honestly. Urs needed his head seeing to. Lucy was his child. Charlie had only ever loved Urs. Never Seb. Not really. With Seb it had been a passing fancy. A one night stand. Nothing more. With Urs it had been, still was, true love. Complete. Forever. The stuff that would last until the end of time almost. Was Urs blind not to be able to see that? To feel that? Joy wanted to give him a bloody good talking to and then for added benefit, bash his thick head against a wall for good measure. Bloody stupid man.

‘We have the test results back’ announced Dr Harrington, breezing into Lucy’s hospital room, waving around a clipboard. Lucy was asleep. Charlie sat up. She was sitting next to her daughter, holding her tiny hand in hers. Urs, sitting in a chair the other side of his daughter stood up, running a hand through his hair, and looked at the doctor, his heart in his mouth.
‘Go on’ Urs urged the doctor, wanting to get it over and done with. He couldn’t stand the tension anymore.
‘Its just as we feared’ said the doctor. Urs felt his heart sink into his boots at those words. He stared at the floor. Charlie let out a small sob, ‘but’ the doctor carried on, ‘we believe with a bit of treatment, and a blood transfusion, that we can beat this’
‘Oh god…’ Urs muttered.
‘We’ll need donors’ said the doctor.
‘I’ve already sighed up’ said Urs.
‘Me too’ Charlie said, whispering, feeling her mouth go dry. She licked at her lips, trying to make some salvia for her mouth.
‘Great. Well, we’ll have to see now, who is most compatible’ the doctor smiled at them both.
Urs wanted to say, ‘Check Seb, her father’ but he bit his lip and kept quiet. They would soon know the truth. He would soon know, for sure. Who Lucy’s real father was.

The next day Carlos, David and Seb all went to donate blood.
Victoria wasn’t allowed because of just given birth recently and neither were Joy or Stephanie as they were both pregnant. Although Stephanie went along just in case she could as no one apart from Seb knew that she was pregnant just yet. There didn’t seem a right time to tell anyone. Not with little Lucy being in hospital.
Urs cornered Seb after he had donated his blood.
‘Come to see you daughter?’ Urs asked him.
‘I told you, Lucy isn’t mine’ Seb laughed.
‘We’ll see’ Urs muttered, glaring at Seb. The same man he used to be friends with.
‘If you don’t believe me, check’ Seb replied.
‘How?’ Urs asked.
‘Do a DNA test. You’ve got my blood, and my permission to test it’ Seb replied.
‘I couldn’t…’ Urs muttered.
‘Oh no? even though it would show for once and for all if I’m lying?’ Seb asked, ‘if it were me’ he carried on, ‘I would do it. To see. Aren’t you just dying to know?’ Seb challenged.
‘I should thump you…’ Urs warned, shaking his fist in Seb‘s direction.
‘What for? I’ve not done anything’ Seb laughed.
‘You had Charlie…’ Urs spat at him.
‘Yeah, and?’ Seb challenged again.
‘Why you…’ Urs lifted his fist to hit Seb, but luckily, or not, David and Carlos saw all this and rushed to pull them apart.
‘Urs, mate. He ain’t worth it’ David pulled Urs away.
‘Go on, if it’ll make you feel any better’ Seb challenged Urs.
Urs glared at Seb, ‘You’re mental, do you know that? Mental’ Seb then told Urs.
‘Seb’ Carlos warned him.
‘Lucy isn’t mine. Never has been. Neither has Charlie. But if you’re not careful you’re going to lose them both’ Seb told Urs before walking away, muttering under his breathe that Urs was a madman.
‘Come on mate’ David pulled Urs into the direction of Lucy’s hospital room, ‘lets go and see your daughter’ David felt like shouting the word, ‘daughter’ but didn’t.

Urs felt rotten after his fight with Seb. He sat next to Lucy’s bed and watched her sleep. That was all she seemed to want to do recently. Sleep loads. The doctors said it was to be expected. And that having the transfusion could make her even more tired until it started to work. If it worked. Although no one would admit that part. But Urs knew, deep down inside, if it didn’t work that they could lose their daughter. Charlie would never forgive him then if that happened. Urs wasn’t the religious type, but he had taken to praying just recently. He would do anything, everything, to stop that from happening.
‘Hi Charlie’ David smiled at Charlie as he and Urs walked back into Lucy‘s room. She looked dreadful. Pale. Like she was shrinking away. Slowly disappearing before their very eyes.
‘David. Hi’ Charlie smiled sadly at him.
‘We’ve just given blood’ David told her.
‘Oh. Right’ she nodded, keeping her eyes on her daughter.
‘How is Lucy?’ David then asked.
‘Sleeping. She sleeps a lot nowadays’ Charlie sighed.
‘Oh. Right’ David nodded, not knowing what else to say.
‘Oh no!’ Charlie then cried.
‘What is it honey?’ Urs asked.
‘I’ve just remembered, your tour…’ Charlie said.
IL DIVO were meant to be doing a five date tour in America round about now.
‘We’ve…cancelled it. Until Lucy gets better’ David told her.
‘Oh…right’ Charlie nodded.
‘Because she will’ David added.
‘Wish, I could be that certain….’ Charlie sighed.
‘We’re all praying for her’ David told Charlie.
‘Thanks, David’ Charlie sighed again.

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PostSubject: Re: *A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience   Sun Jan 03, 2010 2:01 am

So glad to see this sotry here Kaz..... You know how much I enjoyed reading it.

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PostSubject: Re: *A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience   Mon Jan 04, 2010 4:11 pm

Chapter Eight

For some reason, everyone wanted to be there when it was announced who was most compatible to be Lucy’s blood donor. Her little hospital room was crowded. Joy even bought Nate, saying that he missed his whole family too much to be able to sleep or play. Nate sat on his mothers lap, holding on tightly. When he had seen Charlie he had cried, ‘Mummy!’ and had thrown himself into her arms.
‘Oh honey…’ Charlie had cried into her sons soft hair.
‘He missed you..’ Carlos pointed out the obvious.
‘And I missed him’ Charlie sobbed, holding Nate tightly.
Charlie didn’t know why there was an atmosphere around Urs and Seb, but there was. The two men stood at opposite ends of Lucy’s room, glaring at each other.
Charlie wanted to slap them both but she didn’t. Instead, she sat holding Nate and watched them. Wondering what had caused this conflict.
It wasn’t Dr Harrington but another doctor who came into Lucy’s room to break the news on the best donor. He announced himself as ‘Dr Matthew Netrebko’. He talked with an accent, sounding slightly Russian.
‘I have the results’ he told everyone.
They all held their breathes.
‘I can announce’ Dr Netrebko said, looking at the card held in his hands, ‘that her father, Mr Buhler, is a perfect match’
Everyone breathed again. Urs’ jaw dropped.
Seb burst out laughing. Stephanie scowled at him. He stopped his laughter, ‘Sorry’ he apologised, wiping at his eyes.
‘Mr Buhler, if you would like to come with me’ Dr Netrebko then asked Urs, ‘and we can…discuss that other thing’ he coughed.
‘Right. Ok’ Urs nodded, then followed the doctor out of the room.
Charlie let out a sob of relief.
‘Oh honey’ Joy and Victoria dropped to their knees on either side of Charlie and both hugged her.
‘It’ll be ok’ Victoria told Charlie.
Charlie nodded, unable to speak.
‘Come on matie’ David picked Nate of Charlie’s lap, ‘lets go and find some sweets, eh?’ he asked.
‘Sweets, uncle David!’ Nate laughed, grabbing David’s hand and pulling him out of the room.
‘Not too many David…’ Charlie whispered, but he and Nate had already left the room.

Urs listened to the doctor.
‘Those tests you requested, are back; Dr Netrebko told Urs.
‘Yes, and?’ he asked, feeling his mouth go dry and his palms all sweaty. Being a perfect match blood wise for Lucy didn’t mean anything. He still needed proof, ‘I am happy to announce, that you are, as the test results positively showed, Lucy’s father’
‘No mistaking?’ Urs asked.
‘No mistaking’ the doctor agreed, ‘you’re not happy?’
‘Oh no Doctor. I am. I am very happy’ Urs smiled at the doctor at long last.
‘Good. Good’ the doctor nodded, pleased that he had told pleasing news and not awful news. He hated telling people bad news. But the profession he was in - bad news went with the job. He breathed a sigh of happy relief.

‘I think you owe me an apology..’ Seb cornered Urs.
‘Oh? Why?’ Urs challenged.
‘You accused me, of something I’m not’ Seb said.
‘Being a father? To an adorable little girl?’ Urs asked, ‘oh no. You should apologise to me. For not being her father!’
‘What? Are you mad man?’ Seb asked, surprised at Urs’ reaction.
‘No. But at least I’ve managed to achieve something with Charlie that you never will’ Urs laughed at him.
‘Think about it. Think about it’ Urs laughed again, then walked off, leaving Seb staring after him, shaking his head at this reaction from his once friend.
Seb still didn’t know where his and Urs’ relationship had gone wrong. It puzzled him greatly. They used to be such good friends. Telling each other things. Then Urs had accused Seb of being Lucy’s father and it had all gone wrong from that moment on. Where had he got that idea from? Lucy looked so much like Urs that it was almost scary. Two peas in a pod came to mind. When you saw Urs and Lucy together. Matching noses and eyes where just the start. They acted like each other. Talked like each other. Almost had the same personality. Hell, Lucy even loved Urs’ love of motorbikes and loud music. Her room at home was painted in a dark blue and was full of motorbike teddies and motorbike photographs. They were that alike.

Seb, now feeling great frustration, hit out at the nearest wall. ‘Ouch!’ he moaned, shaking his fist he had just banged into the wall, ‘oh god. I feel sick…’ he moaned, crouching down now, head between his knees.
‘Seb, mate? Are you ok?’ It was Carlos.
‘I feel sick’ Seb muttered, holding his hand.
‘You’re hurt…’ Carlos noticed.
‘You should see the other guy!’ Seb laughed lightly and winked.
‘Urs?’ Carlos asked.
‘God no. No’ Seb shook his head.
‘Come on, you need medical attention’
‘Glad we haven’t got far to go! Hey! Getting injured in a hospital. What a great idea!’ Seb winked again.
Carlos just tutted and pulled Seb in the direction of casualty.
Every nurse they past, Seb winked at.
‘Stop that’ Carlos told him.
‘Stop what?’
‘Your winking’
‘What? Why?’
‘You are a married man now, or have you forgotten?’ Carlos reminded him.
‘Of course I haven’t…’ Seb laughed.
‘Then act like one. Honestly, Seb, I don’t know how Stephanie can put up with you’ Carlos shook his head.
‘She loves me. What can I say?’
‘Then act like you love her too’ Carlos snapped.
‘Carlos, mate, what is wrong with you?’ Seb asked, puzzled by Carlos’ sudden attitude change towards him.
‘Nothing is wrong with me. But you…’
‘But me, what?’ Seb asked.
‘If you had been a bit more pleasant, nice to Urs, then there would have been no doubting’
‘Look’ Seb sighed, ‘Charlie and I, we slept together, once. Just once. Then she got with Urs’
‘You were married to her’
‘Because she was pregnant. With Lucy. Urs’ child. We never… not once’
‘Not since?’ Carlos asked.
‘Not since before she, Charlie, got with Urs, no’ Seb confirmed.
‘Then why is Urs accusing you? Why all this?’ Carlos asked.
‘I don’t know. I have no idea’ Seb shrugged.
‘Mmm… I wonder’ Carlos muttered.
‘What?’ Seb asked.
‘Nothing. Nothing’ Carlos wanted to have a talk with Urs first. To try and get to the bottom of all this. There must be something causing it. But Carlos didn’t know. Yes. He would, that, he was determined of. He would find out.

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PostSubject: Re: *A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience   Tue Jan 05, 2010 7:26 pm

Finally Urs knows what everyone else has know all along... if he would just open his eyes. :bom:

So Carlos is out to see about something? scratch scratch

Can't wait to see what comes next.

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PostSubject: Re: *A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience   Mon Jan 11, 2010 4:29 pm

Chapter Nine

It was arranged so the next day Urs was admitted into hospital so the doctors could extract the bone marrow needed for Lucy. Urs lay on the operating table, wide awake, as the process was done. The bone marrow removal was a rather painful process Urs discovered. A long, sharp needle was needed and even though he had received a mild dose of painkiller to numb the area he could still feel it. He lay on that operating table and wished that Charlie was with him, but she ha refused to leave Lucy’s side to hold his hand, telling him, ‘You’re old enough Urs. Deal with it’ before walking away and leaving him watching her go. He had tried to call her name but found he couldn’t speak. His mouth had gone dry and his vision suddenly cloudy. He had wiped angrily at his tears and had blamed himself. He was only getting what he had deserved. His stupidity had pushed Charlie away.

‘You’re not with Urs’ Joy said as she walked into Lucy’s hospital room and had noticed Charlie sitting with her daughter.
‘Of course I’m not’ Charlie lightly laughed at this suggestion.
‘But I thought…today was Urs’ operation?’ Joy checked her watch. Yes. It was definitely today.
‘Yes’ Charlie nodded.
‘He’s your husband…’ Joy started to say.
‘And Lucy, is my daughter’ Charlie interrupted her.
‘But we were told. That the operation to extract the fluid, would be painful…’
‘Urs, is in good hands’ Charlie interrupted again.
‘But it would have been nice. For you to be there. Holding his hand’
‘Urs, isn’t a child’ Charlie now snapped.
‘No, you’re right’ Joy agreed, ‘but he is your husband. And he loves you for some unknown reason’
‘Ha! I thought love meant trust?’
‘It does…’
‘Then why doesn’t he then?’ Charlie demanded.
‘Ever since Seb announced his wedding, Urs has changed. He doesn’t trust me anymore. He’s always asking me what I’m doing. Where am I going? I feel like I’ve changed. From his wife to his…to his child!’ Charlie cried out in frustration.
‘Charlie…’ Joy attempted to soothe her.
‘No, I can’t do this anymore. I can’t. I’ve tried. But I can’t. I need trust. I need to feel trusted’
‘Have you tried…talking to Urs?’ Joy asked.
‘Talking? How can I talk to him? every time I see him I just want to hit out at him. I…I hate him so much sometimes…’ Charlie cried out.
‘No, you don’t Charlie. Or you wouldn’t be so upset’ Joy pointed out.
‘Oh god. What am I going to do?’ Charlie asked, wiping at her eyes.
‘Go and see him. Now. Tell him how you feel’
‘I…I can’t…’
‘You can Charlie. You can. You have to’ Joy told her.
‘Ok’ Charlie nodded, ‘will you…keep an eye on Lucy for me?’
‘It will be my pleasure. Go on’ Joy gave Charlie a quick hug then pushed her in the direction of the door, ‘go on’ she urged Charlie, smiling.
Charlie smiled a watery smile in return then went to find Urs.

It was rather a long process, removing the fluid needed. Charlie was allowed into the operating theatre, to see Urs. She had to wear a special protective gown.
She sat down by his head, ‘Hi’ she said.
Urs, blinking back the tears, stared at her, ‘Charlie…’
‘I’ve…come to help’ Charlie licked at her dry lips.
‘Hold my hand?’ Urs asked.
‘Ok’ Charlie nodded, and took his hand in hers. Urs gave it a friendly squeeze. Charlie returned the squeeze.
‘I’ve…missed you’ Urs whispered.
‘Not now, please’ Charlie asked.
‘Ok. But I am pleased you are here’ Urs told her, wincing slightly as he felt the needle go in again. For Lucy’s treatment to completely work, the doctors wanted to get enough fluid needed. Which meant several needles full of fluid. They had eight to fill and where barely half done. Each time the needle went in it hurt a little more. But Urs was happy in the knowledge that he was helping his daughter at the same time. So the pain was worth it. When Urs winced for the fifth time, Charlie finally noticed.
‘It hurts’ she said.
‘Then…why let them?’
‘Charlie’ Urs squeezed her hand, ‘Lucy is my child. Doing this I know I’m helping in some way. To help her get better’
‘And yet, before all this you still thought that she was Seb’s’ Charlie surprised him by saying.
‘Don’t deny it Urs. I know. I found your DNA results. You really needed proof? That she is yours? That I never cheated?’
‘I know you would never cheat…’ Urs tried.
Charlie let go of his hand, and then stood up, ‘When all this is over’ she said, ‘I want a divorce’
‘No Urs. I’ve had enough. You don’t trust me. That stupid test proves it. I don’t know what has got into your head, I mean…I though we were happy. But I was wrong. Wasn’t I? because it seems we’ve been living this one big lie for too long’ and with that, Charlie pulled her protective clothing off and stormed out of the room.
‘Mrs Buhler…please’ the doctor doing the procedure called after her.
But Charlie just ignored him.
Urs watched her go. Powerless to stop her. Then he let out a large sob, buried his head in the operating table and cried large, noisy tears. Banging his fists in anger and frustration.

Charlie ran all the way back to Lucy’s hospital room. If her daughter hadn’t been sick, Charlie would have packed all their stuff up and would have taken her children away. Away from all the horrible lies which were ruining Charlie’s life.
Instead, she sat next to her daughter, picked her hand up and held it next to her heart. Joy didn’t speak or act surprised on seeing Charlie back already. She just smiled and nodded at her friend. She longed to ask how it had gone, but knew from Charlie’s sat tearful expression that it had gone badly. Carlos had been in while Charlie had been with Urs, filling her in on the DNA test. Joy, personally thought that Urs was a silly idiot. Not being able to see what was right in front of his face. And because of that, he was losing everything he had held dear to himself.

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PostSubject: Re: *A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience   Mon Jan 11, 2010 8:38 pm

Oh they can't do this... they need to be together... They really do love each other.

Please hurry back and fix this...

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PostSubject: Re: *A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience   Mon Jan 18, 2010 5:10 pm

Chapter Ten

After all the fluid needed had been taken, Urs limped to see Lucy.
He wasn’t surprised to find Charlie there. Or surprised to find that she completely ignored his presents.
‘Hi Joy’ Urs smiled.
‘Urs’ Joy nodded.
That didn’t surprise him either. Joy’s coldness towards him. He let out a sigh. ‘How…how is she?’ he asked.
‘Sleeping’ Charlie snapped.
‘Have the doctors said…when they are going to?’ Urs licked his lips.
‘No’ Joy shook her head.
‘Oh. Right’ Urs replied. He wanted to say something but didn’t, or couldn’t find the words to express them. So he stuck to sighing sadly and nodding.
‘Daddy!’ David came into the room then with Nate.
Nate rushed up to his father, ‘Daddy’ he called, flinging himself at Urs.
‘Hi little man’ Urs tried not to wince as he carefully bent down to hug his child.
‘Missed you’ Nate told Urs.
‘Missed you too mate’ Urs hugged him.
‘Lucy still sick Daddy’ Nate solemn told Urs.
‘I know mate. But she’ll get better soon’ Urs replied.
‘Mummy cries. A lot’ then Nate said.
‘Nate…’ Charlie said.
‘You do Mummy’ Nate looked at his mother, ‘Mummy, misses Lucy. And you’ Nate then told Urs looking at him.
‘And I miss Lucy’ Urs replied, ‘and Mummy’ he said while looking at Charlie.
Charlie turned her head away, ‘I’ve…been a bit horrible. To Mummy. A little bit stupid’ Urs explained to his son.
‘You shouted. A lot’ Nate nodded.
‘Yes mate. I shouted a lot’ Urs agreed.
‘But you love Mummy. And Lucy. And me’ Nate said.
‘Yes mate. I do. I love Mummy. Lucy, and you’ Urs agreed again.
‘And our new baby’ Nate then said, smiling.
‘New baby?’ Urs asked, looking at Charlie.
‘Nate…is just being silly’ Charlie muttered.
‘No Mummy. You been sick. Like Aunty Joy’ Nate said.
‘Charlie…honey?’ Joy asked Charlie then.
‘Its nothing…guess I’m just worried. About Lucy’ Charlie lied.
‘Charlie…?’ Urs then asked.
‘Come on Nate. David…’ Joy then said, taking them out of the room, leaving Urs, standing, staring at Charlie and Charlie watching Lucy sleep.
‘Tell me the truth’ Urs pleaded with Charlie when Joy, David and Nate had gone.
‘I have’ replied Charlie.
‘Ok. Convince me. Look at me. And tell me’ Urs then said.
Charlie let go of Lucy’s hand and stood up. She turned to face Urs.
‘I’m waiting’ Urs said.
‘As I said before, I’m just worried, about Lucy’ Charlie lied again.
‘You’re lying…’
‘No I’m not’ Charlie snapped.
‘Oh? Then why are you so angry?’ Urs asked.
‘Our daughter, is sick. Of course I’m angry! I have a right to be angry!’ Charlie snapped again, now glaring at Urs.
‘No. Its not that. You’re forgetting something Charlie’
‘What’s that then?’ Charlie challenged.
‘I know you. I know when you are lying’ Urs said.
‘Oh yes?’ Charlie challenged again.
‘You’re lying’ Urs repeated, ‘you are pregnant. Nate was right’
‘So what if I am’ Charlie snapped again.
‘Its my child Charlie’
‘I have a right to know’ Urs told her.
‘And now you do’
‘But if Nate hadn’t said anything, I wouldn’t have known’ Urs pointed out.
‘I didn’t think you would want to know. After Nate…’
‘I told you. Long ago, that I wanted us to have four children’ Urs interrupted.
‘Then why when I fell for Nate, were you upset? Disappointed?’ Charlie challenged Urs again.
‘You were just starting your new career. I didn’t want you to have to give it up’ Urs sighed.
‘What? Changing from PA to writer? Hardly’ Charlie tutted.
‘But we had that tour…’ Urs tried.
‘You were on tour when I was pregnant with Lucy too’
‘You weren’t married to me then’ Urs snapped back.
‘But with Nate I was’ Charlie snapped.
‘And this time you won’t even be married’ Urs then sighed.
‘Who’s fault, is that?’ Charlie replied, glaring at him.
‘Mine’ Urs sighed, ‘mine’ he then looked at Charlie, ‘you are…having this child, aren’t you?’ he asked.
‘Of course I am’
Urs sighed in relief.
‘Whatever happens, no child of mine deserves to be got rid of Urs. I love them no matter what’
‘Thank you Charlie. Thank you’
‘Don’t thank me Urs. Just consent to the divorce’
‘Anything you want, you can have’ Urs sadly sighed.
‘Thank you’ Charlie nodded at him. Then turned her head away so Urs couldn’t see the tears start to come then.
‘Right. I’ll leave you to it then’ Urs then said. Then slowly turned, and limped out of the room. Tears in his eyes too. Part of him was happy. He was going to be a father again. Something he had wanted for a long time. The other part sad. He had lost Charlie. Lucy and Nate. And now this new baby he and Charlie had made together. It wasn’t fair. Not fair at all.

Charlie had been surprised to find out that she was pregnant again. They hadn’t been practicing. It seemed too bigger a gap after Nate. He was now four. How would they all cope? Lucy and Nate getting a little brother or sister? Charlie being a single mother? It was hard enough. Coping with two children on her own. But three? Ok, Charlie’s career wasn’t too bad. A children’s writer. A job she did at home, sat at her kitchen table, working from her laptop. But being pregnant, looking after two other children, one still sick, and managing to keep up with her career and deadlines? Was that even possible? Let alone achievable? Charlie didn’t know. But she was determined to give it her best shot. She let out a sigh. Remembering Urs’ face when Lucy had been born. His shock at her telling him she was pregnant with Nate. The relief on his face when Nate was born after a long difficult pregnancy. Then the look on his face when he thought Charlie was pregnant for a third time. He hadn’t been angry. But happy Charlie realised. Immensely happy. Bursting with it almost. Strange. For a man who didn’t trust his wife. Very strange. Charlie shook her head. Her eyes must have been playing tricks on her she decided. Of course Urs wasn’t happy. Could he trust her to be pregnant with his child? Who is to say it was his? It was. But still. There could still be enough doubt for him.

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PostSubject: Re: *A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience   Mon Jan 25, 2010 3:46 pm

Chapter Eleven

Urs, against doctors orders, was in a nearby bar. Ok, he wasn’t actually drinking, but still. According to the doctors he should have been resting, laying in a hospital bed getting over his operation. But Urs hated hospitals. And brooding was best done outside of one. He stared at his empty glass and let out a sigh.
‘There you are!’ came a voice from behind. Urs gingerly turned around and let out a groan. It was Seb.
‘Joy sent us all out to find you. I came up lucky!’ Seb explained, ‘you haven’t been drinking, have you?’ he noticed Urs’ empty glass, on the bar in front of his friend.
‘So what if I have?’ Urs challenged, glaring at him.
‘Did you not remember what the doctors told you? No drinking or strenuous exercise for at least 48 hours’ Seb reminded him.
‘I’m not stupid. I haven’t forgotten’ Urs snapped, glaring at Seb now. The doctor had given him a long speech on what he could and couldn’t do after the operation. But Urs being Urs had completely ignored the doctors orders. He hated taking orders from anyone or instruction. When he had to he did but otherwise he was his own man. He also hated, hated being nagged by anyone and at this moment in time that was exactly what Seb was doing. Nagging Urs.
Seb tutted and picked up Urs’ glass. He sniffed. Whatever Urs had been drinking, it hadn’t left much of a smell behind. ‘What, is this?’ he asked, shaking the glass in Urs‘ direction.
‘What do you think it is?’ Urs challenged.
Seb signalled the barman, ‘Excuse me Sir, but what has my friend…’
‘You’re no friend of mine!’ Urs interrupted.
‘…been drinking, can you tell me?’ Seb finished.
‘Lemonade’ the barman replied, cleaning the glass in his hand.
‘You see’ Seb said, not believing the barman, ‘he’s just been in the nearby hospital, having an operation, to help save his daughters life, so its important I find out the truth’
‘Lemonade’ the barman said again.
‘Lemonade?’ Seb asked, still not believing the man.
‘Yes Sir. Lemonade’ the barman agreed.
‘Thank you’ Seb nodded at him, satisfied now that he was telling the truth.
‘HA! You don’t trust me!’ Urs then snapped.
‘Its not me with the trust issue mate’ Seb said.
Urs glared at him, ‘So’ Seb carried on, ‘why are you here? And not at the hospital?’
‘Charlie’s pregnant’ Urs sighed. Charlie had found out about her pregnancy when she had gone to donate blood for her daughter. It had come as more then a little bit of a surprise to receive that news. They hadn’t been practicing or anything. Hadn’t even planned on having anymore, even though Urs had, at one time, wanted four children.
‘Congratulations mate!’ Seb tapped Urs on his shoulder.
‘She also wants a divorce’ Urs shrugged Seb’s hand away.
‘Aah’ Seb nodded.
‘I’ve blown it’ Urs sighed.
‘Yes. You have’ Seb agreed.
Urs glared at him again.
‘Well, you have’ Seb said.
‘Charlie found out. About the DNA test’ Urs ran an irritated hand through his hair, messing it up as he did. It needed a good wash but Urs hadn’t got the energy to do that just yet.
‘I didn’t say anything’ Seb quickly said.
‘I know. She found the results herself’ Urs sighed again.
‘Aah’ Seb nodded, knowingly. ‘Why don’t you trust Charlie?’ he then asked.
‘I do’ Urs spat.
‘That’s, not what I’ve been hearing’ Seb said.
‘Ok…its because of…of you’ Urs told Seb.
‘What, have I done?’ Seb asked, quite surprised by this comment.
‘You. Getting married. To Stephanie. Made me think. About when you and Charlie were married’ Urs now spat.
‘Aah. Our fateful marriage of convenience’ Seb nodded.
‘What sort of…marriage you had’ Urs said.
‘As I said. A marriage of convenience. Nothing else. Nothing more’
‘But you loved…love Charlie’ Urs muttered.
‘I did. Once. Love Charlie. That, is true. But that was long ago. Like, long, long ago. Charlie once thought she loved me’ Seb replied.
‘She still does…’ Urs sighed, staring at the table mat in front of him laying on the bar.
‘No mate. Long ago…over six years ago Charlie thought she was in love. With me’ Seb smiled, remembering, ‘we had one night together. Just one. Before Rhea came back, pretending to be pregnant. Then you intervened, doing the gallant thing. By getting engaged to Charlie to save her, from what you thought was heartache over me, and started sleeping with her. Making her see that she didn’t actually love me, but you’
‘No…’ Urs shook his head.
‘Charlie, has always, always loved you’ Seb insisted, ‘sure, she thought she loved me, but she didn’t. She was blindsided by me. Her heart was always, always loved you’
‘No’ Urs shook his head again, muttering.
‘Have it your way. But I know one thing, - why marry you? And have not one, but now three children by you if Charlie never loved you? I’m telling you, no one, no one, creates one, let alone three children with someone they hate. The don’t’ Seb told Urs.
‘But Charlie did’ Urs sighed.
‘Crikey mate! Are you not listening to me?’ Seb wanted to shout at Urs, but somehow resisted the temptation.
‘Yes’ Urs huffed.
‘Then listen to yourself! No wonder Charlie wants a divorce! I can’t blame her!’ Seb slapped his hand down on his knee, wishing that it was Urs’ face. He winced slightly. In pain. It hurt. It was his injured hand, he had forgotten about hurting it until he slapped himself. He was that angry. He was sure, come tomorrow, that he would have a bruise. Both on his thigh and another on his already bruised hand.
‘How many times?’ Urs then asked.
‘How many times what?’ Seb asked.
‘How many times did you and Charlie… sleep together?’
‘Once’ Seb replied, telling the truth.
‘HA!’ Urs snorted, not believing him.
‘Just once. Long before you and Charlie got together’
‘HA!’ Urs snorted again.
‘Ok, I understand you don’t believe me. But it’s the truth. Take it, or leave it’ said Seb, before standing up and walking away, leaving Urs staring after him, watching him go. He shook his head.
‘Give me something strong’ Urs then turned towards the barman and demanded.
‘But Sir…’ the barman tried.
‘Look, I have money…’ Urs pulled out a bundle of notes, ‘look, here…’ he threw them down onto the bar.
‘Ok Sir’ the barman sighed. ‘What would you like?’ he asked.
‘Anything. I don’t care. I need alcohol’ Urs replied.
‘Ok Sir’ the barman sighed again, then choosing the drink with the lowest alcohol content in it, poured Urs a glass and set it down in front of him.
‘Cheers’ Urs raised his glass, and drunk it down in one go. He then slammed the empty glass down onto the bar, clutched at his mouth and made a dash for the toilets where he was then violently sick.

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PostSubject: Re: *A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience   Wed Feb 03, 2010 1:38 am

Chapter Twelve

Charlie was suffering from dreadful morning sickness. Each pregnancy it had been the same. Violent sickness. Nothing settling it. She was, at the moment, face down, staring into the toilet bowl in the toilets of the hospital. Joy was there, stroking her hair.
‘Ok honey…nearly done’ Joy soothed.
‘God. I hate this’ Charlie complained, ‘yuck!’ she shuddered as she felt the sickness come again.
‘Oh honey, why couldn’t you have had a perfect pregnancy just for once?’ Joy asked.
‘I don’t know. Maybe my genes just don’t like Urs’!’ Charlie quietly laughed.
‘If that were the problem, then there would be no Lucy. No Nate. No new baby’ replied Joy.
‘You’re right there!’ Charlie laughed again, ‘and I wouldn’t be without them for anything’
‘There is almost nothing stronger, than a Mothers love’ said Joy.
‘They are my whole world’ Charlie admitted.
‘Maybe, that’s what the problem is’ Joy then said.
‘Meaning?’ Charlie asked, moving her head out of the way and turning her head to look at Joy.
‘You and Urs. You got together. Got pregnant. He disappears, you get back together. The day Lucy is born. You then get married. There has hardly been a time when you’ve been alone together. Truly alone. You’re always seemed to have children around’ Joy replied.
‘I see what you mean’ Charlie sighed, ‘but I could do it all over again, I would still have Lucy and Nate. And, this one’ Charlie placed her hands protectively over her tummy.
‘I know you would honey. I know’ Joy nodded, now touching her own seven month bump.

‘Honestly. I don’t understand them. Really I don’t’ Carlos shook his head. He was sitting with David talking about the state of Urs and Charlie’s marriage, ‘I thought they had the strongest marriage. The strongest relationship out of all of us. But it seems as though I was wrong. And I hate being wrong’ Carlos banged his fist down onto the table between him and David. They were in the hospital café.
‘I know Carlos. I know’ David soothed his friend.
‘And now you tell me Charlie is pregnant, again? And still she is talking divorce. It cannot happen. I won’t let it’ Carlos felt very protective of Charlie. He treated her as thought she were his little sister. In his eyes, Charlie was the best thing that ever happened to Urs and he would fight, with his last breathe, to save their marriage from crumbling. Dissolving. He would fight until the very end. They had to stay together. Just had to. Charlie was Urs’ missing piece. Them being together completed Ur. Complimented him. Made him seem less scary, more approachable. Lightened him up. Together they made sense. Apart they looked odd. Seemed incomplete. Unfinished. Like a puzzle with a missing piece. Charlie was Urs’ missing piece. Urs, Charlie’s. They needed each other.
‘So, while their daughter lies in hospital, still sick, although thankfully getting better now the treatment is working, Charlie, who is now pregnant for a third time, has filled for divorce. And’ Carlos took a breathe, ‘Urs being a complete idiot has not only agreed to the divorce, but has already, I said already, not only got his lawyer onto the case, but has also signed the divorce papers. Agreeing to give Charlie whatever she wants’
‘Yes’ David nodded.
‘Always knew Charlie was a sensible girl!’ Seb laughed, now joining Carlos and David in the discussion.
‘Seb!’ Carlos warned.
‘What? What?’ Seb looked at Carlos.
‘Behave yourself’ said Carlos.
‘I am…’ Seb sulked.
‘Then change this stupid thinking of yours’ Carlos tutted.
‘I only said…’
‘I said, behave’ Carlos now barked at Seb.
Seb sighed. Loudly. And turned away. Mumbling under his breathe.
‘And its having an attitude like that’ said Carlos, ‘which will eventually get you in the end’
‘I’m not a child’ Seb muttered.
‘Then stop acting like one’ Carlos tutted.
Seb shook his head. But kept quiet this time.
He hated being treated like a child. But just recently Carlos had started acting like Seb was. He wasn’t. Sure, he was five years younger than Carlos, but David was the baby of the group. Ok. Seb was changing. He was about to be a father and was scared. None of the guys knew yet. He and Stephanie didn’t want to announce the pregnancy until it was safe to do so and as Stephanie was just over three months pregnant they at least had another few weeks to go before it was safe to start celebrating and announcing. Stephanie, was the same many months as Charlie was pregnant. But Charlie already had two children and so it wouldn’t be a complete disaster should she lose her baby. Not that Seb wished anything like that on Charlie. God no. Knowing his luck, Urs would probably find some way of blaming Seb should that ever happen.
‘But what can we do, to stop them?’ David asked Carlos, bringing Seb out of his thinking, ‘I mean, I thought they were solid. Forever’ David shook his head.
‘I did too mate. I did too’ Carlos agreed.
‘But Urs has already signed the divorce papers’ Seb helpfully pointed out.
‘You’re not helping’ Carlos told him.
‘But Seb is right thought’ David reminded him.
‘Mmm….I’ll give him that’ Carlos muttered.
‘Gee, thanks mate!’ Seb let out a laugh.
‘At this precise moment, you and I are not friends’ Carlos told Seb.
‘Oh. Ok’ Seb sadly nodded, ‘sorry’ he tried not to sound too sarcastic.
‘Apology accepted’ Carlos said, missing the sarcasm.
‘Guys, we’ve no time for in house fighting. We need to sort out Urs and Charlie. And soon’ David reminded them both.
‘Ok. Point taken’ Carlos nodded.
‘Same here’ Seb sighed.
‘You know…I really thought that with Lucy being sick, that it would have bought Charlie and Urs closer, not push them further apart’ David told Carlos and Seb.
‘That’s what I thought would happen too’ Carlos agreed.
‘I know. If it had been Victoria or Roberta who was sick that it would me. Life is precious’ David sighed.
‘Mmm. But in this case, it seemed to have the opposite effect’ Carlos also sighed now.
‘Charlie, and Urs, are obviously confused’ offered Seb.
‘You don’t say’ Carlos tried not to sound to sarcastic, but failed.
‘They need a good head bashing. Or at least a talking too’ David sighed.
‘Right. Then that’s what we will do’ said Carlos.
‘Head bashing?’ asked Seb.
‘No. No. God. No. The talking to’ Carlos replied.
‘Ok’ David nodded.
‘David, you take Urs. I’ll get Joy and Victoria to talk to Charlie’ Carlos told them.
‘And I’ll do what?’ asked Seb.
‘Stay out of Urs’ and Charlie’s way. At least until this is all sorted’ Carlos told Seb.
‘Ok’ Seb sulked.

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Chapter Thirteen

After Urs had ignored the doctors advice, following the operation, he was now, finally, in a hospital bed. Drinking the alcohol had made him sick, which had after being sick, made him knock himself out. The barman had found him, still out cold, and had called an ambulance. Urs was now where he should have been. Laying in a hospital bed, attached to a drip, getting the rest he needed to get. He hated laying down, not being able to do anything. To Urs, that was the ultimate torture. Being bored out of his skin.
‘You need complete bed rest’ the doctor had warned.
Urs had sighed and mumbled and moaned. But the doctor was unmoved. ‘Its for your own good Mr Buhler’ he had told Urs.
So now, here he was. Laying in bed. Looking at the ceiling. Bored.
‘Good morning Mr Buhler’ in walked a nurse. She was, Urs noticed, glancing at her, rather cute. Long brown hair. Big green eyes. She looked strangely familiar.
‘I am your nurse for today’ she told him, ‘my name is Nurse Henry. Cydalia Henry’
The name sounded familiar. An image of Carlos popped into his head, ‘shall we get you up?’ she asked, smiling at him. Urs let out a groan. Cydalia pushed a button by the bed and slowly the bed moved to a sitting position.
‘There. Now, your pillows’ Cydalia reached behind Urs and gave his pillows a plumping, ‘that’s better Mr Buhler’ Cydalia gave his covers a smoothing down.
Urs, luckily was wearing pyjamas. Even though he hated wearing clothes in bed.
‘Thanks’ Urs eventually muttered.
‘You can speak’ Cydalia smiled.
‘Sometimes’ Urs growled.
‘Now, anything I can get you?’ Cydalia asked.
Urs, scowled at her.
‘A newspaper? Book to read?’ Cydalia asked, ‘or the television on?’ she indicated the television in the corner of the room.
‘Get me out of here’ Urs muttered.
‘Sorry. No can do. Bed rest on doctors orders’ Cydalia said.
‘Get me the doctor then’ Urs moaned.
‘The doctor won’t be on her rounds until ten am’ Cydalia said, noticing the time, ‘in another two hours’
Urs groaned, ‘I need…I need to see my daughter’
‘We can arrange that’ Cydalia smiled.
‘Great’ Urs tried to move.
‘Oh no Mr Buhler’ Cydalia gently, but firmly, pushed him back onto the bed, ‘your daughter will be along shortly’ she told him.
‘Aaaah!’ Urs groaned.
‘Sorry Sir. Doctors orders’ Cydalia reminded him.
‘Flaming doctors’ Urs muttered to himself, slumping back onto the pillows.

Twenty minutes later, another nurse wheeled Lucy in. She was in a wheelchair, looking more healthy then Urs could ever remember her being.
‘Daddy!’ she called out.
‘Lucy!’ Urs returned. ‘Wow! You look…wonderful’ Urs told his daughter. Lucy was almost glowing now.
‘Lucy is doing wonderfully Mr Buhler’ the nurse handling Lucy’s wheelchair told him.
‘I can see that’ Urs smiled proudly at Lucy, ‘and you are?’ he asked the nurse.
‘That’s my nurse’ Lucy laughed, ‘her name is Linda!’
‘Hello Linda’ Urs smiled, ‘I’m Urs’
‘Mr Buhler’ Linda blushed.
‘Call me Urs…’ said Urs.
‘Sorry Mr Buhler, but I can’t’ said Linda.
‘We need to stay professional’ Cydalia told him, coming into the room, holding Nate’s hand.
‘Daddy!’ Nate cried on seeing his father.
‘Natey!’ Urs laughed as Cydalia picked Nate up and placed him on Urs’ bed. ‘Careful mate’ Urs laughed as Nate flung himself at Urs.
‘Can I hug Daddy too?’ Lucy asked Linda.
‘Of course you can honey, here you go’ Linda carefully picked up Lucy and placed her on Urs’ bed.
‘Daddy!’ Lucy hugged her father.
‘Lucy!’ Urs returned the hug.
‘I love you Daddy’ said Lucy.
‘I love you too Lucy-loo’ Urs held his children close.
‘Your wife will be in to collect Nate in a little while Mr Buhler’ Cydalia then told Urs.
‘Oh…right’ he nodded.
‘Mummy is having a baby’ Lucy said.
‘I know honey’ Urs said.
‘I want a little sister’ Lucy smiled.
‘Brother’ said Nate.
‘Sister!’ laughed Lucy.
‘Brother!’ laughed Nate.
‘We will have to wait and see Lucy-loo and Natey’ Urs told them, laughing along with them.

Urs, Lucy and Nate had a fun half hour, laughing and joking until Charlie turned up to collect Nate. She walked into Urs’ room and stopped. She stared at him.
‘What?’ Urs nervously asked, laughing, ‘do I have mad hair? Food all over my mouth? What?’
‘I didn’t realise…that you were so sick’ Charlie settled on.
‘I’m not’ Urs laughed.
‘But you look really pale…’ Charlie muttered.
‘Apparently, that’s what you get - ignoring doctors orders!’ Urs laughed again, then indicated the drip he was attached to, ‘I asked for something strong. I ended up with fluid…’
‘Urs, you shouldn’t joke’ Charlie told him.
‘Sorry, it’s the only way I can keep the tears back’ he shrugged.
‘Yes, well…’ Charlie looked at the floor in embarrassment at that.
‘Go on matie’ Urs then told Nate, ‘time for you to go’
‘No!’ Lucy shouted. ‘kiss Mummy!’ she held her arms out.
Charlie gratefully hugged her daughter and kissed her.
‘Now Natey Mummy’ Lucy told Charlie.
Charlie hugged and kissed her son.
‘Daddy’s turn’ Lucy smiled at her Mother.
‘Darling…’ Charlie tried.
‘Daddy’s turn’ Lucy repeated.
‘Darling…’ Charlie said again.
Urs pulled a face, ‘Daddy, is upset Mummy. Hug and kiss him to make him smile again’ Lucy asked Charlie.
‘Ok’ Charlie sighed, kissing Urs on his cheek.
‘Mouth to mouth!’ Lucy demanded.
‘Hey, yeah!’ Nate agreed.
So Charlie leaned towards Urs and briefly kissed him. On the mouth. Pulling away before he could respond.
‘Better Mummy. Much better’ Lucy smiled at Charlie.
‘They no hug’ Nate pointed out then.
‘Mummy, Daddy, Hug’ Lucy sounded so serious.
Because Urs and Charlie were happy to see, at long last, their daughter improving oh so much, they gave in, and stopped fighting, and for once, did as she asked them.
Charlie carefully put her arms around her husband, and for the first time in over a month, held him in her arms.
‘Thank you Charlie’ Urs whispered into her hair, holding her close.
Charlie could feel his heart beating next to hers. She had missed this so much she realised. Then Charlie reluctantly made herself pull away, out of his arms.
‘Ok?’ Charlie then asked Lucy.
‘Good. Good!’ Lucy clapped her hands, ‘Mummy does love Daddy!’ she laughed.
‘Of course Mummy loves Daddy…’ Charlie said.
‘Like Daddy loves Mummy’ said Urs, gazing at Charlie.
Charlie blinked and looked away.
Then there came a cough from behind. It was Linda. Lucy’s nurse.
‘Sorry, but I need Lucy…’
‘That’s ok’ said Charlie.
‘See you later poppet’ Urs hugged Lucy one final time before Linda placed Lucy back into her wheelchair.
‘See you later sweetheart’ Charlie smiled at her daughter.
‘Bye, Bye Daddy. Bye, Bye Mummy’ Lucy waved at her parents.
‘Bye Bye Loos…’ Nate called.

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Chapter Fourteen

‘Well, little Lucy?’ Joy asked Lucy once she was back in her room.
‘Mummy and Daddy still love each other Aunty Joy’ Lucy smiled.
‘They hugged?’ Joy asked.
‘Yes’ Lucy nodded, ‘and kissed’
‘Good girl. We’ll have your parents back together in no time’ Joy nodded.
‘Before new baby Aunty Joy?’ Lucy asked.
‘Yes sweetie, long before new baby’
‘Goodie!’ Lucy laughed.
Ok, it had been sneaky. But it had worked too. How to get Urs and Charlie back together? Blackmail through their own daughter. Part one had worked beautifully. Better then Joy, Victoria, David and Carlos had expected. They did still love each other. That, they had proven with this little experiment thanks to a helpful Lucy. Lucy wanted her parents back together. It wasn’t like anyone was forcing her to do something she didn’t want to do. Because she did. She had told Joy and Victoria several times. Had even told Urs and Charlie. Only they hadn’t listened. Not properly. Too caught up in trying to hide their feelings from each other to really notice.

‘I hated doing that’ Joy later complained to Carlos.
‘But it worked! Part one of our plan worked!’ Carlos laughed.
‘Yes, but….’ Joy sighed.
‘Darling, you didn’t force Lucy. You told me yourself that she wants her parents back together’ Carlos reminded her.
‘I did, but…’ Joy sighed again.
‘No buts. Nope! It worked. Perfect. Perfect’ Carlos sang, swinging his wife around the room.
‘Mmm…’ Joy sighed for a third time. Ok, Carlos was right. It had worked. But Joy had hated doing it. Even if it was what Lucy had wanted more than anything else in this world at this time.

‘Part one of our plan worked!’ Carlos laughingly told David and Seb later.
‘Even thought, you made Joy do something she hated’ Seb, sensible for once, pointed out.
‘Look’ Carlos sighed, ‘Lucy wants her parents back together. Who am I to disappoint that beautiful child?’
‘A godparent of that child’ Seb pointed out.
‘Yes, well. Its done now’ Carlos waved a hand at Seb.
‘Hmmm…’ said Seb.
‘I guess that means I’m up next’ David finally spoke.
‘Yes my friend. Your turn with Urs’ Carlos nodded.
‘Ok’ David sighed, ‘wish me luck!’ and he reluctantly stood up and went to visit Urs in hospital.
‘What can I do?’ Seb asked Carlos once David had gone.
‘As I said before, and will say again, stay out of Urs, and Charlie’s way until this is all sorted’ Carlos rudely reminded him.
‘Ok’ Seb sulkily sighed.

‘Hi’ David smiled at the woman on reception, ‘I’m here to visit Mr Buhler?’
‘Yes Sir’ the receptionist tapped some keys on her keyboard, ‘Mr Buhler is in room…28’ she told David.
‘Thank you…Cathie’ he noticed her name badge.
Cathie blushed.
On the way to Urs hospital room, David spotted two ex-girlfriends of Seb’s. So David realised, it seemed as thought Seb had a thing for ladies in uniform. He noticed Cydalia, and Linda who were both ex’s of Seb’s.
He was about to knock on Urs’ hospital room door when he heard Urs inside. Arguing with a woman. David leaned closer to hear better.
‘Look Nurse…’ Urs muttered.
‘As I told you before Mr Buhler, I’m not a Nurse but a Doctor. Currently, YOUR doctor’ she replied.
‘Ok, Doctor…?’ Urs asked.
‘As I said before, but clearly you aren’t listening, my name is Doctor Patricia Lopez’
‘Ok. Dr Lopez’ Urs said.
‘But I’m afraid it still stands. We cannot let you go, yet’ Dr Patricia Lopez told Urs.
David listened. He recognised the name. and the voice. Then he realised. Dr Patricia Lopez was another one of Seb’s ex’s!
What a small world this was turning out to be.
‘But I’m better now!’ Urs then shouted.
‘As you are not a doctor, I am afraid you cannot make that diagnosis Sir’ Patricia tutted.
‘But I feel ok!’ Urs moaned.
‘That, is not what out tests show Sir. Now, if you’ll excuse me?’ Patricia looked at Urs.
‘Ok. Ok’ Urs sighed, leaning back in bed, it was no use. He was stuck here for at least another day. He groaned and turned his head away.
David waited until Dr Patricia Lopez had gone before walking into Urs’ room.
‘Hi mate’ he smiled at Urs, placing down the book he had bought Urs to read.
‘Hi’ Urs grumbled.
‘You ok?’ David asked.
‘No’ Urs barked.
‘Oh. Ok. Anyway, bought you a book’ David indicated the book.
Urs glanced at it, ‘Think I’m a little too old for children’s stories’ he grumbled.
‘Aah’ David nodded, ‘but this one, is written by Charlie’
‘Oh?’ Urs looked at the book again. He noticed the name.
‘Charlotte Buhler’ the cover read, ‘But Charlie writes under her own name…’ Urs muttered.
‘Then this, must be an original. A one off’ David smiled.
‘Suppose’ Urs grumbled.
‘Or, maybe, Charlie changed her name…’ David offered.
‘Hardly’ Urs laughed, ‘that would seem too much like her losing her own identity and we wouldn’t want that’ he replied, sarcastically.
‘Mate…’ David placed a comforting hand on Urs’ shoulder.
Urs shrugged it away, ‘Don’t. I don’t need pity’ he said.
‘I’m not…’
‘I couldn’t handle it’ Urs wiped at an eye.
He’s crying David realised. ‘I’ve messed up’ Urs muttered, ‘and I don’t know how to put things right’
‘There’s one thing you can do’ said David.
‘What is it? Tell me?’ Urs looked at David and asked.
‘Stop the divorce’ said David.
‘I…I can’t…’ Urs wiped at an eye again.
‘You can. No such word as can’t’ David sounded more like a school teacher then a friend.
‘Charlie…’ muttered Urs.
‘You love her? Want to stay married?’ David asked.
Urs nodded, ‘Then stop the divorce!’
‘Prove to her, that you won’t let her go. It’s the only way’ David told him.
‘Ok’ Urs nodded, ‘I’ll do that’
‘Good’ David now nodded, ‘here’ he held out his mobile.
‘Not allowed to use mobiles, in hospitals’ said Urs.
‘It won’t hurt. Just this once’ replied David.
So Urs rang his lawyer and stopped the divorce. Or so he thought.
Part two, thanks to a friend in printing who had ‘altered’ Charlie’s book, was now complete.

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Chapter Fifteen

‘Seb, you really shouldn’t go anywhere near that hospital, not by yourself or with Stephanie’ David told him.
‘Why ever not?’ Seb asked.
‘Because’ David replied, ‘it seems as though three, maybe four, of your ex’s work there’
‘Oh god! I’d forgotten!’ Seb let out a laugh, ‘Cydalia, Linda, Patricia and…Karen. Nope. Correction, Cathie!’ he remembered.
‘You remembered their names’ David was impressed by this.
‘My lovely ladies in uniform period’ Seb smiled.
‘Hmm. Nurses uniforms’ David smiled, agreeing.
‘You know what I mean then, eh?’ Seb nudged David, winking at him.
‘Hmm…’ David blushed.
‘Must go and pay one, or two of them a visit…’ Seb winked.
‘No! you can’t! I mean, you’re a married man…’ David said.
‘Can I not have lady friend?’ Seb asked.
‘Not, if you still want to be married to Stephanie I suggest not’ David told him.
‘Hmmm…I’m afraid, that you may have a point’ Seb sadly sighed, ‘oh well. A man can dream…’
‘Just don’t voice those dreams. Or it’ll be…’ David made a cutting action with two fingers and nodded towards Seb’s middle.
‘Yes’ Seb agreed, ‘Stephanie did warn me. On our honeymoon’ he gave a dopy smile.
‘Anyway’ David coughed, ‘faze two’
‘Aah, yes. Carlos’ book name change’ Seb nodded.
‘Urs, has cancelled the divorce’
‘Part three done too then’ Seb smiled.
‘So, it seems’ David agreed.

Carlos beamed happily at David’s news about the book change working and about the divorce cancellation.
‘It is working!’ he laughed, nodding and rubbing his hands together and wiggling his eyebrows at the same time. Something, he had spent hours practicing, in front of the bathroom mirror.
‘So, what’s the next faze in this plan?’ David asked.
‘Aah. Yes’ Carlos nodded, ‘faze three is Charlie’
David looked at Carlos and waited, ‘Both our lovely wives are going to tackle her’ Carlos carried on.
‘Ok’ David nodded.
‘Double whammy will work best, with Charlie’ Carlos added.
‘Uh-ah’ said David.
‘She won’t know what’s hit her!’ Carlos smiled.
‘Uh-ah’ David repeated.
‘It’ll be great. Great. Wonderful’ Carlos laughed.
David nodded, wondering just who Carlos was trying to convince. Himself, or David. Because David wasn’t convinced. He thought they should just leave Urs and Charlie to sort themselves out. If they loved each other enough they would work it out. Eventually. Without anyone else needed to butt in and irritate them. That’s what David thought. But he didn’t voice this. He couldn’t. So he bit his tongue and kept quiet. Biding his time. He knew that’s how Victoria, and Joy also thought.

Three days later, Victoria and Joy went with Charlie to help her with Nate while she had her first baby scan.
‘God, I’m nervous..’ she confessed.
‘Honey, it’ll be fine’ Joy patted her hand in reassurance.
‘But this time, it feels different, to when I was pregnant with Lucy, or Nate’ Charlie told her.
‘I’m sure the doctor will be able to soothe your fears’ offered Victoria.
‘Hope so’ Charlie nervously laughed.

Charlie was in for a shock. A nice one mind. As Charlie had her baby scan the doctor discovered something.
‘Well’ she told Charlie, ‘you’re expecting twins’
‘I’m…’ Charlie mumbled.
‘Yes Mrs Buhler. Pregnant with twins’ the doctor confirmed, printing out the scan photograph.
‘Oh…wow!’ Charlie breathed, smiling.
‘Congratulations’ the doctor smiled.
‘Can I…do you know the sex?’ Charlie asked.
‘Yes’ the doctor nodded, ‘you are expecting one of each’
‘Oh…wow. Thank you’ Charlie sniffed happily as she cried with happiness.

Charlie walked out of the room holding the scan photograph in a daze.
‘Charlie…honey?’ Victoria asked on seeing her friends tears.
‘Oh sweetie…’ added Joy.
‘Its…its good news’ Charlie told them.
‘Oh?’ Joy asked.
‘I’m having twins. One of each’ Charlie smiled at them through her tears.
‘Oh honey’ Victoria pulled her into a hug.
‘Sweetie!’ Joy’s turn now.
‘Mummy?’ Nate asked.
‘Sweetie’ Charlie knelt down, ‘meet your little brother and sister’ she showed Nate the scan.
‘Bo-boo. Sis-sis’ Nate pointed at the scan.
‘Yes honey’ Charlie hugged her son.
‘Honey, that’s wonderful news’ Joy smiled.
‘Urs, will be so happy’ Victoria added.
‘Yes, Urs’ Charlie nodded.
‘Daddy!’ laughed Nate at hearing Urs’ name.
‘Are you…going to tell him?’ Victoria asked.
‘Yes’ Charlie nodded.
‘He’ll be so please’ smiled Joy.
‘Or…shocked’ said Charlie.
‘Pleased’ Joy nodded, ‘definitely pleased’
‘Hmmm…we will see’ Charlie sighed.
‘Maybe…you should go now, and see him…’ Victoria said.
‘Hmmm….’ Charlie said again.
‘As you are in the same hospital as he is’ Victoria quickly pointed out.
‘Ok’ Charlie sighed, knowing that she had been defeated by her two best friends.

Leaving Nate with her friends, Charlie took the scan photograph along to see Urs.
She walked to his room with nervous, shaking legs. She knocked on his door.
‘Who is it?’ Urs barked.
‘Its…its me’ Charlie stuck her head around the door.
‘Charlie…come, come in…’ Urs’ tone became lighter, more friendlier on seeing her face.
‘Thanks…’ Charlie walked into the room.
‘Come…sit’ Urs patted the bed. He was sitting up.
‘Err…think I’ll sit here…’ Charlie pulled up a chair to the bed.
Urs let out a disappointed sigh.
‘I’ve….something to show you…to tell you…’ Charlie told him.
‘Oh?’ Urs asked, wondering what was coming next.
‘Look…here’ Charlie handed him the scan photograph.
‘Our child…’ Urs gazed with awe at the picture in his hand.
‘Our…children’ Charlie whispered, correcting him.
‘What?’ he looked at her.
‘Apparently, we’re having twins’ Charlie lightly smiled at him.
‘Twins?’ he asked.
Charlie nodded.
‘Oh…wow’ he gazed at the scan again, ‘twins’ he smiled.
‘Yes, twins’ Charlie agreed.
‘Do you know…what we’re having?’ he then asked, looking at her as he spoke.
‘One of each’
‘Wow. Again’ Urs laughed this time.
‘Exactly’ Charlie agreed along with him.
‘I always did want two of each’ Urs smiled.
‘I know. I remember when Nate was born’ Charlie nodded.
‘And now we will have’ Urs smiled again.
‘Yes, we will, won’t we?’ Charlie now returned the smile.
‘I love you Charlie’ he then told her.
‘Don’t’ Charlie stood up, moving away.
‘I mean it. Charlie. I love you’ Urs tried again.
‘We’re getting a divorce’ Charlie reminded him.
‘No we’re not. I stopped it’ Urs said.
‘When?’ Charlie asked.
‘The other day’
‘Too late’ she said.
‘No it isn’t’ said Urs.
‘It is’ Charlie insisted, ‘I’ve already signed them…’
‘But I cancelled the divorce..’ Urs said.
‘I received a letter today, telling me that in about a month it will be official. We’ll be divorced’ Charlie told him.
‘Blast! Too late!’ Urs slapped his leg in anger.
‘Yes, too late’ Charlie agreed along with him.

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Oh crap... No No

If the divorce is really cancelled.... get re-married, and soon. Wink

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Wow... what's next????? Sad

They can't divorce!!! :affraid:
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Chapter Sixteen

‘If I wasn’t pregnant, I’d be getting drunk on wine round about now’ Charlie sighed.
‘To celebrate your divorce?’ Stephanie asked.
‘No, to commiserate it’ Charlie sighed again.
‘I knew you didn’t want your divorce’ Victoria lightly patted Charlie’s shoulder.
‘See, told you I was right’ Joy nodded.
Charlie, Stephanie, Victoria and Joy were having a ‘Get together’ the first chance they had had since Stephanie and Seb had got married and Lucy had been admitted to hospital.
‘But just because I can’t drink, don’t let that stop you all’ Charlie sighed at her friends.
‘Honey’ Joy patted her pregnant bump, ‘in less then two months I will gladly. But not at the moment’
‘I’m breastfeeding’ Victoria said.
‘Stephanie, you can’ Charlie told her.
‘I…I can’t, actually’ Stephanie nervously smiled, ‘I too, am pregnant’ she admitted.
‘Oh honey…’ the girls all hugged her.
‘I’m…just gone four months’ Stephanie admitted.
‘You were pregnant, before the wedding’ Joy smiled.
‘Yes’ Stephanie blushed.
‘Congratulations honey’ Charlie told her.
‘Thanks’ Stephanie shyly smiled.
‘Welcome, to the club!’ Victoria laughed.
‘Hey, next tour, the guys will have to have a crèche backstage!’ Joy laughed.
‘And, a nanny’ Charlie sighed.
‘Oh sweetie…’ Victoria hugged her.
‘I couldn’t…I couldn’t be there, and not have any…any contact with Urs’ Charlie wiped a tear away from her eye.
‘You could always get re-married’ said Stephanie.
‘Hey, great idea’ Joy agreed.
‘You do still love him, don’t you?’ Victoria then asked Charlie.
‘Yes’ Charlie nodded, ‘I thought I hated him, but I don’t…I…I love him. So much’ she let out a small sob.
‘Then tell Urs that’ Stephanie told her.
‘I…I couldn’t…’ Charlie sobbed.
‘Yes you could. You can. You can’ Victoria soothed Charlie, hugging her, ‘there are no such words as couldn’t’
‘I think you’ll find that’s can’t’ Joy pointed out.
‘Same thing. Charlie loves Urs. Urs loves Charlie’ Stephanie shrugged.
‘But he…he doesn’t trust me…’ Charlie sobbed, reminding her friends.
‘Oh honey….honey…’ Victoria soothed Charlie again.

‘I need you to do something for me’ Urs asked David.
‘Ok mate. Anything’ David nodded. They were in Urs’ hospital room. Tomorrow, after what seemed like too long Urs was finally being released. It couldn’t come soon enough.
‘I want to marry Charlie again’ Urs told him.
‘You’re already married…’ replied David.
‘Apparently not. The divorce has already gone through. So I plan on marrying Charlie. Again. I need your help on organising it and that…’ Urs said.
‘Ok, I can do that’ David nodded.
‘But we need to keep it a secret. At least until its all done’ Urs told him.
‘Consider me told. My lips are sealed’ David made a zipping motion across his mouth.
‘Thanks mate’ Urs said, sighing a sigh of relief.
David nodded and smiled at his friend.

‘I told the girls tonight, that I’m pregnant’ Stephanie told Seb later that night as they were getting ready for bed.
‘Was that a wise thing to do?’ Seb asked.
‘It is safe now’ Stephanie told him.
‘I know, but…’
‘We are married Seb’ Stephanie reminded him.
‘I know that honey’ Seb pulled her into his arms.
‘Anyone would think you were ashamed of me’ Stephanie mumbled against his chest.
‘Of course I’m not!’ Seb laughed.
‘Us, getting on with our lives, should be enough to convince Urs, that he has no need to be jealous of you anymore’ Stephanie said, looking up at Seb.
‘It wasn’t me he was jealous of. It’s the nonexistent relationship I had with Charlie’ Seb told her.
‘Then its about time you and Charlie told Urs exactly what sort of relationship you did have!’ Stephanie told him.
‘Don’t think that would help’ Seb sighed.
‘Oh no?’ Stephanie asked, ‘I think that’s exactly what Urs needs’
‘You do?’ Seb, amazed, asked.
‘I do’ Stephanie nodded.
‘Ok. We’ll do that then’
‘As soon as possible. Or come the time this baby is born Seb we may no longer be together’ Stephanie warned him.
‘Consider me warned, for once’ Seb actually sounded serious.

‘I shouldn’t be telling you this, but’ David took a deep breathe, ‘I’m helping Urs, arrange his remarriage to Charlie’
David was with Victoria, his wife, telling her what he and Urs had been talking about.
‘Oh…wow’ Victoria smiled, ‘what a wonderful thing’
‘You can’t tell anyone. Not Charlie. No one. Promise me?’ David nervously asked.
‘I swear, on Roberta’s life, I won’t tell a single soul’ Victoria smiled.
‘Good. Good’ David relaxed slightly, and breathed a sigh of relief.

‘I think, when Lucy can come out of hospital, of taking her and Nate away, for a short holiday’ Charlie confessed to Victoria the next day.
‘Do you think that that’s wise?’ Victoria carefully asked.
‘The doctors have told me, that Lucy needs somewhere to relax, and learn to be herself again. And I want to give her and Nate, some undivided attention before I become too pregnant’ Charlie replied.
‘Oh. Ok. I understand’ Victoria nodded, she couldn’t say or do anything else for she had sworn on her daughters life that she wouldn’t.
‘It’ll also give me some time, to get my head sorted about how I feel about Urs and what I want to do about it’ Charlie added.
‘Ok’ Victoria nodded again.
‘I need to do this…’ said Charlie.
‘Honey, its not me you have to convince’ Victoria told her.
‘I know. Its just…’ Charlie sighed.
‘You’re confused. Its understandable. I would too’ Victoria then reassured Charlie.
‘Thank you’ Charlie sighed. Relieved that someone understood even thought Charlie herself didn’t anymore.

‘We have a slight problem’ Victoria later told David.
‘Oh no. Oh…bugger!’ David exclaimed once Victoria had told him about Charlie’s plans.
‘Urs, needs to tell Charlie’ Victoria said.
‘He won’t thought. He wants it to be a surprise’
‘At this rate, the surprise will be on Urs’ Victoria sighed.
‘I know…I know’ David shook his head in annoyance.
‘Either you, or Urs have to do something’ Victoria told him.
‘But the surprise…’ David tried.
‘Bugger the surprise sweetie’ Victoria replied, smiling at her wonderful husband.

‘I’m going into hospital, for some tests, and I need you help’ Joy lied to Charlie after David and Victoria had confessed all to her and Carlos about Urs’ secret remarriage plans.
‘What kind of tests? Anything wrong?’ Charlie, worried for her friend asked.
‘They need to check if bubs is growing ok’ Joy stroked her bump.
‘Ok’ said Charlie.
‘You know how useless Carlos is around the house, and we still need the nursery painted and stuff getting’
‘Leave it all to me. I’ll come and help’ Charlie offered.
‘Oh, thank you honey’ Joy sighed and smiled at her friend.
Luckily, Joy was good friends with Patricia Lopez and so could arrange a few days hospital rest as cover. Charlie wouldn’t be able to take Lucy and Nate away now she realised. Oh well she thought. I’ll make it up to them, somehow. Before their new brother and sister were born.

‘Problem solved’ Joy told Victoria down the phone.
‘She fell for it?’ Victoria asked.
‘Sure did’ replied Joy.
‘Remarriage can now go ahead as planned’ Victoria sighed, relieved that one problem was finally resolved.

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Chapter Seventeen

‘So, we’re got it all arranged’ Urs nodded and looked at the piece of paper in his hand.
‘Apart, from two things’ David said.
‘Which are, my friend?’ Urs asked, looking at him.
‘Charlie’s outfit and yours for that matter, and honeymoon’
‘Honeymoon is sorted. Two weeks in Disney world, Florida, so Lucy and Nate can come’ Urs smiled.
‘Nice’ David smiled back, ‘outfits thought?’
‘That, I will need Victoria and Joy’s help on. At least when it comes to Charlie’s outfit. My own I plan on wearing the same suit as I wore on our first wedding’ Urs told David.
‘Nice. Ok. I’ll talk to Victoria and Joy’ David nodded.
‘Thank you’ Urs told him.

‘Can I….come and see you?’ Urs was talking on the phone to Charlie.
‘I’m at Carlos’…’ Charlie told him.
‘Joy’s in hospital’ Urs said.
‘You know…’
‘Yes. Carlos and Joy both told me’ Urs agreed.
‘Oh….ok’ Charlie sighed down the phone.

‘I’d like to be able to take you, Nate and Lucy to Disney world, in Florida, for a…for a holiday…’ Urs told Charlie.
They were sitting in the kitchen of Joy and Carlos’ London home. Urs had come straight out with it.
‘Oh…what, what made you think of this?’ Charlie asked.
She was fiddling with a crayon of Nate’s. Keeping her hands occupied.
‘I head, that Lucy would need a change of scenery, and I knew you were thinking of taking the children away’ said Urs.
‘But Florida…Disney world…’ Charlie said.
‘I talked to Lucy’s doctors, they think it would be an excellent idea’ Urs smiled.
Charlie looked at Urs, ‘You could take Lucy and Nate, without me…being there…’
‘No Charlie. Lucy needs you there, so does Nate’ so do I Urs added silently.
‘It would be all above board. Separate rooms for you and I’ Urs then lied.
‘Disney world…Florida’ said Charlie.
‘Yes’ Urs nodded.
‘Ok’ Charlie let out a sigh and nodded, ‘ok’
‘Thank you’ Urs smiled. He had to stop himself from standing up and pulling Charlie into his arms. He so much wanted to hold her close. To tell her he loved her. But he couldn’t. Not yet at least. So he waited and settled for smiling instead at her.

‘Urs, is taking Lucy, Nate…and I to Disney world, in Florida’ Charlie told Victoria.
‘Oh?’ Victoria innocently asked.
‘He found out, that I wanted to take the children away and offered’
‘That’s good then’ Victoria said.
‘Suppose’ Charlie sighed.
‘I sat there, across that table from him, playing with a crayon, biting my lip to stop myself from blurting out how much I still love him….’ Charlie confessed.
‘Oh honey…’ Victoria soothed.
‘But I can’t. Not anymore. We’re divorced. I’ve no right anymore to touch him. To kiss him. To tell him that I love him…and its slowly killing me’ Charlie wiped angrily at her face, ‘blasted hormones’ she added, trying not to sob.
‘I’ve dreadful morning sickness. The only thing that worked last time was a back or foot rub, but no one can do it like Urs can…’ Charlie whispered.
‘Then tell him that’ Victoria simply told her.
‘I can’t….I’ve no right…’
‘You’re pregnant with his child. You will always, always have a right’ Victoria told her.
‘I will…?’ Charlie asked.
‘Yes honey, you do’ Victoria nodded.

Charlie sent Urs a text, ‘I’ve morning sickness…’ is all she put.
Barely ten minutes later Urs was there, ‘I got your text’ he told her.
‘I didn’t expect you to come around straight away…’ Charlie told him.
‘Why shouldn’t I? you need my help’ he smiled.
‘Can I…can I have a back rub?’ Charlie asked.
‘Sure honey’ Urs resisted from winking, ‘it works best if you take your t-shirt off…’ he told Charlie.
‘Right. Ok. I remember…’ Charlie felt shy now, removed her t-shirt. She placed her hands over her bra.
‘I’ll only touch your back, nowhere else’ Urs reassured her.
‘Thanks’ Charlie blushed. She sat on the sofa, facing away from him. She placed a hand in her mouth, to stop herself from groaning with pleasure as she felt Urs slowly start to rub and caress her back.
‘Is this working?’ he whispered into her ear.
Charlie nodded, ‘Yes’ she mumbled through her hand.
‘How about this?’ Urs now started to stroke her back in circles.
‘Great…’ Charlie mumbled, thinking that she wished that she had the courage to tell Urs how he was making her feel. How that she had missed his touch.
‘I’ve…I’ve missed you’ Urs confessed as he continued to gently rub Charlie’s back.
‘No. Please. Let me. I need…I have to apologise, to you…’
‘I was a fool. A fool blinded by love. And an idiot. Its no wonder that I lost you, that I let you go. I don’t blame you, for divorcing me…’
‘Seb getting married bought it all up. My head was full of you and him. Together. Being married…’ Urs sighed.
‘There was no me and Seb’ Charlie told him.
‘I kept picturing you. In my head. Together. Touching. Making love’ Urs shuddered.
‘We had sex. Once. Long ago’ Charlie replied.
‘But you were married…’ Urs tried.
‘A marriage of convenience’ Charlie told him.
‘But…’ he tried again.
‘Long before you and I got together Seb and I…we had…a one night stand. Sex. Basic sex. Nothing else. I thought that I was in love with him. I was wrong. I know that now. Our one night was that memorable that I can’t remember it anymore. Then Rhea came back and you and I got together’
‘I made you…’
‘You never made me do anything Urs. I could have said no. Objected. Pushed you away. But I didn’t. Because I didn’t want to. I wanted you too. I’ve always wanted you’
‘Lust’ said Urs.
‘Hey, you can talk. Mutual lust I remember’
‘Yes, well…’ Urs coughed.
‘Then somewhere, somehow, along the line I fell in love with you. But you left me. Standing at the alter, pregnant, with YOUR child. No one else’s. YOURS’
‘Lucy’ Urs smiled.
‘I didn’t fancy being pitted so Seb offered to marry me, a marriage of convenience. A marriage in name only. We never repeated the sleeping together. By then I couldn’t. I loved you, wanted you. No one else would do. So we didn’t. Not once’
‘Then Lucy…’
‘The day Lucy came into this world the right man was there, watching her being born. You. Her father’
‘I’ve been a fool, haven’t I?’
‘Yes’ said Charlie.
‘Pushing you away. Being jealous. Over nothing’
‘Yes’ Charlie agreed again.
‘I mucked it all up. For nothing’ Urs sarcastically laughed.
‘I didn’t actually help…’ Charlie admitted.
‘We make a great pair. Great on love. Crap at communicating with each other’
‘That’s us’ Charlie agreed.
‘I love you Charlie…’ Urs whispered into her neck.
‘Urs…’ Charlie groaned.
‘I messed it all up. Its ok’ he sighed.
‘I…I love you too…’ Charlie whispered.
‘Eh?’ Urs asked, convinced that he was hearing things now.
‘I love you too’ Charlie repeated a little louder.
‘But I mucked it all up…I ruined it…’
‘I still love you Urs. I still want you. I still want our children’ Charlie placed a hand on her pregnancy bump. She turned to look at him. No longer embarrassed or shy to be half naked while he sat fully dressed.
‘Charlie..’ Urs reached out a trembling hand and touched her face.
‘I love you Urs’ Charlie repeated again.
‘Its more than I deserve…’ Urs told her.
‘No it isn’t’ Charlie lightly shook her head.
‘Marry me…please?’ Urs found himself asking now.
‘I…I…’ Charlie murmured.
‘Marry me, again?’ Urs now asked.
Charlie looked at him. She took in his beautiful face, wonderful hazel eyes and smiled, ‘Yes, please…’ she finally told him.
‘I love you Charlie’ Urs told her, before moving close to kiss her. Charlie returned the kiss, ‘I love you Urs’ she whispered against his mouth.

‘So, young lady’ Carlos smiled at Charlie, ‘you and Urs…I hear that you’re getting married, again?’
‘Yes, that’s right’ Charlie returned the smile.
‘Aah. But do I think he is good enough for you?’ Carlos winked, wiggling his eyebrows.
‘I love Urs Carlos. I need to be with him’ Charlie told him.
‘As long as you are sure?’ he asked.
‘I’ve never been surer. I love Urs. He…he completes me’
‘Then that’s all I need to know’ Carlos smiled, hugging her.
He liked playing protective big brother to Charlie. All he really wanted, in the end, was for her to be happy and now that he knew she was it made Carlos happy too.

‘Our plan, my wonderful wife, worked!’ Carlos kissed Joy on visiting her in the hospital.
‘Great’ Joy sighed.
‘It worked!’ Carlos laughed, ‘are you not happy?’ he asked.
‘I would be’ Joy told him, ‘had I not been in labour for the last ten minutes of you sitting there, telling me!’
‘You’re….’ Carlos mumbled.
‘In labour. Yes’ Joy let out a groan as a contraction overtook her.
‘In…’ he mumbled.
‘Yes Carlos. Labour’
‘Oh…right…’ Carlos nodded.
‘Don’t just sit there!’ Joy shouted, ‘get the doctor!’
‘The...right…’ Carlos stood up and stumbled out of the room.
‘AAAAaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!’ Joy moaned as another contraction hit.

Carlos held Joy’s hand and tried not to faint as she gave birth to his son, ‘Juan Carlos Marin’
It wasn’t like Joy lost any blood. But the agony as she gripped tightly to his hand as contraction after contraction overtook her. Carlos tried not to wince too much or complain about a bruised hand but it was hard. It hurt so much. After the birth he even got Cydalia, the lovely nurse who once dated Seb but had liked Carlos to take him for an x-ray. To double check that it was just bruising and nothing more serious.
‘Why, thank you Cydalia’ he winked at her afterwards.
‘It was my pleasure Mr Marin’ Cydalia blushed.
‘Call me Carlos, please, Cydalia’ Carlos waggled his eyebrows now.
‘Mr Marin?’ another nurse called, ‘your wife is waiting Sir’
‘What? Oh yes. Yes. Thank you nurse’ Carlos sighed and reluctantly walked away, back to see Joy in the private maternity ward.
Cydalia watched him go, ‘Oh well…’ she sadly sighed to herself, ‘another lifetime maybe…’

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PostSubject: Re: *A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience   Mon Mar 15, 2010 7:42 pm

Chapter Eighteen

‘A boy? Oh Carlos. That’s great news!’ Urs laughed down the phone when Carlos rang with the ‘nappy’ news.
‘Tell Joy we’ll be along to see her soon!’ David laughed on hearing the happy news. After Carlos had laughingly told his friend the proud news about him becoming a father at last.
‘Daddy Carlos’ Seb had laughed.
‘Hey, Daddy Seb soon!’ Carlos replied.
‘Yes, yes’ agreed Seb, ‘in another…four months!’
‘It will go like that’ Carlos clicked his fingers next to the phone.
Seb laughed nervously down the phone at that. He didn’t know yet if he was looking forward to it or dreading it. Becoming a father. All that…that responsibility. He was slightly scared.
‘I…I don’t know if I’m ready, to be a father’ Seb found himself confessing.
‘Eh, what?’ Carlos, shocked at hearing this asked.
‘I’m scared’ Seb said.
‘Of?’ Carlos asked.
‘The responsibility, of becoming a father’
‘You’re not the only one’ Carlos replied.
‘What?’ Seb asked.
‘I too, was scared. Still am. So was, is David, and Urs’ Carlos told him.
‘That, I don’t believe!’ Seb laughed, ‘Urs…scared!’ he snorted with laughter.
‘He was’ Carlos defended Urs, ‘if you don’t believe me, ask him’
‘Aah, but I can’t. I’m not allowed’ Seb replied, ‘you told me, to keep out of his and Charlie’s way, until its all sorted’
‘I knew there was something I meant to tell you’ Carlos smiled down the phone, ‘Urs and Charlie…’ he paused, ‘are back together’ he beamed in delight.
‘You didn’t tell me…’ Seb sulked.
‘I cannot be blamed. It happened around the same time as my wonderful, beautiful wife gave birth to our amazing son, Juan Carlos was born’ Carlos laughed at the thought of his Joy and wonderful child. Named, partly after himself.
‘So I am now allowed near the hospital…’ Seb brightened up.
‘No need to go there anymore. Both Joy, and Lucy are being…discharged tomorrow’ Carlos slightly dampened Seb’s sprit then.
‘Oh, right. Great news…’ Seb mumbled.
‘Great news?’ Carlos asked, ‘oh no. No. Its wonderful, excellent, excellent news!’
‘That’s what I mean…’ Seb mumbled again down the phone.
‘Go anywhere near that hospital, and I will tell Stephanie everything’ Carlos warned.
‘David…’ Seb mumbled.
‘Oh yes. He told me. About your ladies in uniform period. About ladies named Patricia, Cydalia, Linda and Cathie’ Carlos beamed brightly for the moment at saying the name, ‘Cydalia, but only for a brief moment then it past by.
‘Blast’ Seb moaned.
‘On your head be it’ Carlos warned.
‘I won’t. I won’t’ Seb shook his head, ‘I’m scared, about becoming a father, but that doesn’t man that I plan on losing Stephanie. She is my love. My one’
‘Good. Now, keep remembering that, and you can do no wrong’ Carlos finished. Satisfied now with Seb.

The next morning a well and happy Lucy was finally allowed to leave the hospital. Urs, Charlie and Nate went to collect her.
‘Should we tell Lucy, about our being back together?’ Charlie had asked Urs the night before, as they lay together, snuggled in bed.
‘Most definitely’ Urs had playfully growled, pulling Charlie close and kissing her shoulder, his hand wondering down her body.
‘What about our…remarriage?’ Charlie had then asked, giggling at his touch.
Urs had thought for a moment, had stopped what he was doing, then had picked up Charlie’s ring less left hand. She had removed her wedding and engagement rings on leaving Urs.
‘I think’ he had kissed her hand, ‘that I should replace the rings that go here first’ he replied, gently rubbing her ring finger.
‘I’d like my old engagement ring back’ Charlie confessed.
‘Oh?’ Urs smiled.
‘I loved the engraving’ she blushed. Remembering it said that he was hers forever.
‘Then you can have it back, but I’ve also got you a new one’ Urs told her.
‘Oh?’ Charlie turned in the bed to look at him.
‘Yes’ he smiled, ‘I bought it, before I gave you your back rub’ he confessed to her now.
‘Our getting back together back rub’ Charlie blushed.
‘Yes. Such a memorable time that’ Urs now blushed lightly too.
After their ‘get back together back rub’ they had consummated their relationship by making love. The first time they had done it since before Lucy had got sick nearly over five months ago. Charlie was sure, had she not already been pregnant, she would have been after that. Luckily Carlos had been visiting Joy at the time in hospital or he would have discovered them, naked, in the front room, getting definitely reacquainted with each other as only a married couple deeply in love only could.
‘When we…remarry...I’d like Lucy to be our bridesmaid, if we can have a bridesmaid..’ Charlie told Urs.
‘We can have whatever you would like’ Urs replied.
‘Then…how about waiting?’
‘Until when?’ Urs, narrowing his eyes asked.
‘Until after the birth…’ Charlie carefully asked.
Urs considered this for a moment. Then nodded, ‘Makes sense’ he finally spoke.
Charlie mentally breathed a sigh of relief. She had been for some reason, dreading asking him that. But now she finally had and he had agreed so everything was ok now.
‘Thank you’ Charlie gladly told him.
‘Yeah’ he moved her close again to his body, ‘whatever makes you happy my love’ he whispered before kissing her and starting their lovemaking up all over again.
They hadn’t got around to what they were going to tell Lucy. Not that it mattered that much. Just as long as she knew that they both loved and wanted her to be happy that was all that mattered in the long run.
Now, they were about to collect her.
‘Mummy. Daddy. Nate!’ she had happily cried on seeing them all.
‘Loo-loo!’ Nate had called, running to be by her side. They had hugged and kissed. Brother and sister finally reunited.
‘Lucy-loo!’ Urs had pulled Lucy into his arms, and held her close.
‘My Daddy!’ Lucy cried excitedly back.
Charlie had cried tears of joy and relief.
‘Oh darling’ she held her daughter.
‘Mummy. I love you’ Lucy laughed.
‘Love you too poppet’ Charlie laughed.
‘Daddy calls me that too!’ Lucy giggled.
‘Well, you are now Poppet, Poppet’ Urs laughed.
‘Lucy-loo!’ added Nate, joining in with the laughter.
‘Can we go see aunty Joy’s new baby Mummy?’ Lucy had then asked.
‘Darling, we can do whatever you want’ Charlie replied, beaming at her beautiful, well daughter.
‘Ice cream!’ Nate called.
‘Baby!’ Lucy replied.
‘Baby’ said Urs, ‘then ice cream’
‘Yeah!’ Lucy and Nate called excitedly together.

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PostSubject: Re: *A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience   Mon Mar 22, 2010 8:55 pm

Chapter Nineteen

Meanwhile Carlos was doing his proud father act. Holding Juan Carlos in his arms and cooing at him as Joy attempted to pack her stuff and get ready for going home.
‘He’s wonderful…’ Carlos sighed over his precious son.
‘If designed so I never get a decent nights sleep ever again’ Joy yawned while packing her sponge bag.
‘What was that my darling?’ Carlos smiled absent minded at his wife.
‘Nothing. Nothing’ Joy sighed. She knew there would no longer be a decent conversation between herself and Carlos ever again. He was completely besotted with his son. Not, that she blamed him. But still. ‘Must ask Charlie if Urs was ever like this’ she muttered to herself as there was a knock on her hospital room door, ‘I’ll answer it, shall I?’ she moaned, yanking the door open.
‘Aunty Joy!’ cried Lucy and Nate.
‘My babies!’ Joy cried back, hugging her godchildren.
‘Joy’ Charlie hugged her.
‘Hi’ smiled Urs.
‘Come in, meet the baby’ Joy sighed.
‘Tell you what’ said Charlie, ‘Urs and Carlos can take the children, I’ll help you pack’
‘Thanks honey’ Joy gratefully smiled at her friend.

‘Was…is Urs…’ Joy started to say then stopped herself.
‘Completely gaga over the children, and won’t talk to me unless it child related?’ Charlie helped her out.
‘Well…yes’ Joy sighed.
‘Oh honey. I wish I could say yes’ Charlie replied, ‘but the answer is no’
‘He’s always treated Lucy and Nate like adults. Right from the start. Talking to them about motorbikes and music’
‘Why do you think Lucy loves motorbikes so much?’ Charlie lightly laughed.
‘Do you want me to say something? Tell Carlos?’ Charlie then offered.
‘No. God. No’ Joy shook her head.
‘I could get Urs….to tell him?’
‘No. No. He’ll get over it. I’m sure’ Joy replied.
‘Ok honey. But I don’t mind’ Charlie said.
‘No. I’m sure, it’ll be ok’ Joy nodded.

‘How’s Joy?’ Urs asked Carlos as Nate and Lucy gazed over baby Juan Carlos.
‘Distant’ Carlos sighed.
‘I think, that she’s…jealous’ said Carlos, ‘over mine and Juan Carlos’ bond’
‘Mate…’ said Urs.
‘She shouldn’t be’ carried on Carlos.
‘How’s…how has your relationship been, since the birth?’
‘Strained. Like she isn’t there’ Carlos sighed.
‘And…you’ve talked? About normal, none baby stuff?’ Urs then asked.
‘Like what?’ Carlos asked, surprised at this question.
‘Like you used to. Before Juan Carlos came along’
‘I…’ Carlos thought, then shook his head, ‘No’ he sighed.
‘Joy, isn’t distant. Or jealous. Just neglected mate. She probably feels like you think she’s done her part. That you don’t need her anymore’ Urs replied.
‘But I do…’
‘Then tell her that. Show her that’
‘But how?’ Carlos asked.
‘Joy, is your wife. You know her. You tell me how’ Urs replied.
‘Ok’ Carlos replied, ‘thanks’
‘Don’t thank me. Just save your marriage’ Urs told him.
‘Point, a sensible one at that, taken’ Carlos realised.

Seb, against everyone’s wishes was at the hospital. Not to see Joy or Lucy leave it thought. No. He was there to see if he could visit one, or two lovely ex-girlfriends of his.
‘Sebastien Izambard!’ a female voice called.
Seb turned around and beamed a broad smile.
‘Long time no see!’ she called to him.
‘Patricia!’ Seb beamed, ‘fancy seeing you here…’ he laughed happily, winking.
‘Hmmm…’ Patricia laughed, hugging and kissing him.
‘You look…great’ Seb whistled, giving her an appreciative look over.
Patricia blushed, ‘You too…’ she replied. Then she noticed his wedding ring, ‘you’re…married’ she sighed.
‘Sadly, yes’ Seb nodded.
‘Been…married for long?’
‘A few months’
‘She must really be something wonderful then’ Patricia sighed again.
‘Stephanie…’ Seb nodded, ‘we’re… having a baby’
‘Well Seb’ Patricia kissed his cheek, ‘take care’
‘Fancy…a drink?’ Seb asked, his eyes winking at her.
‘Sorry. No’ Patricia shook her head, ‘I don’t do married men’
‘Oh…right’ Seb lowered his head.
‘Take care thought’ Patricia smiled before walking away.
Seb watched her go. Then went to find someone else.

Cydalia, also turned him down. Then he spotted Linda.
‘Lucinda!’ he called to her.
‘Its Linda, actually’ Linda corrected.
‘Yes, of course. Linda’ Seb winked.
‘Sebastien’ Linda replied, coolly.
‘You hate me…’ Seb mumbled.
‘What do you expect? Dumping me to date Patricia’ Linda tutted.
‘I never…’
‘I didn’t’
‘Sebastien. Please. I remember even if you don’t’
‘No Sebastien. No’ Linda glared at him.
‘What did I do?’ he innocently asked.
‘Honestly! Men!’ Linda huffed, slapping his cheek and storming off.
‘Women!’ Seb laughed, holding his cheek.
‘Sir, I think you should go home. To your wife’ a young nurse who had seen Linda and Seb’s exchange bravely told Seb.
‘I should, shouldn’t I?’ Seb winked at her.
‘Yes Sir’ she replied, ignoring his wink.
‘You don’t fancy coming out with me then, for a drink?’ Seb then tried.
‘No Sir’ the nurse, named Fiona replied.
‘Ow…’ Seb sulked.
‘Sorry Sir. But I don’t do dating married men either’ she told him.
‘And I couldn’t…persuade you at all?’ Seb attempted his seduction technique.
‘Not in this lifetime. No’ replied Fiona.
‘Oh. I see’ Seb sulked. Then knowing that he was defeated, left her. He went, muttering to himself as he went.

Stephanie, at the hospital for a check up witnessed all this.
Watching her husband try it on with those nurses. She swallowed down a silent sob and went for a walk. To clear her head and to make sense of what she had just seen. So much for having a firm marriage. It was all a lie.

‘We’ll set him up for you, to see if he’s seriously thinking about cheating’ Joy told Stephanie after Stephanie had turned up in tears on her doorstep, not knowing where else to go or what to do.
‘No…no…I don’t want that’ Stephanie sniffed.
‘But honey…it’s the only way you’ll know, one way or the other’ Joy gently pointed out.
‘Set him up?’ Stephanie asked.
‘Nothing too painful. Just check if Seb wants to cheat or if…’
‘Or if it’s my fault’ Stephanie sighed.
‘Honey, its not your fault’ Joy soothed.
‘That’s what I think’ Stephanie cried.
‘Its not. Its not. And I will prove it to you’
‘Ok then’ Stephanie wiped her nose, ‘lets set up Seb then’ she let out a sad sigh.

Joy phoned Victoria and Charlie to tell them what Stephanie had seen.
‘I’ve a friend, who specialises in…relationships. I’ll give her a call’ Charlie offered.
‘Thanks Charlie. Stephanie needs to know’ Joy sighed down the phone.
‘I’ll arrange it tonight’ replied Charlie, ‘but one thing, don’t tell Stephanie. These things, according to Daria, work best if both parties don’t know when they are going to happen’
‘My lips, are sealed’ Joy returned.

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PostSubject: Re: *A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience   Mon Mar 29, 2010 6:48 pm

Chapter Twenty

Daria was only too happy to help out.
‘I’ll do it tomorrow as I’ve a free day’ she told Charlie.
‘Thanks Daria. I owe you’ Charlie gratefully sighed.
‘No you don’t. Just get remarried to that lovely Urs, and this time, invite me!’ Daria laughed in return.
‘Hey, not my fault that last time you were on a case!’ Charlie returned the laughter.
‘God. Don’t remind me! What a divorce that caused!’ Daria was a private detective who specialised in ‘honey trapping’ men into admitting they were cheats. Not normally the one to do the ‘honey trapping’ this time Daria would. As a special favour to her friend.

‘Why, do you need Daria?’ Urs nervously asked Charlie once she had replaced the receiver on her friend. He knew all about Daria and what she did for a living. Just the thought of her made him feel incredibly nervous.
‘I’ve a friend in trouble’ Charlie replied.
‘Oh, who?’ Urs asked.
‘Its…’ Charlie, for a moment considered lying, but then replied, ‘its Seb’
‘Seb?’ Urs laughed.
‘Stephanie saw him, at the hospital, chatting up several ex-girlfriends’ Charlie told him.
‘The little…’ Urs started to get angry.
‘So Daria is going to see, if he means it, or if there is something else involved’
‘Seb, is a little…’ Urs swore.
‘He may be scared’ Charlie replied carefully.
‘Scared?’ Urs laughed.
‘About becoming a parent. It’s a big thing’
‘I know. I remember. But we don’t all go cheating on the women we love because of it!’ Urs shouted.
‘Why are you getting angry, at me?’ Charlie demanded.
‘I’m not’
‘Then why shout, at me?’
‘Oh honey. I don’t mean it’ Urs said, his voice softer now.
‘But you did’ replied Charlie.
‘I’m angry, at Seb, for being an idiot’ Urs said.
‘What for? For cheating, on Stephanie?’ Charlie asked.
‘Partly. Also partly because he had you and never noticed what a wonderful woman you are’ Urs smiled.
‘Say that again?’ Charlie asked him.
‘Which part?’
‘You know which part’
‘You are a wonderful woman. A wonderful, beautiful sexy’ Charlie snorted, ‘amazing, intelligent woman’ Urs carried on.
‘I’m not sexy’ Charlie snorted again.
‘Oh yes you are’ he pulled her close.
‘I’m pregnant. And frumpy’ Charlie complained.
‘You’re carrying my children, again. How can that NOT be sexy?’ Urs smiled.
‘I don’t feel sexy. I never feel sexy’ Charlie groaned.
‘Oh, but you are. You are’ Urs placed a kiss on Charlie’s neck. She groaned again. This time in pleasure, ‘Come to bed’ Urs whispered into her ear.
‘Hmm…’ Charlie put her arms around his neck.
‘Up we go’ he picked her up in his arms.
‘Put me down!’ she laughed.
‘Oh no. You’re mine now!’ Urs playfully growled.
‘Oh goodie’ Charlie giggled as Urs carried her in the direction of the bedroom.

Stephanie spent an uneasy night at home. She tried to act normal around Seb but found it hard. She so much wanted to lash out and to hit him. Mark him. Hurt him like he had hurt her. But Joy had talked her out of doing that, telling her, ‘Act as normal as possible. Or he will know something is up and talk you around before you find out the complete truth’. It made sense Stephanie realised. So she bit her tongue and went to bed early complaining that the pregnancy was making her tired and slightly emotional, explaining the tearful puffy eyes Seb had noticed.
‘I’ll come with you’ Seb had winked when she had mentioned going to bed.
‘To sleep Seb. I’m tired’ she tried not to bit back.
‘You’re always tired lately…’ Seb sulked.
‘You try being pregnant then’ Stephanie had retorted before leaving him, watching her go, a shocked expression on his face. It had been the very first time Stephanie had refused to sleep with him and he wasn’t used to her saying no or turning him down.
‘You’re changing’ Seb muttered under his breathe.
‘No Seb. But you are’ Stephanie replied, hearing him perfectly clear enough.

Stephanie and Seb spent a tense night. Laying in the same bed but not touching. Not that Seb liked to touch in bed. He liked making love but then afterwards preferred his own space to sleep while Stephanie liked being held. Liked the feeling that she was still wanted, still needed after the sex had happened. Only once had she got her wish. The night of their wedding which she had fallen asleep in Seb’s arms and was still there the next morning when she had woken up. It had never been repeated since. Stephanie always after that woke up feeling cold and unloved. She had talked to Charlie, Victoria and Joy about this the night she had told them about the pregnancy and had found out something.
Charlie had confessed that since their first night together Urs had always, always held her as they slept.
‘Even sneakily moving me into his arms on the nights we’ve had arguments before bed!’ Charlie had laughed.
‘Carlos likes his own space, but I always know when he wants something, because I wake up being held and touched!’ Joy had told them.
‘We don’t always make love, but David always kisses me good night and tells me that he loves me, and he likes sleeping in my arms’ Victoria had blushed after her confession.
‘But Seb only…when he wants it’ Stephanie had said.
‘Like Carlos’ Joy nodded, ‘but he’ll soon learn. Loving someone is more then about getting sex when you want it’
‘Or how…’ Stephanie sighed.
‘That’s why our home has its own gym, for when…’ Charlie blushed.
‘Urs, is very fit’ Victoria blushed.
‘Not all developed from frustration thought’ Charlie smiled.
‘With nearly four children honey? You don’t have to tell us!’ Joy laughed.
Charlie blushed, bright red.
‘I guess he’s good then’ Victoria smiled at Charlie’s face.
‘Excellent’ she agreed.
‘Like Carlos’ Joy smiled, ‘can sleep all night!’
‘David, snores’ Victoria admitted.
‘So does Seb’ said Stephanie.
‘Urs doesn’t, but I think I do’ confessed Charlie.
‘Same here!’ Joy laughed.
‘It’s a pregnancy thing apparently’ Victoria laughed.
‘God. Great. Puffy feet and hands, achy back, irritable bowl and now snoring! No wonder Seb is going off me!’ Stephanie lightly laughed.
‘Honey, he’s not going off you’ Joy soothed.
‘He’d be mad if he did’ said Charlie.
‘Needs his head seeing too’ added Victoria.
‘Thanks girls’ Stephanie smiled at them all.

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*A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience
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