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 *A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience

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PostSubject: Re: *A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience   Wed Apr 07, 2010 5:19 pm

Chapter Twenty One

The next morning Stephanie watched Seb leave the house early. She watched from the bedroom window, then let out a sad sigh and crawled back into bed, holding his pillow close wishing it was him she was holding and not this cold substitute.

Seb was going for a walk. He needed to clear his head. They had barely been married seven months and already their marriage was going down the pan. Seb needed to think up a solution to get it back on track or when the baby was born he wouldn’t be allowed to have any part in its life. And although Seb was nervous about becoming a father it didn’t mean he didn’t want to become one. Just didn’t know what to expect. He sighed and kicked out at a stone.
‘Careful’ a woman’s voice called, ‘you nearly hit me with that’
‘Sorry’ Seb muttered, not looking up.
‘Oh I see. Nearly injure me then don’t look at me’ the woman tutted now.
Seb slowly raised his eyes. His mouth fell open. Stood in front of him was a stunning, there wasn’t any other word for it, a stunning woman. He slightly swooned.
‘Hi, I’m Daria’ she smiled at him.
‘Seb’ he winked.
‘Hi Seb’ Daria winked back.
‘You’re…’ he gazed.
‘A woman. I know’ Daria smiled.
‘I was going to go for stunning’ Seb winked again.
‘Well, aren’t you a charmer’
‘I have my moments’ Seb beamed.
‘Seb the charmer. And with that accent you must be…’ Daria thought for a second, ‘French, right?’ she asked.
Seb nodded, ‘Spot on’ he said.
‘So, what’s a guy like you doing on a day like this?’ Daria asked.
‘Waiting for you’ Seb winked.
Daria tried not to cringe, ‘Take me for a coffee?’ she asked.
‘Come with me’ Seb told her, taking her hand.

As they walked, Daria checked her tape recorder. It was switched on and working. She nodded, spotting the cameraman following at a distance. Seb was too busy chatting to notice any of this.
‘A singer?’ Daria asked, tuning back into what he had just said.
‘In a group’ Seb nodded.
‘Successful?’ Daria innocently asked.
‘We do ok’ Seb beamed.
‘Would I have heard of you?’
‘Don’t think so’ Seb lied.
‘Pity. I would have loved to heard a CD or something…’
‘I have a few songs recorded, that I could lend you…’
‘That, would mean meeting up again…’ Daria said.
‘That’s the plan’ Seb beamed.
‘But you’re…married’ Daria said, noticing his wedding ring.
‘Divorced’ Seb lied, ‘recently’
‘She didn’t understand me’ Seb sighed.
‘That old line’ Daria laughed.
‘That’s what men say, when they’re caught cheating’
‘I didn’t….I’ve never cheated…’ Seb defended himself.
‘So you are still married’ Daria guessed.
‘Yes’ Seb sighed.
‘No divorce?’
‘Still together?’
‘And yet…’ Daria shook her head.
‘She…Stephanie, doesn’t understand me’
‘Yes, and?’ Daria asked.
‘She’s pregnant…and….’ Seb sighed.
‘Pregnant and allowed to object’ Daria said.
‘But we always…’ Seb tried.
‘Your pregnant wife not wanting sex isn’t an excuse to start an affair’ Daria told him.
‘I haven’t…’
‘No. Maybe not’ Daria agreed, ‘but you were going to’
Seb stared at her and sighed, ‘I’m right’ said Daria, ‘aren’t I?’
‘So…we can’t then?’ Seb asked.
‘I don’t do married men. Not many women do’
‘But if I wasn’t married?’
‘But you are Seb. And about to become a father’
‘We were barely married, then she told me, about the baby’ Seb sighed.
‘That’s what happens, when you have sex without precautions’ Daria pointed out.
‘She was on the pill!’ Seb shouted.
‘Accidents happen. Deal with it. Act your age. Not your shoe size!’
‘Eh?’ Seb asked.
‘Its an English saying, mean grow up!’ Daria shouted.
‘I’m scared’
‘So I can guarantee, is your wife’
‘She doesn’t tell me…’ Seb sulked.
‘Try talking to her instead of demanding. She’s carrying your child. Try being considerate to HER needs once in a while’ Daria replied, tutting at Seb.
‘This, feels like marriage counselling’ Seb attempted to laugh.
‘Might not be a bad idea that, counselling’ Daria agreed.
‘Will you do the job?’ Seb laughed.
‘No. I think you need a male counsellor. Then you won’t start chatting them up in front of your poor wife’
‘I never chatted you up!’ Seb laughed.
‘Oh yes you did’ Daria replied.
‘Oh? When? How?’ Seb asked.
‘From the minute you noticed I was female and good looking. You winked at me. Several times’ Daria pointed out.
‘I didn’t…’ Seb laughed.
‘And there in lies your major problem’
‘My problem?’ Seb asked now.
‘You automatically wink, and claim you don’t! Please! I’m female. Not stupid!’ Daria laughed.
Seb glared at Daria. ‘Guess you hate me now eh?’ she asked.
‘Yes’ Seb spat.
‘Good. Now, excuse me, but I have things to do, people to see’
‘Got a boyfriend? I bet you don’t!’ Seb snapped.
‘I have a wonderful fiancé thank you, and look, there he is’ Daria pointed a man out.
‘Poor sod’ Seb muttered.
‘Oh no, he’s not a poor sod. But a lucky man!’ and with that, Daria crossed the street and disappeared out of sight.
Seb muttered some more under his breathe then turned and walked in the direction of home.

Seb didn’t go straight home. It was now mid afternoon so he went to a nearby bar to try and get drunk. A pretty waitress severed him, ‘Sir’ she smiled placing his drink in front of him.
‘Tell me about yourself’ Seb winked at her.
‘Oh. Um…’ the waitress coughed, ‘my name is Flora. I’m 26. Just finished university…’
‘Are you single?’ Seb interrupted.
‘Yes, I am’ Flora smiled.
‘Seb’ Seb shook her hand.
‘You’re…French’ Flora noticed.
‘I am’ Seb wiggled his eyebrows like Carlos would.
‘I love France. Paris…’ Flora blushed.
‘You’ve been?’ Seb asked.
‘Last term. I’m studying Art’ Flora replied.
‘Mmm….we’ve some great buildings’ Seb watched her work, ‘fancy going back some time?’
‘I’d love to live there’ Flora blushed.
‘I could take you…some time’ Seb winked, touching her hand.
‘I’d…I’d like that’ Flora blushed again.
Just then, Seb’s mobile rang. ‘Blast’ he muttered, pressing the answer button, ‘Yes?’ he snapped into it.
‘Seb, you are alive’ it was Urs.
‘Of course I’m alive…’ Seb laughed down the phone.
‘Could have fooled Stephanie. Your wife’ Urs replied.
‘Why, what’s wrong with her?’ Seb asked.
‘Oh, just that she’s called your mobile about a 100 times with no response, so she called David, Carlos and I and was just about to start calling the police and hospitals in the area’ Urs snapped.
‘Oh…my mobile’s been off, until now’ Seb lied.
‘Stop lying Seb. Just get home to your wife’ Urs replied before slamming the phone down on him.
‘Gotta go’ Seb sighed at Flora.
‘Oh’ Flora sighed, ‘here…’ she wrote her number down, ‘call me, sometime’ she told Seb, handing him her number.
‘Sure sweetie’ Seb winked before walking away.

Three hours later, Seb arrived home with a large bouquet of flowers, a bottle of champagne and a gift bag.
‘Seb, you’re home…’ Stephanie resisted adding, ‘at last’
‘Hi honey’ Seb beamed at her, ‘I’ve bought you sometime’ he winked, handing her the gift bag.
Stephanie opened it. She was hoping for something practical, nappies, babygros, breast pads even. Instead she received, ‘Underwear’ she muttered.
‘Matching bra and knickers’ Seb winked.
They were expensive underwear. Sexy looking too. In bright red. A colour of passion. Stephanie picked the bra up. She looked at the size. ‘These, won’t fit’ she told him.
‘They should do. They’re your size. I remembered!’ Seb laughed.
‘Not anymore it isn’t’
‘Eh?’ Seb asked.
‘I’m pregnant Seb. I feel fat and frumpy. I don’t feel like wearing indecent underwear two sizes too small!’ Stephanie shouted.
‘Maybe you should!’ Seb shouted back.
‘What?’ Stephanie demanded.
‘You’ve changed’ Seb sulked.
‘I’m pregnant! You try being happy and sexy when your body is constantly changing! Its not fun!’ Stephanie cried.
‘No Seb. I’ve had enough’
‘Our relationship. Marriage. Is over!’ Stephanie bravely told her husband.
‘No Seb. I’ve had enough. I’m pregnant with one baby. I don’t need you to act like one too! I need your support. I don’t need you to carry on being…being a…pig!’ Stephanie snapped, glaring at Seb now.
‘Right. I’ll go then…’ said Seb.
‘I think that’s best. Yes’ Stephanie turned her head away.
‘So, you’re forcing me out, of my own home then?’ Seb demanded.
‘So it seems. Yes’ Stephanie coolly replied.
‘This is MY house!’ Seb snapped.
‘YOU’RE NOT THE ONE WHO IS PREGNANT!’ Stephanie shouted.
‘Great. Right. Fine’ Seb snapped again, before storming out, slamming the door behind as he went, ‘FINE!’ he shouted.

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PostSubject: Re: *A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience   Mon Apr 12, 2010 8:05 pm

Chapter Twenty Two

‘Sebastien, is a complete idiot’ Carlos said on hearing about Seb and Stephanie’s marriage breakdown.
‘Its like me and Charlie all over again!’ Urs said.
‘No Urs, you weren’t a…a little *** like Seb is being’ Carlos corrected, swearing what he thought Seb was.
‘He’s scared. About becoming a father’ Urs defended.
‘None of the rest of us acted like that’ Carlos huffed.
‘No, but Seb is different’ said Urs.
‘He’s French. Apart from that I can see no difference’ Carlos tutted now. Urs thought Carlos had a point there. But he wanted Seb and Stephanie back together as currently Stephanie was staying with him and Charlie in what was going to be the new twins nursery. Not that he or Charlie minded her staying. The didn’t. Charlie liked the company but the room wasn’t decorated or furniture in it yet in preparation for the twins birth.
‘I’m meeting Seb later, to have a talk to him’ Urs told Carlos.
‘Good luck then!’ Carlos laughed in reply.

It had taken a long time to talk Seb around into meeting with him Urs found out. Urs had almost given up when Seb had eventually sighed, ‘Suppose we could meet up’ down the phone.
‘Thanks…Seb’ Urs had replied, still not able to call him ‘Mate’ or at least not yet. Maybe Urs and Seb’s relationship would never get back on track. But as long as they could at least get along when needed then that would do. For now.

Seb and Urs met in a bar, coffee not alcohol.
‘I’m still a little…weird after my hospital stay’ Urs confessed.
‘Shame. Alcohol would go down a treat round about now’ Seb sighed in response.
‘Stephanie, is staying with Charlie and I’ Urs informed Seb.
‘Yes, and?’ Seb asked.
‘She’s your wife. I thought you would be concerned’
‘Ha!’ Seb snorted.
‘Your wife, carrying your child’ Urs reminded Seb.
‘A child I’ll never get to see’ Seb sulked.
‘And who’s fault, is that?’ Urs asked.
‘Mine. Suppose’ Seb sulked again.
‘And only you can change that’ Urs pointed out.
‘Like you did, with Charlie’
‘Yes’ Urs nodded.
‘How did you though…?’ Seb asked.
‘We met up and talked’
‘And that worked? Charlie wanted to hear what you had to say?’ Seb asked, amazed.
‘I told her the truth. That always helps’ Urs replied.
‘Not this time, it won’t…’ Seb sulked.
‘If you won’t give it a chance, then I don’t suppose it will. No’ Urs agreed along with him.
‘I feel…I feel…’ Seb tried.
‘Like Stephanie is neglecting you?’ Urs asked.
‘Yes!’ Seb nodded.
‘Have you tried getting involved, with the pregnancy?’
‘Going to the scan, and doctors appointments with her. Asking her how its going. Developing. Feeling the changes happening. The first kick…twinges etc?’ Urs said.
‘I haven’t done any of that…’
‘Stephanie wouldn’t let you…?’ Urs asked.
‘No. Me. I thought that was all woman’s stuff…’ Seb shrugged.
‘Its family stuff Seb. You do it together to help you bond. With each other and with the baby’
‘You did that, with Charlie then?’ Seb asked.
‘I couldn’t with Lucy, for obvious reasons, but with Nate I did, even with the touring and with the new pregnancy’ Urs smiled.
‘And Charlie let you?’ Seb asked.
‘She wanted, still wants me to bond with my children. Its one way that I can, yes’ Urs nodded now, and smiled again.
‘And you like doing it?’ Seb then asked.
‘I love doing it. They are my children too’ Urs pointed out.
‘I’m an idiot…’ Seb then sighed.
‘Maybe’ Urs agreed.
‘I’m an idiot…and I keep being an idiot’ Seb sighed again.
‘Talk to Stephanie. Make her understand. But also listen to her too. Communication works both ways. Listening is the key to any relationship. Its just as important, if more, then talking is’ Urs gave his little speech.
Seb sighed and nodded. Urs was right. Seb needed to learn how to listen to Stephanie. And learn fast before they ended up getting divorced.

‘Darling…’ Carlos called to Joy. She was in the nursery, looking at their son.
‘He’s asleep’ Joy told Carlos.
‘Its you I need…’ Carlos lightly smiled.
‘Oh?’ Joy asked, a slightly puzzled look on her face.
‘I need to apologise’ Carlos told her, ‘I’ve been taking you for granted, and I’m sorry’
‘That’s ok’
‘No darling. It isn’t. I’ve…neglected you. Ignored you since our son has come along and I’m sorry. I never meant to…to push you away. To forget that you were there’ Carlos said.
‘Charlie’s been talking to you…’ Joy guessed.
‘Not Charlie. No. Urs. He’s made me see sense’ Carlos lightly smiled, ‘I guess I’ve been too caught up in Juan Carlos and I apologise. Forgive me, my darling?’ he asked.
Joy looked at him. Then nodded.
‘I’ve arranged’ Carlos nervously coughed, ‘for us to go out, for a romantic dinner… just the two of us’
‘Juan Carlos?’ Joy asked.
‘Victoria and David have offered to have him over night. Victoria said it would be no trouble. In fact it would be…company for Roberta’ Carlos replied nervously.
Again Joy looked at her husband.
‘I feel…like we need the time alone…to be able to talk. About us’ Carlos quickly added after Joy didn’t speak.
‘Ok Carlos’ Joy finally spoke after thinking, ‘I agree’
Carlos breathed a sigh of relief.
‘We do need to talk. About us. I like us. Our marriage. But I need communication. Adult communication. From you’ Joy told him.
‘I know. I understand that. Now’ Carlos smiled.
‘Ok. Good’ Joy nodded, ‘good’ she said.

‘I never said anything. I promise!’ Charlie told Joy once Joy had rang her.
‘I know. Carlos told me Urs said something’ replied Joy.
‘I never said anything to Urs either…’ Charlie then said.
‘Urs, your sensitive, carrying husband told him all by himself’ Joy smiled down the phone.
Charlie giggled, ‘Better let you go then!’ Joy laughed on hearing her friend giggle.
‘We’re…kind of making up, for lost time…’ Charlie confessed.
‘No need to tell me honey. Take care’
‘Thanks Joy. You too. Bye!’ Charlie laughed as the phone went dead.

‘I’ve got news, on your husband Mrs Izambard’ Daria announced down the phone to Stephanie.
‘I’ll….I’ll come to your office’ Stephanie sighed.
So Daria told Stephanie where they were and arranged a time and date to see her. Stephanie wasn’t expecting any miracles or to learn anything she didn’t already know about Seb and what he had either succeeded or tried to get up to. Nothing at all.

The next day a nervous Stephanie turned up at Daria’s office.
‘Would you like some tea, or coffee?’ Daria asked once Stephanie was seated.
‘Thank you. But no. I’d just like to know’ Stephanie replied.
‘What would you like first? Report or photographs?’ Daria asked.
‘Photographs’ Stephanie replied.
Daria handed them over. There were six in all. Two showed Seb and Daria. Talking. The other four showed Seb with another woman. In a bar.
‘That, is Flora’ Daria told her, ‘a colleague of mine’
‘Oh…right’ Stephanie nodded, looking at the photographs.
They showed Seb, and this Flora lady. Holding hands across the bar. Seb gazing at Flora. Flora and Seb laughing. Flora blushing.
‘Now, the report’ Daria then handed Stephanie a file. Inside was eight typed pages including the transcripts of the conversations both Daria and Flora had had with Seb. Stephanie glanced at these pages, not really taking anything in.
‘As you can see…your husband lied. About your marriage’ Daria pointed out after Stephanie hadn’t commented.
Stephanie lifted her head, and blinked back the tears, ‘Thank you Daria. For all this, but I really must go now’ she stood up, holding her bag to herself like a shield.
‘I can recommend a very good divorce lawyer’ Daria said, ‘I’ll give you her number…’
‘That won’t be necessary. But thank you all the same’ Stephanie lightly smiled.
‘Your report…’ Daria started gathering up the photographs and writing.
‘I won’t need it…’ Stephanie replied.
‘But your divorce…’ Daria tried.
‘Burn it. I won’t need it. Thank you. Goodbye’ and with that Stephanie was gone.

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PostSubject: Re: *A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience   Thu Apr 22, 2010 2:05 pm

Chapter Twenty Three

‘Your friend has just been in’ Daria told Charlie on the phone as soon as Stephanie had left her office, ‘but she’s taken it badly…’
‘She cried?’ Charlie asked.
‘No. Worse then that. She’s in denial. After seeing all the evidence I collected’ Daria replied.
‘Oh god. Don’t worry, I’ll see to her. Thanks Daria’ Charlie sighed down the phone.

Charlie expected Stephanie to turn up. But she didn’t. So feeling worried, Charlie rang Seb.
‘Yes?’ he barked down the phone on answering.
‘Stephanie, has gone AWOL’ she told him.
‘And that’s my problem, how?’ he rudely asked.
‘Your wife. Your child’ Charlie reminded him.
‘We’re getting a divorce’ Seb sulked.
‘Only because you are a complete idiot who doesn’t realise a good thing when you see it!’ Charlie replied.
‘Ha!’ Seb snorted.
‘Stephanie, for some reason, loves you. Thought god only knows why, and you don’t even realise. She needs your love. Needs your support. Needs you to love her, for her and not go around attempting to cheat because she won’t let you have it!’ Charlie shouted at him down the phone.
‘And you know all this then? For a fact?’ Seb asked.
‘Stephanie, is my friend. I talk to her. Listen to her. As her husband that’s your job too. Grow up Seb. Act your age before you lose the best thing that has ever happened to you!’ and with that, Charlie disconnected the phone on Seb.

Seb slammed the phone down and muttered to himself.
‘Will you ever change?’ came a voice from behind. Seb turned around.
‘Stephanie…’ he exclaimed, noticing his wife looking at him.
‘Sebastien’ Stephanie nodded at him.
‘That, was Charlie’ Seb sighed.
‘She’s a good friend’
‘She thinks I’m an idiot!’ Seb laughed.
‘Well, you are’ Stephanie bluntly replied.
‘I…I…’ Seb stuttered.
‘An idiot. Yes Seb you are. A complete idiot’ Stephanie told him.
‘Ha!’ Seb snorted.
‘Because you are ruining this marriage. Making it worse’
‘I…I…’ Seb tried speaking.
‘When our baby is born, I don’t want to ever see you again’
‘No Seb. No. I’ve had enough. I thought we had a great marriage. A great relationship. But I was wrong. I knew it, I am going to be a single mother after all’ Stephanie let out a sarcastic laugh.
‘You don’t have to be…’ Seb tried.
‘Oh no? but I saw those photographs Seb. I read your words. What were they again?’ Stephanie thought for a moment, ‘oh yes, I remember now, ‘Divorced’ you told that girl Daria, ‘recently’’
Seb paled in colour. She had found out? But how? Seb had no idea.
‘Well I don’t want to disappoint you so I’ve decided to let you have it your way. You want to be divorced? Then lets get divorced’ Stephanie bit back a sob.
‘Steph…’ he reached out to her, to touch her.
‘No Seb. Nothing you can say will change my mind. I’ve decided’ Stephanie moved out of his way. Not wanting his touch. Especially not at the moment.
‘But you’re here…’ Seb then pointed out to her.
‘I’ve come to collect the rest of my things’ Stephanie coolly informed him.
‘Oh…’ Seb sighed.
‘If I could just…?’ she indicated the room he was blocking.
‘Sure. Sure’ Seb sighed, letting her go to the bedroom.

Seb sat nursing a drink of alcohol while Stephanie packed her clothes, books and CDs up. He considered getting drunk. Very, very drunk after she had gone.
‘Here…let me’ Seb offered when he saw Stephanie struggling with a heavy suitcase.
‘I can manage…’ Stephanie snapped.
‘You might be leaving me, and divorcing me but you’re still carrying my child’ Seb pulled the suitcase out of her hand.
Stephanie glared at him. Then clutched at her stomach.
‘Steph…?’ Seb asked.
‘I feel faint…’ Stephanie muttered before fainting.
Seb caught her in his arms at the right time.

Stephanie, woke up in a hospital bed. Seb was there. Sitting by her bed, holding her hand, a worried, concerned look on his face.
‘You’re awake..’ he noticed.
‘Where am I?’ she asked, pulling her hand away from his.
‘You fainted. We’re in hospital’ Seb told her, wiping at his face.
‘My baby…’ Stephanie touched her tummy. It seemed too flat, ‘my baby…’ she cried, ‘where is my baby?’ she cried, trying to look around the room for any clue where they may be.
‘He’s…in an incubator’ Seb said, sighing.
‘I…I…’ Stephanie tried not to cry but failed.
‘You had to have a caesarean’ Seb told her.
‘He?’ Stephanie asked.
‘We’ve a boy’ Seb smiled.
‘Is…is he alright?’ Stephanie then nervously asked.
‘His lungs are a little too small, but the doctor said he’s doing ok’ Seb replied. He remembered how small their child was. Lying helplessly in an incubator. He couldn’t touch him, just look at him from a distance. He sighed.
‘Oh…right’ Stephanie nodded.
‘The doctor had to put you under, to do the caesarean’ Seb then told her, ‘he wanted to save both your lives’
‘Both our…?’
‘I nearly lost you. I don’t ever want that. I love you Stephanie’ Seb gazed at her, pleading with her with his eyes. Couldn’t she see the tears he had been crying? See his pain for her? He searched her face for any sign. Anything.
‘I…I…’ Stephanie blinked back the tears.
‘Rest now. I’ll be back soon’ Seb stood, placed a kiss on her forehead then was gone. Stephanie later found out that she had spent the last two days in a coma, fighting for her life after having to have the caesarean that saved her small son’s life.

The baby had to stay in the incubator for a week. In that time Stephanie was only allowed to see her son twice. She wasn’t able to touch him or hold him. Just gaze at him from a distance. Her small, helpless child. Her flesh and blood. Seb was always there. Not that Stephanie responded. She would lay in her bed, faced away from him wishing that he would take the hint and leave her alone but he never did. He was always there. Stephanie wasn’t allowed any visitors but everyone sent flowers and presents. Toys for the baby as well as stuff for Stephanie. Make up, clothes, books and magazines to make her feel better. Not that they worked. Stephanie just ached to be able to hold her child. Her son. Every night she prayed and cried. Cried so much. Wanted to hold him in her arms. To be able to bond with him. She and Seb hadn’t even named him yet. Too afraid to just in case anything bad happened. In her head, Stephanie had his name, Aaron. But she didn’t voice this to Seb.

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PostSubject: Re: *A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience   Thu Apr 22, 2010 2:47 pm

Oh so happy to get an email reminder of the newest chapter.... ya gotta love modern technology.

Taking my printed pages to read in the car pool line when we pick up my grandson.

Love this story....... :cheers: :cheers:

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PostSubject: Re: *A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience   Mon May 03, 2010 5:38 pm

Chapter Twenty Four

Carlos and Joy were having a wonderful, joyful romantic dinner. Sitting by candlelight in a favourite restaurant, eating food they hadn’t eaten in a while, drinking wine and talking. About them for once.
‘I’ve missed this’ Carlos confessed, ‘us…talking’
‘Me too’ Joy smiled, ‘we should do it more often’ she added, her foot under the table, stroking his leg.
‘Mmm…’ Carlos smiled dopey at her.
‘Just us…talking’ she winked.
‘Can we go home then, to…to talk?’ Carlos winked back.
‘After desert honey, I’m still hungry’ Joy lightly teased now.
‘Ow…’ Carlos attempted to sulk.
‘I’ll make it up to you’ Joy winked again.
‘Oh goodie’ Carlos perked up.

Meanwhile, David and Victoria were babysitting Juan Carlos.
‘Ssshhh…’ Victoria rocked her friends crying baby.
‘Maybe, we should give Carlos and Joy a call…’ David muttered, holding Roberta in his arms.
‘No. Joy and Carlos, they need this time together’
‘But honey…’ David tried.
‘Juan Carlos is alright, aren’t you sweetie? Just hungry eh?’ Victoria gave him his bottle she had been warming up, Juan Carlos immediately stopped crying, ‘see? He’s alright now’ she said as Juan Carlos sucked on the bottle of milk in his mouth.
‘Hmmm….’ replied David.
‘We’re just lucky, that Roberta is a perfect baby’ Victoria smiled.
‘Perfect?’ David asked, ‘our Roberta is more than perfect’ he kissed his sleeping daughters head.

Stephanie was finally holding her baby in her arms. She gazed down at the perfect bundle that was her son. Gently touching his silky dark hair and smiling.
‘Hello sweetie, I’m your Mummy’ she whispered to him.
‘Have you thought of a name yet?’ the nurse who had handed Stephanie her son asked.
‘I was thinking…Aaron’ she replied.
‘Nice’ said the nurse, named Doris.
‘It means…light’ Stephanie replied.
‘Aaron Izambard. Nice name’ the nurse, Doris, nodded.
‘You mean Aaron Smith’ Seb said, coming into the room, carrying a large teddy bear in his arms.
‘You like the name then, Aaron?’ Stephanie asked, ignoring what Seb had just said about his surname.
‘I like it. Aaron. Good strong name’ Seb nodded.
‘I’d like to…to keep Aaron’s surname as Izambard’ Stephanie then said.
‘Oh…ok’ Seb said.
‘I’d also like…to keep my name as Izambard too’ Stephanie then added.
‘Oh? wouldn’t that be a bit difficult, when you remarry?’ Seb asked.
‘I wouldn’t be remarrying. At least not unless’ Stephanie paused, and looked at Seb, ‘it was you’ she carried on.
‘I thought you wanted a divorce’ Seb said.
‘Do you?’ Stephanie asked in reply.
‘I never wanted a divorce. I’ve been stupid. I know that now. But I nearly lost you. I never want that. I love you Steph’
‘Oh Seb…’
‘I know I’ve been an idiot and I don’t expect you to ever forgive me, but I can’t let you go. I don’t want to let you go. I love you. I want us, our marriage, to work. I will understand, if you don’t’ Seb finished with a sad sigh.
‘Its ok. I know. I’ll go. Give you time to think…’
‘Please Seb. Don’t go’ Stephanie cried to him.
‘No?’ he asked.
‘I love you too Seb. Please stay. Here, come hold your son’ Stephanie lightly smiled at him.
‘I can stay?’ Seb asked.
‘I’d like you to’
‘And…you don’t want a divorce?’ Seb then asked.
‘I love you Seb. I want us to stay married’ Stephanie then confirmed.
‘Thank you Steph. Thank you’ Seb dropped to his knees and gently pulled his family into his arms, ‘I don’t deserve this second chance’ he then said, touching his son’s head gently.
‘Yes you do Seb. Everyone deserves a second chance’ Stephanie told him, kissing him.

‘Ooooh!’ Charlie groaned.
‘Honey?’ Urs asked. They were in bed. Snuggled together. It was midnight Charlie noticed the time.
‘I think its time’ Charlie said.
‘Oh…oh god!’ Urs jumped out of bed, ‘I’ll go and get Lucy and Nate up’
‘Ok’ Charlie laughed.
‘Come along Lucy, Nate, hospital time’ Urs woke his children. Charlie could hear him talking to them from where she was still laying in bed.
Nate laughed, ‘Daddy’s got no clothes on!’
Urs looked down at himself. His son was right. ‘So I haven’t’ he said, laughing along with his son.
‘Relax, we’ve plenty of time!’ Charlie laughed as she watched Urs dash around the room like a madman, pulling on clothes, sorting his hair.
‘If these contractions are anything like Nate, or Lucy, we’ve not’ Urs replied.
‘Hey, short births are good. Oooh!’ Charlie breathed as a contraction hit.
‘See, its starting already!’ Urs pointed out as Charlie breathed deeply again, ‘see…two in….two minutes’ Urs timed them on his watch.
‘Ok, I’m coming’ Charlie pulled herself out of bed with Urs’ help.
‘Mummy wet herself’ Nate noticed.
‘That’s the babies remember’ Lucy said.
‘That baby book’ Nate remembered, nodding.
‘Yes, that’s right honey, the baby book, ooowww!’ Charlie winced.

Another hour later at the hospital, Urs, Lucy and Nate watched as Charlie gave birth to twins. This time it was an easy, almost pain free birth. Lucy and Nate were excited to be there. They had each chosen a name for their new brother and sister. Nate named his new brother Daniel James. Lucy named her new sister Holly Joy after Lucy’s favourite godparent, Joy, Carlos’ wife.
‘Wow!’ Urs laughed afterwards, ‘that was fun’ he said while holding his new daughter in his arms.
‘Sure was!’ Charlie laughed with him, holding their new son in hers.
‘Lovely’ Lucy laughed.
‘Yuck!’ Nate shivered then giggled.
‘It’ll get better next time mate!’ Urs told Nate.
‘Next time?’ Charlie asked, ‘you said four children!’
‘I lied’ Urs winked.
‘Maybe you should have the next one then!’ Charlie laughed.
‘Daddy can’t have babies!’ Lucy pointed out.
‘If I could, I would!’ Urs winked again.
‘Mummy and Daddy need to get married now. So Daniel and Hope can have the same name as Nate and me!’ Lucy then said.
‘What a great idea’ Urs smiled.
‘Want to be bridesmaid honey?’ Charlie asked Lucy.
‘Goodie! Goodie!’ Lucy laughed.
‘Me too!’ Nate said.
‘Pageboy’ said Urs.
‘Bridesmaid!’ cried Nate.
‘Pageboy. Its like…a bridesmaid’ Urs said.
‘Pageboy’ Nate agreed finally.
‘Good idea. Pageboy’ Charlie laughed along with her son.

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PostSubject: Re: *A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience   Mon May 03, 2010 5:38 pm


Chapter Twenty Five

Three months later Urs and Charlie got remarried at long last. Everyone was there, breathing a sigh of relief, watching it happen. Seb and Stephanie with baby Aaron. Joy, Carlos and baby Juan Carlos. David, Victoria and little Roberta who was almost a year old now. Daria, Charlie’s friend even Linda, Cydalia and Patricia from the hospital. All who smiled sweetly at Seb on seeing him, apart from Linda who had glared at him. Seb had just smiled in reply and ignored them all. Feeling the worst. He had missed the look that past between Stephanie and Daria. The look of knowing each other. He was too scared about his own past coming back and biting him, but none of the girls said anything to him apart from smiling at him in a knowing way at him. Not that Stephanie didn’t know, because she did. She knew it all. She had met up with Patricia, Linda and Cydalia and had had a long talk with them all about Seb, to find out the truth, about how he had tried his best but they hadn’t let him get very far. That they all knew that he was married and should stick with the one woman he really did love the most, Stephanie, his wife. That made her happy and smile and even laugh a little. Seb was French. He would always try something. Just wouldn’t always succeed.
Charlie, received her old engagement ring back plus a new one and a new wedding ring when she and Urs exchanged their vows, ones they had written themselves for the occasion. Charlie got Urs a new wedding ring too, which he wore next to his old one, the one he had never taken off in all this time no matter what had happened in his marriage. He knew Charlie loved him and that he loved Charlie. That had never changed. Just his insecurities making him think things that weren’t there. Lucy was bridesmaid and Nate a pageboy. Both looking so much like their parents. Urs wore his old wedding suit but with a tie that matched Charlie’s new wedding dress to a ‘T‘. Charlie had to wear a new wedding dress after discovering that she had lost a lot of weight after giving birth to Daniel and Hope.
As Charlie and Urs said their vows nearly everyone in the church cried buckets at the romance of it all, as they stood there, holding hands, gazing into each others eyes, ’I love you Charlie’ Urs told his wife, kissing her as the vicar announced them man and wife again. ’I love you Urs’ Charlie happily replied, gazing back at her handsome husband. Then they had Daniel and Hope christened. This time, Seb was made a godparent along with Stephanie, Linda and Cydalia. Linda and Cydalia got the job after doing excellent jobs looking after Lucy and Urs when they were sick in hospital.
‘This, is an honour’ Seb told Urs when he was made godparent at long last.
‘Its my way of saying sorry…about Lucy and all that’ Urs replied, shrugging.
‘Hey, I don’t blame you for checking. But Lucy and Charlie were never mine. Especially not Charlie. She has always loved you mate. No one has ever had a chance of a look in. Charlie has always, always loved you. Never anyone else’ Seb told Urs. He didn’t add that he had tried oh so many times when Urs and Charlie first got together to change her mind and found it a lost cause each time he had tried. Not thinking that Urs really wanted to hear that bit. Not that Urs didn’t already know, because he did. No longer would he or Charlie have any secrets between them. It wasn’t worth it in the long run. They would always come out in the end and make things worse when they did.
‘I know that all, now. Thanks…mate’ Urs smiled.
‘That’s what friends are for’ Seb replied, hugging Urs.
Urs nodded, words failing him at this time, hugging Seb back at long last. Friends in the end.

At the wedding reception everyone danced with their right partners, holding them close on the dance floor. Carlos and Joy now happy together and back to talking to each other. Stephanie and Seb all forgiven for what had happened. All Stephanie wanted was Seb to love her and he did. Ok, he had the occasional slip up but that didn’t mean he didn’t love her, because he did. He had realised that when he thought he was about to lose her after the birth of their son, Aaron. Those two days she was in that mini coma had scared the life out of him. He realised that life was too short to go playing with peoples feelings and acting like a spoilt child. He was worth more then that. Stephanie deserved more then that.
David and Victoria were happy. Victoria thought that she might even be pregnant with Roberta’s little brother or sister but didn’t want to voice this yet, until it was all safe to do so.

When IL DIVO went on tour six months later, after having to postpone it after Lucy had been taken sick, they had a crèche backstage but no need for any nannies as all their wives were there too. Charlie, this time, even changed her author name and was happy to be published under the name Charlotte Buhler. Proud of her husband and four children. Not that she hadn’t been proud before, just slightly scared of losing her identity and being forgotten that she was a person in her own right. But after Lucy having got sick she didn’t really care about any of that anymore. Just pleased that her family was once more happy and healthy and together with the new additions to the family, Daniel and Hope.
After the tour the Buhler family went on their postponed holiday to Disney world, Florida, for a much needed family.
‘I meant what I said, about having more children’ Urs told Charlie one night as they lay in bed together after a fun day out with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and friends.
‘Four, isn’t enough then eh?’ Charlie laughed at her husband.
‘Can I help it if we make such adorable children?’ Urs returned the laughter, kissing his wife.
‘Mmm…’ Charlie giggled, feeling happy at long last.
After everything they had gone through it had made them stronger. Every one was more stronger now. Safe and secure in the knowledge that they were all with the right partners after all.


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PostSubject: Re: *A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience   Mon May 03, 2010 5:53 pm

Have printed the chapter and taking with me on my travels today...

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PostSubject: Re: *A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience   

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*A Convenient Relationship* By: KazyJay Sequel To A Marriage Of Convenience
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