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 Worth the Wait

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PostSubject: Worth the Wait   Mon Jan 04, 2010 12:41 am

Hey Ladies, here's a story that I wrote for the official site like 2 years ago before the first mantinace thing. This is kind of a shaky story, but I hope you enjoy it anyway Smile

Chapter 1
“We get one night off in New York City and you got us tickets to a musical?”
“Yes! It’s Bye Bye Birdie’s closing night, the last chance to see it!” Carlos explained to Urs. “What do you have against musical theatre?”
“Nothing except the fact we could go out and have fun.”
“It will be fun, I promise. And we can catch a club or something afterwards.”
“Come on Urs, it can’t be that bad,” added David.
“Oui, even I am looking forward to the show,” said Sebastian.
“That’s because Amy will be there,” countered Urs.
“Just give it a chance,” concluded Carlos.
The musical was playing in “Majestic Theatre” on Broadway, so at 8:00 sharp all four Divos and Amy, Sebastian’s fiancé took their seats.
Amy was a high fashion model who walked runways for the best designers from all over the world. Being a model she was of course, tall and stick skinny. Her dark brown hair was cut up to her ears in jagged way that framed her face. Her dark brown eyes and the piece of hair that always fell in front of one eye completed her mysterious look. This week she was in town for Olympus Fashion Week.
Urs looked down the row to see Seb whisper something in Amy’s ear before the lights went down. ‘Why can’t I find a girl?’ Urs thought to himself. Seb had Amy and Carlos had Amanda his wife. David was single at the moment but surely not for long.
The orchestra started the opening music and the spotlight came up on the show’s star. Urs glanced at his program. The lead, Kim McAfee, was played by Lynnea Snyder.
Lynnea’s opening solo was bold and caught Urs’ ear. She had a pleasant voice; it would probably be shown off in the slower ballads later in the show.
The song ended with a wink and the show went on.
The story line was amusing enough: an Elvis look-a-like Conrad Birdie was drafted in the Korean War sending teenagers into hysterics. Kim McAfee won Birdie’s “last kiss” before he went off to war. But Urs found himself fascinated by Lynnea; he had been right, the ballads did show off her voice, and her dancing costume showed off her body.
When the show ended the crowd gave an instant standing ovation. The cast all gave short speeches and some tears were shed because it was the final performance. The curtains closed and the theatre lights came back up.
The Divos stood to leave the theatre; near the door a few women recognized them so they posed for a few photos. Then they went to a small café that Seb offered.
The Divos were ushered through the small building and out back to a brick floored veranda. Lights sparkled from the ivy laced pillars and lattice. A small band played some music in the corner of the area. A few couples danced in the moonlight. Seb and Amy joined the dancing while the waitress brought out hot tea, when a large group came out to the veranda. The bunch was talking and laughing and two men were even singing. Urs realized it was the cast from the musical they had just seen. Changed out of her costume, Lynnea wore a red cashmere sweater set and a white pencil skirt, red high heels gave her short figure a few extra inches. Her blond hair was still stiffly hair-sprayed into place.

Lynnea sat at a table with two women he also recognized from the show. Urs couldn’t help but stare as she laughed with her friends. He was forced to look away when David spoke.
“See something you like?” he chuckled “you’d better blink every once in a while, or your eyes will pop out.”
Urs didn’t know how to respond. “Just go ask her to dance or something” David advised.
“No way” Urs replied, “I couldn’t do that.”
“And you complain because you never get the ladies…I’d say it’s because you don’t have the guts.” And with that David strode across the dancing area, through couples, to the table where Lynnea was sitting. He held his hand out to the red head to Lynnea’s right. She nodded to his apparent request for a dance and joined him on the dance floor.
The three other women at the table burst into giggles and for the first time Lynnea peered across the veranda towards Urs. When their eye met she smiled, then went back to giggles with her friends.
Urs looked into the black tea before him, not realizing his blond had stood from her table, made her way around the dancers, and was standing behind him. Urs heard the sugar sweet voice in his ear.
“Care for a dance?”
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PostSubject: Re: Worth the Wait   Wed Jan 06, 2010 2:09 am

Chapter 2
“Care for a dance?”
Thankfully Urs had enough composure to not drop his tea all over himself. He carefully set it down and glanced at Carlos to his left before turning to the beautiful blond behind him.
“Hi” said Urs ‘say something, you dork!’ he yelled at himself in his head.
“Hello” she giggled at his lack of words.
Urs felt his chair jump as Carlos kicked the leg. He jumped up from the chair to avoid falling out of it.
“So…is that a yes?” Lynnea asked.
“Yeah,” Urs held his breath as she flashed a beautiful smile and her swimming pool blue eyes twinkled under the starry canopy. She turned to the dance floor in her red pumps.
Urs didn’t move for a moment, just watching her walk. Then realizing he was about to dance with this gorgeous woman, he strode quickly to catch up.
Lynnea was an experienced dancer and knew just what to do. She placed her left hand on Urs’ shoulder and took his left in her right. The Latin band was playing “I Need to Know” by Marc Anthony. Thankfully Urs knew a thing or two about dancing himself, so he didn’t make a fool of himself.
The pair danced in silence for about a minute before Lynnea spoke.
“So, what brings the amazing Urs Buhler to NYC?”
Urs was quite surprised, “You know who I am?”
“Of course! The Swiss tenor of Il Divo? Who doesn’t know you?”
“I don’t know, I was just surprised” he paused while Lynnea twirled out and Urs twirled her back in. “Oh, we’re on tour and this is our night off.”
“I see.”
“We saw your show.”
Urs detected a small blush come across Lynnea’s face.
“What did you think?” She asked hesitantly.
“You were amazing…I mean the show was amazing, so you were amazing too.” Urs stumble over his words. ‘You’re talking like you’re 14 years old and on your first date’ he thought.
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome” Urs mumbled, still yelling at himself in his head.
The Marc Anthony song ended, and “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias started. Lynnea and Urs made the transition easily. They started to add a more artistic flair with twirling and dipping. Urs noticed many couples including Seb and Amy who had sat down and were now watching them. And Urs saw that Lynnea wasn’t looking at anyone else, her eyes were locked on him.
As the song ended Urs spun Lynnea in one last time and pulled her in close for the final chord. His arms were wrapped around her waist, and her hand had landed at his neck. Their faces were only inches apart. He knew the time was right and he leaned in to touch her lips.
Time seemed to stand still as he leaned towards Lynnea, but everything caught up as the people surrounding them applauded and Lynnea pulled away from his arms.
There was an awkward pause between them; Lynnea curtsied quickly to the audience that had gathered and was now applauding the couple, with a look of embarrassment on her face, like a teenager being caught on the porch with a boy.
She turned back to her table, but Urs caught her hand and her glimmering eye one last time.
“Thank you for the dance Mr. Buhler.”
She avoided his eyes, “No, thank you. You’re a wonderful dancer.”
She glanced back at her friends but Urs took her other hand in his.
“Have a nice stay in New York City. It was wonderful to meet you.”
“But that can’t be it; I want to get to know you.”
“You do?” Lynnea sounded suddenly scared.
They stood, Urs and Lynnea, in the center of the brick veranda hand in hand staring in each other’s eyes. After many moments of silence Lynnea finally spoke.
“All right.”
David came up behind Urs and informed him that they were ready to go. Urs saw Carlos stand; Amy and Seb, he could tell, couldn’t wait to get back.
“Just a minute.”
He turned back to find that Lynnea wasn’t there, but she reappeared and place a napkin in his hand. Urs saw her address and phone number had quickly been scribbled down.
“If you change your mind, it’s okay” she murmured.
“I won’t change my mind,” he concluded and David brought his suit jacket. He turned towards the door and walked away.
In the car on the ride back and in his hotel room he pondered Lynnea’s quick attitude change. She had seemed so confident when she’d asked for a dance. ‘Was she really only interested in a dance?’ But the music had stopped and suddenly she was afraid.
Urs knew he had to prove that she wasn’t wasting her time.
“I have to see her again.”

Chapter 3
Lynnea awoke in her small apartment expecting last night’s adventures to all be a dream. Meeting Il Divo, her favorite group, and dancing with the knockout, Urs Buhler; Urs had been her favorite divo from the first time she saw him in his Armani on the billboard across the busy street from her window. The poster had been put there to advertise the Il Divo tour stop in NYC. The larger than life poster had captured the beauty of Urs’ grey eyes. She would sit on the window sill and imagine meeting the real man. Many times she’d written stories in her head of their romance. But one night she came home and found the billboard had been changed to a Victoria’s Secret add.
Lynnea was so busy doing seven shows a week on Broadway that she hadn’t been able to attend any Il Divo shows in the area.
Lynnea left her bed, grabbing a fluffy robe on her way to the kitchen to make herself an omelet. She cracked eggs still thinking of the Swiss man from her dream. ‘Did it really happen??’ She tried her best to convince herself that it hadn’t really happened last night at all. She thought this as she tossed ham and onion in with the eggs.
A knock at the door startled Lynnea as she flipped the eggs. Her wonder grew when opening the door she saw a huge bouquet of yellow roses in a purple vase hiding a short flower delivery man.
“Lynnea Snyder?” asked the man peering around the towering flowers.
“Yes, that’s me. Um…please come in.”
The delivery man set the purple vase on the kitchen table then turned to leave, without another word. She noticed a bald patch setting in on the back of his head.
“Wait! Who are they from?” she called to him as he started to leave.
“The card’s in the flowers.” He said as he shut the door behind him.
Lynnea ran back to the table in search of the card. Finding it amid the dazzling flowers, she quickly opened it and removed three things. First was a letter:
Dear Lynnea,
You must know that I had a wonderful time last night and can’t wait to see you again. I’ve enclosed a ticket and a backstage pass to tonight’s concert, our last in New York City. Please let me see you afterwards tonight.
Urs Buhler
Sure enough a ticket was behind the letter, claiming a VIP seat. And on bottom was a black pass saying the holder could go backstage after the concert.
Lynnea’s head felt like it was spinning on her neck. Was her dream really coming true? Suddenly the smell of burning eggs brought her back to reality.
Urs was nervous, and he had never been nervous for a show before. He tried to calm his hands enough to tie his tie. He noticed David watching in the mirror with a smirk on his face.
“Don’t worry, she’ll be here,” he said trying to comfort his friend.
“But what if she isn’t, and I never see her again?”
“Don’t think that way. What’s meant to be will be.”
Thankfully Urs hid his nerves enough to go on with the show and didn’t forget any lyrics. Every chance he had he would look out into the audience for Lynnea.
Lynnea started getting ready for the concert three hours before she had to leave. She already had butterflies. ‘What am I going to wear?!’ she thought. ‘I want to look sexy but not too sexy. I can’t look like I’m trying too hard.’ Lynnea tried on half her wardrobe before deciding on a silk knee length dress in a hot pink stripe. She gave her hair bouncy curls.
At seven o’ clock she slipped into her hot pink strappy heels and went out to the street to call a cab.
The concert was in a concert hall that Lynnea had preformed a charity benefit in. The street in front of the hall was full of women. The only men she saw were the guards, ticket takers, and ushers.
Lynnea showed her ticket and was immediately whipped away from the frantic women up an elevator, and into a private balcony. She had a perfect spot. The lights dimmed and Lynnea’s heart sped up when the long haired Swiss entered the stage.
They started with “Regressa A Mi” and the entire concert was fantastic. After about the forth song a tall dark haired woman entered the balcony and sat on the far side of the box. Lynnea thought she looked slightly familiar.
Lynnea felt like it had only been ten minutes but before she knew it an hour and a half had past and Il Divo came out for their encore: “Por Que Tu M’aimes Encore.”
The tall woman next to Lynnea stood quickly and left the box; Lynnea followed her to the hall and an usher came to show her to the back stage area.
They walked to the back in silence. Lynnea’s mind flooded with thoughts as they walked the final hallway.
The concert ended and Carlos, David, and Sebastian collapsed to onto the couch and chairs in the resting area. Urs couldn’t sit still, he walked to the mini fridge and pulled out a soda, paced across the room and set it down on an end table, not calm enough to drink it.
David and Carlos laughed at Urs as he paced.
‘What if she didn’t come?’ Urs thought just as the hall door opened. Amy stepped in and Seb set down the newspaper he was reading and stood to greet her with a kiss. Urs’ heart fell as the door shut again.
Seb grabbed his coat and he and Amy were out the door as quickly as Amy had appeared.
David stood and put a hand on Urs’ shoulder. “Hey…” he never had a chance to finish because suddenly the door opened again and Lynnea walked into the room.
Urs nearly ran to greet her.
“Lynnea, you came.”
“Of course!”
“I’m so glad; can I take you out to eat?”
“Ah, Urs, you cannot go without introducing this lovely creature to us.” Carlos stepped in and kissed Lynnea’s hand. “Hola, Senorita.”
“Pleased to meet you Mr. Marin” Lynnea said, blushing scarlet.
“Carlos, please.”
David then nudged Carlos out of the way and started to introduce himself.
“Hi, I’m David.”
“Yes, David Miller, it’s wonderful to meet you.”
“Uh, guys, if you’ll excuse us.”
Urs showed Lynnea to the back stage door.
“Where are we going?” David chimed in.
“Lynnea and I are going out; you are not coming with us.” Urs and Lynnea scurried out the door leaving David and Carlos behind.
David turned to Carlos “Well, what are we gonna do?”
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PostSubject: Re: Worth the Wait   Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:37 pm

Awww I love how Urs is so nervous! Like an inexperienced teenage sweet!!

Another great story Lynnea!!! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Worth the Wait   Thu Jan 07, 2010 1:57 am

Thank you so much Natty! That means a lot!

Chapter 4
Out on the street behind the concert hall Urs hailed a taxi and he and Lynnea went to a busy Japanese restaurant. Lynnea could tell from the first glance that this was a very expensive place.
At the table in the back corner beneath a red tapestry Urs and Lynnea talked.
“Did you enjoy the concert?”
“Yes! It was magnificent! So much better than I ever could have imagined and believe me, I’ve imagined it quite a bit.”
“I have to ask a question. Why did you send me that ticket? You only met me once. I don’t-“
“Because you captured me from the first time I saw you.” He grabbed her hand in his. “I knew there was something special. You are something special.”
Lynnea stayed silent as if judging his answer in her mind. “All right.”
The dinner continued; Urs and Lynnea got acquainted. Urs shared his story of joining Il Divo and Lynnea told of how she fell in love with the musical theatre.
After they finished Urs asked Lynnea “Well, what would you like to do now?”
“…I’d like to go for a walk.”
The pair stood, Urs threw a 100 dollar bill on the table and they left. Lynnea led Urs down some busy streets, over a footbridge and into a park. The park had a lighted fountain in the middle of a pond. A path went around the pond and iron benches and lamp posts lined the path. Beautiful flowers completed the inner-city get away.
Lynnea wasn’t the first person to think of this romantic spot; many other couples were on the path or sitting on the benches. Lynnea and Urs walked in silence, just thinking and looking at the shrubs for a couple minutes. Then they both started at once.
Lynnea laughed. “You go first.”
“All right.” Urs drew in a big breath and gathered his courage. “Lynnea, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met and I’d like to start a relationship.” He took her hands in his. “My tour is over after this weekend, so I can come here and be with you.”
Lynnea kept her face composed, but inside was bursting. “Urs, I wanted to talk about that too, but, kind of the opposite. I don’t think that it’ll work. My show’s over and I’m heading back home…to Iowa.
“But, what about your career?” he asked.
“I could come back, but I need to go home for a while, my best friend, Jessica, she needs me there.”
“…But, what about us?” Urs asked weakly.
“Us?” Lynnea laughed pathetically, trying to change the mood. “We aren’t anything. We just met.”
“But you are-“
“Urs, please! I have to do this, maybe you can find a different plan if you really care that much.” Lynnea knew in her head he’d never chase her.
Lynnea looked up into Urs’ grey eyes, her pool blue ones shining in the moonlight. Urs didn’t know what to say, was he supposed to follow Lynnea to Iowa? Or, should he just go home and forget about her?
“Can I at least walk you home?” he said with resignation.
They walked to Lynnea’s apartment. She unlocked the door and pushed it open then turned to Urs. She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.
“Thank you,” she whispered. She turned, but Urs caught her trying to pull her in for a real kiss.
“No, “she stopped him. “It only makes it harder.”
She looked at him one last time before closing the door.
Urs saw the tears in her eyes and knew she felt the same way he did.
Lynnea closed the door then collapsed to the floor, tears already streaming down her face. ‘I want to stay here, with him! Did I do the right thing or did I close the door on the man I’ve been looking for?’
The following day, Lynnea boxed up everything in her small apartment and had it all sent on a train to Iowa. She tried to look forward to seeing her family, friends, and hometown but kept wondering if Urs would reappear when she came back to New York City.
Her final night in NYC was a lonely one. She left her number with her acquaintances, which were few, then to escape the quiet of the apartment complex walked around the busy city streets.
Not really going anywhere, Lynnea found herself in front of a huge cathedral. Her feet took her up the grand stairs and inside. She entered the main sanctuary and heard the church choir practicing off to the left.
Lynnea had always been a church girl, but in New York City with so many distractions she hadn’t been in a church for at least three months.
She found an open pew and sat, the tears forming in her eyes. They started to fall as she began to pray.
“Lord, I’ve asked for my special man for so long and right when I give up and go home, I meet the greatest man! Why? Please, if Urs is for me, bring him to me.”
The next morning Lynnea boarded the flight home.
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PostSubject: Re: Worth the Wait   Thu Jan 07, 2010 3:20 pm

I have a feeling Lynnea's prayers will be answered! Very Happy

Great chapter!!
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PostSubject: Re: Worth the Wait   Thu Jan 07, 2010 5:11 pm

Thank you so much Natty! Smile

Chapter 5
“We are starting the landing, please refasten your seatbelts.” The pilot’s voice woke Lynnea from her day dreaming, but it had been more of a day-nightmare. She glanced out the window to see the River City Airport in Northern Iowa, only 20 miles away from Hill City, Lynnea’s home town.
‘Such creative names’ Lynnea thought ‘River City, Hill City, Forest City.’
The plane landed and Lynnea entered the terminal to find her father, Tim, a tall man, slightly balding, but a huge smile was spread across his face as he captured his daughter in a hug.
“Hey, dad.”
“Lynnea, we’ve missed you so much.”
“I’ve missed you too.”
Tim and Lynnea went to the car and he drove her to the small house on the edge of Hill City that she would share with her best friend Jessica. As they drove he filled her in on the latest Snyder family news.
At last the car stopped in front of a small white house with a flower garden and a bird bath; the perfect picture of a cottage.
Lynnea vacated the car and ran to the door, but only got halfway because her best friend had come running from the small house. The pair collided in a huge hug both almost to tears with the joy of seeing each other.
Jessica and Lynnea had been best friends since the fourth grade at Hill City Elementary School. Most people would have guessed the girls had nothing in common. In looks they were quite opposite; Jessica was a long legged, slim brunette with dark eyes versus Lynnea’s short blond figure. Their characters were also quite different, Lynnea was always loud, bubbly, daring, and loved the high life. Jessica loved animals, the outdoors, and staying in the small town where she was raised.
No one knew what brought them together, but they were almost inseparable.
Lynnea and Jessica walked (a walk that was more of a skip) back to the house. All sadness was thrown from both of their minds.
Lynnea’s father brought in the last suitcase and reminded the girls of supper at the Snyder house that night.
“We’ll be there, dad,” Lynnea said as he left.
The girls immediately started to unpack Lynnea’s boxes that had arrived that morning.
“Jessica, how have you been?”
“Oh, I’ve been all right. As good as I can be now I guess.”
Lynnea knew this was a lie. She now noticed how pale Jessica was, and she’d always been skinny but she had definitely lost weight. Lynnea had been warned of this and she’d come home to make sure Jessica didn’t waste herself away.
Lynnea couldn’t imagine how hard the past four months had been on Jessica. June 14 Lynnea had received a telephone call after the encore of the show from Jessica’s mother saying Jessica’s husband, Peter, had died in a car crash.
Peter was Jessica’s everything. They met their first year in college and everyone knew they would be together. They completed each other in every way.
Jessica got her dream of being married by her 21st birthday and became Mrs. Larson. Peter and Jessica spent four years together and were ready to start a family when Peter tragically died.
Obviously Jessica was crushed, but things hadn’t seemed to be getting any better for her at all, even in four months. Lynnea tried to hide the fear for her friend and gave a smile as she unpacked.
A whole week had passed before Lynnea had one single thought about Urs Buhler. She and Jessica were having so much fun it was almost like high school again, but they didn’t have to go to school or do homework. They spent time at all their favorite places and saw all their friends who had settled in Hill City.
Jessica was looking a little healthier already. There was more color in her cheeks, and Lynnea always made sure she ate all the food on her plate.
One afternoon Jessica and Lynnea were sitting in the small sun room off the side of the house reminiscing their high school days.
“Why don’t you go grab my yearbook? It’s in my top drawer next to my bed,” Lynnea said.
“All right.” Jessica quickly went to the next room but came running back in holding a small piece of paper.
“Lynnea!! You never told me that you went to an Il Divo concert!”
“Oh, didn’t I mention it?” Lynnea said trying to think up an excuse not to talk about it.
“No!! How did you not tell me!? They’ve been your favorite group since they started! You practically drool over Urs Buhler when you hear his voice! You have to tell me everything!”
Lynnea really didn’t want to think about this now.
“Well…I really wasn’t… I mean…I didn’t-“
Suddenly they were interrupted by the door bell. Lynnea sprinted for the door, followed quickly by Jessica, who was still shouting, “You have to tell me about this! Why do you want to change the subject so much? I’m your best friend!”
Lynnea reached the door and flung it open hoping to stop Jessica’s yelling. And it did stop when she saw who was standing outside.
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PostSubject: Re: Worth the Wait   Thu Jan 07, 2010 11:44 pm

Shocked Shocked Shocked OMG...could it be??? Could Urs have made the trip to Iowa to see Lynnea???? I hope so!

Another great chapter!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Worth the Wait   Fri Jan 08, 2010 2:27 pm

Chapter 6
Lynnea had been laughing as she ran to the door but the smile faded quickly when she saw a man with long dark hair in a tight shirt with his back to the door.
She of course knew who it was instantly. He turned at the sound of the door and Lynnea felt her jaw drop; Jessica’s did too. Jessica looked at Urs, then Lynnea, then back to Urs, and finally again to Lynnea.
Jessica whispered in Lynnea’s ear, “So, does this have something to do with why you didn’t tell me about the concert?”
“Uh, yeah.”
“Hello, Lynnea,” Urs finally said with the two women in the house still staring at him.
“Um, hi.” Lynnea said trying to pull herself out of this shock.
Jessica continued to look from Urs to Lynnea and suddenly realized the awkwardness of the situation. “Mr. Buhler,” she thrust her hand towards him, knowing him of course from the ravings of her best friend. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. May I invite you in?”
Jessica pushed the door and Lynnea, who was still holding the door knob, out of the way. Lynnea had gone very pale; her hand was so tight on the door knob her knuckles were turning white too.
Urs came into the house and Jessica showed him to the living room, grabbing and dragging Lynnea along because she looked like she was about to run from the house.
The three sat in the living room still in an awkward silence.
“I’ll go grab some lemonade,” Jessica said rising and darting quickly to the kitchen. This left Urs and Lynnea together, neither having any idea of what to say.
Lynnea was doing her best to stare at the floor.
The silence was broken at last.
“How have you been, Lynnea?” Urs asked quietly.
“All right, I guess.”
And now they were back to torturous silence.
“Why are you here?” Lynnea asked.
“I wasn’t about to let you go.” Urs left the couch where he’d been sitting and moved next to Lynnea. “Lynnea, let me stay here, in Iowa, let me be with you.”
“Why? Just so we can pretend like this will work, have a little fun? It won’t last.”
“No, let me prove you wrong.”
Both looked up suddenly at the sound of Jessica bringing the drinks in.
Urs moved back to a chair and took a tall glass of lemonade.
“What brings you to the thriving metropolis of Hill City, Mr. Buhler?”
“He’s staying in town for a visit.” Lynnea interrupted.
Both Urs and Jessica looked quite surprised.
“Wow, Lynnea, why didn’t you tell me he was coming?”
“It was a surprise.” Urs said still beaming at Lynnea.
“For both of us.”
About an hour later Urs and Lynnea left Jessica home while she showed him around Hill City. They checked him into “The Lodge” hotel.
“It’s not anything you’re used to, but it’s all there is here.” Lynnea said apologetically.
“As long as I’m in the same town as you, I could live in a cardboard box.” he replied. She tried not to turn red as she drove around the town pointing out important places.
The next morning everyone in town knew a star was in town. So everyone went uptown to try and catch a glimpse of the divo. They weren’t disappointed.
At about ten o’ clock Urs and Lynnea went to the coffee shop. The coffee shop had never been so packed. Lynnea and Urs just acted normal; they both signed some napkins before heading back home.
Sunday morning Urs found himself in church with Lynnea. It was rather awkward since it had been a very long time since he’d been to one, but he was willing to do whatever Lynnea wanted.
After the service Urs surprised Lynnea and gave her a ride on his motorcycle that he’d had delivered to Hill City. She sat behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist. She was glad she’d let him stay; her arms around him felt perfect.
Chapter 7
The days in Hill City flew by and the days turned to weeks and suddenly Urs realized he’d been in Hill city for two months. It was already the day before Christmas Eve.
He and Lynnea had both agreed to sing at the Christmas Eve service at her church. But the day before Urs told Lynnea he had to go somewhere for the day. He wouldn’t tell Lynnea where. It was the first day since he came that they didn’t even see each other.
Urs drove his newly purchased car (since it was too cold for his motorcycle) to the nearest larger city, River City. As he drove he thought about Lynnea. The last two months had been the best of his life; he was so happy and the funny thing was he hadn’t even kissed her. There had been times when he wanted to but Lynnea always avoided it. No other girl he’d ever been with got past the third date without getting all over him. Lynnea was so different, she didn’t try to tempt him, yet she affected him deeply. He wanted her, but wasn’t about to ruin what they had, especially in her home town. He and Lynnea were best friends, but more and it was perfect. Maybe that’s what made her different; they were friends first and foremost.
Urs picked up Lynnea’s Christmas gift, which he’d specially ordered for her, in the River City mall without anyone recognizing him. A couple women gave him double takes, but he moved right past them.
Christmas Eve came and it seemed the whole town was crammed into the sanctuary of the small Baptist Church.
Urs sang first, “Silent Night,” and Lynnea sang “Ave Maria,” then together they sang the candlelight number, “What Child is This?”
Their voices which sounded wonderful alone blended together amazingly. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as they reached the last chorus.
This, this is Christ the king,
whom shepards guard and angels sing,
hast, hast to bring him laud,
the babe the son of Mary.
The Snyder family was meeting back at Lynnea’s parents house for the traditional Swedish dinner, but Lynnea and Urs took a detour through the “Avenue of Trees,” one street in town was lined in beautiful Christmas trees decorated bottom to top and at the end of the lane was a huge tree, forty feet high.
Lynnea and Urs walked hand in hand. Lynnea was wearing a knee length light blue coat that matched her eyes. With snow crystallizing her hair, Urs thought she looked like an angel.
They came to the giant tree and Urs pulled his gift out of his pocket, a long red jewelry box with a single golden bow on top. Lynnea took the box, shaking, and opened it to reveal a golden charm bracelet with diamond encrusted charms.
There was a cross, a music note, and at the end a heart. The heart was simpler than the rest, no diamonds, but it opened like a locket. Inside was engraved: Urs and Lynnea.
Lynnea looked into Urs’ eyes, her own gleaming with tears.
“Urs, this is the most beautiful gift I’ve ever gotten. Mine can’t even compare.” She pulled a blue package out of her coat.
Inside Urs found a silver frame with a picture of the two of them from Thanksgiving at Jessica’ house.
“It’s wonderful Lynnea, I love it. I’ll keep it next to my bed; you’ll be the first thing I see in the morning and the last at night.”
Lynnea smiled up at him. “Well, I do have one other gift.” She smirked up at him as she stepped closer. She pointed directly above them, where a single branch of mistletoe hung from the center of the arch. They looked in each other’s eyes. Urs leaned down and caught Lynnea’s lips in their long awaited first kiss.
The next morning Urs joined the Snyder family to open the gifts from Santa. Lynnea’s sister, Danika’s, children (4 and 1 ½) received sleds; Urs volunteered to take them out on the hill behind the house to try the sleds out. The little girls loved Urs, or “Urth” as the younger girl called him.
While he was out on the hill, having trouble getting back up the hill after sledding down, Lynnea and her father stood looking out the window watching them. They laughed as Urs had nearly reached the top of the icy hill, but slipped and rolled all the way back down to the bottom. The little girls pointed and laughed too.
Lynnea’s father spoke, “Urs is a good man Lynnea; don’t let him go.”
Lynnea was quite surprised by this remark, “Dad, we don’t have any-“
“No, Lynnea, don’t hide from it,” he turned to his daughter and kissed her lightly on the forehead. “He has my complete permission to keep you; he’ll take care of you.”
“Dad! He hasn’t asked!”
“He will.”
Her father left her alone to watch Urs struggle up the hill again. She glanced down at the golden bracelet around her wrist. Could she love, marry, and grow old with the man outside the window?
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PostSubject: Re: Worth the Wait   Fri Jan 08, 2010 9:01 pm

What a lovely chapter!!!

Their gifts were so sweet and their first kiss..perfect!!! I agree with Lynnea's father...I think Urs will ask! Wink

More soon please!!
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Chapter 8
The days following Christmas were the best for Urs and Lynnea, but they both new the easy days in Hill City would be over very soon. Lynnea hadn’t realized how soon until New Year’s Eve morning the doorbell rang and it was not Urs at the door but David Miller!
“David! What a surprise!” Lynnea exclaimed hugging him. “What will Hill City do with two Divos!?”
David chuckled, “Well, it will only be a couple days, I came to visit you two before we set off on our European tour. When I call to talk you’re all I hear about, not that that’s a bad thing. Is he here?”
“No, um, he must still be at the hotel. Actually I thought you were him when I answered the door.” She faltered, still trying to comprehend the words David had just said. “How soon do you leave? For the tour, I mean.”
“January 4, the first concert is in Madrid, Spain on the 5th.”
“Wow, that‘s five days!”
“Yeah, we thought since we just got off tour two months ago, we would remember it enough to just pick up again.”
By this time David and Lynnea had moved to the living room.
Jessica came out of the kitchen to greet Urs but realized mid sentence that there wasn’t a dark haired Swiss tenor on the couch, but a tall American.
“Good morning, Ur—David Miller!!??” Jessica screamed at the sight of her favorite divo.
“Jess, this is David Miller,” they shook hands, Jessica very red in the cheeks. David smiled down at her and they had an instant connection.
“I’ll only be in town a few days. Urs and I leave the fourth.”
Jessica shot a look at Lynnea who nodded.
The doorbell rang again and this time it was Urs. Seeing David in the house he ran in and greeted him like a brother.
“Hey man! What do you think of life in the states?” David asked.
“It’s not the states, it’s the people in them.”
Urs, Lynnea, Jessica, and David went to a New Year’s Eve party at Lynnea’s sister’s house. Everyone was playing party games and talking the whole night. Urs was trying to get Lynnea alone so he could ask her a very important question, but she was very popular and was always talking to someone. He did notice that she wasn’t talking to Jessica all that much because David found it his job to entertain her for the evening.
Lynnea hadn’t seen Jessica smile so much for a very, very long time. She escaped a couple annoying high school classmates long enough to mention this to Urs.
“Jess and David seem to be getting along well.”
“Yeah, I think he really likes her.”
“I think that a guy would be a good thing for Jessica.” Lynnea said.
“Hasn’t it only been six months or so?”
“Yes, but Peter would want it for her; he wouldn’t want her to be alone. Plus, David’s a great guy.”
“They could be very happy.” Urs agreed. “Actually, Lynnea could we talk?”
“We are talking.” She laughed.
“No, in private; I have an important question.”
“Oh!” Lynnea was suddenly very serious. Her heart started to beat harder as Urs lead her through the crowd to the back porch.
Lynnea stood in the falling snow. Urs closed the door, walked to Lynnea, and pulled her into a deep, long kiss.
When he pulled away a minute later, Lynnea spoke, “Well, that wasn’t a question.”
Urs smirked holding her hand in his and pushing a strand of hair behind her ear.
“Lynnea, I’m going back on tour in four days, and I want you to come with me; stay by my side.”
Lynnea was thoroughly confused. She felt relieved and disappointed at the same time. This wasn’t the important question she was expecting, but she was happy because she didn’t feel quite ready for that.
Her confusion must have shown on her face.
“Lynnea, is something wrong?” Urs asked.
“No, I’m fine. This is just…wow.”
“Can I think about this for a day or something?”
“Yes.” Urs said a hair disappointed. He kissed her on the cheek before they headed back inside. They found themselves in midst of 20 people counting down to the New Year.
“7-6-5-4-3-2-1, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!”
All the couples in the room shared a kiss (minus Jessica and David because they were not a couple) and after, all eyes were on Urs and Lynnea to see what they would do. Lynnea was darkening to her usual shade of embarrassed red, but she was laughing as well. To Urs and the whole rooms’ surprise she turned to Urs, placed her hand on his neck and kissed him. They’d never kissed in front of anyone else before.
The room burst into applause. David gave a ‘whoop’ from the back, and Jessica gave Lynnea thumbs up.
Around 2:30 AM Jessica and Lynnea dropped Urs and David off at the hotel and went back to their house. Jessica drove through the still falling snow and talked nonstop about the party and all the funny things that David said and did. Lynnea did her best to hide her amusement knowing that Jessica didn’t realize how much she already liked David. The celebrity crush she’d had on David had changed to a real crush since she’d met him.
Midsentence Jessica stopped talking and yelled, “Wait! Did Urs ask you tonight??!!”
“You knew?” Lynnea was surprised.
“Okay, I admit, he asked me first, about what I thought and stuff. You said yes, right?”
“I said I’d get back to him.”
“What!? Lynnea, the man leaves the day after tomorrow! You’re going!”
“But what will you do?”
“I’ll live by myself! I am an independent woman, Lynnea! What are you so afraid of?”
“I don’t know, but, he’s asking me to run away with him, it seems like such a dramatic move.”
“Yah, and that’s such a horrible thing,” Jessica said sarcastically, “If you’re in high school! You’re so slow sometimes. What do you think will happen? You’re the same people out there that you are here. Do you think he’s going to expect you to sleep with him once you’re out in the real world?”
The moment Jessica said that she realized she’d hit the target. She pulled into the driveway and turned to Lynnea, who was trying not to cry.
Lynnea’s high school boyfriend, Ben, had been the sweetest, guy next door boyfriend that any girl would have loved to have. But, when Ben and Lynnea went off to college, Ben started pressuring Lynnea to sleep with him. Lynnea wouldn’t give in, so Ben dumped her for girls who would.
“Lynnea, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.” She paused to collect her thoughts. “You think that Urs would drop you just like Ben did, back in college? Lynnea, he won’t do that, he loves you…and you’re going!”
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PostSubject: Re: Worth the Wait   Sat Jan 09, 2010 9:16 pm

I think Lynnea should just stop over thinking this and go with Urs!!!

Great chapter...more soon please!
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Chapter 9
“Hello?” Urs picked up the hotel phone.
“Hi, Urs,” the sound of Lynnea’s voice made Urs’ heart speed up still, after two and a half months. “Can I come over to the hotel tonight?”
“Yah, should I get a reservation down in the restaurant?”
“Sure, that sounds good. I’ll be there at eight.”
At eight o’ clock sharp Urs sat in the hotel restaurant waiting. He looked over the menu, rearranged his silverware, and checked the wall clock at least five times in three minutes.
Finally he looked up to see the hostess showing Lynnea to her seat.
She was wearing a blue silk dress that flowed to her knees. It had been her maid of honor dress at Jessica’s wedding. Her hair was swept into a side ponytail. Urs stood to help her into her seat.
After they both ordered Lynnea took a deep breath and gave Urs her answer.
“Urs, I’ve been thinking a lot about what you asked me, and I’ve decided that I will go on tour with you tomorrow.”
Urs was so relived; he grabbed her hand across the table. “Lynnea, I’m so glad-“
“But there are a couple conditions. This doesn’t change our relationship, I insist on my own room at the hotels.”
“All-right, it’s done.” Urs answered quickly. “Anything you want.”
“And the second thing, now that we’ll be back in a metropolitan area, you must take me dancing.”
Urs laughed and agreed to that as well.
At three o’ clock the next afternoon, January third, a limo was spotted driving through Forest City, and since it wasn’t the high school’s prom people automatically thought of their new found celebrities. After the limo stopped at the hotel the fears were concreted, the Divos were leaving. But everyone had one more question: was Lynnea going with?
At 3:30 the limo stopped in front of Lynnea’s house and the driver packed three very large trunks into the limo. Lynnea stood in the kitchen trying to calm the butterflies in her stomach. Jessica pulled her out to the door and gave her one last hug.
“Call me every day! You’ll be fine.”
The two girls stood in the doorway as the driver opened the backdoor of the limo. Urs stepped out, pulled his shades off, and shook his hair back. The sight of him in his leather jacket made Lynnea’s stomach flip-flop. He strutted down the sidewalk.
“That was corny.” Lynnea laughed.
“It’s all for you.”
David’s head suddenly appeared out of the limo, he waved good bye to Jessica, who waved back excitedly.
Urs and Lynnea walked hand in hand to the limo and climbed in.
“What’s with all the trunks?” David asked as they left town.
“I got my celebrity wardrobe out again. Hopefully it’s not all out of style already.”
The three chatted the two hours up to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the Il Divo jet would take them to Madrid. They met Sebastian for dinner before the flight, which took off at midnight.
The jet was sleek and black with IL DIVO printed on the side.
Lynnea sat in the back, while the three Divos talked about their tour schedule. Lynnea slipped her heels off and fell asleep.
Lynnea woke up in the middle of the night to find Urs next to her, asleep; a blanket covered both of them. Looking up she could see David was still up playing video games and Seb was asleep. Lynnea shifted to rest her head on Urs’ shoulder and went back to sleep.
Later Urs woke Lynnea with a kiss on the cheek.
“We’re almost there,” he whispered.
Lynnea stretched her legs and gave Urs a kiss as if to say ‘Good Morning.’ She slipped into the restroom to redo her hair and makeup. She got out just in time to get her seat belt back on for the landing.
It was only 8:30 according to her watch, but she realized it was 3:30 in Madrid. The jet landed and drove down the runway. Lynnea was surprised to see a massive amount of women of all ages. Among the sea of people were security guards clearing a path to the car. There were also hundreds of signs being waved, some in English, some in Spanish, and even some in French and Dutch.
“Ready?” Urs asked, gripping Lynnea’s hand tighter.
“Why don’t you go, and I’ll come out later with the manager or something?” Lynnea asked
“Why would I do that?”
“Well, I don’t want to upset your fans.” Lynnea explained.
“Do it. They’ll be jealous that they’re not as pretty as you, that’s all.”
“And that I’m with the hottest guy in the world.”
“Second hottest!” David piped up from in front of them, putting his jacket on.
“Okay, second.” Lynnea agreed.
“Hey!” Urs interjected.
“Just kidding!” Lynnea smiled as the door of the jet opened, and thousand of screams could be heard from the crowd.
“I think it’s time we became ‘public,’” Urs said as Seb and David exited the plane and the crowd got louder, if that was possible. Lynnea and Urs hit the first step. Lynnea was hoping to move fast, but Urs blocked her from the stairs, and grabbing her around the waist pulled her into a kiss for the crowd to see.
When he pulled away the crowd gave a huge cheer; Lynnea was glad that they hadn’t ‘booed’ her, but she was very embarrassed. She tried to be mad at Urs, but soon she was laughing too.
They all made their way through the mob to the car and managed to shake a few hands without being pulled away. Many people shouted ‘Congratulations’ to Urs and Lynnea.
There was a similar scene at the hotel when the car pulled up and everyone rushed inside.
Carlos was already in the lobby to greet them. He stepped forward to greet Lynnea with a kiss on the cheek then stepped back and introduced the very pregnant woman behind him as his wife, Amanda.
The Il Divo manager, Steve, and his entourage arrived next and ushered everyone into a conference room full of area and national reporters. The Divos were all interviewed about the tour and Urs was asked many questions about the blond he’d brought with him.
“Who is she?”
“What does she do?”
“Where is she from?”
“Is it serious?”
Urs smiled politely, took Lynnea’s hand and introduced her.
“Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce Lynnea Snyder of America; she recently ended a production on Broadway.”
Suddenly the cameras and the questions were aimed at Lynnea.
“Miss Snyder, how long will you be staying with Urs?”
“Well, I think I’ll be following Il Divo for the entire tour.”
“How did you meet?”
“He was at my show in New York City.”
Then a woman in a fur coat in the back spoke up. “How is he in bed? If you know what I mean.”
Lynnea was taken aback. ‘What a rude question,’ she thought.
“I can assure you, that I don’t know ma’am.” She stood and left the room.
Cameras flashed everywhere. Urs jumped up to follow her.
Thinking quickly, David got the attention off the fled couple. “Well, I can tell you that he snores pretty loud.”

Chapter 10
Urs caught up to Lynnea right outside the conference room.
“Lynnea…” He said as she collapsed against him. He held her while she got over this first shock of a high profile relationship.
“Why do they automatically think that? This was so much easier back in Hill City.”
“I know.” Urs patted her hair. “I have to go to a rehearsal; you can stay with Amanda tonight, so you won’t be alone.
With all the guys at rehearsal, Amanda asked Lynnea to eat with her in the Marin Suite.
Amanda was a very long, dark haired Italian woman. She said she was on stage singing in the Italian opera when she met Carlos. She was going through an ugly divorce at the time. She’d married Carlos six months later. She was now expecting their first child, any time now since her due date had been yesterday.
About eight o’ clock the women were relaxing on the sofas drinking sparkling cider (no alcohol for pregnant women) when suddenly Amanda dropped her crystal glass. It shattered against the hard wood floors. Lynnea paid no attention to the spilt juice, but to Amanda who was breathing very heavily, obviously starting to go into labor.
Lynnea instantly pulled pillows to put behind Amanda.
“Amanda, do your breathing, in-in-out. I’m going to call an ambulance…and Carlos.”
Lynnea grabbed the phone and spoke to the front desk.
“Call an ambulance and get your emergency service up here, room 381.”
Lynnea grabbed her cell phone and Amanda’s coat and shoes.
“Amanda, keep breathing. We’re going to get you up and over to the door, okay?”
She helped Amanda off the couch and they got to the door. It swung open and an EMT helped Lynnea get Amanda onto the stretcher in the hallway.
Lynnea held Amanda’s hand all the way through the hotel and into the ambulance.
Once inside the moving emergency room Lynnea called Urs’ cell phone. It rang four times and Lynnea was afraid he wouldn’t answer. Finally she heard his voice.
“Lynnea, I’m sorry I’m late, but I’ll probably be back in about an hour.”
“No, Urs, that’s not it. Put Carlos on the phone!”
“What’s going on Lynnea?” Urs sounded scared.
“Amanda’s having the baby; now give the phone to Carlos!” she yelled.
Carlos came to the phone, “Lynnea, where are you?”
“We’re in the ambulance, on the way to the hospital.”
“I’ll meet you in the emergency room,” and with that Carlos hung up.
The ambulance pulled into the hospital and Amanda was moved to an emergency room. They wouldn’t let Lynnea go in because she wasn’t family.
Doctors and nurses kept running in and out; Lynnea sat right outside the door. About ten minutes later Carlos and Urs came sprinting through the door. Lynnea stood and pointed to Amanda’s room which Carlos ran straight to without speaking. Urs came to Lynnea.
“I’m sorry I yelled at you,” she said.
“That’s okay, you just scared me,” he said kissing her lightly on the forehead. They sat in the ER waiting room mostly in silence, waiting for news.
Finally, at 10:30, Carlos came out the door. He paused to catch his breath for just a moment, and then looked to Urs and Lynnea with a smile.
She’s asking for you, Lynnea,” he said helping her up.
Lynnea walked into the ER room and found Amanda sitting up in the bed, holding a beautiful baby girl with a head full of thick black hair.
“Lynnea, I’d like you to meet Maria Angeli Marin.”
“She’s precious.”
“She’s perfect.” Carlos said coming back into the room followed by Urs, David, and Seb.
“Carlos! She looks just like you!” David laughed. When the baby started crying Seb added, “She sounds like you too!”
“And now all the Divos must exit the building!” Amanda announced from the bed. “You have a concert tomorrow, and you must not disappoint your fans.”
“Yes, you three go sleep.” Carlos said sitting on the bed and taking Maria Angeli into his arms.
“You’re going pretty soon too.”
“Me?!” Carlos cried, “This is my baby!”
“And she’d want her father singing pretty for her tomorrow night.”
“But who will stay here with you?”
“Maybe Lynnea will be kind enough to stay with me tonight. I’ll ask her our special question.”
“Fine.” Carlos said as he handed little Angeli to Lynnea. He leaned down to kiss his lovely wife. Urs kissed Lynnea, then the four Divos said goodbye.
When they were gone a nurse came in to take the newborn up to infant care. Then two more nurses came to move Amanda to the birth floor, where she’d spend the night. Lynnea followed her up and sat next to her, while the doctor did another checkup. He left and Amanda turned to Lynnea.
“Lynnea, Carlos and I have something very important to ask you. Would you like to be Angeli’s godmother?”
“Me?! May I just remind you that I met you this morning!?”
“We know, but without you I don’t know what I would have done. I would have been all alone up in that room. We were going to ask Urs anyway so you two can be godparents!”
“I’m honored! And very surprised! I’m sure Urs will agree too.”
“And someday when you and Urs have children they can all play together. I can’t wait to see the whole Il Divo family.”
“Well, now you are moving too fast. Urs and I have no plans yet. Believe me.”
“Oh, Lynnea, just let your guard down, or else love will be forced to knock it down the hard way.” Soon after Amanda fell asleep leaving Lynnea to think about what she had said.
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PostSubject: Re: Worth the Wait   Sun Jan 10, 2010 5:21 pm

I agree with Amanda...Lynnea does need to let her guard down a bit!

Lovely chapter!!!
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Chapter 12
Jessica and David finished golfing then took a long lunch. When they got back Jessica was hoping that Lynnea and Urs hadn’t gotten back yet, so she could sneak in and make it look like she’d been back a long time.
She opened the door and snuck in. The room was dark, so she thought that meant they weren’t back yet. She set her purse on the bed and grabbed a new shirt out of her suit case, before realizing Lynnea was huddled in the chair in the corner facing the window. At first Jessica thought she was sleeping, but when she got closer she realized Lynnea was crying.
“Lynnea, what’s wrong?” she touched Lynnea’s arm which made her jump. Lynnea hugged Jessica then told her the whole story of what happened at the beach. That night Lynnea wouldn’t go to the door when Urs knocked, wouldn’t answer his phone calls, and she didn’t go to the concert for the first time all tour.
The next day the whole group moved along the coast for the next portion of the tour. Lynnea consented to sitting by Urs, but she wouldn’t say anything more than necessary.
Urs gave up on trying to get her to talk to him and went to talk to Carlos and Seb, so Jessica slipped in next to Lynnea.
“Neya, you have to forgive him. I know it’s hard because he hurt you, but you’ll need someone to talk to once I go back home.”
Lynnea turned with a questioning look, “What?”
“I have to go home, Lynnea.”
“In three days.”
Jessica and Lynnea hugged one more time before Urs came to reclaim his seat.
Lynnea took his hand in hers and just looked at him for a minute. He brought her hand up and kissed it.
“I really am sorry,” he murmured.
“I know,” she whispered back, “and I forgive you.”
The happy couple held hands the rest of the trip.
The next day Lynnea woke up to find that Jessica was already out for breakfast, but there was a vase of brilliant fuchsia flowers on the bed side table.
The card had only one letter on it-I. Lynnea got ready for the day and after her shower a knock at the door was Amanda holding a vase of bright white daises. This card had an O. Amanda wouldn’t say who they were from or why, but it wasn’t hard to figure out.
Lynnea joined Seb and Amy for lunch in a café down the street, before leaving the waitress brought out a dozen long stemmed lilies; the card had an E.

At 3:00 Lynnea still hadn’t seen Urs at all, but she had received some daffodils bearing another O. Lynnea decided to go looking for him. She knocked on the door to the room he shared with David. Mid knock the door swung open, and David handed Lynnea a large bouquet of heather and mums before he ran out the door and down the hall himself.
“David! Wait! What are you doing? Where’s Urs?” She called after him. He wouldn’t turn around or answer her. Glancing down in the flowers she found the letter U and a longer note.
I would be honored with your presence at a special dinner with me tonight. Someone will be sent to your room at eight o’ clock tonight. I have something very important to ask you.
~Urs Buhler
P.S. Bring your letters from the flowers.
Lynnea’s heart started to flutter at the thought of what the important question could be. It couldn’t be the question, but then what else could it be?
At six o’ clock Amy, Amanda, and Jessica came to Lynnea’s room and insisted on giving her a full manicure and pedicure and helping her get ready for the night. They also brought a giant box of Toblerone chocolates from Switzerland. The box contained the letter Y.
Lynnea’s fingernails and toenails had perfect French tips; her hair was gorgeously coiffed by Amanda into a towering French Twist. Amy helped her slip into a couture black dress that she’d been saving for a very special occasion. The three helpers all had a glint in their eyes, like they had a secret; that didn’t help Lynnea’s nerves at all.
At eight o’ clock on the dot there was a knock on the door. Lynnea opened it and saw Carlos standing outside waiting to escort her downstairs.
“Buenas Noches, senorita,” he said producing a dozen roses and the letter V.
“Hi Carlos,” Lynnea laughed accepting the gorgeous flowers.
“No, I am Carlito, your security escort; I do not know a Carlos,” he replied with all sincerity possible.
Outside the hotel was a black Phantom Rolls Royce, which Carlos helped her into. He then climbed into the passenger seat because Sebastian was driving.
“Good Evening, mademoiselle, I am your chauffer, Jean Luc.” He said glancing up in the rear view mirror.
Sebastian drove the car to the harbor where Carlos helped Lynnea out of the car and onto a small motorboat. The boat’s pilot turned around and was none other than David.
“Good Evening, ma’am, I’m Dave, your captain tonight.”
“Dave. That’s all you could come up with?” Sebastian said from the back of the boat.
“I couldn’t think of anything,” he defended. The boat started to move out into the sea and Lynnea realized they were headed to a massive cruise ship anchored just off the coast. The white ship glowed upon the black water.
The small boat was tied to the large ship and David escorted Lynnea on board.
Lynnea was shown into a grand room; a beautiful table was set in gold and burgundy, for two. Frank Sinatra came over the speakers.
Carlos helped Lynnea into a seat at the table then he, Sebastian, and David disappeared through a door in the corner of the room.
Lynnea looked through her purse to retrieve the eight cards she’d received that day. I, O, E, O, U, Y, V. She started to rearrange them when the beautiful cherry doors to her right opened and Urs walked in.
He was wearing a black velvet Armani suit; underneath, was a shirt of deep maroon. The doors swung shut again as Urs approached the table.
“Excuse me miss, would you care for a dance?” He offered Lynnea his hand.
She placed her hand in his and stood. “That would be lovely,” she answered.
The couple danced close, no spinning and twirling, they just held on to each other. Lynnea pressed against Urs’ strong, warm body and felt completely peaceful and safe. She knew she loved this man. Lynnea closes her eyes and rested her head on Urs’ shoulder.
The song ended and Urs kissed Lynnea’s cheek before they walked back to the table.
No sooner had they sat than David, Sebastian, and Carlos came into the room. Carlos poured a deep, red wine; Sebastian held the salad bowl while David served it.
After two more courses Urs got down to business.
“Lynnea did you bring the cards?”
Lynnea pulled them out of her black clutch and arranged them in front of her.
“It looks like you’re missing one.” Urs said pulling a sparkling silver L out of his pocket. Lynnea put it in its place.
Urs stood and moved next to Lynnea; David, Seb, and Carlos crept into the room. David handed Urs the final bouquet which Urs presented to Lynnea.
They took Lynnea’s breath away when she realized they were pale pink Lynnea flowers. There were the flowers from which she got her name. She’d never seen them in real life, because they only grew in Sweden.
Lynnea looked up at Urs from her seat, tears beginning to form in the corners of her eyes. Urs reached for her hand and went down on one knee. Carlos placed a small, royal blue, velvet box in his hand.
The tears started to roll down Lynnea’s cheeks, knowing what was coming next. Urs opened the box to reveal an absolutely breathtaking square cut vivid yellow, canary diamond.
“Lynnea Elsa Snyder…will you marry me?”
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PostSubject: Re: Worth the Wait   Mon Jan 11, 2010 9:42 pm

Oh my romantic was his proposal!! I love you I love you I love you

I love all the flowers and all the cards with different letters and I really love how all his friends were involved! Especially "DAVE" the captain!! Laughing Laughing Laughing

Awesome chapter...can't wait for the next one! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Worth the Wait   Tue Jan 12, 2010 1:46 am

Thanks Natty Wink

I'm so glad you like it! Don't get too comfortable though. There's drama coming!
New chapter tomorrow.
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Chapter 13
“Lynnea Elsa Snyder…will you marry me?”
Lynnea couldn’t breathe; she felt like her heart was about to explode. She also couldn’t see from all the happy tears running down her face.
She tried to speak, but couldn’t find the words. She nodded frantically and managed to squeak out a “yes.”
Urs stood with Lynnea and slipped the enormous rock onto her finger.
Lynnea had completely forgotten that anyone else in the world existed until Seb started singing.
I used to think that I was strong
I realize now I was wrong
‘Cause every time I see your face
My mind becomes an empty space
And with you lying next to me
Feels like I can hardly breathe
David joined him
I close my eyes
The moment I surrender to you
Let love be blind
Innocent and tenderly true
Then Urs sang to Lynnea, whose tears were still streaming down her face

So lead me through the night
But please turn out the light
‘Cause I’m lost every time I look at you.

David sang as Urs and Lynnea embraced.

And in the morning when you go
Wake me gently so I’ll know
That loving you was not a dream
And whisper softly what it means to be with me
Then every moment we’re apart
Will be a lifetime to my heart

Carlos and Seb joined David singing at the top of their lungs

I close my eyes
The moment I surrender to you
Let love be blind
Innocent and tenderly true
So lead me through the night
But please turn out the light
‘Cause I’m lost every time I look at you.

Urs finished the song, whispering in Lynnea’s ear.
“Lost, every time I look at you…I love you Lynnea.”
“And I love you,” she whispered back.
Urs and Lynnea went out to the deck of the ship to gaze at the stars before they headed back into shore. Lynnea couldn’t take her eyes off her gorgeous Swiss fiancé except to look at the stunning ring on her hand.
At 1:00 in the morning, in the hall between their hotel rooms, Urs kissed Lynnea’s lips one last time that night. Lynnea leaned against the door and watched Urs unlock his door. He turned and winked as the both went into their respective rooms.
Lynnea didn’t bother to be quiet coming in. Jessica was lying in bed pretending to be asleep.
“Jess, you can sit up and hear the whole story; because I know you’re awake.”
Jessica bolted up with a smile, but was still trying to play dumb.
“So, how was your night?” she asked innocently.
Lynnea collapsed onto the bed as a new wave of happiness over came her.
“Amazing, wonderful, terrific, fantastic, marvelous, beyond description!”
“Yes!” Jessica exclaimed. “I’m so glad, Lynnea. Now let me see that ring!!”
Lynnea showed her and let Jessica gush over it.
“It’s perfect, exactly what I’ve always dreamt of.”
“Did you like the song? They asked me which one you’d like, so I picked something simple, yet classic.”
“It was beautiful!” Lynnea went on to give Jessica all the details, then fell asleep, still in total ecstasy.
The next day was spent calling home to America to tell her parents, family, and friends. Then Lynnea took Jessica on a mini shopping spree as a farewell present.
Urs and the guys had a photo shoot all afternoon and a concert that night.
The concert was a packed hall and Lynnea thought the guys had never sounded better.
After intermission Urs spoke, “I hope you are all having an amazing night!” he was interrupted by a huge cheer from the crowd. “I know I’m having a great one, because Lynnea has agreed to become my wife.” Urs ran out to the wings and pulled Lynnea onstage with him as the crowd cheered. They waved to the applauding audience.
“This is one of her favorite songs, and I’d like to dedicate it to her.” The group then sang ‘Unchained Melody.’ Lynnea felt tears running down her face yet again.
After the song she stood and kissed Urs. “Thank you,” she whispered before she left the stage. Then David came to the front to speak.
“I also have a dedication to make. No, I’m not engaged, but I have a new acquaintance that I care about very much, who’s been through a lot this last year, and I’d like her to know things will be better.
“Our song ‘Come Primavera’ is perfect for this, here’s its translation.” David pulled a note card from his pocket. “Winter will come to an end it will go away just as it arrived, melting the pain like snow in the spring. The wounds you have will heal sooner or later. You’ll come back to a peaceful life that flourishes like spring, life shouts at the top of its lungs, inside of you like spring.
“Jessica, this is for you.”
Jessica reached for Lynnea’s hand when the song started. Lynnea saw that Jessica’s wedding ring had been switched from the left hand to her right. She looked up to her friend’s face; surprisingly she wasn’t crying, but she was using every effort to hold it all inside.
“Jess, listen to me; it’s okay to like David. You’re not doing anything wrong.”
“But how can I feel this way when I just lost Peter? I loved Peter more than anything in this world; I shouldn’t feel this way about someone else.”
“You’re not replacing Peter; David could never take his spot in your heart, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be alone. Peter would want this for you.”
“I can’t…I’m too afraid to love him. I can’t be left alone again.”
Lynnea hugged her and Jessica’s tears came pouring out.
Jessica fell asleep as soon as she got back to the hotel room. Lynnea was going to watch a movie with Urs in his and David’s room. While Urs showered David asked Lynnea for some advice.
“Lynnea, I don’t know what to do. She’s so amazing. I want to tell her and show her how much I love her, but I don’t want to hurt her by disrespecting her husband’s memory.”
“Oh, David!” Lynnea replied. “You care about Jessica so much. It’s obvious in everything you do. And I think that she cares about you a lot too, but she needs more time. Keep being her friend and I believe it will evolve into more.”
“But, I just want her to love me now!”
“I know,” she laughed, “I guess you’ll just have to be patient.”
Urs came out of the bathroom in jeans and a very tight t-shirt.
“I’m going to run downstairs to get something to drink,” Urs said. “Do you want something?”
“I’ll have a soda,” Lynnea said.
“A bottled water, please,” David added.
Urs left the room.
“When he gets back, I can go hang in the lobby of something, if you want,” David offered.
Lynnea thought for a moment. “No, I think it would be better if you stayed up here with us. I know from past experience that things can get a little out of hand when we’re alone together.”
David chuckled and agreed to stay.
Urs came back and sat on the couch with his arm around Lynnea. Lynnea leaned in and placed her hand on his toned chest. She could fell his muscles through the thin, tight shirt. Urs couldn’t remember much of the movie, because all he could think about the entire time was that hand on his chest, sending sparks through his entire body.
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PostSubject: Re: Worth the Wait   Tue Jan 12, 2010 8:43 pm

David is falling for Jessica! I think she is falling for him too...she just needs a bit more time to deal with her new feelings!!!

Poor Urs...couldn't concentrate on the movie because he was too busy being hot and bothered over Lynnea's hand on his chest! Laughing Laughing Laughing

Very nice chapter...more soon please!
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Chapter 14
“I’ll miss you so much; why do you have to go?” Lynnea asked again as Jessica prepared to board her plane.
“Lynnea, stop it! I’ll see you soon. I mean, you’re coming back to Iowa to plan a wedding!”
Urs stepped forward and put his arm around Lynnea’s waist.
“Well that’s true,” she said showing off her engagement ring.
Then a voice was heard over the intercom, “The 10:27 flight to Minneapolis, Minnesota is now boarding.”
Lynnea and Urs gave quick hugs then walked a small distance away while David stepped up to say goodbye.
“I’m really glad you came with us, even though you couldn’t stay long,” he said.
“Thank you for inviting me,” she replied. “It was great to see Lynnea get engaged…and to see you again.”
There was a long awkward pause as neither of them knew how to say goodbye. Finally David leaned down and kissed her on the cheek, and picked up her carry-on bag and handed it to her.
He took her other hand in his and squeezed it before she disappeared into the crowd.
With Jessica gone, Amy back in London and Amanda busy with the baby Lynnea had to find something to fill her time when the Divos were rehearsing. She started to look for wedding things. She’d been dreaming of this day for so long; she already had some ideas of what she wanted.
Il Divo had three days off in Germany so Urs asked Lynnea to a special dinner with him.
She went out to buy a new dress for the night. She usually went with the more covering dresses, but tonight she wanted to look sexy.
She chose a deep red sparkling halter dress with a plunging neck line. It was also very short. She looked at herself in the mirror. ‘I don’t want to tempt him too much, but it’s only one night,’ she thought.
She bought the dress and some staggering strappy heels.
At 7:30 Urs knocked on Lynnea’s door and it swung open. Lynnea was facing away from him putting on her necklace. He caught a glimpse of her completely bare back.
She turned to him and he instantly noticed the unusually low neckline and that the dress was very short. Lynnea closed the clasp of her long gold necklace and put in matching gold earrings. She grabbed a black shawl as she joined Urs at the door.
“Hello,” she said greeting him with a kiss.
She twirled around to show off the entire affect of the dress. “Do you like it?” she asked.
Urs pulled her in close and whispered in her ear, “I love it.”
Four hours later, Lynnea found herself pressed between Urs and the wall of her hotel room. She felt Urs’ hands on the bare skin of her back, and his lips on her neck. Lynnea sighed deeply as his tongue connected with her earlobe. Urs’ hand traveled down Lynnea’s hips and his fingers grasped the bottom edge of the sparkly material of Lynnea’s dress.
“Urs, no,” Lynnea gasped while his lips kept moving.
“If you didn’t want me to touch you, you shouldn’t have worn this dress,” he murmured.
She giggled as his tongue tickled her ear. “I think you had one glass of wine too many.”
Urs stepped back to let Lynnea away from the wall where she’d been pinned. Both were breathing quite heavily. Urs took her hand and started pulling her back to the bedroom of the suite. He pushed the door open, and they both stepped inside.
Lynnea walked across the room and kicked off her heels in a corner and grabbed pajamas from the dresser.
She turned back to Urs. “Good night,” she said expecting him to leave for the night.
But he didn’t leave; he just looked at Lynnea. Finally he spoke, “Lynnea…let me love you.”
Lynnea glanced up once from her drawer of cloths, but she didn’t really consider the question. “You already love me,” she said sweetly with her innocent smile, and then she went back to searching through the clothes.
“You know what I mean…” he said coming up behind her and placing his hands on her hips.
“And you know my opinion on it,” she retorted putting her hands to his face.
He looked into her eyes, “Don’t you love me, Lynnea?”
“I can’t believe you’d even ask me that question!” she said escaping his arms. “I’m not going to fall for that one!”
“I love you; just let me show you how much.”
“Do you think that’s how to show me your love, sex?” Lynnea was getting angry now. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She grabbed a glass and started off to the bathroom to fill it and to escape Urs, when she heard him speak.
“You’ve got the ring; what more do you want?”
The glass plummeted to the ground, shattering against the hard tile.
“Excuse me?” Lynnea spun to face Urs head on.
“Lynnea, we’re adults, we’re engaged; what else do I have to do?”
This was like a bad nightmare getting worse by the second.
“What does this mean to you Urs?” she asked, waving her left hand with the golden ring at him. “Do you think my body belongs to you now because you gave me this? Did you really think I’d change my values when you proposed?”
She slipped the ring off her hand for the first time since she received it and held it in front of him. She was yelling now.
“Did you propose to me so that I would sleep with you?”
Lynnea’s face went completely white when Urs didn’t answer and the wave of realization hit her. Tears started pouring from her eyes. Urs just stared at the floor.
“Lynnea, I-,” he started.
“There’s nothing to explain,” Lynnea stopped him. She walked up to him, took his hand, and dropped the glimmering golden ring into it. “You don’t really want to marry me,” she concluded, looking him straight in the eye.
She turned to the large window in her suite. “Please leave,” she murmured.
She didn’t look back until she heard the click of her door shutting.

Chapter 15
Urs went to his room fuming. He took the engagement ring out of his pocket and walked to the window. Opening the window he raised his hand to throw the ring out.
Lynnea’s word replayed in his mind as he readied himself to throw the ring into the moving traffic below.
‘Why couldn’t she just give me this?’ He thought, ‘She said she loved me, then why won’t she let me have all of her?’
He wanted to throw the ring and everything about Lynnea out the window, but he couldn’t make himself do it. Instead he slammed it down on his bed side table.
He ran his hands through his hair trying to vanquish both his anger and the want for Lynnea’s touch. His neck seemed to burn from her kisses.
He took a long cold shower knowing he wouldn’t be able to sleep otherwise. And after, still quit furious he went to bed.
In the morning Urs woke, feeling incredibly tired, because he had tossed and turned all night. He threw on a t-shirt and decided to go down to the gym; that always made him feel better.
After an hour he came back up to his room and showered, thinking that afterwards he could think up something to say to Lynnea. ‘Maybe I can blame it on that last glass of wine.’
He got dressed in jeans and a tight polo that he knew was one of Lynnea’s favorites. He came out of the bathroom and instantly noticed a long red jewelry box on top of a handwritten note.
He grabbed up the note. It read:
Dear Urs,
I decided it would be best for both of us if we don’t drag this relationship out any longer. It’s very obvious that you don’t love me enough to wait for me. I want you to know that I really loved you and couldn’t wait to become your wife and fulfill your desires whenever you wished.
Good Luck for the rest of your tour,
Urs reread the note then crumple it and threw it across the room. He picked up the red box and almost did the same to it. But instead he opened it to find the diamond encrusted charm bracelet that he’d given her for Christmas.
He held it in his hand trying to grasp that Lynnea had really left him. He was surprised to find his eyes filling with tears as he sat on the edge of the bed. He quickly brushed the tears away when there was a knock at the door.
David was at the door with a cardboard box; he held it out to Urs.
“Lynnea left this for you,” he said.
“She’s really gone?” Urs asked weakly looking through the box. At the bottom were three of his shirts and a tie, countless backstage passes and concert tickets, and three picture frames with pictures of them together.
“Seb and I just got back from dropping her off at the airport.”
“You took her there!?” Urs shouted.
“She told me the whole story, Urs. You broke her heart. You did exactly what she was afraid you would do. What else was she going to do?”
Urs took the engagement ring off his table and put in the little velvet box that he found in Lynnea’s cardboard box. He threw it and the charm bracelet back in the box; he went to his dresser and grabbed his three photo frames. Throwing them into the bigger box he handed it back to David.
“Get rid of this crap,” he commanded.
David glanced into the now full box. “What do mean, ‘get rid of it?’”
“I don’t want to see it again,” Urs concluded. “She said it herself, I don’t love her. I guess she was right.”
“So that’s it? You’re just gonna let her walk out of your life, because of your stupid impatience? She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you!”
“Well not chasing her to Iowa again. Does that answer your question?”
David left Urs to himself.
‘I don’t love Lynnea. I don’t need her.’ Urs told himself this over and over, hoping the words would eventually become true.
Lynnea sat in the plane looking out the window at the dark blue ocean. The woman next to her was asleep with an open tabloid in her hands.
Lynnea had asked her for a look at the beginning of the flight because she’d seen her own face on the cover. She didn’t understand much German but she knew the story was about her engagement because one picture taken in Italy had a huge red arrow pointing to the ring on her hand.
The woman who owned the paper noticed Lynnea crying as she looked and was nice enough to not ask about it.
The tears starting building up again as she thought about it. Suddenly she was shaken from her sadness when the flight attendant asked her if she’d like a drink.
Lynnea declined in broken German. Then the flight attendant switched to English to ask her next question.
“You’re Lynnea Snyder, aren’t you?”
“Yes, that’s me.”
“Would you mind too much if I asked you to sign this?” she pulled out a pen and a copy of the morning’s tabloid. “My sister is a huge fan of your fiancé, she’s pretty jealous actually.”
Lynnea took the pen and signed.
“Well, tell your sister that he’s back on the market. The engagement’s off.”
“Oh, I’m so sorry.” The flight attendant was suddenly very flustered.
“Don’t worry about it,” Lynnea said. “It was a mutual agreement.”
‘Well, kind of,’ Lynnea thought, looking back out the window.
Lynnea pulled up outside Jessica’s house about noon Iowa time, in her rental car. She ran the doorbell and Jessica answered completely shocked to see her friend so soon.
Lynnea started crying.
“It’s all over, Jess.” She said as Jessica embraced her.
They cried together in the doorway.
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PostSubject: Re: Worth the Wait   Wed Jan 13, 2010 2:32 pm

Shocked Shocked Shocked WTF!!!!!!

Now why would Urs go and ruin something good just because he couldn't be a bit more patient???

Has he not heard of 'self service' before! Laughing Laughing Laughing how will he ever fix this I wonder!

Great chapters...more soon please!!
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Natty wrote:

Now why would Urs go and ruin something good just because he couldn't be a bit more patient???

Has he not heard of 'self service' before! Laughing Laughing Laughing

Hahaha! Surprised :oops: Surprised :oops: Surprised :oops:
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Chapter 16
Lynnea didn’t leave the house for four days straight. Her parents and sister had visited and tried to console her.
The only people who managed to get a smile on Lynnea’s were her nieces Miranda and Tabitha. Tabitha now two years old had waddled into the room and asked “Where Urth?” hoping to find her favorite friend.
Lynnea’s sister, Danika, had tried to explain that he wouldn’t be coming back but Tabitha on yelling “Urth” about every other minute and running around in a mad search for him.
Miranda came and sat on the couch by Lynnea. The four year old had tear stains on her face. She looked up at her aunt.
“Neya, why don’t you love Urs anymore?”
“I still love Urs and I probably always will, he just doesn’t want to be my husband.”
“Does he not want to be my uncle either?” she asked, her little green eyes filling with tears.
Lynnea took Miranda up on her lap and they cried together.
Tree nights in a row, three gorgeous girls that Urs didn’t even remember the names of, Urs was so happy to be single again. He’d pushed Lynnea completely out of his mind and focused on what he wanted.
David wouldn’t talk to him and Seb and Carlos were barely civil, but he knew they’d come around eventually.
He’d seen the tabloid pictures with their headline, “Divo Engagement Called Off!!” but he didn’t let it bother him. Simon gave him a phone call warning him to cool it, but he didn’t. His engagement was over; it was time to have fun.
Lynnea didn’t mean a thing to him anymore.
David missed Jessica so much, and now with Lynnea gone he didn’t have anyone to talk to about it.
He and Jessica talked on the phone every other day and online every afternoon.
One June morning David called Lynnea.
“Hey, David!”
“Lynnea, I want to ask Jessica to marry me.”
“Wow! That’s quite a greeting.” Lynnea was surprised.
“Do you think she’s ready?”
“…yes. I think she loves you and I think she’s realized that that’s okay.”
“Good. Will you help me?” David asked.
“What did you have in mind?”
June twenty-eighth Lynnea had an audition in Minneapolis for a dinner theatre production and she asked Jess to come along.
Lynnea preformed at two and then they went to beautiful lake in the suburbs.
Lynnea offered an imitation gondola ride around the lake.
“What?” Jessica said. “That’s so cheesy! Why would you want to waste your money on that?”
“That’s the point, cheesy!”
Jessica sat in the boat and Lynnea followed. The man piloting did is best Italian accent and cued up a hidden CD player to some “romantic” music.
“Look! A family of ducks!” Lynnea pointed out on the lake knowing Jessica would look wildly for the nonexistent animals.
Jessica looked frantically at the water, “Where, where!” she squeaked.
She realized Lynnea had taken advantage of her gullible ways; turned back saying, “Hey, you just made that-…hi!”
Sitting next to her was not Lynnea but David Miller.
David laughed, “Surprise!”
The gondola started moving and the Italian music changed to Carlos Marin singing the opening notes of “Somewhere.”
David put his arm around Jessica who placed her head on his shoulder.
Taking her hand David said, “Jessica, I love you…but I will patiently wait until you’re ready to love me.”
“Oh David, you don’t have to wait. I already do love you!” she said looking up into his eyes.
David flashed his large smile, he reached inside his jacket.
“Then would this be a good time to give you this?” he opened the box he’d pulled out and inside was a beautiful three stone diamond, one large diamond bounded by two smaller ones.
“Ms. Larson, will you marry me?”
Jessica didn’t ever answer but leaned in and placed her lips on his.
Pulling away she said, “I never thought I could love anyone ever again. But I love you so much David Miller. Of course I will marry you.”
Chapter 17
Lynnea drove back to Hill City with Jessica and David in the back seat together, not paying attention to anything but each other. Lynnea quit trying to get their attention after just a couple minutes realizing it was no use.
Lynnea was so happy for her friend, but she couldn’t help being jealous. She was the one who was supposed to be marrying a Divo. She should have been sitting with her fiancé and not noticing the rest of the world. She should be picking bridesmaids dress colors and wedding songs.
David had Il Divo appearances most weekends, but he went to Iowa to see Jessica as much as possible. They decided to get married in May in Austria.
“Austria, that’s pretty random,” Lynnea said as Jessica told her the latest news of her wedding.
“Yah, we decided to play off The Sound of Music. It’ll be on some beautiful grassy hill.”
Lynnea got a call from the casting director from her audition on the day of Jessica engagement. She’d gotten the part! She was going to play Mary Bailey in a month long showing of the new stage adaption of It’s a Wonderful Life at the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis.
Rehearsals started September first and the performances were every day starting the day after Thanksgiving up until the day before Christmas Eve.
Lynnea was sad to leave Jessica yet again, but at the same time she couldn’t wait to be away from the lovesick woman.
Lynnea moved into a temporary apartment in downtown Minneapolis and started rehearsing.
The first day of rehearsal she met her co-star who would be playing George Bailey.
“Hi, I’m Theodore Brendan,” the tall man said sticking out his hand.
Lynnea was instantly attracted to him. ‘This could get interesting’ she thought as she took his hand.
Theodore Brendan or “Theo” as he preferred, was the sweetest guy you could ever meet. He had dirty blond hair and piercing blue eyes.
One month into rehearsals Theo and Lynnea were on the stage rehearsing, the director sat in the front row, yelling out the blocking to them.
“No Lynnea! Repeat that line and cross to the couch!” she sounded angry.
Lynnea did as she was told, her temper starting to boil as well.
After they finished the scene the director called Lynnea and Theo over to the edge of the stage.
“I need more emotion from the two of you, more chemistry. You’re supposed to be in love with each other.” The director walked away.
Lynnea grabbed her purse, quite frustrated and header for the door. Theo ran after her and caught her elbow.
“Lynnea, are you busy right now? Cause if you’re not, I was wondering if you’d like to get some coffee with me. We could, uh…work on our chemistry.”
In a quiet coffee shop hidden between skyscrapers, Lynnea and Theo sipped their coffee while they talked.
“Well, I’ll go first; I’m thirty-two years old, never been married, never been engaged, never slept with anyone, and actually have never had a real serious girlfriend.” Theo admitted.
“And I’m thirty, been engaged once, so I guess that means I had a pretty serious relationship.” Lynnea said.
“An engagement, recently?”
“Yah, I called it off in April.”
“Seen him since?” Theo asked.
“Don’t have much of a choice, his picture is in tabloids and on billboards and actually there he is now!” she said pointing outside at the bus stopped at a red light. An Il Divo CD ad covered the whole side of the bus.
“Il Divo, wow!” Theo sounded surprised. “Which one?”
“The Swiss one,” Lynnea said with a tinge of disgust.
“I’m sorry.” He said placing his hand on hers and looking into her eyes. Lynnea stared back but the blue eyes looking at her were not what she was thinking about. She was thinking about the deep grey eyes she’d left in Europe.
“Do you want to dance?” Theo said pulling Lynnea back to reality.
“…um, no. I don’t dance,” she answered, reminded of Urs yet again.
For Thanksgiving David and Jessica came to celebrate with Lynnea (who couldn’t go home because the show started the next evening.) Lynnea also invited Theodore to celebrate with them. Before dinner Jessica and Lynnea were in the small apartment kitchen putting the finishing touches on the food. Theo and David were checking out the pre-football game shows on TV.
“So Theo is your new flame, huh?”
“No, we’re barely more than friends,” Lynnea answered. When Jessica looked like she didn’t believe her Lynnea added, “Really! I’m not looking for another relationship yet.”
Jessica took off her oven mitts and turned to Lynnea.
“Lynnea, tell me the truth. Do you still love Urs?”
“Probably…well yeah”
“Does Theo know?”
“We’ve talked about it a little, he knows we were engaged. And he knows that I’m not looking for anything serious right now.”
“Well don’t totally throw him out of the picture.” She said, setting her hands on Lynnea’s shoulders. “He seems like a really great guy.”
“He is! He’s so polite and considerate. Sometimes he seems too good.”
“What?” Jessica asked confused, as she took the dressing and cranberry sauce out to the table.
“Maybe I want a little of that ‘Rebel without a Cause’ James Dean thing.”
“Oh!” Jessica laughed. “So you miss him putting the moves on you?”
David had walked in as Jessica spoke.
“Speaking of putting on the movies…” he said grabbing Jessica around the waist and pulling her into a kiss. The engaged couple smiled at each other and Theo interrupted the awkward moment.
“Let’s eat!”
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PostSubject: Re: Worth the Wait   Fri Jan 15, 2010 6:58 pm

Just looked at this story this morning... OMG.. Love it, just love it... :cheers: :cheers:

Natty, I am right behind you reading this one.

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Hi Rosemary!!! *waves* I'm glad you found this is great isn't it!!!

So Lynnea still loves Urs...why am I not surprised! I am sure Urs still loves her too and I'm hoping he will realize that very soon!!!

I love David's proposal...very sweet!!!

More soon please!!!
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Chapter 18
Christmas Eve, David and Jessica found their seats in the Guthrie Theatre for the final performance of Lynnea’s show.
Jessica’s favorite part of the play was definitely the scene where George finally accepts that he loves Mary.
“Now listen to me!” Theo yelled. “I don’t want any plastics, and I don’t want any ground floors, and I don’t want to get married-ever-to anyone! You understand that? I want to do what I want to do! And you’re…you’re…oh Mary!”
“George…George.” Lynnea said crying.
Theo turned to Lynnea on the couch and kissed her with so much passion Jessica know there had to be feeling behind it; they couldn’t be just acting.
After the show Jessica and David treated Theo and Lynnea to dinner and they exchanged some Christmas gifts.
The next morning Jessica and David said goodbye and took a flight to Europe to start preparations for the wedding that was three and a half months away.
Lynnea stayed in Minneapolis for the first three months of the year, so did Theo.
As the days passed Lynnea got more and more scared of going to Jessica’s wedding. Especially since Jessica had called to inform her that Urs was going to be David’s best man. Not only would Lynnea have to be in that same room as her former fiancé, but she had to walk arm in arm down an aisle with him, sit next to him at supper, and dance with him.
She planned on bringing Theodore along as her date, because she knew Urs wouldn’t arrive alone. With only three weeks until the wedding she dialed Theo and asked him to go on a walk with her.
As the two walked through the monumental statues at the Art Institute Park they chatted. Lynnea finally got to the question she had meant to ask.
“Are you busy starting Friday and then seven days after?” Lynnea asked.
“I don’t think so. What did you have in mind?” he chuckled.
“Jessica’s wedding is two weeks from Saturday, in Austria, and I was hoping you’d agree to come with me.”
“Like, as your date?”
“Yeah, you’d kind of be saving me from a really embarrassing situation.” Lynnea admitted.
“Ah, I see,” Theo stopped then finally said. “Of course I’ll go with you!”
Lynnea was much relived and she gave Theo a quick hug.
“So, being you date, does that mean we’re kind of a couple?” Theo asked hesitantly.
“Yeah, I guess it does.” Lynnea said cautiously.
“And that means I can get away with stuff like this…” he said placing his finger under Lynnea’s chin and bending down to place a kiss on her lips.
“Yeah…” Lynnea whispered after they parted. She slipped her hand into his as they walked on in silence. She waited for the fluttery feeling to appear in her stomach, but it never came.
Lynnea sat in the plane next to Theo with her nerves piling more every second. She had no idea how this first meeting since the break up would be or when Urs was coming to Austria, maybe he was already there.
Theo could tell Lynnea was nervous and he patted her hand and gave her encouraging smiles, which she tried her best to return. The plane finally stopped and Lynnea got out to the terminal to find Jessica there waiting for her.
“Jess! What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be in dress fittings or picking out silverware or something?” Lynnea asked.
“And miss my best friend arriving for my wedding? I think not.” Jessica said pulling Lynnea in for a hug.
The afternoon was full of wedding preparations. Lynnea and Jessica and the other two bride’s maid’s (David’s sister and Jessica’s cousin) had dress fittings.
Lynnea was quite jumpy. Every time the door opened she flinched expecting Urs to walk in. Jessica noticed this and said, “Urs isn’t coming until Monday, Lynnea. You can chill out for the weekend.”
Lynnea turned rather pink realizing everyone could tell she was incredibly nervous.
“Sorry,” Lynnea said. “I just don’t know what to expect.”
“I know.”
Monday afternoon the entire bridal party and family were in the banquet hall eating and talking. Lynnea was in a circle with some women from America, she hadn’t even been thinking about Urs.
Lynnea lifted her champagne glass to her lips but her eye caught on the couple walking through the double doors at the back of the hall. It had been more than a year since Lynnea and Urs had seen each other but he looked no different.
He was wearing tight jeans and a t-shirt under his leather motorcycle jacket. He strode in, removed his sunglasses, and shook back his hair as he neared Carlos, Amanda, and Angeli (now one year old!). Lynnea then noticed the tall woman at Urs’ side. She was extremely thin with long brunette hair. It was obvious she was a model.
Lynnea felt the instant pang of hatred towards the woman, which she knew was jealousy.
Lynnea excused herself from the circle she was in and went to find Theo; she wasn’t going to risk running into Urs alone. She stayed as close to Theo as she could and they managed to stay quite far away from Urs and the tall dark woman.
The party was breaking up and Lynnea and Theo were grabbing their jackets to leave. Lynnea thought she’d made it through the entire evening without the ill-fated confrontation when she heard her ex-fiancé behind her.
“Lynnea,” his voice sounded almost surprised to see her.
Lynnea took a deep breath and felt Theo squeeze her hand before she turned around. It was obvious Urs had gone out of his way to come talk to her because no other groups were near the doors.
“Hello,” she replied, not trusting herself to say anything more.
“Hi,” the girl next to him said. “I’m a huge fan, Miss Snyder; I saw your show in New York.” She offered her hand. Lynnea was shocked by how polite she was and by how young she was. She couldn’t have been a day over 22.
“Lynnea, this is my girlfriend, Courtney.” Urs said with a smirk. He placed his arm around her slender waist and she leaned in, giggling madly. “Oh, who’s your friend?”
Lynnea couldn’t even answer. She couldn’t believe Urs was acting like this, rubbing the fact that he had a girlfriend in her face.
Theodore cut in, “I’m Theodore Brendan, Lynnea’s boyfriend.”
“Well it was nice to meet you,” Urs said, totally ignoring Theodore’s outstretched hand.
“I’ll see you tomorrow Miss Snyder.” Courtney said sweetly.
Lynnea’s eyes blurred as they filled with tears. She put on her jacket and left the building. Theo was right behind her.
Lynnea stopped outside the door and melted into Theo’s open arms. Lynnea just cried for a few minutes. Theo patted her hair.
“I’m sorry,” Lynnea murmured between sobs. “I didn’t think he would act like that. And I didn’t think seeing him again would affect me like this.”
“It’s all right,” Theo whispered.
“Yah, I understand you’re hurting. Let me get you back to the hotel.”
That night Lynnea stood in front of the mirror in her hotel suite.
She ran her fingers through her hair still thinking about Urs. She remembered the awful smirk on his face when he introduced his girlfriend, the way he’d touched her, and how he’d completely ignored Theodore.
The knot of dread in her stomach had only worsened. How would she get through the week? If it hadn’t been Jessica’s wedding she would leave, but she would not abandon Jessica.
Lynnea looked at herself long and hard in the mirror.
“Lynnea,” she spoke to herself out loud. “Lynnea, you do not love Urs Buhler. He is not important to you.”
Now she had to convince herself of that.
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Worth the Wait
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