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"We Came Here To Love".

"Timeless" New Il Divo CD released in August 2018.

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 ~*~Someone To Love~*~

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PostSubject: ~*~Someone To Love~*~    Mon Dec 29, 2008 3:03 pm

Dori Anders came from the Blue Ridge Mountains. Her family owned 500 acres there, which included their home and woodlands. Her father, Lee Anders, had recently passed away leaving "Rolling Hills" and everything else to his beautiful daughter.

Dori was 18 when she lost her mom to a stroke. Now at 27, she was alone and very wealthy. Dori loved the farm, the mountains, and the alpacas her father had successfully raised. Lee's best friend had been his foreman of 15 years, Walter. Walter knew the farm's business as well as Dori's father had.

So after the estate was settled, Dori was content running the business much as her father had, or so she thought. Six weeks after the estate had been settled Dori got a message from her attorney that he had received an offer to buy "Rolling Hills". Until the offer Dori thought that she was happy doing what her father had done. She looked over the offer and felt it was one she couldn't refuse.

She knew in her heart that her father would never have sold the farm and this bothered her. But she was young and didn't want to spend the rest of her life just working. She wanted to have time to enjoy the other things that life had to offer.

Dori told Walter that someone was interested in buying the farm. Walter could not believe that Dori was considering selling Rolling Hills, which had been her father's dream and life's work. He told Dori to think long and hard about selling. He knew she would do the right thing.

Dori had come from a very close and loving family, but now she was alone. She missed her parents and longed for a family. She knew that wasn't possible and she had to find her way alone and had to deal in the real world. An offer to buy the farm was in front of her. She had to make a decision.

Dori did have some concerns about the offer, Number 1 was that the man who had made the offer on the farm lived in London, England. Would he be moving to the farm, run it from England, or hire someone to run it. What about Walter and the crew? What would happen to them? So many questions and concerns and she wanted some answers. The man's name and number were on the paperwork so Dori decided to call him and see if there was some way they could meet.

Dori dialed the number in England not realizing that their time was 5 hours ahead of hers. The phone rang several times then a sleepy voice answered. "Hello. This had better be important."

"Hello, Mr. Miller, please," Dori said a little shyly.

"This is David Miller. Can I help you?"

"This is Dori Anders from Rolling Hills Farm in America. You made an offer to buy my farm."

"Yes, I did. Is there a problem with the offer?" He couldn't imagine what the problem could be.

"No," Dori answered, "Just some things I would like to discuss in more detail and in person if that is possible?"

"Well, it is 4 a.m. here in England. You woke me out of a sound sleep. Could we possibly discuss this tomorrow at a much later time?" David asked.

Dori was so sorry she had awakened him. "Yes, that can be arranged. Is it possible that you will be in the States in the near future so that we can discuss this in person?"

Dori waited a few seconds. The silence was short but seemed lengthy to her.

"No, I am sorry but I won't be in the States for several months. I am working here and can't possibly leave," David replied.

A thought came to him. "If you can get to London, we can go over the contract step by step."

Had she heard him right? Mr. Miller was suggesting that she come to England to meet with him. She'd never been outside the States. Hadn't she told herself that she needed to experience new things. She had the money. Am I really considering this? Yes, I think I am.

"Hello, are you still there?" an exasperated voice asked, jolting Dori back to reality.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Miller. Yes, I think I can come to England and work out the details with you in person."

"When do you think you will arrive?"

"I have a few things to take care of here and then I will be on my way--say in 2 days." Dori answered.

"That sounds fine. Would you like for me to make hotel arrangements for you?" David asked.

"That's very kind of you and would be a great help," Dori replied.

"I will call you with the hotel information later today. I'll meet you at the airport. You can let me know your arrival time and plane number when I call."

"Thank you so much, Mr. Miller. I look forward to hearing from you," Dori said, suddenly feeling a little anxious about what she was doing.

"I'll ring you back after I get some much needed sleep. Goodbye."

Dori stood listening to the dial tone. She was sorry that she had awakened him but now they could works things out in person. In person, what am I doing? she asked herself. I've agreed to travel to London and meet with a man I know virtually nothing about except that he wants to buy "Rolling Hills." Though doubts assailed her, she knew she was going. She needed a change and this was a good way to start.

The following day Dori began making plans for the trip. She called her attorney to let him know she was going to London to meet with the buyer and work out a contract. The attorney offered to go for her but she refused his offer. "No, it is my farm. I have questions that I want to ask Mr. Miller. I appreciate your offer but must do this myself," she told him.

"Yes, Ms. Anders, I understand," he replied.

"If I need your help with anything, I will call you from London," Dori told him and then rang off.

After talking to the attorney she called Walter to the office. She explained to him that she was flying to London to meet with Mr. Miller, the prospective buyer, to work out the details of the sale. "Walter, you will be in charge while I'm away."

"I'll take care of everything while you're gone. The farm and the crew will be fine," Walter assured her.

Knowing that the farm would be in good hands, Dori made her plane reservations. She booked a flight leaving from Charlotte, North Carolina, at 7:00 a.m. the following morning. The non-stop flight would take almost 8 hours. Though he was a stranger, she was glad that Mr. Miller was going to meet her at the airport. She knew he was American and rather soft-spoken from their earlier conversation, but he obviously knew his way around London.

Dori was in her room laying out the clothes that she was going to pack when the phone rang. "Hello," Dori said.

"Hello, Ms. Anders, this is David Miller. Have you made your plane reservations?"

"Yes," said Dori, "I made them this morning and will arrive at Heathrow at 3:00 p.m. my time, so around 8:00 p.m. your time tomorrow."

"That's good. I will meet you at the international arrivals area. I can finalize your reservations at the Ritz London as soon as I get off the phone."

"The Ritz London sounds very nice," Dori said and then added, "I'll wear a red scarf so that you can identify me."

David laughed, "Sounds like a plan."

"Goodbye, Ms. Anders, I'll see you tomorrow night." David disconnected and laughed again--a red scarf.

Dori had so many thoughts running through her head that she had trouble falling asleep. She was excited but apprehensive. What have I done? Do I really want to sell "Rolling Hills"? Wonder what kind of man David Miller is? He sounds nice, a bit abrupt, but nice. She finally fell asleep but had to get up at 3 a.m. to get ready for the trip to Charlotte where she was going to get on a plane and fly to London to meet David Miller.

Walter drove Dori to the airport in Charlotte. She felt a little disapproval coming from him, but he didn’t say anything. She wasn’t sure she could give him any answers to why she was going. She just felt compelled to make this trip. He helped her get her luggage checked in and walked with her as far as he was allowed.

“Be safe, Dori. Wish I knew what your dad would tell you now but know he would want to you to be careful.”

“Don’t worry, Walter. I may not have traveled much, but I’ll be fine. Mr. Miller is meeting me. I’ll be in touch.” Dori gave him a hug and then made her way through security.

Dori boarded the plane, found her seat and settled in. Thoughts of what the trip might bring were running through her mind. She was apprehensive but excited. Life was too short not to take some chances.

Finally she relaxed and fell asleep. The captain’s voice jolted her awake. “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are preparing to land at Heathrow Airport. It’s been our pleasure to have you fly with us today. Enjoy your time in London.”

Dori followed the other passengers off the plane. This wasn’t supposed to be an adventure but a business trip. Why did it feel like an adventure? Well, why can’t it be both she asked herself and smiled.

Entering the terminal she made her way through customs in a short time and then started looking around in the international arrival area. She had no idea what David Miller looked like but she had on her red scarf so hoped that he would find her.

A tall gentleman walked up and asked, "Red scarf, Ms. Anders, I presume?”

"Yes, I'm Dori Anders,” she said softly.

“I’m, David Miller, and it’s a pleasure to meet you. I like your red scarf.”

“Thank you. It’s a pleasure to meet you also. I guess I could have worn a red rose, but had a red scarf,” she said smiling.

“The red scarf is a nice touch.” he said. She thought she heard him chuckle.

Dori decided that Mr. Miller was nice. He spoke softly and seemed very pleasant. She’d had to look up at him and when she did she noted that he was quite good looking and young. She’d really expected him to be older.

"Well, the limo is waiting. We can arrange for your luggage to be delivered to the hotel. I’ve made all the arrangements for your stay.” David informed her.

"You’ve been so kind. Hope I haven’t put you to too much trouble,” Dori remarked, looking up again.

He smiled down at her and said, “Since you agreed to fly here to meet with me, it’s the least I could do.”

Dori almost didn’t hear what he said. His smile was lethal. Business, just business she told herself.

David pointed the way to the limo waiting for them out front. The driver took her baggage claim tickets, and arranged for her luggage to be brought to the Ritz London.

The driver opened the door for them. David took her arm and helped her in and then sat down across from her. Limos weren’t her usual mode of travel but she tried to act like the traveled in them all the time. She really wanted to ask Mr. Miller to pinch her, but refrained, then almost giggled at the thought.

"How was your flight?" asked David.

"It was relaxing. I slept most of the way." Dori replied.

“London is a beautiful city, Mr. Miller, so different from my mountains,” Dori said as she stared out at the passing scenery.

“Yes, I like the contrast," he replied.

A short time later they arrived at the Ritz. David escorted Dori to the front desk and helped her check in.

“Welcome to London, Ms. Anders,” greeted the clerk.

“Thank you. I look forward to seeing your beautiful city.”

Handing her the key to her suite the clerk told her that he would see that her luggage was sent up as soon as it arrived.

David and Dori rode the elevator up to her suite.
"You didn't have to go to so much trouble, Mr. Miller, a regular room would have been fine."

“It was no trouble. Would you call me David, please?”

“Alright, David, and please call me Dori.”


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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 2   Mon Dec 29, 2008 3:12 pm

“Dori, it is,” he smiled and she noticed a gleam in his eyes. She’d never met anyone like him. His smile could light up a room. She reminded herself that he was not from England but from America and she was here to sell him her farm.

David opened the door for her and she entered. The suite was elegantly furnished and so spacious. There was a balcony which looked out over the city. She had a breathtaking view.

"Oh, how beautiful it all is," Dori exclaimed.

“I’m glad you approve,” he said with a twinkle in his eyes.

A knock at the door interrupted her reply. The bellhop brought her luggage in. She asked him to put it in the bedroom. David tipped him and let him out.

Dori was wandering around the penthouse like a school girl.. It was difficult to stay businesslike in such luxury. A small kitchen area off the living room caught her eyes and she remarked, "I can make my own coffee.” Dori loved to cook but hadn't had much need to since her father died. When she finished looking around she settled onto a couch across from David.

“When would you like to discuss the contract?” Dori questioned David.

David smiled. That smile again she thought and smiled back at him. "Well, how about we put that on hold for a couple of days and give you some time to relax and get settled in." David replied.

"That sounds nice. I would like to be a tourist for a bit. I don’t want to inconvenience you, however. Call me tomorrow afternoon, and we can set a time to talk about the contract.”

"We don’t have to get down to business that quickly. I’d like for you to join me and some friends for dinner tomorrow night here at the Ritz,” David countered.

"I would love to, but won't your friends mind? I don’t want to intrude."

“They won’t mind. In fact, I’m sure they’ll want to meet you. I’ll call for you at 7:00 p.m.

“If you’re sure they won’t mind, then yes, I’d love to have dinner with you and your friends. It’s kind of you to ask me. Thanks again for meeting me today.”

“You’re welcome, Dori,” David said and walked toward the door. “Goodnight, see you later.” he said as he closed the door behind him.

Dori wandered around her suite, not quite believing that she was in London at the Ritz. What a difference a day makes, she thought and smiled. You wanted a change, she told herself. Well, you got one, my girl.

She walked out on the balcony where her thoughts turned to David. Wonder how he can afford the farm and also live as he seems to live in London. Dori, you’re on a balcony overlooking London and instead of enjoying the view, you’re thinking about a man you just met. I know, but he’s so tall and so good looking, such a gentleman, kind, considerate, and so good looking! That smile . . . I’ll get to see it again tomorrow night. She sighed.

Dori blew bubbles off the tips of her fingers and smiled. She was soaking in a hot bubble bath at the Ritz in London. She laughed and realized that she was enjoying an adventure, an adventure that involved a really nice man.

Thoughts of David led to thoughts of their dinner date. I've agreed to have dinner with David and his friends, more people I don't know. Well, I really don't know anyone in London except David. A dreamy smile crossed her face as she thought of him. Wonder how many friends we're talking about? Male, female . . .? I'll just have to wait and see. She laid her head on the back of the tub and closed her eyes. Her thoughts then drifted to her mountains and how much she missed them already.

Feeling relaxed, Dori toweled off, put on her comfortable pjs, and started unpacking. As she put the red scarf in a drawer she thought again that David had seemed amused by it. Maybe he thought it was like something from a movie, but she thought it had been a good idea. He'd found her without any trouble, hadn't he? She just might wear it to dinner and see how he reacted.

She decided that she needed to call home and check in with Walter. The phone rang several times and she was about to hang up when she heard.

"Hello, Rolling Hills Farm."

"Walter, it's Dori. I've arrived safely. Mr. Miller and I will be meeting in the next day or so to discuss the farm. My room is at the Ritz London."

"How was your trip, Miss Dori?" Walter asked.

"Long," came her reply. "I will be in touch again soon, Walter. Take care and goodbye."

"Goodbye," Walter replied. He stood listening to the dial tone, a worried look on his face. Hope she knows what's she's doing.

Feeling guilty, Dori stood with her hand on the receiver she'd just replaced. I sounded a bit short with Walter and didn't mean to, must be jet lag. She decided that she needed to get some rest. The change in time zones was getting to her.

She climbed into bed and settled down, but sleep would not come. Her body was tired but her mind just kept turning. David Miller, why did he want to buy her farm or did it really matter? She wanted to sell and he wanted to buy. She just needed to know that whoever bought it would feel about it as she did. He'd made a handsome offer. A handsome man with a smile that I can't seem to forget made a handsome offer on my farm. She laughed, turned over and finally fell asleep.

Dori would have been surprised to know that at the same time she was thinking about David, he was thinking about her. David was lying back on his bed, hands behind his head, thinking. Buying a farm had certainly taken an interesting turn. He was looking forward to meeting with Dori Anders about the farm but also found himself looking forward to their dinner date. She was a beautiful young woman who seemed to know her own mind. He hadn't told the guys about his decision to buy the farm. They knew he wanted to buy some land in the States but didn't know he was acting on it. They might think he wanted to leave the group and he certainly didn't. He was buying the farm as an investment, and he would explain that to them.

Dori slept soundly and woke up wondering where she was. She looked around and all the events of the previous couple of days came quickly back. She was in London at the Ritz. Gosh, I'm hungry, she realized. She'd been too keyed up to eat much the day before. She called down and ordered coffee, juice, scrambled eggs, and toast. She showered and had just finished dressing when a knock sounded at the door--her breakfast.

She enjoyed the meal and took her second cup of coffee out on the balcony. How busy everyone seemed. The hustle and bustle was in sharp contrast to what she was used to, but she enjoyed watching it. London was an exciting city and she hoped to see some of the sights before she returned home.

When the phone rang, she knew who it was. She reminded herself again that she was in London for business purposes but her heart felt differently.

"Hello," Dori said.

"Good morning, Dori," David said softly. "I'm in the lobby. Can I come up?"

"Good morning, David. Please come on up."

The knock on the door startled her, even though she was expecting it. She'd been steeling herself to be prepared for his smile. She opened the door and when he smiled at her, she knew there was no way to be prepared for it. She smiled back and motioned him in. He looked much more relaxed in his jeans, t-shirt and boots than she was feeling at the moment.

"Would you like some coffee?" she asked, her voice a bit shaky.

"No, thanks, I've already had several cups. Hope you slept well,"

"Yes, I guess the time change caught up with me," she replied. Dori took a seat on the couch and David sat in a chair across from her.

"I know I said that we didn't have to be in a rush to talk about my buying your farm but thought you might feel better if we discussed some of our concerns now."

"Thanks, David. I really appreciate it. I do have some questions and know you must have even more."

"Ladies first," he said with a smile.

"Would you mind telling me why you made an offer on my farm?"

"I'm looking to invest in a business outside my career. I've done lots of research and found that alpaca farms have the best reputation and return in the market these days, what with the wool, breeding fee's, and the shows. In the course of my research I found that your father was a great businessman. Your farm is the success it is because of his knowledge and management," David explained.

Dori was surprised he had taken the time to research her farm so well.
"What about my foreman and crew?"

"I know your foreman, Walter, has been with the farm many years. He is definitely an asset to the operation. I would have no problem keeping him on and letting him run the farm when I'm away."

"And the crew?" Dori asked.

"I would leave that up to Walter. Why mess with a good thing?" David added.

"Dori, do you have any reason to think I would do anything that would jeopardize the successful operation of the farm?" David asked firmly.

"No, I'm just concerned about my men."

"Do you plan on living at the farm full time and running it?" Dori continued.

"I wish I could."

This confused Dori and so she asked, "Why can't you?

"I sing in a band and we tour around the world for months on end. I don't get back to the States as often as I would like," David explained.

Dori was even more confused. "Have I heard of your band?"

"I sing with a group called Il Divo."

Dori looked down at her hands and softly said, "I have never heard of Il Divo."

"That's alright," David said, smiling across at her.

"What kind of music do you sing?"

"We sing pop songs in an opera style; what some call popopera. I sang opera before I joined Il Divo three years ago."

"Are you on tour now? Is that why you couldn't come to the States for this meeting?" Dori questioned.

"Not on tour, but recording a new album." David explained.

"Oh I see, you do that here in London?"

"Here and in Sweden. Right now we are working in the London Studio."

Dori was dumbfounded. He's a singer. "Do the other people in your group know that you want to buy a farm in the States?" Dori asked.

"They know that I've been considering buying some property in the States."

"What will they say when they hear it is an alpaca farm?"

"They will probably think that I'm buying camels," David laughed.

"Close but not the same." Dori couldn't help herself and laughed with him.
Dori looked over at him and just stared. It couldn't be a joke. Was she on Candid Camera? He had to be serious about his offer or she wouldn't be in London. She now knew where he got his money but why in the world would he want to buy an alpaca farm?

David looked back at Dori and smiled. He could almost see the wheels turning in her head. This is going to be interesting, he thought, very interesting. Beautiful lady, I'm going to enjoy doing business with you.

David thought he understood Dori's concerns. She was protecting not only her interest in the farm but also wanted to make sure that her crew and their families were taken care of; and most importantly, that her father's dream continued. He hadn't intended for their discussion to become so involved today. They had plenty of time to work out the details of the purchase.

"Enough business talk for today. We can continue this tomorrow or the next day." David said. "Let's talk about tonight."

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 3   Mon Dec 29, 2008 3:14 pm

"David, are you sure that I won't be intruding?"

"Of course not," he said emphatically. "I arranged the dinner so you can meet the guys. They're family. I haven't discussed the purchase with them yet but will. I value their judgment. Besides, they'll give me their opinion, whether I want it or not," he laughingly said.

“Do these other gentlemen have names, David?” Dori inquired with a hint of humor in her voice.

Looking distracted, David spoke as if he were talking to himself. "Now that I think about it, maybe I shouldn't have invited them. I've been told that some women find them good looking. I should have kept you all to myself."

"Good looking men with no names?" Dori inquired, thinking that the night could turn out to be quite interesting. She'd never dined alone with four handsome men before. Her life was certainly looking up.

"Names, you want names. Ok, there's Carlos Marin from Spain, Urs Buhler from Switzerland, and Sebastien Izambard from France."

"How interesting. I expected them all to be Americans."

"Well, that's a long story and think I'll save it for another day. I do need to tell you that there's a formal dress code for the Ritz Restaurant. Will you need to do any shopping before tonight. The limo is available to take you wherever you need to go. In fact, I don't have anything else pressing today so I can go with you and make sure you don't get lost," David offered, realizing that he wanted to spend more time in her company.

"Thanks, David, I do need to buy some things. Let me get my coat and purse," Dori said excitedly.

David smiled. What woman didn't love to shop. Dori returned quickly, and he helped her with her coat. "Ready to go, lovely lady?" he said as he gallantly offered her his arm. She smiled and took his arm as he swept her out the door.

In the elevator Dori looked over at David and said, "Thanks."

"You're very welcome, Dori. I'm glad that I have the time to go with you. I'm looking forward to it."

The driver opened the door and they settled in the limo. David told the driver to take them to Harrods.

"Oh, David, I'm really excited. I've always dreamed of shopping at Harrods." David found that he enjoyed watching Dori as she peered out the window at the passing scenery. Her face lit up and she could hardly sit still. He laughed and she looked over at him.

"Ok, so you can tell this is my first time in London."

"Yes, and I'm glad to be sharing it with you." The smile that crossed his face took her breath.

How kind he is Dori thought and how sweet of him to come shopping with me. It's probably not his first choice of what to do today, but I'm so glad that I don't have to shop alone. Her dad had always gone shopping with her and now that he was gone she'd been doing her shopping alone, which she hated.

The limo pulled up in front of Harrods. The driver opened the door and helped Dori out. David gave the driver some additional instructions. She couldn't hear what David was saying but didn't intrude. Soon the driver pulled the limo out into traffic, and David and Dori were walking into Harrods.

Dori loved it! She saw so many beautiful things. Where to begin? David suggested that she find a dress for dinner that evening and then go from there. Four dresses in hand, the sales clerk showed Dori to the dressing room.

Dori was a beautiful young woman, as her father always told her. She had a classically beautiful face, waist length, dark brown hair and brown eyes to match. She wanted a dress that showed off all her curves and features.

David seemed taken by her beauty also. When they were together, he couldn't take his eyes off her. She didn't look at him and see a singer. She wasn't a fan who wanted to get close and take pictures and get autographs. She'd never heard of the group. Her impressions of him had nothing to do with Il Divo which pleased him enormously. She just saw David Miller, the man who wanted to buy her farm.

Dori tried on a little black dress but really wanted something in purple, her favorite color. A lavendar dress in Grecian style fit her form perfectly. The clerk told her that she looked stunning. Dori liked how it fit and the way it flowed down her body. It was comfortable, and she could move easily in it. She didn't show it to David. If she wore it this evening, she didn't want him to see it until he picked her up. Girl's gotta have some secrets she thought to herself.

Dori found several other dresses and purchased six in all. She found shoes, purses, and other accessories that she really loved. David gladly packed her purchases which the clerks had put in the distinctive Harrods' shopping bags. That should do me for awhile she thought and smiled.

Seeing the smile, David asked, "What?"

"Maybe I should buy another red scarf? Oh, my, I forgot to wear it today."

David laughed and threw up his hands, "Another long story . . . . "

David took her to the food court which was an adventure in itself. They shared a delicious pizza and sodas and chatted like they had known each other all their lives. The Chocolate Bar on the 2nd floor was their final stop. David bought them each a truffle which was decadent but delicious.

"David, this has been one of the nicest afternoons I've had in a long time. Thank you so much."

"Your welcome, Dori," he replied, took her hand, and walked her out to the waiting limo.

David asked the driver something. Dori saw the driver shake his head yes but didn't ask David about it. She didn't want to be rude.

David carried her bags to her suite along with an extra bag the limo driver had handed David when they got to the hotel. Dori took her bags into the bedroom, put them on her bed, and returned to the living room. She knew she would enjoy looking at her purchases again after David left. She had the money to indulge herself whenever she wanted but chose to live her life much as her parents had. It was comforting to know that she had all the money she'd ever need, but she knew the hard work that had gone into making it. She'd never take it for granted.

David stood in the living room holding the last package.
"This is for you," he said handing it to her. "It's a CD player and some of our CD's. Thought you might like to hear what we sound like before you meet the other guys. This is what takes up most of my life now."

“You didn’t have to do that, but thank you. I will listen to them and let you know what I think.” Dori added laughing. "Thanks again for taking me shopping."

"Anytime, I'll see you later this evening." David got to the door and turned back to her. "I look forward to hearing what you think of our music." He smiled, winked at her, and left.

A smile, a wink, a special man . . . Dori thought. The adventure continues.

Their voices were amazing, truly wonderful. Relaxing in a bubble bath, Dori listened as the music from the CD titled, Siempre, washed over her. She wondered in what languages they sang some of the selections, but it really didn't matter. The songs were achingly beautiful and touched something deep inside her, especially Come Primavera. She felt embarrassed remembering the moment she'd told David she'd never heard of Il Divo. She should have heard of them. How had she not?

She laid her head on the back of the tub and tried to clear her mind but thoughts of David pushed their way in. She smiled as she remembered him teasing her in Harrods about a bit of chocolate on her lip. He'd said he knew a great way to get it off and then smiled that 1000 watt smile. She blushed; he'd laughed and taken a napkin and wiped her lip. "Gotcha," he said. She'd blushed again, and they both stood there and laughed. What a wonderful day they'd had.

Relax and enjoy the music she told herself as her mind turned to David's friends. The CD cover from Siempre hadn't helped her identify them. It had more pictures inside but didn't name them. Whoever told David that the other guys were good looking had been right on target. In fact, she'd say that four of the best looking men she'd ever seen were singing to her right at that moment and in a few hours she was having dinner with them. Now she really couldn't relax.

She laughed and realized that her water was getting cool. Time to get out. She toweled off, put on her robe, and decided she wanted to listen to another of the CDs and rest for a little while.

Putting Ancora in the player, Dori picked up the case she hadn't opened and noticed the title, Il Divo. Oops, she thought, bet this was the first one. Oh, well, I'll save it for later. She laid down on the bed and willed herself to relax. She realized that their music had a calming effect on her. For the first time since her father died, she felt a measure of peace, and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Waking, Dori felt refreshed, her little nap had been just what she needed. It was 5:30 and time to get ready for dinner. She took her dresses out of the packages she'd left on a chair and hung up all except the lavendar one. She laid out her shoes and changed her purse to match her outfit. She took extra care with her makeup and hair. Looking through her jewelry she decided on diamond studs with a matching necklace and bracelet, simple but elegant. She finally put her dress on and looked in the mirror. The dress fit perfectly and her jewelry added just the right touch. She was ready to meet David and his friends.

Glancing at the clock, 6:50, David would be here shortly she realized, feeling excitement bubble up inside her. She couldn't wait to see him again and of course, she wanted to meet his friends. This was so unlike her. Why was she having these feelings for a man she barely knew? She tried to remind herself that it all went back to business, but who was she kidding, that just wasn’t going to work, not after today.

A knock at the door . . . he's here. David's here. She walked slowly to the door. Will he like what I'm wearing? Calm down. She took a deep breath and opened the door. David's eyes widened when he saw Dori. She was breathtaking. His mouth opened but nothing came out for a minute. He finally shook his head and managed to say, "Dori, you look lovely."

"Thank you, David. You look wonderful too," Dori said softly, noting how well his black suit, white shirt, and lavendar tie looked on him.

“Are you ready to go to dinner?” David asked, offering her his arm.

"Yes," Dori replied a bit breathlessly and took his arm, feeling like a princess in a fairy tale. "I'm a bit nervous about this, David."

"Don't be. They're really nice guys. You'll love them."

Sebastien, Urs and Carlos arrived together and found their way to the private dining room that David had reserved. They'd been there just long enough for the waiter to take their drink order when David walked in. Dori was feeling a little shy and walked in just behind him. David looked around and winked at her but she stayed where she was.

"Evening, gentlemen," he said to the guys and smiled. "I have someone special I want you to meet." He took Dori's hand and brought her around in front of him.

"Dori, I'd like to introduce Carlos Marin, Sebastien Izambard, and Urs Buhler; the rest of Il Divo."

Dori hoped that no response was expected of her right away as she was quite speechless. They were much better looking in person. All three of them were smiling at her. She needed to sit down.

Carlos walked over, kissed her on both cheeks, and said, "Welcome to London, beautiful lady. Where has David been hiding you?"

Urs came up next and kissed her cheek. "It is my honor to meet you, Miss Anders. Hope you enjoy your time here."

Sebastien didn't move. He hadn't taken his eyes off Dori since David had introduced her. David noticed that Seb didn't seem to be paying attention and gave him a tap on the shoulder. "Aren't you going to greet our guest, Seb?"

"I am sorry. Of course . . ." Seb took her hand, kissed it and didn't let it go. A stunned Dori found herself looking into the most beautiful greenish eyes she'd ever seen. Her heart skipped a beat. Something strange was happening. She'd never felt like this in her life.

Carlos punched Urs and nodded toward Seb. They both looked over at David who was busy talking to the waiter and hadn't noticed what was happening.

Sebastien and Dori just stood there holding hands and staring into each other's eyes. Carlos broke the spell when he came up behind Dori, put his arm around her shoulder, and said, "Let me get you something to drink, sweetheart."
Seb dropped her hand and mumbled that he was very glad to meet her. Dori reluctantly went with Carlos.

Sebastien sat down in the first chair he found. He felt like he'd been struck by lightning. What was happening to him? His eyes moved around the room until he saw her. One look is all it had taken. One look into her beautiful brown eyes, and he was lost.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 4   Mon Dec 29, 2008 3:18 pm

Carlos guided Dori toward David who had finished his conversation with the waiter.

"My tall friend, did you lose someone?"

David laughed. "Of course not. The waiter had some questions for me. Dori, have you met all the guys?"

"Yes," she replied, looking at Seb who was now talking to Urs and Carlos. Dori was having trouble understanding what had happened with Sebastien. She'd felt like she'd lost something when he'd released her hand. She knew that he had felt something too. What was she doing? She really liked David so why did she keep thinking of Sebastien and his beautiful hazel eyes.

"Well, what do you think?" David questioned.

"About what?" Dori replied.

"The guys, how do you like the guys?"

Dori stammered, "They are very nice, David."

"Just nice?" David teased.

Dori blushed and haltingly said, "I'm a bit intimidated now that I've listened to the four of you sing. I feel like I should be apologizing to all of you for not knowing about Il Divo. Your music is absolutely wonderful. You all are so talented. It's a bit overwhelming."

"It's a bit overwhelming for us too. We're just ordinary guys who wisely said yes to Simon Cowell."

"Simon Cowell of American Idol?"

"Yes, I'll tell you all about it later. Let's get something to drink."

"David, you've been so kind to me. I'd like to buy some champagne for all of us?"

"How could I refuse such a nice request from such a beautiful lady." David smiled and kissed her cheek and put his arm around her.

David motioned for the waiter. "This lovely lady would like to order some champagne." Dori requested two bottles of their best Champagne DOM.

Seb winced when David kissed Dori. He'd been watching them; hopefully without them noticing. He thought he'd managed to keep up with the conversation he was having with Urs and Carlos. His mind just kept going back to Dori. He knew she'd felt something when he was holding her hand, her eyes had given her away. He wanted her to himself. He wished David, Urs, and Carlos would just disappear. Always such a kind and considerate person, Seb didn't know how he could be having these thoughts? He'd just met her. David had met her the day before. She was here on business David said. Neither of them should be thinking of her in romantic terms. They didn't know her. She didn't know them. I want to get to know her, Seb thought. I must find out how David feels.

David seated Dori at their table. The others drifted over and took a seat, still arguing about a lyric. The waiter went around the table serving the champagne.

"Who ordered champagne?" Carlos asked. David smiled as the other three looked at each other.

"Well, I didn't," said Urs.

"I did," Dori said softly. "David has been so kind to me."

"No hardship," David said, putting his hand over hers. He leaned in and was quietly telling her something that the others couldn't hear.

It took all Seb could do not to tell David to keep his hands to himself. He took a sip of champagne.

"Dori, you have excellent taste in champagne," Seb said a trifle too loudly.

David and Dori looked up. Dori met Seb's eyes and they both felt a jolt.

"A beautiful lady with impeccible taste in champagne, what more could a man want, eh, David?" Carlos winked at Dori.

David laughed. "What more indeed. Dori, the band has started in the main dining room. Would you care to dance?"

"I'd love to, David," Dori answered taking has hand, "Glad I'm wearing heels."

David's laugh rang out in the small room.

Seb watched them walk out the door. Looking down at his hands, he prayed that the night ended quickly.

David and Dori returned to the table, breathless and laughing. David had his arm around Dori and Seb's spirits sank even lower. David held out Dori's chair for her and kissed her on the cheek after she was seated. "Thank you."

She looked up at him, her beautiful face flushed and said, "Thank you, David, that was so much fun. You're a wonderful dancer."

"Yes," Carlos said with a hint of mischief in his voice, "Our David certainly has the moves."

Urs laughed. Seb didn't.

"Dori, don't pay any attention to these guys. If you're willing to take the risk, we'll dance again after we eat."

"I think the next one is mine, querida. David isn't the only one who knows how to move," Carlos said suggestively and winked at her. "What do you say?"

"Carlos, David didn't tell you that I stepped on his toes. I'm a bit rusty. Haven't danced in years."

"I'm willing to risk it. Just say yes," Carlos said with raised eyebrow.

A very sexy look Dori thought as she laughed and said, "Ok, yes, the next dance is yours,"

Dori smiled at David, not believing that four very handsome men were vying for her attention. Maybe David had asked them to be nice to her. She didn't care. She was going to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime evening.

"The next one is mine, please," Urs begged sweetly, his hands in a prayerful position.

Dori smiled at Urs. "I think I need a dance card."

David laughed. "Seb, it looks like you are next, Regardless of what she says, she is very graceful and dances beautifully."

Seb looked at Dori and softly asked, "Mademoiselle", are you saving the last dance for me?"

Dori blushed but didn't say anything. Her mind whirled around the thought of being in Sebastien's arms.

"What can I serve you, mademoiselle," the waiter asked breaking into Dori's thoughts, thoughts centered on Sebastien.

"Could I have a salad and the ravioli of spinach with truffle cream.

Before the waiter could answer David said, "The beef Wellington is wonderful here."

"I'm sure it is, but I don't eat meat," Dori quietly said.

David and the others looked surprised but didn't comment.
David and Seb ordered the fillet of beef Wellington, while Carlos and Urs ordered the sea bass, the specialty of the Ritz Restaurant. The waiter refilled their glasses with champagne and then brought out their appetizers.

"Dori, do you mind me asking what brings you to London?" Urs asked.

"I asked her to come," David interjected.

"Did you know each other in America?" Carlos asked.

"No, we only met a couple of days ago,” David replied and smiled over at Dori who was looking at Seb.

Dori didn't know how much David had told the guys but just decided to tell them why she was in London. "I own a farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains in America and raise alpacas. David is interested in buying my farm. "

"I've made an offer on the farm," David explained.

Urs and Carlos looked at each other then at Sebastien who wasn't listening. He was watching Dori.

"Sebastien, are you listening to this?" Urs asked sharply.

"I'm sorry, no, I didn't hear what you were saying." Seb spoke quietly.

"David wants to raise camels," Urs said.

"Why would David want to raise camels?" Sebastien asked looking at David.

Frustrated, Dori spoke a little too sharply. "They are not camels. They are from the camel family but they are alpacas. There is a great deal of money to be made in the wool, breeding, and the show circuit."

"You are kidding. right? You are pulling our arms, yes?" Carlos querried, looking from David to Dori.

"No, I am not kidding, and no, I am not pulling your LEG," David said, looking frustrated. "I want to invest some money in a project that I can work at once we are retired. This is perfect--the location in the mountains and the large farm where I hope to finally settle down. I know I haven't said anything about this before but didn't want to unless there was a chance that Dori was willing to sell to me."

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 5   Mon Dec 29, 2008 3:19 pm

“Ok, let me see if I understand. You have an alpaca farm in the U.S and are looking to sell. Our David has made you an offer. Did I get it right?" Sebastien asked.

“Yes, that is it in a nut shell.” Dori replied.

Carlos looked even more puzzled, thinking to himself, does she have a nut farm too?" He didn’t ask however.

“Dori, are you going to sell the farm to David?” asked Urs.

“We haven’t finished our discussions on the sale yet.” Dori replied.

The waiter interrupted the conversation when he brought their food. They were all unusually quiet as they ate. Seb and Dori were thinking about each other. David was thinking about how much he enjoyed Dori's company. Urs and Carlos were thinking that David had totally lost it. What in the world had given him the idea to buy a farm.

"The food here is wonderful," Urs said breaking the silence and cutting into the uneasy feeling that seemed to permeate the table.

"Yes, it is," Carlos said. "Wonderful food, a beautiful lady to eat with, and a dance later. What more could we ask?"

Dori laughed and the everyone looked a bit more comfortable.

“Well," Sebastien spoke up,"If this is what brought you to us, lovely lady, then I am fine with it." His smile made Dori's heart beat a little faster.

Urs and Carlos were still looking back and forth at each other trying to figure out what the other one was going to say. “I can understand you wanting something for your future, but why camels?” Carlos asked.

“They aren’t camels. They are alpacas," everyone chimed in laughing.

“Si, si, alpaca’s I get it.” Carlos responded, threw up his hands and laughed with them.

"I don't expect that you understand as I'm not sure I do either. But when I got the idea that I might want a farm, I started doing some research. When I read about Dori's farm, something just clicked. I felt like it was something I wanted to explore and that's what I'm doing," David told his three friends.
"We spend so much time on the road. The thought of having somewhere I can go to get away from everything at times holds a great deal of appeal to me."

Urs finally spoke. "David, we're family. You have our support as always."

David looked at his friends, "Thanks, guys."

"Well, I have one more question," Carlos said looking serious. "When do we get to see the ca . . . , alpacas?"

Everyone laughed and started talking at once. Enjoying the rest of their meal, the talk turned to the album they were working on and then back to David's business with Dori.

Dori and Sebastien kept watching each other. Both felt a tingle inside which neither of them could have explained had anyone asked. They answered when someone spoke to them but their mind was on each other and not the table conversation.

"So you live on a mountain, Dori?" Urs asked.

Dori looked away from Sebastien, composed her thoughts and answered, "Yes, I live in North Carolina in the Blue Ridge Mountains as I said earlier. We have 500 acres of wooded and home property, about half holds the alpacas. It is the largest private herd in North America."

"Sounds like it would be a good investment," Seb said, looking over at David.

"Thanks, I'm really glad that Dori is considering my offer," David replied.

"Sir, are you ready for dessert?" one waiter asked as another refilled their champagne glasses.

"Yes, I think we are," David told him. David had ordered the crepes "Suzette" with vanilla ice cream which the waiter prepared at their table. They all enjoyed the show he put on and the crepes. It was a lovely ending to a delicious meal.

Carlos stood and held out his hand to Dori. "Chica, are you ready to dance? I think they are playing our song."

"Our song," Dori laughed. "Then, yes I'm ready."

As they were walking toward the door, Seb said, "Dori?"

Dori turned. "Yes."

"Save the last dance for me."

Dinner had started out rough and had moved in to a smooth and comfortable discussion of the purchase of the farm. Now Dori wanted to know more about the group and what they actually did.

“David tells me you are all singers in a group called IL DIVO”. Dori said

“Yes, we are and we have been together now for going on 4 years.” Urs’ responded.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 6   Mon Dec 29, 2008 3:20 pm

“He also tells me you all travel around the world and have been on tour until recently. When do you return to touring?”Dori asked carefully.
“2009” Carlos replied. “After the new CD is recorded.”

“Well David gave me your CD’s to acquaint myself with your music and what you do, I have to say, it is just unbelievable music and the songs are amazing.” Dori gave them a wonderful smile. David was pleased. Sebastien was also very happy she had enjoyed the CD’s and now she knew what they sound liked.

“Dori will we be seeing more of you while you’re here in London?” Sebastien asked..

“I hope so.” She replied. David knew he would be seeing more of her with their business still on going.

“I would like to propose a toast… To Dori, an amazing and beautiful woman. Cheers” Sebastien toasted to Dori as everyone chimed in.

“Thank You All for making me feel so at home” Dori replied. Dori had never been so happy and had never been with so many wonderful men at one time. They made her feel so welcomed ...and a few other feelings she couldn’t put into words to describe other than the word wonderful. Before anyone noticed the waiter had cleared the dishes and the empty bottles and had brought coffee and hot tea. Dori, David and Sebastien had Coffee. Urs and Carlos had Hot Tea with Honey.

Sebastien asked to speak with Dori away from the others and her heart lept for joy when he did. “May I take you to Lunch tomorrow? We have a light schedule in the studio so I would be done by 1 PM.” Sebastien explained hoping she would say yes.

Dori felt her heart skip a beat looking into those beautiful Hazel eyes. It was almost more than she could take. “He wants to take me to lunch” she thought ,also reminding herself to focus. “I will check with David and make sure we don’t have any plans for a meeting about the purchase first.” She told Sebastien. That is when she saw this strange look come across his face. He wasn’t use to checking with David for anything; he wasn’t inviting David to come along for lunch.

Dori went to David’s side and ask to speak to him in private. They excused themselves and went toward the door and stood there talking. “David, I have an invitation to lunch tomorrow and wanted to make sure we don’t plan on discussing the farm for the next couple of days?” Dori remarked.

“No, I have to work in the studio tomorrow with some of the producer’s so I will be tied up most of the day.” David replied. “May I ask who will be taking you to lunch?”
“Yes, you can ask, but it doesn’t mean I am going to tell you.” She replied coyly with a laugh. David knew enough not to question a woman.

“Well I hope you have a good time. Will I see you tomorrow evening for dinner?” David asked hopefully.
“Yes. How about in my suite? I want all of you to come and bring your girlfriends if you have them,”Dori said. “…About 7 pm”.

David returned the few steps to the table and asked Urs and Carlos if they and a date, were available for dinner tomorrow evening in the Penthouse at 7 pm, hosted by Dori. Both agreed, looking toward Dori saying, “We’d love to join you.”

David looked around the room for Sebastien and found him sitting at the table very quiet and looking off into space., he started to move toward him when Dori said “It’s ok I will invite Sebastien myself..”
David had a puzzled look on his face, but remembered once again never question a woman.

The evening wound down as Dori went back to sit by Sebastien. “Do you still want to take me to lunch tomorrow?” She asked him.
“Yes I do.” He replied.

“OK it is a date; and no I didn’t tell David I would be with you.” She said matter of factly.

“But I have invited the guys and their girlfriends for dinner in my suite tomorrow evening at 7 pm. I want you to come and bring someone if you like.” Looking down at her hands in her lap, she continued
“Please say you will come.”

“Yes I will come, but I don’t have anyone special in my life yet.” Sebastien remarked, reaching toward her chin to look into her eyes.

She didn’t know why, but she felt very relieved to hear that. “Ok then you will pick me up at what time for lunch?” Dori asked him.

“About 1:30 pm and what time is dinner again?” He asked her.

“I am in the Penthouse Suite. If you’d like, you can be there at 6:30 pm so we can talk before anyone else arrives.” Dori responded.

Sebastien was happy with that answer. “Till tomorrow then, “Mademoiselle”. Sebastien took her hand and gave it a kiss, before he turned and kissed her on the cheek. Smiling he walked over to everyone else standing near the door and said his goodnight, adding he would see them in the morning at the studio.

When he left, Dori felt a twinge as she watched him walk out the door. She turned to David and the others and said “Thank You all for such a wonderful and amazing evening. I hope to see all of you tomorrow evening.”

David said good evening to Carlos and Urs, and escorted Dori back to her room. She was kind of quiet while riding the elevator upstairs but David didn’t press the issue. He realized she was thinking of Sebastien. He just wasn’t sure how he felt about that. David knew his relationship with Dori was a business one, but how could he not be attracted to her. “She is beautiful, funny and so smart in business; but also innocent in life experiences.” He thought to himself.

When they got to the door of the suite David opened it and they went in. Dori laid her purse on the table and turned to find David standing behind her with a strange look in his eyes. He didn’t say a word, just stood there looking at the beautiful woman standing in front of him. He put his arms around her waist and leaned down and gave her a passionate kiss on the lips. She seemed to melt in his arms for the next few seconds, as she knew nothing but him holding her and kissing her. When the kiss ended he just stood there holding her close. She could feel her heart racing and hear his at the same time.

She just couldn’t speak for a few minutes. There wasn’t another sound as he kissed her again, whispering “Goodnight.” He left her standing in the middle of the room; she felt as though she couldn’t move. “David was business…” she told herself. “...but those kisses were not business. “She had never felt other man kiss her with such passion and excitement. It was all she could do to walk to the bedroom, wondering why he had kissed her in the first place. Dori began to take off her earrings, bracelet and then her necklace, laying them on the dresser as she continued to think about him and those kisses. Dori began to undress, wash her face and brush her hair for bed. She put on her gown and laid down for a peaceful sleep. But the images would not stop replaying in her head of that look in his eyes, the way he held her close, and kissing her with such over powering passion. Sleep was beyond reach for Dori.

David in turn had his own feelings to get through. “Why did I kissed her?” He wandered on the ride home. “She is beautiful and I just couldn’t help myself.” He finally reasoned. “Or was I trying to show her that I cared for her and she didn’t need Sebastien?” He countered to himself. David felt a little twinge of guilt for making a move on her like that, but he did what he did because he wanted to kiss her.

He had only known her a few days but was beginning to feel an attraction. But it wasn’t only on his part she felt it too. “How can I kiss David with that kind of passion and then go to lunch with Sebastien?”
She thought as she kept wandering back to the look in those hazel eyes of Sebastien, deciding she wanted to know him better. “Could I or should I still have my date with him the next day? She decided that she would, and would not say anything to him about what had happened in her suite tonight.
“It really wasn’t his problem anyway. Some how, I am going to have to deal with David and not think of that kiss. It probably won’t happen again anyway. “ Dori finally fell asleep, dreaming once again of her mountains and she was at peace again.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 7   Mon Dec 29, 2008 3:21 pm

When Dori woke up the next morning, it was a beautiful day outside and she decided to have breakfast on the Balcony. She called down and ordered breakfast and asked if someone could come up and help her to arrange a small dinner party in her Suite for that evening. She had a pretty good sized kitchen and a formal dining room so she didn’t need to go out.

The hotel sent up the head Chef to organize the dinner for the evening. Dori gave him the list of what she would like to have:
Osso Bucco and Pasta Primavera, for the main dishes
a Lite salad
Banana’s Foster for dessert
She also wanted 6 bottles of the best Champagne DOM and water and Coffee and Tea with Honey. She also ordered hors devours to be served by 7:15. The chef was very pleased with the menu and set a time for the servers to come and prepare everything in the Suite no later than 5 pm to set up. She told him the guests would arrive at 7 pm and they could have dinner by 7:30 pm. He left and her breakfast arrived and the waiter set everything up on the balcony.

Dori enjoyed her Toast and Scrambled Eggs with Juice and coffee. She sat and looked out over the city. She needed to find something to wear for her dated with Sebastien. For some reason she was reconsidering not going, but she knew it would hurt him. She had no intention of doing that to him.

She needed to put the events from last night behind her and move on. The phone rang and Dori answered. “Dori is that you?” came a voice from the other end. It was Sebastien.

“Hello Sebastien. How are you?”She asked.

“Fine… I just wanted to confirm our luncheon date at 1:30 today.”
“Yes I am looking forward to it and will be ready when you arrive.” She replied quietly.

Sebastien sensed something was not right in her voice, “Dori are you OK you sound funny.”

” Yes I am fine Sebastien. I just haven’t gotten use to the time change here and am tired.” She told him, biting her lip lightly.

“Well get some more rest and I will see you in awhile, Goodbye”. Sebastien hung up.

Dori felt worse now than before. She had lied to a man she wanted to get to know better. She wasn’t fine at all because the kiss was really bothering her. She left the balcony and went to her bedroom and began looking thru her clothes for something to wear for her date. She thought Jeans and a blouse would be fine, not really wanting to get dressed up.

She decided to take a hot bath and try to relax. She put the CD player in the bathroom and selected the Siempre CD again. She listened closely to see if she could tell which one was Sebastien’s voice but to no avail, she had no idea. After her bath she decided to go down to the gift shop and look around hoping she would feel better. As she walked around in the gift shop she noticed a whole section in the back of the store devoted to the group IL DIVO she looked at the CD’s David had given her, but then something caught her eye. It was a DVD called ENCORE and it was IL DIVO. Dori put it on the counter and paid the clerk.

Contented for the moment, she went back up to the suite. She thought maybe this will give her more insight into the group as a whole. She opened the DVD’box and turned on the TV, inserting the DVD in the player below. As it started, she watched intently, amazed at how wonderful they looked in their tuxes and suits. She also listened to their amazing voices and was impressed with the range of high notes David and Carlos could reach easily and with clarity. The video helped her to recognize the voices with the singer, which had satisfied that curiosity. When she finished watching the concert footage, she watched the video of ‘Regressa A Mi”. She saw Sebastien playing a fisherman’s son, leaving home to become a singer. His father didn’t seem to approve at first and it reminded her of Water. He too hadn’t really approved of her coming to London to take care of the sale of the farm. “Could he have been right”? She wondered.

As the video ends, she sees Sebastien’s father taking in how wonderful he is and shows his approval. “Is that what I’m searching for… approval from Walter? But why, he’s not my father?” She thought. “But, he is the closest thing I have to a father now… the one person who is represented those things she remembered most about him; what her life had been about so far.” She concluded. She started to watch the “Mama” video but it brought back to many sad memories. She stopped the video, changing instead to the interviews to see if she could learn more about them. She smiled to herself, knowing now they truly loved what they were doing. “Another trait I have in common with them.” She whispered to herself. She returned the DVD to the concert part and watched it again, forgetting about the time completely.

As the concerted ended again, she noticed she only had 10 minutes before Sebastien would be there. She really didn’t want to go out any where; her thoughts were still jumbled in her mind. “Would he understand or should I tell him what was bothering me?” She thought. “I guess I’ll wait until he gets here and play it by ear.” She decided firmly. “Let’s see what he has to say first. I don’t want to jump to any conclusions. He may not feel the same way as I do.”She walked into the bathroom to freshen up and brush her hair. It helped her relax a moment, returning to her daily routine, bringing some normalcy back to her with everything going on. As she finished, she heard a knock on the door. She checked her watch, knowing it would be Sebastien. She took a deep breath, put a pleasant smile on her face and opened the door. She hadn’t expected him to look so debonair. “But then again, he IS French.” She reminded herself, still holding the door handle. “Come in Sebastien. It is good to see you again”. Dori said softly.

“Thank You. It’s nice to see you too”. He said as he came thru the door. “Are you ready to go?”

Dori didn’t want to hurt him, but she just wasn’t ready to face anyone else right now. “Would you mind if we just stayed here? We can order something from downstairs and eat on the balcony if you like.” Dori asked, hoping he would say yes.

“Is there a problem? Can I help”? Sebastien asked her concerned as he reached for her shoulder.

“No… not a problem… except for me not wanting to be around a lot of people today…” She told him, running her fingers through her hair nervously.

“Ok, if you want to stay here and be alone with me that is fine. We can have something here, talk and get to know each other better.” Sebastien suggested, looking into her eyes, patting her shoulder lightly.

Dori called down and ordered some food and drinks for the two of them. Once she was off the phone she sat next to Sebastien on the couch. She told him how she had found the DVD in the gift shop and had watched it all, concluding she was very impressed with all she had seen and heard. Sebastien was glad she went through all that trouble to find out more about him and the other guys. It still amazed him that the group was still so popular and the response from the fans and those that liked Il Divo expressed themselves like nothing he had encountered before. He smiled and nodded as she talked to him. He didn’t know she really had done it searching for answers she still didn’t have.

The food arrived and it was set up on the balcony. They enjoyed a wonderful and private meal together. Sebastien’s hazel eyes really got to Dori. It was as if they could see into her soul and it made her a bit uncomfortable: but she loved looking at him and those beautiful eyes. His smile was inviting and intoxicating at the same time. He was someone Dori never expected to find in her lifetime. After they finished on the balcony, they found a place on the couch to talk. Sitting face to face, they discussed Paris and London and America.

They had talked for a couple of hours when Sebastien said,” I need to go and let you get ready for your dinner party tonight.” Dori didn’t want him to leave yet. She really needed to tell him about David and last night. Sebastien looked at Dori and saw tears welling up inside of her eyes. “Please tell me Dori what is upsetting you so much. I have noticed something has been bothering you all afternoon.”

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 8   Mon Dec 29, 2008 3:23 pm

“I don’t know how to begin.” she replied.

“At the beginning would be the best place.” Sebastien said softly.

“Last night, when David and I came back from Dinner, something happened between us. I was not prepared and really don’t know how to explain it to you.” she said, looking down at her hands on her lap.
Sebastien began thinking the worst possible things, but didn’t let on to Dori; she seemed upset enough.

“Go on…”he encouraged.

Taking a deep breath, she continued “We came in and I laid my purse on the table. When I turned around, David was standing there in front of me… and put his arms around me and… kissed me… not once but twice.” she said ending with a big sigh.

“Was that all that happened?” he asked softly, reaching for her hands on her lap, covering them with his own.

“Yes, and then he left without saying a word.” she added, looking down at the floor below. She was afraid to look at him, look into his eyes and see disappointment or something worse. He finally understood what had upset her, but as to why, that was something he couldn’t quite figure out.

Gently, he took her hands in his and stood her up, putting his arms around her. “Did he kiss you like this?” He gave her a kiss that took her breath away. Dori couldn’t remember a thing that they had spoken about moments before. When he stopped, he saw a dreamy look on her face as she looked into his eyes. He smiled. Still holding her close, he kissed her again, deeper and longer than the first.

Dori was in heaven. Between the intoxicating kisses and his eyes, she felt as though she was floating on a cloud. Her only reality was feeling his heart beating against hers in harmony. She couldn’t remember feeling this happy before.

When they finally came apart, he held her chin lightly in his hands and raised her face to his. ”Don’t worry. Everything is okay… David didn’t mean anything. He couldn’t help how he felt. He was caught up in the moment.” Then he kissed her tenderly on the lips once more.

“Sebastien is an amazing kisser…”she thought to herself. She had never been kissed like that before. The passion in his kiss made her feel like she was melting in his arms and she wanted to enjoy that feeling forever.

When the kiss was over Sebastien told her “I have to go and get ready for your Dinner Party. As soon as I am finished I will come back.” He kissed her good bye, touched her cheek gently and left. Dori didn’t have much time to process what had happen between them because right after he left the servers arrived to set up the kitchen and Dining room for the party.

It took them about 30 minutes and then they left to finish preparing the food to be served. Dori had just enough time for a quick shower before getting ready for her guests. As she was getting ready, she thought about what Sebastien had said about David, trying to put it out of her mind. She only wanted to remember the kisses Sebastien had given her and the feelings she had from them. As she finished with her make up and hair, she heard a knock on the door. She hadn’t put her dress on yet, but she did have on a robe. She went to the door to open it. She was pleasantly surprised that I was Sebastien again. He was early but she didn’t care.
“Hello… you’re early; but I am so glad that you’re here. Please come in.” She was very happy to see him there.

“I thought you could use some help getting ready.” Sebastien replied.

She could because she needed to finish getting dressed and the servers would be returning soon. ‘Can you wait on the servers while I finish dressing?”She asked.

“Of course I will. Do you need any help with that?” he offered.

“No, this I better handle on my own for now.” she replied.

“Just making sure…” he laughed, as she walked out of the room.

The servers arrived about 5 minutes later, so he showed them in. They proceeded to finish the dining room set up and prepared the kitchen with the food. Sebastien caught a glimpse of the Champagne and he decided to open a bottle for him and Dori, thinking it would help her relax. Dori had finished putting on her dress and was putting on her shoes when Sebastien tapped at her bedroom door, holding 2 glasses of Champagne.

“I thought you could use this to relax Darling.” He handed her a glass. They stood there looking into each others eyes, not having to say a word, knowing what the other was thinking and feeling. They went in to the dining room and she was amazed at what the servers had done. It was beautiful.

“How many people are we having tonight Sebastien?” She asked him.

“Should be 7 Darling.”He replied.

She loved it when he called her Darling. They left the Kitchen and went in to the living room to sit down on the couch. Sebastien asked her if she was feeling more at ease with what they had discussed earlier that day.

She said “Yes I feel much better thank you, and thank you for being here for me and being so understanding.”

“Last night when you walked in the door of the dining room you took my breath away Dori. I couldn’t take my eyes off of you.” He told her. “I think you know there is something very strong for two people who have just met to feel the way I am feeling about you tonight.”

“Yes Sebastien I know, I feel it too. It is a feeling I have never felt before and you have made me very happy in such a very short time.” She told him smiling that beautiful smile that made her eyes light up like stars. “I have a question for you Sebastien. You know I am here on business with David. I will be returning to the States again after we are finished. What will happen then?” She wasn’t sure she wanted to know, but she knew she needed an answer.

“When we finish our recording here in London, we will have a break before we leave for Sweden. I can come to the States and visit you? Then, we will have another break after Sweden and before the tour starts. Perhaps we can get back together then… maybe in Paris?” He replied, hoping it was the answer she wanted to hear.

“That would be wonderful l. I have never been to Paris and I would love to be a tourist.” She told him. Sebastien couldn’t have been happier at her response.

A knock came at the door and one of the Servers answered it. David was shown to the living room. He was more than surprised to see Dori looking so elegant as well as Sebastien sitting with her on the couch, drinking Champagne. “Well Sebastien looks like you and Dori have started the Dinner Party without us.” He said sharply.

“He doesn’t look to happy…” Dori thought.

“Never without you David” Sebastien replied, smiling.

Dori could feel tension building from David and needed to intervene, so she asked him “Would you like a glass of Champagne David?”

“Yes that would be nice. Thank You.” David replied.

Dori looked over at Sebastien and he got up saying, “Let me get it for you.”

When he left the room Dori asked David what was wrong.

“I didn’t think you knew each other before last night. I come in and you two are together drinking Champagne like old friends.” He told her hurtfully.

“We did just meet last night, but we had lunch together here today and talked most of the afternoon. We enjoy each others company.” She told him point blank.

“What about the kiss last night? You seemed to enjoy that too. Didn’t it mean anything to you?” He asked her, stunned.

“David, I am here for you and I to conduct business. I thought that was what you wanted too?” she replied. “Where you looking for more than that?”

“I never came to you looking for anything more than business and the rest just seemed right.” He said, stepping closer to her. David wanted her to know he cared about her.

“I am sorry David, but I won’t lead you on and I won’t say or do anything that would hurt you on purpose. David, you do not want someone who isn’t sure where she is going in her life and doesn’t know how to share yours with you.” Dori tried to explain without doing anything else to hurt him. “I care for you a great deal, and you have been so good to me and been there for me the past few days to help me through. But I don’t know where I am going with my life. It wouldn’t be fair to put yours on hold for something that may never happen.”

David was beginning to get the feeling Dori was still lost without her father and needed to get her own life together before she could share his or anyone’s. “I am sorry if I put you on the spot last night. I wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt you either. Friends?” He was sorry and knew they would stay friends for a long time, but that was all it would be. He wasn’t quite so sure about her and Sebastien. "Every time I look at them, they are looking at each other". He thought to himself. David walked over and hugged Dori, just as Sebastien came back in to the room.

He wasn’t sure what was going on and wasn’t going to interrupt. Sebastien turned around to go back to the Kitchen. When David spotted him he asked, “Is that for me or are you going to keep them both for yourself?”

“No it is for you, but I didn’t want to intrude.” Sebastien replied.

“You’re not; if you were, we would have said something.” David winked those beautiful eyes at Dori.

Sebastien was happy to find the tension was gone from the room and that they seemed to have fixed what ever the problem was. “…all was Ok now…” he thought to himself. “Well the other guests should be arriving soon.” He offered. About that time, a knock came at the door and Dori opened it to find her cousin Suzie from New York City standing there.

Dori was surprised to see her. Dori said “Suzie what are you doing in London?”

She replied “I am here on Business and I hear you are too.”

“Yes, I am. How did you know where to find me?” Dori asked.

“I called you at home and Walter told me you were here. I just got in and figured we could get together and talk and if you have the room we could share expenses.”Suzie replied.

“I have plenty of room for you, do come in. I am sorry, where are my manners…” Dori seemed a little concerned.

When Suzie walked in and saw the beginning of the party, she felt embarrassed. She was interrupting something. “Dori are you sure I shouldn’t go get my own room? Looks like you have company.” Suzie said.

“Yes I am having a Dinner Party for my Friends.” Dori explained. She didn’t tell her it was IL DIVO. She showed Suzie the spare bedroom and Bath.

Dori told her she was welcome to freshen up, change and join them in the Dining Room . She would introduce her to the other guests. Dori left Suzie to herself and rejoined the group. Carlos and his girlfriend Cyd had just arrived. Urs and Siobhan had arrived just after Suzie and they were all in the dining room with Sebastien and David.

Dori looked at David and Sebastien and really had no idea what to say. David came over and asked if she was Okay. “I am sorry for the interruption and she will be out soon. Dinner may be a little late. Excuse me for a second.” Dori said to David. She went into the Kitchen and informed them that another guest had arrived and could they please set the table for her. Sebastien and David looked at each other and couldn’t figure out what was going on. Dori seemed upset and didn’t want to discuss it with them.

David told Sebastien he would go and try to find out what was wrong.. “Dori can you please tell me what is wrong and who that was?” David asked.

“She is my Cousin from New York City, and she is in Real Estate. Her name is Suzie Anders.” Dori explained.

“Are you okay with her being here, or is there a problem?” David asked.

“No it is fine, I will talk to her later and find out what is going on. Let’s enjoy our party.” Dori remarked. She went over and started talking to Carlos and Urs and the ladies they had brought. David told Sebastien what she had said but that still didn’t help them understand what was bothering her.

David was the first to see Suzie when she came down the hallway. He couldn’t believe his eyes. She was extraordinary. She glowed in an emerald green evening dress. She was about 5’7 and long Auburn hair and a beautiful, slim figure. He escorted her to the dining room. When she walked in everyone was stunned at her beauty and David couldn’t take his eyes off her. Sebastien walked over to Dori and told her maybe she should introduce Suzie to everyone and she agreed.

“Everyone if I could have your attention, I would like to welcome all of you here tonight and thank you for coming.” Dori said.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 9   Mon Dec 29, 2008 3:24 pm

“Now, with your kind indulgence, I would like to introduce you to my cousin Suzie Anders from New York City. She will also be joining us for Dinner.” Dori added. “Suzie, this is Carlos Marin and his date Cyd; Urs Buhler and his date Siobhan; Sebastien Izambard and David Miller… otherwise known as IL DIVO.”

Suzie thought she had recognized them when she walked in but thought " that can’t be." Suzie spoke up boldly, looking at each one in turn. “Thank you for a warm welcome. It is a pleasure to meet all of you.” With everyone seemingly paired for the evening, David sat next to Suzie and Sebastien sat with Dori.

The waiter served the Champagne and the appetizers as they talked for about 20 minutes while the final preparations were completed for the main course. Soon, it was announced that the meal was ready to be served, so they went to the dinning room to be seated at a beautiful table.

Dori noticed David held out the chair for Suzie, as did Carlos for Cyd and Urs for Siobhan, as Sebastien had done for her. Once everyone was seated comfortably, the waiters refilled their glasses with Champagne. As they talked casually among themselves, the Light Salad was served. Everyone, except Dori, had Osso Bucco for their entrée. Dori had Pasta Primavera. Dori was pleased everyone seemed to enjoy their meal. But Dori was also slightly distracted by Suzie’s presence.

Sebastien tried to talk to her and engage her in the conversation, but to no avail. The waiters cleared the dishes from the main course and began setting up for Dessert - Banana’s Foster and Coffee and Hot tea. Everyone had the dessert and enjoyed it, especially Dori, as it was Dori’s first time tasting anything like it. She couldn’t believe what she had been missing.
After Dessert they all moved back to the living room. Once they were comfortable in the living room again, Dori felt as though they had made her a part of the group, including her in the conversation as though they had been friends for years.

“Suzie, what brings you to London?” Carlos asked politely.

“Little Business and lots of pleasure, I hope.” She replied slyly, looking toward David. David was looking at Sebastien and didn’t notice the look she was giving him. But, everyone else saw the look.

Urs spoke up and asked “How long will you be in London?”

“I am not really sure yet. How ever long my business takes… I am sure of that.” Suzie responded.

Dori was not happy with that answer. “What is she doing here to begin with?”She thought.

Suzie spoke up again, “So you’re the International Superstars IL DIVO. Well, I have to say, I love your music … the sound, the harmony, the strong voices. Being a New Yorker, I have seen some of David’s work on Broadway as well.”

When she mentioned his name, David turned and gave her that 1000 watt smile. She most definitively saw it too and smiled back. They had made a connection with that comment and it would be a connection that would continue to grow from that moment on. Suzie was everything David could see for his future, as he focused his full attention on her. Dori wasn’t happy about the flirting going on between David and Suzie.

Sebastien could see it as well and he felt something needed to be said.
“Dori, could we have a word… in private please?” He whispered quietly.

“Of course Sebastien.”Dori replied, concerned by the look on his face. They excused themselves and went in to the dining room which had already been cleared. Sitting down at the table where they just had the wonderful meal Dori asked “Yes Sebastien. What is it you needed to talk to me about?”

“Please tell me what is bothering you about Suzie and her comments about David. Is there a problem you are not sharing with me?” Sebastien tried hard to be gentle with her.

“OK I will tell you. Suzie comes from the city and is much more... experienced than I. She has never had any trouble getting men and I don’t want her to hurt David or use him.” She replied, tears rolling down her face. She turned away from him suddenly, trying to hide the feeling she felt.

Sebastien sighed. Standing, he moved over so that Dori could see his face. Calmly, he held her hands, lifting her up. He held her warmly, rocking her gently in his arms. Dori felt so happy to be in his arms again. Trying to set aside her feelings at the moment, she wished she could stay there forever. Sebastien felt the same and he knew he never wanted to let her go. Sebastien didn’t let her go but raised her chin up gently with one hand as the other wiped away her tears. Looking into her eyes he said softly but firmly, “Mon Cheri, David is a big boy now and he is far from innocent either. He can take care of this without you worrying. If something is meant to happen, it will. All your worrying will not change it. You and David have business to work out and that is as far as it should go.”

She knew he was right and she needed to deal with the business and return home. But, to do that she would have to leave the wonderful man standing there holding her close. She wasn’t sure how she would be able to do that.

Dori and Sebastien were still together, holding each other close when they heard someone come into the room and say “Are you too coming back to the party or are you having one of your own in here?” It was Carlos and Urs. They seemed a bit put off by the couple’s extended absence.

“Sorry it is my fault.” Dori replied back.

Sebastien let her go only because he felt had to. Neither was happy about it. Sebastien followed Urs and Carlos back to the living room while Dori went in to the bedroom and freshen up and make sure her face and makeup were ok. She came back to the living room and her guests and told them she was sorry that she had taken so long.

David could see the glances communicated between Dori and Sebastien. Something was up and he wandered what it could be; not knowing that it was he they had been talking about. David let it go thinking that if it were important Sebastien would tell him later.

Carlos announced that he and Cyd were planning to set the date of their wedding in a few days. When the group looked at Cyd, she was glowing. They had been together for over a year and no one could believe how much in love they were. Carlos was the Latin Lover type and flirt, while Cyd handled it with calmness and support. She was quite a classy lady, but couldn’t wait to talk about the wedding to the other ladies in the room.

Siobhan had been engaged to Urs for over a year. They had been a couple for 3 years and the looks they gave each other was filled with Passion and Excitement. Every glance held a special feeling for the two of them; just looking at them people could see how much in love they were. They too were planning their wedding. It would be about 2 months after Cyd and Carlos got married. Everyone was filled with excitement of the upcoming Weddings and the roles they would play in them.

This was all news to Dori as it really was the first time she had spent any time with the Ladies. She couldn’t believe how much patience they had when it came to the fans who adored the Group. Neither seemed jealous at all. But the girls knew that would not be good for the group and that Urs and Carlos would be upset by them acting out toward the fans in public or private.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 10   Mon Dec 29, 2008 3:25 pm

Dinner was lovely. Dori could see everyone was having a good time by the light and easy conversations among the small group. Dori asked to speak to David alone. They excused themselves, going to the dining room to talk. Sebastien wasn’t sure of what was going on “Why speak to David tonight?” He wondered.

Suzie was enjoying her conversation with Cyd and Siobhan so she didn’t notice David leave the room. In the dining room, Dori looked at David and he knew something was wrong. “What is the problem Dori? I see it on your face.” He asked.

“It is not a problem David. I have your answer and I thought you would want to know. I am going ahead and sell you the farm with 1 major stipulation; if you agree, the new contracts can be ready in 3 days. Then, I can get back to the farm. I want to lease from you 5 acres of meadowland up on top of the mountain to build a house and live there. It won’t cost you a penny and I will pay you an annual lease price you may set on a year to year basis.” Dori explained.

David was stunned that she had just agreed to sell him the farm. But to stay on the mountain as a renter he really didn’t know what to say. “I have no problem with that. Are you sure that is what you want to do?” He asked her excitedly.

“Yes it is just what I had planned before you made the offer to buy the farm. This just means we’ll be neighbors as well.” Dori replied.

“Ok, what now?” David asked her.

“I will contact my lawyer in the morning and you contact yours. We should be able to sign the sales and lease agreements in a few days.” She informed him.

David knew she wanted to get back, but he seemed confused. She and Sebastien had started getting close, he thought. Something may come of it; maybe he was wrong and Sebastien was just a friend. Still, he felt something was off with her.

Sebastien walked in as they had just finished up. Dori said “Hello” and then left the room for them to talk. “What is going on David?” Sebastien asked loudly.

“Calm down Sebastien. Everything is fine… I think… no, it’s fine.” David remarked, still unsure himself.

“What were you two talking about in here for so long?” Sebastien asked again loudly. He was very concerned and David saw that in his face.

“We were talking about buying the farm. We have everything settled and should be able to sign the contracts in about 3 days. Then Dori is heading back to the mountains and the States for good.” David informed him. David suddenly realized he had hurt his friend deeply in all of his excitement about the purchase. He had just told Sebastien that Dori was leaving him and she hadn’t said a thing to him about going home.

Sebastien turned and walked out of the room, heading for the living room where Dori was saying goodnight to the last guests. Urs and Siobhan had left and Carlos and Cyd were out the door before Sebastien could say a word. Suzie was standing in the middle of the living room as David walked back into the room. He realized that Dori and Sebastien had not talked yet. “Suzie how about going for a walk downstairs and have a drink? I think they need to talk.” David asked her.

Suzie was thrilled and went to her room to get her purse and cover. Suzie told Dori they would talk later or in the morning, Dori gave her a room card in case she had gone to bed by the time they returned. She said goodnight to them and closed the door.

Sebastien was sitting on the couch with his arms folded across his chest. He was very hurt and angry. Dori wasn’t sure of what to say to him to find out what was wrong. She had no idea what David had told him. She came over and sat next to him on the couch and asked him what was wrong.
Sebastien looked into her eyes and ask her “Why are you leaving me?”

She was not sure what he meant, but she knew she had to ask. “What did David say to you after I left Sebastien?” She needed to hear it whether she wanted to or not.

“David told me you are selling him the farm and your business will be over within 3 days. You will be going back to the States… for good.” Sebastien’s voice cracked from the pain of saying for good.”

She knew he was hurting from what he had heard. She had to fix this, but how, when David had told the truth. “Sebastien what do you want me to say? That he was lying? I’m sorry, but he wasn’t. I am going home. There is much to be done before David comes to take over.” Dori tried to explain, but it wasn’t helping.

“Will you be back or not?” Sebastien’s voice got louder.

“If I come back, it won’t be for awhile.” Dori remarked, looking down at her hands.

“You would just up and leave me… and not come back to be with me… and not even tell me you were leaving? Is that how much you care about me?” Sebastien was not only loud but angry too.

“I am sorry David told you before I had the chance. I was going to ask you to stay after everyone left and explain that I have to go back to take care of the crew , Walter and the farm until David arrives to take over. Please understand, I would have never have just left without telling you first. I am so sorry Sebastien. Please forgive me.” Tears were rolling down her face. When he lifted up her chin to look at him, he too had tears in his eyes. Both were so upset, neither could talk anymore. There were so many more tears, all they could do was hold each other tight and cry. They both felt like their hearts were breaking and they didn’t know how to stop their pain much less their tears.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 11   Mon Dec 29, 2008 3:26 pm

Anger had faded from Sebastien, but was replaced by pain and more hurt. He knew from that minute, holding Dori in his arms, that he loved her and no one else. Dori already knew in her heart she would love Sebastien until the end of time. He was and always would be the Greatest Love of her Life. So why was she saying she would leave him behind? She knew she had to leave. “I have a duty to her crew and family. I have to make sure they were taken care of and everyone was settled about the changing of the owners and their jobs.” She thought to herself, trying to gain some sense of strength from it. “I need to be there for David and the rest in case something came up. I should have to be the one who handles it.” How could she get Sebastien to understand all of this… and make him believe her, when she said she loved him and didn’t want to leave him? They stayed in each others arms for what seemed like hours, until they were startled by a noise coming from the door.

It was David and Suzie coming back. They were laughing and still enjoying talking to each other till they saw Dori and Sebastien sitting there nearly in the dark just holding each other. They spoke to them, but neither responded. David asked Sebastien if he need to take him home. Sebastien shook his head no. Suzie motioned for David to come into the kitchen.

She told David” It may be best if we just leave them alone for now. Do you know what is wrong between them?” She asked David in a whisper.

“Yes. I told Sebastien that Dori is selling me the farm in a few days and is planning on going back to the States as soon as possible.” David explained to her with a sigh.

“Are they close David? I thought she had just met you during the past week or so?” Suzie asked.

“Yes, we did just meet but somehow they have fallen in love by the looks of it… seems pretty real to me.” David informed her as he started to pace back and forth in the room. “I know Sebastien and he wouldn’t be in so much pain if it wasn’t love.”

They decided to call it a night, giving Dori and Sebastien the time they needed to be together. This was something no one else could do for them or help them through.

They said Good Night and Suzie thanked him for a beautiful night. They made some plans to go to lunch tomorrow. David adding he would call her about 10 am to confirm.

She showed him to the door. They noticed looking into the living room, Sebastien and Dori were gone.
David kissed Suzie on the cheek and said Good night again.

Suzie locked up and turned out the lights. She really wasn’t sure where Dori and Sebastien were and she was ready for bed. She decided she would talk to Dori in the morning. She passed by Dori’s room and heard nothing so she went to her room. She got undressed, put on her gown and laid down to get some much needed sleep. Still wandering where Dori and Sebastien were, she drifted off to sleep.

Little did she know when she listened at Dori’s room door, they were indeed in her room… or at least Sebastien was as Dori was in the bathroom changing into a nightgown. Sebastien was sitting on the edge of the bed like a frighten puppy not knowing what to do. Sebastien thought he was seeing an angel when Dori walked out of the bathroom wearing a beautiful long lavender nightgown. She was a vision of beauty to him. Dori knew he loved her; she could feel it when she walked into the room. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him. Sebastien stood up and walked over to her. He took her in his arms and kissed her with such passion she melted right there in his arms. “Besides being a wonderful looking man, he is an amazing kisser…” she thought.

“Mon Cheri… I need to leave you, as I can’t be held responsible for what would happen if I stay.” He told her breathing hard. Dori looked into his eyes and knew he didn’t want to go and she didn’t want him to leave either.

“I want you to stay with me tonight and show me how much you love me… and let me show you how deeply I love you.” Dori replied with a deep longing in her eyes, as her finger gently outlined his full lips.

“Are you sure this is what you want and are ready for?” He asked her softly, gently kissing each finger of her hand.

“I don’t think I could be more ready.” she replied, kissing him deeply. They both had a wanting look in their eyes. They knew that this would be a night they would never forget. Dori had never been with a man so was very inexperienced in love making, but she sensed Sebastien would make all of her fears disappear. Dori began to unbutton Sebastien’s shirt, pulling it down his arms and dropping it on the floor. Then, she began to run her fingers up and down his chest ever so gently. It was something she and Sebastien were both enjoying. He bent down to kiss her neck, behind her ears and then finally finding his way to her lips .After a few minutes Dori moved to the bed and pulled the covers down as Sebastien finished undressing and turned out the light. He lay down and watched as Dori removed her gown and it flowed to the floor.

She returned to his open arms and he held her close. That night, they shared their passion for each other in a blissful, intimate harmony neither had felt before. After a glorious crescendo and with the beginning hints of the morning’s warm sunrise beginning it’s soft refrain, they drifted off to sleep in each others arms. From that night forward, Dori no longer just dreamed of the mountains… she dreamed of Sebastien. He had made her happier than she had ever hoped to be. She knew she belonged to him forever.

The clock radio went off about 8 am. It was set to a country music station and there was a song playing called “Good Morning Beautiful.” Sebastien had never heard it before. He listened to the words as he looked at Dori sleeping in his arms. He knew the song was meant for her; he had to remember that song. He turned the radio off and felt Dori move closer to him. He snuggled next to her and drifted off to sleep once again.

Dori awoke about 10 am and Sebastien was still sleeping. She lay in his arms and rubbed his face gently with her hand. Sebastien awoke to her beautiful face and her loving touch on his face. He smiled and held her close as they rejoiced again in what they had shared. It was around noon before Dori wandered out of bed. Sebastien had fallen back to sleep, so she sat in the chair watching him quietly for about an hour, remembering and reliving his touch.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 12   Mon Dec 29, 2008 3:39 pm

As she went to the kitchen to make some coffee, she ran into Suzie. “…long night huh…” Suzie remarked.

“Yes, it has been a long night.” Dori replied sharply.

“Well are you happy to see me cousin?” Suzie asked.

“I guess if you tell me why you’re here, maybe I will be happy… or will I?” Dori spoke sharply, rubbing her hands together so she didn’t clench them.

“Like I said, I called the farm. Walter told me about the offer and asked if I would check on you, help with the sale and contracts if you needed any help.” Suzie replied calmly.

“That’s it. You’re here to check up on me like a child, which by the way I’m not. For your information cousin the sale is going ahead. David will own the farm by the end of the week.” Dori told her point blank, moving her hands to her hips. “So are you really here on your own business Suzie, because mine is almost over.”

“Yes I have some property to look at which a client wants to buy outside of London. We have a meeting in 2 days.” Suzie informed her, still remaining calm.

“Good. I don’t need your help or Walter’s for that matter. He has a job running the farm. David wants to keep everyone on the job. So they should be happy…“Dori explained sharply.

Sebastien had just woken up and found Dori wasn’t beside him. He looked around and called out for her but no answer. He got up, got dressed and headed toward the kitchen.

“So what time did Sebastien leave last night?” Suzie asked, trying to change the subject.

Dori didn’t know what to say at first. “Sebastien didn’t leave last night Suzie. He is still sleeping in my room.” She said finally.

Sebastien was coming down the hall when he heard voices coming from the kitchen. He knew the girls were in there talking, but he wasn’t sure what they were discussing or whether he should go in.As he started in, he heard Dori tell Suzie he was still asleep in her room and that he hadn’t left last night, so he waited. He wondered what Suzie thought and what she would tell David, if anything.

“Dori, are you and Sebastien Ok? You were both upset when we returned from drinks last night.” Suzie asked her.

“Well being Ok is a big question. David told Sebastien I was going through with the sale of the farm and I would be leaving by week’s end before I had the chance to tell him anything first.” Dori explained.

“What are you going to do now that you and Sebastien have fallen in love? Dori, he doesn’t know how to live in your world and I don’t think you will be comfortable in his.” Suzie remarked. Sebastien heard what Suzie had said. He wasn’t spying; he just wasn’t sure he should go in an interrupt them.

“How did you know Sebastien and I were in love? Did David tell you that?” Dori ask her.

“No you did…the way you two look at each other and the way he was holding you last night. Everyone can see it. Can’t you?” Suzie continued.

“Yes. I know how we feel about each other. I guess that’s the problem; loving him is the most exciting and wonderful thing that has ever happen to me. But I still have to do things back home too.” Dori replied, trying to sound convincing.

“Loving him should not be a problem Dori. You love him don’t you? Then tell him and show him… don’t just walk out on him. It could destroy his love for you forever. Maybe you should think about that? Do you want to lose him forever?” Suzie was angry and disappointed in Dori and very loud.

“Yes… I love Sebastien. No, I don’t want to lose him. If I could, I would stay; but for one he hasn’t ask me to. What about the sale that has to be finalized? I have to return to the States to make preparations for David to come and take over... I don’t want to leave Sebastien behind. I know I might lose him if I go…” Dori sobbed.

Hearing the tears through her words, Sebastien had heard enough. He came around the corner and took her in his arms, holding her close. “Suzie, I need to talk to Dori please… leave us for a bit? Thanks.” Sebastien was a little rude to Suzie. He didn’t mean to be, but she had upset Dori and that upset him. Sebastien gently picked up Dori and carried her back to her room.

Sebastien put Dori back to bed and told her to go to sleep, promising her he would be there when she awoke. Dori closed her eyes; she felt so tired and she was still crying. She could still feel Sebastien’s arms around her, holding her tight. His remember touch calmed her so she felt safe enough to go to sleep.

She dreamed of the mountains and having Sebastien there to share them. That’s all she wanted - her mountains and him to share them with; the joining of her world to him. After Dori was asleep, Sebastien came back to the kitchen and found Suzie making coffee.

“I am sorry Suzie, but Dori is in no shape to hear about me leaving her if she goes home. I love her and we will work this out ourselves. Please do not badger her about this.” Sebastien was upset and to the point.

“I am sorry Sebastien but the decisions she has to make are tearing her up inside. Someone has to help her through this.” Suzie remarked back at him, widening her stance and crossing her arms across her chest.

“I know Suzie. But she and I are the only ones who can make these decisions. We have to do it together. If you keep after her, she will leave just to get away from the both of us.” Seb said, taking a step toward her. Sebastien wasn’t really angry at Suzie, more afraid for Dori. She didn’t come from this kind of life; hers was simple and his of course wasn’t. He knew in his heart that Dori could understand the love of his music and the group, but living his life would take time to come to terms with. Dori was already feeling the pressure and he wanted to make it stop. He didn’t want to drive her away. But he was sure if the questions didn’t stop, it would do just that- drive her back to the States and her mountains to hide from the rest of the world… their world they had so caringly started to build together.

Sebastien used the phone to call David, asking him to go by his flat to pack him enough clean clothes for a day or two… no questions asked. He would explain why later at the suite. David said he would be there soon and hung up. David and Sebastien were great friends and being in the band made them feel like brothers. Seb knew he could tell David anything and usually did. He wanted David to do something with Suzie and get her out of the suite for a couple of days.

While they waited for David to arrive, Sebastien walked back into the bedroom to check on Dori who was still sleeping peacefully. As he did so, a knock came at the suite’s door. Suzie answered it and there stood David in jeans, shirt, boots and a light jacket. She motioned him in and shut the door behind him as Sebastien came returned from checking on Dori.

David looked at Sebastien and noticed he was wearing the same clothes from the night before. “What was going on here?”He wandered. “Ok …here are your clothes and I am here now. Would someone tell me what is going on?” David demanded, dropping the overnight bag on the floor. Sebastien and Suzie looked at each other than back at David. When he looked around the room, David noticed that Dori was no where to be seen. “Alright Sebastien, where is Dori?” David demanded, his voice rising slightly with impatience.

“She’s asleep right now… I just got her calmed down.” Sebastien was trying to explain and remain calm. He needed to remain calm now… he was in no mood for another emotional flare-up as his mind was already going in too many directions at once as it was.

“What do you mean calm down? What has happen to her Sebastien? Tell me and tell me now!” David was beginning to get upset and raising his voice even more as he continued to advance closer to Sebastien.

“David please be quiet… you will wake her.” Sebastien asked his friend in an effort to remain calm, fearing he would lose control as well.

“Why don’t you want me to wake her Sebastien? Please tell me what is wrong with her?” David stammered as he lowered his voice and stopped within arms reach of Sebastien.

“Calm down David. Dori is upset and we need to let her rest. Let’s all go into the living room where we can talk calmly… rationally.” Sebastien suggested, touching David’s shoulder lightly.

They all went and sat in the living room. Suzie began explaining her conversation with Dori earlier. “Dori and I talked about the sale of the farm and her leaving London to go home to prepare for your taking over. It would mean leaving Sebastien and she just fell apart.” Suzie told David, looking sheepishly at the floor.

“Sebastien is Dori really alright and will she be herself again soon?” David implored, looking to Sebastien.

“Yes… but I need time to get her to understand I won’t leave her if she has to go back to the States. I need your help with that. When do you plan on going to the States to transfer ownership of the farm?” Sebastien ask him.

“The contracts should be ready in a couple of day. We will sign them here and then I will travel to the States within a week to transfer ownership. Why?” David answered, starting to calm down.

“Dori feels she has to leave as soon as you sign the papers to prepare the crew and Walter and get things in order for you.” Sebastien explained, relieved at the calm that was occurring.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 13   Mon Dec 29, 2008 3:40 pm

“David, can’t that be done when you arrive?” Suzie interrupted.“I really don’t see why not. But only out of respect for the crew and Walter, she wants to do it before you get there.” Suzie added, trying to be helpful. Sebastien was trying to be tactful, but it was slipping from his grasp. Turning to Suzie, he calmly asked her if she would mind getting them all some coffee while they talked. Suzie nodded and headed for the kitchen. As soon as she was out of sight, Sebastien turned to David and continued. “David, I need time with her alone and wondered if you could take Suzie to your place for a couple of days. Let me talk to Dori alone… she really doesn’t need anymore pressure than what she is putting on herself.” Sebastien said softly, resting his chin in his hands with a sigh.

“Yes Suzie can come and stay with me in the spare room if she doesn’t mind.” David answered as Suzie returned with two coffee mugs in her hands. She had only heard Sebastien’s last few words.

“No I really do understand your concern Sebastien. I had no idea she was hurting so. I’ll go in and pack some things to take and let you two continue talking.” Suzie says as she leaves the room.

“Sebastien I have to ask… why are you wearing the same clothes from last night? You never left did you?” David asked him.

“No David. We went to Dori’s room while you and Suzie were in the kitchen. She asked me to stay so I did.” Sebastien explained as best as he could.

“Sebastien, I care about her as a good friend. Please, don’t hurt her or be angry at her. She doesn’t come from our world and she is still very innocent in lots of things. She is strong willed, but we are new to her and she seems to be having trouble understanding this world.” David said sadly, setting down his coffee mug on the coffee table near by.

“I will not hurt her David. I Love Her.” Sebastien finally said; what David had known and what was in his heart.

“I know you do my friend, but does she love you?” David asked.

“Yes. We have told each other how we feel. I also think that maybe some of the problem, she feels if she leaves I will stop loving her. And she has given herself to me… heart…body… and soul. She’s afraid of losing it all.” Sebastien spoke gently, rubbing the side of the coffee mug with his hand.

“Sebastien you have to find a way to get through to her and help her. She is a good person and I don’t want her hurt.” David was trying not to hurt his friend.

“David, just take care of Suzie so I can take care of Dori. I will talk to you more tomorrow.” Sebastien remarked as both men stood up.

“I am sorry but I need to shower and shave. I promised Dori I would be there when she awakes. So I will be off to get cleaned up. Thank You My friend.” Sebastien said and hugged David.

“Your welcome my friend.” David replied.

A few minutes later, David gathered Suzie’s suitcase so they can leave the suite.

Sebastien locked the door and turn out the lights. He picks up his bag that David had brought him and heads to Dori’s room. He opens the door gently and makes sure Dori is still sleeping before he heads for the bathroom with his stuff. He went thru the things David had brought him and found a robe and shaving kit. He took a shower, shaved and put on his robe and returned to the bedroom. She was still sleeping and he didn’t want to wake her so he slip back into the bed very quietly and snuggled up next to her. He smiled when she turned over and snuggled in his arms before he fell asleep, cuddled up with the woman of his dreams. Sometime in the middle of the night Dori awoke to find Sebastien sleeping next to her and he had her in his arms. She was happy with him there and never wanted to wake up apart from him again.

She thought back on her discussion with Suzie. “… oh what about Suzie? … Where is she? She wandered. She slowly crept out of the bed, noticing Sebastien’s robe on the chair; wandering how that got there. She went to Suzie’s room and knocked on the door but no one answered. “Where was she?” Dori went through the whole suite and couldn’t find her. She began to get more upset. She went back to her room as Sebastien was waking up, looking around the bed for her.

“Sebastien I can’t find Suzie.” Dori whimpered.

“Dori it is okay… she is with David. They are going to spend a couple of days seeing the sights, so she is staying in his spare room for a couple of days.” Sebastien explained, holding his arms out to her.

Dori felt better but thought “… it is my fault she left… “

“Dori, come to me and let me hold you. That is what you need right now … to calm down and stay with me.” Sebastien was very gentle with her.

Dori climbed back into the bed and Sebastien’s waiting arms. As she lay facing him, she asked “Did I ask her to leave Sebastien?”

“No Mon Cheri. I did I knew we needed to work some things out and couldn’t do it with others around, We need time together.” Sebastien tried to explain, gently rubbing his hand up and down her arm.

“Thank You Sebastien for taking such good care of me. I Love You.” She said with a sigh as she snuggled against his neck.

“Why don’t you go take a shower and I will order us something to eat. It had been several hours since we have had anything to eat, OK?” Sebastien had suggested just what she needed for the moment a shower and food.

“All right…” Dori replied. “Just order me a salad and tea with sugar and lemon.”

Dori went to the bathroom and Sebastien got dressed. He went to the kitchen to call down and order their food so Dori could have a moment alone as she showered. After the order had been placed, Sebastien came back to the bedroom to find Dori showered and dressed in Jeans and a T-shirt. It didn’t matter to him what she had on; she was still the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

“They said it would be up in about 20 minutes. How are you feeling now Mon Cheri?” Sebastien ask her.

“Better Thank You. Do you want to eat in the living room on the couch?” Dori asked Sebastien.

“That is fine with me, as long as we are together.” he replied, hugging her close and kissing her cheek lightly.

That made Dori feel even better, she loved him so much and all they need for now was each other.
“But what about later when I would have to leave to go home? What will I do without him? I might lose him forever and that would be heartbreaking for both of us.” She wondered.

“What is on your mind Mon Cheri?” he asked. He could see in her eyes she was still unsteady about everything.

“I am fine Sebastien. I was just wondering what it would be like for us when I have to leave and go home?” She told him, lightly touching her cheek to his as she hugged him back.

“We need to talk this out darling. You can’t go on worrying about what will happen if you go home.” He said, looking into her eyes.

“I know, but it worries me.” Dori responded as she rested her hand on his shoulder.

“You told Suzie that I hadn’t asked you to stay with me. The truth is I haven’t had the chance to discuss our future with you.” Sebastien continued, holding her chin lightly in his hand to make sure he had her attention. “Dori what do you want to do… stay or leave?” Sebastien needed to know.

“I want to stay…but I know I have to go. I have responsibilities to the people on the farm back home.” Dori explained and tried to step away.

“I understand your loyalty to the people back home. I admire you for it. But what happens to you once David comes and takes over? Where do you go from there?” Sebastien asked her, holding her firmly by the shoulders.

She hadn’t even begun to know where she would go or what she would do. She really hadn’t let herself think that far ahead. Until she met David and Sebastien, she was content living on the farm and staying on her mountain, but now she had to face the fact that the farm would be David’s. She had to look to the future. The question in her mind was did she have a future with Sebastien or could she? Could she fit into his world of concerts, recording dates and touring around the world for months on end? Did she want that life style? If she loved him with all her heart and soul then the answer would be ‘Yes’. But this was a life style, she knew nothing about and it would take time to adjust. She knew that she wanted to be with him forever… that was the only thing she knew for certain.

A knock on the door stopped the discussion for the moment. Sebastien answered the door and it was their food. He asked the waiter leave the tray on the table in the living room , gave him a tip and thanked him, closing the door behind him.

“Dori our food is here… come eat something please…” Sebastien said to her.

She came in and took his hand as they walked to the table. They ate pretty much in silence as she watched him. She knew she wanted to be with him no matter what the cost. “Sebastien you asked me what I wanted. Now you need to tell me what you want for us.” Dori said to him.

“All right. I want you and I to be together and be happy. Do I want you to go? The answer would be NO but I admire your devotion to the people on the farm. I understand Dori what you must do and why. I Love You for who you are; that kind of Honor and loyalty is part of you. I couldn’t be more proud.” Sebastien spoke from his heart, reaching for her hand as he finished and kissed it warmly. Sebastien was being honest with her and she knew that he loved her. They would have to find a middle ground somewhere. After they finished their food Sebastien set the tray outside the door for the waiters to pick up later. He locked up and came back to Dori who had moved to the couch. Sitting next to her and holding her hands in his, he gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Well what shall we do about this problem? You know what you must do and I will not leave just because you have to go back for awhile.” Sebastien was trying to reassure her.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 14   Mon Dec 29, 2008 3:42 pm

“Then I will sign the contracts with David and return to the States and settle everything there. Will you come to the farm with David? We can decide where we will be going from there.” She pleaded.

“I will see what I can do to get away for a few days and come with David. Then we can make plans for our future together. Dori I want you in my life and I am willing to fight for that.” He spoke so gently to her..

She fell into his arms and they stayed that way for awhile. She began to get very sleepy so Sebastien picked her up in his arms and carried her to her room, undressing her and putting her to bed. He then got undressed and climbed into the bed beside her. As he took her in his arms, he kissed her with so much force and passion. They made love all thru the night; they didn’t need words; their bodies did all the talking for them.

With their bodies entwined together, the passion and loved poured over them. They both were fulfilled beyond belief. Loving and making love to Sebastien was the most amazing thing to Dori. He was gentle, passionate, kind and caring and his touch sent her to places she had only dare to dream of. She had never known such excitement and Love. She in turn, made him feel things too he had never felt with any other woman. Her touch on his chest or kissing his neck brought him to heights he had not experienced before. He knew he had found his one truest Love. They fell asleep and dreamed of each other. Sebastien was the first to wake the next morning. He put on his robe and went to make some coffee and get some juice. He looked at Dori and saw a beautiful Angel at peace.

As he made the coffee, he went over in his mind their night of making love. Sebastien found himself at peace. He had never been more fulfilled in his life. He was a famous singer in a group; he was healthy and had found the love of his life. He couldn’t have been more content and happy.

Dori was just waking up when Sebastien came in with the coffee and juice. She looked over at him and said “Good Morning My Love”.

“Bonjour Mon Amour” he replied back.

She was caught off guard. She didn’t know what that meant as he always called her Mon Cheri. “What does that mean Sebastien?” She asks.

“It is Good Morning My Love in French.” He replied, smiling at her. Sometimes he forgot she didn’t know French and would have to explain to her what he was saying.

Dori thought “My Love, it was beautiful.”

Sebastien took off his robe and climbed back into bed with her as they enjoyed the coffee and juice together. They were deciding what to do with their day.

“Sebastien, how long will you stay with me… until I leave to go home?” Dori asked him.

“Well, you could leave the suite to Suzie and come home with me till you go back to the States. I could get work taken care of and look forward to you being there when I get home. Wouldn’t you like that better than being in a hotel?” Sebastien replied, reaching for her hand and kissing it softly.

Dori thought it over for a few minutes and said, “Yes I will come and stay with you… if you’re sure.”

“I have never been surer Dori. We need to call David and tell him.” Sebastien explained, kissing her hand again.

Sebastien picked up the phone next to the bed and called David’s number. It rang a few times and then a voice came on the phone… it was David.

“Hello? Who is this, at this early hour?” David said sharply.

“David it is Sebastien, are you awake yet?”

“I am now… is Dori alright Sebastien?”

“Yes she is fine and how are things going with Suzie?” Sebastien asked politely as he lightly brushed his fingers over Dori’s hand.

“They are fine. I think she is asleep. Did you need to talk to her or me?”

“I want to talk to you… that is why I’m calling.” Sebastien said, intertwining his fingers to hers.

“What’s up?” David said with a sigh.

“Dori has agreed to move in to my flat with me till she returns to the States. Could you drop by and make sure things are okay before we get there?” Sebastien asked nervously.

“Sebastien I could swear you said Dori is moving into your flat?” David said confused.

“Yes that is what I said. David now wake up and listen, please.” Sebastien was to the point.

“I am awake. What do you think this will do to help her…and you when the time comes for her to leave?” David was really concerned now.

“We will take care of it. Could you tell Suzie about our plans and she can have the suite?” Sebastien continued.

“Why don’t I just let Suzie stay here with me till her business is done? I do have the spare room and it is no problem.”David suggested.

“Alright I will tell Dori as soon as Suzie gives you an answer. Ring me back when she does. Bye for now.” Sebastien said as he hung up the phone.

“Alright I will as soon as I talk to Suzie... Bye.” David said before he too hung up.

Dori only got Sebastien’s side of what was said, but she figured he had been asleep the way he was when she first called him and grumpy.

“David thinks Suzie should stay with him and not keep the suite. That way you two will be near each other but not in each other’s way.” Sebastien informed her cautiously.

“How did Suzie take that news or does she know yet?” Dori remarked surprised.

“No she was still sleeping. He will call and let us know what she says later.” Sebastien told her, gaining confidence.

Over at David’s flat, he was just coming out of the bedroom when he heard someone in the kitchen. It was Suzie looking through the cabinets trying to find coffee. “He has a coffee maker so he has to have coffee…” she thought to herself. David walked in and saw Suzie in her Robe, which was long, and silky and very beautiful on her. She looked lovely in the early morning light.

“Can I help you find something”? David startled her.

“I’m sorry, but was looking for the coffee.” David laughed at her and told her it was in the canister on the counter.

“It is American coffee not the British kind. There’s is not as strong as I like it.” David told her.

“That’s the way I like mine too.” Suzie remarked happily, reaching for the canister.

“Is there anything else you need?” David asked.

“Juice would be nice.” She replied, opening the canister.

“In the fridge…” David pointed to the fridge.

“We need to talk. I’ve heard from Sebastien this morning.” David said sleepily, rubbing his eyes and stretching.

“Is Dori alright this morning David?” Suzie asked concerned.

‘Sebastien says she is better. As a matter of fact, she is moving over here to his flat downstairs to stay with him till she goes back to the States.”David announced.

“OK, I guess that means I will stay at the suite alone.” Suzie remarked sadly, scooping some coffee out of the canister and into the coffee maker.

“Well I have an idea. Why don’t you stay here in the spare room till your business is over and you know what you will be doing after that?” David was hoping she would say yes.

“Oh I don’t want to put you out. You have been so sweet to let me stay for a few days as it is.” Suzie was thankful to him already.

“No problem. This way you can be close to Dori but you too won’t be in the same flat.” David replied, liking the idea more and more as he said it.

“Is Sebastien upset with me David? I didn’t mean to hurt Dori. It is that even she and I come from different worlds. She has lived in those mountains so long that she knows nothing of the outside world and the pressures of it.” Suzie explained as she finished making the coffee and walked toward him. “Dori and I have never been really close. With me, being from the city and her from the country; we haven’t been able to find a common ground.” She seemed upset and sorry for that David thought.

“So will you be my house guest… Please?” He smiled that beautiful smile and she couldn’t refuse.

“Of course I’ll stay, if you’re sure I won’t be in your way?” Suzie answered, hugging him lightly.

“I will ring up Sebastien and tell them your answer. Oh, and he wants us to go downstairs and make sure the flat is ready for him to bring Dori home … and there is a delivery coming. I need to let them in.” David explained to her, as he hugged her back and playfully wrapped his finger around the end of a strand of her hair.

“We can do that after I have breakfast and a shower… if that’s not to long for you to wait?” She said.

“No I don’t have any work to do in the studio today. I was going to take you to lunch and show you the sights of London.” David told her.“We can call Sebastien and give him the news, go down and check on the flat and the delivery. Then go out for lunch and whatever; that will be our day.”

She smiled and he laughed. “Who gets the shower first?” She asked, running her fingers down the side of his cheek lightly.

David being a gentleman first says, “You do my Lady”

She liked that - …My Lady… “Thank you kind sir.” Came her reply and she walked out of the kitchen and down the hall.

David went over and picked up the phone. He called the suite and Sebastien answered. “Hello.” Sebastien says.

“Hello Sebastien, its David. I have spoken to Suzie and she is going to stay with me so you can check out of the suite on your way home today.” David informed him proudly.

“Thank you David. You have been a big help. Dori is doing better this morning.” Sebastien told him.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 15   Mon Dec 29, 2008 3:43 pm

“We will be going down to your flat in about an hour and then I am taking Suzie to lunch and sightseeing. Is there anything else you need me to do besides the delivery?” David asked him, hoping there wasn’t.

“No, thank you both for being so understanding and helping Dori get through this.” Sebastien replied.

“No problem. See you both later? Bye”. David said before he hung up the phone.

“Bye.” Sebastien said also and hung up.

When David hung up, he had some more coffee and thought about having Suzie as his house guest. She sure is beautiful and smart. He was still worried about Dori and he had hoped having Suzie nearby would be a comfort to her. But Suzie explained that they weren’t even close friends much less cousins. He really hoped Sebastien could help reassure Dori of how much he loved her.

Sebastien informed Dori that Suzie would be staying on at David’s as a guest; when they leave today, they could check out of the suite. Dori went in to check Suzie’s room to see if she had anything left there that needed to be packed and dropped off at David’s. After she finished in Suzie’s room, she went to hers and started putting everything in suitcases for the trip over to Sebastien’s. Dori found herself excited about staying with him. It would give them a little time to be alone and show each other how much they loved each other. Dori still had her fears of losing Sebastien, but she was trying to get thru them on her own. “He had done enough worrying because of her and the fear of losing him.” She thought. “Sebastien was a kind and gentle soul and he had given her his heart. I want nothing more than to protect that precious gift.” She knew he loved her and she was determined to fight and hold on to his love no matter what. He said he would come with David and that gave her some peace.

“Dori, where are you?” Sebastien called out.

“I’m in the bedroom packing.” Dori called back.

Sebastien came in and saw she had just about finished. He helped her put all the suitcases in the living room before calling down for a bellhop. After, the bellhop picked up the suitcases and took them to Sebastien’s car with him. Dori went through the suite once more to make sure she hadn’t forgotten anything. When she came into the bedroom, she stopped and looked at the bed remembering this is where she had first made love to Sebastien… where she became his Forever Love.
When Sebastien came back, he found Dori standing in the bedroom with tears in her eyes.

“Dori what is wrong?” He asked her.
“I am just remembering the first time we made love in this bed.” She answered softly.

“Does it make you sad ‘Cheri’?” Sebastien asked her, holding her close.

“Oh No, Sebastien these are tears of joy and love for you.” She turned and kissed him on the cheek.

Sebastien put his arms around her waist and pulled her close to him and kissed her with such force and passion all she could do was breathe. “We need to go Darling or we will be staying the night here.” Sebastien could hardly breathe either, as he returned her kiss and let his hands caress her back gently.

“I’m ready to go.” Dori told him, looking deeply into his eyes and softly touching his lips with her fingers.

“We will pick up this conversation when we get settled at my place.” Sebastien informed her.

“Is that a promise Sir?” She asked him.

“…very much so my Darling…” He smiled, holding her head in his hands and kissing her forehead. “Are you ready my Darling?”

“Yes let’s go.” Dori replied.

When they arrived at Sebastien’s Dori was surprised it was so very beautiful and elegant. Everything was so fancy and he had flowers everywhere. “Do you always have flowers all over Sebastien?” Dori asked him, still taking it all in.

“No, they are for you My Love. I couldn’t let you come home without something as special as you are to me.” He told her before he took her in his arms and kissed her.

“When did you do this… or did David do it for you? She asked laughing, as she softly let her fingers lightly glide through his hair.

“No, I called and made arrangements. David just let them in.” He replied, looking into her eyes and enjoying her touch.

Sebastien carried the bags to the bedroom including the one David had brought him. While he was in there, he put his stuff away and found a place to sit Dori’s suitcases until she could unpack them. Dori was wandering around the flat amazed at the scenery outside of the windows as well as the scenery inside. He had a large kitchen and living room with fireplace, a dining room, two bedrooms and two baths. While she was looking around the phone rang and Sebastien picked it up in the bedroom. It was Urs.

“Hello,” Sebastien said…

“Sebastien, it is Urs. How are you?” He asked.

“Fine, how are you and Siobhan doing?” He replied.

“We’re fine. Do you want to get some pizza tonight?” Urs asked him.

“Only if you’re buying and you can come over here. I can’t get away tonight.” He explained.

“Ok the regular kind right? I will order it and be over right away.” Urs told him.

“Urs you may need to order a veggie pizza too.” Sebastien informed him.

“OK a veggie pizza with the others will do. See you soon…Bye.” Urs replied.

“So long, see you soon.” Sebastien said with a sigh.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 16   Mon Dec 29, 2008 3:45 pm

“…A veggie pizza? What? Sebastien always likes the pizza with the works. Urs looked over at Siobhan and told her he thought Sebastien had lost his mind. He called to order the pizzas and was told they would be ready for pickup in 30 minutes. Shortly after, Urs and Siobhan left to pick up the pizzas on the way to Sebastien’s flat.

“Sebastien where are you?” Dori called down the hallway.

“In the bedroom…I’m coming… don’t come in… I will be right there.” He called back to her.

“Why can’t I come in?” She asked him.

“It’s a surprise, so bare with me for a while.” He said lovingly as he finished. He came down the hall to find her sitting in front of the fireplace looking as beautiful as the heavens. “Are you cold Darling?” He asked her softly.

“A little, yes.” She answered back seductively.

Sebastien lit the fireplace. As she sat there in the firelight looking like an angel in Sebastien’s eyes, he sat beside her and snuggled her close.

“That was Urs on the phone. They will be here with pizzas in a bit.” Sebastien informed her, touching her hair softly. “Oh and I told him to get a Veggie one too.”

“Thank You. Did you tell him I was here?” Dori was grateful.

“No it didn’t come up.” He replied as he wrapped a strand of her hair lightly around his finger and released it.

“Well I need to freshen up if someone is coming. Where do I go?” She asked him.

“This way…” He took her hand and led her down the hall to his bedroom door, which was closed. She looked over at him with so much love in her eyes he could hardly stand it. He reached down and picked her up in his arms and entered the bedroom. It was beautiful with red and white roses everywhere she could see.

Sebastien laid her on the bed and sat down beside her as he leaned down to kiss her. He thought, “This is where she belongs forever.” They both began to wish Urs wasn’t coming; they could be very happy right where they were.

“Okay, I have to freshen up before they get here. If you don’t leave me alone, that is not going to happen.” She wasn’t sure she even wanted to move.

“Okay, I’ll leave under protest; but remember where we left off because we will be returning here later.” He informed her, reaching for her hand and kissing it. Sebastien left the room, so Dori went to picked up her night bag. Once she found it she went to the bathroom to freshen up.

A knock came at the door, Sebastien answered it. There stood Urs and Siobhan with 4 pizza boxes. “We are here Sebastien. Let’s eat, I’m starved.” Urs spoke loudly.

“Urs keep your voice down. Do you want to tell the whole building your hungry?” Sebastien told him teasingly as he hugged Siobhan.

They took the pizzas to the kitchen. Sebastien took out plates to serve them on and got glasses for the wine and beer and sodas. Urs looked at him, then the sodas on the counter. “Okay Sebastien, what’s with the sodas?” Urs asked laughing.

“It maybe for me…” A voice came from behind him. It was Dori.

Urs turned around, saw her and his mouth dropped open. Siobhan saw this and reached up pushing his mouth shut firmly.

“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to catch you off guard. It is good to see you both again.” Dori said, walking toward them opening her arms as she neared them.

“It is good to see you to Dori. Sebastien, you didn’t tell us Dori was here.” Siobhan says, hugging Dori warmly.

“I’m sorry… it doesn’t matter now does it?” Sebastien was a little put out with Urs’ reaction.

“No it doesn’t matter at all.” Urs spoke up, hugging Dori warmly.

“Okay. Who is hungry? I’m starved too.” Sebastien announced, lightly rubbing his stomach.

“Well let’s eat.” Urs replied, touching Sebastien on the shoulder.

They all got their pizza and drinks, gathering around the cozy fire Sebastien had made for Dori.. Another knock at the door came and Sebastien got up and answered it. It was David and Suzie. They had came by checking up on Dori and Sebastien. Sebastien motioned for them to come in and closed the door behind them. Urs looked up to see David with Suzie. His mouth dropped open once more; he couldn’t seem to keep it shut tonight.

“OK what is going on here? You’re with Dori and David is with Suzie. What is going on?” Urs jumped up insisting on an answer.

“Well let’s see, Suzie is staying with me in my flat in the spare room and Dori is living here with Sebastien till she and I go to the States to finish our business. Does that work for you Urs?” David said sharply.

“Okay, well it says things have changed since last night when I saw you last.” He replied cautiously.

Sebastien could see in his eyes he was still confused. Siobhan, on the other hand, understood only too well. She was happy for Dori and Sebastien.

“Congratulations Sebastien and Dori. I know you two will be very happy together.” Siobhan said, patting Dori’s shoulder.

Urs was even more confused. “What was Siobhan saying… that they are in love and a couple now?’ He thought.

“Yes Urs. Dori and I are in love and we are very happy together. We are going to be making plans for our future as soon as their business is finished.” Sebastien explained, returning to Dori’s side.

“David, when will you and Dori leave for the US?” Urs continued.

“Soon… I think the Papers will be ready to sign in the morning. Then we will be off to change over ownership of the farm and it will be mine.” David explained.

Dori was happy for David but seemed a little saddened at the same time. She would soon be leaving the farm for good. It would no longer be hers to run. Sebastien could see the look in her eyes while they were talking and felt her sadness. He had come to be able to read her face very well and she couldn’t hide anything from him.

Everyone had a good time at Sebastien’s that evening. Now that everyone was gone, he and Dori were able to relax and talk about the trip to the States, and then enjoy each other. “Dori, David is making the arrangements for all 3 of us to fly to the States as soon as the paper work is signed and finalized.” Sebastien informed her happily.

“Really Sebastien? You’re coming with us for sure?” She was so happy.

“Yes I am coming too, so you no longer have to worry about us being apart.” He said holding her hands and kissing them. “We will have a few weeks off here from recording. When we get back, we will work a few more weeks and then have a month off before we head to Sweden for more work on the CD.” Sebastien explained to her. “You no longer have to concern yourself about this leaving each other. We will be together forever my love.” Sebastien looked into her eyes and could see all the fears just fade away. It made him very happy. “Well, now that all of that has been settled how about we spend some time watching this beautiful fire before it goes out for the night.”

He pulled her to him and began to kiss her neck and behind her ears. Then he found her lips and began to kiss her deeply until she could no longer remember anything but his kisses and touch. They never made it to the bed that night. They made love in front of the fireplace off and on all night, falling asleep in each others arms.

The phone rang about 9 am the next morning and woke them up. It was David saying that they would all meet at his place about 1 pm to sign the papers for the farm. After Sebastien gave Dori the message, she went in and made some coffee and put some juice out as Sebastien took a shower. She was very happy Sebastien was coming back with her. She would finally be able to show him her mountains.

Dori walked to the bedroom to check on how long Sebastien would be. He was just getting out of the shower, standing there with only a towel on. Dori smiled and had thoughts of last night and their love making in front of the fire. It warmed her heart. “Yes my Love… is something wrong? You have a strange look on your face.” Sebastien said softly.

“No my love…just thinking about last night and the fire…” She replied dreamily. “Are you ready for your coffee and Juice? Do you want anything else for breakfast?” Dori asked him as she turned to leave.

“Just you My Love.” he replied as he put his hands around her waist and turned her to him and began to kiss her on the lips gently.

“Okay Sebastien. We have to get through breakfast and showers for the meeting. We will have to pick up here later.” Dori reminded him of the appointment.

“Yes, we will pick up here later.” Sebastien said seductively, kissing her cheek.

Dori left the room and went back to the kitchen, all along thinking of his kisses in the bathroom. She really wanted more but knew there were things that needed to be done today and loving him would have to wait for now.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 17   Mon Dec 29, 2008 3:50 pm

Dori went in and took her shower without any involvement from Sebastien.
She got dressed and was drying her hair and doing her makeup when he came in to shave and finish dressing. It was a wonderful feeling to be so close to him and watch his every move. It made a shiver run down her spine. Once they were ready, they headed down to David’s and knocked on the door. Suzie answered, motioned for them to come in and she shut the door behind them.

“It is good to see you Dori. How are you?” Suzie asked.

“I am fine thanks and you are looking well. Staying with David must agree with you?” Dori remarked, putting her hands on her hips.

“He has been a perfect Gentleman and a great host. So yes, it does agree with me.” she said to Dori, rubbing her arms and closing her eyes for a moment.

“Is David here Suzie?” Sebastien asked.

“Yes he is in his room. I will let him know you are here…. have a seat in the living room. I’ll be right back.” Suzie left the room and knocked on David’s door telling him Dori and Sebastien were there.

“Thank You.” was David’s only reply.

David came out and joined them in the living room. Suzie went into the kitchen and brought out some coffee and hot tea for the meeting.

“Dori are you really ready for this?” David asked her rubbing his hands together.

“Yes. Why did you think I would back out on you?” She said laughing.

“Okay then we will get started as soon as our attorney’s arrive.” David continued. “Sebastien, the travel arrangements are ready. We leave here in the morning around 8am from the airport and a car will be waiting downstairs to take us so we don’t have to leave our cars.” David informed him, sipping his coffee.

“Suzie what will you be doing while David is away in the States?” Sebastien ask her.

“Well I have meetings set up for the next week or so while I am in London to work. David has said I could stay here while he is gone.” She answered smoothly.

A knock got all there attention. It was David and Dori’s attorneys, so they were shown in to the living room by David. Both David and Dori read the contract carefully before they signed it. When it was over the attorneys left the four of them alone to discuss what had just happened.

“Dori I am now the proud owner of Rolling Hills Farm. Thank you.” David remarked.

“You're welcome David and I wish you much success in the learning of the Alpaca business.” Dori replied.

They finished up their coffee and hot tea and left saying their goodbyes till later. Sebastien and Dori headed back to his place.

“Darling are you sure you are alright with what has happened with the farm?” Sebastien asked her timidly.

“Sebastien my love, I am fine and stop worrying about me. I am not a puppy who could break. Now my attention can be on loving you and making you happy.” She replied reaching for his hand and entwined her fingers to his. Sebastien could be assured she was fine and loved her idea of making each other happy.

They made plans to pack for the trip and a romantic dinner for two in the flat before getting some rest for the long flight the next day. Dori cooked them a light dinner. They settled down in front of the fireplace and snuggled up; not saying much, just held each other very close at first.

They began kissing and Sebastien picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. He undressed himself and Dori. They snuggled into the bed and made love. They were content in their world; life for them together now would begin.

Dori awoke before 5 am and looked at Sebastien sleeping. She counted her blessings to have found such a wonderful loving and kind and gentle man. She quietly slipped out of bed, went to the fireplace and sat warming herself. She thought about all that had happen since she came to London: meeting David and Sebastien, Urs and Carlos. What a wonderful group of friends they were. She thought when she first laid on eyes on Sebastien and how much he took her breath away. She was happy and content now and she knew things would change from now on. But, she also knew she would be strong. She would learn to live in his world and blend some of hers to it.

Sebastien woke about 5:30 and found himself alone in the bed. He called for Dori but no answer came. He got up and put on his robe, heading to the living room, where he found her asleep on the couch. He woke her gently and asked her what she was doing in there.

“I was thinking of all my adventures since coming to London and how I finally found my “FOREVER LOVE.” She told Sebastien kissing him on the cheek gently. “I love you so very much Sebastien.”

“And I love you too, ‘Cheri”. Sebastien took her in his arms and showed her how much he loved her once more.

After their love making, they took a shower together. Looking the time, Sebastien finished and left Dori to hers as he got ready. They had all the bags ready and soon it was time to leave.

They met David down stairs with their luggage for the driver to put in the car.
Dori looked around and thought, “I love London, but am glad to be going home with the man of my dreams.” They all climbed in to the limo for the ride to the airport.

“Dori, where will we be arriving in the States?” Sebastien asked her.

“Asheville, North Carolina. Millionaire Airport is on the same grounds as Asheville Airport.” She informed Sebastien, taking his hand in hers.

“Will someone be there to pick us up or what will we do?” Sebastien asked David.

“No I have a rental waiting and Dori can get us there.” He replied smiling.

David was excited. He hadn’t been to this part of the country and he was looking forward to getting there. They would be staying at the main house on the farm. It was quite large with 5 bedrooms and looked like the old plantation homes from the Civil War time. They arrive at the airport. Their driver handed off the luggage to the skycap and left. They climbed aboard their private plane and were ready. Shortly, they were cleared for take off and then up in to the skies. They were headed to the USA.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 18   Mon Dec 29, 2008 3:51 pm

The trip took them about 6 hours. Dori snuggled in Sebastien’s arms and slept. David took a short nap as did Sebastien. Dori was dreaming of going home to the mountains again. Soon the pilot announced they were ready to land in Asheville, NC and to fasten their seat belts. Millionaire Airport was ahead of them.

When they landed, someone from the car rental agency came and dropped off the car. The skycap loaded the luggage into the trunk after customs was finished. Dori drove them to the farm.

“Is it a long ride to the farm Dori?” Sebastien asked her eagerly from the back seat.

“No, about 30 minutes give or take.” She answered back.

The guys were very busy looking around and David was watching the roads and signs to help him find his way around if he were alone.

Dori had the radio on to a country station. Sebastien was listening to it and heard a song come on that he really seemed to enjoy. Take Me There
When Dori looked in the mirror she could see a gleam in Sebastien’s eyes. He was thinking something and it seemed to make him happy. She wasn’t listening to the radio, so she didn’t hear the song that had caught his attention. Neither did David; he was to busy watching where they were headed and checking the map on his lap.

They came past a town sign and it said ‘Hendersonville’. David asked, “Is that where we are going?” Dori shook her head no.

They passed the town and continued across the Green River Bridge. When they looked down, they couldn’t see the bottom. They finally came to a town called Saluda, where they got off and turned to the right. They came to the end of the road and turned left, starting down a mountain. The curves were really sharp and David and Sebastien thought they might get sick. They went down the mountain about 5 miles and came to a sign that said ‘Pearsons Falls’ and turned right.

“This is 2 miles from the farm”. Dori explained, continuing to concentrate on driving.

They made a left turn up the hill and found those curves on the small road to be even harder on them. They finally came to a stop outside of the sign ‘Rolling Hills Farm’. They were finally there. David wasn’t to keen on driving back down that road. The one thing they noticed was that the scenery was beautiful everywhere they looked. They had never been in a place like this before David and Sebastien both thought.

As they got out of the car, a man walked up to them. It was Walter.“Ms. Dori you’re back. Good to see you. Who are your friends?” he asked.

“Walter, this is David Miller, the new owner of the Farm.” She replied, motioning to David.

“Hello Mr. Miller, nice to meet you finally.” Walter said as he shook David’s hand.

“And this is Sebastien Izambard. He is from France.” Dori spoke softly, as she stepped beside him.

“Can I call you Mr. Sebastien? That last name is something I don’t think I can say.” Walter said as he shook his hand warmly.

“That will be fine Walter, I don’t mind at all” Sebastien replied with a smile.

Sebastien stood looking around at Dori’s Mountains. He could see why she loved them so. It was a peaceful place and away from everything that he was used to. Sebastien thought ”I could be happy in a place like this.”

David let his eyes scan the farmland, ignoring the mountains for the moment. “It‘s an amazing farm, but where are the Alpaca’s at Dori?” David asks her finally.

“They are in the pasture up the mountain David. They don’t come down here except to feed in the barn.” Dori explained to him, pointing into the distance.

“Will we see them down here anytime soon?” Sebastien asks her, following her finger in that direction.

“Yes, we will drive them down soon to be groomed and fed before they head higher up the pasture.” She told them both patiently.

“Let’s go in and have something to drink and you all can get settled.” Walter said, motioning toward the house and picked up Dori’s suitcase.

The inside of the house reminded David of the old country homes he had seen in movies and in magazines; but in perfect condition, restored every detail. So far, he was quite taken with his purchase and was excited to see the Alpaca’s in person. He was also curious to see how many there were.

Dori showed them to their rooms. She explained to them, if they wanted to see the Alpaca’s, they needed to change in to something more suitable to go into the barn and pasture. Then, she left them to change. She also wanted to talk to Walter in private.

“Why did you send Suzie to London to look after me? You know we can’t get along Walter. She will just be in the way… she knows nothing of the farm business and was of no help to me.” Dori was upset. Walter could see sending Suzie was a mistake as far as Dori was concerned, not knowing about David and Suzie.

“I am sorry Ms. Dori, but I thought she could help in some way. Is she still there?” He asked her, trying to hold his ground.

“Yes she is staying at David’s flat while we are here.” Dori told him boldly.

“So she too has met Mr. Miller. Does she seem impressed with him?” Walter was looking at her to find some answers.

“Yes she was very impressed with David. Now she is staying in his place until she finishes her business in London.” Dori explained matter-of-factly. “Now that David is here to take over, you will need to spend some time talking about the running of the farm with him. I will be staying on for about 3 weeks. During that time, I will be packing up my father’s things and mine, getting them moved to storage in town until I know what I am going to do with them.” Dori explained her plans further to him, indicating she would need him and one of the crew to help get things moved.

“David will be here for 2 weeks and then head back to London with Sebastien. I will follow them about a week later and will be staying with Sebastien in London.” Dori told Walter, which was a surprise to say the least.

“Why Mr. Sebastien, may I ask?” He wondered what had happen in London.

“Sebastien and I have fallen in love and I am happier now then I have ever been.” Dori was glowing and Walter could see Sebastien had made her happy. He was glad she was going to be able to move on since her father’s death.

Walter watched her walk back the hall to change into her work clothes, reflecting to himself what she had said. “She was young and had her whole life ahead of her. She needed to get away from the farm to find herself and her life. She wasn’t her father and she didn’t need to be.” Walter was happy for her.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 19   Mon Dec 29, 2008 4:00 pm

Sebastien was the first one to finish changing. He had on Jeans, T-shirt and cowboy boots. He seemed to fit in perfectly. David came in wearing Jeans, a shirt and boots also. They seemed to know they would need them. Dori could tell they were eager to see the Alpacas.

“Well if you’re ready, we can go to the barn and see if they have come in yet.” Dori showed them the way to the barn in the lower end, not to far from the house.

When they got there, only two of the herd had come in. They were amazing looking creatures to David and Sebastien. Neither had ever seen one up close, only in pictures. There was a Chocolate one and a White one and they were very gentle around Dori.

“They make a humming sound when they are rubbed and happy.” Dori explained to the guys.

“This one is Exacto”. Dori continued.

“And this is Marriot.” she added, lightly petting both Alpacas.

One more had joined the others.

“This is Full Moon Final”…Dori told them, motioning to the new arrival to the barn. “They are all Blue Ribbon Winners many times over.”

The last one was white also and they were all beautiful animals David and Sebastien thought.

“Well David what do you think about your purchase now?” She asked, hoping he was pleased.

“I can’t believe it. They are amazing animals and they have such beautiful wool.” He told Dori, reaching tentatively to touch one.

They went ahead and fed the three who had come down. David was excited to touch and rub them and check out anything about them. Afterwards they went for a short walk around the lower grounds to give David a look at the rest of the property. He was impressed with the farm.. He had made a wise decision and a good one too he concluded to himself. Sebastien was watching every move Dori made and saw how much different she was in her world – strong and self-assured of herself. It was a side of her he loved to watch.

He remembered the song he had heard in the car on the way to the farm. He too wanted to know all about her and her life before; walk the places she had and do the things she had done, absorb her entire being. Sebastien fell in love with her every time he looked at her. He walked over to her and held her hand as they walked around the farm.

They were together for the next few days and had a wonderful time.

David spent a great deal of time with Walter being showed around. David was in heaven with his new business. Something that didn’t have to do with singing or the guys, it was just his. David loved the guys and being in the group and performing, but this would be a side of him that was his very own. Nothing made him more proud than to be at peace with the nest egg he had just acquired.

Dori started packing up her father’s things with Sebastien’s help. They couldn’t have been happier, just listening to music and talking about everything they saw and did. At night, Sebastien would spend the nights making love to Dori under the stars and the shadows of the beautiful mountains. Some evenings they would take a blanket and go up toward the meadows and lay under the stars and just be together; most of the time though they would end up making love right there. Dori was the happiest she had ever been and so fulfilled with him by her side. Sebastien found an inner peace with his Beautiful Angel beside him.

Dori took Sebastien to the high meadows where she had planned on building a home. She told him of her ideas for a house, wanting to live there and grow old with him beside her.

A couple of days before the guys were to return to London, Dori packed a picnic lunch for herself and Sebastien. They went down the mountain to Pearson Falls. There, they saw the trees, the hummingbirds in the flowers, and saw the waterfalls. Sebastien knew what he had wanted and had found it before they left London. He had brought it with him just in case he found the right moment. Confident this was the perfect time and place, he pulled out a small silver box, placing it gently into Dori’s hand.

“You didn’t have to get me anything Sebastien.” She was surprised.

“I know, but this is special… please open it ‘Cheri.” He whispered to her, letting his lips lightly touch hers. She loved it when he called her that.

Dori began to unwrapped the package and found a small box inside. She opened it to find a beautiful engagement ring inside sterling silver and perfect. She looked over at Sebastien and had tears flowing down her cheeks.

“Dori I Love you with all my heart and soul and I don’t want to spend any more time without you in my life, will you marry me?” Sebastien was waiting to hear as those words came from him that he had been practicing all week long in his head.

“Sebastien I too love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you… YES I will marry you.” was her reply.

Sebastien reached over and kissed her. They lay down on the blanket and kissed for a while holding each other close. Sebastien put the ring on her finger and it fit perfectly. She couldn’t wait till she could show David and Walter, but that was later now she wanted only to be with Sebastien.

Dori was the happiest person in the world. She wanted to shout out “I love this man and I am going to marry him.” They stayed until just before dark and strolling arm in arm back up to the farm. When they got back, they walked hand in hand to the house to tell David and Walter the great news.

David was happy for them. He had known in his heart this was the man for Dori.
Walter didn’t say much except congratulations and Dori knew he was not sure about this. They would talk later; she wanted just to be with Sebastian for now.

Dori and Sebastien took the usual walk in the evening, as they had been doing every night since they arrived. They looked at the stars and at each other. She knew he would be heading back tomorrow to London with David and she would be joining them in another week. She was sad to see them go. She had enjoyed sharing her life here with the man she loved.

Sebastien was thinking about leaving Dori behind. It would be hard to go home to the flat without her. He knew it would only be a short while before she was in his arms again.. They held hands and kissed each other and talked about making plans for the wedding when Dori rejoined him in London. That night Dori and Sebastien lay in bed talking about their future as man and wife. They wanted to have a wedding on an Island; outside and surrounded by family and friends, and to live in London and Paris on and off. They began to kiss and forgot everything around them but each other. The passion, and the wanting was in her eyes and Sebastien saw it and wanted her too. They kissed gently and then stronger. She ran her fingers up and down his back gently as he made love to her throughout the night.
Once again, they fell asleep in each others arms, satisfied that they were together and they love each other.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 20   Mon Dec 29, 2008 4:03 pm

David knew they needed time to be alone so he made the arrangements to leave after lunch on the private jet. They walked again and talked before it was time to say ‘Goodbye for now’.

“David, take care and be safe… and take good care of my love.” She told David with tears in her eyes.

“I will watch over him till you return to us in London, I promise.” Came David reply, touching her shoulder lightly. “Walter, I will check in with you once a week and if you need me please don’t hesitate to call me on my cell.”

“Dori, I love you and will be counting the days till you return to my arms; we can continue planning our future together.” Sebastien told her, trying to hold back tears of his own. They hugged each other tightly and kissed each other Good Bye. Then the guys were off. Dori began to cry out loud. Walter came over and put his arm around her shoulder and patted it. He knew then that she loved Sebastien with all her heart.

The plane trip home for David and Sebastien was a quiet one. David slept and Sebastien thought only of Dori as a tear slid down his cheek. He missed her beautiful face and smile. “It would be hard to be without her even for a short time…” he thought, as another tear rolled down his cheek. They arrived home late that night and went to their own flats saying ‘good night’ only. It was hard on Sebastien going back into his flat after sharing it with Dori, but he kept telling himself, “…she would return in a few days… you won’t be alone then.” He opened the door, but didn’t turn on the lights, as he made his way back the dark, quiet hallway.

Days passed by for Dori quickly. She kept busy with the packing and moving of her father’s things till they only had one more load left.

Back in London, Sebastien and the guys went back to work earlier than planned. They thought it would help Sebastien to busy his mind instead of just holding up in his flat. The CD was doing well and they were all pleased with it.

Dori was due to return in 2 days. Sebastien began to be easier to be around and not as closed off. In London, the group got together, taking Sebastien to dinner to spend the evening just enjoying the chance to get out and not worry about the music.

The next day Dori and Walter would take the last load to the storage shed and it would be finished. She had paid the shed rental a year ahead so that would give her time to come back and decided where things would go. For now, she was almost ready to head back to Sebastien.

The morning was filled with dark clouds, thunder and lighting, and heavy rains. “It was going to be hard unloading the stuff in to the storage shed, but it has to get done.” Dori thought as she took the passenger seat in the truck. Walter was driving and it was hard to see due to the heavy downpour. They had stopped at the red light and waited for the green light. As they pulled into the intersection, a truck ran his red light hitting Walter’s truck, knocking it down the road and into a utility pole on Dori’s side. When the people were able to get to the truck, Walter was a wake but Dori wasn’t. The truck was totaled and they couldn’t get Dori out. The rescue squad came and cut her out of what was left of the mangled truck. When she still hadn’t come too yet, the paramedics said it was serious. Walter’s injuries were minor cuts, bruises and a contusion on his head. The paramedics loaded both Dori and Walter into the ambulance. Dori remained unresponsive the entire trip.

The doctor’s began examining her right away. He was concerned she had not regained consciousness during the trip or during the exam. She had many cuts and bruises over most of her body and her right arm was fractured. But the problem was, she was still unconscious. They found no bruising till they did a CAT scan that confirmed she had some swelling on the brain. It was small, but could be why she hadn’t woken up. They continued to assess her through out the day running more tests.

Walter was discharged soon after he was seen, but never left Dori’s side. He decided he had better call David and tell him; knowing they were expecting Dori tomorrow. “Now what’s going to happen?” He thought.

David answered the cell phone when it rang. “Hello?”

“Hello Mr. Miller. It is Walter sir, I… hate to call you like this but… we have a problem here and… I think you need to come back as soon as you can get here.” Walter mumbled, trying to hold back his tears.

“Walter, what is wrong?”David said tentatively.

“There has been an accident and… well, Dori is in the hospital.” Walter told him with a sigh. He wasn’t explaining it very well.

“Is Dori alright Walter?”He asked him.

“No Mr. Miller. She… she…she…won’t wake up and… has a broken arm. They are still running tests.” Walter wasn’t able to stand anymore. He leaned against the wall, letting its coolness try to calm him.

“Walter… what happened?” David needed to know.

“We were hit by another truck and pushed into a pole on Dori’s side of my truck. They…. had to cut her out of it. She… she….hasn’t… woken up yet.” Walter had told David all he knew.

“Okay, Walter… I will make the arrangements to leave as soon as the plane can be ready and I will call you before we leave. What have the doctors told you about Dori?” David had to tell Sebastien, but he had to know what to tell him.

“They said she has… swelling on the brain… and… and… they don’t know if she will wake up.” That was all Walter had to say. David was ready to leave right then.

“Okay Walter, first, take a deep breath… now, stay by your phone and I will call you as we are leaving. I will talk to you soon okay? …okay…bye.” David and Walter hung up. David called Urs and Carlos to the room and asked to speak with them alone. Sebastien had gone to get something to eat, so they could talk without him for a bit.

“Walter just called from the States. There has been an accident… and Dori is in bad shape and has not come to yet. She has a broken arm and swelling on the brain. They don’t have all the tests done yet…but… but there… is a chance she may… never wake up.” David told them both, running his fingers through his hair before stuffing them in his pockets. Carlos and Urs saw his shoulders begin to sag.

“What do we say to Sebastien, David? He will not stay here while she is hurt. What are we going to do?” Urs asked, as he started to pace.

“Okay…I will make arrangements to fly to the States ASAP. Do you want to come? I think Sebastien will need all of us. David said with a sigh, trying to focus on getting to there as soon as they can.

“Yes I will go. He may have a hard time and we are a team… and need to be there for them both.” stated Carlos as he touched David’s shoulder thoughtfully.

“Yes, you can count me in too.” replied Urs, touching David’s other shoulder.

“Count you in for what Urs?” It was Sebastien’s voice.

They turned around and saw him standing there and he knew something was wrong. He looked at them and asked, “Did I mess up again on the part?”

“No Sebastien. We need to talk… and I think you better sit down. I think we all should.” David motioned for them to have a seat, trying not to let his hands shake.

“Okay, what is going on David? We have to get finished so I can get things ready for Dori tomorrow.” Sebastien told David, looking at him suspiciously as he took a seat.

David rubbed his cheeks, trying to form the right words in his mind. “Sebastien, Dori isn’t coming home tomorrow.” David began.

“Why… and how do you know? Did she call you and not me?” He wanted to know.

“No I have not spoken to Dori….Walter called. Sebastien… there has been an accident and Walter and Dori were hurt.” David tried to be gentle with him but felt as though he wasn’t.

“What are you saying David? Is Dori okay…. or what?” Sebastien was getting upset and started to stand. Urs sat him back down with a gentle tug on his shoulder, leaving his hand there, just in case.

“Walter said that the doctors found swelling on her brain and… we know she has a right broken arm… but they are still running tests. Sebastien, Dori is still unconscious. They had to… ummm… cut her out of the truck.” David was having a hard time holding himself together.

Urs and Carlos could see David about to loose it and they had to do something. Carlos took David out into the hallway. Urs stayed with Sebastien. Sebastien wasn’t doing as well as David and that wasn’t well at all. Tears were streaming down Sebastien’s face and he couldn’t speak. “Sebastien we are all leaving this afternoon for the States. You will be with her again soon.” Urs told him gently as he put his arm around him. He really wanted to comfort his friend.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 21   Mon Dec 29, 2008 4:06 pm

“I asked her to marry me. Urs, I love her more than my own life…which I would give to save hers.” Sebastien was crying hard now. Urs understood how he felt.

“Sebastien I am going over to the phone for just a minute. You sit right here until I come back.” Urs told him.

Urs called Siobhan at home, keeping Sebastien in sight. When she answered, Urs told her everything he knew, including how David and Sebastien were doing - which was pretty bad. He asked her to pack a bag for each of them. He would send a car to bring her to the airport and they would meet up there. She said she would be ready and hung up. The next call was to Cyd and to tell her that she and Carlos would be flying out today for the States and that Dori was in bad condition. David needed Carlos and he in turn would need her there. She said she would be ready when the car came to bring her to the airport. The last call was to David’s and Suzie answered. Urs told her about Walter calling and Dori’s serious condition. They were flying to the States today and she needed to come and help with David; he was taking it as bad as Sebastien. Suzie agreed to change her work plans due to a family emergency and would be ready when the driver picked her up. There was one thing she didn’t know and that was what to pack for David.

Urs told her, “Use your best judgment and try to hurry. We need to get there as soon as possible for Sebastien and David. “The last thing he did was call the producers to tell them what had happened; they were headed to the States and didn’t know how long they would be gone yet. The producers were very understanding for all the guys. They knew the guys wouldn’t leave if it weren’t an emergency.

Urs went back to Sebastien and told him they need to get him packed so they could get to the Airport. Sebastien didn’t hear a thing, all he could do was cry and think of Dori. So Urs called Suzie again and asked her to pack some things for Sebastien as well. She said she would go down and pack him a bag, remembering where David had left the spare key to his flat.

Carlos came in and Urs took him aside, telling him that all the girls would be at the airport ready to go soon. He had sent a car to pick up all three. Carlos was grateful Urs was so strong and in charge. David was still in shock as was Sebastien both lost in thoughts drowned by tears. Carlos was able to finish the call David had started for the plane to the States. Carlos had also ordered a car for them. He didn’t think any of them were able to handle driving with Sebastien and David in this condition.

Urs and Carlos gathered the guys into a waiting Limo that rushed them to the private jet. They had seen the girls waiting as they pulled in. The bags were already loaded.

Cyd hugged Carlos and gave him a kiss. Siobhan did the same with Urs. Suzie came to David and put her arms around him, whispering “I’m sorry”. David looked in to the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen and was comforted by them. From that moment Suzie never left David’s side. Sebastien was alone on the trip but never out of Urs’ sight. You would have thought Urs was a mother hen.

They boarded the plane. The captain, having been briefed on the situation, announced they were ready to take off. They fastened their seat belts and the plane departed the airport. Sebastien was sitting alone. Everyone else was huddled, talking low so as to not disturb him. David was holding Suzie’s hand firmly and she noticed he kept looking over at her. She wandered what he was thinking. Suzie was worried about Sebastien and Dori. Had David remembered to call Walter and tell him they were on there way?

She asked Urs “Did someone call Walter back and tell him we are on our way?”

“Yes I got David’s cell and called him. He is expecting us at the hospital. I also have arranged for a Limo at the airport to take us to the hospital from there. Carlos replied.

Suzie kept watching Sebastien going deeper in to despair. She wanted to help him, but could she? He didn’t seem to be very fond of her. Suzie let go of David’s hand got up to sit beside Sebastien.

“Are you okay Sebastien? I know you’re worried, but all of us are here for you... and for Dori.” She told him patting his hand as she perched beside him.

He looked at Suzie and tried to smile. She could see the tears continuing to roll down his cheeks. “I… should… never have … left her…there…alone.” Sebastien kept saying over and over.

“You couldn’t have known or stopped this from happening Sebastien. It is not your fault.” Suzie whispered as calmly as she could.

Urs noticed them talking and got up and squatted in front of Sebastien. Holding his face gently in his hands, he told him softly, “Seb, you know this is no one’s fault but the guy who ran the red light. Rest now, please?”

Sebastien nodded weakly. He was visibly worn out. Urs helped him recline the seat back. Soon, Sebastien laid his head down on the pillow and close his tear stained eyes. Suzie picked up a blanket from nearby and covered him up with it. Before she went back to sit with David and the others, she lightly touched his cheek. He dreamed of Dori and the walks they took on the mountain. For Sebastien, there was no peace that would come that night, only more pain.

Everyone was tired and tried to sleep. David held Suzie’s hand firmly and tried to close his eyes to sleep. For David, sleep was no where to be found. He looked at Suzie’s hand in his and was very happy she had agreed to come back for his and Dori and Sebastian’s sake.

They arrived late in the evening at the Millionaire Airport. The Limo was waiting at the gate and loaded up the luggage as soon as they were through customs. Soon, they settled in for the short ride to the hospital. When they arrived, David saw Walter at the door of the lobby looking for them. When they all got out, they went inside the lobby and greeted Wallter.

“Walter, this is Urs Buhler and Siobhan Wolf; Carlos Marin and Cyd Arroyo. You know Sebastien and Suzie of course. How is Dori? Has there been any change?” David asked hopefully.

“No David. There is no change. She is in a comatose state. She hasn’t… woken up… yet.” Walter had to sit down, remembering he too had been in the crash. David insisted he go with the ladies home to the farm. He, Sebastien and the other guys would stay the night with Dori. Walter didn’t want to leave Dori but David insisted, explaining they needed someone to show the Limo driver where to go.

Walter took them all up to Dori’s room and waited outside in the hall. Sebastien went in alone at first, David followed behind him just in case he was needed to hold him up. Seeing all the tubes and machines turned out to be more than Sebastien could handle. He sat in the chair and laid his head next to her hand. He could see on her left hand her engagement ring he had given her a few weeks earlier.

Later, the others went in 2 by 2 and said a prayer. The ladies were tired. They decided to get some sleep now and come back in the morning to relieve David, Carlos and Urs. They all knew Sebastien would not leave and they were not going to force him.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 22   Mon Dec 29, 2008 4:08 pm

Urs went to the nurse’s station and asked where he could get some coffee and a place for them to rest that was out of the staff’s the way, but close in case they were needed. She helped him get the coffee and took him to a room with 2 beds where they could lay down in shifts if needed. Urs thanked her and asked her if she could come and get them if anything changed. She promised she would.

Carlos and Urs used the room first, sleeping for about 4 hours. Urs got up to stay with Sebastien so David could lay down for awhile. Sebastien had moved to her left side. He was holding her hand in his and sleeping in the recliner they had in the room. Later, Urs went down to get some more coffee and made a call to the farm to check on the others. In the morning, he would arrange for a bigger room so they could all be together. Sebastien slept fitfully for a few hours, never letting go of her hand.

The next morning, Sebastien was awakened by a doctor, asking to speak to him in another room. Urs helped Sebastien make his way to the room where Carlos and David were sleeping.

The Dr. introduced himself before continuing, “Dori’s condition continues to be stable, but critical. We’ve concluded the swelling of her brain is the sole cause of her coma. The other issue, her broken arm; though immobilized presently, it most likely will need surgery. After running the blood tests and reviewing the results, I’m not sure if we should risk the surgery in her condition.”

Sebastien, of course, was confused as were the others. “What other condition was there that would keep you from doing the surgery to set her arm?” Sebastien asked bluntly.

“I am sorry Mr. Izambard. I assumed you knew… Dori is pregnant… about 4 weeks. Surgery to reduce the fracture may or may not hurt the baby. We want to be careful after the trauma she has suffered already, not to put her or the baby in any more danger. The ultrasound showed the baby appears ok for now. The surgery may have to wait until conditions for both are a little more stable. We want to wait at least 24 more hours to see if Dori comes out of the coma.”

Sebastien had to sit down. He had just found out he was going to be a father and the baby’s mother, the love of his life, was in a coma. David, Carlos and Urs were stunned and had no idea what Sebastien was going through.

“A baby...” Sebastien kept saying over and over. He couldn’t believe he and Dori were having a baby.

“But Dori…she doesn’t know or she would have told him. She would never have kept anything like a baby from him.” David thought, looking at the reaction on his friend’s face.

Urs felt like he needed to do something to clear his head. Excusing himself politely, he went down to the front of the hospital to use his cell phone outside. The girls needed to know before they got there what to expect. After taking a deep breath, he called Siobhan’s cell number and she picked up.

“Hello, Urs darling. Is Dori alright… any change?” She asked first.

“No change darling… but there has been a new development… in her condition. You should know… and… tell the other girls.” Urs began. “The doctor just told us with Sebastien that Dori is expecting a baby.” He continued.

“Urs…did you just say Dori is pregnant?” asked Siobhan.

“Yes I did. The doctor doesn’t feel it is safe right now, with the trauma from the accident, to put her and the baby through surgery to set her arm. They want to wait for at least another 24 hours.” Urs finished, leaning heavily against the wall.

“Urs… is the baby… ok now?” Siobhan asked cautiously.

“Yes, the doctor is confident the baby is stable. They just want to keep it that way.”He replied, trying to sound more confident.

“How is Sebastien doing with this news?” Siobhan ask him, picking up on Urs stronger reply.

“I’m not sure yet. I left him with David and Carlos to call and give you the news.” Urs told her quietly, remembering Sebastien’s face.

“Alright… I will tell Cyd and Suzie. We will be up in a while so you can come here and get some rest. I love you darling.” Siobhan told Urs, feeling the tiredness returning to his voice.

“I love you too… see you soon.” He hung up and went back toward the main office.
He wanted to have Dori moved to a bigger room so they would have a place to be with her with more privacy for her and Sebastien.

Urs went to the admitting office and spoke to the person in charge of Dori’s case.
He told her who he was and asked if they had a bigger private room where the family could be with her. She said they did have a private suite for certain patients. It was on Dori’s floor and available so she could be transferred there soon. He also requested a rollaway bed and bedding. After thanking her, he went back up to Dori’s room. David and Carlos were there with Sebastien; he was still not speaking. Urs motioned for Carlos to come out of the room.

“They will be moving Dori to another room on this floor. It will be bigger and more private for all of us to be able to be here with her and Sebastien.” Urs informed him.

“Good, thank you for doing all of this for them. I really don’t know what Sebastien is going to do. He is really beginning to worry me.” Carlos said. Urs could also see the concern in his eyes.

Carlos went into the quiet room to ask David to meet Urs out in the hall while he stayed with Sebastien. Urs told David the same thing he told to Carlos; he too was grateful for Urs being able to handle everything.

“I am sorry to not be much help Urs, but I can’t get my head around all of this. What is Sebastien going to do… first Dori to worry about… and now the baby?” David was looking for answers Urs didn’t have either.

“The girls will all be here soon. Then we can go to the farm, get some sleep; after that, we can talk there. I don’t think Sebastien needs to hear us right now. He’s in no frame of mind to plan anything… we need to do something soon.” Urs tried to explain, glancing toward the room. Sebastien sighed again, mindlessly running his hand lightly over the top of Dori’s once again as he looked at her face hopefully.

“You guys can go. I…I… need to stay with Sebastien…be here for him and….” David said sadly, looking in the same direction.

“No David. You’re going with us and that is final! We need to talk and you need to get some real sleep if we are going to be here for them.” Urs said, holding David firmly by both shoulders and looking squarely into his face.

“Okay Urs… if you think I should… I could use a shower and I am sure you and Carlos would like one too.” David said, seeing that Urs wasn’t going to take no for an answer. He just didn’t have it in him to fight with anyone now either.

Pretty soon Cyd and Siobhan and Suzie came in. Urs showed them the room where Dori was to be moved to. They were pleased to see the guys and the larger room for them to be able to stay with Dori. The room had 2 double beds and a rollaway bed in the corner, a couch and TV just like a hotel room. It would be a help to them. They agreed, Sebastian needed to get a shower and change, but even more so, he needed to sleep.
The girls asked the guys if it were possible to get him to leave and go to the farm with either group. After seeing him beside her, in the same place, with the same look on his face, they agreed not to try. He was not ready to be apart from her and the baby. When any of them looked at him, it broke their hearts. He really was a mess and it seemed he was losing ground. No one was confident with how to help.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 23   Mon Dec 29, 2008 4:09 pm

“Siobhan will you call us if there is any change please, darling? We will come right back. I think it is pretty close isn’t it David?” Urs was asking him…

“Yes it is about 30 minutes or so from here.” That was all David could say wearily.
He looked over and saw Suzie standing beside Sebastien, rubbing her hand on his shoulder talking to him softly. David really needed to see her and hold her… just be with her for a few minutes. , Suzie came to David, sensing he needed her. She hugged him very close, guiding his head to her shoulder as she held him. Everyone was a little surprised; they hadn’t known them to be involved. At the moment, it really didn’t matter David needed her.

Siobhan hugged Urs and gave him a kiss. Just standing there in his arms felt so safe and loved. He needed her to be right there too. Carlos also hugged Cyd and gave her a welcome kiss; he too didn’t want to let go, especially after she gently wrapped her finger around his signature curl, Fernando to bring it back to life. They all stood together quietly, watching Dori a moment; they could see Sebastien’s Angel.
They all knew how much he loved her and it broke all of their hearts to see her that way. Sebastien was slipping away from all of them. He was in his own world.

“Urs you need to see if the doctors can do something for Sebastien… before he falls all the way apart.” Siobhan whispered to him, with a worried look in her eyes.

He left the room and went to find Dori’s nurse. He asked her to contact the doctor as they were worried about the state Sebastien was in; see if they couldn’t give him something to help him sleep. She said she would let him know when she finished talking to the doctor.

“Sebastien while we are all here, I want you go take a shower and shave please. We are all going to be right here with her.” Carlos told him, as he still held on to Cyd’s hand.

Carlos helped him up and showed him where the girls had hung his clothes in the closet and then the bathroom. Suzie and Cyd went and sat on each side of Dori, both holding her hands and started praying. Siobhan talked to David and Urs as Carlos stayed neared the bathroom door in case Sebastien needed something. He continued to open the door a little to check on him.

The nurse came in and told Urs that the doctor had ordered a sedative for Sebastien. If they could get him into one of the beds after his shower, she would bring it to him.

“Thank you very much.” Urs said to her, trying to smile.

While she was there, she checked on Dori and shook her head no to the question everyone wanted to ask but couldn’t seem to say out loud.

“David did you or Sebastien know that Dori was pregnant?” Siobhan asked him.

“No… I didn’t… and if Sebastien knew, he wouldn’t be in this state of mind.” David sort of snapped at her, not meaning to. “I am sorry Siobhan I know there are a lot of questions and only she knows the answers and she can’t tell us.” David added quietly this time, rubbing his temples.

Carlos came around the corner with Sebastien. They told him he needed to lay down in one of the beds and get some sleep. He wanted to go back to Dori and saw the girls there holding her hands. Sighing, he decided he would rest for a few minutes. Once he was comfortable, the nurse came and gave him the medicine the Doctor ordered. Sebastien didn’t argue with them, seeing the look on their faces as though it was the first time. He took it and soon was asleep. They pulled the curtain shut so they could talk away from Sebastien and Dori. They knew he was in a fragile state and hoped at least some sleep would help.

“Has he eaten anything since we got here?” Siobhan asked them softly, but firmly.

“No.”David replied, missing Suzie’s arms around him.

“We have to find a way to get through to him… get him to sleep and eat at least. She will need him when she wakes up…. Need him to be strong… rested… ready to help her… He really won’t want to leave her then.” Urs said what they all were thinking.

“Well if we are going to get any sleep ourselves to help him, we better head to the farm for a while.” David said, rubbing his hands up and down his arms. They wanted to be back in case Dori woke up, even though the Doctor couldn’t say how long that could be.
David had asked Suzie to keep an eye out for Sebastien and she promised she would.

Urs kissed Siobhan whispering softly, “I love you… I’ll see you later this evening…”as he lightly touched her cheek. Carlos kissed Cyd. As he looked into her beautiful green eyes, he said, “I love you, Princess. I promise, we will be back tonight. Darling, take good care of our Sebby please?” She promised she would try. David hugged and kissed Suzie good-bye, gently mumbling that he looked forward to better times with her after this was over.

They all hugged again before the guys left the room for the farm. The girls turned their attention to sitting with Dori and watching over Sebastien. The medication that the Dr. had ordered for Sebastien seemed to be doing the trick. He slept for hours, but there was still no change in Dori. She still was not awake.

Later that morning, Dori’s Doctor wanted another look at the baby. A technician came to her room to do another ultra sound to see if there were any changes. Sebastien was waking up about the time she came in. He wanted to see the baby. He didn’t really understand how they could see the baby. Patiently, she pointed out the small fuzzy outline of his child to him as she moved the sensor around Dori’s belly slowly, pausing now and then to look at the monitor. Once she seemed satisfied with what she saw, she handed him a picture of his little baby; putting a copy in a file for the Doctor to review. Sebastien held it gently in his hand, looking between the picture and Dori’s belly.
This broke Siobhan’s heart. She could no longer hold back her tears; she turned away so Sebastien couldn’t see her. Cyd and Suzie were crying too. They went to the other side of the room and pulled the curtain. None of them wanted and Sebastien to see them cry. They all hugged each other and tried to freshen up.

After the ultrasound was done, Sebastien settled into the recliner next to Dori’s bed. As he had done before, he held her hand. He kept the baby’s picture in his other hand, looking at it and then back to Dori’s face, while tears continued to flow down his cheeks. It was heart breaking for the girls to watch and not be able to say or do anything that would help but be there to support Sebastien. As Sebastien continued to stay at Dori’s side, he gently laid the picture on her stomach where the ultrasound had been done. Every now and then, he would touch the picture gently, whispering something the girls couldn’t hear, as he put Dori’s hand to his face.

Soon it was lunch time. The girls took turns taking a break and going to get something they could bring back to the room to eat. Siobhan got something for Sebastien and herself. When she returned, she told him he had to sit with them and eat.

“I am not hungry, but thank you anyway.” He managed to say, continuing to look from Dori’s face to the picture still resting on her stomach and back.

“Sebastien, Dori would want you to eat and take care of yourself… the way you took care of her. You have to eat and keep up your strength for when she does wake up. You will need all your energy to help her.” Siobhan was trying to be understanding and also be assertive to.

“All right Siobhan. I will eat with you, if that means you will not be angry with me?”

“Sebastien, I am not angry, but worried about you. How about while we are eating, you tell us what you’re feeling. Maybe, as women we can help. You are going to have to talk to someone soon, or go out of your mind worrying.” Siobhan told him hoping he would open up.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 24   Mon Dec 29, 2008 4:10 pm

“I can try… I just can’t seem to get it all straight in my mind. How could this have happened? I feel like my world is falling in on top of me and that I am going to lose Dori and our child.” Sebastien tried to make sense of his feelings. It was the first time he had really said anything since they had got the news of the accident. Siobhan thought …”at least a little progress…”

“Sebastien you have to promise me that no matter what, you will talk to us. You know we love Dori too. You will have to keep yourself together…. for her… and the baby.” Siobhan said, lightly patting his hand. “I want you to eat and take time to sleep… because you will need all your strength in the next few days.” Siobhan added.

“I promise Siobhan to eat and… not be so closed off from you.” Sebastien was trying at least.

“You know we all love you and Dori. We are all going to need to gather strength from each other, and we can only do that if we talk to each other. You need to talk to David when he gets back, because he is feeling it pretty hard too Sebastien. He has taken this news almost as hard as you have. You both need to find support and strength in each other… and it will help to get you…all of us… through.” Siobhan continued, seeing that he was responding.

“Thank you for all you have done to help… coming this far from home… and leaving at a moments notice to just be here and helped us. I love you all very much… and… I know Dori does too.” Sebastien managed to say.

“Your Welcome Sebastien, but it was something we do for our family… that is what you and Dori are… family.” Cyd spoke up and told him, putting her arm around his shoulder and hugging him gently.

They finished eating their lunch and they all thought Sebastien looked and seemed in a better state of mind. This would hopefully make it easier for him to talk and be open with all of them. Hopefully, he would not have to handle it all alone in his mind. David, Urs and Carlos would return soon. They would be pleased that he had eaten at least, and gotten some sleep.

The days ahead would get longer as they waited and waited. Sebastien continued to stay at Dori’s side, thinking and talking softly to both of them now and then.

The evening passed by quietly and blurred into the next day. Sebastien remained ever vigilant at Dori’s side as the next two days crawled by with no changes in Dori’s condition. Carlos, Urs, David, and the girls had varied their visiting routine, but Sebastien didn’t seem to notice or care. The time for Sebastien seemed to be an endless array of tests and waiting….waiting and tests. The nurses had tried to show him how to do the range of motion exercises to keep Dori’s muscles toned, but he was too deep in thought.

The girls took turns helping to keep her comfortable and put her motionless body through the motions as a way to stay close to her in mind and body…. anything to help bring some sense of normality to the day and days to come. The doctor had been in several times, each day hoping that Dori would respond in some way, checking on the progress of the baby. The first evening, the doctors had a feeding tube inserted into Dori to give both her and the baby more nutrition. Sebastien was horrified at the thought before the Doctor explained that it was most likely a short term solution.

Urs and Carlos had brought a laptop for Sebastien to use, thinking a visit to the forum or checking his e-mail would give him a distraction or lighten his mood. Sebastien didn’t spend much if any time in the forum at this point. Instead, he visited pregnancy and head trauma sites, trying to help him understand what was going on. The nurses had given him a few of the pregnancy pamphlets, but it hadn’t satisfied his need to know and understand. The technician that had taken the first ultrasound picture had returned several times; each time, she gave Sebastien another photograph of the baby. Each time, the news remained positive for the baby even though Dori's remained the same. The news of the baby and looking at the new picture seemed to bring comfort to Sebastien. But as he looked around at the ever growing amount of medical equipment that was accumulating in the room, he would return to hiding within himself. As two of the group would stay with Dori, a third would try to work with Sebastien… reminding and coaching him to keep eating and sleeping as the hands on the clock in the room ticked off a full week that Dori had been in the accident. Sebastien remained in the room, rarely leaving unless it was to take a shower and change clothes. The guitar that they had given him as a distraction sat quietly in the corner, untouched by Sebastien…his music and the joy it had brought him seemed tucked away in the case as well.

David divided his time between the farm and the hospital; Suzie helping him where she could. Daily, he would make a trip to the barn to check on the alpacas, trying to keep an eye on the farm. It was his in name, but it didn’t feel that way to him, not yet, not now. “How could it, when I was the one that started this whole thing with wanting to buy the farm that put Dori and Sebastien together?” He thought as he petted the three that he had met so many weeks ago. It had become a ritual before each trip back to the hospital. They didn’t seem to purr for him as they had for Dori that first day. Urs watched him from a distance at the barn, trying to understand and be there for him as well.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 25   Mon Dec 29, 2008 4:11 pm

As David, Urs and Carlos came back to the hospital, Urs saw that Dori’s face seemed changed in some way… she seemed to be smiling. He hadn’t seen that look on her before - she seemed peaceful before and gently sleeping. Now, her face showed a glimmer of happiness with the slight upturned corners of her mouth and subtle crinkling at the far corners of her eyes. Urs took it as a good sign, but didn’t want to say anything to the others in case it was just his imagination or wishful thinking. Instead, he and Carlos talked Sebastien into taking a very short walk outside, leaving David to stay with Dori. Carlos and Urs needed some of the beautiful mountain air and they thought Sebastien needed a break from the despair and the room and give David some time alone with Dori. They hoped it would help him get through his feelings as well.

Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, David held Dori’s hand in his, wrapping her fingers lightly around his palm. He let his mind wonder back to the morning at the farm, combining it with the prayer he had repeated to himself so many times before. As he finished, he felt something on the bed move… it seemed she had tighten the grip of her hand in his. He cautiously opened his eyes to look at her face. Her eyes were still closed and he thought it was his imagination. He continued to think about the mountains and farm she loved until Sebastien, Carlos and Urs returned.

Sebastien sat down to hold her hand and felt it move. He looked down and saw her eyes still closed. He too thought it was not real. In a few moments, Carlos came over with some tea for Sebastien and noticed subtle movement of Dori’s eyes. They seem to be trying to open. Urs ran and got the nurse taking care of her and told her that they were seeing things about Dori changing. She in turn, paged the doctor before coming to the room.
She checked all of Dori’s vitals and they were good. As soon as the doctor walked in, she reported that to him. He started watching Dori, hoping for new sign or change. After a moment, he too saw the movement of her eyes and thought she may be trying to wake up. He left the room for a couple of minutes and returned with the nurse.

They asked the guys to wait on the other side of the room while they examined Dori further; pulling the curtain closed behind them. Sebastien started pacing the floor and so did David. Sebastien prayed that she was coming back to him.

When the doctor pulled the curtain opened he grinned, asking Sebastien to come to the bed. There looking at him was Dori …her eyes were widened and she seemed to be staring at him like she didn’t know who he was. Sebastien’s tears began to flow down his cheeks. Tears came to the others eyes as they watched her become more alert and focused. She hadn’t spoken a word yet, but they knew she was going to be okay. Until they could take the feeding tube out, Dori could not talk to them. She would squeeze their hands or blink slowly when they spoke to her.

Urs left the room briefly to call the girls. He was eager to tell them that Dori had come out of the coma. They told him that they would be there shortly and asked how Sebastien was doing. “He is still in shock along with the rest of us.” Urs told Siobhan softly. He hung up and went back to the room. Sebastien was sitting on the bed beside Dori, holding her hand and stroking her face. She seemed to know what was going on around her as she smiled at all of the guys. This time, the tears shed were tears of joy, not sorrow.

The nurse came with a tray of supplies to take the feeding tube out. They needed to do more tests, but since she couldn’t talk that would have to wait till they got the tube out. After they removed the feeding tube, he continued to examine Dori. He sat down to talk to her and get a feel for how she was doing. “Dori, do you know where you are?” The doctor asked her.

“In the hospital….” They were the first words she had spoken in over a week. Sebastien’s tears flowed harder.

“Yes Dori, you are in the hospital and you have been sleeping for about a week. We need to see how much you remember of how you got here.” The doctor explained slowly to her.

“I don’t know why I am here. Sebastien, do you know how I got here?”Dori said, looking to him.

After speaking to her a little more, the doctor pulled David and Carlos aside. He carefully told them she has had a major brain trauma and may be suffering from memory loss. It could be long term. The fact that she didn’t know why she was there was most likely because the accident was too traumatic for her to remember. It could come back at any time and that it could be another emotional state for her to work through. Urs came over and David told him what the Doctor had said. They were told not to mention the accident in case the memory was too upsetting to her. . Sebastien was told afterwards, away from Dori.

Dori began to show signs of being in pain. It was coming from her arm as she was becoming more alert to her surrounding. The doctors could safely place it in a cast now. It had been a clean break from the x-rays. They felt it would be safer for her and the baby. Sebastien and Dori only looked only at each other. She would smile at him; he would kiss her and rub her face very softly. David was relieved as was Urs and Carlos, but that didn’t change the fact she had a long recovery. The baby was there and those issues had to be dealt with as well. But, now was not the time; it had to wait. The doctor spoke to David and Urs again. He told them not to mention the baby yet. If she didn’t know before the accident, it could be too much for her to handle right now. They agreed to tell Sebastien.

Carlos and that Urs would speak to the ladies before they came in to the room. Urs went downstairs to the lobby to wait for them. When they arrived, Urs told them, “Dori’s awake and they have removed the feeding tube so she can speak. She does not remember the accident or know why she is here. Also, the doctor doesn’t want anyone to mention the baby to her yet.” He had updated them on all they knew for now.

“Sebastien what are you doing here? I thought you were in London waiting for me.” Dori asked him squeezing his hand.

“I missed you Mon Amour.” Sebastien replied as he kissed her hand.

“How long have I been here Sebastien?” She continued.

“…A few days, Mon Amour.” He answered smiling again.

“Am I okay …besides a broken arm?” She asked nervously.

“Yes my darling. You are fine and now you will be even better.” Sebastien could barely keep from crying.

“Sebastien you look so sad. What is wrong? Is it me?” Dori was getting excited and the doctors didn’t want that.

“Non Cherie, I am fine… and you need to calm down… the doctor doesn’t want you excited right now.” Sebastien reassured her.

The nurse came in, giving Dori a shot for the pain and to help her to relax. Sebastien didn’t want her to go back to sleep. He wanted to talk to her and be with her. The guys told him she would be fine and she needed to rest to mend. So, he sat by the bed and held her hand. Siobhan and Cyd and Suzie came in after she received her shot and she was still awake. She was surprised to see all of them there and knew that something else had happened to her. They told her she hit her head when she fell, and that was why she was in the hospital. They also told her they had come to see David’s farm and relax. They all knew it was a lie, but it was what the doctor felt would be best for Dori.

Dori and Sebastien once again, couldn’t help but just stare at each other. Anyone could see how much they loved each other. Sebastien stood up and bent over her and kissed her gently and hugged her carefully as he whispered to her “I Love You Mon Amour” Then he sat back down, staying by her side until she fell asleep. He seemed to relax a little, now that she had awoken. He knew she was coming back to him.

He still had no idea how to tell her about the baby. He wanted a little girl and she would look like her mother. He had loved the name Alexandra Natalia Izambard… something he dreamed of for a long time. Now it looked like that day would come. The doctor said the baby was doing well and they would continue to monitor the baby one day at a time.

Sebastien went over to the group and began talking and joining in on the conversation. Something he had not done much of since the accident.

“Well Sebastien how are you doing now that she’s awake and alert?” Siobhan asked him smiling.

“She came back to me… I am fine. But I am worried a little about how to tell her we are having a baby.” He replied to her cautiously.

“Sebastien, I will be here with you. When the time is right, I want you to remember that.” Siobhan added, hugging him close.

“Thank You Siobhan…” he replied as happy tears began to spill from his eyes again.

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