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 STOLEN ( where did IL Divo come from)

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PostSubject: STOLEN ( where did IL Divo come from)   Sat Jul 03, 2010 2:10 am

Written by Lois Terrans Bradbury

The third project written for the Entertainment and Creativity thread of the
IL DIVO Official Web Site Forum.
Original Post July 2007
This book is a work of fiction. The names, places, characters and incidents are either the products of the author’s imaginations or are used fictitiously.
All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form without the permission of the Author© July 2007

Background information.
David = De’el
Urs = U’Vinda
Seb = Seneev
Carlos= Cuta
Lea = Len’el (David’s younger sister)
Alva is largest city on the planet of the same name. This is De’el and Len’el’s family home.
NAREVNA is the planet on which Len’el is stationed
PHENET home to (Seb) Seneev Bareb
BELWIT home to (Urs) U’Vinda
VESTNILE home to (Carlos) Cuta Reece
Nomis Ellewac = the bad guy
Shenla = Sheila (steward)

De’el, (David) had just finished the last concert in his home town, the last concert for a few months and was looking forward to some time off. Smiling he felt good, he was going to meet his sister for a bite to eat. They had a favourite spot they liked to eat at every time they had the chance to get together and he was on his way there wondering if she was going to be late as usual.

Len’el (Lea) was cursing the transport. Once again it had dropped her off three blocks from where she needed to be. How come others never seemed to have this much trouble? To her friends it was a running joke. Once she’d even ended up on the wrong planet, how embarrassing was that. Thankfully these little hiccups usually only meant, as they did tonight an extra walk and she would be late. She had thought about contacting De’el to let him know but she would be there soon so off she set, walking along streets that had been her home as a child.

Alva was the largest city on the planet also named Alva and the planet was one of 27 in their solar system. Len’el had been to most at one time or another. All very similar, with minor differences that were easy to get used to. The population of all planets spoke the same language with a few local colloquialisms, but for the most part it did not really matter which planet was your home planet, it was easy enough to communicate.
Travelling between each planet had become so much easier over the past tens years giving raise to more employment opportunities and for her brother De’el, a wonderful career in the entertainment world. The TPS (Transport Pod Stations) were designed for individual transport. More like a small rectangular box that you stood in, waited for the vid link to activate and you told the computer where you wanted to go. Len'el had no idea how it worked and had a sneaking suspicion she did not want to know how it worked but within seconds you where at your destination. Except of course when you ended up on a receiving pad in the wrong spot, like tonight. Of course the transportation of bulk goods was still carried out by interplanetary cargo ships and if you where so inclined not to use the TPS you could travel on the cargo ships. Len’el knew a few of her older friends that refused to used the pods so would elected to spend the extra time on the cargo ship to get to wherever they wanted. Len’el was seriously thinking about making her next trip on a cargo ship. But a trip from Narevna which was the ninth planet out to Alva would take 4 days and in her line of work time was everything. Len’el was a captain in the Interplanetary Security Team (IST).

Len’el smiled as she rounded the corner just up the street from her favourite eating spot. De’el would most likely be settled at the bar waiting patiently for her as he always did. She loved that he had time for her. Len’el was now based on Narevna and De’el would always make the effort to call when he was there. As much as she would have liked to Len’el did not attend all of her big brothers concerts. But she so loved catching the last concert of the season and was sad that she had missed tonight, but still they could have some time together now and she had an excuse to come home while De’el was not touring. He had continued to live in their ancestral home and for the next week that is where Len’el would be staying.

Len’el’s smile turned to a frown as she saw several men struggling. She began to run when she heard shouts from one of them and realised it was her brother.
“Hey!!!!.’ She shouted and ran as fast as she could. “De’el!!!!”
Through the struggle De’el saw his sister and then saw one of the men raise a gun. “No!!!!” De’el shouted and began to struggle to get the gun. He had no idea what these men wanted with him but he couldn’t let them hurt Len’el.
Just then there was a blinding flash of light and Len’el dived for the ground. But the light had not come from the gun. As she rolled back onto her knees she saw her brother and the men disappear. “DE’EL!!!!!” Len’el ran to the spot where they had vanished finding the tell tale signs of a transport activation. A slight shimmering of the ground as it settled back into its original state. It had been a portable TP, very illegal. Len’el was about to swear when she saw something just off to her left in the shadows. Picking it up and turning it over in her hand she realised it was an activation hub for the TP and it was short range which meant that she maybe able to find her brother. One of the men must have dropped it in the struggle.
Len’el took off back down the street to the nearest TPS and plugged the hub into a port to download the information. Once that was done the computer knew where she wanted to go and Len’el waited. Next thing she found herself in the middle of the Interplanetary Cargo Docks along with hundreds of other people. Scanning the immediate area her heart was sinking, why had they brought De’el here? How was she ever going to find him? So many ships. Then she heard it, De’el’s unusual whistle. Because of his singing voice he had this very strange high pitched whistle. He must have seen her. Len’el turned to see where it had come from only to see De’el being bundled into a small transport ship. . There was just too much ground to cover between her and the ship, she would never make it before it took off and she was right.

Len’el stood watching as the ship engaged its engines, hovered over the landing pad and then seemed to glide into the sky but what came next shocked her so completely she was hardly able to believe that it had happened. A wormhole opened up in front of the ship and seemed to swallow it up then vanished leaving no trace in the sky. How did she know it was a wormhole? She had seen only two others, the result had been catastrophic. The holes had opened in the transport lanes between Phenet and Belwit and taken one transport ship and destroyed another with the loss of over 200 lives. The second ship had been trying to reserve its course when the hole had closed cutting the ship in half. The second wormhole had appeared in much the same place with the same devastating results, so the authorities had closed the lanes, moving all transport to another section.
But the one that Len’el was now watching was different, it seemed controlled. Had someone harnessed the power of wormholes? She needed to get back to her office and quick. Any hole activity would be recorded, she needed to know her brother was alive.

On Vestnile a planet just past Belwit, the same senario was playing out. Cuta (Carlos) was struggling with three men who had attacked him as he was heading for the TPS near his home. Same illegal TP, same transport ship and same wormhole.
Aboard the ship both De’el and Cuta had been drugged and now lay, strapped to steel beds side by side as the ship travelled through space.

Chapter 2
Back on Narevna, Len’el began to troll through her transport detection program looking for any wormhole activation near the spot she had seen that ship disappear. But nothing. She skipped over the usual reports of transport infringements, criminal activity in the outer rim and entered her security clearence code to access more in depth information. What she found set her heart racing and blood boiling. Under Wormhole Activation she found all the files she had expected. They would carry the information of any wormhole that had opened and the results. But there were other files. One took her attention. It was marked ‘The Parallel Event’. The more she read the angrier she got. Nomis Ellewac had been under investigation for sometime after leaving The Parallel Event Project and it looked liked her peers thought that he had developed or was close to developing the techniques to harness the energy from wormholes, making them stable and therefore able to be used. However he had vanished over 8 years ago. Len’el scrolled through the report coming to the end she noticed a small logo. It was the same log she had seen on the ship that had taken her brother. It was the sign they used for eternity.
She slammed her hand on the desk just as some one opened her door.
“Steady on their Captain. A new desk is not in the budget.”
Meg was Len’el’s PA, brilliant, far smarter than Len’el was and she was happy behind the scenes. Never did want to be a field agent. The girls got on well. Knew each other well, that is why Meg knew that something was wrong when she walked into the room.
“What is it Len’el, what’s happened.”
“De’el’s been kidnapped.” Len’el went on to explain her whole evening, every little detail. She knew Meg had a soft spot for De’el and the news would be not sit well with her either.
“Move over and let me at the computer Len’el.’ Meg sat in Len’el’s’ chair as Len’el stood watching her Pa’s fingers fly over the keys and buttons on the console. File and folders that Len’el had no idea where even on the computer appeared. After a few minutes Meg sat back and began to point to information on the screen she had tagged.
“See that there?”
Len’el had no idea what she was looking at so Meg continued. “That’s a wave disturbance, right were you said the hole appeared and here is another one just off Vestnile. But they are not natural. “
Len’el looked at her friend. “How do you know that?”
“Well I could explain the physics but I don’t think you would cope. But I know ok.”
That was enough for Len’el.
Meg punched a few more keys and new information appeared “And you see this? I put in a tracker for that ship. This is a list of where it has been. Officially it does not exist. If I did not know better I would think it was government,”
Under her breath Len’el said “Parallel Event Project.”
Meg looked at her as the colour drained from her face. “What did you say?”
Len’el repeated her comment.
“I lost a lot of good friends on that project. Nomis was ruthless and careless. Len’el if De’el is somehow caught up with Nomis he’s in real danger.”
Again she began to punch on the console and it began to beep. “Give me your chatchip Len’el.”
Without question Len’el gave her communication chip to Meg, who in turn inserted it into the drive and downloaded some information. She gave it back to Len’el.
“I’ve put the tracking beacon on your chip. You’ll be able to see where that ship is going. I only hope we are not too late.”
“Why do you say that” Len’el had a sinking feeling in her stomach.
“Well from what I have seen Nomis has perfected his wormhole theory, he’s done it. Made them stable and if that is the case he can go anywhere.”
Len’el’s chatchip began to beep. “He’s on the move.”
Meg pulled the visual up on the console screen. “With that trajectory there is only one place he can be going.”
Together they answered. “Belwit”
Len’el rushed from the room and ran down the hall to the agencies private transport pod. She needed to get to Belwit and be ready.

On Belwit U’Vinda (Urs) was just about to leave the concert hall for a very well deserved break. Continuous concerts for almost 12 moths. It seemed to him he had been in every city on every planet in the past 12 months. He was exhausted and looking forward to 3 months in the high hills of Outer Haven, a small moon just off his home world, Belwit. There you could enjoy crisp clean air, back to basics living, be pampered by the locals or just rough it and spend as long as you wanted in the lush forests. U’Vinda had planned on taking himself to the highest peaks and doing some skiing. So he was not focused on his surroundings and when he was attacked he had no idea what had hit him. Before he knew it he had been knocked to the ground and a bright flash of light blinding him.
Getting his bearings he realised that he was no longer at the concert hall but at one of the Cargo Docks on the other side of town. He struggled with his attackers as they forced him onto a transport ship.
“What the hell are you doing!!!”
He got a punch in the stomach for his trouble that winded him, making it impossible for him to speak let alone walk up right.

Len’el had watched the ship come in from her vantage point. She had hidden herself away and when the coast was clear made her way to the ship. She was uneasy and unnerved at how simple it had been to board the ship. Meg’s voice crackled in her ear. “You be careful Captain. I have a couple of live ones roaming around on the bottom deck and 2 not so live ones on the main floor. Looks like it could be a sick bay or something. Their pulse rates suggest they are sleeping; you need to turn left just ahead.”
Len’el did not respond to Meg, she did not have to. She knew full well that her PA and friend had her monitored, knew every move she was making.
Len’el was about to take the left turn when she heard a commotion at the entrance to the ship. Looking back she saw a familiar scene, a struggle. Glancing quickly around her she found a place to hide. As she watched U’Vinda get punched in the stomach for the second time and they dragged him passed her down the very corridor Meg had told her to take. No sooner had they disappeared then the ships engines burst into life and they began to move. Len’el held on but what came next sent her reeling back. There was another rumble that she knew was not the engines, the ship seemed to shimmer and became fluid, not solid anymore, yet she was still standing on a very solid floor. As she moved her hands there seemed to be a delay in the motion, like she was watching it all in slow motion, not able to focus. It was like watching 6 or seven hands float passed and then gather themselves into one as you stopped moving. There was another rumble. Len’el’s stomach felt like it was going to drop out through her feet and then all was quite. She felt the gentle motion of the entry flight path and again they had landed, but where. There were no planets or moons that close to Belwit. Len’el took up her hiding spot again and waited. She did not have to wait long. The same men that had man handled U’Vinda into the ship left. Len’el tapped on he chatchip secured on her wrist. “Meg, where the hell am I?”
All she got was static. Len’el boosted the reception and was just about to send another message when Meg’s voice filtered through. “Holy heaven Boss, You ok?”
“Fine, where are we. We didn’t travel far enough to get anywhere but we landed.”
“Hate to tell you this Captain but you did, you are on Phenet. I had to boost reception to find you.”
Len’el was silent, on a transport, even a fast ship the trip from Belwit to Phenet would take 4 hours.
“Captain?.... Len’el are you there.”
“Copy Meg. Do I really want to know how this happened?”
“I guess Nomis figured it out. One minute you where taking off from Belwit the next you were gone…Nothing. It was only when the ship came out the other end and landed I found you. Sure glad I put the tracker on you. He did it Boss. He can use worm holes to travel.”
Len’el was outraged. “At least now we know why we have not been able to find him. But what does he want with De’el and this other guy?”
“You mean he took someone else. Len’el be careful, Nomis could be collecting lab rats.”
“He’s crazy; I lost my best friend to one of his experiments. But I cannot understand why he would take someone who is as well known as De’el. Do you know who the other guy is.?”
“No, didn’t get a good look headed that way now.”
Len’el made her way back down the corridor and again with Meg’s guidance found the room she was looking for. She rested her back against the door as she entered. It looked like a cross between a sick bay and a lab. In the middle were 4 steel beds. She saw De’el and ran over to him. She shook him and called out his name but nothing. He had tubes and wires connected to his half naked body that ran off into machines that meant nothing to her. Did she dare unhook them? Would she kill her brother if she did? She looked over to the others and some past memory was trying to waken as she looked into U’vinda’s face. She did know this man, but from where. Looking at Cuta her heart skipped a beat. “Meg, Cuta Reece, Remember the ….” She never finished as Meg cut her off. “OH My God! Boss, that can’t be, he’s so, so famous on every planet I know. He’s a huge star, Nomis can’t just take him. Someone is bound to notice. Who’s the other guy Boss? If they are taking people from the Ent world, he must be one of them. Try to remember.”
Len’el looking into U’vinda’s face once again, a stirring deep down nudged at her heart but she just did not know where she knew him from. Just then Meg gave Len’el a warning that 4 people were about to pay her a visit. Again Len’el needed to find a place to hide.

The three men she had seen leaving the ship burst into the room with a fourth struggling wildly between them. Once he saw De’el, U’Vinda and Cuta strapped to the tables he struggled even more and like U’Vinda got punched in the stomach for his troubles. He was man handled all the time shouting a screaming to be let go. Once they had him strapped down one of the men gave him and injection that sent him instantly to sleep.
His head fell to the side and Len’el had to put her hand over her mouth to stop her gasp from being heard. It was Seneev Bareb. If Cuta was famous, Seneev was not far behind. Len’el had only just recently been to one of his concerts and got a ribbing from De’el for it. But she was sure she had heard he was soon to take a break to record new work. And here he was, three out of the four men lying in this room had come from the Ent world. And were all well know. Surely someone would know they were missing. Len’el looked back over at U’Vinda, waiting for the men to leave. She wasn’t sure if it was the angle at which she was looking at him but all those memories flooded back in. She did know who he was. They had gone through school together and had done their first year at the Security Academy when U’Vinda had decided to follow his dream of singing. As the men left the room, Len’el called Meg to let her know who the new arrival was and who U’Vinda was. She had just finished telling Meg when the ship took off and she felt that same rumble but far more intense. “Meg... Are you there? Meg?” Nothing but static.
Len’el came out of her hiding place and stood next to her brother. “What have they done to you? What do they want with you?” At least he was still breathing. Len’el saw a small window just above a small bench. Stretching up to look outside Len’el tapped her Chatchip in the hopes of raising Meg. What she saw outside bewildered her. She knew she was not to crash hot on her Planetary history but she did not recognise any of the space outside the window, Nothing was right. Just then she heard noises from outside the room and went to hide again. There would have been at Least 16 people entering the room, all dressed like lab technicians. They divided into four groups of four and each group took up a post next to each sleeping man and began to work. Len’el had tears rolling down her face as she watched them operate. They stuck probes into each of their heads, Needles into other parts, She was almost ill as she watched the natural colour of their skin change from its vibrant orange to a very pale, pinkie. brown, white. Even the colour of their hair was changing.
These teams seemed to work on De’el and the other men for hours. Len’el’s whole body hurt from being in the one position for so long.
Suddenly there was a change. The tables that De’el and the others were on were tilted up so that it looked like they were almost standing, several probes from the side of each mans head was connected to what looked like a video screen. Once this was done every one left, the room fell silent and Len’el waited to make sure it was safe.
She climbed out of her hiding place and again went to her brother’s side. Wiping the tears away. “Dear God De’el, what is going on?” Len’el looked to the screens. It was like watching a movie of someone’s life. But why have it running. De’el was unconscious. As the reality sunk in Len’el was enraged. “Brainwashing, they are brain washing you.!!!!” She began to pull the wires out of his head but the minute she touched them alarms sounded and De’el began to have trouble breathing. Len’el heard running coming down the hallway and hid again. Several technicians checked De’el then the others and then looked at the screens. Satisfied that everything was ok they left.
The screens were not for the benefit of De’el and the others. The screens were so the technicians could see how far along the program had come. Climbing out again Len’el went back to De’el. “I promise to get you out of this De’el, no matter what it takes.”
Len’el looked at his screen; it did not make sense to her, looking over at the others their screens did not make sense either, except that everyone in them had that same pale skin as her brother now had.

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PostSubject: chapter 7   Wed Jul 07, 2010 5:23 am

Chapter 7
Urs was right; Sebastien got exactly what he wanted and the two ladies where sat centre stage in the front row even before the crew had the rest of the cast arranged. Il Divo had been through the scene several times without the audience and only a few of the major players, those actors that were playing their family members. Sheila and Lea watched the happenings around them for a while and then slipped into a private conversation. “Sheila can I ask you something?”
“Sure, what’s on your mind?”
“You actually.”
“Oh.” Sheila was a little uncomfortable but she let her continue.
“How come you can remember our home and Nomis, I mean Simon lets you stay, surely he would perceive you as a risk.”
“I guess I would be if he knew.”
Lea just stared at Sheila waiting for the rest of her answer. “I was in one of the first groups of people he experimented mind suppression on.” Sheila gave a little shudder as she remembered. “Some horrible things happened to people. It all seemed to be going well then people started to get their own memories back but unfortunately many of them went crazy as they still had the memories that Simon had given them as well. It was all too much. Some committed suicide, some had help doing it. I watched as Simon killed anyone which the experiment had not worked on. So when I started to get my own memories back I hid them, I almost went crazy myself trying to separate my own life from the one that Simon had given me. But I managed. To this day he thinks I was a success. I thought if I could live with the two memories then maybe I could help others do the same and get their lives back but so far I have not found anyway I can help. The only thing I have managed to do is compile a list of the people from our worlds that Simon has brought here and believe me there are a few surprises on it.”
Lea smiled. “Surprised how?”
“Most every one of Simons so called finds are people from our world, not here.”
Lea sat straight up in her seat. “You mean to say that every single one of his groups is from an alien world and no one here even knows?”
“No. You’ve talked to Urs. He is totally convinced that he was born on this planet, was discovered by Simon and now in a group called Il Divo. The others are just the same. Many of them making a good living even after Simon takes his cut.”
“How many Sheila? How many lives has he stolen?”
“Over a hundred not including your brother and his new friends.”

Lea was about to ask more question when the director came onto the stage and announced that they would be starting soon. Hoping that it would only be one take. He explained what he wanted from everyone and asked everyone to have a look of surprise and amazement on their faces when the group sang. He looked at the actors who had been hired to play the family members and got them into their places. Everyone took their seats and waited.
Just like a real concert the music started and the men from Il Divo entered the stage and began to sing Regresa A Mi. Neither Sheila nor Lea had to fain being surprised. They were amazing; Lea knew her brother was a good singer. His fans on her home world were testament to that and U’Vinda, How had she missed him at home. His presence on stage was charismatic, infectious and intoxicating. His voice seemed to melt like warm chocolate all over her body, sending a tingling sensation to every single corner. Sebastien and Carlos oozed with a romantic poise that was undeniable. And when Sebastien smiled at Sheila, Lea guessed she felt the same way. Together this mix of voices sounded like angels and their stage presence was captivating. And they had only heard one song.
Sheila leaned over to Lea. “I think you and I are going to be busy very, very soon.”
As Il Divo finished their song the whole auditorium erupted in shouts and applause of praise, every single person standing to their feet and cheering. Even the orchestra had given them a standing ovation. The four members of the group stood on stage somewhat in awe of the reaction. They had not expected such a response. David looked to the side of the stage and saw Simon, big smile on his face and clapping. Carlos was flirting with at least four different women. Sebastien looked down at Sheila who, like the rest of the audience was on her feet. Absentmindedly she blew him a kiss. Lea shot her a look wondering what she was doing, when she saw Sebastien do the same. She looked across the stage to see Urs watching her, he bowed ever so slightly and Lea dipped her head in return.
The whole time the director had been shouting cut and being ignored. Cameras still rolled and people continued to clap and the members of Il Divo realised that something new had been born and they were part of it. Il Divo had been born.

Lea looked around at the audience and realised with a slight twinge in her heart that Simon knew what he was doing. It would be so much harder to get her brother back now that the group would be a success. A small tear escaped and ran down her cheek unseen by anyone. But Urs had seen it; he had seen it and knew it was not a tear of joy but of sadness. Who was she? And why did she pull at his heart so?

The director finally got his way and the members of Il Divo were shuffled off the stage and again given applause and cheers as they walked back to their rooms. Simon joined them. “So, you think we have something to sell boys?”
No one said anything but they knew he was right.

Sheila and Lea waited with the rest of the cast to hand back their dresses and change back into their own clothes. Sheila was bubbling as were many other females around them, all chatting about Il Divo and where had they been hiding, how come they had not heard of them before, how long would it be before they saw the finished video, would they be doing an album, If they did would they go on tour, did they have girlfriends. All the questions and Lea just wanted to shout and tell them the truth. Like Sheila she was overwhelmed at what they had just experienced but in all the excitement her heart hurt and she was angry, angry at Simon for what he had done and angry at herself for giving in to her emotions so easily. If this was the spell that Il Divo cast then the world was in for a surprise. Woman everywhere would be spellbound and there would be nothing anyone could do about it.
Waiting outside the studio for Sheila, lost in her own thoughts, Lea jumped and took a defensive stance as someone touched her on the shoulder. Urs very nearly found himself on the ground again but he realised that he had surprised Lea and shouted, catching her hand before she could land a punch. “Hey!! Hey. I’m friendly…”
Lea was startled but Urs felt the tension release from her arm and he let her hand drop. “Didn’t mean to scare you Lea.”
Lea smiled weakly “Sorry, U’….” Lea stopped herself before she called him by his real name but Urs just thought that she was having problems pronouncing his name.
“It’s Urs.” his smile was disarming and his eyes seemed so deep yet a little sad.
“I’m sorry Urs, off in my own world I guess.”
He smiled again. “That’s okay. Been a bit of a crazy day. Did you see the reaction in there?”
“You should have been in the change room. You guys have got all the females in such a state.”
Urs looked a little shocked. “Oh My. Is that a good thing?”
“Well let’s see. The last thing I heard was the topic of whether you all had girlfriends. So I would say yes it is a good thing. You guys ready for what looks like the ride of your lives?”
Lea’s words hit home like and anvil. “I really don’t know Lea.”
Just then Shelia came barging out of the back door. “Hey Urs, you better get back in there. The other three are getting all the babes.”
As she got to him she pushed him towards the door. “Go on. This is your hour of glory take it while you can.”
Urs walked to the door but looked back at the two of them. More so at Lea but it was Sheila that spoke. “Go on, sign autographs, and make fans.” Once again Urs bowed ever so slightly at Lea but this time she did not reciprocate only blinked as he walked through the door.
Before Lea could utter a word Sheila jumped in. “Wasn’t that amazing? I mean have you ever heard anything so, so, so magical in all your life. And we get to work with them, all four of them. How wonderful is that.”
“Sheila did you forget something?”
Sheila looked at Lea not understanding her question. “Forget what?”
“Why I am here. They don’t belong here.”
Sheila’s whole demeanour changed but it was not because of what Lea had said, it was because of who she could see. Simon had walked up behind them. Lea recognised his voice.
“Who doesn’t belong here?”
Lea put a smile on her face before she turned around. “They don’t Mister they belong on a big stage where lots of people can get to hear them.”
Simon laughed and looked at Sheila. “I like your friend Sheila. You ladies keep an eye out, they’ll be on the big stage soon enough.”
With that he walked off still laughing. As soon as he had gone Lea stopped playing her little charade. Sheila was amazed. “Oh my you sounded just like those ladies in the changing room. How do you do that? I thought we were gone for sure.”
The two of them began to walk back to Sheila’s apartment, Sheila talking the whole time. Lea could not understand how she could babble on so excited that she had been one of the first to see Il Divo when she knew the truth. Maybe she had been on this planet earth too long.
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PostSubject: chapter 8   Sat Jul 10, 2010 11:19 pm

Chapter 8
The next morning the record company was buzzing and the word on everyone’s lips was Il Divo. The four members of the group were a little shocked at the reaction they got as they entered the building for a meeting with Simon. People congratulated them on their performance in the video, wished them all the best for their futures but it was the stares from the female employees that had their attention. David leaned into Urs as they walked to the lift. “Do you have the feeling they are undressing us with their eyes?”
“I think they have gone way past the undressing. This is very uncomfortable.”
David pointed to Sebastien and Carlos. “Well they seem to be handling it just fine.”
Carlos was wooing the small female crowd that had gathered. Many of the faces he recognised from the video shoot. “Thank you ladies for your support. You are all beautiful.”
Sebastien sprouted off in French just as Sheila and Lea entered the building. It took Lea a few seconds to realise that her translation injection had not failed but that Sebastien was speaking another language other than English.
“Sheila what is he doing. That’s not even his native tongue.”
“But it is. Here on earth it is. Simon programmed them with a full set of memories from birth until they stepped off that plane the other day. He gave them each a particular identity. Sebastien thinks he was born in France and considering how much time he had to learn the language he is fluent.”
“Is that why their accents are so strong. I just thought it was from home. We all speak the same language but you know, we have accents.”
“I guess. I think Simon planned it this way. Not sure if he could get rid of the home world accent in time.”
“So what about my brother and the others?”
“Well, Urs is from Switzerland, he’s Swiss.”
Lea raised her eyebrows at this comments.
“Ok, he thinks he’s Swiss. Then Carlos THINKS he’s Spanish from Spain and David thinks he is from the USA.”
Again Lea raised her eyebrows. “USA. What’s that?”
“America, United States of America.”
“And we are in a country called England right?”
“Yep. Sometimes known as the UK.”
“So what language does David think he speaks?”
“Oh we are ok. He speaks English, like us.”

Just then Sebastien spotted Sheila and waved as he walked towards them. “Hello Cherie.” He took her hand and kissed it then took Lea’s hand and did the same. “Miss Lea, nice to see you again. Do you have a meeting with Simon as well?”
Sheila answered. “Not until later Mr Izambard.”
“Oh Cherie, call me Sebastien.”
David gave a shout and a wave from the lift. “Hey lover boy, get a move on!!”
Urs was keeping the door open with his foot, with a somewhat disapproving look on his face.
Sebastien smiled at the two women and ran to the lift. “See you around ladies.”
With that the door closed and Il Divo disappeared. Some females kept watching the lift in the hopes that they would re appear. But the foyer was back to normal soon enough.
Sheila and Lea walked to another lift and waited, Sheila had a silly grin on her face.
“Why are you smiling like that?” Lea had a good idea but she wanted to hear it from Sheila.
“Oh isn’t Sebastien just so cute. I could go for someone like him.”
“What do you mean someone like him, he’s not real!!!!”
Sheila shot her a hurt look. “Of course he is. He’s a real person.”
“Sheila you know what I meant.”
“Yes I do but what happens if you get them back and they can keep both memories like me, I might have missed the chance of being with a wonderful man.”
“And what if the real Seneev is horrible and wicked and evil.”
“No, there is no way. Lea, look at your brother. You know there is still part of him there, you can feel it, hear it in his voice, and see it in the little things he does. No I won’t believe that Seb is evil.”
“What did you call him?”
“Seb, short for Sebastien?” Sheila gave a heavy sigh as they entered the lift. “Look, we need to keep close to them right and what is the best way to do that?” She paused for a moment. “To get very close.”
The smile on Sheila’s face told Lea that she was not going to have a problem getting close to Sebastien at all; in fact it looked like she was going to enjoy it. Maybe just a little too much.

Simon was enthusiastically shaking each member of Il Divos hand as they entered his office. “Well done lads, well done, seems you have made quite and impression on the ladies at least. Come on sit, we have a lot to discuss.”

All four took a seat around Simons Desk. Urs was first to speak. “So what happens next?”
Simon smiled. “Well even I was blown away by the reaction yesterday so we are going to speed up the production of the video clip. It should be out by the end of next week. I’ve pulled in a few favours and have you booked on a couple of TV and radio shows a few days after that here in London and then we should get started on your first album.”

It was all so much to take in, the four men just sat there looking at Simon as he continued. “I know this is a lot all at once but trust me, if we want this to be a success we have to run with it and run with it now. I have some great writers working on songs and looking for songs for your first album.” Simon could see the protests about to arrive so he raised his hands to stop anyone from interrupting. “Lads, I promise once we have your first album out there you can have a lot more say in what happens to the next one. I just want to make sure you have a good solid platform to launch from.”
David spoke. “But Simon apart from rehearsing for this video we have no idea about each other, who sings what and how. The songs you pick could be all wrong for us.”
The others nodded in agreement.
Simon continued. “You are right David and that is why I would hope you four would make sure that does not happen. If you feel that something is not working then change it. Now, I suggest that you go and do whatever it is you do for the next two weeks because after that your lives will not be your own.” Simon stood up bringing the meeting to an end. “So I will see you in two weeks for your first television and radio interviews.”
Again he shook their hands and they left. The four men rode the lift down in silence; it stopped on the fifth floor where Sheila and Lea got in. Instantly a smile swept across Sheila’s face. “Well Hi Seb, fancy meeting you here”
Sebastien smiled. “You called me Seb. I like that.” He looked at Lea “Lea, a pleasure again.”
Urs smiled at Lea and again bowed ever so slightly, in return Lea held out her hand for him to shake. “Mr Buhler.”
“Well at least this time you didn’t want to knock me to the ground.”
The other three just stared at him but it was David who spoke. “Well Urs are you going to introduce us to your new friend.”
Lea heart sank, being introduced to her own brother.
“Oh sorry. This is Lea; she is a new steward and will be working with Sheila on the plane for a while. They came to the video shoot yesterday.”
Carlos’s eyes lit up. “I remember, sitting in the first row. You had on the most amazing dress Miss Lea.”
Lea blushed a little. “Thank you Mister errr. I am sorry I don’t know your last name.”
Carlos let out a lovely laugh. “Oh no need. Carlos is my name.”
Just them David nudge Urs. “Oh and this is David, David Miller.
David shot out his hand to shake Lea’s and gave her a big beaming smile. “Like I told Sheila the other day, names David, none of this mister stuff okay.”
All Lea could answer back with was “okay” That smile had been her brothers smile, so disarming, and so wicked sometimes, she remembered as children how he would get away with so much by just flashing that smile. She had to choke back her tears. This assignment was going to be the toughest one yet.

The lift doors opened an all six people got out. Sebastien had decided on the way down that he wanted to get to know Sheila a bit better. “Ladies we were just about to head off for a morning coffee. Would you like to join us?”
The other three Divos were just as shocked as Lea at Sebastien’s request but Sheila jumped at the offer. “Oh that would be darling, thank you so much for inviting us.”
David threw Urs a stunned look. “I guess we are going for coffee.”
“Seems that way.” Urs smiled at Lea. “Would you allow me to escort you Lea?”
Lea looked to Sheila for guidance, Sheila nodded her head and Urs took Lea’s arm in his.

They all settled into a large booth in the café not far from Eternity Records, ordered various coffees. Sheila ordered a cappuccino for Lea. Urs, always observing the world around him made a note of this. It was a small thing but somehow it seemed to be important.
They engaged in general chatter for a while when the subject of their futures came up. Urs was first to speak of the changes that may happen. “I guess this will be one of the last times we will be able to go out in public without being harassed if Simon has his way. What did he say this morning? Our lives won’t be our own from now one.”
The mood around the table became sombre. David was not happy about that. “Geez Urs, you really know how to bring on the rain don’t you.”
Lea came to Urs’ defence. “He’s only stating the truth and sometimes the truth hurts. But it doesn’t make it any less the truth.”
David shook his head. “You two make a great pair. Lighten up. This will be an adventure, maybe the only one we ever get to have, so let’s take it with both hands and have the ride of our lives.”
Urs remembered that Lea had said almost the same thing at the video shoot the day before. “But are we ready. I mean really ready.”

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Chapter 9
The next two weeks passed rather quickly for the men of Il Divo but not quickly enough for Lea. True to her word Sheila had stuck close to Sebastien every chance she got. They had formed a wonderful friendship and Lea was glad after her initial reaction. But still not knowing how things were going to turn out she worried that Sheila would get her heart broken. Sheila’s own admission had been that even if they could do something to save them, they may very well go crazy if they could not handle the reality of being brainwashed. Lea needed to find a way to get them back without loosing them completely. She had resigned herself to the fact that if it was impossible she would have to let things stay as they were and give up her brother forever.

After Sheila had shown her how to use the primitive computer system and something called the internet, Lea had spent the best part of the two weeks researching Simon, Eternity Records, and his so called finds. Every single one of his entertainers had made it big even if it had just been for a time but they had certainly pulled in the money while they were at it. And for the most part all were leading very comfortable lives. Lea wondered if she had the right to change all that and show them the truth. Only time would tell. She had also given herself a crash course in Earth history finding some of it very brutal. She found the world wars very hard to understand. Sure, her own world had been involved in conflicts over the ages but never internal. It had always been world against world and that had been hundreds of years ago. But she found other things that although primitive by her standards were very similar. They had music and entertainment, sports and hobbies. Unfortunately they also had the darker side of life with the criminal element. She read about Scotland Yard, the SAS, CIA and FBI, ASIO and the United Nations. Lea smiled to herself, one day this planet could be where her home world was right now provided they did not blow themselves up with the nuclear weapons they seemed so intent on building. She was captivated by the planets defence forces, submarines, jets. And had seen Earths attempts at space travel. This was a worry, it was clear that if she succeeded and wanted to get back home it would have to be on Simon’s ship. Earth had nothing that could help her, just another problem to add to the pile of seemingly unanswered questions.
Sheila had also given her a crash course in being a steward since this was the job she had been assigned. Lea had been involved in a good deal of undercover work and prided herself on being a fast learner. Picking up how to operate as an Airline steward had been one of her easier tasks and in a way she was looking forward to actually working, which would be in a day or so. Simon had booked Il Divo into TV and radio shows in nearly every major city in Europe. Looking over their itinerary there was not one city where they would be staying for more than two days. Once the European leg of the promotional tour was finished they had about a month to finish the first album and then would be off to the US, Australia and Asia. Simon was going to make sure the whole world knew about Il Divo. Being able to travel on the plane would give her a good opportunity to search it from top bottom, find out how it worked, and find out more about wormholes. That thought always made her stomach turn, where was Meg when you needed her?

Lea had just finished making herself a pot of tea when she heard the key in the front door and voices on the other side. Sheila and Sebastien almost fell through the door, laughing and trying to hold each other up. Lea smiled, at least someone was happy.
Sebastien looked to Lea and tried to be serious. “Sorry Lea did we disturb you?”
She shook her head. “No I was just about to have a cup of tea would you care to join me.”
Sheila spoke for Sebastien before he had a chance to speak for himself. “Sure Seb, you’ve got time to stay for a cuppa.”
Sebastien smiled. “Okay, that would be nice.”
Lea went back into the kitchen to collect a few more cups while Sheila and Sebastien made themselves comfortable at the table.
“So what have you two been up to today?”
“Silly stuff really” Sheila smiled at Sebastien. “We went shopping, to the pier and had our pictures taken, rode on a carousel, ate fairy floss.”
Sebastien jumped in. “Acted like teenagers. I had so much fun.”
Lea took a sip of her tea. “So are we all ready for the flight tomorrow?”
Sebastien nodded. “I’ve been packed for days”
Sheila laughed “But you should see what he has packed. You would think we were going away for a year.”
Lea smiled again. “Seems to me like you meed a professional packer Sebastien. How are the other guys doing?”
“Don’t know about David or Carlos but Urs… He’s so neat and particular. He was packing his bag this morning and man. He is so neat.”
“You said that.” Lea just shrugged her shoulders
“I know but he is. If we have to share a hotel room we’re going to have problems.”
“So Sebastien are you trying to tell us you are a slob?”
Both ladies burst out laughing at the look on his face but then he laughed with them. “Yes I am.”
Just then Sebastien’s mobile phone rang. He looked at the screen and groaned a little. “Seems my happy day is over. Simon wants to see us lads as he calls us in an hour.”
Sebastien got up to leave and Lea was a little taken back when he kissed Sheila, not on the hand as he had done before but on the lips. Sebastien smiled at Lea. “I think with you two ladies joining us on the trip it will be so much better. See you tomorrow.” With that he was gone.

“Well I suppose we should pack for the trip as well. Not that I have a lot to pack.”
Sheila smiled at her new house mate. “You have more than you think. Seb and I went shopping for you today. He has very good taste when it comes to the opposite sex.”
Lea could feel her face getting warm. “You mean you let him pick out clothes for me?!!!”
Sheila went to retrieve a bag that she had left at the front door and put it on the table. “He had a wonderful time honest.”
Lea opened the bag and then shut is straight away. “Sheila there is underwear in here!!!”
Sheila laughed. “Don’t worry. I picked those out for you. Mind you Sebastien was only to willing to help but I sent him off in search of a pair of jeans for you.”
Sheila rummaged in another bag “However he did buy these for me” She pulled out a g string with a very delicate lace front.
Lea was amazed. “And what are you supposed to do with that? Use it as a shoe lace.”
Sheila just shook her head. “Come on, we have similar things at home so don’t pretend like you haven’t seen underwear before.”
“Under wear. Meaning a garment that you wear under your clothes. There’s nothing there to wear.”
Sheila giggled. “Well I don’t plan on wearing them for long. Any way Sebastien likes them.”
“Oh I am sure he does and no doubt had the same idea in mind as you when he bought them.”
“Oh Lea, lighten up ok. Have a look at the clothes we got you.”
Lea looked at the bag but was not entirely sure she wanted to know what else was inside if Sheilas g string was any indication as to how Sebastien liked to shop.
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Chapter 10
After a week of flying in and out of cities through Europe Lea’s head was spinning. There were so many countries and so many cities and so many different languages she had given up trying to keep count or even what country they happened to be in. She did however know that this morning they would be flying to Urs’ home country. The thought was just so surreal for her. Urs was utterly convinced that he was Swiss and like Sebastien spoke the language fluently. He also spoke several other languages and she had no idea why Simon would have implanted such information in to his mind. The only explanation was that due to the fact that his false memories had him living in Europe so close to other countries he would have naturally learnt these other languages as he was growing up. But then why did Sebastien or Carlos not speak these languages as well. Lea was lost in her thoughts preparing coffee in the galley when Urs pulled back the curtain; he said her name twice before she looked at him.
Lea smiled. “Just sorting out my thoughts.”
Urs very casually stuck his hands in his jean pockets and leaned up against the wall. “How are you handling all this travelling?”
“Don’t worry about me, I’ll figure it out. How are you guys holding up? Must be tiring, doing so many interviews with all the same questions.”
A light smile swept across Urs’ face and he shrugged his shoulders. “Yeah I guess but you have to remember that each time we do an interview someone new is watching or listening and it is all new to them. So that helps.”
Lea thought to herself, he really was a very sweet man; he seemed to always be thinking of others in his own quiet way. “Would you like a coffee?”
“No thanks but could I have some of that tea you gave me the other day. It was very nice, not like I had expected.”
“Yeah I am sorry Sheila gave you the wrong cup but glad you like it.”
“Mmmmm I did, is it one of your own blends?”
Lea was surprised that Urs had been so perceptive. She had spent a good deal of time mixing herbs together trying to come up with a taste that was close to what she was used to drinking at home. “Yes it is. I did not realise you knew.”
“It is such an unusual taste but I like it. Even though I have never had it before it seems familiar somehow.”
Lea’s chest got a little tight at his words. Her tea was very close to a commercial drink in their home world. Maybe this was a way to get to them? Being able to bring small pieces of their home world to their attention but she did not want to startle Urs so continued with their casual conversation. “You’ve probably had something similar in the past that is all.”
Urs shook his head. “Don’t usually drink tea but you never know.”
Lea handed him his cup and watched as he took a sip, closing his eyes and breathing in its scent. He didn’t say anything to Lea but he got a flash of the dream he’d had a few weeks back.
Lea took the coffee jug back to the cabin to see if anyone else wanted something to drink and found Sheila and Sebastien deep in conversation. The job was more like travelling with family rather than serving customers and the men from Il Divo had all been very sweet to her as the new kid on the bloke. David’s attention had been hard to cope with as he treated her just like the little sister she really was, even calling her Sis at times as he did now.
David smiled as he saw Lea walking down the isle. “Hiya Sis, how are things in the kitchen?”
“Well I haven’t burnt it down yet.” They both laughed. “You want a coffee?”
David shook his head. “No thanks. Take a seat.”
“I better keep going see if anyone else wants……”
Before she could finish David stood up and shout down the plane. “You guys want coffee!!!”
He got a resounding no from Carlos and Sebastien and Urs passed them cup in hand. “Already sorted thanks David.”
David sat back down and patted the seat next to him. “Come on Sis, just for a little while.”
Lea really had no other option but to sit. “Ok Just for a while. What’s up big brother?”
David smiled at her remark. “Hey that’s cute. I never had a kid sister.”
This time Lea could not hold back the tears and she bit her lip as she tried to hide them. David was shocked to see her reaction. “Oh God. I have upset you. What did I say?”
“It’s ok. Just something I thought I was over. Silly really. I am sorry. Maybe I should go back to the galley.”
Lea wanted so much to get back to the safety of the galley but as she stood David took hold of her arm. “Lea, Stay. I was going to ask you why you took the job but I guess I know. You’re hurting. Something hurt you bad didn’t it?”
All Lea could do was nod her head.
“I wish I could help you.”
As more tears flowed Lea pulled her arm free. “I wish you could too.” And she made a quick retreat back to the galley.
David got up to follow her but Urs had seen her tears and confronted him. “What the hell did you say to her David!!! You made her cry.”
David was stunned by Urs’ out burst. “Calm down Urs. I was going to find out. I have no idea what I said, we were just talking.”
David went to get passed Urs but in return Urs gently pushed him back into his seat. “You stay here. I’ll go and see if she is ok.”
David went to protest but the look in Urs’ eyes told him he better not. “Fine…”
Urs entered the galley to find Lea wiping away her tears. She put on a brave face. “More tea Urs?”
Urs took hold of her hands and looked soulfully into her eyes seeing the deep pain she was trying to hide. “Did David upset you?”
“Oh No Urs, David is very sweet. We just started to talk and it brought back some bad memories. I am sorry. I don’t want you to worry about me. He probably doesn’t even know why I am upset.”
Urs squeezed her hands. “You sure that you are okay?”
Lea nodded.
“Can I do anything?”
Lea found herself getting lost in his warm loving stare and forgot to answer.
“Lea…… You okay. Can I help?”
She swallowed hard before she answered. “No it’s okay but thanks, all you guys are very sweet.”
Urs smiled and kissed her on top of the head, squeezing her hands again. “If you need anything. And I mean anything; shoulder to cry on, someone to talk to. You have me.”
Lea smiled. “Thanks U…. Urs” She almost called him by his real name but he did not seem to notice her stammer.
“You promise. You don’t have to be alone.”
“I promise.”
Once again Urs kissed her on the top of the head before returning to the cabin where David was waiting. He almost jumped out of his seat. “Well is she okay? I didn’t mean to hurt her really I didn’t.”
Urs smiled. “She’s okay David, you didn’t do anything wrong just triggered old hurts I guess. She thinks we are all very sweet.”
David smiled one of his big sunshine smiles. “I should go and apologise.”
“Give her some time on her own okay, maybe when we land. She needs some space right now.”
David looked down the cabin towards the galley. “Okay Urs.”
Urs went back to his seat and stared out the window. He could not shake the feeling that there was something different about Lea and she tugged at his emotions in a way that no one had before.
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Chapter 11
Calling David big brother had been a mistake. It was so hard to keep her emotions in check; Lea had never been this attached to any other assignment. But then again her brother had never been kidnapped. As the plane landed she made sure she was no where to be seen as the men from Il Divo left. As was the norm when they arrived in a new place, she and Sheila set about cleaning the plane, restocking supplies, general duties Sheila called them. Once done they pretty much had the rest of the time to themselves. Today they would get to check into a hotel, they were staying the night. Lea was pleased about that, this day had been draining and it wasn’t even half over as yet.
Sheila stood at the exit to the plane with hands on hips. “Well, everything looks good, let’s go shall we.”
The two of them rode to the hotel in a car provided by Eternity Records. Sheila noticed that Lea was unusually quiet. “What’s up? You find something while you were snooping around the plane?”
Lea shook her head. “I called David big brother, he called me Sis again and it just slipped out.”
“That’s okay.”
“No, he said it was sweet, he’s never had a little sister before.” She began to cry again “Sheila, what if I can’t get him back? He’s all the family I have left.”
Sheila lent over and took Lea’s hand. “We’ll get him back. You’ll figure it out. At least you have a family. I’m all alone, no one.”
Lea looked at Sheila as she wiped away her tears. “Oh I wouldn’t say that. Seems a certain Phenet native has taken a shine to you. I was wrong to have doubts about your relationship Sheila; he’s a very nice man. And as for family, you have me, always.”
Sheila smiled. “Thanks Len’el that means a lot.”
The fact that Sheila had used her real name meant even more to Lea.

Booking into the hotel at reception the concierge mentioned that both ladies had a package waiting for them. They looked at each other as he ducked into the back room and returned with two bunches of the most amazing red roses they had ever seen. He handed one to Lea and one to Sheila.
The concierge smiled. “Seems you ladies have had quite an effect on some gentlemen”
Sheila cooed as she read the card.” It’s from Seb. He wants to meet for lunch.” She looked over at Lea. “And who are yours from pray tell?”
Lea was a little shocked at the card “Urs. The flowers are from Urs.”
Sheila had a smile on her face from ear to ear. “Oh my. They say it is the quiet ones you have to keep an eye on. Seems Urs has taken a shine to you.”
Lea tried to look casual. “No, he saw me crying, that is all. He’s just being sweet. See.”
She showed the card to Sheila. “Invite to lunch.”
The concierge cleared his throat. “Excuse me ma’am but a man does not send a $200 bunch of roses just to invite you to lunch. Your friend is right. Your gentleman friend is very taken with you.”
Lea blushed. “Oh dear.”
Sheila entwined her arm in Lea’s. “Come on let’s go and get ready. This should be an interesting lunch.”

Back in the radio station where they had done not one but two interviews Urs was having second thoughts about what he had done. He was not given to being spontaneous very often and he had bought the roses while waiting for Sebastien to write a card to Sheila. He had explained it away as making sure that Lea did not feel left out but the sly look on Sebastien’s face told Urs that he did not believe him. And with the flowers now dispatched there was no way of getting them back, he would just have to see how things went at lunch, if Lea turned up.
David patted him on the back. “Don’t worry Urs, she’s a nice girl, Even if she doesn’t like you, she’s gonna let you down easy”
Urs was horrified. He wasn’t even sure about his feeling towards Lea but it seemed everyone else was. Even Carlos had given him some advice.
David laughed at him again. “Urs, chill man, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.”
“I don’t know how I feel about her. Honest. I was just trying to be nice.”
“Uh huh. Two hundred bucks worth of nice. What ever happened to a box of chocolates?”
Urs knew David was right, that was a lot of nice even for him. What would she think?
Urs stomach was so tied up in knots he was not sure he would make it through lunch.

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Chapter 12
The four men of Il Divo waited at the restaurant, Urs nervously. He had no idea whether Lea would take him up on his offer for lunch. He was hoping that because Sebastien had invited Sheila she would come as well.
David caught him glancing at the door again. “Urs, watching the door is not going to make them get here any faster.” He looked at his watch. “They still have ten minutes, we did say one o’clock.”
Just then Sheila and Lea walked in. Sebastien smiled and went over to greet them. Sheila was holding one of the roses he had sent her. Urs had stood but he remained at the table. As he had done before he bowed ever so slightly to Lea and she returned with a small dip of her head.
As Sebastien seated them, Carlos and David said hello. Sebastien kissed Sheila on the cheek before he took his seat again. “Cherie thank you so much for coming.”
Sheila blushed a little. “Oh this is lovely and thank you so much for the roses, they are divine.”
Lea spoke. “Yes Urs thank you, you really didn’t have to but they are quite lovely.”
Again Urs bowed his head without saying a word.
It always amazed David that he seemed to be able to communicate so much without ever speaking. But he was hungry and wanted to order. “Okay, our lovely ladies are here so can we now order. I am starved and we only have a few hours before we have to be at the TV station.”
Lea was a little worried “We aren’t late are we. Your note said one o’clock?”
This time Urs did speak. “No, no right on time. It seems that our friend here has hollow legs. I have no idea where he puts all the food he consumes.”
Everyone laughed and David had a sheepish grin on his face. “I’m a growing boy.”
Sheila answered back “David there is nothing boyish about you. You’re all man honey.”
Her statement sent Carlos and Sebastien into fits of laughter, Urs just shook his head and David managed to go a very lovely shade of red. Lea smacked Sheila across the arm. “Sheila!!!!”
“What!!!Only stating the obvious.”
Lea shoved her again. “Yeah, well sometimes you don’t need to okay.”
David took hold of Lea’s hand across the table with that smile she knew was her brothers on his face. “It’s okay Sis, Kinda nice to be appreciated” Then a serious look crossed his face. “Are you okay? I am sorry about the plane. I really did not mean to upset you, whatever it was I said I am sorry.”
Lea smiled weakly and pulled her hand back, “No, I’m okay David really, you didn’t know, I didn’t know that what you were going to say was going to make me cry. I am sorry.”
By now the whole table was a little sombre but some part of David wanted to know what had hurt her so. “Do you mind me asking now or …”
Urs cut him off. “David!!! Please let it be.”
Lea smiled over at Urs, he was ever so protective even now when he had no idea what he was protecting. “It’s okay Urs.” She looked back at David and took a deep breathe. “I lost …… My brother is missing, I called you big brother and well you know the rest.”
Everyone at the table was a little shocked. The Divos because of the news and Sheila because she had not expected Lea to tell them. Urs spoke. “You are here looking for him? But with all the travelling we are doing how can you?”
“Yeah, but my information led me to London and Sheila was kind enough to get me a job, so I have the resources to keep looking. And besides I get a lot more free time working with you to keep searching.”
Carlos spoke. “Well I think I speak for us all. If you need time off to find your brother you need to take it. Can we help?”
Lea smiled at them all, she wanted to shout that she had found them all, then her gaze fell on Urs, their eyes locked as she continued “You’ve been a great help already but thank you.”
David was still a little concerned. “So me calling you Sis has not helped.”
“No. I kind of like it. Cant explain why, but you have my permission to keep calling me Sis.”
“And do I have your permission to eat?”
Everyone at the table groaned.

The conversation over lunch turned to the next week and all the interviews they had to do and how overwhelmed the men had been by the reaction. Fans had started to gather at their appearances asking for autographs. They had asked a few of them why as they had only just produced one song and their first album was not even been recorded. And they got the same answer. Each and every fan just told them they knew they would be great. That with that first song Il Divo had captured their hearts. The members of Il Divo admitted they were a little uneasy about the whole fan thing.
Lea had been quiet for a while. “Can I tell you something guys.”
They all nodded and listened. “My guess is that your fan base is going to be 99% female. So treat them with love and respect, be yourselves and even when you don’t think you have time for them, make the time. They will be loyal from the very beginning. And I am guessing it is the fans that will keep you on the charts. You treat them like people and they will do the same for you.”
Again they all nodded. Urs looked at his watch. “I think we should make a move.”
Both Sheila and Lea stood, so did the four men. David lent over the table and gave Lea a gentle kiss on the cheek, placing his hand gently on her shoulder. “You promise to lets us know if we can help okay. You have to promise.”
With a lump in her throat she answered. “I promise.”
Sebastien gave Sheila a hug and a kiss. Carlos and David kissed her on the cheek and Carlos kissed Lea, hugging her. “What David said. You need anything, anytime you call us.”
Lea was afraid that her emotions would let her down so she just nodded.
Sebastien took Leas hand and kissed it. “I think you are a very strong person, you will find your brother and be a family again.”
Urs waited for his friends to move off a little before speaking to Lea. Standing in front of her he put both of his hands on the top of her shoulders. “You did not have to tell us about your brother but I am glad that you did. I’ll do anything to help, you know that don’t you, we all will. You’ll find him; my heart says you will find him.”
Urs kissed Lea but this time he placed his lips gently over hers, his touch was ever so gentle but it sent a tingle through her whole body.
Looking at her again. “You’ll find him Lea.”
With that the men from Il Divo departed.
Under her breath Lea spoke. “I already found him.” The tears began to roll down her face again and Sheila took her in a silent, gentle hug.

Back at Sheila’s apartment the two of them had a cup of tea together and Lea seemed to have composed herself after lunch.
“You feeling better Lea. That must have been so very hard.”
“Yes it was but I am just glad that David, De’el is still alive. While I know where he is there is still a chance and I don’t care how long it takes.
“So what are we going to do now?”
Lea smiled “We?”
“Yep, I want to help as much as I can.”
“Then I guess I better tell you who I really am then.”
Sheila was a little stunned. “You’re not David’s sister?”
“Yes, yes of course I am but I am also a Captain in the ISP.” Lea waited for her announcement to sink in.
“Oh. You really are a spy.”
“No, no just an officer.”
”But I bet you have done some undercover work…. That’s why you are so good at thinking on your feet. I was sure we were goners when Simon crept up on us. So Captain what do you want me to do?”
Lea smiled. “You okay with this?”
“Sure and here I was thinking you needed my help.”
“I do Sheila, I did. This is such a strange world and you have been a great help. You made things so much easier for me. Just having someone from home to talk to really helps.”
Sheila smiled “Yeah I like that part as well. But when do I get to snoop?”
Lea laughed and discussed what they would need to do next. Lea had searched every inch of the plane except the cockpit and found nothing useful, she needed to be able to spend sometime in there without being disturbed. So on their next stop over it was decided that Sheila would keep a look out to make sure no one came back to the plane and if they did they could not get to the cockpit. For the first time in a long time she felt like she was useful. If the only ones they saved were the men from Il Divo than it would have been worth it. Lea would have her brother back. She did worry about Sebastien; she had come to the realisation that she had some very deep, deep feelings for him. Would she loose everything she had with him or would he be able to remember her, would their relationship survive. That was of course if they found a way to get them back.

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Chapter 13
When Lea saw Sheila’s idea for a distraction, it was not exactly what she had in mind but it would work.
Sheila had decided the best plan to stop anyone from getting into the cockpit was to stop anyone from getting into the cockpit. She had taken it upon her self to give the plane. The WHOLE plane a good spring clean and piled everything that was not nailed down around the entrance to the cockpit. There was a small gap for Lea to climb through but once she was in Sheila closed it up. No one else was getting in without first having to move a mountain of stuff. They would be in France for 3 days so it seemed like the perfect opportunity.
Urs and Sebastien had come back to the plane after their first interview on the first morning when they could not raise the girls and one of the drivers had told them he had taken them back to the airport.
Sheila was shocked to see the two of them get out of the car. She ran back to the cockpit and shouted to Lea. There was no point in trying to get out it would take to long so once again Lea found herself hiding, trying to be quiet. Sheila almost bowled them over at the entrance to the plane and both men were surprised to see the mess.
Sebastien had a cheeky grin on his face. “Sheila did you loose something?”
“No!!! What are you doing back here; you have interviews for the next three days.”
“Got cancelled.”
Sheila’s heart began to race. If all their interviews were cancelled that would mean they would need the plane and pretty soon. “What. All of them!!!”
Urs answered. “No. just today’s. We were going to see if you wanted to come to lunch but.” He looked over at the pile near the cockpit door.
Sheila smiled. “Well we thought we had three days so decided to clean house so to speak. Maybe dinner. That would be good. Will need it after cleaning this lot.”
Urs smiled. “Okay, But where is Lea?”
“Oh off getting us some supplies, she’ll be sorry she missed you.”
Sheila tried to shuffle the two men off the plane without being too conspicuous.

As they drove off Sebastien looked out the back window. “Do you get the feeling she was trying to get rid of us?”
“Trying to. I think she did. Probably upset at us seeing the plane like that. What a mess. Don’t know what supplies Lea has gone for but I hope it included an industrial vacuum cleaner.”
Both men laughed.

Lea came to join Sheila in the cabin once she had climbed over the stockpile. “So I went for supplies did I? Nice work.”
“You find anything?”
“Quite a few buttons and switches I have no idea what they are for. I need to figure out what has been added, if it has and then how to fly this damn thing.”
“You’re a pilot.”
“If you had asked me that question at home I would have said yes. But here.”
“So go back and check out all the bells and whistles, figure it out. It can’t be so different to home.”
Lea looked at her. “You haven’t seen the control panel. I’m just glad this is not a fighter, never know when I could send a missile off on a search and destroy.”
While Sheila went back to watching for any more visitors Lea went back to the cockpit and spent the next few hours going over every little dial and knob until she thought she knew what they were all for.
Sitting in the pilot’s seat she flipped a few switches. “One way to find out.”
As the engines churned into action Sheila ran down the isle shouting at Lea in their own language “What the hell are you doing.”
Lea had not heard her but switched off the engines pleased with herself. Sheila pulled at the pile covering the cockpit door as Lea appeared from the other side. “You planning on taking off or something. Next time give a girl a bit of a warning will you.”
“Sorry. Just checking. I promise if I take this baby up you’ll know.”
Sheila let out a sigh of relief.

Back at the hotel Urs and Sebastien found David and Carlos in the dinning room. David had already consumed every bread roll on the table while they had waited. Carlos questioned them. “No ladies?”
Sebastien shook his head. “We found Sheila on the plane.”
“But it looks like they have torn the place apart. Sheila said they were housekeeping. Looks more like a demolition crew has been through. She did say they would join us for dinner.” Urs sat at the table.
David spoke swallowing the last piece of bread. “And Lea?”
“Apparently off getting supplies. I didn’t see her.”
“Aww” David pulled a silly face and Urs slapped him for his troubles.

Later as they were about to order coffee Simon walked into the dinning room?
“Hi lads, how are things going?”
David spoke. “Good Simon, Join us for coffee?”
Simon shook his head. “Thanks but just dropped in to tell you there has been a change of plans.”
They all waited for what he had to say. “We’ll be heading back to the UK in the morning. The record company got you booked on to a charity show, lots of exposure. So I have spent the best part of the morning rescheduling your interviews Sorry but these things happen.”
Urs was concerned for several reasons. “But Simon we’ve only recorded one song and only just rehearsed a few more. How many do they want us to sing?”
“Only the one but it will be great exposure.”
Simon left them to think it all over.
Urs was already getting up from the table. “We better tell Sheila and Lea, they think they have 2 more days to get the plane back in its proper order.”
Carlos retorted. “It can’t be that bad.”
Sebastien and Urs looked at each other. That was enough for David. “Oh really that bad?”

Back in the plane while Lea had been snooping and fiddling with things in the cockpit she found a small secret compartment just next to the pilot’s seat. She smiled as she looked at the screen. She recognised the symbols; it was in her own language. Lea studied the panel for a while letting her fingers hover over the controls. Then she gently pushed one. At first nothing happened then she heard Sheila shouting from the cabin. Lea raced out to see what was wrong. What she saw stopped her in her tracks. The whole inside of the plane was changing shape, it seemed to be melting and moving and in the middle stood Sheila absolutely terrified. Lea raced back to the cockpit and hit the button again.
When she got back to the cabin everything was how and where it should be, except for Sheila who still had a horrified look on her face and was not willing to move. “What the hell was that????”
“I think I found they way that Simon is flying this plane through space and worm wholes.” As she was speaking Lea realised that Sheila probably had never experienced the change in the plane. “You don’t remember getting here do you?”
Sheila shook her head.
“I’m sorry. I thought you would have.”
“No…. Only people I know who are conscious on this flight are the pilots and Simon. When I woke up I was in my uniform ready to help the other people who had been on the plane with me disembark. That was so hard; Simon was watching me like a hawk.” Sheila took a deep breath. “That was scary Lea what did you do?”
Lea tried her best to explain what happened to the plane to make it space worthy. When she saw Sheila’s eyes glaze over she knew she had said enough. “What did you do back home by the way?”
“I was a Med Tech.”
“That’s how you got involved with Simon.”
”He was recruiting, the pay was great and things were okay for a while. Before I knew it I was one of his experiments.”
“Would you ever consider staying on Earth as a Med Tech if it came to that?”
“Things are so primitive here, I’m not sure I could do it. I did visit a hospital once. Oh Lea, you should see them. It’s just awful. People dying of things we cured a hundred years ago.”
Lea gave Sheila a hug when they heard a car pull up outside the plane. Sheila looked at her watch; they were not expecting the driver for another hour at least. Both ladies stuck their heads out the exit hatch to see not one or two but four Divos heading their way and waving.
Lea shook her head. “What did Urs do bring re enforcements to make sure we go to dinner. I better go and put that panel back where I found it.” Lea waved to the men before she disappeared.
Sebastien was first up the steps kissing Sheila. “Hello my sweet.”
“Hello yourself, what are you doing here?” It had been her intention to keep them outside but the other three just kept walking up the steps forcing her backwards into the plane.
Urs looked passed her as he spoke. “We have some news you both need to hear.”
“Oh” Sheila did not like the sound of that. She was about to call for Lea when she appeared.
“Hey guys. You know we could have gotten to the hotel all by ourselves.”
Sheila nudged her. “Seems they have something serious to tell us.”
Both women waited. David and Carlos looked down the plane at the mess. Urs had been right it was going to take more than a few hours to make it shipshape.
Urs continued. “Simon came to see us. We are flying back to the UK in the morning.”
Sheila and Lea answered in unison. “WHAT!!!!”
David gave Urs a gentle push. “I think you got their attention.”
Sheila was beside herself. “It’s going to take all night to get this mess cleaned up. Great plan Sheila. Just brilliant.”
Lea shot her a look as the Divos looked at her a little puzzled.
Sebastien took hold of Sheila’s hand lovingly. “What is wrong, what plan?”
Lea jumped in. “Oh don’t worry, come on Sheila we’ll just have to get stuck in.”
Lea pulled her towards the cockpit but the four men followed with Sebastien calling after them. “We’ll help.”
Lea stopped and turned around to face them. Each one of them now taking off their jackets. “No, no you don’t. We made the mess, we’ll clean it up.”
Urs stepped forward. “It will take less time with all of us helping. Besides I would still like to take you to dinner.”
Before Lea could argue Carlos jumped in. “Then it is settled, we help then we eat.”
David piped up. “Eating. I like the eating part of this plan.”
Lea had to smile. There were still parts of her brother lurking in David. Apparently Simon had not suppressed everything.

Even with the help of Il Divo it took a long time to get the plane back to its original state and it was late when they finished, happy but tired. They all stood at the exit looking down the cabin.
Lea smiled.” Perfect, Thanks guys couldn’t have done it without you.”
Urs absentmindedly draped his arm over Lea’s shoulder and Lea felt her whole body tingle and warm up. When he spoke his voice seemed to ripple right through her. “I have no idea what you two thought you were doing.”
Leal looked over at Sheila who was mortified. “Well it seemed like a good plan at the time.”
Both ladies laughed which gave the men a reason to laugh. David’s stomach rumbled rather loudly making everyone laugh just a bit more. He had a cheeky smile on his face. “Well I think that is the sign to go and find some FOOD.”

They found both cars and drivers waiting for them. David looked at Carlos and winked. “Hey Urs and Seb, why don’t you escort the ladies back to the hotel. Carlos and I will take this car.” He didn’t even wait for an answer. He and Carlos just got into the same car.
Lea shook her head.” And what if my answer had been no?”
Urs looked at her with a slightly hurt look on his face. “You would have declined?”
“No, but a girl likes to have choices.”
Just then Sheila called from the car. She and Sebastien were already inside. “You two coming or what.”

It was not until they were settled into the car that Lea realised just how tired she was. She was finding it hard to keep her eyes open; it did not take sleep a long time to cover her and her head fell to rest on Urs’ shoulder. He looked down at her and smiled while he put his arm behind her so she could rest on it.
Sheila smiled as well. “She’s so tired. I don’t know how she keeps going. The emotional stress alone would be enough to do me in.”
Sebastien hugged her. “You have been a good friend.”
“I just wish I could help more.”
It was Urs that answered. “We all do Sheila. She seems to love her brother very much.”
A small tear escaped from sheila’s eyes, seen by both men and wiped away by Sebastien.
“You have no idea.” Sheila looked at Urs and seemed to pierce him with her eyes. “Urs, you have feelings for her don’t you?”
Urs shifted uncomfortably in his seat and looked at Sebastien who was smiling at him “Yes Cheri he does.”
Urs was shocked. “Sebastien!!!!”
Sheila patted him softly on the knee. “Its’ okay Urs. I just want you to make sure you really want to go down that path. Her life is very complicated and I am guessing before long she is going to have a few surprises for you. Are you ready for that?”
Urs pulled Lea a little closer to him. “Whatever they are I am ready.”
Sheila smiled. “I want you to remember what you just said.”
Urs was curious.” Why?”
“When the time comes you’ll know why”’ She turned to Sebastien. “How about you Seb. If I hit with some wild, wild story will you be ready for it.”
Sebastien kissed her hand. “Cheri you could tell me you were an alien and I would still love you.”
Sheila leaned in to kiss him on the cheek and whispered in his ear. “I am, we all are.”
Sebastien let out laugh. “Oh Sheila, you are a tease.”

As the car went over the speed bump at the hotel car park Lea woke up and realised she was resting on Urs. “Oh I’m sorry. I had no idea I had fallen asleep.” She straightened herself up.
Urs smiled so sweetly she found it hard to clear the fog from her head and had to ask him to repeat what he had just said. “I said that maybe room service instead of a restaurant for you.”
Lea smiled but turned red at Sheila’s remark. “Anything in particular on the room service menu then Urs.”
If Lea could have shrunk to the size of a flea she would have. What she did not realise was that Urs probably would have joined her.

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Chapter 14
The trip back to the UK for the charity concert had set a quicker pace For the rest of the promotional tour. It seemed that not only had Simon done some re arranging but he had added a number of extra interviews and appearances. Apart from on the plane and maybe passing in the hotel Sheila and Lea did not see much of Il Divo over the next couple of Weeks.
But even with this lack of time together Simon had noticed that Urs and Sebastien had become somewhat smitten with the stewards. He was not worried about Sheila. After all she had been with him for over four years with no hint of her memory ever coming back. But the new girl? He was uneasy about her, he couldn’t put his finger on it and had no proof that she was anything but what she said she was. And she had gone out of her way to accommodate the group and no request from either himself or Il Divo seemed to bother her. She just got on and did her job. He had called them both into his office a few times and he did it again not long after they got back to London wanting to know exactly what their intentions where with Urs and Sebastien. He got the usual I am in love speech from Sheila which was no surprise but Lea had really given him a serving about meddling in her private life, that her friendships were none of his business and as an employee of Eternity Records she would not do anything to jeopardise Il Divo but there was nothing in its Policy and Procedures manual to say that employees could not date each other. Simon knew she had come just close enough to threatening him to make her point. He admired her guts, the fact that she had read the policy and procedures made him smile, even he hadn’t done that. So instead of warning them off he had engaged them into keeping a closer eye on his lads. Again Lea had surprised him by asking for a pay rise now that they were going to be doing the work of minders. Sheila had thought they would get fired for sure but Simon had come to the party. So now when they were not occupied on the plane they had other work to do. Well not really, just and excuse to spend more time with Il Divo. But it seemed that no sooner had they been given the extra responsibility they saw less of them. Lea wondered if any of it had been Simons doing as he had not expected her to leave his office and then relay their meeting to Il Divo.

After they got over the initial shock of knowing that Simon wanted them watched it all seemed so amusing. David wondered how Sheila was going to keep and eye on anyone but Sebastien and Carlos pouted as he didn’t have a lovely lady keeping and eye on him. Sheila promised to do her best to find one for him. The topic of Lea’s search for her brother would come up and all she would say was that she was still looking. Simon may have hired them on to look after Il Divo but thankfully he had no idea how much time Lea spent spying on him and collecting all the information she could. Once they got back to London she would need to get into his officer, alone.
However she had told Sheila they would not need to barricade the door this time.

Lea heard a gentle knock at her hotel room door. It had been a long four days and she was feeling drained. Sheila had told her to have long hot bath, order room service and get up late. They would be in the same city for two nights. Lea had just finished in the bath when someone knocked. “Just a minute.” She pulled the hotels bathrobe around her and covered her wet hair with a towel answering the door looking like a white wookie. The smile left her face when she stood facing Urs and it was too late to shut the door. Ever being the gentleman Urs politely asked if he had come at a bad time.
“No. A few minutes earlier and it might have been. I suppose you would like to come in?”
Urs did not move. “Only if it is okay with you.”
Lea stepped aside so that he could enter and then shut the door, heading back into the bathroom. “Make yourself comfortable while I get changed.”
“You look rather cute if you don’t mind me saying.” Urs grinned back at Lea as she stuck her head out the bathroom door and poked out her tongue.
Urs’ eyes wandered around her room absorbing all that he saw, which really wasn’t very much. He liked the fact that she was very neat. Nothing was out of place. He ran his hands gently over a book lying on the desk, not once thinking to open it. As he was, Lea came out of the bathroom, she held her breath, she had forgotten about the book. It contained all the information she had gathered including diagrams of the controls she had found in the plane. If Urs opened the book she had no idea what she was going to do. However he seemed to sense that she was behind him and turned, forgetting the book as soon as he laid eyes on her. She looked stunning.
Lea was dressed in a simple sleeveless floral printed dress that fell to her knees, hugging her at the waist on the way down. There she stood outlined by the door frame and all Urs could think was that she looked like one of those delicate fairies you see in children’s books and on cards. She took his breath away and made his heart skip a beat.
“You look enchanting Lea. Absolutely enchanting.”
His attention unsettled her a little but not in a bad way, but still it unsettled her. “So Urs did you drop in for something other than checking out my wardrobe?”
“I did wonder if you would like to go for dinner but.” His eyes dropped.
“But what Urs.”
“You probably want to stay in now that you have had a bath and everything.”
Lea walked over to him smiling and entwining her arm into his. “I would love to go out for dinner. What did you have in mind?”
His whole demeanour change and his face lit up. “Just a quiet dinner for two.” He was not sure how she would take his suggestion. Up until this point they had never actually been alone with each other. Dinner was always the six of them, and if Sheila was not with Lea one of the other Divos was with Urs. He had wanted to get her alone for a while and took the chance when it came. As it happened everyone else had plans for the evening. Sheila and Sebastien were off to the movies, Carlos was going to the theatre and David had found some techno toy to play with that would keep him occupied for hours. Sheila had mentioned that Lea was staying in. So Lea’s answer warmed his heart.
“Sounds like a good plan to me Mr Buhler. Dinner time seems to get awful crowded these days. So where are we going for this quiet dinner for two?”
Urs began to head for the door. “I need to arrange a few things first. I’ll be back soon.”
“Then I will get changed.”
Urs stopped and turned. “No, stay exactly how you are.”
“But Urs I am not wearing any shoes.”
“You don’t need to. I promise. Don’t change.”
Lea smiled. “Okay. This is going to be some interesting dinner.”
Urs came back to her and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. “I will be back soon, don’t change a thing.”
“Can I at least brush my teeth?”
Urs leaned in and this time kissed her just a little harder and with
more passion. “You taste fine to me.”
Lea was overcome by the sensation his touch and kiss had sent permeating through her entire being. “Oh my!!!”
Urs turned and left and all Lea could do was stand there and watch him leave. She noticed something about him she had never seemed to notice before. “Oh My!!¦.Oh My Mr Buhler you do have a way when you walk.”

Urs returned some fifteen minutes later to find that Lea had not changed a thing. She actually had, she had placed her book in the draw. But Urs’ eyes were not on her book they were on her. Lea was still not sure about going out without her shoes which she was holding in her hands. “I think I will bring these just in case.”
Urs pulled her close, kissed her, took the shoes from her and threw them on the sofa. “You don’t need them.”
“Well if I find out I do you get to carry me.”
Urs smiled “Deal.”
They walked down the hallway to the lift. Lea was a little curious when it started to go up instead of down, giving Urs a ‘what’s going on’ look.
Again he smiled. “Trust me. Nice quiet dinner for two”
The lift stopped two floors higher than her own, they got out and walked a short distance were Urs placed a key in the door and showed Lea into his room. Lea smiled. In the centre of the room he had arrange the table with candles and flowers and champagne and strawberries.
“Mmmm well when you mean quiet, you mean quiet.”
Urs was a little hesitant. “I hope you don’t mind.”
Lea turned to him, looking deeply into his eyes. “Just tell me I am not the only thing on the menu.”
Urs was shocked but before he could say anything she kissed him. “Not That I would mind being the only thing on the menu.”
Lea turned her back on him and a cheeky smiled crossed her face. She picked up a strawberry and began to eat it rather provocatively as she turned back to face him. Urs had no idea that watching the simple act of someone eating a strawberry could turn his whole body into a mass of pure passionate energy. An energy he would need to expel for fear of exploding. He pulled Lea towards him, embracing her and kissing her first on the lips and then working his way down her neck and across the top of her chest. The small moans that Lea breathed only intensified the raw, unencumbered power racing through him. Urs had never felt this way before and had no idea how long he could contain himself.
Lea’s own body was in a similar struggle, Urs had woken something in her she thought did not exist. She ached, her body ached, and she needed to be with him. So while Urs caressed her skin with his lips, Lea let her dress fall to the floor. The sight of her soft sensual figure was more that Urs could take; he swept her off her feet and carried her to the bed. Laying her gently down placing himself on top of her. All the while kissing her sweet, soft, textured body. Lea’s moans intensified as they became one and Urs’ energy was released.

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Chapter 15.
Sheila and Sebastien did go to the movies but neither one was particularly interested in what was happening on the screen. Sebastien had purposely taken the back row, like Urs, he had found little time to escape with Sheila, just the two of them, they had stolen quiet moments on the plane. Now sitting in the theatre, being there did not seem like such a good idea.
Sheila had only agreed to go to the movies as she thought it was what Sebastien really wanted to do and the men from Il Divo had been working so hard she was happy to tag along if this is how he wanted to spend his precious spare time.
It was obvious to her that he was restless, fidgeting and not at all relaxed. She leaned over and kissed him on the check. “How about we get out of here. I have something in mind you might like better.”
Sebastien rested his forehead on hers. “And what might that be?”
Sheila leaned in and whispered to him before kissing him ever so gently but the stunned look was still in his eyes and even in the darkened theatre she knew he was blushing. “Oh Sheila. I’ve never done that before.”
“Well then it is time you tried don’t you think.”
So they left, stopping in at an ice cream parlour on the way back to the hotel. Sebastien had played it safe and ordered vanilla. A very nice vanilla but vanilla all the same.
Sheila hugged him as she ate her own double scoop, rocky road and English toffee.” You really are not very adventurous are you?”
Sebastien pulled her closer “I am willing to learn with the right teacher.”
They had arrived at the hotel. Sheila looked up at it. “Then welcome to my classroom.” She got hold of his hand and pulled him inside, straight for the lift and back to her room. As neat as Lea was this was how untidy Sheila was. Things left where they fell. Her room was not dirty just very untidy. Sebastien wondered if this was the way her mind worked remembering the mess on the plane. Sheila placed the packs of take home ice cream they had bought on the table, turned to Sebastien and began to unbutton his shirt.
Instinctively his hands went to stop her. Their eyes locked. In a sweet, melodic and captivating voice Sheila spoke, letting her breath wash over his face. “Sebastien…Let me fly you to the moon.”
Sebastien dropped his hands, closed his eyes and surrendered to her.
Sheila unbuttoned and removed his shirt gently caressing his chest and running her hands along the top of his trousers until they met in the middle of his back. All the while she had been kissing him. In return Sebastien held her, every fibre of his body quivered, he was the puppet and she was the puppet master.
Sheila gently coaxed Sebastien over to the bed, laying him on his back. He went to hold her but she pushed his arms back down, straddling him at the waist she let her lips travel the distance from his neck to his belly button and back up again, teasing him with a gentle kiss on the lips. “Don’t move. I will be right back.”
Sebastien opened his eyes and went to say something. Sheila stopped him by kissing him slowly, gently but with a fire and passion that tortured Sebastien all the while his body seeming to be begging for more. He groaned and melted back into the bed.
“Don’t move.”
Sheila came back with a tub of the ice cream they had bought; she fished some out of the tub with her fingers and let it fall onto Sebastien’s chest. He flinched, opening his eyes to see what she was doing as the cold substance made contact and then began to trickle down his side. She put more ice cream on her fingers and fed it to Sebastien. Like a child being feed, he gently took it from her finger, the whole time his body in a conflict of passion and pain. Sheila took more ice cream and again let it fall onto his chest. This time she lent over him and kissed the spot where it had landed. Again Sebastien went to hold her but Sheila put his hands up over his head. While holding them there with one hand she fed him more ice cream with the other. As he finished, Sheila covered his mouth with her own letting him breath in her essence as the sweetness of the ice cream combined them. She took more of the ice cream and massaged it into his skin. It’s cold in contrast with the heat burning inside of him. Sebastien could not contain himself any longer, pulling his arms down he rolled Sheila over so she was now lying on the bed and he now straddled her. Sheila did not resist, smiling, closing her eyes she pulled him down on top of her.
Sebastien took the remainder of the ice cream and gently rubbed it over her lips, Sheila using her tongue to lick it off before Sebastien kissed her before he pulled her t shirt over her head. The now empty tub of ice cream fell to the floor; Sheila let out a sensual laugh “Are you ready to fly to the moon my sweet?”
Sebastien had no words.

Several hours later, both covered in the remnants of the ice cream Sheila and Sebastien lay next to each other, their bodies spooning. Sebastien behind Sheila with his arms wrapped around her protectively. He had a look of pure contentment on his face.
Sheila stirred and he nuzzled at her neck, kissing it gentle. “You did indeed fly me to the moon.”
Sheila turned to face him smiling, “But the adventure is not over yet my sweet.”
Sebastien looked into her eyes for a hint, a sign of what she was planning. He did not have to wait long to find out. Once again Sheila caressed his body with her kisses and before he knew what had happened she had taken him into the bathroom. She pushed him into the shower, turned on the water and let it dance over them. “Now I will fly you home.”
Sebastien’s legs went weak, he feared he would not be able to keep standing, bracing himself against the wall he committed himself to the ride of his life, his finger nails digging into Sheila’s flesh as she showed him what true adventure really was.

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Chapter 16
It was a relief to be touching down in London and knowing they did not have anymore interviews to do. For the next week at least their lives were their own. Carlos and David seemed to literally scamper for the waiting cars, Urs gave Lea a hug and a kiss as did Sebastien to Sheila before they too left the plane. It was still Lea and Sheila’s job to make sure the plane was prepared for their next trip before it was sent to the hanger. They would be meeting up with the Urs and Sebastien later for a late dinner. Il Divo had a meeting with Simon before being free for the week and it seemed that they were all just a little restless. Knowing this Simon did not run the meeting as long as he had intended.
“You lads have done a great job. The song is climbing up the charts very nicely and there is more than a murmur about Il Divo running through the music world. I believe we will have a hit on our hands with your debut album.”
David was just itching to get away from things for a while.” So Simon where and when do we start recording, looking over the songs, the music?”
Simon smiled. “We can get started straight away if you like.”
All four men put up a protest but Urs’ voice rang above the rest. “No Simon. We need a rest. This is all new to us. We need time to get used to it. We have a week off and we are going to take it.” Urs stood up and started to head to the door. The look on his face was enough to show just how angry he was.
“Urs, sit down. It’s okay; you have your week off.”
Urs stopped at the door but did not turn back.
“Urs I promise, once you leave this office today you won’t hear from me for a week.”
Urs turned but he did not sit back down, both Simon and the others knew it was no use asking him to.
Simon smiled. “Lads. I get the idea. You’d rather be somewhere else.” He looked from Urs to Sebastien. “And you two would rather be with two certain females.” A knowing smile spread across Sebastien’s face but Urs’ expression remained the same. He was not sure he liked the idea of Simon knowing about his love life. His own thoughts worried him. He looked around the room. He had no problem with is friends knowing about his life, even a few of the fans that had turned up at interviews had asked about Lea and Sheila and he had been happy to talk to them. But something about Simon knowing just unnerved him.
Simon continued. “Just be at the studio in a week.”
The men left his office and waited for the lift. Sebastien was a little worried about Urs. He was still brooding. “Urs, is something wrong?”
Urs gave them a tired smile. “I don’t trust him.”
Carlos was as surprised as the others. “Who, Simon. Why Urs, he’s given us the biggest break of our lives. Everything he touches turns to gold.”
The others waited for his answer. As Urs got into the lift he gave it to them. “I don’t know guys. Just a feeling. The same way I feel about being here. I’m not supposed to be here. I feel like I am going to wake up and it will all have been a dream.”
David slapped him on the back. “It’s okay Urs. We all feel like that. Things have happened so quickly that is all. But if it all did blow up tomorrow you’d still have Lea.”
The lift opened and they stepped out. “Will I David?”
David could here the concern in Urs’ voice. This was much more than just feeling out of place. “Urs trust me. No matter what happens you will never loose her. She’s a very special person.”
“I know she is David but am I special enough for her?”
Again David patted him on the back. “I think she already answered that question for you. I wish I was as lucky to have such a person in my life.”
Urs smiled. “But you do, we all do.”
David laughed. “You know what I mean Urs. Wonder if Sis has a sister.”

Once they were through with the plane Sheila and Lea arrived back at Sheila’s apartment. “Home sweet home.” Sheila smiled. “Well on this planet anyway.”
Lea gave her a half smile.
“Oh I’m so sorry Lea.”
“That’s okay. How about I make us some tea?”
“Some of your special home tea?”
Lea headed to the kitchen.

Lea and Sheila sat on the sofa just relaxing knowing they would not have to pack up and leave for months, unless Simon put them on another assignment and Sheila had promised Lea that didn’t happen. Oh he had people that seemed to move from one group to another but he always had his people that stayed together. Sheila had just finished with a group that had been very popular for the best part of 4 years but over the past six months she had not been needed for as many flights and Simon had moved her when he had brought the men to Earth. So now that Il Divo would be recording an album they could spend months not just days in the same spot.
Lea Sighed. “I guess that means I should look for a place of my own.”
“You don’t need to. You can stay with me as long as you like.”
“No, I think getting my brother back is going to take longer than I expected. You need your place back.”
Sheila went to protest. “No Sheila, You need your space. You and Seb need to be able to come back here without me being in the way.”
“That’s sweet of you but I am not about to throw you out.”
There was a knock at the door and Sheila went to answer it. “Urs, what are you doing here. Everything still on for dinner tonight?”
He nodded his head and looked at Lea as he walked into the room. “Yeah eight o’clock.”
Just by looking at him Lea knew that something was bothering him. On Earth they may not have known each other long but at home she had spent time with him in classes and like her brother, U’Vinda was still in there somewhere. “What’s up Urs?”
Lea took his hands and guided him to the sofa, kissing him tenderly as they sat.
Sheila made herself scares by saying she wanted to go have a shower.
Lea gently brushed her hand through Urs’ hair putting a wayward strand back into place. “Something is bothering you. What is it?”
Urs sighed and lowered his gaze. “This may sound silly and David said it was just because things have happened so fast but.”
Lea took hold of his hands again. “But what Urs? I’ll help with what ever it is if I a can.”
“I don’t feel like I belong here. I know what David is saying is true but I just can’t shake the feeling that I am living someone else’s life.” He looked at Lea. “I don’t want to loose you. If you belong here and I am supposed to be somewhere else.”
Lea swallowed hard. She was not sure if David was right or if Urs really did understand somewhere deep inside that he did not belong on Earth.
Smiling sweetly at him. “Urs. You may not belong here, I may not belong here but I do know that we belong together. So no matter where you decide you belong I will be there with you. You won’t loose me, I promise. Even if this group Il Divo takes off like I think it will, I will never be too far away from you. My heart is already yours, yours to keep. I gave it to you freely I’m not going to ask for it back.”
Urs looked at her a small tear silently rolling down his face. “How can you be so sure? You still need to find your brother, you may have to leave.”
She wanted so much to tell him the truth. “And I will return. I will always return.”
Leaning in she gave him a kiss that told him she was sincere. Urs held her, not wanting to let go, he felt safe, he felt right in her arms. In her arms he felt like he belonged.

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Chapter 17
There was another knock at the door and Lea left Urs on the sofa to answer it.
“Sebastien. What a nice surprise. Come on in.”
Sebastien went to say something when he saw Urs. “Oh, Hi Urs.” He shuffled a little uneasy. “Maybe I should come back later.”
Lea pulled him inside and shut the door.” Oh no you don’t. Sheila will never forgive me. Besides Urs and I were just going out for some fresh air.”
This was news to Urs but he welcomed the distraction. He did not want to explain to Sebastien why he was there. But he found out he would not have to.
Sebastien shuffled again nervously. “It’s because of Urs I am here.”
“You want to see me?” Urs was a little perplexed he had no idea that anyone knew where he was.
“No. Because of what you said earlier, I need to see Sheila.”
Lea had a suspicion she knew where this was leading. “Sebastien I will let you in on a little secret. Sheila loves you very, very much. You have brought something into her life that has been missing. If you have doubts about your relationship don’t.” She took a deep breath. “ But I know you need to hear that form her so we will leave you to it. She’s in the shower.”
Sebastien blushed a little, after their initial encounter in the hotel shower he and Sheila seemed to have made a habit of it. Not that he minded. Lea smiled. “Oooooh Sebastien. If you don’t feel safe enough to go in, wait here.” She lent in and spoke softly into his ear. “But she did tell me about the ice cream and how you are quite partial to boysenberry swirl.”
This time Sebastien went bright red and Urs wonder just what Lea had said to him. “Lea, What did you say, the poor man looks like he’s burning up.”
Lea laughed and grabbed Urs by the hand, looking at Sebastien as they passed him. “It’s okay Sebastien your secret is safe with me.”
With that both Lea and Urs were gone leaving Sebastien standing in the middle of the room trying to compose himself. He couldn’t believe that Sheila had told her about the ice cream. He was just thinking about calling out when Sheila returned. She smiled when she saw him. “I thought I heard the door.”
Sebastien watched as she seemed to glide over the floor to him. Sheila took him in her arms and kissed him. Sebastien drank in her sweet, fresh fragrance. It amazed him at just how simply she could over power him.
As Sheila broke off the kiss, she looked around. “The others gone?”
Sebastien nodded still captured by her and Sheila smiled at him, running her fingers through his hair. “This is a nice surprise.” And she started to pull him towards the bedroom.
About halfway across the lounge room Sebastien realised where they were going. Not that he minded but he needed to talk to her. “Sheila wait.”
She turned with a wicked smile on her face. “Wait, that’s the first time you’ve said that”
“No please, there is something I have to talk to you about.”
Sheila could see the pleading in his eyes, so to make it easier she went back to the sofa and sat down, patting the empty space beside her. “So what is on your mind?”
He had much the same discussion with her as Urs had just had with Lea. He took Sheila’s hands. “I didn’t say anything to Urs or the others but I have been feeling the same way. Not that I don’t trust Simon. I don’t know him well enough but this feeling like I don’t belong. I know David is right but I just can’t shake it. Now do you understand why I need to know if we are okay?” He saw a tear roll down her face. “Oh now I have upset you. I am sorry.”
Sheila bent over and kissed him. “No my sweet. Believe it or not I really do understand how you feel. Yes we are okay. We are more than okay. I will follow you to the ends of the universe and back if that is what you want. I love you very much Sebastien.”
This time it was Sebastien who lent in and gave her a kiss. “Now about that shower….”

Lea and Urs had taken a lazy walk down the main street hand in hand, browsing through shop windows. They stopped outside a Real Estates. “I really should look for a place of my own.”
“You and Sheila not getting on?”
“No it’s not that. We get on great but it is her place and well with her being with Sebastien and all.” Lea let her words trail off.
Urs put his arm around her as they looked through the window. “So where did you want to look at getting a place.”
“I suppose around here. I don’t know the rest of the town very well. Really haven’t had the time to go exploring.”
Urs turned her around so that her back was resting up against the window. He looked lovingly into her eyes, bending his head so he could kiss her. “I have an idea.”
“Well I like it so far.”
“Come and stay with me.” Urs could see that she was about to protest so he stopped her by kissing her again. “No, don’t say no, just say that you will think about it. The place that the Record Company gave me is so empty, there is plenty of room. Lea I would love it if you said yes. I feel like I can breathe when you are around.”
Lea’s heart was screaming yes but her head was shouting no. “Urs that is a lovely offer but…”
Again he stopped her with a kiss. “But what. It’s practical, it’s perfect, if it makes you feel better you can pay rent”
Lea smiled “They make you pay rent?”
She smiled again and smacked him on the arm “Urs Buhler, You rat.” They both laughed but Lea was caught by his gaze again wondering if they had met at home would things have worked out this way. “Are you sure about this Urs. I mean there are things that you don’t know about me.”
“Do you snore?”
“No…” Lea was a little miffed by that question
“Do you hog the bed covers?”
“Well not having slept with anyone I can’t answer that.”
Urs raised his eyebrows at that answer and got another slap from Lea “You know what I mean.”
“Do you make a mess in the kitchen?”
“Certainly not. I don’t cook.”
This answer brought a hearty laughter from Urs. “Well then I think I could handle having you around.” He paused. “Provided…” Lea waited for it. “Provided you teach me how to brew that amazing tea of yours.”
There was a silence between them while Lea’s emotions had an internal fight. Urs was almost sure she was going to say no. So worried about her answer he almost missed it, she said it so softly.
Urs had to ask her to repeat it. “What did you say?”
“I said okay Urs. I’ll move in with you.”
He picked her up and swung her around in his arms. “I love you, do you know that?”
Lea hugged him around the neck. “I do now.”
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Chapter 18
Urs and Lea returned to Sheila’s apartment with the intention of Lea getting a quick change of clothes before they went to dinner. As they entered they could hear Sebastien’s hearty laugh coming from the bedroom. Lea smiled as she shouted loud enough so they could hear her. “Hey you two. We are supposed to be going for dinner; you better not have filled up on ice cream.”
Urs just looked at her. “What has ice cream got to do with anything?”
Lea just smiled but Sebastien answered his question as he came out of the bedroom tucking in his shirt and looking just a little dishevelled. “Nothing at all Urs.”
Urs gave Sebastien a quizzical look but said nothing. While Sebastien tried to give Lea a disapproving look. “I can’t believe she told you.”
Lea gave him a small kiss on the check. “You make her very happy, she had to tell someone.”
Sebastien smiled. “She makes me very happy.”
Urs pulled on Sebastien’s shirt. “We can see that.”
They all laughed as Sheila came into the room, looking radiant and ready for a night out, much to Sebastien’s chagrin. “How do you do that? You look great.” He looked at himself. “And I look. Well….”
Sheila helped him out by pushing him towards the bedroom. “You look like you need to get ready for dinner.”

About twenty minutes later they were sat in the restaurant with David and Carlos as was their custom. It had become a sort of Il Divo family thing, They would all try and have dinner together at the end of they day. Help the men from Il Divo unwind, they had all gotten to know each other much better. Lea would catch herself smiling at David every now and then. It seemed the more time they spent together the more he treated her like the sister she was. Little things that De’el had done, had crept into David’s mannerisms. He would gently thump her on the arm when they were joking and playing around, when they kissed or hugged to say good bye he would twist a curl on the side of her head in his fingers and every now and then he would call her Squizzy or Squiz. It had been her brother’s pet name for her since she was old enough to remember. It was these things that kept her hopes up that she would get her brother back but they were the same things that seemed to make Urs brood, not very often but it did unsettled him.

Over dinner they discussed what they were going to do with their week of freedom, Lea mentioned something about ice cream, Sebastien blushed, Sheila laughed and the rest just looked on not understanding. As always David was curious. “Squizzy, I think you are hiding something from us. Pray tell.”
Lea shut her mouth tight making her lips look very thin and shook her head, While Sebastien tried to hide the mortified look on his face.
Sheila lent over to David but everyone else heard what she had to say. “Let’s just say I found out that Sebastien likes boysenberry swirl.”
Lea almost choked on her drink, almost spraying it across the table as she stifled a laugh.
David’s eyes were wide and he had a grin on his face. “Squizz you do know something. Fess up.”
“No. I promised Sebastien. If he wants to tell you he will.”
But it was not Sebastien’s voice they heard it was Urs’. “David, why do you call her that?”
David looked at Urs a little confused. “Call who what?”
“Call Lea Squizzy or Squizz?”
Lea looked to Urs for a sign that he was upset but she could not read his face. David smiled and looked from Urs to Lea and winked. “Honest Urs. I have no idea. It just popped into my head one day and it seemed to fit. I went to call her Sis and Squizzy popped out. Urs, you have nothing to worry about. She’s like my little sister; you know that, you should.”
David shot a look at Lea. “I didn’t mean any harm Lea.” He looked back at Urs “It just seemed so natural Urs.”
Lea took his hand over the table as all the others looked on in silence. “It’s okay David. I like being your little sister.” She looked at Urs, took his hand and placed it over David’s before she put her own over both of them. “I love you both very much.”
She felt Urs try to move his hand so she held it a little tighter. “I told you I have given my heart to you Urs; it’s yours now and forever. But David is like a brother to me and I care for him like a brother.”
Sheila was holding her breath not knowing how Lea could possibly be doing and saying all these things about De’el, David and keep herself so cool and controlled. She had not realised that she was squeezing Sebastien’s hand. Like the others Sebastien was watching and waiting to see where this was all going.
Lea still had hold of their hands. “Urs, you said you felt like you could breathe when you were with me. Well I felt like I belonged just a little bit when David gave me a nick name, like part of you all. Do you understand?”
Urs sighed and looked at David. “I’m sorry David.” Urs lowered his eyes.
David slapped him on the hand. “Hey. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you guys any of you. No need to be sorry, just shows me how much you really love her.” David looked to Lea. “You’re a lucky girl Squizz……Lea.”
Lea got up from the table and walked over behind Urs, draping her arms over his shoulders and resting her hands on his chest while she kissed him on the nape of his neck. “I know.”
Without another word she left. Urs was in no doubt how he felt about Lea or how she felt about him.
Carlos slapped the table. “To be in love is a beautiful thing.”
Sheila excused herself and went in search of Lea, finding her in the ladies restroom sobbing. Lea looked at Sheila as she came in. “This is so hard. I want to tell him who I am, who he is. Sheila I want my brother back.”
All Sheila could do was hold her friend until she stopped shaking. “We’ll figure it out Len’el. Somehow we’ll figure it out.”
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Chapter 19
Outside the restaurant David said good bye, he was heading out to check out a new club that he had heard some of the employees of Eternity Records talking about. Carlos was not ready to go home just yet either but was more in the mood for cocktails and background music.
Sheila looked from Sebastien to Urs. “So you guys coming back to my place?”
Sebastien nodded his head but Urs spoke. “Thank you Sheila but I think Lea has something she would like you to know, both of you.”
Lea looked at Urs; she had not expected to have to tell anyone about their little talk so soon. So taking a deep breath and putting her arm around Urs’ arm she told them. “Urs invited me to stay with him.”
Sheila was almost sure she knew that Lea meant on a permanent basis but she wanted to be one hundred percent sure. “What tonight?”
Again Urs answered. “No, permanently.” He pulled Lea close and hugged her. “She mentioned that she would be looking for a place of her own. It made sense, she said yes.”
Sheila looked at Lea “Are you sure Lea? I mean with looking for your brother and all.”
Lea smiled. “Am I sure… No… But it is what I want to do.”
Sheila hugged her friend. “Well you better come back to the apartment and get your things then.”
When they got back to the apartment Urs and Sebastien waited in the lounge room while the girls went to pack up what little possessions Lea had.
“Urs are you sure about this. I mean having her move in with you. It’s not been very long.” Sebastien was a little concerned for his friend.
Urs gave him a small smile. “I don’t know how to explain it but when I am with her I am settled. I don’t feel lost, it’s like she fills a hole in me, and she’s my compass. I don’t know Sebastien but I trust her like I have never trusted anyone, yet I know very little about her.”
Sebastien smiled at his friend and patted him on the back. “Then my friend trust your instincts.”
The men were silent for a few moments when Urs spoke again. “Can I ask you something Sebastien?”
“What’s with the ice cream?”
Sebastien sighed, lowered his head and shook it from side to side. “If I tell you, you have to promise not to tell David. He’ll make my life hell if he finds out.”
“I promise not to tell another living soul.”
Sebastien launched into telling Urs all about the ice cream and the girls came back into the lounge room just as Urs let out a very hearty laugh.
They looked at each other and spoke at the same time “You told!!!”
Sheila was amazed. “I thought you couldn’t tell anyone.”
All Sebastien did was smile and shrug his shoulders.
Urs walked over to Lea and took the small suitcase that she had been holding off her. “I promised I would not tell anyone Sheila, your little quirk is safe with me.”
He looked at the case he was now holding. “Are we coming back tomorrow for the rest.”
Lea once again put her arm in his. “What rest, that’s it. Remember I never expected to be here.” They turned to leave when Lea stopped. “Oh, My tea. I almost forgot my tea.”
The girls had a goodbye hug and Lea and Urs left. As they did Sheila took hold of Sebastien and pulled him close to her. “How come you told him?”
“I don’t know.”
Sheila kissed him.” I have a little surprise for you.”
“oooo and what would that be.”
“ Chocolate ripple”

Lea arrived at Urs apartment, just before he opened the door Urs stopped. “I have to tell you something before we go in.”
“You’re a slob.”
Urs was shocked “No Nooooo. We all live here. They set us up in our own apartments but we all live here in this building on the same floor. I suppose it makes it easier to keep track of us.”
Lea looked up and down the hallway. “ There are only four apartments on this floor Urs.”
He nodded “Do you mind?”
Lea smiled but not for the reasons Urs thought. Keeping track of them indeed. Simon had thought of everything. “It’s the Divo floor.”
“What did you call it?” Urs was a little perplexed.
“The Divo floor. I heard some of your fans talking, they call you Divo’s”
“Well can this Divo invite you in.” Urs swung the door open.
Lea curtsied and bowed her head just a little. “Why thank you sir.” As she stepped into his apartment what she said next stunned Urs. “Oh and by the way I am rather partial to strawberry cheesecake ice cream.” Lea giggled and pulled him into the room shutting the door on the outside world.
The next morning there was a knock at the door. Urs groaned but did not wake up so dressed in one of his shirts (She had not unpacked her own things the night before.)Lea answered the door.
David got a bit of a surprise. “Why Urs you’ve changed.”
Lea slapped him. “Very funny. What time is it?”
“About ten.”
Lea walked into the kitchen with David following . “So is this a permanent thing.”
Ur answered as he walked into the kitchen pulling his t shirt over his head. “Yes it is.”
David nudged Lea playfully. “Don’t suppose there is another one like you at home for me?”
They both saw the colour drain form Lea’s face and went to help her as she tried to steady herself by holding onto the counter.
Urs on one side and David on the other, both holding her arms. “Hey Squizzy. You okay?” David’s eyes were full of concern.
How could she tell them? “You are so much like my brother. I’m okay. I guess I drank too much last night.”
Urs did not say anything but he knew she had not. She’d had one class of wine and never finished that.
Lea hugged David and kissed Urs. “I think I will have a shower, should make me feel better.”
Both men watched her leave and David spoke. “I didn’t think she drank that much last night.”
“Maybe she is coming down with something. You staying for breakfast?” Talking about food was always a good way to divert David’s attention.
“I came to see if you wanted to go to breakfast but I think I may be on my own this morning.” David patted Urs on the back. “I’ll see you later.”

Urs went to the bathroom to make sure that Lea was okay and found her on the floor of the shower crying as the water ran down her naked body. Not bothering to take his own clothes off, Urs joined her. Silently he sat next to her and cradled her in his arms. He had no idea what had made her cry, just like he’d had no idea the night before when she had returned to the table with Sheila looking like she had been crying. But both times it had been something that David had said. He gathered her up, holding her tight; as the shower ran he could feel her body tremble as she cried. “Tell me what grieves you so my dear, dear Lea.”
Lea held onto Urs so tight. “ I can’t. you wouldn’t understand.”
Urs pulled her even closer, gathering her up in his arms and carried her to the bed. He pulled his robe off the back of the chair and wrapped it around her and laid her down. She was still sobbing.
Ur then stripped off his own wet clothes, retrieving a towel from the bathroom to dry himself.
He went back to the bed kneeling at Lea’s side, stroking back her hair from her face. “Please tell me how to help you.”
“Hold me U’Vinda, hold me.”
Urs climbed into the bed next to her and once again pulled her close. There he stayed until she cried herself back to sleep.
Lea had not realised she’d had a slip of the tongue but Urs had heard it. While he lay next to her he wondered what she had called him.

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Chapter 20
Lea woke several hours later still curled in Urs’ arms but cold. She may have been wearing his robe but the bed was a little damp and she knew if she did not get her hair dried she would end up with a headache. Just as she was about to get out of bed her stomach rumbled and Urs stirred. She kissed him tenderly on the lips before heading to the bathroom to get dressed. A few minutes later Urs followed her in, he wasn’t sure if he would find the same thing as before but was relieved to see her drying her hair.
Placing his hands on her shoulders. “You okay?”
Lea nodded. “I don’t know what I would have done if you had not been there. I’m so sorry; I can usually keep my emotions under control.”
“Lea that’s twice that David has managed to make you cry.” Lea gave him a stunned look. “Last night, in the restaurant.”
Taking a deep breath she answered. “It’s hard being around him. Don’t get me wrong I love him but he is so much like my brother, I forget sometimes and that remark this morning about me having another sister at home for him.”
“Would be something your brother would have said?”
Lea nodded thinking that she had covered her tracks but what Urs said next shook the very foundation of her world.
“So why did you call me U’Vinda this morning?”
A chill went through Lea’s body and it had nothing to do with her having slept with damp hair. “What did you say?”
“You called me U’Vinda. What is that?”
Lea was mortified, she had hoped that she had been mistaken but how else could Urs know of this name.
Urs took hold of her hands. “Is this one of those things that Sheila said I needed to be prepared for when you decided to tell me?”
“When did she say that?” Lea was going to have to be very careful about letting her emotions get the better of her. She needed to think of the situation as an assignment, something she had not done for a while.
Urs continued. “When you fell asleep in the car after we cleaned the plane that night. She grilled me about my feelings towards you and wanted to make very sure that I was good enough for you I guess. Back then what she said seemed a little strange but now I am beginning to think differently.” Urs took a breath, squeezed her hands just a little. “Lea, what ever it is you can tell me. I love you; I promise I am ready for anything you have to tell me.”
Lea was silent, just looking into his deep, caring, concerned eyes. She wanted to be with this man and holding back such a secret was going to cause a rift in their relationship, but then telling him may just tear it apart completely.
“I don’t think you are ready for this Urs. I’ve know from the very beginning and I still find it hard to believe. Its’ huge and it’s life changing and I don’t want to hurt you.”
“But Lea, it hurts not knowing. It hurts because by not telling me you are saying you don’t trust me and that hurts. It hurts because I feel helpless; I can’t help you with this burden.”
Lea pulled him back out of the bathroom and sat him on the bed. If I tell you, you may feel even more helpless and lost than you already do.”
The serious tone of her voice and the change in the expression on her face told Urs that whatever the secret it was far bigger than he first suspected. “I suppose this has nothing to do with you being married or having a whacked out ex boyfriend ready to come after me does it.”
Lea shook her head. “No, this has to do with David being my brother. My actual flesh and blood big brother.”
Urs just sat there stunned, silent and stunned. He did not know what to say, whatever had been growing in his imagination that was not what he was expecting her to say.
Lea also sat silent waiting for her words to sink in. She needed for him to be able to take it on board before she continued. Finally in a subdued and shaky voice Urs spoke. “David is really your brother?”
Lea nodded her head
“But how, he doesn’t even recognise you Lea, all this time and he really has no idea does he?”
Lea shook her head. “That’s why it has been so hard Urs. Some part of him must remember, He’s…..”
Urs cut her off “Squizzy… He calls you Squizzy. It’s you nick name, your real nick name isn’t it.”
Lea gave Urs a small smile. “See what I mean, he does little things my brother does, did, even the way he laughs, and his sense of humour, they are all still there but he does not know who I am or where we came from.”
“What happened Lea? Was there an accident. ?” Urs paused. “But I know David’s bio almost as well as my own. It doesn’t mention a sister.” All of a sudden Urs had a terrible thought. As it raced across his mind it made his stomach turn. What if Lea was nothing more than an impostor trying to get as close to David as possible. For what reason he did not know. He put his question to her.
Lea was stunned and she choked back the tears, She had shared this mans bed, given herself to him and he thought she was spinning some elaborate story. She was hurt and angry and fled the bedroom before she did or said something she would regret.
Urs knew as soon as he had let the words out of his mouth that he was wrong. Sebastien had been right, he needed to follow his instincts and they told him he had made a mistake. He followed her, finding her standing, staring out the window. Urs came up behind her and placed his hands on her shoulder but he felt Lea tense up so he backed off.
“How could you think I could do something like that?” Lea turned to face him, rage and hurt emanating from her eyes. “How could you! All I wanted was my brother back. If I’d wanted to get close to David then why am I sleeping with you?”
Urs went to step closer to her but Lea put up her hand to stop him. “Don’t.!!! Don’t touch me.”
Urs stepped back. “Please Lea. I’m sorry. I … This is just so hard to understand. I should never have said what I did. I didn’t mean it.”
Lea was still angry and she shouted. “Then why did you!!!!”
Urs was just as upset and shouted back. “I don’t know okay.!!! I’m just trying to understand. I want to understand.” He went to hold Lea but she slapped him across the face. Urs turned his face to the side, closed his eyes and grimaced at the pain. A split second too late Lea realised what she had done, she ran passed Urs heading for the front door.
Urs grabbed hold of her arm as she went passed stopping her and pulling her to him. Lea was expecting him to hit her back and instead of protecting herself she was almost willing that he would.
Urs pulled her hard to him and held her close, as she struggled he held onto her. “Please Lea, I’m sorry. Let me into your life. Please.”
Lea stopped struggling and looked up into his face. There were tears rolling down his cheeks. “Why don’t you believe me???”
“I do believe you Lea. I do.” He pulled her into his chest and let her cry again.
“I can’t do this anymore Urs. I need to tell someone everything..”
Urs kissed her on the top of her head and closed his eyes.” Then tell me and we’ll deal with it together.”
A few moments later Lea pulled away from Urs, drying her eyes. “If I tell you everything Urs you have to believe me. It’s going to stretch your thinking but I promise that everything I am going to tell you is the truth. It will sound unbelievable but it is the truth.”
“Then I will listen and I will believe you.”

For the next twenty minutes they sat on the sofa as Lea told Urs the whole story, including his own part in it. Everything she knew about them, about Simon. As she finished she waited for his reaction.
As Lea told her story Urs had thought that she was joking but soon realised that she was indeed telling the truth. He was overwhelmed by what he was hearing. It was so surreal, He was, they were all from another world, had other lives but he could not remember any of it. All he knew was what he now understood to be the memories that Simon had given him. Her story had stunned him into silence.
Lea began to worry that it had all been too much. “I want to show you something.”
Lea ran to the bedroom and Urs could hear her shuffling around her case. As she sat back down next to him she opened her hands revealing her chat chip and the remote for the portable transport pod. Urs turned them over in his hands and then looked at Lea.
She smiled and switched her chatchip on so that it beeped. “That beep is David, he’s not far away. It’s a tacker; it was how I was able to follow him when Simon took him.”
Urs looked at her again. “My name is U’Vinda and I don’t belong here.”
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Chapter 21
Urs had slipped to the floor with his back resting on the sofa absentmindedly playing with the remote for the transport. His whole life or what he thought was his whole life was a lie. “I’m not even human, none of us are human.” He looked at Lea. “David, Sebastien, Carlos, we are all from the same world?”
Lea sat on the floor beside him. “You are all from the same system of planets, but I think all your home worlds are different. De’el, David and I are from Alva, I know you are from Belwit, Not sure about the other two.”
“And you say we all speak the same language. You said there were 27 planets, how can that be. Here each country seems to have its own language.”
“I don’t know Urs, I really don’t.”
Urs’ mind wandered back to the thought that he was not human. “I don’t understand how Simon could do this if we are not even from this planet, surely people would suspect.”
“I don’t think so. Apart from the obvious things that Simon changed, skin colour...”
Urs finished off her sentence. “The eyes.”
“I think we are pretty much the same. I know what you are thinking Urs. I’ve been through all these questions believe me. Look at it this way, I figure Earth is maybe 200 years behind us in technology, so what if there are others out there that we are 200 years behind. Our ancestors. Maybe we are all connected and we just don’t know it.”
The thought that there were even more people out there was not something that Urs wanted to deal with. “You said we are not the only ones. How many more?”
Lea pulled out the list that Sheila had given her and handed it to Urs. He was astonished. “But I’ve met some of these people!! How could Simon do this!!!!”
Lea took hold of his hand; she could see that he was getting upset again. She spoke softly to him. “I don’t know Urs, and I don’t know how long it will take to fix it or even if I can fix it.”
A tear rolled down his face. “We, We’ll figure it out, together.” He held onto her tight. Her love for him was the only thing he knew to be true in his life right now and he wanted to hold on and never let go.
Lea pressed herself against him, it was so much for him to take in and she had never intended to tell anyone so early but now she had some of her own anxiety had been released.
“Lea. I don’t know who I am, it’s all made up. All a lie.”
Again she looked deep into his eyes. “No, not all of it. You can sing, you’ve always been able to sing and you performed back home all be it as a solo and David is proof that some of your own mannerisms and memories are buried somewhere. Now that you know the truth maybe some of them will begin to surface.”
Urs looked at her a little shocked. “But you said that the others went crazy when they got there own memories back. I don’t want to go crazy Lea” There was an urgency in his voice “Please, promise me if that ever happens you wont let me stay like that.”
It took Lea a second to understand what he was asking. “Urs, I promise I won’t let anything happen to you.”
“I mean it Lea. If it happens you have to finish it, for me.”
Now it was time for a tear to roll down Lea’s face. She kissed him on the cheek. “I promise, Urs, I promise.” Again she kissed him “But I do know someone who managed to live with both memories, so even if we don’t get rid of the false ones, living with both can be done.”
Urs looked at her with the question in his eyes and Lea smiled back at him as she gave him the answer “It’s Sheila.”
“She’s one of us. But how?”
Lea was about to answer when her chat chip began to beep more rapidly. “It’s David.”
Just then there was a knock at the door, leaving Urs on the floor she went to answer it. She was greeted by David’s cheeky smile. “Hiya Squizz. You doing okay now?”
Lea nodded. “Yeah better thanks. What are you up to?”
“Well since you declined my breakfast invitation I thought I would see if you guys wanted to come to lunch.”
Before she could answer Urs spoke up from behind her. “That would be good David, give us ten minutes okay.”
David beamed. “Great, I’ll meet you downstairs” He kissed Lea on the top of her head and left.
She turned back to Urs. “Lunch, you think we should go to lunch?”
Urs wrapped his arm around her shoulders as they headed back into the bedroom. “If we don’t David is going to think something is wrong and I need time to get my head around everything.”
Just then Lea’s stomach rumbled.
“And you need to eat I think.”
Lea had to agree with him on that count she had been hungry since she had woken up the first time that morning.

As David headed for the city after lunch he was sure that something had happened. He couldn’t put his finger on it but Urs and Lea seemed to be subdued somehow. Lunch had been fine but the niggling feeling in his stomach told him that something was not right. He phoned Sebastien and Carlos and asked them to meet him that afternoon. If Lea and Urs where having trouble, they needed to make sure they could help and that it did not interfere with what Simon had planned for Il Divo.
David had planned on doing some serious shopping but his mind kept drifting back to Urs and in particular Lea. Since the first time they had met she seemed to have taken up a place in his heart. She really was like a little sister and if David was honest with himself, if things had gone wrong with Urs and Lea, it was Lea who he really wanted to protect.
He waved to Carlos and Sebastien as he approached the café.
“Hi guys, thanks for coming.”
They all sat down at a table Sebastien was the first to speak. “What is so important David? I had a devil of a time getting Sheila to let me come by myself.”
Carlos nodded in agreement.
David’s voice was subdued. “I’m not sure but I think something has happened between Urs and Lea.”
Both Carlos and Sebastien were shocked.
“But they seemed so happy, what makes you think something is wrong?” Carlos was sitting up straight in his chair waiting for David’s answer.
“I don’t know guys, it’s just how they were at lunch, you know. But I don’t want anything to mess up our plans. This could be the best gig in our lives and I want to make sure we don’t mess it up for any reason.”
Sebastien was a little surprised. “But David, do you really think Urs would jeopardise anything. He has as much invested in this venture as the rest of us. Surely not. I love Sheila very much but she understands that at the moment Il Divo comes first. I am sure Lea does as well.”
David just sat there silent, brooding, while Sebastien looked to Carlos for help.
“Well, we will just have to confront them that is all. Get it all out in the open.” Carlos stood up. “So we all have dinner tonight yes and we get it all sorted yes.”
David and Sebastien nodded.
This was going to be some dinner. David thought.
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Chapter 22
They had decided to meet at the local pub which was located on the corner about two blocks from the Il Divo apartments. Just as they arrived Sheila pulled Lea aside heading for the rest rooms while the men found a table in the dinning room away from the main bar area.
Lea had expected Sheila wanted to fix her make up or something but instead she stood in front of her with a serious look on her face. “Lea what happened between you and Urs?”
“What do you mean. I don’t get it? We are good, better than good in fact.”
“Well that’s not what Seb thinks. He came back from coffee with David and Carlos and is very worried about you two. Seems to think you may have had a fight. This dinner, it’s going to be an intervention.”
“What!!! Where the hell did he get an idea like that?”
Sheila was about to explain when she saw the expression on Lea’s face change and she answered her own question. “DAVID! Oh my God. He thinks we had a fight.”
“Well no, he really didn’t say, just said that something wasn’t right when you guys had lunch, he’s worried that Urs will get hurt, that you will jeopardise their chances of making it in the industry.”
“Me!! Knew we shouldn’t have gone to lunch so soon after. Urs was still upset.”
“You did have a fight!”
“No Sheila, I told him.”
“Told him what?”
Lea remained silent hoping that Sheila would understand and she would not have to explain any more. She did not have to wait long for her answer.
“Oh why Lea?!! Now what do we do? You plan on telling the others?”
“Plan on telling the others. I didn’t plan on any of this remember.”
“How much does he know?”
“A lot but not all, He knows about you.”
“Len’el!!! “
“I had to Sheila, he was getting up set that he might go crazy if he got his memory back.”
“You told him that! Why for Gods sake!!!!.”
At that moment Lea couldn’t remember how that had come about but it was out there now and there was nothing she could do about it
Sheila was still in shock. “I can’t believe you told him. Well at least now I understand, but what do we do.”
“I guess we get out there and clear this up. And no, I don’t intend to tell any of the others just yet. One shook up Divo is enough to handle. I really wished it had been David though.”
Sheila put her arm around Lea. “I know. Come on before they think up some other conspiracy between them.”

Back at the table the guys had order drinks; they all smiled and stood as the girls returned. David in his cheeky way spoke. “Just about to send out a search party for you two.”
Sheila sat down next to Sebastien and Lea put herself next to Urs, giving him a silent communication with her eyes and a slight nod of her head, gone unnoticed by all except David.
Lea decided she did not want to wait for them to bring up the subject so when she caught David looking at her she smiled and blew him a kiss knowing this would get a reaction from him.
“You okay Sis?”
“I’m fine big brother but it seems that you don’t think so.”
All eyes fell on Sebastien and then on Sheila.
“Don’t’ blame them David, if you thought something was wrong at lunch you could have said so.” Lea sighed. “ I’m sorry if we seemed a little distant but we had just had a deep and meaningful talk about our futures and I think it was all still swimming around in our heads” She took hold of Urs’ hand under the table. “We haven’t had a fight and I don’t plan on splitting up this group before you even get started if that is what you are worried about. I know we haven’t known each other long but I did think you knew me better than that David, at least that is the impression I got. I am sorry if I misread the signals.” She looked to Sebastien and Carlos. “I’m sorry guys; we really didn’t mean to worry you.”
Urs squeezed her hand under the table but remained silent. Sebastien and Carlos smiled knowingly but also kept quiet. Lea’s eyes fell back on David; if it was possible he seemed to have sunk into his chair looking distraught and like he had hurt his best friend. His voice trembled ever so slightly as he spoke and he slowly lifted his eyes so he was looking at Lea. “I’m sorry Squizz. But….” He lowered his eyes again, he couldn’t finish.
Lea lent over the table and took hold of his arm. “It’s okay David; you were just looking out for your friend. I understand that. A girl would be lucky to have a brother like you. So….. are we okay now?”
David looked from Lea to Urs and back to Lea again.” Are you two okay?”
To emphasise the point Urs put his arm around Lea’s shoulders and kissed her on the cheek. “We’re better than okay, David. She is my whole world.”
Only three people at the table really knew what he meant by that, Lea, Sheila and Urs.

With the tension released dinner was a pleasant affair, jokes good and bad flew across the table and talk of their first album popped up more than once. As she had done time and time before Lea pushed the real reason she was with them to the back of her mind and tried to believe she was just out with friends. She did wonder how Urs was coping with it all now that he knew. Every now and then she would catch him lost in his own thoughts.
A song came on the juke box and David got a little excited. “Oh I love this song. Come dance with me Squizz?” He held is hand over the table as Lea looked to Urs who gave her that silent nod. David smiled. “Thanks Urs, Come on Squizz.”
The others watched as Lea and David took the dance floor with a few other couples and embraced for a slow dance. They had danced for a short time when David kissed her on the top of her head.
Lea smiled “What was that for?”
“For not making me look like a complete and utter fool earlier. I’m sorry but I was worried about you. You and Urs but mainly you.”
Lea looked into his deep loving eyes, the eyes of her brother, how long was she going to have to play this game. “Me David, I would have thought you would be looking out for Urs.”
David pulled her a little closer as they danced. “Yes, I do but I feel like I need to protect you, you really have gotten under my skin, I am sure this is how I would feel if I really did have a kid sister. Some part of me wants to shield you from this big ugly world Squizz. I know if you were with anyone else other than Urs I would have given them the third degree by now. ”
Lea stretched and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips which surprised David but somehow felt natural. “I like having you as a big brother David.” As she hugged him around the waist and put her head on his chest in a small voice she said “I always have.” A small tear escaped and ran down her face.
David rested his chin on the top of her head. “I’ll be your big brother Squizzy, Now and always.”
They danced to the rest of the song in silence. Only Lea remembered how she had done this with her brother back home. And David wondered why it felt so natural to have her in his arms. She really was like his sister; he really would have liked that to be true. He gave her a squeeze and another kiss on the head. Lea smiled and closed her eyes holding on to her brother for just a little while.

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Chapter 23
The week off for Il Divo had fast come to its end and they were headed for the recording studio. Simon had met them all there and decided that for the first few days the girls should make themselves scares. Lea had hold of Urs’ hand and was about to object when she felt him squeeze it and give her one of his silent looks. Simon wondered why she was frowning at him and not saying anything, he had expected her to. David just wondered why she had not, when he saw the silent communication between her and Urs. He smiled and Lea caught him smiling. She poked her tongue out at him which made David and the rest laugh and Simon wondering what inside joke he seemed to have missed. The only other person not laughing was Urs. So Simon directed his attention to him. “So Urs you up for this, you seem a little distracted?”
It was Lea’s turn to squeeze his hand. They had spent hours upon hours talking about all the new information he was trying to cope with and she had warned him that meeting up with Simon again may not be easy. One of the reasons she wanted to stay close for the first few days.
Urs smiled at Simon. “Sure thing Simon. Let’s get this done. Singing is what I do, what we all do.”
Urs hugged Lea and whispered in her ear. “I’ll be fine. Go do what you need to do.”
Sheila hugged Sebastien. “Call when you are done.”
Both ladies watched as Il Divo walked into the studio to record their very first album.
Sheila sighed. “They are going to turn this world upside down, I just know it.”
“Then let’s see if we can’t do a bit of upside down turning ourselves.”
Sheila looked at Lea.
“Where does Simon spend most of his time?”
“Oh ooooooo”
“And where is he now?”
Sheila smiled. “So we going to do an office raid are we?”

While Il Divo where hard at work recording and singing and generally confirming Simon’s thoughts that he had picked the right team to increase his wealth just that little bit more. Sheila and Lea headed to Simon’s office to look for anything that would help them, connect them with home. Lea had only found the control panel on the plane.
It had been pretty easy to gain access, something that Lea had not expected. Sheila was a regular visitor to Simon’s office and the girl in reception was happy to let them in. So there they stood in the middle of his office wondering what they should be looking for.
Lea shrugged her shoulders. “Well I guess we just start and don’t finish until we find something.”
Several hours later, very frustrated, tired and not to mention hungry they had not found anything to link Simon with their home worlds. Lea slumped into Simon’s chair. “I was sure this is where we would find something. But nothing. He must have some other place, a place where he spends time.” Lea banged her fists on the desk and went to get up managing to bang her leg on the underneath of the desk and swore in her own language which made Sheila laugh. “Oh my, such language Lea.” But Sheila’s laughs turned to silence as she pointed to the wall behind Lea. “I think you broke something.”
Lea turned slowly to see the wall behind her slide back to reveal another room, a room that was much more familiar to her than anything else she had seen since arriving on Earth. Everything was written in her own language, the computers and operating systems were what she had used herself. Sheila came to stand next to her. “Well, I think we found the command post Houston.”
“What, who’s Houston?”
“Nothing. Just something they say here it’s like saying…” Sheila rattled something off in her own language.
“Oh I get it now. Well Yes I guess we did. Shall we?”
Lea allowed Sheila to enter the room first. “I have no idea what half this stuff is for but it is so nice to see things from home.”
Lea did not know what some of the instruments were for but a lot she had a pretty good idea. She walked around the room taking note of everything. Then stopped at a panel and hit a few sensors and a screen that had been invisible until then lit up in front of her. In their own language a list of names appeared, a very long list, by touching the screen Lea made it scroll. Sheila had come to stand beside her. Both women knew what the list was. It was a list of all the people that Simon had kidnapped and the number was far more than what was on Sheila’s list. Some names were written in green, some in red. “Lea, there’s hundreds more than …”
“I know..” Lea took out Sheila’s list and compared it to the screen, she found her brothers name and Urs as well as Sebastien and Carlos, they had been put together and where written in green. All the people on Sheila’s list were written in green, except for one. It was written in red.
Lea brought up the file for the person in red and Sheila almost jumped out of her skin. “I know him. I know him. He was in Simon’s office a few months ago. He’s an actor, got into trouble with the law, something to do with drugs. Simon was ropable about having to sort it all out and told him once he had paid back his debt he was cutting him loose. “
Lea kept pulling up information on this actor until they got to a page that had yesterdays date on it and the word TERMINATED written across it.
Lea had a sinking feeling in her stomach as she chose another name written in red and another and another. All the same, a date and the word terminated written across the file. By now both women knew what they were looking at without speaking. Lea pulled up one more and Sheila got hold of her arm. “I know what happened to him, he died in a car accident last year, it was all over the news.”
Lea shut down the screen. “I don’t think it was an accident.”
“Simon killed all those people.” Sheila was shaking. The realisation of how evil Simon really was began to register. “My God Lea, I’ve been working for him, if he knew I was the way I am he would have killed me.”
“But you already knew that.”
“I know but so many people Lea, so many.”
Lea held onto her friend for a while. “Do you want to go?”
“No, we might not get another chance like this. What else do we need?”
Lea smiled at Sheila, she was a lot stronger than she gave herself credit for.
Looking around the room Lea found a portable recording device, she sat it in a docking station on the desk and began to download as much information as it would take. No sense in spending time in Simon’s office, when she could do the research in the safety of Urs’ apartment. While the information was downloading she took another look at some of the other instruments and again brought up an invisible screen. She went pale at what she saw and again swore in her own language. Sheila could tell by the sound of her voice it was serious. “What is it, what did you find?”
“Simon has trackers in everyone; He knows where you all are, at anytime.” Lea’s eyes flared wide open as she punched Sheila’s name in and her tracker came up. “He’s got you tagged.”
“My god he knows we are here. Lea that’s not good.”
Lea’s hand flew over the sensors and information ran across the screen. “Looks like he only has it set up so he can check from here, none of the trackers have portable codes attached.”
“Which means?”
“Which means he can only track you from here. He has to be here in this room at this station to see where you are. He hasn’t bothered to set up the portable tracker. I guess he figured he didn’t need to.”
“So we are safe.”
“Looks that way.”
“I think I would like to go now.”
Just then the station beeped telling Lea her download was finished.

After leaving the office building it was close to four in the afternoon and the girls decided to regroup by having a late lunch at a small café near Sheila’s apartment.
Sheila was still worried about the trackers. “So you are saying that Simon can only see where we are, he can’t hear us, he hasn’t bugged our places has he?”
Once Lea had realised what Simon had done it was the first thing she had checked for. If he had bugged the apartments the conversations she’d had with Urs would have put them all in great danger. It seemed that Simon was being a little careless on Earth. Something that Lea might be able to use to their advantage later.
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Chapter 24
Back at Sheila’s apartment, the first thing Lea set about doing was disengaging the trackers own sensors so that Simon would not know where it was. She’d figured he would eventually know it was missing but was counting on the fact that he was not using them to give her some time and the fact that she had pulled it from a draw where it seemed he had just thrown it in with the rest of them.
Sheila was not convinced that Simon had not bugged her home so set about looking for anything that should not have been there. Lea did not have the heart to tell her that if it was bugged she’d never find it, but it did give her an idea, it meant another visit to Simon’s office.
Right now she was more interested in the information she had downloaded. She scrolled through screen after screen stopping to read what she thought was important. It seemed that Simon had been at his little venture for a while and had known about wormholes a lot longer than anyone on her home world realised. Sheila had said she had been one of the first ‘volunteers’ But by the looks of what she had read, that was not the case. She had a sickening feeling as anger welled up inside her when she realised that Simon was the reason for the transport accidents where they had lost so many lives. They had indeed been natural wormholes but even back then Simon seemed to have a crude hold on them. She had been reading the files for about an hour when she let out a little victory cry which sent Sheila running from her bedroom.
“What, what did you find?”
Lea smiled up at her friend. “Lets just say I found the instruction manual to fly that damn plane, here and in space. Seems Simon’s pilots were a little rusty on the finer points of Earth flying.”
Sheila knelt down next to Lea who had sat herself on the floor cross legged. “You mean you can get us home?”
Lea looked back at Sheila with sadness tinging her eyes. “If that is what you want, what they want.”
“What do you mean if that is what they want? Of course it is.”
“Sheila just because I can fly the plane doesn’t mean I am going to have any passengers, especially if we cannot get their memories back.”
Sheila looked at the recorder in Lea’s hand. “There has to be something in there to help, there has to be.”
“There is something else you have to consider as well Sheila… What if everything goes right, they get their memories back, they don’t go crazy, we don’t get caught and they decide they want to stay here. What then? We can’t force them to go back. We’d be as bad as Simon.”
Sheila sat quiet for a moment, when it came down to it; all she wanted was to be with Sebastien. “That’s why you asked me if I would stay here as a med tech wasn’t it?”
Lea nodded.
There was a knock at the door. Sheila looked at her watch as she went to answer it. It was ten thirty. Their driver was standing at her front door, cap in hand, smile on his face. “Miss Sheila, thought you and Miss Lea would like to know that Simon has just called for the cars, would you ladies like to go and meet Mr Buhler and Mr Izambard?”
Sheila smiled back at him. “Oh Michael you are an angel, yes of course we would. Give us five minutes to freshen up okay; we’ll meet you at the car.”
Michael nodded and left.
Lea had already put away the recorder and was waiting for Sheila. “Funny the boys have not called. Just then both their mobile phones went off. Sheila had a message from Sebastien and Lea got a message from both Urs and David. “Seems they are all pretty tired.” Lea looked at Sheila as they walked out the door. “I’m guessing we skip dinner tonight and go straight to dessert.”
“Oh Lea, You think they will be up to it, if they are so tired?”
The looked at each other and laughed, knowing the answer without having to say anything.

Once at the recording studio Lea and Sheila waited next to the cars, thinking it was best. Not long after they arrived four very tired looking men came out of the building. Sebastien’s eyes lit up when he saw Sheila but he practically fell into her arms.
Lea looked to the other three. “You guys look exhausted.” They all smiled at her and David nudged her on his way passed. “The only thing I want to see until tomorrow morning is my pillow.”
Carlos smiled at them as he got into the car after David. “Know how he feels.”
Us wrapped his arms around Lea’s shoulders and gave her a tender kiss. “You ladies do much today.”
Lea smiled and gave him a kiss. “A little exploring, but we can talk about that later.” Getting into the car with Sheila and Sebastien.
“How did you go today?”
Both Urs and Lea knew what she meant by the question but Urs hugged her again.
“Okay, I did okay.”
Sebastien looked at his friend surprised. “Okay, Urs you did better than Okay. Ladies you should hear this man’s voice, Outstanding. Okay indeed.”
Lea settled herself under Urs’ arm breathing in his fragrance. She had not realised just how much she missed him while they were apart. “Do you want me to make you some dinner when we get home?”
“I thought you said you couldn’t cook?”
“I don’t”
Urs, Sebastien and Sheila laughed but it was Sebastien who spoke. “Food was in ample quantities today, we lacked for nothing.”
Sheila gave Sebastien a cheeky look. “Oh really” and before he could protest she kissed him.
“Oh Sheila. Well maybe a little dessert would be nice.”
Without opening her eyes Leas words made both men blush. “See I told you dessert was still on the menu. Looks like you will be staying over tonight Sheila.”
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Chapter 25
David and Carlos were nowhere to be seen when they got back to the apartments. Sheila and Sebastien headed for his apartment while Lea and Urs walked to his. Sheila stopped just before she went inside. “Lea. You guys okay?”
Urs smiled at her knowing what she meant. “I’m okay Sheila, got some thinking to do but I am okay.”
He felt Lea squeeze his hand as the entered his apartment. “How are you really going? Did you have any trouble with Simon today?”
Urs hugged her as they closed the door. “No, not really. Once we got started there really wasn’t time to think about anything else. It’s only been the last hour or so. But how did you girls go. What did you get up to?”
Urs went pale as Lea told him what they had done and what she had found. She pulled out the recorder and handed it to him. Urs turned it over in his hands and looked at her. “You mean you got this out of Simon’s office, he has a secret room?”
Lea nodded and activated the recorder showing Urs the information.
He looked from it to Lea and she smiled. “There is a lot of information on that. I’m not sure you need to read it all.”
Urs smiled at her as he handed it back. “You forget. I can’t read any of it.”
Lea’s eyes filled with a little sorrow. “I’m sorry Urs. I didn’t mean …”
Urs held her, there was something he wanted to tell her, something that had been playing on his mind since he had found out he was not human. He didn’t think he could tell her and look at her so he just held her close. “I need to tell you about my dreams. Now that you have told me your story, my dreams make more sense and I don’t think they are dreams, I think they are maybe some of my memories, from, from before.”
He felt Lea try to move so she could see his face but he held her. Understanding that this was hard for him she let her head rest back on his chest and waited for him to continue.
Urs told her of his dreams, of the people in them being the colour they were and of him performing in front of lot of people. He described one of the venues and it was then that Lea knew that almost all of his dreams were indeed memory. He had described the place perfectly. She had been to the same venue a few times to see her brother. She could feel the tension leave his body as he finished.
“So what do you think? Am I going nuts?”
Lea went to move again and this time Urs released his hold. She pulled him to the sofa and sat next to him. “No you are not going nuts. Those places do exist Urs, they are real places and you have performed in them. I’ve been to see David but never you but I know you have performed in those places. It seems to me that Simon did not wipe out everything and you have a very strong hold on your past and you don’t want to let go.”
“But were we ever together like my dreams.”
Lea smiled, lent over and kissed him. “How I wish but sadly no. I think it is just a way for your subconscious to give you something familiar to hold onto.”
Urs sighed. “This is so hard. I wish I could tell the others.”
“Not just yet. Sheila almost went into over drive when I told her you knew. And at the moment we don’t need them knowing and changing their ways. It would make Simon suspicious. I was worried enough about you. I don’t think I could handle four. Not just yet. If they found out that you had all been tagged I think it would make life a little uneasy for us all.”
Urs looked at her questioningly. “What do you mean tagged?”
It was then that she realised she had not told him about the trackers. It was too late to back up now. “Simon had you all tagged, he has tracers, trackers on you. He knows where you are at any given time day or night.”
Urs was mortified. “You mean to tell me he knows EXACTLY where I am, where we are. I can’t believe he did that.”
Lea sighed. “I can. But I guess the good news is he has to be in his secret office to track you. He has to be at the main console to be able to see where any of you are. It’s not just Il Divo Urs. Anyone he has brought here is tagged, even Sheila. So unless we know were Simon is, her spying days are over.”
Urs sat silently trying to process this news. He was angry that someone had invaded his life in such a way, just one more reason not to trust Simon. It seems that his instincts had been right all along.
Lea could see the hurt and pain on his face. “Come on, it’s been a long hard day, I think you need to rest.”
She pulled him up from the sofa and towards the bedroom. Urs stopped at the door and turned her around to face him. Leaning in, he gently covered her lips with a sweet tender kiss that sent a ripple of pleasure through her body.
He brushed his hands through her hair. “Didn’t you mention something about dessert. I think I will need dessert before I think about resting.”
Lea smiled at him. “Would that be with or without ice cream?”
Once again Urs leaned in to kiss her but this time it was with much more passion and fire as he walked her backwards towards the bed.
Lea felt herself being gently absorbed by the softness of the bed. “I guess it’s without.”

Sebastien had been a little worried about Sheila’s comments as they had said good bye to Urs and Lea. “Is everything all right with those two Sheila? What you said.”
Sheila smiled disarmingly at him. “Oh yes, Just girl stuff, you know how we get. Give us a day together and well….. I just wanted to make sure that is all. They are fine. They are really happy together. I don’t know anyone who is happier.”
Sebastien pulled her to him, embracing her and kissing her with a determination and force that left no doubt about what his intentions were. “I do.” Was all he said before he began to kiss her again while pulling her into the bedroom.
“Oh my, my Sebastien. You trying to tell me you are ready for dessert?”
Sebastien did not answer just continued to pull her, kissing her, not wanting to let go.
“I am happy Sheila, make me happier.”
Sheila let out a laugh as she turned the tables on him and pushed him onto the bed, placing herself on top of him. “I will make you delirious my sweet, delirious.”
For a time that night Sheila and Lea forgot the over riding situation that shadowed their lives.
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Chapter 26
Simon walked into his office and stopped, something was wrong, his eyes washed over the entire room but he could not see a thing out of place. But still something was wrong. Sitting at his desks he played with the mail the secretary had placed there earlier that day. Maybe that was it; she had been in his office. Then he realised what it was. The smell, a gentle waft of perfume that lingered in the air. He smiled to himself, it had been a long day even for him and he was tired. Having spent the day with Il Divo, something he had not intended to do he was convinced more that ever that they would be a hit. Maybe not in the way this world expected but they would bring him the power and more importantly the money. If his plan worked he could rely on them to support him very nicely for at least the next ten years.
Simon pushed the panel on his desk that Lea had hit her leg on earlier and he entered his other room. Again he stopped but dismissed the lingering fragrance as his secretaries thinking it had followed him as the room had been closed off all day. As Lea had figured out he could indeed track each and every one of his kidnap victims but he set about looking to see where his four new recruits where. They were all very close together and as expected Sheila was with Sebastien and given the conversations they had had during the day Lea was most likely with Urs. He’d found out that she had moved in with him but not from Urs, it had been David that had told him. Simon frowned just a little remembering that Urs had been particularly quiet, artists could be so temperamental and he wondered if it was the fact that Lea had moved in. He knew he told the girls to keep an eye on them but maybe he needed to have a chat to them, make sure things were not going to get severely messed up due to romantic differences of opinion. Lea was a head strong person very willing to give as good as she got so he would need to broach the subject in a way that would not cause her to be incensed. Simon had an idea that if she wanted to she could very well take him down. That thought alone made him a little nervous considering all those who had tried and failed. Not once had he even suspected that any of them were capable of doing so but this female human , there was something about her that did unsettled him. He was only hoping she had no idea of her own strengths. Simon would have been more wary if he had understood that even if on a conscious level Lea did not understand just how strong she was on a subconscious lever she had already made up her mind to do whatever it took to get her brother back. A female from any world with such determination was indeed a dangerous creature.

Simon made a call to her mobile which Lea promptly threw across the room considering that she and Urs were in the middle of something. Urs raised his lips from hers. “That may have been important.”
Lea pulled him back down to her. “We’re doing something important.”
She got no argument from Urs.
Sheila had received the same message but had read it as Sebastien slept peacefully beside her. He never even stirred at the sound of the phone he was so tired. The content of the message was innocent enough but it sent a cold shiver down her spine. Knowing what they had done that day she wondered if Simon had suspected.
Simon smiled sadistically a he saw the little blip that was Sheila began to move as she went from the bedroom to the kitchen. However the frown return to his face when he realised that he had no way of knowing where Lea was. Without knowing it Lea had won a little battle with Simon that night.
Simon went on with his work checking on a few more people and then opened the files that Lea and Sheila had seen earlier that day. Picking a particular person be typed in some instructions and the word terminated came up. Effectively he had given the order for someone to die.

The next morning Simon was at the recording studio waiting. He had asked the girls to meet him there. What he did not know was they had already decided they would be coming with Il Divo to the studio. Not staying, but taking the morning drive with them. This would become a little routine. Some days Sebastien and Sheila would travel together in one car as they had spent the night at her place and the rest would arrive in the other car. Other days Sebastien, Sheila Lea and Urs would travel together when they had all been at the Il Divo apartments. There was a two fold purpose to the plan. One was to be close to Urs and Sebastien, the other to see how long Simon would stay at the recordings. Urs was to call Lea the moment he left the studio giving the girls’ time to disengage from any covert operation they maybe undertaking if needed.

Urs was still coming to terms with the situation, with the fact that Lea was going to have to put herself into some seemingly dangerous situations. She had played down the danger but even knowing her profession back home didn’t help Urs. In fact he felt helpless. Knowing what they were involved in but not being able to tell his fellow Divos, not being able to help Lea. Sure she had asked him to call if and when Simon left but that just did not seem to be enough. She had warned him that if they found a way to get their memories back that would be the time when he would be needed and that would be more dangerous than anything she was going to do.

As they got out of the car Lea greeted Simon with a fresh sunny smile. “Hello Mr Cowell. How are you this lovely morning?”
Simon smiled back at her. “Just fine Lea. You two ladies did not keep our lads up too late last night did you?”
“Lea gave him a cheeky smile as Sheila went red remembering that Simon could have known where she was. Lea’s reply almost made Simon blush. “You might want to re phrase that question Simon.”
Urs put his arm around her as they walked into the studio. “I can’t believe you said that.”
David walked passed. “Neither can I Squizz. I think that may have been the closest Simon has ever come to blushing. You’re a bad girl sis, a bad girl.”
As Sheila was saying her good byes to Sebastien, Urs took hold of Lea’s face gently between his hands. “You be careful today. I’m still not convinced that bugging Simon’s office is going to help”
She smiled “As long as you call if needed we will be fine.”
The kissed passionately and Lea left to have their little talk with Simon.

Simon waited for all of the members of Il Divo to enter the studio and then went to talk to the girls. “So Lea, you and Urs getting on alright?” He could see the change in her face and knew he would get the same reaction from her as he had from Urs the day before so he continued to talk before Lea let fly with her opinion of Simon wanting to know about her private life. “It’s just he was a little quiet yesterday, Things are okay aren’t they?”
Lea smiled very aware of what Simon was trying to do. He wanted nothing to railroad his plans. Lea could play this came just as well as Simon. “No Simon, things are fine we just had a long talk about our futures since this relationship seems to have taken off a littler faster than either of us expected. Like I said before I’ll do anything in my power to make sure that Il Divo is a success, they deserve to be, they are brilliant.” she smiled at him, looping her arm through his and began to walk to the car. “But you already know that. You’re not worried about them are you Simon, They seem fine to me.”
Simon untangled himself from her hold “No, now that you have set me straight.” He looked to Sheila and back to Lea. “You ladies be good to these lads you hear.”
Up until then Sheila had hung back letting Lea do all the talking. “Simon, even if you had not asked us to stay close I think we would have anyway. Sebastien is such a lovely man. I know in my heart they will make it big I’m just worried when the rest of the world finds out about them there will be women waiting to steal him away from me.”
Simon was a little taken back at how honest she was being, she had always been one of his hardest workers but never very outspoken. Always keeping to herself. Now he wondered who was rubbing off on her, the new girl Lea or the new man in her life Sebastien. “Well Sheila if you love each other like you say you do you should be strong enough to hold onto each other no matter what.”
At this point Lea jumped back in. “So Simon, you staying for the whole day or can we interest you in joining us for lunch later?”
“Thank you for the offer ladies but once I am done here it is back to the officer to wade my way through the rest of my work. Maybe some other time.”
The girls got back into the car; Michael was going to drive them into town on the pretext they were going to do more shopping.
Simon had watched them leave, again there was something that unnerved him but he could not put his finger on it. Something familiar yet he could not seem to get his mind to unwrap it for him. He would need to keep a closer watch on that new girl. He would realise later that familiar thing was the smell of Sheilas perfume.

The trip into town was quiet. Sheila wanting to know why Lea had invited Simon to lunch and what they were going to do next but did not want to risk the chance that Michael would over hear her. So she waited until he dropped them off in the main street. They said they would call him if they needed him before he had to pick up the band members. Lea had also invited Michael for lunch but he gracefully declined.
The words were out of Sheila’s mouth before Michael had pulled away from the curb. “What’s the big idea of inviting everyone to lunch?’
“Well I wanted to see what reaction I would get from Simon; it would let us know how much time we may have.”
“And Michael?”
“Michael has been with Simon longer than you Sheila, he’s a driver. I’m not sure how it works on Earth but I am betting he knows a hell of a lot of info, he would hear so much. People forget he’s driving them around. The best people to get info off at home are transport pilots. I can’t see it being too much different here.”
As they walked Sheila probed Lea for more of her own information. “So we are going back to Simon’s office?”
Lea nodded,
“And you plan on bugging it right?”
Again Lea nodded. “So this time I need to get in without being seen.”
“That’s where I come in?”
Again Lea nodded.
Before she knew it they were standing outside the Eternity Records building and Sheila’s stomach began to knot. She wanted so desperately to help but also did not want to let Lea down.
Lea looked at her with serious eyes. “You up to this Sheila just say the word and I’ll pull the plug.”
“No. we do this, we need to do this.”
“I’ll call you when I am done and you…”
“I’ll call you if anything happens.”
With that Lea was gone and Sheila headed to the receptionist on the same floor as Simons office. She had not asked Lea how she was going to get in. It was her job to distract the receptionist so she could. She put on her best smile as she got off the lift. “Hi Mary, how are you today?”
Sheila and Mary carried on a casual conversation. Mary very grateful for the company. Their talk soon turned to Il Divo and Mary wanted to know everything. Sheila found out she seemed to have a bit of a soft spot for Carlos. Just loved the way he kissed her hand every time they came to see Simon. The others were also so very polite and sweet but Carlos had stolen her heart.
So with Il Divo as the topic of conversation it was not hard to keep Mary engaged. They even had a cup of coffee as they talked. Sheila had asked if Simon would mind them having a chat but Mary had said that the girl on the first floor would buzz her as soon a he came in. “To be honest Sheila I would love to be downstairs, it gets too quiet and lonely up here most of the time. Oh I get to play hostess to the likes of bands like Il Divo but in between it gets lonely.”
Sheila made Mary a promise that she would try and drop in more often while she was not having to fly all over the place with the company plane.

Meanwhile Lea had come in on a floor lower down and walked the rest of the way up the stairwell. She had seen the exit when they had been there before, thinking of using it as an escape root but it made for good entry. She smiled as she could here Sheila and Mary laughing.
Once in Simon’s officer she went straight to his desk and opened the secret room. Taking a deep breath she once again found herself looking at familiar things. She needed to borrow a few of Simons bugging devices. Setting about reconfiguring them so she could bug his office and it would be relayed to the recording device she had taken earlier. Once that was done Lea placed a few in the secret office as well as a few in the outer office, saving a couple for another job.

Sheila’s phone beeped. It was Lea telling her that she was finished and waiting for her downstairs. Sheila was just about to call her when she got another call. It was Urs. “Sheila I could not get through to Lea, is everything okay?”
“Yes Urs, she just text me so maybe that is why you cannot get through. How is the recording going?”
“Okay. Just tell Lea that Simon had just left, he’s headed your way.”
“Okay. Thanks Urs”
Sheila smiled at Mary. “He’s so sweet, got a break and trying to get in touch with Len'el. I better go meet up with her. Thanks for the coffee.”
“Hey thanks for coming to say hi.” Mary stood. “I suppose I should put his mail on his desk. Make sure it’s there when he comes in. Whenever that may be.”
Sheila smiled and held out her hand. “Let me. I can do it on the way to the lift.”
“Thanks Sheila.”
Sheila walked passed the lift and into Simons office. She wanted to see if she could find any of Lea’s handy work. It all looked the same to her. As she got on the lift she waved good bye to Mary.
As she reached Lea who was jut finishing a call from Urs she smiled. “I guess he got hold of you?”
“Yep, time we got out of here.”
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Chapter 27
Simon Smiled, waved at Mary as he headed for his office but stopped just after he got through the door. There it was again the something familiar that was nudging his memory. All of a sudden the realisation of what it was exploded in his brain. Simon turned around walking with determination back to Mary’s desk.
“Was Sheila the steward from the plane here today?”
“Yes Mrs Cowell, we had coffee.”
Simon’s nostrils flared. “Why was she in my office?”
“She was nice enough to drop your mail on your desk for me on her way out. Why? Was that wrong of me Mr Cowell.”
“She just dropped my mail off?’
“Yes Sir.”
“And you two are friends?”
“I would like to think so. Is everything okay Sir?”
Simon stood looking at Mary for a few moments making her feel very uncomfortable. “I did not think there was any harm in it Sir, she’s been a frequent visitor. I apologise, it won’t happen again.”
Simon gave her a slight smile. “No Mary, that’s okay. You’re not in any kind of trouble.”
Mary was curious. “How did you know she had been here?”
Simon answered her as he walked back to his office. “Her perfume.”
He sat behind his desk wondering if he was being a little paranoid. If Sheila had been coming to visit her friend and had been here the other day then of course her scent would have lingered. But he still felt uneasy; opening his other room he went to see where she was, after all Lea had invited him to lunch so they should have been frequenting some sort of eatery. Tapping on a few sensors Simon pulled up Sheila’s tracer. At lest she was not on the move. Making a few more adjustments he narrowed it down to a street in the centre of town he knew to be a well established restaurant hub. Pulling out his mobile phone he called Sheila.
“Hi Sheila I was just wondering if that offer for lunch was still open?”
Sheila went pale at the other end. “Sure Simon. Lea and I have not long ordered. Please join us.”
“Oh you’ve order. I don’t know. Where are you?”
Sheila told him and he smiled, by looking at her tracer he knew she was telling the truth. “No, I’m at the office by the time I get there you ladies will have finished.”
“Was there something you wanted to talk to us about Simon?”
“No. no, not really. By the way did you enjoy your coffee with Mary?”
“Yes I did thank you.” The words were out of her mouth before she realised that Simon knew she had been at his office. “Oh, she did not get into trouble did she? I hope not. I just wanted to say hi and we got talking.”
“No Sheila. Thank you for caring. I know she gets lonely up on the floor all by herself. Do you mind me asking what kind of perfume your wear?”
Again Sheila told him and he hung up.
The whole time she had been on the phone Lea was anxiously listening and waiting. “What was that all about?”
“He was going to come and join us for lunch but changed his mind. He knew I was there Lea, asked me about coffee with Mary.”
“She probably told him but why did he ask about Sunrise.”
“My perfume. I have no idea, just wanted to know which one I wore.”
Lea sat thinking for a moment, pushing the thoughts through her mind and playing with a bread roll ‘Why did he ask where we are? He has you tagged; he would know where you are. And your perfume?’
Then the penny dropped. “Oh may God. Sheila, your perfume, he knows you were with Mary because of your perfume, He knows we were in his office, his secret room because of your perfume.”
Sheila went a deathly shade of grey, her throat constricted and she could not get her words out.
“Tell me everything you did while you were with Mary today, everything.”
Slowly Sheila got her voice back and explained to Lea that she had just had coffee. “Oh but before I left I dropped Simons mail on his desk for Mary. What are we going to do Lea, he knows.”
‘It’s okay; I think you may have just saved us by going into his office.”
Sheila gave her a puzzled look.
“Your perfume, he smelt it, I am betting he smelt it the other day as well. But I am hoping that he assumes you were there to see Mary. As long as she doesn’t say anything.”
Both Lea and Sheila sat silently deep in their own thoughts. Sheila was upset that she may have given them up. Lea was deciding that she should speed up her research. If Simon had even the slightest notion that something was up, they were all in danger.
“I need to get back to my research, see if we can find a way to get their memories back.”
Sheila was already pulling out her phone to call Michael. “I’m so sorry Lea, I had no idea.”
Lea hugged her friend as the got up from the table. “That’s okay, but from now on maybe we should go around unscented.”
Simon watched as Sheila’s tracker moved, once it started to speed up he knew that Michael had picked them up and by the direction where they were going, back to Sheila’s place.

Once there, Sheila went off to make tea and Lea got stuck into making sure that the bugs she had placed in Simon’s office were working. With a few adjustments to the recorder his voice came in loud and clear. She sat and listened horrified. Simon was having a conversation on the phone about a person’s tragic accident the night before. “I know it is such a shame, he still had a few good years left in him. Be sure to let me know when the funeral is.”
Simon hung up and began to talk to himself. Something Lea would find out he did a lot of. “Okay, that’s one more useless life terminated. Now to check on my four new lads.”
Lea listened as Simon walked into his other office. She had to turn the sound down when the booming voices of Il Divo came firing through. Sheila stood at the door holding two mugs of tea. “What was that?”
“That was the sound of Simon bugging the recording studio. No wonder he doesn’t need to be there.”
“Where else does he have bugged?”
“Well the plane could be, we know the apartments are safe or we wouldn’t still be here. If it was me I would have the cars bugged as well but Simon has been a bit lazy so it is kind of unpredictable.”
Sheila came to sit next to Lea and both of them listened for a while, smiling as they heard Il Divo rehearsing and singing.
Simon’s voice came over the top. “That’s my lad’s, sing away and make me rich.”
The singing finished as Simon turned off the bug and went about other things still talking to himself. “Now I need to see about getting some more information on that Lea girl.”
Both girls looked at each other as they heard Simon dial a phone. They could not hear the other person but they heard Simon give them all of Leas details with strict instructions to find out more.
“Damn!!!! Now I’m going to have to work with a tail. How much more difficult is this going to get?’ Lea mumbled some more to herself. “I’ve got to find out how to reverse all this, get those tracers out of everyone.”
Sheila was a little anxious at that. “But won’t Simon know if he can’t track us anymore?”
“Yes but I want to know how to do it in case we need to move in a hurry.”
Lea began to pace the room scrolling through the information on the recorder. Sheila had seen that look on her face before and left her to it. Lea spent hours going over all the information. She had come across codes she would need if she ever got to fly the plane, names of all Simon’s employees that were from earth and had not been kidnapped, chemical formulas that made no sense to her so she was determined to find out what they meant, if she could. She was about to stop for the night, her head hurt and she was hungry when a strange name popped up as the heading for a new file. Opening it Lea was faced with yet more formula mumbo jumbo but this time there was a lay mans explanation, the more she read the more she understood. “I found it.” Lea said this quietly at first then louder bringing Sheila out of the kitchen. “I found it!!!!! Sheila I found it!!!”
“Found what?” Sheila was excited but had no idea why.
“There’s an antidote, a reversal formula. We can give them back their own memories. I can have my brother back.”
“From the looks of this it is an injection. Sheila I have to get back into Simons office. I know where this stuff is. I saw it, just didn’t know what it was.”
Sheila grabbed hold of her arm. “You can’t! Not now, not while Simon has someone spying on you.”
“I have to Sheila, it’s the only way.”
Before Sheila could protest both their phones went off. Sebastien and Urs were calling to say they would be done in about half and hour and would the girls like to join them all for dinner. Sheila so wanted to tell Sebastien to get Urs to talk some sense into Lea but she couldn’t. She would just have to wait until there was an opportunity over dinner.
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Chapter 28
It was obvious at dinner that the men from Il Divo had again put in a hard days work. They were all tired but not as tired as the day before. This one had not been as long.
Lea was sat between David and Urs and Sheila was sat between Sebastien and Carlos. The food and wine flowed and for a while Sheila forgot what had unfolded that day but Lea had not, she was desperate to get Urs back to his apartment so they could talk. If she got her hands on the antidote he needed to be willing to be her guinea pig. David had noticed her uneasiness but took it completely the wrong way. “Okay Lea, you can have Urs all to yourself in a little while. Will you just sit still while we finish the coffee.”
Lea looked at him mortified but then understood by the smirk on his face what he meant and gave him a slap across the arm. “Hey…”
“Well I’m ready to go home if you are.” Urs kissed her on the top of the head.
“Well if you two are going Sheila and I will catch a lift with you.”
“Looks like it’s you and me again tonight Carlos.” David said, looking like a cheeky school boy.
Which Carlos played up to by batting his eyes and blowing David a kiss. “But David I thought you loved me. I thought you liked spending time with me?”
The whole table burst into laughter, Lea swatted David in the chest and Sheila did the same to Carlos.
Urs smiled at them. “Okay time to go before someone gets hurt.” He pulled Lea to her feet and headed for the door followed by Sheila and Sebastien, followed by David and Carlos arm in arm which raised more than a few eyebrows from the other restaurant patrons. More questions would have been raised when they saw the two of them get into the back of the same car.
Urs could almost feel Leas tension vibrate from her body. He lent over and kissed her on the cheek talking softly. “You okay?”
Lea hugged him around the neck. “I need to tell you something but not here.”
The two kissed again before Sebastien broke them up. “Guys, wait till we get home, I don’t want to watch you two.”
Lea smirked back at him. “Well then do something about it.”
Before Sebastien could say or do anything else Sheila almost lunged at him pushing him down the car seat. With the backdrop of laughter from Lea and Urs, Sheila finally let him up for air. “You feel better now my sweet?”
Sebastien did indeed have to catch his breath before he answered. “OH my, Sheila, we are not alone.”
Urs laughed. “Hey don’t let us stop you.”
To which Sheila lunged at Sebastien again but this time he managed to fend her off. “No, Cherie, wait. “ He looked out the car window. “Are we there yet?” His statement making the others all laugh again, while Sheila playfully tried to unbutton his shirt and Sebastien tried in vein to stop her.
But Michael was slowing down the car outside the apartments. He caught Lea’s eye through the rear view mirror and winked at her. She smiled back hoping he was only gesturing at their antics and it was nothing more. Simon’s conversation about having her followed nudged at her thoughts. But she did thank him as always before she got out of the car.

In the safety of his apartment Urs stood with his hands on Lea’s shoulders looking rather sternly at her. “Now tell me, what has got you all wound up like a spring my girl?”
“I found it Urs, I found the antidote for the memory loss.”
Urs was stunned. “How, where?”
Lea told him, she also told him about Simon having the studio bugged and putting someone on to follow her.
“Then Sheila is right, you can’t go back into Simon’s office, he’ll know for sure.”
“But there’s no other way. We need to get in to get the antidote.”
Urs sighed. “Then let me go, let me do it.”
“What! No! No Urs!”
“Yes. And I promise I won’t even wear aftershave.”
Lea was cross with him now. “Don’t be flippant Urs. This is serious.”
“I realise that Lea, but what happens if you get caught, no one else can read all that stuff you downloaded, No one else can figure all this out. So unless you find out who Simon hired to follow you and we take them out I think me going is a good option.”
Urs saw the twinkle in her eye. “What are you thinking……Oh no, not on your life.”
“But that is perfect Urs; find out who is following me. Brilliant idea.”
Lea pulled the recorder from her pocket and hit a few of the sensors. They could hear Simon; he was still in his office. At first Lea thought he was talking to himself again but he was on the phone. “Well, I know they are back at the apartments, what I want to know is if you found out anything about this girl?”
There was a silence while Simon listened. “What do you mean nothing, she’s what? Looking for her brother.”
Lea took hold of Urs’ hand as she heard Simon repeat those words.
“Then how the hell did she and Sheila hook up.” Again silence.
“Look Michael just do your job. I know there is more to that women, I just know it.” Simon hung up and Lea and Urs listened for a while longer but everything was silent. She was just about to switch the recorder off when they heard Simon swear and slam the office door as he left.
Urs sighed. “Well I guess we know who he hired to follow you then.”
Lea gave him a slight smile. “And I have a plan.”
“I’m not going to like this am I?”
“Maybe not but I need to talk to you about something else.”
A serious shadow crossed her face as she took his hands. “If we get the antidote. I will need to try it on someone.” She looked into his eyes hating to ask him to do such a thing. If it backfired she would loose him, all of him.
Urs pulled her to him and hugged her. “I know Lea; I know it has to be me. But you have to remember your promise if …” he trailed off not wanting to hear himself say it.
“If there was any other way.”
Urs cupped her face in his hands. “If there was any other way you would have found it. Now tell me about your plan.”
Lea and Urs did not make love that night but spent it in each others arms feeling safe, comforted and one.
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Chapter 29
Il Divo had two more days of recording before they got one off so Lea could not put her plan into action until then. They had decided that Sheila should go and spend some time with Mary while Simon was in the office. Sheila had been apprehensive in the beginning but plucked up the courage to do it. Lea would keep the recorder on so she could hear Simon and would call Sheila if she needed to get out. While Lea stayed at Urs’ apartment and went through more information trying to find anything that would help, Sheila armed herself with cheesecake and headed for Eternity Records. They knew Simon was there and from his self talk knew he would be staying a while. Sheila had asked Michael to drive her and when she left without Lea he was a little perplexed. “You girls have a fight.”
Sheila was nervous. Lea and Urs had told her about Michael. “No, I think I might have gotten Mary, Simon’s receptionist into a bit of trouble the other day. Just want to make sure she is okay.” She showed him the cheesecake before getting into the back of the car. “Peace offering.”
As they drove Michael asked Sheila if he could ask her a few questions. “Is it true that Miss Lea is looking for her brother?”
Sheila had not expected him to come right out with that one but Lea had told her just answer as honestly as she could without giving them away. What Sheila did not know was that Lea had placed a bug in the car and was listening in.
“Yeah seems the trail went cold here, so she is trying to pick it up again.”
“Did you know her before?”
“No, only met her at the airport, she was looking for work and well, you now the rest.”
“So what happens if the trail takes her away from here?’
“Then I guess she will leave and try and find work where ever it takes her. She’s not going to give up looking for him.”
“You like her a lot don't you?” Their eyes met through the mirror.
“Yes I do. Its like we’ve been friends for years but we only just met. I like her very much. Why do you ask Michael?”
“Oh no reason. Just nice to have friends like that.”
They pulled up and Michael opened the door for Sheila. She smiled at him. “It was nice to talk on the trip Michael. I’d like to do that gain sometime.”
He nodded and Sheila made her way up to the floor where Simon’s office was located, while Michael sat back in the car and made a phone call.
“Yes sir, she is on the way to see Mary now.”
Simon’s voice came through loud and clear. “Is Lea with her?”
“No she’s back at the apartments. This could all just be an innocent visit to check on a friend. Sheila seems to think she may have gotten Mary into trouble the other day.”
“There is nothing innocent about these two.” With that Simon hung up.
Michael swore at his phone. “I really do hate you Simon, I really do. Why do you have to pick on these girls?”
Lea smiled to herself. There was a crack in Michaels armour.
She also got out her list of names, those that Simon had kidnapped. Lea had spent sometime cross referencing all the names so that the earth names Simon had given them matched up with their real names. She was hoping against hope that Michael’s name was not on the list but it was, he had been with Simon almost as long as Sheila. If she had time and if she could get to them Lea wanted to look deeper into Michaels file. She understood why Sheila was with Simon, it did not make sense to have someone like Michael here. It would have been just as easy to hire someone from Earth. Another thought came to mind, if he was from their home worlds and his memories had been tampered with maybe she could use him instead of Urs when they got the antidote.
Lea’s attention was drawn to Simon’s office, so she dialled down the bug in the car and listened to Simon. It sounded like he was shuffling a paper and talking to himself. “Idiot, if he had only done what I had said he’d still be alive, wealthy, happy and alive. I could have given you more than you could ever have gotten back home Phillip Macintyre. Fame, fortune, the lime light, the fans. A lifetime of it but you had to spoil it all and I had to make you disappear” Lea heard the paper crinkle again. “Funeral tomorrow, I expect they will want me to make an appearance.” He sighed. “Time to have a little chat with Sheila.”
Lea held her breath, she did not have the reception area bugged and just hoped that Sheila would cope with Simon.
While she waited Lea called Michael and asked him if he could possibly pick her up in an hour. As soon as she put he phone down she heard him call Simon, first on his land line and then on his mobile which he answered while still with Sheila and Mary.
Simon did not get much information off Michael as Lea had not given him much. But she was restless about not being able to hear what was transpiring between Mary, Simon and Sheila.

Sheila smiled her biggest smile as Simon approached. “Simon, Hi.” She held the cheesecake up in front of her. “Peace offering for the other day. I really did not want to cause any trouble.”
Simon smiled back but it was the look in his eyes that made Sheila nervous. She had seen that look before; she needed to be very careful. “Sheila, you know the way to a mans heart. Would you be a dear and makes us some coffee to go with that.” He looked at Mary. “Mary is a great receptionist but her coffee could do with some help”
Mary smiled. “He’s right; I can plan and cook a four course meal for 20 guests but make a decent cup of coffee.”
Sheila did not want to leave Mary with Simon but nor could she refuse to make the coffee. “Sure thing Simon, but I am sure Mary’s coffee if not that bad.”
Mary and Simon answered together. “Yes it is.”
“So three sugars and white for you Simon and Mary, one sugar and white?”
They both nodded and Sheila went down the hall to make them.
Simon turned his attention to Mary. “So Mary have you met the other girl yet, Sheilas friend Lea?”
“Mary smiled having no idea that Simon was on a fishing expedition. “ A couple of times when they have been here to see you, She always says hello, seems very nice.”
“Do you know much about her?”
Mary blushed a little. “Well, she and Urs seem to be an item these days, Boy that was fast. She gets on well with all the others which I guess is a good thing since once they start touring they will spend a lot of time in that little plane together.”
Simon was beginning to think his little interrogation was a waist of time.
“Oh, I think Lea is a nick name though.”
Simon was curious. “Why do you say that?”
“The other day when Urs rang Sheila looking for Lea she called her Len’el. Strange name. I meant to ask her about it.”
“Certainly is a strange name.”
Sheila’s heart shipped several beats as she heard Lea’s real name being spoken. She slowed her walk down the hall trying to figure out what she was going to do. She was devastated that Simon had recognised her perfume but now she had given him Lea’s real name. She could not remember saying it but she must have. Mary could not have gotten it any other way. Plucking up her courage she smiled and walked the tray of coffee and cheesecake back towards Mary, handed a coffee to Simon and one to Mary and giving her a piece of cake as well. “Oh Simon, you need an extra hand. Would you like me to put your cake in the office?”
Simon smiled but Sheila could see the evil in his eyes.
“How about you join me, we have a few things to talk about.”
Sheila tried to sound as innocent as possible. “We do? Okay then.”
Once in his office Sheila placed her cup and cake on the corner of his desk and prayed that Lea was still listening in.
The false smile left Simons face. “So Sheila tell me about Lea.”
Sheila shifted in her chair nervously. “What did you want to know?”
“Is it true that she is looking for her brother?”
Sheila nodded but did not speak.
Simon continued. “And you are helping her.”
“Well I don’t know about that. I helped her get a job. She was looking and I knew the record company where hiring, I let her stay with me for a while.” Sheila smiled “Then she got a better offer.”
Simon said one word. “Urs”
Sheila nodded again.
“So where is she from?”
Sheila opened her mouth to answer then realised apart from knowing the truth they had never discussed that topic. “You know, I have no idea. She’s been a lot of places looking for her brother but I don’t think she ever told me where she actually comes from.” She looked at Simon. “I’m sorry Simon I am not being much help. Is something wrong?”
“I am not sure yet?”
“She’s been really great with the guys, excellent on the plane, very efficient and I don’t think she would hurt anyone.” Sheila was trying very hard to play Simon’s game. “Should I be worried?”
Simon gave her a smile. “No, I don’t think so. Just checking on my employees is all. It’s just good practise to know what you can.” He paused “So what’s with that real name of hers, Len’el?”
Sheila smiled hoping her charade was working. “Oh that. One day she got mad about something she was doing and called herself a few names apart from that. I asked her about it. She said it was the name her mother gave her and she didn’t like it and I was never to call her that. I had to call her Lea. She got into rather a snit about it come to think of it.”

The whole time Sheila was in Simon’s office Lea was listening wishing the whole thing was over. Sheila was doing really well, sounding very natural but she just wanted her out of there.
All Sheila wanted to do was run. It was taking all her strength to sit here and look at Simon.
He smiled at her again and got up from his chair. “Well I better let you get back to Mary; you did come to see her after all.”
“Thanks.” Sheila turned to leave and was just about to pull on the door when Simon called her name. She froze.
“Didn’t you forget something?”
She turned to find Simon with her coffee and cake in his hands. “Sorry, must have had a blonde moment.” Her hands trembled a little as she took them from him; she was hoping he had not noticed.
Just as she got to Mary her phone rang. Placing her cake and coffee on Mary’s desk she answered it. “Hello”
It was Lea. “You need to get out of there now. Go to plan B.”
“What, right now?”
“YES right now.”
Sheila looked at Mary with pleading eyes. “Seems I am needed at the plane. God only knows why. Sorry.”
Mary smiled. “That’s okay. Just glad you dropped in.”

Sheila left but did not go to the airport. Plan B had always been for her to head into town and just wonder around the shops for an hour or so. Lea figured that Simon would keep a track of her once she left the office and he did exactly that. He had also noticed that Sheila was not wearing her perfume.

There was a knock at the door. Michael smiled at Lea. “Where to Miss Lea?”
“Would you be a sweetie and drive me out to the recording studio.”
Lea purposely got into the seat behind Michael giving a few moments to settle on his driving before she hit him with a question that would almost cause him to run off the road.
“So Michael, why does Simon want you to follow me?”
Once he had the car back in control he looked at her through the rear view mirror, she could she the stunned look on his face. “Don’t even think of trying to deny it or this is going to be a short trip.”
He had no idea how she knew but she knew and Michael figured he may as well tell the truth. “I don’t know why, he just wants as much information about you as possible. You must have ticked him off somehow.”
“So what did you want to know Michael?”
Michael looked back at her through the mirror. She seemed so calm for someone who knew she was being investigated. He really had no idea what information Simon was after. Lea smiled back at him. “You don’t like Simon very much do you?”
Again she surprised him, how could she know that, he had never told anyone just how much he hated Simon. “No I don’t.” He looked back at her and saw the expression on her face; she was not going to buy it. “Okay I do, but he pays well.”
“Michael, you can do better than that. You could get a job anywhere in this town as a driver. What hold has he got over you?”
“What makes you say that?”
Again Lea just looked at him through the mirror and waited.
Michael kept his eyes on the road. “You wouldn’t understand.”
It was time for Lea to see if her instincts had been right, time to find out if Michael was like Sheila or like the men from Il Divo. Find out what kind of a mess Simon had made of his brain. She answered back in her own language and when Michael answered back the same way she lunged at him, putting her arm around his neck, making sure it was tight enough for him to know she meant business. Again in her own language she told him to pull over. The car had swerved dangerously out of control.
Michael moved the car to the side of the road and stoped. Lea still had her arms around this throat, now Michael had his hands on her arm trying to release some of the pressure watching her in the mirror. Lea lent into so her breath was hot on his ear. Again in her own language she spoke. “What’s your real name Michael?”
She could feel him relax under her hold, his hands dropping to his side. “Menna, Menna Denuke.”
“You have both memories don’t you? You remember home?
Michael tried to nod but Lea’s hold on him prevented him from doing so. “Yes, Yes I do, now will you let go, please Miss Lea, I won’t hurt you.”
Lea looked at him through the mirror and saw a tear roll down his face. She released her grip and sat back in her seat and Michael turned to look at her. “How did you know? Who are you? How did you get here?”
Lea gave him a sweet smile hoping he would forgive her. “How do I know? Well that’s a little complicated, who I am….. David Miller is my brother.”
She saw the stunned then sad look in Michael’s eyes. “He doesn’t know does he? None of them do. I am so sorry Miss Lea. But how did you manage to follow him here. No one has come for anyone else. I don’t think they have.”
“Getting here was courtesy of Simon, I kind of stowed away or I would never have known where De’el had gone.”
‘De’el, you mean David.”
Lea smiled, held out her hand for Michael to shake. “Yes and I am Len’el. You better keep driving, Simon has a tracer on you and he will know if we have stopped for to long, that’s if he is watching and I am betting he is either watching me or Sheila”
Michael turned back to the steering wheel put the car in gear and began to drive. “Does that mean he as the car bugged?”
“Only one bugging this car is me Michael, we’re safe for now. I also have a bug in Simon’s office, want to hear.”
Michael just looked at her through the rear view mirror. “You’re not just a steward are you?”

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Chapter 30
Simon was livid, he knew that there was something not right with these girls but as yet he could not narrow it down. It seemed as though Sheila’s memories were still those that he had given her. No hint that she remembered anything else. Seemed that she was just happy having a new friend in her life and that her new friend was now with Urs and she was now with Sebastien. He expected that the romances would be good for publicity and when the time came he would milk them for all they were worth. But Lea still bothered him. She was not intimidated by him like others were and he knew she would give as good as she got if she felt she needed to. While he had been thinking he had been watching Lea and Michael. Sheila had gone shopping as he had predicted. Michael had stopped for a few moments but then again began to move. He was headed to the studio so Simon opened up the bug he had placed there. The sweet tones of Il Divo filtered through his office, he smiled, this had been his best plan yet. These lads would go further than anyone else. He closed his eyes and listened. The music stopped and he could hear Urs saying something about it being all wrong, the others agreed, Urs spoke up. “Guys this just doesn’t sound right, maybe if we tried a different language.”
Silence while they all thought. Sebastien had something to say. “I know this sounds crazy but I have been thinking it would sound better in Spanish.”
Immediately Carlos began to sing his part again but this time in Spanish, the others all smiled and came in on their own parts, also singing in Spanish. But not for long, David stopped, so they all stopped. Urs looked at him curiously. “What’s up David? Don’t like it?”
“Yeah, but that’s all the Spanish I know. I’m gonna need some help with the rest.”
The all laughed.
Sebastien smiled. “Time for a break while we learn a bit more Spanish Carlos.”
Urs checked his phone as they broke for a coffee; Lea had called a little while earlier all it said was “Outside when you’ve got time.”
Urs walked outside, smiled and waved as he saw Lea next to the car. But his smiled disappeared when he saw the look on her face. He hugged her. “What is the matter Lea? Such a serious look.” Before she could answer he realised that Sheila was not with her. He pushed her back a little so he could see her face. “Did something happen to Sheila. Oh God Sebastien!”
Before Urs could get himself into a full blown panic Lea reassured him that Sheila was alright. Urs was still looking at her with concern. “Then what is it?”
Lea called for Michael and he stepped out of the car. Urs nodded at Michael still not knowing what was going on. Lea could feel him tense up. He knew about Simon but could not say anything. She was hoping he would play his part.
Lea took a deep breath. “Urs, Michael is the one Simon sent to follow me.”
Urs went to lunge at Michael but Lea stopped him. “Urs! Urs! It’s okay we’ve had a talk” At the mention of their little talk Michael’s hand went to his neck and rubbed it, it was still a little tender.
Urs was still angry. “How can you say that, he could get you killed Lea.”
Michael spoke “No Urs, I would never harm Lea, Sheila or any of you.”
Lea pulled Urs’ attention back to her by squeezing his hands. “Urs. Michael is a double dipper.”
Now both men looked at her a little bemused.
She continued. “He’s like Sheila, both memories, He’s one of us.”
Both men looked at each other and Michael gave Urs a weak smile and held out his hand. “I’m sorry Nomis did this to you and your friends Urs, I truly am.”
The men shook hands but Urs looked back at Lea. “How?”
Lea smiled and shrugged her shoulders. “All I know is we now have someone else on our team. Urs, Michael is willing to help. He wants to go home.”
Again Urs nodded at Michael “Thank you my friend. But as you can imagine I am still finding this all very hard to digest. How did you cope when you started to get your own memories back?”
Michael shuddered a little which did nothing to help Urs’ feeling about being Lea’s guinea pig. “To be honest Urs, I thought my brain was going to shatter into a million pieces. At first I had no idea what was happening. I think it was at the point were I couldn’t take it any longer and decided to give up and let it consume me that it all fell into place. I stopped fighting, relaxed and just let it happen. All the memories seemed to find a place in my mind to settle. False and real side by side but somehow I knew which were which. It takes a little practice but you get used to it.”
Lea looked at Urs. “Do you think you can figure out a way to get Simon here tomorrow, I need to get into his office for the antidote.”
“But I thought you were going to wait until we had a break. I was going to get it for you. What changed your mind?”
“Just call it instinct and I learnt along time ago to listen to mine.”
Urs pulled her close and hugged her again. “I’ll find a way.”
Sebastien came to the exit of the studio and shouted at them.
“Urs put that woman down and come back to work.”
Urs waved at Sebastien. “Sebastien, you’re not jealous are you?”
“Of course I am. If I can’t play with my ice cream sundae then you don’t get to play with yours.”
This made them all laugh and smile, except for Michael; the joke was lost on him.
Lea kissed Urs one more time and whispered in his ear. “Don’t forget, Simon has the placed bugged.”
Urs cupped her face in his hands. “I know… I might be an alien but I did remember that little detail.”
She punched him gently in the chest as Sebastien called him again.
Watching him walk away she smiled at what he had said. It was the first time he had made a small joke about their situation. Maybe he was coming to grips with it. She certainly hoped so. Lea knew that things would start to get much more intense, even with Michael on board she was still worried about their plan, such as it was.
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STOLEN ( where did IL Divo come from)
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