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"We Came Here To Love".

"Timeless" New Il Divo CD released in August 2018.

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 STOLEN ( where did IL Divo come from)

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PostSubject: Chapter 31   Sun Aug 15, 2010 3:17 am

Chapter 31
Michael drove Lea back to Urs’ apartment then went to pick up Sheila and bring her back. The girls would wait for the men to come home that night as Lea wanted to keep searching the data base she had download for any other clues.
It had taken her a little while to calm Sheila down when she got home. “Lea I am not sure I am cut out for all this spy stuff. Simon had me really worried.”
Lea smiled at her friend “But you did brilliantly, really.”
“Well I think I will take a long hot bath before Sebastien gets home.” Sheila left to take her bath in Sebastien’s apartment.
Lea spent the afternoon working on the research and listening to Simon in his office. He had been on the phone a number of times to different people, all music industry business. Nothing that Lea could use. Simon had not talked to himself for quite a while so it was with a start that Lea remembered she was listening to him. “Okay all those minor details taken care of, time to see how the rest of the children are doing.”
Lea turned her full attention to Simon as he let himself into his other office. He was obviously listening to a few of his bugs. He made a quick check of Il Divo and Lea smiled as she heard their amazing voices, even filtered by the bugs they still sounded so angelic. She had to give it to Simon, when it came to picking talent he was uncanny. Il Divo were sublime. Simon moved on to listen to other people and all of a sudden Lea clasped her hands over her ears as a high pitch screech seared through to her brain. It was coming from her bug. The same thing happened in Simon’s office. He too had put his hands over his ears. They both knew what that meant.
Lea scrambled to turn her bug off, swearing at herself in her own language. “If he hasn’t found it yet it won’t be long.”
She could not risk turning it back on to see if he had found the one she had hidden but she was pretty sure he would.

Back in his office Simon searched, he too was cursing. One of the oldest tricks in the book and he had forgotten to use it. If you want to find a bug use a bug. Because of the frequency of the outgoing signal if you wanted to find out whether your office was bugged you just need to use a bug. He had obviously turned on the right bug to make it screech, it was close enough to the out going frequency to cause the trouble. Now all he had to do was find it. So by using the bug that had caused so much pain to his ears on a quieter volume he searched his office. When he did find it he smiled. Hidden in plain sight among other discarded bugs it looked so innocent. Picking it up Simon squeezed it hard in his hand before throwing it at the wall and spat Lea’s name out through his teeth. He looked around the office to find something else to throw and thought better of it taking himself back into the outer office. He was still mad, his eyes fell on the phone so he picked it up and threw it at the wall, it broke.
Simon sat behind his desk fuming, he was going to reach for the phone to tell Mary he needed another one and realised what he was doing. “Fine I’ll get one myself.”
Opening his office door he found Mary standing there with a new phone in her hands. Neither one said anything to the other. Mary handed the new phone to Simon and returned to her desk. Simon shut his door.
Once back at her desk Mary took a small note book from her top draw and made a small mark on the page. It looked like she had been counting something. “Well that makes 7 phones so far this month. Looks like Poly with win the tipping comp this month.”

Meanwhile Lea had sent a text to Urs telling him that Simon had found the bug and they needed to talk as soon as they got back. She also called Sheila but her phone was switched off, still enjoying her bath no doubt. Lea also called Michael.
“Hello Miss Lea, I am just on my way to pick your men up. Did you need a car? I can have Jeffrey come and get you?”
“No. no, Michael, Simon found my bug.” There was silence. “Michael did you hear me?”
“Yes Miss Lea, this is not a good development.”
“No it is not, I’ve sent Urs a text, he will know by the time you get there, you need to get them straight back here, no detours for any reason okay.”
“Okay no detours.”
No sooner had Michael hung up when his phone rang again, this time it was Simon.
“Michael where the hell are you?” Simon had no reason to ask, he already knew but to keep up the appearance he needed to.
Michael smiled now that he knew Simon had a tracer on him. “Off to pick your new group up from recording Simon, I’m about ten minutes out. Did you need something?”
“Where did you drop Lea off?”
“At the apartments but I am not sure if she is still there.” Well he did but he was not about to tell Simon that.
Without another word Simon hung up. He had been so angry he had forgotten to checks Sheila’s tracer. Where Sheila was, Lea most likely would have been. He stormed out of his office determined to have it out with Lea personally, something he normally did not do. But she had gotten under his skin and he needed to, he wanted to feel the bones in her neck snap when he broke it.

Realising what was about to unfold, Michael called Lea back and told her that Simon was on his way. He then accelerated needing to get to Urs and then get to Lea before Simon could do anything.
Michael tried to call Urs’ phone but it was switched off. They must still be recording. He cursed.
The road out to the recording studio was never very busy but Michael was breaking the speed limits and not just by a little. He had his foot pressed hard to the floor trying, pleading his car for everything it had. Coming into the parking lot of the studio he did a 90 degree slide bringing the car to a stop outside the door just as the four men from Il Divo came out. Urs was looking at his phone intently, then he put it too his ear to listen to the messages. The colour drained from his face, Michael’s and his eyes met as Michael opened the back door for David, Sebastien and Carlos. He nodded for Urs to get in the front seat.
No one had seen his little mauver as he arrived nor did they seem to think it strange that he had left the engine running. It was not until they had started to move that they realised Urs was in the front seat.
Urs and Michael had not exchanged words but they both knew how serious the situation could be, especially if Simon found Lea
David shoved Urs playfully on the shoulder. “Hey no fair Urs, I was supposed to ride shot gun tonight.”
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PostSubject: chapter 32   Sun Aug 15, 2010 10:39 pm

Chapter 32
It was Carlos that noticed that Michael seemed to be in somewhat of a hurry as he watched the scenery fly by outside the car. “Hey Michael do we have to be somewhere we don’t know about, you’re pushing the speed there a little bit aren’t you.”
Michael looked into the back seat; all three of them were now looking back at him. He smiled weakly. “Sorry, just zoned out there for a bit. Lea mentioned something about getting Urs home ASAP.” In his own ears the excuse sounded lame but it seemed to appease his back seat passengers. Once again David pushed Urs playfully as the others laughed. “Urs, you better make sure that girl doesn’t wear you out. A lunch time visit and now this.” David looked at Michael through the mirror. “Well Michael I guess you better make haste. Home James and don’t spare the horses.”
With that Michael increased his speed again. If David could have seen the look on Urs’ face he would have known something was wrong.
Michael and Urs looked at each other but said nothing, they didn’t have to.

The closer Simon got to the apartments the angrier he got. How could he have been out witted by this woman. He had stopped to think that he really had no idea who had planted the bug and that possibly others he knew were just as, if not more capable of planting the bug than Lea but every time he kept coming back to her. Who ever it had been had found his inner sanctum, had used technology that on earth was still science fiction. No it had to be her and even if it wasn’t he had to get rid of her, she was an unknown and he did not like that. He could not let anyone destroy his empire. He had conquered worm holes, he wanted to conquer worlds, this little adventure on earth was just a small experiment, he had much bigger plans for the universes, much bigger plans indeed and no one was going to get in his way.

Lea had tried Sheila’s phone a few more times without any luck so headed for Sebastien’s apartment and banged on the door.
Sheila had indeed enjoyed her bath, its warmth seeping into her, the stress of the day had warn her out and she had fallen asleep on the bed.
It took Lea three tries at the door for Sheila to realise that someone was knocking.
“I’m coming…..”
Lea shouted through the door. “Sheila it’s Lea open up will you.”
Sheila could hear the urgency in Lea’s voice, opening the door the look on her face only confirmed it. “My God Lea what’s the matter? Are the guys okay?”
Lea nodded. “They’re fine but Simon found the bug in his office.”
Sheila went pale. “LEA!!!!!!”
“Oh it gets better. He is on his way here; Michael confirmed that little piece of news.”
Sheila was mortified. “We have to get you out of here.” She paused for a moment. “But he couldn’t possibly know you planted the bug, how could he.”
“Somehow I don’t think that minor detail is going to stop him. He’s had his suspicions about me since day one, he doesn’t like me Sheila and we have seen what he can do to people he doesn’t like.”
“Then what do we do?”
“You need to get dressed for a start and I need to get back to Urs’ place and get rid of my paperwork, that’s all I need, Simon to see my findings, written in my own language strewn across the lounge room. I don’t plan on helping him figure this out.”
“Okay so what then?”
Lea smiled “Plan B”
“You have a plan B?”
Lea headed out the door. “Not yet.”
Lea knew as soon as she got back to Urs’ apartment that something was wrong. She had closed the door behind her when she left, hadn’t locked it but she knew she had closed it. Walking in she found Simon standing over the table looking at her work. He didn’t move when she came in just raised his head and waved the papers in his hands. “You, so it was you.” He went to move from behind the table so Lea moved as well making sure she could keep the table between her and Simon.
“What was me Simon?”
Simons anger boiled, his nostrils flared and his eyes turned to almost solid black with rage. “Don’t try and play the innocent with me missy. You’re not going to ruin my plans.”
Now it was Lea’s turn to get angry. “Your plans, plans that include kidnapping, murder, stealing people from their homes and messing with their heads. Some plan Nomis!”
Simon was shocked at hearing his real name. “Yes I know who you are Nomis, I know you, we don’t belong here, I know how many people you have stolen and I am going to take you back to make sure you pay for what you have done.”
Simon smiled an evil, deathly smiled. “Oh I don’t think so. I can tame worm holes; the likes of you will not stop me.”
Suddenly Simon jumped at Lea, she had not expected that and he caught her off guard. Before she knew it they were on the floor. If it had been anyone else Simon may have had the upper hand but all of Lea’s training sprang into action. She fought him off and scrambled to her feet. Simon caught hold of her ankle and pulled her back down but Lea managed to kick at him and get loose once again. Back on her feet she was heading for the door but Simon caught her by the shoulder and swung her around. Lea let fly with all she had and punched Simon in the stomach winding him. She brought both her hands down on the back of his neck and sent him careening to the floor. She had expected her hit to knock him out but it didn’t, he was still conscious but moving slowly. She bent down and was about to deliver another blow that would have surely done some damage when Simon swung his arm out and stabbed something in to her leg.
Lea fell back and pulled a needle from her flesh, she was beginning to feel very peculiar, her head was spinning, she couldn’t focus or move. Simon slowly got up and stood over the top of her. “I was so hoping you would be conscious when I killed you, but I guess this will have to do.”
Lea spoke but it was hard trying to push her words out. “What, what did you give me.”
Again Simon smiled that evil smile “Just something to knock you out my dear. Unfortunate you won’t feel a thing. Pity really, I was looking forward to seeing the horror in your eyes just before you died.”
Those where the last words Lea heard before she passed out.
Simon knelt down beside her and cupped his hands around her neck and began to squeeze. “You really have spoilt all my fun, you know that. But you did put up a good fight.”
Urs stopped at his door, it was unlocked and open just a little, this worried him. Sebastien was with him as he wanted to collect a CD that Urs had borrowed a few days earlier. They looked at each other and Urs opened the door slowly. The first thing they saw was the mess in the apartment. Sebastien thinking that Urs may have been robbed. What they both saw next horrified them. Simon over Lea with his hands around her neck and he was laughing.
Urs shouted at the top of his lungs, so loud that David and Carlos heard it down the hall and came running.
Sebastien and Urs had run at Simon and tackled him but he still had hold of Lea, she was like a rag doll in his hands. Urs was trying to pry his fingers open while Sebastien was trying to pull him away from Lea.
This is what David saw, he was mortified and all he could see was Simon trying to kill Lea. He thundered towards Simon shouting his same. David delivered such a powerful punch to Simon’s jaw it lifted him off the ground and sent him flying backward. Sebastien fell one way and Urs fell the other, Lea’s head hit the ground as Simon released his grip. He was unconscious by the time he hit the floor but David kept coming and deliver one more punch to make sure.
Urs scrambled to Lea’s side, pulling her towards himself, she was limp, he brushed the hair from her face and began to rock her. Carlos was by her side; David reached down to check her pulse.
“She’s alive Urs, but barely. We need to get her to a hospital.” He looked at Urs. “What the hell happened here?”
Just then Sheila walked in, saw what had happened and screamed. “LEN”EL!!!!!!”
Sebastien ran to her side.
Urs looked at David through his tears. “Call Michael, he’s downstairs.”
David got his phone out and began to dial. “How do you know that?”
“Damn it!!!! David just call him, She can’t die, not now.”
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PostSubject: chapter 33   Tue Aug 17, 2010 6:08 am

Chapter 33
Michael was scrambling out of the car before the phone call finished, Jeffrey hot on his heals. The two chauffers had struck up a conversation while they waited for their passengers. Jeffrey had driven Simon to the apartments. As Michael ran for the front door he told Jeffrey to call the police. He pushed the button for the lift but couldn’t wait. He took the stairs two at a time and by the time he got to the Divo floor he was not even breathing heavy. He burst into the apartment and straight to Lea’s side. In a single motion he bent down, scooped her out of Urs’ arms and began to walk towards the door, Urs following with Sebastien and a sobbing Sheila behind him.
David shouted. “Urs what the hell happened!!!”
“Not now David!!! I’ll explain later.” And they were gone, leaving David and Carlos standing over Simon. A very confused Carlos and one very angry David. He looked down at Simon. “Why the hell would Simon do something like this?”
The others met Jeffrey at the lift, He was a little shocked at the site of Lea in Michaels arms.
Michael gave him some instructions as they got into the lift. “Stay with the others until the police get here then get them to the hospital.”
“You going to General?” Jeffery saw Michael nodded his head as the doors closed.
As he sat in the car with Lea in his arms Urs wondered just how he was going to explain anything.

Urs, Sebastien, Sheila and Michael were in a small waiting room just off the emergency ward. Sheila had stopped crying but was still shaking and Sebastien had not let go of her, gently rocking her in the hopes that it would help. Urs was pacing and Michael was trying to calm the rage he could feel building inside. “He had never expected Simon to try and kill Lea, not personally. In the past he had always had someone else do the job. He had been worried that somehow he may have been able to erase her memories but kill her. Until she woke up he would not know if Simon had succeeded in changing her memories, he was praying that he had not or explaining all this to the others was going to be even harder.
They could tell by the look on his face as he walked in that David was furious. He was having a hard time understanding why he was so overly full of rage. Yes Lea had been hurt but the feelings that had welled up inside him when he had seen Simon trying to choke her had been explosive. Somewhere in his subconscious he knew that Urs knew the reason.
David had Urs pinned up against the wall before anyone could stop him. Carlos, Sebastien and Michael raced to pull him off. Michael succeeded but David squirmed in his hold, glaring at Urs. “You better have a damn good explanation for why Simon wanted to hurt Squizzy Urs. I mean a damn good one or so help me.” He tried to reach Urs but Michael held on tight.
Carlos and Sebastien could not understand David’s reasoning and Sebastien voiced their concern “David, why would Urs know why Simon did this, how could he know? I don’t know why Simon did this. Why do you think he knows?”
David glared back at his friend, he heard the words come out of this mouth and they seemed to hit him right in the stomach. “How the hell should I know, I just know he does.”
Michael felt David relax under his grip but was not about to let go, not just yet.
David looked from one Divo to the other. Carlos came up to him. “David that does not make sense.”
David knew it didn’t he looked at Urs. “I’m sorry Urs, I have no idea what came over me.”
Michael let him go. “Sorry, I really don’t know why I feel so angry. I swear I could have torn Simon’s head off.”
It was not Urs who answered but Sheila. She stood, wiping the tears from her eyes. “I do.”
Urs shot an alarmed look her way, surely she was not about to tell them. “Sheila, please.” He shook his head but the others all kept their eyes on her. Her voice was covered in sadness and grief. She looked David straight in the eyes. “She’s your sister David.”
The room fell into silence, Urs sat down, putting his head in his hands and the others just looked from one to the other. David just stared back at Sheila. “What?”
Sheila went to repeat herself. “She’s your….”
“I know what you said. I don’t have a sister, never have.”
They all saw the tears start to roll down her face and Michael was about to try and explain to David what he knew but the doctor walked in.
He could feel the tension in the room, not something he liked especially with the news he was about to deliver. “Excuse me; are you here with Lea Alva?”
They all nodded and Urs got up and walked towards him. “Is she okay doctor?”
“She’s very lucky, a bit more pressure applied to her throat and her wind pipe would have been crushed.”
Ur was eager to hear the doctor tell them she was going to be alright. “So she will be okay then?”
They all saw the change filter cross his face. Michael stepped in. “Spit it out Doc, what’s got you so concerned?”
“She was given some kind of sedative, it probably saved her life but we cannot seem to neutralise it. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Nothing we have has been able to flush it out of her system.
Again it was Urs who spoke. “So what does that mean? You can’t help her?”
The doctor sighed a little. “We will just have to wait for the chemicals to make their own way out of her body.” He raised his hands to stop anyone from interrupting. “Before you ask, I have no idea how long that will take. Like I said we have never seen anything like this. We have her on oxygen to help her breath.”
Urs didn’t care, he wanted to see her. “Doctor can we see her please, we need to see her, I need to see her.”
The doctor looked around the room, he knew there was no point in denying them access, nor had he told them that he was worried that if the sedative did not leave her body it might be the very thing that killed her, slowing down her systems to a point where they shut down. It may have saved her life but it could also be her death warrant. He nodded his head. “Follow me.”
The small group followed him down the hall in silence, the fact that they passed under a sign that said ‘ICU’ registered with every single one of them. They entered a private room to find Lea attached to a few monitors with IV’s running into her arms.
“Not long. I will be back in a little while.” The doctor left them in silence; they all placed themselves around her bed. David and Urs had gone to the top of the bed on either side and Sheila had placed herself next to the IV stand, she wanted to get a look at what they were giving her. Sebastien and Carlos stood at the foot of the bed and Michael stepped back a little making sure he was close enough to David to stop him if he flew into another rage.
Urs bent down and kissed her and David took hold of her hand, also bending down to kiss her. “Squizzy, what the hell did you do this time?”
Urs looked over to David with tears starting to fall down his face. “She’ll be okay David, she’s a tough one.”
David was still looking at Lea when he answered. “I know, she always has been.”
Urs gave David a look of shock, David was still looking down at Lea, Carlos and Sebastien looked at each other not sure what he meant and Sheila and Michael looked at each other wondering if he really knew what he had said.
Michael stepped forward.” How do you know David?”
David looked at Michael a little confused. “How do I know what?”
“How do you know she had always been a tough one? You said it like you have known her all your life.”
“I didn’t say that.” He looked to the others. “But she is tough; I mean she’s looking for her…” He stopped and looked at Sheila. “She’s looking for her brother. You said she’s my sister Sheila, why would you say that…”
They could all see that David was getting upset again and Sheila was starting to shake at the prospect of having to try and explain it all to him when they all heard Lea groan. Both Urs and David took hold of her hands again.
Sheila went to adjust the IV drip which sent them all into a panic. All except Michael. David had gone to stop her when Michael got hold of his arm. “I think she knows what she is doing. Better let her finish.”
Sheila smiled her thanks to Michael. As she adjusted the IV Lea groaned again, coughed, groaned and opened her eyes. Her voice was raspy when she tried to speak and it hurt. She looked into Urs’ sad, hurt, frightened eyes and squeezed his hand. “Hey”
He smiled at her and bent over to give her a kiss. “Hey yourself.”
She looked over at David and squeezed his hand. “Hey big brother.”
At her words David looked from Urs to Sheila and back to Lea. “You really mean that don’t you, you really mean I am your big brother. I don’t, I cant, I don’t have a sister.” David backed away from the bed as Lea began to cry and looked at Sheila who was also crying
“I’m sorry Len’el but they were fighting and I told him who you are.”
Sebastien’s ears pricked up. “Sheila you called her that at the apartment, why?”
It was Lea who answered through another cough. “Because it is my real name.”
She looked around the room. “Where’s Simon?”
Urs squeezed her hand again.” Don’t worry about him the police have him.”
Lea smiled weakly, “No Urs, you have to take them.” She coughed again “You have to take them to his office, they might understand, David might understand.”
David came back to the side of the bed just as the doctor walked back in. “I might understand what Squiz?”
The doctor was amazed to see that Lea was awake; he checked her vital signs before he spoke. He was a little concerned at the speed of her pulse but if he had checked the others he would have found the same. He would have no idea that the atmosphere on Earth was just ever so slightly different that this was one of the side effects. “Okay this lady needs to get some rest, there are a couple of police officers at the nurses station want to talk to you so seems like a good time to leave.” The doctor looked at Urs. “Yes young man you can come back later.”
Urs smiled. “Thanks Doctor.” He looked down at Lea but she had drifted back off to sleep. He bent down to kiss her. “I love you.”
They left to go in search of the police leaving the doctor to check over Lea. When he got to her IV he was astounded. Someone had opened it up all the way. A mauver like that would normally have killed a person. He looked to the door and wondered what her friends knew that he did not.
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PostSubject: chapter 34   Sun Aug 22, 2010 7:48 am

Chapter 34
It had taken a while for the police to get all their statements but once that was over Michael drove them to Simon’s office. There had been a few arguments from Sebastien, Carlos and David. Wanting to know why they had to go. They all wanted to get back to the hospital to make sure Lea was okay. While this was going on Sheila just sat herself in the car waiting.
Urs finally convinced them it was the best thing to do and the sooner they left the sooner they would get back. They all realised that they were stopping Urs from seeing Lea as well.
They rode to Simon’s office in silence. David brooding the whole way, not wanting to make eye contact with the others he stared out the window. He had a sinking feeling that whatever they were going to show him was going to be far bigger than he could imagine.
Sheila had tried to talk to him but he had refused to listen so now she was nestled under Sebastien’s arm.

Once at the office Sheila had expected to see Mary but she was not around. They walked down the hall and into Simon’s office. David stood defiant, with his hands in his pockets. “Okay We’re here, what’s the big deal, what will I understand here better than at the hospital?”
Sheila walked behind Simon’s desk and pushed the button that opened the secret office. The four men from Il Divo stood stunned, even Urs. He had heard Lea’s description of this room but it paled into comparison of the real thing.
For all his arguing and brooding David was the first to step into Simon’s inner sanctum. With his earth memories he was a tech head but even back home as De’el he had been into all things new and innovative. He just walked around the room looking at all the equipment. The symbols and script did not mean anything to him but he knew he was looking at technology that was way ahead of anything else he had seen.
Urs stood at the door, the others followed with Michael and Sheila coming in last. Sheila wondered if she could get the computer up and running. She had seen Lea do it but was not paying particular attention to it. David turned to Urs. “What is all this Urs? What does it have to do with Lea?”
“It has to do with all of us David. You, Me, Sebastien and Carlos.”
“And me.” Sheila put up her hand. No sooner had she done that when Michael did the same.
Urs continued. “We don’t belong here David, none of us do. Lea was trying to find a way to get us back.”
David was getting agitated. “Get us back, back from where? Urs you’re not making any sense.”
Sheila took hold of Urs’ arm. “Let me try and explain.”
“Well I wish someone would explain.” David was still fuming.
Sebastien spoke up “David I think you should let her talk she maybe able to explain these.”
They all watched as Sebastien pulled some papers out of his pocket and unfolded them. He had picked some of Lea’s work up at Urs’ apartment. David took the papers and turned to Sheila. “Do you want to explain these?”
For the next ten minutes Sheila tried her best to explain everything to a very stunned audience. Urs had come to stand next to her, shoulder to shoulder giving her encouragement. As she finished the room was silent and uncomfortable, all eyes on her and Urs. Sheila went to the computer station hoping she could get it to work. Working with a few of the sensors she managed to pull up the tracker screen along with Il Divo’s profile in their own language as well as in English. While the men from Il Divo were looking over the computer screen Michael was searching the room for the antidote. He and Lea had disgust the antidote and Michael had volunteered to take it rather than Urs. He found the compartment that she had described but inside there were several different bottles and vials as well as an injection gun.

Carlos had sat down, he was so overwhelmed. “But I don’t have memories like you say Sheila, all I remember is here. You say you have both lives in your head?”
Sheila nodded and came to kneel next to him. “Yes I do Carlos. I’m sorry this is so much for you all to take on board. Lea didn’t want to do this until she was sure. It has been so hard for her being so close to David without being able to tell him.”
David had sunk to the floor with his back against the computer panel, still holding the papers Sebastien had found. Urs went to sit next to him. “I’m sorry David. It was a shock when she told me. I’m still trying to get my head around all of it.”
“Why did she tell you and not me if I am her brother?”
“She slipped up and called me by my real name and I confronted her about it.”
“Why didn’t you say something Urs?”
“Tell you what. David. That you are an alien, that all you think you know is a lie, that up until Simon threw us together I don’t think we had ever met. That we came through a wormhole from a universe so far away from here we may never get back home. David, I am still trying to understand all this.”
The others had all been listening to Urs, still in shock. Sheila knelt down in front of David. “I’m sorry David. It was not supposed to happen like this.”
David just shook his head, he had no words, he tried hard to see if he could remember anything other than his earth memories but there was nothing. Urs had been watching him and saw the look on his face and he realised that David had remembered something. “What is it David? What are you remembering?”
David looked at Urs and then to the others. “My dreams, about singing in another place, other people, their eyes. My dreams Urs, they are real aren’t they?”
Urs smiled knowingly. “So you have had dreams as well.”
The two men looked at each other then Sebastien coughed. “I have had those dreams as well.”
Carlos stepped forward. “I to have had these dreams. But you say they are not dreams.”
Michael spoke for the first time since finding the antidote. “Seems like your own memories are trying to get out.” He sighed. “Think we should get back to the hospital.”
Urs stood u p. “No, I have to find something for Lea.”
Michael opened his hands and showed Urs the antidote. “You mean these?”
Urs looked at the antidotes and then back at Michael who answered his questioning stare “Lea told me. She was worried about you taking it so I volunteered.”
Urs was horrified. “But Michael, you have your memories, we have no idea how this stuff works you could loose everything.”
Michael smiled looked at Urs. “And so could you.”
The others came to stand with them; David wanted to know what they were talking about. “What are you going to take Urs? What the hell are you two talking about?”
Urs explained about the antidote and the others all tried to tell him he was crazy.

While the four Divos where arguing amongst themselves Michael had removed himself from the room and was sitting at Simon’s desk with the vials set out in front of him. He had a choice to make, which chemical to send through his body. If it did not work then maybe the others would stand a chance. One less to figure out.
Sheila looked around the room as the three men tried to reason with Urs. “Michael?”
She said his name again “Michael…where’s Michael?” Her words stopped the others and they looked from Sheila to the open door. Sheila was walking back out of the inner sanctum and got to Simon’s desk just in time to see Michael shoot the chemicals into his arm with the gun. She screamed his name out. “MICHAEL!!!!!!!”

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Chapter 35
Michael looked at Sheila just before the pain went searing through his head and he screamed and fell from the chair to the floor. He held his head in his hands and curdled up. His brain exploded in a volcano of colour and sound the likes of which he had never had to contemplate before. Sheila knelt down beside him trying to hold him but he was writhing around too much. Urs, David, Sebastien and Carlos had run out after Sheila and where shocked at what they saw. Without speaking all four of them went to get hold of Michael to try and steady him so that he did not hurt himself.
Sheila was crying as the others held onto him. “I don’t understand, if he has both memories what was he trying to do? I thought the antidote was supposed to bring back your real memories.”
“I think the plan was to try and wipe out his earth memories. If that works I think it is supposed to mean that our own memories should take their place.” Urs looked to Sheila and then to his friends. “If Michael looses his earth memories we will have a lot of explaining to do.”
Michael began to calm down as David spoke. “Urs, he’s going to come round and not know what the hell happened or who the hell we are. How do we explain that?”
Urs just looked at David; he had no answers for him. He did not know what Lea and Michael had discussed or why he would volunteer knowing he may not remember anything.
Michael had stopped moving and looked like he was sleeping so Sheila went to cradle him in her arms. When he woke up she wanted him to feel safe. The others stood back, watching and waiting, not knowing what to do. This was not sitting well with David. He was still trying to come to terms with the fact that he had a sister and he was an alien by Earth standards. He went back into the other office and began to try and quantify what he was seeing, try to understand what all this was about. He touched sensors in a random fashion and purely by chance opened a file about Alva and managed to convert the language to English. The file was full of photos and information about Alva the planet and Alva the major City. David was a little surprised to see his real name pop up more than once. Apparently his other self was doing all right career wise. There was even a picture of him, as the image stared at him from the computer screen, David stared back at it. He could not believe that was what he looked like, what he really looked like. His skin was the colour of a tropical sunset, almost a burnt orange and his eyes, Urs had been right almost cat like. It was as if he was looking at a whole other person.
Urs came to see what he was doing and just stood next to David looking at the screen. If this is what David looked like then the rest of them must have looked similar. Urs was going to ask David if he could find his file when they heard a groan from the other room. Carlos shouted for them. “Guys he’s waking up. You better get out here.”
Urs and David returned to see Michael sit up with Sheilas help. The first words he spoke where in his native tongue. A bit of a shock to the men from Il Divo, they had not factored in that they would not be able to understand Michael. Sheila smiled at him and thankfully was able to speak to him.
The members of Il Divo just had to wait. As Sheila spoke to Michael he nodded and shook his head a few times. Sheila had tears in her eyes again as she turned back to them. “He has no idea where he is. I think he has lost everything.”
Urs stepped forward. “Ask him what is the last thing he remembers”
Sheila turned back to Michael and asked him. He closed his eyes as he tried to remember. His eyes shot open and he began to talk very fast.
Sebastien was a little concerned for Sheila as Michael became very animated. “Sheila what is it, why is he so upset?”
Sheila turned to them again. “He’s a pilot and a technology analyst, the last thing he remembers his having an argument with Nomis, with Simon about what he was transporting on his shuttle. Guys that was over 6 year ago.”
David knelt down next to Sheila. “Can you give him the quick version of events and then ask him if he understands any of the equipment in the other room.”
Sheila went on to tell Michael what he needed to know while the others looked on. Michael looked from her to them every now and then; they could see the bewilderment in his eyes. They knew that she had asked him about the other room as he went to stand but he was a little unsteady on his feet and all four Divos went to help him. He thanked them and Sheila translated.
Michael stood at the entrance to the other office and let his eyes travel around the room. It seemed that although he had gotten both memories to work side by side, Simon had tried to completely wipe his own, not just suppress them. As Michael he had no idea that he had such knowledge of computers. He walked round the room touching sensors and dialling in codes making the whole room come to life. The walls were covered with information, the others looked on silent, all Sheila could say was “Oh My.”
Michael stood back looking at everything playing with sensors making the information on the computer screens change, as he did the frown on his face got deeper and deeper. The others just looked on; Sheila tried to read some of the information but Michael was moving it too fast. Sebastien came to put his hand on her shoulder. “Cherie, do you understand any of this?”
“He’s going to fast. I understand the language but not the meaning of some of this stuff.” She spoke to Michael in their own language and he responded by slowing down what he was doing and bringing up the English translation next to the other language. This made all the others step closer to the screens as if this would make understanding it easier. The science meant nothing to them but there was other information that chilled them to the bone. Michael as well as all the others looked at Sheila as they read. Sheila put her hand to her mouth to stifle a cry, the pain and anguish apparent in her eyes and she began to shake. Sebastien pulled her close and she buried her face in his chest. Simon had wiped out her entire family. Once he thought that his experiments had worked on Sheila as well as some of her other colleagues, Simon had decided that success may lie in the genetic make up of the particular person and had kidnapped whole families.
Sheila held onto Sebastien as she grieved for the family she thought had been waiting for her all this time but had been killed even before she had left her home world. Simon had killed her two brothers, her younger sister and her parents. All gone. There was no one left at home to go back too. Sheila felt so very alone, her legs gave way and she sank to the floor, Sebastien holding her as she did, he cradled her and rocked her. The other Divo’s came to sit beside them giving Sebastien looks of concern but saying nothing. They wondered how many more tragedies this nightmare they were living would unfold.

Michael had continued to check the files, his own story not unlike Sheila’s but he had only lost his brother. They had been orphaned when their parents has been killed in a transport accident when they were younger. In a way Michael was grateful he only had the one brother. He shuddered to think what Simon would have done, how many family members he would have killed. Like Sheila, Michael had lost the only family he had and like Il Divo he was also trying to come to terms with his unique situation. By following the files he knew that everything Sheila had told him was real, too real, too overwhelming. His sorrow turned to rage and he slammed his hands on the console making the others jump. Simon had to pay for what he had done, somehow he had to pay. Michael verbalised his anger and from her shelter under Sebastien’s protective arms Sheila translated.

It was Urs’ turn to be sitting at Simon’s desks looking at the antidote. He ran his fingers over several of the vials, wondering what would happen if he took one. He only had the memories that Simon had given him, would he end up like Michael and only have one set of memories and the wrong one? He was holding a vial in one hand and the injection gun in the other when David shouted at him and grabbed them both off him. “Urs no!!!!! No one else is going to be taking anything until we find more out about this stuff.” He shook the vial at Urs.
Urs looked to David with such sad eyes, David wondered if he would get through the trauma. David had no idea if he could get through but Urs seemed so much more lost than the rest of them. Maybe it was because he had known for longer, maybe it was because he had found Lea and was afraid to loose her. But then again Sebastien had found Sheila and they seemed to be doing a little better.
David sighed; his voice was kind and consoling. “Urs, we’ll figure this out. That little sister of mine seems to have a good head on her shoulders.” He tried to smile and lighten the mood.
Urs lowered his head. “Who are we David?”
David did not answer his question. “How about we head back to the hospital and see how Lea is doing?”
Without a word Urs headed for the door, he never looked back; he did not want to see the inner office, a tear rolled down his face as he tried to come to terms with his life. But was it his life.

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Chapter 36
Lea was sleeping as the men from Il Divo returned to her hospital room. Sheila had taken Michael back to Sebastien’s apartment in the hopes that she could help him understand what had happened.

Urs stood next to Lea’s bed holding her hand as the others gathered around in silence. She moaned a little and opened her eyes, and gave Urs a weak smile. “Hey again” Her voice was still raspy and would be for some time.”
Urs squeezed her hand before bending down to give her a gentle, tender kiss. “Hey. How do you feel?”
She smiled again and looked around the room resting her eyes on David. He looked pale and drawn; as she looked at the others she noticed they all seemed to have the same look. Lea looked back at David and held up her other hand for him to take. He moved around the bed so that he could and as Urs had done bent down to give her a kiss. His eyes glistened with the beginning of tears but Lea spoke first. “I guess you know the truth now?” She squeezed his hand again.
“Squizzy, Yes we do but.” He lowered his head and his tears did fall.
“It’s so hard for you all I know. I am so sorry I couldn’t tell you sooner.”
It was then that Lea realised that Sheila was not with them. “Where’s Sheila? Is she okay?”
David looked to Urs and Lea questioned him “What is it Urs, what is wrong?”
“It’s Michael, He took the antidote.” Lea stared at him waiting for him to finish. “He’s lost his memory, he’s lost the one Simon gave him, he can’t speak English, Sheila is with him.”
Lea closed her eyes, she felt so guilty, it had been her idea. She had hoped that the antidote would have done exactly what it did. Letting her know that the memories that Simon had given Michael would be the ones to be erased. That way, maybe it would be safe for the others to take. But how did she tell them that this had been their plan all along? This thought was pushed to the back of her mind by something that was more pressing. She coughed a little before she spoke. “Simon is here.”
Her statement brought them all to attention and David could feel his anger rising. “What do you mean? He’s here, where, why?”
“He’s on the fourth floor. The police came to see me. Seems David really did a number on him. He’s in a bad way.”
David was very credulous. “Well he deserved it. Why, what did I do?”
Lea coughed again before she spoke. “Busted ribs, busted arm, busted eye socket, very bad concussion.” She could see that they were all worried. “It’s okay; they have him under police guard. Also seems that some of his other activities have not gone unnoticed by the police either.”
Lea coughed but this time it was more violent and it hurt. Urs cringed as the pain shot across her face. Lea held her neck, waiting for the coughing to stop and asked Urs for some water.
Sebastien's heart broke at the sight of her pain but he was more worried about Simon. “Are you sure you are safe while Simon is here Cherie?”
Lea smiled a little, but they had all seen that smile before, it was the smile that meant she was up to something. Urs and David looked at each other and then back to Lea. They both said “No” together and Urs continued. “No. Lea you stay right where you are until the doctor gives you the okay to leave you hear me?”
She smiled but again before she could say anything David started on her. “We mean it Squizz. Just because you don’t have any tubes sticking out of you doesn’t mean you can just walk out.”
Lea opened her mouth to say something but this time Carlos spoke up. “Please little one.”
Lea sighed and rolled her eyes. “Okay, okay, I get it, stay in bed.” Her answer seemed to make then all happy except for Sebastien. His question had not been answered. “So will you be safe Cherie.”
Lea could not help but feel over whelming affection for Sebastien, He was so sensitive, so very caring. “Well why don’t you guys pay him a visit and put your minds at rest.”
It seemed like a good idea so the four men headed for the fourth floor. Urs brooded the whole time they had been in the lift and once on the fourth floor he stopped just as they got off. The others had walked a few paces but came back when they noticed he had not followed. Urs looked at David and it was as if a light bulb went on in David’s head. He shook his head. “Urs she wouldn’t…”
The two men looked at each other while Carlos and Sebastien looked on not knowing what was going on.
Urs sighed and hit the button to retrieve the lift. “Yes she would.”
“Would one of you please tell me what you are talking about?” Sebastien had put himself in front of the lift door so they would not be able to leave.
Urs explained. “Lea, she didn’t send us up here to look in on Simon. She sent us up here so she could escape.”
Carlos was beside himself “Escape. You mean she is leaving the hospital?”
David nodded as the lift doors opened and Urs pushed Sebastien inside. As they reached Lea’s floor they all ran down the hallway to her room, Urs flying through the door to see Lea putting on her shoes.
“I thought I would have at least made it to the lobby before you figured it out.”
Urs was not impressed. “Not funny.”
She could see the others were about to launch into yet another barrage of reasons why she should stay at the hospital but she managed to beat them all to it. “Never going to happen guys, I’m not staying. My throat is a bit sore is all; even the doctor says I am free to go.”
She knew they did not believe her, It really did not matter she was leaving and they knew it. Lea got off the bed and planted her feet a little harder on the floor than she needed to just to make her point. “Well are you coming or are you just going to stand there with goofy looks on your faces?” With that she left the room and left Il Divo wondering what happened. As they caught up to her David patted Urs on the back. “You sure you know what you have gotten into with her?”
Urs smiled, he knew very well what he had gotten into with Lea, her zeal and passion flowed through every aspect of her life. His legs got a little weak as he remembered one of the ways she had shown him her passion and zeal.
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Chapter 37
Jeffrey had driven Sheila and Michael back to the apartments with strict instructions to go back to the hospital and wait for the others. She had not expected Lea to be with them. The two girls hugged.
Sheila’s voice was a little shaky. “I was so worried about you. Should you be out of hospital?”
Before Lea could answer the men from Il Divo all shouted “NO!!!” together. Lea gave them all that little girl look that could melt glaciers as she walked up to Urs and whispered something in his ear that made him turn red.
They all laughed and David let out a whistle. “Hey Squizz. I know we are a different colour at home but I don’t think that is it. What did you say to him?”
Urs jumped in, he did not want her to tell anyone. “Never you mind David.”
Again they all laughed but it was cut short by Michael standing in the doorway to the lounge room. He was holding himself up, looking pale and as if he was about to collapse. Sheila rushed to his side followed by Urs and Sebastien who guided him to the sofa. He spoke to Sheila who translated as Lea sat down beside him. “He says he does not feel too good. His head hurts, says it feels like someone is trying to squeeze his brain out the top of his skull. And his vision is all blurry.”
Even though she could have asked herself Lea took hold of his hand. “Sheila, tell him I am sorry.”
Sheila did and Michael turned to look at Lea through squinted eyes, he squeezed her hand. “Lea?”
They were all surprised that he used her earth name. “Yes Michael it is me.”
Again Sheila translated.
What happened next shocked them all. Michael began to ask how she was but he used both his own language and English. Sheila was trying to translate when Michael’s hands shot to the side of his head and he screamed in absolute agony before slipping to the floor, curling up and banging his head on the floor the pain was so intense. David quickly knelt beside him, holding him so he would not hit the floor. Urs knelt at the other side trying to stop Michael from moving too much. With in seconds all four Divos were at his side trying to hold him down. Michael was screaming and only stopped screaming to take a breath so he could scream some more. Sheila held onto Lea, glad that this had not happened while she had been alone with him; she would never have been able to help him.
Suddenly it was as if Michael’s body could take no more, he went limp. The four Divos held on for a few moments to make sure he was not going to move and then each one let go.
Lea spoke up. “Do you think you could get him to the bed?”
Without a word the four men carried Michael into the bedroom. Sheila had gone to get a damp cloth and sat beside him washing it over his face.
Urs went to stand next to Lea. “What was that all about? Do you think he will be okay?”
Lea shook her head. “I have no idea, we need answers. I need answers. I need to talk to Simon.”
They all looked at her and David came to stand with Urs. “Squizzy, can’t you find the answers back in Simon’s office, they have to be there.”
“I know but that will take time David.” She looked over to Michael. “I have to help him.” She looked back at David. “I have to help you.”
Urs put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her a little closer and David kissed her on the top of the head, Smiling he said. “We’ll figure this out Squiz.”
Just then Michael began to stir and they all waited for him to come around. Instinctively Sheila spoke in their own language and that is how Michael answered. He tried to sit up but thought better of it as his head was still spinning. He looked over to Lea who was still nestled under Urs’ arm. “I am sorry I frightened you Lea.”
Sheila let out a little gasp and Michael looked at her frowning just a little. “What is it Sheila?”
Lea answered for the, “You spoke English Michael. What do you remember?”
There was silence in the room no one dared utter a word until Michael spoke. He had a smile on his face. “Everything. I remember everything just like before but different.”
Lea was a little concerned. “How is it different?”
Michael struggled to put what he could feel into words. “Before it was like my life here was at the front, was the biggest and brightest but now they feel the same. I can tap into either life, everything is there.” Then Michael frowned. “Something, something is missing.” Again they all waited, letting him search his mind. He looked from Sheila to Il Divo and then to Lea. “My earth life, I can only remember from when I got here. The things I have done as Michael, there are no childhood memories. All that is gone, everything that Simon implanted is gone.”
Lea was still worried. “How do you feel?”
“Like I have been hit with a ten tonne truck but okay.”
Sebastien’s head was beginning to hurt with everything that had happened. “But Michael, if you lost all the memories that Simon gave you how can you be speaking English. Didn’t he give you all that as well?”
Michael just shrugged his shoulders. He had no idea and didn’t care. He stood up and went to hug Lea. “Thank you. I know you had no idea what was going to happen but I am glad that we tried. But I am not sure what will happen if the others try and I am not sure if I want anyone else going through all that pain.”
Lea smiled. “That’s why I need to go and talk to Simon.”
Urs squeezed her. “That’s why we are all going to have a talk to Simon.”

While driving back to the hospital it was decided that they would need to split up. Having seven people want to walk into a patient’s room may look a little conspicuous. It was decided that David would not even enter the fourth floor considering he was the one who had put Simon in there in the first place. The police may think he was back to finish the job. Carlos and Sebastien were to entertain the nurses at the front desk and Sheila was to entertain the police guard outside Simon’s room. Lea was hoping that the police officer would let her in to see Simon, her being the victim. She would spin a story about needing to make sure he was really in the hospital. They were all surprised at how well the plan was working, even to the point were the police officer allowed Michael and Urs to accompany Lea just in case. They all subconsciously took a deep breath before going into Simon’s room.
Lea stood looking down at him, his face was a mess. She was amazed at how much damage David had done. It would have taken a lot of rage and passion, in a weird sort of way it warmed her heart to know that her brother was still inside David somewhere, and had come to her rescue.
They waited in silence for Simon to wake up. He must have sensed their presence as he began to wake. He opened his eyes the best he could and looked around the room. Lea smiled when their eyes connected. “Remember me?”
Simon just stared back at her; Lea turned and took something off Urs. When she turned back to Simon she was holding up the vials from his office. “I want to know how these work.”
Simon let out an evil laugh but then began to cough. He was not about to tell her anything. Then Lea lent in and whispered to him. “Its’ over Nomis, one way or the other you are going to pay. Whether it is here or back home I promise, you will pay.”
She could see the evil in his eyes and hear the hate in his voice. “You’ll never get back home, you’ll never get me back there, never. You don’t know how.”
Michael stepped a little closer to the bed. “But I do Nomis and I remember.”
If it was possible the evil grew as Simon stared at Michael. “How?”
Michael took one of the vials from Lea. “Your little experiment didn’t quite take Nomis, I have had both my memories from almost the beginning and with Lea’s help I’ve fixed your screw up. So you see I can fly them home. I can fly us all home. I am sure there are a few people with more than a few questions for you.”
Simons rage over took him and he lunged at Michael, making both he and Lea jump back. But all it did was send the pain ripping through his body and the monitors began to beep rapidly.
Lea swore in her own language and Michael smiled. “Such language from a lady.”
“Those damn monitors will bring the nurse in here.” No sooner had Lea spoken when several nurse ran into the room. They checked the monitors and then Simon and then asked Urs, Lea and Michael to leave.
Lea was not happy; she did not have the answers she came for. But as they were about to leave Simon said something and pointed to one of the vials. “That will fix everything.” Lea looked at the vial. It was not the one that Michael had used. The three of them walked out of the room in silence and joined Sheila, Carlos and Sebastien in the hallway. They did not speak until they had moved away from the police guard.
Sebastien was first. “So Cherie did you get your answers?”
Lea shook her head and Urs rested his hands on her shoulders as he stood behind her. “I don’t think he was going to tell us anything.”
Urs spoke. “But he told you that the vial would fix everything.”
Lea turned to look at Urs. “Simon is a vindictive, evil person Urs; there is no way he was going to offer that kind of information up freely. He’s up to something. I am guessing that this little vial does something rather nasty. Have you forgotten how Simon fixes things?”
Her words made them all shudder.
Michael approached Lea. “I have an idea as to how we can find out but you can’t ask me any questions.”
Lea opened her mouth to do just that when Michael waved his finger at her. “No questions. Let me have the vial.”
Reluctantly she gave him the vial. “Now I want you all to head out like we are going back to the car. I will have to go back to Simon’s room. I forgot the car keys.”
He could see their concerned and worried looks. “I really did leave the keys in there. I’ll explain everything later. I’m just going to ask a few questions of my own.”
Lea already knew what Michael was going to do; she had thought of it herself but was not sure how to go about it without upsetting the others.
Michael waited for them to enter the lift before going back to Simon’s room. He explained to the officer he had left his keys and needed to find them.
The nurses had left and Simon was on his own again sleeping with such a contented smile on his face that Michael just wanted to slap him. He looked at the vial in his hand; this was a much better option. Michael shook the bed so Simon would wake.
“Simon, wake up. I want you to see this.”
Simon opened his eyes and they grew dark as he saw Michael. “What the hell are you doing back here?”
“Fixing everything.” With that he plunged a needle into Simon’s arm. He was going to make Simon drink the fluid but he had found the needles on the nurse’s tray and borrowed one.
As it entered his body Simon screamed.
Michael leaned in to make sure that Simon could hear every word he spoke. “That was for my brother, for Sheilas family and everyone else you hurt.”
Michael shot around the bed and began to push the distress button to alert the nurses who once again came running with the police officer in tow.
“Thank God you came. I think I must have scared him. I was looking for these.” Michael held up his keys. “When he just screamed. What’s wrong with him?”
The nurse did not answer they were having a hard time keeping Simon still.
Michael saw the foam escape from his lips and when the change came it was sudden and permanent. Simon stopped moving, the nurse let go and began to check him out. Michael could tell by the vacant look in his eyes that something terrible had happened to him.
One of the nurses spoke. “I think we better call Doc Hollow, I think this guys gone.”
Michael could not resist. “You mean he’s dead.”
The nurses had forgotten about Michael until then but she did answer him as she ushered him out the room. “No, but looks like he may have gone into a coma.”

No one could explain what happened to Simon. He did not die straight way and seemed to be sleeping but his pulse rate was always high and his brain waves told the doctor that there was a lot going on inside his head. Simon was trapped, his mind screaming hideous images at him he could not escape. Simon did die one morning when his body could not handle the onslaught anymore. His heart gave out and he died, alone, having succumbed to his own evil.

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Chapter 38
Il Divo went back to the recording studio; no one had talked about their last trip to the hospital. Lea understood what Michael had done and why. She had hoped to get another chance to talk to Simon but deep down she knew he would never give her the answers she wanted or needed. When the others heard about the coma, in their own individual ways they came to terms with what they all knew Michael had done.

The news of Simon’s admittance to hospital had filtered through the entertainment industry and word the he may have slipped into a coma had already made it into the press. Poor Mary went from having no work to non-stop phone calls and no boss.

David had been interviewed by the police again in regard to Simon’s injuries, which made all of them nervous until the hospital confirmed that the coma was not a result of any injury that Simon had sustained. David had been worried that he may have been charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm. This would have meant at the very least having to pay bail to make sure he did not spend time in a gaol cell while waiting to be sentenced and if he had been sentenced it would have meant the end of his career. He did not even want to think about all the other ramifications in regards to the tiny matter that he was not even human. The relief at knowing he was not going to be held responsible was evident by his change in mood. When Michael had heard there was a possibility that charges could have been laid, he told David he would confess to giving Simon the antidote. David appreciated the offer and was glad that Michael was willing to take the responsibility but they had decided to let the situation work itself out and see what happened, if need be then Michael could come forward. No point in having to try and explain Michael’s actions. That would just bring unwanted attention to their own situation. Something that none of them wanted.

With Simon out of action there were questions that needed answering. Several high officials from Eternity Records had already appointed new managers for many of Simon’s projects but had not appointed anyone to oversee Simon’s actual position. There had been talk that no one wanted to be responsible for such a decision and then have to explain it all to Simon when he returned. Il Divo being the newest acquisition by the record company seemed to be the group they worried about the most. But for now they had left them to continue to record their first album and maintain any bookings that Simon had already confirmed. They were working on giving them a record company representative so they still had a link but for now they were on their own.
This was good news as far as Lea was concerned, she had a chance to get back to Simon’s office and try and research and retain as much information as possible. Always in the back of her mind was the fact that who ever took over Simon’s office was bound to find the secret room eventually. She’d done it by accident, who was to say that someone else would not do the same thing. So while Il Divo recorded, Lea, Sheila and Michael spent their days in Simon’s office. Michael had been a godsend. He was a whiz with the computer programs and things that would have taken Lea days to figure out he had done in a matter of minutes. More than once Lea had given him a hug, they worked well together and things began to fall into place.

The men from Il Divo had all wanted to take the antidote even knowing the pain they would have to endure and the very serious fact that no one knew what memories they may get to keep. They had all assumed that they would end up like Michael with both but Lea had made it clear that until she was more positive of the outcome and had found away to do it without inflicting so much pain no one was taking anything. David had tried to argue with her and lost, Sebastien tried and lost, Carlos was very emotive in his argument but still lost. When Lea questioned Urs as to why he was not going to try and change her mind he simply kissed her, hugged her and told her he knew by the look on her face there was no point. He also admitted that he was scared and while he wanted to get his own memories back he didn’t want to be left like Simon. Once again he made Lea promise not to leave him like that if it should happen. His words where very sobering to the others. So in the end Lea won and now she was doing her best to try and make sure that no one got hurt.

Sheila helped Lea and Michael the best she could but found herself spending time with Mary. They had decided to tell her what was going on, seeing if she could be trusted. As it turned out she knew quite a bit more than she had let on. Mary had found the secret room by accident much the same way Lea had not long after she had begun to work for Simon. At first she had thought Simon was a spy and kind of liked the idea of working for one but knowing he was an alien was so much better. She was a little disappointed to find out that she was only human and not an alien herself. Her reaction had not been what they expected and Sheila and Mary laughed about it on several occasions. Sheila was glad to be able to talk openly with Mary about their situation. It was while they where having one of these conversations that Mary revealed information she thought maybe important. She knew that Simon would visit a house out in the country and one day had decided to see if she could find any information about it. Mary told Sheila it did not exist. Not in any of the record company files, not even in local government files. No listings, it was invisible. She could not find the property anywhere.
Armed with this information Lea decided they needed to see this house. If Simon had made it so invisible there had to be a good reason. Initially it was only going to be her and Michael but Il Divo made it clear they were coming along as well. So the next Saturday the Il Divo troupe minus Mary headed for the country. Michael was still taking on his position as driver. They had upgraded to a stretch limo so that all six could fit. This way they would not need to call on Jeffery to drive the other car, keeping the circle closed.

They entered the property through two large wrought iron gates that hung from a very large and old brick wall. Michael made his way down a very long driveway guarded on each side by the most beautiful birch trees any of them had ever seen. This driveway opened up into a circular courtyard and Michael parked the car outside the front entrance to the house, itself very impressive. Lea thought it looked like one of the old well to do houses she had seen on some of the period movies she had watched. They all got out of the car and just stood looking at the house for such along time. You had to give it to Simon, he may have been the devil incarnate but he had great taste.
Once inside the house boasted some of the most expensive and exquisite furniture and accessories that could be bought. Each one of them walked off in a different direction, walking through rooms that seemed to transport you back in time. The irony was not lost on them, Simon coming from a world that was light years ahead of earth in so many ways and he had chosen a house that seemed to be stuck in the nineteenth century.
Lea had wandered further than the others and taken some stairs to the lower floor. She walked through a room that had been transformed into a massive wine cellar. Not having any idea about wine Lea did not realise that she was walking through one of the best private collections on the planet. She was more interested in the door at the other end of the cellar. With a push it swung open, she had been expecting to see something but it was so dark. It took her a little while to hunt down the light switch but when she did and it illuminated the room she gasped. She would need to show the others what she had found. Lea hurried back up the stairs just as Urs was coming to see where she was. He smiled but caught the look on Leas face. “What’s up? You found something didn’t you?”
Lea kept walking. “We need to gather the others; you all need to see this.”
“See what Lea, what is it?”
Lea stopped and grabbed hold of Urs’ hands. “Simon’s office has nothing on what I just saw. I think we can do this. I think I can give you back your memory Urs.” She stretched up to kiss him and then went to find the others.
Urs stood there for a moment watching her go and wondering what it was she had found that made her so confident. As much as he wanted this for him and his friends, he still had very grave doubts as to whether it would work. None of them were scientists; no one really had any idea what they were doing. Urs wondered if it was better just to keep the memories he had, after all apart from a few dreams, he did not know anything different. His memories felt so real and what if they did get them back, what then? Did they go home? Could they get home? Would they want to go home? Again the only recollection of home he had was what he had seen on the screens in Simon’s office. Earth was home, as far as his mind was concerned it always had been. Urs rubbed his temples; he was starting to get headache thinking about it all.

Lea returned bringing the rest with her and Urs joined them as they walked back down the stairs, through the cellar and to the door which Lea had closed, she had however left the light on. “Guys, I think this is the reason Simon came out here.”
She pushed the door open and waited for the reactions from the others.
Sheila grabbed hold of Sebastien’s arm and took a deep breath. David let out a very noisy whistle, Carlos swore in Spanish, Sebastien began to muter to himself, but in silence Urs stepped into the room with Michael behind him.
Lea recognised the room from Simons transport. It was almost identical, bigger but almost identical. There were banks of computers, monitors, surgical equipment, and ten steel beds like the ones she had seen her brother lying on.
As his eyes travelled the room Urs got cold and began to shake. Lea saw the change in him. “What is it Urs? You’re shaking.”
The others all looked at him, he was pale. “I remember this.”
Lea was shocked. “What, How?”
“My dreams Lea, this place is in my dreams. Not exactly the same but close enough, I’ve been here haven’t I, we’ve all been here?”
Lea turned to face him and the others as they came to stand at his side. “In a way yes you have. This looks a lot like Simons lab on the transport. I should know I had to hide out in it for long enough.” She could see the pain on his face. “Urs, what do you remember about this room?”
He looked at her with tears in his eyes. “Your voice.”
Lea bit her top lip at his words and looked at David who had also gone pale with tears staining his cheeks. “You to David. You could hear me?”
David could only nod.
Sebastien was frustrated. “I don’t understand if I was there then why do I not remember any of this. I have dreams but none about this room, nothing ever.”
Carlos interjected. “Same here.”
Lea put herself between Urs and David. “Why didn’t you say something before?”
David tried to talk but he couldn’t and Urs’ voice sounded so sad. “I didn’t know until just know Lea, I swear. You opened the door and it seemed to trigger those dreams, those memories. I can remember thinking who ever you are help me. I shouted but you never heard me.”
Now Lea was crying. “But you never said a word Urs. I thought you were all sedated.”
Sheila spoke up. “They were Lea. But just like here sometimes people can be sedated and still be awake if you know what I mean.” She turned and looked at both men. “Do you remember feeling any pain?” They both shook their heads. “Do you remember anything else?”
David’s voice was quiet. “Lights. Lots of bright lights.”
Urs nodded his head in confirmations and Sheila continued. “That was probably the memory implants firing off your synapses. Not real lights but it would have seemed like it.”
David looked at Lea. “You really are my sister.”
Lea gave him a sweet smile and kissed him on the end of his nose. “Always was. Always will be.”
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Chapter 39
Michael walked around the room still in silence, running his fingers over the top of benches and instruments. He fired up the computers and the whole room came to life. Urs did not want to stay so went back to the main part of the house, he felt more comfortable there. David had followed him, finding Urs staring out a window to the enormous gardens attached to the house. He came and stood next to him. “Urs, you okay?”
Urs looked at his friend and David could see the torment and anguish in his eyes. “Tell me honestly David, are you okay?”
Not wanting to confront his friend David looked out the window. “Honestly, I’m only just holding on. Keep hoping I am going to wake up and this will all be a dream. But it’s real.” David paused. “I’m scared to death Urs. What if this all goes so horribly wrong? I’m not sure if I want to go through with this anymore.”
Urs understood his friend completely. “I know David. I want to know who I am but I’m not sure I want to pay what could be a very high a price for it.”
The two men stood in silence looking out the window. Lea was standing at the door to the room with tears in her eyes, she knew they were scared, so was she, but she had no idea they had been so scared about the whole thing. Instead of going into the room like she had intended she went back down to the lab.
Michael was working frantically to get all the systems up and running. He smiled at Lea as she came back. “This is going to take some time but it’s doable.”

Now that she was back in familiar territory Sheila felt like she was able to help. Michael had assigned her some tasks and it brought a smile to Sebastien’s face to see her so happy, doing what she was trained to do. He walked up behind her, putting his arms around her middle and resting his head on her shoulder. “I love the fact that it will be you helping us to get our memories back my sweet.”
Sheila turned to face him. “Aren’t you scared Seb? I’m a med tech not a doctor, there is so much that we need to do…”
Sebastien stopped her by placing his hand gently over her lips. “I’m terrified but having you with me gives me strength. I only pray that whatever happens I don’t forget you.”
Sheila smiled and kissed him. “I won’t let you forget me.”

Carlos was lost in his own world, wondering why Urs and David could remember the things they did and he had no memory of any of it. Even in his dreams. He understood by listening to the others that his dreams had been real, he had dreamt about his life back home but nothing about what Simon had done to them. He was beginning to wonder like the others, if it was all worth it. They had a good life on earth, well so far and it only looked like it could get better. Carlos was trying to weigh up the possibility of just remaining how he was. But if the others all wanted to forge forward he would not stop them. They would be successful on earth but only as a group.
The whole time he had been thinking Carlos had been rolling a small object in his hands. It had been the same little device that had attached itself to Lea’s hand and changed her. Carlos must have activated it somehow as the little antenna sprung out of the side and embedded themselves into his hand. He sank to the floor shouting in pain and trying to pull it off. Lea rushed to his side, followed by Michael, Sheila and Sebastien.
Lea grabbed his hand to stop him. He was pulling at the device so hard he was about to tear away chunks of his hand. “Don’t Carlos, You’ll make it worse.” She looked to Sheila. “This is the same thing that attacked me on the ship and changed me. What the hell do we do now?”
She was about to answer when the little devise released Carlos and he grabbed his hand to his chest. Unlike Lea, whose hand had not bled. Carlos was covered in blood because he had pulled on it so hard. Sheila had a look at it. “I hope to god that was empty.” Lea shot her a look but it was Sebastien that asked the question.
“What do you mean empty?”
Sheila picked up the device the right way but everyone was a little nervous. She found a small indentation and pushed it making the device open up much as a flower would to reveal the inside workings. “The molecular transfer and changes need to be downloaded into it before it can be used to change anyone’s appearance.”
Carlos was still groaning but he looked that same so that was a good thing.
Sheila checked the device and smiled. “It’s empty.’ She looked to Carlos. “It’s okay Carlos, you’re okay. But we need to see if there is any more. I don’t want any accidents to happen.”
Michael stood up. “You guys look for them, I think I need to find a first aid kit for Carlos.”
Sheila helped Carlos to his feet. “I can do that Michael.”
“No, you know how to deactivate these little monsters; I don’t want another repeat performance.”
So Sheila, Lea and Sebastien got to looking for any other little nasties that may have been stored away. Sheila had showed them how to hold them so they would not activate.
Michael took Carlos back up the stairs to look for a first aid kit thinking the obvious place would be the kitchen. They met David and Urs in the hall. They were shocked to see Carlos in so much pain and his shirt covered in blood.
“Carlos, what happened?” David’s voice was a little uneasy.
Michael explained to them and they all headed to the kitchen. Urs found the first aid kit and placed it on the large table and Michael set about cleaning and strapping up Carlos’ hand. He stood back to look at his handy work. “Don’t make a bad med tech for a pilot.”

Back in the lab the others had found a handful of the little devices and Sheila made sure they were all deactivated and then placed them in a small container out of harms way just in case.
“So I wonder if there are any more surprises down here we need to know of.” Lea’s eyes worked their way around the room.
Sheila hugged her. “Well I can tell you what a lot of this stuff is and the rest I guess we don’t touch until we know for sure.”
Sebastien smiled. “Sounds like a good plan to me.”
Just then the others walked back in. “What sounds like a good plan?” Michael walked in first followed by the others.
Lea’s heart hurt at the sight of Urs, he looked so sad. She could tell that David was putting on a brave face and in light of what had just happened to Carlos she was having her own doubts about continuing with the plan. Lea was about to explain when a small alarm went off in the room and the main monitors pictured changed to a view of the front door. They all looked as an older lady probably in her sixties walked into the house. Michael turned on the audio.
“Hello, anyone home. Mr Cowell?”
They all looked at each other and then all ran out of the lab and through the cellar to make it up the stairs before this woman got too far into the house. They gave her quite the shock as all seven rounded the corner to greet her.
“Oh my. Mr Cowell did not mention he was coming this weekend. I have not done the shopping. Are you staying long? I really wish he would let me know when he is going to do things like this. It’s so inconvenient at such short notice.”
It looked like this lady was going to start talking again so Michael jumped in. “Hi. No we’re only here for the day, doing some work for Simon. Sorry to have surprised you, he never mentioned he had a house keeper Mrs…..” Michael waited for her to answer.
“Oh how rude of me, of course, Mrs Stoner. My name is Agnes Stoner young man and who are these lovely young people?”
Michael introduced everyone to Mrs Stoner and they all shook her hand.
“Well I am glad you don’t need feeding today it would have been a bit of a bother.”
Lea stepped forward. “Do you live here Mrs Stoner?”
“Oh heavens no dear. I live in the village, have my own little place. Usually come over here every other day, keep things tidy and clean. My Arthur, he tends to the gardens. Of course when Mr Cowell is here for a while I do the cooking and tend to housekeeping duties.”
Lea told Mrs Stoner about Simon being in hospital and that they would be at the house for a while working on something for him. Depending on how well it went they might have to stay over every now and them.
They had expected Mrs Stoner to be a little defensive about having people in the house without Simon but she was over the moon that there would be such a lovely group of people in the house, bringing it back to life. She was nice enough to show them were the hot water heater was as it tended to go on strike from time to time. She showed all the men how to fix this little problem if it happened and made them all practice to the amusement of Sheila and Lea. She explained a few other little quirks of the house and then showed them where her card was stuck to the fridge door. It had all her numbers on it. Mobile, village, e mail, even a pager number. She gave them all a grandmotherly hug as she left with instructions to let her know if they would require her housekeeping and cooking services in the future. And to call her to let her know when they would be back.
Lea told her that Shelia and Michael and she would be back on Monday but not to worry they would fend for themselves.
Lea turned to the others. “Seems this house is not as invisible as we thought.”
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Chapter 40
As much as was possible Il Divo continued on a normal routine heading for the recording studio each morning and meeting up with the others each evening. Michael had been accepted into their little family and he was grateful that they treated him not just as a driver but as the person he was. Having said that he had really liked working for them, they had been the nicest clients to work with in some time. Always polite, always had a smile for him, always asked how he was. But now he felt like a friend to them and that is exactly how they saw him. They had even joked that maybe they should take turns with the driving.
There had been another surprise for them all not the least Michael. Mary had been a great help and having to spend more time with her Michael had come to like her a great deal. He had found out from Sheila that Mary felt the same about him. Sheila was over the moon that they had found each other and gave them a push together by organising a dinner for them one night. It seemed that Mary brought out the more gentle side of Michael’s personality and in his heart Michael knew she was his soul mate. He had to smile at that thought even at home he never thought he would find someone to spend the rest of his life with and he had found love on a completely different world, a completely different universe. He was so taken with Mary that he had decided that even if they could find a way to get back home he would stay on earth with her.
To make sure that everything looked the same for those looking in on their world Michael continued with his driving duties and Mary continued in her position even though she did not have a boss right at the moment. Eternity Records had assured her that her position was to continue and she would be needed once they had made a decision about Simon’s position. Mary was a good source of information in regards to the record company and the gossip.
So the Il Divo family had grown by two and their evening meals had become the talk of the local pub. The proprietor had set a special table aside for them, no one else was allowed to use it and it was available any time they wanted. As was their routine now they would all head back to the pub not far from the apartments to have dinner each night. They had not been discovered by the rest of the world just yet but they had increased the patronage of the pub, so much so that at least once a week they got their meals for free. Thursday nights was karaoke night but the guys had chosen not to get involved. However, the girls had given it a go one Thursday with hilarious results and promises that they would not give up their day jobs.
Thursday night had come around again and the Il Divo family had arrived for dinner. But Rick the proprietor was in a bit of a flap. His cook had called in sick, that had been at the beginning of the evening so the apprentice was trying to do it all on his own. Not doing a bad job but they had decided to take a few things off the menu to make it easy. To top that off there had been a problem with the power and they had lost it for almost 2 hours. It was back on but the sound system was fried which meant no karaoke. Rick apologised to them all but Lea nudged David, she had a twinkle in her eye. “David can’t we help out for a while.” She looked to Rick. “ Sheila, Mary and I can help in the kitchen if you like Rick, washing up, help prep, serve and the guys can help out here for a little while I am sure. Keep your patrons entertained while we sort out the food.”
Urs smiled, he loved Lea for just that very thing, thinking of others before herself and he was willing to sing for his supper if need be.
Sebastien and Carlos agreed that they would be happy to help and David had already taken off his jacket.
Michael said he would be happy to see if he could fix the sound system.
Rick was overwhelmed. “I can’t ask you to do that, you must work so hard each day. No that is too much.”
David slung his arm over Rick’s shoulders. “You didn’t ask Rick we offered. So how about you show these lovely ladies of ours to the kitchen and we’ll head to the stage okay.”
Rick nodded. He was a little nervous as to what they were going to do. He had heard the girls a few weeks back and that had been scary. So scary it was funny. But what was going to happened tonight. He took a deep breath and headed back to the kitchen with the girls in tow. Lea smiled at him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Don’t worry Rick. I promise your patrons will be well looked after.”

From the kitchen they could hear David saying something and then they began to sing. Rick was in the middle of introducing the girls to one very frazzled looking apprentice when he heard Il Divo for the first time. He stopped talking and just listened. The girls all smiled. Without a word Rick walked out of the kitchen to listen to Il Divo and the girls took over the kitchen for the night. It had been hard work but it had been fun.
The reaction of the crowd towards Il Divo had been just what they needed. They had sung eight songs in total before Michael had fixed the sound system and once they had finished they were surrounded by people asking them all sorts of questions.
Rick decided that from now on all their meals would be free. He also managed to get a photo taken with them all, some day they were going to be famous he just new it. The girls rejoined the men armed with plates of food for all and it was a very tired but very happy bunch of people that headed home that night.

Michael and Mary had moved in together so his morning routine had changed just a little. This morning he did not mind the change. He had been awake for a while just watching Mary sleep and thinking how lucky he was to have found her. He brushed his hands through her hair and marvelled at how innocent and serene she looked. Mary sighed a little and opened her eyes smiling at Michael. “Good morning my alien.”
She reached up and gently ran her fingers around the contour of his face and Michael leaned in to kiss her.
Mary drew him closer, holding him tight making sure that he knew how very much she wanted him. Before Michael was totally consumed by her passion he whispered to her. “I love you.”
She answered by letting him experience a pleasure he never thought possible.

Lea was cradled in Urs’ arms as they slept, he behind her as her body moulded to the shape of his. There was a peace and calmness about them, they were happy and comfortable with each other, felt safe in each others arms, felt like they belonged to each other and nothing else mattered. Many a morning Lea had woken to find herself in this position and would just lay there grateful for the love she had found in such a wonderful man.
Her breathing stirred Urs this morning and the first thing he did was smile and pulled Lea a little closer to him. He felt like she completed him, even with everything that was going on he could hold onto her and know she would be there for him, she would love him and he could love her back.
Sensing his presence Lea woke, turned, smiled and without a word began to kiss and caress Urs in ways that always overloaded his senses, eventually intoxicating him with such feelings of pleasure he was unable to contain himself. His body ached as he surrendered to Lea’s every touch and she guided him on a path of pure orgasmic wonder.

Sebastien found himself backed up against the shower wall, the warmth and feel of the water as it hit his body only intensifying the sensation of their love making. Sheila held his hands above his head, pinning them against the wall as she gently bit his neck and worked her way down his chest all the while keeping Sebastien in a state of ecstasy with each move she made. Sebastien was once more consumed by Sheila’s desire to help him experience such a pleasure as he had never felt before. He groaned, wrenching his arms from her grip and pulled Sheila ever closer to him. It was his turn to back her up against the wall. He needed to feel her every move, he needed to experience the unbridled sensation as she took him closer to the very edge, he needed to be released. As it happened Sheila held on to him, taking her own journey but smiled as she listened to Sebastien’s cry of utter gratification as his legs gave way and he slipped to the floor seeming to be carried on a cloud of sexual bliss.

David’s mobile phone beeped, he had a text notifying him that Michael was downstairs with the car. He messaged back, finished his coffee and headed for the door. He met Carlos at the lift and they travelled down together. They had both expected the others to be there but only Michael met them.
He smiled. “I did text you all.”
David was about to go back up stairs to get them when Sheila and Sebastien walked out followed by Lea and Urs.
Sebastien had a bruise on his neck and Urs had that look on his face. David and Carlos looked at each other. David patted Sebastien on the back. “So Seb have to wrestle with vampires last night?”
Sebastien blushed and tried to cover up his neck with his shirt collar getting into the car without saying anything.
Urs just smiled at David before getting into the car and David knew there was no point in trying to push his buttons once Lea had her way with him. He did know it was going to be a good day for recording. Urs always sang so, so much better the day after the night before. It was as if he had been transported to heaven and was singing with angels.
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Chapter 41
Lea and Michael were working on understanding some of the procedures that would be involved in the memory transfers. Lea had made it clear they would not go any further until she had as much knowledge as possible.
Sheila’s medical knowledge had been so helpful and it seemed they were close to finding a way to give the guys their own memories back.
Michael’s mobile phone rang, it was Mary. Lea and Sheila stopped what they were doing as his tone changed but waited until he had finished before getting the full story.
“Seems that Mary has just got the call to say that Simon passed away this morning.”
The girls remained silent.” Also seems that the record company must have had someone waiting in the wings. She was told she gets a new boss in the morning and Il Divo has an appointment at noon.”
Lea spoke. “Do we know who this new boss is?”
Michael shook his head. “No. Mary only been told they would be there in the morning. Mary is going to call the recording studio and let the guys know about tomorrow.”
Sheila frowned. “What about Simon’s office, you know his other office.”
“Well we can hope that they don’t find it. We have everything here that we need so no need to go back there for anything else. But Sheila I honestly don’t know what to do. If we had more time may be we could have dismantled it. I should have thought about that earlier.”
Michael stepped in. “I’d say you have had more important things on your mind.”
Just then his mobile phone beeped. It was Urs asking him to come and pick them up.
Michael was heading for the door. “Seems they got Mary’s message, I’ll come back for you girls if you like.”
They both answered together ‘No, I’m coming as well.”
Michael smiled. “I thought you might.”

They waited outside the studio for the guys but did not have to wait very long. They were quiet and sombre as they got into the car. The news of Simon’s death had shaken them all just a little. Lea gave David a hug as he got in the car and she held onto Urs’ hand for the trip back to the apartments. Sheila had given Carlos a hug and then nestled under Sebastien’s arm. No one felt like eating so Michael drove them all straight home and then went to pick up Mary.
Lea made coffee and toast and tried to get Urs to eat something. He drank the coffee but the toast remained untouched. Lea sat down next to him. “You want to talk?”
Urs’ voice trembled just a little. “He’s dead.... We killed him.”
Lea was shocked. “Urs is that what you think. No... No and even if it was true, Simon has done much worse. No Urs we did not kill him, he set himself on this path and sooner or later someone was going to bring him down. No Urs.” Lea looked deep into his eyes. “I need to tell you something you may not like.” She took another breath and continued. “I had already made up my mind that if we could not get him back home to be made accountable for his crimes. I was not going to leave him here. Urs do you understand what I am telling you? I would have killed him.”
Urs was surprised at how Lea could be so cold and calm as she delivered such news. But then he had to remember that she was a Captain with the security force and had probably killed before.
Lea could see that he was thinking things over and she would understand if he no longer wanted to be with her. It was not an easy thing for someone to take on board. The fact that your girlfriend was capable of killing. This piece of information had been the undoing of the only other serious relationship she’d ever had. She had been with Amnett for almost 2 years when he asked her to be his life partner. He knew what she did, who she worked for but when he had seen a live vidwave of a security operation that she had headed and he saw her kill someone it was over. It was as if he was scared of her. Lea knew there was so much more to her than her job and she wished that others could see that as well.

So now she waited for Urs to tell her he could no longer be with her. Lea knew she loved him and this would tear her heart out but she would respect his wishes and get on with her job. She still had that to do. It would be hard having to be so close to him but she would do it. Urs had been quiet for some time, not always a good sign so Lea decided she needed to leave him alone. She made a move to get up from the sofa when Urs caught her hand and she sat back down.
He smiled weakly and squeezed her hand. “I don’t pretend to understand what it is that you do back home. But I do understand that with that kind of job comes responsibilities and things that need to get done that most of us would never think about.” He squeezed her hand again. “Lea, I love you...I am more scared about loosing my memory of you and not having a future with you than what you may have done in the past. My love is based on the Lea I know now, who you are to me now, the person you have shown me. Your job is part of your life but not all of it” He slid over the sofa and kissed her tenderly. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you Lea, no matter what kind of job you do.”
Lea hugged him with tears in her eyes “Thank you Urs.”
“Just one thing I need to know...... Have you killed anyone?”
Lea lowered her eyes and nodded her head. As much as she would try any other alternative ways to bring about a peaceful end, sometimes it was just not possible. “It’s not something I like doing Urs. It takes a lot out of me.”
Urs pulled her closer. “Promise to tell me if you ever get that way, I’ll be here for you always.”
He pulled her to her feet. “Let’s go to bed.”
Leas followed him knowing she had found someone every special indeed.

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Chapter 42
Michael dropped Mary off an hour early, she wanted to get in well head of her new boss but her heart sank as she got off the lift to the smell of freshly brewing coffee. “Hello, anyone here?”
Mary jumped as a woman stuck her head out of Simon’s office. “G’day sweetie. Hope you don’t mind I put the brew on the burn. Need that caffeine hit first thing.” This person began to walk down the hall towards Mary with her hand out. “Name’s Ree, Seems I am your new boss. You must be Mary.”
Mary nodded and shook Ree’s hand. Ree smiled back “Its okay Mary I don’t bite. Well, maybe now and then but it is usually those bloody suits who think they know everything. Just cause you got a virgina and not balls they think you’re brain dead.”
Mary coughed trying to stifle a laugh and Ree just kept talking. “So Mary, a few office rules. Don’t bother getting me a coffee unless you are getting one for yourself. I have legs and a brain and can manage to get my rear end out of a chair and do it myself. Number two. No having to get in early or leaving late to keep up with work I give you. If I give you that much cooee kiddo and I will get you help okay. Now, how long do you get for lunch?”
Mary smiled. “Thirty minutes.”
Ree was off again before Mary could say anything else. “Bugger that. Make it an hour. You spend all your time up here; it’s like a bloody tomb, Nope an hour and you can catch up with the other girls downstairs.”
Mary nodded.
Ree put her arm around her shoulder. “So why on earth did you come in so early? Is there something I should know?”
Mary shook her head and Ree smiled. “Sorry Mary, I talk kinda fast sometimes and the accent throws some people.”
“You’re Australian right?’
“Bingo. Red headed Sheila from Down Under.”
“Sheila, I thought your name was Ree?”
Ree let out a wonderful deep seated laugh. “My name is Ree. Sheila is an Aussie expression for a female, you know, chickee babe, a woman, opposite to male.”
“So what do they call men?”
Mary laughed. “I think I am going to like working for you.”
Ree walked back down to her office. “With me Mary, with me.”

Mary sent a text to the others telling them they were not going to believe the person who had taken over from Simon and that they better be on their toes when they arrived. Because of the meeting the recording session for the day had been postponed so everyone was still sleeping when Mary sent her message.
Sebastien woke with a start but Sheila got to his phone first. “It’s from Mary. Seems you guys are in for a surprise at this meeting today. New boss sounds interesting.”
Sebastien grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back into bed. “It’s too early to worry about any meetings.”
Urs grabbed his phone at the first beep making sure it did not wake Lea. He read the message but went back to curl up next to her.

Carlos heard his phone but it was in the lounge room so he just buried his head under the pillow and groaned. He was going to sleep in. They had been given a day off they had not expected so he was going to sleep in.

David had been awake for hours when his phone chimed. Although the police had absolved him of any wrong doing and he knew it was Michael who had given Simon the antidote, He still felt responsible for Simons death. If he had not hit him so hard maybe he would not have ended up in hospital. He had been churning his thoughts around for hours so when Mary’s text arrived it just gave him one more thing to worry about. Who was this new boss, what were they like? Like Simon or so different? Would they get on? Or would they want to ditch them before they had the chance to prove themselves.

They were all a little nervous when they got to Eternity Records all for different reason. Lea was worried about Simon’s little secret and how long it would stay that way and what would happen when it was not a secret any more. She guessed they would let Il Divo have their meeting with the new boss and her time would come.
Mary smiled at them all and came around her desk to hug Lea and Sheila, and then she buzzed Ree to let her know they had arrived.
“You guys can go on in. You’re not going to believe it.”
The four men from Il Divo all walked down the hall in silence all giving Mary a glance as they approached what had been Simon’s office.
Sheila could not contain herself any longer. “Okay Mary, spill the beans.”
David knocked on the office door and they were all surprised to hear a female voice.
“Come in.”
Il Divo walked into the office as Ree stepped out from behind her desk to greet them again with her hand out to welcome them. “So you are the new kids on the block. Nice to meet you.” She shook David’s hand first. “And you are?”
“David, David Miller Ma’am.”
Ree laughed. “Crickey mate don’t be calling that, I’ll have to start acting my age.”
She moved on to Urs who bowed gently as he took her hand. “Urs Buhler,...Er” He had no idea what to call her and again she laughed.
“Fellas just call me Ree okay. Simple easy and not hard to spell.”
Next was Carlos who bowed but with a bit more exaggeration that Urs. “Carlos Marin Ree.”
She moved on to Sebastien. “So you must be Sebastien then?”
Sebastien nodded and took her hand and kissed it “Pleased to meet you Ree.”
Ree stepped back and looked at the site before her. “Struth you fellas are gonna break some hearts when we get you out there on the world stage.” A smile crept across her face. “But if my bush telegraph’s working right a couple of you have already done that.” She looked from Sebastien to Urs, knowing exactly who was who. “Where are your ladies?”
Urs spoke. “Just outside with Mary.”
Without a word Ree walked to the office door, stuck her head out and let out a deafening whistle which made everyone turn around. “You two sheilas front and centre....”
Lea and Sheila just stood stunned for a moment until Mary told them that it meant Ree wanted to see them. As they walked to the office Sheila spoke. “My name’s Sheila this is Lea.”
Ree smiled, shook their hands and told them about the Australian slang as she shut the door behind them. Instinctively Lea went and stood next to Urs and Sheila stood next to Sebastien. “Glad to have the whole motley crew together no point in having two meetings when one will do and I am sure you would like to have as much time off today as possible.”
They were all silent, no one knowing what to say. Ree was nothing like what any of them had expected.
Ree had seen that look on people’s faces before, it was a common reaction, she never did fit nicely into any of the boxes people tried to put her in and she knew it. She also played with it. “Aw come on Guys you look like you’ve just seen a Yowie. Trust me I am real, I am this loud and this rough and I do talk this fast most of the time so try and keep up okay.”
They all nodded and Ree looked to the girls. “Well I certainly hope they are good in bed cause so far things are looking grim.”
Urs and Sebastien blushed, Carlos shook his head and David just let out a booming laugh. Ree laughed with him. “That’s better.” But she caught the look on Lea’s face. “Oh wait a minute. Seems our little princess is not happy. Spit it out.” Before Lea could say anything Ree continued. “But before you do, I apologise for that remark but I need to make sure you lot were still alive. I’m a straight shooter Guys. I say what I mean.” She looked at Lea waiting.
Lea looked at Ree for a while, if anyone was going to find Simon’s other office this was the one. Lea had no doubt that Ree was extremely intelligent and resourceful but in a way she was a breath of fresh air. “Well, Ree, you’re a bit of a surprise I must say.”
Ree smiled. “Is that a good thing or are you going to wait before giving me a final score.”
Ree continue, she did not need an answer. “So guys I want to put your minds at ease. I’ve looked over Simon’s schedule for you. Not happy with a few things but for the most part we will keep on as it is. If you don’t mind I want to bring in a wardrobe person and a stylist to spruce you guys up before the rest of the world sees you.” The four men looked at each other and Ree laughed. “Trust me, you’ve got nothing to worry about, six packs, pecks and tight rear ends will drive the ladies over the edge.” This time they all blushed “But Eternity are putting you out there as a package and I need to make sure it is spot on. I’ll be up front with you. I didn’t like the way Simon did business, more venom than a red bellied black snake and he used it and people paid a high price for getting in his way. I’m not going to throw bull dust in your faces or try and manipulate you into doing something you don’t want. But you have to let me know if you are not happy, if you have ideas. I love to hear ideas after all you are the ones who will be going out there night after night to peddle your goods.”
David was amazed. “Ree, do you ever take a breath? Are all Australians like you?”
“Don’t have time to take breathes and no all Aussie are not like me but we’re a bloody cracker bunch of people. So any questions?”
She looked from one to the other. “Yeah I know all a bit much to take in first off. You’ve got my number if you need to call. But be warned, you bloody ring me at two AM you better have a flippin good reason.”
David spoke again. “So, we are all good?”
“Yes. But I thought one of you might be able to explain this to me.”
Ree lent over the desk and hit the button that revealed Simon’s other office.
There was a collect reaction from everyone else and Ree sat down in her seat looking from the other office to all of them. “Seems I was right in thinking you know something about this.”
Urs squeezed Lea’s hand as she spoke. “What would make you think we know anything about that?”
“Well, seems you guys were very much in Simon’s sights and not just because he knew you would be a hit. Something about you had him off edge. My guess is this lot.” She pointed to the office behind “Has something to do with it. Someone want to explain?”
All together they answered “No.”
Ree smiled and her voice was soft and calm. “Look guys, I don’t care if you’re convicts, Christians or time travellers but you need to be honest with me. I can’t help with only half the info now can I. Are any of you in trouble?”
No one answered. They just all stared at her dumfounded; Lea more shocked than the rest and it was Lea who found her voice first. “Ree, it’s.... We can’t tell you. No one would understand.”
Ree came out form behind her desk. “Look, forget I am an exec. I do most of the time. I’m an Aussie, I live on an Island with some of the strangest creatures in the world and then there is the wild life. I don’t scare easy, and I have an open mind. For me to help you be the bloody best in the world you need to trust me. If it’s legal, I’ll find the best damn lawyer, if it’s medical the best damn doctor. I’m here to help not hurt you.”
Lea took a deep breath. “Ree, it’s just so hard. We need some time okay.”
Ree knew she was onto something and did not want to scare them off. “Fine, How about I give you until day after tomorrow. I’ll be out at the recording studio with the new wardrobe and stylist people.”
Lea nodded.
“Okay, then you lot, scram”
They all just stood there. Ree sighed. “Shoo okay. I’m on your side guys honest.”
As they walked out of the office David turned back to her. “Are you real. I mean really real?”
Ree walked up to David so close their bodies touched. What she did next no one expected. She took David’s face in her hands and kissed him long and hard. “Is that real enough for you.”
All David could say was “Uh Hu.”
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Chapter 43
Michael drove them back out to the house listening to their conversations. He could not understand how Ree had found the secret office so quickly. The others were all upset at the fact that she had put two and two together and got Il Divo. What had Simon left that tipped her off to their plight or was she just guessing. But she knew about the office and there was no denying that it existed.
Sheila was not at all sure what they should do. “She’s crazy, absolutely crazy.”
Lea nodded “So would you like a crazy person on your side or the other?”
Urs spoke up. “Is she in a position to help us in anyway Lea?”
“I have no idea but we don’t need to tick her off even with what little she does know. All she has to do is open that office up to investigation and we are sunk. It might take them a while but the scientists will figure it out eventually.”
Sebastien put in his two cents worth. “She is a very interesting person, seems to be very genuine. I kind of like her in a weird way. I always felt uncomfortable around Simon.”
Urs took hold of Lea’s hand. “What do your instincts tell you Lea, They’ve been pretty good so far.”
Lea smiled at Urs. “What do yours tell you?”
“That she could wear a person out very fast, that she sees a lot, hears a lot and understands much more than most people give her credit for and that she is genuine.”
David spoke up. “And she’s a damn good kisser.”
The others all shouted at him and Lea swiped him across the legs, the only part of him she could reach. “David!!!!”
He just shrugged his shoulders and smiled going back to his own thoughts. She was a damn good kisser. This Ree person had stirred something in him he had not expected. When he had first laid eyes on her his stomach did a little turn. She was stunning but did not flaunt her beauty. David was not sure that was because she was unaware of her beauty, which he found hard to believe or that she did understand and dressed to compete in what was mostly and mans world. She’d had her long red hair pulled back in a ponytail and dressed in a female version of a three piece suit that took advantage of her female curves. But it was still a suit; the only thing missing had been a tie. Her face was classically chiselled and her natural beauty needing very little make up. David caught himself smiling as he thought of her. She had mesmerised him and he found it hard to believe that she would do them any harm. He came back to reality when Lead thumped him on the leg again.
“Stop drooling David we need your vote.” Lea looked at him knowing he had not heard a word they had said.
“What vote?”
The others groaned as Lea filled him in. “Oh, Well I vote to tell her.”
“That must have been some kiss.” Carlos laughed at his friend.
And David replied. “You have no idea.”
Lea and Sheila looked at each other and in those seconds made a silent pact to keep an eye on David. They both knew he had been smitten even if he didn’t know it.

As they had not planned on all of them being at the house that day they stopped in at Mrs Stoner’s village to pick up supplies for a late lunch and met Agnes coming out of the post office. She smiled at them. “Oh hello dears. How are we today?”
They all smiled and said hello and Mrs Stoner informed them she would be out to the house the next day to clean and tidy and her husband would be out to take care of the gardens, wanting to know if they would interfere with their work.
Lea explained that they had other things to do the next day but would more than likely be back the day after.
Agnes smiled. “I really don’t know why I am worried. I’m sure Mr Cowell could not hear anything in that dungeon office of his.” She smiled at them and said her goodbyes not realising what kind of reaction she had managed to get from them all.
It was turning out to be day of surprises.

After lunch Urs felt like a bit of a fifth wheel, not being able to help and took himself off to walk around the property. David being the techno geek was eager to learn anything he could from Michael and was a very willing but at times annoying student. Carlos and Sebastien had found the Library and were happy searching through all the old books.
Sheila, Michael and Lea with David in tow, worked hard at trying to sort out how to use the antidote without causing so much pain. Downloading information about wormholes that Michael desperately tried to understand. Both he and Lea were pilots and felt sure that either one of them could fly the transport but getting their heads around wormholes was another matter. Lea smiled to herself and thought of Meg. She would have figured it out and had them half way home by now.
Lea’s thoughts caught her off guard, not something that normally happened. She stopped what she was doing and just let them engulf her for a while. It had been the first time since she had followed her brother that she had really, really thought of home and the prospect that they may never get back. Up until that very moment she had treated everything just like another away assignment. She swallowed hard making sure she did not let her emotions get out of control. Michael had seen the look in her face and went to sit next to her.
“You okay Lea?”
She gave him a small painful smile. “I’m never going home am I?”
“We don’t know that yet. Give us a chance to understand; give yourself a chance to understand all this.”
Michael’s words seemed to scream at her as she realised what they had to do. She got all excited and grabbed hold of Michael’s arms. “That’s it Michael, that’s what we have to do. Understand”
“I know I just said that.”
“No I MEAN understand. You said you found a log of all the memories Simon has used right.”
Michael nodded.
“Well instead of looking through all this scientific mumbo jumbo we should be looking in those files. I would bet my commission that Simon had a back up file on wormholes. It will be hidden in that log I just know it.”
Michael just looked at her. Why had they not thought about that before? They called David and Sheila over and Michael split up the list and transferred it to four computers so they could all look at the same time. For the next few hours the lab was silent as they all looked and hoped they would find the file.

Urs wandered through the gardens and then found himself walking through the woods at the edge of the property drinking in the sights and smells and sounds and wondering how much different his real home was. The thoughts made his head hurt. But as he began to rub is temples Urs realised that his head was really beginning to hurt, physically hurt. He got a few flashes of what looked like images that were accompanied by more pain. He stopped walking and held onto his head, closed his eyes in the hopes that the pain would stop, it didn’t, it just got worse. He opened his eyes but everything was so bright. It was as if he was staring into the sun. He felt dizzy and nauseous. He tried to take a few steps but lost his balance and put out his hands to steady himself on a tree. He missed the tree and lost his footing and fell to his knees. He stayed there for a while getting the will to try and stand up. He gave it a valiant effort but as he got up the pain hit again and he fell again, this time hitting his head hard on a rock knocking himself unconscious. He lay with blood oozing from the wound on his head in the silence of the woods and no one knew where he was.
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Chapter 44
David let out a joyful cry and pointed to his screen. “I think I might have found something. The other three gathered behind him and looked on. Michael patted David on the back. “I think you just might have their buddy. Let me have a closer look.”
David got out of his seat so that Michael could continue to read. “Looks like you were right Lea, its encrypted so don’t hold your breath. Going to take me at least the rest of the day to debug this but we have the answer we needed.
Lea smiled and gently squeezed Michael’s shoulders. “I’ll go and tell the others.”
“Wait for me Squiz. I need a change of scenery.”
Lea looked at Sheila but she had already gone back to her work on the antidote.
Lea and David walked up the stairs and down the hallway together when Lea asked David something that shocked him. “De’el, you’d tell me if you didn’t want to go through with this wouldn’t you. I mean, if you’d rather just stay the way you are and stay here.”
David stopped her from walking and looked into her eyes. “Squizzy I’m scared. More scared than I can ever remember being. But I need to know who I am really. With the knowledge I have at the moment I can’t tell you if I want to go home or stay. I don’t know enough to do that.” David took a deep breath and held her by the shoulders. “But you have to promise me if this goes wrong and I end up a vegetable you won’t leave me like that. You have to finish it Len’el. Promise me you will finish it.”
Lea’s eyes glazed over as she tried to stop the tears. “Why do you think we are working so hard De’el? I don’t want to loose you or Urs or any of the others.”
David cut her off. “But promise me Squizz. I need you to do that for me so I can get through this.”
Lea’s tears did flow and she hugged her brother. “I promise De’el. I promise.”
David gave her a little time to compose herself before they went to the library to tell the others. Lea was surprised that Urs was not with them but Sebastien gave her the answer. “He said he wanted to go for a walk.”
Carlos looked at his watch. “But Sebastien that was hours ago.”
Lea told them about their discovery and David said he would go and see if he could find Urs after they had tried his mobile phone and it had gone to his message bank. They had decided it was probably time to pack up for the day anyway.

David walked around the gardens not knowing how he was going to find Urs or in which direction to start looking. However a small track that led into the woods got his attention and he started to follow that. Once he was in the woods a little way he decided to give Urs’ phone another call in the hopes that it would ring and he would hear it. He listened intently and his ears did pick up the faint sound of the phone so he re dialled as he walked towards it wondering why Urs has not answered. David called the phone again and it was louder, he assumed that because it had rang several times that maybe Urs had dropped it and didn’t know. He rounded a few more trees and stopped dead in his tracks. Urs’ phone was lying on the ground ringing next to his body. David scrambled to Urs’ side, seeing the blood from his head he shook his friend gently but go no response. David called Lea and spoke with urgency in his voice. “Lea I found Urs, he’s unconscious.”
“What!!! How!!!”
“Looks like he hit his head. I’m going to need some help out here. Lea he’s pretty cold I think you should call for an ambulance.”
“Where are you?”
David explained to her how to get to them and hung up. He put his jacket over Urs. Not really knowing what else to do and waited for the others.

David could hear Lea calling for him as they others ran through the woods.
“I’m over here.” He shouted back.
They all came crashing through the undergrowth, all except Sheila, she had waited back at the house for the ambulance. Lea went straight to Urs’ side, touching his face.
God David he’s so pale, so cold.”
“He must have been out here a while Lea.”
“We need to get him back to the house.” She looked to her male companions. “You think you guys can carry him that far?”
Without a word Michael, Sebastien, Carlos and David picked up their friend and Lea picked up Davids jacket.
As they got clear of the woods they met Sheila coming across the gardens with the paramedics. Everyone picked up their pace. Once they had put Urs on the stretcher the paramedics went to work, checking his vital signs and the wound on his head.
Sebastien put a protective arm around Sheila and David did the same to Lea as they all watched the paramedics attend to Urs.
“Is he going to be okay?” Lea needed some reassurance that it was just a bump on the head.
One of the paramedics spoke. “He’s had a nasty knock Miss. Probably concussion. It would be best if we took him back to the hospital so they can make sure there is noting else going on.”
“Why hasn’t he woken up yet?”
As if Urs had heard Lea he moaned and moved his head just a little.
Lea knelt down beside the stretcher. “Urs, its Lea. You’ll be okay.”
Urs groaned again and tried to open his eyes but the light hurt them. “It hurts.”
“I know but they will look after you.” She looked at the paramedics. “I’m coming with you.”
The look on her face told the paramedics there was no point arguing with her.

Once at the hospital the others had to wait for Lea to find them with some answers.
She looked a little pale herself. “They are moving him to a room. Seems he didn’t do any major damage, x rays shows no cracked skull. Needs a few stitches and most likely a whole truck full of pain killers but he will be okay. They want to keep him in overnight for observation.”
“Can we go and see him?” Michael asked the question they all wanted to.
“The nurse said she would come and get us when he was settled.”
David spoke up. “Do you think one of us should call Ree let her know. This could change tomorrow if Urs is not up to recording.”
“And that one would be you then David?” Carlos said with a smirk on his face.
Just then the nurse called for them and they were ushered to Urs’ room.
He was awake and smiled at them all as Lea went to give him a kiss.
“Don’t scare us like that okay. What happened?”
Urs tried to sit up but his head still hurt. “I don’t really know. All of a sudden I got this sharp pain in my head and I think I saw something, and then I passed out.”
Sebastien was eager to find out. “See what Urs.”
“Images, flashes of things I didn’t understand. But I think they were of home.”
Lea took hold of his hand. “Did they tell you they want to keep you overnight?”
“Yeah. I kind of messed up our little meeting with Ree haven’t I?”
Michael spoke. “Don’t worry about that, meetings can be rescheduled.”
“Really would rather go home.” Urs looked at Sheila and smiled. “Our resident nurse could look after me.”
The doctor walked into the room hearing the end of the conversation. “Who can look after you young man?”
Urs pointed to Sheila. “She could, she’s a nurse.”
The doctor looked Urs over as he spoke. “Well I guess if you stay in bed and do what you are told there is no reason why you cannot go home tonight as long as your nurse goes with you.”
David looked at the doctor. “Are you sure Doc?”
“I was going to keep him in for observation but he seems to have responded very quickly.” The doctor looked to Sheila. “You know what to do.”
Sheila nodded. “Yes sir.”
Urs smiled and squeezed Lea’s hand. He had no idea why but he felt very uneasy being in the hospital, he had been uneasy while visiting Lea when she had been admitted and even more so now that he was a patient. He just wanted to get out and knowing he could go home made him feel better.
“Don’t worry doc we’ll look after him.” Lea bent over and kissed him again.
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Chapter 45
Back at the apartments they all made sure that Urs got into bed before they left. Sheila was going to stay but since she was just down the hall they felt it would be okay to leave him with Lea for the time being.
David did get to make the call to Ree while they were all still together. “You know I don’t think I understand half of what that woman says but God I love the way she talks.”
Carlos was getting fidgety. “But what did she say?”
“Oh. Said to call her in the morning, let her know how Urs was doing. She won’t cancel the wardrobe or stylist people just yet.”
Michael sighed. “So we are not off the hook… I’m going to pick Mary up. You call me if you need me. If not I’ll see you guys in the morning.”

Michael left then Sheila and Sebastien and the last to leave was David. “You sure you are okay Urs?”
Urs smiled at his friend and took hold of Lea’s hand. “I’m in the best hands.”
David smiled at Lea. “You got that right but make sure you call if you need anything.”
“I will big brother I promise.”
Lea sat on the bed and gently brushed a wayward curl from Urs’ face. “Might be a good idea if you try and get some rest.”
Urs pulled her in close and kissed her. “Lay with me.”
Lea curled her self up behind Urs and with her arm draped over his she gently stroked his chest. A short time later she heard and felt his breathing change knowing that he was asleep.
They had all agreed to tell Ree the whole story but lying there next to Urs, Lea wondered just how they were going to do that and how she would react. What did they do if she over reacted? Lea had a few contingency plans up her sleeve but none of them were particularly nice and meant that Ree would disappear. They were definitely last resort plans. Tomorrow would be a turning point for all of them.

A few hours later a knock at the door work Lea. She had fallen asleep next to Urs. Checking to see that he was still sleeping she went to answer and got a surprise to see Ree standing there.
Ree smiled. “Mate, before you have a spazz attack I’m not here about our meeting tomorrow. Just checking on Urs.”
Lea invited her in. “He’s still sleeping.”
“But he is okay. Is there anything I need to do, to get you guys? Cooee for the doc?”
Lea was about to answer but Urs was standing at the lounge room door. “Thanks Ree, but I’m okay, apart from a splitting headache.”
As Urs walked over to sit next to Lea, Ree checked his head wound. “Well seems you gave yourself a pretty good dong on the old scone there sunshine.”
Urs and Lea looked at each other and Ree translated “Thump on the head. Seems to be apples though wouldn’t you say?” She continued. “You be up for using that angelic voice of yours tomorrow mate?”
Urs smiled. “If the headache goes away but any high notes maybe a problem. I’m willing to give it a try.”
Ree smiled. “Bonza. So I’ll see you at the studio in the morning.” She got up to leave. “I would recommend you get plenty of kip, mmmm rest for the evening.” Ree looked to Lea. “And I do mean rest none of this hide the donger game.” Again Urs and Lea looked at each other and Ree translated as she shut the front door behind her. “Sex, No sex, more rest.”
Both Lea and Urs stood their looking at the closed door blushing. Urs shook his head which was a mistake. “Did she just tell us not to have sex?”
“Uh Huh.” Was all Lea said still trying to figure out what Ree had said and pulling Urs back into the bedroom to REST.

The morning came around fast but Urs was much better. He rolled over and kissed Lea on the nose and she slowly came to life. Looking into his smiling face she felt like the luckiest person in the universe, any universe. “How are you feeling this morning?”
“Let’s just say I am glad you don’t always do what you are told. Best medicine I can think of is making love to the women you love.”
Lea took a deep breath and stroked his face, pushing a wayward curl back into place. He had said he loved her and she felt his words soak into her heart. “Do you really love me Urs. I mean really love me?”
Urs looked so lovingly into her eyes Lea could have melted into his and his voice was so tender as he spoke. “I do. I love you so much my heart cannot contain the feelings I have for you.” Urs pulled her a little closer and held her hands. “Lea. I’m scared about the situation we are in. I have no idea what the future will be but I do know I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to wake up every morning to find you sleeping next to me. I want to know you will be there to comfort me in times of pain, to guide me when I seem lost; I want you to love me forever. I want us to be together forever.”
Lea had tears rolling down her face. “Urs I will love you forever, I promise to be by your side no matter what…. forever.” She lent in and kissed him and looked back into his eyes. “Forever.”

By the time the Il Divo clan arrived at the recording studio Ree was already waiting for them. She smiled at them as they approached. The first thing the men noticed was no one else was there. No sound engineers, no session musicians, no one. Not even the wardrobe and stylist people Ree had said would be coming. They looked at each other a little nervous. “Bloody Nora your faces look like Australia just lost to the Kiwi’s. Don’t stress I’m here to listen to what you have to tell me. So pull up a possie all of you.”
They all just stood there and Ree sighed. “Find a seat and get comfortable.”
David went to sit. “Where is everyone Ree?”
“Gave em the day off. I reckon what ever you are going to tell me will be a corker of a yarn and not something for others to hear.”
Again they all looked to each other but Ree was now looking at Lea and Urs. “And it seems that you two did exactly the opposite to what I suggested last night…… Ripper. You feeling better Urs?”
Urs had no idea how Ree would know what they had been up to but he had to admit he did feel much better. “Yes thank you Ree. Much.”
Ree nodded and gave Lea a knowing smile which made her blush; the others all smiled to themselves as they did know what had gone on. “So who’s going to have a burl at telling your tale?”
Lea had no idea what a burl was but she had got the gist of Rees slang and launched into telling her all that had happened to them while the others watched on anxiously. To her credit Ree sat and absorbed everything, never flinched, never gave them any indication that she had been surprised at what she was hearing. By the look of her face Lea could have been reading out a grocery list. When Lea finished the room fell silent and they all waited.
Ree looked around the room resting her gaze on each one of them before going on to the next. When her eyes fell back on Lea she spoke. “Fair suck of the sav, if I hadn’t seen that bloody office I’d think you were trying to take the piss.”
The all frowned trying to understand what she was getting at and Lea spoke for them all. “Ree what are you saying?”
“I’m saying that little yarn of yours sounds a bit more than a little shonky but I believe you.” she could see that they were still having trouble with her language. “Your story, it’s wild but I believe you. Why the bloody hell would you make something up like that.”
She could see the relief in there faces. “So if I have this right. You’re all aliens, come through in a wormhole after being kidnapped by Simon. I always knew there was something dodgy about that bushranger. So now you are trying to get your memories back and figure out who the hell you are? Well blow me over and call me Priscilla Queen of the desert. Seems we have a few issues need sorting out.”
Urs stood up. “Maybe we should show her the house?”
They all nodded and Ree stood up as well. “Well lead on Mac duff. I’m up for more of the same. And I thought when I signed on for this ride things would be boring.”
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Chapter 46
Michael drove the Il Divo clan to the house with Ree following in her own car. He stopped in the same place as he always did, just outside the front door.
Ree got out of her car and came to stand next to the group. She ran her eyes across the house. “Well stone the crows how did Simon manage to keep this a secret. She’s a beauty isn’t she.” David was at Ree’s side so she put her arm through his. “Okay mate. I’m ready for the grand tour.”
David looked back at the others as Ree pulled him towards the house. “Do we show her the lab first?” David wanted some confirmation from his friends. Ree pulled him into the house. “Oh a lab and I reckon you’re not talking puppy dog.”
The others followed not saying anything but giving each other looks that said so much. David escorted Ree down the hall and then down the steps and into the wine cellar. They had walked passed several racks of wine when Ree came to a halt, something had caught her eye. “Hold up a mo.” Ree whistled and pulled a bottle of wine out of its resting place. “Crickey, do you know what this is?”
David knew he was probably going to regret what he said but he said it anyway. “Wine. A bottle of red wine.”
She smiled at him and gave him a peck on the cheek. “ Sunshine this little bottle of lolly water is rare and worth a fortune” She replaced the bottle and took another one out and whistled again and continued to do this all along the cellar until they reach the door to the lab. “Simon you sly dingo. You guys have a fortune in wine down here and you had no idea did you?”
They all shook their heads. “Well stuff having your album launch at the Hyatt. We’ve just found the new venue boys and girls.”
None of them were happy with this new development but no one said anything. Lea just moved forward, opened the door to the lab and switched on the lights leaving Ree to walk in first. “Strewth” was all she said and the others just watched her as she walked around the lab.
Michael switched on the monitors so she would see what they had been working on. The room was tense. Sheila had nestled herself under Sebastien’s arm and Lea was standing in front of Urs. He was holding her at the waist, Lea found comfort in being able to feel the warmth of his body on hers but she was finding the silence a little unbearable. “So Ree…”
“So, I reckon you need a better lock on that door. Beam me up Scottie.”
Ree perched herself on the edge of a desk and put her hands in her trouser pockets. “There are secrets and then there are secrets and then there is this. I get to manage what I know will be the next big thing in music and you’re all bloody aliens. What am I supposed to do with that? I suppose when you get your memories back you’ll all want to bugger off back home. Leave me high and dry.”
No one said a word and Ree continued. “This puts a bit of a dink in the old plan then doesn’t it.”
Urs spoke. “What are you going to do?”
Ree smiled, stood up straight. “I am going to get one of those ridiculously expensive bottles of wine, take it home, put a straw in it and hope to God I pass out.”
David smiled. “But we need to know what you think, what you are going to do Ree. Can’t we discuss this a bit more please?”
Something about David bothered Ree, not in a bad way, it was just the way he made her feel. She put it down to his boyish charm and how well he had perfected his skill at using it. “Fine. Dinner at Victoria’s at 5pm.”
Carlos shot a look at her. “But Ree, it takes months to get in there and they don’t open until 7pm.”
Ree went over to Carlos taking his injured hand in hers. “My wounded winged Don Quixote. They’ll be open to night for sure.” She began to walk out of the lab and they all saw her take a bottle of wine as she past the racks. “See you at five. We might have to change the name of this bloody band to Il Jetsons.”

They all looked at each other, David shrugged his shoulders. “Well that went well.”
Lea gave him a curious look. “It did, did it?”
Sebastien came to David’s defence. “Well it could have been much worse.”
Then Carlos stepped in “Lea, at least she listened, she’s willing to believe us.”
“I know that fellas but she had a point and I know she’ll have a way of making sure you don’t high tale it back home before she wants you to.”
Urs spoke up. “She can’t do that. If we want to go home, we go home.”
Lea turned and looked at him. “How long is your contract for?”
Not just Urs but they all realised what Lea was getting at. David’s voice wasn’t so cheery as he answered her. “Five years, the contract is for five years.”
“So she’s got you for another four at least. Guys, I am not sure we should go through with this at least not yet, not now.”
They all started to argue with her. Lea put up her hands to quiet them down, as she did Urs pulled her close. “I’m sure I speak for the others Lea whether we figure out how to get home or not we all want to know who we really are. Making us wait four years is not fair” He looked deep into her eyes. “Could you wait that long?”
Lea bowed her head. “No… I’m sorry guys. But this is…..I just don’t want to screw this up.”
David came over to her. “Hey Squizz, We’re all a bit scared but we have each other. We’ll figure this out.”
She smiled at him and they all gathered around her to reassure her, Sheila tried to ease the tension. “Besides it might take us four years to figure all this out.”
She did get a little laugh out of them all but it was short lived as David yelled and he held onto the side of his head, squinting at the pain. Urs caught him before he fell to the floor and Lea yelled. “David!! What is it?”
“The pain, it hurts I can see it but it hurts. Oh God Squizz make it stop.”
Urs still had hold of his friend. “Lea it’s the same.”
She looked at him puzzled so he continued. “In the woods, I felt the same, saw the same.”
David cried out as the pain racked his mind trying to curl up in a ball hoping it would help. Sheila lent over them and shot David with an injection gun, he immediately went limp in Urs’ arms and they all looked at her. Sebastien shouted at her. “What the hell did you do Sheila?”
“Stopped him from passing out with the pain that’s what I did.”
“But how did you know?” Lea was on her feet.
“When Urs told us what happened I thought I knew but I haven’t had the chance to say anything. This has happened before, not to everyone that Simon took but a lot and all around the same time. Seems our brains fight back the whole time and get to a point where our real memories want to come out but it never happens, it’s just pain and more pain and each time they attack the pain gets worse until you can’t bear it any longer. Simon had his scientists work on a drug that he could use on those people he wanted to keep around.” She held up the gun. “One shot is all it takes; David won’t have any more problems.” She looked at Urs. “I’ll need to give you one as well Urs or the next attack will be pretty bad.”
Sebastien and Carlos came to her side. Sebastien asking the question for both of them. “And us Cheri? What about us?”
Sheila smiled. “If you have an attack then I will have to do the same but it will not work until you have had the first attack. I’m sorry.”
The both looked down at David and cringed knowing what pain he had gone through.
Urs motioned to them all. “Come on help me get him to a bed.”
As they did that Michael pulled Sheila aside. “I never had an attack like that.”
“Me either Michael but I have seen it in others. Has to do with your chemical make up. Some of us are lucky.” She looked over at David now on one of the lab beds. “Some not so.”
Urs looked back at Sheila. “Do I need to have another attack before you can give me that?”
Sheila shook her head. “No just as long as you have had the first one.”
Urs jumped up onto the bed next to David. “Well then let’s get it over with.”
Urs laid himself down. “How long will this knock me out for?”
Just as Sheila shot him she said. “A couple of hours.”
Lea bent down and kissed him, Urs’ eyes glazed over. “Oh I don’t feel….” Was all he said and he was asleep.
Lea stood between the two beds having flashbacks of being on Simons transport, she had tears in her eyes. Both Sebastien and Carlos came to hug her.
Sebastien tried to be flippant. “Promise to give me a kiss when she shoots me?” He got a smile from Lea but a smack from Sheila.
Michael broke the mood with his next comment. “Well since we are playing doctor I suppose we could see if this works.”
Lea, Sebastien and Carlos looked at him not knowing what he had in his hand but Sheila was very aware of what it was. “Are you sure Michael I mean? We’ve stripped it back as much as we could but ..”
Lea looked from one to the other.” What the hell are you two talking about?”
Michael waved a small, black square device around. “This is the wormhole information from the logs. I need to get the memories so I know what to do. We might as well hook me up now.”
It was all too much and too quick for Lea. “I thought you said it would take ages. And what did you strip?”
Michael explained that they had taken off all the non essential information and only left that of the worm holes. So that would be the only memory he would get. And it should not take more than a few hours. So while David and Urs were having a little nap it made sense to hook him up. Sheila told their stunned audience that she knew how to hook up all the equipment.
Lea frowned. “I don’t know about this?”
Michael put his hands on her shoulders. “Sooner or later we are going to have to do this and it makes sense that it is me.” He looked at Urs and David. “Might as well join my brothers.”
Lea knew he was right.
Sebastien and Carlos stood at Lea’s side while Sheila prepared Michael for the up load. Just before she put him under he looked at Lea. “Well don’t I get a kiss.”
Lea smiled; lent over and kissed him, when she stepped back he was unconscious.
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Chapter 47
Michael could hear muffled sounds as he woke, moving his head he realised that Sheila was standing next to him and she had removed all the wires and probes. He groaned a little and she smiled down at him “Welcome back.”
The others stopped talking and came to his bed side. David and Urs had not been awake long and Lea had just finished filling them in, she squeezed Michaels arm. “How you feeling?”
“Okay, I think.”
“Everything still were it is supposed to be?”
Now Lea asked the important question. “And the new stuff?”
They could see Michael searching his memories and then he smiled. “Lea it’s all here as if it had always been here.” He sat up on the bed and looked at them all. “I can do this. I can really open a worm hole. This is incredible, so amazing.” Michael began to rattle off some of his new knowledge then saw the looks on his friend’s faces. “Sorry, guess I got carried away.”
Lea’s voice was tinted with concern. “Michael I think we should keep the fact that you have this new knowledge to ourselves.” Michael gave her a disapproving look. “Of course you can tell Mary, she’s part of us but Ree, no. She already thinks you guys are going to jump ship the first chance you get.”
Michael looked from David to Urs. “How are you guys feeling?”
Urs smiled but David answered. “No more headaches, thanks to Sheila. That last one was a little nasty.”
Lea looked from Michael to David and then to Urs. “You guys up for getting out of here? We’ve still got a dinner date remember.”
Just then Michael’s phone rang as a text came through. He smiled. “It’s from Ree. She says don’t forget to bring Mary tonight and the red wine is bonza.” He looked at his friends. “Does that mean good or bad?”
They all shrugged their shoulders when Sebastien offered a comment that made them all laugh. “That woman should come with a translator.”

They arrived outside Victoria’s Restaurant to find a sign on the door saying closed but Ree standing outside waiting for them. “G’day” She was holding a briefcase. “Shall we.” With those words she pushed opened the door to restaurant and they we greet by the owner, Frederik. He was a tall man in his sixties with a happy disposition; He smiled at them all and invited them in, shaking the hands of the men and kissing the hands of the woman. “Come in, Come in. Any friend of Ree’s is welcome. She tells me you have a lot to discuss, a working dinner. So I took the liberty of giving you a private room so you can stay as long as you need.”
Ree smacked Frederik on the back as they walked to the other ended of the restaurant and into a large private dinning area. “Thanks Freddie, you’re a gem for opening up early.”
Frederik kissed her on the cheek. “You know you are like my own daughter. It pleases me to know I can help you. Now I must go attend to the kitchen.” He bowed to them all and made his exit.
Ree smiled at her guest. “Well take a possie people while I check out the bar facilities” As she walked over to a very well stocked bar she kept talking. “Any one else up for a drink? The room was silent so she looked back at them all. “Don’t tell me none of you drink.”
Sebastien spoke up. “Um Ree about the red wine.”
She laughed “Oh mate I had one glass. Couldn’t find a straw long enough.” The room was still silent. “What a wet lot you are. It was a joke. I’m joking. Do you really think I would have gotten plastered knowing we were going to have this meeting. Maybe after.”
It was Carlos’ turn. “So bonza means that the wine was good right.”
Again Ree laughed. “Correct.”
Now Urs jumped in. “And plastered…”
“Means pissed, pie eyed, DRUNK. Which reminds me, I have a gift for all of you. Lea would you open my briefcase. There is a book for each of you in there.”
Lea smiled as she pulled the books out and handed them around the table and the others all laughed. It was called the ‘Book of Australian Slang’. However what was sitting underneath the books made Lea’s skin go cold. It was the Il Divo contract, seems Ree had come prepared.
Ree had found what she wanted from the bar, a nice red wine. She looked back at the table. “Now let me have a crack at guessing what you all like to knock back. mmmm David my sweet I bet you’re a beer man.”
“That would be fine Ree thank you.”
Ree poured him a drink while she thought about the others. “Sebastien, wine right, nice red maybe a merlot?” Sebastien looked to the others shocked. It was exactly what he liked.
Before she could get another word out her stopped her. “I’ll stick with the coke thanks Ree if it is all the same to you.”
She smiled as she pulled a can of coke out of the fridge behind her. “No skin of my nose. Urs how about you? Going to play it safe as well.”
Urs gave her a devilish smile and Ree poured him a glass of red wine. “Why is it always the quiet ones that surprise you?”
Lee looked at Urs and had to smile he did have the cheekiest look on his face.
Ree looked over at Michael who raised his hands. “Sorry but I’ll play it safe join Carlos in a good strong coke.”
Ree smiled and then looked at the girls. “Ladies what be your poison?”
Lea smiled as she saw Ree put the tequila bottle on the bar. None of the men saw the silent acceptance go on between the two women as Ree poured Lea a shot. “Ice, no lemon right.”
“Thanks Ree.”
“Sheila how about you?”
“Don’t suppose there is any port hiding back there?”
You want that straight up?”
“No, mixed with lemonade.” Her choice got some looks from the others. “What, I like it okay.”
Sebastien leaned into her. “I will have to remember that one.”
Sheila gave him a kiss. “Just remember what flavour ice cream I like and you’ll be fine.”
“And Mary, you sticking with the safe stuff or joining your sisters?’
Mary smiled. “Gin and tonic would be rather nice thank you Ree.”
“G&T it is then.” And Ree began to mix the drink. Once done she brought the full tray back to the table and handed them out like she had been doing it all her life. “You don’t think I was an exec all my life. Had to start somewhere. Earned my stripes tending bar in some of the roughest places in Australia.”
She smiled and held up her own glass to make a toast. “To Il Divo, The hottest damn aliens I have ever met. The only aliens I’ve ever met. I think.”
David coughed and spluttered as beer came out his nose, Mary patted Michael on the back as he did the same, The others had been lucky enough not to have taken a drink and they all burst out laughing.
The group joined in general chit chat while they ate dinner, laughing at some of the content of the book Ree had given them and Ree promised to try and tone down her Aussie vernacular. They explained what had happened to David that afternoon but left out the little detail of Michaels memory upload. And apart from Carlos and Michael everyone else consumed a great deal of alcohol. David had tried to keep up with Ree and failed. Urs decided early on as he saw just how easily Lee took to the tequila he was not even going to try. Sheila had moved from port and lemonade to straight port and Sebastien had joined her. They were all very merry once the real meeting got under way and the next morning most of them would be paying for their sins.
“I have been doing a lot of thinking about our unique situation.” Ree dropped the contract onto the middle of the table. “And I could just wave this at you and say you are mine for the next four years so suck it up and get over it. But I won’t. When the dust clears if you all want to leave I’m not going to stop you. And considering where you’re bloody going no one is going to be able to sue you for breach of contract are they now.”
They were all a little stunned not expecting Ree to give in so easy, they had all expected to have to fight. But she was not finished. “I want to ask you something though. If you all bloody shoot through you better give me the option to go with you.” Ree took another sip of her wine. “Seriously. When the time comes all I ask it that you search your hearts and do what is right.” She looked each and every one of them straight in the eyes, her gaze resting on David for much longer than was necessary and her face softened. David could feel her stare. “What is it Ree, you want to ask me something?”
“No. just wondering how good you would look standing on Bondi Beach dressed in nothing but your budgie smugglers.” She took a deep breath while the others all grabbed their newly acquired books. Ree stood up, walked over to where David was sitting and once again surprised him when she gave him a very passionate kiss. “Crickey you taste good.” With that she left the room and the restaurant.
Back at the table once he had recovered, David asked his friends what the hell was a budgie smuggler. Lea showed him her book and David went bright red much to the amusement of everyone else, all of whom had been trying unsuccessfully not to laugh.
Urs raised his glass. “To Aussies, bloody bonza mate.”
His toast unravelled them all together. Lea was holding her face it hurt she was laughing so much. The sound of their laughter drifted into the main part of the restaurant bringing a smile to Frederik’s face.

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Chapter 48
The next morning the Il Divo clan were slow to rise. Michael and Carlos not having to wade through a hangover had met for breakfast while Michael left Mary to sleep off her little indulgence.
Although Urs had not consumed as much alcohol as the others he had done himself enough damage to not want to move his head too much or too fast. He had tried to open his eyes and decided that was a bad idea as well.
Lea stirred next to him, she so loved waking up to feel his body next to her. “You awake?”
“No I died… Oh god that was a mistake.”
Lea giggled turning so she could rest her head on Urs’ chest. “I had a great time last night.”
At the sound of her cheery voice Urs did open his eyes, he had to see if she looked as good as she sounded. He shuffled in the bed making Lea perch herself on her arm. Her loving face was smiling back at him. “You feeling okay Lea?”
She giggled again. “I feel great.’
“But you drank so much last night how can this be. I feel horrible.”
“No idea. I like the taste of tequila and it seems to like me No effect.”
Urs was surprised. “What do you mean no effect?”
“Exactly that. No effect. No hanger over. I get a little buzz but that’s about it. Don’t know if it has got to do with where we come from.”
“But Lea, I’m from there as well and god I am suffering. That’s just not fair.”
Lea giggled again and began to run her tongue down the middle of his chest making Urs fall back into the bed. “Maybe this will make you feel better.”
Urs did not answer; his body had already begun to tingle with anticipation. Lea sent shivers all over him as she worked her way up and down his chest, kissing and licking him softly. She placed herself on top of him and gently massaged his ribs as she kissed his neck, then brushed her lips gently over his, teasing him before coming back an allowing him to kiss her.
Urs took hold of her, his whole body screaming with ecstasy as he could feel her body press against his own and once again she took him to a place of such passion and pleasure it bordered on pain. Urs groaned as his energy was released forgetting completely about his hang over.

Sebastien had woken before Sheila and like Urs was cursing how he felt. He decided that a shower would help him. He had been standing under the cold water just letting it run over his head and down his back when he felt Sheila’s hands on his chest. He turned to face her. “Cherie. I don’t have the energy.”
Sheila answered him by kissing him gently on the lips, then a little bit harder parting his lips so she could explore his mouth with her tongue.
Sebastien was going to object but he only took her in his arms and reciprocated, He gently pulled her by the hair making her tilt her head back so he could kiss her on the neck.
As the intensity of their love making grew it was not until that point that Sebastien was aware he could make love under the cold water. As Sheila drew him in his body ached with pleasure and like Urs he forgot his hang over.

David woke with a start, sitting straight up and then fell back down hugging his pillow. “Oh god, what did we do. Oh my head.” David had to think what had woken him as his head pounded like a bass drum. As he remembered a smile crossed his face. He had been dreaming, dreaming about Ree. A dream that had started out innocent enough but had ended… David looked across the bed to make sure it had really been a dream. One part of him was glad that the space beside him was empty but another part wished she had been there. His thoughts worked their way through his body, so with pounding head David decided it was time for a long cold shower.

While the rest of the Il Divo clan were still contemplating even getting up Ree had been awake and up for hours. She could handle large consumptions of alcohol very well, a device she had used in the past to her advantage and last night had not been a particularly heavy dinking session at all. However she did feel her face warm a little as she remembered how she had kissed David before she left. What had she been thinking? It was not professional at all but she had obviously drank enough to throw caution to the wind and do the very thing she had been wanting to do since she had first laid eyes on him and the very thing she knew she was not supposed to do, being their boss so to speak. The kiss last night had stirred in her feelings she had not know for such a long time, feelings for another person that , if she let them, could run very deep and very strong.
It had been a long, long time since anyone had made her feel that way. A long time since she had allowed anyone to make her feel that way. Ree had clawed her way up the corporate ladder, she had the scars to prove it, a thicker skin to protect her heart and soul but no matter how thick the skin sometimes she got hurt and the last time had been traumatic. Thinking back it had been over five years since she had even contemplated letting anyone into her life, getting that close. She kept herself involved in her work making a reputation for herself that no one could question. Sure, being a female she still had to fight battles that if she had been a man would never have existed but now that people knew her, she was taken seriously and if she wasn’t, well the Aussie came out in her and she usually won.
Ree thought if she had not kissed David at their first meeting maybe she would not feel as she did. She smiled knowing that was the very reason she had done it in the first place. He had walked into her office and it was as if she had been waiting all her life just for him, just for David to walk into her life, so easy, so simple. But it was not so simple. She swore at herself. How was she going to explain her actions to David, hoping that he had been too drunk to remember.
Stepping out of her shower, drying off and dressing casually in jeans and a t shirt she made up her mind to call and get a feel for the situation.

David was on his second cup of coffee when his phone rang. “David Speaking” His voice sounded as bad as he felt.
“Ooooo, Hiya mate. Ree here. You sound like you need some pampering. You okay David?”
“Got the whole London philharmonic orchestra playing in my head but besides that I’m just great. What’s up?”
“You want to meet for a late breakfast?”
“I don’t think any of the others are up yet.”
“No, just you and me. We need to have a yarn about a few things. No need to wake the others. Say I meet you at Café Brazil in about an hour?”
David was a little taken back but through the fog in his head he agreed to meet her. Smiling as they said goodbye, he was actually looking forward to seeing her, such a strange feeling. But what did she need to seem him about and alone. Was it something to do with the others? Did she want to try and work on him so he would work on his band members making sure they stayed for the duration of their contract? What was she up to? David looked at himself in the mirror making sure he looked presentable to be seen in public. Couldn’t do anything about the rings under his eyes or the shade of red they happened to be. So on went the sunglasses. “You want to know what she is up to ask her.” He nodded at his reflection and left to meet Ree.

Ree was sat at an outside table and rose to greet David as he approached. He was surprised to see her in jeans and a t shirt but he liked what he saw. “Crickey David why didn’t you just tell me to bugger off on the phone, you look bloody terrible.”
David sat and the words were out of his mouth before he knew. “Wanted to see you.”
Ree could not see the surprised look or embarrassment because of his sun glasses but she smiled and decided to have a bit of fun. “Ooo Do tell, business or pleasure?”
David shifted in his seat not knowing what to say, he was shocked at what he had already said. He’d been thinking how good she looked and how he had wanted to see her but never intended to say it out loud. Ree laughed such a honey covered laugh he had to smile.
“Well I did find out what budgie smugglers are thank you very much.”
“So you do remember last night.” Ree’s expression had turned serious. “All of last night?”
David took off his glasses and leaned into the table. Ree had to feel sorry for him his eyes were so bloodshot. “I remember how great you smelt when you kissed me before you left.”
Ree dropped her gaze. “Yeah about that kiss.”
David got hold of her hand across the table. “Please don’t tell me it was just the red wine talking. I don’t think I could take that. Ree I have no idea how but you have stirred something in me. I wasn’t even looking for anyone. But now.” David stopped, pulled his hand away from Rees’ and replaced his glasses. Maybe he had said too much. He was foolish to think she could feel anything for him. “I’m sorry Ree. I had no right to say that.”
Ree looked at him but David could not read her face. “No David that’s okay. It’s good that you can say how you feel.” She paused just a little getting up the courage to continue. “It’s okay considering I feel the same about you.”
David was shocked, he took his glasses back off. “Ree, you mean you like me.”
“With or without the budgie smugglers I more than like you David.”
David had the most wonderful smile on his face Ree’s heart just melted. He was cheeky but he was genuine and she loved that about him. Now how did she tell him it could never be?
David saw the look on her face change. “What ever you are about to say Ree don’t say it. I don’t think I want to here it.”
“But you know we can never be don’t you? I’m sort of you boss…”
David swore and slammed his hand on the table making Ree and a few other patrons jump. “No…. We’re adults Ree. No one should be able to tell us who we can and can’t see.”
Rees heart was heavy she wanted so much for this relationship to begin, to continue. “And there is the other reason.”
“What other reason Ree. What could there possibly be.”
She lent into so only David could hear her. “You’re an alien remember.”
“So is Michael and he is with Mary so what, we’re compatible in all the right places as far as I know.”
Ree gagged a laugh. “Blood Nora David. Give a sheila some warning before you put a flippin picture like that out there.”
David had to smile. “Well it’s true.”
Ree recovered very quickly. “Yeah and I bet you are just itching to find out aren’t you?”
David gave as good as he got. “Well if you are offering.” He put his glasses back on to hide the twinkle in his eye but not before Ree had thrown the ice out of her orange juice at him.
“But seriously David as much as I would like to see how we FIT together it’s too complicated.”
Once more David leaned in and took her hand. “Ree, you can’t tell me you don’t have what it takes to get what you really want. I don’t believe that. If it is the rest of the gang you are worried about, don’t be. We are keeping a pretty big secret as it is, they can look after this one as well and when the time is right we’ll tell the rest of the world.”
“But that’s just it David. My world and your world are two different places. You’ll want to go home and I can’t follow you.”
David knew she had a point, he could never ask her to leave earth but he was not even sure if he wanted to go home anymore. But he did know he wanted to spend as much time as he could with Ree.
“I know Ree and I would never ask you to do something you did not want. Can’t we just spend the time we have together, be there for each other, be each others strength.”
“And get our bloody hearts broken when we have to split up.”
David sighed deeply and Ree could see the sadness on his face. “I’d rather have spent time with you and have a broken heart for eternity than not have been with you at all.”
Ree could feel the pain in her chest already, he had gotten to her in so many ways, he had snaked his way through all of her defences, was willing to commit to them even knowing that they would be pulled apart. Her head said it was the wrong thing to do but her heart was already lost to the man that sat opposite her.
“Are you really sure David? I mean really sure. This is going to be hard yakka.”
David stood, walked to her side of the table, bent over and gave her the most passionate kiss she could remember, it literally took her breath away. “Does that answer your question?”
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Chapter 49
After breakfast David and Ree took a walk around the town just talking, getting to know each other, David getting a handle on her unique way of talking. More than once he had to ask her to explain what she had said and each time Ree laughed. David got to see the lighter side of her character and personality, no wonder he had fallen for her and she was, how did she put it? ‘Pretty sharp’. They talked about music and he was surprised to find that she had a wide range of music that she enjoyed from classical to heavy metal and all things in between. She also loved to read when she got the time and her favourite was science fiction which was ironic given their situation and she had a head for technology. She loved to tinker with gadgets.
By late afternoon they found themselves sitting on a bench in a small park not far from the apartments. Ree resting her head on David’s chest, listening to his heart beat and feeling the gentle rhythm as he breathed.
He gently brushed his hand through her hair. “I’ve had the best day of my life today.”
Ree patted his chest. “Even starting out with a hang over?”
David kissed the top of her head. “Yes even starting out with a hang over. But I must confess that is not exactly how my day started. Oh, I had the hangover alright but it started with a dream about you.”
Ree smiled and moved so that she could see his face. “Was that good or bad?”
A cheeky smile crossed his face. “Well let’s just say I checked the bed next to me to make sure it was a dream.”
Ree slapped him playfully “You cheeky bugger. And did this dream end well?”
Ree saw David’s face colour just a little. “It ended with me having to have a cold shower thank you very much.”
Ree let out the most wonderful laugh. “Glad I could satisfy your needs when I am not even there.” She laughed again and kissed him. “You’re a bloody breath of fresh air you are mate, a cracker D, a cracker.”
David laughed with her; he loved the way she made him feel.

David’s phone chimed as a text came in, it was from Lea. “Lea wants to know where I am”
David sent a one word text back. “Out”
And got a one word reply “Duh!!!”
While he had been doing this Ree sent her own text to them all saying she wanted to have a meeting to discuss the future and they were all to meet at their local pub. David just looked at her as he read his phone and then replied to Lea’s message as she had asked if he had the text from Ree.
Ree smiled at him. “I do need to talk to you all and you said we needed to tell the others about us. So why not do it together. You’ve all had time to get over last night.”
David put his arm around her as they walked back through the park towards the pub getting there about twenty minutes before the others. Rick smiled as he came from behind the bar to greet them. “Hi David, the rest of your clan be joining you or is it just you and your lady friend?”
“The others are on their way. Rick I would like you to meet Ree.”
Ree put out her hand and shook Ricks. “G’day Rick, nice to meet you.”
Rick smiled. “I swear there are more Aussies in London than pommies.”
Ree gave them her honey covered laugh. “But you love us don’t ya Rick.”
Rick looked at David as he guided them to their table. “I like this one David.”
“So do I.” And David hugged Ree before they sat down.
Rick asked if they would like a drink and they answered together “Coke” and then laughed.
Rick smiled as he went to get them a drink. Seemed David had found himself a lady friend.
David and Ree carried on a general conversation until the others all arrived including Michael and Mary.
Their little group made for quite and entrance and more than a few heads turned, Rick acknowledged them from behind the bar as he was serving a patron. “Be with you guys in a minute.”
They all waved and Lea shouted over her shoulder. “A round of Cokes for us Rick, we’re all in recovery mode.”
Rick nodded that he had heard her and they made their way to were Ree and David were sitting.
Lea looked at them both then looked to Mary and Sheila, all three girls smiled. They had seen it, they knew before anyone said anything. David and Ree were a couple. Lea just had to say something. “This is going to be an interesting conversation.”
All that Urs, Michael, Sebastien or Carlos noticed was the casual way in which Ree was dressed, they all approved but had expected her to be in her usual suit, however Urs had heard what Lea had said. “What do you mean?”
Lea smiled and the other girls laughed a little. “David and Ree, they’re a couple.”
Urs just shot Lea a looked and she nodded her head. “Bet you a million bucks that is what they want to tell us.”

They all sat at the table, said their hellos and Ree got straight into it. She did not however start with her relationship with David and as they talked about Il Divo’s future Lea began to think she had read them all wrong. “I’ve heard the demo of your first album guys and it’s bloody terrific. I’ve also looked at the tour schedule that Simon put together and would like to make a few changes. Instead of starting here what if we do the Americas, Australia, Asia, Europe and then home, that way you finish the tour back here?” They all nodded in agreement. The Ree looked to Lea. “I know you want to find a way to get back home and all their memories back Lea and I want you to know I don’t expect you to travel with them.” Lea was about to protest but Ree stopped her. “Just listen first before you bite my head off okay.” Lea remained silent but Ree could see her simmering under the surface. “You need to be able to do what ever you need to sort all this out. Need to be able to go wherever to do that and I am giving you permission to do just that. You’ll still be on the payroll but I am going to change your position to my assistant.” They all looked at her. “It will give you more freedom to move around.” Ree looked to Michael and Mary. “I’d like you two to stay behind as well be part of the team.” They both nodded.
Sheila squeezed Sebastien’s hand under the table. “And me Ree?”
Ree gave her a consoling smile. “Sorry Sheila but I think you are needed here at the moment. You and Michael have the memories and knowledge and know how.” Ree made sure that she made eye contact with each and everyone of Il Divo. “Sorry mates but you’ll have to suck it up and travel without your other halves for a while.”
The table was silent as they all took in what she was saying. “Look. We have a unique situation here and if I could wave a magic wand and fix it I would. I’m doing the bloody best I can with what I’ve go. I’ll have your backs but we have to keep moving along as the rest of the world see us.”
Urs spoke.” Ree, we understand and thank you, I’m not sure we could have done any of this if Simon had still been around. We’ve got a few months before you show us to the world.”
“Two weeks.” Was all Ree said and she got the reaction she had expected.
They all started to talk at once, all except David, he was dumbfounded she had not told him that afternoon. He let out his high pitched whistle bringing the conversation to a stop and getting stares from others in the pub. “Ree we haven’t finished the album. We wanted to make a few changes to a couple of songs and two weeks, No one is going to come and see us, not enough people anyway. Two weeks is not enough time.”
Ree smiled, she knew this was hard on them. “Your album is already being pressed and some ready to be shipped, venues have been booked. Simon did that I just changed dates, and trust me at the end of this two weeks there will not be a place in the world who has not heard of Il Divo. You have started a ripple; I’m just making sure it turns into a tidal wave. It might interest you to know that Eternity have set up a website for Il Divo as well. So I will need for you jackeroos to post something for your fans”
This little piece of information surprised them all. Sebastien was a little miffed. “Ree, why a web sit? What have we got to say and I don’t think we would have that many fans. At least not yet.”
Again Ree smiled. “You better log on and have a look. They have already posted questions about the video, wanting to know if you are going to tour and if so when.” Ree looked at Mary. “I’ve got one of the tech heads answering questions at the moment but I would like you to take over as head Chook Mary if you would.”
“Me. But Why.”
“Give it that personal touch. Don’t worry I’ll get you access to all the info you’ll need. Tour dates the works and if you get stuck you just got to cooee me.”
Mary looked around the table. “Is that okay with you guys.”
Carlos spoke up. “My sweet, I don’t know about the others but I would feel much safer in your hands.”
The three other Divos all nodded in agreement.
Sebastien had been running the fact that they only had two weeks together. Ree had effectively stopped their recording session so he guessed that meant more time with Sheila before he had to leave but still “Two weeks is not long.”
“I’m sorry Sebastien but I do have another proposal that may soften the blow.”
No one spoke just waited for her to finish. “Why don’t you all move out to the house for the next two weeks? That way Lea and the team can keep working and you will all be together. And there will be times when you can hook up on the tour. I promise to fly the girls out to where ever you are.”

They all sat quiet and Ree started to get a little uncomfortable. They had no idea just how hard this was for her to do. But it was her job and the world was waiting for Il Divo and she had to deliver. She decided she needed to leave them so they could talk. Ree got up to leave. “Look, you guys nut it out between you and let me know how you feel about all this. I’ve arranged for the wardrobe and stylist to meet you at the house tomorrow at ten, we can talk again then.”
Lea looked at Ree. “Anything else you want to tell us?”
David was also waiting for her to say something about them. Ree began to walk away from the table. “Not tonight. You guys need time without me around” With that she began to leave. In a sort of delayed reaction David excused himself and went after her reaching her just outside the door. “You can’t leave, come back to my place. Once we’ve gone through all this we’ll be okay. The guys have good heads on their shoulders. I know things will be okay.”
Ree smiled at him and gave him a kiss. “No, call me later if you still want me to hang.” She looked passed him back to the pub. “Lea’s figured us out you know. I have the feeling I am leaving you to do the explaining. Sorry D.”
David watched her walk down the street before he went back inside.
Lea didn’t’ give him a chance to get comfortable. “So, big brother you want to enlighten us on you and the Boss lady?”
She got stares from the other three Divo’s and Michael but the other girls just waited for his explanation.
So David explained, He explained how Ree was going to stop their relationship before it got started because of their working dynamics. He explained that she did not want the rest of the world to know, she did not want to give them any excuse to sabotage Il Divo. He explained how she wanted to keep it a secret among them. He explained just how he felt about her and a small tear rolled down his face and he bowed his head. He couldn’t say anymore. He waited for them to shout and tell him he was crazy, he waited but it never happened.
What happened surprised him. Lea moved from her position near Urs and came to sit next to him. “You really have fallen hard haven’t you?”
David did not respond so Lea kept going. “You realise it’s going to be hard for both of you. We can keep your secret but you guys have got to keep it as well. I love you very much De’el and I am glad that you found someone to love. You have no idea how much my heart has ached for you over the years, knowing that all you needed was the right person in your life to make you happy.” She kissed him on the cheek and he looked into her eyes.
“You really are my little sister, Squizz?”
“Yep” Lea tried to lighten the atmosphere “And besides there is nothing in Eternity Records policy and procedures that say work colleagues cannot enter into relationships. I should know I read the damn thing.”
Her comment brought groans from the others and a small smile to David’s’ face. “I’ll have to tell Ree that.”
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Chapter 50
Ree was sitting on the front steps of the house waiting for them as the Il Divo clan pulled up. David had called her the night before so she knew they were all aware of the situation but she was still not sure of the reception she was going to get. After being told of Lea’s reaction she figured the girls would be okay but the fellas, that was another thing and Urs was her biggest worry. He was the quietest of them all, deep thinker, he brooded but when he spoke his piece you knew exactly how he was feeling even though he had Lea; to Ree he seemed to be the one struggling with their situation the most. So she waited.
It was as if the girls scrambled from the car to greet her, making a fuss, pulling her into the house as they talked. David never even got the chance to say good morning. Sebastien and Carlos patted him on the back as they walked passed. “You’ll get used to the female stuff David, no pointing fighting it we always loose.” And Sebastien gave him a playful thump on the shoulder.
David waved to Michael as he drove away. They had decided to take Ree up on her offer to stay in the house for the next two weeks and he was headed back into town to pick up their belongings. Urs was stood, with his hands in his pockets and David knew he wanted to say something, so he gave him the chance. “Okay Urs, spit it out. I know this is going to be a difficult relationship, I get that. I also get that I may have to leave and never see her again. Believe me I thought about all that and I get ripped apart each time I think of it so tell me I am doing the wrong thing, tell me you don’t approve. Go on take your best shot.”
Urs took a few steps towards his friend. “I was just going to tell you how much it hurts loving someone so much and not knowing how long you can be with them. Seeing that same person deliberately working to sabotage the relationship and knowing they have to. Wanting it to last forever but laying awake at night wondering if it that will be the last night you get to spend together. I was going to tell you to make every minute last David. Make ever moment with her precious because if we have to say good bye it will be forever.”
David just stood looking at his friend, his heart heavy. “You really do love Squizzy so very much don’t you Urs?”
“More than I thought was ever possible. David, I hurt so much, I don’t want to loose her, ever.”
David put his arm around Urs’ shoulder. “Then don’t. We can’t have found our soul mates to have to give them up. I can’t believe that. I don’t know how but I have to believe we will get to stay together.”
Lea had run back outside to see what was keeping them. “Come on guys you have to see what Ree has done.”
They followed Lea down to the lab and every one else was standing at the door. As they approached they moved back. Ree had installed an electronic coded alarm keypad lock on the door. Lea looked to Urs. “Isn’t this cool. We get to put in our own codes.”
Ree looked to David and Urs, they both seemed a little sad but she explained how the key pad worked and they all went about punching in their own codes. Mary called Michael and he gave her a code that would be his so he could get into the lab on his return.
Once this was done they all returned to the kitchen as the wardrobe and stylist teams would be along soon.
Ree pulled David aside. “Are you guys okay? Is Urs okay with us, with me?”
David hugged her “Yes and yes. Though the whole situation is just a little over whelming when you think about it all.”
“Bloody oath it is.”
Urs walked up to Ree took both her hands, gave them a little squeeze and kissed her delicately on the cheek and walked off without saying a word.
David smiled. “I think you got your answer Ree.”
Lea had seen the whole thing; she had been worried about how Urs would react to David and Ree. He was in such a fragile place, he may not use so many words but she understood how hard it all was for him and he seemed to take on board everyone else’s pain as well.
He had gone to stand at the window and look out across the gardens so she went to join him, taking one of his hands in hers she squeezed it gently. “Thank you Urs that meant a lot to Ree and to me.”
He didn’t say anything but she felt him squeeze her hand a little.

They all heard several cars pull up out the front of the house and went to greet them. Ree ushered everyone into the library were the wardrobe and stylist teams were introduced to the Il Divo clan.
“Okay boys and girls need to get this show on the road. But a few ground rules. I think what Simon had you wear in the video is the way to go. She looked to David. Sorry D but the bling has to go while you are on stage.” David fiddled with the beads he was wearing around his neck. Ree turned her attention to Urs. “Sorry Urs but the curls have to vanish. Straight as she blows.” The girls all gave a little sigh and Lea had to put in her two cents worth. “But I like his curls.”
“And we’ll keep it that way. But on stage sleek. You are gonna drive the sheila’s wild.”
Urs blushed and ran his fingers through his hair. “You’re not going to make me cut it are you?”
Ree went over to Urs and ran her fingers through his hair much to his surprise. “I think it could do with being a bit longer mate but you still have to straighten it.”
Ree gave a few more suggestions to the teams and then left them to it. Mary, Sheila and Lea were having a good time watching the men get fussed over and measured. Between the wardrobe team and the stylist team it was quite a circus. They knew they only had two weeks to deliver what Ree wanted and they knew she would not accept anything less than what she had asked for.
Standing in the middle of half a dozen people Urs looked over at Lea pleading silently for her help. All she could do was smile and blow him a kiss.
The only one of the Divo’s who seemed to be enjoying himself was Carlos he was flirting outrageously with one of the stylists and the poor girl had gone so many shades of red Lea wondered how many more it would take for Carlos to back off just a little. He didn’t seem to notice the poor girl was having trouble concentrating until she decided she was going to cut off the cute little curl that hung over his forehead. Lea, Mary and Sheila all yelled at the same time when they realised what was about to happen and they all converged on Carlos and his team. Lea took the scissor form the girls’ hand. “Honey you can make Urs’ hair straight.’
Urs looked over at Lea disapprovingly. “You can turn David’s hair blue.”
David did not like that idea “Hey.!!!!”
“But we don’t touch the curl.”
Carlos let out a sigh of relief. “Thank you Lea.”
Lea shot Carlos a look and began to poke him gently in the stomach with the scissors. “Serves you right Carlos. Why do you have to tease her so. Cant you see she’s …”
Lea did not get to finish her sentence as the girl ran out of the room in tears.
Sheila slapped him across the side of the head. “Now look what you did you bully.”
Mary and Sheila ran after her, Lea gave the scissors to one of the other assistants and did the same. Leaving the four men prisoners, surrounded by stylists and dressers.
Carlos looked to them. “What did I do?” He really had no idea what he had done but somewhere along the line he had made that beautiful girl cry and he did not like that at all.

Outside the girls found the stylist sitting on the front steps still crying. They went to sit next to her. Sheila on one side, Lea on the other and Mary sat in front of her. Lea spoke to her. “I’m sorry about that. He really does not mean any harm but he can get a little carried away. If you wanted to work with one of the others I am sure that would be okay.”
The stylist dried her eyes and smiled. “No that’s alright. Really I am fine. I guess he just got me off guard being so cute and all.”
The three girls looked at each other and they too smiled. Lea continued. “I see, so cutting off the curl was your idea of keeping him to yourself was it?”
“Oh gosh no! I love that curl. He just….. oooo. I am so fired. Ree is going to go ballistic when she hears about this.”
Lea smiled. “Don’t you worry about Ree; she’s not going to hear about this from any of us. You want to head for the kitchen for a cup of tea?”
The stylist shook her head and stood up. “I suppose I should get back in there. My name’s Sam by the way. Samantha Angelus. People call me Sam or Angel. And when my mother calls be Samantha I know I am in trouble.”
They all laughed and Sheila hugged her. “Sam you are going to fit in here very nicely.”
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Chapter 51
The next week seemed to fly buy. Lea, Sheila and Michael spent every waking moment in the lab, except for the day they had gone back to Ree’s office and dismantled Simon’s extra office. Ree had no desire for anyone else to find it by accident or otherwise.
It seemed to the men of Il Divo that every time they turned around they were being fussed over; having clothes fitted, being pinned in, sewn in and generally feeling like they had no control on what was going on. Sam had continued to work with Carlos but things had gone very quite. Whenever she was around Carlos was almost mute. No flirting, no joking. Sam was professional about her job, always polite, always nice to everyone but you could feel the tension between Carlos and her. It was as if they were tip-toeing around each other trying not to make a mistake. It was getting on everyone’s nerves, so this day when Sam left to do what ever it was she did with their new clothes David had it our with Carlos.
“Dear god Carlos will you do something about Sam before we all go crazy. I can’t take this much longer.”
Urs and Sebastien agreed with him.
Carlos was a little shocked. “What? I didn’t do anything. I don’t even talk to her.”
David was exasperated. “Exactly!!! You need to talk to her Carlos. We all know you want to. We all know she wants you to.”
“But I made her cry last time.”
“So don’t make her cry this time. But PLEASE talk to her or I swear I will get Ree to replace her.”
Now Carlos was indignant. “No. don’t do that. I’ll talk to her. Next time she’s here I’ll talk to her.”
Carlos got his chance the very next day as Sam was back with the others to do a fitting of some of the outfits they had finished. As usual she said hello to everyone and was just about to ask them all to try on their new clothes when Carlos interrupted. “Excuse me Sam but could I talk to you about something.”
The others could see the shock in her eyes and the pain that crossed her face. “You don’t like your clothes?” Sam was devastated, she had tried so hard to give them something that they all looked good in and also keep Ree happy. Now she had less than a week and he didn’t like his clothes.
Carlos took a few steps towards her. “No, it’s not about the clothes. Maybe we should talk in private.”
Sam did not know what to do. She looked to the other Divos and to her work colleagues. “Have I done something wrong?”
Carlos took her hand, he could feel her shaking. “No my angel, nothing wrong.” He began to lead her out of the library. “Maybe a walk in the gardens would help.”
The three other Divos smiled at each other and Urs began to move to the window. “This is going to end one of two ways.”
David came to join him “Yeah very well.”
Sebastien finished off his thoughts. “Or very badly.”
They all watched as Carlos and Sam walked slowly around the garden. They stopped every now and then and Carlos would take hold of her hands. Sam would nod or shake her head and then they would walk again. This happened a few times. David was getting frustrated. “I wish we could hear what is going on.”
Sebastien gasped as he saw Carlos get down on one knee. “What is he doing?!!!”
“Oh no. He can’t be? He isn’t is he? He’s not proposing!!!” David shot a look from his friends and back out the window.
Sebastien was speechless and Urs smiled.Whether Carlos had proposed or not at least now he had someone. Urs had felt for Carlos when he and Lea had become a couple. Even with David not being involved with anyone it just seemed that Carlos needed to have someone in his life. Then Ree came along and Urs’ heart ached for Carlos being the only one of them not involved. But looking out the window now it seemed he had found someone to share his life with. Urs caught his thoughts and again his soul hurt. What life? How long? How long did any of them have with each other. Maybe David was right. It was better to have been loved and to love for a short time than to never know how it was, how it felt.
He smiled as he saw Sam get to her knees and hug Carlos and give him a small kiss on the lips.
Carlos had not actually proposed. What he had done was ask Sam for forgiveness. He explained to her that she had so taken his breath away the first time he had seen her, he had over compensated with his flirting and the harder he tried to hide his feelings the worse things seemed to get. He was devastated that he had made her cry and he had gone down on one knee to promise that he would do anything to make it up to her.
Sam had gone down on her knees and all she had asked Carlos was to be gentle with her and not to rush things.
They hugged and kissed once more, stood back up and began to walk back to the house hand in hand.
David, Sebastien and Urs all smiled and wandered back to a patiently waiting team of dressers.
Sam was a little sheepish as she walked back onto the room with Carlos still holding her hand. David sent out his high pitched whistle. “See Carlos, I told you she wanted to talk to you.”
Everyone laughed and Urs gave Sam a small bow as they made eye contact as if to say welcome to the family.
Things went much better with fittings from then on. The atmosphere was happy and light filled with jokes and laughter. Il Divo even breaking into song on several occasions much to the delight of all of Sam's work colleagues.
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Chapter 52
Spending the time in the house together had been wonderful for the growth of relationships. Once Ree could see that Carlos and Sam were very serious she had offered Sam the opportunity to stay in the house. Sam had declined at first but Ree assured her she would have her own room. Even offered to put a coded lock on the door if she wanted. So Sam moved into the house. Her work colleagues all very jealous. This had pleased Carlos but had made having open conversation about their other little project just a bit difficult. A few times one of them had to stop themselves from asking or saying something in relation to what was going on in the lab.
Sam had recognised that they had something they were hiding from her, she could feel it, sense it when the conversation changed but even the other girls had not told her what it was. She had guessed rightly that she was the only one in the house that did not know what this secret was. Even David and Ree had come out and told her about their relationship. Ree had made her promise not to tell anyone else or she’d cut her in half with a chain saw. The others had laughed at this comment but deep down Sam had a feeling that Ree was quite capable of doing such a thing. So why wouldn’t they tell her this other secret?
Ree was hoping that with only a few more days to go before Il Divo would be leaving for America and the start of their first tour the problem would resolve itself. With Carlos on another continent Sam would go back to her own home and the house would again become alien central.

Sheila, Michael and Lea worked tirelessly to unravel all of Simon’s codes and secrets.
Sheila was positive she was getting close to being able to supply them with a way to give Il Divo the antidote without having to suffer any pain. Having the lab to work in had made her job so much easier. Michael had also made great headway by having the lab to work in and on the night before Il Divo were due to leave he discovered something that he needed to tell the others and he wanted to tell them before they left.
Everyone except Carlos and Sam had gathered in the kitchen and were discussing how to handle the situation. Ree wanted them all together for the news which meant waiting for Carlos but it also meant Sam would be excluded and she would know it. Not long after that Sam and Carlos returned. As they walked into the kitchen Sam knew that something was up and what ever secret they were keeping from her it was at the centre of the looks she was getting. She was fed up, if they wanted to keep their little secret fine but she was going to have it out with them once and for all. She looked straight at Ree and found herself being braver than she expected. “What the hell is it Ree? What is so damn important that you have to shut me out? Go off talking behind my back when you think the coast is clear. You stop talking when I walk into a room.” She shot a look at Sheila, Lea and Michael. “And you three spend so much time in that damn secret office down in the basement. You’re like mad scientists. I expect to wake up one morning and find out you’ve blown up the house. This is not fair. Relationships are built on trust. You are telling me you don’t trust me, yet you let me be with your friend.” She looked at Carlos. “Carlos. I’m sorry, I love you very much but I can’t live like this” Again she looked at Ree. “What’s the big secret? You aliens or something?”
Everyone shifted a little uneasy at her last comment and they all took quick looks at each other.
Without warning Ree spoke. “That’s right, they are?”
Now they all looked at Ree horrified at what she had just said.
Sam looked at Ree a little puzzled. “They are what?”
“Aliens. Sam, they’re aliens. Il Divo, your precious Carlos, they’re aliens.”
Sam laughed thinking that they were all fooling around until she looked at their faces. No one was laughing, very serious eyes stared back at her. All of a sudden she got a very sick feeling in the pit of her stomach and scenes from the movie ‘The Body Snatchers’ popped into her head. In a split second she had gone from being angry to being scared. She backed away from them just a little. “There’s no such thing as aliens. Look! If you don’t want me to know what your BIG secret is, then don’t tell me but don’t be mean.”
Ree stepped forward. “Sam. Bloody hell girl, believe, or don’t believe but its true. Took a bloody stretch for me to get my head around it. But yes Sam, there are such things as aliens and you’re sleeping with one.”
Sam shot a look at Carlos and all he could do was shrug his shoulders and smile almost apologetically.
“I don’t believe you” She paused. “You are all aliens?”
Mary put her hand up. “I’m not. Born on Earth. Cardiff actually.”
“Well I’m an Aussie so not sure if that counts.” Normally a comment like that from Ree would have gotten a laugh but not this time. Everyone stayed silent, waiting for Sam’s next reaction.
Sam looked from one to the other, they could see the colour drain from her face. Her voice was weaker when she spoke. “It’s not possible.”
Urs and Carlos lunged to catch her as she fainted.
“Bloody Nora!!! Take her into the library will you.” Ree ushered them all out.
Carlos and Urs placed her on the sofa and Carlos knelt by her side waiting for her to recover.
“Well that was an interesting way to chuck a spaz. I’m betting she’s going to be madder than a cut snake when she wakes up.”
David looked at Ree. “Chuck a .. What the hell did you just say?”
Ree looked to David then to the rest of them. “She’s going to be MAD, upset, angry, ticked off. You lot are going to have to give her the good oil when she comes around.” Ree could see she had lost them again. “Tell her the truth, the whole blinkin truth and then see if she wants to shoot through or not. You do realise that if she doesn’t want to stay we can’t let her leave.”
Lea had a sinking feeling in her stomach. She asked the question but she already knew the answer. “What are you saying Ree?”
Knowing Lea’s history, Ree figured she was asking for the benefit of the others, making sure they truly understood the situation. “She’ll know every detail, we can’t let that kind of info out. If she talks they’ll probably throw her in the nut house as a crazy.”
Carlos stood up. “You can’t keep her prisoner.”
Ree did not get a chance to respond as Sam began to come around and Carlos was back at her side. “My Angel, are you ok?”
For a moment Sam forgot where she was. “Yes I am fine.” She gasped and sat up but before she could say anything Ree stepped in.
“I guess its time we came clean. You up for listening to a yarn that will blow your socks off?”
Carlos looked back at Sam. “Before you make up your mind remember this. I am the same person I was yesterday as I am today. I haven’t changed my Angel. I promise once you hear what has happened you will understand.”
Sam just stared back at Carlos in silence. He took her hand, he was grateful that at least she did not flinch or recoil at his touch. “Just listen please. I don’t want to loose you over something I know you will understand.”
Sam nodded her head and looked to Ree expecting her to tell the tale. Ree shook her head. “Not my baby Kiddo. Lea’s the one with all the goss.”
So Lea launched into yet another telling of their tale with Michael and Sheila dropping in and out when needed.
Hearing the story again made that fragile ledge that Urs was standing on crumble just a little more. Lea was about two thirds of the way through when Urs quietly left the library without anyone noticing. He walked through the gardens and was about to walk into the woods but stopped remembering what had happened last time. So he turned around and walked the other way. He found a bench at the other end of the gardens and sat. He sat ever so quietly and then the tears came. His heart and mind were in turmoil and he let his tears fall. He thought of a life without Lea and he let his tears fall. He tried to remember who he really was and he let his tears fall. He was so very, very lost. There had been talk of people going crazy when they got their own memories back but Urs was beginning to wonder if it had not already started and his tears still fell.

Back at the house Sam’s tears were also falling. When she heard what Simon had done to them and others her heart broke. Their tale was amazing but she believed them. She looked deep into Carlos’ eyes. “He stole your lives from you, he took everything. You don’t remember any of it?”
Carlos shook his head. “Little bits. We realised that the dreams we are having seem to be little bits of our real memories trying to break through.”
Sam looked to Sheila and Michael. “But you can remember both?”
The both nodded and Sheila replied. “But don’t ask us how. I’m still working on that one.”
Sam smiled. “So you really are a bunch of mad scientists.”
“Yep. Would you like to see our lab?” Sheila smiled and winked at Sam.
Sam looked to Ree. “Hey, if you think you are up to it, go have a squiz.”
Both Lea and David said “What” at the same time.
Ree chuckled. “Sorry I forgot. Go have a sticky beek.”
Sheila and Michael where about to show Sam down to the lab when Sebastien pipped up. “Where’s Urs?”
They all looked around, Lea sighed. “You guys go; He’s probably gone for some fresh air. This kind of talk gets to him. I’ll go and fetch him.”
Sebastien and Carlos went to the lab with the others, leaving David and Ree in the library. David came over and hugged her from behind, putting his head on her shoulder. “In so many ways I am not looking forward to tomorrow. I can’t bear the thought of being without you.”
Ree turned to face him and put her arms around him. “You won’t be without me. With all that IT stuff loaded on to computers and phones I am just a click away.”
David kissed her. “But I wont be able to touch you, smell you, wake up and see you next to me.”
Ree gave David such a long passionate kiss that it made his legs weak. “Well it seems I better give you your going away prezzie a little early then.”
David hugged her close. “And what might that be?”
Ree whispered in his ear and all David said was “Bloody Nora.” Making Ree laugh as they left the library.

Lea found Urs on the bench, his cheeks washed with tears. She looked into his sad, sad eyes and she felt her own heart crack with the pain of his sorrow. Without a word she pulled him to his feet but it was as if he did not have the strength to stand. They sank to the grass where Lea cradled him in her arms, rocking gently. No words were spoken, no sounds but those of nature. Urs wished she would hold him forever, never let him go.

It took a few more hours of talking and showing to get Sam to really understand what she had walked into but by the end, like Mary she accepted it for what it was, unbelievable but real. As they walked from the lab she gave Carlos a kiss on the cheek. “This is what you call being gentle and taking things slow?”
That brought a laugh from everyone.
David and Ree were back in the library and Sebastien just shook his head when he saw the look on David’s face. “David that is just way tooo much information.”
“What…… I never said a word.”
Carlos laughed. “You don’t have to David. So you decided while the rest of us tried to convince Sam we are not here to take over the planet that some afternoon delight was in order.”
David laughed but Ree walked up to Carlos and whispered in his ear. What ever she said made him go bright red. “Holy…” He looked at David. “David our boss lady is a wild one.”
“Don’t I know it.”
Michael managed to focus them all with this statement. “Guys, I need to tell you something remember.”
Mary tugged on his arm. “Lea and Urs are not back.”
Sheila said she would go and look for them but David stopped her. He understood if Urs was having one of his moments he would feel awkward enough with one of his friends coming to find him.
“I won’t be long”
David found Lea and Urs still on the grass, Lea still with Urs cradled in her arms and she was still rocking very gently. Urs had fallen asleep but David could see that Lea had been crying. She looked up at him. “David, I don’t know how much more of this he can take. He’s so sad, so lost. It’s as if he is searching between his two lives and never being able to rest in one or the other.”
David knelt down beside them. “Then maybe going on tour is the best thing for him, for all of us. We will be so busy he won’t have time to brood.” He took hold of Lea’s hand. “Squizz I promise to keep an eye on him. But right now you both have to come back to the house. Michael still has something he needs to tell us.”

David gently shook Urs to wake him. “Sorry Urs but as nice as it is to lie in the arms of a beautiful woman we have to go back to the house.”
David walked off, leaving Urs to wake up and allowing him and Lea to walk back to the house together.

Once everyone was back in the library Michael explained what he had found.
“Okay guys let me finish before you hit me with a million questions. Just listen first. I’ve been looking over the plane and the systems. We can’t get home in the plane. It’s only good for short space flight and the atmo burst to break through to earth. Simons transport is still in orbit around this planet. That is how he has been coming and going. That is the ship we need to launch through a wormhole. I need to get on that ship.”
Sheila jumped in, she wasn’t worried if Michael had finished or not. “But we’ll be taking the plane on tour tomorrow. Its’ not like it is going to just be sitting in the hanger for you.”
She had only just finished when Ree began dialling her phone. “Hey Chad. Need you to get me a plane loaded and ready to go by nine am tomorrow.” There was silence while Ree listened to Chad and then the rest of them listened to Ree.
“Yeah Chad I know only a bloody Aussie would ask the impossible but its not impossible is it? And this bloody Aussie needs the plane by tomorrow or she’s gonna be one very unhappy sheila and you don’t want that do you mate?”
Ree smiled and gave the group a thumbs up as she kept talking. “You’re a keeper you are Chad.” Ree went on to give Chad the details of the plane, who it was for and where it was going making sure he contacted the pilots and let them know of the change. Once she hung up the phone she looked to Michael. “Simon’s plane is all yours.”
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Chapter 53
Mary, Sheila, Sam, Lea and Ree stood next to the plane with David, Carlos, Urs and Sebastien standing behind them each hugging their respective ladies around the waist.
Michael was supervising the loading of the last few pieces of luggage and equipment that would be going with Il Divo. The last thing to go on the plane would be Il Divo. Not one of them had slept very well the night before and most couples had sat up talking. Now Il Divo stood not wanting to let go, not wanting to leave. They had tried to convince Ree to let the girls come with them. Logistically there was no problem but Ree needed Il Divo to do the first part of the tour at least on their own. She was looking to sell a certain image and having band members girlfriends hanging around did not fit that image. Oh she knew that some of their fans knew about the pairing of Sheila and Sebastien, that was evident by the posts on the website. But it seemed that they had not found out about David, Urs or Carlos as yet and she wanted to keep it that way for just a little longer. She did have the press releases all ready to go when the time was right. Nice little stories about how the guys had met so that their fans would feel a part of the fairytale. After all Urs had met a steward on the plane, Sebastien had done the same and Carlos had met a stylist who worked for the record company. Seemingly just ordinary girls, getting on with their lives, working like any other girl. A dream that fans could hold on to and believe was possible. She was a little sad that David would be the odd one out and worried about the kinds of questions he would have to field knowing they could not make their own relationship public. Not yet. They had talked about it and David had promised he could handle anything they threw at him.
In reality the only partners she could possibly let go would be Mary and Sam. Lea and Sheila had far more important things to do.
Ree sighed and turned to give David a kiss. “Bloody hell this is harder than I thought it was going to be.”
David said nothing, his eyes glinted with tears and he just returned her kiss and then held on to her a little tighter.
Lea also sighed. “Six weeks, six very long weeks.”
Urs hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. “It feels like it will be an eternity. I promise to call everyday.”
She turned to him, kissing him long and hard. “You better or there’ll be trouble.”
Sam pushed herself closer to Carlos. “I can’t believe I have known you such a short time and you are making me feel like this.”
“Angel if I could stop time I would.” Carlos hugged her.
Sebastien had turned Sheila around to face him, she was trying to be brave but it was not working as tears streaked her face. Sebastien wiped them gently away. “My crazy, crazy ice cream girl. I will miss you so very much. This is so hard, so much more painful.”
Sheila did not want to hear any more so she kissed him. “I love you Seb.”

The plane was loaded, pilots had finished their pre flight checks the only thing left to do was get Il Divo on board.
Michael stood in front of the group. “Time to go fellas.”
Without a word each couple stole the last kiss, held on to hands just that little longer and the men walked away and onto the plane. They all waved from the top of the steps and the girls had been told they would need to move further back before the plane taxied. Once a safe distance away they all watched as the plane began to roll away. The windows too small for them to see Il Divo but they waved anyway. David, Sebastien, Urs and Carlos also did the same until they were told to take their seats.
Tears flowed on the ground as the girls watched the plane disappear into the sky.
Tears flowed on the plane as the men came to terms with just how much they really did love their other halves. No one made jokes or picked on the others for crying, they all knew how the others felt and it hurt.

David had been right, over the next few weeks Il Divo were far to busy to brood too much. Between concerts and interviews and TV appearances one day just seemed to blur into the next. They did however look forward to their daily link up with the house, feeling a little closer to their loved ones. The girls would send at least one text massage a day just to let them know they loved them and some days this is what it would take for them to keep going. Reading their tour schedule off a piece of paper and then actually physically doing it had been two different things. They were at the beginning of a full on 6 months and each Divo in his own way had wondered if they had the stamina to keep up the manic schedule for so long. At the beginning of the tour ticket sales in some cities had been a little lower than expected but Il Divo began to see a trend emerge. A wave of tickets sales in cities they had not been to every time they did a concert. Word of mouth about them had caused a stir in the music world and the number of fans signing up on the website just grew each day. By the time they had finished the tour their first album would have gone to number one and all without the help of air play.

While Il Divo were adjusting to life on the road, Lea, Sheila and Michael were busy with their own project and Mary had become extremely busy with the website. Ree had set Mary up with an office in the house and thankfully she had found that Sam was very computer literate and willing to give her a hand fielding all the questions coming in from the fans, debunking gossip that got started and generally keeping the web site running in an orderly manner. When Il Divo had first left Sam had assumed that she would be going as part of the wardrobe and stylist team. Ree had pulled her aside and explained why she had stopped her from going on the tour and promised that all the girls would get to see their men in the not to distant future, herself included. Ree was shocked at the effect that David’s departure on her had. She found herself daydreaming about him at odd times during the day. This in itself was a little unnerving as she had never been prone to such things before. Seemed he was a bigger distraction thousands of miles away than he was when he was in the same room.

It had also been decided that since everyone bar Ree would be spending so much time at the house that they would move in. Mrs Stoner had been a blessing taking on the job of a more permanent housekeeper. At first she had been a little concerned about all the females and then Michael sharing the house. But once she got to know the girls she decided that they were well equipped to take care of themselves and if anyone was in danger it was Michael much to the amusement of all the girls. She was a wonderful cook and kept the house running very smoothly, everyone feeling like they were being spoilt. Agnes thought that she was being spoilt. Ree had given her a very nice pay package and when she got chauffeured into town by Michael to pick up supplies she felt like the queen. She really did like this group of people. Others from the record company had not been her cup of tea. She was still a little unsure about Ree and she put it down to the fact that Ree talked so fast and with such a strong accent she was forever asking her to repeat things. But she watched Ree with the others and they seemed like one happy family. The atmosphere in the house had changed form one of cold and eerie to light, harmony and love. Yes, Mrs Agnes Stoner was very happy to be working back in this house once again.
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Chapter 54
Time had come for them to test the plane and see if they could get to Simon’s transport. Michael had hoped that with all his knowledge from home and those memories that he had been uploaded with he could figure out where Simon would have parked the transport. It wasn’t like they could just give NASA a call and ask them if they had spotted an orbiting UFO. It would have made sense to keep the transport in a stationary orbit making access quick and easy. Michael was banking on this as it was how he was expecting to find the ship. However not to be out done, Ree had rung everyone she knew trying to find any news no mater how small about UFO’s or something that would alert them to the fact the Simons ship had been found. Because earths technology was no where close to their own it was a pretty good bet that where ever Simon had parked is were it still was.
Now Michael was having an argument with the girls as to who was going with him. Lea had assumed she would be co pilot but everyone else wanted to go as well.
Lea made sense, he needed a co pilot and she was trained to handle situations that could change in a matter of seconds. He needed someone he could rely on not to freeze at the first sign of trouble.
He was trying to explain to Sheila why she had to stay. If anything went wrong and they did not get back she had to keep working on the antidote and quite possibly give someone else an upload of information to try again. This statement got Ree’s attention and it was then that they realised they had not told her about Michaels little extra brain activity. She reasoned that if they could upload information directly into someone’s brain then why had they not just given everyone the same information. Sheila explained how dangerous it was and she did not want to do something like that unless it was absolutely necessary. They had no idea if Simon had set booby traps, besides they were trying to help their friends not hurt them. It took some convincing but Ree eventually let it go. So it was decided for this trip it would be Lea and Michael.

So once again a group of the Il Divo clan stood at the airport watching a plane take to the skies but this time there was a slight difference. This plane was going into space and Michael had reconfigured the chatchips he had found so they could stay in contact. He had not finished them before Il Divo had gone on tour or he would have given them all one. Ree was glad that he had not. She did not want one of them falling into the wrong hands. Apart from Il Divo themselves nothing remotely alien was to find its way onto the world tour. Mary, Sheila, Sam and Ree waited tensely for any contact from Lea or Michael, it seemed to take forever. They were so wound up when the chatchips sprang into life they all jumped but it was good to hear Lea’s voice. “Hey guys. I forgot what it was like out here.”
Ree replied. “You both okay?”
“Yeah, a bit bumpy through the atmo but Michael’s a damn good pilot.”
“Where are you?”
Lea looked across to Michael who shrugged his shoulders. How did she tell them where they were? “How do I put this? Looking for Simons transport.”
Ree rolled her eyes. “Crickey Lea. So does Michael have any bloody idea where to look?
Michael nodded. “Yes he does Ree. I’ll call back when we find it okay.”
The earth bound girls headed back to the house where Mrs Stoner had a nice hot breakfast ready for them. The smell of bacon and brewing coffee guided them to the kitchen and the smiling face of Mrs Stoner. “Ladies you were up and out bright and early.” She looked passed them “No Lea or Michael”
Ree smiled. “No they had to take the plane for a spin.”
Mrs Stoner began to serve up breakfast. “Oh a road trip without the road. Will they be back for lunch?”
The girls looked at each other and Mary answered. “Mmmm we’re not sure Mrs Stoner.”
Mrs Stoner looked at them with a little frown on her face. “You mean they didn’t take any lunch well I never. It would not have taken me long to put something together you know.”
Ree smiled at Mrs Stoner as she took a plate full of food from her. “You just pile their plates full of tucker like this when they get back and she’ll be right.”
As Ree took the food Mrs Stoner saw the chatchip on her wrist. “Such an unusual watch Ree. Did you get it from Australia?”
The others all dropped their hands to their sides but to her credit Ree just kept right on like it was nothing out of the ordinary. “Yeah Mrs S. got a cracker of an artsy friend put it together. No bloody good as a watch, makes the weirdest noises but it’s pretty.”
Once she was happy the ladies had plenty to eat Mrs Stoner excused herself to go and tend to other household duties and the girls let out a collective sigh of relief.
Ree shook her head. “That was to bloody close. Right all alien gadgets on mute thank you ladies. And when using them, make sure we are no where in ear shot of any humans.” She looked to Mary and Sam. “Present company excused of course.”
They all laughed.
Mary and Sam had gone back to the office and Ree had joined Sheila in the lab when the chatchips blinked letting them know that Lea was trying to get in contact. Mary and Sam headed for the lab, the safest place to listen to the communication.
“We found the transport but there is a locking code on the docking doors. Michaels trying to override. Why the hell Simon did that I have no idea. Who the hell did he think would find the ship out here? It’s not like earth has that kind of technology.”
Ree had to smile. “Lea, you’re out there. Michael, make sure the flippin thing’s not rigged. Don’t want you buggering up the only way you guys have to get home.”
Michael and Lea looked t each other. “Thanks Ree. Call back when we are inside.”
Lea ended the transmission and more to herself said. “Or not if we blow ourselves up.”
Michael and Lea spent almost an hour hovering near the transport while Michael tried every possible code combination he could think of to get the doors open. He was getting frustrated when an idea struck him. “It can’t be that simple.”
Lea had gone off in her own daze while she had been waiting. She’d given up on inputting codes about fifteen minutes earlier. “What can’t be that simple?”
“The code. I just thought of something.”
Lea watched as Michael brought a few symbols up on the monitor. The eternity symbol that Simon had used was staring back at them both. Lea looked to Michael. “Surely not.”
Michael’s finger hovered over the enter button for a few seconds. As he pushed it the docking doors began to move.
Lea squeezed Michael on the shoulders and smiled. “Welcome to my parlour said the spider to the fly.”
“You’ve picked up on a few of the earth saying haven’t you?”
Lea just looked out the plane window as the doors continued to open. “It’s the closest I can get to what I want to say in our own tongue.”
Michael said something in their own language and Lea smiled. “Yep.”

The doors to the transport had fully opened and Michael manoeuvred the plane towards and through the doors for a very soft landing. Once the pressure in the landing bay was stabilised, Lea and Michael made their way through the ship to its flight deck. As they entered Lea stopped and soaked in her surroundings. It was familiar to her, she felt comfortable on the flight deck even though she was not a transport pilot. Michael walked around looking at all the instruments before he touched anything. He wanted to know how Simon was keeping the ship running on such minimal power and what was going to happen when he brought the whole transport on line. Did it mean that someone would have to stay on board? Would the ship be detected from earth?
Michael sat himself down and began to make calculations; he was totally absorbed in his work and would be for a few more hours to come.
Lea contacted the girls on earth to let them know they were on board and she was going exploring without having to look over her shoulder or hide this time. She had not seen much of the ship her first visit and from space it did not look very big as transports went but every space on board had been used and it was larger than she had expected.
Lea finally made her way back to the lab where she had found David and the others, looking at where the beds had been sent a shiver down her spine. Being familiar with most of the equipment now thanks to Sheila she flicked a few switches and brought the lab to life. Lea began to pull up files, some she understood some she didn’t but it was obvious that Simon had a lot more information stored on the transport lab than he had in the earth house. She also found a list of pending kidnap victims, a list that thankfully did not mach up with any of the names they had found. At least with Simon out of the picture these people would be safe. She downloaded the info onto her chatchip. Who ever got to go home would be able to check up on these people.
As she was looking at other things Lea nudged something on the desk and moved her hand away quickly. “Damn..” It was one of the little devices that had changed her appearance in the first place. She gave it a quick, hard push and when it fell to the floor the little antenna came springing out of its side. She remembered how much it had hurt and how much pain and fright it had caused Carlos. It was a juvenile thing to do but she stood on it several times and broke it, feeling better for having done so.
Michael called her through the ships communication system and asked her to make her way back to the flight deck. She couldn’t pick the emotion in his voice but wondered what he had found.
Getting back to the flight deck Michael was waiting for her. “No booby traps, no more secret codes to wade through.” He stopped for a moment. “I can fly her home Lea. I can fly her all the way home.”
Lea went to hug him. “Michael you’re a genius. But what about the worm hole? Can you open it?”
Michael just nodded not daring to say the words. As soon as Lea had asked him it was as if he had given permission for all his new knowledge to flow to the front of his brain. He pulled Lea over to a console and began to enter information. What happened next unnerved her. The transport began to shimmer and flow as it had the first time she had experienced the shift into a wormhole. “Michael!!!!!”
Michael shut down the process. “I think we can say I know how to open a worm hole.”
Lea looked at him stunned. “Bloody Nora!!!!”
They both laughed.
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Chapter 55
Because the girls had driven the car back to the house Ree headed for the airport to pick Lea and Michael up. When Michael walked into the kitchen Mary ran into his arms and burst into tears. “Hey, Hey, why the tears?”
Mary did not say anything just held Michael.
Ree tried to break the mood. “Okay enough of this mushy stuff. Michael get stuck into the meat. We need details.”
Ree had heard it all in the car on the way back from the airport but she wanted to make sure the others all knew as well. She still could not believe what she had become involved in since taking up the management of Il Divo and in the back of her mind she wondered how she was going to explain things if they all decided they wanted to go home. She knew that Il Divo would make it big on the world stage but would they end up being a flash in the pan because they literally would disappear off the face of the earth. She had hoped getting the transport ready for flight was going take longer, that way she had more of a chance at keeping Il Divo on the planet. With the flight details taken care of it meant that Sheila would have help with the antidote and from what Michael and Lea had said about the lab on the transport it looked like Sheila would be headed off planet very soon as well. They both seemed to think that they would have a better chance of success with the larger lab. Hearing that there was another off world trip scheduled both Mary and Sam made it very clear that they were not going to get left behind. Lea had explained that it was not like taking a simple plane flight but nothing was going to deter the two women. In the end it was decided that they would all go. Ree pulling rank as the boss and making the decision. It might be the only chance they would get to travel in space. She was damn sure it was.
Several days later they had told Mrs Stoner they were going on a road trip for a few days.
Telling the men from Il Divo had been an entirely different matter. The video link had gone on for over two hours while each one tried to talk sense into the girls. David had been a little miffed at the fact that Ree had been the one to give the whole thing the okay. Ree reminded them that she was a crazy Aussie and she was not going to pass up the chance of a look in space. Urs had expected Lea to go back into space but not as soon as they had and now with them looking at spending a few days up there he was more than a little worried. Lea could see it in his eyes even if he had not said anything. Carlos was beside himself trying everything he could to get Sam to change her mind. She would not budge. Sebastien had tried to talk Sheila into staying in the lab at the house but she put forward a very valid argument and it seemed that all of Il Divo had been out witted by their female counterparts. They were going into space.
That night after their concert the guys sat around and discussed the impending space flight. David was a little optimistic. “I know we can’t remember our old lives but seems that space travel was, is an everyday thing there and Lea and Michael do remember. I know they would not put the others in danger. I’d give anything to be up there with them right now.”
Urs was a little quiet. “I think we will get the chance soon enough David”
David smiled weakly at his friend. “I know Urs. I’m just saying that Lea and Michael would never have taken them if they thought it was too dangerous.”
The others nodded in agreement.
When they left the concert venue that night they all looked up into the night sky.
The space flight for Sheila was familiar but Mary and Sam had found it all a bit difficult, especially the transition from plane to space transport. It had taken them a while to find their space legs. Ree on the other hand was like a child on a carnival ride. She loved every minute wanting to know what was happening, why and how. Standing in the flight deck Michael just shook his head. Ree had a smile on her face that rivalled anything he had seen. Ree caught him looking at her. “I was going to say this is better that sex but it’s a close second.”
Michael blushed and Ree laughed. She was on a spaceship, an honest to god bloody space ship and she loved it.

Sheila had gone straight to the lab and she to, was like a child in a candy store. It was so much better than the one in the house. Memories came flooding back as she took it all in. She opened up programs on the computers and went straight to the files she knew would hold the information about the antidote as well as all the other cocktails that Simon had at his disposal. She checked the logs against what was on hand in the lab. Sheila heard a crunch, stopped and looked down to see what she had stepped on and smiled. She bent down to pick up the remains of the little device that Lea had squashed on her last trip just as Lea entered the lab. Sheila held it by one dead antenna. “I’m guessing this was your doing?”
“So sue me, those things hurt.”
Sheila discarded the device. “How are Mary and Sam holding up?”
“Considering it is their first space flight, pretty good. Better than some first time recruits I know. But they are both sticking close to Michael. Didn’t want the grand tour. How are things here?”
Sheila sighed and gave Lea a look that meant she had something to say. “I’m not sure if this is good news.”
“Well spit it out.”
“I’ve spent all that time with the information we had trying to rework the antidote so that we could give it to our guys without the pain. It was always going to hurt but here.” She washed her hands across the lab. “Here I have everything I need. Lea, if we get them up here I can put them to sleep, give them the antidote and they wont feel a thing.”
Lea swallowed. “What about the side effects…. You know the going crazy part of the side effects.”
“That’s up to each one of them. All I can do is slow down the process giving their brains time to absorb it all and hope that it will help. Lea, I can’t promise anything. Once the process starts we have to wait until they wake up before we would know.”
“And what do we do if when they wake up we have to deal with four psychopaths?”
Sheila turned and took something out of a small cupboard; it was an injection gun full of a blue substance. “Lea I know what Urs asked you to do if he went crazy, Carlos and Sebastien have come to me with the same request. This is the answer. It is fast and painless, they won’t feel a thing.”
Lea had to choke back her tears. “But they’ll be dead.”
Sheila had to choke back her own tears. Hearing Lea verbalise the outcome made it too real. She put the gun back in the cupboard and turned back to Lea. “I don’t know if I can do it Lea. I promised them both I would but I just don’t know.”
“It’s okay Sheila. If it comes to that I won’t let you. As Captain it is my responsibility.”
Sheila looked at her friend shocked. “But Lea, Urs….”
It broke her heart to know that she may have to kill the only man she had really ever loved. But she had promised and she would not want him to live a life of tormented torture. If Sheila was right it would be swift and painless.

Ree came into the lab. “You sheilas need to get back up the front of this bus. Michaels’ found something.”
Sheila and Lea looked at each other and followed Ree.
Lea was anxious to know what Michael had found. She had assumed it was something to do with the worm holes and was shocked to hear what he had to say.
Michael was holding a transport pod activation hub(TPAH) in his hand when he looked at Lea knowing she would get the full ramifications of what he was about to say. “I can get these to work. Will need to input all the longitude and latitude co ordinates of the planet but I can get them to work. All I would need is a stationary starting place.”
Ree jumped in “And what do those little buggers do when they are switched on?”
Lea went on to explain exactly what Michael was holding and what he was proposing to do. The room was silent when she finished.
“Crickey. So if I have your little yarn right we wont need a flippin plane to travel. Just push a button and away we go. Struth.” Ree looked from Michael to Lea. “I reckon I really don’t want to know how we do that do I?”
Lea had to smile, Ree’s reaction had been the same as hers but she did wonder how Michael was going to do the transports. “Michael, I don’t get it. Earth does not have the technology in place to be able to run such a system. I know you can input the information but where, how do you turn it into what ever it is that makes these things work?”
Michael smiled and opened his arms out wide. “You’re standing in it ladies. This ship is designed to work as an individual carrier. I guess much like an earth transformer station. It’s ready to go. I guess Simon wanted to make sure he could leave in a hurry. The only destinations I have found on these hubs are the ones from home; we still have to use the plane to get to this ship. I am guessing the power output from the ship will interfere with the transports.”
Lea was still not convinced. “So you are saying this really is a mother ship. It will send out the right frequency for an individual position on the planet?”
Michael nodded. “Once they are programmed.”
The reality of their situation had dawned on Sam. “So I can hit a button while I am in London and be in New York moments later.”
Again Michael nodded as he saw the smiles appear on Sheila and Sam’s faces.
Ree understood what they were getting out. “Not on your Nelly ladies. No bloody hopping from one country to the next. Struth what if someone saw you just appear?”
Lea was about to side with Ree when Michael explained what had to happen. “Ladies as much as you would just love to hop over to the states and see your men. It’s not going to happen over night. There is a huge amount of work to be done before we can even test this. Even if Ree and Lea agreed to the use of the TP’S I would have to travel to each location to map out the precise spot for transport so that, like Ree said, you are not spotted or worse materialise on a freeway or inside a wall.” He looked at Ree and Lea who were both scowling. “I know what you are thinking but hear me out okay. I was thinking of the places that Il Divo will be touring and just those places so that if we needed to get to them quickly or they needed to get to us and then back to their tour it could be done.”
Sheila made a comment that changed everything. “Lea it would make sense knowing what I know about the antidote now.”
They all looked at her and she went on to explain that with the lab on the ship it was now possible to give them the antidote without it hurting.
Ree’s voice was very serious, being able to use the antidote meant a very real possibility that she would loose David and Eternity Records would loose Il Divo. “They’d have to come up here wouldn’t they?”
Sheila nodded and Ree looked to Michael. “This changes things.” And then she looked at Lea. “You struggling with this as much as me?”
Lea nodded in silence.
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STOLEN ( where did IL Divo come from)
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