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"We Came Here To Love".

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 STOLEN ( where did IL Divo come from)

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PostSubject: chapter 56   Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:43 pm

Chapter 56
Michael had given them all something to think about. Lea had to confess that having the use of a TP would be helpful and even Ree could see that if they needed to get the guys back for the antidote injection it seemed the best possible way to do it without causing a stir. Lea had expected Sheila to take the best part of the six months of the tour to get the antidote sorted but now? If Il Divo had been with them she was ready to go. Things had changed so quickly. What if they all wanted to go home? What happened to their relationships? Sheila and Sebastien were okay; they would both be going home but David and Ree. She had never seen her brother so happy. Lea wondered again if she was making a big mistake by allowing them to have their own memories back. She was playing with so many lives. Again the thought surfaced that she could wipe out the memories that they had of their new lives and again this would jeopardise all their relationships.
Ree found Lea looking out of one of the portals and came to stand beside her. “Pretty amazing sight.”
“What if this is the wrong thing to be doing Ree. Maybe I should see if Sheila can wipe out their memories of me and what has happened and just let them live their lives on earth. Apart from some dreams they would have no recollection of home.”
“You know that’s not true. Somehow they would always have that feeling that they did not belong. You said yourself before you even told Urs he already felt it. There is more than one way to go troppo Lea. They’ve all said they want to do this and as much as it hurts us we have to let them.”
Lea turned to Ree. “You and David?”
“It will be one hell of a rip your heart out moment if he goes and I will never stop loving him and because I love him I will have to let him go. Bugger…. it doesn’t mean I have to bloody like it.”
Lea took a deep breath. “I don’t want to tell the guys about the TP’s, not yet. You think you can get that through to the other girls for me. I’m not ready for another confrontation just yet.”
“No worries mate. I’ll put on my best bitchy boss face.” Again Ree looked at Lea. “You are doing the right thing and as much as it hurts to know what you are trying to achieve, I’ll stick with you.”
Ree left Lea the same way she had found her, looking out into space.

They were on the transport for another day and Lea made herself pretty invisible until they were ready to head back to earth. Sheila had gone over everything in the lab making sure she had everything she would need when the time came. Michael had done everything he could; the next step was to open a worm hole. They had discussed the TP’s and had agreed that Michael should go ahead and set up a network but only of the places that Il Divo would be going and Mary would be going with him to help set up the grid. They had decided that the house should be the stationary point of return, the default destination as it were. Michael had explained how he would like to set up a failsafe so that if one of them got into trouble or the hubs fell into the wrong hands without the proper codes entered it would always send you back to the house.

Ree had made it very clear that Il Divo were not to know about the TP’s and as an incentive for cooperation she was going to fly everyone over to meet them in Denver. This would help cloak Michael and Mary’s real reason for being there. Ree had also told Mary her cover story was the website and she was to be the voice of Il Divo for their fans. She would be the reporter on the spot giving the news to the website.
This would allow them to move around giving Michael the opportunity to get to their concert venues and look for possible safe transport sites.

The men from Il Divo were extremely happy to know that their lovely ladies would be joining them at Denver. They spent sometime talking to each other via the video link but when it came time for Lea and Urs talk he could sense there was something wrong. He wondered if the news about the antidote had anything to do with it. At first when Sheila had told them they were all a little stunned. But they had all said they wanted to go through with it. “Lea are you okay?”
Lea smiled at Urs in the video. “Yeah sweetheart, I’m just tired.”
Urs let it go at that but he knew by the look in her eyes it was more. “Well I will give you a big hug when we see you in Denver I promise.”
They both had a general chit chat and then left the video for Ree and David.
As it happened they were both alone as David smiled back at Ree. “So back from your little space walk you crazy Aussie? In a way I can’t wait to get to try it.”
Ree understood what was behind his remark. “D, are you really, really sure about this antidote?”
David nodded. “I’m sure. I want to know Ree. Not just have these little thoughts and flashes that I can’t put together but know they mean something.” He became very serious and looked Ree in the eyes. “You have to keep your promise you know if…”
“Dave don’t ask me again. I said I would and I will if I have to. I’m no shirker, I promised so I will.”
“I’m sorry Ree I just need to know you will be there for me.” He changed the subject. “So Denver. I suppose we have to sneak around like a couple of teenagers then?”
Ree smiled. “Mmm well I have a better idea but that will have to wait until I get there.”
David laughed. “I can’t wait.”
Ree became serious again. “D is Urs okay. He seems a little sombre, quiet. He’s not getting anymore headaches is he?”
David shook his head. “No headaches. I’m not sure but I think he remembers or feels more than the rest of us. He’s mentioned more dreams since we have been touring but doesn’t elaborate. I think he is really lost without Lea close by. She seems to be able to keep him balanced. I am so glad you guys are coming to Denver.”
“Me to.”
After Ree disconnected the video link she sat on her own for a while and thought about a few things. Maybe she should re think her decision for no girlfriends on the tour. She had watched the interaction between Sebastien and Sheila and now she had finished her work there was no reason to keep her from being with him. Sam could very easily fit into the wardrobe and stylist departments and that way she would be closer to Carlos. And from her talk with David it was obvious that Urs needed Lea close by. The last thing she needed was for one of them to come undone before the tour was over. That just left her and David; she smiled as she walked to her bedroom. She would definitely figure something out.
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PostSubject: chapter 57   Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:44 pm

Chapter 57
Michael piloted the plane to Denver and by the time he had got there if one of the girls had come to ask him one more time if they were there yet he would have thrown them out the emergency exit. Sam and Sheila had been the worst. Mary had been to the cockpit a few times to keep him company and to her credit had not asked. Ree had been down once to see if he could get the plane to fly any faster. She was getting a little fed up. Sheila and Sam were like two very over active Mexican jumping beans and more than once Ree had thought about restraining them with their seat belts and not the way you would normally wear a seat belt either.
Lea had sat with Michael for a good part of the trip, mostly because she did not want to be involved with the others. It seemed that Sheila and Sam had been excited from the moment they found out they were going to Denver and when Ree had told them they could stay, it seemed nothing else mattered after that. Lea was looking forward to seeing Urs. Her body ached just thinking about having his arms around her but that dark cloud of why they were really going always crept back. Then she would think of Urs and how he had looked on the video link that night. He had been worried about her but she was so much more worried about him and knowing he was having more dreams did not help. Sheila had promised her that the injection she had given him would stop any relapses, no more headaches but she wanted to make sure he was alright.
She had been in her own little world when she felt the wheels touch down on the tarmac.

The men form Il Divo had obviously been as excited as the girls. They were waiting beside the cars as the plane taxied. Lea looked out the window to see them all waving, all smiling except Urs. He was wearing a soulful look. She knew they couldn’t see them but she waved anyway, so did the others.
No sooner were the stairs in place when Sheila and Sam had raced down them much to the amusement of airport staff. Carlos and Sebastien ran to the plane and the girls jumped into their arms, wrapping their legs around their waists and covering them with kisses. David let out a booming laugh at the sight and Urs smiled a little and shook his head, quietly hoping that Lea did not do the same. David was hoping that Ree would but knew it was not going to happen.
Lea was next off the plane. She stood at the top of the stairs and her eyes fell on Urs. As they did they both gave each other that little bow. Again David smiled. Their greetings were always so official, so business like. But he knew they said so much to each other with those little bows so many times unseen by others. He was a little taken back when Ree exited the plane and did the same to him.
Urs looked over to David. “Seems she’s been taking lessons. I really wish you two could show the world the love you have for each other.”
David smiled. “One day Urs, one day.”
Urs had stayed by the car and waited for Lea. As she got to him his heart skipped a little, he had missed her and just being able to smell her perfume on the breeze made him realise how much he needed to be with her. She smiled and their bodies touched as she lent up to give him a kiss. She took a deep breath, drinking in his scent. “God you smell good.”
“Glad you approve.”
Ree walked up to David and shook his hand in a professional manner but her eyes said oh so much more. “David.” She looked to Urs and shook his hand as well. They all knew this was the way it would be in public, for any probing eyes. She was about to shout to Sebastien and Carlos that she would go with Urs and David and meet them back at the hotel but their car was already pulling away . “Well bugger me. Just as well I decided to come with you lot.”
David asked her a question. “Mary and Michael, should we wait for them?”
Ree smiled. “No. this nice looking fella here is coming back for them.” She pointed to the chauffer. “Michael has a few things to do on the plane and Mary elected to stay.”
Ree moved David to the car. “Shall we get this camel on the move then?”
David gave her a cheeky salute before he dived into the car. Lea laughed and Urs just shook his head. It was a quiet trip to the hotel. Lea was snuggled under Urs’ arm and Ree had made sure there was enough room between her and David so that the chauffer had no chance to get the wrong or the right idea.
Without changing his tone or raising his voice Urs asked Ree a question that made Lea sit up and look at him. “So Ree, what is the real reason you all came to Denver? It’s not the antidote.”
Ree looked at Lea. “You wanna catch this ball or should I?”
Lea took a deep breath “In a round about way it does have to do with the antidote.” She could see David and Urs shifting in their seats as she went on to explain about the Transport Pods and what Michael would be doing.
The car was silent for a while after she finished but again it was Urs who asked the question. “But we still have to go up there?” He pointed to the roof of the car but they all knew what he meant. “To take the antidote don’t we?”
David jumped in. “Hey if Michael gets these transport things working does that mean we won’t have to get a plane to the next town? How cool is that.”
Ree thumped him on the arm. “Now how would that look? You bozo’s just appearing, not being able to be tracked. Sorry mate but you still have to ride the sky pony.”
They all looked at her and Ree sighed. “A plane, you still have to get on a plane.”
Ree could see that both David and Urs had questions about to spring from the ends of their tongues. “Nope. End of conversation. I’m still the boss, No star trekking just yet.”
Lea settled back into Urs arms and felt the tension slowly leave his body. The rest of the trip to the hotel was done in silence.
It had not been nearly as quiet in Sebastien’s or Carlos’ car. Even with the privacy window up the chauffer was amazed at the giggling and squealing that was going on in the back of his car. He had a pretty good idea what was happening but considering it was not a long trip to the hotel he thought they may have waited. Sebastien and Carlos had tried to control their respective ladies and to their credit did a valiant job so by the time they got to the hotel they were still in possession of most of their clothes. Their shirts however would need some tender loving care, both now missing all but a few buttons.
The first chauffer was still at the hotel when Ree and the others arrived. He smiled at Ree as she passed him. “Not sure who these guys are Ma’am but those girls are wild.”
David laughed as he entered the hotel and the chauffer smiled at Urs and Lee as they walked hand in hand and looked at Ree again. “Seems you got the quiet ones.”
She winked at the chauffer. “Don’t be to sure about that mate.” And left the two chauffers to exchange stories.
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PostSubject: chapter 58   Wed Oct 06, 2010 6:54 am

Chapter 58
Once in the hotel room Lea hugged Urs with all her strength, kissing him until she was out of breath. Urs had to pull her arms from around him. “Easy there Lea, I need my ribs.” But he did lean in to kiss her again. “I’ve missed you more than I could imagine.” He pushed her chin up a little and looked deeply into her eyes. “Are you sure you are okay? The other night you looked…” He did not finish.
Lea hugged him and put her head on his chest. “I’m fine Urs. Just one of those days. But I am fine.” She sighed and looked back into his face, a face that still showed his sorrow. “But I worry about you. David said you are having more dreams. Any more headaches?”
Urs shook his head. “No, no headaches just the dreams.”
Lea pulled him to the sofa and they sat down. “Did something trigger them off?”
“Yeah, the first time we stepped out onto the stage in front of a large crowd.”
He looked at Lea with a mix of fear and anxiety covering his face. “Lea I remembered. I remember doing this, singing, singing to lots of people. It was different, I was alone. Then the dreams started again.”
Lea squeezed his hands. “Do you really remember?”
He nodded. “I think so. It’s like trying to see around the corner, you know what is there but you just can’t see it.”
“What do you see in your dreams Urs? Tell me what you see.”
Urs went on to describe his dreams in all their detail and Lea’s stomach got tighter and tighter. He was not describing some random events that his mind had turned into dreams. He was actually describing his own concerts, he remembered so much about them she was astounded.
When he had finished he just looked at her. “Lea tell me these were just dreams.”
“I cant Urs, you remembered everything. That was you, is you, your concerts. Even the venues you described, I know most of those places. David’s sang in most of them. Urs is there anything else you think have been dreams. You may remember more than you think.”
He shook his head. “No the other stuff is just patches, bits of a puzzle I can’t put together. But you are telling me these new ones. It’s all real. I did that. I lived that life.”
“They are real Urs, very, very real. Maybe we should talk to the others? If you have had these dreams they may have been going through the same thing.”
She went to move but Urs pulled her back down onto the sofa. “Not tonight. I want us to be together tonight.”
Lea laid herself on top of him, drinking in the earthy smell of his after shave and gently kissing him. She worked her lips down his face and onto his neck as Urs surrendered to her touch. She gently blew on his face. “How together do you want to be?”
Urs lifted her up and stood all in one motion, taking her to the bed. As she lay this time underneath him she started to unbutton his shirt as he softly covered her face with kisses.
They took turns at undressing each other. By the time they were finished they lay naked side by side, Lea softly running her hands up and down his chest.
“Don’t ever leave me Lea.” Urs pulled her closer to him. “You’re the only thing that makes sense in my life. I can’t make sense of anything else.”
Lea still had her head on his chest. “What about your singing Urs. You have such a wonderful voice. You sing with all your heart and soul. I can’t believe that you can’t make sense of that.”
Urs kissed her on the top of the head. “But it’s a lie. Simon made it a lie.”
Lea moved so she could see his face. He had been looking at the ceiling and she could see the lines where tears had rolled down. “No Urs. Simon took your truth and made it his. You could always sing. That voice you have has always been yours Urs. Don’t think for a minute that it is a lie. You have a gift. You chose to share it at home and I am sure if you had been born on earth you would have chosen to do the same.”
Urs looked at her with eyes so full of pain it broke her heart and he began to cry. As hard as he tried not to, he cried. “I don’t know who I am Lea.” Again he pulled her close.
“You’re the one I love Urs. You can always believe in that.”
Lea kissed him tenderly, wiping the tears from his face with her cheeks. Slowly Urs began to kiss her back, folding his arm around her, feeling her body on his own. Their love making that night was slow, gentle, tender, affectionate, caring and sensitive.

Ree and David made it to his room without anyone knowing. Ree had been aching to be with David since the moment they had landed and she had seen him standing next to the car. She had no idea why or how he had managed to have such an affect on her but he had and she knew her life would never be the same. All the while that little voice in the back of her head telling her that she could loose him. Maybe this was the reason for the urgency in their love making. Both passionate people, both wanting to know each other, learn from each other, teach each other and be consumed by each other. They spent the night in David’s room going from love making to drifting off into contented slumber, to wake once more to be devoured by each others passion.

Unfortunately the clothes that Sebastien and Carlos had managed to save in the car where now laying on the floor of their rooms in taters as Sheila and Sam showed each man just how much they had missed them. By the time the two ladies had finished, both Carlos and Sebastien were exhausted, happy, contend and sleeping with smiles on their faces.
Sheila text Sam and they met in the hotel lobby about thirty minutes later.
“So Sheila, you think Carlos will go for this? I mean just because Sebastien does. I’m not sure.”
Sheila laughed. “Well if he doesn’t you’ll be able to make plenty of Ice cream sundaes.”
They left for the closest ice cream parlour.
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PostSubject: chapter 59   Fri Oct 08, 2010 5:06 am

Chapter 59
The next morning saw Il Divo giving a few interviews and only a few hours to spare before they needed to get ready for that nights concert. Ree had accompanied them to the interviews but it had been decided that they would all meet back up at the hotels beer garden for a late lunch and a lazy afternoon. All but Mary and Michael, who were already beginning to make headway in the positioning of the Transport Pods. Having his own technology to use had made Michaels job so much easier and quicker. Things he had expected to take months were only taking a matter of hours. So were as he thought he would be setting up destination points just before Il Divo arrived in a new city, it looked very much like he would have most of them done with in two weeks.
Having Mary by his side had been a bonus. They worked very well together and for an earthling she was a fast learner, even picking up on his own language without much trouble. So much so that even if she could not speak it fluently she was very capable of understanding what he was saying and Michael managed to get himself in trouble a few times by swearing. Mary would tease him, but all in all they worked and played well together. Their assignment would keep them away from the rest of the Il Divo family for a little while and they made the most of their time together.

The rest of them spent the afternoon in a secluded spot in the beer garden away from other hotel guests. Urs was still quiet, had been through the interviews as well and David was glad that Lea was with him.
She had waited until they had finished lunch before she brought up the topic of Urs’ dreams and wanting to know if the others had been having similar dreams. The look on their faces and the uncomfortable way they seemed to shift in theirs seats told her they had. David looked around the table to the other Divos. “You guys as well?”
Sebastien and Carlos nodded.
Lea got them to explain their dreams, they were all similar.
“Bloody Nora. Guys, you need to let us know about this kind of thing. Struth. What would have happened if one of you yobbos had another headache?”
Lea spoke up. “But David and Urs have had the injection.” She looked to Carlos and Sebastien. Carlos told them he was okay, no headache except for the one from last night. They all laughed but Sebastien had lowered his head, refusing to look at them. Lea had a sinking feeling. “Sebastien, you have something you want to tell us?”
Sheila shot him a worried look and took hold of his hands. “Sebastien???”
He looked at her. “They started the other day, not very bad but I can’t shake them and they seem to be getting worse.”
“You should have told me. Seb you should have told me.” Sheila hugged him.
“Why, I saw what they did to Urs and you said you can’t give me that medication until I get the first attack.”
Sheila was about to protest when Ree did it for her. “Sebastien you great Wally. Sheila’s right. We need to keep a close eye on you. We need to be there when it happens, you num nut. I should bean you on the scone for that. Give you a real bloody headache.” Ree looked to Sheila. “Tell me you brought that magic juice with you?”
Sheila nodded. “It’s up in the room.”
“Then you need to stick by your Sebastien until he is out of the woods okay?”
Once they had all made sure that Sebastien was okay and had been reprimanded by all the topic moved back to their dreams.
Lea was hoping that now Urs knew the others had all been having the dreams he would not feel so alone, so lost. He was still very quiet but did not seem to be as depressed. It was time for Il Divo to head to the concert hall for sound checks. Sheila raced to her room to collect her ‘magic juice’ as Ree put it before going with them.
Ree did not mind Sheila going with them, her relationship with Sebastien was the one that was known and her appearance would more than likely be accepted. Sam was a little hurt not being able to go but Ree wanted her to come on board as part of the stylist team. That would happen in the next few days.
David knew that Ree would be making herself scarce this night and Urs already knew that Lea had other plans. She wanted to catch up with Michael and see how things were going. But they all kissed and hugged before the men left the garden.
Lea held onto Urs’ hand just a little longer as he walked away, so he turned back and smiled at her. “I’m okay. I have you to hold onto.” And he was gone.
Ree came to stand at one side of Lea and Sam at the other. Lea sighed and Ree put her arm around her shoulder. “He’ll pull through Lea.”
“He’s so very fragile, more than people realise. I’m worried about what will happen when they take the antidote. I couldn’t take it if …”
“Let’s not go there just yet. I was thinking it is probably best to leave that until the end of the tour. I know it’s already to go but unless the guys want to do it earlier. I’m voting the end of the tour.”
Sam was still staring into the space the guys had been. “Me to.”
Lea remained silent. She was not at all sure that she could hold herself together for that long. But if everyone agreed she would go along with it.

Lea found Mary and Michael back in their room. Their evening had been a success and Michael was brimming with confidence. “Lea I want to head back to the transport and make sure this one works. I’m pretty sure it will and if it does then we can configure the other destinations”
“How are you going to do that? I mean you’ll need something, someone to transport.”
Lea heard her own words. She knew they could test the hubs with anything, making sure they got from one place to another. She also knew eventually they would need a live subject.
“You’ll need someone at the house then, if you will be on the transport.” She took a deep breath. “When do you want to do this?”
Michael looked at her shocked. “No Lea. We can get an animal, a pet, cat, dog. I just need an observer here and at the house.”
Mary realised what they were discussing. “Lea, you can’t be suggesting we use you. Michael is right.”
Lea looked at them both. “Michael you know that even after your animal tests you will need to test someone. What! You going to kidnap some homeless person? No, it has to be me. I’m trained; I can give you the report you will need.”
Michael was a little stunned, she was right of course but he had not expected her to volunteer so readily. “But what if it goes wrong?”
“That’s what the animals are for. So when do we do this?” Lea really did not want to think about it any more.
“I guess we could go tomorrow while the guys are doing their concert. If you fly back to the house, I can head to the transport and we can have it all done before the concert is over.” Michael looked to Lea for a sign but Sam spoke.
“And Lea when it works you’ll be back here in no time.”
Lea moved her stare slowly from Mary to Michael. “Not a word to the others, not one word.”
Lea was sitting on the balcony to their room when Urs arrived back. Silently he sat beside her and tucked his arm behind her back pulling her into him. They needed no words at times like this, instinctively knowing what the other was feeling, thinking.
They sat there for a while entwined in each other, just looking over the cities nightscape.
Urs stood and pulled Lea to her feet, pulling her close and kissing her tenderly, before leading her to the bed. Silence cocooned their love making this night as they transformed themselves into one being, a being so complete that to part was painful.

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PostSubject: chapter 60   Sat Oct 09, 2010 9:38 am

Chapter 60
Lea flew back to the house not long after Il Divo started yet another busy day giving them a story about doing something for Michael which was in a way what she was doing. Knowing what Michael and Mary were trying to do Il Divo did not question her disappearance. However, Urs was sure she was not telling them everything.
Sheila joined them once more. She was going to stick to Sebastien like glue until they were sure he was not going to suffer the same fate as Urs and David. Michael was headed for the Transport to integrate all the systems they would need to make the hubs and pods work.

Sebastien’s headaches were still with him and they had not eased off. He had not told Sheila but they were getting worse, He had woken the night before and thrown up with the sensation he was trying to cope with. Thankfully Sheila had stayed asleep so he had not had to explain anything to her. But the way he was feeling just before they went on stage that night had unnerved him. He was getting flashes, quick flashes of images that, although he knew were in his head seemed so very bright. They hurt his eyes and he found himself squinting several times through the concert. Thankfully the fans thought he was trying to be silly but his fellow Divos were worried. From her vantage point to the side of the stage Sheila knew that Sebastien was having problems but they all had to wait until the concert was over. David guided Sebastien off the stage as Urs and Carlos followed with worried looks on their faces. Back in their room Sheila made Sebastien sit down. He was shaking a little and complaining that he could not see very well but he did not seem to be lapsing into an attack that Urs or David had endured. It took almost fifteen minutes but Sebastien’s symptoms faded and all he was left with was that dull headache. The one he just could not shake. Instead of having dinner with the others Sheila took Sebastien back to his room. At first he argued about being put to bed but it was not long before he fell asleep. Sheila had lain by his side for a while and when she was sure he was sleeping soundly she took the opportunity to text the other guys and let them know how he was doing. Just as she was about to put the phone back on the charger it chimed as a message came through from Lea. She was just letting Sheila know she was still at the house and so far things had worked out well. Big test would be tomorrow. She also asked her to check on Urs for her, make sure he was doing okay.
Sheila smiled to herself and sent a text to Urs as she walked down the hall to his room. His text back said he was fine and had just finished talking to Lea on the video link. Now she knew why Lea wanted her to check on him, something on the video link. She knocked on the door and smiled at Urs’ surprised look. He was still holding his phone. “Lea send you down to check on me did she?”
Sheila gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I would have come down anyway.” She pushed a curl across his forehead and back onto place; Urs smiled and combed his hand through his hair. “I’m okay Sheila, I promise. How is Sebastien?”
Sheila sighed. “I don’t think it will be long. The next couple of days.” She could see the concern on Urs’ face. “It’s okay Urs. I’ve seen this before and I know it won’t be long. I had expected it to happen earlier.”
Urs put a cheeky look on his face. “He’s a bit of a slow learner sometimes.”
He had made Sheila laugh and she punched him playfully in the chest, happy that he could at least make a joke. “I’ll see you first thing in the morning Cheeky.”
Urs lent in and gave Sheila a gentle kiss on her forehead, then hugged her. “Thank you.”
His hug had taken her by surprise but she heard the emotion in his voice and understood.
Sheila went back to Sebastien. As he felt her body wrap round him he pushed himself against her, placing his head just under her chin and his arm across her chest. Sheila stroked her hand through his hair and hummed gently.

Sebastien’s little episode seemed to lay a sombre cloud over the entire group. Even knowing that he was alright had not lifted it. Sam had finally run a bath and convinced Carlos to take one with her to help him relax. Carlos rested against her, head back, eyes closed, arms floating on the water while she washed his chest gently, every now and then kissing him on top of the head.

David had Ree wrapped in his arms, a contented smile on his face. They had made love that night but it had been a tender time of souls meeting, hearts combining and two people finding out how much they loved each other. In the privacy of their room they could be themselves and being themselves, they had found themselves.

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PostSubject: chapter 61   Sat Oct 09, 2010 11:20 pm

Chapter 61
Mary had left the hotel to resume her position near the arrival spot that Michael had calculated. She was excited, everything that they had sent through yesterday had arrived but today would be the test. They were going to use live subjects. Lea had procured several animals from what she found out was an animal shelter. Several small dogs. Now that she had them she wondered what she was going to do with them once the experiment finished. She could not tell the shelter what she was taking the dogs for so she could not send them back.
It had been Mary that had come up with the idea of leaving the dogs in the States. If they could not find anyone to look after them at least they could give them to a shelter.
Mary knew she was too early but her excitement had woken her up and with Michael up on the transport she did not feel like staying at the hotel. She was glad of where he had chosen for the arrival spot, it meant she could sit at the small cafe just across the street. Their coffee was good and this morning she ordered a big breakfast. It was also close to the concert hall so her being around did not raise too many questions; enough people knew she was connected with Il Divo. They may not know what she did but they knew she was one of them. As she had been in and out of the café she had struck up a friendship with one of the waitresses.
“Hello again Mary. They got you working early today?”
Mary smiled. “Yeah, supposed to pick up a couple of packages when they finally arrive.”
“You know when?”
Mary was about to look at her watch when she realised that was not what she was wearing. “Oh should be in about an hour or so. I just didn’t want them to arrive early and not be here.” She held up her cup for a refill. “Gives me a chance to have a decent cup of coffee.”
The waitress laughed and filled her cup.
The ladies talked for a little while when Mary’s chatchip made a chiming sound. Michael had reconfigured them so they sounded more like mobile phones. “Well that’s me. I better go. Nice to have been able to have a chat today Beth. I really enjoyed it.”
“Yeah. Drop in for another coffee soon okay.” Beth watched as Mary walked across the road fiddling with her wrist. “I have so got to get one of those new phones when the get on the market.”
Beth served other customers thinking what a great job Mary must have. Being able to get hold of the latest gadgets before they were released to the public. And of course, spending time with Il Divo. She was due to be at their last concert in town that very night.

Mary put her chatchip on voice and talked with Lea. “Sounds a little noisy at your end?” She could hear the dogs barking in the back ground.
Lea was frustrated. “Whose idea was this? These things have been barking or whining all night. Wasn’t until Mrs Stoner got here I realised I had to feed them and the mess. Mary I swear I’m ready to transport myself.”
Mary laughed but she could hear just how frazzled Lea was. “What did you tell Mrs Stoner?”
Lea tried to speak above the barking. “Told her I had been shanghaied into looking after them for a friend but they would be gone in a few hours. I think she was all set to take them home with her. She was mortified I had not feed them. But considering what happened when I did I wish I hadn’t. God it stinks.”
Mary laughed even more. “Lea, they are animals, that’s what they do. Eat, sleep and….”
‘Yeah I get it, Okay I get It. Now can we do this before they start attacking the furniture?”
The girls got in touch with Michael and sent the first dog on its way to Mary.
They both heard Mary Squeal. Lea’s heart sank and she listened while Michael tried to make some sense out of what Mary was saying.
“Mary what happened?” Michael waited for a response. “Mary??”
“Oh Michael, he is so, so adorable, can I keep him?”
“MARY!!!! You had us worried. I thought something had gone wrong.” Michael clutched the side of his head with his hands and shook it.
Lea was still trying to get a handle on what Mary was saying. It was obvious she was talking to the dog in some kind of code.
“Oh you’re such a cutie, ootie aren’t you. My little fluffy, wuffy thing.”
Michael shouted at her again. “Mary! Is the dog alright?”
“Yes Michael got all its little bitty paws, nice waggly tail and the most precious face you will ever see. Oh I just want to eat you all up.”
Her last statement caught Lea by surprise.” Mary!!! I thought they were pets. Don’t tell me you guys eat them!!!”
“God no! Lea. It’s just a term of endearment. Means I love this little fella so, so much.”
Lea practically shouted at her chatchip. “Michael if she loves these things so much I am sending the rest through together before I do more than eat them.”
Michael just sighed. It had been part of the plan to send multiple subjects through but he had not expected it to go the way it had. He was grateful that he was on the transport and not down on earth with either Lea or Mary. Why hadn’t Lea got a few sedated rats? Why hadn’t she sedated the dogs? He would have to ask her that one. This was going to be interesting when he got back. But if the multiple transfer worked he was almost sure that Lea would be safe to send.

It had taken a few tries to get the other dogs to stay together and by the time they had been sent to Mary, Lea was ready for more than a cup of tea. She never bothered to ask Mary if they had arrived safely. She could hear her cooing over them all.
Lea looked around the room they had used for the activation point, it was a mess. As she was cleaning up Mrs Stoner arrived with four bones that looked like they had belonged to a horse. “Oh did your friend come and pick the little guys up. I brought them a treat.”
Lea flopped into a chair. “A treat, they are a menace.”
Mrs Stoner laughed and sat next to Lea. “You’ve never had a pet have you?”
“Does a big brother count?”
Again Mrs Stoner laughed.
Lea looked at the bones. “Agnes those things are bigger than the dogs. You sure they would eat them?”
“Well not eat exactly but they would have had some fun. Maybe I could make some soup with them instead.”
The thought of having to consume food that had been made out of dog bones made Lea’s stomach turn. “No, that’s okay Mrs Stoner. I’m headed out soon. I can drop them off. I am sure my friend would just love it.”
Mrs Stoner gave the bones to Lea. “The rest of your team are not expected back for a little while, are they? I mean I don’t have a lot in the fridge at the moment.”
“No, the guys have still got quite a few concerts to do. But Ree maybe back and forth, though I think she will be staying in the city. I promise to try and call if we intend to come back early.”
Mrs Stoner patted Lea on the knee. “That’s okay. I think I will make a few meals I can freeze just in case you and your friends do have a change in plans.”
Both ladies stood. “Agnes. Thank you so much for looking after all of us. We all do really appreciate what you do. I know for a fact that the boys just love your cooking.”
Agnes was a little taken back. It was not often she got thanked for what she did, not that she did it for the thanks but it was very nice to be acknowledged. “Oh Lea that’s nice. I’m glad that I can help. But Ree is paying me very well, you know that don’t you?”
Lea nodded her head. “I know but still I just wanted to let you know we do appreciate it.”

Lea waited for Mrs Stoner to leave before contacting Mary to make sure she was still near the arrival point. Everything was quiet at Mary’s end which concerned Lea.
“Mary are the dogs okay?”
Mary laughed. “Sure Lea we are all just fine.”
“But they are quiet. What did you do to them?”
“Nothing Lea, stop worrying, they are fine. Two of them are sleeping at my side at the moment. So when do you get to come back?”
“Not just yet. I am sending something that Mrs Stoner wants those dogs to have okay.”
As soon as the bones arrived Lea could hear Mary talking to all the dogs and was quite amused that she had named them after Il Divo. She was not sure how the guys would feel about that but at the moment David dog was getting reprimanded for trying to take two bones at once.
“Mary do you think that was a good idea. Naming them after the group?”
“Maybe not but it’s not like I am going to get to keep them and they needed names. So …Hey! Carlos stop trying to pinch Sebs bone. Lea I got to go the dogs are having a great time with their bones. Thank Mrs Stoner will you. Call me when you are ready to come through.”
Lea thought about what Mary had said. Come through. She used the transports at home all the time but her history with them had not been so good. She was hoping that since there were only really two destination points. The house and the concert hall, she would not get sent off into cyber space. Her reasoning was that the system at home had so many points of arrival and departure there were bound to be hiccups but here with only two. Well that was what she was telling herself.

Lea and Michael went through every detail before he would allow her to transport. Lea had tried to convince Michael that he was wasting his time as much of what he was telling her she did not understand. “Michael just tell me I will turn up at the other end with all my parts in the right place. That’s all I need to know.”
“Yes Lea. I am sure. I would come down there and do it myself but I just want to be a hundred and ten percent about all this.”
“Okay. Let’s do it then.”
Michael called Mary who had spent a wonderful time with her four legged Il Divos’ and everything was ready to go.
Lea set the hub to transport and before she knew it she was standing in front of Mary. But the smile of relief was wiped off her face in milliseconds. Behind Mary stood Urs, he had rounded the corner just as she had appeared. He had been looking for Mary and hearing the dogs barking had followed their sound.
Lea did not know what to do so she just waved and said Hi. Mary turned around to see who she was talking to.
“Urs, how long have you been here?”
Urs did not take his eyes off Lea while he answered. “Long enough.”
Lea stepped forward, so did Urs. He was now surrounded by Mary’s dogs but he did not seem to notice. “I knew you had not told me everything when you left.”
“How could I Urs. I had no idea what was going to happen, even if Michel had got the transports this far.”
“What!!! You mean they work?”
Lea looked herself up and down. “Apparently this one does.”
By now the four dogs had decided that Urs was their new best friend and had managed to entangle their leads so well he was about to trip over them. He looked to Mary. “Friends of yours?”
Mary looked to Lea who answered for her. “They were the first four transports. Oh my god Urs you don’t think I just…..” Lea went to hug him but the dogs were still in the way. “No Urs. Trust me the last thing I wanted was to end up as cyber soup. No. The dogs came through first.”
By now Mary had untangled them from Urs. “Come on Doggy Divos.”
Urs shot her a look. “What did you call them?”
Mary went very red and Lea laughed. “She’s named them after Il Divo. See if you can guess which one is which.”
Urs laughed as he looked at the dogs, not knowing that Lea had no idea which dog had which Il Divo name. He pointed to the one that seemed to have all the energy. “That has to be David.”
Mary laughed. “Right. Okay which one is Sebastien?”
“That one there who can’t take his eyes of Lea. Seb could never resist a pretty girl.”
Lea looked down at the dog; he certainly looked like he was staring at her.
Mary continued. “Okay, so which one is Carlos?”
Urs smiled. “That’s easy, the one with that piece of hair over his eye. That has to be Carlos.” Ur looked over to the last dog which had been sitting just off from the others the whole time, quiet and patient, not moving. He looked to Mary and then to Lea and then back at the dog, knowing that was the one Mary had named after him. He crouched down and put his hand out. The dog did not move, Urs did not speak just nodded his head lightly and they met eye to eye. Lea was about to say something when the dog calmly walked over and placed its paw on Urs’ knee.
Mary smiled and Lea put her hand on Urs’ shoulder. It seemed the dog could sense his inner spirit just as much as she could.
Urs rubbed the dog on its head. “Well seems you got stuck with my name my four legged friend.” Urs stood up and the dog stood quietly beside him while the other three played and jumped around. “So which one of you gets to tell the others.”
Lea pointed straight to Mary and they all laughed. But Urs was not finished. “So Lea you get to tell them about the rest.”
She had hoped that all the fuss over the dogs had deflected her little entrance but she should have known better.

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Chapter 62
Mary wandered off back to the park she had found to play with her new friends while Lea and Urs headed for the concert hall. The others had arrived for the sound check.
“Why didn’t you tell me Lea. This transporting stuff is serious. Why did it have to be you?”
She took hold of his hand. “I know it is serious stuff, but who else could have done it. Michael needed to be where he is and Sheila would have been the only other choice and she needs to stick with Seb. How is he?”
“Don’t change the subject. But he is oky. Had a bit of a turn at the concert but nothing major. Sheila seems to think he will need his injection in a few days.”
They stopped walking. “Lea please don’t do that again, I couldn’t get through this if you got hurt. Please don’t lie to me okay. I know you had your reasons but I need to know the truth.”
“Urs we all used the transports at home everyday and I trust Michael more than I trust them. No one will get hurt using them. And as for telling the truth. How would you have reacted when we first met if I had told you the real truth? I didn’t lie; I was doing something for Michael.”
“Lea, do you have any idea how hard this is for us, for me. I……” He went to say something but could not finish. Lea could see the fear and hurt in his eyes, even as hard as he was trying to hide it. She stepped closer to him, hugged him.
“It’s hard for me to Urs. Knowing that I could be responsible for breaking you guys up. Not knowing what is really going to happen when you take the antidote, Will you remember me? Will I have to….” Lea didn’t finish, they both knew what she was talking about.
Urs hugged her into him. “It would be so much easier if you could just wipe out all our memories and we really just thought we belonged here.”
“But Urs that is what Simon tried and look at you. Every one of you still has an attachment to home, even if you didn’t know what it was. And who is to say that if we could that it would work.” She looked into his sad eyes. “Urs you don’t have to take the antidote, you can stay just as you are. We won’t make you take it. I just thought.”
“Yeah I know. I need to know one way or the other Lea, and if that means taking the antidote well so be it.”
They walked the rest of the way to the concert hall hand in hand. The others were surprised to see her considering they knew Urs had talked to her via the video link just the night before.
David smiled at her. “Fast flight Squizz?”
Lea gave them all a smile. “You have no idea.”
Sheila shouted. “Oh My God it worked. Michael got them to work.”
Lea just nodded her head but it took the others a few seconds to catch on and it was Carlos who spoke. “You didn’t catch a plane did you Lea?”
She shook her head.
David gave out one of his high pitched whistles. “So when do we get to go for a ride?”
Urs shot him a frowned look. “DAVID!!!!”
“Oh Urs chill out will you. This is so cool. I know the boss lady said we still had to travel by plane but she never said we couldn’t have a go did she.”
Just then Ree walked into the hall. “David Miller!!”
He heard Sebastien say “Busted” under his breath.
“Come on Ree, you cant stick a toy like that under a guys nose and not expect him to want to play with it.”
Lea was a little taken back that David would think the transports were toys. “David. They are not toys,”
Before she could finish he jumped in again. “Squizz I know that, I’m sorry but you must understand. This is like being in a sci fi movie.” He turned his attention and all the charm he could muster on Ree. “Please can we have a try, just once?”
“Crickey David, I can see this is just going to get so annoying I might have to take you out bush and teach you a few lessons.”
Still oozing charm David replied. “Ooo yes please.”
Ree stepped closer to him and slapped him on the side of the head which made the others smile. “Miller!!” Ree looked to Lea. “I guess if these Wallies’ want to fly free they’ll have to wait for Michael to get back?”
Lea nodded.
“Settled. Now get on with the sound check before I really chew you out.”
David got onto the stage still beaming but the others were all having second thoughts about this little trip he had so conveniently got them involved in.
He wasn’t sure if it was just the stress of this new development but Sebastien could feel his headache surge, as if his brain was trying to escape. Pushing on his skull in all directions, his eyes hurt, he felt dizzy and his legs were weak. He managed to get through the sound check but Sheila had been watching him the whole time. As they came off the stage she pulled him aside. “How bad?”
Sebastien went to talk but he just crumbled to the floor clutching his head as he went down screaming. All the others came running as Sheila tried to stop him from banging his head on the concrete. Sheila looked at Urs. “My bag. It’s in his dressing room”
Urs just ran, Sebastien looked like he was in so much pain.
David and Carlos had knelt beside him with their hands under his head to cushion the blows ever time he tried to hit it on the ground. “Make it stop!!!” He screamed some more and then shouted in French but surprised everyone when he began to shout in his own language, the language of their home. David and Carlos just looked at each other; Lea looked at Sheila as Urs came running back with her bag. “What’s he saying?”
Lea explained. “Pretty much just asking to the pain and the light and the noise to stop.”
Urs was worried as his episode had not been like this. “Will he be okay?”
He was still trying to bang his head on the ground when Sheila shot him. He went limp instantly. “Let’s get him to his room.” The three other Divos carried him back to the dressing room followed by the three girls.
Ree tugged on Sheilas arm. “Bloody Nora; tell me he is going to be alright?”
“He should be Ree but that was a pretty nasty attack. The medication will stop anymore but…”
“But what? I don’t like But Whats?”
We’ll have to wait until he wakes up.”
“And the concert tonight?” Ree was already going through contingency plans in her head and no one else spoke.
They settled Sebastien on the sofa and waited. Urs hugged Lea from behind and she could feel him shaking just a little. “He’ll be okay guys. I know he will.”
Sheila was knelt down beside him. She had taken on the roll of nurse but this was the love of her life lying there. “I’m here Seb, You’ll be okay.” And she kissed him.
“I’m going back out to do damage control. There’s enough people saw this to make it a very major rumour if we don’t stop it.” Ree kissed David before she left which surprised him. “Cooee if there is a change.”
He nodded.
Urs was still shaking a little. “He looks so pale.”
“No paler than you did.” Lee squeezed his hand as she spoke. “He’ll pull through Urs. I promise.” Lee just hoped this was not a promise she would break.
Urs pulled her closer and dropped his head onto her shoulder, holding her tighter.
David smiled to himself. Just by her presence it seemed that Lea could help Urs with his fears and struggles. To David it was like Urs found it easier to breathe when she was around; found his inner strength through her.
Lea caught David looking at her, he winked and she gave him a small sad smile back. David made a mental note to make sure to check on her later, make sure she was handling things. He still struggled with the idea that she was actually his little sister but in his heart he knew he would have always treated her like he did. A sister.

It was over an hour before Sebastien made any signs that he was coming to. Sheila had stayed at his side the whole time. David, Carlos and Urs had gone to get ready for the concert and hoped that Sebastien would be well enough to join them. Lea had spent time with Urs while he was preparing but would go back to see how Sheila was doing.
Ree had managed to pull back any hint of rumours for the time being and Il Divo had come up with a new song list just in case Sebastien was not able to join them. The band and orchestra as well as the crew where madly trying to put together a second set of concert effects to comply with the songs that the band had picked if they had to sing as a trio. Ree may have slowed down any gossip for now but once the concert started and Sebastien was a no show it would be impossible for her to keep it under lock and key. She enlisted Mary to help with damage control and got her to post some news on the web site. Ree had taken one look at Mary’s new companions and expected a please explain. She had roared with laughter at the thought of the four dogs being named after the members of Il Divo but they would have to go.
Mary had found a place where she could work on the computer and keep an eye on her Doggie Divos and posted news that Sebastien had not been well and was suffering from a migraine. He was resting and hoping to be able to perform tonight. But if not the concert would not be cancelled, David, Carlos and Urs would still be performing. She asked the fans to support them by not staying away if Sebastien was unable to be with them.
While David, Carlos and Urs had been getting ready Urs had told the others about the dogs, which they did not believe until Lea confirmed it for him and then Mary came to their rooms with them. They were all fascinated that Urs the dog had gone straight to Urs the man and sat by his side.
Now that experiments had been done Ree was adamant that the dogs had to go but what she didn’t know was that Mary had posted news of her four companions on the website and was hoping a fan would take them. She had already had a couple of calls and had arranged to meet several people before the concert.
They only had about two hours to go before the concert and Sebastien was just waking up. Sheila spoke softly to him as he regained consciousness. “Hey, how are you feeling?”
Sebastien sat up slowly, his head was still pounding but no where as bad as before, all the noise in his head seemed to have gone but his vision was still a little blurry. “Okay I think.”
Everyone let out little sighs of relief and David went to sit next to him. “Glad to have you back.”
Sebastien smiled at David but he was still out of focus. “I feel better guys but my eyes, things are still a little fuzzy.”
Sheila took hold of his hand. “How blurry Seb?”
“Well I can make you out but it is kind of like you all have soft edges. Like an out of focus photo maybe.”
David asked him the question they all wanted answered. “You think you could go on tonight? You wouldn’t have much time to get ready.”
Sebastien looked around at his blurry friends. “How much time?”
Sheila squeezed his hand. “About an hour.”
Sebastien took a deep breath. “I can do that, just let me get ready.”
The all left after they made sure he was going to be okay, all except Sheila, she stayed.
His head was clearing but his eyes still troubled him. Sebastien was a little worried that it would be permanent or that they would get worse. His depth perception was off just a little so he missed things as he went to pick the up. He couldn’t read the song list but he was determined to go on.
“Seb are you sure you want to do this?”
“Yes” he said very determined. “I am. But I may need some help. I still can’t see very well. I don’t want to fall off the edge of the stage. I’m not going to be able to see much past my own nose if this doesn’t clear up. I don’t want to disappoint the fans. They have been so good to us. I am going on.”
Seb met the others as they waited to make their entrance onto the stage. He was fine until the large lights flashed up and then he could not see at all. He was still singing but David could see that he was in trouble and nodded to the others so they changed their routine and went to stand next to him. The song finished and Carlos introduced the next one.
“Sebastien, what’s up?”
“The lights. They hurt my eyes I can’t see when the lights are on.”
Urs has heard everything.” Stick with us Seb we’ll help you.”
They had to start to sing the next song but when he had a moment Urs talked to one of the guitar players in the band and then went back to take his place next to the other Divos. The guitar player ducked off the stage and ran to the lighting guys and told them what the problem was. He had dashed past Sheila, Lea, Sam, Ree and Mary so fast they never got a chance to ask what was wrong. They knew something was not right because the guys were not moving on stage like they rehearsed.
Just as the guitar player got back on the stage the configuration of the lights changed. The spot lights were shut down and the colours changed.
Il Divo finished the song and Sebastien addressed the audience, Mary had told him about the migraine story.
“Thank you ladies and gentleman. I am sorry about the lighting. Some of you may know that I was not well and it seems that the lights affect my eyes very badly. I did not want to disappoint you and not come to sing for you. Would you mind if we kept the lights a little lower.
The crowd exploded with cheers and applause and Sebastien bowed.
Urs lent in “How are you now?”
“It’s still all blurry but I can see”
At least the girls got their answer.
Il Divo finished the concert and Urs helped Sebastien off the stage into Sheilas waiting arms. “Thank God that is the last concert for a few days. Seb we need to get back to the hotel. Do you have a headache?”
Sebastien shook his head. “No, I feel fine. It’s just my eyes.”
That night Il Divo made a hasty retreat and Ree had been on the phone the moment they came off stage organising for a doctor to be available when they got back. She wanted to make sure that Sebastien was okay.

Michael was stood outside Sebastien’s room talking to another man as everyone else got off the lift. Michael acknowledged Mary quickly but his attention was on Ree. “Ree this is the doc.”
She introduced herself while Sheila opened the door to let them all in. Ree took hold of Sebastien’s arm as he passed. “And this is the patient Doc.”
The doctor and Sebastien shook hands as they entered the room.
“So it seems you are having problems with your eyes young man.”
Sebastien sat on the sofa and the doctor opened up his bag. “I just want to have a look into your eyes.” With that he shone a small but bright light into Sebastien’s eyes. Sebastien recoiled in pain. “Hey!!!” And knocked the light out of the doctor’s hand before putting his on hands over his eyes.
Everyone came to his defence but Ree shouted the loudest. “Struth Doc. What kind of Galah are you? Just the ordinary garden type or the educated type?”
The doctor went to answer but Ree stopped him. “The fact that you were going to actually answer me says it all. We already know the light bloody hurts his eyes and he can’t see. Now doc, do your stuff, no more surprises.”
The doctor looked around the room, every eye was on him and if looks could kill he would have been incinerated. “I’m sorry Sebastien but I had to see just how sensitive to light you are. May I have a look at your eyes?”
Sebastien took his hands away, things were still fuzzy and the doctor asked him to explain how his sight was.
“Did you bump your head?”
Sebastien said no but everyone else said yes.
The doctor examined Sebastien for a little while longer before he was happy with is conclusion. “Well I would say the bump on the head is why the lights hurt your eyes. Once the bump goes down your eyes should be okay as well.” The doctor handed Sebastien his glasses and asked him to put them on. “How do things look know?”
Sebastien smiled. “Much better.”
The doctor smiled as he took his glasses back. “Sebastien I suggest you make an appointment with your optometrist and have your glasses updated.”
Sebastien was about to say something but Urs squeezed him on the shoulder so all he ended up saying was “Okay.”
The doctor left and the room fell silent.
“But I don’t wear glasses, never have.” Sebastien just looked from one of his friends to the other.
Ree had her back to the door. “Bloody Nora!!!”
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Chapter 63
Sheila held Sebastien in her arms that night. He had asked her if the problem with his sight would be permanent and she couldn’t tell him, they would just have to wait and see. The change in his eye sight seemed to have upset Sebastien more than the fact that he was not human.
“First thing in the morning we get your eyes looked at okay. If you need glasses then you need glasses. You can always wear contacts if you like so the fans won’t know any different.”
Sebastien hugged her closer but never said a word. This is how they fell asleep that night.

Lea and Urs sat on the balcony to the room, drinking hot chocolate. Lea really did not want to answer any more questions but she knew eventually Urs would want answers.
“Urs you make the best hot chocolate on the planet.”
He looked at her and gave her a wry smile.
“Okay bad choice of words. But it is really very good.”
“Not as good as your tea. I still can’t believe you got the taste so close to what it is like at home.”
Lea looked at him. You remember?”
“I remember the taste. Your tea is very close but.”
“Yeah just not quite there. I know.”
Urs put his cup on the table. “Lea, what is going to happen to us?” Urs couldn’t look at her; he just stared into the night.
“Urs, honestly I don’t know. When all this started all I wanted was my brother back but things are so much more complicated now. We just need to take this one step at a time. I know Ree wants you guys to stay and finish the tour. Wants to wait till then to give you the antidote.”
Urs looked at her and she could see the sorrow so deep in his eyes. “But what if I decide I want to stay here, not go home?”
“Then you stay here.” Lea swallowed hard choking back her tears.
“And you Lea, what will you do in the end?”
Lea knelt down in front of him and put her hands on his knees and looked up into his face. “If you go home, I will go with you. If you stay, I will stay. I promised I would never leave you Urs and I keep my promises.”
A small tear ran down Urs’ face and he smiled weakly as he gently caressed her cheek with his hand. “You would do that? You would stay with me?”
Lea moved forward a just before she kissed him said. “Always and forever.”

Sam and Carlos were cuddled together on the sofa, Sam with her head on his shoulder and Carlos running his fingers through her hair. “Wonder if I will ever get such headaches, they frightened me Angel. Sebastien was in so much pain.”
“Sheila said that since you never really got them she expects you never will. Remember not everyone goes through the same thing.” Sam turned to look at him. “And no mater what happens Carlos, I am here, I will be with you.”
“But what if I forget you when we….. You know? What if I remember home and forget everything about here. What if I want to go home and the others want to stay.”
“If you forget me Carlos, I will fight until my last breath to find a way for you to remember. And if you want to go home then you go home, I will be at your side. We will do it together.” She kissed him. “Carlos, we may not know what is going to happen but I do know I love you and I do know I want to be with you no matter where you decide you want to be.”

Ree and David were curdled up in each others arms after making love. Ree looked into his face as he slept, so peaceful, so angelic. If he decided he wanted to go home she had no idea how she was going to cope. No other man had consumed her so completely, had stolen her heart so quickly and caused her to love him so deeply. All feelings were new to her. She had only known this man a short while but the thought of having to spend the rest of her life without him just seemed so unnatural. She had turned the idea of returning to his home world with him around in her head so many times, but for all her bravado this scared her. Ree did not think she had what it would take to make that journey. She snuggled into David a little closer. “Don’t leave me D.”
David moved in his sleep and tightened his arm around her.

Mary and Michael were up early the next morning and already headed to the next transport point. Sebastien’s little episode made Michael wonder if they were doing the right thing. He knew in himself he wanted to go home but now he had Mary. He had already decided to stay on Earth if she wanted him to. But deep down he would like to see his own world just one more time. He had been deep in his own thoughts as he flew when Mary gently touched him on the arm. You okay Michael?”
“Huh, yes, I’m fine. Just thinking.”
“I know that Lea expects you to fly the transport back to your own world.”
Michael looked at her with soulful eyes.
“Mary smiled and squeezed his hand. “I understand Michael. This is far bigger than just you and me. But I want you to know I am prepared to go with you. I am ready for whatever life throws at us. Whether it be here or.”
She looked out the cockpit window. “Or out there.”
Michael had no words. He had been truly blessed when she came into his life.
Mary reached over and kissed him and said, ‘I love you’… in his own language.

As they had a few days off the others rose late and met in the hotel café for brunch. David spent most of the morning trying to convince Ree to let them have a turn at the transport, she flatly refused to be drawn into that conversation and would not be budged on her original idea that no one was going to be using the transport until further notice.
The rest of the meals conversation was light even to giving Sebastien a hard time about having to wear glasses. To which he began to pout. Lea threw a napkin at him and blew him a kiss. “Your fans will just think you look adorable Sebastien. You looked kind of sexy when you had the doc’s glasses on last night.”
Sebastien blushed and everyone laughed. Sheila smiled and gave him a kiss. “Well I thought you looked pretty hot myself Seb. You think we can get you a pair that glows in the dark?”
Again the others all roared with laughter but Sebastien had to admit that he did feel better about having to wear them if it came to that.

As lunch came to an end and they were all on their last cup of coffee David broached the subject of the antidote. Unbeknown to the girls, Il Divo had talked it through and had come to the decision that they did not want to wait until the end of the tour to take the antidote. “So Ree, we thought that since we have five days off at the end of this month that would be a good time to do it.”
The table fell silent and all eyes were on Ree. She was looking down into her cup and stirring her coffee. “It seems to me that no matter what this sheila has to say you lot have made up your minds.” She looked at David, her eyes piercing right through him. It was the first time he had been confronted with such a stare and understood why so many people in the industry were a little afraid of her. Her stare froze his heart and for a moment he thought he had lost her love as well. They all heard the ice in her voice as she spoke and it made them all very uncomfortable. They all knew she was a formidable woman but not one of them had seen this side of her. “D, this was your idea?”
Urs spoke up. “Wait a minute Ree. We all made this choice; don’t be targeting David all on his own. We all want this to be over with.”
Ree gave Urs a look even colder than the one she had given David. “Did you ever consider that I, that we might not want it to be over.”
Everyone started to talk and shout and argue at once bringing attention to the table. Lea fiddled with her chatchip and set it to give a very high pitched sound which hurt their ears and silenced them at the same time.
Sheila and Sam were crying, all the men were fuming, Ree was only just holding on to her temper and Lea looked at each and everyone of them before she spoke in a soft tender voice with tears in her eyes. “Please listen to me before you say anything, before any one of you says anything. Ree, I understand how you feel I truly do. I also understand why the guys can’t wait any longer. Whether we do it now or later, we knew this day was going to come. If I could turn back time and make it all go away I would. But here and now we have to deal with the cards we have been dealt.”
Ree said something under her breath. “Bloody lousy hand.”
Lea gave her a look of her own. “My heart aches so much. I brought this all on you. If I had just been willing to let David go no one would have known. You could have just lived your lives here on earth and no one would have known. I am truly sorry for the pain I have caused you all but now we need to end this. David is right. What ever comes of it, however it ends we need to know now, not later.”
She looked at them all again. “End of the month, we have five days, we do it then.”
She excused herself from the table before anyone could say anything. Urs got up and ran after her.
The others sat in silence.
Ree took a deep breath. “She’s right. David you are right. I’m sorry. I just don’t want to lose you.” She smacked him hard on the arm. “Bloody hell!! Why did you make me fall in love with you!!!” She pushed her chair back and ran from the café.
David sat dumfounded for a couple of seconds before he ran after her.
All Sebastien said was “Crickey.”
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Chapter 64
Urs got to the front of the hotel just in time to see Lea get into a cab and drive off.
David came out to join him, looking up and down the street. “Did you see Ree?”
Urs shook his head. “She never came out here.”
David ran back into the hotel and Urs tried to hail another cab as he watched the one that Lea was in disappear in the distance wondering where the hell she was going.
As he raised his arm to hail another cab he glanced at his wrist. He had forgotten about their chatchips. As a cab pulled up he fiddled with it wondering if he could track Lea like she had shown him. It began to beep and he just asked the driver to head down the road, he would tell him when to turn. They turned a few corners and Urs had to ask him to double back when he got the direction wrong and the tracker faded. Urs looked to see where he was and suddenly realised where she was going. He told the cabbie to head for the concert venue. The cab dropped him off out the front of the venue and Urs rushed to where he knew Lea would be. He rounded the corner in time to make eye contact with her as she activated the Hub and vanished.
“No!!!! Lea wait!!!!!!!!” Urs swore in several languages but he had seen the pain in her eyes and the tears on her face. “Damn it Lea.”
He began to adjust his chatchip again until he managed to get hold of Michael who was a little surprised to hear from Urs of all people. “Hey Urs, didn’t Ree say not to use these unless it was an emergency?”
“Damn it Michael this is.” He went on to explain what had happened, what Lea had done and wanted Michael to give him a Hub so he could follow her.
The two men began to argue with each other until Mary put her hand on Michaels shoulder. Michael looked into her eyes and gave in. “Okay Urs, Okay. Mary seems to think you have a point. Look. All the hubs are set to the house as a default. So all you have to do is hit the blue sensor and it will take you right there.”
“How do I get back?”
“I haven’t put any other co ordinates into the system yet so the only two sites are the house and where you are now. When you get a hub it will have a set of numbers recorded on it. Just push the sensor next to the numbers and you’ll be back right where you are standing.”
“So where do I get a hub?”
“Are you near the transport site?
”Of course I am.”
“Then look on the ground I just sent you one.”
Urs turned around and sure enough, there it was, just sitting there. He picked it up and turned it over in his hands. “Michael I thought you said you hadn’t put in any other co ordinates. How did you send this?”
“Not in the hubs. But Urs I am working with the master panel. I have all the site specs.”
Urs looked at the hub. “So all I have to do is push this blue light thing and I will be at the house?”
“Yep, that’s all.”
There was silence across the airwaves for a few seconds. “Urs, you still there?”
“Wait till I set my tracker for you, so I know you got there.”
“You expect me to vanish?” Urs was getting more than a little nervous.
”No Urs Just want to be able to talk to you.”
“Okay here goes.”
Urs took a deep breath and pushed the sensor. Apart from a slight ringing in his ears and a bit of a tingle over his body he had felt nothing. One minute he was outside the venue the next he was in the house in England. He put the hub in his pocket and went in search of Lea.

Michael looked at Mary. “You think I should call Lea and let her know that Urs has arrived?”
“You are going to be in trouble soon enough. It won’t take her long to figure out who gave him the hub”
Michael cringed and Mary laughed.

David had gone straight back to their room once Urs had told him that Ree had not left the hotel. Luckily they both had keys or he had the sneaking suspicion that she would not have let him in. As it was when he opened the door he had to duck flying objects. Ree was throwing anything she could find and shouting at him about loving him and why had he done it to her. David just kept ducking and weaving as objects kept heading his way, he wanted Ree to get it out of her system. However when she picked up his laptop he screamed so loudly at her it had the desired affect. “No!!!Ree for gods sake no!!!!!!! Put it down. Please put it down.”
David was standing there with his arms out in front of him pleading with her to put the laptop down as Ree stood there with it held over her head. “Please Ree. I am sorry that loving me hurts so much. I promise never to talk to you again, I’ll move out of our room. I’ll Leave, I’ll….” David had tears in his eyes. He could not believe he was saying this. He loved her so much. But if being with him hurt her so much he had to let her go.
Ree still had the computer above her head. “Don’t you love me D?”
“Of course I love you Ree.”
“Then why say you will leave.”
David was confused. “Isn’t that what you want?”
“No, you bloody wombat.” Ree went to move and David held his breath thinking that this was the last time he would see his laptop in one piece. But Ree placed it back on the desk. “I don’t want you to leave. I don’t want to loose you D. But all I can see is once you get your memories back you will be gone and I will be left on this hunk of rock alone. No Bloody IL Divo, No Bloody David and a whopping bloody great big hole in my heart.”
David smiled as only David could and walked towards her with his arms open so she could be engulfed by them. “Ree, I am so sorry.” He pulled her to him and hugged her tight. “I don’t know what is going to happen when we take the antidote. I’m scared, if I loose all my memories and go crazy.”
Ree thumped him on the chest hard enough to make him groan. “Don’t even think that.”
He held her a little tighter. “What I am trying to say is that I have no idea how this is going to turn out but we’ll figure it out. Together; Ree you just have to give us a chance.”
David moved her head so he could see her face. “Would you really have thrown the laptop?”
The look in her eyes said it all. Of course she would have.

Urs did not find Lea in the house. He found her in the garden, on the bench he had been on not so long ago. She jumped at the sound of his voice not expecting anyone to be around and not ever expecting to see Urs standing there.
“What the hell are you doing here and how…” Urs saw the change in her expression “I’m going to kill Michael next time I see him.”
Urs voice was soft, calm and tender. He spoke in a melody that brushed across her heart “Lea. Please don’t be mad. I had to make sure you were alright. You’ve taken all the blame for this on your shoulders and that is not right.”
“But it is. If I hadn’t come looking for David.”
Urs took a small step closer to her. “If you hadn’t come looking for David you would not have found me and I would never have found love.”
Lea bit her bottom lip to try and stop her tears. He was such a wonderful man “Lea do you remember what you told me. It was Simon. He was the one that stole our lives. You have done nothing wrong. All you wanted was your brother. Please don’t blame yourself for what is happening.”
“But I am the reason you know about your real lives. If I had only just kept my mouth shut. Urs, I have put you through so much.”
Urs took another step closer to her. “Without you I would not have made it. Without you I would be lying in a hospital someone with half my brain fried.” Urs took another step. He was close enough to touch her. He took her hands and pulled them to his chest, kissing her knuckles as he did. “I believe in you Lea, you are the one that keeps my heart beating. I won’t lie; I’m scared of what may happen but more scared of loosing you. You said you would never leave me.”
Lea took a breath and looked into his tender, loving but sad eyes. “I won’t Urs. I promised and I won’t. Ever.”
Urs kissed her, his warm lips seeming to send new life through her whole body. He wiped away a few tears. “No more talk about blaming yourself?”
Lea shook her head.
“How about we go back then?”
“How about we stay the night? Got the house to ourselves.”
The twinkle in Urs’ eyes was all the answer she needed.
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Chapter 65
Sebastien, Sheila, Carlos and Sam enjoyed breakfast together and discussed what had happened the day before. No one had been able to find Urs or Lea. David had text them to say that things between him and Ree had been resolved and they were going to spend some time together before they had to leave for the next city on their tour.
Sam smiled at Sebastien. “How did you go with your glasses yesterday?”
Sebastien smiled. “Seems my eyes are getting better on their own. It is not as blurry and the optometrists just wants me to get them checked in another week. He thinks I will have all my sight back very soon.”
Sheila held his hand on the table. “We told them Seb had hit his head.”
Carlos whistled “Glad you are okay Sebastien.”
“Me to my friend, me to.”

Lea and Urs once again wandered around the gardens attached to the house. Urs seemed a little more relaxed and happy just to be in Lea’s company. He had never been a big talker and finding someone who understood that words were not always necessary warmed his heart. From the very first time they had met she had understood him. Even today, not many words had been spoken yet they had said so much to each other. He felt protected by her love and he felt safe. Linked with her on such a deep level he had never imagined was possible.

Michael and Mary had moved onto yet another city and another transport site. Mary had her arms draped over Michael’s shoulders as he worked. “Looks like we will be done very soon my sweet.”
“I am still worried about the guys. Carlos has not said much about all this and Urs seems so rattled I don’t know if we are doing the right thing. I really hope him and Lea sort things out.”
Mary kissed him gently on the cheek. “We’ve all had a lot to think about and deep down we all know this has to be done. I am sure the others know that. I know Carlos has talked to Sam.”
Michael looked at Mary. “You girls get on very well don’t you?”
She gave him a cheeky smile. “Don’t worry Michael; we don’t share all our secrets. But one day you have to ask Sebastien about the ice cream it’s priceless. Maybe I should just show you instead.” She gave him a quick kiss before leaving him to ponder over what she had said. Michael was not entirely sure what Mary was talking about but he smiled knowing he was probably going to like it. He loved how she always managed to make him feel loved, like they had always meant to be together. She had a simple, carefree way about her that brought sunshine into his life on the darkest of days.

Michael’s chatchip beeped and he sighed hearing Leas voice. “Michael, something you want to tell me?”
“Lea don’t jump down my throat. We thought it was the best thing to do.” Michael waited, steeling himself against the barrage of abuse he was expecting.
“Thank you Michael. Remind me to give you a hug next time we see each other.”
Michael was shocked. “Lea, you okay?”
She laughed but it was Urs Michael heard. “She’s perfect Michael. Thanks mate. We are just about to head back to the hotel.”
Lea butted in. “Where are you now Michael?”
“We’ve got two more cities and then we are done. You guys will be flying out tonight right?”
“Yeah. Want to get back and make sure Ree and David are okay.”
Michael and Mary looked at each other and Michael replied. “What happened?”
“Lets just say yesterday was a little rough for a few of us.” Lea focused her attention on Mary. “How you doing Mary?”
“We’re good Lea. Was thinking of stopping of for some ice cream on the way back.”
Everyone laughed, Michael only just heard Urs over it. “Michael you’re in for a treat. May I suggest strawberry ripple.”
Again they laughed and Michael just shrugged his shoulders.

When Lea and Urs got back to the hotel they found everyone by the pool. Ree and David seemed to be okay but Lea wanted to make sure. Everyone waved. Lee smiled at Ree. “You guys good? Urs said things may have been a little shaky after I left.”
They all looked at Urs considering he had left before Ree had her dummy spit. He just shrugged his shoulders.
David took hold of Rees hand. “We’re good.” He looked at Urs and then at Lea. “And you two.”
Urs came up behind Lea and wrapped his arms around her. “We’re better than good.”
Sheila was standing with her hands on her hips. “And where did you get to yesterday exactly?”
They both smiled and laughed. Urs kissed Lea on the check as she responded. “That’s a secret.”
Urs looked to Sebastien with some concern. “Sebastien how are your eyes?”
“I’m okay, still a little blurry and as long as I keep out of the bright lights for a little while I should be all better soon.”
Ree moved from her seat to go and sit on David’s lap. “You don’t have to worry about that Sebastien. We’ve had all the lighting for the concerts changed until you say other wise. Now I think it is time all you jackeroos and jillaroos got sorted, we break camp in a couple of clicks.”
David translated before anyone had to ask. “She means we need to pack we fly out in a couple of hours.”
Ree looked at David “I just said that.”
He gave her a big smile and hugged her close as the others laughed. Carlos was still laughing. “I thought learning English was hard but Australian is harder.”
Ree poked her tongue out at him. “It’s called Strine Carlos, Strine.”
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Chapter 66
In many ways Il Divo were looking forward to having five days off. The last few weeks had been full on, with concerts every night, interviews and guest appearances on TV and radio every day and it seemed they were in a different town every day as well. Which was not to far from the truth. They had not expected to be so popular so soon. Nights that they had expected to rest where filled with extra concerts. They were overwhelmed by the response of their new fans. They only saw the girls when they collapsed into bed or first thing in the morning. Ree had made several trips back to the UK for business reasons so David had missed out on her company more that the others had missed their ladies. He had tried to convince her to use the Hubs now that Michael had all the towns and cities linked into the system but she didn’t want to just in case she was spotted. It was while they were having yet another conversation about the hubs that Urs had confessed as to what he had done. Ree went off the deep end but once she calmed down and listened she agreed that using the transport would save time. David had, had an agenda all along and once Ree had used the transport a few times he calmly suggest that it would be a good idea for Il Divo to use them to get around from city to city. Since Urs had used the transport without any ill effects Carlos and Sebastien were happy to back David in his plan this time. It had taken some doing but David finally got his wish. Ree relented but only after discussing it with Michael.
“Yes Ree, The transport can send up to five people at once to any one of the concert venues except one.” They all looked at him. “We tried but could not get a connection in San Francisco. No matter what we did it just would not work. I tried further and further away from the original site but nothing. I think it might have something to do with the earth’s magnetics. It would make sense with all the shifting it does in those parts.” Michael could see that they were not following him. “The earthquakes. If the earth is moving the transport may not be able to stabilize itself.”
Ree jumped in. “Correct me if I am wrong Einstein but the earth is always moving.”
Michael sighed. “ Yes but something in the San Francisco area is interfering and I didn’t want to set one up to find I had sent you off into cyber space or worse. So we get to San Francisco the old fashioned way.”
“Sky pony.” Ree smiled at the others.
Il Divos unusual departure and arrivals had caused a few problems with hotel bookings, they seemed to arrive much too early, sending staff into a bustle of activity but they enjoyed the fact that they got to spend more time with each other and had even managed to get back to the house for a weekend. Well it had been a Monday and Tuesday but for them it was a weekend.

Now they had finished the tour for a week and their next trip was one that could change all their lives forever.

They all stood on the tarmac at the airport looking at the plane. From what Lea had told them, Il Divo knew they had been on the transport before but none of them could remember. Now looking at the plane that would take them there, knowing what they were going there to do, it all seemed so much more intense, surreal and scary.
Ree was looking forward to her return flight. Sheila and Lea just took it in their stride; to them it was an everyday thing. Mary was a little apprehensive, even after spending so much time with Michael and learning as much as she had. She was still nervous about going back up again.
Ree pulled David towards the plane. “Well standing here looking like the black stump is not going to help. Come on.”
As she pulled David to the plane the others followed, Mary and Michael being the last. Il Divo looked at the plane from a different perspective knowing what it was capable of.
Once Michael had made his way to the front of the plane and the others were settled into their seats he explained what to expect once he shifted the plane into shuttle mode. “Lea would you be my co pilot for this trip?”
Lea went to leave her seat and Urs got hold of her hand. “Be careful.”
Lea bent down and kissed him. “Walk in the park.”
The first part of the trip was like any other plane ride but when Michael began the change from simple plane to space transport they all seemed to dig their nails into the arms of the seats. It was like being squashed and having the breath ripped out of you at the same time. As it all began to happen Sheila leaned over and gave Sebastien a kiss only stopping once she felt the lightness that told her they had broken through the atmosphere.

Sam, knowing what was going to happen had taken hold of Carlos’s hand a few seconds before it happened. He sat with his head back and eyes closed tight until she whispered in his ear that they we okay.

Ree smiled at David, he was so eager to take this trip but now as the forces hit his body he didn’t look so excited. He too had his eyes closed and was holding onto her hand very tightly. Ree was a little unnerved when she saw blood trickle from his nose and not being able to do anything about it until they stabilised.

Urs was left to deal with the sensation all on his own. Like Carlos he was being held in his seat with his eyes closed waiting for it to end. This was not something he wanted to do on a regular basis. His stomach was twisted in knots and once the pressure was released from his body he made a straight line for the toilets.

Sheila was going to see if he was alright when she heard Ree. “Bloody Nora David, You’ve sprung a whopper of a leak.”
She had put a tissue over his nose but as David went to touch it he realised he was bleeding very badly. The blood was all over his hands in seconds, the tissue was of little help.
Sheila shouted at them. “David!! Get on your back and lean your head over the seat.”
This stopped the flow of blood for a short while but it soon began and again but this time it was also coming from his ears. David looked at Ree. “I don’t feel so good mate.” Then he passed out, slumping into his seat, his arm falling to his side and his head falling so it crimped off his air way and he began to choke.
With out a word Ree and Sheila rolled him onto his side, his blood now falling onto the floor. “Bloody hell Sheila that’s a lot of blood. What do we do?” Ree was still trying to stop the flow.”
Sheila was about to answer when she saw Urs come out of the toilet. She shouted. “Urs!! Tell Michael to get us there in a hurry. David’s in trouble.”
Urs stood motionless trying to absorb the information when she shouted at him again. “Now Urs!!!”
He ran down to the cockpit and almost pulled the door off its hinges to get in.
“Sheila says we need to land. David’s in trouble.”
Lea shot him a look as she got out of her seat. “What happened?”
Urs just shrugged his shoulders and followed her back to the rest of them.
They all felt the surge as Michael pushed the plane to its limits.
Lea was horrified at the amount of blood. Ree was covered in it; Sheila had it on her hands. David’s clothes were covered and the amount she could see on the floor made her cringe. She looked at Sheila. “I don’t understand. How come this didn’t happen when Simon brought them here?”
Sheila shook her head. “I have no idea.”
“For gods sake what the hell is going on?” Ree looked from Lee to Sheila.
Lea looked at all of them. “I don’t know how to translate it. But it happens and we don’t know why. The blood just starts to run and it won’t stop. I’ve heard of it but never seen it happen. It is so rare and usually hits first time you go into space.”
“But David has been in space.” Sheila replied.
“I know that and he had been tested.”
Urs put his hands on Leas shoulders. “What do you mean tested?”
She sighed. “At home because it is so rare and dangerous everyone gets tested before their first flight. He was clean I don’t get it.” She knelt down next to Ree. “God. I can’t loose him like this!! Not now I have found him, not like this.” She had tears in her eyes but Ree was shocked, so were the others.
They all felt the surge and the bump as Michael brought the plane into land.
Sheila got Sebastien, Carlos and Urs to pick David up and get him to the door. The others followed the trail of blood that he was leaving. Michael rushed to them, looking at the large patch of blood where David had been sitting. Once he got to them he helped the others get David off the plane. “God Lea he’s a bleeder how?”
They all followed Sheila as she rushed through the transport to the lab. “Put him in the isolation tank over there.”
She pointed to what looked like a silver coffin but they did what she asked and placed David into it. He was still bleeding and looked deathly pale. Sheila closed the lid and began to punch on the sensors.
“What are you doing Sheila?” Rees voice was urgent
“I can’t explain it all but if this doesn’t work we’ll loose him.”
Lea’s voice was so very quite. “She means he’ll die.”
Urs pulled Lea close to him as she cried, his own heart breaking as he just stared at the tank.
Sam had clung to Carlos and was crying uncontrollably.
Mary was in Michaels arms, eyes closed silently doing her own crying.
Sebastien went to Ree, he could see she was crying and trying hard not to. As he put his arms around her shoulders she broke down. “Damn it David. Don’t you dare die. You’re not bloody leaving me you hear. Not after you took my heart. You’re not leaving.!!!!” With that she pulled away from Sebastien and ran from the lab.
Sebastien was going to run after her but Michael stopped him and motioned with his head over to Sheila. Sebastien looked to her. She was standing next to the tank with tears washing over her face, her whole body shaking. “Oh Seb what if I was too late.”
Sebastien opened up his arms and Sheila fell into them. “He can’t die Seb, he can’t.”
Sebastien had no words so he just held her.
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Chapter 67
After a while the girls managed to get their emotions under control. Lea put herself into professional mode to cope, Sam and Mary helped each other and Sheila busied herself with the isolation tank making sure it was working properly.
Michael went back to the plane to secure it properly and make ready for their flight back to earth.
The three Divos went in search of Ree, finding her in the transports mess/galley looking out into space. They didn’t want to crowd her so Sebastien and Carlos hung back while Urs approached her. His voice was soft and tender, a hint of his sweet fragile soul echoed on every word he spoke. “Ree, I’m sorry. I’m sorry this hurts you so much.”
Rea turned around sharply ready to give him a mouth full but one look into his face and she understood that he knew just how much she was hurting. When she spoke it was not the Ree they all knew. The forceful, strong, determined woman that commanded respect in any boardroom she entered. This was a woman who was dealing with the tragedy of possibly loosing her soul mate. “Urs, I can’t loose him.” She turned to look back out to space as she continued. “He’s changed me; I’ve never really loved anyone before, not really. People think I am so bloody tough but….”
Urs came up behind her and rested his hands gently on her shoulders. “I know, but he needs you to be strong, he needs to feel you, your spirit to give him the strength he needs to pull through. I don’t know what his life was like before but I do know he loves you as much as you love him and you were meant to be together. I believe that with all my heart and soul. You need to as well.”
“I do Urs, I really do.”
“Come on. Let’s go and see how he is doing.”
Carlos and Sebastien gave her a silent hug before they all went back to the lab.
Mary and Sam had gone in search of Michael, leaving Sheila and Lea in the lab. As Ree and Lea made eye contact they both knew how the other one felt and smiled weakly at each other. Ree walked over to the isolation tank and put her hand on the top. “I’m here D.” she looked at Sheila. “Do you know how he is doing?”
“Things are stable. Ree, I have to be honest with you. I had no idea if this was going to work. This tank is set up for our biological make up. I have no idea when Simon changed their appearance if he had changed anything at a level that would interfere. But it has stopped the bleeding and now is trying to replace the blood that David lost.”
“I maybe a brick short of an out house but what exactly is this thing doing to him?”
“Basically it is replacing the lost fluids with synthesised blood. It tries to copy your own; it’s not real blood but close enough. It keeps you going while your body regenerates itself. If David had broken his arm we would have put him in here and the tank would have adjusted the bone structure and sewn it back together. He’d come out all fixed but he would still have the pain until his body really fixed itself. “
“Crickey.” Ree ran her hand across the top of the tank. “How long?”
“I have no idea. He’s pretty sick Ree; he’s going to be pretty weak when he wakes up. I’m not sure if we should try the antidote.” She looked at Ree. “You want to see him?”
“Can I?”
Sheila began to push on a few sensors and the top of the tank changed from a solid silver to an opaque glass, allowing them to see David. Lea came to stand next to them and the three Divos behind them. All but Lea and Sheila gasped at little at what they saw. David’s body was covered in very fine tubes that looked like they had grown out of him. But in fact they had attached themselves to him. They were feeding him the artificial blood. He had a line of thicker tubes running across his forehead.
They all heard the love she had for her brother when Lea spoke. “Looks pretty full on I know.” She pointed to the tubes and sensors on his head. “They will be monitoring his vital signs. They slow down your heart rate, everything to give your body a chance to regenerate. The mask over his face is feeding him a rich supply of gases the body needs. I know it looks bad but it won’t hurt him.”
“But will it save him Lea?” again Ree ran her hand across the top of the tank.
Sheila answered. “If he doesn’t reject the blood he should pull through. And it looks good so far.” Sheila turned to the rest of them. “You guys need to rest, I’ll be with David. Go and have something to eat and I will call if anything changes.”
Ree had not taken her eyes off David. “I’m staying.”
She got no argument from the others as they left. Urs cradled Lea under his arm. “You okay?”
They found themselves back in the mess, so had Sam and Mary. The atmosphere was subdued, no one felt like eating so Mary made them all a cup of tea. Urs smiled a little when he tasted his. It was like Lea’s home brew but this was the real deal, this was from home. Its taste and smell triggered some distant memory. Urs held onto his cup with both hands, closed his eyes, relaxed and hoped that the memory would filter through. The others just thought he was taking in the taste of the tea, they had all commented on its taste. But Lea knew what he was doing. She waited for him to open his eyes. “Anything?”
Urs shook his head. “Just the same little flashes, but it felt peaceful.”
Urs explained to the others and for a while their conversation deflected their minds from David. That was until Lea brought up the antidote. “You guys can still back out of this if you want.”
No one said anything but each man shook his head. Urs leaned over the table and took her hand. “We need to know Lea. For better or worse, we need to know.”
“What about David?” Mary’s concern was written all over her face.
“I guess we wait and see how he is. He may have to wait; we might have to come back.”
Carlos sat up in his chair. “Then I will wait too. David does not need to go through that alone.”
Lea smiled. “That is very sweet of you Carlos.”
Urs and Sebastien had made some silent communication and nodded to each other. Urs squeezed Lea’s hand. “We will all wait Lea, We’ll do this together, but if David is up to it now, while we are here. We do it.”
She nodded.

Back in the lab Sheila monitored David’s progress. Ree had been talking to him for a while. “You really know how to give a sheila a bit of a fright mate. But I really need you to get better. I know you might be crook for a while once you come back but that’s sweet. I can play Florence Nightingale.” She placed her head on the top of the tank. “I love you D.”
A few of the monitors beeped and Sheila smiled. “It’s okay. Just means they are increasing his heart rate. He’s getting stronger. You must be good for him.”
Ree was about to say something when the tubes that had been delivering the blood to David began to retract and he moved a little. “He moved. Sheila he moved.”
“It won’t be too much longer. But the tank won’t open until the time is right. We can’t do it from the outside.”
Ree stood and watched but noting else happened. It was another hour before the rest of the medical equipment in the tank removed itself from David. Ree was shocked to see the amount of blood on his clothes and in the tank. Sheila came to stand next to her. “He’ll be awake soon.”
Just then the tank top slid back and Ree put her hand in to touch David’s face. “Hi my sweet. Sheila he feels so cold.”
“He’ll warm up. But if he is strong enough we need to put him in the emersion pool.”
Ree looked at her for an explanation. “Just a big bath of warm water really. Help him with his own temperature. There should be one in the gym.”
“A warm bath sounds good. I’m freezing.”
“DAVID!!!!’ Ree shouted. “You’re awake!!!”
David smiled weakly up at her. “Someone like to tell me what happened?” He started to move.
“Just slow down there a minute David. One step at a time.” Sheila helped him sit up.
David held onto the side of the tank as he felt rather dizzy. “I feel like I have had a blinder of a night on the town.” He looked down at his clothes. “It that all my blood?”
Ree smiled. “Only what you managed to bring with you.”
He looked to Sheila. “That must have been some nose bleed. And my clothes have tiny holes all over them what gives?”
“We’ll explain everything. But see if you can stand up.”
David with the help of the two girls got to his feet. A little wobbly at first but he steadied. Sheila noticed that he was leaning on Ree. “You want to sit down?”
David shook his head. “Wouldn’t mind that hot bath though.”
Sheila opened the transport communication system and announced that David was up and they were headed for the gym. Everyone was to meet there.
Those that had been in the mess wonder why they would take him to the gym but once they got there Sheila explained. Lea just walked into David’s arms and hugged him.
He held her tight. “It’s okay Squizzy. You’re not going to get rid of me that easy. Ree wouldn’t stand for it.”
“Bloody oath I wouldn’t.”
Her comments made them all laugh.
Sheila explained to David how the emersion tank worked. He would need to take his clothes off then step inside. It looked more like a shower cubicle than a bath. David was to stand as the water rose to allow him to float. Sheila explained that as well as bringing his core temperature back to normal the water was infused with a healing treatment that would speed up the healing of the little holes that were all over his body and stop any infection.
David looked at everyone gathered in the gym. “Well if you think I am going to strip naked with you lot watching forget it. Everybody out.”
“David you need someone to stay with you.” Sheila put on her best med tech voice.
David took hold of Ree’s hand. “I have my Florence Nightingale. She can look after me. Now out the lot of you.”
David’s reference to Florence Nightingale had stunned Ree, she wondered if he had heard her. The others left giving him a hard time and joking about the nurse he had chosen. Urs pulled Lea close to him in a reassuring hug.” He’s going to be just fine.”
David waited until the gym was empty before he started to take off his clothes. “I guess I’m going to need new ones. Hope there is something on this ship I can wear.”
He was down to his shorts when he looked at Ree and held out his hand. “Well are you going to join me?”
Ree stepped forward and began to undress.
They both stepped into the tank. David hugged her. Ree could still feel how cold he was as the water started to flow into the tank. “David. Florence Nightingale, I said..”
“I know you did, I heard every word.”
Ree looked up into his eyes; his face was so very pale they seemed to shine even brighter than before. “I really do love you.”
David kissed her. “I know my Aussie angel, I know.”
They began to float as their weight was taken up by the water. Folded in each others arms they seemed to dance, weightless, gently swaying with the motion of the water.
“No matter what happens my heart will always belong to you Ree.”
They kissed and allowed the water to heal them both.
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Chapter 68
Sheila had left David’s home world clothes in the gym for him to wear. So when he and Ree walked into the mess Lea gasped. She saw her brother standing there. Not David from Il Divo but De’el her brother. David saw the look on her face. “What, what is it Squiz?”
Sheila spoke up. “I’m sorry Lea but they were the only clothes on board that would fit him. His own.”
David ran his hands down the front of his clothes. “You mean. These are really mine?” He looked at Lea. “From home?”
Lea could not talk she just nodded her head. David looked back at Sheila. “Maybe we should find something else for me to wear.”
“No David.” Lea choked back a tear. “It’s fine. Just a bit of a shock to see you dressed like that. I’ll be fine.”
Urs came to stand behind Lea, placing his hands gently on her shoulders and squeezing. “How are you David? You seem to have some colour back.”
David smiled at Urs, grateful that he had deflected the conversation. “Very tired and weak, but okay. That little bath of Sheilas is great.”
Carlos spoke up. “We thought that we might wait until you felt better before, you know trying the other thing. Head back to Earth and.”
David did not let him finish. “No Carlos. It’s not like I have to run a marathon or anything. Sheila puts us to sleep right?”
“That’s true David but your body has been through a lot.” Sheila had a concerned look on her face.
“It’s not my body that I am worried about. So we do this. We’re here. We do it now.”
Lea walked up to him and took his hands. “Are you absolutely sure about this David. Absolutely?”
“D, are you sure” Ree’s eyes pleaded with him.
“Sheesh gang up on a fella why don’t you. Ladies, I am sure.” He took both of their hands. “As long as you both keep your promises.”
Lea and Ree looked at each other understanding what promise it was he wanted them to keep. Understanding that he had asked them both.
Urs had assumed that David would have asked Ree to help him if things went wrong, he did not expect to find out that he had asked Lea as well. This was a huge burden for any one person to take on. Lea had promised him she would take care of him and he knew she would. But his heart ached knowing that if things went badly she was going to have to kill her brother and the man she loved. He knew she would not let Ree do it. If he had only known that Lea had told Sheila she would take on the responsibility of Sebastien Urs would have crumbled knowing what kind of pain they would leave behind.
Sheila broke the tension. “I think we should give it a night, Give David a chance to get a little strength back.” She could see that he was going to protest. “One night David. Tomorrow will be soon enough.”
Ree started to guide him to the exit. “Come on space cowboy; let’s find you a swag to kip in.”
David put his arm over her shoulder and she felt his weight. He was a lot weaker than he was letting on. “By that you mean a bed to sleep in right?”
“That’s what I said.”
Just before they left David turned. “Squiz. You are okay aren’t you?”
“I’m fine De’el.”
David smiled at the sound of his own name. “It sounds good when you say it Squiz.”
David and Ree left and Lea walked into Urs’ open arms and he hugged her close. The others felt a little uncomfortable so they wandered out in silence to look for their own beds for the night.
Michael showed them to the crew quarters and everyone picked a room.
Sam pulled Carlos inside. “I’ve never made love in space.”
Carlos raised his eyebrows. “Gives a whole new meaning to the mile high club.”
Sebastien hugged Sheila. “Don’t let me slip away tomorrow Sheila.”
Sheila’s heart broke and she let her tears fall. “I won’t Seb. I won’t.”
Mary just sat on the bed. “I wish we could do more for them.” Michael came to hug her. “We just have to be there for them tomorrow, all of them.”
Ree made David comfortable and slipped in next to him. Neither spoke, there was no need. It was not long before David was asleep. But Ree was awake most of the night listening to every sound that he made, drinking in his presence.

Urs held Lea in his arms for along while just gently swaying side to side and humming to her. When he felt that she was ready, he took her by the hand and guided her to a room. “We all need to rest tonight.”
Silently Lea allowed him to put her to bed. As Ree had done Urs laid by Lea’s side and listened to her as she drifted off into sleep.
Sleep did not come to Urs that night. His head was full of the possibilities of the new day. How would he cope? How would his fellow Divo’s cope? Seeing David in his own clothes had triggered another set of memories and Urs was trying to concentrate on the present as he was not sure he wanted to know what they were. He wasn’t sure that if he remembered it would jeopardise what they would be trying to do in a few short hours. He walked around the room for a while until Lea became restless and he went back to lie next to her. She settled immediately. He stroked her hair gently. “Which life will choose me Lea, which one, the one I know or the one I lived?”
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Chapter 69
Sheila had been up for hours and by the time that Lea wandered in, the lab was fully prepared for what they had to do that day. She smiled at Lea. “Couldn’t sleep either?”
“I did for a while thanks to Urs but he has only just dropped off himself. I think he has been awake all night.”
Ree walked in. “Well I know I bloody have. I’ll give your brother credit Lea, he could sleep on a flippin clothes line with wild dingos bitting at his heals.”
Sam walked in not long after Ree. “Seems we all had the same idea.” She looked at each of the others. “Any body up for breakfast?”
They all shook their heads. Ree looked back at Sheila. “So how are we going to do this?”
“Well I figured we would put the guys under ten minutes apart. That way they won’t all wake up together and if we need to deal with issues we will have some breathing space. I’ll need all hands on deck when the time comes. There maybe no problems but there are a hundred and one things that could happen.”
Lea was looking around the room, she never thought that she would be back here contemplating what they were about to do. Sheila was right; there were so many things that could go wrong. Even if the antidote was successful. Then what? She looked around the room. So many people could still get hurt.
Mary and Michael were the next ones to find themselves in the lab. The atmosphere was sombre, no one really knowing what to do until Il Divo showed up.

Urs was the first one to arrive looking like he had the weight of the universe on his shoulders. He had not slept for long, sensing Leas absence. He smiled at everyone but said nothing. In silence Lea walked to him, kissed him and he wrapped his arms around her. Everyone watch this silent communication between them. It was unique to them, special. They seemed to understand each other so well they did not need words.
In contrast Sebastien came flying through the door almost falling over as he tried to stop. “Cherie you were not there when I woke. Is everything all right.!!”
Sheila kissed him. “Yes Sebastien everything is fine.”
He looked around the room. “You ladies have been up for a while I see.”
He looked back at Sheila and she gave him a reassuring smile. It’s fine Seb honest.”
They could all hear David talking to Carlos as they approached the lab. “No, I’m sure things are okay Carlos, you’ll see.” As they walked into the lab David smiled and slapped Carlos on the arm. “See, I told you every one would be here.”
“How are you feeling David?” Sheila wandered closer to him to make sure he was okay.
“Much better, much better. Still tired.” He pulled up his shirt. “But see, I don’t look like a watering can anymore. All the little holes are healed.” He looked over to Lea, who was still in Urs’ arms. “You doing okay Squizzy?”
Lea still found it hard to see him dressed the way he was but she smiled. “I’m doing fine big brother.”
The room fell silent, no one knowing what to do or say, how to move forward from that point. It was David who broke the silence. “So which bed is mine then?”
It was uncanny but Sheila pointed to the exact same bed he had been on when Lea had found him. “And this one is your Urs, Sebastien here and this one is Carlos.”
Without knowing Sheila had placed them back in exactly the same beds. Lea was going to say something but changed her mind. Sheila went on to explain to the men of Il Divo what was to happen. Lea could feel Urs’ body tense up.
Carlos was a little apprehensive. “So how do we do this, draw straws or something?”
“No.” It was David. “I go first.”
Ree went to protest but saw the look in his eyes and kept quiet.
“Then I will go second” Sebastien said with a little shudder in his voice.
Carlos looked at Urs and Urs gave him a warm smiled back. “You choose Carlos, number three or number four?”
Urs squeezed Leas shoulders. “Then I shall be the rear guard.” He turned to Sheila. “How long do you need to set things up?”
“It’s all set to go Urs. Whenever you are.”
The men looked at each other. They had not expected it to be so soon.
“We don’t have to do it straight away; we can wait until you are all ready.” Sheila smiled not knowing what they would say.
Urs just wanted to get it over with but he remained silent ever watchful of the others.
David gave them his answer by sitting on his bed. Ree went to stand next to him. Sebastien slowly walked over to his bed and did the same. Carlos sat on his bed and Sam stood next to him.
Urs stood looking from one to the other and then slowly made his way to his bed but he remained standing with Lea at his side.
Mary went to stand next to Sebastien as Sheila attended to the equipment with Michaels help.
She turned to the men. “Okay guys last chance to bail.” No one spoke. “Right, then lay down. David you first.”
David did what he was told and Ree kissed him. “See you on the other side D.”
Sheila stood over David with a hyper gun in her hand. “You won’t feel a thing, just drift off to sleep.”
David nodded and Sheila injected him. He looked at Ree. “I Love ..” He never finished the sentence he was asleep.”
“Crickey that works fast.” Ree bent down again and whispered into his ear. “I love you to D.”
Ree moved aside as Sheila hooked David up to the equipment. Lee found it hard to watch, seeing him the way she had found him that first time.

After hooking him up Sheila moved onto Seb. Mary got hold of her arm and squeezed it knowing how hard this was for her. Sheila smiled down at Sebastien and he took hold of her hand. “I think I would like chocolate ripple when I wake up.”
His statement brought a smile to all their faces and Sheila gave him the injection. “Sweet dreams my prince.”
Sam was crying by the time she got to Carlos and he was trying to fight back his nerves. “You sure this does not hurt?”
Sheila nodded and was about to give him the injection when Sam shouted. “Wait. Carlos. No mater what happens. I will be here for you.”
Carlos smiled and looked at Sheila. She injected him and he fell asleep looking into Sam’s eyes.

Urs lent into Lea as Sheila looked at him. “I love you Lea, always remember that.”
As Urs lay on the bed Lea lent over him, kissed him. “Always and forever.”
Sheila did not say anything just gave Urs the injection and he drifted off to sleep.

Once she had them hooked up to the equipment she turned to the girls each stood next to a bed. “Thank you ladies.” She looked to Mary who was still at Sebastien’s side. “Thank you Mary. Now all we can do is wait.”
Lea took a deep breath. “This is going to take three days right?”
“Yes. I slowed down the process hoping that their minds can adjust and there will be less trauma.”
“God I wish I could sleep for those three days.” Sam was looking down at Carlos and fighting the urge to pull all the monitors and sensors off him.
“You can.” Every one looked at Sheila. “I can give you the same injection.”
Sam looked at Sheila at little afraid, a little unsure. “I would just sleep?”
Sheila nodded.
Sam looked back into Carlos’ face with tears in her eyes. “I can’t watch this Sheila, I really can’t. I’ll go crazy before the three days are up.”
“After I am done here I’ll come by your room. I promise to wake you up before the boys.”
Michael took Sam by the arm. “I’ll take her back to the room.”
After they left Sheila looked around the lab. “Anyone else?”
She got no takers. Once she had rechecked all the monitors and equipment she gave the girls instruction to call her if they needed her and left to put Sam to sleep.
Lea had put herself between David and Urs. She was gently running her fingers through Urs’ hair and glancing over to David. “This is going to be a long three days.”
“Too bloody right it will. I think Sam had the right idea. Struth! What the hell are we doing?”
Ree and Lea looked at each other. The lab was silent.

A few hours before Sheila was due to wake the men up she woke Sam with the order that she had to eat before she set foot in the lab. She’d had a harder time getting Lea and Ree out of the lab on the first day so she could administer the antidote. She had not told them that this would be traumatic to watch as she had expected the men’s bodies to try and purge it before it took hold. After talking with Mary and Michael they had concocted a little scheme to get them out of the lab. It entailed Mary falling foul to some painful bug and needing the company of her fellow females. It had worked giving Sheila the time she needed to get the antidote into the systems.
She had been right. Once she pushed the fluid through and David’s body began to take it up he had a very violent reaction. His whole body spasmed, every muscle tightened, twisted and convulsed. His back arched so much she thought he could fall of the bed. Thankfully it did not last long and although David moaned he did not cry out.
Why she did what she did next she would never understand but something told her she had to work on Sebastien and Carlos before Urs even though he was the next in line. Then again Urs had offered to go last. So that is what she did, getting the same reaction from them as she had from David. She was exhausted by the time she got to Urs. If she had to hold him down she was not sure if she had the strength left. She gave Urs the antidote and for a while it seemed like he was not going to react at all.
All of a sudden his whole body went ridged, the sensors began to chime and alarms began to ring. His heart rate was increasing so, so fast. If it got any worse she was going to loose him and all she could do was watch the monitors and wait and see Urs’ heart rate keep climbing and climbing. “Please Urs fight, for Lea fight.”
Unlike David, who had only moaned. Urs let out a scream that she thought would surely have been heard throughout the ship. At the sound of his scream the other three got restless but settled down once Urs was silent. His scream had terrified her but now all was quiet and his heart rate had gone back to normal. Everything seemed okay when Sheila noticed the tear of blood escape from his eye. She would not know until they woke up whether there was any damage that would need repairing. Had Urs known something?

Now with only a few hours to go everyone was back in the lab.
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Chapter 70
As was expected David’s sensors began to chime first. Sheila began to take the wires and monitors off his body before she woke him up. Everyone stood around his bed, Lea at one side Ree at the other. “Okay everyone hour of truth.” Sheila touched the side of David’s neck with the hyper gun and pulled the trigger. His breathing changed and he seemed to sigh and opened his eyes.
He looked to Ree first, she smiled. “G’day D.”
David turned his head and looked at Lea. “Hi big brother.”
David did not speak just kept looking at her and smiled. But when she spoke in her own language she got a response. He replied. “Hello Squiz”
Ree bit her lip as she had not understood what he had said; the others all looked on, their faces showing the pain and disappointment.
In their own language Sheila asked him what he could remember. As he was talking David sat up, but no sooner had he done so his hands flew to the side of his head, he slumped to the floor and screamed in agony.
Michael raced to him as Sheila and Lea tried to stop him from hitting his head on the floor.
Michael looked at the girls. “Same reaction as me. Let’s hope he remembers like me.”
Lea tried to hold him in her arms as he squirmed, looking like he was trying to crawl away from the pain in his head. “Make it stop!!!! Ree, damn it make it Stop!!!!”
“We’re trying D. we’re trying.”
Sebastien’s monitors began to chime. Sheila shot a look from Sebastien to Lea and Ree. It was Ree who answered the question on her face. “You go, we’ve got this.”
Ree looked to Lea as Michael and Sheila went to attend to Sebastien. “I thought Urs was supposed to be next? “She looked down at David who had quietened to a moan and was rocking himself back and forth. “I understood him. Lea, I understood him.”
Lea smiled weakly. “Let’s hope that is a good sign.”
The others having seen how David reacted stood around Sebastien’s bed and waited. He did not disappoint. But this time Mary, Sam and Michael held him down while Sheila held his head to stop him from hurting himself. She looked to David who was now quiet and being cradled in Ree’s arms. “Maybe ten minutes wasn’t enough time?”
Just then Carlos monitors went off. Sheila left Sam and Mary with Sebastien. Lea joined her and Michael at Carlos’ bed side. “Why is Urs the last Sheila? I know he said he would go last but weren’t you going too……What happened?”
Sheila did not get to answer as Carlos woke up and they went through the same routine yet again. By this time Ree had David back on his bed and was pushing her hand through his hair. “It’s over D. You’re safe.” She heard the words come out of her mouth but she wondered how true they were. Was he safe?
David looked at her. “Go help Urs Ree; he’s in a lot of pain.”
She was shocked. “How do you know that?”
Sebastien turned to Mary and Sam. “David is right he’ll need you. Go”
The girls all looked at each other as Urs’ monitors sounded. Lea and Michael stayed with Carlos while Sheila started on Urs.
Ree got hold of Sheila’s arm just before she gave him the shot. “David said that Urs was in a lot of pain.” They all looked down into his peaceful sleeping face. “How could he know that?”
Sam spoke. “How could Sebastien?”
From behind them she heard Carlos’s weak voice. “Angel, some how we have been connected for the past few days. Urs has been in agony since you gave us the antidote.”
Everyone was horrified, no more than Sheila. “But his vital signs, nothing said there was anything wrong, nothing!!!” She triggered the hyper gun not wanting him to stay were he was for a minute longer.
Everyone was at Urs’ side watching and waiting. David, Sebastien and Carlos had tried to move but they were still all too weak. David and Sebastien sat up on their beds but Carlos could only watch from where he lay.

They all waited. Urs woke up screaming. The scream that he had let out when Sheila had given him the antidote. He flung his arms around wildly, knocking Michael to the ground and catching Sam on the side of the face. Ree had ducked but he caught her in the ribs as his arms came back up. Mary, Lea and Sheila tried to hold him down without much success. Mary got knocked across the lab, Sheila to the floor and Lea into David’s bed.
Urs half fell, half jumped from the bed and it was David that noticed the change. “My god, look at his eyes.”
Urs was still shouting and waving his arms around, David tried to stand but only ended up on the floor as his legs were too weak. Sebastien was about to try the same thing when Sheila shouted at him to stay were he was.
Sam was holding her face and crying, and had gone back to stand next to Carlos who by now was sitting up. Sheila, Ree and Lea were about to try and head Urs off when Michael stopped them. “Don’t. Look at him. Look at his eyes.”
They all looked.
Urs’ eyes were pitch black, every part of them, there was no whites, no pupils, they were solid black.
“He can’t see. Lea talk to him, see if he recognises your voice. Everyone else stay still and quiet.”
Lea took a deep breath. “Urs, it’s me Lea… Urs its Lea… U’Vinda!!!” She changed to her own language. This got a reaction.
Urs stopped fighting the air and cocked his head towards her voice. He also spoke in their own tongue but neither Sheila nor Michael could understand him. Lea said something back to him but had changed her dialect.
“Lea what the hell language is that. I’ve never heard it before.” Sheila was still shaking.
“Its and ancient tongue, we had to study it at the academy. His ancestors must be….” Lea was struggling to translate the word when Sebastien did it for her.” Mystics, spell casters.”
Ree shot him a look. “You mean witches and warlocks!!!”
Sebastien just nodded as Lea continued to try and calm Urs down.
He pushed himself against the wall but kept banging his head back against it. Telling Lea that he had too many voices in his head. Lea was trying to talk to Urs and translate for the others.
Sheila went pale and choked back her tears. Urs had gone or was going crazy, he was going to loose the battle for his mind, they were going to have to keep their promise, kill him.
Lea had the same thoughts but she was not going to give up on him without a damn good fight.
She told Urs she was going to get closer and touch him on the hand. As she moved across the floor she kept talking so he could hear her. Telling him to relax and let his mind settled. As she touched him on the back of the hand he jumped a little.
All the others could do was watch and wait.
Lea kept talking, taking his other hand and then walking her fingers up his arm so he could feel her movements. She touched his face. She could feel his body tremble but it was easing off. She spoke to him in his ancient tongue but everyone gasped as he answered her in English. “Lea is that you? I can’t see. Why can’t I see? And the noise. It’s so noisy.”
Lea choked back tears. “I don’t know my sweet. We’ll find out. What noise, what do you hear?”
Urs pulled her hands to his chest. “Everyone. De’el, Cuta, Seneev, David, Carlos, Sebastien. I hear them all, see them all. It’s too much. They’re all in my head.”
Lea shot a look at Sheila but she just shook her head. “I have no idea. Its not supposed to be possible.”
Lea focused back on Urs again. “Just try to relax, let your mind sort its self out. Deep breathes. Take you time. Can you tell me what you see?”
As Urs relaxed the pain in his head eased a little and it was as if all his memories were finding a place to live. He smiled a little. “David and De’el you’re the same person.”
David smiled but then realised that Urs could not see him. “Yep. Spot on there Urs.”
“And Carlos and Cuta and Sebastien and Seneev. There are only three of you not six.”
Sebastien shook his head. “I don’t get it Urs. You have all our memories in your head?”
“I think so. U’Vinda, that’s me. I have them all.”
Lea squeezed his hand. “How much, what do you remember?”
Urs lifted his head a little. “Michael are you here?”
“Sure am Urs, what’s up?”
“I think it is like you. I can only see those memories since we came to earth. I can’t see the past only my life at home that past. Is that how you see it?”
Michael smiled. “Yes my friend that is how I see it.” Michael looked at the other three Divos. “How about you fellas, you the same?”
They all nodded.
“What did they say?”
Carlos spoke. “Sorry Urs. It’s the same for us but we only have our own memories not yours.”
Lea squeezed his hand again. “How are you feeling now?”
“Better. Not as noisy.”
“Are you sure you have all the other memories?”
Urs smiled a little and revealed something personal that Ree and David had done together that no one else would have known.
“Bloody Nora Urs.” Was all that Ree said and David went a very deep shade of red.
“Lea I am so very tired. Why can’t I see?”
It was Sheila; she had come to sit with them on the floor. “Urs I have no idea. But I’m going to try and find out. I am going to give you something to help you sleep for a while.”
Urs did not protest. He had been trapped in a body that wouldn’t obey him for three days, in agony, unable to rest, unable to sleep. All the while absorbing the other three memories while Simon’s was being erased.
Lea and Sheila helped him back to his bed and Sheila gave him a shot. He was asleep instantly.
It was as if the whole lab let out one collective sigh of relief.
While Urs slept. Sheila checked out the other three. Apart from feeling like they had been hit by a truck they were all well. Their own memories just like Michael, None of the ones that Simon had given them but they could remember their own lives and the lives that they had lived since being stolen. Seemed there were no side effects. But there was Urs. How would he be when he woke up?

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Chapter 71
Once the other Divos had been strong enough Sheila ushered them all to the mess making sure they ate and drank. Even though they had been hooked up to a food supply it was enough to keep them alive but they needed to regain their strength.
The first thing Sheila did was explain about the antidote and why she did not want them around to see the reactions and she explained what happened to Urs at the same time.
Lea looked to Mary and Michael. “You knew?”
Both Michael and Mary nodded.
“Don’t blame them Lea. This was going to be hard enough on you all as it was. It was my call.”
Lea looked back to Sheila. “But you said we almost lost him three days ago.”
Sheila could see the hurt on Leas face and the tears welling up in her eyes. David, who had been sitting next to her, took hold of her hand. “But we didn’t Squizz, he’ll be okay.”
“David, he can’t see and his memories.”
Sheila broke into the conversation. “I would like to try the isolation tank if he will agree. I should really get back there. I have no idea if he is in any pain.”
The three Divos all answered together and then looked at each other. “He’s not.”
Ree looked at David. “And how do you now that?”
David looked at his fellow Divos. “We feel it.”
Every one got a little restless and Sheila was trying to get her words out as fast as she could. “David. You mean you felt all that pain he was going through, you can feel what he feels?”
David shook his head. “No, well yes.. Maybe feel is the wrong word. We don’t actually physically feel the pain but it is more than knowing he is in pain.”
Sebastien took Sheilas hand. “He’s okay Cherie, he sleeps peaceful. We know he is alright. I do not understand how it is we know but we do.”
“Well that’s the bloody understatement of the century. And how many more little surprise have you wallabies got in store for us?” Ree looked around the table.
Each Divo looked at the other and they seemed to give a silent signal. Ree was not sure if anyone else had seen it. “Okay spit it out, what the hell else?”
David and Sebastien looked back at Carlos as if they knew he was going to speak. “Urs may have all our memories but we.” He waved his hand across the table to indicate David and Sebastien. “We sense each other.”
The room was silent as they all tried to absorb what he had said. Sam looked Carlos straight in the eyes. “How? what do you sense, do you hear each other?”
They all shook their heads as Carlos continued. “No, no voices, it’s like we just know.” Carlos sighed and looked at David who took over the conversation.
“Its like when you walk into a room and you know someone is there but you can’t see them. It doesn’t hurt or feel bad. The other guys are just there. Like being to one side of my mind.”
David looked down at the table and Sebastien picked up his thoughts. “But Urs is the strongest sense. I don’t know what happened but we are all connected on a much deeper level, in a different way than before.”
David looked at Lea. “You and Urs have a deep connection, don’t you. You seem to know how he is feeling without having to ask him and he is the same with you. Well it’s like that I think. I’ve seen you two. You just nod your heads and that is all the communication you need but somehow you understand each other.”
Mary spoke up. “Maybe it is because Urs’ ancestors where mystics.”
“Lea, do you know anymore about that?” Sheila was almost pleading with her eyes.
“Only what I learnt at the academy. We got taught the ancient language as some criminal factions use it in their communications like a type of code. I remember that U’Vinda, Urs was brilliant at it. It was one of the last classes he took before leaving the academy. But the history was what I found interesting. Urs’ clan or blood line was thought to have been wiped out over a hundred years ago” Lea looked around the table. “Long story, short version. They were hunted down and killed because they were different. They seemed to have what people called a knowing or The Knowing.”
She looked to the three Divos. “I guess that is what you can feel. They would know things about you before you even spoke, read you mind. You could never lie to them, they always knew. I guess others weren’t ready for that, so they were branded as outlaws. Many went into hiding on outer planets. Others tried to integrate into so called normal life. I guess the fact that Urs has some of these abilities means they lived on a little longer than people thought.”
Sheila spoke up. “But Urs didn’t know he had these abilities.”
Lea continued. Maybe not, but they must have been there and now it seems you three are connected to each other in the same way.”
“Bloody Nora. So where does that leave the rest of us?” Ree was a little amazed at the story but considering what she had witnessed and been through since meeting up with this group of people it was hard not to believe it.
Almost simultaneously each Divo put his arms around his lady and they spoke together. “Right where you should be.” And they kissed watched by Mary, Michael and Lea.
Michael shook his head. “This is going to make life very interesting indeed.”
Ree looked at Michael. “You Wanka, what, like it’s not already?!!!”
They all laughed easing the tension in the room when Carlos, Sebastien and David gave each other that look. Lea pulled on David’s sleeve. “What is it?”
David looked at Sheila as the three Divos began to move. “You need to get back to the lab. Urs wants to wake up.”
As they walked back to the lab David pulled Lea to his side. “I really do know you are my sister now.” He squeezed her hand. “I remember us Squizzy.” He pulled her close and hugged her. “I am so glad that you had the guts to come and find me. It’s nice having you back in my heart again where you belong.”
Ree looked back to see David with his arm around his sisters shoulders and smiled.
Without looking Carlos and Sebastien could sense his happiness and also smiled and together said. “As it should be.”

They entered the lab and Sheila began to bring Urs back around. David could see the girls and Michael getting a little tense. “He is okay guys, no repeat performance; He’s just slept long enough.” David gave Lea a little nudge towards Urs’ bed. “He knows you are here, go on. He might not be able to see you but he can feel you.”
Lea took hold of Urs’ hand as he began to come around. She was hoping against hope that his eyes would have healed but as he opened them all she could see was the deep, deep blackness. “Hey there. How are you doing?” She smiled automatically even though she knew he could not see her.
Urs sat himself up on the bed and swung his legs over the side, taking Lea’s other hand as he did. “Things are much quieter. He looked without looking, in the direction of the other three Divos and again they all spoke at once. “We’re fine.”
Ree whistled. “This is going to do my head in. Urs can you read our minds, hear our thoughts?”
Lea shouted at her. “REE!!!!”
Urs squeezed her hands. “It’s alright Lea” They all noticed that his voice was calmer, smoother, seemed to have an air of quiet authority to it. “Not so much read your mind Ree but understand how you feel. I seem to be able to talk to you. Let me try something.”

The room went silent then Ree started. “Of course I’m not bloody hungry. I…”
She shot a surprised look at Urs. “How the hell did you do that? I mean I didn’t hear any voice, any words.”
Still holding Lea’s hands Urs shrugged his shoulders and looked back at her. Lee felt like he was piercing her with his eyes. “You never once gave up on me, on us did you? You were always going to fight for us. Even in those times when you thought you could not go on, you were always going to fight. Even now. Lea, I’m okay, your brother is okay.”
Lea squeezed his hand and Urs answered her unspoken thoughts. “I don’t know if Sheila can get my sight back but somehow either way I know things will be okay.” He paused for a moment and then addressed everyone. “There is something else you all need to know. I remember everything.”
It was Mary’s turn to say something. “We know that Urs.”
David spoke. “No Mary, let him finish, it’s not what you think.”
Urs smiled. “Thank you David” Urs kept squeezing Lea’s hand as he spoke. “I have David and Carlos and Sebastien’s memories, I have my own and I have my families. My parents, my grandparents, my great grandparents for as far back as my family lived. I have it all.”
Urs smiled knowing what Ree was about to say. “Crickey it must be bloody crowded in there.”
“Not really, in a way it is comforting to know that even though I am the last of my line that we have survived this long.”
Lee looked into his black eyes and Urs turned his head so that it looked like he was looking at her. “But Urs did you know who you were before?”
He shook his head. “No. My grandparents never told my parents so they never knew. Oh deep down they knew something was different but never probed far enough to find out. Lea. I am fine. My mind is clear…..And no flippant comments form our resident Aussie.”
Ree shut her mouth without saying a word. The others all smiled.
“I understand, I’m in control and……….I love you so much for the fact that even knowing all this you still love me. Many wouldn’t be able to cope with this. Thank you, you have made this so much easier for me.” Urs leant forward and kissed her.
“Sheila I think we should try the isolation tank” Urs smiled and held out a hand to her. “Its’ okay, if it does not work, it does not work.”
Sheila and Lea guided him to the tank and he laid down one more time.
Lea could not get over how calm he was as she bent over to kiss him. “Always and forever.”
He smiled and drifted back off to sleep as Sheila gave him the injection. Closing the tank they looked at the rest of the group.
It was Ree that spoke. “Well fry me on the foot path like an egg in the summer sun. I need a drink and none of that sissy lolly water you call tea. This barge better have a bar.”
They all laughed as Ree went in search of a bar.
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Chapter 72
Ree did indeed find the transports answer to a bar but thankfully Sheila found her before she decided to get drunk by the process of elimination. Some of the home world brews were very potent by earth standards.
The others all joined her in a small lounge that must have been one of Simon’s private rooms. They talked about their new-found gifts so to speak and found with practice they could turn down the sound. But always Urs’ presence was the most dominant. Michael brought up the subject of their futures now that they had their memories back.
Il Divo looked at each other and Carlos was the first to speak. “I know this was all to get us back home. But now I know what my life was like, I would prefer to stay on earth with Sam.” He pulled her closer as she was about to protest. “I know my Angel you said you would follow me no matter where I was to go. I may have been very successful at home but I was also very lonely. I found you here, I found a person who loves me for who I am not for what I do and I want to stay here with you.”
Lea was not sure where the rest of this conversation was heading. “Do you realise how much you would be giving up. Home is so much more advanced than earth. If the transport leaves it may never come back. You would have to live out your lives here with no prospect of ever going home, never. Do you understand that Carlos?”
David answered for them. “Yes we all do Squiz.”
They all looked at David and Lea took his hand. “You mean you’ve decided you want to stay?”
Not just David but Sebastien and Carlos nodded their heads.
“Crickey. I hope it is not just this wicked booze talking but did I hear you say you all wanted to stay D?”
“Seems Simon picked us well. Apart from me having a very inquisitive sister we were all very much loners and we were all very much alone. Squiz, even through all this I am the happiest I have ever been.” He looked over to Ree. “She’s crazy but she makes me very happy. Do you understand that?”
Lea smiled at her brother. “Of course I do. I suppose I will have to wait and see what Urs wants to do?”
David, Carlos and Sebastien looked at each other and all smiled and David spoke. “Squiz, that decision he is leaving up to you. We all understand that this was not a choice that you should have had to make. Urs will return home with you if you wish to go back. He will not stop you. Like us he has no ties to return to except his career and by the looks of things we could make a pretty good go of it on earth.”
“Damn straight.” Was all Ree said as she lifted up a glass.
“But David we haven’t talked about this yet. I mean not since you got your memories back. How do you know?” Lea stopped herself. “Oh yeah right.”
David smiled at his sister. “Urs is a good man Squiz. Always and forever remember.”
Sheila looked at Sebastien. “You want us to stay?”
Sebastien smiled and nodded. “If you would stay with me. If you want to go home I will go with you.”
Ree was going to protest. One minute they were all staying and the next they were keeping their options open but Sheila answered Sebastien first. “No Seb. David is right. I have nothing to go back to except bad memories now that I have no family left.” She looked around the room. “This is my family now.”
Mary and Michael had been having a quiet conversation in the corner when Ree brought it to the attention of the others. “And what are you to yabbering about?”
Mary took a deep breath. “We have made a decision. Lea if you and Urs want to stay, I want to go with Michael back to his home. And if you go back I am still coming with you.”
Lea looked at Michael. “Michael?”
“Lea you knew it was going to be you or me to fly us home. I have the worm hole knowledge in my head. It makes sense that I make the trip.” He took hold of Mary’s hand. “We had talked about this before. We are both ready Lea.”
Mary nodded her head.
“Looks like you have a few things to think about Squiz.” David pulled her close. “Do what your heart tells you.”
This was the first time that Lea had really thought about going home, really thought about it. Before there were so many things in her way it just never seemed possible but now. It had come down to a choice, one that she had to make. What did her heart tell her?

David’s voice broke through her thoughts. “Urs is awake.”
“Well he can’t get out of the tank until it is time.” Sheila smiled as they all began to move.
David as well as Sebastien and Carlos smiled. “I think you may find it is time Sheila.” David nudged her gently as they walked.
When they entered the lab Urs was sitting on the edge of the bed that David had used with his head down.
“My God Urs are you all right. Did the tank have a malfunction?” Sheila was already to give him a full check up when he raised his head and looked straight at Lea.
In return a great big smile swept across Lea’s face. “No malfunction Sheila I’m fine. My eyes are fine.”
Sheila looked to Sebastien and then to Carlos and David. “You knew, you three knew before we got here that he was alright”
The three men just smiled and Lea went to put her arms around Urs.
“Are you really alright? Really Urs. I don’t think I could take many more surprises.”
He pulled her arms from around his neck and looked into her eyes. Lea could see how clear they were, so bright.
“Yes. I am Lea.” But then he looked to his fellow Divo’s and then back at Lea. “You have a choice to make my sweet.”
Lea looked at him. “I know. Urs is there anything you want to go home to?”
Urs shook his head.
“Nothing? Because if you don’t go, you will never see home again.”
Urs took hold of her hands and spoke in such a sweet, loving and tender voice it almost broke her heart. “You are my home.”
Lea closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “And you want to stay?”
Urs had been able to keep his answer from his fellow Divo’s so it was news to them as well.
“Yes I do.”
“Then we stay.”
Urs searched her eyes as he searched her heart and mind to make sure this is what she wanted. Not a choice she was making to keep him happy. What he felt and saw brought tears to his eyes but it shocked Lea and she began to worry. “Urs, what’s wrong?!!”
He cupped her face gently in his hands. “You really do mean always and forever don’t you.”
“Yes. I do.”
Lea rested her head on Urs’ chest and he stroked her hair while having a silent conversation with the other Divos. He smiled when Ree caught his attention. He looked back at David. “You might want to catch her David.”
David looked from Urs to Ree just as she was going to stand. He nodded to Urs and moved loser to Ree.
Ree smiled at David. “Now that you’ve all sorted your living arrangements do you think we could get back to earth?”
They all smiled at Ree who was less than steady on her feet with a silly grin on her face. Again she looked at David. “I’m going to feel worse than the inside of a dead dogs mouth in the morning aren’t I?”
With that she collapsed into David’s arms.
Michael was stunned. “How much did she drink?”
Urs gave them a knowing smile. “Much, much more than she needed.”

Through the haze and the fog and the thousand drums beating in her head Ree heard David’s voice. “Hey Ree. Wake up. We’ve landed. Wake up.”
Ree moved her head and opened her eyes and groaned shutting her eyes again. “Too bright. Bugger off and leave me to die.”
David chuckled and scooped her up in his arms. “Seems you have a bit of a hang over.” He was walking to the exit of the plane when Urs looked at him.
“How Urs? Reporters. No one knew we were gone.” David looked at Ree. “We can’t let them see her like this.” He put her back into a seat and looked out the door. Sure enough reporters, not many but enough to cause a stir if they even got a hint of the fact that Ree was so hung over she couldn’t walk or they found out about their relationship.
Sheila and Lea had already formulated a plan. They attached a dummy drip to Rees arm and covered her face with and oxygen mask. Lea stuck her head out the exit and gave a loud whistle and waved to the drivers of the cars to get closer. She looked to the rest of the Divo clan. “Try and look concerned when we get off and they’ll think she is ill.”
Sebastien gave them a half smile. “That won’t be hard.”
Although the men from Il Divo could sense each other, Urs was the only one who could sense and feel all. “They are waiting expecting something. We may as well oblige.” Again he looked at David. “You ready with the cover story David?”
“Wait! What cover story?” Lea looked from David as he picked Ree back up to Urs waiting for an answer.
Urs smiled that confident, peaceful smile at her. “Food poisoning.”

They all managed to get into the cars without too much of an incident. David cradled Ree in his arms all the way back to the house. She had groaned a few times but it wasn’t until he put her to bed that she woke again. “Oh bugger me, what the hell do you drink on your planet?”
“Well we don’t exactly drink it. Oh we do have drinks but that stuff you had. We usually rub it onto our skin. Either on our wrist or just under our chin. It kind of soaks in and makes you feel good. I’ve never seen anyone drink it.” He gave Ree a cheeky look. “Now I know why.”
Ree moaned. “Oh I think I am going to chunder.”
“Hurl, throw up...David M O V E!!!!”
Ree knocked David out of the way as she raced to the bathroom. The noise he heard made him cringe. Pulling a funny expression he joined Ree. There was nothing he could do but wait until she had finished. “Oh Dear.”
After throwing up a few more times Ree slid to the floor. Once again David scooped her up in his arms and put her back to bed.
Ree moaned. “I’m never going on a blinder like that ever again.” And she fell asleep.
David kissed her cheek and went to join the others downstairs.

Urs, Sebastien and Carlos all smiled their group smile as David walked into the kitchen. They knew how Ree was before he explained it to the rest.
David looked to Lea and Sheila. “Did any of you know she was drinking the Alvernium Juice?”
Sheila shook her head. “No I gave her strict instructions not to touch it.”
“Did you tell her why?”
Sheila shook her head.
David laughed. “You must have known that was enough reason for her to see why it was off the menu.”
Lea looked a little concerned. “Is she okay?”
“Well she has emptied the contents of her stomach down the drain and she will be. Let me see how does she put it? Arr. fit to be tide in the morning but other than that she is fine. So the food poisoning story was not too far from the truth.” David looked at Urs. “But you knew that.”
Urs just bowed his head a little.
Michael piped up. “Anybody else think it would be a good idea to head back to the States and leave her here. I don’t fancy being in the firing line when she wakes up.”
Mary nudged him playfully. “Coward.”
They all laughed.

The next morning the house was very quiet as Ree tenderly made her way to the kitchen. She already had her sunglasses on and afraid to move her head too much in any direction in fear of setting off another explosion of pain in her brain.
She found David reading the local paper and drinking coffee. He smiled at her. “Morning.”
Ree scrunched up her face at the sound of his voice. “Shhhhhh.”
David smiled and waited for her to get settled in a seat. Ree put her elbows on the table and then rested her head in her hands. “Oh God, What a bloody berk I have been. Why Ree why?” She looked at David over the top of her glasses. “That wasn’t just some alcoholic drink. That was so much worse.”
David could not contain his smile. It was the first and maybe the last time he would get to see her this vulnerable. “Well Sheila did warn you.”
Ree just stared at David and he had to laugh which made her scrunch up her face again. “Shhhhhh. What gives? What the hell was that stuff?”
David went on to explain that it was an extract from a certain tree that grew on his home world and that two drops was usually the limit. Not two bottles as he had figured out that was how much Ree had drunk.
“Well if you are not supposed to drink it why did you make it taste so bloody good?”
Again David laughed.
“And where is everyone?”
Again she looked at him over her glasses. “Boston?”
“Yep. We have a concert there tomorrow remember.”
“Tomorrow but...”
“You slept a whole day away my Aussie Angel.”
Ree went to get up in a hurry but changed her mind just a quickly. Again David smiled. “No rush. As long as I am there for sound check. And it’s not like we’ll get stuck in traffic.”
This time Ree didn’t even look at him. “Very flippin funny. NOT.”
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Chapter 73
The Il Divo clan where settled in for the trip to San Francisco. It had been the first time they had actually used the plane to get to their next destination in a while. It would be their last concert in America before they jetted off around the world. Michael was flying and although Lea was co pilot Mary was sitting up front with him. Their usual pilot was happy to have the time off. He had gotten a little sick of flying an empty plane. He wondered why this group needed a diversion but it was not his place to question, he just flew the plane where they wanted it and it was always where they ended up. But they never flew with him.

Everyone else was making small talk back in the cabin. Lea looked down the front of the plane to the cockpit. “I am going to miss those two very much.” Urs took hold of her hand. He had been staring out the window, feeling a storm front headed their way and wondering if Michael knew about it.
David popped his head over the seat. “He knows Urs. Stop worrying you’re giving me a headache.”
Both men laughed as Lea gave them a strange look. David smiled cheekily at her and sat back down.
“We don’t really give each other headaches.” Urs changed the subject. “I’ll miss Michael and Mary as well. How are you going to cope with your new job as Il Divo’s pilot?”
“Okay. I guess with Michael gone we’ll all be doing more flying. No more transports. But considering what a strange family we are it is better to keep the circle as tight as we can.”
“Why do you worry about us so much?”
Without thinking Lea answered as she squeezed his hand. “For the same reasons you do.”
Urs smiled and leaned over to give her a kiss. Even without his new abilities Urs understood Lea so deeply and she understood him.
She smiled as he kissed her. “What was that for?”
“Being my soul mate.”
Lea answered. “Always.”
Urs answered back. “And forever.”

Sheila and Sebastien were cuddled up against each other sleeping soundly and it made Sam smile as she passed them going back to her own seat next to Carlos.
“Here’s your tea Carlos.”
He took the tea from her and like Lea looked down the front of the plan. “I can’t believe they are really leaving us. I mean really.”
Sam did not say anything just let her tears roll.
“Oh Angel I did not mean to make you cry. I always seem to make you cry. This is not good.”
Sam took his hand. “I’m okay Carlos, just going to miss them very much.”
Carlos gave a heavy sigh. “Yes. But they shall be together.”

David was snuggled up to Ree content and happy. He had settled the demons in him about his past and never being able to go home and was looking forward to a life with her no matter what it threw at them. Considering how it all started it might just be boring. He smiled as he drifted off to sleep remembering who he was with. Life boring, never.

The whole Il Divo clan woke up with a start. The plane was being pitched from side to side, the storm was raging outside and it seemed that the lightening was striking the plane. Lea jumped from her seat and was down the aisle before Urs could stop her. The plane pitched and threw her to the floor. Lea hit her shoulder on the underside of one of the seats but as soon as she could stand she headed for the cockpit.
Urs, Carlos, Sebastien and David looked at each other and then got Sheila, Sam and Ree and they all made it down to the emergency exit door closest to the cockpit. It was the one place on the plane they could all fit.
Sam’s eyes were wild with fear. “What are we doing.?” Urs put a gentle hand on her shoulder. “We are leaving. Michael can’t keep the plane in the air. Everyone got your Hubs?”
There was disbelief in the ladies eyes but Lea ran back and told them the same thing.
“The electronics are stuffed. This plane is going down but it’s not landing.”
The plane pitched again sending them all to the floor. Lea fell on her already injured arm and screamed.
Urs felt more than heard her cries and went to her as the others all picked themselves off the floor and tried to hold onto something.
“I’m okay Urs. Get them ready to transport. I’m going back for Mary.”
They looked into each others eyes and said all they needed to say then Lea ran back to the cockpit.
Urs gave instructions more for the sake of the girls, the rest of Il Divo already knowing what was to be done.
“Ladies the transport would usually take four at a time but we are a moving target. Michael says two at a time. And you need to move from the arrival spot fast once you get there.”
Sam was shaking, petrified. “Where are we going?”
“The house.”
Urs looked at Carlos and he in turned looked at Sam. “Sam, you and me together okay. Give me your hand and we will push the button together.”
Carlos nodded and in an instant they were gone.
Sebastien got hold of Sheila’s hand and she was going to protest wanting to know where Lea was when there was a loud crack and the plane dived sharply. Again they all fell to the floor. Urs looked at Sebastien and shouted “Now Seb now, you have to go now.”
Sebastien nodded, took hold of Sheila’s hand and before she knew what had happened they we gone.
“You’re next David.”
David nodded to Urs as he picked Ree up off the floor as the plane began to level off. “See you on the other side” and they were gone.
Lea came back with Mary in tears and in tow. “Urs you have to take her.”
Urs looked into her eyes. “Michaels hurt”
Lea nodded.
“Then you take Mary and I will get Michael.”
Lea grabbed hold of his arm with her good hand. She never said a word and all Urs did was nod. “Be careful.”
Lea gave him a quick kiss before heading back to the cockpit.
Urs pulled Mary to him and pushed both their hubs and they were gone just as lightening struck the plane.

Everyone made it to the house. Sebastien was helping Sheila up off the floor as they had arrived but had rolled out of the arrival spot just in time for David and Ree to appear. Urs and Mary appeared and the others all kept watch on the transport expecting Lea and Michael to arrive.
Urs’ voice was soft but serious when he spoke. “They need to make sure the plane ditches at sea before they leave.”
Everyone looked at Urs, Sheila held open her arms and Mary walked into her hug as the other girls gathered around.
The men of Il Divo gathered with Urs. “Can you sense her Urs?”
He shook his head. “Too far away. All I can do is wait.”
Urs may not have been able to sense Lea but his three companions could sense his pain and grief even if he was hiding it from the others.
David took Urs’ arm. “She’s a tough one Squiz is. She’ll be here in no time.”
Back on the plane Michael was fighting the controls trying to keep the plane headed out to sea and bleeding from a very nasty gash on his head. Lea put herself in the co pilot’s seat. Michael looked at Lea as he struggled. “It keeps wanting to turn. I have to get close enough to the ocean to make sure it ditches. If it goes down to early we’ll kill a lot of people.”
“Let me help.”
Michael shook his head. “Soon enough Lea. soon enough. I don’t think I am going to be conscious.”
“Then let me take it. Just tell me what you need doing.”
Michael was going to argue with her but another wave of nausea hit him and he very nearly did pass out. By the time he came to his senses Lea had taken over. She was battling hard with the plane.”
“Can you see the coast line?”
Lea nodded.
“Just keep heading that direction. We need to be at least two k’s from the ocean before we bail. Any sooner.” Michael let his words trail off.
He slumped back in his seat, wiped the blood from his face and closed his eyes. Lea did not have time to see if he was alright, she needed to keep control of the plane which wasn’t easy as it fought with her the whole time.
They were flying fast which meant they had a chance of getting to the water; it also meant that they would have little time to get out.
Lea fought with the plane, her damaged shoulder screaming for attention, Lea in turn would yell out every now and then as the pain became too much. The first few times Michael had looked at her but now he just sat in his seat unconscious. Even if they did get out, Lea had no idea if they could save him.
The storm thundered at the plane and the ground rushed underneath it as they flew closer and closer to the ocean. When the counter showed her they were just on two kilometres out Lea put the plane on auto pilot. It screamed and shuddered and pitched as it tried to turn. Lea knew at the speed they were going that even if the plane managed to do a full circle it would ditch in the ocean.
She scrambled to undo Michaels safety belt. There was no time to move him so she sat on top of him, grabbed his hub and hit the sensors with a final glance out the window to see the water coming up to meet them. “This is going to be close.”
The plane hit the water just as Lea activated the hub; she felt the force push her into the cockpit wall just milliseconds before they transported.

Lea and Michael hit the floor in the house together both unconscious. As they arrived Lea’s hub fell out of her hand. Mary was about to go to Michael but Urs stopped her. Sheila was already by their sides. David pulled Lea away from Michael so that Sheila could work on him.
“He’s lost a lot of blood but it’s stopped. We need to get him to bed.”
Sebastien, Carlos and Urs took Michael up to his room with the help of Mary and Sam. Leaving Sheila to work on Lea. “She has a dislocated shoulder. I can put it back in. Just as well she’s not awake.”
Sheila moved Lea’s arm into the right position and just as she was about to push it back into place Lea came to. Screamed and fainted again as the pain hit.
“Bloody Nora. That was the wrong time to wake up.”

Upstairs on the way to Michael’s room Urs faltered in his steps and his eyes blackened for a second as he felt Lea’s pain.
Back down stairs David put Lea on the sofa and brushed her hair away from her face. “She okay Sheila?”
“She should be. She’ll be a bit sore and I wish she hadn’t woken up when she did. But other than bumps and bruises. She should be fine.”
Sheila strapped Lea’s shoulder while she was still asleep and by that time the rest of them were back downstairs. Except for Mary, she had stayed with Michael.
Urs knelt down next to Lea and brushed his hand through her hair much the same as David had done. Because his head was bent no one saw the colour of his eyes change, again they went pitch black as he probed her mind and body reassuring himself that she was indeed alright. He could feel her heart racing as her body coped with the trauma but her mind was calm. He kissed her on the forehead before standing to face the others. There was a collective gasp as they all saw his eyes change back from their black to their natural colour.
Urs touched the side of his face as he got the message from the other three Divos.
“Was just checking to see if she was in any pain.”
Ree was amazed. “But your eyes Urs they were so, very black. I’m thinking sunglasses could be the way to go in public until you get that little trick sorted mate.”
“But she is okay isn’t she Urs?” Sam still had tears in her eyes.
Urs nodded slightly. “And Michael will recover.”
Sebastien had gone to put his arms around Sheila. “So what do we do now? We are supposed to be in San Francisco.”
“No, we are supposed to be at the bottom of the ocean a crumpled mess.”
Ree hit David hard on the chest for his remark. “DAVID!!!”
He gave her a hurt look. “Well we are, if not for Michael’s little contraptions none of us would be standing here right now.”
The all heard Sam let out a little cry and Carlos put his arms around her to comfort her.
Urs looked at David and his eyes flickered. David nodded and turned back to Ree. “I’m sorry; this is all just a bit much.”
Ree hugged him. “You think.”
Sebastien spoke up. “I ask again what do we do now about San Francisco.”
Lee coughed and groaned at the pain. “You go, that’s what you do.”
Urs helped her sit up.
She looked to all four Divos. “You have a concert to do. You have the means to get there.”
David jumped in. “No we don’t. The transport won’t work there. That’s why we were on the plane in the first place.”
Lea smiled at her brother. “You transport to Seattle and.” She was going to say fly but changed her mind. “And drive. You leave now; you’ll have plenty of time.”
They were all going to argue when Urs put up his hand. Lea could not get over just how soft and mellow his voice was. The worry lines had left his face. He seemed younger and seemed to have found a courage he never knew he had. “She is right. We have to go. But maybe Ree you could organise a plane from Seattle for us.”
No sooner had he spoken the words and she was on her phone.
Urs looked to Sheila. “Will you stay and look after Lea and Michael. We will be home tomorrow night.”
Sheila nodded,
Sam gripped Carlos’ hand. “I’m going with you.”
Urs smiled tenderly. “Of course you are Angel. Of course you are. I expect that Mary would like to stay and watch over Michael.”

Ree walked back into the room. “Ready and waiting.”
Urs looked to his fellow Divos and gave them a silent signal. They all went to stand next to the transport site. David and Ree, Carlos and Sam said their good byes and left. Sebastien hugged and kissed Sheila and took his place, waiting for Urs.
He knelt next to Lea again and took her hands. She smiled at him and saw a flicker of the darkness cross his eyes. “Sun glasses maybe a good plan Urs.”
He went to touch his eyes and Lea took his hand. “You, you have changed. I can see the strength in you.” She kissed him. “I love you my alien mystic. See you tomorrow.”
Urs uttered no words just kissed her and went to stand with Sebastien and they left.

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Chapter 74
Michael and Mary’s departure had been postponed while he healed from the plane crash. So the Il Divo family had spent time together they had not expected. Mrs Stoner was overjoyed at having the house full of people again. But they would have one more night before they had to leave. Everyone sensed it and no one wanted to miss a minute so they stayed up until the early hours of the morning.

Sheila had shown Michael how to use the conversion systems on the transport to make him look like his real self and also showed him how to change Mary’s appearance if they thought it necessary.

Lea’s shoulder still gave her a little trouble but she was on the mend. Urs had kept a close watch on her most of the night. She had been quiet, brooding about whether she was doing the right thing, letting Michael leave without a co pilot. Not that she could have helped when it came to worm holes. Urs smiled to himself late in the evening when he felt her come to terms with her decision and the turmoil in her mind settled.

They all went out into the garden and watched the sun rise before heading off to the airport and Simon’s plane. The trip was quiet and sombre; tears flowed every now and then.
Michael had readied the plane the day before knowing how hard their leaving was going to be on everyone. So once they got to the airport is was only a matter of getting on board and taking off. The girls hugged and cried as the men tried to be strong.
Michael tapped his chatchip on his wrist. “We’ll keep in touch for as long a possible.”
Lea walked over to him. Remember, Tell Meg we are all okay.” She kissed him on the cheek and walked away before she began to cry again.
Mary hugged each of the men from Il Divo but could say nothing.
Michael took her by the hand and guided her onto the plane.
Those that were left behind watch the plane taxi and take off. All the time listening to Michael run down his check list.
“Just about to punch though the atmo guys give me a minute.”
They all heard the silence as Michael switched off his chatchip.
Then they heard him again. “Okay, we’re back”
They kept up a conversation while they made their way to the transport.
Michael gave them a running commentary of what he was doing and getting the transport moving.
“Okay guys, if this works I should be able to open the worm hole pretty soon.”

Those on earth waited and then it happened. That white noise, that crackling sound when they lost communication with them.
Lea sighed. “He did it. They are through.”

Over the next months the Il Divo clan settled into a routine of touring. Their tour would take them through many countries of Asia as well as Australia before they got back to England. Ree was over the moon at being able to spend time in her home country and had managed to get the group more days off than had been originally planned. They had no idea how she had pulled that set of strings but they were grateful for it and it seemed the whole time they were there David had a constant smile on his face. Ree was like a child showing her friends her favourite places. However they had all been somewhat surprised when they met her family. Ree asked Lea if she could borrow the plane to make a quick trip home but when David realised she was going to go on her own he decided he was hitching a ride. From there the others all wanted to go so it ended up being a full plane yet again. Ree did hire a local pilot and in a way Lea was glad she had.
Ree’s father greeted them at the airstrip and they all smiled a little uneasily when they realised they would have to drive back to the house in the open back of the truck. (Ute). It was a bumpy ride but they all enjoyed the freedom.
Once at the house they were in for another surprise. Ree had four older brothers all waiting on the front veranda, all looking like they could have taken on an entire football team single handed and all looking straight at David.
David was six foot if he was an inch but these boys made him look small. The oldest walked towards him and the serious look changed to a big beaming smile as he picked David up of the ground and hugged him. “So you’re the septic tank that has tamed our little sis?”
Still squashed in this big man’s arms David shook his head. “Nope, not me.”
Everyone laughed and Ree hit her brother on the arm. “Don’t break him Titch; I won’t be able to play with him if you do.”
Again her brothers laughed and Titch put David back on the ground.
They were invited inside and greeted with the most wonderful smells.
Ree took a deep breath. “Mum’s been busy.”
“Flat out like a lizard drinking Blue. She was so happy to hear you were coming home. Even if it was just for a day.”

The Il Divo clan spent the day with Ree’s clan eating and drinking and being regaled with stories of drop bears and yowies, Tassie devils, dingoes, brumbies and why they called Ree, Blue.
There was quite a bit of translation needed as Ree’s family seemed to have a language all their own. If they thought Ree was hard to understand when the whole family got into a conversation it was almost impossible.

Urs had been the quietest of them all and this had not gone unnoticed by Lea. A few times she had seen his eyes change. But he was very happy, he could sense, feel the sincere happiness and love this family had for each other. There were no masks or walls to pull down, what you saw is what you got. This was how it should be. He understood that Il Divo had this same union, he smiled and for the first time realised that he did actually have a family.
Lea looked at him and smiled, he bowed his head slightly and that was all she needed to know he was fine.
David smiled as well. Lea may not have been connected to Urs like he and the other Divos were but she was so much more in tune with him than they ever would be.

While they had been touring Urs had refined his gift. With the help of all his ancestors memories he had abilities far more powerful than anyone suspected. He had trained his mind in the ways of his people, taken what they had and made it stronger. Not only could he feel and sense the thoughts and emotions of others, as well as talk to them without speaking. It seemed that he could command some power over them. Not that he could make them do what he wanted but he could change their mood. He could make an angry person polite, a sad person happy. This little gift had come in handy a few times. He did find that it did not work so well on strong willed people. Without really knowing it Lea and Ree would not submit to this little bit of mind tampering. Every time he tried it was like hitting an invisible brick wall and it actually hurt his head. If he hadn’t known before that these two women were a force to be reckoned with he did now. Urs had also found out that he had a healing power, something he would need in the near future.

Urs had also managed to keep the other Divos out of most of his mind. Oh they still had their connection and to David, Sebastien and Carlos nothing had changed but for Urs so much had changed.
He saw so much more, he felt so much more, he knew so much more, he understood so much more. His world had been so small before and he had been afraid of what lay outside it. Now his universe was so very big and the possibilities where endless. With the memories of his ancestors he felt like he had lived for centuries but he also felt so very young. Maybe this was the stoic strength that Lea said he had, understanding that he was connected to something so much bigger than himself. Even if he was the last of his line, knowing he had been part of something so ancient and noble. He felt proud to be part of such a clan. He was only sad that his own parents had not seen him the way he was.

Il Divo had a few more days in Asia before they went back to England when Urs fell ill. He had not being feeling a hundred percent for almost a week but had not said anything and had managed to keep it from the other Divos. But this day every one could see he was struggling. He was pale and more than once had had to excuse himself and gone to throw up and he couldn’t or wouldn’t eat. With the help of some anti nausea tablets he made it through the concert but once back at the hotel he put himself to bed and prayed he would fall asleep. Lea had checked on him a few times and then gone to join the others for a late dinner.
“You know if he was a sheila I reckon he had morning sickness.”
The others all looked at Ree for an explanation and she sighed. “God I forget you lot are aliens sometimes. Morning sickness is what we sheilas get when we are pregnant, when we are going to have a baby. Don’t know why they called it morning sickness, cause from what I have seen it lasts all bloody day.”
Sheila and Lea gave each other nervous looks and the three Divos did the same.
Sam looked at Sheila. “What is it Sheila, why did you look at Lea like that?”
Sheila smiled. “I think Lea maybe going to have a baby.”
Ree almost choked on her drink. “Struth. How do you figure that?”
David gave her one of his cheekiest smiled. “Oh you‘re not going to believe this one.”
Ree went a little pale. “You’re not going to creep me and Sam out with tales of body snatchers are you?”
Sheila smiled. “No. it’s just that pregnancy works a little different at home.”
Ree looked at Lea. “How different?”
Sheila continued. “Don’t panic the girls still get to have the babies much the same way as you do but … But the guys get to feel everything.”
Sam and Ree shot Sheila a look. Ree could not contain herself. “You mean the sickness, the aches and pains, the change in hormones?”
Both Sheila and Lea nodded.
Ree smiled at the three Divos sitting at the table. “Well this is going to be interesting. A fella that has to handle all that. I hope Urs is up to it. I figure we ladies got to carry the steak and kidneys because you boys just couldn’t cope. So do you girls feel everything as well?
This time Lea answered. “We feel the baby but that is about all that changes, the father has to deal with all the medial changes.”
Ree looked at David. “So what about us sweet thing. When I fall preggers do you get to deal with all the yucky stuff?”
Until then David had not even thought about it. He went pale but Sebastien had already gone pale. Sheila looked at him. “Seb are you okay? Is all this talk of babies a bit much?”
He shook his head. “No but I think you might be going to have a baby as well.”
The table was stunned into silence.
David turned to look at his friend. “Sebastien, not you too?”
Sebastien nodded. “Me too.”

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Chapter 75
Lea had gone to bed with the idea to talk to Urs about their new situation but he was sleeping so soundly she did not want to wake him. So instead she just crawled into bed next to him. Wrapped her arm around him and kissed him on the nape of his neck. “I love you.”
From his slumber Urs answered her. “Always and forever.”
The next morning Lea had been awake for sometime before Urs opened his eyes. She smiled at him lovingly from her perch on the window sill where she had been watching the city below come to life. “Morning. How are you feeling?”
Urs sat up in bed. “Much better. Must have caught a bug.”
Lea smiled to herself, for all his abilities he sometimes didn’t see what was right in front of him. “Can I ask you something?”
Urs smiled and his eyes changed a little as he tried to probe her mind to see what the question was. He sighed, Lea was playing with him, and she had learnt how to block his attempts when she wanted to. “Okay ask away.”
“You abilities, who do you get them from? I mean, how are they passed from generation to generation. From your mothers side or from your fathers side?”
Urs could not understand if this was the question she wanted to ask way she had blocked him. “Always from the male.”
“So none of the females have your abilities.”
Urs shook his head. “No, many of our females do have gifts and are, were far more powerful that the men. But unlike the men who we know will be born this way the females have a fifty percent chance of not having any abilities.”
Lea smiled and walked over to the bed, sitting next to Urs and holding his hands. She could feel his mind probing hers and she loved the fact that he still had no idea why she wanted to know. “So when our baby is born if it is a boy he will have abilities like his father?”
Urs answered without thinking. “Yes” then stopped and looked at Lea who was beaming. “Born, baby. You mean?”
Lea nodded.
“You mean you, we, we are going to have a baby?”
“Hope that is okay with you Dad?”
Lea let her defences down so Urs could feel just how happy she was. The rush of emotions caught him a little off guard and he flinched just a little before pulling Lea into his arms. “You are very happy about this.”
Again Lea just nodded.
Urs eyes changed as he probed her thoughts. “Oh my, Sebastien as well. This is why we both have been ill.” Urs probed both Sheila and Sebastien’s thoughts. “They are both very happy about it.”
“And you Urs. Is this something that you wanted?”
Urs held her chin in his hands. “I could not think of a better way to bind our union than to have the privilege of being the father to your child.”
“Our child Urs, our child.”
Instantly Urs felt the anxiety sweep over Lea. “What is it, what is wrong?”
“The child. It will be ours Urs. It won’t be human. Oh God, what do we do?”
Urs placed his hand on her stomach, his eyes changed to a deeper black than Lea had ever seen before; she felt a slight twinge and she put her own hand over Urs’. Urs’ eyes change back and he smiled at her. “It is done. Our children will belong to this world.”
“How?” Lea realised that Urs had said children not child. “You mean any other children I have will be safe, they will look like we do now?”
Urs nodded. “Yes. Just as the children you now carry will be safe.”
“Now. You mean more than one?”
Again Urs nodded with such a smile on his face Lea almost melted. “Oh please Urs tell me how many.”
“Are you sure?”
Lea slapped him over the arm. “Of course I am sure. If it’s more than one I am going to need a little time to get used to the idea. It’s not like I have done this before.”
Lea gasped.
“Two boys and a girl.”
Urs eyes shimmered.
“What is it Urs? Something wrong?”
“No. but Sheila and Sebastien have just come to the same conclusion as you did about their babies. They are very worried.”
“Babies, you mean Sheila….”
“Yes, she is carrying two. One boy, one girl.”
They stood together knowing that they needed to get to their friends.

They found them in the hotel library, Sebastien trying to console Sheila about their baby. Trying to tell her it would be alright, they would figure something out. But Sheila was inconsolable, through her sobs she spoke. “But Seb, the baby with be like us, like we are supposed to be, the eyes, the colour. How can we do that to a child?”
Sebastien sensed Urs just before he and Lea walked into the room. No words were spoken as Urs went over to Sheila, kneeled in front of the crying woman and gently placed his hand on her knee. Instantly Sheila felt better, she stopped crying.
Lea smiled at her friend. “Sheila, Urs needs to do something. Don’t be afraid. Everything will be alright. I promise.”
Sheila nodded and looked into Urs’ eyes as he placed his hand on her stomach, she saw the same blackness that Lea had seen, then felt the twinge. She jumped a little and Sebastien went to her side. “Sheila..”
She smiled at him and then at Urs. “What did you do Urs?”
Urs let Sebastien read his thoughts a split second before he told Sheila about her baby. She gave him such a big hug she almost pulled him off his feet.
Urs looked at Sebastien. “Do you want to tell her the rest my friend?”
Sheila looked from one man to the other and then to Lea and then back at Sebastien. “Tell me what?”
“You are to have two, my sweet. A boy and a girl.”
Urs smiled as he went to stand back next to Lea. Sheilas mind was a flurry of thoughts and emotions. “Oh Seb are you okay with this?”
The elated smile on his face was all she needed to see.
“I am. But you, are you okay with this?”
“No, but I will be.” Sheila looked back at Lea. “Two babies, I am carrying two babies.”
Just then Ree and David walked in. “That’s what we call having twins on this planet.” Ree kept walking and gave Sheila a hug.
David stopped and dropped his arm over his sisters’ shoulder while he watched. “So Seb that ice cream must have worked wonders.”
Sebastien went bright red and Lea punched her brother hard in the stomach. “DAVID!!! So what’s my excuse then?”
David looked at Lea a little confused then looked at Urs who let him see his thoughts, Sebastien saw them as well. Both men looked from one girl to the other as all the girls looked at their men. Ree wanted to know what was going on. “Okay you lot, no more secrets men’s business. What the bloody hell is going on?”
“Three. I am having three babies.” Lea announced.
Sheila just gasped and sat back down. David pulled Lea in to his brotherly arms and hugged her tight. Sebastien thought Sheila’s news was overwhelming but now this. He sat next to Sheila.
Ree in her own unique way said what they were all thinking. Crikey! Triplets! Stone the crows it’s going to get bloody noisy around here when you drop all those bundles.”
They all laughed.
Sheila looked at Urs. “Carlos. We need to tell him and Sam.”
Urs smiled. “He knows.”
As if on cue, Carlos and Sam came racing into the room. “I heard, I heard. We have five bambinos on the way. How exciting.” Carlos went to kiss Lea and Sheila and congratulate Urs and Sebastien.
Urs felt the sadness wafted over Sam, so he went to stand next to her. Taking her hand he whispered in her ear. “Your time will be soon Angel, Do not fret.”
With a small tear in her eyes she tried to smile at him. “But Urs we are not the same, you know. The baby.”
“You are more the same than you know. You baby will be healthy.” Urs squeezed her hand. “Carlos will make a fine father.” Urs dropped his hand to her stomach and his eyes changed for an instant. Sam felt a warmth wash over her like she had never felt before and she knew everything would be fine.
Sam kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you Urs and congratulations. You’ll be very busy soon enough.”
Urs pulled Lea to him and kissed her. “I think that big house may not be big enough.”

Urs struggled with his morning sickness for the last few concerts of the tour and was grateful to be flying home. Sebastien had not been hit so hard but was suffering in other ways. His cravings had started early, unfortunately they were things he could not get on earth and some of his experiments had been disastrous. Sheila was hoping that Mrs Stoner could cook up something that would satisfy him. But then again how did they explain Sebastien and Urs to her.
Urs had told them all not to worry that it would work out. By now the rest of the clan had come to respect his words of wisdom. He had never been wrong. Somehow over the course of the tour Urs seemed to have taken up the position as head of the family. They all deferred to him when tough decision had to be made. They all came to him for advice. His very presence commanded quiet respect. Lea found it amusing that when ever they where all together people would naturally turn to Urs as the authority, directing their questions at him.
In the beginning Urs had declined and tried to remain as a shadow but with the blessing of the others he had taken on his roll. It felt natural and comfortable. With his abilities he could protect his family and he liked knowing this was possible.

He had been resting when he was disturbed by the presence of others at the airport.
He looked to Lea who was siting next to him and as he told her what he felt he projected his thoughts to the other Divos’ “There are a lot of people waiting for us down there and they are not all reporters. Seems we have quite a few fans.”
Lea smiled at him. As it should be Urs. As it should be.”

Once they landed the girls made themselves scares while Il Divo answered questions from reporters and fans a like, signed autographs and accepted gifts. It took them almost forty minutes to make it to the waiting cars.
Ree cuddled up to David. “Well if that is any indication as to how things are going to be from now on. I think I might be hiring more security staff.”
“Why don’t you ask your brother Titch if he wants the job.”
Ree slapped him and everyone laughed. It was a tired but happy group that made it back to the house.

Mrs Stoner had been over the moon to find out that Lea and Sheila were pregnant. She almost fainted when she found out how many babies were on the way.
True to his word Urs had made sure that she was not curious as to why he and Sebastien showed all the signs of being pregnant while the girls looked radiant and healthy. She even managed to mix up a concoction that satisfied Sebastien’s cravings.
It smelt and tasted so foul she had no idea how he ate it but he did and would always make sure she left enough so he did not run out. The others refused to let him sit at the dinner table with it and many a time he was relegated outside to consume it.
Urs could not be in the same room with Sebastien if he was eating his stew as they had called it. He would become so violently ill; nothing he did seemed to help. Mrs Stoner had tried to masks the smell without success so Urs was stuck until his morning sickness passed, which took months.
Once it did there was a shock in store for him. As the babies grew his connection to them grew. He knew when they were sleeping, when they were awake, when they were unhappy. It was as if they had already been born. Urs couldn’t wait for that day and now that Lea was in her last cycle neither could she. Glad that Urs could let her know that her three little ones were doing well.
Sheila was also happy that Urs could give her the same news about her own little ones but wondered if maybe he could put Sebastien in a deep sleep until it was all over. He was driving her crazy, fussing over her all the time.
Lea had watched Sebastien with Sheila one afternoon and took Urs’ arm as they walked slowly around the garden. “Is there anything you can do for her Urs? He’s going to send her into early labour the way he is going.”
Without a word, Urs’ eyes flickered and Sebastien looked his way and waved before kissing Sheila and returning to the house.
Lea looked at him. “What did you do?”
“Seems Sebastien is in need of a little afternoon nap.” Urs smiled as he felt the stress and anxiety leave Sheilas body. “Our mother of two is enjoying her time on her own.”
Lea kissed him. “You are the most wonderful man I know. Thank you for choosing me.”
Urs pulled her close. “I am not entirely sure that is how it was.”
“By the way. How long have you been able to get people to do what you suggest to them?”
Urs had a wry smile on his face and tried to probe her mind. He got a jab in the side for his trouble. “Just answer the question Urs.”
“For a while now. Mrs Stoner was my biggest challenge; it had only been little things up till then. But once I tried with her it seemed to unlock something else in me.”
He hugged Lea. “But you… one is ever going to get you do to anything you don’t want to are they.”
Lea smiled. “Never have, never will.”
Urs’ eyes flickered. “The others are on the way home.”
“All four of them?”
“Seems they met up at the airport. They should be pulling up by the time we get back to the house.”
“I have missed them so much. It will be good to be a whole family again.”
Urs caught the small ripple of sadness that danced across her heart. “Why then the sadness?”
“Michael and Mary.”
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Chapter 76
Urs had been suffering from the effects of labour pains for almost 2 days as Lea became restless with the movement of her children.
“Urs, please tell me it will be soon. I can’t bear to see you in so much pain and these children are getting restless.”
Urs smiled weakly from his position of the sofa. “Very soon, very soon. I would think today” As soon as he spoke Urs was griped with yet another contraction.” Once it passed he took Lea by the hand and they made their way up stairs. Mentally he called the other Divos from around the house.
“Lea. It will be soon. You need to be ready for this pain when the contraction transfers.”
“I am not sure if ready is the word for it.”
Just then Urs felt the release from his body and Lea screamed in agony and would have fallen to the floor if not for Urs.
They could hear all the others running up the stairs. Well, except for Sheila who more or less waddled.
Without a word David scooped his sister up into his arms and took her to her room. Urs was so weak from his contractions he was unable to.
Once on the bed Lea was hit with another contraction and screamed accordingly.
“Well she’s sure got a set of lungs on her. No offence Lea but I don’t reckon I want to hang around for the show. I’ll be boiling the billy.” Ree took herself down to the kitchen but even down there she could hear Lea as the contractions hit.

Upstairs all but Urs and Sam had been ushered out of the room. Urs talked to a now very distressed Lea holding her hand and calming her down. “I’m sorry I cannot ease the contractions my sweet. You need to be able to know when to push.”
Again Lea was caught in another wave of pain.
“On the next one you need to push okay.”
Lea just nodded.
The next contraction came and she did push. And pushed a baby boy into the world. Urs took the baby in his arms as tears streamed down his face. “Perfect my little man, you are perfect.”
He handed the baby to Sam as Lea began to push again and delivered another boy.
Outside the room the other Divos could feel the love swell inside of Urs as the babies were born. Sebastien hugged Sheila, David and Carlos gave each other a high five.
Lea looked at Urs. “Something wrong Urs, she’s stopped moving.”
Urs put his hand on her stomach as another contraction hit and a baby girl was born. But she was still and quiet. “Urs help her. What’s wrong?”
Sam began to cry as she held the other two babies in her arms.
Urs took the baby in his arms and cradled her to his chest. His eyes turned that deep, deep black and he mustered all the strength of his ancestors. It seemed to take forever but finally the little baby in his arms took a breath. She did not cry but seemed to sigh and snuggled into her farther even more. Urs gave her to Lea and again the baby sighed.
“She is a fighter that little one. I think she will be strong like her mother.”
Sam handed the two boys to Lea and all she could do was cry tears of joy as she looked down at her children. “Urs they are just perfect”
Urs smiled and kissed her on the forehead before taking the boys back off her while Sam took the little girl.
“We shall show them to their Aunts and Uncles while you get some rest.”
Urs touched Lea gently on the arm and she fell asleep, she never tried to block him.
Outside to room David, Carlos and Sebastien, three grown men cried at the sight of the three little bundles. Sheila was already crying when Sam handed her the little girl. “Oh she is so perfect Urs. But Seb said she was sick.”
Urs just smiled down at his daughter. “She is healthy Sheila, no need to worry.”
Sheila handed the little girl over to Sebastien who took her to his chest and began to sway from side to side. Sheila laughed; he was going to make a good father.
Just then Sebastien cringed and handed the baby back to Urs. Looking at Sheila who was rubbing her stomach. “I think maybe it is our time.”
“But Seb, you’re supposed to have the pre birth pains for two to three days. That is all this is.”
Sebastien shook his head and Urs leaned over to touch him. “I think your little ones have decided to miss a step.” He handed his daughter to David. “Can you take my children down stairs to visit with Aunty Ree. I think we might be looking at a few more arrivals a little earlier than we thought.”
David took Urs’ daughter and one of his sons while Carlos took the other as he and Sam helped Sebastien and Sheila into their room.
When the contraction transfer came Sheila screamed almost a loud as Lea had done. They heard it in the kitchen where Ree was now holding Urs’ daughter. “Well D if you think I am going through all that without a whole truck load of drugs to knock me out, there’s a nice bridge in Sydney I’d like to sell you.”
They all laughed until they heard Sheila scream again.

Sometime later Urs, Sam and a very proud father, Sebastien came into the kitchen. Urs had the little boy and Sebastien held his daughter. He could not contain his happiness. “They are just so precious are they not?” He took his son off Urs and cradled both babies in his arms as he went to sit on the sofa next to the window.
Everyone gathered around, David and Carlos gave Urs his sons back. Sam waited for him to sit next to Sebastien before she gave him his little daughter.
“So have you got names for this brood yet fellas?” Ree was really very happy that everything had gone so well.
Urs smiled. “We decided on Adam, Andrew and Alva.”
David smiled at the little girl’s name. “That’s a good name.”
Urs smiled back at his friend feeling the happiness drift over him as he heard her name.
David looked to Sebastien. “And you Sebastien, what have you named yours.”
Without taking his eyes off his children he told them. “Benjamin and Bella.”
The Il Divo clan minus Sheila and Lea sat and spent time in general baby conversation. When, a little while later Sam pointed to Sebastien and Urs who had fallen asleep with their children in their arms.
She pulled Carlos close. “That is such a beautiful thing.”

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