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 The Echo of a Song

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Echo of a Song Copyright E. Van Wye 2008

This was stupid! Stupid, stupid, stupid! An earache, just a simple ear infection. Apparently not so simple. She couldn't grasp her mind around what the doctor was saying. His face swam out of focus. Shafts of pain shot from her ears around to her face. Damn, but her head hurt! Bette could barely hear the doctor now over the hissing and crackling noises in her ear, no, both ears now. The last sound she heard was the doctor's voice.
"Severe staphlococcus middle ear infection...secondary meningitis."

Eight months later

Deafness sucked. That's all there was to it. It wasn't the silence, what drove Bette crazy was the noise. Deafness was noisy. Hissing, whining, and clicking sounds filled her every waking moment. The remains of her otic nerves were trying to synapse, the specialist had told her. The sound would fade over time. All sound.
Glancing toward the television, she watched the Il Divo video that was playing. At least she could remember their glorious voices, especially Sebastien. Her friends loved the classically trained voices of the other members of the group. Not her. It was all about Seb, that quaver in his voice. He felt life in his heart of hearts, you could hear it. Never to hear that again. Dark depression swallowed her, smothering her in a dark cloud, and she sobbed quietly.
The next day, Bette sat before her laptop. Moving past her sign language homework, she logged onto the Il Divo website. Instantly, a red rose filled the screen. Congratulations, Bette! You have been selected as the winner of the Il Divo Date! A large banner unfurled across the screen. You and a guest will be meeting the group after the concert. You will also be escorted to dinner with the guys. A phone number followed for verification.
A hot flush covered Bette's body, then she chilled. Bitter anger swept through her, and she clenched her fists. How ironic. Who said God didn't have a sense of humor? A nasty, ugly and mean sense of humor. She had entered the contest when she had bought her concert tickets, almost a year ago. Before she became deaf. She had never heard their new album, The Promise, released a week after she became ill.
The night of the concert arrived much too quickly for Bette. She had said nothing to the concert representatives about her deafness. One of the guys, would notice, surely. She was afraid someone would speak out of her eye range, and that awkward embarassment would come over everyone. No, she would speak up right away. But not too loudly, please God. Her volume adjustment wasn't that good yet, despite voice therapy. The lip reading was going better though. Bette made herself watch television without the captions to practice her skill.
As Bette and her friend Aurie sat in their seats before the concert began, an usher arrived carrying backstage passes.
"Aren't you the lucky ladies." He smiled. " The guys want to meet you both before the concert begins." He checked their ID's and handed the passes over.
Bette felt faint. She thought she'd have another two hours to get used to being in the same building, let alone the same room. As she flushed, she wiped her suddenly damp palms on her skirt. Following the usher to the back of the theater, they arrived at a door marked Il Divo. Knocking,the door was opened slowly from within to reveal Sebastien, laughing over his shoulder. Then he turned those killer eyes on Bette.
"Hello, how are you? I'm Bette." Boy, did that sound lame, she thought. "I won you in a contest. I mean...a dinner...not you personally."
"Hello! Congratulations!" Seb replied kindly. "Come in." The women stepped through the door and Aurie greeted Sebastien. Carlos, Urs and David were arranged around the room in chairs, but stood when Bette and Aurie entered. They greeted them, and Bette cleared her throat and began to speak slowly and carefully.
" I'm a great fan of yours, but six months ago I lost my hearing. I can feel the beats of your music, and the vibration of your voice, Carlos. Not much else, though" Urs' eyes welled with tears. Carlos stepped forward and took her hand, kissing it.
"Life without music, querida. I cannot imagine." He stated. David gave her a hug.
"Techno music would be great for you to feel. It has a fantastic beat." He said.
Sebastien came forward last of all. He simply took the hand that Carlos had kissed, (lucky hand!) and pressed it against his smooth, warm throat.
"Listen." He said, and began to sing.
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The Echo of a Song
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