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"We Came Here To Love".

"Timeless" New Il Divo CD released in August 2018.

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 ~*~Someone To Love~*~

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 51   Mon Dec 29, 2008 5:45 pm

Next was the plane ride. Sebastien was co pilot on this flight, and sat up front with Mathew while the girls enjoyed looking out the windows at the view. Carlos was happy just to be with his bride. They flew for an hour, and then it was time to go back to the house for the girl’s surprise. When they got back, the house was filled with food, people and presents.

Everyone in unison cried out “Surprise! Happy baby shower! while Dori looked at Sebastien in utter shock. Cyd looked at Carlos in amazement. They had pulled off the perfect surprise.

“What is going on here? Oh… my… gosh… this is just… amazing! ” Dori cried as she turned, flinging her arms around Sebastien’s neck in complete joy.

“Carlos and Seb, how on earth did you manage to do all this without Dori and I knowing about it?” Cyd asked wondrously, tears welling in her eyes.

“Sebby came to me with the idea just before our wedding. He said he thought it would be a lovely surprise if we had a baby shower for you two, and get everyone involved in helping. Everybody thought it was a great idea so we have been planning it ever since… ” Carlos said.

“I knew you were getting restless about not having the nursery all set up Dori, my love. I decided that you deserved another surprise and couldn’t think of anything better then surprising you with a complete nursery full of stuff. Amanda has been a real sport, organizing all the stuff and agreeing to host the party. She wants to get to know you better so she was thrilled to be asked to host the baby shower. She is also staying on for a few days with mammon so she can spend some time with you.” Seb stated to Dori, love evident in his eyes.

“It is going to be an all girls baby shower. The guys are going to leave for a few hours to give Dori and Cyd a chance to sort through the presents and give us a chance to talk.” Amanda said, coming to stand beside her brother and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“Ok, guys, that is our cue to leave now. Let’s go and let the girls get started,” Sebastien said.

The boys left. All of the women had a fantastic time, opening the presents which consisted of every single thing you could hope for including clothes, cradles, bassinets, monitors, car seats, prams, changing tables, diapers, bottles, pacifiers and more.




As they talked, Amanda got to know Dori very well in the time they were together that afternoon. Concluding her brother, Seb could not have made a better choice in a lady he would spend the rest of his life with.

Siobhan had taken pictures the whole time. Both of them were eager to see the photos and share them with Sebastien and Carlos. Suzie had made a list of the gift items for both Dori and Cyd, so they would know what gifts had come from whom in the days that followed. For Dori and Cyd, it turned out to be another fantastic day in the life of being in love with their divos. Their baby shower is over, but for Dori and Cyd, the memories will last forever.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 52   Mon Dec 29, 2008 5:48 pm

Written By JJ (BassyBearFan)
Sebastien and Dori’s wedding

Dori stretches and rubs her eyes, slowly coming to and resting her hand on her ever increasing baby bump. “Hello, my precious ones,” she smiles gently. “This is a very special day for your papa and me. This is the day we join together as one.” Dori slowly puts her feet to the floor. The doctor had not yet given her a clean bill of health. But she can walk steadily by herself now, if she took it slowly. She walked to the bathroom, concentrating on putting one foot forward at a time, enjoying the sense of independence it gave her.

Sebastien had wanted to stay with her, but Dori had insisted though that he go for the night. She wanted to obey the laws of a traditional white wedding; no groom is to see his bride 24 hours before the wedding. Dori had gotten her way.

As Dori slipped under the hot water, she thought of the day ahead, smiling with anticipation. With the wedding being at four and it only now been 9 30 in the morning, she would have time to get her 2 surprises in order before the wedding. Siobhan was her Matron of Honor, Cyd and Suzie her Bridesmaids. She wanted to let them in on the surprises.


“9:30am Carlos… my love and I will be joined in marriage soon. I can’t wait until 4,” Sebastien said, smiling and pacing, wanting 4 pm to arrive quickly.

“Yes, you will. I have no doubt that rest of your lives will be filled with only the most blessed of joys. For now though, my dear friend, we must go to the garden to make sure everything is going as planned.”

They walked out of the room and into the waiting car. As they were going along the road, Sebastien was thinking about Dori, the twins and their life ahead. “Carlos, I believe we are so lucky. Tonight, we will both be married men with beautiful wives and babies on the way. Life couldn’t get any better.”
“Seb, we also have wonderful careers with the loveliest of fans. We have the chance to spread lots of joy to people all over the world with our voices and music. Combined with our wives and kids on the way, that’s the life I have always wanted. You’re right, it couldn’t get any better.”

“Oh, yes, the fans… I am so scatterbrained today. I had forgotten the fans. Oh Carlos, I am so exited and nervous, and I am so in love!!!!!!!”

“You are my friend. We are all so happy for you and Dori. We are honored to share this wonderful day. When Dori was in the hospital, we were all so worried about Dori and about you. We couldn’t be any happier that life has worked out like this for you and Dori. We couldn’t have wished for better for the two of you ourselves.”

Sebastien smiled at Carlos and said, “Thank you my friend” as they pulled up to the gardens where the most important and happy day of his life would take place. Sebastien looked around with absolute wonder in his eyes. The simple garden had been transformed to a place of beauty, so beautiful it took his breath away. “Mon Dieu,” he exclaimed, amazement evident in his voice.

‘Do you like it?” David and Urs asked at the same time, coming up to him and wrapping him in a big bear hug.

“ME TOO!!!!!” Carlos shouted, throwing himself on top of them.

As they all fell to the ground laughing, people were coming and going, doing things here and there, making it more then just a garden, but an island paradise… a paradise of love.

Sebastien, with tears in his eyes, hugged all them whispering a heartfelt thank you to each one.

“You would have done just as much for us. We have enjoyed doing this. So no tears or we’ll all be a blubbering mess… that is the girl’s job,” David said with a smile, clapping Seb on the back.


“We are all a tear-stained mess, if we keep this up. We’ll look like 4 Morticia Adams’ walking up the aisle,” smiled Cyd, through her tears.

“I blame it on the pregnancy, hormones out of control,” Dori smiled back, just as tearful.

“Your surprises are wonderful, Dori, Seb will be delighted,” said Siobhan.

“So you liked the poem then and do you think Seb will like it?”

“Seb will love it, they are words written straight from your heart. It couldn’t be more beautifully written than if it had been done by God himself,” said Suzie lovingly, to her cousin.

“And the song is the perfect choice. It offsets beautifully not only the love you share, but the journey you are starting together today,” Cyd smiled, still teary-eyed.

“I love all of you so much. I am glad all of you here today to celebrate the happiest day of my life.” smiled Dori, offsetting a fresh batch of tears.

Siobhan hugged Dori warmly before she gently dabbed away her tears. “We are glad to share it with you. However, if we want to get to the wedding on time, we must stop all this crying and start the hair and makeup process.” Siobhan, taking charge, motioned to the hairdressers and make up artists to begin.

Dori had told Sebastien that she had always wanted to be married in a garden, chairs and settings in white, with a bouquet of white roses and a red carpet leading up to the pergola. He had arranged it all.
Dori spoke to the lady who was styling their hair, telling her what she wanted done. A French braid hanging down her back with white roses in clips in a tiara on top for her; for the girls, a matching hairstyle of a braid, like hers, but with purple roses, to match the color of their dresses of periwinkle.


“I am getting married in two hours…. 2 hours, Carlos…. 2 hours…oh my God…. 2 hours.” Sebastien said nervously pacing.

“Seb, my friend, calm down. You must breathe…come now and breathe with me.”

Sebastien nodded and stood quietly with Carlos beside him. Both of them breathing deeply and slowly until Seb had calmed down.

“OK, I am calm now Carlos. Everything is ready. I just have to get to the church.” The guys all laughed.

“Seb, as much as Dori loves you, I really don’t think she would be impressed with you if all you wore to the church to marry her was your boxers,” Urs stated calmly, while David and Carlos were rolling on the floor laughing.

“MON DEIU, I AM NOT DRESSED!” Sebastien howled, racing around the room in a panic.

David and Carlos had their laughter under control enough to sit Seb down on the bed to calm him again while Urs bought his tux from the bathroom. The tux itself was black, in the older style with dress tails, while the vest and tie were purple, perfectly matching not only the girls dresses, but also the flowers in the girls hair.

“Ok, get to it, Seb.” Urs said, trying not to laugh.

The guys were dressed and ready in half an hour.


Dori was very impressed with the work the hairdressers had done. They had done hers and the girls’ hair exactly the way she wanted it. Now Dori was having her make up done. The girls all looked stunning; in strapless floor length dresses the color of periwinkle; make up light, and smiles shining bright as the sun. Once Dori’s make up was done, the girls helped her into her dress; a magnificent floor length white gown, with arm length white gloves to match.



After the dress was on, Dori walked to the mirror and gasped. “Is that really me?” she asked, stunned that such a beautiful woman could be staring back at her, not the girl she saw in the mirror everyday.

“Yes, Dori, it is you. You are beautiful… and not just because you are dressed up, but because you are our friend. That makes you beautiful to us, wedding dress or not,” Cyd said, tears in her eyes once again.

“Now Cyd, stop that… you will start us all crying and smudge our eyes,” Suzie sniffed, blinking back tears.

“Oh girls, I love you all,” Dori cried, bursting into tears.

“Tears, tears, tears… now stop this crying all of you,” Siobhan ordered, wiping a tear from her own eye.
Once the girls had themselves under control, it was time to go.

As Dori walked out the door she looked up and stopped suddenly, too stunned to move. Outside of the front door waiting, was a single beautiful white horse, attached to a beautiful Cinderella style carriage with a driver, who had the door opened waiting.

“WOW, OH MY GOD, IS THIS………,” Dori turned around to the girls with tears shimmering in her eyes, the biggest smile covering her face, making her appear even more beautiful.

“Surprise, my love...”

Dori spun around, but only the girls were there. Siobhan had a tape recorder in her hand, which she handed to Dori.

“Dori, my angel, I can’t be with you in body, and if you are listening to this now it means that you have seen my surprise. You whispered to me once that all your life you wanted a horse of white to lead you on the day you wed your forever love, so here is your horse of white, my love, let him now lead you to me, so we can join as one.”

All four were sobbing with joy by the time the message was finished.

“I can’t believe it, my dream wedding… it really is my dream wedding,” Dori cried, hugging all the girls and spinning around in utter joy.

“Ok, let us be off, girls. We can’t be late,” Siobhan said, as Cyd and Suzie were climbing into the carriage.

“It is a bridal tradition, Siobhan. Brides are meant to be late on their wedding day,” Said Suzie, looking fondly at the cousin she adored.

“Oh no, I don’t want to be late. I want to see my Hubby to be. I can’t believe he actually heard me whisper that. I love him so much,” Dori said, thinking the day couldn’t get any better. But it was only just the beginning.


All the people that had been invited to the wedding were now seated. Seb’s mammon, sister Amanda and her husband Mathew were seated in the front row. They were looking at Seb, standing tall in his tuxedo. Each one thinking about how far he had come since they had seen him last.

Seb walked over to them, kissing his mother and sister on the cheek followed by a hand shake to Matthew.

“I love what you have done with the gardens, Seb. You have made a grand choice for a wedding setting,” Amanda said, looking lovingly at her brother and holding her husband’s hand.

“Thank you, Mandi. This is what Dori said she always wanted - a beautiful garden on a private island in Tahiti; white pergola with a little bridge and a red carpet with white chairs and lovely big trees. I only hope I have done it justice to her imagination.”
“My son, I think what you have done here today will surpass anything she could’ve imagined. It one of the nicest weddings I have been to and it hasn’t even started yet!!!” His mammon stated, amazed that her son could pull the perfect wedding off in time.

“Oh mammon, thank you; I am so proud that I get to look over and see all 3 of you here supporting Dori and I today. I love you all very much and I hope you know that to always be true.”

“We love you too. But for now, you must go and stand where the minister is. Dori will be here any moment and you must take your place.”

“You are right, mammon. I must go and await my darling bride.”

Sebastien walks back over to where the guys are standing. The carriage pulls up. Everyone turns to gasp at not only the beautiful horse and carriage, but of the bride, who is an angel, a vision of white. Sebastien is watching in breathtaking wonder awe and love.

The music starts, the air fills with the sounds of the Carpenters,
“We’ve Only Just Begun.”
We’ve only just begun to live,
White lace and promises,
A kiss for luck and we’re on our way,
And yes, we’ve just begun.

Before the rising sun we fly,
So many roads to choose,
We start out walking and learn to run,
And yes we’ve just begun.

Sharing horizons that are new to us,
Watching the signs along the way,
Talking it over just the two of us,[/url]
Working together day to day, together.

And when the evening comes we smile,
So much of life ahead,
We’ll find a place where there’s room to grow,
And yes, we’ve just begun.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 53   Mon Dec 29, 2008 5:48 pm

Cyd and Suzie start up the aisle one by one toward Sebastien. Siobhan, as Matron of Honor, follows with Dori and Walter arriving last. Dori was watching only Seb, seeing his eyes water and feeling hers well up in response. As Dori passes Seb’s mother, she stops and squeezes her hand, and kisses her on the cheek.

“Welcome to the family my dear. Make my son happy,” she whispers to Dori, smiling and waving Dori on.

Dori arrives at Seb’s side. She is smiling up at him with love so intense in her eyes he feels it right down to his toes. The minister asks them to hold hands. They do, as the ceremony begins.

“Ladies and gentleman, Sebastien is going to be singing his vows to Dori today, with the help of David Carlos and Urs.” There is a piano waiting in the pergola and the guys stand behind the piano as Seb seats himself in front of it.

“Dori, you are the love of my life, I want to sing you this song in honor of our love, and all the years we will spend together as man and wife.

If every word I said, could make you laugh,
I’d talk forever (together my love)
I’d ask the sky just what we had,
It showed forever (together my love)
If the song I sang to you could fill your heart with joy,
I’d sing forever (together my love)

Forever forever
I’ve been so happy loving you

(Together my love)
Let the love I have for you live in your heart
And be forever (together my love)

Forever forever
I’ve been so happy loving you
(Together my love)
Let the love I have for you live in your heart
And be forever (together my love)

Forever forever
I’ve been so happy loving you

There isn’t a dry eye in the garden. Seb is playing the piano, David, Carlos and Urs in delicate harmony with Sebastien singing the lead. Dori is standing by the piano, looking into Sebastien’s eyes and loving him more with each passing minute. Sebastien takes Dori’s hand in his as she sits on the seat beside him, looking into her eyes as he sings:

If every word could make you laugh
I’d talk forever.

Na na na na na na, na na na na na

Forever forever
I’ll be so happy loving you.

Dori hugged Seb tightly, tears streaming down her face. The guests were standing, crying and clapping. Sebastien’s mother is looking proudly at her son. Sebastien and Dori both stand from the piano, all taking their rightful place again by the minister.

“Dori too has a surprise for Sebastien. She is going to be presenting her vows as a poem.”
Seb looked at Dori, his eyes filled with love. Dori looks at Seb, returning love with her own eyes as she starts her poem.

“Patient, honest, soft hearted and kind
Were all qualities that I hoped to find
In the man that choose me to be
His for all eternity.

I found all that and more in the man I love,
His eyes shining brighter than all the stars above,
All the times I was down and out,
The one thing I would think about,
Was the day I thought from me would always hide,
The day I would walk down the aisle a bride.

Seb, my love, in you I can see,
The man I will love for eternity,
I will cherish and honor your love for me with pride,
And walk with you happily forever by my side.

In sickness, health good times and bad, my love will never die,
In years to come, any tears I shed, I know you will be there to dry,
I make my vow to be faithful to you; you will always own my heart,
My lovely Seb, let us be happy together now, till death do we part.”

The guests clapped and cheered. Seb smiled at Dori, a look of surprised joy on his face.
Dori had hoped that Seb would like it, she needn’t have worried.
The minister waited for the clapping to die down and everyone was again silent before going ahead the wedding.

“May the best man present the rings, please?”

Carlos handed the rings to Sebastien.

Dori put her hand in Sebastien’s. As he slipped the ring on her finger, he whispered the words, “ I love you. “

Dori repeated the words back to him as she slipped his ring on his finger.

The minister spoke again. “You are now Husband and wife; you may kiss your bride.”

Applause again rang out from the guests as Sebastien took Dori in his arms and kissed her. The wedding is now complete.


The reception where everyone was now gathered was being held at a lovelyrestaurant. The view, overlooking the water at the end of a pier, with a lovely deck, right at dusk was just spectacular.
Dori turned to Seb and smiled.

“Sebastien, my love, you are wonderful. Not only did you somehow manage to surprise me with the horse and carriage, make our day perfect by singing forever and making the garden perfect, but you have also managed to find a restaurant that has the most adorable view… and right at dusk. You are just amazing and I love you so much.”

“I love you too, my dear. Speaking of amazing, we have an announcement to make.” Sebastien winked at Dori and Dori smiled back. Seb stood up and cleared his throat and tapped his glass to gain everyone’s attention. “Dori and I have an announcement to make, As you all know, the guys and girls sitting here at this table with us, helped us with the arrangements of the wedding. It would not have turned out half as perfect as it was. Dori’s dream garden wedding would not have come together if it was not for the dedication these guys put in. I would like to present David Carlos and Urs with a present to show our appreciation for all the work they put in to make this day perfect for us.” Sebastien and Dori had both discussed it before the wedding and they decided that although they would pick out the gifts together, Sebastien would present to the guys and Dori would present to the girls. “Thank you guys from both of us to each of you… for helping us have the perfect day and for helping me to be the best singer I can be.”

Seb walked around the table and picked up the bag he had asked to be left there. From this bag Seb pulled out three wrapped gifts and handed one to each of the guys. They removed the wrapping to see inside. Each of them received a beautiful silver flask with the words: “For our best man” written on the front in black casing.

“The pleasure was ours Seb and Dori. We all appreciate the gifts very much and we thank you too for been our friend and band mate,” Urs said, with David and Carlos nodding in agreement.

Dori stood up to speak. “The next gifts to be given are for the girls… to my beautiful bridesmaids, Cyd and my adorable cousin Suzie, and my lovely maid of honor Siobhan. I have grown so close to all of you wonderful ladies in such a short time. You have helped me in my recovery by been there for me, helping me to walk again, letting me cry on your shoulders when I was feeling down, and been my friend. These gifts today, Seb and I give to you in love and appreciation of all you have done.”

Now it is Dori’s turn to open the bag, she pulls the girls gifts out and hands them their gifts. Cyd gasps in wonder, Suzie drops her jaw in shock, and Siobhan almost faints. Inside each box lay an absolutely stunning diamond and pearl necklace and earring set. Siobhan, Cyd and Suzie all give their thanks to Seb and Dori with a hug and kiss.

David stood to make a toast. “Ladies and gentleman, please allow me to make a toast to this lovely couple. Will you raise your glasses with me? Seb and Dori, you have made it through so much in the short time you have loved each other. I would just like to say how glad we are that you have allowed us to share in your wonderful day. May you now only experience the joy of life together, and spend the rest of your lives making each happy, CHEERS!!!”

The guests all raised their glasses and cheered with David.

Sebastien and Dori had decided that they wanted to save the bridal waltz as the last dance they did, but each had a surprise for the other. Dori was going to surprise Sebastien by singing the song “All of my Life” and Sebastien was going to sing “The Man You Love” for her with Il Divo. Dori thought now was the right time. She stood up.

“Please, everybody, may I have your attention for a moment? Sebastien has surprised me with numerous gifts and surprises today. I have loved every one of them and I love him for doing it, now I have I surprise for him. The wedding songs that we chose for the wedding, our bridal waltz song and also the song I walked up the aisle to, were songs I asked Sebastien if we could use because they were my parents favorite songs. I wanted to honor them by playing their music. Now I would like to sing another of my parents’ favorite songs. This was their dancing song every Friday I can remember from a young age. My parents would make a night especially for dancing. I remember I used to watch my parents dance to this song, they were so in love. I remembered thinking that when I grew up, I would have my parents at my wedding and I would get to see them dance again. Sadly they aren’t here, but I know they are watching down from where they are today, so mom and daddy…. Please… have this one last dance on me.”

Dori went to the dance floor, taking with her the microphone. She had asked the girls to find and sneak in for her when she had told them about her surprises. Sebastien was looking on in amazement; he had no idea that she was going to sing at all. “Ladies and gents, this song is called, All of my Life.”
All of my life I have been waiting,
For just one boy,
And all of my life I have been waiting,
For all the joy
Of having someone that I can call my own
Who’ll come to my side when I am all alone
And now you are here and I have found
A whole new world has opened for me
A world filled with love
A world filled with all your love eternally

For you say you’re mine
You’ll love me all the time
Night and day
Come what may
And all of my life you will be my own

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 54   Mon Dec 29, 2008 5:51 pm

Sebastien was still looking on in amazement, how beautiful not only the song was, he was thinking, but also just how beautiful his Dori was, and how much he loved her.

I just want someone that I can call my own
To have by my side when I am all alone

And now you are here and I have found
A whole new world has opened for me
A world filled with love
A world filled with all your love eternally

For you say your mine
You’ll love me all the time
Night and day
Come what may
And all of my life you will be my own.

The clapping seemed endless to Dori, who couldn’t have been happier with the praise. She looked over at Seb, the look on his face touched her to the deepest place in her heart, and she knew she didn’t have to ask him if he liked it.

“I loved it, you were just wonderful, my love. Why did you keep your talent a secret all this time? You have a beautiful voice,” Sebastien said, tears in his eyes.

“I only sing on Special occasions. I love singing, but never wanted to do it as a career; just a hobby. But I will sing with you anytime,” Dori answered cheekily, giving him her most teasing smile.

“Now now, you two… there is time for that later. Now we eat,” David smiled, looking fondly at the newlyweds.

“Ah yes, good idea, mon amie,” Sebastien said, patting David’s shoulder. Sebastien again stood. “Everyone, we are now going to eat. The food that has been prepared for us tonight has been brought in especially from France. We have some fruit and cheese platters, some loaves of crusty baguettes, and butter, and entrees, so let’s eat.”



Lots of chatter descended over the restaurant as everyone talked over dinner. It was 9:00pm by the time everyone had finished eating. After the waiters had cleared the tables of plates and poured more wine, the whole group of IL DIVO walked to the dance floor. Dori looked on in puzzlement.

“As Dori told you before, I have surprised her with a lot of things today… the garden, horse and carriage, and the song “Forever”. We will have our bridal waltz later on, but we don’t think the night would be complete without singing one of our own songs. We have chosen ‘The Man You Love.’ Dori, my love, will you come and stand beside me?” Dori stood, and walked to where Sebastien and the guys were standing. “I hope to always make you happy, Dori my precious angel, and our beautiful daughters who will be with us soon. I dedicate this song to my 3 beautiful girls.”

If you look at me, you will find the love in my eyes,
You are the (missing) half that completed my life
All that I am, I will give to you, without fear of making any mistakes
I believe in you, and I will leave my hope (dreams) in your hands.

I want to stay inside your heart
And get you to love me the way I love you

I only want to be the man
To give you everything I can
Everyday and every night
Love you for all my life
I don’t want to change the world
As long as you’re my girl
It’s more than enough
Just to be the man you love
I want to be the shelter where you can rest
Your fears, and to calm your anxieties
(Taking you) in my arms

I want to hear all your secrets
I want to love you this way

I only want to be the man
To give you everything I can
Everyday and every night
Love you for all my life
I don’t want to change the world
As long as you’re my girl
It’s more than enough
Just to be the man you love

I only want to be the man
To give you everything I can
Everyday and every night
Love you for all my life
I don’t want to change the world
As long as you’re my girl
It’s more than enough
Just to be the man you love

Just to be the man you love
Ohhh ohhh
Just to be the man you love.

Sebastien had been looking into Dori’s eyes as he had been singing. The only thing he could see in those eyes shining with tears was love… Love for his voice, his smile, and for him.

“Thank you,” she whispered, happiness and love lacing that one word. Dori hugged all the guys, and they all took their seats again for the best man speech.

Carlos and Urs had yet to make their speeches, as David had done his earlier in the evening. Carlos stood and spoke first. “Seb and Dori have been through a lot in the short time they have been in love, as David said before, and made it through Dori’s accident, the coma, Seb finding out Dori was pregnant while in the coma and then Dori’s recovery. Through it all, in the bad times to the good ones, they always talked and sorted through things to make it to this wonderful day. We are so glad Seb has found the love of his life, in Dori. Please raise your glasses to help me say cheers to this lovely couple, to Seb and Dori.” Cheers of to Seb and Dori rang out from the tables.

Urs stood next to make his speech. “Seb has been a great friend to me, Carlos and David. From the first day we met, we have shared good and bad times together, seen a lot of countries, and met a lot of great people. It was only when Seb met Dori that I saw him light up with the happiness that only comes with meeting your soul mate. After meeting Dori, the smile of happiness and love was always on his face, and it still is today. Congratulations guys, you are both the loveliest of people. I am glad you found happiness in each other. This toast is to you, to the newlyweds.”

Once everyone was seated and chatting at their tables once again, Walter came over to Sebastien and Dori with a wrapped gift in his hands. “Dori, your parents wanted so much to give this to you on your wedding day. They asked me, if for any reason they might not be here to celebrate your wedding day, would I hold it in Safe keeping until you married. Now your parents aren’t here to give it to you, but I know that where ever they are. They are with you both. I would consider it an absolute joy if you would accept this gift from me in your parents honor.”

Dori accepted the gift from Walter with trembling fingers, almost dropping it. Sebastien took the gift from her and lowered it carefully to the table. Once Dori had wiped the tears from her eyes, she carefully unwrapped the paper to reveal the most exquisite Faberge egg. It was a carriage with a bride and groom in a dancing pose, looking into each others eyes, and the carriage door open.

“Oh my god,” Dori cried, shock holding her captive in the chair
“I can’t believe it. It is just breath taking,” Seb said, taking hold of Dori’s hand and looking in disbelief.

“Is it really ours to keep? Walter, my parents really kept this for me? For us?”

“Yes, Dori, it is now yours. Your parents would be so proud of you, just as I am.”

Dori stood and gave Walter a hug. “Thank you, my dear friend, for all you have done. I couldn’t be any happier then I am at this moment and part of that happiness is thanks to you.” Dori sat again, looking at the Faberge egg in wonder.

“I have always heard about them, and Anastasia and her father, but I never thought I would see the day I would ever see one, let alone have one of my own. Oh Sebastien, we are so lucky/ I have you, and my friends, and Walter, and a the girls on the way, I am so happy.”

“I am happy too, now my dear. Our reception is almost over, but first, I would like to make a toast to you with our new champagne flutes.” Sebastien and Dori had decided on choosing a wedding present together, and had both loved the flutes on sight.

They had a lovely pattern that both had loved and had been lying on a purple cloth that matched not only the girl’s periwinkle dresses, but also Seb’s purple vest and tie. Seb again stood up and tapped his glass for attention. “I would now like to make a toast to my beautiful bride. The guys have told you that Dori and I have been through lots of misery to get this our day of happiness, it is true. Urs told you that I smile a lot now because I have Dori now. That is also true. As soon as I saw Dori, I knew she was someone special. She didn’t know me, or IL DIVO. She didn’t know the music we played, she hadn’t heard of us, and that was a wonderful thing for me because I knew when she fell in love with me, that it wasn’t for my fame or money, but for me. I love you Dori, I was never happier in my life than today when you become my wife. Please everyone join me in my toast to Dori, cheers, my love, cheers.” Everyone cheered. “The reception is now nearing an end for Dori and I. We both do hope that after we leave, you will stay on and enjoy yourselves. Now the time has come for us to take to the dance floor and dance our bridal waltz.”

Sebastien took Dori’s hand and they walked to the dance floor. The beautiful sounds of Anne Murray’s “Could I Have This Dance” played as Sebastien held Dori closely in his arms and smiled the smile of a man happily married.
I’ll always remember the song they were playing
The first time we danced and I knew
As we swayed to the music and held to each other
I fell in love with you
Could I have this dance
For the rest of my life
Would you be my partner every night
When we’re together it feels so right
Could I have this dance
For the rest of my life

I’ll always, remember that magic moment
When I held you close to me
As we moved together, I knew forever
You’re all I’ll ever need

Could I have this dance
For the rest of my life
Would you be my partner every night
When we’re together it feels so right
Could I have this dance
For the rest of my life

Could I have this dance
For the rest of my life
Would you be my partner every night
When we’re together it feels so right
Could I have this dance
For the rest of my life

As the song ended, Sebastien and Dori smiled at each other and knew it was time to be alone. As Dori and Sebastien left the restaurant that night, they made time to look up to the sky and thank Dori’s parents for looking down on her, and for giving blessing to their marriage. Then they went back to their room to start their married life together. For them, the reception was officially over.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 55   Mon Dec 29, 2008 5:54 pm

Written By: JJ (Bassybearfan)

The driver pulled the carriage to a stop in front of the resort Seb and Dori were staying at, and opened the carriage door. Sebastien climbed out first, helping Dori as she climbed out after him. As they walked to the room they would be occupying during their stay, they talked about how perfect the day had been.

“Oh Seb, the day was going well anyway, the hairdressers had done a wonderful job on our hair, and it was the perfect weather. I knew it would be perfect in the gardens. When the girls and I walked out to the front of the resort and I saw the horse and carriage, I could not believe my eyes. I almost had heart failure when I heard your voice… I thought I was imagining things!!!!!!”

“So you liked that surprise, my love?”

“Oh Seb, yes, I loved it. Siobhan had the tape recorder in her hands when I spun around. By the time we had finished listening to the tape, we were all crying. I knew right then that you were absolutely the one I would be with forever. And then when you sang ‘Forever,’ I couldn’t have loved you anymore at that moment or my heart would have burst!!!!!”

They had reached their room. Seb picked Dori up with a cheeky smile, opened the door and walked inside. “Do you think you could love me more now, my love?”

“Oh, I think my heart has expanded enough for a little more loving tonight,” Dori answered, grinning at Seb and giving him a kiss.

“Thank you for that, my love. Now do you want to unwrap the gifts tonight or……….?” Dori took Seb’s hand and lead them to the place they both wanted to be. As Seb and Dori sat on their bed, Dori noticed wrapped packages on the bed and the other gifts on the floor. Between the packages was an envelope with the words: ‘To the Newlyweds’ written on it.

“What is this?” Dori asked, picking up the envelope and opening it.

Inside was a card. On it was written:

To Seb and Dori,
We are pleased to surprise you with these gifts for you today. Seb, you have done so much for us since we have become friends through the musical magic of IL DIVO. Your guidance has always come from the heart as well as mind when we needed a true friend instead of a colleague. When Dori was in the hospital, you never left her side. You showed us a glimpse of your undying love to her by being there day and night; no matter how much it took its toll on you. That is something we admire in you.
Dori, you have been through so much: the hospital, coma, twins, and recovery. You were very rarely down; always so determined that you would walk down the aisle. Never once did we see you give up. You remained positive throughout it all and we couldn’t respect you more for that. We are inspired by you. Together, you shine love for each other without saying a word. We feel comforted by the fact you will always have each other and will always be happy.
Please accept these gifts that we give you. They are chosen using the love and friendship of two people who we feel deserve only the most blessed of joys in life and happiness with each other.

Carlos and Cyd, Urs and Siobhan, David and Suzie.

Seb looked at Dori; Dori looked at Seb; both smiling with tears in their eyes as each carefully unwrapped their gift. They had received his and hers set of Rolex watches, each encrusted with tiny diamonds.

“Oh, they are lovely,” Dori cried, flinging her arms around Sebastien’s neck.

“I agree,” Seb said, returning Dori’s hug and setting the watches on the bedside table.

“Well my love, this has just been the most perfect day, from waking up this morning to now. The most perfect wedding to the most perfect man. I can’t believe that after all these years of running and owning an alpaca farm that I would ever meet and marry anyone as wonderful as you.”

“I can’t believe I would meet anyone as wonderful as you either, my love. But now, my dear, I do believe it is time for bed.”

“Yes, Seb, I do feel quite tired,” Dori smiled, winking at her husband and leaning over to give him a kiss. After Seb had helped Dori remove her dress and carried her to the bed, he then removed his own clothes and joins her. The lights went out; the newlyweds did not sleep much that night.

The next morning, Seb woke before Dori. He looked at the bedroom clock at saw that it was only 6:30. He snuggled close to Dori, curling his fingers around a strand of her hair that had fallen over her face during the night. He combed her hair with his fingers, loving the silky feel. Gently, he lifted the blanket off of Dori, putting his head near her stomach. Touching her belly lightly first with his fingertips, he kissed it twice, whispering a ‘bonjour’ to each of his two daughters nestled inside.

Dori awoke, blinking and stretching, feeling that Seb was not beside her. She listened, hearing the distant sound of the shower running, and smiled. Taking her time, she climbed out of bed, put on her robe and slippers, and walked to the bathroom. Pausing a moment, she let her hand lightly touch the cool, smooth surface, listening to the water running on the other side. The sound reminded her of the waterfalls where he had proposed to her that bright sunny afternoon. Smiling at the memory, she opened the door as the wisps of steam enveloped her in a warm hug as she walked into the room.

“Good morning, my darling Seb,” Dori said, toothbrush in her hand.

Seb stuck his head out from behind the shower curtain, smiled at Dori; said good morning, pulled his head back in then started humming. Dori brushed her teeth, and walked out of the bathroom. Once she was dressed, she decided to surprise Seb by ordering room service. She gave the order for Bacon and eggs, sausage and toast with coffee and juice. Seb walked out of the bathroom, he had dressed and shaved.

“I have ordered room service, my love, so we don’t have to leave yet.” Dori said, smiling as he kissed her cheek.

“Thank you, Dori my love. It will be lovely to see the dolphins today, won’t it?”

They had decided that they would spend one week in Tahiti for their honeymoon and had something planned for each day. Today, it was a one hour dolphin encounter at the Moorea Dolphin Centre. Ten minutes later there was a knock on the door. Seb answered the door, showing the waiter in and getting the food prepared while Dori was on the phone to the guys, who were all gathered in Siobhan and Urs room.

“Thank you for the watches, Guys. It was the finishing touch to a great night.” Dori said, watching Seb bring the plates to the bed.

“Hmmmmmm, I have a feeling your night went a little longer than that,” Carlos stated, wiggling his eyebrows at the guys and receiving a round of laughter.

“Carlos, I am not discussing that with you. You have a wicked mind, and our food is here. So I will pass you on to Sebastien, so he can get all the details.”

“Hello guys. I am hungry, so let’s get these details down so I can eat.”

“Ok, we have to be at the dock by 12:30 pm to meet the sea plane. We will be in the air for 2 hours, getting to the center at 2:30, to attend the dolphin show which starts at 3.”

“Great, got it. We will see you at 12 30 then.”

“Ok, see you then, ciao.”

“Bye Carlos.”

Seb and Dori enjoyed a lengthy breakfast sitting on their bed talking about the day ahead.

“I am really looking forward to spending the day with everyone. I know they are going tomorrow, so I am glad we get to spend one day with them.”

“Yes, I feel the same. But I will be glad to have you all to myself as well, before the girls are born… speaking of which, when we get back to London, I have a surprise for you.”
“Oh Seb, there have been so many surprises already, I am happy just being your wife now and having our girls. If another surprise never appeared in my life, it would not bother me.”

“Ah, Môn Cherie, I am hearing your words, but they don’t stay in my mind. You are married to me now. The rest of your life is going to be one big package of surprises, all from yours truly.”

“Oh, Seb, I do love you,” Dori said, kissing him.

“Would you please say that again? I didn’t quite hear you. Did you say you adore me, cherish me, am totally in love with me, couldn’t live with out me, did you say all those things?” Seb asked, putting his arms around his wife and kissing her with a passion that almost curled her toes.

Breaking free, to take her mind off the fact that they had to go out soon, and they couldn’t stay and do all the things Dori would like to; she threw a piece of toast “If you kept kissing me like that, I will have to call and cancel for the two... four of us at least. “

“Seeing as we have to go out soon and we won’t be alone until tonight, let me have just one more kiss, please?” Seb dropped to his knees and looked up at Dori, batting his eyelashes and clasping his hands together.

Dori burst out laughing, shaking her head and climbing off the bed. “I am going to brush my hair. Then we are going to take a walk to get an Ice cream, because I have a craving for one. Then we can go and wait at the dock.”

Seb got up off the floor laughing, picked Dori up and put her on the bed. “My love, it is only 11am. We don’t have to leave for another hour; we have to be at the dock at 12:30. That is still one and a half hours away.” Seb answered, leaning down and giving Dori another kiss. The hour passed very quickly.

At 12pm Dori and Seb were walking along Pink Sands Beach, eating their Ice creams and enjoying the view around them - the boats in the water, the people swimming and sunning themselves on towels, and looking at the resorts and restaurants as they walked by.

“It is so peaceful here Seb. This is like no place I have ever seen. I feel so relaxed here and it is like a little paradise. The sand is just beautiful. Who would ever think they would ever walk on pink sand? Seb, oh, I would love to stay here and live, but I know that isn’t possible. But we can come back here for holidays, can’t we?” Dori asked, seeing beauty in everything around.

“Of course we can, my love. I have been to a lot of places in the world, but I must admit, I don’t think I have ever seen a place quite like Tahiti either. It has a charm and coziness about it that appeals to me. I think we picked the perfect spot in Tahiti to have both a wedding and honeymoon. This is definitely a lovely spot for future holidays, for us and the twins. I could, if you would like me too, see about getting us a holiday house here.”

“OH SEB!!!!!! Would you? Would you really? Oh, I can’t think of anything I would like more besides you… and our girls… and of course, our friends. You have done so much for me, my love, in such a short amount of time. I love you so much for allowing me the honor of sharing the rest of my life with you. There isn’t any greater joy for me then knowing it will always be you by my side for the rest of my life. I love you.”
Seb stopped Dori by putting his hand on her arm. Then he wrapped his arms around her and gave her a hug. “There are a lot of things that are important to me, Dori: my music, IL DIVO, touring, CD’S and fans. But nothing… nothing can ever come close to being more important to me then you and our girls… nothing. I do such much for you because I love you. It is me who is honored… I am honored because everyday, for the rest of my life, I have the pleasure of knowing you are my wife. I want you to always know that.” Dori was crying by this stage. She knew that everything he said to her was true. She would never doubt how much Sebastien loved her. Seb wiped her tears away and kissed her. She smiled and reached for his hand.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 56   Mon Dec 29, 2008 5:54 pm

They arrived at the dock at 12:20pm. The others were already waiting. “Dori, is something the matter? Why have you been crying?” Suzie asked, looking at Dori with concern.

“No, nothing is wrong,…actually everything is right. Seb and I were talking on the way here and I commented to him how much I love Tahiti already and if we could come here on future holidays. He said not only can we do that, but he will look into buying a beach house for us. I was crying with happiness,” Dori answered, while all the girls commented on how romantic Seb was.

“Hey, we are here too, girls. Don’t you think we are romantic too?” Carlos said, wiggling his eyebrows at them and smiling.

“Yes, darling… you are very romantic.” Cyd replied, smiling at Carlos as she lovingly touched his cheek.

“And I think you are very romantic. I have my Harley, horses and new getaway to prove it,” Siobhan said to Urs, putting her arms around him.

“David is very romantic and I love him. I’m not saying why just yet.” Suzie said, smiling at a blushing David.

Seb hugged Dori just as the sea plane landed at the dock. The pilot opened the door for them, and Seb helped Dori into her seat; followed by Carlos and Cyd, Siobhan and Urs, then David and Suzie. As Seb hadn’t flown for awhile, he decided to be co pilot on this flight so sat beside the pilot. The take off was an easy one. No one talked on this flight, but looked out the window in wonder at the beauty that was Tahiti. The flight went by pretty fast, and 2:30 was soon upon them. Dori was very excited. She was looking forward to meeting the dolphins after Cyd had told them about her and Carlos’ encounter in Cancun. They all stepped out of the plane, Dori waiting for Sebastien to come and help her.

Once they were all on the dock, they saw the guide that was waiting to lead them inside. As they walked into the resort, they saw a café and a merchandise store, photos on the walls of people who had previously had their photos taken with the dolphins and the room that housed the freezers that kept the dolphins fish cold. The guide led them to the place where they were to check in. They signed in one of the visitors books before been lead towards the showers. Each person was to shower and change into swimwear before being lead to the dolphins. Dori and the girls walked into the showers together, talking a mile a minute.

“Oh my gosh… I can’t believe I am actually going to be swimming and playing with dolphins. Oh this was such a good idea of Seb’s. I just wish I could think of something to plan for him that he wouldn’t know about over here. He has done so much for me… planning this trip on our honeymoon with our best friends here with us. Well, I know some men would hate that idea, but he actually suggested it. Oh, I love my husband.”

“Yes, he is a very special man, your Seb. You are a lucky lady and we all know that you deserve him, honey. We couldn’t be happier…. seeing you at the hospital, pale, groggy and sick to the healthy glowing young pregnant woman you are today. Well, you have just blown us all away and we love you.” Suzie said, giving Dori a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Siobhan and Cyd also hugged Dori, and then they all went to a shower. The Centre had a ladies and men’s shower room, 10 showers to a room. It was 2:55pm when everyone met outside.

“Ok, ladies and gentleman. If everyone has had a shower and has changed into their swim clothes, we will now enter the Dolphin arena. Now, as you know, this program runs for only one hour. You will be taken into the lagoon for an interactive Dolphin experience. This program you have chosen today combines elements of hands on contact, fun and adventure. There is a program guide you can choose to buy when you leave that has education about these wonderful creatures. You are going to meet two of our dolphins today. Their names are Mica and Panche. You will see and experience for yourself their grace and ability. This program is designed to delight all of your senses while you make friends with our two lovely dolphins. At the end of this hour, you can if you wish, have a photo taken with Mica and Panche. You will also receive a flower lei complements of our human and animal staff. Now, if you are all ready, we will now start the encounter. Please follow me.”

Their guide for this hour led them to the seats they would be sitting on right at the front of the lagoon. Once everyone was seated, the show began. They started the show by calling to the Dolphins and having them spin around and jump through a hoop. Then the guide lowered herself into the water, and the Dolphins came to her.

“Ok, the dolphin’s favorite time of the day is here. This is when they get to play with their beach ball. Ok Mica… Panche… CATCH!!!!!!” The guide threw the ball into the lagoon and both dolphins swam after it. Mica got it first. The guide then told the dolphins to throw the ball back and forth to each other, which they did. Then after they had played ball, it was feeding time. “Ok, I have here some fish. I am going to throw it out to the dolphins and they will catch it. Then each of you can have a go, if you like.”
She then threw the fish to the Dolphins, then told the Dolphins to talk, which they di. , Everyone had a go of feeding the fish. It was then time for the swimming encounter.

“Ok, who would like to go first?” The guide asked.

Dori went first into the water. As the water was cold she squealed, but then it became warm. The Dolphins appeared; Dori looked on in absolute joy as they swam around her. With hand signals and voice commands from the guide, the dolphins spun around in the water and jumped over Dori’s head.

“Wow, this is so amazing,” Dori cried, spinning around in the water.

Seb looked on, love shining from his eyes and smile. The guide then taught Dori some signals. Dori told them to jump, they did. She told them to spin, and they did; she told them to talk, and they did. As Dori and Cyd were pregnant, they could not ride on the dolphins backs, but Dori did have a little swim with them. All the other guys also had a go in the water, swimming with them as well. As the show came to a close, all the couples had their photo taken and received their leis. They had their showers and changed their clothes again, and flew back to their resort.
Seb and Dori saw their friends off the next day. For 5 days after, the happy couple enjoyed the luxuries of the resort: the beach and the activities they had including a four wheel drive safari and a sailing sunset cruise.

The honeymoon was now over.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 57   Mon Dec 29, 2008 5:57 pm

Written By JJ (Bassybearfan)

Seb and Dori came home from their honeymoon with a look of contented relief. As beautiful as Tahiti was, Dori thought it was so great to be home, in her new house, with her new husband. She wanted to have a proper look around her new house, but was very tired, as was Sebastien. So both decided it was time for sleep. When they woke the next morning, the sun was shining on a cloudless blue sky day; just right for a walk and picnic.

“Oh, Seb, my love, I can’t wait to decorate our new house and nursery. This is such a dream to be here, with you, in our new house, the girls on the way, and us married. Sometimes I think we are the only lucky ones in the world.”

“We are lucky. We have each other, the girls on the way, our beautiful new home, and our friends. Of course, we have the nursery to decorate and the video link up that David had installed for us.”

While Seb and Dori had been on their honeymoon, David had set up a video link in the living room of Seb and Dori’s new house. If no one was there with Dori or Seb, for example if the others are called away for some reason, then Seb and Dori would still have a way to be in contact with them at all times.

“Yes Seb, my love. I do believe we are 2 incredibly lucky people, and I, at the moment, am also an incredibly hungry person. Would you please do me the honor of making me some pancakes and eggs for breakfast?”

“I do believe that I can do that for my beautiful young new wife. Now, would you like me to escort you down, or will you meet me in the kitchen?”

“I will meet you there, if you don’t mind. I think I might have a shower and then I will come down. I want to make a few sandwiches and something to drink for a lunch picnic later.”

“Ok, you have a shower and don’t worry yourself over anything. I will make the sandwiches and our breakfast, and I will have it all ready by the time you come out.”

“Ok, I love you Sebastien, and I will see you soon.”

“I love you too, my dear.” Sebastien kissed Dori. While he was walking down the new staircase of their brand new house, Seb was thinking of the blessings that had rained down on him since knowing and loving his Dori. He had a new wife, a new house, a great Job and career he loved, lots of friends, and his 2 precious daughters on the way. He really felt lucky.

Dori came out of the shower, dried her hair and dressed. She could hear Sebastien singing as she walked down the stairs.

“Bonjour, Môn Cherie… breakfast is ready.” Sebastien had cooked scrambled eggs, bacon sausage, toast and pancakes.

“Wow, I do get hungry in the mornings. I really don’t know about eating all this food, my love, you have prepared lots of food here… wow.”

“Well, I do tend to do that sometimes. Call it a French feast.” Sebastien laughed, as he transferred the food to plates. They eat slowly, enjoying just been together, talking about the day ahead, their picnic, and the decorating of the nursery.

“I would love to do a pink nursery. We have the pink cribs for the twins. So what about a light pink wall, with pictures of Disney princesses on it?” Dori asked, excitedly.

“Yes, I love that idea. They are my 2 fairy princesses. So we have to have a Tinkerbell, and a belle, which represents their beautiful mother.” Sebastien said, looking into Dori’s eyes and watching the blush slowly creep into her cheeks.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 58   Mon Dec 29, 2008 5:58 pm

“I love that idea, Sebastien and thank you. You flatter me.”

“That is my job as a husband. Now, if we are finished eating, I will clear the dishes and prepare the picnic feast.”

“Ok, I am finished, but you must let me help.”

“Non non non, I am fine… you rest, my love. I have it sorted.”

“Ok, I will just walk around and explore, ok?”

“Ok, my beautiful belle. I will join you in a little while.”

Sebastien cleared away the dishes and prepared the picnic. He made some chicken, cheese and pickle sandwiches, a jug of lemonade and some biscuits. When he finished, he put them into the fridge. He looked for Dori and found her in the nursery, deep in thought. He wrapped his arms around her and she jumped, startled. She smiled at him over her shoulder and put her head against his chest.

“I was just thinking how beautiful the nursery is going to look when we finish it. I called Suzie while you were cleaning the kitchen, and she said she will look around the shops for some light pink paint and Disney princess shapes.”

“Great. We won’t start moving the furniture in here until the walls are done. I was thinking now that we have decided on what we want for the nursery, we could see about starting the rose garden you wanted.”

Dori turned to Sebastien, a look of surprise on her face.

“ I asked Carlos and Cyd to buy some seed packets while we were on our honeymoon. I didn’t tell you last night… we were both tired, but David and Carlos and Urs have already dug up the dirt. All that needs to be done is for the seeds to be planted.”

“Oh my goodness… that is something I can do. It is not to stressful for me, and I can’t hurt myself or the girls just planting seeds in the garden. Oh, Sebastien, thank you.”

“I thought you could do that with the girls while the guys and I paint the nursery walls and move the baby furniture in. Then we can finish by putting the princesses up together.”

“Oh, Sebastien, my love, you are such a great planner,. I love you so much and I love having you as my husband. You are going to be the most fantastic father.”

“And you the best mother, my love, and you the best mother. Let me show you where the rose garden will be.” They walked to the side of the house, Where Dori saw the guys had dug up the grass and tossed the dirt.

“Oh, it is the perfect place for a garden. The sun will shine down on them and when it rains it will soak them perfectly. Yes, the girls and I will have lots of fun digging and planting. Do you think the house will be ready by the end of today?”

“I think it will. All of the furniture is placed, except for the nursery; all of the rooms are furnished. With the 4 of us men painting and moving the furniture and you 4 ladies digging, planting and us putting up the princesses, I think it will be finished.” They walked backed to the front of the house. As they did, they saw David and Suzie coming up the road.

“My gosh! That was quick. How did you manage to get everything that quickly?” Dori asked, shocked.

“Sebastien had a feeling you would want to paint the nursery a pale pink color. So we already had the paint, and the princess shapes were easy to find. Now we can start on the nursery,” Suzie answered, opening the back door to the car and grabbing the princess shapes.

Dori again turned to Sebastien with a look of surprised joy on her face and hugged him tightly.

“You really do think of everything,” She whispered.

“I love you,” He whispered back.

The look of intense love that passed between them as they looked into each others eyes was a lovely moment frozen into another beautiful memory for the both of them.

The day passed very quickly, After Urs and Siobhan, and Carlos and Cyd arrived, the girls in the garden, the guys in the nursery. Dori surveyed her rose garden with pride. She thought about how it would look when the flowers were fully in bloom.

It was 2-pm in the afternoon by this stage. Dori wanted to see what the nursery looked like, but she had promised Sebastien she would wait until he came to get her. Another half an hour passed.

Cyd and Dori were telling the other two about what it was like to be pregnant: the cravings and growing and the babies kicking, when the guys came downstairs to get them. Dori was so exited to see what Sebastien and the guys had done with the nursery. She had been waiting a long time for this day to arrive.

“I hope you like it my love. Shall we go in?”

“Yes, please Sebastien. I would like to see.”
Sebastien opened the door and Dori gasped in complete wonder and joy. The room had been completely transformed. It was now the nursery she had always dreamed of. The crib was in the middle of the room; change table pram and cupboard to the back wall. The walls were the beautiful color of light pink Dori had dreamed of and the room was almost complete. Now all that was left to do were the princess shapes. Dori hugged all of the guys with tears in her eyes and said a heartfelt thank you to each one. As the others were preparing to leave, Dori insisting they come for tea the next night. They heartily agreed and left.

Sebastien and Dori finished the nursery by putting the pictures of Tinkerbelle, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella on the walls. Standing back to see their handiwork, both agreed that the nursery was then complete. It was the gorgeous nursery Dori had always dreamed of. Dori and Sebastien had not eaten their picnic for lunch that day, so decided they would have a sunset dinner.

It was the end to a perfect day.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 59   Mon Dec 29, 2008 6:00 pm


David and Suzy’s Wedding
Written By: Ghost Writer

Finally it was Suzy’s turn to marry the man she never wanted to be out of her life. She was more nervous than she thought she would be. She and David had worked together side by side on the farm, had done real estate dealings together, and had been a couple in all sense of the word for months, but some how knowing she would become his wife was different.
Suzy left Rolling Hills Friday afternoon before the wedding. David and Suzy were both a little old fashion; Suzy didn’t want David to see her until right before she would become part of his life forever. Suzy had gone back to New York to buy her wedding gown and her parents were bring it with them. They were going to meet her at the Hampton Inn in Henderson. They would spend the night there and go to the farm in the morning. Everyone else would stay at the farm to get ready for the wedding.
When Suzy left that afternoon, David walked her to the car.
“David I’m going to miss you so much while I’m down the mountain. I won’t see you until tomorrow. We have been joined at the hip for months,” Suzy said lowering her head in sadness.
David raised her chin and looking into her beautiful green eyes said,
“You have to leave now but this time tomorrow you will come back up the mountain to me. I’ll be waiting for you at the steps of the gazebo I had built for our wedding and you’ll become my wife. Our hearts will become one forever,” David said kissing away the tears of joy streaming down Suzy’s cheeks.
Suzy took David’s head in her hands and kissed him long and hard.
“David I promise I will do all in my power to keep you happy,” she whispered holding his face close to hers.
“Babe you already did the day you said you’d be my wife,” David replied and continued kissing his wife to be.
Eventually the time came for Suzy to leave. They kissed each other good bye with a kiss they would remember. Suzy got into the car and left David waving good bye. Suzy cried all of the way down the mountain. She loved David with all of her heart and soul. The thought of becoming his wife was still unbelievable.
When Suzy could get reception on her cell phone, she called her mother to tell her she was on her way and would be there shortly. Suzy stopped crying by the time she reached the hotel.
Her parents were waiting for her in the lobby. Their only daughter was getting married tomorrow to a wonderful man. They were so happy for her because they knew Suzy would be happy and loved the rest of her life.
Suzy’s dad walked toward her with out stretched arms, gave her a hug only as Dad’s can and said,
“Hey, Baby. Are you ready for your big day tomorrow?”
“Oh Daddy, I’m sooooooooooooo nervous. I never thought I’d meet ,let alone marry a man like David,” Suzy said starting to cry again.
Suzy’s mother came over to her, rubbed her shoulders and tried to comfort her and told her,
“Suzy I have always told you what a beautiful person you are inside and out. You would never believe me. David has fallen deeply in love with that person. Enjoy your life together.”
“Young lady, let’s dry those tears and after we take your stuff upstairs we’ll go have something to eat. Even brides to be have to eat something,” her dad said with a chuckle.
“Mom, how did my gown make it being in the box,” Suzy asked as they got into the elevator.
“It looks fine. The bridal shop knew just how to pack it and our flight wasn’t that long,” her mom reassured her.
When they got to the room the first thing Suzy saw, was her gown hanging from the curtain rod. It was more beautiful than she remembered. She wanted to be beautiful for David tomorrow and now she knew she would be seeing her gown.

“It is beautiful isn’t it,” Suzy commented.
“Yes it is dear and I can’t wait to David’s face when he sees you walking toward him tomorrow,” her mom said.
“ The man doesn’t have a chance,” her dad added.
Suzy and her parents enjoyed their dinner reminiscing when Suzy was a little girl and would tell her father he was the only man she would marry.
“It’s getting late and I do want to try to get some sleep. The last thing I need tomorrow are bags or dark circles under my eyes tomorrow,” Suzy said chuckling.
“Yes dear that is a good idea. Why don’t you go on up stairs? Your mother and I are going to get a drink at the bar and we’ll be up,” Suzy’s dad said.
Suzy lay down and tried to go to sleep, she knew she wouldn’t. When she closed her eyes , all she kept seeing David waiting for her at the gazebo. She did fall asleep because she didn’t hear her parents come in. The next thing she knew it was her father kissing her on the forehead to wake her up.
Suzy’s parents had ordered room service for breakfast. They knew it would be less tension for Suzy and maybe she’d eat a little. As soon as Suzy jumped out of bed, she poured a cup of coffee and jumped into the shower.
While she was finishing her hair, her cell phone rang. She thought who could be calling her. The cell towers didn’t work on the mountain. Puzzled she answered,
“Hello, this is Suzy.”
“Hi Cuz. Are you ready yet,” Dori asked.
“I’m finishing my hair and then we’ll be coming up the mountain. How did you call from Rolling Hills,” Suzy told her.
“I’m using the satellite phone because if you don’t get here soon, David is going to wear a hole in the floor of the porch. He’s so nervous he can’t sit still. He just keeps pacing” Dori said laughing.
“I can’t believe it. He performs in front of thousands of people and he’s nervous on his wedding day. Why should he be nervous,” Suzy commented.
“Because he loves you and wants to make you his wife, silly. This time he doesn’t have total control over the wedding. There is always a possibility in his mind that you won’t come back up the mountain,” Dori told Suzy.
“Why would he ever think a thing like that? How do you know that,” Suzy asked.
“That’s what he told Seb last night,” Dori replied.
“I’ll be finished here in a ten minutes. I’ll call you when I get to the bottom of the mountain. Have the flowers arrived,” Suzy said.
“The flowers are here and everything is beautiful. Just get your butt up here,” Dori said before she hung up.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 60   Mon Dec 29, 2008 6:03 pm

Suzy’s bouquet

Maids bouquet


Suzy was wearing her hair down with wild flowers that were found on the mountain decorating it. She wanted to show David how much she loved his farm and their home. Suzy put on her gown, made last minute checks and was off to marry the man she loved.
Suzy called Dori as she said she would when they got to the bottom of the mountain. Dori said she’d have Seb keep David busy so he wouldn’t see her come in.
All of the girls were waiting for Suzy in the bedroom that she and David shared. Cyd, Siobhan greeted their friend with a big smile and hug. They looked gorgeous dressed in different shades of green cocktail length dresses and bare feet.

None of them would be wearing shoes the ground was too soft. Besides the grass was so thick it looked like a green carpet. Dori had greeted her downstairs; she didn’t want to tire herself going up and down the stairs. She wanted to enjoy all of her cousin and friend’s wedding.
Urs, Seb, David and Carlos were in the living room with Dori when Suzy’s dad walked in. He walked over to David and shook his hand.
“You’re here! Suzy didn’t change her mind,” David asked nervously.
“Son, are you kidding me? She’s so in love with you wild horses could have kept her away,” Suzy’s dad said trying to reassure David.
The wedding coordinator came in to get Urs. Suzy had asked him to sing ‘Ave Maria’, the rendition that was on their Christmas album, for them. He had gladly agreed. Suzy had little jobs for each of the other guys too. Seb was to keep David busy before the wedding and Carlos was going to help her with a surprise she had for David after the wedding.
Suzy’s father knocked on the door. Her heart leapt in her chest at the knock and she could also hear the music of ‘Ave Maria’ starting. Urs’ voice was so beautiful. It was a crystal clear day on the mountain so Urs’ voice echoed down into the valley. How perfect!!
“Well ladies it’s time,” he said.
Cyd and Siobhan went downstairs to join Dori and their husbands. Urs came back in to take Siobhan’s arm. As the wedding march started, Carlos and Cyd started the procession down the stairs of the house toward the gazebo.

The minister was in the gazebo waiting for the wedding party to come. David was standing alone at the bottom of the gazebo waiting for his bride.
Suzy and her father looked at each other and smiled as they started down the porch steps. They slowly walked to the gazebo; where Suzy’s father would give his daughter’s hand to David , the man how would take care of his little girl the rest of their lives.
Suzy was so happy she couldn’t help but smile. When her eyes met David’s, tears of joy starting trickling down her cheeks. He looked more handsome than she had ever seen him and he had that fabulous heart melting smile on his face when he saw her.

Suzy and her father met David at the bottom of the gazebo stairs. Suzy’s father gave her hand to David saying,
“Son, she’s all yours now. Take care of my baby.”
“Yes Sir, with all of my heart,” David answered.

Suzy handed her bouquet to Dori and she and David walked into the gazebo where they would become husband and wife.
The minister welcomed everyone and said,
“The good Lord has definitely blessed this couple today with beautiful weather, a magnificent setting and their friends and loved ones to witness the day that they become one.”
“David you said you had something you wanted to tell Suzy,” the minister added.
“Yes Sir I would.”
David took Suzy’s hands into his and sang:

I used to think that I was strong
I realize now I was wrong
‘Cause ever time I see your face
My mind becomes and empty space
And with you lying next to me
Feels like I can hardly breathe

I close my eyes
The moment I surrender to you
Let love be blind
Innocent and tenderly true
So lead me through tonight
But please turn out the light
‘Because I’m lost every time I look at you

And in the morning when you go
Wake me gently so I’ll know
That loving you was not a dream
And whisper softly what it means to be with me
Then every moment we’re apart
Will be a lifetime to my heart

I close my eyes
The moment I surrender to you
Let love be blind
Innocent and tenderly true
So lead me through tonight
But please, please turn out the light
‘Because I’m lost every time I look at you
Lost. Every time I look at you.

When David started singing, Suzy’s knees buckled on her and tears started streaming down her face. David caught her and held her in his arms as he sang. She knew they were using ‘Ever Time I Look at You’ as the theme of the declaration of love, but she had no idea David was going to sing it too.
“Suzy, I haven’t been strong since the first day I saw you in London. You were the loveliest vision I had ever seen. I’m afraid that one day I’ll wake to find that you have just been a dream. You make me feel innocent because I have never felt such unconditional love as you give to me. Please lead me through tonight and every night the rest of our lives,” David said to the beautiful woman in front of him that he had chosen to be his life partner.
Suzy pushed herself away from David so she could look into his handsome face. She wiped her tears and tried to compose herself. “ Sweetie, are you alright,” David whispered. Suzy nodded she was.
“David every time I see your handsome face my mind becomes an empty space; just like it is now. You so touched me by singing our favorite song I can’t remember a word of what I had written down. –David gave her his big smile that always made her melt.
“I’ll tell you what is in my heart. You are a strong, loving and tender man. Every day we are together is the brightest day of my life. When Walter asked me to go help Dori in London, little did I ever think I would meet the most wonderful man in the world; let alone have he ask me to be his wife?
No David loving me is not a dream. I will not only lead you through this night but every night of our lives with my undying love.” Suzy said to David. He raised her hands to his lips and gently kissed them.
“Well everyone I’m not sure I can add anything to what David and Suzy have said that would explain what two married people should do. I don’t think I have seen as much love standing in front of me as these two young people have professed for each other. Let’s get these two married,” the minister told the gathering.
Each member of the wedding party looked at their spouse and smiled as if remembering their wedding day.
“David do you take Suzy to be your lawful wedded wife?”
“I DO. Suzy took David’s ring from Dori and placed it on his finger.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 61   Mon Dec 29, 2008 6:05 pm

“Suzy do you take David as your lawful wedded husband?”
“I DO.
David took Suzy’s ring from Seb and placed it onto Suzy’s

“Dear Lord in heaven grace this couple with your grace and keep them close to you all of their days,” the minister prayed.
‘You may kiss your bride. I guess I’m too late,” the minister laughed.
David had taken Suzy into his arms and they were kissing even before the minister had finish.
“Ladies and gentlemen I am my extreme pleasure to introduce Mr. and Mrs. David Miller.” Suzy and David turned to face their family and friends. Everyone applauded.
David raised his hands to ask everyone to quiet down and said,
“While we’re having our pictures taken, please help yourselves to the food and drinks that Mama Dip has prepared for you on the porch. Please make yourselves at home. We want you all to feel as welcome today as any time you come to visit in the future.”


Before the photographer started, David, Suzy and the rest of the wedding party kissed and hugged each other with joy. The photographer took pictures of David and Suzy in the gazebo, the whole wedding party, and of course the men of Il Divo. He took many special pictures of the bridal couple for their private album.
“Ok guys let’s go eat. I’m starved” David said.
“Honey you’re always hungry,” Suzy teased. David grabbed her and gave her a big kiss.
David invited their guest to join them inside for the wonderful Southern dinner Mama Dip had prepared:
She crab soup
Southern Fried Chicken
Corn on the cob
Green beans cooked with petite pieces of ham
Hush Puppies
Cornbread and biscuits
Peach Cobbler

When the wedding guest had all been seated,Seb stood and tapped his champagne glass with his knife.
“ Mes amis, David when you told us that you were going to buy an alpaca farm in North Carolina I thought you were je croyais que tu etais fou (nuts). Now I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart; because of your buying the farm you and I were blessed by meeting our Soulmates. Everyone please join me by raising your glasses and wishing David and Suzy health, wealth and love for the rest of their lives.” Everyone joined Sebastien in the toast.
Neither Suzy or David were hungry they were too excited so their started walking around talking to their guests. Some of the guests who were not from the area asked Suzy who Mama Dip was; the food was fantastic.
Suzy told them,
“ Mama Dip is actually a famous cook from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Walter had stopped in her restaurant on his way back from North Carolina State College when he went to learn more about the alpacas. NC State has a Veterinary College.

While everone was eating, Walter went over to Carlos and whispered something into his ear. Carlos whispered to Cyd and both men left the gathering. Outside was waiting some of the local neighbors. Carlos and Suzy had asked them to hang lights in the side yard from the porch to the gazebo and back. When Walter threw the outdoors switch, the entire side yard had a beautiful romantic glow from the lights. Carlos invited the neighbors in for drinks and wedding cake. They were all too happy to welcome David and Suzy as their new neighbors.
Most of their guests had finished eating so Suzy and David decided to cut their wedding cake .

Wedding Cake

Grooms Cake

The cake server took the top of the wedding cake off for Suzy and David to keep and eat on their first anniversary. The rest of the servers made sure everyone got a piece.
After Suzy and David cut their cake they continued to visit with their guests. As they were walking past the porch door, David thought he could hear music playing softly. He looked at Suzy and asked,
“Am I going nuts, or do I hear music?”
“Sweetie, it must be your imagination,’ Suzy said trying not to smile.
“No, I’m sure of it. I hear music,” David said going out the door with Suzy in tow; he hadn’t let go of her hand since they said I do.
David walked out on the porch and his mouth dropped open!
“ What the heck is all of this?
“Surprise, I wanted our first dance to be out here under our beautiful stars,” Suzy explained,
David gave her a big hug and twirled her around. “Woman you are tooooooo much,” David said running into the house taking the stairs two at a time.
“Hey everyone come outside and see what the wonderful women I just married has surprised me with!” David said with the excitement of a little boy getting his first bike.
Everyone joined David and Suzy in the side yard. As they walked down the stairs, the band began playing ‘Unchained Melody' David took Suzy into his arms, held her close and moved they moved as one to rhythm of the music. Suzy rested her head on David’s chest; she could hear his heart evenly beating. She knew he was happy and content and that was the way she wanted to keep him the rest of their lives.
The group was enjoying the music and dancing when someone noticed a limo pull up into the driveway.
“David who is that,” Suzy asked.
“Mrs. Miller that is you chariot to wisk us away to our honeymoon.” David said smiling down at Suzy.
“Oh David, you make me soooooooooooo happy!” Suzy said kissing David all over his face.
“Sweetheart, it was my turn to surprise my wife. God that sounds good. Let’s get out of here,” David eagerly said.
“But I have to throw my bouquet,” Suzy said,
“Threw your bouquet and let’s go.The plane is waiting for us in Asheville,” David told her.
“Plane!’ was all Suzy could get out.
David picked up the mic,
“ Thank you everyone for being with Suzy and I on the happiest day of our lives. Your being here with us has made it even more special. However, we are going to have to say good night. The limo in the drive way is take us off to the plane that will take us to our honeymoon.
Please stay and have fun. We love you all!”

Suzy stood up on the porch stairs and threw her bouquet. One of the young neighbor girls caught the bouquet; she was so excited. Suzy walked down the stairs and gave her a big hug.
“ I hope you find the man of your dreams like I did and are as happy as I am tonight,” Suzy told her.

David grabbed Suzy’s hand and they ran to the waiting limo. He had shared her with their guests long enough. Now she was all his and he didn’t want to wait any longer.
Their parents and their Il Divo family hugged them ,told them good bye and waved as the newly weds got into the limo.

The last thing the guests at the reception saw of Suzy and David that night was Suzy and David kissing in the back of the limo.

They were on their way to the rest of their married life

David and Suzy were passionately kissing in the back of the limo as the left their guests and Rolling Hills Farm behind. They were off to start their lives as husband and wife until eternity.
David’s lips eagerly kissed Suzy’s neck, shoulders and again found her lips.
“Suzy, I haven’t had you alone long enough today to tell you how breathtakingly beautiful you are. When you were walking toward me, to think that some one so lovely was about to become my wife took my breath,” David told her..
“You don’t need to tell me about not being able to breathe. From the time you starting singing, I couldn’t breath. That’s why my knees buckled. You know how your voice affects me and today was worse because I knew you were singing to me,” Suzy said kissing David gently.
“We left so quickly I forgot my suitcase,” Suzy said concerned.
“Don’t worry Honey, Urs put our suitcases in the trunk when the limo pulled up. You can change on the plane,” David said trying to dispel her concern.
“David, get real. How can I change in that tiny little bathroom with out getting everything on the floor on my gown,” Suzy asked.
“Suzy I have had to share you with so many people since we have been together. I want to have you all to myself the next few days; I rented a private jet to take us to the beach. I can assure you the bathroom will be large enough for you to change easily,” David explained.
“David you think of everything,” Suzy told him. She put her arms around David’s neck and said,” To be totally alone would be heavenly, but there will be people at the hotel. Unless you don’t plan on leaving the room,” Suzy said raising her eyebrows a la Carlos.
“My love, we’re not going to a hotel. We will be staying in a private home on the beach while we’re there. Our housekeeper will bring us our meals and we won’t have to go out unless we want to. It will be you, me, the ocean and the seagulls for 3 days,” David told Suzy.
Suzy sat there stunned. She didn’t believe what David just said could be true,
“David are you serious? - David nodded yes. Suzy threw her arms around his neck and kissed him all over his face until David started laughing so hard she had to stop.
“Why are you laughing? You are the most sensitive man I have ever met, and to be sooooooooooooo handsome too. I must have done something right in my life. You know how much I love the beach and we’re spending our honeymoon there. Today has been like a dream and I don’t have to wake up for the next few days.
I know now why I waited to get married, I was waiting for you!” Suzy said taking David’s face into her hands and kissed him passionately.
David and Suzy talked and kissed the rest of the way to the Asheville Regional Airport. When the limo pulled into the Private jet area of the airport, their plane was waiting for them. The chauffer got the suitcases out of the trunk and handed them to one of the flight crew. David thanked him and they started up the aircraft steps.
A pleasant you woman who introduced herself as Vicki welcomed them aboard and told them if there was any thing they needed just to let her know. Suzy was the first one to speak,
“Vicki I would love to change into my other clothes. Where is the bathroom?’
“Mrs. Miller, you might want to change in the bedroom; you’ll have more room. There are toiletries in the bathroom for your convenience,” Vicki suggested.
Suzy looked a David in disbelief. David just smiled at her and motioned for her to go change asking “Will you need any help?”
“Later but not now, thank you,” Suzy smiled back at him.
While Suzy was changing, she could him talking to someone. She couldn’t quite make out what he was saying, he must be talking toVicki.
David asked Vicki to get them a bottle of Dom Perignon. Seb had given the two beautiful crystal champagne flutes as a wedding present. He handed them the box saying “Mon ami, you must always drink your champagne properly. Drinking in glass will ruin the taste.’ David laughed to himself, Seb was such a Frenchman.
David was talking to someone but it wasn’t Vicki he was making a phone call asking,
“Is everything ready? Great! We should be there in about two hours. Thanks for everything.”
Suzy walked out dressed in a cute lavender crocheted midriff top, shorts and of course no shoes. That was one thing she and David had in common, neither of them liked shoes. David thought how cute and comfortable she looked.
“Where will we be in two hours,” Suzy asked.
“At the beach,” was all David said.
“What beach are we going to? Puerto Rico is at least four hours,” Suzy said trying to pry more information out of him
“David stop teasing me. Where are we going,” Suzy pouted.
“Alright Sweetie, we’re going to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

It is farthest east we can go with out falling into the ocean. I told you I wanted to take you as far away from people as I could,” David finally explained.
“David it sounds so wonderful, I don’t know what to say. I love you so much,” was all Suzy could say to the amazing man sitting in front of her. She went over and sat in his lap to give him a thank you kiss.
“You know seeing you look so comfortable; I think I’ll change too. Vicki is getting us champagne, I should be back by then,” David said. “Don’t take too long, I don’t want you away from me,” Suzy told him.
From the bedroom David told her,
“Remember I’ve learned to change quickly between music changes”
Suzy sat and reminisced her day. It had been magical for the time she walked down the steps of the house to the stairs of the gazebo where David was waiting for her. Now she just wanted to be alone with him and think of nothing but each other.
David changed in a flash. He looked so handsome even in his t-shirt, jean shorts and bare feet.

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“Now we look like we belong together. Come sit next to me,” Suzy said patting the sofa seat next to her.
David didn’t hesitate except to pour their champagne. He sat next to Suzy and handed her her engraved champagne flute. There was a beautifully scripted M on their flutes.
David tapped Suzy’s flute and said,
“TO US.’
Suzy responded,
Suzy and David spent the rest of their flight talking softly and kissing as honeymooners do. Talking about their wedding and what they hoped would come in the future.
Vicki came into the sitting area to tell David and Suzy they would be landing at Dare County Airport in about fifteen minutes. They put their seat belts on to prepare for landing. The landing was so smooth, but Suzy and David were so engrossed with each other they didn’t even know they had landed.
As they disembarked, they could see a car with it’s headlights on in a small waiting area. The car was theirs; it was late and there were no other planes in the airport. David and Suzy thanked Vicki and the pilot and walked over to their Grand Cherokee; something large enough for David’s long legs.
David drove out of the airport onto a two lane road.
“David do you know where we’re going?” Suzy asked.
“I Googled the address and printed out the directions,” David explained.
They followed the road to a gravel road going up a fairly steep hill. There were sand dunes on both sides of them. The farther they got up the hill Suzy could smell the ocean air. It was so relaxing after such a busy day. When they reach the top of the hill Suzy exclaimed,

“ OMG David it is so big. Are you sure this is the right house,” Suzy asked.
“Babe, this is ours. Do you really like it,” David asked.
“David it is wonderful! I can’t wait to get inside. There is some one coming out. Are you sure this is the right place,” Suzy told David.
“Oh, that’s Rose our housekeeper,” David explained.
David and Suzy got out of the car; David got the suitcases, and walked toward the house.
“Mr. and Mrs. Miller welcome to the Dunes. I hope you don’t mind, I filled the refrigerator with beverages and sandwich meats incase you’re hungry. Unless you need anything else I’ll be back in the morning to prepare breakfast,” Rose greeted them.
David thanked her and said they would be fine until morning. They had had a happy but tiring day and would no doubt turn in soon. Rose left and David closed the door behind her. Closing out the rest of the world for the night was theirs.
‘Wow! “Was all Suzy could say looking around the main floor of the house. The house was beautiful and comfortably furnished.
“How do you like the house Sweetie,” David asked.
“Oh David it is awesome. How could I not like it,” Suzy answered,” Especially with you in it with me.”
“Come with me there is something I want to show you,” David said taking Suzy’s hand and leading her down the stairs to the ground level that leads to the beach. He took Suzy out onto the deck that was perpendicular to the house. Suzy gasped and smiled at David. She was too awestruck to speak. All she could see was the Atlantic Ocean as far as her eye could see. A soft breeze was wafting from the ocean gently blowing her hair.

“Can we walk to the water,” Suzy asked.
“Of course, let’s go. But wait a minute; I want to take the flowers out of your hair. I love to see your curls blow in the air,” David said.
They took off their shoes and walked the forty yards to the ocean. The waves were rhythmically lapping the waters edge as the tide went in and out.
Suzy smelled the salt air, it reminded her of the times on the weekend when she would go to the beach to escape the hustle and bustle of the City. She wasn’t escaping now she was there with the man she loved. She turned to David put her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. David could feel that her face was wet. He gently pushed her away far enough so that he could see her face in the moon light.
“Why are you crying,” David asked perplexed.
“I can’t stop. I have never been happier. I’m at the beach that I love with the man I love more than life itself,” Suzy told him.
David said,
“I think it’s time to go in.”
They walked back to the house and up to the upper level; stopping only for and occasional kiss. David opened the French doors to the bedroom.

On the bed were two monogrammed lush bathrobes. Suzy went over, picked one up and caressed it to her cheek. It was soft as a kitten. David walked over to Suzy, took the robe out of her hand and dropped onto the floor. He took Suzy into his arms kissing her gently at first but the passion of their kisses quickly grew in fervor each wanting to be one with the other.
They helped each other undress and David picked Suzy up into his arms and laid her on the bed where he joined her. They made passionate love until they both were spent.
Suzy looked at David and softly said,
“I hope we’re always as happy as we are tonight.”
‘Why shouldn’t we be? We love each other and that will give us the strength we need to handle what ever comes our way,” David responded pulling Suzy closer.
They were awakened the next morning by the sun and the smell of coffee and something yummy coming from the kitchen. Neither was usually an early riser, but they were so hungry they couldn’t resist the smells. Suzy raised herself up on her elbow, kissed David and said,
“Good morning, Mr. Miller.”
“Good morning, Mrs. Miller,” he responded smiling.
“I’ll never get used to being called that, even when I’m old and gray” Suzy said drawing the bed sheet up around her and sitting up in bed.
“What do you want to do today,” David asked.
“I’d like to take a walk on the beach and pickup sea shells. Do you think the beach will be busy,” Suzy said.
“It won’t be out in front of us, it’s a private beach. It’s all ours,” David said.
“Let’s have breakfast and see what we feel like doing,” Suzy suggested.
“But first I want to show you how I’d like to wake up Mrs. Miller for the rest of our lives,” David said pulling her back down to him.
After Suzy and David had celebrated their first morning as husband and wife, they put their robes on and went down to the kitchen. Rose had just taken homemade cinnamon rolls out of the oven.

“Rose those look and smell so good I can’t wait to have one,’ Suzy said.
“Good morning, Mr. and Mrs. Miller. I hope you slept well.
Let the rolls cool a few minutes so you don’t burn your mouth. That could really ruin your honeymoon,” Rose said.
“Mr. Miller where would like me to serve your coffee,” Rose asked David.
“Rose please call us David and Suzy we don’t need to be so formal. If you give me the coffee pot; I’ll take it out onto the front porch. Can you please bring the rolls and fruit,” David asked.
“Mr. Miller I can’t call my employers by their first names. It wouldn’t be proper,” Rose explained.
“Ok then if you feel that way. Maybe after you get to know us better,” David replied.
Suzy followed David out onto the porch. There were several settings of white wicker furniture; two chaise lounges, a table with four chairs and a large hammock in the corner.

David sat the coffee pot onto the table; Rose placed a plate of the cinnamon rolls and a large bowl of fruit next to it.
Suzy asked,
“Rose, where in the kitchen can I find the cups and plates?”
Rose showed Suzy to a pretty wicker cabinet next to the table. Inside she found a beautiful set of snack dishes with small blue sea shells all over .
“Who ever owns this house has excellent taste in everything. The house reminds me of some of the house’s I’ve sold in the Hampton’s. David it’s so nice here. Could we come back sometime in the winter? The beach is so romantic in the winter. I saw a fireplace in the living room and the bedroom. It would be wonderful,” Suzy said.

“Sweetheart, we can come here any time you want” David said.
“David don’t you have to call the owners to make arrangements,” Suzy wondered.
“Not after you sign the paperwork tomorrow morning,” David said trying to be non chalaunt and not smile.
“What the hell are you talking about? Are you still feeling the effects of champagne from last night,” Suzy asked.
“Suzy come here and sit on my lap I need to explain a few things to you,” David said.
Suzy sat on his lap and put her arm around his neck. Suzy loved the feeling when their bodies touched.
“Well it’s like this. Tomorrow morning we have an appointment with the lawyer at 10 o’clock for you to sign the papers finalizing the purchase of YOUR beach house,” David explained recoiling a little not knowing what her reaction would be.
“David did I just hear you right? This fabulous house is OURS,” Suzy whispered as if she said it too loud it wouldn’t be true.
“Not quite. This fabulous house is YOURS,” he replied recoiling again.
All Suzy could say was, “OMG, OMG. You’re serious. This is mine/ours.”
Suzy kept jumping up and down. David kept laughing at her; she was like a child at Christmas. Stopping only to kiss and hug David. All of a sudden she stopped.
She looked at David and asked,
“What do you mean, why? Can’t I buy my wife a little wedding present,” David asked.
“Little! David for Christ sake it’s a house,” Suzy said.
“Suzy, I love you with all of my heart and want to make you happy. Now we have the farm in the mountains and you have you’re beach house,” David explained.
“You mean OUR beach house. Remember the minister told us we are ‘one’ now,” Suzy said giving David a big kiss.
“What about the furniture,” Suzy asked.
“I had a decorator come in, but everything is here for your approval. What ever you don’t like can be returned and you can replace it with what ever you want,” David told Suzy with his arms around her waist.
“OMG. I need to sit and take this all in. It’s too amazing. But then again you’re amazing,” Suzy told David.
“Let’s enjoy our breakfast you can sit on the porch take it all in. Then we can take a shower and see where that takes us,” David suggested.
David and Suzy leisurely eat breakfast; talking and watching the sand pipers play at the water’s edge. After breakfast, they walked hand in hand upstairs to shower. The warm water gently caressed their bodies closing them into a watery cocoon. Their gentle kisses grew in intensity. They left the shower and moved to their bridal bed,where Suzy showed David how much she liked her present.
Suzy and David dressed and went of a long walk on the beach picking up shells as they walked. Suzy planed on buying a large vase to put the shells in. Their collection would grow with each visit.
They walked back to the house. Rose left them a note saying there was food in the refrigerator to make sandwiches and she’d be back around 6 to prepare dinner. As usual, David was hungry. They sat on the porch eating their sandwiches, drinking a few beers and watching the sail boats glide across the water so effortlessly.
After lunch they laid in the hammock. The hammock cradled the lovers as they drifted off to sleep. Their long walk and full stomachs got the better of them.
David and Suzy were awakened by the doorbell ringing. They looked at each other as if to say who could that be. David got out of the hammock first and went to the door. He opened the door and a delivery person asked,
“Is this where Mrs. Miller is staying?”
“Yes it is,” David replied.
“Is she here? She has to sign for the box,” the delivery person told David.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 63   Mon Dec 29, 2008 6:08 pm

“Just a minute, I’ll call her. Suzy you have a package here that you need to sign for,” David called.
“What in the world could it be? The only ones that know we’re here are our parents and the guys at the farm,” Suzy said signing for the package.
The deliver man handed the box to David and told him,
“Be careful with it. Who ever packed it didn’t do too good of a job, it wiggles all over the place.”
David held the box tight and placed it on the kitchen table. Suzy thanked the delivery person and joined David at the table to investigate her present.
“Watch the box for a minute it moves by itself,” David told Suzy.
“Let’s open it. I can’t imagine what could be inside,” Suzy puzzled.
David opened the box only to find a smaller box inside that had holes poked in it and a card attached.
The card read ‘We aren’t starting our marriages with a baby and we thought you should too,’ signed love Dori and Cyd.
Now they really were curious and gently lifted the lid off of the smaller box. Inside they found a champagne colored toy poodle with a tag around her neck. Hi I’m Piper.

Suzy gently took Piper out of the box and caressed her to her cheek.
“Ahhhh David isn’t she the cutest little thing. Can we keep her,” Suzy asked.
“Of course we can keep her she’s your present. She’s perfect. When we travel she can go with us. We have to go get her toys, food, and her very own carrier,” David said scratching Piper under the chin. He could only use one finger she was so tiny. Piper kissed his hand.
David was getting a bowl out of the cabinet to give Piper some water when Rose knocked and came in the back door. She saw Piper,
“Who’s this little bundle of fur?”

“Rose isn’t she so cute and fuzzy. Friends of ours sent her to me,” Suzy told her.
“That was so nice of them. I’ll go get her some food,” Rose offered.
“No that’s ok Rose. Thanks we can go. Are you going to start dinner,” David asked.
“Yes Sir, I am,” Rose replied.
“We’ll can go while you cook. Can we get what we need at the little store on the corner,” Suzy asked.
“You should be able too,” Rose answered.
Suzy, David and Piper got into the Jeep and headed down the road to the store. They were able to find everything even a pretty pink carrier for Piper. The little family drove back to the house just as the sun was starting to go down.

“Suzy isn’t the sun set beautiful,” David commented.
“Yes it is. Can we sit here and watch the sun finish going down?” Suzy asked.
They stay on their back deck to watch the sun be swallowed by the bay on the other side of the road. David stroked Suzy’s back as they watched. Suzy took David’s hand and kissed it.
The happy threesome walked into the kitchen to show Rose all of the goodies they had gotten for Piper. She smiled. Suzy and David reminder her of two happy kids sometimes, not the internationally famous singer and successful female realtor. They were going to stay married a long time, they knew how to block out their grown up lives to enjoy each other. , Rose thought smiling.
“Mr. David, would you like to eat inside or outside tonight,” Rose inquired.
“Inside Rose please. Thank you,” David replied. While they waited for dinner they played with Piper. David made her a bed in the big box and put one of his sweat shirts inside to make it warm and cozy.
Shortly Rose told the ‘Miller’s’ dinner was ready. Suzy started to walk into the dinner room. David told her he’d be there in a second he had made her a CD and wanted to play it on the entertainment center. Suzy smiled and waited for her husband.
They sat down to a wonderful dinner of Seafood Newburg, seasoned green beans and a beautiful salad. David poured the wine for dinner and sat next to Suzy. The room was only lit by the candles on the table. David pushed the button on the remote and his CD started playing softly from the other room.
It started with David singing ETILAY followed by a medley of Il Divo songs and others that were their favorites. Suzy smiled at David and softly said,
“It’s beautiful! Do you want me to start crying again?”
David shook his head no and kissed her nose. His kisses lead to her lips and down her neck. Suzy said softly returning his kisses,
“Let’s go upstairs. Will we be able to hear the music upstairs?”
“Give me a few minutes to change the settings. There are speakers all over the house,” David replied.
“Please start it from the beginning. I’ll meet you upstairs,” Suzy told him running up the stairs.
When she entered the bedroom she noticed, Rose had already opened the windows and turned down the bed. The room had shadows playing on the walls from the moon light coming in. How perfect Suzy thought. She wants to make tonight special for David.
Suzy took out the rose colored negligee she hadn’t had a chance to wear last night. She quickly slipped it on and looked in the mirror. It looked better that it had in the store. The gown had a lace empire bodice the satin skirt that gracefully outlined her body. She hoped David would like it. Suzy went over to look at the moon dancing on the ocean as the tide gently moved it while she waited for David to join her.
Suzy didn’t hear David coming up the stairs. He gently opened the door with his foot because he had two Cosmos in his hands. When he entered the room, he almost dropped the Cosmos. Suzy turned when she heard the door open.

“I was right you are a dream. Standing there with the moon light to your back you look like a vision,” David said breathless.
“No my love, I am not a dream at all. I am very real. Tonight I want to show you how real I am and how very much I love you,” Suzy said seductively walked over to David.
“Let me take those glasses from you. Your arms belong around me,” Suzy said taking the glasses and putting them on the night stand.
She walked back to David, who seemed frozen in place. Suzy put her arms around his neck. She gently kissed his lips, each cheek, each eye, his nose returning to his lips but this time the kiss was deep and electrified them both with their burning love for each other.
David kissed Suzy with the same desire and as usual his lips were down her neck to her shoulders.
“If you haven’t been able to tell, I love your bare shoulders. You really should show them more often,” David said softly stopping briefly.
“Only in private if this how you’re going to react,” Suzy told him.
David’s lips found Suzy’s again. His hands deftly pushed her straps off of her shoulders causing her gown to fall to the floor. David stood back and looking at Suzy said,
“You are perfection, my love!”
“No David what you are seeing is the love I have for you,” she answered pulling his t shirt up over his head.
Suzy couldn’t reach high enough so he helped. While he was taking his shirt off, he felt his pants fall to the ground. Suzy took David’s hand and led him to the bed where their bodies would become one with the passion only lovers know.
Afterward, Suzy propped herself up on her elbow. Looking down at David she told him,
“David yesterday I vowed to you that I would do all in my power to keep you happy. I meant that in and out of the bedroom.”
“Mrs. Miller you always have. We have been together for a while but since we’ve been here it seems different,” David commented.
“We have been making love as husband and wife. I wanted to show you what being married to me would be like the rest of our lives,” Suzy said leaning down to kiss him.
“What a wonderful life that will be, but right now I’m sweaty and think I’ll take a shower,” David said starting to get out of bed.
Suzy grabbed his arm,
“Wait a minute. Let’s go swimming instead!”
“Where is my bathing suit,” he asked.
“Silly you don’t need one. Didn’t you say the beach was private? Let’s put our robes on. No one will see us. Then we can sit on the beach and watch the moon,” Suzy said jumping out of bed.
“I’ll get the blanket out of the closet,” David said,
They put their robes on and walked hand in hand down the stairs from the bedroom porch to the beach. When they reached where the dry sand met the wet, David laid the blanket down.
“Last one in’s a monkey’s uncle,” Suzy teased running toward the water.
David chased her into the water. They played in the water for a while; splashing each other and diving into the waves. David would pick Suzy up and through her out into the water. She’d swim back to him underwater and grab his leg, startling him. He’d pick her up and kiss her. Finally they tired each other out.
Suzy looked up at the moon it was high in the sky so it must be getting late but she didn’t want to leave the beach. They decided to get out of the water and dry off with their robes. Suzy and David sat down on the blanket.
“David can we still stay for little while. It’s so beautiful. When I was a little girl, I would sit on the beach dreaming that I would have a night like this with the man I loved. Little did I ever think it would come true,” Suzy told David.
“I keep telling you, you’re a dream,” David teased.
“Come here let me give you a kiss to prove I’m yours and I am real,” Suzy replied and David obeyed.
They fell into a blissful sleep kissing each other on the beach, protected by the moon above. Their Cosmos sat waiting for them until the morning when the lovers were awakened by rain falling on them. Suzy and David ran laughing back to the house where the fell into bed and drifted back off to dreamland entwined in each others arms.
Suzy heard Piper yelping to get out and see her new mom and dad. Suzy let her go potty on her puppy paper and then put her in bed with David. Piper made a bee line for his face and started kissing him.
“She likes the salt on my face from the ocean,” David laughing lifting her away from his face cradling her in his arm.
“Oh Honey, believe me it’s not the salt. She’s a female and knows a sexy man when she sees one,” Suzy teased.
Suzy and David showered and dressed, or tried to. Piper kept playing at their feet and tried to pick up David’s shoe but she couldn’t move it. His shoe was bigger than she was. This was the morning they had to go the attorney’s office to make the Dunes theirs.
Suzy was so excited she could hardly eat. David laughed at her.
When breakfast was finished, David put Piper in her bed while they were gone. Rose asked they wanted her to come fix lunch. David said no they would no doubt eat on the pier to celebrate. She said she’d see them at dinner then.
Suzy and David arrived at the attorney’s early but didn’t have to wait very long. The attorney explained the previous owners had signed their paperwork before they went back to LA so Suzy just had to sign her part. Suzy asked to read the contract to make sure everything was in order. David loved to watch her at work. She was so confident and adept in her field. He could feel the pride in his heart swelling for his wife. Suzy found everything to be in order, signed her part, thanked the attorney and she left the excited owner of the Dunes.
“OMG David, it’s really ours. I can’t believe it,” Suzy said.
“Believe it Sweetie. You can change the name if you want,” David replied.
“Oh no! The Dunes is perfect.” Suzy told him. “Let’s eat, I’m famished.” She added linking her arm into David’s.
“Any wonder. You hardly ate any breakfast,” David teased.
David took Suzy to a lovely restaurant on the end of a pier overlooking the ocean on three sides. They had a delicious leisurely lunch. After lunch, they went back home, changed their clothes, picked up Piper and the three of them took a long walk on the beach. David had Piper sitting inside of his shirt. She loved to be able to watch the Sand Pipers play on the beach. The sun was getting hot so they decided to head home.
Rose came to prepare dinner. “Since this is your last dinner here, this time, I’m going fix you a clambake,” Rose told them.
“Rose where did you learn to make clambake,” Suzy asked.
“Not to be disrespectful Mrs. Miller, but you don’t think you Yankees have the monopoly on clambake do you,” Rose responded.
All three of them laughed. Suzy said, “Touché.”
Suzy and David helped Rose take the food out to the porch. Rose fixed the clambake, steamed corn on the cob. They also had potato salad with strawberry ice cream and homemade cookies for dessert.
“Rose, what a wonderful meal. Will you be able to come the next time we come,” Suzy asked.
“It will be my pleasure, if you need me. Mr. David has my phone number just give me a call,” Rose told Suzy.
“Rose we will always need you. You are part of the family,” Suzy said.
“Thank you. If you’re finished, I’ll clear the table. It’s a beautiful night why don’t you two go down to the beach,” Rose replied.
“That sounds like a great idea. Good night, we’ll see you in the morning. Our flight doesn’t leave until 2,” David said grabbing Suzy’s hand and they started walking to the beach.
“Can we sit in the chairs at the end of the deck to watch the ocean? Tomorrow we have to go back to reality,” Suzy asked.

“Sweetie what ever you want is fine with me as long as you sit in my lap,” David replied.
Suzy linked her arm in David’s and rested her head on his arm as they walked. Suzy sat in David’s lap and rested her head on his shoulder as they watch their ocean for the last time of their honeymoon. They didn’t even talk, the just sat quietly watching the ever moving ocean with moon beams dancing their nightly dance on its surface.

David turned ,bent his head down and kissed Suzy on the head. She looked up into his handsome face and kissed his lips.
“Suzy we may have to back to reality tomorrow, but we still have tonight,” David said softly, “Let’s enjoy our last night here.”
David and Suzy walked slowly back to the house, went up the back steps to be porch off of the bedroom and went inside.
Rose had turned down the bed for them as usual, but tonight she had left a bottle of champagne in the chiller for them with their flutes. David and Suzy smiled at each other. David poured their champagne and Suzy asked him to play his CD again. It meant so much to her. This time when ETILAY came on David took her into his arms and they swayed to the music, but before the end of the song David picked Suzy up and took her to the bed were they spent the rest of the night showing each other how much they loved each other. That night their love making was slow and languid as if they wanted to savor every moment until the fell asleep with their bodies entwined.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 64   Mon Dec 29, 2008 6:10 pm


David and Suzie got back from the airport at 2pm, and each decided to freshen up a bit before going for a walk for the first time on their farm as husband and wife. David had a shower first, while Suzie packed things away before she had a shower herself. They went downstairs and had a light snack before setting out.

The day was perfect, sun smiling down on them in a golden warmth and sky blue and cloudless, as if they themselves were welcoming the newlyweds back home.

David took Suzie’s hand. Suzie smiled up at her husband with a loving smile before turning back to the beautiful land which was now their home.
They decided to see if Dori and Seb were home. As they starting walking toward their home, Walter approached them.

“Hello, it is great to see you two back home again, and at just the right time. I have a sure-fire hunch we have a baby on the way soon. Camella is getting restless and her stomach is tight. I think we have our little cria on the way.”

Camella was one of the alpacas and she was about to give birth. They had already decided that they were going to give the cria to Cyd as a gift after Leila was born. They all walked to where Camella was and sure enough, the alpaca was going to give birth. Neither David nor Suzie had seen a baby being born or been involved in a birth. Both wanted to learn for future alpaca births. Walter told them to wash their hands and get gloves on, which they did.

At Seb and Dori’s House

Seb and Dori were very happy and settled in their new place and looking forward to the birth of their baby girls. Dori could be found in the nursery most of the time, a teddy in her hand, sitting on the rocking chair that Seb had added after the nursery was completed. She would stroke her stomach. Seb would sit at her feet, singing softly and lovingly, watching for any sign that their girls could hear them; which they got with a few big kicks.

They knew that David and Suzie would be visiting them when they got back from their honeymoon. Dori and Seb decided to fix Spaghetti for dinner and invite the newlyweds to join them.

As Dori had found out, to her delight, Sebastien was a Great cook; put any recipe in front of him and he could whip up a feast.

As it was only 3:30pm in the afternoon, Dori decided to water her garden. She put on her sneakers and headed outside. Looking up at the sky, she said a prayer of thanks that David and Suzie would be welcomed home by the view of a warm beautiful cloudless day.

Back at the farm

“LOOK LOOK LOOK! IT IS COMING! THE CRIA IS COMING!!!!!!!!” yelled Suzie excitedly, as she stroked Camella, who was by that stage lying on the ground, letting out whimpers of pain. “It is ok, girl… look… the baby is coming… soon you will be out of pain and have a new baby, OH MY GOD, I CAN SEE THE HEAD!!!!!!”

“Yes, Suzie, David… in a minute, we will have a brand new baby cria… oh, here we go… yes… yes… there is the body… ahhhhhh….. the baby has arrived.” Walter said smiling…

The all watched as Camella, the mother alpaca, lick clean her brand new baby. After she was clean, Walter announced it was a baby girl. She was brown; a brand new Rolling Hills cria female alpaca, who they named Camille, had been born.

Dinner for 4

Suzie had called Dori to tell her what had happened with the baby cria. Seb and Dori were both happy. They knew Suzie and David had been hoping that the cria was born before Cyd had Leila Elena. By the time David and Suzie arrived, they had the garlic bread ready as well as the spaghetti and meatballs, and bread rolls.

David and Suzie both agreed the day could not have been better. It was the perfect start to their new married life.

Written By JJ (bassybearfan)

Dori felt a big cramp across her stomach, and breathed in deeply to stop her from crying in pain. She had had 2 big pains like this previously, but did not want to believe she was in labor. She still had 3 weeks to go. Seb was lying in bed beside her, asleep. She did not want to wake him, not just yet, but she knew if the cramping continued she would have to.

“How on earth could you possibly know about babies and their lungs?” Dori asked David, shocked.

“I, like Suzie, read up on the subject, and found out quite a lot of stuff about babies. Did you know that sometimes a woman can be in labor up to 24 hours???????” David made a look of pain on his face. “Ouchie for a woman….. oooooh………owwwwwwww,’ David said wounded, looking at Suzie who had just pinched him.

Everyone in the car laughed. Dori made it to the hospital without having another contraction.

The hospital they had decided to admit Dori to for the birth was the Mission Hospital in Asheville. It was classed as the top notch hospital in the state. Dori was admitted and prepared.

“Ok, Dori, how long have these contractions been happening for????... and describe them please,” Dr Cartwright, their Doctor, asked.

“Oh, they started 3 hours ago. The first woke me up. It was just a slight cramp, just light across the top of my stomach, but sharp; like someone had smacked my middle. The second one was a bit longer, about 15 seconds, but felt a lot longer, and went deeper down in my stomach. The 3rd was very deep, and very painful.”

“Ok and when did your water break?”

“After the third contraction, just after I woke Seb up screaming.”

“Ok, I have to check and see how dilated you are and we can go from there. Now, before we do anything else, Dori, do you want to have a gas mask for the pain and feel the births of your twins or do you want to have an epidural, and have no feeling when the twins are born, except for a slight twinge?”

“I will have the epidural, as long as I will be awake for the births. Will I Doctor? it isn’t for a c-section is it?”

“No, Dori, an epidural only numbs the lower half of your body. You will still be having a natural birth and be awake for it. But you will only feel a slight twinge, compared to the pain you normally would.”

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 65   Mon Dec 29, 2008 6:12 pm

“Ok, Doctor Cartwright, I will have the epidural, thank you.”

“Ok, Dori, let me see how dilated you are and we will proceed from there.” The Doctor had a look, and found that Dori was already 5 cm dilated. “Well Dori, it looks as if your girls are very anxious to meet you and Sebastien. Another 3 cm and you can have the needle. Now when we administer it, you must lie completely still, as the needle will be going into the base of your spine, and is always risky. We haven’t had it happen here, but there have been cases of paraplegia from this procedure. Are you still happy to go ahead?”

Sebastien looked at Dori and nodded his head at her to let her know that he would be happy in her choice.

“Yes, please, go ahead. I would like the epidural,” Dori stated, patting her stomach and looking at Seb happily.

“Ok, I will leave you now. Just hold Seb’s hand during contractions and I will be back to check on you again in a half hour.”

“Ok, Doctor, and thank you in advance for delivering our precious bundles of joy.”

“The pleasure is mine.”

Dori experienced two more contractions in the half hour the doctor was gone.

“Ok, Dori, you are really coming along, which is very rare for a first time pregnancy. You are now fully dilated, so I can now administer the epidural. Sebastien, would you like to slowly roll Dori onto her left side for me please? Yes, that is great. Ok, Dori, now hold still for me… you are doing great… ok now you will feel a light sting… that’s it… ok, done. Dori, you did great. Let’s get you back over onto your back. The epidural takes roughly 5 to 10 minutes to kick in. Then we will hook you up to a monitor that can tell us when you are having contractions. Seb can monitor them for me. Have the nurse page me when they are 2 minutes apart if I’m not in the room. Then we know the twins will be coming.”

Dori contractions at that stage were coming 10 minutes apart. So they had a bit of a way to go, or so they thought. Seb and Dori were talking about the names for the girls. They had Alexandria Natalia picked out, of course, and the name Yannic, but had no middle name. Seb watched the monitors. When Dori contractions were one minute apart, Dr Cartwright came back.

“Ok, Dori, now I know you can’t feel anything now, so on my command, you have to push really hard, ok?”


Soon it was time for Dori to push.

“OK, Dori, push, that’s it, you are doing great… hold Seb’s hand… great… you are doing really well.”

Dori had sweat running down her neck. Seb gently wiped it away with a damp towel.

“Ok, Dori, push again. You can do it, push really hard. Seb, come here, the head of your first born is crowning.” Seb, with tears in his eyes, watched as the head of his daughter appeared. Dori gave one last big push, and their beautiful Alexandra was born.

Dr Cartwright gave Seb his daughter, the first of his pride and joys. He held her very gently. She was small, but a healthy weight.

“ Ok, Dori, your second girl is coming… push really hard… that’s it. You are doing so well. Ok, one last big push… good girl… you are the proud parents of two beautiful baby daughters.”

The girls were the most gorgeous creations of beauty both Seb and Dori had ever seen. The girls were both measured and deemed that although small, Alexandra weighing 6 pounds 7 ounces and Yannic weighing 6 pounds 3 ounces. They were both a healthy weight.
The others were then invited in.
“Oh, Dori, Seb, they are just darlings,” Cyd said, looking at them both and smiling.

All of them swooped over the babies. Each had a tiny cuddle until Dr Cartwright shooed them all out.

“Mom, papa and babies need their rest now. Let them have some family time now… out, the lot of you.”

Everyone grumbled at the Dr good-naturedly, but all smiled at Dori and Seb before leaving. Dori looked at Doctor Cartwright and had an idea. “Dr Cartwright, what is your first name?”

“Madeline, Madeline Louise Cartwright.”

“Madeline it is then. Dr Cartwright, meet Alexandra Natalia and Yannic Madeline Izambard, our beautiful bundles of Joy.”

“I am flattered, and proud, to have you name one after me. Thank you. Now you rest and I will check on you tomorrow.” Dr Cartwright left the room.
The Izambard family was now complete.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 66   Mon Dec 29, 2008 6:13 pm

Written by JJ (Bassybearfan)

Dori and the twins spent two days in hospital before being allowed to come home. Dori was very excited, as was Seb. The nurses had shown Dori how to look after the babies when she came home; how to bathe them, feed and burp them, and the correct way to hold them. Dori was still nervous so, as a complete surprise to Dori, Amanda was coming to stay for awhile.

Sebastien had packed the car with some clothes to take to Dori to change into, some of the girls outfits and had secured the car seats into the back seat of the car. David had to drive, as Sebastien had not yet gotten an American driving license. Sighing, he muttered “It’s on my list of things to do.” As he checked the twins car seats one more time.

The trip to the hospital was quiet. David could see that Seb was thinking about something, but didn’t want to ask, knowing Seb would talk to him or one of the others when the time felt right. David parked as close to the entrance as they could. A moment later, he patted Seb on the shoulder as they walked inside. When they got to the room, Dori and the twins were waiting for them. The discharge paperwork had already been taken care of. While Seb and David changed the girls clothes, Dori changed in the bathroom.

A wheelchair was provided for Dori by a nurse. Dori had come so far in her recovery that she insisted on walking out of the hospital herself. She didn’t want to face another wheelchair… ever. Seb spoke to her in the hallway briefly before the nurse finally agreed. David carried the weekend bag Seb had packed that now contained the hospital paperwork and the Welcome Baby baskets the hospital had given Dori and Seb.

Dori settled herself into the front seat with the weekend bag at her feet. Seb and David strapped Alexandra and Yannic into their car seats. Seb settled himself in the back between the twins. Soon they were on their way home.

As they were driving, Dori told them all about how lovely the nurses had been and how they had taken the time to show her how to take care of the babies. She admitted shyly that she was still a bit nervous trying to do all of it on her own. Seb and David smiled at each other. Dori caught the look between them. “Ok, you two, what is going on? What have you been up to Seb?”

Sebastien, looking at Dori innocently said, “Moi? Now Dori, my love, what could I have possibly been up to?”

“Yes, what indeed? That is the question I would like to find out.”

“Well, my dear, we are only 5 minutes from home now. You will find out soon enough.” Seb peeked over at his daughters, who were fast asleep. He felt nothing but a huge swell of adoration for the babies who had been created in love by him and Dori.

As they got close to the house, Dori’s eyes widened in complete wonder. Stretched form one side of the house to the other, was the biggest banner she had ever seen. On it was written:


Dori had tears in her eyes when she saw all of her Il Divo family and Amanda standing there. The outside of the house had been decorated with flowers and balloons. Inside, the house was filled with cards and little gifts from the fans after they had read the message Seb proudly posted in the forum. Dori could not believe it all. She hugged everyone tightly, whispering a thank you to each one, saving Amanda for last. She had tears in her eyes when she hugged Amanda, adding “I’m so glad that you are here.”

When Dori and Sebastien had the twins settled inside, Sebastien stood up to make a speech. “As you all know, it hasn’t always been a smooth path for Dori and I. There have been some very rocky roads that we have had to face. Through it all, Dori remained strong and never gave up… and… for that I have to say a big thank you to my wife. Thank you Dori for allowing me the honor of been the man who wakes up beside you each morning, and goes to bed with you each night. Thank you for been my lover and very best friend; thank you for helping me to understand what true love was and is. Thank you for been the mother of our children. Thank you for blessing me with two of the most adorable baby girls in god’s creation. Most of all Dori, my wonderful wife, thank you for showing me you love me every second of everyday; for there is no life without love. Now I know you love me. I know I will now be truly living… Thank you Dori, for a wonderful marriage and life, you make me a better man and I love you for that and so much more. There are no other words I can find that tell you what my heart feels.”

Dori hugged Sebastien tightly and made her own speech. “Sebastien, when I flew over to London to meet with David about selling Rolling hills, I never expected to meet four of the most beautiful men a woman could hope to find. When David asked me to dinner to meet his friends and band mates, I had no idea I would walk in there with my heart free and walk out with you holding it. I was honored to meet the other guys, but looking at you I was stunned. You had and still have the most gorgeous green eyes I have ever seen. They held me captive then and still do. You are my lover and best friend, the father of our children and my soul mate. You make me laugh. When you hold me, I know there is no safer place then lying in your arms. I feel protected and happy with you. I am honored I will be with you everyday for the rest of my life. I love you.”

As the twins were only newborns and Dori was still exhausted, the party did not last much longer. Soon, David and Suzie said their good nights and walked back to their farmhouse. Later, Cyd and Carlos left as well as Urs and Siobhan. As Cyd looked to the sky, she frowned as she was hoping for a full moon later in the clear evening sky. Carlos saw the look on her face and smiled, knowing why, as her hand instinctively reached for the pendant on her necklace. Urs and Siobhan walked arm in arm, talking quietly and easily as they glanced at the mountains beyond.

Amanda could stay only a week. She was planning on coming back for a longer visit...

Happy to be back in the house with her family, Dori sat on the rocking chair and thought back to when she was young. She had imagined in her mind her house, kids husband and family, never expecting her dream to come true. She thought to herself, “I have to be the luckiest woman in the world.”

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 67   Mon Dec 29, 2008 6:18 pm

Written by JJ (BassyBearFan)

A week after they had gathered around talking about the CD and tour, Seb’s thoughts were still running around in his head. He knew the direction his idea was heading, but didn’t quite know at that particular moment how to put his thoughts into words or on paper.

“Darling, Is something the matter with our daughters? You have been looking into their crib quite intently for 30 minutes or so. Something is obviously on your mind. Would you like to tell me?”

Seb turned to Dori smiling, and put his arms around her. “I don’t know how to put it into words at the moment Dori, my love. I look at our little girls and I know they will always be provided for, loved, protected, always. But I look at my kids on AMTM and all I see in their eyes is despair, heartbreak. I want to help them and do more… I have had ideas, but need to sort it all out, and try and put it down on paper.”

“Oh, Darling, I am sure you will find a way. Can you talk to the guys about it?”

“Yes, I will talk to David about it and see if we can get some ideas down. I will call him… see if Suzie would like to come over and spend some time with you.”

“Oh, yes, I would love that.”

Seb called the farmhouse to see if David and Suzie were available to come over as Seb wanted to talk to David about something. David said they would be over in a few hours. As it would be lunchtime then, Dori decided to make some turkey, cheese and relish sandwiches and a pitcher of lemonade. A few minutes later, she put them in the fridge to cool. Sebastien decided to see if he could get any ideas by logging on to his laptop and visiting the AMTM official site.

He grabbed a notepad from a drawer and jotted some things down. He started with – AMTM- ASSISTANCE MEDICALE TOIT DU MONDE- MEDICAL HELP ROOF OF THE WORLD.

After he had finished jotting down some information about the actual charity itself, he had jotted down in notes:

Started in 1992, first missions to Nepal and India, destitute countries asked for help to save youth from TB, help preserve culture, help benefit more women, children and elderly, several times a year go out in field, doctors nurses pharmacologists, water causes gastro bugs, no kitchen or showers, sponsors desperately needed.

Seb looked at the notes he had written down and was satisfied he and David would be able to come up with some ideas.

David and Suzie arrived at 12pm on the dot. The sandwiches and lemonade were laid out on the table along with some napkins, and they all sat down. There was the general chitchat about the farm, babies, Cyd’s alpaca and things like that. After lunch was finished and the dishes washed and put away, Dori headed outside to water the garden with Suzie while David and Seb talked.

“For about a week now, David, I have had ideas running through my head. I look at my daughters and see 2 gorgeous babies who will always be provided for, loved adored, and protected. But I want to do so much more. I have been looking at the kids on AMTM and feel that I need to do more to help them… somehow. I wanted to see if we could throw some ideas around; just to see what we can come up with.”

David looked at the notes Seb had written as Seb explained the direction he wanted his idea to go. As he spoke, Seb continued to listen to the baby monitor. A moment later, he thought he heard something, so padded upstairs to check on the twins. David stared at the notes and listened to Seb quiet footsteps as he made is way to the nursery. He smiled quietly as he listened to Seb quietly cooing to his daughters. His eyes wandered from the page to the ceiling, then the laptop open on the desk in the corner.

Curious, he stood and stretched a moment, running his fingers through his hair as he ambled to the desk. There, he saw the pictures from the AMTM website. As he looked out the window to check on Dori and Suzie, he caught site of the farmhouse rooftop. ‘Now, it was Home for him and Suzie... We have so much… so lucky… so blessed…” He thought to himself. He glanced at the pictures on the screen… “They have next to nothing but each other… bleak conditions… lack of even the basics…” Again, he looked outside at the fields and mountains in the distance as his mind continued to wander back to his own childhood and the memories he had locked away of home and family. Now, he had a bigger family. He turned slowly and walked over toward the table and listened to the monitor, Seb still cooing softly, and smiled. As he did so, a warm feeling came over him. Quietly, he made his way to the stairs and quietly made his way to the nursery as well.

Upstairs, the babies had awakened from their nap and wanted to see their daddy. Seb stood between the two cribs smiling ear to ear as he spoke to them, touching their sleep-warmed cheeks as they saw him. David paused a moment before he looked into the nursery. “Yes, we do have so much now…” he whispered to himself…”it’s time… time to help make a difference…somehow…”

Moments later, the twins had fresh diapers on and the group was headed down stairs with Seb holding Yannic and David holding Alexandra. As they returned to the table, they continued to talk about different ideas, cuddling the twins as they did so. After a few hours of throwing around ideas and planning, they finally managed to come up with the idea of a concert to honor the kids of AMTM. The basics covered, they decided to leave it at that for the time being. They walked out to where Dori and Suzie were and told them some of what they had decided. Both thought it was a wonderful idea. They continued to talk as they headed back into the house so Dori could clean up before she handled the babies.

Written By JJ (BassyBearFan)

Dori and the twins had been home with Seb for 2 weeks when they had everyone over for a visit.

All through the weddings, honeymoons and babies been born, the men of IL DIVO had found time to complete an album. They used songs from some of their favorite singers and some originals which Seb had written. The new album was dubbed Eternita (eternity.) The guys were very excited about this CD. They had put so much of themselves into it as they had the others. Now, they would be promoting it as 4 happily married men. They hoped the fans would love the delicate harmonies they used as a personal reminder to their new wives of the love they cherished so dearly.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 68   Mon Dec 29, 2008 6:19 pm

The girls were also very excited. Their friendship had grown in leaps and bounds since they had known each other. Cyd and Siobhan were looking forward to being with their husbands on their first tour with them as a married couple. Suzie and Dori were looking forward to their first tour ever with their husbands.

As Dori had the twins and Cyd had Leila Elena on the way, they had decided that Cyd would stay with Dori, and that Suzie and Siobhan would go on tour with the guys for the first part. When the twins and Leila Elena were a little older, Dori and Cyd would leave the girls with Suzie and Siobhan and tour with the guys for a few weeks. David already had the linkup set up in Dori and Seb’s living room, so the guys would always be able to see the babies. Seb and Carlos would not miss out on seeing them grow while they were on tour promoting the new CD.

They came together at Seb and Dori’s house, where the twins were sound asleep. They all very quietly looked in on the girls, whispered to Seb and Dori how adorable they were, and left the nursery.

When they had all seated themselves comfortably in the living room, they talked for awhile about the weddings, and honeymoons, things they had done, and places they had seen. It was nice to just be able to relax and get caught up with what everyone had been doing before talking about the album.

“This is the first time the ladies will be with us for a promotion and tour. I think we should explain to them the process involved and how it all works,” Carlos said, smiling at Cyd, who patted her baby bump and smiled back.

“Yes, I agree. What is going to happen is…” Seb started to say when through the monitor on the table interrupted with the sound of 2 indignant cries.

“Well, dear, it seems that right now the twins do not want their papa talking,” Dori replied laughing as she excused herself to see to the twins.

“Yes, it would appear that way. Excuse us please,” Sebastien said, following Dori up to the nursery.

Dori settled herself in the rocking chair while holding Yannic in her arms. Seb held Alexandra in his arms and rocked her back and forth while singing her a lullaby. They spent 5 minutes together before going downstairs to the sounds of coos from the 3 other ladies waiting to hold the twins. Seb and Dori went to the kitchen to make up the bottles while Suzie and Siobhan held the girls. When they came back, the girls were very loudly crying for their feed. Seb held Yannic while Dori held Allie, which they had decided to use as her nickname. When the girls had been fed and burped, both drifted to sleep in their bassinets which Seb had set up in the living room for them.

‘Well dear, now the twins are sound asleep. Would you like to continue what you were saying earlier?” Dori asked with a twinkle in her eyes and a teasing smile.

Seb looked at Dori and smiled, thinking that he had never in his life seen a more beautiful woman, and counting himself the luckiest man in the world once again.

“Yes, I think that might be an idea. What is going to happen is, in 2 or so months when we get word from management, we will be heading off to different countries to promote the album, do some signings, and TV and radio shows.”

“Yes, and then, when we finish doing that, we will be getting ready to do the tour, which should be a few months after that.” Carlos added.

“You are right Carlos. We will be getting ready to do the tour then, but we have to wait for them to mass produce the album and for management, seeing as we have only made the final cut of the album today. That won’t be for awhile yet though,” David said, looking at Suzie with eyes that sparkled love.

“Yes. Then after the promotion, and before the tour, I was thinking it might be nice to have a family gathering, to celebrate the twins birth and spend a little bit more time with Amanda, Mathew and Mammon… if you wouldn’t mind, Seb.” Dori asked, looking into Seb’s eyes and seeing nothing but adoration.

“I think that is a wonderful idea and I know Mammon and Amanda and Mathew would love it. Speaking of which, I haven’t told you that Mandi is pregnant, have I?”

“No, you haven’t. Is she really? Oh my god, that’s such wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!” Dori cried, flinging her arms around Seb’s neck in utter joy.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 69   Mon Dec 29, 2008 6:20 pm

They talked a bit more about the album, the promotion and tour, before everyone left. Seb and Dori carried their sleeping babies upstairs, cuddled them close and lightly kissed their cheeks before tucking them into the a joining cribs. Seb was watching Dori in bed that night, stroking her hair and watching her sleep as the thoughts continued to turn in his head.

Cyd’s Surprise

Carlos and Cyd arrived back in Madrid, Spain about 3 weeks after the Homecoming of Sebastien and Dori’s twins. They settled back into the villa, just the two of them, and began to readjust after spending so much time in the states with the others. Carlos knew she wanted to have everything ready for the baby when they left for the hospital. So he had been looking into a bigger and much more spacious place where they could be happy and settled with Leila Elena as well as any more children they may have in the future. He also remembered the loving look in Cyd’s eyes, the contented aura that surrounded her and the smile on her face as she busied herself with taking care of the alpacas on David’s farm. It was a part of her he cherished and wanted to see and feel often. He also wanted that for their child. Knowing that Cyd would be home more with the baby and less on tour with Il Divo, he wanted her to have something, other than their child, for her... something that she was passionate about… something that would be there for her when he couldn’t be. He felt the video hook-up was a good idea. He wouldn’t miss out on his child’s life, but he also knew that it was two dimensional. He wanted more for his family… something more tangible.

David had called weeks before and told Carlos that the baby Alpaca, Camille, had been born. He smiled at the alpaca’s name, remembering the conversation with David so many months before. He knew Camille’s name was David’s little joke about him thinking the alpacas were camels. Camille would be arriving in Spain as soon as she was able to leave her mother and as soon as Carlos could make arrangements for her. He wanted Camille’s birth and arrival as a surprise for Cyd, asking the others to keep the secret as well. Cyd would be in the dark until the gift arrived. Mathew called and told Carlos that Camille would be ready for moving in about 4 weeks. He would be flying her over from the States at that time.

Carlos had found a beautiful mansion outside the main part of Madrid. The house sat up on a hill looking out over a huge lawn. It was elegant without being pretentious. He knew Cyd would love this, their first real home as man, wife and family. Carlos was a proud man and he wanted his family life private. It was a huge place; lots of rooms and a pasture on the far side of the property. That part he planned to use as a small Petting Zoo for Cyd and the baby; hoping that the little one would also have her mother’s love of animals. This is where Camille would live when she arrived. He had bought the mansion and started working on getting the pasture ready, building the barn and stocking it with supplies that Camille would need, based on what Walter had told him. He had done it all, without Cyd knowing.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 70   Mon Dec 29, 2008 6:21 pm

Cyd on the other hand was planning on decorating the nursery, but Carlos begged her to let him do the work. He knew from talking with Seb and what he had read, that painting was bad for pregnant women. True to his word to her, he had the painting done while they were still in the states, so the smell would not hurt her or the baby. She had picked out some pretty animals to go on the walls while they had been in the states. After a few phone calls, he had them shipped back. He had carefully instructed the laborers where they were to be placed - exactly where she had said she wanted them based on the notes Cyd had made for the room. Carlos had the baby clothes and things unpacked and put away. The crib was set up and in working order. He had ordered a new bed for Cyd to have in the nursery (in case she needed to lie down when she was up in the middle of the night) and a beautiful rocker with a matching foot stool for her to rock Leila Elena.

In the meantime Carlos was making arrangements for the new house to have the whole inside redone while they were still in the states. The last time he had checked on its progress, it was close to being ready for the family to live there.

The kitchen was done in Stainless Steel and was large and roomy. Cyd love cooking, so he made sure she had all she needed for her beautiful meals.

The living room was beautiful with a piano, a fireplace in the corner, and two sparkling yet elegant chandeliers. After consulting with Suzie briefly, he had chosen the furniture. It was just right for this amazing couple. Cyd could sit back and enjoy her husband as he sang to her at night. Another thing he hoped their daughter would enjoy as well.

Carlos had a Bar built for entertaining. It had its own TV screen and Video Link up like Sebastien has, so everyone was able to keep in touch.

The bedroom was his favorite room. It had the most elegant look about it and Cyd would love the red and black curtains and the aqua lamps. To Carlos, the room had a feeling of romance and love. It would be their private, intimate paradise. The colors and feelings he felt while he was there reminded him of the beach in Mexico when Cyd had so lovingly told him about being pregnant.

The Nursery for Leila Elena was done in beautiful animals so that it liked like a zoo for babies. All of the same things for her nursery at the villa were replicated in the new house. It would be the same for Leila Elena whether they were at the villa or the mansion. He didn’t want her surrounding to be changed while she was younger. He was comforted by the feeling she would like the security and comfort of both places being the same.

Carlos knew he would have plenty of time to have everything ready for Cyd’s Surprise, including a pretty calico kitten. He named Twinkle. She too would be there waiting when they moved into the new house with the baby.

Carlos was keeping a close eye on all of the aspects of the reconstruction and he made sure Camille would have a great place to roam and fenced in so nothing would harm her.

He made sure that the acreage holding the small petting zoo was set up for the children to be able to interact with the animals that would live there. It had its own fenced in area and the animals were all safe for the children to interact with. He wanted the lamb, goat, fawn, rabbits and other animal’s habitats to be safe and comfortable for both the animals and their young human visitors. The ducks and swans would be in view but not handled. He had hired a zoo expert to help with the design on all of the areas. Another one would maintain and run the petting zoo, keeping in mind that Cyd could add other animals as she wanted. He insisted all of the animals were to be treated and handled well. At the expert’s advice, he had also contacted a veterinary clinic to be on call for any emergency. He had also hired a landscaper to maintain all of the plants and trees that would attract other birds and butterflies. The zoo area would be on the same property, but away from the house, so Cyd and Leila Elena would still have their privacy, but be close enough for both to enjoy.

Rubbing his eyes, as Cyd rested in the next room, he continued to plan and think to himself. The inside of the house was ready, but getting their personal things moved in and groceries purchases was the next thing on Carlos’ list. He had hired a chef to set up the kitchen for Cyd and get the pantry stocked and the kitchen in order. So that was marked off the list. Twinkle also had to be picked up and moved to the new house. Within a few days, the animals would be arriving. Carlos wanted to make sure he was available to supervise the placing of them. Everything was coming together nicely. Sitting back in his chair, Carlos was very pleased to see it was almost ready for his amazing, wonderful bride and new daughter to come home to. He closed his laptop and stood, running his hands down his jeans. Moments later, he was walking down the hallway to check on Cyd

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 71   Mon Dec 29, 2008 6:25 pm

Carlos and Cyd’s new arrival
Written By: Sandie Davis

Cyd has spent the early morning walking in the flower garden, touching the soft petals of the flowers and smelling their delicate aromas. It reminded her of the garden where Carlos had proposed and the flowers from their wedding ceremony. She hadn’t slept much the past few days. It had been unseasonably warm lately and combined with the pregnancy, she couldn’tseem to be comfortable for any length of time. She patted her bulging stomach lightly, plucking a dahlia with her other hand. Smiling, she let the petals lightly skim the top of the pink, cotton dress that covered her tummy.
As she stood a moment, making the simple patterns, Carlos watched from the window. He had been worried about her not sleeping well. He wanted to be a good father, love Cyd and Leila Elena. “My two beautiful flowers… one in full bloom, the other, a sleeping bud not yet ready to blossom.” He thought to himself as he turned to walk to the door.

As he approached her, she smiled and turned to face him. “Good Morning.” She whispered, taking him into her arms.

Carlos smiled, kissing her deeply as he hugged her close. “How are the loveliest ladies in the whole world this morning?” He whispered softly, as he gazed into her dark green eyes.

She smiled before taking his hand and resting it on her stomach. “This lovely lady is waiting to see her handsome daddy. I am trying to walk off the aches and pains coming from my back. I think she wants to make her debut soon, Carlito.”

His hand once again, felt the flutter he had come to love… a greeting from his baby girl saying ‘Hola.’ He wouldn’t forget the first flutter he felt on their wedding day, nor any of the hundreds since then. It warmed his heart as he thought about how she would look and what she would be like. He was going to be a very proud papa. He wanted Leila Elena to look like Cyd; Cyd wanted her to have Carlos’ honey brown eyes and beautiful smile.

Moments later, they continued to stroll through the garden, arm in arm. As they watched the birds and butterflies as they walked, Cyd remembered the end of their ceremony. She lightly touched the pendant on the necklace he had given her, hoping she wouldn’t have to take it off at the hospital for the delivery. As they headed back toward the villa, Cyd’s eyes widened suddenly and she gasped. Carlos looked at her with fear in his eyes.

“Querida, what’s wrong? Is it….. “Carlos said, as he turned to face her. Cyd nodded, resting her hands on his shoulders and gripping them tightly.
Carlos pulled out his cell phone and hit the speed dial for Cyd’s doctor. A few hasty words were exchanged as Cyd closed her eyes, rested her forehead against his shoulder, and started to breathe deeply. As her breathing continued, Carlos held her close, stroking her hair softly. As he held the phone away from his face, he whispered to her gently, “That’s it Querida, breathe… breathe… in and out… in and out. “ As soon as Cyd’s breathing returned to normal, he spoke again to Dr DeLuca’s office.
An hour later, Cyd and Carlos were at the hospital. As Carlos completed the paperwork, the nurse helped Cyd undress and put on a hospital gown. She asked Cyd to remove her necklace and give it to her husband for safe keeping.

“No, she doesn’t have to take it off…” Dr DeLuca said bluntly. “It’s not against hospital policy and it’s not a health hazard to her or the baby. Let her wear it. I know it’s important to her.” He was standing at the foot of the bed, waiting for Cyd to get comfortable. He smiled at her, showing the dimples she had come to adore. “Hi Cyd, how are you doing now? Are the contractions coming closer together? Where’s Carlos? I know he was with you when he called.”

“Mr Marin is finishing the admission paperwork Doctor. I wasn’t sure if Mrs Marin wanted some time to herself or not, so I brought her here to get started until you could arrive. “The nurse said calmly. “First time moms don’t always know what to expect, so I wanted to give her some time to re-group and prepare. Some dads just seem to get in the way.”

“Carlos… I would like to see him please…” Cyd said quietly. “Will he be here soon? I don’t want him to be this close and miss the baby being born… please?”

“You have plenty of time for that Cyd. You aren’t quiet ready for the delivery room. “ Dr DeLuca stated, finishing his preliminary exam. “Another few hours and we’ll give you the epidural we talked about. I’ll see what’s keeping him.” He flashed the smile with the deep dimples and walked out of the room.

The nurse had just finished putting in the IV needle when Carlos walked into the room. “How is my beautiful mama to be?” He said, kissing her warmly. He let his hand rest lightly on her cheek as he gazed into her eyes. “What is this IV for? She only said an epidural…. Isn’t that just a shot? Oh goodness, is something wrong?” He said, looking to the nurse.

“No, nothing is wrong, the Doctor wants her to rest while she can. It’s to keep her hydrated and comfortable. The epidural will come later. Too soon, and it won’t last the delivery… too late, and she will not be able to have it. I’m Maggi, your wife’s nurse, for this shift at least. Nice to meet you, Mr Marin. I’m not a fan of your music, but some of the patients and staff here are. I’m a rocker exclusively. Sorry…We thought a non-fan would be better, no distractions from your fame.”

Carlos nodded, as he continued to focus on Cyd. “Thank you. What ever she and the baby need are fine with me. I’m trusting the loves of my life to you and this hospital… I can’t… won’t let anything stand in the way of that.” He gently brushed his fingers through Cyd’s hair and kissed her forehead softly.

“I’m here until midnight, if you need anything Mrs. Marin. Doc will be back in about an hour to check on you. It’s been a busy day here. We’ve been delivering baby boys all morning. No girls yet. There’s a lounge down the hall Mr Marin if you need a break. I’ll show you where the coffee and soda machines are if you don’t know already.” Maggi smiled and checked the fetal monitor before leaving quietly after Carlos thanked her.

The afternoon crept by, with Carlos trying to stay calm as the contractions came closer and closer together. Dr DeLuca, true to his word, came back frequently to check on Cyd and her progress. At 4:30, he announced, “I believe we can get this show on the road. The curtain will be coming up in the next hour…. It’s show time Mr and Mrs Marin! Carlos, we need to start the epidural now. Would you please help Maggi keep her completely still. Hold her hand and talk to her… sing even, just keep her still.”

Dr Deluca prepared the area and gave Cyd the epidural as Carlos held her hand and softly hummed “Per Te” to her. It had always been special for her from their honeymoon. As he hummed the song, Cyd lightly touched the pendant on her necklace and remembered the first time he had sung it to her. A few minutes later, Cyd was on her way to the Labor Room with Carlos at her side. At the doorway, Maggi took Carlos to a locker room, handed him the surgical scrubs he was to wear and told him to be ready in 10 minutes or less if at all possible. She would be waiting outside the door. Carlos changed quickly as he tried to remain calm.

In the Labor Room, Cyd was moved onto the table and her vital signs as well as the babies were checked again. As they waited, Clara smiled at Cyd and said, “Dr Dimples… Oh, I mean DeLuca… is just scrubbing up. He is the best OB at the hospital. I love working with him.” As she patted Cyd’s shoulder, “Are you doing alright hun? “

Cyd nodded, taking deep breaths and looking for Carlos to appear. A moment later, Carlos and Dr DeLuca came into the room. Soon, Cyd could feel pressure as Dr Deluca talked them through what was happening. As he said, “The baby’s head is crowning now… One more big push and we should have lift off Cyd. Carlos, you might want to be down here in the next few seconds, if you want to see your baby come into this world. It only happens once ya know.”

Carlos looked at Cyd’s face and could see a tired, but determined look. Clara took Cyd’s hands from Carlos, saying, “Mr Marin… Carlos, see your child come into the world. I’ll stay here for you. You need to greet your baby.”

Carlos hesitated, looking to Cyd for an answer. She nodded briefly as she took another deep breath. Carlos stepped back to stand near Dr DeLuca.
“Ok little girl, Daddy’s waiting to see you…. Cyd, you’re doing great. One more push and that’s it. Don’t push any more, even though you feel like you want to. ..”

Carlos’ eyes widened as he watched his daughter being delivered into Dr DeLuca’s strong but gentle hands. A nurse was standing by with a warmed blanket as soon as it was needed. A moment later, a lusty cry was heard from such as little baby. The nurse opened the folded blanket and wrapped it around the beautiful baby after another had cleaned her up. A moment later, she handed the child to a very quiet Carlos.

Dr DeLuca smiled, “…another satisfied customer… and finally a girl! Carlos and Cyd, there are lots of boyfriends for her to choose from in the nursery now.

Carlos held his daughter in his arms as tears trickled down his cheeks. "Hola mi pequeño petalo de flor" (Hello little flower petal) he whispered softly as he caressed her cheek and touched her fingers. He turned to smile at Cyd as she held their child in her arms. “Say Hola to your mama.” He kissed Cyd deeply. “I love you and I love our baby.”

“Carlos, would you like to cut the cord? Literally, not figuratively… that is. She’s a bit too young to be on her own just yet and ummm dating. “ Dr DeLuca said jokingly.

Carlos nodded, touching Cyd’s cheek and kissing Leila Elena softly. In a moment, he was holding Cyd’s hand and smiling. After a few minutes, Clara picked up Leila Elena and said, “Congratulation Marin family. We need to get her weighed and measured. It will only take a minute. 3.4 km (7.5 lbs) and 43.18 cm (17 inches)” Clara announced soon after. “Nice size and weight. She’s beautiful, like her mama and papa. She has her papa's eyes.” as she returned the baby to Cyd’s arms.

A few minutes later, Cyd was resting comfortably in her room. Carlos sat on the bed beside her, rocking Leila Elena in his arms softly. He would call the guys later. As Cyd drifted off to sleep, he dimmed the lights in the room before quietly moving to the window. Cuddling his daughter in his arms, he stared toward the sky. “Another full moon to mark this special event.” He whispered softly to his daughter before he began to sing:

Mi Niña Bonita

les debe pasar lo mismo = I'm sure you may also feel
que cuando van a hacer padres = That when it's time to become a father
quisieran tener un niño = All men would like to have a boy.

luego les nace una niña = But when a baby girl is born
sufren una decepcion = At first you feel disappointed
y despues la quieren tanto = Yet later you love her so much
que hasta cambian de opinion= That your opinion changes


Es mi niña bonita = You are my precious little girl
con tu carita de rosa = With the face of a rose
es mi niña bonita = You are my precious little girl
cada dia mas preciosa = Every day more enchanting
es mi niña bonita = You are my precious little girl
hecha de nardo y clavel = Made up of petals of joy

es mi niña bonita, = You are my precious little girl
es mi niña bonita, = My darling little girl
cuanto la llego a querer = Every day I love you more.

Si un dia se casa mi niña = And if one day you should marry
vestida de blanco armiño = Dressed in purest of white
recordare que soñaba = And if I should remember
con que al nacer fuera un niño = That at your birth I wished for a boy

Por eso rezo y le pido = For that I pray to the Lord
al señor de gran poder = To forgive my transgression
que el hombre que se la lleve = And to grant you a husband
la sepa siempre a querer = Who will always knows how to love you.

(Chorus repeated)

Es mi niña bonita= You are my precious little girl
con tu carita de rosa= With the face of a rose
es mi niña bonita= You are my precious little girl
cada dia mas preciosa= Every day more enchanting
es mi niña bonita= You are my precious little girl
hecha de nardo y clavel= Made up of petals of joy

es mi niña bonita,= You are my precious little girl
es mi niña bonita,= My darling little girl
cuanto la llego a querer= Every day I love you more.

Cyd heard Carlos singing and awoke as she listened to him quietly. She knew his voice well. She was happy for their daughter as now she had a special song of her own as well. As he finished singing, he kissed Leila Elena’s forehead and hugged her warmly as he hummed the chorus softly.

In the hallway outside of Cyd’s room, Maggi smiled as she brushed away a tear. “I guess I’m no longer a rocker exclusively…” as she walked down the hall. The bottle of champagne that was given to the new parents was returned to the refrigerator for Carlos and Cyd to enjoy another time.

Cyd's Moving Day

Carlos had been in contact with Urs in the UK and had told him of the surprise he had gotten for Cyd and Leila Elena when they were released from the hospital. In 24 hours he was bringing them home to the house instead of the villa. He wanted to know if Urs and Siobhan could come for a few days, check out the house and make sure all was ready for Cyd and the baby when they got there. Mathew was in the UK and would fly them over to Spain. They would be there in the morning before Carlos left to pick up Cyd and the baby.

Carlos hung up the phone thinking, “Do I have everything ready?”

Camille would arrive in a few days. She would be the final touch he would decide for the zoo and the animals; Cyd would add anything else she wanted as the mood struck her. Carlos wandered around the house going from room to room looking, checking off the things finished as well as those still needing attention from the list in his mind. Satisfied he could do no more at the moment, he sighed. Quietly, he turned off the lights downstairs, checking the locked doors before he made his way up the long staircase. In the bedroom, he called the hospital to check in with Cyd. She was sleeping the nurse said, so he didn’t disturb her. Instead, he asked the nurse to let Cyd know he had called when she woke up. Carlos decided to go to bed early so he would be up and ready for Urs and Siobhan’s arrival. He was not used to sleeping alone, without Cyd; he missed her very much. He snuggled up next to Cyd’s side of the bed and cuddled close to her pillow. He could smell her Oceanus perfume scent on the sheets as he closed his eyes to dream of her.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 72   Mon Dec 29, 2008 6:27 pm

The next morning, Carlos awoke to some one knocking on the door. He grabbed his robe and ran to open it. There stood Urs with his mouth hanging open with a shocked look on his face. Siobhan stood there just laughing at Urs and the way he was staring at Carlos.

Carlos showed them in and closed the door behind them. Urs sat the bags down near the door and looked around at the house and staircase. Carlos invited them into the kitchen where the cook was already making coffee and breakfast.

Urs was still in shock that Carlos would have such a place for just him and Cyd and the baby. It was the biggest house he had ever remembered being in for a long time. He just couldn’t see Carlos and Cyd living in a mansion. Carlos had his coffee in his hand when Urs walked over and slapped him on the back. Carlos, not expecting the reaction, watched as his coffee and cup and went flying across the floor. He turned and looked at Siobhan who was doing all she could not to laugh at them. Carlos took one look at Urs and busted out laughing. Seconds later, Urs joined in too.

After they all finished their coffee and Carlos his breakfast, they toured the grounds and the house. They saw the area where Camille would be lodged and the zoo had been built. A few hours later, they went inside and looked through the house itself. Both Urs and Siobhan were impressed at what he had been able to get done before the baby arrived and kept every detail from Cyd. Urs wandered off to the bar to check out the Video Equipment. He noticed it was just like what Sebastien had set up at his home in the states. They would be able to see the babies and keep in touch while either on tour, during the CD signings or Promotions. He and Siobhan wanted that for Seb and Carlos.

Carlos ran upstairs, leaving Urs and Siobhan to explore the house. They found they really loved the huge house and how it had been decorated. They decided to freshen up, so the housekeeper showed them to their room. As Carlos was getting ready to leave for the hospital to pick up Cyd and Leila Elena, he stopped off at the Nursery and took one last look around, checking to be sure everything was in its place. Smiling contently to himself, he whispered, “It is ready for our beautiful daughter to come home to.”

He arrived at the hospital as Cyd was finishing dressing Leila Elena. Carlos stood in the doorway and watched as mother and daughter interacted, knowing in his heart he was the luckiest man on the earth. He watched a moment, carefully tucking the loving scene into his mind to savor later. He walked in and gave Cyd a kiss that said how much he had missed her. Before she could ask a thing, he went over to Leila Elena and picked her up. Cyd hugged herself as she watched her tiny family before her, as Carlos gave Daddy kisses to their daughter, snuggled warmly in his arms. Clara, Dr DeLuca’s OR nurse, had stopped by that morning to check on Cyd and Leila Elena. While she was there, she took a few pictures of Cyd and Leila Elena with Cyd’s camera she had carefully packed before leaving for the hospital. Cyd was hoping to surprise Carlos with at least one of them as soon as she could. Reaching for the camera, she quickly took a few pictures herself of the magical moment as tears welled in her eyes.

They were ready for the trip home. The fans at the forum had been sending cards and flowers for days; the house, villa were covered and the hospital too. Cyd had asked the flowers be sent to the children and elderly in the hospital and the others would be sent to the nursing homes in the area. They went down to the car. Carlos put Leila Elena in her car seat as Cyd settled into the front seat.

The ride should only be a few minutes to the villa but Carlos said he wanted to make a detour on the way. They drove through a real posh neighborhood. As she looked around in amazement Cyd became more and more confused. She had never seen this part of Madrid before and wondered who Carlos knew that would live here. The pulled up in front of this Beautiful Mansion on top of a hill with the lawn was spread out across the front and sides. Cyd was very confused when Carlos pulled into the driveway and got out leaving her and Leila Elena in the car. Her mind raced faster as she watched him casually walk to the front door.

Cyd watched as a neatly dressed, older woman answered the door. Seconds later Urs and Siobhan appeared through the doorway and headed toward her. “…they don’t live here… so what had Carlos done… and why are they here? “Cyd really didn’t care at the moment as they arrived at the car door and helped her out. Seconds later they began hugging each other. Leila Elena was sleeping in her car seat. Urs just had to open the door to see this little beauty. He sat down beside the sleeping child, letting his eyes scan her small, delicate features. A calmness he hadn’t felt before had seemed to settle in as he sat there with Siobhan at his side.

Carlos came down to stand next to Cyd. Beaming at the sight of his wife and daughter, he told her, “The house you see will never compare to you, our child, or the feeling I have in my heart, but it is where we shall raise our mariposita (little butterfly,) Leila Elena together. It just needs two very special things… you and her to be here… nothing else.

Cyd couldn’t believe what he had just said. She began to hug and kiss him and thank him for giving them their own home. They got Leila Elena out of her car seat and carried her into the house. Seeing that Leila Elena was still sleeping contently, Cyd began to look around at the place; stunned was the best way to describe her reaction. She loved everything and the place, but she wanted to see was the nursery. She had seen the one at the villa but had no idea this was the same thing. She saw the baby clothes and everything set up and ready to be used.

Urs laid the baby in her bed and she never woke up. Uncle Urs had carried her from the car and she never made a sound. Siobhan watched Urs as did Cyd and Carlos. They all knew maybe someday he would be a dad too. Carlos and Urs stayed in the Nursery as Cyd and Siobhan chatted quietly as they explored the top floor level of the house. Both Carlos and Urs smiled as they watched the baby, cuddled snuggly under the blanket Aunt Siobhan had made for her. Carlos lovingly kissed his sleeping daughter and lightly touched her tiny hand before she tucked it tightly under her chin.

Urs smiled, still amazed that she was such a lovely, small child. He hadn’t been around a newborn, other than Seb and Dori’s twins and it was still hard for him to imagine. Yannic and Allie had been the first babies he had seen, but with so many other people around, it just didn’t seem real then. “Now, just a few adults and one child… Carlos and Cyd’s child… a beautiful baby… so tiny, so quiet… so peaceful… so perfect.. yes a little Angel…” Urs thought. He decided to call her his little Angel.

After making the round through the rest of the house, they all settled in the living room and Carlos explained to Cyd about the outside grounds, Camille being born and David making a present of her to Cyd for all the work she had done on the farm while they helped Dori out. Cyd was overjoyed at the idea of the zoo for the children and couldn’t wait till she could go down and see it for herself. The talk was interrupted by a meow. Cyd looked down to see a baby kitten, as Carlos told Cyd her name was Twinkle. The kitten was sitting at Cyd’s feet. She reached down and picked her up, cuddling her close. Cyd was home and she had all she ever dreamed of right there within her grasp.

That night, Cyd settled in with Carlos and the Baby sound asleep in the next room. Life was great for the Marin family, as Cyd and Carlos fell asleep in each others arms.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 73   Mon Dec 29, 2008 6:27 pm

Written By: Sandie Davis & JJ

Sebastien and David decided to get Carlos and Urs involved in the ideas that they had come up with so far.. They had agreed that even though it was Seb’s charity, it would be something from the group. Carlos and Cyd would have the Leila Elena any day now, so timing would be crucial. In Sebastien’s mind, they should all sit down together to see if they could come up with anything more concrete. Before he picked up the phone, he checked his watch. It was still early in the morning, but he knew David would be awake and starting the morning chores at the farmhouse with Walter. Carlos and Urs would already be well into their morning. Sebastien called up to the farmhouse and spoke to David. David had agreed, it was time to get them involved. It would take all four of them to plan, prepare and promote the event. He just needed 45 minutes to finish a few details with Walter and he could stop by in about two hours. Sebastien agreed and hung up the phone, still playing with the last remnants of breakfast on his plate.

He was still deep in thought when Dori kissed his cheek softly and reached for the fork and plate in front of him. “Why don’t you call Carlos first? Urs and Siobhan are most likely on their bikes or horseback riding. ” She smiled and carried the plate into the kitchen, checking the time as she disappeared through the doorway.

Sebastien picked up his pen and rolled it in his fingers. He jotted down a few things as he thought of them. Checking the monitor first, waiting a moment to be sure the twins were still sleeping, he dialed the villa. The answering machine answered and he left a brief message. He didn’t have the phone number for the mansion yet, so if he didn’t hear from Carlos in a short time, he would try his cell phone. He was also wondering when they would be moving into their new place. “Had Carlos told me and I’ve forgotten?” His thoughts were interrupted by a mild whimpering sound from the monitor.
Dori poked her head out down the hallway, but Sebastien had waved her off with a smile. He knew she had been up with them off and on through the night, as had he. Once again, the event would seep to the back of his mind as he walked upstairs to the nursery.

The twins once again seemed to sense his approach and quieted as he greeted them. He took a moment to touch their fair-haired heads as he cooed to them softly. As he picked up Allie, he noticed the reason for the whimpering. A moment later, her diaper was changed. For the moment, he put her beside Yannic and checked the crib sheets in Allie’s crib, finding them damp. He pulled them off and tossed them on the floor. As he looked into Yannic’s crib, he saw that the girls had managed to snuggle together and drifted off to sleep again. Smiling to himself, he shook his head as he covered them with a larger blanket. He hoped they would continue to stay close as sisters.

Before he left the nursery, he wiped down the changing table, and checked the baby supplies, making a mental note to tell Dori to add a few things to the shopping list for the girls. He picked up the soiled sheets as well as a few other things that needed washed before he headed down the stairs again. A few minutes later, he emptied the dirty laundry into the washing machine and turned it on. Noticing that there was a basket of clean laundry that needed folded, he busied himself with finishing that. As he patted the last folded item, he heard voices in the other room. Checking his watch, he had lost track of time. David had arrived. Sebastien hurried up the hallway and into the kitchen.

David was chatting with Dori as they had a cup of coffee, noticing that David was developing quite a tan from being outdoors with the farm work. They chatted a few minutes before David asked if Sebastien had gotten in touch with Carlos and Urs yet. Running his hand through his hair, Sebastien shook his head nervously. They walked into the living room to call again, when a beep sounded from Sebastien’s laptop. He pushed a few buttons and Carlos’ smiling face appeared on the screen.

“Hola from Spain, Sebby and David. I’m glad I caught both of you together. I have some news. Hold on a moment, I have someone here that wants to meet you.” Carlos said before disappearing from sight briefly. “Uncles Sebby and David, meet our newest fan, Leila Elena Marin… born yesterday. I’m so happy I can’t seem to put the words together.” Carlos beamed. As the screen came into focus, they saw Leila Elena snuggled in Cyd’s arms with Carlos beside her. Carlos had his arm wrapped lightly around Cyd’s waist as he looked lovingly from Cyd to Leila Elena. “We are at the new place and I will tell you all about that later. Sebby, how are the little ones there? Now I can see what you meant about fatherhood being the best thing there is.”

Sebastien smiled and nodded, “She is beautiful Carlos and Cyd. Congratulations. Yes, it is wonderful being a father. I hope she brings you as much joy and happiness as our daughters have brought Dori and I… and more sleep too. Allie and Yannic are good… sleeping at the moment, but as you will soon see, that could change at any moment.”

Dori giggled. David smiled. ”Congratulations Marin family…” shaking his head. He patted Sebastien’s shoulder thinking,“…the next Il Divo generation addition to our growing family.”

They continued to chat about the babies. “Do Urs and Siobhan know yet? Have you talked to them?” David interrupted, reaching for his cell phone and hitting Urs cell phone number he had on speed dial. As he did, he heard a phone ringing on the background. Oddly, he could hear Urs answer both through the phone and over the video link. It took him seconds to realize… “Are they there… with you? “

Cyd moved out of the picture as Urs waved, smiling sheepishly as he peeked into view.

“Uncle Urs and Aunt Siobhan arrived this morning to be with us for a week. They have already met our little butterfly. “

Sebastien looked over at David and they smiled at each other. They knew if Carlos was so exited about having a baby of his own, he would love the idea of the concert, and the ideas they had come up with. Urs, they also knew, would love the idea of the concert. He loved performing and was so pleased every time he saw kids at their shows. They also knew how he felt about world hunger and other charities. Sebastien knew that Il Divo as a whole was the only thing that was going to make this concert work. He loved that thought, as he would never want to do something like this without his brothers.


Seb jumped with a start.

‘Hello, joined the land of the living now, have you?” Carlos chuckled, winking at Seb.

‘You were thinking very hard about something, Seb, are you ok?” Urs asked, looking at Seb with concern.

I am fine, sorry. I was thinking about the first time we all met. We had no time to spend getting to know each other because we had ‘Regress a Mi’ to record. It brought me back to how we all are now. We are like brothers, and that is why David and I have something we would like to share with you. I… we hope not only that you will be interested in helping us do it, but also that we can come up with an idea that will set the concert in motion.”

“Concert, what concert and what idea?” Urs asked, confused.

Carlos just waited, knowing that in his own time Seb would get around to explaining it all.

“Well, the way it started was that I was lying in bed on the night we all got together to talk about the CD and tour, and thought about the twins. How loved they are now… how they will always have security and support and will always be provided for. It got me thinking about my kids on AMTM, about how very little they have in the way of love or shelter. They have nothing, basically, and even though we provide lots for them, I feel like I could be doing more. About a week ago, I asked David to come over and I explained to him how I was feeling and showed him some of the notes I had taken. We came up with the idea of a concert… and we would love to have all of us involved. I don’t want to do it if it isn’t all of us… as Il Divo.”

Dori had slipped away to call Suzie with the news. Moments later, she arrived to see Leila Elena as well. Urs was now manning the keyboard, Carlos sat in the chair beside him as he snuggled Leila Elena close. He continued nodding and commenting as he held her, lightly patting her back or letting her hand wrap snuggly around his finger.

Urs smiled to himself as he glanced over at Carlos and Leila Elena “…Little Angel she is…Yes, the children, we’ll do it for the children…” He thought, as musicians and bands started coming to mind.

Siobhan and Cyd were on the sofa nearby, whispering their ideas between them; excited at the thought of being able to help in some way as well. Twinkle purred happily on Siobhan’s lap as both gave her attention as they planned. The guys continued to discuss their ideas and after a few hours, like they hoped their children would do in the months to come, Il Divo made their first tentative steps in the right direction.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 74   Mon Dec 29, 2008 6:30 pm

Written By: Sandie Davis


*A few weeks later*

Seb sat back and rubbed his eyes one more time. The ideas had been flowing with details for the concert. Artists contacted, songs chosen, wardrobe, stage, equipment, site, everything… except the time and the name of the event. He should be satisfied, but he wasn’t. The concert would have to be done before the new tour or after the official tour for Eternita was completed. The time had to be before… he, David, Urs and Carlos had agreed to do this event. It was his idea and now he felt it was up to him to get the last issues together. “It is my… our… Il Divo’s… baby… but when and what do we call it?” He stood and looked out the window… his mind still racing with details. “Nothing… nothing… less then nothing…” He muttered to himself. He looked briefly at the clock on the wall. It was still early in the morning, but he had the feeling that David would already be awake. As he reached for the phone to call the farmhouse, he paused to listen to the baby monitor that he carried with him when he was home to listen for his daughters. “Not a sound… not a peep… still nothing comes to mind….” He continued to mutter. “We have so much, and the people that are helped by AMTM have so little… how do we get the world to notice this? How do we make them care? How….? I know our fans know about AMTM and they will support us as they always have… but who else will stop, even for a moment, and care??? “

He picked up the receiver as he heard the all familiar beep from his laptop. He glanced over to see who had sent an email before he dialed the phone number. It was from Cyd and Carlos. Hoping it was good news or at least some kind of inspiration, he hung up the receiver and walked over to his laptop. Pressing a few buttons, he opened the email and scanned it briefly. Nothing of inspiration, just greetings and that Leila Elena was doing well, sleeping through most of the night. Their new home was wonderful and she was enjoying the animals. Rather than hitting Reply, he checked to see if either one was still online by accessing the video link. Cyd was there, Carlos behind her, holding Leila Elena in his arms. He smiled as he waved a quick hello. Soon they were chatting about the weather. Seb knew Cyd didn’t like to be online if the weather was bad.

In Spain that morning, they had a thunderstorm, but now the sun was out along with the last hints of a rainbow. It reminded all of them of the Concert by the Sea and the rainbow they had seen that day. As they chatted, Seb jotted down some words randomly, hoping it would help him later. The concert was still in the back of his mind.

Cyd continued to chat with Seb until Leila Elena started to fuss a bit. As she turned to hold her, Carlos seemed concerned that he couldn’t seem to comfort his daughter all the time. Seb smiled, knowing the feeling well. Cyd stood to hold her and Carlos sat at the computer. Seb typed this message: “We love and care for our children as much as we can, but sometimes they just want Mama.”

Carlos read the message and smiled, nodding. Leila Elena quieted a moment later out of view of the video link. Carlos and Seb chatted about the music, concert and parenting. As they did, Dori appeared behind Seb and looked briefly at the screen before waving a quick hello. She sensed they were discussing business and didn’t want to interrupt. A moment later, she padded quietly to the kitchen and out of view as Seb and Carlos finished talking.

Standing again, Seb checked the baby monitor for any sign of sound before walking to the kitchen. Taking Dori into his arms, he whispered, as he lightly kissed her. “Good Morning beautiful. Did you sleep well? Would you like me to make you something for breakfast?” Dori let her hands slowly move up his arms and around his neck as the light kiss turned deeper.

Before she could answer him beyond the kiss, the sounds of the twins waking up became apparent. Seb lightly touched her check before kissing it lightly. A moment later, he was walking up the stairs to greet his daughters. The concert was no longer pressing in his mind. As he made his way back the hall he smiled, knowing he would have time with his girls… his little angels. Something he knew was precious to him both now and later. As he came to the doorway, he paused waiting to hear them again before he continued.

Yannic and Allie looked alike as babies, but he had already noticed subtle changes in their personalities, as any parent would. As he walked toward them, they seemed to sense their daddy was near as they squirmed in anticipation. He smiled broader as he greeted his daughters warmly. Moments later, Dori arrived at his side. She wanted to give him a moment of daddy/daughters time before she came in; knowing that when the tour started, his time with them would be less that now. She found him standing between the two cribs as usual, singing and cooing to them as he had done so many times before. It brought a smile to her face and tears welled in her eyes. She knew in her heart that he loved his daughters. As the morning continued, breakfast was finished and Seb continued to spend time with his daughters and Dori.

At noon, the phone rang and Dori answered it. She and Suzie chatted briefly before handing the phone over to Seb. Seb cradled the phone receiver between his ear and his shoulder as he continued to hold Allie on the other side. As they chatted, Suzie asked “How are the concert ideas coming? Do you have any new plans?”

“It is still a work in progress, but it’s coming together. At least I hope it is.” He replied, continuing to lightly pat Allie’s back as he rocked her.

“Is this going to be like Woodstock…a mammoth concert in a field, minus the nasty stuff of course or a ‘No shirt, No shoes, No problems’ kind of thing, like a good old fashioned ‘Hoedown’?” She said jokingly.

Seb smiled, not quite getting the Woodstock comment or what a “Hoedown” was, but explained further what they had come up with so far. Moments later, Suzie handed the phone over to David. They spoke a few moments and both hung up after agreeing to meet at Seb’s later to go over more of the details. Seb continued to rock Allie in his arms as Dori returned with a freshly changed Yannic. Seb gently exchanged daughters with her so Allie could be changed as well. Without realizing it, Seb had only stopped rocking briefly. He continued to rock Yannic as he thought about what the rest of the day would bring: the concert details and spending time with his family.

Moments later, Dori and Allie returned to the living room and they all spent a few quiet hours together. Dori and Seb chatted quietly as the twins drifted off to sleep once again. They put the sleeping twins in their bassinets and tucked them in. Seb returned to his notes while Dori made them a light lunch. He tried to remember the things Suzie had said, thinking they might be useful late, jotting them down beside the ones from earlier that morning.

Dori looked over his shoulder, as she handed him a sandwich and salad. As her hand came to rest on his shoulder, he wrapped his arm around her waist and smiled. “I still don’t know what we’re going to call this concert, since it’s going to be so long. I hope we can last the 24 hours we are planning on. We’ve also been in contact with other musicians that want to help. David and Urs are working on that along with the crew to build the stage and sets. I would dare to say, it’s going to be the biggest thing we have ever tried to do, Dori. Carlos is working on arranging the time slots and the tickets. He figures they can either get an all event pass, a 12 hour event pass or in small increments of 1.5 hours or 2 hours, so that it will be slightly less time than a concert. Each pass will be a different color, so security staff will be able to see who should be there when and make sure it goes smoothly. That way, the fans of the other artists can be there when they want to as well as ours. It’s no longer just Il Divo now.”

Dori smiled. “I know you will think of something… You always do. Follow your heart Seb. It hasn’t let you down yet. Show the people why you care about the people in need. Explain to them that it isn’t some fairytale with a happy ending that will just happen on its own, but a harsh reality these people have to live with day after day for years on end.“ She kissed his head softly and sat down beside him.

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PostSubject: Someone To Love Chapter 75   Mon Dec 29, 2008 6:31 pm

Seb nodded, still deep in thought as he wrote down a few more words. As they finished lunch, Seb still had no name, no dates in mind. He continued to look from the laptop screen to his notes, to Dori, to his sleeping daughters. He continued to jot down random words as they came to him, still hoping something would come to mind. “Something that would get people’s attention… be a catch phrase that was short… yet got the message across… something… “Seb thought to himself. “Rainbow… rainy day…warm… Mama… care… fairytale… Hoedown…heart…need…hero… despair… The words he had written, mixing and echoing through his mind by the people that had said them. “Dori, what is a Hoedown?”

Dori laughed. “Seb, it is another word for a big party with food, drinks, dancing and music. It’s very casual and relaxed, but it can turn rowdy at times… like in American Country Music videos and songs. Like Shindig was in the 50s & 60s. Why?”

“Oh, just something Suzie said…” Seb said, crossing out the word on his list. “What does No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problems mean then?”

Dori smiled again and asked to use his laptop a moment. Finding the video, “It’s a song by Kenny Chesney… it was and still is very popular…here… watch it.” Seb watched it as the words drifted through his mind again. They finished their lunch quietly. After Dori took the plates back to the kitchen and cleaned up, she returned to the living room to check on the twins. Seb was still in thought, rolling the pen idly between his fingers, glancing over at the girls every now and then. The afternoon crept by. Dori went outside to water her flowers as the girls napped. The sound of the water from the garden hose reminded Seb of the rainstorm Cyd had talked about, earlier that morning. The light rhythm cascading against the ground was soothing to his racing mind. As he became caught up in the quiet cadence, he was startled by the babies starting to stir and fuss. The concert details vanished from his mind as he walked over to comfort them. Resting a hand lightly on each one, he started to hum the melody of “Over the Rainbow”. They had never done that song in concert, but it was one of the songs he liked to sing to the babies. As he did so, they seemed to quiet and drift back to sleep.

Suddenly, it all came together in his mind. He walked back to his laptop and started to write an email to Urs, asking him to contact him ASAP. No sooner had he hit send then there was a reply and the video link was activated. Seb and Urs talked briefly through the details, Urs nodding as they talked, agreeing with many of the things Seb had said. Urs could picture it clearly in his mind. Thirty minutes later, Siobhan tapped Urs on the shoulder, whispering quickly and stepping out of view. Urs mentioned the date Siobhan had suggested and Seb nodded in return. August 28th through the 29th would be just before the Labor Day Weekend in the US, marking the unofficial end of summer. The weather would be nice and hopefully mild with warm days and cool nights. Those that attended would still have the rest of the weekend to relax and have their parties before heading back to work or school. It would be the perfect time.

Soon, David and Carlos were brought into the link. All agreed and thought it was perfect. Calls were made and there was a flurry of faxes, emails and video linked conferences. Before the week was over, the last details had been completed. Each of the couples in the Il Divo family now held a copy of the final draft of the advertisement. The Daze Bizz would start the campaign in the weeks to come. The forum, other newspapers and magazines would follow, as the news spread around the globe announcing their event, “Dare to Care.

Back in Spain, Carlos looked from the advert on the table to Cyd as she snuggled Leila Elena gently in her arms. With a satisfied smile on his face, Carlos wrapped his right arm around Cyd’s waist and lightly rested his left hand on Leila Elena back as Cyd whispered softly, “There really is no place like home.”


*Two weeks later*

Dori was happy to see Mandi return and stay with her, Sebastien and the girls. It had been a few weeks since she had been in the States, so she decided to spend time with the family. Mathew had been busy flying Urs and Siobhan to Spain and helping David get things ready for Camille’s trip to Spain.

Today would be a great and exciting day for all. They were hoping Leila Elena would be awake this time when they got together via video hookup at Sebastien’s home. David and Suzie were coming to the house so all would be together when they did. Carlos had the same set up and so he too would not miss out on anything that went on.

Carlos made the link with Sebastien not long after David and Suzie arrived. Urs and Siobhan were still in Spain with Carlos and Cyd, so the families were together. Cyd brought a very alert Leila Elena to the bar room, so she could meet all of her aunts and uncles in the states for the first time. She is a beauty and all agreed she looked like Cyd and Carlos with her having his eyes. She would be a heartbreaker some day. Carlos and Uncle Urs had already decided they would each watch out for that in the future. Carlos and Cyd were happy she had responded so well to being in the new house and getting settled. Cyd was a vision after having her and seemed well rested. The video call lasted about an hour as they all put in their comments of the newest member of the Il Divo family. Just before the call ended, Carlos sat Leila Elena on the desk and held her wrist, making the motion to wave good-bye.

The next day was a shopping trip for Dori and Mandi in search of new things for the twins. They were going to Spartanburg, SC to the big mall called ‘Westgate’ and would be gone most of the day. Dori was concerned about leaving the girls to go out, but Sebastien assured her he could handle taking care of their two daughters without any help. He wanted Dori to have some time away from the babies to spend some time with Mandi being just adults. So, the next morning about 9am, Dori and Mandi headed out for the 45 minute drive to Spartanburg, SC. Sebastien settled in for some quiet, quality time with his girls, who happened to be sleeping for the moment.

Mean while down at the farm, Suzie had a day planned of shopping in Asheville, getting errands done and being back at about 6pm to have a Romantic and peaceful dinner with David. While she was gone, David continued working on the plans for Camille’s trip to Spain. There was still a lot of paperwork had to be completed and approved for her to be transported to Spain from America.

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