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"We Came Here To Love".

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 Fooling the Fool

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Fooling the Fool
March 25th

Three members of the classical group Il Divo were holding a council of war. The fourth member, David Miller, aka The Enemy, was not in attendance. Having suffered from several years of practical jokes at the American's hands, the three men had decided the time had come for revenge. The D-Day of practical jokes was being planned.

" My sister, the beautician, has just called to tell me she has sent the "special" hair gel for David." Urs reported to Seb and Carlos as the three friends crowded into Sebastien's dressing room.
"Just in time for April Fool's." Carlos stated with satisfaction.
"It's slow working, correct?" Asked Sebastien anxiously. "We can't give him time for damage control before the concert starts." Urs gave the other two a slow, evil smile.
"The tint mixed into the gel is heat activated. The color will develop slowly under the heat of the overhead lights. After a few songs, David's hair will start looking like an Easter egg." Carlos stared at Urs in awe.

"For a neutral Swiss guy, you sure can plan an attack. I never would have suspected it of you." The Spaniard laughed. Urs laughed along with his friend.
"I'm the youngest of five kids,Carlos. It's a survival tactic. Besides, David deserves everything he gets. After the fart noises he recorded into our headphones last year? Revenge will be sweet."
"Very sweet"

April 1st

David Miller flung his dressing room door open and quickly pulled his T-shirt over his head. He kicked the door shut behind him, and shed his jeans after kicking off his shoes.
"Late again!" He mumbled under his breath. After pulling on his suit, he knotted his tie and ran a hand through his hair. He was in such a rush he never noticed the new bottle of hair gel he applied liberally to his head. Or the label, which read in small print, "Compliments of Carlos, Seb and Urs".

The concert opened with the song, "The Promise". Carlos kept staring at David throughout the song, waiting for some hair effect. Nothing. The concert continued.
By the end of the second song, "Somewhere", David's hair began to look darker than its usual blond. Darker pink.

The third song was, appropriately, "Everytime I look at You". Sebastien couldn't look at David without laughing. The tall tenor's hair was rapidly turning the color of cotton candy. Then continued turning a dark neon pink. Carlos greeted some Cuties, then turned towards David and burst out laughing. David kept on singing, always professional. Urs looked everywhere but at David.

The audience began to giggle. David was puzzled. This was a serious love song, a real tear jerker. People didn't giggle during a love song. Cameras began to flash right in his face. Laughter began to erupt among the crowd. Finally a woman in the front row took pity on him and passed David her camera. He glanced down as he sang, and the lyrics died on his lips. Urs quickly picked up the dropped line and finished the song as David stared in shock at the camers's digital screen.

Urs finally started to chuckle. David looked up from his image on the camera and saw the grins on his bandmates faces. Sebastien and Carlos bowed low before Urs, aknowledging him as their leader. David finally began to laugh, as the truth dawned on him.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," David raised his microphone and addressed the audience. "For several years now my friends have suffered my April Fool's Day pranks with great good humor. Now they have succeeded in getting their revenge. Gentlemen, I salute you."
As David made a low, exaggerated bow towards his three bandmates, a loud farting noise echoed from the rear of his suit. The audience roared with laughter, and David blushed furiously.

"NOW his humiliation is complete." Stated Carlos, pocketing the remote to the sound chip he had slipped into David's back pocket.

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Fooling the Fool
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