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 How I met Your Abuela

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PostSubject: How I met Your Abuela   How I met Your Abuela EmptySat Jul 17, 2010 1:32 pm

How I Met Your Abuela* Copyright E. Van Wye 2009

She was waiting for the restroom on a trans atlantic flight when sudden turbulance knocked her into a man exiting the facility. Thrown into the broad chest of a strange man, she barely had time to form a thought as further bumps propelled them both back into the tiny cubicle. Suddenly another tip of the jet tipped them towards the partially open door of the lavatory, which slammed securely as her shoulder struck it.

She opened her eyes to see brown eyes staring into hers. The man partially on top of her jumped to his feet immediately, muttering an apology. Reaching down, he gave her a hand up as she untangled her feet from the base of the commode. The plane lurched again, throwing her against his warm chest in the cramped space. He instinctively wrapped his arms around her to steady her.

"Do you think we're okay?" Her anxious green eyes probed his. Surrounded by long black lashes, they glowed like emeralds against her pale face. He smiled at her to reassure her of their safety. His white teeth shone against his coffee skin, and his dark eyes sparkled with easy good humor.
"I, personally, feel very good at this moment." He murmured against her hair.

She was suddenly concious of her thighs pressed tightly against his crotch, and of the growing...problem. Carlos leaned away from her as much as possible, and began to apologize.
"Please excuse me, miss." He tried crossing his legs, and fell into her again.

Carlos studied her face as she pushed her hands into his chest. A furious pink swept up into her cheeks, and her eyes turned yet a darker green.
She bloomed like a rose when she blushed. He wanted to know her name.

Shoving him away, Iris grabbed the door latch and pulled, to no effect. Panicking suddenly in the tiny space, with her butt now snuggled against a stranger's erection, she pulled frantically on the door. Losing her grip from suddenly sweaty palms, she doubled the man over with an elbow to the belly.

Turning to face him again, she wrung her hands in panic.
"Oh ! My God, I'm so sorry! But the door won't open.!"
"So you punch me in the gut? Feel better now?" He began to chuckle, and unable to resist his charms, Iris laughed with him. Squirming past her, he wrapped a strong tanned hand around the latch. Twisting it firmly, his smile faded when it fell into his hand with a loud crack.

"What have you done, you moron?" Anxiety made her voice squeaky.
"Absolutely nothing I have done. It fell into my hand!" He defended himself with a growl. "I was only trying to help." Pressing the call button above the sink, he tried to soothe her fears. "We shall be rescued soon."
"Don't call anyone! How will we explain this? Two in the restroom?" She was practically screaming at him.

A sudden loud rapping on the door announced the flight attendant's arrival.
"Hello? Is there a problem in there?"
"Help!" Iris was truly screaming now. "We're...I'm trapped in here. The door's jammed. Help!" Carlos began to chuckle again. Iris glared at him.
"This is past funny now, buddy." She hissed at him. Turning to the door again, she shouted at the top of her lungs.

The attendant tried to soothe the panicked woman.
"Try to calm yourself, madam. I will bring the flight engineer." Iris breathed a sigh of relief and faced her companion. Carlos was still grinning like a fool. He was more than content to spend a few more minutes with this lovely woman.

"My name is Carlos." He said. "I thought I should introduce myself, seeing our rather... intimate circumstances." She blushed at the memory of his erection against her butt. They could barely move in the close confines, but he swept his hand towards the toilet. "Would you care to sit?"

"And you are, miss?" She sat on the closed toilet lid and extended her hand to shake his.
"Iris. My name is Iris." Another bump shook the plane, and she gasped and hung on to his hand. "I'd say it was nice to meet you, Carlos, but this entire scenario sucks."
She smiled. "Hollywood couldn't write this." He said nothing, lost in her eyes again.

Minutes passed. Iris grew nervous at the way Carlos was staring at her. A knock at the door raised her hopes for escape.
"Madam, I am sorry. Due to the weather the engineer is needed in the cockpit. We will land within an hour, and beg you to be patient." Iris pounded on the door.
She screamed again and Carlos winced and covered his ears with his hands.

"I will sue this airline! Do you hear me? There's a man in here with me!" Carlos tried to calm her, placing his hands on her shoulders. Iris just screamed louder.
"I will..." Carlos covered her mouth with one hand to save his eardrums.
"Darling Iris..." He began, but she covered his mouth with her own hand. He kissed her palm when it contacted his mouth.
Iris snatched her hand away from his face.

"I am not your darling anything!" She lowered her voice. "I just want to get home. This is ridiculous! They can fly a jet, but not free a stuck door."
"Let me take you to dinner, to apologize for your inconvenience." Carlos took her hand again, and smiled.
"I could be married." She stated, studying his handsome face. He was unfazed by her statement.
"I hope not." Carlos replied. "Because I've been waiting for you all of my life."

Carlos paused in his story and studied the small faces of his grandchildren, gathered in a circle before him. His wife sat nearby holding her namesake, baby Iris.
He smiled at her, and she blushed, remembering their first meeting.
"And that, my dears, is how I met your abuela."

* Grandmother

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How I met Your Abuela
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