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"We Came Here To Love".

"Timeless" New Il Divo CD released in August 2018.

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PostSubject: Re: Unforgettable    Sun Aug 22, 2010 6:08 am

Chapter 25


Urs pulled her closer to him as he ran his hands up and down her soft arms, just touching the swell of her breasts and then lowered his lips to kiss her with all of his passion.

Dee could feel a warmth building in her body as she reached up to run her hands through his soft curls. Then she let her hands wander over his chest as she made her way down to his stomach and his belly button which she lowered her mouth to kiss..

Urs pulled her up onto his chest and kissed her with a force she had never felt before.. “Dee, I love you. Are you sure you're ready to become one with me?”

“I have never been more sure Urs.” she told him as she kissed his lips and ran her tongue over them. He moaned a soft rolling groan in response..
He wasn't sure how long he would be able to hold back making them one. But he would use all the control he posessed to help her with her journey into the sweet bliss they would find together as one..

When Dee reached down to touch him, she set a fire in him burning.

“Show me what to do Urs, what makes you happy.” she said with darkening black eyes. Her passion left her breathless..


“Easy my love.”

Urs rolled Dee over onto her back and positioned himself above her as he joined her slowly till he felt the break and then pulled back a bit to let her get used to the feeling then took her to paradise.

They began to move in a rhythm they both could handle and Dee felt him touching her as they finally reached the peak and fell over together.
He laid on her until he could catch his breath and then moved to the side a bit taking his full weight off of her..

After they rested a few minutes and found their voices again, Urs looked up into her eyes seeing all the passion he had felt in their joining..

“Are you alright Love?”

“I think I am in heaven Urs. I love you so very much. Thank You for teaching me to love you more.”

“I love you too, Love and this is only the beginning of our Love and it will grow more everyday, that I can promise.”

Urs bent down and kissed her lips and then her neck till Dee could no longer think with any rational thoughts..

Slowly as they laid in each others arms they drifted off to sleep waking later in the very early morning to make love over and over till sleep took them through the rest of the night.

Morning came and Dee was awaking to go to the bathroom. She heard a knock at the door and turned to Urs who was still sleeping with those amazing long eyelashes and that beautiful curly hair.

She didn't have the heart to wake him, so putting on her robe she headed to the door, finding Urs's parents standing on the other side..

Dee was not sure why they were there and motioned for them to come in and then showed them to the sitting room.. She asked if they would like some coffee and they accepted..

Dee headed to the kitchen to start the coffee and then went back to his parents, while Urs slept on..

“I am sorry to have woken you Dee. We thought you would be up by now.” Mutti commented.

“I am the only one up. Urs is still sleeping.. We talked till early in the morning hours.”

“We came by to say I am sorry for the comments I made yesterday evening at dinner. I had no right to be so hard on you and ask that stuff about the danger Urs could be in.” Mutti looked like she still wasn't sure about this relationship but she has resolved to let it work it's way out without interference from her or Vatti.

“I do understand Frau. Buhler. I can promise you I have tried to keep Urs out of this as much as possible.. But he does know his own mind and he walked into this problem eyes wide open. I can't fault him for wanting to care for me..”

“I understand better now, and I see that my sohn cares a great deal for you. As you can see for yourself, he won't let anything or anyone hurt you without trying his best to stop it.”

“I do know that and I Love him and he Loves me we will work it out together.”

“What do you mean he loves you Dee?”
Mutti spoke up before Vatti could stop her..

“It means that I am in love with Dee, Mutti and no one will ever hurt her again, not as long as I have air to breathe.” Urs came into the room and took Dee into his arms and kissed her in front of both of his parents..

“Hallo Urs, we stopped by so your mother could tell Dee how sorry she was about the ways things ended at dinner last night.” Vatti jumped in before his wife could do anymore damage or upset their sohn..

“That was very kind of you Vatti, bringing Mutti over and letting her get to know Dee a little better.”
Dee felt very uncomfortable around Mutti so she went to the kitchen and prepared the coffee's and brought the tray to the sitting room and settled next to Urs.”

Mutti sat there watching them as they talked to her husband and wondered what was going on that had Urs declaring his love for this woman, so soon after they met. Could she be expecting and Urs was just being kind, or did he really Love this woman.

“Mutti you look like you have something on your mind, care to share it with us?”

“I was just wondering how you fell in Love so soon after just meeting and if there is more to it than that? Maybe a baby?”

“MUTTI, how could you think of Dee like that or me for that matter!”

“I am sorry sohn but you are not the type who falls this fast for a woman. So I wondered what could be happening that you want to be in Love with her?”

“Dee is not now or in the near future expecting a baby, just to settle your mind about her trapping me. If anything, I declared my love to Dee, just a few days ago we have just become an official couple in that amount of time.”

“Alright sohn, then I really hope you are both very happy for a long time to come. Vatti I think we need to get going now. Let them start their day.. Maybe we will see you before you leave in a few days?”

Mutti stood and hugged Urs and kissed him goodbye. Turning to Dee, she hugged her and whispered “Take care of my sohn please” then turned to Vatti and walked toward the door.

Vatti too hugged Dee and kissed her cheeks and then shook hands with Urs and wished them a good day.

After they left, Dee turned to Urs and saw the look of confusion on his face..

“What was that all about love?”

“I wish I knew Urs, I really wish I knew.”
Urs walked to her and hugged her tight and then picked her up and carried her back to bed. He wasn't finished showing her how he liked to love her in the morning too..

All of the morning's discussion was forgotten in the heat of the moment as Dee and Urs became one again..

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PostSubject: Re: Unforgettable    Sun Aug 22, 2010 6:10 am

Chapter 26

Urs woke before Dee after the morning of loving. He felt that his soul mate had been found and he was happier then he could ever remember..

He laid there watching Dee sleep and wondered to himself what was bothering Mutti so much. She was just short of being rude to Dee and acted like he didn't know his own mind..

He was a grown man with a very good mind and he was not about to let his mother come between him and the woman of his dreams.

Dee stirred and put her hand on Urs' chest and smiled in her sleep. She was dreaming of their first night together and she was remembering the loving Urs had shown her and how special he made her feel..

Urs could tell from the blush on her face and the smile on her lips that she was very happy..
Urs slowly slipped out from her hold to take care of some pressing needs and then headed to the kitchen for some coffee..

While he was sitting at the bar having his coffee the phone rang. He grabbed it so it wouldn't wake Dee..


“Urs, it is Vatti.”

“Afternoon Vatti, how are you?”

“I am fine, just concerned about you and Dee.”

“Dee is still sleeping and I am fine. Why are you concerned Vatti?”

“It's your Mutti, she was not being very nice when we were there this morning and I didn't want Dee feeling bad for the way Mutti acted.”

“Yes, well I was able to take Dee's mind off the way Mutti took the information about our relationship.”

“Good Urs, I like Dee. I think you are good for each other and you can't let Mutti's actions stand between you and Dee.”

“Don't worry Vatti. I won't let others influence my relationship with Dee. I look at it as my life and Dee's. We'll make our decisions.”

“Good sohn, I don't know what is making Mutti act this way, but just let Dee know that she is welcome here anytime and we love her too.”

“Danke Vatti, that will make Dee feel better. I am sure.”

“When do you leave to head home to London?”

“In the morning Vatti.”

“Will you and Dee be coming by to see us before you leave?”

“Nein Vatti, I want to spend what time we have left just with Dee. I hope you and Mutti understand?”

“Ja, Urs I do understand and will explain it to Mutti.”

“Danke Vatti, we will see you again when the tour comes to Switzerland soon.”

“Ja, I can't wait to hear you sing with your friends again.”

“Ich Liebe Dich Vatti.”

“I love you too Sohn and so does Mutti.”

“I know Vatti. Maybe by then things will have settled and Mutti will have calmed down and changed her mind about all the danger and see Dee is all I need in my life.”

“We will make sure she does sohn. Take care and be careful and if you need anything call.”

After they said their goodbyes Urs headed back upstairs to find Dee getting ready for a shower.

“Hello my love, did I hear the phone ring?”

“Ja, it was Vatti.”

“Oh is everything ok with him and your mother?”

“Ja everything is fine. He just wanted to say goodbye before we head back to London tomorrow and say he would see us when the tour comes back here soon.”

“Oh that will be great Urs. Do they come to all your concerts?”

“Nein, just the ones here. Mutti doesn't like to travel far.”

“Ok well I am off to shower. Care to join me Love?” Dee tried the eyebrow wiggle and ended up making Urs double over with laughter after chasing her off to the shower..

They did shower together and loved each other well. Later they had a quiet romantic dinner prepared by the both of them. After the packing was all done and placed by the door for their ride to the airport in the morning, they cuddled on the couch together ..

Dee had never felt more at peace and Urs had brought so much love into her life.. She couldn't wait till they had settled into his place and started their life together in London..

About 10 pm Dee had fallen asleep so Urs turned off the TV and carried her up, undressed her and himself and snuggled up spoon style and drifted off to sleep..

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PostSubject: Re: Unforgettable    Sun Aug 22, 2010 6:11 am

Chapter 27

Urs woke first the next morning. He looked at Dee sleeping in his arms and remembered they would be leaving at noon for the airport.. He knew just how to wake her but really holding her close and watching her was all he needed to be happy for now..

He slowly made his way to the bathroom for some relief and to brush his teeth, then climbed back into bed beside her and pulled her back into his embrace..

Dee snuggled up in his arms and sighed, smiling in her sleep.. Urs's thoughts ran to his mother and her attitude toward Dee and the fact that she seemed to have little faith in his judgment, which was something she had never done before.

He couldn't understand her reasoning behind that and vowed to fix things when they came to Switzerland for the concert. He didn't like feeling at odds with his mother and he wanted her to love Dee. He planned on marrying her and hopefully he would propose soon..

Meanwhile at the Buhler's home, Mutti was making coffee and had a chance to reflect on the last couple of meetings with Urs and Dee. She was still very nervous about his relationship with this woman..

She thought Dee was beautiful so nein, it wasn't that. She also thought that Dee was a smart lady, so it couldn't be that either..

Urs had told them she was a artist and that she had a very profitable career in the states and was planning on starting it up in London now.. So Mutti knew Dee was not after Urs's money since she had plenty of her own.

So what was it that bothered Mutti so much about this new relationship Urs had found with Dee?
Plain and simple, it was the danger Dee brought to her sohn's life.. As a mother she had always worried about her children and done all she could to protect them. Now Urs had put himself in the line of fire so to speak and knowingly taken Dee in to help her with all the risks that came with the danger she had been in ..

That was the problem. She was worried she would lose her sohn being involved with Dee if someone was still after her. But Urs was a very bright man and he knew how to take care of himself. She just couldn't help not being comfortable around Dee..

Maybe as time went on she would see that they were happy, then she would give her blessings. But for now she would wait and see how things went. She couldn't promise Urs or Vatti any more than she would try..

Vatti came in and found his wife with her head laying on the table, sound asleep. So he picked her up and carried her back to their bed and cuddled up next to her and held her as she slept.. He hoped soon this problem she was struggling with would come out and they would work it out together, if not for their sakes then for their sohn's sake..

Dee woke after Urs had drifted back into a deep relaxing sleep. She could see from the look on his face that he was dreaming and he was happy.. She turned to move and felt his arms tighten around her as he slowly woke to gaze into her eyes..

“Guten Morgen Liebe”

“Good morning to you love”

How are you feeling this morning, Liebling?”

“I am wonderful. I have a man who loves me and all is now right in my world.”

“Well are you ready to go home to our place together?”

“Oh Yes, I am so ready to begin my life with you and make a fresh start.”

“Well we have time for a shower then make sure the house is closed up. Vatti will make sure the housekeeper comes and finishes up the cleaning for the next time we can come back.”

“Urs, when do you start back to work and leave on the tour?”

“Within the week, why love?”

“I think I am going to look for an agent to set up a showing in a gallery of my work while your back on the tour.”

“Well that shouldn't be to hard with all the information you have at your fingertips in the internet.”

“No Urs I was going to do that while your gone. I can stay home and get things arranged while your working.. Then join you later on the tour when things are finished.”

“NO, your going with me on the tour. I am not leaving you in London alone!”

Dee was shocked at the tone in his voice and the fact that it sounded more a demand than a comment. She couldn't understand what had come over him and why he was insisting that she had to go with him. Didn't he trust her to be faithful to only him? Had he been hurt so bad before that he had to know every place she went and who she was with?

No, she knew in her mind that was not the man she loved. He was not usually demanding. Something was bothering him and she needed to know what it was.

They had only been together a couple of months but he was always so kind, giving and supportive so this side of him was a shock to say the least..

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PostSubject: Re: Unforgettable    Sun Aug 22, 2010 6:12 am

Chapter 28

Dee couldn't believe that Urs would ever raise his voice to her so she knew there was a problem one maybe she was not aware of but she had to ask..

Urs stood by the window of the living room, looking out lost in the fear that if he left her would she be ok when he returned.. His mind knew she had been thru more pain and turmoil then anyone can take in a life time..

He knew he needed to explain the anger in his voice and him raising his voice to Dee. He had come across as a controlling person which was never his intention.

“Alright Urs can you tell me why your so determined for me to tour with you instead of me going back to London?”

Turning around he saw no fear in her eyes but concern and confusion instead..
“I am sorry Liebling, but I have heard from Scotland Yard and they still have LaCrosse in the jail in London. He had not been sent back to the States Yet!”

“Oh, I see so you and the Police feel it is better I am not in London while he is still here?”

“Ja, I am sorry but I won't be comfortable leaving you while he still is in the same country you are.”

“I do understand and since that is the case then I agree I should stay on the tour with you, at least till the Police and you feel it is safe. And thank you Love for caring and worrying so much about me.”

“I didn't mean to sound like I was ordering you Dee but you have to know that I Love You, and will do anything to protect you now that I have you in my life.”

“Alright Urs I do Understand that, did the Police say when he is to be sent back?”

“Nein, they weren't sure how long before the papers would be done for the transfer.”

Dee walked to him and put her arms around his waist pulling him close to her body, making him groan..

“Are we about ready for the airport Urs cause I want some alone time with you before having to make that trip home?”

“Ja, I am packed and all our luggage is by the door for the trip home.”

They held onto each other tighter and looking into the garden of the cottage dreamed of coming back here again soon.. This would always be a special place for them..

The time came for them to head to the airport and make the trip back to London. Neither would be prepared for what they would find when they got there..

The flight back to London was a quiet one they held hands and slept some and when they landed found Sebastien and Lisa waiting at the Luggage area to take them home..

The ladies piled into the back seats and the luggage stored in the trunk everyone was ready for the short trip back to the house..

Talking to each other and telling about the trip made Urs and Sebastien smile knowing she was healing day by day and that she was happy for the first time since they had met her..

When they pulled into the driveway they saw a Police car and began to worry..

The Officer waited for them to unload the car and then followed them into the house to explain what he was doing there..
This was something he was not looking forward too at all..

“Officer what are you doing here?”

“I have been sent to tell you that LaCrosse has Escaped from the jail he was being held in for the trip back to the states. And I have been assigned to guard you till he is recaptured.”

Dee's face turned white as a ghost as she whispered to no one “he is going to kill me this time.”

Lisa heard the comment as chills rose all over her body at the thought of what he had done the last time.. She knew this put Urs and Dee in danger again as well as the rest of them..

Urs looked at Dee and walked to her taking her into his arms and holding her tight telling her “No one is taking you from me not now not ever.”

Tears filled both their eyes as they held on to each other, Lisa walked to Sebastien and hugged him tight as her tears flowed for the pain her friends were in.

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PostSubject: Re: Unforgettable    Sun Aug 22, 2010 6:12 am

Chapter 29

LaCrosse Strikes!!

Lisa and Sebastien headed home after Dee and Urs assured them they would be safe with the officer out watching the home.

Lisa was feeling a dread in her stomach and she was sure the danger was not too far away. Little did she know how close LaCrosse really was.

Urs and Dee tried to settle and worked together to make a lite dinner. Neither really felt like eating. Too many things were concerning Urs.

Did LaCrosse know where he lived? He knew that this was where Dee had been attacked before, not far from the city but still he hoped the police and Scotland Yard had some idea where this crazy man was.

After clearing the table and cleaning up the kitchen they turned out the lights and headed up to bed. They were both tired from the trip back.

They took a shower together mostly cuddling and washing each other. After drying off and finishing their nighttime rituals they headed for the bed and cuddled up and turned out the light.

Urs never wore PJ's and tonight he was dressed in his calvins and PJ bottoms. For some reason he felt he needed to be prepared for anything. Dee also dressed for bed tonight, thinking as Urs had.... just in case.

LaCrosse watched as the police were patrolling the area around the house, then the ones that traveled up and down the road in the neighborhood until he pretty much knew how much time he had to get into the house and take care of Dee and her new lover boy.

If Dee fought back or Lover boy as he thought of Urs, he would have about 5 minutes until the police swarmed the place and caught him.

He knew he would never get out of this alive but he planned on taking the BITCH with him in the end. Dead was the way he wanted her.

In the end it would not be Dee that died, nor Lacrosse to start.

Urs would put his life on the line to save Dee and in the end cost them both.

LaCrosse slowly made his way to the back door. Seeing the alarm, he smashed the box and ripped out the wires freeing him to break the window in the door. He then reached in and opened the locks and the door..

After gaining entrance, he slowly and quietly closed the door and forgot to lock it back. He walked across the kitchen floor finding the stairs to the bedrooms and headed up.. Not knowing which was the master bedroom he slowly listened at each door and then turned the handle to open and peek inside.

After opening 2 doors and finding nothing, he finally had only one more to open. He figured this was the one he would find Dee in and he had some tape in his pocket and rope to tie her up. In his back pocket was a knife and in his jacket pocket a gun.

He opened the door as softly as he could. He didn't want them waking before he had the chance to control Dee. He knew he would have to fight Lover boy and that would be fun for him, having her watch while he tortured her Lover boy..

He smiled an evil smile to himself. He was totally ready to kill Dee straight out but if he could make them both suffer, all the better for his enjoyment.

He walked around the bed and put his hand over her mouth and then held the knife to her throat and told her to be very quiet or he would kill her right then and then end the life of Lover Boy too.

When her eyes focused she could see the man she feared for so long since the first attack.
He struck such fear in her that she did as he said hoping he would not hurt Urs. She didn't make a sound hoping that Urs would sleep on but when he tied her up and taped her mouth shut and left her laying on the bed where he found her she was totally confused.

What was he going to do now? She only could think about the fact that he was walking the floor and looking at Urs who till now still had not awakened.

She thought he was waiting for Urs to wake so he could find her like that next to him. But Urs slept on so he had to find a reason or way to wake him with out losing control of them both.

He finally decided to remove the tape and have her wake Urs. He held the knife to her throat again and had her call his name.


Urs began to stir hearing his name in the distance. It felt like he was dreaming. He slowly began to come to and open his eyes to see her tied up but LaCrosse couldn't see his eyes open so he thought Urs was still not awake.

The room only had a glow from the moon outside so it was not light enough to see that Urs had made contact with Dee's eyes and then he pretended to go back to sleep..

“Call to him again NOW” LaCrosse whispered in her ear as he still held the knife at her throat as she called Urs name again..

She wasn't sure how they would get out of this since Urs had no protection with him in the bed.

Urs stirred this time answering Dee as he watched her from his half closed eyes..

“Yes love what is it?” Urs said sleepily and trying to act still half asleep..

“You need to wake up Lover Boy!” LaCrosse's voice carried to his brain and then he opened his eyes wide and looked at Dee laying tied up next to him.

Raising up and looking at the mad man, he wondered what he planned for them.

“How did you get in here with all the police looking for you?” Urs asked slowly..

“Oh that wasn't so hard. I smashed the alarm so they have no clue that I am even here but they will be back soon to check on the house I am sure.” LaCrosse had evil grin on his face like he was proud of himself..

“What do you want from us LaCrosse?” Urs glared at the crazy man if that is what anyone could call him. No real man would have done what he had to Dee in the first place..

"I want what I started in the first place and that was to have Dee. But since then I just want her dead, then I will be on my way.” he grinned that evil grin at Dee and she felt like throwing up..

“There is no reason for you to kill her now. Everyone knows here and in the states what you are and what you did to an innocent woman who did nothing but try to live her life!” Urs spat at him..

“You just want her alive so you and she can have fun and get on with your lives while I spend the next 50 years in prison for the first attack. She doesn't deserve to live a happy life after sending me to jail.” LaCrosse was delusional ..

“Well you kind of brought that prison sentence on yourself you know since you kidnapped her and tried to kill her for no reason!” Urs was getting nowhere talking to this nut case and he needed to find a way for them both to be safe but get the upper hand on LaCrosse.
He wasn't about to tell LaCrosse that he and Dee were a couple since that would really throw him over the edge and want more then anything to destroy them both.

He had to figure out how to get past him so the police could be contacted.

“So now what are you going to do to us?” Urs tried to get his attention away from Dee by standing beside the bed and making him pay attention only on his movements.

“I will have to find a way to punish you too for taking what belongs only to me!” he spat at Urs with anger glaring in his eyes.

He pulled out the gun in his jacket pocket which Urs had no idea that he had and was thinking if he could tackle this crazy man to get the gun away from him?

Dee still tied up and laying on the bed couldn't stop the tears from flowing. It was bad enough this madman wanted to kill her but now he would kill Urs the only man she ever loved as well.

Urs glanced at her and smiled a small smile and then turned to LaCrosse who was looking at the window where he could see the lights from the road and wondering if it was time for the police to come back? He had to hurry and finish this off.

Urs slowly walked towards the man and just as he got to his shoulder he turned and pointed the gun at Urs's chest.

“Not a good idea Lover boy” he said as he pushed the barrel into Urs's chest harder..

Dee had not been gagged or taped up anymore so she could scream and hope the officers would hear her maybe buying some time.

She looked at Urs who could not see her since he was facing the gun and the crazy man.

“Let him go you crazy evil man. It is me you want and not him! So if you think your man enough come and get me!” Dee screamed at him.

“SHUT UP YOU WITCH! YOU WILL GET WHAT IS COMING TO YOU SOON ENOUGH, BUT NOW YOU WATCH YOUR LOVER BOY HERE DIE!!” he spat at her as she started screaming as loud and long as she could..

In the streets below, the police were making their rounds and heard her screams and busted down the front door and at that moment Urs jumped the man who was watching Dee instead of him.

The police ran up the stairs and found Urs and LaCrosse fighting for the gun and as they aimed at the man they had been searching for they heard the gun go off and saw Urs turn and fall to the floor. They aimed at LaCrosse who was taking aim at Dee on the bed and they fired, hitting him in the shoulder and then the stomach. As he fell, Dee screamed for Urs and couldn't see where he had been shot.

The police handcuffed Lacrosse who was bleeding pretty badly and then they went to Urs and could see where the bullet went thru to his back but saw no exit wound.

They called for the EMT and then they went to untie Dee and she ran to Urs as soon as she was loose.. She took his head and held it in her lap and told him how much she loved him..

Urs's eyes fluttered open as he told Dee he loved her and never to forget him. She reached over and kissed his lips as his eyes closed and he stopped breathing.

All they heard after that was the screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

LaCrosse who was still conscious was laughing at the thought at least he took the man of her dreams away and she would suffer for eternity.

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PostSubject: Re: Unforgettable    Sun Aug 22, 2010 6:15 am

Click on the Title Above:

Unforgettable, that's what you are
Unforgettable though near or far
Like a song of love that clings to me
How the thought of you does things to me
Never before has someone been more

Unforgettable in every way
And forever more, that's how you'll stay
That's why, darling, it's incredible
That someone so unforgettable
Thinks that I am unforgettable too

Unforgettable in every way
And forever more, that's how you'll stay
That's why, darling, it's incredible
That someone so unforgettable
Thinks that I am unforgettable too

Chapter 30

After the ambulance arrived they loaded LaCrosse into it and rushed him to the nearest hospital and into surgery but not before he overheard on the news and police that Urs Toni Buhler had been pronounced dead on scene.

Even though he was headed to surgery in serious condition he was very pleased with himself at least he made sure Lover Boy would never be with Dee again.

Urs's body was removed by another ambulance and instead of heading to the hospital that LaCrosse was taken to, the officers from Scotland Yard escorted them to a private hospital outside of London.

Dee, being in shock it was decided to have her see a doctor and maybe given something to calm her down. Detective Robertson was ordered to escort Dee to the hospital and then he would contact one of the other guys in the group to come and stay with her at the hospital since he would have to inform them of Urs's death. This was not a job he was looking forward to.

Detective Robertson arrived at the hospital with Dee and as the nurse took Dee into an exam room he dialed the number that Sebastien had given him when they first met..

Sebastien was fixing he and Lisa some hot tea so that she could relax after a long day. They just wanted to rest and watch TV and have an early night. Her hormones were playing havoc on her all day so Sebastien made her rest.

His cell phone went off as he was handing the tea to Lisa.


“Mr. Izambard, this is Detective Robertson. Could you please come to the hospital as soon as possible? I am sorry to say your friend Mr. Urs Buhler was killed tonight in his home by LaCrosse.”

“Excuse me, what do you mean Urs is dead?”

“Lacrosse broke into Urs's home and tied Dee up and fought with Urs and he had a gun and shot Urs as the police broke into the bedroom and shoot him twice. He is at the hospital in surgery at the moment and not expected to live.”

“Where are Dee and Urs now?”

“Dee is here and being checked out by the doctors. She is in shock. Urs's body is being handle by Scotland Yard and I have not had time to check where they have moved him yet.”

“Alright, Lisa and I will be there as soon as I contact David and Carlos and tell them to meet us at the hospital. Thank you for letting us know and please stay with Dee till we arrive.”

“I won't leave her side till you all arrive. Goodbye and I am sorry about Mr. Buhler.”

“Thank You Detective, Goodbye.” Sebastien hung up and turned to look at Lisa and she could see the tears fill his eyes.

Sebastien called and asked that David, Sonia and Carlos and Mary meet him and Lisa at the hospital and there he would tell them about Urs and Dee.

He needed to calm down enough to get to the hospital with his pregnant wife.

All the way to the hospital Sebastien tried to figure out how all of this could have happened and how was he to explain it to Simon. Telling David and Carlos was going to be heartbreaking enough. He didn't know how the fans were going to handle this news and he began to worry if the news had released this information. Was it posted in the Official Forum already? He would need to ask Simon to do damage control till the rest of the group had a statement ready.

When Sebastien and Lisa arrived at the hospital David and Carlos and their ladies were in with Dee who was sleeping for the time being due to the injection the Doctor given her.

Detective Robertson was waiting at the entrance of the emergency room door. He had not told David or Carlos what happened so they could all be together when they were told.

Sebastien was glad he would not have to do this alone. Telling Simon about this would be his undoing.

Detective Robertson had made arrangements for a private room to discuss the events of the evening. As they were all escorted into the room, the Doctor who had operated on Lacrosse met them and told them Mr. LaCrosse had died due to a blood clot in the brain during surgery. There was nothing they could do for him.

That felt like justice for what these kind people were going through, but unfortunately it was too late for their friend Urs.

David, Carlos and Sebastien had overheard the news about LaCrosse and felt anger and pain over the horrors he had caused Dee and Urs during the past few weeks.

After they all had gathered in the room the Detective informed the others of the news he had already relayed to Sebastien on the phone. Needless to say the ladies were in shock and David as well as Carlos couldn't believe what they were hearing.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN URS IS DEAD?” David was yelling at the Officer. He wanted answers as Carlos stood and waited for them.

“I have given you everything I know up to now and I still have to contact Scotland Yard to find out where they have taken the body.”

“HIS NAME WAS URS NOT THE BODY!” Carlos yelled back at the Officer.

“I do understand how you're all feeling and I will find out all the information and get back with you when I know what is going on for sure.”

“We want to see our brother and we need to make plans. Has anyone contacted his family in Switzerland?” Carlos looked at the officer and then at Sebastien.

“No I have not contacted Mutti or Vatti yet!”

“We thought you might want to contact his family yourselves and that way it would be more a family thing.” Detective Robertson understood the need to let them handle this alone and in private.

“I need to go and check in with the Yard and then I will be back and take you to Mr. Buhler.” He turned to walk away but Sebastien stopped him and shook his hand thanking him for all the help and for taking care of Dee while they were not there.

He nodded his thanks and then turned and left them to talk about the news and hope this nightmare would not get any worse for any of them. But he felt that the nightmare was not over with by a long shot.

After they were alone David asked who was staying with Dee.

“The nurse is sitting with her right now but we need to get back to her in case she wakes up.” Lisa told them while tears streamed down not only her face but Mary and Sonia couldn't control their emotions either.

David walked to Sonia and took her in his arms and held her tight.

Carlos stood watching them as Mary walked to her husband and comforted him as best as she could.

Sebastien reached for Lisa's hand and they all walked to Dee's room in total shock and silence.

Upon entering Dee's room, the nurse explained this was a VIP room and private and they could stay as long as they needed to without any disruption.

Dee had not woken and they were kind of happy for that. Their emotions were already at an all time high so they hoped they would have better control before she woke to find the nightmare was not over and the man she loved was gone.

Dee was dreaming and found herself holding on to Urs hand as they walked through the garden at the cottage in Switzerland..

They were laughing about something they remembered as a dark figure came toward them, as the fear set into Dee.. Turning to look at Urs as he fell to the ground she bent down to help him, as she felt the blood pouring through her fingers..

She heard the sound of an evil laugh and looked to see LaCrosse holding a gun and pointing it at Urs. She began to scream and call for URS over and over. She woke with a start and found herself in the hospital still screaming URS !!!!!!!

Sebastien thought nothing else could hurt as bad as the day's news till he heard the bone chilling screaming coming from the distraught Dee as she rose in the bed and kept screaming out URS'S name...

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Chapter 31

~*Urs Where Are You*~

Sebastien approached the bed and touched Dee's shoulder as she looked around for Urs.

“Where is Urs?” She spoke frightened by the dream as tears rolled down her face.

“I am sorry Dee but he is not here, but all the others are.” Sebastien spoke to her softly and tried to calm her by taking her into his arms and comforting her.

She looked at the others in the room and couldn't understand why Urs was not there, until she remembered the dream.

Looking into Sebastien's eyes she spoke the words he had been afraid to say to her.

“He's dead, isn't he?”

The others looked at each other shocked that she seemed to know something they had only just found out. They knew there had been a connection between their brother and her from the start, but this was a total surprise, even to them..

“How did you know? We only heard a few minutes ago.” David spoke as he walked towards the bed staring into her eyes.

“I dreamed he died at the hands of LaCrosse. Is it true he is dead?” Dee asked again just in case she had still been dreaming.

“The officer on the scene of the shooting told us he had heard the report that Urs had been shot and died before they got to the house.”

Sebastien told her all they knew for now and then released her to Lisa's care.

He, Carlos, and David walked to the door after hearing a loud shouting coming from the hallway.

“I WANT TO SEE MY SOHN” Mutti was yelling at the nurse who was standing between herself and the door to Dee's room.

Sebastien had heard the yelling and went out to the hallway and tried to calm Mutti down. Vatti was standing beside his wife holding on to her and trying to calm her.

“What are you doing here? How did you find out we were here?” Sebastien spoke to Vatti since Mutti was so upset they couldn't understand her Swiss German.

“We saw the news flash stating that there had been a shooting at Urs's home and that he was pronounced dead at the house and they mentioned Dee was here.” Vatti was barely holding on to his tears as he spoke to Sebastien.

“Yes we have been told the same thing and we have been here since after they brought Dee in. The man who shot Urs just died in surgery.”

Sebastien didn't want to be the one to break this news to Urs's parents. They had always been as close to him and the others as they were to Urs.

“Where is Dee? She has cost me my Sohn. I want to look at her and see how she is dealing with what she has done to this family.” Mutti spoke with such a hatred that David and Carlos couldn't believe their ears.

“I don't think that is a good idea Mutti. Let's go to the waiting room and I will fill you in on the stuff you don't know first.” Sebastien spoke softly as he touched Mutti's shoulder, turning her toward the waiting room as the others followed.

As they went into the waiting room they found it empty and David went and asked the nurse to have the Dr. to check on Dee since she had woken up screaming. Also to give them some private time to talk with Urs's family.” She told him she would make sure they were not disturbed .

Sebastien sat next to a distraught Mutti and Vatti on her other side, both holding her hands. He explained the events as he had been told by the officers at the house. He explained how LaCrosse got into the house and tied up Dee and then went after Urs.

He told her that Dee was in shock and had not been told yet that Urs was pronounced dead till just before her and Vatti showed up since the Dr had given Dee something to calm her down. So she slept through most of the events since they had brought her into the hospital.

“Why did he shoot Urs?” Vatti needed to get as many answers before they saw Dee.

“He had come to kill Dee for her refusal to be involved with him just like when Lisa and I found her almost dead on the road months ago.” Sebastien hated reliving that night.

“Mein Gott how did Urs get so involved with someone like Dee?” Mutti spoke with anger in her voice. She really couldn't help how she felt. This woman had just cost her the life of her sohn and she was not sure she would ever forgive her.

“Wait just a minute, Mutti.ow can you blame Dee for something she had no control over? She never led this crazy man on nor did she try to put Urs's life in jeopardy. She was a victim just as Urs was. If you remember, he tried to kill her first off.” Sebastien was very upset with the attitude Mutti had about Dee and was glad he had kept her from entering Dee's room now that he knew how she felt about Dee.

“I knew she was no good for Urs when we met her in Switzerland last week. I told Urs she was trouble and look now what has happened to my Sohn!” Mutti was crying now harder then before.

Sebastien knew they were not getting thru to Mutti and hoped Vatti didn't feel the same.

“Vatti do you feel the same as Mutti? If you do then I will not allow anyone else to see Dee. She really can't handle this right now. She is still in shock and she needs to get rest and calm down before the news of Urs's death is given to her.” Sebastien was trying to be gentle but he was very upset over the loss of his brother and now on top of it he was having to deal with Urs's distraught parents too.

“I like Dee very much and I know how much Urs loves her and no I would not want to hurt her anymore.” Vatti spoke this all the while not taking his eyes of Mutti. He knew she would be upset with him for not standing beside her on this anger with what Dee's part in the death of their sohn had caused.

“YOU UNDERSTAND THAT WOMAN GOT OUR SOHN KILLED!!” Mutti was on the verge of needing a shot to calm down also and this did not go unnoticed by any of the men sitting with her.

Vatti knew he needed to talk to his wife alone and asked the guys to check on Dee and then he would come to see her after they came back to the waiting room.

Sebastien, David and Carlos rose and left the room, leaving Mutti staring at her husband and for the life of her she couldn't understand why he was taking sides with the woman who had gotten their sohn killed. This was someone she did not know.


Meanwhile on the other side of London, in a hospital run by the Scotland Yard, the nurses were taking care of the newest patient, Urs Toni Buhler!!

He had come through surgery well, was out of recovery and in a private and secure room with round the clock guards.

Detective Robertson stood outside the room and spoke to the guard on duty and got the information that he needed to pass on to Dee and Urs's family and brothers.

Turns out that the bullet had missed all vital organs but had hit the rib and lodged near the spine leaving the the area near the spine swollen and it would be a while before he would be up and on his feet.

He would need a wheel chair for a while but he was alive and going to recover fully. He needed to inform Urs that LaCrosse was dead and that Dee was in shock but would be fine.

He also needed to tell Urs that the police and press had reported his death and that the guys and their wives and possibly his parents too would have heard this news by now..

He was most concerned with how Dee was doing since he was aware that she was still out when he left the hospital and wandered if Sebastien and the others had informed her that Urs had died.

He knew he needed to get back to the hospital and let them know that Urs was alive and was stable and going to recover from his ordeal.

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Chapter 32

Detective Robinson spoke to the Dr. caring for Urs and got all the information on his condition. He didn't speak to Urs since they had him still sedated.

He wanted to get back to the guys and Dee and inform them of what was going on with Urs, since LaCrosse was out of the picture. They were all safe. Now he could let them know Urs was not dead.

Dee had finally woke to the news that Urs had died before he made it to the hospital and she was sedated again by the Dr. to keep her calm and Mutti & Vatti were not allowed in to see her, per Sebastien's orders to the Dr.

She had been through enough in the past few weeks and now with the news of Urs being gone she didn't need Mutti blaming her. Sebastien and Lisa could understand why Mutti felt this way, but the truth was it never was Dee's fault and letting Mutti verbally attack her for no good reason would not be what Urs would want or help the status of the situation.

He knew how much Urs truly Loved Dee and would protect her as his brother would want. Even if it was from his own Mother.

Mutti and Vatti were in the waiting room hoping to check on Dee. Vatti at least wanted to check on her. Mutti on the other hand was still hurting over the loss of her sohn, wanting or needing to blame someone. Since it involved Dee she was an easy target. No matter that her beloved sohn loved Dee and would have married her if he had lived.

Mutti didn't think she would ever be able to forgive Dee for bringing all of this danger into her sohn's life, and in the end costing him his life.

Detective Robinson entered the waiting room looking for Sebastien and was told by the nurse he was still in with Dee. He did not know Urs's parents so he went to the room without speaking to them first.

He knocked on Dee's door and Sebastien let him in. He checked on how Dee was doing since the Dr. was there, asking when she could leave the hospital or be moved to the one that Urs was in.

Sebastien and Lisa were sitting in the chairs on each side of the bed and the Detective began with the news that Urs had not died in the shooting.

“I just came from the Scotland Yard hospital and Urs is not dead as announced by the press or the police.” He saw the shocked look on both of their faces, knowing they had many questions..

Sebastien began asking questions so the Detective told him everything he could piece together and that they had made arrangements to have Dee moved to the same room with Urs as he was speaking to them.

Dee, drowsy heard voices and turned toward the voices. She opened her eyes to see the Detective she remembered from her first attack, wondering with her foggy mind what he wanted there.

Lisa saw Dee's eyes open as she stood next to her, nodding to Sebastien and the Detective, letting them know Dee was listening and maybe they should tell her about Urs now so she was not out of control again.

“Dee, I just came from the hospital over at Scotland Yard and was visiting Urs. He was sedated and still out of it but the operation was a success and he will make a full recovery.

He might be in a wheelchair for a while until he gets his strength back but he will walk again.” As he spoke to her and Sebastien held her hand they saw tears flowing down her face.

She couldn't believe what she was hearing. First they said he died, now they are telling her he was alive. Confusion set in and all she could say was, “I want to see him and I want to see him NOW!”

“Sebastien could feel her grip his hand tighter and knew she needed to see for herself. “They are moving you to the same hospital and room with him so you will see him very soon.”

After hearing all the information, the nurse came in and with Lisa's help they got Dee up and ready for the move to the hospital to see and be with Urs.

"Detective, Urs's parents are in the waiting room and they too know that Urs was pronounced dead and they flew in from Switzerland. They need to be told and should be taken over to the hospital so they too can see him and let them see for themselves also that he is alive!”

“They also blame Dee for all of this and so I have stopped them so far from seeing her. I didn't want her upset any more than she has already been. Can you please go talk to them while we get things ready for the transfer here?”

Sebastien spoke quietly since Dee didn't know his parents had arrived.

Detective Robinson headed to the waiting room and after introducing himself to the Buhler's and gave them the same information that he had given Dee, except the fact that Dee was being moved to the same place and room with Urs.

After hearing from Sebastien about the upset they felt toward Dee he thought that it should be something between Urs and his family when he came around.

After finishing the information he came to deliver, he left and went to meet up with Dee and get her in the car. He would be transporting her himself. Sebastien and Lisa would make sure the others made it to the other hospital. It would give them time for Dee to see Urs first before dealing with the parents.

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Chapter 33

Dee & Urs Reunite

Detective Robinson showed Dee and the others to Urs's room and then stood outside the door and waited for them to check on their friend and to see he was alive.

The relief in Dee's face was a blessing to Sebastien. He felt she might not have made it if Urs had really died. He could see the love they shared in her eyes..

They heard a loud noise outside of the door and Sebastien went to see what the problem was. He found Mutti & Vatti trying to get into the room to see their sohn.

“Move aside Detective. We are his parents and have more rights to see him than that woman who caused all of this!”

Mutti wasn't yelling but her voice was loud enough that anyone that heard her got the message she was angry.

Sebastien came to her and put his arm around her and asked her to walk with him for a minute..

“Is he really in that room Sebastien and alive?”

“Oui, Mutti. He is alive and resting quietly and the doctor wants him to stay that way!”

“I understand that, but what I don't understand is why we can't see him but SHE can?”

“Mutti, she was tied up and made to watch as that crazy man tried to kill them both. She needs to see that he is going to recover. Since the doctor mentioned he has called for her several times they wanted her to see him and see if she can get through to him.

Sebastien wanted the two ladies in Urs's life to get along, but he knew Mutti blamed Dee. Even though everyone else knew she too was a victim and that she carried no blame.

“Mutti can't you find a way to be at peace with Dee? Urs loves her and wants to marry her in the future and if you don't come to terms with this all he will be parted from you and that would break everyone's heart.”

“Nein, she caused all of this and I can't forgive her for all this happening to my sohn. Sorry Sebastien I just can't!”

“I suppose then you blame me for this as well?”

Mutti looked at Sebastien with a strange and questioning look, trying to understand what he had to do with all of this.

“I don't understand. Why would you be at fault Sebastien? I know how much you love Urs.”

“Because I brought Dee to the hospital when we found her on the road that night and introduced her to Urs and asked for his help to keep her safe.”

“OHHH, I forgot about that. But it still does not mean you are to blame.”

“Then you think Dee is to blame when she was the one who lost not only her parents to a brutal mob, but then a crazy man tries to kill her the same night? How do you figure any of this is her fault? I am sorry Mutti but I am here to protect Dee because that is what I need to do and what my BROTHER would want me to do!!”

“I understand your loyalty to Urs. You all have grown so close over the past 5 years and are like brother's. But as his Mother I have to worry about my sohn. And even if this was not her fault, she was the reason this all happened. I can't forget that Sebastien!! I am sorry but I just can't!”

“Well Mutti, I am sorry too but I am afraid you will lose Urs if you try and make him CHOOSE between you and Dee. You might think about that before you get into the room!”

Sebastien turned and headed back to Urs's room and passed Vatti on the way, frowning at him before opening the door and rejoining Dee.

Urs was still knocked out from the surgery, but he looked a lot better than either of them thought after what he and Dee had been through.

They stood beside him, one on each side of the bed with Dee holding his hand. She needed to touch him to make sure this was all real and that he was alive.

Urs began to groan and looked to his right as he opened his eyes and saw Sebastien standing there looking at him with a slight smile. Then he turned to the left to find Dee with tears on her face looking at him with concern.

“I thought I lost you.” Dee said with so much emotion in her voice and tears streaming down her face now..

“I am sorry Love, but you can't get rid of me that easy you know.” he spoke to her softly, not much above a whisper.. Then he smiled at her, that beautiful amazing smile with all his dimples showing.

“I love you Urs.” She leaned over and kissed him softly on the lips and stayed that way for a bit before standing up and smiling at him..

“Ich Liebe Dich, Dee.”

“Urs your parents are outside and would like to see you!” Sebastien thought he might get this out of the way.”

“Why are they not in here with you two?”

“The doctor only wanted us here at first since you have been calling for Dee.”

“Oh, ok well let them in and Love, stay with me.” It was not a request but a fact. He didn't want her out of his sight. Now that she was here he felt a weight lifted off him. He was still worried that something else might happen. He had not been told yet that LaCrosse died so he was still worried about her safety.

“Love, maybe you should see them alone. I will be right outside the door when they finish seeing you. Then I will come back and stay with you.” Dee didn't want him to know that his mother was upset at the sight of her.

"Nein, I want you here. Please Dee!” he held tight to her hand and was not about to let go.

“Alright Urs I will stay. You need to calm down. You have just had a bullet removed and don't need to upset yourself or the doctor will throw us all out.” she smiled a fake smile and hoped it worked and that Mutti when she saw Dee would not make a scene and upset him.

Sebastien went out to bring in his parents and then stood over on the other side of Dee. Concerned that this was not going to be good for anyone.

Mutti and Vatti came through the door and stood to the right of the bed and looked their sohn over, happy to see he was awake and talking now.

"How do you feel Urs? We have been so worried since we heard and flew in as soon as we could.” Vatti spoke as Mutti held his hand and tears rolled down her cheeks at the sight of her precious sohn.

“I am feeling much better Vatti. Mutti no tears please. I am going to be fine. It might take a bit but I will recover fully.”

“I am sorry sohn, but we were so worried when we heard you had died!”

“DIED, who told you I died?”

“The press and the police released it on the news. That is how we found out before Sebastien called us.” Vatti explained.

“Well the doctor didn't say anything about me dying on the table so I am not sure why that would have been released. Do you know Sebastien, what is going on?”

“Oui, I do. They wanted it kept quiet that you were alive till they had secured LaCrosse and that there was no more danger for either of you.”

“Where is that crazy man anyway?” Urs asked looking over at Dee and could see the pain in her eyes.

“He is dead Urs. He died in the operating room! It is finally over and we are all safe now.” Dee spoke up not looking at anyone but Urs and seeing nothing but pure love in his eyes.

“So now we can move on with our lives and be together happy and make plans for our future.” Urs looked at her smiling and squeezed her hand a bit tighter..

“Sohn, when you're released, Vatti and I want to take you home to Switzerland until the doctors let you go back to work.”

“Ok, well Dee and I can discuss that with the doctor and see how long I will be here.”

“Sohn, we want just you to come and let Dee put all this behind her and move on with her life and we will help you move on with yours!” Mutti couldn't bear to even look at Dee, and Urs was beginning to see that Mutti didn't want Dee to join them.

“I am sorry Mutti, but if Dee doesn't come home with me I am not going!”

“Sohn, you need to rest and no stress and that way you can do what the doctors say and get better. I am sure Dee understands that!” Mutti was sure Urs would give in. But Vatti was getting pretty angry and Sebastien was not far behind Vatti. Dee was just stunned she would even try to break them up.

“I love you Mutti, but Dee is going to be part of my future and I am going nowhere if she is not there!”

Dee couldn't hold it together any longer and ran from the room. Sebastien looked at Mutti with such pain in his eyes and disappointment that she would try this underhanded trick to get rid of the woman her sohn loved.

He excused himself and went to find Dee.

“Vatti what is going on here? Why did Dee run out like that? Can you go look for her? Please Vatti.”

“Oh sohn, Sebastien will find her. No need to worry yourself over her!” Mutti didn't see the looks Vatti gave Urs when she spoke of Dee.

“Mutti why are you talking about me going home and leaving Dee behind? What is going on? You never spoke to her the whole time you have been in this room?”

Sebastien caught up to Dee and took her into his arms as David and the others came walking into the sliding doors. Lisa saw the pain on both their faces and hoped it wasn't bad news about Urs.

“What has happened? Is Urs ok? Why are you not in the room with him?” Lisa was asking questions faster then Sebastien could get out any answers.

“Non, Urs is fine now. He is with his parents talking. Dee needed a break so we came out here.”

Lisa calmed down as did David and Carlos now that they knew he was going to be ok.

Dee excused herself going to the rest room to wash her face and get herself together while Sebastien told them about how Urs was doing.

“What is wrong Sebastien? Why did Dee look like she had been crying and the pain on her face was plain as day. What is going on?” David knew something was wrong.

“I am sorry, but Dee ran out of Urs's room and I had to chase after her and bring her back in.”

“Why did she run out of Urs's room? Is he that bad?” Carlos asked with concern not only for Dee but for Urs his brother as well.

“Non, he is going to be fine. That is not the problem!”

“Well please tell us what is the problem?” David said as they went to sit in the lounge and wait for Dee.

“Mutti and Vatti are with Urs and Mutti wants Urs to come home to Switzerland when they release him and recover there.”

“Ok, so what is the problem with that? He and Dee can go to his home and he can recover there right?” Carlos asked trying to understand why this was a problem.

“Mutti doesn't want him at his house. She wants him at her home to help him recover, without Dee!”

“WHAT THE HELL SEBASTIEN!!” Lisa yelled at him before she remembered they were in the hospital.

“Sorry didn't mean to yell. What is going on here? Why would she do that to Urs or Dee?” Lisa was trying to hold her temper, but the more she heard the madder she got.

Maybe she should go find Dee and see if she needed to talk this out with her..

“Lisa you know how protective Mutti is and she wants to baby her sohn.”

“Right, you mean she wants to break Urs and Dee up and break their hearts in the process. I am sorry Sebastien but she is not being fair to them. I don't want to see her so please keep her away from me. Now I am going to find Dee.” Lisa got up and kissed his lips and then went to find Dee.

“What are we too do about this?” David looked at his brothers and waited to see if either of them had any ideas.

"I wish I knew David but right now I really don't have a clue as what to do! I spoke to Mutti and tried to get her to understand how Urs feels about Dee. But she is not listening.”

“Oh boy, this doesn't sound good at all. How can Mutti put Urs in this position and ask him to choose them or Dee? That is so unfair to them.” Carlos could not understand what Mutti was thinking.. Didn't she understand Urs loves Dee and would not leave her behind like that?

After thinking about it, he was beginning to feel like Lisa and he had always respected Urs's parents. But now he was not sure how he could be around Mutti if she wanted to harm the beautiful relationship Urs had finally found.

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Chapter 34

Urs Fights Back!!

Urs's parents decided to stay till Urs was released from the hospital , still having the idea of taking him back to Switzerland. Mutti was sure if she kept after Urs, he would agree to go home with them.

Dee and Urs had discussed the offer to recover in his parents home without Dee. He felt that this would be a bad move on their part and for their relationship. Urs felt no need for Mutti to have the strained feelings she had for Dee, he refused to play into her hands and destroy his relationship with Dee. She would have to come around, he felt he had done all he could to get her to understand what he felt for Dee. That nothing that had happen had been her fault. He was at a crossroad in his life, and for his future he needed to follow his heart and stay with Dee.

Mutti would deal with this or not, but his life was his to do as with as he saw fit. Dee was his life and he would not leave her by choice. He was able to convince Dee of where he wanted to be, now he needed to tell his parents the same. So Dee stayed at the apartment while Urs was brought home by his parents. He had asked to be given some time to talk to them, one on one. So after completing all the paperwork for his released, the nurse took him down to the car in the wheelchair. He had one waiting at home for him to get around there. Dee would be helping with his therapy everyday at home. Mutti got into the back seat of the car, asking the question that had been bugging her.

“Urs, have you made a decision about going home with Vatti and I?”

“Ja, Mutti, I am staying here and working with the therapist and Dee.” Urs knew she would not be happy to hear this.

“Are you sure Dee can help with your therapy, she is not trained in this kind of thing”

“Mutti, you and Vatti are no more trained then Dee is, but this is what I want to do.”

“Ja, your right Vatti and I are not but we can arrange for the best to help you.” Mutti was not giving up.

“As Dee and I can do that here too!”

“I understand that sohn, but I feel you would do better at home where I can take care of you.”

“Mutti, I am sorry but Dee and I have decided to stay here and work on my recovery, we want to be together to do that. And you have made it clear you don't want Dee around me! And just so you know Mutti that is NOT your call to make. I am going to marry Dee so you need to get use to the fact she is here to stay!”

“Urs Sohn, you need to recover before you make those kinds of decisions.” Mutti was not happy that Dee had any influence over Urs at all.

“Vatti, I hope you understand I Love Dee and I am staying here with her!”

“Ja sohn, I do understand and will not intrude.” Vatti was very unhappy with the way his wife had tried to work Dee out of Urs's life. He felt it was not their place to do so. Mutti heard her husband and couldn't believe he was siding with Dee and Urs. She would discuss this with him later.

“Mutti, I am sorry but this is what I want more then anything, I want to stay here and get better in our home and with my future wife. Please try to understand.” Urs didn't know what else to say to get his mother to understand these were his wishes, and nothing she said would change his mind.

“I am sorry Mein sohn, but I will not agree with you. I will not approve of this relationship you and Dee have. I also will NOT give you my blessing on this farce of a marriage.”

Urs knew there was no talking to her when she made up her mind, but he was also very stubborn. He made his own decisions and she would just have to come around, if she wanted him in her life. They arrived at the apartment and Mutti refused to go in, saying she was ready to leave for home. Their plane would leave in 3 hours, so Vatti helped to get Urs in and settled before picking up his and mutti's bags, saying his goodbye.

“Don't worry sohn, your mother will come around in the end. Take care of you and Dee and call me if you need anything either of you.” Vatti kissed Dee's cheeks and hugged his sohn and left for the airport.

Urs was upset that his mother had acted so bad and she couldn't understand his wishes. Why didn't she trust him, this he didn't understand. Dee knew Urs was having a problem with his mother's attitude so she kept away from the subject of his mother and welcomed him home with lots of love and support. She was fully aware of how close they had come to losing each other. Neither wanted to discuss LaCrosse again. On that note, Dee went in to get Urs a drink, and then she was going to get him into the bedroom for some rest. Vatti had help the guys move the bedroom to the den since Urs couldn't climb stairs. He seem to be deep in thought and not wanting to push him, Dee did not discuss with him that his mother had refused to come in before leaving.

She knew Urs enough, to know when he wanted to be alone. That he would let her know when he wanted to talk. Dee walked over and gave him a soft and passionate kiss, letting him know how much she had missed him.

He had no problem returning the kiss with as much passion as hers. They would be fine, nothing else would come between them. Urs headed to the bedroom and Dee helped him on to the bed and covered him up and then laid down next too him and cover them up and cuddling into his arms.

“I love you Urs”

“Ich Liebe Dich, Liebling”

They drifted off to sleep knowing that everything would be fine.

Next: Urs & Dee Make Plans!!


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Chapter 35

Urs & Dee Make Plans!!

Dee woke first the next morning, laying next to Urs as she watched him sleeping. He had not moved much thru out the night, and she just had to reach out and touch him. After almost believing she had lost him forever, she couldn't risk not knowing that the feel of him was still there close to her body. Urs must have felt her pain, and open his eyes to see her tears flowing down her face.

“Liebling, what is wrong?”

“I am sorry Urs but.....I just remembered the past few days and almost losing you.”

Urs reached over and wiped her tears away, then reached up and kissed her as their passion was ignited. Neither knew if he could follow thru, but that didn't matter they needed to know they would have each other again. Just as soon as he was well enough. Pulling away from the kiss, Dee could tell he could follow thru, but it was too soon after the surgery and he needed more time. She had to let him know she would wait till he was ready.

“Urs, you need to slow down and heal some more before we go that far.”

“I don't want to wait Liebling, I need you now.”

“I know baby, but I am not sure how to do anything with you not being able to move, on your own.”

“You just have to help me Dee, please I need you Liebling.”

After they moved Urs to his back he was able to work things to be comfortable and they made love. It was a bonding, of the of the body and soul. They both needed to feel again the comfort of touching and loving.

Urs dozed off again and slept the rest of the morning, without Dee by his side. When he woke she had prepared him something to eat, and some coffee. Dee brought him his food on a tray, and after helping him to the bathroom to take care of private and pressing business. She joined him on the settled bed, talking to him as he ate. They discussed the next few weeks to finish off his therapy.

“Dee, I want to ask you a question.”

“Ok, what do you want to ask love?”

“I want to know if you will marry me in 2 weeks time?”

“Two weeks URS, why so soon?”

“When I was having surgery and after, I knew if I came out of this alive, I wanted us to be married right away.”

“Alright, well the answer is YES I will marry you, in two weeks or however long it takes for us to plan it.”

“No Dee. I want it done in two weeks, and I want us to walk down the aisle together arm in arm.”

“Well for that to happen we have to get you up on your own feet again and steady.”

“I know and I have arranged for a therapists to come in everyday till then, to help me work out in our gym here.”

“Now can you help me up for a few minutes? I need to get something for you.”

“Can't you just tell me where it is, and I will get it for you Urs?”

“No Dee, I need to start doing for me again so I can walk you down the aisle. Please!”

“Alright I will help you up, you sure you are going to be ok?”

“Yes love, I will be fine but you stay where you are.”

“Ok, I will be right here!” Dee informed him. Urs was able to reach into his dresser and pull out a small box, he then slowly walked back to the bed. Dee helped him get back in and settled.

“I got this while we were in Switzerland and was going to give it to you very soon. Now will you let me ask again?”

“Ask me again, Urs I said Yes the first time.” Dee giggled at his look of frustration and gave in.

“Yes my love you can go ahead and ask me again.”

“Dee, will you marry me?”

“YES!!!!!! I will marry you.” Dee launched herself at Urs and hugged and kissed him till he almost couldn't breath.

When she sat back up Urs took the ring from the box, removing her promise ring. Moving it to her right hand. He then put her engagement ring on the ring finger of her left hand.

“I love you Liebling and I can't wait till we are married.”

“I love you to my love and I can't wait either to make you my husband. Will you wear a ring URS?”

“Oh yes I plan on wearing my ring always, and not ever take it off. Don't worry if Sebastien can wear his I am going to wear mine.”

Urs began to feel tired so Dee helped him settled down on his pillows, and covered him up. Running her fingers thru his hair till he relaxed, and drifted off to sweet dreams of their wedding day.

Next: Urs Tells Vatti!

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Let's take a peak at Mutti & Vatti's Discussion on the Upcoming Wedding!!

Chapter 36

Urs Tells Vatti!!

Urs got stronger everyday thanks to the help of his friend the therapist, knowing his goal was to be up walking in the next week or more. It gave him the incentive to take it slow, but steady in his daily work outs. Dee was there everyday by his side doing the exercises, the therapist wanted him to do during the evening time.

A week before the wedding Urs was up and walking with a cane. He decided it was time to phone Vatti and invite them to the wedding. It was to be a small wedding very intimate. Only the Divo's, their partners and Simon as well as Urs' family were to be invited. Urs dialed the number and waited as it rang and then heard his father pick up and say “Hallo”.

“Vatti, how are you ?”

“Urs, sohn I am well and how are you coming along?”

“I am down to having just a cane Vatti and will be able to do without it hopefully in another week. I am still working with the therapist here daily”.

“That is great news sohn we are very happy for you then. How is Dee doing since you went home?”

“Dee is wonderful Vatti, she helps with my night time workouts and I proposed to her and she said YES!”

“Wonderful sohn, I am very happy for you both. I know you will have a wonderful marriage. So when is the wedding?”

“That is why I called Vatti, it will be a very tiny and private wedding next week here in our place. I want you and Mutti to come.”

“Well I will be there sohn and I will let your siblings know of the wedding in case they want to come too.”

“Thanks Vatti, I just don't want a big affair and I know Dee wants to keep it simple too. We are going to walk down the aisle together arm in arm.”

“That is wonderful sohn. I want to say Mutti will be there but, I will have to talk to her first. I am sorry Urs I really don't know what she will say or do?”

“I understand Vatti, and I will look forward to seeing you then next Sunday, here at the house and the wedding starts at 11am.”

“I will see you then Urs and give my love and kisses to Dee.”

“Thanks Vatti and I will and we send our love too you and the family. Good bye.”

“Good bye Urs.” Vatti said. After Vatti hung up the phone he walked into the living room where Mutti was watching some news show and told her Urs's news.

“Urs wants us to be at the wedding next Sunday.”

“Well you can go but I am not going.” Mutti never looked up at her husband, just spoke her feelings.

“Mutti, you can't let our sohn get married, and you not be there to support him. You need to get passed this thing about Dee, and except her or your going to destroy your relationship with Urs!”

“I am sorry , but I can not give him my blessings and approve of this marriage!”

“Mutti, you need to put all these fears behind you and move on. Help Urs to start his new life happy. How can you refuse him like this?”

“It is because of her he was injured and we almost lost him, or have you forgotten that? Don't ask me to forgive her, because I WON”T!!”

“Woman, your putting your relationship with your, NO OUR SOHN at risk here. He will never forgive you, and will wipe you from his life. Are you ready to deal with losing him forever?”

“If that is what it takes then I will risk it till he finds out just what kind of woman he is marrying!”

“There is nothing wrong with Dee, she was a victim just like Urs and you know that!”

“I don't want to discuss this anymore, I AM NOT GOING AND THAT IS FINAL!”

Mutti turned and walked out of the room leaving Vatti stunned beyond belief, this was not the woman he had married all those years ago and had children with. He couldn't believe she would hurt Urs this way. How was he going to tell Urs?” He decided to wait a few days closer to the wedding, maybe she would change her mind. He had no other choice, he didn't want to call his sohn, to tell him that his mother would not attend his wedding.

Vatti dropped the subject for the rest of the day and then, avoided Mutti for the next few days. They had even began sleeping in different rooms. This marriage was beginning to show signs of being in trouble, if Mutti didn't come around and SOON! Three days before the wedding Vatti called Urs and told him that he would be arriving early. He didn't give a reason, but for Vatti he need to be away from his wife. Hoping she would change her mind and join him in a few days. He told her he was going to help Urs get things ready for the wedding early. He packed his bags and headed to the airport, for the first time in over 30 plus years never looked at her or kissed her goodbye. He knew this would have to change or work itself out, his marriage was in trouble. Over a simple thing like forgiving and forgetting. Mutti as far as he was concerned was wrong!

Urs and Dee picked him up at the airport and he never mention Mutti to his sohn. Urs knew when to push Vatti, and when to stay out of his parents disagreements. So he had no clue that the problems lay with the wedding, and Mutti's refusal to except Dee and this marriage. The day before the wedding all the guests had arrived at the house except Mutti. Urs was disappointed of course, but he knew his Mother was stubborn and would not change her mind anytime soon. He would just have to move on with his life with Dee as planned, and his mother would have to come to terms or not. He was a strong man, and so he washed his hands of the problems in Mutti's mind, in no way was he going to beg her.

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Chapter 37

The Beginning Of The Wedding!

Urs had a surprise for Dee. He had bought her a new home and the wedding would be there on the top of the round verandah. Vatti was sent over to the new place to help get the arrangements in order and ready for the wedding. Dee had no idea anyplace different than the living room in their place, was going to be used for the wedding. She had not even seen the place, so it was going to be so exciting for Urs as they walked together towards their new life. Mutti was still refusing to attend the wedding, which played heavy on his mind but he would not let that spoil the time he was looking forward to.

That was becoming one with Dee.

He had waited all of his adult life to find the ONE and he was very happy he had. Vatti phoned Urs to let him know the reception stuff had been delivered and stored in the refrigerators and that the flowers had been left in the cooler as he had wanted. The morning before the wedding would find all of his friends at the new house, getting things ready as Dee and her friends spent the day shopping and having lunch.

Vatti tried to contact his wife but she would not pick up the phone. He was at a loss if they could go on like this much longer. He had not told Urs how bad things were with his mother, as he wanted this to be a happy time for them so he kept it to himself for now. He still held out she would change her mind and show up in the next 24 hours. As Urs was walking into the kitchen his cell phone went off and he answered it not knowing the number.


“Hello, is this Urs?” The voice on the other end asked.

“Ja, this is Urs. May I help you?”

“This is Cyd, Dee's friend and I just arrived in town and got your message about the wedding. Sorry I have been out of the country for the past 10 months doing mission work in several other countries. I wish I had been there for Dee when she lost her parents and all that stuff was going on with LaCrosse.”

“I know Dee understands Cyd, and she will be so shocked to find you're back. Hopefully you can do the wedding for us?”

“I would be honored to marry my best friend and a Divo.”

“Oh so you know who I am?”

“Of course, I am a fan too, but a Cutie.”

“Oh well Carlos and his wife will be here. I am sure he will be pleased to meet a fan.”

“Thanks Urs and what time is the wedding tomorrow?”

“It is at 11am and I will send a car for you if you give me your address. Since the wedding is at our new home and Dee doesn't know yet, it is a surprise.”

“Sounds amazing, looking forward to seeing you both and I hope you have your vows done?”

“Yes, we wanted something heartfelt to do with the church. The rings are ready and we have no bridesmaid or best man. We are doing this in front of Gott and our friends.”

“Sounds perfect. Well I will see you and Dee tomorrow at the house before the service.”

“Thanks again Cyd, and we will see you then bye!”

“Bye Urs.” Cyd said before they hung up. Urs saw his father walked into the room and caught him smiling.

“You look happy. What has happened to put that smile on your face?”

“That was Dee's best friend and she just got back. She is going to do the service tomorrow.”

“Oh I thought you had a minister?”

“We did for backup if I couldn't reach Cyd.”

“Where has she been? I don't think I know her”

“She runs a mission that travels to foreign countries for AMTM and helps children. We support AMTM and I had no idea she worked with them too.”

“Sounds like things are coming along Sohn and we are so proud of you for standing by Dee throughout all of this trouble.”

“You maybe Vatti but, I don't think Mutti is very proud I chose Dee over her.”

“Sohn she loves you and in the end I believe she will come around. Just don't give up on her. She is your Mutti and you will always love her no matter what.”

“Danke Vatti, I do love Mutti but she needs to understand that I have found my place in life with Dee and I will honor that.”

“I understand Sohn.”

“Ok I think we need to head over to the new house. I want to unpack our stuff and be ready to stay there tomorrow night after the reception. We are going to lock out the world for a few weeks and be together.”

In the end everything got done and the wedding party had dinner brought in for the guests that were staying with them and the new house had everything ready but the clothes they would wear tomorrow. Well Urs had moved his there but since Dee didn't know and would not til the morning when the girls took her there. Her stuff would go with her.

Next Chapter The Wedding Begins

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Chapter 38

The Wedding: Part 1

Urs and Dee entertained their guests until around 12am and then excused themselves for the night. As they headed up to shower and get ready for bed Dee noticed Urs was limping but he assured her he would be fine for the wedding tomorrow he just needed to rest tonight and snuggle with her in his arms. He didn't need to make love to her to know how much he loved her. He only had to hold her to know that connection was there.They spoke of their wedding as they snuggled into each other and after declaring their love both drifted off to sleep.

Everyone else headed up to bed after they made sure all the downstairs was cleaned up and the kitchen in order. Each couple gave themselves some loving time and all drifted off to sleep as they knew tomorrow they would witness Urs and Dee joining together forever. Then all the Divo's would be married.

Urs woke and looked over at his bride to be sleeping. He looked at the clock and it was 5am. He couldn't bring himself to wake her just yet. He slowly got up and headed to the bathroom for some pressing needs, then climbed back into bed next to Dee. He was amazed at her, she had not complained at the fact she was dealing with his work outs to get stronger. She dealt with things and moved on. Never did he think that he would marry and settle down. With Il Divo being on tour so much, he really didn't think he could find someone that could deal with his lifestyle but Dee made it all so much easier. She was his calm in the storm of life and that gave him more energy to do the best he could be. To make her happy and sing the best he had ever sung.

He saw her smile in her sleep, he wondered what she was dreaming about. As she rolled into his arms closer, he could feel her hands slip down to his waist and his body responded to her touch. Now days all she had to do was touch him or kiss and smile and he would be ready to love her. He was not the kind of man to do one night stands and short relationships so this marriage was something he knew would be forever. He couldn't wait to see her face when she found out about their new home. Dee must have felt him in her dreams as she opened her eyes slowly and smiled up at him. “Good Morning My love.”

“Guten Morgen to you too Liebe.”

“Oh I really need to work on my Swiss-German Urs.”

“Well you have your own personal teacher right here beside you Liebe.”

“Well does my teacher have any plans for today?”

“Yes he does. He is going to marry the woman of his dreams.”

“Oh, so maybe I should go before she gets here?” she giggled at his frown when she went to climb out of the bed.

“Freeze right there Liebe, I am not letting you get away from me that easy.”

“Sorry love but I need the bathroom now.”

As Dee headed to the bathroom Urs thought about the days ahead and how much fun it would be having no demands on his time and being able for them to have some nice quiet time together. Dee came back and snuggled under the covers and then kissed his perfect lips. She could not get enough of kissing this wonderful and amazing man. His touch inflamed her, his breath like a butterfly's wings, so soft and gentle. For him to be a strong and silent type, the man could melt her bones with a look. Desire was one thing he never had any problem with. When he looked at her his desire was strong and over powering. They were a perfect match.

“So I guess we should get up and shower then get breakfast since we have a houseful of people?”

“Nein Liebe they can get their own breakfast. I want some private time with my lady here.”

“OK let's shower together, it will be faster.”

“It will be interesting but faster I don't think so.”

They headed to the shower, Urs set the water on high and then picked her up and placed her in the shower with him kissing as he held her. They managed to wash after their hands found other things to do and excite each other. They made love in the shower and after they had finished with their washing, they dried each other off and put on their robes. Urs went down to start some coffee before anyone else got up. Vatti was in the kitchen making coffee already so Urs spoke to him for a few minutes before carrying two cups for him and Dee back to the room.

“Urs what happened to our clothes and other things, for the wedding? All I can find is my dress?”

“We aren't getting married here sweetheart. I have it all arranged to have the wedding on the other side of town, at a place I know you will love.”

“Oh you do huh. Well I suppose you're not going to tell me what you have done are you?”

“Nein you will have to wait till we get there and see.”

They both dressed for the morning before heading downstairs to greet their guests and make plans for the trip to the wedding. The ladies would leave in a hour for the house and start getting ready with hair and make up done there and the guys would all follow in about an hour. Urs would dress there and he had given the rings to Sebastien, so he would hand them to the Minister when she started the ceremony. They would come together at the top of the house and walk together to the minister.

Everyone pitched in with breakfast and clean up and then it was time for Dee and the ladies to go. The limo was waiting in the drive. All she needed was her dress and shoes and she was off. She held on to Urs and kissed him goodbye and told him she would meet him later.

“Just think My love, soon I will be Mrs. Urs T. Buhler, I can't wait.”

“You be there or I will come looking for you Mrs. Buhler.”

“Don't worry, wild dogs couldn't keep me away. I love you Urs.”

“I love you too Liebe.”

The ladies were escorted to the limo and off they went.. Urs felt a loss at the sight of Dee riding away in the limo but his Vatti and the other guys were there for him. Since he had come home from the hospital he had not been away from Dee and this was the separation he was not looking forward too. He had not told Dee that he had nightmares of losing her and of his death in the room that day. He wanted to forget and most of the time he could, but he found letting her out of his sight was difficult. But his doctor had told him to expect this reaction and that in time the feelings and the dreams would disappear. So he worked with his therapists and Dee to get stronger and back to his old self and not worry about the dreams.

Now was the time the ladies arrived at the house and Dee couldn't believe the place. It was beautiful. She wondered who owned the place to allow them to have their wedding here on the top verandah. She would have to ask Urs when they had some private time this evening. When she walked through the door, standing in the middle of the room was her friend from the past several years. Rev. Cyd and she couldn't have been more shocked to see her there. She knew that she had been out of the country for several months.

“Cyd how are you, and when did you get back?”

“Dee, I am fine and I just got back a couple of days ago. I was sorry about all that has happened and I was not here for you.”

“I understand and let's not talk about it now. This is my wedding day and I am so excited to get ready to see Urs again.”

“We will sit down after your honeymoon and have a long chat and rehash old times while we are at it. Now let’s get you upstairs and get your makeup and hair done.”

“Cyd, are you going to do the ceremony?”

“Yep that handsome man of yours contacted me and asked that I perform the service. How could I say no to a Divo?”

“Thanks Cyd, it is great to have you here and to know it is you that is doing the service.”

“OK ladies, upstairs and get ready. We have a wedding to attend.”

Her Hair Tiara

Urs arrived about an hour later and was taken to a guest room on the other side of the house where all his things were waiting for him. Sebastien would help him with his prep and then they would meet the others in the main hall for the trip up the stairs. It was at 10:30am, all were ready and most were on the verandah and waiting for the wedding party. Cyd had gone up to the top of the house and was waiting on them to join her. This was to be a simple wedding and the vows were meant to express the love Dee and Urs felt in their hearts and in their connection with God.

Urs stood at the bottom of the stairs as Lisa escorted Dee to him. He was blown away by her gown and the glowing look on her face. She in turn was taken aback by the handsome suit he had chosen to wear for the wedding. It was black and not a regular cut jacket. He looked amazing and she just wanted to run into his arms and never let him go again.

“Are you ready Liebe?”

“I am so ready my love.”

“Let's go then!”

At this point as they walked up the stairs, the song Wedding Day began to play. This was chosen for the opening of the ceremony and the Bee Gees music was perfect for this day.

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Chapter 39

Wedding Day Part 2

She had no words that could describe him. She had never seen Urs look like this even in the concerts, the suits did nothing, to make him as irresistible as he did right now. He took her hand as Lisa gave her the bouquet.

“Liebling, you look amazing in that gown!”

“Thank you my love, you really do look amazing in that suit love!”

“Are you ready to become Mrs. Buhler, Liebling?”

“More then ready Mr. Buhler. Urs who's place is this?”

“Oh well I was gonna save that surprise for later but I can tell you now. I bought it for you!”

“You bought this place for us?”

“Ja, it was my wedding gift to you, I hope you like it?”

“Urs you didn't have to do that, but yes my love, I love it. Thank you Urs.”

They kissed as they joined arms and began the walk to their future. At the top of the stairs they could see all of their friends and family there. Urs looked at his father and was shocked to see Mutti, in a silver dress, she looked wonderful and smiled a deep smile at him as his father held her in his arms. His life now would be complete. He couldn't have been happier. Dee saw Mutti and wondered what had changed her mind, but she would deal with that later. Now she was marrying the man of her dreams and that was all she could see as they stood in front of Cyd. Urs turned once more before Cyd started the service and looked to his mother as she blew him a kiss. She may not have agreed with his choice but she had finally come around to help him celebrate his love for Dee by coming to the wedding. His day was now complete.

As they stood before the Rev. they stared into each others eyes and was lost they almost missed the ending of the song. Cyd began the service by saying a prayer over the couple. Then she began the ceremony,

“Come gather round and join in the celebration of the marriage of Urs Buhler and Dee Buckman in the sight of God and these witnesses. Urs and Dee have their own vows to pledge to each other.”

The Vows


From this day on, I choose you, my beloved Dee, to be my wife. To live with you and laugh with you; to stand by your side, and sleep in your arms; to be joy to your heart, and food for your soul; to bring out the best in you always, and, for you, to be the most that I can. I promise to laugh with you in good times, to struggle with you in bad; to solace you when you are downhearted; to wipe your tears with my hands; to comfort you with my body; to mirror you with my soul; to share with you all my riches and honors; to play with you as much as I can until we grow old; and, still loving each other sweetly and gladly, our lives shall come to an end.


From this day on, I choose you, my beloved Urs, to be my husband. To live with you and laugh with you; to stand by your side, and sleep in your arms; to be joy to your heart, and food for your soul; to bring out the best in you always, and, for you, to be the most that I can. I promise to laugh with you in good times, to struggle with you in bad; to solace you when you are downhearted; to wipe your tears with my hands; to comfort you with my body; to mirror you with my soul; to share with you all my riches and honors; to play with you as much as I can until we grow old; and, still loving each other sweetly and gladly, our lives shall come to an end.

“Now that the vows have been spoken it is the time for the giving and receiving of the rings. Urs do you have a ring for Dee?”

Handing the blessed ring to Urs he began.

Love has given us wings, and our journey begins today, Dee, wherever the wind may carry me,
I will stay by your side as your husband,
Take this ring as a sign of my love.

Cyd Hands the blessed Ring to Dee

Love has given us wings, and our journey begins today, Urs, wherever the wind may carry me,
I will stay by your side as your wife,
Take this ring as a sign of my love.

They both turned to Cyd and knelt as she prayed to God to blessed this Union in all his wisdom.

As they stood Cyd announced “ I want to introduced you to Mr. & Mrs. Urs T. Buhler.”

Everyone clapped and whistled and congratulated them as they started their walk towards their new life as one.

The Reception & Final Chapter (Next)

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Chapter 40
Mr. & Mrs. Urs T. Buhler!

After the ceremony they all headed downstairs to the ballroom and saw that the wedding cake had been set up in the corner and that there was enough food for an army waiting on them.

There were many bottles of champagne and any kind of drink you could think of. The waiters were ready to pass out the Champs and then a toast from Sebastien was given. Then the low music played as some of the couples were waiting on Urs and Dee to have their first dance.

As they danced in each others arms they were in their own world.

“Thank You My Love.”

“For what Liebling?”

“For this house and for giving me all your love!”

“You're welcome but I am being selfish here. I wanted you and wasn't going to stand by and let someone else have you. I love you Mein Liebling.”

“I love you too my own Sweet Swiss.” They kissed and danced to a few more songs. Then it was time to cut the cake.

They stood in front of the beautiful cake and held hands as they ran the knife down the first tier. They each got a piece and slowly fed each other. No cake ended up on her dress or his suit. They delighted in the pleasure of knowing that soon they would be alone and then they would let the burning passion explode.

The party went on till the early morning then as all of their friends left, Urs began closing up the house and making sure all the lights were out as Dee stood at the stairs waiting on her husband.

That felt so good to finally call him hers, now and forever. Urs picked her up and carried her to their new bedroom. Dee slowly slipped down to her feet and then looking at the room, saw candles and roses and rose petals all over the beautiful turned down bed.

She looked at Urs as he removed his jacket and lay it across the couch and then started to remove his shoes. She turned and saw her case from the house and headed to the bathroom to change. She had gotten a wedding night present for Urs to unwrap.

Urs had the Champs and two flutes waiting on her when she opened the door to find him standing in his bare feet and shirt pulled out and open to the waist.

Urs couldn't take his eyes off of her. All he could do was stare.

“Don't you like it Darling?”

“JA! He squeaked out.”

“I wanted you to have something to unwrap and then we can share a shower later.”

“What? Oh yes shower, later love much later.”

Urs pulled her into his arms and began kissing her at the lips which burned like fire, the same fire she had been feeling all night. He made his way down to her neck and stayed there as she moaned then bent back and let him caress her earobes with his tongue..

“Please Urs, take me and make me your wife.” She was breathless when she spoke and so he did as she asked. Picking her up and carrying her to the bed, he began to touch and light the fire once more as she undid his belt and helped the shirt to fall to the floor. It was followed by his pants and shorts as her nightie flowed to the floor.

Laying together they took each other to Paradise several times as the calls of each others name echoed through the walls of their new home.
After several hours of giving and receiving love, they drifted off to sleep as man and wife.

The end (For Now)

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PostSubject: Re: Unforgettable    Sun Aug 22, 2010 6:43 am


My Special Thanks Goes To:

Dee: For Letting me do all these horrible things to you in the story and then giving you the best man ever Urs. You have been there for me more then you will ever know. Your like a (Much) younger sister and I can talk to you anytime. Which is special and you share in my Passion Urs Buhler.
I am looking forward in the future to carry on with the story in the sequel of Dee & Urs. You are one classy Lady.

Lisa: Thanks for letting me put you in the story and I know a lot still is needed to tell the story of the Izambards and I promise it will come. You have been there on this trip working and editing as much as being a part in the main storyline. For all you have done to make this a great & amazing story I Thank You.

Mary: I know there was not much in the story this time of the Marins but yours is still to be told along with the Izambards and the Millers. The Sequel will go deeper into the lives of all the Divos. Thank You for the part you did play.

Sony: What can I say Thanks to you my daughter, I am honor by the true friendship and love you show me everyday. Thanks for being David's wife in this story.

Tina : You are the most Amazing and Talented Lady I know, your Cover of this story has touched many and some even enough to post it in the den. Even being a Siren you never failed to meet the requests I gave you for more Urs. You have never failed me and I know you always give your all. You as another daughter show me how much you care by just being you.

To: Urseygirl, Coloradouber Cawright, Viola & Nitvani.
You ladies made my day every time I came into this thread to read or post, your comments were needed and appreciated. This story couldn't have been worth posting if we didn't have such wonderful readers.

I have always been open to the good and the bad, I guess that makes me different from others. I accept any comments and try to take them to heart and if they work in my vision or along side I try to open up the story to fit. Some new ideas in a story are what is sometimes needed. Even if this writer has her mind where the story is going it never hurts to hear fresh ideas that could make it better.

To my lurkers who have been reading I say thank you and please keep reading.
One thing I have learned in this 4 years in the Official Forum is that I am never to old to learn from MY mistakes.

Everyone needs a chance and back some 3 years ago a wonderful Friend and Uber gave me the chance to post my first story by becoming my editor and friend and sister. Thanks Sandie I will never forget all you have done for me.

Cyd: My links lady and my good friend Thank You. You never complain when I ask you to do the links for the music which I love putting into the stories. I feel if you can hear the words and let them touch your heart then you have really been touched by the story.

Thanks once again to all of you. Your all in my heart and prayers.

I hope to see you again soon in another story.

Laura I love you

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