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"We Came Here To Love".

"Timeless" New Il Divo CD released in May 2018.

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 La Luna

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PostSubject: Re: La Luna    Thu Aug 26, 2010 10:52 pm

Here is the next Chapter and the link in here is so when you click on it you will be able to follow along as Sebastien sings ...

Chapter 25
“Let’s Be Us Again”

As morning dawns, Sebastien stands and stretches looking over at Charlotte who just looks so beautiful in his eyes, he wonders will she ever forgive him if she wakes, NO make that when she wakes up?

He wasn’t about to give up on the only love he had ever known. She was his everything and now they had created 2 babies and he was looking forward to being there for her and the twins.

He had called and asked Carlos to bring his CD player when they came, along with the CD that was inside. It was something he wanted to work on but he thought maybe, just a chance if he sang to her she might wake up and know he was there for her…

He needed her forgiveness, and he wanted her to know that he and Urs had worked things out… He never meant the things he had said and wanted to make sure she knew just how much he loved her….

Carlos stopped by the room and asked if he and David wanted to join him and the others for breakfast but Seb declined.. He was still sitting in the chair holding her hand and just couldn’t think of leaving her..

He told them to go on and he would be there when they returned. David turned to look at him as he walked out the door and could see how Seb’s heart was breaking not being able to bring her back to him….

Simon arrived as they were all headed to the cafeteria and joined them to give Seb some private time with Charlotte..
After the guys filled Simon in on Charlotte’s condition, they talked about the tour..

He explained that the tickets were sold out in every venue and that they couldn’t just up and cancel them. It would be out of the question… They had to admit that Natalia’s idea was the best all the way around but they weren’t sure if Seb could handle leaving Charlotte behind even for a few weeks….

Sonia and Cyd agreed to stay with Charlotte and Natalia till she could be moved back to Paris. At home they would have a nurse to help monitor Charlotte and the babies and she would be able to settle in her own home…

Simon agreed to have his plane ready for them when it was time to take Charlotte home.. Nurses would be screened before Charlotte returned to Paris. Simon would handle all the details so nothing would hold them up when the time came…..

After everyone had their fill of breakfast, they headed back to Charlotte’s room.. Nothing would have prepared them for what they found when they arrived at the door to her room…..

They could hear music playing from inside the room and the door had been left ajar. As they quietly slipped inside, they could see Seb sitting beside Charlotte, one hand on her tiny bump where the babies lay and one stroking her face and cheek…..

As he sang a song asking for forgiveness as he declared his love for her..

Let's Be Us Again

Tell me what I have to do tonight
Cause I’d do anything to make it right
Let’s be us again

Sorry for the way I lost my head
I don’t know why I said the things I said
Let’s be us again

Here I stand,
With everything to lose and all I know is I don’t wanna ever see the end
Baby please I’m reaching out for you
Won’t you open up your heart and let me come back in
Let’s be us again

Look at me I’m way past pride
Isn’t there someway that we can try to be us again
Even if it takes a while I’ll wait right here until I see that smile
That says we’re us again

And here I stand with everything to lose and all I know is I don’t wanna ever see the end
Baby please I’m reaching out for you won’t u open up your heart and let me come back in
Let’s be us again

Baby, baby what would do I can’t imagine life without you
Here I stand with everything to lose and all I know is I don’t wanna ever see the end
Baby please I’m reaching out for you won’t you open up your heart and let me come back in

Here I am I’m reaching out for you so won’t u open up your heart and let me come back in
Let’s be us again
Ohhh Let’s be us again


Urs looked at Natalia who had tears running down her cheeks as well as Cyd who had turned to be embraced by Carlos as the tears flowed down her face.. Sonia couldn’t bear to look at the scene in front of her. She could feel Sebastien’s pain and the struggle he was having getting the song out without breaking down…

Simon couldn’t believe his eyes as Seb sang and kept his hand on her bump, he had to turn away…

Urs, David and Carlos could feel their brother’s pain as
tears made their escape. There was no way looking at the scene in front of them that they could hold them back..

They each embraced their partners and held them as tight as they dared as the song touched their hearts and they felt the love coming from Sebastien for his wife and children..

Would she hear him, would she wake up and forgive him?
No one could answer those questions, they knew Charlotte had loved Seb since the first time she laid eyes on him..

Charlotte knew then that he was the man she would spend her life with and had been the most loving, caring and giving wife to him… He would be lost without her in his life…

For Sebastien there would be no life without Charlotte to share it with, he had to get through to her and bring her back..
He needed her like he needed the air to breathe…

“Ma Cherie’ please wake up and come back to me” he spoke to her as tears flowed down his cheeks..

He felt someone in the room and turned to see Simon and the others standing there as tears flowed…

“Hello, Simon it is good of you to come but I am sorry for all of this.” he spoke as he looked back towards Charlotte…..

“It is ok Seb, as long as you and Urs have talked out your problems then maybe you and Charlotte will be able to do the same when she comes around.” he had high hopes for Charlotte’s full recovery..

Seb had taken hold of Charlotte’s hand but never moved from her side.. As he spoke to the guys and their partners he felt his hand being squeezed, he slowly turned his head and looked into her face but her eyes were still closed…

He thought he was just imagining that he had felt it, but then it happened again he felt her squeeze his hand a second time.. He looked up and saw her eyes open slowly..

“Ma Cherie” he spoke to her softly he didn’t want to upset her any more than she had been already..

“Sebastien where am I?” she whispered …..

“You're in the hospital my love. You fainted at Urs’s place.” he tried to explain, not knowing if she remembered..

“I remember some, but how long have I been here?” she asked, still not having any idea how much time had passed..

As Seb answered her questions, Urs left the room to get the nurse to inform the Doctor..
When he came back into the room, he noticed that Charlotte was not looking at Seb but at the ceiling and that Seb hadn’t seem to notice yet…

“You were brought in last evening Ma Cherie’. I have been here all night with David.” he told her still holding her hand…..

“Where are the others Seb?” Charlotte couldn’t seem to see much, everything was a blur to her…..

“Cherie’ they are all here. Even Simon came to see how you were doing.” Seb didn’t understand what was happening to her and why she seemed unable to see the others standing near their side….

“Seb, I can’t make out anything but shapes and shadows, I can’t see you or anything clearly… Seb what has happened to me?” Charlotte was getting upset and that is when Dr. Mallow came thru the door and ask the others to leave so she could examine Charlotte….

After the exam she turned to look at Seb, eyebrows cocked to one side..

Charlotte didn’t understand what was going on so she looked toward the shadow, not knowing if it was Seb or the Dr. and asked, “Dr. what is wrong with me why can’t I see?”

“Mrs. Izambard, you have a condition called Pre-Eclampsia and it is brought on by High Blood Pressure and Stress.. That is why you can’t see clearly. It has effected your vision.. Just know it is not a permanent thing and will go away in time.”

Seb was standing there watching Charlotte’s face as the Dr. explained the facts and he could see her distress.. It was killing him inside to know and feel he had been the cause of all of this. Now his beautiful wife was partly blind..
He didn’t know how much more she or he could take.

“NON, NON, NON, this can’t be true, I am so sorry Charlotte my love!” Seb whispered as his tears flowed he turned and left the room slamming the door as he went..

“SEBASTIEN come back!!!!” Charlotte screamed standing next to her bed as her tears ran down her face in floods…

The Dr. turned and thought before she went after him that this is just what the babies and Charlotte didn’t need more stress..

Urs had heard the yelling coming from Charlotte’s room and looked up to see Seb running from the hospital. Natalia pushed him to go after Seb as she rose and headed for Charlotte’s room, opening the door to find Charlotte on the floor alone….

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PostSubject: Re: La Luna    Thu Aug 26, 2010 10:57 pm

Chapter 26

Urs found Seb sitting in the garden alone with his head in his hands.. He knew him to be crying and really didn’t want to bother him but he needed to find out why he had run off..

“Seb, what happened in Charlotte’s room and why are you out here?” Urs spoke as he sat down next to Seb…

“The Dr. she says Charlotte has some blurred vision and she can’t see much at the moment.” Seb spoke quietly not looking at Urs…

“Did she say for how long or is it permanent?” Urs asked, shocked at this news….

“No just that it was not permanent and that it should clear up when her blood pressure and stress go down.” Seb whispered ….

“Did you talk to Charlotte and see how she is feeling?” Urs was sure he had heard the Dr. and ran off but he wanted to hear what Seb had to say for himself.

“Non, I heard the news and told Charlotte I was sorry and left.”

“Why did you do that Seb, don’t you know what you have done to Charlotte?” Urs was getting really upset with Seb always trying to take the easy way out but, this time it could cost him everything….

“Yes I know she don’t need this stress and that I should be there with her, but how since it is all my fault this is happening?”

Urs stood looking down at Seb sitting there with his head in his hands and still tears falling.. “Seb do you love Charlotte?”

Seb looked up at him in shock that he could ask such a question… “Of course I love her. You know I would give anything to have her ok again.”

“Well from where I am standing it sure doesn’t look that way. I am sorry Seb but if you keep doing this stuff and upsetting her in this condition, You are going to lose not only Charlotte but your children as well. Have you thought about that?”

“Seb was sitting there looking at Urs and listening to him, still not believing that this was from the man who never really let people into his private life.. “I know Urs, but how do I look at her and talk to her and know it is all my fault she is going through this?”

“Did she blame you in there Seb?”

“Non, she screamed for me to come back, but I just kept running.”

“Well brother you better wake up and fast because you are going to lose Charlotte and in turn cause the loss of your babies in the end.”

“I don’t know if I could even live without Charlotte, Urs. She means everything to me.”

“Well you could have fooled me Seb. Right now Natalia is in there with her while you're out here crying at the pain you feel and have NO idea what she is going through.” Urs was finally upset enough to not yell but speak his mind which he did…..

About that time his cell went off and he looked at the ID and it was Natalia.. “Hello.”

“Urs where are you? You need to get in here now. I found Charlotte alone and laying on the floor after I came in.” Natalia was very worried. Urs could hear it in her voice..

“I will be right there Love. How is she now. Did she fall back into the coma?” Seb looked up when he heard these words…..

“No she is just starting to calm down and needs Seb. Did you find him Urs? He needs to be in here. She really is not doing great without him. She keeps calling for him.”

“We will be right in Love. Tell her Seb is on his way. Bye.” Urs hung up and looked at Seb..

“How is she Urs?”

“You heard me ask. They found her on the floor after you ran away from the room. And No she did not have a relapse.”

“Thank God for that. I guess we better get back then. I have to be strong for her and for the babies don’t I?”

“Yes Seb, you have David & Carlos and myself to lean on if you need us which I think you will, but right now the most important thing is to let Charlotte lean on you.”

“I know and I was so wrong running away from the room. Do you think she will ever be able to forgive me for all of this Urs?”

“As much as I know she loves you Seb, I think she will if you show her that you won’t run or hide things anymore.”

“Alright let’s go.”

They got up and headed back to Charlotte’s room, passing the waiting room where Cyd and Carlos and Sonia and David were and Seb saw a very unhappy Cyd watching him as he headed back to the room Charlotte was resting in….

He knew that he had to be a better father and husband to Charlotte and the babies. There were to many of them that
would kick his butt if he didn’t….

Urs pushed the door open and let Seb into the room first and they could see Natalia sitting in the chair beside the bed holding Charlotte’s hand as she was resting after the Dr. had to give her a shot to calm her down..

Seb walked over and changed Natalia’s hands for his. When Charlotte felt him holding her hand she turned to try and look at him….

“Seb, is that you?” she whispered….

“Yes Ma Cherie’ I am here now and you my love need to rest and stay calm. I am sorry for running out like that baby. I promise no more running and no more secrets.” he leaned down and kissed the hands he was holding….

“I love you Seb and please don’t run away again. I am not angry with you. We have 2 babies coming Seb. We need to be together to handle this and I need you to help me through it all.” Charlotte had tears in her eyes as did Seb..

He knew what a lucky man he was when she told him she was not upset with him..

Charlotte turned her head and closed her eyes and fell asleep never letting go of his hands…

Maybe just maybe they will make I through all of this, Urs was thinking, watching how easy Charlotte had calmed Seb and in turn herself when he finally relaxed and sat there holding her hands…

Urs and Natalia slipped out of the room and headed back to the waiting room and the first thing was to answer all the questions about Charlotte and the babies…

“They are both fine, Charlotte is sleeping and Seb is sitting holding her hands.. Urs spoke before being hit with too many to answer..

“Why did Seb run out of here like that? What happened to Charlotte?” Cyd asked sharply staring at Urs.

“The news about Charlotte was just too much to take in I think and he needed time to come to terms with it.” Urs explained…

“What news Urs? What is wrong with Charlotte besides what we already know?” Sonia asked looking over at Cyd..

“Her vision is impaired for the moment and they say it will clear up as soon as she gets her blood pressure and stress levels down.” He explained to them…

“So she gets the bad news and he runs off. Well isn’t that nice for him.” Cyd stood and let go of Carlos’s hand and turned to head to Charlotte’s room but Urs stopped her at the door…

“Where are you going Cyd?” Urs asked her calmly..

“To have a word with Seb and Charlotte.” she replied with anger in her voice…

“No, you can’t do that now Cyd. Charlotte has had enough. Seb knows he was wrong for so many things. But right now Charlotte needs him, and she needs calm, not you yelling at him for messing up, so leave it.” Urs wasn’t going to let her go in there angry and fight with Seb and upset Charlotte all over again…

“Alright I will wait and see. If he hurts her again you won’t stop me Urs.” she spat at him and turned into Carlos arms and tears began to fall…

“I think we all need some rest now. They will be fine here and we all need to calm down. I have a house on the grounds at the hotel with 5 bedrooms So why don’t you all move in there so we can help keep an eye on Charlotte till you leave.” Natalia said and looked at Urs …

“You have a house here, but I thought you lived in the hotel Love?” Urs ask her surprised that she had another home…

“I do live in the Hotel most of the time, in the Penthouse, so I am not far from the Office. But I do stay at the house sometimes too. It has everything you will all need and it is very private so peace won’t be hard to find.” She explained as Urs headed to Charlotte’s room to tell Seb they were leaving and they would see them in the morning….

The couples all went to their cottages and packed up their stuff and headed to Seb’s cottage and packed up there and would put their stuff in one of the Suites in Natalia’s house till she was released from the hospital.

They arrived at Natalia’s home in 15 minutes and was shocked to see this huge mansion and Urs most of all couldn’t believe his eyes…

“The house has 5 suites and everyone should be comfortable and if you need anything there are some intercoms in the rooms to call me if you need to.” Natalia explained..

After showing them all to their own rooms, she and Urs headed to her bedroom and he unpacked his clothes and other stuff and then they headed down to the kitchen for a bite to eat and drink..

Urs and Natalia's Room

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PostSubject: Re: La Luna    Thu Aug 26, 2010 10:58 pm

Chapter 27

Sony and David couldn’t believe their eyes when they stepped into the Silver and White bedroom.. It was a modern style room and they didn’t know what to say..

Cyd and Carlos found their room to be done in Chocolate colors with a enclosed see through bathroom and it was amazing thought Cyd.

Sebastien and Charlotte’s room was the Blue room and was plenty of room to let Charlotte walk around and get used to her surroundings when she came out of the hospital..

Urs and Natalia ended up in her large spaced kitchen after she took him on a tour of the other downstairs rooms and then made them a snack before they went up and settled in for the night…..

Urs felt looking around that this could be their home forever. He was happy and very comfortable there…

Sebastien walked over to the side of the bed taking off his shoes and climbing on the bed behind Charlotte, careful not to bump or move her to much… He laid down and wrapped his arm around her and rested his hand on her stomach where their children floated happily…

Charlotte let out a sigh and even the nurses when they came in to find the couple sleeping could tell how much Charlotte had relaxed having Sebastien lying next to her..

Even though Cyd was still angry at Sebastien, she knew in her heart he really loved her sister and hoped she would never have to kick his butt and set him on the right path.

She finished her night time chores and then climbed into the bed and snuggled spooned with Carlos who was drifting between sleep and barely awake.. He kissed her lips and then her head as they declared their Love for each other. They drifted off to sleep content….

David and Sonia took a shower together washing off the long day at the hospital and then climbed under the covers and fell asleep within minutes of kissing and saying “I love you”.

Urs and Natalia opted for a long hot bath in the Garden Tub and washed each other till the water turned cool. Urs stepped out first and took her hand and began drying her body off.. Both were too tired emotionally and physically to do more then snuggle under the soft comforter and talk for a few minutes before drifting into a peaceful sleep…

Morning came early for Charlotte. She opened her eyes and began to look around, hoping the day before had been a dream and that she would find her husband right beside her. She felt the arms of Sebastien wrapping her in a warm embrace and she was relaxed knowing they had turned a corner and that the future would be rough with her illness but they would make it because they had each other and that was all she needed…

She looked down not expecting to see more than shadows but was able to see Sebastien’s hand and reached out to make sure she was not dreaming.. She could focus and see as well as she could before the fainting and coma ….

The doctor had told her if she calmed her stress level and her Blood Pressure lowered that her vision could clear up so she knew that having him there for her meant he was her calm..

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PostSubject: Re: La Luna    Thu Aug 26, 2010 10:59 pm

Chapter 28

The doctor came in while Charlotte was looking around and Sebastien slept on..

“Good Morning Mrs. Izambard. How are you feeling this morning?” She spoke quietly, seeing Sebastien still sleeping while Charlotte let out a giggle at the face of the doctor seeing him in her bed with his hand resting on her stomach..

Charlotte tried to move but Sebastien held on a bit tighter. She managed to sit up and looked at the doctor smiling..

“I am feeling much better this morning and I can see everything around me just fine.. Even him holding on to me so tight.” she giggled again when she pointed to her sleeping husband….

“Well it looks like the medicine you needed was not from us, but him.” The doctor smiled pointing at Sebastien who was beginning to stir.

Sebastien finally came more awake with hearing voices and stretched his arms and legs out and raised up looking into Charlotte and the doctors face and blushed a bit at being caught sleeping..

“Morning, ladies.. Charlotte my love, how are you feeling?” he asked as he kissed her lips softly..

“Much better. Thank you for being with me all night. I haven’t slept that well since we got here.” Charlotte whispered in his ear..

“Well Charlotte let me check you over and see how the babies and your blood pressure are doing and we may let you leave today if you will have some help and a place to be close to the hospital in case you need us again.” The doctor began checking the readings and called the nurse in for them to bring in a sonogram for them to check the babies.

Sebastien stood up and headed for the bathroom and got a shower and shaved while the doctor did the checkup.. He wanted to be done so he could see the babies when they did the sonogram..

The doctor was very pleased that all the tests were coming back in the normal range and if the babies were doing as well then she would let Charlotte leave and go to Natalia’s home nearby and then arrange for a nurse to monitor Charlotte during the rest of her stay.

Sebastien came out of the bathroom and Charlotte went to the bathroom to straighten up and brush her teeth, see to her needs and then when she came back the sonogram had been brought in and was waiting on her.

As the test was being done Sebastien stood beside her holding her hand and running his fingers through her hair.
The babies were growing and seem to be in no distress and were moving a bit so that they could see at least one of the babies fully and it looked like it might be a girl …..

Sebastien had wanted to know the sex but they had not had time to discuss that with Charlotte falling ill so fast after she had told him about the baby so this was the right time to see them and find that both were Girls.

“Charlotte, everything is going fine with the babies and if you look real close you can see they are both girls.. I would venture to say in about 4 months you will become a new mother to twin daughters” The doctor told her as she pointed the babies out and the gender to her and Sebastien as well..

Sebastien had tears rolling down his cheeks as he looked at his daughters and then back at their mother. He was in awe of the miracle he and Charlotte had created, these two perfect symbols of their love and he would never let anything harm them again.

“As for the tests we ran Sebastien on the heart condition, it is not showing up with either baby so I think we are out of the woods with that.” The doctor could hear a long sigh coming from both parents..

“So now little Mother, you need to stay calm and healthy and deliver these special bundles and have a happy life.” The doctor told her smiling..

“Thank You doctor, we couldn’t have asked for better news on all fronts. Does that mean I can leave today and go to Natalia’s home and rest?” Charlotte asked, hoping she would say yes. She was more than ready to get up and move around and enjoy the time she had left with Sebastien and the others.

“Yes you may go home today, just to Natalia’s.. Paris I am afraid will have to wait at least another week depending on the next check up and if no problems come up before then.” she said as she walked to the door and turned to see Charlotte being held in a deep embrace by Seb and they were lost in each other and didn’t notice her walk out closing the door behind her smiling..

Sebastien used his cell to call Urs and tell them that Charlotte was being released, asking if someone could come by and pick them up and take them to their home..

Urs was thrilled for them both and told them he and Natalia would be there soon to bring them to her house.
After ending the call Charlotte watched as Sebastien packed up all her stuff and she dressed for the trip to the new house they had not seen yet..

“Urs who was on the phone?” Cyd ask as she walked into the dining room for breakfast.

“It was Sebastien, Charlotte is being released and we are going to pick them up and bring them here.” Urs smiled. He was happy they had made it through all these bad things to be a happy couple and hoped nothing else would cause problems for the rest of the pregnancy…

“Did Sebastien say if Charlotte’s vision is any better?” Cyd looked at him wondering as she poured her coffee..

“No, I didn’t ask, sorry Cyd but I guess if they are letting her leave, the news must be good.” Urs was trying to be upbeat and confident..

“Ok, well I hope for Sebastien's sake that is true or he will deal with me!” Cyd was harsh when she spoke of Seb lately and this concerned Urs deeply..

“Enough Cyd! Charlotte is your sister and I understand you're worried. We all are but, you can’t let this anger fester anymore. Charlotte needs a calm and peaceful environment..
Please keep your anger out of here or this time it will be you bringing on the stress that could hurt her and the babies.” Urs had a tone of anger in his voice when Natalia walked in …..

Natalia had heard what they were discussing as she walked in the room..

“Cyd I know you're upset with how Seb has handled all of this and what it almost cost them both. But you need to let it go. Charlotte needs not only calm and peace for the babies to survive but she needs Seb for her to survive. She loves that man with her whole being or she would not have been able to get through this and forgive him.” Natalia was trying to get Cyd to understand that Charlotte didn’t need the added stress from her being angry at Seb.

“Alright, I know you're right that she doesn’t need the stress and I won’t be responsible for any more suffering for Charlotte to endure. But he needs to stand by her and support her and not pull anymore stunts like the last few days.” Cyd spoke as she turned and met Carlos walking in the room..

“Sweetheart, I know you love Charlotte, but you have to come to terms with Seb and now because it will be Charlotte hurt and your nieces/nephews at risk if you don’t. Put it behind you and try to get the past few days out of your mind.” Carlos had wrapped his arms around her pulling her to him as he spoke and then kissed her good morning.

“Ok I will do my best.” was all Cyd would say before leaving the room heading for the kitchen..

Urs was still not sure Cyd would not pounce on Seb as soon as they got back…

“Carlos you need to talk to her. I won’t bring Seb and Charlotte here for them to be involved with ANY STRESS! Charlotte and the babies need peace and as long as they are here that is what they will get.” Urs was tense and that did not sit well with Carlos or Natalia and they knew Cyd was the reason, Urs was just not sure….

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PostSubject: Re: La Luna    Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:01 pm

Chapter 29

Natalia was getting worried about her husband, and his anger that was aimed at Cyd. She thought that they were all close but this was a side of Urs she had not seen before.. It didn’t scare her, just an uneasy feeling and maybe they should talk about it.

The best place to discuss it would be in the car on the way to the hospital. It would be private and they could be open about how he was feeling.

After breakfast was finished the dining room was cleared and then everyone went their own way, to get dressed or just relax and wait for Sebastien and Charlotte to arrive..

Natalia and Urs had dressed for the trip to the hospital so they went to the car and headed to town..

“Urs, can we talk about what is going on with you and Cyd please?” Natalia asked him softly..

“Sure love, what do you want to know about me and Cyd?” He was not sure what this discussion was about but he was listening..

“No Urs, not about you and Cyd… More like why you two can’t seem to be around each other right now without the anger flaring up?” She knew he had gotten the wrong idea at first and she had no doubts there had never been anything between them but friendship…

“Cyd is very protective of Charlotte. I understand that but, she will cause more problems if she doesn’t let Sebastien and Charlotte handle their own problems.” Urs said calmly.. Watching the road..

“Ok, I understand that but why does she feel that she needs to tell Sebastien off when they are doing all they can to keep the babies safe and Charlotte as well?” Natalia was like Urs in a way. She didn’t really understand Cyd’s reaction to Seb lately…

“I know she wants the best for Charlotte, but Cyd can be a bit overbearing sometimes and mostly when she thinks she is right.” Urs explained to Natalia…

“I think we need to warn Charlotte and Seb before getting to the house Urs or we could have a mess on our hands.” Natalia didn’t want to upset Seb or Charlotte but they needed to know what they were walking into with Cyd and her attitude…

“I agree there is no way around it Love.” Urs looked at her and smiled that amazing smile that had been missing in the past couple of days ….

When they arrived at the hospital they headed hand in hand up to Charlotte’s room. They knocked and entered and found Seb sitting on the bed holding Charlotte as they kissed….

“Excuse us!” Urs said with a clearing of his throat..

Charlotte blushed and giggled as she straightened up and looked at Natalia with sparkling eyes..

Natalia could tell just looking at them that all of Cyd fears were for nothing. These two would make it and Seb would do anything to keep her safe and the babies inside till the time came for them to be born.

Urs walked over and hugged Charlotte and shook hands with Seb as he stepped forward and hugged Natalia..

“Are we ready to go Urs?” Charlotte ask him hoping the papers and her stuff was in order so she could get out of there.

“Yes the paper work is ready. They gave it to me on the way in, but we need to talk before we leave.” He said and hoped in his heart this would not do any damage to Charlotte and her recovery…

“Ok what is it then?” Seb asked, looking back at Charlotte..

“Seb don’t worry, it is just Cyd is in a mood and has been baring her teeth about what has happened over the past couple of days and I know she is just worried about Charlotte and the Babies.. But I think you're in for a rough time when we get to the house.” Urs didn’t want to see Charlotte get upset so he tried to downplay as much as he could and still get his point across.

“Oh ok well I understand she would be upset. I have been acting pretty foolish the last couple days but that is all behind us now.” Sebastien turned to look at a beaming Charlotte….

“I am sorry Urs if she is giving you a hard time. I will speak to her about it when we get to the house.” Charlotte was not upset that Natalia and Urs were concerned that Cyd being upset with Seb would cause her relapse.

“These three right here are the most important people in the world to me and I am not going to put them in harms way again. I promise. I have learned my lesson well.” Seb told them while placing one hand in Charlotte’s and the other on top of her stomach where the babies were floating..

“We just want you to have two healthy babies and a healthy mother at the same time.” Natalia spoke up watching the grin come across Seb and Charlotte’s faces as she mention the babies..

“Well we have some news on that end, from the sonogram this morning. Also the doctor ran the tests and the babies are clear of the heart problem that Serena had.” Charlotte announced.

“That is wonderful news. We are so happy for you both.” Urs couldn’t help feel sad that this condition had taken Serena but was happy it would no longer haunt Seb and his family..

“Well that is not all the good news though.” Seb announced looking at Charlotte..

“When they did the sonogram this morning, we got to see our daughters on the screen and we have pictures too.” Charlotte couldn’t hold in all the excitement she was feeling inside.. She reached over and hugged Sebastien as tight as possible without squeezing him too hard..

“Did you say daughters?" Natalia looked at Urs and began to laugh at the amazing news…

“Oh my Seb, you're going to be over run with females soon. How will that feel?” Urs asked him as he hugged Natalia, thinking one day soon he would love for them to start their own family..

“Have you thought of names yet for the girls?” Natalia ask looking at Charlotte and Seb….

“Yes we have both picked out one we wanted and that is why I want to tell you both here and I hope you will understand?” Seb explained …

“Why you're not going to name one Ursula are you?” Urs was joking but he got the idea that would not be a great name for a girl. Everyone looked at him and busted out laughing at the strange name he came up with.

“No, but we would like to name one of them Serena Hope Izambard if you don’t mind Urs?” Seb was asking while standing right in front of Urs.. He didn’t want to hurt his brother but wanted to honor the woman that meant so much to them both…

“Mind, why would I mind Seb? She was your sister and a wonderful woman and she would be so honored by this.. I think it is a wonderful name for your daughter..

“What is the other name you're going to use Charlotte?” Natalia looked at her …..

“Stephanie Joy Izambard.” Charlotte replied looking into Seb’s teary eyes and knocking off the tears rolling down her cheeks..

“What will you call them everyday?” Urs asked wondering if they plan to use Serena for everyday..

“Hope And Joy”. Seb told them …..

“What beautiful names. Have you thought about Godparents for them when they get here?” Urs asked looking at Charlotte.

“Yes we have decided that we would like you and Natalia to be Hope’s Godparents… If you don’t mind?” Seb looked at Urs and waited for his answer..

“I think I speak for both of us, when I say we would be honored to be her Godparents.” Urs answered as he looked at Natalia who was nodding her head Yes…

“What about Joy’s?” Natalia asked, wondering how would they chose out of the other two guys in the group…

“We were thinking David and Sony for Joy.” Charlotte knew that would leave Carlos and Cyd out but they would be having other children and could be the next in line..

“Well if we are all ready, I think it is time to get you out of here.” Sebastien spoke to Charlotte and helped her off the bed and picked up her bag from the floor.. Urs got the other stuff and they all headed down to the car and off to Natalia’s house.

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Chapter 30

Urs, Natalia, Seb and Charlotte arrived at the Mansion. Charlotte and Seb were shocked at the home and the size..

“Wow, Urs this is amazing.. How does it feel to live in a place like this compared to our small flats in London?” Seb asked Urs while his eyes roamed around the grounds..

“It is just a home Seb, maybe a big one but it's very homey inside, so I feel quite comfortable here.” Urs was not awestruck like some people he knew that Natalia had not chosen this house. It belonged to her parents who owned not only the Hotel but the whole island.

“Well I have to say it is very beautiful Natalia and I think I will be very happy here.” Charlotte spoke up smiling at the beautiful sight in front of her.

After bringing in the small amount of luggage and showing them to their room and making sure they didn’t need anything, Urs and Natalia headed to the living room where they could hear voices..

Charlotte and Seb stayed in the room deciding to freshen up and unpack before seeing the others.

“Well Sweetheart what do you think of this place? It is amazing how big it is but looks so much more homey than rich.” Seb looked at Charlotte sitting in a chair near the large windows facing the gardens and all the beautiful colors.

“Yes I agree. Natalia had made this place into a home not a show place for the rich and famous and stuffy.” Charlotte replied looking at Seb who was walking toward her smiling….

“We are alright aren’t we Charlotte?” Seb looked deep into her eyes and all he saw was trust and love and he knew but had to hear it from her..

“Sebastien my Love, we are fine. The past few days are over. The tests came out perfect and the girls are fine.. No harm done love. Charlotte said as she ran her fingers through his hair.

“I promise you never again with secrets and no more running away.” Seb ended that with a deep kiss, one that should have taken them to the bed and to sharing their love. But that would have to wait till later. They had to go down and see the others who were waiting to welcome them home..

Urs and Natalia walked into the living room to find Carlos and David and Sony talking about the grounds and the house.. Natalia looked around the room but did not see Cyd anywhere.

“Carlos where is Cyd?” Natalia was a bit worried about her not running into Seb in front of Charlotte…

“She is in the sitting room, waiting for Charlotte to come down.” Carlos answered and seemed unconcerned and turned back to talking to David and Sony.

Natalia headed into the sitting room to find Cyd standing at the window looking at the trees and gardens..

“Cyd we are back and Charlotte should be down soon.” Natalia was trying to sound as normal as possible but her stomach was in knots worrying about this meeting between Cyd and Seb.

Turns out no one had anything to worry about.. Cyd had a long talk with Carlos and decided to put the past few days to rest and just move on.. She loved Charlotte and thought the world of Seb and she knew he was good for her sister so she wouldn’t sit around being angry and worry.

Charlotte and Seb came down the stairs holding hands and talking in whispers.. Sharing small kisses as they went. Anyone who saw them would think that they were newlyweds not upcoming new parents..

Cyd and Natalia came walking in behind Seb and Charlotte.. As she turned, Cyd was facing Seb and their eyes locked as everyone but Carlos held their breath..

“Welcome back brother in law.” Cyd said as she walked into his arms for a hug..

Seb hugged her and kissed both of her cheeks saying “Thank you” ..

Cyd turned around and saw Charlotte standing behind her she reached out and they embraced tightly for a few minutes as tears ran down both of their cheeks..

“Ok enough of the tears ladies we have lots to tell you and I for one would love something cool to drink.” Seb told them all as he took Charlotte’s hand and sat down on the sofa with her snuggled up in his arms..

“I’ll get the drinks and then we can hear the news.” Urs said as he and David headed for the kitchen..

Sony was seated on a love seat and Natalia was on one of two double chairs as the guys brought the sodas and set them on the coffee table everyone helped themselves and the guys sat down with their wives..

“Ok. The tests for the heart condition was negative and the babies are fine. Now to the big news. They did a sonogram and found that we are having twin girls.” Charlotte said smiling as she looked into Seb’s eyes..

“Twins? Girls?” Cyd spoke up and was shocked..

“Yes they are healthy and doing fine and in 4 months we will be parents.” Seb said proudly puffing out his chest…

“So what happens now Charlotte?” Cyd asked, figuring that Charlotte could now only travel for maybe a few weeks on the tour but the rest of the time she would be back in Paris alone..

“We first off we have some more news then I will explain what will happen after going home to Paris.” Charlotte answered her question still smiling at Seb.

“We have decided on names for the girls and we hope you will like them as much as we do. Stephanie Joy and Serena Hope Izambard.” Charlotte announced proudly..

“Those are beautiful names.. What will you call them?” David spoke up and looked at Seb who was grinning bigger then he had ever seen….

“Hope And Joy.” Seb replied.

“We also have a question for you Sony and David.” Seb looked at the couple and hoped they would agree to their request…

“We would like you to be Joy’s godparents?” Seb announced..

“You really want us to be her godparents Charlotte?” Sony asked as tears began to cloud her eyes ….

“Yes we really do want you and David for her godparents and Natalia and Urs have agreed to be Hope’s godparents also.” Charlotte announced as she could see the tears began to roll down Sony’s face..

“I think we both would be honored to be her godparents.” David spoke up and hugged Sony tight..

“Cyd I know that you won’t get to be the godparent this time but hopefully in the future you and Carlos will do the honors next.” Charlotte did feel bad but it was important that she do it this way..

“Hey I have the best job in the world. I am the Auntie and that makes me very happy.” Cyd was bursting with joy for her sister and the upcoming babies.. She knew Charlotte was going to be a great mother.

“Ok, now for the next few weeks.” Seb began to explain..

“We have to leave the Island in two days and head to London for more Promo work before the tour starts in 2 weeks.. So Charlotte will stay here for another week and if all is Ok when she sees the doctor next week, she will be able to fly to Paris and will have a nurse with her on the plane as well as in Paris at the house.” Seb went on …

“She won’t be able to make much of the tour but when she is with me we will have a nurse travel with us too.” he continue.

“Ok but after that, what will happen Charlotte will go home for the last 3 months of the pregnancy and stay with a nurse?” Sony asked and was not really happy that Charlotte would miss out not only on the tour but away from Seb and the other girls too…

“Yes I am sorry to say that is what will happen.. I will miss you all very much and someone please keep an eye on Seb here and keep him in line?” Charlotte said giggling at the hurt look on Seb’s face as he tried hard not to laugh at her little joke…

“Ok stop picking on Seb, we will all watch out for him and keep him in line.” David said as he burst out laughing…

“What are you laughing at Miller?”

“Who is going to keep us in line?” David said between laughs…

“WE WILL!” all the other ladies chimed in laughing too…

“Ok well I think that is all the news and sorry to say this but I need to lie down for a while I am very sleepy right now.” Charlotte announced as she began to get up and head for their room with Seb following behind..

“We will see you later and if you need anything just call us.” Natalia said as she turned to Urs asking him if he needed to do anything else…

“No I am free for the next two days and plan on spending it with my wife.” He answered her as he picked her up blushing as the others watched him carry her upstairs to their room and closing out the world..

"SOME HOSTS THEY ARE" David said laughing as Sony slapped his arm softly and huffed...

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Chapter 31

As Urs closed the door, he let Natalia slide down his body and kissed her as she went. Her feet touched the floor but she held onto him as her legs felt like they would not hold her up..

When they parted from the kiss, she looked into his eyes and could see the passion for her in them.

“Urs love, we can’t stay in here for the next two days and leave all our guests alone.” Natalia held on to his waist and snuggled into his chest …

“Love, we have just been married within the past week and we should be on our honeymoon. If this is all the time we have till I have to leave, you’re the only person I want to spend it with.” Urs said as he ran his hands up and down her arms..

“I want to spend it with you too my Love. Do you think they will understand?” she asked looking into his darkening eyes..

“Yes Darling, they are married and need some private time too. Since all of you ladies are staying behind, they won’t even notice us being gone.” Urs told her as he reached up and began to unbutton her top and watched it drop to the floor..

“Well love I don’t want you to leave without me either, but I can’t just leave Charlotte alone on the island and enjoy myself while she has to be away from her husband.” Natalia said as she reached under his t-shirt and pulled it over his head, dropping it to the floor to join hers..

“I do understand love, but till I have to leave, please let's just think of us for the time we have together.” Urs was unbuttoning her jeans and pulled them to the floor and left her standing there in her underwear.

He quickly undid his jeans, dropping them also to the floor. He looked at Natalia as his eyes darkened with passion and took her hand leading her to the bed where he removed her garments and his calvins before picking her up and laying her on the bed and laying down beside her..

Kissing her neck as she ran her hands down his back and over his strong bottom.. He started a slow move down her body, kissing her as he went till he reached her breasts and began rubbing one nipple as he suckled on the other and then switched to the other..

She was taken away by the heat growing throughout her body. She wanted him and didn’t think she could wait for him to be inside her.

“Urs….Pleaseeeee….I need you inside…now!

“Easy love,” he said as he raised himself over her body and joined her as he started his rhythm. She was able to join it and they reached their peak at the same time..

“I love you Urs.” she said as he laid with his weight to the side of her torso.. He didn’t want to lay his whole weight on her..

“I love you too, my Luna.” Urs spoke to her as the name he loved to call her..

As they calmed their breathing, they kissed and snuggled together, laying face to face, her wrapped in his arms, as he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep after telling her he Loved her..

She kissed his eyes and his lips saying “I love you, my love.”

In the rest of the house the other couples took time to join in their own loving and spending as much time together as they could..

Charlotte and Seb couldn’t make love the first night but they laid together spooned as they spoke of their future, knowing they would be apart for a couple of weeks at the least.

“Seb, I am going to miss this while you're gone and I am here alone without you.” she had tears in her eyes as she spoke..

Seb could hear the distress in her voice and knew he needed to ease her pain and let her know he felt the same way and that they would make up for lost time in just a couple of weeks..

“Ma Cherie, Please don’t cry. I understand this will be the first time we have been apart since our marriage but, we will be together very soon. But you need to get well enough to travel and then we will spend every free moment together when you join me again.” Seb told her, trying to hold back his own tears not wanting to upset her more..
They kissed goodnight looking forward to having the whole day free to just be together, no stress or plans just two people who loved each other..

“I love you Ma Cherie. Bonne Nuit.” he told her as she drifted off to sleep..

“I love you too my Prince.” “Bonne Nuit” she whispered…

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Chapter 32

The last two days went too fast for the group of lovers and now it was time for all the guys to head back to London and the promo’s for the new CD ‘The Promise’..

Urs had wanted Natalia to go to the airport with him, but since Charlotte couldn’t go she decided to stay with her and the others. None of the ladies would go. they would say their goodbyes in private and it would be less stressful on all of them they agreed.

When the guys arrived at the airport the jet was ready and waiting on them with Simon on board. They didn’t know he was still in town and decided to take them back in his private jet instead of the commercial airlines they thought they were traveling on..

It really was better since none of the guys were in much of a mood to be around other people having left their partners in the Fiji Islands..

“Guys we have a few appointments and then some TV shows to do in London and there is a guest appearance on a TV show that also includes the Swedish Actress called ‘Tindra’ she has asked to meet you all after the show and be introduced. Seems she is a fan.” Simon smiled as he gave out this last part of the information..

“Do we have to play nice to every actress and actor that wants to meet us Simon?” David being the one closest to Simon at the time asked him looking very down….

“It never hurts to get to know the people in the entertainment business David.” Simon replied, knowing that they were not big on public appearances with stars. It really didn’t seem to be anything that would move their career along so they felt it unnecessary..

“Ok Simon but could we make it fast I would like to get back to the hotel and call Charlotte and check on her asap."

Sebastien hated leaving Charlotte back in the islands but in his heart he knew she was well cared for and that helped to ease his mind some..

After going over a few more details with Simon the guys all went to their seats and took a nap so they could be in London a bit faster not having to wait out the long trip..

The limo driver was waiting on them when they finished with customs and getting their luggage in order.. After loading up the limo they headed out to their apartments..

They were all looking forward to contacting their ladies back in the Islands. Urs was really missing Luna and it made him a bit grumpy so the guys thought leaving him alone would be for the best at the moment..

Sebastien was the first to call and let Charlotte know they had arrived and how much he was missing her..

“Bonjour Cherie’ how are you and the girls doing today?” he asked in a husky voice which made chills run thru her body.. He always had that effect on her no matter if they were apart or together she could never tire of hearing him speak..

“We are fine Love, just missing you like crazy and can’t wait to be back with you.” she tried to hide the tears that were coming to the surface at hearing him..

“Well the apartment is not the same without you here my love.” Sebastien could hear her getting emotional and he didn’t want to upset her…

“We are all settled in for the shows starting this week and we have to meet a celebrity Swedish Actress/Model named ’Tindra” tomorrow after the morning show.. Seems she is a fan and wants a private meeting…

“Well I have never heard of her but I hope the shows go fine so when we get together again we will have more time alone.” Charlotte told him as she was holding her tears at bay..

“I am going to go lay down for a bit before we have dinner. I slept a bit on the plane but all the traveling is wearing me down.. So you get some rest Love and I will call you later tonight before you go to bed. I love you Cherie’ don’t you ever forget that.” Seb told her and after she said her goodbyes he hung up the phone knowing it was only 2 more weeks until she would be back with him again..

Sonia and David talked for over an hour just to reconnect since this was also the first time they had not traveled together either..

Carlos and Cyd went over the plans for her to move into his place when the tour was over but for now she would travel with Carlos during the rest of the tour..

Urs and Natalia talked but she could hear something in his voice that concerned her..

“Urs Love what is bothering you. I can hear it in your voice.” she asked and heard him sigh so she waited knowing he wouldn’t keep things from her but he had to say it in his time.

“I am sorry love but I am missing you something awful it feels so bad to not have you beside me now and I think the guys can tell they have been avoiding me since we got back.” Urs tried to be upbeat in his talk but in his heart it wasn’t the same..

In the past 6 weeks she had become everything to him and he felt like with out her there was no air.. She had become his world and he never wanted to be away from her again..

“It is ok to miss me and I hope it is as much as I am missing you? But I have the hotel to get ready for me to leave so I am staying busy helping my sister Sandie get things in order and helping her get moved into the apartment in the hotel.” Natalia told him sounding much better then when she had started talking..

“Will you all stay at the house till you leave for Paris?” he asked her ..

“Yes there is no need to move Charlotte and we are all fine right here till the plane arrives for us in 2 weeks.. We will meet the nurse that will take care of Charlotte for the next 2 weeks and then Simon will be here next week to bring the nurse from Paris to stay with us and get used to helping with Charlotte too.” Natalia explained all the plans Simon had already made for Charlotte and her to travel to Paris together..

“Will Sonia and Cyd be going to Paris with you too?”

“No they are leaving in a week to join you and the guys on the tour a week before we do.”

“Oh, ok then I will be seeing them next week. It will be so much easier when we are back together Love.” Urs didn’t want to upset her with his sadness but he didn’t sound like himself so she knew anyway….

“It will be fine Urs we will be together soon and then not parted again for a long time.”

“I know love and that is what I am looking forward too.”

“Well I am going to let you get some rest after your long trip and I will talk to you later tonight before you are gone to bed. I love you Urs!”

“Ich Liebe Dich my own special Luna.”

“Ich Liebe Dich my own special Love.”

They hung up together and as Urs was very tired he laid across the bed and drifted off to sleep dreaming he was back on the island with Luna..

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Chapter 33

5:30am came early as Urs received his wake up call from the alarm clock he had set the night before.. They had to be at the studio for the 7am set then they were having a breakfast meeting at 9:30am with Simon and This model ‘Tindra,’ someone Urs still felt he didn’t want to meet but was just trying to please Simon. They all were.

The limo picked them up at 6:30am and wisked them to the stage entrance and past the fans to the makeup department. As they had their suits on already, they just needed a bit of makeup for the lights. The interview started at 7am and was over in 30 minutes..

After finishing at the studio and having the makeup removed, freshening up and then riding in the Limo across London to the hotel ’Tindra’ was staying at, they arrived to find Simon waiting for them in a private dining room.

Simon welcomed them and everyone found a seat at the table and ordered coffe. The guys needed to relax and wind down after the rushed morning..

Tindra showed up as the coffee was being served and expected the men to all stand and greet her before choosing which one she would target first..

Sebastien stood and greeted her and kissed her hand and pulled out her chair and then seated himself between her and Simon..

Simon introduced the group to her and then they all ordered their breakfast and began to field questions from the model..

As breakfast was finishing up she took the chance to ask Sebastien if he would join her and show her some of the sights in London being this was her first time there..

Being a gentleman Sebastien was pleased to show her around for a few hours..
He knew Charlotte was resting well back on the island and he was trying to do Simon a favor and try to be nice to the lady in question..

But the lady in question ‘Tindra’ had other ideas. Her career was just getting started and she decided it wouldn’t hurt to flirt and maybe land a Divo for her bed and then she could maybe become the talk of the town with being involved with the wealthy men..

She had no morals or she would have known that the men didn’t believe in cheating on their ladies or wives.. But she would be soon learning that lesson the hard way.

She stood about 5’7 and had waist length black straight hair and dark brown eyes and long legs which she took great pleasure in showing off in some of the shortest outfits she could find..

She had a nice enough body to go with the legs but she showed no restraints in her choice of the outfits she wore being a bit on the revealing side..

Most people would classify her as a ‘Tramp or Gold-digger’ she was only out to use the men and get any and all publicity she could and if they wanted to spend their money on jewelry or any clothing, she had no problems with drying up their bank accounts and moving to the next one.

How could Simon think for a minute she would be someone the guys needed to be nice to and get to know was beyond anyone’s guess..

The other three guys spent the day getting their wardrobes in order for the next day where they had 3 shows to do for the Promo work Simon had set up.. They would be in town for a week doing the Promos and then move on to other European cities and meet up with Cyd and Sony before leaving London.

After that they would move on to Sweden, Paris, Rome and other bigger cities. Stopping off in Switzerland at the same time Charlotte and Natalia were to join them..
This is where he would finally get to introduce his wife to his family something he was really looking forward to..

Sebastien arrived back at his apartment in a bad mood and called Urs to ask if they could talk..

Urs invited him over for a glass of wine.

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Chapter 34

Sebastien knocked on Urs’s door and when Urs opened it he could see the anger in Seb’s face and stood to the side to let him in..

Seb headed for the sitting room and began to pace instead of sitting down.. Urs knew by the look on his face something was very wrong and wasn’t sure if it was Charlotte or what had his brother in such a state..

“Alright Seb please sit down your going to wear a path in the carpet if you keep pacing like that.. Now tell me what is wrong?” Urs said as he handed Seb a glass of Red wine..

“I don’t know where to start Urs. I promise Simon I would show Ms. Tindra around the city and see the sites but the only site she wanted to see was me and her in a hotel room in BED!!” Sebastien spoke in a very angry voice…
“What are you saying Seb, did you Cheat on Charlotte?” Urs was not in the best of moods thinking his brother would do something like that knowing how much Seb loved and adored Charlotte. He would never hurt her like that after everything they had just been threw.

Seb stood up and looked at Urs like he had two heads, trying to figure out where he had come up with the idea of him Cheating on Charlotte…

“What, NON I did not cheat on Charlotte, you know me better then that or so I thought you did.. Do you really think I would cheat on the Love of my life Urs?”

“Nein, I don’t but I don’t understand then what you meant she wanted to be in a hotel room with you in Bed?” Urs was totally confused by now and took a gulp of his wine hoping maybe it would help…

Seb sat back down picked up his wine and drank it straight down.. Not the best idea but he was not sure what else to do..

“Ok Seb start from the time you two left the hotel café this morning.” Urs tried to stay calm he needed to be there for Seb..

“Ok we took a taxi into the city and did some shopping and then went to lunch at a small café in the center of London.. Then a walk around the nearby shops and after a couple of hours headed back to her hotel and I walked her to her room and was getting ready to leave and she Kissed me.. Smack on the lips using tongue and all hands running all over my chest and squeezing my butt..
I told her that I was married and expecting Twins while we were at lunch. But it didn’t seem to matter to her, she would not stop till I had to push her off of me.” Seb was running his hands thru his hair as he spoke ….

“Mon Dieu what am I going to tell Charlotte, I can’t keep this from her and I won’t lie to her?” Seb was concerned that this woman would upset Charlotte. He knew Charlotte trusted him.

“So how did you get away from her Seb?” Urs wanted to know so they could figure out how to deal with this woman.. They couldn’t go around being nice to her if she had her mind set to ruin their marriages..

“I pushed her away and told her in plain English that would Never cheat on my wife and that if she wanted to sightsee she needed to keep it at a friendship only basis. Then I walked away as she was saying something about ‘we will see about that!’ She is up to something Urs and I don’t want to be alone with her again.. Please!” Seb was still angry at the turn of events since this morning but glad he had Urs to turn too for support..

“Ok we will talk to Carlos and David and none of us will be alone with her.” Urs was not looking forward to telling the other guys that they could be headed for the same treatment that Seb had gotten from her..

None of the guys had ever considered themselves a cheater and none ever had the need to look at other women for anything but friendship..

Seb stood up and walked to the window and while staring out into the night he thought of how he was suppose to call Charlotte later on tonight and how could he tell her this with her condition…

“Urs we need to contact Natalia now we need to tell her first so when I explain to Charlotte what happen she can be there for her.” Seb was really concerned this could cause a relapse with the problems of Charlotte’s blood pressure and stress…

“Ok, not a bad idea and maybe that would help to warn the other ladies that she might try something with one of their guys too.” Urs hadn’t thought about her trying anything with him….

Urs walked over and picked up his cell and pushed the code for Natalia’s phone and waited to be connected..
After about four rings Natalia answered the cell phone..

“Good evening My love,” Natalia answered and it made Urs miss her even more…

“Good evening my sweet one, how is things there on the Island?” Urs was not sure how to start this but knew he had to tell Natalia all of it for her to be there for Charlotte..

“Everything is fine and just finished up with Dinner and relaxing by the pool.” Natalia could hear something in Urs voice she had gotten to know some of the things in his voice when he was upset..

“Urs what is it I can hear it in your voice something is wrong!” Natalia waited for him to tell her…

“I am sorry Love but something happen to Seb today and we wanted to tell you first so you could be with Charlotte when he told her.. It is this new Model that Simon ask us to meet and get to know, she is from Sweden.. Her name is ‘Tindra’ and she ask Seb to show her around London to sightsee and after they finished he escorted her back to her room and was leaving and she kissed him and tried to make a move on him.” Urs was sure that Natalia was most likely fuming over this and he waited till she spoke..

“What did he do Urs?”

“Nothing My love, but he did push her away and told her again that he was married and would not cheat on his wife.”

“Ok well I think Charlotte trusts Seb and I know they never lie to each other so I think once she knows the story it will be ok.. I am not saying she is going to be too happy about some ‘hussy’ making a move on her husband but at least he can tell her what happen so she is not kept in the dark.”
“What about Carlos and David has she made a move on them too?” Natalia didn’t know Sony or Cyd well but she knew enough that if this woman was trying something on Seb, her next targets could be the other two guys and even Urs.

“No we were not around her after breakfast with Simon so she has not spent any time with us yet!” Urs explained..

“Well I think you might want to steer clear of her if that is even possible, why does Simon want you to be nice to her anyway?” Natalia was feeling something she had never dealt with before that being jealousy and anger that this woman did not respect the guys enough and their marriages to not try to seduce them..

“We will talk to Simon, in the morning about this my Love.” Urs spoke to her softly so she was able to hear and hope Seb wasn’t paying attention..

Urs missed Natalia like Seb was missing Charlotte and both were looking forward to the next week or so for them to join the group and travel with them..

After they said their goodbyes Seb left to call Charlotte and explain what had happen and to just spend sometime on the phone with his beautiful wife.

Urs did his nightly routine and then headed off to bed they had a early call in the morning and one thing they needed to do was tell Carlos and David about Seb’s time with ‘Tindra’ and then arrange to talk to Simon also about her..

He turned out the light and drifted off to sleep dreaming of the Island and his Lovely wife Luna….

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Chapter 35

Next morning found Charlotte in a very upset state, she had all night to go over everything Sebastien had told her.. She knew in her heart that he would never cheat on her that was just not the man that he was. What bothered her the most was being so far away from him and not being able to set this Woman straight about messing with her husband.. She was still deep in thought when Cyd came into the room.

“Morning Sis, how are you feeling today?”

“Not very good or happy Cyd!” Charlotte spoke softly and sadly..

“What is wrong, Sis?”

“Seb called last night after you and Sony headed to bed and he was very upset and afraid I was going to be angry with him.”
“Why, has he done something wrong?” Cyd ask not wanting to hear if he had she had warned him if he hurt Charlotte again what she would do to him.

“No he didn’t, but seems our guys may be having some trouble in London.” Charlotte watched as Cyd’s eyebrows flared up and her breathing got a bit fast..

“What do you mean Trouble? What has happened Charlotte? Come on spill it why are you letting what ever this is get to you? You know the nurse is here if you need her? Cyd was getting concerned, why would Seb tell her something that seem to upset her so much in her Condition he should know better..

“It is not Seb’s fault, I can see your already blaming him and you don’t even know what is wrong and that upsets me more then the news from London.” Charlotte stood and walked to Cyd and glared at her showing that she was not happy that Cyd still didn’t trust Seb…

“I’m sorry sis your right I seem to blame him even though I know he learned his lesson the last time. So what has happen that has you and Seb so torn up?” Cyd ask trying to be more understanding of her and Seb…

“Seems Simon introduced our guys to a Swedish Model/Actress and ask they be nice to her and show her around and be seen in public with her.” Charlotte said with disgust in her voice..

“Ok, so why is that so bad?” Cyd ask still not getting the problem eyebrows still flaring…

“Seems ‘Tindra’ has her own agenda an that is trying to get our men into her bed.” Charlotte splat out with venom…

“What! How do you mean get them into bed with her? Did she do something with Seb is that why your so angry this morning?” Cyd had to ask..

“Yes she tried to seduce him when he took her shopping and sightseeing he dropped her off at her hotel and she kissed him and started feeling him up and he warned her he was married and we were expecting Twins.” Charlotte explained but not in a calm voice..

“What did Seb do Charlotte?” Cyd raised her eyebrows and listen before jumping the gun.

“He pushed her away and told her again that he was not interested and left.. When I spoke to him last night he was still furious and they are going to tell Carlos and David this morning and all four of them are going to talk to Simon about this and hope they won’t have to spend anymore time with her.” Charlotte looked tired she did not sleep well last night but she knew that she needed to be with Seb but that there was no way the Dr. would let her leave early if this was the reason for her Stress level going up again..

“Ok, now where was Carlos and David and Urs when this happened?” Cyd wanted to know but she knew they would speak shortly about this woman..

“Seems the three of them were not with Seb or her, they had other things to do about the Promos.” Charlotte turned and sat on the bed looking up to Cyd with tears in her eyes..

“Ok, you don’t need this Charlotte you have to think of you and the babies.. Let me talk to Carlos and Sony and maybe it is time she and I join the guys in London and handle this whore ourselves!!” Cyd now spoke with a deep anger.. Looking at Charlotte and the emotional mess this was causing, she decided it was time for her and Sony to head to London Today if possible "You try to rest, I will handle this skank."

"I'm worried for Seb." Charlotte wiped her tears "Slut's will do anything to get what they want."

"And Divo Girls wil do anything to make sure that NEVER happens." Cyd fluffed Charlotte's pillows “I want you to lay down and I will have the nurse come and check out you and the babies and I will talk to Sony and Natalia we will figure this out I promise you sis.”

Cyd helped her lay down and put a throw quilt over her and left the room quietly…

Cyd knew standing outside of Charlotte’s room that they had to set her mind about the threat against her marriage before it cost her and Seb either the babies or even her life.

"Ok Tindra, you are about to mess with the wrong peole." Cyd said

This ‘Tindra’ had no idea just how much damage her fun and games could cost a good many people, but when Sony and Cyd finished with her she would!!

Cyd headed to the Sitting Room and found Sony & Natalia, they were sitting on the sofa and discussing the events in London and now Sony had been brought up to date on the incident also..

“What are we going to do about this slut? She had chosen the wrong person to mess with! Charlotte is a mess and I am worried about a relapse here and it is not fair to Charlotte and Seb to be in this position cause some whore can’t find her fun with some one man that is not taken! Sony how do you feel taking a trip to London today? Cyd was steaming and both ladies knew it and they all were concerned that Charlotte would not get to leave right away so this was the best they could do….

“I am ready to go when you are I have to pack and handle one other thing but I can be ready in a couple of hours if you get the plane set up for us.” Sony stood and headed for the bedroom she needed to take a test but was not ready to share that information with anyone just yet..

“Alright I will call Simon and get the plane ready for us.” Cyd looked over at Natalia who had a distant look on her face, wondering what was going on in her head..

“Natalia, is something else wrong?” Cyd stood in front of her questioning…

“No Cyd I am just thinking of Charlotte and Urs I miss him as much as Charlotte misses Seb. But I can’t wait to see Urs again.. I will watch over Charlotte and make sure she is ok till we can get to Paris next week but I think it is best we don’t give her anymore truths for now at least we will handle this woman.” Natalia understood what this woman was up to but it didn’t change the facts that she was causing trouble in a way that she had no idea..

Meanwhile Sony had taken the test and was waiting for the results.. Wondering what David would say if they came out positive. Would he be happy?

She finished her packing and had checked with Cyd the plane would be ready when they arrived at the closed terminal attached to the hotel..

She headed into Charlotte’s knocking she went in finding Charlotte with tears in her eyes laying on the bed..

“It will be ok Charlotte, Cyd and I are on our way to the guys and we will make sure she leaves Seb alone I promise. I have some news for David when I get there but it might help if you knew too. We are having a ‘Bebe’ but please don’t say anything to any one else I really want to tell David first.” Sony explained and had tears in her eyes at the news..

“I am so happy for you and David! I promise to keep it quiet till you have announced it but now you know how I feel.” Charlotte reached over and hugged Sony tight and then laid back down as she drifted off to sleep she wished them a safe flight..

Cyd was headed to say goodbye to Charlotte when she met Sony coming out of the room…

“I wanted to tell her goodbye are you ready to go?”

“Si, but she is asleep now you might not want to wake her, she really is afraid of losing Seb to some woman and that is not helping here at all. Can’t Simon give them a few days off when we get to Paris to spend with her?” Sony was very concerned for Charlotte too…

"Tart, whore, slut, skank, those are what Tindra is; don't give her the honorable title of woman! Cyd said “I don’t know but might be something we will need to discuss with him up on our arrival in London!” Cyd replied turning to head to her room for her luggage and purse then they would be off..

Sony was very happy they would soon be with David and the other guys, she could surprise him with her news but for now dealing with this woman who was causing all this trouble was first on the list…

She headed to her room picked up her luggage and purse and headed down stairs to meet the limo driver and they would be off..

She and Cyd hugged Natalia and told her they would see her and Charlotte in just over a week and to take care of herself and Charlotte.. She promised and ask they tell Urs she loved him and missed him very much…

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Chapter 36

They climbed into the limo and were off, waving goodbye through the windows. The trip to the airport was not a long one so when they climbed aboard the private jet they were all excited to get to London and their guys..
Cyd was not sure what she was going to find with Seb and this Tindra? This woman had already caused a great deal of trouble and Cyd for one was not going to put up with anymore if she could help it. This woman had caused her sister to be concerned about her and Seb and in Charlotte’s state of pregnancy she didn’t need any more problems.


Back in London, the guys met for breakfast with Simon, mainly to discuss the problem of having Tindra around.

“Ok guys what seems to be the reason for the breakfast invite? I know you have something on your mind. I can see Seb stewing over there and the rest of you are not smiling at all. So spill, what is wrong here?” Simon had no clue as to the problems Tindra was causing..

David held up a Tabloid and showed it to Simon.

“What do you think of this, Simon?” David asked, not wanting to get angry. The article was total lies but the pics were fixed to say it all..

“What the HELL is this? Seb did you do all of this with Tindra?” Simon had read enough to find that it came out Seb was cheating on Charlotte while she needed to stay in the Islands for her health.

Seb had not given the interview, Tindra had. She had said he was lonely and needed relief from his sexual frustrations and till Charlotte could resume sexual relations after the babies were born that she would give Seb all the sexual release he needed and that it was not cheating on his wife..

“I did not even go into her room. I left after she kissed me and began to rub her hands all over my body and I pushed her away and told her I don’t cheat on my wife!!” Seb said with venom in his voice. He couldn’t help but hope Charlotte didn’t see this tabloid. Little did he know Tindra had a copy sent to Charlotte..

“Ok what can we do about this Simon? That article is full of lies and can you imagine what Charlotte will think if she sees it? These lies could put her back in the hospital Simon! You have to stop her and we as the group do not want any more contact with this woman!” Urs spoke up here and Simon could see they had discussed this to some great length.

“Now guys, Charlotte is in the Islands. They won’t have a copy of this for days. Calm down and as to what we can do, well it would be Seb’s word against hers and I am not sure us saying anything will be helpful.. I will talk to the tabloid and see what I can do but I think it is being blown out of proportion and it is a one time thing.. I will talk to the lady and get her to understand that she can’t go around making up lies about my group.. As for not having contact with her, David is to take her to town and spend some time touring shops today.” Simon had made arrangements at her request and never asked the guys about it and this was not making them very happy being forced to be around such a witch at all..

“Simon I have things to do with the guys and on my own. I don’t want this to happen to me and I really want nothing to do with the woman!!” David told him up front even though he knew Simon would not take no for a answer..

Back at Natalia’s place, the tabloid did not make it to Charlotte as Natalia was sure was the intension.. She had opened the package and saw the front page and article and knew there was trouble brewing and she needed to keep this from Charlotte. So she called the Dr. and asked if they could get Charlotte home ASAP due to the nurse being ready in Paris and the one still staying with Natalia and Charlotte. The Dr. agreed that this was something that could cause Charlotte more problems so she was agreeing with sending her home to her own Dr. where they could have Charlotte watched much closer…

After Luna hung up she called Urs to tell him the plans had changed and that they would be leaving today for Paris, France….
They didn’t have time to discuss the tabloid but for Natalia to say it had been sent to Charlotte and she had not given it to her..
Urs was happy for that. He didn’t want the problem with Tindra to hurt Seb and Charlotte and the babies…

Natalia told Charlotte to start packing that she had gotten the Dr. to agree to let her leave early and to go home.. The nurse got things settled for her and Charlotte.. Sandie came and met with Natalia as they discussed all the plans for the hotel. Sandie was given the numbers to the cells and any info that she would need..

The Limo had been ordered by Sandie and all the luggage was waiting at the door. Charlotte had joined the ladies in the sitting room.

“Charlotte I want you to meet my sister Sandie Renfro and Sandie this is Mrs. Sebastien Izambard or Charlotte..” Natalia introduced them….

“It is so nice to meet you Charlotte and I hope you have a great trip home. It won’t be long before your babies are due?” Sandie asked looking at how big Charlotte was..

“It will be a few more months before the girls make their entrance to the world.” Charlotte explained as she rubbed her belly..

“Did you say girls?” Sandie asked kind of shocked. She would not have thought that she was expecting twins..

“Yes they are twin girls and we are both very happy about that news.” Charlotte said smiling.. Natalia was watching how calm Charlotte was and she thought she was so happy she never let that Tabloid get to Charlotte..

A knock at the door announced that the Limo had arrived..
As the ladies got into the Limo, Sandie locked up the house and setting the alarm at the main gate after the Limo left, she headed back to the hotel and couldn’t wait till Natalia returned with her new husband..

Back in London, Sony and Cyd exited the plane and turned on their cell phones. As they were heading into the customs area Cyd’s phone went off..

“Hello.” Cyd answered..

“Cyd it is Natalia we are leaving for Paris in 30 minutes, we are in the Limo on the way to the private jet.” Natalia told her quietly.

“Why Natalia what has happened, and where is Charlotte?”

“Charlotte is fine she is resting in the back of the Limo I am in the front part. There is trouble in London and I hope you get there very soon!!”

“What do you mean trouble?”

“Try and get a copy of the Tabloid from London and you will see!”

“Too late I think Sony has found it already she is steaming mad!”

Sony took Cyd’s phone while Cyd looked through the tabloid and she too was very angry when she finished reading the lies in the article..

“Does Charlotte know about this Natalia?” Sony needed to know…

“No I did get a copy addressed to her at the house. So this Tindra meant to do some more damage but I never showed it to her.”

Cyd took back her cell and asked how they would keep Charlotte from finding out about this article all knowing the effect it would have on her..

Sony dialed David’s number and waited for him to answer, not knowing he was with Tindra at that moment..

“Hello sweetheart how are you?” David knew who it was by the name on his ID..

“Hola, Amor!” Sony spoke some Spanish to David and he loved it when she did..

“Sony where are you?”

“We just arrived in London at the private airport. Are you coming to pick us up?”

“I am with Tindra showing her the shops as per Simon’s orders.” David whispered into the phone hoping Tindra didn’t hear …

“Tindra! That tramp! She has just about ruined Seb’s marriage and now she is with you?”

Yep we went to Simon and told him we wanted nothing to do with her but he won’t listen.. He thinks the Seb part was a misunderstanding and that it won’t happen again.” David kept talking as he walked away for some private time with Sony…

“That is a load of crap. She is after one of you and she will not stop till she ruins not one but all of you!” Sony told David….

“David I want you to pick us up and be here shortly!!”

Sony hung up and hoped that Tindra was not with him when he arrived but she was sure that she would be.. Cyd turned to look at Sony and could see the fury in her eyes and wanted to know why?

“David is with Tindra right now and I ordered him to pick us up and I mean Now!”

“That means that witch will be with him! Hmmmmm! Not a bad idea we all 3 need to have a talk!” Cyd said as she and Sony sat in the waiting room for David..

“Natalia said that Tindra sent a copy of that tabloid to Charlotte on the Island.” Cyd informed Sony while they waited..

“What!! Is she trying to kill Charlotte and the babies?”

“I don’t want her near David and the guys and most for sure around Carlos. I don’t trust a tramp like her!”

“Did Charlotte see the tabloid Cyd?”

“Nope Natalia read it and called Urs but she didn’t show it to Charlotte.”

“So what are we going to do? Charlotte and Natalia are back in the Islands.”

“No they aren’t. They are leaving for Paris as we speak and will be here later tonight.” Cyd informed Sony but told her not to mention it in front of Tindra.. They knew she was doing all she could to hurt Seb and his wife..

“So the Dr. approved of them leaving?” Sony looked surprised at Cyd..

“Yes Natalia explained to the Dr. what was going on and that it might be best to get Charlotte home so she could be under her own Drs. care just in case.” Cyd said as she saw David walk into the private airport Following him was a woman Cyd had never seen..

“Sony look over there.” Cyd pointed toward David and she could see the woman following him. It made her blood run cold when she looked at this evil woman…

“David, over here.” Sony yelled across the airport and could see her husband smiling as he ran to her and picking her up spinning her around…

“It is so good to have you back in my arms, My Love.” David couldn’t stop looking at her. He sat her down but never took his arms from her waist..

Cyd was eyeing the woman standing too close to David and knew Sony would only take so much of that before she would tell her to back off!!!

“Tindra this is my wife Sonia and this is Cyd, Carlos’s girlfriend. Ladies, this is the Swedish Model ‘Tindra’.” David introduced her to the ladies standing next to him..

“Oh so you’re the lying Bitch that is trying to kill my sister and her two unborn daughters!” Cyd walked up to her face and spoke her mind….

“Me?” Tindra looked at Cyd and acted like she knew nothing about what she was saying..

“Yes you, we know about the Tabloid you had sent to the Island and that you wanted something to happen to Seb’s wife and unborn babies.. But lady you don’t know that is my sister your trying to hurt and you will be stopped!” Cyd was fuming at the sight of this woman..

“She sent that piece of crap to Charlotte?” David looked stunned at her and couldn’t believe someone could want to be that mean..

“OH GOD what will Seb say when he finds out?” David said it before he could think…

“I know he will be angry but thanks to Natalia she never saw it.” Sony said to David and she could see the trouble that this one woman was already causing..

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Chapter 37

After arriving at the hotel, David took Sony to their suite and Cyd headed off to locate Carlos and tell him about the events Tindra had been involved with during the time since the guys left..

Tindra was left on her own to her anger. No one noticed she had an evil look in her eyes.. She needed to see Sebastien and then she would start on the second phase of her plan..
She headed to Seb’s room and standing there she knocked loudly. Hearing him calling out he was on his way, she changed her grin to a sad frown..

“Tindra, what can I do for you?” Seb asked as he opened the door wider for her to enter but, he never closed the door and stood in the doorway the whole time..

“Well I was being shown around by David but his wife showed up with Carlos’s girlfriend and they just went to their rooms and left me with nothing to do.” she said sadly.
“Oh, well they have not seen each other since we returned from the Islands.. I am sure they didn’t mean to be rude and leave you on your own.” Seb was trying to be friendly but it was hard since he knew she was already spreading rumors about him and her and that she was not to be trusted.

“May I have a glass of water? My throat is dry.” she asked sweetly..

She noticed Sebastien’s cell phone lying on the table and wanted to get Charlotte’s number. It would add another notch in her plan..

“Sure, have seat and I will get it for you.” Seb told her as he headed to the kitchen for the water..

Tindra picked up the Cell phone and scrolled through it finding Charlotte’s email and her cell number..
She returned the cell back to its place on the table as Seb walked back in and handed her the glass of water which she only took a sip of and then stood up and headed for the door thanking Seb for his help..

As she left he closed the door, wondering what that was all about? He knew something bad would happen while she was around and he hoped it wasn’t aimed towards him and Charlotte again.. But to be on the safe side he called Charlotte and informed her that Tindra had paid him a strange visit..

Charlotte didn’t answer her cell since they were still on the plane headed to Paris and she would receive his message when she landed.. But what she didn’t expect was a message from Tindra also on her phone telling her that she was in Seb’s room at the hotel and they were enjoying themselves…

Charlotte knew she was lying when she received all her messages, since Tindra’s came in at the same time as Seb’s.. There was no way Seb would have called her in front of Tindra..
Tindra also sat down and sent an email to Charlotte, explaining the contents of the tabloid which Charlotte had not even seen..

Charlotte could tell this woman was on a mission to snatch her husband and they needed to get to Paris so she could see for herself what exactly was going on with this Tindra person, and find out how she got her cell and email address..

The group met for dinner and to discuss the problem of Tindra..

“Ok guys, first Charlotte did not see the tabloid but Tindra had one hand delivered to her on the island and lucky Natalia got it first and didn’t let Charlotte see it.” Cyd said sharply ….

“Can someone tell us why this woman is even involved with you and why are you providing Escort Service for her?” Sony asked point blank looking at each of the guys…

“Simon is why she is hanging around and he has ordered us to be nice to her and show her around.” David told the girls and looked at the others as they nodded their heads to confirm what David had said..

“We asked him to get rid of her or find someone else to show her around, that she was causing trouble and he didn’t believe us. He said we had to keep up being nice to her and has even made appointments for us to show her around.. We don’t seem to have any say so whatsoever.” Urs explained the problem to Cyd and Sony. They could see the anger in his eyes and also sadness since he was missing Natalia..

“OH, he didn’t believe you? Can you tell me when you have ever lied to Simon that would make him not believe you now?” Cyd looked at the guys and then back at Sony. She could feel the stress level rising and was worried what would happen to Charlotte if she got there and things had not been settled.. Little did they know Tindra was making waves of stress all aimed at Charlotte…

“Cyd you know we don’t lie and we have never had to lie about anything to Simon.. We really can’t figure out why she seems to have a hold on him and can get him to do her dirty work.. But it has to end soon cause this is not what Charlotte and the babies need going on right now.. We are worried if she runs into Tindra what could be said to Charlotte.” Seb spoke up with a worried expression on his face…

“I think it is time us ladies had a word with Simon about his new little friend!” Cyd snapped back with enough venom to challenge a rattlesnake..

The guys weren’t sure Sony and Cyd would get anywhere with Simon but it wouldn’t hurt to try so they told the girls where they could find Simon and then said they would be in their rooms when they were done…

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Chapter 38 :evil:

Cyd and Sony headed to Simon’s room and knocked on the door.. Simon padded over to the door and opening it was surprised to find Sony and Cyd looking at him with such anger.

“Ladies, how can I help you? Won’t you come in!” Simon backed away from the door as the girls went in and sat down on the couch..

“Ok, something is on your minds?” Simon seemed to be doing all the talking so far. He closed the door and went to the chair across from the ladies and took a seat, waiting for what he didn’t know was coming.

“Simon, why are the guys playing Escort Service to this Tindra woman?” Cyd asked as calmly as she could. She didn’t want to jump on him quite yet..

“Oh they told you already about her?” Simon seemed surprised that them showing Tindra around was all that important..

“Told us, Yes and showed us the tabloid that she gave that horrible interview to.. Which by the way did you know that Tindra sent a hand delivered copy to the island addressed to Charlotte?” Cyd spoke loudly and with an anger Simon had never heard from her..

“What do you mean she sent it to Charlotte. But why would she do something like that?” Simon was stunned and couldn’t understand if Tindra knew this pack of lies was going to upset Charlotte why send her a copy?

“Just what I said Simon. She is out to break up Seb and Charlotte!” Cyd spoke bluntly …

“That makes no sense she doesn’t even really know Seb.. Why try to break up his marriage?" he said.

"She's a whore!" Cyd spat "What's so confusing. Whores do whatever they want! That bitch won't destroy my sis and Seb. And if she thinks she's going to get her slimy, gruby, STD ridden hands on my Carlos; I willl kick her in her where the sun won't shine!"

"This is very confusing?” Simon was sitting there with his head in his hands wondering how Charlotte was coping…

“Simon why did you make the guys show her around and why didn’t you listen when they told you she was trouble?” Cyd looked at him and he knew from the anger in her eyes she wanted answers..

“I am a friend of her manager’s and I owed him a favor and he wanted her seen with the group. It would put her in the spotlight.” Simon explained..

“So what you're telling me is that MY sister and her babies are at risk over a favor and getting this WITCH in the spotlight! IS THAT WHAT YOU'RE TELLING ME, SIMON?” Cyd had finally had it. This was no excuse for the things Tindra was doing to her sister and it had to stop.. "Your main focus surrounding Il Divo is Il Divo, not some two bit whore!"

“Ok now calm down Cyd. Are you sure she is out to hurt Seb and Charlotte? You said Charlotte didn’t see the tabloid with all the lies in it.” Simon wanted to get some calm in the room. It was tense and he didn’t feel too well at that moment..

“Yes, Natalia thank God got the tabloid before Charlotte. So now they are on their way to Paris to meet us all there! Simon you have to get rid of this Witch before she hurts Charlotte or causes more trouble.” Cyd left no question as to what it would take for things to go back to normal and that was for Simon to send her packing..

Right at that moment Cyd’s cell phone rang and she saw Charlotte’s number and name show up..

“Hello Sis, where are you?” Cyd tried to sound calm..

“I just arrived in Paris and was welcomed by a voice mail from not only my husband, but that woman Tindra and she even wrote me a long letter. And emailed me the tabloid with the juicy story on her and Seb.” Charlotte was starting to get stressed and wondered now if she should have left the island..

“How did she get your email and cell number Charlotte?” Cyd asked stunned…

“I figure she found it in Seb’s room somehow!” Charlotte spat out that comment with out even thinking ….

Cyd told Sony to call Seb and get him to Simon’s room ASAP.. Simon was in the dark about what was going on but he had a feeling he wasn’t going to like it for one and two it had something to do with Tindra AGAIN!!

What had he done just by trying to do a favor for an old friend.. He wondered for a minute if the guys would forgive him for forcing Tindra on them? Most for sure he was concerned for Charlotte and the babies. Seb would not be very forgiving if anything happen to his wife and children..

Sony called Seb and told him to come to Simon’s room as soon as he could get there, that Charlotte was on the phone with Cyd and something had happened but she didn’t know what.

Seb slammed down the phone in his room, grabbed the key and went running down the hall knocking on the door to Urs’s room and telling him to get the others and meet him in Simon’s room NOW!

Cyd talked to Charlotte a few more minutes assuring her nothing in the tabloids was true and that she was getting to the bottom of the problem as they spoke..

Cyd asked to talk to Natalia and when she came on the line she promised to keep Charlotte from anymore calls but ones from Seb and her for the time being.. She also was taking Charlotte home and putting her to bed and calling the Dr. to have her checked over.. When that was done she would call Urs and let him know what the Dr, had to say..

They said their Goodbyes and hung up.. Cyd was steaming mad but waited on Seb to get there before she relayed the information to Simon and Seb….

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Thanks Rosemary, JJ & Fran, JJ (Demonheart), Pooh, Tina....


Chapter 39

Knocking was heard by Simon and he went to answer the door as Cyd hung up from her talk with Charlotte and Natalia.. When he opened the door he found not only Seb but Urs and David as well as Carlos.. He stood aside and let them enter then closed the door behind them showing them to the sitting room where he had left Cyd and Sony.

Seb looked at Cyd and could see the anger in her eyes. He knew that look very well after all that had happened on the island and he was glad this time it was not meant for him..

“Alright Cyd what did Charlotte have to say that upset you so much? Are she and the babies alright?” Seb asked, looking hard at Cyd and trying to keep his temper in check… for now …

“Charlotte received not only a phone call from Tindra but also an email with the tabloid article attached to it.” Cyd spat out due to her anger at this woman that was hell bent on destroying her sister and her marriage as well as the possible death of the babies..

“Wait a minute, how did Tindra get Charlotte’s cell phone and her email?” Seb was stunned and looking at his brothers they were too…

“Charlotte thinks that she must have gotten into your cell phone and copied them to hers.” Cyd explained to everyone..

“Oh My God! She was with me after you all left her in the lobby when Cyd and Sony arrived. She came up and complained you all had abandoned her.. I gave her a glass of water but I was only out of the room a couple of seconds and my cell was on the table!” Seb was losing his temper now. Tindra had gone too far this time…
Simon was beginning to see that his favor had caused major problems. Now Tindra was out of control. Urs looked at Seb and knew they needed to get to Paris and tonight if possible!!!!

Seb stood and began to pace, his face red with anger as he looked at Simon. The other guys could see his blood boiling and they needed to get him out of there and back to Paris.

“Simon we need to leave for Paris tonight. Seb needs to be with Charlotte and not tomorrow but NOW!” Carlos had stood looking at Seb pacing and told Simon they needed to go. The others stood and headed for the door before Simon stopped them….

“Wait, you're all leaving tonight?” Simon asked sort of shocked at the change in plans for the others. Seb he could understand wanted to get to Charlotte and maybe Cyd too but the rest he didn’t understand…

“Yes Simon we are all going since we are off for the next 2 days and we want to relax.. Let Seb be with his wife and babies.. We don’t need to stay here when we can do the same thing in Paris! And we'll be there for Charlotte and Seb!” Urs made it clear they were all going and he could keep Tindra company!

“But she was to tour the sites with Carlos tomorrow!” Simon made the mistake of saying this, after all that had happened and Cyd standing there..

“You made plans for Carlos to escort the Witch around Simon? With me here to spend precious time with him? If Carlos is going to tour the sites with anyone, it's going to be me!” Cyd stood in front of Simon with her arms crossed waiting for an answer. Carlos looked on like the others, stunned by this. Hadn’t Simon gotten the message yet that this woman was no good and all she had done so far is cause loads of trouble?

"But what about...?" Simon started to ask looking at Carlos

“NO SIMON I am not escorting Tindra around. I am going to Paris with my Querida! You made these plans, so you take her around!” Carlos spat at him and then turning around and taking Cyd’s hand, headed for the door.

“See you in Paris Simon, without Tindra if you know what is good for YOU!” Cyd spat as they left the room slamming the door behind them….

Simon looked at the others, confusion and anger setting in. They all turned and headed for the door.

Sony and David had not said a word. Neither could understand what Simon was thinking.. But whatever it was, he would be in trouble when it came to Charlotte and the babies. Seb would not stand for any more of Tindra's antics.

“Simon, leave Tindra in London and come to Paris alone. I am going to my wife. If the stunts Tindra has played have caused any problems with the babies or Charlotte, you won’t be able to RUN far enough to escape my WRATH.” Seb spoke clearly so Simon could understand he was not taking anymore crap from Tindra and that she needed to stay away from him the guys and their wives or girlfriend.

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Chapter 40 *Sebastien's World*

The group headed to their rooms, finished packing and headed for the main lobby. The hotel had arranged their transport to the private airport to board the Il Divo Jet..

The Sony Jet stood nearby and it was locked up for the night.. They gathered Simon was staying in London, at least for now..

They boarded the jet and when takeoff was done they all settled down for the short flight to Paris. Seb could not settle. He was very worried about Charlotte. He had called Natalia and told her that he and Urs would arrive in Paris soon and would take a taxi to the house..

Natalia had given the good news to Charlotte and she was so excited to be back with Seb. She had missed him..
Natalia was happy that she would be back with Urs and this time he would not be leaving without her..

Charlotte decided to have a relaxing soak in the tub since Seb was coming home. She wanted to be ready to greet him with a special night.

Natalia thought of the same thing but she wanted to wait for Urs and they could bathe together and relax.. While she waited, she made sure that David and Sony’s as well as Carlos and Cyd’s rooms were made up and ready for them..

Seb and Charlotte had a 6 bedroom house with private baths in each suite. Since the guys were coming early the ladies decided to just have everyone there and they could all relax without the press hounding them and their private time out of the hotel.

They had to have hotel rooms on the road but when they were in one of the home towns they would stay at each others place.

A few hours had passed since Natalia had heard from Seb. She was in the kitchen making some hot chocolate for her and Charlotte when she heard the front door open as Seb called out for Charlotte..

Urs and David had helped the drivers to bring in the luggage and then paid and tipped them and let them out..
Sony and Cyd was very happy to finally be away from Simon and Tindra..

Natalia came around the doorway as Urs sat the luggage near the door and took his wife into his arms, kissing her till she thought she would not be able to breathe again.

Charlotte came to the top of the staircase as Seb came running up 2 stairs at a time to reach his wife. Picking her up and kissing her with such passion. After he put her down, he put his hand on her baby bump which had grown a lot since they had been apart.

"Vous nous avez manqué a moi et maman" (“Papa has missed you my girls and mama too.”) Seb spoke to his daughters as tears came to his and Charlotte’s eyes..

Charlotte felt so blessed to have the man of her dreams back in her arms. She had missed him so very much and it felt so good to be back in their home together once again..

“Ma Cherie’ how are you really?” Seb asked as he walked arm in arm down the stairs heading to the kitchen..

“Better now that you're home and knowing we won’t be parted again till the time comes for the girls to be born.” Charlotte still had tears in her eyes as she held Seb’s hand tight in hers as if her life depended on it..

Cyd looked over at her sister as they all gathered in the dining room as Natalia and Urs brought in hot chocolate for everyone then sat next to each other with their hands entwined together..

“Charlotte we heard about what Tindra did, calling you and sending that tabloid to you.. We had words with Simon before we left London. Seb even told him to leave her in London and that we would see him here in a few days.” She spoke softly. She didn’t want to upset Charlotte but they all agreed she needed to know where things stood before they left London..

“Sweetheart, how did she get my cell phone and email? Do you know?” Charlotte wondered if Seb had any information on this subject.

“Yes Cherie’ I do know or at least I think I do. She came to my room complaining that David and the girls had abandoned her after Sony and Cyd had arrived and she said she was thirsty so I went to the kitchen and got her a glass of water and my cell phone was on the table. I think she got your number and address from it. She left not a few minutes after I gave the water to her. I didn’t think anything about it till I heard about the email and call.” Seb felt badly that this spiteful woman had tried to ruin his marriage not once, but twice in just a few days.

Urs looked around the table and wondered if the problem had been solved by their comments to Simon. He noticed Natalia watching him and she could tell something was bothering him..

“Are you alright my love?” Natalia asked him still holding his hand..

“Yes Love I am fine, but I am still worried that Tindra is not out of our lives and there could be more trouble. It is just a feeling I have, but it feels that something bad is coming. I hope I am wrong, but we all need to be on our guard around Tindra!” Urs spoke to all of the group gathered at the table..

They all felt the same way Urs was feeling, that till Simon wised up they were not free of this horrid woman quite yet..

“Well I don’t know about all of you but I am ready for a quiet night and some private time with my husband.. It has been a long few weeks so I am headed upstairs for a long soak and some much needed sleep.” Natalia spoke to them and then stood and said Goodnight and took Urs’s hand pulling him up from the chair and they headed up the stairs to their suite..

After they left, David and Carlos agreed and took their ladies off to the suites and closed out the rest of the world for the night.

Seb stood, taking the cups to the kitchen. He turned off the lights and picked Charlotte up in his arms, carrying her to their suite and locking the door..

All of the couples spent time reaffirming their love with each of their partners.. All talked about the problem and agreed to keep a close eye on Charlotte during the concert in two days..

Each couple fell into a deep sleep, spooned with the love of their life.. None woke before 10am, most not making it downstairs till lunch time..

The phone rang about the time Seb made it down to the kitchen to make coffee and he answered it..


“Seb, Simon here. I am in town and want to see you and Charlotte. May I come over?” Simon sounded upset and this worried Seb.

“Of course Simon, but is Tindra with you?”

“No, that is what I need to talk to you and the guys about.”

“Ok we will be here and I will let the others know you're on the way over. Bye for now.” Seb hung up wondering what had happened now, but at least Tindra had not come.
Carlos and Cyd came in as Seb was hanging up the phone and asked who it was. From the look on Seb’s face they knew something was up.

“Simon just called. He is on his way over here and wants to talk to us and he said Tindra is not with him.”

“Great, but what could he want to talk to us about?” Carlos wondered out loud..

“I don’t know but, Cyd could you and Sony and Natalia keep Charlotte busy while he is here? I really don’t want her stressed out any more.”

“Sure but he needs to know that anything to do with that Slut will upset Charlotte.. He best keep that woman away from my sister or he will have Hell to pay, I Promise!”

“We understand Cyd and I feel the same and the less Charlotte has to deal with the better. So please take care of her till we know what is going on.”

“I will go tell Urs and David you need to see them. Where is Charlotte this morning anyway?”

“I left her in bed. She had a rough night. She couldn’t get comfortable. It took her a while to drift off, so I let her sleep in.” Seb explained .

“Ok well after I tell Urs and David, I will go check to see if she is awake.” Cyd kissed Carlos and then headed upstairs ….

Cyd went off and found Urs and David heading downstairs and told them Simon was on his way and wanted to talk to the four of them in Private.. Then she headed off to Charlotte and Seb’s room..

“Awww man what now?” David hissed, knowing Urs was right, something was not right.

“Well lets go down and wait with the others and find out.” Urs said as they headed for the kitchen..

In the mean time, Natalia was pacing in their room. She knew that she needed to go out and wondered if anyone would notice if she left..

She went to Charlotte’s room to get directions to the nearest Drug store and then asked Cyd if she could keep an eye on things till she got back. She was concerned after hearing that Simon would be arriving shortly. Cyd promised she and Sony would stay with Charlotte while she went out..

“Is something wrong Natalia?” Cyd asked as she left the room…

“No just need some things that I didn’t bring with me. I won’t be long, I promise.” Natalia explained and hoped Cyd would leave it at that..

About the time Natalia headed to the corner drug store, Simon was just arriving. She was glad that he arrived alone. They didn’t need any more upset..

Seb answered the door when Simon rang the bell. Letting him in, they headed to the kitchen and found that Urs and Carlos had put out more coffee and David had sat down and was drinking his first cup..

“Ok Simon what is so important that you had to come over this afternoon?” Seb was very concerned and his face showed the worry on it..

“Well if I could have some of that coffee and sit down, I will fill you in on the events since you all left last night.” Simon found a seat next to David as the others filled up the seats around the table..
“Ok, well after you left last night I had a long talk with Tindra and then called her manager and explained that things were not working out with her being escorted around by you four and due to events here that you all had taken off for a couple of days.” He explained to them, looking mostly at Seb..

“Ok so what happened after that?” Urs spoke up first..

“Well when I got up this morning I heard that Tindra had left last night and that she told no one where she was going.” Simon told them, looking concerned but he didn’t want to worry them.

“When you spoke to her last night what did you say to her Simon?” David wanted to know ..

“I told her that her actions had caused some serious problems, and that what she had done by calling Charlotte and emailing the tabloids was uncalled for. That I couldn’t trust her around you guys, and that we would not be spending any more time with her. That you had jobs and families that you needed to spend your free time with them.”

“How did she take that?” Seb was interested to know what her reaction was..

“She left without a word, just walked out and I have not seen her since.” Simon said softy …..

“Well what do you think Simon? Is she gone for good?” Urs asked him, thinking it couldn’t be that easy…

“I honestly don’t know guys. I hope so!”

“Well lets hope it is but if she comes near Charlotte, there will be Hell to pay Simon. I won’t lose Charlotte and the girls because of some crazy woman!” Seb was to the point and he meant every word..

Simon knew the guys blamed him for the trouble and if he had to be honest, he blamed himself for what Charlotte has endured too..

“What do you want us to do now Simon?” Urs asked not sure if he wanted to know..

“I guess just beware. She is still out there and we don’t know what she is up to and be on your guards and warn the girls too.” Simon stood and told them he was going to his office and then home and they could reach him if she was to show up and that he would see them tomorrow night at the concert.

They all shook hands and Simon left.. Seb closed the door behind him wondering, what if she did show up what would they be able to do?

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Chapter 41

Natalia arrived back at the house right after Simon had left. Urs had not realized she had been gone the whole time he had been there and he was concerned about her going out..

“Love are you ok? I had no idea that you needed to go shopping? You should have told me and I would have gone with you. I know you don’t know your way around. I would have been worried about you being in this strange town alone.” Urs said as he snuggled next to her on the bed..

“I am fine my love. I asked Charlotte and she gave me directions close to here and the walk helped me get my mind off this woman that is worrying you all so much.” Natalia didn’t want to worry him but she was going to have to tell him about the reason she went out. She couldn’t lie to him..

“Where did you have to go and what is in the bag?” Urs was trying to peek into the bag..

“Urs, I have something to show you!”

“What is it my love are you ill or is something else wrong?”

“Well I hope you don’t think this is wrong.” Natalia told him as she pulled out a pregnancy test..

“What are you trying to tell me, Luna?”

“I am a week late so I thought I'd better check.”

“Are you wanting it to be positive Luna?”

“I want it to be, but what about you? We have not spoken about having children and I have no idea if you even want them?”

“You think you're pregnant and you want to know how I feel? But I thought you were taking something for this?” Urs tried to be soft and gentle with Luna. He didn’t want her to be hurt if she took his questions the wrong way…

“I am sorry Urs. I was a virgin when we married. Yes I was on the pill, but they are not 100% protection against pregnancy. So I guess this means if I am you don’t want it or ME?” Natalia stood up and walked to the window looking out over the city and wiped the tears from her eyes..

Urs had to do the right thing and now before he lost the love of his life and his child with her. He was not unhappy about the baby, more stunned than anything and had hoped to have more time with her before they started a family.

“What do you mean I don’t want you or OUR child Luna? That is not why I asked you that question. I thought we would wait and have more time as a couple before starting a family, that is all. I am not letting you go. I love You Mrs. Buhler and you're stuck with me forever!” Urs turned her to look at him and took her in his arms and kissed her deeply so she would have no doubts of his love for her or their child..

“Just seemed that I upset you when I told you and it felt like you were blaming me for not using enough protection Urs?” Natalia told him ….

“Nein Love that is the farthest thing from my mind and it is not just you that should have used the protection. I was not using anything and I knew better. It is no ones fault and I am happy if it turns out we are expecting.. I would love the first one to be a son.”

Urs took her in his arms and carried her to the bed and slowly laid her down and cuddled next to her and they decided to do the test first thing in the morning..

Natalia tried to understand Urs’s thinking and put the fear behind her and hoped she was pregnant. But in the back of her mind she still feared losing Urs because of the pregnancy. How would she deal with that, she didn’t know..

She decided not to dwell on her fears, first the test then she would clear the air with Urs before she agreed to go through a pregnancy he might not want..

They fell asleep wrapped in each others arms as they always did.. Urs taking a little longer after hearing her breathing calm down.. He wondered if he would make as good a father as his dad had been to him? But he knew that Natalia was frightened now after his questioning so he would have to put all her fears to rest as soon as possible.

He didn’t want a life without her in it and children was a perfect symbol of their love and he honestly wanted four and hoped she would agree with that number in the future..
As he drifted off, she snuggled as close to him as she could get and he held on tighter..

In Sony and David’s room they were talking about all the things that had happened over the past few weeks and the fact Sony had not had time to tell him that before she left the island that she had found that they were expecting in another 5 months.

“David, while I was on the Island I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. So I went to the Dr. caring for Charlotte and it is confirmed we are going to have a baby in 5 months.” Sony knew her husband and knew how much they had wanted a baby and now all the practicing had worked and David would be as thrilled as she was.

“Sony my love, you're telling me we are having a Bebe for sure?” David’s eyes lit up and the biggest smile was on his adorable face and it made Sony’s heart leap for joy.

“Si, we are and you are going to be a wonderful father, my darling.” Sony was thrilled..

“When do you see the Dr. again?”

“I called Charlotte’s Dr. today and they can see us tomorrow and do an Ultrasound on the baby.” Sony was excited that she and David would be together for the Ultrasound and get to see their child for the first time..

“Oh Sony I am so very happy and I love you very much and our little one.” David laid his hand on her stomach and then bent down to lay a kiss on the place where their child lay growing..

“David when do you want to tell the others? I have not told anyone yet. I wanted you to know first.”
“Can we tell them at dinner tonight?”

“I think that we all could use some good news and this would be the perfect time to let them in on it.”

Sony and David talked a bit more before Sony drifted off to sleep as David held her in his arms with one hand laying on her stomach where their baby laid..

David knew he was blessed in loving Sony and now their dreams of starting a family had come true. He couldn’t have been happier and now he knew how Sebastien felt about Charlotte and their babies and how protective he too would be..

Charlotte and Sebastien talked about the events that Simon had come to discuss and he wanted her to know that he would not let Tindra hurt her ever again.. He knew that until they heard something more positive on her whereabouts that they all had to be careful of her showing up at anytime.

Carlos and Cyd had not planned anything for the time they were in Paris but to relax and enjoy their friends and each other, but Carlos held a secret in his pocket that he planned on dealing with when they arrived in Spain for the concerts..

He wanted to propose to Cyd but in his home town and it had to be special just like her and he hoped she would be surprised since they had not really discussed the part about marriage for a while now..

He knew he was ready and now more so when he saw the love Cyd showed for his family and that she and Charlotte had for one another. This was the soulmate he had been searching for most of his adult life and he wasn’t going to let her go..

He had not told the guys that he had gotten the ring and that he planned to propose to Cyd in Madrid. With all the stuff going on it might be best that he let the guys in on it before they left Paris..
Later that evening Urs was turning over and went to snuggle into Luna and found only pillows.. Looking around the room he spotted Luna sitting in the window staring blankly out over the beautiful Eiffel Tower..

Urs rose from the bed and walked to her side and called her name..

“Mein Liebe what is it that has you so upset, me? Luna I told you I am happy. When we do the test in the morning and it is confirmed, then I will be one of the happiest men alive to have your love and the gift of a child created from the love we share everyday.”

“No, Urs you are the man I love and part of my soul and I just am afraid you will leave me if I am pregnant.”

“Luna look at me.” He put his finger under her chin and turned her face toward him and he told her..

“I can’t tell you how sorry Liebe that I created this doubt in you when you told me that you might be pregnant. I was never intending to do that. I was shocked at the fact we never talked about this happening. I said the wrong things and I am so very sorry. But I will never be sorry for this love we have for each other or the child that our love has created.. You saved my life on the island Luna and I will never be whole without you and our children. Please say you understand and no more tears except happy ones.”

“I do understand and I love you too my Swiss love.
I will never be whole without you either, and this child our love has created will be the greatest gift we can give each other. Of course I understand and I just want you to be sure, that I and the baby are all you need? Because it would kill me to lose you and for our child not to be with both of us..

“So we will put this all out of our minds, no more tears and forgotten? We will take the test in the morning and then we can decide if it is positive when we will tell the others.”

“Yes my Love we will wait till we know for sure then you can help spread the good news.” Urs pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply as the need to love her arose they knew that an early evening was the plan for tonight.

They both washed up and headed downstairs to see what the rest of the group was up to. Finding them all in the sitting room Urs sat on the loveseat and wrapped his arms around his beautiful wife sitting on his lap where he could hold her close..

Sony and David were grinning like the cat that got the cream and they all wanted to know what had happened to put them in such a good mood..

“Sony just told me that while she was on the island she found out we are going to have a Bebe in 5 more months.” David beamed with happiness gazing at his wonderful wife.. He took her hands in his and kissed them both before pulling her close and placing his hands on her stomach..

Charlotte, Natalia and Cyd all came over to hug and congratulate the happy couple..
The guys went in more for the shaking of hands and congrats on becoming a father..

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Chapter 42 (Part 1) ~*LOVERS*~

Later that night as the couple finished off dinner and coffee, hot chocolate for the expectant mothers and to be ones as well. They discussed the concert coming up the next night, agreeing that all the ladies would dress up and attend the concert and then wait in the guys dressing rooms for them and they would have a late supper in the private dining room at the hotel they had used before…

Urs and Natalia headed to their room a bit earlier than the others but they had some unfinished business from earlier that they wanted to pick up on..

Sony and David agreed to a movie in bed and said their goodnights and headed up also.. Carlos and Cyd had opted for a walk in the moonlight, so that left Seb and Charlotte who chose to head up and get some more private time..

Urs came into the bedroom and took Luna into his arms, laying his soft lips on hers, and with his tongue asked her to open and let him feel her velvet mouth.. As the kissing grew deeper, the arousal grew stronger for them both till they had to stop.

He went to the bathroom and began running a bubble bath for himself and Luna. As the water filled, he stripped all his clothes and put them in the laundry bag. Then he went to pick up Luna and carried her to the bathroom. Standing her in front of him, he removed all of her clothes and lifted her up,setting her in the full tub and then joining her.

He sat behind her, pulled her to his chest and wrapped his strong arms around her. He lay her head on his chest.
Taking the cloth and soap, he began to wash her so softly. As he passed over her stomach he lingered there, hoping that their child had been conceived and was floating inside his wife’s body..

In Charlotte and Seb’s bathroom pretty much the same thing was happening. But Seb was talking to his daughters which made Charlotte smile. She couldn’t love him more she thought, but everyday her love grew stronger to the point it sometimes took her breath away..

He was a wonderful, sexy and amazing man and singer and Charlotte knew she had been blessed.. Their daughters would be blessed by having Seb as their father…

Sony and David had watched the movie and with side trips of kissing and exploring hands they made soft and passionate love and celebrated their news about their child in their own way..

They drifted off to sleep snuggled in the middle of the bed safe and secure in each others arms..

After their walk, Carlos and Cyd decided on some hot chocolate after a nice warm shower. After putting the hot chocolate on the night stand they headed to the shower. Carlos adjusted it to the temp he knew was perfect for Cyd’s delicate skin and then removed both of their clothes. They entered the shower and began to explore and love one another till the shower started cooling, then they washed in a hurry and towel dried. He carried her to the bed and then joining her, he picked up where they left off in the shower. During the night they loved once more before the dawn..

The hot chocolate became cold and no one drank it..

Urs and Luna finished their bath and moved to the bed. They loved exploring each others bodies and finding special places that excited and thrilled them both. They loved and took each other on a journey to paradise several times before falling into to a deep relaxing sleep spooned together in the middle of the bed.. All of the problems and fears had been laid to rest.

Seb had finished washing Charlotte and dried her off, picking her up and laying her on their bed and began to rain passionate kisses all over her body and special attention paid to the babies floating around in Charlotte’s perfect body.. Seb showed her that he worshiped her and her body and that anything else was not important..

When Charlotte began drifting off, she felt well and truly loved by this man she called Husband and soulmate..
Seb drifted off holding Charlotte close, his hand covering hers and laying on top of their babies bump..

That night they all fell asleep truly loved and tomorrow was concert day. It would be great knowing that the ladies in their lives were there to support them as a family..

No one knew what was lurking right outside of Seb and Charlotte’s home!!

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Chapter 42 Part 2 ~* Surprises*~

Urs had a restful night and Natalia a restless night, all she could do was think about the test and if she was pregnant could she or would she be a good mom. She knew Urs was the father any child would be lucky to have..

Urs woke and found Natalia sound asleep, he didn’t wake her because during the night he felt her moving and could feel her tossing around. She must have settled late in the early morning and he wanted her to rest as much as possible..

He quietly rose and went about his bathroom needs, finishing came back and climbed into the bed pulling Natalia into his arms and heard her sigh…

Laying there he could feel and hear her breathing level out and as he listen to her, he drifted off to sleep as he held her tight.. He knew when they woke again that the test would be the first thing they would do..
Downstairs the others were having a early breakfast and wondering where Natalia and Urs could be..

“I guess they must have slept in this morning, Urs is usually up long before this and headed to the gym.” David looked at the others and commented..

“Well let them rest it is their time and they have missed each other and if they want to stay in bed all day that is fine.” Charlotte spoke up smiling at Sebastien when she mention the bed part.. Thinking that is what she was intending to do as soon as breakfast was over drag her husband back to bed for some more cuddling and what ever else they could think of..

“Have you all forgot that Urs is a newlywed and that they never got to go on a honeymoon? So I guess this is as close as it gets to one even if it is for just a day or so.” Sony said looking at her husband and smiling thinking back to their honeymoon and how perfect it had been to spend 2 weeks in the back woods of the Colorado Mountains with no visitors and lots of time for lovemaking..

“Your right Sony and Charlotte, they really have been busy with the promo stuff and Natalia staying at home for the past few weeks so yes lets give them their time.” Cyd loved Urs like a older brother and wanted to see him happy and she knew that Natalia made him content and happy ..

After breakfast was over the ladies cleaned up as the guys headed to the living room with their coffee and waited for their ladies to get things in order.. Carlos and Cyd were going shopping and David and Sony were off to see the sights in Paris for a couple of hours. Sony wanted to see the Eiffel Tower as Charlotte planned on spending some private time with her husband.

Urs and Natalia woke around 10am and Natalia headed to the bathroom with her package as Urs sat up in the bed waiting for her return..

“We have to wait 5 minutes for the test to finish Urs.”

“Ok, you want to climb in here and snuggle with me till the time ends Love?”

Natalia sat the test on her nightstand and snuggled back into Urs’s arms and raising her head up for a good morning kiss..

Once again he took her breath away when he kissed her. She could spend all day right here with him and never feel the need to leave..

When the 5 minutes were up she showed the stick to Urs and he could see the Pregnant in the window, Natalia looked and saw the word and couldn’t catch her breath..

“We are having a baby my love. Thank you Natalia you have made me the happiest man in the world.” he laughed when she told him that Seb might not agree with that statement nor David since he found out last night..

They looked into each others eyes and couldn’t help but wipe each others tears away.. They were very happy that their love had created this precious gift and began thinking of names for the baby..

Urs held her till both of their stomachs demanded food and they sat off to dress and head down for breakfast..

“Come on my little mother, we need to feed you and that little one..

“Ok but can we come back and cuddle some more after please Urs? I don’t want to share you with anyone today.” Natalia just wanted to be with him she had missed him while he was working and she was caring for Charlotte ..

“Of course anything you want my love we can spend a good part of the day right here in bed if you like.” Urs smiled thinking about how the guys and their ladies were going to feel about another Divo baby coming in a few months.

“Urs when are we going to tell the others?”

“When would you like to tell them, we can tell them we took the test or wait till you have it confirmed and then spread the news.”

“I think after I have it cleared with the Dr. then we can inform the others about it.”

“How soon can you do that my love, I don’t know if I can be quiet that long.” Urs smiled at her knowing she did not have to ask him not to say anything cause he would not go against her wishes .. But he hope the appointment would be soon…

“I will contact Charlotte’s Dr. this morning. ”

They finished dressing for the trip downstairs and headed off hand in hand.. They found a note in the kitchen explaining where everyone was and that they had till 4pm before having to leave for the sound check and the concert tonight..

“Well I guess we are on our own this morning Mrs. Buhler, what do you wish for your breakfast?”

“I think some Eggs and Toast is fine with me, what about you Mr. Buhler?” She snickered at the way they were talking to each other.

“Well juice, coffee and maybe some Eggs and Toast too.”

“Would you like some Orange Juice, My love?” Urs turned to her and holding her around the waist, and kissing her nose waited to hear her response..

“Yes please and Hot Tea please Coffee is not good for the baby.” Natalia informed Urs as she kissed him back.

“We will have to start looking out for things that you can’t have during the pregnancy, and can’t wait to see what you will start craving during it too.” Urs was very happy and excited and he was glad the tour would be coming to an end very soon and then he could be with her and go to all the Dr. appointments. He couldn’t wait till they could see the baby for the first time…

“Natalia will you want to know what the sex of the baby will be before it comes?” Urs knew he wanted to know and wished it could happen sooner but he knew they had to wait several weeks before that could be done..

“Yes, I do think I will want to know. It will also help with naming the baby and getting the nursery ready for the baby. What about you Urs will you want to know?”

“Yes I do want to find out as soon as it is possible for the same reasons.”

They cooked their breakfast and ate together feeding each other bits now and then… After cleaning up together they headed back upstairs to their room and snuggled close for a while as they drifted off to sleep and dream of the child they now knew was very much a part of their lives already..

Sebastien and Charlotte had went to their room and had a long soak in the Bath with Charlotte’s favorite bath beads and Sebastien sponging her down as he kissed and made love to her.

They talked about the babies and how the new scan soon would show the girls almost fully developed and that they would be able to even see their fingers and toes.. Seb felt like the happiest and luckiest man around.. David would get his own cloud for now. Seb was flying a natural high with the woman of his dreams as well as his two daughters.

They finished their bath and then cuddled into the soft mattress and held each other close and discussed the babies room and the colors that Seb wanted to do for the girls.

Charlotte was so content and at peace finally, seem the stress was eased and her and Seb could just enjoy each other now and the rest of her pregnancy..

Seb helped her pick out her outfit for the night as they would join the others for dinner afterwards she wanted to be dressy and comfortable..

“Charlotte my love you know that none of that stuff you saw in that email Ever happened don’t you?”

“I believe in you Sebastien and I know for sure you would never cheat on me.”

“I am so glad you know that Cherie cause it pains me t think that this woman did this with out considering that it would hurt you more then me.”

“Well she is after something or someone but I don’t think it is you.. I really can’t figure out why she don’t want you but had no problem causing trouble for you and the other guys.”

“She has not went after Urs so far, and David had Sony and Cyd was with Carlos so she never got to them as much.”

“I hate to say this Seb but I think Urs is her target, it makes sense that not many people out side of us know he is married.. What if that is what if she has been after along was Urs?”

“Do we tell him about this conclusion?” Seb looked worried after seeing Tindra’s handiwork toward him he wanted to make sure Urs had his guard up too.”

“I think you should warn Urs it is possible she is after him and I will explain it to Natalia.” Charlotte wanted her friends to avoid the same stuff she had been though since Tindra had come to be around the guys so much.. Simon was going to owe the guys so much he might never be able to repay their kindness after all the pain she has caused.

“Ok I will speak to him in the dressing room this evening before the concert. Lets just hope Tindra is not in Paris and won’t show her face at the concert if she is.” Seb was concerned about her hiding out in Paris and not being seen till the viper struck again.. He was going to have to watch Charlotte closely tonight..

“I love you Seb.” Charlotte’s eyes showed all the love she had for this man who made her spirit soar and her body sing by just touching her.

“I love You my Cherie and don’t ever doubt it.” Seb took her in his arms and kissed her deeply which cause them to head back to the bed for another round of love making before time to get ready for the sound check and concert.

Seb bent down and touched his wife’s stomach laying his lips on her stomach and sending a kiss to his daughters.

“Papa and Mama love you girls very much and can’t wait to see you.” Seb and Charlotte had tears running down their cheeks as they looked lovingly at each other.

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Chapter 43 **Tindra’s Goal **

The rest of the day went smooth, all the couples had private time with each other and came together for the ride to the venue at 4pm.. Charlotte was resting in Seb’s Dressing Room when she heard the door open.. She looked up to see Tindra standing there. Charlotte had her coat laying in her lap so all that could be seen was her legs and her chest and up.

“Can I help you?” Charlotte ask raising her brows.

“Oh I didn’t know Seb had Company!” Tindra cocked and then rolled her eyes like she was disgusted..

“He does now, You! Is there something you need cause he is on stage at the moment and will be back in a little while if you want to come back later?” Charlotte was doing all she could to hold her temper.. She was not impressed by the lanky thing standing in front of her and knew the guys well enough that none of them would have been interested in her even in the slightest bit. The guys had standards and she didn’t fit the ones that would have turned their heads if they had been single and free..

“I am Tindra and a close special and personal friend of Sebastien’s and he really doesn’t need a paid escort or a lady of the evening bothering him. You can go I will send your regrets to him.” Tindra took a seat on the chair across from Charlotte and glared at the beautiful woman sitting there..

“OH, well I know Sebastien is married, and your NOT his wife so just who are you?” Charlotte played coy and waited to hear what this Witch would come up with next..

“Yes Seb is married but his wife is not spending anytime with him since she is expecting twins in a few months.. So I am helping him with the more Physical Needs and he really doesn’t need your kind hanging all over him.” Tindra snarled at Charlotte.

“Well I know Seb’s wife very well and you are not who or what you say you are to Seb. As a matter of fact I know that Charlotte and Seb spent the day together in bed and talking about their babies.” Charlotte growled back at the witch..

Tindra was getting quite upset with this woman sitting in front of her, she wanted her gone and she couldn’t figure out how she knew what Seb and his wife had been up to all day..

“Well I know Seb pity’s his wife and so he tries to pretend he loves her and she has been ill with the little brats so I am sure it was all there was to it.” Tindra was not stopping with the mud slinging so Charlotte decided to turn up the heat a bit..

How dare she act like she knows Seb in any way shape or fashion and Oh for her to call their babies Brats. She is lucky I don’t get up and smack her one good time.. Charlotte picked up her cell and press the number that would connect her to Cyd and ask when Cyd answered if she could come to Seb’s Dressing room that Tindra was there waiting on Seb.

“You know Seb’s sister in law Tindra?” Charlotte ask softly..

“Oh yes we are very good friends she is involved with Carlos the Spanish one.” Tindra thought she was giving out important information that this woman didn’t know..

Cyd hung up and grabbed Natalia and Sony and pulling them to Seb’s Dressing Room while she explained that Charlotte was in there with Tindra.

“Oh how the hell did that happen? Seb will freak out and Simon better run away Far away!!” Sony and Natalia asked at the same time..

Sony and Cyd entered leaving Natalia to search and bring Seb to the Room.

“Ladies won’t you come in and join us?” Charlotte was being very strange so Cyd and Sony played along..

“Tindra you have met Sony Miller and Cyd who is dating Carlos, I do believe at the airport?” Charlotte introduced them and explained that Tindra was there to comfort Seb since his wife was unable to care for her man in Tindra’s words and mind..

The other ladies couldn’t believe Tindra had no idea who the Hell she was talking to, but heaven help her when she found out! Natalia in the meantime had found Seb on stage and ran to him and explain that Cyd and Sony had went to his Dressing room cause Tindra was in there with Charlotte and he needed to get down there NOW!!!

“How did that happen?” Seb was steaming mad and knew that Tindra would set off Charlotte’s blood pressure.

“Seb go now and we will contact Simon.” Urs told him forgetting that this all started with their friend and management.

“Simon are you crazy, it is because of him that this is all happening.. If anything happens to Charlotte or the babies, I will make him and his slut friend PAY!” Seb stormed off with David and Carlos following behind.. Leaving Natalia and Urs standing there stunned at the comments Seb had made. Even though all the comments were well deserved..

Seb and the other guys reached his dressing room and stormed in to find Charlotte still sitting on the couch with a coat over her lap. So far Tindra had no idea of who she was..
Sony walked to David and Carlos embraced Cyd in fear mostly of what she would do if things got bad..

“Tindra what are you doing in MY dressing room?” Seb asked with a stern voice..

“Well I came by to say hi and found this woman here waiting for you and was trying to do you a favor.” Tindra said so innocently..

“Do me a Favor, what kind of Favor?” Seb was confused by now and by the looks of it only Charlotte and Tindra knew what she meant.

“She thinks I am a Hooker or Escort you hired to keep you company while your wife is expecting.” Charlotte filled them in and tried hard not to giggled at the looks on all the faces except Tindra’s who was nodding her head Yes..

Deep inside Charlotte didn’t really want to giggle she wanted to rip the Witches head off and throw her off a building and watch her bounce off her ego..

“Ok hold on here, Tindra thinks you’re a escort and she believes I would cheat on my wife? My Pregnant Wife? What the hell kind of person do you think I am Lady?” Seb turned and looked at Tindra with such anger….

“Oh Seb darling, I was trying to protect you from the bad press if anyone had seen her in here they would had a field day with it.” Tindra tried to be the wounded party but it wasn’t working actually she was making a bigger fool out of herself then normal..

“Don’t you Seb darling him, he is nothing to you except someone who you tried to destroy thru your lies you TRAMP!” Cyd got into Tindra’s face and began shouting at her till Carlos pulled her back..

“Look at Seb he seems so lost with out someone to care about him.” Tindra purred ….

“I am not a lost puppy who needs you to care and love me all you have done is cause more problems.. Sending my wife that Tabloid where YOU did the interview which made me out to be a cheat and a liar.. And Calling Charlotte on the cell phone number you stole from my phone.. How dare you come to MY Dressing Room and Insult MY WIFE with more of your lies.. Now stop coming around me or the others or I will call the POLICE!” Seb was yelling and he just couldn’t stop till he got all the pent up anger out.

“What do you mean insult your wife she is not even here?” Tindra was confused looking at the people in the room she was sure none of them could be Seb’s wife..

Charlotte removed her coat and stood up with help from Seb and when she turned to face Tindra she introduced herself.

“Not so nice to meet you Tindra, I am Mrs. Sebastien Izambard.. Seb’s WIFE!!!! Now Get Out of my sight I have had enough of you trying to ruin my marriage and my husband’s career YOU NO GOOD SLUT!!” Charlotte started shouting when she felt the first wave of pain hit her..

Seb could see the pain flash across Charlotte’s face and start to make her sit when a splash of water hit both of their shoes..

“Seb I think my water just broke!!” Charlotte cried as Seb held her close to him while Cyd and Carlos showed Tindra out and Sony called for the ambulance..

Tindra was stunned as she was escorted out of Seb’s dressing room and locked her eyes on Urs’s dressing room, thinking no one would be there now she would go in and look around she would make her plans well and finally she would have her ultimate Goal Urs Buhler the only single Divo that didn’t have a woman in his life..

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Chapter 44 ~*Divo Ladies Revenge*~

Sebastien went with Charlotte in the Ambulance, as Cyd, Natalia, and Sony went looking for Trouble and soon Natalia found her..

Urs had gone to get a shower and change so they all could head to the hospital and be with Seb and Charlotte. No one knew where Simon was but maybe that was best because in Seb’s state of mind right now he would be best to stay away from the Frenchie..

The ladies couldn’t seem to find Tindra, so Natalia headed to Urs’s dressing room to wait while he took his shower.. But what she found upon arriving stunned her more then words could say…

Urs standing there in his Calvin’s getting ready for his shower, he took her breath away.. He was her love and every time she looked at him she knew she loved him more everyday..
While he headed into the shower with out seeing her arrive, she notice the dressing room closet was almost shut and she could just make out movement in it and figured someone namely Tindra was watching her husband undress..

She placed a text to Cyd and Sony that she had found her in Urs’s dressing room and to come there.. Natalia snuck back out before anyone could see her and waited for Sony and Cyd..

“Where is that Tramp?” Cyd was almost yelling till Natalia told her to quiet down..

“She is in Urs’s dressing room while he is in the shower.”

“WHAT, and you left her there.. Are you out of your MIND WOMAN? That is YOUR HUSBAND IN THERE!!!” Sony was startled by what Natalia had told them and couldn’t understand why Natalia had not pulled her out of there..

“Look I want this to end, our sister Charlotte is having her babies early…. TO EARLY, because of that Twit and I want her to learn a HUGE lesson in the end.”

“Ok what do you have planned?” Cyd was steaming over what Tindra had already done to Charlotte and now to find out she was in Urs’s dressing room spying on him in the nude made her blood boil just a tad more than a volcano.

“Ok I am going in to Urs and see what she has to say for herself. You all keep the door open enough to listen to what her excuse is for being here.” Natalia was pissed to that her husband had no idea that he was being stalked and that witch was finally going to learn..

Natalia opened the door and walked in to find Tindra relaxing on the sofa over near the door.. Urs was nowhere in the room yet!!

“Can I help you?” Tindra looked up at the beautiful Natalia and snickered at her thinking another Escort. I will get rid of this one for sure..

“Oh I am sorry didn’t know you were waiting for Urs.” Natalia spoke like pure innocence..

“Yes and I am sorry but Urs does need a Escort for the night he has me, and we are going to our room as soon as he finishes his shower.. So you can leave.” She waved her hand toward the door and expected Natalia to walk out with the lies she had just given her..

About that time Urs came out with his pants on drying his hair with a towel and didn’t see anyone but Natalia.

“Hey love are you ready to go? The others will be waiting on us?” Urs turned to look at Natalia before pulling her in his arms and kissing her so deep she had to hold his waist to stand..

“Urs Love, we have company?” Natalia turned to look at a very angry Tindra..

“We do? Who?” Urs said as he looked to where Natalia was staring..

“Mein Gott what are you doing here? Don’t you think you have caused more than enough trouble?” Urs was furious with her being in his room..

“I came to go to dinner with you like Simon arranged but I found this escort waiting on you.” Tindra was pointing at Natalia which really sent Urs off..

“Who the Hell are you calling an escort now Tindra?” Urs began to yell at her… His eyes darkening with anger..

“Her.” she pointed at Natalia..

“MY WIFE you think my wife is an escort?” Urs really didn’t know what to say.. He couldn’t believe what an idiot this woman really was..

“What do you mean….Your wife, you're not married!” Tindra was becoming concerned she had been lied to again.. Simon had told her Urs was not married when they met a few months back.

“I got married in the Fiji Islands over a month ago and this is my wife Natalia.” Not that this is any of your business, but what are you doing in my room?

During this whole discussion Urs never took his hands off Natalia’s waist..

“I have a question here Tindra. Where are you getting all this wrong information on the guys?” Natalia wanted to know who was feeding her the information she thought she had..

“Simon gave the Bio’s to my manager.” She said as she looked at Cyd and Sony coming in the door..

“Ladies I am going to finish dressing and find the other two guys and see if they are ready to leave. Can you handle this?” Urs pointed to Tindra at the word This!!

“Yes Love, you do that while myself and my sisters here have a long talk with THIS!!!” Natalia grinned at Sony and Cyd…They were looking at Tindra with an evil smirk on their faces…

When Urs left the room Natalia told Tindra to have a seat, which in turn she looked at Natalia and ignored her suggestion.. She just stood there glaring at the three ladies..

“Tindra, we meant for you to have a seat. We are going to have a talk and straighten out any of the problems you seem to have when it comes to staying away from the Divo’s and the families.” Sony pointed to the couch and waited with her arms crossed and glaring at Tindra until she finally sat on the edge of the couch..

“OK NOW we are going to give you some facts so there will be no misunderstanding again! All of the Divo’s are either married or in a relationship and none of them use ESCORT SERVICES! Now you have caused the most problem for Seb and Charlotte, who by the way if you don’t know is MY SISTER by Blood! So you have caused to much pain already and now my sister is on the way to deliver her baby daughters way too early and by God you better hope two things.. One that Charlotte and the girls make it or you will be charged with MURDER!!! Two, my brother in law Seb doesn’t find you cause I am not sure anyone can calm him right now.” Cyd was standing at her knees to get her point across she couldn’t help but look at Cyd only..

We are going to contact your manager and give him all the juicy details of the past few weeks and if you're lucky you might be able to model for Dog Wear but even that is a insult to the Dogs!!” Sony snickered at this comment..

Natalia had gotten Urs and the guys to find Steve their manager and had them inform him of what had been happening so they could put her in his hands till the Management company could come and take her back to her home country Sweden..

After Steve had taken Tindra away, they all headed to the Limo and as soon as they were settled, the driver took them to the hospital..

Meantime at the hospital Seb was still with Charlotte refusing to leave her room at her request and his stubborn streak..

The group arrived fairly quickly and they found a nurse that told Urs in French that Seb was still with Charlotte but would tell him they had arrived..

The Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) had set up the room with the machines and all the stuff they would need to deliver the girls and handle any problems that might present itself during delivery..

Charlotte’s Dr. was in attendance but would not be handling the delivery due to the emergency situation and the babies coming too soon put them in jeopardy as well as Charlotte since they could not get her Blood Pressure under control..

Every time the contractions hit, Charlotte’s BP would rise more which was not only dangerous for her but the babies as well..

Seb stepped out after the nurse gave him the message of the family arrival.. He was happy to have his brothers there to support him and Charlotte.. He knew he had to be strong for her and his daughters.. But he was scared for all three of them..

“How is Charlotte Seb?” Cyd came up and ask putting her hand on his arm..

“The contractions are getting closer and nothing they do is stopping them so it looks like I will be a father tonight!” Seb told her with tears at the point of falling..

“Seb the babies, it is too soon.. Can they survive if they come now?” Urs asked the question everyone wanted to know but feared the answers ..

“The NICU is in the room with her and they will deliver the babies. Her BP is very unstable and they are concerned every time her blood pressure goes up the girls are in more danger of not making it.” Seb told them but he wanted to get back to Charlotte..

“I need to get back but please don’t leave!” Seb asked looking at Cyd and holding her tight in his arms knowing it must be hell for her not being able to be with Charlotte..

“I will ask the nurse to keep you informed till this is over.” Seb turned and went back to the room and found they were preparing Charlotte for the birth that was getting ready to start any minute. The contractions were only 45 seconds apart and nothing was stopping them.. Seb went to Charlotte who had her eyes closed and took her hand that didn’t have any needles in it and held on tight..

Charlotte felt him and turned to look at him with tears in her eyes saying “I’m Sorry my Love” Seb couldn’t speak he was so emotional he had to look away for a second after telling her no need for sorry..

“You did nothing wrong my Love Cherie’ and you will be fine..” He leaned over as best he could and kissed her dry lips and wiped the tears from her eyes as she let out a Bloody frightening scream…

“It’s time for the babies, I can see the first head is crowning.” The Dr. told Charlotte when he told her to push as hard as she could and Seb held her hand as she squeezed the life out of it on the next painful contraction..

Charlotte pushed as hard as she could and Seb watched as Serena Hope was born.. His eyes filled with tears at the beautiful woman he loved more then his own life worried as to why their daughter is not crying..

As the Specialists handled Serena the Dr. handled Charlotte, cleaning her up from the first birth waiting and watching as the contractions start to increase and Stephanie Joy joins her sister in the outside world..
Both girls need some major body warming at 3 lbs for Serena and 3 and ½ lbs for Stephanie..

Mom and Dad are so proud at the chance to see their beautiful daughters in the warmer and getting cleaned up and diapers put on before they could touch the girls..

The Izambard family is complete.. For now..

Charlotte was cleaned up and after everything calmed down the girls were taken to the Unit to be evaluated and tests run to see how they were doing.. Stephanie being bigger seem to be a bit better, but Serena seemed to be having problems with her breathing and the Dr. wanted to check them over more closely..

It would be about 3 weeks before the girls might even be considered for a trip home.. Charlotte wanted to breastfeed the girls so later the nurse would help her pump her milk so they could feed the girls thru tubes till they started gaining weight and could nurse themselves..

Seb took the chance while Charlotte was being cleaned up and changing to go out and announce the birth of his daughters..

“Hey Seb we heard Charlotte screaming how is she?” Cyd wanted to be the first to ask how her sister was..

“She is fine, sore but happy I think it is over.” Seb kept rubbing his hands together and finally got feeling back in them after Charlotte had squeezed so tight..

“We have 2 beautiful daughters and Serena weighs 3lbs and Stephanie 3 and ½ lbs and they were taken to the NICU floor and are having tests and being kept warm since their body is not able to do that yet..

“We really didn’t have much chance to look at the girls but we will when they take Charlotte up in a while.. Right now she needs to rest and see if her BP will stay down.” Seb told them..

“Can we see Charlotte before we leave for the night please?” Cyd begged to ask the Dr. if she could see her sister…

“Yes the Dr. said just a few minutes then Charlotte needs to sleep for a while.”

The group headed to the room and 2 at a time went in to see Charlotte then they all headed back to the house for some sleep too.. They all would be there in the morning to meet the new Izambard daughters..

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La Luna

Chapter 45

~*~Serena's Chances~*~

As the group headed up to the NICU unit to see the girls with Charlotte in a wheelchair and Sebastien pushing her, they ran into Simon coming in the doorway. Urs saw him first, headed over to greet him and pulled him to the side and explained the events that had happened since Charlotte and Sebastien had arrived at the hospital..

Simon was stunned and couldn't believe that all of these events had happened since the introduction of Tindra to the group.. He had no idea that she had been causing all this trouble. He thought she would have gotten over the problems after he spoke to her manager..

No one knew he had gone to her management to ask that they remove her from the group's tour and have no contact with the group. When they left London the management company lost contact with her till the night of the concert..

Urs understood better that Simon had been put in a bad position and he felt more like Simon had been taken advantage of due to his friendship with her manager...

As he and Simon headed over to meet the rest of the group, Urs warned Simon that Sebastien was holding in his anger over the incident with Tindra that brought on the early labor and that he might blame Simon..

Simon understood and he also blamed himself too.. He adored Charlotte and would have never allowed this to happen if he had known exactly what Tindra was up too..

Sebastien saw Simon walking with Urs toward Charlotte and the rest of the group. His anger toward Simon was being held in check. He didn't want to bring on another coma for Charlotte..

Charlotte greeted Simon with hugs and kisses and told him not to worry. It wasn't his fault she was such a horrible person, that he couldn't have known the kind of person she was and to what lengths she would go to for her own greed..

Sebastien felt better seeing that Charlotte didn't blame him for the whole mess.. As they were talking, the Dr. came over and spoke to Charlotte and Sebastien telling them that Stephanie was doing fairly well and no problems had arisen with her breathing, but with Serena it would be touch and go for a few days till they could get her warmth and breathing stable..

Simon could see the pain in Charlotte and Seb's eyes and didn't know what to do.. He could offer to bring in more specialists but the ones they had were top notch and that would have insulted the Dr's already handling the girls case..

No, he would wait till they asked for his help and if he could do anything, he would.. After the Dr. left they headed back to Charlotte's room and then they all said goodnight and headed out.. They would return in the morning to check on Charlotte and the girls again and make sure Seb was eating and resting..

After they all had left and Charlotte was comfortable as she could be in the bed, she and Seb talked for a while about the condition of their daughters and spent some quality time just being together, drifting off to sleep holding each other tight..

The next morning Seb woke before Charlotte and headed to the bathroom taking care of business and then headed back in to see if his wife had woken up yet, he found her still sleeping..

The nurse came in to check on them and told him that she would sleep a good deal of the day and when she woke up they would help her get started pumping her breast milk they were feeding the girls..

The Dr. came in to check Charlotte but since she was sleeping he decided to talk to Seb first and let him know how Serena was doing first..

“It seems she is still struggling and Stephanie is getting stronger. We are giving Serena a 50/50 chance of survival right now.. But if she pulls through she has a great chance at a normal life”..

Charlotte, unknown to the Dr. and Seb, heard this and didn't say anything until after the Dr. left the room..

“Sebastien, I don't want to lose either one of the girls. We have to fight for both of them. Losing Serena is not an option. I can't bear to lose either of our daughters.” She had tears running down her face and Seb comforted her as he cried his own tears in her hair..

They just couldn't lose the children they had fought so hard to carry to term and were ready to love and raise..

“I don't care about the tour Cherie' I am NOT leaving you and letting you deal with this alone.
I don't want to lose you in this process like I almost lost you all three once. I won't do it again.” Seb told her with tears rolling down his face..

Charlotte's heart broke when she saw just how much the coma before had effected him and he never complained..

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Chapter 46

Serena's Guardian Angel

Charlotte and Sebastien rested on her hospital bed while they waited to be taken to the NICU and spend some time feeding the girls..

As they talked, Urs knocked on the door and entered when he heard Seb call out to come in.

“Morning and how are all the Izambard's this morning?” Urs said with a giggle in his voice..

“We are waiting to go upstairs to the unit and see the girls. I get to help feed them this morning, even if it is through a tube I will get to help.” Charlotte spoke with a sob in her voice..

“Don't worry Cherie' I will be right by your side helping.”

“Have they told you anything on Serena's condition this morning?”

“Non, not yet. We still have to wait and see if she can get her breathing under control and hold her own body temp.”

Right at that moment the nurse entered the room with a wheelchair and helped Charlotte get settled. Before they headed to the door, Urs told them he was going to the chapel and that he would meet them in the room when they got back. They thanked him and headed off to see their baby daughters.

Urs walked out of the room, looked for the nurses station and asked where he could find the Chapel. The nurse pointed him in the direction of the Chapel and then left.

When he got to the Chapel it was empty which he was grateful for. He was not ready to talk to anyone right at this moment. He wanted to pray for the girls and their parents growing concern..

After saying his prayers for the girls, Urs found a seat in the front of the Chapel looking up at the cross and closed his eyes, thinking of the many days he sat in a Chapel something like this one praying for Serena to live.

He wasn't sure what had made him think of her but it seemed to give him comfort now after all this time. As he sat there just thinking back to those days of her suffering he heard someone speak his name.


He jerked around seeing noone and wondered if maybe he was losing his mind.. He turned back to find Serena standing in front of him..

He reached up and rubbed his eyes thinking his mind was playing tricks on him and then opened them again to find her still there..

“I guess I am not losing my mind then am I?”

“No Urs you're fine.”

Serena placed her hand on his and he felt a warmth flowing through him, a peace he had not known since her death. He knew she was really there, but why? Had something happened to Serena and was she there to take her away? He began to get scared and she could feel his fear and comforted him.

“Don't worry Urs. Serena is fine and no I am not here to take her away.”

“How did you know what I was thinking just now?”

She smiled at him about the time the question and answer hit him. She knows everything.. His face turned red in embarrassment as he looked at the floor then back up into those eyes he remembered so very well..

"So if you're not here to take Serena, then why are you here?”

“I am here to help bring you peace before I become Serena's Guardian Angel.”

“You're her Guardian Angel? I guess that makes sense, seeing your her aunt and she is your namesake.” His voice was sad when he spoke and she could feel his questions.

“What do you have on your mind Urs?”

As Urs pondered in his mind the questions he had running through his heart, he didn't notice the door open in the Chapel as Luna entered and came to stand beside Serena. When he looked up he saw Luna there. He was confused when she spoke to Serena like she had known her forever. This confused Urs because he thought he was the only one who could see her..

Urs rose and hugged his wife and looking at her and Serena, he had to ask..

“Luna, my love can you see Serena?”

“Yes Urs, Serena and I have been talking for a while since you came to the islands.”

“I don't understand how is that possible?”

“I have a link to the Mystic life and the spirit world and Serena was watching over you when you came to the Island. She guided me to you.”

Urs turned to Serena, wanting to know what this all meant. Why, was she there to help Serena her niece, or was something about to happen to him and they were there for him?

“Alright could either one of you explain to me what this all means? Luna, I understand your link to Serena's spirit but what has all this to do with me?”

“Urs I am here to help Serena to get stronger and to help you finally understand all of the knowledge you have gained throughout the past few months. The learning of myself and Sebastien being Brother and Sister and why I never told you.”

“That was put to rest a few weeks ago Serena, I didn't understand why you hid it from me but now, I just am glad that you had that bond with Sebastien and that you were happy with me.”

“I was always happy with you Urs and I am so happy that you have found peace with Natalia. It was destined to be this way. You now have a bigger destiny to fulfill.”

Urs looked at Luna confused. What other destiny could he have? He had finally found the truest of Love with Natalia and they were expecting their first child in a few months time. Did Serena already know this?

“What do you know about my life now Serena?”

“I know only what I am told or allowed to know since Luna is more your Guardian Angel than I am.”

Urs turned to look at his wife and was very confused when Serena said Guardian Angel.

“No Urs she is very much alive and she is just here in the Luna form to guide you to the destiny you have already begun to fulfill..”

“Ok then do you know that Natalia and I are expecting our own child in a few months?”

“No, this was not something that I would have been told and I am happy for you both.”

Luna spoke up and thanked her for the best wishes she had voiced. She could see that all of this was very taxing on Urs..

After they all sat back down Serena tried to explain it all to him so he knew what she was there to do.

“Alright now that we have worked out the past with you and I and you know that your future is with Natalia, I need to explain your part in Baby Serena's future.”

“Please do because after this I might have to have my head examined because I am totally off center here.”

Urs picked up Luna's hand holding it tight. He was not sure what to expect next. It was bad enough he was sitting here carrying on a conversation with his dead love. That was not the biggest part when it turns out that his wife could see her too. It boggled his mind..

“Here is what is going to happen. Baby Serena is going to be fine. She has a great destiny to fulfill. You will be her guide through her life to help with her fulfilling her destiny. As Luna is your guide, you will also be Serena's guide.. She is already your goddaughter and on her Christening day you will be performing a special song for her.”

“I will? Sebastien and Charlotte have not mentioned it to me.”

“They will when the time is right. For now it is best we get this little love better and out of the NICU first. As time goes on you will see the future destiny beginning to take form as Luna helps to guide you. In turn you will know how to guide Serena and her special gift.”

“You're saying that I will lead her to her destiny? But what about my own child we are having? Am I not to lead ours as well?”

“Yes Urs of course you will lead your child to it's destiny but, that one has yet to be written. You will know when the time comes where to lead your child.”

“Alright then, I will do my best for Serena. I will also look to Natalia to aid me when I feel I can't do this.”

“You will both be fine, and remember I am not far away from Serena or you in this. I am sorry but my time is up here. I have to get to Serena it is time.”

“What do you mean it is time?”

Serena stood and kissed Luna and Urs good bye and disappeared. Urs turned to Luna asking with his eyes what was happening? He felt the need to go to the NICU, so they took the elevator to the floor and as they came to the window they could see Serena standing over Sebastien who was holding his daughter in his arms feeding her through the tube.

This scared Urs but, as he watched Serena touch the baby's head with her hand, he could feel the stress leave his body watching the baby looking up into her father's eyes and smiled.

“Luna what is going on here? What is she doing to the baby?”

“It is alright Urs. She is giving her strength to the baby that will help her heal her body and get stronger.”

Sebastien looked up and saw Urs and Natalia standing at the window and motioned for them to come in.. After they put on the gowns and masks, they joined Charlotte and Sebastien with the baby girls.

“How is she Seb?”

“She is doing much better. The doctor is feeling very happy with her progress and thinks they might be able to start feeding from Charlotte later today. At least Stephanie will first since she is the bigger one for now.”

“May I hold her please?” Urs asked even though he wasn't sure why he had..

“Of course you can hold your goddaughter Urs.” Charlotte spoke up as Sebastien handed the tiny little girl to Urs and then he sat in the rocking chair..

Urs looked down into her tiny eyes and could see Serena's eyes staring back at him and knew all the worrying would be over.

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Chapter 47

The Doctor had the nurses start putting the girls together in the bed so that Serena would have the warmth from her sister which helps her get stronger..

Stephanie, later that afternoon was able to suckle and made great strengths in feeding from her mother. The doctor had high hopes by the weeks end that Serena would start feeding the same way ..

Sebastien was in awe every time he came with Charlotte to feed the girls. He would feed Serena while Stephanie ate from her mother. Charlotte was finally able to start bonding with the girls and building their love and trust..

Urs followed Seb to the Unit to check on Serena later that evening. He was amazed how well she had turned around and was making great progress..

Urs thought in the back of his mind, Serena was right, the baby was getting better and now he had to follow through on his part as her Guardian Angel too.

“May I go in and hold her for a while Seb?”

“Sure if the nurses don't mind then I am fine with that. I will spend some time with Stephanie while you have Serena.”

Charlotte was in her room resting when Natalia came in and sat down beside her and waited till she woke up.. Charlotte rolled over and saw her sitting there reading a newspaper..

“Hi, sorry, didn't know anyone was here.”

“It is ok. Urs and Seb are in the Unit with the girls, so I came here to see how the new mother is doing.”

“Is something wrong with the girls?”

“Not that I am aware of. They just went to see them. Urs wanted to check on Serena and see how Stephanie is doing too.”

“Oh, ok well I am fine now that I am able to feed at least Stephanie for now.”

“I can't wait till Urs and I get to see this little one and begin to feel him or her growing inside .”

“It is a feeling like no other and you will be so excited when you have the first scan and see your child for the first time.”

“I really can't wait and I'm looking forward to seeing Urs's face at the first scan when he meets his child.”

“Seb was beyond joyful. He was in seventh heaven when we saw the girls for the first time. Then after that he couldn't take his eyes off the scan every time we went.”

After a few minutes Urs and Seb entered to find the ladies talking and laughing and all seemed right with their worlds at this given moment.

After spending a few more minutes with Charlotte and Seb, Urs and Natalia left for some dinner and said they would check in tomorrow.

Seb was happy Charlotte looked so well and that she was getting back to her self again. Her blood pressure had stayed down and it seemed the pre-eclampsia had been resolved ..

Seb crawled up onto the bed with Charlotte after they finished the lunch that had been served to them and took a long nap until the nurse came to check on Charlotte's vital signs during shift change..

Charlotte opened her eyes to see her nurse standing looking at the information on the machines and smiled when the nurse grinned looking down at Seb..

He had a smile on his face and was sound asleep and Charlotte didn't want to wake him. He had not left her or the girls since the night of the births and he had been a constant in the girls nursery since they had been moved up there..

After the nurse finished her notes, she left Charlotte to take her shower before they came to take her up to feed her daughters. Seb woke to the shower running and decided it wouldn't hurt if he had one with Charlotte now that no one was around and the door could be locked..

He knew they couldn't do any thing more then kissing and petting but it was his wife and he loved showering with her.

He undressed and stepped into the shower. As Charlotte had her back to him, she turned at the sound of the curtain closing to find her amazing husband standing there looking very proud of himself..

“What are you doing in here Seb? I hope you locked the door. We don't want the nurses to get a Divo exclusive now do we?” Charlotte giggled as his face turned red at that thought..

“I came in to wash your back and hair and maybe even give you something to remember me by for the next 6 weeks.” Seb was flirting with her and even tried the Carlos eyebrow wiggle which fell short of making the grade.

Charlotte loved this man more then anything in her life but her daughters. It had been a rough few months and they had some major ups and downs but they had made it to delivering the babies safe and as healthy as possible..

Charlotte reached over and took Seb's face in her hands and kissed him full on and heavy with passion.

“Mrs. Izambard you need to stop that, we can't do anything yet and leaving me like this is not going to be good for either of us.”

Charlotte knew it wasn't fair to him to leave him all worked up and so she helped him get some relief and then they finished showering and headed into the bathroom to dry off.


Meanwhile at Seb's mother's house, she was hiring an Au Pair for Charlotte so when they come home from the hospital they will have plenty of help knowing how tiring the twins will be for the young parents..

Rosemary was a Family member, a cousin to Adele Izambard from the USA. She had moved to Paris to be near her family after her husband had died 4 years before. Rosemary had been a nurse for 25 years..

Rosemary had a daughter named Crystal Adele Banks that had moved to the UK with her mother.

Crystal was engaged to a French banker and would be marrying at the end of the year which would give Seb and Charlotte plenty of time to replace her when the time came for her to quit after their wedding..

Adele knew she had plenty of family that could step in and help if the need arose when the time for Crystal to leave but for now she was just what they needed., someone trustworthy and honest and not after any of the guys ..

For now Crystal had no trouble touring with Charlotte and Seb as her boyfriend was traveling the world in high finances already..

Rosemary was pleased that the job was an easy one since most of the time she would mostly be housesitting while they were on tour and Crystal would help care for the babies when at home too..

Crystal had discussed her new position with her future husband, Dominic Dubois and he knew Seb so he felt very comfortable with her taking the job and traveling with the Divo's and their families ..

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Chapter 48

The next day Sebastien returned to the house as Charlotte was spending time in the nursery feeding the girls and learning how to use the pump to help her out at night.

His mother was there early with Rosemary cleaning up the house and Crystal was in the nursery getting the clean things into the bassinets for the girls' homecoming. They all knew it would be the end of the week for Serena but they hoped Stephanie would be coming home sooner and at least that would give Charlotte time for her and Seb, time for some bonding with one of their daughters..

Seb wasn't happy at the thought his one daughter might have to stay in the hospital alone and that they would have to travel everyday back and forth, so Charlotte would be able to feed and love her..

While Seb was home Charlotte was talking to the Dr. about letting both girls go home so that way they would be together and maybe Serena would develop along with her sister.. The Dr. wasn't pleased about letting Serena out of the hospital but he was surprised at how far she had come in the short amount of time that they had changed the sleeping arrangements for the girls and now Serena was progressing nicely. They were going to try letting Charlotte feed her today.

Seb and his family checked out the whole house and the flowers he ordered for the homecoming had arrived and were placed in all the rooms except for the nursery. He felt that was a bit over the top..

As he was coming down the stairs to the living room he heard a knock at the door and opened it to find Urs carrying bags of groceries that Maman had sent him and Luna out to buy. Luna had 2 bags also. Seb removed the bags from Luna's arms as Urs gave him a smile telling him thanks..

Seb had known that Urs was very protective over Luna's condition and didn't want her to over do.. They all headed to the kitchen where they met up with Rosemary, Maman and Crystal..
This was to be the introduction for all of them as Carlos and Cyd came in to the room followed by David and Sony.

“Morning all.”

“Seb how are Charlotte and the girls today?”
Cyd asked while making her and Carlos a cup of coffee before settling down to some fresh rolls and jam that Rosemary had set out for the group's breakfast.. It felt wonderful to have a houseful of people to care for again.

Just as Sony was about to sit down at the table, a wave of nausea set in and she ran from the kitchen into the hall bathroom and slammed the door..
“Morning sickness, it is getting better but she hates being sick.” David announced with a sad look on his face..

“Luna do you have the same problem in the morning?” David asked her.

“No David, I have not had any as of yet. Maybe she should keep saltine crackers next to the bed so she can eat them before getting out of bed in the morning. It is supposed to help stop the nausea.”

“I will tell her and have some in the drawer so she will have them on hand and maybe in her purse too.”

Urs came around the table and took Luna in his arms kissing her softly since his hands were not full of groceries any longer.

“Alright you two, get a room if you're going to do that this early in the morning.” David said joking..

“Oh but David, we have a nice room upstairs but, it is time for some food for my lady here and our future son.” Urs said as he placed his hand on her stomach where their baby lay..

Sony entered the room and went right into David's arms, laying her head on his shoulder..

“How are you babe?” David asked, turning her to face him and seeing how pale she was..

“Better now I think, but I wish this part of the pregnancy was past and then I would feel more human again.”

“Well it shouldn't be much longer by what the Dr. has said. Then we can really begin to enjoy the pregnancy.”

Everyone settled down in the dining area and had their breakfast talking about the girls coming home and what the plans were for the tour to be able to resume now that all was coming along with the ladies and the babies coming early..

“I want Charlotte and the babies to stay here at home for a while and get settled into a routine before trying to take them on the road.” Seb told everyone.

They all knew he would have a problem with Charlotte since she traveled with Seb over the years and wanted to take the girls along too.. They hoped that the couple could work things out without much fussing..

“Well now you have Crystal to go with you. I think it would make the trips easier.” Urs spoke up and looked at Seb who frowned back at him.

“I know but, I want Charlotte and the girls to relax and then we can deal with her touring with me. But I will talk to her, I promise.”

“Don't order her to stay home Seb. You know how stubborn Charlotte is and she will not take kindly to be ordered around, remember?” Cyd looked at her brother in law and smiled, but he knew she was right Charlotte did have a temper when pushed too far and she had shown that to him on occasions.. He didn't want that replay going on anytime soon..

“No, Cyd I will not tell her or order her to stay home. But I think the Dr. just might do that instead. And before you ask, No I didn't talk to him about this.”

After all were done and the dishes put away, Rosemary was ordered out of the kitchen while the others cleaned up after themselves.. Knowing when the Izambard family all showed up at home then she would have enough to do.

At the hospital, Charlotte had convinced the Dr. that she was ready to go home and if Serena would nurse today he agreed that she could try taking both girls home but to bring Serena back if there were any problems..

Charlotte couldn't wait till Seb arrived to tell him the good news. They were going home as a family...

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La Luna
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