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"We Came Here To Love".

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 La Luna

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PostSubject: Re: La Luna    Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:23 pm

Chapter 49

That night Sebastien stayed with Charlotte at the hospital and was ready to transport his family home the next morning if things with Serena were all normal..

Climbing on to the bed and snuggling with Charlotte gave them both a piece of mind they had been searching for since the girls births..

Holding each other thru out the night close was no surprise to the nurses who came in at night to check out Charlotte's vitals and then left them in peace..

Most on the floor knew of Sebastien but all felt the private part of his family was important to protect so anyone asking about the family was turned away to the admin office for information..

During the night in the NICU unit Serena handled things better sleeping along side her sister Stephanie and the nurses were very please how well Serena recovered and would miss both girls when they left in the morning..

The weight of both girls had increased and now that Serena was able to nurse from her mother it had made a whole world of difference in the chances that Serena would have a healthy future..
At the Izambard's home the couple staying there had help to make sure the nursery was ready for the morning when the family would be bringing home the new additions to the IL Divo family..

Urs and Natalia headed to their room and as Natalia turned down the covers on the bed Urs began a warm and soothing bath.. They both were looking forward to some private time.. Urs came out picking up Natalia in his arms carrying her to the bathroom. lowering her slowly to the floor as he began to unbutton her dress and remove her clothes..

After helping her into the tub he began to undress and then climbed into the tub behind Natalia and wrapped his arms around her as they relaxed in the warm and soothing water..

“What is on your mind Love?”

“How did you know I was thinking about something Urs?”

“Love your my life and a part of me and I know when you hurt and when you worry as well as being happy, so tell me what is bothering you?”

“I wonder if I can make it thru the full tour with you?”

“Don't you want to finish the tour with me?”

“Of course I do Urs, I want to make sure that the baby and I are fine and then I will feel better.”

“Well maybe you can get an appointment with Charlotte's Dr. as soon as possible before we leave Paris and I can go with you.”

“Thank you Urs I just want to know that I am doing all I can to have a healthy baby.”

“I do understand Love and I can't wait till we can see our baby.. Do you want to know what we are having?”

“If you don't mind Urs I would like to know since we are on the road so much we might not have time to get the nursery ready if we don't know the sex of the baby ahead of time.”

“Then we will see when we can find out.”

They washed each other with long soft strokes and after they had aroused each other they stood together,Urs helped Natalia out of the tub wrapping a towel around her and then a towel around his hips..

Picking her up and carrying her back to the bed and lowering her down on the bed and dropping his towel as he joined her.

As they came together they reaffirmed their love they took each other to Paradise and drifted off to sleep dreaming of their child laying their hands on Natalia's bump..

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PostSubject: Re: La Luna    Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:24 pm

Chapter 50

Trouble In Paradise

Sandie Renfro was the co-owner of the hotel with her sister Natalia Buhler and while Urs and Natalia were away on the tour, Sandie was running the hotel alone..

She was at the front desk this morning doing some updates on the books when a guest checked in.. She was surprised by the attitude of the young woman standing at the front desk..

She was rude and very hateful which caught Sandie's attention very quickly. Her desk clerk was doing all she could to help the lady and it seemed the woman couldn't be pleased..

“I am checking in and want to speak to the owner when I get settled into my suite!” The woman told the clerk..

Sandie walked over and introduced herself as the owner and asked if she could be of help..

“You are not Natalia Renfro!” The woman bit back at her..

“No, I am her sister and Co-owner of the hotel here.”

“I wish to speak to Ms. Natalia Renfro and no other!” The woman spat back..

“Well my sister and her husband are away and I am not sure when they will be returning.”

“Her husband? I was informed Ms. Natalia Renfro was single and unmarried?”

“Well I am sorry to say your information was wrong.. She was married here on the island back several weeks ago before her trip to Paris.”

“I don't believe you!! Who did she marry then?” The woman snapped at Sandie..

“Well that really is none of your business but, since it is public knowledge I will tell you.. She married the singer Urs Buhler from Il Divo.”

“Now I want to ask you a question since you seem to be interested in my sister's life and her marriage.. Who are you and why do you need to speak to her?”

“Who am I? My name is Tindra and I am from Sweden and a friend of the Divo's.. That is who I am!” she snapped back at the questions Sandie had dared to ask her.. Who did she think she was questioning her about why she needed to talk to Natalia..

“Well if you're a friend of the Divo's, you would have known that Urs and my sister had married since she is with them right now on the tour.”

Tindra did not like Sandie anymore than Natalia, or any of the wives and girlfriends of the Divo's.. She thought back to all the problems she had caused Sebastien and his little wife.. She wondered did they have the babies yet or had the wife lost them both?

It didn't matter to her who she hurt she wanted,Urs and so she didn't care who got hurt in the process of that goal..

“I had heard a rumor that Urs had married but being in the modeling business we all hear rumors that are not true!” She was not as hateful but she was making a point to say that all rumors were lies..

“Well I can tell you that this rumor as you put it is true, they are married and very happy together!” Sandie said with anger in her voice.

“Can I ask why you need Natalia if you're a friend of Urs and the guys?”

“I was to spend time with him visiting some sights arranged by our managers but it didn't happen last time I saw them!”

"So you knew they were in Paris together why come here looking for her then?”

“I figured she would have come back by now and let Urs alone and stop stalking him.” She said with venom in her eyes..

“Stalking? How the hell is it stalking when you're married to the man? Have you lost your mind woman? That is his wife and for your sake I hope you don't run into my sister. She will not put up with the likes of a gold digging tramp like you!!!”

Sandie was finally at the end of her rope and wanted this woman out of her hotel but as the owner she couldn't just throw her out. So she told the clerk to get her settled and let her be on her way.. She couldn't wait to tell Natalia all this crap that had poured out of that lying witch's mouth..

Sandie had walked away from Tindra as the clerk tried to get things settled with the room.. She couldn't believe this woman would come there to start something with Natalia after what she had heard this witch had done to Seb and his wife in Paris..

Tindra had no idea that Sandie knew everything about her and the things she had done. Natalia had been very upset over the trouble she had caused Charlotte and the risk to the babies and herself..

Well she wouldn't get the chance to cause trouble here since they were not due to be on the island for another month at least..

After Tindra left the desk with the bellman, the clerk proceeded to check in the man who had been standing behind Tindra and waiting..

“My name is Trevor Benedict Marlow and I would like to check in.” He watched as Tindra stormed to the elevators and followed the bellman..

After the clerk finished he followed his bellman to the elevators and up to his room on the 6th floor right down the hall from Tindra's.

He had watched the bellman take her cases into her room and after they had cleared out he walked to her room door and checked the number 602 with his being 600 he wouldn't have to far to go to finish what he had come to do..

As he walked to his room again he thought of all he had heard in the lobby and he knew she had not changed a bit.. She was still the selfish witch and had a spiteful side to her that would not be calmed... His plan to rid him and the world of that kind of woman was coming into view and soon he would get his revenge on her for destroying his life...

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PostSubject: Re: La Luna    Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:25 pm

Chapter 51

Trevor's Story

Tindra was wandering around the hotel looking for anything that could help her to put her plan into action and get Natalia and Urs back on the island sooner. She wanted to make sure she destroyed the marriage of Urs and Natalia Buhler..

Little does she know that Trevor was following her everywhere she went and could see for himself she was up to no good and he was determined not to let her destroy any more families and marriages..

Trevor had not planned on Tindra being so impatient and trying to push the boundaries, trying to get to Urs Buhler after the trouble she had caused in Paris, France. He knew about the trouble she had caused for Sebastien & Charlotte Izambard.

He had hoped the wives & girlfriend had gotten through to her and made it clear that she was to leave and not show her face again or they would press charges against her and ruin her career.

Seems Tindra thought she could get away by coming to the island and hiding out till the Buhler's finished the tour and returned to the island. First thing she did was locate the Buhler home and then staked it out and watched for all the staff's coming and goings.

Trevor was in his room looking at the pictures he carried of his family, his ex wife and 2 children, both sons. He remembered meeting Tindra when he was a Judge in the Federal Courts and had been introduced at a party where she came on to him and began a nightmare of events that cost him everything he had, his job and the family he cherished.

It started out for Trevor as an innocent introduction, but soon he found out that he was being stalked and then his wife start receiving pics and interviews being released to the media that he never gave but mentioned that he was involved with Tindra the Swedish model.

After a while his wife began to believe the multitude of information arriving at their home showing that everything Trevor had told her seemed to be nothing but lies.

After months of these lies she found no reason to believe him any longer and took the boys and left and filed for divorce. Nothing he did could help him to gain her trust and the publicity was beyond the realm of his imagination. His work was suffering and the Judicial system threw him to the wolves and he went into hiding.

He had nothing to lose now by following Tindra. He had to make her pay and stop her before she ruined any more lives and marriages. She had come too close to costing an innocent baby and Charlotte Izambard's lives.

Sebastien had never done more than what his management asked of him and that was showing her around and being nice to her as part of the group Il Divo.

Trevor had pictures to prove Sebastien was innocent in all of the rumors that Tindra started and he thought Sebastien was a lucky man that Charlotte never believed the rumors and stood by her husband.

It was time to remove Tindra for good and it didn't matter to Trevor if he was found out. He had in his mind nothing to lose now. He had a plan and hoped he could get it done before the Buhler's returned to the island..

He waited until he could hear that Tindra had left her suite. He made his way over to her suite and let himself in with a passkey that he had been able to swipe from the housekeeping cart in the hall this morning.

He searched her room and tried to find anything that gave him a clue of her plan to ruin the marriage of the Buhler's. He found faked pictures of Natalia and an unknown man in bed together and it looked like they were deeply in love and enjoying each other. He knew the man in the picture was not Urs Buhler.

He couldn't believe she was willing to go to these lengths to play God with people's lives and destroy anyone that got in her way of her enjoyment. This time he had to stop her. He looked around and found the memory card and the camera that had taken the pictures and he removed them along with the pictures.

He made his way back to his room and began to finish off his plan. Soon Tindra would no longer be a problem for anyone, and finally he would get his revenge. No one would ever think of him as the man that destroyed the tramp who was going around destroying innocent lives..

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PostSubject: Re: La Luna    Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:26 pm

Chapter 52

Trevor's Revenge

Now that Trevor had removed all of the evidence from Tindra's room, destroying them, first shredding then burning them in his fireplace he felt sure all of the horrible lies she had planned to use to destroy Natalia's marriage to Urs would be over.

But he needed to make sure that she could not start a new plan and get more fake pictures.
He had to let her know that he was in town now if he was going to get her to let him get close enough to put his plan into action.

He decided to knock on her door and then go from there. He knew she was in since he could hear music coming from her room.

He walked out of his room and then stood in front of her door and with his left hand closed he raised it and knocked loudly.. He could hear her calling out that she was on her way.. He never forgot that voice and all the horrible things she had done to his family flashed before his eyes.

He reasoned that he needed to push that into the back of his mind for his plan to work.

When the door opened she stood there staring at the man she had not seen for some time, wondering what he was doing there and how had he found her there on the island of all places?

“Trevor, what are you doing here? How did you find me?” Tindra tried to speak calmly but she knew he had lost all of his family due to her actions. She had not seen him since his wife got the photos she had sent.

“Oh I saw you when you checked in and thought that couldn't be you. What would you be doing on this island? It is not a runway for the rich and famous. I thought I would drop by since our rooms are next door and maybe have a drink for old times sake?” He was trying to not show the discusted feelings he had for this witch..

“Please come in. It has been a long time. How are you doing? Sorry, I heard about the separation and the divorce. Do you see your family much anymore?” She knew that it had been a public scandal and that he had lost all contact with his ex-wife and sons.

She had no concern about this man. She felt he was a weak man and since she was so good at her deceptions that he would come crawling to her when he needed a companion at some point.

Trevor followed her to the living area and took a seat on the sofa and then looked around the room as if he had never seen the place before.
“No, Tindra I do not see my family at all. After the divorce she cut me out of her and my children's lives. So I had to move on without my family. I am here on business and then I will be off to the States for the next year, working my way across the USA.”

“So what are you doing here? Is there a fashion show you're involved in?” Trevor knew she would tell him since she was so proud of her actions when it came to getting men to notice her. All he had to do was be patient and wait.

“No I am on leave for a few weeks and I thought I would visit some friends I recently met in Paris. Have you ever heard of Il Divo? I met them in Paris and I really am attracted to that Swiss singer Urs Buhler and he lives here on the island when not on Tour.

“I heard he recently got married and was now touring with the guys and his wife?” Trevor knew she would want to know how he knew this information, but she had forgotten he traveled the world and kept up on current events of all kinds, including the music world. He also was a acquaintance of the one and only Simon Cowell.

“Yes I heard that rumor too. But I am sure that is all it is....just a rumor. I saw them all in Paris and there was a woman traveling with him but I think she was a paid escort of the expensive kind, if you get my meaning?” She kind of snarled when she spoke of Natalia ..
“I have to say, that surprises me, since Simon himself told me Urs had married a couple of months ago.” He knew she was being a bitch and she was very good at it ..

His anger rose into his throat as he could taste bile when he looked at her talking about wanting Urs Buhler and destroying his world..

He just couldn't let her do it again. He had heard from Simon how she almost cost Sebastien and his wife their babies. He also knew something that Tindra didn't, and that was that Natalia and Urs were expecting a child. He knew she would really cause pain if she had this information. Which is why he knew that he had to stop her before she found out.

More lies, how many more lies would she create to inflict her strange pain and hurt on innocent people? This was a question he knew the answer to all too well. It didn't matter how many lies she told if in the end she got her way and hurt anyone standing between her and her goal. For now that was Urs Buhler, the Swiss Tenor.

“Well you know Simon's always getting confused. With him back and forth from the States to the UK every week or two he must have heard wrong.” She was not going to listen to him telling her she couldn't have the one man that she couldn't live without. Once she got her hooks into him, she would not stop until she bled him dry of his money.

“I hope you're wrong Tindra, because from what Simon says Urs is very happy and his wife is a beautiful woman, elegant and poised. If I were you I would forget Urs Buhler and move on.” He knew he was talking to the air in the room. She would not stop till she was stopped and that is what he intended to do, once and for all.

Trevor didn't need to hear any more. He knew what needed to be done. Tonight he would finish off Tindra once and for all, he thought to himself smiling.

“How about having dinner with me tonight? We can go out or stay in and have something from down stairs sent up?” He said in his most seductive voice..

“I would love to. But could we have it here in my room since I have been traveling so much. I just want to relax.” Tindra thought it would be a nice evening for old times sake.

“Great, you order dinner and I will bring the champagne.” he said smiling at how easy it was going to be.

“Good, about 7pm then. I will order dinner and then we can meet back here for cocktails at 6pm.” Tindra rose to show him out. At the same time her phone rang and she excused herself for a couple of minutes, heading for her bedroom while Trevor unlocked the connecting door.
He stepped back into the room and waited for her return then said goodbye until later.

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PostSubject: Re: La Luna    Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:26 pm

Chapter 53

Murder On The Island

Trevor returned to Tindra's room at 7pm. She was all dressed for dinner. Tindra didn't do anything halfway and she went all out with her erotic outfit as well but, Trevor was immune to her sexy ways. He had been there and it only led to more trouble. She had ordered champagne for dinner and a large amount of food. While she put the food on the table, Trevor poured her drink.

As he did, he added a package of something to her drink. He never touched her glass and used a paper cup for his. She was so into herself she never even paid any attention to him. When they'd finished dinner they sat in the living room after Trevor sat the cart in the lobby for the wait staff to pick up. He didn't want anyone seeing him in the room.

Tindra drank more champagne and Trevor went to bottled water. He had already checked out of his room and had his luggage moved to his car. He had no plans on being on this island when they found her body. After an hour Tindra began to get very unsteady and Trevor put her on her bed and left the room. He opened the connecting door to his old room, waiting inside to see if his plan worked.

After another hour he walked into the bedroom and checked on Tindra. She seemed to be sleeping but when he checked he could feel no pulse. He wasn't sure she was dead but he was sure she was out. He went back to his room and called the front desk, asking them to check the room next to him since he had heard strange noises. They sent up the manager to knock on the door. Fnding it half open, he went inside calling for Tindra and got no answer.

He went to the bedroom and found her on the bed and after checking her for a pulse, picked up the room phone and dialed the front desk. He requested the octodr be sent up right away. While he waited for the doctor to arrive he looked around the room, checking the other doors to the balcony and to the adjoining room. Finding them all locked, he went back to the bedroom and waited.

The doctor arrived 10 minutes later. After checking Tindra over he pronounced she was dead. He called for the coroner and waited with the body. The manager on duty went back to the office and called Sandie in her Penthouse, explaining to her about finding Tindra, and that the Dr. had declared her dead. Sandie said she would be down in a few minutes and for them to call the police and report it.

After Sandie received the call from the manager she picked up the phone and called Natalia.

“Hello.” Natalia answered sounding sleepy .

“Natalia, hello sis. Sorry to wake you but there is a problem on the island in the hotel you should be aware of.”

“Oh, ok what is going on there?” Natalia was trying not to yawn or wake up Urs.

“Well I told you that Tindra had checked in here a couple of days ago.”

“Yes what has she done now?”

“Well she was found in her room dead tonight.”

“Did you just say Tindra was found in our hotel dead?” Natalia couldn't believe what she had just heard.

“Yes sis, I did.”

“Do you know what happened or how she died?” Natalia looked over to Urs as he began to stir. Hearing her talking brought him out of his dreams.

“Nope, not yet. The Dr. checked her over, then sent her body to the coroner to have more tests run.

“Ok, well do you need us to come back or can you handle this?”

“I can handle this without you taking time away from the tour. I will keep you informed when I get the results back and the police report.”

“Sandie, do they think someone else might have done this?”

“Really sis I think it is too early to know anything.”

“Ok, well keep us informed and call me if you need anything. Goodbye.”

Sandie hung up the phone and headed down to the room that had been Tindra's. She saw them taking out the body as she began to question the Dr. as to the cause of death.

“Do we have any idea what has happened here Dr.?”

“It looks like drugs and alcohol mixed together, so far. We won't know any more until the autopsy is done for the final answers.”

“Ok, well have the police been in and checked out the room for answers?”

“Yes they are in the bedroom now, and will close this room off till they are finished. I think we should go down to your office and wait on them there.”

“Ok. I have called Natalia and let her know what has happened since this is her hotel too.”


Back in Urs and Natalia's room on the other side of the world, Urs was waking up as Natalia put down the phone and sat there staring into space.

“What is wrong Liebe? Did I hear the phone?”

“Yes love that was Sandie. She called to tell me that they found Tindra dead in her room, at the hotel on the island.”

“Do they know what happened to her yet?”

“No my love, they don't know yet.”

“Oh Ok, well I guess we wait then for her to call and tell us? How about we get some more sleep we have a very busy day tomorrow.”

“Ok I am still a bit shocked. I never liked the woman. But to find her dead and in our hotel seems a bit easy to point the finger at us Urs.”

“Sweetie they can't blame us we are on the other side of the world from her.”

“I know. I'm just worried about if I need to go back and help my sister with all the problems that this will bring with the news and media.”

“Nein Love, I want you far away from all that is going on there. You and the baby need peace and quiet, and you can get that with me.”

“I know you're right. So I guess we just wait?”

Urs pulled her to him. They closed their eyes and snuggled in each others arms, drifting off to sleep once more.

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PostSubject: Re: La Luna    Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:27 pm

Chapter 54

Tindra's Death

Back on the island, the police had completed their investigation into Tindra's death and after the autopsy report they would know more but as of now they had ruled it a accidental drug overdose. They found no fingerprints in her room besides her own. They had no choice but to rule it as accidental death. Trevor was on the plane heading to Dublin and then on to England. He had a home there and would hang out till the investigation was done and they found nothing to link him to Tindra's death. The phone was ringing when he stepped into his Dublin home. He quickly answered it, when he heard a voice ask for Richard.

“Yes this is Richard Holtz.”

“This is Sandie Renfro from the Fiji Islands. I was just confirming your cancellation for this weekend?”

“Yes sorry Ms. Renfro but I had some business to come up, so I had to change my plans. I hope I haven't put you out any?”

“No sir, it is a bit busy here since one of our guests died unexpectedly. The police have been here non stop for the past 2 days that is why I am just getting back to you. I do hope you will come and visit us and let me know if you change your plans.”

“Thank you Ms. Renfro and I am sorry about your guest, do they know what happen to them?”

“Yes she died of a drug overdose they are ruling it as Accidental Death. So they are finished here and so things hopefully will get back to normal. Thanks for letting me know about not being able to make it and as I said let us know if we can help in making new plans. Thanks again and call me when you know your plans. Bye.”

“Thank you and good bye.”

Richard hung up and felt the relief from the information Sandie had given him. He was not near there so they would not connect him to her death. It now was time to make plans for the rest of his life and to make sure Urs and the others never found out the truth about what had happen in the islands. He had finally got his payback for all the pain and hell Tindra had put him thru and if it helped others in the process then he could live with that. Back at the tour, the next day Sandie phoned Natalia to explain the findings from the Police. Natalia picked up her cell when she saw it was her sister calling.


“Hi, Natalia I wanted to let you know the Police have made the rule about Tindra's death. Turns out it was an accidental drug overdose so they have closed the case here. Tindra's body was sent back to Sweden today for her family to bury her.”

“Are you kidding me? They ruled it Accidental? Ok, can you tell me now what she was doing at the hotel in the first place Sandie?”

“I really don't know for sure but I think from my conversation with her she was here to see you and wait for Urs to return. She did say that she knew he hired you as a pretend wife.”

“Are you kidding me, she said that to you my own sister. The woman had no scruples at all.”

“No she didn't know at first we were sisters, so I let her talk. Natalia, are you going to tell Urs about this and why she was here?”

“I don't want to keep secrets from my husband Sandie but I really don't want him upset over her still not getting the message we were married and he wanted nothing to do with her.”

“Natalia! You can't keep this from Urs you have to tell him and do it fast before the info comes out and he hears it someplace else. He will be angry if he finds out you knew and didn't tell him.”

“I know sis but I don't want him to be upset.”

“Natalia, there can be no secrets from Urs!! Tell him!”

“OK well I have to go and get ready for tonight. Take care and see you when we get back. Bye Love ya.”

“Bye sis and see you soon.”

With those last words they hung up and Sandie went to work wondering if her sister would really tell Urs what she knew now. Urs had walked into the room as Sandie was talking to Natalia and he overheard the conversation on Natalia's end and knew she was going to try and hide something. Natalia laid down the phone and then turned to see Urs leaning against the door and arms crossed looking very upset with someone.

“Urs I didn't hear you come in.”

“No love you were talking to your sister.”

“Yes Sandie called and told me they sent Tindra's body back to Sweden today for burial.”

“Oh so that means they know what happen to her then? They won't release a body if they have questions or don't know the cause of death.”

“Well they have ruled it Accidental Drug Over dose and closed the case.” Natalia said before Urs walked over to her. He held her in his arms and hugged her tight he knew she was holding something about all of this mess on the island back from him.

“Love what else is going on and don't tell me nothing I can feel the tension in you. I also heard you talking about not wanting to upset me when you spoke to Sandie. We don't keep secrets Love so please tell me . It is not good for you or the baby to be this upset.”

“I am sorry Urs I didn't want you to hear some of the stupid things Tindra was doing on the island.”

“What do you mean? What did she do?”

“Sandie told me that Tindra was on the island waiting for you!”

“What!! For me? But why I am on tour and she knew that!”

“I am sorry Urs, but I think she thought I would be home by now and that it was really me she was looking for. She knew if you were here and I was there she had a better chance at causing more trouble.”

“So what did she say to Sandie to upset you and your sister?”

“She told Sandie she heard you hired me as a pretend wife or hooker.”

“Oh God, why does she want to do this all the time?”

“Urs, she was delusional and that is something no one could change. She believed in her fantasy and that was all. Remember all she did to Sebastien and Charlotte and she wasn't even interested in him. To her it was fun destroying people's lives.”

“Ok that is over and she is gone. So let's please try to forget she ever was in our lives at all.”

“I think that is a great idea Urs and I want a nap, I am sorry but baby and I are tired. Care to join us?”

Natalia headed for the bedroom door as Urs looked at her with darken eyes and walked to wards the bedroom after her. It took some doing and time till they dozed off but they were both very content and baby was sleeping under Urs and Natalia's hands as they both lay on her stomach.

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PostSubject: Re: La Luna    Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:29 pm

Chapter 55
Moving On

A month had come and gone since Tindra's death on the island and things were getting back to normal, for most of the group. But Natalia had the urge to go home and begin her nesting, also wanting to get the nursery done before the baby would make it's appearance. Urs was worried about going to the island with all that had happened there while they were away, but Natalia told him they would be fine.

For Charlotte, Sebastien and the girls, things were coming along great. The babies were changing every day and Sebastien was in his element, helping give them baths every night that he wasn't performing. Charlotte loved to travel with him but with two young babies it was getting harder. She decided to head to the island for a few weeks just to have a place that she and the girls would not be alone but also not be in the constant travel mode. The tour only had 2 weeks left then they would be off for another 8 months and then back to the studios for the new Cd.

It was decided that Sonia still suffering from morning sickness needed to also be in a stable place since the plane rides were not helping her nausea and so she and Cyd agreed to go with Crystal and Natalia as well as Charlotte, back to the island. The ladies would stay on the island until the tour was over then all the guys would join them there before heading to their own homes for the break.

Natalia was over 6 months along with Sonia being 4 months. This would help them to relax. Natalia was going to see her Dr. and have a ultrasound in 2 weeks when Urs returned. David wanted Sonia seen to make sure she was ok as soon as they settled on the island.

Crystal would be there to help with the twins and give Charlotte a well deserve break from all the moving from one place to another. The guys were not happy that their ladies were leaving the tour but they all knew this was for the best.

Urs contacted Simon who sent his private jet to pick up the ladies and fly them to the island in private. The men would have to rough it for the next couple of weeks and try to stay out of trouble. Cyd was happy about going to the island. She and Carlos had decided to get a vacation home there. So she would be busy house hunting. Sonia and David even discussed with agents to find a small place there too. Since Urs would be there and Charlotte had found a place for them also. The ladies would all be looking into settling down on the island part of the year. So with all the plans made and the ladies all packed and the girls needing some daddy time, Charlotte left them to make sure everything was sent to the plane already.

Simon's plane was brought in and the luggage was sent over to be loaded. The ladies would leave in about two hours, long enough to have some private time with their men first. The guys didn't want them to go but for Natalia and Sonia it was the best and Cyd would be there to help if things got hard for them while missing their men.

It would only be a couple more weeks and they would all be reunited again. Urs spent his time with his wife snuggling and talking to his son and cuddling his wife. His life had changed so much in the past several months and he was the happiest he had ever been.

Sebastien spent the next hour getting kisses and cuddles with his daughters and wife. Crystal had become a godsend. She was able to make private time with Sebastien and Charlotte more precious when she was caring for the girls. Charlotte was pleased now to have a traveling nanny.

Sonia had finally gotten over her morning sickness for the day and was snuggling up with her husband. They were very excited about the baby and had been looking into names for their little one. They both wanted a daughter, but it was most important that mother and baby were fine and they would take what they got.

Carlos was working on his surprise for Cyd. He wanted to marry her and so he had been shopping in every town they had come to and by the time he got back to the island he would be ready. He had thought back before all the trouble with Tindra, that he would wait till they were in Madrid to propose , but with all the problems over the months he didn't think he could wait that long or be any more ready to have her become his wife.

Cyd was always there for all of the ladies and the guys. He knew that making her his wife was the perfect thing to do. So when they got to the island and met up with their better halves he would have the arrangements planned with the help of Sandie Renfro. While they are still away he had been in touch and asked her to make the special arrangements for the room and the flowers and all the private stuff that he had been shipping to her for that special night.

After the two hours were coming to a close the guys went to the airport with their ladies. They stayed and helped them get settled on the plane. They all kissed goodbye and the men left the plane. They stood by watching the plane leave the ground and then headed back to the hotel all thinking of their ladies and children.

The flight had went well and the babies slept most of the way, as did the mommies to be. Cyd, Crystal, and Charlotte all sat talking as they heard a noise coming from the plane. The pilot came out and announced they were going to have to make a emergency landing, about 30 minutes from the island.

The ladies didn't know what to think, but they did as they were told and got into a crash position after waking up the other girls. Just as they were about to land a steel case fell from the top of the luggage case and hit Crystal in the head knocking her out.

The plane landed on an unknown island in the woods and they all hoped they would be found and soon.

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Chapter 56

Urs paced the floor in his suite. He knew that Natalia was hours overdue in calling him and letting him know they had arrived on the island. He began to think he should call Sandie at the hotel. Maybe they had a late arrival but then if that had happened Simon would have been told since it was his plane. Something about this trip just made him very uncomfortable and he wasn't sure why.

He walked over to the phone and dialed the island and waited still feeling very jumpy.

"Hello, this is Sandie Renfro. How may I help you?”

“Sandie, this is Urs and I am wondering if I could speak to Natalia?”

“Urs hello it is so good to hear from you. But Natalia and the others have not arrived yet. Did their plane leave on time?”

“Yes Sandie it left right on time and they were due there hours ago. What do you mean they haven't arrived? Have you checked at the house or anywhere else you might think they would go first?”

“No Urs. They are to come here from the airport, then on to the house. I have not heard from them at all. I can't imagine Natalia not contacting me if something changed in their plans.”

“I don't feel right about this trip. I am very worried about them.” Urs couldn't pace since he was on the room phone so he sat on the bed tapping his knees.

“Urs wouldn't you have heard from Simon if something had happened to the plane?”

“Maybe, but Simon is on the Divo plane since they have his and I am not really sure where he is at this moment?”

“Well I will contact the airport here and you try to stay calm and contact Simon. See if he has heard anything at all from his plane. Call me back if you hear anything at all.”

“Alright Sandie and you please do the same if you hear anything.”

They both hung up the phone thinking something was very wrong. This was not something Natalia would do on purpose, leave either of them hanging without contacting at least one of them. Before Urs could dial Simon he had a knock on his room door. He forgot the guys were going to dinner together. Urs went to answer the door.

“Ok Swiss I thought you hated to be late?” Came Sebastien's voice when he opened the door for them to come in. David and Carlos followed behind him. After they all were in the room he closed the door a little harder then he meant to which got all their attention.

“I do hate being late but my plans have changed and I can't go with you to dinner.”

“Why what has happened Urs? It is not like you to change your mind.”
Carlos spoke up and looked at Urs with a uneasy feeling. He was not going to like what he was going to hear.

“I think you might all want to sit down. I am not sure yet what to say but for now, I want you to know that Simon's plane has NOT arrived in the island.”

“What do you mean? Where are the girls and the babies?” David spoke up and looked at Sebastien and could see him turning white.

“That is what I am trying to tell you all. I don't know where they are. They never arrived at the airport.”

“Have you talked to Sandie?” Sebastien stood coming to Urs's side.

“Yes I just finished and she had not heard anything either. I was just getting ready to call Simon when you knocked.”

“Simon, what can he do?” Carlos asked looking around the other guys wondering too.

“Well in case you have forgotten, he has our plane and the girls have his. So maybe he knows where they are.”

“Ok so call him and we will stay and wait together.” David looked at Urs waiting for him to dial Simon. He wanted to know Sony and the baby were ok, also that the other ladies and the twins were fine.

Urs sat on the sofa as he pushed the speed dial number for Simon's cell phone. He waited to be connected. It was the longest 5 minutes of his life.

“Hello, Simon Cowell!”

“Simon, it is Urs and the other guys are here with me.”

“Yes Urs I do know your voice. Did you all miss me that much to call?” Simon was teasing the group.

“No Simon, I need to know if you have heard from your plane or the pilot?”

“No not since they left. Why?”

“Well Simon they never arrived on the island or at the hotel. Sandie has not heard from them at all and we have heard nothing since they left.”

“Ok well I have not heard anything either so let me contact the pilot and then I will get back to you. Stay by the phone!”

Simon hung up without even saying goodbye, but Urs was not surprised. Simon knew what those ladies meant to his group and the twins were on that plane as well. He had to find them. Simon tried his pilots phone on the plane and nothing. He contacted the office and nothing there either. No one had heard from the plane since take off.

He finally contacted the airport in the Fiji island's and found they had lost contact with the plane 30 minutes out, and had no idea at all which one of the several surrounding Islands they landed on. On top of that they were not even sure if they made it to an island or crashed in the ocean.

Simon finally hung up and thought how was he to tell his group this information? What was he to do?

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Chapter 57
“Lost” Part 2

As the pilots looked around, the ladies all did the best they could to be comfortable in the plane. The babies were sleeping and the only injured person was Crystal, who was still unconscious after receiving a blow to her head.

Natalia and Sonia had been lucky, neither had any signs of trouble with their condition since the emergency landing. With Natalia being from Suva, Fiji she had some idea where they had landed. It was a deserted island called Kabara. She had been on the island when she was a child, remembering that her parents had brought the boat out for a picnic here when she and Sandie were kids.

They were only about half an hour away from the city by plane, so she hoped they would be found soon. The pilots had tried the radio and they all tried their cells, nothing was reaching outside of the island. They all knew when the guys heard about this they would be frantic. They hoped no one would go off looking on their own.

They had plenty of food on the plane and the babies were safe. Charlotte had fed them just before the landing, so that was not a concern. They just had to bide their time and hope Crystal would come around, be ok and that they would be found soon.
Meanwhile, Simon was raising a ruckus on the phone, while he was trying to make arrangements to get the guys to Fiji. None of them would be happy unless they were heading to the islands to help look for their families. David, Sebastien, andUrs were all beside themselves worrying about their ladies and the babies.

Carlos was a different story. He was too calm. They all knew Cyd was the level head of the ladies. She took things as they came and dealt with them and moved on.

This was something they hoped would be the saving grace in the long run, since most of the ladies on board were pregnant or had children. Cyd made sure that the girls were comfortable and settled, before she went and laid across her seat in the back of the plane. She laid thinking of her love Carlos and what the future would hold for them. Did he plan on just staying her boyfriend and is that what she wanted to happen?

If she was honest with herself she expected more from this man. He had disappointed her. If he was to ask her today to marry him she would have turned him down. He had many chances to declare his love and he had failed every one of them. She wondered if it was time for her to move on. She only wanted to be loved and cared for and Carlos seemed to want to have his cake and eat it too.

This relationship in Cyd's eyes was going nowhere and that was unacceptable to her. Carlos would have to grow up and see what he was losing, and he needed to do it fast or she would be gone. She wanted to talk to Natalia about this but wasn't sure, if she needed to upset her now. But she needed a voice of reason.

She thought about talking to Charlotte, but that was a bad idea since one they were sisters and of course Charlotte would side with her in anything. Natalia had a level head to, she knew that she would give her the advice that comes from the heart and would make sense.

She planned on staying on the island for the time being and not returning with Carlos when the tour ended. They needed some time apart to see if this was what either wanted anymore, was this relationship worth saving?

They all drifted off to sleep, wondering if and when in their own minds when they'd be found?

Simon had finally gotten the guys together and they were picked up for the trip to the island, Urs knew they had to be found. How hard could it be to find a plane in the islands? He thought most of them were inhabited so it would be easy, he had no idea that over 100 of the islands were uninhabited.

As they arrived at the airport in the town of Suva, Sandie met them at the airport and wanted to bring them to the hotel, giving them time to settle in but the guys were having none of that. They wanted to be involved in the search for the ladies and their loved ones.
Simon had no new information and in the upcoming week the plane and it's passengers would not be found.

To be continued …..Sequel....

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Chapter 58
Pour Que Tu M''Aimes Encore

After the search had been going on for the past week with no sign of the plane or the ladies, the pilots or the children., the guys were not able to relax. Everything on the island reminded them of the good times they had spent there, everyone but Urs. He remembered one night walking along the beach in turmoil when he first arrived on the island, after all the grieving he had done over Serena..

He remembered the night he had met Luna. He was taken with her beauty and her concern over his grief. He thought about all that had happened since that day when he had met her, how they became friends and then they fell in love and married. They now had a baby on the way and he couldn't bring himself to think that they would never be found. He just couldn't go to that dark place again.

It had almost cost him his sanity the first time. He wasn't sure if he went there again he would survive this loss. Luna or Natalia meant everything to him. She filled the painful hole in his heart and brought him to life again. Without her he was nothing but an empty shell. He never wanted to feel that emptiness again.

As he walked along the beach where they first met, he cried. He wasn't a weak man but his soul was in turmoil. How had this happened to him again. He felt that he should know if she was gone, the same way he did when Serena had died. He stopped and looking out at the moon called out to Gott or another higher being to please bring her back to him.

“HELP ME PLEASE GOTT!!” he cried out..

He dropped to his knees as he did that fateful night and prayed that the woman he loved would return to him and that their baby would be ok..
As he sobbed for the loss he felt, Sandie came to him in the moonlight. He didn't want her to see him weak but he really had no control now over the tears or the grief.

“She will come back Urs. You know she won't leave you alone!”

“I am trying to hold onto that Sandie, but I am not sure if I am strong enough. This feels almost like Serena and that loss again.”

“I know. She told me about your first meeting and the grieving you went through before you and she got to know one another. I am so sorry Urs.”

“She saved my life that night, and every night after till we became close and I fell in love with her. I have no life without her!!”

“Then don't give up on her Urs. You have to believe in the love you share. I know she does!”

Sandie turned and left him alone with his thoughts.He wanted to go to the house so he could be around her things to maybe feel a part of her there. They had planned on working on the baby's room while she was home, and then he would help when he finished the tour.

He left the baby's room and headed to their room where he laid on her side of the bed and slowly cried himself to sleep and that is where Simon found him hours later.

Simon felt torn at the fact they had no news and he really didn't want to upset Urs with this information. He left Urs sleeping and walked out to the beach. Wondering if there was to be a miracle because right now he needed one.

Now it was not just Urs suffering but all the guys. Each had loved ones on that plane and they all were a family, so one loss would be too much for all of them. As Simon walked back into the house he could hear the song 'Pour Que Tu M 'Aimes Encore' playing in the main living room. The guys, all but Urs, were sitting there in the dark remembering their loved ones. Was this to be the end of Il Divo? Would they ever find the lost plane or the Family members that were on it?
Simon hoped so, but he had no place else to turn. They had done all they could and nothing. He hoped the guys wouldn't give up hope..

Meanwhile back on the Island of Kabara …..

One of the pilots heard the sound of a boat coming from the beach. He left the ladies and the co-pilot and headed down to see what was going on. He found a couple on a Yacht, checking out the beach for a private picnic. After explaining what had happened and the emergency landing he was able to radio the mainland with the information he had and the gentleman who was piloting the boat.

They were able to get someone over to the island to look at the plane and the ladies and children would come to Suva on the yacht. Mr. & Mrs. Hinson were from New York, and were vacationing in the Fiji islands when they decided to check out some of the so called deserted islands.

The ladies were all in good health and the babies were fine. Crystal had regained her strength but was still a bit off her feet. She had talked to Charlotte at great lengths over the past few days, deciding to return to her home in the UK and plan her wedding. She didn't want to lose the only man who meant the world to her.

Simon received the news that the plane and it passengers had been found and the pilots were staying with the plane as the women and the babies would be returning to Suva in the next 2 hours on the Yacht. He made arrangements to fly over in the helicopter. He wanted to see that his pilots were alright and see the damage to his plane.

Now he had to tell the guys that their families had been found and were safely on their way to the mainland.
He knew Urs was the first to be told that the ladies and babies had been found, through Urs's despair he had tried to be a good host but this is what they all had been waiting for NEWS!!

It was early afternoon and Urs had not come down from their bedroom all morning. Simon knocked on the door and Urs answered wearing a t-shirt and jeans, the same clothes Simon saw him in last night.

“Can I come in Urs? I have News.”

“What News Simon?” Urs asked as he showed him to the sitting room.

“The Plane has been Found Urs.”

“What about the Women and the babies, the pilots Simon? Are they all ok?”

“Yes seems Crystal was the only one hurt to start. She was hit in the head by a metal case of some sort. But they say she is doing better now.”

“No other injuries then? Why did the plane land on the island? Do you have any idea?”

“None, not till I get out there and see what is wrong with the plane, and talk to the pilots.”

“I want to go with you Simon!”

“Well that would be nice but Urs the ladies and the babies are on their way back already, they should be here on the island soon.”


“They were found by a couple on vacation and they had a Yacht so they are bringing the ladies and the babies in while I go look at the plane and see if it can be fixed enough to get it back here.”

“Ok, well have you told the other guys yet?”

“Nope I came right here as soon as I heard the news.”

“I will tell them Simon. You go to the plane and I will arrange to meet the girls and the babies when they arrive.”

“Are you sure you don't mind? I would like to check on my pilots as well.”

“Nope, I am going to tell the others and then get a shower. Natalia will have my head if I look like this when she gets back.”

“Yes I think you're right about that.”

“Simon what about the rest of the tour?”

“ I am postponing it for a week , so you all can get things and the ladies settled and make sure they are all ok. I think I will be heading back to the UK in the next day or so if possible.”

“Ok that will work then, Simon thanks for all you have done for all of us.”

“You don't have to thank me Urs. I love them all too.”

Simon walked out the door and met the other three guys coming to check up he thought on Urs. He knew they would all be happy once Urs gave them the news.
David knocked on Urs's door expecting him to be in a sad mood. He was as shocked as the others when he threw open the door and started to hug his brothers.

“Ok what have you done with our Swiss?”

“I am right here David and we all have great news!”

“Ok what news?” Sebastien asked almost afraid to.

“The plane was found and the ladies and the babies are on their way home here as we speak.”

“What, how, when?”

“I will give you the details later but Simon says everyone was fine but Crystal was hurt in the landing a knock on the head.”

“But she is fine now?” Sebastien wanted to know even though he was concerned for Charlotte and his daughters. Crystal was still a part of the family too.

“I believe Simon said she was better. I am off to get showered and ready to greet my wife and I would suggest you all do the same.”

They all headed back to their rooms after hugging each other. They were so happy and felt blessed nothing more than Crystal's bump on the head had happened during the plane landing. They all knew it could have been much worse. But Urs thanked Gott again just in case.

The guys were in the living room when the Limo with their families arrived and nothing could stop them from barreling out the door to greet the ladies and for Sebastien to hold all three of his.

After picking them all up and hugging them breathless they all went to the living room to talk a bit about the past week for themselves as for the guys.
Finishing up with all the details, the ladies all wanted to eat and shower. Crystal took the twins to the nursery that the guys had put together and got them a bath and fed them and got them down for a nap while Charlotte and Sebastien talked as she showered.

Crystal after getting her charges settled called home telling her mother and future husband all that had happened and that in two days time she would be home to stay. They couldn't have been happier all were safe and back in the islands.

All the couples needed some alone time so that is what they got.

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La Luna
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