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"We Came Here To Love".

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 TO LOVE YOU MORE (Short Story )

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PostSubject: TO LOVE YOU MORE (Short Story )   Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:47 pm


Based On The Song By Celine Dion.

Take me back in the arms I love
Need me like you did before
Touch me once again
And remember when
There was no one that you wanted more

Don't go you know you will break my heart
She won't love you like I will
I'm the one who'll stay
When she walks away
And you know I'll be standing here still

I'll be waiting for you
Here inside my heart
I'm the one who wants to love you more
You will see I can give you
Everything you need
Let me be the one to love you more

See me as if you never knew
Hold me so you can't let go
Just believe in me
I will make you see
All the things that your heart needs to know

I'll be waiting for you
Here inside my heart
I'm the one who wants to love you more
You will see I can give you
Everything you need
Let me be the one to love you more

And some way all the love that we had can be saved
Whatever it takes we'll find a way

I'll be waiting for you
Here inside my heart
I'm the one who wants to love you more
You will see I can give you
Everything you need
Let me be the one to love you more

Chapter 1
~* CoCo* ~

CoCo a Model at 25 years of age and involved with a Divo. How did I get so lucky? I suppose people would think me as cruel and unkind but I see something I want and go after it. I saw him on stage and just knew we had to meet and that I could have him.. Why not I am Beautiful, sexy and he adores me..

I have a body most women would die to have and I sure know how to use it.. I got him away from that plain simple woman Beth even though they both said they were only best friends.. How does a man have a woman as a best friend ? I didn't believe them and made sure he stayed away from her for the past year we have been together.

I don't love him, but he fulfills my needs Money, Fame and Sex if needed.
He thinks he loves me but I know he don't, I give him attention but I am not a affectionate person.. I hate public displays and I want all the cameras on me and not just him.. I know he is more famous then I am but that will change when people see us together how could it not?

Dee Dee

I have been Beth's friend for most of our lives growing up in the same town and school together. I knew of her friendship with Him from the moment they met. He was so good looking and to find out he was a Divo was beyond belief. But he and Beth seemed to understand each other and could talk about anything almost like she and I.

I couldn't believe he gave up his friendship and let that Witch come between them. Says something about Male Hormones I guess. He seem to believe that he couldn't have Beth as a friend and her as a Whatever
you want to call her.. I know what it is I would call her, but I promised Beth to try and be nice. Sorry folks but that is easier said then done.

Sorry got off track.. Anyway Beth seems to have stop living since he walked out of her life. I don't know how to fix this for her. She won't  contact him she is afraid of hearing CoCo on the phone or in the background.

Now comes the big question, do I break a promise to Beth and call him to   make sure he knows the pain he caused? What do you readers think?
Beth has received some bad news lately and she is more closed off then before and she won't tell him about it and I think he should know..

~* Beth *~

Well Dee Dee is mad at me again, just so hard to do what she ask of me.. I know he is with that woman if that is what you call her. I was happy a year ago, he and I did everything together. I fell in Love with him but, wasn't sure how to tell him so I kept it to myself and then came CoCo..

He was fine with us all being friends but she sure put a stop to that and in a hurry. She didn't think guys had best friends that were women.. That was an excuse she didn't trust either one of us and she thought he was cheating with me..

I didn't figure out her plan till it was all over and done. Now I have  Dee Dee  and she knows all of my secrets and the worse is I made her promise not to tell him most of all. I couldn't  bare to have him come back as pity, that I couldn't face.

Does she love him NO, does he love her, I think he is in love with the idea of love.. Does he know I am in love with him Nope I never gave him the chance to know and now it is finally to late and will soon be over with..

I need to hold my head up and say I deserve to be happy.. But I can't because to tell you all the truth , I  am suffering in more ways then one..
I miss my friend and I really need him.. I have been telling myself that he is happy, but how could someone be happy with a gold digger like CoCo?

I know our age difference was a problem for him, but geez people he is 11 years older than CoCo.
I am 5 years older than he is and that at first made him nervous and later it seem to be ok. I just know that age is a number and in our case it wasn't a big one, when you look at him with CoCo..

Now I sit at my window looking at the gardens we walked thru everyday and wonder where he is now? Does he think about me or even remember me?

I would love to see him one last time and at least if I can't tell him I love him, be able to say one last goodbye..


Well it has been a year that Coco and I have been together, she travels with me when her modeling career allows. Which for me is not enough and I miss her when she is gone and I know in my heart she doesn't love me.

I gave up the best friend I had when I let her come between Beth and I, it shouldn't have happen and I know it is all my fault for being so weak and not standing up to Coco..

I have thought about calling Beth again but I don't know what to say or how to tell her how weak and sorry I am..I wonder some nights if Beth moved on and found someone who would be able to love her..

I know that age was not a factor at the end of our friendship, heck Coco is so much younger then I am, people will think I am robbing the cradle.
I to think my fantasy was being with a younger woman was all it was a fantasy..

Coco has told me she does not love me and maybe that is what I needed to hear. She only wants my fame,  I know for sure she likes my money..

I really miss Beth but can I end things with Coco and move on with Beth? Maybe Beth has someone in her life and no longer even thinks of me..

Well I have some decisions to make and I know I can't go on with out finding true love anymore.. Most of the guys in the group have that special someone..  Well I guess I will climb into that lonely bed again since Coco had a party to attend with her girlfriends.. I believe but can't prove it that she is with someone else and has been cheating for a while now.. Goodnight Readers  maybe soon I will call Beth at least to check up on her..

Do you think she will forgive me?


Well I fooled him again, I spent the night in my lovers arms and he didn't have a clue .. I have told Alec it is ok to come to my home with him since he is to be gone for a couple of days on promo's.

Alex arrived at 6pm and we had a romantic dinner, something I would never do with him.  He suits my needs for money but the rest is far from what I want with anyone but Alex who understands this..  He doesn't like it but he knows in the long run it will be money we will have saved up when I leave this relationship..

Alex carries me off to the bedroom, I share with him, why not it is a beautiful room and a huge bed..

Did I hear a door close?  Did you all hear a door?
I look up to find him standing there with his face red with anger.
What are you doing here I ask him!
He says he was not leaving till tomorrow and just had a meeting in town today..

He sees Alex in his bed and the anger in his eyes burns me when he turns  look at me..
He yells for Alex to get out of his house which, Alex does in a second putting on his clothes as he leaves..

I turn to him and watch as he comes toward me fuming with anger and hate..

He stops short of being in my face and tells me I have 10 minutes to pack everything I came with and get out.. Looking at my purse he open it  and finds my credit cards and checkbook and puts them in his pocket.. I start to protest but the look he gives me makes me scared..

I finished my packing he is now downstairs with a taxi driver who he has paid to take me where ever I am going..

I walk to the door and turn around to look at him once more saying I am sorry as he slams the door in my face and locks it..

It is over now, but did I deserve that treatment?  I think not!


Ok stop fussing you all I can't hear myself think.. Yes I know you all think what happen with Coco was just as much my fault as hers and your right. But in some way I did care for her a bit at least I think.

Now down to business I have canceled all her credit cards and close anything that had her name on it.. At least that is a first step.. I know in my heart I did the right thing and now to see if I can fix things with Beth.

But stupid me, I don't want her thinking I am trying to be friends cause Coco is gone. So how do I do this with out it looking that way?

Well I am off to my lonely bed and this time it is for the right reasons..
Will think about what to do tomorrow and maybe you all will have some advise by then do you think?

Night from Divo..

Dee Dee

Ok, I have made a decision that will not make Beth happy, but I feel it needs to be done.. I am going to see her Divo and if nothing else have it out with him and that thing he calls a girlfriend.  I don't think doing this on the phone is the way to handle it..

This needs face to face confrontation and that way I can see what his reaction is when I let him have it for all he has put Beth thru..
So here goes..

Over at Divo's House

Divo was having a sleep in or so he thought till a loud banging woke him from his slumber..
He rose and put on a pair of jeans and grabbed a t shirt pulling it on as he went down the stairs to see who was banging on the door..

“Dee Dee” ?

Came the question as he slung the door open and was ready to give whoever was there a good telling off.
Shock was the first thing that came to mind.
“Aren't you going to invite me in, or do we plan on having this conversation outside in the doorway?”
“No please come in” he stepped aside and let her pass and then close the door and ushered her into the sitting room as he headed to the kitchen asking if she would like some coffee..

“Is it French Coffee?”
“Yes, that has not changed Dee Dee”!
“Then yes I would love some.”  She headed to the sofa and sat down waiting for the girlfriend to show up at anytime, she was quite surprised that never happened..  
He came into the sitting room carrying 2 mugs of French Press coffee after handing her one then finding a seat on the chair, he sat back looking at her waiting to hear why she was there.

“Ok, I guess your friend is still sleeping?”
“My friend, oh you mean Coco? No she has moved out yesterday, I caught her with another man in my bed.”

“Oh I guess I should say I am sorry, but that would be a lie!  Why did it take you so long to figure out what kind of  Witch she was ?  Didn't you get it when she was coming between you and Beth that something was wrong here? You and Beth had been friends for years and you let that Tramp come between you and her,  you have ruin Beth for anyone else.”

“Well I know Coco came between us but that is as much my fault as it was hers and Beth was never at fault. Coco didn't trust me to be friends with Beth with out a relationship going on too and I think she was afraid she would lose her money train along with the fame being with a Divo brings.”

“Well ya got that right!” Dee Dee spat at him..

“Dee Dee what are you doing here? We have not spoken in over a year and I already know how you feel about me and what I did. But what brings you to see me and now of all times?”

Dee Dee squirmed in her seat she was not sure about breaking her promise but he had to be told and now that the Tramp was out of the picture maybe they could repair the damage and get back to being friends, even knowing that was not how Beth felt about him.

“Ok here goes, you should know first that I am breaking a promise to Beth that I would not tell you or contact you in anyway. But you should know that she has been closed off to everyone but me for the most part since this happen with you and her because of that Tramp!”

“Oh boy!”  he says as he runs his hands thru his hair and remembers he hadn't even combed it this morning..

“I have been trying to figure out if she would talk to me if I called her, but I keep going around in my head how hurt she was before and I really don't want to hurt her again.”

“Well don't you think you owe her some loyalty, even if you haven't shown much of that in the past!”  Dee Dee didn't mince words she wanted him to get off his but and go to Beth and explain about everything and work this
out with Beth.
“Yes Dee Dee but loyalty is something I failed at with Beth and now your telling me what?”

“I am telling you she Loves You and always has and you threw her love and friendship away like garbage and it is about time you made this right with her!”

“She Loves me? But how? I thought our relationship was that of amazing Friends ?”

“You can be such a Moron, did you know that?”

“Yes well I have been told I am a little slow on the upswing, but how do you know she Loves me?”

“Since you have been gone out of her life I am the only person she sees and talks too now a days, how else do you think I would know? Maybe if you had been there for her and not with that Tramp you would have known too, then maybe you could have a stable relationship with her instead of what your going thru now. Did that Pea brain ever think of that!?”

“Ok so what do I do if I tell her Coco and I broke up she will think I want her back in my life more for Pity,I have done enough to hurt her I won't do that again.”

“What do you want from her now, you said she had been on your mind and you were thinking of calling her. So what do you want? To go back to being friends and that is it? Do you have any real feelings of more than friendship for Beth? Cause if you don't then this conversation is over and a huge mistake!”

Dee Dee rose to leave as she glared at the man her best friend Loved wondering what did she ever see in him?

Divo & Dee Dee

“Hold on just a minute here, where are you going now?”

“I have wasted enough time with you and trying to give you the bigger picture here!”  Dee Dee Spat at him before sitting on the edge of the couch..

“What the hell is that suppose to mean? You come in here and tell me that Beth Loves me, and expect to hear I love her too. That is what you hoped would happen right?”

“That would have been the plan Einstein!”  Dee Dee was getting fed up with all this running around in circles, he needed to make a move and it had to be the right one or he would never have Beth back.

“Well I do care about Beth but I hurt her,  that just won't go away when I say I am sorry. It is like a brick wall and it has to come down.”

“Well at least you figured that out fast! What else you got there Einstein?”

“Would you please stop calling me that, it is annoying and I am working on it here!”

“All you European men have it so good don't you?  Your in a great group and can sing your heart out, along with getting any woman you want to warm your bed..

“I don't play musical beds and I wish I had never met Coco and that Beth and I had moved forward to a new level in our relationship. So That Is  A  Yes I love her!  Happy Now?”

“Took you long enough to admit it even to yourself.”

“I know but if you think about it we fell in Love years ago,  The feeling was always so strong when we were together. I guess I didn't want to be tied down to one woman just playing the field. “

“I think you miss the mark there Einstein!” Dee Dee saw him flinch when she called him that again.. She was proud of herself  making him squirm.”

“Would you Please stop doing that!!”

“Ok, sorry but you have to admitted your not thinking this all out.”

“Ok, Oh Wise One, what do you suggest I do?”  

“Ah, now look who is labeling here.”

“Ok, enough, now tell me what is really going on with Beth and I want all of it!”

“It seems she is ill and she is refusing to see a doctor. She would rather not know what is wrong and do nothing then try and see what it is and fix it!” Dee Dee wasn't sure if she should have told him that but he wanted the truth so there it was in a nut shell..

“What do you mean she is sick?”

“Yep, I have tried to get her to see the doctors, but nothing it is like she has given up and waiting to die.”

“We can't let that happen!”

“So now you understand why I am so angry at you, she won't help herself since she lost you from her life and that is not something she should pay for with her life. Sorry I like you but no man is worth giving up like that.”

“Ok, I need to think about all of this.”

“Well while your taking your time thinking this all out, I hope your prepared for her to be gone by the time your ready!”

“What do you mean gone?”

“Well she is doing nothing but grieving and that makes it worse, I am not sure if she won't just up and try to end it sooner.”

“NO, I won't believe that!! That is not the Beth I know! She was strong and loving and lived life to the fullest!”

“Well once again you haven't been listening Einstein, she is not the Beth you knew before Coco!”

“Ok for the last time stop calling me that!”

“Well I have said what I needed to say and you have too decide and soon what your going to do... Then do it fast. But I warn you don't make me come after you again and don't you hurt her again!!”

“I promise it will be handled and soon!”

“Ok well I have out stayed my welcome so I am out of here!”
Take care and hope I see you soon!”

Divo walked her to the door and said goodbye and after she was gone he leaned back against his door and ran his hands down his face.. What was he going to do?


A Picture of Me Without You.

Imagine a world where no music was playing
And think of a church with nobody praying
Have you ever looked up at a sky with no blue?
Then you've seen a picture of me without you

Have you walked in a garden where nothing was growing
Or stood by a river where nothing was flowing
If you've seen a red rose unkissed by the dew
Then you've seen a picture of me without you

Can you picture heaven with no angels singing
Or a quite Sunday morning with no church bells ringing
If you've watched as the heart of a child breaks in two
Then you've seen a picture of me without you

Can you picture heaven with no angels singing
Or a quite Sunday morning with no church bells ringing
If you've watched as the heart of a child breaks in two
Then you've seen no picture of me without you
Then you've seen no picture of me without you

I sit here listening to this song over and over wandering what our life would have been like if we had stayed close.
Would he have fallen in Love with me?  Did he even see me that way?
I have all of these questions running thru my head and no answers, I know what you all think I need to move on with my life!  Yes I see how you look at me, that no man is worth this much grief .. But my 'Prince Charming' is worth more than anything..

He made me feel complete in so many ways. Yo ask what would I do if he came back now?  Well I don't see Coco letting that happen, but it may just be too late..

Can you keep a secret? Well I saw the Dr. Yesterday while Dee Dee was away for the day, I know I should have told her but I wanted to handle it alone..

They have found a Tumor and are assuming for now that it could be cancer! Yes I know I need to tell her but how can I do that to her she is my best friend and maybe the only one I have left..

I so need him here with me, but I couldn't look into his eyes and see Pity that would break my heart and I can't deal with that now.
The tumor is in my head and they can take it out, the Dr. says it is possible it is benign so I could have a happy and fulfilled life after the tumor is removed and they know for sure it is not Cancer.
Well they have given me lots to think about and tomorrow I guess I will have to talk to Dee Dee and tell her.. Not looking forward to that. She does go on sometimes.. Well maybe I will write to him at some point after I decide to have or not to have the surgery.. Seems like a no brainier that I should have the surgery, but ….. Well I just don't know at this moment.. If Dee Dee has her way it will happen..  

Beth & Dee Dee

Beth was in the Kitchen making coffee when she heard the key on the lock and then heard Dee Dee call out to her..

“In the Kitchen” she called back.

“Hey there how was your day out of the city?”

“Oh you know just another day.”  she said and didn't want to be the one that told Beth what she had done..

“So what did you do while I was gone?” Dee Dee ask while she picked up her coffee and took a sip..

“Oh not much, cleaned house , went to the Doctor found out I have a tumor in my brain.”

Dee Dee spat out her coffee across the room and looked at Beth.

“What did you say?”

“I have a tumor in my head and the Doctors want to take it out.”
“When were you planning on telling me?  Never!”

“The thought had crossed my mind that I shouldn't, cause you would be so upset.”

“Is that what you think of our friendship that I am only around for the good things? Cause if you remember I was here for all the things your Divo did to you so!”

“I know that and no I don't think your here for only the good things, I just didn't want to upset you. I am having hard enough time with the information myself.”

“Ok, that I can understand, so now are you going to call him and explain the things going on in your life?”

“Now why would I do that?”  Beth looked at her and rolled her eyes..

“Don't you think it is past time to contact him and let him back into your life, he could be her for this.?”

“And what of Coco, I don't think she would be to happy to hear from me.”

“Oh I don't think that would be a problem since she moved out after he caught her in bed with another man in his house.”


“OH Crap sorry didn't mean to drop that bomb on you, forget I even said anything!”

“Forget, are you out of your tree forget?  How do you know this anyway?”

Dee Dee realized to late she had said to much now she had to think of a good excuse on where the information came from if she wasn't going to tell her she had met with Divo.

Beth stared out the corner of her eye and watched Dee Dee squirm and just had a feeling she knew more then she had been willing to say..

" A little birdie told me, and that is all I am going to say." Dee Dee knew that Beth could tell she was lying, she had always been able to tell when Dee Dee was hiding things from her..

“So Coco is gone are you sure this information is correct and she is gone?”

“Yes very sure she is out of his life for good. Now what are you going to do about it?”

“What do you want me to do? He hasn't contacted me and I don't want him to know I am sick then he would only be doing the things I want him for out of pity. If he wants me he needs to be sure it is forever, I am not ready to lose him again if we were to ever get back what we lost.”

“If he came to see you would you be willing to give it a try?”

“I really would love to say Yes, but really I am just not sure if I could trust him again.”  

“Maybe taking things slow would help, let him help you get thru the surgery and then see where things stand?”

“I suppose that would work but like I said he knows nothing of my illness, so how is that going to help?”

“Hmmmmmm, let me work on that for you and we will see!”

Beth looked at Dee Dee and finally agreed to let her see if she could think of a way for him to know with out Beth telling him. Little does she knows he has the information already and making plans to see Beth..


I contacted Dee Dee today and she has agreed to help me set up a surprise for Beth. I want to do this before I see her and we have that talk everyone of You having been saying we need..

Don't look so surprised I heard ya the first dozen times.

I agree we do need to talk but I have to get her to the place she knows how sorry I am before I think she would listen to anything I have to say..

I told her a long time ago that if I ever found true love I would write it in the sky and let the special lady know along with the world so that is what I am going to do..

I have ordered a sky writing team to help me tell her how sorry I am for all the wrong I did to our relationship..

Dee Dee will get her outside to see it and when she comes back in I will be there waiting for her..

Flowers, candy, balloons just didn't seem right for what I wanted to say so I hope she remembers the things I told her.
So here I go I am on my way over to watch the skywriting and see how she handles the whole thing. Wish me luck and talk to you soon...

Beth & Dee Dee

Well I am at Beth's house for Dinner tonight and after cleaning up suggest we go for a walk before dark and she finally gives in just to shut me up.

I know that Divo has something planned for her to see and so I have to get her outside for it.. Can't wait to see what he has done to tell her how sorry he is. I think he will finally get it right this time..

We walk around the block as I hear the plane coming across the sky and look up to see the writing as I tap Beth on the arm to have her look up and began to read the writing in the sky.

Her mouth flies open as she reads the words he has written just for her..

“Please Forgive Me Beth, I want another chance to get it right”.

I looked to her as I see tears rolling down her face.. She is in total shock and can't seem to get her words out.. She looks around for him but does not see that he is standing in the shadows watching us and her reaction..

Is she ready to forgive him?

I really think she will at least give it some thought.

“Did you know about this Dee Dee?”

She asks me as she turns to look into my eyes which can't lie to her..

I nod yes and lower my head looking at a  place on the ground
instead of her eyes..

“Why didn't you tell me that you had spoken to him?”

“Would you have listen to me or even to him if I had Beth?”

“I suppose not, I am sorry I know you only want me to be happy and you know how much I love him.”

“Yes I do  and I know he is the one that can make you happy again, please give him a chance Beth for both your sakes.. I think you have both made some very bad mistakes but now you have another chance to fix them. Don't waste it!”

“Where is he?”

She points to the shadows and I see him step out into the evening and I can feel my heart tighten at the sight of the man I have loved for years, Has he come back to me for all the right reasons or out of pity?”


Well she is looking at me and knows I am here so he goes nothing I suppose..

“Hello Beth, I hope you know what was written for you in the sky comes from my heart?”

“I meant every thing up there I want another chance to get it right and to show you how much I have come to realize in the past few months.”

“I do understand what you wrote and I am willing to try if your here cause you want to be and not cause your feeling guilty or for any other reason then following your Heart?” Beth wanted him to say what his intentions were but she needed to know how much Dee Dee had told him first.

“I know there has been lots of things have happen since we last spoke or saw each other and No I am not here because you have been sick. But I do want to be there for you when you find out what is wrong with you. Then hopefully we have a chance to start anew relationship built on more then friendship this time?”


“I would like that very much, but you promise no regrets and no pity just be yourself and honest with me as I promise to be with you.”

“That I can do, it has taken me a long time to realize how much more than a friend you were to me and I am not willing to mess up this chance to be with you and show you how I really feel about you now.”  Divo told her looking into her eyes.

She was looking back into his eyes and saw love and trust, something she had not seen in a long time.. She wanted so much to believe in him and let her feelings surface and no longer have to hide them.. If she could she would have shouted to the world she loved this man more then life itself..

They walked back to her house hand in hand and Dee Dee along side them..
When they arrived Dee Dee made excuses and left them alone to talk and work out the problems from the past for themselves. She had done all she could and hoped for both their sakes they got it right this time..

They talked well into the night both opening up to the other and letting their true feelings show after all this time it felt wonderful being honest about their love and the fact that they had started a new life together ..

Beth never asked about his relationship with Coco but he was honest about it all the affair he caught her in and throwing her out. Not feeling the hurt as much as he had expected but more a relief in her leaving.  His freedom to examine his relationships for both of them and finding that his past with the younger one lacking in so many ways..

“So what do we do now, how do we go on from here?”

“I think first is to get you checked out and find out what is going on with this Tumor and then move on from there and no worries I will be there beside you all the way.”

As Beth stood to make some coffee he rose and took her in his arms and for the first time they kissed a passionate kiss. It felt they both belonged together and that this was their beginning..


A month after we got back together I had gone to the Doctor's and found that the tumor was benign and that medication was helping to shrink the tumor. If I did all the things the Dr. told me I would be fine. He was with me thru it all and I never felt more Loved..

We had not been to the point of sharing our bodies yet I wanted to be healthy first so now after seeing the Dr. one more time I was given a clean bill of health.. He found nothing there and said I could live a normal and happy life.. My Love had given me back my life and made me whole again..

Tonight he was coming for Dinner and would be moving in with me. I was the happiest I had ever been and  now we were moving to the final stage of our new relationship.. I couldn't wait to show him how much I loved him..

Dee Dee had been in an out over the past month and had also found a man for her that fit so well into her life they were taking things slowly but not to slow..
I put on the song that had been in my heart from the time I first heard it after my Divo had chosen to end our friendship.. To Love You More..

It grounded me to remember that I never gave up on the Love I carried in my heart for this special man and now we had found the place we belonged together.

So now you know how our story is going to end I have my Divo and the Love we share is forever..

We never heard from Coco again but we had seen articles on the many men she had conned into bed and stolen money from.. Some people just can't be happy unless they make others miserable.. I kind of felt sorry for her for maybe about 2 seconds..

Oh and My Divo you are all wondering where our lives will go from here well he ask me to marry him and I have said Yes...

In another month I will Marry him to become Mrs. Sebastien Izambard..

Thanks for reading our story and maybe we will let you know how things go in another story ..

Beth & Sebastien

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TO LOVE YOU MORE (Short Story )
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