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 Urs's Unbeatable Uber By: JJ (Sebskittie)

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PostSubject: Urs's Unbeatable Uber By: JJ (Sebskittie)   Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:38 am

The Naughty Fic

The night was chilly and the wind had picked up considerably since she had started on her routine nightly walk, 30 minutes before.
As she walked she thought about the day she had had, and about the day she was looking forward to having tomorrow.
It was her birthday party, and as much as she loved her birthday's usually, this year it was especially time for a party.
Her divorce papers had just come today, she was officially a free woman and she definitely felt like celebrating that fact, she had been with her husband for more than 20 years when he suddenly asked for a divorce.
He had started to change when he had been to see her daughter who lived in england, and had asked her husband about moving there.
He had flat out refused and they had argued constantly until he had told her that if she didn't stop asking him about it, and bugging him, that he would talk to his Mother who owned the house they had lived in for the last 14 years and get her kicked out.
That had started a downward spiral till it got to the point where they weren't even sleeping in the same bed and the only time she saw him was when he asked her what she had cooked him for dinner.
She told him one day that when she got sick of him that if he wanted something he could cook it himself, and the next day he asked her to leave, and served her divorce papers.
She had found out a few months later that he had been seeing another woman for the last 8 years, he had wanted to get her out so he could be with his new woman permanately.
She had been furious, how dare her husband use her and cheat on her all this time? But then the more she thought about it, the more she liked the thought that karma would come eventually, and bite him where it hurts, and she waited anxiously for the day he would come crawling back to her, begging for another chance, only to tell him to bugger off, and that she was happy without him.
She walked to her usual spot on the beach, sat down and sighed.She turned 45 tomorrow, had been living on her own for the last 8 months in a huge 4 bedroom house with an inground pool and a huge backyard, which all her kids had chipped in to buy her, knowing she was now a free woman, and that she was happy.
She had gotten over her husband, and she was content with her life.
The lady turned to see her friend walking towards her, waving a package.
“Hello Suzan.”
“Happy birthday.”

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PostSubject: Re: Urs's Unbeatable Uber By: JJ (Sebskittie)   Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:39 am


“Thankyou Suzan. It is going to be a great birthday this year, all the kids are coming from where they live.”
“How many Kids do you have again?”
“I have 6 kids, 4 girls and 2 boys, well not now, they are all grown, and have moved to different parts of the world.”
“I have known you 4 months now and haven't met any of your kids. Do any of them live in America with you?”
“No none, I will be moving to England to be with my daughter Michelle in a few months time, I was just waiting for the divorce papers to come through.”
“You have them already?”
“Yes, I just got them today.”
“Well, you are definitely going to party then, tomorrow, aren't you?”
“I certainly am, the kids couldn't wait to get away when they grew up, they love their Father but he was very controlling, the kids felt suffocated, they can't believe I stayed with him so long.”
“I can't either, from what you told me you had a very hard 20 years.”
“I did, he was a Mommy's boy of the highest order, she abused me often with her cruel taunts and words, and he would stand by and applaud when she was done. Just to get an approving look from her, it was pathetic, but I did love him.”
“And the kids wanted to get away from their Grandmother?”
“Oh, yes, the kids all told her to butt out of their lives after they grew up, they hated the way she treated me, but more than anything they just wanted to get away from the control of them both.”
“And now they are in different parts of the world.”
“Yes, Michelle is in England, she is my eldest at 27, I had her when I was 18, I will be joining her in a few months, she is an editor for a popular English magazine, and very successful.”
“And the other 5?”
“Oh, then there is Jake and Jaydie, they are my eldest twins, and very close, they live in Australia and are 25, Jake is in law school and Jaydie is a very successful writer, she writes childrens stories and both sing at the youth group in their church.”
“Very nice.”
“Yes, then there is Amelia, she is 23 and lives in Denmark. She is a beautiful girl, long black hair, green eyes, tall, curves in all the right places. She is studying to be a Doctor.”
“You have kids that are going to go a long way in their careers.”
“Oh yes, then I have the youngest twins, Luke and Lydia, they are 21, and live in France, they own a few resturaunts over there, and are now thinking of opening a chain over here.”
“How did they get enough money to start a chain of restaraunts?”
“A trust fund from their Grandparents was opened up when each of the children were babies, this was my Mother and Father, as only the youngest twins and Amelia are born to my ex-husband, and they were able to access it after their 21st birthdays, with the twins though my parents decided to pay for them to open the restaraunts, on the condition they were able to have a say in where the restaraunts in France would be opened, and that they live with them over there for at least a year.”
“Smart kids.”
“Yes, they get it from me.”Both looked at each other and laughed.

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PostSubject: Re: Urs's Unbeatable Uber By: JJ (Sebskittie)   Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:39 am


Darla woke up feeling the best she had in a long while, not only was today her 45th birthday, but it was also the day all her children would be together in over 2 years.
She had spoken to Jake and Jaydie the night before, they had gotten in at 8pm, but said they were going striaght to the hotel because all the kids had agreed that this time they would all walk into the party together.
She smiled at the thought that all the kids would stay at the same hotel, except for Jaydie, who would be spending a month with her Mother, as she was the only one to have a job that didn't require her been in the country.
They had always been a close family, the kids when they were younger been close to their Father, and when Jake had asked if he would be at the party, his Mother had responded with a very firm “NO!!!!”
Darla rubbed her eyes, letting out a big yawn as she slipped her feet into her slippers and padded to the bathroom to start her morning routine.
After finishing in the bathroom, she wrapped a towel around her just washed hair and started down the stairs to make some coffee when she heard the phone ring.
She rushed into her room and was out of breath by the time she answered.
“Hi Mom, what's the matter? You sound puffed.”
“Oh, I was just starting down the stairs when I heard the phone ring, so I had to rush to catch it, hey baby girl, is everyone else sleeping?”
“No, Michelle and Lydia are here with me, Jake and Jay have decided to go for their morning swim as they spoke to you last night, and Luke is ordering all our breakfasts.”
“Well, it is great you are all staying in the same hotel, it makes me so proud to know that all my children, even when they are living in different countries are still so close.”
“Oh Mom, what can you expect with us having you as our Mom? You are the greatest example of what a parent should be, you are one of the kindest, most loving, caring genuine people we know, we couldn't have a better Mom than you, Happy Birthday, we all love you.”
Wiping the tears from her eyes, Darla managed to choke out an I love you too to Amelia before she handed the phone to Michelle.
“Hey, Mom, Happy Birthday, dearie.”
“Dearie, oh my, you haven't called me that since you had your graduation party.”
“I know, Dad was against it, he used to tell me that it was disrespectful with you been our Mom to give you any endearment at all, but we should show you respect and call you either ma'am or Mom.”
“Your Father has some hair brained ideas, I used to like hearing you call me dearie, it would be nice to hear you keep it up now your Father is no longer here to dicate what any of us do.”
“I plan to, Dearie.”
They both laughed.
Lydia came on next.
“Hey, Mommy Dearest, Happy Birthday to you.”
“ Thankyou Love, how was your flight?”
“Oh, it was lovely Mom, it gave Luke and I the chance to just talk and spend time together which we haven't been able to do much since we opened the Restaraunts.”
“Yes, I can imagine how tough it must be you both, how is it all going?”
“Oh Mom, they have really taken off, it is really a busy time for us right now, But Gram and Pops help out when they can. By the time we get home it is usually a quick bite to eat then off to bed to get up and do it all over again in the morning, once we get some more Chefs in, it will take a load off.”
“Good darling, I am glad things are going so well for you.”
“Mom, Luke is here, I love you, see you in a few hours, bye.”
“Bye Darling, Hello, Luke love.”
“Hello Mom, Happy Birthday, how's it feel not having Dad hang off every word you say to us?'
“Now Luke, that is not a very nice thing to say about your Father.”
“It's true, though, isn't it?”
“Yes, and it feels great.”
Both burst out laughing.
“Mom, got to go, the foods here, and I'm starved, the plane food wasn't anything to brag about.”
“Ok, my love, I will see you soon, love to you and all the others.”
Luke looked at the others and all 5 nodded their heads, Jake and Jaydie back from their swim.
Putting it on speaker phone, all shouted “HAPPY BIRTHDAY. WE LOVE YOU MOM!!!”
Darla was delighted, and again chocking back tears, she shouted back she loved them too, and after she hung up the phone, she smiled.
She was proud to say, these were her wonderful kids.

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PostSubject: Re: Urs's Unbeatable Uber By: JJ (Sebskittie)   Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:40 am

Chapter 3, the party chrashers

The doorbell rang, and Darla raced down the stairs, she had everything ready, all the food was set up, and she had dressed herself smart but casual in black slacks and a black cami with a hawiian over blouse.
She opened the door to see all her kids and she started crying again.
Darla was overwhelmed, she just couldn't believe it, she was with all her children again for the first time in 2 years.
“Oh, my babies!!!!” she cried.
After they were inside, she clung to them in a big group hug.
Each of them knew the way it worked, it had been a routine for them ever since they were little, the oldest to the youngest, and it was a routine they never intended to break.
“Hi Mom, happy birthday, you are looking smashing in that outfit, it will definitely start a fashion trend in London, “ Michelle said, been the oldest so the first to hug their Mother indivisually.
“Oh, thankyou Darling, and may I say I love your new hair style, in that bob, you are looking wonderful, healthy.”
Michelle was a stunning woman, at 27 she still looked young enough to get asked for ID, she had a trendy blond bob, with brown eyes and a tall slender frame, still turning the young boys heads.
Next came Jake.
“Hello, Mom, you are looking wonderfully healthy, you have color in your cheeks, and a sparkle back in your eyes, it is so great to see you finally happy after all these years, Happy Birthday Mom.”
“Thankyou Darling Boy, I love living the life of a single woman, I do think I plan to stay that way for a very long time, it does suit me, don't you think?”
“I sure do, Mom, I sure do.”
Jaydie stepped up next to her brother, and gave her mother a huge hug.
“Oh, Mom, I have missed you so much, you do look wonderful, I love your new look, it makes us look like sisters rather than Mother and daughter, I love seeing you smile again, Happy Birthday, Dear Mom.”
Out of all the children, Jaydie had always been the closest to Darla, they were the ones that always had the games together, and at night Jaydie would always snuggle up to Darla while they watched tv, and out of all of them Jaydie was the only one to be a big fan of IL DIVO, Jaydie been a Siren, and Darla an Uber, and they talked about going to see a concert together one day.
Next in the line was Amelia, and she gave her Mom and big hug and kiss.
“Mom, you look absolutely adorable in that suit, I love you in black, and your hair is lovely, oh Mom, you are just looking gorgeous, Happy Birthday.”
“Thankyou, my lovely girl, you are gorgeous too, I am loving been able to do whatever I want, my hair only been the start.”
“Well, I love it Mom, you look awesome.”
Luke came next in line.
“Oh, Mom, you adorable thing you, look at the change in you since branching out on your own, you look beautiful. A big Happy Birthday to you, my lovely Mom.”
“Well, what a welcome suprise this is, I see you haven't lost your charm with the ladies, thankyou my love.”
“Mom, I haven't had time to date, but you look like a new woman, I am proud to see you looking so fresh and new, I love it, and I love you.”
Lydia hugged her Mom last.
“Oh Mom, I agree with everyone else, you are just looking stunning, I can't believe you have changed so much, you are looking so much younger, and your hair is just delightful.”
“Thankyou my pet, I see you are just as breath takingly beautiful as when you left. I look around at all of you and I see so much of your fathers and I in you, of course, Michelle, Jake and Jaydie, your Father was a wonderful man, and he loved you all so much, that boating accident was a tradgic mistake, but I always thank God that I have my other 3 wonderful children, Amelia Luke and Lydia, you are all my life, I love you all so much, and I can't believe you are all here.”
“Mom, we know that Dad still loves us, in his own way, he controlled everything, and we got out, and now you have too. Dad has his bad points, but we know he loves us, and we know somewhere in her bitterness Grandmama loves us too.”
At the mention of their Grandmama the other 5 groaned.
“Jaydie, did you have to mention that old battleaxe? How can you possibly say that woman has any love for anyone but herself?”
“Luke, that is really nasty, you know deep down she loves us, I didn't say she didn't have her bad points too.”
“Oh, come on, Jay, you know she only ever showed you any sort of attention when you were doing everything for her, you were like her own red riding hood, only more niave, you are all grown up but you would still let the bad wolf get you, you are far too soft hearted.”
“Jake, I am going to ignore that comment, just because I believe people have a right to have a second chance is no reason to be rude to me.”
Darla watched Jaydie with pride shining out of her heart. Her daughter was so much like her, she had stayed with her husband too long for the same reason. She was much too soft hearted, and gave her husband too many chances, and she knew Jake was right. Jaydie would get hurt if she kept on been so trusting. She would have to make sure Jaydie was very well protected when she met her husband. The others she knew would never let anyone walk all over them, Jaydie was a little more niave.
After peace was restored and the twins had made up, they headed out towards the back yard where the food was when the doorbell rang.
“I will get it, and be right out.”
Darla walked towards the door, wondering who could possibly be here, interrupting the party with her kids, and was set to give them a piece of her mind, but when she opened the door and looked up, all she could do was stare.
Standing there, at her door, was Urs.

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PostSubject: Re: Urs's Unbeatable Uber By: JJ (Sebskittie)   Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:41 am

Chapter 4 New Beginnings

“Hello miss, I was wondering if I could use your phone? I am afraid our limo has broken down and the phone only works when the limo is turned on, and we have a function tonight we can't miss.”
Darla finally found her voice and smiled.
“I wouldn't call performing on Oprah a function, but yes, of course you can come inand use my phone.”
“Thankyou so much, I hope I will noyl have to be a minute, I see you have guests so I will try not to be too long.”
“Urs, my sweet, you take as long as you like, I can't believe it, my daughter and I were discussing only last week about booking tickets to see you at your NY concert. And here you are, standing in my house, oh my, I think I need a drink.”
“Ma'am, I am pleased to meet you too, usually we get fans coming up to us in the sreets and that is great, we love our fans and they love us, but this is the first time any of us have had a problem with our Limo, so I am glad I found a house that has a fan of ours, and I and the guys I am sure really appreciate this.”
“Oh that's fine.”
“Are you celebrating a special occasion?”
“Yes, today is my Birthday.”
“Oh, well, in that case Happy Birthday.”
Darla was delighted, out of all the birthday presents she could have imagined having Urs in her home and a photo with IL DIVO was not one of them.
Darla realized they were still standing out in the dorrway, and she blushed.
“Oops, I do apologize, you wanted the phone, please do come in, I will show you where it is, I have to get some drinks and take them out to my children, I will be back soon.”
“Please, take your time, I don't know how long I will be on the phone for and I can see my own way out.”
Darla looked at him, and put her hands on her hips.
“Oh no you don't, Mister, it is not everyday a famous celebrity graces my house especially on my birthday, humour me, please, and let me walk you out.”
Urs put his hands up in surrender and laughed.
“Ok, I give in, I will wait here, I promise.”
As Urs was making his call, Darla walked to the fridge and got the drinks out, the smile as she walked out Jaydie noticed first.
“Mom, who was that at the door?”

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PostSubject: Re: Urs's Unbeatable Uber By: JJ (Sebskittie)   Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:42 am

Chapter 5 Jaydie Falls

Darla cleard her throat, shock still present in her face and smile.
“Well, it seesm we have a guest, he needed to use the phone as their only works when the car is started.”
All 6 looked at her in absolute horror.
“You let a stranger into the house!!!”
“He is no stranger, he is Urs, and of course I let him in, they have to perform on Oprah tonight, and they need to get there.”
Jaydie looked at her Mother in stunned shocked while the others just looked baffled.
“Who is Urs, and why is he perfroming on Oprah tonight?”
Jaudie looked toward the door, and almost fainted, there in the doorway to the back porch was indeed Urs.
Urs walked out to join them all. He hoped he wasn't intruding. He stood next to Darla.
She looked up at him, and he spoke.
“I am sorry to be a bother, but it looks like we are going to be sitting in front of your house a little while longer, the company said they can't send a replacement or pick this one up for at least another 3 hours.”
All the kids looked at each other, limo??
“Urs, I am sorry to do this, but my kids seem to be a bit baffled, so I have to introduce you, if you don't mind.”
“No, of course not, please go ahead.”
Darla took a deep breath, and looked at all her children, and started the introductions.
“Ok, you see, kids, I let him in because he is not a stranger to me. He is Urs Buhler from IL DIVO, and he needed use the phone to call for help. And........oh my......where are the others?”
“They are in the limo, waiting for me. I have to get back and tell them.”
“Ok, bring them back with you.”
“Oh, no, we couldn't impose.”
“Nonesense, you are not imposing at all, I am inviting you. I want you to come in. You can't stay in the limo for 3 hours, and it is my party. There is plenty of food. And I am sure the kids don't mind, do you kids?”
“Nope, the more the merrier, Mom, please, bring them in. We haven't ever had the opportunity to be in the company of famous stars, you know.”
That Came from Luke.
The other 5 agreed.

Urs walked back to the limo, shaking his head in wonder.
How on earth did it get to this? How is it that in just 30 minutes his life had changed so much? And he had the feeling that it would change even more by the time the 3 hours were up.
Seb saw him walking up and stuck his head out the window.
“Where have you been?”
“You wouldn't believe me if I told you. But I am going to anyway. Because we have just been invited to a birthday party, and they can't send another limo for about 3 hours.”
“3 hours, why?”
“Becasue the company is servicing all its limos today, this is the only one they had avialable because they knew Simon had booked it. Now this one has broken down, and they won't be able to send another one out until it's serviced.”
“Lovely, well, I suppose 3 hours isn't too bad. It still gets us to Oprah on time. And what's this about a birthday party?”
The doors opened and they all stepped out.
Carlos and David looked at Urs.
“Birthday Party?”
“Yes, the woman who lives at the house I used the phone from is having a birthday today, and she is having a party with her kids. And apparently they are excited about spending time with famous people like us.”
“Oh wow, a birthday party, well, we can't keep the lady waiting, what's her name?”
Urs looked at Carlos blankly.
“Oh, my Gosh, I never asked, how silly am I?”
“Well, let's go.”
They all walked up together to the door, and Urs pressed the doorbell.
Darla was at the fridge again when she heard the doorbell go, and walked up to answer it, her heart beatly wildly in her chest.
She opened it, and Urs smiled.
“Hello again.”
“Hello, please, come in.”
Darla closed the door and led the way outside.
“Kids, may I introduce you to all the Divos, Urs you have met, these are his singing partners, Sebastien, David, and Carlos. Meet my kids, in Order, Michelle Jaydie and Jake, Amelia Luke and Lydia, oh, and I am Darla.”
Jaydie was beside herself, staring with bugeyes at Seb, her jaw on the ground.
After everyone had been introduced, Luke and Jake went back inside to get 4 more chairs the girls making room so the guys could sit down.
Jaydie looked at Seb, after having finally composing herself, and asked the obvious question.
“Why don't you carry cellphones?”

Seb looked at her, and he blinked in stunned silence.
Sitting there, right in front of him, was the most gorgeous woman he had ever had the pleasure of laying his eyes on.
She wasn't thin but wasn't big. Right in the chubby stage, with gorgeous short black hair that curved around the ends and beautiful bright green eyes with gold specks and fair Irish skin and freckles lining her nose. Her voice as soft and sweet as a calling bird, and a breath takingly big beautiful smile.
Jaydie looked into his eyes, seeing an emotion there she couldn't quite place, and she smiled at him, hoping he would smile back, she wasn't disappointed.
He gave her the biggest and most beautiful smile he could manage, and she completely lost her train of thought.
“Ok, everyone, have a seat, guys, please.”
Seb shook his head to clear it. And he put his chair right next to Jaydie, which caused her heart to start a drum dance.
“I am sorry, I lost my train of thought, what did you ask me?”
“Um, why you don't carry cellphones?”
“Oh, right, well, we do have cellphones, but we don't use them when we work, we of course can't use them in the studios, and, as I am sure you know already we are doing a show on Oprah tonight, so it is just easier to leave our cells in our hotel rooms, and use the limo services. But of course the limo broke down, so we have no phones.”
“And you had to use Mom's.”
“Well, we had to use someones, I suggested we use the public phone, but the others thought it best that we knock on someones dorr, that way, if they needed to contact us, they would be able to, of course, that is only if someone would let us use their house that long.”
“Oh, you found the right house then, it worries us a lot, but Mom is so trusting she would let anyone in. But I am glad it was Urs, if you don't mind me asking, why Urs?”
“He volunteered. We always tease him a lot about been so swiss. You know, stuffy, so he must have thought that this was a good way to show everyone he wasn't, and it looks like it worked a little, he seems to have found a great audince in your Mom.”
Jaydie looked down the end of the table to see her Mom was indeed hanging off every word Urs uttered.
“I know you must hear this all the time, but Mom and I really have been waiting so long to meet you guys, to have this happen to Mom on her Birthday really is beyond her wildest dreams. And mine, you know Mom is shining more than I have ever seen her, so I have to say I am glad your limo broke down.”
“So am I.”
They both smiled at each other.
“Have you booked any tickets yet for any of the concerts?”
Jaydie shook her head.
“No Mom and I were talking about going to the NYC one, but no definate plans have been made.”
Sebastien stood up and cleared his throat.
“Everyone, if you don't mind, I have an announcement I would like to make. This beautiful young lady beside me Ma'am that you and her were planning to go to NYC for our concert. Well, as gratitude for letting us stay here and use your home, I would like to present you with 4 tickets, front row, to 2 shows of your choosing. You see, we have 5 tickets for us each to share with our families, as I only have my Mother, and she only stays in Paris, there are 4 tickets left of mine. Will you take them?”

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PostSubject: Re: Urs's Unbeatable Uber By: JJ (Sebskittie)   Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:43 am


Darla looked at Seb, speechless.
Seb smiled, and walked over to where she was sitting. Hugging her, and whispering in her ear and big and warm hearted Thankyou, waiting with his arms around her to see if she would say yes.
Darla looked at Jaydie, and seeing the look on her daughters face she knew she had to say yes, even though she would have anyway.
She craned her neck to look up to Seb who was an inch away from her face, and nodded her head, while suddenly having the feeling that his would be her granchildren's eyes.
Smiling in utter delight at her answer, he kissed her cheek, and everyone cheered and clapped. Everyone standing to give her a hug, including each of the guys, Carlos going that extra flirtatious mile and pinching her bum.
Darla crowed in delight, although she wished more than anything it had been Urs.
Jaydie heard her mobile phone ringing and excused herself to answer.
“Hey, it's Melissa, how's the party going?”
“Hi Melissa, it's going great, you will never guess what's happened.”
“What tell me.”
“The Divo's arrived.”
“Yep, right at Mom's front door, out of the blue, Urs turned up, their Limo broke down, he needed to use the phone, and wella, presto, they are here at our party.”
“Hold up, are you honestly telling me that right now, with me only 10 minutes away, there is a party with the Divo's going on?”
“What do you mean only 10 minutes away?”
“Didn't Aunt Darla tell you, Leona and I are on our way, we talked to her last week and she arranged for us to stay at the house with her as she knew you were staying to and we haven't caught up for so long. You didn't know, did you?”
“Nope, I guess Mom wanted it to be a suprise, but don't worry, I won't spill the beans, and as Luke said, the more the merrier.”
“Ok, be there in 5.”
“Ok, bye Cuz.”
Jaydie sat back down next to Seb, the smile on her face a full blossom, and it caught Seb off guard. In the most intimate way.
Darla heard the house phone ring, and as Jaydie had done not a few minutes before, excused herself to answer.
“Hello, is this the house Urs Buhler called from?”
Darla almost fainted again. And not for the first time that day, for she instantly recognized the voice on the other end of the phone as the imfamous Oprah Winfrey.
Shaking her head violently, she pinched herself to make sure it wasn't just a dream, because if it was, she knew she never wanted to wake up from it.
But she felt the sting from where she had pinched herself, and knew this was no dream. And she sent up a silent prayer to God thanking him profusely.
“Yes, this is, I am Darla, and if I am not mistaken, and I doubt I am because I watch you all the time, I am talking to Oprah, am I right?”
“Yes, you sure are, and if I can trouble you, or if they are still there, may I speak to the guys please?”
“Oh, of course, I will just get them for you.”
She walked out to the back where she called Urs.
“Is that the limo company?”
“No, it is Oprah, Urs, Oprah is on my phone waiting to talk to you and the others, Oh Urs, please pinch me, I can't get over this. First you show up at my door, on my birthday, and I had only been talking to Jaydie last week about booking tickets for your concerts, and I have a suprise for Jaydie, and now you've joined my birthday party, with all my kids who haven't been together all of them for 2 years, and Seb has offered me 4 tickets to your concerts which work out perfectly. Now Oprah Winfrey, the queen of tv and only like the most influential woman in the world is on my phone, please pinch me, this is a dream.”
Urs had wanted to do this since he walked in the door, and now was the time.
“I can prove to you that this is not all a dream.”
Darla loked up into his eyes and saw the intensity there.
“Like this.”
Urs grabbed her, dipped her low over his knees, and kissed her.
After he had set her upright and walked away, Darla touched her swollen lips and smiled dazed.
Urs is right, she thought, no kiss that steamy could come from a dream.

Darla floated out the door, Just having sit down again when the doorbell rang.
Sighing, she shrugged at all her kids apologetically and went to answer the door.
She pulled it open to squeals of delight from her daughters best friends, Leona, who she had known since kindergarten, and Melissa, Jaydies cousin and absolute best friend, her Brother Allan's daughter.
“Aunt Darla!!!!”
Melissa flung herself into her Aunt's arms and the feeling was mutual.
Darla also hugged Leona and told them to put their luggage in the bedroom.
When that was done, she led the way outside.
Carlos zoomed in on Melissa as soon as he saw her, thinking she was just the most adorable young lady he had seen in his life, while David's interest had been captured by the lovely Leona.
Darla looked around the table, while she introduced the guys to the 2 young ladies, only then noticing that 2 of the guests were missing.
“Where is Jaydie and Seb?”
“They took a walk to the limo. She wanted to see what it was like traveeling around in a limo, thinking that if she liked it she might travel to to the children's book awards in one.”
Darla just shook her head, having the feeling that something a little more than talking might be going on in the limo.
Jaydie climbed in, remarking on the lovely comfortable seating.
Sebastien climbed in beside her, looking towards her shining face as she spoke, and knew that that moment had happened, his Mother always said it would. But he hadn't believed her till now, this very moment, it was, as they said, love at first sight.
Jaydie could feel him looking at her, and it made her shift uncomforably in her seat.
“Oh my Gosh, Seb, what about the limo driver, the poor man, sitting there, all alone, without anything to eat or drink, we forgot him.”
Joshua Peters put his head around the seat and smiled at her.
“Thankyou Ma'am for thinking of me, but this is my job. I have a bottle of water with me, and I have a comfortable seat to relax in until help arrives.”
“Oh my, but you are handsome, how old are you?”
Joshua blushed a bright shade of red at her comment and mumbled something she didn't quite hear.
“Sorry, I didn't catch that.”
“I am 24 next May.”
“Please, come in and have at least a sandwich.”
As Jaydie was about to climb out a knoch come at the limo door, and Lydia climbed in.
Joshua couldn't stop looking at her, my, but she is a pretty little thing, he thought to himself.
“The phone call Mom received was from Oprah. She knows the situation and is sending her own personal limo to come and pick you up, it will be arriving in 30 minutes.”
“Ok, let's go back in, Joshua, you must come.”
Lydia looked at Josh for the first time and was taken aback.
WOW, was the only thought that came to her mind.
Seb spoke.
“Lydia, we forgot about poor Josh here, would you like to take him back and get him some food and a drink?”
A very embarressed Josh and a delighted lydia walked back towards the house while Seb closed the door and turned back to Jaydie.
Jaydie, extremally aware of the fact they were completely alone started to talk, rapidly.
“I love the fact you have a tv in here, sometimes it must make the trip easier, and champagne, of course you have champagne. You guys must drive yourselves around though, huh? I couldn't imagine living like this all the time. You don't, do you?”
“Nope, we all have cars, when we have breaks we do live as normally as possible, I love going for drives along the coastline, sometimes it gets very lonely though, I wish I had someone to share it with.”
Jaydie glanced at him, and shyly said to him, “Everyone knows you are all single. Everyone has a dream to catch one of you. You are so popular, you know? A lot of girls I speak to are Sirens, and they drool over you, but you would be used to that.”
Sebastien nodded.
“And you, how do you feel about me?”
Blushing a bright red, she replied with, “ I like you, I love your voice, it brings tears to my eyes when you show so much emotion. You feel the music and it touches me that you aren't afraid to tear up and when you sing with so much passion, you just blow me away.”
“Yes, it is beautiful music. I love singing, it is all I have ever wanted to do. I love seeing the pleasure on the faces of our fans at the concerts. When you get a great applause at the end of each performance it makes you want to stay on stage forever. But like you said, as much as we love what we do, singing, we love our breaks aswell.”
Jaydie couldn't believe this man, this singing megastar, was sitting there having a conversation with her.
“Well, we better head back in, the limo will be here soon.”
“Yes, it will, but somehow I find myself not wanting to leave.”
“I know, let's go back.”
Getting out of the limo, Seb and Jaydie walked back inside.
The first thing she saw was her two best pals, talking.
Carlos had zoomed in on Melissa, already having asked her out, which gobsmacked her but accepting, and Leona looked up from the interesting conversation she was having with David to see Jaydie, causing 2 chairs to go flying and poor Seb spinning as the 3 girls came together in a bear hug.
“I can't believe you are here, I just can't believe it, how...........MOM!!!!!!”
Darla slyly looked up from her under her lashes, replying with, “I told you I knew how to throw a good party.”
Everyone laughed.
Jaydie and Darla walked to the kitchen to get some more drinks, and smiled at each other.
“Oh Mom, I love that man, he is so sweet, he didn't try anything in the limo, even though in a way I wished he did. He had this look in his eyes, but could he really like me, Mom?”
“Why wouldn't he like you?”
“I don't know, he is a megastar, and I am just a writer.........”
“A writer that is nominated for an award, a writer that has demand for another book, and a meeting to discuss you having your own contract with your own label, which would lead to a new children's tv series.”
“Oh Mom, I know, I am just so enjoying myself, I already have the other book finished, they said they want to meet up when I get back to look over it.”
“Oh Darling, that's fantastic news, all my children, so successful, I can't believe it, an editor, lawyer, Author, Doctor, and restaurant owners, I could not be any prouder of my children, I love you all so much.”
“We love you too, Mom.”
They walked outside, placing the drinks on the table.
Jaydie walked back inside, wishing to be alone for just a minute to gather her thoughts, when the song I have nothing by Whitney Houston came on.
She started to sway back and forth, humming along to the music, it been one of her favourite songs, when she felt strong arms wrap around her, without even to have to turn around, she knew it was Seb.
They stayed like that until the song was over, hearing the beep of the limo outside. Seb turned to her slowly, and dipped his head, catching her lips in the sweetest kiss she had ever had. Slowly Seb turned the kiss into something much more personal, Jaydie catching her breath on a moan that came from Seb's mouth.
Darla heard the beep of the limo a second time. And everyone got up, wanting to say goodbye to the 4 men they now classed as their friends.
Darla and Urs walked slowly towards the front, when everyone else was out of sight, Urs stopped her. He kissed her again, this kiss much more passionate than the last, and told her he didn't want to stay in his hotel room alone tonight, she told him to come on over.
Seb wanted to know if Jaydie would see him again, and she told him to come over tonight.
Both Mother daughter, along with the other 7, watched the guys leave, waved and went back inside. None of them knowing that the 4 woman staying there had made plans with the 4 Divos to come and visit them that night.

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The party ended at 6. Everyone ending the day with Darla opening her gifts. Thanking the children for been there with her.
They packed up to go back to the hotel, as they were all except Jaydie flying out the next morning.
Jaydie and Melissa went with them back to the hotel to say goodbye, while Leona helped Darla clean up at the house.
Michelle was first.
“Oh, Goodbye my sweeties, until the next time. I am going to miss you both, it was a great day, wasn't it?”
“It was a fantastic day, Mom sure had the best Birthday present ever, and now I know she's going to be fine.”
“You both had a great day, too, didn't you? Melissa been asked out on a date by Carlos, and you, Jaydie, and Seb, and Mom with Urs, can I dare to say maybe that there may be a few white weddings for our family soon?”
Both Melissa and Jaydie Blushed to the roots of their hair and looked down at their feet, neither noticing the smile of sly glee on Michelle's face.
“Well, Carlos is sweet, he asked me out on a date because I told him I was interested in learning spanish and he said he could give me a few pointers, that's all. If it turns out we are attracted to each other, we will take it from there, there is NO mention of any wedding yet, so get your mind off that track, Jaydie though............”
“Jaydie nothing, Seb and I are no more than friends, he isn't remotely interested in me like that.”
“Really, that's why when I glanced in the living room there was a little bit more than dancing going on.............”
Jaydie glared at Melissa and turned her back to hug Jake, who thought the whole thing was hilarious.
Jake hugged his twin tight.
“You take care of yourself, oh, How I am going to miss you. No one to talk to at home, to eat with or laugh with, I hope this month goes quick so I can have you back with me.”
“Oh, I am going to miss you too, Jake, but don't worry, I will call you everynight at 7, and you know if you miss me too much and visa versa I will be on the first flight home.”
“I know you will, you have a date, you have to get back to Mom's.
They shared everything together, and seeing as Jake knew every emotion and look Jaydie ever had, he had guessed what had happened between Seb and her, and she had told him everything.
“I want a full report of the date tonight, from both you girls..........Yes Melissa , we all heard you tell Carlos to come back tonight, and David is coming for Leona too.”
Jaydie had not known that, and looked at Melissa gobsmacked.
Seeing the look Melissa retorted, “You think you are the only one that is allowed to bring a date to Aunt's house?”
“I just didn't think … and Carlos are that attracted to each other.”
Turning back to Jake, Jaydie's eyes softened.
“I love you, Jake, take care and have a good flight home.”
“I love you too, bubba, you be good, don't do anything silly, and I will see you in about a month, and not a moment later.”
Jaydie turned to Amelai next, while Melissa hugged Jake.
“Oh sis, you are absolutely radiating happiness, meeting Seb has really boosted you up. I hope for your sake he is the one.”
“Hey, what happened to your fellow? The one at your Uni class?”
Amelai glanced down at her feet and looked up shyly.
“He told me I had beautiful eyes, and that he could happily get lost in them. He asked me for my phone number, and I gave it to him.”
“How wonderful, sis, well, I doubt Mom will be single for long. Did you see the glances Urs was swinging her way? I thought the ground under their feet would catch on fire.”
“That's funny, we were thinking the same thing about you and Seb. And Melissa and Carlos were getting a bit steamy, Leona and David I thought were going to burn the grass black.”
“I keep telling you, Carlos and I are just feeling each other up, and..........”
“Yeah, I bet.”
Melissa's cheeks burned with embarressment and her mouth snapped shut.
“And Seb and I may have shared a little kiss.....but.........”
“But Nothing, and if that was a little Kiss I can't imagine what a big kiss could possibly be.”
Jaydie turned to Melissa and smiled.
“Thinking that could be you and Carlos?” she said sweetly.
Melissa's eyes shone, and she winked.
The youngest twins came together in a 3 way hug.
“You'se don't have time to be standing there chatting, you have to get back, go on, go, we love you both, and will see you very soon, now on your way.”
Both Melissa and Jaydie glanced at Luke fondly. He always said it how it was.
“Ok, we are going, love you all.” And off they went.

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Jaydie called a cab, and Melissa and her waited outside the hotel chatting until it arrived. Both settled into the backseat and thought about their Divos, Melissa picturing Carlos's beautiful brown warm smiling eyes and Jaydie thinking about her and Seb's kiss today.
He had whispered in her ear to watch Oprah tonight, she had whispered back as if she would miss it.

“How have you been Leona? It's been 2 years since I've seen you, and you are looking well.”
“I am very well. I had a promotion at work the other day, I am now receptionist at the firm.”
“That is fantastic, but what happened to your dream of travelling around for a year?”
“Well, I have almost enough saved up, I just need a few more thousand saved up before I will feel secure enough to go.”
“That's fair enough, where are you planning on travelling first?”
“I was thinking of doing Europe first, then maybe head over to Africa and do a safari.”
“Nice dream, I see it coming true for you, you always were the saver, Jaydie always envied that, said she couldn't save worth a pinch, but she is managing quite well these days. Melissa is so happy that she has choosen to go back to Uni and study. She wants to be a Teacher, I see her achieving it too. All you girls were so smart, still are. The female musketeers.”
“The female musketeers, Gosh, I had forgotten about that. Well, it is so good to be here and see everyone again, I always felt I had a second family, I love my own, of course, but.......”
“I know what you mean.”
“Oh Gosh, it's almost time, I am so excited. I do hope Jaydie and Melissa get back in time.”
“This is the Divos we are talking about, Leona, they will be back in time, and I am planning on taping it anyway. Ok, dishes are done, outside is clean, we have an hour to just sit and chat.”
“Well, You and Urs looked very cosy today. It was so good to see it, Darla, after that rat ex of yours I didn't think I would see that sparkle in your eyes. And Urs was looking extremally content to be talking to you.”
Darla couldn't stop the smile from breaking out over her face.
“The man is special, Leona, I can't wait until........”
“Until what?”
“The....the Oprah special, to see him again.”
“Yes, I could look at David all day and still not get bored. He is a charmer, he is sweet and kind, and I really felt like he was paying attention to me, not just looking at me, but looking inside me, and we had a connection, he is coming over tonight, after the show, I hope you don't mind.”
“No, of course not, having any of the Divos in my home is a joy. Did you want a coffee?”
“Yes Please, do you have any buttercream, by chance?”
“Oh yes, you know you can't have a good coffee without buttercream. How are your parents doing?”
“Their great, retired now, they sold the carpeting business to my cousin Seth, Mum still makes rugs when she can, but they aren't on any sort of schedule and their thinking of going on a cruise around Australia.”
“Really, how Interesting, Jay would love that, you know she always got on well with your parents, she would love to see them again.”
“I know, they would love to see her, they ask about Melissa and Jay all the time, but because I am so busy at work, I don't talk to them much, this month off is going to be a great chance to unwind and spend some quality time catching up, and maybe go on a few dates with David.”
Both heard the door open and there were the girls, coming into the kitchen.
“Oh how did it go? Melissa, did you want a cuppa?”
“You read my mind, thankyou so much.”
“Jaydie I will make you a hot chocolate with marshmellows.”
“Thanks Mom, you are a legend.”
“Nope, just a Mom who loves her kids.”
Darla made the coffee's, and hot chocolate, and they ambled out into the loungeroom, where the gilrs started chatting excitedly about the Divos.
Darla excused herself and headed up to her room for some quiet time.
Darla was trying to catch up on a FF she was doing, and found she just couldn't concentrate.
With a sigh she switched off her computer, and went to sit on her bed, thinking about the day's events.
She still couldn't quite believe all that had happened today, then she felt her lips again. It reminded her of the reality of the situation, and she smiled, shaking her head at the wonder of what she possibly could have done to deserve it all.
Her kids would say it was because she was the best Mom. Her friends would say it was because she was such a true and loving friend, her parents, bless their wonderful souls in heaven would have said it was because she was such a wonderful daughter, but she said to herself, it was just God's blessing to her.
And what a blessing it was, looking up to heaven, she thanked God again for everything before she went back downstairs and made herself a cup of tea.
The kettle was boiling just as she remembered she had not put the tape in ready to record. She run along the hallway into the living room to see that the girls had everything ready, and she breathed a sigh of relief.
Jaydie had gone into her room to call Jake just to tell him she missed him already and she gasped in pure delight.
She looked at the pink walls, the pictures of all her disney character's, then looked to see the far wall plain white and blank, and she smiled.
Her Mother had had this room decorated the exact same way it had been when she was growing up in her Father's house.
She put her clothes away, then went to see if her Mother had done the same with Jakes room, and found that she had.
There were all Jakes cars, lined up along the wall full of batman, looking to see one side of his wall blank aswell.
She knew that her Mother was hoping that both her and Jake would move back to America to be with her.
She also knew that if they did her Mother wouldn't move to England.
She walked out to see her mother settled on the sofa, Melissa on one side, the space on the right waiting for her, with leona sitting on the recliner chair.
She smiled at Darla and mouthed a thankyou, which Darla returned with a you're welcome.
The blank walls were where the twins had painted their family, a huge wall painting of them on a trip to the beach. Knowing her Mother had left them blank so that they could do them again for when they came home, for good.

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PostSubject: Re: Urs's Unbeatable Uber By: JJ (Sebskittie)   Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:46 am


The show started. Oprah walked out wearing a lovely knee length black skirt and and a yellow bouse with stockings and a pair of high heel boots.
“Hello, ladies and gentleman, welocme to our special presentation show today. My specail guests today have come a long way in the last 5 years. They have had sellout shows all around the world get recognized everywhere they go, and have a special suprise for their fans tonight, Please give a warm welcome to the men I am sure every ladies watching tonight knows well, IL DIVO!!!!!”
The guys came out in they usaul attire of tux and ties, with screams from the audience.
Each one of them gave Oprah a hug before sitting down, smiling at the camera and the audience.
Oprah sat down too and looked at the guys a minute beofe starting to speak.
“You guys have had a wild ride over the last couple of years, first of all, tell us what you did on your last break.”
Carlos spoke first.
“Well, I went home to my family, spent a few weeks in spain, I think we all did that, didn't we? Spent time with our families?”
Melissa let out a sigh.
The guys uttered murmers of agreement and nodded their heads.
“Sebastien, tell us, how has it been for you, coming from the pop world, to suddenly be thrust into this side of music and the spotlight?”
“Oh wow, it has been a hectic journey. We have all had to get used to been in the public eye and getting recognized. As you know I was working on my second album when I got the call for the audition. I wasn't too sure I wanted to go, I had no idea what they weere looking for. I had had a hit with Libre in France and wanted to expand from just my country, so I decided to go along. I met David out in the waiting line, said I don't know if I am meant to be here. David just told me, you got to do what you do, my firend. And the rest is really history, but I am enjoying every second of it.”
Jaydie couldn't help but sigh.
“David, tell us, how is it travelling around the world to different places, meeting new people?”
“Oh, it's great for us as artists to be able to spend so much time with our fans. We meet people from all over the world who love our music and it's great to see them so happy. We love it when people bring books or CD's of ours up to us to sign. And the gifts that people spend so much time making for us is incredible.We wouldn't be here if it weren't for the fans, and we thank them everyday.”
Clapping resounded in the audience and at Darla 's home 4 females were yelling and clapping along too.
“Urs, you love your motorbikes and restore old ones, where is your favourite place to ride when you get a few weeks off?”
“I love riding in the mountains, there's such a relaxing feeling that comes over you, feeling the wind flapping at your jacket and been able to stop and smell the crisp deep mountain air, there's nothing like it.”
Darla's heart turned to mush.
“You are going to perform 3 songs for us off your new album, guys, take it away.”
The guys walked to the stage and prepared to sing LA PROMESSA
Darla watched Urs, thinking about the mountains in North Carolina where she had used to live before she met her ex husband, and wondering if Urs, if things worked out between them, would take her back there, and let her go riding with him.
She came out of her dream to hear................
Non mi fermero, per sempre cercero,
non respiriro,
musica che ho un canto u daro una,
melodia sei sei mia.
(I won't stop, I'll look for you forever,
I won't breathe
Music that I have, I'll give you a song, you're a melody,
You're mine.)
Darla just melted, she knew that is what she and Urs had, she was Urs, forever.
The next song was The power of love, Melissa's favourite song.
The chorus at the end came up...........
La fuerza mayor esta en el amor
Es interior
La meta es darlo de veras
Mostralo sin razon
Con el corazon
(The greatest power is in love
It is within
The goal is to give it, to truly show it
without reason-with the heart.)
Melissa could hardly breath watching Calros belt it out, what a man.
The next song was Jaydies with She.
She forse sara' la prima che
Lo non potro' dimenticar
La mia fortuna o il prezzo che dovro'
(She may be the face I can't forget
The trace of pleasure or regret
Maybe my treasure or the prize I have to pay.)
Jaydie was in heaven, she imagined him singing to her this song, alone, and this fantasy carried her though the rest of the song.
Leona was happy just to watch David sing, she loved all the songs.
After the songs were completed, and when the audience had calmed down and everyone was seated, Oprah, as they knew she would, asked about today's events.
All the girls held their breath, knowing that this moment would change their lives forever.

“Now, something happened today that you didn't expect, will you explain to us all what that was?”
Urs started the explanation.
“We were coming up a sidestreet which leads to the highway about 20 minutes from your set when our limo broke down. Josh our driver cut off all power and tried to start the engine again but it had died, we don't take our cellphones with us when we do shows like this and the phone in the limo only works when the engine is running, so we had no way of calling anyone to let them know.”
“What happened next?”
David took over.
“We discussed it amongst ourselves and it was a 3 to one vote that we knock on someone's door and ask to use their phone, that way, if the limo company needed to contact us, we would be at the phone.”
“Who didn't agree with the vote?”
Seb sheepishly put his hand up, and all the sirens sighed with longing.
“I thought it was better we use a public phone, but the guys vote won out, and we all agreed in the end that it would be better to use someone's phone.”
“Did you all go, or just one of you?”
“I went, I volunteered, the others stayed in the limo.
“Urs, what made you decide to go?'
“I wanted to, I thought it would be a good way to show that I am not as stiff as people, especiaaly these 3 guys here, think I am.”
The ubers gave a shout, and Urs smiled at them. Darla was gazing dreamily at the tv.
“And what happened next?”
“I walked to the front door, I heard people in the back having a party. I rang the doorbell, and a beautiful young woman by the name of Darla came to the door, if you are watching, Darla, hello.”
Darla waved to the Tv, causing the girls to giggle.
“Then what happened?”
“I explained what had happened, and she let me in. I used the phone, and the company said they couldn't send out a replacement for 3 hours. Which meant we would have missed the show, so I called your manager to let them know.”
“So the people were nice?”
Sebastien took over.
“Extremally nice, as gratittude for helping us out, she and her exceptionally beautiful daughter Jaydie will be joining us for 2 shows anywhere in the world they choose to go, plus flights and accomadation will be provided, of course, in the same hotel as us.”
Darla and Jaydie just stared at the tv, not quite believing what they had just heard.
“Mom, we can't..........”
“I know, I had the same thought, 4 tickets, 4 of us, one concert, Melissa, Leona, what do you think?”
Melissa was dumbfounded. Leoma was stunned. Both, of course, said yes.
“Please, continue.”
“We met all her kids, as they were there to celebrate her Birthday, and then we had a phone call from you, which was funny, Darla came to tell me you were on the phone, she asked me to pinch her, she couldn't quite believe all that was happening, the others took it in their stride. Jaydie and Darla plus all memebers of their family are exceptionally nice people.”
The other 3 nodded in agreement.
“Well, it seems you had a big day, I called the house to tell you I was sending my limo, what happened next?”
“I went to Daral to tell her we were leaving, and then we went to the limo to tell Jaydie and Seb........Carlos, what are you doing?”
Carlos was doing his famous brow wiggle in Seb's direction, and the sirens were stunned to see the pink creep into Seb's neck, who was Jaydie, and why did she make him blush?
“Carlos ladies, was also introduced today to a lovely ladie named Melissa, and David got talking to a lady named Leona. There is not to say anything is going on, but if if does, for any of us, we know the fans will be happy for us, isn't that right girls?”
The fans in the audience went wild, that was a given for them, they wanted all the guys to be happy.
“Well, ladies and gents, that's all we have time for. I do hope you will come and see us again soon, the guys will be having an autograph signing in about ten minute, bye for now, everyone at home, and the Divo's potential new ladies.”
Watching as the show ended, Darla and the girls hugged each other, and smiled in delight, they had just been mentioned on tv, by Oprah, and their guys.

Daral smacked her head in shock, she had completely forgotten to tell the girls that Urs was coming over tonight. She knew that David was coming for Leona, but had no idea about Carlos or Seb.
“Girls where are you?”
“We are here, Jaydie is getting changed into her PJ's, what is it, Aunt?”
“Oh, I just wanted to tell you that Urs is coming over tonight, he said he would be here about 10. Leona, I know David is coming too.”
“And Carlos, he is coming over too.”
Darla shook her head.
“Don't tell me Jaydie..........”
“What, Mom?”
Darla turned around and burst out laughing, she couldn't help it.
Standing there in the doorway posing was a 25 year old daughter wearing her flintstones PJ'S with her hair in pigtails and pepple slippers on her feet.
Putting on a small voice, and batting her lashes at her mother, Jaydie asked as innocently as she could, “Do I look alright for guests, Mommy?”
That had all 4 of them gasping as they fell about the floor laughing until they cried.
“You always were one that would do anything you could to cheer us up. Do you remember the time you took the scarecrow down into the fields and pretended to be it instead? Moaning and kicking and frightening poor Miss Wilson nearly half to death by chasing her because she abused me in the shopping centre and I came home really upset?”
“Yes, when she realized it was me she dragged me home by my ears. She abused you for not been a good parent. Telling you you should discipline your children the way she would, but you were to busy laughing to notice.”
“Yes, you were a terror back then, you used to give the neighbours such a hard time, but everyone apart from Mrs wilson thought you were great. No matter how much trouble you got into with your father, you always stuck up for me.”
“Well, the others always said I had too soft a heart. I just think the other kids spent too much time listening to Dad's cynical point of views.”
“I agree with you on that score.”
“Well, every one has a soft heart when it comes to you Mom, even Urs.”
“Oh, speaking of Urs, he is coming over tonight, I forgot to tell you, I am not sure, but I think he might be staying the night.”
“Oh, Mom, that's wonderful news. And Sebastien is coming over too, I hope that is ok.”
“Oh my, all the Divos in my house again, wow wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
They all walked to the kitchen to make coffee when the doorbell rang.

Jaydie and Darla flew down the hallway, it was like a batlle to see who could get to the door first, Darla won.
Making sure she looked alright, she took a deep breath and opened the door.
There on the other side, was Urs.
Darla invited him in, and turned to see Jaydie looking really disaapointed, Melissa and Leona had flown to their room to put on a touch of make up.
“Seb is coming, sweet, he just had to do a few things first, Oh don't look like that.”
Jaydie looked so much younger when she pouted like that, and Urs thought it was the cutest thing. Esp considering what she was wearing.........what on earth?
Urs couldn't help it, he burst out laughing.
Jaydie looked at him, smiling.
Putting her hands on her hips, she gave him a mock glare.
“Are you laughing at me?”
Urs put his hand over his mouth to try and stifle the laugh that was bubbling away from his throat, but he couldn't, and he joined Darla, who was pressed against his side, trying to keep her balance by hanging on to him while having hysterics.
Jay was overjoyed. She had wanted to get a reaction, now that she ALL the guys would be here, she hoped for more, now for Seb.........
The bell rang.
Urs managed to stop laughing long enough to open the door for Seb, David and Carlos, and in bafflement they asked what the fuss was about.
Jaydie had fled to the kictchen to make coffee.
Seb looked from Urs to Darla, wondering what they had missed.
Darla showed them toward the living room, asking if the would like a drink.
David and Carlos both said no, they were taking Melissa and Leona for a walk along the pier. The girls came down and they left.
Urs said he would like a drink of cold water, Seb said he would try a coffee with buttercream.
Jaydie walked out.
“Hey Seb, hey Urs, how do you like your coffee?”
Seb turned towrds her.
“I'll have mine”
“What on earth is that you're wearing?”
That started off a fresh round off laughter.

Seb burst out laughing when she spun around a blew a kiss at him, he couldn't bleieve that the woman he met today could look so young with just a hairstyle and PJ's.
Jaydie twirled around, batting her eyelashes and singing in a pebbles voice, let the sunshine in.
Cracking people up was something she loved doing. She knew she had a talent for it. Urs was rolling around around on the floor laughing, holding his side, Seb's face was wet with his tears of laughter, and Darla had to rush for the bathroom.
After everything had settled down Seb asked what had been on his mind all day.
“Jaydie, what do you do for a living?”
“I write children's books, I have one series so far. Although I have ideas for another. And I have just finished my 6th single book.”
“That's great, after tonight I was thinking you must do something with kids.”
“Well, I will always be a big kid at heart, come, I will show you.”
Leaving Urs and Darla to talk amongst themselves, Jaydie took Seb's hand and led him toward the bedroom.
Darla called out as they were going, “Don't you 2 get into any mischief, I want that door left open.”
Jaydie stuck her tongue out at her Mom, then made kissing sounds at Urs, and made them both laugh.
Seb walked in and blinked, looking around at all the teddy bears, stuffed toys, and disney characters on the walls, and nodded.
“Yes, I can see what you mean about been a big kid at heart, I imagine this is what my daughter's room will look like when I have kids. What is that wall blank for?”
“That is a painting wall, in our old house we had one, the rooms are designed exactly the same way, I think it is Mom's way of saying she wants us to come home. I want to move back here, I love Australia, of course, but I miss home, I miss Mom. Jake does think about coming back sometimes, but he won't act on it. Don't tell Mom, but Jake and I discussed it before we came here, and I have decided that at the end of the month I will see if I still miss it and tell Mom I'm coming home.”
“She will be thrilled. Anyone could see the strong bond you have, what made you decide to leave home anyway?”
“Jake. We always had the twin bond and I could never have thought about been apart from him, not that far, he was selected to be an international student, they were going to send him to Spain, but somehow it ended up been Australia. He loved it so much after the year was up he wanted to be there permanately and I moved with him.”
“So what are you going to paint on the wall?”
“Oh yes, I was saying, both Jake and I paint, so one day he decided that he was going to paint a picture on his wall of a beach scene we had had, the only one that we can ever remember Dad coming with us. He spent weeks painting it, would not allow anyone to enter his room. Dad was on a business trip at the time so he didn't know anything about it. Jake finished it on the day Dad got home, and freaked. Dad ordered him to Remove it, but Jake wouldn't, he stood firm, and in the end every one of the kids room had a painting, the same scene, of us on the beach. It was a happy day.”
“And that is what you are going to paint on this wall?”
“No, on this wall will be my own husband and kids, our own happy day.”
“That will be nice for you, got anyone in mind?”
“I don't know, you want to be a contender?”
“I want to be the only one in the running.”
“Really? Well, seeing as no one else has entered the race, you win.”

Meanwhile, Back with Mom
After Jaydie had left, Urs pulled Darla into his arms and gave her a long lingering kiss.
“I have wanted to do that since I left today. I can't believe how much you are driving me crazy, you're a vixen, Darla my sweet, you have me hooked.”
Darla breathed into his mouth, and he moaned.
“I don't need to tell you how I feel about you, me been an Uber should tell you everything you need to know.”
“How about we go someplace more private, like your room?”
“I think that would be the perfect place, yes.”
Hand in hand, they walked up to Darla's room, and they walked inside, Urs shutting the door and locking it.
Urs pulled her into his arms and with a pasiion she had never felt before from any man nibbled along her neck, placing a kiss lightly on her earlobe, then Kissed her forehead.
She kissed him back. Lightly at first, then with a passion that left them both reeling and gasping for air.
Whispering in his ear, she made a suggestion to him and his eyes darkened almost to black.
“To do that, we would have to remove our clothes, any objections?”
“None what so ever.”
They spent an hour exploring each other in a way that was so foreign to Darla, never before had a man so litrally swept her off her feet, and she intended to enjoy this night, very much.

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PostSubject: Re: Urs's Unbeatable Uber By: JJ (Sebskittie)   Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:46 am


Jaydie walked out of the kitchen to get a drink for herself and Seb, and found that Urs and Darla were not there. She smiled as she took a quick glance up the stairs, thinking that this might be the start of 4 beautiful relationships.

Meanwhile at the Pier.
David and Leona were sitting at the opposite end of the Pier to Carlos and Melissa, already a few of the fans had recognized them, and had asked for autographs. They gladly signed some Autographs while the girls looked on, then moved on themselves.
As the gilrs had spent so long apart as a group they spent about an hour together then split.
David and Leona were holding hands, they weren't talking much but the comfortable silence that surrounded them meant that neither wanted to break it, and Leona was just quite content to be with David, and Visa Versa.
Melissa on the other hand, been the curious bubbly person she was had plenty to say, and lots to ask.
“Calos, is it always like this for you, been rocognized everywhere you go, having fans come up all the time?”
“Yes, pretty much in every country we get recognized but a few places not so much. We love all our fans though and would never deny them the right to get to know us as people, not just singers. They see us dressed in tux and Armani all the time on stage but on breaks, like now, we are just ordinary people.”
“With your fame though, it must get hard sometimes.”
“Not for me. I am such an out there person, my nature, I am the one always willing to do a dare or take up a challenge, if I spent an hour with my fans surrounding me every day on breaks I would love it. The others are a little less like me, or I should say a lot. Seb of course is super friendly, loves people and adores children, he I think wouldn't mind spending a lot of time with fans, David acts the joker but privately he loves his privacy, and spending time alone with his family. Urs is the one that protects his privacy the most. He loves people, and he doesn't mind signing Autographs on breaks, but he likes to be alone with his bikes and spending time with his family. He is lonely, I think, that is why I think your Aunt is going to be good for him.”
“Oh yes, Aunt is a big Uberbabe, she adores Urs. The way that Urs seemed to have goggleeyes over her today proves that. And she was hanging off every word he said. Yep, if it goes somewhere they will make an awesome couple.”
“What do you think about Leona and David, they seemed quite content with each other.”
“Oh Yes, Leona has been super lonely, she is saving for a trip to Europe and she works 18 hour days at her job to save enough money for it, it doesn't give her a lot of time to see friend or date. She says she's married to her job but I think deep down she is very unhappy, David I hope can change that. Since David broke up with Kylie he hasn't dated anyone has he?”
“No, it was a very public breakup, her dumping him like she did, if that were you would you want to try again for awhile?”
“No, I think it was horrid what she did, and David is such a lovely guy I don't see how anyone could do that.”
“I don't either, but I think the way David went red at the mention of Leona when Seb retorted at him and I mentioning both of you gives me a good indication of where things are heading in that direction.”
“Which is awesome, by the way.”
“And Seb, I have never seen anyone look so sweet as Seb when he blushed. And you doing your famous eyebrow wiggle in his direction wasn't nice, you know. Jaydie at home turned to mush at the sight of Seb blushing over her.”
Carlos did his eyebrow wiggle at her and she swooned. Carlos was there to catch her in his arms. And then he kissed her.
“Now, we have talked about the others, let's talk about us and where we're heading........”

Other end of the Pier.
David looked at Leona, smiling at the sight of the waves crashing onto the shore with the moonlight's reflection glowing on her face, and he gave a small sigh of pleasure.
Turning to look at him, Leona saw him glancing at her in a way that turned her heart to jelly, and she swayed into him.
David put his arms around her and pulled her to him.
Now that they were both wrapped in each other, they used the opportunity to start talking.
“You know most about me from the book, I guess, and what you see with me been on stage as a singer, but I want you to get to know me, Leona, the me off stage, the me around my friends and family. I don't usually take any notice to flights of fancy or romantic notions of prince charming and all that stuff, but I am willing to put all that aside and take a chance with you, how do you feel about me, Leona, not the me as a famous singer, but me, as David?”
“David, I have always been a Diva, I liked you right from the start, you have a quality that is uniquely your own. You and the other guys never try to make out that you are better as a musical group than anyone else. You embrace your mistakes and learn from them, and when things happen, like Seb losing his shoe, you don't get angry and let it affect you, you just move on with things. I love that side of you as performers. You though, as David, I can't answer that, because I don't know you yet as just David, but I would like to, you said you wanted to take a chance with me, and the feeling is mutual. Let's take a chance David, please?”
The look of pure joy on David's face let her know that she has said the only thing David had wanted to hear.
They sealed their very new relationship as a couple with a kiss.

Urs looked at Darla, who was sleeping beside him, and thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life. She had had a hard life, she had told him a little about what she and her kids had been through with her ex husband and it made his blood boil. He didn't have kids of his own but he knew that if he and Dalra did work out that he would make sure all her kids were always protected and provided for.
Hopefully, they would be able to have one of their own, and adopt. He had always been a big believer of taking care of widows and orphans and he had already placed two single mothers and their children in a block of apartments he had bought, he had 4 more apartments to fill and knew also that that would be for the underpriveliged, for the people who had had a bad start in life and wanted a better future for themselves and their children.
They lived there rent free, and Urs wouldn't have it any other way.
He wanted to adopt 2 children of his own, a boy and a girl.
He wondered how Darla would feel about it.
His Grandmother had given him a very special gift before she had passed on, knowing that it was important to her that it be handed down to the daughter in laws in every generation. He only had sisters so it had been passed on to him been the only son.
It had been handed down to his father for his Mother and now it was handed on to him.
It was his Grandmother's engagement ring.
His Mother was still alive but when his father had passed away she had wanted him to take it and put it in a special place, not thinking it would take this long for him to find “THE ONE.”
Now he had, and after only knowing her for a mere few hours knew that he had found his soulmate, and that if he didn't take the plunge now he might never do so.
“You look deep in thought, penny for them.”
Urs started, looking down into the face of his beloved, and knew now was the time, even at the risk of scaring her.
“I was actually thinking of my Grandmother, how she gave me a special gift before she passed on to go to the holy Father in Heaven, and that is a ring.”
“A ring?”
“Yes, it is a special ring that my Grandfather gave to her a day after they had met, they were married for 56 years before they passed on. They married only a week after they had met. It was her engagement ring.”
“56 years? Marriages like that are very hard to come by, my parents were married for 48 years, I was born 2 years into their marriage, they passed on last year, my Mother died from cancer, she was only 71 when she died. My Father was 76, he died from a stroke, I believe it was caused by my mother going, it was only 5 months later that he died. They were origionally from France, so we buried them there, my children Lydia and Luke look after their graves.”
“I am sorry.”
“ Don't be. They are together now, and both at peace.”
“That is what I wish for, more than anything, peace.”
“What do you think will give you that peace?”
“Yes, my darling, you, don't you know what you have done to me, you make me feel things I have never felt before, gosh, you have me excited again, I could never get sick of loving you.”
“Oh Urs, I want you again, come here and love me!!!!!!!!!!!”
“I will, But first I have something to ask you,I hope that me doing this is ok with you.”
Urs pulled the covers off and walking completely naked over to her and kneeling on his knees, Urs took her hand.
“My darling love, I love you, I have loved you all day, and I never thought I would do this, but, will you marry me?”
Darla could not believe what she was seeing, she wasn't looking at Urs face when she answered, “Oh my, keep on growing like that for me and you can take me to Vegas tomorrow. I love you Urs, I always have, you have my heart, now take my body, it's aching for you, of course I will marry you.”
Urs didn't have to be asked twice. His swollen member was aching for her and he just couldn't wait, he entered his new fiancee with a thrust that had them both gasping.
They were now joined as one.

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PostSubject: Re: Urs's Unbeatable Uber By: JJ (Sebskittie)   Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:47 am


Jaydie picked up the drinks and took them back to her room.
It had been so long since her Mom was happy, Jaydie thought as she walked down the hallway. She was young and could handle it if this was all Seb wanted from her, but for her Mom, the woman she loved most in the world, she just prayed Urs would do the right thing by her, and not lead her on.
If he did, he would have 6 angry kids to deal with.
Standing in her doorway, she saw Seb sitting up on the windowsill, looking out into the night sky.
Going over to him, she nibbled his ear and he jumped.
“Sorry, I was thinking.”
“Anything in particular?”
Seb got down on his knees and took a gulp of water to ease his parched throat. Seb was a very romantic person and tended to lead with his heart on more occasions than he would have liked to admit, and for that, he had had his heart broken more times than he cared to admit, and even though his heart was racing, he knew he had to take the chance that this time it would be different.
“Yes, I am thinking about............”
Both Jaydie and Seb started, and turned to see Melissa and Carlos and David and Leona in the doorway of Jaydie's room.
Jaydie had forgotten to close the door.
Of course, David's shout got reached to Darla's room and both bolted down to see what was the matter while Seb was still down on his knees holding Jaydie's hand. The blush on Seb's face and the scarlet red on Jaydie's was a dead giveaway and Darla shouted.
Not knowing where to look, Seb hid his face and Jaydie patted him on the shoulder.
“If he was about to propose, you all interrupted, and seeing it is me Seb was speaking to, I would really like to hear what he has to say.”
Seb looked up to see everyone walking into the room.
Darla took charge.
“Ok, troops, everybody out, this is for my daughter and son in law only, or at least I hope after this speech you have planned Seb that it will be heading towards you been my son in law?”
“If everybody ends up clearing off I might be able to discuss it.”
“Now Seb, that's no way to talk to my Mom, she is only trying to help.” This came from Jaydie.
Seb smiled sheepishly.
“I am sorry Darla, really I am. Please forgive me.”
“It's ok, Seb. Now, everybody out!!! March!!!”
Darla shut the door firmly behind her.
Seb wanted to wait until he was sure they had all left, and was waiting......
Darla and Urs had entered the kitchen when they heard this remark and marched back to see everybody outside the room.
“Come on, guys, give the poor man some privacy. You know how sensitive he is and he would want to get this right. You know how hurt he's been in the past, leave them in peace.”
Carlos sighed. David coughed in embarressment, and the 2 girls looked shamefaced.
Everyone eventually wandered away from the door.

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“Seb, are you going to tell me what it is you wanted to say, or are you going to keep me in suspense?”
Seb looked at Jaydie, and he shook his head.
The others had put him off, and even though he knew he wanted to do it, he wasn't so sure now that he could.
Jaydie waited patiently, knowing this was hard for him. She knew about his break up with Emily just before he had Joined IL DIVO, she also knew that that had hurt him badly to know that she had run out on him to join another man in the life of luxery just because at that stage Seb was having money problems of his own.
Jaydie closed her eyes at the wave of pain that shot through her, thinking about the early childhood life Seb had led, no brothers and sisters to play with and having to struggle every day.
Jaydie opened her eyes to see Seb looking at her and she blinked away the tears that were threatening to fall.
“What is it?”
“I am sorry, I was just thinking about your childhood. I remember times when I would have loved to be in your shoes, and had Mom all to myself. But growing up in a big family was a blessing I didn't realize I had until we all moved to different countries. Coming back together today, it made me realize just how blessed I really am. I couldn't imagine not having anyone to talk to, to call, not having any brothers or sisters to lean on in the hard times. How did you manage all these years?”
“Oh, I had friends, like Benji, I could rely on, he IS my brother, in all the ways that count. You can make your own family, Jaydie, I was fortunate enough to make a friend who let his family be mine, and I got to expereince it through his eyes, so I got lonely sometimes, but not to the extent that some people do.”
“Oh, I am glad about that. I love my family, and I just couldn't imagine been without them.”
“I always said to Mamon that I wanted to marry into a big family. I want to have lots of kids and have lots of grandchildren, to make up for what I lacked in my own childhood.”
“I have a big family.”
“Yes, I know, and your family is a lovely lively bunch, who I could see myself been very happy been a part of. And your Mom is an absolute legend. She is the type I would see myslef holding their hand and singing to at a concert of ours. When you go to our concert, I might do that. What do you think she would say?”
“She would be thrilled. And she did say she could see you becoming her son in law.”
Seb looked deep into Jaydie's eyes and pictured his children in them. They were happy, he knew it could come true.
“Are you hinting at something with that remark?”
Jaydie batted her lashes and put on a mock innocent face.
“MOI, hint at something, what could that possibly be?”
“Hmm, maybe it could be the fact that your mother DID make that comment only a few moments ago. And that everybody thought I was proposing, which maybe I was and maybe I wasn't. And that you have everything I am looking for in a woman that I can see. You are a beautiful woman Jaydie, not just on the physical side, but heartwise. You love children, you have a big family, you are sensitive and love making people laugh. I have the feeling you try to help the underdog whenever you can and love seeing people achieve their visions and goals. You had tears in your eyes thinking of my childhood and saw the child inside that suffered. I have, in only one day, fallen totally hook line and sinker in love with you, and I couldn't imagine leaving here and not having you by my side the rest of my life. Gosh, in one day, does it really happen that fast?”
“Of course, Seb, I believe God puts people in places and situations for these very reasons. Everyone has a soulmate, so many people are lonely and searching for what we've found. There is a song, and it says it perfectly, it is called soulmate, and that song before today related to the struggles I had with lonliness and feeling like I might never find that one, but I have with you.”
“Jaydie, my darling, Will you do me the greatest honour of accepting this proposal, as bumbled as it was?”
“Are you asking me to marry you?”
“I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?”
“Yes, Yes, I will.”

It had been a week now since Seb had proposed to Jaydie. They had only known each other for that one day, but Jaydie had loved him long before that, and had had no hesitation in saying yes. Knowing that sometimes the longest lasting marriages are the ones that start by a whirlwind romance.
They had gone to Vegas to get married, not wanting to be in the public eyes at the moment. Jaydie had asked Seb not to introduce her to the fans until they had had a few weeks to spend together to get to know each other, and fall in love even more deeply.
They were now staying at a hotel in Vegas, the other guys and the 3 girls of course going with them.
Darla had been so happy to see her daughter walk up on the arm of Carlos. Knowing her daughter loved all the guys, and not wanting any to miss out on a part in the wedding, David and Urs had a the best men, Melissa and Leona bridesmaids, and Darla of course mother of the bride.
They had had an Elvis impersonater singing love me tender while they had exchanged the vows and afterwards had a little reception in their room with the guys singing unchained melody in Acapella before calling it a night with Darla catching the bouquet, looking at Urs with a wink and a smile.
Urs and Darla had stayed on in Vegas while David had decided to fly Leona to meet his parents in Colarado and Carlos and Melissa flying to New York to spend a week at her apartment together to see where their relationship was heading.
As the guys had to head to London to do a promo there before getting a 2 month break, they were happy to be apart for this amount of time.
Jaydie had called Jake to tell him the news. He had been upset at first, until she had explained to him that it it was only until Seb and Her could take the time to plan a big wedding and have a proper honeymoon. In that wedding the fans would be included.
Jake knew how important it was to Jaydie to wait until marriage to give herself to her husband so he had agreed it was the right thing to do.
Darla and Urs had no such inhabitions, whatsoever, and had been locked in their room making love on and off all week, taking breaks only to shower and eat a few meals.
Urs and Darla were in their room, laying together after another bout of intense love making, when Urs decided to take a shower, asking if Darla wanted to join him.
She of course had had hesitation in saying yes.
Turning the water on full blast, Urs made sure the tempurature was right for them both before stepping under the spray.
He held Darla close to him as he made sure her hair was wet before lathering it with shampoo, massaging it into her scalp and running his hand up and down her spine.
After the shampoo was washed out, Urs reached for the bodywash, Darla giving a gasp as the coldness of it hit her skin.
Urs grinned and he ran his hands down all around her breasts, paying particular attention to her nipples, and Darla shook with pleasure.
He then ran his hands down lower, wanting to give her the ultimate pleasure he could with his fingers, and found the place he was looking for.
Darla moaned as he started to rub gently, feeling her getting hotter and hotter, wetter and wetter, and he started to rub faster and faster, she gripped his hand tight as he bought her to the peak of orgasm, then moved his hand away, washing the saop off her body.
“Urs, I need it, please, you moved your hand away too soon, please........”
Urs smiled at her, whispering that what his hand had started he could finish with his tongue, and that bought her over the edge, he cried out his name.
He picked her up and bought her back to the bedroom, finishing what he started, as he said he would.
Both lay satisfied afterwards, and drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

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PostSubject: Re: Urs's Unbeatable Uber By: JJ (Sebskittie)   Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:49 am


Urs couldn't believe how much he missed her, it had only been 2 days since they had come back to london, and yet he missed her like crazy.
“What's with you, as if we can't guess?”
David poked Urs in the ribs, waking him from his glum mood.
“Nothing is wrong with me, go away.”
“You mean, no one is with you, don't you?”
Urs gave David a dirty look, and Daivd went off, shrugging his shoulders.
David wanted to call Leona, very badly, but had stopped himself, wanting to see Seb first.
David knocked on Seb's door, which he answered.
“What's up?” Seb asked, turning off the TV.
“What's with Urs?”
“Oh, he misses Da......I mean Mom.”
“You are really getting used to the married life, aren't you?” David laughed, seeing the glow on Seb's face.
“You know, I never thought it was possible, but after just 2 weeks, I couldn't imagine my life without her, and Darla adores all her kids, I always wanted to marry into a big family, and I got my wish, I think Urs too realizes he wants to be in the same family.”
“Well, I wanted to speak to you about that.”
“Yes, you are now married to Jaydie, and I think it's wonderful, and Urs is falling hard for Darla, maybe already in love with her, which I am so happy about, he deserves it, as do you, and Carlos has definitely moved in the right direction with Melissa, he has called her already about 17 times since we've been here, well, if I go in the same direction with Leona, well..........”
“I don't think it matters. We over the last 5 years have grown as close as brothers, we are always going to be there for each other, I know you wanted to talk me out of marrying Jaydie, but you stuck by me, and I am grateful for that, if we all fall in love with women from the same family, even though Leona isn't, you know, but the 4 of them are as close as so you may as well say she is, then that is the way it was meant to be.”
“Well, I suppose we made a world first crossing pop with opera, why stop with just that, huh?”
“Exactly, now go and call Leona, she will be waiting for you to.”
“I will go and do that right now.”
Urs looked at his watch, wondering if she would be up yet, would he be disturbing her, would the phone wake them both, should he call?
All these thoughts were turning around in his head when he heard a knock on his door.
He opened it to see Seb.
“You have waited too long, pick up the phone and call her, stop just staring at it, it isn't going to bite you.”
“What makes you think she wants to talk to me?”
Seb looked at him as if he had 2 heads.
“Urs, I might have only known my Mother in law for 2 weeks but if she's anything like her daughter, and they are inseparable so you know the answer to that, then you will be in more trouble if you don't call than if you do.”
Urs looked at Seb and sighed.
“You're right, I know you are, it's just........”
Seb nodded in understanding.
“It's just the doubts are creeping in, will it work, does she miss me, with me not there is she fine, does she really want to be with me?”
“Right, exactly.”
“There is only one way to know that.”
“Call her?”

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PostSubject: Re: Urs's Unbeatable Uber By: JJ (Sebskittie)   Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:50 am


Urs didn't take Seb's advise, he had decided that since it had made Seb and Jaydie so happy and they had now been married for a month that he would plan to have his marriage to Darla in a nice graden setting in his parents house in Switzerland.
The other guys did not know that Urs was planning anything like that, they had thought that after Seb had spoken to him that he had called Darla, as Urs was looking so at peace.
It had been 3 weeks since they had come to London, it was only meant to be for a few days but the management had called them in on other issues and they had had to stay to get it all cleared up.
David HAD taken Seb's advise and called Leona, and they had had a 3 hour conversation that night followed by an hour every other night. Until they had finally decided that when they had their break that David would go to stay with her in Canada, where she was living at that time, the break for them started that day, after one last meeting with the management.
Carlos was planning to stay with Melissa in New York and if all hopefully went well in 5 months maybe move in together.
Seb of course was flying back out to America that night to stay with his wife and Mother in law, he had spoken to his mother about it when she had shockingly flown in from Paris to spend a few days with him at his london apartment. He had told her all about Jaydie, just from the words she word him speak about Jaydie and the love evident in his voice she knew she would like Jaydie very much.
Urs kept the plans he was making to himself, not wanting to spoil the suprsie, hoping that Darla would forgive him for not calling her since leaving once she found out that his affection and love for her would be evident in what he hoped would be just a few short weeks, she had already said yes to marry him, now he just had to put the ring on her finger so the whole world would know she was his.
Dalra layed on the couch, the 100th tissue of that day floating down to meet the other 99.
“I just don't understand it, I really thought we had something special, the way he touched me, and the way he opened up to me that he said he never did with anyone else. We talked for hours, about our hopes and dreams, he told me he wanted children one day, wanted to adopt. I imagined giving you another brother or sister, been pregnant with Urs baby would have been wonderful, now though.......”
“I know Mom, I can't believe Urs would do this, he never seemed the type to pull a stunt like this, and I hate seeing you so upset but Mom, Seb will be back today, in a few hours, we can see if Urs is with him.”
“Oh, I don't know if I would want him to be, I love him, but it seems like he doesn't love me.....”
They heard a knock on the door and Jay went to answer it.
“Hello, are you Miss Darla Preston?”
“No, that's my Mom, but I can sign for them.”
Darla watched Jaydie walk back in with a huge bunch of roses, red, yellow white and purple.
“Oh, oh my, Seb is so sweet to send you those.”
“They aren't for me, but for you.”
“Oh Oh there from Urs!!!!”
Darla jumped up and down and Jaydie was so happy until she saw the smile slip from Darla,s face and sit down heavily on the seat.
“What is it, Mom?”
Without a word, Darla handed over the card.

My Dearest Darla,
I have had such a wonderful time with you. You made me realize just how much I want a marriage of my own and children, I am going to my parents house in Switzerland to arrange for this to happen, and I hope you can understand why I had to say this with a letter and not in person, time is of the upmost importance and I want this wedding to be perfect.
I am sorry if I hurt you by not calling you, I only hope you can forgive me, and that I will see you in a few shorts weeks, until then, my Dear, think of me with fondness.


Jaydie stared at the note, shocked.
“He is going to marry someone else?”
Darla looked up glumly.
“That's what it sounds like.”
“Oh Mom, I don't believe that, he must have meant he was going to prepare for You and his wedding.”
“Oh Jaydie, read the note, he says nothing about love, this is a break up letter, think of me fondly? That has I don't want you anymore written all over it.”
Watching her Mother sitting on the couch suffering, Jaydie's blood started to boil.
The next knock on the door was Seb.

Darla opened the door to see Seb and burst into a fresh set of tears.
“Mom? What is it?”
Seb gently took Darla in his arms as she rested her head against his chest, sobbing.
“It's Urs, he didn't call, I am so embarressed, I thought he loved me, but he didn't.”
“What do you mean he never called, I thought he.........He said he was planning something, to tell you when I got here he would see you in a few weeks........of all the dumb things........I don't know what to say.”
“You don't have to say anything, Urs already said it, with a note, and a bunch of flowers.”
Darla showed Seb the note, and as he finished reading it his heart began to thump in anger, just what was Urs trying to pull here?
Urs sat down at his parents house, they told him that they would not be there to meet him as they were staying with friends in town but to make himself at home.
He missed Darla desperately, and knew that Darla would most likely be crying over the fact he hadn't called, and he prayed that she would busrt with happiness when she got the flowers and the proposal note he had sent.
He knew that Seb would have just gotten back and..............OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Urs shot up off the bed and grabbed the phone.
Urs prayed he would not be too late, how could he be so stupid????
Jaydie was in the room boiling, she had heard the doorbell ring, but was not budging out of thei........HER room as long as she was in this mood.
She had thought Seb was different, nice and a gentleman, but he would have had to have known what Urs was planning, and that means he was in on hurting her Mom and her all along, just playing them for fools.
Her concience spoke to her, and she tried to block it out but couldn't.
How could Seb had known what Urs was up to?? It taunted her.
You know your husband, he would never delibrately hurt you, or your Mom, you know all the work he does, and think of AMTM, how kind he is to his fans, you know he could never hurt you like that.
Jaydie tried to shoo it away, this conience voice, but it wasn't through correcting her.
Get off your bed and stop acting like a little girl. You are married now, and you have responsibilities. And one of them is to stop acting like a 2 year old, and get to the bottom of why Urs has done this. Stop blaming your husband for Urs mistake.
Her phone rang, she looked at the ID and couldn't believe it when she saw the name Urs.
She flipped open her phone and whispered a quiet hello.
Urs looked at the phone, wondering if there could be something wrong with it. And again he said hello, this time hearing Jaydie as she whispered hello back.
“Jaydie, it's me, Urs, and why are you whispering?”
“Because I don't want Mom or Seb to hear. What do you want, anyway? You hurt Mom badly. I thought you were different, and Seb.........”
“That's why I called. I didn't want you going off at him. Look, I didn't tell him or any of the others what I was planning, I told him to tell Darla I would be back in a few weeks. Please, don't take it out on Seb, he loves you, and he doesn't deserve to be yelled at for something he didn't do.”
Jaydie hung her head in shame. Was her temper that bad lately that even people who didn't know her that well could tell what she was thinking?
“I am sorry, Urs, I was going to go off at him. But if he has nothing to do with it........”
“He doesn't.”
“Well, what is your excuse then? Why did you tell Mom in a note you were breaking up with her?”
Urs choked on a sip of water.
Jaydie frowned.
“You know, the flowers you sent, and the note, the break up letter.”
“Oh Jaydie, I must be more of an idiot than I thought, that wasn't at all a break up letter, that was a proposal.”
“THAT WAS A PROPOSAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Jaydie shouted with joy, and heard running outside her room.
“Jaydie honey? Are you alright? Jaydie, can you hear me?”
“Oh Urs, Seb and Mom are outside the door, what do I do?”
“Let them in.”
Jaydie opened the door, and Love filled her heart.
How could she have ever thought of yelling at this wonderful man, who had the sweetest look of concern for her, she couldn't, her heart melted, and she smiled.
Seb smiled back, and picked her up, and she didn't see her Mother enter the room behind them.
“Oh Seb, I have the most wonderful news, Urs proposed to Mom.”
Darla stood rooted to the spot. Shaking her head to clear it, then yelled, causing Jaydie to spin around in fright.
Jaydie, without a word, picked up her phone, handed it to Darla, and pulling on Seb's hand, left her room, pulling the door quietly closed behind her.

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PostSubject: Re: Urs's Unbeatable Uber By: JJ (Sebskittie)   Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:52 am


Darla stood there looking at the dorr, the phone forgotten in her hand momentarily.
Shaking her head to clear it, she slowly raised the phone to her ear and whispered a quiet hello.
Realizing Urs would not have heard her, she cleared her throat and said hello again.
“Darla, my sweet Darla, I have missed you. You wouldn't believe how much I missed you, my darling.............are you there?”
Darla was lost as his voice swept over the phone line as if they had no distance between them and she sighed.
“Oh Urs, I have been so worried, you never called, why didn't you call?”
“Oh sweetie, I wanted to do something romantic, I thought it would be romantic, but I just made a big mess of things, did you get the flowers I sent?”
“Yes, and the break up note.”
“It wasn't a break up note. Let me explain. When we were at Las Vegas, at Seb and Jaydie's wedding, I saw the happiness on Seb's face. I always expected that when Seb got married it would be a huge do, all get out, but he was just so happy doing a simple wedding because it made him happy just to be married at all. Just because he loves Jaydie so much. I want the same thing with you, my love. I was going to arrange it all, I am at my parents house now in Switzerland. I wanted to arrange my family and yours been here, get the garden ready and everything, but then I realized I had to call Jaydie and let her know, because I didn't want her yelling at Seb for something he knew nothing about. I didn't think, my love, I honestly thought that the note and the flowers, well, that you would see I was asking you to marry me again, I am so sorry I stuffed it all up.”
Darla couldn't help the tears of Joy that sprung to her eyes, HE STILL WANTED TO MARRY HER!!!!!
“I love you Urs, I never stopped. But you hurt me, badly. You never let me know what you were planning and I had enough of been controlled with my ex husband. He made every plan without consulting me, and when I did try to stand up and say it wasn't what I wanted he belittled me until I had no fight left. I don't want that Urs and I won't start another marriage on it. I am sorry, but I won't marry you until I know I can trust you to make me an equal partner, include me in every plan, and not control everything in our lives. I respect the right for you to have privacy Urs, even in a marriage that is needed for both parties, but how did you know that was the type of wedding I wanted? I only wanted to be with you.”
“Oh Darling, I only wanted........I am so sorry, please darling, give me another chance, I promise I will make it up to you, I love you.”
“Then may I make a suggestion?”
“Please, of course, anything.”
“Let's not wait. I believe you when you say you're sorry, but know that I will never be controlled again. I will be your wife but I will also be my own woman and if you can't accept that tell me now.”
“I can accept that. I love you my darling, and I promise you I will never be such an idiot again.”
“You aren't an idiot Urs, just a little misguided. How about doing the same thing Seb and Jaydie did? Get married in Vegas, spend a few months together with your family so I can get to know them, and if we feel we would like to, making the decision together, get married in front of your family and friends?”
Urs was very excited at the prospect of that.
“Darling, meet me in Vegas, I will be there on Thursday.”
“We will leave tonight.”
“Ok, I love you.”
“I love you too, I have to tell my kids here, I will see you soon, bye.”
Jaydie and Seb were sitting cuddled up on the sofa watching a lassie re run on TV when Darla walked out, and both looked up.
“Get your bags packed, lovies, we are off to Vegas.”
Seb groaned.

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PostSubject: Re: Urs's Unbeatable Uber By: JJ (Sebskittie)   Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:52 am


Darla and Jaydie both looked Seb's way, wondering exactly why he would be groaning.
“Come on, guys, I just got off a plane to london, that's a lot of hours in the air and I had plans of having a quiet night, snuggling with my wife, now I have to get back on a plane to Vegas, just great.”
Darla felt sorry for him. She went over, sat on the sofa next to him and gave him a hug.
“I know it is asking a lot, but Urs has asked me to marry him, and we are getting married on Thursday, and I wanted to spend a bit of time there in case he got in early. But if you don't feel you are up to it.........”
“Mom, he is always up to it, and up for it, aren't you sweets?”
Jaydie looked at her husband, winked and gave him a sweet smile.
Seb groaned again and hid his face in a cushion.
Jaydie looked over at her Mother and winked.
“Well, I might have been wrong, Mom. My husband now seems to be experincing his first performance problem.”
Seb looked over at Jaydie in confusion.
“What does that mean? Performance problem, on a plane, I thought we were going to Vegas, not performing.”
Jaydie just shook her head.
“There are a lot of things I still have to teach you, I see. When I say performance problem, I don't mean performing for a crowd.”
“If not performing for a crowd, then performing for..............oh.”
Seb looked very uncomfortable between the 2 laughing ladies, and decided now was the perfect time to pack.
Watching him walk very quickly down the hallway, they both looked at each other and laughed again.
“And that is the way you get a man to pack.”
“You're right about that, Mom, nothing works better at getting a man to do what you want than talking about intimatcy in fornt of his mother in law, not that Seb has ever had a performance problem, mind you. But it was fun to watch him squirm.”
The 2 parted ways and Jaydie opened the door to their room, seeing Seb was already packed.
“That was cute dear, but I will get you back for it.”
Jaydie batted her eyelashes at him, and how will that be?”
Seb walked over and whispered something in her ear that made her knees go weak.
He pulled on her hand and walked to the bed, pushing his bag to the floor.
“Seb, I have to pack, Mom will already be making the arrangements to leave.”
“Oh well, then, I will just give you a taste of what is to come later.”
With that, he dipped her onto the bed, and kissed her.
He slid down her PJ bottoms and took her top off, pinning her arms above her head.
Looking into her eyes, he slowly kissed down her neck and between the valley of her breasts. Flicking his tongue over the left breast before before taking the nipple into his mouth, making her gasp in pleasure.
Doing the same to the other breast,he continued downwards, over her stomach and down her navel, reaching his ultimate destination.
She opened her legs wider, the juices starting to seep out from her opening, getting them both excited.
He flicked his tongue over her bikini line a few times before moving in for the prize, which made her back arch, a sigh of extreme pleasure escaping between her teeth.
Matching the movement of his tongue, she rotated her hips and felt the first twinges of her orgasm building.
He felt her coming closer and picked up speed, Knowing soon he would hear that beautiful cry of his name coming out of her mouth, wanting to hear it, or in fact, needing to.
He wasn't disaapointed, She went completely still, then she cried out his name, over and over she cried, until she went limp. She fell back onto the bed, a smile on her face, the aftershocks still making her body tremble.
Seb looked into her eyes, and smiled.
“Now what was that you said about performance problems?”
Jaydie threw a pillow at him and he laughed.

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PostSubject: Re: Urs's Unbeatable Uber By: JJ (Sebskittie)   Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:53 am


They had all decided as a group that because Seb had only just come off a plane that they would wait until Thursday to go to Vagas.
Urs had gotten in before them and was waiting for them at the airport. As soon as Darla saw him she jumped straight into his arms and Urs caught her, and spun her around in the air, making them both laugh out loud in delight.
After Seb and Urs had shaken hand and everything had calmed down, they went to have coffee at the airport cafe.
The young waitress walked out from the back room, tiredness written all over her face, stood at the counter and without looking at them asked what they wanted.
Urs spoke for them all.
“I would like to order...” was as far as he got before he saw the young waitresses head shoot up and give a loud squeak.
“Oh my gosh, you' my....”
Urs, who after 5 years was quite instinctive about knowing when a fan was going to faint, jumped over the counter and caught her before she fell. Her name tag read Cindy.
Looking up at Seb, who had the knowing glint in his eyes, rang the bell for service before also jumping over the counter, seeing a middle aged woman come flying out.
“What happened?”
“She fainted.”
“Oh, dear, let me get a damp cloth.”
Seb and Urs held the girls hands until the other woman Rita, came back, holding a damp cloth in her hands, which Urs took and gently laid on Cindy's forehead.
While all this was going on, Daral and Jaydie were watching, both knowing that this too would most likely be becoming a regular occurance in both of their lives.
Cindy came out of it slowly, blinking a few times before slowly focusing on Urs face.
“Oh my, it really is you.”
“It sure is, do you think you would be able to stand if we helped you up?”
Confusion passed over Cindy's face and she looked over to her left and saw Seb smiling down at her.
Gasping in a huge gulp of air, she willed herself not to pass out again.
“Oh my oh my oh my oh my, I am still in that dream from this morning, I have to be.”
Both Urs and Seb by sheer will managed to keep a straight face while they helped cindy to her feet.
After a few minutes collecting herself in the back room, while also recovering from extreme embarrassment, which her face showed clearly in the deep red it had bloomed in admitting her secret dream to them, she cleared her throat, and went out with her head held high.
“Can I take your order?”

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PostSubject: Re: Urs's Unbeatable Uber By: JJ (Sebskittie)   Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:55 am


Urs spoke up.
“Yes, cindy. We would like to order now, 4 lattes and four cheese scones to start off with, and then we'll go from there.”
“Fine. Your order will be ready in 10 minutes.”
Cindy ambled away to prepare the lattes and scones while Rita cleaned.
“So, this wedding is finally happening.” This came from Jaydie.
“Yes, it is. If I hadn't of been such an airhead I wouldn't have caused your mother so much suffering. I wanted it to be special, and I thought I was doing the right thing, but of course I am a man and make mistakes. So when I realized I had to do something to make up for it.”
Darla leaned over and Kissed his cheek.
“You did, my love. But I have an announcement to make, and I don't know how everyone is going to take it. I know that the purpose of this trip is to get married, and I still would like to marry you Urs, but not here. I know I was the one that was impatient and said I couldn't wait to marry you but it dawned on me that this was where my first husband and I got married. My first husband was a wonderful man, I had Michelle when I was 17 and married her father a year later. My parents weren't keen on the idea so we married I guess out of rebellion as well as love. We were only married 3 years before he had a boating accident. Jaydie at that time you and Jake were a year old. Getting married in Vegas doesn't sit right with me Urs, I hope you understand.”
“Of course I do. But we don't have anything else planned, what do you want to do?”
“Well, there is a place in the mountains where I used to live, in North Carolina, called the Woodfield Inn. It is a beautiful place, just right for the 8 of us..........WAIT!!!!!!!!! Has anyone thought to call David Carlos and the girls and tell them??”
“I did Mom, David and Carlos have both come down with gastro bugs, David claims it was something they must have eaten in London. They are both too ill to fly out, but said they want to be included, so to have it on speakerphone and videotaped.”
Darla rolled her eyes.
“Great, I'm going to be walked up the ailse by a phone. I wanted all the guys and girls there, I suppose the girls are staying to look after them?”
“You guessed it Mom.”
“Do you think we should put it off until everyone can come? I mean, Jaydie and Seb had their wedding, and none of the family were there, only the 8 of us, maybe.......”
“Mom, you spoke to all of us about this after Dad, and we all agreed that if you ever got married again, we would all love to be there, but you yourself spoke to Luke and Lydia, they have the resturaunts and can't make it, Jake would be here and so would Amelia and Michelle but if the twins can't make it.........”
“Then maybe we should wait for a more convenient time when they can all make it....”
At that moment Darla's mobile rang.
“Hello? ….Hi Darling, how are you? Well, yes, we are here now in, we haven't yet, I was discussing with everyone the possibility of waiting........because I would like you all here......yes, I know that but you are my children......are you sure? won't be hurt? A wedding in switzerland.....Yes, that is what he was planning.......yes........well no........I told him I didn't want to wait..........well........of course........what about Lydia? Ok, then you won't be able to.........alright.....yes, I you too, bye.”
Darla took a deep breath and spoke.
“That was Luke, calling from Paris, they wanted to know if we were married yet. All of my children it seems has discussed it amongst themselves and decided I need both a small and big wedding. They think Switzerland is the perfect place for a big wedding and when we decide it is the right time we will all be there, but for right now have a small wedding and get your ring on my finger before I lose you again. I agree. If you do, Urs, Jaydie and Seb, I would like to request having a small wedding of just the 4 of us at Woodfield Inn.”
“I am in agreement with you, my love. Is everyone else?”
“Mom, you know I am, Seb?”
Seb sheepishly gave an embarressed grin and said “I don't plan on having any performance problems tonight. I am readdy to go when you are.”
That had the ladies laughing while Urs just looked baffled.
“Here is your order. Cheese scones and lattes for everyone.”
Everyone smiled at Cindy and she smiled back.
Still a little embarressed, she shyly looked around while still standing there.
Seb, been his gentle self, smiled and asked kindly, “Would you like an autograph, and maybe a photo?”
Cindy beamed.
“That would be great. Would you both mind?”
“Not at all.”
After the photo was taken and Autograph signed, they went back to planning.
“So, when do you want this wedding to take place, my love?”
“Well, as soon as we can arrange it. It takes about 6 hours to fly from here to Charlotte, and then we can drive the rest of the way, which would be about an hour to 2 hours. If I ring up the Inn, would you like to arrange the tickets?”
“Of course, my love.”
Darla rang the Inn while the other three went to arrange the tickets.
“Good Afternoon, this is Woodfield Inn Reception, my name is Allison, how may I help you?”
“Hello Allison, I am requesting some information about wedding arrangements. My fiancee and I are looking to be Married at the Woodfield Inn and I am wondering how to go about booking a time? Also about arranging accomodation.”
“Certainly Ma'am. The Inn has actaully got Saturday, Monday and Friday of next week free for weddings, if you require a time later in the year I can book that now.”
“It is Thursday now, Monday would be perfect.”
“Sure Ma'am, how many of the guests will be staying with us?”
“We only have a wedding party of 4, is that enough?”
“Of course, Ma'am, we accept wedding of all numbers. How many rooms do you require?”
“Just 2. preferably not next to each other. And we will most likely be arriving tonight, would it be a problem to book in that soon?”
“Not at all, We have two rooms available, they are 8 rooms apart, is that suitable?”
“That is perfect.”
“And how long will you be staying for?”
“My fiancee and I will be staying about 2 weeks, the other couple I can't say, may I just book them in until tuesday and if they decide to stay longer extend it when we get there?”
“Of course Ma'am, would you like to pay that by card or cash?”
“I will pay that now by credit card, thankyou.”
After the details had been arranged, Darla hung up and stretched, thinking about how lovely it was going to be been married to litrally, the man of her fantasies.
She placed another call as the thought struck her. Having made that call, she rang off delighted.
“Will that be all, Ma'am?”
Darla looked up to see Cindy.
“Yes, I think so, how much do I owe you?”
“Nothing, it's on the house.”
Seeing the look on Cindy's face, Darla didn't have the heart to agrue, and when she wasn't looking slipped $100 in Cindy's tip jar.
She waved and walked out to see the guys coming back, Jaydie not in tow.
“Where's Jaydie?”
“She met up with an old friend from school, they were having a good old chat when we left. She is a social butterfly isn't she, Mom? I didn't think there was a woman who could talk so much. But I married her.”
“She has locked herself away for years writing her books. She only really has ever had me or her siblings to talk to, as well as the girls of course. She makes a lot of friends easily and is friendly towards everyone, but she is shy and self concious about her looks.”
“About her looks? She is the most gorgeous woman I know, except for you.”
“Thankyou, flatterer, but you need to tell her that more. She got picked on a lot because of her weight and she still gets shy, but I have no doubt you can break her out of that.”
“And so I will. She has no reason to be shy, she's lovely, and I have to start telling her that everyday.”
“Hmm, well you can start now, she's is behind you.”
Seb twirled to find Jaydie standing behind him, smiling shyly.
“You really think I'm lovely?”
“Of course I do, the lovliest woman I know. I love you, gorgeous girl.”
“I love you too.”
“What is happening with the tickets?”
“Ah yes, we leave in two hours. We have an hour to browse, then we have to check in our luggage, the flight leaves at 12 on the dot.”
“Ok, that means we will be at Charlotte at about 6, what about a car?”
“All taken care of, there is a car rental place that is going to stay open until we get there, we can hire any car we choose.”
“Ok, Urs, what about suits and stuff?”
“We can buy a suit when we get there, and the wedding and Bridesmaid dresses. Then we just need a cake to top it off. All ok on the Inn side?”
“Yes. I have booked us in for 2 weeks, and Jaydie and Seb until tuesday. They had Saturday Monday or Friday for a wedding time next week, I choose Monday as I thought we need dresses and suits and a cake. So if we go shopping tomorrow, we can get everything. Are you sure we're doing the right thing? I mean, this is such a huge undertaking to get it all done.”
“We will get it done.”
Seb cleared his throat and everyone looked at him.
“I just wondered if anyone has thought about the chaplin? You are going to need someone to marry you, and the wedding lisence, what about that?”
Darla looked at Urs and he winked.
“We sorted that out already, Seb. I proposed to Darla before you proposed to Jay. She said yes of course and we made arrangements for a wedding lisence here before I thought about having it in Switzerland, it is all done. Right, Darla?”
“Yep, I have it packed in my bag. As for the Pastor, I have contacted an old pastor friend of mine in NC, while you were arranging the tickets, and told him of our plans. He will be meeting us at the Inn on Monday morning. The wedding is set for 5 in the afternoon, so that gives us time for a rehearsal.”
“So everything's set?”
“Ok, let's go browse.”

Friday Morning
“Ok Jaydie, you all set to go shopping?”
“I am Mom, let's let these men of ours go pick their suits and let's go get our dresses and order the cake.”
Urs and Darla had talked about it and decided that Darla would pick the cake, they both agreed they wanted it in a loveheart style, with green icing.
Urs had presented his grandmother's ring to Darla as they were in bed that night, and she had been stunned at the simple elegance of the ring. It was a beauty, just what she would have picked herself.

They drove to the wedding store and walked inside. They were both dazzled by the designs and styles of the dresses on offer, and walked around for an hour at least looking and discussing dresses before Darla glanced up and froze.
There it was. Her dress.
Jaydie stopped and stared at it, knowing that her Mom would not want to look at anymore.
Darla looked at Jaydie for support, and they both agreed this was the one.
Darla went to the desk to ask to try it on.
They were more than willing to help her and Dalra thought about how friendly they all were, she and Jaydie were both delighted by the service.
Jaydie had not found her dress yet so as her mother was in the dressing room she continued to search.
She wanted an full lentgh light blue gown with little flowers and sleeveless.
Not having seen anything like that, she was about to give up when she came upon a rack she hadn't seen.
Flicking through the dresses, she came across a beautiful gown, not exactly matching her description, but pretty close. She decided to show Darla and see what she thought.
She stopped at dressing room and walked in, gasping at the vision Darla made in her exquisite strapless corset style dress.
With tears in her eyes, she could only stare for a minute before wiping her eyes and beaming.
“Oh Mom, you are stunning, absolutely stunning, Urs is going to love it.”
“Do you really think so, you know I don't do a lot of strapless clothes, you don't think I am a little old to wear this, do you?”
“Oh Mom, of course I don't, you have a beautiful figure and you should show it off, me, I need to join a gym and move some of this flab, but you are stunning.”
“Jay, you are beautiful the way you are, size 18 isn't a bad size for your height, you know, and Seb doesn't see a problem, but if you want to lose weight, you know I will support you.”
“I know Mom, it's just a big too much pizza and lollies and not enough salads. I know Seb thinks I'm beautiful, but if Seb and I want kids then I think I better start shifting a few pounds.”
Darla looked on in amazement.
“Kids already? Surely you want it to be just Seb and you for awhile, you have hardly been married any time at all, give it a year at least before trying, if it happens before then, then it's God's timing for your children.”
Jaydie laughed.
“Mom, I wasn't saying Seb and I are trying yet, but he wants a big family so I don't want to wait too much longer, a year seems reasonable though.”
“Yes. So we both agree on this dress?”
“I certainly do. It's gorgeous, you love it, and you look stunning.”
“Ok, It fits and nothing need to be done, no alterations, which with the wedding on Monday is a bonus. I just have to get it off, is that your dress?”
“Well, I want to see if you liked it. I know we said strapless, but it's the closest that I can see we're going to get to match the description.”
“I like it, see if it fits and how it sits.”
Jaydie tried it on while Darla went to get her dress packaged.
After both deciding that Jaydie looked radiant in her dress, and paying for them, they went off to find the cake.
They had found the cake on saturday, after spending the rest of the day in town looking.
They had had lunch at a little cafe, Jaydie deciding to start her healthy lifestyle with a bottle of water and chicken salad, Darla ordering a coffee and hotdog with mustard onions and gerkins.
The guys finding the perfect matching suits in the 4th shop they tried. They were navy blue.

Urs and Seb had a great day out, just talking and spending time as two mates, only a few people recognizing them, both happy just to be for the time been two regular guys.

The wedding day.
Darla and Urs had decided that as this was her third wedding they weren't going to fuss about not seeing each other for 24 hours, they knew that this marriage was going to be the one that lasted, and they wanted to be together on the eve of their wedding.
They had breakfast in bed, talking about the day ahead, both wishing the time would pass so that 5pm arrived.
Jaydie and Seb were talking about the plans for the day when the attendant knocked bidding entrance with their breakfast.
Seb climbed out of bed and answered the door in his robe. Climbing back into bed after the attendant had left, Seb handed Jaydie her breakfast tray of pancakes with maple syrup and orange juice with fruit pieces and a cup of coffee.
Seb had ordered pancakes and a plate of eggs and bacon with 2 pieces of toast and rasberry jam and coffee.
Seb had been in the shower when Jay had ordered and looked at the fruit with bafflement.
“Friut for breakfast?” He asked.
“Seb, I have decided, I need to lose a few of these pounds, and before you say anything, just hear me out. I am glad we had our wedding in Vegas, it was a beautiful wedding and I wouldn't ever say I am not delighted everyday to wake up married to you, but I am not happy with the way I look. I know you love me as I am and don't see the weight, and I love you for it, but I do see the weight and I have to carry it around with me. I am almost 60 pounds overweight, according to my Doc of Australia, she says she is not concerned at present but I still feel unhealthy. This dress I am wearing today is size 18 Seb, and I don't like it. So, I have decided to do something about it. So I am going to change my lifestyle, join a gym, and start having a personal trainer. We haven't decided officially where we will be living yet, so I am starting with changing my eating. When we have our secong wedding, I want to be a size 12.”
Seb looked at his wife and saw a single tear slip out of her eye.
He wiped it away gently and cuddled her to him.
“You will always be beautiful to me. I see you as my wife, my lover and my friend. You are the other half of me and I love you for you, that includes your weight, your figure and your shape. I will support you in any endevour you wish to take concerning weightloss, but always know that I love you as much now as I did on the day I met you, the day I fell in love with you, and the day I married you, all with you been the size you are today.”
Jayide could not help the bubble of extreme love that poured out that prompted her to push the breakfast trolley away and grabbed him for a passionate kiss.
They didn't get around to eating breakfast that morning.

Urs and Seb were dressing in Seb and Jaydie's room. Urs was looking extremally poised and collected but Seb noticed the tremble in his hands as he tried to fix his tie.
“Here, let me,” Seb chuckled as he helped out his mate.
“Were you this nervous when you were marrying Jay?”
“You saw me that day, if you remember I was a basketcase. I couldn't even do up the buttons on my tux I was that filled with nerves. And David Had to hold me up when my kneees threatened to buckle hearing the music start playing. I couldn't have been any prouder seeing Jaydie walking up the ailse towards me on Carlos's arm. I couldn't imagine not been married to her. You will be the same in a few weeks, you will wonder how you ever lived without her.”
“I already wonder that now, I don't know how I ever lived without her.”
“Well, now that you are all ready, let's get out to the garden and get you married, shall we?”
“Let's let's go.”

“Jaydie, I am so nervous, what if he doesn't like the dress, is my hair alright, do I look ok?”
“Mom, this is the 15th time you've asked me, of course you look ok, better than ok, radiant, stunning, gorgeous, I love your look, I love you, and it's time to go, are we ready?”
Darla took a big steadying calming breath.

Darla and Urs had picked the song Hasta mi final to walk up the aisle too, or in this case, the garden path, as much as Darla loved her son in law, she wanted Urs to walk her both up and down the aisle, and Seb had been ok with that, after a little convincing.
Urs knew it was time when he heard the music and when he turned he couldn't move for sheer amazement, wonder and blind tears.
His Darla was standing there, and she was dressed in the most beautiful gown he had ever had the pleasure of seeing.

He couldn't imagine feeling like this for another woman for the rest of his life, his Darla, his angel.
Jaydie walked slowly towards her husband who was standing there with his mouth agape.
Not only had Jaydie managed to take his breath away at their wedding, now she was doing it again, and the rush of love he felt for her at that moment surpassed anything he could remember ever feeling for any other woman, and he smiled.

Hasta Mi Final lyrics in English
(Until the day)
Hasta Mi Final
Your place is next to me
Till God says so
Today, everyone will know how much I love you
When it will finally be the 2 of us

I have never been sure
I could love someone like this...... with no conditions
Looking at you my darling I swear
I'll look after our union forever and ever
Today I'm promising you
Eternal love
To be yours forever, in good and bad times

Today I'm showing you
How much I love you
Love you to the end of my days

The best thing that ever happened to me
Was looking at you for the very first time
And to be holding hands with you
Is what I've always dreamt of, my darling.

They reached the place where the pastor was standing, and he started with a simple but lovely prayer

Lord in Heaven, I ask that you bless the 2 standing in front of me with a long filled life of happiness and love. May the love that shines from the hearts of the couple before me for each other always glow bright, and may in your name Lord this couple be an example to others as to how the union of marriage should be, as we bow our heads today to thank you for the prayer that was answered by you that these 2 wonderful people found each other, We pray your hand will always work in their lives and their marriage, In Jesus name, Amen.

Darla had decided to wear a corsage instead of carrying a bouquet, as Jaydie was already married they didn't see the need.

Turning to each other, They looked into each others eyes and whispered words of love with the lightest touch of the tender smile they gave each other.
Not finding either Seb or Jaydie having any objection to the marriage going ahead, the pastor asked for the rings.
Urs and Darla had talked it over and decided to write a vow that was suitable for them.
It was called,


I, Darla, take you,Urs, to be my wedded husband, secure in the knowledge that you will be my constant friend, my faithful partner in life, and my one true love.
On this special day, I give to you in the presence of God and these witnesses my sacred promise to stay by your side as your Faithful and Loving, wife in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, as well as through the good times and the bad.

I promise to love you without reservation, comfort you in times of distress, encourage you to achieve all of your goals, laugh with you and cry with you, grow with you in mind and spirit, always be open and honest with you, and cherish you for as long as we both shall live.

I, Urs, take you, Darla, to be my wedded wife, knowing in my heart that you will be my constant friend, my faithful partner in life, and my one true love. On this special day, I give to you in the presence of God and these witnesses my sacred promise to stay by your side as your Faithful and Lovinghusband in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, as well as through the good times and the bad.

I promise to love you without reservation, honor and respect you, provide for your needs as best I can, protect you from harm, comfort you in times of distress, grow with you in mind and spirit, always be open and honest with you, and cherish you for as long as we both shall live.
Rings placed on fingers, and vows said, there was only one thing left to say.

“You may now kiss the bride.”
Urs turned to Darla with a wide and shining smile and gave her a kiss that curled her toes.
“Wow, go Mom!!!!!” Jaydie shouted as Darla flushed pink.
Bottles of champayne and the wedding cake had been sent to the bride and grooms room and they all walked there, Urs carrying Darla across the threshold.
Urs had not seen the cake and was pleasantly surprised that it matched so well the cake they had talked about.

The pastor too of course had been invited, but declined, asking Darla and Urs to drop in at his home if they had a chance while staying there, saying his wife was at home Ill from a cold and he wanted to get back to her, they had accepted, making an arrangement to have dinner there of Tuesday the next week.
Jaydie could see that Urs was itching to get the wedding night under way, and asked when the cake would be cut.
Urs gave Jaydie a wink and told everyone he had an announcement to make.
When they were all seated, Urs pulled a small box out of his pocket.
“Darla my Darling, you own my heart. I give it to you willingly for the rest of my life. As the years go on I know this love burning inside me will grow, and glow, until my dying day. And to gave you to declaration of my forever love, I would like you to wear this eternity ring, will you accept this ring and wear it forever?”
Inside the box was a magnificent white gold diamond eternity ring.

Tears pouring down, Darla could only nod as Urs gently slipped the ring on the 4th finger of her right hand.
Knowing the wedding was now drawing to a close, they cut the cake, and hugs were shared.
Urs pulled Darla up onto her feet.
“Urs, what are you doing, I thought we agreed no wedding waltz.”
“I know, but a little song while swaying with your new husband isn't really going to be considered a waltz, now is it?”
Darla opened her mouth to agree but Urs got in first, and as he started softly singing La luna to her, she fell under the spell of the moonlight in his eyes, which were glowing with love for her.

La luna lyrics english
The night falls, silence
The darkness breathes quietly
Just the moon will be awake
It will cover us with silver
It will shine from the great sky
Just the moon will be awake

The moon of the night
Will sweetly protect us
The moon of the night
Will sweetly protect us

The night falls, and it is there
It reigns over the whole sky
It will watch us with kindness
Illuminating the evening
It will watch us with kindness
Illuminating the evening

The moon of the night
Will sweetly protect us
The moon of the night
Will sweetly protect us

The moon will not be awake
It will flee
The moon will vanish

Seb and Jaydie quietly slipped out as Urs and Darla got lost in the kiss that followed after he had sung to her, the wedding was officially over, the honeymoon had just begun.

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PostSubject: Re: Urs's Unbeatable Uber By: JJ (Sebskittie)   Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:56 am

CHAPTER 19 Darla ponders.

Urs stretched out on his side, smiling down at his wife of 2 days, Mrs Darla Buhler.
She was still sleeping and he gently and tenderly tucked her hair behind her ear and climbed out of bed.
Darla stretched upon waking, and heard the shower running.
She smiled and decided to order breakfast.
Dressing in her robe, she walked out onto the balcony and looked out at the grounds.
She would have joined Urs in the shower, but she also knew she had a lot to ponder and needed a little time to think.
She knew Urs wanted children, and she thought back to all the times she had been pregnant before, and smiled affectionatly. With Michelle she had been young, still a child herself in a lot of ways. Her parents had supported her right through as they had loved Daniel, her first husband, and she had loved him. Upon looking at Michelle when she had been born she had felt a rush of love so strongly intense that it had knocked her breathless. Michelle had been one when she had fallen pregnant with the elder twins. She had no twins in her family and neither did Daniel so when they found out they were having twins they were estatic. Jake's name had been choosen from Jacob in the bible. Jaydie had come from Daniel's brothers names, Jay and Dean, naming her Jaydine. They had also been killed in the boat crash, leaving their Mother Suzette with just one daughter Mary and her 3 grandchildren. Of course, Darla saw her every chance she had, as she was only an hours drive away.
Darla knew that All the children loved her, Amelia Luke and Lydia all considering her more of a grandmother then their blood one. Suzette felt the same.
After Daniel died, she didn't feel she would ever find love again. She loved her children and was happy, then she met Patrick.
Of course Darla knew that her second marriage was not for love, it was more a mutual agreement between them that he would provide for her and the kids if she did all the paperwork for his business.
She had a business degree so it wasn't a problem for her. The marriage had lasted for 20 years. When she had found out that she was pregnant with Amelia, she was stunned, she had been on birth control and knew Patrick wouldn't be that happy, she was right.
He had abused her, telling her she had tricked him to trap him, she had laughed at that.
They settled their differences for the sake of the children and for a while they were happy, Patrick grew to be happy about the idea of having children and after Amelia was born said he wanted to try for another.
Darla remembered the last time she was pregnant. When Patrick had found out it was twins he had exploded, saying he only wanted 2 children, Darla had tried to understand his reasoning but she couldn't.
After lydia and Luke were born she put her foot down, saying if he couldn't love all his children then she wasn't having anymore.
It was the last time they had been intimate.
Now she was married to the man of her fantasies, and she couldn't believe that she was thinking at 45 of having more children.
Could she do it? Would it be fair on the child been 20 and having a 65 year old Mother? Was it physically possible for her to carry another child? Could they adopt? She knew these were questions that needed answers, but she had to think long and hard about it, what on earth was she going to do?

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Darla felt Urs behind her, and turned to him and smiled. In return he grinned back at her and looked out over the grounds.
“It is such a beautiful place here, you made the right choice, my love. Having the wedding in Vegas would not have bothered me, as long as I am with you, but this is something special. I can see why so many people have weddings and honeymoons here.”
“Yes. I have always wanted to come here, I grew up around this area but left before they did the renovations. My parents always loved this area, but they loved France more. It was where they were born and Mom came here when she was 16, Papa when he was 20, and they met along the way. I would love to visit France though. I haven't ever had the opportunity with the kids and all.”
“Well, we will have to rectify that soon, won't we? I have 6 months off so anytime you want to go, all you have to do is ask.”
“I know. Urs, there is something I need to talk to you about. Over breakfast maybe?”
“Ok, my love, is something wrong?”
“Oh no, well, I don't think so.”
“Ok, why don't I go order us some breakfast while you have a shower?”
“I already have ordered breakfast, it should be here soon. But I could do with a shower, want to join me?”
Urs eyes sparked with a building passion.
“Not an offer I can turn down, just give me a minute, and I will be right with you.”
While Darla headed off towards the bathroom, Urs took a deep breath and sighed.
How on earth was he going to tell Darla what he had on his mind?

Urs put the papers back in the drawer and went to join his lovely wife.
“There you are, I thought you had gotten lost.” Darla joked, pulling Urs in for a kiss.
“No, breakfast tray arrived. Now, I believe I owe you a backwashing.”
Darla grinned.
“Now Mr Buhler, are you hitting on me?” Darla batted her eyelashes and placed her hand on his belly, just below the waist, and he groaned.
“Darla my love, my Mrs Buhler, I do believe I am.”
“Well, then, let the backwashing begin.”
Urs backwash led into a whole different set of delights for the newlyweds, breakfast forgotten in the heat of passion that swept over them until lunchtime.
Urs, covered in sweat, leaned back against the pillows with a look of smug male satisfaction.
“I believe, my lady, that you liked that.”
Darla looked over at him from beneath her lashes, and chorkled.
Urs with a look of mock offence leaned over and looked deep into her eyes.
“And what, may I ask, are you giggling about?”
“Liked is not the word I would use to describe exactly what I'm feeling right now, more like sated. And hungry.”
“Ah yes, we did forget about breakfast, didn't we?”
“And my stomach is telling me off for it. Shall we see if the other newlywed couple can join us for lunch?”
“Why not, but I do believe we need another shower, you look flushed, and absolutely delightful.”
Darla went scarlet.
Urs had no such problems about modesty, and completely naked, mozied on towards the bathroom, giving Darla an ample viewing of his gorgeous backside.
Darla shook her head and stared as he turned towards her and did a full pelvic wiggle, leaving her breathless and stunned as he grinned and closed the bathroom door.
After Darla had caught her breath, she rang Jaydie's mobile.
“Hey Mom, how are you and Urs going?”
“Great, and you and Seb?”
“We're fine, just about to head down and have lunch.”
“Ah, that's what I was calling about, Urs and I would like to know if you guys want to have lunch with us.”
“Sure, we'll meet you down in the lobby.”
“We'll be ready in 15 minutes.”
“Ok, love you.”
“Love you, too, bye.”
Urs was just coming out of the bathroom as Darla put the phone down.
“We are to meet them in 15 minutes.”
“In the shower you go then, my dear. Must not keep your children waiting.”
Darla scowled at him and hit him on the butt with her towel, which had him chasing her squealing into the bathroom.
In record time she had a shower and was dressed and ready to go in 10 minutes.
They met Seb in the lobby.
“Where's Jaydie?”
“She had a phone call from Leona, David is better, he can eat small meals now, so that's great.”
“It sure is, how is Carlos, is he any better?”
“I tried to ring last night but the phone but it just went to messagebank. I left a message to have him call me back. I will try again later.”
“Well, we can all hope he gets better soon.”
“Yes, ah, here she comes now.”
Jaydie walked in and Darla blinked.
Jaydie winked at her mother, and then closed Urs mouth which had swung open in stunned wonder.
Jaydie had dyed her hair a bright purple.
“Well, what do you think?”
Urs couldn't say a word. He just stared.
Darla vocalized her opinion loud enough for the outside diners to hear. She screeched.
“That is soooooooooooo cool, you actually did it. I didn't think I would ever see the day. The color is stunning, and it looks gorgeous on you. Jaydie, I love it.”
Jaydie couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. She had been talking about dying her hair this color for years, but had never had the nerve. Until she met Seb.
Urs managed to recover enough to kiss her cheek and nod in approval. No one had to ask if Seb liked it, judging by the look of affection in his eyes.
They walked into the diner, and were seated.

Lunch had gone very well, all chatting about plans after NC, Urs and Darla thinking of a trip to visit France, Seb and Jaydie planning to Visit Seb's mother Dominique.
Urs and Darla had returned to their room, sitting on the bed facing each other.
“Urs, I said this morning I had something to discuss with you. I know before we got married we briefly discussed it, I didn't relaize the doubts I would have after we were married. I love you, and want to spend the rest of my life with you. But I want to talk about children. I have 6 children, and I love them all dearly, I am not sure I want to put myself in a position to carry another child, not at my age. I am a little concerned about the health risks.”
Urs took a deep breath. He hadn't known that Darla would be feeling this way. But she with what had just been said confirmed everything he had been thinking himself.
“Darla, I have to admit I am a little surprised. I didn't know you were feeling this way. I also have been concerned about the risk of you carrying a child, I know it could be done, but there is no quareentee you would fall pregnant and it might take IVF, something I don't want us to have to be subjected to.”
Darla looked at him worriedly.
“Urs, I would love to have a baby with you. I don't know if I could.”
Urs smiled at her lovingly and gently.
“I would love for us to have a baby too, my love. I love you though, and you are all that matters to me, If I never have a child of my loins I have a beautiful wife and future step grandchildren. Not knowing if you can have a baby does not affect how much I love you.”
Tears pouring down her cheeks, Darla looked at Urs imploringly.
“For you, Urs, I would love us to try.”
Urs leaned in and touched her lips with the barest whisper of breath.
“I have something to show you. I ask you not to be angry that I have not mentioned this before. I found these papers at my parents house. I never figured I would find the right woman and marry and have kids with after Loretta died. I had just started with IL DIVO then, and was devastated.”
“I remember, you dedicated Regressa Mi to her. It was beautiful. It was that moment I think that I became an Uber.”

Regressa Mi Spanish Version

Don’t abandon me here like this,
Speaking only of you...
Come and restore to me at last the smile that has gone (from my lips).

(I wish) To touch your skin once again, and sigh deeply...
Let us recover what we have lost.

Return to me,
Love me once again...
Erase the pain your leaving gave me when you separated from me.
Tell me 'yes' ...
(because) I don’t want to cry...
Return to me.

I miss the love that has gone...
And I also miss the happiness that was.
I want you to come back to me and want me again.

I can’t go on anymore without you, you just have to arrive here...
My life is fading away without you by my side.
Return to me...
Love me once again.
Erase the pain your leaving gave me when you separated from me.
Tell me 'yes' ...
(because) I don’t want to cry...
Return to me.

Don’t abandon me here like this,
Speaking only of you...
Bring back the passion of (being in) your arms...

Return to me ...
Love me once again.
Erase the pain your leaving gave me when you separated from me.
Tell me 'yes' ...
I don’t want to cry.
Erase the pain your leaving gave me when you separated from me.
Tell me 'yes'
Tell me 'yes'
Tell me 'yes'...
Return to me, return to me.

“Well, after Loretta I thought about nothing else but IL DIVO. I put everything into it so I wouldn't have to think about the pain of losing someone so close to me. I didn't want to open my heart again, so I shut down, became closed off. As I have told you, I own an apartment block that houses widows and orphans. I am a big believer in helping out in anyway I can. They live rent free, and are making a better life for themselves and their children. I also have a lovely widow living in one apartment. She lost her husband last year from cancer, they were retired and she was worried about living without him. Not having to pay rent has made it so much easier on her financially, and it makes it easier for her to grieve. She loves when the guys pop in and visit, I think she has a thing for Seb, he loves it when she pinches his cheeks and makes him cornbread. Anyway. I thought long and hard about having children, but after Loretta, I wasn't looking for a woman. Been so involved in helping orphans, I decided I would send away for adoption papers. I have them with me.”
Darla couldn't believe her husband's generousity towrds other people, young women been able to make a life for themselves, and now her husband asks her..........WHAT???
“Urs, are you saying you would like to adopt a child?”
“Well,it is something to discuss and think about. We are both worried about you carrying a baby now. Adoption would not only cut out the health risks for you but also gives the baby the chance of having a life with two parents that love him or her. We don't have to.......”
Darla jumped across the bed and into Urs arms. He was so surprised he lost his balance and fell off the bed.
“I don't have to think about it Urs, the answer is yes. I want a child, I want a love bug of our own.”
Urs laughed.
“A love bug huh?”
“Yep, that is what he will be, our very own love bug.”

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It was Jaydie and Seb's last day at the Inn. They had decided that they would stay until Friday, making it a week in total they had been there.
Jaydie had thought it would be lovely to have a picnic in the gardens under the shade of the pergola, Darla had thought it was a delightful idea, and so had the guys.
After having a special picnic hamper made up, Jaydie and Seb had planned to meet Urs and Darla at one o clock, giving Seb and Jaydie a little more time alone in the gardens before they left.
As they were heading out, a truckload of Sirens waylaid them, most all of them swooning and screaming to see Seb there.
Jaydie kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear that she would take the picnic hamper to the pergola and wait for him there, he agreed.
She left him signing autographs and taking pictures.
Jaydie loved the gardens, she had a garden at the house She and Jake owned in Australia, she also wanted to start a vege patch.
Seb and Jaydie had talked it over some, but as yet had not come to any arrangement as to where they would live permanentely.
Both were leaning towards his house in london.
As she was daydreaming she did not see the beautiful tall redhead watching her approach.
At the last minute, she shot her foot out, making Jaydie trip and land hard on her knee.
Jaydie looked up at her in astonishment to see the smirk on the young woman's face.
“You really should be more careful in future, and watch where you are walking porky. With all that weight on you I'm surprised you CAN even walk. What did you do, sit down and eat junk all day in front of TV?”
Jaydie blinked and glanced up again.
She placed her hand on her knee to lift herself up and the woman laughed.
“I see you can't even get up off the floor properly. Shame that. Oh well, I guess I shall just have to show you how it's done then, won't I?”
And with that, the woman sat herself down on the ground then arched her back and long elegant neck, jumping up into a squat position then leaping up, kicking out as she did, hitting Jaydie in the upper thigh, which made her knee give out.
Again, Jaydie hit the ground with a thud.
The woman placed a mocking look of apology on her face then squeezed her eyes closed, opening them again on the sight of a very angry Urs, and she blanched.
The woman looked dismayed, then tried to play the nice woman.
“She fell..I was just about to......”
Urs glared at her which made her shut her mouth.
“You were just about to apologize to my step-daughter, who I happen to be very fond of, then you are going to leave, is that understood, or should I call the manager and have you removed from this hotel?”
The woman narrowed her eyes.
“You wouldn't dare to do that. How dare you think you can treat me like that!!! I know you're a hotshot with most women Urs Buhler, but it doesn't work on me. And they call you Uberlord, more like Uber sack of crap.”
Darla happened to be in hearing shot of this remark, and stormed up, before she saw Jaydie on the ground, and rushed over.
“My poor baby, what happened?”
Urs stepped in.
“This woman here decided to kick Jaydie in the leg which made her knee give out.”
Darla glanced up to see that Seb had finally joined them, and heard the last remark.
“You kicked my wife in the leg, did you?”
The woman spun around and saw Seb with a look of pure vemon in his eyes, and she visually shrunk before him.
“Wife, you're married to her, this po........”
Jaydie got up as fast as she could and hobbled over to Seb, who took her in his arms and gently wiped away her tears of pain and embarressment, not for herself, but for everyone else.
Jaydie looked at Urs and her Mom, then at Seb.
“Please, we had a great afternoon planned, having a picnic and chatting, I don't want that ruined. Her commenbts only hurt a little, but I am not going to let them get to me, and I don't want you'se too, either.”
Jaydie looked at the woman, and gave her a small smile.
“What's your name?”
“Veronique. I suppose I should ask yours?”
“Mine is Jaydie Izambard, and you know my husband and Urs, and this is my Mom, Darla Buhler, Urs wife.”
“How touching, one band keeping it in the family, I suppose you have two sisters dating Carlos and Davie?”
Urs could not abide this rude woman any longer.
“Listen, I've just about had it with your rudeness, little girl. Go away and find another hobby besides insulting people. Jaydie has been nothing but nice to you and you insult her. She has a lot more patience for you than I have. And his name is David to the likes of people like you.”
“Oh, people like me? Yes, smart beautiful intelligent women like me, compared to this purple haired fattie.”
Darla with murder in her veins moved menacingly towards the cow who had just crossed the line but Jaydie stepped between them.
“Mom, let's go, please, no more violence.”
With restraint, Urs Darla and Seb moved off towards the pergola while Jaydie looked at Veronique and said quietly, “ I may be overweight, and I may not be the prettiest or the smartest girl around, you're right about that. But you can't break my spirit, no matter what you say. So punch me, kick me, do what you will, but don't think it will ever make you a better person, because it won't. Give up Veronique, and just go home.”

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PostSubject: Re: Urs's Unbeatable Uber By: JJ (Sebskittie)   Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:59 am



Urs and Darla had just come back from visiting France, they had also visited Amelia in Denmark, she had been delighted to see them, and she had met Urs parents on a brief trip to Switzerland. His Mutti and Putti had been so happy to meet her, and she them. They had gotten on like a house on fire, and Darla had convinced them they must come and Visit America, they had agreed.
Urs and Darla had decided that since Urs owned a house in London in Birmingham and that was where they were based, they would spent most of their time there, and come to America and stay in her house for the rest of the time.
Seb and Jaydie had already set up house in London in Newcastle, Jake had decided to come and live there too, closer to his twin.
Michelle already lived in London and they were only a couple of hours away by plane to Luke and Lydia, and Amelia.
So the whole family, while 3 were still in different countries, felt they were the closest they had ever been, thanks to IL DIVO. Leona was not ready for marriage yet and certainly not David, but he did love Leona desperately and wanted her with him, living together suited both of them perfectly. They had found the perfect house in Manchester, and had started moving in.
Carlos and Melissa had indeed talked about Marriage, and had agreed that if they made the year mark they would wed on Valentine's day the next year, they also had moved to a house in Newcastle, Close to Seb and Jaydie but not that close.
It was now December 12 and everyone was getting ready for Christmas. They had decided to hold the Christmas party at Urs and Darlas house, with next years been at Seb and Jaydies and so on.
Amelia and Luke and Lydia would be flying in to London on the 23rd and staying with them until the 30th.
The girls had a shopping trip day planned at Harrod's on the 20th and were staying at the fabulous Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park Hotel the night. The guys decided to do theirs seperately, having spent so much time together already.
All the girls were exceptionally excited, none of them bar Michelle had been to Harrod's and they couldn't wait to see what it had to offer. The Guys were all excited to buy for their loves, for it had been a while since any of them had had women to buy for, except their families.
None of them could have known that Veronique, nasty Inn girl, was about to come into their lives once again

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It was the night before the shopping trip and Darla could not sit still. All the girls were staying with them, and they would be leaving early tomorrow morning.
She had something on her mind, and she did not know how to espress it.
Urs came silently into their room and saw Darla sitting on the windowsill, staring out into the night sky, and she looked so beautiful with the moonlight on her face that Urs was content to just watch from the doorway.
It took a few minutes until Darla became aware of eyes on her, and she turned around, giving her husband an affectionate smile full of love and tenderness, which he instantly returned.
“Darla, my lovely, you haven't seemed quite like yourself all day, you are a million miles away. Is there something on your mind you wish to share with me?”
Darla could see the look of concern in his eyes and held out her hand, which he took as he sat beside her.
“Urs, I have something to tell you. Before you and I met and Married, I had been having bleeding problems. I was having very heavy cycles and I went to see the Doctor about them. After my birthday and everything happening I had completely forgotten about them, but I am 2 weeks late. I thought maybe there was a chance that I was pregnant, so I went to see the Doctor today. I am sorry I didn't tell you before.”
Urs looked a bit hurt at the news.
“Darla, we agreed we would tell each other everything. I would have been at the Doctors with you. Why would you not tell me something like this?'
“I don't know, Urs, I really don't know. I am so sorry.”
“What did the Doctor say?”
“I am not pregnant, Urs, I don't think I will be able to have anymore Kids.”
“What do you mean? What exactly did the Doctor say?”
“I told him all about the years of cramps and pain I had been having with my cycles and the heavy bleeding. You saw me the last time I had a period, I was in massive pain. They are sending me for tests after Christmas. The Doctor says If I don't plan on trying for any more children, I can have a hysterectomy. It will stop all the pain. I couldn't make that decision without you, Urs. If there is a chance I can have a child with you, I will take it.”
“Let's discuss this. I love you, but you don't tell me you are going to the doctors. It hurts to find out that you thought you might be pregnant and didn't tell me. How many other things are you keeping from me?”
“Nothing. Urs, I am sorry I didn't tell you. I want to share everything with you but you weren't here, and I needed to know.”
“Yes, well, I need to know too. We are married Darla, I realize that we both still need a certain amount of independence and I am not trying to take that away from you, but something as important as this, how long did you think you might be pregnant before today?'
“Only today, It just clcked I haven't........Honey, I am not trying to shut you out. I don't want to do that, you are my husband and I love you. I am still earning how to be open and honest with you, and it isn't easy for me. I spent so long been closed off from everyone but my children. Please, can we talk about this?”
Urs looked at her to see tears forming in her eyes and he couldn't stay mad.
He went over and hugged her.
“Of course we can talk about it. How are you feeling about not been pregnant?”
“Relieved. Disaapointed. Both emotions at the same time. I have been dwelling on it all day. The thought of having no more pain or cramps every month,. I think before I was married I would have been in like a shot having the op, but then you came along. I have 6 children and you have none. I want to have a baby with you but this is the time I should be thinking about becoming a grandmother. It's all mixed emotions. They are having my medical files sent from America so she can look thorugh them. Urs, how do you feel about me having the op?”
“I want you to be happy. I said before and I will say it again. If I never have children of my own, then I have a wife I will wake up too for the rest of my life and be happy. I will have future step grandchildren I hope will call me der Grossvater (grandfather) and I don't ever want to imagine you in pain again like that day I came home to see you curled up, hardly even able to breathe. If having the operation means no more pain for you, then I think you should have it.”
Darla couldn't help the sigh of relief that escaped from her mouth as she grabbed Urs and held on tight.
Pulling away slightly to look Urs in the face, she said, “Urs, we both agree I should have the op, don't we?”
“Yes, my love, I am in full agreement.”
“Do you remember our honeymoon, when we talked? I said to you I would like to adopt a child with you? Well, I think, after I have the hysterectomy we should consider it. I don't think I will be able to adopt after I am 46 and even with you status I don't want to risk it. I don't want us to use your status to adopt a child anyway. I want only what God decides to bless us with, in our marriage, and our lives.”
“I agree, that is what I wish, too. Promise me one thing, though. That I will be there with you when you next go to the Doctor, and you won't shut me out again?”
“Urs, from this day forward until the day I die you will be involved in every decision in our marriage, I will not shut you out again.”
“I love you, Darling Darla.”
“Urs, I love you, too.”

Next Morning, Arriving at Harrod's.
All 5 in union gasped at the slpender that was Harrod's, and couldn't wait to get inside.
As each of the women had certain places they wanted to visit, they knew it was going to be the most fabulous day of shopping.
First they went to the place of women's sinful pleasure, the Chanel shop.
Purfumes, Handbags earrings, sunglasses, you name it, they had it. The girls had so much fun picking things, Darla settled on a lovely pair of earrings Melissa a bottle of purfume and Leona a bracelet and Michelle a pair of sunglasses.
Next they went to Jaydie's first choice. She knew how much Seb loved Chocolates so she bought a few ranges of Chocolates from the Lindt store. Next it was on to Melissa's. She wanted to buy Carlos a new shaving kit Then Leona, who knew exactly what to get David, some new games for his Playstation . Melissa did not have a man in her life, and had done all her shopping, so last to pick was Darla. She wanted to get Urs a brand new bike helmet. she also stumbled across a pair of puma bike boots she just knew she had to buy.
They all found a few more bits and pieces before settling down for a late lunch.
After lunch was over, they of course wanted to go clothes shopping.
The first thing Darla found was a lovely biker Jacket that she bought , now she could go riding with Urs.
Jaydie found a beautiful skirt and matching top.
Milissa found some beautiful dresses and Leona found some jeans and tops. Michelle bought herself some high heel boots and mini skirts.
After they had exhausted themselves, they sat down for dinner.
After they had placed their order, they started chatting while Darla stared off into space.
“Mom, are you alright?”
Darla started and looked at Jaydie.
“Oh, yes, I am ok. I went to the Doctors yesterday.”
“Oh, Mom, why didn't you tell us last night? Are you ill?”
“No, I am not ill. I thought I might be pregnant. I had missed 2 weeks. It turns out I wasn't pregnant, but do you remember how I used to bleed really heavily and have shocking cramps and pain? Well, in the last few months that has come back again. I spoke to the Doctor, and Urs last night. We have discussed it, and I am going to have a Hysterectomy.”
Michelle and Jaydie looked at each other.
“Mom. Wren't you and Urs going to try for children?”
“Yes, Michelle, we were. But we have talked it over, and decided to go the route of adoption. There are plenty of children out there who need someone to love them, and we have decided to take one of those children in, rather than trying for a baby of our own and possibly risking my health and the babies were we to be successful. No, we feel adoption is the way to go.”
“Well, Mom, if you are happy with that decision we support you 100% Oh look, speak of great timing. Those children over there with those ladies? They come from an orphanage just down the street from where I live. The Sunshine Smile's Children's Home it's called. They do a trip here every year. Mom, while you have the chance, why don't you go over and talk to one of the ladies? She might be able to help you.”
Darla took a deep breath and walked over.
“Hello. My Name is Darla Buhler. I heard from my daughter that you run an orphanage?”
One of the ladies, named Kyla Summers, walked over. She was the Director of the Orphanage, and was the one to place children with adoptive parents.
In her arms she held the most precious little boy Darla had ever seen.
“Hi, My name is Kyla Summers, I run the orphanage and these ladies are my helpers. What can I do for you?”
“Hello, My name is Darla Buhler. My husband and I are looking to adopt a child. My husband has been on the waiting list for 4 years and recently we changed the papers to include my name with his. I.........”
“I am sorry, did you say your last name was Buhler?”
“Yes, my husband is Urs Buhler from IL DIVO.”
“Yes, your husband has placed adoption papers with us. Even with him been a celebrity it is rare for a single man to be able to adopt. Our rules require that a couple has to be wed 6 months before they can start the adoption process. How long have you been married now?”
“3 months today.”
“Well, with your husband been who he is and now been married I see no reason why an adoption through our orphanage cannot take place. If you would like to speak to Urs about coming to see us next week I am sure we can get the papers signed and process them, in 3 months what happens is you will be able to take the child you choose home, a social worker will come out to your home 4 times, to see how the child is been cared for. 6 months after that if the biological parents have not given up all rights by that time the court s will send out a date for you to appear in front of a judge and sign the rights for the child over to you. If the parents have signed their rights away already, then you will still have to appear in front of the judge, but it will only be about 3 months, not 6. It doesn't seem fair, but we want to give the parents a chance to make absolutely sure they don't want their child first. So, I can give you my number and you can talk it over with your husband if you like.”
“Yes, I would like that, the child you are holding, has his parents waved their rights yet?”
Kyla looked down at one of the favourites of all their children in the orphanage, most people gravitate towards him when they see him, except for one thing.
“Yes, his parents waived their right as soon as they found out he was blind.”
Darla looked at him, and held out her hands.
“Please, can I hold him?”
“Of course.”
As soon as she had him in her arms, she knew this would be her and Urs baby.
“How old is he?”
“He is 6 months old tomorrow, and we have named him Michael.”
“Hello little one, aren' you just the cutest little boy?”
Michael waved his tiny little fist at her and started making happy little noises, and Darla's heart contracted with love for the little miracle, in in her heart she said a small prayer of thanks to God, knowing that Urs too would find his dreams to be a dad in this little bundle of joy.
“I am surprised that no one has taken him yet, he is such a little joy.”
“People do see him and want him, but then we tell them he is blind, and they think it will be too much hassle to cope with, so they take children who have no problems, it is so sad.”
Darla remembered a song she had heard about a little blind boy in an orphan home, and she could not for that reason alone not talk to Urs about making Michael their own.


I was slowly passing an orphan's home one day
And stop there for a moment just to watch the children play
Alone a boy was standing and when I asked him why
He turned with eyes that couldn't see and he began to cry

I'm nobody's child I'm nobody's child
I'm like a flower just growing wild
No mommy's kisses and no daddy's smiles
Nobody wants me I'm nobody's child

I just can't seem to understand why the folks all pass me by
Cause I know that it's true that God takes little blind children with him in the sky
And they tell me that I'm oh so pretty and they seem to like my big curls of gold
But then they take some other little child and I'm left here all alone

People come for children and take them to their own
But they all seem to pass me by and leave me here alone
I know they'd like to take me but when they see I'm blind
They always take some other child and I am left behind

No mother's arms to hold me or soothe me when I cry
Sometimes it gets so lonely here I wish that I could die
I'd walk the streets of heaven where all the blinds can see
And just like for the other kids there'd be a home for me

(I'm nobody's child I'm nobody's child
I'm like a flower just growing wild)
No mommy's kisses and no daddy's smiles
Nobody wants me I'm nobody's child

Darla knew exactly what she had to do.

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Darla could think of nothing else but Michael and her meeting with kyla. She wanted to hush home right now and tell Urs all about it, but forced herself to concentrate on having a lovely time with the female members of her family.
“Mom, earth to Mom, are you listening to a word we are saying?”
Darla shook herself from the thoughts that were invading her time with the girls and her mouth turned up in a small sheepish smile.
“Sorry, I just can't seem to shake myself out of meeting Michael today. He is such a little charmer and has such a gorgeous smile and playful manner for someone who has suffered so much in such a short amount of time. His birth mother had chickenpox in the late stages of her pregnancy which they think is the reason he was born blind. As soon as they found out the gave him up and waived their rights to him, he has been in the ophanage ever since. I fell in love with him when I first saw him and I am just hoping Urs feels the same. We didn't talk about birth defects in children, he just told me he wanted to adopt.”
“Aunt, this is Urs we are talking about. The man who puts up widows and ophans rent free in his apartments so that they can have a chance and second chances at life. He isn't worth much if he does turn away a child because he can't see.”
“He wouldn't, he isn't that sort of person, David speaks very highly of him. Of all of them.” This came from Leona.
“He does not at all strike me as the type to turn his back on any child, and I don't know him as well as you all do, all I know is that since you've come to join me in London Mom I have never seen you as happy as you are now, and us kids didn't do that, Urs did.”
“Everyone is right Mom, when 3 agree it is God's confirmation.”
“Yes, I know, so all I have to do now is tell Urs about it. It is going to be so hard to sleep tonight. It's funny, before Urs came along the last thing on my mind would have been having another child. I would have rushed into this operation and had it done without another thought, the brief hope that I might have carried another child in a small way makes me regret saying yes to having it. But I know I have to, even Urs told me he couldn't bear to see me go through anymore pain. And my body wouldn't probably handle having another child, that is why I want so much for this one last chance to be a mother, and adopt.”
“And you will have it, Mom. You told us today you because you and Urs have been married for 3 months you only have another 3 months to wait before you will be able to bring the child home. In that 3 months you will have had the surgery, and recovered and healed from it, and be able to enjoy life without anymore pain.”
“Yes, and just think, you will have something you didn't have with Uncle fathead, a chance to raise this child together with Urs without you sitting on the sidelines afraid that if you breath you will get yelled at.”
Jaydie was trying to hold in the laughter that bubbled up from her throat, she looked around to see Michelle doing the same, when their eyes connected, they couldn't help the yelps of laughter that burst out.
“Now girls, control yourseves, you are in a hotel resturaunt where people are meant to be dignified and poised.”
That set off a round of laughter from all the girls, while people were turning in their seats to frown upon them, and Darla had to join them.
Once the laughter had died down to a controlable pitch, Darla called the waiter over so they could order.
“I will have a plate of cheese and tomato ravioli, and a glass of lemonade please.”
Jaydie ordered a salad with 2 hard boiled eggs and a diet pepsi.
The others all ordered steak and chips with soda.
Darla couldn't help drifting off again as the others were talking about various other things.
They didn't see the redhead that was watching them from the other side of the resturaunt.

Jaydie and Michelle went to the ladies room to freshen up, them having finished their meals, and were on the way for a night walk in the gardens.
“What do you think about the idea of a baby brother or sister?”
Jaydie looked at Michelle, seeing an unidentifiable look in her eyes.
“I think it's fantastic, don't you?”
“How do you think the others are going to take it?”
“Oh, there may be a few upsets at first, but they all knew Mom would be trying for a baby with Urs, adoption isn't any different, at least not to me, what's up Michelle, you don't seem to be as pleased as I thought you would be.”
“It isn't that I'm not pleased, I am, if Mom has a baby with Urs I am happy, and adopting a blind baby is wonderful, I am sure everyone is going to love him, please forget I said anything.”
“No, Mich, what's up?”
“I haven't told a soul this, so please say you won't repeat it to anyone.”
“I won't, what is it.”
The crash could be heard loud and clear through the walls of the ladies bathroom, and both rushed out to see what had happened.
They found Darla getting her fist ready to punch a lady Jaydie recognized quite well, Veronique.
Michelle and Jay got there before any more punches could be thrown.
“What on earth is going on here, Mom?” Michelle asked, bafflement lacing her voice.
“This vile mouthed toad in front of me insulted your sister again and I won't have it.”
“Again, what are you talking about?”
Jaydie put her hand gently on her mothers arm and pulled her away.
They were the entertainment of the minute as every eye had turned on them, and Jaydie felt quite horrorfied by the whole experience.
“Mom, we can explain when we get outside, I think we can all use some fresh air, I know I can.”
Very reluctantly Jaydie managed to move Darla away from the woman in question who was now the owner of one very obvious black eye.
They were all outside when 3 of the 5 women turned determindly for answers.
Jaydie let out a heartfelt sigh, knowing that a part of the past she had tried to bury would now be rehashed again.
“I'll explain the first part Mom. Seb and I were on our last day at the Inn and we had decided to go for a picnic in the gardens under the pergola. We were all to meet up at 1pm but Seb and I decided to get there at 12 30pm just to have a bit of private time to enjoy the gardens again before we left. Seb got held up by some adoring fans who wanted autographs and photos so I said I would go along and meet him there. I was deep in thought and didn't see the foot that shot out to trip me. The lady in question was the one we just left in the hotel. I put my hand on my knee to get up, and the lady laughed at me. She told me she would have to show me how to do it seeing as I couldn't do it properly. So she sat on the ground, arched up in a martial arts crouch and did a roundhouse kick on my thigh. My knee gave out and I went sprawling to the ground in a very unladylike fashion. She laughed again and shut her eyes as if she were trying to rid me from her memory. She opened them to find Urs glaring at her. He told her exactly what he thought of her and she didn't like it.”
Darla spoke next.
“That's right, she called him Uber sack of crap. I was angry to hear that. I went over to see Jaydie lying on the ground crying. I knelt down to her and Urs told me what happened. Seb came out in time to hear the last remark, and wanted to speak some very unasty words to her, he contained himself. She called Jaydie a fattie and enraged I moved towards her to strike but Jaydie stopped me, this time, I struck.”
“What happened, Mom?”
“You and Mich went into the ladies room, Veronique decided to try and follow, I rushed over to guard the door, and she informed me I couldn't be your bodygaurd 24 7, that Seb needed to know what it was like been with a real woman and not with a tart by name and by figure, I held my temper in check and told her Seb was interested only in you and that some men happened to like women with a little bit of ampleness to them to which she replied that you were a little more than ample, more like an all you can eat buffet, I couldn't handle that and smacked her.”
“Yes, she was sporting a shiner when we left, that is going to turn into one big black bruise, but she deserved it. Way to go Aunt.”
Jaydie didn't think it was so great.
“Mom, you know how I feel about violence, I know you only wanted to protect me but what you did only makes you as bad as she is. She can insult me all she wants, it only makes me even more determined to lose the weight and be beautiful.”
“Jaydie, you are beautiful now, I know I am the only one here not related to this family by blood, but damn girl, you make men's heads turn where ever you go and don't tell me you haven't noticed you are looking fine tonight.”
Jaydie blushed the deepest shade of red and looked away.
“Thanks Leona, but I don't feel fine, I can't deny that the comments do hurt a little, but NOT to the point I would ever want to hit her. I will make it through, and I will come out on the other side with my head held high. I think Veronique has serious self esteem issues.”
“She has something, all right.”
“Please, let's take our walk. I am not going to let this night affect me.”
Veronique was forgotten.

Darla was rife with excitement as she pulled into the driveway of her lovely new London home.
Not even stopping to get her shopping bags out of the car, she raced inside, right into Urs startled arms.
“Hello, gorgeous, I heard you pull in, I was just coming out to help you.”
“Never mind that, Urs, I found him, he's adorable, perfect, he's the one Urs, I know it.”
Dumbfounded confusion marked the frown that appeared on Urs face as he walked them into the loungeroom.
“Who is he and why is he perfect?”
“He is our son, Michael, well, that's if you like him, Oh Urs, you should see him, he is 6 months old, absolutely adorable. I looked at him and fell in love with him, we are the parents for this perfect child Urs, I know it.”
Urs couldn't help but let out a surprised yelp as Darla dug her fingernails into his back.
“Oh, sorry darling, I'm sorry, I am just so excited. Will you come and see him with me?”
“Darling, settle down, you come home all rushed and jumping around like it's your first school dance and I haven't even kissed you hello yet.”
Darla leaned in for a kiss which lasted about a second and then jumped off, grabbing the keys.
Urs sat solid in his chair, not moving, and eventually Darla sighed and slumped in her chair, looking at Urs and feeling a tear run down her cheek.
“I don't consider that a proper kiss.”
Darla couldn't help but smile at that and slowly leaned over and rolling herself on top of him, gave him a kiss on his cheek, then a kiss on the other side, then a kiss on his forhead, working her way down his neck, before finally finding his lips with her tongue, which made him shiver.
Whispering in his ear all the things she had missed last night, he groaned and stood up with her in his arms and took her to their bedroom, where he showed her just how much she had been missed, the sun was going down by the time she peeked her head up to look at the time.
“Oh Urs, I don't know if it will be opened now.”
“The orphanage. Yesterday, when we were going shopping, I met a lady by the name of Kyla Summers.......”
Urs, who was lazily dozing, shot up in bed.
“I know that name, she runs the Sunshine Smiles orphanage, that is where I applied when I first came here. They told me with my been a single male I might not ever be able to adopt. When I went to put your name on the papers they told me come back in 6 months, and we could apply.”
“Yes, I was speaking to her yesterday, and she said in another 3 months we could take our child home with us, if we go and see her, she can process any papers we need to sign, and set it up. I saw Michael and for me that was it. I had found him. I don't know if you will feel the same way. You see, he is blind.”
Urs blinked away a tear that came to his eye as he heard that, and took her in his arms.
“Do you know the old widow I was telling you about, the one that likes to make Seb cornbread? She has a blind son that she and her husband adopted when he was 2 years old. He writes books and all his books feature at least one blind person. They are making one into a movie. And he also plays the piano, and rides on the weekends. He taught himself to do all that, took him years to be able to write on a keyboard unaided but now he does it with ease. Never gave up. Violet is so proud of him, he's her only son, she was never able to have children of her own.”
Darla couldn't help the tears that slipped down her cheeks at the similarities she heard between them. If she had the hsterectomy, Michael would be Urs only son.
“I don't need to see him Darla to know he's the one. But I want to see him, I want to hold my son.”
They walked to the orphanage hand in hand, hoping they would still be open, and finding themselves in luck.
Kyla was just walking out to lock up for the night when they walked in.
“Hello. I was just closing up.”
Darla's shoulders slumped.
Kyla could see that Urs especially looked crestfallen and didn't have the heart to turn them away.
“But this is a special circumstance, so I suppose for such nice folks I can let you stay for just a little minute.Let me lock up, and I will show you to the waiting room.”
Darla couldn't help feeling relieved. Urs eyes shone with delight.
They looked around at all the drawings on the walls while they waited, and saw that they had some quite talented kids.
“Oh Urs there he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Urs slowly turned around, almost afraid of what he would find but knowing he had to look.
Setting his eyes on Michael the first time, his heart clamped up in his throat and he could move, he knew, in that moment, he was looking at his son.
Urs walked slowly towards the baby, who was babbling happily in a language only he understood, and waving around puffy little fists that connected with air.
Taking Michael slowly in his arms, he couldn't stop the smile that broke out joyfully across his face.
“Michael, I'm your Vatti, I'm your Dad.”

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Urs's Unbeatable Uber By: JJ (Sebskittie)
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