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 Urs and Catherine (By: Marie Humphrey) 5th Story

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PostSubject: Urs and Catherine (By: Marie Humphrey) 5th Story    Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:53 am

Death ends life—not love


“Catherine.” Softly called. “Catherine.” Whispered. “Catherine.” Only thought. But she was there beside him, the long fingers cool as she smoothed back his hair and stroked his fevered brow. She faded from view but her touch never left him; it was there in the darkness and when he returned to the light.

Her lips did not move but she seemed to be telling him something—something important. It was just beyond the edge of his comprehending. He strained to hear—to understand.

In this nether world, all made sense—nothing made sense. It was enough that Catherine stayed by his side, never broke touch. If her fingers left his brow, her lips were soft on his own. Before lifting her head, a hand would be placed on his shoulder. She sustained him. Her head bowed gracefully toward him in slow motion. Her tear moistened his cheek.

Her lips moved now but no sound was audible. What message did she need to impart? He must understand. It was imperative.

She was fading from vision again—he wanted to sleep—she was there in his dreams—she waited in his dreams—they were together in his dreams. Her touch roused him as he had started the slide into darker slumber. She would not let him descend. Why would she not allow him to go to her?

Her touch became more insistent, demanding. His vision became clearer; sounds invaded his realm. Her hand was replaced by another’s, but his eyes never left hers. She rose and glided across the room, pausing in the doorway. She stood there, looking back at him with her winsome smile.

“His fever has broken, Mrs. Buhler,” the doctor pronounced with a tone of relief. The woman beside the bed, holding his hand, wept in happiness and gratitude.

The patient looked from them to the woman in the doorway. She kissed the tips of her fingers then extended them toward him as she faded from view. This time he heard her words, “We will be together again, my darling Urs—but not yet—not yet.” He closed his eyes in normal sleep—he would live—and he would see her again—but not yet—not yet.

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Urs and Catherine (By: Marie Humphrey) 5th Story
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