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"We Came Here To Love".

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 Urs and Catherine (By: Marie Humphrey) 6th Story

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PostSubject: Urs and Catherine (By: Marie Humphrey) 6th Story    Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:56 am


The four Divos were together again. It had been ten years since their last tour performance. They ended where they had started their career—in the UK. A final concert that had packed the house. One last time they had stood in the shower of rose petals—tears glistened in their eyes. In the years since, they had reunited on special occasions such as charity functions. They made one album a year and were amazed that there was still such a demand for their music. Each had been involved in individual pursuits and had fitted his career to his personal life. Their years together and wise investments had made them wealthy men so there was not pressure to work.

They still made a point of keeping in close contact and visiting as often as they could. They took a villa at the beach for a month each summer and their families enjoyed vacationing together. They had truly become brothers and their wives and children felt the kinship of family. They were all in attendance opening night when Urs sang the opera role he had waited all his life to perform. They gathered again as Carlos was honored at a command performance in Spain. They attended David’s debut in a staring role on Broadway. They stormed Las Vegas when Seb was packing the house at Caesars’.

The men were all still fit and age sat lightly upon them. There were a few laugh-lines
here and a few gray hairs there. They teased each other about those and any hint of a thickening midsection. Their birthdays were celebrated with outlandish joke gifts and visits or long phone calls. The brotherhood they felt had only strengthened with years.

Crisp breezes rustled the autumn leaves on the hillsides as they arrived. A day of reflection. Each had a memory of an autumn day at an estate outside London. A day that had been a turning point in so many ways. Catherine had confirmed to David what he already knew; he had found the love of his life. She had given Carlos and Sebastien wise counsel concerning women. And as awareness dawned, Urs and Catherine were naïve enough to think they could deny the love for each other that had already begun to consume them.

There had come another autumn day; the day that Catherine was lost to them forever. She had come into their lives in a dramatic instant and in an instant she was gone. Only Urs had been in time to say goodbye. She had taken the smile from his eyes with her. Autumn was a time of fruition but also a time of finality. Joy and sorrow, two sides of the same coin.

Their families filled several pews in the chapel. The men were ushered to a seat at the front. All were silent—they had spent the previous evening reminiscing about the days when they were together almost twenty-four, seven. They laughed about their stereotypical personas from their professional life and how close they were to the real persons. “That’s because back then, none of us could have ad libbed our way out of a paper bag— we had to be scripted,” laughed David.

“Oui,” said Seb. “Remember the teasing we got about our dialogs on our first tour? Especially the part about what our mamas called us when we were little boys.”

“And how the Divas always applauded when I said I was going to put them in my suitcase and take them all with me on tour.” Carlos wiggled his eyebrows in the old way.

But that had been last night and the men sat quietly now. All felt lumps in their throats and tears welling up as they thought of the words they would say later.

They stood as “Ave Maria” began to play quietly. Il Divo was gathered at the front of the chapel. Three were standing and could no longer hold back the tears that were beginning to run down their cheeks as they looked down into the face of Urs Buhler. He could just be sleeping. Age had touched him the least. His thick hair was still worn long, the chiseled features still firm, his folded hands were those of a young man. But he was not sleeping—in the blink of an eye he had been taken from them. How ironic that he who had been so concerned with fitness should be the one to be struck down so suddenly. Each leaned down and placed a kiss on his brow and then all returned to their seats. The service was comforting, their eulogies perfect.

Seated amongst family members were two men—mirror images. They had received a call from Urs’ wife telling them they would be welcome to attend the service. As they looked from her to the young woman sitting beside her, Kevin and Kyle Hampton were struck by her beauty and one of them knew he could never again call his heart his own. He had remained a bachelor for years and had always felt there was to be someone special for him. She was now revealed. The other noted his brother’s sharp intake of breath and smiled—so it was to continue. The twins knew that Urs had been the great love of their mother’s life and that she had given him up in her mind but never in her heart.

As the final notes of the final hymn sounded several mourners looked upward and then quizzically at each other, sure they heard whispering in the rafters high above the choir loft. Perhaps a breeze rustling through an open window?

“Catherine?” “Yes, Urs.” “I’m here, my darling.” “I waited, my love.”


I do believe this is the end of Urs’ and Catherine’s story. (And the very first piece was to have been a one shot short story!) The pieces were:

Final Scene From a Paperback Novel
Beyond the Final Scene From a Paperback Novel: Goodbye Darling Divo
How I Became a Divo Den Mother
The Visit
Once Again: Urs and Catherine

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Urs and Catherine (By: Marie Humphrey) 6th Story
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