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 Urs Solitude By: Marie

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PostSubject: Urs Solitude By: Marie   Wed Sep 22, 2010 7:45 pm

Urs Solitude

I watch him surreptitiously. He is lost in thought and has no idea that he is being studied. He is quite easily the most beautiful man I have ever seen…the term not diminishing his masculinity in the least. The persona is not in place; his mask has slipped. He is not the Divo that sends hearts fluttering, the Swiss Rock God who makes mature women forget themselves. He is Urs Buhler an enigma. It is said that he is stereotypically Swiss, whatever that may be…neat, precise? He has been proclaimed cheesy and corny; are those just sarcastic labels for thoughtful, sentimental and romantic? Though generous in spending time with his fans, he is determinedly private in spite of the public thirst for any bit of information about him.

He has not turned in my direction and with the foliage of some plants and a small half wall between us; I doubt that I would be readily visible to him unless he stared directly toward this darkened corner. I have not moved since he strolled into the bar and sat at a quiet out of the way table and ordered a drink. Believing himself to be alone, he has let his features relax and is visibly lost in thought. To even speculate as to what fills his mind would be an invasion of the privacy that he believes to be his at the moment. I have read things that have been printed in interviews he has given… the wish for a house in the country, trees, gardens…but what is factual and what is public relations for the Divo?

Who is Urs Buhler? For this moment he is simply himself, no public to face, no performance expected, no one wanting another little piece of him. His countenance bears a peacefulness that attests that he is a man who has reconciled the price of his success. He has assessed the costs and has paid the piper. He is not at odds with himself; he chose correctly. I smile; pleased that he has this moment of quiet reality…I’m sure those moments are few and far between. The knowledge that I have given him this gift of privacy is more pleasing to me than any autograph or picture that I might have gleaned from robbing him of his solitude.

With a small but visible sigh, he finishes his drink and walks out. Unbeknownst to him, we shared a space and what I observed in that bit of time has made me sure that anyone who is able to call this special man their friend is indeed privileged. It remains my fervent desire that he is happy—I wish that I could know that he is.[img][/img]

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Urs Solitude By: Marie
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