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"We Came Here To Love".

"Timeless" New Il Divo CD released in August 2018.

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 AERA English Jan.2010, [i]Are you passive about LOVE?[/i]

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PostSubject: AERA English Jan.2010, [i]Are you passive about LOVE?[/i]   Thu Sep 23, 2010 2:07 pm

This is an article a japanese diva posted in the OF...

Q:The concert hall was full of excitement. How do you try to create that atmosphere?
S: The first thing that is on our minds is that we make sure that our voices is heard, and that we are able to preform as well as we can, which is not very easy when you travel with jetlag, but the audience sometimes lift you up. It´s reallt important that people feel comfortable and have a good time.
U: We had the impresson that the japanese audience is polite and fairly quiet but, on this tour, we have had amazing reactions. We are not just presenting our music but trying as much as possible to communicate and interact with our audience. You really create the dynamic.

Q: 2009 is the fifth anniversary year of your group. Did you expect this much success from the beggining?
D: No, but we obviously set out with very high hopes, with everything we bring- wheter it´s our culture or musical background. We work together towards a single goal. There is a lot of energy behind that. There was genaine feeling for us- a lot of excitement, and a lot of enjoyment. But there was no guarantee of success. So when it did start taking off all around the world, having such a great response, there is no greater honor as a performer. It gave us more energy to continue on and to do more to leap over the next album to make something better and better each time that the audience would enjoy.

Q: How do you see your musical journey in the future?
C: Everytime we have a new concert, we try to bring something new. We try to imporve all the time, and we try to include more different styles, maybe more Latina, or something that can surprise the audience.

Q: Is it a strength or a challange that you have different cultural backgrounds?
U: It is definitely a strength. It makes us broad and colorful. I see Il Divo as more than just music. We try to entertain our aduience at every level. We build up a connection with the audience. Some of them gravitate to one of us, some of them gravitate to another. So far, there are a rich mix, and talking about the challanges of that, we are each individually strong and decisive in knowing what we want. We are Il Divo and the four of us want to bring this forward together.
D: In the begining, there was a lot of disagreements which boiled down to just simple misunderstanding in communication, cuz we are all speaking in English, where its only my mother tounge.

Q: You speak English fluently. What is the key to improving English?
C: Just try to make other people laugh when you speak. (laughing)

Q: Some young Japanese males are considered to be passive in their romantic relationships. How about you?
D: We definitley have a different take on this. I dont think any of us are passive when it comes to love.

and the pic (dont they looks LUSH?? :drool: )

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AERA English Jan.2010, [i]Are you passive about LOVE?[/i]
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