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"We Came Here To Love".

"Timeless" New Il Divo CD released in August 2018.

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 Celebrity Insider, Sexy Il Divo Creating Groupies

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PostSubject: Celebrity Insider, Sexy Il Divo Creating Groupies   Wed Dec 31, 2008 12:11 am

Celebrity Gossip

Sexy Il Divo Creating Opera Groupies

The oh-so-sexy operatic pop quartet, Il Divo, is creating its own brand of opera groupies, reports David Miller, the tenor of the group created by "American Idol" judge Simon Cowell.
"We have them in every country," says Miller, who's played over 90 worldwide dates in the span of four months with his fellow Il Divo members, Sebastian Izambard, Urs Buhler and Carlos Marin. "We have women who have come from Japan, who went down to Australia to see us there, to America to see us there, and followed us around for 12 performances around Europe. It's crazy.

"I was talking to Sebastian about this. He said when he was doing his solo career opening for Johnny Holiday in France, women would take out an extra mortgage on their house to go follow that man on tour. That's pretty sad."

Perhaps not surprisingly, Il Divo's groupies are a cut above your average rock 'n roll groupies. "It's very different," says Miller. "They're very lovely people."

Even the stalkers, he adds. "We have stalkers, but they're very polite stalkers...these women who follow us around, and sometimes, they show up at our hotels. They always come baring gifts and make no bones about the fact they found out where you're staying.

"They're not trying to hide in the corner. They walk right up to you and hand you a bag full of goodies from their country, or whatever it is, and they're extremely polite. They just want a couple more pictures."

Quite naturally, as their popularity has increased, Il Divo's fans have started to get a little more rambunctious. "In our tour, the last song in the set was 'Somewhere,'" says Miller. "We'd go sit on the edge of the stage, and after maybe about the fourth performance, it got on our website that fans can come down, shake our hands, take a picture, give us things they want to, and its all good.

"Then, we got to the point where we were doing the outdoor venues. People spend the day there, do their little picnic thing, drink some wine and start getting a little rowdy. At one concert, they actually tried to pull Sebastian off the stage. They got his shoes off, and he had to, like, grab them back while we pulled him back up on stage. And, they tried to pull Carlos' pants off!"

Exhibiting an endearing humbleness, Miller believes it's not the drop-dead gorgeous hunks singing the music that has Il Divo's fans all in an uproar.

"Music speaks to you on such a deep level, it can create a mania inside you," he says. "You find it difficult to resist, and you'll do anything to feel that alive passion that music can invoke in you."

True, dat! But, when was the last time anyone tried to pull Pavarotti's pants off?

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Celebrity Insider, Sexy Il Divo Creating Groupies
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