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 Halloween story ( The Changelings)

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PostSubject: Halloween story ( The Changelings)   Fri Nov 05, 2010 6:57 am

Thought you might like this . sorry it's a bit late.

Halloween 2008 draft 2
The Changelings
Copyright Lois Terrans Bradbury
October 2008

It was that time of the year again and each member of Il Divo for his own reasons had hoped because they were to start promoting their new album that they would have been too busy to get roped into any Halloween nonsense, especially nonsense that consisted of fancy dress. But it was because of the interest in their new album they had found themselves in their current predicament.

Even David, the one Divo who was well versed on all things ghoulish when it came to Halloween, usually the most willing victim for any chance to party and dress up had balked at the thought after a picture of him dressed as an X box had found its way onto the internet and of course onto the Il Divo Official Website. He had no idea who had leaked the photo but he was not happy about it.

Carlos had his own reasons for not wanting to participate in anything to do with Halloween. Every year he prayed that he would be in a country that did not take this strange ritual to heart. But having spent the best part of the last 20 years in the entertainment industry it had been hard to side step Halloween. If he was honest with himself thanks to the tales he had listened to as a childe. Tales spun by his own family, aunts and uncles. Tales of witches and goblins, ghouls, ghosts Carlos was very superstitious. He had listened to tales of cousins who had been captured by witches in the woods near his home, tales of whole villages being enchanted, tales that came with their own eerie sound effects to scare children into believing there was a troll living in the mountains. But this time it seemed that yet again he would have to put his fears and superstition aside and for the sake of his fellow Divos, find a costume for Halloween.

Like David, Sebastien was all for getting in and having a good time but like David he had his reasons for wishing Halloween was just another day like so many other days on the calendar.
He had been about eleven at the time when his friends had dared him to stay in what all the children of the area considered a haunted house. At first Sebastien had been full of bravado, until the sun went down and he was all alone in the house. He would swear on a stack of bibles that he had not been alone that night; he had seen things he could not explain. So even before it started Sebastien was wishing Halloween was over.

As for Urs…… Well he neither liked the idea of having to get dressed in some ridiculous costume or the fact that people went out of their way to celebrate what he considered to be the darker side of life. He was neither superstitious nor happy but there he stood along side his fellow Divo’s. Dressed not in Armani but in costumes, fancy dress.
David had probably put the most thought into his and he did look very much like one of the warrior elves of Rivendale from Lord Of The Rings, right down to the bow slung across his back, the pointed ears and long blonde wig.
Carlos had confiscated a friends costume from CATS for the night but looked more like the lion from the Wizard of Oz than a cat.
Sebastien’s choice had been one of last minute desperation because he had actually thought until the last minute he would have managed to wiggle his way out of it. But on threats of a great deal of pain from the others he gave in. So now he looked, well he was trying to look like and angel with the large wings uncomfortably hanging from his back and small harp in his hand and wearing a sheet thrown over him like a toga. The other three had been in hysterics when they had first seen him. The wings he had found discarded in the wardrobe along with a long curly blonde wig, left over from a party his wife had attended, the harp was a toy he had borrowed from a next door neighbour’s child and the toga was, he would find out later one of his wife’s better sheets.
As much as they had laughed at Sebastien they groaned at Urs. He had put no effort into his costume at all. In fact he wasn’t wearing one. It was still bundled up under his arm and he had refused to get dressed before they got to the party. No amount of threats or pleading from the others was going to change his mind.

As they stood on the steps to the City Hall watching other patrons arrive in all manner of weird, wonderful and unusual costumes David nudged Urs. “Okay Buddy, look everyone else is dressed up. You’ll look more conspicuous if you don’t.”
Urs gave David a sad look, sighed pulling the bundle from under his arm and basically throwing it over himself.” He really had gone to very little effort. Like Sebastien Urs had a sheet but unlike Sebastien the only accessories were three wholes he had cut into it. Two for his eyes, one for his mouth.
David just shook his head. “Well I guess that will have to do Casper. Come on lets go in.” David the elf was followed by Carlos the lion who was starting to have fun growling at people as he passed. Sebastien the angel who was starting to feel a little self conscious in his costume and one tall white sheet with cowboy boots.

David had probably put the most thought into his costume and he did look very much like one of the warrior elves of Rivendale from the Lord Of The Rings movie, right down to the bow slung across his back, the pointed ears and long blonde wig.
Carlos had confiscated a friends costume from CATS for the night but looked more like the lion from the Wizard of Oz than a cat hence the playful roaring as he passed people.
Sebastien’s choice had been one of last minute desperation because he had actually thought until the last minute he would have managed to wiggle his way out of it. But on threats of a great deal of pain from the others he gave in. So now he looked, well he was trying to look like an angel with the large wings uncomfortably hanging from his back and a small harp in his hand, a long curly blonde wig and wearing a sheet thrown over him like a toga. The other three had been in hysterics when they had first seen him. The wings and wig had been left over form a party his wife had attended, the harp was a toy he had borrowed from a next door neighbour’s child and the toga was, he would find out later one of his wife’s better sheets.

David smiled back at his three companions. “Okay guys we mingle for a few hours and then high tail it back to my place to hide from the candy monsters.”
If any of them had known what was to happen in a few short hours they may have elected to go straight to David’s place.
It was their usual plan while in New York. David’s apartment was on the 40th floor of a secured building.

Urs was all mingled out with in half an hour, not that he had actually tried very hard to mingle at all. Now he was quite happy to sit and wait for the others watching from the relative anonymity of his sheet cover the parade of guests in there costumes. However his contemplation was rudely disrupted by the loudest crack of thunder he had ever heard exploding all around, rumbling through the building, making the lights flicker on and off. Urs stood to his feet with his back to the wall and scanned the crowd for his friends. Not sure what had just happened he felt the need to be close by the others. At six foot four and dressed like an elf David was not hard to spot. Apparently Sebastien and Carlos had found him as well. Urs made his way through the sombre crowd, the hall was eerily quite. People looking from one to another, asking questions with their eyes. The same question Urs had asked himself. “What the hell had happened?”
He smiled at his friends as they approached but frowned when they walked straight passed him. He heard David talking. “I have no idea where he is guys. I’ve de sheeted half a dozen ghosts already, no Urs. He’ll find us, he’s a big boy. ”
Urs realised he was still wearing his sheet and rather unceremoniously pulled it off and once again bundled it under his arm. “Hey guys it’s me. Wait up!!!”
Just as Urs was about to grab hold of Carlos’ shoulder his Spanish friend doubled over in pain, grabbing at his stomach, falling to the floor. His actions shocked his companions who could only stand and stare as Carlos rolled around the floor in agony.
David was about to say something when the murmurs of other people crying and groaning began to vibrate around the room. They all looked around to see others falling to the floor like their friend. “Merde David what is going on? Do they all have food poisoning?” Sebastien was almost as pale as the sheet that he was wearing.
Again David was stop from answering but not by others, this time by Carlos or rather the noise that he made. Deep from with in him came a wail that sounded more like a hurt animal than a human. They watched unbelieving as Carlos began to transform, change. All the time crying and yelling in pain. His cries mingling with so many others in the room seeming to be heading for some kind of tragic crescendo.
David, Urs and Sebastien were speechless just watching as their friend turned from a human to a……….a cat. A sweet, cute, brown, white and tan kitten. Its tiny cries barely audible above the now panic laden cries of others in the room. Both David and Sebastien swore. Urs was angry. “Well we can’t leave him like this we need to help him.”
Urs went to pick up the kitten but his hand just glided right through its body. He tried to grab it again and again his hand just slipped through the kitten as if it was not there. It was Urs’ turn to swear. His mind danced around several ideas. One of which was the fact that his friend has been transformed into a cat but his molecular structure had also changed. He was no longer a solid object.

While Urs was struggling with this idea Sebastien was just about to bend over and pick up the kitten when he screeched in pain and his hands flung over his shoulder as he tried to rip the wings off his back.
“What the hell is wrong Seb?’ David’s voice was tempered with very real panic. People were falling and changing around him and he had no idea what was going on. Now Sebastien had started to scream and as David watched he also started too floated into the air. “Sebastien get down here NOW!!!! And were the hell is Urs.!!!!!” David’s eyes flew around the room looking for Urs, like Urs he needed to be close to his friends. Carlos had turned into a cat and now Sebastien was floating in mid air it was all too much.

David’s attention moved from the crowed to his own feet as the little kitten began pawing at his boots. So David did what both Urs ands Sebastien had tried to do, he scooped up the little kitten and not a minute too soon as a rather large wolf with raging eyes came bounding across the room straight for it. David shouted at the wolf to stay away but then his hand went to cover his mouth. The words that washed over his lips had sounded strange in his ears. He had uttered words not of his own language and the wolf had come to a halt before him, staring up into David’s eyes before bounding off into the crowed.
Urs was shouting at David having seen him pick up the kitten obviously his theory had been wrong. So why had he not been able to pick it up and why could David not see him?
“David!!!! Look at me.!!!” Urs took a step towards his friend and tried to place a hand on his shoulder, again his hand went straight through. The only recognition he got from his friend was a shiver and the kitten hissed but nothing more. It was like he was invisible. His own thoughts shocked him. Could it be? Urs looked around the room at what was going on, then looked up to see Sebastien still floating over their heads and then back to the sheet he had bundled under his arm. Surely not? The fact that he had dressed as a ghost had this been his own transformation? No pain, no crying. Urs’ next question to himself was ‘had he died? Or was he just invisible?’

David shot a look up at Sebastien who was still floating above him but at least had stopped screaming. He shouted to him and again strange words broke from his mouth.
Sebastien had heard David but the only word that he understood was his name. He looked down at his friend wondering how he was ever going to get his feet back on the ground. As the thought drifted through his mind Sebastien started to descend. “Excellent.”
Urs had continued to talk at David more for his own peace of mind than anything else. “Why can’t anyone see me?”
As Sebastien landed in front of David he turned to Urs. “I can see you Urs what’s the problem my friend?”
Urs was about to answer when David tapped Sebastien on the shoulder and began to yabber away not being understood by anyone. He could hear the strange language washing over his lips however he understood every word he was saying, still David was beginning to panic just a little more.
Sebastien shook his head. “I really wish I could understand what you are saying David.”
“What the hell do you mean you wish you could understand what I am saying and answer my question, who the hell were you talking too?!!!!”
Sebastien gave David a big toothy grin “Oh David. I understand you. I just have to think about what I want and it happens. I wanted to get back down and here I am. I wanted to understand you and I do. How can this be?”
“How the hell should I know!!! Who the hell were you talking to?”
Urs gave him a disillusioned answer. “Me.” And looked to Sebastien. “You can see me cant you?”
“Yes my friend I can see you.”
David tugged at one of Sebastien’s wings. “Hey don’t do that!!!.”
David frowned. “Who are you talking to? There is no one there.”
Urs went to poke David in the chest and his again his hand went right through him and the little kitten hissed and David shivered.
Sebastien smiled at what he saw and explained to David that Urs was also with them.
David gave Sebastien a look as if to say he was crazy.
“Why is that so hard for you to believe David? Look around.”
They all turned as they heard a scream and a gun shot, then looked back at each other.
“I think we should go back to your place David until we figure this all out.” In an instant Sebastien vanished but appeared just as quickly. “Oh sorry about that. Seems if I think about anything it happens.”

They all looked to the small kitten still nestled in David’s arm as it cried and pawed at his vest. It seemed that Carlos was as unsettled as the rest of them. David gently stoked the kitten on the back and the little animal promptly went to sleep.
Sebastien smiled. “Seems you have been given some of the gifts of your Elvin character David along with the language and the funny ears.”
At Sebastien’s words David’s hand went to touch his ear, he had forgotten. He was a little shocked to feel the outline as he dragged his fingers around his ear, they were indeed pointed. It also seemed that his hearing was heightened as well. The noise in the room seeming to penetrate every molecule of his body and it was starting to get on his nerves.

At the sound of other screams they all began to walk rather quickly to the exit. For some reason they thought once they were outside things would be alright. It was much, much worse. Not only had the people inside the Town Hall been transformed, it seemed that everyone in the city had changed. Changed into whatever costume they had been wearing. Well this was the conclusion that the three men had come to considering what had happened to them.
They all stood on the steps of the Town Hall wondering if it would not be better to go back inside. It was only three blocks to David’s apartment but looking out into the street each man wondered if they would make it that far and if they did what would be waiting for them?

They all turned hearing the roar of a bear and feeling the pounding of its’ huge paws on the concrete as it thundered down the street with them well and truly set in its sights. Well David and Sebastien at least. Even though Urs knew the bear could not see him, he hoped it could not, he took a few steps back. Instinctively David pushed the kitten into his vest, pulled an arrow from his back and raised his bow. Sebastien realised what he was about to do and shouted one word at the bear. “Disappear.”
The bear vanished.
Sebastien smiled. He was getting to like his new powers. Except for the wings. They were a lot heavier than he had expected. “David you cannot kill. These were people; we cannot hurt them in case we can become ourselves again.”
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PostSubject: Part 2   Fri Nov 05, 2010 6:58 am

David pushed his bow back into place but kept hold of the arrow. “I was not going to kill it Sebastien just slow it down a little. Where the hell did you send it anyway?”
Sebastien got a twinge of guilt, his only thought had been for their safety and when he had seen the bear running towards them the first thought that popped into his head had been a forest. He had no idea where it was so he had no idea where he had sent the bear. Maybe it would have been better if David had wounded it. Sebastien wondered if he could bring it back. So concentrating on it both David and Urs jumped as the bear materialized before their eyes. Again David went to pull on his bow but Sebastien just help out his hand and utter the word. “Stop.”
The bear stopped, unmoving, motionless.
This time David did not replace his bow but kept hold of it along with the arrow and muttered something that Sebastien translated for Urs.
“He thinks we should keep moving.”
Urs nodded and started to walk keeping as close to the buildings as possible. He had to smile to himself. He was a ghost, no one could see him, out of the three of them he was probably the safest.
Sebastien did start to walk with him but then began to float a little above the ground with David bringing up the rear all the while trying to look in every direction at once, his Elvin instincts in over drive.
It was on the trip back to David’s apartment that Urs found out he was not completely unseen. Oh he was invisible to all except other spirits. His first encounter had been with a young lady. They had locked eyes and both of them knew they could see the other. They could actually touch each other which helped to quell Urs’ feelings of insecurity just a little. After that he was able to tell the difference from Spirit or living person. His next encounter has not been so pleasant. Not all the spirits were benevolent, far from it and Urs has had to do battle with one such spirit. It was in this fight he found out that if he used his mind he would push them back. It was like knocking someone out with your fist. Sebastien being an angel could also see the spirits but he had been busy helping David when he realised Urs was in trouble and very glad to see his friend had some powers of his own.
So it was as the three of them made it down the street to David’s apartment they all used their new gifts to ward off evil spirits or being hurt, mauled or attacked by the likes of Jack the Ripper, Freddie Kruger, Jason Voorhees, Ghostface or Pinhead. On more than one occasion David had sunk an arrow into an animal hell bent trying to eat them alive. By the time he got home he had injured, several lions, two panthers, three bears, an alligator and another wolf. After his initial mistake with the first bear Sebastien had been more careful about what he had been thinking. For the most part he had stopped attacks by simply asking them to freeze. Which is exactly what happened. Each person who attacked would just freeze to the spot unable to move. A few times he had been surprised and their attacker had vanished so he’s had to bring them back then freeze them. He had helped Urs with a few malevolent spirits but he found he could not freeze them; he could push them away, stop them from getting close and make them vanish so he opted for the pushing still not sure what would happen if he made them vanish.
Through their fight to get home Carlos slept inside David’s tunic. David suspected that he had put some kind of elvish spell on the little kitten to protect it and he was grateful for it. He had checked on Carlos a few times satisfied that his fluffy friend was indeed safe and well.

Finally they found themselves safely behind locked doors on the 40th floor but none of them relaxed.
Urs quizzed Sebastien. “Why can’t you just think that David can see me or that I can understand him? Make that happened and this would be so much easier.”
Sebastien had found it hard to sit now that he was sporting some rather large wings so he was hovering, sitting in a crossed leg position. “I have tried my friend I am sorry. I do not know why this has happened or why I can think things and they happen but I cannot make you understand David and I cannot make him see you. I do not understand. Let me try again.”
David and Urs watched as Seabstein closed his eyes and began to concentrate on what it was that he wanted. They both stepped back as he began to glow. At first a gentle soft golden light surrounded him but as they watched the light grew stronger, changed to a bright, bright white that engulfed the room and Sebastien began to unfold his wings to their full stretch. He seemed to take up the entire lounge room.
Again Urs ands David stepped back wondering what was happening. All of a sudden there was a flash and the light that shot around the room was so intense both men had to shut and cover their eyes. Yet the light still penetrated seeming to bur right through their eye lids.
As the room settle back into its normal situation it seemed to David that it was darker than before. He looked to Sebastien who was now standing in front of him but he smiled as his eyes moved slightly to the left. He could see Urs. “Hey Urs, nice to see you.”
Urs smiled at David, he had understood every word he had said. “Nice that you can see me.”
Both men looked to Sebastien who shrugged his shoulders making his wings ruffle. “I don’t know how I did that. Maybe I just had to think a little harder. But I am glad that it worked.”
The all heard the little kitten meow from inside David’s tunic.
Urs shook his head. “I wonder what his Cuties would think of Carlos now?”
“I wonder what any of our fans are doing now?” Sebastien looked out the window followed by the gaze of his two friends.

David put the kitten on the floor and it immediately ran to Sebastien trying to pull on his toga so it could climb up. Without touching the kitten he guided it to his knee as he resumed his floating sitting where it made a little spot for itself and promptly fell back asleep.
David laughed. “Seems even as a cat Carlos can sleep anywhere.”
Urs felt a cold shiver run through his body. There was a cloud on the horizon, it was getting closer but it was no ordinary cloud.
Sebastien floated over to see what he was looking at. “Seems that Urs has seen a few more spirits headed this way. I really wish you could see them David this would be so much easier.”
Just as David was about to say he didn’t really want to he saw the cloud appear. “Gee thanks Sebastien. I think I liked it better when I couldn’t see what was heading our way.”
Again Sebastien shrugged his shoulders and again his wings ruffled. “I will try to be more careful with my thoughts.”

Three Divos stood looking into the night at what looked like thousands of ghosts converging on the building; they seemed to pass right through the walls on every floor except the 40th. They could hear their screeching cries coming from every corner of the building but by using all their powers together they kept them off the 40th floor. Sebastien had gone to stand in the middle of the room and began to glow again having gently tucked the kitten into his toga. His one and only thought had been to place a force field around the 40th floor and it seemed to be working. David and Urs stood at the window repelling spirits before they got a chance to get close. David by speaking enchanted words, Urs by using his mind to push them away, far, far away.

Just as David was about to ask how much longer they would have to keep this up, there was another crack of thunder rattling windows and making them step back. At first Urs and David had thought that Sebastien had done something. They both turned around in time to see him collapse into a crumpled heap, the little kitten falling out of his toga as he did.
David and Urs only had time to look at each other before they too collapsed, unconscious. It was midnight.

The only sound that could be heard in the apartment was the soft gentle rustle of wings.
“Do you think they will be alright?” An angel, a very large male angel stood looking down to where David and Urs had fallen.
His companion another male angel only slightly smaller smiled. “Oh Zepher, they are all good strong men and I don’t mean physical strength. They have gentle hearts and souls and they have each other. How long have we been watching over them now?”
Zepher smiled. He had been David’s guardian angel since the day he was born and if an angel could feel like a proud parent that is how Zepher felt towards David. “You are right Artamass they are all good men. Though I did have my doubts about your Urs there for a while.”
Artamass smiled down at Urs. Like David he had been Urs’ guardian since his birth and like Zepher at times he also had doubts about his charge especially in his younger days.
“Not to worry now they are four. We shall see to it that they are comfortable and then inform Rolneph and Nema that their charges are also well.”
Both angels turned and looked to were Carlos and Sebastien were lying.
“I do worry as to how Nema is going to react to the fact that Carlos was turned into a cat and he was not here to protect him.”
Artamass slapped his companion gently on this shoulder. He was needed else where tonight, as where others. He will be happy that we can report good news.”
They both smiled as they looked upon Sebastien and as Artamass waved his hand over the sleeping man a blanket appeared to cover him and a pillow now rested under his head. “As for this one. I think when the time comes he will give Rolneph some competition. I have never seen a new recruit summon up such energy and power without a good deal of practice. Sebastien will make a fine addition to the ranks.”
Zepher smiled. “But not for along time yet.”
“True. Come on let us make the others comfortable.”
Zepher and Artamass spread their hands over the three remaining men making blankets and pillows appear then Artamass went back and knelt down beside Urs. “Do not fret over tonight my charge. It was not supposed to be. Do not fret at the small piece of comfort we leave you. We shall be close by.”

Several hours later Sebastien woke to find David looking out the window now dressed in jeans and a t shirt. No pointy ears, no blonde hair. He pulled the blanket off himself, thinking that David must have put it over him. Looking down at his own clothes his toga and wings where in taters. Looking over at Urs he was still sleeping also covered in a blanket but next to Sebastien was Carlos, the human Carlos. Sebastien was glad of that.
He walked over and stood next to his friend. “What the hell happened last night David?”
From behind they got their answer from Urs. “Halloween” Coming to stand next to them he looked like he had the night before. His clothes were still in tact.
David shook his head. “Next time remind me to wear the sheet.”
Sebastien and Urs both glared at him “NEXT TIME!!!!!”
Urs could not explain what he said next and was grateful that Carlos had distracted his friend “Last night was never supposed to be. There will be no next time.”
Carlos groaned and they all turned to see him stretch and yawn. “That must have been some vino last night. I had the weirdest dream; I dreamt I was a cat.”
Urs, David and Sebastien looked from each other to their sleepy eyed friend.
“Oh and thank you for the blanket David.” Carlos stood and wrapped it around his naked body.
“I didn’t give you the blanket Carlos. It must have been one of the others.”
Urs and Sebastien looked at David, shaking their heads, the coloured draining from their faces.
If not them who????????????
Zepher and Artamass now joined by Nema and Rolneph watched from their vantage point in the corner of the room. “Who indeed”
The End
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Halloween story ( The Changelings)
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