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 Morning crept slowly into the consciousness of Urs Buhler. (By: Marie)

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PostSubject: Morning crept slowly into the consciousness of Urs Buhler. (By: Marie)    Tue Dec 21, 2010 4:58 pm

Morning crept slowly into the consciousness of Urs Buhler. The distant call of a Black Kite announced that the routine had begun in nature’s day. Small creatures would be scurrying out of range of the bird’s keen vision. The thick carpeting of needles would allow no sounds of their scampering to betray them to predators on the ground.

Scattered among tall conifers, the leaves of the few deciduous trees rustled in the breeze. Audible only to the ear that had trained itself to hear them, they brought the first upturn to the lips of the awakening man. He absorbed the music in nature.

The forest scents carried on clear mountain air drifted through the open window and mingled with the aroma of coffee beginning to waft upward from below. He knew without reaching out that the space beside him had been vacated as the coffee-maker was not one of the automatic kind so had required someone to set it to brew.

He had not moved; that shadow of a smile might have been a response to a last remnant of a dream. But Urs was waking. His breathing, having been quieted while listening to the world outside the window, returned to normal with a small sigh. He raised his eyelids just enough to see that the room was going to be filled with light as soon as the sun reached treetop level.

With eyes fully opened he looked at the high ceiling and studied the dark wood beams. Matching railing fronted the open loft and steps of the same marched downward into the room below. In contrast to the rich heavy wood, surfaces between were painted soft cream. Muted tones in the sparse furnishings completed the serenity of the space. Light and shadow—much like himself.

Another small sigh. Today was his birthday. He could just lie here and think about it—quietly. Later there would be phone calls from friends and family, but for right now, there was nowhere he had to be, and nothing he had to do that would require him to leave this cocoon of peace and quiet. Peace and quiet. At first he had not been able to grasp the reality of them, then slowly as they had remained constant, he embraced them and would be reluctant to leave them behind again. But that was not yet.

This was his thirty-seventh birthday and it was his—truly his—to do with as he pleased. And even ‘doing as he pleased’ required no immediate thought. He could just let it ‘happen’ or make some plans later—if he decided—or not.

Her tread was light on the stairs. As she emerged from the shadows below, she smiled and brought the tray with the coffee pot and two mugs to a small bedside table. Stooping down she plugged the cord into the electrical outlet. “This will keep it hot.”

His eyelids were starting to drift downward again, but Urs’ smile was now full-blown.

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Morning crept slowly into the consciousness of Urs Buhler. (By: Marie)
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