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"We Came Here To Love".

"Timeless" New Il Divo CD released in August 2018.

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PostSubject: DATE WITH A DIVO   Tue Dec 21, 2010 5:05 pm


The phone was ringing—fingers were crossed—heart was fluttering—eyes were squeezed tightly shut—click!

“Congratulations! You are the tenth caller. Now if you can answer one question you will be the lucky winner of a Date With a Divo! Are you ready for the question?”


“Hello? Hello?”

“Yes, I’m here,” the breathless voice croaked. “I’m here!”

Oh yeah, this was a live one! Speechless! Be lucky to remember her own name! “Ok, here is the question. On their new album, Ancora, which Divo does not have a solo part on the song ‘Heroe?’”

“URS!” The scream must surely have damaged his hearing! He held the phone away from his ear because she was still repeating the name and the crescendo was unbearable. With one final sigh of that name, the voice was stilled.

“That is absolutely correct—all thirty-seven times. Now would you prefer a date with Urs, Sebastien, David or Carlos?”

“YES!” Another loud squeal.

“Uh, which one?” He held the phone away from his ear in anticipation.

“What?! You mean I have to choose ONE? I want them ALL! How can I choose among Campy Carlos, Darling David, Sexy Seb or the Swiss Bliss?” The volume had dropped a bit but the speed was that of an old LP on 45 rpms.

“So, which will it be?” Forcing her to choose could be fatal! Perhaps to both of us.

“Well, they must all be prepared to go on this date because they have no way of knowing which one would be chosen, right?” Her logic was irrefutable. “So it would actually probably hurt their feelings if one was chosen over the others because there they all are, just thinking they will be the one picked.” Surely he could see the truth in this.

“Mam, the contest was a date with A Divo—A as in one. I’m afraid you must choose.” He could see the scowl, pouting lip and tapping foot right through the phone line.

“But I wouldn’t want to hurt three men’s feelings. Surely you couldn’t ask me to do that. Particularly after some of those crappy reviews some reporters have given them. You haven’t done any crappy reviews, have you?” Her voice was ominous.

“Absolutely not. Now about your choice…”somehow he knew the battle was lost.

“Now I thought we were getting past that. Surely you can see by now that it must be all of them,” her voice was incredulous. “I’ll bet you just don’t like some of them and don’t want them to have the publicity, is that what it is?”

“Of course that isn’t it, I think they’re all great.” Maybe that would placate her.

“Oh REALLY?” Her raised eyebrows were practically visible to him.

“I mean, they’re all great singers! Look, I’ll switch you to the events planner who will give you the details on your Date With the DivoS!”

More squeals.

He pushed the button and slumped in his chair. The station manager came in beaming a broad smile, “You know, we’ve gotten so much great PR with this Date With a Divo contest that I think next week we should have Spend a Day with a Guy from…” There was wild moaning and shrieking as the other man ran crying from the room.

LESSON: Never underestimate the determination of a diva where Divos are concerned!

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