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"We Came Here To Love".

"Timeless" New Il Divo CD released in August 2018.

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PostSubject: ~* THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM *~ Sequel To ~*SOMEONE TO LOVE*~    Fri Dec 24, 2010 5:03 pm

Thanks Tina For The Awesome Cover

**The Impossible Dream**


It had been 2 weeks since the Dare To Care Concert and all were settling back into a normal routine at home.

Carlos and Cyd were back in Spain, Urs and Siobhan in Switzerland, David and Suzie were working on the farm again and Sebastien and Dori were relaxing at the house with the girls as they were trying their best to walk and keeping mom and dad on their toes.

Sebastien and Dori had been discussing the need for help with the girls full time since they would be traveling for at least part of the Promotional Tour with him. They had been interviewing Nannies and had found one they were quite impressed with. Her name was Charlie and she came from Denmark.
She was to come to the States in a week to meet with them. If things were agreeable, then she would start in 1 month and be settled before they left on the Promo Tour. Sebastien and Dori really wanted to raise the girls alone, without help, but that was not a reality that was to be. It was to much for Dori to try and do alone with twin girls; she needed help to keep going and to have some quality time not only with the girls but Sebastien as well. Despite his best efforts, he could not be there as much as either would have liked with the Tour. Dori understood this.

David and Suzie were settling in to the farm again after the concert. Suzie had a bout with the flu or so she thought at the time. She would soon find out different. David had taken great care of her, pampered her to the hilt and she bounced back very quickly. Their farm was doing well. The Alpaca’s continued to breed and win more awards in fleece and stud fees. They were both very content in this world of theirs and were adjusting to the fact they would leave in a few weeks for the Promotional Tour for the new CD Eternita IL DIVO.

Carlos and Cyd were in Madrid getting things going with the Children’s Zoo and watching Leila Elena growing before their eyes. She was starting to crawl and loved to play with the pots and pans as mom cook the meals. She would sit on the floor banging on them with wooden spoons, trying to make as much noise as she could. Cyd smiled, thinking “Another musician in the family.”

While they were on tour, Cyd and Dori would have Charlie around to be with the girls when the wives were with the husbands at signings and such. They were sure Leila Elena would like Charlie if the twins did.

Siobhan and Urs decided to take a few days for themselves by heading for the open road on their Bikes. They would stop at some nice cozy Bed and Breakfast and spend the night when they were tired. They spent 2 weeks traveling around Switzerland, once again visiting the lake where their honeymoon had started. Now, they had just gotten home. The Horse Farm was doing very well. Siobhan loved to feed their special pair apples and sugar cubes from her hand. Brushing them brought her closer to the beautiful animals and she was content there. She knew they would be leaving soon for the Promo Tour. For now, she wanted as much private time with Urs as they could in the next few weeks.


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PostSubject: Re: ~* THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM *~ Sequel To ~*SOMEONE TO LOVE*~    Sun Dec 26, 2010 12:19 pm

The sequel of Someone To Love is finally here!!!

I can't wait to read more mom!!! Very Happy I like it

And Tina, you did an amazing job on the cover, as always Wink

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PostSubject: Re: ~* THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM *~ Sequel To ~*SOMEONE TO LOVE*~    Wed Dec 29, 2010 11:19 am

Chapter 1

Sebastien wanted to have some quiet time with Dori. They had been so busy with the plans for the “Dare To Care” concert and then the Promo Tour coming up. Also taking care of the girls, they really had no down time going from one thing to the next. So he planned a quiet romantic evening by the fireplace with Champagne, strawberries, a warm fire, a cozy blanket and lots of love for her. Dori had no idea Sebastien was planning something for her. She was cleaning in their room and found her packets of White Rose Petals that she had collected over the past few months. She kept them to remind her of the love Sebastien gave her by showering the places and their home with the White Rose Petals. He would leave them all over the bed and in the house; they would be everywhere and she love seeing the house filled with the White Roses everyday. She knew he loved her and he had the Roses delivered every week twice a week.
Sebastien was a very romantic man and so he always tried to make the time he and Dori found special. So tonight, they would have the special evening he planned on and he would remind Dori once again how much he loved her.

The evening had been a busy one- dinner, the girls bathed, the stories read and the rocking done. Finally, Yannic and Allie were drifting off to dreamland for the night or at least Sebastien and Dori hoped so.

Dori was very tired and needed to relax, so she went to the bathroom to treat herself to a hot bubble bath. She told Sebastien she would be there soon as she wanted to freshen up. She wasn’t expecting anything, so he was able to surprise her easily. Dori undressed and climb into the tub. Soon she was immersed in the warmth, pleasant scent and bubbles; her mind set adrift from the busy day’s events. Little did she know, she was being watched. She never saw Sebastien come into the bathroom undressed.

Dori felt the water move and looked up to see her husband kneeling at the bathtub beside her. His hands floating gently toward her, as he leaned forward to kiss her. She greeted his kiss hungrily as their lips met in union with his gently touch. Dori’s bubbled arms wrapped around his chest, beckoning him to join her. Moments later, they nestled together in their own warm abyss. Each gently caressed the other, washing away any remnant of the days past, savoring the moment as he kissed her neck, working his way to the treasures he sought below the bubbles. Dori’s mind drifted to an earlier time in their relationship, relishing the mixture of emotion from then to now, not wanting it to end but bloom to new and bigger heights.

They stayed in the tub for over an hour enjoying the warm water on their skin, reheating the water and rekindling their passion for each other. Sebastien excused himself saying he needed to get out and check on the girls. He stepped out of the water, dried off and put on his robe and slippers. He quickly checked on his sleeping daughters before making his way downstairs to the living room. There, he finished the loving touches to his plan.

The water no longer felt inviting to Dori without Sebastien beside her. With a sigh, she set aside her images of further romance, getting out of the bathtub herself. As she finished cleaning up, the images drifted further. Soon, she had her lace nightgown on and was brushing her long brown hair, hoping for a quiet, relaxing evening before going to sleep. Though the thought of snuggling close to her husband was warm, it lacked the passion they had just shared. It left a kind of hollowness in the far corners of her heart and mind. Sternly, she willed it to stay away from the center.

Moments later, she padded downstairs and into the living room, expecting to find it empty. She had paused at the doorway to the twins’ bedroom and assumed Sebastien was still in there, lovingly watching their daughters sleep. Instead, Sebastien was waiting for her by the softly glowing fireplace. His arms were opened wide to greet her, his hands motioning her near. Dori smiled warmly, the hollowness from earlier evaporating quickly. She walked over to him, bending down to kiss him deeply as his arms slid around her waist to pull her onto his lap. He returned her kiss eagerly, wanting her to know this would be no ordinary quiet evening. She read it easily, replying to his plea with her own, as her legs wrapped around his waist. Their eyes met briefly, each melting into the others.

A moment later, “Please sit beside me Cherie” he said as he pointed to the blanket beneath him.

Dori moved beside him, keeping her hand resting lightly on his thigh as he turned to pour the champagne he had waiting on the table nearby. He handed the slender, elegant glass to her before reaching for the other one for himself. Touching his glass lightly to hers, he whispered that he wanted the evening to be just for them… no Il Divo, no concerts, no tours, no parenting… just two people in love.

Dori could see the love he had in his eyes for her and she felt warm all over. They sipped at the Champagne, but Dori could tell he wanted more than a quiet drink with her as he returned his glass to the table and reached for her. His lips grazed hers lightly as he made a path down her body, increasing the pressure as he went; letting his passion consume his every move as his hands explored in tandem.

She had all she could do to hold herself together with each touch. She craved his touch and wanted him to make love to her right then. She tried to tell him, but he didn’t want to rush things tonight… it was time to languidly explore each other as they had so many months before in London; this time with a renewed confidence they had gained from their time together. Each kiss, each caress sending them deeper into the world they shared together, unbridling the passion to a new, higher level. As he slid off her gown and she his robe, they united in a blazing, harmonious passion to outshine the fireplace light beside them. The love they shared that night satisfied the hunger each had craved.

Though the fire's light dwindled, the glow within Dori and Sebastien continued to flourish throughout the night and into the morning sunrise. Despite the sun’s best effort, it couldn’t outshine the passion either; the songs the birds sang that morning was a meager echo of the intimate harmony Dori and Sebastien had embraced once again.

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PostSubject: Re: ~* THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM *~ Sequel To ~*SOMEONE TO LOVE*~    Wed Dec 29, 2010 11:22 am

Chapter 2.

The next morning Sebastien awoke to the sounds on the monitor of the girls cooing and trying to talk. He looked over at Dori still sleeping. He didn’t want to wake her, so he quietly got up and put on his robe and slippers and headed to the nursery. He saw Yannic first and headed toward her. She was kicking and squealing as Allie lay in her crib playing with her new found friends - her hands. She was very funny to Sebastien as he looked over at her.

He picked up Yannic, took her to the changing table and got her all cleaned up. After he set her in the play pen, proceeded to do the same with Allie. With both of his daughters ready and content to play, he went down to the kitchen and started their breakfast for them. As he did so, he listened to the monitor in the kitchen; content with hearing them playing and being very good girls.

Dori turned over to touch Sebastien and found she was alone, the monitor turned off. She yawned and stretched as she looked around the room. All alone, she put on her robe and slippers, heading to the nursery to find her family. As she peeked in, she found the girls were already dressed for the morning, contently playing. Touching each of them warmly, she greeted them as she had each morning. Soon, they were headed downstairs to the kitchen to the sounds of Seb humming softly as he finished making breakfast.

He had made Egg’s Bacon, Toast, Juice and Coffee for himself and Dori, cereal for the girls with a cup of milk on the side. As soon as he turned off the stove, he helped Dori put the girls in their high chairs. Dori greeted him with a kiss and a hug as the girls explored their breakfast, smearing more on their faces than either parent thought they ate. Both Dori and Seb tried to help them finish their breakfast, but neither daughter would allow it; both wanting to be as independent as the other. Dori and Seb laughed, knowing they would have to be cleaned up and redressed for their day.

After the breakfast and cleanup, the girls played in the playpen until nap time Seb rocking Yannic and Dori rocking Allie; they were a very happy family. For the girls, it had been a very busy morning, so they drifted off to sleep easily. Knowing she had other things to do, Dori put Allie into her crib and tucked the blanket under her chin and softly kissing her cheek. She left the room quietly. Seb as usual, would want to stay behind to watch them sleep before he continued his day.

Dori headed for her and Sebastien’s room. With a sigh, she looked around thinking of making the bed till she felt two arms around her waist. His voice whispering in her ear and him kissing her neck meant no making the bed. They would soon be wrapped in each others arms and in the bed making love once more, stealing a moment in time as the girls lay sleeping in their beds. Sebastien and Dori enjoyed their personal time and each other. Soon, they also fell asleep, content.

Waking up later in the day, they proceeded to get the girls up and take them down to see David and Suzie. Dori was concerned as Suzie hadn’t been feeling well lately. She wanted to check in on her and let the girls run around the farm with Walter. Walter treated the twins like his own grandchildren, looking forward to their visit more than anyone else. He held them close and headed to the barn, talking softly to them as they went. Dori smiled as she watched them, Seb following close behind.

Dori went in the house to see Suzie who looked very pale and seem to still be feeling under the weather. Dori had a feeling that this was not the flu everyone else had thought. She suggested to Suzie maybe she should see the doctor for tests. Suzie, after hesitating a moment said, “I have and I know what was wrong… just hadn’t figure out how to tell David.”

Dori knew what was going on and was happy for David and Suzie but she saw no happiness in Suzie’s eyes only discomfort and sadness. She could not understand the problem having a baby was a wonderful thing and Suzie should be happy. “Suzie why are you not happy about having a baby?” Dori asked her cousin.

“Sorry Dori, but David and I had discussed this before. We wanted to wait a few years before starting a family, especially while the guys are touring and being on the road so much.” Suzie replied with tears in her eyes.

Dori hugged her cousin as Sebastien walked in. He was stunned at the sight of Suzie in tears and Dori comforting her, so he left before they could see him. He knew Dori would tell him later if it was something important.

They spent the rest of the afternoon with David and Suzie. They cooked out on the grill for the grownup but Suzie couldn’t handle the smell of the food and was off getting sick once more, confusing David. Sebastien figured it out very fast. He was not surprised David didn’t know what was wrong with Suzie. Seb had seen Dori go through it. The scene he saw earlier between Dori and Suzie and her reaction now put the last remaining pieces of the puzzle together for him. He knew David had no idea he was going to be a father. He looked at his friend and chuckled to himself that David had so much to look forward to.

After Dori, Seb and the girls left that night, David put Suzie to bed. He stayed by her, worried that it was something serious, lightly caressing her, holding her close, searching for some sign…some reason… some solution. The look of worry on his face told Suzie it was time she broke the news to him no matter how he responded.

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PostSubject: Re: ~* THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM *~ Sequel To ~*SOMEONE TO LOVE*~    Wed Dec 29, 2010 11:34 am

Awww... Suzie... plans are plans, but the fact that you're caring a baby of you and David, it's just happened. I'm sure David will be happy Wink he loves children and having his own child will be the best thing for him Very Happy

Poor you that you have to go through this alone, as David didn't know what's wrong hehe. But he will won't he? Wink

Great chapters mom!!!

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PostSubject: Re: ~* THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM *~ Sequel To ~*SOMEONE TO LOVE*~    Thu Dec 30, 2010 12:11 pm

One More New Post then the Next will be in another week.

Chapter 3

David was very concerned about Suzie. He wanted answers from the doctors. “I’m calling your doctor in the morning. I can’t understand why you aren’t feeling better.”

She knew it was time. “David, I know what is wrong… no need to call them. At this point, there’s nothing more that they can do.” David’s frown told her she needed to continue. “They have run all kinds of tests and… David… I don’t know how to say this any other way. David… I’m pregnant. We’re going to have a baby.”

There was no sound at all, just empty quiet and the look in his eyes. He didn’t speak or move just sat there staring at Suzie in shock. After what seemed like an eternity to Suzie, he held her close, stroking her hair gently in a steady, even rhythm.

Finally she could take no more she asked David, “Do you want this baby?” as tears began to well in her eyes. David looked at her, stunned at the question. Of course he wanted their child. Suzie was torn; she knew they had talked about waiting and she didn’t plan this. So David being in shock was understandable to a point. “David, I want to know what you’re feeling and where your thoughts are about us having this baby?”

“Sweetheart, I love you… and will love our baby too. Nothing could make me happier then being a… a father. I just wasn’t expecting it so… soon.” David explained to her. He moved closer to her and held her tighter, kissing her warmly as he hugged her closer. David was thinking in his mind, “What kind of father will I make? I am a singer and an Alpaca Farmer. Is that what we will want for our child?? Suzie will be a great mom, but can I be a….a… dad… the kind of father Seb and Carlos are to their children? The kind of father I had?” Sighing deeply, he decided he would be the best he could be. “Maybe not perfect, but I will be there for our child… Oh my God… our child… a girl... boy? I think a girl… a diva just …like her mother. A name that starts with the same letter... Sonia. I like that…Sonia Miller, my darling little diva.“

Suzie snuggled in his arms as they talked about the names for the baby. She loved the name Sonia for a girl; knowing David would love their baby as much as she did already. Soon, she drifted off to sleep. Cautiously, he touched Suzie’s belly and whispered softly, “Hello my little one. This is daddy… I can’t wait to meet you.“ A moment later, David drifted off to sleep as well, both dreaming of their new baby.

Sebastien looked over at Dori. She was very far off and he knew she was thinking about Suzie, the changes that would be coming and the problem understanding David’s feelings about children. Little did they know, things had worked themselves out between David and Suzie. It was only 24 hours before Charlie would be arriving. Dori had made sure her rooms were ready. She and Sebastien hoped she love them and feel at home there.

The plan was to have Dori and Sebastien meet her at the airport and bring her down to the house. The families decided to have a big “welcome to the family” party for her. Carlos and Cyd had arrived with LE and her nurse from Spain with in the past 24 hours. Urs and Siobhan were due in within the next 5 hours from Switzerland. The whole bunch would be staying at the farm house, so Suzie had the rooms all cleaned and prepared for them. Charlie had only met Dori, but knew who the guys were. She was excited and was looking forward to meeting all of them and the babies too. Sebastien and Dori met Charlie at the international gate and helped her through customs. They picked up her luggage and headed to the mini van. Once Sebastien had the luggage tucked into the trunk of the van, they headed over to the Private landing fields to pick up Urs and Siobhan. The IL DIVO plane had arrived and was unloading. They saw Mandi and she look like she could burst. The baby would be due with in the next week.

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PostSubject: Re: ~* THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM *~ Sequel To ~*SOMEONE TO LOVE*~    Fri Jan 07, 2011 12:57 pm

Chapter 4

After the other’s luggage was stored and everyone settled, they started out on the 45 minute drive to the farm. Everyone was talking and having a great time, trying to get caught up on the news. Charlie sat there listening to them and thinking to herself, “What a nice place to be and a wonderful family I’m joining.”

It wasn’t long before they got to the farm. Sebastien, Matthew and Urs started unloading the van as Dori introduced Charlie to the others. David, Carlos and Cyd warmly welcomed her to the Il Divo family, just as the others had earlier at the airport. LE waved, shyly smiling before hiding her face in Cyd’s long hair, every now and then peeking out at Carlos to see if he would wink at her. Urs left his and Siobhan’s luggage in the van, as they would be staying with David and Suzie.

As the group headed inside, David borrowed the van keys from Sebastien to take Urs & Siobhan’s luggage to the farm; promising he would be back shortly with Suzie.

As Matthew and Mandi went to freshen up from their trip, Dori asked Charlie if she would like to see her room. Charlie nodded. Sebastien let the way, listening to Charlie and Dori talk about the twins in and were everything was located upstairs. As her eyes scanned her room, Charlie knew she was going to be very happy there, it already felt like home to her. Charlie had a suite near the children’s room. It had its own connecting door, private bath and a private balcony for her to rest in after working all day.

Yannic and Allie were in the nursery, playing in their play pen and having fun. They had enjoyed their morning with LE, Carlos, Cyd and David. Now, it was just the two of them again, enjoying their time together as was their norm. Charlie’s ears perked up as she heard them giggle, a broad smile appearing on her face as she looked hopefully in the direction of the nursery.

Dori and Sebastien led Charlie to the Nursery and introduced her to the girls. Charlie smiled again, letting her eyes rest on her new charges. Carefully, she knelt down beside the play pen to watch them interact and get to know them. Cautiously, she held her arms out to see which of the girls would respond to her first. Both girls looked at her curiously at first, watching her carefully. The smile on her face seemed to convince them they had a new playmate, so both reached for her at the same time, each touching one of her hands. Sebastien and Dori watched a few steps away; neither wanting to interfere with Charlie’s first meeting with them. Charlie picked up Yannic first and whispered a gentle hello. She then placed her back in the play pen and picked up Allie, repeating her gentle hello. Yannic was not happy and reached for Sebastien as Charlie held Allie in her arms. Yannic was happy in her daddy’s arms and nuzzled under his chin, smiling over at Allie as Charlie held her up for her mother. Allie was happy looking at Dori, playing with her hair. Charlie reached for Yannic but she wouldn’t leave her daddy.

She began to whine and pulled back wanting to stay with Sebastien. Charlie smiled and turned to see the girls’ room. Nodding as her eyes moved throughout the room, she saw they had anything they would need to be comfortable. Sebastien placed Yannic back in the play pen and Dori put Allie back too. The girls went back to their playing without noticing the adults had left the room.

Sebastien, Dori and Charlie rejoined the others in the living room. They had refreshments and sat down to talk and get to know Charlie. Sebastien insisted on reinforcing that she only had to ask if something was needed or not right. Dori nodded, reaching for his hand. Charlie looked at Mandi and Mathew and noticed she was due to have her baby soon. They heard a knock on the door and Sebastien went to answer it. It was David and Suzie. David handed the van keys to Sebastien and smiled smugly. Sebastien sensed there was something going on, but didn’t say anything. They came to the living room and were hugged by all but Charlie, who hung back and watched this amazing group of friends and family. She was sure now she had found a place in a wonderful family and home.

David stood up and cleared his throat and asked for everyone’s attention… “I have an announcement to make. Suzie and I are expecting a Baby. We are so happy.” He sang out.

Everyone turned and looked at Suzie, who sat, quietly grinning. It only took a few seconds for everyone to hug the new expectant parents. Sebastien looked into Suzie’s eyes and saw them shine as they had the day she and David got married. It warmed his heart that the news was finally out. He gently kissed Suzie on the cheek, whispering his congratulations.

“We have decided if it is a girl, her name will be Sonia.” David continued, breathlessly.

Sebastien looked at David and asked “What if it is a boy David?”

Suzie looked at David and grinned even bigger. “I…hadn’t thought about that.” David replied, blushing.

Everyone broke out laughing, including David as he stood next to Suzie. Dori heard the girls through the monitor in the living room, so she motioned for Charlie to follow her to the nursery. Charlie helped Dori change the girls and get them ready for their dinner. Charlie wanted to carry both the girls so they would get to know her better and see that she liked them equally. Dori agreed reluctantly, staying nearby in case there was a problem. Charlie carried the girls down to the living room a few minutes later, handing them over to Mandi and Sebastien. Dori went to the kitchen and started preparing the girls’ dinners. Charlie watched her, learning what the girls liked and where everything was that she would need. Cyd used a corner of the kitchen to finish LE’s dinner. They chatted easily as they finished.

Sebastien could only laugh at the excitement in the girls eyes while being in the family room with so many of their family. David had managed to get down on the floor and crawl around chasing after Yannic, Allie and LE. Each laughing when they began tickling him and then his turn to tickle them.
Soon Dori and Charlie came and got the girls, taking them to the kitchen for their dinner. Carlos followed with LE. He enjoyed feeding her and she enjoyed the funny faces he would make if she ate well. Everyone else went to the dining room for the spread laid out for the evening guests; tea, wine and lots of Sandwiches, Fruits, Cheeses and Desserts spread across the buffet. Everyone was enjoying the meal and talking. Dori joined them while Charlie cleaned the girls up. Carlos handed LE to Clara, her nurse, who carried her back to the farm for a quiet evening of music and reading stories before bedtime.

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PostSubject: Re: ~* THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM *~ Sequel To ~*SOMEONE TO LOVE*~    Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:33 pm

Chapter 5

The Divos began to leave for the evening, so Charlie took the girls upstairs for a bath and settled in their cribs. Once the girls were asleep, Charlie settled in her room. The jet lag and all the excitement was starting to tire her, so she took a bubble bath and watched some TV before going to bed. She enjoyed meeting the Divos and their families. She could see how much love they had for their families and each other.

Sebastien and Dori went to their room and had a long bubble bath together. They washed each other and explored the bodies they have known for so long. They had been so busy lately they hadn’t had much time for each other. Tonight, they wanted to have a night of loving with no interruptions. Sebastien helped her out of the tub and dried off both of them. Then, picked her up, carried her to their bed and climbed in beside her. As Dori pulled up the covers, he took her in his arms and began kissing her down her neck and behind her ears. Dori had not felt so loved in a while. Sebastien was always the gentlest lover and he knew every inch of her body, wasting no time exploring all the places he had missed over the past few days. She in turn began her own exploration and found his secret places that made him excited and she began to kiss him, causing the excitement to rise.

Finally they came together and became one again and it was if they had not missed a day without each other their love shined bright in their eyes. They made love off and on through the night. Nothing else mattered at that moment as they were so absorbed in each other. As they continued, the loving was calmer. They spoke only of their love for each other and avoided anything that was outside the bedroom for the night, locking out everything else for the night. They fell asleep in each others arms. In the early morning, Dori awoke and began running her hands over his chest and a trail of little kisses down his neck and chest to wake him. Smiling, he rolled on top of her and showed her how much he loved her once again. Soon after they had satisfied each other again, they slept once more until the dawn of day awoke them.

Yannic and Allie were up with Charlie in the kitchen when Dori finally made her way there. She kissed her daughters and said Good Morning to Charlie.

“Did you sleep well last night Charlie’’? Dori asked her.

“It was great, so peaceful and quiet. The girls slept all night too.” Charlie said with a smile.

Sebastien came into the kitchen and was greeted by the squealing girls. They were both excited to see their daddy and wanted to be picked up. Mom had Allie in her arms, kissing her cheeks and tickling her. Yannic was reaching for her daddy once again. Sebastien picked up his little girl and started kissing her on the belly. She laughed and started wiggling and laughing. The girls were very happy in their parents’ arms, but were also ready to get down and play. Sebastien and Dori had their breakfast and started cleaning up the kitchen together; kissing and cuddling as they went.

Charlie could see how happy this family was. She had no regrets leaving her homeland to live there with them. She knew she would also be traveling with the family. Yannic and Allie were such good babies; she knew that they had welcomed her with open arms. Any concerns she had previously had vanished as she was easily settling into life in the states.
Dori and Sebastien went to the playroom and spent some private time with the girls; playing with them and helping them trying to walk around the room. Sebastien knew how precious his time with his daughters and wife were, pushing the thoughts of his children changing as they grew and not being able to watch them in person as he wanted. His time with Dori would be special too; he loved her dearly, feeling the ache creep into his heart already. Dori looked at him and smiled. He kissed her on the lips, taking her breathe away while the girls looked on, laughing at their parents.

Dori left the living room to make a light lunch. She wanted Sebastien to see how Charlie interacted with the girls, so he would have no concerns when he was touring, something she knew would weigh on his mind. She also wanted him to have as much time with them as he could to be the father he always wanted and knew he was. Every now and then, she would look into the room, smiling at them together. Charlie had been the perfect choice… she was confident now that Sebastien could continue the promos and upcoming tour without concern. “I know you will hold these memories in your heart, darling. They will keep you and I warm when you aren’t here. Build lots of them Sebastien...fill your heart with them.” She whispered softly to herself, watching them in the other room.

Their time continued through lunch. After the girls were cleaned up, Charlie put them down for a nap. She still had some unpacking to do, but wanted the girls to sleep as she finished it. Sebastien and Dori went to their room to rekindle what had begun the night before.

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Thanks Tina For The Awesome Cover

~*~*~*~Someone To Love~*~*~*~

Chapter 6

Urs, David and their wives headed back to the farm, aiming for an early evening with some cuddle time for Urs and Siobhan; David and Suzie to do some celebrating. Siobhan had been very quiet during the evening and Urs was a bit concerned. She hadn’t acted like herself at all. Siobhan knew in her heart Urs would be so thrilled with the news she had received before they left home to come on this trip, but she herself had never thought this would happen to her. She remembered thinking she really didn’t want to have children; she wanted all her time to be spent with Urs and them just enjoying the free life when they weren’t on tour. But now here she was 4 months along and not one word to Urs. After the news from David and Suzie this evening, she knew she had to tell Urs. She saw how excited he was at their news.

Urs had asked if she wanted to shower with him but she was afraid that he would notice the tiny bump she was getting and she wanted to tell him before he saw it.

“Liebling, are you alright”? Urs asked her, bending over to kiss her neck as she brushed out her hair.

“Love, we need to talk.” she spoke so quietly he almost didn’t hear her, but felt her tense in his hands.

He came around to the front and faced her as she looked down at the floor. He took his finger and raised her chin so she was looking at him right into those hazel and almond shaped eyes she loved so much. “What is it Liebling? I have never known you to be this nervous and upset. Tell me what is bothering you and we can work it out together. Remember Liebe, no secrets.” He was wearing just a towel on his hips and she had to keep from looking down as he kneeled in front of her as she found the words to explain.

“Love, I saw the doctor before we left Switzerland for a check up and to make sure my pills were up to date.” She was looking at the floor again as he sat there listening.

“Was there anything wrong Liebe?” was all he could say, his throat tightening.

“Well Love nothing wrong but the tests results came back with a bit of a surprise.” she tried to smile but it was not heart felt. Urs could tell that what ever this was she needed to take her time to put into words, but he could also tell what ever it was, she was not happy about it.

“Urs Love, I am Pregnant… about 4 months.” She decided to just let it out all at once, then answer any questions he may have. The look in his eyes told her how stunned he was, but the tears coming to the surface told her how much he loved her and how happy this news had made him.

“Siobhan!” was all that came out when he opened his mouth. “A BABY!?”

“Yes love, we will have a baby in about another 5 months.” she smiled a bit more as she watched the tears in his eyes flow down his cheeks..

“Why didn’t you tell me before leaving Switzerland, Liebe?” he looked at her with a puzzled look on his face.

“I am sorry love, but the news took me by surprise, I was still taking the pill but they were no longer effective so that is why the doctor ran the test to be safe”. She was doing her best to hold back her own tears.

“Liebling, you’re not happy about this baby? I can see it in your eyes. I know we talked about not having children, but… don’t you want my baby now?” Tears were flowing down his cheeks as he felt the pain in his heart that maybe she would end the pregnancy and not want the baby.

“Of course I want to have your child. How could you think I wouldn’t? True, we didn’t plan this but Urs, I would never give up our child we conceived with love.” she was reassuring him as well as herself that this was not the end but the beginning of a whole new life with their child.

“Mein Gott Siobhan, you have made me the happiest man in the world yet never cease to amaze me with acts of love that make my heart swell to bursting.” Urs pulled her into his arms kissing her neck, whispering.. “Ich Liebe Dich.”

“I Love You too.” she whispered as she held him and let their tears of happiness mingle together.

“Liebling, when can we tell everyone the news?”He whispered, looking into her eyes.

“Any time you’re ready to tell them, Love. David and Suzie have made their announcement. We should let the others know soon.” She had a big smile on her face as she watched Urs stand and gently pull her to her feet. He hugged her so tight, she thought she couldn’t breathe. She wasn’t sure she was ready to tell anyone, but she loved him and knew how excited he was, and knew she couldn’t deny him anything.

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Chapter 7

Urs warm skin against her cheek felt comforting, stirring a greater hunger within her…a need to explore all of his warmth in detail and feast upon it leisurely with more than just her cheek. As their eyes met, Urs read her thoughts as though it were an open book before him. Slowly, his hands slid under her shirt and caressed her, sensing the tiny shiver that ran up her spine as he undressed her. Her eyes widened as her hands slid down his muscular torso and undid the towel slung loosely around his hips. He picked her up, carried her to their bed and consumed her, banishing the problems that came with this news to the deepest recesses of her mind.

Urs lay there awake watching the love of his life as she slept. Their loving, as always, was mind blowing and all consuming. They never had any problem with showing how much they loved each other. Gently, he touched the tiny bump on her stomach, questioning himself why he hadn’t noticed it before. He was in awe that they created a baby from their love. He knew she had never wanted to have a baby. They had agreed before they married that they wanted to enjoy the other for eternity. It wasn’t that she never really liked or loved children, because he knew she did. He had watched her with the twins and LE when she thought no one was looking. She would be an outstanding mother. He leaned over and whispered to their child that he loved him or her. He leaned back and snuggled her closer before closing his eyes to drift off to sleep.

Siobhan had a restless night. Early in the morning, Urs found her standing at the window just staring out into the night. He came up behind her and pulled her into his arms, leaning her back against his chest. Siobhan turned in his arms to face him, reaching up to kiss those sweet lips that brought her so much joy. He picked her up without saying a word and took her back to their bed. Once there, he slid off her robe, laid her down and took her to paradise again.

They slept late the next morning. When Urs awoke, he found her holding onto him tightly. He knew that telling their news was something she was not ready to do. But he couldn’t wait to let everyone know just how happy they were over the baby. He hoped she would come to terms with it as time went by.

Urs laid there watching his wife as she slept; she moaned in her sleep and Urs pulled her closer. She relaxed and drifted back to her carefree dream. When they finally made it out of bed later that morning, they showered together teasing and washing each other.

After their shower, they went down and had breakfast with David and Suzie. The Marin family had gone to Dori and Seb’s place for breakfast so LE and the twins could play. This was a relaxing time for the guys, their wives and children. They knew that it would all change very soon and wanted to enjoy the quiet times before the whirlwind pace started over again.

After breakfast, David and Urs with their wives headed over to Seb and Dori’s house. Urs wanted to tell everyone together. After getting the group together in the living room Urs stood in front of them with Siobhan sitting in the chair beside him. “We have a announcement to make to all of you.” Urs smiled at Siobhan hoping she was ready to let everyone in on their news too.

“Ok what do you have to tell us?” Seb asked laughing at the look he got in return.

“Siobhan is pregnant, four months along!” Urs blurted out, smiling a really big dimpled smile, the one that pulled on Siobhan’s heart strings.

“Oh Siobhan, how wonderful for you and Urs…” Dori jumped up with the other ladies hugging her and kissing her cheeks.

“Suzie we forgot to ask last night how far along you are?” Dori asked as the girls returned to their seats.

“We are 2 months along, so I have 7 months to go.” Suzie explained holding David’s hand.

They spent the rest of the day together making plans for the tour and how much time would the wives be able to travel with them. Siobhan would stay with the tour for the next three months. Then stay a month at home, then over to Dori’s for the last month, until Urs could be back in Switzerland for the birth of their child.

Later that night Urs and Siobhan made arrangements for the next doctor’s appointment for her ultrasound. They were doing the ultrasound in Asheville as they would be in and out of North Carolina for the next few months. They wanted a doctor that could fit them in while they were in town.

“Urs, do you want to find out whether we are having a boy or a girl… if they can determine it from the ultrasound.” Siobhan asked as they were getting ready for bed.

“Ja, I really would like to know so we can work on the nursery when we get back home.”

“Ok then. We will wait till we know to think of names for the baby.” Siobhan thought if they waited, they may decide on a name they both would love.

They finished their routine and climbed into bed. Urs leaned over, kissing her breathless, before pulling her on top of him to began the journey that always took them to ecstasy.

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Chapter 8

The next few months flew by as Siobhan traveled with Urs and the others joined their men when they could. The guys were on a week break before heading down to Australia for several concerts there. This was the time where Dori and the girls, along with Charlie, would be returning to the mountains. The trip down under being too much traveling for the babies. All the ladies decided to stay at Rolling Hills or the Izambard’s home.
Urs and Siobhan had discussed it at great lengths that it would be better this far along in her pregnancy for her to not be alone in Switzerland. Siobhan agreed to go to the farm and stay with the others for the next month till the tour ended. Then Urs and Siobhan would head back to Switzerland together to get started on the house and nursery. Today, they were to have their first ultrasound where the sex of the baby could be seen clearer then the last one.

It was the early part of the morning when they arrived at the Doctor's office and registered. They were called back and measured and the regular check up began. The Dr. was pleased to see Siobhan was gaining some weight but not to much. It was not good for the mother to gain so much weight that it would be harder to lose after the birth. After the check up, Siobhan was settled on the bed for the ultrasound, with Urs standing against the wall on her left side. She pulled her top up to uncover her stomach and the nurse squeezed warm lotion on her stomach and began the scan. After hearing a few mmmm’s and ahhhhhhh the nurse then asked if they wanted to know the sex of the baby. Both replied they did. The nurse pointed to the screen where Urs could see a form. She told them that it was going to be a girl and then proceeded to show them other parts they would recognize.

For Siobhan it was a milestone. She knew she had never wanted a baby before, but now after seeing their daughter, she couldn’t think of life without her. They would have to think about names now. Urs was stunned at the announcement of a daughter, but the tears in his eyes told Siobhan all she needed to know. He was happy and hadn’t cared if it had been a son instead; just happy it was healthy and Siobhan was doing well.
They got pictures and video of the baby once both were ready. Once the ultrasound was finished, Urs helped Siobhan clean up and met the Dr. in his office. The doctor assured them everything looked good and that Siobhan needed to make a appointment when she returned to Asheville and again with her own Dr. in Switzerland. Siobhan was now in her seventh month.

After the Dr. appointment they headed back to the hotel and secluded themselves in their suite for the next twenty-four hours. They had a romantic dinner and laid on the bed cuddled up thinking of names for their new daughter, settling on the one they both loved. Siobhan loved the name Joy and Urs suggested the name Antonia; so they put them together and decided on Antonia Joy Buhler for their new daughter.

As Urs said it for the first time, Siobhan felt their child moving around. "I believe she likes her name too. Then again, she may just love hearing her daddy's voice as much as I love hearing it." Siobhan whispered, kissing him warmly.

Urs and Siobhan spent the rest of the night reaffirming their bond with each other and their child. Both fell to sleep with their fingers entwined on Siobhan's ever growing belly, hugging their child.

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The Impossible Dream

Chapter 9
Reunion Day

Siobhan woke first the next morning, turning and looking at the man she loved more than life sleeping, snuggled close with her in his arms. She had some pressing needs to take care of then she would snuggle back in bed with her husband. Urs felt her move and opened his eyes to see her putting on her robe.

“Where are you going Love? I haven’t had enough time with you.”

“I have to go... the baby seems to think my bladder is a trampoline.” Siobhan hurried to the bathroom and took care of all her needs coming back to disrobe and climb back into bed with Urs. As she snuggled close to him again, listening to his gentle, even breathing, she thought back to yesterday afternoon.

Urs had surprised her down at Poinsetta Bridge. He had arrived while she was on her daily walk so he drove down to the bridge not far from the farm and surprised her. This had become their favorite and private place to talk and spend some alone time together when staying at the farm. Siobhan and Urs enjoyed having a place to themselves, yet close to the group. The water was calming, yet inspiring for both of them. Though it was a river, the water also reminded them of the time they spent in the cabin before the Dare to Care event. They spent about 2 hours just getting reacquainted before heading back to the farm, joining their friends for dinner.


Urs warm lips against her cheek scattered her thoughts. They would leave this afternoon to fly home to Switzerland. Simon was sending his private jet so Siobhan would be more comfortable. They would see Carlos and Cyd off to Spain at the same time, all flying out together.

They lay in bed talking about their plans for the house and nursery. Urs wanted to start as soon as they settled at home. He had the next 6 months off. He needed to be sure everything was ready before the baby arrived as well spend quality time with his wife and daughter.

Siobhan was happy her time had come to an end at the farm for now. She had missed Urs even with her sisters at hand if needed. She wanted nothing more to be with her husband and share these last months of her pregnancy with him. It had been hard for her to leave him and let them move on with the tour. She and Urs had not been apart for any length of time in their relationship. She had traveled the world with him until now, knowing it was best for all three of them.

“Three... such a small number, yet now I understand its importance.” Siobhan thought as she felt the baby move again. She too was looking forward to getting back to their home and relaxing. She had so many ideas and a file full of pictures she wanted to go over with Urs for the nursery. They would order the baby’s bedding and furniture when they got back so all would be done in the final month of her pregnancy.

They also talked about the pictures that had been in the tabloids linking Urs, to a woman in Australia. The group had been invited to an elegant dinner in honor of their concerts in Australia. The woman was a well known actress Down Under and had taken to the Swiss as soon as they met. She had tried hard to come on to him and have him as her next conquest. It was the furthest thing from Urs mind. Siobhan may have been out of his sight, but she was always on his mind and in his heart. He only wanted to finish off the concerts so he could get back to her and take her home.

The only thing Urs could not control was the pictures that were published with the actress. They reached the shores of the US. Siobhan had seen them too. They had talked over the phone about the photos. Both Urs and her heart told her nothing had happened, but her mind would not dismiss it as easily. Glaring at herself in the mirror, she had blamed the hormones associated with the pregnancy, vowing she trusted Urs. She knew that he would never break her trust, pregnant or not. She tried to banish the thought to the deepest recesses of her mind. Every now and then, it would try to seep back out, demanding her attention once again. She would take a deep, weary breath and cajole it back to the dark depths again. In the quiet moring sun, birds singing outside the window, Urs' eyes repeated what Siobhan knew in her heart, evaporating any remnant of doubt. They finished packing and got dressed .

It was time to say goodbye to the rest of the family. After the baby was born in Switzerland, they would be together again. They went to Sebastien and Dori’s home, taking their time to take one more look at the area around them, remembering the good times they enjoyed in the past, hoping it would hold just as many good memories in their future. The guys had agreed it would be the best place for their farewells. It was an emotional goodbye for all of them. David and Suzie said their goodbyes at the house as well, before David drove them to the airport.

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Chapter 10

It had been three weeks since Siobhan and Urs had arrived home. After taking a few days to rest, they were finished up the nursery. They had a friend come in and put a saying on the wall for the baby about fairies.

“When the first baby laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies”

It took a few days, but they had found the crib they had been searching for. It was the last piece of the nursery furniture to arrive. They stood back and looked around the room, pleased that their child would have such a wonderful and loving place to come home to. They had 1 more appointment at the end of the week for her prenatal care. Then it would be just a matter of waiting for her labor to start. They were very excited that their daughter’s birth was just around the corner. Urs would sit with his hands on her bump and sing to the baby and Siobhan. He didn’t think any man could be as happy at the prospect of becoming a father.

They spent the rest of the week walking around the grounds and enjoying each other. They had missed the private times they had always shared on the road. Friday came and Urs was called away for the day and couldn’t go to the doctor’s appointment. They were both disappointed, but he knew that Siobhan would bring him new pictures of the baby from the last ultrasound.

Siobhan was at the doctor’s office finishing up her checkup when her Doctor came in and wanted to talk to her about some new test results. They had found problems with her liver and her red blood cells were breaking down. This was a condition the Dr. called HELLP. They wanted her to start treatment right away. Siobhan was stunned at the information. The Dr. told her she could go into labor at any time and the baby could be affected if her labor was too early. She could only think what Urs would say if she lost their child. She had no idea, until the doctor explained, that not only was Antonia’s life at risk, so was hers. She listens to all the information the Dr. gave her as best she could. She could not shake off the cold feeling that seemed to nibble at the edges of her mind, numbing the part of her that begged to ask the questions her mouth dared not form. Later, she left the office with her head spinning; she knew she had to tell Urs as they would have to get started with the treatments. “But would Urs be able to handle the news? How do I explain this when I do not fully understand it myself? What did I do so terribly wrong for this to happen to an innocent child? I don’t care about me, but… this child… the one borne of the purest love I have ever known… a union of two people into one in the truest sense? “

Suddenly too weary to think any more, she went home and climbed on the bed they had just made love in that morning before he left. They had a good life so far; they were finally starting a family. Something she had fought for a long time. Now she was not sure how to tell her husband that she and their child may die. She drifted off to sleep holding on to Urs’ pillow, taking in the scent of him. She dreamed of their beautiful little daughter. What woke her was something she was unprepared for. Urs was just arriving home. She stretched lazily, debating whether to stay in bed, hoping Urs would join her. Her inner thigh felt sticky and there was a chilly dampness on the blanket beneath her. She sat up to look at a blood-streaked stain – her water had broken and she was in active labor. Before she could say a word, a wave of pain crept around her stomach and rocketed to her back. It took her breath away, leaving her gasping for her next breath.

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Chapter 11
*Tragedy & Loss*

Sebastien thought he was dreaming, the sound of the phone finally woke him from his deep sleep.

“Oui, David is this you?” He said as he picked up the phone trying to be quiet.

“Nada Seb, it is Carlos.”

“Carlos what are you doing calling at this hour of the morning?”

“Sebastien how soon can you and Dori get to Switzerland?”

“Why, what is wrong Carlos? Has something happen to Cyd or LE?”

“Nada Seb, it’s Urs he needs you!”

“What do you mean he needs me? Has Siobhan gone into labor and had the baby?”

“Si, she has and Sebastien, I am sorry to do this on the phone but Siobhan has died.”

Sebastien could hear Cyd in the background crying and he could hear the sobs in Carlos’s voice.

“What do you mean she died? Carlos this is not at all funny! Did David put you up to this?”

“Sebastien, this is not a joke, you need to get David and Suzie and get to Switzerland as fast as possible. I have called Simon and he is meeting you in Asheville at the airport to get you all here.”

“Alright, I believe you but what happen? Where is Urs now?”

Dori had woken at the tone of her husband’s voice and heard the part of Siobhan had died. She didn’t understand what had happen since she could only hear Seb’s part. She tapped him on the shoulder and asks about the baby.

“Carlos what about the baby? Did she make it?” Seb was almost afraid to hear what Carlos would tell him, as soon as the question was asked.

“Antonia Joy Buhler was born healthy and she is well.”

“Then what happen with Siobhan?”

“Seb, Simon will explain all on the plane ride over here.”

“Ok I understand and we will get ready to go and call David and meet Simon at the Private landing terminal. How long before he arrives here?”

“He will be there in 2 hours. We will be at Urs’s house and he is with his parents at the moment. Please Seb, you and David get here soon. His mother says he is falling apart piece by piece.”

“Ok we will see you there soon. Goodbye Carlos.”

“Bye Sebastien.”

Sebastien hung up and told Dori all he understood had happen. She cried so hard catching her breath was difficult.
After he got her calm down she, went to wake up Charlie and tell her they had to leave and didn’t want to take the girls over not knowing what kind of shape they would find Urs in.

Charlie helped Dori put together the clothes and pack their luggage since Sebastien was still on the phone with David.
Once he finished then hung up he went to take his shower David and Suzie would be there to pick them up in 30 minutes so he needed to get moving.

Neither Sebastien nor Dori could understand what could have happen to Siobhan. David had explained to Suzie about the phone call from Carlos and she broke down as he knew she would.

He hated to take her to Switzerland under these circumstances, but they had no choice . Urs was in trouble and he needed them. They had done nothing less when Sebastien needed them after Dori’s accident.

Simon was waiting on them when they arrived, they had the manager take the car to the parking lot as they boarded the plane and soon took off.

As soon as they were airborne Simon was hit with dozens of questions. Once the Steward serve drinks then he settle to tell them all he knew.
“First let me tell you what I know then I will answer your questions if I can.”

“Ok go ahead Simon!” David sort of snapped back, but Simon understood, he too was very upset about the news they had received and didn’t know how to fix this.

“I received a phone call from Mrs. Buhler tonight, she told me Urs had found Siobhan at home in labor when he returned from helping his father all day. Seems Siobhan had been to the Dr. earlier and when she got home she lay down and went into labor. Urs found her there on their bed after her water had broken and called for the ambulance.
Once they arrived at the hospital they took her right to surgery, which confused Urs since they had decided to have natural child birth.”

“Anyway they delivered the baby, she is healthy but still in the hospital. She weighed in at 6lbs and 9ozs and is 19 inches long, a very small baby. She has a head full of dark hair like her parents . Urs’s mother said she looks a lot like him. But with Siobhan’s smile.”

“Ok Simon we get all of that, but what happen to Siobhan?”
Sebastien and the others were confused how Siobhan had been doing so well while staying with them, to go home for a month and have the baby then pass away, none of this made any sense to them.

“Ok well after the surgery the Dr. came to tell Urs and explain to him how the appointment earlier that day had revealed that Siobhan had a serious condition called HELLP. It causes problems with the liver and breaks down the red blood cells in the mother’s body. If not treated right away they both could have been lost. Needless to say Urs was in shock, he never got to talk to Siobhan about any of this when he arrived back home. So it took him by surprise. He had contacted his parents, and they joined him at the hospital, to wait for her to get out of surgery so he was not alone. When the Dr. finished telling them about the condition, Urs went to stand and collapsed on the floor. His parents brought him back to his home. He refused to go with them to their house.”

“That is pretty much all I do know for now, at least till we arrive.” Simon lowered his head and closes his eyes, he had never been so tired or at least he couldn’t remember feeling this worn out before.

Sebastien snuggled Dori in his arms as they all took in what Simon had said. David had Suzie cuddled up in his arms as well. Both girls had tears streaming down their cheeks as the guys had tears building and trying to keep them from flowing.

They were still a couple hours out so they settled back and rested, no one knowing what to say. So they felt it was best to rest now and with Suzie expecting she needed her rest. They would deal with the rest as soon as they arrived.

Sebastien didn’t voice his concerns, but how was Urs going to raise a new baby all alone and be on the road most of the year. He couldn’t help but wonder was this the end of Il Divo?

Suzie and Dori both cried quietly to themselves and soon drifted off exhausted . Sebastien and David had not spoken both lost in their thoughts of their brother who had just lost the woman of his dreams, the other half of his heart and soul. Seb couldn’t think of anyone more in love with his wife then Urs. They had a connection and most often never needed to say what was on their minds, they just seem to know each other that well.

He really was not sure how to help, since he was feeling the loss of a sister. Siobhan had been one of the main stable presences in his life when Dori was injured and they didn’t think she would make it.

Siobhan had been involved with Urs long before Il Divo came along, if truth be known she most likely was the driving force behind him taking the job. This was a loss that would touch then all deeply.

Sebastien closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.


Mami had taken Urs to his room got him settled and left him holding Siobhan’s pillow, tears streaming down his cheeks. She knew as she shut the door that it was going to be the hardest thing Urs would ever have to face. She thought about their new grandchild in the hospital with no mother. How would Urs manage without Siobhan, they had been in love from the moment they met and now he had lost his reason for living.

She went in to join Papi in the living room. She snuggled into her husband arms and let her tears fall. She had loved Siobhan as a daughter and the loss was as with Urs a part of their family was gone. The time slipped away till it was time to get ready for their guests, Mami headed up to the bedroom and when she open the door she found the bed empty and no Urs.

She couldn’t begin to know where he had gone but as she walk passed the nursery she could hear music coming from in the baby’s room. She stood outside the door and listen as Elvis voice came thru singing ‘Memories & I’ll remember you’.

Siobhan had love the singer for years she would listen to him when she would be at home cleaning around the house.

She glanced thru the door and found Urs sitting in the rocking chair with a stuffed animal they had purchased for the baby, in his hand was the necklace that he had given Siobhan on their honeymoon. It was with her personal belongings, that was return to him by the hospital. Tears were now pouring as she hears loud sobs coming from her sohn.

She wanted to go to him when the doorbell rang and she heard her husband call for her. She knew then that things were going to be a lot harder over the days to come. She walked slowly away from the room sobbing, wanting in her heart to take all of Urs’s pain away, and praying to Gott to ease the pain her sohn was suffering thru.

When she arrived in the living room there stood Carlos and Cyd. She knew when she looked into their eyes she had nothing that could stop the pain in their hearts. She couldn’t help her sohn, and she was sure there was nothing she could do to help ease the pain the rest would experience.

She walked over and hugged Cyd and pulled Carlos in to the hug with them, how were they holding up she didn’t know. She felt so tired since they had arrived at the house, but for now she had to go on. There would be time back at her home for grieving, now she had to be the one to help hold them together.

“Mami it is good to see you again, sorry for it being under these circumstances.”

“I know Carlos and it is good for Urs that you came.”
“Where is my brother?”

“Upstairs in the nursery, I didn’t have the heart to disturb him. He is taking this much harder than even I would have thought. He was listening to some of her music, and holding her necklace that he gave her on their honeymoon.”

“Would it be ok for me to go up and see him?”

“I think ja that would be the best thing for him to see you.”

“Thank you mami, which way to the nursery?”

She pointed the way and he ran up the stairs, looking in the room when he got to the door. He could see Urs sitting in the rocker with his head hanging down, he could hear the heartbreaking sobs. He wasn’t sure what he could say to ease the suffering of his brother, but at least he was here to lean on.

Cyd and Mami and Papi went to the kitchen and had some coffee. Cyd wanted to ask all the questions, which had been running thru her head. But she thought that maybe she would wait for the others. It would be cruel to make them go over it again when they arrived.
Carlos entered the room quietly and stood in the doorway waiting to say something, but in his head nothing seems to make sense. He didn’t want to ask the questions, that would help him understand how something so cruel could have happen.

“Urs.” Carlos whispered ..

“Ja.” He replied thru his sobs..

“Can I come in?”

“Ja.” Was all Urs said never looking up..

“Cyd and I just arrived the others will be here soon.”

“Ok.” Urs never raised his head to look at his brother, he stared at the saying on the wall of the fairies he and Siobhan had found..

“Can I get you anything, water or a drink?”

“Nein, I just want my wife back.” That was all it took for Carlos to kneel in front of Urs and pull him into his arms and let him cry. Carlos tried to hold back his tears but they fell no matter how strong he wanted to be..

They cried together for a while time seem to stand still. Then Urs pulled away and looked into Carlos’s face, asking the question that broke his heart.

“What do I do now, I have nothing to live for..”

“What do you mean you have nothing to live for? You have a new baby daughter, one that you and Siobhan wanted so much, she needs her father now more than ever. That is what you have now.”

“I can’t do it without Siobhan, I wouldn’t know how to care for a baby.”

“You can do this Urs, your Swiss and they are the smartest people I know. Don’t tell the Frenchie and the American I said that.” Carlos hadn’t meant to crack a joke but it help break some of the strain in the room.

“I don’t know how to be a mother and father to our daughter Carilto. I just can’t do it.”

“I don’t believe that brother, what would Siobhan say if she heard you talking like this?”

“That is just it Carlos, she is gone and is never coming back!” Urs stood and drop the stuff animal in the chair and walked around the room running his hands thru his hair..

“Yes I know that Urs, but she would not allow you to sit around and pity yourself because she is gone. She knows that Antonia needs and has the best father, any child could want! And she knew you better, then you know yourself and that you can do this!”

“I know that Carlos, but she was my life, and our daughter should have both her parents here. How do I raise my daughter while I am on the road ? Do I quit the band and raise her here alone? I just don’t know what to do Carlos!”

“Would Siobhan want you to quit and stay locked here on this mountain raising your child? I don’t think so Urs and you know she would not approve! I know your hurting now, you have every right to be, but you can’t make these kinds of decisions right now. You need time to get thru the grieving period and spend time with your daughter. All the rest will wait amigo.”

Urs looked at Carlos still tears of pain in his eyes and hugged him.

“Thank you Carlito, you sure you’re not Swiss?” The jokes help to ease the tension in the room. Now it was time to go down and face the others.


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Chapter 12

Carlos headed down stairs while, Urs headed to his room trying to clear his head and wash his face. He didn’t want the others see him break down, but that was something that he wasn’t sure he could control.

As he headed to the kitchen where he heard Mutti, with the others talking, he looked at his wedding picture and couldn’t help but pick it up. His mind, weary from his grief, drifted back in time, erasing if only for a moment the tragedy that tugged relentlessly at his heart. He had never been so happy, so how could he go on? He now had a daughter that needed him, he had all this to do on his own, was that fair to his daughter?

When he put down the picture, Vatti stepped in to the living room and saw him having to compose himself again. His heart broke for his sohn. His family would always be there for Urs and Antonia, but this was something Urs had to find his own way with. Urs looked up to see his father standing there watching him. How could he tell them so they would understand that he was in no shape to care for his newborn daughter? Mutti and Vatti would be angry at him for not doing what he knew had to be done. This was his child; he knew he couldn’t give her up. Siobhan would be so disappointed in him. Sinking into self-pity was not his style, so why now?

When he went to speak to his father, he heard the knock on the front door, so he walked to answer it. The cool metal of the doorknob seemed to mock the feeling of his heart, but he pushed the thought aside, if only briefly, gathering the last strands of courage that had scattered deep within him. Taking a deep breath, he forced a smile on his face, hoping to appear calm, but his eyes would betray him. Opening the door, the brothers he had been waiting on were waiting on him. Sebastien and David were standing there holding their wives, luggage sprawled a few steps behind them. He could tell they had all been crying, the plane trip must have really been hard on them.

He stepped aside and let them enter, about that time Carlos and Cyd with Mutti came to the living room. The girls all hugged each other, Seb, David and Urs all hugged, they then hugged Carlos as well as Mutti and Vatti, not needing to say a word, their hearts uniting as if a song.

A few minutes later as everyone was settling on the sofas and chairs in the living room in walked Simon, carrying a few piece of luggage, setting them by the stairs and returning for the rest. Some calls came in for him as they were leaving the Limo, so he took care of them before coming in. He didn’t want anything interrupting them at this time.

On the plane, his mind tried to settle on how Urs would be handling his heavy loss. The visions of the smiling, light-hearted divo he had known so long would not be the same again. Simon had imagined a sedate Urs, but not the hollow-eyed, hooded stare that met his gaze. He was a bit stunned at first, but understood what he had been through and didn’t think he could have done as well had it been his wife.

They all listen as Urs explained what had happen that morning and then he sat down next to his Mother. He knew there would be questions and he hoped he had the answers to them.

“Urs, when does Antonia get to come home?” Simon spoke first, the rest were trying to work out in their minds how to help him and the baby.

“I will bring her home tomorrow. Mutti and I are going first thing and check her out. I plan on bringing her here to her room.” Urs had to wipe some tears from his eyes.

“Have you thought where Siobhan will be placed?” Simon once again handled the hard question.

“Ja, I would like her buried on the mountain at ‘Rolling Hills. She loved it there when we visited….if that is ok…” Urs glanced at David when he mention David’s farm.

“Don’t worry Urs I will contact my lawyer in the morning so he can work it out.” David wasn’t sure what else he could do from Switzerland, but he would do this for the both of them.

“Will you and Antonia come back here to live after the service?” Sebastien asked this time.

“Nein, I will stay in the states till I have decided to keep this place or sell it.” Urs wasn’t sure where he would stay or how he could take care of their daughter, but he was no quitter and he couldn’t let Siobhan down now.

“Well the cottage behind our place is ready for you and the baby if you want to stay.” Dori and Sebastien both spoke.

“Danke, it would be good to be near all of you. I think it is what Siobhan would want… now, I don’t know what I want…I cannot face being alone, yet ….I just don’t know…” Urs spoke softly.

“Carlos, what about you, Cyd and LE? Will you come and stay in the states for a while?” David and Suzie looked at each other when David asked the question.

“Si, we will stay till things are arranged and Urs has made some decisions.” Carlos glanced at Cyd and saw her nod her head yes.

“I suppose the big question Urs is where things stand with Il Divo?” Simon didn’t want to bring this up but he had to know where things would go from here. Was the group going to stay together or would Urs leave and end the group altogether?

“I am not leaving the group Simon. Siobhan would be furious with me if I destroyed my career. I know I will need time to make new arrangements and find a Nanny that can travel with me for the baby but it can be done. Remember I am Swiss.”

Simon knew he had a hard road ahead but felt, of all of them, Urs would come through this with everything in place at some point. He would help with any plans they needed, till then he would be by all their sides to get them thru this loss.

“Urs, I have contacted Charlie at home. She is working on a Nanny now and fixing up the Nursery for the baby. When we arrive, it should be ready.” Sebastien was thinking of making this as easy on Urs as possible.

“Thanks Seb, I am grateful for all you have done so far…. just coming here was more than I could have wished for.” Urs wiped a tear from his eyes again. The pain was tugging at his heart; all this talking about burying his wife and moving on was a bit too soon for him. But he understood he needed to make these decisions while his friends and family were there to help him. At night, when he was alone, he would do his private grieving.

“Urs I have a new PA coming in soon and maybe she can help you with things as they come up. Her Name is Faith Romero and she is going to be meeting the group soon.”

“Thanks Simon, I hope to be in a better place once the funeral is over.”

They decided that they all needed to rest after the long trip. With Suzie being pregnant, she needed to get some sleep. Mutti showed them their rooms, as Vatti locked up. Urs said his goodnights and went down the hallway toward his room, stopping in the nursery. Once more he thought about having his beautiful daughter there tomorrow; it was as far as his mind would let him travel as his heart could not seem to penetrate the lurking darkness.

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Chapter 13
*The Abyss*

The house was quiet for the most part, David could hear a cry in the distance, he was trying to get his bearings and find the sound. He slowly moved out from Suzie’s warm embrace. Putting on his robe he left the room in search of what he thought could be Urs.

He slowly walked pass the Nursery, where he knew in the morning they would bring Antonia home to, at least for the short stay. They would leave in the afternoon for the US. David had heard back from his lawyer, all the requests they had made were done and the Grave would be ready when they arrived. His lawyer had Siobhan’s body sent ahead to be prepared for burial.

Urs had chosen with the girl’s help her wedding dress and shoes and her wedding rings stayed. He wanted to remember her the way she was when she walked to him and joined her life with his. It was one of the happiest days of his life.

He decided to keep the Sapphire necklace to give to Antonia when she was older something of her mother’s.
The only song he would have played at the funeral was the new song they had recorded called *Time to say Goodbye* it seem to fit the pain and hurt he would having telling his love goodbye.

David thought how hard it had been on him to deal with all these things this evening, but Urs was not one to put off things. Something about being Swiss. David didn’t see anything in the nursery, so he went to Urs’s door. There he heard the sound that had woken him in the night.

He knocked but the sound continued, it was like Urs couldn’t hear him. He slowly opens the door not knowing what he would find. What he saw broke his heart and he slowly close the door heading to Sebastien and Carlos’s rooms. He would need the group together to get thru this night.

Urs seem to be slowly dying, lost in an abyss of grief, could they bring him back? David knocked on each of their doors, letting each know Urs needed them now. While he waited Simon came out of his room and saw David standing in the hall looking lost.

“David, are you alright? What are you doing standing out here in the hall?” About the time Simon finished his question Sebastien and Carlos had joined them. Now Simon was really confused.

“I heard something, it woke me up and when I went to find the sound, it was coming from Urs room. I knocked but he never answered, but the sound was still there. I open the door to find Urs in a bad way Simon.” David looked at his brothers and wasn’t sure what any of them could do to help Urs, but they did know they had to try.

“Alright, I am coming with you.” Simon tied his robe tighter and they headed for Urs room.

Simon knocked but all they could hear was the cries coming from inside. They open the door and stepped into the room. It was fairly dark except a small lamp beside the bed. Urs was in the middle of the bed still in the same clothes he had worn that day and curled up in a fetal position, holding a pillow tightly, they thought it must be Siobhan’s, heart break taking sobs coming from him.

All the guys looked at each other before David and Sebastien walk to each side of the bed and sat down to try and talk to Urs. They weren’t sure they would be able to reach him in the dark place where his grief was taking over.

“Urs, can you hear me? Urs its Seb. Can you hear me?”

Nothing came back from Urs but the same painful cries. So David tried and still nothing. Carlos walked over to the bed and called Urs but still no one was reaching him.

Simon decided that he need to help here, he was not sure how, but he had to bring Urs back. Or all would be lost not only for the baby, but Urs himself. Simon walked to the bed and touched Urs’s shoulder. “Urs you need to come back, Antonia needs her father, please Urs come back.”

“Simon?” Urs spoke but they barely heard a whisper.

“Yes Urs we are here, come back and talk to us. Please Urs!”

He slowly turned and looked at all the guys in the room, his brothers and a man he held deep respect for. He knew they were there for him and he needed to gather himself, at least for his baby daughter. He begun to sit up slowly, then leaning against the headboard he wondered how they all came to be in his room?

“What are you all doing here?” Urs said as he wipes his tears away..

“I heard a noise and came to see what it was. It was you crying. Urs we tried to talk to you but you didn’t respond.”
David explained.

“I am sorry guys but this has been very hard on me today, with all the arrangements being made. I didn’t know or understand what it would do to me.”

“We understand that Urs, but you can’t go on like this. Tomorrow you bring home that beautiful baby, you have to care for her and let some of the pain go.” Sebastien was the gentle one he felt the pain Urs was going thru. He remembered when they were all there for him, and he knew it was hard to come back from the Abyss of grief. But now Urs had his baby that would need all his love and care.

Urs was not alone, Antonia and the rest of them loved him and would be there for them both.

“Urs do you need to talk about this before we go back to bed? Or do you think you can sleep now?” Carlos had stood by and watched, he was the strong and quiet one till he was needed and for now he would let Urs do what he needed to grieve, but if Urs got to far away again he would be there, holding on and pulling him back.

“Nein, I want to try to sleep, I need to be in a better place in the morning and the trip over will be a busy one with a new baby.”

“Alright, then we will see you in the morning, try to sleep it will help. If you can’t you know where we are.” David told him before they all headed to the door.

“Thanks guys and see you in the morning, Goodnight.”

“Good night Urs.” They all said at one time then left the room. They ran in to Mutti when they came out of Urs’s room.

“What is wrong? Is he ok?” She asks concern all of them were in the room together..

“He is fine Mutti, at least now he is. I think he is going to try and get some sleep.. Maybe we all should, tomorrow will be another hard day.” Carlos and Simon looked at each other, they wondered if Urs could do this? Could he be a single father to a new born?

They hope for his sake and the baby’s that he got thru some of the pain.

“Alright guys I will see you all in the morning!” Mutti said and went back to her room. Mutti climb back into bed with her husband as he turned and pulled her close to him and let her tears fall for their sohn.

Urs finally had cried so much that he fell into a deep sleep, finally resting without any dreams. The next morning he felt tired but in a bit better place and ready to get thru this day.

He showered and got dressed for the trip to pick up Antonia. He headed down stairs where most all the family was having breakfast. All he could handle for now was the coffee.

Sebastien and Dori would go with him to the hospital and get Antonia, he had ask the others to help pack enough stuff so he would not have to come back for a long time, IF EVER AGAIN. Mutti helped them gather all the stuff he and the baby would need in the US till Urs decided what he wanted to do. After the things were boxed and labeled, David called for the pickup service and had the boxes sent on to the States.


~*Time To Say Goodbye*~

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PostSubject: Chapter 14 Part 1 (Bring Antonia home)   Tue Jul 19, 2011 12:13 pm

Chapter 14 (Part 1 Bring Antonia Home)

*Time To Say Goodbye* (English Translation)

When I'm alone I dream of the horizon and words fail me.
There is no light in a room where there is no sun and there is no sun if you're not here with me, with me.
From every window unfurl my heart the heart that you have won.
Into me you've poured the light the light that you found by the side of the road.

Time to say goodbye.
Places that I've never seen or experienced with you now I shall.
I'll sail with you upon ships across the seas, seas that exist no more.
I'll revive them with you.

When you're far away I dream of the horizon and words fail me, and of course I know that you're with me, with me, you, my moon, you are with me, my sun, you're here with me, with me, with me.

Time to say goodbye.
Places that I've never seen or experienced with you now I shall.
I'll said with you upon ships across the seas, seas that exist no more.
I'll revive them with you.

I'll go with you upon ships across the seas, seas that exist no more.
I'll revive them with you.
I'll go with you.
I'll go with you.



The next morning found Urs in the shower, thinking of the next step he had to take, that was bringing his beautiful daughter home. When he saw her in the nursery at the hospital she looked so much like her mother. The nurses let him come in and hold her while they fixed a bottle, then let him feed her for the first time.

In his mind he knew this was something her mother should be doing, but his heart told him that he was what she needed. He could do this, he had to do this, being both parents wouldn’t be easy but he had to move on.

As he washed off the soap he steeled himself to be strong today and no outburst of tears, he could cry when he was alone. He knew that tonight they would head for the States and he would need to be strong for himself as well as his daughter.

After turning off the water, drying off Urs looked into the mirror and saw the red eyes, swollen face where he had cried during most of the night well into the morning. He knew he had to stop that, but his heart still was shattered into a thousand tiny pieces and he was not sure it would ever really be whole again.

After shaving and dressing for the day, he headed down stairs to see if they were ready for the trip into town. Mutti was in the kitchen, drinking her coffee while the rest of his family was dressing for the day, he settled at the counter for his first cup of coffee.

Mutti silently looked at her sohn, he seem calmer this morning. She wondered what had happen in his room last night, that question came up over breakfast, the guys and Simon had just said he needed someone to talk to.

She could tell they didn’t want to talk about the events in Urs’s room so she let it drop. Vatti was unaware anything had happen so she drop the subject. She hopes no more nights like that would happen again. She might not have known for sure what went on in his room, but she had a pretty good idea it had been a rough night for all of them.

Mutti and Vatti had decided to stay at the house and make sure all was ready for the trip to the States. They had packed and brought their luggage with them. Urs on the other hand had done little to prepare, so Mutti, Cyd and Suzie were going to help her pack all that would be needed for the baby.

When Urs returned she would help him get his stuff ready. The rest of the time the ladies would make sure everything was ready for the house to be closed up, maybe one day Urs could handle returning. After talking to Carlos, Urs decided that the horses would be shipped over to his and Cyd’s place, they would be well cared for there. It was too long a trip to send them to the States.

Once Sebastien and Dori were ready, they found Urs still having his coffee. They told him they were ready and if he was then they could leave. He rose and gave Mutti a kiss on the cheek, then headed out of the room to get his jacket he left at the door. The three adults got into the Limo and settled into their seats with Dori holding hands with Sebastien. Urs sat in the other seat gazing out the window at the passing scenery. His mind on Siobhan, how she had come to love this country and their home. It was going to break his heart to leave it. But he felt he had no choice now, he had to get passed the pain and loss, before he could make decisions that would be needed to give him and Antonia a happy future.

Urs looked to his right and saw the car seat already for his daughter, he needed to remember to thank the others for the help getting things together like the car seat. Just like every other place he had been it was a law in Switzerland, the babies had to leave in a Car seat. He thought it was a good law and was happy the seat that he and Siobhan had chosen was there.

They pulled up in the private area set aside for VIP patients, heading up with the car seat firmly in Urs’s hand.
They rode the elevator to the 6th floor where the Maternity Ward and Nursery were. After announcing his name at the desk they took him and the Izambard’s to the room where they would get Antonia ready to leave. Dori offered to dress the baby after they all had turns at cuddling the newborn, but Urs looked at her with sad eyes and ask that he be able to do it for himself. He needed to go as he planned, being both parents, that meant he would do everything the same as Siobhan would have done. He enjoyed dressing the tiny girl and watching the little hands flying thru the air, as if she were conducting a Symphony. He thought with those hands music had to be in her future. He giggled to himself as he whispered to Antonia, that her mother would have love to see her conducting.

Urs felt in his heart that even though her mother was not there with them, as he placed her in the seat, Siobhan was watching over them both. He dropped a kiss on her forehead as he breathed in the baby fresh scent. He already had so much love for this tiny being, something to always remind him of the amazing love he and Siobhan had shared over the past few to many years. He would always remember to tell Antonia as she grew, all about her mother.

After signing all the papers and thanking the nurses and the doctor they left the way they came. Meeting the Limo driver downstairs, they went and proceeded to put the car seat back into the Limo and then Urs settled next to his daughter as Sebastien and Dori watched. The ride back to the house was not that long, Urs talked to his daughter and watched as she kicked her tiny feet, while still waving her tiny hands and arms around.

When they arrived back at the house, Urs undone the car seat from the base and handed her to Onkle Sebastien, the grin that crossed Seb’s face was priceless. He thought back to bringing home his daughters. It was a touching moment, one that would be marked in time Urs thought.

When they walked thru the door to the house all of the family came to greet the new addition to the families Il Divo and the Buhler’s alike.

After she had been cuddled and loved on by all of the family Urs took her up to the Nursery, he needed some private time there with her. This would be the one time he would be able to show her the room her mother had planned for her.

He walked around the room showing and telling the tiny baby all about how they had decorated the room for her and he even read her the poem of the fairies. Later they sat in the rocker, as Urs told her all about what a wonderful mother she had. Urs looked up and saw Mutti standing in the door with a bottle in her hand.

“Do you think she is ready for her bottle Urs?”

“Ja, she seems a bit restless, I think they had fed her about an hour before we picked her up. Let me change her diaper and then I will feed her.” Urs stood and walked to the changing table and laying Antonia down began to change his daughter as his mother watched.

She didn’t want to take any of the time Urs had with his child away from him. She noticed this was the calmest she had seen him in the past 48 hours. Knowing this was just the start of a long and emotional road they were all on.

After the bottle was empty Urs raised Antonia up on his shoulder and patted her back till she brought up a large air bubble. When he laid her back down in his arms she had drifted off to sleep. He rose and laid her in the crib, knowing this was the only time she would use it.

Urs sat back in the rocker and watched her sleep as tears rolled down his cheeks. This was the hardest thing he ever had to deal with, and they had not even gotten to North Carolina for the funeral yet. But he was determined he and Antonia would get thru this together.

Urs drifted off to sleep in the rocker dreaming of Siobhan and his baby daughter. The dream left him with a strange sort of peace.

After a couple of hours Mutti returned to the nursery, informing him they had to get ready for the trip. Urs walked to the crib and looked at his baby girl. She had woken up, and was laying there looking around waving those tiny hands and arms again.

“Yes, my beautiful girl, you’re going to be a conductor someday.” Urs smiled at her as he picked her up taking her over and changing her into a sleeper.

He took her down to the living room and handed her to Mutti, he then headed up stairs to get ready, and making sure he had everything he needed. Soon they had all loaded in the Limo’s and were off to the airport. It would be a long trip but with all his family with him, Urs felt he could get thru it all.

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Chapter 14 Part 2 (Siobhan's Funeral)

Urs remained quiet during the flight, his eyes moving from his daughter cuddled in his arms to the vast clouds that carpeted the route back to the US, feeling the emptiness tug at his heart as a ragged breath escaped his lips. Carlos and Cyd sat across from him, each fighting the urge to say “I’m so sorry….” To Cyd, now it seemed so empty a phrase, though it was deeply heartfelt. Her mind moved restlessly, trying to find the right words, any words that would bring comfort to the weary face across from her. Carlos, knowing Urs well, could feel a hint of strength in him, yet dared not say anything in case he was wrong. “Perhaps I am just being hopeful, wanting him to have the strength I know he will need…that we share… that… Do I say something? If so, what… How can I give him more than words… that we understand…we are here…yet, let him find himself again? Mourn and still be there for his daughter? A child that shall only know her mother from our memories…"
Carlos moved forward in his seat, as if to say something and merely sighed, reaching for Cyd’s hand again. LE rustled a moment in Cyd’s arms, but returned to sleeping quietly as Carlos caressed her cheek.

Across the aisle, David and Seb whispered as Suzie and Dori tried to read quietly, each glancing across the aisle at Urs holding Antonia. After an awkward silence, Dori nudged Suzie, pointing to a passage. Suzie smiled and nodded, motioning to David and Seb. Both men read the passage quickly, smiling and nodding as they read. The whispering continued for a few moments as each glanced across the aisle as they spoke. David leaned back in his seat and let a contented smile sneak across his lips before clearing his throat and turning to the window. His mind had a clear picture now, as if the sun had lit the way for him. As he blinked against the brightness, he felt Suzie slide her arm around his neck and her fingers rest against his cheek. He kissed her fingers warmly as his eyes caught a brief glimpse of the ocean’s shoreline below.

Urs was startled out of his thoughts by the plane landing on the runway, followed by the low whine of the tires against the pavement. “Did I doze off?” He glanced down at Antonia sleeping in his arms, his right arm tingling as he tried to move it. He didn’t remember feeding her, but saw the empty bottle on the tray in front of him. As he reached toward it, Cyd smiled, tucking the bottle in the bag and putting the tray upright again. LE was sitting on Carlos’ lap, curious about the tiny baby across from her. As the plane pulled up to the terminal, Urs flexed his fingers trying to get the feeling back in his arm, without waking Antonia.

The trip down the runway and through customs was a blur to the group, one of the many they had done while touring, even though for some, it should have been a feeling of returning home. The SUVs and driver were waiting for them as they neared the door. Urs spoke gently to Antonia as they made their way toward the sunlit doors, explaining the area to her, knowing she would not understand what he was saying. It gave him a sense of comfort to be able to talk to her about the things she would be seeing soon. Dori and Cyd smiled, thinking it was a baby step forward for Urs.

At David’s farm, Lindy Connor was making one last check in the nursery. She understood Urs was grieving the loss of his wife, a feeling Lindy understood all too well herself. Though it had been 3 years since her husband and son were killed in an auto accident, she still missed them every day. Sighing, she wiped her hands on the damp cloth and pushed back the stray curl from her forehead, pausing at the scar that remained at the edge of her hairline. As she rubbed it gently, it reminded her Urs’ scars would not be as readily seen, but still felt. Checking her watch, she went downstairs, and into the kitchen. There, she checked the pitchers of ice tea she left in the refrigerator and made sure they were cold before closing the door. As she did, she heard the crunch of gravel in the driveway, signaling the group’s arrival. A moment later, the door opened and a barrage of voices echoed down the hallway. Lindy debated about appearing in the hallway to greet them or wait for Seb to come back the hall to get her. As she thought about it, she pulled a tray out of the cupboard and started setting glasses on it.

Dori touched her shoulder warmly. “I was hoping there would be something cold to drink, Lindy. How did you know?” Dori hugged her warmly before taking her arm and guiding her out to meet everyone. After introductions were made, Dori brought out the tray of glasses while Lindy carried two pitchers of iced tea. The haunting look in Urs eyes was not surprising to Lindy. She knew the look herself and understood the weight of it, despite the smile on his face. She had offered Urs a drink, but he politely declined, glancing toward the stairs. Dori was pouring drinks, so suggested Lindy show Urs where the nursery and his room would be. Moments later, Urs, holding Antonia in his arms, and Lindy made their way upstairs.

“Mr Buhler, here is your room, the nursery the next door down, and I have the other door across the hall. The nursery is big and sunny, great view of the mountains and plenty of room for Antonia to play when she’s bigger. The curtains are open now, but they can be closed for naps and at night if you like…screens are in now, as there is a nice breeze in the evening to cool the room down if you don’t want to use the air conditioning. I like the fresh air myself, but to each his own.” Lindy said, trying to be confident.

“Please Mrs Connor, call me Urs. You’re staying here too? What will Mr Conner say about that? Not that I mind… but….”

“Urs, I’m Lindy….just Lindy…Mr Connor passed away three years ago, along with our son Travis…car accident….” She absently rubbed the scar again, feeling the sadness seep into the corners of her heart.

“Oh, I’m sorry… I didn’t know, Lindy.” Urs saw a glimpse of the heartache in her eyes that quickly faded.

“Thanks. So, moving on… I have the feeling your little one would like to move around a bit, so let’s go to the nursery so she can get settled in.” Lindy realized she was rubbing the scar on her face and stuffed her hand in her jeans pocket.

They made their way down the hall to the nursery. Urs took a deep breath as Lindy opened the door, not knowing what to expect. The room was bright and cheery, giving Urs a sense of calm. As his eyes glanced around the room, he could almost feel Siobhan’s presence, agreeing it would be a wonderful place for Antonia. Urs and Lindy chatted calmly as Urs changed Antonia and laid her in the crib to rest. Lindy wound the music box on the dresser, letting the lullaby play softly in the room. They chatted briefly as Antonia drifted off to sleep. Once Urs was sure she would sleep awhile, he and Lindy went downstairs, baby monitors in hand.

When they looked around, the group, other than Dori, had left. Dori was in the kitchen, washing the glasses and stacking them in the rack to dry. She looked up, hearing footsteps. “They went to the barn to see the alpacas and stretch their legs a bit… be back soon, unless you would like to join them.” She said, glancing to Urs. “I can stay here and listen for Antonia… Lindy can take you there.”

“I don’t feel up to it Dori. I’m tired… but the fresh air does sound inviting. Maybe later…right now, I don’t want to be too far away from the baby…in case…not that I don’t….”

“It’s ok Urs… I understand, no worries. Dori said, drying her hands on a towel before hugging him gently.

The hug felt nice to Urs, but not as comforting as he had hoped. It wasn’t Siobhan’s touch, the one he so desperately hungered for. “To feel her touch… just once more…” he thought before forcing it from his mind, knowing it could not happen. “I know…she touches my heart still… and for now, that will have to be enough.”

Lindy passed Urs a glass of ice tea. “The back porch is shaded and just below the nursery window. Let’s at least get some fresh air and relax. There is a rocking chair with your name on it…” She winked, smiling.

Lindy and Urs chatted quietly as his eyes scanned the mountainside, searching in vain for even the slightest glimpse of Siobhan. His heart wishing her death had not happened and any minute, she would magically appear with Antonia in her arms. The afternoon crept by lazily as the two lone figures rocked slowly in the antique rocking chairs on the shaded porch. Dori appeared, holding Antonia. As soon as she saw her daddy, a giggle caught Urs attention. He stood and reached for her warmly, holding her close and taking in her delicate baby smell of lotion and baby powder.

“I changed her, so she’s clean and dry.” Dori said. “I need to get dinner started, so it is ready when the group is back. What would you like to eat, Urs?”

“Anything’s fine. I’m not that hungry.” Whatever the rest want is fine… make what you like.” Urs said quietly, watching his daughter wiggle in his arms and look toward Lindy.

An hour later, the group ate a quiet dinner. Soon after, Lindy, Urs and Antonia were alone, having returned to the back porch and the rocking chairs. As the baby drifted off to sleep again, Urs and Lindy continued to talk for a few hours. Lindy stood, stretching and gathered the empty glasses. As Urs took Antonia upstairs, Lindy rinsed out the glasses and dried the plates used from dinner, stacking them neatly in the cupboards. Once she was finished, she checked the doors and turned out the lights before going upstairs. The door to Urs room was open, so she peeked in briefly, just to see if he needed anything. The room was empty. She made her way to the nursery and saw Urs sleeping in the rocking chair, pulled close to the crib. Antonia was sleeping soundly too.

She closed the door and walked into her room. After turning on the light, she reached for the tiny, well-worn book and opened it to the page she had read every night for the last three years:

To Those Whom I Love And Those Who Love Me
by Mary Alice Ramish

Release me, let me go.
I have so Many things to see and do.
You mustn't tie yourself to me with tears,
Be happy that we had so many years.

I gave you my love and you can only guess,
How much you gave me in happiness.
I thank you for the love you each have shown,
But now it's time I traveled on alone.

So grieve awhile for me, if grieve you must
Then, let your grief be comforted by trust.
It's only for a while that we must part
So bless the memories within your heart.

I won’t be far away, for life goes on,
So, if you need me, call and I will come.
Though you can't see or touch me, I'll be near,
and if you listen with your heart,
You'll hear all my love around you soft and clear.

And then, when you must come this way alone,
I'll greet you with a smile and say, welcome home.

As her eyes read the words, known by heart heard in her husband’s strong, deep voice, she thought about Urs across the hall. “Is it too soon for him Daniel?” she whispered, leaving the book open as she walked into the bathroom and changed into her nightgown. Staring out the window at the stars she said quietly, “I know you are with me, Travis by your side…but Urs… I don’t think he can see that yet. His heart is still filled with darkness, as was mine. Daniel… what should I do?”

“Who are you talking to?” Urs said sleepily, still standing in the hallway.

Urs voice startled Lindy briefly. She turned, blushing. “Oh, I didn’t mean to wake you Mr… Urs. I’m sorry. I was talking to my husband. I still need his advice at times. He was the wise one, I the foolish one with all of the dreams.”

“But I thought he was….had…”

“Yes, he passed away, but I still talk to him. He is still with me, after all of these years. It may seem foolish, but it gives me comfort sometimes. Please… come in, so we don’t wake the baby.” She moved toward the door, bumping the book as she moved toward Urs. Urs bent down to pick it up for her, glancing at the page.

“Poetry… you like poetry?” He asked quietly.

“That poem, yes… others not so much or I do not understand what they mean. Go ahead, read it if you want…” Lindy stammered, blushing, taking it as a sign. Urs rubbed his eyes and tried to focus on the page. As he read, his eyes widened slightly. He handed the book back, but Lindy shook her head slightly. “I think you need it now more than I do, Urs. There are others in there that you may like better….Daniel was the local vet, but he loved to read. That book was one of his favorites. He would read for hours when he wasn’t working...or waiting for a baby animal to be delivered… fever to pass… all of those things that take time as a vet.”

“I see….but, don’t you want to keep it yourself?” Urs asked, politely.

“Urs, how about you borrow it… for as long as you like… if that feels better to you. I don’t want to force it on you, just thought…”

“Oh, ok… thanks.” Urs yawned and stretched. “I’ll give it a read and let you know. Maybe we can discuss one or two of them later… I mean… if you would like to.”

“Sure….that would be wonderful. Get some sleep though.” Lindy walked him to the door. “Have a good night.”

Urs returned to the nursery and turned on a small lamp to read the poem again. He closed his eyes and rubbed them a moment before drifting off to sleep. Lindy’s gentle touch on his shoulder several hours later caused him to stir.

“Do you prefer coffee or tea?” she asked warmly.

“Either, whichever is ready.” Urs replied, stifling a yawn as he looked over at his daughter waving her arms in the air. “How long has she been awake?”

“Not long… she’s been changed, bathed, and had a bottle, so you can get a shower and dressed if you like. I’ll keep an eye on her.” Lindy turned off the lamp before leaving to get Urs a cup of coffee. “Do you like milk and sugar in your coffee? What would you like for breakfast?”

“Coffee with just cream is fine… not really hungry…so let’s go with just coffee for now.” Urs stood and moved toward the crib. Antonia reached for his finger and held it briefly, before waving her hands in the air again. “Papa will be right back. “ He leaned down and kissed her cheeks, nuzzling her warmly. She squirmed and giggled, trying to move away from him. “Ok, ok, I’ll shave too.” He laughed, touching her nose with his finger before he kissed her nose.

Later that morning, Urs tied the slim black tie he had chosen for the funeral services. Looking in the mirror, he tried to ignore the faint dark circles under his eyes. He tied a perfect Winsor knot and centered it. Down the hall, Lindy had Antonia in her arms near the window of the nursery, showing her the view. The doorbell rang, so she brought Antonia with her to answer it. The others were waiting with the limo to take them to the services at the small chapel nearby. Urs let David and Seb make the last of the arrangements, not having the heart to make the minor decisions himself. He had decided on what he felt was the most important parts himself, how, he didn’t remember or understand. To him, it was a series of questions and felt like an interview for a magazine or newspaper more than anything.

Urs came downstairs and greeted them warmly, hugging each one before holding Antonia in his arms. David pointed to the limo and his watch. Urs nodded, taking a deep breath before reaching for Lindy’s hand.
“Urs, no disrespect, but I prefer to drive myself. Thanks for offering… it was very kind of you…all of you, but…I’m not…”

“Lindy, you don’t need to drive yourself. You’re part of us now.” Dori said.

“Thanks, but still… if you don’t mind… I would still like to drive myself… in case Antonia needs a nap… or something. That way if Urs needs to stick around, it isn’t a problem… and I don’t have to impose on you guys or anything.” Lindy stammered, feeling uneasy as she looked at the large limo in the driveway.

“If it makes you feel better, that’s fine.” Seb said easily, ushering Dori toward the limo.

Soon, everyone was seated and Lindy was in her car behind the limo. They made their way to the little chapel and walked short path to the entrance. The chapel was empty at the moment, but Urs wanted to see the inside for himself. Holding Antonia close, he opened the large wooden door and walked into the quiet sanctuary. His eye rested on the simple wooden benches on either side of the short aisle. Then, he glanced at the stained glass windows and raw wooden beams, tinted with an earthy patina of age and grace.

It would be an intimate service with just the Il Divo family in attendance. Cyd walked up to Urs quietly, asking him if he was ok and if she could hold Antonia to give him a break. Urs replied quietly that he was fine and preferred to hold her himself. He hadn’t realized the others had come into the chapel and taken their seats as the hearse pulled up with Siobhan’s casket. Urs steeled himself, trying desperately not to waiver, feeling Carlos take his arm on one side and Cyd’s hand on his other shoulder. Carefully, they made their way to the benches so Urs could sit down. His knees trembled as he forced himself to look forward at the altar. A moment later, Carlos, David, Seb, and Simon carried Siobhan’s casket to the front of alter before returning to their seats. The minister spoke a few words and said a brief prayer. As he finished, he asked if anyone had anything else to add. Dori and Suzie stood and walked forward, hugging Urs before continuing to the altar.

“Suzie and I would like to read a poem as it says so much of what we feel Siobhan would want to say. The poem is called ‘Do not Stand at My Grave and Weep by Mary Elizabeth Frye.” Dori said calmly.
Suzie began the poem, as tears welled in Dori’s eyes:

Do not Stand at My Grave and Weep
By Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do not stand at my grave and weep;
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you awaken in the morning's hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there, I did not die.

Dori cleared her throat before adding. “We know Siobhan is still a part of the Il Divo family, whether as sister, wife, or dearest of friends. Her laughter, her kindness, her patience, her wisdom will live on in each of our hearts. Urs, we cannot replace her in any way, but she is a part of us, so if you cannot find her in yourself, we are and always will be here as a part of her for you and for Antonia. Siobhan will always be with us and we will share her with Antonia as she grows. She will know how wonderful a mother she has, even though she may not see her. Antonia will know how much she is loved by her mother and always will be, no matter what life has in store for either of you.” As Dori and Suzie made their way back to their seats, they stopped to hug a crying Urs once again. Carlos hugged Cyd before she stood and made her way to Urs, hugging him warmly before turning to face the small group. She rested her hand on the casket, whispering a short greeting to Siobhan before continuing.

“Other than Urs, I have known Siobhan the longest of the group. We have shared so many precious moments over the years and I know in my heart, she will continue to share even more precious moments with us in the future. Urs, Carlos and I wish with everything we have that this event would not have happened, that Siobhan would not leave us as soon as she did. But I also know she would want this read as if she said it herself.

You can Shed Tears
by Unknown Author

You can shed tears that she is gone
Or you can smile because she has lived
You can close your eyes and pray that she’ll come back
Or you can open your eyes and see all she’s left
Your heart can be empty because you can’t see her
Or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.
You can remember her and only that she’s gone
Or you can cherish her memory and let it live on
You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back
Or you can do what she’d want:
open your eyes,
and go on.

As Cyd finished the poem, she wiped the tears away from her cheeks before stepping toward Urs. She knelt down, kissed Antonia’s forehead and then Urs’ cheek before standing and returning to her seat beside Carlos. Carlos slid his arm around Cyd as LE wiggled onto her lap. LE hugged her close and kissed her cheek.

And now, a special message for the Buhler family. Mr Buhler, I understand this song was sung by Il Divo, and as a member of Il Divo, it holds a deeper meaning for all of you.

The group met a few minutes later at the place where Siobhan would be laid to rest. Again, the minister said a few words before the service was completed. Lindy stayed toward the back of the group, sensing the divos wanted to be close to their brother. She had offered many times to take Antonia, but each time, Urs refused, holding her close to him. For Urs, it was the only way he could find comfort for himself with Siobhan just out of reach. He could sense her there, but not touch her. With the service concluded, the minister offered his condolences to the group and quietly departed. The others wanted to give Urs his space, but also wanted him to get some rest. Urs insisted he wanted a few more minutes alone at the gravesite.

Lindy stepped forward, “I know Urs wants to stay a bit longer, so how about I stay here too and the rest of you can go back to the house. As soon as he’s ready, we’ll be there, I promise. If we run into any trouble, I’ll call. Just please…. Let him try to say good-bye in private.”

Reluctantly, the divos agreed, not knowing what else they could do for their brother. As they talked, Carlos noticed a small book in Urs’ hands, and his lips moving without a sound. He saw Urs close the book and tuck it back into his jacket pocket. A few minutes later, the limo pulled away, leaving Urs, Antonia and Lindy alone on the hillside. Lindy stayed nearby, waiting while Urs carefully sat by Siobhan’s grave and talked quietly. At first, Lindy thought he was talking to the baby, but realized that he was talking to Siobhan instead.

Lindy looked to the sky and whispered, “Thank you God, and thank you Daniel.”

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Chapter 15
*Time to Move Forward*

A week had passed since the Funeral and Urs visited Siobhan’s grave every day, he seldom took Antonia since he was concerned she might catch a cold. He knew she was too young to understand anything, so he would tell her about her mother as she grew up.

Simon had stayed in Asheville at a hotel, he wanted to get the guys involved in the tour coming up, and his main reason was to get Urs’s mind on something besides his loss. He knew Urs would never forget Siobhan, but he hoped it would be easier for him as days wore on. Simon had also sent for ‘Faith Desmond’ to join him, he had waited to introduce the new tour manager till after the funeral and Urs had time to adjust.

He was concerned, that if Urs did not get back into the group events soon that he might decide he wanted to leave.
Simon wasn’t one for taking chances, he just felt that the group needed to work and this would help Urs to move forward. Putting all of his energy into caring for Antonia would not be good. He needed to continue with his work. Getting back out on that stage would help conquer his pain and see, that the fans would still be there to support him and his daughter.

He already had the support of his brother’s and they would do anything to help him and Antonia to move forward. So this was not the problem Simon was concerned about, it was getting Urs back on that stage.

Faith arrived the day after the funeral, today was the day she would travel out to the farm and meet Il Divo for the first time. She knew about Urs’s loss, and that he was in no shape to jump back into work, but talking about it wouldn’t hurt anything or so she thought.

Simon called David and Sebastien that morning to tell them he was bringing Faith out, so they could discuss the plans for the next few months. He found that even though David had no major concerns, that was not true when it came to Carlos and Sebastien.

Neither of the guys felt now would be a good time to approach Urs about working, he was barely hanging on, nor did they want to rush him. Unfortunately Simon had over ruled them, saying this had to be done. Others were depending on their jobs and if Il Divo didn’t start back soon, lots of people would be out of jobs.

Against their better judgment, they agreed to meet Simon and Faith at Sebastien’s home. They just hoped Simon knew what he was up against. A upset Swiss was not an easy thing to deal with.

Faith as they rode out to the farm had a chance when Simon was not talking, to look at the sites around the area, she felt this was a beautiful and peaceful place to live. It was nothing like the city of London where she grew up and all the busy streets and so many people.

Soon they arrived at Seb’s home, Faith looked around after getting out of the car. The peace and tranquility of the mountains was something she could get used to. She knew she would be staying on the farm after Simon left going back to London. David had offered to have her stay with them. She would need time to get to know these men of Il Divo, learn all the things she could about their personalities. What they liked and didn’t like, how they got along together as a group. She knew they were like brothers, but seeing them in their family environment was of the utmost importance.

She had seen pictures of the guys in their everyday clothes, and their suits they wore in concert, but nothing was to compare to the real men that she was now getting to meet.
When they arrived David and Suzy were there and Carlos and Cyd were on their way over. They were introduced to Faith, then they all headed up to the main house, this is where she would meet Sebastien and Dori and Urs.

Sebastien had told Urs they were coming, with no comment from his Swiss brother, he turn to leave and headed up to the house and Dori.

“How did it go? Did Urs have anything to say about Simon and the tour manager coming out?” Dori ask as Seb sat down and ask for a cup of coffee.

“Non, not a word. He just looked out the window at the mountains. I do not think this is wise for Simon to do this so soon. I am concern my Swiss brother will explode at them both.” Sebastien explained as he took a sip of his hot coffee. Dori sat down next to him, picking up his hand and holding it tight.

“Seb you can’t change Simon, he is a business man and too him personal stuff comes second to work. You need to be there for Urs if he does get upset.”

“Oui, but why does Simon have to push him to start working so soon? I don’t think I could do it if something happen to you my love. I am not even sure if I could ever sing again if I lost you or our girls.” Dori could see that the tears were close to spilling. Seb was a kind and gentle soul, he really wanted Urs to feel ready before starting up again. If he ever did!

“Seb sweetheart sometimes you just have to pick yourself up, and get back into the swing of things. Otherwise he would fall back into that Abyss, he was in back in Switzerland. Do you understand my love?”

“Yes I do understand, and ‘Non’ I never want to see him like that again. It was very scary, we didn’t think we could bring him back from that dark place that was consuming him.”

“I know and I too am worried for him, but he has all of us and we will stand beside him, and help with Antonia. Lindy has already been a god sent to him. I think it helps she has been in this situation herself. He does listen to her.”

“I know he died a little inside when he lost Siobhan, and I think Lindy has helped him understand, that it is ok to grieve. But moving forward is not the end to remembering Siobhan. He may someday find another to love and I think for his and Antonia sake that it would be a wonderful thing.”

“I agree, but don’t mention that to him right now. He is far from ready to lay his memories to rest.”

Seb sat and stared at his empty coffee cup, he was so glad Dori had survive after her accident, and Siobhan had been the one to care for him and make him see that he was losing hope, and to her that was unacceptable. She really had a way of handling things, always for the better. He too was going to miss her. He wiped his eyes as Dori took his cup and gently kissed his lips.

She knew he still had dreams about her being in the coma, feeling helpless to do anything. But things had worked out for them, and in her heart she knew that things would work out for Urs too.

They would all be there for him and when he was ready to move on with or without another love, then they would support him. Little did anyone know that Urs’s future was about to change again.

Sebastien heard David call out his name from the living room, so he and Dori headed there hand in hand. When they walked in there stood Simon and the most amazing looking woman any of them had ever seen.

Faith was tall about 5’9 and Long blond hair with the most amazing Ocean blue eyes they had ever seen. If you looked at them long enough you would feel like you were drowning in them. She had a figure Dori notice of a model, not a skinny thing, but she had all the curves in the right places.

She knew that most men would find her enchanting, with a hint of mystery behind those eyes, and that gorgeous face.

She had to wonder what Simon had on his mind when he hired such a woman to do the tour managing? Well in her mind time would tell.

Urs came in carrying Antonia, he in all honesty was not ready for this meeting, if he had his way he would have stayed in bed. But he knew this would not be a help for his daughter, to have her father grieving all the time. He was trying with all his might to move on a day at a time. He was willing to listen to Simon, see what he wanted from him, then he would decide if he could go back to work.

He knew Lindy would be going with him, and that was a blessing, she had helped him in the pass week to understand his grief. He was after all Swiss, sometimes logic had to prevail over the heart. At least at night he could have his private grieving time.

As Urs sat down and handed Antonia to Lindy, Carlos and Cyd came thru the door with LE and Claire. The Nannies took the children up stairs to join Charlie and the twins. This was after all a business meeting, not a social time. For Lindy it would be a bonding time with Charlie and Claire. They would all be traveling together over the next few months, and getting to know each other, that would help build a bond.

“Ok now that everyone is here would anyone like something to drink?” Dori asked before sitting next to Seb.

“Nope, I think we are all fine. So Simon what is on the agenda for today?” David ask looking at the woman standing beside him, man he sure knew how to pick the most beautiful women. But nothing could compare to the love of his life, sitting beside him expecting their first child.

Dori motion for Simon and his lady friend to sit.

“Ok I want to introduce you to Faith Desmond she is your new Tour Manager and you will be spending time with her getting to know how she handles things and for her to get to know you.” Simon said as he looked around the room, seeing that most of the guys were looking at Faith. Seem only his Swiss was looking at the floor, he had something on his mind and Simon knew this was not a good start.

“It is a pleasure to meet you Ms. Desmond.” David said before looking at Urs.

“Thank you, Mr. Miller, I hope you will call me Faith. I don’t stand on last names as a work protocol. I do like to be friendly, and get along with all the members of the group and the band. I don’t like to feel that I am above the people I work with.”

“Wow Simon where did you find her? She is the most unusual Manager I have ever heard or seen.” Carlos stated.

“I have known Faith for a few years, she is usually very much in demand for her expertise. She has worked with many a great groups, and performers and she knows how to get the job done. I have complete trust in her, she will be a huge asset to the group.”

Urs finally looked up from the floor and stared at the woman sitting across from him. Her eyes held him in a trance, for some reason he couldn’t look away. He thought she was a very beautiful woman, but now he had just lost his wife. He didn’t need to get involved with anyone. Personally or in business. But his job was to work with this woman, so he would do what she told him when it came to his work.

“Urs do you have something you want to say?” Simon hoped he would join in the meeting, not sit there lost in his own world, it was important for him to be included.

“Ja, it is very nice to meet you Ms. Desmond. I look forward to working with you.” Urs was trying, sometimes he just felt a bit lost.

Simon took his comment as a promise that the group would go on, and that Urs was going back to singing. Hopefully soon.

“Ok, now how about the tour, are you all ready to go back to work? Urs how do you feel about getting back out on the road?” Simon knew this was the big question, as they all waited for him to give his answer.

“I am ready to get back out and perform Simon, I can’t hold up in my room and grieve forever. I am planning on taking Lindy and Antonia with me. I will not leave them behind!” Urs wanted Simon to know working was not a problem, but his daughter would be with him all the time he wasn’t on stage.

“That is not a problem we have made arrangements for the 3 nannies and all 4 children to have their rooms and travel with you throughout the whole tour. Each nanny will have a room connecting to yours and a crib for each one installed in it. Seb in your case there is to be 2 cribs unless you have your own things you want to take along?” Faith had spoken up and took over the meeting from Simon.

“Non, we will not bring ours it would be to much baggage and this way all will be set up in the rooms when we arrive. But thank you for asking what we want.”

“Ok, Carlos is there anything special, you and Cyd need besides the nanny and LE?”

“No I think with all done in the rooms ahead of time we should be good to go.” Cyd spoke up, this was her child and she over saw everything to do with LE and Claire.

“Urs, what do you need besides a crib in the nannies room?”

“I will take Antonia’s small playpen with me and if I want her to stay in my room at night, I can do it without asking the hotel for an extra crib. Lindy will have things well in hand I think, but maybe a small refrigerator in Lindy’s room for the bottles and a warmer.”

“Alright anything else I need to add to the list?” Faith looked at each couple and no one spoke.

“Ok, then on to the next thing, when are you all going to be ready to start? The first concert is in 2 weeks in London.”

“2 weeks, how much rehearsing do we need to get ready and where is the venue?” David ask Faith, wondering if they had time to get Urs ready to perform.

“You will perform at the O2 in London and it is for 2 night’s concerts. I have all your backstage passes and for the ladies as well including the 3 nannies.”

“Simon with all of this are we traveling on a commercial airline?”

“No, we have chartered a Private plane for this tour with all your luggage and the children we thought it would be best for the privacy of the group to fly alone.”

“Thanks I don’t want people involved with Antonia, and no one knowing what she looks like or having to deal with the questions from the fans right now.”

“Urs are you going to post on the Website about Siobhan and announce the baby’s birth?”

“Do I have to Simon? Really what business is it of theirs?”
“Urs these people buy your Cd’s and they support you all. Don’t you think they will support you in this time too?” This was Simon’s question, Faith felt it was too much to ask of him to announce that he had a new baby, and losing his wife at the same time. But for now it was up to Urs.

“Ja, they are great fans Simon , but I feel right now it is private and am not ready to announce to the world that my wife has died. Do you know how many of those fans, would want to personally comfort me. I am not ready to get that close to anyone but my daughter, not now.”

“Ok we will hold off then saying anything, but you will be seen with Antonia and people will wonder where is Siobhan.”

“I understand that and will deal with it as it happen, but for now it is just too soon.” Urs looked at the floor and wondered if he would ever be ready to announce that Siobhan was gone?

Faith looked at Urs she could see nothing of the Swiss that she had heard so much about earlier. He was distraught and in pain and she hope Simon was doing the right thing getting him back to work? It could all backfire in an instant, if Urs didn’t recover the way they hoped he would.

For now she excepted he wanted to try, and for that reason she would be there if he needed to talk. She had been a fan of the group long before Simon ask her to work with them. She knew the Swiss was a private man, he didn’t like getting into details about his personal life.

Now she could see that he was an exception to the rule when it came to performers. Nothing about him stood out and said I am perfect and could do no wrong. She didn’t see him as a ladies man like she did when she saw Carlos always on with his constant flirting.

How did Cyd rein him in and keep their marriage secure?
Sebastien was not a huge flirt and neither was David, but they did like their jokes and enjoyed their life on the road.

It was a good thing these ladies were strong cause they help to keep not only their family, but their husbands grounded in the real world. This in her book was a special gift. She look forward to getting to know them better.

It had been over 3 hours since they had been talking when Lindy walked in and ask for Urs, he rose and went to her taking Antonia in to his arms and her bottle into his other hand. He walked out to the porch where the swing was and began to feed his daughter. No one wanted to intrude so they finished up the meeting and went to have lunch in the dining room.

Urs began to sing softly to his daughter as she watched his face, she had taken hold of one of his large fingers and was holding it in her tiny hand. Urs felt nothing but all consuming love for his child, when he looked at her dark hair and green eyes he thought of Siobhan. As he rocked and sang he let his tears fall.

“pour l'amour d'un enfant”

Little did Urs know that Faith was standing in the door, watching him with his baby in his arms. When would she have that kind of life she wondered. And where would she find that all-consuming love Urs Buhler had to give?

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Chapter 16
*Getting On With Life*

Weeks had went by, the guys practiced every day in Seb’s new studio. He wanted them all to have a private place where no one, could be rushed to start or finish till they thought it was perfect. With all Urs and the IL Divo family had been thru in the past couple of months, this studio was a god sent.

Faith attended every practice session, she got to know the guys a lot better and their voices were outstanding. She had heard they were all professionals, and perfectionist, but they were more in her book. She could see how these four men had conquered the world with their voices.

One day in the studio she was listening to the first Il Divo CD, while the guys had a break she loved the stuff they had done in the beginning, the truth be known there was nothing they had done she didn’t like. Some songs she had heard so much of that she barely listen to them anymore, but as the new stuff came out she found all new favorites to enjoy.

Today she was listening to a beautiful song she had heard but knew little about, it was not one she had listen to a lot, but it was a remarkable and deep song.

She had chosen this one as the guys were leaving the room, within a few minutes, she heard the door open,… she turned and saw Urs at first standing there, he seem frozen she was not sure what was wrong, when she looked behind him the others were there too.

When she looked at Urs again, she could see tears streaming down his face, she had no idea that the song ‘Sei Parte Ormai De Mi’ had been Urs and Siobhan’s wedding song.

Urs whispered just loud enough for the others to hear,

“Please turn it off!” It was a plead to make the memories stop. To take away the pain in his heart that was not that far from the surface. She stopped the song, as Urs turned and left the room, the others explained about the song.

She felt terrible, she had seen how hard he had worked keeping the pain at bay, now here she had brought up one of the most painful memories. She ran out of the room crying, nothing much got done the rest of the afternoon. Urs returned to his place and his room. He picked up the picture of their wedding day and sat on the bed, as he fingered the picture he let all the tears fall. Later Lindy checked on him and found him grasping the picture in his arms, while lying across the bed sound asleep.

She thought if nothing else, it had given him a chance to let out some more of the pain he had been trying to hide, from all the others. It would be a while, but they say ‘Time Heals all Wounds’ and it would in this case too.

Later in the evening Seb came down, to check on Urs and Antonia, he knew how hard that hearing the song had been on him, he wanted to make sure all was well. He knew Faith felt terrible, she had ran back to David’s and was not seen the rest of the night.

Lindy had let Seb in, she had told him Urs had just gotten up and was in the shower, she told him about Urs crying himself to sleep holding their wedding picture. They both felt it may have done him some good to let it out. But Seb was concerned they had not seen Faith all afternoon or evening, and was afraid she might leave them.

“Faith was very upset, after Urs left the studio and we told her about the song, she ran out and no one has spoken to her since. I am afraid she might leave us. Urs didn’t raise his voice, just ask it be turned off. I am not sure what to do Lindy?”

“Seb, things like this will happen, hopefully Faith will understand, it was just too much for him at the moment. Her death has not been that long ago, he still needs time to adjust. But neither should run away from the fact he will find or hear something that reminds him of Siobhan. As much as he loved her over the past many years, it won’t go away that easy. You all need to be patient, including Urs.”

“I understand and I want to help them both, but how do we do that? Saying we are sorry seems a bit, too little too late and it really sounds lacking. We can give him as much time as he needs, but sorry to say I know, that is not how Simon and the Sony people feel. They want him back working and they want that very SOON!”

“Well then they will find, that he will break down on stage, or in the dressing room and can’t perform. If they don’t listen to reason. He is pushing himself to work, for that I am glad he has a goal, besides making sure Antonia is taken care of. Now he just has to take care of himself.”

About that time Urs came walking into the room, he saw Seb and gave a slight smile. Seb knew he was putting on an act, there was no way that he could feel better if all those memories kept pushing thru.

“I came down to see how you were?”

“I am better, thanks Seb.”

“Well, I need to talk to you if you feel up to it?”

“Sure, Lindy can you please get us some coffee, then your free for the night. I will get Antonia’s night time feeding tonight. I have the need to be with her this evening.”

“Alright Urs, I have some sewing I can do, but call me if you need me.”

“I will and thanks for everything.”

“You’re welcome and now I will get the coffee.” Lindy turned and left for the kitchen, hoping Urs would be alright with his memories tonight.”

“So Seb, what is the problem?”

“Sorry to say it is Faith.”

“What do you mean Faith? What about her?”

“She ran out of the studio today after you left, we know she feels bad. She had no idea about the song.”

“I understand that, it was not her fault. Have you spoken to her this evening?”

“Non, she has been in her room all afternoon and evening. Urs you have to talk to her, explain to her you’re not upset with her for playing the song.”

“But I am not upset at her Seb. It was a honest mistake and it was me who should be sorry. I never meant to hurt her feelings. It was just too soon to hear our wedding song.”

“You need to tell her Urs, it has to come from you. I am afraid she will leave.”

“I know Seb, I was going to talk to her tomorrow. I would think she would understand how I feel, she is a woman I thought they were more tender hearted then us men?”

“I get the feeling, no one has ever loved her with that all-encompassing love and devotion that we have shown to our ladies.”

“Are you kidding me Seb, she is a beautiful woman, how can any man resist her beauty and her charm?”

“Ahhhhh… …….you have noticed her, with more than a glance?”

“Yes Seb, I am a man and she is a very desirable woman, but I am nowhere near ready for that kind of future. I don’t know if I ever will be again.”

“I think my friend you will be in the future, you just have to resolve the past first. There is no rush.”

“Ok what do you think of me taking Faith out for breakfast in the morning, and talking to her?”

“I think that is a very good idea, do you want me to call David and leave a message for her to join you?”

“Nein, I will contact her myself. I thought of going to Pointsetta Bridge tomorrow, do you think it would be a bad idea for me to take her with me?”

“Are you sure you’re ready to share your and Siobhan’s special place, with of all people Faith?”

“I have to start somewhere Seb, and it really is lovely there. I think she would like it.”

“Listen Urs, I know you’re not ready for more, but let her be your friend, I think you both could use a good friend, to share with for now. Maybe in the future, you can see beyond that friendship.”

“Your right Seb, I am not ready for more, but you can never have to many friends, and a lady friend is something I could enjoy with no pressure. So yes I will talk to her and take her with me to my special place.”

“Well take tomorrow off and enjoy your day.”

“Nein, I want to work tomorrow afternoon, we need all the practice we can get for now. But I will take the morning to relax.”

“Alright, I will let the others know after lunch we will start. I am off to check on my girls and bed, I could use an early night.”

“Ok, I will see you all tomorrow afternoon, Bonne Nuit Seb.”

“Gute Nacht Urs. Take care tomorrow. And Relax!”

Seb left and Urs locked up, he picked up the tray, Lindy had sat on the table and quietly left while they had been talking, she was a wonderful Au Pair for Antonia, and for him a great confidant. Urs headed up to the nursery and found Lindy there with Antonia. She already had her bath and was laying in her crib looking around. Lindy had waited for Urs to give her the bedtime bottle. She handed it to him said good night and went to her room.

Urs settled in the rocker with Antonia in his arms, he spoke to her before he gave her the bottle, telling her how much he loved her and kissing her tiny forehead. As she drank he sang to her, the French lullaby again that he sang on the porch. She finished off the bottle and Urs put her up on his shoulder, and began patting her back softly. After a few minutes she let a large burp, then proceeded to drift off held tight in her father’s love.

After a while of rocking Urs rose, and placed the baby in her crib on her side, knowing if she spit up she would not choke. Amazing to him was all the things he was learning, like how to lay her down to sleep after eating. These were things mothers did for their children.

“Well little one, we are leaning too and I will be here for you always. I miss your mother, but she is watching over both of us. Maybe someday she will send me a sign, then it will be ok for both of us to move on, and find someone for us to love.”

Urs picked up the Baby monitor, as he headed to his room next door. He left the adjoining door cracked, so he could hear her if needed. The monitor was great, but he was not used to using it full time. He went to the bathroom did his nightly things, then undressed and climbing into bed he thought again of his wife. He still missed her body next to him at night. He would hold a pillow close, as he slowly drifted off to dream of his Siobhan.

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Chapter 17
*Can we Be Friends?*
(3 Months after Siobhan’s Death)

Urs had called and told David the next morning he was dropping by; he wanted to take Faith out to breakfast. No one had seen her yet this morning, so Urs was not surprised when he arrived, she still had not come out of her room.

He didn’t think she would have taken the comment yesterday this much to heart. He never meant to hurt her feelings. He really had no control, over the pain he had when he heard the song playing.

David told him where her room was; he ran up the stairs and began knocking loudly. He didn’t get an answer, and was getting worried. He turns the knob and slowly walked into her room. Looking around he saw everything there but her. He went out closing the door behind him, going back down to the kitchen, to find David making coffee, while he waited for Suzie to come down.

“Did you get thru to her Urs?” came David’s question.

“David she is not in her room, is there another way she could have gotten out of the house, without anyone seeing her?” Urs was concerned about her, maybe more then he should be. He knew she was a grown woman, and could come and go as she pleased. But he had hurt her yesterday and she had taken it badly, by what Sebastien had told him. He wanted to find her and make things right again.

“Yes, she could have gone out the back door, toward the barn or the fields. What are you concerned about Urs?” David knew she was upset, that did concern him some. But he figured some time alone would help her mood. Maybe he had been wrong.

“Look I am concerned, Sebastien told me she took what happened in the studio badly, she shouldn’t have been hurt. That is my fault.” Urs told him still looking around to where she might be. He didn’t think she had left the farm, but there were lots of places to go on the farm. He didn’t want to have to check them all.

About that time they heard the back door open, in walked Faith looking all out of breathe. Urs walked over to her, putting his hands on her shoulders shaking her a bit.

“Where have you been, I and everyone here have been worried about you!” David could see the fear on his face, but he knew it wasn’t just Faith he was afraid of losing. He had lost Siobhan.

“I am….sorry….I just went for a walk in the fields to clear my head. I am sorry I worried you David and Urs!” Urs could see her tears in her eyes starting to fall, he let go and pulled her against him. He wasn’t sure what had come over him acting that way with her. They weren’t a couple, but he was acting like they had a more intimate relationship.

“No it’s my fault, I should have done that. I seem to be hurting you more every day. I am sorry Faith.” Urs let her go and hung his head; he was so confused by the feelings that were creeping in when he wasn’t aware.

“It’s ok Urs. What are you doing here this early anyway?” Faith gathered her thoughts; she wanted to move on to a safer subject.

“I came to take you to breakfast, but I couldn’t find you in your room.” Urs was standing there watching every move she made.

“Oh, that would be nice, but we don’t have to go off if you want to stay around here.” Faith didn’t know why she felt they should stay near, but the feeling was strong that she couldn’t let herself be away with him for long.

“I really need to talk to you Faith; can we go somewhere a bit more private then?” Urs said with a bit more force, than needed so she knew it had to be important.

“Sure, David can we use your office?” She didn’t want to be alone with him in her room, she wasn’t sure she would be able to keep control over her emotions when it came to him.

“Yes, that is fine; Suzie and I are going up to Sebastien’s when she comes down. So you can have the house to yourself.” David watched as they left the room, wondering to himself what was going on with those two.

Suzie came down as they left the room, seeing how deep in thought David was. It worried her to have him upset; she couldn’t imagine what had happened to make him look like that.

“I am ready David, is something wrong?”

“Yes, my love, but let’s wait till we get to Sebastien’s, then maybe between the six of us, we can figure out how to help or Not!” David said as he took her hand and led her to the car.

In David’s office the tension between them was thick as a fog; she had to wonder what he wanted to talk about. They sat across from each other, legs almost touching. Urs needed to go first if he was to help her relax in his presence.

“Look I made a mistake yesterday, I am sorry you got hurt in the process, I never meant for you to be hurt. The song took me by surprise; I really couldn’t breathe when I heard it. You had no idea it was one of the songs we had at our wedding. So please forgive me for my rudeness, I don’t want to hurt you ever.” Urs had such an over powering feeling of wanting to protect Faith.

“It was my mistake Urs, but as you said I didn’t have any idea. But you were not rude; the request of turning it off was barely heard. It wasn’t like you shouted at me, or got angry. I do understand that it hurt to hear it, I too am sorry.” Faith wanted to cry again at the look on his face, every time Siobhan came into their conversation.

“Listen to me Faith please; I don’t want you to ever run away from a problem that comes up between us. I need you as a friend for now, I can’t ask for more than that. I am not over Siobhan. I don’t know if I will ever be totally over my loss. But I am hoping one day to have moved on, enough to find another love to live out the rest of my days. And no just so you understand, I am not looking for a mother for Antonia. If I find that right person then yes, she would have to love my daughter as well as me. But what I find in the future, will be someone that can love both of us.” Urs was looking down at her hands as he spoke, he was afraid of looking into her face.

“I do understand Urs; if you want friendship then I am here for you as a friend. If you want more, I will be waiting till the time comes and you’re ready to move on. I do understand about wanting someone to love you, and your daughter. But I agree it is too soon for you to be thinking along those lines.”

“I don’t want you to put your love life or anything on hold for me Faith, I can’t promise you anything right now but my friendship. It wouldn’t be fair to ask you to wait.”

“You have not asked Urs, I am telling you that I want to wait, see if we can have something special in the future. I am willing to start out as friends and build from there.”

“Thank you Faith, I am sorry to ask you only for your friendship, when you have so much to offer any man but I am not ready for that step yet. I hope someday that will come. But I do promise you one thing; I will not lay with other women to satisfy my manly needs, if there is a possible future for us. I don’t think I could now even if the urge struck me.”

“Thank you for that Urs. I don’t go around sleeping with different men or any guy I have dated, so I too will wait till we see where this relationship goes. But Urs if you find you need a warm body just to hold you, or to comfort you, please come to me.”

“You may be sorry for that offer, since she has been gone sleep is not something I can do much of. I miss her touch and smell, of holding her at night. I miss her so very much Faith.” Urs couldn’t hold back the tears any longer.

Faith came to him and knelt down pulling him into her arms; she just held him and let him cry till he stopped. In her head she knew she was so going to be hurt, if he could never love her the way he had Siobhan. He would not hear it from her, but she was already in love with this special man, but her secret would have to stay that way, it would be hidden forever.


After everyone had their coffee and rolls, they got down to talking about the upcoming promo’s for the new CD. Mostly they talked about when the girls and the children would travel with them.

David was still off in his own mind that worried Suzie; she knew she had only a few weeks left to travel with David before she would have to stay at the farm.

But Suzie knew that was not what was bothering David, and knew he needed to talk to the others. “David, you need to talk to them and explain what is bothering you.”

Sebastien and Carlos looked at each other than at David, they then could see the strange look on his face.

“What is bothering you David? Something about the Promo?” Carlos asked first.

“No, it’s Urs I am concerned about. He is with Faith right now and that interaction is bothering me.”

“Why, did he not tell her he was sorry for upsetting her?” Sebastien knew he was going to talk to her this morning.

“He came over and went to her room, she was not there. He came downstairs all upset, over her not being in the house. About that time she came in the back door, he grabbed her shoulders and shook her little telling her not to run away from him again. Doesn’t that bother you guys?”

“David, why was he so upset?” Carlos didn’t understand what David was implying.

“I think Urs has feelings for her. And he shouldn’t, it is too soon after Siobhan. I don’t like it.” David looked very unhappy.

“Wait a minute David; you can’t make that decision for Urs. He has to go at this in his time not yours. You act like he has forgotten Siobhan, I talk to him last night, I promise that is far from the truth.” Sebastien knew how much Urs was still hurting; it was not good to hear David adding his feelings, to an already upsetting situation.

“I know he misses her Seb, but he is letting Faith get to him. He is a man first and she is very lovely, I just wonder how he can resist her?”

“David, he and I talked about that last night, he wants them to be friends for now. He is not ready for another woman in his life. He told me so.”

“Can I add my 2 cents in here please? You guys don’t understand the relationship between Urs and Faith. They are able to be friends, I am sure that for him is a good thing. But if he wants or needs more from her, she is already falling for him. I think she knows her limits, I for one trust she will put a stop to anything she feels uncertain about. Let’s let them handle it and we just support them.” Cyd was the level headed one when it came to men, she’d known Urs a long time and had figured he was missing Siobhan in a more intimate way. She didn’t think he would act on those feelings, at least not this soon. But if he had the need she knew Siobhan would understand, so she would support him in his decisions when it came to his private life.

“I am in agreement with Cyd, here David. We need to support his decision, if he wants to get closer to Faith then who are we to say no?” Dori was looking at Seb nodding his head in agreement.

“David I love you, but you know we don’t always agree on everything. In this case, we need to stay out of it. There are no rules, saying Urs has to grieve for a certain amount of time. He has loved Siobhan for a long time that has not died only she has. He is suffering and maybe he needs another woman just to hold and comfort him. Let’s let him tell us what he needs from us, and then we won’t end up with feelings hurt.” Suzie knew that David cared about Urs as a brother; it was hard for him, when he couldn’t help Urs thru the grieving.

“Ok but I am still going to watch this relationship!”

All at once he heard from 5 others “DAVID NO!”

“Ok I will stay out of it, but mark my word; one or both are going to get hurt.” David finally gave up.

About that time the door open and in walked Faith with Urs right behind her.

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Chapter 18
*Surprise I have a New Roommate*
(4 1/2 Months after Siobhan’s Death)

Charlie brought out some drinks for Faith and Urs, they were sitting on the couch next to each other, David was staring at them trying to figure out if anything had happen back at the house.

“We have an announcement to make, if you guys don’t mind?” Urs said as he took a sip of his drink.

“Ok, let’s hear it.” Carlos said as he smiled over at Cyd.

“I have asked Faith to move into the Cottage with Antonia, Lindy and myself, and she has agreed.” Urs said smiling for maybe the first time in a while.

David was frowning at this information, he knew something would happen, if it did it would affect them all. Urs followed all eyes to settle on David.

“What is wrong David?” Urs asks as he looks at Faith.

“Ohhh…. Nothing Urs.” David could see everyone was watching him, he had just agreed to keep out of Urs private life. So he really couldn’t tell him, what was bothering him.

Urs was not convinced, but at that moment he didn’t really want to get into any details, of Faith and him living together. Urs was not ready to give details out, about the private arrangements that he and Faith had discussed. The Cottage was his, he had the right to have anyone he wanted to live there. They would accept his decision or not, it was not his concern at that moment.

Later that afternoon Faith and Urs brought her stuff to the Cottage; they put her clothes in a spare room to the left of Urs room, since Antonia and Lindy were to the right. Urs explained things to Lindy, as much as he thought she would need to know for now.

Lindy unlike David though, she thought this to be a good first step for Urs, even if it was only friendship. She found out a few days later, that they were at the least sleeping in his room.

Lindy did talk to Urs the next morning, and found out that even though they were in the same bed, they were not ready to be lovers. He needed someone to hold at night, someone to help relax him and help fall asleep. Some nights the dreams were dark, on those nights Faith would hold him as he cried himself to sleep over the loss.

A few weeks went by as the guys notice a major change in Urs; he didn’t seem so depressed or closed off. They thought that Faith must be a good friend to him, and had helped him to begin moving forward. Faith spent a lot of time with Antonia during those weeks, and she had fallen for the beautiful baby too.

David began to wonder if he had really gotten it all wrong. He still had his doubts, but for him seeing is believing, Urs was finally coming back to the land of the living.

One night after a hard day in the studio, Urs was wound so tight that Faith wasn’t sure what to do. She climbed into the bed as Urs seemed to be thinking some deep.

“Is something wrong Urs?” Faith asked him, as he stood looking at her with darken eyes.

“I still miss her Faith, but I really want to move on, having you here has really helped me. “

“I am glad it has helped you to have me around.” Faith said as she looked at the sheet covering her body from his eyes.

After a while Urs seem to settle in the bed holding Faith, as she drifted off to sleep. Later in the dark night she heard Urs cry out, in his dream. She reached over and pulled him to her, usually this calmed him, but tonight he was lost in a dream that had been unfulfilled for a while.

He was making love to Siobhan, when she vanished from his embrace. He held on to Faith, as he pulled her closer and began kissing her. She wasn’t sure what was happening or why, but after he touched her lips as his hands began to roam her body, she could no longer think.

She had wanted this for so long, to show him how she felt, the feelings between them grew stronger till they had to finish what they had started. Their love making was soft, gentle, he was a wonderful lover. He brought them both to the edge together, as he took her to the top; he called out for “SIOBHAN” as they reached ecstasy together. Urs laid down on top of her for a few minutes, then he notice her face wet with tears.

He open his eyes to find himself still engaged with Faith, He looked into her face, he could see the pain, he had just caused her by calling her ‘Siobhan’. He realized what he had done and now he had to try and explain it.

He rolled over and sat up looking at Faith, she was trying to hide her face, to cover her tears from him. She had pulled the sheet around her to cover up her nakedness, she couldn’t look him in the eyes.

Urs felt so guilty, he had done the one thing he had promise not to do, that was use her to ease his ache of being lonely. He never wanted to do that; he wanted their first time to be them enjoying each other and making fantastic love.

How did he explain to her, that he had not meant to break her trust in him?

“Faith, please look at me, I didn’t mean to call out her name. I am so very sorry, I never wanted to hurt you or use you like that. Please forgive me?”

“I am sorry Urs; I should have never agreed to this, I knew I was setting myself up to be hurt. I forgive you, even though I know you wanted me to be her.”

“I will pack my things and leave right away, you need to come to terms with her death, too do it alone, this was a mistake and it can’t be repeated Urs. I have something to tell you before I go. I love you Urs, I have since we met and I have hidden my feelings so it would not rush you to make changes, before you were ready.”

“Please don’t go Faith; I want you here with me and Antonia. Don’t you want to be with me?”

“That is not fair Urs, I just made love to the man I love, He in return made love to what he thought was his dead wife, not the woman in bed with him. So don’t use that tone or remark on me. I have to go and you have to decide now, if you want to keep grieving and be alone forever, or will you finally bury the past, and meet me someday in the future? When you know it is me that you want over anyone else. That is what I need for us to be together.”

Faith went to the bathroom, took a quick shower then dressing she went to her room packed her bags, she called for a cab and left ‘Rolling Hills Farm’. Where she would go was beyond her, maybe she should go back to London and speak to Simon, yes that is what she needed to do.

Urs sat on the bed with tears streaming down his face, what had he done. He had ruin the best thing in his life except for Antonia, and his music since Siobhan’s passing. Could he ever put Faith out of his mind or his life now? Did he want to put her out of his life forever?

He was sure he needed her in his life now; he had to get his self together and find her, bring her back so they could start a life together. Something clicked in his mind as he was remembering them making love, they had not used any protection.

He drifted off to sleep with tear stain cheeks.

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Chapter 19

*What Becomes of the Broken Hearted*

(Next Morning)

Urs woke with a start, looking around he remembered last night’s events with Faith. Once again he felt terrible for hurting her. Once he had cried himself to sleep, he had not dreamed at all. He felt like he was lost in a fog.

His next move had to be finding Faith and fixing things between them. But the big question was where in the world had she gone?

He rose and headed for the bathroom, taking care of his needs and morning routine; he dressed for the day then headed to Antonia’s room. The only person that needed him most was his precious daughter.

Lindy was in with Antonia; she had just finished her bottle and was being rocked. Lindy rose and handed the baby to Urs; he sat down and put Antonia on his shoulder, then began patting her back softly. After letting out a loud burp, he laid her in his arms and cuddled with her.

Lindy went to leave them alone, and was stunned when Urs ask her to stay, saying he needed to talk to her. She turned around and sat across from him waiting to hear what he wanted to talk about. He rose and placed his baby girl in her crib, covering her with her tiny blanket. He stood there watching his daughter sleep as he spoke to Lindy, though he never turned around to look at her.

“Lindy, I know you well enough after all of this time that you would never repeat, or tell anything that went on in this house. Or in my private life.”

“Yes my loyalty is to you and Antonia, I would never repeat anything!”

“What I am going to tell you won’t surprise you, since you knew Faith and I were sleeping together in my room. But we had not been physically involved. But last night, I made a huge mistake, maybe even two mistakes.”

“Urs, where is Faith, I noticed she has not come down since I have been up?”

“Last night I had another dream it was the worse, Faith was beside me in bed and tried to calm me down. But we got carried away and we made love to each other. That might not have been so bad, but in the end while we were loving each other I called out ‘Siobhan’s’ name. Faith was devastated. She told me that she loved me and I needed to get my mind together and if I wanted just her, then she would be happy to be a couple.”

“Oh Urs I can understand her being hurt by that. But couldn’t you stay together and work it out?”

“She said she had to leave till I decided, I have not heard anything since she left. If I don’t find her, I may lose her forever.”

“I am sorry Urs, what can I do to help?”

“I never told any of the others, that we were sharing a bed and don’t want them to know anything that went on here. I want to keep this between us, I have a feeling Simon will know. But he won’t discuss my private life without talking to me first. I am going to call him and hope if he has seen her he will tell me where to find her.”

“Ok well I have no reason to say anything and if I can help then please let me know.”

“Also we need to start packing; we are leaving for London in 2 days and then off on the tour. I will help you get things ready for Antonia.”

“How long will we be gone?”

“About 6 month’s total, we will have a break in Switzerland, I have sold my home there and I will be packing up my stuff to go to my parent’s storage and then make sure it is ready for the new owners. This will take about a week. Which during that time you and Antonia will stay will my parent’s. I will be staying at the house, so I can get more done.”

“Ok so I need to pack a lot of things for her or will we buy stuff along the way?”

“I think we should pack only what we might not get in other countries and the rest we can buy as we need too. Her bottle warmer and the plug adapter are a must and the monitor.”

“Alright I will get started this afternoon then you can check and see if you need anything else for her. Are you taking her port a crib or just having one in the rooms we stay at?”

“The PA is making those arrangements and that is fine with me. We need to not take too much since I think we will be bringing back a lot more stuff.”

“Well we will get things going and I am off to clean the kitchen and then you can make your call to Mr. Cowell.” Lindy turned and walked out of the nursery, she stopped in the hall and watched Urs for a bit. He looked so defeated and she hoped somewhere along this journey that his and Faith’s path would cross again. Maybe they could work things out.

Urs walked over and picked up the phone and dialed Simon in the UK as he sat in the rocker watching his baby girl sleep.

“Hello.” Came Simon’s deep voice thru the phone. He always sounded so gruff Urs thought, but he knew that was only the person the public saw. Simon was his friend and would do anything for any of the guys.

“Hi, Simon its Urs here.”

“How are you doing Urs? How is the baby doing?”

“Antonia is doing wonderful, her nanny Lindy is a god sent for the both of us.”

“Ah, that is good to hear Urs, I can’t wait to see her again and hold her. Now what can I do for you?”

“Simon have you spoken to Faith since yesterday?”

“Yes Urs she called me this morning, during her flight change. I know what happen and I am sorry. I know she is hurting and I am sure you are too.”

“Simon please don’t let the others know what happen, it is my private business and for now I want it to stay that way.”

“They don’t know she and you were sleeping together?”

“Simon, I would have never gave them that kind of information. You should know me better than that, it is private and I would like Faith and I to deal with this. Not get everyone’s opinion on my love life.”

“I understand and I won’t say a thing. But what do we tell them about her leaving so suddenly?”

“How about you needed her for some other business that just came up and so she will be back with us on the tour.”

“Well some of that is true.” Simon was waiting on Urs to ask the hard questions.

“What do you mean by that? Is Faith still going to work with us?” Urs didn’t like the way Simon said some of that was true part.

“I will tell you this much, Faith has ask for a few months off to get her life back on track. I have agreed since she is very valuable to the group and I don’t want to lose her for good. So she will meet you all in Switzerland in 4 months when you have the break.”

“Can you give me a way to contact her till then Simon, I don’t have her cell number.”
“I am sorry Urs, she ask me not to let you know where she was and how to reach her.”

“What am I supposed to do till then Simon, I can’t fix things if we can’t talk to each other?”

“I think that is the idea Urs, she is far from ready for you two to talk yet. Maybe give her the time she has ask for then deal with it face to face.”

“Alright, but will you please tell her I need to talk to her when you see her? Please Simon it is very important to me.”

“I can promise to pass on the message that is all I can do now.”

“Ok thanks Simon. We will see you in two days. I hope things are arranged for the baby to have what she needs if Faith is not working who will handle the arrangements?”

“Faith handled all that before she left the States. All the plans and arrangements are confirmed and you will have a temp for the time being.”

“Thanks again and we will see you soon. Bye Simon.”

“Bye Urs.” Both hung up at the same time.

Urs wondered where she was now and if she would be happy to see him when they arrived in his home country? He now had time to work on the future and to try getting pass the death of his wife and moving forward. Hopefully with Faith at his side.

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PostSubject: Re: ~* THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM *~ Sequel To ~*SOMEONE TO LOVE*~    Sat Sep 17, 2011 6:55 pm

Chapter 20

*Chill out David!*

The group was getting ready to land in London, the trip had been a long one with the babies and all the extra’s that were needed. Lucky the guys had a private jet this tour, Simon felt it was important with the nannies, and the children, wives that they needed to have privacy.

David kept watching Urs, Suzie knew he wanted to ask about Faith, it all honesty most of the group figured something had happen, and maybe they had a falling out. But they wanted Urs to say what happen, it was not going to happen if they constantly were grilling him for answers.

“David you need to stop watching him, he is a grown man and will tell us what happen to Faith if, or when he is ready.” Suzie was concerned that David would make matters worse, if he started asking the questions they all wanted answers too.

“Don’t you want to know what went on in that cottage, what made her leave the group?”

“Yes and if Urs decides to tell us, then we listen and make no judgments, it is not our place.” Suzie told him flat out.

“Well I for one think her moving in there was a mistake to start with. How could he betray Siobhan’s memory that way?” David was quite upset with Urs..

“David, stop that!! You cannot judge Urs, he has nothing to answer for. He lost his wife, the love he had for her will always be in his heart. But he does have a baby and a life he needs to move on for!” Sebastien was not happy to hear David being critical about Urs, or his decisions...

David looked at Sebastien; he couldn’t understand why they were defending Urs. They had lost their new PA all because of him. They would need to have a temp at least for this tour. He hoped Simon was not angry about Faith having to leave for whatever reason.

That was another thing he was angry about, Urs had given no reason why Faith had left, but to say ask Simon. David just knew Urs had done something to drive her away, and that to him was unforgiveable.

“David you have to understand that Urs is here, because he doesn’t want to let us down. You and I do not know what he is going thru. I am not sure if I had lost my wife that I would move on with my career, and try to raise my child alone.” Carlos was the level headed one most of the time, and he wanted to keep David from making matters worse.

“Well I still think he owes us an explanation, as to where Faith has gone!” David said looking over to see Urs holding Antonia and kissing her tiny cheeks, as he spoke to her in his mother tongue.

“No David, let’s hear what Simon has to say about this first before jumping to conclusions.” Sebastien was ready to listen first, not judge Faith or Urs. He knew how much Urs had loved Siobhan, and that his brother would solve this problem in his life, the same way he did with everything else. Constant thought and decisions first.

Urs could hear some of the conversation they were having, he also knew from some of the talk that David was angry at him, for not explaining about Faith’s disappearance. But he still felt it was his private business and that he need not explain anything, till he had a chance to talk with Faith.

Once they landed at the airport they made their way to the waiting cars, which took the women and children to the hotel and the guys to the Sony offices.

The ladies all got settled into their rooms, with Cyd and Dori helping get Lindy and Antonia checked in. Without Urs they had a time getting them to let her go to their room. This would be something Urs would have to deal with on the other stops.

The guys arrived after a short trip from the airport, no one had spoken during the trip over. Simon was waiting at his office door for them, when they reach the top floor. He looked over at Faith’s office; he could see she was tied up with the new temp. Cindy Garner was taking over for the time Faith would be gone. She too had been with Simon for years, and wanted to help out. She and Faith had worked together for the past 4 years. So Faith and Simon knew she could handle the job.

Simon knew there was a chance Urs would run into Faith at the office, so he made sure she knew they were coming in today. She had not left or refused to see him, so he hoped that it was going to be a pleasant meeting.

When the guys got closer to Simon’s office they all saw that Faith was there. They were not sure what that meant, but it gave them hope that she would be going with them on the tour.

Simon watched Urs’s face when he saw Faith in her office, it gave him some hope he could talk to her before they left today. He had come to some decisions but they were not ready for the final step. He still had many things to confront, in his quest to move forward. He had decided to give Faith the time she asked for. He owed her that much, he never wanted to see that hurt on her face again. He knew that he had to have things settled in his heart, before moving forward. Be it with Faith or any other woman.

The guys came in to the office, and settled with coffee and teas. Simon greeted them and ask if the trip over had been better on their own plane. They all agreed it was the best way for the group to travel now.

After talking for a bit Simon called Faith and Cindy to his office. He introduced Cindy as Faith’s Assistant, and then began explaining that Cindy would be doing the first part of the tour as their PA. And he told them Faith would join them in Switzerland during the break.

David watched Faith and Urs closely, he could see he had been right something was very wrong here.
“Simon why is Faith waiting to join us latter in the tour instead of now?” David knew if he wanted answers it had to be done here and now.

“David, I am taking some personal time, and spending it with family. I am not quitting, but this is important to me.” Faith felt it was up to her to set their minds at ease.

“Why did you leave without saying goodbye then?” David asked..

“I should have waited and explained, for that I am sorry, for upsetting or worrying you all. I felt I had to get back as soon as possible.” Faith hoped that would smooth things over, letting them think her family needed her.

“Ok well I wish for one that you were going from here with us. No offense Cindy, but I would have felt better knowing Faith was along with us.” David looked at Cindy who smiled back, saying she understood and she was there to help till Faith could join them.

Urs never spoke or took his eyes off Faith, Sebastien and Carlos could see for them that David had been right. Something had happen between Urs and Faith. But they still felt if it was their business, Urs would say something in his own time.

After going over the rest of the information the guys were free to leave, going to the hotel and get some rest. David, Carlos and Sebastien took the car to the hotel, leaving Urs to talk with Faith.

Urs knocked on her door, he felt he had to be careful how far he pushed this conversation.

“Come in Urs.” Faith was a bundle of nerves; she had not planned on being here when they returned. But Simon insisted if she wanted the time off, she needed to at least help move the Temp placement along, and it would be better coming from her.

“Hi, can we talk please?” Urs was nervous, he didn’t know if she would sit and talk to him.

“Please come in and have a seat.” Faith tried to be as at ease as possible, but all the memories of their night together came flooding in to her brain. The pain in her heart was the hardest to control.

“We need to talk about what happen at the cottage Faith, I have done lots of thinking, trying to work out in my head, what to do about what we did. I miss you first off. I didn’t mean to use you like that, I hope you can believe me I never wanted to hurt you.” Urs was talking so fast he wanted to get everything out in the open before she ran again.

“I know Urs, I never thought you did it on purpose. Maybe if you had it would not have hurt so much. I do understand you’re still hurting over Siobhan, and I don’t want to push you for decisions you’re not ready to make.

“I do understand and I should thank you for that much, but you have to know, that what happen between us was not a onetime thing. I am sorry I called out her name and not yours Faith. Please you have to forgive me; because it is eating me up inside that I hurt you.” Urs looked into her eyes, all he could see the love, she had told him she had for him there.

“I have forgiven you Urs; I know you never meant to hurt me. I never thought you had. I told you how I felt so you would know and understand, that the reason I made love to you was, because I truly love you.” Faith was trying not to cry or run to his arms and never let him go.

“So if you forgive me why are you not coming on the tour till we reach my home town? Can we work out this together?” Urs was confused if she had forgiven him, then why they could not work on things between them on the tour.

“I need to give you the time to come to terms with all that has happen, without the pressure of seeing me every day. I don’t want to be there reminding you of what happen, and making you end up hating me for pushing you to forget her.” Faith was trying to do the right thing for him, but hurting herself in the meantime. Leaving him was the hardest thing to do for her.

“Ok, I get that, but are you really trying to help me, or are you afraid it would happen again if we worked together now?” Urs had to know her reasons were sound.

“Urs I want more than anything to go with you now, but can you promise that you would be able to be just friends, if we did work together now and not want more?”

“Faith I want you now, I won’t lie to you, and I understand why that can’t happen again, at least for the next while. But leaving without you is breaking my heart. I am so afraid you will move on and leave me behind.” Urs felt his heart tearing apart. How could he grieve over both Siobhan and Faith?

“I am sorry Urs but for now we have to go slow, I did promise you I would not walk away from you, when you’re ready to commit. I can give you my cell and we can talk, maybe that would help move things along for the both of us.” Faith had not planned on keeping in touch, but she was losing a battle of wills here, when she saw how much just leaving for that short amount of time, was hurting him.

“Thanks Simon couldn’t give it to me.”

“I know I had asked him not too, but I think cutting both of us off is the wrong thing to do.”

“Where are you going while we are on tour?” Urs stood and walked to her, he wanted so much to hold her in his arms again.

“I will be in Luzern, for the next few weeks.” Faith was not sure she should tell him, but she didn’t want to lie either.

“Why are you going to my home town?” Urs was puzzled by all of this.

“Simon has asked me to supervise the packing at your home, and moving of your things to your parent’s storage, so there will not be so much for you when you get there.” Faith was not sure what Urs would think of her trespassing on his private place, which he had shared with Siobhan.

“Oh, I guess that is good then, I had no idea he was thinking about doing this.” Urs was stunned he wasn’t sure how she would deal, with closing up the home that he had shared with Siobhan, the one who had his heart.

“Do you want to talk to Simon and change things? I will understand if you don’t want me there to help you.” Faith couldn’t tell from his face how he was feeling.
“Nein, thank you for the help. I will be glad for you to get as much done as possible. Where are you staying while you’re there?” Urs wondered if his parent’s knew she was coming. Leave it to Simon to arrange everything.

“I am staying with your family. I hope you don’t mind that too?” Faith was hoping it would give her insight to the man she was in love with.

“Nein that is wonderful, Mami and Vatti will be very good to you. They are wonderful people.”

“I am glad you are not angry at me for doing things this way.” Faith just wanted to be there for him should he need it, but for now they had to do that long distance.

“May I hold you please Faith?” Urs asked as he walked towards her.
“Of course you can, we are not strangers here, and I want you to be comfortable around me.”

“Thank you for that, I want you to feel this.” Urs picked up her hand and placed it on his heart. Faith could feel the sound and vibration reflecting her own heartbeat.

“You do that to me, right now here in this room nothing else is here but us. You make my heart do funny things. So please don’t forget me, just know that right now I do care for you so much.” Urs held her hand for a bit longer.

“I won’t forget and you do that same to me, my heart is beating for you. And I will be waiting for you in Switzerland. You may not be able to say it now or in the future, but I love you Urs.” Faith reached over and gave his a gentle kiss on the lips. Then she backed up and dropped her hands to her side.

Urs turned and walked to the door, and then he turned and looked at her once more. He wanted to run to her, hold her and dry all of the tears she had cried. But now was not the time.

“I will miss you Faith, Please Remember me!” He gave her a blinky wink then walked out the door and didn’t look back.

Faith had to sit down before she fell down, now it was time to go, her plane was waiting. She had done all she could to let him know, that she would be waiting for him in Luzern. The rest was up to him, he had to finally bury the past and move on with her, or let her go and live in the past with his memories only.

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Chapter 21
*A Gift*

(1 Month Later)

Faith was dressing for the day; she looked in the mirror and still couldn’t see any change in her body. She knew that soon all that would change though. The week before she had been surprised, when Mami had given her a small bag with a pregnancy test inside.

She had been sick for the past week, thinking she had the flu; she ignored it and went on with her job of packing up the house. She came back every night exhausted, too ill to eat. She didn’t sleep well since her arrival in Switzerland; she accounted that to her just missing Urs.

But when Mami handed her the bag, she knew that it was time to face facts. She did the test the next morning, and as was thought she found she was expecting. She really didn’t know what to do; did she tell Urs and push him into something he was not ready for? Or did she keep quiet, till he had made his decision about their relationship?

Mami and she talked it over; they both thought it was best to let him get thru the tour, before dropping this news on him. She wasn’t sure if she could hold off for the next 3 months till they arrived.

Mami had to tell Vatti, but made him promise not to try and change Faith’s mind about the timing. He felt she had to tell Urs right away, he didn’t think Urs would be happy to find out; he had been kept in the dark about something this important.

Faith understood that Antonia was only a few months old, and this child would be born after she turned a year old. Was that too close for Urs to be a father again? Would he even want her child? She knew little of this man she loved, but didn’t think he would ask her to dispose of their child. He was not that kind of man. She knew from all he had done for Antonia, after Siobhan’s death that he would be a wonderful father.

Problem for her was she didn’t want her child to be second best to Siobhan’s child. Would Urs do that to their child, she just wasn’t sure. She voiced her concerns to his parents, getting all the help she needed in ridding herself of these crazy thoughts.

Urs called her once a week, since he was busy with the traveling and Antonia; he didn’t want her to feel he was pushing. They spoke on his feelings for her, how the grief was not as hard as it had been in the beginning. The nightmares had gone; all he had were the memories of his past life with Siobhan.

He felt he had come to a decision and wanted to wait to talk to Faith face to face, this was not something they could do over the phone. In his mind he had lots to make up for, he just couldn’t let her go. He wanted her in his life, he wanted a future with this wonderful woman, who had placed herself and her needs second to his and his daughter.

(3 Months Later)

Faith had been nervous all day, waiting for Urs and Antonia arrived from the tour. She had started showing a tiny bit, but only Mami and Vatti still knew her secret. She wore oversized shirts, making sure no one had been the wiser. Now it was time to face Urs, now she would have to tell him exactly what was going on. She wasn’t sure if she should tell him first, or wait to see what he had decided to do about their relationship. She didn’t want him only for their baby, she would never keep his child from him, but he had to want her first, before the news of the baby came out didn’t he, she wasn’t sure anymore.

Lunchtime was over, she headed back out to the house to finish up, and found Urs and the others had already arrived. Antonia had stayed at the hotel with Lindy, and the other ladies and children. Urs, Carlos, Sebastien and David were all looking around the house when she arrived.

David was in the main hall when she came in, he walked over and pulled her into his arms and hugged her tight. He could feel the nervousness as he hugged her. He also thought she had gained a bit of weight, his mind began to wonder.

Urs walked in, and saw him hugging Faith, he felt a strong urge to punch David, was he jealous, he was pretty sure that he was. But he couldn’t show them, how angry seeing her in David’s arm made him.

“Sorry am I intruding on a private moment here?” She heard Urs’s voice mixed with a bit of hurt.

Faith turned and saw the man she loved and missed, for the past 4 months standing there, looking like he had been kicked in the stomach.

“No of course not, just saying hello after all these months.” Faith said trying not to look into his eyes.

“I was just telling Faith how much we missed her.” David spoke up; when he notice they looked away from each other.

“Well the house looks like it is done; did you leave anything for me to do?” Urs asked looking around at the empty rooms.

“Oh yes we left your bedroom and Antonia’s room for you, we thought you might want to handle those on your own. Your father rented a storage unit for you, since he felt you would not want other people, going thru your things. So everything is done but those 2 rooms.” Faith told him as David turned to go and find his brothers.

“Thank you and yes I would like to go thru them myself; I am not sure what I want to keep, since Antonia has everything that she needs in the states.” Urs said as he looked at her.

Urs walked to her, after David left the room, he reached out and took her shaking hands and held them tight.
“We need to talk Urs.” Faith could not control her shaking hands; her body felt like rubber.

“I know Faith, but why are you shaking so much?” Urs thought maybe, she was afraid of him. But that would make no sense, he would never hurt her. He had made some bad choices, in the past few months concerning her, but he hoped that they could work pass that, before they left for the rest of the tour.

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