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 In The Arms Of My Angel

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PostSubject: Re: In The Arms Of My Angel    Thu Sep 08, 2011 10:32 am

Wow didn't realize he was thinking about his holding back way before they got married.. That was ashame cause in his heart he knew he loved her and trusted her.. He just didn't want to admit it to himself..

That he had finally found his perfect One for him.

More JJ

Laura Swiss

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PostSubject: Re: In The Arms Of My Angel    Fri Sep 09, 2011 3:58 am

Chapter 14 - Putting My Foot In It

He sat on the end of Franky's bed, angry at himself for arguing with her about the colour of the suit he'd chosen and bought for this occasion, glaring hard at the clear plastic carrier it was contained in. Fed up with wearing black and other dark colours, he'd selected a Dolce & Gabana, Khaki coloured cotton suit teamed with a plain white shirt, chocolate coloured tie and shoes. His eyes closed and he sighed heavily when he remembered Franky saying how handsome he looked in it, beaming a smile at him and he knew how alone she'd felt at Gabriel and Christie's wedding, despite the fact they had a lot of friends in common. He would have been so proud to see her in the full length blue strapless dress Christie had chosen for all her bridesmaids. He just wished he could have been there on the day, he couldn't because Il Divo had been performing in Australia. The only good feelings he had about that particular wedding had been the photographs and that Franky would be able to wear the dress again, for an evening function perhaps.

Now, here he sat, on the day of her cousin's wedding, wanting to go to his apartment and swap his suit for a dark one. He swallowed hard, knowing that he'd cursed at Franky when she'd reminded him how hot he would be in a dark colour. Telling her to shut the fuck up, he knew all about being hot in dark suit. He knew how much he would sweat, he'd done it often enough on tour whereas she knew nothing, she'd only ever skated in light colours and that had only been done once in a while not virtually every day. He'd forgotten how much energy she expended whenever she performed.

His eyes closed and he huffed out a breath, knowing his words had hurt judging by the look he'd seen in her eyes before she left the house, reminding him to lock up before he left for the church and slamming the door so hard the whole house had seemed to shake.

"Idiot. That's what you are Buhler." His head shook again, remembering that he'd stood at the bedroom window to watch her mount her bike and had seen her wipe her eyes before putting her helmet on. "As if she hasn't been under enough stress helping to organise this wedding and beginning work on ours? Prize idiot!"

Knowing that he owed her an apology, but not wanting to do it over the phone, he stood and started to make his way to the bathroom for a shower, thankful that Lauren wasn't around, he knew she would have had something to say about what he'd said. Just as he reached the threshold, he heard the sound of Van Halen's 'On Fire' filling the bedroom, instantly recognising the tune as the one he'd selected to let him know that Franky was calling.

"Hi angel." He sighed running across the room and accepting the call.

"You're up then?" Franky snapped down the line.

"I've been up since you walked out of the bedroom this morning."

"You're not getting ready yet are you?"

"I was just about to hit the shower. Why? Is there something wrong? Sounds like there is."

"Leo's gone missing. Brian, his father just called to let me know. He said Leo seemed really nervous last night, he wasn't in his bed this morning and he's not answering his mobile."

"Oh. Sissy doesn't know does she?"

"I'm not that stupid Urs. I wouldn't be standing at the top of my aunt and uncle's garden in little more than my underwear and robe, keeping my voice down if she did know, would I?"

"No. Sorry." Urs sighed on hearing how terse her voice was then had to smile at the image that had formed in his head and attempting to keep himself under control by releasing a quick 'ahem'. "Do you want me to go and see if I can find him?"

"If you wouldn't mind. Brian's on his way to 'Devil's Drop' as I speak and Bruce is checking out the houses and flats. There's only one other place he might go that I can think of and that's the cemetery."

"Why there?"

"I'll explain later. Just take these directions down, they'll take you to the right place."

Urs nodded, retrieved the pen and notepad Franky kept on her nightstand for emergencies and wrote while she spoke then recited them back to make sure he'd got them right.

"I'll be as quick as I can. I'll call you back if I find him there."

"Okay. Thanks. I've got to go, loads of things to do."

"I love you Franky."

"Yeah. Later. Bye." Urs heard Franky sniff before she disconnected the call.


Placing his mobile on the nightstand, Urs dressed in the jeans and t-shirt he'd worn the day before once he'd found them. His head shaking once more, knowing he and Franky had made love last night despite the fact she'd been a little tired from making sure everything was in place for her cousin's special day, as it was a Chief Bridesmaid's duty to do.

Muttering to himself again, he grabbed his mobile and the house keys before leaving the bedroom and, not wanting to smell of motorbikes, made his way out to the car he'd bought a few days after the tour had ended. While he drove towards the cemetery, he wondered why Leo would be up at 'Devil's Drop', then remembered that he climbed once in a while, particularly when he felt stressed. He knew he would be working at one or other of the properties, doing some demolition probably, if he was angry about something. On arrival at the cemetery, he followed Franky's directions and soon found himself heading down a long narrow path. His eyes widening on seeing some of the dates on the gravestones and quickly realising this was the children's area. His eyes closing briefly when he spotted a double stone informing that its two male occupants had been 'born asleep'.

"Stillborn." He nodded, recalling that 'born asleep' was a kinder way of expressing that fact on a gravestone.

As he rounded the end of that row, he spotted Leo standing in front of a gravestone, quickly made his way over to him and blew out breath of relief once he was by his side.

"Are you okay Leo?" Urs asked, looking at the marker and reading 'Nathaniel Sharpe, 1975 to 1980. Beloved son and brother.'

"Huh.....Oh yeah Urs I'm fine." Leo nodded, turning his head briefly to look at the man that stood by his side. "What are you doing here?"

"I should be asking you that. Franky sent me. You are supposed to be getting married today or have you changed your mind?"

"No." Leo laughed and shook his head. "I just.......I just.......Sissy's the best thing that's ever happened to me. If I had been having second thoughts I wouldn't have left it until today to tell her and I wouldn't just run off. No.....I'm just worried about something."

"Want to talk about it?" Urs pressed gently.

"Sissy wants children and so do I, but........" Leo paused to nod at the stone. "He........My brother died from Haemophilia and Sissy carries the gene for it so she could pass it on to....... Do you know what that is?"

"Ja. A brother of a friend of mine has it." Urs nodded. "Scary disease."

"Yeah. Particularly when you're only seven years old and your little brother's been stupid, gone off to the park on his own to play on swings before anyone else is up and he gets run over while crossing the road. The driver doesn't stop and he ends up bleeding to death before the ambulance can get there quick enough. I know there are tests they can do, I just couldn't go through what my mother did. God knows it was the guilt she felt that killed her."

"But there are all sorts of locks you can get now. I should know, I had to fit a few for one of my sisters, my nephew sleepwalks. There are tests they can do to see if the baby has the disease before it's born."

"I said I know all that." Leo snapped. "I'm sorry. We've had long discussions about it. We've decided that if Sissy does get pregnant and the child does have the disease, we'll all we can to keep it safe. I just get to thinking that if I had woken up before Nate that day, as I usually did me being the eldest, he might still be here. Celebrating with us."

"All any parent can ever do is try to keep their child safe. You shouldn't blame yourself for what happened though, especially when you were so young. Accidents happen to anyone and everyone. I can still remember how pale my father's face was when I fell through ice back home." Urs nodded. "I had never seen him so scared before, not even when Lars got knocked out in a fight and he didn't come round for over half an hour."

"Hmmn. Hardest job in the world isn't it? Being a parent I mean."

"Particularly for the women I think."

"Absolutely. Anyway. I'm not doing myself any favours standing here moping. I have a wedding to get ready for." Leo laughed, wiping tears from his eyes. "What time is it?"

Urs raised his arm to check then laughed when he realised he hadn't put his watch on and looked at his mobile instead.

"You've got two hours yet."

"Did you come on your bike or in the car?"

"In the car." Urs shrugged in reply.

"Could you give me a lift home? I walked here this morning." Leo asked, turning away from his brother's grave after laying the pink Carnation he held in front of the stone.

"Not a problem."

Together the two men walked back to the car park, Urs calling Franky as they did so and hearing her let out a long sigh of relief once he'd told her that he'd found Leo exactly where she thought he would be.

"She sounds mad."

"Ja, but not at you." Urs shook his head, he and Leo settling themselves in the car. "Don't worry about it. This is your day, yours and Sissy's. You know what Franky would be saying if she thought you were worrying about what's gone wrong between me and her today."

"I'll kick your ass to the moon Leo Sharpe." Leo laughed over the sound of the engine. "God, the number of times I've heard that. You know if I had a pound for every time, I think could have got Sissy the engagement ring I really wanted to get her."

"Oh come off it. She's more than happy with the one you gave her."

"I know, but still." Leo shrugged.

The two men smiled at each other before Urs pulled onto the main road, each man thinking that their ladies deserved the very best they could afford while Urs drove Leo to the house he'd lived in since he was born. Each of them knowing that both women would appreciate whatever gifts they received along the way.

With a wave through the sunroof once Leo had left the car, Urs made his way back to Franky's, showered and spent over half an hour tugging the lugs out of his hair before he was satisfied there were none left. Though Franky preferred it down, he wanted to look really smart and soon had it neatly tied back, reminding himself that he could always let it down once the formalities were out of the way. He shaved, taking great care not to nick himself with the manual razor then had a quick look at the time before he dressed in the suit.

Realising that the local football team were playing at home today and knowing that traffic would be murder, he decided to leave ten minutes earlier than planned and left the house, not forgetting to pick Franky's camera and his invitation up from the hallway table as he past it.

On arrival at the church, he was ushered to a seat at the end of a pew about halfway down the aisle on the bride's side and smiled when he realised it would give him a good view of Franky. Looking around he soon realised that pews in front of him would be filled with Sissy's family and close friends judging by the hugs and kisses he saw being given to Benedict, the usher and Leo's brother.

Looking at the way the males were dressed as they arrived, he soon noticed that he would have stood out if he had worn a dark suit. Each and every man was wearing a light coloured one.

It seemed to take no time at all for Leo to arrive with his father and Bruce walking bolt upright down the aisle, all three men with smiles on their faces. After a quick word with the vicar, Leo settled himself in his appointed seat and sat with his elbows on his knees, nervously rubbing his hands together while he chatted with his family and friends. Within what seemed like moments Wagner's 'Bridal Chorus' filled the air, everyone stood and all but Urs kept their eyes focused on a beaming Sissy while she walked towards her intended on her father's arm.

Urs didn't take much notice of her dress, his wide eyes completely focused on a shocking pink clad Franky, her hair neatly arranged in a large, ornate looking bun high on the back of her head with the same cream coloured roses she carried scattered throughout it. The whole look giving her the appearance of a Greek goddess. He caught her eye just before she reached him and shrugged with sheepish smile on his face. In return she gave him a slight nod and closed her eyes with a quick smile.

While Franky carried out the duties she'd been asked to perform and the ceremony was run through, Urs wondered how long it would take to get all those pins out of her hair. The formalities finished, he watched the bridal party head for the vestry to sign the register, Franky turning her head to look at him as she linked arms with Bruce.

Once outside, he placed himself near an oak tree, chatting to various guests until he was required for the final group photograph. He managed to catch hold of Franky and gently guided her around to the side of the church so that he could talk to her in private once the professional photographer was finished and family members began clicking away.

"I'm sorry about this morning. I had no right to say what I did. I know you know how hot it gets under stage lights and I definitely shouldn't have sworn at you."

"No you shouldn't have and I accept your apology." Franky sighed then covered a yawn with her right hand. "I've arranged a wedding planner for our wedding. I don't want Lauren going through everything I have, not when she has to focus on her's and David's wedding as well."

"I told you you should." Urs shrugged, hooking a finger under her chin and making her raise her lowered head. "Didn't I? You're not Superwoman, Franky. You can't do everything yourself."

"I know I can't. I'm sorry for thinking I could. Thanks for what you did this morning."

"It wasn't a problem." Urs replied, his and Franky's head snapping round when they heard a shout go up from the front of the church.

They looked at each other briefly, then held hands as they ran back to see what all the commotion was about. They listened to Leo's cousin, Peyton, explain that his wife Paulette was in labour, two weeks early, they needed to get to a hospital as quickly as possible, he couldn't drive their car with his broken ankle and it would probably take an ambulance too long to get there.

Without stopping to think about it, Urs offered to take them and the couple were soon settled in his car, Peyton somehow managing to get in the back with his wife, reassuring her, not complaing once whenever Paulette squeezed his hand a little to hard. After taking a short cut to avoid football traffic Urs pulled up outside the Maternity Unit, helped Peyton out and remained by his side while a doctor gave Paulette a quick examination. Both men swallowing hard when they heard her inform that she felt like she needed to push, quick sighs of relief escaping when the doctor returned that she wasn't quite fully dialated and her waters were still intact.

Paulette was gently removed from the back seat into a wheelchair and pushed through the entrance with Peyton following close behind as quickly as he could. Not caring that they'd hadn't thanked him, Urs got back into the driver's seat and blew out several long breaths while he drove to the hotel where the reception was being held. He re-assured Sissy and her family that everything was fine and they'd made it to the hospital just in time then went in search of Franky.

He found her engaged in a conversation with Brian and released another long breath as she turned to face him. Just as he opened his mouth to speak the sound of Cat Steven's 'Wild Word' filled the air and everyone in room turned to look at Leo's uncle who smiled while informing that Paulette had just delivered a six pound three ounce girl, named Chloe Louisa.

Following cheers everyone settled down to eat and listen to the speeches. Franky roaring and everyone else roaring with laughter when Leo blushed bright red once Bruce had recounted a very embarrassing story about him. Those formalities out of the way, Leo took hold of Sissy's hand, her eyes flying wide when he started to Waltz her around the dancefloor, Urs knowing that he had never been very good at dancing and it was obvious that Franky had taught him to do so a little better.

A wonderful evening was had by all those in attendance and by the time Franky decided it was her time to leave, most of the guests had gone home. She allowed Urs to carry her into the house once they'd arrived and sat on the bed attempting to get the pins and flowers out of her hair. Eventually allowing Urs to remove those she couldn't reach then removing her clothes and settling herself in her usual position while he undressed. He returned the slightly damp suit to it's hanger and reminded himself to get it dry cleaned as soon as possible.

He pulled the band from his own hair as he turned back to the bed and smiled when he saw that Franky was already asleep with the pillow he used held tightly in her arms. He stood watching her sleep for a few moments, a smile on his face and his arms folded lightly across his chest until he noticed that she hadn't removed her make-up.

Knowing that she would be mad at herself in the morning, he made his way to the bathroom, found what she used and set about doing it himself after gently pushing her onto her back and tugging the pillow from her arms. The job finished, he settled himself beside her and smiled again when she snuggled up to him.

Deciding that they would sleep until late the following morning, Urs thought about cancelling the plans he'd made to take her for a picnic but decided not to. He yawned, placed a quick kiss on Franky's lips then closed his eyes and joined her in a much needed, re-energising sleep.

Turn the page.

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PostSubject: Re: In The Arms Of My Angel    Fri Sep 09, 2011 6:33 am

I need so much more...... This is so great it is like reading another part that is missing from the first 2..

Urs helped out in so many ways that day..

And he learn at least for the day to stop arguing with Franky when he knew she was right...


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PostSubject: Re: In The Arms Of My Angel    Sat Sep 10, 2011 4:39 am

Chapter 15 - Simply The Best

It was late when he awoke the next day, approaching 11:00 am by the time he left Franky's bed and headed for the bathroom, leaving her still sleeping. He dressed quietly, found the front door keys and re-locked it once he'd let himself out. Humming quietly, he pushed his bike down the drive and a little further up the road before he started the engine and made his way to the local supermarket, hoping that they would have everything he needed. It took him a while to find a couple of ingredients and he had to ask for help locate another, but he walked back into the house just as the clock ticked over to 11:24am.

Franky still wasn't downstairs, but it was obvious she was up because the toilet had been flushed and he could hear the gentle rumble the water made as if filled the tub. He smiled, knowing she would be a while yet and headed for the kitchen where he set to work on making the picnic, placing them into the cooler in the reverse order. He wanted to surprise Franky with each course rather than setting it all out on a blanket.

"No soggy sandwiches for you two then?" He heard behind him, making him startle and almost drop the knife he was using.

"DAVID!!" Urs yelled, looking at the knife blade he'd grabbed, grateful that it wasn't a sharp one. "You idiot!!" He hissed at the giggling American.

"Sorry, couldn't resist. Never seen you concentrating so hard. Any chance of a sample?"

"Nein!" Urs grunted, slapping the back of the hand David used to reach for the Chicken wrap he'd just finished making. "I've bought enough for me and Franky and that's it."

"You'd think he hadn't been fed this morning wouldn'y you?" Lauren laughed as she entered the kitchen and filled up the kettle. "I swear he's got hollow legs, 'cos I don't know where he puts it all. Three BLT sandwiches followed by Belgian waffles, ice-cream and maple syrup he had when we stopped for a break. Even then he wasn't satisfied and polished off the Banoffee pie with cream that Stephanie couldn't manage."

"Two mouthfuls. Big whoop!" David shrugged. "I've got plans to work it off later. Some of it at least." He grinned at Lauren who blushed bright red. "And before you ask........No, I don't mean by going to the gym." He scoffed, glaring playfully at Urs.

"Like I didn't know that already. Duhhhhhhh! Way too much info David." Urs replied, laughing.

"How did it go yesterday?"

"Great. Franky looked wonderful, even though she hated the colour. How come you weren't invited, Lauren? Don't you and Sissy get along or something?"

"We get along fine, Urs. We're just casual acquaintances and the wedding was for close family and friends only. Didn't Sissy tell you she and Leo are taking other friends for a meal to celebrate when they get back from Thailand?"

"Erm......No. We didn't really get much of a chance to talk. I had rather a hectic day." Urs grimmaced then launched into telling David and Lauren what had happened with Paulette. "Where's Stephanie?"

"Gone for a nap. We were up until almost three last........this morning." David corrected himself. "And we left Nick and Trudy's just after eight. Funny, she can never really sleep in the car."

"How is Nick?"

"Getting worse. He's got no control over his right hand now. Trudy has to help him with everything. Won't let him hire a nurse except at the weekends."

"Can't blame her I suppose. Must be hard work and embarrassing for Nick not to be able to take care of himself. Not a position I would like to be in."

"No, me neither. Anyway, you off anywhere nice for this picnic?" David shuddered then smiled.

"Up near 'Devil's Drop', there's a stone bridge over the river and some nice places for a picnic."

"Oh I know where you mean." Lauren nodded, handing David a mug of coffee. "Brock's Cove? Just before it spreads out into the countryside and the villages beyond?"

"That's right."

"Oh it's beautiful out there, especially if the Vetch is blooming. Those bright blue-violet flowers are stunning." Lauren sighed dreamily.

"Okay, looks like I've discovered another of Lauren's favourite places, other than in my be........."

"David!" Lauren shouted, blushing again and shaking her head at him.

"Sorry." David replied, grinning again and giving Lauren a quick kiss just as Franky came into the room.

Having finished packing the cooler, Urs turned to look at her and smiled when he saw her standing there wearing short pyjama bottoms and one of his t-shirts. If David, Lauren and Stephanie hadn't been in the house he would have taken her straight back upstairs and they would have eaten the picnic in bed. As they were, he coughed and watched Franky walking towards him whilst trying to hide the cooler behind his back.

"What are you up to?" Franky asked, trying to sneak a look as a knock came at the front door and turning to watch Lauren go to answer it.

"You'll find out once you've got your leathers on. The red ones. I'm taking you out for the rest of the day."

"Oh! Okay."

Lauren came back into the room, whispered something to David then headed out again, leaving David grinning.

"Looks like we're going to get some time alone too. Steph's been invited to a birthday barbeque next door a bit later. Fabulous or what?"

Urs whispered something to Franky which made her laugh and refused to repeat it when David asked. Franky grabbed a quick drink of orange juice, then headed back to her room to change. She reappeared a few moments later, wearing the red leathers and cooler clothing underneath. This day had turned out to be exceedingly warm and promised to hold until two days later at the very least.

Once they were both ready, Urs and Franky mounted his Harley and left to spend the afternoon at 'Brock's Cove', to do no more than relax, talk about the events of the previous day and the plans for their wedding while they took in the beauty of the area, especially the Vetch that was blooming and scrambling through the hedge that grew just behind where they'd stopped for their picnic.

Urs opened the cooler while Franky removed her leathers to reveal what she was wearing underneath. Denim shorts and a crisp, plain white halter neck top, no shoes were needed because the grass felt glorious against the skin of their feet.

"Does that place mean something special to you?" Urs asked, noticing that Franky was looking intently towards one of the villages that surrounded the area and offering her one of the wraps he'd made.

"Kind of. It's where most of my Gibson ancestors were born and raised. One of them even helped install the church clock and maintained it. I forget which one at the minute." Franky sighed, then took a bite of the wrap. "This is gorgeous." She sighed after tasting chicken, cheese, red peppers, cucumber, onion and houmous. "Did you make it yourself?"

"Put it together myself. The chicken is that pre-cooked stuff."

"I don't care. It tastes fantastic. What else have you got in there?"

"You'll just have to wait and see, won't you Miss Gibson?" Urs laughed, offering her the glass of sparkling fruit juice he'd just poured for her and wiping the corner of her mouth with a napkin to remove a small blob of houmous.

"Well I doubt it could get much better than this. Got any more?"

Urs nodded and watched her take the third of the four wraps he'd made. He fidgeted uncomfortably as he watched her take a bite. He breathed deep, knowing that he wouldn't be able to make love to her tonight or for the next five days because she had informed him as they left the house that it was the wrong time of the month, she'd started her period overnight and asking him to forgive her if she got a little grouchy later in the day.

The next dish was a potato salad that he'd jazzed up a little by adding crumbled bacon, celery and chopped hard boiled egg. They both polished that off in no time and decided to wait a while for dessert.

"Would you ever leave?" Urs asked, pouring more fruit juice into her glass then topping his own.

"For one reason and one reason only." Franky nodded. "But I would want to come back once in while."

"And that reason is?" Urs asked, hoping his guess was right.

"If the man I love couldn't live here for work reasons, as long as he agreed to come back from time to time, I would be happy."

Urs smiled and nodded, his guess had been right. Up until a few days ago , he had planned on making France his home. He knew Paris very well and could get to London or Lucerne easily. London was a doddle from here, just one road once you reached the outskirts of town. That plan had begun to change the first time Franky had brought him to 'Devil's Drop', it was an awesome place, completely enraptured him with its beauty, though that was nothing compared to the woman now seated between his legs and leaning against his chest.

"What are you thinking?" She asked on hearing him sigh.

"How happy I am here. How happy I would be to live out the rest of my life here, with you." Urs replied, kissing Franky's cheek gently. "It's a hundred times better than I imagined it would be. You all right staying here until sunset?"

"Of course I am. I could stay here forever, just like this. As long as you're here with me."

They spent the next fifteen or so minutes, just sitting there, kissing once in a while, enjoying the peace of the place other than the birds creating gentle noises in the hedge and trees. Both of them thankful that no-one else was around, ecstatically happy with each other's company.

With pins and needles beginning to set in, the couple seperated and decided to eat the dessert. Ginger snaps that had been sandwiched together with cream cheese mixed with honey and lemon zest. As simple as it was, it tasted heavenly.

All too soon, the sun began to set and they decided to head home. While Urs re-packed the cooler, Franky slipped back into her leathers though she left her jacket undone until they reached the bike. They made it back to 'Devil's Drop' itself just in time to see the sun slipping down beyond the horizon. At first they thought they were standing at the rail on their own until they spied another couple, their faces looking familiar.

"Isn't that......?" Franky nodded watching Urs look at the couple.

"Ja." He nodded, recognising the couple who'd once spotted them leaving the cave.

Two couples, one elderly, the other at least forty years younger, remained there, each man with his arms wrapped round his partner's waist from behind. Neither leaving until long after the sun had disappeared. With a passionate kiss, Franky thanked Urs for a wonderful day, took hold of his hand and began the walk back down to the car park. As they reached the halfway point, they turned back to see the elderly couple kissing.

"That'll be me and you one day." Urs smiled, giving Franky a kiss on the tip of her nose.

"I can't wait." Franky smiled in reply then ran the rest of the way to the bike by Urs side as it had begun to rain heavily.

Urs rode the bike with Franky's arms around his waist back to the house, taking in the names of the villages and hamlets they passed through as he did so. They made it back to the edge of town just as the rain stopped and decided to take the long route home.

They entered the house, in time to hear Lauren and David scream each other's names from the lounge just as Urs laid his hand on the handle. Neither of them had to use much imagination to know what the couple had been up to and both giggled.

"Keep the noise down will you." Urs commanded with a laugh following a quick knock on the door.

He heard David say something but couldn't make out exactly what it was. Urs continued to laugh as he placed the cooler near the lounge door, then turned and followed a giggling Franky upstairs. She went to the bathroom first, did what she needed to do then slipped almost naked underneath the sheets and cuddled up next to a completely naked Urs.

"What are you thinking?" He asked, hearing the deep contented sigh she let out.

"That sometimes, the simplest of days are the best of days." She replied, looking at him. "Good night, honey."

"Ja, they are. Good night, angel." Urs smiled, clicking off the light and pulling her closer to him.

Turn the page.

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PostSubject: Re: In The Arms Of My Angel    Sat Sep 10, 2011 6:03 am

Yes sometimes the best of days are the quiet ones with nothing demanding time or work ....Just peace and quiet..

Time to reflect..

More JJ

I have been a good Admin.. blush

Laura giggles

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PostSubject: Re: In The Arms Of My Angel    Sun Sep 11, 2011 4:42 am

Chapter 16 - Rescuing Idiots

Urs glared at the four young men standing in front of him wearing nothing but climbing shoes, the chalk bag, shorts, vests and helmets. He couldn't believe that they were going to attempt to freeclimb 'Devil's Drop' without safety gear, despite the fact the Franky, Leo and Sissy had told them it wasn't advisable. Even he knew how dangerous that was, though he hadn't climbed it yet. He just opened his mouth to warn them himself when he felt Franky's hand on his arm.

"Leave it, Urs. They're obviously not going to listen." She shook her head as he turned to face her.

"Yeah, go on Bud. Go take a seat and watch what real men can do." One of the men sneered as Urs turned away and headed for the wooden benches where a pregnant Sissy was checking Leo's harness.

"Time we bought you a new one, babe. This is starting to get a little snug." She teased while Leo nodded his head.

"And I already told you, I'll get one as soon as the nursery is finished. Didn't I?"

"Yes, Smoo......Leo." Sissy replied, stopping herself using what Urs thought was her petname for her husband just in time.

Urs shook his head at the couple and smiled. It was all too obvious that Sissy loved Leo as much as he loved Franky and he knew Sissy's parents were much the same, even after thirty years of marriage. He stood watching them for a few seconds, wondering if he and Franky would be like that and if their marriage would last that long. He turned away as they started kissing and came face to face with a grinning Franky.

"Cute couple, aren't they?" She asked, fastening her helmet while Urs looked her up and down, giving her the Cheshire Cat grin. "And you can stop thinking like that Urs Buhler." She giggled, pulling her engagement ring off and placing in his right palm for safe keeping.

"Can I help it if what you're wearing fits like a second skin?"

"You are a Devil." Franky shook her head, laughing and patting his face.

Still wearing the grin, Urs nodded then sat down on the bench to watch Franky and Leo begin to climb the most difficult part of 'Devil's Drop'. This was something he'd been wanting to see since they'd climbed the wall at the sports centre. Franky had arranged for Karen to be here today, but she'd woken this morning with really bad migraine and was hopefully sleeping it off in darkness of her bedroom. Urs grunted a laugh, recalling how disappointed Carlos had sounded when he'd called to let Franky know. He'd been looking forward seeing this just as much as Urs.

Leo and Sissy had turned up at Franky's home just as she hung up and Leo had offered to be her climbing buddy when he'd seen the disheartened look on Franky's face and his own. With him keeping his climbing gear in the boot of his car, there hadn't been any need for him to go home and change. Sissy had beamed a huge smile, saying that she would enjoy seeing the two of them climb together again it had been far too long, though she didn't say exactly how long.

By the time Sissy sat down beside him, Franky and Leo were already well off the ground, Leo taking the lead. This wasn't about racing each, it was about working together as a team and they were doing brilliantly. Urs gasped as he watched Franky reach for a hand hold and miss it. She tried again, catching it this time and pulling herself across. He coughed to compose himself when he saw the muscles of her rear end tighten as she eased herself upwards. A glance to his right told him Sissy was probably appreciating same area of Leo's body, if the redness of her face was anything to go buy.

"Oh my God!" She yelled suddenly, following a very unladylike belch. "I can't believe I just did that. I'm so sorry, Urs."

"No need to be. I have heard much worse."


"Nein, David. He eats way too fast sometimes. At least he did until a few months ago, when he almost choked on French Fry. Good job Carlos was there to give him a slap on the back. Besides, you've got a good excuse."

"Yeah, I do don't I?" Sissy grinned, her hands on her seven month swollen belly. "I just wish he would keep his feet well away from my stomach. Just for once I want to be able to eat a meal without making that noise afterwards." She finished, looking to where the four men were climbing and shaking her head as she turned back. "Bloody idiots."

Urs turned his head in the same direction and quickly realised they were struggling to make the climb. Even he knew ropes and harnesses would help and he was nowhere near as experienced as Franky, Leo or Sissy. Still, if they wanted to take the risk, there wasn't much he could do about.

"Don't you miss climbing?" He asked turning back to Sissy.

"Nah! Not really. Only took it up because Leo loves to climb. He'd be out here every day if he didn't have the properties to maintain and I know exactly where he goes when we have an argument. He doesn't climb, just sits at the top until he's calmed down."

Urs nodded once again then looked up to see how far Franky and Leo were from the top and gulped when he saw that they'd reached the bottom of the overhang. This was the moment he'd really been waiting for and he held his breath as he watched Franky contort her body so that her stomach was close to the red rock and her back was almost parallel to the ground, her arm and leg muscles bulging as they took her weight. A quick glance to his left informed him that the other climbers were approaching the overhang, though they were a good fifteen to twenty feet behind Franky and Leo, all of them struggling. Shaking his head again, he turned back to watch the better climbers navigate the protrusion of the overhang. Leo made it look easy compared to Franky, but then again he had climbed it lot more times than she had.

Feeling slightly uncomfortable as he watched Franky's butt clench and relax again, Urs fidgeted, thankful that Sissy hadn't noticed and taking some deep breaths. Once they'd negotiated that area, the rest of the climb was a lot easier, though still not something that even the most experienced climber should attempt without safety equipment. All to soon, Franky and Leo were standing at the top, smiling and waving to their respective partners. Urs and Sissy had just waved back with matching smiles when they heard a loud yell from one of the four men. A quick look down informed him that one man was hanging onto the outcrop, struggling to hold on, his legs flaying about wildly. The other three, were stuck underneath the overhang, afraid to move and clinging on like limpets, one of them visibly shaking.

"Idiots!" Sissy yelled, rising to her feet and cupping her hands around her mouth so that she could yell up to Leo and Franky to let them know what was wrong since they couldn't see why 'HELP!' had been yelled so loudly.

Urs watched as Franky and Leo looked at each other and wasn't that surprised when they shrugged and began to repell back down to help. Franky reached the flaying leg man first and, following a short argument, soon had him connected to her using a spare rope. He didn't like the fact that the man had his arms wrapped around Franky, but knew he had to if was going to make it down safely. While she'd been occupied with that man, Leo had made his way around to the other three, quickly connecting the most frightened man first and loudly instructing the other two to hold on and not to move as he began to descend.

Franky landed just a few seconds ahead of Leo and both men were quickly unbound from their rescuers. Urs stepped forward with Sissy by his side, both of them shaking their heads and wanting to shout at both men for being so stupid, but deciding to wait until the other two were down. By the time they looked back to the rockface, Leo and Franky were climbing again, this time much faster.

Folding his arms across his chest to stop himself punching the first two of four idiots, Urs huffed out a breath and continued to watch the rescue mission. His eyes widened as he watched Franky dangle from underneath outcrop with just her hands, there was no other way for her to make it and he thanked Gott she was securely connected to Leo. She was soon with her quarry and yet another man was wrapping his arms around her. He grumbled some choice Swiss-German swear words and huffed again.

This time Leo had to stay where he was and let Franky go down first. She reached the bottom in a flash, unhooked her still shaky passenger and raised her right hand as he started to approach. He stopped mid-stride and watched as she held the rope so that Leo could get down. Urs looked, still unable to believe that Leo had spent all that time holding onto the rocks with one hand and both feet, the other hand he'd used to help Franky down and Urs immediately noticed he had a huge rope burn on his forearm as he hit the ground, having wrapped the rope around it for stability as he lowered Franky .

Ignoring the rescued men, Sissy and Urs stepped forward, each pulling their partners into a tight hug and telling them well done while they listened to the idiots take deep breaths. Urs gave Franky's exposed flesh a good going over and grumbled more Swiss-German curses when he saw the small red raw graze she had on her leg and quickly whipped his head round to glare at the men once more.

"Don't worry about it. I've had worse and it wasn't their fault. I caught my leg near the top."

Urs looked at her, realised she wasn't lying and nodded his head as he pulled her into another hug. By the time he let her go, he noticed that the men were walking away and he went after them, catching them up quickly.

"Don't you think you should at least say thank you?!" He asked angrilly, grabbing one member of the group, one of the two Franky had rescued.

"Pfft! You have got to be joking. I don't thank no woman no matter what she's done. You and your tart can go fuck yourselves mate." He sneered, whipped his arm from Urs's grasp, pushed him to the ground and laughed as he strode forward again. "C'mon lads. Let's get to the pub. I need a drink and there might some pus............." His voice trailed off, the three other men walking behind him saying they didn't want to go to the pub, demanding to be taken home instead. "GOD! WHAT A BUNCH OF WHIMPS!"

For a moment, Urs thought about going after the man again to demand a thank you from the group. He didn't care that he might have to fight them to get it, he was prepared to do so. Instead he spent a couple of minutes grumbling the most profain curse words he could ever remember using, took some deep breaths, regained his footing, turned on his heel and went back to Franky.

"Some assholes will never take advice when it's given will they?" He asked, holding her tight.

"No honey. They never will." She sighed, shaking her head. "Not even when they know one of their friends tried the exact same thing as they just did, slipped and broke his neck in the fall."

"You know them?"

"No. Karen does, I recognised them from one of her photos. She was here when their friend fell and died." Franky shrugged. "I know it's hard, honey, but we just have to accept that some people are just born idiots and will never learn by previous mistakes. Their own or otherwise."

"Ja. I guess." Urs nodded, looking at Leo who was busy inspecting his wound while Sissy walked towards them.

"You two got any plans for the next hour or so?"

"No, not that I know of." Franky replied shaking her head before looking at Urs who replied in the same vein. "Why?"

"Leo wants us all to go to 'Ticker's' for lunch."

"Oh yeah! I haven't been there in ages."

"What's 'Ticker's'?" Urs asked, never having heard the name before, let alone seen it, watching Franky bounce up and down excitedly.

"Only the place that serves the best rib-eye steaks in town. I swear I could eat two right now." Sissy grinned. "Don't tell Brandie I said that."

"Sounds good to me." Urs shrugged at a smiling Franky. "Won't you need to go home first? To change."

"No Urs. It's just past our home, Franky can borrow some of my stuff. Our treat by the way."

Urs and Franky quickly agreed to having lunch with her cousin and though Urs felt a little disappointed that Franky chose to walk back to the car with Sissy, he couldn't help but laugh along with Leo as they got into the back and forth 'yes/no' argument the pair had about who was paying, Franky quite prepared to pay for herself and him. That playful argument continued until Leo had driven his car onto the road that led to 'Devil's Drop', all four adults laughing when Franky finally gave in to Sissy and threw her hands in the air.

That night, Urs and Franky settled down in bed after making love for the second time that day, both breathless and glistening with sweat, reliving the good part of the day and playfully arguing about who did make the best rib eye steaks, he preferred 'Ramone's' while Franky said 'Ticker's' were slightly better. They fell asleep that night, still giggling, the idiots completely forgotten.

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Some people think they know it all ..... I agree with Franky They were wasting their time talking to them.

More JJ


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Chapter 17 - Not Nervous At All

Urs sat on the edge of the bed in the light blue coloured room of the Evans Hall Country Hotel, dressed in his favourite jeans and t-shirt, looking out towards the coutry-side beyond. A quick laugh escaped when he remembered the look he'd seen on Franky's face on their arrival the previous evening.

"What was that word Lauren used?" He queried out loud.

"Gobsmacked." Came Sebastien's voice from the doorway.

Urs turned to look at him, thankful that he was wearing pyjama bottoms while he watched him yawn and scratch his head.

"Sleep well?"

"Fine." Urs nodded with a smile on his face while he recalled Franky gently telling him off for hiring the place so that everyone could get ready. "Stop sulking Seb. It was only for one night."

"I am not sulking." Sebastien scoffed, looking at his mobile.

"Of course you're not. That bottom lip of yours isn't sticking out for no reason. Besides, Emma has a busy day today. I'm sure she'll appreciate the rest she got last night." Urs laughed then returned to remembering Franky's reaction the previous evening once he'd heard Sebastien blow a huge raspberry and watched him walk away muttering to himself about Emma not answering his call.

Franky had stood there, wide-eyed, shaking her head and speechless for several minutes once they'd made into the Hall's ornate lobby. Though she had admitted it was a sensible idea after a few moments thought. She hadn't been able to envisage herself and the bridesmaids trying to get ready in her modest home, especially so with having the wedding planner, a make up artist and the photographer there as well.

The house had always felt small enough whenever he, Franky, Lauren, David and Stephanie were there at the same time. It would have felt claustraphobic with all those extra people around, so he'd asked their wedding planner, Esther Goldrick, to find somewhere suitable to hold them all.

He sat there nodding for a few seconds, remembering how well he, Franky, Lauren and Esther had worked together to make the wedding everything they wanted. His eyes rolled backwards as he recalled the number of wedding cakes he and Franky had looked at before settling on a four tier nut-free square cake blocked with fresh burgundy roses and decorated with sugar blossoms and diamonte's in their centre.

He had thought organising a tour had been nightmare, organising a wedding in just under twelve weeks had been even worse and he had an idea they wouldn't be where they were now but for Esther's help. A look at his watch told him she would be on her way to the church by now to make sure everything was in place there. There was still so much to check before he and Franky even thought about getting ready.

Reaching for what stood on the nightstand, he stood and left the bedroom listening to Sebastien singing in the shower as he moved towards the lounge area, recalling the pout he'd seen on his face when he'd been told he would be spending the night with him and not Emma. Carlos and David laughing until they'd been told much the same thing about Karen and Lauren

All the girls had spent the night two floors up after being pampered with facials, manicures and pedicures. The only couples that were spending the night together being Gabriel and Christie and his parents. Despite the fact they had to be up early the next morning, not one couple had settled down to sleep until the small hours. Instead spending time talking to each other on their mobiles.

He laughed again as he pulled the suite's door open and looked at the two bodyguards standing on either side as he crossed the threshold.

"You haven't seen me." He grinned, looking at the two men, holding the gift bag up before nodding towards the door and watching the two men nodding their laughing heads.

Quietly, he moved down the corridor and looked up to the sky, thankful that it looked like it was going to be a bright, sunny day but knowing there would be a chill in the air because of the time of year. Knowing that the press weren't going to be able to get anywhere near, because the hotel was being guarded by necessary security to protect his and Franky's privacy on their special day.

A heavy sigh escaped as he pushed the stairway door open, recalling the number of offers they'd received for an exclusive from celebrity magazines. All of them turned down, though they had agreed that they might post a few photographs on the forum after a couple of weeks. The photographer being asked to sign a legally binding privacy agreement, stating that she wouldn't release the pictures to anyone and readily agreeing to it.

He stood waiting on the small landing where the stairs turned, looking upwards waiting for Franky to come down and giving his watch a quick check. A huffed laugh escaping when he realised he had a minute to spare. He leaned against the wall and thought about the house they'd brought just a couple of weeks ago and what plans they'd made while looking around their seventh choice.

The south-facing Georgian building sat well back from the road in quiet cul-de-sac on the other side of town from where Franky currently lived and entry was obtained by double doors into a large lobby area. A storage cupboard to the left provided plenty of space for hanging coats and storing shoes. To the right, as you crossed the threshold, the stairs provided access to the upper floor. A cast iron stair-railing topped with a mahogany hand rail ran up one side and continued along the balcony that lead to the master suite. A door underneath the stairs gave access to the cellar, which was large enough to convert into a gym and could be accessed from outside as well.

Wooden folding doors lead into the lounge room and both he and Franky had gasped at the size of it. Himself stating that they would have to buy some more furniture so that it didn't look empty while Franky laughed then teased him about the suite, side-board and entertainment system that were in the lounge of his apartment. He'd scowled playfully, then pulled her towards another door and they'd shaken their heads at the size of the kitchen.

White units topped with black granite worksurfaces filled three walls. An island of the same design stood in the middle of the room. The wall at the side of the back door had been fitted with a breakfast bar underneath the window and this looked out onto a large well maintained garden. There was plenty of space left to get a table big enough to seat eight in. Franky had spotted another door and a quick inspection had revealed the utility room.

A turn to the right out of the kitchen had revealed the dining-room door and beyond that a massive room that the two of them had agreed would make a fantastic music/dance room, all they would need to do was add sound-proofing. A much smaller room off to the right of that would make an ideal office for Franky.

The master-suite upstairs was as big as some of the hotel rooms they'd stayed in. The two biggest walls had modern fitted glass sliding-door wardrobes, providing more than enough room for both of their clothes and more. A dressing table of the same design had been fitted to the left of where the bed would go, with enough room to move around without colliding with furniture. Floor to ceiling windows were on either side of that and they looked out onto the front of the house.

The en-suite had been tastfully decorated in chocolate and white with a large walk-in shower, two washbasins, the toilet and a deep bath sitting in the middle of the room. The other rooms were nothing but empty shells, all currently decorated in neutral colours and more than capable of accomodating a king sized bed with plenty of room to spare. A look into the loft had revealed even more storage space, plenty big enough for Franky's old paperwork and for hiding Christmas presents and the like. They didn't have to worry about the risk of coming through the ceiling because it had been completely boarded out as well as having adequate lighting installed.

Both of them had looked at the details again and had shaken their heads in disbelief at the asking price. It seemed too little to both of them and they'd ran downstairs to check that there wasn't an error with the estate agent. He'd heard him laugh before shaking his head and telling them there had been no mistake, the price was what the vendor was asking, he wanted a quick sale because he was moving to Germany.

Knowing that they could afford to buy it because they'd taken a very careful look at their financial situation they'd offered the asking price on the spot, it had been accepted immediately and contracts had been signed within days. Everything they owned had been moved by professional removers just three days ago, under very careful supervision. David had brought Franky's half of the home she shared with Lauren, while Urs's now empty apartment was still currently on the market, but lots of interest was being shown.

"Hey you." Franky's whisper stopped his musings and he raised her head to see her standing there wearing white pyjamas underneath the open robe, her hair hanging loose over her left shoulder. "We've got to be quick. Lauren's awake already, Karen's beginning to stir, Emma's still out of it though." She whispered again as he pulled her into his arms.

"So is Seb." Urs nodded after giving her a deep kiss. "And he's still sulking a little bit."

"Well. Here we are. Just four hours to go."

"Yeah. Four hours away from you making me the happiest man alive. Happy birthday angel."

Franky looked at him then took the small bag he offered with a kiss and began to open the small gift.

"No. Wait until you get back to your suite. I'd like you to wear them today. Though I would marry you dressed the way you are now, I can hardly wait to see what you look like in your dress."

"It's wonderful. Colette's done a fantastic job." Franky sniffed while she nodded. "I just wish my parents were here." She smiled though tears welled in her eyes.

"I know. Come here." Urs sighed, pulled her into a tight embrace and let her cry for a few moments. "But you have included them in the day."

"Yeah. That's a wonderful idea you came up with, laying my bouquet at the grave after the ceremony. Though I think several single ladies will disappointed to learn that I won't be doing the traditional thing with it."

"They all know how close you were to your parents. I'm sure they'll understand." Urs shook his head and wiped her tears away while she took a deep breath.

"We'd better get back before Seb and Lauren come looking for us." Franky nodded as she reluctantly pulled away from Urs and turned to head back upstairs. "I love you, Urs Toni Buhler."

"I love you too, Francesca Grace Gibson." Urs smiled and nodded, remaining where he was to watch her leave and knowing that would be the penultimate time he used her surname. "Franky!" He raised is voice a little as she pulled the door open and turned her head to give him a questioning look. "I'm in trouble for hiring this place for today, aren't I?"

"Sooooooo much." Franky nodded and gave him a wink before she stepped through the door and disappeared.

Urs laughed, turned away and walked quickly back towards his room to find Sebastien questioning the men standing outside.

"Where have you been?" He asked after turning his head and seeing him approach.

"Just for a walk." Urs shrugged nonchalantly then stepped back into the room.

"To settle your nerves?" Sebastien questioned, moving the damp towel he'd tossed onto the couch when he saw the exasperated look Urs gave him.

"No. I'm not........not ner........Oh shit." Urs blanched then held his hand to his mouth as he bolted for the bathroom and threw up. "I'll get you for this Izambard." He scowled after rinsing his mouth and glaring at a giggling Sebastien.

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PostSubject: Re: In The Arms Of My Angel    Mon Sep 12, 2011 8:23 am

The house sounds Fantastic, I guess I always wondered what they had bought..

Poor Urs he needs to pay Seb back for making him nervous..

Did the house have the indoor pool or did they add that later??

More Soon JJ


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Chapter 18 - Helping Hands

"Do something for me?" Urs heard Franky's questioning tone in his right ear as they slow-danced together and pulled back his head to look at her questioningly. "Ask Gloria for a dance after this one."

Urs turned his head to look at where Karen's mother sat and sighed slightly when he saw stopping her wheel-chair bound sister from putting yet another piece of Carlos's mother's best silver into her purse. She saw him watching and the two exchanged a quick smile before Gloria returned to swaying in time to the music. It was obvious, even to a casual observer, that she wanted to get up and dance.

"Okay." Urs nodded as he turned back to look at Franky. "What's wrong with Karen's aunt anyway?"

"Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis." She informed quietly. "It's a neuro-degenerative disease, like MND and it's associated with frontotemporal dementia. She really doesn't know what she's doing when she tries to steal things and if she says anything inappropriate to you or me please don't take offence. It's all part of her condition."

"I won't." Urs shook his head and quickly wiped the tear that had made its escape from her left eye.

A quick look to where Lauren and David were dancing saw David doing much the same thing and he wondered if David had asked the same question of Lauren. Sebastien and Emma were standing near the food table, talking to Margaret's husband while he selected some food for the two of them. He noticed that both Sebastien and Emma looked at Stephanie at one point and assumed he'd asked much the same of them as Franky had of him when they'd both shaken their heads.

"How long has she had it?"

"It's hard to say exactly, because it's such a difficult disease to diagnose and it's very rare that a woman is diagnosed with it. Neither Karen or Gloria carry the gene that causes it. Something like ten years now I think." Franky sighed then shook her head. "Hard to believe she was once a police woman isn't it?"

"Ja." Urs sighed heavily as he nodded and watched Margaret's legs stiffen while he remembered Gloria explaining on the flight to Spain that she hadn't thought her sister would be able to make the journey when Karen had told them where she and Carlos had wanted to get married.

Going on to explain that Margaret had somehow managed to raise her voice enough to tell her in a very garbled fashion that there was no way she would miss her only niece's wedding and she would get there come hell or high water. A quick laugh escaped as he recalled the way Karen had flown into Carlos's arms once he'd told her that he had already asked their wedding planner to make arrangements to get Margaret to Madrid and back to England again.

Hearing the song coming to end, Urs took Franky by the hand, walked over to Gloria and offered her a dance.

"Ni bum." Margaret informed slowly, making Franky giggle.

"Still know what you like don't you Margaret?" Franky asked as she took the seat a reluctant Gloria had vacated.

"Ni bums." Margaret nodded with a huge grin on her face while Franky listened to Emma asking Ray, her husband, if he would like to dance.

"Go on. Lauren and I can handle her for a few moments at least." Franky smiled at Ray and indicated for him to head for the dancefloor by batting her hand in its direction while Stephanie came to sit by her mother's side.

"Piddy girl."

"Thank you." Stephanie smiled at Margaret then turned her head to look at her mother, both of them knowing that the way Karen's aunt was suffering now was very much how Nick was suffering at the moment.

Tears rose to Stephanie's eyes but they were quickly knocked away as she remembered what her father had told her on his last visit. Telling her as gently as he could what was going to happen to him over the coming months, making sure that she understood and apologising for the way she'd found out his illness. That he wasn't going to be around to see her grow up, but that she shouldn't be sad, they had shared lots of good times all of which he would treasure forever and he was so very proud of her.

"Everything all right over here?" Karen's happy voice suddenly filled the air as she squatted in front of her aunt and watched Lauren and Franky nod with smiles on their faces. "Thanks for that." Her smile broadened as she nodded towards the dancefloor.

"It's not a problem Karen." Lauren shook her head. "It must be so hard for your mother and uncle to take care of her."

"It is and I wish they would let me help sometimes. Stubborn pair aren't they Aunt Mags?"

"Ubbon." Margaret nodded as tears welled in her eyes.

She closed them quickly and struggled to sniff when she felt Karen wiping them away. After opening her eyes, she took her handbag from her lap, removed a square box and pressed it into Karen's hand.

"Use na."

Karen looked at the battered black box then back to her aunt shaking her head knowing that it contained a seven inch nine carat solid gold hinged bracelet with channetille work all the way around it. The box was familiar, she'd seen it so many times when her maternal grandmother had been alive.

"I can't. Grandma left it to you." She sniffed and shook her head again as she moved to hand it back.

"Mus. I no childen. Wan you 'ave."

"Okay." Karen nodded, gave her aunt a tight hug then removed the item from the box and let Franky fasten it around her wrist.

"Ubbon sod." Aunt Margaret sniffed as the song finished.

She watched her husband return to her side and smiled broadly after he'd placed a gentle kiss on her lips. She nodded when he asked if she was tired, then looked to Franky and Lauren and thanked them as Gloria came back to her accompanied by Urs, followed by David, Sebastien, Emma and Carlos so that they could say goodnight.

"We're going to have a problem again." Gloria sighed as she watched Ray pushing her sister back towards Carlos's family home down the ramp that been especially constructed for her. "Getting her upstairs remember?" She shrugged when everyone looked at her questioningly. "Ray can't lift her, not with his bad back and it wouldn't be fair to ask Carlos again."

Without having to be asked, Urs ran after the couple, gently lifted Margaret into his arms once they'd reached the bottom of the stairs and carried her up to the bedroom she and Ray had been allocated. He laid her gently on the bed, smiled and shook his head when she thanked him. He moved to go back downstairs only to feel Ray grab his arm and inform him that Margaret wanted to say something else.

"Tak car Fanky. Her special angel."

"I know she is. I will." Urs nodded then kissed the back of her hand, left and returned to the party just in time to hear everyone giggling at the scolding Carlos was receiving from his mother.

Wondering what was going on, he questioned Carlos while he watched the head-shaking woman heading back towards the house.

"I neglected to tell Mama about Franky's allergy." Carlos grimaced and indicated the cake he was eating, explaining that it contained almonds and his mother had been a little insulted when Franky had refused a piece, though she had explained her problem quickly.

Urs nodded then moved over to Franky and watched Carlos's mother return with a piece of chocolate cake for each of them. Seeing Sebastien watching and knowing that he had a very sweet tooth, he grabbed Franky's hand, took the offering and led her to a small area of the garden where orange trees were in bloom. They both looked at the white painted trellised garden seat and quickly snuggled up together on one side while they ate. Franky had just pushed the last piece of cake into her mouth and sat licking her fingers when Sebastien appeared and gave her a questioning look.

"Don't break that." Sebastien smirked and nodded at the wooden structure they were sitting on. "Carlos's mother only had it put in last week."

"Go away Titi." Urs growled after the three of them had cracked up laughing. "I would like my wife's attention focused on me for at least a few moments today."

"Awwwwww! Is he jealous?" Franky teased as they watched the laughing Frenchman walking away. "Or has he missed me?"

Urs growled something rather naughty in German then lifted her into his lap so that he could kiss her properly for the first time that day. Both of them returning to the party with flushed faces and looking very dishelleved as they returned to dancing slowly until Karen requested a Tango to be played. Everyone clearing the floor to watch Carlos and his wife perform the dance, Carlos finishing it with very firm kiss on Karen's lips with her arms wrapped around his neck, listening to a huge round of applause then requesting a Salsa.

"It doesn't matter." Franky smiled lovingly when Urs gave her the usual look he wore when those sort of rythmns filled the air. "One day you will ask me to teach you."

"Yeah right." Urs flicked his head then laughed as Felipe asked Franky for a dance and she accepted.

Urs sat down to talk to some of the other guests and beamed with pride when several told him what a beautiful wife he had, inside and out.

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Sounds like they had a great time at Carlos's wedding ..

What is up with Seb?

More JJ


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Nothing wrong with Seb, he's just having a bit of fun teasing Urs & Franky.
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Awwwwwwww JJ you scared me I thought you brought me another sweet few chapters.... blush

Love the Playful way Urs tells Titi to go away..... giggles

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PostSubject: Re: In The Arms Of My Angel    Wed Sep 14, 2011 3:44 am

Chapter 19 - Just Not Happening

"What?" Urs asked, laughing until he saw Franky looking at him, anger rising in her eyes while she hopped around on her right foot and held the toes of her left one. "He hasn't broken anything has he?"

"No!" She snapped in response, watching David head up to the top of their garden after leaving the music/dance room through the French windows. "You'd better go and apologise or I'll never be able to teach him to Waltz properly. If you don't, I'm not going to teach you to move how you want to. God knows that's going to take me long enough."

"Hey! I've got some rythmn."

"If you call shaking your hips like a.......Oh just go and apologise before I lose my temper."

"Shaking my hips like a what?!" Urs demanded, his temper matching hers.

"A demented goose if you must know. What's the matter? Are you jealous because David can Salsa a little and you can't?"

"Urgh! I don't know what the hell is wrong with you just lately." Urs huffed, shaking his head as he crossed the dancefloor and made his way up to where David sat on the grass. "I'm........David?! I'm sorry if what I did upset you."

"Yeah right!" David yelled then sniffed, rising to his feet and quickly wiping his face. "I should be used to it by now. God knows people have been taking the piss out of me all my life, especially with regard to my height. I've never laughed when you've tried to dance Urs, but what do you do when I try to learn something new for mine and Lauren's wedding, you stand there mocking and laughing at me. Thanks a lot. Some friend you are."

"I said I'm sorry." Urs sighed, bringing himself upright and moving to stand beside David.

"I heard you. Tell me Urs, what you are you going to do if you have a son and he ends up towering over you and his peers. Laugh at that or call him a clutsy freak too?"

"You know I wouldn't do either of those things." Urs snapped back, looking back to the danceroom, his brow furrowing when he saw Franky standing on the threshold looking sad, rubbing at her back. "Shit! That's what's wrong with her."


"Nothing. Something just clicked with regard to Franky, that's all." Urs shrugged recalling that she'd woken this particular morning to find that she'd started her period.

"You know it ain't easy towering over everyone and being skinny and clumsy with it? Everyone seems to pick on you."

"Found it hard to deal with huh?"

"Still do sometimes." David nodded. "Once in a while I get to wondering how Lauren can be with me. I'm over a foot taller than her when she's not wearing heels and I sometimes I think she's laughing at me when we're standing in front of a mirror because it looks weird to me. I know she's not, because she's told me she's always liked men who are much taller than her, so has Franky. That's just how I feel sometimes 'cos I remember all the teasing I went through, especially when my mom couldn't keep up with buying clothes that fitted properly. I lost count of how many people I wanted to punch because my pants were an inch too short or my shirt was too tight."

"You grew that quick?"

"Almost three inches over one summer break." David nodded then shrugged. "Got clumsy with it too. I was always dropping something or tripping over my own feet. Couldn't even run without almost falling over."

"Sorry. You're right I shouldn't laugh. I promise I won't do it anymore."

"Thanks." David nodded, shaking the hand Urs had offered. "Things all right between you and Franky? She looks unhappy about something."

"Another month without her becoming pregnant."

"Oh! You want me to leave this for a couple of days?" David asked, recalling that Lauren had told him that Franky went through a very rough time during the first few days of her period.

"No. No, the exercise will do her good. She might even want to go for a walk later."

"Yeah! Lauren does that. You know I've always found it hard to believe they're not related at all. They're so close, so alike in a lot of respects."

"Except that Lauren is almost as messy as you are." Urs teased as he and David headed back towards the house, making the American laugh. "Franky! Are you all right?" He asked as they crossed the threshold, running to her side when he saw her shaking, leaning on the piano for support.

"Not really. I feel exhausted. I'm sorry David, I don't think I can continue your lesson."

"Don't worry about it. I've got plenty of time." He replied, shaking his head and leaving quickly when Franky looked at him with tears welling in her eyes.

"I think you should see your doctor." Urs stated, lifting Franky into his arms and carrying her into the lounge where he placed her gently on the sofa.

"There's no need. They were this bad before he put me on the.....You know he did tests for Endomitriosis. Do you think we'll ever........?"

"Sshhhh. It'll happen." Urs sighed, wiping the tears from her eyes. "Can I do anything to make you more comfortable?"

"Yeah. Go and find my hotwater bottle please. It's in the laundry room."

Urs nodded, placed the fleece blanket Franky always kept on the back of one of the couches over her then moved to do what she'd asked of him. By the time he returned and had placed the hotwater bottle on her stomach, she was beginning to drift off to sleep.

Thinking that she didn't look very comfortable, he sat her up and held her there while he sat where her head had been resting then gently settled her against him. He hummed quietly and ran his fingers through her hair, watching her sleep and smiling at the memory the position invoked, despite the fact it was reversed and she wasn't crying as hard as he had when she'd managed to get him to break the promise he'd made to Sebastien.

He looked around, spotted the pile of papers Gabriel had brought over that morning and sighed heavily, knowing that Franky would want to deal with them later in the day, no matter how awful she felt. He thought for a moment, wondering if there was anything else he could do to make her feel more comfortable and resolved to check once she'd woken up.

He couldn't remember drifting off to sleep himself, but snapped his eyes open when he felt Franky move away from him. He watched her stand and move slowly towards her office after she'd thanked him with a kiss. After making her a coffee, he retrieved his laptop, found something that might ease her pain and decided to head into town for what he needed.

He returned with those and a pizza topped with barbeque sauce, chicken, bacon and pineapple, sitting across the desk from her, watching her fingers fly over the keyboard while they ate. The meal finished, he left Franky to finish her accounts while he disposed of the rubbish and went upstairs to run her a slightly warmer bath than she usually liked, lighting Lavender scented candles as she crossed the threshold.

He decided to leave her to relax while he locked up the house so that they could have an early night for once. He smiled when he made his way into the bedroom to find her looking a lot more relaxed as she slipped under the covers.

"That was wonderful. I feel so much better now. Thank you."

"I've been thinking Franky." Urs informed with heavy sigh once she was snuggled up against him though he didn't continue until she'd adjusted her position to look at him questioningly. "Perhaps we should only try for one. I hate seeing you like this."

"Oh Urs!" Franky laughed and shook her head. "You do get some silly ideas in that head of yours at times. We've said two at least and that's what I'm prepared to give you, more if you want them. Besides which the more I have the less I'm supposed to suffer at this time of the month."


"Really." Franky nodded, touching his astonished face.

"So you wouldn't say no to seven, eight or maybe even nine?"

"Don't push it Buhler."

"I don't care how many we have one, two, a football team. If they turn out as beautiful as you, I'll be the happiest man alive. Now turn over, I haven't finished with you yet." Urs instructed with a quick kiss on her lips then watched Franky turn onto her stomach while he reached for the two bottles of essential oils that stood on his nightstand.

Somehow, he managed to stop his body reacting to the soft moans and sighs she released while he massaged her back with Lavender and Rosemary oil, leaving her even more relaxed and looking very drowsy again. Though not used to going to bed before 10pm, they settled down in their usual positions and were asleep long before the clock changed to show 10:30pm.

Two days later, Franky resumed attempting to teach David how to Waltz and though he would never be perfect, he learned to do so without treading on Lauren's toes the first time they danced as man and wife.

Urs learned to shake his hips to 'La Vida Sin Amor' much better than he ever had, silencing Franky with a firm kiss when she began to tell David off for laughing as he, Carlos and Sebastien made their way into the music/danceroom to go over the arrangements for the new album.

"You are so bad Urs Buhler." Franky growled, her laughing head shaking once she'd realised he'd been faking the way he danced.

"I could be badder you know?"

"Damn! These next four days just aren't going to go fast enough." Franky shuddered as she left the room in order to go and do some clothes shopping with Lauren, Emma and Karen, hearing Urs roar with laughter before the soundproof door closed behind her.

Turn the page.

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PostSubject: Re: In The Arms Of My Angel    Wed Sep 14, 2011 7:36 am

Great memories here ....

More soon..


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Chapter 20 - It Should Have Been Me First!

"You okay?" Urs heard Franky questioning as she came into the lounge area, wiping her mouth but fully-dressed. "Or are you still worried about David?"

"Nein. I'm fine." He huffed in response though he didn't look at her as she sat down beside him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Are you mad at me or something then?"


"Yes you are." Franky nodded, taking a sip of water from the bottle she'd taken from the mini-fridge.

"Nein I'm not." Urs snapped, stood and moved to stand near the window with his arms folded across his chest and a scowl on his face.

He couldn't understand what was wrong with him himself this morning. Yes he was mad at David for what had gone wrong at his and Lauren's wedding, for going for a ride in deep snow on such old horse, the horse dying on the way back and the American ending up in hospital with hypothermia. No, that wasn't the reason he was being snappy with Franky. Yesterday he couldn't have been happier when she'd told him she was finally pregnant, now he didn't know what was wrong. It wasn't the fact that all the girls had known before him, he was sure of that. Or was he?

She'd always told him that he was the most important person in her life, but Karen, Lauren, Emma, Katelyn, Summer and even Lauren's mother had all heard the news before him. Yes......Yes that's why he was mad at her.

"You should have told me first." He snapped, barely turning his head to look at her.

"I didn't tell anyone. They guessed." Franky hissed back. "I'm sorry."

"Not good enough, Franky."

"Oh for God's sake stop sulking."

"I'M NOT SULKING." Urs yelled and turned his head to glare at her.

"Yes you are. I've apologised. What more do you want? I can't turn the clock back no matter how much I want to. Don't you think I wish I could?"

"You could have called to tell me."

"I didn't want to do it over the phone and you didn't get back from having dinner with the guys and David's family until late did you? I was tired from the flight and having to help Lauren and Karen these last few weeks. I was in bed by ten thirty and you know I don't usually go that early."

"You could have left a message for me to come up." Urs snapped again.

"Yeah well like I said. I'm sorry. If you had left me asleep until we had landed instead of waking me up fifteen minutes before then perhaps I would have had a bit more energy." Franky huffed. "You know I hate flying, especially the landings and I'd rather sleep through them if possible, but you always have to go and wake me up ages before don't you? Why can't you just leave me be until we're down? It's not like I take forever to wake up."

"Oh so it's my fault?"

"Oh just shut up Urs." Franky yelled, jumping to her feet, grabbing the handbag she used every day and heading towards the door. "I'm going for a walk, don't bother following me." She huffed and slammed the door shut.

"Shit!" Urs yelled then ran his hands over his face as he walked back towards the couch and dropped down hard.

He closed his eyes and massaged his temples trying to think why he'd been like that with Franky. It wasn't just jealousy, that much he was sure of. Something more was bothering him.

"You're scared." He verbalised after a few moments careful thought. "Scared that the baby is going to take your place in her affections. Jealous of something that's not even here yet. That's what's wrong with you." He huffed, reached for the phone and dialled quickly.

"Hello." He heard his mother's voice answering.

"Hello Mami." He sighed, doing his best to sound cheerful. "Is Papi home? I need to talk to him."

"He's just pulling the car into the drive. Is there something wrong Urs?"

"Sort of." Urs shrugged. "Erm.........Franky's pregnant, about five weeks and......."

"Oh that's wonderful news, but why don't you sound happy about it?"

"I am." Urs nodded and gave a quick smile. "I really am. I'm just a little angry at her because I wasn't the first to know and now I've upset her by sulking about it. She's suffering with bad morning sickness, looks awful this morning and I haven't helped one bit."

"Oh. Your father's here now. I'll put him on."

Urs nodded and listened to his parents talking for a few moments while he took some deep breaths.

"So. You're finally going to make us grandparents." He heard his father's cheerful tone coming down the line. "When's it due?

"Early to mid October, according to Franky's calculations."

"Okay. So what did you want to talk to me about?"

"I erm.........I'm scared Papi. Scared that this baby is going to mean more to Franky than I do and I don't know what to do or how to tell her. I don't want her thinking I've changed my mind now it's finally happened. She's so happy now, I don't want to ruin that."

"I see." His father sighed down the line. "I do know how you feel. I felt exactly the same when your mother was expecting Lars and she actually told her best friend first. You know, you will have it so much easier than I did."

"How? You weren't flying all over the world."

"Neither are you at the minute and you won't be until this time next year." His father snapped down the line. "Look Urs when Lars was on his way, father's weren't encouraged to be involved in the pregnancy like they are now. They weren't even allowed in the delivery room when the child was being born, no matter how much they wanted to be. Gott knows I tried hard enough five times. You have all that to look forward to. You have to begin to build a bond with your child starting now. Go to as many doctor's appointments and scans as you can. Try to understand that Franky's emotions are going to be all over the place and that she might be less energetic, especially in the early months. Let her sleep and wake up when she's ready. Don't go waking her up unless it's really necessary. How's she feeling after such a long flight anyway?"

"Exhausted I think." Urs shrugged. "I woke her up fifteen minutes before we landed again. I know she's been scared of flying for years, since her family took that flight with a family friend and the plane had to make an emergency landing when it was struck by lightning. I know she'd rather sleep through landings if she can, but I still woke her anyway and kept her awake on the drive to the hotel."


"I'm not quite sure now." Urs sighed and shook his head. "I guess because we were going to be in separate rooms once we arrived, until last night at least. It's funny Papi. I used to enjoy spending lots of time on my own, but since I met Franky all that's changed. I'm the one that hates it when we're apart for long periods. This baby is going to change everything back to how it was before and I'm not sure how to deal with it."

"That's something you need to talk to Franky about Urs, not me. She can't understand if you don't tell her can she?"

"No." Urs shook his head and swallowed hard. "Thanks Papi. I'll see you soon."

"Just talk to her Urs. You'll work it out between the two of you. I'll see you soon."

Urs sighed once more as he hung up then turned his head when he heard the door being unlocked again. Franky walked in, looked at him with tear-filled eyes then headed for the bedroom. He stood, took a deep breath and followed after her.

She stood over near the window with her head down, both hands on her stomach, sniffing loudly.

"I'm really am sorry Urs." She sighed heavily once she realised he was in the room with her.

"No. I'm sorry." Urs shook his head, crossing the room quickly and pulling her into his arms. "I shouldn't have been like that with you. I've seen the looks of disappointment in your eyes the past few months, you must have been so excited when that test turned out positive."

"Yes I was." Franky nodded her head against his chest then raised her face to meet his. "You're right though. I could have called or left a message. You had every right to know before anyone else, but it's not my fault Karen and Lauren know me so well they were able to guess is it? Especially since Karen saw me throwing up what little I'd eaten of my breakfast."

"No. It's not." Urs shook his head and closed his eyes. "Sometimes I forget how well they do know you. They can read you much better than I can."

"You read me pretty well." Franky sniffed. "You're scared aren't you?"

Urs opened his eyes quickly, looked at her then closed them again while he took a few deep breaths. They opened again and remained that way while he told her what he'd said to his father.

"You big, dumb dummyhead." Franky laughed and shook her head. "Don't you think I'm scared too?"

"No. You're fantastic with children."

"Yes, ones that you can hand back at some point. Truth is, I'm scared shitless. I've been doing a lot of thinking since I found out. I want you there for every doctor's appointment, every scan and in that delivery room with me Urs. I'm not going to leave you out of anything. We both made this baby and I want you to be involved every step of the way. The tour doesn't start until next February. The baby will be four months old by then, big enough for us to go with you. I can still do the accounts for the garage, most hotels do have a fax machines and internet connection now you know?"

"I know." Urs nodded. "And I'm sorry for waking you on the plane. I won't do it until we've landed in future. You go back to bed. I want to do some research, so that I know what to expect over the next eight months. Okay?"

"Okay." Franky nodded then gave him a quick kiss on the lips before settling down on the bed. "Wake me if there's any news about David?"

"Nein." Urs shook his head as he laid a comforter over her. "Like the doctor said, he won't be going anywhere straightaway even if he does wake up today. If there is any news I'll tell you when you wake up. Get me?"

"Yes honey."

"Good. Now sleep." Urs commanded, placing a firm kiss on her lips before moving away from the bed.

He spent a few moments standing at the doorway, watching her drift off then made his way back into the lounge and found his laptop. He found a site that explained pregnancy week-by-week and began at week five. His brow furrowing slightly as he looked at the picture, thinking that the fetus looked nothing like a human being at all. Reading the notes underneath, making careful mental notes of what tests Franky would have once the pregnancy had been confirmed by her doctor. His eyes flying wide at the changes he saw from week to week, especially so when he reached week twelve and saw that fingers and toes were beginning to form.

He wasn't sure how much time had past as he reached week forty, but he turned his head on hearing the bedroom door open and smiled as a well-rested looking Franky came to sit beside him.

"Mindblowing isn't it?" She asked with a smile and nod towards the laptop.

"Ja. I can't wait to hold her." Urs shook his head, pulling Franky close and laying his hand on her stomach.

"You mean him." Franky smiled, resting her head on his shoulder and looking at the screen. "Thought about any names yet?"

"Definitely Serena for a girl." Urs nodded. "Serena Francesca I think, rather than the other way around."

"I don't think so." Franky scowled and shook her head. "Serena yes, Francesca definitely not. What if it is a boy?"

"We are not calling him Urs that's for sure." Urs grimaced and shook his own head. "Erm.........Toni Francis?"

"Yeah. I like that. Funny how you and I can make most decisions so quickly huh?

"That's why our wedding was so easy to arrange." Urs laughed. "None of that silly arguing like Seb and Emma had. Can you remember that night they were trying to choose the invitations?"

"Oh God don't." Franky snorted a laugh while she nodded. "Three hours battling before they settled on those embroidered paper ones tied with a black ribbon that Emma had liked to begin with. Glad we weren't around to hear them choosing a wedding cake."

"At least they had a chocolate one." Urs pouted playfully.

"For the children." Franky rolled her eyes. "Stop pouting. I did ask if you wanted a Groom's cake and you kept saying no. Four times in total."

"I know. What did you have in mind anyway?"

"Don't think I should tell you, you'd be so mad at yourself." Franky grinned. "You never know, I might have a surprise up my sleeve for our honeymoon. That's all I'm saying, so don't even look at me like that. You'll just have to be patient, won't you?"

"I hate you." Urs growled, his eyes narrowed slightly but with a smile on his face. "Did you bring the DVD of our wedding with you?"

"No. It's in the safe at home." Franky shook her head and laughed when she saw Urs pouting again. "I'll make sure I take it on honeymoon with us."

"Don't think we'll have time to watch it, unless it rains of course."

"We'll see." Franky sighed then made herself a little more comfortable against Urs once he'd placed his laptop on his knee and he'd logged into the forum.

Both of them smiled broadly when he checked the responses to the one wedding photograph he had posted. One showing him holding her in a dip position, her arms wrapped around his neck while they kissed. Eyes open.

Turn the page.

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PostSubject: Re: In The Arms Of My Angel    Thu Sep 15, 2011 11:01 am

Oh Urs you silly goose, Franky can't help if the other ladies can figure out she is expecting before she hasa chance to tell you..

Glad he called his father to get his advise on how to handle his insecurities about the baby and Franky ..

And he needs to let her rest as much as possible...

He is now sharing his life with Franky and can't expect her to just be at his beck and call.. That is part of growing up and becoming a parent Urs..

Great stuff JJ

More soon...


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PostSubject: Re: In The Arms Of My Angel    Fri Sep 16, 2011 4:37 am

Chapter 21 - Why Can't This Go On Forever?
(Honeymoon. Private bungalow, Mauritiaus)

"What?!!" Franky exclaimed through her giggles from her usual position, cuddled up against Urs, both of them hot and glistening with sweat in the aftermath of their love-making, despite the fact that the air-coniditioning was running at full-speed.

"You." Urs laughed at the shocked expression still in her eyes. "You're blushing redder than I've ever seen."

"What do you expect after asking me a question like that?"

"I only asked if you wax or shave daily to keep down there so smooth?" He nodded down to her crotch.

"How many times have we showered or bathed together? Have you ever seen me do such a thing?"

"No?" Urs shook his smirking head. "But I don't know what you get up to when I'm not around. Do I?"

"Guess not." Franky shrugged, pulling away from him and getting off the bed to head for a cooling shower, Urs enthusiastically following behind.

"Are you going to tell me or not?" He asked turning her round to face him once they were both in the shower, his fingers playing with the small amount of short hair she did have between her legs.

"I don't wax or shave it. It's......It's going to be like that for the rest of my life."

"It must grow back at some point." Urs furrowed his brow, still turning small circles over her pubis.

"No. It's been permanently removed. By electrolosis. Same with my underarms."

"Sounds painful." Urs winced and sucked air through his clenched teeth.

"It's no worse than being pricked with a pin." Franky informed with a nonchalant shrug. "I had it done in my early twenties, mainly because of the ice-skating. Didn't want hairs sticking out underneath my costume. God what subject to get on to. My pubic hair. Very romantic." She finished with a headshake and grunted laugh.

"Sorry. I was just curious that's all."

"You know what they say about that. Curiosity killed the cat."

"Why haven't you had your legs......." Urs began, only to be silenced by one of Franky's hard kisses.

"Don't think I'd put myself through enough torture huh?" She asked with a smile as she pulled back. "Three times I had to endure the treatment, working on a small area at a time. If I'd had my legs done too they would probably still be working on them."

"Mmmmm." Urs nodded while his hands ran down her thighs. "It's getting late and it's been a busy day, maybe we should get some sleep." He smiled, pulling her close to him and turning the shower off. "Though I'm still curious as to what's in that bag you wouldn't let me unpack when we arrived." He pouted playfully, wrapping a towel around Franky before throwing one around his hips.

"Patience." She smiled tapping the end of his nose and stepping out of the shower to pat herself dry before applying the Lillie scented talc she used. "You'll get no clues out of me, so don't even bother looking at me like that." She laughed, catching the blinky wink he gave her as he stood by her side drying himself off, patting the hair on his head rather than rubbing it in his usual way.

"Okay." Urs relented reluctantly as they headed back to the bedroom, quickly settled themselves down to sleep after tidying the bed up, pulling the chocolate coloured sheet up to their waists and listening to the heavy rain coming down as they began to drift off.

He opened his heavy eyelids one last time to see that Franky was already asleep, smiling softly, obviously remembering something good. His fell closed and in no time, he found himself re-living their wedding day.

Images of proudly walking by her side as they made their way out of the church only to pause so that Lauren could slip the hooded bridal cape over her shoulders to protect her from the cold while the photographer sorted pictures out. Watching her pass the satin faux fur trimmed item to Esther whenever she was required for a shot. Seeing tears in her eyes when the photographer asked for her family to move to her side, only her aunt and cousins doing so, as her uncle was still in hospital. Squeezing her hand tightly and returning her loving smile as the picture was taken.

Keeping hold of her hand while they were driven to the cemetary so that she could lay her bridal bouquet on the grave. The look of surprise he'd seen on her face once they'd arrived at Ramone's for the reception as he'd presented her with a smaller version of the one she'd carried, telling her that it was for her to toss and it would be all right because it had been in church throughout the ceremony. She simply hadn't seen it on the piano. Tears brimming once more while she thanked him and having to sniff them back so that they could greet their guests.

Listening to everyone gasp as they stepped into the room to find the simple blue padded chairs had been covered with white material, a generous red bow tied around the back to be finished with a burgundy Lillie. The top table having swags in the same finishings running along it's length. Small plain glass hurricane lamps surrounded by rings of burgundy Roses and Eidelweiss placed in the centre of each table. Four larger ones rimmed with gold but decorated in the same fashion sat on the top table.

The two of them talking quietly while they dined on Winter Vegetable soup for a starter, following that with individual Beef Wellingtons and ending with individual pyramids of Profiteroles served with chocolate sauce. Sipping on Brandie's very best champagne while they ate.

Himself feeling a lot less nervous when the speech stage came and nodding to every statement a teary-eyed Gabriel made while he extolled Franky's virtues, watching her face redden as he slipped in a couple of slightly embarrassing secrets and hearing her, Lauren and Sissy giggling loudly at the reminder of the time she'd become locked in the toilets at 'Sizzle'.

With the handle on the lock being broken, leaving her unable to open it, she'd climbed onto the loo, heaved herself on top of the cubicle and straddled the door in a most unladylike manner. She'd been wearing a short skirt at the time with a thong underneath, somehow the lock had worked loose, the door had opened and only Lauren and Sissy's quick reactions had stopped the men passing by seeing anything more, saving any further embarrassment. Watching Sissy shake her head at the questioning look her mother gave her as Gabriel sat and he stood.

Beginning by saying that, although Franky's parents weren't their in body, he was sure they were with them in spirit and thanking Frank and Serena for raising such a beautiful, loving, caring and supportive daughter. Thanking his own parents for their unfaultering love, support and guidance throughout the day and his life. Watching all the bridesmaids blush, though in various degrees as he told them how beautiful they looked though not quite as amazing as his wife. Reminding everyone of how he and Franky had first met and telling them how stunned he'd been. Sebastien, David and Carlos making everyone laugh during a pause by pulling their faces into the silly grin he'd worn that day. Dropping them quickly when he shot them a playful scowl. Light-heartedly ripping Sebastien's character to pieces before returning his attention to the bridesmaids, thanking them for a job well done and handing over an organza pouch containing a large heart token enscribed with 'Bridesmaid' on one side, his and Franky's name and the date on the other. The same gift enscribed with 'Groom's Mother' and huge bouquet of white Astroemeria and small Philodendron leaves being presented to his tearful mother. A bouquet of white roses being presented to Esther just before he finished with the line:

"Well, I suppose you've got to take the plunge at some point."

Watching Sebastien stand to deliver his speech and rolling his shoulders backwards as he began with:

"It’s not uncommon for the best man to be rather daunted by the duties he has to perform, but ever since Urs asked me I’ve felt pretty relaxed. Because he’s so organised and a bit of a control freak, I thought that he’ll sort the whole thing – the stag do, which he pretty much did. I still laugh hysterically when I remember watching Urs and Carlos trying to drive that two-ended car and park it in the specified area, added a few select words to my German and Spanish vocabulary in the process that day. Let's not forget today, the wedding, which Urs and Franky have done fantastically and, of course, my speech. So come on, mon ami – can I have it now, please?"
Making everyone laugh out loud, holding his hand out before pulling the cards out of his jacket pocket and coughing to silence everyone.
"Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen - Let me first say that the bridesmaids look absolutely stunning today, and only rightly outshone by our bride, Franky. And, I'm sure you'll agree with me gentlemen, today is a sad day for single men, as another beauty leaves the available list. And ladies, I'm sure you'll agree that today passes by without much of a ripple.
I was really nervous before hand, so I prepared a few lines - and having
sorted them I'm feeling pretty good right now...
I’d like to say a big thank you to my assistants, the ushers - Lars, Carlos and David. It was a stipulation for the wedding that the ushers weren’t allowed to look better than the Best Man today and I’m pleased to say they have accomplished their role admirably. Cheers guys for an fantasict job!
I really thought that following a speech by Urs would be quite difficult, and I was right, I couldn’t follow a bloody word of it.
So, on behalf of the Bridesmaids, and the Ushers I would like to thank Urs for …um…whatever he just said.
I’d also like to echo Urs’s comments and thank everyone again on their behalf for coming and sharing their special day, particularly those that have travelled long distances.
When Urs asked me to be his best man I was obviously very flattered. But then I realised I would have to give a speech, and that at some point during it I would have to say something nice about Urs. The problem is I've had very little experience of doing either, so please bear with me.
I was actually a little worried as to how long the speech should last so I asked around and the general consensus was that it should go on for about as long as it takes the groom to perform his duties in the bedroom.
So with that ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much, you’ve been a great crowd !! …."
Sebastien had nodded and moved to sit down only to hold himself in the air while laughter filled the air again and he stood once more to continue.
"The marriage ceremony asks that couples take each other for better or for worse. Well, Urs, in finding Franky you really couldn’t have done any better.
Franky - you couldn’t have done any worse.
As well as the speech, it would seem that there were a couple of main roles that I had to fulfil as a best man.
The first was to get him there on time by making sure he got a good night's sleep before the wedding. Well, I can assure you he slept like a baby – he woke up every hour crying for his Mami. Good job he didn't ask Carlos huh? He'd have been coming up the aisle after Franky.
The second was to get him here looking presentable with his face and hair in good order. Unfortunately, God didn’t get this right first time round so what chance did I have?
So what can I say about him?
He's handsome - Well almost.
Charming - Who put that in?
Sorry Urs, what's that say, I can't read your handwriting. Oh, yeah
fantastic in bed, sorry.
I also decided to do some research on the internet for some facts about the date but the closest I could get to anything appropriate was tomorrow, the13th of November. Not many people will know this but on that very day in 1934 the famous Alcatraz prison accepted its first inmates. This is where young men were taken away from their families where they led a life of solitary confinement from which there was no escape. They were endlessly tortured, humiliated and basically forced to do whatever their masters wanted. I’m sure that when Franky picked today for the wedding it wasn't that much of a coincidence.
Though I'm not married yet, I thought I could also offer some advice of my own:
Franky, remember that men are like fine wine, they start off like grapes and it’s your job to relentlessly stamp on them in the dark until they turn into something that you would like to have dinner with.
On the other hand Urs, Women are also like fine wine, they start out fresh, fruity and intoxicating to the mind and then turn full bodied with age before going all sour and vinegary, eventually giving you a headache.
They say that the best man's speech is the worst five minutes of the groom's day, but fortunately for you Urs it's almost over. Unfortunately, Franky, your worst five minutes will probably come later tonight.
I’d like to finish up by saying what a great honour it’s been to be best man today.
On behalf of the bride and groom, I’d like to echo what I said earlier and thank everyone for sharing their special day.
So then, Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me the greatest pleasure, not to mention relief, to invite you all to stand and raise your glasses in a toast to Urs and Franky, the new Mr and Mrs Buhler. We wish them well for the future, and hope they enjoy a long and happy marriage. Urs and Franky."
The image of everyone standing to raise their glasses switched quickly and Urs saw himself standing on the dancefloor, holding Franky in his arms, both of them smiling softly and looking into each other's eyes while they slow-danced to 'It's Your Love' by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. The two of them so absorbed in each other they hadn't known the song had finish until David had tapped Urs on the shoulder to give him the same look he had that night at 'Senorita's'. The music now, a Salsa, Urs leaving Franky to dance with Michael, shaking his head as he left the dancefloor to go and spend a few moments with his family and the guests that weren't dancing.
He remembered short break in the entertainment being taken so that they could cut the cake amid more posed photography. Franky returning to stand in front of the top table, her back to the unmarried ladies, tossing the bouquet high over her head and turning to see that Merle had caught it.
Brief snatches of every song that had been played and watching Franky dance with almost every man in the room filling his head until they reached the final dance. 'The Man You Love' filling the air, everyone in attendance dancing with their respective partners.
Memories of driving to their home through the quietness of the town, carrying her up to the bedroom once inside and making love to each other almost until dawn. The images changing once more, this time to the surprise he'd pulled at the rink before moving on to the day following Carlos and Karen's wedding. Her thinking that they would be staying at hotel in Spain to celebrate Christmas, when he'd arranged for them to spend three days in a log cabin in Kakslauttanen, Finland as soon as he'd known the date of their wedding.
Leaving her to sleep until the plane landed. Christmas Eve spent snow mobiling, himself driving, Franky snuggled up tight behind him, holding him in her usual way as they sped across the previous night's snowfall, taking in the beauty of the covered trees, stopping when they saw a large herd of Reindeer and even getting the chance to stroke a few when they came close.
Christmas Day had been spent enjoying a luxurious meal cuddled up at the coffee table in front of the roaring fire, eating a traditional English dinner. Both of them falling asleep for a couple of hours afterwards and making love on waking. Finally exchanging gifts, while they sipped on a very good red wine. Franky's gift to him, a pair of silver treble clef cufflinks and matching tie pin set with clear Swarovski crystals. His gift to her, a delicate gold watch set with diamonds around the bezel. Their final day there was spent in a glass igloo watching the Northern Lights, lying on one of the two beds holding each other.
Feeling Franky's lips brushing against his as he started to wake, knowing that she knew he loved to be woken that way and slowly opening his eyes.
"Morning honey." She smiled, pulling back a little.
"Morning angel." Urs replied, shifting slightly to make himself a little more comfortable while Franky lauched herself from the bed and ran in the direction of the bathroom.
Watching her retrieve the locked bag as she came back to sit by his side while she opened it. Revealing a plastic tub, with something wrapped in silver foil inside. A chocolate coloured swimsuit for her, a pair of tight-fitting swim-shorts in the same colour for him, matching robes and towels and chocolate scented massage oil.
"So this is what you meant by a 'Chocolate Day'?" Urs asked with a laughing headshake while he looked at the items.
"Yes." Franky nodded. "A swim first, then a shower after breakfast." She paused to open the plastic box and unwrap the contents and held it under his nose. "Smell nice?"
"Chocolate and honey." Urs nodded after taking a deep sniff of the soap, questioning if she'd made it herself and seeing her nod.
"Then I thought we could massage each other with this." She grinned holding up the massage oil. "Who knows where that will lead?"
Urs laughed, dressed himself for the pool and coughed to compose himself while he watched Franky slip into the bikini. They spent an hour down in the pool, swimming slowly side-by-side, kissing gently at the end of every length then returned to the bungalow to eat a breakfast comprised of native fruits, lying on just one of the loungers on the veranda while they fed each other.
A long walk hand-in-hand down the white sands followed, after which they ate on the veranda again as the sun began to set. The pair of them being remarkably silly with the asparagus spears that accompanied the Chicken Madeira they selected from the room service menu. Behaviour that would have probably seen them being asked to leave if they'd been in a high class restaurant. Their dessert, one of Franky's surprises, a small cake in the shape of the Harley Davidson badge, made with chocolate sponge and filled with chocolate flavoured cream.
"Is this the sort of thing you were looking at for a Groom's cake?" Urs asked while Franky wiped the corner of his mouth with her finger and licked the chocolate cream off.
"Yeah. Though I was thinking of a tiered one. Two tyres making up the teirs and a Harley on top. You were so adamant that you didn't want one because it's more of an American tradition. So I gave in."
"For once." Urs laughed and shook his head. "I am such a dummyhead sometimes." He pouted making Franky laugh and nod in agreement.
Once the sun had set, they showered leisurely, washing each other with the soap then settled down on the bed to give each other a massage, slowly working their way to making love almost exactly the same way they had their first time together.
"What a fantastic way to end a honeymoon." Urs stated through gasping breaths, smelling chocolate and honey as they cuddled up against each other to recall the sites they'd seen in Mauritius without being disturbed, despite the fact they'd been spotted by a handful of fans.
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PostSubject: Re: In The Arms Of My Angel    Fri Sep 16, 2011 9:06 am

Love the recount of the wedding and Sebbie making his speech..

They had a wonderful time..

More JJ


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Chapter 22 - Just Chilling
"Give me your plate. I'll throw it away." Urs heard Franky stating and raised his head to see her holding her right hand out, her plate already in her left hand barely a mouthful of what she'd prepared actually eaten.
"No. It's all right."
"No it's not. It's awful. There's too much salt and the meat's as dry as hell."
Urs swallowed the mouthful of spaghetti bolognese then reached for his water glass and took a large mouthful of that.
"Sorry." Franky shrugged and snatched his plate away before he could take anymore. "I don't know what I did wrong."
"Doesn't matter. It wasn't that bad for your first attempt at cooking something from scratch. Not the worst thing I've ever eaten, that's for sure." Urs laughed and shook his head. "I did actually end up with food poisoning once, after having dinner with Liana and her first husband."
"What happened?"
"She didn't cook the chicken well enough. The three of us spent the next two days ill. She never has been very good, despite the numerous attempts Mami had at teaching her, something always went wrong somewhere along the line. It either ended up undercooked, overcooked or looked too disgusting to even think about eating."
"Sounds like my mother and hers." Franky laughed as she scraped the horrible meal she'd made into the bin. "So now you know why I have no skills in the kitchen. No-one ever taught me. Oh my God. I can't believe I did that? What an idiot I am."
"Did what?" Urs asked, his brow furrowing despite Franky's giggles.
He watched as she walked over to him, the piece of paper she'd referred to to make dinner in her hands, still giggling as she took as seat beside him.
"No wonder it was so dry and salty. I halved the ingredients, like Karen told me to for two people, except for the salt and I completely forgot to add the red wine. It's still in the measuring jug near the cooker."
"Want me to order a takeaway?" Urs asked, giggling and shaking his head once he'd looked towards the cooker and saw that the jug did still have red wine in it.
"We've got to eat something halfway decent." Franky smiled and reached for the menus they had, the two of them soon settling on a Lamb Tikka served with a green salad from the nearest Indian place.
"Where did you disappear to in the pharmacy this afternoon?" Urs asked as they moved out of the kitchen once he'd placed their order.
"Stop fibbing. You went somewhere. I turned to ask you which bottle steriliser you wanted, you weren't there. I felt like an idiot, standing there talking to myself."
"I erm.......I went to look at the hair dye's." Franky shrugged. "I was thinking of colouring my hair."
"What for? It's fine the way it is. Not hint of grey, not that I would care if there was and neither should you."
"Because this......." Franky paused to tug at a few strands of her hair. ".......this is what grabs everyone's attention first. If it's not that, it's my boobs."
"Not everyone's." Urs denied with a headshake. "Not me that's for sure."
"You liar! You couldn't help but cop a good eyeful the first time we met."
"That's because I wasn't expecting to see them at all. That bike jacket did squash them very flat. You unzipped it and the next thing I know there they are right in front of me. And I didn't spend that long looking."
"Not a boob man back then, then?"
"Considering all the other girls I've dated didn't have half as much? I would say not." Urs chuckled, shaking his head.
"So it was the hair then?"
"No. I did and still do like your hair. It was your smile and personality that attracted me to you. The self-assured manner and the fact that you didn't appear to have a clue who the hell I was. I couldn't believe it when you turned me down for a date the following day. Thought I'd got all the signals wrong. I even thought about following you around to see what you were up to until David told me it wasn't a good idea, he thought you would have had me arrested for stalking. I couldn't get you out of my head and it was hard not to follow you, I spent much longer than usual in the gym those three days. Would you? If I had followed you?"
"If I had felt scared, yes, but you didn't frighten me. In fact I couldn't stop talking about you, drove Gabe insane with the way I went on."
"What attracted you to me?"
"If you don't know by now I'm not going to tell you." Franky teased, running her eyes up and down the length of his body.
"I'm trying to be serious here."
"Sorry. Erm........The look of concern I saw when you found me, even though you obviously thought I was a man to begin with."
"I really thought you were going to hit that tree." Urs nodded, allowing a deep sigh to escape. "I certainly don't take that corner too fast. You're not seriously going to dye your hair are you?"
"Not if you don't want me to."
"I don't, but it's your hair not mine."
Franky huffed a quick laugh, shook her head again then snuggled close to Urs, feeling his fingers twirling around the ends of her hair, the same way he had since that night in Senorita's.
"I know, but you will have to look at it more than I do."
"What colour were you thinking of anyway?"
"Chocolate brown."
Urs manouvered his head, spent a few moments looking at her then wrinkled his nose and shook his head. "And that's not funny."
"Gott no! That would attract more attention than ever, especially with your eye colour."
"You'd look like Carlos's sister." Urs shook his head.
"You think so?"
"Hmmmmn. I never told you did I?"
"Told me what?"
"That I thought he was attracted to you when we first got together, he certainly spent a lot of time looking at you whenever Karen wasn't around."
"I noticed and I asked him why. He thought I looked a little like Jamie and asked if we were related."
"He never said anything to me. You look nothing like her. Thank Gott."
"I do a little. A tiny bit." Franky returned, moving her postion so that she could sit on Urs's knee and he could see her properly. "Same nose."
"Sorry. Don't see it." Urs shook his head, his arms wrapping around her waist. "It's a similar shape, but the bump is missing." He continued, indicating the area on the bridge where he knew Jamie had a slight bump.
"I never told you did I?"
"About Gabe, thinking you were gay." Franky smirked.
"Wouldn't be the first one." Urs laughed. "The tight jeans and t-shirt I suppose?"
"Ah-hah." Franky nodded then eased herself away from him on hearing a knock at the door.
The meal paid for, they returned to the kitchen to eat and smiled at each other when they tasted how good it was.
"I will try to improve you know?"
"I know. Practice, that's all you need angel." Urs nodded, reaching over to place his right hand on top of Franky's left. "I'm not perfect, I don't expect perfection from you. Okay?"
"I know."
"Something wrong?"
"You were a little restless again last night."
"I know. I read about the funeral, brought everything that happened that night flooding back. Couldn't settle."
"I thought so. Anyway. All the bad stuff aside. What's the best time we've spent together not including our wedding night and honeymoon?"
"When I took you to my hometown." Urs nodded and smiled broadly. "You were so interested in everything you saw. The history of it, so enamoured, seemingly hanging on every word I said. Trying to say the names and not giving up until you'd got it right. It gave me whole knew appreciation of the beauty of it."
"And the time we've spent here in England?"
"Those two days we spent in Oxford." Urs smiled broadly and nodded. "Though it wasn't quite long enough. I'd like to go there again, spend a little more time exploring."
"Me too. Makes you wonder how they built it doesn't it?"
"Ja. You see them erecting such tall buildings now and it looks an impossible task. God alone knows how they did it centuries ago. I suppose there were a lot of accidents, men dying on the job and such."
"I should imagine so." Franky nodded then looked down at her stomach on feeling the baby moving.
"How long until I will be able to feel that?"
"About four weeks."
"What does it feel like?"
"Like your having the inside of your stomach tickled with a feather duster is about the only analogy I can come up with."
Urs laughed and nodded, trying to imagine the sensation and deciding that it must feel very peculiar.
"How much of the world have you actually seen?"
"Considering that one set of my grandparents or the other used to take me on holiday with them every summer holiday, quite a lot. Most of the major European cities at least, a little of the States and Canada and Hong Kong. That was an amazing trip, that's one place I would love to go to again."
"Your father's parents.........they never offered to know?"
"Jamie?" Franky asked, swallowing the last of her meal and watching Urs nod. "Yes they did. June always said no. She took the money instead."
"Sounds about right. This is very nice."
"What is? The food?"
"No. Just the two of us sitting here, talking about normal, everyday stuff. Not having to think about what's happening tomorrow. We're not going to push the baby in any particular direction are we? I hate that."
"So do I." Franky smiled, shook her head and rested her hands on her stomach. "If he's musical and wants to pursue that sort of career then so be it, he'll have a wonderful father and three uncles to teach him everything they know. If not, then he can do what he wants as long as we raise him and any others we might have to be independant and responsible."
"And you're positive you don't want to hire an au pair or nanny?"
"No. Not for just one child." Franky shook her head slowly. "Perhaps if more come along sooner than we planned, but not just for one."
Urs nodded in agreement as he stood to clear the rubbish and dirty dishes away then grabbed Franky by the hand and lead her to the music/dance room where he made her sit beside him at the piano.
"Ow! I should have you arrested for assualt on my ears." He joked after she'd run through the scales he'd tried to teach her.
"Hey! It's only my second lesson." Franky pouted. "And I did get a note out of the violin the other day."
"If you call that screech a note."
"I hate you."
"As much as you did this morning?"
"Focus Buhler." Franky growled, shaking her head at the suggestive look Urs was giving her. "You're supposed to be teaching me to play the piano, not thinking about sex."
"Easier said than done." Urs laughed, raised his hands to the piano keys and showed her what he wanted her to do once more.
Franky took over once he'd finished and made several attempts, though she never got it completely right. After an hour and amid much giggling, the two of them locked up the house and made their way to bed.
Lying in the usual positions, Urs asked Franky if she wanted to go looking for furniture for the nursery the next day only for his brow to furrow when he received no reply. He looked at her and huffed a quick breath when he saw that she was already fast asleep because he'd been hoping to make love to her again. Remembering how they'd done so that morning, what he'd read in the baby books and his father's words, he closed his eyes and moved one hand to rest on her stomach, wishing he could feel what she felt whenever the baby moved right now but knowing that day wasn't too far off.
Content with his lot in life, the decisions he and Franky had reached together and the memories of what Drake Turner had done pushed to the back of his mind, he drifted off into a deeper and more restful sleep than he had over the past few days.
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PostSubject: Re: In The Arms Of My Angel    Sat Sep 17, 2011 9:09 pm

They were an amazing couple and could talk about the stuff that mattered to them like best friends.. Never understood how he could hold back just a bit from her..

More Soon JJ


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Chapter 23 - Fight Of My Life
How long had he been in this dreadful place, listening to familiar voices pleading with him to fight, cursing at him, telling him exactly how stupid they thought he'd been? Had he really heard the man he considered the strongest of the four of them choking back a cry? Other voices, sounding equally as angry as his Spanish friend, telling him the same thing, they didn't want him wherever he was, it was not his time. Where was she? Where was the one voice he wanted to hear above all others?
"Franky!" He yelled for the umpteenth time, waiting once again for a reply only to hear nothing in response.
How long had he been standing, encircled by flames, startling each time he took a step forward, the flames suddenly rising high above his head.
"It's no use." He sniffed, moved back to the middle of the circle and sat down, his face buried in his hands.
"So that's it? You're going to give up are you?" A deep voice questioned, sounding much closer than any of the others had.
"Who's there?"
"We never met in the mortal world and where you are now ain't exactly ethereal either. Your spirit is kind of stuck between heaven and hell right now. I've been given the chance to show you what will happen to my girl if you give up."
"Frank?" Urs gulped, rising to his feet and seeing what looked like Franky's father standing outside the flame circle, dressed head to toe in white biker leathers, his wings folded behind his back, his facial features angry.
"Yeah. Think yourself lucky Serena isn't with me. She'd have landed in the circle and kicked your butt and I don't mean with words."
"Am I.........dying or something?"
"You're very close to doing so, yes." Frank nodded, speaking matter of factly as he stepped into the circle unscathed. "From the septicemia your ruptured appendix caused, You need to choose, life or death."
"I don't want to die yet. I have so much to live for."
"Really?!" Frank yelled, the flames rising higher than ever. "Then why didn't you do what my girl asked of you?"
"I'm no doctor. How was I supposed to know it was serious?"
"By seeing a doctor you asshole!" Franky shouted again both of them hearing a rumble of thunder in the distance. "Hmmn. Good job I didn't curse like I wanted to. Now, where was I? Oh yeah.........I remember." He nodded, then waved his hand high above his head. "Watch and learn."
Urs titled his head back and watched the dark clouds that surrounded him pull back to reveal images of what appeared to be happening on earth. People from every continent were blaming Franky for him being where he was, making all sorts of comments he couldn't bear to listen to.
"Enough." He snapped turning his head away. "Please stop."
"No. There is more you must see."
Swallowing hard, Urs returned his head to its previous position and saw Franky standing in front of a headstone, though not the one of her parents. This one was for a single grave, not a double as theirs was. He gulped on seeing his own name, his date of birth and date of death carved into it and another below. Though he couldn't read the name he realised what it implied after seeing the dates so close together and the same year.
"Nein. Not our child. Please, no."
"Not my decision." Frank sniffed. "It's all down to you if these things come to pass or not. There is more."
Urs nodded reluctantly and saw the images swirl, taking him a few months into the furture. Carlos, David and Sebastien announcing the end of Il Divo, each of them feeling unable to go on without him, deciding to go back to their previous careers. David and Lauren divorcing without ever having children, Carlos left alone with a child to raise, no images shown of where Karen was. Sebastien sitting at a piano, crying, surrounded by piles of crumpled up music paper and empty wine bottles, a divorce decree lying on top of the closed lid.
"That can't be the truth, you made all that up to make me feel guilty."
"I don't have no control over what is shown you idiot!" Frank snapped. "You damned well should feel guilty. What happens to you affects so many more people than your family and friends. Many, many more."
"Seems I was wrong about where Franky got her temper from." Urs mused quietly as the pictures changed once more.
This time the faces of strangers, no not strangers, fans. Those whose lives their music had made life worth living ending them with overdoses, slashed wrists or a jump from a great height, leaving devastated families behind. Franky being openly blamed for it all.
He shuddered as the images churned once more, jumping to one or two years later, he couldn't really tell. This time, Franky staggering into a house that wasn't their home, a different wedding ring on her finger, a man he didn't recognise slapping her hard across the face, growling furiously at her.
"You've been there again haven't you? The cemetery?"
"It is the anniversary of their death."
"I don't fucking care. You're my wife now."
"I know, but can't you......." Franky's words stopped by the man pushing her harshly to the floor where he began kicking her in the stomach over and over again, her cries for him to stop ignored.
Tears pricked his eyes as he continued to watch and he allowed them to fall when he saw Franky being dragged to her feet, the man holding a small knife at her face, leaving a small but deep looking cut behind.
"I'll put you in the same place as him if you EVER go there again. Do you understand me?"
Franky closed her eyes and nodded, Urs able to see all of her facial features for the very first time.
"Noooooo!" He cried when he saw what looked like a healing black eye under the heavy make-up, his heart catching in his chest on seeing stitches just above her right eye and multiple split lips in various stages of healing.
He didn't want to imagine what other injuries she was dealing with. Unable to bear seeing her like that he turned his attention back to her father.
"Who is that ma.......piece of crap? Why isn't she at the garage?"
"Garage goes bankrupt three months before all this happens. That pig is Joseph Thornton. Wins her back by saying he's changed and behaves like he has until three weeks after the wedding. He beats her for the first time when she tells him she's pregnant. He tells her to get rid of it. She does then he makes her have a sterilisation. Rapes her on regular basis after that, even when she's menstruating. She loses her spirit after losing you and your child, never skates again and never does anything about his abuse, pushes all of her friends away, starts drinking heavily and dies at the age of 41, broken and alone." Frank informed slowly, his eyes filled with tears and swallowing hard.
"How? Don't tell me he beats her to death."
"No, she jumps from 'Devil's Drop', isn't found for two days, a smashed bottle of Vodka nearby."
"No! Enough." Urs sobbed, his head shaking. "I don't want to know anymore. Please, no more."
Amid much sniffing, the clouds closed and all was silence except for what sounded like Urs's father's shocked voice in the distance.
"Life support?!"
"I'm sorry Mr Buhler." An unfamiliar voice stated calmly. "If his fever doesn't break soon we're going to have to. He's so very weak already and getting weaker by the minute, there's not much more we can do for him that we aren't already doing. He's no more than today left in him if we don't."
"I understand." His father replied, holding back a cry judging by the crack his voice made. "Urs Bitte, geben sie nicht auf, halten sie kämpfen. Kommen Sie zu uns zurück."
"Will I remember all of this when I go back?" Urs asked, looking at Frank Gibson who seemed to have aged considerably over the last few minutes.
On first appearing he'd looked a lot younger than he had on the last picture Franky had of him, at least thirty. Now he looked ancient, as if someone so much as lightly touched him he would crumble to dust.
"Whatever you remember of this time, is up to HIM." Frank shrugged, tears running down his face while Urs nodded. "Now go, walk through what you once told Simon Cowell you would to keep Franky with you, but know that you will have another fight on your hands to do so."
Urs nodded a final time, watched Frank extend his wings, raise them high above his head and slowly fade until he was nothing but a small dot of light. He then took a deep breath and walked through the flames, he turned his head over his shoulder once he was a step or two beyond the circle and was surprised to see they were no longer there

A few seconds later, it felt like he was falling quickly through icy air to land in what felt like a soft feather bed. He had no clue how much time had passed as he opened his eyes and could understand his father's anger towards him after he'd explained what had happened to Franky.
"Whatever it takes." Urs whispered once he was settled into the wheelchair and his father was pushing him down to the Labour and Delivery Suite to fight for Franky's forgiveness.
Her words were like arrows to his heart when she instructed Lauren to tell him to go away, but a quick reminder that he was the baby's father and it would need the two of them to get through him being born two months prematurely seemed to bring Franky to her senses.
Pushing himself around to face her, he swallowed hard on seeing how angry and tired she was. Despite that, somewhere in the depths of his soul, he was sure she would forgive him.
All that was needed was time, patience and understanding of what he'd put her through.
Turn the page.
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PostSubject: Re: In The Arms Of My Angel    Sun Sep 18, 2011 7:44 am

WOW What a memory for him.. I can almost hear him sobbing over all he had seen in the future for Franky with out him..

So glad he didn't leave her..

Nice that it was her father that took him on the Journey.. Bet Mom would have kicked his butt like Franky does too..

More JJ

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PostSubject: Re: In The Arms Of My Angel    Mon Sep 19, 2011 4:30 am

Chapter 24 - Special Care And Attention
"Did she have a comfortable night?" Urs asked the nurse who'd just come out of Franky's room.
"Comfortable enough." She nodded and gave him a quick smile, her face turning to one of concern quickly thereafter. "However, there was a slight problem in NICU. I was told by my superior not to tell you, but I think you have right to know that a reporter tried to gain entry under false pretences. We don't have proof, but we suspect the news has leaked and he was trying get pictures of Little Frank for a story. Luckily he was spotted on CCTV, security acted immediately and threw him out. Everything's been tightened up. There are two guards on the door now with descriptions or photographs of those who are allowed in."
"Thanks for telling me Brooke." Urs nodded and sighed heavily. "Has Franky been told?"
"Yes she has and she took the news very well."
"Thanks." Urs nodded once more then crossed the threshold into Franky's room.
Seeing that she was still receiving a blood transfusion and sleeping soundly, he sat in the chair at the side of her bed waiting for her to wake up of her own accord. Watching her face, he smiled slightly as he remembered how proud he'd felt when they'd announced her pregnancy on the website once she'd reached six months and all the wonderful messages they'd received. His head shook a little, remembering reading the three emails he'd received, questioning whether the baby was actually his and recalling Franky's words when he told her while he deleted them without replying.
"Not everyone is going to like me Urs. There are bound to be some out there that have their suspicions and are willing vocalise it. We know the truth and that's all that matters."
Now here he sat waiting to tell her that he'd read his emails overnight and many of them were blaming her for his illness, questioning why she hadn't got him to a doctor sooner or why Carlos, David and Sebastien hadn't noticed there was something wrong.
Another long sigh escaped as he remembered the message he left in the Lounge just before leaving home and wondered what reactions it was getting.
'Many thanks for the messages regarding my health. I'm still feeling a little weak, but I'm now healthy enough to have been discharged from hospital.
With regard to the emails I've received asking why my wife or the rest of the guys didn't seem to realise there was something seriously wrong with me......the fact is they all did and asked me several times to see a doctor. Franky was especially concerned that it might be something very, very serious. She pleaded with me to see someone that very morning.
However, I brushed everyone's concerns off and asked them to leave me alone because I didn't think there was that much wrong. The truth of the matter is, that it was my fault and my fault entirely that I nearly died. No-one else is to blame and I would appreciate it if I do not receive anymore messages attempting to lay the blame at Franky's or the guys's feet. The blame rests squarely on my shoulders, no-one else's.
Again thank you for the messages wishing me well, it does means so much to me to know that so many of you care.
Hearing Franky begin to move, he raised his head from the looking at the floor position he'd assumed and smiled softly as she blinked her eyes open.
"Sleep okay?" He asked, moving from the chair to perch on the bed and take hold of her hand.
"Not bad, considering." She shrugged. "You do know what happened last night?"
"Brooke told me everything just before I came in." Urs nodded quickly.
"Hmmm." Franky sighed, then reached for the polaroid of Frank and glanced at Urs. "Didn't sleep too well did you?"
"No. I had a lot on my mind."
"Such as?"
"A few emails I'd received, blaming you and the guys for me ending up in here and almost dying." Urs sighed once more. "Don't worry I put a message on the board explaining that it wasn't anyone's fault but my own and I sneaked into the Den too. Looks like Christie and some others have had more than a few words to say about the whole thing."
"Thank you." Franky smiled and squeezed his hand. "I'm sorry."
"What for?"
"Changing his names. We can always change them back around. We haven't registered him yet."
"No." Urs shook his head quickly and gave her a quick smile. "They're fine the way they are. After everything I put you through......It's only right and I actually prefer them that way round. Okay?"
"Okay. Is there something you want to ask me?"
"I want to tell the fans about Frank. So that they can understand what I put you through. Actually I do and I don't. I want to, to put a stop to those kinds of emails and I don't because it's such a private thing. I'm stuck between a rock and hard place here. I won't do it without your say so though."
"I don't want sympathy Urs. It's not like I'm the only woman ever to go through this."
"I know you don't, but I wasn't thinking along those lines. I thought if we tell them, we could perhaps raise some money for the NICU by asking them to donate money instead of sending gifts to us. We already have more than we probably need anyway, except the clothing for his size and that's easily sorted. You know that there's space for at least two more units, but they're so understaffed they can't run them and how they struggle to find a hospital that can take another premmy when the unit is full. Could you be in here while Frank is being cared for somewhere else, perhaps hundreds of miles away?"
"No. No I couldn't bear that." Franky sniffed and shook her head quickly then took a few moments to think. "Okay. Tell them as much as you feel comfortable with. Everyone still mad at you?"
"Lauren and Mami more than anyone else." Urs nodded quickly. "I really didn't think they would forgive me. You weren't the only I put through hell, I know that."
"Tell me something." Franky asked with an accompanying hand squeeze.
"Can you remember anything from when you were ill? You already know what I've been through, I want to know what happened to you. No-one would tell me anything until Frank had been delivered and even then I only heard that you'd just woken up."
"I can remember the terrible pain I was in at the studios though I don't suppose it was anything in comparison to what you suffered." Urs blew out a long breath and nodded. "It seemed to last for ages and I was getting to the stage where I wanted it end. We were about half a mile from the hospital when it just seemed to stop of its own accord. I thought David had got it wrong then the driver really put his foot down. I can't remember much after we arrived, just seeing you briefly in the recovery room."
"Nothing while you were fighting the infection?"
"Only that it felt very much like it did that day in the garage, though this time I felt like my whole body was........I don't know. On fire itself I suppose and I was completely surrounded by fire no matter which way I turned, there was no escape and you weren't anywhere in sight. I remember seeing shadowy forms and hearing voices from what sounded like miles away, pleading with me to fight, to find a way out but I couldn't distinguish who was speaking, except for Carlos maybe. I think he used some rather fruitful language while he was with me. I know enough Spanish to know when he's being potty-mouthed. He did sound the angriest of all of them. I really thought I was having a bad dream when I came up to see you. And when I came back from collecting your bag to find your bed empty, I......I didn't know what to think. The chaplain really helped me see what a huge mistake I'd made. I just hope nothing that serious ever happens again, at least not for a long time. I'm going to be here as much as I can until Frank's home. Okay?"
"Okay." Franky nodded and allowed him to wipe away her tears, knowing that his mother and Lauren had told him what she'd been through in detail. "Let's have the rest."
"I know there's something else, Urs. Something you're not telling me."
"Okay, but it's.......Oh what the hell, you'll keep on until you get it out of me anyway." Urs huffed and told her every detail of his 'conversation' with Franky's father.
"Oh honestly, Urs. Hell would have to freeze over a million times before I took Joe back." Franky laughed. "I'm not that sort of woman, you should know that by now. Dad's temper is about the most accurate part of that story. I wonder if the medication made your brain think like that."
"I don't know. Guess it could have." Urs shrugged, smiling at a now giggling Franky.
"Let's sort this statement out then."
"Okay." Urs nodded then retrieved the notepad and pen he'd brought with him from his jacket pocket and settled himself down to write.
'To all you wonderful people out there, it is with a mixture of some sadness and a lot of pride that Franky and I would like to announce the birth of our son, Francis Toni Buhler.
He was born eight weeks prematurely on 12th August just half an hour before I awoke after battling septicemia.
Due to his early arrival, he weighs a little over three and half pounds and measures just over 13 inches long. He's having some breathing difficulties at the moment but is being well taken care of and battling hard for survival.
I would like to take this opportunity thank the hospital staff and David's wife, Lauren together with my mother for supporting my amazing wife throughout such a difficult time. I know the doctors did everything they could to prevent this happening.
The two of us would like to request that you send us no gifts. Instead we would ask that you donate whatever you wish to a fund we will be setting up to help with the running of the NICU unit where Little Frank is being cared for. We hope to raise enough to provide two extra units and the funding for the staff they need run them.
Details to follow.
Thank you. Much love.
Urs and Franky.'
"I'll post it as soon as I get home." Urs nodded, folding the piece of paper and placing it where he usually put all important notes. The inside pocket on the left side of his jacket.
"Did you put that photograph in our memory journal?"
"Ja." Urs nodded quickly, huffing a quick laugh as remembered how they'd argued about what colour to have when they'd spotted it during a shopping trip.
He'd wanted pink, Franky had wanted blue. They'd spent over fifteen minutes debating before settling on a Mulberry coloured one.
"Then I spent most of the evening looking at those weekly photographs we took of your stomach and the scan pictures. Reading the notes we'd both made. Can we go and see him now?"
"Just let me go to the bathroom first." Franky nodded, reaching for her toiletry bag after swinging her legs over the opposite side of the bed to where Urs sat.
Smiling softly when Urs came round to give her the little support she needed to make it into the en-suite. Nodding slowly when he asked if she could manage by herself before leaving to give her some privacy. Waiting patiently outside the unlocked bathroom door while she did what she needed to do and giving her a gentle kiss as she came out. Making sure she was comfortable in the wheelchair before they left the room and made their way up to NICU.
Arriving at the locked doors to find a new father looking at the two security guards standing on either side before he turned his attention to them and listening to him mumble something about 'bloody celebrities' under his breath, obviously recognising Urs. Urs taking the situation in hand, approaching the tall, blond-haired man with a gentle smile on his face and explaining why the men were there.
"Oh I see. I understand. I'm sorry. It's just that I've been waiting so long to see my boy." He apologised, looking at Franky then turning his attention back to the glass doors buzzing to be admitted.
"Mr Parker. Your wife is waiting." Iris nodded and held the door open to admit Urs and Franky. "She'll be a little happier now he's finally arrived. He's been trying to get leave to come back from Iraq the past ten weeks."
"He's a soldier isn't he?" Franky queried quietly.
"Yes. He'd only just gone back over there when Ruby gave birth."
"Oh! She didn't tell me that. No wonder she was so excited." Franky nodded then looked up at Urs who smiled and nodded his head, seeming to know what she was saying though no words were spoken.
The pair of them cleaning their hands before entering the fifteen bed unit and making their way over to where Frank lay, sleeping soundly. Hearing a feminine cough behind them and turning their heads to see Ruby Parker standing their, holding her husband's hand tightly while she introduced them to each other.
"I'd like to say thank you to you Mrs Buhler." Joshua Parker nodded after shaking hands and swallowing hard.
"For what exactly?" Franky asked with a gentle smile.
"Looking out for Ruby the past couple of days. I erm........I tried so hard to get home earlier, it just wasn't possible. It's not easy given my occupation, neither of us have any family left and all our friends have moved away."
"No I suppose it isn't. It wasn't a problem, you're more than welcome. And it's Franky."
"How early was he?" Joshua asked with a nod to where Frank lay.
"Eight weeks." Urs informed with a heavy sigh after looking at the man.
"Not that early then, compared to our little Samuel?"
"No. Twenty-six weeks is very early." Franky shook her head. "You just make sure you take care of him when you get him home. Him and Ruby."
"Don't worry. I will." Joshua nodded. "I'm just glad he's off all that machinery and only needs to put a little more weight on. Anyway thanks again. I'll leave you to it."
"Thank you." Franky nodded then turned her attention back to Urs and Frank, who was now awake, demanding his breakfast. "Do you want to feed him?"
"Ja." Urs nodded, settled himself in an easy chair, waited for the fragile bundle to be laid in his arms and fed him exactly the same way he'd seen Franky do the evening before.
Looking at the little boy while he remembered her pushing aside her discomfort to hold a happily crying Ruby's hands after her doctor had told her husband was on his way.
"Don't know how lucky we are sometimes, do we?" Franky questioned with a quick flick of her eyes in Ruby and Joshua's direction.
"No, we don't." Urs shook his head. "I don't think I could have done what he has. I would probably have gone AWOL. I don't care what I'm doing when our next one arrives, I could........I'm shutting up Frank. Your mother looks like she wants to hurt me somewhere rather delicate." He laughed as he finished feeding his son and allowed Iris to place him back in the incubator.
"It's your turn." Franky smiled and pointed at the nappy. "I've got to go somewhere." She finished with a look down to her chest before she was wheeled away.
Urs growled something in German and looked at Joshua sheepishly when he heard him gasp. It was all too clear that the man had understood every word of what he'd said.
"Such language in front of children." Joshua tutted in mock shock and shook his head.
"Sorry." Urs returned with a shoulder shrug before turning his attention to changing Frank. "Flipping hell! He's in there and it still stinks to high heaven."
"And yours smells like roses does it?" Joshua questioned, trying not to laugh.
"Erm.......No." Urs shook his head, wondering how red his face was while he laughed.
"It gets worse when they're bigger." Another father informed with a laugh. "Just wait until he's on the solids. What he does now is nothing in comparison."
"Too much information Keenan." Urs grimaced at the father of three. "I'll deal with that when the time comes thank you very much."
"Sorry Urs." Keenan laughed. "I heard about what happened last night. Bloody press don't have a clue when they're not wanted do they? I mean it's not like you're not going through enough without those bas......swines adding to it is it?"
"No and thanks for understanding."
"No problem. Just you take care of Franky when you get her home. It's going to be hard for her to walk out of here without him and she'll need you."
"I know. I'm well prepared, cancelled a few days at the studio."
"Does Franky know?"
"Are you kidding me?" Urs's eyes flew wide while his head shook. "The last thing I need right now is another butt-kicking." He finished, not realising that Franky had returned and was now seated behind him.
"Why would I want to kick your butt again?"
"Because I cancelled a few of my time slots at the recording studio. Don't look at me like that." Urs smiled and shook his head when he saw the narrowed-eyed look and head shake she gave him. "Being here with you and our son is much more important than anything I have to do there. They can work around me."
"Okay." Franky nodded with her eyes closed then allowed Iris to move her around to the side of the incubator where she placed her little finger in Frank's palm and watched Urs do the same once he'd disposed of the dirty nappy and washed his hands.
Both of them smiling at each other while they spent the next few hours with their son. Urs only returning Franky to her room so that she could eat lunch and get some much needed sleep while he dozed in the easy chair, holding her hand, their fingers linked together.
Turn the page.
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PostSubject: Re: In The Arms Of My Angel    Mon Sep 19, 2011 1:03 pm

He really came thru for Franky and Little Frank in the end.. He turned out to be a awesome father..

I love this from his point of view..

More JJ


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In The Arms Of My Angel
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