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 Urs Buhler: Our audience is like a big family.. FROM THE OF

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PostSubject: Urs Buhler: Our audience is like a big family.. FROM THE OF    Thu Nov 03, 2011 10:50 am

Urs Buhler from the pop-opera-formation, “Il Divo” with 25 million sold albums, he is the most successful Swiss musician – In an interview with the earthy tenor tells why.

20 minutes: Recently, it was quiet around you. Where do you put it?

Urs Buhler: We have been working for 18 months on our new album, “Wicked Game”, which on 4 November will be released – the best album we’ve ever done, by the way. We are extremely happy and proud.

By what is “Wicked Game” differs from its predecessors?

With the previous four albums we have created a stereotype, a line is down, which we now want to break through with new arrangements and a new repertoire. Even when working around the music we leave old patterns. We were so far only four of us, we now also time alone on a promotion tour. This is refreshing.

You have millions of fans and went with Barbara Streisand on tour. Why do we still read so little about you in the media?

Our manager always said we were the best kept secret of the pop scene. This unapproachable image has been created since our inception in 2004. It was not my idea but it does not expose its advantages and its environment in public.

But now here you are giving an interview.

We want to open up a bit. That’s when the four of us but individually. I think as my private life private like. So I’m also not “twitter” or “Facebook”. I do not think it would interest someone, if I walk through Zurich and then post:. ‘Oh, I’m just great boots seen in the window’ interviews are ok, but then I also want to rest and usually drink undetected my coffee can go.

“Il Divo” is the masculine form of the diva. Is your diva-like behavior?

Well, a certain kind of behavior comes with the success. Whether here on stage or on camera. Expected of me that I look world class, sing and always professional work. That’s what I expect from my environment. It has it all work. But I would never return a coffee because he served in a glass held in a cup or something similar.

You’re appeared on ‘America’s Got Talent “. What do you think personally of all the talent show formats?

The big mistake in these programs is that participants believe that this is a faster, be more convenient and easier way to get rich and famous. Here, the work begins after such a victory in the first place. I myself do not follow these shows, because I have no TV, but to find new talent, that’s certainly not a bad thing.

What are you looking forward to after the long break in the performance most?

I am very excited to see how our new album arrives with the fans. In addition, I am looking forward to our live tour next year. No matter where we are in the world, our audience is for us like a big family.

Surrounds you an almost Christian-sounding Mr. Clean image. Be honest: Do “Il Divo” not even once party and invite female fans into the hotel?

No. First, because we are all in private hands, and secondly, because we do hard work on tour. Sing every evening for two hours and in between is a burden for travel around the body. You have to be in top shape. I like to drink a glass of wine, but there is absolutely no excessive celebrations. This whole rock-star airs are a person like me anyway are strange. If I romp around and throw a television out of the hotel room, I have to pay only after the damage and in the case of the dumbest yet someone falling on my head and I get in trouble with the police. A 40-year-old father of a girl from the Lucerne hinterland does no such things.

Original article in German -

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Urs Buhler: Our audience is like a big family.. FROM THE OF
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